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Former Celtic kit man appears in court on child sex abuse charges

Jim McCafferty pleaded not guilty to three charges after being reprimanded in custody for over a year.

24 FEB 2018

Former Celtic kit man Jim McCafferty has pleaded not guilty to three charges of child sex abuse in court.

The 72-year-old appeared in the dock in Belfast after spending 444 days on remand in HMP Maghaberry in Co Antrim, Northern Ireland.

McCafftery used a walking aid to get into court 11 at Laganside courts, and wearing a brown v-neck jumper and gray sweat pants, he sat with his head bowed occasionally with a female guard at his side.

He pleaded not guilty to three charges of sexual assault on a boy.

The first charge was intentionally touching a male under the age of 16 without consent at some time between December 6, 2012 and December 8, 2013.

Additional medical reports have been ordered and a date for trial was set for May 21.

McCafferty, who is from Motherwell but has been living in South Belfast in recent years, will remain on remand in Maghaberry Jail until trial.

McCafferty was arrested after walking into a Belfast police station in December 2016 following a series of revelations in the Daily Record.

McCafferty worked at Celtic more than 20 years ago.

He was a kit man for other Scottish clubs, including Falkirk and Hibs, before moving to Northern Ireland.

McCafferty also coached at youth clubs in West Lothian.



Former Sussex priest, Colin Pritchard, jailed for sex abuse against boy

Feb 22 2018

Ifor Whittaker

Ifor Whittaker was previously known as Colin Pritchard

A “disgusting and despicable” ex-Anglican priest has been jailed for sexually abusing a boy and conspiring with another priest to abuse the child.


2011 Baroness Butler-Sloss was appointed by the Diocese of Chichester to carry out the review which looked into the behaviour of Cotton and paedophile priest, Colin Pritchard.


more here: https://goodnessandharmony.wordpress.com/2016/07/12/update-on-peter-ball-establishment-cover-up-ball-investigated-in-2008-for-being-part-of-a-suspected-paedophile-ring/

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Ifor Whittaker, formerly Colin Pritchard, was convicted of abusing the boy, aged between 10 and 16 when the abuse happened in the 1980s and 1990s.

The 73-year-old also conspired with ex-clergyman Roy Cotton, who has since died, to commit sex acts.

Whittaker, of Rectory Road, Sutton, south London, was jailed for 16 years.

He was told he will serve a minimum of 10 years in prison. He is already a registered sex offender for life after a previous conviction.

Sentencing Whittaker, Judge Paul Tain described the priest’s behaviour as “disgraceful, disgusting and despicable”,

He said: “It was an obvious and clear case of grooming, where he carefully manipulated a vulnerable child.”

Whittaker had “attempted to bamboozle, cheat and mislead the jury”, the judge said.

He said the abuser had “plied the victim with alcohol” and “emotionally blackmailed the boy by saying ‘no one would believe you over a priest'”.

Sedlescombe parish church

The boy had been invited by Whittaker to do gardening work at the church

Whittaker, a former rector of Sedlescombe, near Battle, was convicted of seven counts, which also included gross indecency and inciting the boy to commit gross indecency.

The offences took place between February 1987 and February 1993 in East Sussex, Hove Crown Court was told.

The jury was told Whittaker was a “predatory paedophile” and had organised and facilitated the abuse with Cotton, who worked as a priest in Brede, near Rye, in the 1990s.

He died in 2006 and was never prosecuted.

The victim, now in his 40s, told the court Cotton had been the main abuser and had “just passed me over like a toy to be borrowed by a friend”.

‘Quite forceful’

The court heard the abuse began after he was invited to do gardening work at the church by Whittaker in return for pocket money.

Whittaker and Cotton “had an agreement” and Cotton would often take the boy to and from Whittaker’s house, it was said.

There were also occasions at Cotton’s house when, after abuse had taken place, Whittaker would “suddenly immediately appear in the room as if he had been watching”, the jury heard.

Whittaker’s victim described him as “quite forceful, quite scary”.

The jury was told Whittaker had previously pleaded guilty to gross indecency and indecent assault in 2008 over offences which had take place in Wellingborough in Northamptonshire against teenage boys in the 1980s.

‘Profound regret’

In 2010 Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss was appointed by the Diocese of Chichester to carry out the review into how the two priests were allowed to work at East Sussex churches following the earlier sex abuse allegations.

The diocese apologised “unreservedly” after Baroness Butler-Sloss’s report criticised both senior clergy and Sussex Police over how they dealt with historical claims of abuse by Cotton and the then Colin Pritchard.

Following Whittaker’s latest conviction, the Diocese of Chichester issued a statement saying: “We express our profound sorrow and regret to the victim in this case and our admiration for their courage and determination in coming forward.

“The abuse of children is both a travesty and a tragedy and a complete betrayal of the Christian faith.

“This case demonstrates once again why it is so important to listen to those reporting abuse.”


Charity boss Justin Forsyth resigns from Unicef

Feb 22 2018

Justin Forsyth

Ex-Save the Children chief executive Justin Forsyth has resigned from Unicef as he says he does not want coverage of his past to “damage” the charities.

Mr Forsyth faced three complaints of inappropriate behaviour towards female staff before leaving Save the Children, the BBC reported this week.

He was accused of sending inappropriate texts and commenting on what young female staff were wearing.

He said he “apologised unreservedly” to the three workers at the time.

Mr Forsyth said the reason for his resignation as Unicef’s deputy director was not because of what he described as the mistakes he made in his former role at Save the Children.

“They were dealt with through a proper process many years ago,” he said in a statement.

“There is no doubt in my mind that some of the coverage around me is not just to (rightly) hold me to account, but also to attempt to do serious damage to our cause and the case for aid.”

A statement from Unicef said it was grateful to Mr Forsyth for his work over the past two years.

An investigation by BBC Radio 4’s PM programme found that the complaints against Mr Forsyth included women receiving a series of inappropriate texts and comments on how they looked, what they were wearing and how he felt about them.

If they did not respond, Mr Forsyth would follow up his messages with an email, asking if they had seen the text.

If they still did not respond, he would ask someone to send them to him for a “quick word”.

Three complaints

Save the Children said it had commissioned “a root and branch review of the organisational culture” at the charity “addressing any behavioural challenges among senior leadership”.

The charity said concerns were raised about “inappropriate behaviour and comments” by Mr Forsyth in 2015.

It said two trustees carried out separate investigations into a total of three complaints made by female employees.

“Both reviews resulted in unreserved apologies from the CEO. All the parties agreed to this and the former CEO apologised to the women in question. At that time the matters were closed.”

Speaking earlier this week, a spokesman for Unicef said the charity had not been aware of any of the complaints against Mr Forsyth at the time of his recruitment in 2016.

“There have been no such complaints concerning Mr Forsyth at Unicef,” he added.

The allegations come after Brendan Cox – the husband of murdered MP Jo Cox – quit two charities he set up in memory of his wife amid allegations of inappropriate behaviour.

The Charity Commission said it had “extensive regulatory engagement” with Save the Children after allegations of misconduct and inappropriate behaviour were made against Mr Cox and Mr Forsyth between 2015 and 2016.


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Archbishop of Canterbury to be quizzed in person at inquiry into Church of England’s handling of sex abuse allegations

  • Justin Welby will appear at Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA)
  • Former archbishop Rowan Williams will also be called to answer questions
  • They’ll be asked about the handling of abuse claims in the Diocese of Chichester
  • Welby will be pressed on the investigation involving the Reverend George Bell
  • Bell, who died in 1958, is alleged to have sexually abused a young girl in the 40s
  • The hearing will also look at the Lord Carlile Report, which criticised the Church for a ‘rush to judgement’ and failing to consider the rights of Bishop Bell
  • The hearing in London will start on March 5 and continue for three weeks 

The Archbishop of Canterbury is to be questioned in person over how the Anglican Church dealt with allegations of sexual assaults against children.

Justin Welby is due to give evidence as a witness at the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) in central London next month.

The most senior clergyman in the Church of England – and his predecessor Rowan Williams – will be quizzed on their handling of a number of high-profile abuse allegations in the Diocese of Chichester in Sussex.

Most notably he will be pressed on the investigation into assault claims surrounding the Reverend George Bell, former Bishop of Chichester.

Bell, who died in 1958, is alleged to have sexually abused a young girl, starting from when she was just five-years old, in the 1940s and 50s.

A complaint was initially made to the then Bishop of Chichester, Eric Kemp, in 1995 but it wasn’t until a second complaint was made to Welby’s office in 2013 that the matter was passed on to the police.

The subsequent investigation by Sussex Police found that there was sufficient evidence to have arrested Bell had he still been alive.

The diocese apologised and paid compensation to the victim, known only as Carol, in 2015.

 The archbishop will be pressed on the investigation into assault claims surrounding the Reverend George Bell, former Bishop of Chichester. Bell, who died in 1958, is alleged to have sexually abused a young girl in the 1940s and 50s

The archbishop will be pressed on the investigation into assault claims surrounding the Reverend George Bell, former Bishop of Chichester. Bell, who died in 1958, is alleged to have sexually abused a young girl in the 1940s and 50s

While the inquiry will not examine the truth or substance of the allegations into Bishop Bell, it will analyse how the victim was treated and what improvements in safeguarding the Church has made since.

Crucially, the £100 million hearing will also look at the findings of the Lord Carlile Report, published in December, which criticised the Church for a ‘rush to judgement’ and of failing to give proper consideration to the rights of Bishop Bell.

At an IICSA preliminary hearing on January 30, it was announced that the Archbishop of Canterbury and Lord Williams had provided witness statements.

The investigation into the Anglican Church has its first public hearing on March 5 which will last for three weeks.

Lambeth Palace say they will make a formal statement once the witness schedule has been finalised.

However, a spokesman for the Archbishops’ Council told MailOnline: ‘The Archbishop was one of the first to call for the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse and the Church of England is committed to working with IICSA in a transparent way.

‘He is aware that for the survivors who are brave enough to come forward to the Inquiry and give their testimony this will be a very difficult time which is why he is prepared to do the same.’

The inquiry, chaired by Professor Alexis Jay, is investigating the extent to which institutions in England and Wales failed to protect children from sexual abuse.

As part of its investigation into the Diocese of Chichester it will examine allegations of abuse by other priests, particularly Roy Cotton, Colin Pritchard and Gordon Rideout.

Rev Cotton, a parish priest in Brede, near Rye, Sussex had been convicted for an indecent assault on a child in 1954 but despite this was ordained in 1966.

He is thought to have had as many as 10 victims, which included two brothers from Eastbourne who won damages from the diocese after it recognised that the Church had failed to stop them being abused as choirboys in the 1970s and 80s.

Cotton died in September 2006 before he could be brought to justice.

Pritchard served as the vicar of St Barnabas, in Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex until 2007 after being arrested over sex abuse claims

He pleaded guilty the following year to sexually abusing two boys in the 70s and 80s and was jailed for five years.

The offences took place while he was parish priest at St Andrew’s Church in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.

A subsequent report in 2011 into Cotton and Pritchard found that victims’ claims had not been treated seriously.

Meanwhile Canon Rideout was found guilty of 36 separate sex offences by a jury at Lewes Crown Court in 2013.

Crucially, the £100 million hearing will also look at the findings of the Lord Carlile Report, published in December, which criticised the Church for a ¿rush to judgement¿ and of failing to give proper consideration to the rights of Bishop Bell (above, centre)

Crucially, the £100 million hearing will also look at the findings of the Lord Carlile Report, published in December, which criticised the Church for a ‘rush to judgement’ and of failing to give proper consideration to the rights of Bishop Bell (above, centre)

The attacks, which included attempted rape and indecent assaults on both boys and girls, some of whom were 13-years of age, took place between 1962 and 1973 in Sussex and Hampshire.

He later pleaded guilty in 2016 to one charge of indecent assault on a girl under the age of 16 at a children’s home in Reigate, Surrey which took place between July 29 1969 and July 21 1974.

The Chichester hearing will also consider the case of Peter Ball, formerly Bishop of Lewes and subsequently Bishop of Gloucester, and investigate whether there were inappropriate attempts by people of prominence to interfere in the criminal justice process after he was first accused of child sexual offences.

However a separate, more detailed hearing into Ball, who was friends with Prince Charles, will take place in July.

On the website, the inquiry states: ‘There have been a significant number of internal investigations of the diocese carried out both by child protection individuals and individuals within the church itself.

‘The Chichester hearing will examine those investigations, what they found and what has changed as a result.

‘The Chichester hearing will also examine what steps the Church of England as a whole has taken to improve its practice and to respond to the experiences discovered within the Diocese of Chichester.

‘Of importance to the focus to the hearing will be the accounts of disclosure of abuse by complainants from within the Diocese of Chichester: both whether they were believed, how they were treated, and what happened as a result of the complaint.

‘If they were unable to disclose their abuse at the time, why they were so unable and what steps they consider the church could and should have made to improve the processes in respect of safeguarding where they consider that the response given was not adequate.

‘The case study will investigate, amongst other things, the following: the culture of the church, by which the investigation team means its behaviours, values and beliefs, and if those behaviours, values and beliefs inhibited or continued to inhibit the investigation, exposure and prevention of child sexual abuse.’

ex-paratrooper peadophile SWNS

Ex-paratrooper Wayne Domeney. (Credit: SWNS)

Image result for "Wayne Domeney" + "prince charles"

Prince Charles with paedophile Wayne Domeney

 Convicted Paedophile Ex-Paratrooper, who served alongside Prince Harry, Back In Police Custody After High-Profile Manhunt


An ex-paratrooper, who served alongside Prince Harry, is back in police custody after two weeks on the run following his conviction for child rape.

Wayne Domeney, 51, who also trained Prince William, was to be sentenced for a string of sex offences spanning a four-year period when he went on the run earlier this month.

The former soldier, of Consett, County Durham, was remanded at a police station in Basingstoke last Friday night after an arrest warrant was issued.

Domeney was found guilty of 13 offences at Birmingham Crown Court on February 2 after his trial went ahead without him in his absence.

He had been on bail but failed to turn up for the hearing and was thought to have fled to the North East of England where he has family.

Domeney, also known as Wayne Rackham, was convicted of four counts of rape on a young girl and three counts of assaulting a girl by penetration.

He was also found guilty of three counts of sexual activity with a child, two counts of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and one count of intimidating a witness.

On Monday, Domeney, wearing a grey tracksuit and sporting a beard, appeared at Warwick Crown Court.

Recorder Anupama Thompson remanded him into custody and told him he would be transferred to Birmingham Crown Court for sentencing at a later date.

She told him: “You are going to be remanded in custody to appear before Judge Montgomery, who dealt with your trial in your absence.

“She will also deal with any matters with regard to your failure to attend your trial.”

Martin Groves, defending, said:

“He says he gave himself up at Basingstoke police station of Friday.

“He will now need to go before Judge Montgomery at Birmingham Crown Court.”

During a career spanning almost 25 years, Domeney served with 2 Para, took Princess Diana on a tour of Bosnian minefields and also met and was pictured with Prince Charles.

Domeney signed up to the Army in 1985 and became a Warrant Officer Sergeant Major, touring Iraq and Afghanistan as well as serving in Northern Ireland.

He met Prince Charles during a Colours Parade and boasted that he “always remembered me” and drank pints of Guinness with him.

In an interview last September, Domeney said: “He knew I was the boxing champ. I said, ‘We’ve got two pints of Guinness, will you toast the regiment?’ So he stayed for a few pints.

“We were joking about his posh voice so he put on a cockney accent. He was having a good time. I met him after at events and he always remembered me.”



Boarding school abuse: Dorset Police investigated former head of Sherborne Prep School Robin Lindsay THREE times

Feb 22 2018

Dorset Police most recently received allegations of past abuse by ex-Sherborne Prep head Robin Lindsay in 2014 and 2015

Dorset Police has confirmed it was receiving allegations of sexual abuse by a former headmaster until shortly before his death in 2016.

By this time he was too ill to be interviewed and was never charged.

Dorset Police also confirmed two previous investigations into Robert Lindsay, who is said to have carried out abuse at Sherborne Preparatory School over three decades from the 1970s until he was barred from teaching in 1998.

But these stalled because of “evidential issues” with the investigation, Dorset Police said.

Lindsay never faced criminal charges – something survivors of his abuse think should be investigated and explained.

They describe a “powerful” headmaster who “got away with it” for years.

Police in Dorset confirmed this week they first investigated Lindsay in April 1986 when a male pupil claimed he had been the subject of a serious sex attack.

The headteacher claimed the accusations against him had been made maliciously.

In 1993, Lindsay was investigated for a second time and accepted his physical intimacy with pupils was open to misinterpretation.

This week, Dorset Police confirmed a number of other former pupils from Sherborne Preparatory School came to them in 2014 and 2015 to report allegations of non-recent sexual abuse against Mr Lindsay.

But by that time the former head of the school had been too unwell to be interviewed by them.

Sherborne Prep School response to ITV Exposure documentary

Somerset Live contacted the school on Monday (February 19) for a response to the content of the documentary Boarding Schools: The Secret Shame.

Nigel Jones, the current chairman of governors at Sherborne Preparatory School said it is a completely different body to the school owned and operated by Robin Lindsay.

He said: “The preparatory school was formed as a charitable trust when he (Robin Lindsay) was removed from the school. Governors were appointed.

“It acquired the school from him in 1998.

“It is a completely different financial, legal and governance organisation.

“We don’t know what happened because we are not in any way party to things that went on.

“If the allegations are true, they are totally abhorrent and we accept that.

“It is very difficult when we are approached by people. It happened 20 years ago.

“I have huge sympathy for anyone who has been assaulted.

“If there is something we can do to help, we are happy to talk to them.”

“Safeguarding of children is the number one priority in the school.”

“We have a nominated safeguarding governor.

“We have a strict policy and follow it to the letter, which includes talking to the regulatory authorities, police and charity commission.”

A Dorset Police spokesman said they would always urge victims of sexual assault to come forward, saying they would always take the allegations seriously.

“We have specialist investigators dedicated to to investigating sex crimes and victims are always supported by specially-trained officers and partner agencies,” he said.

“If you have been a victim of a sexual offence, please do not suffer in silence. Come forward and report it to the police. We have specially-trained officers who will thoroughly investigate such offences and safeguard victims.”

During an ITV documentary into sexual abuse at boarding schools, the former chief superintendent of Dorset Police, who investigated the allegations, claimed parents of pupils at the school hampered police and social services investigations into the school.

Retired police officer Gill Donnell gives her account of the Sherborne Prep head teacher scandal

Retired police officer Gill Donnell gives her account of the Sherborne Prep head teacher scandal (Image: Picture courtesy of ITV’s Exposed)

Somerset Live has asked Dorset Police for more information about why the investigations did not continue and the nature of the “evidential issues”. We have also asked what, if any, conclusions were reached by police investigating Lindsay.

Why weren’t there ever any charges?

Gill Donnell was the chief superintendent at Dorset Police and oversaw the investigation in Lindsay in 1993.

She told ITV’s Exposure: “I’ve remembered this case over the many, many cases over the many, many years I’ve worked in the police for the challenges that we had getting the evidence that’s necessary. And in the case that we’re talking about, the main place that evidence is going to come from very small children.”

She added that parents of pupils at the school were reluctant to allow police to talk to their children.

“The majority that I spoke to were very hesitant and some of them made it very clear that they were not going to let us talk to their children.

“It was said to me on more than one occasion that the most important thing for the parents was that their parents went to the required public school and that anything that was done to endanger that, they weren’t terribly supportive of at all.

“Their priority was about the future of their children, and not what may or may not have been happening to them at the time.”

Evidence of wrongdoing

Sherborne Prep School was rocked by scandal in 1998 when it was alleged that the then-headmaster, Robin Lindsay, had committed a catalogue of abuse dating back to 1972.

The head was banned from teaching after a judge leading an enquiry described him as a ‘fixated paedophile’ and Dorset Social Services warned about his behaviour in 1993 and 1997.

Lindsay was accused of committing a serious sexual assault against one pupil at the school, encouraged children to share his bed and joined them naked in the showers.

Western Gazette reporter Anthony Steele approached disgraced Sherborne Prep head teacher Robin Lindsay after an inquiry's findings in 1998
Western Gazette reporter Anthony Steele approached disgraced Sherborne Prep head teacher Robin Lindsay after an inquiry’s findings in 1998

Lindsay always denied allegations against him, and died in 2016.

Dorset Social Services warned Lindsay about his behaviour in 1993, while their follow-up report in 1997 was “damning in the extreme”.

It was not until 1998, when concerns over his behaviour became so extreme that the Department for Education held a tribunal and barred him from teaching.

Former Sherborne Prep head teacher Robin Lindsay, described by an inquiry as a fixated paedophile
Former Sherborne Prep head teacher Robin Lindsay, described by an inquiry as a fixated paedophile (Image: Courtesy of ITV’s Exposure)

At the time, David Elvin, a treasury barrister acting for the Department of Education and Employment told the tribunal: “There is clear and unequivocal evidence which does show that Mr Lindsay has engaged in conduct of a serious sexual nature, by definition abusive, of children and a gross violation of the principle of promoting the welfare of children.

“The department was satisfied there was sufficient evidence to raise a notice of complaint. Examples of his behaviour are not only sexual offences or sexual assault but also of acts which, in the view of experts, are planned and consistent with the acts of a paedophile and a persistent child-abuser.

“Mr Lindsay regrettably falls into the classic category of a child-abuser who seeks to gain the trust of parents, while at the same time taking such opportunities that he can obtain to indulge his proclivities.”

He also told the panel parents refused to believe the allegations and refused to co-operate, the hearing was told.

Mr Elvin said: “In a number of cases their (the parents’) main priority was for their children to pass the common entrance examination to other schools such as Eton and Millfield.

“Parental support has been a strong stumbling block to police investigations in the 1980s and 1990s.”

How did Robin Lindsay ‘get away with it’?

The grim account of Lindsay’s abuse has some troubling parallels with abuse by football coach Barry Bennell sentenced in February 2018, to 31 years in prison for 43 charges of historic sexual abuse.

In both cases the abusers had:

  • almost absolute power and influence in their professional circle;
  • virtually limitless access to large numbers of young boys;
  • groomed adults around their victims, including parents, to dismiss the notion of wrongdoing;
  • cultivate and expolit a culture of fear, isolation and confusion among their victims.

It is probably for these reasons that it has taken four decades for the full horror of what happened to be disclosed.

Even when an judge-led enquiry branded Lindsay a fixated paedophile and he was banned from working with children, parents and supporters rallied to his support – explaining away his actions as “eccentric” or acceptable.

Although Lindsay is now dead, and Sherborne Preparatory School says it is a completely new and separate entity to Lindsay’s “private fiefdom”, pre 1990s survivors have many questions for authorities about whether they could or should have done more.

These include bodies and individuals involved AFTER Lindsay’s behaviour was exposed and the school was sold.


John Whittingdale MP – educated at Sherborne Preparatory School


Image result for John whittingdale" + "napier"

Image result for John whittingdale" + "napier"


Image result for "roger liddle" + "lambeth"

His half-brother, convicted paedophile, Charles Napier, was the treasurer of PIE and lived and worked in Dorset

Historic abuse allegations at Sherborne Preparatory School back in the spotlight as part of disturbing ITV documentary

Retired police chief makes shocking revelation to documentary makers

19 FEB 2018

An ITV documentary has investigated three decades of abuse carried out by a former head teacher at Sherborne Preparatory School.

The school – one of the top prep schools in the country – was rocked by scandal in 1998 when it was alleged that the then-headmaster, Robin Lindsay, had committed a catalogue of abuse dating back to 1972.

Shockingly, the former Chief-Superintendent of Dorset Police, who investigated the allegations, reveals to documentary presenter Alex Renton that parents of pupils at the school hampered police and social services investigations into the school. They dismissed his behaviour as being “eccentric”, being more concerned about their children’s ability to pass the common entrance examination to other schools.

Lindsay, who was banned from teaching and branded a “fixated paedophile” who posed a serious risk to children, was given a huge send off from the school at Sherborne Abbey, with a standing ovation and parents and pupils singing “for he’s a jolly good fellow.”

What the disturbing documentary reveals

Boarding Schools: The Secret Shame follows journalist and author Mr Renton – himself a survivor of sexual abuse at a boarding school – as he investigates the private schools who appeared to turn a blind eye to predatory paedophiles who groomed and assault pupils for decades.

The documentary is to be broadcast at 10.45pm on Monday (February 19).

During his investigation he interviews a number of abuse survivors and exposes systemic failures that allowed paedophiles not just to go unpunished, but also allowed them to continue teaching.

It also tells the story of one pupil who took his own life after struggling with depression and mental health issues after being abused at a teacher St Aubyn’s in Rottingdean.

In one disturbing scene, Mr Renton meets with a paedophile teacher, who claims the sexual abuse at boarding schools continues to this day because it is “traditional” and has been going on for “generations”.

What does the documentary say about Sherborne Preparatory School?

The abuse at Sherborne Preparatory School is described by Mr Renton as “among hundreds of cases, the one that stood out”.

“Here, the abuser wasn’t just a lowly teacher,” he explains, “It was the owner and head master, whose abuse spanned three decades.

A Western Gazette reporter doorknocks Lindsay following the panel’s findings

“It is a fascinating case,” he says, as he is shown researching the story in old copies of the Western Gazette. “And not least because this man, dismissed as a harmless eccentric, turns out to have been a serious abuser while running that school.

“For a child there, this is the authority figure. There are no governors, no trustees. So where does a child go?”

What happened at the school?

Head teacher and owner of the school Robin Lindsay was accused of committing a serious sexual assault against one pupil of the school, encouraged children to share his bed and joined them naked in the showers.

Police had investigated him in April 1986, but he claimed the accusations against him had been made maliciously. When investigated again in 1993, he admitted a string of allegations and accepted his physical intimacy with pupils was open to misinterpretation.

Dorset Social Services had also warned Lindsay about his behaviour in 1993, while their follow-up report in 1997 was “damning in the extreme”.

But it was not until 1998, when concerns over his behaviour became so extreme that the Department for Education held a tribunal and barred him from teaching.

As a result of the findings he retired from the school, saying he wanted to concentrate on clearing his name.

What did the tribunal find?

The tribunal found that Lindsay weighed boys naked for the rugby team, was sexually abusive, walked about the school in his pyjamas often exposing himself, and repeatedly refused to move out of the boys’ boarding accomodation.

It found three allegations of sexual assault not proven and ordered them to rely on file. The tribunal found that there was enough evidence from police and officials for the notice to have been issued in 1995, at the latest.

Mr Renton interviewed three former pupils at the school, who speak about the abuse they suffered at Lindsay’s hands.

They speak of being watched in the showers, groped, and him rubbing them down with embrocation if they were injured.

Another speaks of being held down in his bed, while Lindsay performs a sex act over him.

Another says that when he tried to talk to his parents, his allegations were dismissed and ignored.

What did the parents say when the allegations came to light?

Despite the tribunal finding him unfit to run a school and branding him a “fixated paedophile” and “a serious risk to children”, parents of pupils at the school rallied to his defence.

When the Western Gazette reported on the allegations against him, parents at the school began to contact the paper in their hundreds, with one claiming: “His only fault is to have a little of the eccentricity that we British are famed for.”

The letter writer continues: “You have denied this headmaster a dignified and happy start to his retirement.”

Another wrote: “We are sicked by your prurient obsession with child sex, and your regular bullying of wretched individuals.”

A former pupil of the school contacted the paper to say: “I firmly believe that many of the allegations made against him, particularly those concerning inappropriate behaviour towards young boys have been blown out of proportion.”

When he was ousted from the school, a service was held for him at Sherborne Abbey, where 700 people sang ‘For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow’ and gave him a standing ovation, before handing him a bronze bust as a leaving gift, as well as cigars, chocolates, a T-shirt and socks.

Why did he not face criminal charges?

Gill Donnell was the chief superintendent at Dorset Police and oversaw the investigation in Lindsay in 1993.

When interviewed for the documentary, she said : “I’ve remembered this case over the many, many cases over the many, many years I’ve worked in the police for the challenges that we had getting the evidence that’s necessary. And in the case that we’re talking about, the main place that evidence is going to come from very small children.”

She added that parents of pupils at the school were reluctant to allow police to talk to their children.

 “The majority that I spoke to were very hesitant and some of them made it very clear that they were not going to let us talk to their children.

“It was said to me on more than one occasion that the most important thing for the parents was that their parents went to the required public school and that anything that was done to endanger that, they weren’t terribly supportive of at all.

“Their priority was about the future of their children, and not what may or may not have been happening to them at the time.”

What happened to Lindsay?

Lindsay joined the school in 1953, when he joined his father who was the headmaster at the time. After his father’s death in 1972, he served as the school’s headmaster.

He was 70 when he retired from the school in the face of the findings of the Department for Education panel.

Speaking after his retirement, he said he had withdrawn his appeal against the findings of the panel to spare the school the publicity of a contested hearings.

He said that he “categorically denied” the allegations against him and that they described “events which simply did not take place. The welfare and happiness of the children in the school and those who have been there has been the prime objective of my life.”


Following the complaint, he was banned from the school premises and had to sever all links with the school. He said it was “scandalous” that the DfEE banned him from teaching.

In a statement released through his solicitors, he criticised the way evidence was gathered and the handling of the case by the tribunal but accepted that “in years past he, like many other schoolteachers did things which are now considered unsuitable.

“In earlier times those in his position were accepted as being ‘in loco parentis’ and fully justified in doing anything a good parent might have done.

“He absolutely denies he was in any sense a paedophile who put at risk children in his school.”

Lindsay never faced police charges, and died in July 2016.

What have the authorities said about the findings of the documentary?

Sherborne Prep School response to the documentary

Somerset Live contacted the school on Monday (February 19) for a response to the content of the documentary.

Nigel Jones, the current chairman of governors at Sherborne Preparatory School said it is a completely different body to the school owned and operated by Robin Lindsay.

He said: “The preparatory school was formed as a charitable trust when he (Robin Lindsay) was removed from the school. Governors were appointed.

“It acquired the school from him in 1998.

“It is a completely different financial, legal and governance organisation.

“We don’t know what happened because we are not in any way party to things that went on.

“If the allegations are true, they are totally abhorrent and we accept that.

“It is very difficult when we are approached by people. It happened 20 years ago.

“I have huge sympathy for anyone who has been assaulted.

“If there is something we can do to help, we are happy to talk to them.”

“Safeguarding of children is the number one priority in the school.”

“We have a nominated safeguarding governor.

“We have a strict policy and follow it to the letter, which includes talking to the regulatory authorities, police and charity commission.”

The Independent Association of Prep Schools said it is “appalled by the events of the past.”

It added that the education, care and welfare of young people is its primary concern and they demand “the most exacting standards” of themselves and their schools.

  • Boarding Schools: The Secret Shame is scheduled to air on ITV on Monday (February 19) at 10.45pm.

Were you affected by abuse at Sherborne Prep School? You can contact us in confidence by e-mail at laura.linham@midsomnews.co.uk

The Notice of Complaint that was sent to Robin Lindsay

The Notice of Complaint that was sent to Robin Lindsay was signed and dated, on Tuesday 5 May, 1998, by the Treasury Solicitor for the Secretary of State for Education and Employment.

Printed below are the particulars of the matters complained of:

SCHEDULE TO NOTICE OF COMPLAINT under section 469 of the Education Act 1996

These particulars (see section 469 (2) of the 1996 Act) set out in more detail the complaints which are made against you grouped under the main headings of the two statutory grounds relied upon by the Secretary of State.
The proprietor of the school . . . is not a proper person to be the proprietor of an independent school or . . . to be a teacher or other employee in any school.

1. Mr Lindsay has engaged in behaviour of an inappropriate nature. Mr Lindsay places himself in situations where he shows that he has, or could reasonably be suspected of having, an inappropriate interest in children (especially boys) and where he would be in difficulty in refuting allegations of inappropriate behaviour or abuse.

2. Mr Lindsays inappropriate behaviour takes, or has taken, the following forms:
(1) Personally supervising the boys showering arrangements despite numerous warnings in the reports referred to below (see Complaint 2) that this should cease. This behaviour has been coupled with a failure to implement frequent recommendations that the boarders showers be altered from their current institutional layout so as to allow privacy;
(2) Following a visit in June 1985, the Incorporated Association of Preparatory Schools warned Mr Lindsay of his foolish and indiscreet behaviour and advised that he should move out of the boarding house by September 1985. While it is believed that Mr Lindsay initially complied with this advice, he has for a number of years been resident again in the boarding house;
(3) Night-time supervision of pupils, including sitting on boys beds in the dormitory and inviting boys into his bed. Mr Lindsay is, or has been, involved in after-lights-out activities with small groups of boys, such as late-night runs, showers and mathematics lessons;
(4) Inappropriate physical contact with boys (and to a lesser extent girls), often causing distress and discomfort to those pupils, to which Mr Lindsay appears to be oblivious;
(5) Inordinate interest in the physical and, in particular, sexual development of pupils and their physical appearance;
(6) His treatment of the rugby team, which manifests itself, for example, in requiring the team members to be weighed while naked, putting them on diets, seating boys on his lap when driving the bus back from rugby matches (supposedly as a treat), and occasionally taking individual boys to a sauna;
(7) The possession of photographs of young boys in swimming costumes, discovered by a member of staff at the school in early 1998. The photographs were not of pupils at the school and may have been taken on one of Mr Lindsays holidays abroad;
(8) The possession of condoms, discovered in his suitcase by members of staff at the school, prior to departure on a ski-ing trip with a group of boys in February 1998. When confronted with one of the condoms Mr Lindsay denied knowledge of it and sought to suggest that it had been brought into the school by one of the boys;
(9) Taking groups of boys on ski-ing trips unaccompanied by other staff members, despite warnings in the above-mentioned reports that he should be accompanied by another staff member. The latest such trip was in February 1998; and
(10) He sexually assaulted pupils of the school, in particular X, Y and Z.

3. The history of the school over the period since 1993 has been one of considerable and unreasonable delays in implementing the improvements and safeguards recommended by the Dorset County Council Social Services Department and by the Department for Education and Employment. The school has been inspected:
(1) (under section 87 of the Children Act 1989) by Dorset SSD in February and March 1994 and in May 1996. There were brief visits to the school in March 1994 and June 1995. The most recent full inspection occurred in June 1997. Mr Lindsay has been in receipt of reports from Dorset SSD dated 22 July 1993; 16 November 1994; June 1996 (the draft copy of which Mr Lindsay failed to respond to) and July 1997;
(2) By Ofsted/ HMI in November and December 1993, November 1996 and February 1998. There have also been a number of follow up visits (eg 16 February 1995). Mr Lindsay has been in receipt of written recommendations with regard to the school arising out of those inspections.
4. Mr Lindsay has consistently failed to take the action recommended in those reports within a reasonable time or in some cases at all. The DfEE formally requested Mr Lindsay by letter dated 17 January 1997 that (among other things) he should put into place recommendations made by the Dorset SSD without delay. The letter expressed concern as to the length of time that was being taken to implement recommendations.
5. For example, the latest Ofsted report (following inspection on 5 February 1998) noted that at the date of the last Dorset SSD inspection some 47 matters remained outstanding from the previous SSD inspection.

6. Mr Lindsay has manifested an unco-operative and at times hostile or obstructive attitude towards public authorities, most notably towards Dorset SSD. His attitude to that department and its officers is characterised by an unwillingness to recognise or admit the relevance of their views or advice to the proper running of the school, as demonstrated by:
(1) delay in implementing recommendations contained in the above mentioned reports (see Complaint 2), and his unwillingness to deal effectively with the substance as opposed to the form of such recommendations made over a number of years;
(2) his expressed attitude towards health and safety, as illustrated by his disputing the recommendation of the fire officer to fit fire doors of a modern standard, and his explicit condoning and encouraging of the dangerous practice of wedging existing fire doors open (ostensibly to ease the supervision of dormitories):
(3) his attempts to pre-empt and undermine inspections. For example, Dorset SSD and Ofsted/ HMI inspectors have reported that Mr Lindsay has put pressure on staff and pupils with regards to what they say to inspectors;
(4) his inability or unwillingness to recognise and remedy many of the problems highlighted in inspections (e.g. the issue of the supervision of showers).
7. Further, the school has been dismissed from the professional organisation ISC (formerly known as ISJC) in the light of the most recent Dorset SSD report.

8. Mr Lindsays management and organisation of the school is confused, inadequate, inappropriate and inefficient. In particular, as regards Mr Lindsay:
(1) he is closely involved in the detailed running of the school and is unable and/or unwilling to delegate responsibility in an effective or consistent manner;
(2) he is unable to manage properly his time as between his teaching and administrative duties and is frequently late for (or misses) lessons;
(3) his teaching methodology is out-moded;
(4) his administration of discipline is fundamentally flawed in a number of respects (see Complaint 5, below)
(5) his inappropriate behaviour (see Complaint 1, above):
(6) his management of staff is poor and unstructured. He is isolated from many members of staff who regard his influence as counter-productive and divisive, especially with regard to discipline. Relations with staff generally are frequently poor and chaotic;
(7) his conduct of staff meetings is dictatorial, unstructured and generally unhelpful. They often are little more than a monologue and do not encourage serious comment or discussion from members of staff.

9. Mr Lindsays administration of discipline in practice in the school is irregular, inconsistent, unequal and partial. In particular:
(1) Mr Lindsay has shown an inability or unwillingness to back up members of the teaching staff seeking to discipline children appropriately. His interventions are often counter-productive to the proper discipline of the pupils and inconsistent with the approach initially adopted by the member of staff;
(2) on occasions where it has fallen on Mr Lindsay to deal with matters of discipline he has failed to act properly, adequately or consistently;
(3) disciplinary procedures in practice are haphazard, uncoordinated and inadequate;
(4) in the face of bad behaviour (e.g. disturbance in dormitories at night) Mr Lindsay has failed to enforce discipline and has pandered to the wishes of those pupils misbehaving;
(5) on occasions, Mr Lindsay has singled out pupils for punishment or criticism who did not merit such treatment.
10.The above matters have contributed to a worsening of behaviour in the school.

11. Mr Lindsays treatment of and dealings with pupils are often characterised by unequal and unfair treatment. Such treatment is not only inappropriate but is not conducive to proper discipline and fails to instil in pupils a proper approach to their own conduct. In particular, Mr Lindsays treatment includes:
(1) the singling out of individuals for undue blame;
(2) obvious manifestations of favouritism to certain pupils (including in disciplinary matter): and
(3) the lack of equal opportunities between pupils, including between boys and girls.
12. Mr Lindsays unequal treatment of pupils also manifests itself in relation to discipline (see above).

13. Mr Lindsays appearance and behaviour are not, or have not been, in a number of regards fitting and appropriate for the proprietor of a school, namely with regard to:
(1) his excessive consumption of alcohol and cough mixture, which has sometimes been apparent to other members of the school:
(2) his personal hygiene and appearance (in particular he strongly smells of smoke, something that causes discomfort to children with whom he comes into close contact):
(3) his appearance from time to time in the school inappropriately dressed (including appearing dressed only in pyjamas): and
(4) the matters referred to above (see Complaint 1).

14. Mr Lindsay has shown a lack of proper regard to child welfare management, see Complaints 1,2 5 and 6 above and, generally, see below. Further, gap-year staff (who are heavily relied on by the school) do not come to the school with appropriate letters from their local police station.
15. As a result of these matters, the children at the school are exposed to an unnecessary risk of harm in many aspects of their welfare. The fact that the most recent Dorset SSD report contained 47 recommendations which had to be addressed before the proprietor could be said to be properly ensuring the welfare of his boarding pupils in itself raises severe doubts as to his ability to manage the school. This is all the more so given that there have been numerous Dorset SSD reports and recommendations since 1993 (see Complaint 2 above)
There has been a failure, in relation to a child provided with accommodation by the school, to comply with the duty imposed by section 87 of the Children Act 1989.
Section 87 of the Children Act provides:
(1) It shall be the duty of – (a) the proprietor of any independent school which provides accommodation for any child . . . to safeguard and promote the childs welfare.
The complaints under this general heading demonstrate both failure to safeguard and promote the welfare of the pupils of the school and the creation of situations where that welfare has been put at risk.

16. The matters referred to under Complaints 1-8 (above) are repeated.

17. The supervision of boarders and boarding houses and the organisation of staff allocated to supervise pupils is unsuitable and inadequate. The school is over-dependent on young, inexperienced gap-year staff, and rosters do not appear to stay in place for long once Dorset SSD and Ofsted inspections are over. The result is that pupils at the school show increasing behavioural problems and children are exposed to a greater risk of harm than they should be in many aspects of their welfare.

18. Records of boarders are not kept and are not coordinated with the records of incidents and accidents, the result being that children are exposed to a greater risk of harm than they should be in regard to this aspect of welfare. These failings are another example of the mismanagement of the school and the attitude of the proprietor to child welfare management; for example, members of the care committee find that Mr Lindsay has taken arbitrary action before meetings are held. See also Complaints 4, 5 and 6 above.

19. Despite the establishment of a Care Committee there are considerable doubts as to its efficacy and as to the level of pastoral care in the School generally. Meetings do not always result in effectual action and the minutes do not clearly indicate in each case what action is required and who has responsibility for his. The Care Committee suffers from the wider problems of mismanagement of the School and the attitude of the proprietor to child welfare management: for example, members of the Care Committee find that Mr Lindsay has taken arbitrary action before meetings are held. See also Complaints 4, 5 and 6, above.

20. There is, or has been, unsatisfactory management of health and safety issues, in particular as regards fire safety, caused by the expressed attitude of Mr Lindsay towards such matters (see Complaint 3, above). Further, security at the school is poor, which further demonstrates Mr Lindsays failure to manage the school properly.


Ex-Vatican judge takes plea bargain on molestation, child pornography charges

Feb 20, 2018

ROME – A former  judge of the Roman Rota, the Vatican’s highest appellate court, has accepted a plea bargain in an Italian criminal court for a conditionally suspended sentence of one year and two months in prison on charges of sexual molestation and possession of child pornography.

Based on reports in the Italian media, 55-year-old Monsignor Pietro Amenta was detained by police after an incident in March 2017, in which Amenta allegedly fondled the genitals of a young but over-age Romanian man in a Roman market. The man reportedly then followed Amenta and summoned police, who took Amenta into custody.

An investigation later discovered roughly 80 pornographic images on Amenta’s personal computer, some involving minors, leading to a second charge in the case.

Amenta resigned his position from the Rota last week, according to a Vatican spokesperson.

According to reports, Amenta has previously faced charges of obscenity in 1991 and sexual molestation in 2004, though neither of those charges led to convictions. In 2013, Amenta himself made a complaint to police of being robbed by two transsexuals.

The Feb. 14 conviction in the Amenta case came just two weeks after the Vatican’s chief prosecutor, Gian Piero Milone, revealed that other such investigations are also underway and said that the Vatican is “determined” to prosecute such crimes.

“The inquiries underway are in their preliminary phase, and are conducted conscientiously, with the greatest discretion, out of respect for all the persons involved,” Milone said.

Amenta’s sentence from the Tribunal of Rome does not rule out the possibility that he could also face either criminal charges or canonical sanctions before a Church court.

The outcome in the Amenta case comes at a time when Vatican prosecutors are also looking into charges against Monsignor Carlo Alberto Capella, a former official of the Vatican embassy in Washington, D.C., who faces charges in Canada after allegedly using a computer in Windsor to download and distribute pornographic material, including child pornography.

The charges against Capella were relayed to the Vatican embassy in Washington by the U.S. State Department, and Capella was recalled to Rome to face a Vatican criminal probe. According to reports, he’s currently living under a form of house arrest at the Collegio dei Penitenzieri, the same location where Archbishop Józef Wesołowski, another Vatican diplomat, died in 2015 after facing charges of child abuse during as assignment in the Dominican Republic.

Amenta is one of 22 “auditors,” or judges, of the Roman Rota, and was appointed to the position by Pope emeritus Benedict XVI in 2014. Though the Rota can hear disputes involving any aspect of Church law, the majority of its caseload is devoted to annulment procedures from around the world.

Prior to his current assignment, Amenta had served as a lawyer in Italian ecclesiastical tribunals, as a university professor of Church law, and as a judge in the tribunal of the Vicariate of Rome for several years.

From 1996 to 2012, Amenta also served as an official of the Vatican’s Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.

“Those were 15 years in which I was able to come to know the unique and complex world of the Roman Curia, and where I was able to learn the practice of the law,” Amenta said in a 2013 interview.


Sex abuse claim against Guam church brings total lawsuits to 157

20 February 2018

The latest case, against a priest Louis Brouillard, is for raping an altar boy during sleepovers when he was a teenager in the 1970s.

Mr Brouillard, who is now 96, was on Guam from 1948 to 1981, and is accused of abusing boys in 100 of the lawsuits the church is facing.

He has admitted abusing boys during his time on Guam, before the church relocated him to the United States mainland.

Fifteen other priests, two archbishops and a bishop have also been implicated in abuse that spans from the mid-1950s to the early 1990s.

So far, the sum of the lawsuits the Catholic Church is facing exceeds $US600 million.


Paedophile football coach Barry Bennell jailed for 30 years as judge tells him he ‘appeared as God…but was devil incarnate’

Bennell, 64, was convicted of 50 child sexual offences at Liverpool Crown Court, but it is believed he may have more than 100 victims in total

Feb 19 2018

Bennell has already served three jail terms – one in the United States – since 1995 for similar offences involving 16 separate victims.


How can the same regime still be in charge at Crewe after Barry Bennell made it into football’s house of horrors? For sake of the abused and their families, for the good of his club, Dario Gradi should have quit long ago

  • Barry Bennell found guilty of 43 sex offences and will be sentenced on Thursday
  • It is clear the fight for justice to be served will not end with Bennell’s sentencing 
  • Hard questions need to be asked of Crewe and how they approached the scandal

Before Barry Bennell is sentenced tomorrow at Liverpool Crown Court, it would be fitting and just if some of the survivors of his abuse were allowed to address him one last time in the way some of the survivors of the actions of Larry Nassar, the former USA Gymnastic team doctor, stood up to eviscerate him in a US federal court this month.

Bennell is scum. He is human trash. I hope the judge hands him a sentence that ensures he lives the rest of his life in captivity for the way he used football as a cover to ruin so many young lives, crush so many dreams and tear apart so many families.

Boys became men and lived with the horrors of what he had done, unable to share their secrets because of feelings of shame and guilt. Some — we will never know how many — killed themselves because of this monster in football’s midst.

Our legal system does not make provision for it but how right it would seem to see courageous men such as Andy Woodward and Steve Walters, whose bravery in coming forward and waiving their anonymity did so much to bring Bennell to justice, confronting him with the reality of what he had done. It was an ordeal for Nassar to hear the wrenching testimony of those he had betrayed. It would be the same for Bennell.

I understand that those instincts to see Bennell suffer just a slice of the humiliation he inflicted upon so many others should quickly be superseded by a determination to make sure the conditions that enabled him to roam free at Manchester City and Crewe Alexandra must never be recreated in the modern-day game.

But it is also clear that the fight for justice to be served properly will not end with Bennell’s sentencing. This is just the start. As soon as he is sent down, many, many hard questions need to be asked of Crewe, in particular, and the way they have approached the scandal that has befallen them. Their response, from start to finish, has been less than impressive. In fact, it has been pathetic.

Questions need to be asked of City, too, and it is already clear that their actions at the time of the abuse in the Eighties left much to be desired. The regime that was in place at the time failed in its duty of care to players. Some of the most distressing, disturbing testimony of recent days suggests that Bennell even abused young players as they lay sunbathing on the pitch at Maine Road.

But even though City have different owners now and an entirely different hierarchy, they have accepted their responsibilities. They have instituted a QC-led inquiry into themselves, investigators have already devoted 4,000 hours and £1million to it and they have uncovered another alleged paedophile with whom they have ‘potential historic connections’.

So far, at least, they have done their best to shine a light on the darkness of the past. Their manager, Pep Guardiola, also spoke movingly on Friday of ‘the terrible history’ that had unfolded and the horror he felt about what had happened.

Crewe’s situation is different. Dario Gradi, the man who was instrumental in bringing Bennell to the club in 1985, is still the director of football. It was left to the Football Association to suspend him in December 2016 after a new wave of revelations about Bennell’s activities while he was a youth coach at Gresty Road emerged.

More than that, John Bowler, who has been a director at Crewe since 1980, is now the club chairman. He has been the club chairman since 1987. Crewe said in November 2016 that they would hold an independent review ‘at the earliest opportunity’ but, 15 months on, it appears that it has still not begun.

Only last week, the Daily Mail revealed that Gradi wrote a glowing character reference for Bennell even after he had been arrested for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy in Florida in 1994. There is no suggestion he knew Bennell was abusing children but he knew that children stayed at Bennell’s house. Bennell was even paid expenses to take boys home during his seven years with the club.

Crewe Alexandra director of football Dario Gradi (right) faces questions about why he provided a character reference for serial paedophile Barry Bennell (left)

Crewe Alexandra director of football Dario Gradi (right) faces questions about why he provided a character reference for serial paedophile Barry Bennell (left)

And Hamilton Smith, a Crewe board member from 1986 to early 1990, said in November 2016 that he was so concerned about Bennell that he had arranged two management meetings in the late Eighties to discuss an allegation against him. The second of these, he said, was in Gradi’s office and was attended by Gradi.

Common sense dictates, surely, that these facts alone and the innuendo surrounding Bennell’s activity that was widespread in the game ought to have tempered Gradi’s and the club’s support for Bennell in the face of such serious charges. It did not.

‘We suffered because of a disgusting predator,’ said Walters last week. ‘But we also suffered sometimes because the sport we loved decided that the reputation of a coach, club or a sport was put above the protection of children. Our abuse is punctuated by the failure of adults to protect innocent children, the failure of adults to act when abuse was reported, the failure to be vigilant and brave.’

So many of Bennell’s crimes happened when Gradi and Bowler had prominent roles in the running of the club and the management of the club’s youth system and yet somehow both men are still in their posts at Crewe. That fact, alone, beggars belief. They may not have known what Bennell was doing but they still bear a heavy responsibility for the lives that were ruined. Unwittingly, Gradi and Bowler empowered Bennell. Parents trusted the club with their boys and the club let them down. It let them down spectacularly.

For the good of the club, for their own dignity, for the sake of the parents who are still coming to terms with what happened to their boys at Crewe, for the sake of those who were abused, Gradi and Bowler should have resigned by now, like any decent men would have.

At the very least they showed an appalling lack of judgment by allowing Bennell to work at the club. Even on Friday, as Guardiola was talking about the horror of what had happened in front of the world’s press, Bowler was sticking to a frosty no comment when Channel 4’s Keme Nzerem spoke to him on his doorstep. The club’s lack of public regret for what happened has been grotesque.

Even the official statement Crewe put on the club website made no apology for what happened. Instead, it featured a long, rambling attempt to try to cover themselves for what had happened and, bizarrely, a boast that Woodward had been unsuccessful in an attempt to sue the club for compensation 16 years ago.

Once more, that was insensitive at best and unfeeling, inappropriate, uncaring, brutal and stupid at worst. There will be plenty of time for the club to look out for themselves but the day when crimes against so many children once in the club’s care were proved was most definitively not that time. They do not understand the gravity of what has happened.

It is time Crewe Alexandra got real. Gradi presided over the most successful time in the club’s history. That is true. But it is also true that while he was in charge, Crewe played host to one of the most prolific paedophiles in English legal history. That is what will be remembered. Not the fact that the club won a few promotions.

And in the future, when we look back at reports of Gradi’s ‘much-vaunted youth system’, we will do so with a sick feeling in our stomachs and the grim knowledge that, behind the facade, Crewe was English football’s equivalent of a house of horrors.

When we look back at reports of Gradi’s ‘much-vaunted youth system’, we will do so with a sick feeling in our stomachs 

When we look back at reports of Gradi’s ‘much-vaunted youth system’, we will do so with a sick feeling in our stomachs


David Lean‏ @DavidLeanLeano

I can save the Government millions ‘re an inquiry into Bennell……. Were FA warned & aware ? Yes ! Were Clubs warned & aware ? Yes ! Did CPS get it wrong in some many ways from 97 onwards ? Yes ! So Wonder where this will go now ?

Eton College calls in police over claims ex-housemaster went to parties swapping photos of naked children as new documentary exposes chilling scale of boarding school sex abuse

  • The late Raef Payne is accused of trading indecent images with other men  
  • School reported the allegations to Thames Valley Police when made aware 
  • Since 2012 425 people have been accused of sex attacks at UK boarding schools 
  • Boarding Schools: The Secret Shame – Exposure airs on ITV tomorrow night
  • It is presented by Alex Renton, who was abused at Ashdown House, East Sussex


Feb 19 2018

A former teacher and housemaster at Eton College has been reported over alleged child abuse.

The late Raef Payne has been accused of swapping pictures of naked children with other men at parties in the latest case of suspected historic abuse at a British boarding school.

The elite college reported its former staff member to Thames Valley police after the allegations surfaced in a book.

Eton College (pictured) reported the allegations to Thames Valley police after Raef Payne was accused of swapping pictures of naked children 

Eton College (pictured) reported the allegations to Thames Valley police after Raef Payne was accused of swapping pictures of naked children

These historic abuse allegations follows claims of drunken floggings at the school, The Sunday Times reports.

A spokesperson for Eton told the paper: ‘We became aware of an allegation relating to a former member of staff and we contacted the police.

‘As a school, we take our safeguarding responsibilities extremely seriously and always pass any allegations to the relevant authorities.’

It comes ahead of an ITV documentary that will be shown tomorrow night at 10.45pm titled Boarding Schools: The Secret Shame – Exposure.

It is presented by Alex Renton, a victim of abuse at Ashdown House, which is the former preparatory school of Boris Johnson, Viscount Linley and Damian Lewis.

He was abused by maths teacher Thomas Keane at the school in East Sussex, where paedophile Martin Haigh also taught.

In tomorrow’s documentary, Mr Renton speaks with a person who was abused by Haigh, who was jailed for 12 years in March last year.

Thomas Keane, pictured, abused Alex Renton at Ashdown House in East SussexThomas Keane abused Alex Renton at Ashdown House in East Sussex where Martin Haigh, pictured, also taught before being jailed for historic sex offences at the school

Thomas Keane, top, abused Alex Renton at Ashdown House in East Sussex where Martin Haigh, bottom, also taught before being jailed for historic sex offences at the school

The documentary exposes how one paedophile teacher was sexually abused by five masters when he was at prep school.

‘It never did me any harm,’ is the teacher’s chilling conclusion in the documentary, which focuses on schools at which 75,000 children still board today.

Today 24 police forces released figures showing that 425 people have been accused of sex attacks at UK boarding schools since 2012.

Figures also showed at least 160 people have so far been charged. Of those accused, more than 170 faced allegations of historical abuse, with 125 alleged to have attacked children recently. Police are investigation 31 cases.

n the 1990s, allegations surfaced of drunken floggings at Eton. Anthony Chenevix-Trench, who was the school’s headmaster in the 1960s, was said to have cried after engaging in the beatings.

Some Old Etonians said they deserved floggings while others dubbed it a ‘bizarre ritual’.

It is expected that this year’s independent inquiry into child sexual abuse will consider boarding schools.


Eton paedophiles:


The shocking scale of sexual abuse at the UK’s boarding schools has been revealed by an ITV documentary. Read more:

Today’s Sunday Times – Charities which work with children and vulnerable adults are overseen by an underpowered under resourced regulator in the shape of the Charity Commission. Worryingly, most independent schools are charities.

Mandate Now‏ @mandatenow

BBC News – Children’s rights activist Peter Newell jailed for abuse. His charity is called APPROACH. Q1 News of his sentencing had reporting restrictions applied. Why? Q2: Between 2012-16 the NGO received ££ hundreds of thousands fm @NSPCC @barnardos 1

Children’s rights activist Peter Newell jailed for abuse

Feb 16 2018

A children’s rights activist has been jailed for six years and eight months for sexually abusing a boy in the 1960s.

Peter Newell was the former co-ordinator of the Association for the Protection of All Children charity.

The 77-year-old from Wood Green, north London, was sentenced last month at Blackfriars Crown Court.

He admitted five indecent and serious sexual assaults on a child under 16.

The Association for the Protection of All Children, or Approach, says its objectives are to prevent cruelty and maltreatment of children and advance public knowledge in the UK and abroad.

It says its focus is on protecting children from “physical punishment and all other injurious… whether inside or outside the home”.

Approach operates through the Children Are Unbeatable! Alliance in the UK and the Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children.

There is no suggestion the south London-based charity knew about Newell’s behaviour, which occurred before he was employed there.

In 2015 Approach brought a complaint to Europe’s top human rights watchdog against France and six other EU countries over its failure to explicitly ban smacking children.

Newell was listed as Approach’s co-ordinator in its accounts on the Charity Commission website, although the most recent document says he stood down from the role in May 2016.

According to the accounts, for the five years from 2012 to 2016, Approach received hundreds of thousands of pounds in income from the NSPCC, Barnardo’s, Save the Children and Unicef, as well as other organisations abroad and a private donor.

The latest accounts for 2017 show Approach only received funding for its overseas activities, and the NSPCC and Barnardo’s were not listed as having made any contributions.

In a statement, the Metropolitan Police said Newell’s offences, which were first reported to it in March 2016, started when his victim was aged 12.

Police said they took place between 1965 and 1968 at a number of addresses and locations in south and east England, including London.

Newell pleaded guilty on 2 January to two charges of serious sexual assault between May 1966 and May 1968 and three charges of indecent assault committed between May 1965 and May 1968.

The Charity Commission said it was informed by Approach about the allegation against Newell in 2016.

It said: “We have been in correspondence with the charity on this matter since 2016 to ensure the charity’s safeguarding procedures are robust and that there are policies in place to protect its beneficiaries.

“The charity has confirmed that it has safeguarding policies and procedures in place which are being kept under review and that the charity and the trustees have very limited contact with children and that there is no suggestion that the charity’s beneficiaries were or are at risk.”

In 2007, Newell co-authored the Implementation Handbook for the Convention on the Rights of the Child for Unicef.

Unicef said it has “zero tolerance for sexual exploitation and abuse”.

A spokesperson added: “We are deeply shocked to hear of the arrest of Peter Newell. We had no knowledge of this crime when he worked as a Unicef consultant 10 years ago. Unicef has since set in place strong procedures to vet staff and consultants.”

Barnardo’s said it was “one of over a 100 organisations that supported the Alliance”.



Paedophile Peter Newell involved with the Cleveland Report

BN 68 – Ministry of Health and successors: Inquiry into Child Abuse in Cleveland 1987: Report and Papers

BN 68/87 1987 Jan 01-1987 Dec 31 Day 69 – 10.12.1987: Eric Bryan [Brian] Roycroft (Newcastle Social Services); Peter Newell (Children’s Legal Centre)

Day 70 – 14.12.1987: Dr Ralph Underwager (Institute for Psychological Therapies, Minneapolis); Susan Amphlett (Parents Against Injustice)


Peter Newell teacher/founder – White Lion Free School



White Lion Free School students brought to Jimmy Savile shows

Mr Peter Newell, one of the prime movers behind the school


White Lion Free School in Islington, London, which existed from 1972 to 1990.

Pete Newell and Alison Truefitt were the founders of the school and the key staff members at that time.

At the time I was at the school a lot of effort was put into fundraising and the kids played a big part in this. My earliest office experience was at the age of 11 and 12, writing letters asking for support. I also attended Jimmy Savile shows at Capital Radio and met other DJs with a group of pupils from the school to represent its positive aspects as a means of publicising it in its best light. I did a lot of work raising money to get records for the school disco, posters for the disco and other things that the school really needed at the time.


Cassandra Cogno‏ @CassandraCogno

When did Peter Newell end up living in Wood Green? How long did he work for the Times Educational Supplement?

Newell’s conviction raises more questions about the sadistic sexual abusers vs the no corporal punishment sexual abusers (PIE) – the two sides were very much aware of one another

Mischief‏ @mischiefx

He was the organiser (may have ran it) of an experimental free school in Islington as well (White Lion Free School, formed 1972, closed 1977) for truants/disruptive children

He was deputy editor at TES, and in 1972 was education advisor to NCCL. (lots of articles/letters in The Times archives by him. )


Newell has three children, which helps him to avoid the accusation thrown at childless supporters of a ban that ‘they don’t know what it’s like to bring up kids’. “It’s part of the CV to have children,” he jokes. He says he has never hit them and was himself spared any blows as a child. “Although I did have my hair pulled once,” he smiles.

Children’s rights have been a major part of his life since he left the Times Educational Supplement in 1971


Peter Newell’s wife Rachel Vanessa Hodgkin  – company secretary at




read about Coram here:


Lawyers’ daughter ‘groomed young women for high-class prostitution ring she ran with Scotland Yard detective

Beatrice Nokes’ mother works for a children’s charity- Coram with Cherie Blair as a trustee

Her mother  – Ceinwen Rowles is a solicitor specialising in education law at Coram Children’s Legal Centre.



Queen and Prince Philip visits Coram children’s charity 2009

Rachel Hodgkin, spokeswoman for the Children are Unbeatable campaign, spearheaded by Barnardo’s, the National Children’s Bureau, the NSPCC, Save the Children, and the group Epoch (End Physical Punishment of Children).



Baroness Hale also part of Coram – she was once considered as a possible head of the IICSA

All part of a very sophisticated high level interactive network trading children as a commodity – for multiple purposes.

29th January 2018

Bruce McLean, 61, charged following investigation into historical sexual abuse at Knutsford children’s home


A MAN has been charged with a number of non-recent sexual offences at two former care homes, including one in Knutsford.

Bruce McLean, 61, of Runcorn, is facing a total of 40 charges including buggery, attempted buggery and indecent assault.

The charges follow allegations of abuse at the former Kilrie Children’s Home in Knutsford between August 1980 and March 1991, and Taxel Edge Children’s Home in Derbyshire between October 1975 and June 1978.

Cheshire Police have been investigating the allegations, which relate to eight victims.

McLean is due to appear at Stockport Magistrates’ Court on February 26.


Kilrie Children’s Home

Kilrie Children’s Home, Knutsford

FIFTEEN victims of a convicted paedophile are to sue the council who employed him at a children’s home.

Care worker Bruce McLean, 42, is now serving a nine-year sentence for indecently assaulting youngsters.

Nine of his victims, now in their 30s, have issued writs and six more are due to take action. All are likely to be demanding pounds 10,000 each in damages from Cheshire County Council.

They were abused by McLean at the council-run Kilrie Home in Knutsford. He also set up a children’s charity the Adventure Farm Trust and persuaded the Duke of Westminster to be its first president.

The sexual assaults took place over a 11-year period, although council officials had warned McLean about his conduct towards youngsters.

Lawyer Peter Garsden said: “Either the council which ran the home deliberately turned a blind eye – or if they didn’t know about it, they should have done.

“The people who suffered at McLean’s hands show symptoms of post-traumatic stress and there is evidence of suicide attempts.”

The Free Library 1998

Wirral Globe 04/03/98



PAEDOPHILE football coach Barry Bennell spent two years working in a children’s care home, it has been revealed. Bennell worked at Taxal Edge residential school in Derbyshire from November 1979 to July 1981



Barry Bennell found guilty of sexually abusing youth footballers

Ex-Manchester City and Crewe Alexandra coach convicted on charges covering 1979 to 1990

The former football coach Barry Bennell has been found guilty of multiple sexual offences against boys whom he targeted in the youth football set-ups of Manchester City and Crewe Alexandra.

Bennell, 64, was convicted of 36 charges at Liverpool crown court and the jury has asked for more time to consider further counts. He was found not guilty of three charges.

He had denied the allegations, which relate to 11 boys, who were aged eight to 14, from between 1979 and 1990, when he was renowned as one of football’s more successful youth team coaches and talent spotters.

Bennell, who appeared in the court via video-link, had already pleaded guilty to seven charges involving three boys and has previously served three prison sentences in England and the US.

He was described by the prosecution as a “devious paedophile” who had “pretty much unfettered access” to young footballers, but his defence had argued that the alleged victims made up the claims for attention and possible compensation.


Manchester City ‘ignored warnings’ and kept Barry Bennell in youth set-up

Feb 15 2018

Bennell continued scouting and coaching for City, abusing countless boys
City youth coach Steve Fleet urged club in 1970s to keep away from Bennell
Bennell convicted of a total of 50 offences against 12 boys

Manchester City, one of the clubs most seriously implicated in the Barry Bennell sexual abuse scandal, have been accused of putting hundreds of boys in danger after it emerged they were warned by one of their own coaches in the late-1970s it was “general knowledge” he was a risk to children.

Bennell, who is facing complaints from another 86 former footballers, continued scouting and coaching for City’s junior teams, raping and molesting countless boys in seven years connected to the club, even though high-ranking officials had been warned to keep away from a man who now faces the rest of his life in prison and has been described as having “almost an insatiable appetite” for young boys.

The revelations leave City facing a number of questions now Bennell has been convicted of 50 counts of sexual abuse against 12 victims. Bennell, 64, will be sentenced on Monday after admitting seven of the charges, with the jury returning guilty verdicts for the other 43 offences.

Cries of “yes” came from the public gallery at Liverpool crown court where six complainants sat with family members as the final verdicts were read out on Thursday and some were in tears. Bennell sat muttering to himself and shaking his head.

The first victim to initiate these proceedings, Gary Cliffe, has waived his anonymity to speak exclusively to the Guardian about the hundreds of occasions when he was abused, aged 11 to 15, in City’s set-up.

Police documents from the 1990s question whether City were later involved in a cover-up, with one of the detectives investigating the case suggesting the club’s priority was to avoid damaging publicity, and the Guardian has seen a written admission from another former employee in which he acknowledges that “suspicions about him [Bennell] were aired on many an occasion.”

An investigation by this newspaper has also led to a taped interview in which Bennell states he had to leave his coaching role at Crewe Alexandra, the club he joined after City, because a complaint had been made against him, raising further questions about why he was not reported at the time. Crewe provided references for his next job and have been the subject of a police investigation as well as being a major focus of the Football Association’s independent inquiry.

However, it can now be revealed that Bennell was identified as a risk long before joining Crewe and that one member of City’s staff, the youth-team coach Steve Fleet, put his own job on the line when the club’s directors wanted to give the man they called “the star-maker” a full-time role as youth development officer.

Bennell was not given the job but, despite those warnings, he remained in City’s set-up, coaching at their old training ground and even abusing boys while sunbathing on the pitch at Maine Road, the club’s former ground, before moving to Crewe in 1985. He is now being identified as potentially the worst paedophile, in terms of the number of boys affected, there has ever been in sport, having preyed on young footballers for almost a quarter of a century before he was arrested on a club tour to Florida in 1994. A second trial is now likely as the police go through the complaints from other former players, mostly from Manchester City and Crewe.

Len Davies, who spent many years working for City as a youth-team scout, has admitted one of England’s major football clubs was “beguiled and hoodwinked” and police documents recall a number of senior staff, including the chief scout Ken Barnes, being “quite evasive” and not prepared to explain why Bennell had left the club, other than citing “irregularities”.

Cliffe, now 47, is convinced City ought to have reported Bennell and removed him from the club’s junior system if there were any concerns about his relationship with young boys. “If those in positions of responsibility had challenged Bennell, hundreds of wrecked lives could have been saved,” he said. “They buried their heads. They had a duty of care and they failed dramatically.”

City are holding a QC-led inquiry and have identified another alleged paedophile – now deceased – with whom they have “potential historic connections”. They named him on Thursday night as John Broome, a part-time scout. They said they believed he was not connected to Bennell and were investigating his alleged offences. The club are facing the possibility of large-scale legal action. Fleet’s evidence shows Bennell continued to work in football for around 15 years after they were warned to avoid him.

“I was an FA coach at the time and at all the coaches’ meetings, at Everton, the Cliff [Manchester United’s old training ground], City and lots of places, whenever the talk got round to Barry Bennell it was never good,” Fleet said. “People would say he was ‘dodgy’ and if his name was brought up everyone would just shake their heads. It was general knowledge and I could see it with my own eyes. He nauseated me. I just knew – instant intuition – that the rumours were sound, that he wasn’t right and that he wouldn’t be good for the club.

“When Ken Barnes and other people at the club tried to fetch him in I told them I didn’t want anything to do with it. ‘He’s a star-maker,’ Ken said, ‘and he finds good lads,’ and that was true because Bennell was a very good scout. But I also knew he was a risk. In football, like any sport where there’s young people, there are perverts and I wouldn’t even let him into our coaches’ room. I felt so strongly about it I put my job on the line.

Barnes died in 2010 and his daughter, Karen, says it would be wrong to suggest he did not take the matter seriously enough. “I can unequivocally state that my father was absolutely and utterly appalled to hear about the abuse suffered. He also complained bitterly that much of what he said when interviewed for Dispatches had been edited. My father was a considerate and honest man, to which any of the footballers who knew him will attest.”

According to police files, the detectives investigating the 1994 case found Barnes “very cagey” and “played his cards close to his chest”. Muir said he had heard rumours about an incident involving Bennell and volunteered a boy’s name. Barnes, however, would not give a proper explanation about the “irregularities” that meant Bennell leaving for Crewe.

“He [Barnes] wasn’t really prepared to go into them at all,” Detective Sergeant Geoffrey Elvey of Crewe CID says in evidence provided to the Florida police. “We found they were quite evasive at the club. It was quite a lengthy interview. Obviously we were probing to try to find out why he [Bennell] left the club and basically I got the impression that Mr Barnes didn’t want or Mr Farrell really didn’t want to tell us. Bear in mind they are quite a prominent professional club and possibly wouldn’t want any sort of media attention drawn to the club.” Farrell declined to comment to the Guardian.

Davies, who died seven years ago, admits in a 2000 book that whereas Fleet “did not ever accept him [Bennell] as a person or coach” other people at City, including himself and Barnes, drastically misjudged the situation.

“Most of us at Manchester City, including those responsible for the enhancement of junior football, were held in awe at the coaching ability of Barry Bennell. I think the majority of us … were taken in and let down. Hundreds of people, and all the kids who played for him, trusted him. I only hope that the boys and their parents who suffered will forgive us in that we, too, were beguiled and hoodwinked by this terrible person.” Davies adds that “inquiries about his behaviour never revealed his paedophiliac mentality until it was too late”.

Crewe are also under intense scrutiny and a number of victims have called for the longstanding chairman, John Bowler, and the director of football, Dario Gradi, a figurehead at the club for more than 30 years, to resign since Andy Woodward and another former player, Steve Walters, told this newspaper what happened to them, instigating what the FA chairman, Greg Clarke, has described as the biggest crisis he can remember in the sport. Gradi has been suspended by the FA, though no official reason has been given.

Crewe said in November 2016 they would hold an independent review “at the earliest opportunity” but, 15 months on, have still not started it, claiming an unnamed authority told them to hold off until the criminal case was over. City, in stark contrast, say they received no such advice.

Both clubs have been asked by the Guardian if they want to comment about the new revelations and Crewe will also have to explain why Bennell was allowed to continue in his job when their former managing director, Hamilton Smith, has turned whistle-blower to reveal he instigated top-level talks, involving Bowler and Gradi, in the late-1980s because of an allegation against a man who has since described himself as a “monster.

Bennell was even paid expenses to take boys home during his seven years with the club and Gradi, the Guardian can reveal, was one of the people who supplied character references – his written on Crewe letter headed paper – when his colleague and friend was awaiting his 1994 court case in Florida.

In a statement, City offered “heartfelt sympathy to all victims for the unimaginably traumatic experiences they have endured. No one can remove their suffering or that of others who suffered sexual abuse as children as a result of their involvement with football. All victims were entitled to expect full protection from the kind of harm they endured.”

In a statement following the verdict, Crewe Alexandra said the club wanted “to reiterate that it was not aware of any sexual abuse by Mr Bennell, nor did it receive any complaint about sexual abuse by him, either before or during his employment with the club”.

It said that the club cooperated fully with the police in relation to Bennell’s prosecution in 1997 and with the recent investigation. “As a result of their investigations, the police found no evidence to corroborate that the club was aware of Mr Bennell’s offending,” said the statement.

It added: “The club wishes to make it absolutely clear that had it had any suspicion or belief that Mr Bennell was committing acts of abuse, either before, during or after he left the club’s employment, the club would have informed the police immediately


Donald Trump, a Playboy Model, and a System for Concealing Infidelity

One woman’s account of clandestine meetings, financial transactions, and legal pacts designed to hide an extramarital affair.

Theresa May’s chief of staff Gavin Barwell replies to X-rated PORN tweets showing clips of graphic sex scenes

Married father-of-three Mr Barwell responded to the explicit tweet “in error”, a Downing Street source says

14 FEB 2018

Prime Minister Theresa May’s chief of staff Gavin Barwell “regrets” replying to a tweet that showed three porn videos with graphic sex scenes, a source says.

Married father-of-three Mr Barwell responded to the X-rated tweet “in error” at 9.21pm on Monday, a Downing Street source said.

The source said the tweet appeared in the former MP’s timeline and he “regrets the embarrassment this his caused”.

One of the videos features a sex scene with “two schoolgirls” and their “mum”. The clips on the thread were from porn websites called Illustrated Interracial, Blacked and Moms Lick Teens.

Mr Barwell’s reply – which didn’t have any text other than Twitter handles – was still on his account on Wednesday morning, but it was deleted shortly after it was discovered by journalists.

A Downing Street source said: “Gavin Barwell replied to this tweet, which was in his timeline, in error. He has deleted the reply and regrets the embarrassment this has caused.”

Mr Barwell, 46, a former Croydon Central MP who lost his seat in the 2017 general election, has a verified Twitter account with more than 22,000 followers.

The videos that he responded to were posted on Twitter in March last year by an account called Twinkystar.

The Twitter accounts quoted in the reply from his account also contained X-rated content.

Mr Barwell’s tweet was first reported by the website Guido Fawkes, which claimed that the reply was sent from an Android mobile phone.

It was unclear whether it was a personal or work phone.

Mirror Online has contacted Mr Barwell and the Prime Minister’s office for comment.

The reply was discovered amid a sleaze scandal at Westminster and claims that computers were used to access pornography.

In 2013, Mr Barwell, then a Tory MP, accused Labour of putting an “Arab dating” ad on a press release he read online.

But he was left red-faced when it was explained to him Google ads are based on the user’s “interests”.

He spotted the link next to a schools announcement put out on Twitter, and tweeted back: “I know you are short of cash but having an invitation to ‘date Arab girls’ at the top of your press release?”

Labour’s press team replied: “Oh dear.” It then posted a link to a Google Adsense help page.

The page stated: “In addition to seeing ads based on your interests, you may also see ads based on the types of sites you visit.”


Caldey Abbey: first male victim comes forward to describe sexual abuse

Man says he was abused by Cistercian monk during family holidays on Welsh island

A man has come forward to describe how he was groomed and sexually abused as a child by a Benedictine monk on Caldey Island, intensifying calls for an inquiry into what happened at the abbey in south-west Wales.

The victim, who has told police of the abuse he was subject to during summer holiday trips to Caldey Island, is the first man to allege he was sexually assaulted by Father Thaddeus Kotik.

More than a dozen women have come forward to report offences committed by Kotik, a member of the Cistercian order of Benedictine monks who lived at Caldey Abbey on the Pembrokeshire island from 1947 until his death in 1992.

The Guardian has learned that two other men who lived and worked on Caldey Island were subsequently convicted of child sex offences.

The latest victim, Mark (not his real name), came forward three days after the Guardian first revealed that Kotik was a serial child sex offender. He hopes others will step forward to report abuse, which would add to the pressure for a thorough inquiry into the sexual offences committed by Kotik that may have spanned five decades.

“I want a public inquiry to take place about Caldey Island and its lack of child protection,” Mark said. “I will hopefully encourage others to come forward and tell theirs. The more reports there are may prompt an inquiry.”

Kotik’s offences were reported to the monks at Caldey Abbey but police were not notified until after his death.

Mark, who cannot be identified, said he first met Kotik in the 1960s when the family first visited the monastic island, off Tenby in Pembrokeshire. Kotik, who befriended Mark’s father, spent years grooming Mark. “We were met on the green by this man dressed in what I at the time thought were very funny-looking clothes. This was the monk Thaddeus,” Mark said.

Kotik quickly made the visitors feel privileged by inviting them into the monastery’s private walled garden and serving them tea, squash and biscuits. It was not until the following year, in the same garden, that Thaddeus lifted Mark and sat the boy beside him.

“Whilst eating I felt this large rough hand touching my leg,” Mark said. “Throughout the time we sat there I remember Thaddeus rubbed his hand up and down my bare legs a few more times going from one leg to the other and crossing the front outside my shorts.”

Mark, then aged eight, said nothing because he did not want to get into trouble. Kotik behaved as if nothing had happened, leading the family on a personal tour of the island, to the farm, the church and the lighthouse.

Kotik invited the family back the following summer, arranging for them to stay at St Philomena’s guesthouse. Mark’s father carried out handyman jobs in lieu of payment for their holiday, and Kotik offered to mind Mark and his siblings.

On the first day of this holiday, Kotik took Mark into the monastery, beyond the reach of his mother. During a later visit to the monastery Kotik allowed the boy to help wash up in the monastery kitchen. While Mark was at the sink, Kotik stood behind him, wrapped his arms around him and rubbed the boy’s genitals. The monk told the boy to be careful not to leave knives in the water, to divert attention from his actions. Another monk walked into the room and Kotik moved away.

On a subsequent visit to the monastery, Mark was helping to wrap the chocolate bars made at the monastery when Kotik approached him from behind, sat him on a bench, and assaulted him.

“I just froze still. I didn’t say anything but I remember being frightened and upset,” Mark said. He deliberately knocked a chocolate bar to the floor, and moved to pick it up to escape from Kotik’s grasp.

Although Mark avoided being alone with Kotik, the monk remained a family friend and even visited the family in Wales for a week each year. As an adult, Mark returned to the idyllic island for holidays with his own young son but he was careful never to leave him unattended.

Mark fishing with Kotik and Mark’s own son.
Mark fishing with Kotik and Mark’s own son. Photograph: Mark

“Looking back, I cannot forgive myself for putting [my son] in such a vulnerable position despite me or another adult being with him all the time,” he said.

Mark’s father maintained his friendship with Kotik and attended the monk’s funeral in 1992, but Mark has struggled to accept the betrayal by a priest who he thought had been his friend for 27 years.

“It is only since hearing and reading of this abuse that I have finally come to accept that I was a victim of Thaddeus’s abuse,” he said.

Mark says he has not yet felt strong enough to speak to his elderly father, his siblings or his son about the abuse but has confided in an old school friend who is supporting his efforts to break the silence on child abuse on Caldey Island.

Caldey Abbey was asked to comment but had not responded by the time of publication.




Madeleine McCann cops ask Home Office for more money in search for missing child

12th February 2018,

The fresh cash request comes after it was revealed parents Kate and Gerry McCann had more than £720,000 in reserves for their Find Maddie Fund.

The family have just seven weeks left of guaranteed funding for Scotland Yard’s Operation Grange inquiry.

The inquiry has cost taxpayers £11.2 million so far.


HRH Crafty Muvva @craftymuvva

Oh no. No, it cannot be allowed. How about if they allocate money for ALL missing kids and share it between them so the likes of Vishambar Mehrotra and receive the same resources as the well-connected McCanns?

‘He grabbed her hips, pulled her hair and forced his thumb into her mouth in a sexual way’: Murdered MP Jo Cox’s husband was reported to police over sex assault claim in Harvard bar – nine months before his wife’s death

  • Woman reported Brendan Cox to U.S. police, claiming he assaulted her late at night at Harvard University in 2015; Mr Cox strongly denies the allegation
  • In report filed by police, she claims Mr Cox ‘grabbed [the woman] by the hips several times… forced his thumb into her mouth in a sexual way’; ‘touched her inappropriately’ in a restaurant
  • Complaint came soon after Mr Cox quit as senior exec with Save The Children in 2015 following separate claims of inappropriate behaviour towards staff

A new charity sex scandal erupted last night after it emerged that the husband of murdered Labour MP Jo Cox was once accused of groping a senior US government official.

The woman reported Brendan Cox to American police, claiming he assaulted her late at night at Harvard University – although Mr Cox strongly denies the allegation.

Her complaint came soon after Mr Cox quit as a senior executive with the Save The Children in 2015 following separate claims of inappropriate behaviour towards staff

According to a report filed by police in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the woman claims Mr Cox:

  • ‘Grabbed [the woman] by the hips several times, pulled her hair and forced his thumb into her mouth in a sexual way’;
  • ‘Touched her inappropriately’ in a restaurant and tried to ‘push’ her into drinking more alcohol;
  • ‘Pulled her towards him and touched her stomach’ despite her telling him to stop;
  • Texted her later, asking: ‘Are you touching yourself?’

The woman was so upset she ‘couldn’t even look at Mr Cox’. She also said she ‘feared repercussions’ from him. In the police report, seen by The Mail on Sunday, the ‘incident type/offence’ is described as ‘indecent assault and battery on person 14 or over.’

Mr Cox’s lawyers last night said he denies the ‘spurious allegations’ and says no sexual assault took place.

This newspaper knows the identity of the woman, who is in her thirties, and has decided to protect her anonymity.

The disclosure of the report’s existence comes as Oxfam is reeling from claims it failed to warn other agencies about staff who quietly resigned after being caught using prostitutes in Haiti.

The report – filed by police in Cambridge, Massachusetts – says that on Thursday, October 29, she went to Felipe’s (above), a restaurant in Harvard Square with Mr Cox. ‘While there and on the walk back, Mr Cox touched her inappropriately… touched her “ass” , grabbed her by the hips several times, pulled her hair and forced his thumb into her mouth in a sexual way’

Mr Cox married Jo in 2009 and, since her murder, a week before the EU referendum in 2016, he has focused on raising the couple’s two children and helping to run the Jo Cox Foundation, set up ‘to channel the energy and determination generated by Jo’s life into practical efforts to advance the causes she championed’.

The alleged US incident involving Mr Cox took place in October 2015 weeks after he left his post as senior Save The Children strategist in London following claims of inappropriate behaviour towards female members of staff. Mr Cox denied any wrongdoing there.

Mr Cox attended a two-week course at Harvard’s prestigious John F Kennedy School of Government run by the World Economic Forum, which also organises the annual economic summit in Davos, Switzerland.

Mr Cox, who worked in Downing Street for Prime Minister Gordon Brown in 2010, was named a Young Global Leader by the forum in 2012. He attended the 2015 Harvard course along with nearly 100 international rising-star charity officials and civil servants.

Past Young Global Leaders include David Cameron and Google co-founder Larry Page.

The woman – who was studying at Harvard at the time – complained to police in Cambridge, where the university is located, on November 6.

Under the heading ‘offender,’ the report, dated six days later, says the ‘suspect’ is ‘Brendan Cox, white, about 38’ and that the ‘female victim’, who is named in the file, described her alleged assailant as having brown hair and being 5ft 10in to 6ft tall.’

The report says that on Thursday, October 29, she went to Felipe’s, a restaurant in Harvard Square with Mr Cox.

‘While there and on the walk back, Mr Cox touched her inappropriately… touched her “ass” , grabbed her by the hips several times, pulled her hair and forced his thumb into her mouth in a sexual way.’

He ‘also pulled her towards him and touched her stomach’ even though she had ‘made it clear’ she wanted no sexual contact. ‘She received a text later in the evening from Cox that read “are you touching yourself?”’

The report records the woman’s belief that Mr Cox was trying to ply her with drink. She had had ‘three glasses of wine and one tequila shot’ during the evening and believed ‘Cox was pushing her to consume alcohol’ despite her telling him she did not normally do so.

‘Cox kept saying “Let’s go to your place” or “Let’s go to my place”’ after she had told him she wanted no physical contact.

‘Unwanted touching’ took place between midnight and 1.30am’ and all of it made the woman ‘feel extremely uncomfortable’.

She is also said to have mentioned the incident to Harvard.

It is understood police did not investigate the matter at the request of the woman. The report states she ‘only wanted the incident documented at this time’ and had been ‘reluctant’ to complain to police because she ‘feared repercussions from the suspect.’

Cambridge Police last night confirmed the existence of the case file to The Mail on Sunday.

Mr Cox declined to comment last night, but his lawyers said he denies the ‘spurious allegations’ and says no sexual assault took place.

They added that the fact Mr Cox has never been contacted or questioned by the Massachusetts police was further evidence that the claims were untrue. They also questioned the motivation of the complainant.

That Cox was the subject of a complaint so close to him leaving Save The Children will put renewed focus on British charities as both the Government and the Charity Commission last night announced probes into whether Oxfam covered up the scandal of its workers having orgies with prostitutes after the earthquake in Haiti in 2010.

Chief executive Mark Goldring told ITV News that it was ‘highly likely’ public donations to Oxfam would have fallen if the charity had revealed the scandal. But he denied any cover-up.

The charity says it disclosed sexual misconduct to the regulator.

Last night International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt hinted the Government could pull Oxfam’s funding, which amounted to £31.7 million last year.

She said: ‘We will not work with any organisation that does not live up to the high standards on safeguarding and protection that we require.’



Keith Vaz Makes Trips to India and Saudi Arabia – But ‘Too Ill’ to Face Male Prostitutes Investigation

11 Feb 2018

Labour MP Keith Vaz has remained active internationally, despite an investigation into footage of him using male prostitutes and discussing Class A drugs being suspended due to alleged ill health.

The former Chair of the Commons Select Committee has visited India and Saudi Arabia and attended several engagements in his constituency, all whilst claiming to be too ill to face justice.

In Leicester, he has opened a new swimming pool, attended planning meetings, met a housing developer, and is even alleged to have been spotted at a music gig.

He has also been well enough to appear in public alongside Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and table a number of parliamentary questions.

Now, a Tory MP has compiled a dossier of his activities and is calling for the parliamentary standards watchdog to resume their investigation into his alleged use of Romanian rent boys and hard drugs, the Daily Mailreports.

Mr. Vaz was caught discussing sex and the illegal substances in undercover footage shot by the Daily Mirror in 2016, but has carried on as a member of parliament, and even been appointed to the Justice select committee.

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen, who says his office had compiled a dossier on Mr. Vaz’s appearances that would be passed to the standards commissioner, commented:

“He is supposedly unfit to answer questions about his conduct in relation to rent boys and cocaine, but he appears to be out and about in Leicester and elsewhere. He is the most healthy-looking ‘ill’ person I’ve ever seen.

“At the end of the day if he’s unfit to be held to the standards of an MP then he’s not fit to be an MP.

“The parliamentary standards watchdog says she has independent medical advice to say that he cannot face questions. But he looks surprisingly well to me.”

The standards commissioner’s office said: “When she has fresh independent medical advice, the commissioner will review it.”

Mr. Vaz’s office did not respond to request for a comment.


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Human rights barrister Barbara Hewson is accused of rants against child sex abuse victims online

Bar this troll: Human rights barrister accused of vile rants against child sex victims

10 Feb 2018

Law chiefs are looking into claims against Barbara Hewson, 56, following complaints from survivors about foul-mouthed posts on social media

A probe has been launched into a top human rights barrister after she was accused of trolling a string of child sex abuse victims online.

Law chiefs are looking into the claims against Barbara Hewson, 56, following complaints from survivors about foul-mouthed posts.


Messages sent on social media sites from various personal accounts in Hewson’s name have seen her brand victims “lunatics”, “manipulative”, “dangerous”, “cowardly” and “nutwings”.

One outraged victim said: “This can’t go on. She has to be stopped.”

In other posts, Hewson tells those sharing their horrific experiences with others to “shut the f*** up”.

She appears to brand one alleged victim “as vulnerable as a lorryload of gravel” and criticises victims “whinging” about their ordeals.

The Sunday Mirror has also seen a post in which an account in the lawyer’s name refers to an official from the Bar Standards Board as “c*nty” and discloses her home address.

The Bar Standards Board, which was set up to regulate barristers, is one of the bodies investigating complaints against Hewson.

Victim Clare Sheahan has called for the lawyer to be struck off.

Clare, who says she was attacked by a paedophile at 10, told officials that Hewson has trolled her and others on Twitter for two years.

The 62-year-old said: “She has made people’s lives hell. I wish she could see the effect her messages are having on people who are already vulnerable.

“She’s in a position of power and people look up to her but I believe her posts will discourage people from reporting abuse or sharing their pain.

“What if someone self harms, or even commits suicide, because of what she has said? If she’d experienced the complete and utter terror that a child feels when being attacked by a paedophile I’m sure she’d take a different view.”

London-based Hewson rose to prominence after speaking out against the investigation into celebrities that followed the Jimmy Savile scandal.

She has also called for the age of consent to be lowered to just 13.

Hewson got a harassment warning from police last March following a report from fellow lawyer Sarah Phillimore.

The Bar Standards Board also looked at claims by law student Mehul Desai, a supporter of Phillimore, that he had received death threats from Hewson, which saw her receive a harassment warning from the Met Police.

She left her chambers at 1 Gray’s Inn Square the following month and is now self-employed.

Clare said Irish-born Hewson has described her as a “lunatic” and a “fishwife” and questioned her claims to have been abused as a child on holiday in the 1960s.

Clare, from South London, who has spent many years campaigning against child sex abuse and reached out to other survivors online, said she was targeted by Hewson after disagreeing with a point the lawyer made on Twitter.

She said: “I asked her why she was saying such nasty things about child sex abuse survivors. I didn’t understand why, as a barrister, she’d do that.

“That’s when the onslaught started. I eventually blocked her but friends told me that she continued to slag me off.”

Clare is one of at least two people who have complained to the Bar Standards Board. She has also contacted police.

She said: “I’m lucky to have a good support network of family and friends to pick me up. Others aren’t so lucky.”



Sunnyclaribel‏ @Sunnyclaribel

Hi folks Barbara Hewson has sent hate/abuse and intimidated child sex abuse survivors/campaigners & anyone with the guts to stand up to her for years. She thinks putting their personal details on line will intimidate them into silence.


HRH Crafty Muvva

And now the journalist who wrote the article is being targeted, cussed, intimidated and threatened by her and her group. Relentless hate campaign that’s been allowed to go on and on…

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

Barbara Hewson’s abuse and closeness to paedophiles on Twitter has a long history. Here is an example of her abuse around the time we exposed her as the cousin of the fraud and criminal Jonathan Denby, lawyer to the paedophile Harvey Proctor:

Hewson: We have a problem – online harassment and how we just don’t deal with it.



Top human rights lawyer faces an investigation after ‘she branded victims of child sex abuse “lunatics”, “nutwings” and “cowardly” online’

  • Barbara Hewson is alleged to have referred to victims as ‘lunatics’ and ‘nutwings’
  • The lawyer is reportedly facing an investigation from the Bar Standards Board
  • It is also claimed she told people speaking out about abuse to ‘shut the f*** up’ 
  • Miss Hewson has previously called for the age of consent to fall to as low as 13

A top human rights lawyer is facing an investigation after claims that she trolled victims of child sex abuse online.

Barrister Barbara Hewson, 56, is alleged to have posted on social media referring to victims as ‘lunatics’, ‘nutwings’ and ‘cowardly’.

It is also claimed that she told people speaking out about abuse they had suffered as a child to ‘shut the f*** up’.

The Bar Standards Board is launching a probe against Miss Hewson, according to the Sunday Mirror.

MailOnline has contacted the BSB for comment.

The barrister, who has called for the age of consent to fall to as low as 13, is facing calls to be struck off.

One woman, who says she has faced trolling by Miss Hewson on Twitter for two years, said it would discourage people from speaking up about abuse.

She said: ‘She has made people’s lives hell. I wish she could see the effect her messages are having on people who are already vulnerable.

‘If she’d experienced the complete and utter terror that a child feels when being attacked by a paedophile I’m sure she’d take a different view.’

A spokesperson for Miss Hewson said she had ‘respectful relations with genuine victims’ but had not been formally notified of a complaint to the BSB.

Miss Hewson previously received a harassment warning from the Metropolitan Police after claims she made death threats over the phone to a law student.

A Nottingham University student had alleged that the lawyer pestered him with nuisance phone calls leaving him ‘frightened and alarmed’.

Miss Hewson previously received a harassment warning from the Metropolitan Police after claims she made death threats over the phone to a law student

Met police ‘lost’ two interviews with Nick about Edward Heath

February 8 2018

Scotland Yard has been unable to locate some of the interviews detectives conducted with the alleged fantasist who prompted the VIP child abuse inquiry.

Detectives described claims made by the man known as Nick, who has since been charged with paedophile offences, as “credible and true” after conducting a series of interviews.

However, at least two excerpts, relating to abuse claims that Nick made about the late prime minister Edward Heath, have gone missing, sources said.

It will add to concerns about Operation Midland, the Met’s £2.5 million inquiry into prominent figures that relied on Nick as its sole complainant.



Bill MacBeth‏ @bill_macbeth

As We all know by now “Theresa May” Hid 114 Tory Child Sex Abusers Files Because if they were made public knowledge would have been the death of the Tory Party!

ZED @ZedTrafficker

Don’t forget this gem too, where back ups of back ups of child abuse testimonies deleted

Child abuse inquiry evidence submissions accidentally deleted

‘VIP paedophile ring’ accuser charged over child abuse images



A dirty card game being played

New rape allegation made against former Leicester MP, the late Greville Janner

MP raped boy in flat and photographs of abuse were shared among Westminster paedophiles, public inquiry is told

6 FEB 2018

A new allegation of child sexual abuse has been made against former Leicester MP Greville Janner – more than two years after his death.

Lord Janner, who died aged 87 in December 2015, allegedly raped a young boy – who was at the time living in a children’s home – in an upmarket block of flats in London.

Photographs of the act of abuse were included in a pamphlet which is now said to have been circulated among paedophiles in the Houses of Parliament.

The claims were outlined by the legal team representing the alleged victim during a hearing last week of the Government’s Independent Inquiry into child Sexual Abuse, (IICSA).

The inquiry is examining 13 separate ‘strands’ of alleged abuse within institutions, such as Parliament, children’s homes and the Anglican and Catholic churches

One of the strands focuses entirely on the allegations against Lord Janner – whose family insist he was innocent of any wrongdoing.

However, the new allegation emerged during last Wednesday’s preliminary hearing into alleged abuse carried out by senior Westminster politicians.

Lawyers acting for the alleged victim – who will be known in the inquiry as A4 in order to protect his identity – were applying for him to be allowed to participate in the Westminster strand.

Sam Stein QC, who represents A4, told the inquiry last Wednesday that Lord Janner took the boy to a nightclub in London and raped him later in a block of apartments called Dolphin Square that night.

Mr Stein said a police officer spoke to the boy inside the club and took his details.

Mr Stein said: “It is obvious, says A4, that he looked young. It would have been clear he was in an inappropriate situation.

“Nevertheless, the police officer was and would have been aware of his position, tolerated it, allowed it and was complicit in allowing him to stay there.

“He was then abused that night. He was raped.

“Photographs of that abuse were taken and he was told by the person, who is in his mind, the facilitator, that those photographs, being in a pamphlet, were being shown at Westminster.”

Lord Janner’s three children, who have been granted core participant status for the inquiry into their father, also applied to take part in the Westminster strand.

Daniel Janner told the hearing he had never heard A4’s allegation before.

Lord Janner’s Son Calls For Anonymity Of VIP Paedophile Ring Accuser To Be Lifted

7 February 2018,


Darren Pearce‏ @DarrenP24191399

Strongly suggests that MPs are desperate to protect themselves from their own evil guilty acts. They should be for transparency instead they try to whitewash the whole VIPaedo issue


Natalie Rowe‏Verified account @RealNatalieRowe

MP’s will vote to have their anonymity protected if accused of sexual crimes, this will not apply to anyone that isn’t a Politician, so one rule for them, I see where this is going

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

Oh, and look who was involved in the rape trial of Owen Oyston, the financial backer behind paedo mecca Radio Pennine of which Hewson uncle Richard Denby was director! Am I surprised?

TWC, the investment vehicle of Owen Oyston, was behind Richard Denby’s Radio Pennine which spawned many paedos.

First DJ employed by Richard Denby’s Pennine Radio was an outright paedophile and Savile buddy! Who recommended him?


justme‏ @zante03

DANIEL JANNER says his father was an innocent man.

Sir Richard Henriques enquiry about Greville Janner says he should have been CHARGED with buggery in 2007…just let that sink in.

Now Janner junior wants to go to CSA inquiry and interogate people saying Grev abused them

For all her love of Henriques, Barbara Hewson never quotes him saying that Janner should have been prosecuted while he was alive. Wonder why?

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

For all her love of Henriques, Barbara Hewson never quotes him saying that Janner should have been prosecuted while he was alive. Wonder why?

Despite denials, Pope received evidence against cleric accused of cover-up, sources say

February 06, 2018

  • Francis has denied seeing evidence that a bishop he promoted witnessed sexual abuse
  • But two people say he was handed a letter detailing exactly that

(CNN) It all comes down to one letter, and whether or not Pope Francis read it.

As recently as last month, the Pope had said he’s seen no evidence that a Chilean cleric whom he later made a bishop had witnessed a priest abusing teenagers.

But Francis received a letter detailing exactly that in 2015, according to the author of the letter and a former member of the Vatican’s Commission for the Protection of Minors. It was hand-delivered to him, the two people say, by one of his most trusted advisers, Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston.

A spokesman for O’Malley referred all questions to the Vatican, which declined to comment.

The Pope’s receipt of the letter was first reported by The Associated Press on Monday. The letter’s author, Juan Carlos Cruz, has provided a copy to CNN. In it, he details years of abuse, witnessed, Cruz says, by the man Pope Francis later made a bishop, Juan Barros.

“The Pope goes around the world apologizing for the sexual abuse of children,” Cruz told CNN, “but he doesn’t do a thing.”

This is not the first time the Pope has been accused of having a “blind spot” on sexual abuse.

The commission charged with protecting young people, unveiled in 2015 with great fanfare, has languished since December when its term expired. The Vatican says new members are being vetted.

But some of the commission’s top recommendations, including a tribunal for bishops accused of covering up sex crimes, have been nixed by Vatican officials, said Marie Collins, a former member of the commission. Collins, an abuse survivor, quit the commission last year in frustration over the Vatican’s inaction.

Francis also appointed an Australian cardinal to a powerful Vatican post despite concerns from victims’ groups. Cardinal George Pell is now on trial on sexual assault charges in his native Australia.

“The status quo is not working,” the Rev. Thomas Reese, a Jesuit priest and expert on the Vatican, wrote in a recent column for Religion News Service.

“Pope Francis needs to make dramatic changes in the way in which the Vatican investigates crimes, especially those by bishops.”

‘A witness to all of this’

“Holy Father, I decided to write you this letter because I’m tired of fighting, crying and suffering.”

That’s how Cruz, who now lives in Philadelphia, opened his eight-page letter to the Pope.

In the letter, Cruz details years of abuse at the hands of the Rev. Fernando Karadima, a charismatic and powerful figure in the Chilean church. The Vatican removed Karadima from active ministry in 2011 after finding the priest guilty of child sex abuse.

Barros “was a witness to all of this I have told you,” Cruz writes in his letter to the Pope.

Cruz said O’Malley told him he had handed the letter to Pope Francis in 2015. O’Malley also told the Commission for the Protection of Minors, which he led, that he had personally delivered Cruz’s letter to the Pope two years ago, said Collins.

Barros has not been accused of sexual abuse and has denied knowing about Karadima’s crimes. A representative for Barros has not replied to requests for comment.

In a statement dated January 30, Barros’ diocese said, “The Bishop … expressed that he is taking everything related to the Pope with faith and joy, asking God for the truth to shine through and especially invoking the Virgin Mary so everyone can reach peace.”

Collins said it was a mistake for Pope Francis to appoint Barros a bishop in 2015.

“If he saw what was happening and didn’t seem to recognize it as abuse, then putting him in charge of a diocese where he oversees the safety of children is a problem.”

In a trip to Chile last month, Pope Francis angered some survivors’ groups and Chilean Catholics by forcefully defending Barros, telling reporters, “There is not a single proof against him, everything is slander.”

That statement made international headlines, with supporters of victims of clerical sex abuse challenging his suggestion that “proof” is a prerequisite for believing a victim’s account.

Francis’ comments elicited a rare public rebuke from O’Malley, the Pope’s top adviser on sexual abuse, who called them “a source of great pain for survivors of sexual abuse by clergy.”

‘He risks it all crashing down’

Questions about Barros dominated a news conference held on the papal plane during the Pope’s return to Rome following his visit to Chile and Peru. In response to questions, Francis admitted he had made an error in choosing his words and apologized to victims of clerical sex abuse.

“I apologize for hurting them without realizing it. But I did not intend this,” Francis said.

“The word ‘proof’ was not the best way to approach a pained heart. I would say ‘evidence.’ In Barros’ case, it was studied. It was restudied. And there is no evidence. And that is what I wanted to say. I don’t have evidence to convict.

“If I convicted without evidence or without moral certainty, I would commit a crime of being a bad judge,” Francis said.

He also reaffirmed his support for Barros — and his assertion that allegations of sex abuse without evidence are slander.

“I am also convinced he is innocent,” he said.

The Pope defended his zero-tolerance position on abuse by clergy, saying that he has received two dozen requests for pardon but has not granted any.

Later, though, Francis seemed to indicate that the church does not have all the evidence in Barros’ case. He has dispatched one of the Vatican’s top experts on sexual abuse to Chile to investigate.

He will go to Santiago “to listen to those who have expressed the will to submit elements in their possession,” the Vatican said in a statement.

Charles Camosy, a professor of ethics at Fordham University, a Catholic school in New York, said it is time for the Pope’s defenders to hold him to account.


Two Freemasons’ lodges operating secretly at Westminster

Exclusive: Lodges for MPs and journalists are so covert even lobby reporters do not know members

4 Feb 2018

Pass grip of a master mason

The top of the thumb presses hard against the space between the second and third knuckles

Two Freemasons’ lodges set up for members of parliament and political journalists are continuing to operate secretly at Westminster, the Guardian has learned.

New Welcome Lodge, which recruits MPs, peers and parliamentary staff, and Gallery Lodge, established for members of the political press corps known as the lobby, both remain active, according to Freemasonry records.

A third lodge called the Alfred Robbins Lodge, which was also set up for journalists, also continues to meet regularly in London.

The identities of the members of these three lodges remain unknown outside the world of Freemasonry, however, and so discreet are the members of Gallery Lodge that few journalists working in the lobby appear to be aware of its existence.

The disclosure that both political journalists and politicians are Freemasons comes after the outgoing chair of the Police Federation alleged that Freemasons were blocking reforms in policing and thwarting the progress of women and officers from black and minority ethnic communities.

After three years as the chair of the Police Federation, Steve White said: “I found that there were people who were fundamentally against any kind of change and any kind of progress, and they always happened to be Freemasons.

The charge brought an angry denial from the UGLE. In a letter to the press, Staples said: “We are quietly proud that throughout history, when people have suffered discrimination both in public and social life, Freemasonry has welcomed them into our lodges as equals.” He added that many Freemasons chose to keep their membership secret in order to avoid being discriminated against.

At Westminster, MPs and peers are not obliged to declare their membership of the Freemasons, although the Commons authorities say they can disclose this information voluntarily on the registers of members’ and Lords’ financial interests. None currently do so.

Nor do any political journalists declare their membership of the Freemasons on the register of journalists’ interests, which is maintained by parliament.

The three lodges each meet four times a year at Freemasons’ Hall, the UGLE’s headquarters in Covent Garden, London.

The UGLE said Gallery Lodge currently has 45 members and Alfred Robbins Lodge – which is named after a former newspaperman and prominent mason – has 18 members.

“None of the members who have joined either of these two lodges since 2000 have their occupation recorded as journalist or anything obviously linked to the newspaper industry,” the spokesman said.

It is unclear how many of their members joined before that year, however, and UGLE will not identify the lodges’ members.

The Guardian understands past members of Gallery Lodge have included former journalists at the Times, the Daily Express, the Scotsman, and several Hansard reporters.

While the New Welcome lodge has about 30 to 40 members, the Guardian understands only about four of the current members are MPs, and that none are peers. Most of the members of the lodge are former MPs, parliamentary staff or police officers who have served at Westminster. MPs who are Freemasons are members of other lodges, however.

Although New Welcome lodge was set up following the 1926 general strike, to admit Labour politicians who had previously been refused entry to Freemasonry, the Guardian understands that none of its current members are Labour MPs.

Many are said to have left the Freemasons in the 1980s, fearing they would lose their seats if they were questioned about membership while reapplying for the Labour party’s nomination in between general elections, which had become a requirement at the start of that decade.

At least one Labour MP is said to have left New Welcome Lodge when facing reselection at this time, and arranged for his membership to be held in abeyance so that he could be quietly readmitted once he knew his parliamentary seat was secure.


Chris Mullin @chrismullinexmp

If masons have nothing to hide, why did they go to such lengths to oppose attempts by the last Labour government to make membership of a secret society (any secret society) a declarable interest for applicants to the judiciary, police, planning inspectorate etc?



Hmm, but wouldn’t that mean if key Islington based PIE member, Keith Harding, associate of Jimmy Savile, Cyril Smith, Jeremy Thorpe and Leon Brittan went on to become head of GCHQ lodge, he be protected by entire Freemason network, up to and including those at Kensington Palace?

 Yes. Just like Brian Rice, the former social services director, criticised in both the Frank Beck and Fred West trials, and who now just happens to be a director of that very same lodge…


Justin Welby ‘blocked’ payouts to abused pupils

February 4 2018

A victim of child sex abuse has written to Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, ahead of next weekend’s General Synod accusing him of “personally” blocking extra compensation payments.

Julian Whiting, now 55, was given a settlement after he said he was raped by a fellow pupil and molested by teachers at Blue Coat school in Birmingham, founded by the Church of England in 1722.

He said a recent public pledge by the church to change its culture in order to better help abuse survivors had been shown to be “empty and meaningless”.

Whiting wrote that the way he had been treated “could not be further from the Church of England’s assertion…that [it] is absolutely committed to its pastoral response to alleged victims and…


3 December 2017

Julian Whiting (Ex-Met Police and Survivor)

I am deeply saddened by the Archbishop’s response to this articulate and considered letter. Does Archbishop Welby have the authority to write a response that reaches out and engages with the questions raised without internal lawyers and insurers checking it first? It plumbs the depth in terms of business etiquette and is a reminder of how power works in this country.


Islington abuse scandal: Inquiry into pro-paedophile past of ex-mayor Sandy Marks is officially opened following Gazette investigation

2  Feb 2018

Sarah Morgan QC, a leading specialist in family law, has been appointed by Islington Council to oversee the investigation and announced its terms of reference as the review was formally opened this week.

It will explore explosive evidence published by the Gazette in May linking former mayor, councillor and social services committee chairwoman Sandy Marks to a clandestine paedophile rights group called Fallen Angels in early 1980.

Fallen Angels campaigned to abolish age of consent laws and legalise sex with children.

The inquiry will look at what impact, if any, that involvement had on the way Ms Marks’ chaired the council’s social services committee from 1991 to 1995 when a child abuse scandal was revealed in Islington.

It will explore whether Ms Marks was aware of the widespread child abuse which took place in council-run children’s homes before October 1992, when the Evening Standard broke the story.

Ms Marks has previously denied the allegations against her as “untrue and unfounded”.

Ms Morgan said: “I am pleased to have been appointed by Islington Council to conduct an independent review to consider and investigate information provided to the council by the Islington Gazette.”

But campaigners who fought to give a voice to survivors of abuse at Islington’s care homes have said the probe is too narrow – and have demanded a full investigation into the scandal that still blights the borough’s history.

The terms of reference for the inquiry include investigating evidence as to the extent and nature of Ms Marks’ involvement with Fallen Angels or any other pro-paedophile groups.

It will also consider to what extent, if any, this affected the way she carried out her later role as a member of Islington Council’s social services committee from 1983 to 1991, or as chair from 1991 to 1995.

And Ms Morgan will investigate whether Ms Marks had any knowledge of allegations of child abuse in Islington Council’s care homes prior to the shocking scandal being exposed by an Evening Standard investigation in 1992.

Islington commissioned 14 inquiries following the revelations, culminating in the White Report in 1995.

The new review will consider whether Ms Marks became aware of anything relevant to allegations of “organised abuse” in Islington’s care homes through dealings with Fallen Angels, or possibly “other paedophile groups”, and what difference, if any, this may have made to the White Report.

Ms Morgan will work alongside barrister and children’s law specialist Lucy Sprinz on the review.

The QC said: “There is a great deal of documentary and archive material that has been made available to us and I know efforts to provide us with documents, written material and digital media that are relevant to the terms of reference are continuing.

“I expect to identify, from that material, individuals who may have information relating to the remit of the review. I intend to contact those individuals in due course.

“I would also be very keen to hear from anyone who has information relating to the remit of the review and will make a further statement in the near future with details of how anyone who believes that they have such information may contribute to the review.

“I will not reach any conclusions until I have considered all of the evidence available to me. At the conclusion of the review I will submit my report to Islington Council for publication.”

But Islington Survivors Network (ISN), a group for survivors of sexual and physical abuse in Islington’s children’s homes, described the review as “limited in its terms of reference”.

Social worker Dr Liz Davies, ISN founder and original whistleblower on the Islington care home abuse scandal, said: “Sandy Marks was only one councillor in post during the period when the reporting of abuse by children, families and some professionals went unheard.

“The exposure of organised abuse, including alleged murders and abductions of children, was met with total denial by the White Report.

“The authors of the 14 inquiries must certainly be invited for interview. So must senior professionals and politicians who closed down or hindered investigations or had responsibility for so many missing documents and files. They must be held to account.”

ISN has been calling for a multi-agency statutory investigation to be set up to establish whether children may be at current risk from abusers who were named during the exposure of the care home scandal in the 1990s.

“Survivors now coming forward to ISN are very worried that the people who abused them might still have access to children,” said Dr Davies. “The statutory team should collate evidence and make decisions about which former staff and their associates still present a

She continued: “The abusers and those who colluded with them were protected. The day the Evening Standard first reported the scandal in October 1992, a number of staff vanished abroad. Some were later arrested in countries such as Thailand and Morocco.”

Graduate research student Charlotte Russell, who worked with the Gazette to uncover documentary evidence linking Ms Marks’ to the Fallen Angels, also called for the inquiry to consider Ms Marks’ appointments to other public committees in the 1980s and 1990s and the extent of her influence.

She said: “Ms Marks is but one of a number of people either employed by, or serving, Islington Council who warrant investigation.

“While I look forward to meeting with Sarah Morgan QC to provide evidence, ultimately we know that previous Islington inquiries haven’t resulted in criminal prosecutions of those who perpetrated abuse of children in Islington’s care homes.

“Understanding Ms Marks’ involvement with pro-paedophile groups will be a step forward but won’t provide the entire picture of how this tiny London borough became a magnet for paedophiles to relocate to from the 1970s onwards.”


Charles Howeson to face trial over sexual abuse charges

The trial will be held in Bristol in June

2 Feb 2018

Plymouth businessman Charles Howeson is set to face a trial in June on charges of sexually abusing a teenager.

The 68-year-old will face a jury charged with attempted buggery and an alternative count of indecent assault against a male person under the age of 21 between November 1987 and December 1988.

Judge Mark Horton start before him at Bristol Crown Court on June 4.

The trial is expected to last one to two weeks.


Heathcliffe Bowen

Heathcliffe Bowen

Paedophile ex-council chief was also trustee of child abuse charity

31 January 2018

A paedophile who helped to run the children’s safety unit in one of Yorkshire’s biggest cities was also a trustee of a controversial charity that helps young victims of abuse, it has emerged.
Heathcliffe Bowen, who served three terms as chairman of Ilkley Parish Council, was jailed for five years on Monday for paying an under-age boy for sex and taking part in explicit online chats with other youngsters. The judge at Bradford Crown Court branded him a “predatory paedophile” who “couldn’t help himself”.
Some of the offences were committed while Bowen, 50, was employed by Bradford Council as administrator of the city’s Safeguarding Children’s Board. At the same time, he was a trustee of the Leeds-based charity Yorkshire MESMAC and a director of its trading arm.
The charity was criticised last year over concerns that its rules appeared to allow workers to sleep with their clients.
Tom Doyle - Chief Exec of Yorkshire MESMAC

Its chief executive, Tom Doyle, said Bowen had resigned from the Board of Trustees before any allegations came to light and was required to resign as a director when it was learned he was under investigation. He added that the charity’s rules had been rewritten with the help of the Safeguarding Children Board in Leeds. Bowen’s former managers at Bradford Council declined to say why they had sacked him in 2014. A spokesman said: “We cannot discuss details of staff disciplinary matters.”

Asked if an inquiry would now be held, the spokesman said: “Naturally, following Mr Bowen’s conviction yesterday we will review council processes in connection with his employment. If lessons need to be learnt from the case, they will be.”



The overall governance of Yorkshire MESMAC rests with the Board of Trustees.

Image result for "Steve Bridge" + " MESMAC"

Karen Reay, Unite regional secretary, and Steve Bridge, Yorkshire MESMAC Chair

Our Chair, Steve Bridge is supported by our Vice Chair, David Eales, and

Andrew Goodchild


Andrew Goodchild is our Treasurer.



Charity that works with child abuse victims and sex workers allows staff to sleep with service users

  • Yorkshire Mesmac, based in Leeds, probed by city’s child safeguarding board
  •  Its conduct policy states – ‘sexual relationships acceptable with service users’
  •  Charity runs outreach for gay men, prostitutes and victims of child sex abuse

A charity has been accused of ‘opening the door to abuse and child exploitation’ after it said workers were allowed to sleep with their clients.

Yorkshire Mesmac, based in Leeds, is being investigated by the city council’s child safeguarding board after its shocking policy was revealed.

The charity, which has received more than £2million in funding from the government, councils and police, performs outreach to victims of child abuse, sex workers and gay men.

Its policy tells employees: ‘Sexual relationships are acceptable with service users initially met during work time, but this would be inappropriate if the service user has entered into a 1-2-1 or ongoing support relationship with the worker’, reports the Sunday Times.

It has been slammed as ‘extraordinary’ and ‘disturbing’ by child protection expert Jessica Eaton, who claimed it ‘opened the door for abuse and child exploitation.’

The charity, which helped 60,000 people across Yorkshire last year, said it was now re-writing its policy and  that the directive had been misunderstood.

Chief executive, Tom Doyle, explained that MESMAC’s work can include giving out free condoms at pub or clubs and anyone who receives a condom is therefore ‘technically’ a service user.

He then went on to say, if the two people then meet again at another setting,  ‘we think it is acceptable for them to develop a relationship’.

Mr Doyle added: ‘We accept that read out of context this could be misconstrued. All staff undergo an extensive induction programme, including a full walk through of our priority policies, which includes safeguarding.

‘Staff at Yorkshire MESMAC are in no doubt about safeguarding.’

New investigation into late Bishop George Bell as CofE says it has received ‘fresh information’

31 Jan 2018

The Church of England today said that it had received ‘fresh information’ concerning the late Bishop George Bell, with Christian Today understanding that a new complainant has come forward following publicity about allegations against the bishop.

George Bell

The Church of England was criticised in the independent Carlile report published in December for a ‘rush to judgment’ in its handling of separate allegations against Bishop Bell, the former Bishop of Chichester who died in 1958, made by a woman known as ‘Carol’. The report by Lord Carlile said that although the Church acted in good faith, its processes were deficient and it failed to give proper consideration to the rights of the accused.

In 2015, the Church of England issued a formal public apology and paid damages of £16,800 to ‘Carol’, plus legal costs.

The fresh information does not relate to Carol, Christian Today understands.

‘The Church of England’s National Safeguarding Team has received fresh information concerning Bishop George Bell,’ said a statement from the Church of England’s safeguarding team today. ‘Sussex Police have been informed and we will work collaboratively with them. This new information was received following the publication of the Carlile Review, and is now being considered through the Core Group and in accordance with Lord Carlile’s recommendations.

‘The Core Group is now in the process of commissioning an independent investigation in respect of these latest developments. As this is a confidential matter we will not be able to say any more about this until inquiries have concluded.’

Bishop Peter Hancock, the Church of England’s lead Safeguarding bishop said: ‘There are ongoing queries and comments around the Bishop Bell case and we would all like this matter to come to a conclusion.

‘However, in light of General Synod questions that need to be responded to and the reference to the case in the IICSA hearing yesterday, I would like to draw your attention to this [above] statement from the National Safeguarding Team. I would ask that we keep all those involved in our thoughts and prayers.

‘Due to the confidential nature of this new information I regret I cannot disclose any further detail until the investigations have been concluded. We are currently developing an action plan in response to Lord Carlile’s independent report which makes a number of considered points as to how to handle such cases in future and we have accepted the main thrust of the recommendations.’

A spokesperson for Sussex Police told Christian Today: ‘On Tuesday 30 January we received information from the Church of England concerning the late Bishop George Bell. The information will be assessed in order to establish what further enquiries need to be made.’

The Church of England’s handling of claims against Bishop Bell are likely to be discussed at the General Synod, which begins next week. Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, has been criticised by historians and academics supportive of the late bishop for saying that a ‘significant cloud’ remained over his name.



  • Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) started new phase today
  • It has begun looking  at alleged abuse in schools, churches and children’s homes
  • Attention today turned to claims senior figures in Westminster abused children



One complainant alleges the Late Lord Janner raped him at Dolphin Square and took him to the Apollo Nightclub in Wilesden Green

Complainant also alleges photos were taken of him and distributed across Westminster, House of Commons and Lords!

Complainant was shown pamphlet of his abuse and was told it was going to be distributed across the Westminster estate

Transcript Jan 31 2018 Westminster


4. What did the various Whips Offices do about allegations and did they act inappropriately? 5. How did the ‘honours system’ secretariat react to allegations? 6. What was the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) and did it have members and influence in Westminster.


Cassandra Cogno‏ @CassandraCogno

Jo Richardson MP was a tireless PIE contact into the House of Commons

PIE and its members lobbied MPs hard – Righton’s early connections to Ian Greer, later professional parliamentary lobbyist are key

photo 1-10

1968-1970: Albany Trust, Peter Righton, Antony Grey and Ian Greer


“It was felt that the research should be of sufficient depth to influence opinion in the Churches, Parliamentary, Government and legal circles as well as the Press; and that in order to be useful, it should provoke general discussion of a nature calculated to remove the legal obstacle which remain in the way of non-hazardous social contact between homosexual people. It would be necessary to delineate the defects of the present situation, social as well as legal, and the contents should include the broader questions of public policy and education.”


It was agreed that the research should be carried out under the auspices of Albany Trust and that Peter Righton would work with Antony Grey on compiling UK organisations and with the Dutch Economist Leo Perk on Continental Organisations. Leo Perk Vlaanderen, resident in England for most of his life, had an interest in the re-education of ex-prisoners and financing the British education of children from developing countries, which had led to him establishing a charitable foundation in his mother’s name.

While Perk was unable to make it to the inaugural meeting, Ian Greer, Allan Campbell, Keith Lye, and Brian Parkinson were all in attendance.

At the time Greer, who thirty years later would achieve notoriety in the Cash for Questions scandal involving the House of Fraser’s Mohammed Al-Fayed,… was also working for the Mental Health Trust. In 1966 in a surprising detour from his political aspirations, Greer’s name had been passed to Lord Butler and Sir Evelyn Rothschild and he had accepted an appointment as National Director. [iv]

Greer’s 13 years at Conservative Central Office and then as a campaign manager in Billericay meant that by his mid-thirties he’d built a wealth of political experience and contacts. During his time at the Mental Health Trust, and a year before joining forces with Righton and Grey on the Study Project, he and his partner John Russell went into business together, establishing Russell Greer Associates, a political PR lobbying firm – a concept very much ahead of its time, although already well established in Washington.



Nearly a thousand schools are under investigation for non recent child abuse. And over 500 children’s homes. New stats from Operation Hydrant


InquiryCSA (IICSA)‏Verified account @InquiryCSA

The purpose of today’s hearing is to provide an update on the work that the Inquiry has been carrying out since the last preliminary hearing and to discuss the necessary preparations for the public hearings into the Anglican Church which start on 5 March

Counsel to Inquiry, Fiona Scolding QC is now listing the rule 9 requests to witnesses in this investigation which include former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey and the current incumbent, Justin Welby

Tees Mayor: New Cleveland Police chief constable Mike Veale ‘shouldn’t be taking charge’


29 JAN 2018

Ben Houchen and Tory colleague Simon Clarke MP have both called for the police and crime commissioner to think again about his appointment

Last week the IOPC piled extra resources into a separate, wide-ranging investigation into allegations of racism and phone snooping at Cleveland Police.

Last year, the force disbanded its professional standards department after several high profile controversies.

Conservative Mayor Mr Houchen has now called on Labour’s Mr Coppinger to halt the appointment.


Alan MC‏ @912amc

Head of Safeguarding children against CSE CSA in Bradford jailed for just 5 yearspaedophile.  Operation Sanctuary

Some of the offences were committed while he was administrator of the Safeguarding Children Board in Bradford.

During his chairmanship, Jim­my Savile was invited to turn on the town’s Christmas lights.

Former Ilkley town councillor Heathcliffe Bowen jailed for series of sex offences involving young teenage boys

Jan 29 2018

A “DEPRAVED” paedophile who served on Ilkley Parish Council for 18 years and was regarded as a “pillar of the community” has been jailed for five years.

Heathcliffe Bowen, 50, was found guilty today of a series of offences between 2013 and 2015 including grooming young boys on the internet with a view to meeting them for sex.

The Recorder of Bradford, Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC, said Bowen had a “deep and entrenched interest in underage children”.

Prosecutor Christopher Rose had told a jury at Bradford Crown Court that Bowen’s offending had arisen from online conversations he had engaged in using Skype.

He said some of the allegations involved attempting to engage “young teenage men” in sexual activity, including “meeting men for sex”.

Police later identified one of the people Bowen had communicated with as a 15 year-old boy.

Mr Rose said: “The conversations make it obvious that they were regularly meeting up for sex, for which sometimes the defendant paid.”

One of the exchanges involved Bowen inviting someone who told him he was a boy in Year 8 at school to have unprotected sex if he ever visited Leeds, with another discussion including an offer to take the virginity of a user who said he was a 12-year-old boy.

In one conversation using a webcam, Bowen performed a sex act on himself on camera while a 15-year-old boy watched.

The defendant, of Woodlands Rise, Ilkley, was also convicted of distributing and possessing indecent images of children.

He had told the jury that his online interactions were “completely devoid of reality”, claiming he was just chatting to other adults in a “fantastical roleplay environment”, acting a role in a “bizarre internet drama”.

Bowen, who worked as an administrator for Bradford Council in social services and safeguarding from 1995 to 2014, was convicted of three charges of attempting to cause or incite a child to engage in sexual activity, one of arranging or facilitating the commission of a child sexual offence, one of attempting to meet a child for sexual activity, one of attempting to cause a child to look at an image of sexual activity, and four charges of distributing indecent images of children.

He had already admitted three charges of possessing indecent images of children, and was cleared of one charge of attempting to cause or incite a child to engage in sexual activity.

David McGonigal, defending, said Bowen had been diagnosed with an “anxiety and depressive disorder” at the height of the chats in 2014, triggered by disciplinary proceedings linked to his job.

He said Bowen had “suppressed his sexuality for most of his life”, only recently telling his 93 year-old mother, whom he lived with and was the carer for, that he was gay.

Mr McGonigal said Bowen had served the Ilkley community for 20 years, adding: “He has lost everything as a result of these convictions. It is difficult for him to admit what he has done.”

Judge Durham Hall said Bowen was a “predatory paedophile”, who “gave every appearance of being a pillar of society”.

He said: “It is depraved paedophilic activity over a period of years. I suspect until now you did not see the seriousness of it.

“Your plea was that this was all stress-related fantasy. The opposite could not have been more true. You were working very hard to engage in penetrative sexual activity with people under 16.”

Referring to Bowen’s relationship with the 15 year-old boy, Judge Durham Hall said: “This was a real boy, groomed by you, met by you, for the purpose of, clearly, wide-ranging sexual encounters.”

Imposing an indefinite Sexual Harm Prevention Order and ordering Bowen to register as a sex offender, Judge Durham Hall told him: “You were and are addicted to this behaviour and cannot help yourself.

“You have never shown any shame of remorse for these matters. The gravity in this case is the quantity of offending. “As you said in one chat you are nothing more than a perv and a paedophile, and a predatory one at that.”



The former administrator of one of Yorkshire’s largest child safety agencies was tonight beginning a five-year jail term after a judge branded him a “predatory paedophile” following revelations that he paid an under-age boy for sex and took part in sexually explicit online chats with other youngsters.
Heathcliffe Bowen, who had also been chairman of Ilkley Parish Council, was convicted of six charges relating
to attempts to engage children in sexual activity and attempting to meet one child after sexual grooming. Some of the offences were committed while he was administrator of the Safeguarding Children Board in Bradford.
Bowen, 50, was also found guilty at Bradford Crown Court of distributing four indecent images of under 18s. At the start of his trial last week, he had also admitted possessing more than 25 indecent images of children, the jury heard. He discussed meeting for sex with a male who said he was 14 and encouraged the teenager to perform a sex act over a webcam during a conversation on the video messaging service, Skype. Bowen invited another schoolboy to have sex with him “if he was ever in Leeds” and also became involved in sexually explicit Skype conversations with another schoolboy who lived in New York, the court heard. The Recorder of Bradford, Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC, said Bowen had given the appearance of being “a pillar of the community”. But he said it was clear that he had a “deep and entrenched interest” in underage boys and the only obstacle to resolving the case had been the defendant’s complete inability to admit what was clearly demonstrated by the Skype logs and everything else, when police arrested him back in 2015. Bowen, of Woodlands Rise, Ilkley, had claimed during the trial that the online chats were fantasy and he never intended anything to happen, but Judge Durham Hall suggested that the defendant was addicted to such behaviour and couldn’t help himself. He told Bowen: “You have persisted in pursuing your lying account from start to finish and you gave evidence in detail and you have never shown any shame or remorse for these matters.” Bowen, who was cleared on one charge, was made the subject of an indefinite sexual harm prevention order which restricts his use of the internet and contact with children and he will now have to register as a sex offender with the police for the rest of his life.
He was already a council administrator when in 2007 he was handed responsibility for the city’s safeguarding children board.
Documents seen by The Yorkshire Post show that he was still its administrator in May 2014, a year after the first offences were committed.
The court heard he had been the subject of unrelated disciplinary proceedings at work when he was most involved in the online sex chat. His barrister, David McGonigal, said Bowen had repressed his sexuality for most of his life.
Heathcliffe Bowen was a well-known figure in Ilkley’s civic community, having served as a parish councillor for 20 years and as council chairman three times. During his chairmanship, Jim­my Savile was invited to turn on the town’s Christmas lights.
The Bradford Safeguarding Board’s “statement of intent” is to “make sure that all people who work with children, and their families and carers know how important it is to keep all children in Bradford safe”. Last night, its independent chairman, David Niven, said: “We are grateful that a comprehensive investigation has caught a serious offender.”


Heathcliffe Bowen, has gone on trial accused of chatting to boys on the internet with a view to meeting them for sexual activity.

A FORMER chairman of Ilkley Parish Council, 

Heathcliffe Bowen, has gone on trial accused of chatting to boys on the internet with a view to meeting them for sexual activity.


A FORMER chairman of Ilkley Parish Council has gone on trial accused of chatting to boys on the internet with a view to meeting them for sexual activity.

A jury at Bradford Crown Court was told that Heathcliffe Bowen, 50, faces charges linked to a “series of sexual offences” alleged to have taken place from 2013 to 2015.

Bowen, of Woodlands Rise, Ilkley, denies a range of offences including intentionally arranging or facilitating sexual activity with a child, attempting to cause or incite a boy to engage in sexual activity, and distributing indecent images of children.

Prosecutor Christopher Rose told the court that Bowen’s alleged offending arose from online conversations he had engaged in.

He said some of the allegations involved attempting to engage “young teenage men” to engage in sexual activity, including “meeting men for sex.”

He told the jury that police had identified one of the people Bowen had communicated with as a 15 year-old boy.

Mr Rose said: “The conversations make it obvious that they were regularly meeting up for sex, for which sometimes the defendant paid.”

The jury heard that other people involved in the conversations had not been identified, but Mr Rose said: “It was obvious that the defendant thought he was talking to children.”

The court was told that Bowen felt his interactions online were “completely devoid of reality” and “complete fantasy”, stating he never intended any meetings to happen.

Mr Rose said that Bowen accepted sending images to others, but stated they were not of children.

He said: “The prosecution say that when you see the pictures, they plainly are”, adding that the content was “highly sexually explicit.”

A previous hearing in the case was told that Bowen, a private tutor, was alleged to have communicated with youngsters on Skype in a bid to arrange to see them at hotels.

The defendant, who is a military historian, served on Ilkley Parish Council for 18 years, and was its chairman three times until his retirement in March 2016.



Ilkley Parish Council chairman, Councillor Heathcliffe Bowen, said he owed Mr Vere “a great deal”, having started his career with the Good Neighbours in 1992 before going on to work for Bradford Children’s Services.


Former Ilkley parish council chairman Heathcliffe Bowen on trial facing child sex offences

Jan 26 2017

A FORMER safeguarding administrator at Bradford Council accused of grooming young boys on the internet has told a jury he was just chatting to other adults in a “fantastical roleplay environment”.

Heathcliffe Bowen, 50, is on trial at Bradford Crown Court charged with a series of sexual offences alleged to have taken place from 2013 to 2015.

Prosecutor Christopher Rose has told the jury that some allegations involved attempting to engage “young teenage men” in sexual activity.

The court has heard details of a number of online conversations that Bowen, who is a former chairman of Ilkley Parish Council, was involved with on Skype, including with one person later identified as a 15-year-old boy.

One of the exchanges involved Bowen inviting someone who told him he was a boy in Year 8 at school to have unprotected sex if he ever visited Leeds, with another discussion including an offer to take the virginity of a user who said he was a 12-year-old boy.

Addressing the jury yesterday, Bowen said he had never engaged in any form of sexual activity with a child, stating that all the online conversations had started in adult chatrooms.

Referring to his “first foray” into gay chatrooms in May 2013, he said: “My intention was to meet like-minded people. Unfortunately most chat does degenerate into quite sexual things.”

Asked by his barrister David McGonigal why he had got involved in sexual chat, Bowen said: “You get into this kind of bravado, you’re almost trying to get one up on other people. That can very quickly get out of hand. You can begin to lose all sense of reality that you are actually talking to real people.”

Asked about the ages of the people he was chatting to, Bowen said: “I believed they were all adults. I met all of them on adult sites. My assumption was they were all over 18.”

On his response when people told him they were younger, he said: “You never entirely believe what people are saying. I was playing a role online. I thought they were making up an age as part of the roleplay.”

Asked again about the interactions, Bowen said: “It was about having that contact. It sounds a bizarre thing but for me, it was serving a need at that time. It was a fantastical roleplay environment. You’re playing a game and making up stories. It was never going to leave the page or go anywhere else.”

The jury was told by Mr Rose that one set of conversations with a 15-year-old boy in 2014 made it “absolutely apparent” that the two had met and regularly had sex.

Bowen, who worked for the council from 1995 to 2014, denied ever meeting the boy and when asked about the chats, said: “Once again, it was a bizarre form of roleplay. We were acting out these scenes and pretending to do various things.”

Bowen, of Woodlands Rise, Ilkley, has admitted sending “highly sexually explicit” pictures to internet users, but said of those included in the images: “My view is that they were at least 18.”

Bowen denies four charges of attempting to cause or incite a child to engage in sexual activity, one of arranging or facilitating the commission of a child sexual offence, one of attempting to meet a child for sexual activity, one of attempting to cause a child to look at an image of sexual activity, and three charges of distributing indecent images of children.

He has pleaded guilty to three charges of possessing indecent images of children.

The trial continues.


Coun Heathcliffe Bowen with his paintings. Picture by Ivor Hughes

Heathcliffe Bowen,  – his great-grandfather is noted Staithes Group artist Owen Bowen (1873-1967)


Frustrated academic, local councillor, former civic head, volunteer charity worker, Bettys tea room enthusiast, classical music lover

Heathcliffe Bowen – church warden at St Margaret’s Ilkley


From the right: Deputy Lieutenant of West Yorkshire,
Mr Roger Whittaker, Deputy Lord Mayor of Bradford,
Cllr Valerie Slater, Chairman of Ilkley Parish Council,
Cllr Heathcliffe Bowen, Priest in Charge, St Margaret’s
Church, Canon Philip Gray.

Bowen 2007 – 2014: Administrator, Bradford Safeguarding Children Board


Company Name Bradford Council

Dates Employed Mar 1995 – Oct 2014

Employment Duration 19 yrs 8 mos

Location Bradford, United Kingdom

1995 – 2000: Team Administrator and Service Advisor, Social Services

2000 – 2001: Customer Advisor, Social Services

2001 – 2004: Team Manager, Transport Concessions for Disabled Persons Team

2004 – 2007: Level 3 Administrative Officer, Social Services

2007 – 2014: Administrator, Bradford Safeguarding Children Board


Company Name Ben Rhydding Primary School

Dates volunteered1996 – 2005

Volunteer duration 9 yrs

Cause Education

Member of Governing Body.

Served as Chairman of Curriculum Sub-Committee and Chairman of Staffing Committee.

Served as Vice-Chairman of Governing Body.

Honorary Vice-President


Dates volunteered Jan 1992 – Present

Volunteer duration 26 yrs 1 mo

Cause Social Services

Started working for organisation as Office Co-ordinator, volunteer organiser, mini-bus driver and charity shop volunteer.

Kept up connection with organisation through parish council work.

August 2013: appointed Honorary Vice-President.

Volunteer Experience


Image result for "Heathcliffe Bowen"


Heathcliffe Bowen and Savile:


Chairman of the council, Coun Heathcliffe Bowen, said a formal letter of condolence would be sent to Sir Jimmy’s family.

“It was a great shock and those who knew him send their condolences to his family,” he said.

“We will formally send the council’s condolences to Sir Jimmy’s family in view of the fact this would have been the third time he switched on the Christmas lights.”


Police were called in to help with crowd control as Harry Potter star Matthew Lewis switched on Ilkley’s Christmas lights.

The 22-year-old actor, who played Neville Longbottom in the popular children’s films, admitted to being hesitant to step in at short notice to fill the shoes of the late Sir Jimmy Savile.

But the former Menston St Mary’s School pupil attracted a big crowd of his own fans to The Grove on Saturday afternoon – and was twice forced to take refuge in a room at Christchurch as a mob of young fans got into the building.

Organiser of the switch-on, local retailer David Giddings, said he had to call police to control the fans surging into the building, and Matthew eventually had to be driven away from the venue in a police van.

His appearance had been publicised on a fan website dedicated to Mr Lewis, and fans armed with camera phones quickly put pictures online of the celebrity making his appearance, via a microblogging website. Matthew led the crowd, which included many families with young children, in three cheers for Sir Jimmy.

Sir Jimmy, who died last month, had been booked to do the Ilkley lights switch-on for the third time.

“I was just so amazed by the vitality he had, even his 80s,” Matthew told the families and teenage fans gathered on The Grove.

“He did so much for so many people, I know he would have loved to be here.”

Matthew previously switched on Ilkley’s Christmas lights in 2004.



29 January 2004

The 50th celebration special leaves Leeds for Ilkley. On board will be Brian Blessed, Everest mountaineer, loud, Yorkshire-born actor, president of the Council for National Parks. Alongside him will be Sir Jimmy Savile


Sir Jimmy is knocked out by Ilkley’s switch-on welcome




Sir Jimmy Savile switches on the Ilkley Christmas lights in 2006, with help from Shirley Britain, Father Christmas, Ilkley’s Town Cryer Chris Richards and Mike Gibbons.

Sir Jimmy Savile switches on the Ilkley Christmas lights in 2006, with help from Shirley Britain, Father Christmas, Ilkley’s Town Cryer Chris Richards and Mike Gibbons.

Sir Jimmy Savile

The death of Sir Jimmy Savile was “a very sad day”, says a close friend, who was hoping to welcome him back to Ilkley to switch on this year’s Christmas lights.

Sir Jimmy first performed the big switch-on in Ilkley in 2001 and regaled an audience along The Grove with tales of his visits to “posh” Ilkley as a penniless Leeds youngster. He returned to turn on the Christmas lights again in 2005.


Image result for "ilkley" + David Giddings,"

Owner of Ilkley gifts and homewares shop Opulent Designs, David Giddings, says Sir Jimmy was looking forward to pushing the plunger to turn on the town’s lights for the third time.

Despite his recent illness, he had been telling people he was “going back to work” with the Ilkley date on November 19, and was excited about the occasion.

“He’ll be greatly missed by me and obviously other people who knew him,” said Mr Giddings.

“He did give a lot of sparkle and love to people, and he had a lot of friends, as well as his family. He chose to live on his own, but he was a very sociable, happy person. All the people who knew him would say that.”

Mr Giddings had known Jimmy Savile for a number of years.

He had been to stay with the celebrity at his holiday home in Scarborough during the summer, and was among a number of friends who saw him last week.

He had been planning to take him out for a daytrip at the weekend. Mr Giddings said: “I went for lunch with a colleague, who is also a heart specialist at Leeds General Infirmary, who is a friend of Jimmy’s, and before we returned to his flat in Roundhay we got some food and shopping in for him. He was particularly after us bringing him some strawberry ice cream.”

“I spoke to him on Friday evening in preparation to take him out on Saturday afternoon for a run up the Dales, coming through Otley, Ilkley and out to Barden. I told him I’d got a copy of the Ilkley Gazette with a picture of him in, for the lights on the 19th, and he said ‘that’s great, I can’t wait to see that’.

“I said I would ring him at 11, and he said ‘okey dokey, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Another heart specialist had been to see Sir Jimmy at his home on Friday evening, and had wanted to admit him hospital but he had declined, suggesting he could go on Saturday if he was still unwell.

Mr Giddings said Sir Jimmy was advised to rest and drink plenty of water – and he had also asked for a beer from the fridge.

“He was found at about 11 o’clock on Saturday, he had passed away peacefully in the night.”

Mr Giddings said despite being in hospital recently, and having treatment for pneumonia, Sir Jimmy had appeared “quite bright”.

A group of close friends met at a Leeds restaurant on Monday night – which would have been his 85th birthday – and held a minute’s silence in his memory.


Owner of Opulent Designs, David Giddings, is about to retire and close the business – leasing the town centre premises to stationery chain Paperchase.

His co-director, Nick Waines, will run their other business, nearby toy shop Secrets & Surprises.

Mr Giddings, 65, says the time has come to retire, although he plans to make plenty of visits to Ilkley in future, and is pleased to see another retailer moving into the shop.

The shop was previously occupied by Broadbents booksellers for several decades. When My Giddings first established Opulent Designs, he also ran a restaurant on the first floor of the building.

Mr Giddings told the Gazette: “I’ve just loved being in Ilkley and all the time I’ve spent in the shop, making friends with all the ladies who’ve been coming to buy presents over the years. It’s been a big part of my life.”

In addition to the running the shop itself, Mr Giddings once served as spokesman for Ilkley Independent Traders group, which represented local businesses. He also secured celebrity special guests for the official switch-on of Ilkley’s Christmas lights for about 13 years.


Councillor Bowen read a eulogy at the service, speaking of the great legacy Mr Vere left to the town and his own personal debt to Mr Geoffrey Vere, encouraging him to become involved in community service which led to his career in the local authority and standing for the local council.


7 May 2013

Cadet Brave the Sun for Ilkley Carnival

As with last year three cadets were asked to accompany Cllr Heathcliffe Bowen, Chairman of Ilkley Parish Council as his equerries for the day.


Wharfedale Celebrate Triple Success

6 April 2012

The annual presentation evening for Cadets and Staff at 1224 (Wharfedale) Sqn was another successful evening.  The reception was held at the Kings Hall in Ilkley.  Guests were greeted by Cdt Callum Carslaw on the Bag Pipes with the newest cadets on Squadron providing the Guard of Honour arranged by Cpl Karl Verspyck.  Guests were then escorted into the Winter Gardens before taking their seats in the Kings Hall. 

In recognition of their commitment to the Squadron, the Senior Cadets were invited to join the Group Captain Middleton for a buffet. The evening concluded with a presentation to Group Captain Middleton, Mrs Angela St.John, Chair of the Civilian Committee and Cllr Heathcliffe Bowen, Chairman of Ilkley Parish Council by Corporal Lisa Whittaker and Cadet Jack Croft on the adventures of Wharfedale cadets in 2011.



At Monday’s Ilkley Parish Council meeting, parish council chairman, Councillor Heathcliffe Bowen, paid tribute to Baroness Thatcher.

He described her as a “towering figure of British politics”.

“Love her or loathe her, she made a great historical figure and made a significant contribution, particularly her role in ending the Cold War,” he said.

Between 1978 and 1990 Margaret Thatcher made a number of visits to Bradford and the surrounding areas, including Ilkley and Guiseley.

During one such visit in 1991 she was photographed at The Box Tree in Ilkley, a visit which is recorded in the restaurant’s scrapbook and on May 26, 1983, with a General Election pending in June, the Prime Minister stopped off at Harry Ramsden’s fish and chip restaurant in Guiseley for lunch and a photo opportunity.

After she had eaten she briefly served fish and chips to two little girls.


David Allison, 48, of Ottershaw, Surrey, has been jailed for three years after police raided his home and found a haul of indecent photos

Assistant headmaster, 48, and ex-BBC producer who kept a secret hoard of half a million indecent images of children taken on hidden cameras is jailed for three years

  • Assistant head teacher David Allison had huge haul of indecent images of kids
  • Police found 635,902 indecent photos and 15,332 films on Allison’s computer
  • Many were taken on secret cameras hidden at the school where he worked
  • Admitted possessing indecent images of children and was jailed for three years 

An assistant headmaster and former BBC producer amassed a secret hoard of more than half a million indecent images over 20 years.

David Allison, 48, of Ottershaw, Surrey, has now been jailed for three years after police raided his home and found the massive haul – some of which he had taken on secret cameras hidden around the school where he worked.

Officers found several devices containing images of children taken and recorded around the school, including images showing girls undressing.

Allison admitted four counts of making indecent photos of a child, one count of recording a private act and another of voyeurism by installing equipment.

Judge Robert Fraser was told that detectives are still trawling through the images as part of the fast-track prosecution of the teacher.

Disgraced Allison, who was hoping to become a headteacher, appeared at Guildford Crown Court on Friday afternoon, where the court heard he was the official photographer at the prestigious private Catholic school where he taught.

The 48-year-old paedophile, who had previously worked as an assistant producer in London and had experience on camera and as a newsreader, was told by a judge that it was both depressing and devastating that a man of his background had ended up in court.

Police found 635,902 indecent photos and 15,332 videos on Allison’s computer when they raided his home on November 29 last year.

The 48-year-old was found with 5,038 category A images – the worst level – 8,693 category B images, and 84,300 category C images.

Search words including ‘pre-teen’, ‘hardcore’, and ‘lolly’ were also found on his computer.

‘Recent access to a live stream website out of curiosity was when he felt he had crossed the line,’ said prosecutor Mr Harris. ‘He kept the images and movies on a single hard drive and one day said he would draw a line on it and put the disc through the shredder.’

Allison admitted three counts of making indecent images of children, one count of taking indecent images of children and two counts of voyeurism at an earlier hearing.

Defending him, Sarah Read said Allison fully understood that he needed to be punished.

‘He is deeply ashamed and disgusted in himself and is aware fully of the far-reaching impact on those that are affected,’ she said.

Sentencing him to three years in prison, Judge Fraser said he found it depressing and devastating that somebody of Allison’s background had ended up in court.

‘This is an extremely serious case, not just because of the sheer quantity, but also your position,’ he said.

Detective Inspector Martin Goodwin said after the sentencing: ‘These indecent images showed the girls’ underwear and had been taken without their knowledge.

‘In working with the school extensive work was carried out by detectives in order to identify victims and ensure that the children and their families could access any specialist support they needed.

‘This man blatantly abused his position of trust, giving innocent pupils a false sense of security. He allowed them to believe they were safe from this sort of exploitation and deceived parents and work colleagues alike.

‘We have now put a stop to his predatory behaviour and prevented him from continuing with his criminality.

‘The sentencing of this individual sends a message to those abusing a position of trust that you will be caught.

‘Whilst this won’t reverse what he has done, putting this man in prison will ensure his offending does not continue.’

Allison also received a lifetime Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO) and was placed on the Sex Offenders register for life.


Salesian is a Catholic co-education comprehensive school for children aged 11 to 18.

David Allison, who was an assistant head teacher at at Chertsey ‘s Salesian School since 2009


Head of Media Sandringham School 2004-2009

Editor Headliners (UK) 2000-2002 – working with team of children and teens in London and around the UK

Asst producer BBC 1997-1999 Breakfast News BBC1

Producer BBC 1993-1995 Reading – reporter, newsreader



David Michael Allison had worked as a director from the 25th of May 2011 up til the resignation date on the 24th of October 2016.

This managing director had worked in Moat Court Residents Company Limited situated at 7 Burcott Gardens, KT16 0PH, in Addlestone.

Moat Court Residents Company Limited was started on the 17th of August 1981. David Michael Allison worked with many professionals for example: Jonathan Patrick Otter (from the 24th of October 2016 to the 24th of October 2016), Colin Denis Libretto (from the 25th of May 2011 to the 24th of October 2016), Martin Clarke (from the 24th of June 2011 to the 24th of October 2016), Tracy Adams (from the 24th of June 2011 to the 24th of October 2016), Kathleen Obrien (from the 28th of May 2014 to the 3rd of August 2017). David Michael Allison was appointed to 1 company. We found 6 filings mentioning David Michael, for example the documents submitted on: 27th of October 2016 (termination category), 1st of August 2011 (appointments category), 17th of August 2016, 18th of April 2016, 26th of June 2015. David Michael is 48 years old.




Tory cllr Matthew Sephton

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

This really makes you wonder why David Cameron issued his witch-hunt warning. He knew precisely how paedophiles were hiding behind the gay community!

Image result for witch hunt david cameron

David Cameron warns of ‘witch-hunt’ against gay people

David Cameron has warned against public child abuse allegations turning into a “witch-hunt” against gay people.

The prime minister made his comment on ITV1’s This Morning programme as he was handed a list of names circulating online as paedophiles.


Tory Cllr Peter Allott, part of Cameron’s Big Society – jailed for child abuse  images – part of paedophile ring

Cameron’s aide Patrick Rock – guilty – child abuse images

Conservatives’ LGBT group linked with paedophile ring after former chairman is jailed for sharing child porn

Image result for "Brandon Lewis" + "sephton"

  • Matthew Sephton, 42, was found guilty of possessing indecent child images 
  • The Trafford councillor was a member of groups sharing child images online
  • Tory chairman Brandon Lewis was urged to investigate claims the party’s LGBT group was infiltrated by a paedophile ring


New Tory chairman Brandon Lewis was urged last night to investigate claims that the party’s lesbian and gay rights group was infiltrated by a paedophile ring.

The allegation was made after the former chairman of the Conservatives‘ LGBT group was jailed on Friday for sharing the ‘most horrendous child abuse images imaginable’.

Primary school teacher Matthew Sephton, 42, was convicted at Manchester Crown Court of possessing and distributing indecent child images.

The court was told that Mr Sephton, also an ex-Conservative Parliamentary candidate and Trafford councillor, was a member of groups that shared child abuse images.

Ben Harris-Quinney, chairman of the Tory Bow Group, said yesterday he had told Conservative chiefs three years ago of fears that its gay rights group, formerly known as LGBTory, was linked to a wider paedophile scandal.

Mr Harris-Quinney, who is also a director of Grassroots Conservatives, told The Mail on Sunday: ‘I raised concerns with senior party figures in 2015 about the behaviour of a group that had connections with LGBTory but I was ignored.

I believe there is substantial evidence that it involved sexual abuse with underage boys, date-rape and paedophilia. It is essential that Mr Lewis investigates.’

Image result for "LGBTory" + "sephton"

Mr Sephton was chairman of LGBTory, now rebranded as LGBT+Conservatives, until 2014 and played a key role in the campaign to win Tory support for gay marriage.

He will be on the national sex offenders’ register for life.

A party spokesman said: ‘These are serious allegations which the party is urgently investigating.’

Image result for "matthew sephton" + "theresa may"
Matthew Sephton and Ken Clarke
Iain Lindley – Matthew is a good friend and will make an excellent representative for local people, and I look forward to working with him over the next few months.
New Tory chairman Brandon Lewis was urged last night to investigate claims that the party's lesbian and gay rights group was infiltrated by a paedophile ring. Pictured: Sephton with David Cameron 
Pictured: Sephton with David Cameron
Matthew is chairman of LGBTory and a musician and qualified teacher. He occasionally blogs here.

Green Altrincham‏ @GreenAlty

The rules for disqualification of councillors are there to ensure residents are properly represented. Trafford Tories granted an extremely unusual exemption from those rules. Why?

Image result for sean anstee trafford

Answers needed from : what motivated him to enable a vote to, quite exceptionally, extend Matthew Sephton’s absence from council beyond six months?


Matthew Sephton Still On The Council Books After A Vote To Extend His Time Allowed Is Carried

We reported earlier today that Matthew Sephton who is not in any party due to his suspension pending an outcome we all know about, was probably going to be given a two month extension until the next council meeting.

Screenshot 2017-05-24 at 1.02.52 PM

Matthew Sephton

Trafford then responded that a vote was to take place tonight May 24 at Trafford Council chambers HQ in Stretford.

The vote amazingly did not have the normal electronics which meant the public could not see who raised hands, we feel this was unfair, the public more so Altrincham residents deserve to have seen what was going on.

Voting was though expected to be on the side of Sephton who himself could have attended the meeting which clearly was not acceptable.

Matthew Sephton has until July 30 and if no change it will be hard for the Tories to keep hold of the seat in Altrincham and a by-election will be called.

Image result for sean anstee trafford

Cllrs Richard Farnell and Sean Anstee

Joe Pike‏Verified account @joepike

Cllr Sephton was also an ally of Trafford Council leader Sean Anstee, who is running to be Mayor of Greater Manchester

Conservative Party councillor Matthew Sephton arrested in relation to child abuse image offences

A Conservative Party councillor and frequent attack dog against social conservatives, Matthew Sephton, has been arrested as part of an ongoing police enquiry into child pornography.

Mr. Sephton — a Conservative councillor in Manchester and primary school teacher — curiously disappeared from social media a few weeks ago before it was announced by his local newspaper that he had been arrested during the investigation.

He has now been suspended from the Conservative group on the council as well as from the national Conservative Party.

Mr. Sephton, 41, frequently used his Twitter and Facebook accounts to take aim at conservatives and fellow Conservative Party members and activists.

While unpopular with the Tory base, his connections at the top of the party, afforded him the position of Parliamentary candidate at the 2010 General Election. His friendship with candidate list formulator David Jones led many to believe he would be afforded as safe seat at the 2020 General Election.

He lost the seat of Salford and Eccles, finishing third.

And Mr. Sephton has routinely been lauded by the Pink News website, which has used him for both commentary on “homophobia” as well giving him a platform to attack fellow Conservative Party members who he felt were not liberal enough on issues such as same sex marriage.

In 2013, he wrote a opinion column for the LGBT blog demanding more action was taken in the House of Lords to secure the same sex marriage bill.

The Pink News site carries no fewer than 49 references to Sephton, including one story from 2009 which laid out a run-in between an independent candidate and Sephton, during which the latter was referred to as a “homosexual pervert”.

Mr. Sephton’s remaining public Facebook activity shows him at events with former Prime Minister David Cameron, Prime Minister Theresa May, and at LGBT events.

The National Crime Agency said in a statement: “National Crime Agency officers have arrested a 41-year-old male in the Altrincham area in relation to child abuse image offences”.

A Trafford Council spokesman said: “Trafford Council is aware of the situation but cannot comment further due to an ongoing investigation by the National Crime Agency”.




Councillor Sean Anstee was elected as a councillor for Bowdon in 2008, and as leader of Trafford Council in 2014.

He is a Vice Chairman of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and Chairman of the Greater Manchester Skills & Employment Partnership. He holds the lead portfolio for Skills, Employment & Apprenticeships.

He is a Non-Executive Director of Trafford Housing Trust and the Manchester Growth Company and is a Member of the North West Regional Leaders Board.

Sean is also a Deputy Chairman of the Local Government Association and a member of the City Regions Board.

Twin brother Sean


Image result for Tory chairman Brandon Lewis
New Tory chairman Brandon Lewis was urged last night to investigate claims that the party’s lesbian and gay rights group was infiltrated by a paedophile ring.
In September 2012 Lewis was appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Communities and Local Government, working under Eric Pickles.

In July 2016, Lewis was promoted to be the Minister of State for the Home Office with a portfolio including Police & Fire services, as well as EuroPol & InterPol:[22]

On 29 September 2016, he was appointed to the Privy Council of the United Kingdom and may therefore use the title The Right Honourable.[23]

Lewis married Justine Rappolt in 1999;

He is a member of the Carlton Club.[2]

Image result for Tory chairman Brandon Lewis

Mr Lewis, who was appointed housing minister, has claimed £30,750 in hotel expenses since 2013.

He currently owns three houses, two of them less than an hour by train from Westminster.

Conservative Party councillor Matthew Sephton arrested in relation to child abuse image offences


A Conservative Party councillor and frequent attack dog against social conservatives, Matthew Sephton, has been arrested as part of an ongoing police enquiry into child pornography.

Mr. Sephton — a Conservative councillor in Manchester and primary school teacher — curiously disappeared from social media a few weeks ago before it was announced by his local newspaper that he had been arrested during the investigation.

He has now been suspended from the Conservative group on the council as well as from the national Conservative Party.

Mr. Sephton, 41, frequently used his Twitter and Facebook accounts to take aim at conservatives and fellow Conservative Party members and activists.

While unpopular with the Tory base, his connections at the top of the party, afforded him the position of Parliamentary candidate at the 2010 General Election. His friendship with candidate list formulator David Jones led many to believe he would be afforded as safe seat at the 2020 General Election.

He lost the seat of Salford and Eccles, finishing third.

And Mr. Sephton has routinely been lauded by the Pink News website, which has used him for both commentary on “homophobia” as well giving him a platform to attack fellow Conservative Party members who he felt were not liberal enough on issues such as same sex marriage.

In 2013, he wrote a opinion column for the LGBT blog demanding more action was taken in the House of Lords to secure the same sex marriage bill.

The Pink News site carries no fewer than 49 references to Sephton, including one story from 2009 which laid out a run-in between an independent candidate and Sephton, during which the latter was referred to as a “homosexual pervert”.

Mr. Sephton’s remaining public Facebook activity shows him at events with former Prime Minister David Cameron, Prime Minister Theresa May, and at LGBT events.

The National Crime Agency said in a statement: “National Crime Agency officers have arrested a 41-year-old male in the Altrincham area in relation to child abuse image offences”.

A Trafford Council spokesman said: “Trafford Council is aware of the situation but cannot comment further due to an ongoing investigation by the National Crime Agency”.



Andreas Baader‏ @stop1984

“and RAF Wing Commander Richard Willis, in which the pair exchanged multiple child abuse images and discussed their sexual preferences”.

Matthew Sephton. EMN-180126-154648001

Former teacher and councillor jailed for sharing indecent images of children with Sleaford man Matthew Sephton.

26 January 2018

A 42-year-old former primary school teacher shared indecent images of children with a Sleaford Town Councillor has been jailed for two years and nine months after being found guilty of making and distributing thousands of indecent images of children (IIOC). National Crime Agency officers arrested Matthew Sephton, also a former Trafford Councillor representing Altrincham, in December 2016 and seized his phones and computer.

Forensic examination of the devices showed that Sephton had searched for and downloaded thousands of IIOC, some of which were in the worst category possible for sexual abuse. Minshull Street Crown Court heard on one of his phones was a chat application through which Sephton was a member of various groups dedicated to sharing child abuse images.

Also recovered was a series of messages on What’sApp and Facebook Messenger between Sephton and former Sleaford Town Councillor and RAF Wing Commander Richard Willis, in which the pair exchanged multiple child abuse images and discussed their sexual preferences. Willis, 51, of Cuthbert Close, Quarrington, admitted three charges of distributing indecent images of children; two charges of making indecent images of children; and a further charge of taking indecent images of children and in June 2017 was jailed for 16 months and placed on the sex offenders’ register for 10 years. He was also given a 10-year sexual harm prevention order. Sephton, of Maximus Drive, Altrincham, denied the charges against him and claimed that a man named ‘Tom’ was responsible for downloading the images and sending the messages. Despite extensive enquiries by the NCA investigation team, the existence of ‘Tom’ was never proved. Today (Friday) at Minshull Street Crown Court, Sephton was found guilty of six counts of making, possessing and distributing indecent images of children and was sentenced to two years and nine months in prison. He will also be placed on the sex offenders register for life.

A Sleaford town councillor and senior RAF officer has been jailed after he downloaded and distributed images of children being sexually abused.

Wing Commander Richard Willis, 51, who served at RAF Cranwell, appeared on the surface to be an upstanding man who was a local councillor and involved in a number of charities.

But in December last year he was arrested as part of a National Crime Agency investigation into a messaging service set up to allow users to trade indecent images of children via WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Officers seized computer equipment from the home of Willis and discovered he had exchanged hundreds of messages with another man using the messaging service.

“He said he met the boy through Grindr. He said he had taken the boy to the Officers’ Mess at RAF Cranwell.”

The court was told that Willis was “a bastion” of the RAF Charitable Trust and was director of the Cranwellian Association.

He was involved in a number of other organisations including Help for Heroes and was an organiser for the Royal British Legion.

In February 2016 he was elected as a Conservative councillor in a by-election to Sleaford Town Council but resigned in April this year citing “family and personal reasons”.

Willis, from Quarrington, admitted three charges of distributing indecent images of children; two charges of making indecent images of children and a further charge of taking indecent images of children.

He was jailed for 16 months and placed on the sex offenders’ register for 10 years.

He was also given a 10 year sexual harm prevention order.

Judge Simon Hirst, passing sentence, rejected a defence plea to suspend any jail sentence and told Willis: “Once somebody starts to distribute indecent images of the most serious level involving young boys then immediate custody is the only sentence that can be imposed.”




And yet another freemason …

Lodge member Matthew Sephton (right) presenting Roy with a floral bouquet.




Image result for Matthew Sephton

Councillor on trial accused of making and distributing indecent images of children

Matthew Sephton, 42, represented Altrincham for the Conservatives on Trafford council

He is a primary school teacher in Stockport and also represented Altrincham for the Conservatives on Trafford council.

Councillor  Sephton is charged with
making 843 category A indecent images of children between November 6 and December 1;
making 722 category B indecent images of children during the same period;
making 2,111 category C indecent images of children;
possession of six indecent images on an iPhone with a view to distribute;
possession of 106 indecent images of a child; and possession of extreme pornography.
13 May 2016

Our newest members with WM. Left to right Peter Martin, Stephen Woods, WM Roy Eaton, Matthew Sephton, Eric Houghton

Andreas Baader‏ @stop1984

“and RAF Wing Commander Richard Willis, in which the pair exchanged multiple child abuse images and discussed their sexual preferences”.

Forensic examination of the devices showed that Sephton had searched for and downloaded thousands of IIOC, some of which were in the worst category possible for sexual abuse. Minshull Street Crown Court heard on one of his phones was a chat application through which Sephton was a member of various groups dedicated to sharing child abuse images.
Also recovered was a series of messages on What’sApp and Facebook Messenger between Sephton and former Sleaford Town Councillor and RAF Wing Commander Richard Willis, in which the pair exchanged multiple child abuse images and discussed their sexual preferences. Willis, 51, of Cuthbert Close, Quarrington, admitted three charges of distributing indecent images of children; two charges of making indecent images of children; and a further charge of taking indecent images of children and in June 2017 was jailed for 16 months and placed on the sex offenders’ register for 10 years. He was also given a 10-year sexual harm prevention order. Sephton, of Maximus Drive, Altrincham, denied the charges against him and claimed that a man named ‘Tom’ was responsible for downloading the images and sending the messages. Despite extensive enquiries by the NCA investigation team, the existence of ‘Tom’ was never proved. Today (Friday) at Minshull Street Crown Court, Sephton was found guilty of six counts of making, possessing and distributing indecent images of children and was sentenced to two years and nine months in prison. He will also be placed on the sex offenders register for life.

Matthew Sephton, who runs LGBTory, the Conservative LGBT group, told me he has never experienced hostility as an out gay man at a local party level in his 10 years as a member.


The sun may be setting on “A Rainy Day in New York” — before the Woody Allen movie ever even sees the light of day.

Sources tell The Post that the film, which is due to be distributed by Amazon later this year, may not make it to the screen.

“‘Rainy Day’ will either not come out or [will] get dumped by Amazon without any p.r. or theatrical release,” said one film-industry executive.

Representatives for Amazon did not return requests for comment.

The one thing Allen has always had going for him — his ability to attract Hollywood’s brightest and best names — might be over.

According to the executive, “He’s having trouble casting his new film.”

This comes on the heels of the news that stars who have worked with the director are now disavowing him and donating their earnings from his movies to charity.

Dylan Farrow, his adoptive daughter with former girlfriend Mia Farrow, accused her father of having molested her in 1992

…around the same time, Allen had an affair with Mia’s adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn, then 19 years old, who would later become his wife. Allen is 35 years older than Soon-Yi.



Up to 17 former custody officers face sex abuse and other charges as police probe paedophile ring at youth detention centre

  • Up to 17 former custody officers may face charges of sex abuse and other crimes
  • Medomsley Youth Detention Centre became the centre of a police investigation
  • Evidence indicates that 14 children reported the abuse after they departed
  • However it is believed that the complaints were not followed up
  • As part of a different investigation, police are looking into a potential paedophile ring at the detention centre

Following an investigation at a closed youth detention centre, as many as 17 former custody officers may be charged with sexual abuse and other crimes.

Medomsley Youth Detention Centre in County Durham became the centre of a police investigation, with over 1,500 victims involved in the enquiry.

Operation Seabrook, which has been looking into the alleged incidents, has discovered evidence which indicates that abuse was reported by 14 children as soon as they departed Medomsley

However, it appears that these complaints were not followed up.

Medomsley, in Consett, closed in 1988.

As part of a different investigation, police are looking into a potential paedophile ring at the detention centre, which infamous Neville Husband is believed to have been involved in.

After a 2003 investigation, warden Neville Husband was jailed for 12 years.

Det Supt Paul Goundry, former head of safeguarding for Durham Constabulary said in 2013: ‘Neville Husband preyed on some of the most vulnerable children and young people in our society and left many of them with mental scars which have lasted a lifetime.’

Another officer, Leslie Johnson, was imprisoned for six years following the same investigation.

County Durham Police have charged seven former staff with a number of offences including corruption, physical abuse and sexual abuse.

They are Christopher Onslow, 71, Brian Johnson Greenwell, 70, Alan Bramley, 69, John McGee, 73, Kevin Blakely, 65, David McClure, 62, and Neil Sowerby, 61. They are all former members of staff at Medomsley.

Former detainee John McCabe revealed last year was attacked by members of a gang he said raped him ‘every single day’ at Medomsley. He says he was abused by Neville Husband.

Police re-launched their investigation called Operation Seabrook four years ago after complaints were ignored, amid claims many boys were systematically abused by ‘agents of the state’ in the 1970s and 1980s.

Mr McCabe, who suffered six months of attacks and has waived his right to anonymity to tell his story, told the Daily Mirror: ‘I was asked to work in the kitchens. That’s where I met him (Husband). He told me if I didn’t do what he wanted he’d kill me and nobody would care.

‘I thought I was the only boy he abused. Now I know there were more. A lot more. And it wasn’t just him.

‘I’m fighting for justice for those boys, for myself. Too many people have got away with this for far too long.’

Martin Walkerdine‏ @mwalkerdine

Made new complaint to Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards about Keith Vaz MP alleged illness that is been investigated by Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards over his rent boy and cocaine scandal

justme‏ @zante03

vaz out and about again. too sick for questions tho he must have the JANNERitis

Lord Janner’s son denied key role in abuse inquiry

Jan 28 2018

His father Greville Janner was accused of sex abuse while he was an MP and a peer.

(paywall) https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/lord-janners-son-denied-key-role-in-abuse-inquiry-gd5f3l6vn

A survivors account:


Truthseeker Retweeted

Sunday Times 28.1.18.

Denied CP status in the Westminster strand, but has it in the Janner investigation. Janner QC will be addressing next week about it’s decision.


Image result for "testino" + "save the children"

Mario Testino

In January 2018, Testino was accused by 13 male assistants and models who worked with him of sexual harassment. Models Roman Barrett, Jason Fedele and Ryan Locke complained about his behaviour during campaigns in the 1990s.[41][42]

The Duke of Cambridge with Mario TestinoThe Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, with Mario Testino

Some said the Peruvian photographer’s behaviour, going back to the mid-1990s, included groping and masturbation, the paper reported.


The Royals’ favourite photographer:


Critics are asking who knew about the alleged abuse and turned a blind eye

Mario Testino accused of groping male models

He had been a front-runner to be the official photographer at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle but has been ruled out following the uproar.

Conde Nast — which as publisher of titles such as Vogue, GQ and Vanity Fair, has done more than anyone to cement Testino’s place as the world’s most prolific magazine photographer — has said it has no plans to work with him for the ‘foreseeable future’

Why the fashion world waited until its hand was forced by these allegations to act against a photographer whose behaviour has reportedly been an open secret in his industry for years.

Kensington Palace has declined to comment on the story, though Testino has been taking pictures of members of the Royal Family for decades, and was awarded an honorary OBE in 2014.

Image result for "Mario Testino" +" HRH"

photo by Testino

Image result for "Mario Testino" +" HRH"

photo by Testino

He took the official engagement photograph of Kate Middleton and Prince William in 2010, and was the official photographer for Princess Charlotte’s christening in 2015. He has also photographed Prince Charles with Princes William and Harry.

Image result for "Mario Testino" +" HRH"

photo by Testino

Mario Testino (L) and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, attend Fortnum & Mason’s Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon for the launch of Tom Parker Bowles’ new book ‘Let’s Eat Meat’ at Fortnum & Mason on October 21, 2014 in London, England.

The 10th Annual White Tie and Tiara Ball to Benefit the Elton John Aids Foundation with Chopard – Inside Dinner

Mario Testino, Sir Elton John, guests and Bill Clinton attends the 10th Annual White Tie and Tiara Ball to benefit the Elton John Aids Foundation in association with Chopard held at Sir Elton John’s home on June 26, 2008 in Old Windsor, England

Critics are asking who knew about the alleged abuse and turned a blind eye
Testino - pictured here with disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein - is alleged to have been ¿aggressive and flirtatious¿ with one model

Testino – pictured here with disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein

Conde Nast recently distanced itself from fashion photographer Terry Richardson over claims — which he denies — of sexually assaulting models, which had first been aired years earlier. As with Hollywood, the fashion world is now rushing to acknowledge what it calls ‘revelations’ — even though insiders say they are nothing of the sort.


Following a somewhat lengthy speech by Stephen Fry,

Emma Watson (in McQ) took to the stage to praise a man who “made her feel beautiful and sexy”. Watch the incomparable Mario Testino accept his Inspiration award.


Image result for "Mario Testino" +" HRH"

photo by Testino – used for Prince Charles’ Christmas cards

Mario Testino – charities

Image result for "testino" + "save the children"

Image result for "testino" + "save the children"

Testino is a Save the Children ambassador

Patron is Princess Anne


Save the Children clinic in Peru for which Testrino auctioned off one of his prints of Diana for £100,000

Mario Testino has charmed Diana, kicked Madonna and insulted George Clooney ? all part of a day’s work for the world’s most in-demand celebrity photographer. Recently he left the glitz behind to help earthquake victims in his Peruvian hometown. ‘But don’t get me wrong,’ he says, ‘I’m no saint’

24 Feb 2009

An air of superiority. Over all, the impression he gives is of being a human log floating calmly on a rippling social pond.

He also has a certain style, as you would expect from the man who helped discover Kate Moss and Gisele, who became the favourite photographer not only of Diana, Princess of Wales, but also Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna, and who persuaded Sir Elton John to get on all fours for a Vogue shoot, so that Elizabeth Hurley could ride on his back. He sits down in a favourite corner – this is his local, around the corner from his house in Holland Park

In recent months he has been travelling for reasons other than work. In his role as a Save the Children ambassador he has raised money to build a playground in a Moscow children’s hospital specialising in cancer (because that was the disease his brother died of at the age of 10). He has also recently returned from Lima, where he opened a children’s clinic intended to help victims of the 2007 earthquake. ‘When I was young I wanted to be a priest. Don’t get me wrong, I am no saint now; I can be terrible, getting plastered, being wild. But doing these charitable things has made me feel that I have got some of the priestly instinct back.

Last year Testino donated a sitting at Elton John’s White Tie and Tiara Ball. It went for a staggering $1.8?million, (£1.26?million) bought by a Ukrainian businessman.



He also supports Aid for AIDS, Life Ball and the Naked Heart Foundation among many others, and has received many awards for his photography and charitable work. In 2012 he opened his first not-for-profit association in Barranco, Lima called ‘MATE’ which will act as a platform for Peruvian art and will hold a permanent exhibition of his works.


Studies of Brad Pitt, George Clooney, David Genat, Jude Law and Colin Firth are as candid as they are curious. David Beckham, David Bowie, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards feature for the courage they have taken in establishing their own identity and contributing to the redefinition of masculinity for an often conventional public in which Testino’s work has played its part.


(Prince Harry and Meghan Markle) – The couple chose fashion and celebrity photographer Alexi Lubomirskito shoot their engagement photos. And while he has major celebrity ties (he has snapped everyone from Julia Roberts to Angelina Jolie), he also has royal ties. The photographer, who is based in New York, is a prince of the Polish House of Lubomirski. His royal lineage dates back 500 years on his father’s side — he even has the official title: “His Serene Highness.” Lubomirski was born in England and moved to Botswana (where Harry and Meghan vacationed!) when he was 8 years old.

“It was an incredible honor to be asked to document this wonderful event, but also a great privilege to be invited to share and be a witness to this young couple’s love for one another. I cannot help but smile when I look at the photos that we took of them, such was their happiness together,” said Lubomirski, who was a protege of Mario Testino.

Source: http://us.pressfrom.com/news/entertainment/-107848-3-behind-the-scenes-secrets-from-harry-and-meghans-dreamy-engagement-photo-shoot/

Denied The Chance To Love: Examples Of Abuse In British Boarding Schools

By Benjamin Fry



There has been a huge response in the press to the journalist Alex Renton’s courageous article about examples of abuse in british boarding schools, which you can read here: Abuse in British boarding schools – why I had to confront my demons

He was writing about his experiences at Ashdown Prep School and the appalling abuse that the children suffered there.

As he says at the end of the article:-

“I thought of those others .. who wanted to speak up. I thought of the children in council care homes, in borstals and mental institutions, who over the years were left in thrall to adults without protection. I thought of .. the great swathe of collateral damage that psychological trauma leaves. I thought of all the kids taken from their homes too early and thus denied, as the writer David Thomas once put it, the chance to love”.

I think Alex Renton’s article is timely as, despite some increasing openness, people in positions of power undoubtedly still feel they can get away with abuse, and proper deterrents are not in place. It is important that there is a strong message in our society that causing sexual harm to children will not go unpunished.

Ben Fry

Benjamin Fry at the age of 18, modelling for Mario Testino

Fry, Benjamin. How I F***ed Up My Life And Made It Mean Something (p. 10). Khiron Books. Kindle Edition.

To give you a case in point, a teacher whom I knew at prep school, up to the age of 12, was prosecuted in 2001 following complaints against him by six former pupils. He was acquitted, which shocked me. You can see why in the extract below from my 2004 book, ‘What’s Wrong With You’.

You will see that I am fairly certain that there has been miscarriage of justice. I hope that Alex’s brave article will go some way to helping to correct the culture which has facilitated that.

Case Study: Hot Rod

It turned out that there were four pedophiles teaching at my prep school. That’s quiet a lot among the staff for only one hundred and fifty boys.






Image result for charles howeson and prince philip

Disgraced Plymouth businessman Charles Howeson will face retrial later this year

Charles Howeson will be sentenced next month but faces retrial on two charges after a jury failed to return verdicts

23 JAN 2018

Plymouth businessman Charles Howeson is set to face a retrial later this year on outstanding charges of abusing a teenage boy.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has confirmed the 68-year-old will be sentenced at Bristol Crown Court on February 2 after being found guilty in December of ten counts of indecent assault against eight young men.

The majority verdicts followed 20 hours of deliberations by the jury of six men and six women who sat through the six-week trial.

The jury was unable to reach a decision on a single allegation of attempted buggery and an alternative count of indecent assault against a boy when he was 14 or 15.




Martin Walkerdine‏ @mwalkerdine

BREAKING NEWS – A Labour Lords spokesman says party leader Jeremy Corbyn has asked peer Lord Mendelsohn to step down from the front bench after attending the Presidents Club dinner

Laffin@Mirror again‏ @veniviedivici

What is he going to do about Keith Vaz ?

 Image result for robert peters antiques

Millionaire antiques dealer admits strangling daughter with dressing gown cord

Jan 24 2018

Robert Peters will stand trial for the murder of his daughter, Sophia

A millionaire antiques dealer today admitted strangling his seven-year-old daughter with a dressing gown cord at their £1 million family home.

Peters is said to have business assets of around £1.3million. He runs an antiques business with his twin brother Richard in London.

His third sibling, Paul, is also involved in an antiques business in North Yorkshire.

Neighbours said Peters had lived in the area for less than a year.

One said: ‘From the little we found out about him over the time he has been here, he has an antiques business with his brother somewhere.

‘I have spoken to him two or three times. He seems a perfectly reasonable guy, a normal guy, but we could not make out what his family arrangements were.

‘His car used to disappear, others used to be there, other cars would come and go.’ 

It is understood Sophia’s Thai mother Kittiya Promsat was not at their £1million home at the time of incident.

Three times married Peters didn’t appear in court for a brief administrative hearing today.

Peters, a porcelain specialist who has an antiques business with his twin brother Richard in Kensington

Peters will stand trial for Sophia’s murder.

Judge Nicholas Hilliard QC, the Recorder of London, remanded Peters in custody until a pre-trial hearing on March 28. The trial is due to start on April 23.



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Robert Peters –  ex-wife Sara Peters of Marylebone had not seen him in 20 years. His brother Richard reportedly lives in Tel Aviv.



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Allan Gordon Chappelow FRSA (20 August 1919 – June 2006) was an award-winning writer and photographer living in Hampstead. He was the author of books on George Bernard Shaw, and specialised in portraits of writers and musicians.

Mystery of dead millionaire covered in wax and why the Government ordered his murder trial be held in secret

When Wang Yam was convicted of Allan Chappelow’s murder his trial was the first in modern British history to be held in private. More than 10 years later, he is still protesting his innocence


Even more extraordinarily, journalists are still barred from speculating about the reasons for the trial being held behind closed doors, and Yam still maintains his innocence.

Allan Chappelow was educated at Oundle School near Peterborough, then went on to study moral sciences at Trinity College Cambridge between 1946 and 1948. In the 1950s he worked as a photographer for the Daily Mail and The Daily Telegraph. Afterwards he became a freelance photographer and writer.[1]

Chappelow was the product of an educated, socialist family, whose liberal-leaning father, a successful decorator and upholsterer, had moved to Denmark rather than be conscripted into military service during the first world war. At the end of hostilities, the family returned to London and bought 9 Downshire Hill. Allan grew up in a politically progressive home; his parents were active members of the Fabian Society.

After the war, he took a degree in moral philosophy at Cambridge; after graduating in 1949, he took photos of people in the public eye whom he admired. Through family connections, he met and photographed the writer HG Wells and the economists and reformers Sidney and Beatrice Webb and other people of note.

During the trial, all that could be reported openly was that MI6 had demanded secrecy, that Wang was a “low-level informant” for the intelligence services, and that “part of his defence rested on his activities in that role”. Yet so anxious was MI6 to prevent the details of his defence from emerging in court that, in December 2007, just before Wang’s first trial opened, Jacqui Smith, then home secretary in Gordon Brown’s Labour government, signed a public interest immunity (PII) certificate – a gagging order – in order to prevent Wang’s evidence from being heard, on grounds of national security, and “to protect witnesses”.

Wang’s lawyers appealed to the European court of human rights in Strasbourg, on the grounds that Wang had been deprived of the right to a fair trial as a result of the gagging order. In response, in December 2013, William Hague – then the Conservative foreign secretary under David Cameron – signed another PII certificate, claiming there would be “a real risk of serious harm to an important public interest” if Wang’s defence was disclosed. Wang’s legal appeal was quashed in December 2015 by the supreme court, which ruled that there was a danger of the details of Wang’s defence being leaked by the European judges – whatever promises they might make to keep them secret.

Peter Hall, on reading of the renewed interest in the case in the Camden New Journal in 2015, also got in touch with Wang’s lawyers. Hall said that, between 2000 and 2006, he was a regular visitor to a place on Hampstead Heath known as the “spanking bench”, and a participant in the sometimes violent sexual activities that went on there by night. At the time of the murder, in late 2006, he had seen Chappelow’s photo in the press, and had recognised him as a regular visitor to the bench, whom he knew as “Allan”. Hall took no action at the time, as Wang had already been arrested and the case seemed to be closed. But after reading the 2015 coverage, Hall contacted Wang’s lawyers and told them that on two occasions he had seen Chappelow depart from the bench with much younger men. This raised another possibility for Wang’s defence. If Chappelow did indeed meet strangers on the Heath, might he have brought one of them back to his house?

Nine days after his body was discovered, a fire broke out at the house, causing severe damage.


Mr Chappelow , the son of an antiques dealer…

Mr Chappelow’s only know relative, Michael Chappelow, said he had communicated with him by letter because he refused to leave his home. He received his last letter from him on March 2. “He lived in the house with his parents and brother, who had cerebral palsy and died in the 1950s,” said Mr Chappelow.

Until his father died in 1960 it was quite an ordinary family home, but after that Allan became more and more reclusive.

Tony Hillier, chairman of the Heath and Hampstead Society, said that on the whole people were quite happy to let him live the way he wanted to.


Geoffrey Robertson QC

Geoffrey Robertson QC acted for the defendant

He has also acted in well known libel cases, including defending The Guardian against Neil Hamilton MP.

In 2010 Robertson unsuccessfully defended Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, in extradition proceedings in the United Kingdom.

On 28 January 2015 he represented Armenia with barrister Amal Clooney at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in the Perinçek v. Switzerland case.[29]

In his 2010 book, The Case of the Pope, Robertson claims that Pope Benedict XVI is guilty of protecting paedophiles because the church swore the victims to secrecy and moved perpetrators in Catholic sex abuse cases to other positions where they had access to children while knowing the perpetrators were likely to reoffend.[35] This, Robertson believes, constitutes the crime of assisting underage sex and when he was still Cardinal Ratzinger, the retired pope approved this policy up to November 2002. In Robertson’s opinion, the Vatican is not a sovereign state and the pope is not immune to prosecution.[36] Since Benedict XVI retired, Robertson stated in July 2013: “The committee’s enquiries will inevitably lead it to conclude that the Vatican has broken multiple articles of the convention on a huge scale in many countries. The result in human suffering is incalculable. Francis’s papacy could well be defined by the world’s verdict on his response – more handwringing apologies or calls for a line to be drawn under the past will no longer wash. He will fail unless he initiates bold tangible actions, for example lifting the veil of secrecy that has protected so many clerical rapists, engaging secular authorities and offering rather than resisting appropriate compensation.”[37]



Smyllum children’s home nuns admit series of failures


The nuns in charge of the Catholic order which ran the Smyllum Park children’s home in Lanark have admitted a series of failures.

Sisters Ellen Flynn and Eileen Glancy said allegations of historical physical, sexual and emotional abuse were not investigated.

They told the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry that they had been advised the cases might not come to court.

A number of ex-residents have told of beatings and ill-treatment at the home.

The public inquiry sitting in Edinburgh is continuing to hear evidence about people’s experiences of living and working at Smyllum Park.

It was run by the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul until it closed in the 1980s.

A man who was at an orphanage in the 1960s previously told the inquiry there was a “culture of evil among religious orders” at that time.

Sisters Ellen Flynn and Eileen Glancy have now said they wish to amend a previous apology because they realised there was more than a possibility some abuse took place.


Cassandra Cogno Retweeted

Times 24/1/18 – Online child abuse expert Jim Gamble gagged by inquiry chief Alexis Jay | Perhaps this is the explanation for the delay to the webcast yesterday. Mr Gamble said in evidence that the NCA (National Crime Agency) chose to spend just £14.5 million of its £450 million budget on CEOP



Michael Evans‏ @Mikey2017Evans

Pope Again Backs Bishop Accused of Covering Up Abuse

Chilean bishop has denied the accusations; Pope Francis spoke after visit to South America

Jan. 22, 2018

Pope Francis reaffirmed his support for a Chilean bishop accused of covering up clerical sex abuse and repeated his dismissal of the accusations as slander, while expressing regret for offending victims with his choice of words.

The pope made his remarks Sunday night to reporters accompanying him on a flight to Rome, following a weeklong visit to Chile and Peru, during which he faced criticism for his handling of clerical sex abuse. He spoke after his earlier statement drew fire from sex abuse victims and an extraordinary rebuke from one of his top advisers, Boston’s Cardinal Sean O’Malley.

In the 50-minute news conference, the pope was asked repeatedly about the case of Bishop Juan Barros.

Bishop Barros once served as a parish priest in Santiago under the Rev. Fernando Karadima. The Vatican concluded in 2011 that Fr. Karadima was guilty of abusing minors and ordered him to a life of prayer and penitence. Fr. Karadima has insisted on his innocence. He couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.

 Victims have accused Bishop Barros of witnessing and failing to report abuse by Fr. Karadima. Bishop Barros has denied knowledge of Fr. Karadima’s actions. He couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.

In 2015, Pope Francis appointed Bishop Barros to lead the Chilean diocese of Osorno, leading to protests from laypeople there.

Later that year, the pope dismissed the protesters as “foolish” and urged them not to be “led by the nose by leftists” into opposing Bishop Barros.

Asked about the Barros case by a reporter last week in Chile, Pope Francis said “there is not one shred of proof against him. It’s all calumny.”

That drew a response from Cardinal O’Malley, head of the pope’s advisory panel on child protection, who said in a statement that the pope’s words were a “source of great pain” to abuse victims by suggesting their claims wouldn’t be believed without proof. The cardinal said that such statements “abandon” victims and “relegate (them) to a discreditable exile.”

On Sunday night, the pope thanked Cardinal O’Malley for what he called a “very fair” statement, and said his own words had been like a “slap” in the face of victims. “I apologize to them for hurting them without realizing it,” he said.

The pope said his mistake had been to use the word “proof” instead of “evidence,” but he reiterated his belief that he had seen nothing to indicate the bishop’s guilt.

“I cannot condemn him, I don’t have the evidence. I am also convinced he is innocent,” the pope said.

Juan Carlos Cruz, a Chilean who says he was abused by Fr. Karadima, said in response to the pope’s comments, “If he wanted evidence, why didn’t he reach out to us when we were willing to reaffirm the testimony that not only us, but so many witnesses, have been providing for more than 15 years. Plus, changing the word proof to evidence doesn’t change a thing since both are synonyms.”

The pope also repeatedly denounced the accusations against the bishop.

“Someone who accuses without evidence, with insistence, this is calumny,” the pope said.

Pope Francis also addressed the case of Luis Figari, founder of a Catholic society in Peru, who has been accused of rape and other abuse. In January 2017, the Vatican ruled that accusations of sex abuse were credible and ordered that Mr. Figari cut his ties with the society.

The pope told reporters that Mr. Figari was appealing his case to the Vatican’s supreme court, but he said there have been new accusations and said “things are rather unfavorable” to him.

Mr. Figari’s lawyer has said that he denies any wrongdoing. The lawyer wasn’t immediately available to comment on the pope’s remarks.


Islington Council appoints Sarah Morgan QC to look into ex-mayor Sandy Marks’ alleged pro-paedophile past

22 January 2018

It is a step eagerly awaited by Islington Survivors’ Network (ISN), and the result of a Gazette investigation published in May.

The inquiry will explore evidence that Sandy Marks had been a member of a pro-paedophile organisation in the early 1980s. Years later, she ended up overseeing social services as Islington’s horrific abuse scandal came to light in the early 1990s.

Ms Marks denies any link to the clandestine group called Fallen Angels, which was supportive of paedophilia and lobbied for paedophile rights.

Initially James Goudie QC and Holly Stout were appointed to look into the Gazette’s evidence.

But after ISN expressed concerns through this newspaper that Mr Goudie’s background rendered him inappropriate for the role, it was announced that the two lawyers would have no further involvement with the probe beyond their initial report.

Before they left, the pair concluded the Gazette’s investigation was sufficient to call into question a landmark, but heavily criticised, government report on the scandal from 1995.

Now Sarah Morgan QC of the 1 Garden Court chambers has been given the top job, and ISN says she is a better fit. She has been a barrister for 30 years and specialises in children’s cases within family law.

“We welcome the ​appointment and look forward to working with Sarah Morgan QC in the investigation,” the survivors’ group said in a statement today.

“She has a complex task ahead of her. As a survivors’ network, we will inform her understanding of the crimes that took place within the children’s homes and the council from the ’70s to the ’90s.

“Organised and institutional abuse of Islington children has never been investigated – the abusers and colluders escaped justice.

“Any attempts at inquiries and investigations have been piecemeal, fragmented and ineffective. Many documents have gone missing and some abusers have died avoiding criminal prosecution.

“With many survivors now coming forward to ISN, we have an opportunity to present our evidence and inform the public about the widespread physical, sexual, emotional harm and neglect that took place in Islington’s care systems and how those children and adults who spoke out were silenced.”

The council said: “Islington Council has commissioned an independent review of the allegations in relation to former councillor Sandy Marks published in the Islington Gazette in May and June 2017 and their relevance, if any, to the findings of the Report of the Inquiry into the Management of Child Care in the London Borough of Islington 1995 [the White Report].

“Islington Council has appointed Sarah Morgan QC as lead investigator to chair the independent review. Barrister Lucy Sprinz will work alongside Sarah Morgan.

“The independent review will begin in February 2018.”


Cassandra Cogno‏ @CassandraCogno:

During 1970s Islington became a relocation destination for paedophiles in the know – Peter Righton, co-founder started working there (NCB), Micky Burbidge (PIE Manifesto co-author) lived there, Dr Morris Fraser moved there from Belfast

PIE Member Michael Taylor was convicted for abuse at LBI run Gisburne House, Conspiracy Against Public Morals (CAPM) held its meetings at #Islington community centre, Roger Moody paedophile activist lived and wrote for Peace News based in #Islington


Hi @KoosCouvee (sorry for old job question) was the ICH Keith Veness was referring to Islington Community Housing? There’s no other mention of what the acronym is for in the article?


The address given for paedophiles & paedophile activists to write to at the IGA 1980 conference was the same address as that listed for Islington Community Housing (according to Kelly’s Postal Directory for 1980) where a Sandy Marks worked so does Veness mean this ICH?@KoosCouvee

Keith Veness reminisces about his time as Jeremy Corbyn’s electoral agent – before his wife Valerie became Corbyn’s PA at House of Commons? “MP’s polls ‘minder’ who had defied Russian tanks” (25.11.11)


What else did Keith Veness say in his 1,439 word statement to @IslingtonTrib on topic of Sandy Marks? Immensely helpful just on what was published – but what else did the statement help clarify? Would be useful for Sarah Morgan QC to receive

(3.11.17) ““It’s almost like a drug for him,” says Keith Veness, a close friend who was his constituency agent during the 90s…


So if Keith Veness is a close friend of Jeremy & a close friend of Sandy (see Facebook) is this why doesn’t feel able to speak up for survivor constituents/whistleblowers?Keith & Valerie have been political mentors to him in many ways since 1971/2 as for Sandy

Child abuse sex ring found (1.8.93)

Several of the most prominent offenders under surveillance are wealthy businessmen. They have been linked to a sex ring abusing young people living in children’s homes in the London borough of Islington.”



Bishop George Bell not to be cleared over ‘abuse’

Jan 22 2018

The Archbishop of Canterbury has rejected calls for him to clear the name of the late Bishop George Bell, who was accused of abusing a young girl.

A review found failings in the way the Church investigated allegations against the Bishop of Chichester in the 1950s.

Supporters of Bishop Bell have called on the Most Rev Justin Welby to pronounce the bishop as innocent.

But Mr Welby said he could not rescind a statement in which he said a cloud hung over Bishop Bell’s name.

Bishop Bell’s supporters have sent three open letters to the archbishop in recent days.

They were written by a group of historians, an international group of church leaders, and a selection of former choristers at Chichester cathedral.

But the archbishop said: “Our history over the last 70 years has revealed that the church covered up, ignored or denied the reality of abuse on major occasions.

“As a result, the church is rightly facing intense and concentrated scrutiny (focused in part on the Diocese of Chichester) through the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA).

“The Diocese of Chichester was given legal advice to make a settlement based on the civil standard of proof, the balance of probability.

“It was not alleged that Bishop Bell was found to have abused on the criminal standard of proof, beyond reasonable doubt.

“The two standards should not be confused.”

The independent reviewer, Lord Carlisle QC, said the Church of England’s investigation into allegations against the bishop by a woman known as “Carol” were deficient.

The church apologised and compensated Carol after she claimed she had been assaulted by Bell as a young girl.

Lord Carlile said the church had “rushed to judgment”.

But Mr Welby provoked anger among the late bishop’s supporters when he said: “No human being is entirely good or bad. Bishop Bell was in many ways a hero. He is also accused of great wickedness.”


more here


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Vicount Ian Kerr CGC‏ @IanKerr

Why is Gove interested in priest F65 ? F65, is alleged to have had “connections to some quite senior figures”



Child sex abuse inquiry to query whether Gove asked about investigation

Environment secretary’s alleged interest in inquiry into priest suspected of abuse surfaced last month

21 Jan 2018

The child sex abuse inquiry is to write to Michael Gove to ask whether he attempted to find out about the release of an investigation into a priest suspected of abuse at a prominent Catholic boarding school.

The alleged interest of the former secretary of state for education in a police and local authority inquiry into the priest surfaced during evidence given to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) last month.

Gove, now the environment secretary, denies making any phone calls to the local authority in relation to the investigation. A search of education department telephone records, his office has said, can find no trace of any such contacts.

In a statement to the Guardian, IICSA said: “The Roman Catholic Church hearings are ongoing and there are a number of matters that require further investigation, including the evidence heard on 13 December 2017 in relation to the former secretary of state for education. The inquiry will be making requests for further information on this issue.”

The priest, only identified by the reference number F65, is alleged to have had “connections to some quite senior figures”. In evidence given to the inquiry on 13 December, F65 was said to have been the subject of an allegation of oral sex with a 16-year-old boy.

That allegation, IICSA’s inquiry into the Catholic church’s Benedictine schools heard, was investigated by the police and local authority between 2010 and 2012.

It resulted in a file being sent to the Crown Prosecution Service but did not lead to any charges because there was deemed to be insufficient evidence.

F65, however, was made the subject of a “covenant of care” by the Catholic diocese of Clifton, which was intended “to manage perceived risks” when he moved to another institution.

Claire Winter, the deputy director of children’s services responsible for children’s social care at Somerset county council, gave evidence to the sex abuse inquiry about the investigation on 13 December.

Towards the end of her evidence, counsel to the inquiry, Riel Karmy-Jones QC, indicated that Winter wanted to raise a further issue. The lawyer said: “There was significant interest from the office of the secretary of state in relation to one individual, F65, a priest who had previously resided at Downside Abbey. How did that come about?”

Winter then recounted the alleged sequence of events. “I only mentioned it because it was so unusual,” she explained. “I have never experienced it before or since. This was a priest who there were concerns about and it was agreed that the abbot would suspend him from ministry while investigations continued.

“He did have, I discovered subsequently, connections to some quite senior figures, and it was one afternoon I had I think it was two phone calls from the office of the minister of state for education asking for the time at which that decision was going to be made. I said, I knew what time it was, but I said it was a child protection matter and that I wasn’t willing to discuss it.

“Then very shortly before the time it was due to happen, I had a phone call from somebody who said they were the secretary of state for education and please would I tell them the time at which – he was quite insistent about the time that decision was due to be made.

“ … I said exactly the same thing, that it was a child protection matter, it was in relation to a criminal matter, and I couldn’t give that information … I had no further contact after that, but it just seemed very unusual for that to happen.”

Somerset county council told the Guardian that Winter could not elaborate on her evidence.

A spokesperson for the environment secretary said: “The secretary of state does not remember any such incident and a search by the Department for Education has not found a record of any such phone call. No official or adviser that we have checked with remembers such an incident. We will of course fully cooperate with the inquiry if asked to contribute.”




Headmaster of renowned Catholic school, DOWNSIDE ABBEY, is accused of burning evidence into child sex abuse

Father Leo Maidlow Davis burned staff files from Downside Abbey in 2012

Letters from the abbey’s former abbot, Aidan Bellenger, revealed his fears that ‘the issue of child abuse was tolerated by all my predecessors as abbot’. 

In a letter sent last year, (2016) he said of two monks who had been imprisoned over abuse: ‘Neither was penitent. Both were protected (and implicitly) encouraged by their abbots.’

He said of two other monks: ‘[They] avoided trial, but their offences (more than allegations) remain on record.’

His letter included a warning that a monk who still lives at Downside had taken part in ‘perverse and criminal’ activities. 

Two others he said ‘were open to allegations of “paedophilia”‘, adding: ‘Small fry perhaps but in outside perceptions they would be in trouble.’

He warned: ‘More “historic” cases will emerge’, listing five other names, which have been redacted by the inquiry.

The inquiry, which examined the prevalence of paedophilia among Benedictine monks and failures to protect young people, also looked at Ampleforth College in North Yorkshire, where about 40 monks and teachers have been accused of abusing children since the 1960s.

Daniel Boffey‏ @DanielBoffey

This is very odd. And a very odd answer from gov spokesman: ‘[the SoS] does not remember any such incident’.

A Sunday newspaper regurgitating details of an alleged five- in-a-bed ¿romp¿ involving Michael Gove as an Oxford undergraduate.

Boris Johnson was at Oxford from 1983 to 1986, overlapping one year with Gove. David Cameron was an exact contemporary of Gove, at Oxford from 1985 to 1988.

David Cameron was a close family friend and Boris Johnson an old university mate.

When the couple married in France in 2001, the Camerons were among the 60 guests.

His wife, Vine, ine is even godmother to the Camerons’ youngest daughter, Florence. The families have holidayed together and sent their children to the same schools.


Michael Gove under pressure over teacher who viewed child abuse images

6 Jun 2013

Education secretary urged to tell MPs why his department reinstated Geoffrey Bettley after he was cautioned by police
Michael Gove was under increasing pressure to explain why his department approved a decision to allow a teacher who downloaded child abuse images back into the classroom

The education secretary has been urged to appear in the Commons to tell MPs why Geoffrey Bettley was reinstated after being cautioned by police for possessing an indecent image of a child.

Philip Davies, Conservative MP for Shipley, said that many parents would be “deeply disturbed” that Bettley, 36, had been allowed to teach again.

Bettley was suspended from St Mary’s Catholic school in Menston, West Yorkshire, in December 2010 after police found nearly 200 child abuse images on his computer. He accepted a police caution and was dismissed by the school following a disciplinary hearing in December 2011.

But a professional conduct panel has ruled that the RE teacher should be allowed to return to teaching after concluding he “does not represent a risk to children and young people”. The decision was signed off by a senior official at the Department for Education.

Speaking during the weekly Commons business statement, Davies said: “He downloaded child porn images and was rightly sacked by the school and put on the sex offenders register.

“In a decision which has been ratified by the education secretary, he’s now been told he’s allowed back to teach again.

“I’m sure you will appreciate many parents will be deeply disturbed someone who has been convicted of downloading child porn should be allowed to teach again.

“Can we have a statement from the education secretary so he can explain what on Earth he was thinking about when he allowed this person to teach again?”

The Commons leader, Andrew Lansley, replied: “I have read the press reports relating to this matter and of course it was a decision taken by the National College of Teaching and Leadership, which was then endorsed by a senior official at the department.

I will, of course, contact Mr Gove so he might be able to give you an account of the process in this case.”

In its judgment, the National College of Teaching and Leadership professional conduct panel said the images viewed by Bettley were “not at the most serious end” of the Copine scale – the rating system used to categorise the severity of images of child sex abuse – and there were “relatively few” on his computer.

The panel said it had considered it safe to conclude that the teacher “does not pose a risk to children”.

While Bettley’s actions were a “serious departure” from the official teachers’ standards, the panel said, it added that it did not consider that there was evidence of “a deep seated attitude on the part of Bettley which leads to harmful behaviour”.

The panel’s report added: “In the circumstances, the panel does not consider that it would be appropriate to recommend prohibition to the secretary of state and it does not.”

At the end of the panel’s report, under a section on the secretary of state’s decision and reasons, a senior DfE official said: “Although the findings in this case are serious ones, for the reasons set out, I support the recommendation of the panel that a prohibition order should not be applied in this case.”

Mr Bettley was employed at St Mary’s from September 2001 to December 2011. He visited a website in March 2009 where he viewed six child abuse images, according to the panel’s ruling.

When his computer was seized by the police in December 2010, 143 images were found at level one of the Copine scale, which covers nudity and/or erotic posing. A further 46 images considered to be at level three on the scale were found but had not been opened, the panel said.

Bettley acknowledged that the images were of underage children and were child abuse images and admitted to police that he had accessed and viewed the images, the panel said.

He was cautioned for the offence of possessing an indecent photograph or pseudo-photograph of a child and placed on the sex offenders register for two years, according to the ruling.

A Department for Education spokeswoman said: “We keep the process under review because of legal complexities and we are examining whether this case was handled correctly.”



Cyril was, of course, a huge factor in Paul Rowen winning back the Rochdale seat for the Lib Dems in 2005


High Royds Hospital is a former psychiatric hospital south of the village of Menston, West Yorkshire,

St. Mary’s Catholic High School, the school that faces High Royds Hospital.

In June 1993, the choir of St. Mary’s appeared in  Black Daisies for the Bride, a BBC 2 television film written by Tony Harrison for National Alzheimer’s Week, filmed in High Royds Hospital, Menston


Operation Yewtree connection

The report into the abuse committed by Jimmy Savile notes that he had carried out instances of abuse at High Royds Hospital in the 1980s. The report said that the assault was during a fancy dress fun run at the hospital and that the witness was credible and accepted the allegation as true.[12] It was also alleged that Saville groped not only patients but also staff from the hospital and a porter was asked if there was a room that Savile could go to if ‘he pulled one of the nurses.’[13]

Sir Cyril Smith with MP Paul Rowen and Rochdale Childer chairwoman Maureen Cooper

SIR Cyril Smith’s 80th birthday party raised almost £4,000 for charity.

Proceeds from the gala concert, featuring Jimmy Cricket and the Debrose Choir at the Town Hall in June, will be donated to Rochdale Childer, a charity which helps children in the borough.

He said: “The fact that we raised so much money for such a worthwhile cause was tremendous. As a founder of Rochdale Childer, I know the excellent job that they do for some of the most vulnerable young people in Rochdale.

MP Paul Rowen added: “Sir Cyril had a great night and we raised much more than we had anticipated. We are working with the Rochdale Childer team looking at a number of options of how to spend this windfall.”

Maureen Cooper, chairwoman of Rochdale Childer, said: “We are absolutely delighted that Sir Cyril’s big bash raised so much money. I can solemnly declare that not a penny will be wasted.


THE big man celebrated his birthday with a big party on Saturday night.

MP Paul Rowen opened the gala concert by introducing a video montage of tributes from political colleagues and celebrity friends, including Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg, Paddy Ashdown, Lord David Steel, Coronation Street star William Roache and comedian Jim Bowen, before guests joined in a sing-a-long of his adopted theme tune.

Sir Cyril was as straight-talking as ever during his speech as he praised Mr Rowen,


Council leader Alan Taylor thanked Cyril for being ‘a great inspiration and teacher’.


Alan was of course the olden days Hennigan type character. Cyril Smith’s agent. Party to all the party intrigue. And still sitting pretty. Perhaps young Alan was Cyril’s favoured candidate when Rowen stole the crown? Seen here Alan is barefoot, as is the Rochdale Lib Dem wont even today, as the Rochdale Alternative Paper’s 1975 “playmate of the Century” or something like that.


Rowen – Deputy head of a secondary school in Bradford (Yorkshire Martyrs) as well as leader of Rochdale Council


Born in Rochdale, Rowen went to the Bishop Henshaw RC Memorial High School (became St Cuthbert’s RC High School in 1989 when Rochdale scrapped its three-tier system) on Shaw Road in Rochdale. From the University of Nottingham, he graduated with a BSc in Chemistry and Geology in 1976. From 1977-80, he taught Science at Kimberley School in Nottinghamshire. From 1980-6, he was Head of Chemistry at St Albans RC High School, Warren Lane in Oldham (now closed), then Head of Science at Our Ladys RC High School from 1986-90. From 1990-2005, he was Deputy Headteacher of Yorkshire Martyrs Catholic College on Westgate Hill Street in Tong, West Yorkshire.

Disgraced RE teacher found with 200 indecent images of children can continue teaching after Michael Gove gives go-ahead

Bettley, who joined St Mary’s in September 2001 from Yorkshire Martyrs Catholic School in Bradford, West Yorkshire,

By the time police seized his computer in December last year, he had viewed 143 images, assessed to be on the lowest “level one” on the scale for seriousness.

He downloaded another 46 more serious “level three” images, including scenes of child abuse, but they had not been viewed.

Instead of being taken to court, however, he was given the option of accepting a police caution.



Rowen – From 1990-2005, he was Deputy Headteacher of Yorkshire Martyrs Catholic College on Westgate Hill Street in Tong, West Yorkshire.

He was deputy headteacher when protected Bettley was at Martyrs Catholic School…

Bettley, who joined St Mary’s in September 2001 from Yorkshire Martyrs Catholic School


Yorkshire Martyrs School linked to Kenya school via Rowen

A school in Kenya has finished building two new classrooms thanks to a £7,000 donation from its sister school in Bradford.

Yorkshire Martyrs Catholic College may be closing in 2010 but its name will live on in Marigat, Kenya, where the new school block has been dedicated to the Bradford school.

“The money that we raised was initially going to be used to bring a group of young Kenyans to Bradford.

“But as the visa situation could not be sorted out, we decided to put the money to good use by helping build the school block.”

The partnership was originally set up by former Yorkshire Martyrs deputy head teacher Paul Rowen, now MP for Rochdale, who visited the site with Mr Bishop in the summer


Paul Rowen WBro David Action who is also inevitably a big wheel in the local Rotary Club as well as one of the Rochdale Chapters of the hell’s Angels Freemasons – hence the strange handshake. I believe he is Mr Big in beds. Meanwhile a Mr Mason is Mr Big in used cars. Both are long time associates of Paul Rowen for his charidee activity – mainly to do with orphanages in East Africa.


Greenland Orphanage

The Rochdale Greenland School and Orphanage appeal is a UK registered Charity established in Rochdale, Lancashire in June 2001.

It was established by Mr Rafiq Ahmed Arien and his family after a visit to Kampala, Uganda when he saw the conditions of poverty that many orphans and victims of AIDS had to live in.

Mr Rafiq Arien and his family are former Ugandan refugees who on settling in Rochdale in the 1970’s have established a successful retail and wholesale electrical business.

Together with his friends Councillor Paul Rowen and Mr Terry Mason they established The Greenland School and Orphanage Appeal which is raising money to build an orphanage and school in Uganda.

In August 2002 a group including Charity Chair Councillor Paul Rowen, Organiser Rafiq Arien and Mr Terry Mason travelled to Kampala for the Foundation Stone Lying Ceremony.



Paul is in Keen-ya. Apparently sunning himself whilst doing charidee work at children’s homes.

Does anyone picture portly Paul Rowen in a pith helmet whilst on a colonial verandah, G&T in hand? The Happy Valley of Kenya has a reputation for “fun and games”. Were table tennis paddles packed in Paul’s trunk? Or will Rochdale’s current MP be too busy having slap up meals at various african Rotary clubs?

Will he be planning a trip to the bush? Is he popping over to Uganda to conduct some business in his second paid job working for a property company called Corinya?

So how do young Rochdale people become Parliamentary interns for Paul Rowen. Unlike Hazard County, surely this is not a “job for the boys”?

Paul explains:

“I’ve been very lucky over the last few months to have had a number of young people from Rochdale working as interns in both my London office and in Rochdale. These have included Natassa Malik whose father is a good friend of Sir Cyril Smith


Paul Rowen MP – member of the Beveridge Group as are John Hemming and Mike Hancock




The Ugandan Corinya does have a charidee element (a laudable children’s home- following Cyril Smith’s example of supporting the charity Rochdale Childer with its Moorland Home?).



Why did Michael Gove inquire into the suspension of a priest accused of abusing children and who has ‘connections to some senior figures?’

Downside School seemed to harbour quite a number of depraved individuals…


Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

I simply cannot reconcile the fact that the son of a paedophile and a man who openly states his intent is to undermine @InquiryCSA should be given the status of official witness!

@TailWaggingTheDog  @DogWaggedByTail
If Daniel Janner QC were to be appointment to the IICSA Enquiry, it’d be a conflict of interests. He’s v. well connections & recently defended (and lost) a paedophile with friends in high places.
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Charles Howeson – The Navy commander who got away with sex abuse for years
...his barrister Daniel Janner QC said they had to keep an open mind before saying his client was a man of “great integrity, charm and popularity


Lord Janner and the paedophile ring at his son’s elite school: Labour peer’s link to institution where teachers abused boys

  • Four paedophile teachers abused boys at University College School in 70s
  • Led by politics teacher Michael Densham, the ring were exposed in a book 
  • Son of Lord Janner attended the school along with other famous alumni

Behind its historic red-brick facade there lay a troubling secret. For throughout this heady era, the UCS staff room was home to four paedophile teachers, who used their positions of authority to prey on teenage pupils.

The ring, led by politics teacher Michael Densham, was sensationally exposed in 2004 by the writer and entrepreneur Jonathan Self, who had attended the school with his brother, Will, the novelist.

In an autobiography titled Self Abuse, Jonathan revealed that he had ‘suffered repeated sexual abuse by two of the masters at UCS senior school for most of the three years I spent there’, from 1970 onwards.

Janner just happened to be a regular visitor to the classrooms of University College School, where his circle of close acquaintances included a bespectacled teacher by the name of Michael Densham.

The two men met in 1968, when the future MP for Leicester West, who lived in Hampstead, decided to send his son, Daniel, to UCS.

They proceeded to forge a friendship which, according to several former pupils and members of staff, saw Janner build close links with Densham and his teenage pupils, visiting the school to lecture them on a regular basis.

Intriguingly, in light of this week’s revelations, he also invited its pupils on guided tours of Parliament.

What is more, during three General Election campaigns, one in 1970 and two in 1974, the paedophile teacher would even drive bus-loads of UCS sixth-form boys to Leicester to spend day after day working in Janner’s campaign office, and canvassing on his behalf.

‘Denham and Janner were as thick as thieves,’ is how one former pupil puts it.

Was Janner  a member of a wider paedophile ring whose members included Mike Densham, Tony Ford and a smattering of UCS colleagues?

Related image

Lord Janner wrongly escaped prosecution for child sex crimes THREE times in 20 years and should have been charged in 1991

  • Labour peer should have first been prosecuted in 1991, 2002 and 2007
  • Janner escaped earlier charges after bungled probes by the police and CPS
  • Officers undermined witnesses, made ‘limited inquiries’ and lost evidence 
  • Peer was charged with 22 offences last year but died before any trial
  • Alleged victims left devastated after proceedings were ended last week 


In 1991 there was enough evidence to prosecute Lord Janner for indecent assault and buggery – but police and the CPS bungled the investigation

Child sex claims, a police ‘cover-up’ and troubling questions for a Labour peer: This special report reveals the full extent of the deeply disturbing allegations against ex-MP Greville Janner

  • Lord Janner is a life peer after representing Leicester as an MP for 30 years
  • Had his home searched last year as part of high-profile paedophile probe
  • His office was also searched into historic abuse claims linked to care homes
  • Now alleged that inquiry into the former MP was blocked by senior officers

Janner spoke about the claims on a mere two occasions. The first came during a two-hour interview at Leicester police station in the company of his solicitor Sir David Napley in the early 1990s, during which he answered ‘no comment’ to every substantive question put to him.

Napley, by the by, worked for several prominent figures caught up in sex scandals. They included former leader of the Liberal party Jeremy Thorpe, Conservative MP Harvey Proctor, and diplomat Sir Peter Hayman, a member of the Paedophile Information Exchange, a 1970s lobby group dedicated to legalising sex with children.

The second time Janner spoke of the claims was in the Commons.

“He drove me in his car to his London home and not long after my arrival his son Daniel went out, later telephoning to say that he was staying with friends overnight, and because of this Mr Janner and myself stayed at the house by ourselves. At the end of evening Mr Janner showed me to the room where I was to sleep for the night and remained with me whilst I undressed and put on my pyjamas. I got into bed and he cuddled me again before kissing me on the cheek. I was…”

Vicount Ian Kerr CGC‏ @IanKerr

Danny boy…….where did you stay that night ? Did this happen often ? Same place each time ?


Now family of Lord Janner apply to be special witnesses for child sex inquiry which has already appointed ‘rape fantasist’

  • Lord Janner’s son Daniel Janner, QC blasted the inquiry as a ‘witch-hunt’
  • He said he would be disappointed if he was turned down from witnessing probe 
  • Esther Baker was made a ‘core participant’ in the inquiry into child sex abuse 
  • Core participants are entitled to apply for taxpayer-funded legal representation
  • Decision came just months after police dropped investigation into her claims against Liberal Democrat ex-MP John Hemming

The son of the late Lord Janner who was accused of abusing children has slammed the child sex abuse inquiry but still plans to apply for core participant status.

Daniel Janner, QC blasted the inquiry as a ‘shambolic witch-hunt’ saying that it was damning to politicians who gave a lifetime of public service.

He hopes to be involved in the Westminster strand of the enquiry and believes it should instead focus on the ‘evil of false allegations’.

He said: ‘I would be disappointed to be turned down in view of those who have been granted core participation status’, reported the Sunday Times.

This follows Esther baker, a woman who made unsubstantiated rape allegations against a former Liberal Democrat MP, being made a core participant at the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA).

Core participants are entitled to apply for taxpayer-funded legal representation. They can also make opening and closing statements at hearings, suggest lines of questioning, and receive electronic disclosure of evidence.


The decision to give her special status comes months after police dropped an investigation into her claims against ex-MP John Hemming. Prosecutors ruled there was insufficient evidence to press charges.

He and others had been accused by Miss Baker of repeatedly raping her in a forest at Cannock Chase, Staffordshire, in the 1980s and 1990s when she was between the ages of six and 11 – while police kept guard.

She waived her legal right to anonymity in 2015 to give a TV interview about her alleged ordeal.

Mr Hemming was voluntarily interviewed under caution by Staffordshire Police, but not arrested, and made a formal allegation to police that Miss Baker had perverted the course of justice.

She emphatically denies being a fantasist and making up her rape story.

Last night Mr Hemming said: ‘Appointing a complainant who has a public track record of continually changing her public allegations as a core participant brings the inquiry into disrepute.

‘She should not be trusted with the information available to core participants and under no circumstances should she get any public funding.’

Details of Mr Hemming’s claims, which he says support his complaint that Miss Baker perverted the course of justice, appear in legal papers seen by the Daily Mail.

The decision to give her special status comes months after police dropped an investigation into her claims against Liberal Democrat ex-MP John Hemming (pictured)

In a High Court witness statement this month, the ex-MP claimed that two weeks before she accused him of rape, Miss Baker had emailed him and sought his help.

He said: ‘She did not accuse me of being a rapist … she said she had been abused as a child in a faith-related paedophile ring. Her own MP and the Prime Minister did not assist her so she forwarded the email to me asking for my help.

‘I believe this was because of my high-profile involvement with Justice for Families. I suggest she contact the police. There is no mention of myself or a Labour cabinet minister (whom she also accused of sex offences).’

In his statement, part of legal action he is taking against a supporter of Miss Baker, Mr Hemming alleged that prior to accusing him she tweeted that she had ‘never’ met an MP.

‘Yet only a few weeks later Baker claimed to have met two politicians – one myself … whom she claimed to have identified as the man who both raped and sexually assaulted her,’ he said.

In September, Mr Hemming told of his ordeal after Miss Baker, whom he said he had never met, accused him of being in a Westminster paedophile ring.

In a High Court witness statement this month, the ex-MP (pictured with his partner Emily Cox) claimed that two weeks before she accused him of rape, Miss Baker had emailed him and sought his help

In a High Court witness statement this month, the ex-MP (pictured with his partner Emily Cox) claimed that two weeks before she accused him of rape, Miss Baker had emailed him and sought his help

He said: ‘Although it was obvious from the start that the allegations were nonsense, it has taken two-and-a-half years for this to be resolved. The system is too tolerant of false allegations.’

In January 2015 Miss Baker, 35, claimed she was abused in a church setting but did not mention politicians.

She accused Mr Hemming in May that year. In September she said she had asked the Crown Prosecution Service to review its decision not to press charges.

Former Tory MP Harvey Proctor, falsely accused of child sex and murder by an alleged fantasist called ‘Nick’, said: ‘Esther Baker is discredited. It beggars belief … I always thought the IICSA would become a circus.’

According to IICSA’s website it is the inquiry chairman who would grant Miss Baker special status in the Westminster part of the inquiry.

IICSA, set up in 2014, is on its fourth chairman, following the resignation of judge Dame Lowell Goddard after she allegedly lost the confidence of senior colleagues.

Ben Emerson QC, former senior counsel to the inquiry, quit after being suspended over concerns about his leadership.

He was later cleared of separate allegations of sexual assault and sexual harassment. An IICSA spokesman declined to answer questions on Miss Baker’s special status.

In response to questions from the Mail last night, Miss Baker said: ‘Consider the motives of those questioning the legitimacy of my status … and of my evidence.’

Image result for "greville janner" + "victim" + "son daniel"


21 January 2018

Pope has caused ‘great pain’ to survivors of sex abuse, says adviser

During trip to Chile, Francis said not ‘one shred of proof’ had been brought against Bishop Barros

Pope Francis’ closest adviser on child protection has said the pontiff’s defence of a Chilean bishop accused of turning a blind eye to sexual abuse is a “source of great pain” for sexual abuse survivors.

Cardinal Sean O’Malley, the leader of a papal child safeguarding commission, said he could not explain why the Pope had described accusations that Bishop Juan Barros covered up the abuse of a high-profile priest as slanderous.

During his trip to Chile, Francis told reporters that not “one shred of proof” had been brought against Bishop Barros and the claims against the bishop are “all calumny”.

Barros, who the Pope controversially appointed to lead the Diocese of Osorno in 2015, is accused of knowing about – and even witnessing – the crimes of Fr Fernando Karadima. The Pope’s remarks defending Barros sent shockwaves through Chile and caused upset among Karadima’s victims who argue that Barros knew about the abuse. In 2011, the Vatican found Fr Karadima guilty of abusing three boys and sentenced to him to a lifetime of “prayer and penance”.

In a statement released on Saturday Cardinal O’Malley, the Archbishop of Boston, said he could understand their hurt.

“Words that convey the message ‘if you cannot prove your claims then you will not be believed’, abandon those who have suffered reprehensible criminal violations of their human dignity and relegate survivors to discredited exile,” the cardinal explained. “Not having personally been involved in the cases that were the subject of yesterday’s interview I cannot address why the Holy Father chose the particular words he used at the time.”

Cardinal O’Malley emphasised, however, that the Pope “fully recognises the egregious failures of the Church and its clergy who abused children” and understands “the devastating impact those crimes have had on survivors and their loved ones”.

Nevertheless, his implicit rebuke of Francis’ handling of the Barros case is highly unusual by a cardinal to a Pope and fuels the perception that the 81-year-old Argentinian pontiff has not grasped the scale and magnitude of the clerical sexual abuse scandal.

Marie Collins, a prominent abuse survivor, has said recently that child protection was being given a “low priority” in the Vatican despite assurances from the Pope and cited a lack of new members to the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors.

Ms Collins, who resigned her membership of the commission in frustration at the slow pace of change, also argued that two Chilean church leaders sought to block attempts to appoint a Chilean abuse survivor to the papal safeguarding body.

Cardinal O’Malley is currently travelling to Peru where he is due to meet the Pope during the final part of Francis’ visit. A Capuchin Friar – a branch of the Franciscan order following the teachings of the Pope’s namesake, St Francis of Assisi – there is no-one more experienced in dealing with the Church’s sex abuse crisis than O’Malley. He took over the Archdiocese of Boston following a high profile abuse cover-up exposed by the Boston Globe in a high-profile series of exclusive exposés that were documented in the Oscar-wining film Spotlight and also handled the aftermath of abuse scandals in Massachusetts and Florida.

On Friday 19 January, Kevin Cullen of the Boston Globe commented: “Let the record show that the promise of Pope Francis died in Santiago, Chile, on Jan. 18, in the year of our Lord 2018. When Pope Francis slandered victims of sexual abuse, ironically by accusing those very victims of slandering a Chilean bishop who was complicit in that abuse, he confirmed what some critics have said all along, what I have always resisted embracing: Pope Francis is a company man, no better than his predecessors when it comes to siding with the institutional Roman Catholic Church against any who would criticise it or those, even children, who have been victimised by it.”



Smyllum care home abuse survivor tells how predatory Jimmy Savile molested him on Highlands holiday

21 January 2018

A VICTIM of abuse at Smyllum orphanage has revealed how Jimmy Savile later tried to rape him in the back of his Rolls Royce.

Adam Taggart, 58, was on a camping trip in the Highlands when the DJ stopped his car and lured him and another boy into the back with offers of alcohol and cigars.

Adam, then aged 12, revealed how the paedophile ordered his driver to take the other boy for sweets and ice cream at a shop so Savile could attack him.

He said: “I was only alone with Savile for a few minutes, and in the time it took for his driver to take my pal to the shop for ice scream and sweets, Savile sexually abused me.

“If we’d been alone for any longer, I believe Savile would have raped me.”

Afterwards, Savile told Adam, who was on a trip to Aviemore with children from the Dunavon children’s home, nobody would believe him if he told anyone what happened.

Later, the TV presenter, whose extensive sexual abuse of children and young people was only exposed after his death in 2011, even sent Top Of The Pops tickets to Dunavon.

Adam, who had earlier lived at Smyllum orphanage where nuns have been accused of overseeing a cruel regime marked by physical abuse, was in a party of boys taken camping to Loch Morlich when he and a pal tried hitching a lift to the campsite.

Savile with his Rolls Royce (Chris Ware/Keystone Features/Getty Images)

He said: “We were thumbing a lift when a white Rolls Royce stopped at the side of the road.

“When we got to the car, we recognised Savile immediately.

“My pal said, ‘You’re Jimmy Savile’ and Savile replied he wouldn’t need to introduce himself.

“He asked what we were doing. We explained we were camping. He asked where we lived and we told him a children’s home.”

Adam, who reported the abuse to police as part of the nationwide investigation into Savile after his death, believes the DJ attacked him in 1972 or 1973.

He explained: “Time had no meaning because we never celebrated birthdays at the children’s home. The summer it happened was very hot and I was about 12 or 13 years old.

“Savile told us to get into his car, so we did. It was really posh. There was a cabinet with drinks and a box of cigars. Savile told us to take them.

“When we passed other pals, we hung out the window with a cigar in one hand and a miniature of alcohol in the other, showing off.”

Adam believes Savile singled him out.

He claimed: “I’d been in care at Smyllum Park from weeks old. I was abused there before going to Dunavon. Savile sensed I was the one he should pick.”

Savile asked if the boys wanted to see Cairn Gorm, and ordered his driver to take them to a tourist area with a view of the mountain.

Once parked, Savile asked if they wanted sweets, and told the driver and the other boy to go to the shop. As soon as they were alone, Adam claims Savile molested him. The dad-of-four said: “Savile grabbed me on to his knee and abused me.

“He only stopped when we could see my friend coming back to the car with the driver. He said nobody would believe me if I told.

“I was in shock. Savile acted like nothing had happened.

“I remember refusing to take an ice lolly.

“Savile was wearing shorts and a T-shirt, and lots of rings on his hands. He wore gold chains and a crucifix.”

Inside Smyllum Park

Adam said he ran from the car.

He did not expect Savile to send the Top Of The Pops tickets, but he did and five girls from Dunavon went to see the show. Adam said: “The girls talked about it for months afterwards. I kept silent, but couldn’t watch him on the television without feeling sick.”

Adam said he only ever talked about Savile’s abuse to one social worker, but was devastated when nothing happened.

He said: “I think I was about 14 or 15 when I confided what had happened to a social worker I thought I trusted. He said he would do something about it, but he never spoke about it again. I stayed silent until Savile died.”

Adam, who gave evidence of the abuse he claims he suffered at the notorious Smyllum children’s home in Lanark to the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry in November, reported what happened to the police.

The national inquiry into Savile’s decades of abuse, identified five other Scottish cases. The grandfather is due to return to give evidence about Savile and Dunavon children’s home, in Strathaven, to the inquiry.

He is speaking out publicly for the first time because he believes other victims may still be suffering in silence.

Adam said: “Savile behaved as if he could do what he wanted and nobody would believe someone like me, or do anything to stop him.

“I’m speaking now because I hope it gives courage to the others I suspect are still out there, suffering in silence. The only way to lift the burden of abuse is to speak out. I regret not doing so more forcibly years ago, but we lived in different times.”

Adam, who admits his life spiralled into homelessness, drink, drugs and even prison as he struggled to cope with what had happened to him while in care, said Savile’s taunts never left him.

He said: “I must take responsibility for the stupid things I bitterly regret doing in my life.

“But I now understand the abuse I suffered as a child had such an overwhelming impact, it destroyed the person I should have been.”

Lawyer Cameron Fyfe said: “It is not at all unusual for child abuse victims such as Adam often go on to develop problems in later life, such a drink, drugs, or even crime. He should be commended for turning his life around and getting the help he needs.”

Police Scotland said: “We received a report and the relevant information was passed to Operation Yewtree in January 2016.”


He targeted the vulnerable. This is absolutely typical of how Savile operated

Many people close to him would have known what he was doing, evidence shows Savile worked in tandem with several of them.

402 residents at Smyllum died between 1864 and when it shut its doors in 1981. They are feared to be buried in a mass unmarked grave at St Mary’s Cemetery in Lanark.

The inquiry will also examine other care institutes across Scotland with Lady Smith not expected to report her findings until 2019.


Freemasons are not blocking reform in the Police Federation

Freemasonry is not secret or unlawful, writes David Staples, the chief executive of the United Grand Lodge

Jan 4 2018




Michael Evans‏ @Mikey2017Evans


misrepresentation? I think not… So what about all the Freemason paedophiles? A bit contradictory don’t you think coming from the United Grand Lodge of England?

^PIE Leader William Keith Harding

^Alan Wright, a leading figure in the Freemasons

Michael Evans‏ @Mikey2017Evans
Freemasons are made up of top doctors, Judiciary, police, solicitors, government, councils, religious institutions and majority of the public sector, for example Dr David Staples is Grand Secretary of the United Grand Lodge of English Freemasons but he is a Dr.
Dr David Staples is Chief Executive of the UGLE Freemasons, which runs freemasonry in England, Wales and the Channel Islands He is also a consultant physician in Acute Internal Medicine. He works as an associate clinical advisor to the Health Service and Parliamentary Ombudsman.


Councillor on trial accused of making and distributing indecent images of children


Matthew Sephton, 42, represented Altrincham for the Conservatives on Trafford council


A Conservative councillor and primary school teacher has gone on trial charged with making and distributing almost 4,000 indecent images of children.

Matthew Sephton, 41, was suspended by the party when he was charged with six offences last month.

Sephton was elected to represent the Tories on Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council in Greater Manchester in May 2014.

He has also suspended from his teaching position at Westmorland Primary School in Brinnington, Greater Manchester, after being detained by the National Crime Agency (NCA) in December 2016.

  • Making 843 category A indecent images of children between November 6 and December 1
  • Making 722 category B indecent images of children during the same period
  • Making 2,111 category C indecent images of children
  • Possession of six indecent images on an iPhone with a view to distribute
  • Possession of 106 indecent images of a child
  • Possession of extreme pornography



Yet another freemason

Lodge member Matthew Sephton (right) presenting Roy with a floral bouquet.

Lodge member Matthew Sephton (right) presenting Roy with a floral bouquet.



13 May 2016
Our newest members with WM. Left to right Peter Martin, Stephen Woods, WM Roy Eaton, Matthew Sephton, Eric Houghton

Is Adrian Fulford a freemason?

Lord Fulford PIE

Judge apologises for involvement with NCCL group linked to PIE

Lord Justice Fulford was involved with National Council for Civil Liberties, to which Paedophile Information Exchange was affiliated, but denies supporting group’s aims
Lord Justice Fulford

Adviser to Queen was founder of paedophile support group to keep offenders out of jail

Adrian Fulford met with PIE chairman Tom O’Carroll and PIE member and NCCl member Nettie Pollard

Freemasons’ millions aren’t true charity, rules judge

Feb 25 2014

Freemasons denied multi-million pound tax break after a judge says emphasis on caring for fellow members means its giving is not “wholly philanthropic”

Judge Charles Hellier noted that only between 25 and 30 per cent of the Grand Lodge’s charity donations go to causes with no Masonic connections.

“To the extent that monies were paid with the hope or expectation of self-insurance, their payment does not seem to us to be an act of philanthropy,” he ruled.

Quentin Humberstone, the Grand Lodge Treasurer, said the rituals for which Freemasonry is most famous were nowadays “generally something for the few”


Former cricket coach to be tried for historic sex offences against six boys

19 Jan 2018

An ex-sports coach has been sent for trial accused of sexually assaulting young boys in Brighton and West Sussex between 24 and 38 years ago.

, 74, of no fixed address, appeared in custody at Lewes Crown Court on Friday (12 January), charged with 17 indecent assaults between 1980 and 1994, against a total of six boys then aged between 12 and 16.

Three of the boys are alleged to have been separately assaulted at Green’s then address in Nevill Road, Hove, between 1980 and 1983. He is charged with four offences against each of two of the boys and one offence against the third boy.

The other three boys are alleged to have been separately assaulted while pupils at Windlesham House School in Washington, West Sussex, on dates between 1988 and 1994, where Green was a cricket coach at the time. Green is charged with four offences against one of them and two offences against each of the other two boys.

The alleged offences in Hove do not relate to pupils at the School.

Green pleaded not guilty to all the charges, and the case was adjourned for a crown court trial which is due to start on 3 September. The court venue has not yet been set.



Also at Windlesham House:

Teacher who hypnotised a pupil before abusing him is banned from the classroom for life

Stephen Grobbelaar spent 20 years working at schools in Britain before his past in South Africa finally caught up with him

03 Oct 2014

A South African teacher, who fled to Britain after hypnotising a pupil in order to perform a sex act on him, has spent the last two decades working at prestigious private schools, it has emerged.

Stephen Grobbelaar, 53, was banned from teaching for life last week, after the boy he allegedly molested in South Africa in 1987, tracked him down to a school in West Sussex and reported him to the authorities.

Grobbelaar was working as head of history at the prestigious Windlesham House school in Pulborough, West Sussex, when the allegations came to light.

His victim, who was 16 at the time, described how in 1987, Grobbelaar had put him in a trance on the pretext that it would help him with his maths studies.

Instead the boy says he carried out a sex act on him.

Three years later the boy managed to recall the incident and went to the authorities in South Africa, allegedly prompting Grobbelaar to flee to Britain.

He then landed a job at Dorset House prep school in West Sussex, before moving to Windlesham, where he also taught religious studies.

But his past finally caught up with him last August when the boy emailed the school, where fees are up to £27,000-a-year, to alert them to the allegations..

The school said it immediately reported the matter to the local child protection agency and Grobbelaar resigned.

He has now been banned from teaching for life after admitting the allegations at a teacher misconduct panel of the National College for Teaching and Leadership.

A spokesman for Windlesham House school said they were shocked by the allegations when they emerged but added that there had been no suggestion of any wrongdoing since he began working in the UK.

Dorset House Headmaster, Richard Brown, and Chairman of Governors, William Hockin, said in a statement: “In 1991, Mr Grobbelaar came to Dorset House from South Africa with exemplary references and there were no formal complaints or allegations made against him whilst at the school.

“Dorset House has cooperated fully with social services and the police. We are shocked by the nature of the incident. Dorset House has robust child protection policies and procedures in place and audits these rigorously.”

The conduct panel said Grobbelaar had committed “serious sexual misconduct” and recommended he be banned for life.

It said his actions had “seriously damaged a pupil aged 16 at the time and for many years after”.

“Mr Grobbelaar was in a position of trust, which he breached in a deliberate and carefully planned manner, including an attempt at concealment,” it added.

Grobbelaar was an English teacher at the Port Elizabeth school between 1987 and 1990.


Image result for Stephen Grobbelaar


 Stephen Pieter Grobbelaar

It’s nearly March 2015 and the news that my old head master Dieter Pakendorf, rector of Grey High school died yesterday. On a Google search of his name I came across an article about Steve Grobbelaar and his removal as teacher in the UK due to a paedophilia past in South Africa while at Grey. I nearly broke down when I read it as I carried the shame for over 25 years – I can assure you the victim was NOT alone.


The extent of alleged ‘perverted’ sexual abuse at Beechholme children’s home has been revealed – with figures expected to rise

Surrey Police have said that the number of people reaching out to them is changing all the time

19 JAN 2018

The shocking number of those alleging “perverted” sexual abuse at a Surrey children’s home has been revealed.

It is alleged that young children were plucked from their beds to face repeated rape and group abuse at the hands of adults.

The home housed poor children from infants to teenagers in what were intended to be “idyllic cottages”.

One former resident at Beechholme, in Banstead, has said he is “beyond angry” at the scale of the alleged sexual and physical abuse against vulnerable children.

It has been established through a Freedom of Information (FOI) request that at least 58 people have made formal complaints about abuse in the care home.

Police have indicated that these numbers are likely to rise.

It is understood that many of those who have reported suffering sexual abuse at the so-called “children’s village” at Beechholme have made multiple allegations.

There may be as many as 105 separate allegations against alleged abusers at the now-demolished home for orphans and vulnerable children.

This may also be set to rise, as Surrey Police indicate the numbers they receive are changing “on a daily basis”.

The home was under the control of London County Council from 1930, before being handed over to Wandsworth in 1965 and closing its doors in 1974 for demolition the following year.

Surrey Police are investigating claims of abuse between 1957 and 1974.

Graeme Sargeant entered the home as a young boy in 1960, and the now 61-year-old claims he suffered repeated abuse at the hands of adults at Beechholme where he claims he was forced to perform sex acts and paraded around naked.

He now campaigns on behalf of other survivors of alleged abuse at the home on Fir Tree Road and is angered by the scale of the alleged suffering

Mr Sargeant said: “It makes me more than angry. I’m seething.

“I’ve been informed that there have been 105 allegations about Beechholme.

“It is hard to believe the extent of the allegations, they are of a perverted nature and go right back.”

Arrest have been made as part of the investigation into alleged abuse at Beechholme, with people released under investigation.

There are believed to be staff links between Beechholme and an abuser who worked for the infamous Shirley Oaks care home.

It is understood the current investigation may take four years but Mr Sargeant, who works to represent other Beechholme residents, wants action.

He has had to relive the memories of Beechholme as more people come to him to share their harrowing stories.

The burden has taken its toll on Mr Sargeant who is still plagued by nightmares from his days in care and beset by flashbacks.

But he is determined to campaign for answers as to what happened in the children’s home where he says he was robbed of a childhood.

He said: “It upsets me. The things you hear are horrendous.

“Their stories have got to be told though. These people can’t be allowed to have suffered in vain.

“These people do not deserve to have been treated like this.

“I’m having nightmares and flashbacks. I’m also hearing what others have gone through – it’s dark.

“But however long it takes we will get justice.”

One of the many buildings at the former Beechholme site in Banstead

Mr Sargeant stayed at Drake House, one of 23 named houses on the vast Beechholme site, which were each home to dozens of children.

The site, built in 1880, was designed to provide idyllic “cottage homes” for vulnerable children. The series of homes were operated under the name Beechholme from 1951.


Murdered 83-year-old ‘may have been involved in a row with a fellow dog walker’

10 August 2017

Image result for Peter Wrighton, murder

Peter Wrighton, 83, was repeatedly stabbed in the neck and head in woodland near his home in East Harling, Norfolk. There have been no arrests, and no weapon has been found.

It happened at the same spot where an unsolved rape happened more than 20 years ago.

Police will also explore whether Mr Wrighton could have been the victim of a mistaken identity. His name is similar to that of notorious paedophile Peter Righton, who lived just 16 miles away, but died a decade ago.


The murder scene is not far from West Harling Heath where a 71-year-old woman was the victim of a brutal sex attack in June 1994.

The victim had been walking her little white highland terrier in a well known area called ‘The Gallops’.


The curse of Harling Wood: An elderly dog walker murdered, a pensioner raped and the suicide of a farmer whose pigs were tortured… so what IS going on in this sleepy Norfolk village?

Peter Wrighton, 83, was murdered in woods between East and West Harling
His killing comes after the rape of a pensioner in the same area in 1994
Tragedy struck again in 2012 when local farmer Stephen Brown killed himself


There are no houses near the place where he was killed — only the pig farm, the remains of a Viking burial site and, further down the road, a private preparatory boarding school, Riddlesworth Hall, which was once attended by Princess Diana.



A police officer who saw the body of dog walker has told a murder trial he thought he had been attacked by his own pet because of the “strange” injuries.

Peter Wrighton, 83, was found dead in a woodland near East Harling, Norfolk, in August with neck and throat wounds.

Norfolk Police PC Andrew London told a court he had “never seen anything like” Mr Wrighton’s injuries.

Alexander Palmer, 24, admits being in the area at the time of the attack but denies murdering Mr Wrighton.

Earlier in the trial at Nottingham Crown Court, prosecutor Stephen Spence said Mr Palmer told medical professionals a voice in his head called “Little Alex” instructed him to harm or kill people and had a “grudge against dog walkers”.

PC London said when he found the body he had “never seen anything like it” and it was surrounded by a “very large pool of blood”.

He added: “It was such a strange injury, I thought, ‘has he been attacked by his own dog?’.”

The area and surroundings where Peter Wrighton was found

Peter Wrighton’s body was discovered on the edge of the heath by walkers

The court had previously heard police were alerted to Mr Palmer from a psychologist who worked with him at RAF Marham.

The man who dialled 999 after discovering the body of Mr Wrighton, Nigel Precious, told the court he “first thought it was a mannequin”.

The trial continues.


A psychologist identified a former soldier who had spoken of his urge to kill dog walkers as the prime suspect in the murder of a retired engineer, a court was told yesterday.

Alexander Palmer, 24, talked of tying up and cutting open a random dog walker years before he allegedly stabbed to death Peter Wrighton, 83, in East Harling, Norfolk.

Mr Palmer was identified to police by a psychologist who treated him as part of a mental health team at RAF Marham before he left the army in 2015, Nottingham crown court was told.

The court heard a manhunt was launched but “baffled” police were unable to uncover an “obvious suspect”.

But then a psychologist from a mental health team that treated Palmer at RAF Marham, Norfolk, before he left the Army in November 2015 called police after seeing appeals.



Descriptions released of three men detectives want to trace in connection with the murder of Peter Wrighton in East Harling

11 August 2017

‘He used to donate to the foodbank at the church’

The location where the second man police want to speak to was seen. Picture: Norfolk Police


East Harling is close to Thornham Magna.


22 February 2007

The Suffolk Hunt meets once a year at the Thornham estate, by permission of the Thornham Estate Trustees.
Lesley, Lady Henniker-Major, who lives on the Thornham Estate, was riding with the hunt and said: “It seems like a good idea to do it when there aren’t many walkers about so as not to inconvenience the general public. “We are preserving the traditions of the countryside – I just love it.”

Alexander Palmer, 23, who has been charged with the murder of Peter Wrighton. Picture Facebook.

A FORMER paratrooper has appeared in court charged with murdering an OAP stabbed to death while walking his dogs.

Palmer – who served as in the Army between 2010 and 2015 – spoke only to confirm his identity.


Vicar visits East Harling murder victim Peter Wrighton’s family to offer support

The Rev Canon Steve Wright, vicar at St Mary the Virgin Church in Banham, visited Mr Wrighton’s family


The £500,000 detached home on a new estate was searched by police on Sunday

A former gunner in the Royal Artillery appeared in court yesterday charged with the murder of an 83-year-old man in woodland in Norfolk.

Alexander Palmer, 23, is accused of the attack on Peter Wrighton, whose body was found near East Harling ten days ago. He had been walking his dogs and was stabbed several times in the neck and head.

Mr Palmer, who left the army in November 2015


Palmer began training as an Army cadet at the age of 16



odd reporting all round – esp the addresses


The court heard there would be “some sort of trial” in this case with a provisional date pencilled in for February 12 next year.

Stephen Dyble, defence barrister, confirmed there would be some kind of trial but could not expand at this stage.

Judge Holt confirmed that, at the moment, a trial date had been pencilled in for February next year. It is expected the trial might last two weeks.

Police have said The Street in East Harling remains closed whilst the investigation continues.

Detectives are also searching and forensically examining a number of locations, including at Cringleford and Dereham Road, Bawdeswell – where police confirmed Palmer was arrested – which are linked to the investigation.


Mr Wrighton had volunteered at Snetterton Dogs Trust and Bressingham Steam Museum as a guard on the trains.


East Harling murder trial delayed and moved to Nottingham court

19 January 2018

The trial of a former soldier accused of murdering a dog walker in Norfolk woodlands has been delayed by a week and moved to a court 120 miles away.

The body of dog walker Peter Wrighton, a married father and grandfather from Banham, was discovered near East Harling on Saturday, August 5.

A post-mortem examination revealed he died from multiple stab wounds to the neck and head.

Alexander Palmer, 23, of Freesia Way, Cringleford, who served with the British Army between 2010 and 2015, was charged with murder but pleaded not guilty in December last year.

He was due to stand trial at Norwich Crown Court in the week beginning February 12.

But following a hearing at the Old Bailey in London, the case has been moved to Nottingham Crown Court in the week begining February 19.

The trial is scheduled to last for two to three weeks.


J Holland @Giantkiller173

The question is this…***POLICE OPERATION SANO***was a task force looking into historical peados and Boris Johnson and Mackay were close mates when Boris taught at Geelong grammar….has Boris been questioned about the knowlegde he must have had about his best mate

Former Geelong Grammar Doctor David Mackie (right) leaves Geelong Magistrates’ Court.

Former Geelong Grammar doctor David Brian Mackey charged with 21 sex and assault offences

GEELONG Grammar’s resident doctor of more than 30 years allegedly assaulted girls and males over two decades during his tenure at the Corio campus.

Former prefect and long-term school general practitioner Dr David Brian Mackey appeared at Geelong Magistrates’ Courts on Friday facing 21 charges of assault, including 15 charges of indecent and unlawful assault of a girl, four charges of indecent assault of a male and two charges of indecent assault of a person. All alleged cases of abuse occurred in Corio between 1968 to 1989.

The victims names and ages have been suppressed but a letter from Geelong Grammar to former pupils states the complainants are past students of the school.

Dr Mackey was charged by detectives on October 25 last year following investigations into alleged abuse at Geelong Grammar School by detectives from the state’s historic sex abuse task force Sano.

Nine alleged victims are expected to form a group of up to 16 witnesses, including four former nurses and a paediatric doctor, who will give evidence at a four-day committal hearing scheduled for August.

One alleged victim will give evidence via video link from New South Wales while Magistrate John Lesser ordered a separate witness room be made available for other victims to give evidence from if they wish. Mr Lesser said it was important for all witnesses that the committal hearing was heard “in one go”.

Court documents viewed by the Geelong Advertiser allege Dr Mackie first committed the alleged abuse on January 1, 1958 — with many of the charges relating to alleged abuse over extended periods. Two charges allege Dr Mackey unlawfully assaulted a girl between January 1, 1977 and August 25, 1978.

A Geelong Grammar student from 1945, Dr Mackey was made head boy in 1952 and captained the school’s football team. He returned as the school’s resident doctor in 1964 after completing a medical degree at Melbourne University and working at The Alfred hospital and interstate. Dr Mackey held the senior position until 1993 and was fundamental in establishing the school’s Kennedy Medical Centre in 1969, replacing the closed Sanatorium.

Dr Mackey lived at the school’s Corio campus with his wife and four children during his tenure. After leaving Geelong Grammar School he worked as a general practitioner specialising in adolescent health. Dr Mackey is understood to have volunteered at Queenscliff’s Cottage by the Sea and was listed as a financial donor in the organisation’s 2014 annual report.

In the letter, current Geelong Grammar Principal Stephen Meek said: “Dr Mackey was charged with 21 offences from a number of complainants who are past students at the school”.

“The school cannot comment further as this matter is now before the court”.

Five former staff members at Geelong Grammar — Graham Leslie Dennis, John Hamilton Buckley, Stefan Van Vuuren, Philippe Trutmann and John Fitzroy Clive Harvey (known as Jonathon Harvey) — have been convicts of child sex offences.

Mr Meek said the community should have “full confidence in the school’s current medical practices and procedures”.

“Students have been able to choose male or female consulting doctors from local medical practices for many years, overseen by a senior medical officer and supported by a professional and dedicated team of nurses at our Kennedy and Timbertop medical centre,” Mr Meek said.

Mr Meek said the school, which was largely condemned for its failure to protect students by The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse commissioners, had a zero tolerance of child abuse.

“As I said during the The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse, the school deeply regrets the wrongful conduct by some of its former staff and I assure you that the current school leadership will continue to address these matters and support those affected,” Mr Meek said.

Mr Meek has urged anyone who needs support to contact its independent survivor liaison co-ordinator.

Dr Mackey, whose legal team has been granted permission to cross examine all witnesses, will appear at Geelong Magistrates’ Court on August 6.


In a statement issued in August 2015, the current principal of Geelong Grammar, Stephen Meek, said the school “absolutely condemns any form of abuse… that has occurred at the school in the past”. “I greatly regret that not all of our students received the care and support to which they were entitled”, he added,[21] whereas he had told school council meetings in 2007 that litigation regarding Trutmann’s (41) victims had been settled for about $350,000, his report described it as “Overall, this has been a very satisfactory financial outcome for the school”.[22]

List of perpetrators

  • Jonathon Harvey[23]
  • Philippe Trutmann[22]
  • John Hamilton Buckley[24]
  • The Revd John Davison (deceased)[25]
  • Graham Leslie Dennis[26]
  • Stefan Van Vurren[26]
  • The Revd Norman Smith (deceased)[26]
  • Max Guzelian (deceased)[26]
  • Andrew MacCulloch (deceased)[26]
  • “BIM”[26]

Prince Charles (1963) and Boris Johnson (1983) both at  Geelong.


Peter Bottomley (his name is on the Elm Guest House list) also at Geelong

Before university (approx 1962) Bottomley worked around Australia including three weeks teaching at Geelong Grammar School and unloading trucks in Melbourne docks.


Sexual harassment and assault rife at United Nations, staff claim

18 Jan 2018

Exclusive: Guardian investigation points to culture of impunity as UN employees allege offences including rape

“It’s atrocious, because this is an organisation that’s supposed to stand up for everyone’s rights … We’re such hypocrites.”


Outrage in Chile as Pope accuses pedophile victims of slander at the end of a visit meant to address sex abuse scandal

  • Reverend Fernando Karadima was accused of kissing and fondling victims
  • They claimed Bishop Juan Barros witnessed this but did nothing to stop it
  • Pope Francis said in Chile on Thursday that Barros accusations were ‘all calumny’
  • Comments have provoked a fierce backlash from Chileans and alleged victims 

Pope Francis has accused victims of Chile’s most notorious paedophile of slander.

He made the astonishing claim at the end of a visit meant to help heal the wounds of a sex abuse scandal that has cost the Catholic Church its credibility in the country.

On Thursday the Pope said that until he sees proof that Bishop Juan Barros was complicit in covering up sex crimes of the Reverend Fernando Karadima, accusations against Barros are ‘all calumny.’

Pope Francis has provoked outrage in Chile after accusing victims of the country’s most notorious paedophile of slander during a visit meant to help heal the wounds of the scandal

His remarks provoked outrage and shock among victims and their representatives, who noted that Karadima was sentenced by the Vatican to a lifetime of ‘penance and prayer’ for his crimes in 2011.

A Chilean judge also found the victims to be credible, saying that while she had to drop criminal charges against Karadima because too much time had passed, proof of his crimes wasn’t lacking.

‘As if I could have taken a selfie or a photo while Karadima abused me and others and Juan Barros stood by watching it all,’ tweeted Barros’ most vocal accuser, Juan Carlos Cruz.

‘These people are truly crazy, and the pontiff talks about atonement to the victims.

‘Nothing has changed, and his plea for forgiveness is empty.’

The Karadima scandal dominated the Pope’s visit to Chile and is likely to play a role in his three-day trip to Peru that began late on Thursday.

Karadima’s victims reported to church authorities as early as 2002 that he would kiss and fondle them in the swank Santiago parish he ran.

They claimed Barros had witnessed the abuse but did nothing about it.

But officials refused to believe them and Barros denied the allegations.

It was only when the victims went public with their accusations in 2010 that the Vatican launched an investigation that led to Karadima being removed from ministry.

The emeritus archbishop of Santiago then apologised for refusing to believe the victims from the beginning.

Wounds of the scandal were reopened by the Pope in 2015 when he named Barros, a protege of Karadima, as bishop of the southern diocese of Osorno.

Victims of Karadima (pictured in court in 2015) reported to church authorities as early as 2002 that he would kiss and fondle them in the swank Santiago parish he ran

Victims of Karadima (pictured in court in 2015) reported to church authorities as early as 2002 that he would kiss and fondle them in the swank Santiago parish he ran

His appointment outraged Chileans, badly divided the Osorno diocese and further undermined the church’s already shaky credibility in the country.

The Pope had aimed to help heal wounds this week by meeting with abuse victims and begging forgiveness for the crimes of church pastors.

But he struck a defiant tone when asked about Barros by a Chilean journalist.

‘The day they bring me proof against Bishop Barros, I’ll speak,’ he said.

‘There is not one shred of proof against him. It’s all calumny. Is that clear?’

He had previously defended the appointment of Barros in Osorno, calling the controversy ‘stupid’ and the result of a campaign mounted by leftists.

But the Vatican was so worried about the fallout from the Karadima affair that in 2014 it was prepared to ask Barros and two other Karadima-trained bishops to resign and go on a year-long sabbatical.

According to a letter dated January 31, 2015 from the Pope to the executive committee of the Chilean bishops’ conference, the plan fell apart and Barros was sent to Osorno.

Juan Carlos Claret, spokesman for a group of Osorno lay Catholics who have mounted a three-year campaign against Barros, questioned why Francis was now accusing the victims of slandering Barros when the Vatican was so convinced of their claims that it planned to remove him in 2014.

‘Isn’t the pastoral problem that we’re living (in Osorno) enough to get rid of him?’ Claret asked.

The reference was to the fact that – guilty or not – Barros has been unable to do his job because so many Osorno Catholics and priests don’t recognize him as their bishop.

They staged an unprecedented protest during his 2015 installation ceremony and have protested his presence ever since.

Wounds of the scandal were reopened by the Pope in 2015 when he named Juan Barros (pictured), a protege of Karadima, as bishop of the southern diocese of Osorno

Wounds of the scandal were reopened by the Pope in 2015 when he named Juan Barros (pictured), a protege of Karadima, as bishop of the southern diocese of Osorno

Anne Barrett Doyle, of the online database BishopAccountability.org, said it was ‘sad and wrong’ for the Pope to discredit the victims since ‘the burden of proof here rests with the church, not the victims – and especially not with victims whose veracity has already been affirmed.’

‘He has just turned back the clock to the darkest days of this crisis,’ she said in a statement.

‘Who knows how many victims now will decide to stay hidden, for fear they will not be believed?’

For years Catholic officials have accused victims of slandering and attacking the church with their claims.

But until Francis’ words on Thursday, many in the church and Vatican had come to reluctantly acknowledge that victims usually told the truth and that the church for decades had wrongly sought to protect its own.

German Silva, a political scientist at Santiago’s Universidad Mayor, said the Pope’s comments were a ‘tremendous error’ that will reverberate in Chile and beyond.

Patricio Navia, political science professor at Diego Portales University in Santiago, said Francis had gone much further than Chilean bishops in acknowledging the sexual abuse scandal, which many Chileans appreciated.

‘Then right before leaving, Francis turns around and says “By the way, I don’t think Barros is guilty. Show me some proof”,’ said Navia, adding that the comment will probably erase any good will the pope had won over the issue.

Navia said the Karadima scandal had radically changed how Chileans view the church.

‘In the typical Chilean family, parents (now) think twice before sending their kids to Catholic school because you never know what is going to happen,’ he said.


Andreas Baader‏ @stop1984

Operation Care got close to Royals and their friends, hence he still has full protection, imho.

further 41 charges, involving those 12 victims and two further complainants – a boy and a girl – were laid on the file. Beggars belief

Sunnyclaribel‏ @Sunnyclaribel 2

It says not enough evidence. How does that make him ‘cleared’?

Former Wirral children’s care home boss Michael John Carroll “cleared” of historic sex abuse charges

Jan 18 2018

A FORMER children’s home boss has been cleared of historic sex abuse on a young boy at a Wirral orphanage.

Paedophile Michael John Carroll – who has been jailed for similar offences at the same care home – had been due to stand trial in April in Liverpool.

But the prosecution has now decided not to pursue the allegations against him and a judge at the city’s crown court has formally entered not guilty verdicts on the three charges he faced.

69-year-old Carroll – known as John – had denied two offences of indecent assault and one of gross indecency involving the child between April 1975 and 1977 when the boy was aged between six and eight.

Lee Bonner, prosecuting, told the court that the Crown intended to offer no evidence explaining: “It is not deemed to pass the evidential test of providing a realistic prospect of conviction”.

Carroll, who lives in Weston Rhyn, Oswestry, Shropshire, was not present for the brief hearing as he is away on holiday.

It had been alleged that the offences occurred at St Edmund’s Orphanage in Bebington where he himself had been in care before taking up a job at the institution in the mid-1960s.

Twelve years later he took up a post as deputy officer in charge of a children’s home in Lambeth before taking overall charge in 1980. He was eventually dismissed following financial irregularities.

He was jailed for ten years at Liverpool Crown Court in 1999 after admitting 35 offences against 12 boys – nine of them at the Wirral home and the others in Lambeth between 1964 and 1982.

A further 41 charges, involving those 12 victims and two further complainants – a boy and a girl – were laid on the file. The charges resulted from a long-running investigation – Operation Care – by Merseyside Police into child abuse in residential homes in the North West.



In November 1997 the South London Press reported the finding of a sex dungeon complete with manacles , chains , bedding and a sleazy red light in Lambeth High-Security Police Head Quarters in South London. The civilian staff who leaked the story were suspended and Officers from Scotland Yard’s Criminal Investigation Bureau were called in.

Police Custody Suite

From the copious amounts of child pornography found at the Police Station, it was soon realised that Children from Lambeth Care Homes were being taken to the Police Station for sexual abuse, rape and use in child pornography. It is believed several senior Police Officers were renting out Children and using the Police Station as a brothel.

Paedo Sex Dungeon

Detective Chief Inspector Clive Driscoll ( who later went on to convict the Stephen Lawrence killers ) was put on the case and he soon started following up leads. However when his leads led him to politicians, including at least one who was a Lambeth Labour Councillor and is now an MP, he was taken off the case and put on disciplinary charges.

DCI Clive Driscoll – taken off the case.

However before his removal DCI Clive Driscoll had discovered that all 25 of Lambeth’s Childrens’ Homes had been run by a large paedophile network for over 20 years.

Ex-Lambeth Councillor John Mann MP has demanded an enquiry.

There were around 50 Children who had entered Lambeth Childrens’ Homes and never been seen again by their families.
The leader of Lambeth Council at the time was Ted Knight (Labour) who was a close friend of Margaret Hodge (Labour) who was leader of nearby Islington Council. It is believed that Children were “traded” between Lambeth and Islington Councils.

When Councillor Anna Tapsell, who had campaigned against the sexual abuse of Children in Lambeth Care Homes and Police Stations for over twenty years, complained about Driscoll’s removal she was visited and “warned off” by a senior Police Officer.

Councillor Anna Tapsell was warned off by a senior Police Officer.

The Metropolitan Police set up a five year investigation, and as is usual in Britain three low level paedophiles got a couple of years in jail for minor sex offences. The major players all got clean away to continue their “activities“.

Police detain a youth – was he sexually abused or used for Child pornography at the Station?

The Police claimed there weren’t any links between the Lambeth and Islington paedophile rings, but I found some glaringly obvious ones within five minutes. Abraham Jacobs was convicted in 1986 for his part in a paedophile ring that specialised in picking up run away Children in Piccadily Circus to provide for the sexual abuse by BBC Executives and Labour Party Politicians.

Ex-Deputy Leader of Islington Council Jack Straw MP and “friend”.

Abraham Jacobs had worked at both Islington and Lambeth Care Homes and was known to Margaret Hodge, Jack Straw and Ted Knight.

Ex-Leader of Islington Council Margaret Hodge MP.

Another link is Michael John Carroll. He was one of the paedophile “fall guys” from the Lambeth Care Home Scandal – this is a quaint British tradition where small time paedophiles get convicted of minor sex offences and all enquiries are then closed in to the bigger picture.
Michael John Carroll convicted Child rapist.


Even though Carroll had been a relatively low paid Council Employee, on his release from prison he bought The Grade 2 Listed Hand Hotel on Church Street in Chirk ( just outside Wrexham ) for £725,000 cash. The Crest Hotel in Wrexham is usually linked to the Wrexham Child sex abuse scandal, but The Hand Hotel was also conveniently close to Wrexham.

Another link is Jason Hoyte a convicted paedophile and Police informer. He had been warned off by Police from hanging round Islington Care Homes and had somehow avoided a CRB check and obtained a job as a Youth Worker with Lambeth Council. He was sacked in 2006 after being caught grooming Children for BBC Executives on a Council run Youth training scheme, he tried (and failed) to sue Lambeth Council for unfair dismissal. He was jailed in 2009 for 9 years for sex attacks on, and grooming of, young Children.
Already convicted paedophile Jason Hoyte received a further 9 years.

Already convicted paedophile Jason Hoyte received a further 9 years.

On January 31st 2011 a Police Constable from Lambeth Police Station, Jordan Janssen, was sentenced to a total of 12 months in prison at Southwark Crown Court, by Judge Debra Taylor, for making and distributing Child pornography. This was a result of an outside Police Force catching Janssen emailing Child pornography to a man in Scotland. It is not known how much of this Child pornography was made at Lambeth Police Headquarters. Janssen has refused to reveal the identity of other Police Officers involved.
Lambeth Police HQ – how many other British Police Stations have paedo sex dungeons?

Lambeth Police HQ – how many other British Police Stations have paedo sex dungeons?

http://spotlightonabuse.wordpress.com blog on 18th August 2013:
Update on the Lambeth Police Station ‘Sex Chamber’

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) have responded to a Freedom of Information request about the Lambeth Police Station ‘sex chamber’, first reported in a November 1997 article in the South London Press, and shared on Spotlight earlier this year. Original article

The FOI doesn’t provide much new information but confirms the accuracy of the South London Press story, i.e. there was a chamber (‘a small space’) underneath Lambeth Police Station , ‘certain items’ were found, and this prompted an investigation by Scotland Yard’s Criminal Investigations Bureau.


Gary Speed ‘one of four men coached by Bennell who went on to take own lives

Ex-Wales manager Gary Speed was one of four men who went on to take their own lives after being coached by Barry Bennell, a court has heard.

A victim – who Bennell admitted abusing in 1998 – said he had tried to contact the parents of Speed to tell them about the abuse after reading that they had struggled to get closure because they had no explanation for his death.

Speed died by apparent suicide in 2011, aged 42.

“Four people from teams I have played with, with Bennell, have taken their own lives,” he told Liverpool Crown Court.

“Whether they have taken their lives due to Barry solely I don’t know but all I know is how it’s had an impact on me and how it could impact on other people.”

The victim was speaking at the trial of Bennell who denies 48 offences of child sexual abuse against 11 complainants between 1979 and 1990.

Speaking about contacting other alleged victims of Bennell, the victim said: “When people are breaking down on the phone, on the verge of suicide, when you hear of people who have taken their own lives”.

He told the court that he knew of other former youth players who had been left “destitute” and with alcohol problems.

Seven former Medomsley prison, in Consett, officers in court charged with abusing teenage inmates

JAN 16 2018

SEVEN former prison officers who worked at a detention centre appeared in court today charged with abusing teenage inmates in the 1970s and 1980s.

The ex-staff members who worked at Medomsley Detention Centre in Consett, County Durham, were at Teesside Crown Court for an unusual hearing.

Dozens of alleged victims were in court, and a court room next door had to be used to house the others – with a live video-link relaying proceedings.

None of the accused – who are now all in their 60s and 70s – entered pleas to the allegations they face, and dates for fresh hearings were set.

The charges are the result of one of the country’s biggest inquiries into sexual and physical abuse – Operation Seabrook, which was launched in August 2013.

All the former prison officers are charged with misconduct in a public office and physical abuse. Four of them are also charged with sex offences.

The defendants are:

  • Kevin Blakey, 65, charged with two counts of misconduct, two counts of wounding and two of assault.
  • Alan Bramley, 69, charged with misconduct, wounding and two counts of assault.
  • Johnson Brian Greenwell, 70, charged with misconduct, false imprisonment, two counts of assault and a further count of committing a serious sexual offence.
  • David McClure, 62, charged with misconduct, wounding and four counts of assault.
  • John McGee, 73, charged with misconduct, four counts of assault, two counts of indecent assault, wounding and a further count of committing a serious sexual offence.
  • Christopher Onslow, 71, charged with two counts of misconduct, two of buggery without consent, two counts of wounding, two counts of wounding with intent, three counts of assault and one of indecent assault.
  • Neil Sowerby, 60, charged with misconduct, two counts of assault, four counts of indecent assault and three counts of committing a serious sexual offence.

Their addresses cannot be reported for legal reasons, and none of the alleged victims can be identified.

The detention centre, which was closed in 1988, was used for teenage offenders who often had committed minor crimes. They were usually held there for six to eight weeks.

Almost 1,500 former detainees claimed they were abused at the young offenders’ institution.

Prosecutor Jamie Hill, QC, told Judge Howard Crowson during the hour-long hearing that the expected trial would last between 12 and 14 weeks.

Mr Hill said there will be around 15,000 pages of material linked to the case, along with 235 witnesses – 70 of whom are likely to be complainants.

“This is a police investigation which has lasted approximately four years, and the police have had over 1,400 complaints relating to events at Medomsley, principally in the 70s and 80s,” said Mr Hill.

“The way the indictment is drafted, and there are 49 counts for these seven defendants, there are individual charges highlighting the most serious allegations against them and a small handful of common complaints.

“It is conceded this is a large case . . . [but] this is a huge distillation of the case. This case will have evidence from roughly 70 of the 1,400-plus complainants.

“Our current time estimate for these seven is approximately 12 to 14 weeks, taking into account prosecution evidence, defence evidence, speeches and summing up.”

A provisional date for the trial to start – as all the men are expected to plead not guilty at some stage – was set by Judge Crowson for September 3.

The defendants were all released on bail.


Poster boy for eastern European immigration dies in horror crash: Devastated fiancée of Romanian man who was first to come to UK after 2014 EU visa deal pays tribute to ‘happiest person on earth’ who ‘lived life to the full’

  • Victor Spirescu was greeted at Costa in Luton Airport by the Labour MP in 2014
  • He worked as a car washer before setting up his own business fitting air valves
  • Friends paid tribute to Mr Spirescu on Facebook and one said, You were the best’
  • He died in crash just one mile from his home in Milton Keynes at 4am yesterday

Victor Spirescu, originally from Sibiu County in central Romania, became famous after he was greeted by the Labour MP outside a Costa coffee branch at the airport in 2014 (pictured)

Victor Spirescu, originally from Sibiu County in central Romania, became famous after he was greeted by the Labour MP outside a Costa coffee branch at the airport in 2014 (pictured)

A poster boy for Romanian immigration into the UK, who was welcomed at Luton Airport by Keith Vaz before setting up his own construction business, has died in a car crash.

Victor Spirescu, 33, became famous after he was greeted by the Labour MP outside a Costa coffee branch at the airport in 2014 following the lifting of rules preventing migrants from new EU members moving to the UK.

Mr Spirescu, originally from Sibiu County in central Romania, died in a collision just one mile from his home in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, at 4am yesterday morning.

His heartbroken fiancee, Suzana Mates, 23, today told MailOnline he was the ‘happiest person on earth and said she was ‘so lost’ and ‘cannot believe he isn’t coming back’.

Victor proposed to Miss Mates on May 16 2016 in Ayia Napa, Cyprus, while they were paragliding and popped the question as they were coming in to land on her birthday.

The pair were due to get married and would have been together for three years in March.

They lived together in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, and he ran an air conditioning company – but also worked for Glenn Armstrong.

His body will be flown back to Romania where will be buried in Bucharest.

Speaking to MailOnline, Miss Mates said: ‘My future husband was in the car with a friend and there was a car accident on a straight road which is bizarre because Victor was the most confident and reliable driver and I don’t think he would make this mistake, a beginner’s mistake.

We still don’t know what happened, so many people are contacting me. I can’t cope, it is overwhelming.

‘I will book a chapel in London where everyone can come and celebrate his life. He was in the UK for four years.

‘There are a lot of people who know him and love him. The police investigation is expected to last a week.

‘He told everyone that we were going to get married, he was so excited. We were planning the wedding, he proposed to me, we were so happy.

‘There was no ring because rings are meaningless and the love we had was so inexplicable, so unexplained, we were crazy about each other.

‘I am just so lost, I’m so confused, I don’t believe this is happening and that he isn’t coming back. Oh my god, I loved him so much.

‘I need to be patient and wait for the results of the investigation, he was the most wonderful man on this planet and I loved him so very much.

‘He was so smart, so intelligent, he was the happiest person on earth, a wonderful human being and he also said carpe diem – live life to the full.

‘We are suffering, we can’t believe it. We will never forget him, I feel his energy with me even now.’

On the meeting with Keith Vaz, she said ‘he made the UK his home, he worked hard’.

She said he actually met Mr Vaz several years later when he was working near the MI6 building and walking to Westminster tube.

She added: ‘Keith said “Victor, Victor, it’s so nice to see you” and he invited him to the houses of parliament for tea one day.’

They had no date set for the wedding, they were planning one wedding in Romania and one in Cyprus as she is half-Cypriot.

Miss Mates, who spent New Year’s Eve in Scotland with his parents, added: ‘He told everyone we were getting married because he was so excited.’

Friends wrote tributes to Mr Spirescu on social media, with one adding, ‘God takes friends, you were the best’.

Adrian Claudiu posted on Facebook: ‘Today I lost a dear friend to me and my family… left way too fast between us.’

Mr Spirescu’s meeting with Mr Vaz, the then chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, was widely covered by the media.

The Romanian first set up as a car washer, before setting up Air Vent Systems LTD.

His death was widely reported in Romanian media and confirmed to MailOnline by Suzana, who said she felt ‘exhausted and devastated’.

No more details were available on Tuesday evening about the circumstances of Mr Spirescu’s death.

Upon his arrival to the UK Mr Spirescu told reporters that he was not here ‘to rob your country’, adding that he wanted to get a job, earn money, and then go back to Romania with his wife.

He has been linked to several women. He met Zoe Russell, 22, shortly after his arrival in the UK, and moved into her three-bedroom home before Mr Spirescu returned to Ms Suzana, his then ex.


Retired officers association banned from Navy training centre after failing to bar paedophiles


A Royal Navy training centre has banned an association of retired officers’ from using its base after they failed to expel two convicted predatory paedophiles from their club.

For decades, hundreds of members of the President Retired Officers Association attended formal lunches, dinners, lectures and drinks receptions at HMS President on the River Thames in London.

But, senior officers in charge of the “stone frigate” – a naval base on land – launched an investigation after finding that two high-profile sex offenders had been among those attending functions at the reservist training centre, also used by young Sea Cadets.

Image result for Allan Waters and Duncan Grant

Allan Waters and Duncan Grant were allowed to renew their membership of the retired officers association despite both being jailed in India for six years in 2006 for preying on vulnerable boys at an orphanage in Mumbai.

After completing their jail terms and arriving back in the UK five years ago, Waters, a former lieutenant commander, was made honorary secretary of the association, while Duncan Grant, previously a reservist officer, renewed his membership.

The pair triggered a scandal into how paedophiles posing as charity workers were targeting children from the poorest communities in Third World Countries.

They were convicted of using an orphanage Grant had set up to force children into performing sexual acts before passing them on to a network of sex tourists. In 2008, an Indian high court overturned their convictions for “unnatural sex acts” and conspiring to “obtain minors for immoral purposes”. Three years later, the country’s Supreme Court upheld the original convictions and the men were sent back to jail.

When Waters, now 68, and Grant, 73, completed their sentences and returned to Britain they were made to sign the Sex Offenders’ Register.

Waters’ conviction led to fears he may have targeted children while serving as a senior officer training youngsters in the Sea Cadets. In 2017, a former Sea Cadet​ alleged to a BBC Panorama programme that Waters abused him when he was 14, and attending a Cheshunt Sea Cadets centre in Hertfordshire in 1979

Last year, Commander John Herriman, the officer running HMS President, discovered the two men had been spotted attending the independent association’s functions at the Royal Navy’s centre that serves London reservists and cadets.

He then banned both Waters and Grant and the entire association from using the centre over concerns the club lacked a “rigorous” membership criteria, and consequently posed a threat to the centre’s ability to “maintain a safe training environment”.

A source close to HMS President’s senior officers praised Mr Herriman, who retired last year, for his decisive actions, explaining that he was determined to ensure an “old boys’ club” could not tarnish the reputation of a Navy training centre.

“The main concerns was that individuals who could have been or were on the Sex Offenders Register could be allowed to join such an esteemed association,” the source said. “It wasn’t considered good governance from the perspective of the President Retired Officers Association that these men could saunter back in as if nothing had happened.

“HMS President is essentially a training establishment with young people studying there. There may have been occasions where these two men would have access to the unit for lunches or events.

“The challenge running a military training establishment is to make sure you are creating a totally safe environment and there are no opportunities for risks to occur. The best way to do that was to bar the association that was thought not to have robust membership procedures in place.”

It is understood Grant played on his family’s respected military past to allow him to join the association. Grant is the grandson of Major General Sir Philip Grant, who rallied the defence against the German offensive of March 1918 in the First World War.

Waters was appointed superintendent of the Sea Cadet training centre in Portsmouth in 1996. He later became a member of the Sea Cadet Council, the highest body of the corps.

A Royal Navy Spokesperson said: “The Royal Navy has no official link with the President Retired Officers Association, but can confirm we take a very robust stance where there is any risk to our personnel, in particular vulnerable groups such as minors.”

Although no one from the association was prepared to speak on the record, a source said that Waters and Grant were allowed to renew their membership because they had served their sentence and were only attending functions where no young cadets or reservists would be present.

He added that many of the members of the association felt the blanket ban on holding functions at HMS President unfairly penalised retired officers who played no part in allowing the two paedophiles to renew their membership and may have been unaware of their criminal past.

Image result for Dr Jackie Craissati

Dr Jacqueline Craissati from London is made an MBE by Prince Willim

Jackie Craissati is a HCPC registered Consultant Clinical and Forensic Psychologist, Trustee of Samaritans, and a Non-executive Director for a large mental health trust.

Patron of Samaritans is Prince Charles

Jan 1989
Clinical Director and Head of Forensic Psychology
The Bracton Centre, Oxleas NHS Trust
Dartford, United Kingdom
Jan 1989
Clinical Director and Head of Department
Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust · Forensic Psychology
Dartford, United Kingdom

Psychologist who recommended taxi rapist John Worboys for release has spent 30 years calling for softer sentences for sex offenders and paedophiles

15 Jan 2018

His release was signed off by the Parole Board following a report by Dr Jackie Craissati, a renowned clinical psychologist hired by Worboys’ defence team.

Four years ago, she argued that there were different levels of severity of child abuse in a paper entitled ‘Can paedophiles be good people?’

She also criticised the media coverage of child molesters, claiming that it made them ‘defensive, anxious, withdrawn, uncooperative’.


Lady Lucan, widow of Lord Lucan, found dead in London

27 September 2017


Lord Lucan’s wife killed herself

9 JAN 2018

The court heard Lady Lucan had gone through the final edit of her autobiography a month before she died with publisher, Pamela McCleave, which she hoped would come out before Christmas.



Lord Lucan

Lady Lucan ‘left her fortune to charity rather than her children’

Lady Lucan’s husband, John Bingham, the 7th Earl of Lucan, disappeared in November 1974.

Lady Lucan pictured in 1975, as it was reported that she had left her fortune to a homeless charity (PA)

Lady Lucan pictured in 1975

January 14 2018

Lady Lucan, whose husband famously vanished in the 1970s, cut her children out of her will and left her fortune to a homeless charity, her daughter is reported to have said.

The 80-year-old was found dead at her home in Westminster, central London, by police in September after she was reported missing.

Lady Lucan, formally named Veronica, Dowager Countess of Lucan, severed relations with her family in the 1980s, and continued to decline contact with them right up until her death.

George Bingham, the only son of missing peer Lord Lucan (Nick Ansell/PA)

She had three children, Frances, Camilla and George, now the 8th Earl of Lucan.

Camilla Bingham, a QC, told the Daily Mail after an inquest held in London: “Mummy left her estate to the homeless charity, Shelter.”

The charity told the newspaper the proceeds will “help us to continue fighting bad housing and homelessness”.

Despite Lady Lucan’s severance of ties her family said they remembered her “lovingly and with admiration”.

They said in a statement after her death: “She had a sharp mind, and when she spoke it, she did so eloquently. She was courageous and, at times, outrageous, with a mischievous sense of humour.

“She was, in her day, beautiful and throughout her life fragile and vulnerable, struggling as she did with mental infirmity.

“To us she was and is unforgettable.”

Lady Lucan’s husband, John Bingham, the 7th Earl of Lucan, disappeared in November 1974.

Lord Lucan vanished following the discovery of the body of nanny Sandra Rivett at the family’s home at 46 Lower Belgrave Street, central London, on November 7 1974.

Although officially declared dead by the High Court in 1999, he was reportedly sighted in Australia, Ireland, South Africa and New Zealand, and claims even surfaced that he had fled to India and lived as a hippy called “Jungly Barry”.

On the night of his disappearance, Lady Lucan was also beaten severely before she managed to escape and raise the alarm at a nearby pub, the Plumbers Arms.

Lord Lucan’s car was later found abandoned and soaked in blood in Newhaven, East Sussex, and a year later an inquest jury declared the wealthy peer was the killer.

In 2017 Lady Lucan gave a television interview in which she said she believed Lord Lucan had made the “brave” decision to take his own life.

The aristocrat is said to have killed herself with a cocktail of drink and drugs after wrongly self-diagnosing with Parkinson’s disease.


Lord Lucan


Lord Lucan, and Veronica Duncan, who became Lady Lucan.


Lady Diana’s mother Frances Ruth Roche was married to Earl Spencer.

Frances Ruth Roche then left Earl Spencer and married Peter Shand Kydd.

Peter Shand Kydd’s half brother was Bill Shand Kydd.

Bill Shand Kydd was married to Christina, the sister of Lord Lucan’s wife Veronica Duncan.

Bill Shand Kydd eventually brought up the children of Lord Lucan, George Bingham and his two sisters.


The arrogant behaviour of some of Lucan’s former associates did little to quell the conspiracy theories. Aspinall, in particular, enjoyed goading the police and the media by camping up the “Clermont Set’s” reputation for ruthlessness and snobbery. “If she’d been my wife, I’d have bashed her to death five years before and so would you,” he told the police .


After leaving the train station, the prince was met by community dignitaries and Sir Jimmy Savile.

Sir Jimmy, who has known the prince for 42 years, said: “In case he had forgotten who I was, I introduced myself as Lord Lucan and because he’s got a terrific sense of humour, that was him finished for the next five minutes.”

Prince Charles and Jimmy Savile

Prince Charles – with Sir Jimmy Savile -praised hospice staff


‘I helped Lord Lucan live a secret life in Africa’

A former assistant to the late billionaire John Aspinall has stepped forward with an extraordinary account of the Lucan mystery.



10 March 2012

Scotland Yard received a report that Lord Lucan had been spotted standing on a bridge in Kenya with a close friend but failed to investigate.

A holidaymaker visiting the East African country in the late Eighties told police he had seen the fugitive Earl with his brother-in-law Bill Shand Kydd, the step-uncle of Princess Diana.

A source told The Mail on Sunday that the sighting was believed to be credible because detectives were working on the theory that the aristocrat had settled in Kenya after fleeing Britain.

But within days of the report being made to police in 1988 or 1989, officers were told to discontinue the inquiry and the lead was never followed up.

The source said: ‘It was never said why the inquiry was dropped.’

Scotland Yard would not comment on reports of specific sightings.

Bill Shand Kydd’s half-brother Peter Shand Kydd became Princess Diana’s stepfather when he married her mother Frances.

Meanwhile, a source claimed that two of Lucan’s relatives believe he is alive and are plotting to bring him back to the UK to settle a land dispute case.

It is believed the dispute centres on land in Ireland.

Tenants stopped paying rent when Lucan disappeared in 1974, arguing they should not have to pay to an absent landlord.

The source said: ‘They know where he is.


Police arrest 20 men for alleged involvement in Calderdale grooming gang

Police urge victims to come forward after crackdown in West Yorkshire

Jan 16 2018


Truthseeker‏ @thewakeupcall09:

This comes as no shock, as paedophile rings have been operating in Calderdale for decades. Rod Ryall was Calderdale council’s Director of Social Services and convicted paedophile.

Rod Ryall former Calderdale Council’s Director of Social Services – JAILED FOR SEX OFFENCES

Social Work Today 1st December 1988

Brian Roycroft Report 13.19 states “There is no evidence that offences were being committed against any other boys. The police satisfied themselves on this point. None of the offences were committed on boys whilst in care.”

Aillie Kerrane, Calderdale Council operations manager, said: “We were aware of problems and we have got a number of strategies in place to tackle them, including the appointment of a new manager. (2005) Westgarth did not meet basic standards

Calderdale Social Services Inquiry Report

Blood-soaked body of ‘James Bond-style’ private eye who conned the fund to find Maddie McCann out of £300,000 is found at his Surrey mansion

  • EXCLUSIVE: Mystery surrounds the death of private detective Kevin Halligen, 56
  • His body was found at a Surrey mansion and police have launched a probe
  • Halligen took over the private investigation into the McCann case in May 2008 but was later accused of conning the family fund out of £300,000

The blood-soaked body of a private detective who probed the disappearance of Maddie McCann has been found at his Surrey mansion.

Mystery surrounds the death of Kevin Halligen, 56, who is said to have presented himself as a ‘cloak-and-dagger, James Bond-style spy’. Police today confirmed to MailOnline today that a probe has been launched into the circumstances.

Kevin Halligen, 56, pictured, was found dead in a Surrey mansion. Police have launched an investigation into the death which is being treated as 'unexplained', a spokesman said

Halligen took over the private investigation into the McCann case in May 2008 but was later accused of conning the family fund out of £300,000.

It is believed he was found at the home he shared with his long-term girlfriend. There is no suggestion that she was involved in his death. Sources said the house was ‘covered in blood’.

A spokesman for Surrey Police said today: ‘We were called to an address in Cobbett Hill Road, Normandy, Guildford, on Monday following a report of a man in his 50s having been taken unwell, who subsequently died.

‘The death is being treated as unexplained and a file will be passed to the coroner’s office in due course.’

Former associates of Halligen described him as a heavy drinker. One ex-colleague told MailOnline: ‘The house was covered in blood but apparently that was from Kevin falling down so much.

‘His body is now in the morgue. The police are looking into it.’

Defence consultant Tim Craig-Harvey, a former associate of Halligen, wrote online: ‘The lies and alcohol finally caught up with him.’

Another source told MailOnline: ‘He died at his girlfriend’s place near Guildford, a miserable pathetic death caused by alcohol.’

The McCanns hired Halligen’s firm in a bid to boost the search for Maddie after failing to come up with any plausible leads one year after she went missing.

They agreed a £500,000 fee with Oakley International, which was described by a source close to the family as ‘extremely secretive’ but ‘absolutely the best’.

Defence consultant Tim Craig-Harvey, a former associate of Halligen, wrote online: 'The lies and alcohol finally caught up with him'

Defence consultant Tim Craig-Harvey, a former associate of Halligen, wrote online: ‘The lies and alcohol finally caught up with him’

Kate and Gerry McCann were initially impressed by Dublin-born Halligen, believing he ‘was in a different league’ to other private investigators.

He boasted of employing ex-FBI, CIA and Special forces officers while offering undercover surveillance and intelligence gathering in Portugal.

The detective even said he could provide satellite imagery and details of telephone traffic from the night Madeleine disappeared.

But within a year, questions began to emerge about Oakley and Halligen in particular.

Researchers claimed that the firm had not looked into hundreds of calls made to a special hotline – while specialists found that their bills were unpaid.

The promised satellite images also allegedly turned out to have been grabbed from Google Earth.

Six months into the highly-paid assignment, the McCanns were growing increasingly concerned about Halligen.

A family friend said: ‘He had this sense of cloak-and-dagger, acting as if he were a James Bond-style spy.

‘The McCanns found him hard to deal with, because he was forever in another country and using different phones. He promised the earth but it came to nothing.’

The contract was terminated early after £300,000 had been paid to Halligen.

MailOnline understands that relations broke down after the detective’s team discovered he was enjoying a lavish lifestyle, staying in the best hotels and eating at the top restaurants in London – all at the expense of the Find Madeleine fund.

Colleagues said that far from being an expert in undercover operations, Halligen was ‘out of his depth’ with ‘no experience of such investigations.’

There is no suggestion that any former associates are involved in the death of Kevin Halligen.

After being sacked from the McCann investigation in 2009, Halligen was arrested in the UK and extradited to America on fraud charges for an unrelated case

He pleaded guilty to defrauding Trafigura, based in the Netherlands, who had hired him to help free two company executives arrested in Ivory Coast in 2006.

He received about $12 million to provide ‘security, intelligence and public relations’.

Trafigura gave Halligen an additional $2.1 million to ‘hire lobbyists and influence officials in the United States on Trafigura’s behalf’.

The next day, Halligen used nearly $1.7 million of that money to buy a large home with a swimming pool.

The Washington Post reported at the time: ‘Owners of Washington restaurants remember him spending thousands on long, boozy days and evenings. He traveled everywhere in a chauffeured Lincoln.’

One restaurant owner said he and his staff called Halligen ‘James Bond’ because of his stories of spy derring-do and his habit of tossing around huge sums of cash.

His fraud conviction carried a maximum of 20 years in prison, but under federal sentencing guidelines he would serve no more than 41 months.

As he had been in custody awaiting trial for 42 months, he was freed and deported, returning to his birthplace of Dublin.

In 2014, Kevin Halligen made a rare public appearance, agreeing to be interviewed for a Channel 5 documentary – The McCanns and The Conman.

He denied that he misused money raised to find Madeleine. Answering claims that he spent the money on first class travel, luxury hotel suites and a chauffeur, he said: ‘It is gross distortion of what was actually happening.’

A source close to Kate and Gerry McCann said they had terminated their contract with Oakley international at the end of 2008 and had not had anything to do with Kevin Halligen since.

‘Clearly this is now a matter for the police and the Coroner’s office,’ the insider said.

The hunt for Madeleine McCann continues, more than 10-and-a-half years after her disappearance.

A team from Scotland Yard has been probing the case since 2011 at a cost to the British taxpayer of more than £11.3million. Portuguese police have lead status in the investigation.

In October 2017, the Home Office allocated an extra £154,000 to Scotland Yard to pursue a ‘critical line of inquiry’ and extend the search to the end of March 2018.

Former chair of governors, 68, appears in court accused of sex offences against boys and girls at £37,000-a-year private school

Brian Martin is accused of offences against boys and girls aged between 13-17
The 68-year-old carried out the alleged offences between 2005 and 2010
He has denied charges said to have taken place at Queen Ethelburga’s College


Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate

Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate comprises four schools:- Chapter House Preparatory School, King’s Magna Middle School, Queen Ethelburga’s College and The Faculty of Queen Ethelburga’s. It also has a Kindergarten for children under three.


In November 2015 North Yorkshire Police reported that former chair of governors Brian Martin, 66, had been arrested on 20 October in Harrogate on suspicion of indecent assault on a child and on conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and voyeurism. Martin stepped down as chair of governors.[15].[16] He was later charged with 10 counts of indecent assault, three counts of attempted buggery and one count each of possessing indecent images and buggery. All charges relate to two children between 1982 and 1995. He is due to stand trial at Leeds Crown Court on 10 July 2017.[17]

In 2015, £5,000,000 of taxpayers’ money was used to subsidise Armed Forces’ boarders at the school. This was more than double the amount paid to any other fee-paying school. [18]

In May 2016 The Guardian reported that, in March 2012, $20,792 (£14,350) was sent via Lloyds Bank in Harrogate to Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate. This was said to be money laundered from the Russian Hermitage Capital Management fraud.[19]

In September 2017, The Guardian reported that £89,800 were transferred to Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate. The money was reportedly connected to the Azerbaijani Laundromat scandal, in which the Azerbaijani government is supposedly involved.[20]


Rusbridger’s Ghost‏ @JamesRusbridger

Croydon headmaster John Coatman spared jail for abusing teenage boy

A former headmaster, honoured for his services to young people, has been spared jail after admitting sexually abusing a 15-year-old boy.

In August 2016 retired John Coatman, 76, was found guilty of gross indecency for an offence committed in the 1970s.

His conviction had been thrown out by the Court of Appeal last April because of an error on his charge sheet.

When the case returned to the Old Bailey for a retrial he pleaded guilty to a charge of indecent assault.

‘Rough and tumble’

Coatman, of Leyburn Gardens, Croydon, south London, was sentenced by Judge Anne Molyneux to 21 months imprisonment, suspended for two years.

He was also made subject to a 12-month supervision order.

The court heard that the teenager would visit Coatman’s home, where they would engage in “rough and tumble”, which later took a sexual turn as the adult touched the boy over his clothes.

Matters escalated when, on three separate occasions, the pair undressed in Coatman’s bedroom and the head teacher touched the boy sexually.

‘Difficult to comprehend’

The defendant was headteacher of St Andrew’s secondary school in Croydon, but the complainant was not a pupil there.

Coatman retired in 1998 after 42 years as a teacher and was awarded an MBE in 2012.

Prosecutor Mark Trafford QC told the Old Bailey: “The defendant’s MBE for services to young people was something that he (the complainant) found difficult to comprehend under the circumstances.”

Claims against Coatman, who has inoperable cancer, surfaced in 2014.

In a victim impact statement, the complainant said the incidents had left him with emotional and relationship difficulties.

Sentencing, Ms Molyneux said: “You were in a position of considerable trust, and he trusted you. He enjoyed being with you over a short period of time.”



11 January 2018

A man abused as a child by a paedophile teacher is demanding to know why an inquiry into what happened has not been published.

David Nolan started as a pupil at St Ambrose in Altrincham in 1972: the same time teacher Alan Morris joined the school.

Image result for Reverend Deacon Alan Morris

Rev Alan Morris 

The Roman Catholic Holy Angels’ Church

St. Ambrose College is a Catholic Boy’s Secondary School situated adjacent to Holy Angels Church and Hale Road, near the centre of Hale Barns village. The Christian Brothers came to England from Guernsey during the Second World War and remained to establish the college in 1946.

In December 2012, the college was implicated in a child sex abuse case involving teaching staff carrying out alleged acts of abuse both on and off school grounds, although no current staff are said to be involved.[20]More than fifty former pupils contacted police, either as victims of, or witnesses to, sexual abuse. The alleged sexual abuse, including molestation of children while corporal punishment was administered, stemmed from 1962 onwards and continued over four decades.[21]


50 ‘old boys’ speak out in school abuse probe

Police have received a steady stream of former pupils alleging they were sexually abused by teachers from St Ambrose College in Hale Barns between 1962 and the 1990s

28 JAN 2013

A police sex abuse probe at a top Catholic school has now uncovered more than 50 possible victims and witnesses.

As the sheer scale of the investigation became apparent, the detective leading the enquiry into St Ambrose College in Hale Barns said he was determined to ensure ‘justice is done’.

Some ‘old boys’ who have been in touch with officers have alleged they were molested both in the school and at the homes of teachers.

Others have come forward as witnesses to alleged abuse.

The police investigation has uncovered at least five former teachers against whom allegations have been made.

One former teacher has already been arrested and released on bail pending further enquiries.

The police investigation is concentrating on a period between 1962 and to the 1990s.

It is understood some allegations were made by pupils at the time but they had second thoughts about pursuing their grievances.

Former pupils who have now come forward say they were sexually abused while they were being given corporal punishment.

No current teachers have been implicated in any of the allegations being investigated.

One ‘old boy’ : “All the school friends I have spoken to are expressing a degree of surprise it has taken so long for this to come out.

“There was questionable behaviour going on from members of staff. Most people were aware of it. But, obviously, times have changed since the Jimmy Savile scandal.

“The size of the police investigation just shows how this spans generations. These are not just one-off incidents. There was a culture of violence over several years.”

Det Insp Jed Pidd said: “We have received dozens of calls from former pupils reporting historic sexual abuse. Reporting such matters is clearly a very difficult and distressing thing to do and we are working hard to support them.

“We are determined to identify any offenders and have a dedicated team of officers working towards one primary objective: to ensure justice is done.

“It would not be appropriate to divulge the number of potential victims at this time, but they and the wider public can be reassured that we are working closely with the CPS to ensure this wide-reaching investigation is dealt with thoroughly and as quickly as possible.

“These are historic allegations with the date of the last alleged incident being in the 1990s, and the school has and continues to provide every support and cooperation with this investigation that it can.”


10th November 2014

Altrincham school suspends staff over Alan Morris abuse allegations

AN Altrincham school has suspended two members of staff over allegations they knew about the sexual abuse carried out by disgraced former teacher, Alan Morris.

Morris, 64, of Rivington Road, Hale, was jailed for nine years in August after being found guilty of committing a string of sexual offences at St Ambrose Catholic College, Hale Barns.

The former Chemistry and RE teacher was convicted of 19 offences of indecent assault and inciting a child to perform an act of gross indecency.

The offences were committed against ten boys between 1973 and 1990.

On Friday, a St Ambrose College spokesman said: “Following allegations from a former pupil that two members of staff may have been aware of Alan Morris’s activities, on the advice of the police and local authority the school has suspended those two members of staff pending an independent inquiry.”

Earlier this year, Minshull Street Crown Court judge, Timothy Mort, concluded that Morris had had ‘shamefully used’ his victims for his own sexual gratification.

The court heard that Morris joined the then Christian Brothers private school straight out of university and quickly established himself as the head of discipline, later becoming deputy head.

He used his position of authority as a ‘cloak’ to make inappropriate use of corporal punishment, often repeatedly targeting specific individuals.

Numerous witnesses, many of whom were at the school during different decades, described Morris taking them into isolated areas of the school because they needed to be ‘chastised’, before he would hit them with various implements or his own hand.


Image result for Reverend Deacon Alan Morris

Alan Morris was jailed three years ago for abusing 10 boys, including David. As he began his sentence, specialists started an investigation into how he escaped justice for so long.

So why are those findings still a secret?


Image result for Reverend Deacon Alan Morris

Morris was a deacon with Holy Angels Church, Hale Barns, at the time of his arrest and was subsequently withdrawn from active ministry with the Diocese of Shrewsbury.


St Ambrose RC College in Altrincham

Mr. Alan Morris was ordained to the Diaconate by Bishop Malone in Holy Angels in the summer of 1992, and recently took early retirement.

The first Speech Day under Brother Coleman’s headship took place in the spring of 1985, with Brother Foley, our former Headmaster of 1961-67, as Guest of Honour. This has since become an annual event, with distinguished guests including David Alton, Chris Patten and Dr.John Morrill (Cambridge historian. old boy of Altrincham Grammar School, who has recently been ordained to the diaconate). as well as an old boy in the person of John Bason.

Image result for teacher Alan Morris

The first small group of sixth-formers to visit Quarr Abbey on the Isle of Wight accompanied Alan Morris there in the summer of 1972. This venture became an annual event for the next twenty years.

In addition to joining in the community life of the Benedictine monks, especially the celebration of daily Mass and the Divine Office, the parties visited places of interest on the Island. Osborne House, the favourite holiday home of Queen Victoria, was a great treat. The walk up the extensive chalk downs on the south west corner of the island above Freshwater Bay. Tennyson Down, was always popular. Tours of the ancient churches of the island were conducted by Alan Morris

Brother J.C. Ring (1973-1979)

Brother Ring had taught at St.Ambrose College during the ‘Woodeaves’ period in the 1950s. He had later taught at Blackpool, Orrell and St.Edwardts, Liverpool. A generous, sensitive, sincere man, with a dry sense of humour (a Limerick man!), he was always immaculately dressed. Cultivated and cultured, he enjoyed visiting the theatre and Halle concerts (often in the company of Mr.Alan Morris); his brother was a professional singer.

Brother Sheehan

When some years back, he asked Rev Alan Morris to conduct his funeral, he suggested they got out their diaries!


Mr Geoffrey Chilcott

Reverend Deacon Alan Morris presided at the funeral service in a packed church. Geoff came to St. Ambrose from St. Benedict’s, Ealing


Paul Kearns

1962 – 2012

Paul’s service at Holy Angels, was presided over by his Jesuit priest friends from Stonyhurst College , Fr Michael Halloran and Fr John Twist along with Deacon Alan Morris.



Darren Pearce‏ @DarrenP24191399

What is the ailment that means an MP can go on working and only affects his accountability for his behaviour, I wonder? What doctor recognises such a condition?KeithVaz

Dame Alun Roberts

You wouldn’t think the man standing behind at this Yemen Day event is actually written off sick to avoid parliamentary scrutiny of his rent boys saga, would you?

HRH Crafty Muvva  @craftymuvva

Keith Vaz – Too ill to be investigated by the Parliamentary Standards Office, but well enough to chair the Yemen Parliamentary Group. Can anyone explain this please?

Jan 10 2018


Anyone at all? you guys like a good dig at . Perhaps you can get to the bottom of it as aren’t responding.

WESTMINSTER SLEAZE: The investigation into disgraced Keith Vaz, the Labour MP accused of paying for rent boys & was taped discussing buying cocaine, has been suspended… because he’s not very well.


justme‏ @zante03:

lest we forget it was alleged that KEITH VAZ “young man” Daniel Dragusin paid for the rent boys through the SILVER STAR charity …

“ill” Keith Vaz out and about in last month tweeted by Midland Heart today

Why would it even take nigh on SIXTEEN MONTHS for the investigation to get going on KEITH VAZ . He is using the GREVILLE JANNER defence

“ill” keith vaz in Jan this year out and about

“ill” keith vaz looked miles better 11 days ago

Barry Bennell Trial, day four: Trial continues after Bennell called alleged victim’s allegations ‘impossible’
January 11, 2018

The sex abuse trial of former football coach Barry Bennell enters its fourth day today, after the first alleged victim gave evidence yesterday.

The testimony, provided via video, said that Benell, a scout for Manchester City at the time, was “touchy” with the alleged victim when he first met the coach at the age of about 11.

The complainant said Bennell had a set of bunk beds next to his own bed in the room above the video shop he ran, adding that “he always put music on in the bedroom. It was panpipe music.”

Following a break for lunch the alleged victim was cross-examined while sitting behind a screen, with talkRADIO reporter Alex Dibble saying there was some “definite tension” between him and the defence.

The court also saw a recreaction of a police interview with Barry Bennell, in which the defendant said his first alleged victim was “the one that got away with it” by not being groomed.

Bennell also called some of the claims against him “ridiculous” and said he’d never do some of the things alleged while there were other boys in the bed at the same time.

The defendant even described some of the testimony of the first alleged victim as “impossible”, saying he “would never do something like that”.

Bennell has already admitted seven sexual abuse charges, but denies a further 48, relating to 11 complainants.


 Roman Polanski will not face criminal charges for allegations of 1975 molesting

Prosecutors will not bring criminal charges against director because they say allegations that woman was molested during a photo shoot are too old

Los Angeles prosecutors will not bring criminal charges against Oscar-winning director Roman Polanski after a woman said he molested her in 1975 – when she was 10 years old – because the allegations are too old.

A district attorney’s office memo obtained by the Associated Press on Monday says prosecutors were declining to bring charges in the case because the statute of limitations had expired.

The 84-year-old Polanski has been a fugitive since fleeing to France in 1978 while awaiting sentencing for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old.

The latest allegations were reported to police in October. The woman said she was molested during a photo shoot in 1975 after Polanski had her pose nude.


‘Feminist’ Natalie Portman Wants Child Rapist Roman Polanski Pardoned

January 12, 2018

Natalie Portman is a total feminist. For instance, at the Golden Globes, she wore all black, signaling that it’s “Time’s Up” for sexual harassment in Hollywood. And she made it clear while she was presenting the award for Best Director how uncool it was that only men (gross) were nominated.

The appearance of it all is lovely, of course. But Portman, like the rest of her Hollywood cohorts righteously decked-out in all black, is a phony.

It appears that Ms. Portman only cares about some instances of sexual misconduct, or that people merely believe she cares, since the actresses signed a petition calling for child rapist Roman Polanski to be pardoned.

Portman signed the petition created in 2009 by France’s Bernard Henri Levy, which called for the release of the director. Other Hollywood elites, such as Harrison Ford and Emma Thompson (before she eventually removed her name) also lent their signatures.

Polanski, as you might recall, pleaded guilty to child rape in 1978 and has been accused of sexual misconduct by at least five women.

“The incident which sparked the long battle took place in 1977, when Polanski had unlawful sex with 13-year-old Samantha Gailey at actor Jack Nicholson’s Hollywood home,” reported the BBC in 2009. “The film-maker was arrested and charged with a string of offences, eventually admitting to having sex with a minor. The other charges were dropped as part of a plea bargain.”

But, remember, Portman wore all black and bashed men while the cameras were rolling, so she’s still a feminist. Or something.


Image result for "toby young" + "epstein"

Image result for toby young wife

Toby Young in convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s black book

The journalist Toby Young, said: ‘I’ve never been within 100 yards of him and we move in completely separate worlds.


Christina‏ @55krissi55

Private Eye reports TobyYoung attended a Secret Eugenics Meetings in which he discussed & option of giving Children something 2 make them sleep so they would not be aware of being abused. Also, discussed was preventing Working Class from breeding London Free School

Paul Lewis‏ @paullewismoney
So it wasn’t “the one-sided caricature from his armchair critics” but this stunning revelation in Private Eye about Toby Young that would surely have got him sacked. He attended a recent secret eugenics conference with neo-nazis and paedophiles (c) Private Eye

Free School advocate Toby Young linked to neo-Nazi who argues sex with unconscious children is acceptable

Toby Young accepted a request to speak at a eugenics conference organised by a well-known neo-Nazi called Emil Kirkegaard:

Toby Young – who is supposed to be a leading avocate of Free Schools – is openly mixing with people who think raping children is acceptable.

Young spoke at this conference last July.


Michael‏ @therightarticle

Michael Gove still defending Toby Young after revelations about his links to Nazi eugenics enthusiasts


Some of the tweets which sparked calls for Toby Young to step down from his role

Toby Young RESIGNS from new universities regulator just eight days into role

  • Position at Office For Students watchdog was put into jeopardy over sick tweets
  • Obscene tweets including a sexual ‘joke’ about starving children on Comic Relief

Mr Young – a close friend of Cabinet Ministers Boris Johnson and Michael Gove – was a self-confessed pornography addict who had watched thousands of adult films.

Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg said:

I am a huge admirer of Mr Young’s pioneering work in free schools and do not believe he is unsuitable to work with young people in universities.’   

Universities minister Jo Johnson

He spent three months in Kenya in 2013 to help a friend who was trying to establish a primary school and added: ‘I’ve helped set up four free schools and have been running a charity for more than a year, helping other people set up schools.

Mr Johnson, who is Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s brother, dismissed Mr Young’s detractors as ‘armchair critics’.

He stood firm in his support of Mr Young, who is a champion of free schools, which were introduced by David Cameron’s administration.

Schools like Pembroke House in Gilgil, where I’ve put my own four children for half a term. In these antiquated institutions, which seem to have been preserved in aspic from the 1950s, the ideals of British education have survived, untarnished by state interference.


Before setting off for Kenya, where I’m spending six weeks helping The Spectator’s ‘Wild life’ columnist, Aidan Hartley, set up a school,


 Toby Young’s friend Aidan Hartley

Hartley serves as an adviser in the U.K.-based, oil-exploration company Soma Oil and Gas Holdings Ltd., which is chaired by Baron Howard and active in Somalia, and in which Hartley is a minority shareholder.


Lord Howard

Fraud probe dropped against Michael Howard-led Soma Oil & Gas


After leaving Reuters, Hartley worked as an analyst for the International Crisis Group (Soros & co)


Police officer caught with 1,500 child sex abuse images walks free from court after judge takes pity

PC Darren Wright admitted downloading, possessing and sharing pictures of child sex abuse, but the judge ruled he committed the crimes in a “state of considerable isolation”

The 38-year-old, who worked for Merseyside Police, amassed the collection over a two-year period.

But he was spared jail after Liverpool Crown Court heard how he suffered mental health problems after twice battling leukaemia.

The stash included 23 Category A images – the most serious category in sentencing guidelines – involving child rape.

Wright had downloaded a further 26 Category B and 1,368 Category C indecent photographs.

Judge Denis Watson, QC, said Wright made a positive contribution to society but developed mental health issues after two bouts of cancer.


HRH Crafty Muvva  @craftymuvva

Since when did mental health issues cause people to become nonces?

Judge Denis Watson QC gets the ‘Judge Mental’ award today for sentencing Andreas Bauminis, a Latvian national to only 8 months in prison despite the fact that he possessed an alleged snuff movie.

“A 20-minute ‘snuff’ video showed a 15-year-old girl being raped, strangled with a wire and apparently murdered before being wrapped in a plastic sheet and dragged out the room.”

Regardless of whether it was genuine or not, and the Judge having watched it thought it was genuine, anyone who would seek to get pleasure from such a video should receive a much greater custodial sentence than 8 months (out in 4 months).

It is also rather odd that a story that involves a ‘snuff’ movie, which must surely now be evidence in a potential murder inquiry somewhere in the world and a tip off from The Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation has only been reported in a few local newspapers. So, unusual did this seem to me that I had to contact Liverpool Crown Court and the Police myself to verify the details.



Man who raped toddler walks free because judge says there is ‘no real purpose’ in imprisoning him

Legal technicality meant John Mason escaped harsher sentence

16 September 2017

Speaking at Liverpool Crown Court, Judge Denis Watson, QC, said: “Although you committed a grave offence which has had a lasting impact, you too are wracked with remorse for what you have done.


Another case where Judge Denis Watson, QC gives a slap on the wrist..HarrisPolak was the “darling” of Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative party in 1976 when he addressed the conference at the age of 17. 

He stole  £650,000 told to pay back just £1,620

He has a brother Stuart Polak.

 Harris Polak and Stuart Polak

Image result for "Reva Polak" uk

Fake charity collector who netted £650,000 told to pay back just £1,620

A shamed businessman branded “low” by charities after stealing £650,000 from people who believed they were donating to good causes was ordered to pay back just £1,620 after blowing a fortune on holidays. And his wife got off.

His wife Reva Polak is accused of aiding and abetting him in those alleged crimes.

Reva Polak was also charged with handling stolen goods, the proceeds of the alleged frauds and theft, between October 2007 and October 2011, to which Harris Polak was charged as an aider and abetter.


Fraudster Harris Polak with his wife Reva

Polak was the “darling” of Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative party in 1976 when he addressed the conference at the age of 17

Conman: Harris Polak was today jailed for 45 months after stealing more than £200,000 from charity collection boxes

Harris Polak, 54, organised bucket collections outside supermarkets for charities, including Cancer Relief UK.

He helped raise more than £655,000 from 2007 to 2011 and was supposed to take a small percentage as his commission, Liverpool Crown Court heard.

But instead he swindled the charities, which also included the Wirral’s Clatterbridge Cancer Research Trust and Cerebral Palsy Care For Children, out of an estimated £213,906.83. Polak – who was once the youngest person to address a Conservative party conference – was jailed last July for 45 months.

Image result for harris polak liverpool

Polak was the “darling” of Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative party in 1976 when he addressed the conference at the age of 17. A year later, his record was beaten by the now Foreign Secretary William Hague, then aged 16.

Judge Denis Watson QC, said Polak had stolen a “breathtaking figure”, which he largely spent on holidays, including luxury cruises.

The judge added: “The harm to public confidence is immense. Giving to public causes will suffer immensely because of this.”

He ordered Polak to pay back £1,620 within 28 days or face another four weeks behind bars.


A LIVERPOOL man and his wife are accused of a criminal plot in which cancer charities were allegedly defrauded.

Harris Polak is charged with fleecing a number of organisations of up to £250,000, the ECHO can reveal.

It is alleged the 53-year-old stood outside supermarkets across the country under the guise of raising cash for cancer organisations.

But a Merseyside Police investigation has probed Harris and wife Reva’s business dealings over the past half-decade and will claim a complex and long-running fraud that amounted to a quarter of a million pounds.

It is alleged the Polaks knowingly committed the offences over a six-year period, between January 2005 and September last year.

The ECHO understands the former Broadgreen butcher stationed himself close to shops with collection boxes and lobbied customers for money.

It is believed Polak was in contact with some of the cancer charities but prosecutors will argue substantial sums of money subsequently went missing.

Former King David School pupil Polak, from Childwall , is charged with two counts of fraud by false representation and three counts of money laundering.

His wife Reva, also 53, is accused of three money laundering offences.

Over the past ten years records show he was a secretary or director of at least five different companies, all since dissolved.

The latest, called Portfolio Services Ltd, of which Polak was a charity consultant, collapsed just over two months ago.

Another charity he was connected to was The Longmeade Wellness Foundation while he had senior roles in firms called Pledge Direct UK Ltd, Enablize Limited and Optimum Advice Ltd, official papers show.

Previous to that, in 1997, Polak launched a venture called Professor Polak’s Perfect Pronunciation, designed to turn Scousers into winners in business.

Polak, who once spoke of having a keen interest in public speaking and elocution, is a well-known member of the Jewish community in Liverpool.

Polak became interested in politics when a teenager and was chairman of the Wavertree branch of the Young Conservatives.

Harris and his wife, of Childwall Park Avenue, appeared before magistrates in Liverpool yesterday where proceedings were adjourned for a committal hearing later this month.




Polak, who once spoke of having a keen interest in public speaking and elocution, is a high-ranking member of the Jewish community in Liverpool and has a hall named after (a family member) inside a synagogue in Childwall.



Two years ago floodwater caused damage to the room as two inches of rain filled the building, causing a ceiling to collapse.

Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England), July 4, 2012 |


Richard L Polak is his father Harris Polak is his great-grandfather





POLAK, Harris


GROOM Nick Angel spent 15 hours to reach the Hilton Hotel in Liverpool for his wedding to Bettina Polak.

Nick travelled with his family and friends from his home in London to Liverpool at the height of the recent chaotic weather.

Nick and Bettina met at Leeds University where Nick, son of Melanie and Leon Angel, of London, was president of the Jewish Society.

Bettina, daughter of Reva and Harris Polak, of Liverpool, and Nick were married by Childwall Synagogue’s Rabbi Lionel Cofnas, the bride’s grandfather Rabbi Malcolm Malits and Stanmore Synagogue’s Rabbi Mendy Lew.

Trainee accountant Nick and Bettina, a teacher, started dating in their first week of university.

Best men were the groom’s brother Richard Angel and cousin Simeon Ezra.

Bridesmaids were Bettina’s sister, and Jewish Telegraph columnist, Sabrina Polak, Ilana Angel and Amy Malits and Lauren Silver along with Ella Brand and Talia Jaffe.

Pageboys were Joshua Perry and Louis Grozner.

Grandparents are Rabbi Malcolm Malits, Stephanie and Richard Polak, of Liverpool, and Gloria Green, of London.

Guests attended from Israel and South America.

After sheva brachot, Nick and Bettina spent a week in New York and have settled in London.



Harris Polak’s daughter Sabrina Polak

Sabrina regularly acts for Local Authorities, parents and children. She has represented parties at interim removal hearings, case management hearings, issues resolution hearings and final hearings. Sabrina has been involved in cases involving neglect, non-accidental injuries and sexual abuse.

Sabrina’s lectures/seminars have included the following:
•A training day for social workers on s17 and s20 Children Act 1989.
•Court skills training with social workers.
•The Children and Families Act 2014.
•The ‘Voice of the Child’ in the Court arena
•Removal of a child at the interim stage and proportionality




The Lord Polak CBE

Sir Stuart Polak


The Right’s 100 Most Influential: 50-26


Director, Conservative Friends of Israel

CFI has established itself as a highly effective lobby group. Polak regularly takes leading Conservatives on trips to Israel to educate them. The sceptics invariably return, if not indoctrinated, fully onside.

A familiar face around the corridors of the Houses of Parliament, he has done more than anyone else to promote Israel’s case to the right of British politics.


Image result for rothschild and stuart polak

Rothschild and Stuart Polak


Image result for charlotte and stuart Polak

Stuart Polak:

Stuart Polak encouraged Sir Keith Joseph to help Jewish studentson university campuses.


THE director of an influential Conservative party organisation is also a partner in a consultancy that lobbied parliament — successfully — on behalf of a foreign defence company.

The two roles of Stuart Polak, director of Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI), have emerged as a result of this newspaper’s exposé last Sunday of “generals for hire”. He denies any impropriety.

As well as heading CFI, a significant party donor, Polak is a key figure in The Westminster Connection (TWC), a political consultancy.

Clients of TWC include Elbit Systems, Israel’s defence electronics giant.

Retired Lieutenant General Richard Applegate, Elbit’s British chairman, boasted of his own and TWC’s role in lobbying MPs on behalf of Elbit when he was secretly taped for last week’s report.


Image result for polak and theresa may

Home Secretary Theresa May with H.E. Daniel Taub, Ambassador of Israel and Stuart Polak




London diners raise £350k for the Board of Deputies

November 26, 2010

 Stuart Polak at same function with Janner
Lady and Lord Sacks, Lord Hameed, Lord Janner, Lady Hameed and Vivian Wineman
Lady and Lord Sacks, Lord Hameed, Lord Janner, Lady Hameed and Vivian Wineman
Stuart Polak and Rabbi Abraham Pinter
Stuart Polak and Rabbi Abraham Pinter at the dinner

Fun fact about Chief Rabbi Sacks

Chief Rabbi will be present. He spoke on Radio Four’s Thought For the Day this morning and shared his memories of the Conservative politician, (Margaret Thatcher) recalling how she helped him with homework when he was a schoolboy and she was his constituency MP.

Baroness Thatcher, who was MP for Finchley, served as president of North London branch of CFI.



Rabbi Sacks – a favourite of the establishment


Image result for "jonathan sacks" + "thatcher"

Image result for chief rabbi sacks and prince charles

Image result for chief rabbi sacks and janner

Chief Rabbi rocked by fraud scandal

1 August 1998



Stuart Polak’s colleagues…Janner, Pickles, Rabbi Sacks etc

Image result for chief rabbi sacks and janner


Image result for stuart polak

Stuart Polak with Cameron and Hague

Image result for "stuart polak" + "keith joseph"

Stuart Polak, Baron Polak

Resignation of Priti Patel

On 3 November 2017, the BBC’s Diplomatic correspondent James Landale reported that Polak had accompanied Priti Patel, the Secretary of State for International Development when she had held a series of meetings in Israel in August 2017 without telling the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. They met Yair Lapid, the leader of Israel’s centrist Yesh Atid party, and visited several organisations where official departmental business was discussed. Those meetings, and others later, led to Patel’s resignation from the Cabinet on 8 November 2017.[6]


Meet Stuart Polak, the Israel lobbyist at centre of Priti Patel scandal

Known for being a back-room operator who keeps behind the scene, this latest scandal has put Polak at the centre of the revelations that continue to unfold in Westminster.

Stuart Polak is a colleague of David Meller
A man named David Meller was among the donors to Gove’s failed Conservative leadership bid in 2016.
Ms Dandridge of Arista stated  “… There is a code of conduct that we follow, I am not aware of any reports of sexual harassment and with the calibre of guest, I would be astonished.”

At their initial interviews, women were warned by Ms Dandridge that the men in attendance might be “annoying” or try to get the hostesses “pissed”. One hostess was advised to lie to her boyfriend about the fact it was a male-only event. “Tell him it’s a charity dinner,” she was told.

“It’s a Marmite job. Some girls love it, and for other girls it’s the worst job of their life and they will never do it again . . . You just have to put up with the annoying men and if you can do that it’s fine,” Ms Dandridge told the hostess.

Two days before the event, Ms Dandridge told prospective hostesses by email that their phones would be “safely locked away” for the evening and that boyfriends and girlfriends were not welcome at the venue.

The uniform requirements also became more detailed: all hostesses should bring “BLACK sexy shoes”, black underwear, and do their hair and make-up as they would to go to a “smart sexy place”. Dresses and belts would be supplied on the day.

For those who met the three specific selection criteria (“tall, thin and pretty”)

Images of Marilyn Monroe on the Presidents Club brochure.
Guest List
Alexander Spencer-Churchill – grandson of the 10th Duke of Marlborough and a distant relative of Winston Churchill.

The Tories are desperately trying to distance from themselves from the Presidents Club after it was revealed women working at its men-only gala were subjected to sexual harassment.

Boris Johnson apparently “knew nothing” of the fact a lunch with him was among lots at the club’s now notorious charity auction.

And Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi, who attended the event, says he “didn’t stay long enough” to witness the appalling behaviour documented by an undercover reporter.

But the organisers of the “slimeball” event have links with the Tory party that go right to the very top.

Charity Commission records show that the Presidents Club has three trustees – David Robert Meller, Harvey Soning and Bruce Ritchie.

Two of them are major Tory donors. Meller and Ritchie have given the Tories £222,273 – almost £70,000 of it in the past two years.

David Meller, who has just resigned as a board member at the Department of Education over the scandal, has given £18,773 to Tory HQ and individual MPs:

Bruce Ritchie has given some £203,500 to the Tories, according to Electoral Commission records.

His last donation was £50,000 – the minimum donation necessary to be part of the Tories’ Leader’s Group, which entitles members cash for access meals with Theresa May and Cabinet ministers.

A document published by the Conservative party shows Ritchie dined with the PM less than a year ago:


  David Whitley@mrdavidwhitley

The charity aspect of that Sex Pest Gala Dinner touches on something that doesn’t get brought up enough: Rich people who expect something in return for “philanthropy”, rather than paying tax.

Moira Gilbertson‏ @MoiraEwesfulone

 So many saying if these rich “people” paid their taxes we’d need no charities at all
Alastair Stewart‏Verified account @alstewitn
The @FT story on the #PresidentsClub shindig gets curiouser: @nickwattabc reports on @BBCNewsnight that ‘
DfE director Meller's 'Presidents Club' dinner rocked by sexual harassment allegations

DfE director Meller’s ‘Presidents Club’ dinner rocked by sexual harassment allegations

24 Jan 2018

A charity fundraising dinner run by a Department for Education director and academy trust founder has been rocked by allegations of inappropriate sexual behaviour by guests, following an undercover investigation by journalists.

A story by the Financial Times, published earlier today, revealed allegations of “groping, sexual harassment and propositioning” of women hired as “hostesses” for the Presidents Club Charity Dinner, which took place at London’s Dorchester Hotel last Thursday.

David Meller, a non-executive director at the Department for Education and founder of the Meller Educational Trust who was made a CBE in the new year’s honours list, is co-chair of the charitable trust that runs the event.

Nadhim Zahawi, the newly-appointed children’s minister, is also understood to have been in attendance, but left early, according to reports.

According to the FT, which sent two reporters to work undercover as hostesses, the 130 women hired to work at the men-only event were “told to wear skimpy black outfits with matching underwear and high heels”.

Hostesses “reported men repeatedly putting hands up their skirts, and one “said an attendee had exposed his penis to her during the evening”.

Many of the hostesses met by FT journalists were students, “hoping to launch careers as lawyers or marketing executives”, the newspaper reported.

A spokesperson for the Presidents Club told the FT the organisers were “appalled by the allegations of bad behaviour at the event”, adding that “such behaviour is totally unacceptable”.

“The allegations will be investigated fully and promptly and appropriate action taken.”

According to the Department for Education’s website, Meller joined as a non-executive board member in June 2013. He set up the Meller Educational Trust, which runs four schools and a University Technical College. He is also chair of the National Apprenticeship Ambassador Network and the Apprenticeship Delivery Board.

Outside education, Meller chairs his family business The Meller Group, one of the largest luxury home and beauty suppliers in the UK.

A DfE said that both Meller and Zahawi had “attended in a personal capacity”, and said the department would not comment further because “it was not official departmental business”.



A couple of months before Christmas, invitations began landing on the leather-topped desks of some of London‘s most powerful businessmen.

Embossed, and carrying a quasi-masonic logo based on an italicised letter P, they encouraged wealthy recipients to spend £2,000 a head bringing friends and contacts to an event at The Dorchester hotel.

Called the Presidents Club Charity Dinner, and held each January for the past 33 years, the lavish bash has, in certain rarefied circles of the property and finance industries, become a staple of the social calendar.

despite its starry guest list – the Presidents Club has chosen to keep its annual shindig firmly below the radar.

Photographers are banned, mobile phones are confiscated from staff who work there, and the names of patrons have always remained a closely guarded secret. Until now, that is.

Bruce Ritchie and wife Shadi


a hefty proportion of the women working at the Presidents Club dinner – which was compered by comedian David Walliams and attended by senior representatives of a host of blue- chip City firms, including the advertising agency WPP, Barclays bank and the property giant Residential Land, which is run by Presidents Club co-chairman Bruce Ritchie – found themselves being groped, sexually harassed and lewdly propositioned.

Some of their alleged abusers were captains of industry and household names.

After dinner, guests adjourned to an after-party

Scandalously, these unedifying scenes appear to have occurred not by accident, but by design. Artista, a Berkshire events company, was hired to source the 130 hostesses for the evening. It claims on its website to work for a number of major firms, including Bentley, Aberdeen Asset Management, Moet Hennessy, the Economist, and, oddly, the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

Their phones were confiscated and they were required to sign a five-page non-disclosure agreement banning them from talking later about the proceedings

Hostesses were introduced to guests by being paraded across a stage to the song Power by the girl band Little Mix. As they walked to tables, pictures of sick children were flashed up on video screens.

With Great Ormond Street Hospital having pledged to give back money raised by the Presidents Club, there are also awkward questions to be asked of the scores of other charities to have received funds.

They range from Prince Charles’s Prince’s Trust to such blue-chip outfits as the Tate Gallery, Cancer Research UK, the British Olympic Association, the NSPCC, the Lord’s Taverners, and the scandal-hit and defunct Kids Company.

Lots sold during the fundraising auction included a night at Soho’s Windmill Club – a lap-dancing venue whose licence was revoked recently after dancers were caught flouting no-touching rules, and a course of plastic surgery that was promised to ‘add spice to your wife’. The auctioneer was filmed drumming up bids by announcing: ‘This is what your Missus could look like! Who’ll give me £10,000?’

Tory junior minister Nadhim Zahawi claimed to have been unaware of the nature of the bash when he accepted the invitation (although the BBC has reported that it was his second time there, having also attended before he became an MP).

Others caught in the fallout, having been in the room, include Ocado founder Tim Steiner, clothing tycoon Sir Philip Green and Dragons’ Den star Peter Jones. His former colleague on the show Theo Paphitis also featured on the guest list, although it’s unclear whether they actually attended.

But they can’t say they weren’t warned. As long ago as 2004, when the then London mayor Ken Livingstone was the guest of honour, newspaper diary items remarked on the ‘large numbers of very pretty women in attendance’.

Four years later, when the guest list was said to have included Formula 1 tycoons Bernie Ecclestone and Flavio Briatore (who was once chairman of Queens Park Rangers), property developers Nick Candy, David Reuben and Gerald Ronson, and comedian Jimmy Tarbuck, a report drew attention to the large number of hostesses paid £120 for ‘fetching drinks’ and ‘socialising with’ the glitzy guests.

‘It was quite a racy event… but the beauty parade seemed to be something of a hit,’ the Daily Telegraph noted. ‘The boys tucked into the girls.’


2010 President Club charity dinner attended by Bernie Ecclestone, Gerald Ronson, Jimmy Tarbuck


Recession? What recession?

The ultra-secretive Presidents Club – the annual charity dinner attended by London’s wealthiest businessmen – had its latest majestic gathering in the ballroom of the Dorchester hotel

The lavish bash was organised by coat-hanger tycoon Peter Shalson – who once booked Elton John to play at his wedding celebrations – and his guests included oligarch Len Blavatnik; Goldman Sachs boss “Fat Mike” Sherwood; newly wed Carphone Warehouse chief Charles Dunstone; plus Sir Martin Sorrell and Richard Desmond from the media world.

Also in attendance were Formula 1’s Bernie Ecclestone and Flavio Briatore; property tycoons Nick Candy, David Reuben and Gerald Ronson; fund manager Howard Shore; impresarios Harvey Goldsmith and Jarvis Astaire; restaurateur Jimmy Lahoud; entrepreneur Dan Wagner; oh, and funny man Jimmy Tarbuck.

the most eye catching part of the event – which is strictly for male diners – was the bevy of hostesses dressed in short black or red dresses, who entered the ballroom after dinner, to the fanfare of Shania Twain’s “Feel Like a Woman”. Each are paid £120 for “fetching drinks” and “socialising with” the glitzy guests.

It is quite a racy event for the conservative HSBC to sponsor, but the beauty parade seemed to be something of a hit.

“The boys tucked into the girls,” confesses my man on the inside, before adding swiftly: “after I’d left.” Naturally.


Conservative Friends of Israel director Stuart Polak receives peerage

Amid the rumours and rows surrounding the announcement of the long-awaited dissolution honours list, one name was repeatedly highlighted as an inevitable inclusion.

Stuart Polak, the veteran Conservative Friends of Israel director, was handed a seat in the House of Lords when David Cameron finally revealed the names on the list today, months behind schedule.

He said it was “a once in a lifetime opportunity”.

Elevation to the famous red benches marks the high point of Mr Polak’s 35 years campaigning for Israel and encouraging the leaders of Britain’s political right to back the country.

He will now step down as CFI director, but he leaves the group in a position of undeniable strength as the largest of parliament’s lobby groups.

Honoured alongside him was former parliamentary chairman of the group, James Arbuthnot, who retired as an MP in May after nearly 30 years in the Commons.

In a statement, Mr Polak said: “I have had the enormous privilege of leading CFI for some 26 years and over that time have had the honour to work with some wonderful people both here in the UK and in Israel.

“The aims and objectives of CFI are simple to understand, we support the Conservatives and support our democratic ally Israel. Something we proudly have tried to fulfil throughout the last 26 years.

“The Prime Minister has given me a once in a lifetime opportunity to enter the House of Lords which will enable me to continue to advocate for Israel.”

He added that he was retiring from his CFI role next mongth, but would become honorary president of the organisation.

Image result for Lady and Lord Sacks, polak

Eric Pickles and Stuart Polak

He said: “CFI has an amazingly talented young professional team and, together with the directors and the newly constituted Pprliamentary group led by the outstanding Sir Eric Pickles, the future is exciting and I look forward to continuing to play my part going forward.”

As a young chazan, Liverpool-born Mr Polak sang at the city’s Childwall Hebrew Congregation on High Holy Days, before joining fellow teenagers on educational trips to Israel at the age of just 15.

After moving to London he began his career as a United Synagogue youth officer in Edgware, north London. He has gone on to have the ear of almost every senior Tory since Margaret Thatcher’s premiership.

Mr Polak was an astute networker even as an officer at the Board of Deputies in the 1980s, encouraging then Education Secretary Sir Keith Joseph to help Jewish students on university campuses.

He left that role in 1989 — aged 28 — to take on the job at the CFI. At the time the JC predicted he was a “strong prospect for the upper reaches of communal leadership… a ready wit and unaffected style make him a popular figure”.

He offered his own take on his prospects, explaining in 1990: “I was brought up to put as much as possible back into the community. I’m as ambitious as the next man, but I’m motivated more by a sense of duty.”

A CBE in last year’s New Year’s Honours list hinted at what was to come for the 54-year-old. CFI’s annual lunch last December, at which Mr Cameron spoke, was attended by more than 700 people, including almost the entire parliamentary Conservative party and most of the cabinet.

CFI chairman Andrew Heller said: “We are delighted that our friend, colleague and long-term director of CFI, Stuart Polak CBE, has been elevated to the House of Lords.

“This notable achievement is the culmination of work done, over many years, in both strengthening and developing the Anglo-Israel relationship. It is also recognition of the significance and success of CFI as an organisation. We celebrate this richly deserved accomplishment.”

Also joining the Lords will be former Liberal Democrat MP Lynne Featherstone.

She lost her Hornsey and Wood Green seat at May’s general election and is elevated as one of former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg’s selections.

She had been the most senior Jewish politician in the coalition government.

Sir Alan Beith, former long-serving president of the Lib Dem Friends of Israel, was also elevated to the Lords.

Barking MP Margaret Hodge was also made a dame in the list.


Mr Polak was an astute networker even as an officer at the Board of Deputies in the 1980s, encouraging then Education Secretary Sir Keith Joseph to help Jewish students on university campuses.

Rob Halfon MP : Praising Stuart Polak

Stuart’s remarkable 25 year career has so far spanned four Conservative Governments in the UK and a remarkable nine Governments in Israel. In this time he has coordinated and led more than 150 political delegations to Israel. He has helped set up several Jewish faith schools. He has even received a CBE award from Her Majesty the Queen. There isn’t a great deal Stuart hasn’t achieved.

He assembled around him a brilliant team of individuals such as Nathalie Tamam (now in the Cabinet Office) and James Gurd (who leads the CFI Professional Team), Chairman Andrew Heller, Sir Eric Pickles as the Parliamentary Chairmen, and formerly Richard Harrington (now Minister for Refugees) and James Arbuthnot (who is entering the Lords alongside Stuart).

I first met Stuart when I was at University over twenty years ago. He was running Conservative Friends of Israel even then, transforming the organisation from a relatively small base, into the incredible campaigning group that has emerged today.


Tory Cabinet Minister has admitted to having an affair with the head of the Conservative Party’s youth wing.

Robert Halfon, who is the deputy chairman of the Conservative Party, confessed to having an affair with Alexandra Paterson, the chair of Conservative Future, after he came to believe there was a plot to blackmail him.

According to the Mail on Sunday, Halfon, who is 46 and has a partner, conducted the affair with 30-year-old Paterson at the East India Club, a private members club where he stays when he is in London.

Halfon says he admitted to the affair after he came to believe that Mark Clarke, the former head of RoadTrip (another Conservative party youth organisation), was planning to photograph him with Paterson in order to gain leverage over him.


Conservative Friends of Israel director Stuart Polak receives peerage


Amid the rumours and rows surrounding the announcement of the long-awaited dissolution honours list, one name was repeatedly highlighted as an inevitable inclusion.

Stuart Polak, the veteran Conservative Friends of Israel director, was handed a seat in the House of Lords when David Cameron finally revealed the names on the list today, months behind schedule.

He said it was “a once in a lifetime opportunity”.

Elevation to the famous red benches marks the high point of Mr Polak’s 35 years campaigning for Israel and encouraging the leaders of Britain’s political right to back the country.

He will now step down as CFI director, but he leaves the group in a position of undeniable strength as the largest of parliament’s lobby groups.

Honoured alongside him was former parliamentary chairman of the group, James Arbuthnot, who retired as an MP in May after nearly 30 years in the Commons.

In a statement, Mr Polak said: “I have had the enormous privilege of leading CFI for some 26 years and over that time have had the honour to work with some wonderful people both here in the UK and in Israel.

“The aims and objectives of CFI are simple to understand, we support the Conservatives and support our democratic ally Israel. Something we proudly have tried to fulfil throughout the last 26 years.

“The Prime Minister has given me a once in a lifetime opportunity to enter the House of Lords which will enable me to continue to advocate for Israel.”

He added that he was retiring from his CFI role next mongth, but would become honorary president of the organisation.

He said: “CFI has an amazingly talented young professional team and, together with the directors and the newly constituted Pprliamentary group led by the outstanding Sir Eric Pickles, the future is exciting and I look forward to continuing to play my part going forward.”

As a young chazan, Liverpool-born Mr Polak sang at the city’s Childwall Hebrew Congregation on High Holy Days, before joining fellow teenagers on educational trips to Israel at the age of just 15.

After moving to London he began his career as a United Synagogue youth officer in Edgware, north London. He has gone on to have the ear of almost every senior Tory since Margaret Thatcher’s premiership.

Mr Polak was an astute networker even as an officer at the Board of Deputies in the 1980s, encouraging then Education Secretary Sir Keith Joseph to help Jewish students on university campuses.

He left that role in 1989 — aged 28 — to take on the job at the CFI. At the time the JC predicted he was a “strong prospect for the upper reaches of communal leadership… a ready wit and unaffected style make him a popular figure”.

He offered his own take on his prospects, explaining in 1990: “I was brought up to put as much as possible back into the community. I’m as ambitious as the next man, but I’m motivated more by a sense of duty.”

A CBE in last year’s New Year’s Honours list hinted at what was to come for the 54-year-old. CFI’s annual lunch last December, at which Mr Cameron spoke, was attended by more than 700 people, including almost the entire parliamentary Conservative party and most of the cabinet.

CFI chairman Andrew Heller said: “We are delighted that our friend, colleague and long-term director of CFI, Stuart Polak CBE, has been elevated to the House of Lords.

“This notable achievement is the culmination of work done, over many years, in both strengthening and developing the Anglo-Israel relationship. It is also recognition of the significance and success of CFI as an organisation. We celebrate this richly deserved accomplishment.”

Also joining the Lords will be former Liberal Democrat MP Lynne Featherstone.

She lost her Hornsey and Wood Green seat at May’s general election and is elevated as one of former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg’s selections.

She had been the most senior Jewish politician in the coalition government.

Sir Alan Beith, former long-serving president of the Lib Dem Friends of Israel, was also elevated to the Lords.

Barking MP Margaret Hodge was also made a dame in the list.


Conservative Friends of Israel director Stuart Polak receives peerage


Amid the rumours and rows surrounding the announcement of the long-awaited dissolution honours list, one name was repeatedly highlighted as an inevitable inclusion.

Stuart Polak, the veteran Conservative Friends of Israel director, was handed a seat in the House of Lords when David Cameron finally revealed the names on the list today, months behind schedule.

He said it was “a once in a lifetime opportunity”.

Elevation to the famous red benches marks the high point of Mr Polak’s 35 years campaigning for Israel and encouraging the leaders of Britain’s political right to back the country.

He will now step down as CFI director, but he leaves the group in a position of undeniable strength as the largest of parliament’s lobby groups.

Honoured alongside him was former parliamentary chairman of the group, James Arbuthnot, who retired as an MP in May after nearly 30 years in the Commons.

In a statement, Mr Polak said: “I have had the enormous privilege of leading CFI for some 26 years and over that time have had the honour to work with some wonderful people both here in the UK and in Israel.

“The aims and objectives of CFI are simple to understand, we support the Conservatives and support our democratic ally Israel. Something we proudly have tried to fulfil throughout the last 26 years.

“The Prime Minister has given me a once in a lifetime opportunity to enter the House of Lords which will enable me to continue to advocate for Israel.”

He added that he was retiring from his CFI role next mongth, but would become honorary president of the organisation.

He said: “CFI has an amazingly talented young professional team and, together with the directors and the newly constituted Pprliamentary group led by the outstanding Sir Eric Pickles, the future is exciting and I look forward to continuing to play my part going forward.”

As a young chazan, Liverpool-born Mr Polak sang at the city’s Childwall Hebrew Congregation on High Holy Days, before joining fellow teenagers on educational trips to Israel at the age of just 15.

After moving to London he began his career as a United Synagogue youth officer in Edgware, north London. He has gone on to have the ear of almost every senior Tory since Margaret Thatcher’s premiership.

Mr Polak was an astute networker even as an officer at the Board of Deputies in the 1980s, encouraging then Education Secretary Sir Keith Joseph to help Jewish students on university campuses.

He left that role in 1989 — aged 28 — to take on the job at the CFI. At the time the JC predicted he was a “strong prospect for the upper reaches of communal leadership… a ready wit and unaffected style make him a popular figure”.

He offered his own take on his prospects, explaining in 1990: “I was brought up to put as much as possible back into the community. I’m as ambitious as the next man, but I’m motivated more by a sense of duty.”

A CBE in last year’s New Year’s Honours list hinted at what was to come for the 54-year-old. CFI’s annual lunch last December, at which Mr Cameron spoke, was attended by more than 700 people, including almost the entire parliamentary Conservative party and most of the cabinet.

CFI chairman Andrew Heller said: “We are delighted that our friend, colleague and long-term director of CFI, Stuart Polak CBE, has been elevated to the House of Lords.

“This notable achievement is the culmination of work done, over many years, in both strengthening and developing the Anglo-Israel relationship. It is also recognition of the significance and success of CFI as an organisation. We celebrate this richly deserved accomplishment.”

Also joining the Lords will be former Liberal Democrat MP Lynne Featherstone.

She lost her Hornsey and Wood Green seat at May’s general election and is elevated as one of former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg’s selections.

She had been the most senior Jewish politician in the coalition government.

Sir Alan Beith, former long-serving president of the Lib Dem Friends of Israel, was also elevated to the Lords.

Barking MP Margaret Hodge was also made a dame in the list.


Former football coach Barry Bennell pleads guilty to child sex offences

Former football coach Barry Bennell has pleaded guilty to seven child sex offences at Liverpool Crown Court.

The 63-year, ex-Crewe Alexander coach admitted six offences on the first day of his trial, which is expected to last eight weeks.

A reporting restriction on a guilty plea to a charge of indecent assault entered by Bennell at an earlier hearing was lifted by Recorder of Liverpool Judge Clement Goldstone QC.

Bennell, who was charged under the name Richard Jones, is still due to stand trial for 48 offences including 35 counts of indecent assault, 11 counts of buggery and two counts of attempted buggery.

The charges he will stand trial on relate to 11 complainants and allegedly took place in the 1970s and 1980s, when the alleged victims were boys aged between eight and 15.

Bennell entered the pleas when he appeared via videolink in court wearing a grey jumper.

A jury is expected to be sworn in for his trial on the outstanding charges later on Monday.


Former football coach Barry Bennell was a “predatory and determined paedophile” who abused one boy on more than 100 occasions, a court has heard.

The ex-Crewe Alexandra coach “had pretty much unfettered access” to boys dreaming of a life in the professional game, prosecutors alleged.

Mr Bennell, 63, now known as Richard Jones, denies 48 sex offence charges involving 11 boys.

Liverpool Crown Court was told offences took place between 1979 and 1991.

Prosecutors told the jury the evidence they would hear concerned allegations made against Mr Bennell by boys from England and Wales, and the United States, and that Mr Bennell had served prison sentences in both jurisdictions.

Nicholas Johnson QC, prosecuting, told the jury Mr Bennell had worked as a youth football coach in Cheshire, Manchester and Derbyshire.

He said some of the abuse took place at the ground of Crewe Alexandra and during tours by the football club, but many incidents occurred at the defendant’s home addresses.

‘Play fight’

Mr Johnson said one alleged victim, who says he was abused more than 100 times, met Mr Bennell when he was a scout for Manchester City.

The complainant would stay at Mr Bennell’s house with other youngsters.

“Not only was there the promise of high quality football, but they were given lots of sports kit and allowed to eat takeaway food,” Mr Johnson told the jury.

The court also heard how Mr Bennell would “play fight” with the boys and play a game with them called Follow Me, where they would copy his actions while he would increase degrees of intimacy to gauge how compliant the boys would be to abuse.

The complainant said Mr Bennell would turn the lights off and play music to mask the sounds of the abuse, the jury heard.

Mr Bennell denied sexual contact with the boy when questioned by police.


Mr Johnson said another complainant said he had been “desensitised” by Mr Bennell, who committed “relentless” serious sexual assaults against him.

That complainant had described the last time he was abused – after he met Mr Bennell to discuss signing forms for Manchester City – as the “worst day of his life” .

A further complainant described Mr Bennell’s home as a “paradise” for young boys as he had a pool table, fruit machine and big TVs.

Mr Johnson told the court that several of the alleged victims had said they were impressed with the pets he kept it his home – at various times he had a wild cat and a monkey.

‘Devious paedophile’

The prosecutor said that while Mr Bennell “was a skilled and relatively successful coach, we allege that he had a much darker side”.

“He was also, we say, a predatory and determined paedophile. His particular predilection was pre-pubescent boys.”

Mr Johnson told the jury they would need to decide whether they were listening to a group of men, who as Mr Bennell argues, had jumped on the bandwagon and made up stories, or to a series of serious sexual offences by a “devious paedophile” against “very vulnerable lads”.

Mr Bennell is on trial for 35 counts of indecent assault, 11 serious sexual assaults and two counts of attempted sexual assault, on boys aged between eight and 14.

He appeared via video-link on Tuesday. The jury was told this was due to an illness that required him to be fed through a tube.

The court was told how during questioning, Mr Bennell told police he was suffering with cancer which in turn had caused memory problems.

Mr Bennell had said one complainant had financial motivations for accusing him, the jury heard.

Before the trial, Mr Bennell admitted seven charges of indecent assault committed between 1981 and 1991, relating to three boys aged between 11 and 14.

The trial continues.


Cardinal George Pell’s historic sexual abuse case could be dropped before it even reaches court after one of his leading accusers dies in hospital

  • Damian Dignan died in Ballarat on Saturday after a long battle with leukemia
  • He was one of three men who accused Cardinal George Pell of sexual abuse
  • Mr Dignan died weeks before Pell was to face a committal hearing in March
  • Pell has consistently denied multiple historical sex abuse charges
  • The case may be in jeopardy without Mr Dignan’s testimony

Will 1967 Tattingstone suitcase murder of Bernard Oliver ever be solved?

06 January 2018

This weekend marks 51 years since teenager Bernard Oliver left his London home to spend the evening with friends – 10 days before his dismembered body was found in two suitcases in a village just outside Ipswich.

 A clipping from the Evening Star after Bernard Oliver's body was found. Picture: ARCHANT
A clipping from the Evening Star after Bernard Oliver’s body was found.

Known as Operation Tattingstone, the investigation into the 17-year-old’s grisly murder remains one of the county’s longest running ‘cold cases’.

On January 6, 1967, Bernard left the Muswell Hill home he shared with his father and five siblings.

He was seen in the area by people unaware he had been reported missing by his father the following day.

On January 16, his body was discovered in the two suitcases under a hedge in Tattingstone.


With no clue as to the identity of the victim, police took the unusual step of sending media a photograph of the head.

Local and Metropolitan police were involved in the inquiry, which then crossed international borders in an effort to establish the source of the suitcases and a laundry mark found inside.

The dismembered body of Bernard Oliver was dumped in a field a few hundred yards from the main Ipswich to Manningtree road. Picture: ARCHANT ARCHIVE

The first months of investigation generated thousands of statements and attracted national interest.

New leads were still being followed up the following year – but the trail grew colder with passing time, until police had only snippets of information to pursue.

An artist's impression of a man police were seeking for interview. Picture: ARCHANT ARCHIVE An artist’s impression of a man police were seeking for interview. Picture: ARCHANT ARCHIVE

Two main suspects – doctors John Byles and Martin Reddington, both wanted for the death and sexual assault of another boy – have since died, but Suffolk police continue to review lines of investigation in a bid to solve the mystery – one of several unresolved crimes on the books of the joint Suffolk and Norfolk Cold Case Team, set up in 2008.

Last year, one of Bernard’s five siblings, younger brother Chris, who was 15 at the time, told this paper of the trauma his family still felt.



The police had a very good idea who did it but didn’t bring prosecutions due to ‘lack of evidence’. More likely they had friends in high places

Two main suspects – doctors John Byles and Martin Reddington, both wanted for the death and sexual assault of another boy – have since died = so never arrested or tried?

Documents released under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 in 2004 revealed that the prime suspects in the Bernard Oliver murder were two medical doctors, Martin Reddington and John Byles.

Martin Bruce Reddington (26 June 1931-May 1995) had a surgery in Muswell Hill. In 1965 a warrant had been issued for Reddington’s arrest on charges of buggery and indecent assault of males. However, before inquiries could be completed, he left the UK for South Africa. Reddington made a number of return visits to the United Kingdom, but no evidence has been found placing him in the vicinity of the murder. In 1977 a private investigator claimed to recognise the suitcase with the initials P.V.A. on its side as belonging to three men who used a laundrette in Muswell Hill, one of whom was Martin Reddington. Reddington was never interviewed in connection with the offence, and it was decided there was insufficient evidence to extradite him from Australia. In 1977 Reddington was charged in Sydney, Australia with committing an indecent assault on a male. He died in May 1995, aged 63.

John Roussel Byles (January 27 1933-19 January 1975) was acquitted along with another man in November 1963 of assaulting a 16 year-old male at their flat in Earl’s Court, London. Byles left the UK for Australia in the early 1970s when inquiries began into the sexual abuse of boys aged between 9 and 14 in Huddersfield. On 17 December 1974 Byles was arrested in Sydney, Australia in relation to an alleged indecent assault on a boy, but absconded on $2,000 bail. His body was found in a room of the Prince of Wales Hotel in Proserpine, Queensland on 19 January 1975. He left two suicide notes, one addressed to Scotland Yard, the other to Martin Reddington. The note to the police contained an apology for his actions, but no direct reference was made to the Tattingstone murder.

Fury as new figures reveal almost half of paedophiles convicted of grooming children for sex online are let off jail by ‘lenient’ judges

  • EXCLUSIVE: 56 per cent dodged jail in 2016 compared to 33 per cent year before
  • The others were handed suspended sentences by judges in England and Wales

Jan 6 2018


Former Christ’s Hospital teacher jailed for sexually abusing pupils

Peter Burr given four years after admitting nine counts of indecent assault on boys aged 11 to 14 between 1969 and 1973

Peter Burr
Peter Burr is the second former teacher from the private school near Horsham to be jailed in as many months. Photograph: Gareth Fuller/PA

A former top private school teacher has been jailed for sexually abusing four of his pupils.

Peter Burr was jailed at Hove crown court on Friday after admitting nine counts of indecently assaulting the boys aged between 11 and 14 at Christ’s Hospital between 1969 and 1973.

The judge, Christine Henson QC, initially sentenced him to 42 months in prison and concluded the hearing.

Moments later, the parties were called back to court.

Henson returned to say she had read out the wrong figure and sentenced him to 48 months instead. She added that her views on sentencing had not changed.

Burr is the second former teacher from the boarding school near Horsham, West Sussex, to be jailed in as many months.

Henson said he displayed a pattern of preying on his victims in a “gross abuse of trust”.

She continued: “You had unlimited access to vulnerable young boys separated from their families. They obtained a place at the school because of the death of a parent or a low income. This strengthened their reluctance to speak out about you.”

Burr, 73, of Kingswear, near Dartmouth in Devon, was handed concurrent sentences for each victim and made the subject of a sexual harm prevention order.

Burr would invite pupils to visit his study for tea and cake before fondling them, the court heard.

One survivor described how Burr would entice them with chocolate biscuits, which were seen as a treat.

Ahmed Hossain, for the prosecution, said who was a house tutor as well as a physics teacher, would also become sexually aroused when he played with them in the swimming pool.

One of the survivors tried to report the crimes to officers at Horsham police station in 2000 but felt he was being “batted back” and no further action was taken, Hossain said.

It was not until 3 December 2016 that the former pupil was prompted to email the producer of Vanessa Feltz’s BBC Radio London programme when she discussed the football abuse scandal.

The producer put him in touch with detectives and an investigation was launched after he made contact with police in February last year.

Burr’s prosecution is part of a wider investigation into allegations of abuse by former teachers at the school.

A former house master, Peter Webb, 74, was jailed for four years in December.

Three more men are due in court later this year. Police have said the prosecutions are not linked.

Ajaz Karim, 63, who lives in London, denies nine charges of indecent assault and one attempted indecent assault against six female pupils. He is to stand trial in April.

James Husband, 67, of York, is accused of four counts of rape and five counts of indecently assault against a woman.

Gary Dobbie, 66, of Albi in France, is charged with seven counts of indecent assault and one attempted indecent assault against two boys, as well as three counts of indecently assaulting two women.

Husband and Dobbie deny the charges and are to stand trial in May.



 Letting abuse commission lapse, Vatican sends disappointing message

Pope Francis listens as Sr. Hermenegild Makoro, a member of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors, speaks during an audience with commission members at the Vatican Sept. 21.

In December 2013, Pope Francis  created a group to advise him and future popes on how the church worldwide could protect children, appointing experts on the issue and even survivors of abuse to a new Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors.

Now, as of this writing four years later, that commission has lapsed into an inactive state. Its members’ terms of office, as set by the group’s Vatican-approved statutes, expired Dec. 17. Neither the pope nor the Vatican have made known when or if the current members will be reappointed or new members found.

That Francis has allowed this lapse to occur is worrisome. A commission without validly appointed members ceases to be a commission; its members may carry on their work but if they do, they do so as individuals without legal standing or vested authority to back them. What work could they carry on? This never should have been allowed to happen.

That the Vatican felt no need to offer an official explanation is just as worrisome, because it suggests that the protection of children is not as high a priority as statements from the Vatican say it is. That decision makers in the Vatican apparently didn’t realize — or didn’t care — that this lapse would be perceived negatively is also troubling. A lack of an official response sends a tone-deaf and disappointing message to Catholics and the world. It points to the causal negligence at the heart of the scandal that has plagued the church for decades and demonstrates why the church can’t shake allegations that its leaders “just don’t get it.”

We cannot forget that less than 10 months ago, Marie Collins, an original appointee and a survivor of clergy abuse, resigned from the commission out of frustration with an intransigent Vatican bureaucracy.

We’ve been told not to read too much into the vacant commission. It’s just a bureaucratic snafu, we’re told, and it will be corrected by April, when the commission’s next plenary assembly is set. The office in the Curia meant to support the work of the commission will continue its work, we’ve been told. These statements, meant to be assurances, sound too much like hollow promises of the kind we’re been programmed to hear from church officials when it comes to the abuse of minors by clergy.

In March, Collins recalled that when she was appointed, “I said publicly that if I found what was happening behind closed doors was in conflict with what was being said to the public I would not remain. This point has come. I feel I have no choice but to resign if I am to retain my integrity.” We seem to have reached a time again when private actions are not matching public statements.

The Vatican has known since Collins’ resignation that the commission was suffering a credibility problem. Their bureaucratic neglect on commission memberships only exacerbates that problem. We repeat: that the Vatican didn’t recognize this as a problem or doesn’t care that it is a problem is very worrisome.



Hundreds of boys ‘tortured’ at youth detention centres in 1970s and 1980s

Survivors calling for public inquiry into sexual and physical abuse during Thatcherite ‘short, sharp shock’ policy

4 January 2018

Hundreds of boys say they were subjected to sexual and physical abuse amounting to “torture” in youth detention centres, sparking calls for a public inquiry.

A lawyer representing the alleged victims said they had been raped, beaten and sexually assaulted during the 1970s and 1980s.

David Greenwood, the head of child abuse at Switalskis Solicitors, said he was already representing more than 400 men and being “approached constantly” by new claimants.

“Clients I’ve spoken to have said it was like torture – they were locked up and couldn’t get away,” he told The Independent.


Former inmates at Eastwood Park Detention Centre in Gloucestershire have told Mr Greenwood they were punched if they did not answer officers’ responses with “Sir”.

Others described being regularly hit “for the slightest misdemeanour”, being whipped with rubber pipes, forced to perform extreme exercise, have cold showers and were made to crouch in stress positions without chairs.

Police are already investigating allegations relating to Medomsley Detention Centre in County Durham and Kirklevington Detention Centre in North Yorkshire, where more than 400 victims have already come forward.

But Mr Greenwood said the scale of abuse is “most definitely wider”.

“It was an institutional problem that seemed to have been taking place at all these detention centres at that time,” he added.

When asked what kind of sexual assaults his clients told him took place in the centres, Mr Greenwood listed them as “rape, indecent assault and oral sex”.

Some of the alleged abuse has been attributed to policies brought in by Margaret Thatcher’s government, including Home Secretary Willie Whitelaw’s ‘short, sharp shock’ initiative.

The policy saw young offenders detained in secure units and subjected to quasi-military discipline, despite the fact there was no evidence it would deter them from reoffending.

Victims are calling for a new public inquiry to be opened into the treatment of young male convicts at all detention centres in Britain.

HM Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) claimed the allegations would be covered by the ongoing Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, but critics argue its remit is not wide enough to fully address the new allegations.

Mr Greenwood argued the current inquiry does not specifically address physical abuse, and its scope is also limited by ongoing criminal proceedings. “We’re hoping that the Home Secretary will look at this again and think about a proper public inquiry,” he added.

A HMPPS spokesperson said: “There is already an inquiry looking into these allegations, which is part of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.

“The allegations of abuse by former members of staff at Medomsley Detention Centre are subject to an ongoing police investigation, therefore it would be inappropriate to comment further.”


Sex offender treatment scheme led to increase in reoffending

Jun 30 2017

Inmates on the prison-run programme were slightly more likely to commit further sexual offences on release, a Ministry of Justice review found

ex offenders who completed a group treatment programme in prison were more likely to commit further similar offences, a Ministry of Justice review has found. The analysis warned that group therapy could allow offenders to share “contacts and sources” or normalise criminal behaviour.

Some 10% of criminals who completed the prison-based core sex offender treatment programme (SOTP) committed at least one sexual offence during the period covered by the review, compared with 8% of those who had not received the treatment. For offences involving explicit images of children, the reoffending rate was 4.4% for those who had completed the programme, compared with 2.9% in the comparison group.

Overall, the review found that the core SOTP, which has been used since 1992, was “generally associated with little or no changes in sexual and non-sexual reoffending”, but that “there were small increases in the sexual and child image reoffending rates”.


Ridiculous outcry over Toby Young. He will bring independence, rigour and caustic wit. Ideal man for job

Jon Stone

How British politics works: as editor of the Spectator, Boris Johnson commissioned Toby Young as a writer. Now Boris’s brother, Jo Johnson, a Cabinet minister, gives Young a public sector job. Boris, now also a Cabinet minister, endorses the appointment

One episode where Tobes failed to distinguish himself – other than by once again talking well, but lying badly, was the hacking of schoolgirl Milly Dowler’s phone on behalf of the late and not at all lamented Murdoch Screws. Young had just been appointed as political correspondent of the Screws’ replacement, the Sun on Sunday

Tobes declared that the Milly Dowler affair was nothing more than “That murdered schoolgirl thing”,




Truthseeker‏ @thewakeupcall09

David Russell Walters was the Special Assistant in the Mayor of London’s Office

David Russell Walters house during a police raid, was allegedly found to have been in possession of large quantities of child porn?


(David) Russell Walters, Special Assistant – Education, GLA

David Russell Walters Forsyth (Lord Michael Forsyth) tightens grip on Scots party “Make no mistake: Russell’s in charge, he runs the show”


Bob Higgins: Ex-Southampton coach denies child abuse charges

Jan 4 2018Bob Higgins

Ex-Saints youth coach Bob Higgins is accused of multiple counts of indecent assault against boys

A former Southampton Football Club youth coach has pleaded not guilty to 50 counts of child abuse.

Bob Higgins, 64, is accused of carrying out indecent assaults on 24 boys between 1970 and 1996.

Mr Higgins, from Southampton, was the youth development officer at Southampton in the 1980s.

He was granted unconditional bail by a judge at Bournemouth Crown Court and is due to appear for trial at Salisbury Crown Court on 29 May.



Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

Terence Ewing was arrested with Gleaves. Who are these MPs?

Were Austin Mitchell and John Hemming aware of the fact that Terence Ewing was a paedophile?

The Association of McKenzie Friends are the group ‘supporting’ Ella Draper and Abraham Christie, who along with Sabine McNeill are wanted for questioning by police in relation to allegations of harassment and child abuse connected to the Hampstead Satanic Claims.


ewing and friends

Belinda McKenzie, Terence Ewing, and Sabine McNeill


Keith Hammerton and Roger Gleaves

Keith Hammerton and Roger Gleaves are both convicted paedophiles.

And both happen to be former business partners of Terence Ewing  advisor for ‘The Association of McKenzie Friends’

Terence Ewing and Keith Hammerton- Euston Trust

Terence Ewing and Roger Gleaves- Mephistopheles Debt Collection Service

Terence Ewing, having been described by a high court judge as “unattractive and indicative of a lack of personal integrity and honesty”, is banned from taking a civil action in England and Wales unless he has the permission of a High Court judge. (BBC News)

I’m sure that many will think that this proves nothing other than that Terence Ewing has an extremely poor taste when selecting business partners.

However, call me old fashioned but I do believe that it is extremely unethical and potentially illegal for ‘The Association of McKenzie Friends’ to seek to sell “video evidence”, “interviews with victims of child trafficking”, and “documentation regarding child abuse”.


John Hemming MP withdrew as patron of The Association of McKenzie Friends on 22nd January 2015.


Former Crewe Alexandra football coach Paul McCann leaves South Cheshire Magistrates Court

Former Crewe coach charged with indecently assaulting boy

3 Jan 2018

A former Crewe Alexandra football coach has appeared in court charged with six counts of indecent assault.

Paul McCann, 57, appeared at South Cheshire Magistrates’ Court in Crewe to face the charges relating to a boy under 16 and a boy over 16.

All the allegations relate to one victim and are alleged to have taken place between 1987 and 1990.

Mr McCann, of Great Sutton, Cheshire, spoke only to confirm his name, age and address during the brief hearing.

He was granted bail to appear before Chester Crown Court on 31 January.



Two charged with historic sexual abuse at Old Rectory Children’s Home, Singleton

2 Jan 2018

TWO men are facing a total of 26 charges of historical sexual abuse of young boys at a children’s home. 

The alleged offences are believed to have taken place in West Sussex between 35 and 44 years ago.

John Michael Webber, 77, retired, of Clifton Hill, Brighton, and Don Grasty, 94, retired, of Beach Road, Selsey, have been summonsed to appear at Worthing Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, February 6.

The charges allege that they committed the offences at the long since closed privately-run Old Rectory Children’s Home in Church Road, Singleton, against eight boys aged between nine and 15, between 1974 and 1983.

Webber, who was owner of the Home during the period of the alleged offences, faces 12 charges – seven of indecent assault, two of gross indecency and three of buggery – almost all involving multiple incidents, allegedly committed against five boys.

Grasty, who was a manager at the Home during the same period, faces 14 charges – 10 of indecent assault, three of gross indecency, and one of buggery – again almost involving multiple incidents, allegedly committed against five boys.

Two of the boys are alleged to have been victims of both men.

Police emphasise that the premises closed as a children’s home in the late 1980s and that any management or occupants of the address since that time have no connection whatsoever with this case.



It was inspected


HRH Crafty Muvva 👑 @craftymuvva

Why is Maggie Oliver wanting to reside with Rachel ‘don’t use your leaf blower outside my house’ Johnson, and Anne Widdecombe?

Anne Widdecombe with her good friend Fr Seed

Fr Seed was  put into Knowl View children’s home in Rochdale,  where he stayed until he was 17.  There was a paedophile ring operating there involving Sir Cyril Smith. Seed was abused there and had been asked to provide evidence for Rochdale Council’s internal investigation into the school.



Maggie Oliver

Maggie Oliver joined Greater Manchester Police in 1996

Rochdale child sex grooming scandal– was assigned as a witness protection officer to some of the vulnerable victims

worked on an almost identical operation in 2004, Operation Augusta

a detective in the Major Incident Team and as a family liaison officer and worked on a number of big cases. But I was contacted in November 2010 and asked to join Operation Span, a major investigation into the abuse in Rochdale.


Former cop Margaret Oliver is backing DC Wedger’s fight


Rachel Johnson (L) and Camila Batmanghelidjh

Rachel Johnson

She was a student at Ashdown House – where abuse ocurred

 We were all four happy at Ashdown and will always be especially grateful to Clive Williams for his fantastic teaching.’

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 line-up confirmed – this is who is entering the house


Ex-Ashdown House School – the centre of allegations of historic sexual abuse – head (Clive Williams) cleared of child sex charges



Cambridge University students ‘abused child sex slaves’ – escaped prostitute reveals torment


An underage ‘sex slave’ claims she was hired out to students at the famous university.

She claimed she was just one of many underage sex workers who suffered violence and abuse at the hands of wealthy men in the 1980s.

“I was the youngest one there. A lot of the men were people who wanted to be quite violent,” she said. “There were men who had a lot of money and would pay for a long time.

“Some of it was Cambridge students. A lot of them were rich students who you could tell were training to be politicians and saw themselves as very privileged people. The way they treated us was as if they could do what they liked with us.”

The woman, who has not been named for legal reasons, has since left Cambridge, where she grew up. She described a grooming process that has similarities to the systematic abuse of children in towns such as Rotheram and Newcastle.

“All the men were at least ten years older than the girls,” she said. “You had to sit at the bar and the men would choose somebody. But you would get a lot of free drinks and drugs.

“A lot of it seems really fragmented in my mind. But I remember the flats you were taken to were nearby. It was men queuing up to do what they liked with you. There was a lot of gang raping and really violent men. It was really quite horrible, especially for underage girls.”

The woman says her suffering was so immense that she even considered suicide. She claims she was trapped in the cycle of exploitation.

She said: “I think sex slavery is something you do that you have no choice about. There was violence involved and it was really hard to get out of it.

“There is mental abuse as well as violence, and you are made to feel as if you are not really human. The most important thing for me is it was not work. It was done without a choice.”

She claims she escaped the torment after being hospitalised by an aggressive client: “I had a chance to think about what was going on, and I decided to run away,” she said.

“I thought I should either kill myself or run away. I went to Manchester and it kind of changed my life. I realised I deserved more out of life. I needed to get away from Cambridge to live. I didn’t feel safe.”


Duncroft School: Jimmy Savile officer criticised

29 December 2017

The TV celebrity was questioned about allegations of abuse in 2009 but no action was taken

A senior officer would have had a “case to answer” over his handling of the Jimmy Savile case, a report has found.

The Surrey Police detective inspector, who is now retired, would have faced misconduct proceedings if he were still active, the police watchdog found.

He failed to pass an allegation against the disgraced TV star to a neighbouring force, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) said.

The force said there were “things which should have been done differently”.

A detective constable who worked on the case also performed “unsatisfactorily”, the IPCC found.

‘Celebrity influence’

Its report concerned the actions of both officers, who investigated sex offences at Duncroft School, in Staines, allegedly committed in the 1970s.

Surrey Police launched a two-year investigation into the school in 2007.

The IPCC said:

  • During the course of the school probe, an allegation of an assault at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, in Buckinghamshire, was received
  • The detective did not pass details of this claim to Thames Valley Police
  • As a result, it was not recorded by the force until 2013 – five years after the claim was disclosed to Surrey Police.

Investigators also found Savile’s status as a “very well-known celebrity” influenced decision-making during the investigation.

His status appeared to have been “considered throughout” by the senior officer, referred to as DI B in the report.

In particular, the watchdog said:

  • Savile’s celebrity “affected the way in which police approached witnesses and which agencies were informed and when”
  • The force chose to interview him under caution in October 2009 after prosecutors advised there was no case to proceed
  • Savile appeared “to have dictated the date and location for the interview” based on his own schedule
  • This added ” undue delay to the conclusion of the investigation”
  • It was unclear why Savile, who was in his eighties, was allowed to have a “friend and appropriate adult”, present during the interview
  • Investigators found it “unlikely that a non-celebrity member of the public would have been afforded the same courtesy”.

However, Savile’s high profile had “no influence” on the ultimate outcome of the investigation, according to the report.

‘Pattern of abuse’

Although the IPCC found no other evidence of wrongdoing, it did express concern at some aspects of the investigation.

These included:

  • Communication failures with West Yorkshire police over comments made by Savile about alleged inappropriate relationships with officers on that force
  • And there was also no evidence that witnesses had been made aware of safeguarding measures available to protect their identities.

The second officer’s performance was also described as unsatisfactory and falling below the expected standards of professional behaviour.

But, the report said, she would not have had to answer a case for professional misconduct.

In a statement, Surrey Police said it investigated alleged sex offences by Savile at Duncroft in 2007-09.

It said: “Whilst the enquiries in the original 2007-09 investigation pre-dated much of what we now know about Savile and his pattern of abuse, the force has always accepted there are things which should have been done differently.”

“These were highlighted in a report Surrey Police published in 2013 and relevant organisational learning was implemented as a result.”

As part of its investigation, Surrey Police interviewed more than 100 former pupils at Duncroft, a school for emotionally-disturbed girls which closed in the 1980s.

Savile, who died in 2011 aged 84, was a Radio 1 DJ and the presenter of the Jim’ll Fix It show on BBC One.

He was one of Britain’s most prolific sex abusers and is thought to have assaulted hundreds of people between the ages of five and 75.

Savile denied allegations of abuse at the school when questioned by police in 2009.


For their eyes only: the secret stories ministers don’t want you to read


At the turn of every year, hundreds of classified government documents are made available at the National Archives in Kew, south-west London. Many due for release are withheld or, as the Guardian has reported, have been lost. Whitehall departments do not have to explain why they have been retained, or where they are.

Documents held back this year include files relating to the Scott inquiry into the arms-to-Iraq affair, a file on allegations of sexual abuse at the Kincora boys’ home in Belfast which the former army information officer Colin Wallace said were covered up by MI5, and a file on the late Brian Nelson, a British army informer in Northern Ireland eventually jailed for conspiring to kill Catholics.


Also withheld is a document on Anthony Blunt, surveyor of the Queen’s pictures, who was granted immunity from prosecution before confessing to having been a Soviet spy. Papers are retained, temporarily or indefinitely, while Whitehall weeders conduct what are called “sensitivity reviews”.

The file also reveals that Thatcher and her successor, John Major, were concerned that a planned history of the army’s Intelligence Corps would reveal what the regiment had been up to in Northern Ireland. The Ministry of Defence told them not to worry as any reference to Northern Ireland would be “particularly anodyne”.



Israeli ambassador claimed former DUP leader Paisley contacted him ‘to obtain arms’, declassified files reveal

29 December, 2017


THE Israeli ambassador to the UK claimed former DUP leader Ian Paisley contacted him “to obtain arms”, declassified state papers released reveal.

The claim, which prompted surprise from the Irish government, is contained among hundreds of previously confidential files published in Dublin and Belfast today.

The documents, dating back to the late 1980s and early 1990s, also reveal that:

* The UVF told then Taoiseach Charlie Haughey that an MI5 officer had asked it to “execute” him

* Claims of an ‘inner circle’ within the RUC involved in collusion were raised at a meeting of Irish and British ministers

* The Irish government was told by Fr Denis Faul of rumours that Gerry Adams had ‘set up’ the IRA gang gunned down by the SAS in an ambush in Loughgall

The claim that Mr Paisley had asked the Israeli ambassador about arms is included in files released by the National Archives of Ireland.

In June 1985, Noel Dorr – Ireland’s ambassador in London – wrote a letter to his boss in Dublin on the conversation he had at a recent function.

“I expressed surprise at this since I thought it unlikely that Paisley would leave himself open on something like this,” Mr Dorr wrote.

The Israeli ambassador, Yahuda Avner, said Mr Paisley was talking about “border protection”.

“I said I presumed that the emphasis was on surveillance equipment rather than on arms but the ambassador did not elaborate further on the detail of the request,” Mr Dorr said.

“I would assume that what happened is that Paisley may have written to the ambassador to seek a meeting in regard to ‘border protection’. The ambassador possibly interpreted this general phrase as referring to weapons rather than technology.”

The ambassador told Mr Paisley that “these things” could only be dealt with between governments.


The documents, dating back to the late 1980s and early 1990s, also reveal that:

* The UVF told then Taoiseach Charlie Haughey that an MI5 officer had asked it to “execute” him

Image result for Haughey and Savile

Haughey was tried and acquitted in the early 1970s, while Lynch was prime minister on charges of conspiring to import arms into Ireland illegally, allegedly for the IRA.


Image result for Haughey and Savile

Haughey believed Jimmy Savile would be a good mediator for Thatcher dealings

A letter in the National Archives reveals details of a meeting between the pair at the Central Remedial Clinic in the 1980s.

Dec 28th 2013


Image result for Haughey and Savile

CHARLES HAUGHEY BELIEVED BBC presenter Jimmy Savile would make a good mediator for meetings between the British and Irish governments.

Following a meeting in 1980 at the Central Remedial Clinic, founder Lady Valerie Goulding, wrote to the Taoiseach to thank him for seeing Savile, one of the charity’s most important patrons.

The document, released under the 30 Year Rule today, repeats a suggestion by the Fianna Fáil leader that the Top of the Pops front man “could be a good mediator as he really is very well in with Mrs. Thatcher and members of the Opposition as well”.

Haughey and Savile sat down for tea at the CRC on 26 May 1980. The DJ became a regular visitor at Abbeville when he visited Dublin to organise sponsored walks as part of his charity work for the CRC.

Jimmy Savile guest of An Taoiseach…Photographed at an Taoiseach’s Office, Government Buildings…1980-05-26.26th May 1980.26-05-80.05-26-80..From left:..An Taoiseach Charles Haughey TD..Lady Valerie Goulding of the Central Remedial Clinic..Jimmy Savile.

It was another two decades before allegations of paedophilia emerged publicly about Savile. The CRC has issued statements to stress that he never had private access to patients during his visits to the treatment centre for those with disabilities.

Since ITV aired a documentary last year, police in London have launched Operation Yewtree to investigate allegations of sex abuse within the BBC. The probe is split into three strands – allegations involving Savile, those involving Savile and others and those involving others.

More than 600 people have come forward with allegations of sexual abuse against Savile alone, making him one of the most prolific sex offenders the UK has ever seen.


Larger version here. (Image: Sinéad O’Carroll/TheJournal.ie)

The CRC has been at the centre of its own controversy this year as it became embroiled in the salary top-ups scandal.

Under Section 38 of the Health Act 2004, which includes both health agencies and voluntary hospitals, bodies may not supplement approved rates of remuneration with either Exchequer funding or non-government sources of funding.

A internal audit, ordered last year, found that just seven of the 42 organisations in the State that fall into the category were fully compliant with guidelines on pay.

Reportedly, one former CEO received more than €135,000 in ‘top-up’ salary and allowances from the CRC’s own funds. His base HSE salary was €106,000.


Haughey and Savile

FORMER Taoiseach Charlie Haughey introduced disgraced DJ Jimmy Savile to his daughter Eimear when she was a young teen


What was Ansbacher?


Haughey and Savile
Image result for Haughey and prince

Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams and Sean Haughey meet the Prince of Wales during a reception at Glencairn House

joe.m @joeman42 @ciabaudo

Gerry Adams father was Paedophile & also Adams bro is Paedophile ..serving jail sentence for raping his own daughter


The Sunday People revealed how Jimmy Savile once told one of their journalists that he could fix anyone with just one phone call – to the IRA terrorists.

Savile said: “All I have to do is call my friends in the IRA. They’ll have someone waking up in hospital the next morning eating their breakfast through a f***ing straw.

“I know the IRA, men from the IRA, and you don’t need to ask these guys twice.

“I’m serious. Don’t f***ing think I’m not serious. I can get them done – just with a phone call. That’s all it takes, young man.”


Image result for Haughey and Savile

Central Remedial Clinic founder Lady Valerie Goulding (Monckton) with then President Erskine Childers and Jimmy Savile. Savile also befriended Charles Haughey.

The Central Remedial Clinic, which Savile fundraised for…

The Irish government has been urged to investigate paedophile Jimmy Savile’s close associations with a children’s charity in Ireland by the man representing 176 of his victims in Britain.

Irish journalist Nicola Anderson has recalled an interview with Savile at the CRC in Clontarf on his last visit to Ireland in 2001.
During the interview Savile boasted of the number of girlfriends he had.
Anderson wrote in the Irish Independent: “In September 2001, I wrote that clad in a gob-smacking suit emblazoned with Superman cartoons, Jimmy Savile had “glided in the door of the clinic in Clontarf like true royalty.
“Some 13 years on, the man’s false sense of entitlement around the Central Remedial Clinic is what remains strongest in my mind.
“Clearly, he considered it to be ‘his’ clinic and the staff to be ‘his’ staff.
“That is my chief memory of our encounter, along with Savile’s peculiar demeanour during our interview: his odd rambling speeches and the almost pathetic clinging to what he clearly saw as his glory days – but which has far, far more sinister connotations today.
“‘You wouldn’t guess how many girlfriends I’ve had’, he told me in an outburst in the middle of that interview in which we had been discussing another topic entirely.
“They were ‘countless’, he claimed. In my ignorance, I smiled politely, thinking that the man must be delusional. He was. They were not ‘girlfriends’ but victims.”

Solicitor Richard Scorer has told Irish media outlets that an investigation needs to look at Savile’s activities in Ireland.

Scorer has called on the Irish authorities to ‘dig deeper’ into the late Savile’s close associations with the Central Remedial Clinic in Clontarf.

Savile was a regular visitor to the Dublin clinic and spearheaded many fund raising events for the facility.

Ireland’s Health and Children’s ministers have planned to look at the many visits he made here in the 1970s.


Central Remedial Clinic was set up in April 1951 by Lady Valerie Goulding and Kathleen O’Rourke as a small non-residential treatment centre in a house in Upper Pembroke Street in the heart of Dublin


[Jimmy Savile with Central Remedial Clinic founder Lady Valerie Goulding (Monckton)]

Lady Valerie Goulding (Monckton)

Born Valerie Hamilton Monckton, she was the only daughter of Mary Adelaide Somes Colyer-Ferguson and Sir Walter Monckton (later 1st Viscount Monckton of Brenchley).

On account of her widespread popularity, in 1977 she was nominated by the Taoiseach, Jack Lynch, to Seanad Éireann, where she worked to raise awareness of disability issues. She sought election to Dáil Éireann twice as a Fianna Fáil candidate, both times unsuccessfully. She was spoken of as a possible President of Ireland in 1983, along with former Nobel and Lenin Peace Prize winner Sean MacBride and former head of the International Olympic Committee Lord Killanin, should the president, Patrick Hillery, decline to seek a second term. (Hillery ultimately was re-elected).


Her father

Walter Turner Monckton, 1st Viscount Monckton of Brenchley,

A lawyer, Monckton served as advisor to Edward VIII during the abdication crisis, having been Attorney General to the Duchy of Cornwall since 1932. He was Recorder of Hythe from 1930-37.

( she was his letter carrier between the palace and her father )

He worked in propaganda and information during World War II and became Solicitor General in Winston Churchill’s 1945 caretaker government, although he refused to join the Conservative Party. He finally joined after the war and became a Member of Parliament for Bristol West at a 1951 by-election. Churchill soon appointed him to the cabinet as Minister of Labour and National Service, in which post he served from 1951 to 1955. He was Anthony Eden’s Minister of Defence 1955–56, but was the only cabinet minister to oppose his Suez policy, and was moved to Paymaster-General 1956–57


Her Brother

Gilbert Monckton,

He was promoted Major General in 1963, and became Army director of public relations, dealing with press scrutiny into the behaviour of soldiers in Germany in the aftermath of unhelpful comments from the Secretary of State for War, John Profumo. He became Chief of Staff at the Headquarters of the British Army of the Rhine in 1965. He was appointed a Commander of the Belgian Order of the Crown in 1965 (Léopold III of Belgium was Colonel of his regiment), and Companion of the Order of the Bath in 1966. He left the Army in 1967, but was Colonel of the 9th/12th Royal Lancers from 1967 to 1973.


Her nephew

Christopher Monckton

He is a liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Broderers,

an Officer of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem,

a Knight of Honour and Devotion of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta,

and a member of the Roman Catholic Mass Media Commission.

He is also a qualified Day Skipper with the Royal Yachting Association, and has been a Trustee of the Hales Trophy for the Blue Riband of the Atlantic since 1986.

In 1979, Monckton met Alfred Sherman, who co-founded the pro-Conservative think tank the Centre for Policy Studies with Margaret Thatcher and Keith Joseph in 1974.

Christopher Walter Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley (born 14 February 1952) is a British politician, public speaker,[1] hereditary peer, and former newspaper editor. He has worked for The Universe, The Sunday Telegraph, Today and Evening Standard newspapers. Formerly a member of the Conservative Party, he served in Conservative Central Office and worked for Margaret Thatcher’s Number 10 Policy Unit during the 1980s.


HRH and Rosa Monckton are amused by model

Her Niece

Rosa Monckton (“a close friend since the early 1980s“  of convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein)

Rosa Monckton is the daughter of Gilbert Monckton, 2nd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley and was educated at the Ursuline Convent at Tildonk in Belgium.[1]

She is married to the journalist Dominic Lawson

Lawson was educated at Westminster School and then Christ Church, Oxford.

He is the elder son of Nigel Lawson, a former Conservative Chancellor of the Exchequer, and socialite Vanessa Salmon, heir to the Lyons Corner House empire

Thatcher and Lord Nigel Lawson

Lawson has several times been accused of working with MI6 (by for instance Richard Tomlinson), but has denied being an agent.[6]

From 1995 until 2005, Lawson was editor of The Sunday Telegraph. In 2000 the newspaper was named Newspaper of the Year at the British Press Awards. In 2006, he started to write columns for The Independent newspaper and in 2008, he became the main columnist for The Sunday Times.


Monckton was a friend of Diana, Princess of Wales. Regarding Diana’s alleged pregnancy at the time of her death, Monckton told a BBC documentary in December 2006 that Diana had had her period while they were on holiday together ten days before Diana died


Rosa Monckton has disclosed that someone close to her was involved with MI6.

Miss Monckton told the inquest into the princess’s death that she personally had “no connection with the security services” but that “someone close to me is connected with the SIS”


Her brother Anthony described by the Times of London as “Britain’s most important secret agent in the Balkans”.


His father, Gilbert Monckton was founding Chairman of the Blackwater/Xe alike and very spooky “Defense Systems Limited” http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php…ystems_Limited

So Rosa Monckton and Jimmy Savile were close confidants of princess Diana or were they her handlers

Who was she refering to being in MI6 her husband her father /grandfather/ aunt /brother

or all of the above

More Monckton connections.

From Lord Alun Chalfonts entry in ‘The Pilgrim List’


Viscount Monckton [his father attended a number of Pilgrims Society meetings], who acted as one of Kock’s patrons in 1967, was a director of Morrison’s company, and Morrison was an associate, too, of Jonathan Aitken [intel-connected; unofficial arms negotiator; head of the private, hard-right intelligence group Le Cercle] both before and at the time that Aitken was director of Astra’s BMARC [1980s]… Years later I bumped into Peter Shore [important politician and Privy Council member] in the changing rooms of the Roehampton Club… What I actually said to Shore was, ‘Why has the main witness not been interviewed [in the Pergau Dam/ Malaysian arms deal affair]?’ Shore, assuming that I meant Thatcher, began to reply – ‘It’s her prerogative as Prime Minister…” When I interrupted, telling him I meant Kock, Shore’s telling response was, ‘But that is another level of government altogether.'”

Chalfont was deputy chairman of the Independent Broadcasting Authority under Thatcher. Consultant to private security firm Zeus Security Consultants (this firm did high level government contract work), owned by Major Peter Hamilton, a close associate of Stephan Kock, the MI5, MI6, SAS agent who allegedly once headed a government assassination team, Group 13.

Stephan Kock, discussed on this thread previously, is also an ‘associate’ of Sir John Cuckney, Westland.






At the completion of the Fourteenth Annual Walk in aid of the Central Remedial Clinic in Clontarf, Jimmy Saville visited the CRC itself.

J Holland @Giantkiller173 

The order had to involved Lord peter Brooke….the mechanics of prepping the order had to involved kenneth harvard Hind..then peter brookes PPS…no wonder Brooke was granted 24/7 police protection for the rest of his life.


Ken Hind

Please ignore Tony Holland he if he tries to contact you .He is a former client convicted in1981 at Bradford Crown Court of receiving having admitted the offences to the police ,He appealed against his sentence but not his conviction which was reduced from 18months imprisonment to 6 months.I last saw him as I left the Court of Appeal in 1982. Following the death of one of the main prosecution witnesses in 1993 he has been abusing in different ways and now on the internet , the solicitors and counsel who represented him , the Judge and prosecutor . Somehow in 1982 he managed to get into Australia where he resides having written a book claiming to be an MI6 officer which was never mentioned at his trial .The essence of the book is that he was framed by the secret service who then connived in sending him to Australia He has stalked and abused the Judge counsel and his solicitor for 20 years. Ignore the ramblings of this man who is obsessed . He is currently the subject of investigation in the UK and Australia.If he sets foot in the UK he will be arrested. His most recent allegations against me are that the Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe who murdered 13 women is innocent and I am covering up his wrongful conviction .This is despite the admissions made to the police psychiatrists and pleas of guilty to manslaughter in the trial on the basis of insanity rejected by the jury who convicted him of murder. He has been interviewed about the deaths of a further 17 women .

Image result for "PETER SUTCLIFFE" + 'ken hind"


Sutcliffe and Savile

Detectives ‘had a cast made of Savile’s teeth’ to check against bite-marks left on bodies of Yorkshire Ripper victims

  • Police knew Savile used prostitutes, according to friend of dentist involved

Ripper and Savile’s afternoon tea: Inside the sick pair’s weird relationship

A FORMER cellmate of evil Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe has revealed the wicked killer’s twisted friendship with serial paedophile Jimmy Savile.


Caldey Island: Compensation call for sex abuse victims

Dec 29 2017

A call has been made for the founding monastery to compensate people who were sexually abused by a monk in Wales.

A devotee of the abbey on Caldey Island said Scourmont Abbey in Chimay, Belgium, had a “moral and ethical duty” to take some responsibility for the offences of Father Thaddeus Kotik.

Teresa Elwes, who regularly visited Caldey Island, off Pembrokeshire, said she was horrified by the allegations.

Scourmont Abbey denied responsibility, saying Caldey was a separate entity.

Father Thaddeus, who lived on the island for 45 years before his death in 1992, is accused of sexually abusing several young girls during the 1970s and 1980s.

Six of his victims were compensated by Caldey Abbey in an out-of-court settlement in March. A number of others have since come forward with allegations.

It is understood the abbot of Scourmont Abbey denied any legal liability in the civil proceedings.

Ms Elwes, a supporter of Caldey Abbey, claimed Scourmont, which brews Chimay – one of Belgium’s most popular beers – could afford to compensate victims more adequately.

She said: “When abuse is revealed you have to do your utmost to apologise, take responsibility, provide compensation and do everything you can for the victims.

“If [Scourmont] said ‘not our problem’ I’d say that’s pretty disingenuous… there are very strong links between Caldey and Scourmont.

“Whether they have a legal duty or not, they have a moral and ethical duty to make sure people are properly cared for and compensated… these people’s lives have been ruined.”

BBC Wales previously reported the former abbot of Caldey, Brother Robert O’Brien, became aware of allegations against Kotik in 1990 but did not refer them to police.

Ms Elwes, a former forensic psychologist who regularly visited Caldey Island from the age of 14 into her 20s, claims Brother Robert, who died in 2009, was appointed by Scourmont.

A book about Caldey Abbey, published in 1996, said the authority for the monastery reverted to Scourmont after the former abbot, Dom James, died.

The book stated the then-abbot of Scourmont, Dom Guerric Baudet, appointed Brother Robert.

But this is disputed by the present abbot, Dom Armand Veilleux, who said Brother Robert was “elected” by the Caldey community.

Scourmont established a monastery on Caldey in 1929 and the earliest monks there were Belgian – some were still members of the Caldey community at the time of the alleged abuse.

Although Caldey Abbey became autonomous from the Belgian abbey in the mid-1930s, Ms Elwes points to books about the island which refer to Scourmont’s ongoing financial support for the abbey into the 1970s.

After joining Caldey Abbey, Father Thaddeus spent time at Scourmont as part of his training.

BBC Wales has contacted Dom Armand Veilleux asking him to address these points, but has not received a response.

Ms Elwes, from London, said she met Father Thaddeus on occasions when visiting the island, but was not among his victims.

“I had a wonderful and quite deeply spiritual experience of Caldey, so to think there was a monk doing this is shocking,” she added.


Image result for cyril smith and nick clegg

Martin Walkerdine‏ @mwalkerdine

Former Lib Dem leader “Nick Clegg” to receive knighthood the same person who refused to hold independent inquiry into former MP Cyril Smith involvement in child abuse and what Former Leader David Steele KNEW at that time



LazerLight‏ @Lazer_Light23

I would be very interested to see who took out and lost the papers on The Troubles.

Government admits ‘losing’ thousands of papers from National Archives

Documents on the Falklands, Northern Ireland’s Troubles, and the infamous Zinoviev letter among those ‘misplaced’, leaving historians suspicious



LazerLight‏ @Lazer_Light23

‘The disappearances raised fears over how government ministries can remove official papers long after they have been declassified and made available to the public’

Official papers kept secret for 30 years are dominated by issues connected to war with Argentina over the Falkland Islands.


Colette L Annesley‏ @ColetteAnnesley

Mr Heath is also mentioned

HRH Crafty Muvva @craftymuvva

Christmas 1971: I wonder if Kincora featured in his visit?

The Northern Ireland file said to have been “misplaced” while on loan back to the government dates back to the Heath era, rather than the Thatcher era.


Elite paedophiles and CSA at Kincora … This gov have a habit of losing abuse files and appointing inappropriate investigation heads


Savile and the Falklands

Jimmy Savile declared that he had been in Margaret Thatcher’s company on Sunday 2nd May 1982. Whilst walking together, on receipt of a note her face had turned ashen. Jimmy Savile had looked at her with concern “What is the matter, Margaret”, he said. ” The Belgrano has been sunk”, was her reply.


Thatcher appeared to have no emotional reaction after the order was given to sink the Argentine cruiser, the General Belgrano, killing 323 people on board.


Whitehall departments have “lost” almost a thousand documents detailing controversial episodes around major events

Pope Francis – Argentina/ Falklands/Dirty War


Pope Francis (center) attended the funeral mass of cardinal Bernard Law at St Peter's basilica in Vatican.

Pope takes part in disgraced Cardinal Law’s funeral

Pope Francis prayed Thursday for a merciful final judgment for Cardinal Bernard Law, symbol of the Catholic Church’s failure to protect children from pedophile priests and its arrogance in safeguarding its own reputation at all costs.

The dean of the college of cardinals, Cardinal Angelo Sodano, celebrated the funeral Mass, along with some 30 other cardinals, and eulogized Law without making any mention of the scandal.

US Ambassador-designate Callista Gingrich and her husband, Newt, as well as some other members of the diplomatic corps were on hand in the pews, along with the Vatican foreign minister, Archbishop Paul Gallagher.

Law, who died Wednesday at age 86, resigned in disgrace as archbishop of Boston in 2002 after revelations that he covered up for dozens of priests who raped and sexually molested children, moving them to different parishes without telling parents or police.

St. John Paul II’s decision to promote Law to head a major Rome basilica in 2004 reinforced the impression that the Vatican — which had turned a blind eye to abuse for decades — still hadn’t grasped the scale of the problem, the trauma it caused its victims, and the moral credibility it had lost as a result.

Francis has inherited that legacy and has promised ‘‘zero tolerance’’ for abuse. But his own record has been marked by questionable appointments, a reneged proposal to create a Vatican tribunal to prosecute negligent bishops like Law, and giving the issue less urgency than his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI.

Just this week, Francis’ much-hyped commission of experts to advise the church on keeping children safe was allowed to lapse after its initial three-year mandate.

Sodano was John Paul’s powerful secretary of state at the time of Law’s downfall and would have been instrumental in the decisions the Vatican took in those years to deal with the burgeoning scandal.

But Sodano himself has a tainted legacy, having been a key supporter of the Rev. Marcial Maciel, the drug-addicted founder of the Legion of Christ religious order who sexually abused his seminarians and fathered three children. It was only after John Paul died and Sodano was sidelined that Benedict ordered Maciel to live a lifetime of ‘‘penance and prayer’’ for his crimes.


Charles Howeson verdict :

Prominent businessman guilty in sexual offences trial

Members of the jury in the trial of Charles Howeson have returned a verdict.

The prominent Plymouth businessman was accused of sexually assaulting 10 young men and a boy .

The alleged assaults were said to have taken place in Drake’s Island tunnels and in dark rooms at the Royal William Yard, all involving volunteers for a Plymouth charity.

The jury was sent out shortly before midday on Monday to consider its verdict.

Howeson, 68, denied 11 counts of indecent assault and one count of attempted buggery, dating from 1985 and 1994.

udge Horton told Howeson that he was going to be sent to prison. He gave the defendant the chance to speak to a probation officer and face up to his guilt.

Daniel Janner, QC for Howeson, replied: “The defendant’s position remains the same. He didn’t commit these offences and he has been wrongly convicted.”

Judge Horton adjourned the case until February 2 when Howeson will be sentenced or a date will be set for a new trial.


MP Mark Garnier cleared of breaking ministerial code

who called his aide ‘sugar tits’ and told her to buy sex toys for him


Ex-priest Laurence Soper jailed for sexually abusing boys

21 Dec 2017

An ex-Catholic priest who abused boys at a London school in the 1970s and 1980s has been jailed for 18 years.

Laurence Soper, 74, fled to Kosovo with £182,000 from the Vatican bank in a bid to avoid prosecution for abusing boys at the independent St Benedict’s School, in Ealing, where he taught.

He was extradited to face 19 charges of indecent and serious sexual assault against 10 former pupils.

He is the fourth man to be convicted of molesting children at the school.

Sentencing, Judge Anthony Bate said Soper’s conduct was “the most appalling breach of trust” and he had “subverted the rules of the Benedictine order and teachings of the Catholic Church”.

He said the former abbot and headmaster’s life would now be “overshadowed by the proven catalogue of vile abuse”.

An Old Bailey jury took 14 hours to find Soper guilty of all charges on 6 December.

Prosecutor Gillian Etherton QC told how the victims were subjected to “sadistic” beatings by Soper for “fake reasons” and on many occasions “with what can only have been a sexual motive”.

The “reasons” included kicking a football in the wrong direction, failing to use double margins and using the wrong staircase.

St Benedict’s apologised unreservedly for the “serious wrongs of the past”.

Soper’s victims, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were supported by relatives in court when he was sentenced earlier.

One victim suffered from nightmares and flashbacks after the abuse, but chose not to come forward out of fear of more beating, the jury heard during the trial.


WESTMINSTER SLEAZE: The investigation into disgraced Keith Vaz, the Labour MP accused of paying for rent boys & was taped discussing buying cocaine, has been suspendedbecause he’s not very well.


UnaPooper @TheUnapooper

Wasn’t that the argument for not investigating Lord Janner?


welladriansays‏ @welladriansays

have we so quickly moved from health being a factor in sentencing , to health being a factor in decision to prosecute and now health being factor in whether to investigate? Perhaps MPs could just be given doctors note in advance to excuse them for anything?

Dame Alun Roberts

So you’re being investigated for stealing a Mars bar from the local newsagent and have a medical condition? Talk to your solicitor about Lex Vaz. I’m sure it will apply to you, too!

Somehow reminiscent of Vaz’s mate Janner, don’t you think?



I simply don’t get it: Labour suspends MPs and aides like a string of pearls yet Keith Vaz offers to buy drugs for his rentboys and gets off scot-free! What is it about that man?

HRH Crafty Muvva @craftymuvva

Is he still undertaking his parliamentary duties? If so there’s no reason for the investigation to be halted.

Andrew Bridgen @ABridgen

I instigated the complaint into Keith Vaz in Sept 2016. If more than 15 months later he is not fit to be held to the standards expected of a Parliamentarian, then he’s not fit enough to be a Parliamentarian and we should be expecting a by-election in Leicester East

Andy O’Brien‏ @Camelot_1966

John Bercow blocked Andrew Bridgen MP from revealing investigation into Keith Vaz after accepting £41,000 in donations with links to Keith Vaz

Just Mick‏ @Stressed_Eric72

He’s not dead, he’s still a working MP, investigation should continue.

Cathy Higgins….‏ @justmebeingme4

How can a guy with the chequered background like Keith Vaz get away with corruption & sleaze 4 so long?…Could the answer be he has Shit on all of ? In 450 pages, the damning verdict on bullying Vaz is laid bare by MPs


Dame Alun Roberts

I seem to recollect that Keith Vaz chickened out of an investigation once before feigning ill health.


My Sweet Landlord‏ @MySweetLandlord

Keith Vaz has been bloody busy for a man too ill to be investigated by Parliamentary Standards.

Abused Mind‏ @AbusedMind1

Wonder if he will be claiming expenses for all this work , while too ill to answer questions ….

HRH Crafty Muvva

Is it Vaz who is unwell, or the Parliamentary Commissioner?

Most peculiar…

Andre Walker‏r @andrejpwalker 4

On the day Damian Green is sacked for looking at porn. Keith Vaz is allowed to keep his job despite using rent boys. Amazing to see consistency in action


Damian Green is set to pocket a £17,000 tax-free pay off after being axed over porn on his computer


The 61-year-old is the third Cabinet minister after Sir Michael Fallon and Priti Patel to quit in just seven weeks. But the timing of Mrs May’s decision to accept his ­resignation, just before the Christmas holiday, sparked ­criticism that she was too weak to sack him when the ­spotlight was on him over the pornography claims.

Just hours earlier, Mr Green had sat next to Mrs May at the final PMQs of 2017. Photographers had later arrived at Downing Street yesterday to take pictures of the Cabinet discussing Brexit but were mysteriously booted out 10 minutes beforehand. Mr Green would have been expecting to been by the PM’s side.

The inquiry by Cabinet ­Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood.

David Davis had vowed to quit if Mr Green was sacked over the porn claims. But in yet another Tory U-turn, a spokesman said the Brexit Secretary would not be leaving.


Damian Green sacked after ‘misleading statements’ on porn claims

20 DEC 2017

Damian Green, one of Theresa May’s closest allies, has been sacked from the cabinet after an inquiry found he had breached the ministerial code.

He was “asked to quit” after he was found to have made “inaccurate and misleading” statements about what he knew about claims pornography was found on his office computer in 2008.

He also apologised for making writer Kate Maltby feel uncomfortable in 2015.

Laura Kuenssberg said the PM “had little choice but to ask him to go”.

The BBC’s political editor said the departure of a close friend left Mrs May a “lonelier figure”.

The 61-year old Mr Green, who as first secretary of state was effectively the PM’s deputy, is the third cabinet minister to resign in the space of two months, Michael Fallon and Priti Patel having both quit in November.

In her written response, Mrs May expressed “deep regret” at Mr Green’s departure but said his actions “fell short” of the conduct expected of a cabinet minister.

He had been under investigation regarding allegations of inappropriate behaviour towards journalist and Tory activist Ms Maltby. He denied suggestions that he made unwanted advances towards her in 2015.

He also denied that he had either downloaded or viewed pornography on a computer removed from his Commons office in 2008.

An official report by the Cabinet Office found that two statements he had made in November about being unaware pornographic material had been found on a computer in his office were “inaccurate and misleading” and constituted a breach of the ministerial code.

The report also found that although there were “competing and contradictory accounts of what were private meetings” between himself and Ms Maltby, the investigation found her account “to be plausible”.

Her parents, Colin and Victoria Maltby, said in a statement they were not surprised to find that the inquiry found Mr Green to have been “untruthful as a minister, nor to that they found our daughter to be a plausible witness”.

They praised their 31-year-old daughter for her courage in speaking out about the “abuse of authority”.

Ms Maltby is not commenting on Mr Green’s resignation until she receives more details from the Cabinet Office.

In his resignation letter, Mr Green said statements he made about what he knew about the pornography could have been “clearer”, conceding his lawyers had been informed by lawyers for the Met Police about their initial discovery in 2008 and the police had also raised the matter within him in a phone call in 2013.

“I apologise that my statements were misleading on this point,” he said.

Damian Green has never been a politician with a huge public persona, or even a hugely well-known character.

But he was an extremely important ally of Theresa May. Not just a political friend but a genuine one, close to her for decades.



Natalie @RealNatalieRowe

Ok Damian Green has been given the boot (temporarily) so it looks good&proper, don’t know about anyone else but I want to know exactly what Genre of Porn he was watching, it’s important, we need to know the mind set of the Man, is he a risk in society ? should he still be an MP?

Truthseeker‏ @thewakeupcall09

acts which result in or are likely to result in serious injury to a person’s anus, breasts or genitals; bestiality; or necrophilia. They also provide for the exclusion of classified films etc. and set out defences and the penalties for the offence.

Joseph Ducreux‏ @yawnanothertwit

How can a secure government network access porn websites?

Simon Worrall‏ @sworrall

Quite so. My employer, like many, uses a blocker device which prevents staff access to entire categories of disreputable websites. As you say it would be flagged immediately.

Jon Styler

Jon Styler: £140,000 payouts to alleged abuse victims

19 December 2017

Solicitors representing the eight claimants said Newport council has been unable to find Mr Styler’s old personnel record.

They also claim other education records important to the cases were “lost”.

Jon Styler, who denied all the allegations, hanged himself in 2007

Eight men allegedly abused by a head teacher thought to be one of Wales’ most prolific paedophiles have received £140,000 in settlements.

Jon Styler is said to have abused boys in schools in Newport and Worcestershire in the 1970s and 1980s.

Newport council has agreed out-of-court settlements with the men, with no admission of liability, but said it could not comment further.

A spokesman said: “However, we would like to stress that the allegations in relation to Mr Styler are historical and there are no links between the schools where he taught many decades ago and those schools today.”

Solicitors believe Mr Styler may be one of Wales’ most-prolific sex offenders, with more than 100 victims.

Image result for Life on the Grand Scale featuring Jon Styler at the piano

Life on the Grand Scale featuring Jon Styler at the piano

Styler was well-known  in his home city of Newport.  He was a pianist and as a performer – his name on the billing was guaranteed to pull in an audience.

Sad also to report the death in August 2007 of pianist Jon Styler, who worked with Gerri Smith in The Dorothy Squires Story, which Gerri performed at the Edinburgh Festival and toured in 1999 including a performance at London s Westminster Theatre.

Jon died on 14 August and Gerri says: Jon was an inspirational piano player and, without him, I would never have considered putting the show on. We had a great time rehearsing and performing the show, and both of us had some truly eerie moments when we truly thought Dot was with us along the way.

Jon was at my birthday party of 16 July, and last New Year s Eve we were together performing Say It With Flowers. I will miss him always.


Styler and his deputy head Lyn Millinship

He raised concerns in 1974 with governors, councillors and his union and he had a meeting with a senior official at the Education dept at the Gwent County Council

Styler’s employer Gwent Education Dept


Malpas Church in Wales jnr and infants School in Newport (33755452)

Malpas Church in Wales jnr and infants School in Newport

Newport council inherited liability from the old Gwent County Council, which employed Mr Styler when he worked in Wales. Several men have said they were abused by Mr Styler when he was head teacher at the Malpas Church in Wales Primary School in the 1970s.

Styler was arrested in 2007 following an allegation of sex abuse made against him during his teaching career

He has been described as a well-known, charismatic figure who specialised in teaching music and drama, who often taught children alone in his office

One man, who wants to remain anonymous, said he was violently sexually assaulted by Mr Styler as a child.

He said: “This man was a monster, he took advantage of young boys and was able to manipulate staff out of the way for his own sexual gratification.

“I endured terrible sexual attacks against me as a child – I was sexually attacked in a caravan and it was absolutely horrendous.”

He said he has given his money – tens of thousands of pounds – to relatives and they do not know where it has come from.


Jon Styler

Jon Styler highlighted in a photograph of Bowbrook private school pupils in the late 1980s

There is at least one more claim ongoing against Newport council.

Solicitors said they have been contacted by men from all over the world.

Rhys Dando, from the law firm Collingbourne Hennah, negotiated many of the settlements and believes there could be more to come.

“This is very much a live issue in our eyes, clients are making contact with us fairly regularly, certainly we’re getting further accounts of experiences,” he said.

“It appears these claims could be widespread and will continue to occur over the next few years.”


Styler had been arrested on suspicion of similar offences allegedly committed 27 years earlier.

The Argus reported that authorities, including the church, governors, unions and the former Gwent County Council allegedly knew about the concerns after a former senior staff member at the school reported his concerns.


A senior member of teaching staff at the school reported his concerns at the time to the church, governors, unions and the local education authority.

He claims he was effectively warned off and that nothing was done about the allegations.

There are people who were in positions of authority in the Newport education system in the 1970s who are alive and well.

We urge them to come forward and tell the public what they knew of these allegations, if anything.


Styler left Newport in 1980



Another was abused by Styler at St Julian’s Junior School in the 1960s

Styler was arrested in 2007 following an allegation of sexual abuse made against him during his time teaching at the Church in Wales school.

However, an investigation by the BBC show has now discovered that police investigating the allegations failed to take into account claims against Styler that were logged two years earlier.

A man, who cannot be named but who spoke to the programme, claims he went to Gwent Police in 2005 claiming he and his brother – a former police officer – were targeted by Styler in the headteacher’s office.

But the man decided at the time not to pursue the matter as a formal complaint because of concerns about the impact a police probe might have on his brother’s career and family.

Despite this, his brother – a police officer at the time – said this information should have been kept on file as a matter of course for intelligence.

He said: ‘It’s such a shame. Little things, details matter in policing. They matter enormously. So why wasn’t that link made? Why wasn’t there an investigation into other teachers from the school? Why weren’t questions asked, even in 2007?’

Three weeks after Week In Week Out contacted Gwent Police, a report was found relating to the allegation made in 2005 against Styler.

Gwent Police has now launched an internal review as a result of the programme’s investigation, which will look into why these allegations did not come to light at the time of Styler’s arrest in 2007.

Newport City Council social services department should also have a log that Gwent Police contacted the authority in 2005 and 2007 but it told the BBC programme that no such record can be found.

The authority also said it has no record of Styler’s personnel files, which it would have inherited from Gwent County Council following local government reorganisation.

Lyndon Millinship, a former deputy headteacher at the school in Malpas, has spoken publicly for the first time about the historic abuse allegations against Styler.

He said he raised concerns with Gwent County Council and governors at the school about Styler’s behaviour in the late 1970s – but Styler was allowed to continue teaching.

Mr Millinship said he was disappointed that no one in authority spoke to the children back then.

‘In hindsight I think you can say it was very costly,’ he said. ‘It’s amazing really: they could have spoken to the children quite easily as long as the parents were present every time.’

He also said he would have been happy to speak to the police in 2005 or 2007 if he had been contacted.

There are now numerous allegations made against Styler spanning 25 years.

The latest person to come forward is a former pupil of Bowbrook School in Hartlebury, Worcester who claims he was assaulted during the 1980s. Bowbrook private school now no longer exists.

In August, another alleged victim – Jeffrey Parry, 50, from Pontypool – came forward to claim he was sexually abused by Styler during his final year at the Church in Wales school in 1975/76.

He claimed that Styler used extra reading sessions in his office, which had a red/green light outside his door, so that he would not be disturbed.

Mr Parry, who was a member of the school choir under Styler’s watch, said that Styler ‘ruled the school with an iron rod’ and was ‘very stern’.

He told the South Wales Argus that Styler would run his hand up and down his right leg and thigh before abusing him.

At the time, a spokeswoman for the Church in Wales said: ‘In the 1970s the Church in Wales didn’t have the formal safeguarding policies it has in place today.

‘However, to ensure that no allegations of sexual abuse had not been dealt with we launched a historic case review in 2009 which involved an independent examination of all clergy files – both those serving and those retired.

‘We also launched an appeal and telephone helpline for people to report any concerns of abuse. The results of that review were published in March 2011.

‘We have no record on our files of abuse claims against Mr Styler.’

Sally Holland, the Children’s Commissioner for Wales, told the latest BBC investigation that the 2004 Clywch Report made clear recommendations about how all public bodies should log and share information on child sex abuse cases.

She said he believes the way the Styler case has been handled should be looked at further.

‘This case fits for me exactly within the Goddard inquiry, that’s a general inquiry into historic sexual abuse claims for the whole of England and Wales’, she said. ‘Its whole intention is to look at where institutions and organisations may have let down children.

‘I’d be absolutely supportive of any of the victims who wished to refer the case forward and my office would be prepared to support them in doing that.’

Ian Johnson, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent, said mistakes might have been made in the past, but lessons have been learned and he is urging any victims of historical abuse to come forward.

‘Part of the internal investigation now will look at the possibility of there being other cases,’ he said. ‘You need to sit down and put process and procedures in place to make sure it doesn’t happen again.’

Solicitor Mr Collingbourne also told the programme that the alleged victims did not complain at the time because they did not think their stories would be believed.

But today they are determined to get answers, he said.

‘This is their way of exorcising their demons really,’ he added. ‘It’s a chapter of a book that has remained open all their life and they want to close it.’

He is now bringing a case against Newport City Council on behalf of former pupils alleging that Styler may have been stopped earlier.

It is understood a formal complaint has also been made to the Independent Police Complaints Commission regarding Gwent Police’s handling of the case. 

Church in Wales school declined to comment when contacted by MailOnline regarding the latest allegations about Styler.

Week In Week Out: My Teacher the Paedophile, Tuesday, November 10, BBC One Wales, 10.35pm.


Contact had been made by Gwent Police with other police forces in Hereford and Worcestershire, Bedfordshire and Surrey.

Styler was then arrested and just as the investigation was widening to other schools he had worked at, including Brynglas Primary School and Bowbrook Private School, the former head teacher was due to be rebailed.

Styler, who lived alone at Queens Hill Crescent in Newport, had not yet been charged and on the day he was due to surrender bail, he committed suicide.


Image result for NEWPORT West MP Paul Flynn

MP Paul Flynn

Image result for MP Paul Flynn unusual suspect

MP says he doesn’t remember a hint of scandal when Jon Styler was headteacher

NEWPORT West MP Paul Flynn, who interviewed the former headteacher accused of abusing children at a Malpas primary school, said he did not remember a “whisper of scandal” at the time.

Yesterday the Argus revealed more allegations against Jon Styler, who allegedly molested boys at Malpas Church in Wales School during the 1970s.

Mr Styler, who lived alone on Queen’s Hill Crescent in Newport, committed suicide in 2007 while on police bail.

Mr Flynn MP was councillor for Malpas at the time Jon Styler applied for the leadership post.

In a 2007 blog post, he said: “Jon Styler is dead. I interviewed him in 1972 when he was applying for the headship of Malpas Church in Wales School. He was a very talented and polished 30 year old teacher. It was a bold decision to give him the headship at such an early age.

“He had a long and brilliant career as a teacher and a teacher composer. He added joy and lustre to many lives. Now he has taken his life at the age of 65. The report said that he faced a charge for an offence alleged 27 years ago. He strenuously denied any guilt.

“There are many hundreds of past pupils and his many friends who will be greatly saddened by his passing.”

A former colleague has claimed that concerns about Mr Styler were raised with authorities including Gwent County Council and the church but nothing was done.

Speaking after Wednesday’s interview with an alleged victim appeared in the Argus, Mr Flynn MP said: “I was horrified to read the allegations and I don’t remember a whisper of scandal at the time.”

Collingbourne Hennah Law solicitors, representing the alleged victim, say they have been contacted by other former pupils about abuse at the school since the Argus printed his allegations.

Mr Styler allegedly picked “attractive” young boys to read to him in private in his study, placing a red light next to the door which meant he should not be disturbed.

A former colleague claimed: “I would disregard this and enter the study without notice where I would continue to witness Mr Styler reading with the children while they were sitting between his legs.


MP Paul Flynn’s daughter committed suicide at a young age


Similar scenario:

‘Officials covered up sex abuse claims’

SEX abuse claims against a teacher and TV dramatist were covered up, claims Welsh children’s commissioner Peter Clarke.

20 APR 2013

SEX abuse claims against a teacher and TV dramatist were covered up, claims Welsh children’s commissioner Peter Clarke.

One official, David Matthews, failed in his duty of care so badly that he may have committed a criminal offence, said Mr Clarke .

Yesterday he unveiled his long-awaited report, Clywch (Listen), into the activities of John Owen, a teacher at Rhydfelen school in Pontypridd, South Wales, between 1975 and 1991.

The report makes recommendations which will have implications for all education authorities in Wales.

Mr Clarke recommends setting up of a new tribunal system to deal with disciplinary complaints against teachers.

He said the Welsh Assembly Government should establish a task force to look into establishing these tribunals.

John Owen, who went on to became a successful TV dramatist, killed himself in 2001, aged 47, the day before his trial on five charges of sexual abuse against boys was due to begin.

Detailed allegations of sexual abuse by Owen were made by pupils at the school in late 1990 and early 1991, but there was a failure to pass on information to the police and to the school governors.

Six pupils made allegations at that time. Police were eventually called in by a parent, but Mr Owen was not charged.

In 2001 four men made further allegations against Owen relating to their time at Rhydfelen. A fresh police investigation led to Owen being charged.

The report found:

* Then director of education at Mid Glamorgan Council Edwin Roberts and area director of education David Matthews led a “consistent and successful effort” to deny the school governors access to information about Owen.

* Mr Roberts “did not bother” to establish the details of the allegations and did a deal with Mr Owen whereby the teacher resigned and the disciplinary procedure stopped. Mr Clarke calls this “grossly irresponsible”.

* Little was done despite a memo, prepared for Mr Matthews in 1991, from senior teachers at Rhydfelen outlining their very serious concerns about Owen’s behaviour and the children’s allegations.

* The WJEC exam board did little despite individual examiners stopping Owen’s drama practicals because they were so obscene and a letter from a mother objecting to an obscene song set for a drama exam.

* Mr Matthews did not contact police or social services in January 1991 despite spending five days at the school re-interviewing pupils and being handed the teachers’ memo.

Mr Matthews is currently director of education at Bridgend Council. Mr Roberts has retired.

The allegations, made in January 1991, include claims that Owen had forced pupils to dance naked in drama practicals, and that he abused children at his home. Pupils were also alleged to have been told to carry out sexual acts with each other during drama classes and exams.

Mr Clarke says: “In and since 1991 there have been allegations circulating in private and in public of a cover-up relating to Mr Owen… I find that the action of the local education authority in 1991 did indeed amount to a collection of acts and omissions that may accurately be so described.”

In a statement issued through his solicitor, Mr Matthews said: “I have spent my entire career promoting the welfare of children and I have every sympathy with the objectives that the commissioner is trying to achieve.

“I strongly believe however that many of his findings in this instance are unjustified and that he has ignored his statement of procedures in making them. The report is riddled with inconsistencies and judgments based on opinions and not facts.”

Wales’s education minister Jane Davidson said the report was “deeply disturbing”.

She said it was essential schools and LEAs had clearer procedures in place, and that there “must be action” from the WJEC to improve its procedures.

The Assembly is to debate the report’s findings in September.

Suicide after arrest

JOHN Arwyn Owen, the domineering drama teacher who went on to create a successful TV teenage drama, created a cult around himself which allowed him to groom children for abuse.

Owen killed himself at a caravan in Trecco Bay, South Wales, in October 2001, the day before his trial on five charges of sexual abuse was due to begin.

He had been a teacher at Ysgol Gyfun Rhydfelen, Pontypridd, between 1974 and 1991, at one stage holding the post of acting deputy head.

He gained a reputation for being different from the other teachers, sometimes wearing a black gown and metal-capped boots.

In November 1983, a cleaning lady burst into Owen’s office and found one boy sitting semi-naked on his lap. Owen was warned about his future conduct but no further action was taken.

Allegations eventually led Owen to resign in 1991, but, following a deal with education director Edwin Roberts, the disciplinary inquiry into his behaviour was stopped.

The allegations included that he suggested pupils touch each other sexually during drama practicals, and that the material he prepared for pupils was obscene.

The inquiry heard testimony from one female pupil who alleges she was raped by Owen after refusing to perform a sex act on another pupil.

After he left the school, Owen wrote television drama series, Pam Fi Duw? (Lord, why me?).

But in May 2001 four young men walked into Pontypridd Police Station, and made further allegations against Owen relating to their time at Ysgol Rhydfelen.

He was arrested in September and killed himself a month later.


Son of Greggs bakery founder, 76, who was convicted of indecently assaulting boys over three decades has five years slashed from jail sentence

  • Colin Gregg from Newcastle had been jailed for 13-and-a-half years in March 
  • He had been found guilty of nine counts of indecent assault against four boys
  • Gregg, 76, appealed his conviction and sentence over the historic sex abuse
  • Appeals court judges in London reduced his jail term to eight-and-a-half years

The son of the founder of the Greggs bakery empire has had his jail sentence for indecently assaulting young boys cut by five years.

Colin Gregg, 76, of Home Steadings, Gosforth, Newcastle, was found guilty of nine counts of indecent assault committed against four boys over three decades and was sentenced to 13-and-a-half years in March.

Gregg, who helped build up the family business and also worked as a social worker, teacher and headmaster, lost a bid to have his convictions overturned at London‘s Court of Appeal on Tuesday.

But senior judges said his jail term, imposed at Newcastle Crown Court, was ‘too long’ and reduced it to eight-and-a-half years.

Gregg, who watched the proceedings over a video link from prison, was said to have played a ‘significant part’ in the expansion and success of his family’s business.

He was also a well-respected member of the community and had raised thousands of pounds for charitable causes before his convictions.

Allegations were first made against Gregg by a young boy in the 1990s and he stood trial, but was cleared at that time.

During his trial earlier this year he denied all the charges, claiming he was the victim of a ‘witch-hunt’ and the complainants wanted compensation.

Sasha Wass QC, representing him at the Appeal Court, argued his sentence was excessive in light of the fact his offending was not in the most serious category.

Lord Justice Davis, sitting with Mrs Justice Nicola Davies and Judge Nicholas Dean QC, said the appeal against sentence must be allowed.

He added: ‘Having reflected upon the matter, the view of this court is that a total sentence of eight-and-a-half years is appropriate for this offending and for this offender.’

Medomsley detention centre: Former officers in court

19 Dec 2017

Seven former officers at a youth detention centre have appeared in court charged with abusing inmates during the 1970s and 1980s.

Nearly 1,400 men have claimed they were abused at Medomsley, in County Durham.

The seven men have been charged with misconduct and physical abuse, with four also accused of sex offences.

No pleas were entered at Newton Aycliffe Magistrates’ Court and they were bailed to appear before Teesside Crown Court on 16 January.

The defendants and their charges are:

  • Kevin Blakey, 65, two counts of misconduct, two counts of wounding, and two of assault
  • Alan Bramley, 69, misconduct, wounding, and two counts of assault
  • Johnson Brian Greenwell, 70, misconduct, buggery, false imprisonment, and two counts of assault
  • David McClure, 62, misconduct, wounding, and four counts of assault
  • John McGee, 73, misconduct, four counts of assault, two counts of indecent assault, buggery, and wounding
  • Christopher Onslow, 71, two counts of misconduct, two of buggery, two counts of wounding, two counts of wounding with intent, three counts of assault, and one of indecent assault
  • Neil Sowerby, 60, misconduct, three counts of buggery, two counts of assault and four counts of indecent assault

Following an application on their behalf, the court did not release their addresses.


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Former Barclays City lawyer is cleared of having indecent pictures of children after blaming a Grindr ‘chem-sex’ party guest

  • Tim Varchmin, 44, cleared at Old Bailey of having indecent images of children 
  • Varchmin previously worked as lawyer for JP Morgan and Clifford Chance

Police also found crystal meth and crack pipe at his home in Lancaster Gate 

A former Barclays banker and judge has been found not guilty of possessing indecent images of children after he blamed a Grindr ‘chem-sex’ party guest.

Tim Varchmin, 44, who worked as a civil and criminal law judge in Germany before securing jobs with JP Morgan and Clifford Chance, was accused of having more than 100 indecent images of children on his computer and phone.

Officers raided his luxury flat in Lancaster Gate, West London, in October 2014 where they found 830 milligrams of the class A drug crystal meth and a crack pipe on his coffee table.

Varchmin denied any wrongdoing, saying he would invite men for drugs and sex parties through the dating app Grindr and allow them to do as they pleased.

He began to host the parties with his former German boyfriend Jacob after learning they both caught a drug resistant strain of HIV, where Varchmin admitted he had unprotected sex with men.

Varchmin told the court: ‘It is a life-changing event. It’s something you have to come to terms with. That bonded us together but at the time we were fighting over it. We developed a more aggressive sexual life.

‘We had the feeling that now these stages of HIV were not a concern any more, we could have more sex with other men, unprotected sex as well. That was our idea.’

Following a lengthy and drawn-out legal battle, Varchmin was found not guilty of seven charges of possessing indecent images of children and possessing 830 milligrams of crystal meth after three hours of deliberation by the jury.

Sky Broadband alerted the National Crime Agency’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection team regarding suspicious searches on Varchamin’s computer.

The court was told how officers carried out a coordinated raid at Varchmin’s home addresses in Lancaster Gate and Edgware Road, as well as his office in Canary Wharf.

Jurors were told how officers ‘pounded on the door’ for five minutes and then smashed the door down when no-one answered. Upon entering, they found 45,000 images and 106 movies on his iPhone and Apple computer, the vast majority of which were ‘adult porn’.

Varchmin pleaded that the crack pipe and crystal meth was not his, and that he only took GHB.

Prosecutor Roger Daniells-Smith said Varchmin had to ‘take responsibility’ for allowing people to come into his house.

He said: ‘If you lie with dogs, you get fleas. If you allow people you do not know to come and use your equipment, you have to be responsible for that equipment.’

Daniells-Smith said the defendent, who was born in Germany, had searched the internet for indecent images of children using Germany words, although Varchmin claimed is could have been his ex-boyfriend.

Speaking following the case, Varchmin said: ‘I am grateful that having been so badly let down by those I once trusted, the trust I chose to place in the jury has been repaid.

‘It is absolutely correct that the police act to protect children and minors from sexual abuse. It is absolutely right that those who perpetrate and view sexual abuse of children are prosecuted with vigour.

‘But it is disproportionate to prosecute every case simply as a point of policy where the evidence against a single individual is so weak and where any number of people could have committed the crime.

‘My mistake was to react badly to my HIV diagnosis, to trust those who did not deserve to be trusted and to find solace from the shock of my illness in the self-destructive world of chem-sex.’

Varchmin worked as a civil and criminal law judge in Germany before securing banking jobs with Barclays, JP Morgan and Clifford Chance

Varchmin worked as a civil and criminal law judge in Germany before securing banking jobs with Barclays, JP Morgan and Clifford Chance

Jury out in trial of Plymouth businessman Charles Howeson

The jury has gone out in the trial of Charles Howeson, a prominent Plymouth figure accused of sexually assaulting 10 young men and a boy.

18 DEC 2017



Downside head ‘may have burnt evidence of sexual abuse’

16 DEC 2017

Five years ago, the headmaster of a leading public school made trips with a loaded wheelbarrow to a distant part of its grounds, where he made a bonfire. Consumed in its flames were staff files dating back to the early 1980s.

Father Leo Maidlow Davis destroyed files

Father Leo Maidlow Davis destroyed files

Father Leo Maidlow Davis, 63, is today the senior monk at Downside Abbey. In 2012 he was in charge of its neighbouring boarding school. The fire may have destroyed evidence of child sexual abuse. The monk was one of the senior Benedictines who gave evidence during three weeks of hearings that ended yesterday at the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse.

Their focus was two fee-paying schools, Downside, in Somerset, and Ampleforth College in North Yorkshire, chosen by the inquiry as a case study in its wider investigation into the Catholic church. Sworn testimony came from monks, former pupils, lay staff, police officers and safeguarding experts. No school bonfire could cleanse the sins they revealed.

In his opening statement a lawyer representing abuse survivors warned of the “beguiling charm” of lauded schools in beautiful surroundings, where robed monks invited and received a high degree of trust. Such institutions promised “a Harry Potter world” that hid, in the words of a former Downside abbot, a “heart of darkness”.

At Ampleforth, about 40 monks and teachers have been accused of sexually abusing children since the 1960s. When police investigated sex offences at Downside in 2010, it emerged that “historic allegations and concerns” had been raised about 16 of its 23 monks.

The inquiry heard of a locked basement room at Downside, used by monks to watch personal videos. It learnt of brown envelopes containing allegations against monks that were locked in the abbot’s safe. Victims described childhood ordeals. Naked boys were taken into monks’ beds. Some were abused so often that it became routine. It was a world in which paedophiles flourished.

That there were child sex crimes at boarding schools is no secret. What shocked observers were the measures taken by Benedictine leaders to protect child abusers. From the Children Act 1989 onwards, the “paramountcy principle” has been central to safeguarding: the welfare of a child must be the primary consideration. The inquiry heard that when a Benedictine was accused of sex abuse it was often the monk’s welfare that took priority.

Each Benedictine monastery is self-governing, headed by an abbot who, within its grounds, holds the place of Christ. Father Timothy Wright, abbot of Ampleforth from 1997 to 2005, wrote in a letter in 2003 that for monastic brethren the abbot was a “trusted confidante”. Father Timothy’s relationship with police and social services was described by his successor, Father Cuthbert Madden, as “very uneasy, if not profoundly secretive”.

Father Charles Fitzgerald-Lombard, abbot of Downside from 1990 to 1998, was asked to whom the abbot was answerable. “Apart from the Almighty, not a lot,” he said, explaining that abbots since medieval times have enjoyed “more or less the status of bishops within their own territory”, which was “a sort of exempt enclave”.

Father Charles, 76, was among three Downside abbots accused by Father Aidan Bellenger, in a private letter, of tolerating child abuse. Father Aidan, abbot from 2006 to 2014, said his predecessors “protected and encouraged” paedophile monks.

Wrongdoers at both schools, including Father Anselm Hurt, brother of the late actor John Hurt, were quietly moved between Benedictine monasteries and parishes.

Image result for "Leo Maidlow Davis" company check

Reference was made to instructions from Rome to destroy documents that were damaging to priests. Father Leo insisted that his decision to make a bonfire of Downside’s staff files was prompted by a desire to “get rid of unnecessary old material”. He accepted that the files should, under safeguarding requirements, have been kept for 70 years, conceding that he may have unintentionally destroyed information about child abuse.

Richard Scorer, a child abuse lawyer at Slater and Gordon who represents 29 survivors of Benedictine abuse, said the hearings exposed an organisation “pervaded by casual disregard for the most basic norms of child protection”.

The inquiry is due to produce an interim report next year.


TV Experiment Ends In Expulsion

Take a difficult teenager, send him to a top boarding school charging thousands of dollars a year, and watch as he blossoms into a high-achieving advertisement for good education.

That was the idea behind a British TV show that plucked 14-year-old Ryan Bell from a south London housing project and paid for him to attend the exclusive Downside School in western England.

For nearly two years, the experiment seemed to work: Bell, expelled from his previous school for disruptive behavior and considered unteachable, became a star pupil at Downside. He outperformed classmates in biology and Latin and excelled at rugby.

Ryan’s story was part of a television series called “Second Chance” that was broadcast by Britain’s Channel 4.

But the TV fairy tale turned sour this week when the $24,000-a-year school run by Benedictine monks expelled Bell, now 16, after a Sunday afternoon drinking binge sent him to a hospital with alcohol poisoning.

“Since this is Ryan’s third suspension for a serious breach of school regulations, I have decided with regret that Ryan will not be readmitted to Downside,” headmaster Leo Maidlow Davis said in a statement.

The school refused to give details of Bell’s other breaches of conduct. The Times newspaper reported that one incident allegedly involved taking the data card from another pupil’s cell phone.

“In spite of this sad event, Downside believes that Ryan is an able and gifted young person who has developed during almost two years at the school,” Davis said. “Downside hopes to be able to assist Ryan as he looks for a way forward in his life.”

Channel 4, which aired the series on Ryan’s progress at Downside last month, affirmed its “commitment to support Ryan and his family in whatever they decide the next step should be.”

“The family is considering a range of options,” the station said in a statement. “We are very disappointed for Ryan, but at the same time feel he’s made tremendous strides in his past two years at Downside.”

A spokeswoman for Channel 4 said Bell’s mother, an unemployed catering worker, had found the expulsion “deeply upsetting” and didn’t wish to speak to the press. She also didn’t want her son to be interviewed.

The spokeswoman, Sophie Toumazis, said Channel 4 would pay Bell’s fees if he decided to attend another private school. She also rejected claims by residents of Bell’s Larkhall housing project, reported in The Times, that Channel 4 had “played God” with the teenager.

“The reason that’s not fair is because we worked with the consent of the child, his mother and educationalists on the project,” Toumazis told The Associated Press in a phone interview. “We’re still continuing to do that. We’re giving them as much support and advice as we can.”

May 8, 2003

Dr Tony Sewell, an educationalist and research consultant at the University of Leeds’ School of Education, who advised Pepper Productions during the making of the programme, admits that some errors were made. He said that there should have been a better defined support structure for Ryan beyond that offered to every other Downside student, and that there was little that could be done to stop the new headteacher at Downside from treating Ryan in a ‘ruthless’ manner.


Call for an inquiry into the cover-up of child abuse on the Groucho Club’s members forum

The Groucho club’s management has refused to issue a full and transparent account of the child abuse network, the rapes and the sexual haressment and assult of an employee.

Many of the celebrities now facing allegations, arrested or convicted in the past few years for sexual depravity such as the infant rapist, Ian Watkins, Weinstein, Spacey, Glitter, Saville, Harris, Hall, Max Clifford and others have frequented the Groucho Club. Harvey Weinstein is a lifetime member and was invited to write a chapter in a book about the Groucho Club where he talks about his membership.


A celebration of 20 Years of the Groucho Club

contributions from Club members such as Keith Allen, Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst, Dom Joly, Dylan Jones, Gary Lineker, Jonathan Meades, Vic Reeves, Rowland Rivron, Janet Street-Porter, Harvey Weinstein and Sam Taylor-Wood. Introduced by witty, deprecatory forward by Stephen Fry and in memoriam to 2005


Katz, the long-established, statement jacket-wearing “prince of Soho”. Having been at the club for 21 years, looking after everyone from Jaime Winstone and Sienna Miller to Noel Gallagher and Damien Hirst, he knows all the secrets of the A-listers that call the place home – and has earned a fearsome reputation as a fixer.


Former housemaster at top private school jailed for abusing pupils

Peter Webb, 74, sentenced to four years in prison for abusing boys at Christ’s Hospital school in Horsham in 1970s and 80s

Peter Webb arrives at Hove crown court for sentencing.
Peter Webb arrives at Hove crown court for sentencing.
A former teacher at Christ’s Hospital School near Horsham has been sentenced for historic sex offences against young boys. Peter Webb, 75, of Kennedy Road, Dane End, Ware, Hertfordshire, was sentenced to a total of four years imprisonment when he appeared at Hove Crown Court on Friday (December 15) for a series of sexual offences against four boys. Webb – a former woodwork teacher and housemaster at Christ’s Hospital School – previously pleaded guilty to eleven offences of indecent assault when he appeared at Lewes Crown Court, sitting in Brighton, on September 6, 2017. The court heard how one boy was assaulted three times, another on two occasions, the third on five occasions and the fourth on one occasion. Webb pleaded not guilty to another alleged incident against a fifth boy which the court ordered to remain on court file. Webb had previously been sentenced to 18 months imprisonment, in April 2015, after pleading guilty to three offences of historic indecent assault against another boy. On Friday, the court heard statements from three of the four victims who outlined the affect Webb’s abuse has had on their lives. One of the victims said he had kept quiet until another victim contacted Sussex Police, in November 2016, inspiring him to come forward ‘to ensure nobody else experiences the same level of abuse’. Defending, Simon Ray argued Webb’s decision to remove himself from being in contact with children or young boys as soon as he left Christ’s Hospital School should have accounted for a lesser sentence. He said: “Webb resigned from the school in 1984 and decided to abandon his career in teaching and, instead, chose to withdraw all contact completely to pursue a career in joinery. “He took all the practical steps he could after leaving the school to prevent being a risk to children and young boys in particular. “There have been no previous convictions recorded against him since leaving the school in 1984.” Judge Christine Henson QC refused to accept this and argued that Webb missed an opportunity to plead guilty to all offences when he was convicted for separate incidents in 2015. In passing her sentence, she said: “You had the opportunity to wipe the slate clean in 2015 but you didn’t and now you are the author of your present situation. “I have read the impact your abusing has had on the lives of these four people. Their lives will be affected forever because of your offending.” Webb was sentenced to two years and sixth months’ imprisonment for the first five offences to run consecutively with the 18 month sentence for the remaining six offences. In all, Webb was sentenced to four years’ imprisonment and is now a registered sex offender for life. He will serve half his sentence in custody and half on licence. He was also given a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO) to last until further court order, severely restricting his access to young people. Sussex Police had full co-operation from management at the school during both investigations, according to a police spokesman.


Mr Ethical‏ @nw_nicholas


An Alpine apartment, £6m pension pot and lucrative advisory roles: Scandal-hit former Met chief forced to reveal details of his retirement after accepting a peerage

  • Crossbench peer Lord Hogan-Howe enjoys apartment in upmarket Swiss region
  • He has yet to vote or speak in the House of Lords despite his endless perks
  • He has also taken on two paid roles less than a year after collecting huge pension
  • He’s a consultant and advisor for both Towergate Insurance and bank HSBC 

The controversial former head of Scotland Yard was yesterday forced to reveal details of his Alpine holiday home and lucrative new advisory roles.

Crossbench peer Lord Hogan-Howe – who has yet to vote or speak in the House of Lords – enjoys an apartment in an upmarket region of Switzerland popular with wealthy expats.

He has also taken on two paid roles less than a year after collecting his £5.8 million pension pot. He is a ‘consultant on risk management’ with Towergate Insurance and is advising HSBC on ‘financial crime risk reduction’.

The details will enrage critics of the former top officer, whose tenure was marred by controversies including the failed VIP sex abuse inquiry.

Former Tory MP Harvey Proctor, who is suing the Met after being falsely accused of child sex abuse, branded Lord Hogan-Howe’s rewards as ‘extraordinary’.

And one ex-colleague said the roles ‘could be awkward’, adding: ‘Despite everything, it seems he is determined to remain in the public eye.’

Lord Hogan-Howe, 60, was ordered to declare details of his income, properties and commitments after accepting a peerage. Yesterday, the Parliamentary website revealed the keen skier and horse rider owns a holiday apartment in the southern Valais region.

Valais is home to some of the world’s most exclusive ski resorts, including Verbier and Crans-Montana. It appeals to visitors all year round, with hikers and mountain bikers enjoying the slopes once the snow has gone.

The peer also took on paid roles with Towergate Insurance and banking giant HSBC. Last year Lord Hogan-Howe was criticised for saying victims of fraud should no longer be reimbursed by their banks.

Towergate issued an apology last July after the Financial Conduct Authority imposed a fine in relation to a former director’s mishandling of an estimated £12 million. The company came close to collapse two years ago and was last year fined £2.6 million for mishandling client funds.

Lord Hogan-Howe left his £270,000 Met post in February. Experts calculate that his gold-plated taxpayer-funded final salary pension pot was worth at least £5.8million. His pension will depend on any lump sum he withdrew on retirement.

Lord Hogan-Howe was widely criticised for presiding over the disastrous £2.5 million inquiry into a fictitious VIP paedophile ring. He was also the driving force behind the Yard’s bungled £20 million Operation Elveden inquiry into alleged payments to public officials by journalists.

Crossbench peer Lord Hogan-Howe – who has yet to vote or speak in the House of Lords – enjoys an apartment in the upmarket Valais region of Switzerland (pictured) popular with wealthy expats

Mr Proctor, who was wrongly accused of rape and murder by a fantasist known only as ‘Nick’, said: ‘It is extraordinary that someone who got so many things wrong in his professional life is rewarded in this way.’

Earlier this week war hero Field Marshal Lord Bramall, 93, who has been paid £100,000 compensation after also being investigated over false child-sex claims, criticised Lord Hogan-Howe.

He said: ‘They say they might prosecute “Nick”, but the ones who should be prosecuted are the police who led the inquiry.’

Lord Hogan-Howe shows no sign of fading from public life.

He appeared on BBC Question Time last month, spoke at Oxford University and undertook a paid speaking appointment for the Business Continuity Institute.

He was seen by some as a potential outside candidate to head the Irish Garda, with a flurry of bets made on him taking the role in September.

The peer remains under investigation by the London Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime over comments he made during the VIP sex ring scandal.

He is accused of misrepresenting the origins of the phrase ‘credible and true’, used by the senior investigating officer about the most outlandish allegations.

Lord Hogan-Howe could not be reached for comment.


Verbier, in the canton of Valais



John Coatman MBE – Crusaders/ Urban Saints Youth Group Leader:


Retired Croydon headteacher admits sexually abusing 14-year-old

The retired headteacher of a Croydon school, honoured with an MBE by the Queen in 2012 for services to young people, today admitted to sexually abusing a 14-year-old boy over 40 years ago.

John Coatman of Leyburn Gardens, 76, was found guilty of gross indecency in August 2016 when volunteering at a Christian youth group called The Crusaders in the 1970s.

However, soon after his conviction it emerged that there had been an error in the level of the charges against him by the Crown Prosecution Service and the judge adjourned sentencing as it became obvious the case would go to the Court of Appeal. The Court eventually quashed his conviction in April this year and ordered a re-trial.

At his retrial at the Old Bailey on Monday, Coatman pleaded guilty to an amended charge of indecent assault.

Coatman was headteacher at St Andrew’s Church of England High School in Waddon. During his trial, he told the jury he worked with over 22,000 young people during a 50-year association with the Christian group for boys but “had never had any sort of complaint”. The jury rejected Coatman’s explanations and found him guilty of two counts of gross indecency but not guilty of buggery.

Claims against Coatman emerged in 2014 after the victim was suffering from problems at work and his marriage broke down.

At his trial, he denied the claims that “rough and tumble” had turned sexual, saying the only physical activity the young people engaged in was the children’s game British Bulldog.

Coatman told jurors he was “shocked” and “deeply shaken” after his arrest, saying the theme of sex cropped up in youth group meetings only in reference to religion.


more here

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Tim Varchmin –  Grindr, top level banks etc – wonder if Peter Allott of St Benedict’s attended his chem-sex parties?

Tim Varchmin, 44, was allegedly caught with more than 100 indecent images of children after his devices were seized by police from his luxury apartment in Lancaster Gate, west London.


Mr Varchmin was a judge presiding over criminal and civil law cases in Germany before securing roles with JP Morgan, Barclays and the law firm Clifford Chance.


Tim Nicholas Varchmin

Tim Nicholas VarchminLocality: E14 4BB London, United Kingdom
Job: Assistant Vice President
Organizations: Board Member of German Derivatives Association (DDV), Alumni KCL, Alumni LSE, Rechtsanwaltskammer Frankfurt am Main
Education:  Kings College London (International Business Law, Master of Laws), Universität Hamburg (Rechtswissenschaften, Jurist)
Status: Employee
Language: German, English, French
Experience:   (Assistant Vice President), J.P. Morgan, Investment Bank, London,  (Associate & Senior Counsel/ Rechtsanwalt), Clifford Chance LLP,  (Rechtsanwalt/ Associate Banking & Capital Markets), Clifford Chance Düsseldorf,  (Trainee Solicitor Corporate Finance), Deutsche Botschaft Tokyo,  (Trainee)
Haves: Extensive knowledge in Derivative laws, EMEA OTC and Retail Structured Products, DCM and European securities and regulatory laws.


On the morning of Friday October 17 2014, officers searched Varchmin’s home addresses in Lancaster Gate and Edgware Road and his offices in Canary Wharf.

When officers went to the Lancaster Gate flat, they “pounded on the door” for five minutes and smashed it down when no-one answered, only to find Varchmin walking into the hallway.

They found 45,000 images and 106 movies on his iPhone and Apple computer, the vast majority of which were “adult porn”, jurors were told.

Many of the indecent images that formed the charges against Varchmin were duplicates, the court heard.

Mr Daniells-Smith alleged the defendant, who was born in Hamburg, had searched the internet for indecent images of children using German words.

Officers also uncovered 20 short stories about sexual activity between adults and children, “very sophisticated” cleaning software, and the Tor browser that gives access to the Dark Net.

Varchmin denies seven charges of possessing indecent images of children and possessing 830 milligrams of crystal meth.




Richard Scorer‏ @Richard_Scorer

More extraordinary evidence at : Richard Yeo, until recently President of the Benedictines, admits that during his Presidency sex offenders were knowingly appointed as school governors and had input into safeguarding

Father Yeo was a member of the Cumberlege Commission into protecting children in the Catholic Church.

Rt Rev Richard Yeo

Father Yeo was a member of the Cumberlege Commission. as was

Baroness Butler-Sloss
Baroness Butler-Sloss (Vice Chair)


He was Abbot of Downside from 1998 to 2006 having been secretary to the Abbot Primate of the international Benedictine Confederation.

The monk is also one of three senior clerics on a committee which oversees the management of the Sant’ Anselmo, the Benedictine university in Rome.

The university’s treasurer was convicted paedophile Father Laurence Soper


Father Richard Yeo was accused by Aidan Bellenger of hiding abuse
Father Richard Yeo was accused by Aidan Bellenger of hiding abuse

Child abuse ‘was encouraged by school’s abbots’ at Downside Abbey, Somerset



Priest jailed for child abuse images lived on scandal-hit Caldey Island

Exclusive: revelations mean that four men convicted or accused of sexual offences against children lived or stayed on tiny monastic Welsh island

Father John Shannon, who was subsequently caught on the mainland with pictures of children as young as nine, lived on the island off the Welsh coast for nine months.

Father John Shannon, who was subsequently caught on the mainland with pictures of children as young as nine, lived on the island off the Welsh coast for nine months. Photograph: Archant Cambs/Archant

A priest who was jailed for downloading hundreds of pictures of child sexual abuse is the latest offender to be identified as having close links with the monastic island of Caldey, which is at the centre of a growing scandal.

Father John Shannon, who was subsequently caught on the mainland with pictures of children as young as nine, lived on the island off the Welsh coast for nine months.

The revelation means that four men convicted or accused of sexual offences against children have now been identified as having lived or stayed on Caldey and will increase pressure for an inquiry.

In November the Guardian revealed a string of allegations against a monk, Thaddeus Kotik, dating back to the 1970s and 80s. Kotik was a member of the Cistercian order of Benedictine monks and lived in the monastery on Caldey Island from 1947 until his death in 1992.

It later emerged that police are investigating a second man over accusations of sexual abuse on the island during the same period and that a sex offender called Paul Ashton hid there while on the run from police. Ashton was finally caught on the island in 2011, taken back to the mainland and jailed.

The abbot, Daniel van Santvoort, has confirmed that Shannon, lived on the island in 2008 and 2009.

Shortly afterwards, in 2010, police found 740 indecent images of children on a computer that he had downloaded while working as a lecturer at a Catholic seminary in county Durham. Three of the images were “level five” – of the most serious nature – and 75 were level four.

Shannon’s barrister argued at his client’s sentencing hearing that he had never had a chance to explore his sexuality and viewing the images became a compulsion.

Jailing him at Durham crown court for eight months, Judge Christopher Prince placed Shannon on the sex offender register for 10 years and banned him from working with children for life.

Van Santvoort told the Guardian that Shannon took on the role of priest on a trial basis in 2008 with the abbey’s approval after islanders asked for the parish church of St David’s to be re-opened.

“[Shannon] came with good references and took up residence in a cottage. During this period it was evident the role of a parish priest was not viable and he left the island within nine months of his arrival, in 2009,” the abbot said.

“We understand that some time later, whilst working on the mainland elsewhere in the UK, he was investigated by the police for offences committed on the mainland after he had left the island and was subsequently convicted.

“That inquiry did not involve any allegations of offences committed on the island and the police did not conduct any inquiries on the island in respect of this person. We understand therefore that he had no criminal convictions when he came to the island nor when he left.”

While Shannon was living on the island, Ashton was hiding from police there. Ashton was wanted after police found 5,000 images of child sexual abuse on his computer and in 2011 was found on Caldey , where he had been living under an assumed identity for seven years.

A whistleblower has told the Guardian that another convicted criminal, John Cronin, is suspected to have lived under an assumed name in a cottage owned by the monastery for a month in 2009.

Cronin was jailed in 1992 for sexually assaulting an adult Conservative party volunteer. One of his modi operandi was to pose as a priest.

The source said the man they believe to be Cronin left the island suddenly, taking keys to a property and owing money after he was recognised by a monastery employee from online photographs.

Cronin had allegedly requested through the abbey to stay at a monastery property on the island over winter.

However, Van Santvoort said the abbey did not know of Cronin’s alleged stay.

“We have no knowledge of this person whatsoever. The name is completely unfamiliar to us,” he said.

Thaddeus Kotik and two children on Caldey Island.
Thaddeus Kotik and two children on Caldey Island. Photograph: Supplied

Caldey Abbey settled civil claims by six women in March this year and Van Santvoort has publicly apologised for the abbey’s failure to report Kotik to police despite its knowledge of his offences.

Another six women and a man have since approached the Guardian alleging abuse by Kotik.

The Conservatives’ children’s spokesman in the Welsh assembly, Darren Millar, has called on the Welsh government to launch an investigation into Caldey Island.


Jersey man appears in court accused of historical sexual abuse

All the charges date back between 1971 and 1979.

77-year-old Quenault has recently moved back to Jersey from England.

The case has been adjourned until 16 May 2017.


Lester Charles Quenault
 Lester Charles Quenault 

11 December 2017

A trial has started at Jersey’s Royal Court of a 78-year-old man who is accused of sexually abusing two girls and raping one of them.

Lester Charles Quenault has recently returned to Jersey after years of living away.

He’s on trial on 27 counts of sexual abuse. They include six counts of raping a pre-teenage girl.

The other charges relate to another pre-teenage girl and include 11 counts of indecent assault and 10 of ‘procuring the girl to commit an act of gross indecency’.

All the charges relate to the 1970s, all of which Quenault denies.

The trial is expected to last 7 days.

Image result for Lester Quenault and hrh

77-year-old Quenault was born in Jersey but is currently in the process of moving back from England.


Lester Quenault and Megan Hughes

24 February 2015

A project to build new disabled facilities at an equestrian centre in Albourne has received a funding boost. West Sussex County Council has awarded £5,400 to Albourne Equestrian Centre and work has already begun to install new toilets and a viewing area that are both fully accessible to disabled people. Megan Hughes and Lester Quenault, owners at the equestrian centre said: “We are so happy to have received the funding.

County Councillor and Chailey Heritage School Governor Peter Griffiths, who supported the bid, said: “I am a great supporter of any project that enhances the community and am excited to see Albourne Equestrian Centre expand to offer more accessibility for users.

Support to secure the funding also came from the local branches of The Pony Club, Riding for the Disabled Association, and Horseheard CIC.

Funding was granted through West Sussex County Council’s Community Initiative Fund – a scheme that has provided vital funds to community groups and organisations across West Sussex since it was started in 2006. The improvements to the Albourne centre will benefit young and disabled people in the Mid Sussex area, along with members of the community with an equestrian interest.



Great half page write up in the Mid Sussex Times, all about the funding we have received to refurbish our facilities. A big thank you to SDHW PC, Court Meadow RDA and HorseHeard for your letters of support.

Chailey Heritage Foundation

 Our PatronHRH, The Duchess of Gloucester, our Patron since 2003


Temp Passe in the JEP -25 year old former car salesman Lester Quenault of Woodbine St. Peter, achieving his childhood dream of owning a donkey, and doing Donkey rides down at family land at El Tico, 1964 
Lester Quenault (78), who wasknown as the ‘Donkey Man’ as he used to run a donkey ride business at Gorey,
Image result for Lester Quenault's donkeys

About Horsham and Mid Sussex Equestrian Academy We are pleased to present HMSEA – a brand new equestrian facility set on the well established site of Albourne Equestrian Centre, near Burgess Hill, West Sussex. On 19th April 2017, Mayfield Market Towns Ltd took over ownership of the property and Horsham and Mid Sussex

Equestrian Academy (HMSEA) Ltd was formally launched. HMSEA builds on the legacy that has been established by Megan Hughes and Lester Quenault since Albourne Equestrian Centre was formed in 1993.

With the backing of Mayfield Market Towns Ltd, HMSEA aims to support the sport of equestrianism by providing a range of opportunities alongside a high standard of provision, whilst making equestrian pursuits as accessible as possible. HMSEA will be continuing the existing relationship with South Down Hunt West Pony Club branch and hopes to broaden it’s horizons further to service other community areas in due course.

Image may contain: 5 people, people sitting and outdoor

Lester guarding the rosettes.

Islander in Brazilian bandit ordeal

Jan 25, 2006

ARMED bandits robbed Jerseyman Lester Quénault as he travelled by coach from Rio de Janeiro airport to his hotel last Thursday night.

No one was hurt when the 32 passengers on the Horse Racing Abroad tour were robbed by four men on route to their hotel, but the bandits made off with jewellery, passports and credit cards.

Mr Quénault (66) , who now lives in Albourne, West Sussex, with his partner Megan Hughes, told his Jersey resident son Gavin on Saturday that he did not realise the robbers were armed.

Mr Quénault lived at Mont Mado in St John until the early 1990s and was well-known in the Island for running donkey rides.

He will be heading home to West Sussex tomorrow as planned.


Tom Symonds‏ @BBCTomSymonds
Lambeth Council has published details of what could be a £100m compensation scheme for victims of child sexual abuse including at Shirley Oaks. Money will have to be borrowed. Scheme still opposed by
‘Hypocrite’ Leeds church minister downloaded sickening images of children and animals being sexually abused
An Anglican minister caught with hundreds of depraved images of children and animals being sexually abused was branded a ‘hypocrite’ by a judge. John Bullamore, 76, accessed the sickening images from his home in Leeds for more than two years before he was arrested.

Leeds Crown Court heard West Yorkshire Police officers went to Bullamore’s home on Hornbeam Way, Whinmoor, in June this year after receiving information that illegal images had been accessed from a computer linked to the address.


John Bullamore’s parish in Knaresborough (John worked for Tighean Innse Gall, in Stornoway and was a priest at St Moluag’s


The Reverend John Bullamore, Associate Priest in the Knaresborough Team Ministry, has pastoral responsibility for Goldsborough


Under the leadership of Rev John Bullamore, of the Anglican parish of Swainswick and Woolley, near Bath, Somerset, England, an ecumenical group of Christians connected with Churches near Bath made their way to Iona, a small island off Mull, Scotland, in September 2008



Rochdale council leader Richard Farnell quits weeks after telling child abuse inquiry he knew nothing about Knowl View scandal

Councillor blamed a ‘small minority’ of Labour members for ‘undermining’ his leadership ever since the hearing


Protector of the Restless Sea‏ @MurtMan888

Rochdale Council protecting perverts again. How many of these inquiry leaders have they been through now?

Kevin‏ @northernscums

Give him his 5 minutes in jail then give him his pension he justly deserves! Isn’t that the standards?

More Benedictine paedophiles and cover-ups….


Cardinal Hume and a former Downside Abbey headmaster ‘did nothing at all’ after paraplegic woman informed them of alleged sex abuse, national inquiry told

08 December 2017 

In 1985, the witness visited Cardinal Basil Hume in Archbishop’s House in London and told him about the alleged abuse

Cardinal Basil Hume and a former Downside Abbey headmaster “did nothing at all” after a paraplegic woman informed them that she had been sexually abused by a Benedictine monk from the Abbey over several years, the national inquiry into child abuse has heard.

On the eighth day of a three-week hearing on the English Benedictine Congregation as part of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA), the inquiry heard from a witness allegedly abused by a chaplain from Downside Abbey in Somerset.

The witness told the inquiry that she had met the chaplain – referred to as F80 – on a pilgrimage at Lourdes in 1984 when she was 17 years old. She was confined to a wheel-chair and told the inquiry that at that time she felt “suicidal.”

In a statement read to the inquiry, the witness described how, over the following two years, F80 visited her in her parent’s home where he sexually abused her. 

“F80 groomed and manipulated me and my emotions and used my fear of others to keep my silence,” she said.

In early 1985, the witness visited Cardinal Basil Hume in Archbishop’s House in London and told him about the alleged abuse.

The witness said Cardinal Hume was “very concerned that I was so distressed” and suggested she talk to the headmaster of Downside Abbey, Father Dom Philip Jebb.

The witness explained to the inquiry that she had told Father Philip who she said was “very sorry and very sympathetic” but that he remained convinced that the alleged abuser should not know that he – Father Philip – knew about the abuse.

The witness said she spoke to Father Philip about the abuse “again and again and again.”

“It was like being passed backwards and forwards between Basil Hume and Philip Jebb,” she told the inquiry.

“I believe that Basil Hume and Father Philip Jebb had a conversation about what was going on,” she added.

Cardinal Hume visited the alleged abuser at one stage and told him to stop, the witness said. However, after a short period the abuse continued.

The witness told the inquiry she went back to Cardinal Hume and told him the abuse was continuing. Again Cardinal Hume told her to approach the headmaster: “and backwards and forwards I went,” she said.

The witness told the inquiry she continued to see Cardinal Hume about the alleged abuse up until he died in 1999.

In June 2007, the witness approached the then Abbot, Aidan Bellenger, and told him about the abuse. F80 was still teaching at the school. Abbot Aidan confronted F80, but did not take any action, the witness told the inquiry.

Eventually in 2010, Abbot Aidan approached Clifton Diocese’s safeguarding team, after which police became involved in the case, the witness told the inquiry.

On the opening day of the IICSA inquiry, a spokeswoman from Downside Abbey made a statement on behalf of the Abbey expressing regret for past abuses.

Kate Gallafent QC, for the English Benedictine Congregation, said that as the number of children abused had become apparent, there had been a sense of shame and “intense sadness at the anguish caused to so many people”.


Child abuse ‘was encouraged by school’s abbots’ at Downside Abbey, Somerset

Downside Abbey monks sheltered child sex offenders, a former abott says


A renowned Roman Catholic school hid a “heart of darkness” in which monks who sexually abused children were protected and indirectly encouraged by their superiors, its former abbot has claimed.

Aidan Bellenger accused his three predecessors at Downside Abbey of tolerating child abuse. He also alleged that the monastery in Somerset, which owns and runs an adjoining public school, still sheltered paedophiles.

Father Richard Yeo was accused by Aidan Bellenger of hiding abuse
Father Richard Yeo was accused by Aidan Bellenger of hiding abuse

One monk who is still at Downside was said by the former abbot to be guilty of “perverse and criminal” activities; two more were “open to allegations of paedophilia”. Another monk, who is no longer at the monastery, was accused of “monstrous” behaviour, including “the rape case”.

Among the former abbots said by Dr Bellenger to have sheltered child sex offenders between 1974 and 2006 is Father Richard Yeo, until recently Britain’s most senior Benedictine monk.

Father Richard, Downside abbot from 1998 to 2006, stood down as abbot president of the English Benedictine Congregation in August.

The claims about the monastery were made in letters sent last year by Dr Bellenger to Father Leo Maidlow Davis, the school’s present chairman of governors. Their contents were disclosed yesterday at the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, which is investigating past offences at Downside and another leading Benedictine school, Ampleforth College in North Yorkshire.

James Whitehead criticised the governance of Downside, where he is headmaster
James Whitehead criticised the governance of Downside, where he is headmaster

The inquiry also heard damning criticism of the Benedictine “culture of monastic superiority” from James Whitehead, Downside’s headmaster.

Alumni of the school, which has 380 pupils and where annual boarding fees are £32,700, have included the journalist Auberon Waugh, the Mad Men actor Jared Harris and the former England rugby player Simon Halliday.

In his letters Dr Bellenger, the monastery’s abbot for eight years until 2014, referred to Father Richard White, known as Father Nicholas, who was jailed for five years in 2012 for gross indecency and indecent assault against pupils in the 1980s. He also mentioned Father Dunstan O’Keefe, who was convicted of performing a sex act in a car outside a primary school, and later jailed for possession of child abuse images.

Dr Aidan Bellenger
Dr Aidan Bellenger

Dr Bellenger wrote: “At the heart of darkness in the [Downside] community is the issue of child abuse which was tolerated by all my predecessors as abbot.” He said he was “particularly concerned that Richard [Yeo], who should have known better, attempted to protect Nicholas and Dunstan when he should have been protecting their victims”. He added: “Neither was penitent. Both were protected and indirectly encouraged by their abbots, John [Roberts], Charles [Fitzgerald-Lombard] and Richard [Yeo].”

The inquiry was told that Father Leo did not reveal the existence of the letters until August this year, when he informed Dr Whitehead.

Dr Whitehead, who is due to leave Downside next year, said that the allegations potentially raised “very serious concerns that those abbots may have actually encouraged paedophilia”. He criticised the Benedictines’ “ineffectiveness of governance”, saying that a “fundamental problem” was that “members of the monastic community aren’t accountable to anyone unless they commit a criminal offence”.



X-Men director Bryan Singer sued for ‘raping a 17-year-old boy in 2003

8 Dec 2017


Former children’s home worker jailed for six years for assault on child

Operation Equinox is Nottinghamshire Police’s dedicated team investigating allegations of historical abuse of children at children’s homes

6 DEC 2017

A former children’s residential home worker has been jailed for six years after being found guilty of indecent assault and indecency with a child.

Barrie Pick, 74, of Peveril Drive, The Park, worked at Beechwood Children’s Home, in Mapperley, at the time of the offences in the 1970s.

Pick originally denied the offences, but was found guilty by a jury at Nottingham Crown Court today ( December 6) of two charges of indecent assault on a child and two charges of indecency with a child.

The convictions relate to the same victim – a boy under the age of 14.

Pick had previously admitted six charges of possessing indecent photographs of children.

He today received a six-month prison sentence for each of those offences, all of which will run concurrently with the six-year sentence.

Operation Equinox is Nottinghamshire Police’s dedicated team investigating allegations of historical abuse of children at children’s homes and other institutions in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

Chief superintendent Rob Griffin, strategic lead for Operation Equinox, said: “Thirteen people have now been charged in connection with Operation Equinox, and so far six of these have been convicted.

“There are a number of other investigations ongoing into allegations of historical abuse of children and we are determined to seek justice for anyone who has been affected.

“This case demonstrates that we take this issue extremely seriously and even though these offences happened many years ago our dedicated team’s meticulous investigations can lead to prison sentences for those responsible.”


Rochdale council leader Richard Farnell faces vote of no confidence

7  Dec 2017



Andreas Baader‏ @stop1984

Alexis Jay, will propose that no evidence be called about decades of abuse of pupils at Ealing Abbey and its adjoining independent school, St Benedict’.


Dame Alun Robert

Why? Cui bono?

 Soper was on first name terms with Cardinal (Basil) Hume and knew Lord Patten, who worked on the advisory panel while he was Abbot, the court heard.


Savile links to Hume & Patten & Royal family


Image result for basil hume and savile

Cardinal Basil Hume was friends with Jimmy Savile


Image result for chris patten and prince charles

Chris Patten is friends with Prince Charles – also a friend of Jimmy Savile

Image result for savile and prince charles

Chris Patten who was part of BBC Savile cover-up


Patten accused of a cover-up on BBC Savile probe blunder: Chairman knew of a tape where inquiry author admit he had made a ‘mistake’

  • Nick Pollard headed inquiry into why Newsnight dropped Savile report
  • In taped phone call he says director-general knew of Savile accusations
  • Mark Thompson denies being told about planned Newsnight inquiry


Patrick Rock found guilty of having child abuse images on his computer was an aide to Chris Patten

(Patrick Rock was Patten’s  former adviser on the West Balkans)

Patrick Rock moved to Brussels and worked for Chris Patten (European Commissioner) …Patten preceded by Leon Brittan

 photo patten and brittan_zpsa6u2427c.jpg


2011 David Cameron brought Patrick Rock back into Downing Street appointing him deputy head of the influential No 10 policy unit. The same year Peter Allott was chosen to work on David Cameron’s Big Initiative Policy Project

 photo patten20st20bene_zpsn34skldn.jpg

Lord Patten of Barnes is an Old Priorian and the Patron of Ealing’s St Benedict’s School


Yes, there was a paedophile ring at the school! From reviewing victims accounts, they were all bullied and abused by these monks, and all knew what the other priest was doing. The stories, are horrifying and highlight, the sickening extent of what went on at St Benedict’s



None of these recent news articles about other abusers at St Benedict’s,  mention deputy head Peter Allott

The judge: ‘It was at the drug parties that you became aware of, and addicted to, indecent images of children. I use the phrase of a paedophile ring, that’s precisely what that was.

…blew £600 a week on paedophile drug parties is jailed for horrific stash of porn images featuring children as young as two


London priest who fled to Kosovo found guilty of abusing schoolboys

Andrew Soper convicted of sexually abusing pupils at St Benedict’s school in Ealing during 1970s and 80s

6 December 2017

A former abbot who fled to Kosovo to escape justice has been convicted of abusing 10 boys at a Catholic-run school in London during the 1970s and 80s.

Andrew Soper, 74, formerly known as Father Laurence Soper, was found guilty of 19 charges of rape and other sexual offences after a lengthy trial at the Old Bailey.

Soper sexually abused pupils while he was master in charge of discipline at St Benedict’s school in Ealing, west London. He would assault them after subjecting them to corporal punishment using a cane.

The first victim contacted police in 2004 after Soper left his role as abbot of Ealing Abbey and moved to the Benedictine order’s headquarters in Rome.

The former pupil was initially told by officers there was insufficient evidence.

Soper was later interviewed at Heathrow police station in 2010 and subsequently fled to Kosovo while on police bail the following year.

He was arrested at Luton airport in August 2016 after being deported by the Kosovan authorities and returned to the UK.

Tetteh Turkson, a senior Crown Prosecution Service lawyer involved in the case, said: “Soper used his position as a teacher and as a priest to abuse children for his own sexual gratification.

“He compounded this by trying to evade justice and fleeing to Kosovo in order to go into hiding. The victims’ bravery in coming forward and giving evidence has seen him convicted of these serious offences.”

A statement on behalf of the fee-paying independent school was issued by Alex Carlile QC after the conviction. He said: “St Benedict’s school is deeply concerned for, and distressed by, the ordeals faced by the victims of Laurence Soper, who have lived with the pain of his activities for so long.

“The school apologises unreservedly for the serious wrongs of the past. The school regrets that Soper did not have the courage to plead guilty.

“The result has been that innocent victims, whom he abused when they were boys in the school, were compelled to give evidence. They were subjected to cross-examination about matters in relation to which they were both helpless and innocent.

“The fact that these matters took place many years ago does not mitigate the pain and injustice endured by them.” The statement said the school was now “a completely different institution”.

Lord Carlile added: “The tough lessons of the past have been learned, and the errors and crimes of the past are in the daily consciousness and conscience of the school management … St Benedict’s cannot and will never forget Soper’s crimes. Nevertheless they are proud of the school as it now is, and as confident as ever they can be that everything is being done to ensure that such events cannot recur.”

The school, which charges fees of about £5,000 a term, counts the former Conservative chair Lord Patten and entertainer Julian Clary among its alumni.

Gillian Etherton QC, who led the prosecution, told the court victims were subjected to sadistic beatings by Soper for “fake reasons”.

They included kicking a football “in the wrong direction”, “failing to use double margins”, and “using the wrong staircase”, leading to a caning and a sexual assault, she said.

“It is the prosecution case that ‘punishments’ as described by the complainants in this case were carried out by Soper in entirely inappropriate ways and circumstances and, on many occasions, with what can only have been sexual motive,” Etherton added.

Many of his victims have experienced flashbacks and nightmares. During the trial Soper denied using the cane as a ruse to abuse boys.

The judge, Anthony Bate, remanded Soper in custody to be sentenced on 19 December. He was convicted of two counts of buggery, two counts of indecency with a child and 15 counts of indecent assault.

Soper was found guilty of buggery, contrary to section 12(1) of the Sexual Offences Act 1956, since the offence took place when that act was in force. The offence was changed from buggery to rape by the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.


The claim comes after previous allegations that deaths of children at Smyllum were ¿covered up¿

Woman ‘was sexually assaulted by hooded figure called The Devil helped by cult of satanic nuns then buried alive overnight’ at orphanage

  • She described sisters who ran it as ‘cult’ which presided over bizarre rituals 
  • The man, at Smyllum Park orphanage in South Lanarkshire, she said was responsible was wearing a hood – and the sisters told her he was ‘the Devil’ 
  • Afterwards, she said she was buried alive overnight then forced to bathe in blood
  • In other chilling evidence, the SCAI heard a young girl was beaten by nuns 

In extraordinary evidence at the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry (SCAI), she told how she was sexually assaulted in a candlelit chapel in the grounds of the Smyllum Park home run by the nuns.

The man she said was responsible was wearing a hood – and the sisters told her he was ‘the Devil’.

Afterwards, she said she was buried alive overnight at the orphanage in Lanark, then forced to bathe in what she was told was blood.

The claim comes after previous allegations that deaths of children at Smyllum were ‘covered up’

In other chilling evidence, the SCAI heard a young girl was beaten by nuns – and never seen again.

The claim comes after previous allegations that deaths of children at Smyllum were ‘covered up’.

The testimony about the Satanic sex ritual is the latest in a catalogue of evidence about abuse at the home, which was run by a Catholic religious order and closed in 1981.

The alleged victim addressed a hearing in Edinburgh yesterday, using the name Janie, and said she had been born in 1961 and was admitted to Smyllum in 1965.

She said: ‘To be honest, nowadays I think they were a cult.

‘They would take us from our beds at night, they would take us to the big field [outside Smyllum].

‘There was quite a lot of us, with the sisters, five or six of them, maybe more. They would take us out into a big field and make us stand in a circle and dance around a tree.

‘They would take us to the back of a chapel, they would take us down the stairs – it was dingy and dark with candles. There would be a big square slab, they laid me on that.’

Janie said: ‘I was sitting on one of the nun’s knees, they gave me a lollipop. They said, “The Devil’s coming out now”.’

She said she did not know who her abuser was but ‘it was a guy in a hood – and they said it was the Devil’. She was sexually abused by the man then taken outside, where they ‘buried me alive, left me there’.

One of the nuns whispered to her: ‘Don’t worry, you will get back out.’

She said she was ‘buried in a drain’ and left overnight, and released in the morning.

Janie said the nuns dragged her upstairs in the home, where she was forced to take a bath in what she was told was blood, but now believes to be ‘red dye’.

She said: ‘They made out it was blood, they soaked me under it.’

Smyllum provided care for orphans but also children from poor, working-class families and troubled homes

Smyllum provided care for orphans but also children from poor, working-class families and troubled homes

Janie also said she was ‘constantly’ tied to her bed and had masking tape placed over her face while nuns tried to suffocate her with a pillow.

On other occasions she was trapped in a wardrobe in her room, but was never sure why.

Janie said: ‘I’ve not got a clue. It’s just like they liked doing it. Maybe I was hyper, or wanted to play.’

She said the children were once woken by a nun carrying a box that she had said contained a baby.

Janie said: ‘She woke up the dormitory and said one of the sisters had done a sin, and had a baby, and they were going to bury the baby alive.

‘Were they just trying to play with our heads? Was it true? Was it real?

‘Were they just trying to make us demented?’

Janie also told how she and her older sister were taken away from Smyllum in a van late one night.

They were with some nuns and ‘quite a few men’ who tried to put her in a straitjacket which was too big for her. She believes she was drugged but then ‘conked out’ and was later taken back to the home.

Smyllum provided care for orphans but also children from poor, working-class families and troubled homes.

Other evidence, from a woman called Margaret, described an attack on a girl of about eight or nine

Janie was not an orphan and left Smyllum when her mother spotted that she had bruises and immediately contacted a social worker.

In a statement to the inquiry, Janie said she suspected the nuns had ‘murdered people’, adding: ‘We should get justice.’

It was revealed in September that at least 400 children from Smyllum are thought to be buried in a mass grave at Lanark’s St Mary’s Cemetery.

Other evidence, from a woman called Margaret, described an attack on a girl of about eight or nine.

Margaret, born in 1950, was detailing her ordeal at Smyllum between 1955 and 1960. She said: ‘They beat her up… I never saw her again.’

On one occasion, Margaret said she was taken with other children into a room where a dead nun lay on a bed, and they were told to kiss the corpse.

Margaret refused, spitting on the dead nun instead. She was grabbed by the hair by other sisters who told her she would ‘rot in hell’. Mother-of-two Margaret, now a widow, said: ‘She was probably one of the nuns who had beat the living daylights out of us.’

The inquiry has already heard this week that an eight-year-old girl was sexually abused by a priest at Smyllum, then had her arm broken by a nun who had found out about the assault.

Dr Theresa Tolmie-McGrane, now 55, said she was later forced to receive Communion from the priest who abused her – who told her she was ‘a soldier of God’.

When she alerted other priests to the abuse, she was told to pray for those responsible.

The inquiry has also heard claims that Francis McColl, 13, died after a Smyllum worker struck him with a golf club.

In posthumous testimony, read to the SCAI this month, a former resident said Francis was struck by a ‘psychotic’ employee – who was not a nun and who cannot be named for legal reasons.

Further accusations about Smyllum staff were made by a witness named John, who was born in 1948 and went to the orphanage in 1958.

He described the home as a ‘concentration camp’ where nuns used hairbrushes – concealed in their tunics – to beat children. The inquiry has also heard from a witness named Paul, who was taken into care as a baby and who believes he was born around 1959.

He said he was raped by a priest at Smyllum after revealing that he had been sexually assaulted by another clergyman.

Paul said he was pinned down and beaten with a cricket bat by nuns, and trapped in a wicker laundry basket for four days. A nun once beat him with hosepipe and told him he ‘should be grateful’.

Last week, a witness called David told the SCAI that a six-year-old, Sammy Carr, died days after a nun launched a frenzied attack on him, kicking him in the head.

The inquiry, before Lady Smith, continues.


Image result for smyllum Park in Lanark

Bernard Traynor (North News and Pictures)

Shamed priest will be quizzed at child abuse inquiry

A former priest who sexually abused young boys in care is to give evidence at the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry.

Sex offender Bernard Traynor, 64, has been called to give his testimony after allegations about him were made to the inquiry by former residents at Smyllum Park in Lanark last month.

Two former residents told Lady Smith, who leads the inquiry, they were sexually abused by Traynor after they were moved to another orphanage run by the same Catholic order in Newcastle.

One witness said he was sexually abused by Traynor at a caravan park in Scarborough in the 1970s.

Another former Smyllum resident said Traynor had sexually abused him at the Wallis’s Holiday Camp in Cayton Bay, Scarborough.

He also said the abuse continued at the St Vincent’s children’s home in Newcastle, run by the Daughters of Charity of Vincent de Paul, for “two or three years” afterwards.

The two former Smyllum Park residents told the inquiry they were instrumental in Traynor’s first conviction in 1995.

The former Gateshead parish priest was brought to justice nearly two decades after his offences.

Michael told Lady Smith at the hearing on December 7 how having made a complaint to the police in Newcastle, the investigating officer then wrote to the local bishop to say he was investigating Father Traynor.

In evidence, Michael said by the time police went to arrest Father Traynor he had vanished.

He said: “It took the police 18 months to find out where he was.

“They had him hid in a monastery down in Hampshire.”

At Newcastle Crown Court, Traynor escaped a jail term after pleading guilty to committing six offences of indecent assault against four boys.

He was sent to a Catholic retreat in Gloucester where he received therapy and treatment for alcohol abuse.

In 2001, the diocese of Hexham and Newcastle said Traynor had been kicked out the church after being “immediately and permanently suspended from the priesthood.”

But in 2015, Traynor was back in court on new sexual offence charges.

The former clergyman pled guilty to one count of indecent assault on a 13-year-old boy between 1977 and 1978 at the hearing at Teeside Magistrates Court.

The then 62-year-old was sentenced to 21 months in prison, suspended for two years and placed on the sex offenders register for 10 years.

As well as hearing evidence from Traynor, the inquiry will hear from former St Vincent de Paul staff members, including nuns who worked at Smyllum Park. The inquiry has so far heard evidence that there was widespread physical and sexual abuse at the home, which closed in 1981.

Last September, a Sunday Post and BBC investigation revealed that up to 400 children who went to Smyllum Park are believed to be buried in a mass grave in Lanarkshire.


A former bishop jailed for sex offences and his twin brother have said they are looking to join the Catholic Church to “live and worship in anonymity”.

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

What a damning endictment of the Catholic church as a haven for paedophile priests!

Trent‏ @RandolphTrent


Where their sins can be forgiven just like Blair did!

Truthseeker‏ @thewakeupcall09

Am sure Father Seed will forgive him for his sins

Tony Blair’s priest fixed papal knighthoods for cash: Senior Catholic took up to £50k donations for honours

Sex abuse bishop Peter Ball and brother seek Catholic switch

06 December 2017

A former bishop jailed for sex offences and his twin brother have said they are looking to join the Catholic Church to “live and worship in anonymity”.

Peter Ball, who is now 85, was jailed for 32 months in October 2015 for offences against 18 teenagers and men.

The former Bishop of Lewes and of Gloucester carried out the abuse between the 1970s and 1990s.

Ball’s identical twin and former bishop Michael Ball said in an email events had “wearied and reduced us”.

Email from Michael Ball

In the email, mistakenly sent from Michael Ball to BBC South East’s Colin Campbell among others, the brothers said having been “battered by the Church” they would be looking to join the Roman Catholic Church.

They said they would like to “end our days in a church where we can live and worship in anonymity and without constant fear”.

The BBC contacted Michael Ball about the email and he said a move to the Catholic Church was “a possibility”.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Arundel and Brighton said in a statement: “We confirm that Peter Ball has been in contact with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Clifton, in which diocese he now lives, expressing an interest in becoming a member of the Catholic Church.

“This matter is subject to discussions between Clifton Diocese and the statutory authorities, who are the lead with regards to Peter Ball’s risk management in the community.”

‘Manipulative’ campaign

An independent review of Ball’s case by Dame Moira Gibb criticised the former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey.

Dame Moira said he had received seven letters from families and individuals following the arrest and cautioning of Ball in 1992 for gross indecency – when he stood down as Bishop of Gloucester – but failed to pass six of them to the police.

Lord Carey had also failed to put Ball on the the “Lambeth List” which names clergymen whose suitability for ministry had been questioned.

Dame Moira also heard Bishop Michael Ball allowed his brother to attend functions in his place, even after his resignation, and on one occasion Peter Ball had introduced himself as his brother.

In 1994 Michael Ball campaigned to Lord Carey to return his brother to the ministry, with one bishop calling the brothers’ activities “manipulative”, Dame Moira reported .

Between 1995 and 1997, with Lord Carey’s backing. Peter Ball returned to church ministry, eventually undertaking duties such as confirmations.

After a series of investigations Balls’ ministry ceased in 2011, Dame Moira reported.

He was released from jail in February after serving 16 months.


One of the founding DJs of BBC Radio One, 76, denies historic sex abuse and taking an indecent picture of a 14-year-old boy between 1979 to 1981

  • Chris Denning, 76, accused of historical indecent assault of 14-year-old boy 
  • Denning was one of the founding DJs of Radio One during the 1960s
  • He is accused alongside Graham Soper, 58, who ‘abused and passed on boy’
  • Both deny the charges and are to face trial at Southwark Crown Court next year

The DJ also worked for record label Decca for two years and helped propel Gary Glitter and the Bay City Rollers to stardom


Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

Did Chris Denning head up an international paedephile ring?

Denning charges confirm that BBC was a breeding ground for organised child sex abuse.

Truthseeker @thewakeupcall09

Savile, Kitty & Denning Farewell FAB 208 – Radio Luxembourg 1992 – Part 1


Jimmy Tarbuck’s restaurant/office was close to Chris Denning’s shop

Beecholme – Wandsworth Council wrong to say they had no Child Abuse Reports

Nun broke my arm as punishment after walking in on me being abused by priest at orphanage

Theresa Tolmie-McGrane had hoped the nun would save but the woman called her a “whore” and slammed her again

6 DEC 2017

She spent 11 years at Smyllum Park in Lanark, and waived her anonymity to recount her physical and sexual torment to the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry.


Bob Quick demands a public retraction of “liar” allegations from Damian Green:

Howeson cries


Vicount Ian Kerr CGC @IanKer

Only now named due to being conveniently dead for nearly a year…….Gordon Anglesea

Gordon Anglesea

5 Dec 2017

A former senior police officer jailed for indecently assaulting boys has been named in a revised version of a judge’s review of an inquiry into abuse of children in north Wales.

Gordon Anglesea’s name had originally been redacted from Lady Justice Macur’s report published in March 2016.

Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns said his conviction and death meant there was “no reason” to keep his name secret.

Lady Justice Macur had reviewed the £13m Waterhouse inquiry into child abuse amid concerns that although it found “appalling mistreatment” of children over 20 years its remit was too limited.

Anglesea, a former North Wales Police superintendent from Old Colwyn, was convicted in October 2016 of indecently assaulting two boys.

He was sentenced to 12 years in prison, dying in jail in December 2016 at the age of 79.


Vaz Off International Trade Select Committee

Yesterday’s order paper showed Keith Vaz being discharged from his position on the International Trade select committee, just three months after he joined. Vaz is being replaced by Tom Watson’s old flame Stephanie Peacock. Sources say Vaz hasn’t been seen much around the House recently, and he hasn’t voted since 18 October. A few months back Momentum were coming for his place on the NEC; surely he isn’t now being lined up for a frontbench job? Wonder what he’ll do with his newly free time…


Charles Howeson says it would have been ‘impossible’ to grope men on ship

The high ranking officer denies touching the two men in a sexual way whilst aboard HMS Cleopatra

4 DEC 2017

A Plymouth Royal Navy officer said it would have been “physically impossible” to have sexually touched a man whilst on the ship which they both worked.

Charles Howeson, 67, is on trial at Bristol Crown Court for 11 counts of indecently assaulting ten young men and a boy and one count of attempted buggery.

He denies the charges dating from 1985 and 1994.

Under cross examination by Paul Dunkels QC, Howeson, of Cragie Drive, told the jury that accusations of sexual touching whilst aboard HMS Cleopatra would have been “impossible” because he didn’t come into contact with the alleged victims’ genitals.

When questioned about the incident in which one of the victims alleged Howeson had grabbed his backside, the high ranking naval officer said he had stumbled on a curtain shielding part of the bridge, causing him to fall down four steps – which resulted in Howeson touching the victim “chest to chest”.

He added that the impact of the fall pushed the victim backwards against the bulkhead, and that it would have been “impossible” for him to have touched the man inappropriately.

Mr Dunkels said: “When you lost balance, didn’t you grab his [the victim’s] bottom to steady yourself? You didn’t come into contact with the inside of his leg by his genitals?

Howeson replied: “Certainly not, absolutely not. It was accidental and nothing like [the victim] describes. [Sexual contact] would have been impossible.”

Mr Dunkels asked Howeson about another incident alleged to have happened aboard the ship, involving “rubbing his [the victim’s] leg” as he followed him up some stairs.

Howeson told the jury that he recalled going up the stairs before the victim, saying: “It [the touching] would have been physically impossible as I would have been on the bridge.”

The court heard how “commonplace banter” took place between the officer and one victim on HMS Cleopatra, which came about during a man overboard exercise.

Mr Dunkels said that Howeson had made comments about the victim’s stomach being harder than his own, adding that while making those comments Howeson was “squeezing [the victim’s] thighs, penis and testicles – a claim which Howeson refuted.

The 67-year-old said the conversation about his weight was “commonplace banter, not to be misinterpreted as having a sexual component to it.”

Mr Dunkels said: “The truth of the matter is you were using your position in each of these situations [as a naval officer and a boss of the Groundwork Trust] to engineer a situation where you could take advantage of your victims. You had power and control. Was the risk you were taking part of the excitement?”

Howeson replied: “There was no excitement and I did not do this. The risk would have been utterly appalling for anyone in my position to do this.”

Howeson is accused of indecently touching men in the lower naval ranks, civilians in and around his home and some men working for The Groundwork Trust, a charity where he was the boss.

The trial continues.


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Alicia Collinson, Damian Green’s future wife, reportedly said of him: ‘He’s got a very strong sex drive, he’s just not all that discriminating.’


One of Theresa May’s closest friends, Alicia Collinson, deals with paedophile rings  via her legal work

Protecting Prince Charles’ friend and mentor convicted paedophile Bishop Peter Ball ….


Alicia Collinson, wife of porn-loving Damian Green, is a barrister who deals with cases of child sexual abuse. She is also Deputy Chancellor of the Diocese of Gloucester.


John Neale, a former bishop and very close friend of Peter Righton, is honorary assistant bishop in Gloucester. Neale was chaplain at Ardingly prior to the paedophile bishop Ball, friend of BigEars, taking up the same post.

Image result for robert alston and prince andrew

Robert Alston, third from right with Prince Andrew

Robert Alston with Prince Andrew (“Randy Andy“)


PIE member Peter Righton’s boyfriend’s brother, Robert Alston, was Chairman of Governors at Ardingly College between 2005 and 2010. John Neale, by the way, served in the Royal Artillery during World War II, a division which spawned many paedophiles.


But back to Damian’s Alicia, close friend of Theresa May: Would Alicia as Deputy Chancellor of the Diocese of Gloucester since 2013 where Ball was bishop have given advice re. Ball?

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The diocese of Gloucester hired a former policeman to investigate, and if possible discredit, Ball witnesses. From the moment the first victims came forward, the response of the church up to the highest level was one of institutional self-protection.

Oh dear! Alicia Collinson,