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A Corpse Was Found at Prince William and Kate’s Kensington Palace Home

A body was found in the lake in Kensington Palace Gardens.

woman’s body was found in Round Pond in Kensington Palace Gardens, directly in front of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s official London residence.

Police pulled the body out of the pond on the morning of August 29. They have not yet been able to identify the woman; Metropolitan Police initially misidentified the body as then-missing artist Endellion Lycett Green (a granddaughter of former poet laureate Sir John Betjeman), reports the Independent.

The Metropolitan Police mistakenly notified Lycett Green’s family, but then her brother, John Lycett Green, reportedly said in a message that his sister had been found “alive, safe and well,” per Marie Claire.

Endellion Lycett Green had been missing for a week before the body was found, and the Metropolitan Police had issued alerts to try and help the search for her.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson told Sky News that they were “called to Kensington Gardens W2 at 7.09 am on Saturday, 29 August to a report of the concern for the safety of a woman…[t]he woman was pronounced dead at the scene. The death is being treated as unexplained at this time, but is not thought to be suspicious. A post-mortem examination will take place in due course.” They added, “Enquiries are ongoing to establish the identity of the deceased.”

Prince William and Kate were not yet in residence at Kensington Palace; they were vacationing at Queen Elizabeth’s Balmoral Castle estate in the Scottish Highlands with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge reportedly moved back to Kensington Palace earlier this week, as their two eldest children are starting in-person schooling for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began in March.



Peter Dalglish: updated…


Order of Canada recipient Peter Dalglish found guilty of child sex assault in Nepal

11 June 2019

An Order of Canada recipient has been found guilty of sexually assaulting children in Nepal after a police investigation and trial his lawyers describe as a travesty of justice.

Sentencing for Peter Dalglish, expected in about two weeks, could see the well-known aid worker jailed for as long as 13 years.

“This has been like watching a wrongful conviction unfold in real time,” Dalglish’s Canadian lawyer, Nader Hasan, said in an interview Tuesday. “We have deep concerns about the process here, both from the perspective of procedural fairness of the court proceedings as well as certain tactics taken by the police and the state.”

The judge, who rendered his verdict late Monday, has yet to release his reasons for the guilty finding. Dalglish, 62, has denied any wrongdoing.

Originally from London, Ont., Dalglish has spent years working around the globe. Nepalese police arrested him in the early hours of April 8 last year in a raid on the mountain home he had built in the village of Kartike east of the capital of Kathmandu. Police alleged he had raped two Nepalese boys aged 11 and 14, who were with him.

Pushkar Karki, chief of the Central Investigation Bureau, said at the time Dalglish lured children from poor families with promises of education, jobs and trips, and then sexually abused them. Karki said other foreign men in Nepal had also been arrested on suspicion of pedophilia.

“There have been some instances where they were found working with charities,” Karki told the New York Times. “Our laws aren’t as strict as in foreign countries, and there is no social scrutiny like in developed countries.”

“There ought to have been reasonable doubt,” Hasan said. “The police intimidation tactics and the police bribes and the police threats ought to have been insurmountable evidence of not just not guilty, but of actual innocence.”

Hasan said the Nepalese legal system, which operates largely in secrecy, bears little resemblance to anything in Canada _ or many other countries. Among other problems, courts do not record proceedings or produce transcripts, leading to confusion about what witnesses actually said.

His lawyers say in one incident, a witness helpful to the defence was testifying when the judge excused himself from the courtroom to go eat dinner. They say he told parties to carry on without him and that he would catch up with the court clerk afterwards.

Hasan said Dalglish’s family — his ex-wife and daughter live in the Netherlands and his brothers in Ontario — as well as friends have been standing by him. In addition, he has strong support in Nepal, where two young men he had previously mentored have been visiting him twice daily in prison in Dhulikhel near Kathmandu to take him food.

“Obviously, (it) was emotionally devastating for him –as it would be for anyone, particularly someone who is innocent,” Hasan said of the guilty finding. “But he’s a remarkably resilient human being and it’s helpful that he has a very strong support system. That helps him stay positive.”

Dalglish, who had spent years doing humanitarian work in Nepal, co-founded a Canadian charity called Street Kids International in the late 1980s. He has worked for several humanitarian agencies, including UN Habitat in Afghanistan and the UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response in Liberia. He was named a member of the Order of Canada in late 2016.

In a statement emailed to Global News, Hasan said Dalglish’s family, friends and supporters were “deeply troubled” by Monday’s verdict and remain “steadfastly convinced of Peter’s innocence.”

“The local legal team in Nepal did not merely raise a reasonable doubt; they demonstrated that Peter was factually innocent,” the statement reads.

Hasan said they remain “optimistic” that Dalglish will be exonerated by Nepal’s appellate courts.


I am also intending to write a report on the time Peter Dalglish worked with Ethiopian vulnerable children during the infamous famine of 1984. I am reaching out to the publicist of Bob Geldof, who funded most of his activities for comment. If anyone has any info, please DM me.

Last  news report on Dalglish Feb 2019

Peter Dalglish's final hearing

Peter Dalglish’s final hearing coming to an end

KATHMANDU — A source told Kathmandu Tribune that Canadian Peter Dalglish’s final hearing is likely to happen at the end of this month or…

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It’s been over a year and nothing further published on  the John Smyth QC investigation, likewise the Jamie Colman & wife Sue Colman  one…


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Archbishop Welby involved…



Roecliffe Manor – Abuse by  Sir Jimmy Savile and Lord Greville Janner allegations

Probe: Savile and Roecliffe Manor home, Woodhouse Eaves Leicester

In February 2013, the Informant placed an advert in the Leicester Mercury, a local newspaper, asking if anyone was a survivor of the “Woodhouse Eaves Children’s Convalescent Homes” from the 1950s onwards.

According to the Police note of the interview with the Informant, this advert elicited 47 responses, although no detail was provided of what these responses were. According to the note, the Informant had also received a threatening telephone call from someone accusing him of stirring up trouble.
This is the information which was forwarded to the Trust to investigate in January 2014

The Trust is a partner agency of the Safeguarding Adults Boards and the Safeguarding Children’s Boards20 for Leicestershire and Rutland County Councils and Leicester City Council.

The first of these allegations,  that a child, who was resident at Roecliffe Manor, was seen by the Informant being dragged away by someone who he states was JS and a friend. He was later advised that the child had died, has been referred to the Police, given its serious nature.

The Lead Investigator notes that this information was passed to the MPS and Local Police force by her for it to undertake further investigations should it wish to given its extremely serious nature

Another allegation made by the Informant was  that children were abused at another children’s home in Melton Mowbray.

The Lead Investigator established that Roecliffe Manor had been owned by the Leicester and County Convalescent Homes Society from the time it opened in 1931 but had closed in 1969

The Informant would have been at Roecliffe Manor from 1959/1960 until 1966 – 1968. The Lead Investigator focused her investigation from 1959 until the late 1960s, therefore.

Leonard Cheshire Disability. This organisation bought the Roecliffe Manor building in 1972 from the Leicester and County Convalescent Homes Society.

The Children’s Society. The Lead Investigator established that The Children’s Society owned and ran another children’s home in the village of Woodhouse Eaves called Charnwood House.

An interviewee had advised the Lead Investigator that sometimes children from Charnwood House and Roecliffe Manor played together at fetes.

Leicestershire County Council (LCC). The Lead Investigator further established that the County Council undertook an investigation into Child Protection concerns in Children’s Homes in the Leicestershire area in the 1980s

The children who resided at Roecliffe Manor came mainly from the counties of Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire.

Archives also show a number of visitors to Roecliffe Manor. For example in the Matron’s Annual Report (1961) it states: “Sincere thanks to a host of friends for continuance of their personal interest in the welfare of the children; the film shows, concert parties; Guy Fawkes, night events and gifts of toys”.

The Informant recalls a man called “Jimmy” who would visit Roecliffe Manor on weekends –  this man would show a cine film at the home. He would bring a projector and they would watch films at Roecliffe Manor

The Informant refers to having to drink milk at night and states ‘I think it was drugged’. He recalls a hall, with dark lights, full of people. He also recalls that there were many cars outside. It seemed to him like an old style disco.

…had us cuddling him and kissing him” in front of everyone. He would also bring in books (history, Robin Hood and William Tell) music and other “stuff”. He recalls that “Jimmy” was like a PE Teacher as he was fit and would help out with fitness during his visits. The Informant thinks that “Jimmy” was on the hospital radio. He was at another hospital as well on the other side of Nottingham – Saxondale.

The Informant recalled that “Jimmy” also worked at Saxondale Hospital. Saxondale hospital has also investigated JS’s association with it.

“Jimmy” was normally at Roecliffe Manor by himself but he does recall on some occasions that he brought with him somebody with a Scottish Irish accent. This man came with “Jimmy” in his camper van.

During this interview, the Informant stated that he recalls 9 “experiences” with “Jimmy” which built up to the sexual abuse.

He could not recall how often “Jimmy” visited Roecliffe Manor but stated that it “seemed a lot”.

He recalls that “Jimmy” would take him out, along with a girl called April or Elizabeth, who was also a resident at Roecliffe Manor, for rides in his camper van. He recalls that “Jimmy” would take them to a motorway service station. The Informant stated “he would do things to us in the camper van and then he would give me money to go to the shop”

Jimmy” would then say that he wanted to meet the team and recalls that the “team” were Gary Glitter (a pop star), T-Rex and Slade (pop groups).

The motorway service station was their meeting point. The Informant recalls that he was given concert tickets for these acts, although did not specify which ones in particular. The Informant also recalls “Jimmy” taking the Informant, and April/Elizabeth to a “rock” or a large stone for a picnic.

Rock/Large Stone near Woodhouse Eaves
The Lead Investigator has found that there is a place called the Hanging Stones in Charnwood Forest, on the edge of Woodhouse Eaves. It is likely, therefore, that the Informant is referring to these stones when he states he was taken to a big stone by “Jimmy”.

During this interview the Informant shared further details about his recollections of “Jimmy”. He stated that “Jimmy” would take him, and a girl called April (who after a while stopped coming), out in his campervan to “somewhere near” the service station where he would see T-Rex, Slade and Gary Glitter.

The Informant was given half a crown by “Jimmy” so that he could go to get something to eat. He did not know what the groups discussed, therefore. He also recalls being taken to a rock or a big stone by “Jimmy” and also took him and April to another hospital which had a Viking’s name (which he thought was Saxondale (see further discussion below).

JS began working as a DJ at Radio Luxembourg in London in 1958 until 1967 and on Tyne Tees Television in 1960. The Lead Investigator established that JS presented Radio Luxembourg broadcasts on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays from a studio in London. However, one comment found on the Radio Luxembourg website suggested that some broadcasts may have been pre –recorded so would not preclude JS from having the opportunity of going to Roecliffe Manor on a weekend. The Informant stated that “Jimmy” worked in radio and visited on weekends. In 1964 JS presented the first edition of Top of the Pops and from 1968 worked on BBC Radio17.

He recalls that “Jimmy” would visit the home about 3 weekends every month. He does not recall “Jimmy” being there during the week. He believes that “Jimmy” could come and go as he pleased on weekends as there were many parents and visitors around at that time. Nobody knew who he was.

Witness accounts describe Roecliffe Manor as a strict, almost cruel, place in which children were controlled and punished frequently. A former resident described to the Lead Investigator in an email ‘it was a terrible place, the abuse I received has left an imprint on my mind, but sadly we can’t do anything about it. I have met other people who were there as children and all hated the place too’.

“Jimmy” would bring films with him to Roecliffe Manor when he visited, films about Billy Smart’s Circus, the history of kings and queens including Richard III. He recalls that nurses were sometimes present at the film showing.
A further recollection by the Informant was that “Jimmy” would be in the “little park” in the grounds of Roecliffe Manor making sure that the swings were working. He recalls that an older man would help him who he recalls looked similar to “Jimmy”.

He reiterated again that the service station was a regular meeting spot for the pop band Slade and T-Rex and for pop star Gary Glitter. He stated that years later he heard of other people going to the motorway station to catch a glimpse of them.

The Lead Investigator did find that the Blue Boar Services, Watford Gap service station was a popular destination in the 1960s as a meeting point for Pop bands.

An internet search discovered that bands such as The Who and T-Rex would meet there. “There were established stop off points on your way home one of these was the famous Blue Boar Cafe (Watford Gap) frequented by all the bands and roadies of that time being about half way back to London from the north, you would run into people like Marc Bolan (T-Rex) in the toilet next to you’. The Informant recalls that there was always an energetic musical atmosphere at the station that he recalls being taken to and so this may have been the one he is referring to.

Contact was also made by the Lead Investigator with Road Chef, the current owners of Blue Boar Services at Watford Gap. Road Chef hold an autograph book which is believed to have been used by a former Blue Boar employee at Watford Gap Services during the 1960s and 1970s. The Lead Investigator was provided with a copy of an undated autograph from this autograph book, purported to be JS’s

During the 3rd interview, the Lead Investigator showed the Informant photographs of JS in the late 1950s. The Informant’s immediate response was to confirm that the person in the photograph was the individual who he knew and recalled as “Jimmy”. The Lead Investigator noted a very strong reaction by the Informant to the photographs and noted that he was adamant that the photographs were of “Jimmy”. In a follow up discussion with the Informant on 7 April 2014 (the purpose of which was to maintain contact with the Informant to ensure that he felt supported), he reiterated his firm belief that the photograph he had been shown by the Lead Investigator of JS was a photograph of “Jimmy”.

The Informant remembers that later in 1965 (after leaving Roecliffe Manor) he saw JS on the BBC show, Top of the Pops and recognised him as “Jimmy”. He also recalls seeing JS doing a gig in a school in Market Harborough in 1970 or 1971. At this time, he wanted to confront JS about the abuse but was prevented from speaking to JS by other people who were in JS’ entourage.

The Lead Investigator concluded following her interviews with the Informant that he was a sincere and honest individual.

The Leicester and County Convalescent Homes Report (1957- 1963) state mention visitors and gifts from the Loughborough branch of TOC H and the social committee of the Swithland Camp.

The Lead Investigator did find the name of a Trustee who, according to minutes of meetings from Roecliffe Manor, was a frequent visitor to Roeclifee Manor in the 1960s and showed cinefilm and took gifts to children there. However, this line of inquiry could be taken no further as the individual has since passed away.


Famous faces: Keith Richards is pictured in the 1960s at Watford Gap Services

Watford Gap:

…staging a play paying homage to the many travelling musicians from The Beatles and Dusty Springfield to The Rolling Stones, who have used it as a roadside watering hole.

Previously called the Blue Boar, the services became so talked about among stars that Jimi Hendrix mistook it for a London nightclub.

Autographs collected from pop stars who visited Watford Gap services to go on display

A book of autographs collected from famous musicians who visited the M1 service station during the 1960s and 70s is going on display.

RoadChef, the Watford Gap services operator, paid £1,000 for the collection of celebrity signatures, which were collected by a former employee, at an auction on Wednesday.

The book includes the signatures of Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, The Eagles, Dusty Springfield and Sir Cliff Richard.

They were collected by the late Beatrice England, who worked the night shift at what was then called Blue Boar service station.


60s legends who called at the M1’s Blue Boar

IF you wanted to spot a pop band in the Sixties, the Blue Boar motorway cafe on the M1 near Rugby was the place to be.

The likes of the young Rolling Stones and The Who making their way to London after a gig would often drop in to the Boar for a fry-up and a mug of coffee.

It was the perfect spot between ‘oop North’ and ‘The Smoke’ for the friendly rivals to swap banter before taking the last lap home in their dormobile vans.

It was first established by local Rugby resident Lyndon Smith, who owned the Blue Boar filling station and garage just around the corner from the present station.

The name Blue Boar came from the lake that was situated behind the first Blue Boar filling station in Dunchurch.

The local legend said that a blue boar lived on the lake in the time of Robin Hood.

Other famous diners there have included The Beatles, Dusty Springfield and James Brown.

Blue Boar Ltd. sold the Watford Gap site to Roadchef in 1999, who operate the site today.


1960s view
In 1977 an artist called Roy Harper released an album called ‘Bullinamingvase‘ which originally included the song ‘Watford Gap’ with its lyric ‘Watford Gap, Watford Gap, a plate of grease and a load of c**p’. Later versions of the album did not feature the song as a member of the EMI board was also a member of the Watford Gap’s board of directors.

TOC H & Savile : Paedophiles Jimmy Savile & Colin Gregg were involved & Angus Ogilvy was vice-president

More on TOC H here

Sir Angus Ogilvy –Vice-Patron of TocH.

Businessman husband of Princess Alexandra of Kent


The Guardian19 Nov 1965, FriPage 2

Jimmy Savile and Rev Dr PB Clayton Founder  Padre of TOC H 


October 13, 2016

edited 5 months ago

i was passed the foto of the rear of this Lp by a friend in the UK who was disturbed to find “Sir Jimmy Savile” on the rear with the vicar of All HallowS Church, London at the time “Tubby” and also at least one disturbing foto of “Tubby” putting his finger into the mouth of some poor little boy.
Regarding the criminal pedophilic past of SJS having been partially exposed these fotos are more than disturbing.


At Cuffley kept the long-running Jimmy Savile mini-handi dances (now rechristened Jimmy Savile Danceathons) alive.

In 2003 I even managed to get Jimmy Savile to attend…



TOC H Patron Queen Elizabeth





Roecliffe Manor – Abuse by  Sir Jimmy Savile and allegations

The allegations Savile was involved in the death of a child came from a witness who said he saw the TV presenter and a friend with the girl at Roecliffe Manor children’s home in Leicestershire during the 60s.

A report published by University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust said: “The Informant stated that he witnessed a girl, who he believes was called April or Elizabeth, being dragged across the garden at Roecliffe Manor by ‘Jimmy’ and another man.

“She appeared to be in a stupor. The next day the informant was told by the matron that this girl had died.”

The paper concludes it could not corroborate the claim and said it had found “no reference to the death of a child at Roecliffe Manor”.

But Leicestershire Police confirmed it is probing the claims. A spokesman said: “We have received the report on Roecliffe Manor and started an investigation to determine if abuse took place and if so to what extent.”

The home was shut shortly after the alleged incident.



Leicestershire Police

 2 investigations. Ex-MP Lord Janner and Roecliffe Manor home near Loughborough



LEICESTERSHIRE Police are appealing for anyone who may have been sexually abused at a former children’s convalescent home, to come forward..

A claim of abuse, which has been linked to Jimmy Savile, has already been made.

The appeal is part of an on-going investigation being conducted by detectives into Roecliffe Manor, in Woodhouse Eaves, during the 1950s and 1960s.

As well as wanting to trace anyone who was sexually abused whilst at the home, they also want to hear from anyone who may have witnessed abuse taking place or who has information about sexual abuse at the premises.

Detective Superintendent David Sandall, who is leading the investigation, said: “We know that a large number of children stayed at the convalescent home for short periods of time during the 50s and 60s and we have already spoken to a number of them. …


Cops probe claim Jimmy Savile KILLED abuse victim in 1960s

Updated: 6th April 2016,

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has today issued a grovelling apology on behalf of the NHS for allowing “wicked” Savile to prey on hundreds of patients aged five to 75.

One of the institutions was Roecliffe Manor children’s convalescent home in Woodhouse Eaves, Leics, which closed shortly after the alleged death of the little girl.

A former resident of the home came forward to say he had been abused by the DJ as a young boy, when he was recovering from tuberculosis between the ages of four and nine.

He said he and a little girl were regularly taken out in a camper van by a man called Jimmy and a second man with a Scottish or Irish accent, and they would stop for picnics at service stations.

The witness – who first approached Operation Yewtree cops – told the NHS investigators he was abused by Savile on at least four occasions.

He also claims he saw the other child being “dragged away” by the
pervert, and he never saw her again.

Roecliffe Manor

The report published today says: “The informant stated that he witnessed a girl, who he believes was called April or Elizabeth, being dragged across the garden at Roecliffe Manor by ‘Jimmy’ and another man. She appeared to be in a stupor.

The next day the Informant was told by the Matron that this girl had died.”

Report author Sue Walters concluded sexual abuse is “likely to have taken place” at the home, but added: “It has not been possible to associate Jimmy Savile with the abuse”.

She found no other record that Savile had ever visited the home, and “no reference to the death of a child at Roecliffe Manor”.

However, she said the investigation was difficult because the events took place so long ago.

She also said the victim came across as “a sincere and honest individual” and gave a “consistent account of his memories of his time at Roecliffe”.

Ms Walters said she had passed his complaint to police for further

Leicestershire Police said its investigation into the alleged abuse was ongoing, and urged anyone with information to contact them.


Sue Walters is an experienced consultant and has a long history of working with Children’s Services in a variety of roles, from frontline as a Health Visitor to Director Level. She has experience of working to develop Integrated Adult and Children’s Safeguarding services and policies. She previously set up and managed a national project working with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse (The Surviving Homeless Project in Nottingham).

Roecliffe Manor/ Jimmy Savile Investigation

In January 2015, we were passed information by the Department of Health to investigate regarding an allegation that Jimmy Savile had sexually abused a child at Roecliffe Manor Children’s Convalescent Home in Woodhouse Eaves.

We employed the services of an independent external investigator, Sue Walters, to look into claims dating back to the late 1950’s/early 1960’s.  During that investigation, Ms Walters identified that it was not us, but local charity ARC Leicester who are the legacy organisation, so we collaborated with them throughout the remainder of the investigation.  We have thoroughly investigated all of the evidence we were given, and the final report was recently submitted to the Department of Health.

The investigation has concluded that sexual abuse of children residing at Roecliffe Manor is likely to have taken place, although the extent of such abuse is unknown.  Despite this finding, it has not been possible to corroborate evidence to conclude that Jimmy Savile was responsible for carrying out any sexual abuse on children at Roecliffe Manor, or that he ever visited Roecliffe Manor.  We have passed all of our relevant investigation materials over to Leicestershire Police.


Maurice Victor Clive Williams , who taught the queen’s nephew, Viscout Linley, was due back in Bristol Magistrates Court Apr 21 2017 – no news reports, so far…

Williams and Haigh are due to appear on police bail at Brighton Magistrates Court on April 21.

Ashdown House School  East Grinstead, Sussex, England

 We were all four happy at Ashdown and will always be especially grateful to Clive Williams for his fantastic teaching.’

Boris Johnson’s former headmaster arrested in child sex probe

April 2016

Clive Williams, 69, was also questioned by officers on Wednesday over
allegations of child neglect.

He was headmaster at Ashdown House Preparatory School in Forest Row, East Sussex, for more than 25 years before leaving in 2003.


20 former pupils at Ashdown House prep school in Sussex – where London mayor Boris Johnson was a boarder – have recently come forward with complaints about extreme cruelty and sex offences committed on them as young boys. A number of teachers are being investigated.
Maurice Victor Clive Williams, 71, retired, of High St, Barcombe, East Sussex, has been charged with four offences, two of indecent assault and two of gross indecency, all with a girl under 16. Another man, Martin Haigh, 66, unemployed, of Lavender St, Brighton, has also been charged with eleven offences, five of indecent assault and six of gross indecency. Four of the indecent assault charges against Haigh involve one boy and the fifth charge involves another boy. Two of the gross indecency charges involve the boy subject of the four indecent assault charges, two involve a second boy, one involves another third boy and one involves a fourth boy. All the boys were aged under 16 at the time of the alleged offences. The offences are alleged to have occurred while both men were employed as teachers at Ashdown House School near Forest Row. None of the offences are alleged to have been committed jointly. The charges, authorised by the CPS, follow an investigation by East Sussex child safeguarding detectives.

A third man, now aged 68, arrested in Tadley, Hants, in January 2015 on suspicion of gross indecency, has been stood down from his police bail while the CPS consider the evidence in relation to him.

Former headmaster of prep school attended by Boris Johnson and Damian Lewis is arrested on suspicion of child sex offences

  • Clive Williams, 69, is understood to have been arrested on Wednesday
  • He took the helm at Ashdown House in 1975 and remained until 2003
  • £24,000-a-year school in East Sussex dogged by claims of historic abuse
  • Mr Williams was released on bail after interview while investigations continue
  • Johnson family left ‘sad’ and grateful for Mr Williams’ ‘fantastic teaching’

The former headmaster of the £24,000-a-year prep school attended by Boris Johnson has been arrested on suspicion of child sex offences.

Clive Williams led Ashdown House school in East Sussex, whose former pupils also include the Homeland actor Damian Lewis, the Queen’s nephew Viscount Linley and former Tory chief whip Andrew Mitchell, for almost 30 years.

He is understood to be the 69-year-old man who Sussex Police say they arrested and interviewed on Wednesday over alleged sexual assaults and child neglect.

Mr Williams was released on bail while investigations continue and is not charged with any offence.

The former headmaster of the £24,000-a-year prep school attended by Boris Johnson has been arrested on suspicion of child sex offences.

Clive Williams led Ashdown House school in East Sussex, whose former pupils also include the Homeland actor Damian Lewis, the Queen’s nephew Viscount Linley and former Tory chief whip Andrew Mitchell, for almost 30 years.

Alumni: The Queen’s nephew Viscount Linley

New boy: Viscount Linley, then aged 7, is left in the care of ‘Billy’ Williamson in 1969.

There was talk of blackmail and predatory older pupils encouraged by abusive teachers. That chimed with my adult perception of the bizarre sexualisation of life at Ashdown, especially the system of reward and discipline. At least two children I knew who had been given authority over younger kids used it to force sexual contact – Williamson seemed to have turned a blind eye. There was talk of connections with house masters at Eton, to which Ashdown fed pupils. There had been at least one suicide. There were more teachers in the complaint.


The page showing who the directors were at ASHDOWN HOUSE SCHOOL TRUST LIMITED – can’t be found…


‘Men Who Are Attracted to 13-Year-Old Boys Make the Best Teachers’ – Director of Kent Social Services ’74-’85

The Confessions of Rev. Nicolas Stacey


Nicolas Stacey was Director of Social Services for Kent from 1974 to 1985.

In the archives of the British Library are five tapes which should be a cause of concern to us all. Much of the interview with Rev. Nicolas Stacey relives his action-packed adventures at war, his unlikely turn as an Olympic athlete, and his time in the Church of England. Some of the content of the tapes have caused victims of Kendall House sexual abuse to call for an immediate inquiry.

Nicolas Stacey was the Director of Social Services for Kent from 1974 until 1985. The position was relatively new and had only been created three years prior. Nick had made a sideways move from being Director of Social Services for Ealing from its inception in 1971. On the tapes, Stacey says “They started these social service departments, and I thought that this could be something that I could do. Although I was neither a social worker, nor local government officer.”

He goes on to explain, “I think the Chief Executive thought, ‘Look, I’m going to upstage Keith Joseph’ (the then Secretary of State for Social Services) by persuading the council to put up somebody who would be turned down again, because I was not, simply not, qual… ‘cause in general, almost all the people that were appointed had some social worker training.” Stacey was obviously unsuitable for the role but by 1974 he was in charge of six thousand staff across Kent, and responsible for over one hundred thousand potential service users.

If we rewind the tape at this point and go back to Nicolas Stacey talking about his school days, we can begin to see why he was so inappropriate for the role.

Billy Williamson

I was amazed to hear Rev. Stacey talk of his old Deputy Headmaster at Wellesley House Pre-Prep School, Broadstairs, Kent. I had already heard of the fiendish Billy Williamson whilst investigating Ashdown House Prep School, the Sussex boarding school where Boris Johnson was a student. After his time as Stacey’s deputy head in Broadstairs, William Glynn Williamson became the headmaster of Ashdown House and his reign of terror was unforgettable to the students whom he ruled. He was known for bare-bottom flogging of teenage boys, harsh corporal punishment, and a short fuse. William Glynn Williamson had married the mother of a Wellesley house pupil, Laura Violet Morton, and used her fortune to acquire Ashdown House boarding school for boys.

In Alex Renton’s book, Stiff Upper Lip: Secrets, Crimes, and the Schooling of a Ruling Class, we can see examples of Billy Williamson and his behaviour towards children. Renton writes, “Billy Williamson had taken over Ashdown shortly after the Second World War. One of his pupils in the early 1940s, when he taught at a school called Wellesley House, was publisher Anthony Blond. In a memoir, he described Williamson as a ‘magic man,’ a brilliant teacher. Blond says Williamson was ‘in love, as teachers have to be (without being practising pederasts) if they are to stay sane, with the concept of ‘boy’ – and some specimens more than others’.” Williamson was a keen flogger of their “bare bottoms,” but the pupils liked their master no less.

Rev. Stacey was good friends with Anthony Blond, who also published his autobiography Who Cares? in 1971. Nick Stacey describes on the tapes how Blond was a “very colourful man” and goes on to say, “He married and then I think he got divorced, and he lived with the most ‘beautiful boy’ in London, called Andrew McCall, and that split up. And then he married a very upper class girl. And much younger than him. And I said to Anthony when he got engaged to her, what do her parents think about this and he said, ‘They think I’m an elderly bisexual Jew.’”

Nick Stacey would also describe Billy Williamson in a peculiar manner on the recordings. “Willie Williamson, who went on to be headmaster at Ashdown Forest where Princess Margaret sent her son, was a genius with bright, attractive 13-year-old boys… and absolutely never did anything that was the least bit improper — but I mean he was really an example of [how] people who are attracted to boys of that age are the most brilliant teachers.”

Williamson would also employ Martin Haigh, the teacher who in 2017 was convicted of sexually abusing four boys during his time teaching at Ashdown House. Billy Williamson’s brutal abuse of young boys would continue unabated until he stepped down as headmaster of Ashdown in 1975.

Rev. Nicolas Stacey frequently used terms like “bright attractive 13-year-old boys,” “beautiful boys,” and made statements like “people who are attracted to boys of that age are the most brilliant teachers.” If those statements were to be made in an interview for the Director of Social Services for Kent today, what would happen? I would suggest the result should be a public inquiry.

Stacey’s Blanket Silencing

The third and fourth tapes contain damning evidence of neglect, cover ups, and a systematic culture of ignoring children that went right to the top of Kent Social Services. Stacey became relaxed speaking to the interviewer, Louise Brodie. After hours of stating his early triumphs, Nick begins to speak of his tenure as the Director of Kent Social Services. At times, he makes more statements that cause concern.

“It’s terribly sad when you’re sexually orientated towards children,” he said, while defending a Canadian child sex offender who was a church organist. Stacey describes how he frightened the other Directors of Social Services because he was “a different beast.” But his tone becomes almost sinister when talking of rules he set down with his six thousand member staff about dealing with accusations of abuse. “Nobody was to go to the police about accusations against staff without my approval. And it is incredible the way times have changed. I could never begin to do that now. But children, especially children in care, are incredibly manipulative.” Nicolas Stacey should never have been director of Kent social services.

Children were physically pinned down in Kendall House, drugged with excessive doses of controversial medications, beaten regularly, mentally abused, sexually abused, and in some cases raped. Nicolas Stacey states, “I never once went to the police. This was because I never felt that we had a serious case and never in the eleven years I was there did a scandal occur. I mean no scandal that I know of, or none that got out in the public.” Louise Brodie cuts in on the recording and asks Stacey, “No scandal about your staff?” Stacey replies, “About my staff. Now what I did do, I said ‘Look, I’m afraid I’m going to ask you to resign. I am going to have you put on the register of “at risk”.’” A clear admission by Rev. Nick Stacey that he had covered up abuse whilst head of the Kent Social Services. This was Stacey’s “Frost-Nixon” moment. “I would try and get them to go to counselling, had it emerged, you know, that… rampant abuse of kids had occurred, you know.”

Nick Stacey openly admitted on tape that there were cases of abuse, but that he had not informed the police, and instead offered voluntary counselling to the abuser. No mention of the abused at all. But the shock confessions don’t stop there. Stacey went on to say, “A member of staff once hit a child very hard and we had to go to the police. But I went into the dock. I got one of the best QCs. In fact, he was a son of Canon John Collins, you would know from your South African experience. And I went to court and spoke. I said you’ve got no idea how these children wind care staff up. You know, we sit comfortably at our home, we expect care staff with small pay to look after some of the most admittedly tragically deprived. It’s not their fault that they wind people up, and they’re aggressive. Once somebody loses their cool and they do hit somebody then, you know, you say they should be locked up. And I got them off.” Stacey seemed to be very focused on his staff and never on the service users in his care. How many other cases of abuse did he cover-up?

The Survivors

For Stacey it was always about winning, but for the former residents of Kendall House during his term as Director of Social Services for Kent, life had been about loss. The tapes, which were recorded in 2006, were discovered by one of the survivors. Teresa Cooper had once been locked in a room for over a hundred and sixty days in Kendall House. That was one of the many various illegal punishments that the teenage girls living in the care home endured.

My initial thought whilst listening to the Nicolas Stacey tapes was of the various survivors of Kendall House during his tenure as director. I spoke with Teresa Cooper and I asked how it felt when she first discovered the tapes. “I was shocked,” Mrs. Cooper told me, “and then I cried because I didn’t know who to tell as no one listens to me.” I could only imagine the range of emotions that Teresa Cooper experienced. She went on to tell me “I can’t describe how shocked I was. Mortified is an understatement because when you listen to the recordings you realise what you are up against.”

What’s clear from listening to the seven hours of interviews, is that Nicolas Stacey was very much a part of the establishment. Rev. Stacey admitted to hiding cases of abuse while he was responsible for the safety of the children in care homes around Kent. This admission should be enough to deserve a public inquiry into Kent Social Services during his reign as well as the Kent Police force’s response to the recorded confessions. Nick Stacey is a perfect example of the culture that existed in the United Kingdom during the 70s and 80s, where the cries of victims were ignored. Instead, Stacey routinely protected sexual predators and child abusers in general. It is important for all of us to understand what went wrong during that period of systematic child sexual abuse. Kent Police and Kent Social Services refuse to take any responsibility for their inaction even after the facts have surfaced.

There are still hundreds of people who suffered abuse, whilst in Kent care homes, who remain unrepresented. Their extreme experiences and ongoing related sufferings have been ignored by the current Kent establishment. And yet, before Nicolas Stacey’s death in May 2017, he was honoured as a speaker at the Kent Legend’s Association dinner. His various obituaries in the major British newspapers praised him as a man who helped revolutionise the care industry. His sympathy for and aid to paedophiles has been completely ignored.

Teresa Cooper talks about her experience of abuse at Kendall House.


Stanley Johnson (centre) with friends Norman Lamont and Leon Brittan

The hard choices that face the Father of the Mayor

Stanley Johnson

7 May 2008

By chance, Clive Williams, headmaster of Ashdown House, the Sussex prep-school which Boris and three of his siblings (Rachel, Leo and Jo) attended, telephoned me as I sat down to write this article to congratulate me on becoming First Father.

‘What about this charge, Clive,’ I asked, ‘that Boris doesn’t pay attention to detail?’

‘Codswallop!’ Clive replied. ‘You can’t write Greek and Latin prose as well as Boris did without having a supreme ability to master detail. If you’re going to get it right, you have to be meticulous.’


Here’s one of Maurice Williams / Clive Williams’ teachers:

 Martin Haigh – Ashdown teacher

Ex-teacher sentenced for sex offences at East Sussex boarding school in 1970s

24 Mar, 2017

Martin Haigh

A Brighton man has been given 12- year prison sentence for sexual offences against four pupils at an East Sussex boarding school, at Ashdown House School, where he was a teacher in the 1970s, and possession of indecent images of children.

Martin Haigh (pictured), 67, unemployed, of Lavender St, Brighton, was sentenced at Brighton Crown Court on Friday (24 March) after a four day trial on charges of offences against two of the boys, which had ended in his being convicted on the previous day.He was convicted of  four offences, one of indecent assault and three of gross indecency, against the two boys who were then pupils aged between seven and 12, at Ashdown House School, an independent preparatory boarding school near Forest Row, between 1973 and 1975 while he was a teacher there.At a previous hearing before the trial Haigh had also admitted seven other offences, three of gross indecency and four of indecent assault, against two other boys at the school during the same period.He also admitted an offence of possessing indecent images of children, found on a computer at his address when officers searched it in 2015. The images were taken from the Internet and there is no evidence that they were children known to him.Haigh was sentenced to a total of 11 years for the sexual offences and an additional one year for the possession of indecent images.He will be a registered sex offender for life and has been served with a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO) severely restricting his access to children and computers.The prosecution, authorised by the CPS, followed an investigation by East Sussex child safeguarding detectives after allegations were referred to them for the first time in January 2014.Police emphasise that there are no current or recent safeguarding issues at the school in relation to this case.Detective Constable Paul Deadman said; “This was a complex and protracted investigation, during which it became clear that Haigh had systematically taken advantage of the trust of young and vulnerable boys to abuse them for his own sexual gratification.

Boris Johnson

Jo Johnson

He is understood to be the 69-year-old man who Sussex Police say they arrested and interviewed on Wednesday over alleged sexual assaults and child neglect.

Mr Williams was released on bail while investigations continue and is not charged with any offence.

A spokesman for the family told The Times: ‘We are all sad to hear this news. We were all four happy at Ashdown and will always be especially grateful to Clive Williams for his fantastic teaching.’

There is no suggestion that the Johnsons, Mr Lewis, Mr Mitchell or Viscount Linley were among the alleged victims.

Mr Williams took the helm of the school near Tunbridge Wells, Kent, with his wife Rowena in 1975 and remained until 2003, a time in which the school admitted girls for the first time.

Since he left, however, the 170-year-old school has become the centre of allegations of historic sexual abuse.

In December it emerged two former pupils were suing the school over abuse they claimed happened in the 1970s and involved ‘more than one teacher’.

An email seen by the Daily Mail said: ‘The effects of this abuse has damaged a number of pupils long into adulthood and it is felt among us that, as part of the healing process, it is important for us to take our power back and take action against such damaging and horrendous actions.’

Multiple complaints have been forwarded to officers from Sussex Police’s Operation Mitre who have been in touch with more than 20 alleged victims, including some who live abroad.

The Sussex Police spokesman added: ‘During January this year we were contacted by a firm of Solicitors representing a number of clients who have reported to them that they were sexually and physically assaulted by staff whilst they were pupils at Ashdown House School near Forest Row in the 1970’s.
The investigation continues and now spans a period from the late 1960s to the early 1980s.

Damian Lewis: Boarding school is a ‘very violent’ experience that ‘defines you emotionally for life’

Damian Lewis, the Old Etonian actor, has told how he found being sent to boarding school a “very violent experience“.

The star said children who are sent away from home to be educated are left with an experience that “defines you emotionally for the rest of your life”.

The son of a City broker, he was born in the wealthy London suburb of St John’s Wood and was sent to boarding school Eton, whose former pupils include David Cameron and Boris Johnson.

Lewis, who has two children with fellow actor Helen McCrory, said he would not send his own children to boarding school at such a young age.

Recalling his own experience, he said: “I went at eight and I think that’s very hard. You go through something which, at that age, defines you and your ability to cope.

There’s a sudden lack of intimacy with a parent, and your ability to get through that defines you emotionally for the rest of your life. It’s a very violent experience in those first few weeks. It’s just, boom.”

[Wikipedia has Damien Lewis (b.1971) as attending Ashdown House prep school.]

Daily Telegraph

 We were all four happy at Ashdown and will always be especially grateful to Clive Williams for his fantastic teaching.’
The story begins in 1974. Boris, Leo and I (Jo, my littlest brother, was in crèche) are at the European School in Brussels. The Belgian capital in the Seventies was all wild dinner parties, consciousness-raising groups and open marriages. My mother was often in hospital, and my father was often away, and when they were “at home”, my glamorous parents tended to be out.

Ex-Ashdown House School – the centre of allegations of historic sexual abuse – head Clive Williams cleared of child sex charges

14 March 2017

Maurice Williams was headmaster of Ashdown House for 25 years before he left in 2003

A former head teacher has been found not guilty of historical sex offences against a pupil at his school.

Maurice Williams, 72, of High Street, Barcombe, East Sussex, was acquitted of two charges of indecent assault and two of gross indecency.

They were alleged to have involved a girl under 16 between 1989 and 1993 at Ashdown House School, near Forest Row.

Ashdown House is a co-educational, preparatory boarding school for children aged between seven and 13.

Another former teacher at the school, charged at the same time as Mr Williams, is due to face a trial on 20 March at Lewes Crown Court.

Martin Haigh, 67, of Lavender Street, Brighton, is accused of five counts of indecent assault and six of gross indecency, all between 1972 and 1978.



Image result for beatrice nokes

Scotland Yard detective and lawyers’ daughter deny selling women for sex

Image result for dc DANIEL WILLIAMS tooting

Det Con Daniel Williams

DC Daniel Williams, 37, and UCL student/artist/charity fundraiser – Beatrice Nokes, 21, are accused of offering three women through an upmarket vice ring


Beatrice Nokes’ mother works for a children’s charity- Coram with Cherie Blair as a trustee

Beatrice Nokes – “charity fundraiser”

For which charities was Beatrice Nokes a fundraiser?


Student from Islington accused of selling young women for sex

(How old were the young women she allegedly groomed and sold for sex?)

Both parents are successful lawyers – she didn’t need the money.

Beatrice Nokes, 21, a chemistry student of Caledonian Road, Islington and Det Con Daniel Williams, 37, appeared in court this morning charged with offering three women through an upmarket vice ring.

Michael Gold, for Nokes, indicated she will plead not guilty and added Nokes was keen to progress the matter.

But Williams, of Clarendon Drive, Putney, who appeared in a pinstripe suit alongside Nokes, has still to secure funding for his legal team from the Police Federation.


30th May 2015


The detective denied three charges of causing or inciting prostitution for gain, a single charge of controlling prostitution for gain and two offences of misconduct in a public office.

Williams, who was working at Tooting police station in South London at the time of the alleged offences, also denied three counts of voyeurism.

Nokes, of Islington, North London, and Williams are both on bail.

The trial is due to start in September next year (2016) and is expected to last between four and six weeks.


Lawyers’ daughter ‘groomed young women for high-class prostitution ring she ran with Scotland Yard detective

Beatrice Nokes, pictured, is suspected of grooming three young women to sell their bodies for sex

  • Beatrice Nokes allegedly ran a prostitute ring in Central London last year
  • She is suspected of grooming three women to sell their bodies for sex
  • Nokes is the daughter of two highly experienced legal professionals
  • The 21-year-old organised the sex ring Met police officer Daniel Williams
  • He also faces charges of voyeurism and concealing profits in his chimney

Beatrice Nokes, 21, faces claims she incited a ring of prostitutes operating out of properties in Central London.

The University College London chemistry student is suspected of grooming three young women to sell their bodies for sex.

She is accused of running the vice ring in the capital last year with 37-year-old Met police officer Daniel Williams.

He faces several further offences including voyeurism and hiding the profits of their activities in socks stuffed up the chimney of his home.

It is understood he is accused of committing the crimes while on and off-duty, using a tablet computer to co-ordinate illicit liaisons while working.

Williams also faces charges of voyeurism after he was accused of using high-tech hidden equipment to spy on unsuspecting women hotel guests at the Jury’s Inn in Milton Keynes (pictured) and The Mandolay Hotel, Guildford, SurreyWilliams also faces charges of voyeurism after he was accused of using high-tech hidden equipment to spy on unsuspecting women hotel guests at the Jury’s Inn in Milton Keynes and The Mandolay Hotel, Guildford, Surrey (pictured)

Williams also faces charges of voyeurism after he was accused of using high-tech hidden equipment to spy on unsuspecting women hotel guests at the Jury’s Inn in Milton Keynes  (top) and The Mandolay Hotel, Guildford, Surrey (bottom)

List of Police, Prison & Court Personnel charged or convicted of an offence 2009 to 2015 – V30 (20/05/2016)

Nokes, a keen horsewoman, artist and charity fundraiser, is the daughter of two highly experienced legal professionals.

Her parents:

Anthony Gold, Jonathan Nokes, London SE1, ENGLAND

Her father, Jonathan Nokes, 66, is a partner at respected law firm Anthony Gold where he specialises in commercial property law.

Ceinwen Rowles

Ceinwen Rowles is a solicitor specialising in education law at Coram Children’s Legal Centre.

Her mother, Ceinwen Rowles, 59, specialises in education law, discrimination and complaints and is taking a case to the European Court of Human Rights.

Both parents accompanied her to Westminster Magistrates’ Court when she went before a judge for the first time last month.


Patrons of Ceinwen’s children’s charity Coram

Coram Children’s Legal Centre has seven patrons who generously give the organisation their time, support and immense legal gravitas.
The Right Honourable, the Baroness Hale of Richmond
Paul Bloomfield, Solicitor
Cherie Booth QC
Jane Hoyal, Barrister
Anne-Marie Hutchinson OBE
Sir Andrew McFarlane, Lord Justice of Appeal
Professor Sir Nigel Rodley
Naomi Angell


Queen and Prince Philip visits Coram children’s charity 2009

Queen visits Coram children's charity Stock Photo

Paedophile Peter Newell‘s wife Rachel Vanessa Hodgkin  – company secretary at





Lawyers’ daughter ‘groomed young women for high-class prostitution ring she ran with Scotland Yard detective

Beatrice Nokes’ mother works for a children’s charity- Coram with Cherie Blair as a trustee

Her mother  – Ceinwen Rowles is a solicitor specialising in education law at Coram Children’s Legal Centre.



Queen and Prince Philip visits Coram children’s charity 2009

Rachel Hodgkin, spokeswoman for the Children are Unbeatable campaign, spearheaded by Barnardo’s, the National Children’s Bureau, the NSPCC, Save the Children, and the group Epoch (End Physical Punishment of Children).


7 August 2015

The British Association for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF) closed last week and is being run by administrators.

Much of its work in England will go to the Coram Group and in Scotland to St Andrew’s Children’s Society.

The British Association of Social Workers called the collapse “surprising…. given the extra cash pumped by government into adoption”.

In a statement BAAF chief executive Caroline Selkirk said “significant changes and prevailing economic conditions” meant it had “sadly not been possible to sustain the organisation”.


The National Adoption Register for England is now run by First4Adoption (jointly run by Coram and Adoption UK).[8][9]

Coram also provides sheltered housing and support for care leavers.


One man’s opinion of Coram CCLC:

There can be few more depressing sights than a charity proclaiming to act on behalf of children, whilst doing it’s damndest to deprive them of their most basic of human rights – their right to a father.
That’s been the role of Coram Children’s Legal Centre (CCLC), an organisation, supported by Cherie Blair, that appears to have perverted the noble intentions of it’s namesake, philanthropic sea captain, Thomas Coram. In 1741 he established the Foundling Hospital for the ‘education and maintenance of exposed and deserted young children’.

Little could he have known that 270 years later, the UK’s first children’s charity, one that bears his name, would be actively denying millions of British children their human rights to a father.
The disgracefully named ‘Shared Parenting Consortium’ is led by the CCLC and includes the NSPCC. It is not, as one is led to believe by its title, a consortium supporting shared parenting. In fact, it actively opposes shared parenting.

It’s like Jimmy Saville setting up a consortium supporting abuse victims. Hopefully one day, these people will be exposed in exactly the way and held to account for their actions.

But this isn’t the only deceit used by the CCLC. You might think – as some have – that the ‘Parental involvement’ law championed by these organisations was some sort of victory for dads.
Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s a scam. These people openly oppose shared parenting and get you, the taxpayer, to fund them to take your children from you.
Don’t forget, this includes the NSPCC who have opposed equality and shared parenting and refused repeated calls from Fathers4Justice to investigate the abuse of children in secret family courts. This despite being presented with reams of evidence. Talk about turning a blind eye.

These organisations then use the wholly discredited ‘90% of cases are settled out of court’ quote which is based on a decade old sample of less than 1,000 people. If everything is so rosy, why are there 4 million children living without their fathers this Christmas?

Thomas Coram must be so proud.

Matt O’Connor, Founder, Fathers4Justice




Ceinwen Rowles

Ceinwen is a lawyer with 35 years’ experience and she qualified as a solicitor in 1991.

She specialises in education law and has a broad wealth of knowledge, advising parents and young people in all areas of education, including special educational needs, discrimination, admissions, exclusions, bullying, complaints to schools and local authorities, school transport, public law and human rights.

Ceinwen is experienced in appeals to the First Tier and Upper Tier Tribunals and has one case currently in the European Court of Human Rights. Ceinwen is a Supervisor in the education team and is a member of the Education Law Association.

Ceinwen Nokes started her horticultural career in 2003 when she was formally placed with a head gardener in a large private estate in Suffolk. She successfully completed her training program, undertaken through the Women Returners to Amenity Gardening Scheme, run by the Women’s Farm and Garden Association (which used to be referred to as ‘the Land Girls’). She has undertaken horticultural studies at Writtle College near Chelmsford. Ceinwen started her own business in 2004.

Over the years Ceinwen has continued to develop her skills by attending courses, including:

Winter pruning in London Squares one of which is an award winning Victorian Garden, first planted in 1870
Growing Vegetables at Audley End Kitchen Garden
Cutting Garden workshop with Sarah Raven
Renovating Herbaceous Beds at Kentwell Hall

Ceinwen has a love of nature and design which inspired her to take a City & Guilds in Fashion. She designs and makes prints and aims to bring her artistic talents to the gardens in which she works. She is interested in planting combinations and will undertake planting plans.

Ceinwen Nokes

Birthdate February 1956
Nationality British
Occupations Gardener
Roles Director


Appointed on 10 May 2016 as Director


Mrs Ceinwen Nokes holds 1 appointment at 1 active company, has resigned from 0 companies and held 0 appointments at 0 dissolved companies. CEINWEN began their first appointment at the age of 60. Their longest current appointment spans 0 years, 7 months and 20 days at POPLAR LEGAL SERVICES LTD


Jonathan George Nokes

Poplar Legal Services Ltd

1 St. Stephens Avenue Management Limited.


Paedophile Peter Newell’s wife –



Children’s rights activist Peter Newell jailed for abuse

Feb 16 2018

A children’s rights activist has been jailed for six years and eight months for sexually abusing a boy in the 1960s.

Peter Newell was the former co-ordinator of the Association for the Protection of All Children charity.

The 77-year-old from Wood Green, north London, was sentenced last month at Blackfriars Crown Court.

He admitted five indecent and serious sexual assaults on a child under 16.

The Association for the Protection of All Children, or Approach, says its objectives are to prevent cruelty and maltreatment of children and advance public knowledge in the UK and abroad.

It says its focus is on protecting children from “physical punishment and all other injurious… whether inside or outside the home”.

Approach operates through the Children Are Unbeatable! Alliance in the UK and the Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children.

There is no suggestion the south London-based charity knew about Newell’s behaviour, which occurred before he was employed there.

In 2015 Approach brought a complaint to Europe’s top human rights watchdog against France and six other EU countries over its failure to explicitly ban smacking children.

Newell was listed as Approach’s co-ordinator in its accounts on the Charity Commission website, although the most recent document says he stood down from the role in May 2016.

According to the accounts, for the five years from 2012 to 2016, Approach received hundreds of thousands of pounds in income from the NSPCC, Barnardo’s, Save the Children and Unicef, as well as other organisations abroad and a private donor.

The latest accounts for 2017 show Approach only received funding for its overseas activities, and the NSPCC and Barnardo’s were not listed as having made any contributions.

In a statement, the Metropolitan Police said Newell’s offences, which were first reported to it in March 2016, started when his victim was aged 12.

Police said they took place between 1965 and 1968 at a number of addresses and locations in south and east England, including London.

Newell pleaded guilty on 2 January to two charges of serious sexual assault between May 1966 and May 1968 and three charges of indecent assault committed between May 1965 and May 1968.

The Charity Commission said it was informed by Approach about the allegation against Newell in 2016.

It said: “We have been in correspondence with the charity on this matter since 2016 to ensure the charity’s safeguarding procedures are robust and that there are policies in place to protect its beneficiaries.

“The charity has confirmed that it has safeguarding policies and procedures in place which are being kept under review and that the charity and the trustees have very limited contact with children and that there is no suggestion that the charity’s beneficiaries were or are at risk.”

In 2007, Newell co-authored the Implementation Handbook for the Convention on the Rights of the Child for Unicef.

Unicef said it has “zero tolerance for sexual exploitation and abuse”.

A spokesperson added: “We are deeply shocked to hear of the arrest of Peter Newell. We had no knowledge of this crime when he worked as a Unicef consultant 10 years ago. Unicef has since set in place strong procedures to vet staff and consultants.”

Barnardo’s said it was “one of over a 100 organisations that supported the Alliance”.



Paedophile Peter Newell involved with the Cleveland Report

BN 68 – Ministry of Health and successors: Inquiry into Child Abuse in Cleveland 1987: Report and Papers

BN 68/87 1987 Jan 01-1987 Dec 31 Day 69 – 10.12.1987: Eric Bryan [Brian] Roycroft (Newcastle Social Services); Peter Newell (Children’s Legal Centre)

Day 70 – 14.12.1987: Dr Ralph Underwager (Institute for Psychological Therapies, Minneapolis); Susan Amphlett (Parents Against Injustice)


Peter Newell teacher/founder – White Lion Free School



White Lion Free School students brought to Jimmy Savile shows

Mr Peter Newell, one of the prime movers behind the school


White Lion Free School in Islington, London, which existed from 1972 to 1990.

Pete Newell and Alison Truefitt were the founders of the school and the key staff members at that time.

At the time I was at the school a lot of effort was put into fundraising and the kids played a big part in this. My earliest office experience was at the age of 11 and 12, writing letters asking for support. I also attended Jimmy Savile shows at Capital Radio and met other DJs with a group of pupils from the school to represent its positive aspects as a means of publicising it in its best light. I did a lot of work raising money to get records for the school disco, posters for the disco and other things that the school really needed at the time.


Cassandra Cogno‏ @CassandraCogno

When did Peter Newell end up living in Wood Green? How long did he work for the Times Educational Supplement?

Newell’s conviction raises more questions about the sadistic sexual abusers vs the no corporal punishment sexual abusers (PIE) – the two sides were very much aware of one another

He was the organiser (may have ran it) of an experimental free school in Islington as well (White Lion Free School, formed 1972, closed 1977) for truants/disruptive children

He was deputy editor at TES, and in 1972 was education advisor to NCCL. (lots of articles/letters in The Times archives by him. )


Newell has three children, which helps him to avoid the accusation thrown at childless supporters of a ban that ‘they don’t know what it’s like to bring up kids’. “It’s part of the CV to have children,” he jokes. He says he has never hit them and was himself spared any blows as a child. “Although I did have my hair pulled once,” he smiles.

Children’s rights have been a major part of his life since he left the Times Educational Supplement in 1971


Mandate Now‏ @mandatenow

BBC News – Children’s rights activist Peter Newell jailed for abuse. His charity is called APPROACH. Q1 News of his sentencing had reporting restrictions applied. Why? Q2: Between 2012-16 the NGO received ££ hundreds of thousands fm @NSPCC @barnardos


Peter Newell’s wife Rachel Vanessa Hodgkin  – director and company secretary at




and secretary at




read about Coram here:


Lawyers’ daughter ‘groomed young women for high-class prostitution ring she ran with Scotland Yard detective

Beatrice Nokes’ mother works for a children’s charity- Coram with Cherie Blair as a trustee

Her mother  – Ceinwen Rowles is a solicitor specialising in education law at Coram Children’s Legal Centre.



Queen and Prince Philip visits Coram children’s charity 2009

Rachel Hodgkin, spokeswoman for the Children are Unbeatable campaign, spearheaded by Barnardo’s, the National Children’s Bureau, the NSPCC, Save the Children, and the group Epoch (End Physical Punishment of Children).



Baroness Hale also part of Coram

All part of a very sophisticated high level interactive network trading children as a commodity – for multiple purposes?

Baroness Brenda Hale. Suspected next choice by May for Judge Leon’s Musical Chairs.

Scorton. Hales father was headmaster there. Then later Brittan was a governor an alumni said.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scorton_Grammar_School …


Butler-Sloss: brother of paedo Attorney General.

Woolf: Close friend of paedo Brittan.

Hale: Dad headmaster at school where Brittan was guv.

And Hale  – member of the same ‘gentlemen’s’ club ( Athenaeum club) as Jimmy Savile.

Created Baroness Hale of Richmond of Easby in County of N Yorkshire 2004. Easby is Richmond ex MPs Brittan & Hague
my sweet landlord:

Created Baroness Hale of Richmond of Easby in County of N Yorkshire 2004. Easby is Richmond ex MPs Brittan & Hague

Lady Hale also lives in Morpeth Terrace, Pimlico. Lord and Lady Brittan live nearby. Do you smell a Woolf?

I wonder how often they have dined together as neighbours.

Lady Hale lives in Easby. 6 miles from William Hague, Brough Park. 10 miles from Leon Brittan, Leyburn. Cosy.


Lady Hale:Pariamentarian,Member of The Supreme Court,Privy Councillor.(oath pledges allegiance 2 Queen)

Met Detective constable Daniel Williams charged with voyeurism

28 Nov 2014,

A serving Metropolitan Police officer will appear in court charged with voyeurism offences. Daniel Williams, 36, a detective constable on Wandsworth Borough, was arrested on Wednesday, 19 November, and charged on that same day with 3 counts of  voyeurism He has bailed to appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Monday, 1 December.

His full charge sheet includes three counts of voyeurism, two of misconduct in a public office, one of causing or inciting prostitution for financial gain, and one of concealing criminal proceeds.

He was charged along with Beatrice Nokes, 21, from Colchester, who was charged with three counts of causing or inciting prostitution for financial gain.

A Met police spokesman said: ‘Following a hearing at Southwark Crown Court on 4 February, both are next due to appear on bail at the same venue on 25 February for a plea and case management hearing.

Both were arrested on 8 October 2014 as part of the same operation by the Directorate of Professional Standards Anti-Corruption Command.’

Dec 15 2016 Hearing finished for Daniel Anthony Williams

Dec 16 2016 – Hearing finished for Beatrice Nokes

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