Difficult to disassemble facts from conjecture in the pizza stories. However there is now an army of investigators on social media who are prodding at all and any info. That of itself raises awareness of the nature of the abuse rings much like the football revelations are doing in the UK.

If the elite thought that they could use this to turn off the tap – I personally think they have made a wrong call. It’s like the ‘post truth’ – ‘Fake’ news meme.

There are a wealth of new sites to explore and check out. Sure -they will attempt to close out alt media – but it won’t be tomorrow. So until then – the more dot joining the better. Eventually decent people power will rectify the current imbalance.

An epidemic of destroying the lives of children by the Old World Order has been taking place globally.  

Their abuse is a source for them of fulfilling evil rituals and pleasures within their Baal-based belief system, and also a source of fund-raising through mafia enterprises, human slavery, trafficking, pornography, and prostitution.

Furthermore, they have used these children for blackmail of top world leaders by either luring these men into temptation or by drugging them at parties and taking photos of them with the children (according to testimonies of survivors).


#Pizzagate is important as it brings to the attention of many people not previously aware, not only the extent of child sexual abuse but also the extent of ritual abuse, mind control and the Luciferian / satanic belief of many of the “leaders” of the world, who are actually a huge criminal cabal in charge of corporations who wage war, and release propaganda and diseases amongst the rest of us.
Often people have trouble believing that some people, who look the same as us, can be so “evil” and do such things as rape babies and traffick children. It is easier to believe when you understand that they are psychopaths who have no empathy and their belief is to “do as thou wilt”, and to invert anything good and they actually derive energy from their rituals and abuse. Many are mind controlled themselves from an early age and just repeat the indoctrination and behaviour perpetrated on them, as Hollywood proves. They arrive at their power and position because they are controllable by blackmail.

The child abuse network is global, and involves many secret societies as well as many people in government, so we are up against some strong forces, but we are stronger and if you can help, please do by researching and investigating and spreading the child abuse information.

The corporate media amusingly has launched their unintentionally ironic “fake news” agenda to attempt to discredit #pizzagate.


Newsbud on the Record: The Podesta Scandal & the Importance of Media Integrity

Pizzagate repo updated [Alefantis Threats/Voat-Dyncorp connection/new infographics]

ausbitbank 68 in pizzagate


Study DynCorp contracts! Steve Feinberg, DynCorp owner, Top economic advisor for Trump?

What the UN Doesn’t Want You to Know – Telegraph

‘Do you want coffee? Baileys? Coffee and Baileys?’ Kathryn Bolkovac pours a dash of liqueur into a black onyx mug. ‘That’s what I’m having.’

She’s just home from work on this icy Friday evening in a small city near Amsterdam.

She has lived in Holland, with her Dutch husband, ever since her life was transformed by events so extraordinary they have been made into a film, The Whistleblower, starring Rachel Weisz.

Before going on a UN peacekeeping mission to Bosnia 13 years ago , Bolkovac, 51, was a police officer in Nebraska. She specialised in sex crimes, was nicknamed Xena: Warrior Princess, and had a 95 per cent conviction rate.

‘It was actually higher than that,’ she corrects me, settling on an L-shaped chocolate suede sofa. I tell her that in Britain the rape conviction rate is more like 6 per cent. She laughs, amazed.

‘You have to get confessions. That’s the trick – knowing how to interview people.’

But with 10 years on the street and two failed marriages behind her, it was time for a change.

She signed up with DynCorp, the private contractor providing American personnel for the UN mission in Bosnia. The war was only recently ended and the country’s legal infrastructure was in disarray.

Bolkovac thought of ‘all the good, meaningful work I was going to do’, training Bosnian police officers and re-establishing law and order.

The first of several nasty shocks came before she’d even left: among the recruits at DynCorp’s training week in Texas was a man from Mississippi. He’d been to Bosnia before and had had such a good time he was going again.

He told them all how scenic it was, adding, ‘and I know where you can get really nice 12- to 15-year-olds’. Bolkovac was baffled, believing she’d misheard.

In Bosnia, where there were so many dead the Olympic football stadium had been turned into a cemetery, she threw herself into her work.

Soon Madeleine Rees, the head of the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, had recruited her to run a pilot project on violence against women.

While there, working in a police station with a hole in the floor for a lavatory, Bolkovac secured Bosnia’s first conviction for domestic violence.

Then one day the body of a skimpily dressed Ukrainian girl came floating down the River Bosna. Soon after, a Moldovan girl was found wandering the river banks.

Bolkovac attempted to interview her but only understood one word, ‘Florida’, the name of a nightclub where she’d often see UN vehicles parked.

When she arrived the club was deserted. She found stacks of American dollars and foreign passports in a safe and, behind a locked door, seven girls. ‘Sheer terror,’ says Bolkovac of the looks on the girls’ faces. ‘It was exactly as you see in the film: ‘they’re huddled, they’re holding each other, they’re on these bare, stained mattresses.’ They were too afraid to talk. One of them pointed to the river outside. ‘We don’t want to end up floating.’

Dozens of girls began turning up at Bolkovac’s station with ‘eerily similar’ stories:

They’d taken a job abroad as a waitress or cleaner or nanny – often at the insistence of their own families – but during the journey everything had gone wrong.

They were taken somewhere else altogether, forcibly stripped and sold to someone who humiliated, beat and raped them into dead-eyed submission. Now they were imprisoned in brothels in Bosnia.

‘People ask me what’s true,’ says the film’s director, Larysa Kondracki. ‘But it’s barely scratching the surface. We had to tone it down.’

The problem was so widespread, says Rees (now secretary general of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom), ‘Kathy ended up having time to deal with nothing but trafficking.’

Girls who escaped were frequently found – sometimes grabbed outside safe houses – and brutally punished by their pimp, with the others made to watch. But that wasn’t the only reason they wouldn’t testify.

‘They didn’t expect [the police] to help them,’ says Bolkovac.

She discovered numerous individuals in the Bosnian and UN police (which was made up of some 1,800 officers from 45 countries) who were not only using trafficked prostitutes but were on the traffickers’ pay-roll.

They were paid to give warnings on raids, return girls who escaped or, when rescued girls were repatriated (‘dumped somewhere on the border’, according to Bolkovac), let the traffickers know where they could collect them so they could be ‘recycled back into the system.

‘Free access to the girls was an added perk.’

Bolkovac is fresh-faced and young-looking, with a thick ponytail of light-blonde hair, but she seems tired.

‘I found it intolerable,’ she says. The more she investigated, the more her UN colleagues turned against her.

‘She’d been very popular and one of the lads,’ says Rees. ‘And you could see she was getting increasingly isolated in the cafeteria; people weren’t sitting with her.’

Bolkovac’s files went missing, her superiors pulled her cases, people warned her to back off.

Eventually, she wrote an email detailing everything she’d learnt and sent it to 50 senior mission personnel, with the subject ‘Do not read this if you have a weak stomach or a guilty conscience’.

Four days later she was demoted, and a few months after that DynCorp fired her for falsifying her timesheets.

But Bolkovac had kept copies of all her files; her mantra, she says, has always been ‘document, document, document’. She successfully sued DynCorp for unfair dismissal for making a protected disclosure – legal-speak for whistleblowing.

The tribunal stated, ‘It is hard to imagine a case in which a firm has behaved in a more callous manner.’

Within hours of the ruling DynCorp settled a second whistleblowing case against it, offering an undisclosed sum to an aircraft mechanic from Texas called Ben Johnston, who had evidence of UN personnel buying and selling girls elsewhere in Bosnia.

Johnston signed a gagging order. ‘It was very disappointing,’ says Bolkovac with a sigh.

Most disappointing of all was what happened next: several men were sent home, but none was punished further. No future employer will ever know what these men were guilty of.

I asked DynCorp if its guidelines had become more stringent since 2001 and was sent its code of ethics.

It states that ‘engaging in or supporting any trafficking in persons […] is prohibited. Any person who violates this standard or fails to report violations of this standard shall be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.’

So nothing has changed.

DynCorp continues to win multimillion-dollar military contracts with the American government in Iraq, Afghanistan and Haiti among other places.

This is despite paying a $155,000 settlement to a contractor in Iraq in January 2012 and, in June 2011, $7.7 million to the US State Department itself over charges of filing false paperwork.

Unlike those who had been quietly sent home, Bolkovac’s professional record was blighted by her dismissal and she’s been unable to find work in international law enforcement since.

She currently works at an auctioneers which deals in industrial and agricultural equipment, as well as consulting and speaking at universities and NGOs in her own time.

The UN mission in Bosnia finished in January 2003 but the abuses did not end there.

In fact, Jacques Paul Klein, the head of the UN mission in Bosnia, went on to lead the UN mission in Liberia, where he presided over similar scandals.

He has now ‘dropped off the face of the earth’, says Bolkovac.

He was retired from the UN after allegedly having an affair with a woman who was taking his UN secrets to the Liberian dictator, Charles Taylor. ‘You couldn’t make it up, could you?’ says Rees.

Recent years have seen allegations of sexual exploitation by UN peacekeepers in the Ivory Coast, the Congo, Columbia… The list goes on.

But UN personnel have hitherto been protected by diplomatic immunity – meaning they can’t be prosecuted in their mission country – and political expediency. Once they’re home governments often have little desire to highlight their troops’ bad behaviour.

As a result of Bolkovac’s revelations, however, the UN set up a conduct and discipline unit in 2007.

Susana Malcorra, who heads it up, tells me the UN can waive immunity if needs be: ‘It does not cover personal misconduct.’

More usually, the UN kicks people off its missions and hands the investigation and punishment over to the member state.

‘We go back to member states quarterly to remind them of cases they still have open,’ says Malcorra. ‘We will not give up on following up on every single case that is pending in our file.’

Have there been prosecutions? ‘In the most horrible cases I have seen jail for significant periods.’

Nevertheless, Bolkovac believes trafficking is still not taken seriously. ‘

You should see the amount of money that’s put into training for anti-terrorism and gun-smuggling,’ she says. ‘But when it comes to human trafficking and violence against women you don’t see the same resources being generated.’

Sex trafficking is not, unfortunately, confined to areas with a military presence.

The New York-based Somaly Mam Foundation, set up by a Cambodian woman who was trafficked as a child, estimates there are 2.7 million people enslaved globally, 85 per cent of whom are women and girls in forced prostitution.

The most recent figure for England and Wales is 12,000, which Abigail Stepnitz of the British anti-trafficking organisation Poppy Project, calls ‘a tip-of-the-iceberg number’.

‘For me the idea is to go after the demand end, to stop focussing on the victims,’ says Bolkovac. ‘We have to focus on prosecution of the perpetrators.’

This is starting to happen.

Joseph Yannai, an author based in New York State, was convicted last June of trafficking girls from Europe, tricking them with adverts seeking editorial assistance. He’s facing a sentence of up to 80 years.

Also last year, a Romanian father and son operating a huge forced prostitution ring in Britain were given 21 years.

And, as Ariel Siegel at the Somaly Mam Foundation says, ‘Men have to realise that the women they have encounters with might not be willing, despite appearances.’ In Britain it is illegal to pay for sex with someone who is being coerced.

The Whistleblower was recently screened at UN headquarters in New York (though not before an internal memo was leaked showing that some officials wanted to ignore its release).

Bolkovac has since been invited by the UN to hold a signing of her book, a riveting, fast-paced account of her time in Bosnia, also called The Whistleblower. ‘I’ve followed up twice to set a date,’ she says. ‘No response whatsoever.’

No one within the organisation, or at DynCorp, has yet apologised to Bolkovac for the treatment she received, much less praised her for going after wrongdoing and attempting to raise the standard.

Not yet.


JonBenet Ramsey murder evidence sealed as national security

 May 25, 2016

How can the rape and abuse of a child be deemed a matter of National Security?


#Pizzagate for Dummies


Pizzagate wiki – all about pizzagate



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Pedogate investigation – graphics and information

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Kitezh Orphanage and Ecologia Youth Trust share mutual ties and ancestry through the Psychosynthesis  Institute Teens and Toddlers and ARK (a part of the Clinton Foundation) with Tavistock, the Huxley Associates and Miltary Intelligence in Britain and the US.

Psychosynthesis’ founder then ties back through Alice Baily to Lucis Trust and finally returns to the occult foundations of the UN.


The New Cult in Washington

The Meditation Room, Black Monolith
United Nations Headquarters

In the center of the room he placed a six-and-half-ton rectangular block of iron ore, polished on the top and illuminated from above by a single spotlight. This block, which was a gift of the King of Sweden and a Swedish mining company was the only symbol in the Room. Mr. Hammarskjöld described it as “…a meeting of the light, of the sky, and the earth… it is the altar to the God of all….

King of Sweden and wife Louise Mountbatten

Louise Mountbatten – sister of Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma, an aunt of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh…10/06/3001.jpg

Lucis Trust provides worldwide financial support for the Arcane School, World Goodwill, Triangles, Lucis Publishing, Lucis Productions, Lucis Trust Libraries, and the New Group of World Servers. Maintains the UN meditation room.

Lucis Trust is the Publishing House which prints and disseminates United Nations material. Lucis Trust was established in 1922 as Lucifer Trust by Alice Bailey as the publishing company to disseminate the books of Bailey and Madame Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society.

Due to public outrage over the creepy name of the publishing company, it was changed one year later to Lucis Trust.

In an Alice Bailey’s book called “Education for a New Age;” she suggests that in the new age,

“World Citizenship should be the goal of the enlightened, with a world federation and a world brain.”

In other words, a One World Government, aka, a New World Order.

At one time, the Lucis Trust office in New York was located at 666 United Nations Plaza and is a member of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations under a slick program called “World Goodwill.”

Lucis Trust is sponsored by among others Robert McNamara, former Minister of Defense in the U.S.A., president of the World Bank, member of the Rockefeller Foundation, and Thomas Watson (IBM, former ambassador in Moscow).

Lucis Trust sponsors among others the following organizations:


Greenpeace Int.

Greenpeace USA

Amnesty Int.


The United Nations has long been one of the foremost world harbingers for the “New Spirituality” and the gathering ”New World Order” based on ancient occult and freemasonic principles. Seven years after the birth of the UN, a book was published by the theosophist and founder of the Lucis Trust, Alice Bailey, claiming that:

“Evidence of the growth of the human intellect along the needed receptive lines [for the preparation of the New Age] can be seen in the “planning” of various nations and in the efforts of the United Nations to formulate a world plan… From the very start of this unfoldment, three occult factors have governed the development of all these plans.”

[Alice B. Bailey, Discipleship in the New Age (Lucis Press, 1955), Vol. II, p.35.]

To this end, the Lucis Trust, under the leadership of Foster and Alice Bailey, started a group called “World Goodwill” (an official non-governmental organization within the United Nations). (Here’s their Satanic website). On the main page of the Lucis Trust website, they state:

“The worldwide activities of the Lucis Trust, founded by Alice Bailey and Foster Bailey, are dedicated to establishing right human relations.

The activities of the Lucis Trust promote the education of the human mind towards recognition and practice of the spiritual principles and values upon which a stable and interdependent world society may be based. The Lucis Trust is non-political and non-sectarian. It sponsors no special creed or dogma.”

Image result for prince philip and savile for sale

Mountbattens, Prince Philip, and Esther Rantzen – all closely linked to Sir Jimmy Savile

Image result for it was through mountbatten that savile royal

Image result for mountbatten and philip

Sir Jimmy Savile was first introduced to the Royal Family, he reveals, by Lord Mountbatten.

Savile was first introduced to the Royal Family, he reveals, by Lord Mountbatten. In 1966, Jimmy became the first civilian to be awarded a Royal Marines’ green beret. Mountbatten was comm­and­ant general at the time

“Coming from Lord Louis, who was the favourite uncle of Prince Philip, that was quite something,” he says. “So obviously I hooked up with the Prince – what was good enough for Lord Louis was good enough for him.”

Image result for esther rantzen and savile
Esther Rantzen’s father worked as director of telecommunications at the UN and her Aunt Ada Leverson was one of Alistair Crowley’s sex-magick partners.


United Nations Lucis Trust


It’s said that TMA-1, the black monolith that had been found on the Moon in 1999, was brought to Earth in 2006 and then installed in front of the United Nations Building in New York City

Paedophile Arthur Clarke:

Image result for arthur clarke and prince charles

Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke in Kubrick’s apartment office on Central Park West, New York, during the writing of 2001

3001: The Final Odyssey (1997) is a science fiction novel by Sir Arthur C. Clarke. It is the fourth and final book in Clarke’s Space Odyssey series.

(Where Icke got his ideas from??)

This novel begins with a brief prologue describing the aliens who created the black monoliths. They apparently evolved from “primordial soup”, and over the course of millions of years, turned into a space-faring species. As they explored the Universe, they saw that few intelligent species ever successfully evolved. Therefore, they traveled the universe and catalyzed the evolution of intelligent species wherever they went, including Earth, by increasing the evolving species’ odds of survival. Upon reaching Earth, they performed experiments on many species to encourage the development of intelligence. Then they left, leaving their black monoliths behind. After visiting the Earth, the extraterrestrials continued to evolve, eventually to the point where they found a way to impress themselves into the fabric of space and time, thus becoming noncorporeal beings. Meanwhile, back in the Solar system, the alien monoliths continued to watch over humanity. However, sometimes the monoliths were prone to degenerating and acting independently of their original programming.

3001 follows the adventures of Frank Poole, the astronaut who was killed by the HAL-9000 computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey
Poole is next taken home to explore and learn about the Earth in the year 3001, a millennium after he left it. Some of its notable features include the BrainCap, a brain-computer interface technology that connects a computer directly to the human brain,…

During the 26th century, the remains of an alien monolith had been found in the Olduvai Gorge in East Africa (the one that had kickstarted human evolution). It’s said that TMA-1, the black monolith that had been found on the Moon in 1999, was brought to Earth in 2006 and then installed in front of the United Nations Building in New York City.



Olduvai is the location of the first monolith in Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey series of books.

In 1960, Mary Leakey and son Jonathan found another, smaller form of hominid at Olduvai that they believed was different and more advanced. They called it Homo habilis (handy human) because it appeared to be the first human to use tools. The designation of these two new groups raised a great deal of controversy.



Image result for Arthur C Clarke was a paedophile

The science fiction writer Arthur C Clarke has met Prince Charles at a banquet in Sri Lanka just days after postponing a ceremony to be invested with a knighthood because of newspaper allegations saying he was a paedophile.

‘Paedophile’ Arthur C Clarke sparks protests in Lanka

Child right activists in Sri Lanka have expressed shock over science fiction writer Arthur C Clarke’s confession in a newspaper interview of a life of paedophilia and called for his deportation just around the time Prince Charles was to knight him.

Clarke, 80, widely regarded as a visionary and author of the celebrated 2001: A Space Odyssey and some 80 other books, was quoted as saying in the interview published in London’s  Mirror that having sex with children was all right.

”Once they have reached the age of puberty, it is OK… It doesn’t do any harm,” said Clarke, who has lived in Sri Lanka for 40 years.

I am trying to think of the youngest boy I have ever had because, of course, you can’t tell it here.

I think most of the damage comes from the fuss made by hysterical parents afterwards. If the kids don’t mind, fair enough,” he was reported to have said in the interview which was conducted at his house.


Image result for prince philip and arthur c clarke

Paedophile Arthur C Clarke with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip

Image result for it was through mountbatten that savile royal

Prince Philip – Bohemian Grove

Image result for esther rantzen and savile

ChildLine/Hillary Clinton speech Stock Photo
13th May 1999
America’s First Lady, Hillary Clinton at the New Connaught Rooms in London, to address the ChildLine conference, a major international conference on children and the law hosted by ChildLine, the UK children’s charity.


Clinton & Cherie/Rantzen Stock Photo

30 Years of ChildLine: Reflections from a Witness Seminar


Speakers elaborated the nature of voluntary action, and the motivations and contexts that facilitate or disable the establishment of a service such as ChildLine.  Many paid tribute to Rantzen’s role in pushing through the introduction of ChildLine, including in her work at the BBC and forging links with BT. Rantzen was also instrumental in persuading parliamentarians to provide funding to the untested charity.  Panellists also talked about the role of chance in the establishment and success of a charity.

ChildLine/Clinton & Blair laugh Stock Photo

MacLeod recalled Rantzen meeting Cherie Booth at the hairdresser in 1992, and was able to persuade her to get Hilary Clinton to speak at a ChildLine conference on children and the courts.



Report: Bill Clinton Wasn’t Only One to Go to ‘Sex Slave Island,’ Hillary Went with Him–‘Six Times’

The source for this claim is Erik Prince, the founder of the security firm Blackwater (yes, that one.) In an exclusive interview at Breitbart News, Prince first states that the NYPD is “ready to make arrests in Weiner case.”

Prince pivots from the Weiner laptop investigation to claiming that Hillary Clinton accompanied Bill Clinton and billionaire convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein to “sex island” (aka “sex slave island”).

“They found State Department emails. They found a lot of other really damning criminal information, including money laundering, including the fact that Hillary went to this sex island with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Clinton went there more than 20 times. Hillary Clinton went there at least six times.”


Mr. Clinton flew on the billionaire’s convicted paedophile, Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous jet more than a dozen times — sometimes with a woman whom federal prosecutors suspect of procuring underage sex victims for Mr. Epstein. Fox News reported Friday that records show Mr. Clinton declined Secret Service protection on at least five flights.

The network’s investigation reveals Mr. Clinton flew on the Boeing 727 “Lolita Express” 26 times, more than doubling the previously reported 11 trips.

Bill Clinton … associated with a man like Jeffrey Epstein, who everyone in New York, certainly within his inner circles, knew was a pedophile.

Why would a former president associate with a man like that?” said Conchita Sarnoff of the Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit Alliance to Rescue Victims of Trafficking, Fox reported. Ms. Sarnoff also authored a book on Mr. Epstein titled “TrafficKing.”

Mr. Epstein was arrested in 2005 and signed a plea agreement in 2007 with the U.S. Attorney’s Office, accepting a single charge of soliciting prostitution. He agreed to a 30-month sentence, registered as a “Tier 1” sex offender with the U.S. Virgin Islands and paid dozens of young girls


Powerful friends: Jimmy Saville with then Prime Minister Tony Blair in 1998. The event at Chequers took place a year later

Sir Jimmy Savile and Tony Blair

Powerful friends: Jimmy Saville with then Prime Minister Tony Blair in 1998. The event at Chequers took place a year later

Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Tony Blair Were All in ‘Black Book’ of Contacts Kept by Epstein


Image result for prince andrew and epstein

Image result for prince andrew and epstein

Prince Andrew and friend Epstein – multiple entries in Epstein’s black book



FINAL FIX: Prince Andrew helps Sir James

Prince Andrew, Duke of York commanded HMS Cottesmore from April 1993 until November 1994.

Savile’s favourite restaurant – Flying Pizza Restaurant

The Flying Pizza.


The photograph of the old man with the wild eyes and wispy grey hair has long been removed from the walls of the Flying Pizza in Roundhay, Leeds. But during a busy lunchtime this week at the bar of what was his favourite restaurant, the ghost of Jimmy Savile lingers.

The Flying Pizza and his nearby penthouse apartment overlooking Roundhay Park were, until his death two years ago, the centre of Savile’s Leeds empire. He would swan in at least once every few weeks, boasting to regulars of his celebrity status. It was like he had the “keys to the city”, one recalls. What seemed at the time like mere celebrity bragging is now known to be much, much worse.

The influence Savile claimed to wield over the police is shocking, but was no secret at the Flying Pizza, where the TV presenter would talk of his “hotline” to officers. “He used to come in here on his own and talk about the Friday meetings,” says Francis, a 63-year-old retired doorman who knew Savile well from the late Sixties onwards.

Speaking for the first time, he says: “He used to take great delight in telling people that if he had any problems, his friends at Millgarth [the former city centre West Yorkshire Police headquarters] would sort it out. He would say: ‘If I think I’ve got a problem, all I’ve got to do is make a phone call.’ ”

Francis’s friend Steve, who was also a doorman, recalls: “He would say it specifically to us because he knew what we did for our jobs. Basically, he had the keys to the city.”

As Savile’s fame grew, so did his influence over the police. One retired Leeds inspector, who served as a young police constable in the Chapel Town division, which covered Roundhay in the mid-Eighties, recalls regular trips by officers – including Mick Starkey – to visit Savile at his flat.

“It was just as if it was an accepted something that happened. I didn’t really ask questions about it,” says the former inspector, who declined to be named. “One morning they set off in a police car, there were about three or four of them. It was as if they were all going there for some reason. They were all on duty and all in uniform. I knew he had a relationship with the police, and that is not unusual as a high-profile person. But whether Savile would see that in terms of protecting himself, I don’t really know.”

Clearly, Savile relished boasting of his friends in blue, but it is not clear how far that influence extended. In the early Sixties, according to his autobiography, he referred to another brush with the law, when he was approached by police asking him to help trace a missing girl.

“If she comes in, I’ll bring her back tomorrow but I’ll keep her all night first as my reward,” Savile told a female officer who had gone to question him. He went on: “The lady of the law… was dissuaded from bringing charges against me by her colleagues, for it was well known that were I to go I would probably take half the station with me.”

It is known that Savile made a number of financial contributions to charities linked to West Yorkshire Police. At one point the force invited him to be the voice of a new anti-burglary campaign.

On one occasion in 1983, Savile attended a monthly official lunch at Millgarth with six senior officers and guests who included judges, barristers and business leaders.

The incident is mentioned in an internal report compiled by West Yorkshire Police into Savile’s relationship with the force, which is currently being assessed by the IPCC. The findings of the watchdog, which is also investigating police conduct in matters relating to Savile in nine other forces, are expected to be published within weeks.

The West Yorkshire report – dubbed Operation Newgreen – reveals that complaints about Savile’s behaviour were mishandled a number of times, including in 1998, when its officers failed to properly record an anonymous letter forwarded by a Metropolitan Police officer from its clubs and vice unit. The letter stated that it was “common knowledge within the team in the late Eighties and early Nineties that Savile was a paedophile”.

Following the report’s publication in May, Jon Christopher, who last week stepped down as chairman of the West Yorkshire Police Federation due to ill-health, said he feared it could be seen by the public as a whitewash because of poor police records kept regarding the entertainer. “

At least eight West Yorkshire Police officers are thought to have attended Savile’s Friday morning clubs, which ran for almost 20 years. Inspector Starkey and Matthew Appleyard, a sergeant serving in Wetherby police station, were previously named as members by Savile’s biographer. Neither could be reached for comment yesterday. West Yorkshire Police will not release the names or ranks of the other officers who are known to have attended.

Hairdresser Howard Silverman, a long-term friend of Savile’s, says he remembers four or five officers who used to go regularly.


Vietnam to Cambodia Cycle Challenge 2012

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Kilimanjaro Supper at the Flying Pizza in Leeds raises £8,300!

Image result for flying pizza leeds martin pickles

Sir Jimmy Savile enjoying the event

Two of the Kilimanjaro Team Members – John Grantham and Martin Pickles – held a Kilimanjaro Supper at the Flying Pizza in Leeds on Monday 7th September. The restaurant generously donated £12 per customer, and they held a raffle and an auction.

102 of their friends came along (pretty much capacity) including Sir Jimmy Savile and they raised an amazing amount – £8,300 on the night!Every one had a wild time and flowers were presented to Susie Grantham to thank her for the extraordinary effort she put into raising raffle and auction items.
Well done to John and Graham for organising such a fabulous event.



One of his eight homes was a small flat in the heart of the Leeds Jewish community in Roundhay. He spent much of his time socialising at the Flying Pizza restaurant on Street Lane, a popular local haunt.

He was a regular at fundraising dinners at synagogues in Leeds and Manchester, particularly for the British Friends of Laniado, donating large sums to the organisation.



Jimmy Savile, Flying Pizza resturant, Leeds – 11 Jan 2006

Apocalypse Now Then

Flying Pizza - Still Flying High

Ferrari 575M Maranello F1, Ferrari Enzo & Maserati Cambiocorsa at the Flying Pizza, Leeds. Stock Photo

13th February 2004

Adriano, who founded the Flying Pizza in 1984 had an air of the mafioso about him – that’s not to say that he IS mafioso!  I don’t need any more horses heads on my pillow, thanks.  However, his authoritative air undoubtedly helped make his restaurant the only place to be seen in Leeds throughout the eighties and nineties.  So when news that Martin was buying out Adriano started to spread, we feared the worst.




A few thoughts on this…

If he was involved in “fixing” Diana’s death, it makes total sense for him to be seen in public, miles away from the scene.
He’d organised for 42 groups of people in different locations across the country, to walk at exactly the same time – on the day one of the most-loved women in the world died. It smacks of dancing on her grave, if he had prior knowledge of the date her death was planned for.

Did he really have a quadruple heart bypass less than three weeks earlier?… Or was he out of the public eye because he was tending to “business”? I don’t believe anything he ever said. He had a penchant for baring his chest, either completely naked or through string vests, for years after 1997. Has anyone ever noticed any scarring?

Finally, his tribute to Diana. It’s odd. It’s more than tad blase: “A dreadful thing to happen”??? That is understatement.


1999 – Savile – 2 years after his quadruple bypass -no scar

Jimmy Savile and Wagim El Masry Director of the Centre of Spinal Studies and chairman Richard Burbidge at the Oswestry Orthopaedic Hospital for the unveiling of the plaque in 1999


Jimmy Savile and Wagim El Masry Director of the Centre of Spinal Studies and chairman Richard Burbidge at the Oswestry Orthopaedic Hospital for the unveiling of the plaque in 1999

Bosses will also conduct a review of the use of mobile phones.

They want to ensure photographs are not taken within clinical areas.

The action was agreed after Oswestry Orthopaedic, which Savile visited in 1999 to launch the start of work on its spinal injuries unit, was among all hospitals in England contacted by NHS chief executive Sir David Nicholson.

Image result for Professor Alistair Hall, a cardiologist

Savile’s death on the morning of October 29, 2011, was certified by Prof Alistair Hall, his cardiologist, who had been called to his flat by the concerned caretaker and family members.

Image result for Professor Alistair Hall, a cardiologist

Savile and Leeds General Infirmary friend Prof Alistair Hall

Professor Alistair Hall, the award-winning Leeds cardiologist and Jimmy’s close friend, was one of the last to see Jimmy alive.

The senior cardiologist, who carried out Sir Jimmy’s quadruple heart bypass operation a decade ago, said the broadcaster and sportsman was an amazing person who fully deserved to be honoured publically

Professor Alistair Hall, senior consultant cardiologist at Leeds General Infirmary and St James’s Hospital, said: “I am 100 per cent in agreement that the wonderful Sir Jimmy should be made Freeman of the City.






Former Norwood chief executive Norma Brier recalled Jimmy Savile’s visit to Ravenswood Village in 1989. “He came to open the Ravenswood fair and was a great hit, turning up in his gold Rolls Royce. He walked around chatting to the residents and spent lots of time there. We were very grateful for his support.”


After a decade of success at The Flying Pizza, Mr Pickles ran the Garrick Club’s restaurants and private dining rooms for five years in Covent Garden. This came after 14 years’ service at the famous Langans Restaurants in London, owned by Richard Shepherd CBE and his partner, Sir Michael Caine, where he also worked alongside Mr Hicks for the first time.

Image result for savile and prince charles

One minute he’d be talking by phone to The Boss (Prince Charles) and the next minute he’d be walking through the doors of the Flying Pizza on Street Lane, Leeds

Pop star Jeff Christie, of Yellow River fame, knew Jimmy from his earliest days in the music business.

“Everyone knows what he did for charity, but Jimmy was also a great supporter of me from way back in the Outer Limits days,” he recalled.

“I’d worked with Jimmy since Mecca days and Top of the Pops back in the 60s. He was a fan and was thrilled when the Flawed Masters album came out.

I took a copy over to his flat as a thank you and was stunned when he took me out for dinner at the Flying Pizza.

“Jimmy was a great character and a mentor. If we were being played on the radio he’d always say something nice about me.

“Jimmy was highly supportive. I’d knew him a long time and he was proud a Leeds lad had made it big at the time. I’ll remember Jimmy as an iconic figure and one off.”


This sickening picture shows arch-paedophile TV presenter Jimmy Savile groping a teenage girl at a pizza restaurant in Leeds, in 2000

Paedophile TV presenter Jimmy Savile was caught groping a teenage girl by cameras filming a Louis Theroux interview.

Sickening pictures show arch-pervert Savile rubbing himself on the teen and touching her bottom in front of her mother, who he is believed to have known, at the Flying Pizza restaurant in Leeds in 2001.

‘He mugged you off’ … Louis Theroux: Savile revisits the 2001 documentary When Louis Met Jimmy.
29 Oct 2011 

Tributes paid to Sir Jimmy Savile

Tributes from friends have been paid after the death of the veteran TV and radio star Sir Jimmy Savile, who died aged 84.

Presenter Louis Theroux told Channel 4 News he was deeply saddened and that he was a “complete one-off”.

“My director and I stayed in touch with Jimmy after we completed filming. For several years we’d travel up for an overnight visit once a year or so.

“We’d go out to the Flying Pizza restaurant with a camera and videotape Jimmy as he presided over birthdays with a kind of papal celebrity. But the camera didn’t have tape in it – as Jimmy himself knew – he just enjoyed the idea that everyone thought they were being filmed and the sense of occasion it created.

“There won’t be another one like him.”


Jimmy Savile and Louis Theroux

Theroux and Savile are then seen laughing and joking as they leave the Flying Pizza in Leeds.

Dad-of-three Theroux admits he developed “something like a friendship” with Savile, who is said to have abused 1,000 victims over six decades.


Final embrace: Sir Jimmy Savile and Sue Hymns' last date at their favourite pizza restaurant, two months before his death at the age of 84

Final embrace: Sir Jimmy Savile and Sue Hymns’ last date at their favourite pizza restaurant, two months before his death at the age of 84

Image result for flying pizza jimmy savile
Sue and Jimmy in 1969 at the Yorkshire Evening Post. The first words he ever spoke to her were: 'Now then, now then.' Yes, really
Image result for savile and prince charles
Flying Pizza’s new owner vows return to glory days the future of one of the region’s longest established restaurants has been secured with a pledge to “restore it to its former glory”. The Flying Pizza in Street Lane, Roundhay, Leeds, has been bought from administrators PKF by award-winning restaurant group San Carlo for an undisclosed sum amid plans to invest £1m in improving the business. The eaterie has been a favourite of business people, the show business community and generations of customers from the north of the city since it opened in 1974. But its former owners blamed the recession, increased competition and poor winter weather before Christmas for a downturn in its fortunes. Administrators were appointed last week and a deal was struck on Monday following a frantic weekend of discussions with a number of parties.
Martin Pickles (left) and Martin Hicks (right) – opening Convive in February 2017
Image result for flying pizza martin pickles
The other award of interest went to Martin Pickles who picked up best front of house for one of my favourite places – The Flying Pizza.
Martin Pickles, former owner of Leeds restaurant Flying Pizza, is to open a new £2m restaurant in the city. The move comes after Pickles joined forces with Martin Hicks, managing director of the University of Leeds-owned conference venue Weetwood Hall,
TWO LONG-TIME friends and veterans of hospitality are joining forces to open a new £2m restaurant in Leeds.
The return to Leeds for Martin Pickles – formerly the owner of Roundhay’s Flying Pizza for over ten years from the late 1990s, and he sounds very confident:
Image result for flying pizza jimmy savile
The San Carlo Group is owned and operated by father and son team Carlo and Marcello Distefano, who themselves lived in Roundhay for several years. Group director Marcello Distefano said the business would invest around £1m at the venue. “We’re thrilled to acquire Flying Pizza, a restaurant with such a great history,” he said. “As a family we often ate there in its heyday and our intention is to lavishly restore it to its former glory.
2008: Sir Jimmy Savile takes part in the Vision Uk 5k run with help of guide Mavis Price.
 Mavis Price was a long-standing friend of Sir Jimmy’s over four decades and became involved with his charitable work when Sir Jimmy came to work as a voluntary porter at Leeds General Infirmary in the 70s.
Mavis Price from Leeds General Infirmary, the wife of the consultant cardiologist who first diagnosed Jimmy Savile’s heart problems, subsequently took over the day-to-day administration of his life.


Mavis’ ex-husband – 

David John Everard Price

(1935 – 2014)

was a consultant neurosurgeon at the General Infirmary at Leeds and also at Pinderfields Hospital, Wakefield.

He was a founder trustee of Headway (the National Head Injuries Association) and was a member of the management committee for almost 20 years. He established Second Chance, a local head injury support group affiliated to Headway, in Wakefield

He was dedicated to his work and as such his early marriages initially to Patience (‘Bunty’) in 1964 and Mavis in 1975 did not survive. He married Janis in 1989. He had two sons, Toby from his first marriage and Jolyon from his third



Savile’s doctor friends:

Dr Roger Bodley

Campaign now under way for tribute to city’s favourite son

Image result for Professor Alistair Hall, a cardiologistImage result for Professor Alistair Hall, a cardiologist

Savile’s death on the morning of October 29, 2011, was certified by Prof Alistair Hall, his cardiologist, who had been called to his flat by the concerned caretaker and family members.

Professor Alistair Hall, the award-winning Leeds cardiologist and Jimmy’s close friend, was one of the last to see Jimmy alive. He had called at his flat on the Friday night before he died and unsuccessfully tried to persuade him to go into hospital. Jimmy had said that he wanted to die at home in his own bed. He seemed to know the end was nigh.

Bellamy, Alison (2012-07-01). Hows About That Then? – The authorised biography of Sir Jimmy Savile Great Northern Books.

 Alistair Hall@alistair5hall

Professor of Cardiovascular Epidemiology & Consultant in Cardiology. Father of two outstanding human beings who are Junior Doctors. Mentor.

Leeds UK

Professor Alistair Hall, senior consultant cardiologist at Leeds General Infirmary and St James’s Hospital, said: “I am 100 per cent in agreement that the wonderful Sir Jimmy should be made Freeman of the City. “Despite his fame he still volunteers at the hospital and the list of good work and fundraising he has done is too long to list. “He has supported a lot of cardiology research and helped with The Family Heart Study and toured on the big red bus across the UK. He has helped us to fundraise to buy a special scanner and only recently donated a large amount of money to fund scholarships for junior doctors.” The senior cardiologist, who carried out Sir Jimmy’s quadruple heart bypass operation a decade ago, said the broadcaster and sportsman was an amazing person who fully deserved to be honoured publically. Charities Sir Jimmy has raised more than 40m during his lifetime for various charities, including the Leeds Hospitals. He has run 217 marathons and countless fun runs. Catholic Church bosses in Leeds also backed calls for Sir Jimmy to be honoured. A spokesman for the Diocese of Ripon and Leeds, said: “Over the years Sir Jimmy has done lots of good work for the church. As long as the 1960s while busy being famous, he used to help with collections at the former Sacred Heart church. Mavis Price, Sir Jimmy’s friend and one of his helpers, said: “It is high time Jimmy was made a Freeman. I have written to the council before about it. He does so much.”


(At Crakye Castle?)


Professor Mohan Sivananthan, Leeds Teaching Hospitals consultant cardiologist who will lead the work to set up the new institute and was a friend of Sir Jimmy’s, said: ‘I feel very privileged to have got to know Sir Jimmy over the years and valued his friendship and support extremely highly.

‘I was absolutely delighted to hear that Sir Jimmy decided to remember us in his will

Claims: Former policeman Mick Starkey, left, was apparently close to Jimmy Savile and frequently visited his home
Claims: Former policeman Mick Starkey, left, was apparently close to Jimmy Savile and frequently visited his home

Close: Starkey drove the DJ’s silver Rolls-Royce and was apparently known as his ‘bodyguard’


She also managed the Sir Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust and helped with his administration and countless requests for public appearances and donations.

Mavis, who is a retired manager of the post-graduate centre at LGI, also acted as his ‘chauffeur’, driving the Jim’ll Fix It star around in his white Bentley Continental convertible, and his £150,000 Rolls Royce Corniche.

Mavis, of Leeds, said: “Jimmy was a big and important part of my life. I will always treasure many happy memories of fun times we had while I was in his company.”

neurosurgeon jake timothy and savile.GIF

Jake Timothy, consultant neurosurgeon, , said: “My first meeting with Jimmy Savile was in 1975, I used to ride my bicycle up Princess Avenue near his home and Jimmy was often riding his cycle too. At that time it was Top of the Pops and ‘Clunk-click every trip’ but he was always polite despite his celebrity status. “I didn’t really get to meet him until after my training in London and returning back to Leeds, when Mavis Price introduced me to him again as we were planning to have some surgeons come to LGI to learn about spinal surgery.

“He helped us with OPTIN (Overseas Partnering Training Initiative) currently run by Professor Anne Chamberlain, he was extremely active with LURE (Leeds Undergraduate Research Enterprise) run by Prof Shervanthi Homer-Vanniasinkam, where he donated a significant amount of money to have medical students mentored by consultant clinicians.

“Jim was very fond of Crayke, our little village near Easingwold. Jim lived at Crayke Castle for a while in his youth whilst working as a ‘Bevin Boy’ in the surrounding area

“He used to arrive in one of his Rolls Royce’s, with his friend Mavis Price acting as driver, and would spend several hours looking round the show, handing out trophies to the various winners.
Proud friend: Professor Mohan Sivananthan
Image result for Crayke Castle

Sir Jimmy spent time at Crayke Castle, near York – which he was later reported to be interested in buying – after the Second World War as part the Lend A Hand On The Land scheme and retained his fondness for the area over the years.

Sir Jimmy’s close friend Saleem Akhtar, who owns the Jinnah restaurant group, welcomed Sir Jimmy to the opening of his restaurant in Cumberland Street, York, earlier this year and said: “I had known him for about 12 years because he lived opposite my restaurant in Roundhay, in Leeds, and I was gobsmacked when such a big name walked in.

“From there, we became good friends. He loved his chicken tikka and he would stay and chat for hours, and from then on, whenever we opened a restaurant, he would come along and entertain people. He rang me to say he was going into hospital, and when I went to see him he said he was fighting fit and would soon be back to normal. I spoke to him a week before his death and he was still saying he wanted to open our new restaurant in Wakefield. I was planning to see him this week, so I am absolutely shocked by his death.

“He was a fantastic person – a true Yorkshireman and a true gentleman. He would never take any money for opening our restaurants and would tell us to give whatever we would have paid him to somebody who needed it. I cannot believe he has gone, and myself and my family will remember him for the rest of our lives.”


Image result for Crayke Castle
To the north-west of the castle, the first hill on the road to Oulston is marked on OS maps as Gallows Hill.  Presumably this was the site of an executioner’s gallows at some time and probably is associated with some part of the history of the castle, though no records have been found.

savil and pope.GIF Pope John Paul II  blesses members of the congregation at a service for the sick and disabled at St George’s Cathedral, Southwark in London during the papal tour of the United Kingdom on 28th May 1982. On the left, DJ and television presenter Jimmy Savile talks with Cardinal Basil Hume  during the blessing.

Image result for savile and pope
Image result for savile and pope
Savile shakes hands with Pope John Paul II in 1982

Savile was made a Knight Commander of St Gregory the Great by Pope John Paul II in 1990

Facebook ‘fact checker’ – Snopes – who will arbitrate on ‘fake news’ is accused of defrauding website to pay for prostitutes – and its staff includes an escort-porn star and ‘Vice Vixen domme’

  • Facebook has announced plans to check for ‘fake news’ using a series of organizations to assess whether stories are true 
  • One of them is a website called which claims to be one of the web’s ‘essential resources’ and ‘painstaking, scholarly and reliable’ 
  • It was founded by husband-and-wife Barbara and David Mikkelson, who used a letterhead claiming they were a non-existent society to start their research 
  • Now they are divorced – with Barbara claiming in legal documents he embezzled $98,000 of company money and spent it on ‘himself and prostitutes’ 


Snopes caught Lying about Spirit Cooking.

The Great “Fake News” Scare Of 1530

Fake news has always been around for humor purposes, but the real “fake news” scares happen when the establishment is so used to getting away with lying, that any alternate narrative is demonized as factually false, irresponsible, and dangerous.

“The Onion” was next to “The Economist” in the newspaper stands for almost two decades. “Weekly World News”, which one-ups most British tabloids with regular Elvis sightings and vivid descriptions of two-mile fish orbiting in the rings of Jupiter, is still next to “Foreign Policy” in the same newspaper stands. This was never considered problematic in the slightest. Why, then, is a unified establishment screaming bloody murder about “fake news” all of a sudden?

To see the pattern here, it helps to know a little history – let’s look at the great “Fake News” scare of 1530. It has a lot of elements similar to ours today.

After the Black Death hit Europe hard around 1350, the monasteries were chronically short on manpower. The families that had used to send a child or two to become monks or nuns simply needed all their kids to work in the fields, to ensure food production, before such luxuries as manning the monasteries could even be considered. Therefore, any work that required involving monasteries became increasingly steep or scarce for the coming century.

This is relevant as those monasteries were the only places that produced books, all of which were in Latin, and all of which were in complete synchronization with the messages of the Catholic Church, the owner of the monasteries and therefore the owner of all mass media at the time. To compound the situation, the same owner also employed all the news anchors – the village preachers, who were the ones who read the books (in Latin) and translated them to the common tongue in villages….

CIA Admits Using News To Manipulate the US (1975 video)

This old clip shows CIA officials admitting the agency’s infiltration of mainstream media in order to influence public opinion and to manipulate the thoughts and values of Americans.
Did things change since 1975? Nope. Actually, things are much worse as the merger of media companies into a very small number of mega-conglomerates made the “filtering” of information even easier. The input of governmental sources such as the CIA and the Pentagon into news stories is now a fully integrated process and has even spread into entertainment, using TV shows and movies.

More fake news from the biggest faker of them all. Obama’s and Hillary’s favorite.

With being heavily censored by old and dying press and social media platforms it’s important to encourage free speech platforms.


Image result for pedophilia blackmail

I found this fascinating, massive post on Reddit from three years ago. Before we ask “Is Pizzagate Real?” we have to break through the mental barrier of denial by asking

“Could these allegations be real?

Has such pedophilia been associated with positions of power?”….

Savile told hospital staff he performed sex acts on corpses in Leeds mortuary

Former TV presenter said he posed with bodies in lewd positions and stole glass eyes, Broadmoor nurse tells investigators

Jimmy Savile told hospital staff he interfered with patients’ corpses, taking grotesque photographs and stealing glass eyes for jewellery, over two decades at the mortuary of Leeds general infirmary.

The late Top of the Pops presenter had free access to the mortuary from the late 1970s to the mid-1990s, an official investigation has found, concluding that Savile’s interest in the deceased was “not within accepted boundaries”.

Former boxer Frank Bruno, right, pictured at Broadmoor in 1991 shaking hands with Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe as Savile stands in the background. Frank says he was tricked into shaking hands with the murderer

Jimmy Savile was questioned by police investigating Yorkshire Ripper murders

Presenter was a suspect in killings, former detective says, as Peter Sutcliffe claims Savile befriended him in Broadmoor
Image result for savile and thatcher

Revealed: Jimmy Savile’s close friendship with Margaret Thatcher

Civil servants redact secret Downing Street file following sexual-assault revelations


Image result for morrissey salford lads club


Salford Lads’ Club comes up in PizzaGate…famous album cover shot there


Despite being a millionaire, Jimmy Savile had a derelict building near the Salford Lads’ Club – about 2 miles away  link

“JS had a Salford Corporation flat there”


Investigation into allegations about Jimmy Savile at Broome House Children’s

Home (Broome House), The Sarah Laski Children’s Home (Sarah Laski), and

the Manchester Taxi Drivers Organisation for Handicapped Children

Care home boss delivered me into the clutches of evil Savile, says victim

The man says the boss of Broome House children’s home, later jailed for targeting boys in his care, introduced the DJ to him when he was 13

An abuse victim preyed on at a Manchester children’s home today speaks of his ordeal and tells how he was also molested by disgraced DJ Jimmy Savile.

The man says the boss of Broome House children’s home, later jailed for targeting boys in his care, introduced the DJ to him when he was 13.

He alleges Savile plied him with alcohol and then took him to his flat in Salford to abuse him.

Now 56, the victim has spoken about the ordeal he says he suffered while living at the Didsbury children’s home, in the 1970s.

He recalls how days after being sexually assaulted by a member of staff at the home, one of the wardens, Ronald Hall, drove him to meet Savile at Piccadilly train station.

He says Hall drove the pair back to the children’s home, where the victim claims he was told to go to Savile’s car and persuaded to drink alcohol.

He said: “I remember having a sip. It could have been vodka. Everything just seemed dizzy. I went to get the door and I remember missing the handle. I remember Savile coming out to the car and saying something like ‘why have you been so long?’. I can’t really remember much after that.”

He says his next memory was waking up on the floor of Savile’s home in Salford ‘near Bury New Road’. He believes he had been sexually assaulted.

The paedophile broadcaster ran a string of nightclubs across Manchester in the early to mid-1960s but was happy to live alone in a dilapidated house with no kitchen, no kettle and painted black walls to cover up falling plaster.


Meeting the FAB Four and spending the whole day with The Beatles at the Ardwick Apollo 1963. The photo is all thanks to the great Harry Goodwin famous Top of The Pops Photographer who set this picture.



Harry Goodwin with some of his pictures of The Beatles

A revered Manchester photographer allegedly took pictures of a ‘pornographic nature’ backstage while working at Top of the Pops, a leaked draft report says.

Dame Janet Smith, who led the review into Jimmy Savile’s sexual misconduct at the BBC, said in the early version of her report that respected snapper Harry Goodwin allegedly took indecent images of teenage girls in his dressing room.

Mr Goodwin, who was famous for photographing some of the most famous bands during the sixties and seventies, died in September 2013 and was widely admired for his work .

The retired judge’s inquiry report, not due to be published for another six weeks, also cites a report from a police investigation, which says Goodwin, who died in 2013 aged 89, showed ‘blues films’ to TOTP staff and ‘members of the popular music community’.

Goodwin, who was born in Rusholme and grew up in Chorlton , was TOTP’s photographer from its launch in 1964 to 1973.

He also had spells on the BBC’s Harry Worth Show and took pictures for the Radio Times.

Goodwin snapped The Beatles at their Apollo show in Manchester in the early 1960s before earning his big break on TOTP – capturing stars including John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Elton John, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and The Rolling Stones.

In the report, Smith says BBC bosses did not properly investigate claims against the photographer after the national newspaper probe.


  • The BBC received a number of “wake-up calls” relating to allegations of sexual misconduct
  • The first wake-up call concerned the activities of Harry Goodwin, the programme’s stills photographer from 1964, who allegedly took pornographic photos of girls in his dressing room after the show


Ray Teret and Beatles

Teret was photographed with the Beatles in his 1960s heyday when he was Savile’s support DJ, chauffeur and sidekick.

Teret and Savile shared a flat in Salford. Teret later became a DJ for Radio Caroline.

Related image

The historic sex abuse trial of his associate and chauffeur Ray Teret heard that Savile lived in Great Clowes Street, Higher Broughton, near to one of his nightspots – the Jimmy Savile Disc Club.

The property was described as “ramshackle” by Alan Leek, a junior reporter at the now-defunct Manchester Comet newspaper in the mid-60s.

He was sent to Savile’s home to interview him about why “a millionaire” was being given a brand new flat by the council because the property was due for demolition.

He, too, recalled that the walls had been painted black.

“It was very dark was the overall impression I got,” he told the court. “Dark and tatty.”

Image result for ray teret and savile

He said Savile had four cars – two Rolls-Royces, a three-wheel Isetta bubble car and an E-type Jaguar.

He said Savile’s home was “semi-derelict” and that was why the council was knocking it down.

Mr Leek said: “He (Savile) said ‘I’m entitled to a flat, I need a base to work from in Manchester’.”


1960s pop group ‘visited same paedophile brothel as Savile’: Unnamed band were referred to police intelligence in 1964, previously secret documents reveal


Jimmy Savile, Ray Teret

Secrets of Jimmy Savile’s lair uncovered as police find mural of sex abuse victims

Unseen footage shows officers searching evil Ray Teret’s old flat and finding graffiti containing messages and ­signatures from about 40 girls

While Savile was never brought to justice, the evidence proved his ­chauffeur was lying to police when he claimed he did not know his accusers.

On Sunday night, a documentary shows decorators steaming away wallpaper in the paedophile lair, above Teret’s old record shop in Sale, Manchester.


Savile ‘raped girl, 15, in flat’

Jimmy Savile raped a 15-year-old girl with another DJ who told her “you should be thanking us”, a court has heard.

Former Radio Caroline DJ Ray Teret took the naive teenager to a flat in the Manchester area in a bubble car in the early 1960s and she “couldn’t believe it” when she found Savile was there, a jury was told.

But Teret’s trial in the city was told how Savile then raped the girl followed immediately by Teret.



Image result for queen salford

The Queen visits Manchester. Queen Elizabeth pictured here with the Mayor of Salford. 24th May 1961

Another children’s home in Manchester where Savile allegedly abused children – Sarah Laski home, Manchester


A number of visits from local dignitaries are mentioned including the Mayors of
Salford and Bury.

Image result for morrissey salford lads club

Panic!: Jimmy Savile, The Smiths & Synchronicity

There are rumors about Morrissey’s early life, and hints at abuse, he is said to have lost his virginity at 12yrs old:

“It’s time that the tale were told/of how you took a child and made him old”.

“Hang the DJ” lyrics – the lyrics of the Smith’s great ‘Panic’ single …being about Jimmy Savile, with the writer saying that the song is maybe making a veiled expose of the very establishment that Morrissey hated.

Image result for jimmy savile heathrow 1985

Image result for savile leeds jogging

Jimmy Saville training LeedsYorkshire UK 1980

Panic – Hang the DJ

There are a few more references than the ‘Hang the DJ’, ‘Leeds side streets’ and ‘provincial towns you jog ’round’ lines.

Take another look at the original promo video, which as you might know was subsequently replaced with a different version with footage of the band overlaid onto the original video so most of the content was obscured (wonder why that might be?).

The video shows a lot of footage of a ‘first person’ outreached hand in a groping fashion. Children sing the ‘Hang the DJ’ line. The band even bought a child dressed in a school uniform on stage during a performance of the song on the Tube to sing along.

Thats not to forget the one that seals the deal for me, the end of the promo video shows the lead character kissing a skull, the lead character who is smoking throughout the video btw (albeit a cigar – but for me I believe its a very obvious hint). I think there are possibly other references in the promo video too that I’m not picking up on.

I’d be very surprised if this song isn’t at least about partially exposing Jimmy Saville as well as a dig at the mindless BBC DJ culture of the time, which I don’t think has changed a great deal. I’m a Smiths / Morrissey fan myself, and I know the whole Chernobyl / Steve Wright thing, and I’m sure that also plays a part of what the song is about too.

Many people clearly knew about JS antics. The Smiths did numerous Peel sessions. Maybe thats how they became aware or possibly from any other number of folk in the music industry or connected to the BBC who knew about this to some extent. If it is about JS as I and many others think, at least Morrissey did put it out there without setting himself up for a libel case, or something more ominous occurring. Others have intimated about JS down the years, Mark Lamarr, Jerry Sadowitz, Angus Deayton, the band Half Man Half Biscuit, some more directly than others. It’s clear to me anyone who did have anything to say about JS and what he was doing would have probably been ignored, laughed at or threatened. Hence why its probably taken so long for this to become as mainstream as it now has.


Panic on the streets of London
Panic on the streets of Birmingham
I wonder to myself
Could life ever be sane again ?
The Leeds side-streets that you slip down
I wonder to myself
Hopes may rise on the Grasmere
But Honey Pie, you’re not safe here
So you run down
To the safety of the town
But there’s Panic on the streets of Carlisle
Dublin, Dundee, Humberside
I wonder to myselfBurn down the disco
Hang the blessed DJ
Because the music that they constantly play
Hang the blessed DJ
Because the music they constantly playOn the Leeds side-streets that you slip down
Provincial towns you jog ’round

Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ
Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ
Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ
Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ
Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ

Scarred for life: Woman molested in Salford by ‘disgusting’ Jimmy Savile in 1966 speaks out

Mum-of-three Christine Williams, now 45, was 17 and just weeks from giving birth when she was sexually assaulted by Savile outside a mum-and-baby unit in Salford in 1966.

A woman who was molested by Jimmy Savile when she was a heavily pregnant teenager has spoken of her relief that the vast scale of his sex offending has at last been detailed.

Mum-of-three Christine Williams, now 45, was 17 and just weeks from giving birth when she was sexually assaulted by Savile outside a mum-and-baby unit in Salford in 1966.

Ms Williams was sexually assaulted outside a Salvation Army mother and baby unit in Salford near Savile’s flat off Bury New Road in Salford in 1966.




Manchester and Salford Police’s Chief Constable, W J Richards (centre), with Jimmy Savile.

VOAT #Pizzagate Summary and Explanation

by cathy fox blog

This is from VOAT v/Pizzagate [1] and gives an excellent summary, introduction and detail on what #pizzagate is about and how there is a  child sex ring in Washington and the political classes.

The vested interest of the corporate media, politicians and the CIA are desperately trying, but largely failing, to cover this up with their absurd fakenews psyop which comes up with no evidence of their false claims. They are rapidly diminishing in power before our eyes.

However please keep up the work and the pressure, and thank you to all those who work so, so hard to reveal the truth about these predatory luciferian child rapists.

We have the heart, the numbers and the determination and we will win.


HT Millenial_Falcon


This investigation was sparked by strange emails leaked from John Podesta’s email account, some of which make bizarre references to food. These references make sense when we discover they involve known pedophile codewordsPNG like cheese pizza.
The suspected use of “pizza” as a codeword led us to investigate a pizza restaurant mentioned in one of Podesta’s emails, namely Comet Pizza and Ping Pong, owned by an associate of the Podestas. We have found considerable evidence that Comet is a front for child sex trafficking.

  • Exhibit A: Evidence Pertaining to Comet Pizza and Ping Pong

Comet owner James AlefantisJPG had a statue of Antinous as his Instagram profile picture. Antinous was the boy lover of a Roman Emperor, and is considered a symbol of pederasty. On his “jimmycomet” Instagram account, Alefantis posted a picture of a baby, calling her sexually promiscuousPNG. He also posted another baby picture and made a clear pedophile reference. The brother of Jeffrey B. Smith (“werkinonmahnightcheese”), who commented on several of the suspect Instagram photos, referred to a friend as “my favorite pedo”JPG.

Alefantis posted a photo of a child taped to a ping pong tablePNG, and a photo of a walk-in cooler, to which he commented “#murder” and to which Jeffrey B. Smith commented “#killroom.” Alefantis also posted a picture of Tony Podesta’s sculpture modeled after a Dahmer victim, a picture of satan, and spiritcooking queen herself Marina AbramovicPNG. In their washroom, Comet had a painting of a man playing ping pong, to which graffiti had been added to show him ejaculating on the table and wearing a Satanic upside-down crossPNG. Comet had murals of people with heads cut off, and the artist who painted the murals also painted adults decapitating children.

Listed first on Comet’s website under “friends of comet” is the band Heavy Breathing, which performs at Comet. Heavy Breathing leader “Majestic Ape” wears a ski mask and sunglasses, and uses a voice modulator, hiding his or her identity. Majestic Ape joked about pedophile Jared Fogle and said “we all have our preferences, hee hee hee”. YouTube, bringing laughter from the audience. In another video, Majestic Ape talks about killing a babyYouTube. Majestic Ape also referenced pedophilia in a caption on a music videoPNG. Heavy Breathing’s website features art involving both children and sex.

An employee of Comet posted many images portraying pizza in a sexual way., further fueling our suspicion they are using “pizza” as it is commonly used by pedophiles: a symbol and codeword for sex with minors. Another exampleJPG.

Please examine these symbols designated by the FBI as pedophile symbols. Besta Pizza, which is three doors downPNG from Comet, had a logo that is a near-exact match of the boylover symbol. Another nearby business, Terasol, had a girl-lover symbolPNG on their website. No direct connection to Besta or Terasol has yet been uncovered, but the logos seem quite a coincidence. With that in mind, take a look at Comet’s logo. It also resembles a pedophile symbol.

  • Exhibit B: Evidence Pertaining to John and Tony Podesta

John Podesta is the former Chief of Staff to President Bill Clinton, and was the Chair of Hillary Clinton’s presidental campaign. Tony Podesta runs The Podesta Group, a major lobbying firm. The Podestas are associates of James Alefantis, as detailed in Exhibit C. They are also good friends with known and admitted pedophile, former Republican congressman Dennis Hastert. John Podesta received en email suggesting that Hastert shoud vanish to an undisclosed Japanese island after the news of Hastert’s pedophilia broke.

Now, let’s discuss the specific emails that led to our investigation of Comet.

John Podesta received an email from Tam Luzzatto saying that children of ages 11, 9, and 7 will be “in the pool for further entertainment” and stating that the children “will definitely be in that pool”.

In another email, Podesta was told that he left behind a black-and-white handkerchief “with a map that seems pizza-related”. A handkerchief with a “pizza-related” map? What the…? It begins to make sense when we discover that handkerchiefs are sometimes used as code for sexual preferences,, and victims of pedophilia express that it’s collected as a souvenir after being placed under the victimJPG. Black and white symbolize bdsm/domination and pedophilia, respectively. Furthermore, as discussed previously, “pizza” is a common codeword for child sex abuse. The meaning of “map” here is unclear.

In another suspiciously cryptic email, a friend complained that Podesta had changed “strategies that have long been in place” and remarked that Podesta sent him “cheese” instead of “pasta,” asking if Podesta thought he would do better “playing dominoes on cheese than on pasta”. Why would Podesta regularly send this person pasta, why would there need to be a strategy long in place for doing so, and who plays dominoes on cheese or pasta? “Cheese” is a known pedophile codeword for little girls, whereas “pasta” is a known codeword for little boys. “Dominoes” seems likely to be code for domination/bdsm, especially given other evidence pertaining to the Podestas, as detailed below.

Tony Podesta sent John Podesta an email titled “Last night was fun.” The email read simply “still in the torture chamber”.

One could argue this could have been a metaphor, but consider it in light of the fact that Tony Podesta collects art by Biljana Djurdjevic, which references or depicts extreme physical and sexual abuse of children. He also collects photos of naked teenagers, and he has a taste for art portraying cannibalism and murder, such as his headless Arch of Hysteria statue which seems to reproduce one of Jeffrey Dahmer’s decapitated victims. John Podesta also likes artwork portraying cannibalism, such as this piece is in his office.

Also, consider the above in light of numerous references to Satanism and the Occult surrounding Comet Pizza and Ping Pong.

  • Exhibit C: Alefantis’ Connections to the Podestas and Clintons

James Alefantis himself was deemed one of the 50 most powerful people of Washington D.CPNG by GQ magazine.
He was the romantic partnerof David BrockPNG. David Brock is the Chief of Media Matters, a major instrument of the Democratic Party. Brock is also the founder of Correct the Record, a Super PAC that supported the Clinton campaign.

James Alefantis is seen with Tony Podesta here andhere. An email from Alefantis to Tony Podesta, which Tony Podesta forwarded to John Podesta had an attached file which was an image of Hillary’s Logo with a pizza slice in it, above a Comet logoPNG. Alefantis also made desserts for a Clinton campaign event (Notice another photo with Alefantis and Tony Podesta together, and that Alefantis visited the White House on at least five occasions.) Clinton personally thanked Alefantis for cooking for one of her fundraisers.

Comet also received donations of over $20k from American Bridge 21st Century PAC, a primary funder of which is billionaire Clinton-backer George Soros. Donations can be seen here, here, and here.

All this, yet Alefantis claims he has NEVER MET Hillary Clinton. Was he ordered to distance himself from Clinton after this scandal went viral?

  • Exhibit D: Additional Evidence Implicating the Clintons Specifically

NOTE: All previously cited evidence implicates the Clintons, as John Podesta has been their right-hand man, and as James Alefantis is closely associated with the Clinton Campaign and major Democratic Party leaders.

Bill Clinton is known to have flown multiple times on the “Lolita Express” of disgraced billionaire pedophile Jeffery Epstein to visit Epstein’s private “pedophile island,” Little St. James. Hillary Clinton also joined him on occasion. Bill Clinton even ditched the Secret Service to make these trips Interestingly, Jeffrey Epstein claimed to be a co-founder of the Clinton Foundation.

A woman named Laura Silsby was caught trafficking children in Haiti, and Hillary Clinton was sent emails regarding her updates. Laura Silsby was got off the hook by a man who was later convicted of sex trafficking. Here is another source.

Frank Giustra owner of the Radcliffe Foundation is on the board of directors for the Clinton Foundation, and is a major Clinton Foundation donor. The logo of Elpida HomeJPG, a refugee center founded by the Radcliffe Foundation, happens to be almost identical to the pedophile boylover symbol.

Now we must reveal a spark, before Podesta’s strange emails, that fueled this investigation.

A purported FBI leaker posted claims on 4chan’s “/pol/,” an anonymous poltical forum. Admittedly, the forum he chose is not exactly reputable. However, this fits with his claim that he wanted to surround himself with noise in order to prevent his FBI superiors from detecting him, and it fits because he knew many in that anti-Clinton audience would take him seriously and investigate, employing what the forum’s users call “weaponized autism.” The alleged leaker’s central claim was that the NYPD and FBI had discovered immensely scandalous information about Hillary Clinton through Anthony Weiner’s laptop, but the FBI is not yet acting on the information for reasons we will not discuss here. For our purposes, the relevant allegation is this: The purported leaker alleged that the Clinton Foundation is a front for human trafficking, including child sex trafficking. He told us, “Dig deep and you will find it. It’s sickening.” Well, we’ve been digging, and we seem to be finding it.

Summaries of the leaker’s claims can be found here: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3.

  • Exhibit E: Media Coverup Efforts

The same establishment elites who try to control politics also control the mainstream media (this includes Fox News). They do not want corruption of this magnitude to be exposed. As soon as word of Pizzagate went viral, the mainstream media began a coverup campaign. They began denouncing the allegations as “false,” “hoax,” and “fake news,” without directly addressing the evidence.

Prima facie, the media have no basis for labeling an ongoing investigation, which is entirely rooted in real evidence, as “fake news.” In fact, Pizzagate is not an allegation of a specific, individual crime (e.g. the abuse of a specific child on a specific day and time). Rather, it is an investigation into the possibility of certain individuals being involved in certain kinds of criminal activity. Therefore, labeling Pizzagate “false/hoax/fake” is patently absurd and dishonest, especially considering the media’s refusal to address the evidence directly.

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman banned the Pizzagate research community from Reddit on bogus grounds, accusing us of engaging in a “witch hunt,” even though we only used publicly-available information, and never called for vigilantism or harrassment of any kind. While we understand Reddit may have had legitimate concerns of legal action, there is plenty of reason and evidence to believe the decision was politically motivated.

Bot accounts denying Pizzagate have been discovered on Twitter. Twitter has also been suspending users who discuss Pizzagate, and Facebook has plans to censor what it deems “fake news.”

  • Exhibit F: Further Supporting Evidence and Historical Precedents

There was a 1994 Discovery Channel DocumentaryYouTube that covered pedophilia rampant in our government, but it was banned and never aired.

Washington Post reported that sex slavery is a big problem in D.C.

A leaked government email in which pizza is obviously a code word: “Who all is in the Austin office today who is going to want pizza? We only have one slice and we need to know how thinly to slice it.”

The largest pedophile ring ever discovered was exposed by the FBI coincidentally after Anthony Weiner’s laptop was taken.

Another pedophile ring exposed in Norway.

The Belgium pedophile/sex scandal. and the older Savile pedophilia scandal in the UK..

Some more information HT Orangutan

From the Catholic Church, to the Franklin Scandal, Penn State, Dennis Hastert, Jimmy Savile, etc…

Welcome to Pizzagate: Fully sourced, simply organized, summary and history of main findings

Message to Journalists:

Excellent Summary:


Historical Evidence/Precedence:

PIZZAGATE Original Post (From Reddit/r/the_donald)

Norway 2016:

Australian 60 Minutes:

New York Times 1982:

Chicago 1977:

Anderson Cooper (2011) CNN on 5,000 US Gov’t officials and military personnel:

Historical Graphic:


Please note that victims of abuse may be triggered by reading this information. These links are generally UK based.

  • The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.
  • National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups.
  • Other useful sites are One in Four [C]
  • and Havoca [D].
  • Useful post on Triggers [E]  from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.
  • Jim Hoppers pages on Mindfulness [G]  and Meditation [H] may be useful.
  • Hwaairfan blog An Indigenous Australian Approach to Healing Trauma  [J]
  • Survivors UK for victims and survivors of male rape or the sexual abuse of men [K]
  • Voicing CSA group [L] helps arrange survivors meetings in your area
  • A Prescription for me blog Various emotional support links [M]
  • ShatterBoys -“Male Survivors Of Childhood Sexual Abuse Inspiring change, Through Shared Experience Whilst Building Connections…Together We Can Heal” [N]


[1] VOAT Pizzagate

[A] Sanctuary for the Abused

US High Level Criminality, including Child Abuse Hidden by US Dept of Justice


In the late 1990s the FBI, the Department of Justice and the Bill Clinton White House ran a huge illegal covert investigation intended to find information with which they could use against Republicans by blackmail or other means.

They found incriminating information on Republicans, Democrats, Officials and Judges amongst others. Some of this was sexual scandals and some was child sexual abuse.  Some of this information was used for partisan purposes but with criminality across the political divide it proved too hot to handle and was dropped as quietly as possible.

This Cointelpro II (COunter INTelligence PROgram) is not widespread knowledge.  Nor is it widely known that there is much intelligence that should have been used in legal prosecutions against these public figures in prosecutions. The information perhaps was more valuable as blackmail material, to control the blackmailable persons.

The same Department of Justice involved is the same DOJ that has been reluctant to prosecute Hillary Clinton for her emails servers, her lies, perverting the course of Justice or her activities with the Clinton Foundation. The Clintons no doubt have used the information to the full extent that they can.

The information about criminality now will be widely known by the Republican and Democrat Political “elite”. The ones who dont know are the public. The US Government is being run by a criminal cabal, unaccountable to the public. For how long?

The change to Trump as President may provide some change in the established order, but equally may  just establish another elite group. Will the criminals be prosecuted?

All this information is via FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds in her articles Dennis Hastert Case, Clinton Scandals, FBI & the 1996 COINTELPRO Directive [1] Hastert Case: How the COINTELPRO II Bucket Turned into a Can of Worms [2]

All I have done is just distill it down. Sybil has provided a list of photographs which perhaps are the people most incriminated, as well as the ones mentioned in the body of this post. She also provides some links to help research them also included at the end of the article.

The photographs I have provided at the end of this article are the ones from the Let Sibel Edmonds Speak website in their article Sibel ‘names names’ (in pictures!) [4] as they have put names to photographs and where there is also some analysisin the comments at the end. [4]

I do not know, apart from Hastert, which of these high profile people were involved in child sexual abuse. At present with #pizzagate, attention is turning to high profile figures involved in child sex and trafficking. This list of people then offers a reasonable starting place for more research. Some of Hasterts crimes included sexual favors as means of foreign bribery. Countries involved countries include Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey and Morocco, among others.

John Podesta must have known of who did what, and when, as he was around for much of this time.

  • 1995 -96 Held positions on Capitol Hill, including Counsellor to Democratic Leader Senator Thomas Daschle
  • 1997 Jan 20 – 1998 Oct 20 White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations
  • 1998 Oct 20  – 2001 Jan 20  20th White House Chief of Staff

Hastert incidentally recently in Apr 2016 was sent to jail for 16 months for a tiny amount of lesser charges related to child sexual abuse and given only 16 months. I am unsure of the US sentencing system but it could mean he is out of jail around now.

More detail of the COINTELPRO II operation  follows.

Bill Clinton Orders the DOJ & FBI to Begin COINTELPRO II

In 1996, Bill Clinton was bogged down with the Paula Jones and Monica Lewinski sex scandals.  Bill and his top White House team put together a plan meant to retaliate against and then neutralize the Republican Party and key elected Republican officials. The main objective of the plan was to

  • Collect major dirt on key Republican officials
  • Use the information to blackmail those Republicans to prevent Clintons impeachment
  • Strategically release the cases of those who did not succumb to  blackmail if  impeachment went ahead

However, this could not be directly executed by the White House. They needed the Justice Department and the FBI, which not only had existing information on the target Republicans, but the ability to quickly gather more useable dirt.

The White House held meetings and got what they needed, including cover and justification, with Attorney General Janet Reno and FBI’s Director Louis Freeh, both their own hand-picked and appointed people.

One of the main divisions in the FBI, with full access and capacity to collect the needed dirt, was the FBI’s Counterintelligence Unit that operated under FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance ACT). With a special covert waiver from the White House, the FBI’s counterintelligence unit was directed to conduct a ‘Special Surveillance Program’ and given a set of operations and targets that went with that.

For their new operation certain previously strict FISA rules were relaxed, while others were totally over-ridden.

The lower-level FBI agents, those who actually performed the operations, were told neither the reason nor purpose – all of a sudden their operational scope, together with the means and certain abilities, was suddenly expanded.

The new covert COINTELPRO, proved to be highly successful…

more here

Who is Behind “Fake News”? Mainstream Media Use Fake Videos and Images

The mainstream corporate media is desperate.

They want to suppress independent and alternative online media, which it categorizes as “fake news”. 

Readers on social media are warned not to go onto certain sites. 

The intent of this initiative is to smear honest reporting and Truth in Media.

Our analysis confirms that the mainstream media are routinely involved in distorting the facts and turning realities upside down. 

They are the unspoken architects of “Fake News”.  

One area of routine distortion is the use of fake videos and images by the mainstream media. 

Four Notorious Cases of  Media Distortion

These are four examples and there are many more. The manipulation of videos and images is routine. In some cases, these manipulations are revealed by readers, independent media and social media. In most cases they go undetected. And when they are revealed, the media will say “sorry” we apologize: they will then point to technical errors. “we got the wrong video”.

What is important to emphasize is that these media distortions are invariably deliberate.



Child porn on government devices: A hidden security threat

December 5, 2016 Daniel Payne, director of the Pentagon’s Defense Security Service, admitted this spring to encountering “unbelievable” amounts of child pornography on government computers.

But the revelation raised many more troubling questions. Who was downloading the sexually explicit and criminal material? How much of it was on intelligence agency networks? And why didn’t the federal government deploy more robust technologies to keep child pornography from spreading on its networks?

While the notion of government employees and contractors with high levels of security clearance looking at child pornography was disturbing on its own, internal records retrieved through the Freedom of Information Act revealed the problem is not limited to military and intelligence agencies.


[ORIGINAL RESEARCH] The Mountain of Evidence for a Massive International Pedophile Ring Protected by Police and Intelligence Agencies

Image result for jerry sandusky with kids

Jerry Sandusky Second Mile Charity


Image result for savile and prince andrew

Prince Andrew (friends with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein) and Sir Jimmy Savile


Jeffrey Epstein and another person can be seen meeting Pope John Paul II


The Vatican and Catholic Church – filled with paedophiles and cover-ups

Image result for savile and pope

Sir Jimmy Savile and Pope John Paul II

Image result for savile and charles

Prince Charles – linked to many paedophiles (Sir Jimmy Savile, Bishop Peter Ball etc)

Two high profile pedophilia cases have come to light in recent years, the abuses of Jerry Sandusky at Penn State and those of famed British entertainer Jimmy Savile.

While both cases certainly garnered their fair share of media attention, their time in the spotlight has ended and we are led to believe that their horrific abuses were the result of a lone pedophile preying on children, while esteemed institutions turned a blind eye to their discretions.

Occasionally, however, the media would pick up on a story such as “Jimmy Savile was part of satanic ring1, EXPRESS UK, or Jerry Sandusky was part of pedophile ring, victim claims2, GLOBAL POST.

These stories seem absurd at first glance. Yet if they are investigated further, we are lead down a horrific and disturbing rabbit hole of pedophiles populating positions of power in government, finance, and entertainment.

This post will lay out the evidence for an international pedophile ring of massive proportions.

The information contained within is of tremendous importance, for we are sitting on our very own modern holocaust, a holocaust of children. I promise that this statement is by no means an exaggeration, and urge you to not be scared away by these walls of text, which are as concise as possible while still conveying the necessary information. Throughout, I will be completely transparent with my sources, and will not beat you over the head with conclusions, but rather present you with evidence and let you decide for yourselves.



PizzaGate: A Comprehensive Guide

The best way to tell this story is to start learning about it in the way that it was understood by us who researched first. Rather than go in some chronological order of events that could stretch back decades – we will start with the recent Wikileaks dump of John Podesta’s emails.

This article begins to detail a highly sophisticated network of child sex trafficking involving dozens of people very close to Hillary Clinton.

I have also made a nodal network map using the relationships from this article in a visual format. Take a look.

General History

A video detailing the political corruption of John Podesta. It is important to first realize the level of surface level deceit, and then learn about the motivation and the blackmail that is required to be in this kind of a political position. Also keep in mind where John competes with his brother Tony over their art collections.

Here is a data dump of global pedophile-ring implicating governments and etc


Snopes caught Lying about Spirit Cooking.

CPP False Flag Man with assault rifle at Comet, now you know why the camera was removed TODAY(v/pizzagate)

They are obviously panicking. I’m trying to find the thread, I will update when I find it

Here it is :

Traffic cam at CPP moved! Can’t see anything now

Yeah, we just happened to remove the camera the day one of those deranged Pizzagate people showed up! Also, none of us have any cellphone video of it either! You should all hate the Pizzagate people now and totally not listen to anthing they’re saying.” – CPP in a few hours

Gunman fires shots inside store at centre of fake Clinton paedophile ring story

Muckety score:


John D. Podesta’s score is based on 31 connections to others in the Muckety database.
map is interactive –here

Why is a pizza joint owner named James Alefantis listed as the 49th most powerful man in Washington DC?


In his first year of graduate school, Hastert spent three months in Japan as part of the People to People Student Ambassador Program.[29] One of Hastert’s fellow group members was Tony Podesta (then the president of the Young Democrats at University of Illinois at Chicago Circle). Hastert admitted to molesting kids when he did work as a teacher.

Tony Podesta still keeps in regular contact with Hastert.


Dec 2

This is an actual cover of the New York Times. is already trying to normalize pedophilia.

The nation’s tough anti-pedophilia laws are unfair to pedophiles, according to an op-ed published by The New York Times’ editors.

“One can live with pedophilia and not act on it,” says Margo Kaplan, an entrepreneurial assistant law professor at Rutgers University, and a former lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union.

Tragically, the roughly 1 percent of “people who are sexually attracted to children] must hide their disorder from everyone they know — or risk losing educational and job opportunities, and face the prospect of harassment and even violence,” she wrote.




Dismantling Lazy Journalism from the BBC PizzaGate Article


PizzaGate – The Psyop Aspects – Watch The Misdirection


Could this be why the BBC just denounced as fake news, I wonder?

Image result for dando cliff richard

Cliff has been Patron of Dreamflight – a charity supported by British Airways

Image result for mark thompson bbc dando

Cliff Richard, Alan Farthing, Jill Dando, Nick Ross

Image result for cliff richard and savile

BBC’s Lord Chris Patten, Mark Thompson (now CEO of the NYT which also denounced PizzaGate as “fake news”) and Queen Elizabeth

The Queen has kept silent about the  child abuse scandal around former BBC star Jimmy Savile that is described as the worst crisis to hit the corporation in 50 years.

Indeed, Savile was knighted when his abuse was well underway and the Queen should have distanced herself and the royal family from the pedophile immediately after allegations of his pervert activities to ward off unwanted speculation.


Image result for jimmy savile cards debo and deborah mitford




Image result for queen elizabeth savile

Mysterious deaths at the BBC



For almost a full month Pizzagate has been discussed across the internet by a steadily growing group of people, and the chances are, if you are reading this article, you are already aware of the background to Pizzagate. For those who have not followed the Pizzagate story I will sum it up in a few lines. A citizens investigation into Pizzagate began after WikiLeaks, founded by Julian Assange, published the Pizzagate emails. A series of emails between Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, and James Alefantis led people to think that something very odd was afoot.

Alefantis owns a Washington pizza joint called Comet Ping Pong which sits right at the center of the Pizzagate scandal. Internet investigators discovered pictures on Alefantis’ Instagram account that were deeply disturbing. For example there were photographs of Alefantis holding a small girl, he had added the hashtag #ChickenLover to the post. In pedophile slang a chicken lover is someone who has a taste for very young boys. Alefantis also shared a picture showing a young girl who had her arms taped to a table.

Pizzagate links Alefantis to John Podesta and the Podesta emails were very odd indeed. Podesta and his brother Tony Podesta were invited to a “Spirit Cooking” dinner by artist Marina Abramovic. Spirit cooking is described as a satanic ritual and this has led investigators to believe that Pizzagate may allude to ritualized sexual abuse of children for satanic purposes.

Alefantis is also linked to Podesta through David Brock. Alefantis and Brock were once a couple. Brock set up Media Matters For America (MMFA) a pro-Clinton news site which was given office space by John Podesta during the recent presidential campaign. Investigators have also turned up links between these people and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, as well as other powerful people.

So Is Pizzagate Real?

Is Pizzagate real? Not if you believe the mainstream media. Earlier today the BBC became the latest major outlet to denigrate the Pizzagate story. They dismiss Pizzagate as “the fake story that shows how conspiracy theories spread.” The BBC quote James Alefantis who maintains his total innocence and claims Pizzagate “ignores basic truths.”

“They ignore basic truths. For instance, the conspiracy supposedly is run out of the restaurant’s basement. We don’t even have a basement.”

“Sometimes an innocent picture of a child in a basket is just an innocent picture of a child in a basket and not proof of a child sex trafficking ring.”

Oddly it seems that the BBC may have caught Alefantis in a lie when he denies that his restaurant has a basement. Just last year Alefantis told Metro Weekly that Comet Ping Pong had a basement in which he stored his own produce.

“Well, we make everything from scratch. Other restaurants, even good restaurants, will, like, not roast their own peppers.”

“Like our sauce, we harvest a whole crop of organic tomatoes, 10 tons of tomatoes every year. Can them all, store them in the basement, have like a harvest party when it gets loaded in.”

Of course Mr Alefantis may well be confused, or have been misquoted, but the inconsistencies don’t help his case, especially as he shared Instagram photographs of construction work, allegedly in his basement.

Pedophiles At The BBC

Given the BBC’s history with pedophile presenters it is perhaps strange that the corporation is so quick to dismiss Pizzagate as “fake news.

Just this year Dame Janet Smith’s report into the Jimmy Savile pedophile case concluded that BBC bosses must have been aware of Savile’s activities when he sexual assaulted numerous young girls, some as young as 10-years-old, whilst he was presenting the BBC’s Top Of The Pops program.

Another BBC employee, TV presenter Stuart Hall, was also found guilty of sexually molesting children. Again the BBC had to report that that its bosses were aware of Hall’s activities and did nothing to stop it.

The Independent also reported earlier this year that another BBC DJ, Dave Lee Travis, had been found guilty of sexually abusing young people. Again, earlier this year, the Daily Mirror reported that the BBC had to sack another DJ, Tony Blackburn, after he was accused of a sexual assault on a Top Of The Pops dancer. Those allegations dated back to 1971 but the Express reported last month that Blackburn had been cleared of those charges and will return to work at the BBC a year after being sacked. Mr Blackburn’s alleged victim committed suicide weeks after the alleged incident.

Of course none of this proves that Alefantis, Podesta, or anyone else caught up in Pizzagate, is actually a pedophile. What it does show however is a set of very strange circumstances that people want answers to. Cries that Alefantis and Podesta are caught up in a crazy alt-right conspiracy theory and are totally innocent simply won’t wash with people who think that Pizzagate stinks worse than last weeks fish.



List of  foster care agencies with paedo logos…

“I’m a graphic designer, web developer, researcher, and truther. I have helped many clients start companies with branding, websites and content development. There is a lot of coping in any industry, you see what works and you try to model yourself after that. Its called a ME2 website. That is normal. The one thing you don’t do is copy their logo. Your logo is your brand. The fact that so many of these businesses have almost the same logo does not make any sense to me at all. This does not happen in any industry. This smells funny and knowing what we know about Pizzagate it is worth investigating. “

“Here is the LIST:

Researching FBIAnon, saying don’t focus on the pizza places, there are much bigger areas to focus on , and seeing the pedo swirl logo pop up in different places I began to expand my horizons. If I were a Pedo, where would I go? After researching and finding some clues, adoption centers not keeping records, going unchecked, I found the target…

I also came to the conclusion that the 2007 FBI report was of logos from that day. 9 years is a lot of time. Being a graphics designer, I know logos have improved tremendously over this period of time. We have to assume that since the 2007 FBI report on PEDO logos that some of the top brass would have caught wind and relayed it to the more high profile pedo targets. Adoption Centers and Foster Cares would be that type of target, not a #ty protected pizza place a half block from the white house. So Its understandable why Besta still had it in their logo.

Thru google image searching and using wayback I found a few logos that have been updated. This was the most obvious to me. Family Services of NW PA logo here… clearly shows the Young Boy Lover Swirl Logo in the background. The new logo has 3 circles on a tree.… Using this as a Rosetta Stone, I included in my search any logo that had 3 circles, and there were A LOT! ”


So a organization founded to help children is symbolized by a until recently secret Pedo symbol.
Upon this discovery they scrubbed their sites.

I wasn’t 100% convinced about the logo change – so I checked out their Facebook page  and sure enough

It was there – in plain sight –

The video/logo was also posted in July 2016 – so if this were an elaborate hoax – then it’s been in the pipeline a while – well before pizza gate started.



Elpida, The Radcliffe Foundation, and #Pizzagate



Elpida is wholly controlled by the Radcliffe Foundation which was founded by Billionaire Frank Giustra, a major Clinton contributor.
He also founded Lionsgate Films and their subsidiaries.

So there is your #Pedowood connection

thanks to VOAT for this breakthrough.

So a organization founded to help children is symbolized by a until recently secret Pedo symbol.
Upon this discovery they scrubbed their sites.

they are already scrambling to hide this.

Screencap and save everything.

For the children



PizzaGate goes back decades – like UK Football – like Jimmy Savile – like Elm Guest House

summation @ 1.36 – says it all


Nov 27, 2016

Are u sleeping??? Brother John, mourning bells are ringing. DING! DING! DONG!!!

This one is from the 1980s.

The Pizza Gate-Phile was happening back then and the FBI sided with the pedosadist.

Below is a twitter post that Breitbart made to Podesta in 2011 filled with vile regarding this. If you look down further on the link you will see another post to Podesta referencing Acorn with from 2010

Breitbart twitter post 2011

It is hard to tell if he is accusing Podesta of the acts or accusing him for helping someone in acorn who was. Maybe both

If you recall Acorn came down in 2009 when leaders were charged with Fraud. Podesta later appointed Steve Kest to some position at Center for American Progress. Kest helped cover up the Fraud. Add this because I don’t know exactly who Breitbart was targeting at Acorn.


Needless to say, he knew a lot more than he was telling



Andrew Breitbart tweet before death adds fuel to online speculation of D.C. sex-trafficking ring

November 28, 2016

Andrew Breitbart is making news even in death.

Social media speculation of a sex-trafficking ring in the nation’s capital has burned up social media sites for weeks. Complicating matters is Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s decision not to comment on anything WikiLeaks-related for months.

 Explosive claims by Internet sleuths, which were prompted after reading stolen documents belonging to Mr. Podesta, have been derided as “viciously phony” by Fox News’ Howard Kurtz.

A tweet by Mr. Breitbart shortly before his March 1, 2012, death is now being cited by online researchers as proof that they are onto something big.

How prog-guru John Podesta isn’t household name as world class underage sex slave op cover-upperer defending unspeakable dregs escapes me,” Mr. Breitbart wrote Feb. 4, 2011.


The conservative icon’s death at age 43 was attributed to “heart failure.”

Knowledge of the late conservative’s tweet sent Google searches for “Andrew Breitbart” skyrocketing Sunday night as news spread to members of Twitter, Reddit, GAB, Voat and other social media platforms.

“One of America’s best an most respected independent journalists at the time;

he is making a very bold claim about John Podesta — back then — based on his own research,”

former Huffington Post contributor David Seaman wrote on GAB Sunday night.

This is years before WikiLeaks came out.”





@ 2.01 Jimmy Savile – supplied children to a network…… rest is about pizza gate


NYT’s Defense Of PizzaGate DC Pedophiles Blown Apart

 Podestas and Leon Brittan

 18 December 1999

How drug giants let millions die of Aids

Revealed: Ed Vulliamy reports from Washington on how the pursuit of profit by Western companies – and their political allies – stalled South Africa’s fight against HIV, and sees the tragic cost in the townships


Pizzagate – NEW DISCOVERY: 2008 Washington Post Article Speaks of Comet Pizza, Rape and Murder

Raw Fisher

D.C. Official: Outdoor Seats At Pizza Place Will Mean Rapes And Murders

When a Washington neighborhood commissioner staged a nighttime surveillance of a Northwest pizza place and put the resulting video up on YouTube to prove what a threat to public safety an outdoor ping-pong table posed, the image of a ping-pong ball rolling out onto Connecticut Avenue was chilling enough.

But this week, that same commissioner, Frank Winstead, ratcheted up the scare rhetoric in a big way: At a meeting of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3F Monday night, in front of the largest crowd in the ANC’s history, Winstead accused the owner of Comet Ping Pong of seeking to turn this quiet stretch of Connecticut Avenue in Forest Hills into a haven for rape and murder.

The crowd of about 100 residents–mainly fans of the pizza place–fell into an uproar and drowned out Winstead following this exchange, which you can hear for yourself on the audio recording of the meeting:

A supporter of Comet addressed the commission, which was considering owner James Alefantis’s application to extend his opening hours deeper into the evening, provide musical entertainment inside his restaurant, and add a patio for outdoor seating out front. The woman asked the commissioners why they would want to restrict Comet and other local businesses so that she has to travel 25 blocks away to find a late-night place for food and drink. “Why am I denied the privilege and the pleasure of a venue less than a block and a half away?” the resident asked.

Winstead, who has taken it upon himself to act as the guardian of clear and quiet streets in his section of Northwest Washington, replied: “Safety. James is trying to turn this into Adams Morgan, with the murders, the rapes….” At this point, the crowd’s roar overwhelmed the commissioner’s remarks.

But Winstead wasn’t done. Twice more during a 45-minute debate on the merits (and technicalities) of allowing a restaurant located on a commercial strip well apart from any residences to serve its loyal customers deep into the night, Winstead took off on Alefantis. He accused the owner of “filling up his fat wallet.” Then Winstead started yelling about Alefantis spitting on customers’ food. “He’s lying, cheating!” the commissioner shouted.

Commission chairman Jane Solomon kept trying to rein in her wayward colleague (“Frank, that’s not helpful”), but it was rough sledding for a while.

In the Forest Hills-Tenleytown area, the idea that a restaurant might stay open late, provide entertainment for its customers and–horrors!–even let folks sit outside on a summer’s eve is a shocking invasion to some residents. But for once, the District’s byzantine form of neighborhood democracy–which heavily favors the tiny group of people who despise any street life, cling to the notion that they live in a suburb, and have nothing better to do than attend ANC meetings–produced a result that reflects the wishes of the great majority who choose to live in the city expressly for the busy street activity Alefantis seeks to foster.

By a 4-3 vote, the commissioners approved everything Comet Ping Pong’s owners sought. The eatery, if the city’s alcoholic beverage control board agrees, will now be allowed to stay open till 2 a.m. on weeknights and 3 a.m. on weekends instead of until midnight. And Comet will be allowed to sponsor musical events as well as put up outdoor seating on the sidewalk where the ping-pong table stood until Winstead asked the D.C. government to have it removed. (Ping-pong tables will remain in the restaurant’s large back room.)

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen that much support for any establishment before,” says Mital Gandhi, a commissioner who led the push for more lenient rules for Comet. Gandhi says the community made its distaste for Winstead’s actions and words quite clear. “The whole crowd was just booing this guy. They were all disgusted.”

Under the new agreement, the ANC has given Comet the leeway it needs to serve its customers and make a profit, and has made certain that neighbors are protected by getting Comet to hire a security person to assure that those leaving the restaurant late at night are quiet. “There is a balance with everything,” Gandhi says. “I’m happy we found it with Comet.”

Opponents of the new rules for Comet accused the restaurant of breaking its current restrictions by hosting bands before getting city permission to do so. And commissioner Cathy Wiss–who said she supported expanding Comet’s hours because her younger neighbors want to be able to eat and drink at a place that’s open late–nonetheless fretted that letting Comet stay open could “disturb the peace. We have gangs of American University students that walk down the middle of my street at 2 a.m. Fridays, Saturdays, yelling, screaming, singing, and my sense is that they’ve been out drinking somewhere,” she said.

The trials and tribulations of life in leafy upper Northwest simply never cease to amaze–imagine, college students singing on their way home late at night. Could there be another community in the nation wracked with such problems? A ping-pong table on a sidewalk, a pizzeria that wants to put up outdoor seating, and of course, all those murders and rapes that naturally follow if people are permitted to dine after midnight. Surely there must be some solution to these urban ills.

I’m thinking, you know, checkpoints or something like that.

By Marc Fisher |  June 18, 2008; 7:25 AM ET


NYT’s Defense Of PizzaGate DC Pedophiles Blown Apart

Nov 25, 2016

Shame on The New York Times. Shame on Cecilia Kang. Shame on disgusting James Alefantis. America is watching, sickos. The entire world is watching. And we are very, very angry. Global justice.


#PIZZAGATE – A Review so far.

Nov 24, 2016

Is PizzaGate real, sort of real, or blown out of proportion? Researcher Megan ( gave all of this an independent look on her own, in case I was seeing connections that were not there. Sadly, I’ve perhaps been too tame in my coverage here- these are totally sick people. NO doubt in my mind. None whatsoever. My God.



Nov 24, 2016

PizzaGate – DNC Pedophile Ring exposed by Podesta’s Emails – Obama, Clintons, Andrew Kline

Published on Nov 15, 2016

Image result for Besta Pizza is owned by Andrew Kline of the Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit of the DOJ

Besta Pizza is owned by Andrew Kline of the Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit of the DOJ



Portugal isn’t particularly known for pizza , but certain circles know that the age of consent is 14 in Portugal.

Besta Pizza is 2 doors down from Comet Pizza :

  • Besta Pizza logo contained known pedophile symbolism
  • Best Pizza logo removed symbolism within the last few days
  • Andrew Kline owns Besta Pizza.
  • Andrew Kline worked/works as an attorney in Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit of the DoJ
  • Andrew Kline was appointed to this position by Bill Clinton



So, that means that the guy who owns a pizza place that uses a pedo symbol for it’s logo is in charge of finding human trafficking in the US at DOJ and was appointed by Clinton.”

Bill Clinton good friends with convicted billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and took many trips on his Lolita Express

Image result for bill clinton jeffrey epstein

Prince Andrew also good friends with Jeffrey Epstein

Image result for epstein and andrew


The New York Times says “PizzaGate” is fake news

Image result for Mark Thompson savile bbc

Mark Thompson is the current Chief Executive Officer of The New York Times Company.
From 2004 to 2012, Thompson was Director-General of the BBC and involved in the BBC’s cover-up of Sir Jimmy Savile.
Image result for Mark Thompson savile bbc
Image result for prince charles and mark thompsonImage result for jimmy savile auction
Image result for prince charles and savile
A legal letter said neither Mark Thompson nor Helen Boaden, above with Jimmy Savile, knew of the allegations about the DJ

Former BBC boss Mark Thompson ‘lied’ over Savile evidence, Nick Pollard claims

Telegraph publishes full tape recording of Nick Pollard suggesting that former BBC boss Mark Thompson lied when giving evidence about Jimmy Savile scandal


Following article from the New York Times:

Fake News Onslaught Targets Pizzeria as Nest of Child-Trafficking

This Pizzeria Is Not a Child-Trafficking Site

Nov. 21, 2016

Days before the presidential election, James Alefantis, owner of a local pizza restaurant called Comet Ping Pong, noticed an unusual spike in the number of his Instagram followers.

 All of them alleged something that made Mr. Alefantis’s jaw drop: that Comet Ping Pong was the home base of a child abuse ring led by Hillary Clinton and her campaign chief, John D. Podesta.

Alefantis has some prominent Democratic friends in Washington and was a supporter of Mrs. Clinton, he has never met her, dany of these claims.

Mr. Alefantis, an artist born and raised in Washington, co-founded Comet Ping Pong 10 years ago as a casual spot for clay oven pizza. The restaurant has kid-friendly features like Ping-Pong tables and a craft room. Famous natives like members of the band Fugazi have held small shows there. The eatery, which seats 120, is a mash-up of red and white checkered tablecloths and modernist murals and paintings from friends of Mr. Alefantis.

Mr. Alefantis mingles with other Washington chefs and his establishment helped him to be named No. 49 in GQ magazine’s 50 most powerful people in Washington in 2012. His customers include some high-powered locals, such as Tony Podesta, the brother of John Podesta, whom Mr. Alefantis knows casually. Mr. Alefantis and Mr. Brock, who is the founder of Media Matters for America, a website that tracks press coverage critical of the Clintons and works to debunk misinformation in the conservative press, broke up five years ago.

It began when John Podesta’s email account was hacked and his emails were published by WikiLeaks during the presidential campaign. Days before the election, users on the online message board 4Chan noticed that one of Mr. Podesta’s leaked emails contained communications with Mr. Alefantis discussing a fund-raiser for Mrs. Clinton.

The 4Chan users immediately speculated about the links between Comet Ping Pong and the Democratic Party. Some posited the restaurant was part of a larger Democratic child trafficking ring, which was a theory long held by some conservative blogs.

“From this insane, fabricated conspiracy theory, we’ve come under constant assault,” said Mr. Alefantis, 42, who was once in a relationship with David Brock, a provocative former right-wing journalist who became an outspoken advocate for Mrs. Clinton.


Image result for New York Times boss sued over alleged ageist, racist and sexist hiring practices

28 April 2016

New York Times boss sued over alleged ageist, racist and sexist hiring practices

Paper denies ‘unjustified’ claims that CEO Mark Thompson introduced culture that favors ‘young, white’ and single staffers to older female and black employees

Mark Thompson also faced charges of age-based discrimination while director-general of the BBC.

It is claimed that Thompson, who was in charge of the BBC during a series of scandals over the way the broadcaster treats older women including newsreader Moira Stewart, Countryfile’s Miriam O’Reilly and Strictly Come Dancing’s Arlene Phillips, “brought his misogynistic and ageist attitudes across the Atlantic to New York City”.



Image result for Besta Pizza is owned by Andrew Kline of the Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit of the DOJ

James Alefantis and Tony Podesta

Image result for Besta Pizza is owned by Andrew Kline of the Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit of the DOJ

^ George Soros gave $11,000 to Comet Pizza

Nov 28

What type of Pizza Shop has a private user section for downloading & it’s own content distribution sever?



This is the start of an open source investigation into the Pizza Gate Pedophile Rings being run by Comet Ping Pong Pizza. This ring of Pedophiles is directly exposed by the emails from John Podesta and Tony Podesta. Also directly connected to this is DOJ Andrew Kline. The links I have compiled are below in this description. I will be uploading this video to the Steemit BlockChain so it will forever be on the internet, uncensorable in the block chain

DC Leaks Pizza Gate:

Wikileaks Podesta Emails:…

Andrew Kline owns Besta Pizza:…

Beyond Borders:

Comet Ping Pong:

Comet Ping Pong Yelp:…

Comet Ping Pong FB:

Besta Pizza Yelp:…

FBI Known Pedophilia Symbolism:

Jimmy Comet Insta:…

Julian Treger Insta:

Charlotte Insta:…

Brian Bakers Insta:

TransformerDC Insta:

CBoutlier Insta:

Victoria Reis Insta:…

Comet Ping Pong Insta:

Halien Witch Trials :

Wild Torus:

Reddit Bans #Pizzagate Investigation. The Corbett Report Continues It.

So reddit has banned the pizzagate subreddit…but the investigation continues.

A pizzagate forum has sprung up on and awareness of the scandal is spreading on YouTube, Twitter and other social media outlets.

And now The Corbett Report community can collate information on the pizzagate scandal in this new open source investigation. Corbett Report members are invited to login to the site and start posting, collecting, collating, analyzing and discussing information related to the scandal

Searchable archived PizzaGate data


#PizzaGate (Plus Current Events/Intel Compilation)

Six Case Studies That Point To A Massive Child Pedophilia Ring At The Highest Levels Of Power

11 Nov 2016

With all the speculation surrounding the Clintons, and the allegations that they are intimately tied to a massive child pedophilia ring interconnected with occult practices,

the following case studies show that the idea of a massive child pedophilia ring at the highest levels of power is very real and needs to be addressed.







More here

FBI Agent’s Affidavit Unsealed: Child Trafficking, Pedophilia and Child Pornography Exposed—Who Was the Real Target?

November 17, 2016

You really have to wonder why an FBI agent felt compelled to file this affidavit in MARYLAND?
Why did an FBI agent ever deign to file such a detailed affidavit regarding child pornography, child sexual abuse and child trafficking with the U.S. District Court of the District of Maryland?

Even though it was initially sealed, once filed, such a radioactive document could be used for a variety of reasons, both good and bad.  It was only a matter of time before it would be released to the public.

The concerned FBI agent could have filed this affidavit to put the pedophile rings on notice … that the agency was coming to get them.  This type of advance notice would seem to be provided by an agent working for an insider of the pedo ring.

On the other hand, this affidavit may have been submitted to the court by a disgruntled FBI agent who has seen many child sexual abuse crimes go unpunished and uninvestigated.

The sheer detail shown below does seem to indicate the agent is showing the perpetrators that the FBI has got their number.  And, that there is no escape for those who stay in the USA.  There, again, the agent may be tipping off the pedophiles that the FBI has such a strong case against them that there is only one alternative, and that is to flee the country.

Between these two extreme cases, of course, there are numerous other possibilities. Nevertheless, the valuable information posted below provides a unique window into the life of a pedophile and their many relationships and interactions, especially those that involve the use of the Internet.

link  Warning – disturbing reading


By Mark Hosenball | WASHINGTON

Despite claims by Julian Assange that Washington is plotting to extradite and execute him, U.S. and European government sources say the United States has issued no criminal charges against the WikiLeaks founder and has launched no attempt to extradite him.

According to the US, there are no other personnel that make up Wikileaks other than Assange and Manning.  With Assange under wraps and Manning in prison, there is, in fact, no Wikileaks operation at all, according to the US Department of Justice.

There is no active investigation, there are no suspects, no hackers, no servers, no leakers.  Wikileaks material appears out of nowhere, passed on by no-one and there are no laws being violated by any living human being even though the material is often highly classified or fabricated to seem as such, generally a mixture of both.


Real, but a mass psyop?…very disturbing, traumatising reading…trauma based programming right before the election??

Wikileaks = CIA

In the weeks leading up to the election, some of the most damning Wikileaks began to surface


In the weeks leading up to the election, some of the most damning Wikileaks began to surface yet, leading to allegations of the darker activities of the Podestas’ and the Clinton clique — things like Spirit Cooking and bizarre, seemingly coded emails possibly referring to pedophilia crimes.Now someone has taken the time to lay out all the evidence in one giant, archived chart.While this information is creepy enough in small doses, when one looks at it all together like that, it is terribly damning.A lot of people have made the comment that Hillary is above the law. It would appear from this chart that Podesta is too.

“Why Do Podesta and His Brother Look So Much Like the Suspect Drawings in the Madeleine McCann Disappearance Case?”

Nov 14 2016

As the creep factor for the Podesta brothers continues to rise following a slew of disturbing Wikileaks revelations, this picture is now making it’s way around social media in various forms.


One is a picture of Hillary campaign chair John with his brother Tony Podesta, one of the top lobbyists in DC; the other is of a police sketch made of men wanted in the 2007 abduction of Madeleine McCann.

Here’s another. Notice anything?


And then it just gets creepier:mccann-podesta-cant-arrest

Little Madeleine McCann disappeared out of her bed while her family was vacationing in Portugal in 2007, a place the Podesta family is known to vacation to according to other Wikileaks emails like this one.

Others have pointed out the police sketches above were really of just one suspect initially, not two… but it is also two sketches from two different witnesses, so that doesn’t prove anything about how many perpetrators there actually were.

Still, the portraits side-by-side are uncanny, and on top of the mountain of other disturbing evidence, for some people this is just one too many coincidences.

Not only that, but a DDoS attack was reportedly initiated against sleuths on 4Chan at the same time new information on the McCann case was being released