Vicar Guy Bennett/COE/Theatre Chaplain/School Governor/Paedophile Ring/Friend of Mohamed al Fayed


Former vicar Guy Bennett from East Grinstead charged over historic sexual offences

against nine victims who were under the age of 16 at the time, reportedly took place over a 15-year period between 1977 and 1992 in Oxted and London.
October 20, 2016

Bennett, 83, is on conditional bail and is due to appear at Redhill Magistrates Court on November 21.

Vicar Guy Bennett was part of a paedophile ring.

Vicar Guy Bennett was friends with Mohamed al Fayed and conducted a memorial service for Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed.


The Rev Guy Bennett, a friend of Mohamed al Fayed…

Police in Oxted, Surrey, refused to give out more details. The vicar, who has been suspended from the Church of England, will appear before magistrates in Reigate on October 9.

Guy Bennett, the father of two, led a service at his village church near al Fayed’s home and afterwards they planted a tree together in the grounds.


Guy Bennett abused at:

St Mary’s Church, Oxted, Surrey
All Saint’s Church, Oxted, Surrey
Memorial to Dodi Fayed

Memorial to Dodi Fayed  in the churchyard of St Mary’s Church, Oxted


 This plaque is discreetly sited beneath a tree in the churchyard of St Mary’s church, Oxted. The lover of the late Princess Diana, who died with her in 1997, is not buried here, but the Fayed family have been generous benefactors of their local church.

British Victim of Clergy Abuse Speaks out 352 Lux Mag November 19, 2010

Lucy Duckworth, who protested against paedophile priests in Rome on Friday, was just five years old when she was first abused at her Sunday school in the quiet village of Oxted in Surrey.

Duckworth was abused at All Saints Church until she was 11 by a “paedophile ring” involving a Catholic priest, his helper and a Church of England vicar, who was later jailed for abuse of minors.

“They’d take me into a room and abuse me in front of a poor man with Down’s Syndrome who was told to watch the door and make sure no-one came in,” said Duckworth, a member of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP).

“I can’t tell you the psychological damage, I’m haunted by what happened every day,” she told AFP.


The vicar, Guy Bennett, was sentenced to nine months in prison by the Old Bailey court in London in 1999 for indecently assaulting three 11-year-old girls between 1976 and 1988.

He denied four further offences and, when the prosecution said it would not be in the public interest to pursue them, they were simply left on file.

Duckworth said that Bennett had simply moved away from the area and was still working for the Church of England — a common trend in cases of predator priests whose crimes have often been covered up by senior clergy.

The police launched an investigation into the other priest who abused me and got detailed statements from a lot of victims at the Sunday school, but the case was dropped the minute he denied everything,” she said.

Vicar Jailed for Fondling Schoolgirls

Birmingham Evening Mail (England), May 29, 1999

The Rev Guy Bennett, who was Rector of Oxted and Tandridge in Surrey for 26 years, admitted to three offences indecent assaulting three 11-year-old girls between 1976 and 1988.

Judge Giles Forrester jailed Bennett – who was also chaplain to the London Palladium theatre – for nine months for each offence, and ordered that the sentences should run concurrently.

The court had heard that Bennett was a governor of St Mary’s School, Oxted, and taught the 11-year-olds religious education.

He had fondled the girls on a school trip to the Isle of Wight, following a school play and behind a desk during a lesson.

Bennett, the father of two daughters, separated from his wife some years ago.

He was a churchman, a teacher and a school governor.

He was living in the Oxted vicarage when he was charged, and a Church of England spokesman confirmed Bennett was suspended from St Mary’s in September when the police inquiry was launched.

He had been rector there since 1972 and also taught religious education part-time at a local school.

After studying at Oxford University and Wells Theological College, one of his first jobs was as chaplain in Butlin’s holiday camp at Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, in 1963.


The way to stardom for so many of today’s top entertainers has been regularly documented over the years and it is a well known fact that the likes of Dave Allen, Des O’Connor, Charlie Drake, Ted Rogers, Roy Hudd, Jimmy Tarbuck, Johnny Ball, Mike Newman, Freddie Davis, Michael Barrymore, Jimmy Cricket, Clinton Ford, William G. Stewart, Russ Hamilton and many more, all began their careers as Butlin Redcoats


For many years, Guy Bennett had been a voluntary chaplain who visited theatres interacting with celebrities.



Reminiscences of an Actors’ Church Union Theatre Chaplain

Guy Bennett was stage-struck. For many years , he had been a voluntary chaplain who visited theatres on behalf of the Actors’ Church Union.

He was chaplain to the London Palladium.

Guy Bennett, ACU Chaplain to the London Palladium 1972-1998.

He was always welcomed backstage, except by Bing Crosby.

The Actors’ Church Union was a charity established at the end of the 19th century  to bring together and to help Christian actors and actresses, mainly by appointing Chaplains to every theatre in Britain.

He did a lot of comedian’s funerals – Michael Bentine‘s, (Michael Bentine was a close personal friend of Prince Charles), Roy Hudd’s wedding, charity concerts with Ronnie Corbett, chaplain to the Phoenix Theatre in the West End when Jill Bennett was starring in a play called West of Suez.

Michael Bentine was a close personal friend of Prince Charles and a British Intelligence agent.

A very young Roy Hudd at Clacton in 1958

Roy Hudd at Clacton in 1958.

Roy Hudd:

Hudd was born in Croydon. His father was a carpenter and he attended Tavistock Secondary Modern School in Croydon and Croydon Secondary Technical School. He then worked as a messenger for an advertising agency, a window dresser and a commercial artist working under Harry Beck.[3]

In 1958 he took a summer job as a Redcoat at Butlins, Clacton working alongside Cliff Richard and Dave Allen.



Cliff Richard at Butlins

Known as Cliff Richard and the Drifters – Prior to their arrival at Clacton, the group had cut their first demo-disc in a recording booth in Oxford Street, London

Image result for rev guy bennett and  Fayed
Survivor Duckworth is shocked Guy Bennett is still able to attend church in East Grinstead and use the title “Reverend”.
She became aware of his attendances at an East Grinstead Church following a campaign to the Diocese of Chichester.
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby said in a letter he is powerless to prevent him from referring to himself as “Reverend” or wearing a clerical collar.

She made a complaint of sexual abuse against Bennett to Surrey Police in 2008, but following the arrest and investigation of three men in their 70s, the Crown Prosecution Service failed to authorise any charges. After raising the issue with the Archbishop and receiving his reply, Ms Duckworth said: “It leaves me feeling bemused, baffled, angry, frustrated and absolutely shocked that this is happening. If he’s powerless to remove convicted child abusers from the institution then they’ve got some real questions to be asking themselves.”

15 Mar 2016 doubt that Joe had been abused by Moore, and there were likely to be other survivors who have not yet come forward.

But there has been no apology from Justin Welby, the archbishop of Canterbury, to whom Joe reports writing 18 letters after the church began examining his case. He had one reply, from a correspondence secretary, assuring him that “the archbishop would hold him in his prayers”.

Image result for Drugs expert Professor John Strang

Drugs expert Professor John Strang, who was often involved in charity work with the Diana, Princess of Wales, spoke on Guy Bennett’s behalf.

1998 Scottish Daily Record & Sunday 21 Oct. 2016

Birmingham Evening Mail (England), May 29, 1999



Image result for michael jackson and f Mohamed al Fayed,
In addition to being friends with convicted paedophile, rev Guy Bennett, Mohammed Al Fayed was also a personal friend of paedophile Michael Jackson

Al Fayed was also a personal friend of Jackson’s and had the statue installed as a tribute to the “King of Pop.” It has stood in place despite the ridicule it has drawn over the last two years.

Prof Strang spoke in defense of Guy Bennett:

Conflicts of Interest – Psychiatrist Professor John Strang

Drugs policy advisor under fire over links to pharmaceutical company

A senior health advisor is facing criticism for his links to a company involved in a million pound drug trial.

Professor John Strang, an architect of drugs policy for more than a decade, is chief clinical investigator in a publicly funded heroin-antidote trial on thousands of prisoners.

Questions over Professor Strang’s links comes just months after he was criticised for failing to disclose ties to drug companies when applying for a government project.

The latest case has caused outrage among campaigners who say drug addiction policies have for too long been open to abuse from vested interests. The issue will be discussed by the Inter Ministerial Group on Drugs this week, The Independent has learnt.

Professor Strang has confirmed receipt of research grants, consultancy payments and travel expenses from several pharmaceutical companies who make medicines to treat addictions including Martindale Pharma and Cardinal Health.

Martindale, owned by Cardinal Health until May 2010, was the manufacturer chosen by the researchers in 2009 to supply pre-filled syringes of the drug Naloxone being used in the pilot study which could eventually involve 56,000 prisoners in England. The study, called N-ALIVE, hopes to reduce overdose deaths in the first month after release from prison.

The relationship between Professor Strang, director of the National Addiction Centre at King’s College London, with Martindale Pharma has publicly emerged – three years after the £1m grant trial was approved by the Indian Council of Medical Research.

Martindale, owned by Cardinal Health until May 2010, was the manufacturer chosen by the researchers in 2009 to supply pre-filled syringes of the drug Naloxone being used in the pilot study which could eventually involve 56,000 prisoners in England. The study, called N-ALIVE, hopes to reduce overdose deaths in the first month after release from prison.

He did not formally declare any conflicts of interest to the ICMR during the application process – which the ICMR says complies with current rules.

dependent – November 13, 2011


Long-standing SSA Trustee, Professor Sir John Strang, who was named in HM Queen Elizabeth’s birthday honours list, 2016.


Guleid Abdulkarim: Baroness Nicholson/ AMAR/Paedophile ring

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AMAR International Charitable Foundation


Patron – Prince Charles

Baroness Nicholson is our Founder and Chairman of the Board. She started AMAR in 1991 in response to Saddam Hussein’s systematic attacks against his own people.

AMAR is a British charity which was founded in 1991 by Baroness Nicholson to deliver services to refugees, internally displaced persons and other under served populations affected by human-caused and natural disasters in Iraq, Lebanon and elsewhere in the Middle East and South Asia.


6th February 2013

The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, Patron of the AMAR International Charitable Foundation, enters the room with Baroness Nicholson, during a reception to mark the charity’s 21st anniversary, in the Royal Gallery at the House of Lords, central London.

Guleid Abdulkarim

Guleid Abdulkarim

London, United Kingdom – ‎Independent Researcher – ‎Independent Research Consultant

Guleid Abdulkarim‘s professional profile on LinkedIn. … diary secretary to Baroness Nicholson in the AMAR International Charitable Foundation, a charity


Some of the images downloaded by 30-year-old Guleid Abdulkarim even featured toddlers

17 Oct 2016

A House of Lords researcher who used a parliamentary laptop to download more than 1,000 indecent images and movies of children has been jailed.

Guleid Abdulkarim had more than 500 images which fall within the most vile category.

His sick images even included footage featuring toddlers, which was found on his laptop in his locker at a gay sauna.

The 30-year-old even recorded footage of him and other men performing a sex act on themselves and discussing child abuse in a chatroom.

He viewed some of the images while in the member’s offices and admitted downloading and sharing the material at Southwark crown court.

Abdulkarim showed no trace of emotion as he was led to the cells.

Prosecutor John Evison said: “This all came to light because parliament carried out a review.

“The defendant was employed by a member of the House of Lords – he was employed as a researcher/assistant.

Getty The Houses of Parliament
The Houses of Parliament

Parliamentary authorities uncovered Guleid Abdulkarim’s stash while performing a routine review of computer systems

Parliament itself carried out a review and found some evidence of indecent images on a parliamentary server and they passed the information to the paedophile unit.”

Officers later contacted Abdulkarim and he met with them outside a cafe in Kennington where he was asked if he had accessed indecent images and replied “no, just porn”.

He then informed the officers that the laptop was actually in a locked room in a sauna called ‘The Locker Room on Cleaver Street.

Abdulkarim’s locker was searched and the laptop containing most of the images was found and he was taken into custody.

In total 1,082 indecent images and movies were found, including 503 category A images which can include children being raped.

Abdulkarim even shared some of the images with others on sharing site Zoomroom, which Mr Evison said would not usually have been able to trace.

The researcher was ‘actively involved in the network’ of paedophiles, a court heard

“Mr Abdulkarim for whatever reason used recording software to record hours and hours of footage of what he has been doing on Zoom.

Abdulkarim was said to be “actively involved in the network” of paedophiles.

A further laptop and three hard drives have also now been seized from Abdulkarim but the content of them has yet to be accessed by police.

Abdulkarim, of no fixed address, admitted four counts of making indecent images of children and one of distributing indecent images of children.

He was jailed for for a mere two years and eight months.





Christmas at the Reform

More than 100 members and guests were invited
to one of London’s most exclusive venues for the
IBBC’s Christmas party.
The spectacular Reform Club in St James’
The evening’s sponsor was the Civil and Environmental Engineering Practice, HWH and
Associates, and the company’s founder and CEO, Peter Hunt, and Managing Director, Sarah Cain,were present to welcome guests.
The IBBC’s Executive Chairman, Baroness
Nicholson, thanked HWH for their generous help

Cheers! Guleid Abdulkarim from AMAR (below)



“The defendant, Guleid Abdulkarim, was employed by a member of the House of Lords – he was employed as a researcher/assistant.

House of Lords researcher Guleid Abdulkarim had 1,000 indecent images of children on Parliament laptop


Baroness Emma Nicholson and Guleid Abdulkarim



IBBC  Editor-In-Chief Baroness Nicholson

IBBC – Editorial Staff:  Guleid Abdulkarim

(pg 4)


Baroness Nicholson and Tony Blair at an IBBC meeting in London in 2012

In total 1,082 indecent images and movies were found, including 503 category A images which can include children being raped.

Guleid Abdulkarim: Head of Office to Baroness Nicholson



 Guleid Abdulkarim worked for Tory peer Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne, who sacked him.




^ Sept 17 2016 – Wonder when she sacked him.

Baroness Nicholson is our Founder and Chairman of the Board of AMAR

Baroness Emma Nicholson –Director of the Save the Children Foundation from 1974 to 1985.

She is a member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Human Trafficking

Image result

Emma Nicholson, within a decade, had persuaded Margaret Thatcher to make her the party’s vice-chairman (for women), and in 1987 she was elected as MP for Torridge and West Devon.

Her background:

EMMA NICHOLSON was born in Farnham in 1941, the third daughter in a family of wealthy Hampshire landowners and gin distillers. Her father was Sir Godfrey Nicholson, a Tory baronet, her mother the daughter of a Scottish earl.

Her ancestors – including three uncles, 10 cousins, a grandfather and three great-grandfathers – had sat in Parliament since the 17th century. Emma was soon following her father on constituency visits….

Nicholson’s mother already worked for charity, and her family were intensely religious. In addition, Nicholson gradually began to realise she was disabled herself: her eyesight condemned her to milk-bottle glasses and, more seriously, she could hardly hear. Aged 16, after hard years at a convent boarding school in Wantage, she was officially diagnosed as deaf: “Home life became a source of despair to me.”

Her family expected her to marry and have children. Nicholson did not want to be passive: she obtained a hearing aid and considered law – but was dissuaded by the convent’s senior nun; she tried being a cook – and gave 200 balloonists salmonella; she tried Central Office. Then, in 1963, she passed the entrance exam for ICL, a computer company.

For the next 13 years she gave herself to primitive keyboards and trips to fix circuits in sweaty African countries. She was a software designer, a systems analyst, a management consultant – but not a prospective wife. “Lots of men wanted to marry me,” she said once (She was 5’10”, slim and – thanks to her deafness – now possessed of a booming, commanding voice). “But I’ve always been too busy.”

In 1974 she turned her energies to charity, joining Save The Children.

Baroness Nicholson, a British peer, has escaped a hail of gunfire and explosions during an hour-long attack on a polling station in Yemen.

Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne told The Daily Telegraph that the experience was as “frightening” as the IRA attack on the Grand Hotel on the Conservative conference, when she was on the same floor as Baroness Thatcher.


Image result for How I Fell for the Euro MP, by Gay Movie Star; HIS FRIEND AND HIS WIFE TALK ABOUT TOM SPENCER, TORY IN DISGRACE

Tom Spencer

Independent Researcher for Tom Spencer MEP

Tom Spencer was a Conservative MEP for fifteen years and was Assistant to the Director of the Britain in Europe campaign and took the minutes of the Referendum Steering Group.

Europe and the UK must avoid a ‘Neverendum’

Tom Spencer

He served as Conservative MEP for Derbyshire from 1979–1984, Conservative MEP for Surrey West from 1989–1994, and as Conservative MEP for Surrey from 1994-1999.[1] He was leader of the UK Conservative MEPs from 1995 to 1998 and was Chairman of the Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee from 1997 to 1999.

He decided not to stand for re-election to the European Parliament in 1999 after being found with gay pornography and two cannabis cigarettes in his luggage at Heathrow Airport.[2] Spencer acknowledged being gay and said that his wife was aware of that before they married.[2] Spencer was in a relationship with porn actor Cole Tucker, who was depicted in the porn found in Spencer’s luggage.[3]

MEP resigns over drugs and pornography

The former Chancellor, Mr Kenneth Clarke, said Mr Spencer had been one of the best British MEPs for a number of years. He said: “I like Tom, he is a friend of mine


HIV shock for wife of drug bust Tory.


via WW:

AMAR – Iraq figures prominently. All networked and inter-linked sadly. Disturbing how vast their network extends – and how entangled with most political atrocities.


Baroness Nicholson being greeted by the Iraqi Minister for Human Rights/ the AMAR International Charitable Foundation


Baroness Emma Nicholson adopted an Iraqi child in 1987, with whom she currently has no contact.

30 Dec 1995

Nicholson expanded her charitable activities. She joined parliamentary groups on Romanian orphans and Iraqi Shias; she became chairman of the charity Blind in Business; she became a director of Shelter. Most importantly, she visited the marshy border between Iran and Iraq after the Gulf War. She began a parliamentary campaign, then decided to give a temporary home to a young refugee called Amar.

At first he disrupted her new married life in her Devon cottage. She took him to hospital to have his burnt face rebuilt, even slept in the ward with him, but planned to find him Arab foster parents. Gradually she changed her mind and adopted him


Lady Nicholson is also Executive Chairman of the Associatia Children’s High Level Group – ACHLG. Nicholson also co-founded its English counterpart, the Children’s High Level Group (now Lumos) with British novelist JK Rowling. Lady Nicholson is the co-chairman with the Prime Minister of Romania of the High Level Group for Romania’s Children and the co-chairman with the Prime Minister of Moldova of the High Level Group for Moldovan Children.





The Curious Case of the Baroness of Winterbourne and Iraq

PM David Cameron has recently appointed Baroness Emma Nicholson of Winterbourne as his Trade Envoy to Iraq. The Baroness described Iraqi economy as “vibrant and booming “, urging the UK to make “the best of the enormous opportunities Iraq offers us”. The pre invasion high profile of Nicholson on Iraq was related to human rights, so what does this switch to being the Prime Minister’s trade envoy mean?  And is there a link between the old and new roles?

As to be expected, Nicholson made no mention of the massive human rights abuses in Iraq, documented by international bodies, or in its sectarian policy and bombardment of cities. No mention also, even in terms of regret or remediation, of the human cost , long passed hundreds of thousands,  caused by the US –UK invasion and occupation.  And on trade, no mention, even as hope for improvement, of the institutionalised corruption of the regime which made Iraq ranks 171st among 177 nations on the list of corruption index.

One might argue, why should she?  The Baroness, after all, is a politician cashing on behalf of her political party and government.  Well, this could have been acceptable have the politician we’re talking about is not Emma Nicholson who for many decades presented herself to the world as the mother Teresa of human rights, defending in particular, Iraqis’ human rights under Saddam’s rule.   Until 2003, Nicholson was known as one of the most outspoken British politicians against Saddam Hussain (even Tony Blair was not a competition) defending  relentlessly the Human Rights of the Sukan Al-ahwar (Marsh Arabs of Iraq)  and the Kurds in  Halabja.

Nicholson spared no action to defend Iraqis’ “human rights”, from calling in 1988 for the establishment of an International Criminal Tribunal to try Saddam and his key officials for genocide to establishing a charity named after an Iraqi boy who she adopted, from writing books and articles to speaking tours in UK and US. Nicholson was a fierce advocate of the war and occupation not for oil and business contracts but, we were told, to; “free the Iraqi people from terrible tyranny” and British people “should be proud of the important part that we played in freeing the Iraqi people from their decades-long misery.”

Executive Chairman of the Iraq Britain Business Council outspoken  on how to“ fight for lucrative contracts “ and  how to compete  for  mega defence contracts with a brutal sectarian corrupt regime while tongue-tied on the human rights of the same people she claimed to defend before the invasion. Is The Baroness’s deafening silence on the well documented crimes and human rights violations in the last ten years,  eight years of them under Nouri Al Malik’s regime related to her appointment as an Honorary Adviser to Nouri Al Maliki, in the field of Health?

Iraqi Journalist Ali Abdul Amir Ajam, a long opponent of Saddam and an admirer of Nicholson’s work, questioned in an article titled “what a low price for a baroness” her silence at a time when Iraqi doctors are  targeted or forced to leave the country. “Today, nothing worries the Baroness about Iraq, but the promotion of its leaders and their achievements in reconstruction, and the security and stability for the major oil companies. Today, the Baroness who used to be obsessed by Freedom for Iraq has nothing to do with the suffering of Iraqis and the violations of their basic human rights”, he wrote.




AMAR linked to Mormon group LDS Church of the Latter Day Saints



Baroness Nicholson and Princess Anne. Princess Anne has been President of Save the Children since 1970.


Note who hosts the end of year cocktail party, closing what had been The International Year of the Child, 1979.

The cocktail party was held nine days after the Save the Children Fund Diamond Jubilee.

Briefing files for domestic official visits and engagements as Prime Minister, November-December 1979. Includes: State banquet for President of Indonesia and Madame Soeharto, Buckingham Palace, London, 13 November 1979;. State dinner given by President Soeharto of Indonesia, Claridge’s, London, 15 November 1979 (includes correspondence with Saleh Basarah, Indonesian Ambassador to the UK); . evening reception, Buckingham Palace, London, 22 November 1979;. dedication of a memorial to commemorate great soldiers of World War Two, St Paul’s Cathedral, London, 23 November 1979 (includes letter to Caroline Stephens from David Omand, Ministry of Defence);. performance of “Norma”, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London, 23 November 1979 (includes correspondence with Sir Claus Moser, Chairman of the Opera House);. dinner to honour John Junor editor of the “Sunday Express” for 25 years, The Ritz, London, 26 November 1979 (includes correspondence with Junor, Victor Matthews, Chief Executive Express Newspapers, and Jocelyn Stevens, Deputy Chairman);. address by MT to Burke Club dinner, House of Commons, 27 November 1979 (includes correspondence with Edward du Cann MP and John Wilkinson MP);. Save the Children Fund Diamond Jubilee carol concert , Royal Albert Hall, London, 11 December 1979 (includes correspondence with Emma Nicholson MP, Director of fund raising for Save the Children, and “Rosamund” [Wynn-Pope]);. cocktail party given by Edwin McAlpine, Hotel Inter-Continental, London, 20 December 1979 (MT did not attend in the end);. Buckingham Lieutenancy dinner party, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, 27 December 197. Tesco, papers relating to a suggested working lunch or dinner, ca. 1979 (includes correspondence with Leslie Porter, Chairman).


Emma Nicholson – Director of Fundraising (1977-1985) for Save the Children UK

Robert Edwin McAlpine, Baron McAlpine of Moffat, by Godfrey Argent, 20 May 1969 - NPG x166023 - © National Portrait Gallery, London

Lord McAlpineLord Robert Edwin McAlpine – Robert Edwin McAlpine, Baron McAlpine of Moffat – father of Alistair McAlpine

Image result for alistair mcalpine and thatcher

Alistair McAlpine, son of Lord Robert Edwin McAlpine

Lord Robert Edwin McAlpine was Vice-President of the National Childrens Home for four years up to his death in 1990
Robert Edwin McAlpine, Baron McAlpine of Moffat was born on 23 April 1907.1He died on 7 January 1990 at age 82.

He succeeded to the title of 5th Baronet McAlpine. He was educated at Oundle.1 Robert Edwin McAlpine, Baron McAlpine of Moffat usually went by his middle name of Edwin.

He was ptnr Sir Robert McAlpine and Sons Ltd, knighted , chairman Dorchester Hotel 1967–77 and Br Nuclear Associates 1973– in 1963.1 He was created Baron McAlpine of Moffat, of Medmenham in the County of Buckinghamshire [U.K. Life Peer] on 21 February 1980
Children of Robert Edwin McAlpine, Baron McAlpine of Moffat and Ella Mary Gardner Garnett
Hon. Robert Alistair McAlpine, Baron McAlpine of West Green+4
Hon. Sir William Hepburn McAlpine, 6th Bt.+4
Patricia Garnett McAlpine+1 b. 5 Feb 1932, d. 21 Aug 2009
David Malcolm McAlpine+2 b. 8 Oct 1946


Baroness Emma Nicholson:

Curriculum Vitae

  • Royal Academy of Music (LRAM, ARCM, 1961). Hon. Doctorate, North London University (1998); Hon. Doctorate (University of Timisoara); Hon. Doctorate (Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest); Visiting Fellow, St Antony’s College, Oxford (1995-96), now Associate Member.
  • Computer Software Developer, Systems Engineer and Computer Consultant (1962-1974).
  • Director of International Development (1974-1977), then Director of Fundraising (1977-1985) for Save the Children. Consultant inter alia Dr Barnardo’s, Westminster Children’s Hospital, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, Foster Parents Plan.
  • Life Peer and Member of the House of Lords (since 1997).
  • Member of Parliament (Conservative 1987-1995, Liberal Democrat 1995-1997).
  • Vice-Chairman, Conservative Party (1983-1987).
  • Parliamentary Private Secretary to Ministers at the Treasury, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Home Office (1992-1995).
  • Member of the European Parliament (since 1999).
  • First Vice-Chairman, Committee on Foreign Affairs, Human Rights, Common Security and Defence Policy (1999-2004).
  • Rapporteur for Iraq (1999-2004).
  • Rapporteur for Romania (1999-2004).
  • WHO Envoy for Health, Peace and Development (2002-).
  • Chairman, AMAR International Charitable Foundation; President, Caine Prize for African Writing; Trustee, Booker Prize for English fiction; Trustee, Booker Prize for Russian fiction. Patron of or holds honorary positions in over 50 charities.
  • Co-editor/Author: The Iraqi Marshlands (2002); Secret society (1996); Why does the West forget? (1993); various articles and pamphlets.

Helena Kennedy and Baroness Emma Nicholson – the Booker Prize Foundation registered charity (no 1090049)



Deputy Chairman, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award 30th Anniversary Tribute Project 1986-88;

Chairman Duke of Edinburgh’s International Project 1987 – 88

Chairman, Friends of Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Ross McWhirter Foundation.


  • Vice-President, Devon Young Farmers Club. Patron, Devon HIV/AIDS Trust. Honorary Member, Business and Professional Women’s Association. Royal Association, in Aid of Deaf People. Prince of Wales Advisory Trust on Disability. Royal Academy of Music Appeal Committee. Fellow, Royal Society of Arts. Patron. CRUSAID; Chairwoman, Friends of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme: Deputy Chairwoman, Duke of Edinburgh’s 30th Anniversary Tribute Project and International Proct ’87. Patron, Suzy Lamplugh Trust. Gov. Mary Hare Grammar School. Director, Cities in Schools. Patron, British Deaf Accord and Women into Information Technology Foundation. Friend, Société des Amies d’Enfance, Poland. Patron, National Association, of Deafened People and Sense South West, the National Deaf, Blind and Rubella Association. President, British Tinnitus Foundation. Trustee, Covent Garden Cancer Research Trust, The Little Foundation and Motor Neurone Disease Association. Vice-Patron, The Child Psychotherapy Trust. Vice-Moderator, Movement for the Ordination of Women. Friend, Parkhurst Society. Trustee, Shelter; Chairwoman, ADAPT (Access for Disabled People to Arts Premises Today). Member, Forum United Kingdom. Centre for Policy Studies. Royal Institut, for International Affairs. Royal Horticultural Society. Clubs: The Reform Club. St. Stephen’s Constitutional Club


Interview: Emma Nicholson

By Riddell, Mary | New Statesman (1996), September 20, 1996

What is it, you wonder, in Emma Nicholson that inspires not only the lexicon of abuse which accompanies every frequent foray into the limelight but the extraordinarily personal nature of the criticism? There is nothing in her off-duty appearance (sweatshirt, leggings and red towelling socks) even to hint at the skimpily-clad siren of dinner-party legend. Why did she not get married until the age of 45?” asked a political commentator, nastily. She must have scared off more men than Medusa.”

A childhood victim of abuse by a family friend, she was lightly educated at St Mary’s, Wantage, and the Royal Academy of Music


Curious that these important links are not mentioned in the Mirror news article.


An incredible journey ends in bitterness

16 May 1998

A witness, he claims, to terrible crimes, Katiza signalled his intention to testify against Mrs Mandela when she was charged with the murder of Stompie Moeketsi Seipei in May 1991. Badly beaten by “Winnie’s boys”, Katiza was spirited out of South Africa by ANC sympathisers days before the trial. He fetched up in a Zambian jail, under orders from President Kenneth Kaunda, the ANC’s friend.

Emma Nicholson, then a Conservative MP, taken an interest. She secured his freedom and passage to Britain, where she persuaded the authorities to provide legal sanctuary. In London she put him up at her home and paid for him to learn to read and write. Also, at his request, she arranged for a book to be published – Katiza’s Journey, written by the journalist Fred Bridgland.

The book is the reason the two have fallen out. In interviews last week with the Independent on Sunday they gave their versions. He says she reneged on a promise to give him the copyright of the book, which she owns under powers of attorney he granted in the summer of 1995. He also says she told him she would only grant his request for the book’s copyright if he paid her pounds 50,000 – according to him, the amount she says she spent on him since securing his release.

She denies having sought money from him or made any profit from the book. She also says she means to give Katiza the copyright, but not yet. she is taking advantage of me. Now I see there was something behind it. But she did not say that at the time. She says now that if I pay the expenses, the pounds 50,000, then I get the copyright. She is playing a game, that never was the agreement. The agreement I had with you, I told her, is that you help me out for nothing, as you told the United Nations.”

Katiza accusing her of bad faith and seeking to control him “like a child”. Mr Bridgland describes her as “cruel” for “letting down” Katiza.

Nicholson’s African affair
Nicholson took the Sonos and Mrs Tshabalala under her wing and – beneath the TV lights and before the international press in the foyer of the TRC hall – publicly promised that, if the South African justice system did not prosecute Winnie Mandela for her role in the suspected murders of Lolo Sono and Siboniso Tshabalala, she would bring a private prosecution. For good measure, Nicholson had also had herself photographed with the hapless and widely misused Joyce Seipei, mother of Stompie. “It was pouring with rain,” Baroness Nicholson wrote in the Sunday Times of 6 December 1997. “Outside the hall I saw, on a patch of grass, a woman whose face bore deep sorrow: Stompie Seipei’s mother. I offered her sympathy and friendship should she wish to mount a private prosecution against Winnie. We moved on to find the parents of Lolo Sono, another victim. His father, Nicodemus, spoke English well. It was agreed that we would go for it.”
Over lunch last week in Johannesburg, I asked Nicodemus Sono how Baroness Nicholson had followed up on her promise to prosecute Winnie Mandela. “I never heard from her again,” said Nicodemus. “She gave us her telephone numbers, her country house [a rambling former rectory on the edge of Dartmoor] and her London number. I tried to phone her many times, but I could not get through to her.”
“The whole thing begins with hope, and when the hope disappears you get disappointed. You try to keep the hope alive, but the hope about Emma Nicholson is not alive now.” I found it easy to sympathise with Nicodemus, for at the time of the TRC hearings my own relationship with Emma Nicholson, which had been positive and constructive, was unravelling fast and would lead to tears all round.
The Archer connection WHAT is the thread that unites Jeffrey Archer, Baroness Emma Nicholson, Katiza Cebekhulu and a former ANC bodyguard turned Portsmouth care assistant? Animosity between Archer and Nicholson can be traced to the time when both were senior members of the Tory party. After John Major gave Archer a peerage, Nicholson joined the Lib- Dems. When Archer was sentenced to four years for perjury, Nicholson prompted a police investigation into the alleged disappearance of millions of pounds from Archer’s charity, Simple Truth. Consequently, Archer was detained for an extra three months in a medium security prison. Only after the allegations were proved unfounded was he moved to an open prison. Archer is thought to be seeking revenge on Nicholson. Using data protection laws he has demanded that she hand over all papers and computer files related to her allegation, perhaps as a prelude to legal action. In an intriguing sideshow, Archer’s friends say a separate action is planned against Nicholson in relation to Katiza’s Journey, a sensational account of Winnie Mandela’s life by former Scotsman diplomatic editor Fred Bridgland. Eric Vawser, a former Conservative constituency chairman, who has described Archer as an old friend and Nicholson as “ a sh* t” has befriended Katiza Cebekhulu, who believes Nicholson could still owe him royalties from the book. Nicholson had rescued Cebekhulu from prison in Zambia and brought him to Britain. Cebekhulu was a bodyguard of Winnie Mandela who said he had witnessed her stab Stompie Moeketsi. Cebekhulu and Nicholson have since fallen out. She insists there is no outstanding sum owed to Cebekhulu.

Nelson Mandela thanking Emma Nicholson and Trevor Huddleston

Why DID the human rights luvvie, Ben Emmerson, quit?


A chum of the Clooneys, Benedict Emmerson led the VIP child abuse inquiry. Now he and his junior have left in a swirl of toxic rumours

  • Benedict Emmerson QC was suspended from his duties by the fourth inquiry chairwoman Professor Alexis Jay
  • Professor Jay had ‘become very concerned about aspects of Mr Emmerson’s leadership of the counsel team’
  • His deputy, Elizabeth Prochaska, quietly quit the inquiry on September 15 in mysterious circumstances
Left-wing ‘goliath’ of global litigation, Benedict Emmerson QC, being patted on the shoulder by George Clooney
Screen idol George Clooney, whose marriage to British lawyer Amal Alamuddin was being attended that weekend by other members of Hollywood’s liberal elite pats
left-wing ‘goliath’ of global litigation, Benedict Emmerson QC,  on the shoulder.
Oscar-winner Matt Damon, supermodel Cindy Crawford and U2 singer Bono were all on the wedding convoy, along with veteran actor Bill Murray and American actress Ellen Barkin.

In Venice, his shipmate Ms Barkin, the star with Al Pacino of the film Sea Of Love — whose most recent marriage was to American billionaire Ronald Perelman — was reportedly swept off her feet by the British lawyer.

The odd couple — Mr Emmerson is nine years her junior — were even briefly engaged.

He had founded (along with others) Matrix Chambers, the holier-than-thou barristers’ set with the then Prime Minister’s wife Cherie Blair in 2000.

One of Mr Emmerson’s favoured juniors was — and continues to be — the glamorous and clever Mrs Clooney – British lawyer Amal Alamuddin

Their most high-profile collaboration came in 2011 when they represented WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange in his fight against extradition to Sweden to face charges of rape and sexual assault.

Mr Emmerson had told the court that Assange’s behaviour towards two women  was not a crime.

Shortly before the Clooney nuptials, he was appointed lead barrister for the Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse (IICSA).

It emerged that Mr Emmerson’s deputy, Elizabeth Prochaska — the daughter of the Principal of Somerville College, Oxford — had quietly quit the inquiry on September 15 in mysterious circumstances.

In the last fortnight Mr Emmerson,  was suspended from his duties by the fourth inquiry chairwoman Professor Alexis Jay. Prof Jay had ‘become very concerned about aspects of Mr Emmerson’s leadership of the counsel team’. Those ‘aspects’ were not explained, but have been linked to the resignation of Ms Prochaska.

Twenty-four hours after his suspension, Mr Emmerson, a divorced father of four, had also resigned. Then the shutters came down.

He and Ms Prochaska, a Labour Party activist and women’s rights campaigner who is also at Matrix Chambers, separately signed ‘non-disclosure agreements’ so they could not reveal the reasons behind their departures.
An internal investigation into Mr Emmerson’s behaviour was dropped as soon as he left.

How convenient and befitting for a coverup, non-disclosure agreements all round and no further investigation after resignations!

Emmerson leaves under a cloud of toxic rumour concerning his own behaviour behind the scenes — and, it was revealed this week, not a penny in severance pay, unlike the inquiry’s third chair, Dame Lowell Goddard, who received £80,000 in pay and allowances when she resigned in August.

So many rumours flourished — fuelled by BBC2’s Newsnight, which suggested there were ‘serious problems’ in the working relationship between Mr Emmerson and his junior Mrs Prochaska — that fellow Left-wing legal icon Baroness (Helena) Kennedy of the Shaws QC was moved to issue a statement of support. It did little to quell the hearsay.

After leaving Douai, Mr Emmerson studied at Bristol University and was called to the Bar in 1986. He made his first major mark the following year when he co-authored a report, commissioned by the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers (current President is Michael Mansfield) and a number of trade unions, into the policing of the 1986 Wapping Dispute at the News International headquarters (when war broke out between the print unions and Rupert Murdoch).

His fellow author was another young barrister called Anne Shamash. The two were part of a ‘brilliant young generation’ of civil rights lawyers who emerged during the Nineties.

They married and have four sons, but separated some years ago. Ms Shamash is now an immigration judge and has refused to comment on her ex-husband’s travails.


Conflicts of Interest:

Image result for Douai abbey school in Berkshire

Ben Emmerson was a boarder at the Douai School in Berkshire which was run by the adjacent Benedictine Abbey.

Ironically, a number of the school’s former staff were later convicted of child sex abuse offences and it closed in 1999.

Mr Emmerson replied: ‘I didn’t even know the school had closed after sex abuse scandals involving pupils and staff/teachers. I thought it had closed down after an affair between one of the monks and an adult female parishioner.

‘That all happened a long time after I was there, of course.’


Smith began abusing at the school in 1975 – Emmerson was born in 1963 – wouldn’t Emmerson have been a student at the school when Smith was abusing?

Douai Abbey

David Smith, jailed May 2007, was an assistant headmaster at Douai School from 1975, and an Anglican priest from 1981, who sexually abused a series of boys over a 30-year period.[18] The school closed in 1999. He visited schools recruiting for the church choir

The Rev David Smith; Church failed to act against sex abuse vicar

Vicar jailed for decades of sex abuse after church failed to take action

David Smith, 52, managed to groom and abuse six young boys despite warnings being given to the Church of England about his behaviour.

During the two-week trial, Bristol crown court heard that concerns about the vicar were raised with the church on two occasions, first in 1983 and again in 2001.

On both occasions, the complainants were assured the matter had been “dealt with”, but Smith continued to abuse boys in his parish.

Smith, vicar of St John the Evangelist in Clevedon, Somerset, began the abuse in 1975, during his time as assistant headmaster at the Douai Abbey monastic boarding school in Berkshire.

Ben Emmerson was consultant to Law Commission regarding its response to the Macpherson Inquiry into the death of Stephen Lawrence

1999 – Ben Emmerson was a winner at the Liberty Human Rights awards.
Ben Emmerson, Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights while countering terrorism, speaks Stock Photo

Ben Emmerson QC: The human rights lawyer who was expected to lead child abuse inquiry is accused of ‘bullying’ and ‘intimidation’

21 January 2015

Mr Emmerson released a statement describing the allegations as ‘entirely baseless’, adding that the complaints had been ‘fully investigated and dismissed as unfounded’

“Ben ….was the one able to give assurances about being able to see documents covered by the Official Secrets Act and seeing classified documents.


Elizabeth Prochaska
 Image result for Elizabeth Prochaska
^ Mr Emmerson’s deputy, Elizabeth Prochaska — the daughter of the Principal of Somerville College, Oxford: Alice Prochaska
Dr Alice Prochaska

The former college of Margaret Thatcher, Somerville College, have chosen to establish a Margaret Thatcher scholarship scheme, a scheme in which they will give people the chance to succeed ‘against the odds’ and have a chance to study at Oxford University.

It can certainly be seen as a moving tribute to Somerville’s former pupil Margaret Thatcher.

Somerville College publicly refused to honour former pupil Margaret Thatcher, England’s only female prime minister, in 1985, because they saw her cuts on education and spending as contradictory to their principals. Current principal Dr Alice Prochaska spoke of her hopes to ‘readdress the balance’ of relations with Margaret Thatcher….

…hoping to raise £100 million to fund the scheme from Britain and overseas…

Mikhail Gorbachev, George Bush senior, Nancy Reagan and Tony Blair are amongst the list of high profile patrons that are supporting the scheme.

It is believed that Somerville College will be looking to establish a ‘Thatcher House’ within the college campus, in which students will be able to study


The trust is backed by an array of Lady Thatcher’s contemporaries and other eminent figures from across the political spectrum.


In the US George Bush Senior, the former President, and Ronald Reagan’s widow, Nancy, have both pledged their support alongside Henry Kissinger, the former US Secretary of State, George Shultz, the former Treasury Secretary and Robert Gates, the former defence secretary.


More recent US political figures who have agreed to act as patrons include Condoleezza Rice, the former Secretary of State, and Alan Greenspan, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

Mikhail Gorbachev, the former President of the Soviet Union, is another of the patrons along with Brian Mulroney, the former President of Canada.

In Britain, patrons include Sir John Major and Tony Blair, the former Prime Ministers, Lord Owen, the founder of the Social Democratic Party, and Lord Carrington, the former Foreign Secretary.


During a joint press conference with David Cameron in Washington yesterday Barack Obama praised Lady Thatcher as “a great champion of freedom and liberty and of the alliance that we carry on today”.


Dr Prochaska and Mr Al-Kuwari shake hands after signing the Memorandum of Understanding

Chris Patten behind Dr Prochaska.  Mr Al-Kuwari shaking hands with Dr Prochaska, after signing the Memorandum of Understanding

Chris Patten is patron of St Benedict’s School, which has been run by numerous Benedictine paedophiles over decades.


Specific case studies will be identified by the investigation. The first case study will examine the English Benedictine Congregation which has been the subject of numerous allegations of child sexual abuse, including at schools run by the Congregation. The Inquiry will examine the relationship between Orders such as the Benedictines and the Catholic Church in England and Wales and consider how that relationship impacts on child protection. In this way the Inquiry will evaluate whether any failings identified within the English Benedictine Congregation, and within any other case studies identified as part of the investigation, are representative of wider failings within the Catholic Church.



Image result for chris patten and prochaska

The Chancellor of the University – the Lord Patten of Barnes.

September 26, 2010

Presentation to the Visitor

Last Saturday, Somerville College officially inaugurated its new Principal, Dr. Alice Prochaska. The ceremony is actually known as “Presentation to the Visitor” …”Visitor” here meaning the Chancellor of the University – the Lord Patten of Barnes.


11th May 2016

Margaret Thatcher Scholarship Trust receives £3m donation from the Qatar Development Fund


Image result for patten and prochaska oxford

The signing took place in the presence of HE Yousef Ali Al-Khater, Ambassador of the State of Qatar in London; Mr. Khalifa Jassim Al-Kuwari, Director General of the QDF; Lord Patten of Barnes, Chancellor of the University of Oxford and Lord Powell of Bayswater, close friend and foreign affairs adviser to Lady Thatcher.


Left to right: Mr Mubarak Ajlan Mubarak Al-Kuwari, Councilor at the Qatar Embassy; Lord Powell of Bayswater, Patron of the Margaret Thatcher Scholarship Trust; H.E. Mr. Yusouf bin Ali Alkhater, Ambassador of the State of Qatar in London; Dr Alice Prochaska, Principal of Somerville College; Lord Patten of Barnes, Chancellor of the University of Oxford, Visitor of Somerville College and Patron of the Margaret Thatcher Scholarship Trust; H.E Mr. Khalifa Jassim Al-Kuwari, Director General of the Qatar Development Fund


Alice Prochaska studied at Somerville College in the University of Oxford and received BA and DPhil degrees in Modern History.

Prochaska was initially a museum curator, and then an archivist at the Public Record Office, now The National Archives.

From 1984 to 1992 she was administrator and deputy director at the Institute of Historical Research, University of London.

From 1992 to 2001 she was Director of Special Collections at the British Library. She then became head librarian at Yale University, United States, from 2001 to 2010.[2][3]

She became Principal of Somerville College from 1 September 2010.[4][5]  She will be stepping down at the end of her seven-year term in August 2017.[7]

Prochaska was involved with the design of the first National Curriculum for history in the United Kingdom during 1989–90. She was a governor of London Guildhall University, now part of London Metropolitan University. She chaired the National Council on Archives and was a member of the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts.

Prochaska is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and served as Vice-President from 1995 to 1999.[1] In the US she chaired the Center for Research Libraries and several committees of the Association of Research Libraries, served on the Board of Yale University Press, and lectured on subjects relating to archives and special collections. Prochaska currently lectures and publishes on topics related to national heritage and national identity. She now chairs the Sir Winston Churchill Archive Trust, and serves as a Pro Vice Chancellor of the University of Oxford.

Image result for chris patten and prochaska

Personal life

Image result for Frank Prochaska

Alice Prochaska is married to the historian Frank Prochaska.

Image result for Frank Prochaska historian
Frank Prochaska was “given access to the Royal Archives at Windsor and he has thus been able to provide a fuller picture of the royal family’s charity work than ever before,” noted Piers Brendon in the New Statesman and Society. The result, Brendon mused, is a book that is “distinctly odd,” but which is nonetheless a “serious and original work of scholarship.”
Frank Prochaska:

 “Giving what amounted to charitable status to statutory bodies stunned the charitable establishment,” he said, noting that Sara Morrison, (Sir Peter Morrison’s sister-in-law) chair of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations at the time, said the act was “the most damaging blow suffered by the voluntary sector for many years”.

He said that the existing contracting culture for public services had resulted in charities “swimming into the mouth of the Leviathan” by moving further from their roots and becoming less likely to be independent.

“The use of charities to do the government’s bidding has been criticised as a devolved form of government administration that turns the intermediary institutions of civil society into agencies of the state through contracts and financial control,” Prochaska said.



The Mulberry Bush School

Our three-year residential programme runs for
38-weeks a year.

What is progress for our children and families?

Our children arrive from environments of family breakdown, high anxiety and trauma. 

The 15th Mulberry Bush Women of the Year Lunch 20th September 2016


Milly Soames (The High Sherriff of Buckinghamshire) and Dr Alice Prochaska (The Principal of Somerville)


David Astor, CBE
Sir Hugo Brunner, KCVO
Dame Fiona Caldicott, DBE
The Right Hon. David Cameron, MP
Roger Graef
Lady Heseltine
The Right Hon. The Lord Hurd of Westwell, CH, CBE
Ian Marber
Jon Snow, Hon FRIBA
Joanna Trollope, OBE


Milly Soames– wife of Serco chief Rupert Soames a great-nephew of the founders of the Scout movement, Robert Baden-Powell and Olave Baden-Powell.

Image result for nicholas soames and prince

Rupert’s brother is the Conservative MP Sir Nicholas Soames, close friend to Prince Charles

Elizabeth Prochaska –  should have recused herself due to her family’s links to establishment.

IICSA – “Independent” Inquiry into CSA


Inquiry Update:

14 Oct 2106

Child sexual abuse judge Dame Lowell Goddard denies saying Britain has so many paedophiles ‘because it has so many Asian men’

Home Secretary claimed Justice Goddard resigned because she was ‘lonely’ and because the probe proved ‘too much’



More on The Mulberry Organisation – Tavistock – linked


Mulberry Bush School is an independent residential special school in the village of Standlake in Oxfordshire, for children aged 5 to 12 years.

The school was founded in 1948 by psychologist Barbara Dockar-Drysdale. It is a registered charity.[1]

Stephen and Pip Dockar-Drysdale -Pip, living in a house on her husband’s family’s 2,000-acre estate in Oxfordshire,  took in evacuees from London.

She explained the theory of the super ego to a Jewish refugee who was familiar with psychotherapy. Impressed, he advised her to read Freud. The next thing that happened was that the Ministry of Education asked her to set up a school for disturbed children


She trained as a psychotherapist, at the Tavistock Clinic and at the Maudsley Hospital. There she met Melanie Klein, Anna Freud and Leila Rendel (who was running the Caldecott Community for disturbed children that she had founded in 1911), among other pioneers in the same field. She started her most creative and exciting work with children referred to her by child guidance clinics: she showed enormous determination to understand them and had an extremely focused mind. Her greatest mentor was the eminent child psychiatrist, Donald Winnicott, who encouraged her to extend her work.


Psychologist Barbara Dockar-Drysdale’s mentor was Donald Winnicott who was influenced by the work of Ronald Fairbairn, father of paedophile Nicholas Fairbairn.

Mulberry Bush – In some ways it was chaotic and the fright of Home Office inspectors.  In 1969, Pip left the Mulberry Bush as principal, but remained as consultant psychotherapist and took on a similar role at the Cotswold Community.


Sir Nicholas Fairbairn Dad Ronald Fairbairn huge influence on child psychology & early development even writes about abuse effects

Nicholas Fairbairn had affair with Sir Charles Morrison’s secretary. It got messy, and Michael Mates helped clean up.


Tavistock & Rudolf Hess

John Rawling Rees became its medical director (Tavistock) from 1934. This group specialised in the new ‘dynamic psychologies’ of Sigmund Freud and his followers, and in particular the Object relations theory of Ronald Fairbairn (Nicholas Fairbairn‘s father) and others.  Recruited to the British Army during the second world war, he became an army Brigadier.

Brigadier John Rawlings Rees and the Rudolf Hess affair

Together with Henry Dicks, a fellow member of the Tavistock Clinic group, Rees was charged with the care of Hitler’s Deputy Rudolf Hess at the secret prison locations where he was held following his capture after landing in Scotland.[3]

Over the four-year period from June 1941 up to Hess’s appearance at the Nuremberg trial, Rees apparently established a relationship with Hess: Hess’s diaries record many meetings with Rees, referred to at this time as Colonel Rees, in which Hess accused his captors of attempting to poison, drug, and ‘mesmerize’ him.[4]

In 1945, Rees was a member of the three-man British panel (with Churchill’s personal physician Lord Moran, and eminent neurologist Dr George Riddoch), which assessed Hess’s capability to stand trial for war crimes.[5]

Post-War “Operation Phoenix”

After the war, Rees and five others got together and formed an ‘Interim Planning Committee’ (IPC) chaired by Wilfred Bion, meeting twice a week to formulate a new way forward for their work at the Tavistock, based on war-time experience.[1]


March 2016 – John Diamond, CEO of the Mulberry Bush talking to Princess Anne who visited the school earlier this month.


Music promoter Mervyn Conn used his fame to rape and abuse young girls

Mervyn Conn found guilty of rapes in the 1970s, including girl under 16

19 OCT 2016

Police want to hear from others with information on Mervyn

Mervyn Conn has been found guilty for a string of historic rapes, some against women aged below 16y and Wimbledon in the 1970s and 80s

A man who raped a girl aged under 16 will be sent to jail more than 40 years after the offence occurred.


Conn is accused of flaunting his Rolls Royce (pictured in the car in this undated photograph) and expensive home to show how he 'could control, manipulate and do anything he wanted'

Music promoter Mervyn Conn, from Wimbledon, who worked with the Beatles, Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton, ‘used his fame to rape and abuse young girls’, court hears

  • Mervyn Conn, 81, accused of raping a 15-year-old girl he met at a festival
  • Bragged about knowing The Beatles before alleged sexual assault in 1970s
  • Accused of raping her in his marital bed while she wore her school uniform
  • Victim, now 56, broke down in tears as she recalled alleged abuse in court
  • Conn denies indecent assaults, rape and attempting to commit buggery  
  • Conn is accused of flaunting his Rolls Royce (pictured in the car in this undated photograph) and expensive home to show how he ‘could control, manipulate and do anything he wanted’

Mervyn Conn, now 81, offered one teenage girl a lift home in his Rolls Royce – but instead took her to his own house and raped her, Kingston Crown Court was told.

Conn was well-known for promoting star-studded country and western concerts at Wembley Arena and Earls Court.


Image result for Music promoter Mervyn Conn

In 1989, Conn was convicted of a serious sexual assault on his 19-year-old receptionist and was sentenced to eight weeks in prison.[3]

In July 2014, he was arrested at Gatwick airport in connection with an alleged historic rape and sexual assault

An MPS spokesman said the arrest was not connected to Operation Yewtree, set up by police to investigate allegations of sexual abuse by Jimmy Savile and others.


Image result for Music promoter Mervyn Conn and joe collins


Here he is with his pal Rolf Harris, far left – Mervyn Conn, far right



^ He lies in his autobiography stating that he had won his case on appeal. The GUILTY verdict was upheld.


He started work in the fashion industry, but by the early 1960s, with the help of his cousin, the comedian Bernie Winters, he had begun running a club, Romano’s, in Gerrard Street in Soho, London

Mervyn Conn worked closely with agent Joe Collins (the father of Joan and Jackie Collins) … Stars Collins helped to launch include Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey, Diana Dors, Vera Lynn, Roger Moore …



Mervyn Conn was friendly with property developer Peter Beckwith.  Beckwith was a stalwart friend who stood by him when Conn was charged with rape.

Image result for tamara beckwith with camilla

Peter Beckwith’s daughter, Tamara Beckwith, far right, sitting next to Prince Andrew’s ex-wife, friend of billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Sarah Ferguson.

ROYAL Investitures Stock Photo

Mr. Peter Beckwith

Peter Beckwith/Mustiques’s Colin Tennant

Image result for Colin Tennant and princess anne

Princess Margaret and Colin Tennant



Peter Beckwith –  Harrow governor

Mervyn Conn joined the Autistic Society Committee.   Involved with the Nightingale House – persuading people like Jimmy Tarbuck to go there.

Ronnie Wood, Jimmy Tarbuck and Ed Stewart for the launch of Conn’s autobiography


Mervyn Conn was a member of the Hurlingham Club – The Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII), an early patron, was a keen shot and his presence ensured the club’s status and notability from the beginning.


The circles Mervyn Conn moves in:

Hurlingham Club

The current patron is HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Image result for Hurlingham Club

Notable members of the Hurlingham Club:

Image result for fowler and savile

Lord Fowler

Image result for jeffrey archer scandal

Jeffrey Archer

Harvey Proctor resigned as MP for Billericay shortly before his trial in May 1987.

He pleaded guilty and was fined a total of £1,450.

The following year, with financial backing from former colleagues, including Michael Heseltine and Jeffrey Archer, he opened two shops selling luxury shirts.

In 2000 Harvey Proctor’s stores were forced into liquidation after legal action by Customs and Excise over an unpaid VAT bill.

Image result for jeffrey archer and harvey proctor


Mervyn Conn invited Margaret Thatcher to the opening night of the Red Army Ensemble concert during perestroika and whom he describes as “the most charming woman I’ve ever met”.

14 January 2012

…this February sees Conn reviving the International Festival of Country Music in London, Belfast, Germany and Switzerland, an event he founded in 1968 and ran for 23 years. Such has been his contribution to country music that he was awarded the Freedom of the City of Nashville.

Conn didn’t come from a country music background. He started out with Joe Collins, father of Joan and Jackie, staging spectaculars such as the Beatles’ Christmas Show in the early 60s

There are not many other people in his industry who have dined in 10 Downing Street, The White House and The International Vice President of the Country Music Association Of America, Conn was invited to The White House by Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. “It was a wonderful experience,” he says, “although President Carter fancied my ex-wife. He kept putting his arm around her.”He took greatest pleasure from meeting Margaret Thatcher in 1988, when he brought the Red Army Ensemble to Britain. Lady Thatcher enjoyed the show so much she invited Conn, among others involved, to dinner. “She was a wonderful, wonderful woman. Her conversation was great; she was knowledgeable about showbiz, politics and fame.”
Later that year, Conn visited Russia and while he was there the Minister of Defence threw a well-oiled dinner in his honour.



Mervyn Conn invited Savile to present the awards at his 6th Festival of Country Music:

Billboard: 27April 1974 p41

Mervyn Conn was charged with rape at his music festivals where Jimmy Savile was presenting the awards


The Tea Council staged a nationwide country music tour and at its Wembley Tea Gardens, organizes a charity walk availing themselves of the Services of Jimmy Savile.


The awards were presented by Jimmy Savile



Cockney king of Country music

Image result for mervyn conn hurlingham club
THERE can’t be many places where Dolly Parton sits beside Marlene Dietrich, Margaret Thatcher and Jimmy Carter but the drawing room of Mervyn Conn’s Wimbledon home is one of them.

After running the legendary club Romano’s in London’s Soho where his mother would cook the food and his father worked behind the bar, he joined forces with Joe Collins (father of Joan and Jackie) and staged the first Beatles’ Christmas shows.

Pride of place in Mervyn’s drawing room is a silver-framed photo of himself with Margaret Thatcher who he refers to as “my favourite lady”.

She invited him to Downing Street after seeing a performance of the Red Army Ensemble he staged in 1988.

He says: “I’m the only man I know who’s dined at the White House, Kremlin and Downing Street. Not bad for a music promoter from the East End.”


Jerry Lee Lewis was invited to Mervyn Conn’s shows. Jerry Lee Lewis was married to a 13 year old (Myra).  He was 22.

Jerry Lee Lewis

Myra was the daughter of Jerry Lee’s cousin and bass player. After thirteen years of marriage, they were divorced in 1970, when Myra charged that she “has been subject to every type of physical and mental abuse imaginable”


The Sun Vault – Murdoch CSA Cover-ups

Why have a transparent functioning CSA Inquiry with accountability & prosecutions when you can keep everything in a vault & profit long term?

Whenever anyone calls for inquiry to be closed down, I automatically ask what are they hiding or who are they protecting.

The Sun, (owned by Rupert Murdoch)  are somewhat suspiciously, calling for an end to the inquiry into historic child sex abuse…

…soon after Theresa May met privately with Rupert Murdoch…

It’s absolutely astonishing that no major news orgainstation, including the BBC, has asked the PM about her recent meeting with Murdoch.


Theresa May and Rupert Murdoch: met in New York last week.

Theresa May had private meeting with Rupert Murdoch

29 Sept 2016

PM Theresa May, met Times and Sun owner Rupert Murdoch last week in New York despite her reputation for keeping the media at arm’s length

May met the media mogul, who owns the Times and the Sun newspapers, as well as Sky in the UK, on a trip that lasted less than 36 hours. The meeting, less than three months after she was appointed prime minister, is notable given her previous reputation for keeping the media at arm’s length.


30th September 2016

^ Theresa May would be courageous, then, if she pulled the plug on the inquiry??

Maybe they were discussing how to spin recent events related to the inquiry?

Theresa May – responsible for the designed-to-fail  Home Office CSA Inquiry

Not a single day of evidence has been heard in two years.


Culture Secretary John Whittingdale

(half-brother of high level PIE member, convicted paedophile, Charles Napier)

caught in prostitution scandal

01 April 2016


How come none of this in the Sun I thought it would be just their cup of tea. He must be serving Murdoch well.

And the Sun safe is not a theory, but testified to under oath…

At a trial in Kingston two years ago of several senior Sun journalists over allegations of payments to public officials, the former deputy editor of the country’s best selling newspaper, Ben O’Driscoll, made an interesting admission on oath:

At the time I was there, there was an enormous safe, about 7ft high, like something out of a Wild West film, with big metal handles”, O’Driscoll explained to  the court in Kingston. “It was full of 30 years of stories that are confidential and did not pass the public interest test. They remained there in that safe, and what’s in there is quite eye-popping, I have to say.”

O’Driscoll claimed  MPs and celebrities featured in the materia

a legendary 7 foot high safe full of ‘eye-popping’ material on public figures that won’t be published, suggesting a form of blackmail is at the heart of the British press.

If the basic principle of journalism is disclosure of information for the public interest, then the Sun’s famous safe is anti-journalism – non disclosure for private gain. 

Among Fleet Street hacks the Sun vault – known as the ‘black museum’ –  has long been the subject of lurid speculation.

Rumours range of photos of members of the Royal family…

When she took over the editorship of the Sun in 2003, Rebekah Brooks would openly talk to friends about the scandals contained in the vault. Sources describe the names she mentioned as ‘Yewtree’ type material.

So far from ‘not being in the public interest’ does the Sun vault actually contain evidence of potential crimes? 


The Sun keeps explosive and unprintable stories in ‘wild West-style safe’

The tabloid’s former deputy news editor Ben O’Driscoll, 38, tells court more than 30 years of unpublished stories were stored in the 7ft high safe

Image result for murdoch and arthur clarke

Former News of the World journalist Graham Johnson claimed in his racy and revealing book Hack  that News International had deliberately suppressed evidence that author and futurist Arthur C Clarke was a paedophile because he was a friend of the proprietor. As Johnson told the Independent the News UK journalist was told:

Image result for arthur c clarke paedo

“Because Arthur C Clarke was a mate of Rupert Murdoch, the editor wasn’t having any of it and despite Roger getting a lot of evidence that Clarke was a paedophile they wouldn’t publish it.”   

The editor at the time denies this claim. But this is not the first time that Murdoch’s newpapers have been accused of covering up crimes as a favour to friends.

Jeremy Thorpe, paedophile Sir Cyril Smith and Sir David Steel

Last year the Daily Mail reported that a file on the prolific child abuser who escaped conviction, Cyril Smith, the former Liberal Democrat MP, was also lodged in the Sun’s safe.  

“Civil servants feared the secret Smith police file might be made public in 1982 – when a burglary at the Fleet Street offices of The Sun newspaper revealed the editor was in possession of a copy.

This revelation will lead to speculation that the break-in was linked to attempts to cover up Cyril Smith’s crimes.”

How many more  potential crimes are hidden in the Sun safe?   Any right to confidentiality is lost if a crime can be prevented or detected.

Are there victims of Cyril Smith or others from ‘Yewtree’ who  have suffered as a result of non disclosure?  


Operation Yewtree is a police investigation into sexual abuse allegations, predominantly the abuse of children, against the British media personality Jimmy Savile and others.

Prince Charles with friend and mentor paedophile Sir Jimmy Savile

What did The Sun know about Jimmy Savile that it did NOT pass to the BBC?

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Sun Savile Hypocrisy Exposed

Image result for Arthur C Clarke was a paedophile

The science fiction writer Arthur C Clarke has met Prince Charles at a banquet in Sri Lanka just days after postponing a ceremony to be invested with a knighthood because of newspaper allegations saying he was a paedophile.

Image result for Arthur C Clarke was a paedophile

‘Paedophile’ Arthur C Clarke sparks protests in Lanka

Child right activists in Sri Lanka have expressed shock over science fiction writer Arthur C Clarke’s confession in a newspaper interview of a life of paedophilia and called for his deportation just around the time Prince Charles was to knight him.

Clarke, 80, widely regarded as a visionary and author of the celebrated 2001: A Space Odyssey and some 80 other books, was quoted as saying in the interview published in London’s  Mirror that having sex with children was all right.

”Once they have reached the age of puberty, it is OK… It doesn’t do any harm,” said Clarke, who has lived in Sri Lanka for 40 years.

I am trying to think of the youngest boy I have ever had because, of course, you can’t tell it here.

I think most of the damage comes from the fuss made by hysterical parents afterwards. If the kids don’t mind, fair enough,” he was reported to have said in the interview which was conducted at his house.

Maureen Seneviratne said her group had indeed heard rumours about Clarke’s activities, but being a small NGO, her organisation could not take it up as that would be like ”tilting at giants who have written books and been made chancellors of universities.”

”It would have been like signing our own death warrant,” she said in a reference to the official patronage enjoyed by Clarke, the first foreign celebrity to be given tax-free status on the island.

Clarke set up the Arthur Clarke Centre for Modern Technologies 15 years ago with the money he received with a 1982 Marconi International Fellowship.

The Nation – Feb 2, 1998




Author/Arthur C Clarke 2 Stock Photo

Arthur C Clarke, makes his non-statement to British journalists before the state banquet in Colombo

PRINCE CHARLES is long departed, but the furore over Arthur C Clarke’s sex life, which erupted nearly three weeks ago on the eve of the prince’s visit to Sri Lanka, refuses to die down.

The scientific visionary and novelist who has lived in the former British colony for 42 years was to have been knighted by the prince during the latter’s visit to the island for the celebration of the golden jubilee of Sri Lanka’s independence.

But days before the planned investiture, the Sunday Mirror accused Clarke of being a confirmed paedophile. Clarke asked for the ceremony to be postponed to avoid embarrassing the prince.

Dayanada de Silva, director of current affairs at the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Authority, was quoted in the Sunday Mirror as saying: “Arthur likes casual affairs with lots of different boys. If I think he might like one of my boys, I give them his phone number, he asked me to. The last time I saw Arthur, a few months ago, he was still having casual sex with boys. The boys do it for money, and money is nothing to Arthur C Clarke.”…d-1145468.html

…the newspaper declared Clarke to be a self-confessed paedophile. He was quoted admitting as much, and a Sri Lankan “friend” – head of current affairs at the Sri Lankan Broadcasting Company – alleged that Clarke was still having sex with boys “a few months ago”.

Dayananda de Silva

Dayananda de Silva was a distinguished radio journalist who has enjoyed a career of 42 years in public service broadcasting, on the island of Sri Lanka.

Newsreader on Radio Ceylon / SLBC

Dayananda de Silva soon proved to be a first class newsreader over the airwaves of Radio Ceylon. Among the highlights of a high profile radio career are his interviews with many eminent persons including Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Lord Mountbatten of Burma, Sir Arthur C. Clarke to name a few.



Arthur Clarke had made his own advancements in the field of ‘satellite communication‘ particularly in respect of the theory…Murdoch would directly benefit from these ideas.

Arthur C. Clarke, who dabbled in science fiction writing, floated the idea of global communications satellites in a 1945 letter to the publication Wireless World. It was the first publicly articulated vision of a technology that would change the world; in the annals of technological forecasting, it stands today as a letter of rare prescience.

Today the high-altitude geostationary orbit, known as the Clarke Belt, is the heartland of the world’s communications satellites.…jenkins_4.html

 photo CLARKE20KNIGHTEED_zps6rjwav9a.jpg

Note…Clarke did eventually pick up his knighthood a couple of years later, in 2000.

shows how individuals can be protected and allowed to operate…this bears some similarities to how Savile was protected by certain people and connections around him. This also shows us what we are up against.


At the dawn of the website era British Telecom and Rupert Murdoch’s Springboard designed, a ground-breaking website

Uri Geller with Arthur C Clarke.
Uri Geller with Greville Janner
Uril Geller with Michael Jackson and Greville Janner and David Blaine

David Blaine had  2 entries in convicted billionaire peadophile Jeffrey Epstein’s black book



David Blaine and Uri Geller

David Blaine, the hysterical giggler. The David Blaine who rode around London in the back of my Chrysler Voyager with Michael Jackson, laughing so hard that he slid off the seats and almost choked on the floor. He’d just asked me for my opinion on Sai Baba, the Indian mystic.  (Rolf Harris’ guru)
Now, I have great respect for the septuagenarian Sai, who has been making holy ash and oil drip from thin air for decades. Sai Baba has built universities and hospitals in southern India with donations from his many admirers, and that is praiseworthy. But I’d heard a much less praiseworthy rumour about the oil and… oh, I can’t tell you. Not in print. Not in a family newspaper.

But I told David, and he laughed himself sick, while Michael gazed at me in horror and then succumbed to giggles and hugged himself with glee. If I had space, I’d also tell you about Michael Jackson the giggler.

At the Houses of Parliament, where he sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Paul Boateng, the Foreign Office minister, Michael was entranced by Greville Janner’s conjuring tricks. He was like a ten-year-old, amazed by the entertainer at a children’s party. Every time the rubber ball vanished from Lord Janner’s hand, Michael giggled and goggled.

Even though I was there and David was there, it was Greville who performed magic. But you don’t want to hear that. You want to know about David Blaine. I wanted to know about David, too, because the first time he called me I had never heard his name.

This was about the time of his first ABC special, David Blaine: Street Magic (1997), before the spectacular, unique stunts which spread his fame worldwide. He told me he was desperate to meet me, that he had three heroes in his life, and they were Jesus Christ, Orson Welles and Uri Geller.

So I told him he was welcome at my home any time, and 16 hours later he had flown from New York and taken a taxi from Heathrow and was banging on my gate….



Uri Geller with David Blaine, Paul Boateng and paedophile Michael Jackson.


Geller at a 1985 garden party at the home of Clement Freud, MP
Geller and Matthew Freud, Sir Clement Freud’s son.
Uri Geller Attends The Funeral Of Sir Clement Freud
Cliff Richard and Uri Geller
Jimmy Savile and Uri Geller
Uri Geller with Ted Heath
Martin Allen went missing in London’s Kings Cross in 1979.

‘Kidnapped boy, Martin Allen, may have been abused and murdered by VIP paedophile ring,’ say police

Kensington Apts


1980 Uri Geller entertains transplant and kidney machine children at a lunch party to celebrate the 21st birthday of the National Kidney research foundation at the House of Commons.

PR Guru Matthew Freud has cancelled his  party after his father Clement (with whom he is pictured) was exposed as a paedophile

Matthew Freud, son of paedophile Clement Freud, was married to Rupert Murdoch’s daughter.

Elisabeth Murdoch and Matthew Freud  divorce


PR guru Matthew Freud hid secret love child from his wife Elisabeth Murdoch for TWO YEARS after affair



Keith Vaz, Charities, Friends etc (Updated)

 Image result for prince   and valerie vaz

Sept 28 2016 – Keith Vaz and Jeremy Corbyn at the Pullman hotel

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said a few words and slapped Vaz on the back…


Shadow Leader of the House is now Valerie Vaz sister of disgraced Keith Vaz



Keith Vaz promoting his sister Valerie Vaz

3h3 hours ago

Keith Vaz sister Val Shadow job of Leader main role is organising government business in Commons work closely w government’s Chief Whip


Jeremy Corbyn receiving his award at the Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards 2013 held in The Member’s Dining Room, House of Commons, Westminster, London. On the left is Valerie Vaz, Member of Parliament.

Image result for silver star valerie vaz

Valerie was a panel member of the Silver Star Open Forum at the House of Commons

Keith Vaz’s sister is also a promoter of his charity Silver Star

Police probe Vaz misconduct claims

11 Sept 2016

Police are examining allegations against the Labour MP Keith Vaz involving potential abuse of office and personal misconduct dating back 25 years.

Four witnesses, including a former lord mayor of Leicester, last week confirmed they had been interviewed by Leicestershire detectives. The inquiries have been going on for at least a year.

Mooted attempt to oust Keith Vaz at yesterday’s Labour NEC never happened. Instead, I’m told, he got a round of applause as he entered room


Andrew Bridgen & John Mann  re: Vaz ?

Senior MP accused of child sex abuse: Two MPs report same serving Labour politician to police over sex attacks and corruption claims

  • Labour MP John Mann one of the informants to pass information to police 
  • A fortnight ago a Conservative MP told police about the same politician 
  • Unnamed MP is accused of offering political favours to a brothel owner
  • Also claimed they were arrested for indecency in public place with a minor 

A senior Labour MP has been reported to police by two fellow MPs over claims of child sex abuse, The Mail on Sunday has learned.

One of the informants, Labour MP John Mann, passed details about the prominent individual to officers earlier this year.

Then, a fortnight ago, a Conservative MP went to the same police force armed with information about the same individual, some of which had been provided to him by a former Government Minister.

It is believed to be the first time that a sitting MP has been scrutinised by any of the ongoing police investigations into child abuse, representing a further extension of the ever-widening sphere of historic sex allegations.

Mr Mann handed his information over to an ongoing criminal investigation into another public figure, which included links between that figure and the Labour MP.

The Conservative MP’s allegations about the MP, which date back to the late 1980s, include claims that the MP had been arrested for indecency in a public place with a minor – during which he is said to have assaulted the arresting officers.

It is claimed the MP had performed political favours for the owner of a brothel in his constituency in which men consorted with underage males.

The Conservative MP also made further allegations about drink-driving, assault and corruption involving the Labour MP.

A BBC News team, headed by a journalist who specialises in reporting on sex abuse crimes, is also understood to have had access to the information. The team, which has been granted significant resources by bosses, has already started interviewing potential witnesses about the MP. Director-general Tony Hall has been made aware of the special project.


Keith Vaz is good friends with The Purdews of Champneys – and the Purdews were good friends with Jimmy Savile.



Dr Venu, Keith Vaz MP, businessman Stephen Purdew and Michelin chef Sriram Aylur

Stephen Purdew… is certainly close to Keith Vaz, the prominent Labour politician who enjoys being in the company of rich men and is not himself a stranger to allegations of sleaze.


Keith Vaz, speaker John Bercow and Champneys’ Stephen Purdew

Mr Bercow is regarded as being on warm terms with Mr Vaz.

Royal Wedding - Wedding Guests And Party Make Their Way To Westminster Abbey

John Bercow:

Sarah Westcott, a young journalist at the Press Association, went out with John Bercow a few times in 2000. He was nearly 40 at the time, yet seemed more like a clumsy schoolboy than a middle-aged MP.

‘He was a bit funny with women. One night, I kissed him on the cheek and he was terrified.’

The lack of a girlfriend was becoming a curse, as local associations tended to look favourably on those who were married or at least had a respectable girlfriend to help with fund-raising coffee mornings.

Not wanting to lose out, Bercow came up with a solution: he borrowed other people’s girlfriends or co-opted friends to take along to selection meetings.

One friend was so confused by the fake girlfriends that, to this day, he believes Bercow is gay.


Lord Tebbit was John Bercow’s hero.

Norman Tebbit admits he heard rumours top Tory was paedophile a decade before truth revealed

Norman Tebbit admitted he had been told Sir Peter Morrison was a paedophile more than a decade before the truth about the notorious Tory was exposed.


Background on Bercow:

At 18 Bercow became secretary of the Monday Club when it favoured bans on coloured immigration and “properly financed voluntary repatriation”.

Bercow became national chairman of the ultra-right Federation of Conservative Students in 1986, a year after it disgraced itself by indulging in riotous vandalism at Loughborough.



The 12-year-old John Bercow appeared on the BBC in Crackerjack in 1975.

Bercow’s father drove minicabs for a living and John Bercow went to Finchley Manorhill comprehensive school in north London.

(A bizarre 50-year feud started when his father, Charlie, and his uncle Samson – Alan Bercow‘s father – fell out over the ownership of the family minicab company in Finchley, North London. The feud between John Bercow’s father, Charlie, and Alan Bercow’s father, Samson, dates back to the 1950s and involved a successful minicab company in Finchley, North London, set up by Charlie.)

Bercow’s paternal grandfather, Jack Bercowitch, was from Romania who worked first as a gas fitter and then as a furrier, and in due course opened a shop.


1970 link

Two of his sons, Ralph and Charlie, set up a business called Bercow Motors, in Warren Street in central London, which prospered until the late 1960s, when the council painted yellow lines on the road outside their showroom. Charlie Bercow married Brenda Bailey, a legal secretary and in 1963 she gave birth to their son, John Simon Bercow.


Mr Bercow first became involved in politics as a teenager while attending a school in the Margaret Thatcher’s Finchley constituency.


John Bercow and his Monday Club colleagues:

Bercow joined not only the Young Conservatives but the Monday Club, where very soon he was promoting the voluntary repatriation of immigrants.

The Monday Club had various study groups  including:

via WW:


George Kennedy Young

John Mann said Monday Club member “ George Kennedy Young was ‘key’ to paedophile claims”

Labour MP said GK Young, ex-deputy director of MI6 took part in ‘dubious’ activities

Mann added Mr Young was a ‘manipulator’ who controlled groups of people within which there were paedophile rings in the 1970s or 1980s.

Interesting that Bee Carthew worked closely with Denby, Proctor, Powell, GK Young and … John Tyndall from the NF.

19th January 1984

Image result for dickens dossier

Jeremy Corbyn accused Mr Dickens of irresponsible behaviour and demanded  he withdraw the allegation.

Dickens Dossier:

In a Westminster Hall debate, Mr Mann said George Kennedy Young, who died in 1990, had been named in the first line of the document.

He said: ‘This is an original, I have spoken and met and got a copy from the person who personally handed it to Geoffrey Dickens who then personally gave it to Leon Brittan.

‘And what it says is, first line – GK Young heads up a Powellite faction known as Tory Action. GK Young, George Kennedy Young, was deputy director of MI6 in the past, long dead.

‘The allegations are that he manipulated a group of people and that within that there were paedophile rings. And it goes into detail – who it’s alleged were involved and where.

‘I won’t give all the locations because some would be I think sensitive and would potentially identify people – but London is one, Greater Manchester is another, North Yorkshire is a third one.’

Mr Mann said GK Young may be key in finding out what happened to the dossier.

More on GK Young:


Monday Club activist, George Kennedy Young, began setting up the Unison Committee for Action with Ross McWhirter

Sara Morrison, February, 1967 wife of Charles Morrison, MP for Devizes. (Sir Peter Morrison’s brother) and the McWhirters.

Sara  Morrison performed the opening of the print works for the Guinness Book of World Records

Sir Charles Morrison was one of the investors in Proctor’s shirt shop Cottonrose in Richmond.

Sara Morrison’s brother-in-law: Sir Peter Morrison (below right) with Thatcher:

Image result for charles morrison brother of peter morrison

 A former Bryn Estyn resident said he saw Sir Peter Morrison visit the Welsh care home and drive away with one of the boys.

[linked image]

Former MP Gyles Brandreth was warned several times that Sir Peter Morrison was a “disgusting pervert”.h

28 Sept 2016

Gordon Anglesea trial:

A police commissioner has told a jury that he used to drive a senior officer, Gordon Anglesea, accused of sexually abusing boys to Bry Estyn children’s home.

He used to give Anglesea lifts in a police vehicle when asked. He said: “The only place I recall taking him was to Bryn Estyn children’s home. If he wanted to go to Bryn Estyn he would ask me and I would take him.”

Jones said he would not go into the home with Anglesea but just drop him off and carry on with the other duties that he had. He did not know how or when Anglesea would leave.

“I have no idea. I have no recollection of collecting him,” he said



McWhirters  – Guinness  World Records

The Society for Individual Freedom, which is described as a British Intelligence front involving George K. Young, Ross McWhirter (both with UK intelligence connections) and Gerald Howarth.

Gerald Howarth MP for Cannock and Burntwood from 1983 to 1992

Conservative Sir Gerald Howarth, defence minister until 2012, has mounted an extraordinary defence of a Tory MP who organised a Nazi-themed stag do – saying he was the victim of a ‘disgraceful witch hunt’.

And he tried to justify the MP’s involvement in such a distasteful event, claiming ‘we’ve all done it’.


Carter-Ruck’s champion Gerald Howarth MP talks gibberish on paedophilia

Here are some choice clips of Gerald Howarth sharing his wisdom on paedophilia with Chris Morris’s Brass Eye back in 2001



The Freedom Association was founded in 1975 as the National Association for Freedom (NAFF) by the Viscount De L’Isle, Norris McWhirter, Ross McWhirter and John Gouriet. Ross McWhirter had drawn up a fifteen-point Charter of Rights and Liberties before being assassinated by the Provisional IRA in November 1975. NAFF was renamed The Freedom Association in the winter of 1978

PIE member / convicted paedophile Charles Napier – his half-brother John Whittingdale was involved.


Back to the Monday Club…other members included:

Sir Rhodes Boyson, Sir Peter Bottomley, Neil Hamilton,  Sir James Goldsmith, Victor Montagu, Alan Lennox-Boyd, Derek Laud

Alan Lennox Boyd-prior owner of Henlow Grange (later owned by the Purdews) – “Churchill protege Alan Lennox-Boyd, who married sisters, Guinness heiresses, but enjoyed riotous homosexual adventures behind the scenes. Lennox-Boyd had a distinguished ministerial career in several governments…”


Alan Lennox Boyd’s son: Mark Lennox-Boyd (above) invested in Proctor’s Cottonrose shirt shop and and was Mrs Thatcher’s private parliamentary secretary.


DJ Jimmy Savile interviews MP Enoch Powell for Radio 1 programme Speak Easy. The recording took place at the Paris Cinema in London 01-Jan-1971

Enoch Powell and Jimmy Savile



Start of the Week radio programme 6 April 1970 with Richard Baker as host

Jimmy Savile, Enoch Powell, Malcom Muggeridge, John Peel, Lord Menuhin, Cardinal Heenan.

Savile asked Cardinal Heenan “How are things with the church now, business-wise, as it were”



Cliff Richard, Jimmy Savile, Lord Longford, Myra Hindley and the porn report connection

Lord Longford has decided to produce a report on pornography

Amongst those who were included, and who stayed the course, were singer Cliff Richard and Radio One DJ Jimmy Savile, alongside more obvious suspects like Malcolm Muggeridge and the Rt. Revd Ronald Ralph Williams, the Bishop of Leicester.


Image result for john peel and savile

Sir Jimmy Savile/Sir John Peel

Special report: A 15-year-old,  Claire McAlpinewho killed herself after leaving a diary naming DJs as abusers. Disturbing questions about John Peel.

Image result for sir john peel obe

John Peel OBE

Image result for Yehudi Menuhin, Lord Menuhin kbe

Yehudi Menuhin, Lord Menuhin of Stoke d’Abernon

American violinist and conductor

Pupils sexually abused at an elite music school

Marcel Gazelle, the founding music director of the Yehudi Menuhin School in Surrey, sexually abused pupils in the 1960s

“It’s a disgrace really that people’s trust has been abused in such a way.”

The Menuhin School was founded in 1963 by virtuoso Yehudi Menuhin with the help of his friend Gazelle, with whom he performed and recorded prolifically.

Gazelle sexually abused girls in the school’s bedrooms, according to claims.



John Bercow’s admiration for Enoch Powell was unbounded.

Harvey  Proctor was also a devotee of Enoch Powell.


Harvey Proctor/his solicitor Jonathan Denby (cousin of Barbara Hewson)/ Enoch Powell

via alun

Jonathan Denby’s cousin Barbara Hewson:

Miss Hewson lives in a £1million home in Islington, North London

Barbara Hewson’s cousin – fugitive solicitor – Jonathan Denby was PPS to Enoch Powell and was Harvey Proctor’s solicitor:


Dame Alun Roberts@ciabaudo

Bee Carthew was extremely close to GK Young, recently mentioned in connection with Dickens Dossier given to John Mann.

(Carthew) wrote in great detail to senior politician Enoch Powell and his wife

telling him:  that Harvey Proctor’s London solicitor (Denby) is on the run after forcing policemen to lie on floor at gunpoint was hiding in Home Secretary’s (Leon Brittan) constituency (Richmond) whilst being search for by Crimewatch. Isn’t that weird?



Former fugitive, Jonathan Denby, Harvey Proctor’s solicitor, got off lightly for his crimes and is now running a hotel in the Lake District.

Hotel owner, Jonathan Denby, has replaced the handy Holy Bible in nightstand drawers for  S&M porn  “Fifty Shades of Grey.”




Councillor John Bercow of Lambeth



 1986 -1990  : Bercow, age 23 – Conservative councillor in Lambeth

Bercow served as the youngest ever deputy leader of the Tory group in Lambeth.


Paedo MP cover-up claim: Top cop removed from sex abuse probe after naming politicians as suspects

There’s another reason why Scotland Yard were so keen to close the investigation down.

In November 1997 the South London Press ran a story about a ‘sex chamber’ hidden in the basement of Lambeth Police Station with bedding, a red light, and a manacle. Was Lambeth Police Station being used by the paedophile ring to abuse children and produce child pornography?



The Lambeth Police Station ‘Sex Chamber’

The Mirror have reported on the cover-up of an investigation of a paedophile ring in Lambeth council children’s homes. It’s suspected that the reason for the cover-up was the involvement of politicians, including at least one MP.


My Sweet Landlord ‏
 Lambeth District Housing Office is next door to Lambeth Police Station!

Lambeth Child Sexual Abuse Basic Timeline


Bercow gave up a political lobbying job with the Tories’ favourite ad agency, Saatchi and Saatchi, to work for Jonathan Aitken, after previously spending a brief period in the City, working as a merchant banker for Hambros.

After Aitken was jailed for perjury and perverting the course of justice, and he was forced to resign as a cabinet minister,

Bercow went to work for Virginia Bottomley, by then National Heritage Secretary, moving on at the 1997 election when her career as minister ended and he began his as an MP.

Virginia Bottomley

Image result for bottomley and queen

The Bottomleys’ links to Lambeth



Henry Bottomley

Peter Bottomley’s brother Henry was a Lambeth councillor at the same time as John Bercow (1986-90) and Virginia Bottomley worked at Maudsley Hospital (Brixton and Camberwell Child Guidance Units) as psychiatric social worker 1973-84 and was chairman of Lambeth Juvenile Court 1981-84

Henry Bottomley DCMS

July 2011 – now

Statistician – Broadband Delivery UK, Department for Culture Media and Sport

He would have worked with Whittingdale



The World of Who’s Who of Women 1992/93

Peter Righton –

who abused children with Charles Napier (MP John Whittingdale’s half brother)  and Richard Alston,

was a founder of PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange).

Charles Napier was the treasurer of PIE.

Peter Righton was also one of Britain’s leading child protection specialists when Virginia Bottomley was Health Secretary


Sir Peter, who is married to the former Conservative Cabinet minister Virginia Bottomley, told Radio Four’s Today programme that people were also now wrongly suggesting that he may have visited the Elm Guest House, in Barnes, south-west London, which is at the centre of some of the current claims.

The Elm Guest House is alleged to have been the scene of paedophile activity and sex parties attended by politicians and other prominent figures in the 1970s and 1980s. Visitors are said to have included the late Liberal MP Sir Cyril Smith.


Back to Peter Bottomley’s fellow Monday Club member John Bercow…

Like his friend Keith Vaz, Bercow also married late in life

Bercow, age 39, married Sally Illman in 2002



^His good friend, Julian Lewis, the future shadow cabinet member was best man at his wedding.




Julian Lewis- supporter of Greville Janner’s HET


John Bercow – supporter of Greville Janner’s HET

Holocaust Education Trust Reception

Greville Janner – HET



John Pinniger, Lambeth Councillor at the same time as John Bercow and a fellow member of The Monday Club


Other Monday Club members – John Remfrey  Pinniger (far left) was a leading activist and political adviser in the right-wing Conservative Monday Club during the early 1980s

Three of the Young Members’ Group at a Club Conference at Chilham Castle, 1980: John R. Pinniger (YMG Chairman), Richard Turnbull, & Gregory Lauder-Frost.

John R Pinniger  –  former Conservative councillor for  Lambeth 1990

He was also a leading activist and political adviser in the right-wing Conservative Monday Club

Pinniger worked closely with the Conservative Member of Parliament Harvey Proctor, who was then Chairman of the Monday Club’s Immigration & Repatriation Committee.

He co-authored papers with Proctor including:

”Immigration, Repatriation, & the Commission for Racial Equality”, by Keith_Harvey_Proctor, M.P., John R. Pinniger, M.A., with a foreword by Sir Ronald Bell, Q.C., M.P., published by the Monday Club, 1981, (P/B).

Pinniger was a director, along with Derek Laud of


John Pinniger was a “research assistant” to Harvey Proctor MP and to Sir Charles Irving MP and Pinniger worked at Harrod’s menswear shop in between his parliamentary duties.

via Troy@snowfaked

Sir Charles Irving

 Pinniger also worked for Charles Irving who offered steady ‘stream of advice’ to CHE

Image result for DEREK LAUD

Derek Laud



Clive Froggatt

When arrested, he claimed he was using the drug as a painkiller for his close friend and Tory MP for Cheltenham Sir Charles Irving, who he said was dying of AIDS

Clive Froggatt Clive Froggatt, a leading physician in England, and a favorite of prime minister Margaret Thatcher and a very senior government health adviser to both Margaret Thatcher and John Major, was addicted to heroin, allegedly taking up to eight fixes a day.


this is the doctor who has been a guru to a succession of former Health Secretaries including Ken Clarke,now Chancellor;

Virginia Bottomley, now Heritage chief;

and William Waldegrave  – special advisor to Patrick Rock.

William Waldegrave, the health secretary, giving details of the two enquiries launched in the aftermath of the case, described Beck as evil. He said that the Commons had shown its support for Mr Janner.

Keith Vaz, Labour MP for Leicester East, condemned the ”cowardly attacks” on Mr Janner. Michael Latham, Tory MP for Rutland and Melton, said that Mr Janner had been the target of ”vile allegations and lies”.


As Beck was sentenced, William Waldegrave, the former health secretary announced two inquiries. One would investigate the selection of staff in Britain’s children’s homes. The other, chaired by Andrew Kirkwood QC which is reporting today, would find out why staff at one of Britain’s biggest social services departments failed to act on warnings which would have lead them to the discovery of a catalogue of abuse. Allegations of physical and sexual abuse were first made in 1980 – seven years after Beck started working as an officer in charge of a children’s home. They continued over the next six years, from children and social workers, and on four different occasions were passed on to police. After one investigation, police charged Beck with assault. However, he was subsequently acquitted after a crown court trial in 1982. Despite these allegations, Beck continued working at The Beeches, Leicester Forest East, where he had been officer in charge since 1978. He had spent the previous five years working at The Poplars – a home in Market Harborough – before moving to Ratcliffe Road children’s home. He eventually resigned in 1986 after he was suspended following an allegation of sexual harassment by a fellow member of staff. However he was given references which enabled him to take jobs with Brent and Hertfordshire social services. He also worked with charities.


Froggatt also worked on a Tory health service think-tank with MP David Willetts, who was forced to resign for trying to nobble a Commons committee probing sleaze.

Froggatt, an advisor”on heroin movie Eyes Wide Shut starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, publicly claims he is now “clean”.

Sir Charles Irving

When arrested, he claimed he was using the drug as a painkiller for his close friend and Tory MP for Cheltenham Sir Charles Irving, who he said was dying of AIDS

(Cheltenham – GCHQ & GCHQ Freemason Lodge and PIE member Keith Harding area)

Froggatt was brought into the Conservative fold in 1983 by Sir Norman Fowler and quickly became an adviser to the powerful Downing Street policy unit.

He developed a close friendship with Virginia Bottomley and frequently dined at her house.

Froggatt even told friends that he advised her on everything from how she enters a room to how she does her hair.

Ken Clarke once asked him to stand in for him at an Oxford Union health deb

When he had an idea, he rang Tory ministers and they listened.


Currently Pinniger is director  of:

  • Harris Edge Consulting Ltd
    2012 – Present (4 years)London, United Kingdom

    International business and public relations specialising in francophone West Africa, the Balkans and Western Europe

  • Representative of the Guild of Travel and Tourism

  • Member of the Franco-British Society, the Anglo-Belgian Society and the City Swiss Club






Jonathan Guinness – Monday Club

Jonathan Guinness (far left) attends an exclusive party to celebrate the completion of ‘Contra Mundum’ or ‘Against The World’, a one of a kind diamond glove created by his daughter Daphne Guinness on June 30, 2011.

Image result for jonathan guinness

Jonathan Guinness

Image result for jonathan guinness

Jonathan Guinness of the Monday Club was from 1970 to 1974. He was also Club Vice-Chairman until late 1990

He was a Leicestershire County Councillor

Frank Beck convicted child sex offender associated with Janner was employed by the Leicestershire County Council as the officer-in-charge of several children’s homes in Leicestershire, between 1973 and 1986.

Greville Janner was MP of Leicester

Another Guinness link: Gerald Ronson/Janner

From Gerald Ronson’s autobiography: Greville Janner is a wonderful man

Gerald Ronson – vice-pres of NSPCC and friend of Greville Janner, is related to the former Home Secretary Leon Brittan and to former Foreign Secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind.

Gerald Ronson was jailed for a year, and fined £5m, for false accounting, conspiracy and theft in Guinness share-trading fraud

From prison to the palace: Gerald Ronson, jailed for Guinness scam, picks up CBE

an evening at Covent Garden Opera House some years back when three black-tied men strode onto the empty stage after the main performance and launched into a spirited rendering of “A policeman’s lot is not a happy one” to the uproarious laughter of their guests.

The three included the then-serving Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police John Stevens, the former president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews and suspected child rapist Lord Janner QC himself, and Gerald Ronson, a billionaire property dealer who was imprisoned for his part in the huge “Guinness” financial fraud in 1991.

What the three men had in common, apart from a love of opera, was they all sat on the advisory committee of a charity called the Community Security Trust, a private investigation agency run out of the British Board of Jewish Deputies and which has been chaired by Gerald Ronson since he left prison.

According to Janner’s own memoir, the ad-hoc Gilbert and Sullivan performance must have taken place after the first police investigation was derailed. There is no suggestion that John Stevens — who has since been ennobled — did anything improper, but it is still strange that the media has not found anything interesting in the head of Scotland Yard’s night at the opera with the suspected child rapist and jailbird billionaire.

IICSA helpline manned by NSPCC

Chief Rabbi – is friends with Greville Janner/Prince Charles/Margaret Thatcher etc

Copies of Correspondence between Childline and NSPCC and copies of letters from abused children to Childline were shared with Office of Chief Rabbi

Gerald Ronson – exec of NSPCC

Gerald Ronson & wife Gail are close with chief rabbis the rabbi visits Ronson in jail

THERE is a delicious irony in Gerald Ronson today rubbing shoulders with Britain’s top police chiefs. They’re on first names terms with him and gushing in their praise of the Community Security Trust (CST), the organisation he founded and now chairs.

Yet this is the man who, in 1990, was jailed as one of the major players in arguably the most notorious business fraud trial of the 20th century – the so-called ‘Guinness affair’.

RE: Gerald Ronson: Israel’s Prime Minister (Yitzhak Shamir) desperate to speak to you in prison and police chiefs subsequently accepting invitations to dine with you or a chief rabbi and his successor visiting you inside.


Janners close with chief rabbis – Janner is related to one of the chief rabbis

Janner involved with Gerald Ronson getting honours

Janner/Ronsons are close with Uri Geller

Ronsons are in the royal family social circle

Prince Andrew is close friends with convicted billionaire paedophile  Jeffrey Epstein

Gerald and Gail Ronson had several listings in Jeffrey Epstein’s black book – she denies having met him


Prince Andrew aka “Randy Andy”, friend to convicted paedophile Andrew Epstein was part of the  NSPCC “Crusade” 1999

Sir Rodney Walker, ex-Leicester City chairman

who was a guiding light of the NSPCC’s Full Stop campaign, bought Jimmy Savile’s Scarborough apartment to use as a holiday home for his family


Gail Ronson involved with numerous charities involving children eg Norwood –

Sarah Ferguson also connected to Norwood charity and Sarah Ferguson accepted 15k from Jeffrey Epstein – payment for ….?



Jonathan Guinness was a long-standing and early member of the Conservative Monday Club, serving on several of its committees. He was a member of the Club’s Executive Council in 1971, when he became Chairman of their ‘Action Fund’, and elected National Chairman on 5 June 1972

Jonathan Guinne

ss’ mother was Diana Mitford (Nazi links).  She married Bryan Guinness first  and then Sir Oswald Mosley.

While Mitford was married to Bryan Guinness, they lived in Germany for a short time before moving to England. Mitford’s children had to be tutored privately in England because they weren’t accepted into any local schools. Mitford was also a distant relative of Winston Churchill, and was briefly imprisoned during the war because she was considered a threat to national security.

Jonathan Guinness is the elder of the two sons of Bryan Guinness, 2nd Baron Moyne and his first wife Diana Mitford (later Lady Mosley).

News from The National Archives

Document reference: KV 2/1363-1364

Lady Diana Mosley (1910-2003) was one of the daughters of Lord Redesdale, and had the reputation of being the most beautiful and dazzling of the ‘Mitford girls’. She married the heir to the Guinness company, Brian (later Lord Moyne), at the age of 18, but subsequently left him and then married the British fascist, Oswald Mosley. She was introduced to Hitler by her sister, Unity, and maintained a life-long admiration for him and his political beliefs.

Unity Mitford was even once called 'a perfect specimen of Aryan womanhood' by the Fuhrer himself

Unity Mitford, according to a startling new biography of the aristocrat’s daughter who scandalised Thirties Britain by becoming a member of Adolf Hitler’s most intimate circle.

these Nazi-themed orgies were devised by Unity and carried out with Hitler’s connivance

Jonathan Guinness’ aunt, Debo Mitford, was friends with Jimmy Savile and Prince Charles.



The Guinness family seems to have had many points of contact with abuse circles.

Debo and Prince Charles

From Jimmy Savile’s auction:

A collection of Christmas greetings cards, including from members of the Royal Household, four from Princess Alexandra (1936- ) The Honourable Lady Ogilvy and Sir Angus Ogilvy (1928-2004); and two handwritten postcards from Deborah (1920- ) Duchess of Devonshire, signed ‘Debo’.

Provenance: From the estate of Sir Jimmy Savile. OBE, KThe eldest of John Morrison’s sons, James , married Sophia Cavendish, daugher of the youngest of the Mitford sisters, Deborah.

Deborah Mitford is also known as DEBO.CSG, LLD (1926-2011)

Diana Mosley, unrepentantly Nazi

She married Mosley in a civil ceremony in Joseph Goebbels’s drawing room in Berlin in 1936, the only guests (besides the witnesses) were Hitler and Goebbels himself.

Elvis crooning. An honour guard from below stairs. Debo departs in fine style: Charles, Camilla and her ex mourn beloved Duchess

Funeral of the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall (R) walk alongside the The Duke of Devonshire (L) following the funeral of Deborah, Dowager Duchess of Devonshire

8th November 1978

The Duke of Devonshire (front, centre) chairman of the Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation, at the Savoy Hotel in London when he was joined by 11 men from all walks of life, who were honoured at the “Men of the Year” luncheon. Back Row (l-r): Staff Sgt John Rodgers, Det Insp Henry Dowswell, Brendan Foster, Jimmy Savile, Coxswain John Petit, Dr Colin Blakemore and Norman Croucher. Front Row (l-r): Lt Glen Tilsley, Sgt Murtach McVeigh, duke of Devonshire, Chief Insp John Purnell, Fl Lt David Cysten.

John Granville Morrison, 1st Baron Margadale

John Morrison’s grandson, Alastair John Morrison, 3rd Baron Margadale DL,

Alastair Morrison married Lady Sophia Cavendish, daughter of Andrew Cavendish, 11th Duke of Devonshire and  Deborah Mitford

The Mitford sisters were heavily influenced/influencing of Oswald Mosley, who may have been the influence for the political stance of THE MONDAY CLUB.

Sir Charles Morrison was the brother of Peter Morrison, who became MP for Chester, 

2016 – Sir Peter Morrison’s sister Dame Mary Morrison

His sister, Dame Mary Morrison, has been a Woman of the Bedchamber to Queen Elizabeth II since 1960 

Sir Charles Morrison (1932–2005) sat as Conservative MP for Devizes from 1964 until 1992.

Sir Charles Morrison was one of the investors in Proctor’s shirt shop Cottonrose in Richmond. MP Harvey Proctor,Tory MP for Basildon 1979-1983 and Billericay 1983-1987, was forced to resign following his activities involving a rent boy/spanking.

Sara Morrison, Charles Morrison’s wife has been described as Edward Heath’s friend and important political confidante and she was with him when he died.

The daughter of Viscount Lang and the Duchess of Marlborough, Sara Morrison was a director of the influential program, Fourth Channel TV, and one of the principal organizers of the Conservative Party, said to be a close confidante of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

The Morrison family


The third son of John Granville Morrison, 1st Baron Margadale, was Sir Peter Morrison (1944 –1995), was Conservative MP for Chester from 1974 to 1992 and died aged 51 in 1995.

He was Margaret Thatcher’s parliamentary private secretary and deputy chairman of the Conservative Party.

In October 2012 it was alleged that evidence has been seen that linked Peter Morrison to the North Wales children’s homes case, in which up to 650 children in 40 homes were sexually, physically and emotionally abused over a 20 year period.

It has also been alleged that Sir Peter was protected …and that his behaviour was covered up by senior party members and the media.

Morrison is now named in connection with a fresh inquiry into these allegations, which could also implicate the late DJ and TV presenter Jimmy Savile.

John Morrison’s daughter, Dame Mary Morrison, was a Woman of the Bedchamber to Queen Elizabeth II for forty years.  She has been described as one of the queen’s closest confidantes.


2016 – Bercow is accused of a cover-up re: Keith Vaz

John Bercow is accused of a ‘cover up’ after a Tory MP called for Keith Vaz’s suspension ONE YEAR before rent boy claims surfaced

‘These events had all the hallmarks of an establishment cover-up.’


  • Andrew Bridgen wrote to John Bercow to ensure Keith Vaz was suspended
  • He didn’t want Vaz to be chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee 
  • But the Speaker refused and Mr Bridgen believes it was a ‘cover up’

Three weeks after Mr Bercow sent his letter, he was pictured with Mr Vaz in the directors’ box of Leicester City Football Club.


a letter from John Bercow, the Speaker, warning Andrew Bridgen MP it would be “inappropriate” to raise allegations against Vaz in the Commons.

When Mr Vaz appeared in the Commons last Monday, the day after the scandal broke, he was called to speak twice by Mr Bercow in the chamber.

The following day Mr Bercow was seen giving Mr Vaz a pat on the back and leaning over to squeeze his wrist during a conversation in the Commons.


Dame Alun Roberts CH@ciabaudo

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen claims Keith Vaz was already being investigated by police

Tory MP was stopped from making allegations about MP a year ago

10 Sep 2016

Andrew Bridgen was told not to use Parliamentary privilege to raise the matter in a Commons debate 

“To the casual ­observer these events had all the hallmarks of an establishment cover-up.

Andrew Bridgen, Tory MP for North West Leicestershire – 15 miles from Mr Vaz’s Leicester East constituency – wrote to the Speaker on September 3 last year.

Mr Bridgen said that should the ­allegations be substantiated then Labour’s Mr Vaz should be suspended as chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee.

Five days later Mr Bercow replied that he had no power to remove a select ­committee chair and warned Mr Bridgen not to use Parliamentary privilege to raise the matter in a Commons debate.




John Bercow, with his wife Sally, opened the new Silver Star centre with Keith Vaz

12 Apr 2013


Bercow launched the charity offices used by Daniel Dragusin, Vaz aide’s charity

Dan Dragusin who paid for Keith Vaz’s alleged sex party had ties to a network of parliamentarians.

The charity offices used by Daniel Dragusin, who gave £150 to two rent boys who visited the Labour grandee in his flat, were opened by John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons.


Vaz’s charity chief, Dan Dragusin

gave £2,500 to Commons Speaker Bercow


At the request of the diabetes charity Silver Star, Mr Speaker John Bercow lit up the Elizabeth Tower, blue.

^ Wonder if Bercow charged for that? *innocent face*

As ever, the dots are all there – just need to be joined together. Start with the Bercow / McAlpine saga.



On 24 May 2013, the High Court of Justice ruled that her tweet, “Why is Lord McAlpine trending? *innocent face*”, was libelous. The two parties agreed to a settlement, and McAlpine donated the damages awarded to Children in Need.

In 2013, it was revealed McAlpine had owned the artwork of convicted paedophile Graham Ovenden – artwork that depicted naked children.


Lord McAlpine denies North Wales child abuse claims



McAlpine and Thatcher


The Vaz saga is unfolding just as the Gordon Anglesea trial gets underway:

via WW

It all comes at the same time as Gordon Anglesea jury is sworn in at Mold – and Anglesea and Bryn go to the heart of much of this – and the westmonster links…

In December 1991 — eight months after Anglesea retired from the North Wales Police — the Independent On Sunday wrote about the police investigation into allegations of child abuse at the Bryn Estyn children’s home in North Wales.

The front page article stated:

“According to former residents of Bryn Estyn, Gordon Anglesea, a former senior North Wales police officer, was a regular visitor there.”

“He recently retired suddenly without explanation.”


The Jillings report, North Wales VIP child-abuse, William Hague, Leon Brittan, Ian Greer, Westminster Council, Operation Pallial and the Dolphin Square connection


“Photographs of men abusing boys in the North Wales paedophile scandal were deliberately destroyed by the authorities. Sian Griffiths worked for Clwyd Council in the inquiry office on the 1994 Jillings and six years later on the Waterhouse inquiry which looked into the systematic abuse at the children’s homes.

Labour MP Ann Clwyd today revealed she had read the 1994 report by John Jillings into the abuse before it was pulped and called for it to be published.

She said: “It shows rape and torture… the effects on those young boys cannot be underestimated.”

The report was trashed on the insistence of Clwyd Council’s insurers, who feared a wave of writs from victims.


 Reminder > stifled 1996 paedophile report, says ‘victim’

WilliamJHague closed down the N Wales investigations & the stench of that corrupt injustice still hangs over Westminster

Hague faces cover-up row over Thatcher ally’s link to care home abuse scandal: Former foreign secretary said to have been made aware of Sir Peter Morrison’s connections while working as Welsh secretary

  • Hague expected to be criticised in new report on Wales care home scandal
  • As many as 650 children were raped or assaulted in the 70s and 80s
  • Then-Welsh Secretary Hague ordered an inquiry into the abuse in 1996
  • New Whitehall inquiry expected to accuse Welsh office of mishandling it


Image result for william hague jimmy savile

Photo published for Victims tell of horror inside North Wales care home where gang rape, strip searches and vicious...

Victims tell of horror inside North Wales care home where gang rape, strip searches and vicious canings were a way of life… and Jimmy Savile was a regular visitor

  • Victim Keith Gregory claims he knows 12 or 13 people who have killed themselves because of events that happened at Bryn Estyn in 70s and 80s

Image result for gordon anglesea bryn estyn


Operation Pallial was set up in response to allegations regarding Tory peer Lord McAlpine – that he had abused children in North Wales care homes.

RETIRED NORTH Wales Police superintendent Gordon Anglesea was arrested on suspicion of historic physical and sexual assaults against children in December 2013

Anglesea was detained at his Colwyn Bay home in December by officers of the National Crime Agency.

Anglesea was the 18th person to be arrested as part of Operation Pallial, based at North Wales Police headquarters.


Gordon Anglesea


Anglesea was questioned also about his connection with freemasonry because of an underlying suggestion that there had been a “cover up” in his case. He disclosed that he had become a full member of Berwyn Lodge in Wrexham, in 1982, after being a probationer in a lodge at Colwyn Bay from about 1976.

He had then transferred to a new Wrexham lodge, Pegasus Lodge, in 1984 because it offered an opportunity for swifter advance in freemasonry.

He was aware now from records that one member of the staff at Bryn Estyn had become a member of Berwyn Lodge in April 1984. He had remained a member of the Pegasus Lodge since despite a directive from the Chief Constable of the North Wales Police, David Owen, in September 1984.


A former police chief visited a house where youngsters were plied with drink before men “picked a boy they wanted”, a court has heard.

Boys were abused there, in a caravan or taken to the pub, jurors were told.

The witness described the house as a “centre of paedophile activity”

He said the property in Brymbo, Wrexham, was used by a paedophile ring.

Gordon Anglesea trial: police officer was driven to children’s home, court told

28 Sept 2016

A police commissioner has told a jury that he used to drive a senior officer accused of sexually abusing boys to a children’s home.

Arfon Jones, the police and crime commissioner for north Wales, said he drove Gordon Anglesea to the Bryn Estyn children’s home in Wrexham.

Jones said he would not go into the home with Anglesea but just drop him off and carry on with the other duties that he had. He did not know how or when Anglesea would leave.

“I have no idea. I have no recollection of collecting him,” he said.


Abuse charge ex-policeman Gordon Anglesea ‘lied under oath’

10 Oct 2016

A former police superintendent accused of historical sexual abuse has been accused of deliberately lying on oath.

Mold Crown Court heard Gordon Anglesea was trying to “wriggle out” of the fact he “said two vastly different things” during a High Court libel action in 1994, and the current trial.

Last week, during questioning by his own barrister, Mr Anglesea told the court he visited a shower area of a Home Office attendance centre he used to run “once or twice”.

Cross-examining Mr Anglesea on Monday, Eleanor Laws QC, referred to evidence he gave in the 1994 libel case, which resulted in Mr Anglesea being awarded nearly £400,000 in damages.

In 1994, under oath, he was asked: “Did you stand in the showers watching the boys regularly?”

He had answered: “I went to the showers on every occasion the attendance centre was open.”


Witness in Gordon Anglesea sex abuse trial says his claims were ‘brushed aside by Police’

The witness, who is not a complainant, said a stall holder he worked for at the local market would take boys to the former Crest Hotel in Wrexham where they would be abused.

The man said he went to the local police station but the officer he spoke to would not take the details because Anglesea was “a chief inspector or something like that”.



Jury in trial of ex-police chief Gordon Anglesea sworn in

5 Sep 2016

At Mold Crown Court a jury panel of 40 was first brought to court and members were told that the trial was listed for six weeks, although Judge Geraint Walters said that he expected it would take less than that.

Ex-police chief Gordon Anglesea ‘threatened abused boy’

14 Sept 2016



Gordon Anglesea: Former police chief guilty of child sex abuse

Oct 21 2016

During the trial, Anglesea was questioned about links to other paedophiles, including Gary Cooke, who is currently serving 14 years in prison, and Peter Howarth, former deputy head of the Bryn Estyn children’s home, who died in prison in 1997.

In 1994, Anglesea was awarded £375,000 in libel damages after media organisations ran stories about his links to abuse at children’s homes in north Wales.

One report, published in 1991, detailed how Bryn Estyn residents claimed he was a regular visitor to the home.

He was granted bail until his sentencing hearing, which will take place 4TH NOVEMBER 2016


Why was paedophile ex-cop Gordon Anglesea allowed to leave Mold Crown Court in secret?

Oct 21 2016

Anglesea was granted bail until his sentencing on November 4 – but left the court by a back exit rather than through the front doors as is usually the case.

Asked why Anglesea was given special treatment, Mold Crown Court did not respond.

However, a source at the Ministry of Justice said the decision would have been taken by the court as well as the police.


Dr Julian Lewis MP supported Police chief Gordon Anglesea




Rebecca believes the Macur Review contains more redacted material about Gordon Anglesea.

We asked the Ministry of Justice for a copy of the report with all redacted references to the retired superintendent removed.

A spokesman told us they would not do so — even though the Anglesea trial is now over.

Rebecca will take this matter up with MPs in the House of Commons.


IN ANOTHER dramatic development, North Wales Police have confirmed an investigation is under way into an alleged cover-up in the Anglesea case.


Defending barrister Tania Griffiths QC said that those who told “whopping great lies” knew how to tell them and branded the allegations against her client “ arrant nonsense”.

Anglesea’s QC Tania Griffiths –

– single foster parent to traumatised children

Article from 2007

Woman QC leads the way at the office and home; LEGAL WEEK.
LIVERPOOL’S only woman QC has taken the challenge of juggling home and work commitments to a new level.

Family, criminal and personal injury law specialist, Tania Griffiths, has a well-earned reputation as the city’s “tripping queen”, having spent 15 years defending the council against accident claims.

Last night she revealed her parallel life as a single mum to numerous foster children, many who suffered trauma and abuse at the hands of their natural parents, and some of whom she has adopted.

Last night, Ms Griffiths, 47, from Southport, told how she managed to balance a pioneering career with raising an often troublesome family alone.

Last autumn she became only the third female barrister in Liverpool to serve as a Queens Counsel, following in the footsteps of Rose Heilbron, who took silk in the 1960s, and now Judge Margaret de Haas.

Ms Griffiths has often forged new ground in the region’s legal world, becoming the first woman to be accepted to Liverpool’s biggest set, at Exchange Chambers, in 1982.

The daughter of a car painter and a nurse, former Christ the King Comprehensive pupil Ms Griffiths originally wanted to join the police, but changed her mind after starting a law degree at Liverpool Polytechnic.

Ms Griffiths says her title will allow her to pursue more high-profile criminal and family cases in Merseyside, while spending as much time as possible at home in Birkdale, where she lives with her adopted children next door to her father.

“I always wanted to have a family, and I was single, so at the age of 30 there was no man, and I thought if I don’t get a move on I’m never going to get my family,” she said.

I’ve never regarded myself as a role model

Previous cases:

Police ‘witch hunt’ criticised as former school master is cleared of abuse

Mr Roderick Ryall’s barrister, Tania Griffiths QC, said the complainants had used knowledge of sex offence convictions from 1988 to “jump on a bandwagon” to win compensation.


Peter Steen, 75, who had denied all 11 charges against him, walked free from court as solicitor blasts the Operation Pallial investigation

Speaking on behalf of Mr Steen, of Heol y Wal, Bradley, Wrexham, his solicitor Chris Saltrese said there had been a grave miscarriage of justice and blasted the Operation Pallial investigation, which was set up to investigate historic allegations of child abuse in the North Wales care system.

“There has been a damning indictment here, and not of my client, but of the National Crime Agency’s Operation Pallial which was hastily set up by the Prime Minister in November 2012 at the height of the Jimmy Savile hysteria.”

He added: “A grave miscarriage of justice was avoided in Mr Steen’s case only by the even-handedness of the judge, the good sense of the jury and the great skill and determination of defence counsel Miss Tania Griffiths QC. My thanks to them all.


Teacher fails in unique High Court bid to have ‘fanciful’ rape claims struck from record

Mr Pinnington’s lawyer, Tania Griffiths QC, told the High Court that one of alleged victims ‘could not stop telling lies’ and claimed he made the complaint simply to ‘get attention’.

Acquittal on all charges in historic abuse case
A number of high profile defendants are currently facing charges and trial on allegations of historic sexual abuse. Senior Morgan Rose lawyer, Gary Lesin-Davis, instructing Tania Griffiths QC, secured acquittals on all counts, in January, for a client in a case at Liverpool Crown Court involving numerous serious allegations dating back to the 1970’s and 1980’s. The case required painstaking research into handwritten documentation and the advancing of complex legal argument to obtain the permission of the Judge to allow cross-examination upon their content. The client, a father and businessman of impeccable character and reputation, whose business required him to frequently travel to the US and Asia, faced the loss of his good character, livelihood and liberty and his acquittal now allows his reputation to remain untarnished.
Orthodox Jew jailed for sexually assaulting girl makes audacious attempt to be released early so he can attend his son’s Bar Mitzvah

Tania Griffiths, QC, representing Levy, said: ‘His son is about to reach Bar Mitzvah age.

‘This is such an important milestone. He really needs to be out for that.

More cases of hers here

W v Local Authority
Defending local authority in claims that the LA failed to intervene quickly enough in removing children from abusive households. Involved significant research of voluminous SSD records in relation to issues as to when the LA should have acted and the likely consequences for the claimant if action had been taken earlier. Issues as to whether disabilities in the children have been due to nature or nurture and as to future needs.


Macur Review

The Macur Review is an independent review, chaired by Lady Justice Macur, DBE. It’s a review of Sir Ronald Waterhouse’s inquiry into the abuse of children in care in the former Gwynedd and Clwyd council areas of North Wales between 1974 and 1996.

The Government have redacted, as we have heard, huge swathes of the Macur review, removing in particular the names of individuals who have been the subject of speculation and who have national recognition.

For example, the name Peter Morrison has been redacted from the report, but puzzlingly, other names—Greville Janner, Lord Gareth Williams—have not.

Mr David Jones (Clwyd West) (Con): If I may correct the hon. Gentleman, Peter Morrison’s name does appear in the body of the report. It is important that the hon. Gentleman clarifies that, because it is not redacted.

Ian C. Lucas: It appears in one part of the report, but it is also redacted in other parts of it. His name appears in the introduction, I believe, but in the part that relates to establishment figures, his name is redacted.

Mr David Jones: The point I was seeking to make is that his name is not wholly redacted, and since the hon. Gentleman is making a speech that covers very important matters, it is necessary to clarify that point.

Ian C. Lucas: I am grateful for that clarification, but in the chapter that relates to establishment figures, the two names that I referred to are not redacted, whereas Peter Morrison’s name is. It is very difficult to deduce a line of principle to see why someone made that decision. I think we need to have that information

ANGLESEA connects to JOHN ALLEN who connects to MICHAEL JOHN CAROLL of #islington #lambeth and PAUL BOATENG MP @ShirleyOaksSA

Back to Vaz – his friends and “charity colleagues”…


^ Purdew, Bercow and Vaz


Keith Vaz and old friend Stephen Purdew of Champneys:


The silken-voiced Vaz and the rougher-sounding Purdew, who is worth in the region of £50 million, are old pals.


Cambridge-educated Vaz says their friendship goes back 20 years, and, indeed, it appears to have started after Purdew’s company took over Springs Hydro in Ashby-de-la-Zouch in Leicestershire (Vaz is the MP for Leicester East).

It was soon publicised that Vaz was among those patronising the gymnasium. Vaz’s daughter Anjali was a bridesmaid when Purdew, 52, married blonde former model Isabele Cave, 30.

Purdew’s son by an earlier relationship, Robert, 19 — who recently did 10 days work experience in Vaz’s office — was best man.

strong links between Stephen Purdew, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Paul Stephenson, Keith Vaz MP and News of the World executive Neil Wallis, who was involved in the phone hacking scandal.

Image result for sir paul stephenson and purdew

Sir Paul Stephenson, Neils Wallis and Rebekah Brooks

Keith Vaz, MP, chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, who grilled the Metropolitan Police Commissioner is a long time friend of Stephen Purdew and Godfather to his son. 

Neil Wallis was PR to Champneys and also spin doctor to Sir Paul Stephenson.

Stephen Purdew’s wedding

Stephen Purdew’s wedding – guests included  former News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks and her husband Charlie Brooks and Piers Morgan



and Sir Jimmy Savile

Stephen Purdew and Isabelle Cave Wedding

Jimmy Savile at Stephen Purdew’s wedding in 2009

Image result for keith vaz 2009

Keith Vaz also  attended  Purdew’s wedding where other guests included Frank Bruno,  Liam Gallagher…

savile and dorothy

Paedophile, member of the establishment, Sir Jimmy Savile O.B.E. with friend Dorothy Purdew O.B.E. of Champneys, a friend and “charity colleague” of Keith Vaz.


vaz d purdew silver

Dorothy Purdew, Vaz and the Silver Star Bus

Champneys Charity bought in 2010.

Esther Rantzen D.B.E.


Keith Vaz and Esther Rantzen – patron of  Silver Star Charity

VARIOUS - 1988

silverstar patrons

vaz cherie silver

Cherie Blair, Dorothy Purdew launching the Silver Star bus


Savile and Blair


Amitabh Bachchan poses with Samantha Cameron, who hosted the Silver Star charity reception. Speaker of the House of Commons, Rt Hon John Bercow MP (R), presented the award to Amitabh Bachchan.
Amitabh Bachchan was the guest of honour for a charity event by Leicester-based Silver Star that campaigns to create awareness about diabetes. The actor is the international patron of the charity, known for its mobile diabetes units. The charity event was hosted by Prime Minister David Cameron’s wife, Samantha Cameron, at their office at 10, Downing Street.

Bachchan described David Cameron as “gracious” and “patient” and revealed how Cameron knew him.

“He had heard and knew about me…through the Nanny to his child,” the actor concluded.

Amitabh Bachchan the actor and philanthropist was greeted by British Prime Minister David Cameron at his iconic home at 10 Downing Street.
“….what an honour, a most rare opportunity to be there.  …And a rare visit to the Monarch’s bedroom! Where the to-be- Coronated King or Queen spends the night before the crown is put on,” he added.


Watchdogs facing calls to investigate if cash from Keith Vaz’s diabetes charity, Silver Star was used to pay for sex with rent boys

  • Leicester East MP Keith Vaz set up diabetes charity Silver Star
  • Two £150 deposits paid last month into account by man linked to charity


 The charity says its funds were not used to pay the rent boys, but no one has explained why Mr Dragusin paid them.

An associate said Mr Vaz and the Romanian trusted each other. ‘It was always as if Keith was really looking after Daniel, not a normal employer-employee relationship,’ he told The Times. ‘They seemed to be quite close, put it that way, in the sense that Daniel was doing a lot of work for Keith, and Keith was looking after him.’

From 2008 to 2010 he worked as a chauffeur for Express Rent-a-Car. He later became Mr Vaz’s driver, and was occasionally allowed to borrow a ‘fancy car’, said the associate. ‘He was often driving Keith’s car when he was not on duty.


 Silver Star deny this and have retained Carter Ruck, firing off letters to several newspapers complaining how unfair it is to have their name linked to this sordid affair. Carter Ruck usually charge £500 an hour. That’s a very expensive law firm for a relatively small charity…


 Vaz’s lawyer: Mark Stephens


Mark Stephens, a solicitor at Howard Kennedy law firm

Since 2011 Stephens has been listed on the SpearsIndices Reputation Management Index as an expert in reputation management, Winning the award in in 2015 and being mentioned in its top category “éminence grise” in

– licensed to practise before the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council

(Cherie) Blair attracts a lot of attention in the legal world, just as she did during her time at Downing Street. Lawyers tend to be coy about talking publicly about her. But one of the best known human rights lawyers in the UK, Mark Stephens, a senior member at Howard Kennedy, knows her and prefaces his remarks by saying she is “nothing like the Daily Mail caricature, that she is grasping and slightly bonkers”.

represented Bob Monkhouse who had been “charged with defrauding film distributors in relation to a film and television archive”.


In his autobiography, he admitted to hundreds of sexual liaisons and affairs, including one with a transsexual, but claimed that he only undertook this course of action because his first wife was unfaithful. 

His lovers before his second marriage included the actress Diana Dors, about whose parties he later commented after her death: “The awkward part about an orgy, is that afterwards you’re not too sure who to thank.”

– Other cases he took on in 1992 involved representing the families of victims of the Lockerbie bombing

  • In 1993 Stephens helped the MP Clive Soley to draft a parliamentary bill on press regulation. Stephens commented that people thrust into the public light needed protection from the press

– represented the leaders of the miners’ strike of 1984–85 and James Hewitt when allegations of his affair with Diana, Princess of Wales first emerged.

In 2010, he represented Julian Assange,

Stephens has sat on many charitable, regulatory, government and academic committees

He has also assisted politicians in their drafting of legislation, in the UK in the 1990s regarding the regulation of the press and in Romania in 2005 regarding freedom of information laws

  • he represented several other artists and art dealers in cases over freedom of expression, including an art gallery that was displaying earrings made by Rick Gibson from human foetuses.

On 23 July 1988, Gibson ate the flesh of another person in public


Mark Stephens – Co-trustee of Bianca Jagger Charity – Helena Kennedy


Mark Stephens was appointed by Lord Irvine to be a Champion of the Community Legal Service.



Lord Irvine and Esther Rantzen.  Keith Vaz photo on back of Community Legal Service brochure

in January 2010, he was appointed to a working group on libel laws, set up by the then Justice Secretary, Jack Straw, which published a report in March 2010

In July 2011, it was reported that Stephens had been one of a group of high-profile lawyers who may have been the victim of the News International phone hacking scandal


Bob Purdew, Jimmy Savile, Stephen Purdew and Dorothy Purdew of Champneys

Savile frequently stayed at Henlow Grange, so much so that a wing at the spa was named after him.


A WOMAN has spoken out about repeatedly being molested by Jimmy Savile at Champneys.


The nearest Catholic church was the one in Shefford, which was part of the boys home.

Savile regularly visited Shefford home of Catholic boys – the home is near Champneys

Shefford’s St Francis Boys Home abuse inquiry files missing

2 July 2013



”Jimmy was a regular visitor at Champneys health spa in Henlow, first visiting in the 1960s. He became a close friend of the owners, Stephen Purdew and his mother Dorothy. When a new bedroom wing was opened in 1985 it was named after him.

Stephen Purdew said: ‘He was a very significant family friend loved by everyone.

“Many people in the Henlow area will have very fond memories of this great man. My mother and I will miss him dearly.’”

[Farewell to top TV Presenter, Biggleswade Today, 5 November 2011]



Champneys: Stephen Purdew, whose family runs the luxury health spa in Tring

Phone hacking: Keith Vaz links to Champneys spa, behind Metropolitan Police Commissioner Paul Stephenson resignation

Sir Paul Stephenson  is likely to be grilled over his decision to accept hospitality at the Champneys health resort in Hertfordshire, and his connections to Neil Wallis, the spa’s former PR adviser and an ex-News of the World executive who was arrested over the phone hacking scandal last week.

Mr Vaz, the Labour MP for Leicester East, has a long-standing connection to the Purdew family, who own Champneys, including charitable and business links in addition to a close personal friendship.

World Premiere of Kerala Tourism Film at London’s Saatchi Gallery

September 22, 2010

Kerala Tourism will debut its ‘Your Moment Is Waiting’ global campaign at a red carpet event on Tuesday 21 September, at the Saatchi Gallery to a select audience of London glitterati, literati and business leaders


Dr Venu, Keith Vaz MP, busineman Stephen Purdew and Michelin chef Sriram Aylur

In one of its biggest marketing coups ever, Kerala Tourism unveiled its latest destination campaign film, Your Moment is Waiting, to a star studded audience at the Saatchi Gallery in London.

“It is a bold step for Kerala Tourism to launch the campaign in London to the world’s most sophisticated audience” by Keith Vaz MP

Dr Venu, Secretary, Kerala Tourism who played host to over 150 guests said it was fantastic to see so many celebrities taking the time to attend a Kerala event and endorsing the film.



The latest disclosure centres on Mr Vaz’s links to an exclusive new development in Kerala, southern India, called Eshta. The resort of premium villas and apartments, set in 60 acres of waterways and palm forests, describes itself as “a haven of luxury and decadence” for “the cream of society”.

The directors of the development project include Arjan and Mitesh Vekaria, brothers who own Vascroft Contractors Ltd, a company that worked on several state school building projects in London.

Celebrity endorsers of this monument to housing decadence for the “privileged few” are patrons of Keith Vaz’s very own healthcare charity, Silver Star Diabetes.  Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty and Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan

Mr Vaz and Dorothy Purdew, the owner of Champneys, have given testimonial endorsements for the 88-page Eshta development brochure. In the document, Mr Vaz praises the “super-quality” project as an example of the growing business potential of southern India, while Mrs Purdew is quoted as recommending Kerala as “the perfect escape”.


In January 2007, Mr Vaz launched the Silver Star Appeal, a diabetes campaign, which now has a branch in India and has become the Eshta project’s nominated charity. Donors to Silver Star can enter a competition for the chance to win a“lifetime” villa retreat at the resort.

The charity also has close ties with Champneys. Mrs Purdew is listed as a Silver Star patron and a new mobile diabetes assessment unit has been named “Dorothy” in her honour.

Mr Vaz is understood to have spent one night at Champneys after attending the engagement party of his friend, Stephen Purdew, co-owner of the spa. Mr Purdew is also godfather to one of Mr Vaz’s children, who is believed to have undertaken work experience in the MP’s office.

A spokeswoman for Mr Vaz said he has no financial connections to Eshta or its directors and had “never” received hospitality from the resort or visited Kerala.


Amitabh Bachchan – The actor’s name was reportedly mentioned in the Panama Papers that contained details of secret offshore accounts [101]

He was a friend of Rajiv Ratna Gandhi – Prime Minister of India, serving from 1984 to 1989.

World Tamils Forum: London Conference, 26 March 2009

Has-been dj Sir Jimmy Savile – speaker??  Who chose him to speak?

Keith Vaz was also a speaker.


World Tamils Forum: London Conference, 26 March 2009

Des Browne shows his hand

British MP, Des Browne, recently named as Britain’s special envoy to Sri Lanka was one of those who attended a diaspora Tamil conference in London last week where no criticism of the LTTE holding a captive human shield of civilians in the last sliver of land the Tigers hold in the Vanni.

“These are the people foisted on us to try and find a fair settlement,” senior official sources in Colombo said yesterday. “This was called a Tamil diaspora conference but was obviously a clear last ditch effort on behalf of the LTTE.”

Among those who attended this meeting was veteran American civil rights campaigner, Ref. Jesse Jackson who said that “we (the global community) have a moral obligation to stop the killings” in Sri Lanka, TamilNet reported.

Among those who attended this conference were Mike Griffiths, a member of the National Executive Committee of the Labour Party…


The delegates were addressed by distinguished speakers including American civil rights campaigner Rev. Jesse Jackson and Des Browne MP, the British Special Envoy to Sri Lanka and former defence secretary. Other guests included Lord Falconer, Siobhan McDonagh MP, Simon Hughes MP, Keith Vaz MP and Sir Jimmy Savile.

 Simon Hughes – personal friend of Cyril Smith personal friend

for over 20 years


In a strange twist, Hughes was quizzed about his appearance on Top of the Pops, which was a hotbed of paedophilia at the BBC, and where Jimmy Savile abused thousands of children.

For some unknown reason, Hughes initially denied he had ever been on the show

Jimmy Savile

Mr Watson:

To ask the Secretary of State for Justice if he will revise his decision to redact documents relating to Jimmy Savile in the PREM 19/878 file in the National Archives. [203322]

Troops in Afghanistan Stock Photo

Simon Hughes:

The majority of the information in the file has been disclosed. An application for closed information in the file is currently subject to a pending appeal in the first-tier tribunal. Therefore the Government cannot comment further in these circumstances.

Savile asked Mrs Thatcher for a ‘Government grant’ and the Prime Minister asked: ‘Are you thinking of millions of pounds?’

When Savile made clear he was talking about a token amount the Government agreed £500,000, a sum so small, the file notes, it did not need Treasury approval.

Intriguingly, the file is missing two documents – a letter from Savile to Mrs Thatcher on a date unknown and a record of a phone call to her in February 1980.

Notes indicate it was decided in October 2012 – just says after the scandal broke – these two items should remain confidential for another 40 years and be exempt from Freedom of Information Act requests.



Cyril Smith, Jimmy Savile & Leon Brittan – associates of paedophile PIE member who ran GCHQ Freemason Lodge–  Keith Harding


Simon Hughes was appointed as a Privy Counsellor in 2010

Investitures at Buckingham Palace Stock Photo

In the 2015 Queen’s Birthday Honours, Hughes was appointed a Knight Bachelor ‘for public and political service’

Image result for cyril smith and simon hughes

Simon Hughes with Peter Tachell

Image result for Simon Hughes and savile

For many years, Daniel Finkelstein ran a company called ‘The Generation of Change Ltd’ with Neil Sherlock.

Image result for clegg and Kathryn Parminter

Nick Clegg led the tributes to Cyril Smith and his deputy Simon Hughes said the former MP had “clear, high standards and principles”.

Image result for neil sherlock and Kathryn Parminter

Sherlock became Nick Clegg’s special adviser in his private office and his wife, Kathryn Parminter, used to work as a parliamentary research assistant for Simon Hughes.

Image result for simon hughes and Kathryn Parminter,_Baroness_Parminter

Donor who paid straight into Nick Clegg’s account becomes his adviser

One of Nick Clegg’s personal donors has been appointed to a key position in the Deputy Prime Minister’s office.

Neil Sherlock, a senior executive at KPMG, the accountancy partnership, will become Mr Clegg’s “director of government relations” in the new year.

Last year, it was disclosed that he had paid money directly into Mr Clegg’s bank account to help fund the Liberal Democrat MP’s private office before he was in government.

Mr Sherlock has also donated money to the Lib Dems and last year his wife, Kathryn Parminter, the former head of the Campaign to Protect Rural England, was elevated to the House of Lords by Mr Clegg’s party.

…concerns over Mr Sherlock’s previous financial connections to Mr Clegg and the Liberal Democrats.

The Daily Telegraph disclosed that Mr Sherlock paid up to £250 a month into Mr Clegg’s private bank account during 2006 to fund the MP’s office. The payments were later made direct to the Liberal Democrats to fund the leader’s office when he was in opposition.


Image result for clegg and cyril smith

Image result for clegg and cyril smith

Nick Clegg has been accused of covering-up what he knew about Cyril Smith and his child-raping ways.



2 male escorts have told how Vaz offered to fly them around the world

Vaz’s wife:

‘He wanted to kill himself twice – once as Europe Minister [when he was embroiled in a scandal over passports] – and again now. He just wanted to die,’ Ms Fernandes said.


 via WW:

Vaz’s wife concerned about his mental health? Surely he’s not fit  to be a MP then?



Slippery MP smeared with 30 years of sleaze – from expenses scandals to poppers and sex with male prostitutes

6 Sept 2016

Throughout his 29-year political career the veteran MP has been caught up in sleaze and cash scandals


keith vaz of the rent boys, poppers + brothels, sleaze, dodgy bank accounts, visas and paedo apologist

Revelations about Keith Vaz are “a storm in a teacup” says Peter Tatchell.


Peter Tatchell sticks up for Keith vaz. Hmm




Google Forced by European Law to Unlist Peter Tatchell Paedophilia Book Exposé


Peter Tatchell: Time To Lower Age Of Consent to cater to a ‘fairly rare’ situ where 2 x 15 yr olds criminalised

Image result for joanna lumley and paul o'grady

Joanna Lumley Patron of Chelsea and Westminster Swimming Clubthe father of paedophile Andrew Picard/Boeckman is chairman of the Chelsea and Westminster Swimming Club

Jim’ll Fix It : Keith Vaz and Joanna Lumley

Surprise, surprise: Vile paedophile Slade was mate of Keith Vaz:

HAPC Charity


Paedophile Derek Slade funded by Keith Vaz


Jeremy Corbyn , Keith Vaz and Bob Litherland


Keith Vaz prostitution scandal ‘is a private matter’, says Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn won’t suspend Keith Vaz from Labour NEC during investigation



7th February 2013. Labour Backbencher Jeremy Corbyn, Member of Parliament giving a speech after receiving his award for the Labour Backbencher of the year at the Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards 2013 held in The Member’s Dining Room, House of Commons, Westminster, London. On the left is Valerie Vaz, Member of Parliament.


Jeremy Corbyn with his former agent Derek Sawyer

Does  Corbyn’s lenience towards Vaz has anything to do with Sawyer’s relationship with paedophile Derek slade:


It is not known when Derek Slade and Derek Sawyer first met, but records show that in 1977, Sawyer set up Anglemoss, the company behind St George’s School, with Slade. Sawyer was then 27, and had recently joined the Labour Party.

HAPC for a time funded IBEP’s Anglo-Kutchi English Medium School in Gujarat, India, for young earthquake orphans.

Labour MP Keith Vaz – Islington’s senior solicitor in the early Eighties, and patron of HAPC – supported fundraising for the school in his Leicester constituency.


‘An Abuse of Trust’ 

Derek Sawyer was for a time Jeremy Corbyn’s constituency agent and the programme details the very close relationship Sawyer had with notorious paedophile Derek Slade over many years.

Perhaps, readers should watch Roger Cook’s ‘An Abuse of Trust’ again which highlights Derek Sawyer activities.




Keith Vaz and Abdul Osman

(2012) Leicester Lord Mayor (Abdul Osman) was pursued for crimes of Derek Slade at school in Gujarat, funded by Help a Poor Child HAPC


 (left to right) Jon Ashworth MP (former Spad to Paul Boateng, former adviser to Gordon Brown and head of party relations for Ed Miliband),  Councillor Abdul Osman, Liz Kendall MP (she has worked for Patricia Hewitt as well as Harriet Harman. and inheritor of her Leicester West seat, the one previously held by Greville Jannerand Keith Vaz MP

Councillor Abdul Osman, 

a founder of Leicester Gujarat Earthquake Relief Fund,

is facing claims for compensation from eight boys who say they were sexually abused by Derek Slade while he was their head teacher at a school in India.

He said he had helped raise £15,000 to set up the school and had done fund-raising to help it with running costs.

The claim the Official Solicitor is bringing is to obtain compensation from the three defendants because it is the victims’ case that the defendants between them “ran” the school, and employed Slade.



St George’s School/ Derek Slade


Andreas Baader

Derek Slade was Headmaster at time (also of the Help a Poor child charity HAPC & Anglo-Kutchi Medium school in Gujarat):

St George’s School teacher Gerard Singer jailed for sexually abusing boys


Former headmaster Derek Slade, who died in March, was jailed in 2010 for abusing 12 boys, while maths teacher Alan Brigden was jailed for five years in 2012.

In 2011 another teacher, Alan Williams, killed himself after being arrested on suspicion of sex assaults at St George’s.



Their innocence torn from them , their expectations crippled because of perversion, cruelty, greed and enabling of acts so outrageous upon a child it sickens one and yet it took 30 years for the children to finally be heard.


Gerard Singer found guilty of ‘systematically’ abusing boys at St George’s School

Gerard Singer, 69, was found guilty of abusing former pupils at St George’s School, based in Norfolk and then Suffolk, between 1978 and 1981.

‘Awful events’

Suffolk Police began an investigation in 2009 when former pupils of St George’s made allegations about abuse during their time at the school.

Former headmaster Derek Slade was found guilty in 2010 of abusing 12 boys and was jailed for 21 years. He died in March.

Alan Brigden, who taught maths at the school, was jailed for five years in 2012 after admitting 14 sex crimes against two boys.

In 2011 another teacher, Alan Williams, killed himself after being arrested on suspicion of sex assaults at St George’s, when it was at Great Finborough, in the 1980s.

Sir Keith Joseph, seated next to Margaret Thatcher. Thatcher later referred to Joseph as her closest political friend

 Keith Joseph – St George’s School  at Great Finborough:

  9 Mar 1983:

Sir Keith Joseph, Secretary of State for Education and Science says he is taking no action against St George’s School at Great Finborough, on the ground that no evidence was provided by those who those who made the original allegations to the BBC Radio 4 Checkpoint programme to substantiate “the few specific incidents alleged, which were directly denied by the headmaster”.

Thatcher and Anthony Gilberthorpe

Margaret Thatcher was warned that senior ministers were involved in a child sex ring, a former Tory activist claims.

 I underlined the names of Keith Joseph, Rhodes Boyson and one MP still serving today

William Hague and Anthony Gilberthorpe

In July 2014, Keith Joseph was named by former activist, Anthony Gilberthorpe, as one of a number of senior Conservative Party politicians who he had seen having sex with boys at cocaine-fuelled romps, in private rooms at seaside conferences. Gilberthorpe claimed he handed a 40-page dossier to Margaret Thatcher, in 1989, detailing Cabinet ministers who took part in the sex parties but says he was warned off by William Hague and a senior civil servant.

William Hague and Jimmy Savile


Albany trust Grey & Mrs Sara Morrison

1974: Grey lunches with Sir Keith Joseph & invites Mrs Charles Morrison to become Albany Trust Chair

Leon Brittan (centre) with Margaret Thatcher, Quintin Hogg Lord Hailsham, Sir Keith Joseph and Michael Heseltine in the 1980s

Chilling day Special Branch swooped to seize ANOTHER dossier on VIP abusers: 16 MPs’ names mentioned in 1984 report on paedophile lobby’s influence in Westminster

Sir Keith Joseph named in Castle’s dossier.




In 1992, social workers told Jeremy Corbyn (pictured that year) that organised child abuse was rife in his Islington constituency

  • Social workers warned Corbyn that child abuse was rife in his Islington constituency in 1992 
  • ‘We’d been seeing so many 12 to 15-year-olds who were being sexually exploited, we could hardly believe it,’ Liz Davies, one of the five social workers, recalled this week
  • Corbyn never wrote to Davies, or telephoned, to acknowledge their meeting, or thank her for seeking to blow the whistle 

Jeremy Corbyn accused of inaction over paedophile scandal

23 Jul 2015

Labour MP John Mann says leadership contender Mr Corbyn “did nothing” about allegations of child abuse in Islington in 1980s

Jeremy Corbyn,the hard-left Labour MP who is tipped to lead the party, has been accused of “doing nothing” over child abuse in his constituency during the 1970s and 1980s.

Dozens of vulnerable children were raped and sexually abused in care homes run by the London borough of Islington.However most of the abusers escaped justice because allegations made at the time by victims were ignored and many files, which contained corroborating evidence, have been lost or shredded.

John Mann, a Labour MP, has sent Mr Corbyn an open letter in which he says that his failure to do more to tackle child abuse means it would be “inappropriate” for him to become Labour leader.

In his letter Mr Mann highlights how Liz Davies, a social worker turned whistleblower, visited Mr Corbyn in the early 1990s to raise concerns about paedophiles operating in Islington care homes. Mrs Davies told The Telegraph that she was “heartened” by the meeting, after which Mr Corbyn said he would raise her concerns with Virginia Bottomley, the then Health Secretary.

However she said that while Mr Corbyn has “always treated me very politely” he had not been vocal on the issue. “There’s plenty of scope for apologies and regrets,” she said.

Mr Mann also highlighted an official complaint Mr Corbyn made in the Commons about a visit Geoffrey Dickens, a Conservative MP who repeatedly attempted to expose child abuse, made to his constituency.

At the time he called on Mr Dickens to “unreservedly withdraw his allegations of the existence of child brothels in the area and make a public apology”.

He also highlighted a recent statement Mr Corbyn made in the Commons when said: “There have been complaints about Islington children’s homes in the past and the council has investgated them.”

He said that the statement was “extraordinary” as the council has been accused of suppressing allegations of child abuse in the past. Mr Mann said: “Your carefully worded excusing of Islington Council in the House of Commons equally demonstrates why it is inappropriate for you to attempt to lead the Labour party at the critical time of the


via WW:

How did Henniker get his contract with Islington to run the children’s activity centre?

After Righton’s 1992 conviction, he and his partner Richard Alston were invited to stay at Lord Henniker’s estate in Eye, Suffolk. Righton lived there until his death in 1996. Lord Henniker’s estate was run as a ‘children’s activity centre’, and Islington council had been sending children there for years.


Henniker was  Director of the British Council (1968-72).

Charles Napier joined the British Council after his 1972 conviction.

Peter Righton, Charles Napier and Richard Alston abused boys together.


Who was protecting Peter Righton; recommending him 4 key roles, writing his references & introductions?


Lady Henniker-Major, a past chairman of Suffolk County Council and former Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate

Leon Brittan’s friend, John Gummer (Baron Deben) was the Tory MP for Eye in Suffolk

Sir Peter Hayman’s connections to Save the Children and the International Students House were forged through his wife (not mother) Rosemary Blomefield. Sir John Henniker-Major’s wife Lady Henniker-Major was also ‘very active in the overseas relief and fundraising work of the Save the Children Fund and its Danish sister organisation Red Barnet.” Lord Gore-Booth (of Malty, West Ridings of York), a noted British diplomat and Chairman of The Save the Children Fund 1970 – 1976 wrote Lady Henniker-Major’s obituary.

Raymond Varley


Fury as child sex beast is FREED after court blunder


THE CROWN Prosecution Service has been slammed after a bid to extradite a dangerous paedophile to India over sex attacks on orphan kids failed.

Convicted sex abuser Raymond Varley, wriggled out of facing justice after two Appeal Court judges upheld an earlier decision that he was a “vulnerable individual” suffering the early onset of dementia.

But prosecutors failed to order their own health assessment of the beast – a key reason why he won his case.

And he is free to contact children and visit schools, nurseries, swimming pools, stay out at night and travel abroad now bail conditions have been scrapped.

Keith Vaz’s links to Varley are significant as they bring together Goa, Leicester and Islington.

via troy:

Raymond Varley was an international trafficker. That’s why his phony dementia claim keeps him safe from extradition.


St George’s School

Kesgrave/Stowmarket: Inquiries into historic child abuse allegations at three former school

04 February 2013

THREE former Suffolk schools are now at the centre of criminal investigations into historic child abuse allegations.

The accusations, which relate to alleged physical and sexual assaults, are said to have occurred between the late 1970s and run through to the 1990s.

Oakwood School in Stowmarket – has said the number of claimants has reached three figures.

Kesgrave Hall independent school – The investigation, codenamed Operation Garford

Two other police inquiries involving the former St George’s School in Great Finborough, near Stowmarket, and Oakwood School are also continuing.

Operation Racecourse (St George’s) has been running since the late 2000s. It has led to the independent school’s ex-headmaster Derek Slade being jailed for 21 years in 2010 for sexual and physical abuse against pupils between the late 1970s and early 1980s.




Senior Labour politician helped paedophile headmaster establish false identity


Dame Alun Roberts CH@ciabaudo

Keith Vaz and Jimmy Savile, two of the closest buddies of Purdew:


1982 Keith Vaz  worked as solicitor for Richmond upon Thames Council (Operation Fernbridge) and for Islington (Operation Fairbank)

Postcards From Jersey To Islington


To child abuse campaigners, however, these are a smoking gun. For the first time they provide solid evidence that children from Islington’s homes in the 1970s were sent on trips to Jersey, in an exchange programme with children from the notorious Haut de la Garenne home, where widespread abuse took place.

Establishing that children from Islington were indeed sent to Jersey on exchange trips – as has long been claimed – is another piece of the jigsaw that creates a picture of a child abuse ring operating in the UK, with children passed around the country.

It has been established by many independent inquiries that child abuse took place in all of Islington’s 12 children’s homes during this period.

Islington Council has no official records that children in its homes in the 1970s and 80s were ever sent to Jersey on official visits, as all the documents have been destroyed.



Jimmy Savile with children at Haut de la Garenne

Among those who regularly visited the Haut de la Garenne home was the now-disgraced entertainer Jimmy Savile.

“Jimmy Savile often stayed in the same hotel as Ted Heath,” McGrath Goodman told the dpa news agency, adding that both men were alleged to have taken children from Haut de la Garenne.

via strikeback

I wonder if Lord Henniker’s estate, Thornham Magna, is the “large house in the country owned by a Lord” which Ronald Jebson mentioned in his confession about the South London luxury limousine company with ties to Westminster paedophiles which Sydney Cooke and Savile’s driver David Smith are also alleged to have worked for.




Lord Henniker has close links with the royal family:

Prince Philip is godfather to his first child.




thornham manor.JPG


“I couldn’t believe it when Ronnie started blabbing. He said he worked for a luxury limousine company on the south side of London. He said it was linked to the Westminster set, and claimed they had all sorts of posh cars, including Rolls Royces.

“He said the clients were all well-to-do, prominent people, including politicians, but said they were also paedophiles. Ronnie said many of the victims came from poor backgrounds.

“He said he often collected the children on a Friday and would take them to a large property in Surrey, to London addresses, or to a large house in the country owned by a Lord.


Operation Fairbank

justme@zante03 and crafty muvva:


Really Nige? Not whilst working for NCCL or Labour action group, or reading local papers or being LBRUT SOLICITOR ( ‘London Borough of Richmond upon Thames’)?



As Vaz was solicitor, Minster must have liaised with him following the EGH raid. Police involvement, minors etc

Louis Minster head of social services + KEITH VAZ the council SOLICITOR wld know each other well?

Yes. They worked at the same place at the same time.

Richmond: Minster was there 75 to 84.
KEITH VAZ was there 82

Louis Minster – Richmond Social Services, 1975-1984 – news articles.

Barbara Kahan, Peter Righton, Louis Minster and Malta


In the House of Commons it was Keith Vaz MP who rose to assure fellow MPs that his old friend was “the victim of a cowardly and wicked attack.” In the same speech Vaz suggested the law be changed so that prominent people could not be accused in open court.

Now, of course, we know very different. The Greville Janner affair was dragged into the open in the face of tremendous official obstruction and indifference. When it finally exploded two years ago one jaw-dropping revelation  followed another. It turned out that  police investigations had been mysteriously derailedthree chances to prosecute had been missed, there had been love letters from Janner to one boy. A second judge even helped Janner in a cover-up. Dozens of former residents of Leicestershire homes for boys came forward to claim that they had been abused by Janner in a scandal that went back four decades.

This fresh scandal will bring a renewed focus on the accusations that swirled around the former president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews (Greville Janner) because of his connection to Keith Vaz.

It is widely known around Westminster that Vaz — who owes his career to Greville Janner — was the unidentified MP in this Sun  front page from last year.

The headline on that Sun front page says “Top Labour MP is paedo” but does not name anyone.

This comes at a pretty unfortunate time for those in the political and legal establishment who wanted the Greville Janner affair buried and out of the way.

Lord Janner detective: We had proof to charge child sex politician 20 years ago… But top brass told us to stop

Blair, Mandelson, Daniel Janner, Bercow: Interesting that none of these people have come out in support of Keith Vaz.

Yes, indeed. The Janners have been distinctly quiet about the fate of their close friend Keith Vaz.


Greville Janner, Derry Irvine, Keith Vaz at a reception in honour of Lord Irvine

Keith Vaz was PPS to Lord Irvine who said his PPS was “utterly brilliant”, “the most incredible networker I have ever met”.

This backing from so well connected a source must have assisted Mr Vaz’s rapid ministerial promotion, from parliamentary secretary in Lord Irvine‘s Lord Chancellor’s department to minister for Europe at the Foreign Office.


Derry Irvine and Esther Rantzen with Keith Vaz’s picture on back of brochure – Community Legal Service in London

Lord Chancellor Lord Irvine launching the Community Legal Service, a Government initiative to make it easier for people to find good quality legal help and advice throughout England and Wales, by bringing together providers and funders of legal help and advice into co-ordinated, local networks. The Chancellor was joined by Cheri Booth QC and television host Esther Rantzen.…at a conference held at the CBI Conference Centre, Centre Point central London.
4th October 1999



Pop superstar Michael Jackson visited the Palace of Westminster on June 14, for a sightseeing trip set to include a meeting with the Lord Chancellor, Lord Irvine,


Michael Jackson, Uri Geller, Greville Janner David Blaine and Paul Boateng

The same Keith Vaz with the leak of survivors names who wants anonymity for accused…

Child sex abuse victims got death threats after inquiry published emails

Survivors of historical abuse say committee chair Keith Vaz put them in danger by placing private details on Commons website


Sex crime suspects deserve anonymity

There should be “zero tolerance” of their identities being leaked, unattributed, to the media, it added.

Mr Vaz said: “We have seen how destructive this can be to a person’s livelihood, causing irreparable reputational damage and enormous financial burden.”

Hansard ’91 call by David Ashby & Keith Vaz to change law to stop reporting of abuse claims in court, re Lord Janner



Keith Vaz –  Tory MP Ashby ‘lied to cover up his gay affair’

‘They said it was done to reduce the cost of their trip.’


Ashby was one of those who helped Harvey Proctor finance his shirt shop.


Goa’s bitter experience of pedophilia run rampant

Jan 1 2009

In 1991, India and specifically the resort state of Goa caught the attention of the world for all the wrong reasons


The Sunset Meadows development at Betalbatim Goa

The plush mansion is the eighth property owned by the the Keith & Maria Vaz, raising further questions about their personal finances.


The Sunset Meadows development at Betalbatim

With only nine bungalows, a swimming pool and a clubhouse spread over six thousand square meters, owning a home in this residency is a privilege to be enjoyed by the fortunate few who understand and appreciate our philosophy of A Whole New Way Of Living.


The wife of shamed MP Keith Vaz owns a luxury villa in Goa, bringing the total value of their property portfolio to £4.4million.

Further ­questions raised about the personal wealth of Mr Vaz, who until recently had a salary of £90,000 a year…

Maria Fernandes bought the £400,000 beach resort property in 2007 and the couple have since enjoyed regular breaks there.

One neighbour said Mr Vaz has entertained a number of local politicians and celebrities at the house. Keith and Maria with Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan


Right Hon.Keith Vaz, Member of Parliament, UK and Peter Beckingham, Deputy British High Commissioner invited Amitabh Bachchan on his 7oth birthday to Seven hills hospital in Andheri East and gave him the key of  mobile diabetic van. Vaz also gave art work signed by two prime ministers of United Kingdom to Amitabh Bachchan.


Keith Vaz bought his £387,500 ‘sex flat’ with cash near family home

Keith Vaz paid almost £400,000 for his “sex flat” through a “personal loan” which was exposed by the Sunday Mirror as where he invited young male prostitutes for sex.

The Labour MP purchased the £387,500 two-bedroom flat in cash, with the price equaling four times his salary.

The lawyer for Mr Vaz says it was purchased using a “personal loan” and land register documents show him to be the sole owner.

His family home, worth £2.2million, is located just a ten-minute walk away.



Mr Paul Gosling, a journalist and researcher (and former Leicester city councillor)

had spoken to Mr Alistair McKinnon, a press officer for a company called Ascot which had taken over a business previously trading as Control Securities plc. He added that Control Securities had been a shareholder and landlord of the failed bank, BCCI and that, as a result of the bank’s collapse, the chairman and chief executive of Control Securities, Mr Nazmu Virani, had been “convicted and imprisoned for false accounting.”

Control Securities’ accounts for the year ending 31 March 1992 indicated that the company had made a donation to Mr Vaz.

278.  Mr Gosling said that, in his view, the information provided by Mr McKinnon raised three points of concern, namely:

      (i)  whether Mr Vaz had entered his interest as “Control Ltd” instead of “Control Securities plc” in order to obscure the sensitive issue of the donor’s identity;

(ii)  whether the item in the accounts of Control Securities plc “Mr K Vaz Election Fund” or Mr Vaz’s entry in the 1994 Register “Donation from Control Ltd in 1991 toward the cost of producing a Report/Bulletin for the Asian Community into the work of the Immigration and Nationality Department” was the correct description of the donation;

(iii)  whether the donation to Mr Vaz from Control Securities plc led Mr Vaz to have a conflict of interest when he spoke in the House of Commons about the affairs of BCCI, particularly given Mr Vaz’s leading role in the campaign to secure payment of money owed by the bank to small shareholders and creditors.

…Mr Gosling replied on 29 May 2000 (Annex 9), saying that he did not think it correct to say that it would be easy to identify Control Securities Ltd from the tag “Control Ltd,” and that, whilst people within the company might have known it by that name, the general public did not. He maintained that an improper financial relationship between Control Securities Ltd and BCCI had been demonstrated by the conviction of Mr Virani for false accounting in relation to transactions between the two companies. He added that Mr Vaz should therefore have disclosed his own financial interest in Control Securities Ltd


 Joginder Sangar and Keith Vaz

Under fire Labour MP Keith Vaz caught on CCTV meeting younger man at London hotel as he battles rent boy scandal

2 yrs ago:  Vaz  met young man in lobby of Washington Mayfair on June 4 2014

(where it’s said he goes for ‘a wash’)

One hotel worker told The Sun the father of two (Vaz) would often arrive at short notice and sometimes with young men.

He said: ‘Keith Vaz would often arrive at very short notice.

‘Sometimes there were other young men with him.

‘There were a number of times when he didn’t stay the whole night. He would stay for just a few hours before checking out’.

According to The Sun a receipt from that night shows the MP has a dinner of lemon sole washed down with J&B whisky and a bottle of still water, costing £54.95.

The paperwork reportedly has the note ‘As per Mr J. Sanger’ at the bottom, a reference to Indian multi-millionaire Joginder Sanger, who owns the hotel.

Keith Vaz immigration & asylum is big money for his best mate £m Joginder Sanger his chauffeur Dragusin his wife Maria Fernandes

Multi-millionaire Joginder Sanger who knows Keith Vaz socially and Prince Charles.

Joginder Sangar and Prince Charles are part of The Bhavan charity:


  • His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles

Joginder P. Sanger – Chairman

BBC Interview with the ‘Asian of the Year 2011’ Joginder Pal Sanger, and Keith Vaz, one of the judges which took place in Dorchester Hotel in London on 21st November 2011


Keith Vaz – patron of Gingerbread charity for single parents 1992-



Following a merger with One Parent Families in 2007 it was briefly known as “One Parent Families|Gingerbread” before relaunching as Gingerbread in January 2009.

J. K. Rowling, formerly a single parent herself, is the charity’s President.[1]

In 1979 the organisation jointly produced a report with the Community Development Trust. Among other things, the report called for the abolition of the age of consent


Can Vaz REALLY stay on as an adviser to the Queen?


Disgraced MP still holds posts on the Privy Council, national security committee and Labour’s NEC

  • Vaz quit his powerful committee job yesterday amid the rent boy scandal 
  • But he still has a series of high profile jobs in and around Parliament 

Other senior posts Vaz holds in public life:

The Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy (JCNSS)

Paul Boateng also sits on the JCNSS Committee

Keith Vaz Affiliations

He is an officer of:

Related Sourcewatch


24th October 2013 –

Keith  met with the Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall ahead of their trip to India and Sri Lanka.

Their Royal Highnesses hosted a reception for members of the British Indian and Sri Lankan communities at St. James’s Palace.

In their most extensive visit to India to date, The Prince and The Duchess travelled to Dehradun, New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Kochi where they met India’s top political, business and cultural leaders.





….The executive director of Silver Star, Hanif Pathan, is a friend and former employee of Vaz, who was embroiled in the Hinduja passport affair. Vaz was investigated by the parliamentary commissioner for standards between 2000 and 2001 after it was alleged that he may have benefited from money paid by the billionaire Hinduja brothers who were trying to gain British citizenship. Pathan, who was then a director of a company that received cash from the Hindujas, was accused of being evasive to a parliamentary investigation.




Revealed: the asylum tycoon

5 October 2004

A multi-millionaire is at the centre of an inquiry into a missing three-year-old boy. Joginder Sanger and his family own the hotel where Rossi Matuvovo disappeared, in a case that has raised new fears about child trafficking in London. Scotland Yard has no idea where the boy has gone.

Inquiries by the Evening Standard have revealed that the owners of the Thornecliffe Hotel were paid an astonishing £4 million of taxpayers’ money last year to house asylum seekers at their bleak 400-room establishment.

It is a world away from the lifestyle enjoyed by the Sanger family, who have a 4.5 million home in Hampstead, with two Mercedes, a convertible Jaguar and a Lexus four-by-four in the drive. The hotel is a cornerstone of the Sangers’ business empire.

The family  also own the four-star Washington Hotel in Curzon Street, Mayfair.

Sunita Sanger, a director of the family company, told the Standard she was not concerned with the missing boy’s welfare. She said: “How am I supposed to keep track of every single little thing that happens down there? I am not interested.

The family reported more than 11million gross profit from three main businesses – the Thornecliffe, the Washington and property interests.

Yet their holding company, Mastcraft Ltd, has paid no tax in Britain for the past two years despite an income of 19million last year. Challenged by the Standard to discuss his business and the case of the missing boy, Mr Sanger refused to comment and ignored numerous phone calls.


“Joginder Sanger is a prominent social worker deeply involved in fund raising activities of a large number of charitable, social and religious organisations.”

2009: Romanian MP Marian Florian Săniuţă invited to UK seminar on HUMAN TRAFFICKING by Keith Vaz



A gang of Romanian gipsy child-snatchers stole almost 200 poor children from their families and brought them to Britain to pick pockets, a court heard.

27 Sep 2010

The leaders of the group are identified in the court documents as Constantin Radu, Nicolae Schian, Tase Dumitru – nicknamed “Chinezul The Chinese”, Mircea Niculae and Gheorghe Ion Dragusin. (related?)

Project Spade – 

November 14, 2013

Police allege Brian Way, 42, had been running an “exploitation movie, production and distribution company” called Azov Films since 2005, and had made more than $4-million from the business.

Through his company, the man would allegedly contract people to create child porn videos involving kids, largely boys, between the ages of five and 12. Many of those videos were allegedly shot in Ukraine and Romania


Many of the site’s bestselling videos focus on a group of young boys in Eastern Europe. Police ultimately determined they were in Romania and Ukraine — and that they were being exploited for profit. The Romanian children were recruited from karate schools across the northern region of the country.

“Parents were being told their kids were going on karate trips, and they were being allowed to drink, do drugs, watch pornography and have naked videos made of them,” says Belanger.


A Project Spade –  global investigation into buying and selling child abuse images online has led to 13 arrests and 11 convictions in Wales, a BBC investigation has found.

The NCA has referred itself to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) over its own delays in relation to Project Spade, while referrals from other forces are currently being assessed by the police watchdog body.

North Wales Police’s handling of its cases is also being looked at by the IPCC. The force was given the names of three possible paedophiles by the NCA but did not act on them for a year.


Keith Vaz : “Pigskin”, “Juicy”, a gay reality TV star and another former aide, Dan Irimia.

10 Sept 2016

Last night it appeared that the MP’s links with various Romanians may have played a central role in his downfall..

They include his Romanian personal assistant Daniel ­Dragusin, who paid the rent boys, and Mr Dragusin’s flatmate Maria Costache, who worked at the London hotel where Mr Vaz met another young man, as well as fellow Romanians known as “Pigskin” and “Juicy” and a gay reality TV star.

The 29-year-old — nicknamed Pigskin by friends back home — was also used by Mr Vaz as a chauffeur.

Mr Dragusin’s flatmate Maria Costache is an executive at London’s four-star Washington Mayfair hotel and is

also the sole director of D&M London Cleaning Services, where Mr ­Dragusin and his father Marcel have worked in recent years.

Just three weeks ago Mr and Mrs Vaz flew to Romania where he was a godfather — a traditional role in Romanian weddings — when another former aide, Dan Irimia, got married.

Mr Irimia’s name has appeared in the official House of Commons register of members’ interests as Mr Vaz’s “researcher” or “secretary”.

Another guest was the bride’s brother Ciprian Serban, nicknamed “Suculet” or Juicy in his home town, as well as bisexual reality TV star and model Bogdan Vladau. He too has moved to London.

  • Silver Star employee Daniel Dragusin paid for Keith Vaz’s rent boys
  • Vaz founded the diabetes charity in 2007. He first met Dragusin in 2010  
  • The organisation then employed Dragusin, even though he had no apparent experience in either the charity or the medical sector
  • Silver Star has refused to comment how Dragusin came to join its payroll

Why did a diabetes charity decide to employ a chum of Keith Vaz who had no apparent experience in either the charity or the medical sector?

Dragusin studied car mechanics at technical college in Transylvania. He’d worked largely as a chauffeur since coming to the UK in his mid-20s. His only other professional work (aside from assisting Vaz) was in the construction trade — helping out his father and brother, who run a London building company.

Silver Star charity – Its finances are equally mysterious. The organisation’s last published accounts, for the 12 months to December 31, 2014, show that it spent £160,680 during the course of the year. However, only nine per cent — £14,968 — was ‘direct charitable expenditure’.

Of the remaining £145,000, some £21,377 was spent on ‘fundraising’, while £10,381 went on publishing its ‘Globe newsletter’ — which is often festooned with images of Mr Vaz. A total of £81,990, was spent on ‘wages’.

It’s a similar story during each one of the four years for which records are available. During that period, Silver Star has spent £393,099, of which just 11.8 per cent, or £46,052, was ‘direct charitable expenditure’.

Over the same period, a greater sum appears to have been spent on ‘fundraising’. It adds up to £78,573.

Perhaps most intriguing, in the context of Dragusin, is the fact that Silver Star’s ‘wages’ bill has increased dramatically in the years during which he has been involved. In 2011, it was £52,329. In 2012, the year he joined, it went up to £60,789. By 2013 it was £70,176 and in 2014 it was £81,990. At least some of this cash is presumably finding its way into the Romanian aide’s pockets by way of a salary.



Keith Vaz and Daniel Dragusin

Mystery of mechanic who became aide at heart of Vaz sex scandal

The man who allegedly paid £150 to Keith Vaz’s male escorts has been working as the MP’s chauffeur and personal assistant.

A woman, Maria Costache, Mr Dragusin’s flatmate is an executive at London’s four-star Washington Mayfair hotel, living at the same address as the assistant works at the hotel (The Washington Mayfair) where leaked CCTV footage yesterday showed the Labour MP Keith Vaz meeting a young man.

Both of them have enjoyed rapid rises after coming to Britain. Mr Dragusin even served as a parliamentary assistant…




Keith Vaz, the charity worker and the mystery of their trips to India

Keith Vaz travelled to Goa in India with the Romanian charity worker and parliamentary aide alleged to have paid two male prostitutes on the Labour MP’s behalf.

A photograph published on the Facebook page of Daniel Dragusin shows the Romanian sitting on a beach in Goa with a plastic bag emblazoned with the Portcullis emblem of the Houses of Parliament at his feet.

The photograph is stamped with a February 13, 2011 date

Dragusin is listed on his LinkedIn page as Silver Star’s London coordinator and states that he began working for the diabetes charity in April 2012.

Mr Vaz, was there at the same time, according to his own website and local newspaper reports, meeting prominent Indian politicians and visiting the Silver Star charity which he founded and for which Mr Dragusin works

The charity has refused to say whether Mr Vaz recommended him for the post. But in 2012 and early 2013, Dragusin is also listed as a parliamentary aide to Lord King of West Bromwich, a good friend of Mr Vaz.

The unpaid role entitled Mr Dragusin to a parliamentary pass allowing him unfettered access to the Palace of Westminster.

On Wednesday a close friend and parliamentary aide of Lord King, Robert Page said he had no recollection of Mr Dragusin ever working for the Labour peer. 

Roger Page,  was Lord King’s parliamentary aide from 1999, when he was ennobled, to his death from a heart attack in January 2013.

Lord King’s daughter(-in-law), Nishpal, said she also could not recall Mr Dragusin working for her father

Other photographs on 31-year-old Mr Dragusin’s Facebook page show him on the House of Commons terrace with Mr Vaz in August 2011, about eight months before he started working with Silver Star.


Interesting. Keith Vaz had a laptop stolen from Parliament in 2011)


Subsequent photographs show Mr Dragusin in the House of Commons with Patrick Viera, the World Cup winning French footballer in November 2011 at a parliamentary function.

Esther Rantzen and Patrick Viera – Childline


Esther Rantzen teamed up to launch Arsenal’s first ever Charity of the Season partnership.

26th August 2003

The Gunners have chosen ChildLine.

Arsenal captain Patrick Vieira added: “The wellbeing of children and young people is so important and that’s why ChildLine’s work is vital as it gives youngsters a platform to discuss and overcome their problems.”

In May 2010, Vieira was nominated Goodwill Ambassador of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

As recently as April this year, Mr Dragusin posts from the King Power stadium where he watched Leicester City, the team of Mr Vaz’s constituency, play West Ham.

The newspaper alleges that on August 24 this year, a bank account nominated by the two male escorts received a deposit of £150 from Mr Dragusin’s account.

The money was paid 24 hours after Mr Vaz, the former Home Affairs select committee chairman who has resigned from the role, had agreed to pay £150 for a night with the men.

Murdered Hindu priest led ‘double life’

Keith Vaz, the MP for Leicester East, had known Mr Purohit for 15 years

24 Oct 2000

Harish Purohit, 42, a “flamboyant” priest and the president of the Hindu Federation and Secretary of the National Association of Hindu Priests. :

Mr Purohit, a part-time care worker, was last seen on Thursday at 11pm when he left home in the Belgrave district of Leicester for a night out, driving his silver BMW 320i car

Mr Purohit was sometimes known for his outspoken views and was an associate of Keith Vaz, the Labour MP for Leicester East. He worked in social services at Leicester city council until 1998 and since then had been unit manager for a day centre in Milton Keynes, Bucks, working part-time with adults with learning difficulties.



Dean Riddell jailed for life at Nottingham crown court for the murder. He said Purohit tried to rape him.


In the 1990s Vaz intervened on behalf of a Nigel Philpot-Jones who ran the ‘rent boy’ scene in Leicester

Reading this, I have a distinct feeling that Philpot-Jones had enough dirt on Vaz to blackmail him into helping him!




Nigel Philpot-Jones


Police reportedly investigating claims Keith Vaz threatened council worker who tried to evict a rent boy pimp

12 Sept 2016

Shamed Labour MP Keith Vaz allegedly told housing chief he would make his life ‘impossible’ unless pimp was allowed to keep his home – despite not paying £1,400 rent

The disgraced Labour MP intervenedwhen gay brothel owner Nigel Philpot-Jones was booted out of his Leicester council flat 25 years ago for rent arrears.

Ex-councillor Paul Gosling told The Sun he was quizzed by police in March about the MP’s behaviour in the early 1990s.

He said: “On many occasions Keith Vaz interfered with the running of the council in ways that breached his responsibilities as an MP.

“In particular I was unhappy about his involvement in reversing the decision to evict Nigel Philpot Jones, who had not paid his rent and was also operating a gay brothel in breach of the council’s clear rules on tenancy.

Vaz had been brought into the eviction row by his friend Philip Taylor, son of a former mayor of Leicester and himself homosexual. Mr Taylor was also a friend of Philpot-Jones.


Mr Gosling also claimed the MP (Vaz) was believed to have been a regular visitor to the Philpot-Jones council block address. Philpot-Jones was involved with procuring male prostitutes


David Anthony Taylor

a very devoted politican as the councillor for the Braunstone ward for 35 years, his first love was music and he was a professional entertainer in the 50’s and 60’s touring in clubs throughout europe.He married our mum Margaret Batty on 18th December 1965 at St Matthew’s Church, Leicester.He devoted a lot of time to voluntary work and served on the committees of many local charities.

In 1989 he was the Lord Mayor of Leicester and although they had been divorced for over 10 years, our mum Margaret was his Lady Mayoress. He later said that this was one of the best years of his life and together with meeting the Queen, Princess Margaret and the Duke and Duchess of Kent, he was able to host a reception for the athletes from the special olympics that were held in Leicester that year.


David Taylor

Died: September 1996 aged 55 (Labour Party)

Dave Taylor was first elected for North Braunstone ward in 1971 and became a County Councillor for the same ward in 1974. He was an active in the field of Social Services. In 1978, a charge of indecency was brought against him, though he was found not guilty. His political career survived and he became Lord Mayor 1989.

Because of his links to the world of entertainment, he was known as the showbiz mayor, as he had worked as a cabaret singer and dancer. Eventually, his drinking took a toll on his health.

Sources: Leicester City Council, Roll of Lord Mayors 1928-2000, author’s personal knowledge

On This Day: 25 Years Ago

February 25, 2014 (1989)

Leicester’s next Lord Mayor, 48-year-old David Taylor, has chosen the woman he divorced 10 years ago to be his Lady Mayoress, it was revealed this afternoon.

Mr Taylor has remained friendly with his ex-wife, Margaret.

He has spent the last 20 years in showbusiness and says: “We are civilised people and are still good pals. We go out together quite often.”

Mrs Taylor, the manageress of the electronic message service Air Call, in Leicester, was in London today and unavailable for comment.

 both a city councillor and a county councillor – will find few problems in stepping into the city’s top civic spotlight.

Mr Taylor – who is

He was, until recently, the marketing director for a Leicester night spot, Starlight 2000, and made his debut in the world of entertainment at the age of 12, at the Aylestone and District Club.

He hit the headlines when, as 18-year-old David Anthony, in 1958, he appeared on TV’s Bid For Fame talent show as a vocalist. By then, he had made a name for himself in Leicester’s working men’s clubs.

Mr Taylor, who lives in Nutfield Road, Leicester, has represented North Braunstone since 1971.

Context – 1989 Leicester

1989 A former resident of one of Beck’s children’s homes makes allegations of abuse and a major inquiry is launched.


Greville Janner, Lord Janner of Braunstone meeting HM Queen Elizabeth II. Leicester 1989




Keith Vaz And The Curious Case Of His Ex-Con Pal Nigel Philpot-Jones

Vaz lobbied for:

Nigel Philpot-Jones

“When I came to Leicester I basically controlled the gay scene. People know I have been in prison for sex offences. I was accused of all sorts of being a drug dealer and running rent boys. 

…I still say I owe Keith a great deal.”

Keith Vaz And The Curious Case Of His Ex-Con Pal Nigel Philpot-Jones


Allegations Keith Vaz intervened in eviction of council tenant suspected of running brothel probed by cops

11 Sept 2016

Police are investigating whether disgraced Labour MP Keith Vaz had links to an alleged brothel owner.

Officers were probing claims Vaz intervened in the eviction of a tenant suspected of providing “the services of young men for other men”, according to a witness who has given a police statement.

They are examining potential abuse of office and personal misconduct dating to 1991, when a witness complained about Mr Vaz’s attempt to overturn the council eviction, it was reported.

Former Labour city councillor Paul Gosling, who has given police a statement, said Nigel Philpot-Jones ran a suspected brothel at a council block, Oriel House.

It is not known whether Mr Vaz was aware of this, but Mr Gosling said he acted in a bullying, inappropriate manner in trying to get Mr Philpot-Jones’s eviction, over unpaid rent, reversed.



Dame Alun Roberts CH ‏@ciabaudo

The housing officer threatened by Vaz seems to have fallen up the career ladder.

A boss, Ged Lucas, the council’s former deputy chief executive,  at cash-strapped Stockport council was paid £357,000 last year, a report has found.



Vaz’s crooked race lawyer pal struck off: Victory for the Mail as conman is found guilty of 104 breaches of rules

14th September 2014
Shaun Wright, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner
David Crompton,Chief Constable


Keith Vaz is to be questioned over £15,000 worth of donations made to his election campaign

“Mr Milne saw a young man from Mr Vaz’s office collect envelopes of cash for the MP”.

^ LazerLight ‏@Lazer_Light23

Interesting to see Sarosh Zaiwalla employed Blair in the 1970’s Shipping Sarosh involved into claims re money to Vaz

Tony Baldry  told to apologise to MPs after recommending that a lawyer, Sarosh Zaiwalla, who had lent him  £5000 should be awarded a CBE.


via WW:

Tony Baldry ex mp also involved with some of Vaz’s dodgy

dealer counterparts :


another poi?


 Baldry is a freemason.

Personal assistant to Margaret Thatcher.

Parliamentary Private Secretary to John Wakeham

Baldry – Second Church Estates Commissioner

his predecessors…

Sir William van Straubenzee was Second Church Estates Commissioner from 1979 until 1987 when he retired from Parliament.

Baldry also member of general synod

The Second Church Estates Commissioner is ex officio a member of the House of Laity of the General Synod and so as it happens, I am the only Member of Parliament on General Synod and the only member of General Synod in the House of Commons.





The main thing to note right now is Keith Vaz’s links to Nadhmi Auchi; couple this with the fact that Auchi was also pivotal in Barack Obama‘s rise to power.

1. The very conservative Lord Norman Lamont worked for, or at least with, Nadhmi Auchi.

2. Lamont also chaired Le Cercle.

3. Auchi is one of only a hundred people who attends high-level meetings of Le Cercle.

4. Auchi also funneled millions of dollars to the then-unknown Barack Obama — who, with amazing rapidity, rose to become president of the United States.


Keith Vaz was a director of the company General Mediterranean Holdings’ owned by the Anglo-Iraqi billionaire Nadhmi Auchi, who had in the past hired British politicians Lord David Steel and Lord Norman Lamont as directors.



Vaz’s charity Silver Star attended over 750 separate venues in major towns and cities of Britain, India and Tunisia

Mr Vaz has also launched the UK-Tunisian Parliamentary Friendship Group on 29 October 2015 during a ceremony held at the House of Commons with the participation of the Heads of the two Tunisian Parliamentary Groups and members of the Tunisian Diaspora, and plans to extend his charitable programme to Morocco and Algeria over the coming years.


Tunisia – Harvey Proctor


‘s travel itinery


Bercow & Vaz


Loyalty or flawed judgement? Keith Vaz and the Janner child sex abuse investigation


Grindr/paedophile rings/chemsex child porn parties/St Benedict’s School/Vaz

A recording appears to show Mr Vaz speaking to them, telling the escorts ‘Bring poppers’ … ‘we need to get this party started’ and tells them to ‘look on Grindr’.


Grinder was the site used by convicted paedophile Peter Allott of St Benedict’s School. (Chris Patten, Laurence Soper etc)


Deputy head at a prestigious Catholic school, Peter Allott spent his weekends at chemsex child porn parties with paedophiles he met on Grindr, a court heard. He spent up to £600 a week on Class A drugs and was addicted to child sex images whilst teaching at St Benedict’s School.

Judge Peter Hillen said: It was at the drug parties that you became aware of, and addicted to, indecent images of children. I use the phrase of a PAEDOPHILE RING, that’s precisely what that was.

Paedophile Peter Allott left for a year in 2011 to work as a research associate for a project on the Prime Minister David Cameron’s “Big Society” initiative and Catholic social teaching at Cambridge University.

Michael Shaw, for the prosecution, said: “In interview he stated he engaged seeking homosexual company through an online dating site called Grindr which involved him meeting other men who engaged in taking Class A drugs, normally crystal meth.

In order to attract them he would raise the question of child abuse. If they expressed an interest he offered to show them images he had.

On the hard drive he had a selection of images of different sexes and ages he showed prospective partners on the basis it would arouse them.

Allott admitted possessing 25 “grossly offensive” images on a hard drive and sharing them with other offenders on the Zoom photo and video sharing programme.

Scandal-hit St Benedict’s School and its linked Benedictine monastery, Ealing Abbey, were also condemned in 2011 for a “lengthy and cumulative failure” to protect pupils after five monks and three former teachers were linked to child abuse.




Former Conserative Colwyn Bay councillor John George Reaney , 50, of Llanelian Heights, Old Colwyn, accused of sexual activity with a boy of 14.

The jury was told that, at some point before June 29, 2015, the defendant had met the boy on gay sex website Grindr.

John George Reaney  – Secretary for  RHYL YOUTH ACTION GROUP LIMITED


justme ‏@zante03

Was Keith Vaz thrown under bus to take heat off this?

  • 4 Sep 2016

“A close confidant of Reader said: “It was a shock for the gang when they found photographs of a famous ­politician abusing children.

Secrets of Tory abuse cover-up that made even criminal gang sick$category%20p$6%20%E2%80%A6


Bank job that opened the door on a royal sex scandal

  • 16 Feb 2008
  • 2 Feb 2012

…as they tunnelled into the vault of the Baker Street branch of Lloyds Bank, they had no idea they were about to spark a secret service cover-up and claims of a royal sex scandal.

Despite massive interest in the crime, details about the loot and the criminals responsible were immediately suppressed by MI5 and senior government officials.

Speculation quickly arose that compromising sexual photographs of the Queen’s sister, the late Princess Margaret, had been uncovered in the bank vault. It was rumoured they had been stashed away by well-known underworld figure Michael X. A drug dealer and Black Power leader, he was convicted of murder and hanged in Trinidad in 1975. A government file on him will remain closed until 2054.

The Mirror can for the first time reveal that Fleet Street editors of the day were approached directly by senior government officials and told to drop the story.

The four men caught, charged and convicted of the raid went to jail without ever having their names mentioned in the press, and to this day their identities and the circumstances of their capture remain secret. Even the lengths of their sentences are still shrouded in mystery.

Now, one of the men, in his 70s, has spoken to the Mirror from his home in Europe. The ex-gang member said he was terrified to discover one box belonged to the-then head of the judiciary.

Closed for 100 years FOI decision date 2015

hatton garden closed


Former lord chancellor Quintin Hogg (right) with Edward Heath, prime minister, and Margaret Thatcher, education and science secretary.

He said: “It was owned by Quintin Hogg, the Lord Chancellor.

When we opened it we dropped it on the floor like it was a time bomb. We didn’t want to take anything that might give us extra trouble so we left it. All we wanted was cash and jewels.”

But the gang didn’t have time to go through all of the stash and ended up taking some sensitive material.

The ex-raider, who refused to be identified, said last night: “When we got out we realised we had a lot more than we’d bargained for.”

At the time of the robbery, in September 1971, Princess Margaret’s marriage to the Earl of Snowdon was in its final stages.

In the 60s and 70s she was known to party hard on the Caribbean island of Mustique, where she was famously pictured with lover Roddy Llewellyn, a landscape gardener 17 years her junior.

She is said to have taken snaps of male friends frolicking naked but it is not known if any were ever taken of her. Asked whether he thought pictures might have existed, her cousin Lord Snowdon said recently: “I’d have thought it unlikely.”

But when we asked the ex-raider he refused to deny the rumours. He said: “I can’t talk about that. But we did find a lot of guns.

And what was most disturbing was the child pornography we found.

We were disgusted and left it in their open boxes so police could trace the owners.”

Misc -Quintin Hogg’s daughter


Dame Justice Hogg stunned experts and ignored pleas from social services when she handed little Ellie Butler back to her parents

Dame Mary Claire Hogg, comes from a famous legal and political dynasty; she is the daughter of former Lord Chancellor Lord Hailsham and sister of former agriculture minister and fellow QC Douglas Hogg.


Dame Mary Claire Hogg, DBE (15 January 1947), is a British lawyer and former High Court judge. She is the daughter of Quintin Hogg, Baron Hailsham of St Marylebone and his wife, Mary Evelyn Martin, and is the sister of Douglas Hogg.

…she has been a High Court judge in the Family Division since 1995 and was a member of the council of the Children’s Society for five years before that.

1990 – 1995              Church of England’s Children Society Home Office*

She retired from the High Court in 2016, 6 days prior to the beginning of the trial of Ben Butler for killing his daughter, whom she had previously exonerated despite advice from his local council not to.

Butler employed the dubious services of the now disgraced PR guru, Max Clifford

Oct 2012: Lady Justice Hogg Delivers Bombshell Judgment

The language of the judgment was so gushingly in favour of Butler that sources at the local authority admitted to being “shocked”, particularly at the suggestion that there could have been an “innocent explanation” for what had happened to Ellie.

Brushing his lengthy criminal record, including a number of convictions for violence aside, the judge commented on how impressed she had been by him.

She even commented on the fact that none of his convictions for violent behaviour had been directed towards children.

The judge stated: “He came through as a reflective, thoughtful individual, who at times over-reacts through frustration.

Mrs Justice Hogg appointed a team of independent social workers from a company called Services for Children to assess whether it would be safe for Ellie to return and to manage the transition.

Gray has now been found guilty of child cruelty following an eight-week trial at the Old Bailey in which her abusive partner, Ben Butler, was convicted of murdering their little girl. 

Gray was a graduate of the famous Brit School in Croydon which produced the likes of Amy Winehouse, Leona Lewis and Adele.

As a teenager, she had minor roles in EastEnders, The Bill and Silent Witness before carving out a career as a graphic designer.


Disappeared British girl Madeleine McCann was made a ward of court, during summer 2007, on application by her parents.

During a court hearing on 7 July 2008 Hogg made an extraordinary plea to Madeleine’s abductor to “show mercy and compassion” and reveal her whereabouts.

Mrs Justice Hogg, who has effectively been Madeleine‘s legal guardian since her parents applied for her to be made a ward of court last year, said she had excused the McCanns from attending the hearing because “they have suffered enough and I wished to ease their burden”.

Dame Mary Claire Hogg, – Her great-grandfather another  Quintin Hogg, was an English philanthropist who had an interest in homeless boys, remembered primarily as a benefactor of the Royal Polytechnic institution at Regent Street, London, now the University of Westminster

In Ragged School annals appear the names of Quintin Hogg, Dr. Barnardo, Tom Hughes, General Gordon, and Professor Leone Levi. The Barnardo Homes grew directly out of the Ragged School movement, as did Quintin Hogg’s Polytechnic …





*(Dr Pamela Mason Home Office/Duncroft Psychiatrist was also a member of the Church of England’s Children Society Home Office since 1962)






Revealed: The wealthy £40,000 Labour donor who is Sally Bercow’s Westminster drinking pal

  • Speaker John Bercow’s wife was photographed at an awards ceremony
  • She was accompanied by a mystery female companion
  • Mail on Sunday can reveal she is Farah Sassoon
  • Mrs Sassoon is Mrs Bercow’s best friend, and a businesswoman who has donated tens of thousands to the Labour party

The two are familiar figures in  the watering holes of Westminster, where they have been seen drinking champagne until late at night.


She and her pal Farah Sassoon are enjoying the best seats in the house for the State Opening of Parliament.


Tory MP Rob Wilson said: ‘This raises further questions about the Speaker, but in particular his wife’s relationship with Farah Sassoon.

‘For her to be given such a lofty place at the State Opening of Parliament, mere days before she donates thousands to the Speaker’s re-election campaign, raises the spectre of past Parliamentary scandals.’

Mrs Sassoon had been granted a pass giving her access to the parliamentary estate two years before she made the donation

Mr Bercow said that the pass allowed Mrs Sassoon access to his grace-and-favour apartment overlooking the Thames.

While other visitors must go through stringent and lengthy airport-style checks to gain entry to the Palace of Westminster, Mrs  Sassoon can walk straight in by showing her pass, just like MPs.

She is married to hotelier/Chartered Surveyor Peter Sassoon Munns. She has given more than £40,000 to Labour including a £4,200 donation to Ed Miliband’s leadership campaign in 2010.

She is listed as director of Trust Reservations, a conference and hotel booking agency, which made the donation to Mr Bercow.

One of its contracts is said to be arranging hotels for Labour delegates at its annual party conferences.

The company’s website boasts a picture of a Labour rally featuring deputy leader Harriet Harman and ex-union boss and Labour MP  husband Jack Dromey.

Identified only as a ‘female  companion’ of Mrs Bercow, Mrs Sassoon was photographed with  her friend after they left an  awards ceremony for gay magazine Attitude at the Royal Courts of  Justice.

Since 2007, Trust Reservations has given more than £35,000 in cash and ‘staff costs’ to Labour.
In 2010, the company made a  separate £4,200 donation to Mr  Miliband’s leadership campaign.

Records show that the money was received three months after he was elected Labour leader.
A Labour spokesman declined to discuss the company’s business connections with the party.



Trust Reservations

Trust Reservations was launched in 1999 and is privately owned and fully independent.
Specialising in UK meeting and conference management services and the sourcing of accommodation, our clients are typically corporations, SME’s, unions and Political Parties.

Trust Reservations previously called



Private limited with Share Capital

– No SIC description available

13/09/1983 (33years old)



Previous company names
Name Period
PATHGRASS LTD 23 Aug 1999 – 17 Nov 1999



In Common Date Limited

In Common Lovers Limited

Same in Common Limited

Your Miracle Match Limited

^ Dating Services?


David Morris MP tells Guido this morning that Farah Sassoon introduced herself to him on the Commons Terrace as ‘an adviser to Ed Miliband’ saying she advised the Labour leader ‘on all sorts of things’. Another Tory MP, speaking on the condition of anonymity for now, says that on a separate occasion Ms Sassoon claimed to be Sally Bercow’s agent. If this is true it adds a rather unsavoury commercial angle to why she has been allowed unfettered access to Parliamentary estate. Who is this mysterious character, and to what end is she really using this pass?

Whether she’s a friend, a Labour adviser, or Sally’s agent , the line from the Speaker that this is all dandy does not hold water. Crucially, Bercow’s spokesman dodged the question of whether proper advice was sought before he accepted a donation from this mysterious business woman. Even if there is an innocent explanation, as an example to all MPs, the Speaker must be whiter than white. Yet each day brings new questions…



Farah Sassoon former manager of Scarborough’s Royal Hotel:




She took over the Royal Hotel Scarborough in 1992 along with hotelier husband Peter Sassoon Munns.  She banned Scarborough Council chiefs including John Trebble from the venue after being fined for food and hygiene offences. She also banned the Pindar printing family.


MONTE CARLO – : Prince Albert of Monaco with his friend Alicia Wallach, Lloyd Bedack and guests at the NSPCC and Zonta Gala Dinner held at the Hermitage Hotel on 19th September 2001, in Monte Carlo

NSPCC Gala Dinner Monte Carlo 2001 – Prince Albert and Farah Sassoon Munns

Mrs Farah Sassoon With Man Utd Shareholder, The Nfpcc Gala Dinner At The Hermitage Hotel In Monte Carlo

Farah Sassoon with Manchester United Chief Executive Peter Kenyon and guest at the NSPCC and Zonta Gala Dinner held at the Hermitage Hotel on 19th September 2001, in Monte Carlo

On the NSPCC and Zonta Gala Dinner in Monte Carlo

from “Hello!” magazine, number 683, October 9, 2001

Prince Albert of Monaco Enthusiastically participated in the bidding at an auction at the NSPCC-Zonta End Child Abuse Full Stop Charity Gala Dinner at the Hermitage Hotel in Monte Carlo.
with Mrs Lloyd Bedack The proceeds of more than £80,000 were shared between the NSPCC and Zonta International, a Monte Carlo-based charity which supports UNICEF in its aim to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus.


As the country’s most powerful union baron – and the man responsible for Jeremy Corbyn’s rise to power – ‘Red’ Len McCluskey

Last night ‘Red Len’ was mocked by a Tory MP for ‘living the high life’ while fellow trade unionists in the RMT were ‘crippling the country with strikes’.

The five-star Hotel de Paris, opened in 1863 and is one of the world’s most luxurious hotels, where the cheapest room is £450 a night.


The 66-year-old former docker spent Friday evening at the hotel’s world-famous Le Bar Américain, with a group of friends including a mystery socialite

The wine list includes a Jeroboam of Dom Perignon Rose champagne, vintage 2000, costing £12,800.

a fellow drinker at the hotel’s bar suggested the mystery socialite in Mr McCluskey’s group was Farah Sassoon, a Labour donor who first came to public attention three years ago when she was pictured draping her leg across Sally Bercow’s lap in a cab on a night out. 

Mr McCluskey has played a key role in propping up Jeremy Corbyn.

One of Mr McCluskey’s closest friends, Karie Murphy, is the director of Mr Corbyn’s office.

The mystery woman seen with ‘Red Len’ bears a striking resemblance to socialite businesswoman Farah Sassoon, who has given £40,000 to Labour



Farah Sassoon, pictured, has donated £6,000 to Tom Watson’s Labour deputy leadership campaign through her company, it has emerged

Tom Watson gets unlikely lift from ‘limo girl’ Farah Sassoon

Burly Tom Watson’s bid to replace Harriet Harman as Deputy Labour Leader – and therefore be the man to face George Osborne at Prime Minister’s Questions in David Cameron’s absence – has received a boost from an unlikely source.

Farah Sassoon, best known for her antics in a taxi after a night out with her drinking pal Sally Bercow, has donated £6,000 to his campaign through her company – thus lending a much-needed touch of glamour to the old bruiser.

Labour criticised for ‘cash for access’ Gala dinner

4 Jul 2014

Party is allowing wealthy donors to attend the £15,000 a table gala dinner without having to publicly register their names

Why won’t Ed name the guests at Labour fundraiser? Party accused of ‘staggering hypocrisy’ after not publishing who attended £15,000-a-table ‘gala’


Labour financier and Farah Sassoon leaving  Labour Party Gala Dinner Roundhouse Camden …


Labour Party Gala Dinner Roundhouse Camden 9th July, 2014

Labour’s pre-election gala, hosted by Stephen Fry

“It’s all gone bizarre as Stephen Fry launches into speech on Operation Yewtree

Labour was accused of ‘staggering hypocrisy’ last night for refusing to publish the names of guests at a lavish fundraising dinner with Ed Miliband

Labour refused to release the full list of attendees – just days after it demanded David Cameron release a list of guests at a similar Tory event last week.



Stephen Fry stuns Labour gala as he hits out at sex abuse investigation: he attacks former Director of Public Prosecutions

  • Host Stephen Fry left audience at Labour fundraiser in shocked silence
  • Actor criticised Operation Yewtree investigation into historic abuse
  • He complained that less than 50 per cent of those held had been convicted

Operation Yewtree investigation – the Scotland Yard operation spawned by the Sir Jimmy Savile abuse scandal – of entertainer Rolf Harris, publicist Max Clifford and TV presenter Stuart Hall.

The actor then launched into what one guest described as a ‘rant’ about how the law should be toughened up to deter people from inventing claims about sex abuse.

100 business leaders back Mayor contender Khan to be their ‘friend at City Hall’

Farah Sassoon                             Trust Reservations Limited, Managing Director

“Tony Blair’s first major scandal involved Formula 1 billionaire and New Labour donor Bernie Ecclestone. The profits raised by Formula 1’s worldwide monopoly are often funnelled through companies headquartered on the Channel Islands. Ecclestone was worth $4.2 billion in 2011, which makes him the fourth richest person in the UK. Ecclestone transferred his Formula One assets to his wife Slavica in the 1990s and then to a family trust in Liechtenstein. Ecclestone said his tax bill would be about £1.2bn if he was shown to be involved in the trust.”

“In addition to Ecclestone, Stephen Glover in the Daily Mail reported that between 2001 and 2008, Labour accepted donations worth £8.9million from eight non-domiciled donors.

Labour donor Sir Gulam Noon (estimated worth £65 million in 2006), gave up his lucrative non-dom tax status to become Assistant Treasurer to the Labour Party in 2010. His fellow Assistant Treasurer, the late Nigel Doughty (estimated worth £130 million in 2011), was again from the private-equity industry, being the founder of Doughty Hanson & Co which manages over £8 billion in assets.
Labour’s largest donor was Lord David Sainsbury*, who had given a staggering £18 million pounds by 2012. He received his peerage from the party leadership that he had donated to and became a government minister for eight years, without having to stand for election.


 Lord David Sainsbury, Vaz and Nadhmi Auchi

The anniversary bash held on 23 April 1999 is proving embarrassing for Labour. According to a glossy brochure published by Auchi for the occasion, a painting of the House of Commons was ‘presented by the British Prime Minister Tony Blair and signed by leaders of Her Majesty’s Opposition.’

The painting was in fact presented by the Science Minister, Lord Sainsbury. The Observer asked Lord Sainsbury’s office why he had presented such a potentially embarrassing gift on behalf of the Prime Minister. The answer: ‘He did it as a favour for Keith Vaz.’

Although the party was held before the French arrest warrant was issued, we have discovered that the intelligence services had long been aware of Auchi’s controversial and mysterious past to the extent of warning one former director about its concerns.

Mystery as curry king Lord Noon, who was once said to be worth £75million, leaves just £2.6million in his will

  • Lord Noon was at the centre of a ‘cash for peerages’ scandal back in 2006 
  • He died in October, aged 79, but left a UK estate of only £2,672,826 

In July 1994 he was voted ‘The Asian of the Year’ by the community; in 1998 the Asian Business Network awarded him an ‘Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award’, which was presented by the Rt Hon Mr Jack Straw MP;


In 1996 he received an MBE in the Queen’s Honours List and this was followed in 2002 by a knighthood bestowed by Her Majesty in her Jubilee Year Birthday Honours List.

He was on the Board of CARE International UK for four years (2002 – 2006); he was a Founder Member of Cancer Research UK; he has also held multiple Trusteeships including with the Arpana Charitable Trust UK, the British Food Trust, the Maimonides Trust, the Memorial Gates Trust, which was established to commemorate the contribution made in world wars by the people of the Commonwealth, and finally he was Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Noon Foundation.


Noon, who served on the board of the Prince’s Trust, with Prince Charles in 2003

In 2010, with turnover at £105m, Prince Charles opened Noon’s new state-of-the-art factory.

His London office in Queen Anne’s Gate, Westminster, displayed autographed cricket bats and photographs of him with royalty and politicians. He was on the advisory council of the Prince’s Trust.

it was his association with politicians that brought him into the headlines. He often sat with John Major supporting Surrey county cricket club at the Oval in London, but he was a Labour supporter and major donor who was on personal terms with Blair and Gordon Brown.

RELATIONSHIPS: (From left) Manraj Sekhon, Lady Mohini Noon, Zarmin Sekhon, Cherie Blair, Natania Harnal, Tony Blair, Arun Harnal and his wife Zeenat, John Bercow and Keith Vaz

there was a prayer meeting in Southall gurdwara and on Monday (2), a “celebration of his life” organised in parliament by Leicester East MP Vaz.

At the event, Tony Blair, who occupied his old prime minister’s chair in a packed Committee Room 14 in the House of Commons, said Lord Gulam Noon “will continue to be an inspiration even after his passing”.

The gathering included members of both Houses, speaker John Bercow

Condolence message from Vaz: Our community has lost one of its greatest stars,”

London-based NRI hotelier and chairman of Bhavan UK Joginder Sanger, one of Lord Noon’s oldest friends, said: “He was a great friend and a strong believer in secularism.

Lord Noon counted Prince Charles and his father, Prince Philip, among his friends.


*Sainsbury foundation gave money to Albany Trust via the Gatsby charitable foundation.

P.I.E were helped with funding from the Government through The Albany Trust, established by Antony Grey (aka Antony Edward Garside-Wright) as part of his campaign for homosexual rights. Grey also sat on the committee’s for British Association for Counselling, NCCL (Liberty) and Campaign Against Censorship.

Sainsbury and Butler-Sloss families are related.

Sara Morrison –  Close friend to former Prime Minister Ted Heath

Defence: Sara Morrison, who was a regular visitor at Sir Heath's Salisbury home before his death, has insisted that the former Prime Minister was a 'sexless' man

Sir Peter morrison’s sister-in-law – Sara Morrison, who was a regular visitor at Sir Heath’s Salisbury home before his death, has insisted that the former Prime Minister was a ‘sexless’ man.  She was Heath’s close friend and confidante.

Vice-Pres of  Prince Philip’s  WWF International and current Trustee Emeritus of WWF- UK
Former non-exec Director of Carlton TV – where former prime minister David Cameron worked.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Telegraph Pulls Powell Tribute

  Of all the certainties in the media world, few are as reliable as the adoration shown by pompous pundit Simon Heffer for the memory of one John Enoch Powell, the disgraced former Tory minister.
Simon Hefferfriend of Lord McAlpine
Powell’s reputation has never recovered – except in the world of the Hefferlump, who never wastes an opportunity to tell the world that Enoch Was Right. Now at the Telegraph, perhaps the only paper desperate enough to entertain this supremely washed-up has-been, Heffer has now decided to bestow the highest honour he knows on new Prime Minister Theresa May – he has compared her favourably to Powell.

Monday Club Member: Sir James Goldsmith

Sir James Goldsmith and Lord McAlpine at The Central Hotel Glasgow Stock Photo

Sir James Goldsmith’s brother “Teddy” visited Harvey Proctor’s shop.
Wedding/Annabel Goldsmith - Stock Image
1999 L-R: Vivianne Ventura, Teddy and Annabel Goldsmith, and John Bentley leave the church, after attending the wedding of Zac Goldsmith and Sheherazade Ventura at St Simon the Zealot in London .
From Proctor’s autobiography:
Visitor to Proctor’s shop Edward René David Goldsmith  widely known as Teddy Goldsmith, was an Anglo-French environmentalist, writer and philosopher.


Teddy Goldsmith was a member the prominent Goldsmith Family

Teddy Goldsmith – he is the uncle of Zac Goldsmith, Jemima Khan and Ben Goldsmith.

Sir James Goldsmith with daughters Jemima and Isabel

Monday Club and Elm Guest House


John Coatman MBE – Crusaders/ Urban Saints Youth Group Leader charged with buggery of a 14-yr old.


September 30, 2016

Ex-head teacher John Coatman appeals conviction after being found guilty of gross indecency

A jury at the Old Bailey in August found John Coatman, 75, guilty of gross indecency with a boy in the early 1970s

Coatman, of Leyburn Gardens, was due to be sentenced at the Old Bailey today, but applied to the Court of Appeal to overturn his conviction. He did not appear in court himself.

The hearing was indefinitely adjourned by Judge Richard Hone, who previously warned Coatman, who taught for 42 years, to expect a jail term.


Update: August 26, 2016

John Coatman MBE – Crusaders/ Urban Saints Youth Group Leader found guilty of gross indecency with young boy

John Coatman, leader of Urban Saints Youth Group, Croydon was warned by Judge Richard Hone QC that he faced a jail term. He is due to be sentenced on September 30.


Sexual contact took place on about four or five occasions.

In emotional testimony in front of the jury, the man – who was 14 at the time at the time – broke down in tears as he described the alleged abuse taking place 

“… the effects of abuse on a young person can be quite traumatic…”


The survivor also said Coatman had asked whether any other boys he knew “might be interested”.




A retired headmaster, John Coatman, has been charged with having sex with a 14-year-old boy he met through a Christian youth group in the 1970s.

Jurors heard that at the time of the incidents, Coatman was not only the headteacher of a secondary school in south London (St Andrew’s Church of England High School), but was also involved in a Christian group for boys.  

The name of the Christian youth group is – Crusaders/now called  Urban Saints Youth Group organisation – Cliff Richard’s group

Mr Coatman, who described himself as a bachelor told jurors that the topic of sex did crop up during youth group meetings, but only in reference to passages in the Bible involving “Christian aspects of sexual behaviour”, he added.


John Coatman MBE Supporters

From a lonely John Coatman testimonial website (comprised of a handful of supporters)

Testimonial by Victoria Swainson

“…I also did my bronze and silver Duke of Edinburgh awards outside of school, through a group organised and led by John (Coatman), and attended a residential Crusaders weekend on the Isle of Wight, again which he’d organised”

 Testimonial by Dr Amy Kendrick

 My name is Amy Kendrick and I was a pupil at St Andrew’s Church of England School in Croydon between 1992 and 1997.

Dr Amy Kendrick – related to evangelical songwriter Graham Kendrick?

Graham Kendrick

Special commissions from such charities as Tear Fund, the Children’s Society, Church Army and Care for the Family, have resulted in songs of compassion and justice. They have been sung at major public occasions – including the Dunblane memorial service.

Festival of LightAmong these were Malcolm Muggeridge, Lord Longford, Bishop Trevor Huddleston and Cliff Richard. Among the performers were Cliff Richard, and Graham Kendrick.




The Tear Fund charity was created out of the Evangelical Alliance (EA) and the Evangelical Refugee Fund created by the United Nations.

In January 1969 Cliff Richard did two fundraising concerts for Tearfund at London’s Royal Albert Hall. He has served as the charity’s Vice President and in 1999 served as its president



Life-long bachelor Cliff Richard – his manager and live-in companion of more than 30 years, Bill Latham (right) was  hugely involved with charity work and was in “on the start of Tearfund”

In 1972  Latham was Deputy Director of Tearfund and had been instrumental in persuading Jean Le Maistre, a Christian politician on the island who was just launching Jersey Overseas Aid, to take a team for his first project to a hospital in Nazareth.


cliff tear fund

1978 English pop singer Cliff Richard in concert for the Christian charity, Tear Fund.


Julia Ogilvy  (centre)– a Trustee of Tearfund with Princess Alexandra and James Ogilvy

Julia Ogilvy is a member of the extended British Royal Family. She is the wife of James Ogilvy, the only son of Sir Angus Ogilvy and Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy, a granddaughter of King George V and first cousin of Her Majesty the Queen.


Jimmy Savile admitted getting knighthood was ‘a relief because it got me off the hook’

His OBE folder contained a handwritten letter from Angus Ogilvy


More on the Ogilvys- The Ogilvys

Testimonial by Joshua Woodcock
 John Coatman was at first my leader, then as i grew older my co-leader as i joined the team leading the group and even after i left a dear friend mine. My very first contact with John was at St Andrews school where he was my sisters head master.
I went to Wallington crusaders with John for the best part of 15 years
From mass groups of us walking over box hill in the middle of the night every year to may trips away to Westbrook on the isle of white.


John Coatman reckons he’s been to about 300 Crusaders camps over the years





Westbrook started life as a large Victorian residence surrounded by 25 acres of mixed parkland that was purchased by Crusaders Union in 1948

The original intention of the Committee at the time was to use a Memorial Fund of just over £500 to purchase a field as a permanent camp site for the ever developing Crusader holidays


 Crusaders Youth Group/Urban Saints


Donald Wiseman worked for military intelligence.

In 1942 he became senior intelligence officer of the Mediterranean Allied Tactical Air Forces.

Wiseman joined a special intelligence group handling the Ultra signals, deciphered at Bletchley Park.

Wiseman worked with the Christian Crusaders

Wiseman also maintained a close connection with the Crusaders organisation. He was leader of the class at Finchley, which included Cliff Richard

Martin J. Selman, “Donald J. Wiseman,” in Walter A. Elwell and J. D. Weaver (eds.), Bible Interpreters of the 20th Century (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1999) p. 309


1979 Margaret Thatcher immediately carried out her promise to slash public spending, recommending that heating be drastically rationed in offices and schools.

This led to a remarkable revolt in Westerham in October 1979 when rebel children from Churchill School, led by senior pupils, burned their text books and walked out in protest against the cold. When headmaster John Coatman went into the playing field to remonstrate, many returned. Around 50 to 60 protesters stayed outside until a caretaker confirmed that the boilers were on.



 T H E O L D W H I T G I F T I A N A S S O C I A T I O N , C R O H A M M A N O R R O A D , S O U T H C R O Y D O N , S U R R E Y

John A Coatman attended Whitgift (1952-59) as did his brother Robert William Coatman, MBE, JP

coatman family whitgift
Robert William Coatman, MBE
Robert William Coatman, MBE – ONE of Croydon’s longest-serving councillors.He was first elected as a Conservative for Croydon Central ward in 1966 and went on to represent its successor ward, Fairfield, until his retirement.

Councillor Coatman was elected in 1966 to represent Croydon Central ward, following a family tradition after his great-uncle, GF Coatman, represented Croydon Central in the 1920s

Bob Coatman was educated at Whitgift School and worked for 41 years as a chartered surveyor.

He was best known on the council for his role in planning – serving on the planning committee from 1968 and spending 16 years as its chairman.

 He was Mayor of Croydon in 1977-78.

In 1993, Mr Coatman was made an MBE for his services to local government, and he received a lifelong service award from the council in 2006.

He also served as a magistrate at Croydon Magistrates’ Court for 21 years from 1976.

Outside of council business, Mr Coatman was founder president of both the Rotary Club of Croydon South and the Croydon Mayors’ Association.

He had also been a member of the Croydon South Probus Club and the Old Whitgiftian Association and a longstanding member of the court of the Whitgift Foundation.

His interests included classic cars, he was  a member of the A40 Farina Club and the history of Croydon, and he was a member of the Croydon Corps of Drums.


coatman john

2012 John Coatman. Leader, Urban Saints Youth Group, Croydon – MBE for services to Young People. (London, CR0)



Coatman was head teacher at St Andrew’s until he retired in 1997 and was awarded with an MBE by The Queen in 2012 for his services to young people.

Life-long youth worker given MBE

A FORMER head teacher who has spent his life working with Croydon’s youth has been recognised for his services to young people.

John Coatman, who taught at St Andrew’s School in Warrington Road, has been appointed an MBE.

Mr Coatman joined youth group the Croydon Crusaders, now known as Urban Saints, in 1949 aged eight and rose to represent the club on a national and international level.

 John Coatman

John is very active “for his years”, keeps fit and loves to travel the world – he’s always looking for travel companions who can keep up with him.

Since retiring he has dedicated his time to the youth club and has worked with more than 100,000 young people leading expeditions to Austria, a project which has secured European Union funding, and on countless Duke of Edinburgh Award trips.

Imperial College LondonJohn Coatman, BSc Civil Engineering 1962



Ten English Days or TED – by John Coatman, on behalf of the leadership team:


Coatman TED Austria

The expedition is being run as part of the work of Croydon Crusaders. Crusaders is a registered charity and the expedition is a charitable activity supporting the work of a charity in Austria. Please ask for information about gift aid.
In 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 we had generous grants towards the project from the European Union and we may be applying again this year.
This will be my seventh year leading the TED expedition so I know a great deal about where we are going and what we will be doing. For the first 3 years the trip was part of the Crusoe (Crusaders Overseas Expeditions) programme organised by Crusaders. From 2003 the same expedition has been run under my own Croydon Crusaders Group. Apart from that, all is the same and it is a great success. The 2006 trip is open to any Christian young person aged 15 to 25 who wants to serve God on a working holiday. For legal reasons, by applying they become members of Croydon Crusaders. I promise a great deal of fun in one of the most beautiful parts of Europe in a building that you will find tobe very hospitable and lovely. You will live in luxury but I also promise that you will work hard!
We will be going to Schloss Klaus in Upper Austria.

Schloss Klaus




One of our loyal readers, John Coatman of The Croydon Crusaders, decided to pop in this morning and say hello!

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2011 Croydon Council consultant – John Coatman Crusaders

coatman com ck

Nature of business (SIC) – 7020 Letting of own property


Crusader Hall in Carshalton, England

Charitable Objects

“To Be Used For All Or Any Of The Purposes Of The Wallington Crusaders’ Bible Class For Public And Private Schoolboys And Young Men In Such Manner As The Leader Of Learders For The Time Being Thereof Shall Think Fit Within The Limits Of The Trusts Hereinafter Declared And Subject To Such Terms And Obligations As May Be Agreed Between The Trustees And The Wallington Crusaders’ Bible Class Aforesaid.”


Operation Location(s) Domestic







1970 Cliff had just returned from spending two weeks at a Christian Crusader camp. Cliff has entertained many young people on a boat that he moors on the Norfolk Broads


Cliff Richard led an armada of five motor cruisers along the Norfolk Broads…Last night with 27 boys from the Crusaders’ his six-berth Pomander ...








WHAT IS AN URBAN SAINTS GROUP ANYWAY? There was a bumper crop of Urban Saints family members included in the 2012 New Year’s Honours list by Her Majesty The Queen.

This included MBEs for John Coatman (for his work with young people in Croydon, including the Wallington Urban Saints group), Dr Avice Hall & Stephen Hammersley (for their work in education, the community and their own local groups, in St Albans and Harpenden respectively). Former Crusaders Director, Dr Alan Kerbey, received an OBE for his work with young people in education and another former staff team member, Colin Henry, was recognised for with a MBE, for services to education in his role as Chair of Governors at Christ’s College in Guildford.

URBAN SAINTS is the operating name of The Crusaders’ Union, a company limited by guarantee and registered in England & Wales, company number 07771037, charity number 1144923


Crusaders, the youth missionary movement, hosted “An Evening with Sir Cliff Richard” recently in Central London to celebrate its centenary.

Alongside Steve Chalke, the President of Crusaders, Sir Cliff shared his personal life and faith, as well as performing a couple of songs from his repertoire.

Sir Cliff shared openly about his early days as a young performer, his big break, his very public conversion to Christ and the significant role played by Crusader leaders in his early Christian journey.

He spoke fondly of his time with Crusaders.

Sir Cliff is Patron of the Crusaders



Paul O’Grady: “He’s really been through it this year, poor Cliff. He’s had a terrible time.”

Cliff Richard to O’Grady: “…you and I we’ve stood side by side through the storms together and all through the years you have been golden”



Cliff Richard’s drag queen friend and supporter, Paul O’Grady worked at care homes where Jimmy Savile abused and where Crusaders (members of the organisation that Cliff Richard is patron of)  were charged with abuse.



Paul O’Grady as drag queen, Lily Savage (Carlton Television) worked for Camden Council Social Services


O’Grady worked at The Children’s Convalescent Home and School on Meols Drive, West Kirby



From his autobiography:

o grady children's home


Last night TV funnyman Paul O’Grady told how Savile was banned from being alone on a girls’ ward at a care home where the Lily Savage star once worked.

Paul says: “When I worked in a children’s home in West Kirby in the 1970s, Jimmy Savile came to visit.

O’Grady, recalled the “creepy” DJ, Jimmy Savile visiting the Conny Home in West Kirby, Merseyside, which housed disabled and abused children in the 1970s.

He said: “Some of the house mothers were told not to let him on the girls’
unit unsupervised.”




paul o grady crusaders quote

o grady crusaders


West Kirby Residential School, West Kirby, Wirral

A group of 10 claimants has already issued legal proceedings relating to claims for severe physical and sexual abuse from the mid 1970s to the early 1990s at West Kirby Residential School in Meols Drive.

Three men (Graham Charles Webb, Henry Christie, Matthew Johnson) received jail sentences at Liverpool Crown Court for their part in the physical and sexual abuse at the residential school.

*Former head of care Graham Charles Webb, was jailed for seven years in July 1997 for abusing boys at the school and at camps he helped organise.

Webb, who also worked for a well known Christian youth movement, admitted abusing 20 children over a period of almost 20 years.

(West Kirby Residential School, West Kirby, Wirral

Matthew Johnson was also at Balliol School, Sedburgh, Cumbria.

The former house parent, of Kirby Stephen, Cumbria, committed the offences on five pupils at the residential school and three boy scouts who were in his care when he was a scout master.)

And another Crusader leader charged with abusing boys:

Crusader leader vicar Rev David Henry McIntosh:


Crusader Graham Webb charged along with

fellow Crusader leader vicar Rev David Henry McIntosh:

Alongside McIntosh in the dock was 41-year-old Graham Webb, who was care head at a West Kirby residential school, and Bournemouth man Robert Moses.

Some of the charges involve both McIntosh and Webb, who were leaders of activity holidays.


FORMER West Kirby residential school head Graham Webb and a vicar face indecency charges.

23 May 1997


Rev David Henry McIntosh, of Fenwick Lane, Runcorn, has been bailed with sureties of £2,000. A condition of bail is to make no contact with Webb. They will appear at Crown Court to plea on June 12, after being directed to the higher court by Wirral magistrates.

 26 Mar 1997

The Rev McIntosh had been staying at an address in Fenwick Lane, Halton Lodge, Runcorn, but has now been moved to a secret venue which was not revealed in open court.

Reporting restrictions have not been lifted.


A Church of England VICAR, the Rev David Henry McIntosh,

who sexually assaulted young boys during naked “shower games” at holiday camps organised by a Christian youth group has been jailed for three years at Liverpool Crown Court.

The court was told that the “shower games” took place during Crusader holidays at a boarding school in Swindon, Wiltshire, in 1988,1994 and 1995 and at a weekend gathering of boys for a reunion at a church commissioner’s house in Llandudno in 1994.

His position was made more serious by the fact he had helped draw up documents advising leaders about appropriate behaviour with the boys.

The Church of England vicar, who resigned from his post at Barnton, near Northwich, after his arrest last December, used to work as part of a ministry team in Ellesmere Port

He studied maths and physics at Durham University.

He is charged with 19 indecent assault allegations at West Kirby, Swindon, Minehead, Malvern and Cheltenham, four matters of gross indecency at West Kirby and two other offences brought under the Sexual Offences Act.

He had been involved with the Crusaders for longer than his involvement in the church, attending more than 40 holidays during that period of time.



 December 1997


 A VICAR who sexually assaulted young boys during naked “shower games” at holiday camps organised by a Christian youth group has been jailed for three years at Liverpool Crown Court.

McIntosh, who was camp chaplain at the holidays at Pinewood boarding school, Swindon, from 1988 to 1991, became overall holiday leader there in 1993.

The two boys whom McIntosh abused in Llandudno were both from an Ellesmere Port school where he was vicar.




 Another Crusader charged with abusing boys at a care home:


Mr Gilbart-Smith… who had led the Crusaders children’s group for fifty years was accused of abuse

All the allegations were said to have involved Mr Gilbart-Smith and others at Greenfield House children’s hostel in Maidenhead, Berkshire.

During that time the court heard residents were subjected to sustained, systemic abuse at the hands of the home’s managers and numerous visitors.

The youngsters were repeatedly raped and even ‘loaned out’ to other paedophiles elsewhere.

Mr Gilbart-Smith, a successful businessman, was accused of being one of those who took part in the sex attacks.

Nine men “horrendously abused” by a paedophile ring in a children’s home 40 years ago have received an out-of-court settlement totalling more than £300,000

The civil settlement came despite the fact that no-one has ever been convicted of criminal offences regarding the abuse at the council-run Green Field House in Maidenhead, Berkshire, between 1964 and 1970

The home was then managed by ex-soldier Don Prescott, who died about 19 years ago.

He used to abuse the boys and rent them out to other paedophiles as far afield as Leicester, London, Cambridge and Reading

“Unfortunately for the boys staying at Green Field House, it was the centre of a paedophile ring numbering so many men some of the boys lost count of those who abused them.

“They suffered the most horrendous abuse – it was the worst type of sexual abuse. They were filmed, photographed and had to take part in the abuse.

“… it went on for six years.”

Nine men all with children and grandchildren claimed to have been raped by Gilbart-Smith the Lloyds investor during their stay at Green Field House children’s home Maidenhead (Theresa May’s constituency).

Gilbart-Smith, offered no defence other than a denial and a moral smoke screen, as he claimed to be a “Christian” who was a church leader at Foxes Piece School, Newfield Road, Marlow. Gilbart-Smith also told the court that he was a Bible teaching missionary and friends with a David Pawson.


coatman mbe

Is John Coatman MBE  linked with these other Crusader leaders who have been charged with csa?

Is he part of a ring?


John Coatman reckons he’s been to about 300 Crusaders camps over the years”


“Since retiring he has dedicated his time to the youth club and has worked with more than 100,000 young people”


Coatman …”rose to represent the club on a national and international level.”


John Coatman took early retirement after being a headteacher for 19 years to work for Crusaders/Urban Saints.

“John (Coatman) was asked to be General Director for 2 years and has been involved in almost every aspect of the movement over the 60 years he’s been a member…”

policy statement urban saints

Coatman on the South East Regional Steering Group of the Urban Saints (formerly known as the Crusaders)

coatman steering group

The South East Regional Steering Group

The South East Regional Steering Group consists of  …

John Coatman took early retirement after being a headteacher for 19 years to work for Crusaders/Urban Saints.

John was asked to be General Director for 2 years and has been involved in almost every aspect of the movement over the 60 years he’s been a member of the Croydon group.


John Coatman organised and took part in many residential Crusaders weekend on the Isle of Wight



crusader postcard





Misc info on Cliff Richard’s friend Paul O’Grady who worked at West Kirby Residential School


Predator Savile’s attack on victim at High Royds Psychiatric Hospital in Menston

Paul O’Grady used to work on one of the wards when I was there. He was a staff nurse and was training to be a comedian at the time.


Paul O’Grady appointed MBE by Prince Charles – The star said: “I’m delighted. Now I’m part of the Establishment.”

Prince Charles – friend of  “creepy” Jimmy Savile:



Paul O’Grady:

Even now, 40 years on, the TV host and comedian shivers as he relives the night he saved the 18-month-old youngster’s life while working for social services. (Camden Council Social Services)

He tells how he fled the flat where he was keeping watch on the baby after a terrifying confrontation with the little lad’s drunken father – and how the drama ended with him making a desperate phone call to the Salvation Army for help.

Paul O’Grady reveals the terrifying moment in 1976 … he feared for his own survival

 Paul O'Grady: The Sally Army and Me

Paul O’Grady, while employed by Camden Council Social Services 

 took a toddler to a pub where Adam Ant was playing

Reliving his unforgettable ordeal in 1976, Paul says: “It was a dangerous situation for the kid, and for me.

“There were a few times when my life and that of The Sally Army crossed paths, but that night is one of the most memorable.”

After heading to London in the 70s, a few years before conjuring up Lily Savage , Liverpudlian Paul, then 21, worked for Camden Council Social Services providing respite care for families at home.

He says: “I remember the mother of this child had to go to hospital for an operation so I was there to look after him. He was only 18 months.

“It must have been about 2am when there was a banging at the door. I answered it …‘What are you doing carrying on with my wife?” he said.

“I tried to explain I was a care worker, but he just told me, ‘I want my kid.’

“‘You’re not getting your kid, mate,’ I said. ‘I’m sorry, you’ve got to get through me first.’

So I took the child in the middle of the night…I hurried into this club next to Camden Town tube. I remember Adam And The Ants* were playing a gig there that night.”

“I asked the manager if I could use his phone to call my duty worker. But I couldn’t get through to him for some reason. So I called The Sally Army instead and said, ‘can you bloody help me?’

“And they came. And they didn’t ask lots of questions. They wrapped the kid in a blanket. We had a place of safety in Kentish Town and they took him there.

Adam Ant’s father, Alfred Leslie Goddard (left), was jailed for preying on runaway boys nearly 30 years ago.

 Leslie Alfred Goddard  worked as a chauffeur.


*Stuart Leslie Goddard/Adam Ant’s father- Leslie Alfred Goddard- was jailed in 1987 with Sidney Cooke as part of the Dirty Dozen gang.

Boys had been hawked around “safe houses” and passed on to other members of the gang which included council porter Alfred Goddard, father of 1980s pop star Adam Ant.

The former council porter was a member of a gang that included Britain’s most notorious paedophile, Sidney Cooke, who was later convicted of the sadistic gang rape and killing of a teenage boy and is suspected of murdering many more.

It has emerged that detectives investigating shock allegations of three murders and systemic child sex abuse by senior Establishment figures are looking into Goddard’s possible involvement.

The suggestion is that the child sex ring, dubbed the Dirty Dozen and known to have targeted vulnerable youngsters, could have passed on their victims for the MPs to abuse.

At the time, Goddard lived in Eccleston Square, Pimlico, close to the exclusive apartments of Dolphin Square where the VIP child abuse ring is said to have been based.


Adam Ant’s mother was an embroiderer or the Queen’s dressmaker Norman Hartnell. and worked at Paul McCartney’s house as a cleaner.

Like Sidney Cooke, Leslie Alfred Goddard was also a chauffeur to rich families.

Alfred Leslie Goddard had served in the Royal Air Force.


 Cliff Richard’s friend Paul O’Grady is a patron of  the Peter Tatchell Foundation







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