Stoke Mandeville Hospital Paedophile Ring – Sir Jimmy Savile, Dr Michael Salmon, Dreamflight Charity

Dr Michael Anthony Salmon, (pictured above right) in his role as chief medical officer of Dreamflight.

Dr Michael Salmon is a convicted paedophile who worked alongside Sir Jimmy Savile at Stoke Mandeville Hospital

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Westminster VIP child abuse inquiry kicks out ‘witness’ @ciabaudo @chrisstacey1 @reeves3915 so this day has come… It was inquiry to clear famous people of child abuse, not about justice for children who were abused. My heart weeps

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but this story is not going away. Either directly or indirectly information will force it’s way out about Heath and the other VIP paedophiles

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Westminster VIP child abuse inquiry kicks out ‘witness’

2 Sept 2018

A woman who was a witness in the Wiltshire police inquiry into allegations of child abuse by Edward Heath has had her claims rejected as implausible.

The 48-year-old submitted a request to be deemed a “core participant”, or witness of enhanced status, at the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA). Known as WM-A5, she claimed to have been abused by 13 prominent men in a Westminster paedophile ring that included Heath, the former prime minister, and Jimmy Savile.

Alexis Jay, the inquiry’s chairwoman, examined the woman’s allegations but concluded: “I was not able to place any weight on [her] claims to have been the victim of child sexual abuse at the hands of people of prominence associated with Westminster.” She added: “None of the named individuals has any obvious or explained connection to [the claimant], and the strongest theme . . . is the fact that many have been publicly accused in recent years of involvement in historic cases of child sex abuse.”

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1979 Baroness Soames, Jimmy Savile and James Callaghan

The woman said she had been abused by senior Tories at Chequers, the prime minister’s country home, at a time when Labour was in power. She listed sites where abuse occurred but “gives no explanation as to how she came to be in such disparate places as Chequers, a US military base at Naphill and Stoke Mandeville Hospital”, said Jay. “I do not regard [the] allegations as plausible.”

The claimant is challenging Jay’s ruling and the statement was removed from the IICSA website. The inquiry said: “We received a complaint about the notice of determination and took it down while it is addressed. It will be republished in the next few weeks.”

Chequers  is six or seven miles north-west from Naphill.

Chequers/Stoke Mandeville/Harold MacMillian

Page 276

Page 296



Jimmy Savile – 11 successive New Years ( from 1979 to 1990) spent with Thatcher at Chequers

The Guardian  11 Apr 2000

It was at Chequers, the month before her death, that Princess Diana met Tony Blair, secretly, as Prince William swam with Blair’s children in the pool which had been built by Heath in 1973.

Chequers  is six or seven miles north-west from Naphill.

There have been rumours for some time about a tunnel between the Base/Nuclear bunker at RAF strike command Just outside High Wycombe Bucks and the former USAF base at Daws Hill 10 or so miles away. This rumour may well be true as there were many natural caves that used to spread under the town that were used previously used by the Hellfire Club.


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command bunker can be found at RAF Daws Hill on the other side of High Wycombe. This installation is a former US Cold War HQ for operations in Europe. Staff in the bunker would have launched Cruise Missiles. In the 1980s, walkers reported that the ground underneath Daws Hill would actually hum and buzz with activity. More recently the base has acted as a storage depot for the US Navy.

Image may contain: 2 people

Mystery Fire

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About half the Fort Sam Houston Bank administration building was destroyed including a computer and all the paperwork. The building was the American UK banking headquarters, housing records for bases throughout the country

Update: Jan 10 2017

Is this jumbo jet Christmas party with Jimmy Savile – the BA charity project Skyride – the pre-cursor of Dreamflight?

“Christmas jumbo jet party for children” in 1985 in England)


Children’s Christmas Party on Board a Jumbo Jet – Jimmy Savile with Partygoers  1985


Dreamflight was co-founded in 1986 by Patricia Pearce MBE and Derek Pereira, both of whom worked for British Airways – co-founders Derek Pereira and Pat Pearce, former British Airways flight engineer and flight attendant respectively


Patricia had previously helped to organise a BA project, Skyride, which raised money to take underprivileged children on a one-hour ‘Christmas party’ flight. Patricia and Derek decided to go a step further and raise money to take deserving children to Walt Disney World, and Dreamflight was born.


Derek Pereira had just helped organise a one-hour flight to give children the chance to experience a plane trip and thought that he could do something much more exciting.


Jimmy Savile and Derek Pereira would have likely known each other from Stoke Mandeville:

Mr Pereira had first become involved with the disabled when he volunteered to help at the Stoke Mandeville handicapped games in England in 1983.


At a party for the participants (of the one hour flight) he announced that he wanted to take a plane of children to Florida the following year.

The following morning he received offers of support, which led to the start of a mission that gives hundreds of children the chance to fly to Florida, US, and visit Disneyworld, Seaworld, and other places every year.

Determined to make Dreamflight a reality, Mr Pereira approached the then airline chief medical officer who agreed to pass the information on to the BA chairman Sir Colin Marshall, who turned down the idea.

Mr Pereira promised to do the flight with no cost to the airline by raising money.

Sir Colin gave him the go-ahead but there were still major obstacles to overcome, such as finding money for the flight’s tariff of $100,000 (BD37,800).

However, a British Post Office party brought in $2,000 (BD756), followed by a donation of $10,000 (BD3,780) from an investment company and that was the start.

Children chosen for the trip were sick, but they had to be fit enough to travel.

Although Dreamflight was supposed to be a one-off event there was so much support for it that it continued on an annual basis and was registered as a charity, with Mr Pereira as a trustee.




Dr Salmon on far right – is the woman next to him, Dr Salmon’s nurse wife?

Dreamflight 1987 – 1:45 on the video.


Shortly before his first arrest, Salmon was hailed by Princess Diana for taking 300 ill and disabled children to Disney World in Florida. He was asked to join the inaugural Dreamflight charity trip, co-founded by former British Airways cabin crew member Patricia Pearce in 1987, as chief medical officer. The former doctor said he was phoned by British Airways and asked to pick 300 ‘very sick and handicapped’ children who would benefit from the once-in-a-lifetime experience. Princess Diana waved the flight off from Heathrow Airport, with 298 young children aboard, including one of the girls who later claimed Salmon indecently touched her during a medical appointment.


Michael Salmon (far right) with Diana at the 1987 Dreamflight
@ :33
and here is Salmon with Diana

Dreamflight is a registered UK charity that changes young lives through taking seriously ill and disabled children, without their parents, on the holiday of a lifetime to Orlando, Florida. The first Dreamflight trip was in November 1987

Dreamflight was co-founded in 1986 by Patricia Pearce and Derek Pereira, both of whom worked for British Airways. Patricia had previously helped to organise a BA project, Skyride, which raised money to take &underprivileged children on a one-hour ‘Christmas party’ flight. Patricia and Derek decided to go a step further and raise money to take deserving children to Walt Disney World, and Dreamflight was born.




 Rolf Harris part of the first Dreamflight


The stars started to arrive to meet the children.  These included  Bobby Moore, Steve Davis, Rolf Harris, Roy Castle, Pete Murray, Liz Frazer, Michael Strachan, Floella Benjamin, The Bucks Fizz group and Jimmy Tarbuck.”

“In the early years Rolf Harris and Jeremy Beadle would come along to the pre-trip party and entertain the children.”

My Dream Flights by Patricia Pearce MBE

(pg 68/pg95)

‘In the 1970s Jimmy Savile had a financial interest in Le Cardinal/Maison Royale nightclubs in Glen Fern Road. I often used to see him in that area of the town.

I think he took part in the torchlight run with Ken Baily and Roy Castle as part of Bmth Carnival Week.

He would have loved this young people orientated event too. Similar to Jersey Battle of Flowers Parade by look of it which he attended, and with choosing a Miss Bournemouth…

When I was a child, growing up on the mean streets of Bournemouth, Roy Castle always seemed to have pride of place in the carnival parade every summer.



In a summer that witnessed Secretary of State for War John Profumo resign over his affair with Christine Keeler, £2.3 million stolen in the Great Train Robbery in Buckinghamshire and Pauline Reade’s disappearance on her way to a dance in Manchester, the first victim of what would later be known as the Moors Murders, Jimmy Savile’s moneymaking bandwagon rolled into Great Yarmouth where he was compère for a seasonal showcase at the Royal Aquarium.

The main attraction was teenage singing sensation Helen Shapiro, who had first topped the charts as a 14-year-old. Among those lower down on the bill were Roy Castle and an upcoming comedian by the name of Ronnie Corbett.

pg 171, In Plain Sight, The Life and Lies of Jimmy Savile – Dan Davies

Aged ten, Shapiro was a singer with “Susie and the Hula Hoops,” (with her cousin, 60s singer, Susan Singer) a school band which included Marc Bolan (then using his real name of Mark Feld) as guitarist.

She played the role of Nancy in Lionel Bart‘s musical, Oliver!

Stamford Hill also seemed to produce alot of the celebs and music stars of the day, Helen Shapiro, Marc Bolan, Malcolm McLaren.


ten-year-old local girl Helen Shapiro was singing in a group called Susie and the Hula Hoops, along with a boy called Markie Feld, later to change his name to Marc Bolan. Two years on, in 1962, she’d have two number one hits. In ’59 she and Markie were both members of Stamford Hill Boys and Girls Club in Montefiore House (now replaced by a block of flats just south of Holmleigh Road), as were Alan Sugar, one day to get knighted for services to himself, and Malcolm Edwards, soon to become Malcolm McLaren.…stamford-hill/



Susie, former wife of Dr Michael Salmon,  who sexually abused girls at the Stoke Mandeville hospital where Jimmy Savile raped children, claims she was “shocked” at what her husband had done


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6 Feb 2015

Mrs Salmon attended everyday of the first trial. His wife Susie, who has stood by him throughout proceedings, sobbed as he was taken down to the cells.

His wife, to whom he has been married since 1979 (married 37 years as of 2016) claims she didn’t know about his abuse…she had no idea what had happened

Mrs Salmon did not attend the latest trial, but she admitted she went everyday of the first trial ‘because I needed to know exactly what he was being accused of and make up my own mind.’

Mrs Salmon was adamant ‘I was very shocked’ what her then husband had done – and she had no idea what had happened.

Well that can’t be true –

How could she not know and be “shocked” when she was married to him when he was first jailed and convicted of abusing children in 1990 and then remained married to him


On release from prison, Salmon lived at Woodgreen in the New Forest area of Hampshire with his wife Susie, pursuing his interests in butterflies and photography. More recently the couple set up home in Park Lane, Salisbury, before he was once more charged with sexually abusing youngsters. His wife has stood by him, supporting him each day in court during his five-week trial.


Image result for mrs michael susie salmon stoke

What kind of person would stay married to a convicted paedophile??

Salmon’s previous abuse had come to light in 1987 during an audit inquiry in the hospital, when detectives searching his office for evidence of fraudulent activity discovered letters from young female patients and launched a further probe into his behaviour.

He was asked to join the inaugural Dreamflight charity trip, co-founded by former British Airways cabin crew member Patricia Pearce in 1987, as chief medical officer.
He was jailed for 18 months in November 1990 after admitting indecently assaulting three girls as young as 12. 

He served around 18 months in Grendon Underwood Prison and was struck off the medical register, never returning to his profession.


Mrs Salmon was a nursery nurse -at the Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital 

Michael Salmon lived in Buckland, near Aston Clinton, after his second marriage in 1979 to a nursery nurse working at the Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital. “My eldest son contacted the BBC and said he would like to go on Jim’ll Fix It,” Salmon explained. “Martin was a bit of a celebrity when he appeared on it.”


Michael Salmon, 81, was convicted of 14 counts carried out at Stoke Mandeville and the Royal Buckinghamshire Hospitals between 1975 and 1989.

Salmon was abusing children when she worked at the Royal Buckinghamshire hospital as a nursery nurse

Salmon was also convicted of raping a girl on two occasions at his home


Residents in his village had long held suspicions, with one neighbour telling the Mail: ‘I thought he was a dirty old man.’


Also in the article, the repeating of the mantra – that Salmon and Savile were not linked despite:

Jimmy Savile pushing someone in wheelchair in 1968. Stock Photo
Leeds General Infirmary, 1968.
Savile abused victims as soon as he started frequenting Stoke Mandeville in 1968, the report said.
He became a porter at the hospital, having been invited in by a fellow porter who had worked with Savile at Leeds General Infirmary, where the DJ had also abused patients.
Savile’s victims at Stoke Mandeville included an eight-year-old boy, and a girl, also eight, who was raped at least 10 times by Savile when she visited relatives there. One victim was systematically abused in the chapel by Savile, who was often accompanied by another, unnamed man. “Every time I went in that room I just knew he would touch me wherever he wanted to touch me,” she said.


“at Stoke Mandeville there is evidence like Abigail’s that indicates …that really important people knew what was going on…”

Between 1972 and 1985 nine verbal complaints and one formal report were made about Savile by his victims.

The formal complaint in 1977 came from the father of an 11-year-old girl who was sexually abused by Savile in a treatment room. The girl screamed hysterically, and a senior nurse arrived but told her to be quiet, saying Savile would not do such a dreadful thing and he raised a great deal of money for the hospital.

The incident “was serious and should have led to Savile’s suspension from the hospital and a formal police report being made”, Johnstone said.

This was a serious allegation and should have been investigated fully as it was reported to a hospital manager.”

Politicians, civil servants and NHS managers gave Jimmy Savile free rein to sexually abuse 60 people, including children as young as eight, over two decades at Stoke Mandeville hospital, two damning reports have concluded.


Sir Jimmy Savile:
1965: Records show abuse started at the BBC, at Leeds general infirmary, where Savile was a long-term volunteer porter, and at Stoke Mandeville hospital, where he also volunteered.

Also of note, the msm have referred to his loyal wife with 3 different names –  as Mary, Ann and Susie??


In 1990, the paediatrician was jailed for indecently assaulting three other girls, two aged 13 and one of 17.

He served three years in prison and now lives in retirement with his wife Mary, 70, in a £750,000 cottage in the heart of the New Forest in Hampshire.



In the Daily Fail article above she is referred to as “Mary”

In the Daily Fail article below she is referred to as “Susie”


And in this Daily Fail article she is “Ann” :



Intentional obfuscation??

Wonder if she is involved in any charities?

Her maiden name was Mary S Luttman


He insisted on being addressed as ‘Dr’ in his church and golf club circles, where he said he was descended directly from the Duke of Northumberland

One resident said: ‘He told us he was related to the Percy family of Northumberland. He went up to Alnwick Castle and he said he could see the family likeness in the portraits.’


Image result for duke of northumberland family tree

The Duke of Northumberland currently lives at Alnwick Castle (home of Hogwarts School in the Harry Potter film and was also the backdrop for the film Elizabeth), 

His children are friends with the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry and the Duke’s son, Earl Percy, has been frequently photographed with Pippa Middleton.

The future King and his younger brother drew screams from wellwishers as the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland’s daughter Lady Melissa Percy married their close pal Thomas Van Straubenzee at Alnwick, Northumberland.

Update: Dec 19 2016

Jailed ex-children’s doctor, Michael Salmon, given four more years for sexually abusing girls as young as eight


Image result for michael salmon savile stoke

Dec 12 2016

Former Stoke Mandeville doctor, Michael Salmon (linked to Sir Jimmy Savile), found guilty of indecent assaults

Former doctor already jailed for rape and indecent assault convicted of 14 more counts of historic sex offences

Michael Salmon has now been convicted of a total of 28 serious sexual assaults against 20 children, which included indecent assault and rape, in three separate trials.


Consultant paediatrician Michael Salmon assaulted 18 girls and a boy while working at Stoke Mandeville hospital in Buckinghamshire in the 1970s and 80s, a jury at Reading crown court was told.

14 indecent assaults at Stoke Mandeville and Royal Buckinghamshire hospitals in the 1970s and 1980s.

Salmon was sentenced to 18 years in 2015 for similar offences.

He was the first person to be charged under Operation Yewtree

The jury was also told Mr Salmon, who will be sentenced next Monday, admitted three charges of indecent assault in 1991.

1991 A good night kiss for Barbara Bush at Stoke Mandeville


Savile with American Secret Service at Stoke Mandeville Hospital


Savile was believed to have assaulted more than 60 people at Stoke Mandeville Hospital between 1968 and 1992.

Savile’s youngest victim was aged eight.

Dr Michael Salmon tied a 14-year-old girl, who cannot be named, to a couch and raped her.

One complainant said he talked to her inappropriately and showed her sexual illustrations in a book. Moore said Salmon (a paediatrician) accepted he had the book The Joy of Sex in his consulting rooms.


Since “his” charity had paid for it, he believed he owned the NSIC, could shape it to his whims. He insisted on thick lobby carpet though it was hell for wheelchair users, demanded pimp flourishes such as zebra-striped ward curtains, had hospital crews service his Rolls, the canteen named “Jimmy’s” and his own vast office have a gold letterbox and flip-down bed.

a despot who could summon the hospital’s general manager to his office, making him wait while, feet on desk, he finished his call to the Duchess of York

Detective Superintendent David Gray, head of Scotland Yard’s paedophile unit speaking about Savile:

“He has spent every minute of every waking day thinking about it and whenever an opportunity came along he’s taken that,”

“He was programmed to act in that way….”

Image result for michael salmon savile stoke

Dr Michael Salmon, who comes from a distinguished family of doctors going back several generations, name-dropped eminent doctors he had worked alongside in his position.

Stoke Mandeville was at the centre of a child sex abuse scandal in the late 1980s when a consultant paediatrician, Dr Michael Salmon, was investigated after a whistleblower came forward to the health authority.

Salmon comes from a distinguished family of doctors

Dr Paul Salmon (Forest 1949-54)

Dr Paul Salmon is Dr Michael Salmon’s brother – He was the first to introduce colonoscopy to the UK (1960)

Image result for Dr Michael Salmon, a consultant paediatrician at the Aylesbury

Dr Michael Salmon, a consultant paediatrician at the Aylesbury hospital, was suspended in 1989 after an investigation by government auditors prompted by concerns about possible financial improprieties. During the inquiry investigators found evidence relating to teenage patients of Salmon and a criminal investigation was launched.

Salmon was jailed for three years in 1990 after admitting indecent assaults on two 13-year-old girls and a 16-year-old girl.

Three years earlier he had been praised by Diana, Princess of Wales, for helping to organise a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida for 300 disabled children (Dreamflight)

He thought he was ‘bomb-proof’



It is not believed any of Salmon’s and Savile’s offending was linked.


The Establishment (BBC) have spoken…

It is not believed any of Dr Michael Salmon’s and Sir Jimmy Savile‘s offending was linked

…”move along, nothing to see here” tactic…



“It is not believed any of Salmon’s and Savile’s offending was linked.”

Believed by who?

Has it been investigated – proved or disproved???

Before and after his first paedophile conviction, Michael A. Salmon worked for the BBC

Salmon travel to Zambia in September 1984 with the BBC Natural History Unit.

After Dr Michael Salmon’s paedophile conviction in 1990 he worked for the BBC in 2002

The dull, grey morning of 28th July 2002 saw a rather special attempt to attract Purple Emperors down to the car park. BBC naturalist Chris Packham, accompanied by butterfly expert and author Dr Michael Salmon (who was also Wiltshire’s bug recorder) and that excellent wildlife cameraman Graham Hatherley, arrived to film the Emperor for a TV piece about butterfly collecting. Despite having been advised that activity would be at its peak some two weeks earlier, the team were prevented by Chris Packham’s commitments from an earlier visit. Michael Salmon, who has studied and written about the lives and activities of the great lepidopterists of the past, brought along their recommended equipment for attracting and catching the butterflies, and set it all out in the car park. This ranged from an antique butterfly net to a large white sheet on the ground, mirrors to reflect sunlight into the trees, and fruit, salmon, horse dung and bottles of urine – the latter provoking the following exchange: ‘what do you think of my sample – you are an ex-medical man, Mike’? ‘It tells me you have a very good renal function, Chris’.



Jimmy Savile and Chris Packham (far right) on Jim’ll Fix It 1988

Jim fixes it for young John Sparshatt to have a tarantula crawl up his arm. Chris Packham brings ronny the red knee’d tarantula out for him to hold.

Jimmy Savile Sexual Abuse Scandal
 Jimmy Savile Sexual Abuse Scandal Sir Jimmy Savile, OBE pictured aboard the Queen Elizabeth 2 during the liner’s Stock Photo
Sir Jimmy Savile, OBE pictured aboard the Queen Elizabeth 2 during the liner’s 1992 world cruise. The disc jockey and radio and TV personality was “Running around the world”, raising money for Stoke Mandeville and other charities.Cruise company Cunard has cancelled plans for the latest addition to it’s fleet, the new Queen Elizabeth to pay tribute to the broadcaster. The liner had been due to sail past Scarborough, and Savile’s grave, at 15:00 BST on 1 August 2013.
Savile, who has been at the centre of numerous allegations of child abuse, was a frequent traveller with Cunard.The company said it would not be “appropriate” for the planned sail past to go ahead.In January, a Cunard spokeswoman had described Savile as “a true friend of Cunard”.His last voyage was aboard Queen Elizabeth on her maiden Round Britain trip in September 2011, a month before his death.Savile died at the age of 84 on 29 October 2011 and was buried in Scarborough, where he had had a home for 40 years, a week later.The allegations he had abused children were first aired in an ITV documentary on 3 October.A senior Scotland Yard detective described Savile as a “predatory sex offender” who had a “predilection” for young girls

Sir Jimmy Savile, OBE pictured in Mumbai, India in 1992. The disc jockey and radio and TV personality was “Running around the world”, raising money for Stoke Mandeville and other charities


We can reveal a British man told Scotland Yard in 2004 he was making trips to Goa in India to have sex with children.

The witnesss said Savile went to villages to pick up girls. But police said they needed more evidence.

Sexual Abuse Scandal Sir Jimmy Savile, OBE pictured outside a Sex Clinic in Mumbai, India in 1992. While other passengers Stock Photo

Sir Jimmy Savile, OBE pictured outside a Sex Clinic in Mumbai, India in 1992. While other passengers visited the tourist sights, Savile made a macabre excursion to a Hindu crematorium and the Towers of Silence, where members of the Zoroastrian sect leave their dead in the open to be devoured by vultures and other predatory birds.

The disc jockey and radio and TV personality was “Running around the world”, raising money for Stoke Mandeville and other charities



Jimmy Savile ‘seen having sex with bodies and wheeling body of four-year-old in pram into hospital mortuary’

SAVILE was given unrestricted access to Stoke Mandeville Hospital, including the morgue, despite his reputation as a “sex pest”, a new report was told.


There’s more to Salmon than StokeDreamflight, Miriam Rothschild, Oxford, Nigeria
The Aurelian Legacy – A History of British Butterflies and Their Collectors: With Contributions by Peter Marren and Basil Harley by Michael A. Salmon
Image result for The Aurelian Legacy - a History of British Butterflies and their Collectors: With contributions by Peter Marren and Basil Harley
Miss Miriam Rothschild wrote the intro to his book on butterflies (as was mentioned, the favourite Lepidoptera of the MK Ultra gang).
She was the sister of Nathaniel Mayer Victor Rothschild, 3rd Baron Rothschild, who was a good friend of Edward Heath, Blunt, Burgess, worked for MI5 during World War II and alleged to have been the ‘fifth Spy’.

His medical career had then taken him to hospitals in Middlesex, London, and Ibadan, Nigeria, before he had taken up a senior registrar position in Lincoln, Lincolnshire. Salmon worked as a locum consultant in Maidestone, Gravesend and Dartford, before being headhunted for a top position in developmental medicine in Oxford.


Details of three doctors passed to police investigating Jimmy Savile allegations amid fears of paedophile sex abuse ring

The details of three doctors, who are alleged to have abused young people they were caring for, have been passed to detectives investigating allegations of sexual abuse by Jimmy Savile.

The move comes amid allegations that the doctors, who worked at hospitals where Savile had links, were involved with a network of child abusers, which also included the disgraced BBC presenter.

A report in the Guardian today claims that the three doctors have been identified by victims who came forward in the last couple of weeks – and that their names have now been passed to police.

Three doctors ‘collaborated in the abuse’ by Savile with one ‘helping select child patients to rape’

  • One allegedly ‘collaborated’ with star at Leeds General Infirmary
  • Two others worked alongside former DJ at Stoke Mandeville hospital

Dr Raymond Brown, who worked as a consultant paediatrician with Salmon, said the doctor would have known Savile because everyone at Stoke Mandeville knew him.

Dr Raymond Soloman  Brown
Dr Raymond Brown qualified in South Africa at the University of the Witwatersrand (“Wits University”) Medical School in 1966 and spent the next 6 years working in both district and teaching hospitals in Johannesburg, obtaining his higher paediatric qualification in 1971(Fellowship of the College of Physicians of South Africa with Paediatrics). Raymond emigrated to the UK with his family in 1972 and obtained the MRCP qualification in Edinburgh (MRCP(UK)), within a week of his arrival!   He worked in the Neonatal Unit at The Hammersmith Hospital as a Registrar, then at Northwick Park Hospital then became Senior Registrar at the Radcliffe Infirmary in Oxford in 1973. During this period Raymond spent a year as a research fellow in the Department of Clinical Pharmacology, which proved to him that he would remain a clinician rather than an academic!He was appointed as Consultant in Paediatrics at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in 1976 and worked there until he retired from the NHS in 2007.Raymond initially had a small private practice in Aylesbury then The Chiltern Hospital in Buckinghamshire from about 1980, which expanded after he retired from the NHS. He was asked to start a private outpatient clinic at the new Oxford Children’s Hospital and continues to do so.In 2007 he met Dr Ian Hay (previously his Senior House Officer in Oxford) at a meeting at the Royal Society of Medicine and was very pleased to be invited to work with Ian’s private Practice at the Portland Hospital, London and has done so ever since.  He is a highly respected member of the Dr Ian Hay Ltd practice and his contribution over the years with some of the more complicated cases, has been invaluable.Raymond’s interests in his NHS years included the management of respiratory problems, diabetes, the newborn, including neonatal intensive care, but particularly clinical cardiology. Regrettably, he does not perform echocardiography any longer as he does not have enough ongoing exposure having retired from the NHS,  to make this a safe activity for his patients. As a General Paediatrician, Raymond’s practice has covered all aspects of paediatrics, however he has little specialised experience of Developmental Paediatrics, which he leaves to those with a specialised interest in this area.

Qualified in South Africa. Came to UK in 1972 – worked at Hammersmith and Northwick Park Hospital 1972 – 1973 Senior Registrar Radcliffe Infirmary 1973 – 1976 Research Officer Dept of Clinical Pharmacology, Oxford 1975 Consultant Paediatrician, Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Aylesbury 1976 to 2007 From 2007, Private Paediatric Practice

June Thornton, a former nurse at the infirmary, said this month Savile molested a brain-damaged young girl who was a patient at the hospital. Thornton was recovering from an operation herself when she said she saw Savile “kissing her neck, running his hands up and down her arms, and then started to molest her”.

 Photo of Dr Michael Salmon’s son with friend of the royal family Peter O’Sullevan in Salmon’s office:
Image result for doctor michael salmon

Dr Michael Salmon also had a picture of his son with Jimmy Savile, the Jim’ll Fix It star, on his office wall.

One survivor remembers a photo on the wall of the doctor’s son appearing on Jim’ll Fix It with Savile.
Salmon’s eldest son Martin had appeared on the Jimmy Savile’s popular television show alongside Irish horse racing commentator Peter O’Sullevan.
Image result for irish horse racing commentator peter o’sullevan bbc jim'll fix it savile
Peter O’Sullevan –

Voice of racing, friend of the royals, Joanna Lumley, and Terry Wogan Legendary BBC commentator


Horse Racing - The Royal Ascot Meeting 2012 - Day Three - Ascot Racecourse Stock Photo

Duchess of Cornwall hosts Brooke conference Stock Photo

Queen & Sir Peter O'Sullevan Stock Photo

Peter O’Sullevan was a close friend of the Queen Mother and the Queen
The black and white photograph, shown to the jury, showed a young boy holding a microphone from when Salmon’s eldest son Martin had appeared on the Jimmy Savile’s popular television show alongside Irish horse racing commentator Peter O’Sullevan.
Salmon said it was one of six family photos displayed in his office, alongside an image of a red panda he had adopted from Whipsnade Zoo

Peter O’Sullevan held an auction for the Jimmy Savile Stoke Mandeville Appeal.

The Guardian

London, Greater London, England

Tuesday, December 16, 1980 – 19

Salmon travel to Zambia in September 1984 with the BBC Natural History Unit.

The sex attacks between 1973 and 1988 occurred at the same time as (Savile’s) offences.

 On another occasion the girl, who suffered from a genetic condition which causes tumours, was allegedly gang-raped when she was aged between 12 and 14.

“After she was raped by three grown men she was taken back to her hospital bed in a wheelchair by a hospital porter.”

Image result for stoke mandeville savile office

Chillingly, the office of Jimmy Saville at Stoke Mandeville Hospital (outlined in red) overlooked a children’s play area

Savile stayed at the hospital almost every weekend and had his own private quarters

Image result for stoke mandeville savile office

 Sir Jimmy Savile – who said “I own this hospital”

In 1980, government ministers appointed Savile as chief fundraiser of the new National Spinal Injuries Centre (NSIC).


The government had given him the use of a ‘courtesy room’ at Admiralty House for entertaining leading businessman for the Stoke Mandeville campaign.

Jimmy Savile would be invited to spend Christmas at Chequers with the Thatchers.

Queen Elizabeth with sadistic, necrophiliac, paedophile Sir Jimmy Savile

As one of the highest-profile entrants in the inaugural London Marathon in the late spring of 1981, Savile had written to the Queen after the Lord Chamberlain, Lord Maclean, ruled that the following year’s race would not be routed up the Mall in front of Buckingham Palace. In February 1982 it was announced that the Queen had decided to overrule the decision.

After fixing it for the 1986 race to be routed up the Mall, Jimmy Savile was rewarded with a lifetime entry into the London Marathon. He became a regular feature of the television coverage, waggling his cigar at the start and the finish, grinding ever forward surrounded by a phalanx of running pals, and waving to the crowds who cheered him every step of the way. After finishing the 1986 race he even popped into the palace for a shower and a cup of tea with the Queen. ‘This man Savile has the keys to so many doors, said marathon organiser John Disley, shaking his head in wonder. ‘I just don’t know how he does it.’  (Sunday People , 20 April 1986)

In Plain Sight: the Life and Lies of Jimmy Savile Dan Davies

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Savile, speaking to a patient at Stoke Mandeville Hospital

Savile was a porter at Stoke Mandeville in Buckinghamshire from 1969




Brutal Paedophile Dr Michael Salmon of Stoke Mandeville Hospital was part of the Dreamflight charity – CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER and ORGANISER – amongst vulnerable children without their parents

Why weren’t parents invited??

Letters were sent inviting those nominated to come, and asking their parents to sign in loco parentis forms.   


Dr Michael Salmon was asked to join the inaugural Dreamflight charity trip, co-founded by former British Airways cabin crew member Patricia Pearce in 1987, as chief medical officer.

Derek Pereira and paedophile Dr Michael Salmon on the first Dreamflight

Stoke Mandeville Hospital provided pediatric advice and wrote to paediatricians throughout the country to nominate children



“The 1980s saw Savile at the height of his fame and power at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.”






Queen’s Dressmaker “Lillian” Joyce Burfield RVO and cousin Dame Yvonne Trueman (Derek Pereira’s sister)

The Queen’s dressmaker is cousin to the Derek Pereira, the creator of Dreamflight, and his sister,  pilot and charity fundraiser Dame Yvonne Trueman.

Derek Pereira brought Michael Salmon on board the first Dreamflight in 1987.

via troy:

Recent articles on Salmon say he was an organizer of Dreamflight.

Was he involved in the creation of Dreamflight with Pereira and Pearce?

And how in the world could Dreamflight be created through Stoke Mandeville by a Stoke paediatrician and two BA-employeed cousins of the Queen’s dressmaker (who both volunteered for Stoke) without Savile having his grimy, perverted hands involved with it?!


Stoke Mandeville Hospital provided paediatric advice and wrote to paediatricians throughout the country to nominate children.  Letters were sent inviting those nominated to come, and asking their parents to sign in loco parentis forms.   

Next the organizers needed to find funding for the lease of a 747.  Derek’s small cottage in the wilds of Buckinghamshire became the command centre for organising large numbers of people to raise the money.  The BBC was approached to make a documentary programme.  Filming started in the cottage to show the ‘organisation’.


PHILIP HOGGE piloted commercially for B.O.A.C. and British Airways for thirty-three years, and was training captain on the Vickers VC10 and Boeing 707 and 747 aircraft.  He was British Airways’ Flight Training Manager, and Chief Pilot of their 747 fleet.  More recently, he served as Director of Operations and Infrastructure for the International Air Transport Association, and as Chairman of EUROCONTROL’s Performance Review Commission.  Brief videos of the inaugural 1987 Dreamflight, of Princess Diana’s visit to the departure hangar, and of the most recent Dreamflight (2013), can be seen, respectively, at,, and  Dreamflight’s own very informative website is

Cliff Richard is Patron of Dreamflight

He and Savile go way back…Image result for Cliff Richard and savile


Celebrities at 1987 Dreamflight sendoff:

Bobby Moore OBE
Michaela Strachan
Roy Castle OBE
Jimmy Tarbuck OBE

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Princess Diana and Sir Jimmy Savile 1983

Sarah Duchess of York (Convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s friend – Epstein owned  the “Lolita Express” ) – she had multiple entries in Epstein’s black book and accepted money from him.

Steve Davis
Shakin Stevens
John Junken
Pete Murray




Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)March 23, 2000

PUPILS ‘RAPED’ AT BEA’S SWISS SCHOOL; Girls drugged and assaulted in their dorm.

More here

Image result for sarah ferguson scandal swiss school Aiglon College, near Villars, in Switzerland,

Scandal, though, was already in the air. Two months earlier, a chemistry teacher left after his homosexual fantasies were published on the internet.

Then came disclosures that three girls had been drugged and sexually assaulted in a dormitory

. .. it emerged that the headmaster, Richard McDonald, was not on a sabbatical but in prison on charges of sex offences against children.

Media stories of debauchery and drinking among the pupils followed swiftly.

It was the Duke of York who was most keen to send his daughters to the British-run Alpine establishment where the fees range from £15,300 to £22,325 a year. He was particularly attracted by the school’s ethos which was based on the philosophy of Kurt Hahn, the founder of the Duke’s own alma mater, Gordonstoun.



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Dreamflight’s Sara Ferguson – Duchess of York

Image result for fergie sarah ferguson dreamflight

The Duchess Of York With Dreamflight Children At Heathrow Airport



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Image result for sarah ferguson and epstein

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More on Dreamflight and its people:

Dream holiday for ill children Stock Photo

2013 Dreamflight co-founder Pat Pearce at Discovery Cove, Orlando, Florida as part of the annual Dreamflight Charity trip to the USA.


Patricia Pearce and Derek Pereira back home at Heathrow

Dreamflight was co-founded in 1986 by Patricia Pearce MBE and Derek Pereira, both of whom worked for British Airways – co-founders Derek Pereira and Pat Pearce, former British Airways flight engineer and flight attendant respectively

Patricia had previously helped to organise a BA project, Skyride, which raised money to take underprivileged children on a one-hour ‘Christmas party’ flight. Patricia and Derek decided to go a step further and raise money to take deserving children to Walt Disney World, and Dreamflight was born.


One by one the 288 children walked or were carried off the British Airways jet into a sea of smiles from a crowd of clowns and well-wishers.

An hour after landing Monday evening at Orlando International Airport, the British youngsters, suffering from incurable diseases, were aboard a caravan of 13 Greyhound buses and preparing for an eagerly awaited three-day tour of Walt Disney World and Sea World.

The unprecedented effort to bring the children to the Central Florida attractions was the brainchild of British Airways flight engineer Derek Pereira and flight attendant Patricia Pearce.

Dreamflight is a UK-registered charity that was started in 1987 by its two founders, Derek Pereira and Pat Pearce, who were both with British Airways.

Mr Pereira had first become involved with the disabled when he volunteered to help at the Stoke Mandeville handicapped games in England in 1983.

Pat Pearce MBE Biography

my dream flights pat pearce.GIF

Dreamflight co-founder Pat Pearce MBE has led an amazing life, from her days of flying around the world including 2 weeks with HM Queen Elizabeth II, to setting up a one-off trip for 200 children to America – a ‘one-off trip’ that has happened every year for the last 25! As we embark on the 26th Dreamflight trip, the inspirational story of Pat Pearce MBE has been captured in the autobiography ‘My Dream Flights.


Patricia Pearce MBE, who joined BOAC (British Airways’ long-haul predecessor) in 1962 – a year before Elizabeth II was crowned – and served The Queen on her scheduled two-week Royal visit to New Zealand, in 1974, said: “The trip ended up lasting almost two months because the Heath government was brought down in the middle of the trip so the Royal couple had to come back to the UK and then fly back out again.


[linked image]

Cliff and BBC’s Jill Dando at airport for Dreamflight departure.

[linked image]


TV Presenter Jill Dando October 1998 at the Dreamflight photo call at Heathrow

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Image result for cliff richard and rolf harris and queen

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Kitty serenades the children every year as they fly off to Florida, and we’re supposed to assume that Savile and Stoke Mandeville/British Airways/Queen of England’s Dreamflight had nothing to do with each other.

Salmon worked two decades at Stoke,

Image result for prince charles and jimmy savile stoke

Savile lived at Stoke;

Jimmy Savile was given a bedroom in a building used to accommodate young medical students

Savile was free to come and go from his own flat on the hospital premises whenever he chose.

Furnished with leather sofas, chandeliers, a bed and a shower, it had its own special front door with a gold letter box and plaque.

Savile was even allowed to continue puffing away on his trademark cigars within the suite after smoking was banned throughout the rest of the hospital.

In 1978, Jimmy Savile described what he got out of the association with the Buckinghamshire hospital. “There are forty wards at Stoke Mandeville… and they are all filled with people; I will be able to do exactly what I feel like doing. If I feel like going on the ladies’ ward and pulling their legs, I can do that. If I want to go the kids’ ward and have a bit of a knock about, I can do that.”

In 2009, two Surrey Police officers interviewed Savile in his private office at the hospital where, secure in his lair and surrounded by the bricks and mortar he considered to be his own, he obfuscated, denied and then issued threats of his own.


Salmon was a child-abusing pediatrician charity organizer for Dreamflight, while Savile, a child-abusing children’s charity organizer, raped children at Stoke;

Two other organisers were cousins to the Queen’s dressmaker, Savile was tight with the Royals.

Image result for savile and queen

Not too hard to see connections here.

Image result for prince charles and jimmy savile stoke

1984 Patients at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghamshire enjoy afternoon tea with Prince Philip and TV presenter Jimmy Savile

Royalty - Duke of Edinburgh and Jimmy Savile - Stoke Mandeville Hospital Stock Photo

1984 Radio and TV personality Jimmy Savile pins a taxi driver’s badge to his tie before chauffeuring Prince Philip from Stoke Mandeville Hospital, where the Prince visited the National Spinal Injuries Centre



 Special handshake

Queen honours volunteer Yvonne Trueman

Sister of Dreamflight’s Derek Pereira – Yvonne Trueman

The Order of Saint Joachim is pleased to have contributed to Dame Trueman’s charitable projects and offers its warmest congratulations


A LONG-TIME Bahrain resident is to be honoured with an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) for her social work in Bahrain and abroad. Britain’s Queen Elizabeth is expected to present Yvonne Trueman with the award in a ceremony to held at Buckingham Palace, in London, UK, this summer. The Briton has been greatly involved in fund-raising in Bahrain and helping orphans in Belize, for more than 25 years. Mrs Trueman, who has been a resident of Bahrain for more than 25 years, found out she was on the honours list when she received a phone call from the UK.

It is a project she committed herself to more than 10 years ago, following the death of her son Captain Julian Pooley, a helicopter pilot in the British Army.

It was only after his death in a road accident while stationed in Belize in 1994 that she learned how much he had been doing for the children of an orphanage in Belize City, so she decided to carry on for him.

Wildtracks is a volunteer, non-profit organisation located on the north-eastern coast of Belize, which focuses on conservation and environmental education. Mrs Trueman’s fund-raising not only helps support the orphans at the Dorothy Menzies Child Care Home, but also to send some of the children for weekends at Wildtracks.

Mrs Trueman was already a veteran charity worker long before getting involved with the Belize orphanage, having started running to raise funds for the Muharraq Geriatric Hospital 20 years ago.

Thousands of dinars were raised over the course of the many kilometres she covered in four London marathons, two New York marathons and half a dozen local half marathons.

Mrs Trueman’s charity work also includes her involvement in the Dreamflight project, which takes seriously ill children on a 10-day journey-of-a-lifetime in Disney World, Orlando, Florida, US.

She has been Dreamflight Bahrain’s chief fund-raiser for the last five years, but has been involved in Dreamflight since her brother Derek Pereira founded it in 1986.

Every year, since 2001, Bahrain has been able to send two children on Dreamflight as ambassadors of the kingdom, joining hundreds of other seriously ill youngsters from the UK and Hong Kong on the holiday, which is supported by British Airways.

Mrs Trueman is also a pilot, who is encouraging flight training among nationals and residents of the Gulf states. She earned her private pilot’s licence following months of training in the UK more than 30 years ago.

Subsequently, she joined the family aviation business and travelled the world engaged in sales and marketing.

She also compiled several flight guides for private pilots and worked as a correspondent in Switzerland.

Finally, she worked as an aircraft broker (selling aircraft to the uninitiated), and it was in this capacity that she first came to Bahrain in the late 70s.


Bahrain resident Yvonne Trueman, who along with her brother Dreamflight founder Derek Pereira helped make Dreamflight Bahrain a reality in 2001, is getting ready to auction off her Ready Steady Cook signed apron.

Ms Trueman and her daughter, Katharine Pooley, are to appear in the popular television show Ready Steady Cook on BBC TV next Wednesday.

Her daughter – Katharine Pooley – interior designer to the super-rich

…she has designed everything from cottages to castles — one of which, Forter Castle in Scotland, she owns. Currently giving another castle a makeover for a client in Buckinghamshire

She comes from a family that relishes a challenge. Her father, Robert, has just received the MBE for services to aviation. He created a flight equipment company in 1957 after serving in the RAF, and it was he who bought then-derelict Forter Castle in Perthshire in 1990. The 1560s wreck is now a glamorous holiday let, having been passed on to his daughter who has filled it with Scottish charm.

Today, Pooley, owner of a high-end homewares boutique in Walton Street, SW3, and with a 40-strong design company, is at her Chelsea home to chat. However, she pounces on the phone and starts quick-fire bidding on lots in  Sotheby’s Duchess of Devonshire antiques sale to use in forthcoming projects for wealthy owners who want something with grand connections.

Katharine now has her own shop on London’s Walton Street and counted Mohamed Al Fayed, the owner of Harrods, as one of her first clients. Visitors to her shop now include many stars, including Elizabeth Hurley and Ivana Trump, and she has won two Decorex awards and an Andrew Martin award for interior design. Katharine works with her husband, Dan Voyce, has a staff of 20 and works on properties around the world.




The Herald – Fall 2010
Communication of The Order of Saint Joachim

Page 13
[PIC – Dame Yvonne Trueman MBE, DJ, Receives Fellowship from Duke of Edinburgh]

Our member Dame Yvonne Trueman MBE, DJ,
FRaeS, FRIN, a Bahrain-based aviation pioneer, has
been awarded the prestigious Fellowship of the
Royal Institute of Navigators at a special ceremony
in London. Dame Trueman received her award from
the HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh at the
Royal Geographical Society’s auditorium in

The award was made In recognition of her lifetime
devoted to general aviation as a cartographer, author
and pilot, and her active promotion of private flying
in the Middle East
. Dame Trueman is also active in
Bahrain charitable work and known for her role in
the Bahrain Dreamflight Project


Yvonne also served as a co-pilot during the Iran/Iraq war ferrying passengers out of Baghdad to Kuwait.

Hailing from Hatfield in England, she belongs to a family of dedicated charity workers. Between her and her two brothers, they have run over 50 marathons for good causes.

Personally, Yvonne has run four London and two New York marathons along with a number in Bahrain.

Yvonne’s first landing in Bahrain was almost 30 years ago when she came here with her husband, Dr Arthur Trueman.

She said: “He was the Chief Medical Officer at ALBA for 10 years until his death in 1987. He was very well-known in Bahrain – in those days Alba Medical Centre also looked after Gulf Air, British Airways and other major companies in Bahrain, it was a large practice with three major clinics for all the staff and their families.

“When my husband died, I decided to stay on for two years, but have been here since.”

Gulf Weekly – June 6 – 12, 2007
Bahrain’s superwoman

Lillian Burfield seated

A SPECIAL toast to the Queen will be raised in Bahrain today, as she celebrates her 80th birthday. For Bahrain resident Yvonne Trueman has a personal insight into the woman who has worn the crown for 53 years. For over 40 years, the Queen’s wardrobe has been designed by English couture house Hardie Amies, of Saville Row.

The mainstay of Hardie Amies was ‘Miss Lillian’, who has dressed and made many of the Queen’s clothes over the decades.

‘Miss Lillian’ is her professional name, but to Mrs Trueman, she is simply cousin Joyce.

There is another ‘royal’ link to Bahrain – for Joyce made the dress which the Queen wore when she met the late Amir HH Shaikh Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa, in 1979.

Four years ago, Joyce, whose family name is Burfield, visited Bahrain to give a talk to the American Woman’s Association.

Two years ago Joyce was awarded a Royal Victorian Order (RVO), which is given in recognition of loyal services to the royal family.

Last year, the family was again honoured when Yvonne was made a member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) by the Queen, in recognition of her work for charity here and abroad.

She received the award from the Queen in a Buckingham Palace ceremony last June.

“It was one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me, I was thrilled,” she said.

Now retired and enjoying doing voluntary work, Joyce looks back fondly on her many visits to fit dresses for the Queen.

“I’ve visited all the royal homes, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Balmoral, I have seen them all,” she said.


Convicted paedophile, friend of the royal family and Jimmy Savile “colleague” – Rolf Harris also involved in the Dreamflight charity


Convicted paedophile and friend of Sir Jimmy Savile  and the royal family, Rolf Harris was part of dreamfight charity

The Canberra Times – Tuesday 13 June 1989

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Image result for savile and rolf harris

Image result for savile and rolf harris

Image result for savile and rolf harris

Germaine Greer with Prince Charles and convicted paedophile Rolf Harris

Germaine Greer calls for punishment for rape to be reduced

30 May 2018

Birds of a feather

Image result for savile and queen
A dream trip for children

SYDNEY: Hundreds of terminally ill and disabled children were on their way home yesterday after a Queen’s Birthday weekend tour of Sydney and the Gold Coast.

The 800 children, including state wards, the terminally ill, handicapped and homeless, were the winners of the Variety Club sponsored trip that was supported queen-elizabeth-and-rolf-hand-on-back

Image result for savile and queen


The children, from all over Australia, left Melbourne in a rainbow-coloured jet specially decorated by Clifton Pugh and Rolf Harris and lent to them by Ansett.

The “Dream Flight” weekend took the children to Sydney and the Gold Coast, taking in attractions from the Opera House to Dreamworld.


Stoke-Mandeville Hospital  Paedophile Ring

Multiple doctors accused of child rape were working at Stoke Mandeville, alongside Sir Jimmy Savile – who said “I own this hospital”

Bruce Bailey has been accused of raping a girl when she was 11 as she waited to have an operation

Former surgeon, Dr Bruce Bailey, at Stoke Mandeville hospital, accused of sexually abusing four-year-old girl while reading her bedtime stories

Bruce Bailey worked at world-renowned Stoke Mandeville Hospital

He is also accused of raping girl when she was 11 as she waited for her operation

Bailey, who died in 2001, is believed to have known paedophile Savile

He is second doctor at Bucks hospital accused of abusing patients

The alleged victim – who says she was also indecently assaulted by Savile – claims a junior doctor saw Bailey indecently touching her but nothing was done.

She is being represented by abuse lawyer Liz Dux, of Slater & Gordon, who is also working on behalf of 72 of the late Jim’ll Fix It star’s victims.

Ms Dux said: “My client’s horrific ­experiences show why a reform to the law to introduce mandatory reporting of abuse by those in regulated activities is so vital.”

His plastic surgery training was at Stoke Mandeville, where he worked with J P Reidy. From 1963 to 1990 he was a consultant at Stoke Mandeville.

And yet another paedophile doctor at Stoke-Mandeville where Savile had free rein.

Doctor John Narendran
The assault occurred in a private room whilst the doctor was employed as a locum registrar at the Hospital. The doctor denied charges of indecent assault but was later jailed for
21 months on 16 October 1996. He was struck off the General Medical Council register on 22 January 1997.
Daily Mail 12-10-96

Angry Judge Jails Pervert Doctor of Stoke Mandeville

Dr John Narendran

Angry Judge Jails Pervert Doctor of Stoke Mandeville

A DOCTOR at Stoke Mandeville Hospital blindfolded and sexually assaulted a 12-year-old boy patient.

John Narendran, 56, was jailed for 21 months after Judge John Murchie refused to wait for pre-sentence reports saying the doctor had shown no remorse.

`This is an offence which is so serious that members of the public would not feel justice had been done if a judge did not pass an immediate custodial sentence,’ he said. `Doctors are trusted with the bodies of people. This was a bad breach of trust.’

The boy was injured playing football, Reading Crown Court heard. He was taken to the hospital near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, which is world-renowned for its treatment of spinal injuries.

One of the doctors who examined him was Sri Lankan-born Narendran, who introduced himself as Dr John, said Mr Simon Davis, prosecuting.

`Dr John’ told the boy’s parents he wanted to help their son and they should not tell anyone, as it was a case for `specialist treatment’.

The next day, another consultant said the boy could leave hospital, but `Dr John’ took the youngster and his parents to his own private room. `He rubbed cream into the boy’s back while his parents were waiting in an adjoining room,’ Mr Davis said. `Nothing untoward happened.’

The day after, however, Narendran contacted the parents, who took their son back. While they waited next door as before, he showed the boy a medical book with pictures of male and female genitalia.

The boy was asked to lie on the bed, blindfolded with a scarf and assaulted. He was upset and told his parents, and Narendran was arrested.

The boy broke down in tears several times while giving evidence through a video-link to court. He told the jury: `The doctor told me I could trust him and he would never hurt me.’

Narendran, a married man, of North Road, Alfriston, East Sussex, had denied indecent assault.

Andrew Cohen, defending, said the offence was `entirely out of character and can only be described as a moment of complete madness’. He said Narendran was a `very highly regarded’ man of `mature years’ who had fallen `as low as he can get’.


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Savile’s Stoke Mandeville Paedophile Doctors

Dreamflight 1987 Michael A. Salmon

Here’s the link
DF1987.avi (21.12MB)

Dreamflight is a registered UK charity that changes young lives through taking seriously ill and disabled children, without their parents, on the holiday of a lifetime to Orlando, Florida. The first Dreamflight trip was in November 1987 and I had the wonderful opportunity of being one of the children selected to go on that trip…

The Aurelian Legacy: British Butterflies and Their Collectors
By Michael A. Salmon, Peter Marren, Basil Harley

Doctor John Narendran
Daily Mail 12-10-96


Image result for dr roger bodley

STOKE MANDEVILLE – DR ROGER BODLEYFor 25 years until 2009, he was the senior radiologist at Stoke Mandeville Hospital

The Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust is primarily based in the Leeds area, although not all of its trustees – listed as Luke Lucas, Dr Roger Bodley and Lady Gabrielle Greenbury on the Charity Commission’s website – still live there.

Roger Bodley, 65, is one of only three trustees of the charity. He bought a broad sword and ceremonial shield for a new charitable venture at Sir Jimmy’s Scottish cottage.A charity bought a sword and shield (left) for £700 to decorate a Scottish retreat for the disabled

He said: ‘We are hoping to put these items on the wall at his Glencoe cottage which we are going to convert into a kind of retreat for disabled people. It will be called Jimmy’s at Glencoe.’

About Dr Roger Nicholas Bodley of Stoke Mandeville
Image result for dr roger bodley


Dr Roger Nicholas Bodley was born in 1947 and the first directorship we have on file was in 1991 at Stoke Mandeville Hospital Education Centre Limited. Them most recent directorship was with Stoke Mandeville Hospital Education Centre Limited where they held the position of “Radiologist”. This company has been around since 12 Apr 1972 .

Dr. Roger Bodley is an English medical graduate who came to Tasmania in 1976 and worked there for 6 years before returning to train as a radiologist. Worked in Oxford and Stoke Mandeville Hospital (which includes the National Spinal Injuries Centre, home of The Paralympics) and after retirement from the NHS returned part time to the beautiful NW Coast of Tasmania to work, teach and to build a home on Table Cape. Having come across Hempcrete at the London exhibition “Ecobuild” in 2008 I decided that my house was to be a showcase for this exciting material. The last few years have seen the slow realisation of that idea.

3.21 DC1 and DS6 interviewed Savile on tape under caution at his private office at Stoke Mandeville Hospital on 1st October 2009. Present with Savile was a ‘friend’ who was a trustee of the Jimmy Savile Stoke Mandeville Charitable Trust. It is not clear in what capacity this male was present as there is no indication that Savile required an appropriate adult and he was not acting as a legal representative.…11.01.2013.pdf

The Trustees at that time were

James Collier CB We are lucky to have the experience of this
gentleman. A working life as a very senior civil servant,
starting off in the Treasury, worked for eleven Chancellors
before being transferred to the NHS as a financial trouble

Luke Lucas A self-made millionaire in the security industry
with several confidential contracts with the Home Office. The
youngest of the Trustees, spends regular days and nights at the
NSIC ( National Spinal Injuries Centre) and is totally dedicated to its work. Hoping to retire from
business and looking forward to staying completely involved
with the Trust.

Broadmoor:  It included a GP, a forensic psychiatrist, a local architect and, in his words, ‘a multi-millionaire owner of a security company’. 

The latter is how Savile always described Luke Lucas, although Lucas maintains he was ‘not a member of Broadmoor Hospital Management’.

His relationship with the royals, and particularly Prince Charles and Princess Diana, became deeper and more intimate during the time he was seconded by the government to fix the mess at Broadmoor.

The thing about me is I get things done. They tippled that I can get things done, and that I work “deep cover” … People don’t realise I’m deep cover until it’s too late.’

But it was not only marriage guidance that Jimmy Savile was sought out for. He also advised Prince Charles on key appointments to his staff.

After consultation with Savile and Richard Aylard, Major-General Sir Christopher Airy was appointed private secretary and treasurer to the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Janet Cope confirmed to me that Prince Charles used to phone Savile regularly at Stoke Mandeville. All three sent telegrams of congratulation when Jimmy Savile’s name finally made it onto the Queen’s birthday honours list in the late summer of 1990, as did Prince Andrew. The Duchess of York sent a homemade card while Angus Ogilvy sent his warmest wishes in a handwritten letter. It was the last list that Margaret Thatcher made recommendations for before she was forced to resign. And it was her letter that informed Jimmy Savile that they had succeeded in getting him the knighthood they both desired.

He took as his guest Clifford Graham, the man who had rubber stamped his appointment to the Broadmoor Hospital task force.

In Plain Sight: the Life and Lies of Jimmy Savile by Dan Davies

Luke Lucas – Described in the 2006 report as a self made millionaire in the security industry with several Home Office contracts?

He is also described as spending regular days and nights at the NCIS. ( National Spinal Injuries Centre)…ut-us-nsic.htm

The full list: The Blairs’ dinner guests

Saturday 23 October 1999

Miss Karine Adler

Admiral Sir Michael Boyce KCB OBE

Dame Judi Dench DBE

Mr John Farrell

Mrs Farrell

Mr Luke Lucas

Mr Alan McGee

Mrs McGee

Dr David Potter CBE

Mrs Elaine Potter

Sir Jimmy Savile OBE

The Rt Hon Dr John Reid MP

Mr Michael Williams


Pervert DJ Jimmy Savile harassed top music boss’ wife at a dinner party at Tony Blair’s Chequers country retreat

  • Music boss Alan McGee said disgraced DJ ‘pestered’ his wife Kate
  • Oasis boss was furious at ‘dirty old man’ but suppressed his rage
  • He said: ‘At Chequers it’s not done to break Jimmy Savile’s nose’
  • McGee also spoke of the air of menace that surrounded Savile

For Jimmy Savile, normal life meant being collected on the quayside by his driver from Broadmoor Hospital, before being whisked off to the high-security hospital in Berkshire to begin the round of constant touring all over again. Broadmoor, Stoke Mandeville and Leeds General Infirmary After the weeks at sea it was back to the hospital beds, locked wards and wheelchairs: the captive audiences.

National Spinal Injuries Centre – The Spinal Injuries Centre that Savile referred to as ‘Jimmy Savile’s country club’,

Dr Isaac Nuseibeh, a consultant spinal surgeon at the NSIC, had known Savile since 1973 waxed lyrical about the happiness he spread, describing him as ‘a super humanitarian’.

Sunday People , 13 September 1981

In Plain Sight: the Life and Lies of Jimmy Savile by Dan Davies

31 December, 1999, OBE 

Edward Brian McGinnis, Special Adviser, MENCAP. For services to People with Learning Disabilities. (Croydon, Surrey)

Romanian orphanages

25 July, 1991

ITN Studios CMS Brian McGinnis (MenCap Charity) intvwd

On the subject of institutional mental health care, relating to the curious tales of Savile’s Broadmoor involvement, it should be noted that the senior civil servant responsible for secure hospitals was this man:


(July 2006) ‘Charity chair was arrested twice over rape allegations’

Charity chair was arrested twice over rape allegations


A high-profile figure in the disability world, who has been arrested twice over unconnected rape allegations, one of which involved a child with learning difficulties, is continuing to chair a Christian learning difficulties charity, DN can reveal.

L’Arche, which has Catholic roots but now describes itself as an “ecumenical” organisation providing residential “communities” for people with learning difficulties, told DN it “continues to have full confidence” in its UK chairman, Brian McGinnis, despite the two separate arrests by different police forces.

Mr McGinnis, a former special advisor for the charity Mencap, who is also believed to have been a senior civil servant in the Department of Health, has worked with people with learning difficulties for 40 years.

He was arrested last August over allegations that he raped a child with learning difficulties at the Betts Way respite home in Bromley, Kent, in the mid-1990s.

A Metropolitan police spokeswoman confirmed that an allegation of rape of a child with learning difficulties was made to police in November 2004.

She added: “A 68-year-old man from the Croydon area was arrested on 5 August 2005. He was bailed to return pending further investigation. Following Crown Prosecution Service advice, the man was released without charge on 25 October 2005.”

She said police “liaised” with the church and social services about the ongoing contact Mr McGinnis might have with children and vulnerable adults.

Betts Way was at the centre of a series of inquiries after 11 parents were told in 1999 that their children had made allegations of sexual abuse by staff. None of those allegations concerned Mr McGinnis, who had been a volunteer visitor at the home, which closed in 2000.

An investigation by police, the London Borough of Bromley and health authorities took place between 1999 and 2001, but no-one was charged.

DN has discovered that Mr McGinnis was also arrested and questioned in 2001 on allegations unrelated to Betts Way, when he was still employed as Mencap’s special advisor.

A Kent police spokeswoman said: “A 63-year-old man from the Croydon area was arrested on suspicion of rape in March 2001. He was later released without charge.”

Mr McGinnis is an influential figure in the disability world, with links to a string of charities, learning difficulty organisations and his local church in Shirley, Croydon, south London. As well as chairing L’Arche, he is on the ruling national council of the Association for Real Change (ARC), which represents providers of care homes for people with learning difficulties.

John Peet, general secretary of L’Arche, said the charity was aware of both arrests and trustees “continue to have full confidence in Brian McGinnis as chairman”. He said the results of a Criminal Records Bureau check requested by Mr McGinnis after his arrest last August showed “no records or listings which would disqualify Mr McGinnis from continuing in his role as chairman”.

Mr Peet said: “Mr McGinnis informed L’Arche immediately after the police spoke to him, and took the initiative to withdraw from any activities involving contact with members of L’Arche with learning disabilities.

“We have not informed ARC that Mr McGinnis was arrested and questioned by police last August.

There is no obligation for L’Arche or any other member organisation to inform ARC of an allegation regarding its trustees or, indeed, care staff.

“However, if any charges had been brought we should have felt duty bound to draw the matter to the attention of the chief executive of ARC.”

He said Mr McGinnis did not work directly with children or vulnerable adults in his role as chairman.

James Churchill, chief executive of ARC, declined to comment until he had made further enquiries.

Mr McGinnis also represents L’Arche on the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ patients and carers committee.

A college spokeswoman said: “We were not aware of the allegations so obviously we will be looking at the membership of our committee.”

A spokesman for Bromley council said it had advised its staff to “disassociate” Mr McGinnis “with anything related to children with learning difficulties and council services” and informed him of this decision by letter four years ago.

He added: “To the best of our knowledge he hasn’t a connection with Bromley any longer.”

A spokeswoman for Croydon Council said it told church authorities that Mr McGinnis “should be suspended from duties that involved him working with children”, after being told by Bromley council about last August’s arrest. Mr McGinnis had been working with a children’s church group.

A spokeswoman for the Diocese of Southwark, which covers St George’s – the church Mr McGinnis attends in Shirley – said it agreed that he “should have no direct contact with children or vulnerable adults and this policy has been followed”.

Mencap says Mr McGinnis retired in 2003, “for reasons unrelated to the allegations”.

DN contacted Mr McGinnis for a comment on the allegations he faced. In a message left on our answerphone he said: “I am not going to get in discussions over details. I haven’t done any of the things which have been alleged but I do want to say this: I have spent a lifetime arguing for the protection of vulnerable adults and children, even at the expense of innocent folk working with them being damaged, and I am not one to grumble if that befalls me. I am, and all my life have been, and always will be, a celibate. And sex of any kind with anyone, of any age, simply does not enter into my curriculum. But, as I say, the protection of vulnerable adults and children requires sometimes innocent people suffer and that is a price worth paying for the protection of vulnerable children and adults.”


There were mysterious scandals involving child pornography in both Broadmoor and Ashworth during the 1990s and subsequent impenetrable reports published with heavy anonymisation online – it seems now that this would be to do with the staff rather than the patients.



Company number 03250184

2017 – Brian McGinnis active at St George’s Church in Shirley

Overseas Missions Committee
Mr Brian McGinnis
The Parish Magazine
Mr. Brian McGinnis 31 Woodmere Avenue, Shirley CR0 7PG
Christian Aid are running a Lent & Easter Appeal
“Count Your Blessings 2018” with calendars for both adults and children with challenges for each day (see Brian McGinnis for a copy)
History of St Georges
Many thanks to Brian McGinnis for providing this history.

Dun Aigh Trust



Company number 04233275


L’ARCHE (01055041)


Major had been a junior Health Minister in Thatcher’s Gov’t when the barrel of shit in north Wales was being concealed by Ken Clarke (see post ‘Running The Country – And All That Jazz’). Major had worked in the DHSS as a Minister whilst Trumpers was a Health Minister, when Trumpers appointed Jimmy Savile to the management team of Broadmoor – although it was actually Trumpers’s colleague Edwina Currie who took the rap for it years later. Savile’s mate Alan Franey, the former Assistant General Manager of Leeds General Infirmary, was appointed CEO of Broadmoor. Whilst Savile was in post, two female patients killed themselves as a result of his abuse of them. During Major’s time at the DHSS, Brian McGinnis was the Whitehall mandarin responsible for mental health and high security hospitals – McGinnis was later banned from working with children (see post ‘Socio-Political Context Of The North Wales Mental Health Services In The 1980s’).

Allegations against Savile include sexual assaults of patients at Broadmoor, where he was initially an “honorary entertainments officer”.

Brian McGinnis ran the mental health division of the Department of Health and Social Services in 1987, when plans were drawn up to appoint Savile to run a taskforce overseeing the hospital.

Health service sources said they understood Mr McGinnis was “instrumental” in the creation of the taskforce, which began work the following year.

He was under-secretary for mental health with responsibility for the high-security hospitals when Savile and other members of the group were recruited.

In a book about psychiatric care, Alan Franey, an NHS administrator who was appointed to the same taskforce describes being issued with the invitation in 1987 – during “an unusual meeting in the Athenanaeum Club in London with some officials who shall remain nameless.”

He neglected to mention that Savile was present, although he confirmed it when contacted by The Sunday Telegraph, but refused to say whether Mr McGinnis was among the officials.

Mr McGinnis, now 74, was prevented from working with children by Croydon Council in 2005, when he was stopped from running a children’s church group.

Three years earlier Bromley Council ended his involvement with services for children with learning difficulties.

The interventions followed police investigations into his conduct during volunteer visits to children’s homes.

Contacted by The Sunday Telegraph, Mr McGinnis said that he was very closely involved in discussions about the running of Broadmoor but could not recall his part in Savile’s appointment.

He said: “Ministers made the decisions obviously because that is what they are there for. I am not saying I wasn’t involved but I simply don’t remember a single thing about this appointment.”

Mr McGinnis said he had never been to the Athenaeum and only recalled meeting Savile once at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

With regard to his own conduct, the former civil servant said he had done “absolutely nothing wrong”.

Consent – Advisory Group

  • Last modified date:
    21 February 2007

Good Practice in Consent Advisory Group

Advisory Group

Chair: Dr. Sheila Adam, Health Services Director, Department of Health

Members  (including details of organisations nominating individuals)

Mr. Clive Appleby (Epping Forest PCT, representing the NHS Confederation)Ms Sarah Bazin (Solihull and Heartlands NHS Trust nominated by DH to represent the allied health professions)Professor Joe Collier (St. George’s Hospital Medical School, representing the Council of Heads of Medical Schools)Dr. Jane Cowan (Medical Protection Society)Professor Andrew Grubb (Cardiff Law School)Mr. Barry Jackson (Royal College of Surgeons of England)Dr. Iona Heath (Royal College of General Practitioners)Professor Peter Hill (Postgraduate Dean (Northern) Northern and Yorkshire Region) Mr. James Johnson (Joint Consultants Committee)Professor John Lilleyman, (President of the Royal College of Pathologists, representing the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges) Mr. Brian McGinnis (Mencap)Ms Polly Moreton (Action for Sick Children)Ms Dora Opoku (United Kingdom Central Council for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting)Ms Jane O’Brien (General Medical Council)Dr. Gina Radford (Regional Director of Public Health, Eastern Regional Office)Mrs. Shahwar Sadeque (member of the Royal College of Physicians’ committee on medical ethics; particular interest in ethnic minority health issues)Dame Margaret Seward (Chief Dental Officer)Dr. Ewen Sim (Junior Doctors Committee, BMA)Professor Terry Stacey (Central Office of Research Ethics Committees)Ms Moira Wheeler (Head of Midwifery and Nursing Services, Epsom and St. Helier NHS Trust, representing the Royal College of Midwives)Ms Rosie Wilkinson (Royal College of Nursing)Dr. Michael Wilks (BMA)Ms Micky Willmott (Age Concern England)

Co-opted member: Mr. Steve Walker of the NHS Litigation Authority


Dr. Elaine Gadd
Ms Katharine Wright

Letter: Abuse: now we must learn the lessons


Mr McGinnis is very active at his local curch’s Sunday School, which lists his address as 31 Woodmere Ave and his number as 020 8654 6190. Interestingly, McGinnis was a “volunteer visitor” at a disability centre where 11 parents made seperate allegations that their children were abused in the late 90s. I wonder why someone who is so prominent in so many charities felt the need to maintain a “hands on” approach to volunteering? I’m sure that we have nothing to worry about – as he says above, he is “a celibate” and “sex of any kind with anyone, of any age, simply does not enter into my curriculum”. This bizarre statement will surely calm the fears of the parents whose children attend his Sunday School sessions.

(Mr McGinnis) Brian McGinnis, I am Special Adviser to MENCAP and an emigre from the Department of Health.

Council ‘ignored three warnings’ over former Mencap advisor

A local authority appears to have ignored three warnings that a former Mencap advisor – who has previously been arrested over two unconnected rape allegations – is being allowed to spend time with disabled service-users with high support needs.

Brian McGinnis has been arrested twice, one in connection with allegations that he raped AX, a child with learning difficulties who used the notorious Betts Way respite home in Bromley, Kent, in the mid-1990s.

McGinnis, who became a special advisor to Mencap after leaving a senior position in the civil service, has never been convicted of any offence, or even charged.

But Disability News Service (DNS) has learned that Mr and Mrs X – AX’s parents – have told Bromley council three times in the last three years that McGinnis appears to be continuing to secure access to people with learning difficulties and high support needs.

One of these disabled people was mentioned several times in a confidential report prepared for the council’s director of social services in 1997.

That report discussed McGinnis’s close attachment to the woman, who was a child at the time but is now in her 30s and has “a very high level of disability… does not verbally communicate her wishes and feelings”, and is “totally dependent on others for physical care”.

The report described how staff felt that McGinnis “was too familiar with her – often sitting her on his lap and other actions, which seemed inappropriate for a man of his age with a young girl”, and how he was “too willing to pick [her]up and touch her”.

Mrs X told DNS that they had twice seen McGinnis with the woman, at a restaurant and at a garden centre, on both occasions accompanied by a care worker. Her husband also saw McGinnis with another person with learning difficulties at a local hospital.

Mrs X said: “I was shaking when I saw him at the restaurant. I wanted to tear his eyes out.

“His steely cold eyes looked at me and he said, ‘How are you?’ I couldn’t believe it; the man who raped my daughter.”

Mr X added: “How on earth can a man like this still have access to people with learning disabilities? How much more information does Bromley council need to stop this happening?”

The arrests came in March 2001 and August 2005 and both resulted in McGinnis, who is now 76 and lives in Shirley, Croydon, being released without charge.

Until the allegations about his behaviour were publicised in 2006, he was an influential figure in the disability world, with links to a string of charities, learning difficulty organisations and his local church in Shirley.

He retired from his position as a special advisor with Mencap in 2003, and the learning difficulties charity previously claimed that this was unconnected with any of the rape allegations.

But this week, DNS learned that a leading crossbench peer visited Mencap chief executive Jo Williams – now no longer with the organisation – to warn her about some of the allegations concerning McGinnis, after the peer had been approached by the chair and chief executive of the charity Voice UK.

McGinnis is believed to have retired from Mencap shortly after that meeting in 2003, but the charity has always insisted that his retirement was unconnected with any rape allegations.

A Mencap spokeswoman said: “We take all allegations of abuse and our reporting responsibilities extremely seriously.

“Mr McGinnis retired in 2003 and there is nothing in our records which indicates that these allegations were known about at that time by Mencap.

“We have zero tolerance in respect to abuse and ensure that all allegations are referred to the proper authorities.”

But Mencap refused to tell DNS whether it has asked Williams about the meeting with the peer.

Following McGinnis’s first arrest in 2001, Bromley council advised its staff to “disassociate” McGinnis “with anything related to children with learning difficulties and council services”.

Croydon council later told church authorities that McGinnis “should be suspended from duties that involved him working with children”, after being informed by Bromley council about the 2005 arrest. He had at the time been working with a children’s church group.

A Bromley council spokeswoman told DNS this week: “We cannot comment on individual situations.

“However, if anyone has specific concerns about a vulnerable adult in Bromley  borough, we would always urge them to contact our adult safeguarding team.”

Meanwhile, the Department of Health (DH) has confirmed that it is investigating whether McGinnis may have helped to block tougher laws on the sexual abuse of people with learning difficulties in the 1980s.

DNS asked DH last month to look into concerns that McGinnis played a key role in dismissing calls in the mid-1980s for a review of the law on sexuality and people with learning difficulties and mental health conditions.

The year before McGinnis left his senior position at the Department of Health and Social Security (DHSS), MPs on the Commons social services committee had called for an “independent expert review of law and practice on sexuality and contraception in relation to mentally disabled people”.

But DHSS dismissed the idea, warning that “a major review might simply attract unwelcome, unhealthy and wholly disproportionate media interest without achieving any helpful consensus”.

The review never took place, and law reform that would make it easier to secure convictions for rape and indecent assault of people with learning difficulties and mental health conditions was delayed until 2003, when a new act introduced fresh offences and tougher sentences.

This week, a DH spokeswoman told DNS: “We are taking this issue very seriously and investigating whether there is any relevant material held on file.”

If it emerged that McGinnis did play a role in blocking tougher legislation, DH could find itself sucked into the scandal that has surrounded the Home Office over the whereabouts of the child abuse dossier handed by the Conservative MP Geoffrey Dickens to home secretary Leon Brittan in the early 1980s.

The DH spokeswoman added: “The Home Office is in the process of appointing a new chair for its wider inquiry.

“When the chair is appointed, the terms of reference for that inquiry will be decided and the department will co-operate fully with it.”

McGinnis was also named in June in a report into the activities of the disgraced TV presenter Jimmy Savile at Broadmoor hospital, as he was the senior civil servant in charge of mental health in DHSS in 1986, shortly before Savile was appointed to a new board to run the hospital.

McGinnis refused to speak to DNS today (Thursday), but he has always claimed that he is innocent of both rape allegations and that he is a lifelong “celibate”.

Brian McGinnis

Senior Civil Servant at Mental Health, DHSS until 1986. Special adviser to MENCAP until 2003.
Appointed Jimmy Savile to a Broadmoor Task force (Savile had a set of keys and living quarters, and authority over appointments).
Helped block greater protection for children with mental health and learning difficulties in the 1980s.

Arrested in 2001, not charged.
Arrested 2005 on rape allegations at Betts Way respite home, Bromley.

CAREERS: HOW I GOT HERE – Brian McGinnis, chairman of L'Arche UK

What was your first job?

Fresh from Cambridge History Tripos, I took the civil service exams and entered the Ministry of Pensions and National Insurance as an assistant principal. For a significant part of my time in that training grade, I worked on war pensions.

What does your current role involve? I help those who live and work in one of eight L’Arche UK residential communities for people with learning disabilities. L’Arche is a very special ‘prayer and action’ partnership of core members with learning disabilities, assistants with whom they share their lives, and volunteers.

Roughly outline your career path. I moved from principal to assistant secretary to under secretary in the Department of Social Security and then the Department of Health. Throughout, I managed to concentrate on disability, learning disability and mental health.

What training or course has most enhanced your career? Apart from training as a voluntary youth worker, I have spent much more time giving training than receiving it.

What has been your greatest career achievement? The first tranche of incapacity, disability and carers’ benefits and promoting parliamentary accountability for the implementation of the Learning Disability White Paper.

What is your advice to people starting out in the sector? Always remember that the customers pay your salary.

What is your biggest career regret? When I was working as a Mental Health Act commissioner, I was not able to persuade someone I visited that her life was worth living.

Are there any other charities you support financially or with your time?

I am on the L’Arche Lambeth committee, I work for Mencap nationally and belong to two local Mencap Societies. I also chair the Bromley Learning Disability Forum and a church training charity.


“Mind has close relations with Brian McGinnis, DHSS under-secretary in charge of mental health”

The Observer 16 Dec 1984

CAREERS: HOW I GOT HERE – Brian McGinnis, chairman of L'Arche UK

What was your first job?

Fresh from Cambridge History Tripos, I took the civil service exams and entered the Ministry of Pensions and National Insurance as an assistant principal. For a significant part of my time in that training grade, I worked on war pensions.

What does your current role involve? I help those who live and work in one of eight L’Arche UK residential communities for people with learning disabilities. L’Arche is a very special ‘prayer and action’ partnership of core members with learning disabilities, assistants with whom they share their lives, and volunteers.

Roughly outline your career path. I moved from principal to assistant secretary to under secretary in the Department of Social Security and then the Department of Health. Throughout, I managed to concentrate on disability, learning disability and mental health.

What training or course has most enhanced your career? Apart from training as a voluntary youth worker, I have spent much more time giving training than receiving it.

What has been your greatest career achievement? The first tranche of incapacity, disability and carers’ benefits and promoting parliamentary accountability for the implementation of the Learning Disability White Paper.

What is your advice to people starting out in the sector? Always remember that the customers pay your salary.

What is your biggest career regret? When I was working as a Mental Health Act commissioner, I was not able to persuade someone I visited that her life was worth living.

Are there any other charities you support financially or with your time?

I am on the L’Arche Lambeth committee, I work for Mencap nationally and belong to two local Mencap Societies. I also chair the Bromley Learning Disability Forum and a church training charity.


Entertainment – Jimmy Savile – Stoke Mandeville Hospital – Beirut Victims

Image result for Two boys, Biloul and Samir, savile stoke

Jimmy Savile and Dr Pauline Cutting pose between two victims of war-torn Beirut – Samir Ebrihim, 9, and Bilal Shebab, 8. They are being treated at the National Spinal Injuries Centre in Stoke Mandeville.

ENGLAND Jimmy Savile

Stoke Mandeville specialist, Dr Isaac Nuseibeh, sot on
Stoke the boys not being as bad as he thought: two boys in beds
Mandeville awaiting treatment: Dr Pauline Cutting, sot saying it was worthwhile bringing them to UK in first place: Jimmy
Savile at bedside, joking with boys

The Guardian London, Greater London, England

Saturday, June 6, 1987 – 2



Image result for helena kennedy and prince philip

Baroness Helena Kennedy QC Patron.

Helena Kennedy is also patron of The Peter Tatchell foundation

Peter Tatchell has been affiliated with PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange)

Image result for peter tatchell and nettie pollard

Peter Tatchell with PIE member Nettie Pollard

Pollard backed Paedophile Information Exchange and was a chief apologist for some of PIE’s most chilling demands


Image result for pie and peter tatchell

Mr Isaac Nuseibeh FRCS Patron.

Image result for david steel and cyril smith

Lord David Steel Patron (left)

David Steel put paedophile MP Cyril Smith forward for knighthood ‘even after he was told of abuse allegations’


Luke Lucas:

Luke Lucas, a trustee of both Jimmy Savile’s charitable trusts. He had known Savile for 42 years, worked for him full-time for the first seven years and described him as his ‘best friend’, although he refused point blank to talk about him. ‘I was involved in everything, believe me, and if I wanted to tell the 42 years of stories it would need to be a very thick book,’ he said. ‘Thicker than the Old Testament.’

Five weeks before he died, Savile had gone on a cruise on the Queen Elizabeth for its maiden voyage around Britain. Luke Lucas, Savile’s long-time friend, colleague and a trustee of both the charities that bore his name, accompanied him.

Savile told me that Lucas had been sleeping rough under Bournemouth pier when he walked into the Maison Royale nightclub and asked for a job, something that Lucas insists is not true.

On that morning in central London Lucas explained he began working for Savile in Bournemouth and never stopped. He was a trustee of both Savile’s charitable trusts and clearly a member of one of Savile’s teams, the small groups of people he could call on in the places he variously called home.

Image result for BOUrnemouth the Maison Royale

I decided to ask Lucas about how Savile had been handed the reins of the Maison Royale. Savile had told me that the owners had called him out of the blue and made an offer he ‘could not refuse’.

Three years later, when his consultancy deal came to an end, he claimed to have spectacularly transformed the fortunes of the failing venture. It was not exactly how Lucas remembered it, though.

Image result for John Yates was found dead in a swimming pool in 1972 the Maison Royale

Instead, he shook his head and commented what a sad story it was: the owner of the Maison Royale being found dead in his swimming pool a couple of weeks after Jimmy took over. I began to wonder whether perhaps the great secret lurking behind the impenetrable façade of Jimmy Savile was that he had been responsible for a death, or worse still, he had killed someone himself. The way he talked about the summary justice meted out to those who caused trouble in his dancehalls, of his pride in having former Sonderkommandos under his command, and now the troubling image of a body in a swimming pool all contributed to the darkening cloud of doubt in my mind.

Some time later I asked Savile about what Lucas had said. He didn’t blink: ‘He fell on his sword, poor bastard.’

He quickly changed the subject, insisting that Luke Lucas was one of the few people who listened to his advice and acted on it. ‘Now he’s a multi-millionaire and head of one of the biggest security firms in the country,’ said Savile, looking smug.

In Plain Sight: the Life and Lies of Jimmy Savile Dan Davies

After Mr Davies appeared at a book event in Edinburgh, a local newspaper – – as reported by the Echo – said he believed Savile could have been behind Mr Yates’ death.

John Yates, tragically, was found dead in a swimming pool in 1972 but the Maison Royale carried on and by the May, Cherries chairman Harold Walker was also chairman of the Maison Royale group.

And he came up with a new signing, recruiting one of Britain’s top DJs, Jimmy Savile.

His job? Entertainments and promotion consultant and he arrived at Le Cardinal in person in the May of that year.

Jimmy had a flat on Bournemouth’s East Cliff ND spent five years as consultant, pepping up the pace at the night club and featuring in some lively press stories.

Savile bought the flat on Bournemouth’s East Cliff and moved in during April 1972.

He kept the flat and visited occasionally and it was reportedly sold for charity when he died in 2011, aged 84.

He worked as a public relations consultant for the Maison Royale/Le Cardinal nightlclub complex on Glen Fern Road from 1973 until 1978.

ERASED: Norwegian Wood Bournemouth cafe scrubs disgraced Jimmy Savile’s name from its history

Savile owned the whole block when it was a nightclub complex during the 1960s and 70s.

Image result for BOUrnemouth 1972 the Maison Royale

A year after he joined, Jimmy was appalled to discover that the management had bought a nude painting of Princess Anne riding on a horse along a beach for the club foyer.

He demanded that it be taken down.

the club was attracting throngs of people and big-name stars.

The list of other celebrities appearing at the Maison Royale complex over the years reads like a 1960s and ’70s roll call.

They included Roy Castle, Rod Hull, Cliff Richard (who came to speak about his faith), The Bachelors, Vera Lynn, Helen Shapiro, Leslie Crowther, Frankie Howerd, Kathy Kirby, Billy Dainty, Joe Henderson, Stan Stennett, Matt Munro and even “Amarillo” singer Tony Christie.

Girls as young as 12 or 13 well under the minimum age of 16 had attended the Maison Royale discos and consumed alcohol, police said, adding that more than 40 officers were required to deal with the thousands of people leaving the discos.

A midnight curfew was imposed.

It was the last straw.

By August 1983 the Echo front page broke the news that Maison Royale was closing.

Its boss blamed the midnight curfew and said that, despite other clubs operating in the town centre, his complex always seemed to be the scapegoat for trouble in the town streets.

Since Jimmy Savile’s death, I have tried to get Luke Lucas to elaborate on his relationship with Savile but he has consistently refused to comment about his friend. ‘I did not discuss Jim at the height of his popularity,’ he says, ‘and nor will I now.’

In Plain Sight: the Life and Lies of Jimmy Savile by Dan Davies

Savile befriended Julie Ferguson  ^, one of the “waitresses”  (H) when she was 15 yrs old.  She was one of the few people named in his will.

She wrote the poems on Jimmy Savile’s headstone, recalled first encountering Savile when he climbed Ben Nevis to test a tent in Arctic conditions. She and a friend were invited back to his hotel.

Jimmy Savile  His last will and testament, dated July 2006, put the gross value of his estate at £4,366,178, of which around £3.6 million was earmarked for charity. It was a story that got unanimously positive coverage.

The rest was to be shared out among his family and friends. Eight people, including two couples, were to benefit from the annual interest on a £600,000 trust fund.

They included Savile’s nephew Roger Foster and niece Amanda McKenna; Sylvia Nicol, a member of his original fund-raising team at Stoke Mandeville Hospital; Mavis Price, who got to know him through Leeds General Infirmary and went on to manage the Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust; Donald Bennett, the former transport manager at Broadmoor Hospital, and his wife Josie; and

Roddy and Julie Ferguson , the latter being someone Savile had befriended in Fort William in 1969 when she was 15.


JULIE Ferguson has had a 30-year relationship with the Hebridean island of North Uist, which is where her sea captain husband Roddy was born, but she thought long and hard about actually moving to live there. Julie works for a specialist recruitment company, which she can do from anywhere in the world, and while living in Oban also ran a B&B.

How’s about that then? Sir Jimmy Savile’s friends fix him a headstone to remember

The words were written by Julie Ferguson, described as a good friend of Savile.  The headstone overlooks the scchool Harvey Proctor attended,

The man was not at all liked by folks in the Glencoe and Lochaber area. Mind you, his housekeeper, Julie Ferguson from Oban, thought him wonderful…

Savile then went on to tell me a little about the time in 1999 when Prince Charles came for lunch at the three-bedroomed cottage he’d recently bought near Glencoe.

When Savile learned the Prince of Wales was to visit the area and present a minibus to a mountain rescue team, he issued his invitation. His friend, Julie Ferguson, was asked to source local salmon, lamb and a bottle of Laphroaig whisky, which he knew the prince liked.

Special Branch arrived ahead of the prince to conduct a sweep of the building, before Jimmy Savile greeted his special guest. He was wearing a kilt of Lochaber tartan, a green military-style shirt and his Royal Marines Green Beret. Ferguson and two friends acted as waitresses, each in monogrammed aprons bearing the letters ‘H’, ‘R’ and ‘H’ respectively – a special touch Savile was especially pleased with.

They served Savile and his guest the lamb and the salmon, which, Ferguson later revealed, had been obtained from a local poacher.

From the Daily Record:
The allegations were also rubbished by a Scottish pal and confidante of Sir Jimmy. Julie Ferguson met him as a teenager in Fort William in 1969 and became friends with him. She said: “This is shocking and cowardly and they wouldn’t have dared to do it if he were still alive. I met Jimmy in a group of six teenagers and he never behaved inappropriately towards any of us. If anything untoward had gone on, the Press would have published it years ago.”

Savile was born in 1926 – so would have been 42-43 when he met her …. strange to befriend a group of teenage girls and stay in contact with (at least) one of them – “with whom he often used to stay in the Hebrides” – without her suspecting anything.

OBAN / Savile / Stanbridge Earls School, Hants/ Rua Fiola Island Exploration Centre in Oban.

MP and Hampshire County Council implicated in child sex abuse cover up investigation

a page on a Christian music radio station website, that talks about doing their first ever interviews with SaVILE, as arranged by guess who … Julie Ferguson. The images on the left link to YouTube videos of the interviews with SaVILE titled Christmas and Community, as well as one of Julie Ferguson reciting a poem she wrote about SaVILE – but sadly all three are now listed as private. Shame as the blurb on the website indicates they could have been quite interesting ……nterviews.html…60868377264167

There appear to be quite a few links on Google to videos of Julie Ferguson reciting poems about SaVILE but when I click through there’s something completely different there, and no sign of them.


In Savile’s will:

Donald Bennett, the former transport manager at Broadmoor Hospital

Truthseeker1‏ @thewakeupcall09:

True gent Sir Jimmy was ‘a real friend’ Sir Jimmy Savile with Don Bennett

A Crowthorne man who counts himself as one of Sir Jimmy Savile’s closest friends has revealed his memories of the eccentric marathon-running DJ and presenter.

Don Bennett from Napier Road was the man tasked with driving Sir Jimmy around in his various extravagant cars.

The pair met when Mr Bennett was a transport manager at Broadmoor Hospital, of which Mr Savile was a keen supporter, and became lifelong friends.

Mr Bennett, 79, knew Sir Jimmy, who died last week at the age of 84, for 44 years and joined him in many of his hundreds of charity fundraisers.

He described him as a “true gentleman” who was not like his TV persona. He said: “I drove his famous Gold Rolls Royce – in fact, we had 12 Rolls Royces in total. That wasn’t just it, we had Bentleys, Lamborginis, you name it. It was a bit of a disappointment getting back in your own car at the end of the day when Jim was around.” He said Sir Jimmy was a very caring individual who went out of his way to ensure his friends were never left out.

He said: “Jim was tremendous at making sure everyone was involved. I remember we went to Windsor Castle once to meet Prince Charles. He insisted I came in and met him too.

“He was very different when it was just you and him – he was actually quite quiet and thoughtful. But he was in his TV persona most of the time. He wasn’t all razzmatazz.”

Don both walked and cycled from Lands End to John O’Groats with the famously exercise-mad star – but stayed well away from his other ventures.

He said: “He was a wrestler for a while, I think he got hurt quite a lot doing that. And he did so many marathons.

“He always smoked cigars, but I don’t think he inhaled much – he was very fit. He was just really likeable, and always had time for you.” Don, who worked at the hospital for 43 years, is still driving and travelled up to Scarborough in Yorkshire for his friend’s funeral.

Sir Jimmy was buried in a gold-coloured, steel plated coffin.

Showing his commitment to charity to the last, he was laid to rest wearing a Help for Heroes wristband.

The MBE goes to Broadmoor Hospital transport manager Donald Bennett


Sir Jimmy Savile OBE, KCSG Started it all and is still going

Dr Roger Bodley Is one of the world’s leading Radiologists,
lecturing as far a field as Australia, New Zealand and all the
Americas. He also holds a very senior position in Diagnostic
Radiology at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.…090331_e_c.pdf

How come then that Jo Summers, Solicitor for Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust, said in a BBC story on October 23 2012

‘……..the charity’s trustees had been left “personally shocked” by the sex abuse scandal, stressing they had absolutely no idea of the alleged crimes now coming to light. They knew Jimmy for many years, volunteered to be his charity trustees. They can’t recognise the person they are reading about in the papers,”

Which trustee was it, I wonder?


Dr Bodley qualified from Oxford in 1973 and shortly after came to Burnie as an RMO where he worked with Donough O’Brien, John Kille, Don McTaggart and Graham Standen amongst others.

He and his wife (Dr Palmer), joined the Wynyard GP practice as trainees and then associates.

It was a discussion with radiologist Paul Huang about a patient led to a curiosity about interventional radiology and his subsequent return to Radiology training in Oxford in 1981. For 25 years until 2009, he was the senior radiologist at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, an acute hospital for 500,000 population as well as the home of The National Spinal Injuries Centre.

His special interests include spinal and interventional radiology.

Northern Tasmania


A younger Salmon had focussed on a career in medicine, first coming to Stoke Mandeville Hospital, the site of many of the allegations made against him, in 1961, for a paediatric secondment, lasting six months. His medical career had then taken him to hospitals in Middlesex, London, and Ibadan, Nigeria, before he had taken up a senior registrar position in Lincoln, Lincolnshire. Salmon worked as a locum consultant in Maidestone, Gravesend and Dartford, before being headhunted for a top position in developmental medicine in Oxford.


In 1969 the doctor, now specialising in children’s growth disorders and neurological problems, such as migraines, returned to Stoke Mandeville where serial pervert Savile targeted patients for sex attacks during his time as a fundraiser there.

Salmon’s son had appeared on Savile’s Jim’ll Fix it programme.

One of his patients and alleged victims recalled seeing a picture from Jim’ll Fix It hanging on Salmon’s consulting room wall. The black and white photograph, shown to the jury, showed a young boy holding a microphone from when Salmon’s eldest son Martin had appeared on the popular television show alongside Irish horse racing commentator Peter O’Sullivan.

My eldest son contacted the BBC and said he would like to go on Jim’ll Fix It,” Salmon explained. “Martin was a bit of a celebrity when he appeared on it.” Salmon’s son, the eldest of two, changed his surname, moved out of the family home and cut ties with his father following his previous conviction for child sex assaults. In 1969 Salmon had set up the developmental assessment unit at the Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital, only the fourth such unit in the country at the time. He was also instrumental in the building of a special care baby unit at the hospital and helped to raise between £50,000 and £70,000 for much needed equipment for the hospital’s paediatric unit.

Salmon worked at Stoke Mandeville until the late 1980s, when he was convicted for sexually abusing youngsters and subsequently jailed in 1990.

Before this, his special interest and work in the field of migraine led to him being appointed as a consultant paediatrician of the British Migraine Association in London, and he was the first doctor in the country to run trials of a pioneering preventative medicine.

Salmon authored 38 scientific papers and a text book used by doctors, chaired the World Paediatric Congress held in 1986 and served on a number of professional bodies, including the Royal College of Physicians.

Shortly before his first arrest, Salmon was hailed by Princess Diana for taking 300 ill and disabled children to Disney World in Florida.


He was asked to join the inaugural Dreamflight charity trip, co-founded by former British Airways cabin crew member Patricia Pearce in 1987, as chief medical officer. The former doctor said he was phoned by British Airways and asked to pick 300 ‘very sick and handicapped’ children who would benefit from the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Princess Diana waved the flight off from Heathrow Airport, with 298 young children aboard, including one of the girls who later claimed Salmon indecently touched her during a medical appointment. The former doctor said she had been suffering from depression after a bout of glandular fever and he thought the trip would lift her spirits.

“He arranged a special trip to Disney World. It was the best five days of my life, I will never forget it.” The charity has since taken more than 5,000 children abroad on its holidays.

On release from prison, Salmon lived at Woodgreen in the New Forest area of Hampshire with his wife Susie, pursuing his interests in butterflies and photography. More recently the couple set up home in Park Lane, Salisbury, before he was once more charged with sexually abusing youngsters. His wife has stood by him, supporting him each day in court during his five-week trial.


Friends of Dr Michael Salmon:


Friends of Dr Salmon: Peter Edwards, Tudor Morgan-Jones, Eric Classey, David Elliston Allen, Karl Bailey, David Carter, Michael Chalmers-Hunt, June Chatfield, Allan Davies, Martin Evans, Joe Firmin, Mike Fitton, Robin Ford, Brian Gardiner, Robert and Rosemary Goodden, John Gulliver, Pat Hall, Tony Harman, Alec Harmer, Jacques Hecq, Martin Honey, Tony Irwin, John Ounstead, Christopher Palmer, Elizabeth Platts, Claude Rivers, Dorothy Sharp, Jonathan Spencer, Christine Taylor, Andrew Wakeham-Dawson, Terry Wickett and Roy Vickery, Viscountess Bolingbroke (Valezina Frohawk), Lionel Higgens, Humphrey Mackworth-Praed, Ernest Neal and John Purefoy, Annette Hartley



Dreamflight 1987 – 1:45 on the video.


Salmon was congratulated by Princess Diana for his work on a Dreamflight charity trip, which took 300 ill children to Disney World in Florida.

Dreamflight is a registered UK charity that changes young lives through taking seriously ill and disabled children, without their parents, on the holiday of a lifetime to Orlando, Florida. The first Dreamflight trip was in November 1987

Dreamflight was co-founded in 1986 by Patricia Pearce and Derek Pereira, both of whom worked for British Airways. Patricia had previously helped to organise a BA project, Skyride, which raised money to take &underprivileged children on a one-hour ‘Christmas party’ flight. Patricia and Derek decided to go a step further and raise money to take deserving children to Walt Disney World, and Dreamflight was born.



Pereira had just helped organise a one-hour flight to give children the chance to experience a plane trip and thought that he could do something much more exciting.

At a party for the participants he announced that he wanted to take a plane of children to Florida the following year.

The following morning he received offers of support, which led to the start of a mission that gives hundreds of children the chance to fly to Florida, US, and visit Disneyworld, Seaworld, and other places every year.

Determined to make Dreamflight a reality, Mr Pereira approached the then airline chief medical officer who agreed to pass the information on to the BA chairman Sir Colin Marshall, who turned down the idea.

Mr Pereira promised to do the flight with no cost to the airline by raising money.

Sir Colin gave him the go-ahead but there were still major obstacles to overcome, such as finding money for the flight’s tariff of $100,000 (BD37,800).

However, a British Post Office party brought in $2,000 (BD756), followed by a donation of $10,000 (BD3,780) from an investment company and that was the start.

Children chosen for the trip were sick, but they had to be fit enough to travel.

Although Dreamflight was supposed to be a one-off event there was so much support for it that it continued on an annual basis and was registered as a charity, with Mr Pereira as a trustee.


Is this jumbo jet Christmas party with Jimmy Savile – the BA project Skyride – the inspiration for Dreamflight??


Children’s Christmas Party on Board a Jumbo Jet – Jimmy Savile with Partygoers  1985


“The thing about me is I get things done and I work deep cover,” Sir Jimmy, 81, tells Esquire. “I’ve known the Royal Family for a million years.”

He was first introduced to the Royal Family, he reveals, by Lord Mountbatten.


“…..was enough to seal his entry into the establishment’s innermost circles”

Former psychiatric nurse Richard Harrison maintains his colleagues were deeply suspicious of Savile because ‘paedophiles gravitated towards him’.

In Plain Sight, The life and Lies of Jimmy Savile

Truthseeker1‏ @thewakeupcall09;

Lord Louis Mountbatten former chauffeur Norman Nield exposed him

Meanwhile, in New Zealand, there have been such newspaper headlines as, “‘Uncle Dickie’ the Sex Pervert” (N.Z. Truth, Sept.  8, 1987), since Mountbatten’s former chauffeur, Norman Nield, started revealing details of the late Lord Mountbatten’s alleged sexual exploitation of boys.

Paedophile Lord Louis Mountbatten

Image result for mountbatten on boat

Edward Prince of Wales and his cousin Lord Louis Mountbatten “relax” in a canvas swimming pool on board H. M. S. Renown during their 1920 Empire Tour.

Lord Louis was a great grandson of Queen Victoria and the uncle of Prince Philip (consort of Queen Elizabeth II). Mountbatten was also a promiscuous bisexual who was famously rumored to have had an affair with Edward VIII (who was Prince of Wales at the time) when he accompanied him on his Empire tours (see photo above).


Related image

Image result for mountbatten and queen elizabeth

The Queen. Like any human being, she is subject to the influence of those around her. While he lived, Lord Mountbatten was a persuasive counsellor, and he formulated the plan for Prince Charles’s unusually rigorous education.


Image result for savile prince charles stoke mandeville

Jimmy Savile and Prince Philip at Stoke Mandeville

Image result for savile and prince philip for sale

He greeted Prince Philip with his familiar, ‘Hello, boss’ at a Variety Club of Great Britain luncheon…

‘It could be misconstrued if I said he was a great friend,’ Savile confessed,

 “…there is no doubt that we have a great rapport.”

 In Plain Sight: the Life and Lies of Jimmy Savile by Dan Davies
Image result for savile prince charles stoke mandeville
Jimmy Savile, Princess Diana and Prince Charles at Stoke Mandeville
Prince Charles and Dr Guttman of Stoke Mandeville
August 02, 1969
Queen Elizabeth at Stoke Mandeville Hospital

 Stoke Mandeville Hospital Our history

The National Spinal Injuries Centre (NSIC) is the oldest, and one of the largest  spinal injuries centres in the world. It was founded by neurologist Professor Sir Ludwig Guttmann at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, in 1944 to treat servicemen who had sustained spinal cord injuries in World War II.

Ludwig Guttmann

Before this, the majority of people with spinal cord injury died from complications within a year of injury. In 1948, Professor Guttmann began using sport as a vital ingredient in rehabilitation programmes and on 29 July organised a competition for 16 paralysed men and women to coincide with the opening ceremony of the 1948 Olympic Games in London.

The Stoke Mandeville Games for wheelchair athletes began and was widely seen as the moment that the Paralympic movement was born.

Professor Guttman received a knighthood in recognition of his contribution to the Paralympics and the ground-breaking techniques in rehabilitation he introduced, and staff continue Dr Guttmann’s revolutionary work to this day.

The experience gained in treating and preventing complications, together with an increase in injuries caused by road traffic accidents, led to a rapid expansion of the centre from an initial 26 beds to 190 beds in the main part of the hospital.

Jimmy opening unit

In 1980, severe weather conditions caused structural damage to some of the wards at Stoke Mandeville which housed the centre. With the area health authority unable to meet the estimated repair bill, the centre’s future looked in doubt. The implications would have been inconceivable – patients faced the prospect of receiving care in non-specialist hospitals without the welath of expertise and knowledge built up at the NSIC over the years.

Sir Jimmy Savile, at this time working as a volunteer porter at the hospital, set about organising an ambitious fundraising campaign to create a purpose built spinal cord injuries centre. Within three years of the launch, and with the generosity of the public behind him, Sir Jimmy had raised an incredible £10m. The new facilities opened in 1983, and Sir Jimmy, now the NSIC’s patron, continues to take an active interest in the centre.


Ludwig Guttmann and Hans Frankel with Haile Selassie: late 1960s. Courtesy: Dr Hans Frankel
Ludwig Guttmann and Hans Frankel with Haile Selassie: late 1960s. Courtesy: Dr Hans Frankel

The Queen and Ludwig Guttmann in the 1960s

Guttmann Lecturer 2012

Dr Hans Frankel, OBE. Dr Frankel worked at the National Spinal Injuries Centre (NSIC) at Stoke Mandeville Hospital from 1957-2002 





Janet Cope – Stoke Mandeville

Janet Cope had worked at Stoke Mandeville Hospital since she was fifteen.

In Plain Sight: the Life and Lies of Jimmy Savile Dan Davies

Image result for savile and cope

Jimmy Savile and Janet Cope

Image result for savile and cope


Image result for savile and cope

Loyal PA says ‘victims are jumping on the band-wagon for money’

  • Janet Cope met Savile while doing charity work at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in 1971, where it is alleged predatory paedophile abused underage children
  • ‘I just think they are jumping on the bandwagon. I think they know what money is’, says Mrs Cope, 70, who denies accusations against the former DJ

Family holiday: The young boy pictured posing next to Jimmy Savile's Rolls-Royce claims he was later abused by the TV star

One patient claimed he was fondled in Savile’s Rolls-Royce at a Stoke Mandeville fundraiser when he was just nine




Savile was in the Southsea, Hants area for a charity event in aid of disabled sports people when he allegedly preyed on the child in 1972.

He was aged about nine at the time and his face has been blurred as he cannot be identified for legal reasons.

Solicitor Alan Collins specialises in child abuse cases for Pannone Solicitors, the legal firm representing the man.

Mr Collins said: ‘We want to know more about what this event in Southsea was. The alleged victim claims Savile abused him on Southsea common, in Hampshire

The victim remembers it being a charity event for disabled sports people.

‘We want to know specifically if Savile was the guest of honour and who was involved in arranging his visit.

John Gibbin was nine when his parents took him to a charity sports event at Southsea, Hants, in aid of Stoke Mandeville hospital.








Image result for Janet Cope - Stoke Mandeville

Jimmy Savile and Janet Cope Woodlands Special School

Sir Jimmy Savile's grave overlooks the Graham School, which teaches both sexes between the ages of 11 and 16

Jimmy Savile’s grave overlooked this school.  Harvey Proctor attended the school when it was called Scarborough High School for Boys


  • Grave overlooks Woodlands Special School, which he visited many times
  • Locals say his dying wish may have been to face the school, not the sea at Scarborough as first thought


Image result for Janet Cope - Stoke Mandeville

Image result for savile haut de la garenne
Jimmy Savile at Haut de la Garenne Jersey

 PRINCE IN SAVILE COVER-UP Daily Star Sunday 12-05-13, p6

PRINCE IN SAVILE COVER-UP Daily Star Sunday 12-05-13, p7

British Airways Area manager Simon Taylor, makes you wonder, if Jim Fixed It for him.

  British Airways and paedophiles:

Image result for pilot Bartle Frere

Simon Wood and Bartle Frere


Nyumbani HIV orphanages, Jeremy Hunt, British Airways and Simon Wood


Simon Wood ‘Child abuser’ pilot gave talks to primary pupils Kilburn Times 12-09-13, p15


Kidzone Kenya/ Nyumbani/Simon Wood Timeline


Kidzone is a charity consisting of an orphanage, and a school sponsor program. It is managed by the Tulia Kidzone Centre at the Mary Happy School in Nairobi. This centre is a Kenyan government registered children’s institute and is situated next to the Mathare slum, one of the biggest city slums in Nairobi.

The program is supported in the UK by Saint Mary’s Catholic Church in Poole, Dorset. They are also associated with the Hope for Children UK registered charity (reg No.1041258) and are friends with the previously supported Nyumbani AIDS orphanage.


I promise we’ll visit our Aids orphanage children next time




Cockpit fight: Bill Hagan tackled a crazed student trying to crash a BA flight


Kenyan Paul Mukony, Mukonyi, who is studying tourism at university in Lyon, felt completely crowded and he said people in front and behind were threatening him. He ran toward the front of the airplane believing people were in hot pursuit of him.

“All he remembers is somebody hit him on the back and somebody put a finger in his eye. When he came to, he was so frightened,” said Dr. Dan Gikonyo, another consulting physician.

“To him, he was the one who was in danger.”

Since November, Mukonyi believed he was being followed and spied on in France, where he’s studied tourism since September 1999.

Mukonyi kept a diary of his fears, and on three occasions reported his concerns to French police. But cops said they couldn’t help because there was no proof he was being followed.

As his fears increased, he felt it was imperative he escape to Kenya, the doctors said.

The incident led directly to the locking of aircraft cockpit doors in UK Airlines in late 2001. Even if the awful events of September 11th had not occurred, UK Airlines would have a locked door policy, as a result of what happened on the BA2069 flight.

It is perhaps the most intriguing incident because in spite of the above, there was no CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) enquiry- merely a review of the flight, commenced months after the event, and which was not made public.

Captain William Hagan and First Officers Phil Watson and Richard Webb were awarded a Polaris Award in 2001. Furthermore Hagan was given the Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation (RADAR) People of the Year award.

Among those on board were Lady Annabel Goldsmith, widow of the businessman Sir James, her daughter Jemima Khan and her son Benjamin

Also aboard –  Bryan Ferry (had a friendship with Princess Margaret.)

and William Hagan’s wife Charmaine – who was a stewardess. In her career she has looked after passengers footballer George, Prince Andrew and Princess Anne

Bryan Ferry lifestyle includes shooting with the Earl of Arundel, attending Goodwood and, years back, hanging around with Princess Margaret on Mustique.

Aftermath of incident filmed by Bryan Ferry’s son emerges 12 years after the incident

Guardian reporter Liz Stuart who was on board Flight BA2069




Groucho Club and Child Sexual Abuse


Links have been made between Charles Napier of the Paedophile Information Exchange and the Groucho Club; Jeremy Hunt Health Secretary and sugar daddy JHJ Lewis of  Groucho Club; church premises nearby being used by men associated with the Groucho club to make child porn films ; and surveillance cameras being used in the club for improper purposes [2].

A report was issued by the Police absolving the Groucho Club and the Police from any wrongdoing. This report was the subject of an IPCC investigation  which upheld that the report was inaccurate and that no action would be take against the officer concerned because he was ill and would be retiring soon. [8]


Prolific abuser: Simon Wood at a fundraising event in a BA uniforml



Further allegations about what British Airways knew about the alleged crimes of pilot Simon Wood surface in BBC report

20 March 2015

The law firm acting on behalf of alleged child abuse victims of a British Airways pilot, Simon Wood, has confirmed that they are looking into reports that the airline had been told twice about concerns about his behaviour in Kenya.

According to the BBC, Mike Johnson, another BA pilot who was on the British board of Nairobi-based charity, Nyumbani, informed two senior managers at BA in 2004 that Wood had been asked to leave the charity for taking inappropriate images of children.

In 2008 the mother of an 11-year-old girl, who claimed she had been raped at his hotel, sent an email to a member of BA staff involved in charity work in Kenya.

The email reads: “Parents are complaining…that Mr Simon is using their daughters to satisfy his sexual desires”. “…whenever Mr Simon is in Nairobi he takes them to the hotel where he stays”.

However BA appeared to take no action against Wood, allowing him to allegedly abuse children in several African countries.

First Officer Simon Wood, from Hertfordshire, committed suicide in 2013 after he was charged with indecent assault and making and possessing indecent photographs of a child.

It is alleged that Wood molested over 30 children during stopovers in Kenya and Uganda between 2001 and 2013 whilst flying for British Airways.

Nichola Marshall, head of the international abuse team at Leigh Day, who is acting for 35 alleged victims, claims that BA had a duty of care toward the children allegedly abused in the African countries he visited whilst flying for the airline.

She added that these latest allegations could strengthen the legal case against BA.

The alleged victims are currently aged between 6 and 24 years of age, and were allegedly abused in African schools and orphanages over a number of years by Wood.

The allegations range from molestation to rape. Wood was struck by a train near Potters Bar station on August 18 2013. An inquest into his death in July 2014 recorded a verdict of suicide at Hertfordshire Coroner’s Court in July 2014.

Nichola Marshall from the international claims team at Leigh Day said: “We allege that British Airways had a duty of care toward these children in the schools and orphanages, that Wood was involved in through the airline’s charitable work, and through his respected position as a British Airways pilot.

“We are looking into the allegations that BA were told on two occasions that one of their pilots could be a danger to children but continued to allow and even encourage him to volunteer in projects they supported, even giving him awards for his charity work.

“If correct, these reports strengthen our case against British Airways and we want them to tell us exactly what they knew and when they were aware of the activities of Mr Wood and what they did about it.”

Bharti Patel, CEO of ECPAT UK, a child rights charity campaigning for the rights of children everywhere to be protected from abuse by British nationals travelling or residing abroad, today said the apparent lack of action by BA looked like a serious breach.

She commented “If British Airways were informed of Simon Wood’s alleged abuse of children, they had a duty to act with due diligence and intervene to remove Simon Wood from his role and investigate the complaints of abuse against him.

“Any error of judgement in this due diligence process is a serious breach when it comes to protection of children. Child abuse is a serious crime and a violation of children’s rights. It can leave children traumatised for long periods.

“Access to remedy and appropriate compensation is essential to help children begin the process of recovery and rehabilitation.”

BA said it cannot comment while legal proceedings continue, but has released a statement. “We were shocked and horrified to hear the allegations against Simon Wood and our sympathies are with the victims. “These allegations have been raised in the context of litigation which will be robustly defended.”


Paedophile pilot’s victims to get cash payouts from British Airways:

  • British Airways agreed to pay damages to 38 victims of paedophile pilot 
  • First Officer Simon Wood, 54, molested young girls during overseas trips 
  • Mail revealed he groomed victims with BA-branded toys, colouring books
  • Wood was eventually charged with separate child sex offences in the UK

Bartle Frere, ex-BA pilot, jailed for child sex abuse

  • 17 June 2015

A paedophile who carried out child sex crimes during stopovers while working as a British Airways pilot has been jailed for 12 years and six months.

Bartle Frere, of Shipton Gorge, Dorset, was convicted of 16 sex offences, including sexual assault, following a retrial at Bournemouth Crown Court.

Frere was found guilty of arranging the sexual abuse of a child in India at an earlier trial in October 2014.

He was arrested as he got off a flight at Heathrow Airport in November 2013.

A total of 25 charges against the 51-year-old, which also included making indecent images, dated back to 2001.

DVDs and Viagra

The Crown sought a retrial on 16 counts the jury at his first trial failed to reach verdicts on.

During the retrial, the court heard police had searched Frere’s home, near Bridport, the day before his arrest and seized DVDs of underage boys wrestling naked, as well as boy’s underwear and Viagra.

The jury also heard details of Frere’s stopovers in India while he was working for BA.

He befriended youngsters in one fishing village near Chennai, handing out gifts including mobile phones.

The court was also told Frere searched the internet on his phone to find out “where to pick up underage boys in Bangkok”.

‘Terrible crimes’

Frere, who no longer works for BA, told the court he liked to help boys purely to encourage them and see them develop.

After sentencing, Det Sgt Dave Wise, of Dorset Police’s child abuse investigations team, described Frere’s actions as “terrible crimes”.

“Frere targeted vulnerable children to exploit them for his own purpose and we hope that the lengthy sentence brings some closure to them and goes some way to repairing the harm he has caused to his victims and their families.”

He also thanked British Airways for its co-operation.

A spokesman for BA said the firm “took the allegations very seriously and co-operated with the police throughout their investigation”.

Wessex Crown Prosecution Service thanked those who gave evidence.

“Their courage and determination has contributed greatly to the successful prosecution of someone who poses a very significant risk to young boys.”

An official video made by Frere for a leading prep school in the South-East is accompanied by the BA theme tune – Sous le Dome Epais (Flower Duet).

Frere, who was educated at £10,830 a term Westminster School, whose alumni include Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, was arrested

Frere, whose unusual Christian name is a diminutive of Bartholomew, is from a family with an impressive pedigree and history which saw noticeable service in the empire in war and peace.

He is directly related to Sir Henry Bartle Edward Frere (1815 – 1884) who was created a Baronet in 1876 after a long and distinguished career in the Indian Civil Service.

In 1872 he had negotiated the abolition of the slave trade with the Sultan of Zanzibar. In 1877 he was appointed to be the Governor of the Cape Province, South Africa to implement the policy of confederation.

However, his approach in refusing to speak to the native chiefs provoked a war with the Zulu tribes, the first battle of which in 1879 ended in a disastrous defeat for the British army.

Despite eventually winning the trust of the Boer element of the proposed confederation he was recalled to London in 1880 and censured for reckless conduct.

Another wealthy ancestor, George Frere (1774-1854), inherited Twyford House, a Queen Anne mansion in Thorley, near Bishop’s Stortford, in Herts, and was founder and president of the Law Society.

Frere’s sister Sarah Frere, 51, refused to comment at her home in Sheringham, Norfolk.

She said: ‘I am not saying anything. If anything has happened, it will cause immense distress and I am not saying any more.’

The Rotarian – September 1988
The Dreamflight
Three hundred terminally ill children experienced the trip of a lifetime last year, thanks to British Airways and the Rotary Club of London, England. Designated “Dreamflight,” the trip was highlighted by a visit to mega-amusement parks Disney World and SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida, U.S.A. While British Airways provided the air transportation, the London club paid the Florida hotel accommodations for all participants, including 70 medical personnel. For the children, it was perhaps a last dream, but one come true.

Bruce Bailey Travelling Fellowship
This Fellowship in Coimbatore, India was established in memory of Mr Bruce Bailey, Plastic Surgeon at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Aylesbury, in recognition of the training that Mr Bailey provided for many Indian plastic surgeons, including Dr S Raja Sabapathy at the Ganga Hospital in Coimbatore. The Ganga Hospital website is hereThe fellowship is for a period of two months, probably best taken at the end of the year in November and December. The Fellowship is designed for surgeons in the middle or late part of their training and is undertaken in a private hospital with orthopaedic, plastic surgical and hand teams, with a large volume of work related to trauma. The unit also does a lot of work on soft tissue cover for lower limb injuries.Included in the fellowship is a one-week laboratory microsurgery course at the hospital and a trip to the Indian Society for Surgery of the Hand meeting or to attend the annual meeting of the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India. The salary for the duration of the fellowship is £750.00 to include food and accommodation…

 Bruce Bailey Fellowship – hospitals

Bruce Bailey Fellow – 2005
Dr Patrick Gillespie MA, BM BCh, FRCS (Plast)
Specialist Registrar
Plastic Surgery Dept of Plastic Surgery
Addenbrookes Hospital
Cambridge, CB2 2QQ
United Kingdom

^^ that’s where convicted paedophile Dr Myles Bradbury abused children

Bradbury, who used a “spy pen” to secretly capture pictures of his partially-clothed victims, was arrested in December 2013. He admitted 25 offences dating between 2009 and 2013

and RVI

Bruce Bailey Fellow – 2009
Mr Adam Blackburn,
Specialist Registrar in Plastic Surgery,
Royal Victoria Hospital,
Newcastle Open Tyne,
United Kingdom

RVI -where Savile visited and where convicted paedophile Colin Gregg set up and ran Prince Andrew’s children charity – The Yellow Brick Road Fund later name The Children’s Foundation.

More of Savile’s Doctor and Hospital Links

2008: Sir Jimmy Savile takes part in the Vision Uk 5k run with help of guide Mavis Price.
 Mavis Price was a long-standing friend of Sir Jimmy’s over four decades and became involved with his charitable work when Sir Jimmy came to work as a voluntary porter at Leeds General Infirmary in the 70s.
Mavis Price from Leeds General Infirmary, the wife of the consultant cardiologist who first diagnosed Jimmy Savile’s heart problems, subsequently took over the day-to-day administration of his life.


Mavis’ ex-husband – 

David John Everard Price

(1935 – 2014)

was a consultant neurosurgeon at the General Infirmary at Leeds and also at Pinderfields Hospital, Wakefield.

He was a founder trustee of Headway (the National Head Injuries Association) and was a member of the management committee for almost 20 years. He established Second Chance, a local head injury support group affiliated to Headway, in Wakefield

He was dedicated to his work and as such his early marriages initially to Patience (‘Bunty’) in 1964 and Mavis in 1975 did not survive. He married Janis in 1989. He had two sons, Toby from his first marriage and Jolyon from his third



Savile’s doctor friends:

Campaign now under way for tribute to city’s favourite son

Image result for Professor Alistair Hall, a cardiologistImage result for Professor Alistair Hall, a cardiologist

Savile’s death on the morning of October 29, 2011, was certified by Prof Alistair Hall, his cardiologist, who had been called to his flat by the concerned caretaker and family members.

Professor Alistair Hall, the award-winning Leeds cardiologist and Jimmy’s close friend, was one of the last to see Jimmy alive. He had called at his flat on the Friday night before he died and unsuccessfully tried to persuade him to go into hospital. Jimmy had said that he wanted to die at home in his own bed. He seemed to know the end was nigh.

Bellamy, Alison (2012-07-01). Hows About That Then? – The authorised biography of Sir Jimmy Savile Great Northern Books.

 Alistair Hall@alistair5hall

Professor of Cardiovascular Epidemiology & Consultant in Cardiology. Father of two outstanding human beings who are Junior Doctors. Mentor.

Leeds UK

Professor Alistair Hall, senior consultant cardiologist at Leeds General Infirmary and St James’s Hospital, said: “I am 100 per cent in agreement that the wonderful Sir Jimmy should be made Freeman of the City. “Despite his fame he still volunteers at the hospital and the list of good work and fundraising he has done is too long to list. “He has supported a lot of cardiology research and helped with The Family Heart Study and toured on the big red bus across the UK. He has helped us to fundraise to buy a special scanner and only recently donated a large amount of money to fund scholarships for junior doctors.” The senior cardiologist, who carried out Sir Jimmy’s quadruple heart bypass operation a decade ago, said the broadcaster and sportsman was an amazing person who fully deserved to be honoured publically. Charities Sir Jimmy has raised more than 40m during his lifetime for various charities, including the Leeds Hospitals. He has run 217 marathons and countless fun runs. Catholic Church bosses in Leeds also backed calls for Sir Jimmy to be honoured. A spokesman for the Diocese of Ripon and Leeds, said: “Over the years Sir Jimmy has done lots of good work for the church. As long as the 1960s while busy being famous, he used to help with collections at the former Sacred Heart church. Mavis Price, Sir Jimmy’s friend and one of his helpers, said: “It is high time Jimmy was made a Freeman. I have written to the council before about it. He does so much.”


Jimmy Savile with friends, Mavis Price and (Professor Mohan Sivananthan?) at Barden Tower

Running over three pages of A4, the last will and testament of Sir James Wilson Vincent Savile lists 18 individuals he wanted remembered.

They include lifelong friends such as 85-year-old Joseph Barker, whom he met at St Anne’s primary school in Leeds, and Professor Mohan Sivananthan, a hospital cardiologist, whom he met through his charitable works.

Also there is Sue Hymns

Proud friend: Professor Mohan Sivananthan


Professor Mohan Sivananthan, Leeds Teaching Hospitals consultant cardiologist who will lead the work to set up the new institute and was a friend of Sir Jimmy’s, said: ‘I feel very privileged to have got to know Sir Jimmy over the years and valued his friendship and support extremely highly.

‘I was absolutely delighted to hear that Sir Jimmy decided to remember us in his will

Claims: Former policeman Mick Starkey, left, was apparently close to Jimmy Savile and frequently visited his home
Claims: Former policeman Mick Starkey, left, was apparently close to Jimmy Savile and frequently visited his home

Close: Starkey drove the DJ’s silver Rolls-Royce and was apparently known as his ‘bodyguard’

Did Jimmy Savile fix his interrogation?

Jimmy Savile’s close links with police are coming to light

During the interview, Savile, by then aged 82, stressed his social connections with senior officers in his hometown of Leeds, and indicated that he could call in “favours” from them.

There is some evidence that these were not the mere ramblings of an ageing celebrity. The 44-page report – by Surrey Police into its own failed investigation into sexual abuse at a children’s home in Staines – details how an unnamed inspector in West Yorkshire Police had telephoned Surrey on Savile’s behalf to arrange the interview.

It was a brazen breach of police protocol. Here was a suspected sex offender getting a senior officer to broker a meeting with detectives. It enabled Savile to dictate the terms of his interrogation. The meeting took place not at a police station, but in the altogether cosier surroundings of his home-from-home at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghamshire, where he also abused patients.



Police cover up Savile’s claims to be friends with Queen’s cousin: Paedophile ‘visited school at centre of abuse allegations with Princess Alexandra’

  • Paedophile mentioned first trip to school at centre of abuse claims
  • He said he was with Princess Alexandra, a patron of the school
  • Made claims during police interview, the transcription of which was edited
  • Information was removed by Surrey Police but has now been unveiled
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“…the reaffirmation that the power behind the throne is in fact Jimmy Savile…Monarchy in crisis?  Jim’ll Fix It”

The Guardian

London, Greater London, England

Thursday, August 27, 1992 – 35

Savile and Leeds General Infirmary LGI
Savile with fellow hospital porter Joe Tyler


Mavis, who is a retired manager of the post-graduate centre at LGI, also acted as his ‘chauffeur’, driving the Jim’ll Fix It star around in his white Bentley Continental convertible, and his £150,000 Rolls Royce Corniche.

She also managed the Sir Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust and helped with his administration and countless requests for public appearances and donations.

Mavis, of Leeds, said: “Jimmy was a big and important part of my life. I will always treasure many happy memories of fun times we had while I was in his company.”

neurosurgeon jake timothy and savile.GIF

Jake Timothy, consultant neurosurgeon, , said: “My first meeting with Jimmy Savile was in 1975, I used to ride my bicycle up Princess Avenue near his home and Jimmy was often riding his cycle too. At that time it was Top of the Pops and ‘Clunk-click every trip’ but he was always polite despite his celebrity status. “I didn’t really get to meet him until after my training in London and returning back to Leeds, when Mavis Price introduced me to him again as we were planning to have some surgeons come to LGI to learn about spinal surgery.

“He helped us with OPTIN (Overseas Partnering Training Initiative) currently run by Professor Anne Chamberlain, he was extremely active with LURE (Leeds Undergraduate Research Enterprise) run by Prof Shervanthi Homer-Vanniasinkam, where he donated a significant amount of money to have medical students mentored by consultant clinicians.

“Jim was very fond of Crayke, our little village near Easingwold. Jim lived at Crayke Castle for a while in his youth whilst working as a ‘Bevin Boy’ in the surrounding area

“He used to arrive in one of his Rolls Royce’s, with his friend Mavis Price acting as driver, and would spend several hours looking round the show, handing out trophies to the various winners.




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Bruce Bailey Fellowship

Mr. Bruce Bailey, Retired Senior Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, United Kingdom passed away in April 2001. He was responsible for training many Plastic Surgeons from India including Dr S Raja Sabapathy. He opened the windows of opportunities for many young surgeons from our country. In the memory of this great man “Bruce Bailey Traveling Fellowship” was set up by Ganga Hospital. Bruce visited India many times and loved it. It is felt that setting up a Fellowship to enable a British Trainee visit our unit for a period of 6 to 8 weeks is a good way to keep the memory of the great man alive. It surely will build bridges between the two countries to mutual advantage. The Fellowship is recognized and announced in the newsletters of the British Association of Plastic Surgeons and the British Society for Surgery of the Hand for the information of the interested candidates.

In Arduis Fidelis: Centenary History of the Royal Army Medical Corps, 1898-1998
John S. G. Blair

From Inside the Book

The nothingness of El Balla and the Hospital at Ismaelia (1sh) came next – “The O.C. Surgical Div. never left his office, but he was well served by his juniorsone of them was Bruce Bailey, later the plastic surgeon whose team undertook the re-sewing of the severed arm, and whom Lord Tebbit praised for his help after the Brighton Conference bomb.



The Canberra Times – Sunday 12 January 1986
Tebbitt surgery
LONDON, Saturday (PA). — Tory Party chairman Norman Tebbit is in the plastic surgery unit at Stoke Mandeville hospital for a “patching-up” job on scars he bears from the IRA bombing of the hotel housing delegates to the 1984 Conservative Party conference in Brighton.
The Tebbits were visited by the Duke of Edinburgh yesterday. The Duke’s host for the visit, TV personality Jimmy Savile



Dr Michael Salmon’s distinguished brother Dr Paul Raymond Salmondr-michael-salmons-brother-paul
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Prince Andrew in an episode of Jim’ll Fix It when an eight-year-old girl asked to visit a warship, and Princess Anne also appearing on the show 

2006 Jimmy Savile visits Otley Sailing Club with Princess Anne
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TAKING to the water will be plain sailing for disabled youngsters after they received one of Yorkshire’s first specially-adapted dinghies. Sir Jimmy Savile OBE was among the guests of honour at the launch of Holly May, which is the latest addition to the fleet at Otley Sailing Club. The dinghy, paid for with two charity grants, will give wheelchair-bound visitors the freedom to sail alone for the very first time. Disabled sailor Emma Guite, 23, enjoyed the first sail in the state-of-the-art dinghy after choosing the name Holly May in a competition. Watching the historic launch, Sir Jimmy said: “Otley Sailing Club is one of those organisations, not only in Britain but in the world, that’s fantastic.

The dinghy, given to the club’s Sailfree project, was bought with grants from LHF Healthplan and 96.3 Radio Aire and Magic 828’s charity Cash for Kids, which benefits from the YEP’s Toy Appeal.

The Scarborough/Leeds connection

Savile had a very close association with Leeds for all of his life and was associated with the following places in West Yorkshire, at one time or another:

  • His Flat at Roundhay Park.
  • The Leeds General Infirmary where he worked as a voluntary porter from 1966 onwards and abused the patients. He met his close friend Alan Franey who was a member of the management team there and Mr Franey subsequently became a member of the management team at Broadmoor, on Savile’s recommendation.
  • St James Teaching Hospital, where he abused patients
  • Wheatfield Hospice, where he abused  patients
  • Dewsbury Hospital, where he abused  patients
  • High Royds Psychiatric Hospital, where he abused patients
  • The Otley Sailing Club, Scout Group and Cycling Club, as well as other locations there.  He was very closely associated with Otley since running dances there in 1943 and regularly switched on the Christmas lights there as an official guest.

He was a man who thought about abusing children every “waking minute of the day” and so it must be a concern that he may have committed offences at some or all of the above locations. Given the understandable reluctance of some of his victims to come forward, many of his victims and the locations of his crimes will probably remain unknown.

However, one set of offences is very well documented and that is the 1966 Otley Council Ball, where Saville alleged the Chairman of the Council procured six girls to sleep with Savile and a millionaire friend of his.

Savile went on to claim that a Council neighbouring Otley entered into a similar agreement to procure six girls to sleep with Savile in 1967, but which had to be called off because of the Foot and Mouth outbreak.

From the above description, it appears that the girls concerned were under age and probably vulnerable to being enticed by Savile’s media status, popularity and guile.  In this context, Savile was witnessed taking a young girl he obtained from a local carnival to his room by a member of the staff at Broadmoor, and his charity work gave him constant access to these events. So it seems to be a credible allegation supported by witnesses and not denied at the time. Leeds City Council (the successor to Otley Urban Distric Council) commented to Real Whitby:

We’re as shocked and horrified as the rest of the country by the allegations against Jimmy Savile. Previous tributes by the people of Leeds and the city were undertaken in good faith based on what we knew of him at that time. Given the seriousness of the allegations we have removed his name from the civic honours wall of the Civic Hall. Our thoughts are with all those who suffered any form of abuse and continue to suffer distress as a result of his actions.”

The identity of the mystery Chairman of the Council that entered into this despicable arrangement and ferried underage girls around in an official car to spend the night with Britain’s most prolific paedophile has not yet been revealed.  However, concerning the millionaire accomplice, Savile had a very small circle of close friends and so far as we are aware, only two of them – Scarborough businessmen Mr Jimmy Corrigan and Mr Peter Jaconelli – are described as millionaires.

Jaconelli made his money from ice-cream parlours in Scarborough, was elected first Councillor, then Mayor, and died in 1999.

Jimmy Corrigan was “the Leeds-born millionaire regarded as much a part of Scarborough as the donkeys and the rock, died just weeks after discovering he was suffering from cancer in 2000.  The flamboyant showman and ‘slot machine king’ was a teetotal fitness fanatic and running partner of the resort’s other famous Jimmy, Sir Jimmy Savile.”

Given that Jaconelli’s preference was for boys, the inevitable conclusion is that he was not the millionaire in question.

It is clearly incredible that a Council Chairman could procure six young girls to stay the night with two grown men after a dance, ferry them around in an official car and arouse no suspicion.

For some time investigative journalist Neil Wilby has been alleging that paedophile Officers in West Yorkshire Police have been protected from prosecution.

A Police Officer, Inspector Mick Starkey, acted as Savile’s bodyguard and chauffeur, nine retired/serving Officers met with him every Friday for tea, cakes and (according to one member) whisky in his flat at Roundhay Park, Leeds, and a retired Police Officer was present as a ‘minder’ when he was interviewed by a journalist.

Another Police Officer, “Inspector 5”, arranged for Savile to be interviewed by Police at Stoke Mandeville Hospital instead of at a Police station, thereby making it easier for Savile to manipulate the interview.

According to Savile, “blackmail” letters were ripped up by these Officers during these meetings.

If this is so, then it is a very serious act of misconduct. Given the nature of Savile, it appears that these letters may have been making allegations that were in fact valid, in which case the Officers concerned had a duty to investigate the allegations instead of destroying evidence at the request of Savile. Alternatively, if they were false allegations made for the purpose of blackmail, they had a duty to preserve them as evidence and arrest the originators of them.

Apart from Starkey and Wetherby Police Sergeant Matthew Appleyard, we do not know who the other seven Officers were, or which Forces they were from, because both the Chief Constables of West Yorkshire Police and North Yorkshire Police are refusing to confirm this.

In stark contrast, the British Transport Police have very openly and helpfully confirmed that none of their Officers were involved.

Greeting cards to Jimmy Savile from Sarah Ferguson

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Dream holiday for special children

FOR the past 10 years Dreamflight Bahrain has annually given two sick Bahraini children the holiday of a lifetime to the UK and US.

The two children chosen are usually from underprivileged backgrounds who would never have the opportunity to enjoy such an experience.

Hassan Ahmed, 13, and Ali Ebrahim, 10, are the latest two to benefit from the British charity Dreamflight’s unique trip.


The holiday includes two days in London and 10 days in Florida where they visit Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios, Sea World and other attractions.

Bahraini children are nominated for the trip by doctors at the Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC) and then a panel of medical experts in the UK narrows them down to two.

The two children chosen from Bahrain join 190 other seriously ill children, aged between eight and 14, from the UK, Chernobyl, Ukraine, and Hong Kong.

“I am so excited to visit these two cities as I have never been there before,” Ali told the GDN prior to travelling.

“I want to try all the rides in Disneyland.”

His partner on the trip Hassan cheerfully revealed he planned to visit every part of Disneyland and watch the many parades there.

“I feel so excited and lucky to be chosen for this trip,” he said.

The Bahraini children are accompanied throughout the trip by an escort and once in the US the 192 children are split into 12 groups of 16 children.

The groups are named after a children’s character and the Bahraini children are usually in the Donald Duck group.

Each group is accompanied by eight escorts, as well as a group leader, paediatric doctor, a senior nurse, two nurses, a physiotherapist and two non-medical helpers.

There are also extra escorts on hand to help. The aim is to have one escort for every child.

To prepare them for the trip the children are given free English lessons from Berlitz Language Centre and taken for shopping to buy new clothes and other items.

Speedy Motors provides free transport to them during preparations for the trip and to the airport and Batelco gives the children mobile phones so they can keep in touch with their families while they are away.


The first two children to participate in Dreamflight in 2001 were Fatima Mohammed Hassan and Zainab Rasool Al Awani, who were 13-year-old back then.

“I loved the whole thing, it was awesome,” said Fatima, years after returning from the trip.

“I had a wonderful time in Florida and London.

“I loved the Magic Kingdom the most, the rides were awesome.

“I am back in school and I am telling all my friends about my holiday and they’re very happy for me.”

Fatima proudly announced at the time that she had made a total of 60 friends during her trip.

“Ask me all their names, I know them all by heart,” she said.

“I am writing to them all and I can’t wait to hear from them.”

Dreamflight is a UK-registered charity that was started in 1987 by its two founders, Derek Pereira and Pat Pearce, who were both with British Airways.

Mr Pereira had first become involved with the disabled when he volunteered to help at the Stoke Mandeville handicapped games in England in 1983.

It was three years later that the former British Airways flight engineer came up with the idea of the “Dreamflight”, but at the time he thought it could never be more than a fantasy.

He had just helped organise a one-hour flight to give children the chance to experience a plane trip and thought that he could do something much more exciting.

At a party for the participants he announced that he wanted to take a plane of children to Florida the following year.

The following morning he received offers of support, which led to the start of a mission that gives hundreds of children the chance to fly to Florida, US, and visit Disneyworld, Seaworld, and other places every year.

Determined to make Dreamflight a reality, Mr Pereira approached the then airline chief medical officer who agreed to pass the information on to the BA chairman Sir Colin Marshall, who turned down the idea.

Mr Pereira promised to do the flight with no cost to the airline by raising money.

Sir Colin gave him the go-ahead but there were still major obstacles to overcome, such as finding money for the flight’s tariff of $100,000 (BD37,800).

However, a British Post Office party brought in $2,000 (BD756), followed by a donation of $10,000 (BD3,780) from an investment company and that was the start.

Children chosen for the trip were sick, but they had to be fit enough to travel.

Although Dreamflight was supposed to be a one-off event there was so much support for it that it continued on an annual basis and was registered as a charity, with Mr Pereira as a trustee.

The charity is normally only open to sick children from the UK, but Dreamflight was brought to Bahrain 10 years ago by Mr Pereira and his Bahrain-based sister Yvonne Trueman.

It was initially meant to be a one-time arrangement, but with the support of British Airways, the British Embassy and the local community, Bahrain has been able to secure two places a year since then.

“When my brother Derek came to Bahrain in 2000 we discussed how to bring this wonderful opportunity to sick children in Bahrain,” Ms Trueman told the GDN.

“We talked with Jane Bishop who was then country manager at British Airways.

“She and her fellow colleagues formed a team and launched Dreamflight Bahrain.

“The first Bahraini children chosen for Dreamflight were Zainab Rasool and Fatima Mohammed Hasan, who were both aged 13 at the time.

“Since then Bahrain has been fortunate enough to have secured two places each year to join up with the other children in London.

“Bahrain, Hong Kong and Ukraine are only the other countries to have this opportunity.”

Ms Trueman said Dreamflight was a trip of a lifetime for sick children who would not otherwise have the chance of such an experience.

“It’s an opportunity given to a special child, one who has a terminal illness or a condition that could shorten their life,” she said.

“For example children with sickle cell may have a certain life span and this is an opportunity of a lifetime that these children will remember forever.

“A sick child doesn’t know what tomorrow will bring, so this really is a holiday of a lifetime in their lifetime.”

Former GDN reporter Eunice Del Rosario, who was a Dreamflight escort for Bahraini girls Mariam Hassan and Ruqaya Mohammed in 2006, said she felt honoured to accompany the children on the trip that gave them a once in a lifetime opportunity.

She said the Bahraini children who have gone on to enjoy their dream holidays have not only represented Bahrain well, but also the rest of the Arab world.

“They all served as wonderful ambassadors, especially when Dreamflight first accepted Bahraini children into its programme in 2001 – a time when the world was at a very tumultuous time,” she said.

“When I met the first two Bahraini girls who went on the holiday in 2001, the first word they uttered upon their return was ‘awesome’.

“After working with Dreamflight for seven years, I know more than ever that we can all learn a lot from children.

“To them, there is no such thing as the colour of your skin, the language you speak, your medical condition or your handicap. They all are passionate about life.

“I am sure Dreamflight Bahrain will continue its great success and I look forward to volunteering some more here in the US in the near future.

“I am happy that I was part of something that touched the lives of many.”

Dreamflight in Bahrain is co-ordinated by Debbie Beedie and finance co-ordinator Maha Al Abbas.

Ms Al Abbas has been involved since the very beginning and co-ordinates with Salmaniya Medical Complex officials, the parents and children.

She said working with Dreamflight had made her feel very fortunate to have two healthy children, her daughters Layal, 14, and Razan, 11 and had made her really appreciate all that she has.


It was also a delight to be able to give happiness to families and put a smile on a sick child’s face, she added.

“All of the families have really been appreciative of Dreamflight and felt that we gave their children a chance they wouldn’t normally have,” said Ms Al Abbas.

“This is because most of them would never have the chance to go on an airplane or visit Europe and the US.

“The furthest most of them would be able to travel is Saudi or Iran and then that would be by bus.”

She said the trip had a very positive impact on the children that participate and they come back more confident and outgoing and it gives them a happy memory to recall when life gets tough for them.

“They come back speaking better English because they are surrounded by English speaking kids,” said Ms Al Abbas.

“The children that are chosen to go on Dreamflight come from very poor backgrounds and just being on the flight is something for them.

“On the trip they have seen children that are sicker than them so they come back making the best out of life and become more helpful to others.”

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Lord King, the rumbustious Conservative peer and business executive who masterminded the privatisation of British Airways in the 1980
He was knighted in 1979, and appointed Chairman of the National Enterprise Board in 1980 and, famously, taking over as head of British Airways.
Dubbed Margaret Thatcher’s favourite businessman
After a successful career as a self-made millionaire in manufacturing, including a period as chairman of Babcock International from 1972, he became chairman of BA in 1981
He brought in Sir Colin (Lord) Marshall as chief executive in 1983, and they brought the airline to market in February 1987
A keen huntsman from an early age, King held the rank of MFH (Master of Foxhounds) with the Belvoir and Badsworth hunts and was also Chairman of the Lord King XI cricket team.
Sir Jimmy put Mr Gaskell in contact with Lord King, the Chairman of British Airways, and Derek secured the services of the supersonic plane for £50,000.
Lord King, Chairman of British Airways, and Lord Forte, executive chairman of Trust House Forte, are be to invited to respond to an allegation that they sought to influence Mr Alan Bristow in share dealings involving the future of the Westland helicopter company.

More than 1,000 registered and licensed doctors have criminal convictions… including possession of indecent images of children, sexual assault and threats to kill

  • Disgraced medics have been allowed to keep their jobs despite criminal offences
  • Figures reveal there are 1,067 registered doctors with criminal convictions
  • This includes Dr Steven Burn, 53, a consultant cardiologist, who was able to keep his job despite being found with 65 child abuse images on his work computer
  • Campaigners reacted furiously and said patients should not be kept in the dark

Dr Steven Burn, 53, a consultant cardiologist, was able to keep his job despite being found with 65 child abuse images on his work computerDr Steven Burn, 53, a consultant cardiologist, was able to keep his job despite being found with 65 child abuse images on his work computer

Dr Steven Burn, 53, a consultant cardiologist, was able to keep his job despite being found with 65 child abuse images on his work computer

Steven Burn, 53, a consultant cardiologist, was able to keep his job despite being found with 65 child abuse images on his work computer.

The cardiologist, was arrested after IT staff at the Royal Derby Hospital (pictured) found indecent images of children on his work PC while checking to see if it had been infected by a computer virus

Dr Burn, a heart doctor, was arrested after IT staff at the Royal Derby Hospital found indecent images on his work PC while checking to see if it had been infected by a computer virus.

He was convicted by a court of possessing indecent images.

Some of these pictures featured children alleged to be as young as seven, while Burn had also downloaded Japanese ‘Hentai’ animated pornographic images and made Google searches under the headings ‘bestiality’, ‘little Asian girls’, little Japanese girls’ and ‘beautiful little boys’.

But he managed to avoid being struck off after a disciplinary panel at the MPTS ruled Burn should be allowed to return to medicine following a 12-month suspension.

The panel opted to give him the chance to resume his 28-year-old career after he insisted he would ‘rather die than reoffend’.

Figures obtained by MailOnline reveal three doctors have convictions for possessing or taking indecent photographs of children, while three licensed doctors have committed sexual assault.

In another high-profile case, Dr Rupert Pemsel, 32, a trainee anaesthetist, kept his job despite paying a call girl for sex while on duty at a maternity hospital.

The disgraced married father-of-two was branded ‘sordid’ and ‘abhorrent’ after he admitted meeting prostitute Leanne Davies, 29, while still in his hospital gown or ‘scrubs’.

But at a tribunal in Manchester last March, he escaped with just a ten-month suspension rather than being struck off the medical register. Pemsel’s barrister proposed no action should be taken against his client because he was an ‘excellent doctor’.

The medic, whose wife is a GP, had blamed his behaviour on an addiction to internet pornography and stress from helping sick children in Uganda. 

‘To my mind, someone [like Dr Steven Burn], should never be reinstated. I don’t think any person would want a doctor with that kind of history, even for themselves, let alone their children. It’s appalling. That should be that.

Within medicine, there needs to be more independent bodies with no conflict of interest involved in decisions. They should include members of the public as well as a mix of professions who could come to much better decisions in terms of punishments given.’

Roger Goss of Patient Concern told MailOnline: ‘The government should legally oblige the General Medical Council (GMC) to tell patients if a doctor still practising has been found guilty of any crime that could make some people wish to avoid all contact.’

Burn, who lives with his long term girlfriend, told the panel that he started trawling porn websites to ‘block things out’ after he struggled to obtain funding for the cardiology unit at the hospital.
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Respected heart surgeon Dr Ahmed Sayed sacked from Southampton General Hospital after viewing and distributing child abuse images

9  Feb 2018

A RESPECTED heart surgeon who saved the lives of people in Southampton was found with thousands of extreme pornographic images, including hundreds of children.

The career of Dr Ahmed Sayed who worked at at Southampton General Hospital, is today in ruins.

It comes after police found numerous videos depicting child abuse, including one which involved a baby boy aged between six and nine-months-old.

Sayed, 40, developed a “morbid curiosity” for the explicit material. a court was told.

Southampton Crown Court also heard that he was responsible for the distribution of the images, with hundreds downloading material he put on a website.

In total, when officers searched his home, he was caught with 5,177 extreme photographs as well as 84 moving images in category A, as well as hundreds more in lower categories.

Victoria Hill, prosecuting, said that when Sayed was challenged by officers about the images he originally said that he had only downloaded the images the day before.

However, when his devices were searched it was found his offending started on May 26, 2016 and continued until he was caught on April 20.

She said: “On March 20, police became aware of two IP address which were being used and tracked back to Sayed.

“He was using a website called eMule and on numerous occasions his videos were downloads.

“In one instance 15 moving images were downloaded 61 times.”

In some of the images, the children involved were in discernible pain, she added.

Sayed was dismissed from Southampton General Hospital following his arrest.

He has subsequently been suspended from the Medical Register and is not allowed to practise as a doctor in the UK.

The court heard that Sayed had moved to the UK five years-ago after training to be a heart surgeon in his native Egypt.

He graduated from Cairo University in 2001 and was a registered doctor in the UK by 2010.

Mitigating, Keely Harvey told the court that Sayed started working in Southampton to try and progress within his career as a surgeon but due to financial struggles he became interested in pornography.

She said: “It seems to be that when he has this stress he goes back to what he has done when he was a child and would download things from the internet.

“He developed a morbid curiosity with the pornography.”

At an earlier hearing, Sayed pleaded guilty to three counts of making indecent photographs of children, extreme pornography and prohibited images of a child, as well as distribute indecent photographs.

Sayed, who’s address cannot be given out for legal reasons, was sentenced to two years imprisonment, suspended for two years.

A sexual harm prevention order was signed and will be in place for the next 10 years.

Following the sentence, a spokesperson for University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust said: “Dr Sayed was suspended immediately when the trust was made aware of the allegations against him and subsequently dismissed at a hearing in June 2017 which he did not attend.”

It added that he was never unsupervised with children during his time with the organisation.

Hospital body parts scandal grows

Shock waves spread as more cases are unearthed of children’s organs being removed without consent

The body parts scandal that has rocked Liverpool is set to erupt in other areas of the country, with the revelation that other hospitals have retained childrens’ organs without parental consent.Many of Britain’s biggest hospitals – including Leeds General Infirmary and Southampton General Hospital – have admitted removing organs for education or research without the knowledge of relatives. All claim they have changed their procedures and now obtain informed written consent.

However, some hospitals only changed their policy in recent months, after the widespread practice of organ removal emerged at the Bristol Royal Infirmary inquiry, causing concern and alerting the parents in Liverpool.

The Liverpool parents launched an action group at an emergency meeting on Friday night after it was revealed that the Alder Hey Hospital had retained organs – including hearts, lungs and brains – of 850 children without the knowledge of parents. Health Secretary Alan Milburn launched an immediate inquiry. The Chief Medical Officer, Liam Donaldson, is undertaking a separate inquiry.

Yesterday, however, a spokesman for Leeds NHS Trust admitted there were parents who did not realise that their children had had organs removed. Southampton General Hospital also admitted organs had been taken without parents’ knowledge. Denise Foster, duty manager at the hospital, said: ‘We have a small amount of hearts and a number of brains, as we are a research centre for CJD and Alzheimer’s Disease. Alder Hey’s practice, as I understand it, was to remove entire organ systems, whereas we did not do that.’

Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle and Hammersmith Hospital in London confirmed that organ removals did take place, but said it was now only done with the full knowledge and understanding of parents. A spokeswoman for Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Trust said: ‘The same consent form has been used for 13 years, which indicates that we will take tissue, part of or whole organ for treatment of other patients or medical education.’

Andrea Capstick, whose child had his organs removed at Alder Hey Hospital, said she was ‘overwhelmed’ to discover that other hospitals had kept children’s organs. She said: ‘I just didn’t know what to think. I heard that there could be as many as 11,000 organs kept all over the country. I didn’t think it was so big.’

Donna Covey, director of the Association of Community Health Councils, the official watchdog, said: ‘If parents are worried, they should ask their hospitals in writing, and keep a clear record of it, and the replies.’

Evidence given to the Bristol Royal Infirmary Inquiry revealed that it was common practice for hospitals to retain ‘libraries’ of organs preserved in bottles.

As the law stands, it is entirely legal for hospitals to remove organs from bodies – adult or child – for diagnosis, research or education without the explicit knowledge of relatives. Of the 130,000 post mortems carried out each year, 90 per cent are ordered by coroners, and are strictly controlled by the 1984 Coroner’s Rules. They stipulate that organs can only be removed for diagnosis and must be replaced before burial.

The inquiry announced by Milburn on Friday will establish whether the pathologist at the centre of the Alder Hey controversy, Professor Dick van Velzen, broke these rules. However, 10 per cent of post mortems are carried out directly by hospitals, with no coroner, and these are far more loosely regulated.

Hospitals only need to ensure that relatives ‘do not object’ to a post mortem, which can include the removal of ’tissue’ for diagnosis, research or education. But doctors are not required to get written consent, only verbal, and most parents are unlikely to know that the word ’tissue’ legally means entire organs and organ systems.

Donaldson admitted on BBC Radio yesterday that many parents had not understood the ‘full implications’ when giving concent to a post mortem.

Joan Wheeler, chairman of PITY2, the Liverpool parents’ action group which was set up on Friday, said: ‘There is no law. We want it clarified, to have it a criminal offence for anybody to take organs without the express, informed consent of the parent or next of kin.’

Paedophile doctor,  Dr Jonathan Walsh,  jailed over vile child abuse videos
March 20, 2017

A senior children’s doctor has been jailed for distributing horrific films of the worst kind of child abuse to fellow paedophiles.

Paediatric consultant Dr Jonathan Walsh, 47, claimed he looked at the vile material because he was BORED with his job, a court heard.

Married Dr Walsh was a respected consultant paediatrician in the children’s and adolescent services department of the Northern Devon Healthcare Trust.

But his veil of respectability was shattered after being arrested in September 2015 when his sick secret was exposed.

After a raid on his home, police discovered that he had been viewing and downloading many hours of footage of the most serious kind.

And he told his solicitor he carried out the offending as he was “tired” of working at the hospital and wanted to leave medicine.

He was suspended and then sacked after admitting 17 charges including nine counts of distributing indecent images of children and six counts of making them.

None of his crimes related to patients at the North Devon District Hospital in Barnstaple – but Exeter Crown Court heard the vast majority related to ‘Category A’ images which were the most serious and some videos were several hours long.

Walsh, formerly of Barnstaple but now living in Lytham St Annes, Lancs, was jailed today for a total of three years and told his career and reputation were in tatters.

Judge Geoffrey Mercer told him: “Over a period of at least some months, the precise period is unclear, you were involved in downloading and distributing extreme movies and images portraying sexual abuse of children and you went to considerable lengths to try and conceal what it was you were doing,

“You are 47 years old and a man of good character and I have read a number of references provided by people on your behalf who speak very highly of you.

“You have practicised as a paediatrician for a number of years. To state that your sexual interest in children, which outlines these offences, causes real concern in relation to someone in your position is a massive understatement.

“But it needs to be clearly understood that there was no offending in the context of your work and these offences were non contact offences.”

“Your career is now, of course, at an end. To quote from you from one of your letters you have written to me ‘through my actions I have lost my job, my career and my reputation and caused great harm to the ones I love.”

Walsh was sentenced to three years for each of the distributing offences and 12 months for downloading offences. All sentences will run concurrently.

The court heard how he was arrested on 3 September 2015 when officers from the child exploitation unit carried a search out at his home address.

He was arrested and his computer and a memory stick were seized.

No indecent images were found but there was significant evidence that he had been accessing child abuse material as well as file wiping software.

Prosecuting, James Davies said: “A leading forensic expert was called and advised the router to be seized. He found clear evidence of him downloading indecent images of children and distributing them.

“The defendant went to considerable lengths to conceal his online activity. It was over a period of four months that can be identified but not any further than that.

“There were 27 movies that could be retrieved, 26 were catergory A and one category B. 24 had been distributed with a total of 18 hours playing time.”

Defending, Lee Gledhall said his client was full of “severe regret” for what he had done.

He added: “He is a man of previous good character who practised medicine for some considerable years and had a positive impact on the community he lived in.

“This was his time off. It was during these periods he committed these offences.

“He is aware that these are real children in the videos and harm he indirectly caused by the re-distribution of these images.

“He explains he was tired of his job and wanted to get out of medicine after many years of training and working.

“He was a consultant paediatrician. He was instantly sacked at the point of charge and suspended by the GMC.

“It has had a significant impact on his financial situation. He has had to sell the family home and they have moved a considerable distance over the publicity and fall-out.

“He and his wife are still together but he had to explain this to his own children.”

The fall-out of Walsh’s crimes hit the community so hard that a special hotline was set up by the NHS for anyone worried they might have been affected.

Speaking after the case, Detective Inspector Andrea Kingdon said: “We are pleased with today’s sentencing and would like to thank the investigating team and partners for working with such tenacity to bring the offender to justice.

“Walsh was a practising and respected paediatrician in North Devon when he was committing these crimes; he let himself and his profession down by his activities which he went to great lengths to hide.

“The nature of the offending on the images and videos distributed by Dr Walsh are at the most serious end of the scale, and in some of these included movies some hours in length; this is an incredibly upsetting and challenging task for my team to work through.”
George Thomson, medical director for Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust, said: “This case has deeply shaken everybody at NDHT and we know it has been a shock to the community.

“We have worked closely with the police throughout this case and we know that none of these crimes relate to contact offences, and none of the images relate to patients at North Devon District Hospital.

“At the launch of the police investigation in September 2015 we took immediate action to exclude Dr Walsh from working at the Trust and informed the General Medical Council. Dr Walsh was dismissed with immediate effect when he was charged in June.”


Dr Jonathan Walsh / safeguarding role at hospital – part of paedophile ring

A consultant paediatrician’s career is in tatters after he admitted sharing vile child rape movies with fellow paedophiles all around the world.

Dr Jonathan Walsh was treating young children at North Devon District Hospital by day but then going home and looking at movies which showed the most extreme abuse.

He was also sharing the material with fellow paedophiles using peer to peer software which enabled complete strangers to look at the movies.

Walsh was a senior consultant paediatrician at the hospital in Barnstaple until he was dismissed after being charged by police in September 2015. His duties including responsibility for the safeguarding of children.

He will now face a disciplinary hearing at the General Medical Council where he is likely to be struck off.

He spent 17 months denying his involvement but changed his pleas when he appeared at Exeter Crown Court. Sentencing guidelines for distribution of images suggest he is facing a jail term.

Walsh, 47, formerly of Wordsworth Avenue, Barnstaple, but now living at Lytham St Annes, Cheshire, admitted ten counts of distributing and seven of making indecent images or movies of children.

He submitted a basis of plea which stated he had not intended to distribute the movies and was not aware they were available to other users of the file sharing site.

The prosecution rejected his basis of plea and Judge Brian Forster, QC ordered a special fact finding hearing at which a judge sitting without a jury will decide the issue.

The judge ordered him to sign on the sex offenders’ register. He also ordered a probation pre-sentence report.

The fact finding hearing will be heard by Judge Geoffrey Mercer, QC, at Exeter Crown Court next month, on the day originally set down for trial.

Walsh was arrested after intelligence led police to trace his IP address. No movies were found on his computer but an investigation uncovered evidence of around 300 items which had been deleted.

The high tech crime unit called in a professor who specialised in data recovery who helped them identify 35 files through what are known as hash values.

Officers were able to match the hash values with child abuse movies circulating on the internet. They found that all but one of the 35 came into category A, meaning they showed the most serious types of abuse.

The movies were of boys and girls aged from under two to eight and some showed the victims being forced to take part in penetrative sex with adults.

Many of the movies were distributed on the peer-to-peer file sharing website e-mule between January 1, 2014, and August 27, 2015.

Although the charges refer to Walsh making photographs, this is a technical legal term which means downloading rather than creating images.

Mr Jim Davis, prosecuting, said Walsh’s basis of plea is not accepted.

He said: “We propose to call the officer from the high tech crime unit and the officer in the case.

“There has been a meeting of the experts in this case which has led to a joint document being produced. There does not appear to be any divergence about the expert evidence.”

Mr David Welsh, defending, said Walsh intends to give evidence at the fact finding hearing next month. He said: “There is a counter argument to be made.”

Judge Forster said: “Speaking in neutral terms, the defendant needs to consider carefully his position. There is a benefit in maintaining a guilty plea.

“There is expert evidence available which the prosecution may say shows he had good computer knowledge.”

He told Walsh: “I am adjourning this hearing. There is a date for the trial when the basis of plea will be determined and the Judge will listen to the evidence brought by the prosecution and the evidence which you will give.

“You have now pleaded guilty and are required to register with the police as a sex offender. I am unable to give any indication of what the sentence will be as I will not be the Judge on the next occasion.”

A North Devon children’s doctor has today pleaded guilty to a number of child porn offences.

Paediatrician Dr Jonathan Walsh, 47, of Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, and formerly of Wordsworth Avenue, Barnstaple will be sentenced following a hearing which is due to be held on March 20.

In October last year the Journal reported that Walsh had denied the charges put to him.

However, this morning Walsh  pleaded guilty to 17 charges which included 9 counts of distributing indecent images of children and 6 counts of making indecent images of children. The vast majority of the charges related to ‘Category A’ images which are the most serious in their nature.

Police have worked closely with the Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust throughout this case and can confirm that none of these crimes relate to contact offences, and none of these images relate to patients at the North Devon District Hospital.

Detective Inspector Andrea Kingdon from the Force Child Exploitation Unit, said: “Jonathan Walsh was working in a position of responsibility where he had a duty to protect children and young people, yet he choose to commit crimes with the possession and sharing of indecent images of children which leads to the abuse of some of the most vulnerable in our society.

“Walsh was a practicing and respected paediatrician in North Devon when he was committing these crimes; he let himself and his profession down by his activities which he went to great lengths to hide.

“The victims of these types of offences often do not have a voice as their images are shared by paedophilic networks many times over, in a manner which constantly re-victimises them.

“We are determined to eradicate these types of despicable crimes and to stop paedophile offenders from being gratified by such activity, and in doing so protect the vulnerable.

“It is a testament to the commitment and ingenuity of those investigating this case that his level of offending was uncovered which led to his successful prosecution today.

“I wish to thank those staff an officers in the Public Protection Unit who have the unenviable job of viewing and processing this evidence to allow us to bring Dr Walsh to court to face justice.

“The nature of the offending on the images and videos viewed and distributed by Dr Walsh are at the most serious end of the scale, and some of these included movies some hours in length; this is an incredibly upsetting and challenging task for my team to work through.

“This case has demonstrated how effectively all agencies and professionals can work together to identify those perpetrating these types of crimes no matter what their standing in the community.

“Whilst these may not have been contact offences, the viewing and sharing of these types of images directly leads to the abuse of the most vulnerable in our society – Dr Walsh is as responsible as those who film and take part in this horrific abuse of children.

“I hope that this case sends out a strong message to those using the internet for deviant purposes that we have the capability to use advanced technology and expert help to uncover the truth and bring offenders to justice.”

George Thomson, medical director for the Northern Devon Healthcare Trust, said: “This case has deeply shaken everybody at NDHT and we know it has been a shock to the community.

“We have worked closely with the police throughout this case and we know that none of these crimes relate to contact offences, and none of the images relate to patients at North Devon District Hospital.

“At the launch of the police investigation in September 2015 we took immediate action to exclude Dr Walsh from working at the Trust and informed the General Medical Council. Dr Walsh was dismissed with immediate effect when he was charged in June.

“Anybody with any concerns can call 0300 123 1744 to find out how to access support.”

An NSPCC spokesperson for South West England said: “The children in these pictures and videos, some of which fell into the most serious category of offending, are the victims of child abuse and the horrific experiences they endured for the images to be created should not be underestimated.

“Although it has been acknowledged that none of the images related to patients at this hospital, Walsh was working in a position of significant responsibility when he chose to commit these crimes, with no regard for the effects on vulnerable young children.

“Every image is a crime scene and every child will need support to recover. Working with internet providers, it’s vital that more is done to stop this vile trade in indecent images and to cut this material off at the source.

He graduated from the University of Manchester in 1993 but is currently suspended by the General Medical Council.
Dr Jonathan Walsh North Devon Heathcare NHS – safeguarding role:


Click to access Annex-4.3-Board-06.10.15-Safeguarding-Children-Annual-Report-2014-15-v16.09.15.pdf

Doctor’s Memorial Fund set to Help Children in North Devon

Dr Jonathan Walsh and Dr Alan Bosley, consultant paediatricians at North Devon District Hospital, helped set up the memorial fund and organise today’s event.

 Caroline Thorpe children’s ward at North Devon District Hospital

“Our lead clinician is Jonathan Walsh

South West Paediatric Club – Hon Secretary   Dr Jonathan Walsh
Business meeting. Bristol November 2009 … Walsh suggested and confirmed
1 Honour
Dr. Tim Chambers OBE in the Queen’s Birthday honours list.
Congratulations from the Club.
Doctor Tim Chambers, a paediatrician at the Children’s Hospital, will get the royal seal of approval on Tuesday to become the city’s next High Sheriff.
Savile was invited to Parkhurst as a guest of the governor, John Sandy, in February 1982. Thirty prisoners joined him on a sponsored jog inside the perimeter fence in aid of the Stoke Mandeville fund.

in the Sun in April 1983.
was a series of stories that ran firmly counter to the popular perception of the star as a do-gooding eccentric, popular figure of fun and lay saint.
‘Everyone knows he works long hours at Leeds Infirmary, Stoke Mandeville Hospital and Broadmoor Hospital for the Criminally Insane,’ ran the introduction to the series on day one.
A dark side never revealed before.’ The headline above the opening double-page instalment read ‘MY VIOLENT WORLD, BY JIM THE GODFATHER’.
And underneath: ‘How I fixed it the night lid on what the paper described as the ‘ruthless, calculating Jimmy Savile. A man who engineered his own rise to the top with cold precision. A man who is not scared of violence.’
It was a side to Savile that was totally at odds with the man that kids clamoured to be with, parents admired and the most powerful in society were happy to be associated with.

Soon after the revelations in the Sun, Prime Minister Thatcher went in to bat for Jimmy Savile for a third time. However, in a climate in which the threat of AIDS was causing widespread consternation, the claims about his promiscuous sex life, allied with the thuggish aspects of his dancehall career, meant it was again decided that it would be wise to consider him for a future list.

…hinted not only at his addiction to sex, but also the psychopathic level of detachment he felt towards those he inflicted himself on.

There were no such reservations within the royal family, though. In late July, the 120-bed National Spinal Injuries Centre welcomed its first new patient. A few days later, on 3 August, Jimmy Savile stood on the front steps with Prince Charles and Princess Diana alongside for the official opening.

His stock was similarly high with the Catholic Church; in December, Cardinal Basil Hume, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster, proposed Jimmy Savile for membership at the prestigious Athenaeum Club.

In Plain Sight: the Life and Lies of Jimmy Savile Dan Davies

 Another pedophile doctor:

GP, 65, who was jailed for 15 years after filming himself raping children he drugged and tied to his ‘Satan’s pillow’ admits four more sex assaults at his surgery

He has now been convicted of four more accounts, relating to his time as a GP in the 1980s

He has now been convicted of four more accounts, relating to his time as a GP in the 1980s

  • Robert Wells, 65, was jailed in 2004 for drugging and raping kids as young as 11 
  • One told how he stripped her and strapped her to block he called ‘Satan’s pillow’
  • Further victims came forward and three were raped as parents waited outside
  • Jailed for another seven years after court heard of a ‘grotesque breach of trust’ 
Robert Wells, pictured in 1989, when he was a GP at Caerleon Surgery
Robert Wells, pictured in 1989, when he was a GP at Caerleon Surgery

Roberts was jailed at Winchester Crown Court for rapes committed while he worked for an agency providing on-call forensic medical examiners for Hampshire Police.

He had previously had sexual assault charges brought against him but they had not shown up on police checks because he had been cleared when the trial collapsed.

Wells was arrested after he drugged two sisters, aged five and 11, and their mother became suspicious and reported him to police.

The eldest girl had large amounts of benzodiazepine in her body and the younger girl tested positive for temazepam.

Police found both drugs present in his biscuit tin when they raided his home. They also found a timetable for drugging, filming and abusing the children. 

Officers then spoke to other families he had befriended, which was when another 11-year-old girl reported yet more shocking abuse.

She told police that he strapped her to a polystyrene block he called Satan’s pillow as he removed her Harry Potter pajamas then sexually assaulted her.

Police found shocking pornography on his computers, along with the video camera and polystyrene block in his mobile phone.

Police, who were struggling to access certain information on his computer, said they feared there may be more victims and urged them to come forward. 

The victims in the most recent case came forward after hearing of his 2004 conviction, and relate to his time as a GP in the 1980s, before the other assaults. 

The court heard how the charges related to three girls who were Wells’ patients, one of whom was driven to the brink of suicide by the emotional impact of the assault.

In a statement read out in court, one victim said: ‘He has destroyed my life.’

During the case in 2004, the court heard how Wells filmed himself sexually assaulting one of the girls in his mobile home (pictured)

During the case in 2004, the court heard how Wells filmed himself sexually assaulting one of the girls in his mobile home (pictured)

She said Wells had been regarded as an ‘upstanding pillar of the community’.

Wells was a registered medical practitioner at the time, but has since been struck off by the General Medical Council.

One of the girl’s mothers had made a complaint to Caerleon Surgery at the time, but it was ‘arrogantly dismissed’, and she was ‘told not to be so silly’, Mr Roberts told the court.

Police found the video camera that he used to film the sexual assault (pictured) inside

Police found the video camera that he used to film the sexual assault (pictured) inside

He added: ‘He left South Wales in the late 1980s and went on to commit a series of depraved offences.

Wells was jailed for seven years and an indefinite Sexual Harm Prevention Order was imposed.

Detective Constable Chris Jayne, from Gwent Police, said: ‘I would like to take the opportunity to recognise the bravery of the victims and their families in this case.

‘Wells is a danger to children and the detrimental impact that he has brought to the lives of the victims from a young age through to adulthood has been incredibly significant.

Sordid picture of rapist doctor

9 Jun 2004

A GWENT doctor was jailed for 15 years yesterday for drugging, raping and indecently assaulting young girls.

And a retired Newport doctor, who worked alongside pervert police surgeon Dr Robert Wells said he is “deeply shocked” at his former colleague’s actions.

Dr Russell Rhys, 79, worked alongside Wells at the Isca Medical Centre in High Street, Caerleon, in the 1980s.

He said: “The man I knew was regarded as a good doctor in the area. “I worked with him for a few years but two years after I retired he became bankrupt.

“Like everyone I was deeply shocked.” After his conviction at Winchester crown court a sordid picture emerged of Wells who befriended the parents of his victims before attacking them.

The court heard Wells, whose full address in Cwmbran has never been revealed, persuaded the parents to allow him to look after the children. Once he had them alone, he drugged the children using benzodiazepine and Temazepam – drugs which would have knocked the girls out and caused amnesia.

He then filmed the girls while he either raped or assaulted them. All the attacks took place early in 2003. Wells moved to the south coast after resigning from the Caerleon surgery in 1989 when he was made bankrupt. A high-profile bankruptcy hearing in Newport saw Wells, who at the time was living in Jerusalem Lane, Pontypool, earn the nickname of the “Romeo doctor”. It emerged the 52-year-old had run up more than £1.5 million in debts on a string of girlfriends, fast cars and holidays abroad.

Wells claimed that he had girlfriends queuing up for him and showered them with gifts, including £800 dresses and watches from Harrods.

After rebuilding his life on the south coast, Wells worked as a forensic medical examiner, or police surgeon, in Southampton and Winchester areas of Hampshire. He also had a private practice in Brighton.

At a flat in Southampton where most of the attacks occurred police found a contraption of covered polystyrene on a wooden board with red straps which one of his victims said was called Satan’s Pillow.

Police raids also found evidence of child pornography and of him accessing paedophile newsgroups.

During his four-week trial Wells, who pleaded not guilty to all charges, said he put himself in a position to be accused of the offences because he wanted a reason to be able to commit suicide.

He was convicted of two charges of rape of an 11-year-old girl and three charges of indecent assault against the same girl.

He was convicted of taking an indecent photograph of a child as well as administering drugs to a second 11-year-old and a girl aged five and indecently assaulting the 11-year-old.

He was cleared of one rape charge involving the first 11-year-old and also of a charge of indecent assault of the five-year-old.

After his conviction Judge Keith Cutler said Wells was a “dangerous sex offender” who breached the trust of his profession, sending a “shiver down the spine.”

The trial heard that Wells, formerly of Hangleton Road, Hove, and Priory Avenue, Southampton, worked as what is commonly known as a police surgeon in the Southampton and Winchester areas of Hampshire and also had a private practice in Brighton.

What the jury at Winchester were not told was that Wells had been charged with abusing girls before.

He was acquitted of attacking an eight-year-old and a girl of 15 in separate trials at Lewes Crown Court in 1995.

In a case which has parallels with that of Soham child killer Ian Huntley, a loophole in vetting procedures allowed Wells to work as a police surgeon despite the charges.

He sought work from a company called Primecare in October 2001. They sub-contracted the doctor to Hampshire Police to work as a Forensic Medical Examiner despite him being known to the neighbouring Sussex force.

This was because the guidelines in force from 1993 to 2002 only required police to check locally and not, as is the case now, the areas a person has lived in for the last five years.

The vetting procedures have been improved since the Criminal Records Bureau was set up in 2002, according to a the Home Office.

The jury was also not made aware of Well’s notorious past as a bankrupt described in the Press as a `Romeo Doc’, who had debts of #1.5 million accumulated through failed businesses and indulgent spending on women.

Both drugs would have knocked the girls out and caused them to suffer amnesia.

Mr Parish said the levels in the older girl could have been potentially fatal and Wells had got it wrong and overdosed the girl.

At the Southampton address police found a piece of paper which the prosecution alleged was a timetable for the drugging of the two sisters and the abuse of the elder one.

It gave times for picking them up from the train station and going to the zoo.

Other notes gave times and the words Angel Delight and Viagra plus indications that what happened had been filmed.

Checks on a seized computer revealed that a film had been created and deleted in the early hours of February 26 and deleted files with the name of the 11-year-old girl on them were also discovered.

Detectives then spoke to another 11-year-old daughter of a family friend from Brighton and she alleged that Wells had attacked her repeatedly during most of 2002 and early 2003 when he was alone with her.

A spokeswoman for Primecare said that Wells had worked for the medical staffing agency since 1979 but added that it had completed all the checks required under the government guidelines in place at that time.

Dr Robert Wells is listed on the Joan Coleman’s Rains List/Ritual Abuse
 ~ police surgeon. Winchester and Southampton. convicted in June 2004 of raping and sexually assaulting young girls. Winchester Crown Court sentenced him 10-I5  years in jail.


[In 2004, Wells was jailed for 15 years  having been found guilty of two counts of rape, three counts of indecent assault and making an indecent image of an 11-year-old girl. He was also found guilty of drugging and indecently assaulting an 11-year-old girl and administering drugs to her five-year-old sister.

 Police doctor Robert Wells filmed sex attacks on girls 

 Wells had been up in court for child rape before! 

He was tried for child  

sexual assault but walked free from court in 1995  & yet was employed by police despite neighbouring force knowing he was a paedophile.
of 3 more attacks on young girls & he got another 7 years 


from a 2004 article re:  Dr Robert Wells

CAERLEON STALWART: Dr Russell Rhys with a sign he proposed for his historic home town

Dr Russell Rhys, 79, worked alongside Wells at the Isca Medical Centre in High Street, Caerleon, in the 1980s.

He said: “The man I knew was regarded as a good doctor in the area. “I worked with him for a few years but two years after I retired he became bankrupt.

“Like everyone I was deeply shocked.” After his conviction at Winchester crown court a sordid picture emerged of Wells who befriended the parents of his victims

Dame Alun Roberts ‏ @ciabaudo

 How many of those on the RAINS list have been convicted since the list was compiled?

WildCat‏ @calamiTcat




Babies-in-the-attic gran: ‘I’m guilty’

The former nurse was yesterday described as a cross between Sir Alex Ferguson and Mother Teresa who dedicated her life to helping young people on the troubled estate.

Police search third house after bodies of babies are found

Ann Mahoney, 64, a former psychiatric nurse, was arrested on Tuesday six weeks after a dead baby was discovered wrapped in a bag in an attic .

A search of her present home – a different address on the Gurnos estate in Merthyr Tydfil, south Wales – discovered two more bodies, wrapped in plastic.

Scientific tests have so far failed to establish how the babies died. Detectives are investigating whether they could have been the result of abortions, although the first baby discovered was full term. DNA tests are also being done.

A picture has begun to emerge of the woman, a former nurse, governor of Goetre infants’ school. l and youth football team manager. In 2001, Ms Mahoney was named “citizen of the year” locally for campaigning against antisocial behaviour. At the 3G Development Trust, a charity tackling deprivation, she helped with fundraising and fighting crime.

Ms Mahoney was at Prince Charles Hospital in Merthyr Tydfil for 20 years until 1983 and is thought to have worked for social services. She has two daughters and a granddaughter.




People-smuggling racket

“What is abundantly plain to me is that this was a substantial, sophisticated, highly organised, meticulously planned and professional operation with contacts here and abroad and the number of people brought into this country unlawfully was, I am sure, equally substantial,” he said.

“It was in many ways an audacious plan. It exploited what you demonstrated was a worrying weakness in our security.

Anderson, a former IT consultant for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea…


From a 2011 obituary of Dr Wells’ unaware co-worker Dr Russell Rhys…

after coming to Caerleon in 1969 he represented the community on the then Gwent County Council serving among other things on the council’s police committee.

Paul Flynn

Newport West MP Paul Flynn remained a close friend.

His daughter committed suicide at age 15.–Paul-Flynn-MP-day-lost-beautiful-teenage-daughter.html

The Compassionate Friends charity


Countess Mountbatten


Paul Flynn MP

More doctors in establishment paedophile rings

Doctor struck off over sex attacks

A JUNIOR doctor has been struck off after a tribunal heard he led a sordid double life as a night-time seaside-prowling pervert.

Mar 3, 2018


Dr Benjamin Brooks was jailed for 22 months after sex attacks on young girls
Dr Benjamin Brooks, 28, randomly targeted six girls aged between 10 and 14, claiming he was “battling in his head” whether to attack them.He was arrested after one witness to an assault on a young girl recognised him as a medical colleague at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.Last April Brooks, of Lytham St Annes, Lancs, was jailed for 22 months after admitting three sexual assaults and intimidating a witness.Now he has been struck off at a General Medical Council hearing in Manchester, despite pleading for leniency by arguing “my heart is in the right place”.

JK in Commons

Jonathan King, Jonathan Aitken and (left) Ronnie Campbell MP at the Inside Time prisoners survey publication, House of Commons, 21/6/2006

Jonathan Aitken in priest's outfit

Jonathan Aitken becomes prison chaplain

30 June 2018

Jonathan King’s friend Clem Cattini Worked with Rolf Harris and Cliff Richard


“Joe (Meek) signed Tom (Jones) when he arrived in London, but he tried kissing him behind the studio screens and that was that,”

Jonathan King & Margaret Thatcher (1990)

What connects Thatcher and 60s record producer Joe Meek?

Margaret Thatcher named as her favourite song –  Telstar by the Tornados. Telstar was produced by Joe Meek

Never forget poor Bernard Oliver…




According to this source – Archivesthe Krays ran a paedophile ring.

“What was involved was the systematic abuse of ten-to-twelve-year-old boys, one of whom subsequently became fairly well known as a singer.

“Another, rather less fortunate,wound up in six pieces in two suitcases…

“The police uncovered a large-scale juvenile pimping operation centred on a house in a Suffolk village (Tattington) owned by Ronnie Kray.

(The Kray twins had huge property interests in East Anglia).

Some of the boys were obtained via a close friend of (Benjamin) Britten’s in London, who named him as one of the beneficiaries of the ‘service’: other’customers’ included Lord Boothby (who frequently shared boys with Ronnie Kray himself) and the record producer Joe Meek. 

“At least two other people died in the aftermath of Bernard’s murder as the twins sealed up the leaks.”

Paedophiles Dr Martin Reddington & Dr John Byles

Doctors were murder probe chief suspects

29 October 2004 | UPDATED: 05:22 02 March 2010

TWO doctors wanted for the death and homosexual assault of another boy were the prime suspects in the Tattingstone suitcase murder, it can be revealed today.

TWO doctors wanted for the death and homosexual assault of another boy were the prime suspects in the Tattingstone suitcase murder, it can be revealed today.

Martin Reddington and John Byles both denied any involvement in the strangling and mutilation of mentally disabled teenager Bernard Oliver in January, 1967.

But detectives investigating one of the most horrific crimes Suffolk has ever known, pinpointed the pair as suspects from an early stage in their inquiries.

And when the case was reopened, in 1977, their links were again closely scrutinised. By this time, the case against them had grown even stronger.

But, in a remarkable hole in the investigation, Dr Reddington was never interviewed in connection with the offence.

It was decided there was insufficient evidence to extradite him from Australia, where he was living in 1977.

Original documents from the massive murder probe reveal they were jointly wanted for a string of sickening crimes, including gross indecency and buggery.

And one involved the murder of a boy in London in 1973, after an apparent homosexual relationship.

The previously unrevealed evidence is able to be published today due to the new Freedom of Information Act which will become law at the beginning of next year.

However Suffolk police granted permission for the file to be opened two months early after a request by The Evening Star.

The death of the boy in London in 1973 was a crime which had striking parallels with the gruesome death of Mr Oliver, whose severed body was discovered packed into two suitcases.

Tests on the remains revealed Mr Oliver had taken part in homosexual acts prior to his death, although his friends insisted he was not gay.

Two years before Mr Oliver’s death, a warrant had been issued for the arrest of Dr Reddington for the buggery and indecent assault of males, in 1965.

But before police inquiries could be completed, he fled the country for South Africa. Despite several attempts, the warrant was never executed and his guilt neither proved nor disproved.

It was known he made a number of return visits to the United Kingdom since leaving, although no evidence was ever found to place him in Suffolk or North London in January 1967.

The strong lack of leads to back up suspicions against the pair hindered the investigation from day one.

Yet, at the same time a great deal of other circumstantial evidence was building up.

One clue was the location of Dr Reddington’s surgery in Muswell Hill, North London, which was in the direction of the street Mr Oliver was last seen walking down.

Despite every address in the area being searched, the crime scene was never established – nor was any link with Suffolk.

The only possible clue was the local knowledge of Colchester-born Dr Reddington, although Dr Byles denied any knowledge of the county when interviewed.

A private investigator in Muswell Hill provided one of the fascinating pieces of evidence in the entire investigation.

She claimed to recognise the suitcase used to discard the body parts of Mr Oliver, pointing to the distinctive P.V.A initials on its side.

She told detectives she spoke to a man in a launderette on numerous occasions and vividly remembered the suitcase being brought in containing his dirty washing.

It was her description that to an artist’s impression of the killer being released.

And when the inquiry was reopened in 1977, she picked out a photograph of Dr Reddington as one of three men she recognised as owning the suitcase.

Another other clue that caused suspicion to fall on the two doctors was the expert way in which the body was cut up.

Neatly severed into eight parts, the precise and deliberate nature of the operation meant only an expert could have carried it out.

A consultant surgeon at the then Ipswich and East Suffolk Hospital decided the crime was most likely to have been committed by a doctor, surgeon or medical student.

It was someone with “knowledge of anatomy with previous experience of dismemberment”. The gory task had been “expertly accomplished”, with the exception of one joint.

The consultant explained: “One would expect the person dissecting the body, irrespective of how calm and deliberate he may have been, to show some sign of nerves, anxiety or excitement towards the end of the dissection.

“This could well be the reason for the bad workmanship on the left knee joint.”

But despite this growing weight of evidence by the late 1970s, Dr Reddington went to his grave without ever answering any questions relating to the crime. He died in May 1995, aged 63.

By now, Dr Byles had committed suicide in 1975, after being arrested and charged for an indecent assault in London, while in Australia.

He jumped bail and committed suicide before the full facts of the matter could be determined.

The 38-year-old left two suicide notes beside his body, one to Reddington, and another to Scotland Yard.

The note to police contained an apology for what he had done, but there was no direct reference to the Tattingstone murder. He was thought to have been responsible for the death of a cabin boy.

Eric Shields, a former detective sergeant with Suffolk police, was one of the officers who worked on infamous crime nearly 40 years ago.

Today he said: “The investigation was carried out in minute detail. As far as I’m concerned, it was dealt with in a highly professional manner.”

“I’m sure all the officers who worked on the Tattingstone murder are disappointed nobody has been brought to book.”

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Dismembered body of Bernard Michael OLIVER found at Tattingstone, Suffolk on 16 January 1967 (‘Suitcase Murder’):

Miscellaneous reports and correspondence

Access conditions:

Closed For 76 years Record opening date: 01 January 2045

Dr John Byles Body is missing doctor: police The Age 22-01-75


Dr John Byles, Reverend John Poole & Raymond Varley Police seek doctor The Canberra Times 18-01-75

Reverend John Poole Vicar’s rape charge; Wife weeps as father of four is accused of attacking girl, 15
jUNE 11

A VICAR appeared in court yesterday charged with raping a girl of 15.

The Reverend John Poole, 50, formervicar of St Paul’s Church, in Shipley, West Yorkshire, is alleged to have attacked the youngster in his rectory in May last year.

The father-of four is also accused of indecently assaulting her on two previous occasions.

Poole, from Clayton, Bradford, was arrested on Sunday as his wife Denise, a curate, prepared to give a sermon at All Saints Church in Great Horton, Bradford.

Reverend John Poole’s wife the Revd Canon Denise Poole.

His wife wept and Poole fought back the tears as bail was granted after a 90-minute hearing. …

The Revd Denise and John Poole in Khartoum, Sudan in 2009

 Church Urban Fund – Trustee – Reverend Canon Denise Poole
Reverend Canon Denise June Poole Chaplain to the Bishop of Bradford
Rev Paul Flowers

Reverend Canon Denise June Poole & Reverend Paul Flowers
Nov 9 2008

The service was led by Canon Denise Poole, the Lord Mayor’s Chaplain, and Councillor the Reverend Paul Flowers, chaplain to the city’s branch of the RBL.

It was attended by civic dignitaries including the Queen’s representative, the Lord-Lieutenant of West Yorkshire, Council leader Kris Hopkins and Bradford South MP Gerry Sutcliffe.

The service followed a parade, led by standard-bearers from veterans’ groups, forces’ cadets and Scouts, which snaked through the city streets.

Members of the 269 (West Riding) Battery inherited the Freedom of the City of Bradford, were also part of the parade from Centenary Square to the city’s war memorial.

Paedophile John Poole is finance person for the British Bible Society and he had visited Sudan in the eighties.

Sudan Church Association – John Poole (SCA Finance Manager)

Paedophile Dr Martin Bruce Reddington Doctor on assault charge The Canberra Times 05-02-77

MEDICAL BRANCH MARTIN BRUCE REDDINGTON, M.B., B.Chir. (505363). 11th May 1957.


 Mr & Mrs John Poole of British and Foreign Bible Society

Philip John Poole was employed as Secretary of The British and Foreign Bible Society.

The Bible Society in Sudan, which is based in the north’s capital, Khartoum.

Bible Society’s Patron is Her Majesty the Queen


Philip John Poole (The Bible Society) Publisher launches ‘youth Bible’ – a tale of sex and masturbation

Philip Poole, the deputy chief executive of The Bible Society, said the society “supports the way Collins is helping young people understand how the Bible can speak into their lives today”.

Philip Poole – Deputy Chief Executive Officer Bible Society

Deputy chief executive of the Bible Society, Philip Poole Bible project comes to Cirencester

Sept 11 2011

Victim of paedophile doctor urges more women to come forward

Woman, known as Jasmine, awarded damages after being abused by Myles Bradbury

11 July 2018

Myles Bradbury at Cambridge crown court

A female victim of a paedophile doctor, who it had been assumed only preyed on boys, has urged other women to come forward after being awarded a five-figure sum in damages.

Myles Bradbury was jailed for 22 years in 2014 for abusing boys at Addenbrooke’s hospital in Cambridgeshire between 2009 and 2013.

It is feared that his abuse began earlier and was more extensive. A 26-year-old woman, referred to only as Jasmine to protect her identity, alleged that Bradbury abused her during his time at Birmingham children’s hospital between 2007 and 2008, when she was 14.

She said Bradbury arranged an appointment that was not needed when she was being checked for blood clots. He then asked her to undress, carried out an unnecessary examination and sexually assaulted her, Jasmine said.

Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS foundation trust paid more than £10,000 to settle the case.

In a statement issued her by lawyers, Hudgell Solicitors, Jasmine said: “You try and convince yourself that something like this has not affected you, but it does. I have lost my trust in health professionals.

“My 18-month-old daughter had to go to A&E recently and it was a male doctor, and I wasn’t comfortable with that.

“I haven’t heard of any other girls coming forward, and have seen that all his convictions were against boys, but I don’t believe that I was the only girl to have been hurt in this way.”

Her lawyer, Renu Daly, said: “When she first approached me, she said ‘nobody is going to believe me because I’m a girl and it was in a different hospital’.

“She always felt her examination was totally inappropriate, which it was. Bradbury chose to see her and carry out an examination when she was being investigated for a blood disorder, nothing to do with a physical examination.”

Daly added: “She wanted to raise the profile for other women, on the basis that if there are other women struggling they should come forward. It is less scary to do it when someone else has taken the plunge.”

“I think there are lot of other victims. And it is about getting your life back on track. She has really moved her life on since she first came forward. She was broken to start with. She wants to move on with her life and she is not going to let Bradbury destroy the rest of it.”

In a statement, the trust said: “The safety of the children and young people we see is a priority. When these allegations came to light we contacted all of the families under Bradbury’s care to offer support and advice, referring any concerns to the police.

“At the time, we also conducted a thorough review of our approach to chaperoning to offer families further reassurance around the safety of their children, while in our care. This is something we continuously audit.”

Survivors Offline

the findings of the independent Lampard Review into Savile’s activities within more than 40 NHS hospitals.

The Review found: 

“Savile’s status and influence … was enhanced by the endorsement and encouragement he received from politicians, senior civil servants and NHS managers. His access within NHS hospitals gave Savile the opportunity to commit sexual abuses on a grand scale for nearly 50 years.”

Liz Dux, a lawyer representing 44 of Savile’s victims, responded to the report:

“It beggars belief that a report which has revealed Savile was widely known as a sex pest at Stoke Mandeville can find no evidence of management responsibility.” 


“Ten victims had reported their assaults to nursing staff on the ward, including one complaint being made to management, yet still his deviant and sickening behaviour continued.”


The revelation in the report that three other doctors had committed serious sexual offences at the hospital in the past four decades suggested “something seriously amiss.”
Jimmy Savile & Eve Saville,
psychosexual abuse experiments
  • Did the Tavistock Clinic and its partners conduct clinical experiments on patients into the effects of psychosexual abuse?
  • Was a female member of Jimmy Savile’s family complicit in consenting for JS to be part of clinical research experiments?
  • Was JS as a boy experimented upon (i.e. tortured) with psychosexual abuse to shape his personality? So that JS could fill a specific role for the elite in adulthood? 
  • Was JS’s life of predations one decades-long experiment, designed, set up and monitored by psychologists linked to the Tavistock or its partners?

Britain’s front organisations and secret societies are often permeated with Friends of Israel – that is, radical Zionists pursuing the political aim of a Greater Israel.

Also represented disproportionately among the rosters of patrons, trustees and directors of top institutions are people with links to domestic and foreign Intelligence (especially MI5 and Mossad), and Britain’s parliamentary, Third Sector, medical, social care, teaching, policing, law, journalism and media Establishments.

What else connects Britain’s spooky organisations, such as the examples below?

  1. The Tavistock Centre, including its Gender Identity Development Service
  2. The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations
  3. The British False Memory Society
  4. The London School of Economics (e.g. its Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science) 
  5. The Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science (e.g. its interests in forensic psychology, developmental psychology and applied psychology)
  6. Freud Communications (Public Relations)
  7. Clarence Mitchell Communications Ltd (Public Relations)
  8. Mind, the mental health charity
  9. Common Purpose (its emphasis on Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP)
  10. News Corp UK and Ireland; Daily Mail and General Trust
The answer is that all possess an acute interest in, and understanding of, human PSYCHOLOGY, or how the human mind works:how our perceptions, thoughts and behaviours are acquired and develop, and how they can be manipulated.

By applying this powerful knowledge in practical ways, organisations like those above strive to alter or influence people’s perceptions, thoughts and behaviours.

The target could be an individual, a particular group of people, or an entire society. Most front organisations and secret societies (link) have interests in one or more of the following strands of psychological inquiry:
  1. The stages of human cognitive, emotional and personality development, and the influences thereon;
  2. How sexual and gender identity, sexual orientation and sexuality are formed, and the influences thereon;
  3. Sexual, emotional and physical abuse and its impact on the psyche;
  4. How mental health disorders, including Dissociative Disorders and deviant sexual personalities develop, or can be developed;
  5. Psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and Applied Behaviour Analysis as tools for shaping or altering thoughts, personality and behaviour;
  6. Principles of social conditioning; 
  7. Opinion formation and Public Relations theory, including strategies and techniques of persuasion, and how consent can be manufactured
  8. The role for psychological disciplines in contributing to mass cultural and political transformation

Front organisations and secret societies typically peddle harmful social doctrines, destructive symbolism and disinformation, in the pursuit of certain socio-political ends.

Some specialise in developing Dissociative Identity Disorder in targets using techniques such as trauma-based mind control.

In the first instance, the disorientation and fracturing of the individual is a goal. Demoralised, confused and fearful individuals may stop acting logically, reasonably, or even in some cases, morally. Many cannot resist the programming which then follows.

Individuals at the receiving end of the most intense efforts to fracture and splinter the Mind typically can become psychotic, schizophrenic, suicidal, or otherwise dangerously unbalanced, depending on the type, severity and duration of the programming applied.

Guises and roles into which mind-controlled subjects are pushed may include: sex slave; sexual deviant; sexual exhibitionist; patsy (in the style of a maniacal terrorist or other cold-blooded murderer); ideological extremist; radical propagandist; impulsive, volatile and capricious person; manic depressive; or some combination of these.

Cyril Burt was a member of the London School of Differential Psychology and the British Eugenics Society. Amy Strachey was the wife of John Strachey (junior), a journalist whose father, John Strachey (senior), was a Labour politician with possible links to British intelligence
Jimmy Savile was born in 1926. That same year, Cyril Burt and John Strachey junior appealed to the Commonwealth Fund for(i) funding to start training psychiatric social workers at the London School of Economics; and (ii) and support for child guidance.

Funds were duly granted, so that in 1929 the London School of Economics was able to establish Britain’s first course for training PSWs.The Association of Psychiatry Social Work was established that same year.Also in 1929, just three years after the birth of Jimmy Savile, the Jewish Health Organisation established the London Child Guidance Clinic.It was Britain’s first children’s psychiatric facility, and it also provided training to educational psychologists, social workers and social workers.The London Child Guidance Clinic later became the Tavistock Clinic.
Eve Savile

The Institute for the Study and Treatment of Delinquency (ISTD) was established in 1933 as the clinical arm of the Portman Clinic.

The Portman Clinic has long had close ties to the Tavistock Clinic and in 1994 joined with it to become the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust.

The General Secretary of the ITSD was a woman called Eve Saville, MBE.

“Whether she was related to Jimmy, OBE, I do not know,” writes Horsley. “The names Savile and Saville seem to be more or less interchangeable, and one easy way for Sir Jimmy (who called his mum ‘the Duchess’) to cover any possible aristocratic ancestral tracks might have been to remove one of the l’s”.

Horsley adds:

found a most unexpected affiliation between Eve Saville and Victor Neuburg, Crowley’s ill-fated homosexual partner and disciple … 
Neuberg was one of the founding members of the ISTD.”…kshire-11/

More coincidences?

  • The TAVISTOCK CLINIC’S founding father was CLEMENT FREUD’S GRANDFATHER, Sigmund Freud. CLEMENT FREUD (who is related to self-confessed former Mossad spy Uri Geller) was a prolific paedophile.
  • Nick Ross’ father, Hans, had a sister named Dina. Dina become a child psychotherapist at the TAVISTOCK CLINIC (Nick Ross is linked to alleged Savile accomplice and Mossad asset Esther Rantzen. The wider familial and social circle around Nick Ross includes his wife Sarah Caplin, Dr Alan Farthing and Sir Cliff Richard, all of whom are alleged collaborators).
  • ROLF HARRIS approached the TAVISTOCK CLINIC and the NSPCC in the 1980s with his idea about making a film on child sexual abuse. Esther Rantzen’s Childwatch donated £15,000 for the film, ‘Kids Can Say No’, which was filmed on Hampstead Heath. An NSPCC committee reviewed and approved the film. After ‘Kids Can Say No’ the TAVISTOCK CLINIC also helped produce a ROLF HARRIS sequel to it.
  • Esther Rantzen went on to develop Childwatch into the Childline charity. In 2006 Dr Carole Easton, who was Childline’s chief executive at the time, persuaded the NSPCC to absorb Childline into the larger charity. Dr Easton trained as a child and adolescent psychotherapist at the TAVISTOCK CLINIC.
  • The late MP LEO ABSE has been investigated by police in connection with child sexual abuse allegations. His surviving niece, SUSANNA ABSE previously worked for the TAVISTOCK CLINIC as the CEO of Tavistock Relationships.
  • The TAVISTOCK CLINIC was originally established in TAVISTOCK SQUARE, the location of the slaughter of 13 bus passengers on 7/7 2005. Margaret Hodge, at the heart of the Islington Child Abuse Scandal, has said that her SISTER was working in TAVISTOCK SQUARE at the time of the explosion.
  • CLIFF RICHARD (allegedly) abused children at the Elm Guest House and elsewhere, it has been reported. Sir Cliff once owned a company called Blacknight Limited, an unusual moniker with distinctly occult connotations. Blacknight was registered to an address in TAVISTOCK SQUARE.
  • In another extraordinary coincidence, CLIFF RICHARD’s lawyer, Gideon Benaim, has his office in TAVISTOCK SQUARE. Benaim previously represented the notorious convicted paedophile, Roman Polanski.
  • EXARO NEWS, the investigative news website that specialised in reporting on establishment paedophilia, was liquidated by the accountants Menzies LLP (insolvency practitioners Freddy Khalastchi and Jonathan David Bass). Menzies LLP is located in TAVISTOCK SQUARE.
  • TAVISTOCK SQUARE was so-named because the estate on which it sits was owned by the Dukes of Bedford from TAVISTOCK, DEVON. In another coincidence, Exaro News’ former owner, DR JEROME BOOTH, grew up in TAVISTOCK, DEVON.
  • In an astonishing coincidence, another famous resident of Tavistock Devon is the late Michael Jackson’s bodyguard, Matt Fiddes. Michael Jackson’s circle of friends included the late serial child rapist GREVILLE JANNER, as well as the self-confessed former Mossad spy, Uri Geller, who is related to the late paedophile MP, Clement Freud.
  • Another famous resident of Tavistock Devon is the Marchioness of Tavistock, Henrietta Russell, who once co-authored a book with spooky Daily Mail journalist and friend of Louis Theroux’s mother, ANGELA LEVIN. Intriguingly, Angela Levin once also wrote a “fawning” biography on serial paedophile MAX CLIFFORD and  books about Camilla Parker-Bowles and the family of Princess Diana. Moreover, Levin was warned about Jimmy Savile attacking young disabled children, but said nothing.
  • Adjoining Tavistock Square is TAVISTOCK PLACE, site of the National Institute of Social Work. The Institute’s former Director of Education was the notorious convicted paedophile PETER RIGHTON of the PAEDOPHILE INFORMATION EXCHANGE, who in 1979 sat on a steering committee with Janet Mattinson of the TAVISTOCK CENTRE. Righton was a friend of PIE treasurer Charles Napier; the pair have been linked to the national abuse network.
  • PRINCE CHARLES and Princess Diana both received psychiatric services from TAVISTOCK CLINIC trained psychiatrist Dr Alan McGashan. Laurens Van der Post has been identified as the paedophile who introduced Prince Charles to Dr McGashan. Quite incredibly, the prince was treated for 14 years by the Tavistock-trained doctor, according to one historian.
  • Cicely Meehan, one of the two sisters who helped raise alleged Dolphin Square child trafficker and child rapist DEREK LAUD, was a CHILD PSYCHOLOGIST. Was Cicely Meehan trained by, working for, or in any way connected to the TAVISTOCK CLINIC? Did Cicely Meehan use trauma-based mind control, and/or other methods, to create in Derek Laud a disturbed personality (Dissociative Identity Disorder?) as part of a Tavistock clinical experiment, sponsored by British and Israeli Intelligence, with links to the alleged Savile-Currie-Freuds-Hodges-Vaz-Rantzen-royalty network of VIP child traffickers and paedophiles?
  • Dr Valerie Sinason, founder of the Clinic for Dissociative Studies, was Consultant Child Psychotherapist at the TAVISTOCK CLINIC from 1987 to 1999; Consultant Psychotherapist at both the Anna Freud and Portman Clinics from 1994 to 1997; and from 1994 to 2006 a Consultant Research Psychotherapist/Psychoanalyst at St George’s Hospital Medical School. Strangely enough, Dr Sinason sits on the Advisory Council of Norwood, the prominent British-Jewish charity to which Jimmy Savile donated his time and talents. 
  • Decades treating survivors of child abuse at the TAVISTOCK CLINIC and affiliated institutions has left Dr Sinason in no doubt that children across the UK were sexually abused by a network of VIP paedophiles – the Zionist fixer Jimmy Savile prominent among them – with ritual abuse a not uncommon feature of many of the episodesDr Sinason does not appear to realise, however, that a faction within her own former institution, the Tavistock Clinic, is itself heavily involved in the design and practice of projects to effect psycho-sexual trauma. (And what does Dr Sinason make of the late Jimmy Savile’s association with her own ‘Norwood’ Jewish charity?)

And even MORE coincidences?

Peter Parker was a member of the Medical Research Council and the chairman of the London School of Economics (there’s that university again) from 1988 to 1998
“As chairman of British Rail, it was Parker who brought in Jimmy Savile as the face of British Rail in the ad campaign.

Parker’s wife Lady Gillian Parker was a founder member of the British False Memory Syndrome Association.”

One anonymous commenter on a blog wrote:

“There had been some years of group psychiatric research conducted by Tavistock Institute on all the care home resident communities in UK of Leonard Cheshire Homes. This research had been commissioned by Dept of Health. But details of its legality and purpose are still refused disclosure by Attorney General (Dominic Grieve).”

On a different blog, another person said:

“Let’s not forget that the ‘talking treatments’ at the Tavistock mean that those who end up there and others place tell a lot of ‘secrets’ which can be usefully ‘shared'”

Psychosexual torture on children at Dolphin Square was Tavistock sanctioned experimentation?

The strange career of Sir Rodney Brooke.

  1. Sir Rodney is a Member of the Council of the Tavistock Institute
  2. He is Chairman of the Dolphin Square Trust
  3. He is a Trustee of the Dolphin Square Charitable Foundation
  4. He was the first permanent Chairman of the General Social Care Council
  5. He was the Chief Executive of Westminster City Council and the Association of Metropolitan Authorities. (Westminster City Council was reportedly the ultimate landlord of Dolphin Square during the period when vulnerable boys from the Bryn Alyn Community, Kincora’ boys home, and other institutions were being trafficked there to be abused by certain of Shirley Porter’s Conservative councillors, as well as by certain parliamentarians.)
  6. He was appointed a Deputy Lieutenant in 1989. 


  • Did Tavistock-designed experiments in psychosexual trauma and mind-fracturing initiated at the birth of Jimmy Savile continue throughout the DJ’s sordid life?
  • Did the children and adults who suffered at the hands of JS and other paedophiles suffer because of Tavistock or its affiliates?
  • In the 1920s, as psychology and psychiatry became disciplines with their own treatment, research and teaching facilities such as the Tavistock Clinic and its affiliates, did some Zionist practitioners apply their expertise to a Zionist political agenda?
  • Has research into child and adult sexual trauma been carried out over decades because the Powers that Be have permanent requirements for – Paedophiles and demoralised victims of rape? – Aggressors and victims with personality disorders? – Mind-controlled (personality splintered) patsies to be used for dramatic, violent interventions into public life designed to generate huge socio-political impact, such as staged terror events? – Mind-controlled (personality splintered) public figures to influence the society and culture in ways tending to disorientate and demoralise the population?

The Rings

According to Operation Yewtree, there is “no clear evidence” he operated in paedophile rings, although “whether he was part of an informal network” is still being investigated.

However, according to the BBC, Savile “had different groups of friends in different places. They were his “‘teams’, he called them”.   It appears from the above that Savile operated in the following “Teams” (to use his term instead of the usual ring, sect, covern, network or gang):

  1. A paedophile “Team”/Ring in Scarborough, involving Mr Corrigan, Mr Jaconelli and possibly others.
  1. A Satanist “Team”/Ring in Whitby, involving Mr Jaconelli and possibly others, centered on the property in Whitby which had “the chamber’ in it.  Whilst we do not know what went on there and it could have been entirely innocent, when you have a cocktail of satanist and sadomasochistic paraphernalia, and Savile, an innocent explanation is unlikely.
  1. A Satanist “Team”/Ring in Stoke Mandeville Hospital, involving Savile and several others.

  1. There was also a fourth “Team”/Ring in Rochdale, led by Horgan, who was closely associated with Cyril Smith.  Smith was certainly Savile’s oldest friend and a very close confidant.