Jeffrey Epstein’s Black Book (Part 1)


How long before Joe and Jane Average figure it out?

That a great percentage of the world’s top politicians, VIPs and societal elites are evil, depraved, mentally unbalanced individuals ‘with profound sociopathic / psychopathic tendencies’

So how DOES he pay for it all? The sums just don’t add up on Prince Andrew’s millionaire lifestyle (funded by his Navy pension and civil list income)… until you meet his oligarch chums

  • Prince Andrew was almost certainly attracted to Epstein because he had the one thing he coveted: Money
  • Epstein’s connections funneled business opportunities in the Prince’s direction and he grew personally rich

His Florida home, where Andrew stayed on several occasions, presumably with police protection officers, was decorated with photographs of naked teenagers.

It boasted massage rooms, equipped with sex toys, and guest bathrooms where basins were adorned with soap in the shape of a phallus.

Yet within an extraordinarily short time of meeting this dubious character, the Prince welcomed Epstein into the Royal Family’s circle, inviting him to a birthday party at Windsor Castle, entertaining him at Balmoral and taking him shooting at Sandringham.Whatever, as the saying goes, was the Queen’s favourite son thinking?

On at least one occasion during their tawdry relationship, and perhaps more — Emily Maitlis neglected to pin him down on this front — Epstein opened his chequebook, too.

That moment occurred in 2010, when Epstein had long been a convicted child sex offender. Specifically, less than six months after Andrew had decided to spend four nights at his New York mansion.

At that point, the financier agreed to pay £15,000 to Sarah Ferguson. The cash gift reportedly allowed her to restructure vast debts, which at the time were heading towards the £5 million mark and threatening to make ugly headlines.

It also helped meet unpaid wages for her former personal assistant, Johnny O’Sullivan.

Epstein’s assistance to Andrew didn’t just come in the form of freebies and hard cash, though.

That much became abundantly clear during Saturday’s Newsnight interview, when the Prince brazenly waxed lyrical about ‘the people I met and the opportunities I was given to learn, either by him or because of him’, saying they were ‘actually very useful’.

What he appears to have been trying to argue was that Epstein’s circle of glamorous and influential contacts were not just entertaining company (for a somewhat lonely man who by all accounts has few genuine friends), but could also be leveraged into a potentially-valuable commodity. Given subsequent revelations about Andrew’s finances it’s hard to disagree.

For not only could such people assist Prince Andrew with his official trade role, they also had the ability to funnel seriously profitable business opportunities his way.

Indeed, over the years since he left the Royal Navy in 2001, the Duke appears to have begun quietly carving out a sideline working as a sort of commercial ‘fixer’ to wealthy businessmen, using his contacts book and Royal stardust to help them set up lucrative deals in far-flung corners of the globe.

The deals themselves have always been secret, as have the exact commissions he earned from them.

However, they help explain how, between 2000 and the present day, the Duke has amassed such wealth…

For years, these extravagant purchases baffled friends, given his meagre official income and lack of any proper job.

Since 2011, his official working life has revolved around an entrepreneurial charity, Pitch@Palace

‘I would compare Andrew to a hot-air balloon,’ an acquaintance once told me. ‘He seems to float serenely around, in very rarefied circles, without any visible means of support. No one has ever had a clue how he pays for it.’

However, in 2016, the Mail obtained a tranche of emails detailing his extraordinary business dealings with just one of the many groups of politically-connected entrepreneurs in his orbit.

The documents hailed from the spectacularly corrupt, but mineral-rich Central Asian country Kazakhstan, whose dictator Nursultan Nazarbayev had, in the mid-2000s, become chummy with Andrew during trade visits: at one point inviting him on a goose hunt to one of his remote hunting lodges.

…offered a chilling insight into the moral universe of some of the dodgy oligarchs in the Prince’s circle.

One set of emails was sent by a Kazakh businessman (who had been previously photographed meeting Andrew) to a group of Russian friends. It featured an obscene discussion about teenage prostitutes who would soon be joining them on holiday near to the Black Sea. Attached was video footage of each of the girls, stick thin and incredibly young, dancing in bikinis next to a pool.

Andrew was not party to this correspondence, and it should be stressed that he had also nothing to do with the holiday in question. His name instead cropped up in a separate set of emails, involving an entirely different Kazakh businessman called Kenges Rakishev.

On April 14, 2011, the Prince telephoned, then personally emailed, Rakishev on behalf of a Greek water company called EYDAP and a Swiss finance house called Aras Capital, which wanted to bid for a £385 million contract to build water and sewage networks in two large Kazakh cities, Astana and Almaty, one of which boasted Rakishev’s father-in-law as mayor.

Describing the consortium as ‘we’, and outlining broad details of what he called ‘the water plan’, the Prince then said his private secretary, Amanda Thirsk, would personally help introduce the firms to senior Kazakh political figures.

According to Greek executives involved in the bid, Andrew was to have been paid a commission of one per cent, or £3.85 million, for helping broker a successful deal.

Coincidentally, one per cent is exactly the same commission the Duchess of York had been recorded on tape in 2010 demanding in return for access to the Prince, in a red-top newspaper sting.

The sum, in addition to a £500,000 down payment, would ‘open any door you want’, she told an undercover reporter from the News of the World, posing as a wealthy businessman. ‘Look after me and he [Andrew] will look after you,’ she claimed.

‘You’ll get it back tenfold.’

But we digress. The 2011 emails, on behalf of Greek and Swiss firms, with absolutely no upside for UK Plc, were sent while Andrew was supposedly working full-time as Britain’s trade ambassador.

Perhaps intriguingly, given recent events involving a photograph of Andrew and Epstein’s ‘sex slave’ Virginia Roberts, Buckingham Palace initially sought to argue they were forged.

However, they later admitted the messages, which were signed ‘The Duke’ were genuine, but hired law firm Harbottle & Lewis to argue that publishing them would breach the Prince’s privacy (the Mail successfully responded that they laid bare a financial and political scandal which was clearly in the public interest).

Also in the leaked emails were messages detailing the notorious sale of Sunninghill, the Duke’s 12-bedroom former Windsor home.

It had languished on the market for five years before suddenly changing hands in November 2007. The purchaser was listed as an opaque company based in the British Virgin Islands, who for reasons never properly explained decided to pay £15 million — £3 million over the asking price — before leaving the property empty, decaying for more than eight years, before razing it to the ground.

The purchaser was later named as Timur Kulibayev, another Kazakh oligarch Andrew met on the global trade circuit.

Although Buckingham Palace had long insisted Andrew had no role whatsoever in the sale, the emails showed his private office had gone to great lengths to broker the deal, discussing interior design and security arrangements with the purchaser, while also intervening to persuade the Crown Estate to lease two fields adjacent to the property to them for a peppercorn rent.

A couple of years later, Andrew had also emailed senior figures at the State owned Royal Bank of Scotland to ask if they could arrange for the Royal Bank, Coutts (owned by RBS) to take on Mr Kulibayev as a client. His message asked them to send executives to Kazakhstan to discuss ‘wealth management’ with him. Mr Kulibayev — whose father in law is the aforementioned dictator, Nursultan Nazarbayev — is of course just one of a host of wealthy but controversial businessmen the Duke has been drawn towards.

While none have proven to be as explosively controversial as Epstein, several have made ugly headlines, from Colonel Gaddafi’s son, Saif al-Islam, to Tarek Kaituni, a convicted Libyan gun smuggler who came to his daughter Eugenie’s wedding this summer, Sakher el-Materi, a one-time member of the Tunisian government who took asylum in the Seychelles after being convicted of corruption, and David Rowland, a tycoon and tax exile once branded a ‘shady financier’ in Parliament.

All have, like Epstein, got bulging wallets and are capable of great charm. Doubtless they also throw a mean party.

But when a senior Royal chooses to bring large numbers of turbo-charged plutocrats into their inner circle, and when their relationships start to extend into the financial realm, things have a habit of turning sour.

Prince Andrew may have said in his notorious interview on Saturday that he doesn’t perspire. But as the charge sheet against him slowly starts to engulf the very institution he represents, the Duke of York could be forgiven for feeling a bit hot under the collar.

This is the full BCC interview with Prince Andrew

Is This Prince Andrew’s Death Rattle? U.S. Epstein Document Cache Could Sink Beleaguered Prince

Sponsors are dropping him, he’s accused of racism (again), and now pressure is mounting for him to talk to the FBI about Jeffrey Epstein. Can he hang on to his role in public life?

Prince Andrew is named in a cache of secret legal documents detailing explosive new allegations against Jeffrey Epstein that could be unsealed by a U.S. judge before the end of the year.

The revelation is just one of many fresh blows to have landed on Andrew, leaving him reeling in the aftermath of his disastrous BBC interview.

The Daily Telegraph reports Andrew could face further damaging claims about his friendship with the dead financier in the coming weeks, as a U.S. judge ponders whether to unseal more than 3,000 pages of new evidence about Epstein’s alleged crimes.

The documents formed part of a defamation lawsuit filed in 2015 (which was ultimately settled out of court) by Giuffre Roberts against the billionaire’s alleged former “madam,” the British heiress Ghislaine Maxwell. They include depositions from 29 people, including a number of new witnesses and even Epstein himself, the Telegraph reports.

Andrew is believed to be among hundreds of people named in the new documents who will be formally notified before the end of the year, to give them a chance to respond to the allegations if the papers are unsealed.

The Telegraph reports that a description of the sealed documents says they refer to “a range of allegations of sexual acts involving Plaintiff (Giuffre Roberts) and non-parties to this litigation, some famous, some not; the identities of non-parties who either allegedly engaged in sexual acts with Plaintiff or who allegedly facilitated such acts.”

One of the many unproven theories as to why Andrew agreed to do the interview circulating this week is that he hoped to burnish his own image ahead of further allegations emerging.

The fresh U.S. legal threat came as Andrew faced calls to give a formal statement to the FBI from an unnamed woman who appeared with celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred to say that she was launching her own case against Epstein’s estate for allegedly abusing her at the age of 15. She said that the prospect of meeting Prince Andrew was used by Epstein to try and lure her to his Caribbean island.

Back in the U.K., Andrew’s world continued to crumble as it was revealed that KPMG will not renew its lapsed sponsorship of his Pitch @ Palace business entrepreneurship program, and drug firm AstraZeneca said it was reviewing its participation.

Standard Chartered bank said it won’t be renewing its sponsorship of the initiative when it ends in February, and the organization has removed a webpage boasting of its list of supporters.

Andrew also faces being cut loose from charities of which he is patron. The Outward Bound Trust, which also has the prince’s daughter Beatrice as a trustee, is holding a special meeting this week that could see Andrew ditched.

Students at Huddersfield University have launched a campaign for Prince Andrew to resign as chancellor, with a social-media campaign under the hashtag #NotMyChancellor.

It has also emerged that Giuffre Roberts filmed a BBC interview before Andrew gave his, and this may now be re-recorded in the light of Andrew’s claims.

A Sky News poll, meanwhile had more bad news for Andrew—saying that just 6 percent of the public believed his account of his friendship with Epstein.

Prince Andrew is a director at


Other directors listed – Sir Jimmy Savile  Prince Philip, Prince Edward, Lynne de Rothschild (wife of Evelyn, who is listed in Epstein’s black book), Ffion Llywelyn Hague (wife of William Hague)

Another director of Outward Bound Global is Sir Timothy Brighouse.  He was also a director at  Academy of Youth Limited

DJ Jimmy Savile shows the Duke of Edinburgh where he keeps his cigar before the Variety Club national sponsored sports luncheon at the Hilton Hotel, London. The Duke was guest of honour at the lunch to benefit the Outward Bound Trust – he is patron – and the Variety Club Heart Fund – he is a Gold Life Member.

16 April 1980

Radio One Disc Jockeys take time off to push Jimmy Savile from Broadcasting House to Park Lane by bed, in aid of the Variety Club of Great Britain and the Outward Bound Trust. (L-R) Simon Bates, Dave Lee Travis, Tony Blackburn, Kid Jensen and Steve Wright.


Alleged abuse at one of their camps




“Send a picture of your little nymphet to the Royal palace.”

1984 Johnny Carson makes a joke about Prince Andrew being a pedophile.

1980 Cosmos Bachelor of the Month – Jeffrey Epstein

Epstein’s friends and colleagues:

Swedish connections,  Eva Anderson and husband Glenn Dubin:

Dr. Eva Andersson-Dubin, the founder of the Dubin Breast Center of the Tisch Cancer Institute at the Mount Sinai Medical Center. Could one of Manhattan’s most prominent power couples know more about the Epstein mystery?

The three were close, after all. Andersson-Dubin, a former Miss Sweden, dated Epstein for years before she and Dubin married in 1994. Even after Epstein’s conviction in 2008, the couple stayed in contact with the registered sex offender, inviting him to Thanksgiving dinner at their home in Palm Beach the following year. Andersson-Dubin also wrote an email to Epstein’s probation officer, asserting that she was “100% comfortable with Jeffrey Epstein around my children,” who were then all minors.


Ghislaine and Eva Anderson

Epstein story – Journalist admits the Palace shut it down. Also, “Didn’t meet ABCs editorial standards”


In 1995, Ghislaine Corp. was officially founded by Epstein and Amanda J. Ellison.

Dr. Ralph M Ellison was CEO of DOR BioPharma Inc., a small company processing ricin, a powerful toxin.

Alexander Haig was appointed Board Chairman of DOR in 2003.

Epstein Flight Logs:
​ Tiffany Gramza was listed in the black book under “Massage California” She currently resides in Simi Valley, CA. She works as a esthetician and at the family construction biz, L.A. Drill.
March 17, 2003DOR BioPharma, Inc. (AMEX:DOR) (“DOR” or the “Company) announced the appointment of Ralph M. Ellison, M.D., MBA as the Company’s Chief Executive Officer and President.

Dr. Ellison was a co-founder, Chief Executive Officer and Director of PolaRx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc., an oncology focused drug development company that developed Trisenox(R) (arsenic trioxide) for the treatment of cancer.

Following the successful completion of PolaRx’s pivotal phase III clinical trial, PolaRx was acquired by Cell Therapeutics, Inc., a public biopharmaceutical company based in Seattle, Washington. During his tenure as the Chief Executive Officer of PolaRx, Dr. Ellison was responsible for all aspects of PolaRx’s drug development program from IND filing through the end of phase III testing. Trisenox(R) currently holds the record as the fastest drug developed and approved the FDA.

Dr. Ellison holds a degree of Doctor of Medicine from the University of  the Witwatersrand in South Africa and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

Ellisons’  businesses

rag & bone x The Childhood Cancer Project Fundraising Celebration at rag & bone Bal Harbour Shops – World Red Eye Bal Harbour, FL – March 9, 2019 – From its origins in New York in 2002, rag & bone instantaneously distinguished itself by combining British heritage with directional, modern design. Today, the brand…


Pictured: Sharon Lior, Hollen Rosenberg, Mandee Adler, Tila Falic Levi, Joey Chancis, Joanna Segal, Annie Schlesinger, Amanda Ellison, & Diana Starkman

“Dr. Scott Segal, president and cofounder, Segal Trials, explains the complexity of the process. “Every site does it differently,” he says.

Scott Segal – President for Closed Door Pharmacy, Inc. View Scott Segal’s profile for company associations, background information, and partnerships. Search our database of over 100 million company and executive profiles

Pharmaceutical exec sells North Bay Road home for $13M


A pharmaceutical executive and his wife have sold their Spanish-style waterfront home on Miami Beach’s North Bay Road for $12.9 million, or about $2,000 per square foot.

Ralph M. and Amanda J. Ellisonsold their 6,440-square-foot, six-bedroom home at 4712 North Bay Road to 4712 NBR LLC.

Ralph Ellison, a biotechnologies investor, was CEO of DOR BioPharma Inc., now known as Soligenix Inc., which describes itself as a late-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing products to treat rare diseases.
July 09, 2004
Chairman of the Board, General M. Alexander Haig, Jr., said that in accepting Dr. Ellison’s resignation, the Board thanked him for his contributions in guiding the Company through its ongoing development programs in therapeutics and biodefense and wishes him all possible success in his future endeavors.


​^ Mandy Ellison chose South African charity Alexanda Children’s home


2019 WatchBox Global President + Chief Operating Officer, Amanda Ellison

What motivated you to introduce the WatchBox Women’s Leadership Initiative

The foundation for this program was always with me. I grew up within the patriarchal culture of South Africa where women had a predestined path which involved very little emphasis on a career. Yet I couldn’t imagine being anything but career-driven.

I often see women in business struggling with the qualities of confidence and resilience. If I can guide the women in our company – in any small way – to find their inner voice, to believe their opinion actually matters, and to figure out how to stand up when they are knocked down, then I will truly be thrilled. This is what motivated me to formalize our Women’s Leadership Initiative – to provide mentorship as well as a network, resource, and learning and development program. I want to find our hidden pearls and help them grow!

Ex-teen model claims NYC exec tied to Ghislaine Maxwell used her as sex slave

November 2, 2019

Nikki Henry, left, and Douglas Graham

A Manhattan exec with close ties to Jeffrey Epstein-fixer Ghislaine Maxwell’s family began grooming a child model as his sex slave when she was just 14, a stunning new lawsuit claims.

Douglas Graham was 45 — with an eye “for young women, sadomasochistic sex, and dungeons” — when he spotted Nikki Henry at a modeling event in Union Square in 1995, she claims in court papers. He made a bee-line for the teenager and began molding a relationship that escalated to midday hotel-room rendezvous and brutal S&M sessions, Henry alleges in the lawsuit.

The relationship — despite the 31-year age gap — stretched over decades and only recently ended, Henry said.

A shaken, tearful Henry, now 38, told The Post in an interview she never had children or got married because of the relationship, and often spent weeks hiding out in the couple’s Manhattan apartment as Graham — who wouldn’t even let her take a bath alone — isolated her from the outside world.

“All I have now is fear,” she said.

Graham, now 69, was close with Maxwell’s father, media mogul Robert Maxwell, she said. Graham “refined his appetites … through his friendship with Maxwell and his entourage which included Ghislaine … and other individuals of ill repute, according to the suit.

Graham, an author and former managing director for international auditing firm KPMG, allegedly used company credit cards to indulge his lurid fascination with young girls, Henry charges in the Oct. 18 Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit she filed against him under New York’s Child Victims Act. The law opened a one-year window for people of any age to seek damages against those accused of molesting them as kids.

Graham wined and dined Henry, then a skinny, starry-eyed teenager whose father worked long hours at the UN and whose mother was still at home in the family’s native Dominica, she said.

“I was 14, 15 going to Gramercy Tavern,” she said. “He took me to see the Chippendale dancers when I was 15. I think I was 16 when we went to England.”

Her lawyer, Paul D’Emilia, said, “The audacity of Mr. Graham’s actions are stunning. He didn’t even feel a need to sneak around.”

Graham denied the allegations, claiming he didn’t start dating Henry until she was in her 20s and accusing her of being abusive.

The Connecticut man said he’s repeatedly called police on Henry and has taken out seven orders of protection against her.

“This current accusation that she is making is simply a continuation of the harassment process,” he told The Post, slamming the lawsuit as “clearly slanderous.”

Ghislaine Maxwell attended Jeff Bezos’ secretive writers’ retreat: report

November 1, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein’s ex gal pal and alleged fixer Ghislaine Maxwell was a guest at Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ secretive writers’ retreat last year, according to a new report published Friday.

The British socialite, who has been accused of grooming young women for the convicted pedophile’s sex-trafficking ring, attended the secretive Campfire retreat just weeks before a bombshell Miami Herald investigation resurfaced Epstein’s crimes, according to the Vice report.

Two 2018 Campfire attendees broke with the shroud of secrecy surrounding the event and told Vice that Maxwell was at the exclusive annual event hosted by the Amazon founder and had previously attended two others.

Campfire is an all-expenses-paid literary retreat where dozens of well-known novelists rub shoulders with celebrities, akin to the annual blowout Google Camp.

Guests at the event, which Bezos started in 2009, are told the entire trip is off the record, but a production company that staged Campfire in 2011 described the event as a “private gathering and conference of influential artists, writers, activists and scientists for sharing of inspiration and stories.”

Reporting on Maxwell’s alleged role in Epstein’s sex-trafficking network was well documented in a 2011 Daily Mail report, but it was an investigation by Miami Herald reporter Julie K. Brown that saw the financier arrested on fresh charges.

According to the report, Campfire 2018 took place shortly before Brown’s Nov. 28 article.

Reps for Amazon could not immediately be reached for comment.

For Jeffrey Epstein, one island hideaway wasn’t enough. How he stealthily acquired a second

Oct 1 2019

Epstein set his sights on the body of land across the channel, Great St. James Cay, deciding that it should be his as well. The only problem was, its owner was determined not to deal with Epstein, a registered sex offender who had narrowly wriggled out of a federal trafficking case in 2008.

The multimillionaire financial advisor was undeterred. According to records examined by the Miami Herald and McClatchy, and interviews, Epstein set up an opaque limited liability company, or LLC, making it appear in the negotiations that the true owner was one Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, a wealthy Dubai businessman with connections to the royal family. A $22.5 million deal was worked out.

Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem — Sultan is his name, not his title — confirmed through an aide that Epstein had asked to use his name in an unspecified business bid but was told no.

It appears Epstein used it anyway.

The corporate vehicle for the 2016 purchase was an anonymous Virgin Islands corporation, Great St. Jim, LLC. In communications between lawyers, Bin Sulayem is repeatedly referenced as what in legal parlance is called the ultimate beneficial owner. The parties signed the contract on Jan. 8, 2016.

At least Erika Kellerhals signed it for Great St. Jim, LLC. The contract paperwork included Bin Sulayem’s name but the space above it — where the signature would normally be — is left unsigned. When the sale closed on Jan. 28, 2016, there was no apparent reference to Bin Sulayem anywhere in the subsequent documentation.

Bin Sulayem is a business mogul from Dubai with longstanding connections to the ruling Maktoum family. He has indirect connections to the Virgin Islands. He got his start developing and running Dubai’s port and tax-free zone in the mid-1980s, later expanding into government-tied real estate and port ventures. He is the CEO and chairman of the global ports operator DP World, and was a board member of the Investment Corporation of Dubai, the sovereign wealth fund of Dubai.

He has business ties to an Epstein friend and co-investor named Andrew Farkas, a prominent New York developer. Farkas, who is friends with President Donald Trump, is an investor in buildings and an online real estate funding firm owned by Kushner Companies, belonging to the family of Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

Farkas and his girlfriend brought Bin Sulayem to Trump’s inaugural ball in 2017, the New York Post reported at the time.

Bin Sulayem was with Farkas during the March 2007 opening of Yacht Haven Grande, the Virgin Islands’ prestigious marina, located alongside the cruise ship terminal. A photo from that opening shows a smiling Farkas and Bin Sulayem together, surrounded by Miami Dolphins owner Steve Ross and a boyish Donald Trump Jr.

Yacht Haven is owned by Ion Global Yachting, which operates six luxury marinas in the Caribbean and four others in Latin America. It was founded by Farkas and its parent company is Farkas’ Island Capital Group.

Island Capital partnered with Istithmar World, an investment fund of the royal family of Dubai, just two years earlier. Together they purchased 230 Park Avenue — more commonly known as The Helmsley Building, the New York landmark named after its eccentric one-time owner, the late Leona Helmsley.

A spokesman for Ion Global said Bin Sulayem does not own a stake in the Virgin Islands marina and that neither Bin Sulayem nor any associated company provided financing for it.

However, what wasn’t widely known until a story in July from Bloomberg, and local reporting in the Virgin Islands, was that Epstein and Farkas together owned American Yacht Harbor, a different Virgin Islands marina, located on the east side of St. Thomas.

Farkas purchased it in January 2007, and documents obtained by Bloomberg from an unrelated lawsuit showed that later that same year Epstein took a 50 percent stake. That was around the time that the FBI had drafted a 53-page indictment naming Epstein. That indictment was shelved in favor of an arrangement that Epstein would plead to minor solicitation charges in state court. The secretive deal, highlighted last November in a Miami Herald investigative series, Perversion of Justice, allowed Epstein to serve just 13 months in a Palm Beach County jail.

Farkas declined to discuss if he had other business dealings with Epstein, how long they’d done business together or what becomes of Epstein’s 50 percent stake.

In interviews over the years, Epstein has suggested he was helping manage the Saudi royal family’s wealth but there is no firm evidence that he acted privately in a similar capacity for others in the region.


How Jeffrey Epstein ‘set up meeting between ‘Petie’ Mandelson and US billionaire banker from his prison cell’

  • Channel 4 Dispatches will claim Prince Andrew met Epstein ‘at least ten times’
  • Peter Mandelson ‘asked Jeffrey Epstein to set up meeting’ with JP Morgan chair
  • Mr Mandelson was de facto Deputy Prime Minister to PM Gordon Brown in 2009

Peter Mandelson phoned Jeffrey Epstein to seek a personal favour while the disgraced US financier was serving a sentence for child sex offences, according to a TV documentary.

As de facto Deputy Prime Minister to Gordon Brown in 2009, Lord Mandelson asked Epstein – who was then on day release – to arrange a meeting with a billionaire New York banker.

Channel 4’s Dispatches allege Epstein agreed instantly. A friend of Epstein said the financier ‘sorted’ a meeting between Lord Mandelson – whom he called ‘Petie’ – and Jamie Dimon, the billionaire chairman of US investment bank JP Morgan.

Lord Mandelson asked Epstein – who was then on day release – to arrange a meeting with a billionaire New York banker. Channel 4’s Dispatches allege Epstein agreed instantly

At the time, Epstein, who killed himself in August, was serving an 18-month sentence after pleading guilty to procuring a 14-year-old girl for prostitution.

The financier’s friend, who requested anonymity, said: ‘I was astonished that a British Cabinet Minister… probably the most powerful man other than the Prime Minister, was calling Jeffrey in jail to make an appointment… with a very powerful banker in New York.’

In 2005 Lord Mandelson was photographed shopping with Epstein in the US Virgin Islands. 

He also featured in the financier’s ‘little black book’ of contacts encompassing every sphere of influence, from politics to royalty.

Lord Mandelson’s entry included ten numbers, including home numbers and mobile details for his partner.

The friend, who has never spoken before, said the exchange with the politician ‘demonstrated that as far as Jeffrey was concerned… life was carrying on as if nothing had happened’.

Asked if the phone call had worked, the friend replied: ‘Yep, it was sorted out.’

He added: ‘You don’t call Peter Mandelson ‘Petie’ if you’re not a close friend.’ 

Lawyers for Lord Mandelson said he ‘has no recollection of a telephone conversation with Mr Epstein in January 2009… in which he allegedly requested Mr Epstein set up a meeting with Jamie Dimon’.

They added: ‘Our client would have no need to make such a request… As Business Secretary… he met or talked on the phone to bank CEOs on a regular basis, including Mr Dimon.’

Court documents show Epstein unsuccessfully applied to a judge in late 2009 to leave his Florida home, where he was under house arrest, for a meeting in New York with an unnamed British Minister to discuss British universities. 

The Minister was described as an ‘under-secretary to the Prime Minister of Great Britain’.

Lord Mandelson has denied being the Minister and his spokesman said he was in London during those dates.

In The Prince And The Paedophile, to be broadcast at 10pm tomorrow, Dispatches also explores Epstein’s friendship with Prince Andrew and claims the men met at least ten times.

Buckingham Palace has said ‘any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors is categorically untrue’.

Lawyers for Lord Mandelson said he ‘has no recollection of a telephone conversation with Mr Epstein in January 2009… in which he allegedly requested Mr Epstein set up a meeting with Jamie Dimon’. Mr Dimon is pictured above

Peter Mandelson lobbied Tony Blair for alleged paedophile Lord Janner to receive a peerage.” Janner was “elevated to the House of Lords 6yrs after being publicly accused of child sex abuse in a high-profile court case.

20 Oct 2019

Channel 4 Dispatches ‏Verified account @C4Dispatches

Prince Andrew & paedophile Jeffrey Epstein were close friends for 12 years. Dispatches compared Epstein’s flight logs & address book with Andrew’s schedule and found that over their years of friendship the pair met at least 10 times. The Prince often stayed with Epstein for days.


An Italian Family with ties to the Vatican, an Emblem of a snake swallowing a human all connected to the husband of an Epstein Model who flew on Lolita Express with ties to National Healthcare, Biotech, Oncology and AI

In this article you will find,

  • Brief rundown of Nicole Junkermann
  • her husband, Ferdinando Brachetti Peretti’s history and how he connects to the Vatican.
  • DDOS attacks which have taken place concerning research and searches related to Junkermann and her husband’s family’s ties to the Vatican.
  • Why are there also perpetrators that seek to make certain network resources unavailable to their intended users by temporarily or indefinitely disrupting services of a host connected to the Internet. What exactly are they afraid of?
  • More interesting investments of Nicole Junkermann, the Brachetti Peretti family and the Borromeo family and who they are connected to including Google partnerships.
  • The Cardinals of the Borromeo family and the Luciferian symbolism in their Coat of Arms
  • Interesting how the best-known members of the family of the House of Borromeo were were the cardinals and Archbishops of Milan and had a library called the Ambrosian Library.
  • Peter Thiel and parabiosis with a company called Ambrosia. Is this blood letting to benefit elites? You decide from the articles and research.
  • See Junkermann’s investments in companies connected to Google. Wonder why that is?
  • Find how in November 2018, Junkermann was appointed to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care’s Healthtech Advisory Board. The board guides the UK Government on its mission to transform technology in the NHS.
  • So this is the board guides the UK Government on its mission to transform technology in the NHS and Nicole Junkermann who flew on the Lolita Express with Epstein 3 times, once alone is Secretary of State for this Advisory Board?
  • Her husband’s ties to the Vatican through his mother and his brother’s wife.
  • Connection to a family Crest of a serpent swallowing a human.
  • See who all of these globalist companies are connected to and ask yourself. . .why all of the conflicts of interests? Are they really trying to “help” humans through pharmaceuticals, biotech and AI or is something else at play?

Former Israeli Intel Official Claims Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell Worked for Israel

A recent interview given by a former high-ranking official in Israeli military intelligence has claimed that Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual blackmail enterprise was an Israel intelligence operation run for the purpose of entrapping powerful individuals and politicians in the United States and abroad.

Since the apparent death by suicide of Jeffrey Epstein in a Manhattan prison, much has come to light about his depraved activities and methods used to sexually abuse underage girls and entrap the rich and powerful for the purposes of blackmail. Epstein’s ties to intelligence, described in-depth in a recent MintPress investigative series, have continued to receive minimal mainstream media coverage, which has essentially moved on from the Epstein scandal despite the fact that his many co-conspirators remain on the loose.

For those who have examined Epstein’s ties to intelligence, there are clear links to both U.S. intelligence and Israeli intelligence, leaving it somewhat open to debate as to which country’s intelligence apparatus was closest to Epstein and most involved in his blackmail/sex-trafficking activities. A recent interview given by a former high-ranking official in Israeli military intelligence has claimed that Epstein’s sexual blackmail enterprise was an Israel intelligence operation run for the purpose of entrapping powerful individuals and politicians in the United States and abroad.

In an interview with Zev Shalev, former CBS News executive producer and award-winning investigative journalist for Narativ, the former senior executive for Israel’s Directorate of Military Intelligence, Ari Ben-Menashe, claimed not only to have met Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged madam, Ghislaine Maxwell, back in the 1980s, but that both Epstein and Maxwell were already working with Israeli intelligence during that time period.

“They found a niche”

In an interview last week with the independent outlet Narativ, Ben-Menashe, who himself was involved in Iran-Contra arms deals, told his interviewer Zev Shalev that he had been introduced to Jeffrey Epstein by Robert Maxwell in the mid-1980s while Maxwell’s and Ben-Menashe’s involvement with Iran-Contra was ongoing. Ben-Menashe did not specify the year he met Epstein.

Ben-Menashe told Shalev that “he [Maxwell] wanted us to accept him [Epstein] as part of our group …. I’m not denying that we were at the time a group that it was Nick Davies [Foreign Editor of the Maxwell-Owned Daily Mirror], it was Maxwell, it was myself and our team from Israel, we were doing what we were doing.” Past reporting by Seymour Hersh and others revealed that Maxwell, Davies and Ben-Menashe were involved in the transfer and sale of  military equipment and weapons from Israel to Iran on behalf of Israeli intelligence during this time period.

He then added that Maxwell had stated during the introduction that “your Israeli bosses have already approved” of Epstein. Shalev later noted that Maxwell “had an extensive network in Israel at the time, which included the then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, according to Ben-Menashe.”

Ben-Menashe went on to say that he had “met him [Epstein] a few times in Maxwell’s office, that was it.” He also said he was not aware of Epstein being involved in arms deals for anyone else he knew at the time, but that Maxwell wanted to involve Epstein in the arms transfer in which he, Davies and Ben-Menashe were engaged on Israel’s behalf.

However, as MintPress reported in Part IV of the investigative series “Inside the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal: Too Big to Fail,” Epstein was involved with several arms dealers during this period of time, some of whom were directly involved in Iran-Contra arms deals between Israel and Iran. For instance, after leaving Bear Stearns in 1981, Epstein began working in the realms of shadow finance as a self-described “financial bounty hunter,” where he would both hunt down and hide money for powerful people. One of these powerful individuals was Adnan Khashoggi, a Saudi arms dealer with close ties to both Israeli and U.S. intelligence and one of the main brokers of Iran-Contra arms deals between Israel and Iran. Epstein would later forge a business relationship with a CIA front company involved in another aspect of Iran-Contra, the airline Southern Air Transport, on behalf of Leslie Wexner’s company, The Limited.

During this period, it is also known that Epstein became well acquainted with the British arms dealer Sir Douglas Leese, who collaborated with Khashoggi on at least one British-Saudi arms deal in the 1980s. Leese would later introduce Epstein to Steven Hoffenberg, calling Epstein a “genius” and describing his lack of morals during that introduction. Thus, there are indications that Epstein was involved with Middle Eastern arms deals, including some related to Iran-Contra, during this period. In addition, Epstein would later claim (and then subsequently deny) having worked for the CIA during this period.

After having been introduced to Epstein, Ben-Menashe claimed that neither he nor Davies were impressed with Epstein and considered him “not very competent.” He added that Ghislaine Maxwell had “fallen for” Epstein and that he believed that the romantic relationship between his daughter and Epstein led Robert Maxwell to work to bring the latter into the “family business” — i.e., Maxwell’s dealings with Israeli intelligence. This information is very revealing, given that the narrative, until now at least, has been that Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein did not meet and begin their relationship until after Robert Maxwell’s death in 1991, after which Ghislaine moved to New York.

whitneywebb –  Several articles from the 90s and early 00s about Jeffrey Epstein, well before his dark secrets were exposed, have been scrubbed fr the internet in recent years. We obtained several of them & when you read them, it’s easy to see why they were taken offline

These Scrubbed Reports Reveal New Secrets Into the Prince Andrew-Jeffrey Epstein Relationship

Several now-censored reports from the 1990s and early 2000s reveal that Prince Andrew’s involvement with the minors exploited by Jeffrey Epstein is greater than previously believed.

October 14th, 2019

While the Jeffrey Epstein scandal has largely faded from media coverage in the United States, it has continued to attract attention abroad, particularly in the United Kingdom in connection with Epstein’s long-standing association with Prince Andrew, the Duke of York and the Queen’s son.

The Epstein-Prince Andrew relationship has long been a fascination of the U.K. press, with numerous articles dating back to the early 2000s detailing the most outrageous aspects of their relationship. Prior to that, Epstein had also garnered attention from U.K. newspapers regarding his association with Ghislaine Maxwell, whose reputation in the U.K. is rather notorious, as was that of her father, Robert Maxwell.

Yet, since Epstein’s arrest in July, many of these older articles on Epstein and Maxwell, as well as those focusing on the Epstein-Prince Andrew relationship, have disappeared from the archives of several prominent U.K. media outlets that reported on these relationships years ago.

Several of these articles, though largely scrubbed from the internet, were recently obtained by MintPress and a review of their contents maks the likely motive behind their disappearance clear: several articles not only reference Epstein’s connection to both U.S. and Israeli intelligence years before the first investigation into Epstein’s exploitation of minors had even begun, but also reveal surprising aspects of Prince Andrew’s involvement with Epstein that strongly suggest that the Prince partook in illicit sexual activities with minors to a much greater extent than has previously been reported.


New, disturbing details of Prince Andrew’s early links to Epstein

Since Epstein was arrested the first time in 2006 and even more so after he was arrested again this past July, those named in press reports as his associates have made every effort to distance themselves from the accused pedophile and sex trafficker. For this reason, press reports that discuss Epstein long before there was any hint of the larger scandal are particularly important for understanding the true nature of Epstein’s past associations with the rich and powerful.

In light of what is now known about Epstein’s sexual blackmail operation and sex trafficking activities, several reports from the late 1990s and early 2000s contain details long since forgotten regarding Epstein’s relationship with Prince Andrew.

One particularly censored article that appeared in London’s Evening Standard in January 2001, for instance, gives several indications regarding the apparent entrapment of Prince Andrew as part of Epstein’s sexual blackmail operation, which is now known to have been connected to intelligence — specifically Israeli military intelligence, according to recent revelations in the case.

The article, written by Evening Standard journalist Nigel Rosser, quotes a personal friend of both Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein as saying the following about their friendship with Prince Andrew:

A screenshot from a now-deleted 2001 Evening Standard article

Another friend of Maxwell and Epstein made similar claims that appear in the same article:

A screenshot from the same Evening Standard article

The article further describes Epstein and Prince Andrew as having a “curious symbiotic relationship,” adding that “wherever Ghislaine is seen with Prince Andrew, Epstein isn’t far behind.”

These quotes are particularly telling now that it is a matter of record that Epstein was seeking out rich and powerful individuals and entrapping them with minors for the purpose of blackmail. The fact that personal friends of Epstein and Maxwell at the time openly stated that their “manipulative” relationship with Prince Andrew was “very premeditated” and “probably being done for Epstein” strongly suggests that not only was the Prince entrapped, but that this type of entrapment activity was known to occur among those who were close to Epstein and Maxwell at the time.

Prince Andrew — as a member of the Royal Family, which is very protective of its social reputation, as well as the U.K. envoy for investment and trade — certainly fits into the category of people that Epstein entrapped on behalf of intelligence: rich, politically powerful, wary of damaging their social reputation, and thus susceptible to blackmail.

Notably, the year this article was published (2001), is the same year that Epstein’s most well-known accuser and victim, Virginia Giuffre (then Virginia Roberts), claims that she was introduced to Prince Andrew by Maxwell and Epstein and forced to have sex with the Prince on at least three occasions. She has also claimed that Epstein would subsequently instruct her to describe the encounters in order to learn compromising information about the Prince’s sexual habits and preferences. Her claims regarding Epstein’s trafficking of her, specifically to Prince Andrew, have since been largely corroborated by photographic evidence, flight logs, and public records.

This undated photo released by Virginia Giuffre shows Prince Andrew posing with a young Giuffre, Ghislaine Maxwell is shown standing in the background

While it appears that Prince Andrew was deliberately entrapped as part of Epstein’s intelligence-linked sexual blackmail operation, the article further suggests that Andrew’s involvement with the minors exploited by Epstein went far beyond his alleged three encounters with Giuffre.

Rosser quotes a friend of Prince Andrew’s ex-wife Sara Ferguson as saying that Andrew “used to be smart when he came back from abroad…He’s started having a girl massage him…He even travels abroad with his own massage mattress.”

During this same time period, Epstein and Maxwell also introduced Prince Andrew to “sex aid entrepreneur” Christine Drangsholt during a trip to Mar-a-Lago and describes Andrew traveling to Los Angeles, where he was seen “flirting…with a group of young girls,” and to Phuket, Thailand where he “wandered around the sex bars in the area’s red light district.” The Los Angeles trip saw Andrew accompanied by artist and close friend of Michael Jackson, Bruce Livingstone Strong, and Ghislaine Maxwell accompanied Andrew to Thailand.

The mentions of massages from a “girl” and Andrew traveling around with Maxwell and Epstein while bringing along “his own massage mattress,” are particularly striking given what is now known about Epstein’s sex trafficking and sexual blackmail operation. Court documents, police reports, and other evidence have since made it clear that “massage” was the code word Epstein and his co-conspirators used for sex with the minors he exploited and massage tables and sex toys were frequently present together in the rooms of his various residences where he forced underage girls to engage in sexual acts with him and others.

Most notable of all is the fact that claims of Prince Andrew receiving “massages” from girls during his trips with Epstein and Maxwell were published in January 2001, at least two months before Virginia Giuffre states that she was first introduced to and forced to have sex with the Prince in March of 2001. This means that the claims of Epstein- and Maxwell-brokered “massages” refer to at least one other girl, strongly suggesting that Andrew’s involvement with minors exploited by Epstein is greater than has been recently acknowledged.

Other recently reported information has added to the likelihood that Prince Andrew engaged in illicit activities with more minors than Virginia Giuffre. For instance, the FBI recently expanded its probe into Epstein’s sex trafficking network to include a specific focus on the Prince’s role. The FBI has claimed that they are reviewing claims regarding Prince Andrew made by other Epstein victims aside from Giuffre, but did not specify the nature of those claims.


Ghislaine Maxwell’s open secret

Media reports cite Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell as having developed a close relationship at least by February 2000, when Andrew had spent a week at Epstein’s controversial New York penthouse at 9 East 71st Street. One report published in 2000 by London’s Sunday Times claimed that the two were introduced by Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, often referred to as “Fergie” in the press, and further claims that this introduction had taken place several years prior. Epstein is alleged to have first been introduced to Andrew via Maxwell in 1999.

A screenshot from a now-deleted 2000 Sunday Times article

Years after this introduction was made, Jeffrey Epstein would provide financial assistance to Ferguson at Prince Andrew’s behest by paying Ferguson’s former personal assistant £15,000, allegedly in order to allow for “a wider restructuring of Sarah’s £5 million debts to take place,” according to The Telegraph.

Oddly, by April of that year, Maxwell and Prince Andrew were spotted by their fellow diners at a posh New York restaurant holding hands, prompting both the Prince and Maxwell to claim that their relationship was merely “platonic.” However, a separate report from 2007 in the Evening Standard refers to Maxwell as one of Prince Andrew’s former girlfriends.

Within a year of their close relationship having become public, Andrew and Ghislaine were reported to have gone on eight different vacations together, of which Epstein accompanied them for five. Andrew also brought Maxwell and Epstein to celebrate the Queen’s birthday in 2000 as his personal guests.

Several reports from this period also provide interesting insight into Maxwell’s business activities and private life. One article from 2000, published in London’s Sunday Times, states that “for all her high-profile appearances on Manhattan’s A-List merry-go-round, she [Maxwell] is secretive to the point of paranoia and her business affairs are deeply mysterious.” It goes on to say that Maxwell “has been building a business empire as opaque as father’s” — referencing Robert Maxwell’s business empire, which included multiple front companies for Israeli intelligence — and adds that “her office in Manhattan refuses to confirm even the nature or the name of her business.”

On her relationship with Epstein, it states that “he’s always kept her secrets, no one knows what their relationship is really about.” An article from 2001 claims that Maxwell’s Manhattan lifestyle, her New York residence and her vehicles were all purchased by Epstein and that she was employed as his “consultant” while also acting as his social organizer and interior designer.

One report on Maxwell — which was published by the Evening Standard in 2003, years before Epstein was first publicly revealed to be exploiting minors — contains very telling information about Maxwell’s work for Epstein. It states “Ghislaine has risen, largely thanks to property developer Epstein bankrolling her, to become queen of the billionaires’ social circuit,” adding that “Jeffrey only likes billionaires or very young women and uses Ghislaine as his social pimp.” It then discusses “rumors” that Maxwell was hosting “bizarre parties at her house to which she invites a dozen or so young girls, then brandishes a whip and teaches them how to improve their sexual techniques.”

Given what is now known about Maxwell’s role as Epstein’s procurer of underage girls and her role in “training” them in sexual techniques, this passage — again from 2003 — reveals that Epstein’s and Maxwell’s dark acts were pretty much an open secret for years prior to Epstein’s first arrest in 2007.


Jeffrey Epstein, spy and property mogul?

One recurring theme in many of these older reports from the U.K. is their mention of Epstein’s alleged ties to both U.S. and Israeli intelligence. For instance, Nigel Rosser’s 2001 article contains the following passage:

A screenshot from a now-deleted 2001 Evening Standard article

Another article, published in 1992 in the U.K.’s Mail on Sunday, describes “rumors” that linked Epstein to the CIA and the Mossad and claimed that he had worked as “a corporate spy hired by big businesses to uncover money that had been embezzled.” In addition, an article published in 2000 in London’s Sunday Times also states of Epstein that “nobody knows whether he’s a concert pianist, property developer, CIA agent, a math teacher or a member of Mossad.”

A screenshot from a now-deleted 2000 Sunday Times article

Notably, these rumors of Epstein’s links to intelligence have since been confirmed. The CIA-Mossad links to Epstein were detailed in a recent MintPress investigative series and several mainstream media reports have corroborated Epstein’s time as a self-described “financial bounty hunter” who hunted down embezzled funds and also hid stolen money for powerful people and governments.

Another odd commonality among these now-scrubbed articles on Epstein from the 1990s and early 2000s is that the majority of them refer to Epstein not as a “financier” or “hedge fund manager,” as has become common in more recent reports, but as a “New York property developer” and even as a “property mogul.”

For instance, the 2001 Evening Standard article introduces Epstein as an “immensely powerful New York property developer and financier” with an “intensively secret business life” who “owns properties all over the country [the U.S.].” It also states that Epstein had made millions from “his business links with the likes of Bill Gates, Donald Trump and Ohio billionaire Leslie Wexner” during the 1990s and beyond.

A screenshot from a now-deleted 2001 Evening Standard article

Wexner, in addition to his other close financial ties to Epstein, was involved in several Manhattan real estate deals with Epstein and Epstein’s brother Mark while Donald Trump was then best known for his career as a New York property developer and real estate mogul. Trump is also cited in a separate article from January 2001 as being good friends with both Prince Andrew and his ex-wife.


^ At Epstein’s Manhattan mansion 2011…James E Stanley, Lawrence Summers, Epstein, Bill Gates and Boris Nikolic

In addition, this article’s claim regarding Epstein’s most notable “business links” in 2001 contradicts Bill Gates’ recent assertions that he never had any business relationship with Epstein and did not meet with him until 2013. Notably, Gates’ former chief scientific adviser was recently named as an alternate executor for Epstein’s will and Gates appears on the flight logs of Epstein’s now-infamous private plane. Gates, one of the world’s richest men, has since claimed that he only had met with Epstein in order to meet other wealthy people and to discuss “philanthropy.”

Donald and Melania Trump with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at the Mar-a-Lago club, Palm Beach, Florida in 2000. Photo | Davidoff Studios

Another article in the Evening Standard refers to Epstein as a “property mogul.” Several other articles — such as a 2000 article from Australia’s Sunday Mail, a 1995 article from Australia’s Sun Herald, and a 1995 article from the U.K.’s Mail on Sunday — also refer to Epstein as chiefly a “property developer.” Interestingly, references to Epstein as a property developer continued to occur (though less frequently) after his first arrest in 2007 and then again after his recent arrest this past July, yet oddly only in non-U.S. newspapers. Another article states that Ghislaine Maxwell had sold property on Epstein’s behalf and was also involved in the New York real estate market.

While several articles in the early 2000s describe Epstein as both “property developer” and “financier,” even earlier articles about Epstein refer to him exclusively as a “property developer.” For instance, the 1992 article in the Mail on Sunday cited above referred to Epstein as “a shadowy, almost maverick New York property developer” and noted that, even then, Epstein appeared “to have an inexhaustible supply of money and yet no one seems able to answer the question of precisely what the source.”

As will be revealed in an upcoming MintPress investigative series, these references allude to Epstein’s shady business activities in the New York and Palm Beach real estate markets from the mid-1980s to the late-1990s that were used to launder massive amounts of money for organized crime and intelligence. It is likely for this reason that Epstein’s real estate activities during this period have been so deliberately ignored by the U.S. press, even though other aspects of his financial activities were heavily scrutinized in recent months.

Indeed, in examining Epstein’s involvement in real estate markets, particularly in New York, it becomes clear that those activities have no shortage of controversial tie-ins to the current U.S. presidential administration as well as major New York power players involved in suspect financial activity immediately prior to the September 11 attacks as well as the 2008 financial crisis. All of those connections and more will be explored in MintPress’ upcoming investigative series on the financial crimes of Jeffrey Epstein and their broader implications.

“The Los Angeles trip saw Prince Andrew accompanied by artist and close friend of Michael Jackson, Bruce Livingstone Strong. “Ghislaine Maxwell accompanied Andrew to Thailand.

One particularly censored article that appeared in London’s Evening Standard in January 2001…The article, written by Evening Standard journalist Nigel Rosser…
During this same time period, Epstein and Maxwell also introduced Prince Andrew to “sex aid entrepreneur” Christine Drangsholt during a trip to Mar-a-Lago and describes Andrew traveling to Los Angeles, where he was seen “flirting…with a group of young girls,” and to Phuket, Thailand where he “wandered around the sex bars in the area’s red light district.”
The Los Angeles trip saw Andrew accompanied by artist and close friend of Michael Jackson, Bruce Livingstone Strong, and Ghislaine Maxwell accompanied Andrew to Thailand.
Michael, Brett, and Hiromichi Saeki; purchaser of Brett’s record breaking $2.1 million painting titled ‘The Book’ in early 1990.
Brett, Bono of U2, and his wife discuss future projects.
President Reagan and Brett at the unveiling of the Bicentennial Monument.
Brett Livingstone Strong is congratulated by first lady Barbara Bush.
Brett Livingstone Strong

Brett-Livingstone Strong (born 31 October 1953) is an Australian-born artist,[1][2] best known for his sculptures of Hollywood celebrities.[3]


In 1972, Strong was commissioned to paint the royal invitation for the opening of the Sydney Opera House by Queen Elizabeth II.[citation needed]

In 1977, Strong carved John Wayne‘s face in a 12½-ton boulder that had fallen onto the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu.[1][4] In 1979, he sold it to an Arizona company and it currently resides in the library of the Lubbock Christian University in Lubbock, Texas.[5]

Strong created a life-size bronze statue of John Lennon,[4][6] entitled Imagine. He began work on the sculpture as a tribute to Lennon after the musician’s death in 1980.[6] Originally unveiled in New York City by Andy Warhol, it currently is in the possession of a private collector.[citation needed]

Strong painted a portrait of Michael Jackson entitled The Book which reportedly sold for $2.1 million to Hiromichi Saeki Corp. in 1990,[2][7] making it the most money ever paid to a living artist for the sale of a portrait.[8] This portrait is claimed to be the only portrait that Michael Jackson sat for an artist’s rendering and made its first appearance since 1992 in July 2009.[2][7] It was displayed for public viewing in Harlem near the Apollo Theater.[2] Strong was a good friend of Michael Jackson and Strong’s studio houses a large collection of Jackson’s artwork.[9]

In the 1980s, Strong completed work on the National Monument to the US Constitution, commissioned by former Chief Justice Warren E. Burger.[10] The monument was to have been dedicated by president George W. Bush and placed on the grounds of the White House.[citation needed]

Currently the monument is part of a nationwide educational program entitled The Spirit of Freedom about the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.[citation needed]

In the mid 1980s, Strong’s painting Homage a Henri Rousseau became the cover artwork for the Fleetwood Mac album Tango in the Night.[11] The original painting had been bought by singer/guitarist Lindsey Buckingham and was hanging in Strong’s home at the time.[citation needed]

Strong created NASA‘s National Space Exploration Monument for display in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC.[citation needed] In July 1994, Vice-President Al Gore announced this monument honouring the men and women of the United States Space Program and celebrating the anniversary of man’s landing on the moon.[citation needed]

In the late 1990s Strong proposed a City of Angels Monument project designed to create a symbol for Los Angeles along the lines of New York’s Statue of Liberty or Paris’ Eiffel Tower.[1] The $3.6 billion development was to cover nearly 100 acres (40 ha) in downtown Los Angeles with the central focus being a 750-foot (230 m) tower as the base for a 350-foot (110 m) female angel, wings spread, holding a sword of light above her head.[1][3] The project was a partnered collaboration with Russell and Associates directors Barbara Russell and Jessica Russell along with Strong. Due to complications regarding Strong personal and professional life, various property and contracted obligations not met, the 8 years of package and project development did not go through creating partners and alliances to file for bankruptcy. Strong filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2005.[4] International and renowned companies such as Sour, Gensler, and Bank of New York were attached to the project.

After Debbie Rowe, an ex-wife of Michael Jackson, had nominated Strong for knighthood, the Belgiom Duke of Gardham made Strong a knight (of the Imperial Orders of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen) in October 2009, in recognition of Strong’s charitable work for children.[12]


Strong, a Newcastle-born former Sydney Grammar student and great-great-grandson of the explorer David Livingstone, lives in Los Angeles. He formed a business partnership with the singer in 1989 that was called Jackson Strong Alliance. It carried out charitable works for children around the world.
Bono of U2 and wife
Brett-Livingstone Strong’s private collectors are among the most influential people in the world, ranging from heads of state to royalty. Portrait commissions have included Prince Charles, Dr. Armand Hammer and Michael Jackson; Rupert Murdoch and Elizabeth Taylor have also done business with the artist. For public patrons, he has worked on monumental sculptures to commemorate the achievements of NASA (for the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum), the vision of Walt Disney, the Sydney 2000 Olympics and the 500th anniversary of Michelangelo’s David.

:: ::


Far-right BIG money promoting domestic chaos in order to take control and avoid taxation via manipulation of social media and wild skewing of elections and referendums.

Acuri is an asset – we all know this.


To sum up Arcuri’s relationship to Johnson/Bannon

1. Gets 10k from Mayor, 100k from DCMS, planning a £100m investment fund with Boris

2. Close to Bannon’s Yiannopoulos, Cambridge Analytica’s Borwick, part of the YBF/Battlebus Roadtrip. YBF is a spinoff of Mercer’s YAF

Boris Johnson, Jennifer Arcuri, and the mysterious Annie Tacker

There are many unanswered questions surrounding Boris Johnson’s friendship with the US businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri.

For the past two days I’ve been investigating one of the more bizarre of them: who is her UK-based media manager and is she even real?


Boris Johnson, Jennifer Arcuri, and the mysterious Annie Tacker … #HackerHouse I think @phill_kemp is being trolled a bit.

“Annie Tacker” = “an attacker”. It’s an #infosec joke.


Replying to

Hah that’s great, I’ll share that one with our marketing executive Annie Tacker 😉


Do all lines of investigation lead to Jeffrey Epstein?
Here are a few facts about Boris de Pfeffel of Spaffwaffle’s pole dancer Jennifer Arcuri …

For a dismal failure of a businesswoman, Jennifer Arcuri sure won the hearts of BoJo’s fawning acolytes …

Lessig, Hardwicke and the proctor, some things never change: the culpability of the victim in the eyes of the perpetrator:

But who is is the Lawrence Lessig who championed the cause of John Hardwicke?
Well, he is none other than the cousin of Jennifer Arcuri:

Lessig, the King of Cyberlaw, defended Hardwick against his own alma mater, the American Boychoir School in Princeton. His motivation was almost certainly the fact that Lessig himself had been abused by the very same music teacher as Hardwicke.

Given the abuse Lessig suffered at school, his essay in defence of acceptance of donations to the M.I.T. Media Lab from the financier and pervert Jeffrey Epstein by his friend Joichi Ito is truly shocking:

Given the abuse Lessig suffered at school, his essay in defence of acceptance of donations to the M.I.T. Media Lab from the financier and pervert Jeffrey Epstein by his friend Joichi Ito is truly shocking:

One of Jennifer Arcuri’s companies was Title X Technology Limited. The only other company director listed was Tom Alexander William Hayes, the trader for UBS and Citigroup convicted for his role in the LIBOR scandal. Fancy that!

There is certainly no arguing that LIBOR rigging is a disruptive technology, Boris!

BoJo’s girlfriend Arcuri does seem to gravitate towards criminals!
Not only was she in business with LIBOR rigger Hayes, her associate at Hacker House, another of her companies, was Lauri Love, a computer hacker whole stole large amounts of data from US government agencies …


It is worth noting how Arcuri’s Hacker House had the endorsement of Epstein’s sleazy buddy Randy Andy: Hacker House advises organisations on cyber-security, teaches youngsters online skills and has the backing of the Duke of York for its scheme awarding cyber badges to children.

While BoJo’s pole dancer was offering Randy Andy endorsed cyber-security, her cousin Lawrence Lessing was a trustee of the Internet Society, a position held, albeit at different times, by Ghislaine Maxwell’s sister Christine.

Christine Maxwell was CEO and President of Chilead Inc., the company providing the FBI with its counterterrorism database.
She was also steering committee organiser for ‘Remembering for the future’ whose list of patrons resembles a carbon copy of Epstein’s list:

Hang on, isn’t that guest speaker at Arcuri’s InnoTech Summit with BoJo our dear friend Alexander ‘Lord’ Carlile? The man who rushed to the defence of the paedophile Greville Janner and shared an office with Cyril Smith?

… and when Alexander Carlile is not serving as Boris Johnson’s support act at Jennifer Arcuri’s InnoTech summit, his role is eagerly assumed by Bannon’s willing far-right helper Milo Yiannopoulos.

So Yiannopoulos, banned by Facebook and Twitter, was billed at Arcuri’s InnoTech conference as keynote speaker, second only to Boris Johnson, who yesterday traduced the memory of Jo Cox, murdered by another right-wing fanatic!

Oh, and here’s Milo with Jennifer Arcuri’s cousin, Lawrence Lessing, the man who so vehemently defended his friend’s acceptance of donations from Jeffrey Epstein. Do I see some sort of pattern emerging …?

Always good for a selfie: Here is pole-dancer Arcuri with Boris Johnson’s brother Max, the vulture capitalist who plans to take advantage of Sterling’s weakness to make a buck out of bro’s Brexit.

Pole-dancing Jenny seems well connected: here’s Rohan Silva, Senior Policy Adviser to David Cameron (2010-13), Chairman of Downing Street’s Tech City Advisory Group and co-founder of the collaborative workspace ‘Second Home

What every self-respecting pole-dancer needs is a selfie with Grant Shapps to show to friends. You know, the Grant Shapps whose Welwyn/Hatfield Tories supported Alan Franey, Savile’s buddy.

The Pole-Dancer’s Pedigree: Lawrence Lessig, Arcuri’s cousin, became a lawyer to follow in the footsteps of his uncle, Jennifer’s granddad. Richard Cates was heavily involved in the impeachment of Richard Nixon, working together with Hillary Clinton.


Former FBI director James Comey worked for Grandfather Cates and wrote about him in his autobiography. Comey’s eldest daughter Maurene graduated from Harvard in 2013 and became lead prosecutor in the case against Jeffery Epstein.

So Jennifer Arcuri had a cosy personal relationship with Boris Johnson, euphemistically giving him ‘private technology lessons’. Arcuri invites Yiannopoulos to speak at her meetings. He in turn works with Steve Bannon who visited Epstein’s Paris home. …

Jeffrey Epstein entertained Bill and Melinda Gates, Steve Bannon, Prince Andrew at his Paris apartment claims butler, who was told by estate to move into the pied-a-terre days before probe

Creepy: Randy Andy, close friend of Epstein’s pimp Ghislaine Maxwell, hosts Code Club at Bucks Palace, awarding pole-dancing BoJo friend for developing ‘Jim’ll fix it-type’ cyberbadges for kids. Please tell me I’m making this up!


Oh dear, the plot thickens: Boris de Pfeffel of Spaffwaffle puts his pole-dancing Spinning Jenny in touch with Lynton Crosby, election campaign manager for right-wing parties in several countries.

BoJo not smart enough: Johnson wasn’t the first old man Jennifer Arcuri had a crush on. In the mid-2000s, she had a 3-year affair with the actor Joe Yukich, known for ‘The Wright Stuff’ in which Arcuri starred. Yukich has now come to Arcuri’s defence.

It was Yukich, too, who revealed Arcuri had another powerful and wealthy friend, the Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg. He claims her conversations with Zuckerberg led to her moving to London.

Zuckerberg met Jeffrey Epstein at a Silicon Valley dinner.

Let’s return to Tom Hayes, Arcuri’s co-director at Title X Technology and LIBOR convict. It is said BoJo dropped Jenny ‘like a stone’ after she defended Hayes. Is Boris lying? Surely he read Arcuri’s 2013 claims long before he severed contact with her!

BoJen: Just how much power did Jennifer Arcuri wield over her Alexander the Great? And what were her motives in targeting him in the first place? And, more, importantly, does she still have him by the short and curlies?

Randy Andy: ‘A real cutie’.
After Boris arranged for her to be put on the guest list for a party attended by royalty, senior politicians, digiterati and tech startups, Jenny made a bee-line for the Duke of York …

Fury as decision on police inquiry into PM shelved until after election

Labour ‘shocked’ as police watchdog freezes investigation into Jennifer Arcuri scandal

9 Nov 2019

The scandal over Boris Johnson’s friendship with technology entrepreneur Jennifer Arcuri was reignited on Saturday after the Observer revealed that the independent police watchdog has delayed its announcement on whether the PM should face an investigation into possible criminal misconduct until after the election.

The decision prompted fury from Westminster politicians and London assembly members who said it appeared that a ruling had been “suppressed” in order to protect Johnson from potentially damaging headlines at a crucial stage of the election campaign.

In a private meeting held before parliament was dissolved last week, the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) officials agreed not to announce whether they were going to investigate “possible criminality” over allegations about a conflict of interest in Johnson’s dealings while mayor of London with US businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri until after the election.

Sources close to the IOPC investigation said the watchdog was on the verge of announcing its decision on whether it was proceeding with a criminal investigation.

The IOPC was tasked by the Greater London Authority with assessing whether criminal charges should be brought because of the then-mayor’s responsibility for London’s policing.

It is alleged Arcuri received favourable treatment due to her friendship with Johnson, including receiving large sums of public money for her technology firms.

The offence of misconduct in public office carries a maximum term of life imprisonment. Johnson has denied any impropriety.

So Arcuri went from having to borrow clobber for a palace function in late 2014 to renting a £1m mansion House in upmarket Cheshire together with Matthew Hickey and driving an expensive Beemer.
This really begs the question as to where all that money was coming from …

Whizz kid: According to her LinkedIn details, Jennifer Arcuri was born in 1985. The same profile tells us that she then gained a Law Certificate from Columbia University in 2001.
Let me think: 2001 – 1985 = ???
Doesn’t exactly engender trust in the rest of her profile, does it?

In 2013, Arcuri rushed to the defence of BoJo after he had been mauled in battle by . In a spat with Newsnight, she tweeted he is ‘an amazing leader’ whose personal life is ‘not 4 public to judge’, saying ‘those Q’s were asked maliciously’.

Taking back control: The third director of was Gary Mieliefsky, founding Member of the US Department of Homeland Security and the National Information Security Group, who worked as an advisor to Clinton.

Cyber-Security expert Mieliefsky had numerous contacts to both Trump and Bannon, and advised Ivanka Trump. … but why am I telling you this? Surely Boris Johnson’s staff will have researched every detail on Arcuri before approving grants and loans!

Not satisfied with meddling in Spaffwaffle’s bid to become mayor for a second term, Jennifer Arcuri had to fix it for Alba, ensuring those recalcitrant Scots didn’t put up a Trumpian pre-fab wall along Hadrian’s Roman defences.


Isn’t it ironic that Matthew Hickey, Arcuri’s partner since she split with Boris, is a staunch remainer? He even claimed to have left UK because of Brexit, complained about the £££ tanking and urged folk to vote remain on Referendum Day.

Just 8 months after Arcuri’s InnoTech was set up in 02/2013, Julia Streets tweeted about the InnoTech Summit. On the 02/2014 annual return, Streets shows up as a shareholder of InnoTech along with ‘BoJen’ Arcuri. Julia links to some interesting bods …

On April 1, 2018, Julia Streets became a trustee of the children’s charity Street Child, the same month it merged with Children in Crisis, founded by Sarah Ferguson who borrowed £15k from Jeffrey Epstein to pay her debts.


On the same day (1/4/18), Anthony Wallersteiner also became director of Street Child and Chair of Trustees. Wally is an old friend of Ghislaine Maxwell; his dad was a business associate of Robert Maxwell. Both were the subject of an FBI search warrant.

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Wesley Hall, a Sabine McNeill and Lauri Love, supporter, worked at Hacker House according to Rocket Reach

Jennifer Arcuri with Thomas Borwick – The Hacker and Vote Leave’s chief technology officer.

Innotech Summit/Lawrence Lessig at Second Home 2014


This is the ex-Cambridge Analytica contractor who was Vote Leave’s head of technology. He’s harvested every single person’s electoral register data in UK…but says he did nothing with it. You not going to use it all over again, Thomas?

Tom Borwick’s great uncle, Lord McAlpine, is listed in Jeffrey Epstein’s black book


The Borwick Family

Analysing Borwick

The Cambridge Analytica connection you’ve most likely never heard of; meet The Hon. Thomas Borwick, son of ex-Tory MP Lady ‘Call Me Victoria’ Borwick

Lady Borwick, who was previously Boris Johnson’s deputy.

The Busy Borwicks

Son of Kensington MP Lady Borwick’s curious connections to the people who ensured both Brexit and the election of Donald Trump revealed

On Sunday, Carole Cadwalladr of  The Observer published a lengthy and well researched article that, amongst other things, examined the connections between The Hon. Thomas Borwick – the son of the Conservative hereditary peer The Rt. Hon. The Lord Borwick and Kensington’s Member of Parliament Lady ‘Call me Victoria’ Borwick – and the controversial US hedge fund titan and backer of Donald Trump, Robert Mercer.

A director of a multitude of companies, in spite of being just 29 years old, “new media expert” Thomas Borwick – whose mother was forced to apologise “after using City Hall resources to promote her husband’s [now defunct] electric vehicle business” in 2009– it now transpires, was not only Vote Leave’s chief technology officer but previously worked with SCL/Cambridge Analytica and AggregateIQ. Borwick currently touts himself to his 202 followers on Twitter as the founder of a political canvasing consultancy named, an organisation that he boldy claims “will out-organise, out-plan, out-leaflet, out-twitter, out-work and out-vote all of its opponents”.

Mercer, one of the owners of the far-right Breitbart News Network as well as being a major shareholder in Cambridge Analytica, is a man whose “sinister” connections to both Trump and Nigel Farage have rightly been widely criticised. On that basis, that the son of fervent Brexiteer Lady Borwick – a woman whose constituents voted 69% to ‘Remain’ and whose domain was home to a greater proportion of EU nationals than any other London borough in 2016 – has links to this billionaire and his activities should only encourage the voters of Kensington to ditch her and her out-of-touch party.



Revealed: The ‘triple dipper’ Conservative MP who is paid nearly £100,000 a year for three elected jobs

Victoria Borwick, the (former) MP for Kensington, is paid an extra £30,000 a year as both a councillor at Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and member of the London Assembly

Mrs Borwick, 59, whose application to replace Sir Malcolm Rifkind in the seat waspersonally backed by London Mayor Boris Johnson,defended her decision.

Mrs Borwick’s predecessor as MP for Kensington Sir Malcolm Rifkind had complained that it was “unrealistic” to live on £60,000 shortly before quitting after being caught in a cash for access investigation by The Daily Telegraph in February.

Unveiling a plaque to Lady Churchill with Sir Nicholas Soames

Tories BOW to wealthy antiques dealers and DROP ban on elephant ivory in manifesto:

The most powerful UK antique traders association is the British Antique Dealers’ Association – whose president is Tory MP and pal of Theresa May, Lady Victoria Borwick.

Lady Victoria Borwick is related by marriage to the notorious McAlpine family.

Her husband’s uncle is Alistair McAlpine, alleged child abuser.

Lord “Jamie” Borwick – nephew of Lord Alistair McAlpine

Victoria’s  husband, Geoffrey Robert James Borwick, 5th Baron Borwick aka “Jamie”, is the son of Hon. Patricia Garnett McAlpine – Patricia’s brother is Alistair McAlpine

Lady Victoria Borwick is MP for Kensington and Chelsea, preceded by Malcolm Rifkind who is a cousin of alleged child abuser, former Tory Cabinet minister, Leon Brittan.

“The Tories got rid of one Rifkind (Cash for Access) and now replaced him with ‘Madam Rifkind’, who thinks it is perfectly reasonable to use these jobs to rake in as much money as possible.”

Slumming it: Tory Lady ventures into East End

Role reversal? Could this be the first time a young East Ender gets to look down on a Victoria Lady?
Since the Tories headed up the Coalition after the 2010 General Election, they have been making cuts in public spending and presiding over austerity measures which have made life harder for ordinary Eastenders. Government attacks such as the bedroom tax and welfare benefit tax have left many East End families only able to buy the cheapest, unhealthiest food – or forced them to supplement their own buying with trips to the food bank.

Against this backdrop, Lady Borwick, aka Assembly Member Victoria Lorne Peta Borwick, a Deputy Mayor of London, deigned to drop into Tower Hamlets last week to claim the credit for Tower Hamlets’ work in promoting good health in its schools (that’s the schools which Lady Borwick’s party is trying to dismantle).



Trump crony Rudy Giuliaini drew inspiration from Winston Churchill in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 terror attack on New York, he revealed.

Mr Giuliani cited the alliance between Churchill and Roosevelt, Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan and Tony Blair and George W Bush as evidence of the powerful bond between Britain and the US. He would make it his mission as President to strengthen the relationship further.

The lunch was attended by about 100 wealthy Americans and dozens of London-based US correspondents.

Conservative mayoral contender Victoria Borwick, who has pledged to introduce Giuliani-style zero tolerance policing, was the only senior Tory present at the lunch at the Hyde Park Mandarin hotel. 

“He is a brilliant political leader,” she said.

Mr Giuliani is due to meet Margaret Thatcher tonight at the same hotel before delivering his keynote speech on his manifesto for a 2008 Republican presidential victory.

Lord Borwick

Geoffrey Robert James “Jamie” Borwick, 5th Baron Borwick] (born 1955) is a British businessman, hereditary peer and member of the House of Lords. Chief Executive of Manganese Bronze Holdings PLC, known for the manufacture of the London Taxi, from 1987 to 2001 and then Chairman until 2003.


At William Hague Farewell Dinner with William Hague and Victoria Borwick

Victoria Borwick

She works on a daily basis with the big pillars of authority in London, such as the Metropolitan Police.

Does she ever take issue with the Metropolitan Police, or any other authority? “Of course…of course.”


Victoria Borwick – gifts and hospitality

She worked in senior management for P&O and DMG World Media (Daily Mail and General Trust plc) before becoming the Conservative Party’s fundraising director.[2]


Dinner at the Carlton: The New Tory power brokers


The guest list for the Conservatives; premier political dinner last week which gives a fascinating snapshot of the movers and shakers getting ready for their turn to influence Downing Street
Lady Borwick and  Lord Borwick on the guest list

Son of Tory MP beaten unconscious outside Leicester Square KFC by 3 women

He said: ‘At some point they started pushing and shoving – three at that stage, of which only two were particularly aggressive. I couldn’t hypothecate (?) or guess what was on their minds. At some point my food and drink spilled and was taken from me.

‘The rest of my friends quickly came outside. From our group absolutely all of them did nothing aggressive to the ladies, but they continued to react though and many of my friends were attacked.

The computer app writer was queuing with friends when they became embroiled in a row with the women over space.

‘Tom was among a group of six friends on a night out in London,’ said Lady Borwick, who was previously Boris Johnson’s deputy.


Bannon has Boris on a tightrope. When you authorise spying on your president (he was a US citizen at the time) you can end up on treason charges.

Interesting times.


What is the relationship between Jennifer and Carrie Symonds? Looks like they both started to work on the Boris campaign 2012ish. First Jennifer got all the attention, and then later Carrie. Is this the reason Jennifer left the UK?
They obviously know a lot about each other

And … domestic row a few months ago. Carrie finding out more about Jennifer, or Boris was still in touch? About Boris’ laptop. And …the 100k grant in January, while she was in US Hush money? And …Jennifer’s very recent ‘missing laptop’ with lots of secret info? (s)Tory.


I’m sure it is just as much a coincidence that Boris de Pfeffel of Spaffwaffle’s current bedmate Carrie Symonds is linked to Ghislaine Maxwell’s charity Oceana as it is that his former girlfriend Jennifer Arcuri was linked to Milo.

In 2008, Ghsilaine Maxwell hosted a cocktail party for the board of the nonprofit Oceana at her townhouse on East 65th Street.

Boris’s beach blonde’s X-rated play: Glamorous PR guru Carrie Symonds, 30, starred in ‘satanic sex cult’ based on writings of unabashed occultist

Carrie Symonds performed in an X-rated play. It is thought she took part as a drama student at Warwick University, where she studied from 2006 to 2009.

The production was based on the writings of self-styled mystic Aleister Crowley – an unabashed occultist who revelled in his infamy as ‘the wickedest man in the world’. He died in 1947.

Crowley’s form of worship involved sadomasochistic sex rituals with men and women, spells which he claimed could raise evil gods, and the use of hard drugs, including cocaine and heroin.

For the play, Miss Symonds is wearing a black dress and torn black tights with heavy black make-up smeared around her eyes.

In one picture she is kneeling on the floor with a table in the background. On the table are written the words ‘cognac, c*** and cocaine’ – a reference to one of Crowley’s most notorious poems.

A bottle of cognac and small pile of white powder, believed to represent cocaine, are on the table, which is surrounded by a circle of cards. The words ‘Do As Thou Wilt’ are scrawled in chalk in the centre of the circle.

Alongside Miss Symonds sits a bare-chested male student with ‘Big Beast’ and ‘Do As Thou Wilt’ daubed across his chest and throat in black ink.

Crowley’s poem Leah Sublime includes the foul-mouthed lines: ‘Straddle your Beast, My Masterful B****… Spit on me, scarlet, Mouth of my harlot… Soak me in cognac, c*** and cocaine.’

Bill Clinton Honors Ted Danson At Oceana Gala

Here is Milo at the Russian Embassy in London in 2012 at the which was Russia’s Social Media incubator for Brexit, attended by
Other attendees of the were Boris Johnson’s Russian Spy Good Friend and who went to Moscow and worked for Russia, then set up a company with and . Also of course the Russian Ambassador Yakovenko friend to
The was run by UK PR Company from 2011-15 paid by the Russian Government and run by ex-Director of Communications husband of of BBC

Milo became friends with Steve Bannon and went to work for Breitbart. Bannon became a key advisor to Johnson


And here is Arcuri again with Milo and Thomas Borwick – formerly of Cambridge Analytica, then Vote Leave abd now Kanto

The question now arises: was it Bannon who persuaded Johnson to jump to the Leave side.


More worrying still than Johnson talking to Trump and Bannon in 2019 is the evidence from the Jennifer Arcuri Scandal that Johnson was being linked to , Milo Yiannopoulos, Bannon’s Breitbart and the Alt Right from 2013 on. In bed with Fascism “literally” Matt Hancock.


Hmmm – nothing in this, then? “Very quickly these supposedly Tech events generated notorious speakers from the far right US scene – one example, now banned in most mainstream media, Milo Yiannopoulos, but then a key part of Brannon’s Breitbart network.”


And likely that convicted paedophile Chris Leydon of “Pitch@Palace, London Web Summit & Startup also appeared TechCrunch” involved. InnoTech worked with kids. Milo –‘s friend- did highlight Leydon in 2015 but TechCity London shielded him

‏ @ThornfieldHalla Sep 27

She told her friends they were having sex. Her company took hundreds of thousands in taxpayer grants. She was platforming Boris Johnson along side Milo Yiannoploulos…and now this.

Jennifer Arcuri’s mystery £700,000 loan adds to pressure on Johnson

2018 Sarah Ferguson is launching a Street Child appeal for Indonesia

Duchess of York spent nine months negotiating with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein to pay off her debts

The Duchess of York has revealed that she spent nine months in negotiations with a convicted paedophile who helped to pay off her debts.

07 Mar 2011

In her first interview since the scandal broke, the Duchess apologised for a “gigantic error of judgement” in accepting the money from Jeffrey Epstein, a New York financier convicted for soliciting a 14-year-old girl for prostitution.

Epstein paid £15,000 to the Duchess’s former personal assistant, Johnny O’Sullivan, to cover the cost of his unpaid wages and other bills.

She said: “I personally, on behalf of myself, deeply regret that Jeffrey Epstein became involved in any way with me. I abhor paedophilia and any sexual abuse of children and know that this was a gigantic error of judgement on my behalf.

“I am just so contrite I cannot say. Whenever I can I will repay the money and will have nothing ever to do with Jeffrey Epstein ever again.”

In an interview with The Evening Standard the Duchess appeared to say that the Duke handled the negotiations with Epstein on her behalf. In a subsequent statement, however, she said Epstein made a “number of offers” directly to her

Mr O’Sullivan was owed £78,000 by the Duchess, but accepted £15,000 from Epstein which then allowed a wider restructuring of the Duchess’s £5 million debts to take place.

The Duchess said: “The Duke sorted out my debts and he and his office have been more than marvellous.

“I cannot state more strongly that I know a terrible, terrible error of judgement was made, my having anything do with Jeffrey Epstein. What he did was wrong and for which he was rightly jailed.

“I had no idea of the string of other allegations and court cases against him and I am distraught that I should have allowed myself to get out of debt with any help from him when my judgement was clouded.

“Once again my errors have compounded and rebounded and also inadvertently impacted on the man I admire most in the world, the Duke.

“He has supported me and come to my rescue again and again and there is absolutely nothing that I would not do for him.

“This make it even more painful for me that what happened has been used by people to make his life more difficult.”

This morning David Cameron’s official spokesman said that the Prime Minster still has “full confidence” in the Duke as trade envoy, despite reports that his position is under review.

Later, the Duke visited the Canary Wharf offices of the Crossrail project, where he was confronted by dozens of waiting photographers and journalists.

He smiled as he stepped from his chauffeur-driven Bentley, which had a personalised number plate ending in D0Y – for Duke of York.

As he was greeted by Crossrail chairman Terry Morgan, the Duke did not respond as a member of the press shouted: “Are you an embarrassment to the Royal Family?”

American model Jennifer Arcuri is ‘terrified’ after her laptop containing photographs, calendar dates and emails from when she was close to Boris Johnson is stolen, report claims

  • Jennifer Arcuri’s laptop was taken within the last 10 days, while she was in the UK
  • American business woman, 34, is allegedly worried it could be ‘hawked around’
  • Photographs and emails from when Boris was London mayor said to be on device
  • Yesterday was claimed Ms Arcuri and prime minister had sexual relationship
  • The PM is dogged by allegations he provided benefits to her company as Mayor 

A laptop belonging to Boris Johnson’s pole dancing friend was stolen recently leaving her petrified that information could be leaked, it was reported last night.

Jennifer Arcuri’s laptop was taken within the last 10 days, while she was in the UK, and now she fears personal details relating to her friendship with the Prime Minister could be made public, The Mirror reported.

The computer contained photographs, calendar dates and emails from the time when Ms Arcuri was acquainted with Mr Johnson.


Prince Andrew dragged even further into Jeffrey Epstein paedo scandal as FBI expands investigation to identify more victim

29 Sept 2019

PRINCE Andrew could become more deeply engulfed in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal as the FBI seek to talk to 100 alleged victims of the late American billionaire, it’s reported.

The US law enforcement agency’s investigation has been expanded to identify more alleged human trafficking victims of Epstein, who could provide information on the Duke.

The Sunday Times has reported the FBI expects to interview 100 alleged trafficking victims — most of whom were aged between 14 and 15 when allegedly trafficked.

This will take place over the next two months and Scotland Yard is ready to help.

Citing unidentified sources from the US Department of Justice, the paper says the FBI are looking to “several” potential victims.

Investigators hope they can provide more details about Prince Andrew and his links to the Epstein case.

The source said: “They are not going to dismiss it [claims relating to Andrew] because he is a royal.”

The report quotes former head of royal protection at Scotland Yard, Dai Davies, saying a full investigation would be in the Duke’s best interests.

Mr Davies said: “I would have thought it’s in Prince Andrew’s interests to clear this matter up.

“Any residue of doubt or innuendo should be cleared up by a clear, unequivocal, structured investigation.”

Scotland Yard had previously held an investigation after one of the women caught up in the scandal, Virginia Giuffre, made allegations against the Duke of York, but that probe was dropped in 2015. This is now being reviewed by the FBI.

Her allegations, which Andrew strongly denies, were struck from US civil court records in 2015 after a judge said they were “immaterial and impertinent”.

Last week Ms Giuffre claimed she had sex with Prince Andrew in a toilet when aged 17 after the royal plied her with vodka at a posh nightclub.

Buckingham Palace refuted this, saying: “It is emphatically denied that The Duke of York had any form of sexual contact or relationship with Virginia Roberts.

“Any claim to the contrary is false and without foundation.”

The Sunday Times reports the claims by Ms Giuffre that she was ordered to have sex with Prince Andrew when she was 17 are not the only allegations against the royal being reviewed by the FBI.

He has denied all allegations against him as “false” and “without foundation”.

The Epstein probe is continuing after the disgraced financier took his own life last month in a New York prison cell where he was detained on charges of sex trafficking teenage girls.

The American billionaire committed suicide in a New York prison cell last month, soon after arriving from Paris in one of his private jets.


A caretaker of Epstein’s Paris property has now sensationally revealed: “I saw Prince Andrew there”.

The key witness – who cannot currently be named for legal reasons – told The Sun on Sunday: “Prince Andrew stayed a number of times at the Avenue Foch address, including when Epstein was not there.”

Reports in France say the Duke is expected to avoid travelling to the country while the investigation is ongoing amidst royal aides fears he could be hauled in for questioning.

Asked about the developments in France last night a Buckingham Palace spokesman refused to comment.


Boris Johnson’s friendship with businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri ‘was open secret among staff’

27 Sept 2019

Boris Johnson’s close friendship with a Californian entrepreneur helped by London’s tourism and promotions agency was an “open secret” among its staff, the Standard has been told.

Former officials at the agency, London & Partners (L&P), recalled how Jennifer Arcuri was given places on foreign trade trips led by Mr Johnson in his time as mayor despite her companies being regarded as “not credible” by some at the time.

Referring to Ms Arcuri, 34, a former model, another ex-staffer said: “I don’t think that anybody ever said that Boris was seeing her but it was an open secret that they were close.” Investigations have been launched by Mayor Sadiq Khan and the London Assembly into public funds given to Ms Arcuri’s firms and places she was granted on foreign trade trips.

The Standard understands the investigations are likely to focus on a L&P-run trip made by Mr Johnson to Tel Aviv in November 2015. Ms Arcuri was initially told by L&P she “did not qualify” for it but officials were later “advised by Arcuri that she had secured permission from a mayoral adviser to attend”, according to L&P.

Ms Arcuri’s firm The Innotech Network, founded in February 2013, first received funding from L&P that year with £10,000 in sponsorship for a conference at the World Islamic Economic Forum. It also received £1,500 for an event in 2014. L&P says it has “no evidence” of Mr Johnson being involved in either decision.

Ms Arcuri was among delegates taken on mayoral trips to Malaysia in November 2014 and to New York in February 2015. L&P said Innotech, a financial technology firm, was declined a place on the Malaysia trip “as it did not meet the criteria” of the trip, which focused on “creative technology”.

She applied again with another of her firms, Playbox, and was accepted. L&P said it had “no evidence” of Mr Johnson’s involvement in the decision to accept Playbox onto the mission. Playbox was dissolved in February 2016.

Ms Arcuri was told she “did not qualify” for the New York trip but L&P records “show that a senior mayoral adviser did confirm to [L&P] that she should be allowed to attend some events in New York” as she was already planning to be in the city. No financial support was given.

The Standard was told that L&P staff were aware Ms Arcuri was “connected” to Mr Johnson. On at least one occasion, she was granted a place following a request from the mayor’s office after initially being rejected by L&P.

One L&P source claimed: “It was an open secret she got to come because she was close with Boris.” Mr Johnson will comply with a London Assembly order to explain his links to Ms Arcuri but says his former colleagues are “barking up the wrong tree”. Conservative Party chairman James Cleverly had previously hinted the Prime Minister could refuse to give evidence to City Hall regarding allegations he favoured his friend for business grants and trade missions while mayor. Mr Johnson has since said:“I will co-operate with my old friends on the Assembly. But on this particular matter, I think they are barking up the wrong tree.”

Ms Arcuri studied law at Columbia University in New York in 2001 and has a number of degrees including in musical theatre. She also has an MBA in investments and securities, according to her online profile.

She began her career as an on-air radio personality for Radio DJ Razzle Dazz, part of the Walt Disney company, and spent more than 10 years on the show.

In 2008, she produced the short film La Valise, part of the short film showcase at the Cannes Film Festival.

She moved to the UK in 2011, and prior to that worked in digital technology and film production in California.

Ms Arcuri founded Innotech to run events, networking and start-up funding for technology.

London & Partners last night said it would be inappropriate to comment on the latest allegations. Allen Simpson, its director of strategy and corporate affairs, said the agency had “tightened rules relating to procurement. We are confident in these controls and in our team.”

Ms Arcuri told the Sunday Times after it first reported claims: “Any grants received by my companies and any trade mission I joined were purely in respect of my role as a legitimate businesswoman.”She did not comment on the nature of her relationship with Mr Johnson.

Her family have denied the pair had an affair.


JenniferArcuri’s Tech events attracted speakers from the far-right US scene – such as now banned from , Milo Yiannopoulos () – a key part of Bannon’s Breitbart network. Could Arcuri been a sort of ‘honey trap’ used by the far-right, from the start?



So Jennifer Arcuri had a cosy personal relationship with Boris Johnson, euphemistically giving him ‘private technology lessons’.

Arcuri invites Yiannopoulos to speak at her meetings.

He in turn works with Steve Bannon who visited Epstein’s Paris home. ...

New article by Vanity Fair quotes a source who says Bill Gates visited Jeffrey Epstein’s NYC mansion. The author of the article first made the assertion that Gates had visited Epstein in NYC in a July Vanity Fair report.

Zuckerberg, Rothschild, Gates…

Jeffrey Epstein entertained Bill and Melinda Gates, Steve Bannon, Prince Andrew at his Paris apartment claims butler, who was told by estate to move into the pied-a-terre days before probe

27 Sept 2019

  • The man who spent the past 18 years working as Jeffrey Epstein’s butler at his $8million Paris apartment is speaking about his boss’ famous friends
  • Gabriel said that Prince Andrew, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Steve Bannon were also guests at the residence
  • A source close to Bannon said it ‘never happened,’ despite Gabriel claiming he drove the man around the city just last Fall 
  • Gabriel said Bill and Melinda Gates had visited and while a rep did not respond  to a  request comment the couple has denied any personal ties in the past 
  • There was also talk of the women Epstein had in his house, who Gabriel said he kept separate from other gusts 
  • Gabriel is living in the pied-a-terre after being ordered to move in by the estate two days before Paris officials declared they were probing Epstein 

Gabriel did not say how long these guests stayed and if it was always overnight or they just came by for a meal.

This is the first time there has ever been any mention of Bill and Melinda visiting one of Epstein’s properties, but those other three men have all been to see the late pedophile at his Manhattan townhouse.

Gabriel specifically remembers Bannon, saying his visit came last Fall and noting; ‘I was even his driver in Paris.’ reached out to a publicist for Bill and Melinda, who did not respond to a request for comment.

Gates has been adamant however in the past that he had no personal relationship with the pedophile, though the two did spend time together.

A source close to Bannon meanwhile said ‘it never happened.’

Flight records reveal that Gates flew with Epstein from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey to Palm Beach on March 1, 2013, one of the few flights that year where pilot Larry Viskoski recorded the name of a passenger.

A representative for the couple did not respond to a request for comment, and the pairing is an odd one given the work Melinda and the couple’s foundation does for young women around the world.

Gabriel also spoke about the other company kept by his boss.

‘As [Epstein] was very fond of massages, they were hired for it,’he explained.

‘But I do not think that there women were then paid for sex.’

He also said Epstein was seeing women less and getting fewer massages in recent years.

‘When I started working for him, he was getting a massage at least twice a day, sometimes three or four times,’ said Gabriel, who noted that his boss’ habit was an expensive one.

‘But it was less common in recent years.’

Epstein and Bill had spent time together previously, most notably at the annual Edge Dinner, which each year welcomes billionaires from around the world to come together and discuss advancements they are working in on the worlds of math, science and technology.

In fact, the 2013 dinner took place just two nights before they flew to Florida, though neither of the men are pictured attending that year’s event.

Epstein did claim he worked as a financial adviser to Gates for some time, but that claim was later shot down by the Microsoft founder’s representative.

The two men do however both own property in southern Florida.

Epstein had two homes including a $12 million Palm Beach mansion and Gates owns a five-property compound in Wellington that he purchased for a total of $40 million.

In a biography that was published on the website for Edge, but later deleted, it is noted that Epstein ‘founded the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation in 2000 to fund and support cutting edge science around the world.’

He is also said to be ‘one of the largest supporters of individual scientists, including theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking and Nobel Laureates Gerard ‘t Hooft, David Gross and Frank Wilczek.’

In an alarming addition, the biography then states that Epstein has taken ‘an active role in supporting education across the United States as well as philanthropy in the US Virgin Islands, where the foundation is based.’

He traveled to the 2002 dinner with guests including architect David Rockwell, author Michael Wolff, journalist Richard Cook, and literary agent John Brockman – who was also the editor of the Edge website.

Gates was not the only famous name to hop aboard Epstein’s plane either, with the serial pedophile also welcoming famed newsman Walter Cronkite, architect Peter Marino and a passenger identified as John Roberts.

Yiannopoulos “just had that ‘it’ factor,” Bannon says in the book. “The difference was, Andrew had a very strong moral universe, and Milo is an amoral nihilist.”

Yiannopoulos devoted much of Bretibart’s tech coverage to cultural issues, particularly Gamergate, a long-running online argument over gaming culture that peaked in 2014. And that helped fuel an online alt-right movement sparked by Breitbart News. 

“I realized Milo could connect with these kids right away,” Bannon told Green. “You can activate that army. They come in through Gamergate or whatever and then get turned onto politics and Trump.”

How Brock Pierce ended up as an Epstein guest along with a NASA computer engineer, an MIT professor and a Nobel laureate in theoretical physics is a bizarre tale involving Steve Bannon and an international man of mystery who may or may not be dead.

18 Sept 2019

Even before Jeffrey Epstein’s mysterious death Aug. 10, many people who knew him were hoping the world would forget or, better yet, never learn that they had any association at all with the notorious predator.

One such person may be serially self-reinventing entrepreneur Brock Pierce, who as a teenager co-founded the eventually infamous Digital Entertainment Network and who, in the mid- to late ‘90s, was associated with an alleged sex-abuse ring — this one involving young men. Several later contended in court filings that Pierce and two associates had drugged and assaulted them at parties in their Encino mansion. Pierce was never charged with any crime and has repeatedly denied wrongdoing. He settled with one plaintiff, and two others dismissed their cases against him.

In early 2011, about a decade after the Digital Entertainment Network imploded, Pierce visited the Virgin Islands to attend “Mindshift,” a conference of top scientists hosted by Epstein.

A representative for Pierce says he didn’t even know who Epstein was when he flew (commercial) to the event, which the financier had arranged as part of his elaborate effort to launder his lurid reputation. It was not even 18 months after Epstein had completed his slap-on-the-wrist solicitation sentence in Florida and registered as a sex offender.

The rep for Pierce says he saw Epstein after that meeting “a few times over the intervening years at industry events, where many other prominent people were present.” He adds that “the few communications that Mr. Pierce had with Epstein related to cryptocurrency” — an area in which Pierce established himself as a crypto centimillionaire, or maybe a billionaire, in the years following the conference.

But it is a strange tale: how a former child actor who never went to college ended up as an Epstein guest — a seemingly unlikely addition to a group that included a NASA computer engineer, an MIT professor of electrical engineering and a Nobel laureate in theoretical physics. “I don’t know what he had to do with science [or] why he was there,” says one person who attended.

It’s unclear what, if anything, Epstein expected to get from Pierce, who was unlikely to add to the prestige of the conference. Epstein’s activities in the area of cryptocurrency remain mysterious. In 2017, he gave an interview to website The Next Web in which he expressed a vague interest in the area, and The Wall Street Journal has reported that Epstein claimed that he worked for the U.S. Treasury Department on cryptocurrency.

Another strand may connect Epstein to cryptocurrency and indirectly to Pierce:

In 2015, Joi Ito  — then director of the MIT Media Lab — announced a Digital Currency Initiative. This came during a financially challenging time for the Bitcoin Foundation — the industry’s first trade group, founded in September 2012 — and Ito hired cryptocurrency developers previously supported by the foundation. Just days after Ito’s announcement, Pierce was named the foundation’s chairman. (Ito recently resigned from MIT Media Lab following reports that he had accepted major donations from Epstein and attempted to conceal the relationship.)

Pierce was also in business starting in the mid-2000s with former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon, who had his own ties to Epstein. Bannon did not respond to requests for comment but he apparently remains a fan of Pierce, who has popped up lately as an unlikely presence in Trump world.

Pierce’s name is familiar to people in Hollywood who remember the short-lived DEN, an ahead-of-its-time attempt to create online programming around the turn of the millennium, and the scandal surrounding it. Pierce’s childhood career blossomed when he appeared in Disney’s 1992 film The Mighty Ducks. But by the time he was 17, he had given up acting. According to extensive media reports when DEN imploded, Pierce had been making $250,000 a year at the company. He shared a 12,600-square-foot house with two other DEN co-founders, the then-40-something entrepreneur Marc Collins-Rector and Chad Shackley, a Michigan man then in his mid-20s. 

Shackley had lived with Collins-Rector since dropping out of high school at 16. Pierce had also been 16 when he met Collins-Rector, and although Collins-Rector already was in a relationship with Shackley, Pierce later told Rolling Stone: “He was definitely in love with me. There’s no question about that.”

Pierce has said he gave Collins-Rector the idea of starting a company to create online entertainment. At the time, the technology wasn’t in place to efficiently deliver digital content to consumers, but the company attracted investors including David Geffen and former congressman Michael Huffington, as well as Microsoft and Dell.


The Encino mansion where the DEN trio lived became known for parties that drew A-list guests, among them alleged predators Bryan Singer and producer Gary Goddard (though neither has faced legal charges and both have denied claims against them).

But before DEN’s founders could cash in on a planned IPO, things fell apart. A young man sued, claiming Collins-Rector had started molesting him when he was 13. More litigation followed regarding alleged goings-on at the DEN mansion. One alleged victim, Alexander Burton, claimed that Collins-Rector, Pierce and Shackley had supplied him with alcohol and drugs even though he was under 21 and that all three men subsequently assaulted him. Another accuser was said to have written a suicide note reading in part: “I can’t go on. I let them use me as a sex tool.” (The note was discovered before a suicide attempt could be made.) There were also accusations that Collins-Rector would intimidate his victims by brandishing a gun.

Pierce later said in a statement, “The allegations against me are not true, and I have never had intimate or sexual contact with any of the people who made those allegations.” His rep says the allegations in the lawsuit were false.

In August 2000, Collins-Rector was indicted for transporting minors across state lines for sex, and the DEN trio took off for Spain. The sojourn there ended in May 2002 when Interpol showed up, finding weapons and thousands of child-porn images in their house. (Pierce has said he was unaware of the images.) While Pierce and Shackley were quickly released, Collins-Rector was was held in a Spanish jail until October 2003 when he was extradited to the U.S. In June 2004 he pleaded guilty to five counts of transporting minors for sex. After serving out his sentence — which, after credit for time served, only amounted to a few months — he left the country and renounced his citizenship. (BuzzFeed tracked him down in Europe in 2014.)

While the DEN trio was still in Europe, the young men who had sued over alleged sexual assault at the Encino house were awarded $4.5 million by default because the defendants could not be located. Pierce later returned to the U.S. and settled the claims against him. The settlements do not address any payment to the accusers and Pierce’s rep says none was made.

Even before returning to the country, Pierce already had a new line of work: In 2001, while living with Collins-Rector in Spain, he had created Internet Gaming Entertainment, a company that enabled devotees of online role-playing games to use virtual currency to buy virtual goods (such as weapons). Eventually the business branched into a practice prohibited by many gaming platforms: “real-money trading,” in which players offered real cash for virtual goods. In an online bio, Collins-Rector declared himself to be a “shadow founder” of IGE, but a rep for Pierce says Collins-Rector “was never involved in any way” with IGE. 

What’s unclear is when Collins-Rector stopped being a part of Pierce’s life. In a lawsuit against Pierce, a former partner in IGE claimed that Pierce had told him in 2005 that Collins-Rector — then living overseas and, according to the feds, still consorting with teenage boys — had been blackmailing him, threatening to damage IGE in the eyes of investors. Pierce’s rep says Collins-Rector never threatened blackmail and denies that Pierce ever made such a statement.

Pierce’s rep suggests the split with Collins-Rector happened in stages: “Mr. Pierce separated any business relationship when DEN failed and the internet bubble burst in 2000.” Pierce’s personal relationship with Collins-Rector lasted until 2003, the rep says — that’s after Collins-Rector’s indictment in 2000 and after Interpol showed up at the house in Spain in 2002. But Pierce’s rep says at the time of his arrest, Collins-Rector “asserted his innocence.” It wasn’t until Pierce “received additional information concerning Collins-Rector’s improper actions” that he separated entirely.

A couple years after Collins-Rector apparently left Pierce’s world, Bannon entered it. IGE had started minting money in part through “gold-farming” operations in China, with low-wage shift workers accumulating in-game currency and virtual goods to sell by playing around the clock.

In 2005 Bannon visited the company’s offices in Hong Kong and arranged for private-equity firms — including his former employer, Goldman Sachs — to invest $60 million. Bannon became vice chairman of the business with the idea that he would figure a way to make real-money trading legit. 

In 2017, The Washington Post published an exposé of IGE’s dubious practices — such as using the identities of unwitting U.S. residents to create gaming accounts — which were in place before Bannon came on board. It was unclear whether Bannon was aware of such activities when he joined the firm, but they continued after his arrival.

Pierce would later describe Bannon as “my right-hand man for, like, seven years,” but the math on that is hard to figure. Bannon failed in his mission of legitimizing the business, and just a couple of years after he joined the company, IGE was facing declining revenues, growing blowback from online gaming companies, an investigation by Florida authorities and a class-action lawsuit.

In 2007 — not even two years after Bannon joined the company — he forced Pierce out as CEO and took the job himself, according to reports. Eventually the company got out of the virtual-goods business and Bannon sold his stake. (Pierce’s rep says he remained chairman of IGE “until 2015 or 2016,” but there’s no mention of that in the press release announcing Bannon’s appointment.)

At some point, Bannon developed his own connection to Epstein, although it’s unknown when or how the relationship began. In August 2018, he was spotted paying an early-morning visit to Epstein’s New York townhouse, and New York Times columnist James B. Stewart reported that Epstein invited him to a dinner with Bannon that month. (Stewart turned down the invitation and Bannon told the Times he did not attend.)

It was not long after Pierce’s ejection from IGE that he emerged as a player in the world of cryptocurrency. (Bannon also became involved in cryptocurrency.) Pierce founded a number of companies including Blockchain Capital, where his bio identified him as “a member of the Clinton Global Initiative.” (Bill Clinton, of course, also had a relationship with Epstein, though he has denied knowledge of Epstein’s wrongdoing.)

Pierce still seems to have been getting his footing in the still-new world of cryptocurrency when he turned up at Epstein’s 2011 conference.

Al Seckel, (Isabel Maxwell’s husband) the person who arranged the conference, was a gregarious and litigious poser who had convinced many people that he was a Cornell alum and a cognitive neuroscientist with ties to Cal Tech. (The Mindshift conference featured several scientists from Cal Tech.)

In fact, like Epstein, Seckel never graduated from college, but that hardly held him back. For example, Seckel gave a 2007 TED talk on his particular passion: visual illusions. (His TED bio, since corrected, described him as a cognitive neuroscientist.) He also spoke at the World Economic Forum in Davos. (Session title: “Art and Illusion: Is Seeing Believing?”).

“He was definitely what they called a connector,” says producer Lawrence Bender, who recalls meeting Seckel at the TED talk. “He went out of his way to introduce me to different people.”

Seckel also threw splashy parties in Malibu, bringing together high-level people from various backgrounds. (Though Seckel has many detractors, none has ever suggested that he was involved in any kind of sexual predation.)

Presumably Seckel met Epstein through his sort-of wife, Isabel Maxwell — the sister of alleged Epstein enabler Ghislaine Maxwell — whom he had married in 2007, while apparently still married to someone else. Whether Epstein was convinced by Seckel’s phony credentials is not known, but sources say he did turn to Seckel to set up the Mindshift conference. 

Pierce’s rep says he had met Seckel through “a networking gathering in Los Angeles” and saw him at a few other events after that, which led to the Mindshift invitation. Among the star talent there was physicist and Nobel-laureate Murray Gell-Mann and MIT professor Gerald Sussman. An online announcement of the event was vague about its purpose: “To try to push the frontiers of substantive topics.”

By the time of the conference, Seckel and Isabel Maxwell had relocated to France. Bender, who after meeting Seckel at the TED Talk had gotten to know him well enough to be invited to his wedding party and to visit him and his wife at their new home, says he had also started hearing rumors about Seckel’s sketchy business dealings. “It started to make me feel like, am I hanging out with the wrong person?” he says. “Then he disappeared. I thought, ‘That’s weird.'”

Indeed, in July 2015 Seckel’s body supposedly was found at the bottom of a cliff in France. He was 56. (The echoes of the fate of Isabel Maxwell’s father Robert, found floating in the sea near his yacht in 1991, are hard to miss.) Seckel died, it seems, just as Tablet magazine was preparing an article that alleged a litany of dubious business dealings as well as exposed Seckel’s phony academic credentials and double marriage.

Though the article appeared shortly after Seckel’s supposed death, it was never updated to reflect Seckel’s passing.  Asked why, author Mark Oppenheimer told THR in an email: “I was never able to establish to my satisfaction that Seckel had died.” Though he didn’t devote a lot of time to the question, he continued, “I always had my suspicions that maybe he faked his own death; it would have been in character.” Others who knew Seckel also have their doubts that he’s dead and, in fact, it’s difficult to verify; authorities in France did not respond to inquiries. And, after all, the man had a passion for illusions.

By February 2018, Pierce was listed ninth on Forbes’ first list of cryptocurrency’s richest with a net worth estimated at $1 billion. Neil Strauss, the reporter who spent 10 days with him for the Rolling Stone profile, described the then-married 37-year-old as a person who rarely ate a full meal or slept in a bed: “He crashed on random couches, in the back seats of cars, on tables at bars.” The article also noted that Pierce carried a satchel “filled with small containers of various plant medicines, such as the Peruvian psychedelic San Pedro and the Amazonian tobacco rapé, which he often snorts midmeeting.” Pierce was operating from and extolling the virtues of Puerto Rico, and pledging that he would use his wealth to “rebuild” the island.

But escaping the shadow of Collins-Rector and his notorious past still proved challenging. In March 2018, HBO’s Last Week Tonight With John Oliver aired a segment about the “speculative mania” around the cryptocurrency market and focused on a startup called Block.One. Oliver played tape of Pierce in a straw hat and jeans in what appears to be a promotional video, extolling a company that had already raised $1.5 billion. “Everything that exists is no longer going to exist in the way that it does today,” Pierce says in the video. “Everything in this world is about to be better.”

Calling Pierce “a sleepy, creepy cowboy from the future,” Oliver noted that Pierce had been “involved with some very unsavory figures” and urged viewers to google “Brock Pierce scandal.” Then he played another clip in which Pierce rambled about “intentionality” before showing photos of his “entirely unicorn wedding” at Burning Man the previous year. (The bridesmaids and groomsmen “wore the colors of the rainbow plus pink” while the best man “was a woman dressed in black, cracking a whip,” he said.)

In the immediate aftermath of Oliver’s takedown, Pierce was ejected from Block.One. “Anything I accomplish in my life,” Pierce told Rolling Stone, “ends up being discredited because of this [old] narrative.”

But Pierce is still mixing and mingling with the rich and powerful. In July, he attended a gala for the South Fork Natural History Museum in Bridgehampton, New York, that also attracted high-profile Trump world denizens including Kimberly Guilfoyle and hedge-fund billionaire John Paulsen. More recently he was on the guestlist for Equinox and SoulCycle owner Stephen Ross’ recent, controversial Trump fundraiser, also held in the Hamptons. 

Despite their less than idyllic history at IGE, Bannon told The New York Times last year that he would have gotten involved with Pierce and cryptocurrencies in 2016 if the Trump campaign hadn’t intervened.

Asked about the mockery that John Oliver had heaped on Pierce, Bannon shrugged, saying he had seen others triumph despite low expectations. “These guys,” he said, “are visionaries.”

On September 29, 1993 Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell had dinner at President Bill Clinton’s White House. This is the White House Donors Reception list.


Do all lines of investigation lead to Jeffrey Epstein?
Here are a few facts about Boris de Pfeffel of Spaffwaffle’s pole dancer Jennifer Arcuri …

Hang on, isn’t that guest speaker at Arcuri’s InnoTech Summit with BoJo our dear friend Alexander ‘Lord’ Carlile? The man who rushed to the defence of the paedophile Greville Janner and shared an office with Cyril Smith?


Jennifer Arcuri woth Milo Yiannopoulos

So Yiannopoulos, banned by Facebook and Twitter, was billed at Arcuri’s InnoTech conference as keynote speaker, second only to Boris Johnson, who yesterday traduced the memory of Jo Cox, murdered by another right-wing fanatic!


When Alexander Carlile is not serving as Boris Johnson’s support act at Jennifer Arcuri’s InnoTech summit, his role is eagerly assumed by Bannon’s willing far-right helper Milo Yiannopoulos.


It is worth noting how Arcuri’s Hacker House had the endorsement of Epstein’s sleazy buddy Randy Andy: Hacker House advises organisations on cyber-security, teaches youngsters online skills and has the backing of the Duke of York for its scheme awarding cyber badges to children.

BoJo’s girlfriend Arcuri does seem to gravitate towards criminals!
Not only was she in business with LIBOR rigger Hayes, her associate at Hacker House, another of her companies, was Lauri Love, a computer hacker whole stole large amounts of data from US government agencies …

Meanwhile, an interview given by Arcuri in 2016 mentioned that Hacker House was developing “cyber badges for schools, on request of the Duke of York, to understand the awareness and ethics of cybersecurity”.

Arcuri denied that Prince Andrew backed her firm but when asked to explain why it was mentioned in the article, she failed to respond.

A spokesman for the Duke of York declined to comment.

The Department for International Trade declined to comment.

Arcuri is related to Lawrence Lessig (her cousin), a Harvard law professor linked to Aaron Schwartz and Lessig has commented on Jeffrey Epstein
Lessig is a friend of Joichi Ito, who resigned as the director of the M.I.T. Media Lab, as well as from the boards of The New York Times Company and other organizations, after it was revealed that he had courted money from Mr. Epstein and worked to hide it.
Mr. Ito also traveled twice to Mr. Epstein’s Caribbean island home.

A Harvard Professor Doubles Down: If You Take Epstein’s Money, Do It in Secret

A conversation with Lawrence Lessig about Jeffrey Epstein, M.I.T. and reputation laundering.

Sept. 16, 2019
It is hard to defend soliciting donations from the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. But Lawrence Lessig, a Harvard Law professor, has been trying.

Mr. Lessig is a friend of Joichi Ito, who resigned as the director of the M.I.T. Media Lab, as well as from the boards of The New York Times Company and other organizations, after it was revealed that he had courted money from Mr. Epstein and worked to hide it. Mr. Ito also traveled twice to Mr. Epstein’s Caribbean island home.

Mr. Lessig signed a letter in support of Mr. Ito, and then published a 3,500-word essay on the subject.

He argued that in an ideal world, no institution should take money from people like Mr. Epstein, but that in reality, much of the money that props up universities and other elite institutions comes from troubling sources.
Mr. Lessig suggested that donors to places like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology could be organized in four buckets, ranging from “people like Tom Hanks or Taylor Swift — people who are wealthy and whose wealth comes from nothing but doing good” — to “entities and people whose wealth comes from clearly wrongful or harmful or immoral behavior.” Mr. Lessig, who noted that he was a childhood victim of sexual abuse, also argued that the act of veiling Mr. Epstein’s contributions was good, because it avoided “whitewashing” his reputation.

“Everyone seems to treat it as if the anonymity and secrecy around Epstein’s gift are a measure of some kind of moral failing,” Mr. Lessig wrote. “I see it as exactly the opposite.”

The reaction to Mr. Lessig’s essay was swift and furious. On social media, many were dismayed that someone whose work focuses on institutional corruption would defend dealing with Mr. Epstein and hiding his money.

A disappointing moral crumpling from Lessig, wrote Anand Giridharadas, the author of a book on the corruption of the elite class.

For a dismal failure of a businesswoman, Jennifer Arcuri sure won the hearts of BoJo’s fawning acolytes …

Lessig, Hardwicke and the proctor, some things never change: the culpability of the victim in the eyes of the perpetrator:


Lessig is up there with David Boies who is currently working pro bono for Virgina Roberts and whose firm is also working for Kenes Rakishev on the BTA/Ablyazov/Khrapunov case.

Boies, Lessig & Weld challenge the Electoral College system


One of Jennifer Arcuri’s companies was Title X Technology Limited. The only other company director listed was Tom Alexander William Hayes, the trader for UBS and Citigroup convicted for his role in the LIBOR scandal. Fancy that!

“Jennifer Arcuri, the founder of InnoTech and an alumnus of Hult International Business School – where she befriended Tom Hayes, the ex-UBS trader charged with alleged Libor-rigging. …


Acuri’s access to Johnson was unprecedented and came out of nowhere (MBA student turned party-activist, turned conference organiser). There are questions to be answered about the use of public money to sponsor her by the Mayor’s agency.

Billionaire boys club: Jeffrey Epstein got Bill Gates and Richard Branson to join his panel in 2014 at event hosted by Arizona State University, where pedophile funded annual $10K grant

  • Jeffrey Epstein had convinced Richard Branson and Bill Gates to appear on his panel about the origins of money in 2014 according to an email 
  • The pedophiles friend Lawrence Krauss revealed this in an email months before the event, which was later cancelled  in favor of another panel
  • ASU would later praise Epstein in a press release that was sent out in September of 2014 after he funded a $10,00 grant 
  • Gates and Branson have both claimed that reports of their ties to Epstein have been exaggerated, possibly by the deceased pedophile himself
  • Branson said that the two were geographically close, with Necker Island just 20 miles from Little St James, but nothing more
  • Gates, after trying to deny any relationship, later admitted to meeting Epstein for philanthropic guidance  

Jeffrey Epstein called on fellow billionaire Richard Branson and Bill Gates to appear alongside him on a 2014 panel about the origins of money.

The event was to take place in January of that year at Arizona State University as part of the Origins Project, which was run by theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss at the time.

It was Krauss who revealed this news in a 2013 email to Jim Simons, asking the famed mathematician if he might be interested in a spot on the same panel.

Krauss wrote to Simmons that Epstein was coordinating the panel on the Origins of Money, and said ‘right now he has Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Larry Summers on board.’

He closed out by stating ‘Jeffrey … would very much like to meet with you to discuss his ideas for the workshop.’

Simons ultimately declined the invite and the panel was ultimately cancelled, as was reported earlier this month by Buzzfeed News.

Billionaire ballers: Jeffrey Epstein had convinced Richard Branson and Bill Gates (above in 2016) to appear on his panel about the origins of money in 2014 according to an email

The pedophiles friend Lawrence Krauss revealed this in an email months before the event, which was later cancelled in favor of another panel

Gates and Branson have both claimed that reports of their ties to Epstein have been exaggerated, possibly by the deceased pedophile himself.

In the case of Gates, he at first tried to deny all links between him and the pedophile before ultimately admitting he did fly on Epstein’s plane and talk with him, but only about philanthropic efforts.

Branson meanwhile said that his proximity to Epstein is geographic only, with his private Necker Island approximately 20 miles distance from Epstein’s Little St James.

Krauss meanwhile publicized his ties to Epstein, and defended his friend back in 2011 while speaking to the Daily Beast.

‘Jeffrey has surrounded himself with beautiful women and young women but they’re not as young as the ones that were claimed,’ said Krauss.

‘As a scientist I always judge things on empirical evidence and he always has women ages 19 to 23 around him, but I’ve never seen anything else, so as a scientist, my presumption is that whatever the problems were I would believe him over other people.’

He then added: ‘I don’t feel tarnished in any way by my relationship with Jeffrey; I feel raised by it.’

Krauss would later find himself in trouble for sexual misconduct, which led to his exit from ASU and the Origins Project in July of last year.

The university also publicized their relationship with Epstein too however, and in September of 2014 issued a press release announcing that the pedophile had funded a grant for the school.

‘The Origins Postdoctoral Prize Lectureship is sponsored by the Epstein VI Foundation. Jeffrey Epstein, who established the foundation, said that he was excited to support this new Origins prize, and that he hoped the selection process would “be able to find those that can see around corners,’ read a release at the ti,e.

‘The annual $10,000 international prize will be awarded to an outstanding junior scholar chosen from any field of study relevant to the broad mission of the Origins Project at ASU.’

Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged accomplices are protected from federal charges in Florida

Sep 16, 2019

Alleged accomplices of Jeffrey Epstein cannot be federally prosecuted in Florida, after a U.S. District Judge ruled Monday to keep a secret non-prosecution agreement intact, following Epstein’s death.

The agreement was negotiated between the U.S. Attorney in Miami and Epstein’s attorneys in secret more than a decade ago, keeping Epstein and named/unnamed co-conspirators from being federally prosecuted in Florida.

In February, U.S. District Judge Kenneth Marra ruled previously that federal prosecutors in Florida violated a victims’ rights law when they failed to inform a group of women, who say they were sexually abused by Epstein, about the 2008 deal. Judge Marra’s next step was to decide what the alleged victims should receive in return for that violation of their rights. Attorneys for the victims wanted Epstein’s alleged accomplices to be federally charged in Florida, among other remedies.

The judge ruled Monday the government would not do that, as it was not authorized by the law, and in the wake of Epstein’s death, the non prosecution agreement argument became moot.

He also said the victims are not owed any money for the violation of the Crime Victims’ Rights Act. Judge Marra said he felt that while prosecutors, including former US Labor Secretary Alex Acosta violated the Crime Victims’ Rights Act, they “did not act in bad faith.”

Instead, Judge Marra said the government will do three things:

1. The Department of Justice will designate a representative to meet with Petitioners and other victims to discuss the decision to resolve the Epstein case.
2. The government will participate in a public court proceeding in which Petitioners can make a victim impact statement.
3. All criminal prosecutors in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida will undergo additional training on the Crime Victims’ Rights Act, victim rights, and victim assistance issues.

RELATED: More coverage of the Jeffrey Epstein case

The judge also declined to award attorneys’ fees to the women and denied their request for FBI records related to the Epstein investigation.

Marra credited the women with bringing national attention to victims’ rights.

Brad Edwarda and Paul Cassell, attorneys represented some of Epstein’s alleged victims, released this statement to WPTV:

“More than 10 years ago, diligent police officers and FBI agents uncovered Jeffrey Epstein’s serious sexual crimes committed against several dozens of children. Rather than prosecute Mr. Epstein and his co-conspirators, prosecutors entered into a secret agreement that gave Mr. Epstein a pass in Florida for abusing those children. Most victims would have let the Government and Mr. Epstein get away with it, and nobody would have ever known about that injustice. However, Courtney Wild, one of Mr. Epstein’s victims, bravely stood up to both Mr. Epstein and the United States Government and sued the Government for violating her rights. Other victims then joined. Earlier this year, Judge Marra ruled that the Government had violated her rights and the rights of Mr. Epstein’s other victims. A month ago Mr. Epstein died. Today, Judge Marra ruled that the CVRA case be closed as a consequence of Mr. Epstein’s death. Courtney, and the other Epstein victims who pursued this important case, should not be sad, but instead proud. Together, we have forever demonstrated that nobody is above the law, not the wealthy and not even the Government. Through this case, we have strengthened the importance and the role of victims in the criminal justice system. As Judge Marra alluded to in his Order, this case undoubtedly elevated public awareness of Mr. Epstein’s crimes and played a vital role in his eventual arrest in New York. Of course, this is not the ending we had hoped for, but the enormous progression of victims’ rights through this case will ensure that violations like this never happen again in this country. For that, the fight was worth it. We are exploring all options for continuing the fight, including the possibility of an appeal.”

Jack Scarola, another attorney for Epstein’s alleged victims, released this statement to WPTV:

“It is indeed frustrating to have devoted as much time to the CVRA proceedings as Brad Edwards, Professor Paul Cassel, and (to a lesser extent) I have devoted …to that case, and to have our primary objective frustrated by Jeffrey Epstein’s death. Nevertheless, we do take solace in recognizing the role that a decade of legal work has played in focusing public attention on the failures of the criminal justice system in dealing with Epstein’s horrendous crimes. The next chapter is making sure that every one of his co-conspirators is held fully accountable for their participation in those crimes and every government official is held to answer for allowing them and Epstein to escape a full measure of justice.”

Roy Black, Epstein’s attorney, released this statement about the judge’s decision:

“Judge Marra, as usual, has ruled in a scholarly, well written opinion. Due to Mr. Epstein’s death the Court was unable to address the appropriateness of the non-prosecution agreement. I believe his ruling on it would have ended much of the unfair and biased coverage of how it occurred and perhaps could have limited some of the wild conspiracy theories surrounding it.”

Epstein killed himself last month in jail in New York while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges.



Amanda Ellingworth is the granddaughter of Earl Mountbatten who is said to have been a patron of Kincora. She is a social worker and holds a number of directorships. Her earlier career was in UK social work, specialising ironically in children’s services and child protection.


George Mountbatten’s two greatest accomplishments in life were a) to leave artefacts including a collection of sick pornography to the British Museum, and b) to pay for Phil the Greek to attend Gordonstoun, a bootcamp for the rich and decadent.

Lady Amanda Ellingworthis the granddaughter of the 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma, (uncle of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and a second cousin once removed of Queen Elizabeth II. )

Parent(s) John Knatchbull, 7th Baron Brabourne
Patricia Knatchbull, 2nd Countess Mountbatten of Burma


Lady Amanda Knatchbull November 02, 1981

Amanda Knatchbull Ellingworth – social worker 1981 – 1992

Amanda’s earlier career was in social work, eventually specialising in local authority child protection in various London Boroughs—Contacts–Trustees


No matter which charity Amanda Ellingworth presided over as director, it was invariably beset by paedophilia and coverups.
So, too, Bernardo’s, where she has been since 2010:

Child abuse ‘cover-up’ claims after Barnardo’s admits systematically destroying files

CHILDREN’S charity Barnardo’s systematically destroyed records at its residential care homes where child sex abuse occurred over three decades – but claimed to victims that files had been lost in a flood.

The organisation’s solicitor made the shock admission to the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry. Victims of abuse say they have been left “distressed” by the revelation that the charity had a policy of disposing of files when they shut care homes where abuse happened in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

Amanda Ellingworth  attended Gordonstoun school with Prince Andrew.   Her father Lord Brabourne was a governor of Gordonstoun

Lord Brabourne was a  governor of several schools including Gordonstoun (1964 – 94)

Police files on child sex abuse at Gordonstoun school have vanished

Victims of teacher at school that taught royals are frustrated in search for truth
Amanda Ellingworth, Geoffrey Epstein’s Prince Andrew, Princess Anne and Amanda’s father Lord Brabourne linked to Gordonstoun. How surprising that files on child sex abuse at Gordonstoun vanished into thin air! Who would have thunk it?

The Lord Brabourne was an aide-de-camp to 2 paedophiles:

John Brabourne was appointed aide-de-camp to General William Slim in India, and he served in the same capacity for his future father-in-law Rear-Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten

Barnardos sent children to the Fairbridge Farm


Several men say they were abused as children by Sir William Slim, Chief Scout of the Commonwealth, in the 1950s at Fairbridge (sic!) Farm school in Molong, NSW. The nature of the abuse was so serious that a road in Canberra named after him was renamed.


^ 3 paedophiles recruiting: Field Marshall  Sir Claude Auchinleck, Admiral Louis Mountbatten and Lt General William Slim

Who is Sir Claude Auchinleck, pictured with paedophiles Louis Mountbatten and William Slim?
Historian Ronald Hyam has alleged that Auchinleck was “let off with a high-level warning” over his relationships with Indian boys.[76]

Hyam, Ronald Empire and Sexuality: The British Experience, Manchester University Press, ISBN 978-0-7190-2505-1 1990, pp. 14,p32

Lord Brabourne, born John Ulick Knatchbull, was a leading film producer. A director with Thames Television, he produced a number of films based on Agatha Christie’s murder mysteries, including “Murder on the Orient Express,” “Death on the Nile,” and “The Mirror Crack’d.”

He also produced “Othello” with Laurence Olivier in 1965 and “Up The Junction” and “Romeo and Juliet” in 1967.

Queen Elizabeth and other royals were frequent guests at his 11-bedroom Georgian mansion near Ashford, in Kent, which had been in the family for more than 500 years.

During the latter part of the war he was commissioned into the Coldstream Guards and returned to India as ADC, first to General Slim, then to Admiral Viscount Mountbatten, Supreme Allied Commander, SE Asia.
In 1960 Brabourne was appointed deputy chairman, under the chairman Viscount Slim, of British Home Entertainment
Amanda’s  mother Lady Brabourne/Countess Mountbatten was a vice-president of NSPCC

Lady Brabourne was a friend of the Queen, having served as lady-in-waiting to Her Majesty and also being godmother to Prince Charles.

Lady Amanda Patricia Victoria Ellingworth  is a British social worker.

She currently holds a portfolio of directorships.
 Her earlier career was in UK social work, specialising in children’s services and child protection.

 She has since held a portfolio of chair roles or directorships, always working with vulnerable people, especially children. Among other organisations she is currently a director of Plan International,[1] Barnardo’s,[2] and Great Ormond Street Hospital.[3].

Her previous roles include: Chair of The Caldecott Foundation, chair of The Guinness Partnership, founding chair of Guinness Care and Support, and Deputy Chair of Yeovil Hospital.

Ellingworth married novelist and property entrepreneur Charles Vincent Ellingworth on 31 October 1987;[6] he is the eldest child of six in a Leicestershire Catholic family, who attended Ampleforth Collegeand later read history at Oxford University.

Amanda Ellingworth – Director at
The Caldecott Foundation Limited
Plan International


LADY AMANDA ELLINGWORTH    appointed 10 Mar 2016
Ms Janet Olivia Boateng  Director   05 Mar 1998  21 Feb 2008
Janet Boateng is married to Paul Boateng and Janet Boateng was the chair of Lambeth Social Services Committe.

Janet Boateng: Former chair of Lambeth social services committee

Janet Boateng’s name never comes up in articles about the paedophile ring that operated in Lambeth Council-run children’s homes between 1974 and 1994.

But maybe it should, because she was chair of Lambeth Council’s social services committee, who had overall responsibility for the running of children’s homes, and she personally unveiled the ‘new child care strategy’ at a time when Lambeth children’s homes were infested with paedophiles.

Janet Boateng is married to former Labour MP and now peer, Paul Boateng.

Paedophile network abused 200 children (The Independent)

Paul Boateng to leave Cape Town after bullying claims (The Telegraph)

Social Work Today, 11th November 1985

Paul Boateng with Michael Jackson (in Epstein’s black book), Mossad’s Uri Geller, Greville Janner and David Blaine (in Epstein’s black book)

Lord Mountbatten, granddaughter Amanda Ellingworth (nee Knatchbull)  and Prince Charles
Lord Mountbatten wanted his granddaughter Amanda to marry Prince Charles

The Channel 4 documentary revealed how Charles’ “honorary grandfather” Lord Mountbatten tried to manoeuvre the Prince away from his future wife Camilla, and instead set him up with his granddaughter Amanda.

The show explained how Amanda was “the perfect candidate” for Prince Charles, and “was the right age” at nine years his junior.

“Amanda was Charles’ cousin,” the narrator explained. “For years, Mountbatten was secretly lining Amanda up as a future queen.”

Amanda’s brother is Norton Knatchbull, a close friend of Prince Charles’ and godfather to Prince William.

In 2016, Charles filled in for Norton at his daughter Alexandra’s wedding, walking her down the aisle.

Now known as Lady Ellingworth, Amanda is revered for her contributions to British social work and is currently the chair and non-executive director of several NGOs.
Lady Amanda Ellingworth Chair of Guinness Partnership Board greets Prince Charles visiting Poundbury village, Dorset, Britain

8 May 2015

It was Lord Mountbatten who introduced Jimmy Savile to the Royal Family
Plan International _ Marie Staunton
Marie Staunton (NCCL and Plan International)
Former NCCL leaders Harriet Harman and Marie Staunton

PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange) is affiliated with us. PIE delegates attend their AGM and help formulate NCCL rules and policy

Lady Amanda Ellingworth, Non-Executive Director

Lady Amanda Ellingworth was a senior social worker focusing on children and families before moving into Board level roles, including 12 years on the Board of a small Foundation Trust and Chair of a large housing association. Currently, Amanda is Chair of Plan International UK, Lay Advisor of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine and Deputy Chair of Barnado’s, the major children’s charity.

Amanda Chairs the Quality, Safety and Experience Assurance Committee. She is a member of the People and Education Assurance Committee.

Trust Board

Lady Amanda Ellingworthdirector at Great Ormond Street Hospital

Jimmy Savile visiting children at the Great Ormond Street Hospital

Savile abused dying child, 11, at Great Ormond Street

He abused the terminally ill 11-year-old on a visit to the famous children’s
hospital in London. The victim confided in a relative before dying.

The Trust has conducted a thorough investigation into an allegation that Jimmy Savile abused an inpatient at the hospital in 1971.

Despite rigorous examination of information provided by the informant, the Trust has found no evidence that the alleged incident took place.

We also found no evidence of Jimmy Savile fundraising on behalf of Great Ormond Street Hospital and there were no, and never have been, access arrangements or privileges accorded to Jimmy Savile at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

The Trust takes safeguarding matters extremely seriously and adheres to a strict VIP visitors policy which ensures that they are accompanied at all times. A copy of the full report is attached below:

Amanda Ellingworth’s grandfather, paedophile Lord Mountbatten, introduced Jimmy Savile to the Royal family

Savile was first introduced to the Royal Family, he reveals, by Lord Mountbatten. In 1966, Jimmy became the first civilian to be awarded a Royal Marines’ green beret. Mountbatten was comm­and­ant general at the time and realised that Savile could be a useful contact.

Lord Mountbatten ‘was a homosexual with a lust for young boys’ claims secret FBI dossier compiled by agents seeking dirt on British statesmen during World War Two and the Suez Crisis

Lord Mountbatten ‘was a homosexual with a perversion for young boys’

Philippa Frankl – Street Kids International/Plan UK/Prince’s Trust
Prior to joining SSE Philippa Frankl spent seven years launching and leading the UK office of Canadian charity Street Kids International, training local NGOs in the developing world to deliver participatory enterprise skills training for street youth.

Global children’s charity Plan UK has said it will absorb Street Kids International UK (Ski UK) “to expand their work in helping some of the world’s poorest young people fulfil their potential”.

The two charities will join forces on April 1, 2015 to form one larger charity under the existing name of Plan UK.

A spokesman for Plan UK said two members of Ski UK’s staff will transfer to Plan UK, including executive director, Phillipa Frankl, who will lead the continuation of Ski UK’s work to “benefit youth in urban settings”.
The former executive director of Street Kids International, (founded by paedophile Peter Dalglish) Philippa Frankl, was Programme Manager/Head of Programmes for the Prince’s Trust just prior to becoming Executive Director of Street Kids International.

Philippa Frankl- between 2006 and 2008 she was Head of Programmes at the Prince’s Trust;

Frankl led the integration of Street Kids International into Plan UK

Convicted paedophile Peter Dalglish – founder of Street Kids International

Order of Canada recipient Peter Dalglish found guilty in Nepal of sexually assaulting children

Caldecott Foundation
Sir Ronald Waterhouse – led the inquiry into the North Wales child abuse scandal


The Right Honorable Patricia Edwina Victoria Mountbatten Of Burma

Sir William Utting
Lucy Faithfull

Amanda Ellingworth (Senior Independent Trustee)

Amanda’s first career was as a social worker, specialising in child protection. More recently Amanda has been a director of mainly health and social care organisations in UK and internationally, currently including Great Ormond Street Hospital and Plan International. Amanda became a Trustee in 2009.

Amanda Ellingworth – Barnardos 2010- present

6 December 2017

Clarence House

His Royal Highness, (Prince Charles) Patron, Barnardo’s, later received the Lady Amanda Ellingworth (Deputy Chairman).


3rd June 2017

Child abuse ‘cover-up’ claims after Barnardo’s admits systematically destroying files

CHILDREN’S charity Barnardo’s systematically destroyed records at its residential care homes where child sex abuse occurred over three decades – but claimed to victims that files had been lost in a flood.

The organisation’s solicitor made the shock admission to the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry. Victims of abuse say they have been left “distressed” by the revelation that the charity had a policy of disposing of files when they shut care homes where abuse happened in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

Barnardo’s workers jailed for sex abuse

The charity Barnardo’s was accused of “incompetence and neglect” by a judge yesterday after he jailed two former carers for a total of 29 years for a series of sexual abuse offences against children in their care.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s sister founded Chiliad, which is a data analytics company used by DHS and the FBI

Chiliad, the Company That Solved the 9/11 ‘Connecting the Dots’ Problem


The cover-up of Saudi govt involvement in 9/11 gets some coverage, but what about the cover-up of Israel’s involvement?

A recent FOIA release shed some light on those events

Why were 5 Israelis employed by a Mossad front company, waiting for something 40 minutes before the first plane hit and why did they begin to celebrate and high five after impact?

2 of those 5 men worked for Mossad. What did they know?

Why was their explosive residue in their van? Why did one of them have $4,700 in cash at time of arrest? Why did the FBI redact their entire answer to the question “Did the Israeli nationals have foreknowledge of the events at WTC”?

Most importantly, why were these guys and the other 50+ Israelis arrested on and imm after 9/11 let go? ABC News said at the time: “Israeli and U.S. government officials worked out a deal … the five Israelis were taken out of jail, put on a plane, and deported.”

The Dancing Israelis: FBI Docs Shed Light on Apparent Mossad Foreknowledge of 9/11 Attacks As another 9/11 anniversary comes and goes, many questions surrounding the events remained unanswered.

MintPress brings you a freshly updated article, originally published in May, 2019 that seeks answers to some of those questions.

How the CIA, Mossad and “the Epstein Network” are Exploiting Mass Shootings to Create an Orwellian Nightmare

Following another catastrophic mass shooting or crisis event, Orwellian “solutions” are set to be foisted on a frightened American public by the very network connected, not only to Jeffrey Epstein, but to a litany of crimes and a frightening history of plans to crush internal dissent in the United States.


In 2011, Jeffrey Epstein Was A Known Sex Offender. The Founders Of Amazon, Google, And Tesla Dined With Him Anyway

Anne Wojcicki – founder/CEO of 23andme

Jeff Skoll – billionaire, first employee of Ebay

Nathan Paul Myhrvold – former Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft

Salar Kamangar – senior executive at Google, former CEO of YouTube

Craig Mundie – Senior Advisor to Microsoft CEO, former Chief Research & Strategy Officer

Sean Parker – billionaire Napster cofounder, first president of Facebook

Tony Fadell – former Senior VP of Apple, “father of the Ipod”

David Brooks – NY Times columnist…

An intimate dinner for billionaires attended by Jeffrey Epstein in 2011, years after his conviction for soliciting a child prostitute. Other people at the dinner included Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Google cofounder Sergey Brin

After pleading guilty to charges of soliciting prostitution from an underage girl, Jeffrey Epstein spent part of 2011 reintroducing himself to elite society. A March 2011 dinner with the most powerful figures in tech showed just how connected he was.

In March 2011, a group of technology executives gathered in a private dining room at an upscale Italian restaurant in downtown Long Beach, California, for a meal and some conversation. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Google cofounder Sergey Brin, and others were all in town for TED, the annual conference with the slogan “ideas worth spreading.” They were among friends at an annual event called the “billionaires’ dinner,” without a retinue of handlers and hangers-on.

Yet when the event was later immortalized online, at least one infamous individual was missing from the names of the masters of the universe who had gathered for the evening: the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

John Brockman

This elite dinner, and another similarly select gathering that Epstein attended later that year, were both organized by the New York literary agent John Brockman, whose exclusive intellectual club, called Edge, seems to have played a role in Epstein’s efforts to regain credibility and influence in circles of the rich and powerful. At the time, he was less than two years removed from finishing a 13-month prison term in a Florida state jail for soliciting prostitution from an underage girl.

A leaked email obtained by BuzzFeed News also suggests that Epstein separately pursued ties with Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates.

The months following Epstein’s release from prison would be crucial for the disgraced financier as he began his reacclimation to the upper-crust social circles he had occupied before his arrest. In late 2010, Epstein reportedly hosted a dinner for celebrities and Prince Andrew at his Upper East Side mansion, and by the next year he was once again mingling with Brockman, an über networker among the elite of tech, science, and Wall Street.

With a goal to “seek out the most complex and sophisticated minds, put them in a room together, and have them ask each other the questions they are asking themselves,” Brockman’s Edge Foundation had previously welcomed Epstein as a patron to the sciences.

Before his 2006 arrest, Epstein attended at least three Edge billionaires’ dinners and was mentioned in a write-up on the Edge website of the 2004 event.

In the early 2000s, the Edge dinners were a place to be seen by members of the digerati and attended by reporters from several media outlets. In 2011, after Epstein had been released from a Florida jail, it was an exclusive gathering, dominated by tech industry leadership. A gallery of photos taken at the event by Nathan Myhrvold, formerly Microsoft’s chief technology officer, named 20 guests, including just one media representative: New York Times columnist David Brooks.

Epstein wasn’t named in the photos posted on the Edge website, but he appears in the background of a snap of Zack Bogue, a venture capitalist and husband of Marissa Mayer, then a vice president at Google. (The New York Times mentioned this photo in passing in its July story about Epstein’s reentry into powerful social circles after his release from jail.)

Jeffrey Epstein, far right, pictured at the 2011 Edge billionaires’ dinner.

Other photos show the participants mingling before or after taking their seats. Also present were Bezos; Musk; Brin; Salar Kamangar, then CEO of YouTube; Mayer, who the following year left Google to become CEO of Yahoo; and Anne Wojcicki, Brin’s then-wife and CEO of genetic testing startup 23andMe.

This was not the first time that some of these tech titans had rubbed shoulders with Epstein at Brockman’s billionaires’ dinners: Bezos and Brin — along with fellow Google cofounder Larry Page — are listed on the Edge website as attending in 2004, and the Amazon CEO was at the 1999 event, both of which Epstein also attended.

Despite Epstein’s notoriety following his conviction, multiple attendees present at the small gathering in 2011 stated they did not know him then, or do not remember his presence now.

“I did not know Jeffrey Epstein was there,” said Bogue, who was photographed sitting three places away from the ex-convict financier at the 2011 event. “I don’t think I spoke to him at that dinner. I don’t believe I have ever met him, either at that dinner or anytime else.”

Through a spokesperson, Bogue’s spouse, Mayer, said she did not recall seeing Epstein at the dinner. That sentiment was echoed by Craig Mundie, another dinner attendee, who served as Microsoft’s chief strategy and research officer until 2014. Mundie said in an email that he had been invited by Brockman and had no recollection of meeting Epstein at the event.

Myhrvold, another former Microsoft executive, sent a statement to BuzzFeed News denying any “knowledge of or any involvement in the various crimes that Mr. Epstein is accused of committing” or financial connections to his money management business.

“Back in the day Epstein was a regular at TED conferences and he was a large donor to basic scientific research, so while Nathan knew him and has socialized with him, that’s exactly where their association ends,” his spokesperson said.

Brooke Hammerling, a communications and public relations specialist who deals with high-profile tech executives, did not attend the dinner but said she had been long aware of Brockman’s events around TED. She said it was hard to believe that executives of high profile companies would go in blind to an intimate dinner, particularly when many have staff who prepare them ahead of time with briefing books on who will be attending events.

“If you’re the CEO of a publicly traded company, your responsibility is to be prepared and not to have any surprises,” she said.

Brooks, the New York Times columnist and the only journalist photographed at the event, said he had not heard of Epstein in 2011 and only learned of the financier and his past following the Miami Herald’s investigation last year. He too had been invited by Brockman, but said he was not aware of who would be attending the dinner, and was “surprised” at its “high powered group of people.”

A Tesla spokesperson declined to answer queries about the event and instead questioned BuzzFeed News’ “journalistic integrity.”

Brin and Bezos did not respond to BuzzFeed News’ inquiries. Kamangar and Wojcicki also did not reply to emails requesting comment.

Epstein attended a second exclusive Edge event in July 2011, held over a weekend at a winery in St. Helena, California. There, he mingled with a handful of leading scientists and several science journalists, plus wealthy power brokers including Sean Parker, former president of Facebook, and Nicholas Pritzker, a venture capitalist and former CEO of the Hyatt Development Corporation. Pritzker’s venture firm has invested in Uber, Tesla, and SpaceX and he is now on the board of vaping startup Juul Labs.

Jeffrey Epstein, wearing glasses to the right, seated next to Nicholas Pritzker, listens to musician and virtual reality pioneer Jaron Lanier ask a question of mathematical biologist Martin Nowak.

The meeting was billed as a “master class” on the science of human nature. Participants got a preview of Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker’s book The Better Angels of Our Nature, on the decline of violence in human societies, released a few months later. Epstein was captured on video sitting next to Pritzker and laughing as Martin Nowak, who received $6.5 million from Epstein in 2003 to launch his Program for Evolutionary Dynamics at Harvard, explained how sexual reproduction generates “noise” in models of the evolution of cooperative behavior.

“Sean does not have a specific recollection of that event,” a spokesperson for Parker told BuzzFeed News. “He did not meet Jeffrey Epstein at that time, but he also would not have been aware of who he was in 2011.”

A spokesperson for Pritzker told BuzzFeed News by email: “He has no memory of having any knowledge prior to the event of the identity of any attendee including Mr. Epstein and if Mr. Pritzker was seated next to Mr. Epstein at the small gathering, it would have been purely coincidental. There were discussions among the attendees as a group on the subjects presented, but Mr. Pritzker does not recall any specific conversations with Mr. Epstein.”

In 2009, Brockman had also suggested that “science philanthropist” Epstein should be invited to another exclusive event, the Science Foo Camp, organized by tech book publisher Tim O’Reilly and held annually at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California.

“O’Reilly does its own due diligence on anyone recommended,” Marsee Henon, program manager for O’Reilly Media, told BuzzFeed News by email. “As a result, Jeffrey Epstein was never invited to an O’Reilly Foo Camp.”

Since Epstein’s arrest in July this year on charges of sex trafficking, Brockman has declined to answer questions about Epstein and his own role in assisting the sex offender’s return to elite society. He did not respond to queries from BuzzFeed News about the two 2011 events. The financier’s profile was this year quietly removed from the Edge website, together with the pages for the 1999 and 2000 billionaires’ dinners, listed on Epstein’s profile.

Jeffrey Epstein talks to Nathan Myhrvold, formerly Microsoft’s chief technology officer, at the 2000 billionaires’ dinner.

Those pages are saved on the Internet Archive, however. And less obvious links to Epstein, including the photo from the 2011 billionaires’ dinner, the reference to his presence at the 2004 event, and video from the 2011 master class, remain on the Edge website.

While Brockman was an important networker for Epstein, the disgraced financier apparently had his own contacts with another huge player in the tech industry: Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates. Last Friday, in a searing report on Epstein’s links with the MIT Media Lab, a hub for innovation in digital media, the New Yorker revealed an email indicating that Epstein in 2014 had “directed” a donation of $2 million from Gates to the lab.

A May 2013 email from physicist Lawrence Krauss, former head of the Origins Project at Arizona State University, also suggests ties between Epstein and Gates. (Epstein helped fund Krauss’s project at Arizona State, which brought together well-known scientists, intellectuals, and celebrities for public debates and other events.)

In the email, obtained by BuzzFeed News, Krauss invited hedge fund billionaire James Simons to attend a workshop on the origins of money being organized by Epstein at Arizona State. Krauss claimed that Gates, Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, and Lawrence Summers, formerly president of Harvard and Treasury secretary under President Bill Clinton, had already been brought on board by Epstein.

Simons declined the invitation, and the workshop ultimately didn’t take place.

“Bill never committed to attend that event,” a source close to Gates told BuzzFeed News. “This is another example of how Epstein tried to associate himself with Bill.”

Gates, who was chairman of Microsoft until 2014, faced questions about his ties to Epstein last month after his former science adviser, Boris Nikolic, was named by Epstein as a backup executor for his will, signed two days before he killed himself in a federal detention center in Manhattan. Also last month, CNBC reported that Gates held a meeting in 2013 with Epstein to discuss ways to increase philanthropic giving.

“Epstein was introduced to Bill Gates as someone who was interested in helping grow philanthropy,” a spokesperson for Gates told BuzzFeed News by email. “Although Epstein pursued Bill Gates aggressively, any account of a business partnership or personal relationship between the two is simply not true. And any claim that Epstein directed any programmatic or personal grantmaking for Bill Gates is completely false.”

“Richard did not agree to an event at the University for this date – nor was he on board for this,” a spokesperson for Branson told BuzzFeed News by email.

While Epstein may have sought access to elite circles to rehabilitate his image, it is less clear that the rich and famous wanted to be publicly associated with him.

A manager at the Italian restaurant that hosted the 2011 billionaires’ dinner in Long Beach said she dealt directly with Brockman and was the only one allowed to check people in for the “hush hush” event. She wasn’t even allowed to save the list of attendees.

“After the event, they took the guest list and shredded it,” she said.


BREAKING: An email written by the MIT Media Lab Director Joi Ito says Bill Gates was “directed by” Jeffrey Epstein to donate $2 million to the research lab in October 2014. Serious question, why does Bill Gates do what Jeffrey Epstein tells him to do?

Two days before his death, Epstein signed a last will and testament that named one of Gates’ closest connections as alternate executor of his estate, if his longtime lawyers were not able to carry out their duties.

Bloomberg reported that Boris Nikolic, an immunologist and biotech entrepreneur who formerly served as Gates’ chief scientific adviser until 2014, was “shocked” to see he was named alternate executor by Epstein.

How MIT was complicit in allowing Jeffrey Epstein to launder his reputation

A scarifying investigation by the New Yorker’s Ronan Farrow revealed that the vaunted “idea factory” had a deeper fundraising relationship with Epstein than it had previously acknowledged and that it went to great pains to conceal the extent of its contacts with him. Dozens of pages of emails and other documents obtained by Farrow “reveal that, although Epstein was listed as ‘disqualified’ in MIT’s official donor database, the media lab continued to accept gifts from him, consulted him about the use of the funds and, by marking his contributions as anonymous, avoided disclosing their full extent, both publicly and within the university”.

After the New Yorker story was published, the lab’s director, Joi Ito, resigned from his post and his professorship and MIT’s president announced the usual “independent” inquiry by a fancy law firm.

As with everything dodgy, the key to understanding this scandal is to follow the money. The media lab was an offshoot of MIT’s architecture school, founded in 1985 by Nicholas Negroponte, a man for whom the term “effortless superiority” could have been invented. At a stormy meeting of the lab’s members last week, he reportedly said that he prided himself on “knowing over 80% of the billionaires in the US on a first-name basis”, which is how he first got to know Epstein and had accepted donations from him many years ago…

DAVID BOIES helped HARVEY WEINSTEIN execute a contract that would pay Black Cube a $300k bonus if it stopped the ’ investigation into Weinstein. AT THE SAME TIME, the two men discussed potential film roles for Boise’s daughter, an aspiring actress
While David Boies was repping Harvey Weinstein and trying to quash a Times’ investigation of Weinstein’s sexual violence, Boies talked with Weinstein about film roles for his aspiring-actress daughter.

Jeffrey Epstein was seen getting off a private plane with two girls, 11 and 12, last year

  • The last ever images of Jeffrey Epstein have been released, with the convicted pedophile seen in photos taken after his arrest by the FBI in early July
  • The pictures were included in a US Marshall report wrapping up the investigation into the pedophile
  • Report revealed new allegations involving the ‘sex trafficker’ and young girls


The last ever images of Jeffrey Epstein have been released, with the convicted pedophile seen in photos taken after his arrest by the FBI in early July.

The pictures were included in a US Marshall report wrapping up the investigation into the pedophile, which revealed new allegations involving the accused sex trafficker and young girls.

One individual, who worked at an air traffic control tower, told investigators just weeks before Estein’s death that he was seen with two girls, aged 11 and 12, in July 2018 getting off a plane.

That was just one year before his arrest.

The investigations also revealed that Epstein had traveled to Vienna and Monaco in the weeks before his arrest, which happened when he touched down in Teterboro Airport from Paris.

Investigators also started combing through his island properties less than two weeks after his arrest, and had been increasing their efforts until his death at the MCC in August.

At that point it is noted in the report that the investigation had been shut down, and all warrants withdrawn – including one for his phone records.


Paedo tycoon Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein were guests at ­Princess Beatrice’s 18th birthday ball

8 Sept 2019

SEX beast Jeffrey Epstein and rape accused movie mogul Harvey Weinstein were guests at ­Princess Beatrice’s 18th birthday ball.


Ah. One of the ‘few times’ he met him, then.

Billionaire Epstein, 66, a former pal of Prince Andrew, the birthday girl’s dad, flew into the UK the day before the lavish Victorian-themed bash at Windsor Castle.The Duke and Duchess of York with Princess Eugenie at Princess Beatrice’s 18th birthday ball in 2006.  Eight days after the party, Epstein was held on suspicion of soliciting young girls for prostitution at his Florida mansion
The disgraced tycoon was accompanied to the £400,000 celebration by British ex-lover Ghislaine Maxwell.Epstein was arrested on child prostitution charges just days later.Weinstein, 67, went with Georgina Chapman, the Brit designer pal of Beatrice’s mum Sarah Ferguson who created the party girl’s £10,000 blue taffeta gown.They wed but she divorced him after dozens of women accused him of sexual abuse in the #MeToo scandal. He faces trial next year.The mask ball’s theme was 1888 to mark 100 years before Beatrice’s birth and guests wore Victorian costume.It was held on July 15, 2006 and continued the Queen’s tradition of giving her grandchildren a coming of age birthday party. She and Prince Philip did not attend.


Beatrice’s sister Eugenie, then 16, Peter and Zara Phillips and Prince Edward and Sophie Wessex were at the celebration.

Others among the 400 guests at the do were Demi Moore, her then husband Ashton Kutcher, Pixie Geldof, Kelly Osbourne and Sir David Frost.

The ball’s budget included £215,000 on food and drink — including 400 bottles of champagne — £65,000 on flowers and £120,000 on outfits and staff.

Rape accused movie mogul Harvey Weinstein was also among the guests at the royal bash

Weinstein went with Georgina Chapman, a pal of Fergie’s who designed Princess Beatrice’s blue and gold taffeta gown

Epstein’s presence, sources say, sheds new light on how close 59-year-old Prince Andrew was to him.

One said: “It goes to show how Epstein worked his way into the very heart of the British establishment — rubbing shoulders with royalty at a palace.” Eight days after the party, Epstein was held on suspicion of soliciting young girls for prostitution at his Florida mansion.

Epstein attended the £400,000 party with Ghislaine Maxwell.

Princess has a ball for her 18th

Royals the Earl and Countess of Wessex, Peter and Zara Phillips as well as veteran broadcaster Sir David Frost (In epstein’s black book) were among the guests expected to attend.


Q: Who was in both in Epstein’s little black book and on the RAINS list?
A: Peter Mandelson, David Frost, Lord Alistair McAlpine and Charles Althorp (Earl Spencer, Princess Diana’s brother).

Princess Beatrice
In 2006 Princess Beatrice celebrated her 18th birthday party with a Victorian masked ball at Windsor Castle. Her £10,000 dress was flown in from New York and her chosen menu was tarte tatin and fillet d’angeau.

The 500 lucky guests (including Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, the Osbourne offspring and Pixie Geldof) enjoyed a night of tarot card readings, contortionists and rap music until 3am, with the Queen’s butlers serving bacon and sausage butties at dawn.

Rocco Forte in Epstein’s black book


Hotel magnate Rocco Forte arrives for Princess Beatrice’s Victorian-themed 18th birthday party at Windsor Castle.

And then there is Beatrice. It does take a special kind of little lady to want to see in her 18th year with a blue taffeta bustle, her mother in a corset and Demi Moore, Angie Everhart and Tanya Bryer as hoop-skirted guests.

Tania Bryer is a British born television broadcaster with a wealth of experience.

Currently affiliated with the Global network CNBC, Tania hosts and is Executive Producer of the critically acclaimed series ‘CNBC Meets..’, where she gets up close and personal with some of the world’s most inspirational figures to find out the secret to their success and how their philanthropy transforms lives. Amongst many others for the Series she has interviewed President Bill Clinton, Sir Richard Branson, President Jimmy Carter, Melinda Gates, Andrea Bocelli, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, Maria Sharapova,, Naomi Campbell, H.R.H The Duke of York, Dolly Parton, Tamara Mellon OBE, Andre Agassi, Lang Lang, Diane von Furstenberg, Jon Bon Jovi, Matt Damon, Cherie Blair CBE QC and Forest Whitaker, with contributions from Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Angelina Jolie, Chelsea Clinton, Tom Cruise and Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Tania is also an anchor on ‘The CNBC Conversation’ series which sees her interview newsmakers including Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan, Shah Rukh Khan, H.S.H Prince Albert of Monaco, Former South African President F.W de Klerk,  Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, Hollywood icons Jane Fonda and Goldie Hawn, Arianna Huffington, Fashion titans Karl Lagerfeld, Dame Vivienne Westwood and Tom Ford, LVMH Chairman Bernard Arnault, Comedian and author David Walliams, as well as hosting news specials for the network with guests including Victoria Beckham, Beyonce, Usain Bolt, Kate Moss, Sir Elton John and David Furnish, Nadja Swarovski, Christopher Bailey, London Mayor Sadiq Khan and former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, James Rubin.

In 2017, Tania also became host and executive producer of CNBC’s brand new series, Trailblazers, experiencing the world’s greatest cities with some of the world’s most famous faces including Hollywood superstar Gwyneth Paltrow, legendary Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan, Supermodel Natalia Vodianova, Queen of Latin Pop Gloria Estefan, Superstar Pianist Lang Lang, and the world’s best-selling solo classical artist, Andrea Bocelli.

Tania also appears weekly as a newspaper reviewer on Sky News Sunrise and is a guest presenter on talkRADIO. She has also contributed on Radio 4’s Today programme, ITV’s This Morning, BBC’s Celebrity Masterchef,  and as herself in a cameo on the US television drama, The Royals.

A highly skilled presenter and moderator, Tania hosts a wide variety of international events and Forums including the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Awards, the Women of the Future Awards and The Women’s Forum in Deauville.  She is an official participant and moderator at The World Economic Forum in Davos, and chairs numerous panels for charities and organisations including Invest Africa, Intelligence Squared and The Philanthropreneurship Forum.

Tania hosts the King Hussein Cancer Foundation’s Hope Galas in the presence of His Majesty King Abdullah II and Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan.

She is Chair of the National Events Committee for Cancer Research UK and a Patron of the Alzheimer’s Society.

Tania holds a B.Sc. in International Politics from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

Circo Rum Ba Ba performed at the birthday party

HOLLYWOOD’S most glamorous 40-something was the dancing queen of the ball at Princess Beatrice’s 18th birthday party.

Demi Moore paraded her Latino moves at the royal bash alongside husband Ashton Kutcher.

One guest said: “She was throwing her legs really high and danced for over two hours.”

Prince Edward also danced. The guest added: “He fell over and everyone laughed including him.”

Beatrice’s best friend Caroline said in a speech: “Some normal girls are a million times more of a princess than she is.”

And Prince Andrew told his daughter: “If anything happens, we will always take you back.”

Tommy Hilfiger, Jack and Kelly Osbourne, Peaches and Pixie Geldof, David Frost and a raft of European royalty attended the £400,000 Victorian themed masked ball, at Windsor Castle three weeks before her birthday.

Princes William and Harry were absent due to polo committments.

Peaches Geldorf  (OTO)

Peaches has become a regular on London’s party circuit, appearing bleary-eyed at the O2 Wireless festival and caning it until 3am at Princess Beatrice’s 18th birthday party.

One friend said: “She’s only 17 yet she has dubbed herself ‘Naughty Peaches’ on her My Space website, where she talks about how she loves to be a pervert.


  • Peaches was devotee of religious cult led by satanist occultist Aleister Crowley

Princess Beatrice’s ex reveals all

As Paolo Liuzzo went down on one knee on the drawing room floor, a giggling Sarah Ferguson stood in front of him and raised her arm above his head.

With Prince Andrew and Princess Beatrice looking on – and both laughing heartily – Fergie brought down her hand, tapped Paolo on each shoulder and jubilantly proclaimed: “I name you Sir Fixit!

Fergie’s impersonation of the Queen performing a knighthood ceremony was bizarre in itself.

Paolo claims Fergie ordered Princess Beatrice to end her relationship with him

But the fact that it was Fergie’s way of “rewarding” Paolo for helping out one of the Duke’s girlfriends, flame-haired American model Angie Everhart, makes it even more peculiar.

Paolo, now 24, recalls how, one morning in October 2005, Andrew had woken him with an urgent tap on the shoulder as he lay dozing in the guest room at Royal Lodge, the Duke’s home in Windsor.

The self-professed New York playboy, who dated Beatrice – 17 at the time – for ten months and made regular visits to Windsor during the romance, had become such an accepted part of the household, he says, that Andrew begged him to mount a discreet, and costly, emergency operation to rescue Ms Everhart from an unhappy romantic entanglement.

Paolo says: “I woke at about seven to a tap on my shoulder. The Duke was standing over me.

“This was the first time he’d ever come into my room. He said, ‘Paolo, take a shower. Get dressed. Then we have to speak because I need a favour to be done in New York right away.’

“When I went downstairs, he was drinking tea. He said, ‘There’s a dear friend of mine who may or may not be my girlfriend. She needs to get out of her relationship with her fiance. It’s an unbearable situation.

“‘Her stuff is at his place and she wants to get it out of there while he is at his office. At 9.30am New York time she needs a moving company to collect her belongings and put them in storage.

“‘And she needs $10,000 in cash to be brought to her in New York. Can you action this for me?'”

Paolo continues: “He’s talking to me in this princely way and it was the middle of the night in New York, but I said, ‘Of course, sir’.

“I got in touch with an old school friend. He arranged for a truck and I gave my name as a guarantee for the storage people.

“I told my friend to pay the rental downpayment which was nearly $700 and I’d pay him back, and then I called my mom and said, ‘I need $10,000.’

“She said, ‘What is this about?’

“I said, ‘It’s to do with Bea’s dad. I can’t go into it.’ She got the cash and gave it to my friend who delivered it to Angie.

“Andrew kept coming and asking me, ‘How is it going?’. Finally, I told him it was fixed.

“Later that weekend, we were all in the drawing room. I went down on one knee and Sarah swung her arm like it was a sword and hit me on the shoulder.

“‘Now you are Sir Fixit!’, she said. ‘Rise and be recognised.’

“Andrew and Bea were laughing and Bea goes, ‘Sir Fixit!’. And Andrew says, ‘You really fixed it! Well done!'”

Later, when Paolo asked Bea about her father’s relationship with the model, she gave her usual offhand response.

Paolo said: “Bea just told me, ‘They’ve been on-off for five years. I don’t know what is going on.”

Paolo says the Duke made no immediate attempt to repay him for the favour, saying: “The Duke said, ‘Just give me your wiring details,’ but nothing happened.”

The reason that “nothing happened”, he admits, may have something to do with the fact that, a few weeks after the drama involving Ms Everhart, the Duke discovered to his utter shock that his daughter’s suitor had a criminal record.

As revealed exclusively over the last two weeks in The Mail on Sunday, Paolo was an almost total stranger to the Royal Family when he was offered astonishing access to the Duke’s home.

He began his relationship with Beatrice during a Jamaican holiday where, he says, her mother sanctioned their affair and allowed the Princess and her sister, Eugenie, then 15, to attend debauched parties where guests smoked cannabis and drank a tea made of magic mushrooms.

Only after Paolo and Bea started their relationship did he confess to her that, just one year earlier, in 2004, he had been put on probation for assault following a drunken brawl in which another youth died.

He also took Fergie into his confidence, he says, assuring her that, though he pleaded guilty in the case, he was really innocent and just wanted to spare his mother the stress of a trial.

“I assumed Fergie told the Duke so I was really surprised when I discovered she hadn’t,” he says.

“I think he found out because I’d started taking Bea with me on business trips I was making to Europe. I was looking for investors for a club I was starting to help disadvantaged youth.

“On her half term, in October, we went to Paris. She said, ‘Papa said it will be OK and Mummy said it will be OK’.

“We had a suite at the [ultra-luxurious] Hotel Costes. It was really romantic.

“I’d bought her a surprise present, a green bag from Gucci’s private collection. It looked beautiful with her auburn hair.

“We called each other ‘angel’ and the bag she called her ‘second angel’.

“She said, ‘Now I’ll always have you with me.’

“We had dinner with 15 or 20 friends and there were roses and champagne, vodka and partying.

“In December I took Bea to Madrid. We were treated like VIPs. But when we got back, Bea told me, ‘Papa knows what happened when you were arrested.’

He now thinks his high-visibility travels with the Princess alerted officials, who checked his background, discovered his record and notified the Prince.

“Bea said, ‘Somebody called Papa about it’,” Paolo says. “He never mentioned it [the case]. And Sarah said, ‘He understands. Everything is fine.’

“But I think that may be why he didn’t want to wire the money he owed to me.

“It was a stupid fist fight and if I had gone to trial, my lawyers were certain I’d have been found innocent.

“But if it came out that me and Bea were dating, it wouldn’t be good for her image or Sarah’s so everyone was trying to keep our relationship a secret.

“I didn’t bring the money up'[with the Duke]. I have class. But I think Bea reminded him, and one day when we were about to sit down to Sunday lunch, he goes, ‘Oh, I forgot something.’

“He tried to slip a roll of dollar bills into my jacket pocket. But it was a new Gieves & Hawkes suit and I hadn’t slit the stitches yet, and he goes, ‘For God’s sake! You haven’t got the stitching out!’. So he slid it into my inner right pocket instead.

“I assumed it was everything he owed me but when I counted after lunch it was only $5,000. Bea said, ‘Maybe Papa made a mistake.’

Despite the Duke’s evident misgivings, Paolo says Fergie continued to encourage the affair, which by the end of 2005 was being taken so seriously by Beatrice that she spoke longingly of introducing her boyfriend to Granny, as she referred to the Queen.

“She said, ‘I’d love you to meet Granny’,” Paolo recalls. “But she said Chelsy wasn’t allowed to meet her and usually you don’t get introduced to her until you are engaged.

“Bea wanted to fly to New York to visit my mother but, I’ll be honest, I’ve never brought a woman back to my house to meet my family unless it was someone I would be proposing to.

“We’d started joking about getting married and having kids.

“I wasn’t sure I wanted to get in that deep with Bea. I loved her but I wasn’t in love with her.

“Sometimes another lady friend of mine would come over to my place at Eaton Square in London. It was just messing around, never anything more, and I felt so bad afterwards because of Bea.

“I’m not a bad person. But it’s like putting heroin in front of Pete Doherty. Women are my flaw.”

During a January visit to New York, he says Fergie, with scant regard to the fact that Beatrice was still 17, took her to nightclubs which, in order to observe a state ban on serving alcohol to minors, do not admit anyone under 21.

Paolo says: “We went to the Downtown Cipriani club. You are supposed to be 21 to get in but Sarah was friends with the owners.

“Sarah also went with us to Bungalow 8 [a late-night hangout for actresses Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and other dissolute young celebrities].

“We’d be out at the clubs probably until two or three in the morning and Bea might drink some wine. The legal age for drinking in New York is 21 but Bea didn’t get ID carded because she was with Sarah.

“We’d be dancing, having fun, but Bea always kept herself in control. I’d order champagne that was, like, $200 a bottle.”

By February, after he returned to London with Beatrice from another foreign holiday together, this time in Switzerland, the Press had learned of the affair.

It had emerged that his probation order permitted him to travel outside the US only for business purposes.

These hardly included a romance with a Princess.

Paolo says, “The Queen was so concerned that a scandal was about to engulf yet another young Royal that she ordered the Duke, Fergie and Beatrice to attend a secret summit with her to discuss the situation.”

Whether the Queen learned anything about the wild times the Princess had experienced under her mother’s eye is unclear.

But the fact that Her Majesty should call Fergie to a meeting suggests that Paolo’s background alone was a cause for grave concern.

Paolo says that only then did Fergie seem to start having second thoughts about how a man who was on probation in America was being allowed to carouse with her daughter.

Paolo says: “Bea had to go to have lunch with Granny and Sarah and her Papa to speak about ‘the issue’.

“Sarah said to me, ‘Paolo, tell me, were you allowed to be in London and Verbier [Switzerland]?’ I said it was OK.

“Someone had told Sarah that a friend of mine sent the judge a letter saying I needed to be in Europe to find investors for the club.

“I explained to Sarah that the letter wasn’t a scam. I really was in Europe to get investors.

“I gave a kiss to Bea and they went off to see the Queen.

“Bea called afterwards and I asked, ‘How did it go with Granny?’

“She replied, ‘It’s OK.’ She said the Queen said if Andrew and Sarah and Beatrice had taken me in, and they knew about it, then obviously I didn’t do those things they were saying about me.

“Then Sarah got on the phone and she said, ‘We’ll sort everything out.’

In March 2006, however, Paolo was found in breach of his probation, which a judge then extended by six months, to April 2008, warning: “There is always the possibility of incarceration in the future if there is a further violation.”

Then came a declaration by a spokesman for Fergie, saying the romance between Paolo and Beatrice was over. It stated: “They are not going out any more.”

Paolo says that, under Fergie’s orders, Beatrice did break off the relationship.

But Fergie relented, he says, because the Princess became “miserable” and arranged for them to secretly spend five days together last April at a friend’s apartment in New York’s Trump Tower.

He says they finally parted for good at the beginning of May 2006. “I told Bea, ‘We’ll stay best friends. It will be just like it is with your mother and father.”

Certainly, Fergie’s continuing friendship with Andrew could not be more public, despite Prince Philip’s well-documented disapproval.

But when it comes to Paolo, it seems the Duchess is not prepared to risk the Royal wrath.

He did not receive an invitation to Beatrice’s 18th birthday party. “Sarah said she’d wanted to send me an invitation but she couldn’t because it might leak,’ he says.

However, the risk of scandal still loomed over the unpaid debt of $5,700.

Paolo says he left two messages for Fergie about the matter and finally was told to call her over a secure number.

“Fergie told me, ‘Paolo, call the Duke.’ I said, ‘I did him and Angie a favour because you were my girlfriend’s mother. Let’s conference in the Duke.’

“She said, ‘Calm down, Paolo!’ and I said, ‘Have a nice life. F*** off!’ and put down the phone. Sarah called me back five minutes later.

“‘I’ve always been your second mother,’ she said. It was damage control.

“She was worried the Angie thing might all leak out. I told her, ‘I feel shunned by all of you. I was loyal but no one was loyal to me.'”

The next day, he says, he was called by a New York-based assistant to Fergie, saying he could pick up the balance owed to him for Ms Everhart’s move.

He says the assistant handed him an envelope containing $4,700 – leaving him $1,000 short of the money he had spent on the Duke’s rescue mission.

Paolo claims that, to this day, the debt is outstanding and he is deeply resentful of treatment he ultimately blames on Fergie.

“After my final row on the phone with Sarah, I sent Bea a belated 18th-birthday present, a jewellery box. She never sent me a thank you because Sarah has banned her from speaking to me,” he says.

“Sarah says she cut us off for Bea’s sake. But what she cares about is her own image, not Bea’s happiness. Bea was heartbroken by what happened to us.”–two.html



My report on the creation of the ultimate surveillance state, far more extensive than anything yet seen in US history, that it is being jointly developed by individuals connected to both American and Israeli intelligence. Epstein was a part of it.

Intelligence contractors for the US and Israel have been exploiting mass shootings to foist technological and surveillance “solutions” on a fearful populace.

Since August, President Trump has been promoting these very technologies as the way to mitigate mass shootings.

Peter Thiel, Ehud Barak and Jeffrey Epstein were all backing one of these Orwellian companies, and their other activities in pursuance of this “pre-crime” system will make your skin crawl

I reveal for the first time Israel’s previously hidden role in the creation of the controversial “Main Core” database of American dissidents and how that MC will likely be used by the Trump admin to direct this new “pre-crime” system

Ghislaine Maxwell’s sister founded Chiliad, which is a data analytics company used by DHS and the FBI, so there’s that.

Chiliad, the Company That Solved the 9/11 ‘Connecting the Dots’ Problem


Chiliad is also very likely pre-loaded into HP servers going back to 2000.
Chiliad got $24.5 million from HP in 1999. Then in 2000 they made a deal to “explore” how Chiliad software could be used in their servers.
Think of it.
Chiliad everywhere HP is.


A Chiliad promo video from 2012 and .. well you have to see it to believe it.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s sister’s software is in all these departments of the US Government!!



Christine Maxwell is married to Roger Malina, and Roger’s dad was Frank Malina, the first Director of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory with Jack Parsons (OTO). He left to work for the U.N. and he was also a Communist.

Frank Malina’s wife Marjorie


9/11 Commission gave Chilead the only A+ score for processing counterterrorism data. LOL. So the Mossad, largely responsible for 9/11, is directing counterterrorism intel. Great.


How the CIA, Mossad and “the Epstein Network” are Exploiting Mass Shootings to Create an Orwellian Nightmare

Following another catastrophic mass shooting or crisis event, Orwellian “solutions” are set to be foisted on a frightened American public by the very network connected, not only to Jeffrey Epstein, but to a litany of crimes and a frightening history of plans to crush internal dissent in the United States.

Following the arrest and subsequent death in prison of alleged child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, a little-known Israeli tech company began to receive increased publicity, but for all the wrong reasons. Not long after Epstein’s arrest, and his relationships and finances came under scrutiny, it was revealed that the Israeli company Carbyne911 had received substantial funding from Jeffrey Epstein as well as Epstein’s close associate and former Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Barak, and Silicon Valley venture capitalist and prominent Trump backer Peter Thiel.

Carbyne911, or simply Carbyne, develops call-handling and identification capabilities for emergency response services in countries around the world, including the United States, where it has already been implemented in several U.S. counties and has partnered with major U.S. tech companies like Google. It specifically markets its product as a way of mitigating mass shootings in the United States without having to change existing U.S. gun laws.

Yet, Carbyne is no ordinary tech company, as it is deeply connected to the elite Israeli military intelligence division, Unit 8200, whose “alumni” often go on to create tech companies — Carbyne among them — that frequently maintain their ties to Israeli intelligence and, according to Israeli media reports and former employees, often “blur the line” between their service to Israel’s defense/intelligence apparatus and their commercial activity. As this report will reveal, Carbyne is but one of several Israeli tech companies marketing themselves as a technological solution to mass shootings that has direct ties to Israeli intelligence agencies.

In each case, these companies’ products are built in such a way that they can easily be used to illegally surveil the governments, institutions and civilians that use them, a troubling fact given Unit 8200’s documented prowess in surveillance as a means of obtaining blackmail and Israel’s history of using tech companies to aggressively spy on the U.S. government. This is further compounded by the fact that Unit 8200-linked tech companies have previously received U.S. government contracts to place “backdoors” into the U.S.’ entire telecommunications system as well as into the popular products of major American tech companies including Google, Microsoft and Facebook, many of whose key managers and executives are now former Unit 8200 officers.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made it no secret that placing Unit 8200 members in top positions in multinational tech companies is a “deliberate policy” meant to ensure Israel’s role as the dominant global “cyber power”, while also combating non-violent boycott movements targeting Israel’s violations of international law and stifling the United Nations’ criticisms of Israeli government policy and military operations abroad.

As Jeffrey Epstein’s links to intelligence in both the United States and Israel — the subject of a recent four-part series exclusive to MintPress — began to be revealed in full, his financing of Carbyne came under scrutiny, particularly for the company’s deep ties to Israeli intelligence as well as to certain Americans with known connections to U.S. intelligence. Ehud Barak’s own role as both financier and chairman of Carbyne has also added to that concern, given his long history of involvement in covert intelligence operations for Israel and his long-standing ties to Israeli military intelligence.

Another funder of Carbyne, Peter Thiel, has his own company that, like Carbyne, is set to profit from the Trump administration’s proposed hi-tech solutions to mass shootings. Indeed, after the recent shooting in El Paso, Texas, President Trump — who received political donations from and has been advised by Thiel following his election — asked tech companies to “detect mass shooters before they strike,” a service already perfected by Thiel’s company Palantir, which has developed “pre-crime software” already in use throughout the country. Palantir is also a contractor for the U.S. intelligence community and also has a branch based in Israel.

Perhaps most disturbing of all, whatever technological solution is adopted by the Trump administration, it is set to use a controversial database first developed as part of a secretive U.S. government program that involved notorious Iran-Contra figures like Oliver North as a means of tracking and flagging potential American dissidents for increased surveillance and detention in the event of a vaguely defined “national emergency.”

As this report will reveal, this database — often referred to as “Main Core” — was created with the involvement of Israeli intelligence and Israel remained involved years after it was developed, and potentially to the present. It was also used by at least one former CIA official on President Reagan’s National Security Council to blackmail members of Congress, Congressional staffers and journalists, among others.

Given recent reports on the Trump administration’s plan to create a new government agency to use “advanced technology” to identify “neurobehavioral signs” of “someone headed toward a violent explosive act” using data collected by consumer electronic devices, the picture painted by the technology currently being promoted and implemented under the guise of “keeping Americans safe” is deeply Orwellian. In fact, it points directly to the genesis of a far-reaching surveillance state far more extensive than anything yet seen in American history and it is being jointly developed by individuals connected to both American and Israeli intelligence.


Demystifying Carbyne

Carbyne911, which will be referred to simply as Carbyne in this report, is an Israeli tech-startup that promises to revolutionize how calls are handled by emergency service providers, as well as by governments, corporations and educational institutions. Not long after it was founded in 2014 by veterans of Israeli military intelligence, Carbyne began to be specifically marketed as a solution to mass shootings in the United States that goes “beyond the gun debate” and improves the “intelligence that armed emergency responders receive before entering an armed shooter situation” by providing video-streaming and acoustic input from civilian smartphones and other devices connected to the Carbyne network.

Prior to Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest in July, Carbyne had been receiving high praise from U.S. and Israeli media, with Fox News hailing the company’s services as the answer to the U.S.’ “aging 911 systems” and the Jerusalem Post writing that the company’s platform offers “hi-tech protection to social workers and school principals.” Other reports claimed that Carbyne’s services result in “a 65% reduction in time-to-dispatch.”

Carbyne’s call-handling/crisis management platform has already been implemented in several U.S. counties and the company has offices not only in the U.S. but also in Mexico, Ukraine and Israel. Carbyne’s expansion to more emergency service provider networks in the U.S. is likely, given that federal legislation seeks to offer grants to upgrade 911 call centers throughout the country with the very technology of which Carbyne is the leading provider. One of the main lobby groups promoting this legislation, the National Emergency Number Association (NENA), has a “strong relationship” with Carbyne, according to Carbyne’s website. In addition, Carbyne has also begun marketing its platform for non-emergency calls to governments, educational institutions and corporations.

Yet, what seemed like the inevitability of Carbyne’s widespread adoption in the U.S. hit a snag following the recent arrest and subsequent death of sex trafficker and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who exploited underage girls for the purpose of obtaining “blackmail” on the rich and poweful, an operation that had clear ties to intelligence. Epstein, after his first arrest and light sentence for soliciting sex from a minor in 2007, was tapped by former Israeli Prime Minister and former head of Israeli military intelligence Ehud Barak, to become a key financial backer of Carbyne.

Ehud Barak, center, poses with Carbyne co-founders Alex Dizengof, Amir Elichai and Lital Leshem.

As a result of increased scrutiny of Epstein’s business activities and his ties to Israel, particularly to Barak, Epstein’s connection to Carbyne was revealed and extensively reported on by the independent media outlet Narativ, whose exposé on Carbyne revealed not only some of the key intelligence connections of the start-up company but also how the architecture of Carbyne’s product itself raises “serious privacy concerns.”

MintPress detailed many of Carbyne’s main intelligence connections in Part III of the investigative series “Inside the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal: Too Big to Fail.” In addition to Barak — former Israeli prime minister and former head of Israeli military intelligence — serving as Carbyne’s chairman and a key financer, the company’s executive team are all former members of Israeli intelligence, including the elite military intelligence unit, Unit 8200, which is often compared to the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA).

Carbyne’s current CEO, Amir Elichai, served in Unit 8200 and tapped former Unit 8200 commander and current board member of AIPAC Pinchas Buchris to serve as the company’s director and on its board. In addition to Elichai, another Carbyne co-founder, Lital Leshem, also served in Unit 8200 and later worked for Israeli private spy company Black Cube. The only Carbyne co-founder that didn’t serve in Unit 8200 is Alex Dizengof, who previously worked for Israel’s Prime Minister’s office.

As MintPress noted in a past report detailing Israeli military intelligence’s deep ties to American tech giant Microsoft, Unit 8200 is an elite unit of the Israeli Intelligence corps that is part of the IDF’s Directorate of Military Intelligence and is involved mainly in signal intelligence (i.e., surveillance), cyberwarfare and code decryption. It is frequently described as the Israeli equivalent of the NSA and Peter Roberts, senior research fellow at Britain’s Royal United Services Institute, characterized the unit in an interview with the Financial Times as “probably the foremost technical intelligence agency in the world and stand[ing] on a par with the NSA in everything except scale.”

Notably, the NSA and Unit 8200 have collaborated on numerous projects, most infamously on the Stuxnet virus as well as the Duqu malware. In addition, the NSA is known to work with veterans of Unit 8200 in the private sector, such as when the NSA hired two Israeli companies, to create backdoors into all the major U.S. telecommunications systems and major tech companies, including Facebook, Microsoft and Google. Both of those companies, Verint and Narus, have top executives with ties to Israeli intelligence and one of those companies, Verint (formerly Comverse Infosys), has a history of aggressively spying on U.S. government facilities. Unit 8200 is also known for spying on civilians in the occupied Palestinian territories for “coercion purposes” — i.e., gathering info for blackmail — and also for spying on Palestinian-Americans via an intelligence-sharing agreement with the NSA.

Unlike many other Unit 8200-linked start-ups, Carbyne also boasts several tie-ins to the Trump administration, including Palantir founder and Trump ally Peter Thiel — another investor in Carbyne. In addition, Carbyne’s board of advisers includes former Palantir employee Trae Stephens, who was a member of the Trump transition team, as well as former Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff. Trump donor and New York real-estate developer Eliot Tawill is also on Carbyne’s board, alongside Ehud Barak and Pinchas Buchris.

Yet, privacy concerns with Carbyne go beyond the company’s ties to Israeli intelligence and U.S. intelligence contractors like Peter Thiel. For instance, Carbyne’s smartphone app extracts the following information from the phones on which it is installed:

Device location, video live-streamed from the smartphone to the call center, text messages in a two-way chat window, any data from a user’s phone if they have the Carbyne app and ESInet, and any information that comes over a data link, which Carbyne opens in case the caller’s voice link drops out.” (emphasis added)

According to Carbyne’s website, this same information can also be obtained from any smartphone, even if it does not have Carbyne’s app installed, if that phone calls a 911 call center that uses Carbyne or merely any other number connected to Carbyne’s network.

Carbyne gathers data points from users’ phones as well as a myriad of other web-connected devices

Carbyne is a Next-Generation 9-11 (NG911) platform and the explicit goal of NG911 is for all 911 systems nationwide to become interconnected. Thus, even if Carbyne is not used by all 911 call centers using an NG911 platform, Carbyne will ostensibly have access to the data used by all emergency service providers and devices connected to those networks. This guiding principle of NG911 also makes it likely that one platform will be favored at the federal level to foster such interconnectivity and, given that it has already been adopted by several counties and has ties to the Trump administration, Carbyne is the logical choice.

Another cause for concern is how other countries have used platforms like Carbyne, which were first marketed as emergency response tools, for the purpose of mass surveillance. Narativ noted the following in its investigation of Carbyne:

In May, Human Rights Watch revealed Chinese authorities use a platform not unlike Carbyne to illegally surveil Uyghurs. China’s Integrated Joint Operations Platform brings in a much bigger data-set and sources of video, which includes an app on people’s phones. Like Carbyne, the platform was designed to report emergencies. Chinese authorities have turned it into a tool of mass surveillance.

Human Rights Watch reverse-engineered the app. The group discovered the app automatically profiles a user under 36 “person types” including “followers of Six Lines” which is the term used to identify Uyghurs. Another term refers to “Hajj,” the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca. The app monitors every aspect of a user’s life, including personal conversations [and] power usage, and tracks a user’s movement.”

Such technology is currently used by Israeli military intelligence and Israel’s domestic intelligence agency Shin Bet to justify “pre-crime” detentions of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank. As will be noted in greater detail later in this report, Palestinians’ comments on social media are tracked by artificial intelligence algorithms that flag them for indefinite detention if they write social media posts that contain “tripwire” phrases such as “the sword of Allah.”

Carbyne’s platform has its own “pre-crime” elements, such as it’s c-Records component, which stores and analyzes information on past calls and events that pass through its network. This information “enables decision makers to accurately analyze the past and present behavior of their callers, react accordingly, and in time predict future patterns.” (emphasis added)

Concerns have recently been raised that “pre-crime” technology may soon become more widely adopted in the U.S., after President Trump stated that one of his planned solutions to mass shootings in the wake of the recent tragedy in El Paso was for big tech companies to detect potential shooters before they strike.


Israeli intelligence, Blackmail and Silicon Valley

Though many of the individuals involved in funding or managing Carbyne have proven ties to intelligence, a closer look into several of these players reveals even deeper connections to both Israeli and U.S. intelligence.

One of Carbyne’s clearest connections to Israeli intelligence is through its chairman and one of its funders, Ehud Barak. Though Barak is best known for being a former prime minister of Israel, he is also a former minister of defense and the former head of Israeli military intelligence. He oversaw Unit 8200’s operations, as well as other units of Israeli military intelligence, in all three of those positions. For most of his military and later political career, Barak has been closely associated with covert operations.

Prior to the public scrutiny of Barak’s relationship to Jeffrey Epstein, following the latter’s arrest this past July and subsequent death, Barak had come under fire for his ties to disgraced film mogul Harvey Weinstein. Indeed, it was Ehud Barak who put Weinstein in contact with the Israeli private intelligence outfit Black Cube, which employs former Mossad agents and Israeli military intelligence operatives, as Weinstein sought to intimidate the women who had accused him of sexual assault and sexual harassment. Former Mossad director Meir Dagan led Black Cube’s board until his death in 2016 and Carbyne co-founder Lital Leshem is Black Cube’s former director of marketing.

After Barak put him in contact with Black Cube’s leadership, Weinstein, according to The New Yorker, used the private spy firm to “‘target,’ or collect information on, dozens of individuals, and compile psychological profiles that sometimes focused on their personal or sexual histories.” In addition, The New Yorker noted that “Weinstein monitored the progress of the investigations personally” and “also enlisted former employees from his film enterprises to join in the effort, collecting names and placing calls that, according to some sources who received them, felt intimidating.”

Yet, more recently, it has been Barak’s close relationship to Epstein that has raised eyebrows and opened him up to political attacks from his rivals. Epstein and Barak were first introduced by former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres in 2002, a time when Epstein’s pedophile blackmail and sex trafficking operation was in full swing.

Barak was a frequent visitor to Epstein’s residences in New York, so often that The Daily Beast reported that numerous residents of an apartment building linked to Epstein “had seen Barak in the building multiple times over the last few years, and nearly half a dozen more described running into his security detail,” adding that “the building is majority-owned by Epstein’s younger brother, Mark, and has been tied to the financier’s alleged New York trafficking ring.” Specifically, several apartments in the building were “being used to house underage girls from South America, Europe and the former Soviet Union,” according to a former bookkeeper employed by one of Epstein’s main procurers of underage girls, Jean Luc Brunel.

Barak is also known to have spent the night at one of Epstein’s residences at least once, was photographed leaving Epstein’s residence as recently as 2016, and has admitted to visiting Epstein’s island, which has sported nicknames including “Pedo Island,” “Lolita Island” and “Orgy Island.” In 2004, Barak received $2.5 million from Leslie Wexner’s Wexner Foundation, where Epstein was a trustee as well as one of the foundation’s top donors, officially for unspecified “consulting services” and “research” on the foundation’s behalf.

In 2015, Barak formed a limited partnership company in Israel for the explicit purpose of investing in Carbyne (then known as Reporty) and invested millions of dollars in the company, quickly becoming a major shareholder and subsequently the company’s public face and the chairman of its board. At least $1 million of the money invested in this Barak-created company that was later used to invest in Carbyne came from the Southern Trust Company, which was owned by Jeffrey Epstein.

In July, Bloomberg reported that Epstein’s Southern Trust Company is identified in U.S. Virgin Islands filings as “a DNA database and data mining” company. Given Carbyne’s clear potential for data-mining and civilian profiling, Epstein’s investment in Carbyne using this specific company suggests that Carbyne’s investors have long been aware of this little advertised aspect of Carbyne’s product.

In a statement to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Barak asserted:

I saw the business opportunity and registered a partnership in my control in Israel. A small number of people I know invest in it…Since these are private investments, it wouldn’t be proper or right for me to expose the investors’ details.”

However, Barak later admitted that Epstein had been one of the investors.

MintPress’ recent series on the Jeffrey Epstein scandal noted in detail Epstein’s ties to CIA/Mossad intelligence assets, such as Adnan Khashoggi; CIA front companies, such as Southern Air Transport; and organized crime, through his close association with Leslie Wexner. In addition, Epstein’s long-time “girlfriend” and alleged madam, Ghislaine Maxwell, has family links to Israeli intelligence through her father, Robert Maxwell. While it appears that Epstein may have been working for more than one intelligence agency, Zev Shalev, former executive producer for CBS News and journalist at Narativ, recently stated that he had independently confirmed with two unconnected sources “closely connected to the Epstein story and in a position to know” that Epstein had “worked for Israeli military intelligence.”

Notably, Epstein, who was known for his interest in obtaining blackmail through the sexual abuse of the underaged girls he exploited, also claimed to have “damaging information” on prominent figures in Silicon Valley. In a conversation last year with New York Times reporter James Stewart, Epstein claimed to have “potentially damaging or embarrassing” information on Silicon Valley’s elite and told Stewart that these top figures in the American tech industry “were hedonistic and regular users of recreational drugs.” Epstein also told Stewart that he had “witnessed prominent tech figures taking drugs and arranging for sex” and claimed to know “details about their supposed sexual proclivities.”

In the lead-up to his recent arrest, Jeffrey Epstein appeared to have been attempting to rebrand as a “tech investor,” as he had done interviews with several journalists including Stewart about technology investing in the months before he was hit with federal sex trafficking charges.

Jessica Lessin, editor-in-chief of The Information, told Business Insider that a journalist working for The Information had interviewed Epstein a month before his recent arrest because “he was believed to be an investor in venture capital funds.” However, Lessin claimed that the interview was not “newsworthy” and said the site had no plans to publish its contents. Business Insider claimed that the way the interviews with Epstein had been arranged “suggests that someone in Silicon Valley may have been trying to help Epstein connect with reporters.”

Though it is unknown exactly which Silicon Valley figures were most connected to Epstein and which tech executives were potentially being blackmailed by Epstein, it is known that Epstein associated with several prominent tech executives, including Google co-founder Sergey Brin, Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman.

Last year, Epstein claimed to be advising Tesla and Elon Musk, who had been previously photographed with Epstein’s alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell. A few years ago, Epstein also attended a dinner hosted by LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman, where Musk had allegedly introduced Epstein to Mark Zuckerberg. Google’s Sergey Brin is known to have attended a dinner hosted by Epstein at his New York residence where Donald Trump was also in attendance.

Elon Musk with Epstein’s alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell at an Oscars after-party on March 2, 2014.

These associations suggest that the person in Silicon Valley who was trying to boost Epstein’s image as a tech investor before his arrest may have been Peter Thiel, whose Founders Fund had also invested in Carbyne. Thiel was an early investor in Facebook and is still on its board, connecting him to Zuckerberg; he is also a funder of Elon Musk’s SpaceX and a former colleague of Musk’s through PayPal. In addition, Thiel has ties to Reid Hoffman and both Thiel and Hoffman are prominent backers of Facebook.

It is unknown whether Epstein’s “damaging information” and apparent blackmail on notable individuals in the American technology industry were used to advance the objectives of Carbyne, which recently partnered with tech giants Google and Cisco Systems — and, more broadly, the expansion of Israeli intelligence-linked tech companies into the American tech sector, particularly through the acquisition of Israeli tech start-ups linked to Unit 8200 by major U.S. tech companies.

The latter seems increasingly likely given that the father of Ghislaine Maxwell — one of Epstein’s chief co-conspirators in his intelligence-linked sexual blackmail operation involving minors — was a Mossad operative who helped sell software that had been bugged by Israeli intelligence to government agencies and sensitive facilities around the world, including in the United States.

As will be noted later in this report, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — to whom all of Israel’s intelligence agencies answer by virtue of his position — has stated on more than one occasion that the acquisition of Israeli intelligence-linked start-ups by foreign tech giants, especially in Silicon Valley, is a current and “deliberate policy” of the state of Israel.


Carbyne’s ties to U.S. intelligence

While Epstein and Barak are the two financiers of Carbyne whose ties to intelligence are clearest, another funder of Carbyne, Peter Thiel, has ties to U.S. intelligence and a history of investing in other companies founded by former members of Unit 8200. Thiel co-founded and still owns a controlling stake in the company Palantir, which was initially funded with a $2 million investment from the CIA’s venture capital fund In-Q-Tel and quickly thereafter became a contractor for the CIA.

After the success of its contract with the CIA, Palantir became a contractor for a variety of federal agencies, including the FBI, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the National Security Agency (NSA), the Department of Homeland Security(DHS) and the military’s Special Operations Command, among others. Last year, it won a contract to create a new battlefield intelligence system for the U.S. Army. Palantir is also in demand for its “pre-crime technology,” which has been used by several U.S. police departments. According to the Guardian, “Palantir tracks everyone from potential terrorist suspects to corporate fraudsters, child traffickers and what they refer to as ‘subversives’… it is all done using prediction.”

Thiel has gained attention in recent years for his support of President Trump and for becoming an adviser to Trump following the 2016 election, when he was “a major force in the transition,” according to Politico, and “helped fill positions in the Trump administration with former staff.” One of those former staffers was Trae Stephens, who is also on Carbyne’s board of advisers. Thiel also has business ties to Trump’s son-in-law and influential adviser, Jared Kushner, as well as to Kushner’s brother Josh. A senior Trump campaign aide told Politico in 2017 that “Thiel is immensely powerful within the administration through his connection to Jared.”

Thiel has also backed some prominent Israeli tech start-ups connected to Unit 8200, such as BillGuard, which Thiel funded along with former Google CEO Eric Schmidt and other investors. BillGuard was founded by Raphael Ouzan, a former officer in Unit 8200, who serves on the board of directors of Start-Up Nation Central (SUNC) alongside neoconservative American hedge fund manager Paul Singer, neoconservative political operative and adviser Dan Senor, and Terry Kassel, who works for Singer at his hedge fund, Elliott Management.

Peter Thiel greets Netanyahu during a 2017 meeting in Israel. Photo

SUNC is an organization founded by Paul Singer, who has donated heavily to both President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Since it was founded in 2012, SUNC has sought to integrate Unit 8200-connected Israeli tech start-ups into foreign companies, primarily American companies, and has helped oversee the shift of thousands of high-paying tech jobs from the U.S. to Israel.

Another Carbyne-connected individual worth noting is the former head of the Department of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, who serves on Carbyne’s board of advisers. In addition to Chertoff’s ties to DHS, Chertoff’s company, The Chertoff Group, employees several prominent former members of the U.S. intelligence community as principals, including Michael Hayden, former director of the CIA and former director of the NSA; and Charles Allen, former assistant director of Central Intelligence for Collection at the CIA, who worked at the agency for over 40 years.

The Chertoff Group has a long-standing and lucrative contract with the company OSI Systems, which produces full-body scanners and markets itself as a solution to mass shootings and crisis events, not unlike Carbyne. While Chertoff’s company was advising OSI Systems, Chertoff went on a media blitz to promote the widespread use of the machines produced by OSI Systems and even called on Congress to “fund a large-scale deployment of next-generation systems.” Chertoff did not disclose his conflict of interest while publicly promoting OSI’s full-body scanners.

Some have also alleged that Chertoff’s mother, Livia Eisen, had links to Israeli intelligence. According to her 1998 obituary, cited by both researcher/author Christopher Bollyn and journalist Jonathan Cook, Eisen participated in the Mossad operation code-named “Magic Carpet” while working for Israel’s El Al Airlines. Both Bollyn and Cook have suggested that Eisen’s participation in this covert Israeli intelligence operation strongly indicates that she had ties to the Mossad.


Melding into Silicon Valley

Beyond its troubling connections to Silicon Valley oligarchs, Israeli military intelligence and the U.S.-military industrial complex, Carbyne’s recent partnerships with two specific technology companies — Google and Cisco Systems — raise even more red flags.

Carbyne announced its partnership with Cisco Systems this past April, with the latter announcing that it would begin “aligning its unified call manager with Carbyne’s call-handling platform, allowing emergency call centers to collect data from both 911 callers and nearby government-owned IoT [Internet of Things] devices.” A report on the partnership published by Government Technology magazine stated that “Carbyne’s platform will be integrated into Cisco Kinetic for Cities, an IoT data platform that shares data across community infrastructure, smart city solutions, applications and connected devices.” The report also noted that “Carbyne will also be the only 911 solution in the Cisco Marketplace.”

As part of the partnership, Carbyne’s President of North American Operations Paul Tatro told Government Technology that the Carbyne platform would combine the data it obtains from smartphones and other Carbyne-connected devices with “what’s available through nearby Cisco-connected road cameras, roadside sensors, smart streetlamps, smart parking meters or other devices.” Tatro further asserted that “Carbyne can also analyze data that’s being collected by Cisco IoT devices … and alert 911 automatically, without any person making a phone call, if there appears to be a worthy problem,” and expressed his view that soon most emergency calls will not be made by human beings but “by smart cars, telematics or other smart city devices.”

A few months after partnering with Cisco Systems, Carbyne announced its partnership with Google on July 10, just three days after Carbyne funder Jeffrey Epstein was arrested in New York on federal sex trafficking charges. Carbyne’s press release of the partnership described how the company and Google would be teaming up in Mexico “to offer advanced mobile location to emergency communications centers (ECCs) throughout Mexico” following the conclusion of a successful four-week pilot program between Carbyne and Google in the Central American nation.

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt meets Netanyahu at his Jerusalem office. Israel PM

The press release also stated:

Carbyne will provide Google’s Android ELS (Emergency Location Service) in real time from emergency calls made on AndroidTM devices. Deployment for any ECC in the country won’t require any integration, with Carbyne providing numerous options for connection to their secure ELS Gateway once an ECC is approved. The Carbyne automated platform, requiring no human interaction, has the potential to save thousands of lives each year throughout Mexico.”

The reason Carybne’s partnerships with Cisco Systems and Google are significant lies in the role that Cisco and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt have played in the creation of a controversial “incubator” for Israeli tech start-ups with deep ties to Israeli military intelligence, American neoconservative donor Paul Singer, and the U.S.’ National Security Agency (NSA).

This company, called Team8, is an Israeli company-creation platform whose CEO and co-founder is Nadav Zafrir, former commander of Unit 8200. Two of the company’s other three co-founders are also “alumni” of Unit 8200. Among Team8’s top investors is Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, who also joined Peter Thiel in funding the Unit 8200-linked BillGuard, as well as major tech companies including Cisco Systems and Microsoft.

Last year, Team8 controversially hired the former head of the NSA and U.S. Cyber Command, Retired Admiral Mike Rogers, and Zafrir stated that his interest in hiring Rogers was that Rogers would be “instrumental in helping strategize” Team8’s expansion in the United States. Jake Williams, a veteran of NSA’s Tailored Access Operations (TAO) hacking unit, told CyberScoop:

Rogers is not being brought into this role because of his technical experience. …It’s purely because of his knowledge of classified operations and his ability to influence many in the U.S. government and private-sector contractors.”

Team8 has also been heavily promoted by Start-Up Nation Central (SUNC). SUNC prominently features Team8 and Zafrir on the cybersecurity section of its website and also sponsored a talk by Zafrir and an Israeli government economist at the World Economic Forum, often referred to as “Davos,” that was attended personally by Paul Singer.

SUNC itself has deep ties to Israeli military intelligence, with former Unit 8200 officer Raphael Ouzan serving on its board of directors. Another example of SUNC-Unit 8200 ties can be seen with Inbal Arieli, who served as SUNC’s Vice President of Strategic Partnerships from 2014 to 2017 and continues to serve as a senior adviser to the organization. Arieli, a former lieutenant in Unit 8200, is the founder and head of the 8200 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Support Program (EISP), which was the first start-up accelerator in Israel aimed at harnessing “the vast network and entrepreneurial DNA of [Unit] 8200 alumni” and is currently one of the top company accelerators in Israel, alongside Team8. Arieli was the top executive at 8200 EISP while working at SUNC and several other top SUNC staffers are also connected to Israeli military intelligence.

Thus, Google and Cisco’s connections to Team8 suggests that their partnerships with another Israeli military intelligence-connected firm like Carbyne is a deepening of those two companies’ links to the growing bi-national security state that is uniting key players in the U.S. military-industrial complex and Israeli intelligence.


Mossad-backed Panic Buttons, coming to a school near you

Carbyne is hardly the only Israeli intelligence-linked tech company marketing itself in the United States as a solution to mass shootings. Another Israeli start-up, known as Gabriel, was founded in 2016 in response to a shooting in Tel Aviv and the Pulse Nightclub shooting in the United States, which took place just days apart.

Created by Israeli-American Yoni Sherizen and Israeli citizen Asaf Adler, Gabriel is similar to Carbyne in the sense that elements of its crisis response platform require installation on civilian smartphones as well as devices used by crisis responders. The main difference is that Gabriel also installs one or a series of physical “panic buttons,” depending on the size of the building to be secured, that also double as video and audio communication devices connected to the Gabriel network.

As with Carbyne, the ties between Gabriel and Israeli intelligence are obvious. Indeed, Gabriel’s four-person advisory board includes Ram Ben-Barak, former deputy director of the Mossad and former director-general of Israel’s intelligence ministry; Yohanan Danino, former chief of police for the state of Israel; and Kobi Mor, former director of overseas missions for the Israeli intelligence agency Shin Bet. The only American on the advisory board is Ryan Petty, the father of a Parkland shooting victim and friend of former Florida Governor Rick Scott.

Gabriel’s only disclosed funder is U.S.-based MassChallenge, a start-up accelerator non-profit. Gabriel is funded by MassChallenge’s Israel branch, which was opened six months prior to Gabriel’s creation and is partnered with the Israeli government and the Kraft Group. The Kraft Group is managed by Robert Kraft, who is currently embroiled in a prostitution scandal and is also a close friend of President Trump.

Notably, one of MassChallenge Israel’s featured experts is Wendy Singer, the executive director of SUNC, the organization created and funded by neoconservative Trump backer Paul Singer with the explicit purpose of promoting Israel’s tech start-ups and their integration into foreign, chiefly American, businesses. As was noted in a recent MintPress report on SUNC, Wendy Singer is the sister of neoconservative political operative Dan Senor, who founded the now-defunct Foreign Policy Initiative with Robert Kagan and Bill Kristol, and was previously the director of AIPAC’s Israel office for 16 years.

Gabriel’s founders have been quite upfront about the fact that the uptick in shootings in the U.S. has greatly aided their company’s growth and success. Last November, Sherizen told The Jerusalem Post that new mass shootings in the U.S. not only increased U.S. demand for his company’s product but also were opportunities to show the effectiveness of Gabriel’s approach:

Unfortunately every month there seems to be another high-profile event of this nature. After the Vegas shooting, we were able to show [that] our system would have managed to identify the location of the shooter much quicker.”

The Jerusalem Post noted that Gabriel is set to make considerable profits if concern over mass shootings continues to build in the U.S., writing:

With more than 475,000 soft targets across the US and amid increasing security fears, the potential market for Gabriel is huge. The company could gain revenues of almost $1 billion if only 10% of soft targets were to invest around $20,000 in its alert systems.”

Sherizen told the Jerusalem Post:

Our starter kit costs $10,000. Depending on the size and makeup of the community building, it would cost between $20-30,000 to fully outfit the location. We have made it very affordable. This is a game-changer for the lock-down and active shooter drills that are now a standard part of any child’s upbringing in the States.”


Much more than just a start-up

While it is certainly possible that numerous former officials and commanders of elite Israeli intelligence agencies may have no ulterior motive in advising or founding technology start-up companies, it is worth pointing out that top figures in Israel’s military intelligence agencies and the Mossad don’t see it that way.

Last March, Israeli media outlet Calcalist Tech published a report entitled “Israel Blurs the Line Between Defense Apparatus and Local Cybersecurity Hub,” which noted that “since 2012, cyber-related and intelligence projects that were previously carried out in-house in the Israeli military and Israel’s main intelligence arms are transferred to companies that in some cases were built for this exact purpose.” (emphasis added)

The article notes that beginning in 2012, Israel’s intelligence and military intelligence agencies began to outsource “activities that were previously managed in-house, with a focus on software and cyber technologies.” (emphasis added)

It continues:

In some cases, managers of development projects in the Israeli military and intelligence arms were encouraged to form their own companies, which then took over the project,’ an Israeli venture capitalist familiar with the matter told Calcalist Tech.”

Notably, Calcalist Tech states that the controversial company Black Cube was created this way and that Black Cube had been contracted, and is likely still contracted, by Israel’s Ministry of Defense. The private security agency Black Cube is known to have two separate divisions for corporations and governments. The firm was recently caught attempting to undermine the Iran nuclear deal — then also a top political objective of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — by attempting to obtain information on the “financial or sexual impropriety” (i.e., blackmail) of top U.S. officials involved in drafting the accord. NBC News noted last year that “Black Cube’s political work frequently intersects with Israel’s foreign policy priorities.” As previously mentioned, one of Carbyne’s co-founders — Lital Leshem, also a veteran of Unit 8200 — worked for Black Cube prior to starting Carbyne.

However, Libertad is merely the latest and most public expression of the Mossad’s interest in Israeli tech start-ups, the lion’s share of which are created by veterans of Unit 8200 or other Israeli intelligence agencies. Indeed, former Mossad Director Tamir Pardo stated in 2017 that “everyone” in the Israeli cybertechnology sector is an “alumni” of either Israeli intelligence, like the Mossad, or Israeli military intelligence, like Unit 8200. Pardo even went as far as to say that the Mossad itself is “like a start-up.”

Pardo himself, after leaving his post as Mossad director in 2016, dove straight into the world of Israeli tech start-ups, becoming chairman of Sepio Systems, whose two CEOs are former Unit 8200 officers. Sepio Systems’ advisory board includes the former chief information security officer of the CIA, Robert Bigman; former member of the U.S. Military’s Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), Geoff Hancock; and former head of the Israel National Cyber Bureau and veteran of Israeli military intelligence, Rami Efrati. Sepio Systems’ cybersecurity software has been adopted by several banks, telecom and insurance companies, including in the U.S. and Brazil.

Pardo is not the only prominent figure in Israel’s intelligence community to compare Israeli intelligence agencies to tech start-ups. Shin Bet Director Nadav Argaman described Israel’s domestic spy agency in similar terms. “The Shin Bet is like an evolving start-up, with unmatched strength,” Argaman stated in a June 2017 speech, as he extolled the agency’s use of “pre-crime” technology to detain Palestinians based on their social media activity.

Argaman, at the time, claimed that more than 2,000 Palestinians, whom he described as “potential lone-wolf terrorists,” had been arrested as a result of these “breakthrough technological advances” that use artificial-intelligence algorithms to monitor the social media accounts of Palestinians, especially younger Palestinians, for the use of “tripwire” phrases that have been used by Palestinians who later committed acts of violence. In the case of those who use such terms, “their phones are tracked to see if they meet other suspects, or leave their districts to move towards potential Israeli targets. In such cases, security forces detain the suspect,” according to a 2017 report on the practice by The Economist.


The road to fascism, paved by a corrupted PROMIS

Though Israeli intelligence’s interest in tech companies goes back several years, there is a well-documented history of Israeli intelligence using bugged software to surveil and gain “backdoor” access to government databases around the world, particularly in the United States.

As was mentioned in Part III of MintPress’ Epstein series, a sinister yet cunning plan was executed to place a backdoor for Israeli intelligence into the Prosecutor’s Management Information System (PROMIS) software, which was then being used by the U.S. Department of Justice and was the envy of government agencies, particularly intelligence agencies, around the world. This bugged version of PROMIS — born out of the collusion between Earl Brian, Ronald Reagan’s then-envoy to Iran, and Rafi Eitan, then-director of the now-defunct Israeli intelligence agency Lekem — was seeded around the world by Brian’s company Hadron as well as by Mossad-linked media mogul Robert Maxwell, father of Jeffrey Epstein’s long-time girlfriend and alleged madam, Ghislaine Maxwell.

After this first PROMIS “backdoor” was discovered, Israel would again gain access to sensitive U.S. government communications, as well as civilian communications, thanks to the collusion between Israeli intelligence and Israeli telecom and tech companies, especially Amdocs and Comverse Infosys (now Verint), that were operating throughout the United States. Today, Unit 8200-linked start-ups appear to have taken up the torch.

While the PROMIS software is perhaps best known for offering Israeli intelligence a backdoor into as many as 80 intelligence agencies and other sensitive locations around the world for nearly a decade, it was also used for a very different purpose by prominent officials linked to Iran-Contra.

One key Iran-Contra figure — Lt. Col. Oliver North, then serving on the National Security Council — decided to use PROMIS neither for espionage nor for foreign policy. Instead, North turned PROMIS’ power against Americans, particularly perceived dissidents, a fact that remained unknown for years.

Beginning in 1982, as part of the highly classified Continuity of Government (COG) program, North used the PROMIS software at a 6,100-square-foot “command center” in the Department of Justice, as well as at a smaller operations room at the White House, to compile a list of American dissidents and “potential troublemakers” if the COG protocol was ever invoked.

According to a senior government official with a high-ranking security clearance and service in five presidential administrations who spoke to Radar in 2008, this was:

A database of Americans, who, often for the slightest and most trivial reason, are considered unfriendly, and who, in a time of panic might be incarcerated. The database can identify and locate perceived ‘enemies of the state’ almost instantaneously.”

In 1993, Wired described North’s use of PROMIS in compiling this database as follows:

Using PROMIS, sources point out, North could have drawn up lists of anyone ever arrested for a political protest, for example, or anyone who had ever refused to pay their taxes. Compared to PROMIS, Richard Nixon’s enemies list or Sen. Joe McCarthy’s blacklist look downright crude.”

The COG program defined this “time of panic” as “a national crisis, such as nuclear war, violent and widespread internal dissent, or national opposition to a US military invasion abroad,” whereby the government would suspend the Constitution, declare martial law, and incarcerate perceived dissidents and other “unfriendlies” in order to prevent the government’s (or then-serving administration’s) overthrow.

This secretive database has often been referred to as “Main Core” by government insiders and, most troubling of all, it still exists today. Journalist Christ Ketcham, citing senior government officials, reported in 2008 that, at that time, Main Core was believed to contain the names of as many as 8 million Americans. Eleven years later, it is highly likely that the number of Americans included in the Main Core database has grown considerably.

Author and investigative journalist Tim Shorrock also covered other disturbing aspects of the evolution of Main Core back in 2008 for Salon. At the time, Shorrock reported that the George W. Bush administration was believed to have used Main Core to guide its domestic surveillance activities following the September 11 attacks.

Citing “several former U.S. government officials with extensive knowledge of intelligence operations,” Shorrock further noted that Main Core — as it was 11 years ago at the time his report was published — was said to contain “a vast amount of personal data on Americans, including NSA intercepts of bank and credit card transactions and the results of surveillance efforts by the FBI, the CIA and other agencies.”

Bill Hamilton, former NSA intelligence officer and the original creator of the PROMIS software, told Shorrock at the time that he believed that “U.S. intelligence uses PROMIS as the primary software for searching the Main Core database” and had been told as much by an intelligence official in 1992 and an NSA official in 1995. Dan Murphy, former deputy director at the CIA, had told Hamilton that the NSA’s use of PROMIS was “so seriously wrong that money alone cannot cure the problem.” “I believe in retrospect that Murphy was alluding to Main Core,” Hamilton had told Shorrock.

Though most reporting on Main Core, from the time its existence was first revealed to the present, has treated the database as something used by the U.S. government and U.S. intelligence for domestic purposes, MintPress has learned that Israeli intelligence was also involved with the creation of the Main Core database. According to a former U.S. intelligence official with direct knowledge of the U.S. intelligence community’s use of PROMIS and Main Core from the 1980s to 2000s, Israeli intelligence played a role in the U.S. government’s deployment of PROMIS as the software used for the Main Core domestic surveillance database system.

Israeli intelligence remained involved with Main Core at the time of the August 1991 death of journalist Danny Casolaro, who was investigating not only the government’s misuse of the stolen PROMIS software but also the Main Core database. This same official, who chose to remain anonymous, told MintPress that, shortly before his death, Casolaro had obtained copies of computer printouts from the PROMIS-based Main Core domestic surveillance database system from NSA whistleblower Alan Standorf, who was found murdered a few months before Casolaro’s lifeless body would be found in a West Virginia hotel room.

The source also stated that Main Core’s contents had been used for the political blackmail of members of Congress and their staff, journalists, and others by Walter Raymond, a senior CIA covert operator in psyops and disinformation who served on President Reagan’s National Security Council during and after Main Core’s creation. If used for this purpose by Raymond in the 1980s, Main Core has also likely been used by other individuals with access to the database for blackmailing purposes in the years since.

Given that Israeli intelligence was known to have placed a backdoor into the PROMIS software, before it was marketed and sold around the world by Earl Brian and Robert Maxwell, its role in the U.S. government’s decision to use PROMIS in the creation of Main Core suggests that Israeli intelligence likely advocated for the version of PROMIS containing this backdoor, thereby giving Israeli intelligence access to Main Core. Given that Reagan aides and officials colluded with Israeli “spymaster” Rafi Eitan in his efforts to create a backdoor into the software for Israeli military intelligence, the use of this version of PROMIS in the Main Core database is certainly plausible.

Furthermore, the fact that Israeli intelligence was known to be involved in Main Core nearly a decade after its creation suggests that Israeli intelligence may have played a role in certain aspects of the database, such as the criteria used to flag Americans as “unfriendly,” and — like Walter Raymond — may have used information in the database to blackmail Americans. In addition, the fact that the cooperation between U.S. and Israeli intelligence, particularly between Unit 8200 and the NSA, has only grown since 1991 further suggests that Israeli involvement in Main Core continues to the present.

While Main Core’s very existence is troubling for many reasons, the alleged involvement of a foreign intelligence service in the creation, expansion and maintenance of a database with personal details and potentially damaging information on millions of Americans targeted for detention or increased surveillance in times of crisis is chilling. It is especially so considering that the Trump administration’s latest proposals to prevent mass shootings before they occur are likely to use Main Core to flag certain Americans for increased surveillance or potentially detention, as was done by the George W. Bush administration following the September 11 attacks.

It appears that Main Core serves a dual purpose; first as a mass targeted surveillance system to crush dissent during times of “national crisis” — whether spontaneous or engineered — and, second, as a massive blackmail database used to keep every potential opponent in line during non-emergencies.


Peter Thiel’s Seeing Stone

As was mentioned earlier in this report, Palantir — the company co-founded by Peter Thiel — is set to profit handsomely from the Trump administration’s plans to use its “pre-crime” technology, which is already used by police departments throughout the country and also used to track Americans based on the company’s integrative data-mining approach. Palantir, named for the “seeing stones” in the Lord of the Rings novels, also markets software to foreign (and domestic) intelligence agencies that predicts the likelihood that an individual will commit an act of terrorism or violence.

Aside from its “pre-crime” products, Palantir has come under fire in recent years as a result of the company’s contracts with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), where it created an intelligence system known as Investigative Case Management (ICM). The IB Times described ICM as “a vast ‘ecosystem’ of data to help immigration officials in identifying targets and creating cases against them” and also “provides ICE agents with access to databases managed by other federal agencies.” ICM further gives ICE access to “targets’ personal and sensitive information, such as background on schooling, employment, family relationships, phone records, immigration history, biometrics data, criminal records as well as home and work addresses.” In other words, Palantir’s ICM is essentially a “Main Core” for immigrants.

Notably, part of Oliver North’s original intentions in “Main Core” was to track immigrants then coming from Central America as well as Americans who opposed Reagan era policy with respect to Central America. At that time, Main Core was believed to be controlled by the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA), which is now part of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

VICE News reported in July that the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center, which is run by DHS, “serves around 300 communities in northern California and is what is known as a ‘fusion center,’ a Department of Homeland Security intelligence center that aggregates and investigates information from state, local, and federal agencies, as well as some private entities, into large databases that can be searched using software like Palantir. “ VICE further noted that this center alone used Palantir to surveil as many as 8 million Ameicans. There are many more such DHS “fusion centers” throughout the United States.

If the Trump administration moves forward with its proposal of employing technology to detect potential mass shooters before they strike, Palantir’s technology is set to be used, given that it has already been used by U.S. law enforcement and U.S. intelligence to determine which people run “the highest risk of being involved in gun violence,” according to an investigation of Palantir by The Verge. Furthermore, Palantir’s close ties to the Trump administration make the company’s role in a future nationwide “pre-crime” prevention system based on technology appear inevitable.

Palantir founder Peter Thiel listens to Trump during a meeting at Trump Tower in New York, Dec. 14, 2016.

Worse still is the apparent overlap between Palantir and Main Core. Palantir — which has obvious similarities to PROMIS — is already known to use its software to track potential terror threats, including domestic terror threats, and a category of people it refers to as “subversives.” Palantir’s tracking of these individuals “is all done using prediction.” Palantir’s close ties to the U.S. intelligence community suggest that Palantir may already have access to the Main Core database. Tim Shorrock told MintPress that Palantir’s use of Main Core is “certainly possible,” particularly in light of the company’s use of the term “subversive” to describe a category of people that its software tracks.

Palantir also has alleged ties to Israeli intelligence, as there have long been suspicions that Israeli intelligence has used Palantir as part of its AI “pre-crime” algorithms targeting Palestinians after Palantir opened a research and development (R&D) center in Israel in 2013. The current head of Palantir Israel, Hamultal Meridor, previously founded a brain-machine interface organization and was senior director of web intelligence at Verint (formerly Comverse Infosys), which has deep connections to Unit 8200, a history of espionage in the United States and was one of the two companies contracted by the NSA to insert a “backdoor” into the U.S. telecommunications system and popular products of major American tech companies.

Given the above, Peter Thiel’s 2018 decision to fund Carbyne, the Unit 8200-linked start-up that markets itself as a technological solution to mass shootings in the U.S., strongly suggests that Thiel has been anticipating for some time the now-public efforts of the Trump administration to employ “pre-crime” technology to track and target Americans who show signs of “mental illness” and “violent tendencies.”


A nightmare even Orwell could not have predicted

In early August, in the wake of the shooting at an El Paso Walmart, President Trump called on big tech companies to collaborate with the Justice Department in the creation of software that “stops mass murders before they start” by detecting potential mass shooters before they cnm act. Though Trump’s ideas were short on specifics, there is now a new proposal that would create a new government agency that will use data gathered from civilian electronic devices to identify “neurobehavioral” warning signs, thereby flagging “potential shooters” for increased surveillance and potentially detention.

This new agency, as proposed by the foundation led by former NBC Universal president and vice chairman of General Electric Robert Wright, would be known as the Health Advanced Research Projects Agency (HARPA) and would be modeled after the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Per the proposal, recently detailed by the Washington Post, the flagship program of HARPA would be “Safe Home” (Stopping Aberrant Fatal Events by Helping Overcome Mental Extremes), which would use “breakthrough technologies with high specificity and sensitivity for early diagnosis of neuropsychiatric violence,” specifically “advanced analytical tools based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.”

The program would cost an estimated $60 million over four years and would use data from “Apple Watches, Fitbits, Amazon Echo and Google Home” and other consumer electronic devices, as well as information provided by health-care providers to identify who may be a threat.

The Washington Post reported that President Trump has reacted “very positively” to the proposal and that he was “sold on the concept.” The Post also noted that Wright sees the president’s daughter, Ivanka, as “the most effective champion of the proposal and has previously briefed her on HARPA himself.” Ivanka has previously been cited as a driving force behind some of her father’s policy decisions, including his decision to bomb Syria after an alleged chemical weapons attack in 2017.

Liz Fed — president of the Susan Wright Foundation, which is led by Robert Wright and created the proposal for HARPA and “Safe Home” — told The Post that the proposal emulated DARPA because “DARPA is a brilliant model that works. They have developed the most transformational capabilities in the world for national security…We’re not leveraging the tools and technologies available to us to improve and save lives.” Fed further asserted that DARPA’s technological approach had yet to be applied to the field of healthcare.

For anyone familiar with DARPA, such claims should immediately sound loud alarm bells, especially since DARPA is already developing its own solution to “mental health” issues in the form of a “brain-machine interface” as part of its N3 program. That program, according to reports, involves “noninvasive and ‘minutely’ invasive neural interfaces to both read and write into the brain,” help distance soldiers “from the emotional guilt of warfare” by “clouding their perception” and “to program artificial memories of fear, desire, and experiences directly into the brain.” Though N3 is intended to improve the prowess of American soldiers, it is also set to be used as a means of pursuing DARPA’s Systems-Based Neurotechnology for Emerging Therapies (SUBNETS) project, which aims to “to develop a tiny, implanted chip in the skull to treat psychiatric disorders such as anxiety, PTSD and major depression.”

Given that HARPA’s lead scientific adviser is Dr. Geoffrey Ling, former director and founder of DARPA’s Biological Technologies Office (BTO), which “merges biology, engineering, and computer science to harness the power of natural systems for national security,” it seems likely that DARPA’s neurological-focused research programs, like SUBNETS and N3, would be folded into HARPA’s portfolio, making the proposed agency’s approach to mental health very questionable indeed.

Aside from the dystopian nature of both DARPA and potentially HARPA’s approach to mental health, there is grave cause for concern regarding the Trump administration’s moves to address U.S. mass shooting events by implementing pre-crime technology based on artificial intelligence, data-mining and mass surveillance, technologies already laying in wait thanks to companies like Palantir and numerous Israeli tech start-ups led by former Unit 8200 officers.

With companies like Carbyne — with its ties to both the Trump administration and to Israeli intelligence — and the Mossad-linked Gabriel also marketing themselves as “technological” solutions to mass shootings while also doubling as covert tools for mass data collection and extraction, the end result is a massive surveillance system so complete and so dystopian that even George Orwell himself could not have predicted it.

Following another catastrophic mass shooting or crisis event, aggressive efforts will likely follow to foist these “solutions” on a frightened American public by the very network connected, not only to Jeffrey Epstein, but to a litany of crimes and a frightening history of plans to crush internal dissent and would-be dissenters in the United States.


Gordon Thomas, author of ‘Gideon’s Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad’ signed this affidavit stating the US CIA itself distributed modified versions of PROMIS apart from those sold by Robert Maxwell.

Hundreds more will be implicated in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, claims Ghislaine Maxwell, as his victims ask judge to open 10,000 pages of secret files detailing the pedophile’s sex crimes

  • There are still around 10,000 pages of documents which are yet to be unsealed
  • They come from a 2015 lawsuit by Virginia Giuffre Roberts, Epstein’s ‘sex slave’ 
  • She sued him and Ghislaine Maxwell, his British socialite friend and ex-girlfriend
  • Maxwell’s attorney told a court on Wednesday that the remaining files implicate ‘literally hundreds of people’ 
  • They are arguing in court over how to rele
  • ase the dump of files 
  • On Tuesday, one of the people named submitted a letter to the court asking for his name to be protected  

4 Sept 2019

As many as 1,000 people including celebrities are implicated in thousands of pages of court documents from a Jeffrey Epstein lawsuit which remain under seal.

The documents, some 10,000 of them, were part of a 2015 lawsuit by Virginia Giuffre Roberts, Epstein’s ‘sex slave’, who sued him and Ghislaine Maxwell, a British socialite who many of Epstein’s victims say was his madam.

They settled their lawsuit in 2017 and the case docket was made private, keeping all the allegations secret.

In August, in light of the pedophile’s arrest on human trafficking charges, an appeals court ordered that any pages of the case files which represented public interest should no longer be kept secret.

Around 2,000 have been released but thousands more are still under lock and key.

On Wednesday, Judge Loretta Preska listened to lawyers for Maxwell and Roberts at a hearing in New York court to determine if and how she should release any more of them.

Preska did not decide on whether or not to release the remaining pages on Wednesday, but has instructed the attorneys on both sides to file written briefings about them.

They have to categorize the documents into three types and then decide which will be released

Roberts’ attorneys had argued that all but the social security numbers and names of underage victims should be released but the judge rejected her argument.

Maxwell, who has been named as Epstein’s madam by several of his accusers, was not in court.

Her attorneys are arguing against releasing the remaining pages, claiming that the names of the 1,000 ‘non parties’ should not become public.

‘There are literally hundreds of pages of investigative reports that mention hundreds of people,’ Jeffrey Pagliuca, Maxwell’s attorney, told the court on Wednesday.

The lawyers must now submit written briefings on how they think the remaining files should be split up and released.

The hearing follows a letter to the court from a John Doe – one of the many people named – who said it would be unfair for him and others to be dragged into the public scandal engulfing Epstein’s world.

‘As a non-party to these proceedings, Doe lacks specific knowledge about the contents of the Sealed Materials,’ his lawyers wrote.

‘But it is clear that these materials implicate the privacy and reputational interests of many persons other than the two primary parties to this action, Giuffre and Maxwell,’ they added.

The documents contain ‘a range of allegations of sexual acts involving Plaintiff and non-parties to this litigation, some famous, some not; the identities of non-parties who either allegedly engaged in sexual acts with Plaintiff or who allegedly facilitated such acts.’

The files that have already been released include Roberts’ unpublished memoirs about her years with Epstein and Maxwell.

She describes in the memoir how she was forced to have threesomes with the pair when she was a teenager and claims she spent her youth in sexual servitude to them before escaping in 2002.

She also describes nights on Epstein’s Caribbean island during which Al Gore and Bill Clinton were present as dinner guests.

There are mentions of the Simpsons creator Matt Groening, whose feet she says she massaged on a private jet, and of Prince Andrew who she claims she had sex with multiple times – a claim he vehemently denies.

Roberts lawsuit also includes the names of other women who say they are victims of Epstein and women who Roberts says worked for the disgraced pedophile as ‘recruiters’.

Epstein died in his cell in Manhattan at the beginning of August.

His attorneys say his death is suspicious and that the injuries on his neck indicate he was murdered.

Some of his victims, namely Chauntae Davies, say they believe his death is suspicious because he was too egotistical to commit suicide and likely thought that he would beat the charges.

Since his arrest in July, questions of who he may drag down with him have been abundant.

Some critics say he was protected for years by his vast network of impressive politicians, billionaires and celebrity friends.

Millionaire model agency boss ‘who had key info on Jeffrey Epstein scandal suddenly vanishes like a ghost without a trace’

French prosecutors last month launched a probe into claims Epstein attacked underage girls in Paris, and reportedly wanted to quiz Brunel.

The Frenchman was suspected of having important knowledge of the Epstein scandal.

But the millionaire model agency boss – who is said to have been on a talent scouting trip to Brazil – has apparently vanished.

A Paris legal source told the Mirror: “He is a ghost who has disappeared without trace.”

They added: “There is no address for him, all his internet accounts, including social media, have been wiped out. He is uncontactable.”

He is being hunted in Brazil, the US and Europe, the paper reports.


Shocking court documents previously emerged suggesting Brunel offered Epstein two eight-year-old girls to sexually abuse.

Messages left for the American paedo by his alleged “fixer” describe a female “2 x 8 years old” willing to give “Russian lessons”.

Epstein victim Virginia Roberts also claimed in court documents that Brunel would “bring young girls (ranging to ages as young as 12) to the United States for sexual purposes and farm them out to his friends, especially Epstein”.

She claimed: “Brunel would offer the girls ‘modelling’ jobs.

“Many of the girls came from poor countries or impoverished backgrounds, and he lured them in with a promise of making good money.”

And Brunel, co-founder of the MC2 modelling agency, was also dogged by allegations of sexual abuse himself.

Roberts, who claims she slept with Prince Andrew – claims he strenuously denies, also alleged she had sex with Brunel “many times” between the ages of 16 and 19.

Court documents submitted by lawyer Bradley Edwards in a legal dispute with Epstein made similar claims against Brunel.

They read: “According to widely circulated press reports reviewed by Edwards, Brunel is in his sixties and has a reputation throughout the world (and especially in the modelling industry) as a cocaine addict that has for years molested children through modelling agencies while acting as their agent — conduct that has been the subject of critical reports, books, several news articles, and a 60 Minutes documentary on Brunel’s sexual exploitation of underage models.”

Jeffrey Epstein had Tory minister Nick Hurd in his little black book

Northern Ireland minister Nick Hurd, the son of Tory grandee Douglas Hurd, appears alongside the MP’s ex wife Kim in a copy of Epstein’s contacts published online

The address book ­features two previous home ­addresses, along with five telephone numbers for Mr Hurd. It also lists a personal email for the 57-year-old, who divorced Kim in 2008.

Old Etonian Mr Hurd last night ­denied ever meeting Epstein.

Kim also denied ever meeting Epstein but said: “Ghislaine Maxwell is an old friend from university days.”

It is believed Epstein acquired the contact details around the time Mr Hurd set up the Small Business Network, which he started in 2002 to advise the Conservative Party on business policy.

The revelation came as images emerged of former Labour spin doctor Lord Mandelson – another pal of Maxwell and also listed in Epstein’s contact book – holidaying with the ­disgraced financier on St Barts in the Caribbean. The shot were taken in 2005, just six months before Epstein was ­arrested for having sex with a minor.

2th June 2008

Nick Hurd, the eldest son of former Foreign Secretary Lord (Douglas) Hurd, has parted from his venture capitalist wife Kim.

A key lieutenant of Tory leader David Cameron, Old Etonian Hurd, 46, an MP since 2005, has moved out of the £5 million marital home in Notting Hill.

Kim, a high-spirited former record company executive who in her youth famously had her bottom bitten by foppish actor Hugh Grant during a parlour game

They were married at Eton Chapel in 1988 and subsequently moved to Brazil where Hurd represented a British bank.

Since arriving in Parliament as MP for Ruislip-Northwood, Hurd’s career has blossomed. He was recently appointed as a whip by Cameron and is a diligent member of the environmental audit select committee.

In 1982, Hurd’s father, now 78, divorced Nick’s mother Tatiana and in the same year made his Commons secretary Judy his second wife.

Six years ago, Kim acquired her powerboat captain’s licence during a week-long course with her friend Sally Faber, ex-wife of former Tory MP David Faber.

Kim Hurd, nee Richards – director, along with her father Ray Richards at Legacy Records

Ghislaine Maxwell facing charges as net closes in on Jeffrey Epstein’s friends

August 31 2019

Ghislaine Maxwell is facing sex trafficking and conspiracy charges as investigators close in on the women who allegedly helped the late financier Jeffrey Epstein to systematically abuse under-age girls.

The British socialite, whose father, the fraudulent newspaper proprietor Robert Maxwell, died at sea in 1991, organised the complex logistical operation that fed Epstein’s apparently insatiable appetite for erotic encounters with girls as young as 14, according to victims and witness statements from members of his household.

“They were like partners in a business,” Janusz Banasiak, Epstein’s house manager, said in a deposition. Ms Maxwell was “the boss”, Epstein’s butler, Alfredo Rodriguez, said in court papers.


Robert Maxwell was a business associate of Jeffrey Epstein

Ghislaine was 29 when Maxwell died. She fled to Manhattan to  financier Epstein, a former maths teacher at the Dalton School and business associate of her father’s.

1923: Robert Maxwell, a British media proprietor and Member of British Parliament (MP), born in what is now Zakarpattia/Transcarpathian Oblast in Ukraine. (Relevant, in part, because it’s the same region of Ukraine where Viktor Medvedchuk is from and continues to operate. More on him later.)

1985: Donald Trump purchases his Mar-a-lago club, located in Palm Beach, Florida.

1992: Semion Mogilevich sends his lieutenant, “Yaponchik” to live in Brighton Beach, New York. Later that same year, the FBI found Yaponchik living in Trump Tower.

1995: Jeffrey Epstein creates ‘Ghislaine Corp.’ in Palm Beach, Florida. Robert Maxwell’s daughter, Ghislaine Maxwell, is Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime girlfriend and alleged pimp.

1995: Semion Mogilevich attended a summit meeting of Russian OC figures in Tel Aviv, Israel, from October 10–19, 1995. Participants included Sergei Mikhailov, Viktor Averin, Boris Birshtein, Vadim Rabinovich, Leonid Bilounov,-and Arnold Tamm. The subjects met in Boris Birshtein’s office in the diamond center of Tel Aviv. The subject of the meeting was the sharing of interests in Ukraine.

1995: Ron Lauder’s bid to gain the television license in Ukraine begins. Lauder initially met with a top adviser to Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma, who suggested Lauder team up with “a new Ukrainian television broadcasting company, Studio 1 + 1, in Kiev, and he did. The principal owners were Vadim Rabinovich and Boris Fuchsmann, well known around Kiev for their influence and wealth.”

1996: According to the New York Times, A grand jury was empanelled to investigate Ron Lauder in connection with at least $1 million in bribes to Ukrainian officials for TV rights there. The payments examined took place in 1996. Vadim Rabinovitch was part of the investigation, and this was less than a year after Rabinovich attended an organized crime meeting in Tel Aviv, headed by Semion Mogilevich.

Their business was prostitution, drug running, traffic in humans. When MI5 discovered how Mogilevich earned his money, they informed the Home Office which expelled him from Britain and publicly branded him as ‘one of the most dangerous criminals in the world’. It is hard to believe that Robert Maxwell did not know that. Yet he continued to be drawn ever deeper into the dark and evil empire Mogilevich operated. A number of people who had crossed his path had been disposed of into the Moscow River or in one of the city’s back streets. He had his own team of killers never further away than a phone call.

A billionaire named Iliya Pavlov testifying at the Lukanov murder trial, was shot dead on 7 Mar 03.

Pavlov was the president of the largest Bulgarian industrial company, named MG Corporation.

It was recently renamed from Multigroup [aka Multi Group]
which was earlier linked to Robert Maxwell, Semion
Mogilevich, the KGB and the Solntsevo mafia.

The KGB-led plan for looting the USSR and Eastern
Europe has been corroborated by others beyond the
Maxwell book, such as Richard L. Palmer, President of
Cachet International, a former U.S. army intelligence
officer, a former CIA operative specializing in money
laundering, and a former CIA Station Chief in the former
Soviet Union specializing in the investigation of Russian
organized crime. Palmer described the plan in his
testimony before the U.S. Congressional Committee
on Banking and Financial Services dealing with the
infiltration of the Western financial system by the Russian
Mafia. Palmer is also recognized by the U.S. Federal
Court as an expert witness on organized crime, official
corruption and the banking system in Russia. Palmer
described the earlier looting steps by the KGB and high
Communist Party officials that were formulated and
implemented (before the breakup of the USSR in
1991) in the second half of the1980s under Mikhail
Gorbachev’s ‘perestroika’. His testimony is available
at the following URL:

[ ]

Robert Maxwell and Semion Mogilevich were but two
players in such looting schemes.

Marc Rich and Grigori Loutchansky have been linked
to the Solntsevo (aka Solntsevskaya), as has Semion
Mogilevich. Thomas and Dillon describe
Mogilevich as the head of Solntsevo.

Canadians might be interested to know that Semion
Mogilevich was one of the founders of YBM Magnex,
a huge money laundering front for the Solntsevo mafia
listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. After going
bankrupt and bilking investors of hundreds of millions
of dollars, YBM Magnex was the subject of investigative
hearings by the Ontario Securities Commission involving
such high profile YBM board directors as the former
Liberal premier of Ontario, David Peterson. Peterson
was found not guilty but YBM Magnex executives such
as Igor Fisherman were found guilty. The FBI now has
Mogilevich and Fisherman on their ‘Most Wanted’ list.

[ ]
[ ]

And Europeans might be interested in Solntsevo’s
multi-billion dollar money laundering scheme in several
European countries recently uncovered by the police
investigation code-named ‘Operation Spiderweb’ and
also linked to the BoNY scheme.

The Maxwell book may very well spur more research
about the ties between Robert Maxwell and Semion
Mogilevich and the Solntsevo. It will be interesting to
see if the Maxwell book will elicit a backlash from the
Mossad. In the past, the Mossad tried to financially
cripple Victor Ostrovsky for his Mossad expose, while
in the Ari Ben-Menashe case, the Mossad initially
claimed that he never even worked for them. Thomas
and Dillion used both as sources.

Mandelson named in spy files on oligarch

24 October 2008

Hedge fund manager Nat Rothschild, a friend of both Lord Mandelson and Mr Deripaska, wrote a letter to The Times suggesting Tory shadow chancellor George Osborne had attempted to “solicit a donation” from the oligarch during a meeting on the Russian’s yacht, moored off Corfu.

The result was to turn attention to Mr Osborne’s dealings with Mr Deripaska. Mr Rothschild, the millionaire financier and scion of the Rothschild banking dynasty, has been working strategically since 2005 to help Mr Deripaska’s aluminium company Basic Element get a listing on a major stock exchange.


But if you want to know why #RussiaReport was suppressed, see this as just one eg. Deripaska asked Nat Rothschild to create a phony job for Chernukin – yes that Chernukin, the one who gave £££ to Boris Johnson – to get a visa


Peter Mandelson – Did you Know? Mandelson is friends with Jacob & Nat Rothschild

Jacob is honorary president of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research

Paul Boateng with Michael Jackson (in Epstein’s black book), Mossad’s Uri Geller, Greville Janner and David Blaine (in Epstein’s black book)

Peter Mandelson – Did you Know? Mandelson was the subject of a “top-level secret police inquiry” by detectives on Operation Ore, to determine if he had accessed a child abuse website using a credit card. Police told journalists they had the wrong man

Peter Mandelson – Did you Know? In another link to the Bottomleys, the ancient post of High Steward was resurrected especially for Mandelson to fill, at the same time that Peter Bottomley’s wife, Virginia Bottomley, took office as the Sheriff of Hull.

Peter Mandelson – Did you Know? He supports the Sir Edward Heath Foundation with: Peter Bottomley. PB is on the Elm Guest House list 

Peter Mandelson – Did you Know? Mandelson was a Vice-Chair of the NSPCCs Full Stop campaign. On the 2007 report his name is under Matthew Freud’s Freud, the chair of Freud Communications linked to Ghislaine Maxwell, is also linked to Madeleine McCann

He knows Jeffrey Epstein well, having been to Epstein’s home to discuss “business” Epstein’s black book had 10 phone numbers for Mandelson: including one marked Direct Line, one marked Home, and one marked Country Home

Mandelson’s involvement with TerraMar could be investigated by the FBI It was a “fake charity slush fund for child victims of Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking operation with Jeffrey Epstein”



The companies that were listed as “Sponsors” of Ghislaine Maxwell’s TERRAMAR were:

Al Jazeera
The Huffington Post
Fox News

》Priory Bay, Heath, the Bottomleys;

》Terramar, Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein;

》The NSPCC, Rantzen, the Freuds, Maddie McCann;

》Operation Ore;

》The Rothschilds, IJPR, Janner & the Bronfmans



Peter Mandelson pictured with Jeffrey Epstein: Labour ex-minister who’s friends with Prince Andrew shops with paedophile financier in 2005 after being introduced by Ghislane Maxwell

  • EXCLUSIVE: Pictured Peter Mandelson, former British Cabinet minister holidays with paedophile Jeffrey Epstein on the luxury resort island of St Barts
  • Photo was taken in 2005 as Mandelson took time off from his work as the European Union’s Trade Commissioner
  • The shopping trip took place six months before Epstein was arrested in Florida and charged with a string of child sex offences

Two middle-aged holidaymakers walk into a fashion boutique in one of those exotic millionaire’s playgrounds where the sun always shines and endless palm trees sway in the afternoon breeze.

One is Jeffrey Epstein, a mysterious financier fond of very young girls, many of whom have for years been systematically exploited and sexually abused in his various luxury homes.

The other is Peter Mandelson, the former British Cabinet minister and long-term friend of Epstein’s closest chum Ghislaine Maxwell, who was staying on the luxury resort island of St Barts.

Peter Mandelson shopping with Jeffrey Epstein on December 27, 2005, in St. Barts

His journey through public life has already twice been interrupted by scandals involving stupendously wealthy men.

The year is 2005 and Mandelson is taking time off from his work as the European Union’s Trade Commissioner, for which taxpayers are paying him a salary in excess of £200,000 a year.

Epstein (unbeknownst to the world at this point) is under police investigation for numerous ghastly sex offences. Meanwhile, he is doing what he does best: pursuing a Gatsby-esque friendship with a famous and powerful man.

Guests who have spent time on his nearby private island Little St James, a stunning, 72-acre patch of the U.S. Virgin Islands, have included a virtual Who’s Who of celebrities — from Bill Clinton to Naomi Campbell, Stephen Hawking and, perhaps most notoriously, our very own Prince Andrew. On various trips to Chateau Epstein, they’ve spent days or even weeks sunbathing on his private beaches, swimming in his pools or playing tennis on his personal court.

When things start to feel claustrophobic, Epstein’s guests enjoy still more of the high life, taking one of his yachts or helicopters for island-hopping jaunts where they dine in upscale restaurants, or indulge in a bit of retail therapy in a Caribbean tax haven’s smart if somewhat overpriced shopping mall.

All of which brings us back to Mandelson. He’s known the generous host in these pictures for several years, having previously once visited his Caribbean island for a holiday — when neither Epstein nor any of the girls were there — and, on another occasion, dined with various celebrities at his $77 million New York townhouse, filled with erotic art and lurid photographs of young women.

Both men share a love of flashy designer clobber. To this end, Mandelson, sporting a Patek Philippe watch worth £21,000 (almost two months of his post-tax income) can be seen in a Caribbean boutique trying on a swanky white leather belt.

It’s the perfect accessory to complete his nautical Man From Del Monte-style holiday ensemble, which includes a natty white bracelet, white linen shorts, and blue short-sleeved shirt. Epstein looks on with a sort of proprietorial glee. As well he might. For this man has devoted years to building cosy (and, as a financier, potentially very profitable) relationships with the world’s most powerful men.

..and on ‘paedo is land, Mandelson’s friend Ghislaine Maxwell (right) cuddles Epstein’s notorious fixer, Jean-Luc Brunel (left)

Mandelson and Epstein’s hitherto unknown shopping trip took place on December 27, 2005, six months before the now-notorious Epstein was arrested in Florida and charged with a string of child sex offences.

Details have emerged, and can now be reported, thanks to two of the extraordinary photographs that are featured on these pages.

They form part of a remarkable and never-before-seen cache that provide a visual record of daily life in the high-octane (and somewhat seedy) orbit of the morally-bankrupt billionaire, who killed himself in prison this month while facing prosecution on multiple counts of paedophilia and child sex trafficking.

Obtained by the Mail via a source with detailed knowledge of events on Little St James — now nicknamed ‘paedophile island’ and ‘orgy island’ — the photographs raise tricky questions for Mandelson as well as a number of Epstein’s closest associates.

There are multiple images of Ghislaine Maxwell, the British socialite who orchestrated the billionaire’s social life, introduced him to Prince Andrew and has been widely accused (in multiple lawsuits, and in court in New York this week) of recruiting teenage girls to Epstein’s child prostitution ring.

Maxwell, the daughter of crooked newspaper tycoon Robert, who has previously denied any wrongdoing, features in several striking images, including one on these pages which shows her inside Epstein’s main residence on Little St James. It was taken shortly after Christmas 2006.

That date is significant. It was just six months after Epstein had been charged with abusing a large number of teenage girls. He was in the process of assembling a superstar legal team which pulled strings to prevent him serving a substantial prison sentence.

Yet he seems to have barely a care in the world. Indeed, with extraordinary chutzpah, he and Maxwell can be seen larking around with several alleged ‘sex slaves’ who had been flown to the island for the New Year holidays.

Most of the girls, whose pictures cannot be printed (as victims, they must not be identified), appear to be in their late teens. Equally damning for Maxwell is the fact that she can be seen embracing Jean-Luc Brunel, a French model agency boss accused (again in multiple lawsuits, and in a New York court this week) of helping traffic teenage girls.

Brunel, now 72, was alleged in recently unsealed court documents to have used his fashion business to provide the billionaire with a steady supply of impressionable young women who were then sexually assaulted. In return, Epstein is said to have invested in his businesses. Now under investigation, he has also denied wrongdoing.

Then European External Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson and Prince Andrew, Duke of York

As you can see from the photos, Jean-Luc and Ghislaine were best of friends and worked very closely together with the girls they brought to Jeffrey,’ says the aforementioned source. Any time they were on the island, they managed groups of girls, told them what to do, how to do it, how to please Jeffrey, and instructed them how to behave in front of his guests.’

To this end — while it must again be stressed that Maxwell and Brunel have always denied criminality — they have been accused of committing hair-raising misdemeanours in a series of lawsuits and witness statements filed in the U.S. in recent months.

Most notably, Brunel (who was further accused of sexual assault by three women interviewed by The Guardian last month) appears in recently unsealed court documents, which claim he once flew three 12-year-old girls from France to the U.S. to provide erotic massages for Epstein, by way of a sordid birthday present.

A fourth photo from the cache obtained by the Mail shows Epstein, then in his 50s, touring his island on a quad bike. He regularly used the machine to transport topless teenagers to and from the beach, and to visit an outdoor temple he built near a corner of the island where he’s believed to have committed several sex crimes.

Other images provide further insights into life on Little St James, revealing, for example, that Perspex boxes filled with condoms were kept in guest bedrooms.

‘You hear so many people who were there, or who knew and spent time with Epstein, now saying, “Oh, we never suspected anything bad was happening,” or “We never thought the girls were being exploited,”’ adds the source.

‘The pictures show just how absurd those claims are. Epstein, a man in his 50s, was surrounding himself with teenagers.


The European External Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson (back) welcomes Prince Andrew, Duke of York prior to their bilateral meeting 07 June 2007 at the EU Commission’s Headquarters in Brussels


‘If you were sitting there, having a glass of champagne at sundown, or eating crab cakes at lunch, and you saw the young girls being made to parade around and asked to give people massages, you’d have to have been blind to think something wasn’t wrong.

‘There’s no way a right-thinking person could have spent time with Epstein on Little St James and thought some of the things going on were remotely OK.’

This island was a place where some of the world’s most famous and powerful men and women have seen fit to accept freebie holidays.

Cathy Alexander, who worked as a housekeeper there, told the Mail On Sunday in a 2011 interview that Andrew turned up on one visit in the early 2000s with a tall, busty, blonde woman who shared his room. Alexander recalled that the prince’s consort ‘was a brain surgeon’.

She further told reporters that Mandelson’s visit saw his partner, Reinaldo, suffer serious sunburn. All of which begs a few questions about character. Among them: what on Earth possessed Mandelson and the duke (high-profile public figures on the payroll of the taxpayer,) to accept hospitality from a mysterious foreign billionaire whose wealth was of unknown provenance? What did they think Epstein was gaining from the transaction?

The duke has never properly explained, choosing instead to issue a series of self-serving PR statements about his friendship with the convicted paedophile, which continued even after Epstein had emerged from prison.

Mandelson, who these days earns a crust in the well-renumerated world of lobbying, is similarly quiet: he declined to answer questions the Mail submitted regarding his dealings with the convicted paedophile.

Andrew and Mandelson happen to be long-standing friends, having become acquainted soon after New Labour took office in the late 1990s. Interestingly, it seems that in the years that followed, the duo often socialised with each other. They also have in common friendships with a number of foreign billionaires.

Mandelson and the prince’s chumminess first made headlines in 1999, when Mandelson was reported to be dining regularly at Sunninghill, the prince’s home. He then agreed to join Andrew’s ‘full stop’ NSPCC campaign against child abuse, showing up to a series of fundraisers which the duke attended.

In 2000, both Mandelson and Andrew were, in another overlapping social connection, said to be not just guests but also two of the witnesses at the wedding of merchant banker Sir Evelyn de Rothschild to Lynn Forester. She is an American entrepreneur who was a long-standing friend of Epstein.

Importantly, the next year the prince was appointed British trade ambassador.

At the time, Mandelson was reported by The Guardian, the Mail and the French news agency AFP to have been a key figure in lobbying for the duke, who had recently left the Royal Navy, to get the job. (Friends of Mandelson now deny this was the case.)

By this stage, both were on Epstein’s radar, having seemingly been introduced to his decadent world via Maxwell. Andrew was busy inviting the dubious financier (and his female companions) to Windsor Castle, Sandringham and Balmoral.

Mandelson was meanwhile accepting Epstein’s hospitality at glamorous dinners in Manhattan.

A 2002 report in New York magazine stated that the ‘British Cabinet minister’ had attended an intimate dinner party at Epstein’s New York home alongside a motley collection of guests including Donald Trump, magician David Blaine and Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google. It added that food had been cooked by celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito, at a cost to Epstein of $50,000.

Strangely, Mandelson — then a serving MP — did not see fit to declare the expensive hospitality he received in the Commons register of interests — though he did register other events he attended during a 2002 visit to New York.

Mandelson did not comment when asked for an explanation about the matter this week. However, speaking more broadly, an acquaintance said that the Labour politician met Epstein on a total of ‘no more than five or six occasions’ in the years they were acquainted, adding that, ‘Peter only knows him because of a friendship with Ghislaine, who he met in the 1980s and has known ever since.

‘It was Ghislaine, not Epstein, who invited him to Little St James, when he stayed on the island with Reinaldo. Epstein wasn’t there during that stay, and neither were any girls or what have you.

‘So however bad it might now look, there was nothing about the visit that could have led him to believe anything untoward went on there.’

The photograph of the shopping trip also came about because of Ghislaine, the acquaintance added. ‘Peter was staying on St Barts that Christmas, and it’s pretty close to the U.S. Virgin Islands, so she thought it would be fun to fly Jeffrey out to see him in a helicopter for the day. Obviously the picture was taken, and in the current climate it looks bad, but it’s more poor choreography than anything sinister.’

Be that as it may, both Mandelson and Andrew feature heavily in the now-notorious ‘little black book’ of contacts that Epstein kept at his home around the time they were visiting his various homes.

Currently in the possession of the FBI, it contains ten numbers for the politician, including ones marked ‘home’, ‘country’ and ‘Peter’s direct line’, and no fewer than 16 for the Duke of York, including personal contact details at Sandringham and other royal residences.

Only a small portion of the individuals in that book are listed with more than one or two contact numbers.

Like Andrew, Mandelson also met Virginia Roberts, a victim of Epstein who was photographed with the duke and claims to have been paid to have sex with him on three occasions in the early 2000s (allegations Andrew disputes). ‘I never heard of Jeffrey knowing Tony Blair, but he did know Peter Mandelson,’ Roberts told an interviewer in 2011.

‘I remember him [Mandelson] being at the house in New York and I was introduced to him at a dinner party.

‘He and Jeffrey talked business. I assumed they were in business together. I was never asked to give him [Mandelson] a massage.’

Later in the 2000s, when Mandelson was European Trade Commissioner and Andrew his British counterpart, the duo became familiar with the turbo-charged world that Epstein and other ‘masters of the universe’ inhabited.

They were regularly photographed together at Davos and events such as the Russian Economic Forum, a London conference which in 2005 boasted Andrew as guest of honour and Mandelson as keynote speaker.

They also built somewhat murkier links to other rich men of — shall we say — colourful provenance.

Take, for example, the government of Kazakhstan. Both Mandelson and Andrew for some reason agreed in 2009 to attend the 30th birthday party of Goga Ashkenazi, socialite mistress of despotic president Nursultan Nazarbayev’s son-in-law Timur Kulibayev.

Kulibayev had famously purchased the aforementioned Sunninghill from Prince Andrew in 2007, paying £3 million over the £12 million asking price in a deal which has never been properly explained. In 2010, he added Mandelson to his payroll, paying him to speak at an event organised by Samruk-Kazyna, the central Asian country’s private wealth fund.

The Duke of York with Virginia Roberts, then a 17-year-old ‘masseuse’ and inset with Saif Gaddafi

In another controversial connection with oil-rich foreigners, both Mandelson and the prince forged links with Saif Gaddafi, the hugely wealthy son of the late Libyan despot who was attempting to funnel vast amounts of cash into New Labour’s Britain.

It is, however, revelations regarding their relationships with Epstein which now have the potential to generate the ugliest headlines — not least since investigations by the Mail reveal both men encountered the disgraced financier after he served a jail sentence for child sex offences (albeit in very different circumstances.)

Andrew, famously, stayed at the convicted paedophile’s New York town house in 2010, where he hosted a dinner party and was photographed walking with Epstein in Central Park.

Mandelson ended up meeting the court-certified sex offender a year later.

‘Peter was invited to a meeting by Ghislaine in 2011,’ says a friend. ‘She is a very old friend, so he went along. But when he turned up, Epstein was there. It was a complete accident, and very unfortunate, but for obvious reasons he’s very concerned about how it might now look.’

Despite the incident, Mandelson in 2014 agreed to become one of the ‘founding citizens’ of TerraMar, a now-defunct ocean charity set up by Maxwell with Epstein’s financial support.

In an endorsement published on its website, he declared: ‘The oceans and the politics of water generally will be one of the defining issues of the 21st century…that’s why I am supporting the new TerraMar initiative.’

Sources close to the peer now say he did that ‘as a favour to Ghislaine, because they were old friends’.

They further deny that there was anything untoward in his decision to secretly accept hospitality from the financier in the years when he was on the public payroll running European trade.

‘He was trade commissioner, which is dealing with things like manufacturing, and nothing to do with the financial markets, which is where Epstein operated. There’s nothing legally wrong with what he did, and it’s a result of bad luck, rather than bad character.

‘And obviously he’s a gay man, so one saving grace is that no one can suspect him of having slept with any of Epstein’s girls.

‘The problem for Peter is that Epstein is so utterly toxic that everyone who had anything to do with him is being caught in the fall-out. This is now becoming a witch hunt.’

Similar claims have, in recent days, been made (with less justification) by supporters of Prince Andrew. So it’s interesting to note that, in 2015, Mandelson was present at a reception during the World Economic Forum in Davos when the duke used a speech to deny allegations that he’d slept with the aforementioned Roberts.

As the world’s media looked on, Andrew’s comments seeking to deny wrongdoing consisted of 46 words and lasted only 37 seconds.

Doubtless he hoped that the uncomfortable occasion would bring an end to undignified reporting of his involvement in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. But that isn’t how it played out.

As the ensuing four years have shown, this is an affair that gets more damaging with every new revelation about the life, times, and bizarre connections of the billionaire paedophile with friends in high places.

This prince and the pervert fairytale keeps getting worse

Now it’s a prince and TWO perverts

30 Aug 2019

Let us be fair to Prince Andrew.

In 2000 when he was photographed partying with Donald Trump, Melania Knauss, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell they had yet to be proven to be some of the world’s worst people. How could he possibly have thought anything was amiss?

Prince Andrew parties with sex beast Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump at luxury resort

Trump was merely the draft-dodging property magnate son of a KKK-sympathiser, whose family fortunes had been built on brothel-keeping, and whose company had been accused of discriminating against black tenants and using mob fronts. He was known to have used junk bonds, strategic bankruptcy and $4bn in unwise bank loans to build a laughable reputation for business acumen.

Knauss was the daughter of a Slovenian Communist and had taken part in soft-porn lads’ mag photoshoots. According to the editor of GQ he had been “bombarded” with so many requests to take her photograph that he relented and featured her on the cover, naked on a fur rug in boyfriend Donald’s 747. Other pictures featured her digging through a briefcase of jewels, waving a golden gun while stood on the wing, and perching in the cockpit in an outfit made of what look like taped-together razor blades.

Prince Andrew accuser urges him to ‘come clean’ as he ‘knows what he’s done’

Epstein, meanwhile, a tax exile based in the US Virgin Islands. As a financial consultant, his clients included arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, and he was suspected of involvement in a collapsed $450m Ponzi scheme.

And Ghislaine Maxwell was merely the youngest daughter of a man who fell off his yacht having stolen almost half a billion pounds worth of pension funds to prop up his share price, to the detriment of 32,000 of the Queen’s subjects.

These four were yet to have established themselves in the public psyche as being any worse than that. But for most self-aware humans capable of smelling a wrong’un, ‘that’ would all have been enough reason to smile politely and move swiftly along.

For a 40-year-old prince whose life had been one long stream of people with a fancy for getting something by hanging off the Royal coat-tails, though, it appears to have raised not one qualm.

Prince Andrew ‘ready to talk to police’ about alleged sex crimes of pal Jeffrey Epstein

The pictures were taken when the duke was guest of honour at a glitzy bash in Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s private Florida resort. The reason for his attendance is unclear, as there can have been few if any benefits to the Royal Family, the United Kingdom or the schools expedition charity Outward Bound, of which the prince was chairman at the time.

But Trump owned golf courses. Epstein had a private jet, and they both partied with Victoria’s Secret models. Those three things are perhaps what may have dominated the Duke of York’s tiny mind, if it ever devoted a nanosecond to wondering if he should continue his “association” with them.

A few months after the party, a teenager called Virginia Roberts started work at Mar-a-Lago in the changing rooms, from which position she claims to have been “recruited” by Maxwell to have sex with Epstein and his friends.

A year later in March 2001, Epstein photographed the 17-year-old with Andrew in Maxwell’s London townhouse. Roberts claimed later the prince licked her feet and had sex with her in a bath, which he has denied.

Unnamed “friends” of his question whether those are really his fingers in the photo, but not whether that is really his face, in that house, with those people, at that time.

It was only 4 years AFTER that party that a woman told police her 14-year-old daughter had been given $300 to strip and massage Epstein.

It was 5 years later that an undercover police investigation found hidden cameras, a cache of photographs, 5 victims and 17 witnesses who gave sworn testimony as to his actions.

It was 6 years on that Epstein was charged with prostituting a minor, 7 years until the FBI launched its own investigation, and 8 years later that the probe was shut down with a plea deal, Epstein admitted the charge, and began a 13-month prison term.

Trouble is, it was 11 years before Andrew “cut all ties” with the paedophile, following a huge scandal about being seen with him again.

Prince Andrew ‘flew from Jeffrey Epstein’s Paedophile Island with Miss Russia’

Now, 19 years since those pictures were taken, we know more about all the people concerned.

We know that Trump says he has a right to grab pussies, that he thinks Nazis are “good people”, that his critics should “go home” to countries they weren’t born in, that he paid porn stars to go away, that he has tried to obstruct justice, that he lies about EVERYTHING, that he has made nuclear war in the Middle East more likely, that his administration has a policy of hurting children.

We know, too, that Melania wears coats saying she doesn’t care. That she claims to be the most bullied person in the world while her husband bullies everyone else. That an event-planning firm owned by her friend was given $26m of US taxpayer money and is now under investigation.

We know Roberts won a defamation case against Maxwell over being called a liar. We know Maxwell was named by many of Epstein’s alleged victims as his “recruiter” (which she denies), and that she was by his side during the period he is believed to have committed most of his crimes.

And we know Epstein committed suicide rather than face sex trafficking charges. That the FBI found child abuse images, tapes, and hidden cameras at his homes. That Trump knew he liked under-age girls, and later fell out with him. That Epstein wanted to seed the human race with his DNA, and that Andrew flew on his private jet all over the world.

Jeffrey Epstein sex slave says she was ordered to massage Simpson’s creator’s feet

And we know that even today the Duke of York thinks it’s still “media speculation”.

That he holidayed with Epstein twice a year for 12 years, but barely knew him at all.

That, according to the prince, “what we now know” is worse than what we knew in 2011, or 2005, or even 2000 when the prince was pictured with four people anyone else would run away from, at a party he had no earthly reason to be at.

It is worth noting, perhaps, that while photographed at Mar-a-Lago and when pictured with the young Virginia, Andrew was a serving commander in the Royal Navy. According to his website, his role was “naval diplomacy with the rest of the world”. We can only hope he didn’t confuse seafaring with navels.

Fairytales are morality lessons, in which children learn how not to behave. Even a toddler could work out these people stink, and that the Royal denials stink even more.

But for once, it’s the prince who needs rescuing. And it doesn’t look like anyone wants to.

Epstein’s army: Four women that millionaire pedophile ‘relied on to recruit and train his victims’ – who were given immunity under his Florida sweetheart plea deal – could now be investigated in New York

  • Sarah Kellen, Nadia Marcinkova, Lesley Groff, and Adriana Ross were named as potential co-conspirators in Jeffrey Epstein’s 2008 ‘sweetheart’ deal 
  • They received immunity from Florida prosecutors but the deal does not protect them in New York, where authorities continue to investigate the late pedophile
  • Though he is dead, many of his victims are calling for charges to be brought against his network 
  • The women allegedly helped him recruit and abuse young girls
  • Multiple victims in lawsuits and interviews say the women facilitated it by booking their ‘massage appointments’ with Epstein and paying them
  • Nadia was a victim herself, having been brought to the US from Yugoslavia by Epstein as a teenager 
  • She says she is too traumatized now to speak about her experiences 
  • A fifth woman Haley Robson – who worked as a recruiter – wasn’t covered by the Florida deal but was not indicted by a grand jury when police tried to charge her

Prince Andrew parties with sex beast Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump at luxury resort

EXCLUSIVE: The never-before seen photo sheds further light on the Duke of York’s then friendship with disgraced financier

29 Aug 2019

At first glance it looks like any other high-society photo – the future President and First Lady of America alongside the Queen’s second son.

But lurking in the background, looking directly at the camera, is now-notorious paedophile and pal of Prince Andrew, Jeffrey Epstein.

British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, alleged by the billionaire’s young victims to have been complicit in their abuse, is also pictured.

The never-before seen photo sheds further light on the Duke of York’s then friendship with disgraced financier.

It is the first time the Duke, Epstein and Maxwell have been captured in the same frame.

The image, printed by the Daily Mirror for the first time, was taken at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida in 2000.

Andrew was guest of honour at the star-studded gala, hosted by Trump eight years before Epstein’s conviction for child sex offences.

It took place just months before Andrew’s accuser, Virginia Roberts, began working at the club as a changing room assistant.

Within a year of the snap being taken she alleges disgraced Epstein had lent her out to sleep with the prince.

In the photo, Trump and his then-girlfriend, Melania Knauss, are looking directly into the in-house snapper’s lens.

Melania Trump and Prince Andrew with Gwendolyn Beck and Jeffrey Epstein

In another snap Andrew and Epstein are seen laughing with Melania and politician Gwendolyn Beck.

Beck, who once ran unsuccessfully for congress, was in Epstein’s “little black book”.

Prince Andrew with Melania Knauss, now married to Donald Trump


Gwendolyn Beck

Menendez also used doctor’s private jet for his gal pal: feds

Ghislaine Maxwell’s botfriend Scott Borgerson


So her ‘boyfriend’ (Scott) is a LIFE MEMBER/FELLOW/COUNCIL on FOREIGN RELATIONS (Like Jeffrey Epstein)

Advised the White House




Hedge fund firm CargoMetrics

WHO besides ? Google backed him What an interesting start-up investment firm.


He courted And gained the best. Former DeutscheBank , Blackstone, Spire Global, Senators, Rohatyn Group… Eric Schmidt ( Google )

BLACKSTONE Alternative Asset

-LOTUS Development Corp…


Interesting that his ‘girlfriend’ Ghislaine is the daughter of the man ( Robert Maxwell ), & girlfriend of ( Epstein) , who WORKED with MARC RICH ( Iran Contra Scandal ) And would KNOW his methods.

Bill Clinton pardoned Marc Rich on his last day in office after a call from Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak (who can be seen in pics visiting Epstein in NYC). Rich, Edmond Safra, Adnan Khashoggi, Bill Browder, Robert Maxwell, NXIVM Bronfman’s all run in the same circles. JFK to 9/11.

Robert Maxwell and the Bronfman family were business partners trying to buy up the media

The Fixer, Howard Rubenstein, has represented numerous people listed in Jeffrey Epstein’s black book.

Publicist Howard Rubenstein

Howard J. Rubenstein  is an American lawyer and public relations expert. He has been called “the dean of damage control” by Rudolph Giuliani.[1]

He is the president and founder of Rubenstein Associates, which has been described as the most influential public relations organization in New York City.[5] Rubenstein Associates has two affiliates: Rubenstein Public Relations and Rubenstein Communications, Inc.[2] The firm was founded in 1954. Rubenstein’s more notable clients include many of New York’s iconic organizations including: The New York Yankees,[6] News Corporation,[2] Columbia University,[5] New York Philharmonic,[2] Sarah – Duchess of York, Rupert Murdoch since 1976,[2][7] both Fred Trump and Donald Trump since 1973,[2] and The Metropolitan Opera.[2]

The Fixer

Rubenstein with Leona Helmsley, Donald Trump, Rudolph Giuliani, Eliot Spitzer, Al Sharpton, George Steinbrenner, Rupert Murdoch, and Michael Bloomberg.

Rubenstein’s clients have included George Steinbrenner, Rupert Murdoch, Donald Trump, and Leona Helmsley; the Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim, the Metropolitan Opera, the New York Philharmonic, and the Whitney Museum; BMW North America, Mount Sinai Hospital, Time Inc., Bloomberg L.P., and the notorious Lizzie Grubman. He has advised the last six mayors and the last four governors. At Rubenstein Associates, the corridors are lined with photographs of Howard’s “friends” and those of Presidents stretching back to Harry Truman. In one way or another, they have all looked to Rubenstein in an hour of need. The former governor George Pataki once said that had Howard Rubenstein been around to represent rats during the bubonic plague the headlines would have read “Rodents Unfairly Accused of Mild Rash.”

New York’s senior senator (and accomplished self-publicist), Charles E. Schumer, thanked “Howard for being a great friend to me for thirty years.” Rubenstein, in turn, took the opportunity to praise other notables, before ceding the podium to the Whitney’s chairman, Leonard Lauder, who is also the chairman of Estée Lauder (a Rubenstein client).

Rubenstein has a special talent for bringing his clients together for their mutual benefit. The real-estate developer Donald Trump got a call from Rubenstein after Rupert Murdoch and his wife, Wendy, bought a Fifth Avenue apartment, in late 2004—Laurance Rockefeller’s former triplex––for a reported forty-four million dollars.



Rubenstein asked if Trump could help the Murdochs find a rental while they were waiting for their new place to be renovated. “Howard really wanted something special for Rupert,” Trump says, and he found something suitable for the Murdochs. Everyone was happy: the Murdochs had shelter from the rain and wind, Trump had done something for the owner of a paper whose attentions he enjoys, and Rubenstein had performed another service.

Then, there are instances when two parties don’t even want to talk, except through the discreet offices of Rubenstein Associates. When Murdoch, who owns the Post, and Mortimer B. Zuckerman, the owner of the rival News, wanted to arrange a ceasefire—a way to keep their private lives out of the pages of each other’s tabloids—Rubenstein, according to a party to the discussions, was the natural broker. (Zuckerman, despite the Murdoch connection, had once hired Rubenstein to represent the real-estate company he co-founded in 1970, Boston Properties.) Lloyd Grove, who until late in 2006 wrote a gossip column in the News, confirms the print truce, saying, “It was communicated to me that there was a gentleman’s agreement that nothing personally critical could be written about Rupert or his family, and the understanding was that it was reciprocal.”

In recent years, Rubenstein has become a substantial political fund-raiser, though he is careful to hedge his bets in order to avoid being seen as partisan. When George Pataki asked him to meet Dennis Hastert, the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rubenstein quickly agreed. In the end, Hastert recalls, “he said he liked the way I operated, that I was fair, that I was evenhanded.” Rubenstein offered to host two fund-raisers for Hastert at his apartment, and he and his wife personally contributed eight thousand dollars to Hastert’s 2006 congressional campaign. Hastert told me that since then Rubenstein never “tapped on my shoulder and asked for anything. Matter of fact, the only time he asked me to do anything was to have this interview with you.”

When the marriages of Donald Trump, Ronald Perelman, and other New York plutocrats turned ugly, Rubenstein was summoned to minimize the damage. He was called for advice in 1996, when Kathie Lee Gifford was embarrassed by reports that child labor in Third World countries was being used to manufacture a clothing line that bore her name, and when the sportscaster Marv Albert was accused of an unusual erotic biting habit, and when Michael Jackson was engaged in one of his many litigations. When Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, lost her standing in the British Royal Family, Rubenstein took her on as a client and introduced her to another client, Weight Watchers, and she became their spokeswoman.


Epstein Flight Logs

Charles Schumer

Teterboro New Jersey airport to Palm Beach International Florida


7-Nov G-1159B N908JE TEB PBI 1177 JE CHARLES SCHUMER 2 3

10-Nov G-1159B N908JE PBI TEB 1178 JE CHARLES SCHUMER 1/ 2 5

Charles Schumer

Notable former aides to Schumer include former US congressman Anthony Weiner;
Jeff (Epstein) was also a trustee at the Wexner foundation before and during the time Barak was Prime Minister in 1999. Ehud barak was also the mentor of Anthony Weiner, Where were those emails going from the Weiner laptop? Weiner should still be in prison for crimes against children

In a November 2016 interview conducted in the weeks following Trump’s victory, Schumer said that he and the president-elect were not friends and had “civil conversations a couple of times” when Trump had contacted him. Trump had said earlier that year that he believed he would get along with Schumer and that he was “close to Schumer in many ways.[119]
Schumer was a supporter of the Iraq War Resolution, and a strident pro-Israel member of Congress
In October 2002, he voted for the war.[132
“the loquacious Schumer has been indifferent to the administration’s war on the Constitution and on our laws and treaties”, particularly on the issue of torture.[133]
Schumer supported Israel in the 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict.[149] In March 2018, Schumer told AIPAC’s delegates that Israeli settlements in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, have nothing to do with the Israeli–Palestinian conflict.[150][151]
Schumer and his wife, Iris Weinshall, were married September 21, 1980. The ceremony took place at Windows on the World at the top of the north tower of the World Trade Center.[258]

“Fergie’s New York publicist Howard Rubenstein”


Rupert Murdoch with Robert Maxwell

Howard Rubenstein, Adnan Khashoggi, Robert Maxwell, Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein


Jeffrey Epstein is under indictment for sex crimes in Palm Beach, Florida, and I’d expected that when he came into the office of PR guru Howard Rubenstein, he would be sober and reserved. Quite the opposite. He was sparkling and ingenuous, apologizing for the half-hour lateness with a charming line—“I never realized how many one-way streets and no-right-turns there are in midtown. I finally got out and walked”—and as we went down the corridor to Rubenstein’s office, he asked, “Have you managed to talk to many of my friends?” Epstein had been supplying me the phone numbers of important scientists and financiers and media figures. “Do you understand what an extraordinary group of people they are, what they have accomplished in their fields?”

One of the accusers—a girl of 14—had put his age at 45, not in his fifties, and you could see why. His walk was youthful, and his face was ruddy with health. He had none of the round-shouldered, burdened qualities of middle age. There was nothing in his hands, not a paper, a book, or a phone. Epstein had on his signature outfit: new blue jeans and a powder-blue sweater. “I’ve only ever seen him in jeans,” his friend the publicist Peggy Siegal had reported, saying there was a hint of arrogance in that, Epstein’s signal that he doesn’t have to wear a uniform like the rest of us.

I told Epstein and Rubenstein the sort of story New York wanted to do, and Epstein seemed to find ironic delight in every word. “A secretive genius,” I’d said. “Not secretive, private,” he corrected in his warm Brooklyn accent. “And if I was a genius I wouldn’t be sitting here.” “A guy with sex issues.” A smile formed on Epstein’s bow-shaped lips. “What do you mean by sex issues?” Well … He was 54, had never married—I didn’t finish. “Are you channeling my mother?”

When I said we were interested in the agony of his ordeal, Rubenstein wrote out the word agony in capital letters on his pad. But agony seemed the last thing on Epstein’s soul. “It’s the Icarus story, someone who flies too close to the sun,” I said. “Did Icarus like massages?” Epstein asked.


People attending event for Howard Rubenstein

Howard Rubenstein with Dennis Hastert, former Speaker of the House (he abused teenage boys), Cardinal Egan, Charles Schumer and Sarah Fergson

Cardinal Egan, Senator Chuck Schumer and Rubenstein

Cardinal Egan Supported Priest Accused Of Sexual Abuse

Howard Rubenstein and Hilary Clinton

Howard Rubenstein with David Blaine


Denise Rich with Howard Rubenstein

Prince Andrew hits back – but fails to quell Jeffrey Epstein storm as it emerges he spent a WEEK at Jeffrey Epstein’s New York mansion after the royal issues extraordinary statement

  • The Duke of York stayed over a period of six days in 2010, The Mail On Sunday revealed
  • This was two years after the businessman was convicted of having sex with a child
  • The Duke said he never suspected the shamed financier of criminal behaviour

24  Aug 2019

The Duke of York spent almost a week at convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous New York home, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

The revelation came as Prince Andrew yesterday issued an extraordinary statement in which he sought to downplay his ten-year friendship with Epstein.

In his statement – the second issued since last weekend when The Mail on Sunday revealed footage of the Queen’s favourite son at Epstein’s Manhattan mansion in 2010 – the Duke said he had never suspected the shamed financier of criminal behaviour.

He also insisted that he and Epstein, who committed suicide in a New York prison cell two weeks ago, only saw each other ‘infrequently and probably no more than only once or twice a year’.

However, The Mail on Sunday understands that the Duke stayed over a period of six days with Epstein in 2010, two years after the multi-millionaire businessman was convicted of having sex with a child.

Our exclusive video, which made headlines around the world after its release, showed the Prince in the mansion’s doorway on December 6, 2010, waving off a brunette.

It prompted first a statement from Buckingham Palace and yesterday another from the Duke himself in which he desperately tried to draw a line under the affair. The Duke admitted he and Epstein could have potentially met up to 20 times but that ‘at no stage during the limited time I spent with him did I see, witness or suspect any behaviour of the sort that subsequently led to his arrest and conviction’.

Epstein also threw a party at his home on December 2, 2010, for the Duke, who was last seen at the property five days later. Last night, Buckingham Palace declined to discuss details of his visit.

However, some commentators said that far from putting a lid on the scandal, the statement actually raised more questions than it answered. Others said it did not go far enough.

Peter Garsden, president of the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers, said: ‘While he deplores Epstein’s behaviour, I do not think for a minute that anybody will believe he is totally ignorant of what was going on. I can’t believe that.

‘Prince Andrew ought to offer himself for interview by the authorities in America rather than put out carefully worded statements.’

It is understood that the Queen was ‘made aware’ of her second son’s statement but her advisers were not involved in drafting it.

‘The Duke insisted on writing it himself,’ said a source.

Sarah Ferguson remains firm friends with Prince Andrew

The Prince is currently on holiday in Spain with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, who was said by a source to be wholly supportive of his decision to ‘come clean’.

Since Epstein’s arrest on sex trafficking charges last month, the Duke has been trying to distance himself from his old friend, declaring himself ‘appalled’ by his ‘alleged crimes’. In yesterday’s statement, he said he was ‘eager to clarify the facts’ around his ‘association or friendship’ with the financier.

He said it was a ‘mistake’ to meet Epstein after he left prison in 2010. ‘I can only reiterate my regret that I was mistaken to think that what I thought I knew of him was evidently not the real person, given what we now know.’

The Duke admitted staying at ‘a number of [Epstein’s] residences’ but did not specify which. Buckingham Palace also declined to elaborate. Epstein owned properties in New York, New Mexico, Paris, Florida and the Virgin Islands.

The Duke said his friend’s suicide left ‘many unanswered questions’, adding that he had ‘tremendous sympathy’ for all those affected by the paedophile’s behaviour. ‘I acknowledge and sympathise with everyone who has been affected and wants some form of closure.’

Last night, Ingrid Seward, Editor-in-Chief of Majesty Magazine, suggested that Andrew’s ex-wife had urged him to make a statement.

‘Fergie has a big influence over him and does try very hard to help him,’ she said. ‘She is very loyal and protective and would have been right there with him.

‘I assume he decided that there was so much flak coming his way that only a personal statement would suffice.

‘Of course, if it was a politician, he would have to resign immediately. But Andrew isn’t a politician – he is a member of the Royal Family and he can’t resign, so he is limited to apologising.’ Royal author Penny Junor said: ‘For him to hide away and say how appalled he was by the allegations didn’t quite cover it.

‘I find it hard to believe, however, that if he did stay in any of these residences – albeit only once and twice a year – that he had no idea about Jeffrey Epstein’s behaviour.’

The Duke and Duchess are staying in Spain where he was last week seen playing golf. It is understood they also attended the 50th birthday party of Celine Charloux, a female polo champion, at her sprawling Finca La Capilla estate

A source said: ‘Sarah was very friendly and talked to everyone, even staff. Andrew sat in the corner chatting to friends and did not go and speak to the workers like Sarah did.’ Ms Charloux said the party had been ‘amazing’, but declined to discuss her Royal guests.

After arriving at Malaga Airport by private jet earlier this month, the Yorks are understood to have stayed at a villa in an exclusive residential area of Sotogrande


Aaron Swartz downloaded a bunch of files from M.I.T Media Lab servers.

Jeffrey Epstein donated to the lab where Swartz found the files.

Is it possible Aaron Swartz was murdered because he stumbled onto evidence of a pedophile ring?

Not only was Swartz arrested by MIT police, but also a United States Secret Service agent. The charges brought against him didn’t make sense for the actual act he had committed. He was supposedly downloading files and research hidden behind a paywall.
What was weird about the whole situation is Federal prosecutors tried to throw the book at Aaron for something that was barely a crime. The question has always been why did Federal Prosecutors go after him so hard for merely downloading a bunch of files from MIT servers?
He didn’t even leak the files, or do anything with them. They merely caught him downloading them and decided to press federal charges against him for reasons that never really made sense. Similar cases often never even go to court, let alone drawing significant Federal interest.
All these years later, it seems that Jeffery Epstein was heavily invested and involved in the MIT Media Lab where Aaron was potentially downloading files from. Is it possible that Epstein’s influence is one of the reasons why Aaron Swartz was thrown to the wolves?

Aaron Hillel Swartz (November 8, 1986 – January 11, 2013) was an American computer programmer, entrepreneur, writer, political organizer, and Internet hacktivist. He was involved in the development of the web feed format RSS[3] and the Markdown publishing format,[4] the organization Creative Commons,[5] and the website framework,[6] and was a co-founder of the social news site Reddit. He was given the title of co-founder by Y Combinator owner Paul Graham after the formation of Not a Bug, Inc. (a merger of Swartz’s project Infogami and a company run by Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman).

Swartz’s work also focused on civic awareness and activism.[7][8] He helped launch the Progressive Change Campaign Committee in 2009 to learn more about effective online activism. In 2010, he became a research fellow at Harvard University‘s Safra Research Lab on Institutional Corruption, directed by Lawrence Lessig.[9][10] He founded the online group Demand Progress, known for its campaign against the Stop Online Piracy Act.

In 2011, Swartz was arrested by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) police on state breaking-and-entering charges, after connecting a computer to the MIT network in an unmarked and unlocked closet, and setting it to download academic journal articles systematically from JSTOR using a guest user account issued to him by MIT.[11][12] Federal prosecutors later charged him with two counts of wire fraud and eleven violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act,[13] carrying a cumulative maximum penalty of $1 million in fines, 35 years in prison, asset forfeiture, restitution, and supervised release.[14]

Swartz declined a plea bargain under which he would have served six months in federal prison. Two days after the prosecution rejected a counter-offer by Swartz, he was found dead in his Brooklyn apartment, where he had hanged himself.[15][16]

In 2013, Swartz was inducted posthumously into the Internet Hall of Fame.[17]


It’s a network – it just needs mapping.

Prince Andrew and Prince Charles are not “dragged into” or “associated with” paedosadists; call it what it is obstruction of justice and influence peddling in criminal networks

Prince Andrew (with Jeffery Epstein) and Prince Charles (with Peter Ball) are clearcut obstruction cases and why are they not both charged?

Prince Charles in revealed letters promised to “see off…” one of Peter Ball’s victims Neil Todd who later committed “suicide” in 2012 as a renewed investigation opened up

Prince Charles gifted Peter Ball large sums of money “I wish I could do more. I feel so desperately strongly about the monstrous wrongs that have been done to you and the way you have been treated.” and wanted him to “come over more easily”

Prince Andrew bid to strengthen ties with Saudi Arabia following Jamal Khashoggi murder by MBS.


2005, Jeffrey Epstein accused of abusing 14yr old: not appalled.

2008, admits soliciting minors: not appalled. 2019,

house found stuffed with child abuse images: still not appalled.

2019, bad headlines about prince. Prince is now appalled.





Kurt Wallersteiner

Robert Maxwell

Ghislaine Maxwell



Street Child

Children in  Crisis

Chances for Children


Jeffrey Epstein

Howard Lutnick

Lee Amaitis

Cantor Fitzgerald

World Trade Center


Prince Andrew

Sarah Ferguson with her good friend and partner in children’s ‘charity’ work, the son of Robert Maxwell’s business partner Kurt Wallersteiner — none other than Dr Anthony Wallersteiner, headmaster of Stowe School

Also at this party: Robert Maxwell’s daughter, Ghislaine Maxwell

Also at this Stowe School party: Robert ‘Mossad’ Maxwell’s daughter, Ghislaine Maxwell.

Also at this Stowe School party: Cantor Fitzgerald’s Lee Amaitis, close colleague of fellow Cantor-Fitz executive Howard Lutnick, who was Jeffrey Epstein’s next-door-neighbour in Manhattan!

It was a Wallersteiner-Maxwell reunion for the new generation!

Robert Maxwell and Kurt Wallersteiner would be proud to see how their offspring have made amends

How lovely for Stowe School to host an international child trafficker AND the son of Robert Maxwell’s business partner


STOWE SCHOOL MASONIC LODGE “Stowe Lodge was founded in 1981 by a number of senior Old Stoic Freemasons” “Every August we meet at the School and dine afterwards with the Headmaster (currently Dr Anthony Wallersteiner)”


In 2015, the Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk was repeatedly warned against criticising the (then still living) paedophile Greville Janner by Tory MP Anne Main.

Interestingly, Anne Main employed Isabella Wallersteiner, sister of Stowe headmaster Anthony Wallersteiner.



The Queen’s Deputy Lieutenants:

Dame Shirley Porter
Robert Davis
Lord David Steel
Lord Edwin Bramall
Sir Frank Kitson
Lord Richard Dannatt
Sir Richard Denby
Dr Paul Knapman
Dame Fiona Woolf
Gillian Shephard
Sir Cyril Smith
Virginia Bottomley

Researcher Reports Soviets Created Child-Trafficking Rings in the West for Blackmail

The rings are believed to be still operating
 August 20, 2018

A scholar on Soviet Russia has uncovered claims that former General Secretary Yuri Andropov wanted to subvert the West by creating child trafficking and pedophile networks to blackmail business leaders and politicians.

Details on the program were uncovered by Jeffrey Nyquist in his research on communist regimes and their influence on the West. His main source is the grandson of a former member of the Soviet Central Committee who opposed the program and was possibly killed because of his opposition. Two other sources of his were defectors from the Soviet Union who revealed information on Soviet experiments on pedophilia and sexual perversion

Robert Maxwell may have also been a Soviet spy. According to FBI files released in 2013, Maxwell, who was born in Czechoslovakia and was living in the United Kingdom, was believed to be using his Pergamon Press media empire in the 1950s to provide intelligence to the Soviet Union.

The heavily redacted reports noted that when Maxwell and his business partner Kurt Wallersteiner were running their Anglo-Continental Exchange firm in London in 1953, both had “allegedly been recruited by the Soviet intelligence service for espionage purposes.”


T-1 related that Maxwell and Wallersteiner were in contact with the Russians in East Germany, who were prepared to facilitate trading by their companies with Eastern bloc countries in return for certain intelligence information…


The heavily redacted reports noted that when Maxwell & business partner Kurt Wallersteiner were running their Anglo-Continental Exchange firm in London in 1953, both had “allegedly been recruited by the Soviet intelligence service for espionage purposes.”

CHRISTINE MALINA-MAXWELL – daughter of Soviet spy Robert Maxwell



Ghislaine’s sister:

“Her firm Chiliad helped develop the FBI’s Intel database

“The ‘Investigative Data Warehouse’ brings together Intelligence data from multiple law enforcement & public records agencies

“Chiliad has DEEP ACCESS to US Intel databases”


Ghislaine Maxwell’s, Epstein’s handler, sisters Isabel and Christine co-founded Magellan in 1993. Does this sound like the precursor to Google and Yandex (Russia)? Did the Maxwells backdoor the whole world?

Here’s one Epstein Maxwell question to ask the candidates: Does the fact that the US Government used Promis & Isabel Maxwell’s Chiliad Software have any bearing on the lack of effort in pursuing Int’l Child Sex Trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell? What are your thoughts?
And to have created the first internet search company without any software engineering background … hmm
Christine is Maxwell’s older sister and made The Sunday Times Rich List with her twin sister Isabel in 1999 after amassing a $100 million fortune in the dotcom boom.
Roger Malina and Robert Maxwell – L.S.A.S.T Board of Directors
Roger Malina

“The TV series is centered on the life of Jack Parsons who was one of my father Frank Malina’s best friends.”

Christine Maxwell and her astrophysicist husband Roger Malina have, until recently at least, divided their time between their home here in Meyreuil and Dallas, Texas. Malina teaches at the University of Texas there and Christine is a doctoral candidate in the humanities department, a UT spokeswoman told The Daily Beast. Malina was also a director at an astrophysics center in Marseille until last year.

Roger Malina is the son of Czechoslovak-born Frank Malina, an early Eton Musk type who was part of the ragtag group whose daring rocket experiments in 1930s Pasadena led to the formation of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in L.A., the precursor to NASA.

Frank Malina’s best friend, Jack Parsons, was the most charismatic of the group. He led a double life with non-scientist friends like L. Ron Hubbard and Robert Heinlein, author of Stranger in a Strange Land, Starship Troopers, and other sci-fi classics.

Parsons also joined an occult group involving the dark arts and sex fetishes founded by Aleister Crowley, an English occultist and magician. The book and CBS TV series Strange Angel are based on Parsons’ life.

In an odd echo of Jeffrey Epstein’s reported desire to seed the human race with his own DNA, Parsons and Hubbard tried for a time to impregnate women to bring forth Babalon, a goddess described as the “Scarlet Woman” in the Themelic belief system to which Crowley subscribed. 

When Parsons died in a mysterious explosion at his home at age 37, he had stopped working for JPL and was for a time a consultant to Israel’s nascent rocket system. Media accounts at the time hinted at “sexual perversion,” “black robes,” “sacred fire” and “intellectual necromancy,” according to Vice—and there were also whispers that he might have been murdered.

Frank Malina, Christine Maxwell Malina’s father-in-law, was more of a straight arrow than Parsons and fared better, at first. But some historians say he was cheated of his rightful place as a true hero of the early space race because of years of harassment by the FBI who labeled him a socialist during the McCarthy years because he had campaigned against racial segregation, and raised money for republicans in the Spanish Civil War. After World War II he fled to Paris, where he became a painter and watched the space program soar from afar.

^ Roger Malina – Ghislaine Maxwell’s brother-in-law
His father:
Frank Malina
In 1965, the flamboyant millionaire (and socialist MP) Robert Maxwell commissioned (Frank) Malina to make a statement piece for the entrance lobby of his company, Pergamon Press, a fast-growing British publisher of scientific journals based on Oxford.
The result was a massive lumino-kinetic work Malina called Cosmos. Weighing several hundred pounds, Cosmos’ sheer size –over 70 square feet – commanded the attention of Pergamon’s visitors and staff.
Founding of Journal LEONARDO • Conceived in 1965 through discussions with Robert Maxwell • Founded 1967 • Art-Science and Art-Technology • Writing by artists about their own work • Premier international peer reviewed journal • Organisation for artists, scientists, engineers • MIT Press with Leonardo Book Series
“BRAVE NEW WORLD by HUXLEY connection….? Ghislaine Maxwell > Christine Maxwell > Roger Malina > Frank Malina > Julian Huxley”
Julian Huxley/Eugenics


Frank Malina FBI Files

My father had moved to Europe in 1946/47 and joined the newly founded UNESCO under Julian Huxley ( of the famous Huxley family). A full bio of Frank Malina is at )

In 1953 he was forced to resign from UNESCO following the issuance of an arrest warrant by the FBI – and he became a full time artist and pioneer in art and technology and ran the International Academy of Astronautics ( he was a major pioneer in american rocketry)….

Other interesting reports are from a FBI agent that went to one of my fathers kinetic art exhibit vernissages in Paris in the 1950s- the poor FBI agent was convinced that my fathers kinetic art works were devices to transmit secret data !

Roger Malina speaking about his father Roger Malina and occultist Jack Parsons:


“Strange” Jack Parsons (1) was a follower of Aleister Crowley (2) and was active in the “Thelema” White Magic Cult (3).

Also, Jack did have open sexual relations and “weird” parties in his home.

My father recalled singing at one of Jack’s parties Aleister Crowley’s Hymn to Pan (4) with his friend Andrew Haley.

Haley later, together with the now former students, set up Aerojet General as a start-up company.

And for good measure or paranoia, one of the informants listed in my father’s FBI file is now known to have then been motivated to inform on the group and partygoers to the FBI because his wife had been “spending time” at Jack Parsons’ “weird” parties or whatever else they may really have been.

I dont know whether the FBI of the time was “stranger” than the students !

But my dad had no truck with mysticism or sex rituals. He was an atheist and a positivist, and sexually conservative (to my knowledge) owing to his rural Texas small town upbringing.

Here are two examples of “sparks of genius”: one lit by Jack and one lit by Frank, illustrating  that some “strange” people can have really good ideas.

Jack Parsons – close colleague and friend of Frank Malinawas related to Richard Parsons, the Earl of Rosse – founder of the Hellfire Club

The 1st Earl of Rosse was Richard Parsons: was one of the founder members of Irelands aristocratic Satanic cult, The Hellfire Club.

According to Colin Wallace – children from Kincora were brought to the Birr Castle – home of the Parson family

The fact that the Kincora children were taken to Birr Castle in County Offaly ,(in the Irish Republic, an area controlled by the IRA) was a secret our so-called betters have tried to conceal these past 20years.…orascandal.htm

In a recent conversation with Dr Coleman , she confirmed to me that Colin Wallace knew about the Birr connection and that Wallace had informed a social worker of this vital fact.

Jack Parsons popped up during the 1940s as as the head of the Californian Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.), implicating himself with along with L. Ron Hubbard (founder of Scientology) and good old Aleister Crowley.

In 1946, Parsons and Hubbard endeavoured to carry out what is known as the Babylon Working , to incarnate a physical aspect of Babylon, the Scarlet Woman of the Book of Revelations(17:3-6). They believed that Babylon was the herald of the new Age of Horus, and that Revelations was the understandably negative interpretation by those of the dying Age of Osiris:

As one story has it, Jack Parsons blew himself up in his kitchen in 1952 while playing with new explosive inventions. While I was growing up – I was born in 1950 –  there were rumors, never substantiated, that the FBI had a hand in it.

Jack Parsons and Frank Malina: Strange Angel and Sparks of Genius – Roger Malina

The marriage of Princess Margaret, (sister of Queen Elizabeth), to Lord Snowdon resulted in my picture at Shannon Airport when the newly-weds arrived to spend a second honeymoonwith Lord Snowdon’s relations in Birr Castle. This was the moment when the first member of the British Royal family set foot on Irish soil since the foundation of the Irish Free State.

Tony Snowden and Prince Charles 1969.

Princess Margaret Lord Snowdon And The Countess Of Rosse Leaving Birr Castle For A Drive In The West Of Ireland

“The Kincora Scandal; political cover-up and intrigue in Ulster”;

Chris describes the homosexual activities of McGrath, Mains and Semple but there was much more to the Kincora saga than just a group of homosexuals abusing teenage boys.

Was there a Satanic connection to the Kincora Scandal?

It should be noted , Birr Castle is the home of the 7th Earl of Rosse, who is Lord Snowden’s stepbrother.(Lord Snowden is Princess Margaret’s estranged husband) The castle was built in the 1600’s and the 1st Earl of Rosse, Richard Parsons was one of the founder members of Irelands aristocratic Satanic cult, The Hellfire Club. Many of my cult sources inform me that Devilworship is hereditary ; handed down through the generations.

Jack Parsons and the Fall Of Babalon

The names McGrath , Semple and Mains are widely known but it has become obvious that there are other names of powerful and well-known people who have connections with the Kincora saga and whose identities the so-called authorities have tried to keep secret since the scandal broke . One such person who has been reported to have visited Kincora is Ted Heath , the former Conservative MP and British PM.

Ref: IMF- Ted Heath visits Kincora

The Lord Louis Mountbatten – In the book “:War of the Windsors” by Lynn Picjnett, Clive Prince and Stephen Prior –

claims Mountbatten was involved in the Kincora child abuse scandal

Andrew Lownie’s recently published book, “The Mountbattens: Their Lives and Loves” provides details that Dickie Mountbatten had “allegedly been a serial offender when it came to child sexual abuse.”

Rocket Boys” Frank Malina (center), and Ed Forman (to Malina’s right), and Jack Parsons (far right) with two colleagues in 1936.

Jack Parsons was born in Los Angeles on Oct. 2, 1914, Parsons began his first experiments in his own backyard, where he would build gunpowder-based rockets.

Although he had only received a high-school education, Parsons and his childhood friend, Ed Forman, decided to approach Frank Malina, a graduate student at the California Institute of Technology, and form a small group devoted to the study of rockets that self-deprecatingly referred to themselves as the “Suicide Squad,” given the dangerous nature of their work.

By the dawn of the 1940s, Malina approached the National Academy of Sciences for funding to study “jet propulsion” and suddenly rocket science was not just outlandish science fiction.

In 1943, the former Suicide Squad (who were now known as the Aerojet Engineering Corporation) saw their work legitimized as they played a crucial role in the founding of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the research center that’s sent crafts to the farthest possible reaches of space.

However, although more government involvement led to greater success and opportunities for Jack Parsons, it would also mean closer observation into his personal life, which contained some shocking secrets.

Jack Parsons, Infamous Occultist

At the same time that Jack Parsons was pioneering scientific developments that would eventually help put men on the moon, he was also engaging in activities that would have newspapers referring to him as a madman. While developing rocket science itself, Parsons had been attending meetings of the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), led by notorious British occultist Aleister Crowley.

Popularly known as “the wickedest man in the world,” Crowley encouraged his acolytes to follow his one commandment: “Do What Thou Wilt.” Although many of the OTO’s creeds were based more around fulfilling individual desires (particularly sexual ones) than, for example, communing with the devil, Parsons and other members did partake in some strange rituals, including eating cakes made of menstrual blood.

And Parsons’ interest in the occult did not wane as his career progressed — quite the contrary. He was appointed the West Coast leader of the OTO in the early 1940s and corresponded directly with Crowley.

He even used the money from his rocketry business to buy a mansion in Pasadena, a den of hedonism that allowed him to explore sexual adventures like bedding his wife’s 17-year-old sister and holding cult-like orgies.

Frank Malina’s wife said that the mansion was “like walking into a Fellini movie. Women were walking around in diaphanous togas and weird make-up, some dressed up like animals, like a costume party.” Malina shrugged off his partner’s eccentricities, telling his wife, “Jack is into all kinds of things.”

The U.S. government, however, was not able to so easily dismiss Parsons’ nocturnal activities. The FBI began to surveil Parsons more closely and suddenly the quirks and behaviors that had always marked his life became a liability to national security. In 1943, he was paid off for his shares in Aerojet and essentially expelled from the field that he had helped develop.

L. Ron Hubbard in 1950

Without work, Jack Parsons buried himself ever deeper in the occult. Then things took a turn for the worse when the former scientist became acquainted with the science-fiction writer and soon-to-be Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Hubbard encouraged Parsons to attempt to summon an actual goddess to Earth in an outlandish ritual that involved “ritual chanting, drawing occult symbols in the air with swords, dripping animal blood on runes, and masturbating in order to ‘impregnate’ magical tablets.”

Then, during the onset of the Red Scare in the late 1940s, Parsons once again came under scrutiny from the U.S. government due to his involvement with the “sexual perversion” of the OTO. The fact that he’d sought (and sometimes carried out) work with foreign governments because the U.S. government had shut him out also helped make authorities suspicious of him.

In this perspective, the temptresses Kristen Kruek (Lana Lane) and Allison Mack (Chloe Sullivan) take on a darker role in the seducation of the Judeo-Protestant youth Clark Kent. More than 1,600 residents of Vancouver participated in NXIVM seminars, a talent pool from which dozens of women were selected to join the cult’s inner circle. It turns out that Vancouver has been a vortex for self-help groups that spun off from Scientology, teaching similar rationalistic approaches to overcoming negative emotional impediments to personal fulfillment. Raniere’s doctrine of rational inquiry is likewise nothing original but a blatant copyright violation of Ron Hubbard methology.

Burnaby-Vancouver-Victoria apparently holds the key to the mystery behind the demise of NXIVM, not for its copycat Scientology method but for Raniere’s dabbling in occult practices, as shown in his patented “Luciferian Detector”, a means to identify potential sex slaves. The cold clinical device would be considered an affront to the lesbian wiccans of the “Satanic Capital of the World”, the city of Victoria just across the Georgia Strait from the docks of Vancouver. The “Executive Success” promised by NXIVM, however, was effective as a lure, since the objective of most Satanists is to get rich, and some 1,600 locals pay huge fees for EST training

Satan’s Throne

The Luciferian roots in the Pacific Northwest (also called Southwestern Canada)goes back to Royal Navy Captain Charles Wilkes, a sadistic imperialist and top degree holder in a darkside British Masonic Lodge who inspired the character Captain Ahab in Melville’s Moby Dick.

He was the grand-nephew of John Wilkes, Lord Mayor of the City of London, who was son of Israel, a distiller, and also a member of the Hellfire Club, a social group devoted to libertine sexualperversion, closely connected with the Rothschild secret society the Order of Illuminati.

The legacy then is of a secretive and highly structured heirarchy of Satanists among Anglo-American-Jewish elitists.

Dr Hubbard, the ‘nuclear scientist’, on the steps of Saint Hill, the Georgian manor house he bought out of the proceeds of Dianetics.

He lived at Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, between 1959 and 1967 … He was the East Grinstead Road Safety Committee organiser, an East Grinstead Parade Marshal and he sponsored children’s cycling competitions.

He was Vice President of the East Grinstead Horticultural Society and carried out revolutionary horticultural experiments at Saint Hill. He was also involved with and contributed to numerous community events and local organizations such as the St Johns Ambulance brigade and the Adeline Genee Theatre to which he was an original donor.

Hubbard’s intelligence connections

Hubbard’s 1947 End is Not Yet serial that was published in Astounding! Science Fiction, discussed the formation of a group called Allied Scientists of The World.

Cleverly fictionalized push for a one world government.

The timing of that was no accident.

In yet another historical connection to the OSS/CIA British empire-building agenda, there was the activities of fellow OSS intelligence agent Cord Meyer, who had just come off mission of infiltrating The American Veterans Committee.(AVC).

Timothy Leary, who would go on to be part of several MKULTRA projects (including getting the Brotherhood of Eternal Love going), was initially recruited by CIA agent Cord Meyer around 1947-48, when Leary and Meyer were being intelligence agents undercover as members of the branded “communist” group The American Veterans Committee.(AVC).

That was Meyer and Leary’s British anglophile work-in-action.

Cord was now moving on to his next intelligence operation – as was Leary. Allen Dulles, now head of the CIA, had approached Cord Meyer. It is a matter of record that he then became a “principal operative” of Operation Mockingbird, a covert operation meant to sway American print and broadcast media toward “the CIA line” – which if you understand the back history of America’s intelligence organizations, you know that means BRITISH interests.

From The Cord Meyers Papers at The Library of Congress –

A participant in the founding of the United Nations and an advocate of one-world government, Meyer spent almost three decades (1951-1977) with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), becoming one of its highest-ranking officers. His papers, however, bear little reference to his CIA career except in clippings from published sources. They relate more fully to his activities on behalf of one-world government after World War II and document in great detail many facets of his personal and family life.

This timeline details United States government development of parapsychology for military intelligence purposes, leading to a secret CIA-initiated program that became commonly known as “remote viewing.” The timeline reaches to the beginnings of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) mind research and experimentation in the late 1940s, and includes parallel information on similar research being carried out simultaneously in the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Because of a secret contract between the CIA and highly trained Scientologists at the inception of the CIA-initiated remote viewing program, events related to Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard that led up to the unlikely marriage of CIA and Scientology are included.

Also included are key events involving CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies that are parallel to the evolution of remote viewing, and that are linked to its development in ways that are as inexplicable as they are inextricable. As a result, the remote viewing timeline necessarily is a partial timeline of events and people related to the Pentagon Papers and Watergate.

In the 1970’s there were spates of mysterious suicides up at the Manor and there are certainly people who believe that L. Ron was a devil of some sort: his son, to name but one. “My father did not worship Satan,” Ron Jr. warned. “He thought he was Satan. He was one with Satan. He had a direct pipeline of communication with him.”

I don’t know if L. Ron Hubbard was a Satanist. But it is true that that area to the south of East Grinstead (Forest Row, Birch Grove, Saint Hill) has always been regarded as some kind of locus for Devil worship.

And so it is apt that it was in Forest Row in the summer of 1983 that the man who the tabloids later dubbed “Satan’s Son From Birth” first surfaces in my story. Forest Row is a large village. In my day its main hostelry was the Chequers Inn Hotel on the main road.

As pub hopping young drinkers in the 1980’s, we rarely gave the place much custom. The Chequers seemed a gloomy, staid place. I remember looking in just once in the summer of 1983, to buy some matches whilst en route to a party in East Grinstead. I didn’t stay long; I thought The Chequers was full of balding old losers. But at the time, propping up the bar and bragging of his sexual prowess, was a chap who called himself Derry Mainwaring Knight.

Wizards, Workings and Walk-Ins: Be My Baby(lon) (Hubbard/Jack Parsons/Crowley)

Jack Kirby’s connection to a CIA operation to extract six diplomats from Iran during the famous hostage crisis of 1979

What went on in Rottingdean, East Sussex?

One of the weirdest historical confluences you can imagine took place in Pasadena, California, in the 1940s. There, a darkly handsome young man and chemistry autodidact named Jack Parsons had just made a bundle of money by inventing solid rocket fuel and selling it to the military. He was part of a group of explosion-obsessed researchers at CalTech who founded the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), where recently the Martian Rovers were made.

He was also a goddess-obsessed acolyte and generous financial supporter of the infamous Pagan leader, Aleister Crowley.Parsons used his defense contract money to convert an old mansion into a group house whose residents included other Pagans, artists, scientists, and writers. One of his boarders was a charismatic science fiction author named L. Ron Hubbard, who became Parsons’ greatest frenemy, participating in rituals of sex magic with the rocket scientist…

Parsons claimed to have summoned Satan when he was 13 years old, in the late 1920s. This experience, which the scientist described as terrifying, was the beginning of a lifelong interest in the occult — an interest that became a fiery passion when he discovered the work of Crowley.

The occult roots of NASA, the all seeing eye, and related information:

JPL — The occult roots of NASA
Jack Parsons, dedicated occultist and chemist of genius, was born in 1914 and died in 1952 in a mysterious explosion whose cause has never been fully explained. He was a tall handsome Californian, whose early work on highly volatile rocket-motor fuels was regarded highly enough for French scientists of a later generation to name a crater on the dark side of the moon after him. Parsons introduced into early American rocketry a range of exotic solid and liquid fuels whose later forms were eventually to help drive Apollo 11 to the Moon. He helped create the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL –sometimes referred to as “Jack Parson’s Laboratory”) in Pasadena, now a major industrial complex.

Before each test launch, he was in the habit of invoking Aleister Crowley’s Hymn to Pan, the wild horned god of fertility. Parsons was an active member of the California Agape Lodge of the sex magickal group Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), and in letters addressed The Great Beast (Crowley) as “Most Beloved Father”.

The Babalon Workings

In August 1945, on leave from his less than spectacular naval career, Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard was introduced to Parsons. Jack was impressed by Ron’s exuberance and energy and wrote in a letter to Crowley: “I deduced that he is in direct touch with some higher intelligence. He is the most Thelemic (Crowley’s branch of magic) person I have ever met and is in complete accord with our own principles”. Hubbard moved in …He was soon initiated into the secrets of the OTO and made Parsons’ magical partner.

Parsons had always been interested in occultism, but his path to notoriety really started in 1941, when he joined the California-based Agape lodge of Aleister Crowley’s Ordo Templi Orientis. Parsons threw himself into the Eastern-inspired mysticism and hormonally inspired sex magic of Thelema, the religion Crowley had either devised or channeled from beyond, depending on your point of view.

Parsons was an immediate success. He quickly took over the Agape lodge. Crowley and his associates spoke of him as a potential successor to the Great Beast himself.

One of Parsons’ best pals in the OTO was a young L. Ron Hubbard. They shared a zest for the work, as well as a mistress. One of their big projects was the notorious Babalon Working. The ritual was supposedly intended to create a new age of free love by shattering the confines of four-dimensional space time..

As for Babalon? Well, the jury is still out on the Apocalypse, but it’s worth noting that within two years of the Babalon workings, which began in 1946, the first Atomic Bomb was detonated….

Aleister Crowley was a mountain climber, homoerotic poet, ritual magician, heroin addict, sleazy womanizer, racist, German collaborator, British secret agent and pedophile.

Ordo Templi Orientis Crowley was approached by the Ordo Templi Orientis, which invited him to take on a leadership role.

The OTO claims to integrate “Freemasonic, Rosicrucian and Illuminist movements of the 18th and 19th centuries, the crusading Knights Templar of the middle ages and early Christian Gnosticism and the Pagan Mystery Schools.”

The leader of the OTO was a German named Theodor Reuss, a former Freemason and Illuminatus. He initiated Crowley into the sect in 1910 and in 1912 granted the Beast a charter to launch a British branch of the secret society. Crowley moved to the United States in 1914, at the onset of World War I, setting up shop in New York.

In New York, Crowley continued recruiting students and began rewriting the charters of the O.T.O. to better suit his beliefs. Starting from a base structure very similar to the Freemasons, Crowley added several significant elements to the OTO’s repertoire.

One of Crowley’s most-lasting (but entirely unintended) contributions to the world of religion came from one of the OTO’s American branches, led by self-proclaimed “Antichrist Superstar” Jack Parsons.

I literally don’t understand this. Prince Andrew remained friends with Epstein *after* his first conviction in 2008, which was public and contained all the elements he now says he’s appalled by


Isn’t there a worrying pattern here? Both Prince Andrew with Jeffrey Epstein, and Prince Charles with Bishop Peter Ball, supported their sexually abusive friends even after they had been convicted of crimes.


What was Prince Andrew doing at Jeffrey Epstein’s New York
pad in December 2010?
Epstein was on the sex offenders register by then.
Andrew must have known that, surely?

Prince Andrew pictured inside paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion two years after he was convicted of sex crimes

18 Aug, 2019

The video was shot on December 6, 2010, during a visit by the Prince to Epstein’s nine-storey 21,000 square foot mansion dubbed the ‘House of Horrors’ by many of his young victims.
In 2010, Epstein was on a child sex offender register.

“The Prince looked entirely at ease in Epstein’s house,” a source told The Mail on Sunday.

“There were girls coming and going. One, who came out of the house with Epstein about an hour before Prince Andrew said goodbye to the brunette, was tiny and shivering.

“It was a particularly cold New York December day. What I remember most is the constant procession of girls and women going to and from the house.

“It was chilling to see. Everyone knew by that point that Epstein was a convicted paedophile, yet he was flaunting his lifestyle in plain sight.

Blind solved:

MARIA: Ghislaine Maxwell

MONSTER: Jeffrey Epstein

MARIA’S DAD: Robert Maxwell

COUNTRY: Venezuela

DICTATOR: Hugo Chavez

A-LISTER: Sean Penn

RUSSIAN: Semion Mogilevich

PRINCESS: Kerri Kennedy


LAWYERS: Alan Dershowitz & Gerald Lefcourt

Kerri Kennedy with ex-husband Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo

(NOTE: The FULL STORY, all 3 parts. Everything in this story is “alleged”, and based on our own sources. Things we have been told are fact. However, we cannot verify the 100% accuracy of these and some of them were translated to us through both Russian and Spanish interpreters, which leaves room for error. However, we believe it and leave it to you to make up your own minds. Thank you for all of your comments; passion for justice; and kind words).

She has already spent over a week trying to arrange the meeting, but was having a very hard time. Now? She is frantic. Apparently she was drawing more attention than even she could have anticipated. Because with everything going on, she never imagined that even Russian oligarchs would find her “too hot to handle”. After all, their relationships went back decades. Billions of dollars changing hands, and secrets that could change history of more than one nation.

“She” is a woman we will refer to as “MARI”. The best way to describe Mari is as a middle-aged foreign-born woman raised in a life of privilege, wealth, global luxury — and a legacy of criminal immorality that warps the mind just to fathom it all. Her own father had been a scandalous man in every way that would be the center of a million stories of his own. The things she witnessed and even suffered growing up would be enough to drive anyone insane.
Unfortunately, she decided to carry that torch herself. She has perpetuated that hell on her own.

She became the partner, co-conspirator, and confidant of a man who has grown to be one of the most disgusting, perverted, rapist animals of our current era. (We’ll just call him MONSTER). His crimes and reach have been well documented for many years. And through it all, Mari has been right there. In fact Mari has been of equal responsibility in that monster’s crimes. She has been his procurer, his partner, and when the mood hit her — even a willing participant. She is no victim.

But most of all, Mari has been in charge of the cover ups, lawsuits, and protection of both Monster and herself. Most of all, Mari has found herself trying to use the information (the proof) she has, as a bargaining chip to save herself, even against the most powerful people in the world.

When many questioned how the Monster was able to facilitate relations with so many powerful people, they rarely saw Mari in the shadows. It was usually her “hands” at work, using contacts and relations of her family. Her dad’s old business friends (and enemies) and many of his government friends — they all knew her charming social style. They also knew of her bent to the wild side, and her “anything goes” attitude; along with the discretion it required.

Many people had forgotten (or maybe didn’t know) of Mari’s family and their relations with foreign leaders. Especially third-world dictators. Mari was actually the missing link in a bizarre nexus of people who otherwise may never cross paths. From Hollywood celebrities, to global corrupt military leaders, to technology businessmen — Mari knew so many of them. Her father had paved the way, so it was easy for her to follow.

This is why, when the sexually criminal actions of Mari and Monster, began to be a “thing” among the rich and powerful — they needed more privacy. So it was Mari who found a very secluded island for their activities. This place and its many crimes have been documented many times (including by our pals at CDAN and in the mainstream press). But what is not as well known is this other foreign locale; nearly a country almost to themselves.

It was within a country ruled by a nearly-insane dictator, under the guise of Socialism. That dictator has now died, but his protégé has carried on. This nation was also ground zero for a constant flow of vulnerable victims from dirt-poor families that could be easily “erased” if the need be. Best of all for their plans — it was within close jet distance from their private island; and in the same hemisphere as the USA.

No need to make refuel stops, so less paper trails. It provided no shortage of cover stories, including “humanitarian work” and “environmental work”. All within an easily-bribed corrupt government happy to provide protection. Funny thing, that for a socialist country? They sure enjoyed the millions they got paid, under the table, to protect the criminals.

The criminals were Monster, Mari, and their guests.

This included not just the billionaires and politicians and celebs, but the top leaders of this country. It is very easy to connect the dots between this country; a legendary political family from America; and a super-tough lawyer (or two) who are the weak links in the cover up for Mari and the Monster’s actions. It was part of the lawyers’ spin plans back when the Monster was first accused. Little did they know that many years later, those same news quotes and even Youtube videos, would rear their heads to point the way to lead people to connect the dots. So obvious is it, that Mari has contacted the lawyers and told them to warn the political family of their exposure. But those same lawyers aren’t happy to take her calls now either.

Nor is the Hollywood A-Lister with a history of friendship with banana-Republic rulers. That A-Lister was a guest of Mari, as a tag-along with a member of that political family. The A-Lister, for all of his own nasty history, enjoyed the party favors at the foreign hideaway; but he drew the line at partaking in sexual activities. (Which says a lot with that guy’s history).

In fact, the A-Lister (who is either an actor or director, or maybe even both), was disgusted by what he was offered by his hosts; and the few things he saw himself. So he partook of partying/drugs, but not the underage sex crimes. According to the A-Lister, he is very scared about the people he did see there and what it could mean if it all came out. Not just as a witness for legal reasons, but scared for his life. Not his career — as this is a guy who revels in controversy. He is literally afraid for his own life. Maybe he should’ve been more scared…not for himself but for those poor victims…back when he was partying on site with them all.

So now we come in back where we began.

The Monster is dead, and regardless of how, who, and whatever — he is actually dead. Cheating justice for all the victims. But there are many, many, many loose ends left out “there”. After this untimely, yet very predictable, demise of her Monster crony; Mari is now frantically trying to secure a meeting with a Russian oligarch she knows well. A man who has spent millions and many years trying to whitewash his reputation and hide his own past. Trying to keep himself far away from scandal and appear as just another billionaire global businessman. The last thing this guy probably wants is to be affiliated with Mari, or mentioned in the same story. But he has no choice really.

Mari has proof of many of his old dealings, going back all the way to her own father’s era. Her father (a monster himself), had helped the oligarch in the late 80’s-early 90’s. Her father who was murdered, despite findings of “suicide”. Her same father whose murder was alleged to be ordered by Russian oligarchs for his waste of tens of millions of their money he was supposed to be laundering. In fact, this Russian oligarch and Mari have many similar friends — in politics; Hollywood; and in sitting government positions today.

The Russian also knows that Mari is clever enough to be sure that if she meets an untimely demise? Much of that proof will certainly be made public. That would be a disaster for the Russian, and many of the most powerful people in politics (both sides of the aisle); global business, and entertainment/media. None of them want that.

Some have speculated that Mari’s father never actually died, by suicide nor by murder — and that some of his former associates in foreign government security services had helped arrange his disappearance. It is with that in mind that Mari has contacted this Russian lately. According to the Russian oligarch, there is no way she can make it out of her current situation in one piece. The best she can hope for is to arrange a “suicide” or “murder” of her own that will allow her to slip off the map undetected. She still has tens of millions of Monster’s money along with her own to help her vanish.

Because if she can’t do it? Many others will make sure she does die, for real.

Those who can be brought down by what Mari can reveal — they want time to stop her fail-safe backup leaks, BEFORE they leak (in case of her demise). Meanwhile, Mari must certainly want to rapidly wrap up her future plans before she’s locked up and cannot. According to the Russian oligarch, he’s avoided this as long as possible. He has to decide what to do. So he has reached out to London and Washington to help him decide.

But even he is afraid of the answer.

Besides “Mari”, there is another lady, whom we will call “Princess”, because she’d be raised to be one all of her life. Since her birth in America, she had always been the living epitome of privilege, advantage, and every benefit that comes from being a white, wealthy, powerful, entitled member of an elite family in America. Of course to the outside world she lived by the code of PR spin and image control that ruled her family for generations. Her “Noblisse Oblige” was a trait they all shared — as they gave so much of their time, money, and energy to help the poor little unfortunate people of the world (in their minds anyway).

Princess was a vision of entitlement in all its glory.

Like her many in her family, Princess had a brush or two with the law. Not as bad as many in her family — with drugs, alcohol, obstructing justice, manslaughter, rapes, and even outright murder. Her family set the bar for thinking they were above the law. After all, they made the laws.

Princess took her elite life even one step higher by marrying into another political family. This was supposed to create an unstoppable political dynasty, but it just didn’t work out. Yet — what did work out — was this couple’s social and political connections. Their life of deals, friends, and gatherings.

Whether it was for fundraising; political causes; charity; environmental work; or just vacations. Princess and her hubby were very active on the same scene as so many others in their class and level. Pictures and mentions in the New York Social pages. Features in The Hamptons magazine. Small features in Vanity Fair — they ran with the crowd and were part of that scene.

Thus it is no surprise that when Princess found herself in a legal jam, she would turn to a lawyer referred to her by others in their “scene”. Probably any attorney in the US would’ve taken her case pro bono — just for the marquee value of getting a client off with that kind of pedigree. But Princess also needed an attorney who could be a “fixer” too, and handle PR spin and strategy. After all, image was everything to her.

The lawyer Princess turned to was a skilled attack dog. He knew all the ins and outs of white collar criminal defense; and had a rep of repping some big names. He was a heavy hitter. Best of all, he had relations with all the tabloid media and the mainstream media (national and in city markets).

He also had political connections at state and local levels, and knew that being a member of “the club” always allowed back room deals to be worked out. After all, Princess and her type were not “regular people”. So (they thought) they deserved “special” justice, unencumbered by the burdens of things like pesky rules, laws, and details.

Princess was only being charged with a small crime, by comparison to even those of her relatives, and any John Doe anywhere in America could expect a first offender consideration. A DUI was practically a birthright in her family. And yes, okay — maybe there was a tiny accident. But gee whiz, nobody was hurt!

Her “victim” would probably be happy with a private settlement and her getting a warning anyway. Those cops are so, so “mean” anyway. Why did they have to pick on her? She told others it was certainly due to her name. Or political enemies. Those police could’ve just let her go, like so many other cops had done before. But these wouldn’t. They had the nerve…the NERVE! To charge her.

She fucked up by taking her PR guru’s advice and issued a statement. She admitted her sins, but said the cops had it wrong. She wasn’t drunk or high, just had taken a sleeping pill and forgot about it. EVERYBODY does THAT, she said. But not everybody hits a truck. And not everybody argues with cops and does the “do you know who I am” routine. She did. So her first statements to the press were just mea culpa; admitting she was wrong, and trying to downplay severity, while saying she learned her lesson.

Her hot shot attorney did NOT like that. He told her the first rule of entitled elites when charged with crimes: “deny-deny-deny”. It’s up to the prosecutors to prove it. So in court, she recanted. Her lawyer brought in his own PR team and went to work greasing palms of reporters and editors. Calling in favors. This lawyer even “backgrounded” the cops who arrested her. His investigators went dumpster-diving through the cops’ home trash. They also did it to the VICTIM too.

The lawyer was building a case against the victim, trying to paint him out as being an opportunist who (magically) must have known who that woman was! Maybe HE was drinking? Did he have a history of drugs? He was a truck driver, so he certainly had a bad record of tickets! The lawyer was sure he could warp them into some type of enemy; paint them as prejudiced; and turn the tables to put THEM on trial if need be. He would make the cops and the victim the real enemy here. After all, this lawyer had done it plenty of times before.

Suddenly, Princess was issuing new media statements claiming she did nothing wrong. She could hardly remember the details, but knew she was innocent. Those evil cops and even the evil man she ran into — THEY were in the wrong (she said)!

All the while, the Princess spun her PR team into full action mode to highlight all of her good deeds and underscore her importance to society. Even dragging up the tragedy that befell her family. And as sure as you’re born — the tabloids and media never bothered to press the facts or question anything. Total kneepads time. The lawyer was earning his money.

When the day came, the Princess was let go with a slap on the wrist. No, a wrist slap would’ve been worse. She got off with a touch of the hand and a strongly-worded letter. The lawyer basked in his glory, and Princess (and her family) made sure he was the fair-haired lawyer for all their pals and relatives anytime they needed one. The lawyer was set.

You may ask why all this matters? What does any of this have to do with the Monster, or “Mari” (his female partner in crime), or any of that? Because of where it leads and what it shows to us, years before Monster’s and Mari’s crimes came to light. It also points us to the bread crumbs that a blind man could follow down this trail of broken lives, debauchery, and disgusting perversions that are only now exploding into daylight.

If you recall “Mari” — the foreign-born partner of Monster, you know that she is scared for her life. She has now turned to a Russian oligarch (and former associate of her father) to help her “disappear”. She’s scared of the law coming for her; she’s scared of her former party guests sending someone to kill her; she’s scared of multiple governments who could kill her; and she’s even (NOW) scared of the victims (and their lawyers) whose lives she so gleefully destroyed. Mari is no victim, and deserves zero empathy.

Mari has evidence. Proof. Receipts. She has hard proof of many of the political, wealthy, and powerful “friends” whom she and Monster brought to their island playground for many years. Most of all she has proof of what went on at their other home in a Latin American country.

A country whose ruling dictator (and his protégé) happily took bribes to look the other way as drugs, rapes, and crimes went on — many involving young, poor, local boys and girls. None of whom had a voice to fight back or stand up. When “wranglers” would round up these boys and girls for things like “casting parties”, “pageants”, or just part-time jobs — the parents (if any existed) and social services officials were paid off. They were told it was “just a little part time work so take the ridiculous amounts of cash, and shut up”.

If they didn’t? Well…they had already heard stories of “THAT place”.

But a strange thing began to happen that upset the parties at the foreign compound/estate. First, their pal — the dictator — passed away. Followed by much upheaval in the country. It would be a while until the protégé dictator came in to settle things down (somewhat). Then, some reporters and investigators began asking questions. Nothing specific, just noticing things — and people, visiting. The cover stories of humanitarian work and environmental work were very thin. But bribes helped them cover up a lot. And when nosy people began “disappearing” there? That helped them too.

So around the time the Monster began facing legal trouble in America, his foreign place was locked down. It would be quite a while until Mari could return without attention.

When she did, however, she noticed that the security guards had abandoned the estate. It was unprotected, and had been broken into. Worse for her, she soon discovered a LOT of missing items. Not just valuables, but an ENTIRE SAFE. Removed from a permanent location built into the house. Someone had removed the entire unit. In it were things that Monster and Mari had counted on for protection, blackmail, or to help preserve themselves if they ever got pinched. Mari could not even tell Monster for a long while. But she knew it could spell the end for them, and many others.

As for who took it? Nobody knows for sure. Some think the protégé dictator did. Others think some American political people had it done. OR maybe just a very nervous billionaire or even an actor. Anyone could’ve hired a team to snatch it away.

Monster faced a massive nightmare when he was caught in legal charges from his crimes many years ago. So he had Mari turn to find the best legal team to protect them and make a mess of the entire case. It would not be enough to win, they had to win and be cleared. So Mari went to a lady she knew from her social circle of pals, who had that powerful political hubby. Mari turned to Princess for legal advice. After all, this was “obviously” a set up to damage Monster and his pals (so Mari said).

Princess recommended her lawyer from her DUI scrape. Because not only did he specialize in victory, he would make sure the accusers and law went down in flames. The lawyer? Thought it was a slam dunk. It was such a political hot potato (with Monster’s many pals) that it would be easy to paint it with that brush. Monster didn’t give a shit about any political party or affiliation. He gave loads of money and recruited friends from both parties. Just like in business. And now was the time to make such a foggy mess that it would color the entire case against Monster.

The lawyer did just that. He set up the local/state officials investigating Monster, and made it to where their political careers were the center of the case. He pitted them against each other — the police Chief vs. the State’s Attorney. And they took the bait by using it as a political hammer to bash each other. When the case was kicked up to the federal level? The lawyer did the same thing. Because federal prosecutors are appointed by elected officials. So are federal judges. And the lawyer knew how to play them all.

Worst of all, the lawyer knew the best strategy was to put the victims on trial. Accuse the accusers. Background and investigate the witnesses. Embarrass, defame, and destroy the lives of the victims — and they’ll be impeached in court. Whip the media in line to back it all up and march to the lawyer’s tune.

Just like the lawyer had done for Princess in her little case years before. But now? The stakes were huge.

Not only did the lawyer direct the legal case and the PR machine — he even recommended bringing in Monster’s personal friend. A guy who had been a longtime lawyer and pal of Monster and Mari for years. He too had been a guest of Monster & Mari many times. He had a stellar reputation as a defender of justice. His PR profile was huge and righteous. Nobody would ever think he’d be on the wrong side of the angels, or the law. So Monster and Mari together brought in the lawyer and the legal friend together to run this case from top down. And they wouldn’t be disappointed, at least in the short term.

Meanwhile, many miles away from the safety of their Florida enclave — some very “important” people were getting very nervous about the attention brought to Monster and his legal woes. They were paying very close attention. Because if Monster or Mari “talked” or tried to cut a deal to save themselves? It would have unfathomable ripple effects.

So while Monster was being charged in the USA for crimes…there was a meeting in England. Where several people were talking quietly to each other. And watching how this case played out. They had a lot to lose.

They weren’t the types of people to ever lose.

The man on the phone wants nothing to do with any of this. It is rare that a Russian oligarch should be (relatively) innocent (in this case), ofANYTHING. But the fact stands that this guy actually is innocent of having anything to do with any of the crimes and goings-on with Mari, Monster, or any of them. Oddly enough, though guilty of many things himself — he’s never been accused of even being involved in prostitution. After all, as he says, “This is Russia. If I wanted underage kids? I wouldn’t have to go play over there to do it. I’m a family man with kids of my own. That stuff is disgusting to me.”

But many of the visitors and participants in Monster & Mari’s crimes weren’t there just for the perverted abuses. Some came to “party” (drugs); while others came to hob-nob with the other wealthy and powerful elite. Imagine it as a twisted sort of Rotary Club or Ladies’ Garden Club for ultra-rich elites. Many deals were made there and many partnerships formed.

But the common bonds were always Monster and Mari.

Mari is the one dragging the Russian into this. She’s turned to him mainly because of his vast network of “underground” contacts. Also, she knows of his old business deals with her own father — and feels she can trust him. Those were old illegal deals involving hundreds of millions of dollars and money laundering. Mari has never asked the Russian if he had a hand in her dad’s demise — or if her Dad really did die. She’s more interested in saving herself. The first thing she asked for was to set her up with a trusted (and very competent) plastic surgeon. The Russian knew what this meant, and knew what she has in mind.

If it was just Mari asking, he could avoid her. But it isn’t. Another series of contacts began to bug the oligarch a few months ago. These weren’t as easy to ignore or stall. Because these contacts came from a very special intermediary. The kind you simply don’t refuse. This middle-man reaching out to the Russian was a representative of the ruling family of a nation. They can be very persuasive.

The ruling family has a big, big problem. They’ve had more than their share in the past — but this one could be far worse. Not just a scandal that exposes a sex offender in the family. But it could lead to exposing a chain of events and contacts that they’d give up half their kingdom to protect. It’s not some shadowy conspiracy with international banking houses or cartels or insane theories. No, it’s quite black and white and very real. It could lead to exposure of the family’s (and the government’s) very “special” relationship with another country.

That other country has a legendary intelligence/security service. Since that country has been at war virtually non-stop for all it’s existence? It has honed intelligence craft to a perfect art. That intelligence service and this family are tied together far deeper and stronger than anyone will ever publicly admit. Sure, they’re public allies. But by exposing the true depth of the kinship would open up a Pandora’s Box and put many past incidents, accidents, and outright murders under a microscope that nobody wants. It’s a chain reaction that can never be brought to light in modern media.

Mari’s own father was part of the extended family of that country’s intelligence service; and his own country’s. It was a relationship used to great effect for many years, and many times. It was one of the reasons her father was able to avoid being ruined and imprisoned many times. Thus, as a result — her father also was close to the ruling family. But Mari was much, much closer in a “biblical” way.

She had sexual relations with a very important man in that family. He’s not as important as his brother but very important. We’ll call him the “SIDE RULER”. His past indiscretions in sex and business have been hard for the family to cover up. He publicly dated porn stars, and gleefully procured prostitutes -even while married. As such, he’s been a nightmare for his country’s security services. The ruling family has had many occasions to lock down the media and cover up various offenses of their family members. But this time would not be so easy; since it didn’t even occur on their home turf.

When the “Side Ruler” began to party with Mari and Monster, it wasn’t only the sex — but the business deals. Ruler has always tried to hustle a buck, and to party with all these billionaires was irresistible. So while sexually abusing teen girls, he was also putting together very rewarding business deals. All structured through proxies and shell companies. For the other elites, it was a grand chance to hob-nob with a member of the ruling family. Though he was “cash poor” his family still held massive holdings and massive influence around the world.

Mari had been having trysts with him for years. She and Ruler were known to party with others, male and female and it never drew much attention until Mari and Monster’s actions began to draw heat. In the words of one member of the ruling family who knows all about it — the act of trying to erase the Ruler’s links to Mari & Monster: “is like trying to get the toothpaste back in the tube.”

So a member of the Ruler’s security services was appointed to try and bury or handle the entire situation for Side Ruler. This guy — this go-between/middle man — knew instantly that Mari was the weak link. She had much to lose, and could be compromised. So they focused on her, and getting her in line. While doing surveillance on her, they discovered Mari’s reaching out to the Russian oligarch.

The Russian was friends with the ruling family too, for other reasons. Mostly diplomatic or to secure his visas and finances in that country. He “donated” nearly a billion dollars of his fortune to various fronts that always swung back to the ruling family. So when the middle man contacted the Russian for a “favor”, he knew that he could be in deep shit; out in the cold; if he were to not oblige.

Since he’s on very thin ice with other Western nations already? He said he’d do what he can to help the family. So he’s allowed the intelligence service to hear every word he and Mari discuss. No matter how painful it can be for him — he knows the ruling family will protect him, and re-pay the favor. At least he hopes they will and will keep him out of Mari’s shit-storm. The last thing he needs is legal system attention.

Back when Monster and Mari first began to come under the spotlight for their crimes, they turned to a “dream team” of the best attorneys they could find. This was lead by a lawyer (Lawyer 2 mentioned previously) who had done more than just be friends with Monster and Mari — he was a participant. This guy had repped Monster, who was his pal, for years. His image and legal community standing was beyond reproach and as a fighter for justice.

Mari had another friend (also mentioned earlier) who was an elite, wealthy, powerful lady we called “Princess”. Her family was political royalty and not just powerful but maybe the most powerful in the halls of lawmaking and justice. Princess had a carefully crafted image of good deeds and noble causes she gave herself to. As did her then-husband, another political legacy himself. So Princess knew how the game was played, and how the wheels were greased.

Princess found herself in trouble a few years back. When she did — she turned to a bulldog attorney who fixed not just her legal problems, but her spin control. His main strategy was to attack the victims and undermine the cops and prosecutors. In fact this wasn’t the first time Princess had to rely on that (or any) legal bulldog to get her out of trouble.

A couple of years before her public arrest for DUI, the Princess had another accident. That one was a single-car accident with no victim and it all “went away” before any charges were filed. Why? Her attorney in that case was a trusted legal scholar who knew the local prosecutor in the area of the wreck. A few calls, a few laughs, and it was gone. No victim, no harm, no foul. That legal scholar is the same one we call “Lawyer 2”.

Several years before THAT wreck, however, Princess got herself in an even earlier jam. (Her first of the three we’ve mentioned — you’d think she would’ve learned). She had another wreck, while she was very intoxicated. She was married at that time, and her hubby’s name carried as much weight as her own in their home state. But Princess had rear-ended a car while wasted.

The car she hit belonged to a teenager who was poor and had a record of arrests. That was the FIRST TIME the Princess found out about the legal bulldog. He was called in by her (and her hubby’s) friend — the legal scholar (aka Lawyer 2). The bulldog attorney attacked and threatened the poor teenage kid into submission. By the time they were done with the kid and the kid’s family? They merely accepted an agreement to cover the repairs to the kid’s car. There was never even a police report or any trace of it in the legal system. Both the bulldog and the legal scholar made sure.

So when Princess ended up in two more jams (her next DUI wreck; then her more public DUI wreck) she naturally turned to her attack dog lawyer, assisted by the legal scholar lawyer. And so it was that when Mari asked her politically-connected, powerful friend, Princess, for ideas on how she and Monster could save their asses? Naturally Princess referred the same attorneys.

Their track records of “attacking the victim” and using investigators to “background” the accusers, detectives, and prosecutors was legendary. Those that could not be bought off, or who were not friends willing to trade favors — were threatened, attacked, or scared off. Both of these lawyers would create such chaos; cross-suits; and then spin so much politically-motivated bullshit that it would cloud the entire civil and criminal landscape around Monster and Mari.

This was what made these attorneys so feared.

They even got the District Attorney in the jurisdiction in New York to go to bat for Monster to make his punishment EASIER. So brazenly, that even the judge hearing the case admonished the A.D.A. for arguing FOR the Monster! (The very man the ADA was supposed to be prosecuting). But oddly enough, nobody seems to be looking into the political ties of that D.A. to Monster and Mari either. Maybe someday, somebody will. (Follow the money as they say).

Meanwhile, out in Hollywood, a certain A-Lister is leaving for a long vacation. He’s the same A-Lister who found himself a guest at one of Monster and Mari’s parties in that foreign country. It figures since he was friends with the dictator of that country. But the A-Lister (who is either a director or actor or even maybe a little of both), never took part in the sexual abuse. He was more interested in the drugs and networking. He also was interested in his habit of documenting his travels.

The A-lister had, in fact, quite a collection of his home videos. Some of these are historical and others are very private. He always planned to keep them “sealed” until after his death, then have a filmmaker assemble them once unsealed. Back when he visited the estate to party with Mari and Monster, he took his small camera and recorded the festivities. Until it was suggested to him that he stop immediately. But he had already recorded many of the elite, famous, and powerful guests and some of their partying.

What he recorded was not so much anything of a criminal nature, but was actual proof of people who were there — and who they were with. It is proof that contradicts statements of VERY powerful people who deny being at Monster & Mari’s “parties” (or only knowing them briefly years ago). It would be enough to support many of the charges by showing visual proof of who was with who.

In short, it may not be a smoking gun, but it’s a helluva loaded one.

The A-Lister knew he had the video, and tore his home and office apart trying to find it. Only then did he realize it was gone. That was the only missing video he had ever “lost”. He was dumbstruck at the thought of it being misplaced, until he wondered if it could be connected to a burglary a few years ago at his home. A lot was ransacked, a few worthless items taken, and it was written off as delinquents.

Cops never found anyone who did it. No prints. But they ignored valuables, electronics, and other things. He wondered if this single video (from his immaculately-numbered and documented collection of videos), was taken. Perhaps it was the purpose of the entire burglary? It’s never taken much for the A-Lister to get paranoid anyway. But even paranoids have enemies.

This A-Lister is packing his bags, because he doesn’t want to find out who took it or why. He — just like Mari and others — just wants the entire memory gone. He says that only a few knew he was taping, and those who did were mostly too drunk or high to recall. But Mari surely knows. She’s the one who asked him to stop the recording at the party. So now the A-lister is going on vacation to avoid subpoenas, gossip, rumors…or worse. His career and life may not be at the heights it once was, but he still wants to live it and keep working too. “Hard to do that from a grave or a cell”, he says.

Everyone is now looking at Mari to see what will happen next.

If there was real justice, everything that Monster and Mari have or ever had would be sold off and liquidated and compensation given to the victims. At least 70 documented victims, and countless others never known to the outside world. Mari would spend the rest of her life in jail. But she would be forced to talk and tell everything about EVERYBODY. Then they would pay for their crimes accordingly. The victims would be given voices, and be believed.

But that won’t happen. They covers-ups have begun; the denials; and the attacks on the victims. The clouded landscape is providing so much smoke that the guilty could even slip away unnoticed. Yet, even if some justice happens, it would be a start.

But even now, people are running scared; cutting deals; destroying evidence; bribing officials; and threatening witnesses. Even now, plans are being made to silence some people forever. With all that is at stake in a truly global nightmare like this one? You can bet the full truth will not come out. Even after many of the powerful are dead — their legacies will be protected. The blame will ALL be put on those dead or dying soon.

Convenient for the living criminals — with no loose ends.

Mari can run, and she can even hide — but somebody, somewhere, sometime will catch up with her. Ironic that she may find an ending so similar to her own father. But I know this: that if the Russian is forced to help her in her escape plans? Others will know. Because he will not sit back and let her evade justice forever. Even that ruling family will take some type of action to tie up that loose end.

Since we don’t yet know what the Russian will do; and Mari hasn’t made her request besides “seeing the doctor”? Then we still don’t know how it all plays out. Even the authorities have yet to pounce. She may have surgery to alter her face/body and go on the lam. She may fake her own suicide or murder. She may actually kill herself or be killed by others. She may even be arrested and caught before she runs. Because if others know what she’s planning — better believe the cops/security services also know. Whether they act on it (or are allowed to act on it) may be a different story.

I know that many people believe in conspiracy theories; and still many more would not believe the truth — no matter how seemingly far-fetched — even with proof in front of them. Just remember that old saying: “Conspiracy isn’t a theory — it’s a crime”. Please keep in mind that a lot of the chaos around these cases and this nightmare has been created for just this exact purpose. The criminals know how fractured the US (and the world) is now politically and socially…and they use that to blind and distort the horrific truths.

These lawyers hired by Mari (and Monster earlier) create and push the narrative so people get distracted. They shift the blame to shadowy groups or titans of politics and wealth who are (rightly or wrongly) “evil personified”. This is what they want to happen, because it makes “small” the acts of the violators. Worst of all, it minimizes the damage done to those who suffered.

I hope -and respectfully ask- that you will please remember that no matter which side of what political debate you may be on — this is NOT a case about politics. It is a case about a series of CRIMES. The real core of this entire nightmare comes down to a large group of underage, young girls and boys who were lured and forced into being victims. Some manipulated; others damaged beyond repair. Innocence lost; and lives destroyed.

And all for what?

So some powerful, elite, rich, twisted jackasses could get their kicks?

So that some sick, twisted, greedy shit-heels could get leverage over others?

Nobody involved in the crimes of this nightmare is without some degree of guilt. All we can do is to hope that surely some degree of justice will come. Perhaps it will, for the guilty are still out there — still available to be held to account for their actions. The only true justice is that they be turned over to an impartial, unbiased justice system and forced to tell all. Otherwise, somebody, somewhere will hold them accountable for their crimes; their damages; their perversions of justice for this most disgusting “nasty business”.

Either in this life, or the next.

For the sake of the victims? Let’s hope it is soon.

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According to a close friend, Epstein is now the right-hand man of Leslie Wexner, the founder of the Limited Corporation, a giant retailing chain. Ghislaine’s New York friends are very supportive of her relationship with Epstein whom they see as a gentle father figure.

When she first arrived in February 1991, in the wake of her father’s triumphant entrance into Manhattan as the saviour of the New York Daily News, she had one important role – as Captain Bob’s ticket into New York society. She accompanied him to all the right parties and helped to woo the Kennedy clan. When Kerry Kennedy, Robert Kennedy’s daughter, was married Ghislaine was a guest.

Recently, she was seen warmly greeting John Kennedy Jnr, JFK’s only son, at a New York party. As they kissed on meeting their friendship was obvious.

INDEED, men have always been important to Ghislaine. Some have been mere accessories. Others like Epstein, Svengali figures who appear worldly, she has fallen in love with.

“Jeffrey is much more like her father,”said one friend.


Prince Andrew is pictured inside paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s £63million mansion of depravity nine years ago… so how did he miss signs of the billionaire’s sexual deviance?

  • Duke was spotted peering around the door of the billionaire’s Manhattan home on December 6, 2010 
  • The footage of the Duke was taken less than an hour after Epstein left the house with a young blonde woman 
  • Epstein’s alleged ‘sex slave’ Virginia Roberts claims she had sex with the Prince at financier’s New York home
  • Buckingham Palace has denied any wrongdoing on Duke’s part and the Queen has showed him her support

Standing by the towering 15ft-high solid oak front door, Prince Andrew gives a nod and a cheery wave to the pretty brunette as she leaves the £63 million Manhattan mansion.

He appears entirely at ease but then, for a split second, glances around the door as if to check that no one had witnessed the brief encounter.

As well he might.

For these exclusive pictures come from a never-before-seen video of the Duke of York staying at the New York home of convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. And some of the other images caught on camera make for disturbing viewing.

The footage of the Duke of York – then the UK’s Special Representative for International Trade – was taken less than an hour after Epstein, who had been convicted of sex with a child in 2008, left the house in the company of a young, shivering blonde woman.

On December 6 2010, paedophile Jeffrey Epstein was seen leaving his home on New York’s East 91st Street before Prince Andrew was also spotted inside
The Duke appears entirely at ease but then, for a split second, glances around the door as if to check that no one had witnessed the brief encounter

The video was shot on December 6, 2010, during a visit by the Prince to Epstein’s nine-storey 21,000 square foot mansion dubbed the ‘House of Horrors’ by many of his young victims.

By then Epstein – who took his own life last weekend – was on a child sex offender register, yet one observer told The Mail on Sunday that several of the women leaving and entering the home while Andrew was apparently inside ‘looked very young indeed’.

The Duke has vehemently denied claims by Epstein’s alleged ‘sex slave’ Virginia Roberts that she had sex with the Prince on three occasions, the first when she was 17 and once at the US millionaire’s now-notorious 40-room mansion at 9 East 71st Street in Manhattan, the setting of these pictures.

Her allegations, submitted to a court in 2014, were later thrown out by a judge who ordered them to be struck from the record as ‘immaterial and impertinent’.

Since Epstein’s suicide last weekend as he faced further child sex trafficking charges, Buckingham Palace has repeated its denial of wrongdoing by the Prince.

‘Any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors is categorically untrue. It is emphatically denied that the Duke of York had any form of sexual contact or relationship with Virginia Roberts,’ it said.

same girl?

‘Any claim to the contrary is false and without foundation.’

The Queen also made a public show of support by allowing Prince Andrew to sit next to her as they were driven to a church service near Balmoral last Sunday.

However, these images are sure to raise fresh questions about the 59-year-old’s judgment as they place him inside the private, inner sanctum of Epstein, who continued to abuse young girls even after a controversial 2008 plea deal that saw him serve just 13 months, much of it on day release.

‘The Prince looked entirely at ease in Epstein’s house,’ a source told The Mail on Sunday last night.

‘There were girls coming and going. One, who came out of the house with Epstein about an hour before Prince Andrew said goodbye to the brunette, was tiny and shivering.

‘It was a particularly cold New York December day. What I remember most is the constant procession of girls and women going to and from the house.

‘It was chilling to see. Everyone knew by that point that Epstein was a convicted paedophile, yet he was flaunting his lifestyle in plain sight.

Back at the house, she shivers on the doorstep before the door opens and a woman resembling Epstein’s former PA Sarah Kellen emerges

‘When the Prince came to the door I was stunned. He looked totally at ease. He said a few words to the girl, who was very pretty, and then she walked off down the street in the direction of Central Park.

‘If I hadn’t known it was Prince Andrew, I would have thought he owned the place. He looked so comfortable and relaxed as he stood there at the door.

‘He didn’t appear to have a concern in the world as he smiled and waved goodbye to the girl.

‘It was only as the girl walked off that he glanced around the door frame, almost as if to check no one was watching.’

The video was taken less than 24 hours after the Prince was infamously photographed walking through Central Park with Epstein.

He had met the US businessman through Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of disgraced tycoon Robert Maxwell and a woman the FBI says is now of ‘renewed interest’ in its ongoing case into allegations made by scores of women that they were sexually abused by Epstein and his wealthy friends at homes in London, New Mexico, New York and the US Virgin Islands.

Ms Maxwell has repeatedly denied that she acted as a ‘madam’ for Epstein and has described Ms Roberts’s claims as ‘malicious lies’.

Epstein’s New York home was as weird and twisted as the man himself. The entry foyer where Prince Andrew stood to wave off the brunette was decorated, according to an account by writer Vicky Ward in Vanity Fair magazine, with ‘row upon row’ of individually framed artificial eyeballs – imported from England.

The video footage shows the initials ‘JE’ in raised brass letters on the wall next to the front door.

What is not seen is the heating element that Epstein had installed beneath the concrete pavement to melt the New York winter snow.

On a wall in the hall was a bizarre portrait of former US President Bill Clinton in red heels and the infamous stained blue dress worn by Monica Lewinsky when she performed a sex act on him.

Nearby hung a giant painting of Epstein inside a prison surrounded by barbed wire and gun-toting guards.

The disgraced financier reportedly said the artwork was ‘to remind me that I could go back to prison any time’.

As the brunette begins to walk away from the house, the Duke of York waves goodbye without stepping inside

As the light begins to fade, another brunette arrives at Epstein’s house – the latest in a procession of young, attractive women who visited the property that day

A chandelier had a ‘life-size female doll hanging from it, and one woman who claims to have been assaulted by Epstein said a bathroom had prosthetic breasts on the wall ‘so he could play with the nipples as he took a bath’.

Dozens of photographs of Epstein with his famous friends, including Bill and Hillary Clinton, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and filmmaker Woody Allen, were on display in his study beside a life-size stuffed tiger and a stuffed grey poodle.

One can only wonder how Andrew missed the procession of women or the signs of Epstein’s sexual deviance.

Indeed, Epstein’s ‘pride and joy’ was a large ‘human chessboard’ at the bottom of the main staircase which had customised figurines modelled on his female ‘staff members wearing suggestive clothing’.

Then there was the life-size statue of a naked African warrior. Not to mention the ‘leather room’.

When the FBI raided the house after Epstein was arrested last month, it reportedly found ‘thousands’ of indecent images of under-age women on computer hard drives locked in his office safe.

Others have claimed that Epstein had photographs and videos of his famous friends ‘engaged in sex acts’ which have now been seized by the FBI – prompting conspiracy theories that Epstein was murdered despite official autopsy results released on Friday stating definitively that the cause of death was suicide.

The video obtained by The Mail on Sunday is particularly shocking for the fact that – even two years after his 2008 child sex conviction – Epstein was seemingly flaunting his penchant for young women in plain view and in the middle of one of the busiest cities in the world.

The footage begins just before 2.30pm on December 6, 2010, as two security men leave Epstein’s mansion and chat to another security man in a waiting Chrysler.

Epstein’s black Bentley arrives in the street about 20 minutes later, shortly before a delivery man from Le Gourmet delivers a parcel.

Shortly after 3.10pm, an unidentified young woman in a red ‘beanie’ hat leaves the house. She heads in the direction of East 66th Street, where Epstein owned a flat and where, according to some alleged victims, he ‘kept’ young Eastern European girls as virtual prisoners.

About 25 minutes later, an older, professional-looking woman with blonde hair leaves the house.

One minute later, at 3.35pm, Epstein, wearing a thick white fur-lined winter coat, leaves his property, followed by a young-looking girl dressed in a flimsy grey top. She appears to be carrying his glasses.

In a deeply troubling scene, the blonde-haired woman – who barely reaches Epstein’s shoulders – appears cold and shaking as she walks with the millionaire to his Bentley.

Epstein clambers into the back seat as the young woman stands on the street, seemingly being given instructions. An older passer-by glances at the incongruous-looking couple.

After around two minutes, the girl jogs back to the house when she stands on the front step and presses the doorbell, visibly shaking with cold.

It is opened by a professional-looking brunette woman closely resembling Sarah Kellen, Epstein’s former assistant whom several alleged victims have dubbed a ‘co-conspirator’ in Epstein’s crimes.

Kellen, who is now married to a US race-car driver called Brian Vickers, has never commented publicly about the Epstein case.

However, she appeared in court during a defamation suit brought by Ms Roberts against Ms Maxwell and ‘pleaded the Fifth’ when asked about her role in Epstein’s sex trafficking scheme.

In America, invoking the Fifth Amendment is a legal term which means you do not have to give evidence that might incriminate you.

At 4.30pm, the door opens and a pretty brunette emerges. She pauses and turns back to the house where Prince Andrew can be seen at the door.

The pair chat for a few seconds before the woman walks away, leaving Andrew to glance up the street before closing the door.

Forty minutes later, as the light begins to fade, another young-looking dark-haired woman arrives at the house.

In an unpublished manuscript released in the US as part of a huge trove of documents related to a defamation suit brought by Ms Roberts against Ms Maxwell, which was subsequently settled, Ms Roberts talks about meeting Prince Andrew in Epstein’s New York home.

She gives an account – supported by another alleged victim – of how the Prince sat on a sofa and posed with a Spitting Image puppet of himself.

‘When Andrew cupped my breast with a doll made in his image I only giggled away,’ she wrote in the book, described in court documents as a ‘fictionalised’ account of her life.

Last night, the source of the video said they had decided to go public with the footage to encourage further victims to come forward.

‘I’m haunted by the shivering young girl who was with Epstein. What became of her?’ asked the source. ‘Now I’m reading everything that went on inside and know the full horrors of what went on, I’m wondering, was she a victim too?’

This weekend, Prince Andrew was relaxing in the sunshine in Spain on a holiday with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson.

The source said: ‘When the video was taken he looked like a man without a care in the world.

‘You have to wonder if that’s still the case.’

French authorities looking at Jeffrey Epstein’s exploits in Paris

Court documents claim two main procurers of young women for billionaire were French

Aug 15, 2019
The walls of Jeffrey Epstein’s apartment on Foch Avenue in Paris were covered with photographs of naked young women, according to a worker.

The Paris prosecutor’s office is co-operating with US authorities in their investigation of accused sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein, who died in an apparent suicide in a New York prison on August 10th.

Epstein was a regular visitor to France at least since 2002, when he purchased a 2,300sq m apartment on the Avenue Foch. His private jets, registered N120JE and N212JE, landed at Le Bourget airport 11 times in the last 18 months of his life.

Epstein was returning from a three-week stay in Paris when he was arrested at New Jersey’s Teterboro airport on July 6th.

The financier behaved in Paris as he did in Manhattan, Palm Beach and on his private Caribbean island. The walls of his Paris apartment were covered with photographs of naked young women, according to a worker cited in 2,024 pages of US court documents released on August 9th.

A former assistant to Epstein told Libération newspaper there were often several young women in the Avenue Foch apartment, fewer than in Palm Beach, where “there were eight or 10 at a time”.

Epstein’s contacts book was published by the US website Gawker in 2015. It contained a section titled Paris Massage, with dozens of women’s first names and mobile phone numbers.

‘Prostitution network’

A group called Innocence en Danger says it has evidence that “several victims of the prostitution network created by Epstein and his accomplices are of French nationality”.

Two French citizens figure in the US court documents as the main procurers of young women for Epstein. They are Ghislaine Maxwell and modelling agency executive Jean-Luc Brunel.

Maxwell is the daughter of the disgraced media tycoon Robert Maxwell and his French wife, Elizabeth.

Epstein’s chief accuser, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, claims Maxwell, who was Epstein’s former girlfriend, recruited her to be Epstein’s sex slave when she was a 16-year-old working at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. Maxwell sued Giuffre for defamation. They settled out of court in 2017.

Giuffre claims Maxwell and Epstein “gave” her to Brunel, as well as “politicians, university professors and people from royal families”.

Brunel has been implicated in previous scandals. He headed two modelling agencies, Karin and MC2, in which Epstein invested $1 million. Two women quoted in the US court documents say Epstein used Brunel to recruit girls as young as 12, for himself and “especially for Jeffrey Epstein”.

Maritza Vasquez, who was Epstein’s accountant, testified that he gave Brunel the use of apartments on East 66th Street in Manhattan to house models. Brunel flew often on Epstein’s planes, and made himself at home in Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion.

In a 1989 episode of the US programme 60 Minutes, two Paris models accused Brunel of having drugged and raped them. An investigation by the programme alleged that Brunel and a fellow agent sexually assaulted nearly two dozen models. Brunel denied the claims.

Former models

Libération and the investigative website Mediapart interviewed former models Zoë Brock, from New Zealand, and Thysia Huisman, from the Netherlands. They met Brunel in 1991, when Brock was 17 and Huisman had just turned 18.

On arriving in Paris, Brock was lodged in Brunel’s apartment in the Avenue Hoche, allegedly for her own safety. Brunel returned from a trip abroad and told her she would have to sleep with him, she says. She says that she managed to avoid him but that he spread the rumour she was a drug addict and her work dried up.

In the aftermath of Epstein’s death, US and French media have gone to great lengths to contact Maxwell, now aged 57, and Brunel, in his 70s. Both have gone to ground, and no one is sure of their whereabouts.

16 Aug 2019

 Met Police decided not to conduct full investigation into court claims of sex trafficking of girl in Prince Andrew photo

The Met Police decided not to conduct a ‘full investigation’ into allegations a 17 year old girl was trafficked as part of Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘sex ring.’

Channel 4 News can reveal that the Metropolitan Police began a review of “available evidence” in 2015 after receiving a complaint over claims in court papers that a girl was “forced to have sex with Prince Andrew”.

Channel 4 News also understands that lawyers for Virginia Roberts independently contacted the Metropolitan Police in 2016.

The Metropolitan Police said it “reviewed the available evidence” and decided that the matter “would not progress to a full investigation”.

It is not clear what constituted the available evidence.

The Met Police has refused to answer detailed questions about the allegations and whether they ever spoke to Epstein, his friend Ghislaine Maxwell, Prince Andrew or anyone from the Royal Household.

Prince Andrew has always denied “any form of sexual contact or relationship with Virginia Roberts”.

Tonight, lawyers for Virginia Roberts told Channel 4 News she is “hopeful” that “the London authorities will view the abuse she suffered while in London … as a serious investigative matter.”

In U.S court documents released last week, Virginia Roberts, now Giuffre, alleges that she was one of many girls and young women that were part of a sex trafficking network run by disgraced financier and paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Epstein was found dead in his Manhattan jail cell earlier this month.

In the court documents, Ms Roberts alleges that in 2001, aged 17, she was trafficked to the UK by Mr Epstein, accompanied by Ghislaine Maxwell, during which time she was “forced to have sexual relations with a member of the British Royal Family, Prince Andrew.”

A photo from early 2001, taken in a house believed to be that of Ghislane Maxwell, shows Prince Andrew with his arm around the bare waist of Virginia Roberts. Ms Maxwell is in the background of the photo.

These court documents contain various historical allegations made by Virginia Roberts, who says that she was subjected to repeated sexual abuse, sex trafficking and exploitation by Mr Epstein and his ‘sexual abuse ring’ from 1999 until 2002.

There is no suggestions that Prince Andrew was aware of any of Jeffrey Epstein’s activities.

A complaint to the police regarding the alleged sexual trafficking to the UK of Ms Roberts was received in 2015 from an unconnected third party.

Channel 4 News asked the Metropolitan Police a series of questions about Virginia Robert’s account of what she says happened to her at Maxwell’s London residence in early 2001.

The Met told Channel 4 News: “[We] can confirm that the Metropolitan Police Service [MPS] received an allegation of non-recent trafficking for sexual exploitation.

“The MPS reviewed the available evidence and the decision was made that this would not progress to a full investigation. As such, the matter was closed.”

There are of course several reasons why a full investigation would not be launched, but they have not made clear why further action was not taken on this matter.

Lawyers for Virginia Roberts, now Giuffre, told Channel 4 News: “Virginia Giuffre has been and remains hopeful that, given all the factual evidence that is now in the public domain, the London authorities will view the abuse she suffered while in London …  as a serious investigative matter and they would be prepared to prosecute and hold those responsible accountable — regardless of status or power.”

In a court application filed in 2014 Virginia Giuffre alleged that she was forced to have sexual relations in three places when she was under 18.

The court ruled that “lurid” details in her application were “unnecessary” in determining if she could join the action. It ruled the details around sexual activities concerning Prince Andrew were “immaterial and impertinent” to the application, and should be stricken.


Ghislaine Maxwell has previously denied any wrongdoing – including the allegations now in the public domain from court filings in the United States.

Buckingham Palace released a statement in relation to these allegations on behalf of Prince Andrew, the Duke of York.

“This relates to proceedings in the United States, to which The Duke of York is not a party. Any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors is categorically untrue.”

“It is emphatically denied that The Duke of York had any form of sexual contact or relationship with Virginia Roberts. Any claim to the contrary is false and without foundation.”

Stowe School in Buckinghamshire


“… Take your time to stroll down Bell Gate Drive, as visitors to Stowe have done for nearly 300 years. You can pick from one
of our three paths, created in the eighteenth century by
Lord Cobham …

The Path of Vice

” … Let us tempt you along the Path of Vice. Turn left as you enter the garden to be led through life’s indulgences. The temples in this area are concerned with lust and illicit love; the hermitage story links into sexual jealousy and melancholy whilst the Temple of Venus is dedicated to the unfaithfulness of
women. Some say to truly appreciate virtue you must first dabble in vice …”


REBECCA WALLERSTEINER is the London-based daughter of Robert Maxwell’s business partner. Her brother is Stowe School’s headmaster Rebecca was given a job by Richard Ingrams, named in Dr Joan Coleman’s list of alleged child abusers

STOWE SCHOOL Linked to Ghislaine Maxwell, Sarah Ferguson, 9/11, Carl Beech, Harvey Proctor, Lord McAlpine, Richard Branson, Michael Grade, John Sainsbury, Sir Peter Hayman, John Henniker-Major WADDESDON MANOR & ASCOTT HOUSE Rothschilds CLIVEDEN Astors′

Lord Alastair McAlpine was governor at Stowe School during Henniker-Major’s tenure as governor.
Henniker-Major was Governor of Stowe School from 1982 until 1990.
Lord Alastair McAlpine was a governor of Stowe School from 1981

Dod’s Parliamentary Companion Ltd., 1988

@MySweetLandlord 2015
Henniker went through Stowe and Cambridge with Noel Annan, a close friend of Guy Burgess.

Henniker and Annan kept in touch for many years. Another Blunt connection.

Richard Branson and Stowe School from the Mirror 1998



FERGIE & GHISLAINE Both mates with Epstein

Both took money from Epstein

Both knew what their ‘other halves’ were doing with minors Both linked to Street Child

(Fergie founded it, Ghislaine’s spokesman supports it)

Both linked to Cantor Fitzgerald

Both linked to Stowe School


Above, we see Ghislaine Maxwell at the 2003 summer ball at STOWE SCHOOL.

It was called the La Dolce Vita party, and its ostensible purpose was to fund-raise for the CANTOR FITZGERALD FUND.

CANTOR FITZGERALD is financial services firm which does an awful lot for ‘charity’.

Cantor Fitzgerald sponsored summer parties at Stowe School in 2002, 2003, and 2004 (there may have been other Cantor Fitzgerald-linked ‘charity’ parties at Stowe School in other years, too).

During 9/11, Cantor Fitzgerald occupied the 101st to the 105th floors of One World Trade Center.”


Lutnick and Trump

Cantor Fitzgerald (BGC Partners) is 60% owned by its CEO, HOWARD LUTNICK, a Jewish American billionaire.

“Howard Lutnick did not lose his life on Sept. 11, 2001 because he took his son to school.”

Jeffrey Epstein lived at 9 East 71st Street in New York City.

Howard Lutnick lived at 11 East 71st Street in New York City.

“An investigation found that Epstein’s history at the address is entangled with the adjacent property, 11 E. 71st St., now home to billionaire Howard Lutnick.”

May 16 2019


Trump is at a fundraiser at Howard Lutnick’s house tonight, at 11 E 71st street, on the UES.

President Trump courted deep-pocketed donors in his native New York City for the first time in months Thursday evening at a campaign fundraiser at Wall Street bigwig Howard Lutnick’s upscale Manhattan home

Lutnick — who’s worth more than $1.5 billion and serves as the CEO of Wall Street trading firm Cantor Fitzgerald — is an outspoken supporter of Trump and has praised the president’s tax cuts and regulations-slashing economic agenda.

“You had this regulatory overhang of negativity in the past, and now you have a view of positivity in the future,” Lutnick said on CNBC in July 2017. “You’re going to see the financial have a nice bump coming…It’s going to come.”


9 E 71st Street: that’s Jeffrey Epstein’s house.

9 E 71st St ( Epstein )
11 E 71st Street ( Lutnick )

and 18 E 71st Street.

That’s Bill Cosby’s house.


Amaitis and Charles, just after 9 11.

LEE AMAITIS was formerly the head of Cantor Fitzgerald’s London office.

Amaitis is the founder, president and chief executive officer of CG Technology, a gambling subsidiary based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Cantor Fitzgerald affiliate pays $22.5 million to end US gambling probe

Aid workers rape and sexually exploit children

Amaitis has fundraised for ‘Children in Crisis’.

Stowe School’s headmaster, Dr Anthony Wallersteiner, is a Trustee of  ‘Children in Crisis’.



Sarah, Duchess of York, and her daughters have supported the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund in the past, which distributes money to ‘victims of terrorism, emergencies and natural disasters’.

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew also have personal links to Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein.

Stowe School – A pupil said of Stowe: “There was a game known as the Temple Challenge, where couples would compete to have sex at all of the 40 tiny neo-classical buildings in the school’s 750 acres.”  ‘Pupils had competition to have sex everywhere’

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Mossad father, Robert Maxwell, was the MP for Stowe, where Stowe School is located.

Could there be links –

Stowe School, Cantor Fitzgerald, Ghislaine and Robert Maxwell.

An ‘Israel/Mossad sponsored’ international child trafficking empire.

9/11 and the subsequent reordering of the Middle East.

Stowe School, mentioned by whistleblower Carl Beech. A pupil said of Stowe: “There was a game known as the Temple Challenge, where couples would compete to have sex at all of the 40 tiny neo-classical buildings in the school’s 750 acres.”  ‘Pupils had competition to have sex everywhere’

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Mossad father, Robert Maxwell, was the MP for Stowe, where Stowe School is located.

Could there be links –

Stowe School, Cantor Fitzgerald, Ghislaine and Robert Maxwell.

An ‘Israel/Mossad sponsored’ international child trafficking empire.

9/11 and the subsequent reordering of the Middle East.


These are aerial views of Jeffrey Epstein’s Upper East Side mansion at 9 East 71st Street in New York City.

Of note:

1. The entire top floor was his “bedroom”.
2. The skylight in the center was his bathroom.

3. There is a row of trees planted in the rear which would obscure the view from prying eyes.

4. Howard Lutnick of Cantor Fitzgerald was his neighbor at 11 E 71 St.

5. The Lutnik house belonged to Leslie Wexner, who gave it to Jeffrey Epstein who then sold it to Lutnick.

9 East 71st — Jeffrey Epstein 11 East 71st — Howard Lutnick 18 East 71st — Bill Cosby

In the first days after the attack, Lutnick became the human face of Wall Street. In an interview with Connie Chung, he cried openly about the 955 children who lost a parent at Cantor Fitzgerald and pledged to take care of all the families.

But soon after the interview, Lutnick cut off paychecks to the families of the dead — and just as suddenly, he was the face of greed and heartlessness. Newspapers and television shows had a field day. “CANTOR KIN: BOSS BROKE BOND TO US” blared the New York Post. “The O’Reilly Factor” devoted a whole segment to the story.

“Howard Lutnick was a very good actor on TV. He should get an award for that,” one Cantor widow told Bill O’Reilly

. Angry letters, faxes and phone calls poured into the Lutnick home.

*AON is another another Epstein-linked company in the WTC with links to Epstein where hundreds of employees perished, yet had magically taken its data backup tapes taken offsite the day before 9/11.


Les Wexner claims to have first met Epstein in the mid-1980s…

Interesting that Patterson’s “Filthy Rich” places Epstein meeting Robert Meister of Aon* in the mid-1980s, not meeting Wexner until 1989.


Here’s Lutnick out with pal Fergie

They have links to a VIP pedophile ring at Stowe School, as does Ghislaine Maxwell

Lutnick set up Fergie with free offices in WTC north tower next to his own Cantor Fitzgerald firm

Both miraculously survived 911

658 of Lutnick’s staff didn’t

After Lutnick & Fergie both survived 911 by complete chance, they redoubled their efforts for kids ‘charities’ Lutnick supports Fergie’s US charity ‘Chances for Children’ & her UK charity ‘Children in Crisis’, now part of ‘Street Child’ Both charities are linked to the Maxwells

What the … Duke & Duchess of York Howard Lutnick & his business partner Lee Amaitis ‘Missing’ Jeffrey Epstein & his ‘client’ Jeff Wexner AND Ghislaine Maxwell & her family … know about child trafficking, pedophile blackmail, and 9/11 … is a complete and utter mystery

Branson with Bono
Stowe School spawned Richard Branson, Peter Hayman, John Henniker-Major, Charles Manners, Alistair McAlpine and John Sainsbury.

A Stowe director: Ethne Bannister, the cousin of Roger Bannister whose son Clive is on Epstein’s list. 

Ethne’s son Nicholas, a banker like Clive, moved out of the Twin Towers shortly before 9/11 … and wasn’t the only one with links to Stowe!

Jonathan James Molyneux Fletcher, a Stowe School director, is the brother of David Fletcher, head of Iwerne camps and Titus Trust Trustee, which spawned John Smyth QC. J Fletcher was a frequent visitor at Iwerne, along with Archbishop Justin Welby.

Ghislaine Maxwell attends the “LaDolce Vita” party in aid of the “Cantor Fitzgerald Fund” held at the notorious Stowe School

Cantor Fitzgerald of 9/11 Twin Towers

Sarah Ferguson and 9/11...

Sarah Ferguson had offices on the 101st Fl of the Twin Towers, as did Cantor Fitzgerald…

SARAH Ferguson has revealed her Chances for Children’s mascot, a doll named Little Red, was miraculously found at ground zero following the horrific 9/11 catastrophe that shook America in 2001.

The Duchess of York said the item was discovered by a volunteer, Brian Van Flandern, who found the rag doll amongst the rubble following the September 11 terror attacks that killed 2, 996 people.

Little Red was in charity’s office located on the 101st floor of the World Trade Centre’s North Tower, when a group of extremists hijacked and crashed two planes into the twin towers during the 9/11 attacks.

Sarah told the BBC: “Because our office is on the 101st floor, Little Red always sat on the window looking over New York and over the United States as I imagine she did because she is a little red rag doll, standing at about 12 inches.

“On the day of the terrible disaster, she was found in the rubble by a fireman who put her in his helmet and carried her out.

The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson was in New York City on September 11, 2001. She was in NBC studios being interviewed by Matt Lauer when the first plane hit. Lauer later recalled he was told by his director that a plane had just hit the WTC, and they would be cutting away from the interview with Ferguson. Ferguson’s charity, “Chances for Children,” was located on the 101st floor of 1 World Trade Center. She was scheduled to be in the building with the charity but she was running late. None of the charity’s employees were trapped in the building, but nearly 700 employees of Cantor Fitzgerald, the financial firm providing free office space to the duchess’ charity, were killed in the aftermath of the attack.
Stowe School director
18 Dec 1991  28 Nov 1997
In 1970 he became MP for Dover and in 1972 was made parliamentary private secretary to Geoffrey Howe before joining the executive of the influential 1922 committee.
In Edward Heaths government, Peter Rees served from 1972 to 1973 as PPS Solicitor General, Michael Havers.
In 1979, when the Conservative Party entered government under Margaret Thatcher, he became Minister of State at the Treasury, working to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Geoffrey Howe, before becoming Minister for Trade in 1981.
After the 1983 UK general election he was appointed to the cabinet as Chief Secretary to the Treasury, working to the new Chancellor of the Exchequer, Nigel Lawson.

He was made Privy Counsellor the same year.

Von Bismark Family

Tragic party host von Bismarck found dead in London flat

· Eccentric German count was plagued by two deaths
· Signs of heroin overdose after body discovered
4 Jul 2007
He was the eccentric German aristocrat with a penchant for fishnet stockings and lederhosen whose debauched parties had twice ended in death.


The first time was at Oxford University in 1986, when the daughter of a Conservative minister overdosed in his bed. The second was last year, when a man plunged 60ft to the ground from the roof terrace of the 44-year-old count’s luxury apartment in Chelsea, west London.

This week, a third and final tragedy struck Gottfried Alexander von Bismarck – his body was discovered by paramedics at his flat.

The great-great-grandson of the Iron Chancellor, who united 19th century Germany, had apparently died of a heroin overdose.

The paramedics had been called in by an estate agent who had the keys to sell the property; it is understood he had been asked by a member of the count’s family to look round because of their concern that they had been unable to raise him for several days.

Reports suggested drugs paraphernalia were found near the body. A Met spokeswoman last night would not say whether the police were treating the death as suspicious. Results of a postmortem are expected today.

The life of the flamboyant count – full name Gottfried Alexander Leopold Graf von Bismarck-Schonhausen – was marked by the highest highs and the lowest lows, often one directly following the other. At Oxford he was notorious for wild parties at which severed pigs’ heads were served and guests toasted each other in blood, while he played host dressed in fishnet stockings or lederhosen.

In 1986, at a party in the student count’s rooms at Christ Church College to celebrate the end of exams, Olivia Channon, daughter of the millionaire trade minister Paul Channon, was found dead in his bed.

She had died due to respiratory failure caused by an overdose of heroin and drink. Although von Bismarck always claimed he had not seen Ms Channon “chasing the dragon”, heating heroin on silver foil and inhaling the fumes – and was never implicated in her death other than to be charged separately for possessing drugs – the incident haunted him for the remainder of his life.

In 1991 he said: “There are still people who will not speak to my parents because of it, who said to my mother, ‘What a rotten son you have, he has disgraced the name of Bismarck’.”

After time in rehab, then a spell back in Germany working as an actor, and in a job helping firms in the former GDR on the road to privatisation after the fall of the Berlin Wall, he resettled in London some years ago.

He kept out of the headlines until last August, when a man fell from the roof terrace of his London home during a wild party. Anthony Casey, 38, had a “substantial” amount of cocaine in his body when he plunged 60ft, an inquest heard in October. Mr Casey had been feeling unwell when he asked the count for the key to the roof terrace.

The coroner, Paul Knapman, said that a room in the flat contained what most people would consider “unusual” and “bizarre” items, including buckets of sex toys, a butane gas canister and a box of dozens of syringes.

He added: “In common parlance, in the early hours of the morning, there was a gay orgy going on.” Dr Knapman recorded a verdict of misadventure.

Hedonism ran in the von Bismarck family. His great-great-grandfather was made prime minister of Prussia in 1862, and is credited with engineering modern Germany by defeating France in 1870-71 and uniting the various German states into an empire. He also loved food and drink and was a famed raconteur at parties.

Count Gottfried von Bismarck, was a louche German aristocrat with a multi-faceted history as a pleasure-seeking heroin addict,hell-raising alcoholic,flamboyant waster and a reckless and extravagant host of homosexual orgies.The great-great-grandson of Prince Otto, Germany’s Iron Chancellor and architect of the modern German state, the young von Bismarck showed early promise as a brilliant scholar,but led an exotic life of gilded aimlessness that attracted the attention of the gossip columns from the moment he arrived in Oxford in 1983 and hosted a dinner at which the severed heads of two pigs were placed at either end of the table. This aura of dangerous “glamour” charmed a large circle of friends and acquaintances drawn from the jeunesse dorée of the age; many of them knew him at Oxford,where he made friends such as Darius Guppy and Viscount Althorp and became an enthusiastic, rubber-clad member of the Piers Gaveston Society and the drink-fuelled Bullingdon and Loders clubs.

Newly unsealed court documents in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal contain testimony from an ex-employee of New York City power couple Glenn Dubin and Eva Andersson-Dubin about a “distraught” Swedish teen’s claim that she was pressured to have sex on the pedophile financier’s private island.

Ghislaine Maxwell and Eva Anderson Dubin attend Bette Midler’s New York Restoration Project (NYRP) “HULAWEEN” Gala and Midlers 60th Birthday Celebration at Waldorf Astoria Hotel on October 31, 2005 in New York City.


Jeffrey Epstein 1969

Vicky Ward – Epstein gatekeeper?


Enter one Vicky Ward, British born New York Times bestselling author, investigative journalist, columnist and television commentator. She was editor-at-large of several publications, and a former newspaper editor. Caps are her bestsellers.

In addition to Morgan Stanley, Hewlett Packard, Valerie Plame, the Kushners, Kate Middleton, the Guggenheim, the Getty, and the Fairfield Greenwich hedge fund, she has also written extensively about Jeffrey Epstein, going as far back as 2002 with her “expose” in Vanity Fair.

Here are links to more of her Epstein material through the years to get a feel for her work:

Here’s the problem. And it’s a big one. Here are photos of Vicky Ward in both 2009 and 2010 hobknobbing with Ariadne Calvo Platero, and a 2011 cap from Vicky’s blog detailing how very close Ghislaine and Ariadne are.

How can one simultaneously be one of the loudest Jeffrey Epstein voices in the media, and also be personally connected to Ghislaine Maxwell’s lifelong bestie from Oxford?
Is Vicky Ward an Epstein gatekeeper…?
Is she controlled…?

One family Together charity
Honorary Patrons: Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks, Lord Janner of Braunstone, Professor Alan Dershowitz
Dame Gail & Gerald Ronson
Board Members: Lisa

Immanuel College, a private Jewish school in Hertfordshire originally funded by the right-wing Zionist philanthropists Stanley Kalms and Gerald Ronson

1984 Robert Maxwell – part of the NSPCC working party

Liverpool Echo
Apr 26 1984

Gerald Cavendish, Duke of Westminster, chairman of the NSPCC centenary appeal set up a working party included Earl of Airlie, Lord Aldington of Sun Alliance, Sir Timothy Bevan of Barclays Bank, newspaper magnate Robert Maxwell, Lord Forte, Gerald Ronson of Heron Corp and Hambro’s Mark Weinberg

Lord Jonathan Neil Mendelsohn  Director  09 Jul 2012  07 Jul 2015
 Dec 1966

Jonathan Neil Mendelsohn, Baron Mendelsohn (born 30 December 1966[1]) is a British lobbyist and Labour political organiser. He was appointed the Director of General Election Resources for the party in 2007.[2][3]


With Neal Lawson and Ben Lucas, he founded LLM Communications in 1997, a lobbying firm with easy access to the new Labour Government.[4][5] He has been a spokesman and lobbyist for the gambling company PartyGaming.[6]

He had written to controversial Labour donor David Abrahams claiming he was one of Labour’s “strongest supporters”.[7] In 1998, he was caught on tape along with Derek Draper boasting to Greg Palast, an undercover reporter posing as a businessman, about how they could sell access to government ministers and create tax breaks for their clients[8] in a scandal that was dubbed “Lobbygate”.[9] Draper denied the allegations.[10]

In the same incident Mendelsohn was approached by an undercover journalist posing as a representative of American energy companies who were seeking to ignore environmental laws. Despite LLM’s claim that “we believe that there will be a new breed of ‘ethical winners’ who will demonstrate that businesses no longer operate in a moral vacuum”,[11] Mendelsohn went on to advise the reporter to rephrase their plans into language that sounded “Earth-Friendly” going on to say “Tony [Blair] is very anxious to be seen as green. Everything has to be couched in environmental language – even if it’s slightly Orwellian.”[12]

Other activities

He donated money to Peter Hain‘s 2007 deputy leadership campaign.[13] Mendelsohn is on the board of directors of the New Labour pressure group Progress,[1] According to The Daily Telegraph, “Mr Mendelsohn is steeped in the north London Jewish community”,[3] and is a trustee of the UK charities the Holocaust Educational Trust[14] and the UK arm of the New Israel Fund.[15] He is a former chairman of Labour Friends of Israel,[3] of the Finchley United Synagogue, and the Union of Jewish Students.

House of Lords

On 5 September 2013 he was created a life peer as Baron Mendelsohn, of Finchley in the London Borough of Barnet.[16][17] He became Labour’s business and international trade spokesman in the House of Lords.

In January 2018 he was asked to “step down” from this front bench role, in the wake of the Presidents Club dinner earlier that month, where several women were subjected to sexual harassment and groping. He attended the dinner as President of a charity which received support from the event.[18] According to a party statement, he “did not witness any of the appalling incidents described in reports and has unreservedly condemned such behaviour”.[19]

Personal life

He is married with four children. His wife Nicola, née Clyne, now Lady Mendelsohn, was appointed Facebook‘s Vice-President for Europe, the Middle East and Africa in May 2013.[20] She was formerly chairman of the advertising agency Karmarama, deputy chairman of the advertising agency Grey London[3] and past President of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising.[21]

Directors: Michael Dangoor and Daniel Janner QC
JMI Jewish Music Institute

Trustees: Stuart Appleman, Jarvis Astaire OBE, Simon Broughton, Betty Collick, Robert Gellman FCA (Treasurer), Walter Goldsmith (Chairman) Jennifer Jankel, Sylvia Lewin, Mildred

Loss, Jonathon Lyons, Professor Malcolm Troup, Judith Unikower, Malcolm Weisman OBE, Sally Nathan-Whyte Benefactors: Ronald Auerbach, Sandra Blackman, Naomi Bornstein, David
Cohen CBE, Sir Ronald and Lady Cohen, Stanley Cohen OBE and Joy Cohen, Naim Dangoor, Barbara and Stanley Fink, Lord Gavron, Rudi Goldsmith, Michael and Morven Heller, Mrs T
Heller, Ralph and Zahava Kohn, David Josefowitz, Lord Kalms, Herbert Kretzmer, Mildred Loss, Sir Sydney and Lady Lipworth, Sir Jack and Lady Lyons, Lord and Lady Marks, Clive Marks
and the Hon Mrs Adrianne Marks, Lady Rayne, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, Leopold de Rothschild CBE, Mortimer Sackler, Sir Bernard Schreier, Robert Tchenguiz, Vincent Tchenguiz
Supporters: Valerie and Ernest Bello, Ronnie Cass, Bernard Garbacz, Michael Garston, Rabbi David Goldberg, Henry Grunwald (President, Board of Deputies of British Jews), Jacky Gryn,
Lady Jakobovits, Sir Aron and Lady Klug, Jack Lass, Rabbi Dr Abraham Levy OBE, Judy and Roger Obrart, Peter Oppenheimer (Chairman, Jewish Chronicle), Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan
Sacks, Seymour Saideman (President, Bnai Brith Europe) Carmela Shamir (Cultural Attaché. Israeli Embassy) and the cultural departments of Austrian, German and Hungarian
governments. Honorary Development Board: Professor Kenneth Barker CBE, Atarah Ben Tovim, Sir Jonathan Benn, Dr Margaret Brearley, Lord and Lady Brittan of Spennithorne,
Humphrey Burton, CBE, Raymond M Burton CBE, Simon Campion, His Hon Israel Finestein QC, David J Freeman, Rabbi David Goldberg, Michael Grade CBE, Lilian Hochhauser FRCM,
Victor Hochhauser CBE, Barry Humphries, Emanuel Hurwitz CBE, Sir Jeremy Isaacs, Lord Janner of Braunstone, Dr David Khalili, Sir Tim Lankester, Lord Moser KCB CBE, The Rt Hon
Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne, Tom Petzal, Lord Justice Rix, Claudia Roden, Norman Rosenthal (exhibitions Director Royal Academy of Art), Robert Saxton, Michael Tilson Thomas,
Julian Shuckburgh, Rabbi Dr Norman Solomon, Dame Muriel Spark DBE, Sir Sigmund Sternberg OStJ KCSG, Lord Stone of Blackheath, Michael Tilson Thomas. International Advisory
Board: Prof David Bloch (Tel Aviv), Professor Philip Bohlman (Chicago), Prof Alexander Goehr (Cambridge), Dr Tziporah Jochsberger (Jerusalem), Gregori von Leijtis (Germany), Dr Neil
Levin (New York), Dr Christian Meyer (Vienna), Professor Edwin Seroussi, (Jerusalem), Dr Yuval Shaked (Tel Aviv), Dr Gilles Rozier (Paris) Consultants: Vivienne Bellos, Sydney Fixman,

Alexander Knapp, Victor Tunkel, Rev Reuben Turner, Malcolm Singer.

“ANGLO-CONTINENTAL CHEMICALS” was incorporated on 22 May 1944 and in now inactive. The most recent directors are listed as:
Mrs Renee Dangoor… wife
Sir Naim Dangoor… husband
Mr David Dangoor… son
Mr Michael Dangoor... son
Mr Elie Dangoor… son



Sir Harry Solomon  12 Apr 1992  26 Jan 2010

Director  Mar 1937

Sabrewatch has contracts with Marks and Spencer.

Former MS chairmen include:

Lord Myners. Financial Services Secretary (sometimes referred to as City Minister[1]) in HM Treasury, the UK’s finance ministry, during the Labour Government of Gordon Brown.[2] He held the position from October 2008 until May 2010, and was made a life peer in consequence of his appointment. He also served on the Prime Minister’s National Economic Council.

Sir Richard Greenbury. Greenbury was born in Carlisle and educated at Ealing County Grammar School in London. As a young man he claimed to have been, “The most caned boy in school”, an achievement that he suggested had taught him, “The importance of discipline.” (wiki)

Jimmy Savile known to vist MS head office. Maybe this was to see Gabrielle Greenbury wife of Richard.

The Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust is primarily based in the Leeds area, although not all of its trustees – listed as Luke Lucas, Dr Roger Bodley and Lady Gabrielle Greenbury on the Charity Commission’s website – still live there.

Luke Lucas and Gabrielle Greenbury are also members of the Alpine club org uk. They applied for membership at the same time in 2001.


Telephone & Fax (020) 7613 0755 55/56 CHARLOTTE RD
E-mail: LONDON, EC2A 3QF

Newsletter 1/2001 January 2001

Welcomed as Aspirant Members are:
Lady Gabrielle Greenbury Toto Anne Gronlund Luke Lucas
Charters Towers, Felcourt Road 105 Green Road Charters Towers, Felcourt Road
East Grinstead, RH19 2JG Poole, Dorset BH15 1QT East Grinstead RH19 2JG
British. Company Director Danish. NHS Director British. Company Director
Proposer: Steve Jones Proposer: Jack Crewe, WMC Proposer: Steve Jones
Seconder: Pat Littlejohn Seconder: Alan Yeend Seconder: Pat Littlejohn

Gabrielle Greenbury was also director of Princedale company. Sir Harry Solomon formerly at food group Hillsdown was also directer at the same time.

Sir Harry Solomon is the co-founder and Vice Chairman of the Portland Trust.


Intelligence and the Making of Foreign Policy: A Personal Reflection

Efraim Halevy

Portland Fellow
Head of the Center for Strategic and Policy Studies, the Hebrew University
Head of the MOSSAD (1998 2002)

Monday 21 June, 2004

The Locarno Suite, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, King Charles Street, London, SW1A

Intelligence and the Making of Foreign Policy

It is both an honour and a privilege for me to have been invited to deliver the first Portland Trust annual lecture; for this I am indeed grateful to Sir Ronald Cohen, Sir Harry Solomon and to Ellis Goodman.

Sir Harry, founder of Hillsdown Holdings plc, has also been involved in Monitor Quest since 1999 and provides direction and strategic advice to the Board. He qualified and practised as a solicitor, and is currently a director of several companies both within the UK and abroad providing commercial expertise at the highest level.

(London, 15th March 2005) Quest is delighted to announce the appointment of the former Mossad Director, Efraim Halevy, as a Special Advisor to the Board. Quest is one of the UK’s leading security and intelligence consultancies.(chaired by Lord Stevens, former Commissioner London Metropolitan Police)

Mr Halevy has 40 years of experience in the Mossad, Israel’s secret intelligence service, including four years as its chief from 1998-2002. He recently stepped down as the Director of Israel’s National Security Council and as National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister. His diplomatic career included postings to both Washington and Paris as Political Counsellor at the Israeli Embassy. He was appointed Ambassador of Israel to the European Union in 1995.

Efraim Halevi also happens to be a member of the Clove Club, founded in 1848 with the motto, “God Grant Grace”:

The Clove Club is the organisation for anyone who attended Hackney Downs School (formerly The Grocers’ Company’s School), Downs Park Road, London, E.5.

Efraim Halevi is listed under “CLOVE MEMBERS AND CONTACTS as at 12.2.02.”

Mr.J, Halevy, B1945-1948, Mr.Efraim

Who happens to be listed right alongside another member of the Clove Club Old Boys Association:

The Lord, Levy, B1955-1962, Michael

Michael Levy, Baron Levy
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Michael Abraham Levy, Baron Levy (born 11 July 1944) is a British politician, a Labour member of the House of Lords and the major fundraiser for the UK Labour Party and several Jewish and Israeli charities. A long-standing friend of the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, Lord Levy is in the unique position of being an important pro-Israel lobbyist and Tony Blair’s special envoy to the Middle East since 2002. Levy was arrested and questioned in connection with the “Cash for Peerages” inquiry by the Metropolitan Police on 12 July 2006.[1] After six hours of questioning he was released on police bail. On 20 September 2006 he was questioned a second time, and again released on bail.[2] On 30 January 2007 Lord Levy was arrested on suspicion of conspiring to pervert the course of justice.[3]

Tony Blair’s wife Cherie is also connected to Sir Harry Solomon through Norwood.

Norwood chief executive Norma Brier, Erica Marks; Cherie Blair, Norwood’s patron of children’s services; David Marks

Norwood is a UK charity established in 1785 in the East End of London.

In 1996, it merged with Ravenswood, a Berkshire-based charity for people with learning disabilities, to create one of the largest welfare organisations within the United Kingdom Jewish community.

Norwood currently provides more than 120 services for people with learning disabilities, and children and families in need, within the Jewish and wider communities in London and the South East.

These specialist services benefit more than 7,000 people each year and are delivered by 1,200 staff and supported by around 800 volunteers.

Norwood’s Patron is HM The Queen and its Patron of Children’s Services is Cherie Blair.
Simon Cowell with a Norwood service user at the annual dinner 2010

The charity’s celebrity supporters include Simon Cowell, Elton John, David Furnish, Sir Philip Green, Bernie Ecclestone, Roger Daltrey, Theo Paphitis, Tom Conti and Piers Morgan.

Solomon holds a portfolio of non-executive and advisory positions at charities and companies including Norwood.

Norwood’s Patron is HM The Queen.

Australian prime minister’s daughter is revealed to have been waved out of Jeffrey Epstein’s lair by Prince Andrew

  • Video of Prince Andrew at Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan lair in 2010 has rocked the British royal family
  • The woman he waved goodbye to in the video was named by friend as Katherine Keating, who was then 29
  • The video was taken day before infamous picture of Epstein and Andrew walking together in Central Park but was only revealed this weekend 
  • On Tuesday her sister Alexandra Keating, 34, fled her $2.25 million Hollywood Hills home with two suitcases, saying: ‘I’m not Katherine.’
  • Their father Paul Keating was Australian prime minister from 1991 to 1996
  • Katherine, 37, is now a ‘sustainability’ campaigner who works for a showbusiness talent agency that represents Sir Paul McCartney and U2
  • Alexandra founded a tech company but is now an adviser to controversial billionaire Stephen Ross, the SoulCycle investor and Trump supporter
  • Despite distancing herself, the younger sister also socialized with Epstein’s alleged procurer Ghislaine Maxwell at her home in 2013
With Ghislaine Maxwell’s friend: Alexandra Keating and Katherine Keating stood with Ariadne Calvo-Platero at a 2013 reception at Maxwell’s house. Calvo-Platero is Maxwell’s best friend from her Oxford University years, and a member of the board of the ‘charity’ Maxwell set up which is now under federal investigation


Alexandra Keating splits her time between Los Angeles and New York, working as an adviser to RSE Ventures.

It is the investment vehicle of Stephen Ross, the billionaire SoulCycle backer whose support for Donald Trump led to a celebrity-led boycott of the trendy exercise chain.

Alexandra and Katherine on the New York social scene, with Alexandra moving there first from their native Australia and Katherine joining her in 2010.

Katherine was not at the offices of her Los Angeles-based employers, talent agency Maverick, on Tuesday.

Maverick, who represent among others U2 and Madonna, have refused to comment on Katherine’s employment status since the revelation on Monday that she went to Epstein’s home in December 2010 and was waved off by Prince Andrew.

Katherine Keating has refused to respond to multiple attempts to contact her.

The sisters’ father also declined to comment. His secretary told he was ‘aware of what the enquiry was about, but he would not be making a comment’.

The 2010 video footage shows a young girl leaving the house with Jeffery Epstein, followed by Paul Keating’s daughter.

In 2014, Katherine Keating interviewed Epstein’s child trafficking partner Ghislaine Maxwell for the Huffington Post.

KATHERINE KEATING The mate of Epstein and Prince Andrew—whose father was Prime Minister of Australia—now works for Maverick Management Maverick Management’s founder is Israeli American PR man Guy Oseary Oseary represents Barbara Hewson’s relative, Bono


And Katherine Keating and Bono’s daughter are business associates …

Ellis, a supporter of the Australian Labor Party, wrote speeches for a number of Labor leaders (such as Bob Carr, Paul Keating and Kim Beazley) and wrote extensively on Labor history.

Writer Bob Ellis – His university life put him in contact with Clive James, Bob Hughes, Germaine Greer and Les Murray, who were also studying there at that time.

Bob Ellis funeral

Mourners included feminist Germaine Greer

Image result for germaine greer rape

Germaine Greer calls for punishment for rape to be reduced

May 31 2018

Germaine Greer has called for the lowering of punishment for rape and said society should not see it as a “spectacularly violent crime” but instead view it more as “lazy, careless and insensitive”.

From 2015

Judge orders Prince Andrew sex allegations struck from court record

Virginia Roberts’s accusations about Andrew ordered to be struck from the record as judge denied her attempt to join a lawsuit against Jeffrey Epstein

Judge Kenneth Marra ordered Virginia Roberts’s accusations about Andrew, the Duke of York, to be struck from the record and denied her attempt to join a lawsuit against Jeffrey Epstein, a friend of the prince and a convicted sex offender.

“At this juncture in the proceedings, these lurid details are unnecessary,” Marra wrote in his order, issued at the US district court in southern Florida on Tuesday morning. “These unnecessary details shall be stricken.”

Andrew and Buckingham Palace vehemently deny Roberts’s allegations.

Marra made no ruling or statement about the veracity of Roberts’s allegations. He said the “factual details regarding with whom and where” she had sex were “immaterial and impertinent” to her argument that she should be allowed to join the lawsuit.

President George W. Bush nominated Marra to the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida on January 23, 2002

Marra also ordered sensational allegations against Prince Andrew and well-known lawyer Alan Dershowitz, a former Harvard Law School professor, stricken from the court record.

“They’re Nothing, These Girls”: Unraveling the Mystery of Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s Enabler

Mohammad bin Salman with Trump and May

Mohammad bin Salman had visited Jeffrey Epstein many times and they spoke often


Lisa Belzberg: Ex-wife of Seagram heir Matthew Bronfman and former sister-in-law of Clare and Sara Bronfman, who were both involved in NXIVM, a cult that focused on sexual slavery. Belzberg reportedly had a sexual relationship with Bill Clinton in 2002 while still with Matthew Bronfman.

Ms Belzberg is a business associate of Prince Andrew, after meeting him at a charity dinner last year.

She has donated thousands of dollars to a charity group for which the Duke of York is an unofficial ambassador, hosting fundraising dinners and visiting camps set up for youngsters to enjoy games and outdoor pursuits.

Ms Belzberg, dated such well-connected New Yorkers as Andrew Cuomo and Michael Fuchs before marrying Mr Bronfman in 1992.

Ms Belzberg won an educational heroes award from the Clinton administration. In 1998, New York magazine named her one of the ten most influential New Yorkers, Crain’s picked her out for a “40 under 40” list and Redbook ran a piece on her under the headline “Mothers and Shakers”.

Epstein pictured with Bill Clinton


Bill Clinton and Epstein  in 1995, when the president was running for reelection. Epstein reportedly attended a fundraising dinner for Clinton in Palm Beach, Florida, with about a dozen other people hosted by wealthy businessman Ronald Perelman.

Jeffrey Epstein shipped $100K cement truck to ‘Pedophile Island’ three weeks before damning expose was released, paying for machine up front so it would arrive quicker, as experts say he could have ‘literally covered up evidence’

  • Jeffrey Epstein shipped a $50k cement truck to his private Caribbean island Little St. James on November 7 last year, DailyMailTV can exclusively reveal 
  • Epstein sent the machine with an Express Bill Of Lading, an unusual and expensive way of shipping an item so that it arrives quickly 
  • The 66-year-old, who died by apparent suicide on Saturday, was in such a hurry that he paid for the machine up front so it would arrive sooner 
  • Three weeks later the Miami Herald published its expose on Epstein on November 28, which eventually led to Epstein being arrested in July 
  • Shipping experts told DailyMailTV that the possibility that it was ‘used to literally cover up evidence cannot be discounted’ 
  • Other items sent to Epstein was a tile and carpet extractor that weighed 191 lbs and was sent to his New York home from the US Virgin Islands on March 11
  • Epstein also had an industrial shredder sent to his island in 2008 shortly after reaching a controversial non prosecution agreement in Florida 

The dentist’s chair that Epstein had imported arrived from China on September 9 2013.

It has a rotatable ceramic spittoon, a ‘luxurious’ operating light, high power suction, a saliva ejector system and LED panoramic X-ray viewer.

Some of the items shipped to Epstein had already been reported by The Intercept, such as the shredder which was 53lbs – indicating it was an industrial size.

In 2008, Epstein had the industrial shredder sent to his island shortly after reaching a controversial non prosecution agreement under which he only served 13 months in jail even though police found dozens of victims.

The shredder can destroy CDs, three ring binders and hardbound documents – and up to 85 sheets of paper per pass.

The Intercept noted that one of the main difficulties in prosecuting Epstein in the 2000s was the lack of documentary evidence.

Jeffrey Epstein: 300 Brits named in FBI dossier on Prince Andrew’s paedophile pal

12 Aug 2019


MPs are calling for an investigation into the Duke of York’s relationship with Epstein.

Virginia Giuffre claims she was a victim of sex trafficking by Epstein and “loaned” to Prince Andrew for sex three times, which he vehemently denies.

Labour MP Jess Phillips, who sits on the Women and Equalities Committee, said: “I think that, of course, the case must be properly investigated.”

US investigators who looked at Epstein’s “little black book” found almost half of it read like a who’s who of British society.

His 301 British contacts had more than 1,000 numbers and dozens of email addresses between them.

The contacts included celebrities such as Mick Jagger, Simon Le Bon, the late Sir David Frost, Richard Branson, Naomi Campbell, Tamara Beckwith, Jonathan Dimbleby, Loyd Grossman and numerous lords and ladies.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair is recorded once, while his former cabinet minister Lord Peter Mandelson has 10 numbers, including one marked “direct line” one for “home” and another for “country home”.

There are 16 numbers for Prince Andrew, including a mobile number, one marked “Palace ex-directory”, one for Balmoral, the Queen’s Scottish residence, where the Prince invited Epstein, and one marked “Sand”, for Sandringham, another royal retreat where he spent time.

The ex-Wall Street financier flew “sex slave” Giuffre, formerly known as Roberts, to London in 2001, when she was just 17.

While in the capital, she was pictured with the then 41-year-old Prince Andrew inside the home of British socialite ­Ghislaine Maxwell.

27 years after her toe-sucking shame, Sarah and Andrew have been “rekindling” their romance back at Balmoral on holiday with the Queen.

Until Sunday’s headlines about another wealthy American saw Fergie fleeing the royal fold in panic.

Because paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, the pal who helped clear her debts, had killed himself – leaving secrets that could draw Andrew deeper into a sordid sex scandal involving teenage girls.

And while the royals are standing by Andrew, who categorically denies any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors, Fergie fears she will take more flack over Andrew’s friendship with the disgraced financier.

For it was Sarah who first introduced Andrew to “Good Time Ghislaine” Maxwell in the 1990s, before she introduced them to her lover Epstein.

Ghislaine became Andrew’s social fixer, his conduit into millionaire trans-Atlantic society.

They were spotted dining on lobster salad, drinking champagne cocktails at a stylish Madison Avenue restaurant in New York in 2000. This was just a brief glimpse of Andrew’s new US life in the fast lane, all private jets, racy nightclubs and first-class treatment.

When the Yorks divorced, Fergie’s profligate spending saw her rack up £5million in debts.

In 2011, three years after Epstein was convicted of soliciting underage girls for prostitution, Sarah revealed he’d paid £15,000 to a personal assistant she owed.

She said “I deeply regret that Jeffrey Epstein became involved in any way with me. I abhor paedophilia and any sexual abuse of children and know that this was a gigantic error of judgment on my behalf.”

Loyd Grossman with Camilla’s son Tom Parker Bowles

Through the Keyhole originally started as a segment on TV-am, first being broadcast on its launch day on 1 February 1983.[2] The idea was created by Kevin Sim as a chance to look around some of the most influential homes with Loyd Grossman at the helm as the tour presenter.

Through the Keyhole

One of the guests who consented to have his property exposed to the refined Bostonian taste buds of Loyd Grossman in the comeback show was Sir James Savile. But no amount of Ks can cover up for the fact that this show looks like it’s trespassing, especially when the notoriously chaste Sir James used the guest slot to reinvent himself as a nine-times-a-night Lothario. “What are you going to do next in your life?” asked the ever penetrative Sir David. “Anybody I can lay my hands on,” replied Sir James.

Thanks be to Grossman: ineffably snooty, he drops the cleverly concealed bombs into his guided tours. “What could be nicer?” he said on finding a selection of Royal Marine marches in what turned out to be Savile’s record collection.

Grossman’s lifelong interest in history, the arts and heritage has involved him in a number of organisations. He is a former Commissioner of the Museums and Galleries Commission, a former Commissioner of English Heritage (where he was Chairman of the Museums Advisory Committee and the Blue Plaques Panel), a former Commissioner of the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England, a founding member of the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council, past Chairman of the National Museums Liverpool and of the Public Monuments and Sculpture Association. He founded the 24 Hour Museum (now Culture24) and was its Chairman until 2005.

Grossman is Patron of the Association for Heritage Interpretation, Patron of Heritage Open Days, Patron of the Haslemere Educational Museum, Patron of the Historic Lincoln Trust, and Patron of the American Museum in Britain. He is President of NADFAS, President of the British Association of Friends of Museums and a Fellow of St Deiniol’s Library. He was Chairman of the University for the Creative Arts from 2008 to 2012, a member of the Court of Governors of the LSE from 1996 to 2009 and is now an Emeritus Governor of the LSE. He was formerly Deputy Chair of the Prince’s Drawing School. He is a Member of the Council of the British School at Rome, a member of the board of the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions and Governor of the Building Crafts College.

In 2007, Grossman was appointed Chairman of the Churches Conservation Trust; and in 2009 he was appointed Chairman of The Heritage Alliance, the UK membership organisation that represents more than 100 leading non-governmental organisations across the heritage sector. In 2015 he was re-elected for an unprecedented third term as HA Chair.

He is a member of the Court of Assistants of the Company of Arts Scholars, an Honorary Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Glaziers, a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Carpenters, a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.[1]

Other activities

Grossman was also a Patron of the Cavell Nurses’ Trust. He was Patron of Latymer Sub-Aqua Club for People with Disabilities from 1995 until its demise in 2013.[8]


Treetops Foundation:

The foundations major donors are:

Lisa Belzberg; Matthew Bronfman.

They donated money to the Dalton School where Jeffrey Epstein taught.

1993 Bronfmans and Wexner

A brief rundown of the first ten pages of Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Little Black Book’

Below is a quick rundown of the first ten pages of Epstein’s contacts. There are some misspelled names. Epstein entered their names like this.

I did not search for pedophilia and other illegal ties into most of these people because I didn’t have the time. This took a ton of time as is. Anyway, I hope something here strikes an interest in someone and maybe we can get more investigations out of this.

Abby: Not enough information

Joanna Abousleiman: Investment officer at the International Finance Corporation, a sister organization of the World Bank. Former strategy consultant at Booz & Company based in Abu Dhabi, working with public and private sector clients across the Middle East and North Africa.

Nick Adam: Not enough information

Alejandro Agag: Former politician in Spain. Became Secretary General of the European People’s Party (EPP), a tremendous political faction in Europe. Agag played a huge role in getting former Italy PM Silvio Berlusconi’s party into the EPP. Berlusconi has been charged for underage prostitution in the past. Agag quit politics to pursue financial and sporting interests. He is married to the daughter of Jose Maria Aznar, the former PM of Spain and Ana Botella Serrano, the first female mayor of Madrid. Guests at Agag’s wedding included kings and queens. Berlusconi and Tony Blair served as witnesses.

Marie Claire & John Agnew: John Agnew is a big-time banker out of London. He was former Joint Head of Morgan Stanley’s London office. Long history of working at various trusts. His father, Goeffrey Agnew, was the chairman of Thomas Agnew & Sons, a massive fine art dealer in London. Marie Claire Agnew is John Agnew’s wife. Her father, Bernard Dreesman is the Chairman of Morley’s department stores in London.

Azzedine Alaia: Deceased shoe designer. Tons of celebrities wore his shoes.

Rufus & Sally Albermarle: Rufus Keppel is the 10th Earl of Albemarle. The Keppel bloodline has served as Earl of Albemarle since the late 1600s and have ties to the British royal family. Rufus Keppel has the same great-great-grandfather as Camilla Parker Bowles (Prince Charles’s wife). Alice Keppel, who married the 7th Earl of Albemarle (Rufus’s great uncle), was a long-time mistress of King Edward VII. Alice Keppel was Camilla Parker Bowles’s great-grandmother. Camilla admired her. Rufus and Sally have since divorced. She was a sculptor.

Saffron Aldridge: A former Ralph Lauren model in the 1980s and 1990s.

Pam Alexander: According to New York Mag, she is “P.R. agent to the technology stars.” She has become the most powerful woman in the technology industry, and among the most powerful people in the P.R. industry.” Attended annual billionaires’ dinners with Epstein.

Giacomo Algranti: London art dealer.

Paul Allan: Co-founder of Microsoft. Paul Allen was the owner of the Portland Trailblazers (NBA) and the Seattle Seahawks (NFL).

Nicholas and Sarah Allan: Nicholas Allan is a former partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers, a financial consulting firm worth billions. He is now the chairman of Link REIT, the largest real estate investment trust in Asia.

Charlie Althorp: Perhaps better known to us as Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer. He is the younger brother of Princess Diana and the maternal uncle of Prince William and Prince Harry. Queen Elizabeth II is his godmother.

Carella Alun-Jones: Wife of James McGrigor, founder of McGrigor group, an organization that does consulting work with health insurers. Could not find anything about her besides this.

Jeremy & Deborah Alun-Jones: Jeremy is a CEO at ADM Capital, a large investment firm. Deborah Alun-Jones is an author and Jeremy’s wife.

Senor Vincente Alvarez: Likely Vincent Alvarez, president of the New York City Central Labor Council. Alvarez is also a Class C director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. This is a position that is appointed by the Board of Governors.

Phillipe Amon: Owner and manager of SICPA, a Swiss company and universal leader that specializes in the printing of bank notes, passports, lottery tickets, and identity documents. SICPA literally prints money and passports.

Maurice & Roberta Amon: Maurice is Philippe’s brother. Maurice left SICPA, but may have had an equal role to Philippe had he stayed. Roberta Amon is Maurice’s ex-wife. He left her as she battled breast cancer.

Lisa Anastos: General Counsel for Payfone, a digital identity authentication network. Anastos previously worked in the law department of Goldman Sachs and General Counsel’s office of American Express.

Lulu Anderson: Uncertain. Only lead found were a few pictures of a woman with the same name at a party as a guest of Roger Waters (Pink Floyd).

Robert & Alex Appleby: Robert is co-founder of ADM Capital, a large investment firm.

Maite Arango: Vice-President, Board of Directors for Grupo Vips. Grupo Vips manages Starbucks, TGIFridays, and other chain companies. Arango is also Chairman of the Board for Ashoka, a company that ironically focuses on the betterment of today’s youth. Ashoka even has its own schools.

Victor Arellano: Victor Arellano Jr. is Vice Chairman of the Board of Bacardi. He’s a 5th generation descendant of the founder of Bacardi.

Joaquin Fernandez de Arion: Spanish royalty. The 10th Duke of Arion. His mother is Princess Beatriz zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg. Married to Diana Langes-Swarovski, the great-great granddaughter of Daniel Swarovski, founder of the crystal manufacturer.

Fernando Arion: Joaquin’s brother. Also Spanish royalty but could not find any other information.

Arthur & Cathy Armstrong: Arthur is co-author of Net Gain (1997) which focused on Web-based business models. He is currently executive director at Debevoise and Plimpton LLP, a high-end international law firm.

Herve & Marina Aron: Herve Aaron is the president of Didier Aaron Inc., a premier art gallery.

Lorinda Ash: Fine art dealer. Also, ex-wife of Peter Ezersky, current director at Hargray Holdings LLC (provider of telecommunication services) and Grupo Corporativo (food and agriculture provider in Spain. Associated with Grupo Vips). Possible ties with Maite Arango.

Ashley & Allegra Hicks: Ashley is the Godson of Prince Philip, second cousin of Prince Charles, and an interior designer. He and Allegra are now divorced.

Nick & Ari Ashley: Nick is in home design. Ari is a photographer.

Vittorio & Charlotte Assaf: Vittorio is co-founder of Serafina Restaurant Group.

Mr. Simone Astaire: Hollywood and British Royal Family agent. Specializes in representation, celebrity endorsement, and public relations.

Viscount William Astor: Member of the House of Lords, which creates and shapes laws. There are approximately 800 current members. Chairman of television production company Silvergate Media. Member of the Astor family, which specialized in the fur trade, real estate, and drug smuggling in the early 19th century.

Helene Atkin: Niece of Robert Maxwell (media magnate, father of Ghislaine Maxwell, and suspected Mossad agent).

Mike & Ami Atkin: Almost no information found.

Jose Aznar: Prime Minister of Spain from 1996-2004. Father-in-law of Alejandro Agag, mentioned above. Used public funds for personal means. Granted a posthumous medal of Civil Merit to a high-profile member of the Francoist government who was infamous for torturing people.

Jean Baddeley: Former personal assistant to Robert Maxwell. Maxwell left her a £100,000 legacy when he died.

1991 Robert Maxwell with his secretary Jean Baddeley.

When the brothers took headhunting jobs from their father’s former secretary Jean Baddeley, they were accused of cronyism.

Peter Bahrke: Technology investor. Co-founder of Aecor Partners, an advisory firm that provides financial advice to corporations.

Danny Baker: Could be the recently fired BBC host, but the phone number, starting with area code 917, makes no sense since that is a NYC area code.

Shahriar Bhaktiar: Could be a real estate investor in Switzerland, but the area code does not make sense.

Andre Balazs: Real estate mogul and entrepreneur. Owns several hotels throughout NYC and London, as well as residential real estate. He was engaged to actress Uma Thurman for three years and dated Chelsea Handler for two years later on. Allegedly groped Amanda Anka (Jason Bateman’s wife) at a party he hosted for Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux.

Alec Baldwin: Popular American actor.

Oxford Balliol College: Ghislaine Maxwell’s alma mater.

George & Alice Bamford: Brother and sister. Offspring of Sir Anthony & Lady Carole Bamford (listed below). George is a successful luxury watch manufacturer.

Sir Anthony Bamford and Lady C: Anthony is a billionaire British businessman. Chairman of JCB, which provides equipment for construction, agriculture, etc. Has donated more than £4m personally and through JCB companies to the Conservative Party. Has close ties to David Cameron, Tony Blair, and Prince Charles. Bamford was mentioned in the Panama Papers as having offshore accounts.  Lady Carole Bamford is his wife and a successful businesswoman.

Doug Band: Doug Band was a longtime adviser to Bill Clinton. He had a substantial part in the creation and inner workings of The Clinton Foundation. Purchased David Rockefeller’s old house in New York City for $20 million. Has been called “the key architect in Clinton’s post-presidency” (

Clive Bannister: Former CEO and Managing Director at HSBC. Current CEO of Phoenix Group Holdings, one of the largest insurance providers in the UK.

Javier Banon: Bañón is a Founding Partner at Trilantic Capital Management LLC. Was a principal (higher up) at Lehman Brothers and previously worked at Deutsche Bank as a Managing Director. Trilantic was founded by five partners who had all worked together at Lehman Brothers.

Nicholas & Gretel Barham: Gretel Barham (Gretel Packer) is the daughter of Kerry Packer, a deceased Australian media mogul worth billions. Both Gretel and younger brother James are billionaires. Nick Barham is Gretel’s ex-husband and a British financier.

Peter Barnes: Entrepreneur and environmentalist.

Craig Barnett: Managing Director of PJ Solomon, a financial advisory firm and investment bank.

Hillary Bastone: No information found

Hillary Batstone: No information found.

Tim & Natasha Batstone: Both directors of H.B. Leisure Holdings Ltd., which focuses on skill games, arcades, amusement parks, etc.

Lorenzo Baumer: High end jeweler.

Lord & Lady Beaumont: Likely refers to the late Tim Beaumont of Whitley and his wife, Baroness Mary Rose. Tim was a UK politician in the Liberal Party and, later on, the Green Party. Six generations of his paternal side sat in the House of Commons (source: Irish Times) He was also an Anglican priest. Mary Rose is the cousin of Antony Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl of Snowdon and (now deceased) husband of Princess Margaret.

Tamara Beckwith: English socialite.

Lisa Belzberg: Ex-wife of Seagram heir Matthew Bronfman and former sister-in-law of Clare and Sara Bronfman, who were both involved in NXIVM, a cult that focused on sexual slavery. Belzberg reportedly had a sexual relationship with Bill Clinton in 2002 while still with Matthew Bronfman.

Ms Belzberg is a business associate of Prince Andrew, after meeting him at a charity dinner last year.

She has donated thousands of dollars to a charity group for which the Duke of York is an unofficial ambassador, hosting fundraising dinners and visiting camps set up for youngsters to enjoy games and outdoor pursuits.


Steven Benson: No information found.

Baron Bentinck: Dutch and British nobility.

Nicolas Berggruen: Billionaire investor and founder and president of the Berggruen Institute, a think tank that hopes to “shape political, economic and social institutions for the 21st century.” Vague. Berggruen, according to, “puts more trust in elites than voters” and suggested that “the Senate should be appointed rather than elected.”

Bill Berkman: A businessman, entrepreneur, and investor in communications, media technology, and energy industries.

Tara Bernard: Possibly refers to the financial reporter from the New York Times, but the 07 country code at the beginning of the phone number does not make sense. Could also be Tara Bernerd, a high end interior designer in Britain.

Martyn Birchall: Investment banker and businessman who worked as former director at Citi and Merrill Lynch.

Robin Birley: Businessman and entrepreneur, mostly known for his private members’ clubs.

Debbie & Bola Von Bismarck: Leopold (“Bolle”) von Bismarck is the great-grandson of Otto von Bismarck, the first chancellor of Germany. Debbie is a former model and Leopold’s wife. Model Kate Moss is currently engaged to their son, Nikolai.

Vanessa von Bismarck: Cofounder of BPCM, a public relations firm that specialized in fashion, beauty, and wine & spirits. Great-great-granddaughter of Otto von Bismarck.

Jean Marc Bisson: Not much to be found. Possibly a low-level actor, but that doesn’t feel right.

Jean Paul Bjorlin: Likely refers to a music instructor at Columbia and Barnard College.

Conrad & Barbara Black: Conrad Black was a newspaper publisher. He controlled Hollinger International, which published the Chicago Sun-Times, The Daily Telegraph, most Australian newspapers, The Jerusalem Post (Israel), and The National Post (Canada). Conrad was recently pardoned by his friend, Donald Trump, after serving time for fraud. Black was once a Steering Committee member of The Bilderberg Group. Barbara Black is a journalist. She is Conrad’s 2nd wife.

Blogs & Jill Blacker: No information found.

David Blaine: World famous magician. Allegedly raped former model Natasha Prince in 2004. Did not face charges. Earlier this year, New York law enforcement said that they were investigating Blaine for (allegedly) sexually assaulting at least two women.

Tony Blair: Former UK PM.

Mike Bloomberg: Former Mayor of New York City. Billionaire businessman.

Samantha Boardman: Attending Psychiatrist at Weill Cornell Medical College. Founder of Has connections with the wealthy.

Serena Boardman: New York realtor. Named one of the 10 best real estate agents in NYC by Samantha Boardman’s sister. Also has tremendous connections.

Johnnie & Sophie Boden: Johnnie Boden is a clothing entrepreneur.

Daniele Bodini: Serves as Chairman Emeritus of American Continental Properties Group (ACP), which focuses on asset and wealth management. Bodini also serves as a Member of Board of Overseers at Columbia Business School and is the ambassador of the Republic of San Marino to the United Nations.

Edouard de Boisgelin: Holding company CEO out of Paris.

Pierre de Boisguilbert: Very little information found. Possibly refers to a former press director located in Paris.

Annabelle Bond: British socialite. Her father, John Bond, was the Group Chairman of HSBC.

Andrea & Gioia Bonomi: Andrea Bonomi is the founder of Investindustrial Limited, an asset management private equity firm. He also served on the management board and as Chairman of Banca Popolare di Milano.

Nicholas Bookis: President of Topside Shipping Inc.

Mark & Lauren Booth: Mark Booth was CEO of BSkyB (owner of Sky TV). His wife, Lauren, is an artist.

Christina A. Boothe: No information found.

Paulo Borgese: The only thing that might make sense is Prince Paolo Borghese, who died in 1985.

Michael Borrico: Founder and CEO of Certified Construction.

Hon Bruce & Penelope Bossom: Bruce Bossom is a real estate tycoon who co-founded Orion Capital Managers. Penelope Bossom is involved with several businesses, but none of them are wildly successful.

Sylvianne Boucherie: No information found except for a researcher who write scientific articles about the human body.

Rick Bourke: Actually Frederic Bourke, co-founder of Dooney and Bourke, a famous handbag manufacturer. Bourke went to jail in 2013 for bribing the Azerbaijan government in order to rig the auction for ownership of the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR).

Hamish Bowles: Editor-at-large for Vogue magazine.

Peretti Brachetti: Ferdinando Brachetti Peretti. Nobility. Son of Count Aldo Maria Brachetti-Peretti. Co-owner of Italian oil company, API.

Hugo Brachetti: Also co-owner of Italian oil company, API. Ferdinando’s brother.

Caroline Braine: Some relation of Katie Braine. Possibly her daughter.

Ms. Katie & Serge Braine: Serge Crasnianski is a nuclear physicist and inventor who made a ton of money as CEO of Photo-ME Intl PLC, which specializes in photo booths. It is unclear whether he lives with Kate or if she is his wife. Kate is a sculptress.

Ben Bram: 2x Grammy award-winning a cappella arranger/producer/entrepreneur (according to his Twitter account).

Tony Brand: Assistant General Manager of Gucci. Has also worked with Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, Prada, and other companies.

d’Adda Brandolini: Nobility. Tons of money. See below.

Nuno & Muriel Brandolini: Muriel Brandolini is a famous interior designer who has worked with Matt Lauer, the Crown Prince and Princess of Greece, and others. Nuno is a banker and (shockingly) comes from money and nobility.

Peter Brandt: Brant is an American industrialist who focuses mainly on print media.

Richard Branson: Billionaire who founded Virgin group (Virgin Airlines, Virgin megastores). In 2017, a backup singer for Joss Stone claimed that Branson sexually assaulted her on his private island.

Flavio Briatore: Italian businessman who used to manage two Formula One racing teams.

Julia Broadhurst: Bra designer from South Africa.

Louis Albert de Broglie: French prince and entrepreneur.

Edgar Bronfman Jr.: Seagram’s heir. Half-brother of Clare and Sara Bronfman (NXIVM sex cult). In addition to being a billionaire business tycoon, his father, Edgar Bronfman Sr., was the leader of the World Jewish Congress, This group has links to the Rothschilds and the Vatican.

Christopher & Amanda Brooks: Amanda Brooks is the former creative director at Barneys. Her husband, Christopher, is an artist.

Miranda Brooks: Contributing editor to Vogue and successful landscaper.

Chris & Alison Brown: Alison Chace is an unsuccessful actress. Christopher Brown is the founder of Global Emerging Markets (GEM), an investment firm.

James & Lucinda Bruce: James is a businessman who comes from nobility. His father was a baron. His 2nd wife, Lucinda, is a producer.

Jean-Luc Brunel: Modeling scout. Co-founder of modeling agency MC2. Helped smuggle in underage girls for Epstein and others.

Tania Bryer: CNBC host.

Joan Juliet Buck: Former editor-in-chief of French Vogue turned actress.

Jimmy & Jane Buffett: Jimmy Buffett is a world famous singer, most notably for the song “Margaritaville.”

Bartle Bull: Best known as a journalist who writes about the Middle East. Has written articles for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and many other publications. Bull is also a partner at Northern Gulf Partners, an investment and financial advisory firm that holds lots of sway in Iraq.

Hamish & Emma Bullough: Hamish is an ex-managing director at Citigroup.

Ron Burkle: Billionaire founder of Yucaipa, an investment firm that specialized in buying and selling supermarket chains. Had close ties with Bill Clinton. According to Los Angeles Times, “Bill Clinton’s bromance with Burkle invited scandal.” The LA Times describes how “unverified reports of the two men jetting around in a Burkle 757 filled with attractive young women leached from the tabloids to the mainstream media.” This could be the reason for Burkle’s falling out with Hillary, as he had nothing to do with her campaign.

Jules Burney: Chairman of Stockcube ltd, a financial research company.

Martin Burtril: No information found.

Candace Bushnell: Author of Sex and the City.

Arki Busson: Real name is Arpad Busson. He is a French financier who founded EIM Group, which specializes in hedge funds. It should be noted that Busson used to host the ARK charity dinner every year, which has drawn the likes of Bill Clinton and Prince William. Busson is a founding chairman of ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) charity, which specializes in educating underprivileged children. ARK has dozens of its own schools in the UK.

**I made an entire thread dedicated to Busson’s frightening connections and possible role in international pedophilia rings here:

Charlie Butler: No information found.

Terri Button: No information found.

Robert Byng: Descendant of admirals, viscounts, and earls. Current property owner of Wrotham Park, an English country house that hosts social events for the wealthy and has been used as a filming location for many movies.

Alain de Cadenet: Former Formula One racer. Current television personality for ESPN and Speed channel.

Jason Calacanis: Internet entrepreneur. Dot-com millionaire.

Nicky Caledon: The 7th Earl of Caledon. Received his knighthood in 2015 when he was appointed Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (KCVO).

Mario/Ariadne Calvo-Platero: Mario Calvo-Platero is an Italian journalist and served as editor of the Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore for 30 years. Ariadne is the daughter of Lord and Lady Beaumont, listed above.

Roddy Cambell: Campbell is a jack-of-all-trades businessman. He has worked in marketing, networking, and consulting.

Alistar Cambell: Alistair worked closely with Tony Blair for years, first as a spokesman and campaign director, then as Downing Street Press Secretary, and finally as Downing Street Director of Communications and spokesman for the Labour Party. He resigned in 2003 during the inquiry into the death (murder) of David Kelly.

Giancarlo Camerana: Works in real estate and wealth management as an Associate Partner for Shohet & Cie SA

Cammy: Likely Cammy Kinney, a former model turned photographer.

Naomi Campbell: Internationally known supermodel.

Brooke & Emilio del Campo: Likely meant to be Emilio Ocampo, an economist and financial expert who has worked for Chase Manhattan Bank, Salomon Brothers, Citigroup, and Morgan Stanley.

Andrew de Candole: British entrepreneur and real estate mogul.

Nicholas Candy: British luxury property developer.

Caprice: Likely refers to Caprice Bourret, a former model and former love interest of Prince Andrew around 2000-2001.

Massimo & Sara Carello: Massimo is an Italian businessman who has served as CEO of Fiat UK, Diners Club UK, and Independent Director of Canadian Overseas Petroleum.

William & Carina Carey: No information found.

Camilla Carlbom: Chairwoman of Carlbom Shipping ltd. Carlbom Shipping looks after the interests of vessels and cargo owners.

Carmine: Not enough information.

Barbara Carrera: Former model and actress, most notably for the Bond flick, Never Say Never Again, where she played a villain. Carrera’s first marriage was to Otto Kurt Freiherr von Hoffman, a German nobleman. Her 2nd marriage was to Uva Harden (born 1941), a German fashion model and actor. Her 3rd and final marriage was to Nicholas Mark Mavroleon, a Greek shipping magnate. After her third marriage, Carrera was involved with Henry Percy, 11th Duke of Northumberland. Lots of international nobility and magnates.

Sophie Caruth: Former literary agent at William Morris. Formerly held a senior manager position at Mason Rose, a sales and marketing company.

Michel & Charlene Carvalho: Michel is a British financier and vice-chairman of investment banking at Citigroup, primarily in Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken is the Heineken heiress. She inherited $4.2 billion when her father died in 2002.

Guido Casagrande: Company director of IU Holdings ltd, a financial services holding company.

Simon Case: Private Secretary to Prince William as of 2018. Previously was in charge of figuring out the border issue in Northern Ireland and Ireland post-Brexit. British civil servant for over a decade, including as a policy adviser for the Ministry of Defence.

George & Pauline Case: Pauline Case (maiden name Pauline Astor) is a Viscountess and daughter of William Astor, 3rd Viscount Astor. No information could be found on George Case.

Debbie Castaneda: Former Ms. Colombia (1996). She had a relationship with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and has been accused of being a “bunga-bunga” girl, a sex party girl for Berlusconi. This information was gained through wiretaps.

Alby & Victoria Cator: Albemarle Cator is a British banker and financial adviser.

Mark & Mini Cecil: Not much information found. Mark Cecil may be the founder of United Wealth Advisors Group LLC.

Aurelia Cecil Stephenson: Founder of Aurelia Public Relations. Her client list included Salvatore Ferragamo, Krug Champagne, TAG Heuer watches, and Gianni Versace.

Dr. Mark Cecil: Founding Partner at Jabre Capital Partners, a hedge fund company. Close friend of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Fabrizio Cerina: Chairman of international investment banking group Crédit des Alpes.

Gian Carlo Cerutti: Italian banker.

Vikram Chatwal: Actor/model/movie producer and hotel owner in New York City and Miami. Bill Clinton, Prince Nikolaos of Greece, Naomi Campbell, and P. Diddy attended his wedding.

John & Lucy Chenevix-Trench: Former COO of Morgan Stanley securities.

Gianluca Cicogna: CEO, CFO, and President of Beauty Brands Inc. Brother of Gianfranco Cicogna.

Gioconda Cicogna: Mother of Gianluca and Gianfranco. Interior designer.

Gianfranco Cicogna: Gianfranco Cicogna Mozzoni was a business leader, a Count by birth, the Ambassador for the Order of Malta at its embassy in Kenya. His grandfather, Giuseppe Volpi, was known as “Italy’s Rockefeller.” Gianfranco died flying a plane at an air show in 2012.

Marina Cicogna: Countess. Granddaughter of Kingdom of Italy Finance Minister Giuseppe Volpi, one of the richest and most influential men in Italy in the early 1900s.

Pietro & Alejandra Cicognani: Pietro is a high-end architect based out of NYC.

Lindka Cierach: British fashion designer. Her clients include the British Royal Family.

Giuseppa Cipriani: The main business manager of Cipriani S.A., whose holdings include 55 Wall Street (the whole building) and Cipriani restaurants worldwide (most notably in NYC).

Gustavo & Patty Cisneros: Gustavo is a billionaire Venezuelan businessman and Chairman of Grupo Cisneros, one of the largest privately held media entertainment organizations in the world.

Amadeo Clavarino: A real estate investor with properties in Milan, New York, London, Berlin, and St. Moritz.

Isabel Clavarino: Also known as Isabelle Harvie-Watt, Clavarino is the former managing partner at Spring Studios, a production and branding agency and was Giorgio Armani’s key point person for the press, media and celebrities. Last year, Clavarino was named Valentino’s Chief Marketing Officer.

John & Alice Fay Cleese: John Cleese is an actor best known for his role in Monty Python.

Graham & Emma Clempson: Vice Chairman, Executive Board at MidOcean Partners, a private equity and investment firm. Emma is an English radio and television presenter.

Lucy Clive: Girlfriend of Kevin Maxwell, Ghislaine Maxwell’s brother.

Larry Coben: Former Senior Principal of Sunrise Capital Partners. Currently Chairman of the Board at NRG Energy, a large energy company that serves 3 million people in the U.S. NRG also has its name on several sports stadiums in Texas.

Mandy Cochrane: No information found.

Dalit Cohen: Ex-girlfriend of Ian Maxwell, Ghislaine Maxwell’s brother.

Peter Cohen: No information found.

Jo Coleman: No information found.

Nicholas Coleridge: Chairman of Condé Nast Britain. Condé Nast is a media giant and the parent company of Allure, Architectural Digest, Ars Technica, Backchannel, Bon Appétit, Brides, Condé Nast Traveler, Epicurious, Glamour, Golf Digest, GQ, Pitchfork, Self, Teen Vogue, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Vogue, W and Wired.

Jeffrey Colle: Real estate developer, specifically in the Hamptons.

Phil & Orianne Collins: Phil Collins is music royalty.

Henrietta Conrad: Co-founder of Princess Productions LTD, a television programming company.

Susannah & Sten Ber Constantine: Susannah is a fashion journalist, author, and television presenter. Her husband, Sten Bertelsen was one of the creators of Death Cigarettes, a fairly popular British brand in the 1990s.

Clive Cooke: Securities executive who is now the head of sales in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa for a leading technology company.

Rachel Cordle: Daughter of John Cordle, a British politician. Sister of Rupert Cordle and Marina Cowdray.

Rupert Cordle: Founder of Cordles, a residential building contractor in London. Brother of Rachel and Marina Cordle.

Fernando de Cordova Hohenlohe: Spanish nobility. Current Marquis of Alboloduy.

Harry Cotterall: Chairman of Fisher German, a property consulting firm in England.

Martine de Courcel: No information found.

Marina Cowdray: Wife of Michael Pearson, 4th Viscount of Cowdray. Daughter of John Cordle. Sister of Rachel and Rupert Cordle.

Colin Cowie: A lifestyle guru, television personality, author, interior designer, and party planner for the wealthy.

Sophie Crabbe: No information found.

Alaistar Cudro: No information found.

Boykin R. Curry: Boykin Curry is a partner at Eagle Capital, an investment firm based in New York. Mr. Curry is a co-founder of Public Prep, a group of charter schools in New York City. He is also a board member of Alliance for School Choice and a co-founder of Democrats for Education Reform

Amanda Cutter & Christopher Brooks: Listed earlier under Christopher & Amanda Brooks. At least Epstein kept up with his black book.

Miranda Brooks is Christopher’s 1st wife, Amanda is his second.

Christopher Brooks’ brother is

Amanda Brooks, the wife of Charlie’s brother, the artist. Christopher Brooks’ brother is Charlie Brooks married to Rebekah Brooks.


Charlie Brooks

Charlie Brooks’s kriotherapy leaves me cold.

Freeze-treatment service at health spa Champneys

Buried in the torrent of revelations about News International is the interesting fact that Rebekah Brooks’s husband, Charlie, runs a “kriotherapy” centre at Champneys, the spa that played a part in Sir Paul Stephenson’s demise after revelations that he enjoyed a free five-week stay there [see footnote]. Is “kriotherapy” legitimate enough to be allowed out without its “scare quotes” on, or are the Brooks family backing another less-than-reputable product?

“Kriotherapy” is an innovative take on America’s “cryotherapy”, with a “k” instead of a “c”…

People take off most of their clothes, sit in front of a fan for a bit to dry their skin, and then lark about for a few minutes in a freezer set to more than a hundred degrees below zero. The treatments are offered by Champneys …

The treatment has had a huge amount of publicity in the press, with features in the Independent, Telegraph and FHM. Articles about it tend to follow a particular pattern: 1) reporter seeks treatment on the trail of a celebrity aficionado (Tony Blair, Jason Orange, Frank Bruno, you know the type),

This footnote was appended on 22 July 2011: This article stated that Charlie Brooks, the husband of former News International’s chief executive Rebekah Brooks, “runs a ‘kriotherapy’ centre” at Champney’s. To clarify: Brooks onceworked with the owner of the centre when it was based in London and he also helped bring it to Champneys two years ago but since then he has had no connection with it.

Jimmy Savile molested me – claims ex Henlow Grange chambermaid

Savile was a regular guest at Champneys. The hotel has a wing named after Savile.

Amanda Brooks moves to Britain to help former News International boss and sister-in-law Rebekah Brooks

Rebekah and Charlie Brooks

Amanda Brooks, the fashion director of the New York store Barneys, moves to Britain, where she can support Rebekah Brooks, who faces trial on conspiracy charges.

Sarah Payne’s mother ‘devastated’ after News of the World hackers ‘targeted phone given to her by Rebekah Brooks’