UK Football Child Sex Abuse – Massive Rabbit Hole

Paedophile football coach Barry Bennell jailed for 30 years as judge tells him he ‘appeared as God…but was devil incarnate’

Bennell, 64, was convicted of 50 child sexual offences at Liverpool Crown Court, but it is believed he may have more than 100 victims in total

Feb 19 2018

Bennell has already served three jail terms – one in the United States – since 1995 for similar offences involving 16 separate victims.

How can the same regime still be in charge at Crewe after Barry Bennell made it into football’s house of horrors? For sake of the abused and their families, for the good of his club, Dario Gradi should have quit long ago

  • Barry Bennell found guilty of 43 sex offences and will be sentenced on Thursday
  • It is clear the fight for justice to be served will not end with Bennell’s sentencing 
  • Hard questions need to be asked of Crewe and how they approached the scandal

Before Barry Bennell is sentenced tomorrow at Liverpool Crown Court, it would be fitting and just if some of the survivors of his abuse were allowed to address him one last time in the way some of the survivors of the actions of Larry Nassar, the former USA Gymnastic team doctor, stood up to eviscerate him in a US federal court this month.

Bennell is scum. He is human trash. I hope the judge hands him a sentence that ensures he lives the rest of his life in captivity for the way he used football as a cover to ruin so many young lives, crush so many dreams and tear apart so many families.

Boys became men and lived with the horrors of what he had done, unable to share their secrets because of feelings of shame and guilt. Some — we will never know how many — killed themselves because of this monster in football’s midst.

Our legal system does not make provision for it but how right it would seem to see courageous men such as Andy Woodward and Steve Walters, whose bravery in coming forward and waiving their anonymity did so much to bring Bennell to justice, confronting him with the reality of what he had done. It was an ordeal for Nassar to hear the wrenching testimony of those he had betrayed. It would be the same for Bennell.

I understand that those instincts to see Bennell suffer just a slice of the humiliation he inflicted upon so many others should quickly be superseded by a determination to make sure the conditions that enabled him to roam free at Manchester City and Crewe Alexandra must never be recreated in the modern-day game.

But it is also clear that the fight for justice to be served properly will not end with Bennell’s sentencing. This is just the start. As soon as he is sent down, many, many hard questions need to be asked of Crewe, in particular, and the way they have approached the scandal that has befallen them. Their response, from start to finish, has been less than impressive. In fact, it has been pathetic.

Questions need to be asked of City, too, and it is already clear that their actions at the time of the abuse in the Eighties left much to be desired. The regime that was in place at the time failed in its duty of care to players. Some of the most distressing, disturbing testimony of recent days suggests that Bennell even abused young players as they lay sunbathing on the pitch at Maine Road.

But even though City have different owners now and an entirely different hierarchy, they have accepted their responsibilities. They have instituted a QC-led inquiry into themselves, investigators have already devoted 4,000 hours and £1million to it and they have uncovered another alleged paedophile with whom they have ‘potential historic connections’.

So far, at least, they have done their best to shine a light on the darkness of the past. Their manager, Pep Guardiola, also spoke movingly on Friday of ‘the terrible history’ that had unfolded and the horror he felt about what had happened.

Crewe’s situation is different. Dario Gradi, the man who was instrumental in bringing Bennell to the club in 1985, is still the director of football. It was left to the Football Association to suspend him in December 2016 after a new wave of revelations about Bennell’s activities while he was a youth coach at Gresty Road emerged.

More than that, John Bowler, who has been a director at Crewe since 1980, is now the club chairman. He has been the club chairman since 1987. Crewe said in November 2016 that they would hold an independent review ‘at the earliest opportunity’ but, 15 months on, it appears that it has still not begun.

Only last week, the Daily Mail revealed that Gradi wrote a glowing character reference for Bennell even after he had been arrested for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy in Florida in 1994. There is no suggestion he knew Bennell was abusing children but he knew that children stayed at Bennell’s house. Bennell was even paid expenses to take boys home during his seven years with the club.

Crewe Alexandra director of football Dario Gradi (right) faces questions about why he provided a character reference for serial paedophile Barry Bennell (left)

Crewe Alexandra director of football Dario Gradi (right) faces questions about why he provided a character reference for serial paedophile Barry Bennell (left)

And Hamilton Smith, a Crewe board member from 1986 to early 1990, said in November 2016 that he was so concerned about Bennell that he had arranged two management meetings in the late Eighties to discuss an allegation against him. The second of these, he said, was in Gradi’s office and was attended by Gradi.

Common sense dictates, surely, that these facts alone and the innuendo surrounding Bennell’s activity that was widespread in the game ought to have tempered Gradi’s and the club’s support for Bennell in the face of such serious charges. It did not.

‘We suffered because of a disgusting predator,’ said Walters last week. ‘But we also suffered sometimes because the sport we loved decided that the reputation of a coach, club or a sport was put above the protection of children. Our abuse is punctuated by the failure of adults to protect innocent children, the failure of adults to act when abuse was reported, the failure to be vigilant and brave.’

So many of Bennell’s crimes happened when Gradi and Bowler had prominent roles in the running of the club and the management of the club’s youth system and yet somehow both men are still in their posts at Crewe. That fact, alone, beggars belief. They may not have known what Bennell was doing but they still bear a heavy responsibility for the lives that were ruined. Unwittingly, Gradi and Bowler empowered Bennell. Parents trusted the club with their boys and the club let them down. It let them down spectacularly.

For the good of the club, for their own dignity, for the sake of the parents who are still coming to terms with what happened to their boys at Crewe, for the sake of those who were abused, Gradi and Bowler should have resigned by now, like any decent men would have.

At the very least they showed an appalling lack of judgment by allowing Bennell to work at the club. Even on Friday, as Guardiola was talking about the horror of what had happened in front of the world’s press, Bowler was sticking to a frosty no comment when Channel 4’s Keme Nzerem spoke to him on his doorstep. The club’s lack of public regret for what happened has been grotesque.

Even the official statement Crewe put on the club website made no apology for what happened. Instead, it featured a long, rambling attempt to try to cover themselves for what had happened and, bizarrely, a boast that Woodward had been unsuccessful in an attempt to sue the club for compensation 16 years ago.

Once more, that was insensitive at best and unfeeling, inappropriate, uncaring, brutal and stupid at worst. There will be plenty of time for the club to look out for themselves but the day when crimes against so many children once in the club’s care were proved was most definitively not that time. They do not understand the gravity of what has happened.

It is time Crewe Alexandra got real. Gradi presided over the most successful time in the club’s history. That is true. But it is also true that while he was in charge, Crewe played host to one of the most prolific paedophiles in English legal history. That is what will be remembered. Not the fact that the club won a few promotions.

And in the future, when we look back at reports of Gradi’s ‘much-vaunted youth system’, we will do so with a sick feeling in our stomachs and the grim knowledge that, behind the facade, Crewe was English football’s equivalent of a house of horrors.

When we look back at reports of Gradi’s ‘much-vaunted youth system’, we will do so with a sick feeling in our stomachs 

When we look back at reports of Gradi’s ‘much-vaunted youth system’, we will do so with a sick feeling in our stomachs

David Lean‏ @DavidLeanLeano

I can save the Government millions ‘re an inquiry into Bennell……. Were FA warned & aware ? Yes ! Were Clubs warned & aware ? Yes ! Did CPS get it wrong in some many ways from 97 onwards ? Yes ! So Wonder where this will go now ?

Manchester City ‘ignored warnings’ and kept Barry Bennell in youth set-up

Feb 15 2018

Bennell continued scouting and coaching for City, abusing countless boys
City youth coach Steve Fleet urged club in 1970s to keep away from Bennell
Bennell convicted of a total of 50 offences against 12 boys

Manchester City, one of the clubs most seriously implicated in the Barry Bennell sexual abuse scandal, have been accused of putting hundreds of boys in danger after it emerged they were warned by one of their own coaches in the late-1970s it was “general knowledge” he was a risk to children.

Bennell, who is facing complaints from another 86 former footballers, continued scouting and coaching for City’s junior teams, raping and molesting countless boys in seven years connected to the club, even though high-ranking officials had been warned to keep away from a man who now faces the rest of his life in prison and has been described as having “almost an insatiable appetite” for young boys.

The revelations leave City facing a number of questions now Bennell has been convicted of 50 counts of sexual abuse against 12 victims. Bennell, 64, will be sentenced on Monday after admitting seven of the charges, with the jury returning guilty verdicts for the other 43 offences.

Cries of “yes” came from the public gallery at Liverpool crown court where six complainants sat with family members as the final verdicts were read out on Thursday and some were in tears. Bennell sat muttering to himself and shaking his head.

The first victim to initiate these proceedings, Gary Cliffe, has waived his anonymity to speak exclusively to the Guardian about the hundreds of occasions when he was abused, aged 11 to 15, in City’s set-up.

Police documents from the 1990s question whether City were later involved in a cover-up, with one of the detectives investigating the case suggesting the club’s priority was to avoid damaging publicity, and the Guardian has seen a written admission from another former employee in which he acknowledges that “suspicions about him [Bennell] were aired on many an occasion.”

An investigation by this newspaper has also led to a taped interview in which Bennell states he had to leave his coaching role at Crewe Alexandra, the club he joined after City, because a complaint had been made against him, raising further questions about why he was not reported at the time. Crewe provided references for his next job and have been the subject of a police investigation as well as being a major focus of the Football Association’s independent inquiry.

However, it can now be revealed that Bennell was identified as a risk long before joining Crewe and that one member of City’s staff, the youth-team coach Steve Fleet, put his own job on the line when the club’s directors wanted to give the man they called “the star-maker” a full-time role as youth development officer.

Bennell was not given the job but, despite those warnings, he remained in City’s set-up, coaching at their old training ground and even abusing boys while sunbathing on the pitch at Maine Road, the club’s former ground, before moving to Crewe in 1985. He is now being identified as potentially the worst paedophile, in terms of the number of boys affected, there has ever been in sport, having preyed on young footballers for almost a quarter of a century before he was arrested on a club tour to Florida in 1994. A second trial is now likely as the police go through the complaints from other former players, mostly from Manchester City and Crewe.

Len Davies, who spent many years working for City as a youth-team scout, has admitted one of England’s major football clubs was “beguiled and hoodwinked” and police documents recall a number of senior staff, including the chief scout Ken Barnes, being “quite evasive” and not prepared to explain why Bennell had left the club, other than citing “irregularities”.

Cliffe, now 47, is convinced City ought to have reported Bennell and removed him from the club’s junior system if there were any concerns about his relationship with young boys. “If those in positions of responsibility had challenged Bennell, hundreds of wrecked lives could have been saved,” he said. “They buried their heads. They had a duty of care and they failed dramatically.”

City are holding a QC-led inquiry and have identified another alleged paedophile – now deceased – with whom they have “potential historic connections”. They named him on Thursday night as John Broome, a part-time scout. They said they believed he was not connected to Bennell and were investigating his alleged offences. The club are facing the possibility of large-scale legal action. Fleet’s evidence shows Bennell continued to work in football for around 15 years after they were warned to avoid him.

“I was an FA coach at the time and at all the coaches’ meetings, at Everton, the Cliff [Manchester United’s old training ground], City and lots of places, whenever the talk got round to Barry Bennell it was never good,” Fleet said. “People would say he was ‘dodgy’ and if his name was brought up everyone would just shake their heads. It was general knowledge and I could see it with my own eyes. He nauseated me. I just knew – instant intuition – that the rumours were sound, that he wasn’t right and that he wouldn’t be good for the club.

“When Ken Barnes and other people at the club tried to fetch him in I told them I didn’t want anything to do with it. ‘He’s a star-maker,’ Ken said, ‘and he finds good lads,’ and that was true because Bennell was a very good scout. But I also knew he was a risk. In football, like any sport where there’s young people, there are perverts and I wouldn’t even let him into our coaches’ room. I felt so strongly about it I put my job on the line.

Barnes died in 2010 and his daughter, Karen, says it would be wrong to suggest he did not take the matter seriously enough. “I can unequivocally state that my father was absolutely and utterly appalled to hear about the abuse suffered. He also complained bitterly that much of what he said when interviewed for Dispatches had been edited. My father was a considerate and honest man, to which any of the footballers who knew him will attest.”

According to police files, the detectives investigating the 1994 case found Barnes “very cagey” and “played his cards close to his chest”. Muir said he had heard rumours about an incident involving Bennell and volunteered a boy’s name. Barnes, however, would not give a proper explanation about the “irregularities” that meant Bennell leaving for Crewe.

“He [Barnes] wasn’t really prepared to go into them at all,” Detective Sergeant Geoffrey Elvey of Crewe CID says in evidence provided to the Florida police. “We found they were quite evasive at the club. It was quite a lengthy interview. Obviously we were probing to try to find out why he [Bennell] left the club and basically I got the impression that Mr Barnes didn’t want or Mr Farrell really didn’t want to tell us. Bear in mind they are quite a prominent professional club and possibly wouldn’t want any sort of media attention drawn to the club.” Farrell declined to comment to the Guardian.

Davies, who died seven years ago, admits in a 2000 book that whereas Fleet “did not ever accept him [Bennell] as a person or coach” other people at City, including himself and Barnes, drastically misjudged the situation.

“Most of us at Manchester City, including those responsible for the enhancement of junior football, were held in awe at the coaching ability of Barry Bennell. I think the majority of us … were taken in and let down. Hundreds of people, and all the kids who played for him, trusted him. I only hope that the boys and their parents who suffered will forgive us in that we, too, were beguiled and hoodwinked by this terrible person.” Davies adds that “inquiries about his behaviour never revealed his paedophiliac mentality until it was too late”.

Crewe are also under intense scrutiny and a number of victims have called for the longstanding chairman, John Bowler, and the director of football, Dario Gradi, a figurehead at the club for more than 30 years, to resign since Andy Woodward and another former player, Steve Walters, told this newspaper what happened to them, instigating what the FA chairman, Greg Clarke, has described as the biggest crisis he can remember in the sport. Gradi has been suspended by the FA, though no official reason has been given.

Crewe said in November 2016 they would hold an independent review “at the earliest opportunity” but, 15 months on, have still not started it, claiming an unnamed authority told them to hold off until the criminal case was over. City, in stark contrast, say they received no such advice.

Both clubs have been asked by the Guardian if they want to comment about the new revelations and Crewe will also have to explain why Bennell was allowed to continue in his job when their former managing director, Hamilton Smith, has turned whistle-blower to reveal he instigated top-level talks, involving Bowler and Gradi, in the late-1980s because of an allegation against a man who has since described himself as a “monster.

Bennell was even paid expenses to take boys home during his seven years with the club and Gradi, the Guardian can reveal, was one of the people who supplied character references – his written on Crewe letter headed paper – when his colleague and friend was awaiting his 1994 court case in Florida.

In a statement, City offered “heartfelt sympathy to all victims for the unimaginably traumatic experiences they have endured. No one can remove their suffering or that of others who suffered sexual abuse as children as a result of their involvement with football. All victims were entitled to expect full protection from the kind of harm they endured.”

In a statement following the verdict, Crewe Alexandra said the club wanted “to reiterate that it was not aware of any sexual abuse by Mr Bennell, nor did it receive any complaint about sexual abuse by him, either before or during his employment with the club”.

It said that the club cooperated fully with the police in relation to Bennell’s prosecution in 1997 and with the recent investigation. “As a result of their investigations, the police found no evidence to corroborate that the club was aware of Mr Bennell’s offending,” said the statement.

It added: “The club wishes to make it absolutely clear that had it had any suspicion or belief that Mr Bennell was committing acts of abuse, either before, during or after he left the club’s employment, the club would have informed the police immediately

Barry Bennell found guilty of sexually abusing youth footballers

Ex-Manchester City and Crewe Alexandra coach convicted on charges covering 1979 to 1990

The former football coach Barry Bennell has been found guilty of multiple sexual offences against boys whom he targeted in the youth football set-ups of Manchester City and Crewe Alexandra.

Bennell, 64, was convicted of 36 charges at Liverpool crown court and the jury has asked for more time to consider further counts. He was found not guilty of three charges.

He had denied the allegations, which relate to 11 boys, who were aged eight to 14, from between 1979 and 1990, when he was renowned as one of football’s more successful youth team coaches and talent spotters.

Bennell, who appeared in the court via video-link, had already pleaded guilty to seven charges involving three boys and has previously served three prison sentences in England and the US.

He was described by the prosecution as a “devious paedophile” who had “pretty much unfettered access” to young footballers, but his defence had argued that the alleged victims made up the claims for attention and possible compensation.

Gary Speed ‘one of four men coached by Bennell who went on to take own lives

Ex-Wales manager Gary Speed was one of four men who went on to take their own lives after being coached by Barry Bennell, a court has heard.

A victim – who Bennell admitted abusing in 1998 – said he had tried to contact the parents of Speed to tell them about the abuse after reading that they had struggled to get closure because they had no explanation for his death.

Speed died by apparent suicide in 2011, aged 42.

“Four people from teams I have played with, with Bennell, have taken their own lives,” he told Liverpool Crown Court.

“Whether they have taken their lives due to Barry solely I don’t know but all I know is how it’s had an impact on me and how it could impact on other people.”

The victim was speaking at the trial of Bennell who denies 48 offences of child sexual abuse against 11 complainants between 1979 and 1990.

Speaking about contacting other alleged victims of Bennell, the victim said: “When people are breaking down on the phone, on the verge of suicide, when you hear of people who have taken their own lives”.

He told the court that he knew of other former youth players who had been left “destitute” and with alcohol problems.

Barry Bennell Trial, day four: Trial continues after Bennell called alleged victim’s allegations ‘impossible’
January 11, 2018

The sex abuse trial of former football coach Barry Bennell enters its fourth day today, after the first alleged victim gave evidence yesterday.

The testimony, provided via video, said that Benell, a scout for Manchester City at the time, was “touchy” with the alleged victim when he first met the coach at the age of about 11.

The complainant said Bennell had a set of bunk beds next to his own bed in the room above the video shop he ran, adding that “he always put music on in the bedroom. It was panpipe music.”

Following a break for lunch the alleged victim was cross-examined while sitting behind a screen, with talkRADIO reporter Alex Dibble saying there was some “definite tension” between him and the defence.

The court also saw a recreaction of a police interview with Barry Bennell, in which the defendant said his first alleged victim was “the one that got away with it” by not being groomed.

Bennell also called some of the claims against him “ridiculous” and said he’d never do some of the things alleged while there were other boys in the bed at the same time.

The defendant even described some of the testimony of the first alleged victim as “impossible”, saying he “would never do something like that”.

Bennell has already admitted seven sexual abuse charges, but denies a further 48, relating to 11 complainants.

Former football coach Barry Bennell pleads guilty to child sex offences

Former football coach Barry Bennell has pleaded guilty to seven child sex offences at Liverpool Crown Court.

The 63-year, ex-Crewe Alexander coach admitted six offences on the first day of his trial, which is expected to last eight weeks.

A reporting restriction on a guilty plea to a charge of indecent assault entered by Bennell at an earlier hearing was lifted by Recorder of Liverpool Judge Clement Goldstone QC.

Bennell, who was charged under the name Richard Jones, is still due to stand trial for 48 offences including 35 counts of indecent assault, 11 counts of buggery and two counts of attempted buggery.

The charges he will stand trial on relate to 11 complainants and allegedly took place in the 1970s and 1980s, when the alleged victims were boys aged between eight and 15.

Bennell entered the pleas when he appeared via videolink in court wearing a grey jumper.

A jury is expected to be sworn in for his trial on the outstanding charges later on Monday.



From the spidercat web blog:


James Rennie 38, lived in Marionville Road, Meadowbank studied physics at Heriot-Watt University, Became LGBT group worker in 1997, LGBT (Tollcross area of Edinburgh) chief exec by 2003.  It was within the offices of LGBT Youth Scotland that Rennie accessed the Hotmail account “kplover” he used to view & distribute vile images of children. Rennie also sat on the board of YouthLink Scotland “Lothian and Borders Police have been clear that their investigations concerned James Rennie personally

Neil Strachan 41, jailed for 3 yrs in 1997 for repeatedly molesting a boy. former Celtic Boys Club official started preying on the boy when he was only five, after befriending his parents. Strachan quit as secretary of Celtic East Boys Club after he was caught. The abuse had gone on for two years, shared a flat with partner Colin Slaven

Colin Slaven 23,  Duff Street, Dalry

Ross Webber 27, bank worker, Gilbert Avenue, North Berwick,
Craig Boath 24, insurance claims adjuster, of Gourdie Street, Dundee
Neil Campbell 46, married manager of cake business. Lived in Glendareul Avenue & he was a Jordanhill Parish Church Elder & was part of the handbell-ringing club, was in the choir and helped in the Sunday School. He also cared for youngsters at the Jordanhill Out of School club.

John Milligan a civil servant, of Wanlock Street, Govan

John Murphy a trained teacher working part-time as a DJ in a gay bar & receptionist in gay sauna, lived Westmoreland StreetGovanhill. In 1995, Murphy, then assistant principal drama teacher at  Claremont High School, East Kilbride


Nov 2011 Abuse ringleader James Rennie has minimum sentence cut

One of the ringleaders of Scotland’s biggest paedophile network has had his minimum prison sentence cut by four-and-a-half years by appeal judges.  Rennie was ordered to serve a minimum of 13 years in jail. Appeal judges {Lord Clarke & Lord Philip} have reduced that to a minimum of eight-and-a-half years before he can apply for parole.




LGBT YOUTH SCOTLAND Director 27/02/2003 – 12/04/2006


Registered Address: Flat 4, 11 Hart Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3RN

I am sure that colleagues will want to join me in welcoming to the public gallery a number of visitors from LGBT Youth Scotland, including Jamie Rennie, the chief executive, and Martin Henry, the convener of its board. I want to give a particularly warm welcome to Sarah Rowlinson, who is one of the Philip Lawrence awardees. She is also a member of the Scottish Youth Parliament and was recently appointed as the vice convener of the LGBT Youth Scotland board. I am certain that the members who attended the LGBT Youth Scotland reception that I hosted in the Parliament last year will recall the exceptional speech that Sarah Rowlinson made on that occasion. I welcome and congratulate our visitors.

Rev Brian Gowans
Chaplains’ Advisor to the Scottish Prison Service
SPS HQ Calton House 5 Redheights Rigg EH12 9HW
T: (Office) 0131 244 4104 Mobile No: 07740 985 881 Home: 45 Cocklaw Street Kelty KY4 0DG T: 01383 831148 Email: (Home)

Rev Brian Gowans
President Rev Brian Gowans ICCPPC {International Commission of Catholic Prison Pastoral Care}

Meeting of the Parliament 18 March 2010

Report from Sr. Anna Tommasi from Malawi on her visit to Scotland as a result of chaplain Miss Patricia Roberts spending some time in Malawi.
A visit to Scotland was completely out of my dreams, but God’s plans are full of surprises, sometimes pleasant to our human taste, sometimes hard to accept. It was a great joy to meet Fr. Brian Gowans, Vice President of ICCPPC, in his own country. Together we went to the Scottish Parliament and after a guided visit we had lunch with two Scottish Members of Parliament whom I had accompanied in a visit to Zomba Maximum Security Prison and Chichiri Prison here in Malawi. Mr Michael Mathieson and Mrs Maureen Watt welcomed us to have lunch with them although it was a very busy and important day in Parliament.

With Fr Brian I also visited two very special prisons: Polmont Young Offenders, where he was chaplain for some years, and Castle Huntly Open Estate, where he is working at present.

External Affairs Minster announced the successful applicants for £7m of funding of projects in Malawi including grants to Christian Aid and Tearfund. In a subsequent Chamber debate Michael Matheson highlighted the work of Father Brian Gowans, a prison chaplain with SPS and expressed a desire to see work moving forward between the SPS and the Malawian Prison

I qualified in Social Work in 1974 and in 1993 was awarded the degree of Master of Philosophy (Child Protection Studies) at Dundee University. My professional career has been spent in child and public protection both in the local authority and until early 2008 with Lothian and Borders Police as Executive Officer of Edinburgh, Lothian and Borders Child Protection Office. I am currently National Manager of Stop it Now! Scotland – the national programme for the prevention of child sexual abuse.
I serve on a wide range of national and Government Working Parties on Child and Public Protection including as Chair of the National Steering Group for Safeguarding in Sport; Vice Convenor of the Scottish Parliament Cross Party Group on Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse; Chair of the Safeguarding Commission of the Conference of Religious in Scotland; member of the Police Scotland Offender Management Strategy Group; member of the National Investigative Interviewing Strategic Oversight Group and Chair of the Joint Investigative Interviewing Practice and Development Group. Until April 2013 I was also Safeguarding Adviser to the Catholic Archiocese of St Andrew’s and Edinburgh and Chair of the Archdiocesan Risk Management Group. In 2011 I was a member of a small delegation of safeguarding experts which met with His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI to discuss safeguarding in the Catholic Church.
I have been a visiting lecturer/consultant at the Scottish Police College for over 20 years, a training provider to the Jusicial Institute and am a member of the Scottish Executive Committee of the National Organisation for the Treatment of Abusers.
I have delivered training programmes to law enforcement and other agencies across Eastern Europe and Scandinavia and tom conferences and events in Europe and the USA.

Archdiocese of St Andrews & Edinburgh 
The Ordination to the Diaconate of Jamie McMorrin, 3 May 2015, Scots College, Rome.

With Deacon Jamie and Archbishop Cushley are the priests of the Archdiocese of St Andrews & Edinburgh present at today’s Mass in Rome: Fr Nicky Welsh, Fr Brian Gowans, Fr Scott Deeley, Fr Michael John Galbraith, Fr Daniel Doherty, Fr Kevin Douglas and Fr Andrew Garden.

Archdiocese of St Andrews & Edinburgh

Archbishop Leo Cushley Emeritus Bishops Keith O’Brien,

Archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh

Martin Henry May 26th, 2015 at 11:42 am

It really is remarkable on so many levels how deeply ignorance runs in the
Catholic Church. Commenting on any lesbian and gay issues is not a matter of
“sexual morality” since being gay or lesbian isn’t a thing a person DOES but
what a person IS. It is an identity not an activity. Every time the clergy
open their mouths on these matters they effectively condemn PEOPLE not actions
and it is this that has been their downfall…their complete inability to
understand this simple fact. But even if the discussion was about gay sex (with which the church appears to be preoccupied) the doctrinal position that all sexual activity outside
heterosexual intercourse within marriage and capable of conception is of course so utterly absurd, so unnatural, that it really beggars belief. Sexual behaviour that is predicated on consent, care, growth, reciprocity and authenticity is a dynamic of Creation – whether or not it is capable of be getting children. If it is part of Creation it is part of God. …. or at least the vernacular of God. And this leads to the stupidest stumbling block of them all….the Church’s utterly unfounded and ridiculous notion that
homosexuality is a choice. This idea seems to have been plucked out of nowhere and is so remote from any scientific or human reality that it is the modern equivalent of believing the world is flat. No wonder even older Catholics are turning away. The Church continually fails to connect with ALL our lives … not just young people. In a world where the Good News is so desperately needed the Church instead gives nothing but bad news in spade loads. Sounding more like a bitter doctrine of hate the Church’s teachings, as well as many who espouse them, have become toxic. The words of bishops are often now like vinegar to the wounds of Christ….spiteful, vindictive, and cruel. I am taking a long rest from my faith and it is doing me a power of good…..the less rubbish I have to listen to the more God’s voice is audible. So the Irish people have done the right thing…..not for their gay citizens but for everyone….they have asserted a new freedom….the ability to think, and choose, and act for themselves.

Martin Henry. Edinburgh

  • Martin Henry is connected closely with James Rennie head of a large paedophile network and is convenor of his Board
  • He went on to run Stop it Now having access to young paedophiles
  • He contacted Ilene asking for contacts with young men for a BBC programme that doesn’t exist
  • He is actively involved in the archdiocese in Edinburgh – Cardinal O’Brien
  • He was able to become actively involved with the police (LOTHIAN & BORDERS)
  • Friends with Father Brian Gowans also connected to Archdiocese in Edinburgh
  • Father Brian Gowans worked in St Frances Xavier possible 1985
  • John abuse case choirboys St Francis Xavier
  • Brian Gowans close to the justice minister



It has been claimed that a witness stated “it’s still going on” (it meaning the paedophile ring) & that Martin Henry (man in the shiny suit at parliament film on you tube) is the top man. THE ringleader


Martin Henry runs STOP IT NOW which is a “course” thingy for YOUNG PAEDOPHILES!

Stuart Allardyce, is the National Manager of Stop it Now! in Scotland & oh look, Lothian & Borders police AGAIN



Martin Henry is pals with Father Gowans… Gowans works in Polmont  & is pals wi Father O’Brien

(left pic) Father Denis O’Connell thumbing a lift in the PRIVATE PLANE of HIBS OWNER & one of Scotland’s Richest men, Sir Tom Farmer

Farmer owned 90% of Hibernian, He invested nearly £3 million to rescue the club from receivership and he continued to fund developments of Easter Road

Farmer was made a Knight Commander with Star of the Order of St. Gregory the Great, a high honour that the Catholic Church can bestow on a layman. He was also knighted by Lizzy in 1997.


He’s a supports charity Mary’s meals

Funnily enough, Mary’s Meals popped up here too… (see right pic above)


In 2006, Farmer donated £100,000 to the SNP to help fund their campaign for the 2007 Scottish Parliament general election. Farmer commented at the time that it was not an indication of his political allegiance but that he wanted the SNP to be able to compete financially with their better-funded political opponents. Farmer repeated his endorsement for the SNP in the 2011 election.


Talking SNP, apparently Alex Salmond was “SADDENED” at O’Briens resignation

Which I must admit, I find a tad odd.

The bloke ADMITTED he’s a paedo!! Surely Salmond should been pleased O’Brien was no longer in such a powerful position? But he obviously wasn’t as he couldn’t wait to sing his praises, even going so far as to pay tribute to Cardinal Keith O’Brien following his resignation

Oooh, & going back to the Hibs subject for a second, what about Hibernian Chairman Rod Petries? What does he know about O’Brien being a CHILD RAPIST? Cause he was SO PALLY wi Keith O’Brien (who was a regular at Easter Road) that they christened Hibernian “O’Briens 11”



He loves his Footie & his First Ministers doesn’t he?? Coincidentally, football & politics are the two places that PAEDO ARE FREE TO RUN RIOT RAPING KIDS!


Father Denis O’Connell was bestest friends with Savile who he originally got to know through mummy Savile. Jimmy was a frequent visitor to the Parish of St Patrick’s in Kilsyth during the period when he had a hit TV show ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ or was in between presenting ‘Top of the Pops’ or hosting a show on Radio 1 . You could always tell when he was in Kilsyth as his white jaguar car was parked outside the Parish House. Denis O’Connell fairly got about, working in Edinburgh, Kilsyth, Lennoxtown, Aberdeen & Methil in Fife. He also worked for the BBC in London! (BBC?! NUFF SAID!)

Kilsyth Chronicle 1972

The website I got a lot of the pictures from has unfortunately removed a lot of the Savile ones. BUT the didn’t remove the description!! Which I screen-shotted & archived








As stated at the start we have one of the paedo ring NEIL STRACHAN 41,

“Jailed for 3 yrs in 1997 for repeatedly molesting a boy. former Celtic Boys Club official started preying on the boy when he was only five, after befriending his parents. Strachan quit as secretary of Celtic East Boys Club after he was caught. The abuse had gone on for two years, shared a flat with partner Colin Slaven”



Strachan, oddly enough, just like Rennie, ALSO had his original sentence slashed




We also have


14.04.17  Ex Celtic Boys Club Coach & Chairman GERARD KING suspended from job as PRIMARY SCOOL TEACHER amid child abuse charges


King was at Celtic Boys Club with JIM TORBETT, who got two years’ jail in 1998 for abusing three former players, including future Scotland striker Alan Brazil, between 1967 and 1974.

Torbett was said to have been sacked from the club in 1974 when allegations surfaced against him. But this week, fresh claims were made that he abused more youngsters after returning to Celtic Boys Club for a spell in the 1980s and 90s. He denies the new allegations.

King also worked at Torbett’s company, the Trophy Centre, but denies being close to him.

He said: “Everybody has got different teams. I worked there for about a year but only on a Saturday afternoon.”

About his time as chairman of the boys’ club, he said: “That was about eight years ago. We left that to the younger ones – we did our stint.”

King’s association with Celtic Boys Club dates back to the early 1980s. In 1982-83, he helped run the under-12 team which won an invitational event in Rotterdam, Holland.




& we also have JIM MCCAFFERTY (above left) who confessed to committing sexual acts with several young footballers in the 80s & 90s


And HUGH STEVENSON (above right)


20.09.17  The Child protection chief at one of Scotland’s top boys’ football clubs has resigned amid claims that bullying was ignored by bosses.

Jim Stewart quit Celtic Boys Club after recommending sanctions against a coach, which he claims were ignored.


So, to summarise CELTIC PAEDO


we have KEVIN KELLY & JOCK STEIN BOTH reported to have KNOWN & done nothing & BOTH of whom were pals wi SAVILE. We also have GERARD KING, JIM TORBETT, JIM MCCAFFERTY, HUGH STEVENSON & NEIL STRACHAN



















Going back to Stop It Now for a sec, (remembering Martin Henry runs STOP IT NOW which is a “course” thingy for YOUNG PAEDOPHILES!)


Founder was Lucy FAITHFULL Lucy Faithfull Foundation  more about lucy faithfull

Is she, as I believe, a relative of Marianne Faithfull? I can’t find/haven’t found any details of her family other than she was born in S.Africa in 1910 to a nurse and an army officer. Reason i wonder if they are related is because the Faithfull’s are a BIZARRE family, & when I say bizarre, I mean it in an utter bastards kinda way!!

Marianne’s maternal grandfather had aristocratic roots, in the Habsburg Dynasty, & her maternal grandmother was Jewish.

Marianne’s great great uncle was Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, the 19th century Austrian nobleman whose erotic novel, Venus in Furs, spawned the word masochism!!

Her grandfather invented a sexual device called a Frigidity Machine that was designed to give women orgasms. He tried it out on her mother, Eva, Baroness Erisso, a dancer and actress descended from the Sacher-Masoch long line of Austro-Hungarian aristocrats.

Marianne’s father was Major Robert Glynn Faithfull

Marianne’s father was also an MI6 agent and he just so happened to be the “interrogation officer” in charge of Himmler after Himmler had given himself up to my Grandad!! Himmler was alive & well for HOURS with my Grandad, but he was dead VERY quickly as soon as RG Faithfull & co got hold of him!! Isn’t it amazing that whilst RG & Himmler were inside the SPECIALLY PREPARED HOUSE, the cyanide capsule that WAS NOT in Himmlers mouth, not only managed to kill him but also broke his nose too?!!

You can read more about Himmler’s death here  & more about Marianne & co here

Even more Marianne (she crops up ALL THE TIME!) Marianne Faithfull: I haven’t forgiven UK for Redlands & MICK JAGGER: PAEDO – SATANIST?

Savile & Fort Augustus Abbey {Catholic Boarding School}


Sins of our fathers








All that does make me wonder,



Above is a conversation between myself & a VERY reliable source & I believe him 100%. view tweet 11:21 PM – Oct 19, 2016


Walton Hop, Tam Paton, Chris Denning & Jonathan King

  5. There is heaps of articles etc under #TamPaedoPaton


Now that is definitely a ring!!! & from what i have found so far, it goes several ways from there






  1. SIR Nikki Fairbairn & Robert Ewart Henderson QC


  2. Circles & Rings: Major, Minor & Magic

  1. Prestigious boarding school at centre of abuse probe. FETTES
  2. Tony blair, Knox Cunningham, Fettes & Kincora
  3. ‘Magic circle’ judge asked to resign for allowing homosexual activities to be conducted in public way

  1. Fairbairn Elm Guest 
  2. Kitty, Savile & Elm Guest/ grafton close








Convicted paedo Jefferey Epstein’s wee black book has Fairbairn’s daughter Charlotte listed.


.DOT JOINING: Scottish VIP Paedophile ring



  • Paul Ferris & The Krays

  • Glasgow Gangsters Part 2: Ferris

  • KING RAT: The Godfather, The Krays, Massey, Domenyk & Paedo


  • Glasgow’s gangsters: Arthur Thompson – the Godfather

Robin Cook, Gordon Brown, Ian Dunn & P.I.E 












ESTHER – I just can’t keep away from paedo – RANCID!


The saviour of children lives in the New Forest!!!


esther’s links to paedo


  3. SAVILE & THE BBC / SAVILE REPORT “Esther Rantzen heard that Savile was sexually interested in young girls. She first heard about him in the 1970s from a researcher who had come from the BBC from a job in Fleet Street. She heard that the people making a programme about Savile in the ITV series This is Your life had wished to include the parents of a young girl with heart problems for whom Savile had provided financial help. The parents refused to allow that and she said the implication was there was another side to it, which was a darker side. But, she said, this rumour was one of many which ‘swirled around’ at the time in respect of all sorts of famous people.”

  2. MUST READ! Ken Clarke, Esther, Kray Twins & Jewish Underground



Moira Anderson, Gallogley, Gartshore, Willie McRae & The Untouchables


Brady, Hindley, Glasgow Godfather, Savile, Krays, Robert Black & More



  1. ROBERT BLACK: What happened to innocent until PROVEN guilty?
  2. Could Robert Black Be Innocent Of Murder?









Tommy Tague    

  1. Tague Manson Consultancy Ltd. Scotland. Jan 2015 – Present. International. International training, investigations and consultancy
  2. Project Coordinator Stop it Now Scotland. Dec 2013 – Present. Edinburgh. Breaking the Links – group work programme targeting males convicted or arrested for sexual offences involving children.
  3. Safeguarder Children Ist. Aug 2013 – Present.Central Scotland. Independent Safeguarder Childrens Hearings (Scotland) Act 2011
  4. Trainer AECT UAE Aug 2014 – Sep 2014 United Arab Emirates. Delivery of National Intelligence Model to the the five Northern Emirates(Ajman, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah and Umm Al Quwain).
  5. Detective Superintendent SCDEA (SICU) Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency. Dec 2009 – Dec 2012.  Livingston/ Paisley
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  8. Detective Chief Inspector Lothian and Borders Police2006 – 2008. Fettes HQ. Deputy Head of Special Branch Force HQ, including Edinburgh Airport.
  9. Detective Chief Inspector Lothian and borders Police 2004 – 2006. Head of Crime Investigations City of Edinburgh.
  10. Detective Inspector Lothian and Borders Police 2002 – 2004  Edinburgh/West Lothian

William Manson

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  • Chief Inspector Scottish Police College 1996 – 1999  Kincardine
  • Detective Chief Inspector Lothian and Borders Police 1996 – 1996
  • Detective Inspector Lothian and Borders Police  1993 – 1996

Bob Higgins: Ex-Southampton coach denies child abuse charges

Jan 4 2018Bob Higgins

Ex-Saints youth coach Bob Higgins is accused of multiple counts of indecent assault against boys

A former Southampton Football Club youth coach has pleaded not guilty to 50 counts of child abuse.

Bob Higgins, 64, is accused of carrying out indecent assaults on 24 boys between 1970 and 1996.

Mr Higgins, from Southampton, was the youth development officer at Southampton in the 1980s.

He was granted unconditional bail by a judge at Bournemouth Crown Court and is due to appear for trial at Salisbury Crown Court on 29 May.


Former Crewe Alexandra football coach Paul McCann leaves South Cheshire Magistrates Court

Former Crewe coach charged with indecently assaulting boy

3 Jan 2018

A former Crewe Alexandra football coach has appeared in court charged with six counts of indecent assault.

Paul McCann, 57, appeared at South Cheshire Magistrates’ Court in Crewe to face the charges relating to a boy under 16 and a boy over 16.

All the allegations relate to one victim and are alleged to have taken place between 1987 and 1990.

Mr McCann, of Great Sutton, Cheshire, spoke only to confirm his name, age and address during the brief hearing.

He was granted bail to appear before Chester Crown Court on 31 January.



Former Crewe youth coach suspended by Football Association

Suspension follows that of Crewe director of football Dario Gradi
Paul McCann worked for Crewe in the 1980s and 90s
Paul McCann

Another former coach from Crewe Alexandra, described as a “long-standing club stalwart” because of his work with their youth-team players, has been suspended by the Football Association.

Paul McCann worked for Crewe in the 1980s and 90s and at one stage was the assistant coach in charge of the club’s youth team.

Dario Gradi, Crewe’s former manager and currently director of football, has already been suspended and the FA has now informed McCann that he is not allowed to work in the sport in any capacity until he receives further notification.

McCann was involved at Crewe during Gradi’s time as manager, working with the reserve team, the youth setup and sometimes refereeing matches involving the younger children.

He left his voluntary role in December 1991 because he was working as a human resources director for Shell UK and had been given a new post in the Netherlands. McCann spent four years in that role and in two decades at Shell he also had a three-year spell in Australia. He has since had similar roles for Centrica and ISG and lives near Chester, with another base in London.

McCann said: “I have not done anything wrong. This process is in place to help the investigation take its due course. I am collateral damage.” Speaking at his home in Great Sutton, Cheshire, earlier he said he had worked for Crewe only as a voluntary coach and never received any payment. He is not coaching currently. The FA has not confirmed the suspension or the reason for it.

McCann is not thought to have worked for another professional football club in England but was involved at Crewe during the years when they were building their reputation for having one of the best production lines of young footballers in the country. One book chronicling Gradi’s long association with the club describes McCann as a “talented coach”, a “long-standing club stalwart” and “one of the key men behind reserve and youth-team football at Crewe”.

Gradi, 75, has held a number of senior positions at Crewe since 1983 but was notified by the FA on 25 November that he was being suspended with immediate effect. It is understood that relates to issues involving Crewe rather than, as initially reported, allegations that he visited the parents of a Chelsea youth-team player to “smooth over” a complaint of sexual assault against Eddie Heath, the chief scout who has been identified as a repeat offender in the 1970s.

Gradi, then in his early 30s, was assistant manager at Chelsea at the time and is said to have told the 15-year-old victim’s family that he knew Heath was “closer” to boys than he should have been. Chelsea never took any action against Heath and the FA’s independent inquiry intends to interview Gradi about what the club knew, and his own particular role.

Gradi has not commented on his suspension but he has always said he did not know of anything untoward at Crewe and the allegations involving Heath were put to him two weeks ago.

“Aside from denying any wrongdoing, it would be inappropriate and unfair on all parties to comment piecemeal through the media at this time in connection with historic allegations,” he said in a statement at the time. “Suffice to say, I will do everything within my power to assist all investigatory authorities into what is becoming a wide-ranging and important enquiry into historic sexual abuse.”

Another former Crewe coach, Barry Bennell, is due to appear at Chester Crown Court next Wednesday to face eight charges of sexual offences against a boy, aged under 15, from another club, from 1981 to 1985.

The FA inquiry will be led by the QC Clive Sheldon and a backup team of investigators to go through what has been described as a “tidal wave” of people coming forward since Andy Woodward’s interview in the Guardian on 16 November, followed by that of another former Crewe player Steve Walters, instigated what the FA’s chairman, Greg Clarke, has described as the worst crisis he can remember in the sport.

At the last count, from figures released on 21 December, 155 potential suspects had been identified in connection with possible attacks throughout the sport on 429 people. Of those, some of the victims were as young as four, and 148 clubs from professional and amateur level have been named.

The allegations being investigated by police span more than five decades and a national sexual abuse investigation called Operation Hydrant is coordinating to avoid duplication and ensure that information about potential offenders and victims is shared across the 43 forces in England and Wales. Police say they have received a 819 referrals, with 605 coming from a hotline set up by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children in tandem with the FA.

Former academy director’s file handed to CPS in football sexual abuse inquiry

Kit Carson was academy director at Peterborough from 1993 to 2001
Carson, who also worked at Cambridge and Norwich, was arrested in January

Kit Carson worked with players at Peterborough who went on to have careers in the Premier League. Photograph: Peterborough Telegraph

Police have submitted a file to the Crown Prosecution Service following the arrest of a hugely respected youth football coach on suspicion of child sexual offences.

“Kit” Carson, 74, whose real name is Michael Sean Carson, was arrested in Cambridge in January and questioned on suspicion of indecency with children and indecent assault.

Police had been working with two of Carson’s former clubs, Peterborough United and Cambridge United, since the football abuse scandal was broken by the Guardian last year.

Carson was academy director at Peterborough from 1993 to 2001. Players he worked with there went on to have careers in the Premier League. Carson left to become head of talent development at Cambridge United between 2001 and 2005.

Before Peterborough he was at Norwich City from 1983 until 1993. On his LinkedIn page, he described himself as a football consultant and scout for a Finnish club.

Police have not named Carson, referring to him only as a man in his 70s. But the force confirmed to the Guardian that a file had been sent to the CPS on the man.

One year after football’s child abuse scandal broke, stories are yet to be told

Last November, Andy Woodward bravely shared his story and 12 months on, the full horror is still emerging with 748 victims coming forward

11 November 2017


It wasn’t easy at first to understand the numbers that were potentially involved. It still isn’t, to be honest, when the latest police figures are so mind-boggling – on average, five new victims coming forward every two days – but particularly so at the start, when Andy Woodward was preparing to go public and telling me he was certain there would be many others, hundreds even, who had experienced the same kind of childhood horrors.

What has happened since started as a trickle but quickly turned into what the Football Association chairman, Greg Clarke, has described as a tidal wave. At the time, however, I can remember going to Andy, on the day before publication, to make absolutely sure he was happy to put the numbers so high. His response was that it might even be higher. The story went out. “Difficult knowing how to introduce this one,” I wrote on Twitter. “He’s a brave man and, as of today, he is free of his secret.” And then we waited.

The first six came forward inside five days. By the end of the week it was 11. And on and on. This week brings up a year since Andy became the first former footballer to speak about the sexual abuse he had suffered and the latest police figures, 748 victims, make it easy to understand why at least one force has advertised for retired detectives to help the process of taking statements.

To put it in some kind of context, more football coaches and people connected with the sport, 285, have now been accused of molesting boys than the number of priests and brothers from the Boston archdiocese, 249, who were identified as part of the scandal unearthed by the Boston Globe’s Spotlight team.

The victims come from all levels of football and, at the last count, 331 clubs had been “impacted”, meaning they had been named without necessarily being under investigation. Of the victims, 96% are male, the youngest being four years old, and the vast majority of cases happened in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, though some as far back as 1950. Operation Hydrant has had 2,028 referrals and all but 27 relate to football – the others involving basketball, rugby, gymnastics, martial arts, tennis, wrestling, golf, sailing, athletics, cricket and swimming.

It is a lot to take in and, as if all that was not shocking enough, the real number of victims will actually be significantly higher when the figures have not been updated since 28 September and there are so many others who have suffered the same kind of ordeals but chosen not to report what happened.

Many do not think it is worthwhile now their abusers – paedophiles such as Frank Roper, a coach in Blackpool’s junior system, and Eddie Heath, formerly the chief scout at Chelsea – are dead. Others have now reached an age where they have their own children and have elderly parents and, understandably, want to protect their families. Many don’t feel they have the strength to deal with the tortuous, often torturous, process of going through the courts when it can feel sometimes as if there are glaciers that move quicker than the British judicial system.

After a year on this story, I have spoken to almost as many victims who have chosen not to go to the police as those who have. The numbers, again, are frightening and some of the stories that are waiting to be told leave huge questions about what the clubs knew, and what they did about it.

A lot of those stories will have to be held back for now because of the cases being sub judice but suffice to say there is startling evidence of cover-ups, and warnings being ignored, at a number of clubs.

The negligence also appears to be related to money in some cases. One recurring theme is that the people in charge were often reluctant to rock the boat if the person under suspicion was good at his job, potentially making those clubs money. Of everything we have heard over the last year, that perhaps is the most galling part when you stop to think about the number of children it put at risk. Some big football clubs and well-known individuals are going to find it a hard stain to wash out.

Aston Villa certainly need to explain what precisely happened after they were notified about the crimes of Ted Langford, a part-time scout for the club, during the late 1980s and maybe we will also hear from Dario Gradi at some point about his own judgment over the years. Gradi was suspended from all football activities by the FA last November after claims that in his coaching days at Chelsea he visited the house of a 15-year-old youth-team player to “smooth over” a complaint of sexual assault against Heath. Gradi has always denied any wrongdoing but the suspension remains in place, almost a year on, and it is clear the FA wants to distance itself from a man who was once revered for his work in junior football. Gradi was given a lifetime contribution award in 2014 and inducted into the FA Licensed Coaches’ Club Hall of Fame. His photograph has been taken down from the walls of St George’s Park and his name has been removed from the relevant wall display.

Hopefully we will get some more answers when the FA’s independent inquiry, led by Clive Sheldon QC, is published and perhaps, in time, there will also be an explanation from Gordon Taylor, chief executive of the Professional Footballers’ Association, about why his organisation did not do more after the 1997 Dispatches documentary Soccer’s Foul Play made it clear there was a serious problem inside the sport.

Everybody within the game, the media included, needs to look at how this scandal was ignored for so long. Yet the PFA, in particular, has much to answer for when, unlike the FA, it has had very little regime change at the highest level. Taylor has been there since 1981.

Sheldon’s report should be delivered at Easter and you might have seen the story recently about him seeing a counsellor, paid for by the FA, to look after his own mental health when he is being exposed to so many harrowing stories. Fair enough, but it is just a pity, perhaps, that the FA has not been so generous when it comes to the players whose lives have been shaped by the abuse. Many have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and still suffer from anxiety, depression, insomnia and panic attacks. They do at least have support groups such as the Offside Trust and SAVE but many have experienced what a hard-faced organisation the FA can be.

Equally, it might have been an idea if the FA had gone to any real effort to help the victims, or anyone else who might have vital information, to understand how to go about the process of speaking to the inquiry. That, after all, is surely the first starting point of any such investigation: to hear from as many people as possible. Yet if you were to click on the FA’s website – the place, you might imagine, where the process might be explained – there is nothing about it all.

Instead, the FA, acting independently of the barrister, has set up a convoluted and hard-to-locate system whereby the only way anyone can submit evidence is by clicking on the website for Sport Resolutions and going through a link named “Football Review”. Even then, it still doesn’t make it absolutely clear what it is. There isn’t even a helpline, just an email address for “written submissions” and no clues whatsoever why the FA should presume anyone would know this was how it worked.

It all feels so dreadfully typical of the FA and helps to explain why, by mid-October, Sheldon had interviewed no more than 15 victims. Clarke, who has described it as the biggest crisis in the history of the FA, claimed during his calamitous appearance before the House of Commons digital, culture, media and sport select committee recently that he had spent 22 hours a day working on the case when the story broke. Perhaps he needed a rest if this was the best he could come up with.

Former football coach Barry Bennell has appeared in court ahead of his trial next year over a string of child sex allegations.

The 63-year-old appeared at Liverpool Crown Court via video link in a preliminary hearing ahead of his eight-week trial on January 8 next year.

He is charged with 55 offences, including 42 counts of indecent assault, 11 counts of buggery and two counts of attempted buggery said to have been committed on various dates between 1979 and 1991.

The allegations against the ex-Crewe Alexandra coach relate to 12 complainants.

During Friday’s hearing the court heard the defendant had previously changed his name to Richard Jones.

Honorary Recorder of Liverpool, Judge Clement Goldstone QC, said the defendant would now be referred to in the proceedings as Mr Jones.

A further pre-trial hearing will take place on November 24.


Six County FAs fail to respond to questions on football sex abuse

The failure by some to cooperate with the independent review into the game’s child sexual abuse scandal was laid bare again on Monday night after it emerged six County Football Associations had not responded to requests for information five months after being asked to do so.

Following the revelation in May that eight professional clubs had missed two deadlines over four months to tell investigators what they knew, it transpired that six of the 46 County FAs had also ignored more than one attempt to contact them, putting them at risk of disciplinary action.

The inquiry team, led by Clive Sheldon QC, was forced last week to contact the Football Association itself to ask it to act over what one source branded “inertia” on the part of several counties, something that as of last night had the desired effect on only two out of the six in question.

They had originally been written to on May 11 and given a deadline of June 1 to respond, with those which failed to meet that contacted again on June 21.

The six outstanding counties were also sent reminders more recently to provide information which could be vital to an inquiry which is investigating what FA chairman Greg Clarke has admitted is the biggest crisis he could recall the game facing.

The probe will examine how it dealt with the alleged abuse of schoolboy players between 1970 and 2005, whether there was any cover-up, and even whether a paedophile ring operated in the game.

It also transpired that the final report by Sheldon had been delayed until at least Easter after the process of examining up to five million documents in an FA archive proved more arduous than anticipated.

Sheldon and his team, who had originally planned to report early next year, had also managed to interview only 15 survivors of abuse – there are 741 potential victims according to the most recent police figures – and 35 other persons of interest.

Alleged victims spoken to include former internationals, although sources refused to confirm whether Matt Le Tissier, David White and Paul Stewart – all of whom had gone public – had been among them.

Survivors’ stories were said to have been “harrowing”, with Sheldon and his team – as well as victims – requiring counselling as a result.

Meetings were planned yesterday with a further 20-30 survivors, as well as with other persons of interest, with the inquiry restricted in who it could talk to due to ongoing criminal investigations and the upcoming trials of former Crewe Alexandra coach Barry Bennell and ex-Southampton youth coach Bob Higgins.

Sources close to the investigation confirmed suspended Crewe director of football Dario Gradi – who denies covering up abuse claims – had been on a list of intended interviewees but refused to reveal whether he had been spoken to yet.

Former Aston Villa assistant manager Dave Richardson is also a person of interest after the inquiry was told by one victim, Tony Brien, that former England boss Graham Taylor was involved in a cover-up while at the club.

No one approached so far has openly refused to co-operate with the inquiry.

The Bennell and Higgins trials early next year could also limit either what Sheldon says about allegations against each of them in his report or what the FA is able to publish of his findings.

His report is likely to focus on case studies of 10-12 clubs to paint a picture of the game’s handling of claims of child abuse during the years covered by the inquiry, amid the impossibility of speaking to every potential victim and witness.


Police now investigating over 2,000 child abuse referrals in football

Specialist unit looking into complaints involving more than 330 clubs
Referrals relating to sports other than football reach a total of 27

The specialist police unit investigating child abuse in football has received 142 new referrals since publishing its last updated figures in June and is currently investigating complaints involving more than 330 clubs.

The figures released on Tuesday reveal that information forwarded by police forces to Operation Hydrant up to 28 September amount to 2,028 referrals, an increase of 142 on the previous figure at the end of June.

A total of 688 referrals came from the NSPCC with 1,340 from the police forces that were contacted. The statistics provided from Operation Hydrant reveal that a total of 331 clubs have been impacted since Andy Woodward’s interview in November sparked the now countrywide investigation.

The vast majority of referrals relate to football. However, a number of other sports have also been the subject of 27 referrals. These referrals include basketball, rugby, gymnastics, martial arts, tennis, wrestling, golf, sailing, athletics, cricket, and swimming.


Trial of ex-Celtic kit man on child sex abuse charges is delayed over medical report

September 16 2017

Late England boss Graham Taylor covered up claims of sexual abuse by a paedophile, inquiry told

Abuse victim Tony Brien says he told Taylor – who was Aston Villa manager at the time – about offense committed by a club scout

13 Sep 2017

Former England manager Graham Taylor covered-up the sexual abuse of young boys by a paedophile, it has been claimed.

The inquiry into child abuse in football has been told he discouraged at least two teenage players from making complaints.

Taylor, who died in January aged 72, was Aston Villa boss when he was told club scout Ted Langford was a paedophile.

Tony Brien, who was abused by Langford, said Taylor ignored warnings that youngsters were at risk.

Instead he claims the former Three Lions manager told him to “move on” in a phone call in 1987.

Brien, then aged 18, also said Taylor warned he would be taunted by fans if the sexual abuse became public knowledge.

The independent inquiry was told Langford abused boys at Villa after Taylor was warned about the dangers.

In 2002 Taylor was awarded the OBE, which was presented to him by the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, at Buckingham Palace.

A second player said Graham aylor visited him at home and discouraged him from taking a complaint against the scout further.

Langford worked for Villa until 1989, when he was sacked in the wake of other abuse allegations.

He was finally convicted of abusing boys in 2007, aged 66, and jailed for three years. He died in 2012.

Brien, now 48, played for Leicester, Chesterfield, Rotherham United, West Bromwich Albion and Hull City.

A statement he gave to police last December was passed onto the Football Association.

In it he claimed Langford abused him from the age of 12 in his Ford Granada at a Midlands golf course.

He said when he reported the abuse, Taylor and assistant manager Dave Richardson told him to keep quiet.

“They discouraged me from going forward and never offered me a chance to go to the police or anything like that,” he said.

The inquiry is investigating whether Villa failed to alert authorities about the child sexual abuse.

Watford was allegedly told that young boys were at risk

So far 741 alleged victims had come forward and 276 suspects had been identified as part of Operation Hydrant.

Aston Villa said they have “co-operated fully” with the ongoing FA investigation into historical abuse.

Richardson said he could not recall any conversation with Brien about alleged abuse.

He claims to have launched an investigation which resulted in Langford’s sacking after being told of “alarming allegations” in 1987.

Taylor went on to manage Watford under owner Elton John

Sir Elton John led the tributes to Taylor after his death from a suspected heart attack in January.

He led England to the 1992 European Championships and also managed Watford, Villa, Wolves and Lincoln.

Taylor was a supporter of Sense-National Deafblind and Rubella Association and a Patron of DebRa. He was a Celebrity Ambassador for the Sense Enterprise Board in Birmingham, and worked to raise both funds and awareness, including running the London Marathon in 2004.[74] He regularly hosted moderated “online coaching seminars” on the DALnet channel. He also supported the Royal British Legion and cycled from London to Paris in 2010 to raise funds for the RBL’s Poppy appeal.[75]

Debra charity


Graham Taylor charity work – Sense

1989 HRH The Princess Royal becomes Sense’s patron.

Celebrity Ambassadors include

Amitabh Bachchan (charity colleague of Keith Vaz)

Jay Rayner – son of Claire Rayner

Celebrity Supporters

Maureen Lipman (Champneys)


Other charities that Graham Taylor supported:

Watford Football Club’s Community Sports and Education Trust’s patron, Graham Taylor OBE,

Football Foundation, Kit Aid and Peace Hospice, to name just a few.


Jimmy Savile at the 2007 GNR with Alastair Campbell (Tony Blair’s former spin doctor)……and former sports minister Richard Caborn.

Football Foundation


Graham Taylor OBE

Board of Trustees – inc

Richard Caborn

Kit Aid

Finding a home for your unwanted football kit in Africa and beyond KitAid is a charity set up by, Derrick Williams MBE, who visited Tanzania on a WaterAid supporters’ trip in 1998. Derrick, being a mad footie fan, was amazed at the reception he received from children and adults in remote villages just because he wearing his favourite football shirt (Watford, Chesham Utd, Liverpool FC to name a few).

After two weeks in Tanzania, a flame was lit in Derrick’s heart and he was on a mission to provide kit and equipment to the bare-footed children playing with footballs made of tied string and plastic bags. Fifteen years on, KitAid has Graham Taylor OBE as its Patron, lots of volunteers and to date we’ve sent out 200,000 kits to children and adults in 40 different countries across the world.

Pictured: Derrick Williams MBE presenting Graham Taylor OBE with a commemorative shirt at KitAid’s 15th year anniversary event.

Peace Hospice

Her Royal Highness, Princess Michael of Kent is our Royal President

Late England boss Graham Taylor covered up claims of sexual abuse by a paedophile, inquiry told

Abuse victim Tony Brien says he told Taylor – who was Aston Villa manager at the time – about offense committed by a club scout

13 Sep 2017

Former England manager Graham Taylor covered-up the sexual abuse of young boys by a paedophile, it has been claimed.

The inquiry into child abuse in football has been told he discouraged at least two teenage players from making complaints.

Taylor, who died in January aged 72, was Aston Villa boss when he was told club scout Ted Langford was a paedophile.

Tony Brien, who was abused by Langford, said Taylor ignored warnings that youngsters were at risk.

Instead he claims the former Three Lions manager told him to “move on” in a phone call in 1987.

Brien, then aged 18, also said Taylor warned he would be taunted by fans if the sexual abuse became public knowledge.

The independent inquiry was told Langford abused boys at Villa after Taylor was warned about the dangers.

In 2002 Taylor was awarded the OBE, which was presented to him by the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, at Buckingham Palace.

A second player said Graham aylor visited him at home and discouraged him from taking a complaint against the scout further.

Langford worked for Villa until 1989, when he was sacked in the wake of other abuse allegations.

He was finally convicted of abusing boys in 2007, aged 66, and jailed for three years. He died in 2012.

Brien, now 48, played for Leicester, Chesterfield, Rotherham United, West Bromwich Albion and Hull City.

A statement he gave to police last December was passed onto the Football Association.

In it he claimed Langford abused him from the age of 12 in his Ford Granada at a Midlands golf course.

He said when he reported the abuse, Taylor and assistant manager Dave Richardson told him to keep quiet.

“They discouraged me from going forward and never offered me a chance to go to the police or anything like that,” he said.

The inquiry is investigating whether Villa failed to alert authorities about the child sexual abuse.

Watford was allegedly told that young boys were at risk

So far 741 alleged victims had come forward and 276 suspects had been identified as part of Operation Hydrant.

Aston Villa said they have “co-operated fully” with the ongoing FA investigation into historical abuse.

Richardson said he could not recall any conversation with Brien about alleged abuse.

He claims to have launched an investigation which resulted in Langford’s sacking after being told of “alarming allegations” in 1987.

Taylor went on to manage Watford under owner Elton John

Sir Elton John led the tributes to Taylor after his death from a suspected heart attack in January.

He led England to the 1992 European Championships and also managed Watford, Villa, Wolves and Lincoln.

Taylor was a supporter of Sense-National Deafblind and Rubella Association and a Patron of DebRa. He was a Celebrity Ambassador for the Sense Enterprise Board in Birmingham, and worked to raise both funds and awareness, including running the London Marathon in 2004.[74] He regularly hosted moderated “online coaching seminars” on the DALnet channel. He also supported the Royal British Legion and cycled from London to Paris in 2010 to raise funds for the RBL’s Poppy appeal.[75]

Debra charity


Late England boss Graham Taylor covered up claims of sexual abuse by a paedophile, inquiry told

Abuse victim Tony Brien says he told Taylor – who was Aston Villa manager at the time – about offense committed by a club scout

13 Sep 2017

Former England manager Graham Taylor covered-up the sexual abuse of young boys by a paedophile, it has been claimed.

The inquiry into child abuse in football has been told he discouraged at least two teenage players from making complaints.

Taylor, who died in January aged 72, was Aston Villa boss when he was told club scout Ted Langford was a paedophile.

Tony Brien, who was abused by Langford, said Taylor ignored warnings that youngsters were at risk.

Instead he claims the former Three Lions manager told him to “move on” in a phone call in 1987.

Brien, then aged 18, also said Taylor warned he would be taunted by fans if the sexual abuse became public knowledge.

The independent inquiry was told Langford abused boys at Villa after Taylor was warned about the dangers.

In 2002 Taylor was awarded the OBE, which was presented to him by the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, at Buckingham Palace.

A second player said Graham aylor visited him at home and discouraged him from taking a complaint against the scout further.

Langford worked for Villa until 1989, when he was sacked in the wake of other abuse allegations.

He was finally convicted of abusing boys in 2007, aged 66, and jailed for three years. He died in 2012.

Brien, now 48, played for Leicester, Chesterfield, Rotherham United, West Bromwich Albion and Hull City.

A statement he gave to police last December was passed onto the Football Association.

In it he claimed Langford abused him from the age of 12 in his Ford Granada at a Midlands golf course.

He said when he reported the abuse, Taylor and assistant manager Dave Richardson told him to keep quiet.

“They discouraged me from going forward and never offered me a chance to go to the police or anything like that,” he said.

The inquiry is investigating whether Villa failed to alert authorities about the child sexual abuse.

Watford was allegedly told that young boys were at risk

So far 741 alleged victims had come forward and 276 suspects had been identified as part of Operation Hydrant.

Aston Villa said they have “co-operated fully” with the ongoing FA investigation into historical abuse.

Richardson said he could not recall any conversation with Brien about alleged abuse.

He claims to have launched an investigation which resulted in Langford’s sacking after being told of “alarming allegations” in 1987.

Taylor went on to manage Watford under owner Elton John

Sir Elton John led the tributes to Taylor after his death from a suspected heart attack in January.

He led England to the 1992 European Championships and also managed Watford, Villa, Wolves and Lincoln.

Taylor was a supporter of Sense-National Deafblind and Rubella Association and a Patron of DebRa. He was a Celebrity Ambassador for the Sense Enterprise Board in Birmingham, and worked to raise both funds and awareness, including running the London Marathon in 2004.[74] He regularly hosted moderated “online coaching seminars” on the DALnet channel. He also supported the Royal British Legion and cycled from London to Paris in 2010 to raise funds for the RBL’s Poppy appeal.[75]

Debra charity




Watford Football Club’s Community Sports and Education Trust’s patron, Graham Taylor OBE,

Former Cambridge United star in court this morning over a child sex charge

Bryan Boggis has been accused of a sexual offence involving a 12-year-old boy

A legendary former Cambridge United and Aston Villa player who has been accused of gross indecency with a 12-year-old boy will appear in court today (September 5).

Bryan Boggis, 75, is due in Cambridge Crown Court for a plea hearing concerning the alleged sexual offence.

The alleged crime is said to have taken place in Cambridge between July 1, 1968, and June 30, 1970.

On August 8, Boggis pleaded not guilty to a charge of gross indecency with a boy under the age of 14 years old at Cambridge Magistrates Court.

Boggis, of Suffield Road, Gorleston, played for the U’s in the 1960s and is named in a book listing the club’s ‘100 Greats’.

Brian Boggis when he played for Cambridge United

The case forms part of an investigation into non-recent allegations related to football in Cambridgeshire.

A biography of Boggis in 100 Greats Cambridge United Football Club says: “In the early 1960s, the first name put on every team sheet was that of the defender Brian (sic) Boggis.


“He was Mr Consistency and as well as appearing near the top of the list of Southern League appearances for Cambridge United, he also figured in the top twenty appearances for the club since the war.”



Bob Higgins: Ex-Saints coach child abuse charges trial date set

16 August 2017

A date has been set for the trial of a former Southampton Football Club youth coach who faces child abuse charges.

Bob Higgins, 64, of Litchfield Road, Southampton, appeared at Winchester Crown Court earlier charged with 65 counts of indecent assault against 23 boys, all aged under 17.

The alleged offences took place between 1970 and 1996.

Mr Higgins, whose first name is Robert, did not enter a plea but a provisional trial date has been set for 9 April.

Former youth coach Frank Roper accused of abusing 31 young players

  • A Freedom of Information request revealed 31 people have filed 35 accusations
  • Several alleged victims have begun legal proceedings against Blackpool
  • Ex-England player Paul Stewart says he was abused on daily basis for four years

Thirty-one former footballers including England international Paul Stewart have accused former youth coach Frank Roper of historical sexual abuse.

Several alleged victims have also begun legal proceedings against Blackpool, with whom Roper was closely associated in the 1980s.

Stewart, 52, has claimed that Roper, who died in Stockport in 1995, abused him on a daily basis for four years from the age of 11.


Frank Roper (right) has been accused of abusing 31 former footballers

A Freedom of Information request revealed that 31 individuals have filed 35 accusations against Roper, a former football coach in the North West.

Sportsmail exposed Roper as a serial sexual predator last November. He exploited his power at renowned Manchester youth club Nova and enjoyed strong links with Blackpool.

Stewart, the former Tottenham, Liverpool and Manchester City striker, said: ‘It’s sad that so many came forward because it meant so many suffered.

‘People will see now how prolific he was, and hopefully the people who suffered will not feel as I have, that the police are only interested in the victims of others.

The former youth coach was closely associated with Blackpool in the 1980s

‘I’m not bothered that he won’t face justice, I never came forward for that. But I’m gutted for those who have reported him and will not see him face justice.’

Roper warned Stewart, who started his career at Blackpool, never to tell anyone of the horrific ordeal or risk his family being killed.

Witnesses revealed how Roper abused children on expensive trips to the Far East, New Zealand and America.

Dino Nocivelli of Bolt Burdon Kemp Solicitors, representing several survivors, said: ‘The number of children who allegedly suffered sexual abuse at the hands of Frank Roper indicates he was a substantial threat to children.

‘What is even more worrying is that this is very likely to only be the tip of the iceberg — Frank Roper was associated with Blackpool for over a decade, he was granted frequent access to children as a result of this and the abuse is alleged to have taken place not just in England but also in Thailand and New Zealand.

‘I have been instructed by a number of survivors to pursue claims against Blackpool Football Club. A letter before claim has been sent on behalf of one of my clients to Blackpool setting out the abuse that my client suffered at the hands of Roper.

‘Blackpool have confirmed receipt of these papers and I am awaiting their response as to whether or not they admit responsibility for the acts of Roper.’

A Greater Manchester Police spokesperson said: ‘We will continue to support any victims of non-recent sexual abuse and we are working with charities and partner organisations to help provide them with specialist support.

‘GMP will continue to inform victims of any updates regarding their complaints.

‘We understand that reporting such traumatic events is extremely difficult and we will continue to assist any victims in any way that we can.’

Blackpool were approached but declined to comment.

Barry Bennell is to stand trial over child sex offences in January

21 July 2017

Former football coach Barry Bennell is to stand trial next January over child sex offences.

The 63-year-old appeared at Liverpool Crown Court on Friday via video-link, charged with 55 offences, including 42 counts of indecent assault, 11 counts of buggery and two counts of attempted buggery.

The trial is expected to last eight weeks.

The charges relate to 12 complainants and the offences allegedly happened between 1979 and 1991, when the victims were aged between eight and 15.

The former coach wore a black T-shirt and appeared clean-shaven.

Honorary Recorder of Liverpool Judge Clement Goldstone said a pre-trial hearing would be held on October 27 ahead of the trial on January 8 next year.

Bob Higgins

Bob Higgins, former Southampton youth coach, denies child sexual abuse charges

  • Higgins faces 65 counts of non-recent sexual abuse against 23 boys
  • Case to be tried at Winchester crown court

20 July 2017

The former Southampton youth coach Bob Higgins has appeared before magistrates charged with 65 sexual offences against boys as young as 12.

Higgins, 64, was accused of 63 indecent assaults and two attempted indecent assaults between 1970 and 1996. The court was told the alleged offences relate to 23 boys.

The clerk told the court he faced 63 charges of indecent assault between 1970 and 1996 against boys aged under 17 and two attempted indecent assaults against a boy aged under 16 between 1979 and 1983.

He indicated during a three-minute hearing before Southampton magistrates that he would be pleading not guilty to the charges. He will next appear at Winchester crown court on 16 August.

Higgins was a coach in Southampton’s junior system in the 1980s and worked as Peterborough United’s youth-team manager from May 1995 to April 1996 as well as running his own soccer school. He was still involved in football, working with adults at Fleet Town, when the police investigation began last year.

10 July 2017

Police arrest 11 as part of football sex abuse inquiry

More than 150 people have made allegations of child sexual abuse in football, with 11 arrests made.

Police Scotland said officers have been contacted by 162 people since a major inquiry into abuse in football was launched at the end of last year.

It was sparked by claims from former players across the UK – including Andy Woodward – that they were abused by people in positions of authority.

The Scottish Football Association (SFA) has set up an independent review into reports of historic child abuse in the sport.

June 28 2017

Barry Bennell: Ex-football coach in court on 14 further abuse charges

Ex-football coach Barry Bennell has appeared in court charged with a further 14 counts of sexual abuse.

The charges, which include indecent assault and serious sexual assault, involve four boys who were aged between 11 and 14 at the time.

The former Crewe Alexandra youth coach now faces a total of 55 charges, relating to alleged offences between 1979 and 1991.

The 63-year-old denied all accusations during previous court appearances.

He appeared via video link for the hearing at South Cheshire Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, speaking only to confirm his name, age and that he understood the charges.

He was remanded in custody and will appear at Liverpool Crown Court on 17 July.

Mr Bennell coached a number of junior teams in north-west England and the Midlands, some with associations to Manchester City and Stoke City.

Latest charges bought against former Crewe/Man City coach Barry Bennell

Barry Bennell has been charged with 14 more counts of non-recent sexual abuse on boys aged 11 to 14. Court date set for June 28.


20 June 2017

Former football coach Barry Bennell faces a further 14 child sex offence charges

Barry Bennell
Barry Bennell is facing 55 charges in total 

Former football coach Barry Bennell is facing a further 14 counts of non-recent sexual assault on boys aged between 11 and 14.

According to the Crown Prosecution Service the new charges relate to 10 counts of indecent assault and four counts of buggery which were alleged to have taken place between 1983 and 1990.

It follows a string of previous allegations made against the 63-year-old.

A CPS spokesperson said: “Today, 20 June, former professional football coach Barry Bennell, 63, was informed that he has been charged with 14 counts of non-recent child sexual abuse against boys aged 11 to 14 years.”

The former Crewe Alexandra coach will appear via video link at South Cheshire Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday June 28 in relation to these charges.

In total he is facing charges of 55 offences between 1979 and 1991 against young boys.

He has previously denied accusations made against him during a succession of court appearances.

Former football coach appears in court charged with sexual abuse of boys

John Marshall charged with offences of indecent assault against three victims
Former coach of junior club in Newcastle area denies all eight charges

14 June 2017

The former football coach John Marshall arrives at court on Wednesday.

John Marshall

A former coach of a junior football club in the Newcastle area in the 1980s has appeared in court charged with sexual abuse of young boys.

John Marshall, 69, from Longbenton, in north Tyneside, has been charged with eight offences of indecent assault against three complainants. The offences are alleged to have been carried out between 1980-85, on victims who were aged 14 or under.

The first hearing took place at North Tyneside magistrates court. The charges against Marshall follow an investigation by Northumbria police into allegations of historical child sexual abuse at football clubs in their locality, Operation Tide.

One of the alleged victims was 12 and 13 at the time Marshall is accused of indecently assaulting him, another of the boys was 13 and the other was 14.

Marshall denied all the charges and was granted unconditional bail. He is due to appear next at Newcastle crown court on 12 July.

Former Newcastle United coach appears in court charged with 29 sex offences against boys and men dating back more than 40 years

  • George Ormond, faces 29 charges charges relating to 17 complainants
  • Incidents involving Ormond said to have occured between 1973 and 1988
  • He did not enter pleas to the charges at North Tyneside Magistrates’ Court

George Ormond has appeared in court charged with 29 historic sexual offences

A former Newcastle United coach has been charged with 29 historic sexual offences dating back more than 40 years.

George Ormond, 61, from Newton Abbot, Devon, appeared via videolink for a five minute hearing at North Tyneside Magistrates’ Court today.

Wearing black-rimmed glasses, the bearded defendant identified himself in a clear voice.

He did not enter pleas to the 29 charges which relate to 17 complainants, and which were said to have occurred between 1973 and 1998.

He is charged with one count of buggery of a boy of 15, 10 counts of indecent assault on boys under 14, eight on boys under 16 and 10 on males over 16.

He was granted unconditional bail and told he must appear at Newcastle Crown Court on July 7.

Ex-Celtic youth coach to face child sex charge this week

Ex-Celtic youth coach to face child sex charge this weekJun 5 2017

THE case against a former Celtic youth coach and kit man charged with a child sex offence will be heard this week in a Belfast court.

Jim McCafferty, 71, who now lives in Northern Ireland, was charged with engaging in sexual activity with a child aged 13 to 16 between December 2011 and December 2014.

The case will be heard in Laganside Magistrate’s Court, Belfast, this Thursday.

McCafferty – who also worked at Hibernian, Falkirk and with youth teams – handed himself in at a Belfast police station where he allegedly made a confession.

Since last December he has been in protective custody in prison in Northern Ireland Police Scotland launched an investigation into claims he abused young players in Scotland, and evidence was handed over to Northern Ireland’s prosecution service.

Truthseeker1‏ @thewakeupcall09

Was Lawrence Haggart really murdered by ex-Celtic youth coach Jim McCafferty ?


Daniel Taylor‏ @DTguardian May 20

The FA told us they would be “completely transparent” about sex-abuse scandal. Why didn’t they keep to it?

FA clearly falling short on transparency in sexual abuse scandal

The refusal to name the eight clubs who missed two deadlines to pass on whatever information they had in the sexual abuse inquiry is baffling

Child sex abuse: Eight remaining football clubs respond to abuse inquiry

May 21 2017

Eight professional clubs have responded after initially missing an inquiry’s deadline for giving information about historical child sex abuse in football.

The inquiry, led by barrister Clive Sheldon QC, was started by the Football Association in December after allegations from former players.

Sheldon wrote to every club in England and Wales in January.

The EFL said in a statement it was “very disappointed” to learn eight clubs had missed the 15 March deadline.

Those clubs, which have not been named, had been warned they could face sanctions.

“Having been made aware of the situation, the EFL immediately made contact with the relevant clubs and secured a response,” said the statement.

A final report is not expected to be published until 2018.

Ex-Newcastle youth coach George Ormond faces sex charges

May 19 2017

 George Ormond will appear in court next month

Former Newcastle United youth coach George Ormond has been charged with 29 sex offences, police have said.

The 61-year-old, of Newton Abbot, Devon, is alleged to have committed the offences between 1973 and 1998.

He is due to appear before Newcastle Magistrates’ Court on 9 June, Northumbria Police said.

The charges followed an investigation into “non-recent child sexual abuse in the sporting community”, the force added.

Ormond is the first person to be charged as part of Operation Tide, which was set up late last year to look into allegations of child sex abuse at football clubs in the North East.

In November, Newcastle United said it would co-operate fully with the investigation.

Assistant Chief Constable Darren Best said inquiries were continuing.

He added: “We urge anyone who may have been a victim of abuse or has any information about suspected abuse within any sporting community to come forward and report it to us.”

FA investigators seek evidence of paedophile ring

The review into English football’s child sexual abuse scandal is investigating whether a paedophile ring operated in the game, it can be disclosed.

The inquiry into how the Football Association and the country’s clubs dealt with the alleged abuse of schoolboy players between 1970 and 2005 – and whether there was any cover-up – is also examining girls’ football during that period.

Almost six months after it was launched on the back of an avalanche of harrowing allegations at the end of last year, details can be revealed about the scope and status of the review into what FA chairman Greg Clarke admitted was the biggest crisis he could recall the game facing.

As well as looking at whether there was a network of paedophiles abusing young players and investigating both boys’ and girls’ football, that review will:

  • Examine up to five million documents held in an FA archive.
  • Investigate the use of gag clauses by clubs paying off alleged victims.
  • Scrutinise the role of officials from affected teams who also held positions at the FA.
  • Make recommendations about the governing body’s current safeguarding processes if it identifies weaknesses.
  • Report any evidence of criminal activity to the police.
  • Aim to publish its final report early next year.

Led by Clive Sheldon QC, the review was commissioned by the FA after the potential scale of the game’s child sexual abuse scandal became clear.

Its impact was highlighted again on Sunday night when the BBC’s ‘Victoria Derbyshire’ programme won the TV Bafta for news coverage following its emotional interviews with lead whistleblower Andy Woodward and other survivors.

A hotline set up in the wake of the scandal continues to receive calls, while the latest figures from Operation Hydrant, the police investigation into non-recent allegations of sexual abuse, shows it has had 1,432 referrals and has identified 560 victims aged between four and 20, 96 per cent of whom are male.

It has also identified 252 suspects, with 311 football clubs impacted – including several in the Premier League.

More alarmingly still, 46 of 187 alleged attacks since 1996 are said to have occurred between 2005 and 2016, outside the scope of the review.

Sheldon, appointed by the FA after concerns were raised about the independence of its original choice of review head, Kate Gallafent QC, last month completed the first phase of his work.

That involved Sheldon and a team of four barristers laying the groundwork for interviewing witnesses and examining documents between now and the autumn.

Although he has no power to subpoena evidence, anyone who fails to co-operate with the review faces being sanctioned by the FA.

It emerged on Monday night that eight professional clubs were facing that fate after failing to meet two deadlines to respond to a letter from Sheldon requesting any information they have that might be relevant.

As part of his work, Sheldon will seek to establish whether perpetrators acted independently or were part of a local or national paedophile ring, something some victims suspect but others doubt.

Meetings with several individuals have already taken place, including with representatives of survivors’ group the Offside Trust – with one also scheduled with the former players who front it.

Two solicitors and two paralegals have been tasked with locating and examining documents, mainly from the FA’s own archive.

That is in a warehouse containing 9,000 boxes, each filled with up to 1,000 pages, and most of which are not adequately indexed.

That means approximately 5,000 of those boxes being opened and examined to establish whether they contain material pertinent to safeguarding.

The Premier League, EFL and county FAs have also been asked to provide any relevant documents they hold.

The review will seek to compare the game’s approach to safeguarding during the period in question both with that of other sports and other countries.

It will also examine the controversial use of gag clauses by clubs privately settling abuse claims, such as the one The Daily Telegraph exclusively revealed Chelsea had imposed on a victim of their former chief scout, Eddie Heath.

Although the inquiry will have taken more than a year by the time Sheldon reports, it is understood no constraints have been placed on the cost of it to the FA, which is also fully aware its findings could open the governing body and clubs up to legal action by victims.

Clarke said last year: “When the report comes out, there may well be legal consequences and all of us in the game have to deal with that. Compensation will be a consequence of the facts that emerge.”

Running in parallel with the review is an independent audit of the FA’s current safeguarding practices by the NSPCC’s Child Protection in Sport Unit.

That audit will not stop Sheldon making his own observations about the status quo if he identifies any weaknesses.

The QC who courts controversy and pushes peace

Interview: Clive Sheldon QC

Sheldon had represented the Health Secretary in the high court case that upheld the legality of their (junior doctors’) new contract.

Sheldon is tight-lipped as to his view on the junior doctors’ contract, but admits the case was fascinating, especially given Jeremy Hunt’s direct involvement.

In more than 20 years as a barrister representing public sector bodies, this was not the first case Sheldon has had that he couldn’t put on Facebook “because my friends wouldn’t be happy“. In other words, one that would clash with his other life as the child of Guardian-reading liberal Zionists, and as a former Habonim and BBYO member, who volunteered in Israel during his gap year and spent his student days campaigning for Soviet Jewry. Sheldon’s mother is a Holocaust survivor; “knowing about rights and morality and fighting for justice” has always been central to his endeavours.

Last year the father-of-three won a Government case on the so-called bedroom tax, involving a severely disabled boy living in a specially converted house whose family had been told they didn’t need the extra room.

An active member of New North London Synagogue who has represented Masorti on a number of inter-communal committees, including the JLC, and for the last two years has chaired human rights organisation New Israel Fund UK – his record of defending the “establishment” is perhaps surprising

Clive Sheldon's picture

Background on Clive Sheldon QC – Establishment man

In August 2012, Clive has just represented the Chief Constable of Wiltshire in a judicial review challenge to a misconduct decision made by the Police Appeals Tribunal

Perhaps we will get some clarity when Clive Sheldon QC produces what the FA insists ought to be classified as an independent inquiry.

Sheldon was appointed at the start of December to judge, among other things, if there had been a cover-up and whether the governing body had been guilty of institutional failures.

Yet that, in turn, raises its own questions.However revered Sheldon is in his particular field, how can any inquiry truly be independent when the organisation that is being investigated is also footing the bill?…

Clive Sheldon was appointed Queen’s Counsel in April 2011, and is recognised by Chambers and Partners as a Leading Silk in the fields of Employment Law, Education Law and Local Government Law. Before taking Silk, Clive was for many years a member of the Attorney-General’s ‘A’ Panel of Junior Counsel to the Crown.

In his employment practice, Clive specialises in high profile discrimination claims for employers and employees, and disputes involving senior executives and high ranking public office holders. Clive is currently representing the Metropolitan Police Authority defending a series of discrimination claims brought by former Commander Ali Dizaei. Clive is representing the Secretary of State for Justice in a series of claims brought by foreign language interpreters arising from the change to the procurement arrangements for court interpreters.

In his public law work, Clive has particular expertise in matters relating to the police, education, health, local authorities and human rights. Recently, Clive successfully defended the decision of the Secretary of State for Education to convert Downhills School into an Academy. Clive is currently Leading Counsel for a coalition of local authorities, professional associations, schools and students, challenging the GCSE English awards in August 2012. Clive has just represented the Chief Constable of Wiltshire in a judicial review challenge to a misconduct decision made by the Police Appeals Tribunal. Clive regularly advises the Association of Council Secretaries & Solicitors (ACSeS), and local authorities, on standards issues under the Localism Act 2011.

Clive practised for two years as an Attorney with a leading Wall Street firm, where he specialised in commercial litigation, and continues to be a member of the New York State Bar. Clive is also a CEDR trained mediator, and a member of the Professional Complaints Committee of the Bar Standards Board. Clive writes chapters for Tolley’s Employment Law Service and Tolley’s Employment Handbook and Clive speaks regularly on employment and public law issues, including a recent address to the Administrative Law Bar Association on ‘Consultation’.

Football abuse scandal: eight clubs could face sanctions after missing deadlines

Eight clubs have failed to respond to independent inquiry
Level of non-cooperation is ‘deeply concerning’, says specialist lawyer

Eight of the professional football clubs contacted by the independent inquiry into the game’s sexual-abuse scandal have failed to respond and now risk disciplinary action unless they tell the investigators what they know, the Guardian can reveal.

The Football Association is ready to step in and has the power to impose sanctions if it considers the clubs who have failed to comply – missing two separate deadlines over the past four months and displaying a level of non-cooperation described as “deeply concerning” by one specialist child-abuse lawyer – are threatening to undermine the investigation into what the organisation’s chairman, Greg Clarke, has described as the worst crisis he can remember in the sport.

The inquiry team, led by Clive Sheldon QC, wrote to every amateur and professional club in England and Wales on 11 January asking them to supply any information that could help relating to the period covered by the review, from 1970 to 2005, and requesting this was done by 15 March at the latest.

Sheldon and his colleagues consider that part of the process to be vital if they are to form an accurate picture of what happened in the past, whether there were institutional failures, who knew and what was done about it. However, the first phase of the investigation has been hindered by the difficulties they have encountered waiting for a number of clubs to cooperate.

The clubs who did not respond within the initial two-month period were contacted a second time and informed that a new deadline had been put in place of the end of April. Yet the fact eight clubs still failed to meet that six-week extension has led to the FA being notified and leaves questions about whether there are still people within the sport who are unwilling to cooperate at a time when Clarke has emphasised the importance of transparency.

“The fact that clubs continue to ignore the FA inquiry and fail to cooperate is deeply concerning,” Dino Nocivelli, a lawyer who is representing a number of the former footballers, told the Guardian. “It clearly shows their disregard for survivors of childhood sexual abuse within football and serious questions have to be asked as to the reasons why these clubs have decided not to engage.”

The last available figures, released by the National Police Chiefs’ Council on 18 April, showed 560 people had come forward citing abuse and 252 suspects had been named since the Guardian began its investigation in November. Around 23% of the reported incidents – with 311 clubs named – related to the sport at professional level and Operation Hydrant, the specialist police unit investigating the matter, had received 1,432 referrals, with almost a third, 457, coming from the north-west.

The inquiry, which will also look into girls’ football, will examine any evidence of a possible network between the offenders.

Sheldon was appointed in December and one part of his investigation will be to examine the reasons why, in 2003, the FA withdrew its funding from a review of child-protection policies, two years into what was supposed to be a five-year project led by Celia Brackenridge, a prominent campaigner and researcher from Brunel University.

Letters have also been sent to every club – a figure close to 20 – linked to the scandal in media coverage to establish if they are holding their own reviews and, if not, asking for the reasons why. Again, the relevant clubs – including Chelsea, Manchester City, Newcastle United, Southampton, Aston Villa, Blackpool and Crewe Alexandra – have been asked to submit their evidence to help Sheldon’s own fact-finding mission, with a view to submitting his report to the FA early next year. The terms of reference state the FA will make public as much as is legally possible.

Chelsea, the Guardian has established, have appointed a QC, Charles Geekie, a specialist in child abuse cases, to examine what happened at Stamford Bridge in the 1970s and the chain of events that led to the club paying one of their former players, Gary Johnson, £50,000 hush money in an attempt to prevent publicity about what happened to him in their youth team. Chelsea admitted in December they now considered that confidentiality agreement to be “inappropriate” and issued a public apology about the way the club had handled the allegations relating to Eddie Heath, formerly their chief scout.

Manchester City, facing the possibility of civil action from a number of their former junior players, have started their own investigation, using two of Manchester’s leading law firms as well as appointing Jane Mulcahy, a London-based QC who is on the national child safeguarding in sport panel and has been involved with the England and Wales Cricket Board’s appeals panel in child-protection cases.

The next stage of Sheldon’s inquiry will last several months and be devoted to interviewing the survivors and key witnesses. He and his team have received professional training to ensure the process is handled delicately and there will be the opportunity for people to speak anonymously, with an introductory link on the Sport Resolutions website.

Mike Hartill, a senior lecturer in sociology and sport at Edge Hill University who has previously been credited with improving child-protection policies in rugby league, is liaising with Sheldon and has produced a report for the inquiry to detail the measures that used to exist in football. The inquiry team has been interviewing various members of staff from previous FA regimes, as well as gathering evidence from a variety of other sources, but has also had to devote a significant amount of time to looking for relevant information from among the 5,000 boxes of FA archives.

As disappointing as it has been that almost one out of every 11 professional clubs has missed the various deadlines, that does not reflect the attitudes of the people who have been asked to take part in interviews. Everybody so far has agreed and it is hoped the FA’s involvement may influence the eight clubs who have let down the process so far.

12 May 2017



Celtic is a football club in Glasgow, in Scotland.

Jimmy Savile with Jock Stein, manager of Celtic football club.

There is a belief that Celtic football club is linked to a powerful child abuse ring that has operated among top people in Scotland and the USA.15-year-old Lawrence Haggart, a Celtic youth football player, was murdered on 16 march 1996, two days after the Dunblane school massacre.

Alleged abusers Jim McCafferty (left) and Jim Torbett (right)Anonymous writes:

“Lawrence Haggart’s father fears that the Celtic ‘kit man’ Jim McCafferty was abusing Lawrence.

“McCafferty used to visit the lads home, phoned him on the day he was murdered and took him to watch games.”

Jim Torbett (centre)Anonymous writes:

“Three other men currently awaiting trial were at Celtic at the same time –  JIM TORBETT, Frank Cairney, and Gerard King (Ex-Celtic Boys Club coach & chairman ).”Torbett was in business with celtic directors and was paid £1million from celtic after his conviction in the 90s.”Torbett was a director at Fairbridge, now part of the princes trust, with ex Metropolitan Police chief David McNee, Lord McAlpine’s brother William and Lord McCluskey amongst others.”Liam Brady agreed not to go to the police on an allegation of abuse when Cairney took the youths to New Jersey in 1991…”~~ MURDER MYSTERY – LAWRENCE HAGGART – PART ONE
Lawrence Haggart On 16 march 1996, two days after the Dunblane school massacre, Lawrence Haggart, aged 15, was savagely beaten with a blunt instrument and then thrown at the gas fire in his living room.Lawrence was found unconscious in the living room by his older brother John, aged17.The Murder of Lawrence Haggart, 1996 – The Celtic WikiIncidents, Events and Controversies | About Celtic
John Police were called to Lawrence’s house at 1:30am.Lawrence lived in Larbert, in Stirlingshire, not far from Dunblane.Lawrence died in hospital from his injuries.The Murder of Lawrence Haggart, 1996 – The Celtic WikiIncidents, Events and Controversies | About Celtic
LawrenceInitial reports suggested that Lawrence was attacked when he answered the door of his mother’s home late in the evening, or, in the early hours of the morning.Police found no sign of a weapon or forced entry.
DennisLawrence Haggart’s mother Janet was on a night out and brothers John, 17, and Dennis, 12, were reportedly ‘asleep’ upstairs.The Murder of Lawrence Haggart, 1996 – The Celtic WikiIncidents, Events and Controversies | About Celtic
Larry HaggartLawrence’s father Larry lives nearby in Denny.Lawrence had been returning from an evening out with friends at an under-18 nightclub knows as Ziggy’s at Denny.A friend had accompanied him in a taxi as far as Bonnybridge.Lawrence left the taxi at 10.20pm that night and reportedly got home at 11pm.Six months after Lawrence’s death, Lawrence’s father Larry Haggart said that he was planning a private investigation into the killing.Larry Haggart was furious at the lack of progress by police.Larry claimed the investigation into Lawrence’s murder suffered because it came two days after the Dunblane massacre, also in the Central Scotland Police area.A year after the killing, the police had still not found the murderers.
Thomas Hamilton – blamed for the Dunblane school shooting of 1996 – The Dunblane school massacre occurred in scotland on 13 March 1996. The official story is that, on 13 March 1996, a mad loner called Thomas Hamilton shot dead 16 children at a primary school in Dunblane in Scotland. The unofficial story is that Thomas Hamilton was supplying pornography, and young boys, to top people including policemen and politicians; and Thomas Hamilton may have been murdered, to shut him up.In October 1997, it was reported that the police were holding a known child abuser, Brian Beattie, suspected of murdering Lawrence Haggart.Reportedly, Brian Beattie followed Lawrence home.In 1991, Brian Beattie had been jailed for five years for assaults on adolescent boys.He lived just a few miles from the scene of the murder.BUT, initially the police seemed reluctant to pursue Beattie.
Lockerbie. Thanks to the Lockerbie Bombing trial, many people believe that the Scottish Criminal Justice System cannot be trusted.Police chief- Lockerbie evidence was faked – The Scotsman / NEW REPORT OF ‘FAKE’ EVIDENCE IN LOCKERBIE/ Police officer said that he planted the Lockerbie bomb …Reportedly, Brian Beattie made incriminating comments to a fellow inmate while in prison on remand.In November 1997, Brian Beattie, 33, of Stenhousemuir, appeared in court accused of murdering Lawrence by entering the Haggart house in Glenbervie Drive, Larbert, Stirlingshire, on 15 or 16 March 1996.
Lawrence Haggart was murdered at his home in March 1996In April 1998, Lawrence’s brother John told the High Court in Edinburgh how he dragged his brother from a flaming pyre in the living room of their home.John, said he found Lawrence after being awakened in his smoke-filled bedroom.John says his mother arrived home from a party within minutes.

Brian Beattie lodged a special defence of incrimination, naming Lawrence Haggart’s 12-year-old brother Dennis as the killer.He also lodged a further defence of alibi claiming he was in Stenhousemuir, Edinburgh and later at his own caravan in Denny, Stirlingshire, on the night of the alleged murder.
Lawrence’s funeralIn court, Dennis said he had been proud, not envious, of Lawrence’s success in football.He denied “losing the place” and bludgeoning his brother but agreed that in the weeks after the attack, the police had thought he was the killer.Dennis told the jury that he and Lawrence had shared a bedroom and got on well.
Moira. 11-year-old Moira Anderson was last seen boarding a bus in Coatbridge, near Glasgow, Scotland. According to The Sunday Times (Pressure on police to release paedophile dossier), 23 April 2006, Strathclyde Police have a dossier listing members of a child-abuse ring. The dossier is said to implicate senior public figures, including senior police officers and members of the Crown Office and former Scottish Office.A fire officer told the court that two fires had been started deliberately in the room where Lawrence was found dying.Two seats of fire were discovered. One of those was on the living room carpet and the other was on the settee. Both seats of the blaze had been started deliberately.In court, pathologist Professor Busuttil was shown a piece of concrete slab – there had been a number lying outside the victim’s house – and agreed that it could have been used by the killer.Prof Busuttil said: “There were no defensive injuries and no evidence that he (the deceased) was involved in an altercation in which, for example, punches were exchanged. It is very likely he was taken completely unawares and that the incident was short-lived.”

Celtic Boys Club, Scotland. In 1996 former Celtic Boys Club player Alan Brazil revealed that when he was 13 years old he was sexually abused by the club manager, Jim Torbett.[2]

The court heard that Brian Beattie, 33, was involved in a homosexual encounter in a gay meeting place on the night Lawrence was murdered.

Brian Beattie, 33, was interviewed by police while Lawrence was still fighting for his life and told them he was positive he had not been near the victim’s house in Larbert, Stirlingshire, that night.

The High Court in Edinburgh also heard how a detective had “stumbled across” a hammer in the kitchen of Lawrence’s house four days after a specialist team had searched the house for a possible weapon but found no hammer.

Detective Constable Gordon McGown told the court that on March 16, 1996, he had gone to the Evergreen Trailer Park in Denny where Brian Beattie had a caravan.

Brian Beattie agreed to go to Falkirk police station and they tried to establish his movements for the night in question.

The court heard that on March 18 a team of police search experts were called into the Haggart family home and during a three-and-a-half hour investigation found a triangular piece of concrete slab on grass outside the house.

However, scenes of crime pictures taken two days earlier showed no sign of a piece of concrete.

The Murder of Lawrence Haggart, 1996 – The Celtic WikiIncidents, Events and Controversies | About Celtic

PC Jeffrey Adams told the court that he had been part of the search team and had spent 26 minutes searching the kitchen of Lawrence’s house on March 18. No hammer had been found and in his opinion they would have found a hammer had it been there.

Detective Sergeant Robert Beveridge said he had called at the house four days later and come across the hammer in the kitchen.

He could not recall who had instructed him to go to the house or what he was told to look for, but thought there might have been a problem with the electricity.

The house had been sealed and the inquiry team had taken possession of it.

He explained that he had “stumbled across” the hammer which was lying down the kitchen table.

He said he was “absolutely positive” the hammer, with a hair attached to it, was there when he went into the kitchen.

Stephen Downing spent 27 years in prison for the murder of Wendy Sewell before his conviction was quashed. Coerced false confessionsNorth America 2.2.1 Norfolk Four 2.2.2 Brown v. Mississippi 2.2.3 Central Park jogger 2.2.4 Pizza Hut murder 2.2.5 Corethian Bell 2.2.6 Simon Marshall 2.2.7 Jeffrey Mark Deskovic 2.2.8 Michael Crowe 2.2.9 Gary Gauger 2.2.10 Kevin Fox 2.2.11 West Memphis Three 2.4 United Kingdom 2.4.1 Stephen Downing 2.4.2 Guildford Four 2.4.3 Birmingham Six

Reportedly, Brian Beattie confessed to murdering Lawrence and allegedly said that the Dunblane massacre might have “triggered something in me”, the jury was told.

Brian beattie said: “I keep remembering the fear in his face. I want to go to the grave to say sorry to him.”

Detective Sergeant Gordon Munro, 41, said that Beattie was interviewed over a weekend.

Beattie reportedly said he had gone in the front door of the Haggart house and, through the glass-paned living room door, saw Lawrence on a couch covered with a blanket or a quilt.

“I opened the living room door and stepped in. He got up and said something . I hit him a I can remember his face, I will never forget it.

“He fell back on the couch and I hit him again. I keep remembering the fear in his face.

“I do not know how many times I hit him or what I hit him with. It’s a blank. I know I never took nothing in with me but my hands were not sore after it so I must have used something. The next thing I remember is running back down the street.”

He allegedly said in the statement he had gone back to the caravan and had managed to fall asleep. He got up early the next morning and burned his clothes at a lay-by.

Beattie continued: “It was just after Dunblane and I do not know if it was that that triggered something in me. We [Beattie and some of his family] went up there and took flowers.”

The UK police reportedly suffer from Third World levels of corruption. GANGSTERS RUN THE UK

In court, Detective Sergeant Gordon Munro denied that Beattie was beaten up in police custody, and maintained that he made a genuine confession to the killing.

The court heard that videos featuring the abduction and torture of youths for sexual pleasure were found by police during a search of Beattie’s home.

Detective Constable Forrest Sloan, 39, told the High Court in Edinburgh the pornographic material was in a chest of drawers at the home of Brian Beattie, 33, in Ewing Drive, Falkirk.

The search of Beattie’s home was carried out on August 23, 1997, when two pornographic videos were found in a front bedroom.

Mr Edgar Prais, QC, for Mr Beattie, said “Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the defence calls the police liars.”

Of an alleged confession made by Mr Beattie, Mr Edgar Prais, QC, said it was strange that when it was supposedly made the police did not tape record it.

Mr Edgar Prais, QC, said that forensic tests were carried out in Scotland and by the FBI Bureau in Washington on behalf of the defence.

In all tests, Beattie was eliminated from any connection with the murder scene.

In may 1998, Beattie was jailed for life.

The Murder of Lawrence Haggart, 1996 – The Celtic WikiIncidents, Events and Controversies | About Celtic

In 1984, Beattie had been sentenced to seven years for breaking into premises and for arson.

In 1992, Beattie had appeared at the High Court in Edinburgh on a charge of abducting a 16-year-old boy from his bedroom.

The 16-year-old victim woke at 3am to find Beattie, who had been released from jail four days earlier, standing over his bed.

He covered the boy’s face with a blanket and, after warning him that he had a knife, tied his wrists with a shirt and wire.

The half-dressed boy was forced from his home with a T-shirt over his head.

Beattie fled after his victim managed to pull the shirt off and saw his attacker.

Beattie was jailed but released ‘on licence’ in 1994.

Beattie was brought up in Airth, Stirlingshire.

He began his criminal life at the age of 11.

He spent his early years in a succession of schools and institutions for difficult children.

When his mother moved to Redcar, in Teesside, Brian Beattie broke into four homes belonging to elderly widows, stole valuables and set fire to their houses.

While in custody, Beattie set fire to his prison cell and attempted suicide by setting fire to himself.

After his release in 1988, Beattie moved back to Airth, in Stirlingshire, and in November that year carried out a series of attacks.

Beattie would sneak into houses in the middle of the night, after watching for signs that boys lived there.

His first victim was a 14-year-old Stenhousemuir boy, but he struggled free and Beattie ran off.

In August 1990, a 17-year-old boy sleeping in his home at Falkirk woke to find Beattie holding a pair of scissors at his stomach.

Beattie carried out a number of sexual assaults on the boy.

The victim remembers Beattie as being “calm, controlled and relaxed”.

Three weeks later, Beattie carried out a similar attack on 21-year-old Lawrence Kane while his parents and older brother slept in other rooms in their Stenhousemuir home.

Lawrence said: “I can remember waking up and he had his hand over my privates and a knife in my belly. He said if I moved he would slash me.

“I managed to push him off me and chased him out of the room…”

Beattie struck again in October – with two attacks in five days.

He sneaked into a house in Larbert and threatened to kill an 18-year- old boy with a screwdriver before sexually assaulting him.

Then he struck at the home of a former Scotland football star and attacked his 14-year-old son.

The victim said: “Basically he had a strict routine with all the attacks and the last time he went a step further and ended up killing this boy. I was one of the lucky ones.”

Beattie was eventually arrested in connection with some of these incidents but was released on bail at Falkirk Sheriff Court.

Six days later, he carried out an assault on a 20-year- old Falkirk man.

In February 1991, he was sentenced at the High Court in Edinburgh to 18 months for the assaults but served only eight months.

The Curious Case of the Clown Persecution Service, and the summary Quis Custodiet Custodes?, which sets out the bizarre and suspect behaviour of Strathclyde Police and their continuing refusal to act against a known serial rapist preying on children in the Glasgow area.



Lawrence Haggart

There is a suspicion that certain violent ‘child sexual abusers’ are given an easy time by the criminal justice system.

Think of Jimmy Savile or Marc Dutroux, both of whom the authorities were reluctant to arrest, presumably because they had friends in high places.

(The Who’s who of Satanic Child Abuse -)

On 16 March 1996, 15 year old Lawrence Haggart was brutally attacked.

On 17 March 1996, the frequently convicted paedophile and arsonist Brian Beattie, who lived nearby, was questioned by the police.

Strangely, there appear to be no pictures on the internet of Beattie.

Beattie had a long history of going into houses and sexually attacking boys, and a long history of using violence and setting things alight.

However, Beattie was released after claiming he had been in Edinburgh.

The police failed to check his uncorroborated alibi.

And the police switched their attention elsewhere.

The Murder of Lawrence Haggart, 1996 – The Celtic WikiIncidents, Events and Controversies | About Celtic

Lawrence’s funeral.

In May 1998, it was reported that an independent inquiry into the police handling of the Lawrence Haggart case was to be carried out by James Mackay, the assistant chief constable of Tayside Police.

Details of his report were not made public.

However, under the Freedom of Information Act, a copy of ‘much of the document’ was obtained.

The report refers to a catalogue of blunders made by investigating officers, including:

1. Faking entries in an official diary of the murder inquiry.

2. Contaminating the crime scene.

3. Destroying evidence.

4. Losing a possible murder weapon.

Sections of the report dealing with an alleged criminal probe against murder squad officers has not been released.

The Murder of Lawrence Haggart, 1996 – The Celtic WikiIncidents, Events and Controversies | About Celtic

Dennis Haggart

The suspects in the case were Dennis Haggart, the 12 year old brother of Lawrence, and Brian Beattie, a known child abuser who lived nearby.A report was sent to the Crown Office saying there was circumstantial evidence to link Dennis Haggart to the attack.

Detective Sgt Alan Stewart had said that he had evidence that Dennis committed the crime.

The initial police team was led by Det Supt Jim Winning, head of Central Scotland CID.

The team’s theory was that Dennis had bludgeoned his brother to death.

After many months, Dennis’s father complained about the lack of progress being made in the case.

At the end of 1996, Supt Joe Holden replaced Winning.

The change of police staff led to Brian Beattie becoming the central suspect.

The Murder of Lawrence Haggart, 1996 – The Celtic WikiIncidents, Events and Controversies | About Celtic

The police lacked evidence.

Both the scorched couch and the badly burned carpet, at the site of the crime, had been disposed of soon after the murder, with the agreement of the police.

They had not been subjected to any detailed forensic examination.

Supt Holden’s team was left with a series of photographs and a hair found in Lawrence Haggart’s underpants.

Forensic tests in Scotland and at the FBI laboratory in Washington showed that the hair came from Lawrence.

The police had no explanation from Beattie about Lawrence’s palms each of which bore the number 110 written in ink.

Photographs showed the same number ‘gouged’ in his shoulder, apparently using a mortice key.

Strangely, there appear to be no pictures on the internet of Beattie.

In 1992, Beattie appeared in court on a charge of abducting a 16-year-old boy from his bedroom.

The 16-year-old victim woke at 3am to find Beattie, who had been released from jail four days earlier, standing over his bed.

Beattie was jailed but released ‘on licence’ in 1994.

In May 1998, a court in Scotland found Brian Beattie guilty of the 1996 murder of 15 year old Lawrence Haggart.

The jury returned a majority guilty verdict.

The Curious Case of the Clown Persecution Service, and the summary Quis Custodiet Custodes?, which sets out the bizarre and suspect behaviour of Strathclyde Police and their continuing refusal to act against a known serial rapist preying on children in the Glasgow area.

Chief Inspector Jim Winning led the initial murder inquiry.

He retired on health grounds.

He was excused from giving evidence on medical grounds.

It was reported that Winning would escape possible disciplinary proceedings through early retirement on health grounds.

The Murder of Lawrence Haggart, 1996 – The Celtic WikiIncidents, Events and Controversies | About Celtic


THE KING RAT: The Godfather, The Krays, Massey, Domenyk & Child Abusers

Celtic youth player Lawrence Haggart was murdered in 1996 by paedophile William Beattie.

Jim McCafferty Celtic kitman at the time and currently remanded in prison in Belfast on sex abuse charges was a suspect as he had phoned the youth on the day of his murder.Gerry McCann was the club doctor at the time.

Lawrence Haggart died on 17th March 1996.

Paedo Brian (not William) Beattie was convicted of his murder.
Tommy Burns (again) was Celtic manager from 1994 until 1997.
Unclear as to exact dates GM (confusion is good”) worked at Celtic.

Truthseeker1‏ @thewakeupcall09

The dad of murdered Celtic starlet Lawrence Haggart pleaded last night: “Please end our nightmare.”

Tormented Larry Haggart is still praying and hoping for an answer to the mystery surrounding his son’s brutal slaying.

He even launched his own probe into the death, but said: “We are still waiting for news.

“So far there has been only silence.”

He added: “Christmas was very hard for the family. But there are two other boys here and we had to try to make it special for them.”

Lawrence was just 15 when he was viciously attacked in his own living room as his two older brothers slept upstairs at their home in Larbert, near Falkirk.

The night of the attack, March 15, is forever etched on his dad’s memory.

Lawrence died two days later in hospital. His killers had set his feet on fire.

The young soccer star had been tipped to go all the way at Celtic and players, along with manager Tommy Burns attended his funeral in Dennyloanhead, Stirlingshire.

Larry added: “We’re still trying to find anything that could give us a break in his case. I feel the investigation was hampered because of what happened shortly after at Dunblane.”!-a061085664

Truthseeker1‏ @thewakeupcall09

Probe coach quits Ex-suspect leaves youth job Sunday Mail 05-06-05

Ex-Celtic kit man to face child abuse trial Jim McCafferty

May 11 2017

A former Celtic Football Club kit man and youth coach is to stand trial for alleged child sex offences, a judge has ordered. Jim McCafferty, 71, appeared before Belfast Magistrates’ Court charged with eight counts of intentionally touching a boy under the age of 16. The alleged offences were committed in the city on dates between 2012 and 2015. McCafferty, a Scotsman with an address at Raby Street in south Belfast, has been on remand at Maghaberry Prison amid fears for his safety. He was escorted into the dock on a walking frame for the hearing to determine if he has a case to answer. Dressed in a white T-shirt and and grey tracksuit bottoms, the pensioner spoke to confirm he understood the allegations against him. He declined to give evidence or call witnesses at this stage. His solicitor, Stephen Tumelty, did not dispute submissions that a prima facie case has been established. Granting the prosecution application, District Judge Fiona Bagnall returned McCafferty for trial at Belfast Crown Court on a date to be fixed. He is expected to remain in custody until those proceedings get under way. “There is no application for bail,” Mr Tumelty confirmed. The accused was arrested last December after giving an interview to a national newspaper and then walking into a Belfast police station. McCafferty, who previously lived in the Glasgow area, worked at Celtic more than 20 years ago. He was also a kit man for other Scottish clubs, including Falkirk and Hibs, before moving to Northern Ireland around seven years ago



Ex-football coach Barry Bennell is charged with 21 further counts of sexual assault on boys as young as 14 in the 1980s

  • Charges relate to four complainants, alleged offences between 1983 and 1991
  • The former Crewe Alexandra coach, 63, has now been charged with 41 offences
  • Barry Bennell will appear at South Cheshire Magistrates’ Court on 17 May 

Ex-football coach Barry Bennell has been charged with 21 further counts of sexual assault on boys as young as 14.

The charges relate to four complainants with offences allegedly taking place between 1983 and 1991.

In total former Crewe Alexandra coach Bennell, 63, has now been charged with 41 offences relating to eight male complainants.

Ex-football coach Barry Bennell has been charged with 21 further counts of sexual assault on boys as young as 14 in the 1980s

Ex-football coach Barry Bennell has been charged with 21 further counts of sexual assault on boys as young as 14 in the 1980s

A CPS spokesman said: ‘Former professional football coach Barry Bennell, 63, was informed that he has been charged with 21 counts of non-recent sexual assault on boys aged between 14 and 16 years of age.

‘These are 18 counts of indecent assault, two counts of buggery and one count of attempted buggery.

‘He will appear via video link at South Cheshire Magistrates’ Court on the afternoon of Wednesday, 17 May in relation to these charges.’

Bennell was first charged with eight offences of non-recent child sexual abuse relating to one complainant on 29 November after the Crown Prosecution Service received a file of evidence from Cheshire Police.

On 7 March he was charged with eight more offences relating to two complainants and another four offences relating to one complainant on 9 March.

Bennell, now remanded in custody, worked as a coach for Manchester City, Stoke and junior teams in north-west England and the Midlands.

Ex-Celtic Boys Club coach charged over sex offences

Jim Torbett appeared in court on Friday over historic allegations.

The former Celtic Boys Club coach Jim Torbett has been charged with historic sex offences.

The 69-year-old was arrested earlier this week before appearing in Glasgow Sheriff Court on Friday.

He was charged with six common law sex offences during the hearing.

The allegations include three cases of indecent assault and three accusations of lewd, indecent and libidinous practices.

Torbett made no plea or declaration and his case was continued for further examination.

The former youth football coach, who worked at the Glasgow boys club in the 1970s and 80s, was released on bail.

Football Reaching Out For Africa

Lord Greville Janner, Michael Portillo, Cliff Richard & Uri Geller

Support for Africa is no ordinary charity – it was formed to help Africa find a solution in the fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS and Malaria through education and awareness with an emphasis on prevention. The President and founder of Support for Africa is singer/actress Patti Boulaye. Patrons are The Rt. Hon Sir John Major KG CH, H.E Dr Christopher Kolade (Nigeria) Lord Janner of Braunstone, The Rt. Hon.Charles Kennedy, The Rt. Hon. Michael Portillo, Fredrick Forsyth CBE and Shaquille O’Neal. Celebrity friends include actor Simon Callow CBE, Craig David, Jim Davidson OBE, psychic Uri Geller, footballers John Fashanu and Les Ferdinand to name a few.

Michael Jackson pledges support 14-06-2002

MJ at ExeterOn the invitation of her dear friend Uri Geller, Patti Boulaye travelled to Exeter City FC with Michael Jackson and members of her Golden Jubilee Gospel Choir.

True to form the fans screamed and rushed at Michael when he tried to board the train to Exeter at Paddington station.

Once at Exeter Michael gave a heartfelt address to an estimated ten thousand fans, in which he praised Patti Boulaye and her charity Support for Africa.

He also added that he had come to lend his support to the charity.
View some pictures

MJ meets the crowdMJ and members of the Gospel ChoirPatti Boulaye thrills the crowd
MJ at the House of Parliament

Exeter City’s new co-chairman Uri Geller (2002)

Lord Greville Janner, Uri Geller & The Magic Circle

Michael Jackson, Uri Geller, Ariel Sharon & Shmuley Boteach (back to camera)

What favour to did Lord Greville Janner owe Uri Geller ? Sun Weekend 15-06-02, p11

Uri Geller, Lord Greville Janner, Paul Daniels (Page removed now) 1/3

Uri Geller, Lord Greville Janner, Paul Daniels (Page removed now) 2/3

Uri Geller, Lord Greville Janner, Paul Daniels (Page removed now) 3/3

So Paul Daniels must of known Lord Greville Janner quite well to have been at a few of Janner’s parties.

Paul Daniels and Jimmy Savile
 Lord Irvine, Lord Boateng, Lord Janner, Sir Peter Bottomley & Michael Jackson

Jun 23, 2016

Michael Jackson Stockpiled Nude Images Of Children, According To Police Report

Authorities seized more than 80 video recordings and computer hard drives, as well as notes, diaries, documents, photographs and audiotapes.

Police discovered Michael Jackson had a large collection of pornography, which allegedly included images of children, animal torture and gore, reportedly used in his bid to seduce young boys. The collection was revealed in newly surfaced documents obtained by RadarOnline that detail a raid on Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch estate in 2003, carried out as part of an investigation into child molestation charges against the singer. 

According to previously unseen reports from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department, authorities seized more than 80 video recordings and computer hard drives, as well as notes, diaries, documents, photographs and audiotapes. 

Former Santa Barbara Senior Assistant District Attorney Ron Zonen, who helped prosecute Jackson’s case, told RadarOnline that many of the materials found were used to “desensitize” children. 

The police report describes several of the materials found at Jackson’s estate and notes that many of the books and images “can be used as part of a ‘grooming’ process by which people (those seeking to molest children) are able to lower the inhibitions of their intended victims and facilitate the molestation of said victims.”

 World famous Uri Geller the co-chairman of Exeter City had organized the event to include his friends Michael Jackson the King of Pop, David Blaine (known for his headline-making daring and death-defying feats of physical and emotional endurance) and also singer Patti Boulaye . During the journey on the train sick children were invited into Uri and Michaels compartment for a private audience, they emerged smiling and clutching autographs from the stars a short time after their arrival in Exeter; the stars gave the football club its biggest crowd in years as filling the stadium.

Michael Jackson- who had asked for his dressing room to be filled with flowers and kept at a temperature of exactly 74 degrees – arrived in a classic Bentley. Leaping from the vehicle, he paraded down a line of disabled children, gently placing his palm on their foreheads.

He then took to the stage and with a burst of giggles told the ‘wonderful people of Exeter’ how delighted he was to be there. Dressed in a black embroidered jacket, he told the crowd from the stage: “We are here to support children with Aids, to help the youngest of them affected by HIV. “We will help them build a better future, all of us working together for them, a future without prejudice for these children and their families. “We must learn to live and love each other before it is too late.” Jackson was accompanied by his close friend Uri Geller who had organised the charitable event and also number of children on the stage. After his appeal for world peace, he accepted an Exeter City football shirt and said he had confidence in a win for England against Denmark. Michael then made a farewell tour of the stadium in the classic Bentley after his 10-minute appearance.

Patti Boulaye and Princess Anne

Patti Boulaye and friends

Patti Boulaye, born Patricia Ngozi Ebigwei on May 3, 1954

I was born in rural Nigeria in the Fifties, one of eight children.
We went from extreme poverty, where I had just rags for clothes, to wealth after my mother remarried a politician some years later.
I came to the UK when I was 16 and accidentally got into showbusiness.

Boulaye is the founder and President of the charity “Support for Africa”, which has built five clinics in rural Africa and a school with HRH Prince Harry’s Charity, “Sentebale”, in Lesotho.

Around 2000 I began raising money through pop concerts to build five healthcare clinics and a school in Africa via the charity Support for Africa.

I didn’t raise enough for all the work I wanted to do, and a donor came forward who lent me £15,000 but with a time limit on the loan. I had to build a clinic in Cameroon within two years.
The pressure I was put under to achieve that was uncomfortable. I’ve since learnt that some people think this kind of deal buys them an MBE or something like that.

Boulaye received her OBE in January 2016

I made Prince Charles blush when I was awarded an OBE last year for my charity work building hospitals in Africa. He said: ‘I wish there were more people like you – the world would be a better place.’ I replied: ‘Your Royal Highness, I wish we had two people like you – the world would be even better.’

Boulaye was appointed to the “Entertainment Steering Committee” for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee (2 June 2002)

Another of Edward Garnier’s  defamation cases – Patti Boulaye

Patti Boulaye –v- Guardian Newspapers 1999 (recovered substantial damages for British-Nigerian singer who was a Conservative candidate for the Greater London Assembly falsely accused of being a supporter of South African apartheid)

Edward Garnier

One of David Cameron’s former top legal advisers tried to stop a Labour MP “challenging” Lord Brittan of Spennithorne over child abuse allegations in the Houses of Parliament, it has been claimed.

Sir Edward Garnier from London is knighted by the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles,  at Buckingham Palace. 2012

He most recently served as Solicitor General for England and Wales[2] from the election of 2010 until the 2012 ministerial reshuffle.[3][4]

He represented Edwina Currie and Lord McAlpine at the High Court following allegations made on Twitter by Sally Bercow, wife of the Commons speaker.[10]

In November 2014 the Daily Telegraph reported allegations that Garnier requested that Simon Danczuk “think very carefully” about what he said to the Home Affairs select committee about Leon Brittan and the missing Westminster paedophile dossier. Danczuk said that Brittan was in poor health and Garnier, an old friend, had been asked to intervene by Brittan’s wife.[35]

In March 2015, he was appointed to the Privy Council of the United Kingdom and therefore granted the title The Right Honourable.[36]


Patti Boulaye is a  Lady Ratling [the Grand Order of Lady Ratlings is a showbusiness charitable organisation].


What was your best business decision?

Stephen Komlosy

Senior Partner City & Westminster Corporate Finance LLP

Marrying my husband, Stephen Komlosy, who had managed such acts as Lionel Bart and Mike Berry



I met Stephen in 1976 when I was in The Black Mikado at the Cambridge Theatre, London. We went to The Dorchester for tea and in the taxi back to the theatre, he proposed. I’d known him for two hours. I thought he was mad – but I said yes.


Over the years, Patti has worked for charities and served on the committees of eight British charities and she has been a patron of five, including Eastside Educational Trust, Barnardo’s, SOS and Women Into Business. Patti was also a Founder Member and Patron of (HRH Prince Michael of Kent) Enterprise Club for GENESIS, the facilitator organisation for the All-Party Parliamentary Group for the promotion of Small Business. She is also on the Advisory Board of The Iman-Foundation Worldwide, which promotes dialogue and challenges extremism to bring about change. Patti is a Patron of The Commonwealth Resound as well as The British Monarchist Society.

During a visit to Africa and by another twist of fate, Patti was introduced to 60 babies who were saved from being buried alive because they were HIV positive. On her return to England Patti was determined to do something about the affect and stigma of HIV on the lives of African villagers.



She formed a charity Support For Africa and asked the Rt. Hon Sir John Major KG CH and other prominent persons to be Patrons, all of whom agreed and her charity has built 5 clinics in Africa and helped to build a School in Lesotho with Prince Harry’s Charity Sentebale. Patti hired the Royal Albert Hall for a charity event, which she presented and organised. This was the first of her sell-out “Reaching Out For Africa” events, which she co-produced with Major Sir Michael Parker KCVO CBE at the Royal Albert Hall, starring Sir Cliff Richard, Gabrielle, Uri Geller, Patti herself and BONEY M, amongst others and featured 3,000 Gospel singers whom Patti put together herself.

The event was supported by The Rt. Hon Michael Portillo, Frederick Forsyth CBE, The Rt. Hon Iain Duncan Smith, The Rt. Hon Paul Boateng, The Rt. Hon. Lord Greville Janner QC and the new Miss World. Patti’s second sell out Royal Albert Hall charity event was Football Reaching Out For Africa (FROFA) and starred, among others, footballer Didier Drogba of Chelsea FC, Simon Callow, Boney M, Christopher Biggins, Greg Dyke, David James and The Rt. Hon. Charles Kennedy. Patti also produced ‘Scotland Reaching Out For Africa’ supported by Lord McConnell the then First Minister and Alex Salmond the current First Minister, Football manager Alex McLeish, Leo Sayer, Mazie Willams and Boney M.



Unite unites with Boulaye and digs in to African challenge

Patti Boulaye, actress, singer, motivational speaker, and her husband Stephen Komlosy, who recently invested in Aim-listed mining company Platinum Diversified, hosted a reception last week with Lord Janner at the House of Lords. It was designed to raise cash for her Africa charity.

During the evening, she extracted £25,000 from Bristol-based student housebuilder Unite to help build her next medical centre in Cameroon. It’s Unite’s first overseas project.

Patti has starred several times in “Music on Fire” the Fireworks Proms at Sandhurst. As a guest of Michael Jackson, Patti attended and sang at his 45th Birthday Celebrations in LA.


Her “network”

Stephen Komlosy, Keith Vaz MP, Moira Stuart and Patti Boulaye at the House of Parliamentvaz patti boulaye.GIF

Stephen Komlosy, Keith Vaz MP, Moira Stuart and Patti Boulaye at the House of Parliament

 ^ Boulaye is very good friends with Uri Geller

Boulaye and Hague
Applauding Peter Ainsworth at the Conservative Party conference in 2000
Applauding Peter Ainsworth at the Conservative Party conference in 2000

Peter Ainsworth

In 1994 Ainsworth became the Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) to the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Jonathan Aitken, and in 1995 became PPS to the Secretary of State for National Heritage, Virginia Bottomley. He was promoted by John Major in 1996 to the Whips’ Office. When the Major government fell the following year he remained a whip in opposition and was promoted to Deputy Chief Whip by William Hague.

At the Support Africa HIV, AIDS and Malaria charity event in London with the Princess of Yugoslavia in 2001 CREDIT: REX FEATURES

Boulaye and Camilla
The President and founder of Support for Africa is singer/actress
Patti Boulaye. Patrons are The Rt. Hon Sir John Major KG CH, H.E Dr Christopher Kolade (Nigeria) Lord Janner of Braunstone, The Rt. Hon.Charles Kennedy, The Rt. Hon. Michael Portillo, Fredrick Forsyth CBE and Shaquille O’Neal.

There may well be another grand gesture tonight from the other star of her show: Didier Drogba, the Chelsea footballer still reeling from the departure of his coach and mentor Jose Mourinho. Drogba is a passionate, articulate man from the Ivory Coast who is loved as a singer back home as well as as a sportsman. He will appear with his own band – but with a microphone in his hand and a sympathetic audience listening, it’s easy to imagine the apparently furious striker telling the world what he really thinks of Roman Abramovich.

Boulaye, of course, would prefer him to talk about the Aids clinic he is opening in the Ivory Coast, one of four started by her charity Support For Africa.”Football is the only language that men in Africa understand,” she says, explaining why she has recruited Drogba to help get her message across to young black men here and on her home continent. A team’s worth of Premiership stars have said they will try to be at the concert. “You know what it’s like with footballers: they don’t turn up for anything. But they will this time.”

Would they dare do otherwise? Boulaye is an overwhelming personality who may smile a lot but is also ferociously determined. Sceptics beware: she believes she has God on her side. “I wake up every morning and I say, ‘Lord, send the ministering angels to help me. I can’t do it on my own.'”

She tells how the Lord (and the Professional Footballers’ Association) led her to big, intimidating Lauren the Arsenal defender who is a pussycat really and even turned up to a reception at the House of Lords on crutches and has opened another of the clinics and if all this sounds a bit breathless it is because that is how she makes you feel as she lurches quickly from one topic of conversation to the next, as if there is so much to say and so little time to say it.


There was a more earthly reason why she fell out of favour, surely? Like sharing a rally platform with Jim Davidson and Margaret Thatcher, when Thatcher was being accused of flirting with National Front policies and blamed for race riots?

She backed Thatcher.

This daughter of a prominent Nigerian politician also developed unlikely friendships in high circles, most notably Sir John Major. “I still adore him. He understands Africans.” In time William Hague asked her to help shift the image of the Tories during the race for Mayor of London. “Oh boy,” she says. “It was the biggest mistake I ever made.”

Newspapers assumed she was running for election, even though she says she wasn’t. Then a Guardian interview quoted her as saying she believed in sticking up loyally for unfashionable causes, including (quite astonishingly for a black Anglo-African) “apartheid”. The words the reporter misheard were “a party”, meaning the Tories.  The Guardian apologised and paid damages. But Boulaye had acquired the image of a loose cannon with some dubious views.


She also defended fellow Conservative Jeffrey Archer after he made racist comments about black Britons. [16] Boulaye rallied to Archer’s defence, claiming, “I am talking as a black woman who knows Jeffrey Archer very well…and he is not a racist. I think he would make a very good mayor.”.[15]

She has a business called Bipada – The business provides training in skills, confidence and etiquette.

BIPADA Academy for Personal & General Protocol
  • BIPADA is a leading expert in Personal Protocol, Public and Media Relations for diplomatic, personal and corporate clients. We offer personalised 1-2-1 as well as group training for PAs, Concierge and service based organizations. We work with diplomats and their families to ease the cultural shocks that sudden transfers can produce.​​ We enhance the style, presence, empathy and confidence in our clients.
  • BIPADA‘s Team of Experts have collaborated with governments including the British and US governments, Royal Families, the London Stock Exchange and major Television companies. They have organized top international diplomatic protocol meetings and events involving Presidents, Prime Ministers and Heads of Government. Our team of experts are in demand for their knowledge of the diplomatic modus operandi and the right temperament needed for challenging situations.
  • BIPADA specialties include Personal Image Management, Public Speaking and Stage Presence.​ We have unequalled services including our 3 Days Intensive Certification  Courses at Oxford University. We also provide tutorials and guided visits to British museums, a Royal Palace in London.
  • BIPADA Academy organizes workshops and training sessions in Empathy and Confidence for front of house staff. We breathe new life into any workforce and increase the company’s chances of staying ahead of the competition.​​ BIPADA Academy helps employers solve the problems of employees that lack people skills, which threatens to destroy the business and drive away clients.
  • We are planning a project to help young people from inner-city schools, through our young Ambassadors Programme, develop valueable Life Skills.
  • The Bipada Network Launch Event will take place on November 25th in The Library Bar at The Club Café Royal

Some of the Attendees – The Network

HRH Princess Katarina of Yugoslavia & Serbia. A great niece of HM Queen Elizabeth II and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh

           Grant Harrold

Etiquette Expert and Butler Trainer. Former Royal Butler to The Prince of Wale

Jess Conrad OBE  Actor and Singer

(Patti Boulaye) PATRICIA NGOSI KOMLOSY- 26 Directorships

Book Launch of Boulaye Book – From her Bipada Business website

The Faith of a Child

Patti Boulaye OBE

The Faith of a Child was officially launched on 10th March 2017 at The Athenaeum Hotel, Piccadilly.

Guests included HRH Princess Katarina of Serbia, the world’s No 1 Best Selling author Lord Jeffrey Archer, Lord Julian Fellowes (Creator of Downton Abbey, Gosford Park), Lady Emma Fellowes, Lorna Byrne (Angels in my Hair), TV Presenter Tim Vincent, songwriter and author Mitch Murray, actresses Vicki Michelle (Allo Allo), Ann Mitchell (Eastenders), Joan Hooley (Eastenders), Radio Presenter Lizzie Cundy, singer Leee John (Imagination) and famous photographer Richard Young.

Do you give regularly to charity?

I still run Support for Africa, although we are not fundraising at the moment.
The three Nigerian clinics have been gifted to the local communities. The two in Cameroon are administered by the Cameroon Baptist Health Services. The school in Lesotho belongs to and is administered by Sentebale, Prince Harry’s charity.

I still do a lot of other charity work of course. I have just become a Lady Ratling [the Grand Order of Lady Ratlings is a showbusiness charitable organisation

Patron: Lady Sheila Butlin

President of the Cup of Kindness: Barbara Windsor M.B.E.

The Grand Order of Lady Ratlings (established in 1929) welcomes professional performers and those directly connected with the theatrical profession.

The ultimate accolade for a member is to become Queen Ratling, who presides for one year over the Lodges as well as the charitable work of the Order.

Ex-Celtic Boys Club coach accused of abuse returns to UK

May 3 2017

Ex-Celtic boys club coach Jim Torbett has left the United States and returned to the UK following a visit from US Homeland Security, the BBC has learned.

The BBC understands US officials ensured that Torbett left the country, from Oakland International Airport bound for London. It is not known where he travelled from there.

Torbett was visited by officers from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice) – Homeland Security’s specialist investigative arm – within 24 hours of BBC Scotland story and agreed to leave the country voluntarily.

A US government source told the BBC that Ice officers visited him in Modesto, California.

They have not yet established that Torbett had violated any visa requirements, but advised Torbett that if it was established he had – and he was still in the US – they would look to apply the full effect of US law.

The source also said Torbett volunteered to leave the US during the course of the interview.

The BBC also understands Torbett will be added to a list of people who will not be permitted to enter the US again and that Ice officers are satisfied that the issue for them is now closed.

Mark Daly (back) with Jim Torbett (centre) and a man believed to be William Gilbert

Paedophile former Celtic Boys Club football coach Jim Torbett is tracked down in a Californian shopping centre as he denies latest abuse claims

  • Jim Torbett, 69, who was the founder of Celtic Boys Club in Scotland, was jailed in 1998 for two years for abusing three young footballers between 1967 and 1974 
  • But new allegations against him have risen over alleged abuse in the 80s and 90s
  • Torbett was tracked down and confronted in America by BBC Scotland reporter 
  • It is unlikely that he declared his conviction when applying for entry to the US
  • Ex-coach denied being a paedophile and said he’ll see alleged victims in court

May 2 2017

A British paedophile football was tracked down in a Californian shopping centre amid fresh claims of sexual abuse.

Jim Torbett, 69, who was the founder of Celtic Boys Club in Scotland, was jailed in 1998 for two years for abusing three young footballers – including ex-Scotland international Alan Brazil.    

He was only ever convicted for crimes between 1967 and 1974. 

But new allegations against him have risen, after former player Kenny Campbell and another man said they were also victims of abuse from Torbett in the 80s and 90s.

BBC Scotland reporter Mark Daly tracked Torbett down and confronted him at a shopping centre in Modesto, California

BBC Scotland reporter Mark Daly tracked Torbett down and confronted him at a shopping centre in Modesto, California

A major police investigation is under way and he is expected to be questioned on his return from America.

It’s believed he is in the country on an Esta – which means he can only stay there for 90 days.

But questions have been raised as to how he was granted entry into the US with a child abuse conviction and it has been suggested that the paedophile did not declare this on his visa application

He said:  ‘For two days we watched as he and a man the BBC understands to be William Gilbert worked in the garden and washed cars. But with strict trespassing laws in the US, in order to put our questions to him, we needed Torbett to set foot on a public pavement.

‘When they left to go to a local shopping centre, we followed, two cars behind. The pair entered a shop, and we waited for them to emerge. Mr Gilbert recognised me and attempted to stop us.

‘We waited for around 10 tense minutes as Mr Gilbert patrolled the area. Torbett then emerged from the shop, and I began to ask my questions.

‘Mr Torbett declined to answer the majority of the questions I put to him about the abuse claims, but when asked what he had to say to Kenny Campbell, he answered: ‘I have a lot to say. I’ll see him in court.’

‘He denied being a paedophile.’

Celtic Boys Club was founded by Torbett in 1966 and they became an unofficial feeder club for Celtic FC.

When then-manager of the Glasgow giants, Jock Stein, heard that he had been abusing children, Torbett was booted out. But the police were never called.

After Stein’s departure as manager, Torbett returned in the 1980s.

Alleged victim Campbell, from Lanarkshire, claimed he was abused in 80s, when he joined Celtic Boys Club in 1986.

Speaking on BBC programme Football Abuse: The Ugly Side of The Beautiful Game last month, he said: ‘I feel aggrieved at that if they had never let him back in, it would have f*****g never happened in the first place.

‘I could have had a normal life, normal people round about me.

‘If Celtic had done their due diligence as they always say. And it wouldn’t have happened to me.’

Campbell said he turned to drink and drugs as a result of the abuse of Torbett, who had befriended his parents and even spent one Christmas Day with them.

Another victim who spoke to the BBC said Torbett abused him dozens of times over three years from 1990.

The documentary also revealed police have spoken to several others.

Sports radio presenter and ex-Scotland striker Alan Brazil said he was abused Torbett in the 1970s and it ruined his dream of playing for Celtic.

In his 2007 autobiography, the former Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur forward, now 57, said he was preyed on as a 13-year-old.

He said Torbett – jailed for three counts of shameless indecency in 1998 – would invite youngsters to his ‘dingy, untidy council flat’ and ply them with ice cream and biscuits, ‘putting his hands all over the lads, kissing them, giving them little pecks’.

Speaking about the abuse he suffered, Brazil added: ‘He found me on the sofa on my own in the lounge. I was bored and wanted to go home. He sat much closer than was comfortable, and without warning he put his hand between my legs. I froze.

‘He started kissing my head and trying to touch the outside of my trousers, but I was wriggling away from him. I remember his horrible swollen face next to mine.

‘He was smiling. He thought this was fun. I was frightened and very confused.’

The US does not have access to the Police National Computer. 

But they can request details of criminal convictions on an individual request basis.

Failure to declare previous convictions on an Esta can be a criminal offence in the US.

It is understood Torbett is close to the 90 days maximum and is expected to return to the UK shortly, according to the Daily Record

Hundreds of paedophiles are using sport clubs to prey on kids with at least one report EVERY DAY

Swimming, martial arts, rugby and gymnastics are the four sports worst affected after football, followed by tennis, cricket and athletics.
Local authorities received the ­equivalent of one report of abuse EVERY DAY between 2012 and 2016.More than half of these allegations were sexual. The remaining cases ­concern maltreatment such as physical and emotional abuse and neglect.Last night children’s charity the NSPCC said our horrific findings proved that urgent action is needed to beef up Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks.The charity wants to close two ­alarming loopholes that allow ­perverts to infiltrate sports clubs.Offenders could lawfully have sex with 16-year-olds and 17-year-olds in their clubs because trust laws do not extend to sports coaches or youth ­leaders. Clubs can find out if a ­potential recruit is legally barred from working with children only if that person will be working unsupervised.This means convicted sex offenders are able to get in by taking up assistant or support roles.


Former Rangers youth scout Harry Dunn appears in court over alleged historical sex abuse charges

Dunn, 84, from Edinburgh, is also believed to have worked as a talent spotter for clubs including Liverpool and Chelsea

Apr 26 2017

A FORMER Rangers youth scout has appeared in court accused of historical sex abuse charges.

Harry Dunn, 84, is facing one allegation of assault and sodomy and a second charge of assault and attempted sodomy.

Harry Dunn worked as talent scout for Rangers

Harry Dunn worked as talent scout for Rangers

Dunn, from Edinburgh, appeared in private at the capital’s sheriff court today where he entered no plea.

The pensioner, who was arrested by police officers in March, was released on bail and the case was continued for further examination.

It is believed Dunn also worked for Liverpool and Chelsea during his scouting career

Police Scotland joined forces across the UK last year in launching an investigation after allegations of historical abuse in football were made public.

The SFA has also set up an independent review into the allegations.

A date for Dunn’s next appearance at court has not been decided as yet.

Frank Cairney

Frank Cairney

Cairney was a senior figure at the club in the 1970s.

Former Celtic Boys Club official, 81, arrested on historical sex abuse charges

The man has been charged with ‘non-recent sexual offences’ and will appear in court tomorrow.

Apr 25 2017

Truthseeker1‏ @thewakeupcall09:

Jimmy Johnstone pictured coached at the boys club. Paedophile Frank Cairney was Jimmy Johnstone’s driver.


Trip to Kearny in New Jersey CELTIC BOY’S CLUB By Frank Cairney The Celtic View 02-10-85

In 1991 Frank Cairney was accused of alleged abuse during a trip to Kearny in New Jersey. The parents, the adults on the trip and the then club manager Liam Brady agreed not to inform the police.

Jim Torbett, Hugh Birt, Jim McNally, Frank Cairney, Kevun Kelly & Frank Conner

CELTIC’S SUPER BABES Evening Times 15-06-84, p29

Tommy Burns with his friend Frank Cairney Shame spanned three decades Daily Record 13-11-98, p7

 Photographer on indecency charge
12 March, 2004
A photographer with Celtic Football Club has admitted a charge of indecency against boys aged as young as 10.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard that pictures taken of young boys were hidden in a store room at Celtic Park for nearly 20 years by John Cullen.

The photographs were found by cleaners who reported the discovery to their bosses – who then called the police.

Cullen, 49, pleaded guilty to a charge of lewd and libidinous behaviour. He will be sentenced next month.

Black bag

The court heard on Friday that in May 2002, cleaners were clearing out a store room at the club where Cullen kept his camera equipment.

They found a black bag and opened it to check if it was rubbish.

But the staff found bundles of black and white pictures of young boys who were either nude or semi-nude.

They reported the find to management and the police were called in.

Cullen, of Shawbridge Street, Pollokshaws, Glasgow, was questioned about the 250 pictures.

He admitted inviting the children to a house in Glasgow between January and December 1982 before getting them to pose for the camera.


The pictures were then locked away in his Celtic Park store room for years.

Cullen first appeared in court last October, but the case was repeatedly adjourned to try and identify the youths.

Despite the help of Scotland Yard’s special paedophile unit, their identities were never discovered.

Liz Ramsey, prosecuting, said it was agreed the boys who were photographed were aged between 10 and 13.

Cullen was dismissed from Celtic Park in June 2002 after working for the club for nearly 30 years.

He had travelled with the club both home working for the official club magazine, The Celtic View.

Father who took photos of nude boys walks free A FORMER photographer who worked with Celtic FC has walked free from court after admitting taking pictures of naked young boys. John Cullen, 49, of Pollokshaws, Glasgow, took children as young as ten back to his flat before persuading them to pose for the camera. Cullen avoided a lengthy jail sentence and was placed on probation for three years at Glasgow Sheriff Court yesterday after he pled guilty to a charge of lewd and libidinous behaviour. The sentence provoked outrage from one children’s charity after it emerged that none of the boys on the 250 images taken by Cullen had been traced. A spokeswoman for Children First said: “Behind every indecent image of a child, there’s a real child. Children depend on adults to keep them safe. “It is essential that the offending behaviour is addressed and that offenders are not released back on to the streets to repeat such crimes against children. “We must show children that they can come forward to tell about their experiences.” Cullen’s crime was first uncovered in May 2002, when cleaners were sweeping out a room at Celtic Park where Cullen kept his equipment. The workers discovered a black bin bag and opened it to check if it was rubbish. Instead, however, they found bundles of black and white photos of nude and semi-naked young boys. Officials at the club immediately called the police, before quizzing the married father-of-two about the photos. He admitted to inviting children to a house in Glasgow in 1982, where he took a series of photographs. Cullen had first appeared in court last October, but the case was continually adjourned to allow police to try to identify the victims. Despite prosecutors calling in specialist help from Scotland Yard’s paedophile unit, they still remain nameless. Procurator-fiscal Liz Ramsey did say, however, it was believed the boys were aged between ten and 13. Cullen was sacked from Celtic in June 2002. Some of his former colleagues, including Celtic View editor Joe Sullivan and club security chief Ronnie Hawthorn, had been due to give evidence against him. In court yesterday, Sharon Gardener, defending, said: “This man realises that he has problems in his life and needs the help to address them as soon as possible.” Sheriff Susan Raeburn QC told Cullen: “You will be placed on probation, but breach this order and you will be brought back to court, where a custodial sentence will be passed.”

Frank Cairney, pictured in the 1990s

News of his arrest emerged two weeks after  ex-Celtic Boys Club chairman Gerry King was charged over sex abuse claims.

King, 65, was suspended from his job as a primary school teacher following the revelation.

Glasgow City Council ordered him to stay away from St Martha’s Primary, Balornock, after his arrest on February 15.

It came days after fresh accusations were made against club founder Jim Torbett, 69

Frank Cairney & close friend of Celtic manager Tommy Burns David Moyes, Pat Nevin & Jim McInally in the 1979 Celtic Boys Club

Jimmy Savile, Kevin Kelly (former Celtic Chairman) & Fr. Denis O’Connell
Jimmy Savile, Fr. Denis O’Connell & Tommy Burns are all deceased. David Moyes, Pat Nevin & Jim McInally are in the photo with Frank Cairney.
Along with Jock Stein being deceased. Only Kevin Kelly and Frank Cairney who is an (alleged) paedophile is alive.

 Lone Operators??
And Jock Wallace close friend paedophile Harry Dunn?
Dunn was introducing young boys to Jock Wallace.

Between 1983/1990 Rangers FC had only 2 chief scouts


Both of them are now revealed as prolific paedophiles

That’s got to be investigated don’t you think?

 Tommy Burns was friends with that paedophile Frank Cairney and defended him. Jock Stein lied about Jim Torbett. Never mentioned Lou McCarri
 You have already put all that out there

I’m asking you about Jock Wallace and his close friend paedophile Harry Dunn?


and the odds of 2 child rapists succeeding each other at the same club?

All football clubs that had and or still has child abusers need investigated. Only narrow minded people will think more of a certain club.
I haven’t seen you mention any club but Celtic?
Could you also look into how Rangers FC chief scout Neely who succeeded Dunn in 1986 was able to abuse boys INSIDE Ibrox stadium?


Will you be commenting on this the same as you did with Celtic boys club


Listened to your reporters notebook. Very harrowing. Have Rangers been in touch with the lad sexually abused inside Ibrox?

They haven’t asked us for contact details of alleged victim. Neither has Celtic. Nor Hibs.

 7 years for 2 child rapists to have access to all those Rangers kids. Over to you )

And maybe how former Rangers FC director and player Gordon Smith came to have a convicted child pornographer as his agent

SFA ‘asleep on the job’ leaving kids at risk from sex predators

Apr 26 2017

MSPs demand football chiefs take urgent action as they accuse SFA of complacency and SYFA of misleading government officials over background checks.

The Ugly Side of the Beautiful Game

Man, 81, held in Scotland over sexual abuse in youth football

The historical sexual offence claim is the latest in a long line from former players across the UK.

An 81-year-old man has been charged by police in Scotland investigating alleged historical sexual abuse in youth football.

The man, understood to be former Celtic Boys Club official Frank Cairney, is expected to appear in court on Wednesday.

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said: “An 81-year-old man has been detained and charged in connection with non-recent sexual offences.”

The sport has been hit by claims from former players across the UK that they were abused by people in positions of authority.

Police Scotland launched a major inquiry into non-recent child abuse in youth football at the end of last year.

A number of professional clubs have started internal investigations, while the SFA has set up an independent review into allegations across the game in Scotland.


Ex-Celtic Boys Club coach & chairman Gerard King suspended from job as PRIMARY TEACHER amid Child Sex Abuse charge

14 APR 2017

Former Celtic Boys Club coach and chairman Gerard King was suspended from his job at St Martha’s Primary School after his arrest but strongly denies the allegations.

Gerald King, 65, who coached kids for more than 20 years, has been suspended from his job at St Martha’s Primary School in Glasgow.

The claims have emerged as police investigate a range of historic allegations of football-related child abuse across Scotland.

King, known as Gerry, was suspended after his arrest in February.

King also confirmed that he is a former chairman of Celtic Boys Club, which has been rocked by historic sex abuse scandals.

King was a coach at Celtic Boys Club

But he insisted the police investigation was not related to his years there and said he not been chairman of the club for around eight years.

He insisted: “It’s got nothing to do with the boys’ club at all. It’s the school.”

King has taught a number of subjects at St Martha’s in Balornock, Glasgow. But he said the allegations against him, which date back three decades, were linked specifically to sport.

He said: “They’re 30 years ago. You’ve got things in place so it couldn’t happen and they’ve said it did. I have been advised by the lawyer not to say anything.”

King was at Celtic Boys Club at the same time as Jim Torbett

He said: “Everybody has got different teams. I worked there for about a year but only on a Saturday afternoon.”

About his time as chairman of the boys’ club, he said: “That was about eight years ago. We left that to the younger ones – we did our stint.”

King’s association with Celtic Boys Club dates back to the early 1980s. In 1982-83, he helped run the under-12 team which won an invitational event in Rotterdam, Holland.


Celtic Boys’ Club sex predator Jim Torbett given second chance to abuse young players

11 APR 2017

BBC documentary says Torbett was allowed to return to the Boys’ Club after initial allegations while also revealing how former Rangers and Hibs coach Gordon Neely abused kids.

A bombshell TV documentary last night revealed how sex predator Jim Torbett was allowed to return to Celtic Boys’ Club – only a few years after he was kicked out for abusing youth players.

The BBC Scotland programme spoke to more than 20 victims of sex abuse in football and shed light on how big clubs and police missed opportunities to stop known offenders.

The programme, Football Abuse: The Ugly Side of the Beautiful Game, exposed the blatant methods of serial abusers like Celtic Boys’ Club founder Torbett, who was brought to justice after an award-winning Daily Record investigation in the 80s.

It also reveals graphic accounts of abuse by former Rangers and Hibs coach Gordon Neely, from his time at both clubs and with youth club Hutchison Vale.


Alleged victims told the programme that Torbett was able to return to Celtic – even though he as known to be an abuser – which enabled him to attack more victims.

Torbett was only ever convicted for crimes committed up to 1974.

But alleged survivor Kenny Campbell claims he was abused after legendary manager Jock Stein – who booted Torbett out of the boys’ club over child abuse claims – had left Celtic.

Torbett was welcomed back in 1980.

Kenny, of Uddingston, Lanarkshire, moved to Celtic’s reserves in 1989 after three years with Celtic Boys’ Club.

He said: “I feel aggrieved at that if they had never let him back in it would have never happened in the first place, I could have had a normal life, normal people round about me.

“If Celtic had done their due diligence, as they always say, it wouldn’t have happened to me.”

Kenny has fought to get his life back on track after the abuse resulted in drink and drug problems.

He said that after he joined Celtic Boys’ Club at 13, Torbett won the trust of his parents, even spending a Christmas Day with them.

But he added that the abuse soon started and escalated to the point where Torbett was giving him cash – sometimes up to £530 on one day.

Kenny also claimed, in graphic detail, how up to three boys were abused at the same time in his flat.

Kenny Campbell with Jim Torbett

Another victim who spoke to the BBC said Torbett abused him dozens of times over three years from 1990.

Torbett was jailed for two years in 1998 for sexually abusing three young players between 1967 and 1974.

Ex-Scotland international Alan Brazil was among those to testify against his former coach.

The BBC programme said they had spoken to three other former Celtic Boys’ Club officials – who were employed at the time in question – who also say they were told Torbett was sacked by Stein after complaints Torbett had abused boys. But police were never called.

Former Celtic boss Jock Stein presenting Jim Torbett with an award

The show also alleged that Torbett’s departure from Celtic Boys Club was described in club magazine The Celtic View as a business decision – amounting to a “massive cover-up.”

The programme also features a photograph of Stein, the Boys’ Club honorary president, presenting an award to Torbett for services to the club three years after kicking him out.

The documentary claimed directors at Celtic would have known that Torbett had been accused of abuse prior to having him back at Celtic Boys’ Club in 1980, where he stayed until 1996.

Torbett was out of the country when the BBC tried to approach him but he denies the new allegations of abuse.

BBC investigator Mark Daly also spoke to alleged survivors of notorious Gordon Neely, who abused young players for decades.

Survivors provided harrowing accounts of how they were targeted while Neely was a coach at Hibs and later at Rangers, who were not tipped off about the predator.

Rangers claim that when they discovered Neely was a dangerous pervert, they informed police – but
the BBC could find no trace of such a complaint.

Neely, who died of cancer three years ago, later abused young footballers on residential courses at Dalguise House, Dunkeld, Perthshire.

Victim Jon Cleland, from Dunfermline, was abused by Neely from the age of 11 while a player for Hutchison Vale in 1982 and later while training with Hibs.

He added: “I can’t be a hundred percent sure but it was at least eight to 10 times over the space of 18 months.”

Another survivor gave details of being attacked by Neely at Hibs in his office at the club in 1984.

Hibs failed to report the coach to the police, enabling him to progress to Rangers with his reputation intact, under the management of Graeme Souness and Walter Smith in 1986.

The abuse allegedly continued at Ibrox. Rangers fired him in 1990 after an accusation of inappropriate behavior.

Former Rangers youth coach Gordon Neely

One former Rangers youth player, referred to as George in the programme, said: “He had his own office inside Ibrox and he’d call you in and he’d make you close the door… I was only about 13.”

After Rangers got rid of Neely, he ran football courses at Dalguise House, where more abuse took place.

One survivor, referred to as Paul, played for Edinburgh clubs between 1995 and 1998.

Paul’s alleged abuse took place around a decade after complaints about Neely were made to Hibs – and more than five years after a complaint was made at Rangers.

Survivors also told of being abused by a major scout, who is still alive but who can’t be named for legal reasons.

The scout worked for Rangers and Hibs, as well as English giants Chelsea and Liverpool.

Hibs failed to report Gordon Neely to police and he eventually joined Rangers

A spokesman for Celtic told BBC Scotland the Boys’ Club was a “separate and distinct” organisation from Celtic Football Club but asked anyone with concerns to contact them.

They added: “It was vital that justice was served at that time, due to the extremely serious nature of this issue.

In a statement to the BBC, Hibs said they were “saddened to be told” that personnel at the club at the time were “allegedly made aware of concerns” about Neely and allegedly did not contact the police with the concerns.

They said “current policies and practices” would “prevent this from happening today.”

Rangers told us they were aware of an alleged incident more than 25 years ago. They said: “It is understood” the individual was “dismissed immediately” and that the “police were informed”.

Police Scotland told the BBC they could not confirm whether Rangers made a complaint or not. No trace of a police report being sent to the procurator fiscal could be found.

More than 80 men involved in football are being investigated by police across the UK.

Among them are John Hart, former physiotherapist at Partick Thistle, Jim McCafferty, ex-youth coach and kitman at Celtic, Hibs and Falkirk, and Hugh Stevenson, who was a youth coach and referee.

Police have received more than 130 claims of child sex abuse within Scottish football since November.


SFA appeals for child abuse victims to come forward after shocking BBC investigation

Apr 11 2017

The Scottish Football Association have appealed for any abuse victims to contact them as fresh allegations of sexual offences in youth football came to light.

A BBC documentary heard from alleged victims of a Celtic Boys Club coach and revealed new claims about former youth coach Gordon Neely, who died in 2014.

Two players at the boys club, which was a separate entity from Celtic Football Club, told the programme Football Abuse: The Ugly Side Of The Beautiful Game they were abused for three and four years respectively in the 1980s and 90s.

The sport has been rocked by claims from former players across the UK that they were abused by people in positions of authority, and Police Scotland launched a major inquiry into non-recent child abuse in football at the end of last year.

In February, the force said it had received 140 reports of alleged abuse.

A number of professional clubs have started internal investigations, while the SFA has set up an independent review into allegations across the game in Scotland.

Detective Chief Inspector Sarah Taylor, from the National Child Abuse Investigation Unit, said: “Child abuse is incredibly difficult for people to revisit and to talk about.

“Our officers are highly specialist and are trained to deal with all reports sensitively. We would ask anyone who has been the victim of abuse, or has information about potential abuse, to contact us.

“We will listen and we will investigate and our first priority will be to ensure that there are no children at risk now.

“If you have suffered sexual abuse, or if you can assist this investigation or you know anyone who may have been a victim, then please call Police Scotland on 101. Or you can call the NSPCC helpline on 0800 023 2642.”

SFA chief executive Stewart Regan said: “The independent review into allegations of historic child sexual abuse in Scottish football is currently under way and we await its findings.

“The latest allegations are a matter for the investigatory authority, Police Scotland.

“We would urge anyone who has suffered abuse to come forward using the dedicated, confidential NSPCC 24-hour helpline 0800 023 2642, directly to the police on 101 or via email to the Scottish FA at”

Matt Forde, national head for NSPCC Scotland, said: “The latest allegations about abuse in football are concerning.

“It’s clear that for far too long, hundreds of people suffered abuse as children in football and elsewhere without feeling able to speak up and seek help.

“But it is encouraging that so many are finally finding their voice in a new climate where they know they will be listened to and supported. Their bravery in coming forward should be commended.”

Fr. Denis O’Connell, Jimmy Savile, Jock Stein & Kevin Kelly (Celtic Chairman)

 Torbett was a director in 2 companies with Kelly and Torbett was a director in the 90s of Fairbridge for vulnerable kids.

Tommy Burns & Liam Brady protected/defended paedophile Frank Cairney

Tommy Burns is deceased, but Liam Brady is still alive.

The Parkhead dream maker who preyed on innocence; SHOCKER: Two sides of boys’ club pervert.

Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)August 16, 1996

To a host of football superstars, Frank Cairney is the father figure who made their dreams come true.

They would have walked through fire for the larger-than-life Celtic Boys’ Club boss, who guided them on the road to stardom.

But Cairney hid the darkest of secrets. And to the boys he abused, he’s a pervert who turned their youthful dreams into nightmares.

Since the Record’s revelations about Cairney, many victims – now grown men – have phoned us in tears.

Some talked openly for the first time about abuse that happened more than 20 years ago. And some have had the courage to go to the police.

Yet some of Celtic’s biggest names give Cairney unswerving support.

When Tommy Burns was appointed manager in 1994, Frank Cairney was first to congratulate him.

Burns describes the 56-year-old as “a fantastic help and a true friend”.

When Cairney was unmasked by the Record earlier this week, Burns rushed to his side. Sitting in his pal’s living room, he stormed: “He has the whole of my backing.”

But the calls from boys who claimed Cairney terrorised them were still flooding in to the Daily Record.

Hours after our story appeared, former boys’ club player John Taylor told how Cairney tried to force him into sex acts in hotel rooms.

Another ex-starlet told how Cairney touched his groin as he sat in the front seat of his car.

The lad told him to “f*** off” and Cairney thumped him in the chest.

 He added: “Another time, on a tour to America, he punched me on the chest and the arm. He really bullied the boys. We were all scared of him.”

A third victim said: “Frank Cairney abused me over two and a half years. It screwed up my whole life.

“He used to get me after I took a shower at training. I was too scared to do anything about it, and I have never spoken about this until now.”

Big Frank – he is well over six feet tall and built in proportion – was dumped as Celtic Boys’ Club General Manager in 1991.

It came after an alleged incident involving a young player on an American tour.

Months after his 21-year link with Celtic was severed, a group of past and current Celtic stars organised a tribute evening at a Glasgow church hall.

One man who was there, but asked not to be named, said: “It was like This is Your Life.

“There is no doubt that a lot of very famous Celtic players hold Frank Cairney in the highest regard.”

Former boys’ club player Neil Watt, 34, who went on to play for Stirling Albion, was fulsome in his praise of Cairney. He said: “I can’t speak highly enough about the guy.

“He instilled discipline in the boys that has remained with us.”

On Wednesday of this week, Tommy Burns again sprang to Cairney’s defence, saying: ” I’m sure he will have the backing of several members of the first team who played for him at under-16 level.

He has trained some of the great names of Celtic, including Roy Aitken, Paul McStay, George McCluskey, Alan Brazil, Pat Nevin, Peter Grant, Andy Ritchie and myself.”

Ex-boss Lou Macari recalled the fierce loyalty Cairney inspired.

He said: “The first team squad and I were asked along to present trophies at the annual boys’ club prizegiving.

“I arrived and there was no sign of any of the players.

“I started phoning round, and they all told me there was no way they would be attending because big Frank had been forced out of the club.

“I was left to hand over every trophy and medal myself.

“But there was no way the players would budge.”

Damning update on UK Football scandal: The lack of co-operation from a number of high-ranking Football Association officials /”rampant Freemasonry”…

The football child abuse scandal just keeps on growing

As fresh cases of abuse continue to emerge, so do examples of official complacency, such as the obstruction and termination in 2003 of an FA review of child protection policies

Apr 2 2017

Operation Hydrant has received reports of child abuse for every year from 2005 – the year the FA’s inquiry cuts off – through to 2016

After everything that has emerged about football’s sexual-abuse scandal – including some extraordinary new details that can be reported today about the lack of co-operation from a number of high-ranking Football Association officials – it can come as a jolt to realise that the problem is not just restricted to what used to be known as the good old days.

Until now, it has widely been thought of as the property of another age. Words such as “historical” or “non-recent” have been applied and the FA certainly seemed to think as much. When the governing body announced in early-December it had commissioned an inquiry into the scandal the terms of reference made it clear it had a cut-off point “up until around 2005”.

That suddenly does not seem so clever, judging by the figures obtained by this newspaper that show 46 of the incidents reported to Operation Hydrant since November, when Andy Woodward’s interview with the Guardian set off what the FA chairman, Greg Clarke, has described as a “tidal wave,” relate to the period from 2005 to 2016. There is not one blank year and, though it can never be an exact science, it would be a mistake to believe this could not involve the sport at its highest level. The specialist police unit in charge of the investigation calculates that 23% of all the referrals (1,016 at the last count) relate to clubs from England’s top four divisions.

These are the numbers, in other words, that dismantle the theory everything goes back to the era – the 1970s and 1980s, predominantly – relating to the majority of the victims, now in their 40s and 50s, who have felt emboldened enough to talk publicly about their ordeals.

Instead, it turns out there have been 187 reported incidents of sexual assaults on junior footballers from the 20-year period beginning in 1996. Twenty-three relate to the years from 2011 onwards and, as if that is not alarming enough, it is also worth keeping in mind the true figure will be considerably higher.

For starters, this data actually goes back 10 weeks to 13 January and therefore covers only the first two months since the scandal erupted. The updated figures will be released by the National Police Chiefs’ Council later this month and it is worth getting the take of Dino Nocivelli, a specialist child-abuse lawyer, on the number of reported incidents – 83 – from 2000 onwards.

Nocivelli has worked on cases involving the Roman Catholic church, the Scout Association and various local authorities and knows from experience that it is often not until victims are in their late 30s or early 40s that they speak out. He is now representing a number of football child-abuse survivors and hopes that the age range will come down on the back of the latest scandal. Nonetheless, he says the figures since the millennium “are very likely the tip of the iceberg”.

For now, all that can really be said with certainty is that it was naive to think this scandal should be talked about only in the past tense and it leaves some awkward questions for the FA bearing in mind its decision, in 2003, to withdraw all funding from a major review of its child-protection policies.

Would football have been a safer place if that five-year research programme had not been abandoned three years early? Would it be too much of a stretch to think a completed project might even have prevented some of the more recent cases? Nocivelli, for one, thinks it is legitimate to link the two. “Questions remain as to why the FA decided to drop the review into safeguarding and whether or not children were subjected to abuse as a result of this decision.”

At the same time, it would certainly be useful to know why so many people at the FA, as well as the sport in general, were openly hostile and obstructive to the team of academics, led by Celia Brackenridge of Brunel University, who conducted the study.

An internal report, seen by this correspondent, states that only four of the 14 FA staff who were asked for interviews bothered to respond. Others, it claims, were “prevented/bullied” from not talking, in keeping with the “wall of silence” the researchers encountered from other areas of the game. “The football community was, in the main, helpful and cooperative about the research but there were also occasions where our fieldworkers faced rudeness, including from people in paid positions and/or in positions of significant authority within the FA,” Brackenridge writes in her notes. “One club official threw the researcher’s ID card back across the table at her; another refused to return numerous telephone calls and even pretended to be someone else on the telephone to avoid being interviewed.”

So, what was it that football objected to so much? And why were there people inside the FA who appear to have been as uncooperative as possible until the organisation’s then head of ethics and sports equity, Tony Pickerin, concluded in one letter – again, seen by this newspaper – that its child-protection budget for 2003 had to be “substantially reduced and the consequence of this will be a much lower level of research activity”? And is it purely just a coincidence that the FA was simultaneously trying to find the money to fund the huge costs of building the new Wembley?

Brackenridge has since made the point that the scale of progress since the 1990s has not been sufficiently acknowledged, saying some FA staff had been “exemplary” and pointing out that the research project, interviewing 189 children and a large number of coaches and administrators, had brought demonstrable improvement.

Yet her experiences at the time “left me asking myself whether some of the senior officers in the game might be simply using CP [child protection] as a kind of ethical fig leaf to cover their embarrassment at the many other problems facing the game – doping, crowd control, bungs and fixes, among others. The more the FA could trumpet their work for children, the better they could deflect attention from the uglier side of the game.”

The sport as a whole can seem hard-faced, to say the least, when it also transpires that the research team – collating information, let’s not forget, to safeguard children – encountered verbal attacks and felt like they were “seen as the police” by some of the people they contacted. One interviewee spoke of “rampant Freemasonry” within the sport. Brackenridge’s notes allude to “organisational inertia” inside the FA and, referring to a year-long delay to sign off the project, concludes that the governing body “did not know what right and left hand were doing”. At the end of the project she says she had to bring in lawyers to force the FA to settle its bills. “On the day we were due to go to court to sue them the money finally came through.” The whole thing sounds a mess.

Perhaps we will get some clarity when Clive Sheldon QC produces what the FA insists ought to be classified as an independent inquiry. Sheldon was appointed at the start of December to judge, among other things, if there had been a cover-up and whether the governing body had been guilty of institutional failures. Yet that, in turn, raises its own questions. However revered Sheldon is in his particular field, how can any inquiry truly be independent when the organisation that is being investigated is also footing the bill?

At least the FA is going through the system – no matter whether you or I agree with the exact processes – whereas it does seem strange that the Football Association of Wales, contrary to its counterparts in England and Scotland, has not thought it necessary when three out of the four police forces in Wales confirmed as long ago as December they were part of the investigation.

Almost four months in, it is perplexing, however, that Sheldon and his research team do not appear to have started interviewing the players who have attracted so much publicity about the events that shaped their lives. It was never going to be a quick process but, after all this time, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that some of the key witnesses, understandably put out, have started ringing ahead to find out, put bluntly, what the hell is going on.

On a similar theme, can you believe that Crewe Alexandra, even with their consistently unimpressive responses, do not appear to have arranged interviews with any of the relevant former players who have featured in the news during the last four months?

This, more than anything, demonstrates everything that is wrong with the process. It was 26 November – 122 days ago, to be precise – when Crewe announced they would be holding an independent review, declaring they were “determined that a thorough investigation takes place at the earliest opportunity”. Since then, Crewe have refused to say who, if anyone, is leading the inquiry.

On Saturday, when pressed, a spokesperson for Crewe said: “Clubs have been advised not to investigate historical allegations at this stage,” and declined to comment further. They have not supplied a terms of reference and the extensive list of former players you might have thought would be high‑priority calls could probably be forgiven for wondering when, if ever, they will be required to help.

After all this time, their collective suspicion says a lot for what they think of the regime at Gresty Road – the consensus being, as one put it, they “gave up a long time ago”.

Clive Sheldon QC wasn’t the first choice….. echoes of the C S A leadership fiasco

FA forced to replace woman leading review into football’s child sex abuse scandal over independence concerns

The FA announced the full terms of reference for its internal review today, also revealing Clive Sheldon QC would head it and not Kate Gallafent QC.

The governing body had been criticised for recruiting Gallafent, who has acted for it previously – as well as against it – and whose Blackstone Chambers firm is regularly used by the organisation.

In carrying out the Review, Clive Sheldon QC will be assisted by a team of counsel from 11KBW Chambers: David Bedenham, Katherine Eddy, Zoe Gannon and Leo Davidson. Clive Sheldon QC will also receive expert advice on child protection in sport from Dr Mike Hartill, Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Sport at Edge Hill University.

Mar 24 2017

Ex-football youth scout held over historical abuse claims

Dunn poses for photo with Rangers youth squad

Harry Dunn, 84, who worked for Rangers, Liverpool and Chelsea, has been charged.

Harry Dunn, 84, who worked for Rangers, Liverpool and Chelsea, is now subject to a report to the procurator fiscal, police in Edinburgh confirmed.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “An 84-year-old man has been arrested and charged with a number of non-recent sexual offences and a report will be submitted to the procurator fiscal.”



Ex-footie starlet claims former Rangers coach Harry Dunn got him drunk and tried to rape him at Edinburgh flat

18th February 2017

Former Ibrox youth player Darren Mixon claims he looked at Dunn as an ‘Uncle’ when he was pinned down on a bed by 25-stone scout for the sex attack

Dunn, 84, worked for Gers, Liverpool and Chelsea after being introduced to scouting by his pal, former Ibrox manager Jock Wallace, who he later followed to Leicester City.

Hibs boss Neil Lennon revealed in his autobiography that when he was 13, Dunn took him and his dad to Ibrox where they had a tour and met Wallace.

Darren has made three statements to police about his assault claims.

He said he kept quiet about it at the time as he felt “humiliated” — but told a pal in 1992 when he learned Dunn was still scouting and escorting young boys around the country.

Friend Tam Smith, formerly a cop and now a social worker, persuaded him to report the attack at St Leonard’s police station in Edinburgh. But Darren didn’t hear back from Lothian and Borders cops and decided not to talk about it again until now.

Police Scotland could not explain why the Lothian and Borders force took no action but confirmed they are investigating Darren’s claims about Dunn.


Ex-Rangers youth scout Harry Dunn abuse fears – FOUR chances to stop ‘perv’ were missed

Harry Dunn’s name was flagged up to the SFA, Liverpool and Chelsea football clubs and police

19th February 2017

Barry Bennell: Former football coach denies 20 child sex offences

Mar 22 2017

The former Crewe Alexandra coach was remanded in custody and the judge said his trial was likely to begin in Liverpool in January.

Former football coach Barry Bennell has denied 20 child sex offences.

Appearing at Chester Crown Court via video link from prison, the former Crewe Alexandra coach was charged with 14 counts of indecent assault, five counts of buggery and one count of attempted buggery.

The charges relate to four complainants who were boys under the age of 16 at the time of the alleged offences.

They are all alleged to have taken place between 1980 and 1987.

Bennell, 63, had already denied eight of the offences and repeated those denials as he was charged with 12 further offences.

The case was adjourned to 3 July when a hearing will take place at Liverpool Crown Court.

As Bennell was remanded in custody, the judge told him a trial was likely to start in January in Liverpool.

As well as Crewe, Bennell also worked as a coach for Manchester City, Stoke and junior teams in northwest England and the Midlands during his career.

Police investigating historic child abuse quiz man over ‘incidents linked to Southampton FC’

Mar 16 2017

POLICE investigating allegations of historic sex abuse in football   have questioned a man in Hampshire, it has been revealed.

The 64-year-old was questioned by officers from Hampshire Police carrying out an investigation into allegations of non-recent child abuse within the football community – Operation Quantum.

The man has been questioned by officers in a police custody suite, the force has confirmed.

The investigation is believed to be linked to claims of incidents at Southampton Football Club in the 1980s.

A police spokesman said: “This remains an active, significant, and complex investigation undertaken by specialist officers from Hampshire Constabulary’s Major Crime Team.”

The Daily Echo previously reported how the football club had contacted police over allegations of historical child abuse within football in December.

It came about after two ex-Saints youngsters said they were both victims of sexual abuse they suffered in the 1980s.

Last November, a number of police forces from across the UK launched investigations into allegations of abuse

So far, ten suspects have been identified as the scandal continues to grow.

The Echo previously reported that Greater Manchester Police had said it was investigating reports from 35 people, with its inquiry growing on a “daily basis”.

The National Police Chiefs’ Council also confirmed around 350 people across the country had reported abuse allegations.

In a statement released in December by Southampton FC, the club said: “Hampshire Police and Southampton Football Club are committed to working together to investigate any historical allegations that may be brought to light in the Hampshire area.

“The club has informed Hampshire Police that we will offer our full support to any investigation they undertake, for as long as it takes, and with our full focus.

“The club works closely and tirelessly with the Premier League to promote the safeguarding of children and young people who are under our care or using our facilities, and their well-being is paramount to all staff.”

March 13, 2017

Former football coach Barry Bennell accused of 11 child sex offences in Derbyshire

Former football coach Barry Bennell has been remanded in custody charged with 12 child sex offences, 11 of which are alleged to have happened in Derbyshire.

The 63-year-old appeared at South Cheshire Magistrates’ Court in Crewe via video-link from prison accused of seven counts of indecent assault and five counts of committing a serious sexual offence. He will next appear at Chester Crown Court on March 22.


7 March 2017

Former football coach Barry Bennell charged with eight new sexual abuse counts

Barry Bennell has been charged with eight counts of sexual abuse
Barry Bennell has been charged with eight counts of sexual abuse Credit: PA

Former football coach Barry Bennell has been charged with eight further counts of non-recent child sexual abuse.

The alleged incidents relate to two different victims between 1980 and 1987.

Ex-Crewe Alexandra staff member Bennell, 63, was formally charged by Cheshire Police on Tuesday.

He faces three counts of indecent assault – one on a boy under 16 and two on a boy under 14 – as well as four other charges.

Bennell will appear at South Cheshire Magistrates’ Court on March 13.

Man arrested on Teesside over historic abuse claims linked to football

Cleveland Police reveal details of man arrested over claims of ‘non-recent sexual offences against children’

1 MAR 2017

Police have made the first arrest on Teesside in the ongoing probe into historic child abuse in football.

Cleveland Police confirmed a man in his 40s was arrested for “non-recent sexual offences against children”.

In total, eight people have made abuse allegations to the force at “all levels” of the game.

No further details of the suspect or the allegations, such as what club they may centre around, have been disclosed.

But a force spokesperson said: “Cleveland Police has received allegations from eight people of non-recent abuse associated with football at all levels and these allegations are being investigated.

“One man in his 40s was arrested at the end of January in connection with an allegation and he has been bailed pending further inquiries.

All information relating to non-recent child sexual abuse allegations received by Cleveland Police is being forwarded to Operation Hydrant for the purpose of national operational coordination.

“This involves collating and cross referencing all information received to avoid duplication, and ensure efficient and effective sharing of information.”

Operation Hydrant’s Constable Simon Bailey

wants a reduction in penalties for child abuse offenders

All FIVE London Premier League clubs are caught up in historic child abuse allegations

  • Police today said they are now investigating 255 allegations involving 77 clubs
  • Five teams in the Premier League are involved, as well as three in Championship
  • Scandal came to light when ex-Crewe Alexandra player opened up on the abuse
  • Former Chelsea player Keith Weller and scout Eddie Heath also being probe
Jan 30 2017

Keith Weller, a former Chelsea player, had allegations made against him by two women who claimed he indecently assaulted them

In what is quickly becoming the biggest scandal in the history of British football, 77 clubs from the top flight to non-league are now being investigated by police.

There have now been 255 allegations made since former Crewe Alexandra player Andy Woodward lifted the lid on the murky world of abuse in football by opening up about being abused by ex-coach Barry Bennell.

It is understood that Arsenal, Chelsea, West Ham, Tottenham and Crystal Palace are being investigated by the Sexual Offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse Command.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said: ‘The allegations are connected with individuals at 77 named clubs or teams.

‘The breakdown for those clubs is five in the Premiership, three against Championship clubs, three against clubs in Leagues One and Two and there have also been 66 other named clubs which would include non-league or non-professional or amateur teams.’

Earlier this month, the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC), which is co-ordinating the nationwide police investigation Operation Hydrant, said more than 500 complainants and 184 potential suspects had been identified.

The inquiry involves up to 248 football clubs, spanning all tiers of the game from the Premier League down to amateur level.

Latest figures show the total number of potential victims standing at 526, with 97 per cent identified as male. Their ages span from 20 to four.

Chelsea have been openly dragged into the scandal, with former player Gary Johnson admitting he was abused as a trainee in the 1970s

Chelsea have been openly dragged into the scandal, with former player Gary Johnson admitting he was abused as a trainee in the 1970s

A spokesman for Crystal Palace said today: ‘We have had no contact from the Metropolitan Police so we have no idea whether these allegations relate to Crystal Palace FC. Clearly, should we be contacted, we will co-operate fully with any inquiry and give every possible assistance to the police in their investigations.

‘We urge anyone aware of any instances of abuse that have ever taken place at the club, or who has been a victim, to report it to the police or contact the FA’s NSPCC helpline.’

Other clubs are not thought to have commented on the investigations yet.

Chelsea have been openly dragged into the scandal, with former player Gary Johnson admitting he was abused as a trainee in the 1970s by the club’s chief scout Eddie Heath, who is now dead.

The club apologised to Johnson for the abuse he suffered after he waived the confidentiality clause in the £50,000 agreement they made with him in 2015.

Weller also played for Millwall and Tottenham Hotspur.

Johnson was a member of Chelsea’s first team from 1978 to 1981, but joined the club as an 11-year-old in 1970 and claimed he had been groomed from the age of 13.

Speaking of the impact of the abuse, he said: ‘I felt shame, I felt my childhood had been taken away. I spent my late teens in turmoil, absolute turmoil.’

Two women have also claimed they were indecently assaulted by Keith Weller, who played for Tottenham, Millwall, Chelsea and Leicester and was capped four times by England during a glittering career.

The scandal came to light after it was revealed that former Crewe Alexandra scout abused player Andy Woodward

The accusations were first made in 2002 when a number of women told the Metropolitan Police that Weller had molested them as children in the mid-1960s and early 1980s.

Critics said the force’s original handling of the Weller case is an indictment of how child sex-abuse allegations were treated before the Jimmy Savile scandal.

But after an inquiry spanning several months the Crown Prosecution Service ruled no charges should be brought.

Former Crewe player Andy Woodward waived his right of anonymity to reveal that he suffered years of abuse at the hands of the former youth coach Barry Bennell.

In court proceedings it emerged that Bennell had abused one child on Crewe’s training pitches and another at the home of former manager Dario Gradi, who did not know about it.

Bennell also did work for Manchester City and Stoke City before moving to the United States.

He was jailed for nine years in 1998 for sexual offences against children after admitting 23 specimen charges of sexual offences against six boys, aged nine to 15.


Aston Villa FC accused of not reporting paedophile scout to police


Jan 30 2017

One victim said that seniors at the club pressured him not to go public with the abuse.

Birmingham-based football club, Aston Villa, have been accused of not reporting a scout who was sexually abusing boys to the police after they terminated his services because of the alleged offences.

The scout, Ted Langford, was convicted in 2007 of a number of abuses which took place around the time he worked at the club. He was sentenced to three years in prison in 2007 for the sexual abuse of four young players in the 1970s and 1980s..

One victim, waiving his right to anonymity, told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire show that he had felt pressured by senior club officials not to go public with the abuse. Tony Brien said he was abused by Langford numerous times while he was a player at Dunlop Terriers.

Assistant-manager at the time, Dave Richardson, said he did not pressure Brien from following up the abuse and that he went to other senior officials who launched an internal investigation.

Richardson added that after speaking to the parents of two young boys who claimed that they were abused, the parents said they did not want the matter reported to the police. There was and still is no legal requirement for either Richardson or Aston Villa to report such concerns to the authorities, the BBC notes.

Brien said that he had had conversations with Richardson and another senior figure who asked whether he would be able to “put up with the obscenities from the terraces” if he went forward. Richardson said in a statement through a law firm that he could not recall any such conversation, but speaking to the BBC earlier, he had appeared to acknowledge the conversations.

Brien said that while on trips abroad with Langford, he would “have a different boy in his bed with him every single night” and that boys would turn up with “love bites”.

Langford was sacked by Aston Villa in 1988. He was then convicted of a range of offences that took place between 1976 and 1989, a year after he left the club. Langford died in 2012.



More sex abuse victims come forward claiming to have been abused by paedophile athletics coaches

It is now feared paedophiles could have targeted youngsters at athletics clubs in cases similar to the football abuse scandal

PAEDOPHILE athletics coaches are feared to have preyed on youngsters at UK clubs.

At least two women claim to have been targeted.


Darrell Bunn

Darrell Bunn is at the centre

It has raised concerns of a sex abuse scandal similar to that which swept football last year.

The latest revelation comes after we told how a woman was suing UK Athletics for failing to protect her from a paedophile coach.
The Sun on Sunday has been told at least one other woman has contacted lawyers over alleged abuse by another coach.

Jessica Ennis-Hill

Bunn trained Olympic gold-medallist Jessica Ennis-Hill

A legal source said: “There is at least one other ongoing case — and probably more.

“People are starting to wonder if there will be a lot more people coming forward.”

We revealed in November how a woman claims coach Darrell Bunn, who trained Olympic gold medallists Jessica Ennis-Hill and Denise Lewis, abused her when she was 16.

Denise Lewis

The coach also trained Olympic gold-medallist Denise Lewis


Coach arrested as part of football paedophile scandal had links to England supremo


A former coach and colleague of one of the men responsible for appointing the England manager was arrested on Friday as part of the paedophile scandal to rock the game.

Kit Carson, full name Michael Sean Carson, was detained by police on suspicion of indecency with children and indecent assault.


The alleged offences relate to the 74-year-old’s time coaching at Peterborough United and Cambridge United, where he worked with Dan Ashworth, the Football Association’s director of elite development, who was instrumental in the appointment of both Sam Allardyce and Gareth Southgate as England manager.


Prince William held private talks at Kensington Palace with Sam Allardyce,

Past controversies — such as the 2006 BBC Panorama documentary in which Allardyce and his son, Craig, were accused by the BBC documentary of taking ‘bungs’, or bribes — will have been overlooked. The Allardyces vehemently denied the claims and have never been charged.

Ashworth, whose relationship with Carson dates back to when the latter brought him to Norwich City as a 12-year-old player, is among several high-profile figures listed as providing testimonials on his former coach and colleague’s website. Others include retired England defender Danny Mills and ex-Wales striker Craig Bellamy.

27th September 2016,

DODGY-dealing Sam Allardyce was axed as England manager.

Big Sam, 61, got the boot after an FA showdown over him being caught in a sting advising on how to “get round” rules on players.

Football Association fail to explain why sacked England boss Sam Allardyce was given a £1m pay-off

The FA are blaming legal confidentiality issues for their failure to explain why Sam Allardyce was given a £1million pay-off after being sacked as England manager.

The apparent testimonial from Ashworth, who joined the FA from West Bromwich Albion in 2012, reads: “Having worked with you both as a player at Norwich City and as your assistant academy director at Peterborough United and Cambridge United I have no doubts that boys working under you can progress into the world of football. I was delighted that Kit Carson players were signed at West Bromwich Albion.”

Carson’s website,, was on Friday night ‘down for maintenance’.

There is no suggestion Ashworth or anyone named as having provided testimonials for Carson has any knowledge of the alleged offences for which he was arrested, which were said to date from the 1970s to the mid-2000s.


Jan 27 2017

Michael "Kit" Sean Carson

Ex-Norwich coach ‘Kit’ Carson held in historical football abuse probe

Michael “Kit” Carson has worked as a coach and scout for a number of clubs

A former football coach and scout has been arrested as part of an investigation into allegations of abuse in the sport.

Michael Sean Carson, known as “Kit”, from Cambridge, has been detained on suspicion of indecency with children and indecent assault.

He has worked for clubs including Peterborough United, Cambridge United and Norwich City.

Cambridgeshire Police said a man in his 70s remains in custody.

Officers are working with the Football Association, local children’s safeguarding boards and councils as part of their county-wide investigations.





He worked at Norwich as a youth coach between 1983 and 1993, before moving to Peterborough to run their youth academy until 2001. He then spent five years at Cambridge as their head of talent development.


More recently, Carson has worked at non-league Histon in Cambridgeshire and been a football scout in Finland. According to his LinkedIn page, Carson has also written two coaching manuals.

His website:


This is basically a football web site by an Irish citizen who has spent his whole life in England  and his working life  in the world of youth development in professional football.

My early school life was based in Kent and Hertfordshire before gaining an economics degree and a Graduate Certificate of Education at the University of Hull in Yorkshire. It was at Hull that I gained my first coaching badges.

After a short teaching career, mainly at a brilliant school in Bedford called Pilgrim School, I formed my own football school which at the time was a first in England. This grew and on the way I met many interesting people who I may well talk about on this site at various times.  When I teamed up with Gary Johnson we joined the PGL group of companies and our football schools really took off.

From here Gary went on to a very successful career in professional  football coaching and management and I went into professional football as a youth developer and had successful times at Norwich City Football Club, Peterborough United Football Club. Cambridge United Football Club and Histon Football Club.

My skill seems to have been in spotting talent and playing a part in the development of that talent.   There are many players and coaches  in the professional game who say that I played a major role in their road to success and I am very proud of that.

Throughout my life I have been an ardent supporter and follower of the Republic of Ireland national team and got great satisfaction in locating and developing boys of Irish ancestry born and raised in England.




Two arrests made as police examine 130 reports of child abuse in football

Police Scotland are investigating 130 reports of child sexual abuse in football, with two arrests made.

The sport has been rocked by claims from former players across the UK that they were abused by people in positions of authority and Police Scotland launched a major inquiry into non-recent child abuse in football at the end of last year.

Officers have now received 130 reports but believe there will be more to come.



Barry Bennell: former football coach pleads not guilty to sexual assault charges

Jan 16 2017

All the offences, including assault with intent to commit buggery, are alleged to have happened between 1981 and 1985, when the boy was aged from 11 to 15.

One of the charges relates to a Butlin’s holiday camp and others allegedly happened in Cheshire.



Butlins again

Jan 16 2017

Ex-football coach Barry Bennell denies sex assault charges

Former football coach Barry Bennell has pleaded not guilty to eight charges of sexual assault against a boy under 16.

The former youth coach at Crewe Alexandra denied the eight counts when he appeared at Chester Crown Court.

The charges all relate to allegations of abuse between 1981 and 1986.

Mr Bennell, 63, wearing a blue polo neck shirt and appearing via videolink from HMP Woodhill, in Milton Keynes, answered “not guilty” to all the charges as they were put to him.

The ex-coach, who also worked at Manchester City, Stoke City and junior teams in north-west England and the Midlands, was remanded into custody until 20 March.

Owen Edwards, prosecuting, told the court the alleged victim “preserves his anonymity”.



Former Chelsea youth team referee Allan McGrath accused of child abuse

Jan 14 2017

Four separate witnesses have claimed they were abused by Allan McGrath, who worked as a referee for Chelsea’s youth-team games

Chelsea Football Club is today facing new scrutiny over child abuse in the 1970s, after an investigation by The Independent revealed a second man who worked for the club sexually assaulted boys in their youth set-up.

Four separate witnesses have claimed they were abused by Allan McGrath, who worked as a referee for Chelsea’s youth-team games.

Two of the witnesses have described being driven to McGrath’s home when in the Chelsea youth set-up and sexually assaulted there. Both had been promised lifts home from youth matches when they ended up at the house McGrath – who is now dead – shared with his elderly mother in Ashford, Middlesex.

One of the witnesses described McGrath as a friend of Eddie Heath, the former chief scout who ex-Chelsea player Gary Johnson told the club had abused him in the 1970s.

Johnson was subsequently paid £50,000 compensation by Chelsea for the abuse he suffered, in an arrangement which included a non-disclosure clause.

Chelsea have said they cannot comment on specific cases and urged any further alleged victims to speak to them or to the Metropolitan Police. The Football Association also declined to comment on whether they knew of McGrath or whether he was registered with them. But with the known number of Heath’s alleged victims already six, Chelsea are already facing a possible multi-million-pound claim for damages.


It is unclear whether McGrath was employed full-time by Chelsea. He is remembered by two witnesses for standing in as a referee during summer matches. The Independent has spoken to more than 20 witnesses in Ashford who knew McGrath and who described him as having a number of jobs over a period of 20 years, including as a chauffeur, a school-coach driver and a warden at the HM Prison Feltham Young Offender Institution. 

A further two witnesses, one of whom has waived his anonymity to speak to The Independent, described being abused by McGrath, who was then working as coach at Staines United FC, in Middlesex.

Steve Hearn, 58, who lives in Ashford, was eventually spotted by a Chelsea scout and was on the fringes of the squad, as a contemporary of Ray Wilkins, Steve Finnieston and Clive Walker.

But it was while a 12-year-old playing for Staines United under-15s that he encountered McGrath, who was then in his late 20s. “

Another witness, who is now in his late 50s and declined to be named, alleged that McGrath tried to sexually assault him at Ashford Juniors FC in the 1970swhile working there as a referee.Ashford Juniors has since been dissolved and has no links with current clubs in the town.

Staines United has also been dissolved and has no link to Staines Town FC. The Metropolitan Police said it would not discuss individual cases but said its investigation is continuing.


2 chairmen of Chelsea FC both die in helicopter crashes and another seems to be a business associate with a Colin Peters.

Vile paedophile Eddie Heath

FA discovers file documenting football paedophile Eddie Heath’s ‘trail of terror’ between clubs

Jan 14 2017

Ex-Charlton Athletic youth player Russell Davy, who has told of his abuse at the hands of Heath, says an FA safeguarding officer told him they have ‘recovered a personal file’

The latest development in the football scandal emerged as ex- Charlton Athletic youth player Russell Davy flew from his home in Lanzarote to give evidence to police.

The ex-goalie, now 50, told the Sunday Mirror last month how he had warned the FA of Heath’s attacks on him more than 30 years ago. Now he reveals his lawyers sent a “letter of claim” to Charlton when the scandal broke, documenting abuse.

But he has heard nothing from the League One club. “I want to know why I was left alone with him for so long so he could abuse me,” said Mr Davy. “They haven’t even contacted me. It’s disgusting.”

He also claims the FA has so far failed to recover a letter he sent to them about the abuse in 1986. He never got a reply and his life spiralled into a nightmare of drink, crime and drugs, at one point fighting a £600-a-week cocaine addition.

Accusations by more than 350 alleged victims are being investigated by police, with 155 suspects identified, involving 148 clubs.

Last night a Charlton spokesman said the club had “launched an internal investigation” into Mr Davy’s allegations, adding: “The club has contacted police.”


Vice-president of Chelsea FC died in a helicopter crashPhillip Carter

Millionaire vice-president of Chelsea, Phillip Carter,  died in a helicopter crash (the twin-engined Squirrel, which was previously owned by North Wales Police) on his way back from watching the team’s Champions League semi-final defeat.

It is understood his teenage son was also on board and died at the scene along with the aircraft’s pilot Stephen Holdich, 49, and Jonathan Waller, a friend of Mr Carter’s.

Mr Carter, a lifelong Chelsea fan, was a close friend of Matthew Harding, the club’s former vice-chairman and major benefactor, who also died in a helicopter crash 11 years ago in similar circumstances. Both Mr Carter and Mr Harding were travelling in twin-engined Squirrel helicopters


Phillip Carter

Matthew Harding

Matthew Harding made a large donation to the NSPCC for boys abused in care shortly before his death.

Sir Nick Scheele with Eric Dymock and Lord Montagu of Beaulieu


Nick Scheele, who was chairman of Jaguar at the time, Duncan Sutherland, the former city council’s development director, and PR guru John Clarke got together to raise funds for a new NSPCC centre in Coventry.

The committee which kickstarted the campaign included more than 20 of the leading figures in the city at the time time including MPs, trade unionists, business and industrial leaders.

Nick Scheele stressed at the inaugural meeting in the Jaguar Browns Lane board-room that the objective of the NSPCC Coventry Kids Appeal was to raise over #400,000 to fund an NSPCC centre in Whitefriars Street, on land opposite the existing cramped NSPCC offices situated above a wine bar – and the aim was to do it in just three years.

The appeal committee not only met that target but topped it thanks to a generous #50,000 cheque from former Chelsea FC vice-chairman Matthew Harding, just months before his premature death in a helicopter crash on the way back from a soccer match in Lancashire.

The NSPCC centre was built on time and opened by Princess Margaret, the NSPCC president, in 1996


 Jill Dando had been probing the death of Chelsea millionaire Matthew Harding

Football’s Matthew Harding killed in helicopter crash:
In October 1996, Chelsea boss Matthew Harding was killed in a helicopter crash.

This was shortly before the death of Princess Diana, who also knew about the abuse-ring.

Harding funded New Labour and was close to Blair and Mandelson.

He may have stumbled across the paedophile network and it’s links to Mossad and wanted out.

Shortly before his death he made a large donation to the NSPCC for boys abused in care.

Peter Mandelson is the president of the NSPCC

Jill Dando started her own investigation into Matthew Harding’s mysterious death.

A few months later, she was dead too.

Image result for nspcc mandelson

Peter Mandelson had multiple entries in convicted billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s black book

The inclusion of Lord Mandelson and an office address for Tony Blair has raised questions about the extent of his relationship with the Labour government.

stinking slagheap
By a strange coincidence Esther Rantzen is a trustee of the NSPCC.


Esther Rantzen: My shock over my MP lover’s links to Elm House paedophile ring

Esther Rantzen’s cousin, Sarah Caplin, with whom she started Childline, is married to Nick Ross – Nick Ross admits he would ‘probably’ watch child pornography
Mike Wall appears to be trying to set up a dubious-sounding organisation called ChildLine offering telephone counselling to run-away young people.
And Roger Cook did a sensible public service…to the series – in warning listeners.

The Guardian

London, Greater London, England

Saturday, February 9, 1980 – 13

Image result for nick ross and dando

Nick Ross worked with Jill Dando
Clinton & Cherie/Rantzen Stock Photo
Hillary Clinton, Cherie Blair and Esther Rantzen
Convicted billionaire paedophile Jeffrey EpsteinThe inclusion of Lord Mandelson and an office address for Tony Blair has raised questions a
MacLeod recalled Rantzen meeting Cherie Booth at the hairdresser in 1992, and was able to persuade her to get Hilary Clinton to speak at a ChildLine conference on children and the courts.


Report: Bill Clinton Wasn’t Only One to Go to ‘Sex Slave Island,’ Hillary Went with Him–‘Six Times’

The source for this claim is Erik Prince, the founder of the security firm Blackwater (yes, that one.) In an exclusive interview at Breitbart News, Prince first states that the NYPD is “ready to make arrests in Weiner case.”

Prince pivots from the Weiner laptop investigation to claiming that Hillary Clinton accompanied Bill Clinton and billionaire convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein to “sex island” (aka “sex slave island”).

“They found State Department emails. They found a lot of other really damning criminal information, including money laundering, including the fact that Hillary went to this sex island with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Clinton went there more than 20 times. Hillary Clinton went there at least six times.”


Mr. Clinton flew on the billionaire’s convicted paedophile, Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous jet more than a dozen times — sometimes with a woman whom federal prosecutors suspect of procuring underage sex victims for Mr. Epstein. Fox News reported Friday that records show Mr. Clinton declined Secret Service protection on at least five flights.

The network’s investigation reveals Mr. Clinton flew on the Boeing 727 “Lolita Express” 26 times, more than doubling the previously reported 11 trips.

Bill Clinton … associated with a man like Jeffrey Epstein, who everyone in New York, certainly within his inner circles, knew was a pedophile.

Why would a former president associate with a man like that?” said Conchita Sarnoff of the Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit Alliance to Rescue Victims of Trafficking, Fox reported. Ms. Sarnoff also authored a book on Mr. Epstein titled “TrafficKing.”

Mr. Epstein was arrested in 2005 and signed a plea agreement in 2007 with the U.S. Attorney’s Office, accepting a single charge of soliciting prostitution. He agreed to a 30-month sentence, registered as a “Tier 1” sex offender with the U.S. Virgin Islands and paid dozens of young girls


Fresh clue in Jill Dando murder case arises

MURDERED Crimewatch host Jill Dando had been probing the death of Chelsea millionaire Matthew Harding, a former colleague has claimed.

Harding, deputy chairman of the football club, was one of five people killed in a mystery helicopter crash in October 1996.

He died just months after voicing concerns about corruption in football.

Jill was later gunned down on her doorstep in Fulham, south-west London, in April 1999.

From Dando obituary 1999

Jill Dando wrote to Jimmy Savile when he was doing the Jim’ll Fix It show.

 link – The Guardian 27 April 1999
Image result for jill dando paedo ring bbc

Chelsea FC was also involved in silencing abuse victims with payouts:

 Image result for Gary Johnson says Chelsea paid him £50,000 for silence about abuse

Gary Johnson says Chelsea paid him £50,000 for silence about abuse

Johnson says he was sexually abused in the 1970s after being groomed from the age of 13 by club’s then chief scout Eddie Heath, who has since died


‘Only after Matthew died did I find he had a second mistress and another love child’


Matthew started as teaboy in an insurance office and made his fortune in the reinsurance markets. He also had a pounds 50 million stake in Chelsea Football Club, where he was vice-chairman.

When he was killed in a helicopter crash in October, 1996 he was worth more than pounds 125million and was the 89th wealthiest man in Britain. He and Ruth owned a large estate in Sussex with a tennis court, swimming pool and wonderful views over the South Downs.

Ruth lived there all the time but Matthew came home only at weekends. During the week he lived in London with his Ecuadorian mistress Vicky Jaramillo and their daughter Ella, now five. After his death, it was discovered that his PA had also had his baby.

“There are two illegitimate children,” says Ruth. “So it’s a complicated situation. Only after he died did I know about the second child. There’s just a few months between them. Incredible, isn’t it?”

Ruth knew from the beginning about her husband’s affair with Vicky Jaramillo. She had to tolerate pictures of Matthew and his mistress in the papers when they attended social events together.
Image result for Millionaire vice-president of Chelsea, Phillip Carter
Matthew Harding and Ken Bates

 Image result for francis maude and peter morrison

Matthew Harding’s great friend, Tory MP Francis Maude, gave the funeral address

Image result for francis maude and peter morrison

Francis Maude was PPS to noted pederast Sir Peter Morrison. Maude then became an assistant government whip (1985–87)

Following the death of Jill Dando, a new research centre in her name was formed:

The UCL Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science is the first Institute in the world devoted to Crime Science. Research is concentrated on new ways to cut crime and increase security ” .

By a strange twist, the Board of the Institute is run by none other than Nick Ross and Professor Anthony Finkelstein.

Anthony Finkelstein is Daniel Finkelstein’s brother.

The Tory research company ‘Policy Exchange Ltd’ is also registered at:

11-15 Acre House
William Road
United Kingdom

Its directors include Danny Finkelstein, Michael Gove, Harvey Proctor supporter –Iain Dale and Francis Maude.


Image result for colin peters and ken bates

Big fan: David Mellor is a well known as a huge Chelsea fan, pictured in the director’s box with former chairman Ken Bates, far left

Mellor was chairman of the incoming Labour government’s ‘Football Task Force’ from August 1997 until its dissolution in 1999
Minutes from meeting

There was no Home Office cover-up over Geoffrey Dickens’ dossier

Image result for princess margaret nspcc matthew harding

Leon Brittan ‘attended paedophile parties in notorious brothel’

FORMER Home Secretary Leon Brittan was one of a number of high-profile people who attended paedophile parties in a notorious brothel, it was claimed last night.

Brittan is said to have abused children at Elm Guest House, a boarding house in Barnes, west London, which was run as a brothel in the 1970s and 1980s, according to the Daily Star Sunday.

Among the shocking accusations are claims that one of Brittan’s victims was a 10-year-old primary school boy.

Other details that were reported include how a social worker described in testimony details seeing photos, taken in the 1970s, of Brittan dressed in kinky outfits with naked boys sitting on his lap.

Over the years, Brittan had been plagued with rumours surrounding his private life and supposed failure to act over an alleged cover-up of a missing dossier containing allegations of Establishment sex abuse.


Matthew Harding’s wife: Two of her great friends are the ex-wives of David Mellor and Glenn Hoddle. The sweet-natured Anne Hoddle is now radiantly happy with a 28-year-old.
Her new husband Richard Gist, 37, works with sexually abused children and when they met he was an area manager for the NSPCC in Coventry.
Matthew had donated pounds 50,000 to the NSPCC centre for abused boys and after he died, Richard invited Ruth to see the work that was being done.
Initially, the vital NSPCC work drew them together. “I went to Coventry and Richard showed me round. Richard is an Arsenal supporter so we obviously got talking about football.

After her husband’s death, Ruth was asked to become patron at Chelsea Football Club. This gave her an enormous amount of pleasure but Matthew and the club’s chairman, Ken Bates, had had many vicious disagreements. In what seemed like an act of spite, Ken Bates told Ruth that he no longer wanted her as patron.

“It’s very sad,” she says. “He didn’t give any reason.” Ruth still goes to games at Chelsea but she remains angry with coach Graham Rix, who was convicted of having unlawful sex with an under-age girl. He has served his jail sentence and has now been reinstated.

He’s not a close friend of mine but his wife and four children are,” she says. “They are now separated and my heart goes out to the children because they’ve got to live with what their father’s done. When this dreadful situation happened at Chelsea, I was the only one who said, ‘Graham Rix is guilty’. Now society has turned on the girl and said, ‘It was her fault, she shouldn’t have worn short skirts, she shouldn’t be drinking, shouldn’t be smoking’.

“I think Graham does a great job at football, but the sadness is that he’s probably wrecked that girl’s life.”

Ruth is now involved in the NSPCC’s campaign to raise money for the millennium in aid of the most desperate children in Britain. “Until I met Richard, I knew nothing about sexually abused children. A vast number of people have been abused as a child but because people don’t talk about it, it festers away inside them.”

The widow of Chelsea vice-chairman Matthew Harding, who was killed in a helicopter crash in 1996, has lost her second husband to cancer.

Ruth Harding, reported to be Britain’s fourth richest woman, married Richard Gist at their Ditchling mansion in July 1999.

Arsenal fan Mr Gist, 39, a former area manager for child protection group the NSPCC, died on Saturday shortly before the FA Cup Final.

He began with the NSPCC as a child protection officer working in Coventry before rising to the post of area children’s services manager.


Richard Gist memorial service:

The Bishop of Warwick, the Rt Rev Anthony Priddis will be in attendance, as will Baptist minister and London evangelist Steve Chalk.

Mr Gist was a manager at Coventry NSPCC, in Whitefriars Street in the city centre, before becoming an area manager for the child protection charity.

He was instrumental in helping the charity move to bigger offices across the road – Boole House – which was opened by Princess Margaret in 1996.


Image result for Millionaire vice-president of Chelsea, Phillip Carter,

Ken Bates was embroiled in a bitter feud with Harding who died under suspicious circumstances in a helicopter crash:





Colin John Meredith Peters (Inverness) and Alastair David Laing (Woking, Surrey)

Disgusting. I suppose Mr Vatattack, Colin Peters, is a completely rehabilitated individual now is he?

Peters were not charged on this offence as he had diplomatic immunity and was expelled with Laing

 And then Laing went straight to work ‘under the supervision of Anthony Blunt

Colin Peters was caught red-handed in the Bay of Naples abusing boys. He was let off and allowed to continue. Why?

Will have the balls to tackle the Colin Peters case or will it lay off out of deference to royal links. That is the big Q!

How did Colin Peters go on to get government work after being apprehended as part of Op Hedgerow?

Perhaps can explain why a vile paedophile like Colin Peters was allowed to continue after his first conviction?

  David, aren’t you going to aswer my question on whether you passed Colin Peters case to as promised to journalist?

Home of Colin Peters, 26 Chepstow Road, London W2

4 Nov 1988

Colin Peters has already been acknowledged as Elm Guest House visitor:

While the Metropolitan Police told The Independent that the boys’ disappearances were not being re-investigated, the predatory nature of some of those who stayed at the Elm Guest House will raise concerns that they could have been targeted.

Anthony Milsom, a paedophile from Hull, who is alleged to have stayed at the property, later moved to Newtown, Powys, where he was convicted of a string of sex offences dating back to the 1990s, including 21 counts of making indecent photographs of children and five counts of indecent assault on a girl when she was aged between 4 and eight. He was jailed indefinitely at Mold Crown Court in March 2011, but six months later appeal court judges reduced his sentence to three-and-a-half years. Another alleged visitor was Colin Peters, a Foreign Office barrister, who was jailed in 1989 for being part of a network which molested hundreds of boys. Reports at the time said the ring “was used by highly placed civil servants and well-known public officials”.

The most infamous alleged visitor to Elm Guest House was Warwick Spinks, a violent paedophile who in 1995 was jailed for a series of sexual offences on boys, including buggery, taking a child without lawful authority and taking indecent images of children. Lewes Crown Court heard that he had he drugged a 14-year-old boy and “sold him” to a gay brothel in Amsterdam

According to documents kept by a former children’s worker, visitors to the property included the Soviet spy Sir Anthony Blunt and the late Liberal MP Cyril Smith, who is now thought by Manchester police to have assaulted teenage boys.

Another was Sir Peter Hayman, Britain’s former High Commissioner in Canada.

Brittan has ‘no recollection’ of dossier

A senior minister in Margaret Thatcher’s Cabinet handed a dossier containing allegations of paedophilia in Buckingham Palace and the diplomatic and civil services says he cannot remember receiving the file.

In November 1983 Sir Leon Brittan, the Home Secretary, was given the dossier by the late Geoffrey Dickens, as part of his campaign against the Paedophile Information Exchange.

Asked by The Independent this week what the dossier alleged and what action, if any, he took, Sir Leon, a QC and later European Commissioner, replied by email: “I have no recollection of these matters. Sorry!”

An old website that Spinks used.



July 2013

‘Most violent’ paedo freed by loophole …and back ogling teens


A VIOLENT child sex predator recaptured following an international manhunt quaffs champagne on a luxury boat — after he was freed by a loophole.

Evil Warwick Spinks, dubbed the Pied Piper of Paedophiles, was extradited from the Czech Republic in November after 15 years on the run.

He should have then served the last 18 months of his five-year jail term. But when he was caged back in 1995 the law only allowed officials to make offenders serve part of a sentence before automatically freeing them.

That loophole was closed for absconders last year but it cannot be enforced retrospectively.

So officials had to free Spinks FOUR MONTHS after his recapture.

The pot-bellied paedo, who now calls himself property tycoon Willem van Wijk, celebrated his freedom and 49th birthday with a bash for 14 pals, including toyboy Vladimir, 34.

The Sun watched as he:

SIPPED champagne with pals at a luxury floating restaurant.

UNWRAPPED creepy presents including an edible thong.

WRITHED with male go-go dancers, saying: “You’re only as young as the boy you’re feeling.”

CAVORTED starkers in a glass-sided plunge pool with a Slovak lad in front of other perverts.

A source said: “Spinks should be behind bars. Many people in Prague were shocked to see him back so soon acting as if nothing had happened. He is cocking a snook at British justice.”

Spinks was first identified as a dangerous child abuser in 1992. He divided his time between England and Amsterdam, introducing sex tourists to young boys.

He told one undercover cop he could arrange sex with boys in Germany, Prague and Poland for as little as 10p. He was also secretly taped offering to supply a “snuff” video in which a boy, ten, was killed for kicks.

In 1995 he was jailed for seven years at Lewes Crown Court, East Sussex, for several offences against underage boys.

His sentence was cut to five years on appeal but when let out on licence in 1997 he fled the UK, violating his probation conditions.

Hopefully will be looking at ‘diplomatic immunity’ (Leon Brittan, Colin Peters et al).

Presumably are aware of Delaney and his associates.



Colin Peters also has very close links to Chelsea FC.

One client ment’d on his Vatattack website is Grange Farm.

Grange Farm, a client of Colin Peters, is owned by Ken Bates:



Grange Farm – a case on the apportionment of input tax deductible by the owner of a premier division football club




Among the cases he has conducted in the VAT tribunal have been:

  • Grunwick Processing Laboratories Ltd – a decision on the burden of proof and on the time limits for assessments
  • Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers – a case on whether the institute was a “professional association” and therefore making exempt supplies
  • Institute of Chartered Foresters – a case on simple or multiple supplies
  • Institute of Biomedical Science – a partial exemption decision
  • Grange Farm – a case on the apportionment of input tax deductible by the owner of a premier division football club
  • Kingscrest Residential Care Homes – whether a care home operated on a for profit basis was entitled to standard rate its supplies (a subsequent decision, Kingscrest No. 2, was referred to the European Court of Justice)
  • Bissell Homecare (Overseas) Inc – a decision on whether the then three year cap on repayments by Customs was applicable

He set up as a sole practitioner advising on VAT in 2004.


via discovery77


“Documents 128-30 Names of Known and
Suspected Abusers of Children”
one “Colin Peters QC Twickenham Lawyer”


? – obtains an honours degree in Modern History at Oxford University

? – works as Secretary General of the British Chamber of Commerce in Casablance.

1974 – Returns allegedly to Uk from Casablance to study law and later specialises
in indirect tax.

1977 -Colin Peters alleges he begins specialising in the law and practice of VAT.

1979 – 1986 he works in Customs’ Solicitor’s Office as a Senior Legal Assistant in their
VAT tribunal division, conducting more than 100 appeals in the tribunal.

1986/7 – Colin Peters is already by now, according to the documents, remarkably, a QC.

1986 – Colin Peters allegedly leaves the Solicitor’s Office of Customs and Excise,
now HM Revenue & Customs, joins private practice Hugh Mainprice as a partner in Mainprice
and Co, a firm dealing exclusively with VAT. Begins advising on VAT.

Image result for colin peters vat


1987, December – Colin Peters, Alan Delaney, Ernest Whittington, Victor Burnett remanded. Also charged with the 4 are John Williams, a builder, Patrick Joseph Morris (and his son, 18, dont know if a victim),

Bryan Peter Howard – Edmunds of Harlesden. 5 yrs abuse going back to 1982. 140 boys interviewed.
Also charged was Kenneth Martin (64, market trader). Another man from Hastings *un-named-64 yr old clerk?)

also charged for committing offences with Martin. So 7 men in total charged. 22 men originally arrested.
Victims aged 10-15.

1988- (10th?) November – Colin peters and co trial commences. A 22 year old man was the first ever adult victim of sex abuse to be allowed to give evidence on video. Women’s groups outraged that the first to be allowed is male. Peters, Burnett, Whittington and Delaney in the dock, plus the two Norris half brothers (both aged 18). Charges previously dropped against the father of the boys Patrick Joseph Norris.

So charges dropped for the father and added for the other son. The two Norris boys were found in bed at Colin Peters home when police went to arrest Peters.

Judge Henry Pownall and DCI in charge Roger Gaspar.

1989, February 3rd-Colin Peters and co sentenced at Old Bailey.
The two 18 year olds presumably were acquitted or case dropped against them during the trial.
2004 – Colin Peters allegedly starts VAT consultancy called VATATTACK.

‘Ephemera’ and terrible abuse:-…l-8518078.html
He has contributed articles to Taxation and contributed case summaries to CCH.

One of the boys he allegedly abused was Peter Hatton-Bornshin, a Grafton Close
care-home resident, who later killed himself.

Another said: “He was a regular and was named by two, possibly three, boys as a
man who abused them. Peters used camera equipment and hired a conference room at
the guesthouse. There was only one reason to do that and that was to make porn
films of the boys. There was a sauna attached to the room, which was also used.

From docs;
About the guest house:-
“Among those using it was Louis Minster, Director of Social Services, Richmond, Colin Peters QC, Donald Naismith, Director of Education Wandsworth & number of police. Boys supplied by Neil  Keir OIC (Officer in Charge) Grafton Lodge Childrens Home.” Note dated 17/7/89

“Colin Peters QC one of Haddons clients for porn & sex, knows of our interest – do not know how.
Alerting his friends to ‘take care of us’. Warned to be very careful of this guy.”

The Foreign Office was instrumental in covering up the crimes of Alistair Laing and Colin Peters in the Bay of Naples

Colin Peters, caught in Bay of Naples ferrying lads to British elite paedophiles on the islands.

When Peters and Laing were arrested in the Bay of Naples, Jenny Lee who was in the vicinity, went there to negotiate bail.

Jenny Lee, Minister of the Arts, who was married to Aneurin Bevan described as a ‘lifelong champion of social justice’.

Related image

So why did a woman of social integrity side with a pair of vile paedophiles peddling boys to to the ‘great and good’?

Keith Joseph committing a boy with “bizarre sexual conduct” 1973

Here’s article about Belfast Brian McDermott unsolved murder though.

The Scouts HQ is there and links to Cliff Richard…

Anthony McSweeney was in charge of Gilwell park at that time and Kitty would go camping there every year with a youth club from Chingford


GLASGOW HERALD 4 October 1967: Colin Peters and Alastair Laing

Colin Peters and Operation Hedgerow Timeline and Links

As there are several documents coming to light on Colin Peters, and Sceptic Peg has just published a post on Peters, I am releasing this work in progress that I have not worked on for several months, so that other researchers may make use of it.

It was intended for another use so the Oxendon House parts may not be relevant

I have not archived any btw


1980 Boy from Scotland to Piccadilly [44] Colin Peters

1982-87 child abuse offences by Peters et al [44]

1987 Apr Telephone Engineer found Delaney child sexual abuse [24] [45]

1987 Dec 4 Glasgow Herald [22] Father and Son on child sex charges

1987 Dec 4 The Guardian [42]  Remand for 7 child abuse accused  – til next week

1987 Dec 10 Willesden & Brent Chronicle [43] Stephen Di Biasio 7 men charged in sex scandal

1988 Nov 12 The Times [24] Mark Ellis 6 men recruited children for big sexual abuse ring

1988 Nov 12 The Guardian [44] Child sex ring taught victims abuse was natural, court told – Old Bailey, Offences from 1982 -87 children as young as 10

1988 Nov 12 The Times [24] Mark Ellis 6 men recruited children for big sexual abuse ring Colin Peters Piccadilly link

1989 Feb 3 The Times [46] Mark Ellis. Evil trade of child sex ring corrupted 150 boys Sentenced today

1989 Feb 3 Guardian [47] Four facing sentence on child abuse charges

1989 Feb 3 Glasgow Herald [48] Four men found guilty in rent boy conspiracy

1989 Feb 3 Telegraph [*]

1989 Feb 4 Daily Express [49] John Twomey  Four faces of evil

1989 Feb 4 Guardian [50] Horrifying child sex ring jailed for male prostitution

1989 Feb 4 Glasgow Herald [51] 34 years for 4 men in appalling child sex ring

1989 Feb 17 EIR Mark Burdman [52] copy in links for now

1994 Aug 1 Local Government Chronicle [1] Unions happy with Oxendon House Inquiry 

1994 Sept 6 Writs fly in wake of child abuse report [2]

1994 Nov 29 Guardian [41] Nick Davies Red Light for Blue Squad

2013 Mar 3 Sun [53] via Greenlight Colin Peters text at end

2013 Mar 3 Independent [20] Paedophile ring leader, Colin Peters, linked to Barnes scandal

2013 Mar 3 Independent [55] Police failings out dozens of children at risk from notorious paedophile ring

2013 May 7 Exaro [21] David Pallister Elm Guest House linked to biggest child sex racket

2013 Sept 4 Spotlight on Abuse  [23]  How British covered up paedophile network

2014 Jan 8 Needleblog [4o] Operation Hedgerow

2014 Feb 12 Needleblog [56] Email From Colin Peters–  Colin Peters denies Elm Guest

Oxendon House

[1] 1994 Aug 1 Local Government Chronicle Unions happy with Oxendon House Inquiry

[2] 1994 Sept 6 Writs fly in wake of child abuse report

[3] National Archives

[4] Report FOI


[20] 2013 Mar 3 Sunday Independent Paedophile ring leader, Colin Peters, linked to Barnes scandal Paul Cahalan, James Hanning re Colin Peters and EGH

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[25] 2013 May 3 Abundant Hope Paedophile ring leader, Colin Peters, linked to Barnes scandal

Operation Hedgerow

[4o] 2014 Jan 8 Needleblog Operation Hedgerow

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[46] 1989 Feb 3 The Times, Mark Ellis. Evil trade of child sex ring corrupted 150 boys Sentenced today Link to Picca, Address

[47] 1989 Feb 3 Guardian Four facing sentence on child abuse charges Victims from 3 schools  2 in west country, 1 in se Peters address and charges

[48] 1989 Feb 3 Glasgow Herald Four men found guilty in rent boy conspiracy

1989 Feb 3 Telegraph [*]

[49] 1989 Feb 4 Daily Express John Twomey  Four faces of evil Judge Henry Pownall sentenced Peters to 8 years for buggers, conspiracy to commit buggery and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice . victims in special boarding schools for educationally subnormal. Peters 43 Chepstow Rd, Bayswater . House of lords offficla and link to elm guest house

[50] 1989 Feb 4 Guardian Horrifying child sex ring jailed for male prostitution 13 week trial Detectives fear continuing conspiracy of people in high places Peters burnett, delaney, whittington

[51] 1989 Feb 4 Glasgow Herald 34 years for 4 men in appalling child sex ring

[52] 1989 Feb 17 EIR Mark Burdman  Pedophiles arrested more powerful than mafia. The most prominent figure in the ring, Colin Peters, was trained at Oxford, and was formerly a senior adviser in the British Foreign Office. Following his Foreign Office work, he prosecuted cases for the British Customs and Excise.
Investigators working on the case had interrogated at least one senior member of the House of Lords , one vicar in West London, and officials in Whitehall , “but the police did not have sufficient evidence or manpower to pursue their suspicions ,” the Telegraph reported. * Colin Peters was told: “On your own admission, you found boys to satisfy your lust. You were prepared to encourage them to drugs or to lace their drinks ­and you have made matters worse by trying to get witnesses not to attend court. You did that to save your own skin. That was disgraceful. You of all people should have known that. ”
‘A permanent conspiracy’ British deputy police superintendent John Lewis , who oversaw the investigations, is calling on Scotland Yard to create a special squad to deal with pedophile rings. Lewis declared Feb. 2 that “these people are as organized and sophisticated as any other criminals, and are involved in a permanent conspiracy which is renewed daily as they hunt for new boys. They need to be targeted like bank robbers. It is important that we should not feel complacent. Positive policing should be continued.”
British police investigators were reportedly angered by the light sentence meted out to Peters In an editorial entitled, “Is This Justice?” the Express Feb. 4 called the sentences “woefully inadequate . . . weighed against the enormity of their crimes and the emotional and physical damage they did to their victims , some of whom were only nine years old. ”

[55] 2013 Mar 3 Independent Police failings out dozens of children at risk from notorious paedophile ring elm Guest house and links to Peters  Another alleged visitor was Colin Peters, a Foreign Office barrister, who was jailed in 1989 for being part of a network which molested hundreds of boys. Reports at the time said the ring “was used by highly placed civil servants and well-known public officials”.

[56] 2014 Feb 12 Needleblog Email From Colin Peters









[65] sex and social worker today peter righton


reply to FOI

Although the file is currently closed to the public, you may wish to be aware that the full contents of the file have been made available, unredacted, to the police. The staff working
for the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA, or the “Goddard Inquiry”) have also been informed of the file and told that they too can have access to it without any redactions as soon as they request it.

When confronted by a hack, Laing was very open about the Naples incident all those years ago and was still unaware of any wrong-doing

An Establishment figure speaking for Laing said he ‘should have followed Auden’s advice on the boat and simply bent lower.

Both paedophiles Richard Alston and Peter Righton are also thanked in the preface to Donald Mitchell’s book Britten and Auden in the Thirties: The Year 1936: The T.S. Eliot Memorial Lectures delivered in the University of Kent at Canterbury in November 1979 (London: Faber, 1981):

Paedophile Richard Alston (brother of diplomat Robert Alston)

Image result for charles napier and richard alston

I am much indebted to Richard Alston without whose dedicated editorial assistance I should have found it difficult to see this revised edition through the press. [….] and to Peter Righton for correcting proofs.


Image result for blunt and queen

Laing retired in 2013 as Curator of Pictures at National Trust for 27 years. He studied History at Oxford under ANTHONY BLUNT!

(Elm Guest House – the list of alleged attendees at the parties. One source suggested that Anthony Blunt, former keeper of the Queen’s pictures and an exposed Soviet mole, used to go the parties)


'Ben was for the best part of forty years my nearest and dearest,' said Peter Pears, right, of Benjamin Britten. 'And&I cant be thankful enough for that& it was just a gift from God, something I didnt deserve. It was a gift.' Photo: Courtesy Boydell Press

Ben was for the best part of forty years my nearest and dearest,’ said Peter Pears, right, of Benjamin Britten.

Peter Righton’s Diaries: Benjamin Britten, Peter Pears and Michael Davidson

The important information is the following: in Righton’s diaries, he frequently referred to Benjamin Britten, Peter Pears and Michael Davidson as ‘fellow boy-lovers’, and also spoke of how important to him (Righton) were their get-togethers at Snape Maltings. Both Richard Alston and Peter Righton is also thanked in the preface to Donald Mitchell’s book Britten and Auden in the Thirties: The Year 1936: The T.S. Eliot Memorial Lectures delivered in the University of Kent at Canterbury in November 1979 (London: Faber, 1981):


Image result for June 2, 1967, Her Majesty opened the new concert hall at Snape Maltings

On June 2, 1967, Her Majesty opened the new concert hall at Snape Maltings, the brainchild of Suffolk composer Benjamin Britten, who’d felt a larger venue was needed for the Aldeburgh Festival of the Arts. The festival leased and converted one of the main buildings. Almost exactly two years later, after the opening night of the 22nd Aldeburgh Festival, fire ripped through the concert hall.

It was rebuilt in time for the 1970 festival, and the Queen returned to Snape to perform another opening ceremony.

Image result for June 2, 1967, Her Majesty opened the new concert hall at Snape Maltings

The re-opening of Snape Maltings concert hall in June, 1970, following a fire and rebuilding. The Queen talks to Benjamin Britten while Prince Philip chats to Peter Pears


Colin Peters, at the heart of a paedophile ring.

Will have the balls to tackle the Colin Peters case or will it lay off out of deference to royal links. That is the big Q!

David Liddington – MoS at Foreign Office, promised that the FO would release the files immediately to Police and Did they?

Peters went on to become a FO barrister and was arrested under Operation Hedgerow as key player in a huge organised child abuse ring.


Dec 2 2016 – Leader of the House of Commons David Lidington is made a CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) by Queen Elizabeth II during an investiture ceremony at Windsor Castle.


Douglas Hurd and David Liddington, (PPS to Douglas Hurd, PPS to Michael Howard, PPS to William Hague

In May 2009, the Daily Telegraph revealed Lidington had claimed nearly £1,300 for his dry cleaning and had also claimed for toothpaste, shower gel, body spray and vitamin supplements on his second home allowance.[2]

Image result for David Lidington and hague

In July 2016, Lidington was appointed as Leader of the House of Commons by new PMTheresa May)

The former Elm Guest House

‘I was warned off’ says detective involved in historic paedophile probe

A FORMER police chief told how his superiors tried to stop a major paedophile investigation, warning: “Don’t open the box, you will never get the lid back on.”

Mr Gaspar also wrote an internal report called People Not Property, which recommended a specialist paedophile unit be set up at the end of the 1980s, but it was shelved.

He recalled: “I put up a proposal asking that if we had an obscene publication unit, why can’t we afford a team to focus more on a proper intelligence led approach.

“My proposal went to the Yard but was rejected.” 


Peters could have been kicked out of FO after Naples. Instead he was protected and allowed to continue abusing for 25 years

Peters got 8 years for Op Hedgerow. By current sentencing patterns (Napier) this would be 20 years.


 Perhaps can explain why a vile paedophile like Colin Peters was allowed to continue after his first conviction?

Colin Peters, caught in Bay of Naples ferrying lads to British elite paedophiles on the islands.

Colin Peters was found guilty in a 1989 trial with others. In other words the state allowed him to go on abusing for 22 years.

How did Colin Peters go on to get government work after being apprehended as part of Op Hedgerow?

Laing and Colin Peters were arrested as junior members of HM Diplomatic Service in Naples in 1967, aged 23 and 24.

David, aren’t you going to aswer my question on whether you passed Colin Peters case to as promised to journalist?

Delaney, Whittington, Burnett & Peters where jailed but there was 6 in the dock.

Brothers Patrick Norris & Sean Norris where in the dock with Colin Peters.

 (we stayed with Jack and Alan, who were looking after 4 children, because their mother had been seriously injured in …
Pedophiles arrested
‘more powerful than the Mafia
by Mark Burdman
On Feb. 2 , in London’ s Old Bailey court, four men were convicted for running a ring of pedophiles-adults who sex­ usually use children-which had recruited at least 150 young boys , some as young as nine, for repeated sodomic abuse.
It is the biggest ring of pedophiles yet uncovered in Britain.
British newspapers Feb. 3 said it had been run as a “Mafia­
like conspiracy. ” One man arrested was too frightened to
testify, declaring that the ring was “more powerful than the
Mafia. “
According to experts on child abuse in Britain, this case is only the beginning. Interviewed on British television Feb. 3 , Dianne Core, head of the Childwatch organization, stated that “people in high places” were involved in pedophiliac activities , and that the whole matter would “explode” during the coming months.
The London Daily Telegraph’s crime  correspondent reported Feb. 3 : “Despite the convictions , po­lice believe there is still a flourishing pedophile network in Britain, with a sophistication said to resemble the Mafia. “

The most prominent figure in the ring, Colin Peters , was trained at Oxford, and was formerly a senior adviser in the British Foreign Office. Following his Foreign Office work, he prosecuted cases for the British Customs and Excise.

Investigators working on the case had interrogated at least one senior member of the House of Lords , one vicar in West London, and officials in Whitehall , “but the police did not have sufficient evidence or manpower to pursue their suspi­cions ,” the Telegraph reported.
Alan Delaney, the official head of the ring, is a cleaning company director. Delaney would procure young boys for pedophiles , by putting job advertisements in the press .
The ring would also procure boys who were members of a junior soccer team. Many of the youngsters had been at special boarding schools for educationally below-normal children.
Others were runaways , who were caught up by members of the Delaney-Peters ring, who would roam” the streets of Lon­don scouting for boys .
According to the Feb. 3 Telegraph account, the young boys were “passed around its members for sexual degradation and, when the attraction faded, abandoned to a life of pros­titution, drugs , and petty crime . . . . The boys were tempted off the unfamiliar London streets with promises of food,
accommodation, money, and a sympathetic ear. Some were plied with drugs, including cocaine, and sexually assaulted while under their influence.”
When he was brought before presiding Judge Pownall for sentencing Feb. 3, Colin Peters was told: “On your own admission, you found boys to satisfy your lust. You were prepared to encourage them to drugs or to lace their drinks­ and you have made matters worse by trying to get witnesses not to attend court. You did that to save your own skin. That was disgraceful. You of all people should have known that. “
‘A permanent conspiracy’ British deputy police superintendent John Lewis , who oversaw the investigations , is calling on Scotland Yard to create a special squad to deal with pedophile rings. Lewis declared Feb. 2 that “these people are as organized and so­phisticated as any other  criminals, and are involved in a permanent conspiracy which is renewed daily as they hunt for new boys. They need to be targeted like bank robbers. It
is important that we should not feel complacent. Positive policing should be continued.”
British police investigators were reportedly angered by the light sentence meted out to Peters , Delaney, and their two  collaborators. The four received, in total, only 34 years of sentences. Peters received only 8 years, for combined charges of conspiracy to commit buggery (sodomy), buggery and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Delaney was jailed for 1 1 years , on conspiracy to commit buggery, indecent assault, taking indecent photographs , indecency with a child, and attempted buggery. One of the four was given only 6 years.
A senior British police officer told the Daily Express Feb.
4: “It should have been more. The damage these people have
done to young lives is very severe.”
In an editorial entitled, “Is This Justice?” the Express Feb. 4 called the sentences “woefully inadequate . . . weighed against the enormity of
their crimes and the emotional and physical damage they did
to their victims , some of whom were only nine years old. “
Moncini and the Satanist track
The London case has refocused attention on another recent case, in Trieste, Italy, involving one Alessandro Mon­cini, a businessman nabbed by law enforcement in the United States and convicted in 1988 for importing child pornography (although he received a paltry one-year sentence and was released “on good behavior” after serving less than three
months in jail).
Investigators in Trieste working on the Mon­cini case have recently been to the United States, attempting to accumulate more information on what they believe to be a “most exclusive ring of international pedophiles.”

Informed sources in Britain believe that the Delaney­ Peters ring and the Moncini-linked networks are connected,

and that both are part of an international pedophile conspir­acy.

U. S. law enforcement officials have in their possession tapes of Moncini attempting to procure a young girl, for Satanic-ritual abuse purposes.

Experts on ritual abuse stress that pedophile rings , as horrifying as they are in and of them­ selves , are actually fronts for, or extensions of, hard-core Satanist cults , for whom the pedophiles provide young boys.

In Britain, however, the Home Office has repeatedly
indicated its opposition to allowing the matter of satanism to
be pursued by police and in the courts.

Should this attitude continue, it will be impossible to crack the command-struc­ture controlling powerful pedophile rings.

Investigative leads

Experts in pedophilia and Satanism report to EIR, that
that the dossiers on previously publicized cases of European­
based pedophile rings have never been fully closed, and may
now be reopened. These involve pedophile rings that were
either cracked or exposed in the 1 986-87 period. Three of
them are worth noting:
On June 1 8, 1987, the head of the Belgian national
office of UNICEF was arrested for involvement in a large­
scale child pornography and pedophilia ring. Ring leader
Jozef Verbeeck had used his influential position in UNICEF
to procure children, often from broken homes, some as young
as eight months old, for some 400 wealthy clients across
Europe. The basement of UNICEF in Brussels was used to
store pornographic pictures of children.
• In spring-summer 1987 , Dutch authorities uncovered
one of the worst cases of collective child sex abuse in record­
ed history. In a small town called Oode Pekala, during the
Easter holidays , a gang of pedophiles , dressed as clowns,
lured more than 70 children into taking part in pornographic
On Aug. 3, 1986, the Sunday Times of London “In­sight Team” exposed the activities of a secretive organization called the Spartacus Club, based near Amsterdam in Holland, which sent pedophile literature to 25 ,000 subscribers in Great Britain, and which specialized in procuring boys from the Philippines for pedophile activity. Headed by one John Stam­ford, the club was part of Spartacus International, which published homosexual literature and the Paedo Alert News, “a magazine about boy love. “


Colin Peters connected to Alessandro Moncini aka Sandro Moncini and member of the P2 Masonic Lodge.

Alessandro Moncini was arrested in California in relation to child pornography.

It’s noticeable how investigating football venues has become more acceptable than investigating Westminster.

AND the survivors of the football abusers are not being referred to as the usual crop of fantasists, revenge-seekers and money-chasers”  – quote from Ann Widdecombe referring to those making claims against former prime minister Sir Ted Heath.

Football child abuse scandal: Police identify 155 suspects

Dec 21 2016

The number of suspects in the UK-wide football child abuse scandal has reached 155, the National Police Chiefs’ Council has announced.

Police say there are now 429 potential victims, some as young as four at the time of the alleged offence, and 148 clubs are now involved.

Separate figures show the number of historical child abuse suspects across all walks of life stands at 3,469.

This is more than double the figure of 18 months earlier.

The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) set up Operation Hydrant to oversee investigations of “non-recent” child sex abuse within institutions or by people of public prominence.

The spotlight has fallen on abuse in football since a a number of former footballers came forward publicly to tell their stories and the number of suspects has almost doubled in a fortnight.



Sussex police report sex abuse claims involving six football coaches
THE historical sex abuse scandal unfolding in football continued to widen with a south coast police force becoming the latest to confirm it has received allegations

Dec 19, 2016

“None of the six reports relate to either of the two Sussex clubs in the Football League.”


Former youth footballer reveals links between sex abuse coaches

Dec 15 2016

Image result for Hugh Stevenson football

Hugh Stevenson, a former youth coach and SFA assistant referee

The 62-year-old says he was molested byHugh Stevenson while playing for a club in Easterhouse.

A former youth footballer whose coach was convicted of abusing young players says he had links to other Scottish figures implicated in historic sex attacks.

Robert Smith: Coach was convicted of attacks against three players.

Robert Smith is serving a two-year prison sentence for abusing three players at a club in Easterhouse, Glasgow, in the 1970s and 80s.

The 67-year-old had denied the offences but was found guilty after standing trial at Glasgow Sheriff Court earlier this year.

Following the nationwide revelations over historic sex abuse within British football, a former player who knew Smith in the 1960s talked to STV News and revealed his links to other Scottish coaches involved in the scandal.

The 62-year-old, known only as James, said his mother had warned him to stay away from Smith.

“He was always trying to kiss me, put his hand on me, but I ran away basically because I didn’t think this was right,” James said.

Image result for Hugh Stevenson football

Hugh Stevenson

The former player said Smith was friends with Hugh Stevenson, a former youth coach and SFA assistant referee who died in 2004.

Earlier this month another former youth footballer accused Stevenson of subjecting him to repeated sexual abuse from 1979 to 1982. The abuse was reported to the police but Stevenson wasn’t prosecuted.

James says he was molested by Stevenson at Smith’s club in Easterhouse in the 1960s.

He said: “He came over and put his hand in my pockets and started to fumble about. I thought, ‘this is not right’. I came out of that dressing room sharpish.

“Robert Smith, Hugh Stevenson and another lad from Celtic Boys Club, Jim Torbett, all knew each other because we all played each other quite a lot.”

Image result for jim torbett

Jim Torbett was jailed in 1998 after being convicted of sex offences against young players.

At the end of Smith’s court case this summer, it emerged that he had been convicted of lewd and libidinous behaviour in 1968, ten years before he started abusing the three young players in Easterhouse.

Campaigners say the case adds weight to their calls for abuse in football to be examined by the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry.

On Tuesday, the SFA announced that it was to establish an independent review into reports of historic child abuse in the sport.

The Scottish Government has declined to extend the inquiry’s remit beyond abuse against children who were in care, wherever it occurred.


Dario Gradi: Crewe Alexandra director suspended pending FA investigation

Dec 11 2016


tiggr talk ‏@tiggrtalk

Keith Vaz offers to put up bail for jailed Leicester footballers – jailed on rape charges

6 March 2004

Keith Vaz, the MP for Leicester East and a former government minister, yesterday offered to act as a guarantor for the release on bail of three Leicester City footballers held this weekend in a Spanish jail on rape charges.

Mr Vaz, a season ticket holder, said yesterday that the players were internationally known and could not disappear, so should be granted bail.

I will be happy to act as a guarantor,” he said.


Leicester City and Aston Villa

Leicester and Villa named in football child abuse scandal as ex-Celtic kit man faces court

LEICESTER City and Aston Villa are the latest clubs to be probed in the football sex abuse scandal – as a former youth coach faces court today.

 8th December 2016

The FA is reportedly investigating the Premier League champions and Championship club Villa in connection with former scout Ted Langford.

Langford was jailed in 2007 for the sexual abuse of four young players in the 1970s and 80s.

The news comes as former Scottish football coach Jim McCafferty, 71, faces court today following his arrest over sex abuse claims.


No photos available  of former scout Ted Langford?

Probably the ones out there show him with Vaseline or Janner – so have already been pulled

Aston Villa scout jailed after sex abuse of boys

19 Dec 2007


#QPR Chris Geiler & George Graham SECL champions youth team. Theo Foley FC champions reserves & Terry Venables 1982.

QPR Chris Geiler & George Graham SECL champions youth team. Theo Foley FC champions reserves & Terry Venables 1982.


Queens Park Rangers dragged into sex abuse storm with former chief scout Chris Geiler to be named in allegations

Image result for chris geiler

John Murray with Chris Geiler – Chimney Corner Hotel Belfast Ireland 1986


Chris Gieler – Queens Park Rangers FC FOOTBALL’S SHAME

The interesting part of this most recent Daily Mail scoop is that they spend their time attempting to discredit anyone who discloses abuse against the elite, famous or powerful. I believe that Chris Gieler being independently named as part of this probe, when he was also named within the Elm Guest House paperwork leaves the Fail in an uncomfortable position.

I believe the paperwork isn’t an absolute oracle on abuse, but this revelation does vindicate those who originally produced them (Fay & Moss) proving that some of those mentioned are done so correctly.

It’s good news for those coming forward to disclose abuse, but it’s time the paperwork was given the credit it’s due and some of those named (especially the big names) are properly investigated.

There’s another name alongside Gieler’s within the documents – William Field, St Albans. I know nothing about him or his position.


Chris Geiler – football coach – on Elm Guest House list



The west London club have launched an investigation 


QPR club is in London Boro of Hammersmith & Fulham – not so far from Barnes and Elm

Image result for QPR FOOTBALL CLUBhouse loftus rd offices

Matt Le Tissier’s testimony could be a game changer in child abuse scandal

Among the many strange stories told to me about the late Queens Park Rangers youth development officer, Chris Gieler, there was one from a Christmas party for staff and reserve team players at Loftus Road in the 1980s that gives you an idea of what an odd character he was.

The party was on the first floor of the South Africa Road stand with many of those present under the age of 18, when Gieler turned off the disco lights, which every works Christmas party presumably had as standard in the 1980s, and instead projected images from a pornographic film onto a wall.


Photo published for Revealed: How QPR youth development officer Chris Gieler 'abused boys over three decades'

Photo below from Elm Guest House Moss documents – man bears a resemblance to Geiler?


Vincent S. aged 10 yrs, from Grafton Children’s Home, was taken to Elm Guest House (above) and to a house in Bexhill, in East Sussex.


 Image result for chris geiler


another photo taken at Chimney Corner Hotel in 1986

Photo of John Murray with Bill Smith and Stephen Lynch

Stephen Lynch, with scout Bill Smith and  John Murray – Chimney Corner Hotel in 1986


SL: Yes, Bill Smith got me over along with Kevin Kingsmore and John Murray.

SR: There were quite a few Northern Ireland boys at Loftus Road around that time. How did you come to be picked up ?

SL: John Murray, Kevin Kingsmore and myself, were spotted playing for the Northern Ireland Youth team.

SR: Chris Gieler would of been the Youth Development Officer at that time.

SL: Yes, Chris Gieler was at the club, Gielsy as we called him.



David McCallan

David quickly progressed through the ranks of the Northern Ireland age group teams, and the under-17 team that he played in included some interesting QPR connections. Stephen Lynch and John Murray (both at QPR), Steve Morrow (later of Arsenal and QPR) and David McCallan (then at Carrick Rangers) were all part of that squad.

Image result for Chris Gieler

Queens Park Rangers dragged into sex abuse storm with former chief scout Chris Geiler to be named in allegations

  • QPR’s former chief scout Chris Geiler will be named in child abuse allegations
  • Geiler left QPR in 2003 without warning and his death was not marked in 2004
  • Complaints about Geiler’s behaviour around academy players have been made

Queens Park Rangers are expected to be the latest club embroiled in the ever-growing sex abuse scandal that has resulted in one of the biggest crises to hit football.

Chris Geiler, QPR’s former chief scout, will be the name at the centre of the allegations.

Gieler suddenly left QPR in 2003 without any recognition and his death was not marked

He was head of youth recruitment for 30 years at Loftus Road before suddenly leaving the club in 2003 without warning or any recognition of his long service.

Queens Park Rangers’ former chief scout Chris Geiler will be named in sex abuse allegations

Nor did QPR mark his death a year later in any form.

A number of complaints about Geiler’s behaviour around QPR’s academy players dating back to the 1970s are known to have been made.

Geiler suddenly left QPR in 2003 without any recognition and died the following year-and his death was not marked

He was employed by QPR for about 30 years, working in youth development and as chief scout.

Mr Gieler arrived at Loftus Road in 1971 as a schoolboy scout and in 1979 he became youth development manager, responsible for the entire youth programme.



 Another sportsman listed at Elm Guest House …

Are you aware that the fencing coach David Falcon-Steward was a written-up member of PIE  and used his RWS to register?

It has been brought to my attention that David Falcon-Steward, the famous fencing coach, was PIE member no. 132.

David Falcon-Steward   1934-2012 Wolverhampton Fencing Club, a teacher at the Royal School in Wolverhampton.

The Royal School Wolverhampton was one of 49 new free schools announced by the Prime Minister yesterday

The Royal School Wolverhampton- The school’s patron is Prince Edward, the youngest son of the Queen. Prince Edward succeeded his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, in this role.

whose former pupils include the Monty Python member Eric Idle

Child abuse at the Wolverhampton school 1987

Allen Lyndon Farr (44) of Aldersley Road, Wolverhampton, admitted indecently assaulting four boys at the school between September 1983  and Oct 1987

1987 – Mr. Christopher Hodson, defending, said Farr was highly regarded by parents, the school chaplain, a fellow teacher and two magistrates who had written letters of support to the court on his behalf.

He said Farr had been seriously injured in an accident in 1970, which could have released “a repressed form of homosexuality.”

“He has maintained that he thought what he was doing was helping him to get closer to the boys. But he now realises that it was a lack of judgment on his behalf.”


“This is not a homosexual housemaster, but a man whose judgment and control were affected by a serious accident which left him in intensive care for three days back in 1970,” added Mr. Hodson.

Judge John Evans, QC, told Farr: “There must be some vindication of the feelings of outrage of parents of boys at this boarding school. They are entitled to think their youngsters are being looked after and not abused.”


And another….West Midlands Police is still anxious to trace former Royal Wolverhampton School maths teacher, Philip Howarth, who failed to return to the UK after being cleared of sexually abusing a 14 year-old Thai boy.

Detectives had wanted to question the 40 year-old schoolmaster about pornographic material found at his home prior to the trial in Thailand. Philip Howarth is also a Wolverhampton magistrate

A MAGISTRATE and public school teacher has been arrested on holiday in Thailand after police found him with a 14-year-old boy in his hotel room.

Philip Howarth, 39, was seized on Sunday during a police swoop on suspected sex-tourists in the coastal resort of Pattaya.

Yesterday Mr Howarth denied having sex with the boy. He claimed the teenager was helping him learn to speak Thai – and accused police of trying to frame him as a paedophile with faked photographs.

Mr Howarth, a bachelor, is a serving Justice of the Peace who has sat at Wolver-

hampton Magistrates Court for the past six years. He teaches maths at the prestigious Royal Wolverhampton School, West Midlands, where he has been a member of staff for 15 years. …



Chard – Formed fencing club at Chard and taught science




Image result for Convicted paedophile father Tony McSweeney elm

Norwich is stunningly ‘absent’ For all the reasons below – inc Stingemore

Norwich is linked with convicted paedophile Fr Tony McSweeney, Frank Bruno (friends with Savile, Purdews), and Stephen Fry – who has made numerous inappropriate comments about paedophilia.

And Fr Tony McSweeney links to Elm Guest House (as does Chris Geiler)

McSweeney was arrested as a result of a police investigation into allegations that Elm House guesthouse in Barnes was home to a paedophile ring that preyed on boys from nearby Grafton Close children’s home.



Catholic priest guilty of historic Richmond Council children’s home abuse

McSweeney was found guilty of indecently assaulting one boy who he watched in the shower at Grafton Close children’s home in Hanworth alongside John Stingemore, the former manager of the home.

John Stingemore at the trial of Peter Sutcliffe..linked to Savile..linked to McSweeney…

And Norwich is rife :

Derek Slade in the 1980s

Victims of a paedophile headmaster could receive tens of thousands of pounds in compensation following the beatings and sexual assaults that took place at a Norfolk school 30 years ago.

Derek Slade was beginning his first full day in prison yesterday after being sentenced to 21 years in jail following a catalogue of abuse at St George’s School in Wicklewood, near Wymondham, in the late 1970s and early 80s.


Neighbours of a Norwich sex offender, who has admitted running a national paedophile ring, have spoken of their horror, as the Evening News today reveals his list of previous paedophilia convictions.


Update: Nine men from Norfolk/ north Suffolk arrested as part of major sex crime crackdown across Britain

Norfolk’s chief constable Simon Bailey, who is the national lead for child abuse investigations



Over the course of his 40-year radio and television career Jimmy Savile visited Norfolk for shop openings and charity runs.

In June 1970 Savile was in Dereham where he opened a boutique, Decimal Fashions, in Norwich Street, spending over an hour in the shop signing autographs.

In October 1972 he roved around Norwich in a Rolls Royce as part of a visit promoting National Association of Youth Clubs’ week, visiting various youth clubs in the city, including Heartsease Community Centre, and spreading the message about providing facilities for young people.

•In November 1979 Savile jogged into Norwich as part of a charity effort which saw him run through 31 towns and cities in 31 days.

Jimmy Savile at Anglia TV's studios in Norwich in February 1990.

In February 1990 the BBC stalwart was back in the city, at Anglia TV’s studios, to promote the 27-hour live Telethon spectacular which was hoping to top the £1m raised in 1988.

In October of 1990 he opened a new complex in Norwich which gives disabled people a helping hand in starting a business.


From 2012….

via Trafficker

‘Paedophile’ at Premiership football club

AN ACADEMY boss at Premier League West Brom has been arrested over allegations of a sex attack on a young boy in the changing rooms.

Respected coach Mark O’Shea, 34, has worked with dozens of young prospects in nearly five years running the under-seven to under-11 groups at Albion’s academy.

But last night the club confirmed O’Shea had been arrested and interviewed after colleagues became “concerned” about his behaviour towards some schoolboys.

They tipped off senior club officials who suspended O’Shea and called in the cops.

It is believed some trainees were uncomfortable that O’Shea showered with them at the club’s Halfords Lane training complex, near the Hawthorns stadium.

O’Shea was arrested on March 31 and questioned about an alleged sexual assault on a boy under 13. O’Shea is on bail while inquiries continue. It is believed they may centre on complaints made by THREE schoolboys.

One furious dad turned up at the training ground asking to see O’Shea and threatening to “tear his f****** head off”.

A father with a boy at the academy said: “Everyone is in shock.

“Coaches at big academies can become Gods to these boys. This is a nightmare made flesh.”

West Midlands Police confirmed: “A 34-year-old man from Sutton Coldfield has been arrested on suspicion of sexual assault on a child under 13 and bailed while further enquiries take place.” O’Shea said last night: “I have no comment to make.”

Gary Speed: Feeding Speculation And Waiting For The Secrets We Have No Right To Hear…-to-hear.html/

In 1997, the Channel 4 Despatches did a programme about paedophile football coaches.

One particular coach named Barry Bennell ( later found guilty of abusing young boys) was a well know coach who found young talented players for some major clubs. His young starlets included Rob Jones who went on to play for Liverpool……. Andy Hinchcliffe and GARY SPEED.

Bennell was found guilty of abusing some of these young boys who were only 9,10.11 years old. His crimes took place between 1978 -1982. Gary Speed would have been around 9 or 10 years old at that time.…14/gary-speed/

Gary Speed’s name has been linked to events at Bridgend in Wales.

Gary Speed was born near Chester and died near Chester. Chester is near the childrens home at Bryn Estyn in Wrexham that was the centre of a child abuse scandal.

Over a dozen victims who complained of abuse by the paedophile ring ‘have met suspicious deaths’.”

medals given out like fix it badges.

Gary Speed stayed over at paedophile football coach Barry Bennell’s home but was ‘too clever’ to be a victim of abuse, his dad has suggested.

The ex-Wales manager, who took his own life in 2011, was coached by Bennell as a youth player and reportedly considered one of the convicted paedophile’s ‘protégés’.

He even stayed at the now- convicted paedophile’s Peak District home as a teenager – with other boys – and had an ‘alright’ time, Speed’s father, Roger, told The Telegraph .

But the late Leeds United star’s family insist that he was never targeted by Bennell, despite a number of former footballers revealing their abuse at the coach’s hands.


Football coaches in ‘paedophile ring’ passed each other details of boys they abused says ex-Leeds star who saw a youngster raped

Abuse claims: Far left, alleged paedophile scout Frank Roper - who Forrester claims raped an 11-year-old Thai boy during a junior football tour in the Far East

  • Jamie Forrester claims scout Frank Roper was part of football abuse ring 
  • Game’s scandal continues to grow with 350 complaints from players
  • Complaints linked to 55 clubs including Chelsea and Southampton  
Former Leeds star Jamie Forrester has claimed that a paedophile ring in football did exist as the game’s sexual abuse scandal continues to grow.
Forrester believes that the coach had links with other sex offenders in the game and said he once tried to get him to stay over at another man’s house.


Former Charlton Athletic youth team goalkeeper Russell Davy has claimed that he tried to tell the FA he was abused over 30 years ago – but they never got back to him.

Davy, 50, said he was subjected to months of abuse by scout Eddie Heath when he was 15


Leeds area

Abuse and Death of Paul Kingsley 2


Little boy, Paul Kingsley was sexually assauted and then murdered. He was murdered in his scout uniform, strangled with the neckerchief.


Anthony Sinclair, manager of Pudsey Juniors Football Club was convicted of manslaughter as he claimed he killed Paul

Is Anthony Sinclair still alive?

Police determined Paul had been a victim of many sexual assaults in the months before the murder. See Paul Kingsley Assault and Death Bradford 1976 [2]

Who carried out these sexual assaults?

Was anyone else at Pudsey Juniors Football Club involved?

Philip Longbottom was another child abuser in the same sort of area carrying out assaults against young boys. Was he connected in any way?  Paedophile Scout leader gets life sentence after abusing boys over 60 years  [7] [8]


‘Please tell us why our Paul was killed’ – Bradford family’s battle for truth 40 years after boy scout was raped and strangled

She added: “I remember Paul playing football in the park, wearing his Leeds United strip, having fun. Our loss is as great as it was 40 years ago.”

27 November 2016

Leeds United ‘linked to child sex abuse football scandal’

Leeds United is the latest club to have been linked to the child sex abuse football scandal.

Leeds, along with Blackpool, were named today by Gordon Taylor, the chief executive of the Professional Players’ Association in an interview with Radio Five Live’s Sportsweek.


BBC News – Football abuse: FA reacted ‘dismissively’ to protection calls

Dario Gradi (left) was an assistant coach at Chelsea in the 1970s, when scout Eddie Heath allegedly molested boys at the training ground and at his home. Pictured right, Barry Bennell

Decorated football coach linked with abuse at two clubs: Dario Gradi, who worked at Chelsea and Crewe, under pressure to explain what he knew

Dec 4 2015

  • Dario Gradi, 75, was an assistant coach at Chelsea FC during the 1970s
  • He is under pressure to explain what he knew about sexual abuse
  • Gradi later became the manager of Crewe Alexandra in the 1980s

Mr Gradi, who was awarded an MBE for services to football in 1998, has denied any wrongdoing – but has yet to provide a full explanation about the disturbing abuse which allegedly took place during his time at both clubs.

Shortly after the 1994 promotion, Gradi became the League’s longest-serving manager. By 2002, he was one of just two managers, the other being Alex Ferguson, to have held their position since before 1990. He later joined the club’s Board of Directors.

Gradi’s contract with Crewe was one of the most controversial in the football league, he personally takes a percentage of profit on any player sold on to another club.[3]

Truthseeker1‏ @thewakeupcall09


 Stuart Hall arrives at Preston Crown Court, with solicitor Maurice Watkins, where he has admitted historic sex allegations.

Maurice Watkins Former Director Manchester United Football Club Ltd & Current Chairman of Barnsley Football Club

Paedophile Stuart Hall, his misunderstood pal Sir Alex Ferguson, Michael Le Vell and Foo Foo the drag queen

We all know filthy BBC paedophile Stuart Hall has been found guilty of the sickening abuse of young girls, some aged only nine.

BBC broadcaster Stuart Hall has admitted 14 charges of indecently assaulting girls, one aged nine.

The 83-year-old of Wilmslow, Cheshire, pleaded guilty at Preston Crown Court to the offences, involving 13 victims, which occurred between 1967 and 1985.”

What’s less well-known is that Stuart Hall is a very close chum of Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

Hall paid tributeto Alex Ferguson in 2008:

He said:

Sir Alex is a much misunderstood person.

He lives around the corner from me, and he’s a good friend.”

We now know that Sir Alex has resignedfrom his role at Manchester United.

The news came as a shock to football fans and commentators.

Why would Fergie resign days after Stuart Hall pleaded guilty to child abuse?

In November 2003, Sir Alex Ferguson attended the funeral of another close chum.

The chum in question was legendary drag queen Foo Foo Lamar.

” Football  great Sir Alex Ferguson led mourners yesterday at a funeral for a drag queen pal.

Manchester United boss Sir Alex was joined at the ceremony for flamboyant cabaret artist Foo-Foo Lammar by former Old Trafford player Bryan Robson.


Southampton FC schoolboy star reveals he had to queue up for naked soapy massages when he was aged just 11 as three other players name the child abuser ex-employee

  • Former players claimed the same member of staff abused them in 1980s
  • An alleged victim, Neil Kerton, gave graphic account of abuse he suffered
  • Mr Kerton accused the club of ‘closing their eyes’ to the man’s behaviour

I warned FA about football paedophile 30 YEARS ago, says former youth player

Ex-Charlton Athletic player Russell Davy, now 50, says he wrote to the FA back in 1986 to reveal the pervert Eddie Heath had preyed on him

3 DEC 2016

A former youth footballer tells today how he warned the sport’s ruling body 30 years ago that talent scout Eddie Heath was a paedophile .

Ex-Charlton Athletic player Russell Davy, now 50, says he wrote to the FA back in 1986 to reveal the pervert had preyed on him – ruining not only his career but sending his life into a spiral of drink, crime and drugs.

Russell claims he detailed the abuse he had suffered at the hands of Heath – whose name is now at the centre of the “hush money” scandal rocking Chelsea – including attacks on a team bus and in the showers.

Now, breaking down in tears as traumatic memories flooded back at his home on a Spanish island, he blasted those who were in charge of the sport in the 1980s.

He said: “They had an obligation to help the young players Eddie Heath attacked. I’m gutted they never acted.”

He claimed he was abused as a 15-year-old at Charlton by Heath, who had turned up there after getting the sack from Chelsea.

Heath had claimed he was unfairly dismissed by the Stamford Bridge club and took it to a tribunal, which heard that rather than being out scouting “he spent a lot of his time in his office, decorating and cooking meals for the schoolboy players”.


Is this Ken Bates next to Chelsea’s Matthew Harding? And why did Bates consider Harding ‘evil’?

Goalkeeper Russell Davy Charlton Athletic FC

Russell Davy, circled, with his Charlton Athletic team

“So I did actually write a letter to the FA telling them what had happened to me, naming Eddie Heath as the person who had done it and naming Charlton Athletic.

“I begged them to investigate so it wouldn’t happen to any youngsters coming through the ranks.

“But I never got a reply back or any response, I don’t know if it was thrown in the bin but I did write it.

“It makes me angry. I was abandoned then and I still feel like nobody cares. I just want answers.

“I would love to speak to some of the other coaches at Charlton now. I am sure someone at the club knew.”


FA president Prince William ‘concerned’ about football’s child abuse scandal

Prince William became President of the FA in 2006 and celebrated 10 years in the role in April this year with a lunch at Wembley .


Police to investigate claims of Scottish paedophile ring

December 4 2016

Police Scotland said it would investigate the Falkirk “cluster” after more than 350 residents reported that they had been sexually abused

A National child abuse charity believes it has evidence that a paedophile ring thrived in central Scotland during the 1970s, after more than 350 men and women in Falkirk reported that they had been sexually abused by different people when they were children.

This weekend, Police Scotland said it would investigate the Falkirk “cluster” after Open Secret, a charity that supports abuse victims, revealed hundreds of residents — most now in their forties — had come forward saying that they had been raped and molested by multiple abusers.

Many of the victims were in sports clubs, including football and swimming groups, when they say the abuse occurred.


Andreas Baader ‏@stop1984

Dec 7 Scottish Premiership club Partick Thistle admits it knew of sex abuse complaint

Details of three child sex abuse rings handed to police in wake of football scandal

Dec 11 2016

POLICE have been given information about three paedophile rings in the wake of the historical child abuse scandal that has rocked Scottish football.

Scottish child abuse charity Open Secret met with police, having uncovered some 367 people who had suffered multiple abuse mainly in the Falkirk area.

The charity told officers about three paedophile rings operating in central Scotland in the 1970s. It is believed they are rings that have previously been flagged up to Police Scotland, but did not lead to an investigation.


First minister rejects call to widen abuse inquiry

  • 8 December 2016

Nicola Sturgeon

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has rejected calls for the Scottish inquiry into historical child sexual abuse to be widened to include football clubs.


Seventeen more footballers claim they were abused as children

Dec 3, 2016

More than 20 players had already contacted the union to report historical sex abuse.

Some 18 police forces are now examining claims from more than 350 people, across 55 clubs.

“I’ve had 17 individuals who don’t want to go public but want to put weight behind the guys who have gone public, and I think that number is going to continue to grow,” Michael Bennett, head of player welfare at the PFA, told Sky News.

There are another 27 potential victims the PFA is keen to contact, he added.

“I think we are looking at things from previous decades that are finally surfacing.”


Celtic Chairman Kevin Kelly pictured with paedophile Sir Jimmy Savile and  Fr O’Connell


Jimmy Savile & Sports Celebrities

Image result for Fairbridge Jim Torbett


Related image

Prince Charles and Fr Denis O’Connell


What Did Celtic Chairman Kevin Kelly Know?


Cardinal Keith O’Brien was friends with sex predator Jimmy Savile

The pair met when O’Brien was priest at St Patrick’s Church in Kilsyth, Lanarkshire, in 1971.

Savile was a regular visitor because his mother Agnes was friends with O’Brien’s colleague, Fr Denis O’Connell.


Since 1965, when the Margaret Sinclair Center opened, Agnes Savile made a pilgrimage to  the Margaret Sinclair Centre in Rosewell, Scotland

May 1968

Savile led 500 teenagers on a sponsored walk to pay for the Margaret Sinclair Centre in Rosewell, played football in a half Rangers, half Celtic jersey for St Joseph’s Hospital and gave a sermon at a teenagers’ mass

(pg 26 – In Plain Sight, The Life and Lies of Jimmy Savile, Dan Davies)

June 29, 1965, the National Margaret Sinclair Centre was opened in Rosewell, near Rosslyn Chapel (Templar and Masonic connections)
“The significance of this is more than coincidental,” writes (paedophile and Ted Heath/BBC chauffeur) Niven Sinclair on the Clan Sinclair website. “Even in her brief life, her exceptional spiritual qualities attracted attention and, after her death, her fame spread quickly.”


Niven Sinclair – Three times convicted Child Rapist worked for the BBC for 30 years


For both the Kilsyth Community Games and for Kilsyth Civic Week, of which he was a particular supporter, Fr O’Connell often utilised his old celebrity contacts and other than the perennial visitor Jimmy Saville, for many years Kilsyth was awash with celebrity visitors including Jock Stein (Celtic), Billy McNeil (Celtic), Sir Tom Farmer (Founder of Kwik-fit), Willie Woodburn (Rangers), George Young (Rangers), Frank Clement (International Athlete, Scotland), Brendan Foster (International Athlete, England), Eamonn Coghlan (International Athlete, Ireland), John Spencer (World Snooker Champion) and Tommy Younger (President of the SFA) Kevin Kelly (Chairman of Celtic) were a few that come to mind.

One man from Kilsyth, who was a schoolboy at the time, said: “Savile was here often over a period covering the mid-1970s. We were amazed to see him at first because he was always on TV. When we saw him about the town, he was always with Fr O’Connell or Fr O’Brien.

“We would see the flash Roller parked outside the school because it was right next to the priests’ house and we’d know Savile was in town.

“Over the next few days, you would see him out and about in the town, normally with the priests.

“They were always on a fundraising exercise. It was always assumed that Savile stayed with the priests overnight. I’d say over three to four years, you would see Savile twice a year. It got to the stage that it was no longer a surprise.

“As I got older, there were stories that Savile had stopped coming to Kilsyth because he had been interfering with young girls. It was the talk of the place for a while.


Image result for cardinal o'brien and savile

Fr O’Brien second from left

 “In 1996, former Celtic Boys Club player Alan Brazil revealed that when he was 13 years old he had been sexually abused by the club manager, Jim Torbett.[1] The allegations were heard at the Glasgow Sheriff Court, where Torbett was found guilty of shameless and indecent conduct with three juvenile players between October 1967 and March 1974.[2] Torbett was given a prison sentence of 30 months.[3] Rangers fans have since alleged that Celtic manager Jock Stein attempted to cover up the scandal, by chanting “Big Jock Knew”.[4] Alan Brazil stated unequivocally in 2009 that Stein was not involved, but claimed that the Kelly family knew of the abuse and defended Torbett.[4]”


Image result for jim torbett and mcalpine

Jim Torbett – founded the Celtic Boys Club and was  Appeals Organiser with the Glasgow Area Union Youth Clubs

The Celtic boys club scandal where boys were abused from day one in the sixties right around the world on trips.

One almighty cover up to protect the name of Celtic by several managers, directors and more.

Jim Torbett who was convicted was also a director of Fairbridge Scotland for vulnerable kids along with an ex Met chief, top judge and Lord McAlpines brother.

The chief of Celtic and the boys club was also at Kilsyth with Jimmy Savile and Cardinal O’Brien. What a tangled web all for boys who only wanted to play football.

Image result for OGILVY AND SAVILE


Jimmy Savile and Princess Alexandra meet at Avon Tyrrel House for disadvantaged children in New Forest


Jimmy Savile and Nottingham footballers 1977


Jimmy Savile and  1978 and Goalkeeper Peter Shilton of Nottingham Forest F.C. – 6 lucky youngsters

Image result for OGILVY AND SAVILE

Fairbridge’s patron was Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy, (Sir Jimmy Savile’s good friend – Duncroft ) its President was Damon Buffini and Vice-Presidents were Lady Dodds-Parker and Sir William McAlpine.[2]

Duncroft Approved School  –

….guests that includedJimmy Savile, Princess Marina (the Duchess of Kent) and Princess Alexandra; fading film stars such as James Robertson Justice, who starred in the Doctor in the House films, John Gregson, who was in a number of big British war movies, and Ian Carmichael, who played Bertie Wooster in a big BBC TV series in the Sixties. Another visitor was Dick Haymes, an actor and crooner who was famous in the Forties and Fifties and who was married six times, once briefly to Rita Hayworth. Jones described his aunt ‘swanning around as the grand dame of the event, with a celeb on each arm’. ‘It was a really strange scene,’ he (Merion Jones) said

Among the girls at Duncroft were daughters of ambassadors, surgeons and well-known producers at the BBC, as well as others from less white-collar backgrounds. The common factors were they had transgressed and all possessed high IQs. Margaret Jones viewed them as ‘her chosen ones’. 2 Girls were sent to Duncroft for a variety of misdemeanours. One girl, who arrived at the school as a 14-year-old in 1972, insisted years later that ‘half the girls victims of sexual abuse – the “crime” of having sex under age, as we thought it’.

In Plain Sight: the Life and Lies of Jimmy Savile

More here on the Fairbridge Society  link

Image result for William McAlpine

Hon Sir William McAlpine was a director of Fairbridge & then Fairbridge in Scotland (vulnerable kids) that became part of The Prince’s Trust.

Image result for William McAlpine and alistair

William McAlpine is brother to Lord Alistair McAlpine

Lord Alistair McAlpine (above), who was at the centre of the UK child abuse scandal, is listed in Jeffrey Epstein’s Black Book. 


Victim Mr Gregory spent almost three years at the home, pictured, and claimed he was subject to beatings

Keith Gregory, a Wrexham councillor who was himself a victim of abuse at Bryn Estyn, has told The Guardian, boys from Bryn Estyn were taken by van to work in the grounds of the McAlpine homes.


Image result for William McAlpine James Torbett

One of William McAlpine’s fellow directors at Fairbridge in Scotland was James Torbett of the Celtic boys club scandal

Torbetts boss at Celtic was Kevin Kelly who wanted the name of Celtic kept clean at all costs….

Torbett then made him a director at his business The Trophy Centre. Kevin Kelly was pictured at Kilsyth with Jimmy Savile, Keith O’Brien etc.

The sheriff in charge of the Torbett court case said the supporting letters for him made her weep – no much wonder given his connections.

Hon Sir William McAlpine surrounded by paedos and knew absolutely nothing ???


Image result for Dr. Gerry McCann worked for the club's medical team.

Talking of Celtic…. Dr. Gerry McCann worked for the club’s medical team.


Madeleine, from Rothley, Leicestershire, disappeared from her family’s holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve.

Her father, Gerry, had worked for Celtic before moving to England

Relatives of missing Madeleine McCann have joined 60,000 fans at the Scottish Premier League match between Celtic and Aberdeen to mark her fourth birthday.

Players from both clubs wore yellow wristbands during the game at Celtic Park in Glasgow.

Supporters also held up posters of Madeleine, who is believed to have been abducted in Portugal on 3 May.

Neil Lennon – Celtic It is important that it is highlighted to the family that they are in our thoughts and prayers at this time.


Celtic said Saturday’s gesture was intended to keep the focus on the search for the missing girl.

A Celtic spokesman said: “We were approached to wear the yellow armbands and naturally we were very happy to agree to this. Hopefully, this will keep the focus on the search for Madeleine.

“Clearly, the thoughts of everyone at the club are with Madeleine and her family at this extremely difficult time and, of course, we are pleased to be able to offer any kind of help or comfort that we possibly can.”

Celtic club captain Neil Lennon appealed for anyone with information about Madeleine’s disappearance to contact police during Friday’s weekly press conference.

Hearts players Jose Goncalves and Bruno Aguiar, who are both Portuguese, also issued a joint statement on behalf of their club urging anyone with information to come forward.


Mar 17 2017

Why did Tony Blair and Gordon Brown rush MI5 to Portugal to ‘help’ the McCanns, and why were they demanding all photographs from everyone there?

The information put together by Richard D Hall is quite amazing.  In this part of his investigation, he examines why the British government showed such intense interest in the alleged abduction of Madeleine McCann.  It does make you wonder who else might have been involved.  Was there someone very high up in British politics present in Portugal during Madeleine McCann’s ‘disappearance’?  Blair or Brown possibly?

Fr O’Connell meets Prince Charles with the other members of the Cumbernauld & Kilsyth Silver Jubilee Committee at the Opening of the Westerwood Youth Camp in 1978.

What is it folk say about boys or sports clubs being used as fronts for deviants…

3 years of articles on the Celtic scandal – but you won’t get any mention of it in the press now – it is toxic for some reason – maybe the people involved? Weird when you think of broken boys into men and lives ruined for what those boys and unknown must have suffered and yet no real justice or compensation akin to the Penn State scandal.

What could have went on in Kilsyth where you have Kelly, Saville, O’Brien, Jock Stein, O’Connell, Tam Paton n the Bay City Rollers etc all around the same time and Prince Charles himself....

Also one-time boxing champ Ken Buchanan pictured above there at the camp meeting Prince Charles – one with a very dodgy private life

James Torbett and Frank Cairney of Celtic boys club abused boys in Scotland, England, Norway, Spain and America amongst other places and it was well known at Celtic. Liam Brady manager at the time of the 1991 scandal involving Frank Cairney agreed not to go to the police – Liam Brady then went on to be the head of Arsenal Youth until this year.

What a coincidence that Kevin Kelly should be in photo above eh. Even more of a coincidence James Torbett being owner of the trophy centre at the time who had a deal with Celtic and had Kevin Kelly as a director too along with Jack McGinn of Celtic in another company.

Torbett was also a director of Fairbridge in Scotland for vulnerable kids that later became part of yes… The Princes Trust. His fellow directors at the time included none other than…

Sir David McNee – ex Met police commissioner
Sir William McAlpine – brother of Lord McAlpine
Lord McCluskey – judge

Partly because of his association with the BBC, Fr O’Connell was no stranger to celebrity which he used to good effect either for fund raising or for community events. Now, summer rock festivals are commonplace but there was a time when they were uncommon and one well remembered event set up by Fr O’Connell was the staging of a free open air concert in Kilsyth in 1976 by the Bay City Rollers, then at the height of their fame.

He vaguely knew Tam Paton their manager but his secretary wouldn’t let him in to his office after he had outlined why he was there – to get the Bay City Rollers to play Kilsyth – for free! But eventually she relented and he was allowed to make an audacious request which ultimately lead to another chapter of Kilsyth’s recent history being written! The Colzium was taken over and a free open air concert was staged with many supporting acts and headlined by The Bay City Rollers.

Sir Jimmy Savile OBE KCSG was a frequent visitor during the period when he had a hit TV show ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ or was in between presenting ‘Top of the Pops’ or hosting a show on Radio 1 and could often be seen at 10 O’clock Mass of a morning, sporting a kilt. You could always tell when he was in Kilsyth as his white jaguar car was parked outside the Parish House.

If the cover-ups took place, and did so without Britain’s top policeman knowing, and there is no evidence that casts doubt on Sir David’s testimony, who was responsible? The IPCC and the independent inquiry into historical VIP paedophile allegations launched by Home Secretary Theresa May last year have got their work cut out.

But with each passing week, it seems ever more likely that the pieces of an almighty Establishment scandal are starting to fit together.


Torbett was also a director of Fairbridge in Scotland for vulnerable kids that later became part of yes… The Princes Trust. His fellow directors at the time included none other than…

Sir David McNee – ex Met police commissioner
Sir William McAlpine – brother of Lord McAlpine
Lord McCluskey – judge

Image result for lord mccluskey

Lord McCluskey – Fettesgate

Retired judge Lord McCluskey was among those to write a glowing tribute to paedophile Robert Henderson QC of Magic Circle in the national Press.


My father was feted by legal establishment, but was really a monster who let his powerful friends rape me

Miss Henderson has told the Mail that she was raped as a young child by Sir Nicholas – and that she also suffered years of sexual assaults by her late father, prominent Scottish QC Robert Henderson, who was a friend of the MP.

Her life is still overshadowed by the monstrous actions of her father and his friends – a set of high-powered legal figures who, she says, ritually abused her as part of an organised paedophile ring in the early 1970s when she was between four and eight years old.

Image result for lord mccluskey fettesgate

Sir David McNee, now 90, was Metropolitan Police Commissioner between 1977 and 1982

Sir David McNee rose to become the most powerful policeman in Britain.

As Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police between 1977 and the autumn of 1982, he wielded great influence and, by necessity, became privy to secrets which other, less robust men would have taken to their graves long ago. But on the eve of his tenth decade, and 33 years after his retirement from the top job, a cloud — or at least a question mark — has appeared over his time as boss at New Scotland Yard.

It concerns an alleged ‘cover-up’, and in this instance the circumstances are particularly disturbing, given that it would have involved turning a blind eye to the sexual abuse of minors.

A planned raid was called off at the last moment, allegedly on orders from senior Met command. Photographs and papers that could have been used as evidence then went missing, one officer who was part of the surveillance team has alleged.

The allegation is from the same era as the BBC’s story concerning Cyril Smith. If true, who could have ordered such scandalous and, indeed, criminal interventions? Not the then Met boss David McNee, according to the man himself.

The man in question, Joe Mounsey, was renowned for his detective work, not just in the North-West but nationally.

He had led the team that secured the conviction of Moors Murderers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley.

Mr Laugharne told us this week that Mounsey had said to him that a very senior figure in the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions in London had asked their force to lie about past investigations into Cyril Smith…

If approached by a journalist asking about a file on Smith, which the force had sent to the DPP alleging the indecent assault of a boy at a Rochdale school, the official said they should deny it. Mr Laugharne told us he had seen a record of such a file being sent.

The interference in justice did not end there. As this newspaper reported on its front page yesterday, a former probationary police officer in Greater Manchester was also threatened with the Official Secrets Act by a paedophile police sergeant after the MP had been caught in 1988 at a drunken party with two underage boys.

Former Met Deputy Commissioner Laugharne said he has watched with horror the recent allegations of the deliberate failure to follow through with investigations against Smith and other alleged VIP paedophiles.


Mounsey died in 1997 at the age of 73. Awarded the Queen’s Police Medal for his work at the head of Lancashire CID, he became assistant chief constable in 1976 and retired in 1988, when he was awarded the OBE.

The father-of-three’s two sons also went on to become policemen.


Image result for Celtic Chairman Kevin Kelly pictured with Jimmy Savile

Celtic Chairman Kevin Kelly pictured with Jimmy Savile among others.

Of the four companies that Jim Torbett was involved in Celtic Chairman Kevin Kelly was involved with three of them.

  1. PLANROLE LIMITED         Dissolved



More worryingly … a fourth company that Convicted Paedophile Jim Torbett was a director in

FAIRBRIDGE IN SCOTLAND           Dissolved             (Director Resigned 20/02/1997)

FAIRBRIDGE IN SCOTLAND  a charity involved with helping young people.

DID Jim Torbett have access to young children there too?



I’d suggest he could well have. Usual MO – Savile style – great benefactor/charity/biz/celeb -targets impressionable/vulnerable/disadvantaged.

Gossip suggests a problem – it’s never followed up because of the £££££ – just like that old Max Clifford video – turning a blind ‘eye’ in exchange for donations……


They knew all about Bennell


Former Celtic kitman arrested in Belfast over sex abuse claims

Jim McCafferty was involved in football in Scotland and Ireland from 1980s
The 71-year-old was arrested by detectives after walking into a police station


Scandal: Jim McCafferty, 71, circled left with a Celtic youth team, admitted he would attack underage footballers in the showers after matches and called them 'teenage orgies'

Ex-Celtic and Hibs coach Jim McCafferty now living in Belfast admits sexually abusing young players

‘There are so many I can’t remember’: Paedophile former Celtic coach, 71, who waged a 20 year campaign of sexual abuse against young players admits his crimes

Dec 7 2016

A former kitman for Celtic who is now living in Belfast has confessed to years of sexual abuse of young footballers – which he described as “a bit of fun, a bit of hilarity on that side”.

One of the young players that McCafferty has admitted to preying on, took his life more than 30 years later.

Jim McCafferty who was a youth coach for Celtic, Hibs and Falkirk faces a police investigation now following his admission and has offered to hand himself in to the PSNI.

The 71-year-old from Wishaw, Lanarkshire admitted to the Daily Record he had “paedophile tendencies” in the 80s and 90s while coaching at West Lothian.

He has also admitted abusing young players at Celtic between 1990 and 1996.

He compared some of the scenes in the dressing rooms after wins to a “teenage orgy”.

“Yes, that’s what it was like. It was a bit of fun and enjoyment for them to have, but as adults we should have used our brains and stepped in and stopped it.


Jim McCafferty worked for charity with ties to notorious paedophile Jim Torbett

McCafferty was employed by Drake Fellowship – later Fairbridge Drake – which took homeless boys on ­overnight trips

Torbett, who was later jailed for abusing three boys at Celtic Boys Club, was the managing director of the charity, which eventually became ­Fairbridge in Scotland.


FA director of coaching was asked about serial paedophilia in football 21 years ago… that he ignored a reporter’s questions spoke volumes

Twenty-one years ago I opened a large cardboard box and uncovered a horrific story. Teenage footballers, gifted and driven by dreams of a glittering future, had endured years of the most appalling sexual abuse by their coach.

A few months later I stood for hours outside the FA’s former headquarters in Lancaster Gate, waiting for their director of coaching to arrive. I asked him what rules the FA had in place for the protection of young players. 

He ignored me, not even breaking stride as he walked inside. Unfortunately for him the building had a glass front door so we filmed him walking away down the corridor, with nothing to say. And that spoke volumes.  


Crewe under fresh scrutiny after youth football ban on Barry Bennell emerges

Paedophile coach was banned from games in Manchester league in 1990
Bennell forcibly removed from at least one game on Crewe scouting duties

29 November 2016

Barry Bennell has served three prison sentences totalling 15 years in England and the US since

Crewe Alexandra’s handling of the Barry Bennell affair is under new scrutiny after it emerged their former youth-team coach was so notorious throughout the sport he had been banned from attending fixtures in one of Manchester’s leading junior leagues.

Bennell’s reputation was so tarnished he was forcibly removed from at least one game while on talent-spotting duties for Crewe, and so badly thought of that on another occasion it led to a fight on the sidelines.

Bennell’s behaviour was discussed at a meeting involving representatives of various junior teams, the Guardian has been told, and Andy Woodward, the former professional footballer whose interview began the escalating story of child sex abuse in the sport, has confirmed to this newspaper that he, too, witnessed his abuser being thrown out of junior games.

“If kids’ teams in Manchester knew about him, and Bennell’s reputation had stretched all the way to grassroots junior football 40 miles away from Crewe, it is strange, to say the least, that Crewe are saying they had heard absolutely nothing to trouble them about their own employee,” Woodward said.

Bennell became so infamous in the junior football scene in Manchester, his home city, that he was ejected from a game involving Cheadle Town’s youth team when the manager saw him on the touchline.

The manager, who has asked not to be named, told the Guardian that at a 1990 meeting of the various teams from the now-defunct Manchester Youth Sunday Football League a senior official had told the clubs to be vigilant and not to allow Bennell to watch matches.

Bennell, who was running Crewe’s youth system at the time, subsequently turned up at Cheadle, a team that regularly attracted football scouts from professional clubs, and the game was temporarily halted.

“Everyone in junior football at that time knew the rumours about Barry Bennell,” the manager said. “As soon as I saw him I marched across the pitch with one of the boys’ parents and we told him we had an issue with him being there. I didn’t stop the match but the referee had to blow his whistle because we had gone straight across the pitch, rather than walking round the edge, and made a direct beeline for him.

“It had been made clear to us that if he came to watch a match we were to ask him to leave immediately and that, if he refused, the advice was that we should go to the police. He knew straight away he’d been rumbled. I got hold of him and walked him to the gate and slung him out. And if we hadn’t have done that,


Seems glaringly obvious that despite the Celtic scandal and FA so-called investigation there are no safeguards for youngsters – then or now. Given that footie is a No 1 sport in UK – these revelations will either wake up more of the population to the extent of child abuse around them – or they will tune out – because of info overload.

A key subliminal emphasis tho is that people are now believing the testimonies from adults who were abused as children. By inference then it bolsters the credibility of care home children who waited years to speak out.

AND who is going to accuse a successful professional footballer of being a compensation seeker???? – which is what ex care home children are most often accused of.

Kevin Eaton – child protection officer/coach – relatively recent case

There are NO safeguards



Rocked by evil of abuse.


Football has been hit by several allegations of child sex abuse during the last 12 months.

Former Scotland star Alan Brazil claimed last year that he had been sexually abused when he was a young apprentice with Celtic Boys Club.

Following his allegations, other players came forward and two former Boys Club bosses Jim Torbett and Frank Cairney were charged in connection with their claims.

The claims against Torbett, 47, and Cairney, 56, date back several years and involve alleged assaults on two youths who went on to become Celtic first-teamers.

It is understood some charges relate to incidents on tours to England and North America.

Then in January former referee and youth club official Neil Strachan, 28, was jailed for three years for repeatedly molesting a young boy.

Strachan, a secretary at Edinburgh-based Celtic East Boys Club, abused the lad for two years before he was caught.

When he was jailed, it emerged that he had been convicted of a similar offence 12 years ago.

Sentencing Strachan, Sheriff Andrew Bell said: “This was particularly disgusting and disgraceful.”

Last month, Crystal Palace youth coach Martyn Cook was found guilty of serious sexual assaults against two young boys and indecently assaulting another six.

During his trial, it was revealed that 47-year-old Cook, a public school teacher, had a system of spending as much time as possible with “favourites” among his pupils.

He would take them to Crystal Palace matches, even turning trips to away games into weekend outings.

He also bought his favourite boys trendy clothes made by popular teenage fashion labels such as Ben Sherman and Ralph Lauren.

The sex beast put himself in further close contact with youngsters by gaining a position as one of Crystal Palace’s community youth training scheme coaches.

The father of one of his victims told the Sunday Mirror: “After Cook was arrested for sexually assaulting my two sons, I went round to the home of Ron Noades, the Palace chairman, to warn him. I spoke to Mrs Noades who was absolutely horrified.  She telephoned Ron while I was there and he indicated he would stop Cook working with the young players.”

Palace’s reserve team coach Steve Kember stood by Cook, appearing at the Old Bailey as a character witness.

After the case, Kember said: “I now feel very badly let down. I trusted Martyn.”

Cook is to be sentenced on June 20.

In Ireland, Gaelic football has also been rocked by child-sex allegations.

Police launched an investigation after several young men and women claimed they had been the victims of sex assaults by an official attached to the game’s governing body, the Gaelic Athletic Association.



Scottish paedophile ring found guilty of more than 50 charges

Gay rights campaigner led double life as ringleader
Two offenders abused children of close friends
7 May 2009

A ring of eight paedophiles, including a former welfare campaigner for young gay men, were today convicted of child abuse and producing indecent images of children. The men, from across central Scotland, were found guilty by a jury in Edinburgh of more than 50 charges, ranging from abusing infants from three months old to conspiracy and holding more than 125,000 images of child pornography.

Two of the leaders of the gang, the biggest paedophile network uncovered in Scotland, were convicted of raping and abusing the young children of close friends while they were babysitting, and sharing images of the abuse.

One, James Rennie, 38, then the chief executive of the gay and lesbian helpline LBGT Youth Scotland, had been babysitting the son of close friends, called Child F during the trial, since the child was three months old. The child’s parents were so comfortable with Rennie that he was allowed to bathe, change and dress the boy, whom he went on to abuse repeatedly for four years, allowing another ring-leader, Neil Strachan, to participate.

An engineer with previous convictions for child sex offences, Strachan, 41, had photographed himself trying to abuse an 18-month-old boy he was babysitting for friends on New Year’s Eve in 2005.

Rennie, a former secondary school teacher since sacked from the helpline, had championed the rights of young gay people. But in private, said Dorothy Bain QC, prosecuting, he had been “polluted by deviant compulsion”.

During one of the most harrowing trials of its kind, the images were so graphic that the court had to be cleared of the public and media during the 10-week hearing. At one stage, the judge, Lord Bannatyne, suddenly adjourned the hearing without explanation after hearing about the rape of a four-year-old girl.

The police uncovered the paedophile ring after Strachan, a maintenance engineer for a paint firm and formerly secretary of Celtic Boys Club in Edinburgh, handed his computer in for repair.

7,000 images were found, together with emails clearly showing that other children were at serious risk. Lothian and Borders detectives launched Operation Algebra, and were given warrants by courts in the United States to obtain email records from Microsoft. Expert witnesses were able to identify one digital camera used to record the abuse from the photographs.


James Rennie, who used the e-mail name “kplover”, standing for “kiddie porn lover”, had a discussion with a man in the Netherlands who described how he would like to torture and “finish” a child. “His ending remains to be seen but I enjoy the thought of strangling him while sodomised,” the man stated.
The investigation began in late 2007. Neil Strachan, 41, a man who had served time for sexually abusing a child and was on the sex offenders’ register, worked as an engineer with Crown Paints at premises in Edinburgh

The 41-year-old was jailed for three years in 1997 for repeatedly molesting a boy. In a sickening echo of the abuse he was yesterday convicted of, the former youth football club official started preying on the boy when he was only five, after befriending his parents. Strachan quit as secretary of Edinburgh-based Celtic East Boys Club after he was caught. The abuse had gone on for two years.

He had been convicted of a similar sex offence in 1985 but had managed to keep his past secret.
Strachan and his partner, Colin Slaven, 23, an IT worker, who shared a flat in Duff Street, Dalry, Edinburgh, were under immediate suspicion. The net widened after checks on Strachan’s e-mail traffic. The “kplover” address was linked to Rennie, 38, who lived in Marionville Road, Meadowbank, Edinburgh, and was then chief executive of LGBT Youth Scotland, an organisation that helped young people who had difficulties with their sexuality. Further inquiries led to raids on the homes of five other men: Ross Webber, 27, a bank worker, of Gilbert Avenue, North Berwick, East Lothian; Craig Boath, 24, an insurance claims adjuster, of Gourdie Street, Dundee; Neil Campbell, 46, the married manager of a cake business and a churchgoer, of Glendareul Avenue, Bearsden; John Milligan, a civil servant, of Wanlock Street, Govan; and John Murphy, a trained teacher working part-time as a DJ in a gay bar and a receptionist in a gay sauna, of Westmoreland Street, Govanhill, all Glasgow.


The abusers, including a respected youth leader (James Rennie) — who had met Tony Blair and the Queen



Abuse ringleader James Rennie has minimum sentence cut

  • 18 November 2011

One of the ringleaders of Scotland’s biggest paedophile network has had his minimum prison sentence cut by four-and-a-half years by appeal judges.

James Rennie is serving a life sentence for sexually assaulting a three-month-old and for conspiring to get access to children in order to abuse them.

Rennie, from Edinburgh, was ordered to serve a minimum of 13 years in jail.

Appeal judges have reduced that to a minimum of eight-and-a-half years before he can apply for parole.

Judge Lord Clarke, sitting with Lord Philip, said: “We wish to make it clear that that does not mean he will be released after that period of time.


One of the most worrying aspects of the case is the way Rennie
was able to reach a position where he could influence Executive
policy on child sexuality.

A trained teacher, Rennie became the boss of LGBT Youth
Scotland, a publicly-funded support group for lesbian, gay,
bisexual and transgender young people.

He took on the £40,000 a year role when the group was set up in
2003 and became the Executive’s most important and influential
adviser on gay issues affecting children.

Under his leadership, the group backed proposals to allow gay

As well as appearing in the Scottish parliament, he
was invited to a Royal Garden Party and to Downing Street.


Church bell ringer Neil Campbell, 46, was cleared of that charge. But all six, along with Slaven and John Murphy, 44, were found guilty of charges relating to child pornography.


Jamie Rennie began working with LGBT Youth Scotland – which provides support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people – as a group worker in 1997. Every week, the trained teacher would provide emotional support and advice for about 20 youngsters aged between 13 and 18 at a community centre in the Tollcross area of Edinburgh. After a year working directly with young people, Rennie moved into management and rose to become chief executive of LGBT Youth Scotland in 2003. He studied physics at Heriot-Watt University, after which he trained as a teacher. It was during his studies that he became friends with the parents of “Child F” – who he would go on to abuse during babysitting sessions.



“Got my physics degree from Heriot-Watt Uni in ’93 and then did a sabbatical year as student union president.

“Am chief executive of a national youth charity, currently the chair of my professional peer grouping — the National Voluntary Youth Organisations’ Chief Officer’s Group.”

Rennie and Murphy had previously worked for Stonewall’s LGBT Youth and were now running LGBT Scotland, a publicly-funded group. Rennie was earning £40,000 per year for advising the Blair government on LGBT-youth issues
Image result for john loughton board director royal commonwealth society
Image result for john loughton board director royal commonwealth society
 Image result for john loughton and queen

Convicted paedophile James Rennie worked closely with Edinburgh youth politician John Loughton, who won the Celebrity Hijack edition of Big Brother, on committees and forums on youth issues.

Rennie has also given evidence to the Scottish parliament’s equal opportunities committee.


John Loughton of Celebrity Hijack
In April 2008, he was appointed as a member of the Commission on Scottish Devolution.[9]
Image result for john loughton board director royal commonwealth society
Image result for john loughton board director royal commonwealth society
John Loughton – his clients include HM Government, UN, The Duke of Edinburghs Award, Save the Children. He has worked with high profile figures including Queen Elizabeth, UN Secretary…
Fairbridge/ The Prince’s Trust
John Loughton who worked closely with paedophile James Rennie

In 2007 John was elected the youngest ever Chair of the Scottish Youth Parliament, one of the world’s most innovative and admired youth governance bodies. John is maybe best known for winning the UK’s Big Brother Celebrity Hijack TV show in 2008. This led to a string of media appearances, political commentary roles and high profile media campaigns.

In 2011, he set up leadership training social enterprise Dare2Lead – which has grown to employ numerous staff, take six-figure turnovers and empower over 20,000 clients.

Internationally, he has represented 1.2 billion young people when he addressed 54 Heads of State at the Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting in Australia and served as Prime Minister of the Youth Diplomatic Service at the G8 and G20 Summits in Washington DC.

John has served a number of policy roles including Vice Convener of the Scottish Parliament’s Child and Youth Committee (CPG), Britain’s Literacy Commission, Advisory Council of the Scottish Human Rights Committee and co-Chair of the Commonwealth Gender Network. He was also appointed by the UK Prime Minister to a national Policy Commission advising on the Constitution.

John successfully enrolled on the prestigious UNESCO Comparative Human Rights Leadership programme at Connecticut University and was globally voted JCI Outstanding Youth of the World 2013 – joining an elite including John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton and Henry Kissinger.

His public policy career involved running Public Affairs for leading NGOs The Prince’s Trust, Fairbridge and Relate – where latterly he worked for Baroness Tyler of Enfield. He is an Ambassador for The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Young Charity Trustees and is a Trustee of the Royal Commonwealth Society.


Paedophile Scots in toddler murder probe

MEMBERS of the largest paedophile gang in Scotland were last night facing life behind bars as it was revealed police were investigating links to a child murder.

The network’s tentacles stretched from the US to Australia. Chillingly, information has now been passed to police on the Continent of an undisclosed child murder while officers have established links to an alleged case of torture in the Netherlands.
Last night sickened officers described the “spider’s web” of evil which led to 35 UK arrests, the identifying of 200 individuals, and the seizing of over 125,000 images.Scottish detectives have passed details of an e-mail conversation between Milligan and a paedophile in the Netherlands, in which the foreign suspect boasted of his involvement in a child murder in France, to police on the Continent.HIV positive Strachan…Former secondary school teacher Rennie, the successful chief executive of LGBT Youth Scotland, had been invited to the Scottish Parliament for a debate on helping young gay people. He has also attended a royal garden party at

Stop calling the football child sex abuse scandal ‘bigger than Savile’


It could be worse than Jimmy Saville: Footballer who broke his silence over abuse by a youth coach speaks out as more ex-players come forward in a week and dozens more could follow

  • Ex-Crewe player Andy Woodward said he was abused by Barry Bennell
  • His account prompted former teammate Steve Walters to come forward
  • Ex-England star Paul Stewart has claimed he was abused by another coach
  • Woodward said he feared ‘hundreds’ of youth players had been targeted 

Eleven people have come forward to Cheshire Police since hearing Woodward’s story and the ex-footballer said others had contacted him directly.

Asked how many he thought had been involved, Woodward said: ‘[Reports] say a monster, that’s