Culture Secretary’s former lover was more than just a dominatrix- she had criminal connections that raise serious questions about Whittingdale’s judgement.

Whittingdale- the Criminal Connections: A Dominatrix, a Gangster, a crack addict TV Star, a Gun mad bouncer and Prince


Mr Whittingdale was unknowingly passing information about his relationship, parliamentary business meetings and movements to Mr Djoughdem via Ms King, who was attempting to sell this information to tabloid newspapers.

Mr Djoughdem spoke about his former association with infamous London gangsters Kray twins and about being one of the ‘biggest cocaine dealers in London.’

Mr Djoughdem used to run infamous high end nightclub Wall St. which was known for being a centre of cocaine dealing, and frequented by celebrities including Prince and Dodi Al-Fayed, lover of Princess Diana.

Darius, Koslowski, one of Djoughdem’s former bouncers, a former bodyguard of Prince, boasts regularly about drugs and guns online.

These revelations will raise fresh questions about the Cabinet Minister’s judgement and suitability for office, particularly in regards to whether Parliamentary security was jeopardized by information passing from him to criminal elements.

Whitto and Dominatrix

Whitto and Page 3 girl

Whitto and Russian officer’s daugter

Whitto and Lithuanian glass blower

Whitto and …?

24 April 2016

Dame Alun Roberts ‏@ciabaudo
Today, again, the Krays have cropped up in the Whittingdale case.

A couple also linked to Boothby, Cliff Richard and Savile.

 Kray and Boothby

The Spy Files: Lord Boothby’s sordid sex parties with Ronnie Kray revealed in MI5 files

Conservative peer struck up friendship with gangster in 1960s

‘Ronnie Krays paedophile ring’

‘Ronnie Krays paedophile ring’

Covered up for 50 years: How Ronnie Kray and top Tory peer ‘hunted young men’

The newspaper report did not name the pair but they were later identified by a German magazine and the shockwaves spread even wider.

So the Government closed ranks and forced the newspaper to withdraw the story, which it knew to be true.

The information was shared with Scotland Yard, and a note by Roger Hollis, the director-general of MI5, revealed: “The Home Secretary and some of his colleagues felt that this might develop along the lines of the Profumo affair.”

This story began as a row over press censorship. Why, asked the Byline website, had several national newspapers declined to expose Whittingdale for dating a woman who worked as a dominatrix sex worker? That the Culture Secretary had not declared in the Register of Members’ Interests that he took her to Amsterdam as a guest of MTV in 2013 was cited as a reason why the story was of public importance.

Whittingdale – Profumo Parallel Plain

After the Mail On Sunday followed up its revelations about the dalliances of Culture Secretary John Whittingdale, not a great deal had been added to the narrative, although his circle of acquaintances had been shown to include Ukranian Dmitry Firtash, whose presence on US soil would not displease the law enforcement authorities there one bit.
As with the breaking of this story, though, it was Byline Media that took it forward.

Getting access to cabinet level privileges – and the information that goes with them – should require candidates to have undergone what is called Developed Vetting (DV).

The scale and depth of enquiries made during this process would have revealed Whittingdale’s relationship, and Ms King’s connection to Djoughdem.

One round of questioning among the Government’s press contacts would – or should – have revealed what they knew.

Was the DV process by-passed for some reason? Did the press keep schtum and not tell Downing Street that they had the story, and that they got it from Djoughdem?

As Zelo Street had previously told, when Whittingdale was in a relationship with sex worker Olivia King, she, as Nick Mutch confirmed, was also “in an on and off relationship with Ahmed Djoughdem, a self described gangster who goes by the name ‘Gerrard’ in underworld circles”.

It was Djoughdem who was apprehended by the Metropolitan Police with a machine gun in the back of his car (he was subsequently convicted).

After meeting on the internet, Mr Whittingdale told  porn star partner Stephanie Hudson that he was an arms dealer

What is worse for those in the larger part of the Fourth Estate – that’s all the papers who spiked the story of Whittingdale’s relationship with Ms King and then claimed there was no public interest in it – is that not only did they know about the relationship, they knew about it through Djoughdem.

It was he who touted the information around Fleet Street.

My Sweet Landlord

Peter McKelvie makes a good point. Whittingdale’s savaged BBC over Jimmy Savile, but what slipped under his radar?

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

I stumbled across this tweet referring to John Whittingdale having used the alias John Napier ‘in those days’.

Now that is interesting because I was told some time ago that there was a consensus of opinion among police investigators that a John Napier who appeared as #114 on a PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange) membership list was in fact John Whittingdale.

His name appeared ‘namely’ right next to that of his half-brother Charles Napier who affectionately referred to Whippo in correspondence as ‘Little Johnny’, a man who he would entrust stuff to for safekeeping. Charles, a prolific abuser, was a very close friend of Peter Righton.

Shortly after first tweeting about #114 John Napier, this newspaper article suddenly appeared, suggesting John Napier was someone else, a brothel owner who would have been around 70 when PIE was set up. But, as they say, decide for yourselves!

Monday, 25 April 2016


From a 2006 interview with John Whittingdale, the man deciding the future of the BBC ”

Whittingdale & Rupert Murdoch




Exclusive U.S. boarding schools face reckoning on sexual abuse

St. George’s is one of the so-called Saint Grottlesex schools (along with Groton, Middlesex, St. Paul’s, and St. Mark’s), bastions of the Wasp establishment founded in the late 19th century to educate the sons of the Gilded Age elite. Graduates have included Mellons and Vanderbilts, Bushes and Biddles, Astors and Auchinclosses. It was patterned, like many other American prep schools, on English institutions like Eton and Harrow, and the legacy is visible in the stone neo-Gothic Episcopal chapel that towers over the campus, in the mandatory uniform (coat and tie for boys), in the terminology (9th grade is third form, 12th grade is sixth form).

Over time, St. George’s developed a reputation for producing clubbable Establishment heirs more than brainy members of the meritocracy. “It was a school where at one time very wealthy families would send their not so bright kids,” says a late-80s graduate. “We’re not talking about Nobel Prize winners here,” echoes Daniel Brewster, a 1974 graduate. “If you’re part of an entity that relies exclusively upon its reputation for its status in the world, that reputation will be protected at all costs. At St. George’s, it was built on, frankly, the Social Register of a century ago. Otherwise you went to St. Paul’s, Andover, or Exeter.” F. Scott Fitzgerald described the students of St. George’s as “prosperous and well-dressed,” and by the 1970s, the school had acquired the nickname “St. Gorgeous,” not only because of the school grounds but also because its admissions policy seemed to select for physical attractiveness.


The campus at St. George’s School in Middletown, R.I. More than 40 former students at the school alleged they were molested, mostly in the 1970s and ’80s. Some of the distinguished New England boarding schools that have long been training grounds for America’s elite are facing a reckoning with alumni and students coming forward with complaints of sexual abuse at the hands of schoolmates and teachers.

Exclusive boarding schools face reckoning on sexual abuse


PROVIDENCE, R.I. >> A series of sexual abuse scandals is forcing a reckoning at some of New England’s most exclusive boarding schools and sending a shudder through similar institutions around the country that have long been training grounds for members of America’s elite.

At St. George’s School in Rhode Island, scores of alumni have come forward to complain of being sexually violated by teachers or schoolmates. At St. Paul’s in New Hampshire, a rape trial revealed a tradition in which senior boys competed to have sex with younger girls. And at New Hampshire’s Phillips Exeter Academy, several graduates have accused faculty members of sexual abuse and other inappropriate behavior.

“It’s an environment built on manners and politeness and not talking about sex and money. And there’s an environment of being stoic, I guess, and not talking about personal failings. It’s an environment about success and competition,” said Anne Scott, who played a major role in exposing the abuse at St. George’s by telling The Boston Globe last year about being raped repeatedly by the athletic trainer in the 1970s.

St. George’s, an Episcopal school near Newport, recently apologized for decades of abuse and for failing to report it to the proper authorities. It hired an independent investigator in January, and victims’ lawyers said they are aware of credible reports of rape, fondling or other abuse involving more than 50 victims, with some cases perhaps as recent as 2011.

None of the accusations have resulted in criminal charges, but state police are investigating.

In the St. Paul’s case, 2014 graduate Owen Labrie was convicted last year and sentenced to a year in jail for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old freshman girl as part of a competition known around campus as the Senior Salute.

St. Paul’s has brought in experts to instruct students about harassment and relationships and has threatened to expel anyone participating in sexual competitions at the 160-year-old Episcopal school, whose alumni include Secretary of State John Kerry, former FBI Director Robert Mueller, at least 13 U.S. ambassadors and three Pulitzer Prize winners.

New Hampshire’s Phillips Exeter Academy, which was founded in 1781 and is the alma mater of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and President Franklin Pierce, acknowledged last month that a teacher who was forced into retirement in 2011 had admitted to two cases of sexual misconduct dating back to the 1970s and ’80s.

Since the disclosure, police said they have received a number of reports from alumni and are now investigating “sexual misconduct and abuse of students by at least two current or former faculty members.” Exeter said it has hired a law firm to investigate.


After a months-long investigation of sexual abuse at St. George’s School, a report released Thursday described the elite Rhode Island prep school in the 1970s and ’80s as a cauldron of sexual exploitation of students.

Sixty-one alumni gave investigators first-hand accounts of the abuse they say they suffered, with 51 saying the abusers were faculty or staff and an additional 10 reporting abuse by classmates. Two staff members abused at least one student every year they worked at St. George’s.

“The picture that emerges from this investigation is profoundly disturbing,” attorney Martin F. Murphy wrote in a preface to the 390-page report. Murphy, a partner at the Boston firm Foley Hoag, was appointed in January by St. George’s and the victims’ group SGS for Healing to investigate sex abuse at the school in Middletown, R.I.

For many of the alumni interviewed by Murphy’s team, the school was a place “where their abusers created a kind of private hell for them, a place where they suffered emotional wounds and trauma that for many remain unhealed,” according to the report. And what was worse for many, Murphy wrote, was “betrayal at the hands of an adult entrusted with their care, at a school where they saw few, if any, places to turn for help.”

In August, the school agreed to a financial settlement for 29 alumni. In June, under fire from alumni who felt he had not been responsive to the burgeoning sex scandal, headmaster Eric Peterson announced that he would not seek to renew his contract when it expires at the end of this school year.

In response to the report, Heaney said: “It is now quite clear that the school repeatedly failed to respond appropriately when reports of sexual abuse were brought to the attention of administrators and teachers.


Read the full St. George’s report


A 1980 yearbook photo of athletic trainer Al Gibbs. Nearly one in five female students who attended St. George’s School between 1972 and 1980 say he sexually abused them.

A 1980 yearbook photo of athletic trainer Al Gibbs. Nearly one in five female students who attended St. George’s School between 1972 and 1980 say he sexually abused them.

The most egregious case of abuse centers on Al Gibbs, an athletic trainer who, according to the report, allegedly abused 31 of the 51 victims of staffers. Murphy said nearly one in five girls who attended the school from 1972 to 1980 made first-hand reports of abuse by Gibbs, who “began sexually assaulting female students nearly as soon as” the campus went coed in 1972 and continued until he was fired.

The total is probably higher, Murphy said, since many victims choose not to report: “We expect the number of women actually abused by Gibbs substantially exceeds the reported figure.”

Zane Dorm will revert back to its original name, West Dorm.

Although Zane fired Gibbs in 1980, he wrote him a letter of recommendation. And, according to Murphy’s report, St. George’s continued to pay Gibbs an annual stipend of $1,200, given to employees with distinguished service.

Murphy’s investigation is the second at the school in the past year. The first one was headed by attorney Will Hannum, but when victims learned that he is not only the law partner of the school’s then-counsel but also her husband, they objected to what they considered a conflict of interest.

Though Murphy found that the report based on Hannum’s investigation was thorough and done in good faith, “an investigation begun with the best intentions went horribly awry” because alumni felt misled about Hannum’s independence from the school.

The Hannum investigation came after Scott and MacLeish began to push the school to launch an investigation into sexual abuse. The resulting report, released in December 2015, identified six staff abusers, all them anonymously except for Gibbs.

MacLeish and Durso, who are representing about 40 alleged St. George’s victims, earlier identified four of the staffers as choir master Franklin Coleman (who, like Gibbs, “sexually abused at least one student in each year of his tenure at the school,” the report said); assistant chaplain Howard White; and teachers Bill Lydgate and Timothy Tefft. They were also named in the report released Thursday.

Some of the St. George’s perpetrators went on to work at other schools and settings with children. The Globe reported in February that White is being investigated in North Carolina on allegations that he abused two teenagers while a rector there in the 1980s. Tefft, who is serving a prison term for child pornography, was also accused at two other schools in Connecticut and New York. Lydgate resigned from the Island School in Kauai in 2003 after students told school officials that he had made sexual advances.

The report also addresses a more recent allegation against technology head and dorm master Charles Thompson, who in 2004 was put on leave after several boys complained that Thompson had invited them into his apartment and touched them inappropriately. Months later, he was allowed to return to teaching, though not to live on campus. On advice of the school’s outside counsel, who told Peterson the behavior did not constitute sexual abuse, the school did not report Thompson to state authorities.

The report criticized another attorney for the school, William P. Robinson III, for the “aggressive approach” he and former head of school Archer Harman took toward Anne Scott when she brought a lawsuit against the school in 1989. The strategy included efforts, which the court rejected, to disclose her name publicly and to say that she may have had consensual sex with Gibbs when she was 15 and he was 67.

Robinson was appointed to the Rhode Island Supreme Court in 2004.


St. George’s is only one among a snowballing list of prominent prep schools recently shaken by accusations of abuse, as one after another is forced to reckon with a shameful past. They include Groton, Horace Mann, Deerfield, St. Paul’s, Hotchkiss, Pomfret, Pingry, and Exeter. “Elite boarding schools turn out an outsize number of societal leaders,” says Whit Sheppard, a Deerfield graduate who has written about being a victim of abuse there and now advises schools on handling similar crises (including, for a short time, St. George’s). “This is the part of the story that no one wanted to talk about.”

From top, Howard White, St. George’s associate chaplain in the early 1970s, was fired for alleged sexual abuse; Anthony Zane, headmaster from 1972 to ’84, the period during which Howard White and Al Gibbs were fired; Al Gibbs with students, in the late 70s.

Anthony Zane looked like he’d stepped out of the sort of oil portrait meant to be hung against wood paneling. Arriving at St. George’s in 1972, he was a patrician, old-fashioned headmaster, a hale man of action more than introspection, his Dalmatian always at his side.

After the parents of a St. George’s student reported to the school in 1974 that sports-car-driving associate chaplain Howard “Howdy” White had raped their son, Zane expressed shock that the relationship had been more than “paternal.” He fired White but also seemed not to fully grasp the harm White had inflicted or the danger he represented. Zane didn’t report White to the Rhode Island State Police or the Department of Children, Youth & Families. When White contacted him shortly thereafter, seeking help, Zane responded warmly, saying that he would pay him an additional month’s salary and reimburse him for his moving expenses. He did add that “if you find yourself hard pressed in the future I suggest that you consider selling your Porsche . . . . I feel strongly that you should not be in a boarding school and that you should seek psychiatric help.” He asked White not to return to St. George’s “until one generation has gone through, that is, not for another five years.” White didn’t return, but he did go on to serve as dean and chaplain at Chatham Hall, a girls’ prep school in Virginia, and then as rector at a church in North Carolina from 1984 to 2006; state police are investigating an allegation that he molested a teenage girl there, and the Providence Journal located at least one other alleged victim from that period. (White is now retired in Bedford, Pennsylvania, where he is under ecclesiastical review by the Episcopal Church. He has not commented on the allegations.)

Why didn’t the school catch on to Gibbs earlier? Clearly, there were rumors circulating about him, even if they were expressed jokingly: in the 1979 yearbook, a caption under a photo of Gibbs with a girl read, “Mr. Gibbs, get your hand off my . . . Elbow.”

As he had done with White, Zane failed to report Gibbs to any state agencies. (Zane told Vanity Fair that he had not been aware of any legal obligation to do so.) Upon Gibbs’s departure, Zane announced at a school assembly that the trainer had left merely because of a health issue. This may have been justified by concern for the privacy of the girls, but shockingly, the school gave Gibbs a pension as well as a letter of recommendation which described him as “most certainly competent” and attributed his departure from St. George’s to a “medical leave.” Gibbs even reappeared on campus a few years later, attending a cocktail party during homecoming weekend.

The school became a factory for Holden Caulfields, alienated kids whose parenting had been outsourced to a not very nurturing place. Freshmen and sophomores were effectively in the care of the seniors who ran the dorms. It was a Darwinian environment, which several St. George’s alumni separately described to me as Lord of the Flies. Certain years, the hazing got way, way out of hand. In the fall of 1978, a senior made a freshman named Harry Groome stand on a trash can and pull down his boxer shorts, whereupon the older student sodomized him with a broomstick in front of several other students. It was neither a secret incident nor one that was taken seriously by the school: a later yearbook photo of Groome in a trash can was captioned: “It’s better than a broomstick!” Four years later, several boys experienced unwanted nighttime visits from seniors trying to fondle them. After Charlie Henry awoke one night during his third-form year, in 1982, to find a darkness-obscured figure touching him, he slept with a knife under his pillow for the remainder of the semester. The same year, some seniors took a freshman boy to a dorm basement, where they beat him up and raped him with a pencil.

Choirmaster and alleged abuser Franklin Coleman.



Stephen Fry Leads Missing Children Campaign – helped by Bob Geldof

Stephen Fry leads campaign involved with missing children.


Stephen Fry and Queen Elizabeth

…Stephen Fry ‘trivialised’ child abuse

29 August 2013

The BBC Trust has rejected a complaint that Stephen Fry “trivialised” child abuse during an episode of QI in which he recited a limerick about a chaplain’s desire for a choir boy.

During the episode, Fry recited the lines: “There was a young chaplain from King’s / Who talked about God and such things / But his real desire / Was a boy in the choir / With a bottom like jelly on springs.”

The ESC report said a woman complained because “she felt that the BBC showed a lack of understanding of what the limerick implied. The complainant said that the limerick trivialised the subject of paedophilia.”

The episode of QI, broadcast on BBC Two on 11 January, was followed by a Newsnight edition focusing on the Jimmy Savile scandal.


Stephen Fry is a close friend of Prince Charles

Pie-linked Peter Tatchell wants teenagers to be taught masturbation in school.  His proposal supported by  Stephen Fry

Peter Tatchell Foundation

Stephen Fry backs our call to revise sex education

London, UK – 8 May 2019

Stephen Fry is backing calls for the Education Secretary, Damian Hinds, to undertake a further review and upgrade of relationship and sex education (RSE) in schools ahead of the roll out of mandatory RSE in 2020. The aim of this upgrade is to ensure the sexual and emotional health and happiness of young people.

In a letter to the Education Secretary, the Peter Tatchell Foundation says that political, religious and cultural sensitivities should not be allowed to thwart mandatory age-appropriate RSE in every school, including in faith and independent schools, from the first year of primary education onwards.

The letter is co-signed by five other people, including actor Stephen Fry and four others involved in education and school’s work and draws on their experience listening to pupils and teachers. See their names and titles at the end of this news release.

“We are proposing a restricted parental opt out, the promotion of safer alternatives to intercourse and overcoming sex shame to tackle abuse. As well as warning pupils about the risks of sex, lessons should also inform older pupils about sexual pleasure and how to achieve it for both themselves and a partner, with the aim of helping them secure mutual sexual happiness,” said Peter Tatchell Foundation Director Peter Tatchell.

Neil Moran‏ @museofwoolwich May 9

The optics don’t look good here. So, you are recommending, inter alia, advice for teenagers on sex / masturbation techniques? Who will provide this? There is something deeply creepy about old men who have an interest in teenage sexuality. Don’t you get this?

#RSE #PeterTatchell

Replying to

Teachers who have specialist training will do it

Replying to @PeterTatchell @museofwoolwich

A trust setup to teach teenagers how to wank? Sounds a lot like PIE.


Princess Diana, in intimate confessions recorded on video by her voice coach,   described her sex life with Prince Charles as “odd, very odd”.


 photo fry pt_zpstq1pkvnx.jpg

Stephen Fry fundraises for The Prince’s Trust


Stephen Fry’s ‘lurid’ speech was too much even for some of the liberal minded guests at dinner event

The comic treated guests to a graphic story about Gore Vidal’s stay at a top London hotel where he rang a gay escort agency to arrange a boy for an energetic afternoon session.

Fry’s lurid details of the sex act with the young man and what he would or would not perform was too much for some guests. ‘Fry’s speech was deeply distasteful


Fry’s comedy comes under fire.  Plans to stage a comedy penned by actor Stephen Fry about paedophilia in a public school were condemned today.

Plans to stage a comedy penned by actor Stephen Fry about paedophilia in a public school were condemned today.

The play details a homosexual affair between a teacher and his 13-year-old pupil, is to be staged at Edinburgh’s Festival Fringe.

But Latin! Or Tobacco and Boys, billed as “a play in two unnatural acts”, has come under fire from a children’s charity and city councillors.

A theatre company is about to sign a contract to stage the comedy as part of the Fringe programme.

Cambridge-based Activated Image said the play celebrated “the love of a man for a 13-year-old boy”.

But the leisure and culture spokesman for Edinburgh’s Conservative Party, James Gilchrist, attacked it as “gratuitous smut”.

He said: “Stephen Fry’s contribution to the world of theatre could be written on the back of a postage stamp.

“What kind of person thinks that paedophilia is funny? .”…


Fry still joking about child abuse…last week

 Baftas 2016: Stephen Fry shocks with reference to paedophilia

re: clerical child sex abuse.


 photo fry joke_zpsp1yhgbgx.jpg


Stephen Fry hits out at ‘self-pitying’ sexual assault victims trying to ‘censor’ culture

Call for an inquiry into the cover-up of child abuse on the Groucho Club’s members forum

The Groucho club’s management has refused to issue a full and transparent account of the child abuse network, the rapes and the sexual haressment and assult of an employee.

Many of the celebrities now facing allegations, arrested or convicted in the past few years for sexual depravity such as the infant rapist, Ian Watkins, Weinstein, Spacey, Glitter, Saville, Harris, Hall, Max Clifford and others have frequented the Groucho Club. Harvey Weinstein is a lifetime member and was invited to write a chapter in a book about the Groucho Club where he talks about his membership.


Groucho Club Universal Film Issue 12 – 2014, p46

Vicount Ian Kerr CGC‏ @IanKerr


Is that BBC DJ Fearne Cotton in the background ? Part of the BBC Billy Cotton dynasty ? Ex ‘girlfriend’ to the pop music paedophile Ian Watkins, currently serving 33 years ? Tut tut.

Image result for fearne cotton and ian watkins

Fearne Cotton – ex-boyfriend Ian Watkins pleads guilty to attempted rape on a baby

Fearne Cotton Presents Her Collection

Fearne Cotton presents her AW14 Fashion Collection For at The Groucho Club on July 30, 2014 in London, England.

Fearne Cotton’s great-uncle –

Bill Cotton Jr – close to paedophile Jimmy Savile

A celebration of 20 Years of the Groucho Club

contributions from Club members such as Keith Allen, Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst, Dom Joly, Dylan Jones, Gary Lineker, Jonathan Meades, Vic Reeves, Rowland Rivron, Janet Street-Porter, Harvey Weinstein and Sam Taylor-Wood. Introduced by witty, deprecatory forward by Stephen Fry and in memoriam to 2005

Katz, the long-established, statement jacket-wearing “prince of Soho”. Having been at the club for 21 years, looking after everyone from Jaime Winstone and Sienna Miller to Noel Gallagher and Damien Hirst, he knows all the secrets of the A-listers that call the place home – and has earned a fearsome reputation as a fixer.

Jonathan King and Stephen Fry – friends

Jonathan Ross, whose first job was as King’s junior researcher; Dave Gilmour, of Pink Floyd, whose first band, Joker’s Wild, King produced at Cambridge; Peter Cook, who knew all the lyrics to King’s B-sides; Simon Cowell, who put up £50,000 of King’s £150,000 bail when he was arrested in 2000; Stephen Fry, with whom King had a raucous lunch at Le Gavroche just the other day.

Music mogul Jonathan King to face trial over ‘sex crimes’

  • 31 July 2017

Former music producer Jonathan King has appeared in court accused of a string of sex attacks on teenage boys.

The ex-singer is accused of assaulting boys aged 14 to 16 between 1970 and 1986 in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey.

Mr King, 72, of Bayswater, west London, appeared at Southwark Crown Court for the hearing under his real name of Kenneth George King.

The Genesis producer was released on conditional bail until 22 January.

The allegations are linked to the Walton Hop Disco in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, and Mr King, who also produced songs for 10cc and the Bay City Rollers, must not contact any prosecution witnesses.

Mr King’s trial date was set for 11 June 2018.

Stephen Fry, a founder of the Groucho Club



Jan 15 2017

Jeremy Hunt to get £15m payout from Hotcourses sale amid NHS crisis

An education business co-founded by Jeremy Hunt in 1996 is on the verge of being sold for up to £35m



Jeremy Hunt, The Groucho Club and the Bottomleys

What are the connections?

The Groucho Club

John Henry James Lewis, has over the last few years faced (along with his fellow-directors of the Groucho Club, where he is the Chairman) myriad allegations. These include charges that they and/or staff knowingly allowed, and helped cover up, sexual molestation on the premises of the Club…and, once discovered, conspired to delete paedophile links that had been running over many months on the Groucho Members’ Forum Website.
Jeremy Hunt
And John Henry James Lewis, Chairman of the infamous Groucho Club in London’s Dean Street, has for some years been the major bankroller of former Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt MP
Hunt excelled himself by suggesting to his audience that his father “worked as a manager for the NHS”. It is an exaggeration served with lashings of deception: Sir Nicholas John Streynsham Hunt (Daddy) was Admiral of the Fleet in his main career and, once retired, became a quangoista par excellence.

Virginia Bottomley

Admiral Sir John had an elder brother (now carefully airbrushed out of the Wikipedias and other genealogies), one Roland Colin Charles Hunt. He married Hilda Pauline Garnett, whose brother was W. John Garnett. WJG had a daughter called Hilda Brunette Maxwell Garnett….aka, Virginia Bottomley.

JEREMY and VIRGINIA are cousins

Peter Bottomley

Needs no introduction here as an ELM GUEST HOUSE visitor. He is of course MARRIED to Virginia and has stepped back from what could have been a high-flying political career in order to allow his wife centre stage. The timing of this withdrawal is interesting tho.

The background details of Bottomley’s interaction with NAYPIC and Chris Fay (as in Mary Moss documents’) are revealing.




Stephen Fry – also president of the charity MIND

Background on MIND:

The mental health charity Mind introduced PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange) to the Albany Trust 

The director of Mind at the time was also a senior figure in The National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL), which accepted PIE and PAL as members.

via cassandracogno:

Prince Charles’ Trusted charity aide – Sir Harold Haywood of The Prince’s Trust and Chairman of the Albany Trust

During the time that Sir Harold Haywood was Chairman of Albany Trust, Haywood coaxed into existence a booklet entitled Paedophilia: Some Questions and Answers along with fellow Albany Trustees, members of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE’s Keith Hose and Tom O’Carroll) and the Paedophile Action League (PAL).

One of the Booklet’s stated aims was to argue for the positive social benefits paedophiles brought to society:

“In the belief that knowledge dispels prejudice, this booklet sets out to answer the commonest questions and suppositions about paedophilia, and to argue that those involved represent no special threat to society, but on the contrary are often a force for social good.”

**POSTED 19TH DEC 2011 HT**Royal Autographs - Diana

Christmas Card from Charles & Diana to Harold & Mrs Haywood

photo 1-15

Prince Charles pays tribute to devoted Sir Harold Haywood

June 10, 2010

“My father was very involved with the royal family during the Prince’s Trust days in the 1970s and 1980s but remained a close friend and adviser to the Prince.

Sir Harold Haywood, Savile, NAYC & PHAB


Bob Geldof of charity fiasco Live-Aid, is going to assist Stephen Fry and the Child Rescue Alert Charity. What a team.

“Bob Geldof, co-founder of technology company Groupcall, which provides the technology behind Child Rescue Alert, will complete the campaign by honouring companies and individuals involved at an awards ceremony later in February..”

Prince Charles with Bob Geldof (lower right)

Live Aid: The Terrible Truth

Most damningly, Keating reported that Geldof was warned, repeatedly, from the outset by several relief agencies in the field about Mengistu,… mercilessly conducting resettlement marches on which 100,000 people died, and butchering helpless people.

According to Medicins Sans Frontiers, who begged Geldof to not release the money until there was a reliable infrastructure to get it to victims, he simply ignored them…


Bob Geldof’s Live 8 was a string of benefit concerts supposed to help the poor of the Third World.

The money raised by Geldof’s Live 8 “was instead used to pay off the corporate creditors of indebted countries.

In effect, the ENTIRE focus of the money generated by Live 8 was to provide direct assistance to corporations owed money by these impoverished nations.

1987 – startling move…Geldof offered $3 million in Band Aid money toward payment of Ethiopian debts to the US government.


In 2008, Bob Geldof made a speech, in Melbourne, about the tragedy of Third World poverty.

He was paid A$100,000 for his one-off speech which included a luxury hotel room and first-class airfares.

Bob Geldof is a friend of George Bush and Tony Blair.

  photo geldof and bush_zpscnfrjiul.jpg

That Geldof decided to help organize a charity event is interesting because until then he seems to have had no interest in charities and is said to have abused the very idea. Maybe he remembered the Congregation of the Holy Spirit, the religious order which ran his old school, Blackrock College, was into charity in a big way, and has done rather well out of it. Having been driven out of France after the French revolution, the order set up house in some of the most economically disadvantaged communities in the world, whether this had an influence of Mr Geldof we do not know.
What is clear, for all Geldof’s charity work, and the enormous sums of money people have donated to charities he fronted, there are more people in the world living in abject poverty and ignorance today than when he first held his hand out in 1984 with the Band Aid Christmas single. Yet despite this, as is demonstrated in Geldof’s recent self serving letter, he is still willing to act as a front of house publicist for some of the most reactionary and blood stained politicians the west has produced in the modern age

In Khartoum in 1986, Peter Dalglish began the Sudan’s first vocational training school for street children, funded by Bob Geldof of Band Aid.

Order of Canada recipient Peter Dalglish found guilty of child sex assault in Nepal

11 June 2019

An Order of Canada recipient has been found guilty of sexually assaulting children in Nepal after a police investigation and trial his lawyers describe as a travesty of justice.

Sentencing for Peter Dalglish, expected in about two weeks, could see the well-known aid worker jailed for as long as 13 years.

“This has been like watching a wrongful conviction unfold in real time,” Dalglish’s Canadian lawyer, Nader Hasan, said in an interview Tuesday. “We have deep concerns about the process here, both from the perspective of procedural fairness of the court proceedings as well as certain tactics taken by the police and the state.”

The judge, who rendered his verdict late Monday, has yet to release his reasons for the guilty finding. Dalglish, 62, has denied any wrongdoing.

Originally from London, Ont., Dalglish has spent years working around the globe. Nepalese police arrested him in the early hours of April 8 last year in a raid on the mountain home he had built in the village of Kartike east of the capital of Kathmandu. Police alleged he had raped two Nepalese boys aged 11 and 14, who were with him.

Pushkar Karki, chief of the Central Investigation Bureau, said at the time Dalglish lured children from poor families with promises of education, jobs and trips, and then sexually abused them. Karki said other foreign men in Nepal had also been arrested on suspicion of pedophilia.

“There have been some instances where they were found working with charities,” Karki told the New York Times. “Our laws aren’t as strict as in foreign countries, and there is no social scrutiny like in developed countries.”

“There ought to have been reasonable doubt,” Hasan said. “The police intimidation tactics and the police bribes and the police threats ought to have been insurmountable evidence of not just not guilty, but of actual innocence.”

Hasan said the Nepalese legal system, which operates largely in secrecy, bears little resemblance to anything in Canada _ or many other countries. Among other problems, courts do not record proceedings or produce transcripts, leading to confusion about what witnesses actually said.

His lawyers say in one incident, a witness helpful to the defence was testifying when the judge excused himself from the courtroom to go eat dinner. They say he told parties to carry on without him and that he would catch up with the court clerk afterwards.

Hasan said Dalglish’s family — his ex-wife and daughter live in the Netherlands and his brothers in Ontario — as well as friends have been standing by him. In addition, he has strong support in Nepal, where two young men he had previously mentored have been visiting him twice daily in prison in Dhulikhel near Kathmandu to take him food.

“Obviously, (it) was emotionally devastating for him –as it would be for anyone, particularly someone who is innocent,” Hasan said of the guilty finding. “But he’s a remarkably resilient human being and it’s helpful that he has a very strong support system. That helps him stay positive.”

Dalglish, who had spent years doing humanitarian work in Nepal, co-founded a Canadian charity called Street Kids International in the late 1980s. He has worked for several humanitarian agencies, including UN Habitat in Afghanistan and the UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response in Liberia. He was named a member of the Order of Canada in late 2016.

In a statement emailed to Global News, Hasan said Dalglish’s family, friends and supporters were “deeply troubled” by Monday’s verdict and remain “steadfastly convinced of Peter’s innocence.”

“The local legal team in Nepal did not merely raise a reasonable doubt; they demonstrated that Peter was factually innocent,” the statement reads.

Hasan said they remain “optimistic” that Dalglish will be exonerated by Nepal’s appellate courts.

In Khartoum in 1986, Peter Dalglish began the Sudan’s first vocational training school for street children, funded by Bob Geldof of Band Aid.

Peter Dalglish

Peter Dalglish (top right) one of five winners of the 1986 Vanier Awards on March 5, 1986.

Bob Geldof declined to comment.

I am also intending to write a report on the time Peter Dalglish worked with Ethiopian vulnerable children during the infamous famine of 1984. I am reaching out to the publicist of Bob Geldof, who funded most of his activities for comment. If anyone has any info, please DM me.

8 May 1986

Bernard Doherty – Geldof’s publicist. Bernard Doherty was a publicist for David Bowie and Peter McCartney

1994 satanists at Geldof’s garden

Sick satanic website claims that Peaches was murdered as part of a bizarre black magic child sex plot.

Daughter Paeches Geldof had an OTO tatto

Agent Provocateur’s Occult Campaign – ‘featuring Peaches Geldof.’

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Peter Tatchell with Bob Geldoff

Sir Evelyn Rothschild & Bob Geldof

Eight Rothschilds Tied to Epstein’s Child Sex Trafficking

On top of the fact all Jacob Rothschild’s Genie Energy partners are busted with Jeffrey Epstein, we have Lynn Forester Rothschild taking plane rides with Epstein to the child sex slave island, and we have 4 more Rothschilds in Epstein’s black book. That’s enough for us to tie 8 Rothschilds to Epstein’s child sex trafficking network if you count the boys who hang with Naomi Campbell busted with Epstein’s child sex slave at her party in 2001.
  1. Jacob Rothschild of Genie Energy whose partners are all busted with Epstein.
  2. Evelyn Rothschild who is in Epstein’s black book, and his partner Bronfman is also in Epstein’s black book.
  3. Nat Rothschild (son of Jacob) hangs w/ Naomi Campbell who was busted w/ Epstein and his child sex slave.
  4. David Rothschild (son of Evelyn) hangs w/ Naomi Campbell.
  5. Lynn Forester Rothschild (wife of Evelyn) busted on Lolita Express flying with Epstein.
  6. Hannah Rothschild (daughter of Jacob) is in Epstein’s black book.
  7. Jessica Rothschild (daughter of Evelyn) is in Epstein’s black book.
  8. Edouard Rothschild (son of Guy) is in Epstein’s black book

‘One child had been abused and buggered for two solid years by Greville  Janner’ Ian Katz, The Independent, Oct 1991.

Vicount Ian Kerr CGC ‏ @IanKerr

Bob Geldof nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Nomination came from LORD Greville Janner, paedophile and Zionist.

MIND Charity boss says sorry after child sex abuse scandal

Mind boss Paul Farmer-chief executive of the mental health charity travelled from London for talks with the mother, whose son’s evidence saw Brown, 55, of Inchberry Close, Benwell, Newcastle, last month jailed for eight years at Newcastle Crown Court.

Pervert carer Kevin Brown:

Despite warnings he was allowed to carry on working at the charity’s home in Newcastle and steal the childhoods of some of those in his care.

The prosecution came 10 years after sex beast John Leslie Duncan was jailed for near identical abuse at the now-closed Feversham school, in Walbottle, Newcastle.

A third carer at the school under investigation committed suicide by jumping off a bridge.

The meeting came about after the Chronicle highlighted the many questions that remain unanswered about the school, where two, and possibly three, predatory paedophiles targeted vulnerable young pupils.



Convicted Establishment Paedophile Jeffrey Epstein – His Little black book – Charlotte Fairbairn


Convicted Establishment Billionaire Paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Black Book – “The Holy Grail”

 photo fairbairn_zpsxxvhi6fi.jpg

^^Entry for Charlotte Faibairn – London

Would that be Charlotte Fai(r)bairn – the eldest daughter of the late Sir Nicholas Fairbairn – who was part of an elite paedophile ring?

Charlotte Fairbairn worked for the Oldies Publication
Richard Ingrams  was a director during her stint there.

Charlotte Fairbairn:

Richard Ingrams’ directorships:
co-director with Auberon Waugh
and Ingrams is a co-director at several companies with Ian Hislop
Richard Ingrams – a co-founder and second editor of the British satirical magazine Private Eye, and founding editor of The Oldie magazine.
Ingrams’ The Oldie was the first publication to break the story of Savile’s history of child abuse.[10]

“I don’t think anyone’s really explained how he got away with it,” he says, noting that people have suggested that surely Private Eye, which Ingrams co-founded and edited until 1986,  knew something – “we didn’t”.

Ingrams says he never suppressed any Savile stories at Private Eye and believes the story may never have been told before because victims were too “scared” to expose him.

Ingrams says that although there was “a lot of tension” surrounding his decision to appoint Ian Hislop – because he didn’t consult anyone (Eye journalists weren’t “big buddies”) – people soon “fell into line” when he was appointed, realising it was a good idea.
Dr Sally:
Between 1966-69 Ronnie (Waterhouse) worked as a libel reader for ‘Private Eye’ after his friend and neighbour Alistair Sampson told Ronnie that the ‘Eye’, which was at the time owned by Peter Cook, could do with his services after a costly damages settlement.
Thus Ronnie (Waterhouse) got to know Richard Ingrams, Auberon Waugh, Paul Foot, Christopher Booker, John Morgan, Patrick Marnham, Willie Rushton and Barry Fantoni.
Whilst the ‘Eye’ employed Ronnie they received many libel writs, including a number from Lord Hailsham.
Auberon Waugh was delighted when in 1978 Ronnie became a High Court judge because Auberon felt that Lord Gnome would have a friend in the judiciary.
Richard Ingrams a co-director at Private Eye with IAN HISLOP

First Broadcast: 28th May 1999
Jimmy Savile says in this show, “I’m feared in every girls’ school in the country” and during the discussion about caravans, Ian Hislop asks Savile, “what do you do in your caravan?” Savile replies, “anyone that’ll let me..”
George) Carman took to hosting parties in the 1990s. He held a bash in the summer of 1993.
Guests included the Lord Chief Justice, Sue Lawley, Ian Hislop, Norman Lamont, Sir David English (Chair of Associated Newspapers, which was the major shareholder of Euromoney Publications, Dominic Carman’s employers).

In 1992, George Carman QC, had been retained by Savile’s lawyers

The son of George Carman QC recalls the powerful effect he had on newspaper groups and points out Savile retained Carman in 1992 in another matter, so that when Paul Connew of The Sunday Mirror wanted to publish a photo of Savile at Haut de la Garenne children’s home, Jersey, newspapers were aware of who they might be up against and what their odds of winning would be:
The Romney Marsh Historic Churches Trust was formed under the patronage of Ingrams and the then Archbishop of Canterbury, Robert Runcie. In 2011 he announced he had converted to Roman Catholicism.
Richard Ingrams is a vice-president of Romney Marsh Historic Churches Trust. 
The patron is Archbishop Justin Welby
Mr David Barham JP DL, The Rt Revd & Rt Hon Lord Carey of Clifton PC, Dr John Davis FBA, Frederick Forsyth CBE, The Rt Hon Lord Howard of Lympne CH PC QC, Richard Ingrams, The Rt Revd the Bishop of Dover, Shaun Leavey OBE, Charles Moore, Christopher Neave, Adam Nicolson FRSL, John Nightingale, Paul Smallwood, The Rt Revd Stephen Venner, Prof Sir John Vickers MA DPhil FBA, The Rt Revd & Rt Hon Lord Williams of Oystermouth PC, Sir Robert Worcester DL
Jilly Cooper – author who wrote about Elm Guest House:
One of my great heroes is Richard Ingrams, former editor of Private Eye and now editor of the wonderful Oldie magazine. I very seldom go to London these days but the Oldie lunch at Simpsons in the Strand is one of my highlights. I was thrilled last August to be asked to Richard’s 71st birthday where I sat between him and Terry Wogan. On this occasion I was delighted to meet Richard’s new wife Sarah, who is extremely pretty, fun, reassuring and has made Richard so happy.
Jilly Cooper thread

Born in 1937, Wilfred De’Ath’s outwardly conventional early life in suburban London was dominated by the overpowering puritanism and fanatical patriotism of his mother, the daughter of a German pastor. In the De’Ath household Hitler was idolised and every German victory heartily celebrated. On shopping expeditions with his mother during the Blitz, young Wilfred had to endure the spectacle of his mother giving Nazi salutes and shouting ‘Heil Hitler!’ to her friend and compatriot, Mrs Maybury.

This singular upbringing may account for De’Ath’s subsequent ill treatment of his own family and the abandonment of a charmed career in journalism which brought him much acclaim for his interviews with figures as diverse as Mick Jagger, Margaret Thatcher, John Lennon, PG Wodehouse and the Archbishop of Canterbury and as a ground-breaking radio and television producer (one of his discoveries was Kenny Everett). Instead he chose a life of vagrancy and petty crime totting up ten years behind bars in the process not to mention his lifelong twin obsessions with sex and religion.

A self-confessed voyeur who was recruited by MI5 to befriend a Russian spy at an orgy, De’Ath was a sexual predator whose victims included Susanna York, Sarah Miles, Julie Christie, Julia Foster and Charlotte Rampling. A godless but enthusiastic churchgoer, he made a career out of exposing the peccadilloes of Anglican clergymen in Private Eye, whose editor, his Oxford contemporary Richard Ingrams, later commissioned a long-running column in the Oldie retailing his experiences at the hands of plodding policemen, mad magistrates, crazy criminals and sadistic screws. In Uncommon Criminal an unrepentant sinner looks back at his deplorable but colourful life with a candour bordering on relish which will disgust and delight in equal measure.”

Charlotte Fairbairn was also campaign manager for Rory Stewart MP

Charlotte Fairbairn’s MP father, Nicholas Fairbairn – part of a paedophile ring.
Richard Ingrams is on the RAINS list.
While a student at Oxford, Stewart was a private tutor to Prince William and Prince Harry during the summer.[13]

Suggested links to MI6

Some have suggested that Stewart was an employee of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), during his time as a British Representative to Montenegro – allegedly being recruited to MI6 shortly after he graduated from Oxford University.[18][19] Stewart has said that his career progression and his father’s work for MI6 might “give the appearance” that he worked for MI6,[20] but says he did not work for MI6 while a diplomat.[19] Stewart has acknowledged that due to the Official Secrets Act, even if he had worked for MI6, he would not be able to admit if he had.[21]

In late 2005 he joined the Turquoise Mountain Foundation, a human development NGO established by Charles, Prince of Wales, and Hamid Karzai, in Afghanistan.[25]
He is a member of the Athenaeum Club and the Special Forces Club.[172]


She has cashed in on the family name, but doesn’t want to talk about her father and has dismissed claims made by a survivor of her father’s sexual abuse.

Charlotte Fairbairn may have grown up with her two younger sisters in Fordell Castle  haunted by a Green Lady, but the ghost of her “colourful”, “eccentric” father (she has remarked more than once that she would like to dig him up out of his grave so that she could murder him for being so infuriating) continues to spook the family.


Now, here she is with a new book – her publishers believe she’s a major talent and are talking her up in terms of “another Angela Carter” and “the new Paulo Coelho” – and all anyone wants to talk about is her dead parent.

The tartan-sporting, Thatcher-adoring shade of Sir Nicholas, it seems, will never be laid to rest. “My family will be forever haunted by Papa and the past,” agrees Fairbairn. “Yet it is all in the past. It’s dead and buried and we should be allowed to move on.” Then she jumps up and says: “Anyway, let’s not talk about him,” as she darts into the kitchen to brew another pot of tea.

Of course we are here to talk about her latest book, but as we sip our tea she acknowledges that we probably wouldn’t be here but for her name. “Oh, God,” she says, burying her head in her hands, “do we have to talk about my family?”

She can hardly complain. She has, after all, chosen to keep her family name. Had she published a fable about the cataclysmic effect on a village of the arrival of a mysterious stranger as Charlotte Pople, we probably wouldn’t be sitting here talking about it, despite the fact that her publishers are selling it as “a fairytale for grown-ups” that will appeal to addicts of Chocolat.

In 2000, the daughter of a prominent Scottish lawyer, who was never publicly named, alleged Sir Nicholas had been part of a paedophile ring.

The claims were denied by his family.

My father (Robert Henderson) was feted by legal establishment, but was really a monster who let his powerful friends rape me

Susie Henderson claims she was raped at the age of four by Sir Nicholas Fairbairn, a senior Tory MP who was one of Margaret Thatcher's closest allies

Susie Henderson, 48, says she was raped by Sir Nicholas Fairbairn at age 4

Now, Miss Henderson, 48, has told the Mail that she was raped as a young child by Sir Nicholas – and that she also suffered years of sexual assaults by her late father, prominent Scottish QC Robert Henderson, who was a friend of the MP.

She said of Sir Nicholas: ‘I hated that man,’ adding: ‘More than I hated my father.

Sir Nicholas who died in 1995, first abused her at one of her father’s parties at his Edinburgh home

Duncan‏ @Duncan82669814

Good old Esther she didn’t have a clue about Fairbairn or Savile and Childline isn’t a front organisation, honestly it is all coincidence.

Childline’s Esther Rantzen’s former boyfriend – Sir Nicholas Fairbairn

Esther Rantzen, who founded the Childline telephone service for children suffering abuse, had an affair with the late Conservative MP and Solicitor General for Scotland Nicholas Fairbairn after they met at a BBC studio in 1966.

Father: Miss Henderson also claims she suffered years of sexual assaults by her late father, prominent Scottish QC Robert Henderson, who was a friend of the MP

Miss Henderson says she was abused by her late father, a prominent QC

Miss Henderson says: ‘With the Fettesgate (Magic Circle) scandal, my father had a list of all the prominent people involved and he used to just laugh. He would say, “If I go down, they’ll all go down with me.”

Henderson, by then retired but still a prominent member of the legal establishment, phoned his daughter and warned her not to continue making allegations.

‘He told me he could put me six feet under,’ says Miss Henderson, whose claims were investigated by the police. They interviewed both her and her mother, who supported her daughter’s claims.

At the time, she handed a number of key pieces of evidence to police. She asked for their return several times over the years but was always told they were in a ‘safe’ place.

Recently she was told that they had been ‘mislaid’.

‘I want answers for that,’ she says. ‘I want my stuff back. And I want it acknowledged that my father and Fairbairn did something very  evil.

Not just to me.

There are other children out there.

‘And these were people in power.

Fairbairn’s daughter Charlotte dismissed the claims.

Sir Nicholas’ eldest daughter Charlotte declined to comment on the latest allegations, stating: ‘There’s nothing I can say. He’s been dead for 20 years.

Fairbairn Family – International Contacts

12 Mar 1995

THE daughters of the late Sir Nicholas Fairbairn may become involved

in a legal wrangle over his estate with his second wife Sam — just

three weeks after his death.

Over the past few years, Lady Fairbairn has made Fordell pay for

itself. The roof was restored largely due to ”paying guests” from

America and Russia who would be given a tour of the keep followed by a

lavish lunch

The couple both adored the castle. Sir Nicholas once

wrote: ”For me, my castle is my home, but, more, it is the very

expression of my soul within and without.”

Nicholas Fairbairn had a residence at Dolphin Square

705 Hawkins

Michael Mates, 902 Hawkins House, Dolphin Square.

justme‏ @zante03

remains of young boy found 200 metres away from Michael Mates MP (pa of James Mates , journo) did police interview him

AshkenaziHistory‏ @TheAshkenazi


Michael Mates MP – Norther Ireland etc links but also to Nadir with links to Scallywag Magazine founder murder ^^

Scallywag Magazine was founded and edited by Simon Regan and Angus James, Simon’s half-brother.

Michael Mates MP > Northern Ireland > Nadir > Scallywag > Angus James Wilson – Vishal Mehrotra body


James Mates of ITV news is son of Michael Mates ex MP Magazine


both Michael Mates ex MP and his son James Mates have been interviewed by police – right?

justme‏ @zante03

no mention of it anywhere. weird, cos the house is quite isolated so surely they should have been?

you would think the cops would speak to the nearest property to where remains of a young boy had been found….

AshkenaziHistory‏ @TheAshkenazi

Indeed isolated ….yet close to Mates

Vishal Mehrotra disappeared in London his body found at “the back door” of Michael Mates MP home in rural Harting, West Sussex –

his body is found at “the back door” of Michael Mates MP home in rural Harting, West Sussex

What became of Nicholas Fairburn, neighbour to Michael Mates MP in Dolphin Square?


Nick fairbairn the former LOVER of Esther Rantzen you mean?

Nick Fairbairn lover of Childline founder Esther Rantzen and neighbour to Michael Mates

Revealed: The Full horrifying truth about Sir Nicholas Fairbairn – the other paedophile at Margaret Thatcher’s side

  • Nicholas Fairbairn has been linked to fellow paedophile MP Cyril Smith

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

So I’ll ask once again: What did do with the boxes of documents from Mary Moss?

Vicount Ian Kerr CGC‏ @IanKerr
Heath’s paedo ring linked to New Forest. Fairbairn >>Esther Ratznest (Rantzen) has New Forest cottage….near Bramshaw.
AshkenaziHistory‏ @TheAshkenazi:

this is not rocket science.

You need to move faster before more VIP paedos die, or is that the intention?


 Its endless, isn’t it? If police and can’t join the dots and make arrests its because they do not want too.

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher at a reception thanking supporters of Childline with Esther Rantzen, Frank Bruno, and Sir David Frost…

Vishal Mehrotra (above) is believed to have been murdered by the VIP child abuse ring that contained top UK politicians and top people in the UK military and security services.

Father claims Scotland Yard covered up son’s murder by Westminster paedophiles

The father of murdered eight-year-old Vishal Mehrotra says police ignored a tip-off that the boy may have been abducted by a VIP paedophile ring

Vishal’s body was found 200 metres away from the home of the top UK politician Michael Mates.


Michael Mates

“Vishal’s body was found on the edge of Durford Abbey Farm, less than 3 miles from Harting.

“Peter Morrison (‘child abuser’) had taken a boy from Harting and assaulted him at Elm Guest House (boy brothel) in Barnes, SW London.

“Michael Mates (MP for Petersfield) lived at Durford Mill as well as Dolphin Square (site of boy brothel) next to Nicholas Fairbairn (‘child abuser’).”

my sweet landlord

Michael Mates did a pretty good job of putting the brakes on the 1990 Colin Wallace investigation.

The Guardian


Michael Mates was convicted paedophile Partick Rock’s campaign manager

London, Greater London, England

Friday, May 25, 1984 – 15
Mates who sat on the Intelligence and Security Committee that oversees MI5 and MI6.

Brian P Willmot‏ @BrianWillmot

If you are in Public Office or of Blue blood, the CSA/SRA cover-up is a well practised process overseen by the Intelligence Services . . .

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo
Had he been attractive to voters, Patrick Rock could have become constituency neighbour to Bugger (Peter) Morrison in Chester. What a pair!

Had he won, this would have made him constituency neighbour to Peter Morrison, the Puddington Paedophile.

Peter Morrison, Tory MP for Chester with the Thatchers and Leon Brittan

Sep 2012

Mates set to make over £100,000 from Dolphin Square windfall

my sweetlandlord

Nicholas Fairbairn had affair with Charles Morrison’s secretary.

(Charles’ brother was Peter Morrison linked to Bryn Estyn children’s home abuse )

Nicholas Fairbairn and Michael Mates visit Rhodesia together.

Nicholas Fairbairn had affair with Charles Morrison’s secretary. It got messy, and Michael Mates helped clean up,4467146




David Cameron’s father and senior Tory figures named in ‘Panama Papers’ leak

The long-serving former MP Michael Mates, who was Northern Ireland minister under John Major in 1992/3, was also named as a client. The ICIJ said a company Mr Mates chaired, Haylandale Limited, was created in the Bahamas and registered with Mossack Fonseca.

A former Defence Minister and spy watchdog is recreating the comic songs of Flanders & Swann to raise money for orphaned children.

Michael Mates will perform classics like Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud and The Gasman Cometh in aid of Hope & Homes For Children next week.

The charity was founded by the former British commander in Bosnia, Col Mark Cook, after he found a cellar full of starving children in war-torn Sarajevo.

Hope and Homes for Children charity

Mark Cook founded the charity[28] and was awarded several honours including an OBE and a Heart of Gold award from Esther Rantzen; Caroline Cook was also appointed an OBE.[29] Martin Bell OBE was with Mark Cook when he founded the organisation;[28][30]

In 2010 former Defence Minister The Rt. Hon. Michael Mates with William Godfree performed Flanders and Swann songs in aid of the charity.[32

Other patrons include Kristin Scott Thomas OBE,[38] The Rt. Hon. The Lord Ashdown of Norton-sub-Hamdon GCMG KBE PC, Martin Bell OBE, Arpad Busson, The Rt. Hon. The Lord Carrington KG, General The Rt Hon The Lord Dannatt KCB, CBE, MC, David Furnish, The Lady Jopling, Gordon McInally, H E Rt. Hon Donald C McKinnon, Mrs Lily Safra, The Rt Hon The Lord Selkirk of Douglas PC QC, Princess Marina Sturdza, Sam Taylor-Wood OBE, James Whiting, Claire Wright, Kate Adie OBE and Matt Bell.[39]

Kevin Spacey apologizes for alleged sex assault with a minor

Vicount Ian Kerr CGC‏ @IanKerr


Is that BBC DJ Fearne Cotton in the background ? Part of the BBC Billy Cotton dynasty ? Ex ‘girlfriend’ to the pop music paedophile Ian Watkins, currently serving 33 years ? Tut tut.

Image result for fearne cotton and ian watkins

Fearne Cotton – ex-boyfriend Ian Watkins pleads guilty to attempted rape on a baby

Fearne Cotton Presents Her Collection

Fearne Cotton presents her AW14 Fashion Collection For at The Groucho Club on July 30, 2014 in London, England.

Bono once serenaded Bill Clinton with a version of “Happy Christmas, Mr President” and Madonna hired the entire venue for private party.

Fearne Cotton’s great-uncle –

Bill Cotton Jr – close to paedophile Jimmy Savile

Call for an inquiry into the cover-up of child abuse on the Groucho Club’s members forum

The Groucho club’s management has refused to issue a full and transparent account of the child abuse network, the rapes and the sexual haressment and assult of an employee.

Many of the celebrities now facing allegations, arrested or convicted in the past few years for sexual depravity such as the infant rapist, Ian Watkins, Weinstein, Spacey, Glitter, Saville, Harris, Hall, Max Clifford and others have frequented the Groucho Club. Harvey Weinstein is a lifetime member and was invited to write a chapter in a book about the Groucho Club where he talks about his membership.



Jeffrey Epstein: the billionaire paedophile with links to Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, Robert Maxwell – and Prince Andrew

Many A-list celebrities broke off links with the businessman after he was conviction of having sex with an underage girl

Epstein reportedly flew Tucker and Spacey to Africa on his private jet as part of a charitable endeavour.


Parliament Lied to the Daily Mail to Cover Up Barclays’ Role in Pedogate while Judiciary Chief Paul Kernaghan investigated for his role in Ted Heath’s paedophile ring.

  • Jes Staley appointed CEO of Barclays in 2015
  • Staley was lobbied into his position by elite paedophile pimp Jeffrey Epstein.
  • UK’s Treasury Select Committee told the Daily Mail it would quiz Staley.
  • Parliament’s response to FOIA confirms Staley’s appointment was never challenged.
  • Staley threatened to have gold rigging lawsuit quashed against his bank.
  • Police files show Judicial Internal Affairs boss Paul Kernaghan, tasked with investigating corrupt judges involved in Barclays gold rigging cover up, was a named suspect in RAINS list, that identified Ted Heath’s and Cyril Smith’s paedophilia five years before it became mainstream news.
  • Former Lord Chief Justice, Baron Thomas, and former Lord Chancellor Elizabeth Truss MP, covered up a judicial paedophilia normalization programme, and allowed Kernaghan to keep his post while he was under investigation for his role in child abuse rings.
  • The current Lord Chief Justice, Sir Ian Burnett, appears to have nullified the gold rigging lawsuit within 24 hours of Baron Thomas being notified of Deutsche Bank’s involvement in its £65 billion money laundering operation.
Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 7.59.20 PM.png

Above left, Staley and wife. Above right, Epstein and Prince Andrew.

Readers of the SGT Report or The International Reporter may be aware of an article they kindly published for me in the Summer in which I reviewed some of Epstein’s links into the British banking system.

Of particular and personal interest to me is one Jes Staley, current CEO of Barclays, who threatened to have my lawsuit against his bank struck out of court. His bank appears to be incriminated by Deutsche Bank in a parallel lawsuit in New York.

The Daily Mail had published an article concerning Staley’s appointment, for it appears that the top position was gifted to him by his friend, the infamous paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein was reported to have threatened the nation of Great Britain should the establishment have hired someone else.

Now while the Treasury Select Committee in that article told the Daily Mail and its readers it would grille Staley on these very serious allegations, a response to a Freedom of Information Act request told another story:

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 8.02.32 PM.png

Mark Garnier MP and John Mann MP were both explicitly named in the Daily Mail article. I had written a letter to them shortly after the FOIA response came back (on the 26th July 2017) to ask why there was an apparent contradiction. Neither MP responded. Jeremy Lefroy, my constituency MP, said he would ask the head of the Treasury Select Committee for an explanation. Mr Lefroy is almost singular – a politician who provided the UK courts a letter of recommendation, advocating summary judgement against Deutsche Bank for gold manipulation. Precious metal rigging is up there with #pizzagate when it comes to discussion in mainstream politician venues. In the event that some ‘honest’ explanation is found, it will be published in a follow-up article.

As a side note, Staley is an executive of the Robin Hood Foundation, from which disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein resigned on the 10th of October 2017. Weinstein seems to be a sadistic sexual predator and is involved with the Clintons, the Democrats and Jeffrey Epstein – just like Jes Staley.

Diana Jenkins, the ex-wife of former Barclays executive Roger Jenkins (not to be confused with Barclays’ Anthony Jenkins) was recently alleged to have been running an elite paedophile ring in Hollywood circles. Diana Jenkins is involved with the Clintons, the Qataris and Haiti, having funded Sean Penn’s ventures into that country. Roger Jenkins is currently in custody and facing a trial for corrupt deals with Qatar. Qatar fund ISIS, who are known to swap arms for gold – the price of which Barclays’ cabal friend – Deutsche Bank – is known to have suppressed.

The FOIA implies Parliament’s Treasury Select Committee told an outright lie to the Daily

Mail and its readership suggesting the Westminster paedophile ring has agents therein. One may think that the Financial Markets and Services Group – another Parliamentary Quango – would be interested in a banker appointed at the decree of a convicted paedophile pimp Jeffrey Epstein. None of its members would reply to an email to them on these matters written in August of this year. Interestingly the father of a prominent member of that group is on the RAINS list, along with Ted Heath, Cyril Smith, Michael Winner, Paul Kernaghan and many others.

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 8.04.15 PM.png

The RAINS List (Ritual Abuse Information Network and Support)

As a result of naming and shaming particularly insidious characters in the executive of the UK Judiciary, I have been contacted by people involved with their own battles against corruption against the very same people. Some of these are in the police and intelligence services, and they were kind enough to supply me with an internal memo, otherwise known as the RAINS list. Up to now it has been top secret and even Chief Constable Mike Veale was not disclosed a copy when he was investigating allegations of child rape against former Prime Minister Ted Heath. Mike Veale concluded that a number of independent allegations against Heath from the 1960s were entirely valid. Veale had been pressurized by many MPs to whitewash the investigation, some of whom have friends and colleagues named in the RAINS list. One famous Daily Mail columnist who railed against Veale earlier this month is also on the list.

The document was compiled between 2005 and 2007 – way before the allegations against Ted Heath and Cyril Smith caught the mainstream attention. It also named Michael Winner, the deceased executive from the same mould as Harvey Weinstein. It alleges a child abuse cult. Ted Heath was accused in it of wearing a set of fake claws when he molested his victims, which is the appendage of a sadists’ sexual fantasy. The fact that individuals named on that list have been determined to be guilty for the type of allegations made elsewhere gives very great credibility to its source. Not all of the names are suspects, some are informants, so it would be irresponsible to release the entire document.

The important message is that the RAINS list alleges a paedophile ring, not just names of

people under investigation, and that Cyril Smith and Ted Heath were part of the same ring. There are a number of MPs still living on that list, and some still serve in the House of Lords so its release is greatly feared by those culprits that know of its existence. In the case that I am suicided, arrested, dispossessed or my reputation ruined, the full list will go public. But I will expose one name here – perhaps the most serious entry on the list, for he is Paul Kernaghan, Judicial Appointment and Conduct Ombudsman – the man who judges the judges in the UK.

He was a former police chief, who retired early and given new life in the judiciary. He has been alleged to have covered-up paedophile rings while he served as police chief from several independent sources, and these have led to an ongoing investigation. His entry in the RAINS list claims he was involved in a Satanic Freemason ritual. The allegation would have come from detectives in the paedophile ring so we can figure those rituals would involve the abuse of children.

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 8.05.10 PM.png

Kernaghan is known to me, because he let the former Lord Chief Justice, Baron Thomas, avoid recusal from office for violating the Data Protection Act. Thomas had refused to admit that his successor, Sir Ian Burnett, never had a transcript of hearing when Burnett dismissed over twenty allegations of misconduct against former Judge Simon Brown QC in my lawsuit against Deutsche Bank for gold rigging. In that lawsuit I alleged Deutsche Bank were involved in a Russian money laundering operation. Subsequently Deutsche Bank, RBS, Barclays and HSBC (all defendants in my lawsuit) are shown to be involved exactly as alleged to the tune of £65 billion. Email records show that Burnett closed the appeals 24 hours after my letter to Thomas arrived in his email folder.

Now it is unthinkable that Kernaghan could be under investigation not just for blocking a police investigation into paedophile rings, but under investigation for indulging in those vices himself as part of some perverted sub-cult of Freemasons, while the former Lord Chancellor Elizabeth Truss and the current Lord Chancellor David Lidington MP and the former Lord Chief Justice Baron Thomas and current Lord Chief Justice Sir Ian Burnett were never informed. They would have to know that Kernaghan was under investigation, and that he was named in the RAINS list. He was entirely unfit for office. At the very least he should have been suspended until the investigation was concluded.

Of course, if they did know, they would be in perfect position to blackmail Kernaghan, and Burnett would be sure to have kept his office and Thomas avoided disgrace for the cover up of the most serious financial frauds. Baron Thomas has personally put men in prison (Tom Hayes et al) for Libor rigging. For that matter, Julian Assange has spent more than half a decade holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy as a result of Thomas’ decrees. Wikileaks has released documents that showed gold rigging fraud was established at the national level. Liabilities for gold rigging are estimated to

be more than an order of magnitude higher than those of Libor manipulation.

Judge Simon Brown QC, before his early ‘retirement’ appears to have done judicial favours for businessman Alan Jackson who is involved with Acorns – a charity for dying children. Such a charity is a perfect vehicle for some special kinds of activity is it not? One wonders whether Brown’s payment involved visits to those dying children, and whether Kernaghan ever met Brown or Jackson at a Freemason ceremony, and if so, what were kind of rituals went on? Brown was administrating a charity for a boys’ school from 2002-2005.

In my latest hearing Deutsche Bank still claim to be undertaking their gold trading audits, they claimed in Reuters – even after they released 75 audiotapes incriminating themselves in the New York lawsuit. They refused to hand over receipts and would neither confirm nor deny destroying them. Anshu Jain’s lawyers claimed he was entitled to received enhanced damages due to the attack I made on the reputation of judges. Judge David James Worster awarded them £15,000 on that basis. Presumably Jain intends to distribute the winnings to Kernaghan and Burnett. Worster invited me to appeal his ruling that deemed my allegations of Deutsche Bank’s gold rigging as ‘totally without merit.’ The appeal would involve Kernaghan and Burnett, executives of the judiciary. The Birmingham Courts have refused my request for a copy of the court recording. Not a single lawyer from the New York lawsuit would help me, not one answered an email. It is ironic then that they have complained that the US Department of Justice had refused to disclose materials that would help them with their lawsuit. What comes around goes around.

I remind the reader that Truss and Thomas ran a paedophile normalization programme that failed miserably and led to the abuse, rape and murder of children. Kernaghan never reproached either for that. Well he wouldn’t would he?

Kevin Spacey in Jeffrey Epstein’s  Black Book

Kevin Spacey was given a private tour of Buckingham Palace by Prince Andrew – and he even sat on the THRONE

The Duke of York personally escorted the actor into the heart of the Palace, including areas that are strictly off-limits to most visitors

12th November 2017

Senior royal sources claimed pictures of Spacey were taken inside the Queen’s hallowed throne room.

It is Buck House’s centrepiece, decked out with glittering chandeliers and silk wallpaper.

Last night sources close to the Duke said he had “no recollection” of Spacey being let inside.

Royal experts described the July party — whose guests included Andrew’s daughter Eugenie, 27 — as “tawdry”.

And it revived questions about the Duke’s choice of friendships with the rich and famous.

Both Spacey, 58, and Andrew were pals of paedophile US billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who was jailed for trying to hire a 14-year-old girl as a prostitute.

Andrew, 57, quit as a UK trade envoy in 2011 after the friendship was revealed.

A royal source said: “Buckingham Palace is not a theme park to be used for private tours, it’s the heart of the  monarchy.

“The Duke’s decision to invite Spacey for a personal guided visit was not ideal then.

“Against the backdrop of the current allegations against Spacey, it looks even worse.”

Spacey was artistic director of London’s Old Vic theatre from 2004 to 2015 and became a darling of the British arts scene.

But last month Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp accused him of trying to seduce him at 14.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman said last night: “The Palace is home to a number of members of the Royal Family who, from time to time, host guests in a private capacity.”

Spacey’s lawyer did not respond to a request for comment.



Jeffrey Epstein News Articles

Excerpts of Key Jeffrey Epstein News Articles in Media

Below are highly revealing excerpts of important Jeffrey Epstein news articles from the major media suggesting a cover-up. Links are provided to the full news articles for verification. If any link fails to function, read this webpage. These Jeffrey Epstein news articles are listed by order of importance. You can also explore the articles listed by order of the date of the news article or by the date posted. By choosing to educate ourselves and to spread the word, we can and will build a brighter future.



A contest was arranged:  proceeds donated by the famous rock band to NAYC for its Jimmy Savile Fun and Happiness project which give young people in special need an opportunity to spend a free holiday in the company of Jimmy Savile – a vice president of NAYC following a programme of visits of interest and entertainment.

2 September 1974 –


Prince Charles’ close friend and advisor and charity head – Sir Harold Haywood was in charge of NAYC 1955-1974

 Sir Harold Haywood originated from the National Association of Youth Clubs…NAYC invited Tom O’Carroll of PIE to speak at youth conf 1978

In 1977 Haywood was appointed director of the Royal Jubilee Trust, to help disadvantaged young people, and subsequently became director of the Prince’s Trust until 1988.

Director Royal Jubilee Trusts, United Kingdom, 1977-1988;


A prize for the best artwork was presented by DJ Alan Freeman to 3 winners

NAYC – one of the largest youth organisations catering for young people – is benefitting from the Emerson Lake and Palmer ‘Brain Salad Surgery’ Painting Exhibition at Command Studio, 201 Piccadilly, all this week.

The proceeds are being donated by the famous rock band to NAYC for its Jimmy Savile Fun and Happiness project which give young people in special need an opportunity to spend a free holiday in the company of Jimmy Savile – a vice president of NAYC – following a programme of visits of interest and entertainment.

NAYC were put in touch with the promoters of the ELP Exhibition by The Tea Council, sponsors of a Jimmy Savile Fun and Happiness Week to be hold during Club Week, 19 to 26 October, this year.

The takings from the Exhibition on Thursday and Friday are in aid of the London Union of Youth Clubs and will be used for their special holidays for handicapped and deprived children.

Alan Freeman, who is expected at Command Studios on Thursday, is a Vice President of LUYC and takes a close and active interest in their work.

Further information from: Joan Bickell, NAYC, 30 Devonshire Street, London W1N 2AP Tel: 01-935 2941 or Danny Posner, Command Studio, 201 Piccadilly, London W.1. Tel:01-734 0181



 Alan Freeman was the Vice-President of the London Union of Youth Clubs and his daily show spotlighted Youth Club activities.

Savile with Freeman (right) on Top of the Pops in 1964

Man tells of agony at the hands of BBC paedo ring involving DJ Alan Freeman and evil pal Jimmy Savile

The traumatised victim claims he was just 11 when German film actor Victor Beaumont lured him to his plush London flat where the BBC stars raped him – his horrific ordeal came in 1964 – the year Savile and Freeman were founder presenters of Top of the Pops.

He said: “People must have been aware what Freeman was up to but he and Savile and the likes of them were allowed to get away with it.”



Satanist Derry Mainwaring Knight and others involved in his case

HRH Crafty Muvva‏ @craftymuvva:

Greville Janner & Fluff Freeman – Water Rats ball, 1978


The ‘Celebrity Club’, 1977-78

Prince Charles’ Trusted charity aide – Sir Harold Haywood of The Prince’s Trust and Chairman of the Albany Trust

Diane‏ @diane_320msncom

‘A day in the life of Jimmy Saville’ Feature by Mike Hellicar.

Here he is pictured resting in a West End office foyer for The Association of Youth Clubs. 7th October 1971

Image result for Devonshire Street House west end london ogilvy

Savile and his driver, Dennis Garbutt , 1971, at West End office Association of Youth Clubs

Dennis Garbutt said the paedophile presenter lured vulnerable girls as young as 12 into the vehicle during fundraising events

“He said, ‘These girls are barely older than our daughter, who was 12 at the time.’ It happened at the Leeds General Infirmary, at Broadmoor and in London.

Dennis worked for Savile in 1971, driving his first mobile home.


Albany Trust’s Sir Harry Haywood –  he occupied one of the top positions at the National Association of Youth Clubs, first leading as Education and Training Director, and then Director of Youth Work.

Under his Directorship from 1955-1974,

Sir Angus Ogilvy, husband of Princess Alexandra was appointed President, with Jimmy Savile as Vice-President;

a slew of celebrity attended fundraising events were organized

Image result for nayc savile ogilvy

Savile in 1969 with (PHAB) members at a dance at Devonshire House


‘Photographs of PHAB members, Princess Alexandra, Angus Ogilvy and others outside Thatched Lodge in Richmond Park, London, the home of Princess Alexandra and Angus Ogilvy. Eighty members of the PHAB club at Devonshire Street House met outside the lodge for a sponsored walk around Richmond Park to raise money for their PHAB club.’

(University of Birmingham – collections)

‘Photographs of a visit to Devonshire Street House by Cliff Richard following his appeal on television for donations to help the development of PHAB clubs and courses.’

(University of Birmingham – collections)

Jim’ll Fix It. Jimmy Savile makes some kiddies’ dreams come true, with help from Angus Ogilvy…

The Guardian London, Greater London, England Monday, August 28, 1978 – 16

 photo nayc tea_zps2uxxpqtg.jpg


23rd October 1972

Nov 18, 1970 – National Association of Youth Clubs, 1961- …… sponsorship and various fundraising events. …… including Angus Ogilvy, Jimmy Savile, Rolf …. Photographs relating to Club Week. …… /5: NAYC Tea-rific Fun and Happiness.

Savile calls from the Wren House International Telephone Exchange in London in 1975 as part of a

Savile calls from the Wren House International Telephone Exchange in London 14th April 1975.

  Savile is visiting as part of a ‘Fun And Happiness Weekend’, organized by the National Association of Youth Clubs.

He is calling exchange worker and children’s charity worker Kathy Day in Pittsburgh, USA



29th January 1976

Despite Haywood’s departure, with his London flat at 22 Park Crescent round the corner from Devonshire House NAYC HQ Savile stopping by was still a frequent occurrence and he maintained close links with both NAYC and PHAB beyond Haywood’s tenure.

During 1974 and 1975 Savile was holding annual fundraising events ‘Tea-rific’ for NAYC and while writing his autobiography (published in 1974) referred to himself as Vice-President to Angus Ogilvy’s President.

In 1974 Savile had also become Honorary President of PHAB when it became an independent charity.


Karn Evil 9″ was written by Keith Emerson, Greg Lake and Peter Sinfield

The title “Karn Evil 9” comes from a dark twist on the word “carnival.” The number 9 came from the original idea for the song, about an evil planet called Ganton 9.

The song tells the story of a dystopian future over the course of 3 “impressions,” which resembles the structure of a classical sonata.

The First Impression begins with the history of the world, back to the beginning of time. It tells the story of the Earth’s creation all the way through to today, when men are consumed with greed an money. And then it goes further, to the future, when items from the world we know, like a blade of grass, are on display in a freak show carnival alongside some more creepy and morbid things, like a bomb in a car, rows of Bishops’ heads in jars, and human tears.

The Second Impression is an instrumental break, but supposedly, it’s meant to represent technology plotting against humans. Mankind remains ignorant as its creation, computers, slowly take over.

The lyrics come back to explain that now, we’ve broken into an all-out war of man vs. machine. The result of the war is left up to interpretation
the first movement, the lyrics refer to a warning “About an age of power no one had an hour to spare”. This is a reference to the direction they see society moving. People are becoming obsessed with lots of things that don’t matter and losing sight of the things that are important. There is reference to children being neglected.

The story of “Karn Evil 9″…The decadence of the old world is preserved through exhibits that are part of a futuristic carnival show, which exhibits depravities like “seven virgins and a mule,” along with things that are rare in the future, such as a “real blade of grass.”


Radio disk jockeys Alan Freeman and David Hamilton and the orchestra conductor, Geoff Love, played bit parts in Mr Derry Mainwaring Knight’s (connected to paedophile Bishop Peter Ball) extraordinary life.

They were guests at a £3,000 champagne birthday party aboard a paddle-steamer on the Thames thrown for Angela Morgan, Mr Knight’s one-time mistress and the principal beneficiary, after himself, of his generosity with other people’s money. )

  1986: Fluff Freeman attends satanist’s party in Richmond. Derry Mainwaring-Knight


Jimmy Savile and Princess Alexandra meeting at Avon Tyrrel House in New Forest, Hampshire.  Avon Tyrrel House helps disadvantaged children. 1978

Faithful friend: The Queen with her cousin Princess Alexandra at Buckingham Palace last month. The ‘girls’ — Queen and Princess — deliberately matched their diamonds, pearls and even the colour and material of their outfits; the hidden message being ‘tonight we’re equals’

Faithful friend: The Queen with her cousin Princess Alexandra at Buckingham Palace last month. The ‘girls’ — Queen and Princess — deliberately matched their diamonds, pearls and even the colour and material of their outfits; the hidden message being ‘tonight we’re equals’

The Princess scandal couldn’t destroy: Rumours of an affair with Philip. A daughter who told all to the tabloids. A husband caught up in City corruption. Yet Princess Alexandra has won the Queen’s gratitude for her sense of duty
  • The Queen’s cousin Princess Alexandra has never put a foot wrong
  • Alexandra married Old Etonian, the Hon Angus Ogilvy, who fell under the spell of maverick businessman Roland ‘Tiny’ Rowland
  • Ogilvy was director of Rowland’s firm Lonrho and was damned as ‘negligent’ in an official report when corruption was exposed
  • Alexandra’s daughter, Marina, sold her story of, so she claimed, her ‘snarling’ mother and father’s ‘excessive drinking’ to a downmarket tabloid

She will be 80 tomorrow – Princess Alexandra carries on with her duties just as she has done over the past six decades.

… the polished exterior conceals a history of turmoil and upset

She is the Queen’s cousin — and, in truth, is more blue-blooded than the monarch, descending as she does from kings through both parents.

Above all, she remains the favourite among Her Majesty’s wider family.

At the last tally, she was patron of more than 100 organisations (ranging from the British Skin Foundation to the Light Infantry Club and the British Goat Society) and her workload includes visiting hospices, meeting Alzheimer’s sufferers and working with the blind.

At Buckingham Palace last month, the Queen held a party to celebrate Alexandra’s charity work and to mark her forthcoming birthday.

The ‘girls’ — Queen and Princess — deliberately matched their diamonds, pearls and even the colour and material of their outfits; the hidden message being ‘tonight we’re equals’.

They’re good friends. It was in Alexandra’s back garden that the young Prince Philip, an unpolished sailor not yet accepted by George VI as suitable marriage material for his eldest daughter — and certainly not allowed any unchaperoned contact with her — used to secretly court the young Princess Elizabeth.

Once cupid had done his work, Alexandra was rewarded with an invitation to be one of the bridesmaids at the 1947 royal wedding.

In recent weeks, the Queen learned of the death of two of her bridesmaids — the Hon Margaret Rhodes, 91, and Lady Elizabeth Longman, 92 — but the Princess remains undimmed by the years.

The monarch and her cousin at the Royal Festival Hall in 1962. Only days after Princess Alexandra was born — on Christmas Day, 1936 — her father Prince George was discovered ‘in the company’ of Paula Gellibrand, a noted society beauty married to a former MP

The monarch and her cousin at the Royal Festival Hall in 1962. Only days after Princess Alexandra was born — on Christmas Day, 1936 — her father Prince George was discovered ‘in the company’ of Paula Gellibrand, a noted society beauty married to a former MP

Her speech at the palace party was word-perfect — and without the need for spectacles.

Her royal style is muted and unflashy. This is in stark contrast to some of the more lurid events that have surrounded her life.

Her father — the Queen’s uncle, Prince George, Duke of Kent — was a man for whom the phrase ‘not safe in taxis’ (with either sex) was invented.

Burdened with a libido the size of an elephant, he bedded ladies and the occasional chap before and after his marriage to Princess Marina, grand-daughter of George I of Greece.

Indeed, only days after Princess Alexandra was born — on Christmas Day, 1936 — George was discovered ‘in the company’ of Paula Gellibrand, a noted society beauty married to a former MP, forcing the Prince and the man he cuckolded to issue hot denials. Her father’s biggest crush was Kiki Preston, the morphine-smuggling daughter of a scion of the vastly rich Vanderbilt family in America.

But he never let up his sexual pursuit. Even in the hours leading up to his death in a mysterious plane crash on a Scottish hillside in September 1942, he was playing fast and loose in the apartment of his latest popsy in London’s Grosvenor Square.

Princess Alexandra and fiance Angus Ogilvy after their engagement was announced. Ogilvy was impressionable, and he fell under the spell of the maverick businessman Roland ‘Tiny’ Rowland. To cut a long story short, he became a director of his firm Lonrho and was damned as ‘negligent’ in an official report when corruption was exposed

Princess Alexandra and fiance Angus Ogilvy after their engagement was announced.

 Ogilvy and businessman Roland ‘Tiny’ Rowland…. To cut a long story short, he became a director of his firm Lonrho and was damned as ‘negligent’ in an official report when corruption was exposed

Alexandra’s ice-cool mother, Princess Marina, rose above her husband’s infidelity — though, perhaps understand-ably, it took her 20 years to pay a visit to the memorial on the spot where he died as he was travelling to Iceland in a Sunderland flying boat.

Meanwhile, Alexandra, together with her brothers Eddie (the Duke of Kent) and Michael (Prince Michael of Kent) grew up in their Buckinghamshire home, Coppins.

No one had anticipated Alexandra’s father might die, even though he was a serving RAF officer, and suddenly all of his princely income dried up.

The parsimonious king, George VI, bailed her out with a tiny allowance, but Marina ‘acquired a reputation for meanness’, according to her biographer Audrey Whiting.

Against this background, her daughter Alexandra became the first royal princess to be sent away to school — Heathfield, in Sussex — rather than being taught at home.

And when her cousin Elizabeth became Queen on her father’s premature death, Alexandra was catapulted up the royal batting order to become sixth in line to the throne.

She was the most eligible woman in Britain and the hot tip was she would marry an Old Etonian landowner three years her senior, Lord O’Neill, whose stepfather was the James Bond author Ian Fleming.

Instead, she plumped for yet another Old Etonian, the Hon Angus Ogilvy, a son of the royal- connected Earls of Airlie.

The marriage has been happy and devoted, but beset by problems from the start.

The first occurred just days after their Westminster Abbey nuptials in April 1963.

At the invitation of the Queen, the newlyweds spent their honeymoon at Birkhall (now the Scottish home of Prince Charles and Camilla).

It was there that they were caught in a field by a freelance photographer, Ray Bellisario, doing what newlyweds are inclined to do.

These days, the Royal Family takes care — in general at least — to prevent themselves being exposed to prying long lenses.

But the world was a more innocent, not to say obsequious, place in those days.

This did not include the enterprising Bellisario, whose images of the couple became legendary among photographers and editors the world over for their audacity, even though they were never published.

There were pink cheeks all round and everyone tried to forget about the incident. Quite soon the photographer decided to continue his career abroad.

Soon after, rumours emerged that Prince Philip and Alexandra had engaged in an affair.

In his biography Philip And Elizabeth, writer Gyles Brandreth confirms that Ogilvy was so dismayed by the tittle-tattle that he raised the matter with the Queen’s private secretary Martin Charteris, seeking advice as to what to do.

For his part, Ogilvy was later able to say to Brandreth that Philip was ‘a good man’. And the Queen went on to make Alexandra one of the rare Lady Companions of the Order of the Garter in 2003.

Ogilvy  had worked in the City before getting married and hoped his income and energy — he regularly worked a 12-hour day — would pay for them to live a comfortable life.

To cut a long story short, he became a director of his firm Lonrho and was damned as ‘negligent’ in an official report when corruption was exposed — an affair that led the then prime minister, Edward Heath, to damn it as ‘the unacceptable face of capitalism’.

Ogilvy, a board member, was forced to resign his business connections. The epithet ‘negligent’ was considered kindly as many felt he escaped greater punishment thanks to his royal links.

He, and the Princess, were humiliated — though she never let it show. The official investigation into Lonrho besmirched all those involved, with Rowland cockily boasting: ‘I had him [Ogilvy] eating out of my hand.’

One morning, Alexandra and her husband Angus Ogilvy woke to find their 37-year-old rebellious daughter, Marina Mowatt (above in 1990) had gone to a downmarket tabloid and sold her story

This pressure certainly led to the next crisis in his family’s life — the day the Royal Family was betrayed by his daughter, Marina. One morning, Alexandra and Ogilvy woke to find their 37-year-old rebellious daughter had gone to a downmarket tabloid and sold her story.

And a distressingly ugly tale it was — her father’s excessive drinking and her ‘snarling’ mother.

This followed the fact that some years earlier, in 1990, Marina had become pregnant out of wedlock.

She claimed her parents ordered her to have an abortion or get married straightaway to the baby’s father.

For several days of the newspaper’s serialisation of her story, the revelations about life at Thatched House Lodge, the Ogilvy home in Richmond Park, London, continued to spill out.

For her part, the Queen went into meltdown, said her biographer Sarah Bradford, who explained: ‘One of the few times she was ever seen to explode with rage was at these scathing revelations.’

The storm passed. Marina, who had since married photographer Paul Mowatt, then got a divorce; her father said some nice things about his former son-in-law; and Marina was allowed back on to the balcony at Buckingham Palace for royal events.


White’s Gentlemen’s Club


White’s Gentlemen’s Club was implicated in the great ‘Cambridge Spies’ scandal.

Some have claimed that the recruitment and subsequent movements of Guy Burgess, Donald Duart, Maclean, Kim Philby and Queen Elizabeth’s art advisor and  Mum’s cousin – Anthony Blunt were orchestrated from the club’s bar.


Once the languorous resting place of Prime Minister David Cameron, White’s Gentlemen’s Club is one of the oldest and most exclusive of them all

james reeves ‏@reeves3915

david camerons dad owned whites,a club where many boys were taken too,only the best for those if,ifs,child sex abusers

Ian Cameron – former chairman of White’s Gentlemen’s Club and a former High Sheriff of Berkshire


David Cameron’s mother does volunteer work at Chieveley and Area Children’s Centre in Berkshire

Her father  – Sir William Mount, 2d Baronet

was appointed as High Sheriff of Berkshire and Vice-Lieutenant for Berkshire


White’s Club members:

Anthony Brand, 6th Viscount Hampden – Lord Hampden

Anthony David Brand and Peter Ball (convicted paedophile and close friend of and advisor to Prince Charles) were involved in the Derry Mainwaring Knight Satanist trial.  Anthony Brand gave £39,000  to Knight. .

Image result for Susan Sainsbury

Susan Sainsury ponied up nearly £120,000 pounds. Her husband David Sainsbury founded the Gatsby Charitable Foundation in 1967. 

The Sainsbury family is related to former CSA Inquiry head Elizabeth Butler-Sloss – Nigel Havers‘ auntie

Image result for prince charles and robert butler-sloss

2016 Elizabeth Butler-Sloss and Camilla at Wow function link

Elizabeth Butler-Sloss and her husband, Joseph William Alexander Butler-Sloss, have three children:

Hon. Frances Ann Josephine Butler-Sloss (now Richmond) (b. 13 October 1959);

Hon. Robert Joseph Neville Galmoye Butler-Sloss (b. 15 July 1962);

Hon. William Edmund Patchell Minchin Butler-Sloss (b. 21 September 1967)

 The Baroness Butler-Sloss is a church-going Anglican.

In 2002 she chaired the Crown Appointments charged with the selection of a new Archbishop of Canterbury.

She is Chairman of the Advisory Council of St Paul’s Cathedral.


The last Sainsbury to be chairman of the company was David.  John Davan Sainsbury is life president.

2009 His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales Prince Charles with Sarah Butler-Sloss, Executive Chair of the Ashden Awards and Sara’s brother Mark Sainsbury, Trustee of the Ashden Awards


John Davan Sainsbury

John Davan Sainsbury’s daughter, Sarah, is married to the son of Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, Hon. Robert Joseph Neville Galmoye Butler-Sloss

Robert Butler-Sloss; Anthony Radford, by Chris Garnham, September 1984 - NPG x38373 - © estate of Chris Garnham / National Portrait Gallery, London

1984 Robert Butler-Sloss; Anthony Radford



Image result for Ashden’s patron HRH The Prince of Wales Prince Charles and butler-sloss

Sarah Butler-Sloss, Founder Director of Ashden with Ashden Patron HRH The Prince of Wales and Ashden winners at Clarence House

Ashden’s patron HRH The Prince of Wales Prince Charles

Daughter-in-law of Dame Elizabeth Butler-Slosss, Sarah Butler-Sloss, is an internationally-recognised leader in the field of green energy and sustainable development. She and her husband established the Ashden Trust in 1989, which is one of the 18 charitable trusts and foundations established by members of the Sainsbury family.
In 2001, she launched the Ashden Awards, which recognise and support those working on sustainable energy initiatives.

Righton on headed NISW paper wrote to the Department of Education claiming he was a counsellor of convicted paedophiles ( in reality they were his close knit PIE friends ) and that he had counselled Napier to the point he was no longer a risk to children and could return to teaching.

He added in his letter to the D of Ed that to be doubly certain he ( Righton ) had sought a second opinion from a well known child psychiatrist who concurred with his expert opinion

The psychiatrist in question was Dr.Morris Fraser, another convicted paedophile and PIE member who wrote a supporting report on Great Ormond St headed note paper

This allowed Napier to embark on a new teaching career abroad employed by the British Council, founded by the UK Government in 1934

He was able ( by his own admission in a number of letters to Righton over many years ) to abuse countless number of boys in Sweden and Egypt over many years in the late 70’s through the 80’s until 1992 when the arrest of Righton and the discovery of these letters led to his ( Napier’s) immediate dismissal

In 1979, a Steering Committee was established to manage and oversee a course designed to provide an alternate qualification to the CQSW and CSS in managing disturbed young children in a residential setting.

The idea was formed by Paul Gautier, a leading psycho-educationalist at the time, following a trip to Canada.

Nick Stacey, the Director of Kent social services, formed the steering committee and funding was received from the Gatsby Trust, part of the Sainsbury Foundation.

They received £60,000 over a three year period.

£15,000 per year of this was spent on the Director salary.

The Steering committee consisted of:

Nick Stacey;

John Rea Price, Islington Director of social services;

Mary Joynson, Barnardo’s;

Janet Mattinson, Tavistock Centre;

Godfrey Godfrey-Isaacs, Peper Harow;

Peter Righton, Director of social work education, National Institute of Social Work;


via troy

Sainburys and PIE member Peter Righton

SWT, Social Work Today, Volume 11, Issues 1-12
British Assn. of Social Workers., 1979[Page 3-4]

The £15,000 a year job to head the three year project is to be funded by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation, an offshoot of the ***Sainsbury Foundation***.
Its aims are to find out the training needs of staff working in residential centres for disturbed and delinquent young people;

Mrs Kahan will be working with a steering committee which includes G. Godfrey Isaacs, chairman of Peper Harow, Mary Joynson, director of child care at Barnardo’s, and ***Peter Righton***, director of social work education at the National Institute for Social Work.

Paedophile Peter Righton ‘Had Documents Linking Him To Establishment Child Abuse Ring’

Others who gave to Derry Mainwaring Knight...members of St. Mary’s Church and other area residents donated a staggering sum (over £300,000) to Knight. The county high sheriff gave over £83,000 pounds.

Anthony David Brand, Lord Hampden contributed a Rolls-Royce with state-of-the-art communications equipment.

2014 – Susan Sainsbury:


Prince Charles awards Susie Sainsbury

Susan Sainsbury  Lady Susie Sainsbury of Turville, who has been awarded with the Prince of Wales Medal for Arts Philanthropy. HRH The Prince of Wales presented Lady Sainsbury with the award at St James’s Palace on Wednesday, in recognition of her 30 years of voluntary service in the arts.

Image result for tima and susan sainsbury

Joanna Lumley was master of ceremonies at the event in the Palace’s state apartments.

Prince Charles presents arts awards Stock Photo

Prince Charles presents arts awards Stock Photo

2013 Host Joanna Lumley with Lord Jacob Rothschild who is one of the recipients of The Prince of Wales Medal for Arts Philanthropy for 2013 at a ceremony at St James’s Palace in London.

Image result for peter ball guilty scandal

Rev Peter Ball with Prime minister Margaret Thatcher, Sir Donald Maclean and MP John Wakeham

The Right Reverend Peter Ball, of Lewes wrote a letter on Derry Mainwaring Knight’s behalf, requesting donations for his “necessary work”. In November 1983,

Reverend Baker secured a £25,000 loan from a Christian charity and handed it over to Knight.

Derry Mainwaring Knight declared he would have no need to bilk money out of churchgoers, because he was a successful pimp.

Image result for derry main-waring knight

Image result for derry main-waring knight

The county of Sussex has a fairly notorious reputation for occult activity especially centred on Brighton, Eastbourne, Hastings, Lewes, Rottingdean, Seaford, Clapham, Patching etc. and probably about a dozen places in-between.

How did Derry Mainwaring Knight manage to get such ridiculously large sums of money out of titled, wealthy people…? I have often wondered if Knight was blackmailing these people and they were paying for his silence.”






White’s Gentlemen’s Club member Anthony Brand was also an author and Lord Longford wrote the foreward to his book  A Glimpse of Glynde

Lord Longford – supporter of child murderer Myra Hindley and Jimmy Savile colleague



Anthony Brand is by blood related to the noble Spencer family as he’s a descendant of Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire, daughter of John Spencer.

This makes him a distant cousin of Diana, Princess of Wales and her sons Prince William, and Prince Harry, as well as to Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer.

Debo Cavendish also a friend of Jimmy Savile:

From the Jimmy Savile auction..

A collection of Christmas greetings cards, including from members of the Royal Household,

four from Princess Alexandra The Honourable Lady Ogilvy and Sir Angus Ogilvy

and two handwritten postcards from Deborah Duchess of Devonshire, signed ‘Debo’ (approx. 30)

Provenance: From the estate of Sir Jimmy Savile. OBE, KCSG, LLD (1926-2011)


Jimmy Savile and Princess Alexandra meeting at Avon Tyrrel House in New Forest, Hampshire.  Avon Tyrrel House helps disadvantaged children. 1978



Other members of White’s:

David Ogilvy – older brother of NAYC’s Angus Ogilvy – Jimmy Savile’s friend

Christopher Soames – father of Nicholas Soames – Close friend of Prince Charles and defender of Leon Brittan & Harvey Proctor

more on White’s Club

The only woman who has ever been entertained at White’s is Her Majesty the Queen, seen here leaving the normally men only club, in 1991

Prince Charles is a member and held his Bollinger champagne-fuelled stag night at the club before his wedding to Lady Diana Spencer, seen here leaving the club after the evening in 1981’s


Mary Cameron imposed prison sentences for peaceful anti-nuclear weapons protest by women at the Greenham Common Women’s Peace




David Cameron’s great, great grandfather – expert on venereal disease – treated aristocracy and royalty


Ah, so it was the syphilis!


British Prime Minister and an obscene act with a dead pig’s head: How David Cameron took part in sordid initiation ceremony after joining Oxford University dining society as a student


Panama Papers:


Cameron 1997 Buys offshore shares 2010 Sells shares (£30k) 2010 Inherits £300k daddy’s cash 2013 Lobbies EU to protect Trust Beneficiaries

Anthony John Wixted@TrojanManifesto

Panama Papers: offshore firm set up by Cameron’s father was moved to Ireland in year son became PM

Fund run by David Cameron’s father avoided paying tax in Britain


1. Cameron’s dad set up a 2nd Offshore Trust Fund

2. Cameron intervened to relax rules for Trust Fund inheritance beneficiaries


Hi @David_Cameron Here’s the proof that Dad had interests in Jersey, not that you’ve ever benefited from it

White’s Club Member Sir Tony Bamford – good friend of Prince Charles & Tony Blair is listed in convicted billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. result for anthony bamford and prince andrew

Prince Andrew and Tony Bamford NSPCC –

HRH Prince Andrew (second from right) receives a cheque for £2 million from Sir Anthony and Lady Bamford for the NSPCC raised by JCB and its employees


Anthony Paul Bamford, Baron Bamford, DL (born 23 October 1945) is a British businessman, chairman of JCB, educated at Ampleforth College. HHe was knighted in 1990[3] at the age of 45. His wealth was estimated at £3.1 billion as of April 2012.[2]

Bamford would have been at Ampleforth school when paedophile former priest Piers Grant-Ferris, son of Lord Harvington (who was good friends with the Thatchers and Ted Heath) was abusing at the school.

His offences took place while he was a teacher at Ampleforth in North Yorkshire between 1966 and 1975

Image result for anthony bamford prince charles

Bamford is close to Tony Blair and Prince Charles.[18]

He loaned money to Jeffrey Archer (investor in Harvey Proctor’s shirt shop).

Bamford is a major donor to the Conservative Party and donated £1m before the 2010 General Election. Altogether, Bamford has donated more than £4m personally and through JCB companies and, following the Panama Papers leak, documents from Mossack Fonseca show Bamford was the sole shareholder in a British Virgin Islands company called Casper Ltd. since 1994 (dissolved 2012).[12]

Prime Minister David Cameron recommended Bamford for a peerage in 2010.

Thursday will be the most awkward day so far. It will be Ladies’ day at royal ascot, when Sir Anthony Bamford, the diminutive billionaire chairman of the JCB digger empire, ushers his wife Carole into the White’s club members‘ tent behind the grandstand.

Were it not for some extraordinary and totally unexpected events of recent days, it should be the newly ennobled Lord Bamford who joins racing chums there.

The fact that he remains plain Sir Anthony has been a topic of intense discussion at White’s, the snootiest of London’s gentlemen’s clubs.

Oh, the disappointment of it all, especially among his family and friends.

William Hague and Sir Anthony

William Hague with Sir Anthony (left), who has given around £1million to the Tory Party

Image result for anthony bamford and prince andrew


‘Forty’ abusers at Catholic school

November 28 2017

Ampleforth Abbey in North Yorkshire is accused of being a “honeypot” for offenders

Ampleforth Abbey in North Yorkshire is accused of being a “honeypot” for offenders

Forty monks and teachers have been accused of sexually abusing boys at a leading Roman Catholic school that allegedly became a “honeypot” for offenders, it was revealed yesterday.

Reports of child sex offences at Ampleforth College in North Yorkshire were disclosed yesterday at a public hearing of an inquiry into the handling of abuse allegations by the Catholic church.

As a case study, the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse (IICSA) is examining safeguarding policies at two fee-paying boarding schools run by the English Benedictine Congregation — Ampleforth, and Downside in Somerset. Riel Karmy-Jones, QC, counsel to the inquiry, said that it would consider the prevalence of child abuse within the Catholic church and the extent to which Catholic culture “has or does inhibit the proper investigation and prevention” of such crimes.

Since 1996 three monks and two lay teachers at Ampleforth have been convicted of sex offences against pupils, but Ms Karmy-Jones said that the inquiry had been notified of multiple allegations against about 40 monks and teachers.

In an opening statement on behalf of 29 abuse survivors Richard Scorer, a specialist abuse lawyer at Slater and Gordon, the law firm, said that the “temptation to cover up” such crimes was “particularly acute in institutions associated with the Roman Catholic Church”. He said: “Where reputation is key to an organisation’s existence, there is likely to be an almost overwhelming desire to find some way of avoiding the bad publicity associated with child sex abuse.” Shared awareness among child abusers that their misconduct would be covered up, or dealt with in-house, explained why “some institutions become honeypots where multiple offenders operate”.

Mr Scorer urged the inquiry to consider recommending a change in the law to make failure to report abuse a criminal offence.

On behalf of 14 victims and survivors, David Enright said that it was “very difficult to explain” to a non-Catholic “the power and depth of influence the Catholic church exerts over its members. The abusers were not only men in positions of trust; they were seen by the abused, and their families, as spokesmen for the God they worship. It is hard to imagine a greater hold that a child abuser could have over his victim.”

Matthias Kelly, QC, counsel for Ampleforth, said that the school and the abbey wanted “to apologise for the hurt, injury, distress and damage done to those who were abused as a result of our failings”. He said that the school’s policy today was one of “full, transparent and immediate co-operation with the statutory agencies”.

For Downside and the English Benedictine Congregation, Kate Gallafent, QC, said that the Catholic church was committed to giving the inquiry “its full co-operation. The congregation expresses profound shame that any child has been the victim of sexual abuse whilst in the care of the schools connected with its abbeys.”

Ampleforth in Charity Commission takeover amid concerns of its management of sex abuse allegations

Ampleforth Abbey has been stripped of responsibility for pupil welfare by the Charity Commission amid concerns about its management of sex abuse allegations.

The Commission has removed responsibility for safeguarding matters from trustees at the prestigious boarding school as it said it had not improved its policies enough since an inquiry into the charity following allegations of sexual abuse was launched in 2016.

It said it had taken action “as a result of continued concerns about the extent to which current safeguarding risks to pupils at the schools run by the charities are being adequately managed”. 

The Commission opened inquiries into Ampleforth Abbey and the St Laurence Education Trust in November 2016 following revelations that alleged sexual abuse at the school had been covered up. 

Ampleforth Abbey runs a 200-year-old religious community on the same site as Ampleforth College in Yorkshire, which is run by the St Laurence Education Trust. St Laurence also runs prep school St Martin’s Ampleforth, which announced its closure earlier this year.

Last year the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse heard that allegations of sexual abuse had been made against 40 monks and teachers who had previously lived or worked at the Catholic boarding school and religious community. 

Emma Moody, a specialist charity lawyer at Womble Bond Dickinson, has now been appointed as interim manager of both charities.

Image result for Geordie Greig and clement freud

Geordie Greig – married to Kathryn

Members of his father’s family have been royal courtiers for three generations – including his sister Laura, who was a lady-in-waiting to Princess Diana.[3]

Editor of the London Evening Standard in February 2009.[6

In 2010 he was appointed Editorial Director of The Independent, The Independent on Sunday and i (Independent Print Ltd) and the Evening Standard.

In March 2012, Greig became editor of the Mail on Sunday while remaining a director of Independent Print Ltd and The London Evening Standard.

Image result for Geordie Greig and prince

Greig has also written about the life of Lucian Freud one of his few close friends.

He is married to Kathryn Terry.

Greig and his family live in Notting Hill

Image result for Geordie Greig and prince

Image result for Geordie Greig and prince

On 1 May 2005, The Observer newspaper termed Greig “Britain’s most connected man”.

He is a member of White’s.

Geordie & wife Katherine are in billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s black book

(some names in the black book are misspelled )

Lucian Freud’s brother Clement Freud – part of a Westminster  paedophile ring

Geordie Grieg –  one of a few close friends who regularly had breakfast with the painter.  Lucien Freud consorted with the Kray twins

Freud appears to have systematically sought out and seduced the teenaged daughters and nieces of his former friends and lovers. Themselves the sometimes neglected children of artists, drinkers and writers, they were vulnerable and easily won. Greig describes a shameful episode in which Freud slept with the extremely fragile daughter of a woman who had left him many years before. Not long afterwards this young woman died of a heroin overdose, at 17.  She was my childhood friend, as her mother had been my mother’s. She had long tangly hair and freckles. She was such a sweet girl.




Monk ‘who ran sex club involving young boys’ at country’s top Catholic School ‘remained in his job for eight years after allegations were first made’

Apr 5 2017

  • Father Jeremy Sierla allegedly ran ‘sex club’ for boys at Ampleforth College
  • He remained at Catholic school for eight years after allegations first made
  • Police told he would make pupils perform sex acts in their pyjamas 
  • Investigation began in 2004 but no charges were ever brought against him 

Detectives spoke to more than a dozen young men who attended the school’s Junior House between 1990 and 1993 when Father Jeremy was housemaster.

Some recalled the monk whipping boys’ bottoms with his habit, encouraging the pupils to tie him up, showering naked with them and putting his hands under their duvets, the Times reported.

Photos and video clips – none indecent – of Ampleforth pupils were found on Father Jeremy’s computer, including one of a 12-year-old boy holding a rose in his mouth.

Father Sierla, 59, lived and worked at £30,000-a-year college, pictured, until 2012, despite accusations first being made against him eight years previously

The investigation was triggered when the same boy, in his early 20s by 2004, made allegations to police about abuse he claimed Father Jeremy had subjected him to.

The monk was not charged after prosecutors ruled there was insufficient evidence against him, and the CPS said the case file was destroyed years ago, the Times reported.

Father Jeremy continued to work in the abbey shop from 2004 to 2012 and posed for photographs to promote Ampleforth’s own brand Abbey Beer.

A music teacher, Dara de Cogan, who joined Ampleforth in 2004 was jailed last week for sexually abusing a female student during violin lessons.

An police investigation was launched into his conduct at the Yorkshire Catholic school, pictured, in 2004 but no charges were ever brought against him

A school spokesman said that Father Jeremy’s continued presence at Ampleforth was approved at a meeting of safeguarding professionals in 2004 and that his case was reviewed again in 2007 by an independent safeguarding commission.

It took a further five years before the Department for Education (DfE)told Ampleforth he should not be allowed on school grounds. 

TheDfE said that it was unable to discuss individual cases but stressed it was ‘paramount that children are protected at school and that there are robust safeguards in place’.

It added: ‘Where schools fail to meet standards, we will not hesitate to take action.’