Update on Peter Ball Establishment Cover-Up: FOI documents reveal Ball investigated in 2008 for being part of a suspected paedophile ring.


^ Prince Charles with his spiritual advisor –  paedophile Peter Ball in 1992



Sex abuse bishop Peter Ball released from prison

  • 4 February 2017

Peter Ball, 84, was jailed for 32 months in October 2015 after admitting a string of historical sex offences against 18 teenagers and young men.

The former bishop of Lewes and Gloucester was released from jail on Friday after serving 16 months.

Phil Johnson said he had served “less than a month for each of the victims”.

Richard Scorer, a lawyer representing a number of Ball’s victims, said his early release was “an affront to justice” and “a huge blow to his victims”.

“This was a man whose appalling crimes represented a gross and systematic abuse of trust spanning decades,” he said.

He said the sentence handed down to him was “in no way proportionate to the crimes committed”, and it seemed he had been freed “at the earliest opportunity”.

In February 2016, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Most Rev Justin Welby, commissioned an independent review of the Ball case.

Mr Johnson said its publication was not likely “for several more months”.

“I think it’s utterly ridiculous that it’s taken longer to write a report on what happened than it has for Peter Ball to serve his jail sentence,” he said.


 Article from the Sunday Times Magazine 29/1/17, just a few days before the former Bishop Peter Ball was released from prison.

Powerful figures intervened when Ball was investigated for abusing novice monks.

Neil Todd, a trainee monk reported the bishop for sexual abuse in 1992. He committed suicide 20 years later aged 38.

Ball was jailed for 32 months in 2015. There was reportedly considerable and unseemly negotiation between the defence and the CPS

Letters in Support of Bishop Peter Ball Make Extraordinary Reading. Also recording featuring Baroness Butler Sloss

Prince Charles’ bishop ‘friend’ is freed from prison early – despite committing horrific sex offences against 18 teenagers and young men

A predatory bishop who had links to Prince Charles has been freed from prison halfway through his sentence for sex offences.

Peter Ball, described as a ‘monster’ by his victims, served only 16 months for grooming and molesting aspiring novice monks. One victim committed suicide while others have suffered long-lasting trauma.

Survivors condemned the early release of the 84-year-old former Bishop of Lewes and Gloucester.

He was jailed for 32 months in 2015 for offences against 18 teenagers and young men between 1977 and 1992, but was allowed out on licence at the halfway point of his sentence.

Richard Scorer, an abuse lawyer at Slater and Gordon who represented some of Ball’s victims, said his early release after ‘a gross and systematic abuse of trust spanning decades’ was ‘an affront to justice’.

Ball was first investigated in 1992 but escaped with a caution. It emerged later that an unnamed royal was among Establishment figures who had written in support of Ball at the time.

After his caution, Ball was provided with a Duchy of Cornwall home by Prince Charles. Ball counted Charles as a ‘loyal friend’

Mr Scorer added: “What is equally frustrating is that despite his conviction we still have not got to the bottom of which establishment figures – including MPs, cabinet ministers and members of the Royal Family – came out in support of him in the 1990s and prevented justice being served then.

“This is a disgrace and those who suffered at Ball’s hands deserve answers.”

One of Ball’s victims said: “Ball’s crimes led to one of his victims committing suicide so how can 16 months in jail be justice?

“There are still many questions that need answers about who helped him cover up his crimes and what happened.

“What is crucially important is that the inquiry into child abuse answers these questions before it is too late.”
The CoE said Ball has been prohibited from ministry for life.

However the National Probation Service has had to draw up “bespoke” licence conditions with the Church so he can continue to exercise his right to worship.

It is understood that the bespoke licence conditions in place are very strict, and include Ball being forbidden from doing or wearing anything that would give him clerical status, or from leading a service.

A Ministry of Justice spokesman said sex offenders are “robustly risk assessed and subject to a strict set of conditions”.

“If they fail to comply, they can be recalled to prison,” the spokesman said.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Most Rev Justin Welby, has commissioned an independent review – led by Dame Moira Gibb according to reports – into how the Church dealt with the allegations against Ball.

Last year the Telegraph revealed the Church of England was investigating evidence that Ball took services in the place of his identical twin brother in the 1990s, who was then the Bishop of Truro.

It emerged that he may have taken services in Cornwall, where his brother Michael was a former Bishop of Truro.


Revealed: Charles’ dozens of letters to ‘calculating’ paedophile bishop as victims demand they are made public

Jan 27 2017

  • Prince Charles is believed to have written to paedophile bishop Peter Ball 
  • Ball was jailed two years ago for using his position to groom 18 young men 
  • The former Bishop of Gloucester exchanged letters with Prince Charles 
  • Clarence House stressed the letters are not connected with Ball’s case 

Victims of a paedophile bishop last night called for dozens of letters he received from Prince Charles to be made public.

Extensive correspondence is understood to exist between the future king and Peter Ball, the ‘calculating’ former Bishop of Gloucester, who was jailed after admitting exploiting his position to groom and abuse 18 young men.

The prince’s letters now have been handed to an independent inquiry into the case, launched after Ball was convicted two years ago.

It is not clear what role, if any, they will play in the inquiry which is examining the Church’s handling of the Ball case, but Charles has not given any evidence to it either formally or informally nor has he or his team been asked to.

The content of the letters is unknown, but in a statement yesterday, Clarence House said they believed there was nothing in them which pertained to the case.

A spokesman for the prince said: ‘We do not believe that the letters have any bearing on the issues before the inquiry, but we have not objected to them being shared for their consideration.’

Royal sources insist it would be perfectly normal for the future king to write to the priest, who in 1992 became Bishop of Gloucester, the diocese in which Charles’ country home, Highgrove, sits.

One said that the existence of letters between the two simply reflected their ‘long-standing acquaintance’.

Ball was Bishop of Gloucester which covers Prince Charles’s Highgrove Estate 

It is not clear if the prince continued to write to Ball after his well-publicised earlier arrest and police caution for gross indecency against a 17-year-old boy in 1993.

Ball escaped prosecution for this offence, despite investigators knowing of ‘many’ more allegations against him, after the police received dozens of supportive letters and calls from MPs, former public headmasters, JPs and even a Lord Chief Justice.

At the time his lawyers also told the police they had a letter of support from a member of the Royal Family, but prosecutors said they had not seen this correspondence and there is no evidence that this letter even existed.

ball and charles and camilla

However, Ball clearly did continue to enjoy cordial relations with the royals as he read the homily at the funeral of the father of the Duchess of Cornwall in 2006

Image result for Dame Moira Gibb.

Prince Charles awarding honour to Dame Moira Gibb. Moira Gibb is made a Dame CBE by the Prince of Wales at Buckingham Palace back in 2012

The letters from Charles are understood to have been handed to the Church of England’s independent inquiry, which is being led by former council chief executive Dame Moira Gibb.

A Church of England spokesman said: ‘We are supplying the inquiry with all information relevant to the inquiry’s purposes as set out in its Terms of Reference.’

The Government’s separate child abuse inquiry is also due to investigate whether there were ‘inappropriate attempts by people of prominence to interfere in the criminal justice processes’ after Ball was first accused of child sexual offences 24 years ago.

Phil Johnson, one of Ball’s victims and chairman of the Minister and Clergy Sexual Abuse Survivors group, last night called for the letters to be made public in the ‘spirit of openness.’

He said: ‘I think the victims have a right to know what is in them. They may of course just be innocent letters between friends. But given the grave concerns about how the case was handled, the public also have a right to know what the future head of state wrote to Ball for the avoidance of any doubt.’

After his second arrest in 2015, Ball claimed his victims had been ‘spiritually uplifted’ by his treatment of them. The court heard how he targeted young men seeking spiritual instruction on the Bishop’s ‘Give a Year for Christ’ scheme.

He changed his plea at the last minute and admitted to offences against 18 teenagers and young men between 1977 and 1992. He was sentenced to 32 months for misconduct in public office and 15 months for indecent assault, to run concurrently.

The lawyer for some of those he abused said the way establishment figures closed ranks around him had ‘compounded his victims’ anguish’.

Two years ago, 27 letters that Charles sent to ministers between September 2004 and April 2005 were published after a decade-long legal battle over their release that went to the Supreme Court



Second member of Fiona Woolf inquiry admits controversial links with Lord Brittan

Dame Moira Gibb, who is to sit with Fiona Woolf on the Government’s child sex abuse inquiry, confirms she also has a link with Lord Brittan

Dame Moira Gibb – who was appointed to sit on the panel along with a number of other experts – has admitted a close personal friend worked with Lord Brittan during part of the period which will be closely scrutinised by the inquiry.

In a letter to Theresa May, the Home Secretary, on October 17 Dame Moira said she had no “direct interest in the matters to which the inquiry relates”.

But just five days later she was forced to write to Mrs May again.


She wrote: “I would like to set out that Mr Gerald Malone, whom I declared as a personal friend, informed me last night that he was Parliamentary Private Secretary to Lord Brittan in 1985 when Lord Brittan was Secretary of State for Trade and Investment, and a Government whip from 1986-1987.

Gerald Malone was a Conservative MP in Baroness Thatcher’s and Sir John Major’s governments.

As a trusted worker for Lord Brittan in the 1980s it is conceivable the sex abuse inquiry may wish to take evidence from him about Lord Brittan’s tenure at Home Office.



Other career politicians on the board of General Mediterranean or its subsidiaries are former Liberal party leader Lord  Steel, former president of the European commission Jacques Santer, former Conservative chancellor Norman Lamont and former Tory health minster Gerry Malone, who is chairman of Regent.


People don’t like Gerry Malone much. He’s seen as arrogant, unclubbable. ‘I had few friends in politics and it remains so.’ He’s a pal of Andrew Neil’s. John Major’s, too.

He now has a non-executive role in several companies, including Regent GM Laboratories, Ultrasis and Chiltern Invodex.


20 May 2003

It has been a long and varied career path from engineering student to teacher, social worker and senior director. …management experience on a four-strong executive board running Kensington and Chelsea council, west London.

She joins a growing list of social services directors making it to the very top in local government, moving to the north London borough of Camden as its £140,000-a-year chief executive.

Director of social services in Kensington and Chelsea since 1990

Gibb’s long path to the top began after a two-year engineering course at Glasgow University. She decided it was not for her, moved into teaching – secondary modern in Newham, east London -but soon decided to move on.

1979 Senior caseworker Gosforth Newcastle



“I had a friend who was a social worker and, while I did not know what they did, I was enthusiastic,” Gibb says. She returned to Scotland for a social work degree course in Edinburgh, and then spent five years in Newcastle upon Tyne, working in the city’s tough Scotswood area.

After a spell teaching social work in Preston, she moved south to Surrey, becoming an adviser in child care, then joined the west London borough of Ealing – rising to assistant social services director, before joining Kensington and Chelsea in 1988 as deputy director. She was promoted to director two years later.



Dame Moira Gibb is a non-executive member of the UK Statistics Authority.

Dame Moira is Chair of Skills for Care and Chair of City Lit Adult Education College.

She is a non-executive director of the NHS England and chairs its Investment Committee.

She is a member of the Council of Reading University. Her career was in social services and local government, latterly as Chief Executive of Camden Council. She was a Civil Service Commissioner from 2012-15 and a Director of the London Marathon from 2005-11.


Moira Gibb – social worker in Newcastle


Brian Roycroft, Colin Gregg, Dawn Reed and Christopher Lillie – Newcastle City Council Nursery paedophile ring etc

Safe hands Moira Gibb also led William Vahey review


Malone is married to a leading Scottish doctor, Anne Blyth. He made tabloid headlines in 1995 when, still a minister, he attended a live sex show.

Mr Malone, who was a health minister in John Major’s government and is now editor of the European, has issued a formal apology to the title’s features editor, Nicola Davidson, after making a drunken sexual approach to her and then hitting her around the head when he was rebuffed.


…He initially became chairman of Regent GM, one of Britain’s biggest suppliers of generic drugs to the NHS, before moving to his current role as chairman of Ultrasis, which specialises in computerised cognitive behavioural therapy software.

But controversy has never been far away where Malone is concerned, and last year he faced an unprecedented challenge to his role in a shareholders’ revolt. Susan Malin, a 42-year-old accountant, stood for election to the board following a row over executive pay, claiming the company was being run “like an old boys’ network”. Unlike the people of Winchester, however, the shareholders stood by him, and the former Tory minister lives to fight another day.


Re-entering Parliament

Seat of Winchester

He re-entered parliament in 1992, representing the “safe” Conservative seat of Winchester. He was appointed a Minister of State at the Department of Health in 1994, when Virginia Bottomley was the Secretary of State.



BUPA Nursing Awards

Production of Award Ceremony in the presence of the Prime Minister (1991): The Princess Margaret (1992); Virginia Bottomley (1993); Gerry Malone (1994); Secretary of State (1995).


Nurses jeer Minister as strike looms Threat of action by 900,000 NHS staff

May 1995

NURSES were poised to tear up their long-standing no-strike rule after Ministers yesterday refused to back down on controversial local pay deals.

Junior Health Minister Baroness Cumberlege was booed and heckled by members of the Royal College of Nursing meeting in Harrogate for their annual congress, when she claimed that local pay bargaining was here to stay.

She ended with a defiant message for the Prime Minister, Health Secretary Virginia Bottomley, and Health Minister Gerry Malone.

”We will fight for nursing and for the health services of this country, to ensure that our campaign marks a turning point for nursing, and to use the tremendous support we have received to create a better future. We will fight to win this battle and move on to win the war.”



Moira Gibb – her views on physical punishment, response to Kensington and Chelsea abuse, and child deaths in Camden under her watch

Malone was  mp for Winchester from 1992 to 1997 (during which time he served as Minister of State for Health under Virginia Bottomley from 1994)

He became editor of the European and was forced to make a public apology for hitting the paper’s features editor, Nicola Davidson, around the head when she rebuffed a drunken sexual advance.

But what of Gibb herself? She has a long history in social work and local government, was president of the Association of Directors of Social Services, received a CBE in 2002, then was knighted in 2012. In 2009, she was appointed by then Children’s Secretary Ed Balls to head the government’s Social Work Task Force in the aftermath of the death of ‘Baby P’, and more recently was appointed to head a public investigation into how paedophile teacher William Vahey was able to drug and abuse 60 children at Southbank International School in London.


Anger over massive pensions gulf between local authority bosses and ordinary workers

24 March 2009

At least seven London local government bosses are heading for final salary pensions of more than £100,000 a year, the Evening Standard has learned.

They are the first of a new generation of high-earning council chiefs, now in their fifties, who can look forward to six-figure retirement incomes once their careers are over.

The size of the pensions has angered union leaders, who have drawn attention to the vast gap between the “fat cat” bosses at the top of the local authority earnings league and the average London council worker pension of around £4,000.

And three of those due for a windfall have been criticised for serious failings in their social services department after children died.

But councils said the pensions were justified. A spokeswoman for Camden council, where chief executive Moira Gibb is set to retire on a pension of more than £109,000, said: “All local government pension holders pay a proportion of their own wage into these pension schemes and for some people these reflect years of service.

Moira Gibb
Chief executive of Camden
Age: not disclosed
Salary: £210,000
Estimate local government career at retirement: 40 years
Annual pension: £109,375 (£2,187,500 pot)
Lump sum: £267,750

Moira Gibb qualified as a social worker after a short teaching career. She has worked in social services departments in Newcastle, Surrey, Ealing and Kensington and Chelsea.
Since being appointed as Chief Executive of Camden, four serious case reviews have been carried out into the death or serious injury of a child as a result of abuse or neglect. One, a six-year-old girl, was murdered in 2005 by her mother’s boyfriend, despite being on the child protection register. Ms Gibb announced a restructuring of children’s services “to improve the welfare of all children”. The next year a two-month-old boy died after “horrific” abuse.


THE woman leading the Baby P taskforce faces questions after two children died from abuse on her watch, the Evening Standard can reveal.

Children’s Secretary Ed Balls appointed Moira Gibb from Camden council to review social services across England in the wake of the Baby P scandal. But a series of failings by Ms Gibb’s social workers in two separate cases raised concerns over her suitability for the role.

An Evening Standard investigation found that four inquiries have been held into the death or serious harm of a child from suspected abuse or neglect in Camden in the last five years.

Among the victims was a six-year-old girl, Ukleigha Batten-Froggatt, who was murdered in 2005 by her mother’s boyfriend, despite being placed on Camden’s child protection register. Her mother was also killed in the attack.

Social workers failed to check the police records of his mother’s boyfriend, who was revealed as a convicted child sex attacker with a “troubled” past.

Children’s Secretary Ed Balls appointed Moira Gibb from Camden council to review social services across England

Haringey’s MP, Lynne Featherstone, questioned the appointment of Ms Gibb in light of the other cases in Camden.

“This is concerning information,” she said. “It must, unfortunately, put a question mark over Ed Balls’s choice. He should look into the background here so we are reassured over his choice to lead the taskforce.”

Ms Gibb, who has been chief executive of Camden since 2003, said she did not “seek” the role but was asked to take it on.


NHS England Board

Dame Moira Gibb: Non-executive Director and Chair of the Investment Committee

Image of Dame Moira Gibb - Non-executive Director and Chair of the Investment CommitteeDame Moira Gibb is Chair of Skills for Care and Chair of City Lit Adult Education College. She is a non-executive director of the UK Statistics Authority and a member of the Council of Reading University.

Her career was in social services and local government, latterly as Chief Executive of Camden Council. She was a Civil Service Commissioner from 2012-15 and a Director of the London Marathon from 2005-11.

Paedophile bishop and a cover-up by the Church lasting 23 years: Scandal deepens

Peter Ball – who was eventually jailed after admitting the abuse last year – benefited from a ‘deeply sinister cover-up’.

Secret documents claimed that he had been let off 23 years ago to ‘prevent a scandal in the press’ – despite the Church of England being told he was a serial abuser. Ball resigned as Bishop of Gloucester in 1993, but returned to work within two years.

The report was compiled at the time by a private detective working for Ball’s legal team. It warned senior figures that Ball had been ‘abusing not only his office but many young men’ and had confessed to his behaviour.

Image result for moira gibb and prince

Its existence was reported by the BBC and it was described as being for the information solely of the Bishop of Chichester, the late Eric Kemp, and the then Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey.

The documents also indicate the private investigator frequently got to his victims before police did. They also made it clear that Ball had confessed to abusing boys.

However the documents alleged the bishop was let off with only a caution after his lawyers spoke with a ‘sympathetic’ police officer, Wayne Murdock. He returned to work within two years and moved to the Bath and Wells diocese until 2010.

Now details have emerged for the first time of a secret report by a private detective to help Ball’s defence.

According to the BBC, the documents showed that Mr Murdock had discussed with Ball’s legal team ‘the need to prevent a scandal, especially as Peter was a frequent visitor to Sandringham and is friendly with Prince Charles’.

A source, who has seen some of the secret documents, told the Daily Mail: ‘After Ball was arrested the Church hired a private detective to aide his defence.

Prosecutors have already conceded that the decision not to prosecute Ball in 1993 was ‘wrong’ as there was enough evidence to bring charges.

But it emerged that at the time of his arrest, leading Establishment figures – including two Archbishops of Canterbury, Tory MPs, a senior judge and public school headmasters – mounted an extraordinary campaign to protect hi

In 1993, Ball resigned in disgrace after receiving a police caution for committing an act of ‘gross indecency’

ball 1 article 1993

“Evil bishop drove me to suicide”- this Telegraph article about his abuse  was published in Mar 1993


Ball escaped with a police caution despite statements from other young men who claimed to have suffered at his hands and  Prince Charles provided Ball with a grace- and-favour mansion on his Duchy of Cornwall estate in Somerset.

The mother of one of Ball’s victim’s said: “This is quite unbelievable. I don’t know what Prince Charles thinks he is doing.

“The man ruined my son’s life and should have been locked away.

“Instead he now lives in luxury on one of the finest estates in the country.

“I don’t feel Ball was ever properly punished – but the fact that the prince has given sanctuary to this pervert is staggering.


Bishop escaped abuse charges after MPs and a royal backed him, court told


ball and charles and camilla

2006 Prince Charles and Peter Ball  at a memorial service for Camilla’s father Major Bruce Shand at St Paul’s Church in Knightsbridge, London


11 July 2016

Lord Carey told the BBC that he had placed Peter Ball on a list of priests banned from the ministry.

But Sussex police documents, released under an Freedom of Information (FOI) request, suggest Ball’s name was not included.

The documents also  indicate Ball associated with other sex offenders in the clergy and that he was investigated in 2008 for being part of a suspected paedophile ring.

ball and rideout

Peter Ball with Peter Canon Gordon Rideout, from Polegate, East Sussex, who was jailed for 10 years in May 2014. He  was found guilty of 36 separate sex offences by a jury at Lewes Crown Court.


Image result for gordon rideout guilford
Gordon Rideout

Canon Gordon Rideout was the vicar of All Saints Church in Eastbourne for 25 years.

Clergyman Canon Gordon Rideout was chaplain at Moira House School, Eastbourne, until 2003, and chairman of governors at Bishop Bell C of E School in Eastbourne until November 2011.

Clergyman Canon Gordon Rideout was a serial sex offender who preyed on young children across the south of England.

In 2013, Rideout, 74, was jailed for 10 years at Lewes Crown Court after being convicted of two attempted rapes and 34 indecent assaults on 16 boys and girls

In the 1970s Canon Gordon Rideout was taken to a military court on child sex-abuse charges.

At that time Rideout was chaplain on a military base.



Gordon Trevor Rideout back in court Dec 21 2016

Maybe he’s applying for compassionate relief again?



Peter Ball was in regular contact with Vicar Roy Cotton, a convicted paedophile priest.  Cotton took children to visit Ball.


2011 Baroness Butler-Sloss was appointed by the Diocese of Chichester to carry out the review which looked into the behaviour of Cotton and another paedophile priest, Colin Pritchard.



In 2014, Butler-Sloss covered up for Peter Ball when she kept allegations about bishop Ball’s abuse out of a report.


peter-ball-vic-housePeter Ball with Vickery House in 1986

Rev Vickery House charged with 8 sex offences which took place between 1970 and 1986 in
East Sussex and Devon.

The police investigated allegations of sexual offences by Ball against 19 young men and boys, in East Sussex and elsewhere between the 1970s and the early 1980s.

Vincent S. aged 10 yrs, from Grafton Children’s Home, was taken to Elm Guest House and to a house in Bexhill, in East Sussex.
John Stingemore lived in Bexhill in East Sussex.
John Stingemore was deputy head of Grafton Close children’s home
Sussex Police received a complaint about a sexual assault by Sir Jimmy Savile in Worthing in Sussex.
Nicholas Rabet ran a children’s activity centre in Sussex.
He lived at Cross-in-Hand, near Heathfield, for five years before moving to Asia, and was suspected of having had sex with up to 300 underage boys.
Adrian Johns, former resident of Bryn Alyn children’s home, died in a 1992 fire aged 32 in Brighton, East Sussex. Verdict – unlawful killing

Peter Bick lived in Bexhill in East Sussex.

On 23 April 2012, a former altar boy, Christopher Hunnisett, 28, appeared in court accused of murdering Peter Bick, 57, as part of a campaign of hate against paedophiles.

Bick is believed to have been a friend of Prince Philip. Bick shared a love of carriage racing with Prince Philip.

Police found Peter Bick, 57, dead in his flat on January 11 201.

COURTS Clergy/Glazebrook
Hunnisett,  alleged that he was abused by Rev Ronald Glazebrook, above.
The Oxford-educated cleric, who was a headmaster at schools in Pakistan and Zimbabwe before returning to Britain to become the warden at an East End drop-in centre, retired to the Sussex resort almost 20 years ago.
Many knew him through Christ Church in St Leonards-on-Sea.
Image result for gordon rideout guilford



ball at wedding

2005 The wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles

Lambeth Palace was warned that Peter Ball, a close friend of Prince Charles and who attended his wedding to Camilla Parker Bowles in 2005, was a serial abuser of boys and young men shortly before he resigned as Bishop of Gloucester in 1993.


Ball resigned as Bishop of Gloucester following the caution and a short time later Prince Charles invited him to live in a lodge house owned by the Duchy of Cornwall in Aller, Somerset.

He described the Prince of Wales at the time as ‘a loyal friend’.


Peter Ball lived at Manor Lodge in Aller, Somerset, provided by Prince Charles on the Duchy of Cornwall estate (Guide Price £375,000)

Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey wrote to police in 1993 with letters of support for the then Bishop of Gloucester Peter Ball who was being investigated for sex offences


1993 Rt Rev Michael Ball and twin Brother Rt Rev Peter Ball – Church House – Westminster



Carey praying the name of Bishop Ball will be cleared.

The Guardian

London, Greater London, England

Monday, January 4, 1993 – 3


In one of Lord Carey’s letters he told police it was “improbable”  that Peter Ball was guilty.

The Old Bailey was told a member of the Royal Family and other establishment figures backed Ball while he tried to avoid charges of sexually abusing young aspiring priests in the early 1990s.

Church failed to pass Peter Ball abuse evidence to police in 1993

11 July 2016


Church leaders failed to give police incriminating evidence about disgraced former Bishop Peter Ball in 1993, according to Sussex police documents.

Ball, 84, was jailed last year for sex assaults on 18 teenagers and young men in the 1970s, 80s and 90s.

ball 1 article 1993

March 14 1993 Sunday Telegraph enlarged image here:  ball sunday-telegraph-p-ball-14-3-93

He courted a niece of Sir Anthony Eden (former prime minister)

Ball was governor of Radley, Wellington and Lancing

Some of Peter Ball’s “schemers” were sent to work with the Community in Uruguay

Neil Todd, the teenage aspirant monk who was sexually abused by Ball, said  bishop Ball told him that the Prince had written him personal letters. He didn’t say what was in them …Then he told me they were in his safe and added: “One day they will be very valuable.”’


“…complained to the police, who then spent 15 weeks turning out every cupboard in Ball’s life over the past 20 years.

Whatever else the police found – and there may well have been other allegations – they evidently decided to take no further action.”



Peter Ball and Jimmy Savile were close and visited Prince Charles at Highgrove often.

Staff at Highgrove, the Prince of Wales’s country home, had grown accustomed to these intimate exchanges when the Rt Rev Peter Ball, the now disgraced Bishop of Gloucester, came to offer solace and enlightenment to their boss.


Prince Charles has a strange temple at Highgrove.

During his time in Lewes, Peter Ball got to know Jimmy Savile well.

Ball was bishop of Lewes between 1977 and 1992


and Jimmy Savile was bishop Ball’s principal entree into the Waleses’ household.



This York Student Television project from 1992 makes clear reference to Jimmy Savile’s paedophile tendencies.

Published on Oct 31, 2012

This York Student Television project from 1992 makes clear reference to Jimmy Savile’s paedophile tendencies. The source description says it originates from 2nd February 2011 but the end credits twice state clearly 1992. It seems to attempt to shy away from literal sodomy on Savile’s part but there are clear and unambiguous sexual references including a direct allegation of paedophilia.


Jim’ll Sodomise You was a one-off short spoof of Jim’ll Fix It. It features David Bartlett wearing a tracksuit and glitzy wig and covered in bling, doing a not-bad impression of Jimmy Saville.

The idea being that Jim in this case would not fix it, and would thereby sodomise your ambitions (rather than literally sodomise you).

Bishop Peter Ball and Jimmy Savile were close and visited Prince Charles at Highgrove often.



Peter Ball was propelled into the royal circle by two people… One was prebendary Willie Booth, a former chaplain at Westminster School,the other was Jimmy Savile.


Jimmy Savile committed a number of sex offences in Sussex at the time when Ball was bishop




Ball appeared regularly on t.v.with his twin brother.


After his appointment to Gloucester was announced, Ball became a regular visitor to Highgrove and was held in such high regard that Charles attended his enthronement.



Peter Ball: a close friend of public figures, including Prince Charles and Lady Thatcher


Bishop Peter Ball – was a founder member of the Thatcher Foundation set up by the former prime minister.

While Bishop Suffragan of Lewes, he had come to public notice through his close friendship with Ian Gow

The Guardian Dec 16 1992


The Margaret Thatcher Foundation was formed in 1991


Ball dined with Thatcher at the Savoy and Margaret Thatcher’s former Chief Whip Tim Renton MP said any criminal action against Ball was “far too great a punishment”link

Peter Ball saw a good deal of the Norfolks and Abergravennys, and

Peter ball was a friend of Lord John Wakeham and Sir Ian Gow

Former Tory MP & Paedophile Alan Clark (Deceased)

Photo published for No 10 turned blind eye to Alan Clark affairs: Thatcher may have been aware of liaisons when she...

Thatcher & Ian Gow (PPS to Thatcher) both turned a blind eye to Alan Clark affairs



Alan Clark MP who was involved in a scandal with two 14 yr old girls –

Clark was involved in a sex scandal with a woman and her daughters — ‘the coven’

The Trouble with BBC ‘Children in Need’ Ambassador Max Clifford and Tory MP Alan Clark

In the leaked video Clifford, the legendary PR Guru to the stars and elites let slip that he had successfully hid away the sins of one Tory MP, and ‘diarist’, Alan Clark.



Peter Ball saw a good deal of the Abergravennys


 – John Nevill, 5th Marquess of  Abergavenny

 was the first Lord Lieutenant of East Sussex from 1974 to 1989.
 Lord Hampden, Anthony David Brand was Deputy Lord-Lieutenant for East Sussex from 1986 until 2000

Lord Hampden, Anthony David Brand and Peter Ball, were involved in the 1986 Derry Mainwaring Knight Satanist trial



The Observer
(London, Greater London, England)
16 Mar 1986, Sun  • Page 2

Lord Longford wrote the foreward to a book Brand had written

lloyd berwick

Anthony John Leslie Lloyd, Baron Lloyd of Berwick (left)

He held the office of Deputy Lieutenant of East Sussex in 1983.

Anthony Lloyd, who was a Lord Justice at the time, wrote a letter of support for Peter Ball and described Ball as a “saint” in one of more than 2,000 letters sent to the Crown Prosecution Service and Gloucestershire Police in his support from acquaintances.

In 1969 Lloyd was appointed Attorney-General to the Prince of Wales, serving until 1977.

1984 – made a Privy Counsellor



Camilla’s father  Bruce Shand – was a Deputy Lieutenant of Sussex, and Vice-Lieutenant of East Sussex from 1974 until 1992.

Peter Ball preached at Bruce Shand’s funeral


Lord Wakeham, center with Prince Philip

Lord Wakeham aka “Lord Fix-It” He tried to protect the rich and the famous from intrusions into their privacy

Director, NM Rothschild & Sons 1995

He was a director of Enron (close ties with George Bush) from 1994 until its bankruptcy in 2001.

As a non-executive director and a member of Enron’s auditing committee, paid a reported £80,000 a year, Lord Wakeham was meant to ensure that the company’s accountants were happy with the way that it was reporting to Wall Street.



It was in another role, as chairman of the Press Complaints Commission from which he stepped down last week, that Lord Wakeham was able to show his prowess as a fixer, defusing the continuing battles between the tabloids and Buckingham Palace, placing a restraining hand on editors here, holding back politicians there from legislation to impose new privacy laws on the press.


Peter Ball spent hours comforting Lord Wakeham after his wife was killed in the 1984 Brighton bombing and was a staunch friend to Jane Gow when her husband was murdered by the Ira.



 Rt Rev Peter Ball – St Paul’s Church – Brighton  11th October 1988

The Rt Rev Peter Ball, the Bishop of Lewes, blesses a plaque in memory of those who died in the Grand Hotel bombing of 1984, at St Paul’s Church in Brighton. He is watched by Prime minister Margaret Thatcher, Sir Donald Maclean, left, and MP John Wakeham, who both lost their wives in the IRA blast.


1st August 1990 – Mrs Jane Gow stands with her two sons James, right, Charles and The Rt Rev Peter Ball, the Bishop of Lewes, at the spot her husband, Conservative politician Ian Gow, died when his car was blown up by the IRA at their home in Hankham.

Ian Gow was PPS to Margaret Thatcher 1979-83.

He was deeply involved in the workings of Thatcher’s private office.

Gow was killed by a car bomb attack in 1990 . Irish republican paramilitaries claimed responsibility in both cases, but nobody was ever charged with causing the deaths and rumours later circulated concerning possible involvement of the CIA and intelligence community


my sweet landlord:

Mark Worrall handed 2nd Dickens dossier to Ian Gow, according to @johnmannmp. Mark Worrall was a close colleague of Phillip Pedley

John Mann ‏@johnmannmp

The Dickens file contained 19 names of Tory activists and was also given to central office and Ian Gow as Tory vice chairman in 1984


Bishop Ball and Ian Gow – “we enjoyed each other enormously.”

The Guardian

London, Greater London, England

Thursday, August 9, 1990 – 6


Ian Gow was very close to Margaret Thatcher. And Peter Morrison



He made an offer to the black MP, Paul Boateng: “He must visit me in my home in Sussex, The Doghouse, where I shall be delighted to receive him, despite his unwise views. And I shall offer him one, perhaps more than one, White Lady.


Soon after  becoming prime minister, Thatcher writes to Ball …she was “deeply grateful”

1979 May 17 Th

Archive (Thatcher MSS)

MT: MT letter to Suffragan Bishop of Lewes, Peter Ball (thanks for letter) [“Letters like yours are a great source of strength”] [released 2010]




Peter Ball’s royal friendships

They were not confined to the Prince of Wales.

 queens and marg

Peter Ball  was on close terms with the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret, and was invited to preach at Sandringham.




Even the Queen supported him after his police caution. In 1994, when she was distributing Royal Maundy money in Truro, Ball was there with his brother, who was Truro’s bishop.

After lunch in the Chapter House, the Queen, who had been on the high table with local dignitaries, went across to Ball, held out her hand and said in the clearest of voices: ‘My love and encouragement, Bishop.’



Charles, meanwhile, must surely have been advised to keep Ball at arm’s length — just as he had been advised to distance himself from Jimmy Savile.

‘The Prince did receive letters from the public complaining about Savile,’ says a senior aide. ‘But the writers were dismissed [by him] as jealous or mad.’

Neil Todd, the teenage aspirant monk who was sexually abused by Ball, said  bishop Ball told him that the Prince had written him personal letters. He didn’t say what was in them …Then he told me they were in his safe and added: “One day they will be very valuable.”’

Todd also said: ‘We knew that Bishop Peter and the Prince were good friends. He didn’t refer to him as Prince Charles. He would always say just Charles.



Ball had become a spiritual advisor to the Prince, particularly in the period between Diana’s death in 1997 and his marriage to Camilla in 2005.

Ball had also become close to the Duchess Camilla Shand

She liked him …’ says an aide.

shand funeral

17 June 2006 The Prince Of Wales & The Duchess Of Cornwall Attend The Funeral Of Major Bruce Shand At The Holy Trinity Church In Stourpaine, Dorset. .

Peter Ball ‘preached at the funeral of Camilla’s father’s in 2006, which indicates his standing in their household.’

Bruce Shand was a Deputy Lieutenant of Sussex, and Vice-Lieutenant of East Sussex from 1974 until 1992.

The service was conducted by the Rev Stephen Colton (Coulter). The homily was given by the Rt Rev Peter Ball.

Her father Bruce Shand was a Deputy Lieutenant of Sussex, and Vice-Lieutenant of East Sussex from 1974 until 1992 -representing the Queen on official occasions, and later a member of the Queen’s Body Guard of the Yeomen of the Guard.




Royals Support Camilla at Her Father’s Funeral The Journal (Newcastle, England), June 17, 2006

Files obtained by the BBC indicate Lambeth Palace received six letters detailing indecency allegations shortly after an arrest in 1992.

Ball was cautioned but worked in churches and schools for 15 more years.

Richard Scorer, a lawyer at Slater and Gordon, said: “It’s an absolute scandal. It is wrong and unacceptable that the Church of England sat on the information and didn’t pass it to the police.

“There is no question Peter Ball would have been prosecuted, convicted and jailed for child abuse at that time.”

The Church of England has declined to comment.

Ball was Bishop of Lewes between 1977 and 1992 and Bishop of Gloucester from 1992 until his resignation the following year

The police files also suggest Ball covered for and helped other priests accused of sex abuse, including:

In 1978, Ball failed to take appropriate action against a priest who abused a child and went on to abuse others.
In 1985, Ball let a priest who had abused a 14-year-old boy stay in his home after his release from prison, and provided the abuser with a positive report enabling him to return to work.
In 2009, Ball tried to persuade a teenage boy to apologise to a priest who had allegedly abused him.

These files give a further insight into how the church handled Ball’s case. It seems the Diocese of Chichester did not share documents which could have jailed Ball earlier.

There is no explanation about how he was able to gain a clear Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check, so he could continue working in the church.

The documents reveal Bishop Peter Ball considered asking the home secretary to overturn his caution in the 1990s.

They also detail the “limited disciplinary action” taken by the-then Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey in relation to Ball and “his return to ministry”.

In February, it was announced Dame Moira Gibb was chairing an independent review of the Ball case to consider what information was available to the Church of England, who had it and when.

A month later, Justice Lowell Goddard’s inquiry into historical child sex abuse announced it would consider whether there was interference by the Church in the Peter Ball case.

Lord Carey’s spokesman, his son Andrew, declined to comment on the new claims but said: “Lord Carey is working with and cooperating fully with two ongoing enquiries – Dame Moira Gibb’s review and the Goddard Enquiry”.


Bishop At Home

Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey wrote to police in 1993 with letters of support for the then Bishop of Gloucester who was being investigated for sex offences, it can be revealed. Ex-archbishop George Carey said Peter Ball was in “torment” as a result of a police investigation, letters released by the Crown Prosecution Service show. Ball, 83, was jailed in October for a string of offences against young men. The Church of England apologised “unreservedly” to Ball’s victims. He was sentenced to 32 months for misconduct in a public office and 15 months for indecent assaults, to run concurrently.

In one of Lord Carey’s letters he told police it was “improbable” he was guilty.
He also wrote in a letter to Barbara Mills – then the director of public prosecutions – that Ball’s health was fragile and the decision to prosecute should be made “as speedily as possible”. The letters have been released by the CPS in response to a Freedom of Information (FoI) request by the BBC and others, after it emerged that personal letters had been written which were supportive of Ball. Ball was eventually told he would not be prosecuted but received a caution instead. He resigned as Bishop of Gloucester in 1993, a position that followed a previous period as Bishop of Lewes. However in October 2015, following repeated claims of a church cover-up, Mr Ball pleaded guilty to abusing 18 young men in the 70s, 80s and 90s. He was jailed for two years and ten months.

One of his victims was Neil Todd, whose attempts to take his own life triggered the police investigation 1993 which prompted hundreds of letters of support for the Bishop. In his two letters Lord Carey said he had no wish to influence the legal process. He makes no reference to the allegations of sexual abuse or Mr Todd, who finally took his own life at the end of 2012.

www.macsas.org.uk/MACSAS News.html

Bishop Peter Ball Cover Up


This video highlights ‘Lord’ Carey’s role in preventing the earlier prosecution of Prince Charles’ mate Bishop Ball







Throughout the years, Prince Charles and Peter Ball would pray together in the Sanctuary – a Harry Potteresque temple built by Prince Charles deep in a glade in Highgrove’s grounds.


Bishop of London Richard Chartres was invited to consecrate it in 2000

There are stain glass windows dedicated to poet Ted Hughes* and and another mentor of Prince Charles – writer Sir Laurens van der Post*





Bishop of Lewes, Ball, of Langport, Somerset, had hand-picked vulnerable victims to commit acts of “debasement” in the name of religion, such as praying naked at the altar and encouraging them to submit to beatings, a court at the Old Bailey heard.
March 1993

Prince Charles was advised by another paedophile – one of the most prolific ones ever – Jimmy Savile


Savile, who died in 2011, was for years a visitor to Highgrove and St James’s Palace.



Fresh evidence of the extent to which the Prince of Wales relied on Jimmy Savile as a confidant and adviser is revealed

Prince Charles ‘trusted Jimmy Savile on everything from marriage guidance to checking speeches’

Peter Ball remained a confidant of Prince Charles right up until 2012


 PRINCE IN SAVILE COVER-UP Daily Star Sunday 12-05-13, p6

PRINCE IN SAVILE COVER-UP Daily Star Sunday 12-05-13, p7

Occultists slaughter sheep on Prince Charles’s estate

19th August 2006

...when night falls here on Dartmoor, that last great wilderness of southern England, some visitors clearly have a sinister purpose.

Princetown is the highest town in the eerie landscape of Dartmoor, which famous for its wild, undomesticated ponies.



Satanists On The Prince’s Land

Daily Express (28th August, 2006)

...when night falls here on Dartmoor, that last great wilderness of southern England, some visitors clearly have a sinister purpose.

In recent weeks a series of satanic ceremonies have taken place on the vast 69,000-acre Dartmoor estate owned by the Duchy of Cornwall, the royal Trust which pays Prince Charles his £14 million annual income.

Sheep have been sadistically slaughtered; necks broken; eyes, tongues and sex organs often gouged or cut out. It is possible some were still alive as the mutilations took place.

Police have reports of a crude stone altar, possibly bloodstained, next to a wooden stake and a roughly-built den has been found near the scene of an attack.

On one occasion sheep carcasses were laid in the shape of a seven-pointed star, a symbol closely linked to the notorious Victorian occultist Aleister Crowley, once described as ‘the wickedest man in the world’.

More recently the animals have been left in lines, their heads grotesquely twisted as though looking back through nearby gates or field entrances.

Most bizarrely of all, these sacrificial rituals appear to be triggered by phases of the moon.

Duchy officials are aware of the livestock attacks but insist there is no evidence that the organisation is itself being targeted – even though Prince Charles is the future head of the Church of England.

Almost all the rituals have occurred three miles west of Princetown between Sampford Spiney, Merrivale, and the picturesque market town of Tavistock, Devon.

The area includes one of Dartmoor’s most important Bronze Age sites – the Merrivale stone circle and ritual complex – which local folklore describes as the ‘Gateway of the Dead’.

Other legends mention a sadistic witch called Vixiana who lived on Vixen Tor – one of Dartmoor’s best known granite outcrops. She is said to have conjured up dense fogs to lure travellers off the old trans-moor path between Tavistock and Princetown and into a deep bog.


Another favourite of the princes was The Horses, a poem about 10 greys “megalith-still” in “the hour-before-dawn dark”. The recitals took place mainly at Highgrove, the Gloucestershire home of the Prince of Wales, in the early 1990s before William and Harry entered their teens. Hughes also read to Prince Charles and the Queen Mother, to whom he was close.

Details of the private readings have been recounted by Roy Davids, former head of the books department at Sotheby’s auction house, who knew Hughes well in the last 20 years of the poet’s life.

“Ted’s relationship with the royals was much closer than anybody has so far known.




@import url(https://static01.nyt.com/css/0.1/screen/common/ie.css);


@import url(https://static01.nyt.com/css/0.1/screen/common/ie.css);


Derry Knight told an astonishing story about his membership in a secret Satanic cult called the Sons of Lucifer and his heroic efforts to take over the leadership of the cult to free himself and 2,000 members from the coils of the Devil.

As he told it, it was an incredibly dangerous mortal struggle he was waging against the most evil forces in the universe, personified by some prominent politicians, including Viscount Whitelaw, the deputy Prime Minister, who were, he said, the secret masters of Britain’s Satanic orders.

Even more astonishing than his story was the fact that he managed to persuade a group of pious Anglican churchmen and landed gentry in East Sussex to underwrite his struggle with cash. The money was needed, he confided, both to free him from debts that bound him to the Devil and to buy various objects of Satanic regalia enabling him to gain control of the cult.

In order to allay the suspicions of Lord Whitelaw and others he also needed a Rolls-Royce with a telephone since the Satanists had his other phones tapped.

The parish priest in the village of Newick, the Rev. John Baker, organized a donors’ group to back Mr. Knight in his struggle and mobilized the support, among others, of Viscount Hampden, Viscount Brentford, the Earl of March and Mrs. Susan Sainsbury, the wife of a Conservative Member of Parliament.

Their efforts won the support of the Anglican Bishop of Lewes, Peter Ball, a member of a small monastic order who shuns ecclesiastical vestments and worships in a converted pigsty. 

@import url(https://static01.nyt.com/css/0.1/screen/common/ie.css);


The biggest contributor was Mrs. Sainsbury, who wrote checks totaling $116,000. Next came the chief magistrate and former high sheriff of East Sussex, a wealthy farmer named Michael Warren, who is reported to have given nearly $80,000


^ Mrs Sainsbury is related to Elizabeth Butler-Sloss


Theresa May’s, (the new prime minister) first choice to head the designed to fail inquiry into establishment child abuse…Elizabeth Butler-Sloss … who tried to cover up for bishop Peter Ball





Rev Peter Ball part of youth dance held in graveyard

ball graveyard


*Ted Hughes was a close friend of the Queen Mother.

Ted Hughes is said to have learned about Wicca and mind control from his mother: see Popular Witchcraft page 149

The Queen Mother and the Poet


Master Storyteller or Master Deceiver?


*Van der Post  a spiritual adviser to Prince Charles; In 1982 Charles made him godfather to his heir, Prince William. Van der Post was also a close friend of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, exerting an influence on her policy in South Africa.

In the early 1950’s, when he was 46, he seduced the 14-year-old daughter of a wealthy South African winemaking family, who had been entrusted to his care during a sea voyage. She became pregnant, and although he sent her a small stipend, he never publicly acknowledged the daughter born of the relationship.

…the Queen Mother’s cousin Lilian Bowes Lyon, with whom he was having a relationship.


Van der Post defending another paedophile




 Ted Hughes

Even intimates of the prince knew little of the nature of the relationship he
forged with Hughes. Now he has made it tangible by placing a plaque in his
private sanctuary.

The recognition given by Charles to Hughes's role had previously been given
only to one other person: the late Sir Laurens van der Post, who once led the
prince on retreat into the Kalahari desert and became godfather to Prince

Hughes, poet laureate from 1984 until his death at 68 from cancer in 1998, was
a frequent guest at Highgrove and he shared with the prince an unconventional
spiritual curiosity. His presence will now live on in two commemorative stained
glass windows installed in the prince's private temple, hidden in a glade in
the grounds.
Hughes's reputation has also been questioned since his death. Former lovers,
including Emma Tennant, the novelist, have come forward to destroy the myth
that he lived for years as a saintly recluse after the suicides of Plath and
his common-law wife Assia Wevill, who also killed their four-year-old daughter


The existence of a secret stone memorial to Ted Hughes has emerged after being found by walkers on a remote hillside on his beloved Dartmoor.

Prince Charles, a close friend of the poet laureate, gave special permission for the plain piece of granite to be laid on land owned by his Duchy of Cornwall estates near the Fernworthy forest, it was revealed yesterday

A spokeswoman for Prince Charles said the Duchy of Cornwall operates a blanket ban on such memorials but the prince intervened, although he has yet to visit it.

She said: “Ted Hughes had a very special link with the Royal family as poet laureate and moreover he was a special and dear friend of the Prince of Wales and so a rare exception was made to enable the memorial to be laid.”



MEAT magnate Lord Vestey counts Prince Charles as a close friend and his second wife, Celia Knight, is Prince Harry’s godmother

He is the owner of the 6,000-acre Stowell Park estate near Northleach – and chairman of Cheltenham Racecourse


Master of the Horses for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth. He is responsible for the Royal Mews and the Sovereign’s carriages and horses
The Sunday Times revelations were followed four years later by further scandal in the Vestey family, this time involving not tax but a headless corpse, lesbianism, drugs, alcohol, insanity and depravity. In 1984, Lord Vestey’s cousin, Michael Telling, killed his American bisexual wife Monika, butchering her body. Telling was found guilty of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility and jailed for life.

21 NOVEMBER 1992
`We want a carnival atmosphere here,’ said Lord Vestey, chairman of Cheltenham Racecourse
Bishop Peter Ball led a prayer

‘This is a day for families to have fun and show the Government that the people want proper racing on a Sunday.’

He was not the strangest sight of the day. That prize must go to the Bishop of Gloucester, the Rt Revd Peter Ball, who enjoyed a large congregation for his short service of prayer in the winners’ enclosure. This may have been due, in part, to the presence of Desert Orchid, who was doing a parade of honour at the time.

…several thousand children who were admitted for free..the occasion was deemed suffi- ciently respectable for Cheltenham Ladies’ College to bring along two busloads of junior girls for the first time.

Brigadier Andrew Parker Bowles, enduring a painful weekend of speculation about his wife’s friendship with the Prince of Wales, attended


Former head of Independent Panel Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

Fiona Woolf – her husband Nicholas Woolf its on a board with someone very close to the royal family:


vestey and woolf

Hospital Board

The Lord Vestey KCVO – The Lord Vestey is the Patron of the Hospital.

He is former Lord Prior of the Order of St John.  He is Chairman of The Vestey Group



Lord Vestey and Prince Charles


Hon. Mrs Rosie Vestey went out with Charles in the autumn of 1973
She married Hon Mark Vestey, brother of 3rd Lord Vestey
14 Feb 1968
It is quite Eye Opening Info, that Lord Mountbatten, Charles’ mentor, who introduced Jimmy Savile to the Royal Family, used to have Charles and Camilla visiting regularly in the early 70s around the time that Judge Goddard was in Britain with Camilla’s friend [11]
Through her marriage to Sir Johnny Scott, the current head of the Home Office‘s ‘independent’ inquiry into child abuse, Judge Lowell Goddard, has links with Camilla and Prince Charles
Sir Johnny Scott (IICSA Chair’s ex-husband) also grew up with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall [3], both their parents being involved in the Southdown hunt; Camilla’s father, Bruce Shand, the Master and Walter Scott (Johnny Scott’s Father) the chairman [4].
camilla and sir johnny
Isn’t there a conflict of interest for Goddard in regards to Peter Ball?  Her ex-husband, Sir Johnny,  father of her child, was good friends with Camilla Shand – who was close to convicted establishment paedophile Peter Ball. Ball attended her wedding to Prince Charles and Peter Ball ‘preached at the funeral of Camilla’s father’s in 2006, which indicates his standing in their household.’

Goddard inquiry: Outrage as bishop jailed for sex offences given public funding for legal team

A disgraced bishop jailed for a string of sex offences has been given public funding for a legal team at the Government’s child sex abuse inquiry, The Telegraph can disclose.

The decision to pay for lawyers, costing taxpayers up to £200 an hour, to defend the reputation of Peter Ball, the former Bishop of Gloucester and of Lewes, has outraged his victims.

Ball is the first convicted sex offender to be granted taxpayer funds, setting a precedent that could pave the way for dozens of paedophiles to get the same deal.

He received the legal funding because he “may be subject to explicit criticism by the inquiry”.

A lawyer close to the inquiry said: “I was really surprised Ball was given funding. The issue is about how he was allowed to get away with it by the Church not about his offending. He has already been investigated and pleaded guilty.”


Update on Lord Carey:

The Archbishop of Canterbury with his son Rev Mark Carey

The Archbishop of Canterbury with his son Rev Mark Carey

Vicar son of former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey arrested over historic child sex abuse claims

21 Oct 2016Mark Carey (left) with his father, who was The Archbishop of Canterbury, at Wakefield Cathedral after ordained as a priest in the Church of England in 1995

Rev Mark Carey, 51, is accused of assaulting a young girl in the 1980s when he was in his late teens

His alleged victim, now in her 30s, claimed she was assaulted when he was in his late teens and Lord Carey was a priest in the North-East.

The incident is alleged to have occurred during Lord Carey’s tenure as vicar of St Nicholas’ Church in Durham between 1975 and 1982.

(Notable Crusader Peter Broadbent  was at St Nicholas’ Church til 1980.

Ordained in 1977, Broadbent’s first parish job was as Curate to George Carey, when he was Vicar of St Nicholas, Durham and he was an Islington Labor councillor 1982-1990.)

Mark Carey, now 51, would have been no more than 17 years old at the time.

(Mark Carey was, born in 1965, he was 17 in 1982. If the woman is in her 30s now, she would have been born between 1977-1986, so in 1982, the oldest she would have been was 5 years old.)

Rev Carey was released on police bail and has since been suspended by the Church of England pending inquiries.

Father of three Rev Carey, who followed his father into the church in 1995

Rev Carey’s father was Archbishop between 1991 and 2002

He was joined at his home in Harrogate, North Yorks, yesterday by his father and mother Eileen. His wife Penny, 53, whom he married in 1988, refused to comment.

The alleged victim approached Durham Police to make the complaint. Officers from North Yorkshire police arrested him.

The former social worker – was ordained in 1995 at Wakefield Cathedral, witnessed by his father.

He had previously been curate of Christ Church in South Ossett, West Yorks and went on to be a parish priest in Sheffield and then Harrogate in 2007.

Last night, a Church of England spokesman said: “A 51-year-old priest in the Diocese of Leeds has been suspended by the Bishop following his arrest by Durham Constabulary concerning allegations of historical abuse.


His brother Andrew, who works at the Christian charity Barnabas Fund, told the Sunday Telegraph that his family did not wish to comment on the allegations against Rev Carey.


Lord Carey said he was ‘appalled’ at the way it (the church) handled the accusations against Bishop George Bell


Lord Carey ‘may face explicit criticism’ from abuse inquiry

21 Oct 2016

THE former Archbishop of Canter­bury Lord Carey has been granted core-participant status at the In­­dependent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) after Professor Alexis Jay, who chairs it, ruled that he “may be subject to explicit crit­­­­ic­­ism by the Inquiry in due course”.

Core participants are entitled to legal representation at the Inquiry and to receive advance disclosure of evidence. They may also cross-examine witnesses when the public hearings begin, something that is expected to happen next year.

In his application for core parti­cipant status, lawyers for Lord Carey explained that, as a retired office-holder, he was led to be believe that he would be represented at the In­­quiry by lawyers for the Arch­bishops’ Council, which also has core-participant status. “Once the Archbishops’ Council indicated to Lord Carey that there might be some conflict between their interests and those of Lord Carey, he made contact with alternative legal repres­entatives,” Professor Jay said.

In granting core-participant status, Professor Jay said that “Lord Carey was Archbishop of Canter­bury at the time when [the former Bishop of Lewes, then of Gloucester] Peter Ball’s sexual abuse came to light in 1992, and when he received a police caution in 1993, and it is stated in Lord Carey’s application that he had a pastoral and discip­linary role in relation to Peter Ball at that time. I also understand that Lord Carey was involved in deciding on Peter Ball’s further officiation within the Church of Eng­land after he received that caution.

”The Inquiry will consider the extent to which any failings identi­fied in relation to the diocese of Chichester and Peter Ball are repres­entative of wider failings within the Church of England and/or the An­­glican Church in general, and the nature and extent of any failings of institutions to protect children from abuse.


Dr Carey said Bishop Ball was a “highly gifted and original man who has inspired many people to deepen their faith in Jesus Christ.”

The Guardian

London, Greater London, England

Tuesday, March 9, 1993 – 1

Police urged to investigate Lord Carey, former C of E head

A lawyer representing victims of an abusive Church of England bishop has called for an investigation into the ‘misconduct’ of former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey of Clifton, above.

According to this report, David Greenwood, representing several of Peter Ball’s victims, said he was sure the Church had covered up evidence and urged Scotland Yard to:

Consider opening an investigation into perverting the course of justice by church officials.

Greenwood spoke out after the release of documents that suggest the head of the Church of England knew about the abuse allegations but failed to act.

Sussex police documents, released under the Freedom of Information (FoI) Act last week, reveal that Lambeth Palace, the residence of the head of the Church, received six letters and a number of verbal reports detailing allegations of abuse shortly after the initial investigation into Ball in 1992.

In the letters, Ball is accused of encouraged victims to pray naked, perform sex acts in front of him and share his bed.

The files indicate the Church failed to pass this evidence on to police. In February 1993, Lord Carey wrote to the Director of Public Prosecutions and a chief constable in support of Ball.

During Ball’s trial last year, Lord Carey denied that the correspondence with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) amounted to a cover-up.

Last October, current Archbishop Justin Welby launched an independent review into the Church of England’s response to the allegations.

A spokesperson for Lord Carey declined to comment but said Carey was cooperating fully with Welby’s inquiry.

The newly released documents also suggest Ball associated with other known sex offenders in the clergy and was investigated in 2008 for being part of suspected pedophile ring.

The documents show Ball covered for and helped priests accused of sex abuse.



Mark Carey

I used to work with children and young people as a Residential Social Worker in Bristol before becoming a C of E Vicar. I now lead Kairos Church, formerly St Mary’s Harrogate with All Saint’s, Harlow Hill.


Page 58

Nursing Times, Nursing Mirror, Volume 83 – 1987

Mark Carey was a residential social worker.

Mark Carey is passionate about adoption.

Mark CareyProtected Tweets

Follower & friend of Christ, husband, father of 3. Pioneer Minister Kairos Network Church.

Passionate about discipleship, adoption & Arsenal FC.



‘Homeless’ church welcomes new vicar
A NEW vicar at St Mary’s and All Saints Church has been welcomed with open arms to a congregation displaced after their church building was made redundant. Rev Mark Carey, who is the son of former Archbishop of Canterbury Dr George Carey, was delighted at his reception.

Since 2006 when their building was declared unsafe, the congregation have been worshipping at Harrogate Grammar School where Mr Carey was licensed as Priest in Charge during a ceremony at the beginning of this month. The Bishop of Leeds and Ripon was there to lead the ceremony.

Mr Carey was previously vicar at St Mark’s Church Grenoside, Sheffield, where he had been for eight years. His wife Penny, and three children joined him at the vicarage in September as they embarked on their new life in Harrogate.


New Wine is a national network of clergy and churches supporting and encouraging one another


Image result for george carey and queen mum elizabeth

Lord George Carey

In England his time saw notable national events: he took part in the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales in 1997, led worship for the nation in the Dome for the new Millennium;quoted at the Service commemorating the victims of the 9/11 attacks; led the tributes at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother in 2001 and preached memorably at Golden Jubilee of the Queen in 2002

He retired in 2002 at the age of 66 and was made a life peer, taking the title Lord Carey of Clifton, reflecting appreciation of his time as Bishop of Bath and Wells.


Image result for St Nicholas church , Durham lord carey

Her Majesty the Queen greets members of the Carey family at the Lambeth Palace Garden Party 2001https://i1.wp.com/www.glcarey.co.uk/Images/Pictures/GardenParty.jpg

Her Majesty the Queen greets members of the Carey family at the Lambeth Palace Garden Partyhttps://web.archive.org/web/20070807190908/http://glcarey.co.uk/Images/Pictures/HRH-meets-Carey-family.jpg 2001


Image result for lord chris patten and wife

Lord Chris Patten with wife, Lavender

Lord George Leonard Carey director at same company as Chris Patten’s wife LADY MARY LAVENDER ST LEGER PATTEN OF BARNES

United Learning Trust


Lord Carey is a director of

Christian Weekly Newspapers along with RT REVD PETER ALAN BROADBENT


Image result for crusaders PETER BROADBENT founder


He became a Christian at 14 through ‘Crusaders’, a Christian youth organisation. He trained for the ministry at St John’s College, Nottingham.




Peter Alan “Pete” Broadbent is a British Anglican bishop. He is the current Church of England Bishop of Willesden, an area bishopric in the Diocese of London. He was also the acting area Bishop of Stepney

He was 15 when he became a committed Christian through the Crusaders youth organisation. He studied English at Jesus College, Cambridge and then studied theology at St John’s College, Nottingham before being ordained.

Broadbent’s  first parish job was as Curate to George Carey, the previous Archbishop of Canterbury, when he was Vicar of St Nicholas, Durham

Broadbent moved to the Diocese of London in 1980 to be curate of Emmanuel Church, Holloway and the Bishop of Stepney‘s Chaplain for Mission.

Pete Broadbent has served as a member of General Synod on and off since 1985 and was a member of its Standing Committee. He chaired the Business Committee of Synod from 1996 – 2000 and was also a founder member of the Archbishops’ Council.


Broadbent is a member of the Labour Party and was a councillor for the London Borough of Islington from 1982 and 1990, being the chair of their Development and Planning Committee.


George Carey’s wife, Eileen, was won over by Billy Graham Crusade

When Eileen was sixteen the young American preacher, Billy Graham, was conducting his London Crusade and once a week Eileen took a chartered bus to London.

Later she welcomed Billy Graham to Canterbury Cathedral for the enthronement of her husband.


Jun. 20, 1967 – Evangelist Billy Graham visits the set of the new Cliff Richard film ”Two a Penny”: Evangelist Billy Graham today paid a visit to the set at Goldhawk studies, London W. C. where he met pop star Cliff Richard, actress Dora Bryan and Ann Holloway, stars of his film ”two a penny”, which has a religious theme. The film is financed by the Graham organisation and the profits will go to help their work. Cliff Richard, who is quitting show business at the end of the year, is working in the film without pay.
Image result for billy graham and cliff richard
Billy Graham and Cliff Richard

Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey made a personal and pastoral visit to the Revd Dr Billy Graham today. Archbishop George and Eileen Carey are close friends of Dr and Mrs. Graham.
Image result for billy graham and lord carey
Billy Graham and George Carey
Dr Graham was present at the Archbishop’s enthronement 10 years ago and met together several years ago during a meeting at Kanuga Episcopal Conference Centre in North Carolina.
March 8, 2001

Who is John Smyth? Barrister who led Iwerne Trust accused of physically abusing boys from Winchester College in Christian group

John Smyth QC ‘forced public schoolboys to strip naked before subjecting them to savage beatings’

Mr Smyth, a moral crusader who made his name as a barrister representing the Christian campaigner Mary Whitehouse in a landmark prosecution against the Gay News newspaper, went on to live in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

The prosecuting counsel was John Jackson Smyth, Mary Whitehouse’s fellow traveller from the Festival of Lights


Mary Whitehouse (left) sings a duet with Judy Mackenzie at the Festival of Light Rally in London’s Trafalgar Square.  September 25th, 1971.

Coincidence never ceases to amaze me. Look at these Royals in photos with convicted paedophiles they befriended. What rotten luck.


Former QE2 steward Nicholas Greaves, 33, had 458 images of youngsters from two months to 16 years old on his computer – 13 in the most serious category – and 15 films.

He worked for the Royal Family between 2002 and 2004 at Buckingham Palace, Sandringham and Balmoral.


A former royal butler who opened doors for the Queen downloaded obscene images of young children, including scenes of torture and babies just months old.

Favoured butler to the Queen butler jailed for child porn offences

31 July 2006
A FORMER favoured butler to the Queen has been jailed for two years for a catalogue of sick child porn charges. Pervert Nicholas Greaves, 33, worked at Buckingham Palace for two years before leaving to become personal butler to the King of Jordan. He was caged at York Crown Court today/yesterday(THURS) for swapping depraved child porn on the internet. A police man described some of the 473 sick photographs and films – which included images of children being tortured – as among the worst he had seen.
The 16 charges date between February, this year, and April, 2004, when gay former QE2 steward Greaves still worked directly for the Queen.
He was employed by the palace between May 2002 and June 2004, before spending a year serving King Abdullah II in London. He then moved to Whitby, North Yorks, to open a cafe but still worked for the royals on a casual basis until his arrest in February this year.
Shortly before his arrest, Greaves helped with the Queen’s 80th birthday celebrations.

Queen Elizabeth II accompanied by the Commonwealth Secretary-General Don McKinnon (centre) received flowers from a young guest at Marlborough House in central London. The Queen marked her 80th birthday at a special Commonwealth celebration held in her honour in 2006

Greaves, who is thought to have been a favourite of the Queen, would help out at state functions and important events, including her 80th birthday celebrations at Windsor Castle.
Judge Geoffrey Marson QC said the images showed the degradation of children, aged from a baby of a few months to 16, of both sexes. “The depravity to which they have been subjected beggars belief,” he said. “It is not suggested that you were involved in the making of any of these images, but by downloading them and distributing some of them as you did you contributed to that very degradation of these young children.” Greaves admitted five offences of distributing indecent images of children and three counts of possessing indecent images with a view to distribute. He also accepted seven counts of possessing indecent images and one count of possessing indecent films of children. The ex-butler also admitted failing to surrender to police bail in May, when he went on the run for a month, claiming to be suicidal. Simon Reevell, mitigating, said as a result of the case Greaves had lost his social standing, home and business. “This is the same man who not very long ago was one of 16 under-butlers who were responsible for serving the Royal Family,” he said. “In two years he travelled to Sandringham, he was with them in Scotland, he served them in Buckingham Palace. “
He left that employment because he was promoted and he became the butler at a private residence in Belgravia of the Jordanian royal family, serving directly the King himself. “He moved from that to a failed suicide attempt, waking up surrounded by left over tablets, standing at the sea edge looking for a cliff and sufficient courage to hurl himself into oblivion.”
Prosecutor Andrew Hatton said police became aware of Greaves’ interest in child porn after searching the computer of a suspected paedophile, in Twickenham, who is facing child rape charges. An email from NewkyBrown2004 – a nickname traced back to Greaves – was found to contain five pictures of young boys being abused by adult males.

Greaves was questioned by police and immediately admitted owning indecent images of children and distributing them on the Internet. He said he used a one to one messenger service to chat with paedophiles and swap images of children but denied it was for sexual pleasure. “In interview he said he was not interested in the content of the photos but instead in the people who sent them,” Mr Hatton said. “He said he wanted to know what made them tick.” The former butler told police he thought they would only find six images on his computer as he regularly deleted them and had not built up a large collection. But when they searched the machine they found 453 indecent photos of children and 15 sick films. These had been categorised using a scale of one to five, where five indicates the sickest type of child porn. There were 13 pictures and one film in the top category and over 250 images at level three and above. Greaves told police he was surprised by the find and said he thought there was only around 100 deleted images. He could not account for over 300 pictures and 12 films not deleted and still stored in his MyPictures and MyDocuments files. The ex royal servant failed to answer police bail on 8 May, this year, but handed himself in at a police station a month later on 12 June. Greaves claimed he had tried to kill himself by taking over 100 pills the night before he was due to answer bail and was shocked to wake up alive. He said he panicked and drove off on his moped to Redcar and Blackpool looking for cliffs he could jump off but failed to find any. He then travelled round the country for a month, feeling suicidal, before handing himself in. Mr Reevel said Greaves was of previous good character and now realised how wrong his actions had been. Judge Marson ordered him to sign on the sex offenders register and disqualified him from working with children. He added: “There is no reason for the possession and distribution of these images other than for sexual gratification. “There is no other logical explanation and were it not for people like you those who make and distribute these dreadful images would have no market for them.” Speaking after the verdict Sgt Darrin Knight said: “I have a great deal of sympathy with the children depicted in the images, some of which are were the worst I’d seen in 17 years. “The judge understands the link between the people who download these images and the people who make them.” Sgt Knight said Greaves’ royal duties had included opening doors for the Queen and added: “As I understand it she has preferred butlers and he was one of them.”





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