Carlton Club Members – Westminster Paedophile Ring (Part 1)

 ^ MP Ann Widdecombe Carlton Club member

Carlton Club members:

A coven of Ted Heath and Harvey Proctor supporters

Update: Apr 2 2017

Findings of Sir Edward Heath ‘child sex’ investigation to be released

THE findings of a  police investigation into allegations that Sir Edward Heath was a paedophile will be published in the summer.

Those close to Operation Conifer have rubbished claims that the investigation has been wound up, revealing that officers are still pursuing “significant lines of inquiry”.It had been reported that no evidence had been found to tarnish the former prime minister’s reputation and that any findings would not be published.

But a Wiltshire Police source said: “The investigation is ongoing and hasn’t been closed

We’ve got a team of 20 people still working on it following a number of significant lines of inquiry.

A public report is due to be published in June. 

“There appears to be a bunch of people who are pro-Ted Heath in the House of Lords and Parliament who have been insisting ‘there’s nothing to see here’ and suggesting that the investigation has been wound up. It hasn’t. 

we’d hardly be continuing inquiries and planning to publish a report if there was nothing to say.”

The investigation began in August 2015 when Supt Sean Memory, standing outside Sir Edward’s former home in Salisbury, launched an appeal for alleged victims to come forward.



Farce over Ted Heath child abuse probe grows as a scrutiny panel member faces a conflict of interest

  •  Dr Elly Hanson, a psychologist, was paid £2,025 to advise Wiltshire Police

Darren Pearce @darrenpearce111

There’s ever growing desperation in the Fail’s absolutely humdrum and trivial attempt to dig up something to stop Operation Conifer


They talk about a conflict of interest and in the next line print a comment from Edward Heath’s godson (as they do every time).

Mr. Edward Heath Takes Hovercraft Trip To France.

Aug. 08, 1966 – Mr. Edward Heath takes Hovercraft trip to France.: Mr. Edward Heath today crossed the Channel by hovercraft, for a launch party near Le Touquet of friends and their children, and he went bathing in the sea. Photo shows Mr. Edward Heath is pictured on the hovercraft, during the crossing, with, on the left, his three year old godchild, Penelope Denman, and on the right, is 8 year old Dominic Seligman.–ireland-image17854347.html

Aug. 08, 1966 – Mr. Edward heath takes hovercraft trip to fancy. Mr. Edward Heath today crossed the channel by hovercraft, for a lunch party near Le Touquet of friends and their children, and he went bating in the sea. photo shows Walking across the sandy beach, near Lo Touquet today, holding by his right hand, his three – year – old godchild, – Penelope Denman, and by his left hand, Penelope’s member of the party.

Lincoln Seligman (pictured) has defended his late godfather and called for an end to the 'vindictive' investigation 

Lincoln Seligman (pictured) has defended his late godfather and called for an end to the ‘vindictive’ investigation

Nancy-Joan Seligman, who has died aged 94, was a god-daughter of Rudyard Kipling and, as the wife of Sir Edward Heath’s closest friend, Madron Seligman, was one of the few people able to tease the former Prime Minister with impunity.

Nancy-Joan Seligman

 Nancy-Joan Seligman and her husband Madron Seligman with Sir Edward Heath

She was born Nancy-Joan Marks in Battersea during a Zeppelin raid on January 29 1918, the eldest child of Julian Marks, one of the founders of the Financial Times, and Nancy Pleasance-Hollingsworth, a spirited American from Philadelphia. Nancy-Joan was also the great-niece of Emma Lazarus, whose famous sonnet The New Colossus (“Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame/ With conquering limbs astride from land to land…”) is inscribed on the Statue of Liberty.

Nancy-Joan spent her early years in London as well as at Burwash, Sussex, next to Bateman’s, the home of her godfather Rudyard Kipling. Her Christian name was a combination of her mother’s name, Nancy, with Joan — a tribute to Kipling’s only son, John, killed in the First World War. She had vivid memories of Bateman’s, recalling how Kipling would allow her to play in his study, tell her stories and take her and her siblings for rides in his small rowing boat on the lake.

Nancy-Joan was a reluctant debutante in the 1930s, managing to drop the train of her dress into the lavatory before joining the queue of debs to be presented to Queen Mary. She joined the WRNS on the outbreak of war, driving ambulances and working, also as a driver, at Bletchley Park. She lived in Chelsea and, staying true to the circumstances of her birth, she and her father terrified the rest of their family by refusing to go to the air raid shelter during bombing raids.

Nancy-Joan met her husband, Madron Seligman, in 1935. They were both 17, but did not marry until 1947.

Madron Seligman spent most of his career in industry, and in 1979 he beat Boris Johnson’s father Stanley to be selected as the Conservative candidate for West Sussex in the first European Parliamentary elections.

Seligman went on to win the seat by a margin of 95,484 votes, earning a place in The Guinness Book of Records. He held the seat until he retired in 1994, and Stanley Johnson went on to become a good friend to the Seligmans.

Nancy-Joan was a constant presence at Seligman’s side in Sussex, Strasbourg and Brussels. Having spent time at school in France, she spoke immaculate French and was an invaluable social and administrative support. They were at the centre of a group of committed pro-Europeans who remained their friends for life.

Madron Seligman was the oldest friend of the former Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath, whom he had met at Balliol College, Oxford, in 1937. Heath played the organ at the Seligmans’ wedding, including a short piece, composed by the groom, to herald the entrance of the bride. Given the signal, Heath duly pulled out all the stops and began to play — only to find that the bride had been waylaid by photographers in the church porch. After performing the piece 13 times, he vowed never to play at another wedding.

Heath became godfather to Nancy-Joan’s eldest son, Lincoln, and was known to the family as “Uncle Teddy”. He frequently went on holiday with them and took part in family occasions.

It was with the Seligmans at Villefranche that Heath went to stay immediately after his election as leader of the Conservative Party; and Seligman was with him in Bexley in 1970 when Heath secured a general election victory that many doubted he could win.

At the time of Heath’s premiership, Madron Seligman had no political aspirations, and he and Nancy-Joan were in a unique position to offer honest and objective friendship to the rather isolated leader. Seligman Christmases were spent at Chequers, where Nancy-Joan played Mother Christmas, always providing the Prime Minister with a Christmas stocking. One Christmas, she berated him for his greed when, having opened his stocking before breakfast, he mistook the small globes of bubble bath for sweets, and ate them, later appearing with traces of foam around his mouth.

Because of her family’s close friendship with the famously touchy Tory leader, she was allowed to tease him and, as a woman of considerable frankness, was able to tell him when she felt he needed to pull his socks up.

Her husband predeceased her in 2002. She is survived by their three sons and one daughter

Nancy-Joan Seligman, born January 29 1918, died September 10 2012


Broadstairs neighbour Edward ‘Teddy’ Denman had known the family for some years- insurance broker with Lloyds

  • father of Penelope “Pempy” Denman – another godchild

From Heath’s autobiography:

Teddy Denman, godchild Pempy, Royal Temple Yacht Club

Teddy looked after many of my interests, including some business affairs in the City of London and sailing matters in the Royal Temple Yacht Club.

Image result for ted heath morning cloud

Police have LOST woman’s Ted Heath statement about a missing boy

14 NOV 2015

Detectives have been in contact with author Linda Corby – more than four decades after her first complaint – to take the details down again

Lost: Woman made a statement about a child disappearing from Ted Heath’s yacht The woman had made a report to police, which she has been told has been lost

A woman who warned Jersey Police about a child vanishing from Ted Heath’s yacht has been told by officers they cannot find her original statement.

Detectives have been in contact with author Linda Corby – more than four decades after her first complaint – to take the details down again.

They also revealed her “enquiry” had now been handed over to Wiltshire Police , who are taking the lead in the investigation into the former Prime Minister.

She was told the police inquiry into Ted Heath had been given the code name; ‘Operation Conifer’, by the English force.

Earlier this year author, Linda Corby, told the Daily Mirror how she and another local politician, who has since died, made two statements to police in the 1970s.

Linda and the Jersey senator were just outside the yacht club in the 1970s as they watched 11 boys aged six to 11 from Jersey’s notorious Haut de la Garenne children’s home board the former PM’s yacht in the island’s capital St Helier.

When the yacht returned, they counted them back and one boy was missing.

The local politician asked Linda to back him up about what they had both witnessed and so they visited Jersey police HQ together to make their statements.

But nothing happened and she claims they were later told how police officers had been ordered not to investigate their concerns.

After her story appeared in the Daily Mirror she contacted Jersey police asking to see her statement but said she was told it could not be found.

Linda explained: “They phoned to tell me they couldn’t find my statement.I was not surprised at all – so much has gone missing over the years.

Linda later received an email saying her enquiry had been handed over.

“I couldn’t believe it when they told me the Wiltshire inquiry was called ‘Operation Conifer’ – how appropriate!” she said.

“ It’s named after the fastest growing tree ever and there are branches going missing all the time. It also shows the paperwork is going to be astronomical.”

The email Linda received last month from Jersey Police stated: “As I said on the phone to you Wiltshire Police are taking the lead on the Ted Heath enquiries and last month we delivered them the paperwork relating to your enquiry.

Previously describing what she saw in the early 1970s, Linda, 62, said: “I was with Jersey senator Ralph Vibert who has since died.

“He said he had been warned about children going on Heath’s yacht, Morning Cloud, and some not coming back.

“We watched as a group of boys from the home got on. They were in shorts and T-shirts and looked as if they were on a day trip.”

Author Linda claimed she later went with the senator to Bouley Bay to watch the yacht return.

She said: “We counted them back but one boy was missing.

This week Linda added: “I don’t know if there was anything in it or not but the fact is it should have been investigated. It is disgusting.”

The mum, from Jersey, insists a few days after they made their statements, officers told them “someone above” had told the officers not to investigate.

She said back then the police were controlled by the defence committee so they assumed it was them who told officers to leave it alone.

In 2008 a massive probe at Haut de la Garenne revealed many cases of child abuse against past residents.

Reports that human remains and evidence of torture had been found were later denied.

The ‘Independent Jersey Care Inquiry’ is investigating the abuse of children in it’s care system over many years.

Jersey Police confirmed they had contacted Linda and the information had now

been handed over to Wiltshire Police.

They could not confirm whether or not the statements had been found, as the officer was on annual leave but they pointed out their system had been computerised since the 70s.


Sir Edward Heath: Two released after abuse investigation

The two unnamed suspects, the only ones to have been arrested, were also told they face no further action.


Mar 31 2017

 Tory MP Harvey Proctor sues Nick for six-figure sum over claims his child sex smears cost the ex-politician his home, job and fortune

Mar 31 2017

Mr Proctor,  has got an unnamed financial backer to support his court costs


Dame Lady Sadie @lamagypsy

think he is playing to the crowd. The ‘pay to keep him quiet crowd’

His colleagues have paid for his recent high-profile media appearances and have appointed him a top legal team.

evil cunt

Why would they if he were merely someone who ‘spanked’ a few lads in the seventies?

It’s because they know full -well that Proctor is a loose-cannon who knows their dirty secrets and would have no hesitation in revealing them.

The powers-that-be are pulling out all the stops in a desperate effort to keep a lid on Britain’s child-raping secrets and will use any dirty tactics available.


Cassandra Cogno @CassandraCogno

BBC abandoned Karin Ward when Freddie Starr sued

 will @davidhencke @markconradhack @MarkWatts_1

abandon Nick?

maybe sidestep by saying exaro no longer exists as legal entity?

Chris Stacey @chrisstacey1

There’s not any doubt so not sure why it’s being queried. Depends what ‘Nick’ wants to do, though I’m not in touch with him

Cassandra Cogno @CassandraCogno

has there been a statement of support made removing any doubt?

The Exaro Scam

How? do I feel about the whole Exaro scam now?

Just used , used, used,

Exaro’s editor-in-chief, Mark Watts, is also an admirer and friend of Tom Watson.

Watson and Watts  have certainly been useful to one another.

Mar 8 2017

Dame Alun Roberts @ciabaudo

Tom Watson who brought up paedophilia in HoC has  given paedo Vaz a leg-up??

Cassandra Cogno @CassandraCogno

Still perplexed as to why he told me not to look at Exaro’s finances on only phone call I ever had with him. Why?


Cassandra Cogno Retweeted:

At the point when Exaro started publishing the VIP allegations it was a financial news based outlet. It has always been a question

WHY did … Tom Watson conveniently ‘choose’ Exaro as the outlet of choice?

The underlying motivation as to ‘Why choose Exaro at that time?’ is going to be an issue which needs to be resolved going forwards.

Some have speculated the link between the Labour Party and Exaro’s directors was the underlying motivation

“Exaro Holdings is 100% owner of Exaro News which is the first commercial website dedicated to investigative journalism”
So why did it’s director Watts sue for wrongful dismissal when he knew the money wasn’t there to compensate?

So why did it’s director Watts not resign his directorship of Exaro Holdings when he was sacked as ’employee’?

As a sacked ’employee’ and STILL a director he had a clear conflict of interest. A conflict of interest that is part of the legal framework around directors’ responsibilities. It does not make sense that a sacked employee can remain a director.
ACTIVE director Mark Watts. Company in liquidation. Sacked as employee. Still a director.
Exaro Holdings 100% (from Pendry’s own words) owner of Exaro News. Watts sacked from subsidiary company. Watts STILL a director of parent.
So the questions remain: why is Mark Watts STILL a director of a parent company from which he was sacked as an employee?
Why did Mark Watts sue for wrongful dismissal and allegedly be awarded compensation when he KNEW as director there was no money?
Did Watts waste public time and money by that wrongful dismissal claim? Did Watts have a massive conflict of interest with directorship?

Tim Pendry, a Left-leaning PR man and friend of Jeremy Corbyn.

Tim Pendry – Director of Exaro Holdings which owned ExaroNews, the investigative journalism web site (2011-2016).

Cassandra Cogno @CassandraCogno Jun 4

Replying to @TimPendry@jessicaelgot

Hi Tim – thanks for popping up on my t/l – Is Jenina Pendry related to you? 1998 Labour council candidate

Tim Pendry @TimPendry

I am married to her. I think she stood just to ensure a full list but was not particularly active: we left Islington two years later. Why?


Last month, Pendry announced that he would rejoin the Labour Party, saying his decision ‘was helped by the estimable old Labour Right-winger Tom Watson being elected as ballast, as deputy leader’.

The MP first began publicly campaigning about an ‘Establishment’ paedophile ring in 2012. At about the same time, Exaro began focusing heavily on stories about the same purported ring.

Ever since, Watson has made regular appearances in Exaro’s news reports. As a senior MP, his comments lend credibility to their reports. In turn, they help to promote Watson’s campaign.

Little wonder, perhaps, that in the past 18 months Watson has almost continually flagged Exaro stories on Twitter. His support is doubtless very helpful. In November, for example, Watson tweeted: ‘I’ve spent all week telling reporters to phone Exaro if they want to know what’s going on.’

This relationship does not please everyone, however. Peter McKelvie, a former child protection officer who once worked closely with the Labour MP, has severed ties because he regards Exaro as ‘a disgrace to journalism’.

McKelvie is also said to believe that Watson fails to adopt a sufficiently collegiate attitude to his campaign, an opinion shared by one MP who has previously collaborated with him on child protection issues.‘There have also been other times Tom has not pulled his weight, and I’m not just talking about the Janner letter,’ says the MP.

‘There was, for example, a debate in Parliament on historical child sex abuse last November. Everyone interested in the issue attended, apart from Tom. Perhaps he didn’t want to share the limelight.’

4 Nov 2016



Tweets MPs Delete@deletedbyMPs


DT tom_watson: RT ExaroNews:

Tony McSweeney, who worked as priest at Grafton Close children’s home…


tom_watson (Labour) retweeted @ExaroNews :

RT @ExaroNews: Tony McSweeney, who worked as priest at Grafton Close children’s home, has just been jailed for three years. #Fernbridge



Image result for tony mcsweeney and bruno

Priest, Tony McSweeney, who married Jimmy Savile’s friend, Frank Bruno, was sentenced to three years in case linked to allegations of VIP paedophile ring at south London Elm Guesthouse

Image result for tony mcsweeney and bruno


Max Mosley Bankrolled Tom Watson’s Deputy Leadership Campaign

Tom Watson’s deputy leadership campaign was bankrolled by multi-millionaire former Monaco-based tax exile Max Mosley. Guido can reveal Mosley wrote Watson a cheque for £12,500 in August, also providing him with £27,554 worth of printing, a total of a cool £40,000. Mosley spent years avoiding tax in Monaco, returning to the UK in 2010 when he complainedI now have to pay tax here“. Don’t tell Jeremy Corbyn…

Watson’s campaign placed press regulation as his number one issue, putting Leveson front and centre of his website ahead of any other issue.

What was it about their shared Murdoch-phobia that convinced the German-themed spanking party enthusiast (Mosley) to open his chequebook?

Max Mosley’s aunt was Deborah “Debo” Mitford – she was a close friend to both Jimmy Savile and Prince Charles

Max Mosley and his wife Jean, with his mother, Lady Diana Mosley, one of the famous Mitford sisters and his father, Sir Oswald Mosley

The Mitford sisters were heavily influenced/influencing of Oswald Mosley, who may have been the influence for the political stance of THE MONDAY CLUB.

Debo was known to Savile and in his auction of personal artefacts were 2 cards provenance as signed by Debo Duchess of Devonshire.

From Savile’s auction..

A collection of Christmas greetings cards, including from members of the Royal Household, four from Princess Alexandra (1936- ) The Honourable Lady Ogilvy and Sir Angus Ogilvy (1928-2004); and two handwritten postcards from Deborah (1920- ) Duchess of Devonshire, signed ‘Debo’ (approx. 30)

Provenance: From the estate of Sir Jimmy Savile. OBE, KCSG, LLD (1926-2011)…_of_Devonshire

Prince Charles With The Duchess Of Devonshire During His Visit To Open The New Chatsworth Farm Shop In Belgravia, London Selling His Duchy Of Cornwall Products.

The Duke and Duchess of Devonshire view a giant sculpture of a seven-month-old baby by artist Marc Quinn entitled ‘Planet’ in the gardens of their home Chatsworth House on 4 September, 2008, Chatsworth, England. The bronze sculpture painted white is part of the Beyond Limits exhibition of modern and contemporary sculpture displayed in the gardens of Chatsworth by Sotherby’s

Derbyshire house | Pan statue on the grounds of Chatsworth House

Chatsworth has long been a favourite retreat of the Prince, and Debo was such a favourite that a bust of her occupies an alcove in the Prince Charles’ Highgrove garden.



‘The Prince did receive letters from the public complaining about Savile,’ says a senior aide. ‘

In 1982 Prince Charles entered into a partnership with Dame Miriam Rothschild, the late natural scientist, and they planted an experimental 25 acres with 130 native wildflower varieties which became the celebrated meadows of Highgrove.


^1987 Dr Michael Salmon paedophile paediatrician with Princess Diana

1990 Dr Michael Salmon was first jailed and convicted of abusing children

2001 The Aurelian Legacy by Dr Michael Salmon
Convicted  paedophile paediatrician  Dr Michael Salmon wrote a  book on butterflies which has an introduction by Prince Charles’ gardening partner,  Miriam Rothschild.
Image result for miriam rothschild and prince charles
She was the sister of Nathaniel Mayer Victor Rothschild, 3rd Baron Rothschild, who was a good friend of Edward Heath, Blunt, Burgess, worked for MI5 during World War II and alleged to have been the ‘fifth Spy’.
She decoded German wireless messages for the Enigma decryption project at top-secret Bletchley Park
Image result for dr michael salmon brutal
Dr Michael Salmon, far right
Image result for savile at stoke
Dr Salmon worked at Stoke Mandeville Hospital with Jimmy Savile at the same time the paedophile Jim’ll Fix It star was  attacking children there and Savile was visiting Prince Charles at Highgrove. 
Dr Salmon’s son appeared on Savile’s Jim’ll Fix It show.
Did Dr Michael Salmon ever visit Highgrove? He worked at Stoke Mandeville where Jimmy Savile had an office and residence and Dr Salmon was a charity colleague of Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson
Dr Salmon was part of the Dreamflight charity – promoted by people like Sarah Ferguson (friend of convicted billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein), Jimmy Tarbuck and Cliff Richard.


He was asked to join the inaugural Dreamflight charity trip, co-founded by former British Airways cabin crew member Patricia Pearce in 1987, as chief medical officer.

There was a picture from Jim’ll Fix It hanging on Salmon’s consulting room wall. The black and white photograph, shown to the jury, showed a young boy holding a microphone from when Salmon’s eldest son Martin had appeared on the popular television show alongside Irish horse racing commentator and friend of the royal family, Peter O’Sullivan.

Both Sir Alfred Beit and Lady Beit, who was a cousin of the famous Mitford sisters, were at the heart of the British business, political and social establishment from the Thirties until their death.

Revealed: the secret Sir Alfred Beit diaries that may tell of British royal family scandals

Diaries believed to contain the inside story of British royal family scandals have been suppressed by the late Lady Clementine Beit to protect Queen Elizabeth II from embarrassment.

Do the diaries contain details of the royal family’s oft-cited links with the Nazi party in Germany before the war? Or is it something more personal, some sexual secrets of the royal family that Sir Alfred and Lady Beit want to keep hidden? Because of the “secret” clause in her will, we can now only guess.

mike barnes‏ @MichaelBarnes54

Edward Heath: file in missing dossier identifies his interest/queries re. PIE

Edward Heath with Jimmy Savile

For some years allegations had circulated that the late Tory prime minister Edward Heath had been involved with the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE). Yesterday the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) announced that it would be investigating a possible cover-up by Wiltshire Police re complaints made against the former prime minster of sexual abuse. Today it was reported that a man alleged he was raped by Mr Heath when he was 12 years old. It is known as fact that Heath visited the Kincora Boys Home in Northern Ireland, the subject of ongoing investigation into child sex abuse (involving MI5, Ulster Unionist paramilitaries, etc). There was also the scandal involving a boys home on the Channel Islands – again a home that Heath regularly visited, together with Jimmy Savile, the entertainer who has been recognised as a serial paedophile offender. Now it has emerged that four separate police forces are investigating the allegations made against Heath: in addition to Wiltshire Constabulary, Kent Police (Operation Hydrant), Jersey Police (Operation Whistle) and the Metropolitan Police (Operation Midland) have each announced investigations.

Meanwhile, UndercoverInfo can confirm the name and serial number of the file regarding Mr Heath and his interest/queries re PIE and which was included in the infamous 114 ‘missing files’, believed to have been part of a dossier originally handed to the Home Office by Geoffrey Dickens and subsequently ‘lost’ by the Sir Leon Brittan, the former Home Secretary (and alleged paedophile).

Update: Hampshire Constabulary has announced it has opened a fifth line of inquiry (no further details at this stage).

A. The Heath file

The file that names Heath and his interest/queries re PIE is codenamed CRI 85 0472/0007/001 (see image below). There is no indication what the file on PIE covers; whether it is about questions, or whether it has evidence, or why it is associated with Mr Heath.

This file was eventually passed to the Government’s records office on 5 March 1990 and included in the ‘114 files’ that were either destroyed or went missing as part of what appears, in retrospect, to have been a concerted cover-up.

Screenshot from 2015-08-04 16:30:58

B. The cover-up

The ‘Westminster paedophile ring’ was first looked into as a result of a dossier presented by the late Labour cabinet minster (later, Social Democrat MEP), Baroness Barbara Castle. Ms. Castle said she had been given copies of classified documents from the Home Office, proving that there was a secret investigation underway into child sex abusers in Parliament. Castle apparently claimed that Heath was one of those implicated.

After Ms. Castle had collated the dossier, she handed it to Don Hale, the respected editor of her local newspaper, the Bury Messenger. Mr Hale later claimed that a “heavy mob” of Special Branch officers raided his office and confiscated the dossier a day after paedophile Liberal MP Cyril Smith had visited him to demand he bury the story. Labour MP Geoffrey Dickens then presented the Castle dossier (see ‘Appendix E’) to Sir Leon Brittan.

Some years later Leon Brittan claimed to have lost over 114 files that were alleged to have been about child sex abuse at Dolphin Square and Elm Guest House and PIE. (Brittan was named as an attendee at Elm Guest House by its late owner – Brittan’s Elm Guest House nickname was ‘Roger’.) These missing files were ‘disappeared’ or destroyed but may have been included in a larger list that were identified in a Government internal file that shows over 2000 files as being recorded ‘disappeared’ or missing.

However, a 23 page archived Government document includes details of all the 114 ‘missing’ files and lists the many MPs who raised questions about child sex abuse scandals.

Note: Scotland Yard is also reported to have handed to Leon Brittan a dossier naming 15 members of a notorious paedophile group. This file is still unaccounted for (it is not the same file given to Brittan by Geoffrey Dickens) – see here. It’s possible that this file is the same one labelled “Edward Heath… Re. PIE”.


Yesterday the IPCC issued a statement re Mr Heath. It said:

“This is an investigation into allegations that Wiltshire Police did not pursue a criminal prosecution when a person threatened to expose that Sir Edward Heath may have been involved in offences concerning children. In addition to this allegation, the IPCC will examine whether Wiltshire Police subsequently took any steps to investigate these claims. The allegations were referred to the IPCC by Wiltshire Police following allegations made by a retired senior officer.”

Superintendent Sean Memory of Wiltshire Police, who is leading the investigation for the force, later added: “The allegation is that a trial was due to take place in the 1990’s and information was received in that trial that Sir Ted Heath was involved in the abuse of children, and the allegation is from the result of that information that the trial never took place. A retired senior police officer has come forward towards the end of 2014 indicating that they were aware of this information. So between then and March this year, we have worked tirelessly to establish the facts of that allegation to a point where in March this year, we have made a mandatory referral to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, which is leading the investigation into whether we did in fact mishandle that case in the 1990’s.”

D. Allegations

1. Jersey

Jersey Police has also said that it was investigating Mr Heath. In a statement it said: “Sir Edward Heath does feature as part of ‘Operation Whistle’, currently investigating historical allegations of abuse in Jersey.” This follows the Jersey care inquiry, which had been looking into allegations of abuse in the island’s care homes, including the Haut de la Garenne children’s home.

Sir Edward Heath visited Haute de la Garenne many times and reportedly would take young boys sometimes supplied by Jimmy Savile (another regular visitor to the home) for trips with him on his yacht, ‘Morning Cloud’.

From September 2007, Jersey police took 1,776 statements from 192 alleged victims, identifying 151 alleged abusers relating to the home, though only seven people have been successfully prosecuted.

The police investigation also examined allegations that children were murdered. In the course of the investigation a total of 65 teeth and around 100 charred fragments of bones were discovered. Most of the dental remains discovered have been identified as children’s milk teeth. Among more than 100 bone fragments found is a tibia from a child’s leg and what police believe is an “intact” adenoid bone from the ear of an infant. These were all retrieved from a fingertip search of the four cellars in the Home’s east wing. Shackles were also found in what was believed to have been a torture chamber.

2. Kent

Kent Police said that it had also received, today, an allegation of sexual assault by Heath in the 1960’s.

3.  Westminster

According to Exaro, a sexually abused survivor, ‘Nick’, alleged that one of the perpetrators of abuse of which he was victim was the late Sir Edward Heath.

Operation Midland (via the Met Police) is looking at several allegations.

4. N. Ireland

Heath was also a visitor to the notorious Kincora boys’ home in Northern Ireland, where child sex abuse was rife and was allegedly used as a blackmail tool by MI5.


Cassandra Cogno@CassandraCogno

So is Daily Mail’s “120%” an attempt to create an Exaroesque “credible & true” stick with which to beat investigation with later?

Mike Veale Verified account @wiltspoliceCC

Please find at a statement from me following stories in the media today re the investigation into Sir Edward Heath

Sir Edward Heath WAS a paedophile, says police chief: Astonishing claim is made that the former PM is guilty of vile crimes ‘covered up by the Establishment’

  • More than 30 people have come forward with claims about the former PM 
  • And they are said to have given ‘strikingly similar’ accounts to Wiltshire Police 
  • The county’s chief constable has said that the allegations are ‘totally convincing’
  • Pictures have emerged of Heath driving – despite it being claimed he didn’t have a car 

The police chief investigating claims that Sir Edward Heath was a paedophile is convinced the allegations are ‘120 per cent’ genuine, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

More than 30 people have come forward with claims of sexual abuse by the former Conservative Prime Minister, according to well-placed sources.

And they are said to have given ‘strikingly similar’ accounts of incidents to Wiltshire Police – even though the individuals are not known to each other.

The Mail on Sunday has been told that Wiltshire Chief Constable Mike Veale regards the allegations as ‘totally convincing’, and plans to publish a report in June.

Detectives have established that, contrary to claims that Sir Edward could not have committed the crimes as he ‘never drove a car’ and ‘always’ had a police driver with him, he did drive – and did have a car.

They have photographic evidence that shows he is a driver, and have established that he had a driving licence. He also bought a Rover 2000 after being deposed as Tory leader by Margaret Thatcher in 1975, when he was 58.

Astonishingly, Mr Veale is also understood to support claims that Sir Edward’s alleged crimes were reported to police years ago but covered up by the Establishment.

Some of those who said Sir Edward abused them are believed to have told police they went on to commit sexual abuse crimes themselves as a result.

The investigation into Sir Edward, called Operation Conifer, was set up in 2015 in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal.

Mr Veale came under pressure to abandon the inquiry last year after separate claims of a paedophile ring at Westminster involving former Home Secretary, the late Lord Brittan, and former Defence chief, Lord Bramall, were found to be groundless.

Allegations that Sir Edward was involved in satanic orgies have been dismissed as fantasy by an expert asked to review the case.

However, The Mail on Sunday has been told that Mr Veale believes the paedophile allegations are genuine. A source said: ‘Mr Veale believes in them 120 per cent and thinks they are totally convincing.

‘There are very close similarities in the accounts given by those who have come forward. The same names used for him, the same places and same type of incidents keep coming up.

‘What stands out is that the people giving these accounts are not connected but the stories and the details dovetail.

‘It contains disturbing stuff. Investigators have been shocked by what they have learned.’

Another source said: ‘The police were initially sceptical about the allegations, but now believe them. And they have come round to the view that they were covered up in the past because of who Heath was.

‘They will not be deflected by the rich and powerful trying to do the same now. Mike Veale is doing a great job and should be congratulated for his courage.’

The disclosures come after several senior politicians dismissed the allegations against Heath as absurd and unfounded. Former Tory Foreign Secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind complained Heath’s reputation was being ‘besmirched’. Heath’s sexuality has been the source of much speculation over the years. Some believed he was gay, others said he was ‘asexual.’ At one point, he was being investigated by no fewer than five police forces – the Met, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Kent and Jersey.

The claims, some of which have been proved false, include alleged links to a convicted brothel keeper known as Madame Ling-Ling. A paedophile dossier compiled by Labour peer Baroness Castle said he offered young boys trips on his yacht, and in a separate incident one man claimed Sir Edward picked him up hitchhiking in Kent as a 12-year-old in the 1960s and lured him to his Mayfair flat.

Labour MP Tom Watson also said he had received allegations about Sir Edward. However the claims Mr Veale is investigating, which date from the 1960s to 1990s, are not linked to the discredited evidence of the man known as ‘Nick’, who alleged a high-level paedophile ring.

One of the key counter-claims made when the allegations first surfaced came from former Cabinet Secretary Lord Armstrong, who worked with Heath when he was Prime Minister. He said Heath ‘never drove a car’ and always had at least one policeman with him from 1970 until his death in 2005.

1950 to 1970 Ted Heath owned 4 cars. He clearly drove before he met Robert Armstrong. So why say he NEVER drove?

The fact that Sir Edward could drive was confirmed last night by a friend, who said the former Prime Minister bought a car in 1975, although Sir Edward was later given a chauffeur-driven car and police guard after IRA death threats.

Asked if Mr Veale believed the allegations against Sir Edward were ‘totally convincing’, a police spokesman said the Chief Constable was determined to ‘ensure the investigation is proportionate, measured and legal’ and that the job of the police was to ‘impartially investigate allegations without fear or favour and go where the evidence takes us. It is not the role of the police to judge the guilt or innocence of people in our criminal justice system.’

Further asked if Mr Veale had ‘120 per cent’ faith in the allegations, the spokesman declined to comment.


Sir Edward Heath seen with his car in Weymouth, despite claims he never drove

Sir Edward Heath seen with his car in Weymouth, despite claims he never drove

These are the photographs that appear to disprove the notion that the allegations against Sir Edward cannot be true because he ‘never drove a car’ and was always accompanied by police.

Both were taken in October 1975. In the main picture on the right, Heath is standing by the driver’s door of the Rover 2000 he bought after Margaret Thatcher ousted him as Tory leader in February that year. In the picture on the left, he is seen arriving at the Tory Party conference in Blackpool – in the driver’s seat.

The Mail on Sunday has learned that Wiltshire Police has also obtained photographic evidence of him driving.

The issue was first raised by former Cabinet Secretary Lord Armstrong, who worked with Sir Edward in No 10. Lord Armstrong said Sir Edward – whom he described as ‘asexual’ – had a 24-hour police guard and driver from the day he became PM in 1970 to his death in 2005, and did not have his own car.

‘When he was at home he had two policemen on the gate, he had the personal protection officer from Scotland Yard in the house, he never drove a car himself, he always had an official driver,’ said Lord Armstrong. ‘It seems highly unlikely he could have escaped all that to do the kind of thing that is described.’

Sir Edward Heath again pictured driving, this time leaving leaves the conference for the sea breezes of Weymouth

Sir Edward Heath again pictured driving, this time leaving leaves the conference for the sea breezes of Weymouth

Sir Edward bought the Rover after losing the chauffeur-driven car he was entitled to as Prime Minister, then Opposition leader.

A confidant of the former PM said: ‘He definitely could and did drive, though was a notoriously bad one. When he went to music concerts in Salzburg and hired a car, he was meant to drive it because his British police guards weren’t officially allowed to.

‘But they insisted as they were frightened he was going to crash.’

Mandarin who can’t help being economical with truth: Lord Armstrong at centre of accusations of child abuse cover-up

  • Senior civil servant in Thatcher government accused of ‘shocking’ attitude
  • Ex-Cabinet Secretary Lord Armstrong defended apparent abuse cover-up
  • Was warned by security services in 1986 that MP had ‘a penchant for boys’
  • Said he believed decision not to investigate claims was ‘correct at the tim

It has been revealed that he was urged by MI5 to help hush-up abuse allegations against a senior MP so as to avoid political embarrassment for the Thatcher government.

A document from November 1986 shows that Sir Antony Duff, then director-general of MI5, wrote to Armstrong about inquiries into one MP said to have ‘a penchant for small boys’.

Even today, despite years of official investigations into the claims and a top-level review into the loss of hundreds of Home Office files relating to the original allegations, Armstrong defiantly refuses to identify the suspect politician or even say if he is alive or dead. Can he really still believe that it is acceptable to be ‘economical with the truth’?

His attitude reflects an arrogant mindset that has for too long prevailed in Westminster and Whitehall.

The newly-unearthed files expose how protection of the Establishment took priority over the need to prosecute anyone suspected of paedophilia and over the safety of vulnerable young children.

In a letter to Armstrong about the suspected MP, Sir Antony warned that secrecy must prevail. ‘At the present stage…the risks of political embarrassment to the Government is rather greater than the security danger,’ he wrote.

In other words, if the rumours of a sex-ring were true and children had been abused, the welfare of the child must be subjugated to the national interest.

At the time, in 1986, there was little public discussion about the rumours. Whistleblowers were silenced, files mysteriously vanished and evidence which might have nailed the culprits was ignored.

New BBC paedophile scandal as ‘hero’ ex-chauffeur is unmasked as convicted child rapist

17 JUL 2016

Niven James Sinclair was so influential he sat in on BBC meetings – but Dame Janet Smith’s abuse probe in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal failed to identify him

A pervert with three child sex convictions worked as a BBC chauffeur for almost 30 years.

Niven James Sinclair drove VIPs ­including former Prime Minister Ted Heath and was employed to run BBC transport as a third party contractor. His firm supplied up to 150 cars.

He was so influential he sat in on BBC meetings and was involved with shows including Newsnight and Panorama.

And astonishingly, Dame Janet Smith’s probe into paedophiles at the BBC in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal failed to identify him.

Sinclair only stopped working for the broadcaster in 2005, aged 82, when his firm was still supplying 92 vehicles.

A glowing 2005 profile on the BBC website, still online tonight, was headlined: “A driving

My Sweet Landlord@MySweetLandlord

Heath aide suicide over paedo arrest

 Secretary shot himself

15th August 2015

SIR Edward Heath’s ex-aide, Nicholas Edgar, killed himself after being arrested by cops investigating child abuse claims.

Nick Edgar, 40, put a shotgun to his head two days after questioning over images on his computer.

The father of three worked as ex-PM Sir Edward’s secretary in the Nineties. He was held by child abuse investigation police in April, 2010.

Edgar was quizzed again four months later (Aug 2010) but then shot himself near his parents’ Cambridgeshire estate.

The former Oxford University Union president got the job with Sir Edward in 1992 and worked for him until late in the decade, spending months at the politician’s Wiltshire home.


One month after Heath’s aide, alleged paedophile, Nick Edgar found hanged…

Sept 2010

David Ainsworth, Wiltshire Police Deputy Chief Constable, was notified in September 2010 that allegations of misconduct had been made against him.

David Ainsworth, Wiltshire Police Deputy Chief Constable, was found hanged Mar 22 2011

He had previously served for 22 years with Kent Police, where he rose to assistant chief constable and was the Association of Chief Police Officers’ spokesman on vehicle crime before moving to Wiltshire in 2008.

In 2002 he headed a police task force for the Home  Secretary on reducing bureaucracy.
Brian Moore,  chief constable of Wiltshire Police, called in South Wales Police to investigate Mr Ainsworth’s conduct.

From Heath’s 1998 autobiography –

Ted Heath was especially grateful to alleged paedophile Nicholas Edgar…and some other familiar names…Sara Morrison, Soames, Fellowes. Lord Aldington…




In June 1995 Heath’s private office, headed at that time by (alleged paedophile)  Nicholas Edgar, was set the task of organising three days of lavish celebrations for our visitors at the most prestigious London venues.


Heath’s Chief Whip: My Job Was to Cover-up Scandals Involving Small Boys


Unspeakable Acts, Ordinary People: The Dynamics of Torture



Cassandra Cogno Retweeted gojam

Jan 1984 R v O’Dowd: Boy George’s uncle alleges photos of Heath with children exist & Cecil Parkinson attends the court case

From Sept 2014 Two ‘interesting’ allegations – Edward Heath: The Paedophile Prime Minister.

“the producer told me that years before when he was an assistant editor in a cutting room in Wardour Street he used to get his holiday photos developed at a shop in Wardour Street and one day the shop was raided by the police because the owner was dealing in pornography or at least that was the presumed reason. During the raid, a distribution list was discovered which had Ted Heath’s name on it also Patrick Moore’s and it was for “kiddie porn” as it was termed in those days. I do not know how he got this information about the list but apparently “everyone in Wardour Street” knew about it.”
It reminded me of a very strange court case involving Boy George’s uncle Kenneth O’Dowd in 1984 who alleged that he had compromising photographs of Edward Heath . The news reports do not describe what the photographs that included Ted Heath depicted however he says that his former mistress “appeared in pornographic photographs together with his two children”
According to The Glasgow Herald, O’Dowd produced a photocopied photograph of Edward Heath but it was “dismissed in court as a forgery”.
If you thought that was all very curious then I’m sure you’ll be intrigued about why Cecil Parkinson should take enough interest in this case to attend and observe part of the trial himself, as was John Stapleton and Nick Owen were…Intrigued
Below are two stories about the trial from The Times.
January 19th 1984
A woman denied at the Central Criminal Court yesterday that she had appeared in pornographic photographs with Mr Edward Heath, the former Prime Minister. The woman, a mother of three children, whose former boy friend has pleaded not guilty to raping and assaulting her, said she had never met Mr Heath, or been photographed in indecent positions with men or children. The man has asserted that the charges against him have been fabricated by the woman and the police. “He says they wish to muzzle his evidence to bring to book certain persons, including the woman, who he says appeared in pornographic photographs together with his two children”, the court has been told by Mr Stephen Mitchell, for the prosecution. The defendant had claimed he found photographs showing a man he recognized as Edward Heath and another man he has named as a Det Sgt Wallace. Mr Heath has denied being in the alleged photographs. The woman said in evidence yesterday that, although the defendant had taken some pictures of her undressed, they were of her alone. She said she had never been photographed with det Sgt Wallace or had sexual intercourse with him. Cross-examined by the defendant, she denied ever seeing a briefcase in her home with the initials “E.A.H.” on it. She also denied his allegation that she had been part of a prostitution ring. The trial was adjourned until today.

January 18th 1984

An accused man’s claim that he was framed by the authorities because he had discovered pornographic photographs of his lover, naked, In poses with Mr Edward Heath, the former Prime Minister, and a detective sergeant, were “wild and totally unfounded” the prosecution maintained at the Central Criminal Court yesterday. Mr Stephen Mlitchell, for the Crown, told a jury of seven women and five men that the allegations of the existence of such photographs had been made last October at the man’s first trial which was halted after three weeks and a new trial ordered. The defendant, aged 37, has pleaded not guilty to charges of raping and assaulting his former mistress, aged 32, a mother of three daughters. The defendant claimed he had discovered five colour photographs in the jewel box of the woman with whom he lived at their flat in 1976, while they were living at Woolwich, south east London. Their young daughters were looking on allegedly as the woman posed on her bed. Mr Heath was said to have been in two of the photographs, and the detective Sergeant, Brian Wallace, in three of them. But, Mr Mitchell said, no such photographs existed, although the jury would probably spent a great deal of time listening to comments about them. The defendant also claimed that he had found a black briefcase, bearing an MP’s initials, in a cupboard at his former lover’s flat. Some photographs did exist, Mr Mitchell said. The woman remembered that she had once posed nude and semi-nude. But the existence of “the odd dirty photo” whould not have any great influence on the case, he said. The man was accused of threatening his former lover with a knife and a hammer after breaking into her home in September 1982, and raping and assaulting her.


^^Cecil Parkinson reportedly funded Harvey Proctor’s tie shop too.

Edward Heath and Kenneth O’Dowd – Glasgow Herald 1985

Cassandra Cogno@CassandraCogno

Sir Edward Heath accusers also claim parents ran a satanic sex cult

(The daily fail is clearly smearing the allegations …”farce”, “far-fetched”, “incredible” “bizarre” etc)

Group of women who say they were abused by Sir Edward Heath also claim their parents ran a satanic sex cult that was involved in SIXTEEN child murders

Feb 20 2017

They claim their mother and father – knew the former Conservative leader.

They allege that the politician was part of a satanic sex cult run by their own parents.

The women’s claims were dismissed by police in 1989 when they came forward. Sir Edward’s name was never mentioned to police at the time. It was only last year that he was named for the first time after one of the claimants said she had ‘remembered’ a man called ‘Ed’ was a prime mover in a network of paedophile abusers.

“They say that the cult regularly slaughtered children as ritual sacrifices in churches and forests around southern England  (Wiltshire is considered part of Southern England) and also participated in similar ceremonies in Africa.”

[Africa : Richard Hoskins / John Smyth (went to Africa in 1984 – funded by Colman Family from 1989 on – Lady Colman  – friend and relation of the royal family.]

“The women’s claims were dismissed by police in 1989 when they came forward.”

james reeves@reeves3915

he was teddy in parliment,was uncle eddie in hampstead heath, picking up underage rent boys,just a mp in my days no protection officer around

Paedophiles Cyril Smith and Clement Freud

Paedophile Jimmy Savile and Ted Heath

Paedophile Cyril Smith and Ted Heath

Revealed: Ex-chief constable who says Cyril Smith cover-up went right to the top

  • Retired police chief reveals there was a ‘cover-up’ of Cyril Smith’s crimes
  • Former head of Lancashire Police, Albert Laugharne, says it was ordered by a top official 
  • Albert Laugharne is highest ranking ex-officer to give details of a cover-up
  • Claims follow revelations on how Smith’s powerful friends hid his abuse

A retired chief constable has revealed that a ‘sinister cover-up’ of the crimes of paedophile MP Cyril Smith was ordered by a top official working for the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Albert Laugharne, former Chief Constable of Lancashire Police, said that in the 1970s he was asked to lie about the politician’s alleged sexual abuse of a boy.

This newspaper has been told that a surveillance squad targeting a paedophile ring providing rent boys for orgies photographed Leon Brittan entering premises where the parties were believed to have been held on at least two occasions. At the time he was a minister in the Home Office.

A planned raid was called off at the last moment, allegedly on orders from senior Met command. Photographs and papers that could have been used as evidence then went missing, one officer who was part of the surveillance team has alleged.

This newspaper has been told that a surveillance squad targeting a paedophile ring providing rent boys for orgies photographed Leon Brittan entering premises where the parties were believed to have been held on at least two occasions. At the time he was a minister in the Home Office.

A planned raid was called off at the last moment, allegedly on orders from senior Met command. Photographs and papers that could have been used as evidence then went missing, one officer who was part of the surveillance team has alleged.

told to hand over all evidence they had gathered on Smith — including notebooks and incriminating video film — and to say nothing more of the affair.

If they did speak out they might be prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act.

Mr Laugharne was given, he says, a clear indication that Smith enjoyed special privileges as a predatory paedophile VIP.

Sir Tony Hetherington, the DPP at the time that the then Lancashire police chief Albert Laugharne was told by his office to shut up about Smith.

Sir Tony Hetherington, the DPP is dead, Cyril Smith andLeon  Brittan are dead, as is Willie Whitelaw who had, while Home Secretary in 1980, allegedly blocked a police investigation into a Westminster paedophile ring.

However, former Met boss Sir David McNee is still with us.

Smith had been investigated by Lancashire police at least four times by then, going back to the Sixties. The investigations were all halted.

Image result for cyril smith and david steel nominated him
Lord David Steel (left) put Rochdale MP Cyril Smith (right) … for a knighthood, despite being told of abuse allegations against him.

The politician, now Lord Steel, was made aware of the reports that Smith had sexually abused young boys in his hometown of Rochdale, Lancashire, in 1979.       

But dismissed the allegations – claiming: ‘All he seems to have done is spanked a few bare bottoms’.

Image result for david steel and cyril smith

Related?.. Another MP, like Ted “Ed” Heath, linked with a satanic child rapist…

Pervert MP Cyril Smith was pals with satanic child sex monster

Victim Michael Roberts reveals his devil-worshipping stepdad Michael Horgan organised abuse

Sept 3 2014

Paedophile MP Cyril Smith was in league with another appalling child sex abuser who set up satanic rituals and raped children as young as TWO.

Victim Michael Roberts, 40, today bravely puts aside his right to ­anonymity to tell for the first time how he was only six when he was sexually abused by 29-stone politician Smith.


Michael Horgan, who has also used the name Shaun O’Donnell, became known as the High Priest of Satan.

He organised outdoor “parties” for these activities on Saddleworth Moor, where child killers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley had buried their victims.

Youngsters from two to 13 were drugged, tortured and sexually abused during the satanic “ceremonies”.

He was jailed for 10 years and placed on the sex offenders’ register after he was found guilty of six sex abuse ­charges in 1992

The shock revelation over the satanist and MP’s friendship raises questions over any role Smith and Jimmy Savile may have played in Horgan’s paedo ring.

Horgan was also pals with Raymond Hewlett, the child rapist questioned in relation to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Moors Murderer Ian Brady is dead, Ashworth Hospital confirms

May 15 2017

Vicount Ian Kerr CGC @IanKerr May 16

Only last month they announced Brady letters will remain classified until 2051.

Prof Tom Clark, of Sheffield University, has been examining Hindley’s prison records for his serial killer book The Sociology of Evil, due to be published next year.

He said: “These are all letters that Brady and Hindley wrote to each other in prison knowing they would be intercepted.

“I would not have batted an eyelid if the request was refused on the basis Brady is not dead yet or because they mentioned someone still alive working in the prison service.

“But I am very surprised and intrigued by the suggestion the letters might contain information to find Keith’s body.

“Why should they want to keep the letters kept secret when the police have not done anything for years?

“The frustrating thing is we cannot actually see the letters so there is no way of finding out what was in them using the secret code.

“There was only an eye witness to the last crime and I have always suspected there was more to come out.

“There are still records which have been redacted, such as the second chapter of the autobiography Hindley wrote in prison.

“But they are usually blanked out to prevent identification of someone working in the prison service not because they would identify where a body is buried.”

He added that he thinks the letters should be published to solve one of the worst crimes in history.

18 March 2001

Did these monsters murder little Lesley?

25-year- old inquiry is reopened after NOW investigation

Two of Britain’s most evil paedophiles are to be quizzed over the sex murder of schoolgirl Lesley Molseed 25 years ago-after new evidence was uncovered by the News of the World.

The 11-year-old-known as Little Miss Chatterbox was appallingly assaulted, knifed to death and left on moors. The News of the World has now linked the horror to pink-haired Michael Horgan, Raymond Hewlett and a third man we are not naming.

A hardened detective, who keeps a photo of Lesley on his desk, has opened 148 new lines of inquiry into her murder as a result of our dossier. Det Chief Supt Max McLean glanced at the picture and said:


“I’ve been looking at it for some time. This is a case that stirs you to want to do your best. Your dossier’s been extremely helpful.”

Lesley, who had a heart defect, was killed in October 1975 while on an errand for her mum. She was sexually assaulted, knifed 12 times and dumped near her home town of Rochdale, Lancs. Educationally subnormal Stefan Kiszko was found guilty of the murder, but freed after 16 years when DNA evidence cleared him.

Our dossier indicates that satanic child-sex abuser Horgan-now 52 and with a Mohican hairstyle-‘groomed’ Lesley leading up to her death. On the afternoon of her disappearance, loner Horgan – now at a hostel in London’s Elephant and Castle-was spotted luring her away from the shops with a bag of sweets. Later that day he was seen with the distraught child clawing to get out of a car.

Early the next day he and the man we are not naming spent two hours meticulously scrubbing a blue van. We also discovered Lesley’s body was found five miles from a house where Horgan and other paedophiles subjected children to satanic abuse. He was a close friend of serial child sex offender Hewlett, at the time of the murder.


We have tapes of meetings we set up between Horgan and his ex-wife Eileen, 63.

She quizzes him about Lesley. He replies:


“You’re putting me in a coffin.”

Horgan’s stepdaughter, a schoolpal of Lesley, vividly recalls Horgan bringing the 11-year-old back to their home. The 33-year-old stepdaughter said:


“My stepdad said, ‘Do you want some sweets?’ Lesley said, ‘Yeah’.”

Eileen recalls seeing Horgan leading Lesley away from a nearby sweetshop.

Horgan was convicted in 1992 of hanging children from hooks and sexually abusing them in satanic rituals.

Raymond Hewlett  was living just an hour’s drive from where the Maddy McCann disappeared in the Algarve in May 2007 while she was on holiday with her parents

Hewletthas a string of convictions for abducting and raping young girls and has served long stretches in jail.

Raymond Hewlettwas considered to be the prime suspect in disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Questions have been raised regarding the McCann photofit of alleged abductor, bearing a remarkable resemblance to Hewlett as he appeared years younger than he was at the time of Madeleine’s disappearance.
Det Chief Supt Max McLean traveled to Germany to interview Hewlett  prior to Hewlett’s death in German hospital.
July 2011 Questions are being raised regarding the earliest examples of the News of the World hacking phones.  Was this article based on illegally obtained information?
Why did the News of the World provide details regarding Raymond Hewlett and Michael Horgan and yet protect the identity of the third man they suspect was involved in the Lesley Molseed murder?

Martin Allen : how case of London teenager missing for 35 years could be linked to the Elm House paedophile ring

14 May 2015

The brothers grew up in a council flat in Hornsey, where their mother was a secretary at Tufnell Park Primary School. They spent weekends ice skating at Alexandra Palace.

When Allen was 14 and Martin 12, their father started working as chauffeur to the Australian High Commissioner and they moved to Kensington, where neighbours included Winston Churchill and the De Beers jewellery family.


Margaret Thatcher and Ted Heath were regular visitors to the street.


Ted Heath’s home:

“The two Churchill [paintings] were a gift from Churchill. He was a prolific painter and Heath was his whip, so he had a close bond and so said to him ‘I’ll give you a couple of my paintings’.

Dame Alun Roberts @ciabaudo

Winston Churchill (of the right-wing Monday Club) joining forces with Bigg-Davison, a former member of the Communist Party


Edward Heath Charitable Foundation supported by Keith Vaz


It’s noticeable how investigating football venues has become more acceptable than investigating Westminster.

james reeves@reeves3915

these politicans,mps lords,and other high standing men,child sex abusers,are pleased footballers speaking out it takes the the heat off them

james reeves@reeves3915

i put on a football kit,then maybe i be on the front of the que to be heard ive waited over 50 years to be heard

AND the survivors of the football abusers are not being referred to as:

the usual crop of fantasists, revenge-seekers and money-chasers

Above quote from former MP Ann Widdecombe – Carlton Club member – referring to those making claims against former prime minister Sir Ted Heath.

^ Widdecombe smearing  survivors as money-chasers…

The insurance companies, who spoke at the recent IICSA seminar with Alexis Jay,  (see pages 125 – 134 transcript day 1).” said survivors weren’t money-chasers – “They never ask about what the claims are worth.”




via kaz

Why was there virtually NO news coverage of this important IICSA seminar, despite numerous journalists being present?

Ann Widdecombe’s fellow Carlton Club member, Lord Lexden also referred to a survivor as a “fantasist” 

Singing from the same hymn sheet?

Image result for heath and lord lexden

Lords Sneer At Survivors And Defend Bishop Accused Of Abuse

Lord Lexden, who proposed the debate, calls ‘Nick’, the man who made allegations in relation to Dolphin Square a “fantasist”, and the subsequent police investigation looking into the matter, “ludicrous”.

He minimises current child abuse allegations about Bishop George Bell by suggesting that a book written in his honour and Lord Lexden’s own involvement with Bell as a member of the George Bell Support Group to clear his name somehow confirm Bell’s innocence – and at the same time criticises the lack of due process in abuse investigations.

Lexden then suggests that the media should not be allowed to report on cases, alluding to allegations involving the church. (Like Butler-Sloss?)


and Lord Lexden is a member of the Bishop George Bell Group:



Former Tory MP Ann Widdecombe made history in 2008 as the first female member with full rights Ann Widdecombe is a member of the Carlton Club.
Ted Heath was also a member of the Carlton Club

In addition to both being Carlton Club members,

Ted Heath and Ann Widdecombe  share something else in common – allegedly sexless lives.


Here’s Sir Ted Heath’s good friend and confidante, Sara Morrison speaking about Ted Heath


Image result for sara morrison UK

^ Sara Morrison formerly married to Sir Charles Morrison (who funded Harvey Proctor and who was the brother of “noted pederast” Sir Peter Morrison)

“Ted was simply not a sexual being, simply not interested.”

Sara Morrison background:

Sara Morrison had been a youth worker in Wiltshire – Trowbridge



The Guardian London, Greater London, England Saturday, June 5, 1982 – 13


“… General Electric of England not only has direct connections to the Rothschild interests, but also to the throne itself.
The directors of General Electric Co. of England include Lord Catto, previously mentioned as chairman of Morgan Grenfell Co., the Morgan bank of London, Lord Aldington, also mentioned as director of Citibank, and the Rothschild firm, Sun Alliance Assurance; Sir Robert Clayton, who has served since 1983 as chairman of the prestigious government Monopolies and Mergers Committee; Lord Nelson of Stafford; Lord Weinstock, managing director of GE of England; Sir Robert Telford, chairman of the Marconi Co.; and Sara Morrison, daughter of Viscount Lang and the Duchess of Marlborough.

She is a director of the influential program, 4th Channel TV, and one of the principal organizers of the Conservative Party. She is a close confidant of the present Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. She is married to Charles Morrison, son of Baron Margadale.
General Electric Co. of England recently merged with Plessey Co., a giant defense supplier which is also controlled by the Rothschilds. “



Who was running the show, when MI5 was apparently running boy brothels from one end of the UK to the other?

Lord Victor Rothschild (above) pulled the strings within MI5 and MI6.

Among the reported visitors to the Elm Guest House boy brothel were Victor Rothschild’s friend Sir Anthony Blunt of MI5 and John Rowe of MI5.

Lord Victor Rothschild was reportedly the power behind such Prime Ministers as Churchill, Heath and Thatcher.

The government minister responsible for MI5, Leon Brittan, reportedly visited Elm Guest House.

Terry Dwyer and John Rowe (MI5) persuaded Carol Kasir to change her guest house to a gay one.
Introduced her to a South African from Holland called Peter Glencross who runs a paedophile magazine called ‘Spartacus’. 
Dwyer and Haddon were using the place to supply boys for sex. 
Among those using it was Louis Minster, Director of Social Services, Richmond, Colin Peters QC, Donald Naismith, Director of Education Wandsworth and number of police. 
Boys supplied by Neil Keir OIC (Officer in Charge) Grafton Lodge Childrens Home.

Carole Cazier (Kasir) (allegedly) murdered on a visit from Dr Walker.

Injection into bum normally but this was in arm. (GP Hammersmith Police Dr)

Days before Carole told us she had a picture of Edward Heath.

Sarah Hope-Walker – permanent guest – girl ‘model’ (High class prossie) was doc’s daughter from Reading. Disappeared 1 month before raid – police used her flat

Truthseeker1 @thewakeupcall09

Terry Dwyer & Elm Guest House

Terry Dwyer & Harvey Proctor

Jillings Report/Bryn Alyn/ Sun Alliance

Royal Sun Alliance, child abuse victims and the legal decision that shames Britain

The insurance company Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance Group spent £750,000 pounds  in legal fees to prevent paying out £200,000  to the victims of the abuse despite knowing that the claims were true:

The State placed the children in Bryn Alyn Community childrens homes  and paid for the children to be abused by Allen and Staff and VIP paedophiles.

Since then the State, the Courts and all the  people involved have made the children suffer further abuse and relive their  childhood abuse over and over again whilst giving them nothing but grief in return.

Mrs Morrison was promoted by Heath from local government to vice-chairman of the Conservative Party in the early 1970s.

Lord Margadale, Charles and Peter Morrison’s father had Thatcher & Denis to holiday on his whisky producing Islay estate in the summer of 1977 and 1978.

Lord Margadale (Morrison) had previously entertained two other of Savile’s favourites:

Image result for princess alexandra islay morrison

Princess Alexandra (whose husband Sir Angus Ogilvy he’d been Vice-President to his Presidency of the National Association of Youth Clubs while Sir Harold Haywood reigned)

and Conservative Prime Minister Ted Heath.

1974: Grey & Mrs Sara Morrison  PIE Paedophile Information Exchange – linked Albany trust

Brian Coleman, a Conservative member of the London Assembly, would go on to state –  – that, during an MI5 vetting in 1955 prior to being granted ministerial office, Sir Edward was warned to stop cruising for sex in public lavatories.

What more do we know of Sir Edward and his views on sexuality?

Image result for ted heath russian church leader
In 1998, at the age of 82 and three years before he left Parliament, he was one of just 17 Conservative MPs to vote in favour of lowering the legal age of consent for homosexual sex to 16.

 Mrs Sara Morrison often played host in later years when Heath had dinners at his house in Salisbury, and, was a weekly lunch companion at his house.


Heath – a good pal of the Morrisons

Heath autobio. p574

” ...went off to spend the weekend with Charles and Sara Morrison at their home in Wiltshire….…….

Edward Heath– Morrisons -Islay vacation spot….

Image result for thatcher islay brittan morrison

Thatcher had several holidays at Islay with Leon Brittan and noted pederast Sir Peter Morrison


Leading Westminster figures including ex-Home Secretary Leon Brittan named in Government documents

The documents name Margaret Thatcher’s former parliamentary secretary the late Sir Peter Morrison, former Home Secretary Sir Leon Brittan, former diplomat the late Sir Peter Hayman and former minister the late Sir William van Straubenzee


According to the timeline here, Sir Peter Hayman was MI6 station chief in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

That could possibly connect Hayman to Sir John Henniker-Major, 8th Baron Henniker, who was involved in Yugoslavia during WW2 with Sir Fitzroy Maclean.


VIP paedophile files: Leon Brittan surveillance operation ‘was shut down by Metropolitan Police chiefs’

According to an ex-officer the former Home Secretary was photographed during a 1986 investigation into rent-boy orgies in buildings in North London


Dame Alun Roberts @ciabaudo

An open secret which only Thatcher and her sycophants knew nothing about …

Crime reporter Nick Davies twice received tip-offs from police who said Morrison had been caught with underage boys but had been released with a caution.

Are we still waiting for the report or was it deliberately forgotten and buried? @conservatives

The Conservative Party has confirmed it is investigating reports linking Morrison to the allegations.

Image result for heath raped

Mrs. Sara Morrison:

“I later asked Ted and he effectively said that he was sexless. I forget the actual term he used…”

At 50, she proclaimed she was a virgin admitting to just one chaste romance back in the 1970s, with fellow Oxford student Colin Maltby. Then she described television and sex as the two things in life she did very nicely without.


It’s striking how often she feels the need to emphasise that this is her choice, that she has never felt anything less than fulfilled. Instinct tells you that such prickliness isn’t only a response to snide Daily Mail journalists; the spikes surely protect a complicated place that a less gauche and more emotionally able woman might just have been willing to visit.



Steve Messham missing for eight hours

more distracting shouts of “innuendo!” emanate from the Carlton Club, let’s stick to solid, recorded evidence for a while


Last year, Ann Widdecombe claimed, (as she did with Leon Brittan There is not an iota of evidence that there was a cover-up):


There’s no evidence against Ted Heath, SAYS ANN WIDDECOMBE


Is she privy to police information??  How can she make such claims??


Dame Alun Roberts @ciabaudo

Ann Widdecombe, did you campaign for PIE to be banned when Leon Brittan was dragging his feet?

Anne Widdecombe says paedophilia was not understood in the 1970s and 80s.

Hysterical lawmaking won’t stop child abuse


Edward Heath having dinner at the Carlton Club with Kent County cricket club. Colin Cowdrey, Ted Heath and Leslie Ames and other members of the club 28th November 1967

Theresa May is a member of the Carlton Club and was a member when Ted Heath was alive 

Theresa May rejoined his year.

Arthur's - later the Carlton Club 1.JPG

Other notable Carlton Club members


Lord Lexden with the Prime Minister at the Carlton Club, London

Carlton Club members – Lord Lexden and David Cameron:

The Prime Minister Cameron unveiling his portrait at the Carlton Club – Cooke was made a life peer as Baron Lexden, of Lexden in the County of Essex and of Strangford in the County of Down, on 23 December 2010[5] on the recommendation of Prime Minister David Cameron.

I wonder if Carlton club members discuss the ongoing Westminster paedophile scandal and inquiry amongst themselves at the club?

Image result for carlton club

Notable Carlton Club members

Notable Carlton Club members:
Margaret Thatcher, David Cameron (linked to convicted paedophile Patrick Rock ) William Hague (linked to Waterhouse cover-up) Michael Heseltine (funded Harvey Proctor )
Patrick Rock, special adviser to Mr. Gummer


Mr Heseltine it was who gave the Conservative candidate, Mr Patrick Rock, his political breakthrough by employing him as a research assistant in the late 1970s.

The Guardian

London, Greater London, England

Thursday, May 31, 1984 – 2

The defeat was a double blow for Mrs Thatcher because the Conservative candidate, Mr Patrick Rock, had worked in her private office at Downing Street and was well-known to the Prime Minister.

The Guardian

London, Greater London, England

Wednesday, June 6, 1984 – 30

Rab Butler linked to PIE

Mark Lennox-Boyd (his son, Monday Club member, former owner of Savile-linked Henlow Grange, Alex Lennox-Boyd, funded Harvey Proctor)

David Heathcoat-Amory also funded Harvey Proctor)

image Carlton Club members   Ted Heath, Margaret Thatcher and Quintin Hogg –

The Manorial Society – Quintin Hogg attending

Manorial Society Chairman Robert Smith With Quintin Hogg and shaking a special handshake with the Queen

The Manorial Society holds functions at the Carlton Club


Lord Montagu – Lord Montagu’s name appears alongside child sexual abuse as he was prosecuted in 1953 for having underage sex with a 14-year-old Boy Scout at his beach hut on the Solent


British Royalty. England. pic: 1950's. H.R.H.Princess Margaret (second right) pictured at the Dorchester Hotel, London with her sister Princess Elizabeth, (Queen Elizabeth II) the Duke of Edinburgh and Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, right. : News PhotoElizabeth

1950’s, H,R,H,Princess Margaret (second right) pictured at the Dorchester Hotel, London with her sister Princess Elizabeth, (Queen Elizabeth II) the Duke of Edinburgh. Prince Philip and Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, right


The Manorial Society holds functions at the Carlton Club:


 MSGB Spring Dinner – 15 April 2008

Carlton Club, London

Guest of honour , The Earl of Gainsborough, Knight of Malta, and former Bailiff Grand Cross of Malta

Image result for MSGB Spring Dinner - 15 April 2008 Carlton Club, London Guest of honour , The Earl of Gainsborough, Knight of Malta, and former Bailiff Grand Cross of Malta

Carlton Club, London. Guest of honour , The Earl of Gainsborough, Knight of Malta, and former Bailiff Grand Cross of Malta



 Carlton Club members   Ted Heath, Margaret Thatcher and Quintin Hogg –

Former lord chancellor Quintin Hogg (right) with Edward Heath, prime minister, and Margaret Thatcher, education and science secretary.

Hatton Garden Bank heist -athe Baker Street branch of Lloyds Bank

Now, one of the men, in his 70s, has spoken to the Mirror from his home in Europe. The ex-gang member said he was terrified to discover one box belonged to the-then head of the judiciary.

He said: “It was owned by Quintin Hogg, the Lord Chancellor.


Image result for Hatton Garden Bank heist

1963 He said: “When we opened it we dropped it on the floor like it was a time bomb.…the gang didn’t have time to go through all of the stash and ended up taking some sensitive material.

“When we got out we realised we had a lot more than we’d bargained for.“Princess Margaret is said to have taken snaps of “male friends” frolicking naked He said: “I can’t talk about that. But we did find a lot of guns.

And what was most disturbing was the child pornography we found.

We were disgusted and left it in their open boxes so police could trace the owners.”


More recently in Hatton Garden – Heist at the  Hatton Garden Safe Deposit  – 2015


Ghislaine Maxwell in the news more recently…


The Truth Will Come Out! Jeffrey Epstein’s Alleged Madam Loses BIG In Court

A lawsuit brought by a former ‘sex slave’ will move forward

Roberts, filing under her married name Giuffre, described very graphic sexual situations in the lawsuitfiled in September 2015.

“With the assistance of Maxwell, Epstein was able to sexually abuse Giuffre for years until Giuffre eventually escaped,” the lawsuit says. “As part of their sex trafficking efforts, Epstein and Maxwell intimidated Giuffre into remaining silent about what had happened to her.”

It was while working for Epstein, Roberts claimed, that she had sex with Prince Andrew. She also said she took part in an orgy that the Prince attended on the financier’s private Caribbean island. (The royal has strongly denied all her claims.)

The defamation trial is expected to begin May 15.

Jeffrey Epstein ‘sex slave’ trial postponed

May 10 2017

Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell (top) and Virginia Roberts Giuffre (bottom)

The defamation trial against Epstein’s friend Ghislaine Maxwell was set to start Monday — more than a decade after the billionaire was first arrested for soliciting underage girls — but it has been postponed because lawyers are close to negotiating a settlement, sources say.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre is suing Maxwell, whose late father owned the Daily News, in Manhattan federal court because Maxwell called her a liar.

Giuffre — who was 15 and working as a towel girl at Mar-a-Lago when Maxwell met her — claims Epstein turned her into a slave and forced her to have sex with his friends, including Prince Andrew, Duke of York, who denied her allegations.

Since Epstein was also friends with Bill Clinton, and was defended by Alan Dershowitz, their names were dragged into the case, too. But sources say they were never going to be called as witnesses.

Now, in a big disappointment to journalists, anti-sex-trafficking activists and Clinton haters, there may be no trial.

“After 11 years and much high drama, [Giuffre’s lawyer] David Boies asked his client to settle the case,” one insider told me.

Giuffre has already collected a settlement from Epstein and sold her story to the UK’s Daily Mail, but her testimony was hotly anticipated.

The blonde was expected to tell in sordid detail how Maxwell routinely recruited young girls and taught them how to give erotic massages that led to sex and prostitution.

If they don’t settle, the trial is now set for May 25.

Image result for Lord Sudeley,

Manorial Society Robert Smith and Lord Sudeley

Dame Alun Roberts@ciabaudo

Lord Sudeley, skint aristocrat, Western Goals and Monday Club member, frequent visitor to Manorial Society:

The International Monarchist League – Lord Sudeley and Gregory Lauder-Frost

1990 was a busy year for functions, with a House of Lords Dinner in March[24] and over 100 members and guests at a Summer Reception, hosted by Neil Hamilton, M.P., in Westminster Hall on 17 July. Lord Sudeley and Gregory Lauder-Frost represented the League (at their own expense) at a major fund-raising Dinner in New York City on 15 June 1990,


Image result for Lord Sudeley,

Left to right; Christoper Arkell & Lord Nicholas Hervey (standing) Gregory Lauder-Frost (speaking to Arkell), Countess Georgina Tolstoy, Count Nikolai Tolstoy (seated under picture), unknown man, Lord Sudeley and John P Bullen Stean (with glasses) at a dinner on 12 March 1990, at London’s United Oxford & Cambridge Club


Sudeley’s Associates – Gregory Lauder-Frost

Image result for Lord Sudeley monday club

Young Members’ Group at a Club Conference at Chilham Castle, 1980: John R. Pinniger (YMG Chairman), Richard Turnbull, & Gregory LauderFrost.



John Pinniger, Lambeth Councillor at the same time as John Bercow and a fellow member of The Monday Club

John R Pinniger  –  former Conservative councillor for  Lambeth 1990

He was also a leading activist and political adviser in the right-wing Conservative Monday Club

Pinniger worked closely with the Conservative Member of Parliament Harvey Proctor, who was then Chairman of the Monday Club’s Immigration & Repatriation Committee.

He co-authored papers with Proctor including:

”Immigration, Repatriation, & the Commission for Racial Equality”, by Keith_Harvey_Proctor, M.P., John R. Pinniger, M.A., with a foreword by Sir Ronald Bell, Q.C., M.P., published by the Monday Club, 1981, (P/B).

Pinniger was a director, along with Derek Laud of


John Pinniger was a “research assistant” to Harvey Proctor MP and to Sir Charles Irving MP and Pinniger worked at Harrod’s menswear shop in between his parliamentary duties.

via Troy@snowfaked

Sir Charles Irving

 Pinniger also worked for Charles Irving who offered steady ‘stream of advice’ to CHE

Dame Alun Roberts@ciabaudo

Manorial Society guest of honour, the rascist and alleged paedophile Enoch Powell:


Guest of honour at the East India Club (alleged satanist and member of Westminster paedophile network) Enoch Powell



^^ The East India Club in London’s exclusive St James’s Square has attracted the great and the good for more than 160 years, including Prince Albert, Lord Mountbatten and Lord Randolph Churchill.

Members include 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma, the uncle of the Duke of Edinburgh murdered by the IRA, Denis Thatcher, the husband of Lady Thatcher, and Lord Coe. (Coe served as chief of staff to William Hague)

William James Booth of PHAB was Chaplain at the East India Club, London
Booth was an Anglican priest and Prebendary of Westminster Abbey who served as a Chaplain to HM The Queen.


More on PHAB ….

Leaders of PHAB

Jimmy Savile at a PHAB presentation 1974 – Cliff Richard album

With the Earl of Snowdon as Patron of PHAB and the Queen Mother as Patron of NAYC Savile had increased access for networking with royalty.

Did Savile have access and opportunity to abuse vulnerable children and teenagers (some of whom had physical disabilities) at NAYC and PHAB Discos?

Will these two charitable organisations be able to safeguard children against abuse by celebrities or public figures in future if they haven’t already reported on how Jimmy Savile or Rolf Harris came to be involved in their fundraising, invited into positions of authority by whom?


Cassandra Cogno @CassandraCogno

Savile’s dominion over PHAB (Physically Handicapped & Able Bodied) clubs (HQ at King’s Cross) was never investigated

Andreas Baader @stop1984

Labor calls for royal commission into abuse of people with disability

via Australia

Rolf Harris and Cliff Richard

Former PHAB vice-president Cliff Richard with serial paedophile and friend of the royal family, Jimmy Savile

With Lord Snowdon as Patron, Ed Stewart as President and Rolf Harris and Sir Cliff Richard as Vice Presidents, Phab has provided support and services for its members since 1957


PHAB’s Ed Stewart



Former PHAB vice-president convicted paedophile Rolf Harris….



One victim wrote to Queen warning he was a pervert NINE YEARS ago




Sir Jimmy Savile involved with PHAB up until the year he died …2011



2011 PHAB Leeds..Sir Jimmy Savile,  Prince Philip, and Lionel Blair

2013 Friends of PHAB Leeds received Royal recognition from HRH Prince Andrew



Back to the Manorial Society

Keith Best

Another self-serving regular at the Manorial Society: Conservative MP Keith Best

KEITH BEST, the former Tory MP who resigned after being convicted of dishonestly trying to buy shares in British Telecom, has been given a pounds 35,000-a-year job funded by the Home Office.

Mr Best will start work as director of the new Immigrants Appeals Advisory Service

Mr Best’s appointment comes amid increasing concern about the politicisation of government jobs. Michael Howard, the Home Secretary, recently rejected a shortlist for the new post of Prison Service Ombudsman because he considered the three widely respected candidates to be ‘too left-wing’.

Since then, Keith Best has become director of the charity Prisoners Abroad


Patron of Prisoners Abroad – Sir Mark Lennox-Boyd – Harvey Prictor’s friend – who helped fund his tie shop.


Keith Best part of Survivors UK Male rape and sexual abuse


Keith Best


After his election to Parliament Best was driving when his car was involved in an accident resulting in the death of his personal assistant; the incident affected his reputation, even though he was cleared of responsibility.[1]


Rev. Martin Smyth MP & Neil Hamilton MP Western Goals Institute

Gregory Lauder-Frost – VP of Western Goals (UK) from October 1989. Chair of Monday Club Foreign Affairs Committee since 1989.

Gideon Sherman – Board of Directors of Western Goals (UK) February 1989. Worked on the anti-Charities report.

 Lord Sudeley – Vice President, Monday Club Executive, he has chaired most of the Western Goals (UK) meetings at Westminster.

Appears to be involved (with Lauder-Frost) in Manorial Society, War and Peace Ball and Monarchist Society.

Lord Lexden and Michael Gove in the House of Lords

Lord Lexden and Michael Gove at the Carlton Club

Lord Lexden, Carlton Club official historian, addresses the Club’s Younger Members’ Committee after dinner 


Lord Lexden Tory Party Historian named as a pedophile in Scallywag

In 1994, issue 24, a magazine called Scallywag published the following allegation:

― that on 14 November 1992 in Dolphin Square, Alistair Cooke (Lord Lexden) had taken active part in a ‘paedophile party’ that took place in the apartment of Robert Banks MP.

The magazine reported that Alistair Cooke was positively identified by Robert Banks’ researcher, Anthony Lillis, who was at the scene and who later became a whistleblower of sorts.

It was suggested that some or all of the “young boys” abused (some possibly aged just 14) were highly vulnerable residents or former residents of the ‘Bryn Alyn Community’ children’s homes in North Wales.

Boys whom John Allen, in conjunction with other paedophile ‘fixers’ in Westminster, had allegedly frightened or cajoled into prostitution/child prostitution.


Image result for Council of British International Schools COBIS lexden

Lord Lexden showing a group from Mead School around the Palace of Westminster

Image result for Council of British International Schools COBIS lexden

Lord Lexden – honorary patron of Council of British International Schools COBIS

A letter written concerning Lexden’s role as patron:

….In light of COBIS’ special association with Lord Lexden (formerly Alistair Cooke), the CEO, Board, Honorary Vice-Presidents and Honorary Members of your organisation will wish urgently to make inquiries with a view to establishing:

  1. Whether your Honorary Vice Patron, Lord Lexden,featured in police inquiries (whether at the time or more recently) related to alleged child sexual abuse or child trafficking?
  1. Whether your Honorary Vice Patron, as a senior official at the heart of the Conservative Party in Westminster at the time, was aware of the alleged ‘Boys for Questions’ operations encircling Parliament?
  1. Whether your Honorary Vice Patron was ever the subject of arrest or police caution?
  1. (If yes to any of the above) How in the world did Lord Lexden OBE come to be an honorary patron of COBIS notwithstanding your safeguarding procedures and child protection duties, and what will be done about it?

Again, there is no suggestion by me that your Honorary Vice President, Lord Lexden is guilty of any wrongdoing. I simply wish to know, from a child protection standpoint, what the facts are.

I look forward to receiving a timely response to my concerns and questions from the CEO, Board, Honorary Vice-Presidents and Honorary Members of the Council of British International Schools.



Lord Lexden has a flat in Pimlico

Image result for butler-sloss cover-up


Elizabeth Butler-Sloss and Prince Andrew at Manorial Society event in 2014 – just 3 months before she was appointed as haed of the IICSA


2 years later…

Controversial Former Abuse Inquiry Chair Elizabeth Butler-Sloss Backs Investigation Guidelines

Baroness Butler-Sloss, a former president of the Family Court, best known for the controversy surrounding her brief Chairmanship of the nation’s IICSA, is believed to have taken part in a debate in the House of Lords yesterday, urging the government to create a statutory framework for child sexual abuse investigations.

The discussion was set to focus on abuse alleged to have taken place in the distant past, or ‘historic abuse’ as some Lords continue to call it, however Researching Reform refuses to use this term as we are aware that survivors and victims of child sexual abuse find it particularly upsetting and not reflective of the day to day reality of living with abuse long after it has happened.

The debate itself was proposed by Lord Lexden


20 February, 2016

On February 19 The Times reported that Ted Heath’s private papers, now in the Bodleian Library Oxford, had been impounded by the police who plan to go through them to establish whether they contain evidence that the former Tory leader was involved in child sex abuse.

Alistair Lexden commented on this extraordinary development in a letter published in The Times on February 20.

Sir, The voluminous Heath papers, bought by the Bodleian Library for a vast sum, are in a mess and need cataloguing (article and leader, Feb.19). The police would do a great service to scholarship if, instead of paying bobbies to become researchers, they gave the money to the Bodleian’s trained archivists who could read every document for signs of sexual depravity and sort out this major archive at the same time. That would salvage something worthwhile from this otherwise ludicrous enterprise.
Lord Lexden
House of Lords



Image result for Alison Levitt and alex carlile

Alex Carlile married his second wife, Alison Levitt, QC, in December 2007

DPP Saunders is closely advised by Alison Levitt QC, who happens to be the wife of Janner supporter, Lord Carlile


Most newspapers call on Alison Saunders to resign as DPP

The Sun and the Times agree that the head of the Crown Prosecution Service should go over the Lord Janner affair

Crafty Muvva@craftymuvva

Carlile’s wife was a Principal adviser to DPP. Oh, and I’ll just park this here…


Ban media from naming sex abuse suspects before charge, says top lawyer

Alison Levitt, former principal legal adviser to Britain’s leading prosecutor, says move would protect people such as the late Lord Brittan


Interesting that Lord Carlile, defender of Greville Janner, was a frequent visitor to 104 Kennington Road, offices of the Manorial Society

Dame Alun Roberts ‏@ciabaudo

The Reign of King George II, 1727-1760 Foundation of the World’s first Superpower

by Jeremy Black


Nirj Deva – Member, Carlton Club

Knight Commander, Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St George

Political Advisor to the Home Secretary (1984-85) Leon Brittan

Nirj Deva – Member, Carlton Club

Knight Commander, Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St George

Political Advisor to the Home Secretary (1984-85) Leon Brittan


 Dame Alun Roberts@ciabaudo
Keith Vaz, also a frequent visitor to 104 Kennington, was also one of those in HoC who welcomed Janner back with open arms.
The list of attendees to Manorial Society events makes for interesting reading. Enoch Powell, Montagu, Michael Petry...
2014 Manorial Society Event

The Reign of King George II, 1727-1760 Foundation of the World’s first Superpower

by Jeremy Black

Foreword by HRH The Duke of York KG

Published by Smith’s Peerage Limited, a Company Registered in England and Wales No 02659551 for the Manorial Society of Great Britain

A Reception to launch the book was held on 10 April 2014 in the State Apartments of St James’s Palace in the presence of The Duke of York

10 April 2014


Prince Andrew and Father Seed

Elizabeth Butler-Sloss

3 months after this event, she was appointed head of the IICSA


Baroness Butler-Sloss, a former senior judge, was appointed in July 2014 to lead an inquiry into allegations of historical child abuse but stood down before the inquiry started.

Her late brother, Lord Havers, had been attorney general in Margaret Thatcher’s government in the 1980s – leading some MPs to question whether she was the right person to investigate allegations of paedophilia from that time.

Downing Street said her withdrawal on 14 July – seven days after being announced as head of the inquiry – was “entirely her decision”.


Guest of honour , Baroness Butler Sloss

MSGB Spring Dinner – 14th April 2010

Members of the Manorial Society of Great Britain

Guest of honour , Baroness Butler Sloss
Dame Alun Roberts ‏@ciabaudo

One of Vaz’s contacts at the Manorial Society was Nirj Deva. Was he the link to Vaz/Savile’s ties to Sri Lanka?


Image result for Nirj DevaImage result for Nirj Deva

0068.jpgManorial Society event – Nirj Deva and Prince Andrew. Was he the link to Vaz/Savile’s ties to Sri Lanka?


Niranjan de Silva Deva-Aditya, Member of European Parliament (MEP) from U.K. and Honorary Ambassador-at-Large for Sri Lanka



Image result for SAVILE TAMIL


Dame Alun Roberts ‏@ciabaudo

The Manorial Society seems to me to have been a big rip-off, preying on the infatuation of would-bes with titles.

The faux world of the Manorial Society..

Dame Alun Roberts@ciabaudo
Another close buddy of Vaz at the Manorial Society was Michael Petry

Early Day Motion – Saatchi Gallery’s photographic exhibition of naked children, exposed by the News of the World.

Dame Alun Roberts@ciabaudo

Dame Alun Roberts @ciabaudo

Julian Lewis and the News: Never forget who closed Scallywag down!

Dame Alun Roberts@ciabaudo

Is it in the least surprising that Smith was a close friend of Keith Vaz, who featured at many Manorial Soc events.

The Manorial Society was based in Kennington Road. Rumours abound that there was a very naughty male conclave at the Society…


Image result for robert smith and manorial society

Chairman Robert Smith With the Queen Mum

The Manorial Society run by Robert Smith and closely linked to Keith Vaz was all about social snobbery.


Janet Rosamund Blishen was secretary to many of the companies of both Robert Smith and Michael Petry of the Manorial Society.

People and places re: Manorial Society – from their website

Dame Alun Roberts@ciabaudo

Now wasn’t there a Red Room at 104 Kennington, home of Manorial Society, with blackened windows and fuzzy red upholstery/furnishings?

Chairman Robert Smith with Quintin Hogg and Queen Elizabeth


2008 Queen Elizabeth II sharing a special handshake with Keith Vaz during a reception at Buckingham Palace, London.






Back to Lord Lexden…

One of several parliamentary trips to South Africa organised by Atkinson and Laud – all expenses paid, of course – took place in 1989 and included David Cameron, then an employee of Conservative Central Office, now Prime Minster.

When Cameron’s participation in this apartheid freebie was first publicised in 2009, Alistair Cooke (now Lord Lexden), Cameron’s boss at Central Office at the time, defended it as “simply a jolly. It was all terribly relaxed, just a little treat, a perk of the job. The Botha regime was attempting to make itself look less horrible, but I don’t regard it as having been of the faintest political consequence.”


Carlton Club members revolt as former royal aide, Major Simon Robinson, takes charge

Major Simon Robinson and the Queen at the Windsor Horse Show in 2007

Major Simon Robinson (2nd from left) with The Queen at the Windsor Horse Show in 2007

Robinson, who used to be commanding officer of the King’s Troop, Royal Horse Artillery, was one of the few aides permitted to telephone the Queen directly.

If he still has her number, will he invite Her Majesty for tea at the Carlton ?

For almost 200 years, the Carlton Club in London’s St James’s has been the bastion of the Conservative Party establishment

Carlton Club members revolt as former royal aide takes charge

As the Crown Equerry, Major Simon Robinson was one of the Queen’s most trusted and favoured aides.

The Queen called regularly for tea at Robinson’s three-storey grace-and-favour house in the grounds of Buckingham Palace.

Major Simon Robinson and his wife in 2010

Major Simon Robinson and his wife in 2010

But then in March 2011, Major Robinson quit Buckingham Palace ­under something of a cloud, having split from his wife amid allegations, strongly denied, of an affair.

Now five years on, feathers appear to have been ruffled in his new post as secretary of the Carlton Club, the 184-year-old home to the Conservative ­Party establishment.

In the vitriolic letter, on Carlton Club headed notepaper, the dissenters wrote: “We are calling ourselves The Disgruntled Members of Carlton Club (TDMCC) and hereby would like to anonymously announce that we are not happy with the recent appointment of Major Simon Robinson to be heading this prestigious members’ club.”

It accuses Major Robinson of being of “ill repute”. The letter then lists the concerns with Major Robinson, ­including his departure from Buckingham Palace and the suitability for his new job given his subsequent roles – and ­finally calls on Lord Strathclyde to quit as chairman.

Lord Lexden, a historian who has written the definitive history of the Carlton Club, said: “Unity is the normal characteristic at the Carlton Club, not factionalism. I am aware of but ­surprised to hear these rumblings and find them difficult to understand.”

Those who complain about Major Robinson claim concern over his past, including the circumstances in which he left the Royal household.

They have even delved into a succession of jobs he has held since stepping down as Crown Equerry, suggesting his previous roles as director of public affairs for a company based in Bermuda, executive of a Chinese equestrian consultancy (Equex) and latterly as chief executive of a Russian-owned private members’ club in Mayfair (12 Hay Hill Club) are not sufficient to take on the role of secretary of the Carlton Club. 

Major Simon Robinson‘s Equex:




Equex – a Chinese equestrian consultancy  – Simon Robinson executive


Equex’s UK operation is headed by Simon Robinson, who previously served as crown equerry, responsible for the queen’s equestrian interests at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and the Royal Stud at Hampton Court.


Major Robinson also formed his own private company called Major Simon Robinson Limited, which he registered at Companies House in ­November 2010 but which he wound up less than a year later.




Simon Robinson LVO

Club Secretary The Carlton Club


Equerry’s wife leaves him after ‘affair’, but he’s still handed new job planning wedding of Kate and Wills

One of the Queen’s most trusted aides has resigned his post amid allegations of a Buckingham Palace sex scandal.


New opening: The 12 Hay Hill club

An exclusive business and private members club offering £6,000-a-month serviced desk space and a restaurant run by a Michelin-starred chef is to open in Mayfair

The 12 Hay Hill club, which overlooks Berkeley Square, will be run by Crown Equerry and royal wedding planner Simon Robinson. Organisers say it will offer London’s “business elite” the ability to “work and play under one roof”.

13 October 2014



Hay Hill clientele -Shades of Mark Thatcher? 

Friends from their time in military service, they often team up on jobs and pool their extensive contact networks.I meet them in the smart but serious London members’ club 12 Hay Hill, their preferred venue for client meetings. Sharply dressed in Savile Row suits, they have impeccable credentials: Mann (whose father is Old Etonian mercenary Simon Mann, who spent five years in prisons in Zimbabwe and Equatorial Guinea for his role in a failed coup in the latter) attended Stowe and Bristol before joining the Blues and Royals and serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Glancy was sponsored through Oxford by the Royal Marines and served with them for 10 years, receiving the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross in 2013 for undisclosed operations. When he and Mann left the armed forces, the obvious next step was to set up their own risk-management firms, using their expertise and connections to provide protection for anyone who needs it – and can afford it. Prices for bodyguards start at £400 per day and go up into the thousands.


Major Simon Robinson lost his coveted ‘job for life’ as Crown Equerry amid rumours of an extra-marital affair which he continues to deny furiously.

His wife has walked out on him with their two children and started divorce proceedings.

In a move which prompted claims of a cover-up, the suave 44-year-old major was handed a new role in the office which is drawing up plans for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

He delighted in inviting her and Prince Philip for tea at his three-storey house in the grounds of Buckingham Palace.

He was one of only a handful of staff who were able to phone her directly. He was also close to the Duke of Edinburgh, and the pair would go shooting together.

Allegations of misbehaviour first surfaced in 2009, but it was not until October 2010

In July that year he was allegedly offered a pay-off equivalent to a year’s salary of between £60,000 and £80,000, and told to depart by December 31.

But the Queen, who was kept closely informed about the matter, is understood to have intervened.

The major was temporarily allowed to keep his grand house just inside the gates of the Royal Mews, where he paid a subsidised rent, and continued to work while challenging the decision.

His responsibilities were gradually reduced but it was not until October 2010 that he left his job,moving to the post of Assistant Comptroller in the Lord Chamberlain’s Office.

This comes with new accommodation at Kensington Palace, Princess Diana’s former home, until he leaves in March.

Mrs Robinson, who works for a children’s charity, declined to comment when approached by the Mail.

He is very close to the Queen – he loves her and she thinks the world of him.’

A Royal Household insider said: ‘The palace is supposed to be saving money, but they have moved a senior member of the Royal Household sideways into another job and taxpayers are paying about £80,000 a year. Why would they be wanting to cover this up?’


His wife Amelisa Robinson, Head of Events and Hospital Services at Starlight Children’s Foundation


Back to Carlton Club’s Lord Lexden:

Image result for ian gow peter ball

Convicted paedophile Bishop Peter Ball with the family of Ball’s good friend Ian Gow

Convicted paedophile Bishop Peter Ball, Sir Jimmy Savile and Prince Charles were all good friends…

During his time in Lewes, paedophile Bishop Peter Ball got to know Jimmy Savile well.


and Jimmy Savile was bishop Ball’s principal entree into the Waleses’ household.

Paedophiles Bishop Peter Ball and Jimmy Savile were close and visited Prince Charles at Highgrove often.



Lord Lexden and convicted paedophile Bishop Peter Ball had a mutual friend – Ian Gow

Ian Gow was PPS to Margaret Thatcher 1979-83.

He was deeply involved in the workings of Thatcher’s private office.

Convicted establishment paedophile Bishop Peter Ball was a friend of Sir Ian Gow. link


1984  Bishop Peter Ball, the Bishop of Lewes, at St Paul’s Church in Brighton. He is watched by Prime minister Margaret Thatcher, Sir Donald Maclean, left, and MP John Wakeham,

Ian Gow MP – His friend, the Conservative Party historian LORD LEXDEN, remembers a politician who became Margaret Thatcher’s confidant


Church of England Cover ups

The first IICSA chair, Butler-Sloss, tried to cover-up for Ball


Image result for bishop ball and prince charles

22 June 2017

Church of England colluded with bishop who abused boys, says Welby

Report about bishop Peter Ball, finding collusion over 20 years, is ‘harrowing reading’

Collusion: Secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy

Senior figures in the Church of England colluded for a period of 20 years with a disgraced former bishop who sexually abused boys and men, a damning independent report has found.

The archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, said the report on the church’s handling of former bishop Peter Ball made “harrowing reading”.

“The church colluded and concealed rather than seeking to help those who were brave enough to come forward. This is inexcusable and shocking behaviour,” he said.

“To the survivors who were brave enough to share their story and bring Peter Ball to justice, I once again offer an unreserved apology. There are no excuses whatsoever for what took place and the systemic abuse of trust perpetrated by Peter Ball over decades.”

Two former archbishops of Canterbury, George Carey and Rowan Williams, apologised to the victims of Peter Ball after being criticised for their failures in relation to him.

Ball, the former bishop of both Gloucester and Lewes, was jailed in October 2015 for the grooming, sexual exploitation and abuse of 18 vulnerable young men aged 17-25 who had sought spiritual guidance from him between 1977 and 1992. He was released from prison in February after serving 16 months.

His trial heard that after Ball was first accused in 1993, a string of senior establishment figures – including Carey, an unidentified member of the royal family, cabinet ministers and a high court judge – came forward in his support, writing letters to the police and Crown Prosecution Service.

Ball was cautioned by police. He resigned his post as bishop and retired to a rented cottage on the Prince of Wales’s Duchy of Cornwall estate but continued to officiate in 17 public schools until 2007. A fresh investigation was opened in 2012 which led to his conviction.

One of Ball’s victims, Neil Todd – the first to come forward with allegations of abuse – attempted suicide three times before killing himself in 2012.

Welby ordered an independent review of the church’s handling of the case, chaired by Dame Moira Gibb, former chief executive of Camden council.

The report said Ball’s case was dealt with at the highest levels within the church. He “was seen by the church as the man in trouble who the church needed to help”.

Ball was portrayed as a victim, and the review found “little evidence of compassion for Neil Todd even though from the outset it was clear that he was a vulnerable young man who had come to harm”.

It added: “The church appears to have been most interested in protecting itself.”

In the foreword to her report, An Abuse of Faith, published on Thursday, Gibb said the serious sexual wrongdoing of Ball “is shocking in itself but is compounded by the failure of the church to respond appropriately to his misconduct, again over a period of many years”.

“Ball’s priority was to protect and promote himself and he maligned the abused. The church colluded. The church colluded with that rather than seeking to help those he had harmed, or assuring itself of the safety of others.”

The report added, “progress has been slow and continuing, faster improvement is still required”.

Gibb made 11 recommendations in her report, including improving support to survivors of clerical abuse and taking steps to “demonstrate the individual and collective accountability of bishops”.

Peter Hancock, the C of E’s lead safeguarding bishop, who received the report on behalf of the church, said it had failed Ball’s survivors. “Having read the report I am appalled and disturbed by its contents … As a church we colluded, we failed to act and protect those who came forward for help. There are no excuses. We accept all the recommendations and are working to action them.”

Rowan Williams: ‘It is clear I did not give adequate priority to sorting out the concerns and allegations surrounding Peter Ball.’

He added: “For the survivors, it may feel this is all too late.”

According to the report, Ball intimated “on many occasions, to Lord Carey and others, that he enjoys the status of confidant of the Prince of Wales” and “sought to exploit his contact with members of the royal family in order to bolster his position”.


The Royal family with the Archbishop Rowan Williams at Windsor Castle for wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Stock Photo

The Royal family with the Archbishop Rowan Williams, beside protected padophile Bishop Ball, at Windsor Castle for wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles

Goddard inquiry: Outrage as bishop Peter Ball jailed for sex offences given public funding for legal team

Bishop Ball with Prince Charles and Camilla. Ball gave the homily at the funeral of Camilla Parker Bowles’s father, Major Bruce Shand, in 2006

Image result for moira gibb and prince charles

Image result for moira gibb and prince charles

Moira Gibb is made a Dame CBE by the Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace back in 2012

However, Dame Moira Gibb’s report went on, it “found no evidence that the Prince of Wales or any other member of the royal family sought to intervene at any point in order to protect or promote Ball”.

Image result for bishop ball and camilla funeral and prince charles

Carey was criticised in the report, which said he “set the tone for the church’s response to Ball’s crimes and gave the steer which allowed Ball’s assertions that he was innocent to gain credence”.

Image result for bishop ball and prince charles

In a statement responding to the report, Carey said it made “uncomfortable reading” and he accepted its criticisms of him. “I apologise to the victims of Peter Ball. I believed Peter Ball’s protestations and gave too little credence to the vulnerable young men and boys behind those allegations.”

Carey said he regretted not putting Ball’s name on the Lambeth List – names of people whose suitability for ministry is under question – after he was cautioned.

Under the leadership of Williams, the church began reviewing past cases, a move which ultimately led to the criminal case against Ball being reopened, the report said. However, he was criticised as being “lamentably slow” in making change.

In a statement, Williams said: “Having read the report and reflected on its details, it is clear I did not give adequate priority to sorting out the concerns and allegations surrounding Peter Ball at the earliest opportunity. I recognise such a delay is likely to have increased the pressure and distress experienced by the survivors of his abuse and I am sincerely sorry for this.”



Lexden (aka Alistair B Cooke)  and Gow were part of the Friends of the Union organisation



Lord Lexden: Remembering Ian Gow MP

Alistair Lexden is the Conservative Party’s historian. He was political adviser to Airey Neave from 1977 to 1979 and regularly discussed Ulster politics with Ian Gow (over the inevitable White Lady cocktails) in the years that followed


Image result for widdecomb carlton club
ANN WIDDECOMBE (a Privy Councillor) and FR.MICHAEL SEED at a party to celebrate the publication of Strictly Ann by Ann Widdecombe held at the Carlton Club, 69 St.James’s Street, London on 6th June 2013.
….we find the father speaking of his “endearing” love for Ann Widdecombe

Image result for queen and father seed

Image result for peter tatchell child quote unwanted


Peter Tatchell with Father Seed

Tatchell Quote:

My first visit to Key West, Florida, was in 1977. I hitch-hiked 1,700 miles from Chicago.

Within an hour of arriving in Key West, I was seduced by a 16 year old schoolboy

Image result for fr michael seed
Image result for queen elizabeth and father michael seed

Queen Elizabeth turns out to be quite a fan of father Seed, making beelines for him through crowded receptions in order to share her thoughts with him about such matters as his converting so many of her clergy to the Roman faith.

Fr Seed performed an exorcism for Ann Widdecombe at the Home Office! (Perhaps Richard Hoskins, who also recently smeared Heath survivors, could have  assisted?)


We find Fr Seed rubbing shoulders with a dazzling range of celebs –

Dominatrix madam Cynthia Payne appears on the same page as the Duchess of Kent; Peter Stringfellow jostles for position with Lord Longford, Rolf Harris, the Pope and Cilla Black.

Image result for fr seed john gummer

Anne Widdecombe’s friend Fr Seed is also John Gummer’s priest and  priest to serial killer paedophile Fred West

Father Seed assisted numerous people, including MPs Ann Widdecombe, John Gummer and Fred West in their decision to enter the Catholic Church.[2][3
SERIAL killer Fred West cheated justice after prison staff failed to confiscate a suicide kit from him.
Frederick “Fred” West and Rosemary “Rose” Westwere a married couple who killed at least ten young British girls, some of them their own daughters.
Secret memo … a message to then Home Secretary Ann Widdecombe claimed the prison service was warned about West’s suicidal tendencies

The Paedoph-Isles

Freemason Brother Frederick Walter Stephen ‘Fred’ West, was an English serial killer known to have been in full-fellowship with at least one English Masonic lodge, the Gloucestershire Round Table Lodge.
The UK police, authorities and MSM (media) should really be putting these reports together. However, seeing as though these same bodies are also CRIMINALS (and gatekeepers to the paedo elite), we shouldn’t expect them to start anytime soon.

Time to unveil the UK for what it really is – an establishment/elite paedophile factory, posing as a nation:


New search for remains of schoolgirl Moira Anderson to begin – 60 years after she disappeared

19th February 2017

Specialists will search Monkland Canal in Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire in attempt to solve one of the longest-running mysteries in Scottish criminal history

A NEW search for the remains of schoolgirl Moira Anderson will start next month – 60 years after she went missing.

Forensic specialists from across Europe will begin the search at a Lanarkshire canal in the hopes that they can solve one of the longest-running mysteries in Scottish criminal history.

A new search will began for the remains of schoolgirl Moira Anderson 60 years after she went missing

A new search will began for the remains of schoolgirl Moira Anderson 60 years after she went missing

The new search is expected to take place across two weeks at a site near Monkland Canal in Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire.

Moira’s eldest sister Janet Hart will return to Scotland from Australia for the first time in two decades to make a visit to the site on the 60th anniversary of her sister’s disappearance.

Moira was 11 years old when she went missing after she left her grandmother’s home in Coatbridge to run an errand at the shops in blizzard conditions.

It has been long believed that convicted paedophile Alexander Gartshore murdered 11-year-old Moira. He was the last person to see her in 1957.

Cops were never able to pin the murder on the child rapist, who died a free man in 2006 aged 85.

But prosecutors now believe that they have enough evidence to bring a case against him in court – if he was alive.

It is believed that convicted child rapist Alexander Gartshore was responsible for the murder of Moira Anderson in 1957
It is believed that convicted child rapist Alexander Gartshore was responsible for the murder of Moira Anderson in 1957

The police chief leading the hunt, Detective Superintendent Pat Campbell, said: “We want to find Moira and bring her back.

“We’ve already had a site visit and a meeting where we had 18 experts from various authorities across Europe, many of whom were there of their own accord, such is the interest in trying to find Moira.

“The investigating team will use sonar and ground-penetrating radar as well as magnetometry, where magnetic properties of soil can be measured and mapped.”

The team will include Professor Sue Black from Dundee University who was previously involved in the exhuming of Old Monkland Cemetery in 2013 as well as a number of specialists from the James Hutton Institute in Aberdeen and Queen’s University in Belfast.

DS Campbell said: “We feel it’s proportionate to search there.

“Of course, it’s extremely challenging to find remains of a child in water after 60 years and if we do search we need to know we can find something.

“Would the body have degraded to such an extent there is nothing left? Specialists tell us there would still be skeletal remains.”

Graves in the Old Monkland Cemetery were exhumed in the search for Moira Anderson’s remains
Graves in the Old Monkland Cemetery were exhumed in the search for Moira Anderson’s remains

He added: “Due to technology, we can carry out lots of non-invasive searches for anomalies, too.

“We are 60 years down the line, people are getting on, and that’s a challenge.

“I remain convinced there is someone out there who has information they haven’t shared. We want to bring closure to this.”

This will be sister Janet’s first return home in 16 years, but she has never been far from the story.

Janet – who named her daughter Moira – said: “I still think of her every day.

“I pray each night that she’s found and I still have nightmares, although not so often now.

“It’s something I have to do. All we want is closure.”

The sister of Moira Anderson, the schoolgirl who went missing in 1957, said she was sexually assaulted by the man suspected of her sister’s murder.

Janet Hart told BBC Scotland that Alexander Gartshore, who died in 2006, attacked her two years after her 11-year-old sister vanished in Coatbridge.

She said police spoke to her after the incident, but nothing more was done.

Ms Hart now lives in Australia, and has come to Scotland to mark the 60th anniversary since Moira disappeared.

She told BBC Scotland she was out during her lunch hour from school when a man called her over to his car.

“He had the bonnet up at the side,” she said.

“He told me to hold his dipstick, and under he went and up – groping me.

“I dropped the dipstick and ran.”

She said she turned back to note down his registration plate.

Two policewomen came to the school and spoke to Ms Hart, but she said “nothing more was heard”.

“Wouldn’t you think something would have happened then?” she said.

Afterwards, the school rector spoke to pupils and advised them to go around the community in pairs, she said.

“That was Alexander Gartshore, I identified him, I remembered him so clearly,” she said.

“Luckily I was in an area I could get away – it was broad daylight.

“Unfortunately Moira was trapped on his bus.”

The last time Moira was seen, she was boarding a local Baxter’s bus. But detectives appear to have failed to follow it up properly at the time.

Had they done so, they would have discovered that the bus driver was Alexander Gartshore, who was on bail at the time facing charges of raping his children’s babysitter.

Later that year, he was convicted and sentenced to 18 months in prison for the rape of the babysitter.

‘Paedo ring’ link to Moira murder

Cops probe sex beasts in the town where she vanished

COPS hunting schoolgirl Moira Anderson’s body are probing claims a child sex ring operated in the town where she vanished.

Detectives are pursuing links between the 11-year-old’s suspected killer Alexander Gartshore and other paedophiles in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire.

It is hoped the new clues could lead to the remains of Moira being found 56 years after her slaying.

DCI Pat Campbell said: “There are allegations about Gartshore and other children, and about his friends and associates being involved in similar behaviour.”

Campaigner Sandra Brown — who accused her dad Gartshore of Moira’s murder before his death in 2006 — said: “I’ve no doubt there was an organised paedophile ring in Coatbridge possibly revolving around the bus depot where he worked.”

A grave was exhumed in the town three months ago in a vain bid to find Moira’s body.

Pressure on police to release paedophile dossier

23 April 2006.A SECRET dossier said to identify members of a paedophile ring could be published within weeks, after the intervention of the Scottish information commissioner.Kevin Dunion has been asked by the family of Moira Anderson, a schoolgirl who disappeared almost 50 years ago, to review a decision by Strathclyde police not to release the document that may identify her abductors.The 11-year-old was last seen boarding a bus in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, in 1957 during a heavy snowstorm. She was on her way to the shops to buy a box of chocolates for her mother’s birthday.The dossier, written by James Gallogley, a convicted paedophile who died in Peterhead prison in 1999, is said to implicate senior public figures in the abuse of children in Strathclyde during the 1950s and 1960s. It is also believed to list vehicles and safe houses used in Glasgow, Monklands and Paisley where children were hidden before being taken to sex parties.Strathclyde’s chief constable has refused to release the document, saying its publication could destroy any chance of solving the case.However, relatives argue it could help to identify those responsible for Anderson’s abduction and recover her remains.Her sister Janet, 63, who lives in Australia, has appealed to the information commissioner to order its release. A decision is expected in the next few weeks.Her call is backed by Sandra Brown, the founder of the Moira Anderson Foundation, who believes her late father, Alex Gartshore, was responsible for the crime.In an interview with The Sunday Times this weekend, Brown said her father, a former bus driver and convicted sex offender from Coatbridge, was part of a paedophile ring whose members she will recognise when she sees Gallogley’s dossier.

She said that Gartshore and Gallogley, who were friends, lived close to Fred West, the notorious serial killer, in Coatbridge during the early 1960s. Both Gartshore and West moved out of the area in late 1965.However, Gartshore, who was on bail accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl at the time of Anderson’s disappearance, denied any involvement in the crime. He died earlier this month at the age of 85.

According to Brown, who has spoken to former police officers involved in the investigation, Gallogley’s dossier describes how “wee Moira” was subdued with chloroform, abused by Gartshore and “one other” and placed in the boot of Gartshore’s bus.

It claims her body was dumped in the Tarry Burn in Coatbridge, an area that has never been thoroughly searched.

The dossier was handed to police by a former cell mate four years after Gallogley’s death. It prompted a review of Anderson’s disappearance but failed to throw up any meaningful leads.

“Pressure needs to be brought to bear on Strathclyde police,” said Brown.

“Who is being protected and why is there a problem with transparency? I understand Gallogley’s dossier reveals names in his confession. It indicates Moira was not the sole victim of this ring and gives details of parties where children were abused.

“Those named could help lead us to Moira’s remains. There’s unwillingness by officers to share information.”

However, Strathclyde police said inquiries were ongoing. “We regularly review any investigations and the disappearance of Moira Anderson is no exception,” said a spokesman. “Any new evidence and information will be the subject of further investigation in an effort to resolve her disappearance, ” said a spokesman.…phile-dossier/

07 Files on Moira Anderson to remain closed

Documents relating to the disappearance of a schoolgirl nearly 50 years ago will not be released following a decision by the Scottish Freedom of Information Commissioner.

Mr Dunion’s decision states: “I know that my refusal to accede to this request will be very disappointing to family members and to friends who, understandably, are desperate to solve the mystery of Moira Anderson’s disappearance.

“However, that would not justify setting aside the privacy to which those making statements to the police are entitled to expect. Nor can I justify the real damage to the integrity of conducting police investigations which would entail.”…remain-closed/

Sep 7, 2014

Janet Bates, 62, said yesterday her late husband Terry Crick was racked with guilt when police took no action against West who went on to kill at least 12 people.

She believes his death was due to a campaign by West Mercia and Gloucestershire Police, who she claims failed to act because West was a police informant and officers used the brothel at their home.

Her late husband had reported West in 1970 after he showed him gruesome images of body parts and surgical instruments, which West said he used for illegal abortions.

She said: “Terry had been shown disturbing images and went straight to the police but when they didn’t do anything he felt responsible.

The late father-of-two apparently reported West again when he saw his face on the front of a newspaper in the early 1990s. West and his wife and Rose were finally apprehended and charged in 1994. West committed suicide in 1995 before going to trial.

Rose was convicted of 10 murders in 1995 and is serving life in jail. Many of the murders occurred from 1973 to 1979 in the Wests’ home in Gloucester.

Ms Bates said: “Terry asked how many girls could he have saved if they had listened to him?

She alerted the Independent Police Complaints Commission in May this year claiming her late husband was “bullied and harassed” as part of a cover-up by officers’ involved with the Wests. The allegations are still under investigation.

She said yesterday: “We believe Terry is dead because of the way senior police misused their powers. I did not pursue it as I was afraid that what happened to Terry would happen to me.

“I had two young children at the time but now they are older and they want this mistake acknowledged. This is for them.”

He was a witness at the trial of Rose West in 1995

Gloucestershire Police were accused by another woman of using the Wests’ home as a brothel but the claims were dismissed in 1996.

The case has been referred to Dyfed-Powys Police.

Gloucestershire and West Mercia Police refused to comment.


Notorious madam/dominatrix, Cynthia Payne came up to Ann Widdecombe and asked if she was “a friend of Dot”.

Thinking this was a reference to an obscure acquaintance, Ann replied “Of course,” to which Payne said enigmatically, “I thought you were.”

Ann had not realised that “a friend of Dorothy” was code for a lesbian. Later she makes clear that, despite some rumours from gay rights campaigners, she has never had lesbian instincts.

Her only serious romance, as she recounts, was with a male student at Oxford.



Jimmy Savile and brothel madame Cynthia Payne 1992

Payne was introduced to Cherie Blair at an event at 10 Downing Street

Her customers included The men included several vicars, a peer of the realm, an Irish MP, company chiefs and several barristers.

Another Tory, Sir Nicholas Fairbairn, declared Cynthia Payne should be mentioned in the Honours List and the Earl of Longford supported her.
Balham…The Bedford arms….
Gadds brother lived there….and knew Savile…up the road from Springfield hospital where Saviles brother worked…
Just down the road from where Cynthia Payne was organising fetish parties in a church in Steatham…
32 Ambleside Avenue, Streatham, London

John Stingemore and Neil Keir were the Royal Navy b4 they became social workers.. rumours that they were both in the Royal military police

linked to Dr Ray Wire (Wyre) on HMS Albany docked in Cornwall.. anyone got logbook to see if there was any activity in Belfast during the troubles?

Navy larks – yet again – like Jimmy Savile & bro in naval uniform photo?


Sir Jimmy Saville OBE DJ TV Presenter stands to attention in a naval uniform saluting onboard HMS Belfast in London with his Brother

Sir Jimmy Saville OBE DJ TV Presenter stands to attention in a naval uniform saluting onboard HMS Belfast in London with his Brother John They had not spoken for 8 years due to a family dispute until they met on board the ship May 1990

Dr Ray Wyre

Ray Wyre credited as a child protection expert and a sex crime consultant. He began his current career as a probation officer trained in social work in UK prisons, in his past he trained to become a Baptist Minister. It is during his time at HMS Albany, that Wyre began to branch away from accepted methods for handling those convicted of sex offences.

Image result for ray wyre elm guest house

Ray Wyre, a child protection/ paedophile expert was also involved as an adviser/ pundit in the Madeleine McCann case.


Springfield mental hospital have a childrens ward that Richmond social services used to refer children in their care to
Cynthia Payne was organising fetish parties
Cynthia Payne with Lord LongfordCynthia Payne with Lord Longford
Hers was a high-class establishment. The clients at her afternoon “parties” – as the police found when, just before Christmas in 1978, they kicked her nice front door down—vicars, barristers, bankers, an MP and “a peer of the realm”.

Isn’t it an interesting juxtaposition that this house is just around the corner from the Bishop of Southwark’s.


Anthony John Wixted @TrojanManifesto
The Bedford was a major cottaging pub (and still is) between Clapham common and Tooting common for child prostitutes on Bedford Hill
..that is a prostitution hot spot that has been closed down by the old bill…. only to go online
.and the police turned a blind eye and still do…
And Wandsworth police station is the most corrupt in the UK….right in between Elm and Dolphin…

And how many VIP’s at Elm had history in Wandsworth???

Gadd played in the Bedford arms and his brother lived there and so did Alistair Crowley….and Jimmy saviles brother worked at Springfield.


As well as the formidable Miss Widdecombe, Father Seed’s name has been linked …with the reception into his Church of

John Gummer,

the Duchess of Kent,

Alan Clark …

Truthseeker1 @thewakeupcall09

most recently – Tony Blair.

“When I sat down, Mr Blair had a prostitute on one hand and a homeless lady on the other”


Ann Widdecombe claimed more than £9,000 of taxpayers’ money on her own personal newspaper cuttings service over a four year period.

Fr Seed

“Surrounded by rent boys, drug dealers and the mentally subnormal, I’d become something of a philosophic eccentric.”

His friends – among whom he numbers six prime ministers and several royals

In 2004, Pope John Paul II awarded him the gold cross Pro Ecclesia et Pontificia for his ecumenical work.


Image result for fr seed westminster

Ann Widdecomb edited Father Seedy’s autobiography

Ann (Widdecombe), herself now a successful novelist] helped with the editing. There is a lot in there that I didn’t want to go in, but it did. I was persuaded. Again, I found it hard to say no. Ann said no to some things.”


by Father Michael Seed, Martina Cole, Lord Jeffrey Archer (yet another who funded Harvey Proctor, Ann Widdecombe, Noel Botham

The book is prefaced by three of his friends – Jeffrey Archer, the novelist Martina Cole and, of course, Ms Widdecombe (“Read on and wonder…”).


Image result for Martina Cole broken

Martina Cole being interviewed by Cliff Richard’s friend Paul O’Grady

Image result for Martina Cole broken

The author, Martina Cole has a super injunction out on one of her alleged victims of sexual assault in the mid 70’s. 


Cole writes some of the most graphic stories of human criminal depravity. Perhaps that is why her books are the most requested from prison libraries.

One of her books, Broken – in which she explored child abuse in a disturbing and authentic wayhad been banned from one prison I was in to avoid upsetting inmates who had been abused as children and to deny stimulation to those who were child abusers.

She says she writes in her own genre because she writes crime stories from the point of view of the criminal. “That’s because I knew more about that point of view,” she says, laughing.


Martina Cole supports NSPCC drive to help vulnerable children in Kent

Martina Cole lives in Sevenoaks and  supports NSPCC’s Forever Smiles appeal


The paedophile scandal that we are slowly watching unwind, day by day, over the last couple of months, would seem not to be out of place in a novel written by a crime writer like Martina Cole

What may seem unbelievable we realise now is true, and what once we thought was real, is actually an elaborate fiction.


Image result for fr seed transvestite nuns

‘WILL I SEE YOU IN HEAVEN?’ Another book by Father Michael Seed. Showing a contribution by Mohamed Al Fayed, owner of Harrods Department Store and Chairman of Fulham FC.


Mohamed Al Fayed good friends with establishment paedophile Vicar Guy Bennett

Fr Seed friends with Mohammed Al Fayed

Meanwhile, his regular Night Under The Stars fundraising events at the Royal Albert Hall led to friendships with Rory Bremner, Mohammed Al Fayed and Princess Michael of Kent, and helped him become a regular figure on London’s society party circuit.



 Ann Widdecombe and Father Seed
Image result for fr michael seed
Fr Seed is honorary chaplain to the International Committee on Human Dignity, based at the European Parliament in Brussels
Image result for fr seed transvestite nuns
Fr Michael Seed lives at Dolphin Square – unusual for a priest?

Father Seedy lives rent-free in a flat owned by one of his wealthy papal knights in exclusive Dolphin Square in Pimlico, Central London.

Image result for andrew and jeffrey epstein
Prince Andrew, seen here with friend, convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein

Prince Andrew’s secret Palace talks with controversial priest, Father Seed, who converted Tony Blair and the Duchess of Kent to Catholicism

It seems unlikely that Andrew, whose mother is Supreme Governor of the Church of England, would consider going over to Rome,so what was Fr Michael doing at the Palace?

‘I really cannot make any comment as I am a priest,’ he tells me.

Adding to the intrigue, the meetings were not recorded in the Court Circular, the official record of royal engagements.

Fr Michael Seed, who is one of Britain’s most prominent Catholic priests, hit the headlines five years ago when he admitted arranging papal knighthoods for wealthy businessmen for money.

Papal knighthoods are awarded to laymen and women for conspicuous service to the Church and society.

They are among the highest honours the Pope can bestow.

He regularly celebrated mass in Downing Street using the codewords Meals On Wheels to get in.

Fr Seed... held the party to launch his memoirs, Sinners And Saints: The Irreverent Diaries Of Britain’s Most Controversial Priest, at Stringfellows strip club in Soho. And he marked the 25th anniversary of his ordination with a champagne party at a racy club, with entertainment provided by men dressed as nuns.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman refuses to discuss Andrew’s meetings with Fr Michael.



Image result for fr seed john gummer

The Pigalle Club in Piccadilly Circus – a clichéd Tropicana tune bursts through the speakers and mannish women enter …

The Pigalle Club in Piccadilly Circus – where Fr Sneed marked the 25th anniversary of his ordination in January with a champagne party with entertainment provided by men dressed as nuns.

Tony Blair’s Priest Parties With Transvestite ‘Nuns’

Father Michael, who is the Secretary of Ecumenism of the Archdiocese of Westminster, was personally congratulated by the Prior of the British and Irish Delegation, His Eminence Cormac, Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor, Archbishop of Westminster

He is the best-known Catholic priest in ­Britain after Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, the former Archbishop of Westminster.

So it was only fitting that Father Michael Seed, 53 — the man who helped convert former Prime ­Minister Tony Blair to Catholicism — should mark 25 years in the priesthood with a mass at the Church Of The Immaculate Conception in Mayfair earlier this month.

So far, so acceptable. I can reveal, however, that Seed also had a second, rather less devout celebration — a ­champagne-fuelled party with entertainment provided by ­transvestites dressed as nuns.

A close friend of Father Seed’s arranged the bash at the Pigalle Club — housed in a pink basement in London’s Piccadilly and known for racy floor shows — to mark the anniversary of the well-connected priest’s ordination into the Franciscan Friars Of The Atonement.

The 200 guests – many of them were ­fellow clergymen.

Party-goers — who ranged from clerics from the Diocese of ­Westminster to millionaire benefactors who had flown in for the ­celebrations by private jet

The 6ft ‘nuns’ proceeded to give what can only be described as a rather unsuitable cabaret act. ‘

Despite all this, Father Seed — who once acted as unofficial ­chaperone to Blair’s daughter, Kathryn — is currently setting up the ­Catholic Church’s committee on human dignity.


david @davidgriffith17


Liz Lynne pictured with Cyril Smith in 1992 with following her election as Rochdale’s MP

‘MP told me to destroy file on Knowl View sex abuse cover-up’ says former aide

Deborah Doyle claims ex-Rochdale MP Liz Lynne told her to bin dossier supplied by whistle-blower – which included allegations Cyril Smith knew about it

 I just wanted to know what Mr Carmichael knew as Chief Whip about Cyril Smith. I wondered if Nick Clegg spoke to him about solicitors’ letters  he refused to answer, the ones requesting the party’s files on what had gone on.  It all happened not that long ago. We wondered if it might have explained that vote in the House of Commons when the Government  refused to give whistle blowers that defence.’

  • When did you first learn about Cyril Smith’s criminal activities as an MP?
  • When you were chief whip and requests for information from victims were received, were you involved in the decision to not answer the letters?
  • What files has the party held on Cyril Smith? Where are they now? If they were destroyed, on whose orders?
  • What advice did you give Nick Clegg on how to handle the situation?
  • Did David Steel know about the system that was in place that enabled Smith to make one phone call to get out of trouble?
  • David Steel’s unwillingness to act enabled Smith to continue his activities. Will you disassociate yourself from him?
  • What practical support will the party offer the people Smith victimised as an MP?
  • Did Liz Lynne ever tell you about the conversation she had with Martin Digan in 1996? The one she does not remember and is alleged to have burned the files over?
  • What is the difference between a cover-up and refusing to release the information?

Father Michael Seed was questioned about abuse at Knowle View School (where he had been a resident).  Establishment Paedophile Cyril Smith abused children there.


Image result for douglas hurd and ed heath

Paedophile Cyril Smith and Ted Heath

Related image

Strictly maternal: Ann Widdecombe is the surrogate second mother for the children of her local kebab shop owner

Ann would call in with political ­colleagues, including John Major and Kenneth Clarke, at the end of the day’s sittings.

Ken Clarke was Home sec when Myra Ling Ling trial was abandoned – in 1992

Vicount Ian Kerr CGC@IanKerr

Former brothel owner hits back over allegations she was at the centre of Ted Heath scandal

Vicount Ian Kerr CGC@IanKerr

Edward Heath Operation Marble. Wiltshire Police, Myra Ling Ling Forde.

Vicount Ian Kerr CGC@IanKerr

Matthew Scott Pump Chambers. #Heath#Forde#OperationMarble



Vicount Ian Kerr CGC@IanKerr

Memory recall…Matthew ? You wanna get that checked mate.


Matthew Scott’s on John Smyth QC and Winchester College

Barbara Hewson’s twitter pal Matthew Scott – the Barrister Blogger attended Winchester College when John Smyth was abusing students there and both of Matthew Scott’s parents taught at Winchester College…

Beating posh boys for Jesus: John Smyth

By Matthew Scott

Here I need to make a disclosure:

I was a pupil at Winchester College from 1975 to 1979, both my parents taught at the school and my father was “second master” (in effect the deputy head) for about 17 years from 1962, although he had reverted to being merely an assistant teacher by 1982.

I therefore grew up surrounded by the school. It was my home as well as my school so you will understand that I feel a considerable affection for the place, and indeed for the excellent former Headmaster, John Thorn, a good and wise man who is now in his 90s.

As far as I know I never met Smyth, although in the late 1970s his name was certainly familiar to many people in the school community. Within the college there was an organisation of evangelical Christians called “Christian Forum” with which Smyth was in some way associated, although how formally I have no idea. He was not a teacher at the school, although his name would crop up from time to time. Some of my more evangelically-minded contemporaries used to receive invitations to Sunday lunch at his house. I never received any of this hospitality, if that is the correct term, so I certainly cannot speak to the truth of his “infamous shed” or of the canes with which he is said to have administered savage beatings

Matthew Scott’s father, Martin Scott:

Martin Scott, who died aged 76, was for 17 years Second Master of Winchester College.

a Royal Marine Commando

His first job schoolmastering was at Clifton College, where he taught from 1950 to 1962, making lifelong friends among both his colleagues and his pupils. It was here, too, that he met his wife Mary, the elder sister of one of his first pupils.

In 1962 he moved to Winchester, where, as Second Master, he was in charge of the 70 scholars in College

Scott’s features still gaze down on the present generation of scholars in Chamber Court in the shape of a strikingly lifelike stone gargoyle for which he sat as model; it is one of only two created for the college in the last 600 years.

After stepping down as Second Master, he continued to teach at Winchester for several years before retiring in 1986 to a farmhouse on the North Yorkshire Moors.


Winchester College knew in 1982 about allegations of sadomasochistic abuse at the hands of John Smyth

Barrister Blogger, Matthew Scott’s father, Martin Scott, continued to teach at Winchester until 1986.

Clifton College

THREE headteachers of £33,000-a-year private school failed to act over pervert teacher now jailed for videoing 130 children with secret cameras even though he was found tied to chair half-naked several times 

  • Jonathan Thomson-Glover was a teacher for 31 years at Clifton College
  • He was jailed last year after admitting filming 130 children over 16 years
  • New report reveals three headteachers ignored parents’ complaints
  • Parents complained as early as 1998 about ‘unsuitable rewards’ including beer, pizza and computer games nights held at German teacher’s home 

A court heard he hid cameras at different places around the school and was found with 2,500 hours of video and 1,400 indecent images on 330 tapes.

In July he had six months added to Thomson-Glover’s sentence after he admitted a string of further sex offences against children while he was teaching in Winchester.

He pleaded guilty to three counts of gross indecency involving a boy under 14 and one count of inciting a boy under 14 to commit a grossly indecent act.

The abuse took place at some point between 1987 and 1992, probably when the boys were about 12-years-old.

Winchester’s head of English, the sixth former and a ‘compromising situation’

4 October 2006

A female teacher at one of Britain’s most prestigious public schools has been disciplined after being caught in a “compromising situation” with one of her sixth-form pupils.

Lucia Quinault, the head of English at Winchester College, who is in her late 30s, was found with an 18-year-old boy after a celebratory dinner at the school.

Mrs Quinault, who is married to a senior civil servant in Whitehall and has three children, received a “severe warning” but kept her job.

It is the latest in a string of troubles at the 600-year-old school, including the 2003 arrest of an ex-housemaster over sex abuse allegations, which were later dropped.

According to a school insider, the incident happened after a leavers’ supper at a school boarding house with the nickname Hopper’s.

Winchester headmaster Ralph Townsend interviewed the teacher and the case was investigated by the school’s child protection officer.
Her husband, James, Director of Managed Migration at the Home Office, was this year caught up in a row over the number of asylum seekers at large after admitting National Insurance numbers were given out ‘like Smarties’.

When approached by The Mail on Sunday at the home he shares with his wife in the Hampshire town, Mr Quinault shouted ‘**** off’ and slammed the door.

The incident is the latest problem at the £25,000-a-year school – motto Manners Makyth Man – which regularly tops league tables.

Three years ago, the school’s head, Nick Tate, resigned after complaining of a campaign of vilification against him by the school’s “dons”.

In the same year, the school was caught up in allegations of fee-fixing with other schools.

It was later found guilty of anti-competitive practices by the Office of Fair Trading.

Winchester College/John Smyth

The scale and severity of the practice was horrific…


More on the Carlton Club…and its members

The elite Conservative Carlton Club – the inner sanctum of the Tory establishment/”The Carlton is not just a gentlemen’s luncheon club. It is one of the homes of the Conservative Party.

Image result for andrew mitchell and hague

Andrew Mitchell and Carlton Club member William Hague


Andrew Mitchell (ex Whip)

 Carlton club – he was rushing there when the whole bicycle incident blew up.

Front page of The Sun, 21.09.2012, with the headline: CABINET MINISTER: POLICE ARE PLEBS Andrew Mitchell

“In the end, the lies brought Mr Mitchell down, destroying a
political career of 27 years.”


He later auctioned the bike for Jeremy Hunt’s Nyumbani charity – where that BA pilot Simon Wood was abuser.


Serial abuser Simon Wood worked for Jeremy Hunt’s Hotcourses Foundation

Lord Lexden has been official historian of the Conservative Party since 2009; Consultant and Editor in Chief, Conservative Research Department since 2004 and official historian and archivist of the Carlton Club since 2007.

Cooke/Lexden worked as a desk officer within the Conservative Research Department from 1977-83. During this period he served as political advisor to Airey Neave, Shadow Secretary of State for NI,  has also been a Governor of The John Lyon School Harrow from 1999–2005 and Patron of the Northern Ireland Schools Debating Competition since 2001. He is a frequent contributor The Times Letters and Obituary pages.orthern Ireland, 1977–79.


About Lord Lexden

Career Summary

  • 1966-71 Historical research and teaching at Cambridge, Edinburgh and Belfast Universities
  • 1971-77 Lecturer and Tutor in Modern History at Queen’s University, Belfast
  • 1977-97 Conservative Research Department (Political Adviser on Northern Ireland to Airey Neave, 1977-79 ; Assistant, then Deputy, Director,1983-97)
  • 1988-97 Director, Conservative Political Centre
  • 1997-2004  General Secretary, Independent Schools Council
  • 2004-10  Consultant and editor-in-chief, Conservative Research Department
  • 2007- Official historian, Carlton Club
  • 2009-  Official historian to the Conservative Party
  • 2010- Vice Chairman, Conservative Policy Forum


Lord Lexden: Why Can’t Siblings Enter Civil Partnerships

‘Is it not the case that in Britain today, all other stable and loving couples are now able to formalise their relationships in legal terms so vitally important where inheritance and its tax implications are concerned?’ he said.




Bombing by IRA

At 8:39 p.m. on 25 June 1990, the Carlton Club was bombed by the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA)


Edward Heath’s secret Jersey hideaway at centre of child sex abuse probe

Jersey – Bouley Bay – Heath + Savile

The hotel’s owner, Mike Wavell, welcomed many celebs who wanted private trips away, including the Beatles.

Mr Wavell died in 2011 and his obituaries were full of praise for his charitable work.

They revealed how Mr Wavell was an orphan, raised by his two sisters who fostered children.

He went onto run the Guardian Nursing Agency on the island and shared a love of music with Mr Heath.

The Methodist spent 18 years as a member of Jersey’s parliament becoming the equivalent of our Home Secretary.

He and his wife, adopted a daughter in Sri Lanka

Mr Wavell later became President of the Defence Committee, in charge of Jersey’s police force.

 Heath loved the isolated area so much he went on to moor his yacht off the cliffs of Bouley Bay and returned to the hotel in the weeks before he died in 2005.

A local resident, who did not wish to be named, confirmed: “Ted Heath stayed at the Waters Edge Hotel penthouse for six months in the early 70s.

“He was recovering from an operation and spent time in the Black Dog pub next door.”

Pervert Jimmy Savile was another regular visitor to the island and there are claims he took vulnerable youngsters from a children’s home to the yachts of rich paedophiles.

This week Linda Corby told how she stood with another local politician, Ralph Vibert, who has since died and watched as 11 children got onto Heath’s yacht, the ‘Morning Cloud’.

Later that day they left St Helier Yacht club and they travelled to Bouley Bay and watched the youngsters get off again.

She said after another head count they realised only ten had returned.

Mrs Corby told how Jersey police officers refused to investigate their statements after orders “from above” – thought to be the Defence Committee.

Although she says there could be an innocent explanation for what she saw in the 70s, she is furious an investigation was never carried out.

Linda, 62, said: “I’d heard the owners of the Waters Edge Hotel at the time were goods friends with Ted Heath, that’s why he stayed there.

“He was always in Bouley Bay. Everyone knew he stayed there.”


Heath’s yacht, the ‘Morning Cloud’.

Vicount Ian Kerr CGC @IanKerr

Some interesting addresses on the crew logs.

Robert Taylor of Dolphin Square

From obscurity to bright dawn: how Nyasaland became Malawi : an …

Henry Phillips – 1998 – ‎Snippet view

We were fortunate in being able to rent a flat at Dolphin Square, Pimlico. This had been made possible by our old friend Bob Taylor, who had left the civil service and become chairman of the Rhodesian subsidiary of Richard Costain, the …

News from Zambia
Sir Robert Taylor, CBE, a former financial secretary to the
Government of Northern Rhodesia and to the Federal Government, chairman of Richard Costain LTD and of Thomas Tilling, and senior deputy chairman of the Standard Chartered Bank

Friends – Prince Charles, Sir Jimmy Savile, Sir Ted Heath, Sir Angus Ogilvy

Image result for heath and saville

Image result for charles and angus ogilvy


Image result for prince charles and angus ogilvy

Royal Gibraltar Yacht Club

Admiral Duke of Edinburgh
Edward Heath
Angus Ogilvie
Prince Andrew


Image result for savile and ogilvy

Ted Heath in charge of security services 1970-74

Rev Peter Ball, Prince Charles and Jimmy Savile – were close friends

The rector’s highly successful fund-raising campaign on (satanist) Mr Derry Mainwaring Knight’s behalf won the backing of the Bishop of Lewes, the Right Reverend Peter Ball.

On first meeting Mr Knight, he told the court, he thought him “a most evil man,” but after a second meeting he concluded that he was really “quite nice”
The Canberra Times – Sunday 11 May 1986

Image result for jimmy savile taxis abuse


Mr Jimmy Savile will join about 300 children in a convoy of taxis aided by Heath fund.

Heath fund aids taxi men’s children’s treat The Times 02-28-73

Image result for savile and heath


Sir Edward Heath abused boy of 14 at London party, says Jimmy Savile’s nephew


Records show how Savile was put forward for the more prestigious OBE honour half way through the former Tory leader’s stint as prime minister.

Savile’s nephew, Guy Marsden, alleged that Sir Edward abused a boy of 14 at a London party.

The unnamed victim is said to have been picked up by Savile and targeted by the politician just over a year before he became Prime Minister.

The man claims he recognised his alleged abuser as Heath only when he saw the politician on TV several years later.

Earlier it was revealed a man had come forward to claim to police he had been abused by the ex-PM at the age of 12 in a flat in Mayfair, central London, after he was picked up as a hitch-hiker when he ran away from home in 1961.



Related image

Hollies children’s home in Burnt Oak Lane

Jimmy Savile and Edward Heath, both linked to Sidcup.

Sidcup had as its Member of Parliament, Edward Heath, UK Prime Minister 1970-1974, who has been linked to sexual activity with boys.

A Sidcup children’s home, which closed in 1989, is being investigated over claims that children there were abused by Jimmy Savile.

Sidcup children’s home in Jimmy Savile abuse investigation

Southwark Council and the NSPCC have set up a helpline for former residents of the Hollies children’s home in Burnt Oak Lane.


Southwark Council spent £369,000 on placements at Bryn Alyn in 1984/85. Were there really no  suitable options closer to Southwark? Perhaps homes that weren’t infested with paedophile care workers?


The Hollies – run by Southwark Council from 1965 until it was closed in 1989.The children’s home is the Hollies children’s home in Burnt Oak Lane.
Southwark Council and Bryn Alyn

Why were the London Borough of Southwark forcing children in their care to relocate to the Bryn Alyn home, 200 miles away in Wrexham, North Wales?


via troy:

Ted Heath was a Bilderberg attendee



Royal Artillery:

PIE leader Lieutenant Peter Righton 1944-48

Major William van Straubenzee 1943-47

Edward Heath 1941 -47

Trevor Denby Lloyd-Hughes 1945


21 July 1965: Peter Righton Wiltshire tutor organiser at Keele

University News Keele

P P Righton – tutor in charge of a course for child care officers in the department of extra-mural studies.  H is the tutor organiser for the western district of Wiltshire WEA.

Peter Righton – His Activities up until the early 1980s

From 1965 onwards, Righton established his influence within the world of social work and child care. He became a tutor in charge of a two-year course for child care officers at Keele University from 1965-68  how and when exactly he had become qualified in this field, are who were his referees, are questions the answer to which remains unclear.

Keele University Presidents and chancellors

Princess Margaret at Keele University, when it was a university college, in 1956

HRH Princess Margaret (1956–86)

Margaret got back to Keele, and in particular, to the students’ union. She loved the atmosphere and let her hair down. On special occasions she stayed there dancing and drinking gin and tonics until 4am.
1.12.1965 Keele University: Princess Margaret confers honorary degree on Queen Mother at Keele University

Portrait of a Princess – Memories of Margaret Rose

HRH Princess Margaret, younger sister of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, was President of the University College of North Staffordshire and Chancellor of Keele University from 1962 to 1986.

In 1962 the college was awarded the Royal Charter to become the University of Keele and Margaret became the Chancellor of Keele University.

She had been appointed President in 1956 of its progenitor, the University College of North Staffordshire at Keele.

Princess Margaret was a dedicated and distinguished servant of Keele University and visited the campus frequently for the conferral of awards at graduation ceremonies and for special occasions until 1986. She is the longest serving Chancellor in Keele’s history.

We asked former Keele students to send their stories and memories of Princess Margaret to paint our unique Portrait of a Princess.

President of the Students Union in 1960-61

At the time Princess Margaret was portrayed in parts of the popular press as cold, snobbish – and a drinker.



I have a photo of Princess Margaret arriving at my graduation ceremony with other dignitaries and a photo of me (and also photos of all my friends) each curtseying in front of her to receive our degrees, as a friend was one of the official uni photographers on graduation day in 1983! I have even disco danced with Princess Margaret at a Student Union ball once, as again another of my friends was assisting security around the VIP entourage on the top floor of the Union building when she was officially opening the ball. She started the ball (I cant remember if it was summer or Christmas) with a dance with the SU president and then came up to me and one of my friends with me and held out her hand and said, “come on join in with me”. So we shuffled around the dance floor with her for a bit to some disco song of the era – Diana Ross maybe! Caroline Sene (1983)

Princess Margaret arrives at Keele in 1957, accompanied by Vice-Chancellor George Barnes.

HRH was not well thought of in my time. At the time Keele was having to contend with a one third cut in its UGC budget. The Student’s Union hoped HRH would perhaps use her influence on our behalf. This was not forthcoming. So. A friend of mine, Mark Bartholomew, and myself in the summer term of 1982, drafted a motion to a Union General Meeting calling for the Keele SU to unilaterally withdraw recognition of HRH as the University Chancellor and mandating the Union to organise an election for a successor. It got all sorts of ‘negative’ press (Daily Mail, Daily Express etc frothing at the mouth) and resulted in the then Vice-Chancellor David Harrison writing to me informing me that he held me ‘personally responsible’ for the publicity. I think a lot of us at the time were a little embarrassed that HRH had any association with Keele at all.

She pulled out of the 1981 summer graduation ceremony due to a ‘cold’ so unfortunately I never did get to see or meet her. I believe the then Vice-Chanceller confired my degree. However, I recall the real reason was due to perceived indiscretions by either herself or other members of the royal family

On official visits, her reputation for being aloof and difficult was beginning to take root. A former student leader told me how he saw her at Keele University, of which she was President, and got the impression that she would rather have been almost anywhere else on earth. The apparent hauteur may have been unintended, but that didn’t make the perception less real.

Principals and vice-chancellors

Harold McCarter Taylor (1961–67)


  Harold McCarter Taylor was transferred to the Royal Artillery on 30 April 1941,[7] rising to be Senior Instructor in Gunnery at the Royal School of Artillery, with the rank of temporary lieutenant-colonel, and was awarded the Efficiency Decoration (TD).[8] He was awarded the J. H. Lefroy Gold Medal of the Royal Artillery, the only non-regular recipient, for “furthering the science and application of artillery”[9]

Taylor was a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London. In 1981, the Society awarded him and Charles Thomas the first Frend Medal, set up by the church historian and archaeologist William Hugh Clifford Frend, “for services to early Christian archaeology”

Keele Alumni

Michael Mansfield QC, Human rights lawyer

Dame Fiona Woolf, Lord Mayor of London and ex-President of the Law Society and former head of IICSA

Sir Christopher Anthony Woodhead – Chairman of Cognita

Cognita became embroiled in a major sexual abuse scandal when it emerged that one of its teachers, William Vahey, at its Southbank International School had systematically sexually abused at least 60 pupils at the school over a period of years. Vahey taught at the school from 2009 to 2013. Woodhead was the chairman of the school board.

Woodhead lived with Amanda Johnston, a former pupil of Gordano School, for nine years.[16] They insisted that their relationship had begun after they had left the school[5][17] but in 2015, immediately after his death, it was reported that his former wife disputed this version of events and stated that she had been asked to consider a ménage à trois with Johnson when the latter was just 17,[18]

We’ve dug up some facsimile Guardian articles (in pdf format) from the Ted Heath era, and they make fascinating reading.

Heath’s arrival at Downing Street in 1970 (when Keele University students were shocking locals by “frolicking” in the nude).

1971 Press Photo of British PM Edward Heath greeting Princess Margaret

Keele University


University lecturer walks free from jail despite admitting online sex chats with school kids as young as 13

Andrew Dobson quit his job at Keele University after cops found sex chats and child porn on computer

20th January 2017

A POLITICS lecturer used his university computer for online sex chats with girls as young as 13 and to store child images.

Prof Andrew Dobson, 59, told police it was his fantasy to have “sexual activity” with schoolgirls.

Andrew Dobson has walked free from jail despite admitting to having online sex chats with schoolgirls

He quit Keele University over the scandal and faces disciplinary action from the Green Party, whose 2010 election manifesto he co-wrote.

Cops also found sickening child porn stored on his computer at the University.

District Judge Jack McGarva told Dobson: “You are expected to be a role model and you have clearly fallen well below what would expected of you.”

Keele University student who ‘killed herself’ over ‘rape’

Her family said in a statement that she had been suffering from depression following the alleged incident six months ago.

They claimed the university had offered ‘inadequate support’.

Royal Artillery:


PIE leader Lieutenant Peter Righton 1944-48

Major William van Straubenzee 1943-47

Edward Heath 1941 -47

Trevor Denby Lloyd-Hughes 1945

(Keele Uni) Harold McCarter Taylor  1941


Paedophile Sir William van Straubenzee is in Jeffery Epstein’s Black Book

robert chewter @bobchewy
File. Smear campaign by Mr William R van Staubenzee MP against NCCL and MIND


Filing case. Equality, immigration and censorship

Dec 1979 – Jun 1981’u’)AND((text)%3D’dcl’))
via Troy

One of Wanless files?


Edward Heath and establishment paedophile Sir Peter Hayman – 18 December 1971


Martin Walkerdine @mwalkerdine

The raid was on the home of Mrs Pat Nugent, 46, a mother of five who works for MENCAP, the Royal Society for Mentally Handicapped Children.

Mrs Nugent, who was questioned about fraud and blackmail has been the subject of a year-long inquiry by the police.


Our investigation shows she has also taken part in a kinky sex-swap session in central London involving a high ranking British diplomat formerly based in Berlin and Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

Vicount Ian Kerr CGC@IanKerr

Baker can be linked to W van Straubenzee.

Straubenzee was MP for Wokingham when Mark Tildesley an 8 yr old Wokingham boy was raped then killed by a group of Paedophiles.

William van Straubenzee

William van Straubenzee, linked to the Dublin Bombings and a child abuse ring.

Mark Tildesley, aged seven, believed murdered by Sidney Cooke, vanished in Wokingham in 1984.

Notorious paedophile ‘gang could have covered up 17 child murders..

Martin Walkerdine @mwalkerdine

Mar 1 2017

Files for Operation Orchid on Sidney Cooke & Co have been retained and The Met Police

The likely place for these will be placed at Hendon College which is The Met Police training college

Dame Alun Roberts 

This is how it works, folks. And then they turn round and tell you there was no evidence!

William van Straubenzee, the Member of parliament for Wokingham, has now been linked to the child abuse ring that was allegedly supplied by Sidney Cooke.


Truthseeker1 @thewakeupcall09

Philip Taylor was the abuser of the 7 year old boy ‘Michael’ in the ‘snowman’ tape.

Martin Walkerdine @mwalkerdine

Truthseeker1 @thewakeupcall09 

Convicted paedophile Robert Dean

Was Clive Barton involved with and or knew Sidney Cooke ?

Jonathan Aitken mentioned here in same context as Offenbach lawyer for Lennie Smith (Jason Swift) @mwalkerdine ??
Release, an underground organisation that provided legal advice and welfare services to young people arrested for drugs offences. Jonathan Aitkendid much to smooth the way for Release.
A number of lawyers took referrals from Release. The first of these was Martin Polden; the others who worked with Release in its early days included Desmond Banks, David Offenbach, Bernie Simons, Dennis Muirhead and David Pedley.
Former labour mps on sex charges with children involved
Darren Geoffrey Pedley Labour party councilor and chairman of the board of governors at Sandbrook primary school found guilty of downloading and distributing child pornography…
The Police claimed there weren’t any links between the Lambeth and Islington paedophile rings, but I found some glaringly obvious ones within five minutes. Abraham Jacobs was convicted in 1986 for his part in a paedophile ring that specialised in picking up run away Children in Piccadily Circus to provide for the sexual abuse by BBC Executives and Labour Party Politicians.
Ex-Deputy Leader of Islington Council Jack Straw MP and “friend” paedophile  Daren Pedley

Abraham Jacobs had worked at both Islington and Lambeth Care Homes and was known to Margaret Hodge, Jack Straw and Ted Knight.



Release’s Jonathan Aitken does extensive voluntary work for charities and foundations with emphasis on those specialising in education, human rights, prison reform and offender rehabilitation.

He is a trustee of NACRO; the Said Trust, the William Wilberforce Trust and Trinity Forum Europe and Caring for Ex-Offenders.

He is Honorary President of Christian Solidarity Worldwide; Blue Sky; Moving On; and other charitable organisations.!charities-and-foundations/c1lrc

Martin Walkerdine @mwalkerdine

Paedophile killer ‘was murdered’: Post-mortem examination confirms child rapist was strangled in jail cell

19 October 1993

LESLIE BAILEY was serving a life sentence after being convicted in 1989 of the manslaughter of a male prostitute Jason Swift, 14, and admitting the murder of Barry Lewis, aged six. Both boys were kidnapped and subjected to gang rapes by a group of east London paedophiles, who police believe may have been involved in several more child murders.

Bailey was given two additional life sentences after pleading guilty to the manslaughter in June 1984 of Mark Tildesley, from Wokingham, Berkshire. The boy’s body has never been found.

William van Straubenzee has been linked to the 27 killed by ‘British bombs’ in Dublin.

Newly uncovered UK government files show that, in 1986, the then MI5 director general Sir Antony Duff wrote to the then Cabinet Secretary Sir Robert Armstrong about serious child abuse by top people..dailymail.

The files name former MI6 deputy director Peter Hayman, former Home Secretary Leon Brittan, Margaret Thatcher’s close aide Peter Morrison and Conservative Member of Parliament William van Straubenzee.

The files refer to the Kincora children’s home in Northern Ireland where boys were abused.


1961 School Trip to The Houses of Parliament with Wokingham MP William Van Straubenzee.

William van Straubenzee has connections to the Church, the Military, Northern Ireland, Kincora, Edward Heath, the Ministry of Education and Richmond Council, all of which have been linked to the UK child abuse scandal.William van Straubenzee

Henry van Straubenzee

Princes William and Harry were said to be ‘devastated’ after a teenage friend, Henry van Straubenzee, died in a car crash.

Henry van Straubenzee was killed instantly when the car in which he was a passenger hit a tree outside the exclusive prep school, Ludgrove, where all three boys were once pupils.

One of the Van Straubenzees was involved in the Stripper shame of the princes.

The 1974 Dublin bombings.

January I 7, 1976

“A cover-up operation involving former British Ministers has been penetrated by SUNDAY WORLD during a detailed probe of the Dublin bombings.

“The men named in another Littlejohn type cover-up are Mr. William Whitelaw, former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, and Mr. William Van Straubenzee, his Tory colleague, who was Minister for State for NI. in the Heath administration.
Self-confessed mass murderer, Albert Walker Baker, has claimed he ‘made a deal’ with Mr. Van Straubenzee in Crumlin Road Jail in August, 1973.
“Later he signed documents agreeing to the ‘deal’ in the presence of Mr. Whitelaw – who was N.I. Secretary at that time.

“Baker was then on remand awaiting trial on charges of murdering four Catholics in Belfast.”

Colin with Edward Heath, Prime Minister, and William Whitelaw Londonderry Nov 1972


Willie Whitelaw presented with the Military Cross by Field Marshall Montgomery at Plon in Schleswiig-Holstein in May 1945

Willie Whitelaw autobiography – The Whitelaw Memoirs

Lieutenant Edwin Bramall receiving his MC from Field Marshal Montgomery in 1945.
Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery (above) had “romantic friendships with young boys” including the 12-year-old Swiss lad Lucien Trueb.

Also in Wiltshire – Fonthill Estate run by Peter Morrison’s Family

Paedophile William Beckford – Fonthill Estates

Truthseeker1 @thewakeupcall09

Parliament focus on mystery MP (1983) MP IN RAPE CASE

Ted Heath & Detective Inspector Brian Wallace

Heath leads revolt against Government (1984)


Boy George was born George O’Dowd in Bexley, in Kent.

Edward Heath was the member of Parliament for Bexley in Kent, and was born in Broadstairs in Kent.

In 1984, Boy George’s uncle, Kenneth O’Dowd, alleged that he had compromising photographs of Edward Heath .

He said that his former mistress Rita Lambert “appeared in pornographic photographs together with his two children.”

Kenneth O’Dowd claimed that he was framed by the authorities because, in 1976, he had discovered five colour photographs in the jewel box of Rita Lambert with whom he shared a flat in Woolwich, in London.

Heath was said to have been in two of the photographs, and the detective Sergeant, Brian Wallace, in three of them.

According to The Times, 19th January 1984:
Rita “a mother of three children, whose former boy friend has pleaded not guilty to raping and assaulting her, said she had never met Mr Heath

“She denied ever seeing a briefcase in her home with the initials ‘E.A.H.’ on it.

“She also denied his allegation that she had been part of a prostitution ring.”

Kenneth O’Dowd was jailed for 6 years.

1990s A criminal trial is allegedly halted after the defendant threatens to expose Sir Edward as a paedophile. According to a whistleblower, who was serving with the force at the time, senior officers quietly dropped the case in order to protect the former Prime Minister.

Martin Walkerdine@mwalkerdine

Confirmation on Kenneth O’Dowd marriage no 2 to Rita Lambert

Kenneth O’Dowd since his birth he as had at least 7 names and as done some serious crimes including poisoning and kidnapping and rapes including the plot to blackmail Edward Heath and George Wallace and his wife Rita Lambert who was involved another crime

The 47-year-old former Culture Club star, whose real name is George O’Dowd, was found guilty of handcuffing male escort Audun Carlsen to a radiator during a drug-fuelled photoshoot and beating him with a chain

Kenneth Kevin O’Dowd and the Ted Heath Photos

The “Heath Pictures Case” was one in which a person who was accused of rape, Kevin O’Dowd produced a photocopy of a photograph of Sir Edward Heath.

I have published 5 appeals involving Kevin Vizzard aka Kenneth William O’Dowd aka Kevin Kenneth O’Dowd as below, so as much as the information is public as possible.

Also included are 3 newspaper articles – two from Australia, one from Glasgow [HT @thewakeupcall09] . It is not clear whether there were reporting restrictions about Heath and if that was dictated by the Court or elsewhere.

Martin Allen mystery: how case of London teenager missing for 35 years could be linked to the Elm House paedophile ring

The brothers grew up in a council flat in Hornsey, where their mother was a secretary at Tufnell Park Primary School. They spent weekends ice skating at Alexandra Palace. When Allen was 14 and Martin 12, their father started working as chauffeur to the Australian High Commissioner and they moved to Kensington, where neighbours includedWinston Churchill and the De Beers jewellery family.

Margaret Thatcher and Ted Heath were regular visitors to the street. “It was quite a change from our council flat,” says Allen. “There were garden parties over the fence from us; Thatcher knew my Dad to say hello to.”


Image result for douglas hurd and ed heath

Douglas Hurd, Home Secretary to Thatcher. PPS to Heath.


Lord Hurd’s daughter-in-law plunges to death

Mystery surrounds the circumstances of Catherine Hurd’s death, just a week before she and her family were due to return to Britain.


Before her death, Sian, the wife of diplomat Thomas Hurd and daughter-in-law of the former home and foreign secretary, Douglas Hurd, had been an active campaigner for the charity, Women for Women International.


Image result for tom hurd

 Nick Hurd

Nick Hurd was one of 295 MPs who voted against an amendment to the Official Secrets Act that would have given witness protection to the victims of high-profile child abuse

Nick Hurd (Conservative), who voted against it, has a demonstrable relationship to Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire child abuser from the USA who is at the the heart of an ongoing child sex abuse scandal implicating Prince Andrew.

Epstein has been on the sex offenders register since 2008 after serving thirteen months of an eighteen month sentence for soliciting an underage girl for prostitution, and is currently facing allegations that he recruited a 15-year-old girl to act as a sex slave on a private jet for his friend and client, Prince Andrew.


Supporting the Sir Edward Heath Charitable Foundation

Lord Richard Balfe
Sir Alan Beith MP

Hilary Benn MP

Sir Peter Bottomley MP

Baroness Virginia Bottomley

Annette Brooke MP

Robert Buckland MP

Conor Burns MP

Neil Carmichael MP

Lord Tristan Garel-Jones

Lord Deben (John Selwyn Gummer)

Richard Harrington MP

Lord Peter Hennessy

Dame Elisabeth Hoodless

Lord Geoffrey Howe

Lord David Hunt

Lord Douglas Hurd

Charles Kennedy MP

Sir Peter Luff

Katharine, Viscountess Macmillan

Lord Peter Mandelson

Lord John MacGregor

Lord Philip Norton

Alexander, Earl of Stockton

Keith Vaz MP

Dame Helen Wallace

Lord William Wallace

Robert Walter MP


Virginia Bottomley was PPS to Chris Patten and then to Sir Geoffrey Howe

The Guardian

London, Greater London, England

Tuesday, March 17, 1992 – 15
 photo 6bf8b97b-19a1-4b6e-a3ef-09ff61d63703_zpsz0djdj50.jpg

 More recently: Virginia Bottomley
“The longer I was in government the more I thought it wasn’t the policy that mattered, it was finding the right individual of integrity and independence who would deliver the policy.”
Baroness Bottomley of Nettlestone, better known as Virginia Bottomley, former MP and cabinet minister, sits in an elegantly appointed office overlooking Hanover Square in London. As chair of the Odgers Berndtson board and CEO practice, her business is executive search.
Odgers Interim’s recent placements seem to have included “Victoria & Albert Museum – Interim Deputy Director”.
Does anyone know if Odgers were involved in the search for a new full-time director of the V & A? The post went, as is well known, to Tristram Hunt, another of Virginia’s relatives.
Virginia Bottomley:

Through their publications, the Wynns struck up a friendship with Tory MP Peter Bottomley.

Arthur Henry Ashford Wynn (22 January 1910 – 24 September 2001), was a British civil servant, social researcher, and recruiter of Soviet spies.Recruited by Edith Tudor-Hart in 1936, Wynn was the well known Soviet spy “Agent Scott” of the KGB. Wynn created the less prominent Oxford spy ring, the University of Oxford counterpart to the infamous Cambridge Five.

Recruited to the NKVD’s British team, Wynn started sending reports on Oxford members of the Communist Party. These were related to recruitment of spies, of which he listed 25, for which later screening – which Wynn himself was subjected to – five were considered highly suitable. These included an individual code-named “Bunny”, who has never been identified.[2]

This team Wynn recruited became the basis for the Oxford spy ring. Wynn also identified and offered to recruit students from the University of Cambridge and the University of London, but his handlers urged him to be more “selective. There should be no mass recruitment.”



Peter Bottomley became Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Peter Brooke in 1990.

Both Bottomley and Brooke were allegedly on the Moss documents.

Sir Robert Armstrong, now Baron Armstrong of Ilminster

However, the papers did contain a “striking example” of how crimes against children were treated much less seriously than they would be now. The lawyers cited a document written in November 1986 about an unnamed MP accused by two sources of having a “penchant for small boys” by the then head of MI5, Sir Antony Duff, and sent to Sir Robert Armstrong, now Baron Armstrong of Ilminster but then Secretary of the Cabinet under Margaret Thatcher.

Robert Armstrong was Heath‘s closest official adviser – the head of his Private Office – and a man in considerable sympathy with the outgoing Prime Minister. He was also the government’s chief contact with Buckingham Palace, keeping the Queen in touch

Director of N M Rothschild & Sons in 1988

PPS to Prime Minister Edward Heath

Thatcher’s closest adviser: 1979

He was a director of the Bank of Ireland in 1991

a director of Carlton TV between 1991 and 1995,

Bristol & West Building Society 1988-, Inchcape 1988-, Lucas Industries 1989-92, RTZ Corporation 1988-, Chairman Biotechnical Investments Ltd since 1989, and member of Robeco Group 1988-.

He held the office of Chancellor of Hull University in 1994.

LIKE DAME GAIL RONSON (also listed in convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s black book), Armstrong HAS BEEN A DIRECTOR AT ROYAL OPERA HOUSE COVENT GARDEN FOUNDATION

Sir Robert Armstrong admit on @bbcr4today

He knew all about paedo diplomat Peter Hayman?!

Lord Armstrong couldn’t have cared less about the personal pain Hayman caused as long as he wasn’t a security risk!

His nonchalence is breathtaking. He knew all about Hayman’s predilections.Didn’t occur to him to take any action. I consider Lord A GUILTY “…revolting paedophilia and other extreme pornography.

Tory grandees Edward Heath, Lord Leon Brittan and Willie Whitelaw

‘Willie Whitelaw ordered police to scrap inquiry into VIP child sex abuse ring’: Police launch probe into sensational new cover-up claims

Detectives investigating claim that Whitelaw ordered police to drop inquiry
He allegedly told a senior Met Police boss to quash year-long investigation
It came following revelation CPS prosecutor was considering 350 offences
The revelation provides new line of inquiry for investigation into VIP gang

Willie Whitelaw and Heath

Edward Heath, Leon Brittan, William Whitelaw 

In 1986, a Mr Derry Knight (Derry Mainwaring-Knight) claimed that the UK’s deputy Prime Minister, William Whitelaw, was the leader of a Satanic cult. With other highly-placed politicians, Whitelaw was said to lead the ‘Sons of Lucifer’, the overlords of British Satanism. 


Before Leon Brittan there was William Whitelaw. 

As Margaret Thatcher’s Home Secretary from 1979 – 1983, ‘Willie Whitelaw ordered the police to scrap their inquiry into the VIP child sex abuse ring’. 





SPANKED BOYS IN MP’S FLAT (The People, 15th June 1986)

Jackson had showed us colour Polaroid pictures of young men standing naked in a room with red cane weals across their buttocks.

We showed these to Mr Proctor and asked if they had been taken inside his flat in Fulham High Street.
He replied very quietly “Yes, it certainly look like it.”
But he denied the pictures were his, or part of any collection he owned.
Mr Proctor is a leading member of the high Tory Monday Club.
Jackson said that on one date Proctor took him to the House of Commons for dinner.
He described how they met at the Central Lobby and went through a security machine.
“Harvey suggested we had a bit to eat. We went into a canteen. Leon Brittan was sitting there alone,” he said.
“Another time I went to the Commons to pick up some keys and wore a jacket he bought me.”
Jackson also described how he and another rent boy took part in games at Proctor’s flat.

Proctor / Operation Midland / Denby

Harvey Proctor’s friend and former lawyer, Jonathan Denby was questioned by Operation Midland

In the Mail, Denby didn’t want to be named but that wasn’t an obstacle to Proctor. He named him in his book!

Harvey Proctor: Former MP ends anonymity of rest of alleged nine-strong paedophile gang


Former heads of MI5, MI6 and late ex-PM Edward Heath among those named

25 August 2015

After months of police refusing to name key figures involved in the inquiry, the public statement by the former Conservative MP has ended the anonymity for potential suspects, some of whom are dead.

It has also opened him up to accusations of hypocrisy after complaining about the drip-drip of negative publicity against him following the search of his home in March.

Denby asked not to be named but his bosom friend Proctor readily revealed his identity in his book ‘Incredible and untrue’.


Denby asked not to be named but his bosom friend Proctor readily revealed his identity in his book ‘Incredible and untrue’.

The man, who asked not to be named, Jonathan Denby, is cousin of Barbara Hewson.


Barrister Barbara Hewson

Crafty Muvva @craftymuvva

True. Denby got caught up in the investigation in to Proctor. Now you know why a certain Barista wanted to discredit Nick. End of.

That man (Jonathan Denby) was caught up in Op Middleton regarding Proctor. FACT


There seems to be an agenda… to smear survivors of child sexual abuse

Enoch Powell’s name was passed to Op Fernbridge re: Satanic Abuse claim. No wonder someone fits every time you mention VIPaedos.

Barbara Hewson’s cousin Jonathan Denby, was a  private secretary to Enoch Powell – who has been accused of being a paedophile and satanist.


Interesting that Barbara Hewson says satanic sexual abuse doesn’t exist while her cousin worked for Enoch Powell who is accused of just that

I wonder what Hewson cousin Jonathan Denby would have known as aide to Enoch Powell of sex ring abusing boys from Kincora?

31.03.15 “Enoch Powell ‘satanic cult’ claims: CofE defends decision to pass name to police” Was Heath involved?

Derry Mainwaring Knight declared himself a member of a cult called “The Sons of Lucifer” …. testimony that would blow the lid off Satanic doings at the highest levels of English society. He “outed” two Tory politicians (William Whitelaw, Enoch Powell) and one Labour MP (Leopold Abse) as cult members.


Convicted bishop – Bishop Peter Ball

Convicted paedophile Bishop Peter Ball (friend of paedophile Jimmy Savile and Prince Charles) was involved in satanists case and gave money to satanist Derry Mainwaring Knight.

Convicted pederast Bishop Ball close friend and mentor to Prince Charles

 Which of the following have been associated with satanists

a) Prince Charles

b) SirJimmy Savile

c) Bishop Peter Ball

d) Enoch Powell

e) All of the above

“e” is correct

Enoch Powell and Jimmy Savile

Image result for barbara hewson and harvey proctor denby

Barrister Barbara Hewson – her cousin Peter Jonathan Denby – friend and associate of Harvey Proctor and Enoch Powell

“In a prominent position there was also a cartoon of Enoch Powell, former Cabinet Minister, now Ulster Unionist MP- ‘Harvey’s idol,’ says Hilda (Proctor’s mother)

It is through Powell that another intriguing strand in the life of Harvey Proctor appears. This is his personal friendship with missing lawyer Peter Denby, 38, who used to work as an assistant to Powell.

Two weeks ago Denby was driving a blue ford Sierra and being questioned by police, when two men in paramilitary uniform stepped from the car with hand guns and made two policemen lie down.

Later as he telephoned Proctor and left a message on his answering machine saying: ‘I know I’m wanted but can’t give myself up yet.'”

Barbara Hewson’s cousin Jonathan Denby and his bosom buddy Harvey Proctor were well in with a right old bunch of anti-Semites.

Do you mean the one with trading links with Iran who was involved in handcuffing cops at gunpoint?


Nov 2, 1988




 Since Harvey Proctor has been in the limelight, Barbara Hewson has gone out of her way to airbrush her Denby relatives off her Wiki. Why?

Here’s Jonathan Denby, more recently:


Fugitive Jonathan Denby – jailed for six months

I wonder whether Jonathan Denby tried to contact his cousin Barbara Hewson while on the run?

In his memoires, Proctor tried to make out Hewson cousin Denby was a mere acquaintance. This article tells us they were extremely close!
Harvey Proctor and Jonathan Denby
Close friends, members of the Monday Club and shared political views, both have Loyalist interests in Northern Ireland…Proctor left for Ireland, shortly after Denby disappeared and the two had arranged to meet for lunch the day wealthy lawyer Denby fled police and became a fugitive.

Sorry, Harvey, I’ll be a little late for lunch…

Proctor under surveillance because of his links to Hewson cousin Jonathan Denby!

Mr Denby has similar political views to Mr Proctor : they were close friends and Monday Club members.

Mr Proctor was due to dine with him on the day he was discovered by London police in a car with two armed men.

Police raided Denby’s home andDocuments relating to political parties and politicians in Northern Ireland were found.”


Let that sink in:

Aide to Unionist Powell, driving car out of which jumped two IRA sympathisers, when stopped by Police. Get it?



Why exactly would Denby be holding documents relating to political parties and N.I. politicians?

Could have been spying on them?

He was aide to Powell who was MP in South Down. (1974-87)

Denby and Co


Sir Richard Denby

P J Denby

Image result for barbara hewson and harvey proctor denby

Hewson’s cousin – Jonathan Denby

2nd November 1986

It was also at York University that Proctor became friends with Denby, who succeeded him as chairman of the student’s Conservative association.

Before Denby became embroiled in police investigations earlier this year he was one of London’s leading shipping lawyers.

Denby was hired by Proctor, despite not being a specialist in libel law, to represent him in a libel action against the BBC Panorama programme, Maggie’s Militant Tendency, which linked the MP with extremist organisations.

Panorama drew on a leaked, draft report, compiled by the Young Conservatives.


Mayfair incident led to year on the run


Denby accepted a bribe for £133,300 from the Greeks. By the start of 1986, Denby owed £500,000.

Armed police raided Denby’s house in London.

*Documents relating to political parties and politicians in Northern Ireland were found.*

23 Mar 1988 Guardian



“…noticed that one man was sitting in the passenger seat, dressed in black, and wearing black gloves. ‘An odd aspect of dress in June,”

Don’t know about you, but this sounds to me as if Proctor was in on Denby’s dirty business and had arranged for an update after the act.




Denby’s background was described in court as somewhat peculiar. He had a house in Canonbury Square, Islington, and another at St Margaret’s Bay, Dover

The Guardian London, Greater London, England Friday, March 18, 1988 – 3

Police blow open boot of Barbara Hewson’s cousin’s car

 karmic kick

(Barbara) Hewson and her crew have been rabid about smearing Dickens and debunking the dossiers since the start of this.

Other interesting family links – Barbara Hewson’s mother, Kathleen Joan Denby, worked at Bletchley Park




Hewson cousin and criminal Denby is best friend of Proctor, Nick’s antagonist.

Babsy (Barbara Hewson) name’s Nick’s full name.

What could be the motivation for naming a CSA victim granted lifelong anonymity in a threatening email to another survivor?


PETER Jonathan Denby, the fugitive London solicitor hunted by police for nearly a year, was arrested after detectives, acting on a tip-off from the BBC programme Crimewatch, staged a dawn raid on a home in Yorkshire.

Denby, a former aide to Enoch Powell and friend of controversial Tory MP Harvey Proctor, was picked up in the town of Richmond, where he had been living under an alias. The 38-year-old solicitor, the nephew of a former president of the Law Society, has been on the run since last June.

Scotland Yard want to question him in connection with an incident in Mayfair. After police stopped a hired car on June 3 last year, they were held at gunpoint by two men with Irish accents. The men then fled in the car, which was believed to have been driven by Denby.


Proctor’s merry friends:

Solicitor Jonathan Denby

Proctor’s merry friends:
Charles Morrison, shirt-shop funder and brother of that ‘noted pederast’ ‘Sir’ Peter Morrison.

Proctor’s merry friends:

Stephen Govier

Proctor’s merry friends

Fellow Monday Clubber Derek Laud

Proctor’s merry friends:

Tristan Garel-Jones, the whip who whipped up support for Harvey’s shirt shop.

Proctor’s merry friends:

Matthew Parris MP


Proctor’s merry friends:

Wilf Proudfoot was PPS to Keith Joseph. Wilf’s secretary was Christine Hamilton, wife of RW loon Neil.
Christine Hamilton had been secretary to Sir Michael Grylls.
Proctor’s merry friends:
David Ashby, joined Vaz to praise Janner on return to HoC. Shared bed Hague-style with male doc in France.
Proctor’s merry friends:
Tim Yeo, (Cottonrose) shirt-lover and man without a reputation to trash.

Image result for barbara hewson and harvey proctor denby

Jonathan Denby – former parliamentary aide to Enoch Powell and nephew of former Law Society President, Sir Richard Denby
Image result for barbara hewson and harvey proctor denby


Is it a crime to point out that the woman who has been so cruel to Nick is the cousin of Jonathan Denby, Harvey Proctor’s former solicitor?

Alleged satanist and friend of Harvey Proctor, Enoch Powell with paedophile  Sir Jimmy Savile


Paedophile Sir Jimmy Savile – close friends with convicted paedophile Bishop Peter Ball and Prince Charles.

Jimmy Savile and Prince Charles’ very close friendship with sex abuse bishop Peter Ball

Pervert Bishop Ball, too, corresponded with Enoch Powell, leader of the right-wing pack:

Bribery, Enoch Powell, arms deals, Proctor’s solicitor: No wonder they don’t want me to mention Jonathan Denby?


Interesting how many of Proctor’s close friends are arms dealers



Callaghan brothers committed suicide in prison.
Armed car June 86 Callaghan dead by March 88 When were they prosecuted?

Yes his brother, James, died whilst in custody. It’s concerning…

13Yeah, so nice he went on the run for a year whilst two blokes took the wrap… one ultimately.

Sanctions-busting in Iran, perhaps?

Denby’s right-wing friends may have been involved in his arms deals: here’s Carthew on Denby’s problems with Iran.


[1987] 1 Lloyd’s Rep. 367


Before Mr. Justice Leggatt

Practice – Settlement – Moneys had and received – Shipowners settled action with plaintiffs – Defendant paid secret commission – Whether sum received by defendant a bribe – Whether money had and received by defendant to the use of plaintiffs – Whether defendant held such moneys as trustee for plaintiffs.

It is clear reading the judgement of Mr Justice Leggatt in the Denby v. Iran case that he considered Denby to be corrupt beyond redemption.
Denby v. Iran: ‘The sad fact is that although (he) is a solicitor there is no good to be said for him in relation to this transaction’.

Interesting to see (George Kennedy) Young’s strong connections to Iran, just like Denby’s shipping links there.

Sanctions-busting in Iran, perhaps?

Jonathan Denby, Iran Shipping and Greek bribes


Why did Lloyd Denby Neal sue Jonathan Denby, Barbara Hewson’s cousin and Harvey Proctor’s solicitor?

When will hacks finally scrutinise Harvey Proctor’s relationship to arms peddler Soames and shipping lawyer Jonathan Denby?


Wasn’t shipping lawyer and future fugitive Jonathon Denby a weird choice to represent Harvey Proctor in his BBC libel action?

 How much would Harvey Proctor have known about his mate Jonathan Denby’s shipping deals? Were his shirt shop donations to stop him blabbing?


Just look at the names of Proctor’s shirt shop backers! All Tories, many involved in sex scandals and many with strong military links...

Mark Thatcher and Hewson cousin Jonathan Denby were both into cement deals at around the same time. Did their paths cross perchance?

Iranian Shipping Line & bribery case against Jonathan Peter Denby

Did Denby ever pay back the ‘bribery’ money from Iranian Shipping? Anyone got access to this?

…the bribe money … Denby pocketed while doing business with Iranians during corrupt Thatcher years.

That ca. £130k bribe went namely first to Midland Bank and then on to a numbered account at the Pays Bas in Geneva.

From there, monies were transferred to the account of a company called Euro Shipping Ltd. Denby also had access to these funds.

It appears Jonathan Denby was stalking the Whitworth who years before had helped him set up a numbered Pays-Bas account in Geneva.

Ah, Mr. Whitworth, the man who helped Jonathan Denby set up a numbered account in Geneva to which bribery money was transferred…

In 1983 Denby asked a Mr. Whitworth if he knew how to set about opening an account in a Swiss bank.

Mr. Whitworth gave him an introduction which would have enabled him to do it.

‘… while he has some booty (?) tucked away’. Where? In a Pays-Bas numbered account in Geneva, perhaps?

Was the booty you told Bee Carthew of stashed away in this account, Jonathan Denby?

‘… having to work hard to earn his keep’ in Richmond, Yorks. Mmmh, I wonder who put him up?

Deny’s bribe was paid into a Midland Bank account and was then forwarded to a numbered account in Geneva.
When funds are transferred to a numbered account the name of the bearer must not be given. How convenient!
From there, monies were transferred to the account of a company called Euro Shipping Ltd. Denby also had access to these funds.
At this point in my research, it is unclear whether this is the Euro Shipping Ltd registered in Dublin since 1979.

So was Denby out with the Callaghans to harm or even kill Whitworth on the evening when they were checked by Police?

if Callaghan was a hired thug waiting to ambush someone, who had hired him? Denby? And who was the target? Whitworth?

Denby and the Callaghans were stalking a business associate called Whitworth the same evening yet Denby was convicted on another charge!

If they were stalking Whit’th, who had previous relationship with Denby, was it not more likely brothers were assisting D, not vice versa?

D’accord. That is precisely my take on this too. I think Denby hired them.


A high price to pay. So why was Jonathan Denby let off so leniently?

In 1985, Denby was in dispute with his partners. Must have been bad coz they asked agent to freeze his Geneva account!

 What do y What do you know about David Whitworth, Crafty?

I’d need to reread my notes. Something to do with Blue Circle. Massive concern of a company…


 Why on earth would Thatcher’s gov’t take charge of Denby’s case with Iran after the Denby v. Iran verdict? Handling hot goods?

 Absolutely massive! Why would Gov’t otherwise take charge of his Iranian affairs. Does he have special protection?

I asked J. what he plans to do with the rest of his life if freed. He told me he wouldn’t …go back to the old life which he says he didn’t really enjoy. I got the impression that while he has some boodle tucked away he has been unable to get at it while ‘on the run’. He is also in trouble with the Iranians – not his clients who, he says would help him if they could, but with the govt because the govt has vitually taken charge of the case.

Just ask yourself this: What sort of business with Iran would Maggie’s Gov’t take charge of in early 80s?

Ah, so the government has virtually taken charge of the case! Who would have guessed, Bee? I wonder what was being shipped?

The implications of Jonathan Denby being involved with the Iranians and, as Carthew says, the Thatcher gov’t taking control are massive!

Mark Thatcher and Hewson cousin Jonathan Denby were both into cement deals at around the same time. Did their paths cross perchance?

Read this:

Cementation and Mark Thatcher.

Interesting. Not often an article contains so many key and corrupt figures

What is it about cement deals and the far-right friends of Maggie?


 Mmmh. Jonathan Denby brokered a deal for East Germany to sell 800,000 tons of cement a year to Blue Circle!

Around the same time as Denby was into ‘concrete’ deals with East Germany, the Witch’s son was into ‘Cementation’!


PRIME MINISTER. Cementation contract: Mark Thatcher and the Omanis; part 2

This record is closed

Closed For 65 years
Opening date: 01 January 2054

July 21 2016

We may never learn the truth about “corrupt” deals involving Margaret Thatcher and her son Mark after another “establishment cover-up”.

The National Archives are releasing hundreds of government records and notes of Cabinet meetings under the 30-year-rule, covering 1986 to 1988, the middle of Margaret Thatcher’s reign at No10.

But two entitled “Cementation contract: Mark Thatcher and the Omanis” covering the period from 1981 to 1988 are listed as being “retained” for 65 years – meaning they will not be released until 2053 when Sir Mark would be aged 99.

Two others – one entitled “Mark Thatcher and the Omanis; other allegations against Mark Thatcher” and “Request by Electronic Data Systems to employ Mark Thatcher” have been “temporarily retained” with no date for release.

The decision to keep the files closed was ultimately taken by former Culture Secretary John Whittingdale, who served as Mrs Thatcher’s political secretary in the last months of her tenure in No10 and who signed off on the secrecy.

From 1982–84, Whittingdale was head of the political section of the Conservative Research Department. He then served as Special Adviser to three successive Secretaries of State for Trade and Industry, Norman Tebbit, 1984–85; Leon Brittan, 1985–86, and Paul Channon, 1986–87. He worked on international privatisation at NM Rothschild in 1987 and in January 1988, became Political Secretary to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Upon her resignation Whittingdale was appointed OBE and continued to serve as her Political Secretary until being elected to Parliament in 1992.[5]

Since outing himself as an arms dealer, John Whittingdale’s Thatcher years and Ukrainian links should be subjected to the utmost scrutiny!

His half-brother Charles Napier was treasurer of PIE Paedophile Information Exchange

John Whittingdale signed off the decision to keep the files closed


Did Whittingdale’s lifestyle make him easy to blackmail into closing files relating to the son of the woman he served under?

The files cover Sir Mark’s time working as a consultant for Cementation International, a subsidiary of the construction and engineering conglomerate Trafalgar House.

When details of a deal to build a new university in Oman emerged in the 1980s, it led to allegations Mrs Thatcher had used her influence with the pro-British Sultan of Oman to secure the contract for her son’s firm.

“There is no legitimate reason for these papers to not be in the public domain and I urge the Cabinet Office to think again.”

In the furore over the Oman deal, it was decided that Sir Mark should leave the UK for America.

Among the other files listed as being retained is a series of No 10 papers about the Royal family, including one entitled

“Career of Prince Andrew Duke of York“, another entitled

The Prince of Wales’ Special Projects Unit”

and a third marked “Procedures for the Royal Family taking up jobs and other commercial appointments”.

Mr Fayed carried on, saying that Baroness Thatcher wanted to “cover up” her son’s arms deals and was “forced” to put the DTI inspectors on to him.

“The tentacles of a paedophile ring, in North Wales and elsewhere, spread to penetrate every important section of the establishment, including, quite prominently, the biggest wigs in the Tory party…

“Right at the top of our dishonour’s list was Lord McAlpine, former fund raiser to the Tory party, and one of their die-hard heavyweights.

“We named him because we knew at the time that he was under investigation by a police force who had been bought in to find out the complicity of various police officers who were either part of the filthy ring, or involved in extensive cover-ups.

“We have always alleged, now more so, that the whole rotten affair had a predominantly freemason perspective.”

Fraud Squad officers were alerted to investigate allegations that while McAlpine was a fund-raiser he not only created a slush fund, but got into amoney laundering operation, using Tory party bank accounts.

“Our sources claim that much of the slush fund was used to help cover-up the activities of his fellow conspirators in the gay- paedophile ring, and other impending sex scandals.

“But a new question mark now hangs over the money laundering allegation.

“Is this where Mark Thatcher managed to ‘cleanse’ his dirty- dealing money?”

(Table of Contents)

Lord Alistair McAlpine (above) was never prosecuted for alleged child abuse.

According to Scallywag:

Lord Alistair McAlpine handled the donations to Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative Party.

Allegedly, “£40 million found its way into the Thatcher family’s Swiss accounts.”

Tory Party Funding: The Missing Millions

At his office in London, journalists were regaled with gossip and generous lashings of Chateau Latour, and he became a favourite of even such papers as The Independent and The Guardian.
Rotund in loud but well-cut Savile Row suits and bilious pink and green Garrick Club ties, he would lunch prospective donors (and journalists) at the Club.
Money was never discussed directly, but the follow-up letters left recipients in little doubt about what was expected and the funds poured in.
McAlpine was thought to have raised about £100 million.

When party treasurer, McAlpine would discreetly invite some fellow captain of industry or commerce to lunch – usually at the Garrick Club.

He would ensure the invitation went out on the treasurer’s headed writing paper to avoid any misunderstanding. Over lunch and lashings of his favourite Chateau Latour he would, as a social equal, breach the topic of money to fund the forthcoming election campaign.

Often, as McAlpine described these occasions, the victim would splutter and comment that even the Thatcher government was made up largely of ‘villains’. At which point McAlpine claims he’d say: ‘I rather agree with you. But have you looked at the other shower?’

This usually did the trick, although in 1987, McAlpine thought that something more brutal was required. He assembled what a friend described as a collection of Loony-Left literature, including ‘Labour-supporting, glad to be gay’ stuff. His idea was to mail it to selected tycoons along with an appeal for funds. McAlpine was warned that he might be prosecuted for sending pornography through the post. This so delighted him that he made it his business to spread the tale of Labour’s suspect supporters. In addition, he sent copies of the Labour manifesto to 200 leading industrialists. Money rolled in.

 Just a minute: Didn’t Trafalgar House own the Ritz and Cunard?

Cunard Trafalgar House years: 1971–1998



The following day, September 21, sees the ship in Cunard’s spiritual home, Liverpool, where the company was based from 1839 to 1967. QE2 will be one of the first ships to tie up at Liverpool’s new cruise ship terminal, due to be opened that day by His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent – who will come on board after the ceremony for lunch on QE2.

A spectacular highlight takes place that afternoon when there will be a magnificent Celebration Concert at the Anglican Cathedral, to be attended by all QE2 guests and local civic leaders. The concert, starring soprano Lesley Garrett, Scottish tenor Nicky Spence, the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir, the Liverpool Cathedral Choir and the Band of the Scots Guards, will be a rousing mixture of patriotic and popular music guaranteed to stir the emotions. Tributes will be paid to QE2 by regular guests Sir Jimmy Savile and Carol Thatcher.

Carol and Jimmy. Must have reminded them of Christmases past?


Baroness Margaret Thatcher (L) and her daughter Carol Thatcher depart the QE2 at Southhampton Docks on for a trans-Atlantic crossing to New York.

Victor Matthews

 FINGERS IN THE PIE: Express chairman Victor Matthews (right) starts the first run of the Daily Star

LORD MATTHEWS (former head of Express Newspapers) and Lady Matthews celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary with 80 close friends at the Ritz Hotel, London, at the weekend.

In the picture with, them, cutting the cake are (left-to-right): Eric Parker, Reg Varney, Bill Cotton Jr, Jimmy Savile, Nlgel Broackes, Sir Douglas Bader, Lord George Brown, and Denis Compton.)

The cake was surrounded by 40 different motifs showing Lord and Lady Matthews’ various Interests in business and leisure.

Matthews, who according to the Independent newspaper was a natural Thatcherite and claimed to be the biggest individual donor to the Conservative Party after he had realised that you could give money in the name of a company rather than as an individual, died at his retirement home on JERSEY in December 1995.

So who’s who out of the above motley crew.  

Mathews, Parker and Broackes were long time business partners. Tellingly, Broackes was one of Slaggy Thatchers favourites. Unsurprisingly, both Broackes and Parker were knighted by the Queen.

In 1995, all three were partners in the Trafalgar House conglomerate, which was part of the Jardine Matheson group, for whom Cameron was a ‘ship jumper’. Trafalgar was at that time a laughing stock, although, no doubt all manner of skulduggery was taking place:

The latest annual survey in Management Today of 250 top British firms slated Trafalgar as “Britain’s least admired company”. In a damning five out of nine categories – management, financial soundness, product quality, innovation and long-term investment value – Trafalgar ranked last against nine of its biggest peers.


Matthews, who according to the Independent newspaper was a natural Thatcherite and claimed to be the biggest individual donor to the Conservative Party after he had realised that you could give money in the name of a company rather than as an individual, died at his retirement home on JERSEY in December 1995.

Lord George Brown was a Labour Cabinet Minister in Harold Wilson’s Government.

Reg Varney was an English actor most famous for his role as Stan in the long running sit-com ‘On the buses’.

Denis Compton was a cricketer.

Sir Douglas Bader was a highly decorated fighter pilot.

Billy Cotton Jr, was a TV producer at the BBC.


Lord Matthews, the Chairman of Express Newspapers Group, at the memorial service for holiday camp promoter Sir Billy Butlin.

Talk About A Tea Party! My Life Will Never Be The Same

By Jimmy Savile OBE

The Daily Express.  Tuesday June 17th 1980

I struck the real jackpot when I met Victor Matthews.

IF the Government fastened a lead from Victor into the national electricity grid, he could run all the machines in Britain.

He gave me the Daily Express and one of his top BUILDING companies, Trollope and Colls, who will build the new unit for no profit. He runs the Cunard Line and the QE2, but I’ve not got round to borrowing that yet.


Victor Matthews has promised him full involvement – of the Express newspapers and, even more important, of the building components of the Trafalgar Group (Trollope and Colls and Cementation).’

Savie.…about the extent of his relationship with the royal family, and how he put it to use in persuading Victor Matthews, construction magnate and proprietor of the Daily Express , to come on board with the bid to rebuild the facilities at Stoke Mandeville.

I left his office and phoned the palace. I got the Duke of Edinburgh’s secretary to write a letter to him saying, “I understand you are going to help Jimmy Savile build Stoke Mandeville Hospital. This is a wonderful thing and will be much appreciated by the country. Philip.” ‘When I went round … to see the Duke of Edinburgh, he said, “The letter: it’s gone.” He said to me, “Do you know the geezer?” And I said, “No, never met him before in my life.”’ Savile told me he’d received a telephone call the very next day. Matthews told him that he’d got the letter and realised Savile had ‘put an arm up his back’. Matthews put it to Savile that he had dictated the letter. It was an accusation he didn’t deny. As

‘What was in it for him?’ Savile asked rhetorically, having polished off his eggs on toast. ‘Well, he was still a mister at the time. I’m not saying what I did was get him a title or anything like that but he finished up in the House of Lords.’ A dedicated Thatcherite, Matthews was indeed awarded a peerage by the prime minister towards the end Savile, given that he was now persona non grata with P&O.

The extent of Savile’s blossoming relationship with Prince Charles became clearer in the same note sent by Gerard Vaughan to the prime minister: ‘Even more encouraging, though again confidential at this stage, Jimmy Savile tells me that the Prince of Wales has agreed to be Patron of the Appeal.’  The relationship with Prince Charles was sanctioned and fostered by the Duke of Edinburgh who viewed Jimmy Savile as someone who might be useful for his eldest son

…in 1980, as Jimmy Savile was being feted by the prime minister and calling in favours from the Duke of Edinburgh, he was summoned by West Yorkshire Police to provide a cast of his teeth.

Bite marks had been found on the bodies of two victims of the Yorkshire Ripper, the serial killer then believed to be responsible for the murders of 11 women. The third

In Plain Sight: the Life and Lies of Jimmy Savile Dan Davies





The Ritz Hotel in London, which was acquired by Trafalgar House in 1976, was sold to David and Frederick Barclay for £75 million in 1995.


What exactly did he do for Cunard – and T Cook – for that matter……………????




The Mirror (London, England)
June 16, 2004 |


SIR Jimmy Savile has pulled off his own personal “fix it” by persuading the bosses of cruise liner Queen Mary 2 to sail it past his home and salute him.

Sir Jimmy, 78, will wave at the ship from the balcony of his flat in Scarborough when its whistle is sounded.

He was in Southampton six weeks ago to celebrate QM2’s introduction as flagship of the Cunard fleet. …

Jan 17 2004

I have already seen Jimmy Savile OBE in a shell suit carrying a rucksack, Esther Rantzen asking a man in a long red cassock and carrying a crook who he was (“Madam, I am the Bishop of Wincester,” came the reply) and Angela Rippon’s famous legs, albeit clad in a trouser suit. Southampton football manager Gordon Strachan’s legs were far more impressive – he was wearing a kilt.

Last Thursday’s launch party was a chance for Cunard to entice its regulars and court new contacts. Among the throng of floor-length taffeta ballgowns and dinner jackets were John Prescott, Charles Kennedy, Valerie Singleton, Michael Burke, Mary Nightingale and Esther Rantzen.

We noted that Jimmy Savile (38 times QE 2 veteran) was sporting an NHS swipe card in the name of Al Pacino alongside his gongs.

Sir Jimmy Savile, OBE pictured aboard the Queen Elizabeth 2 during the liner’s 1992 world cruise.

The disc jockey and radio and TV personality was “Running around the world”, raising money for Stoke Mandeville and other charities.

Cruise company Cunard has cancelled plans for the latest addition to it’s fleet, the new Queen Elizabeth to pay tribute to the broadcaster. The liner had been due to sail past Scarborough, and Savile’s grave, at 15:00 BST on 1 August 2013.

Savile, who has been at the centre of numerous allegations of child abuse, was a frequent traveller with Cunard.

In January, a Cunard spokeswoman had described Savile as “a true friend of Cunard”. His last voyage was aboard Queen Elizabeth on her maiden Round Britain trip in September 2011, a month before his death. Savile died at the age of 84 on 29 October 2011 and was buried in Scarborough, where he had had a home for 40 years, a week later.

The allegations he had abused children were first aired in an ITV documentary on 3 October.

A senior Scotland Yard detective described Savile as a “predatory sex offender” who had a “predilection” for young girls.

Cunard Head of Public Relations Eric Flounders – close friend of Jimmy Savile

Eric joined Cunard as public relations manager in 1984, a post he held until he retired. He has given regular talks on the history of Cunard in schools, company seminars, universities, clubs, travel agents, Carnival UK Staff and societies as part of his public relations post for Cunard. He has lectured on board QE2 several times and was a local councillor for 16 years.

Cunard president and managing director Peter Shanks:

At the time of the sad passing of Sir Jimmy Savile I wrote a brief blog to say how much all of us at Cunard would miss him. He hailed from Scarborough – as does our Head of Public Relations Eric Flounders.Eric was a close friend of Sir Jimmy and he attended both the funeral and burial – both as a friend and to represent all of us at Cunard Line. As you can imagine being in Public Relations, Eric has a very special way with words and he has written of his experience up in Leeds and Scarborough and I want to share it with you all……


Thank you so much Eric. As a small tribute and to make sure Sir Jimmy remains special to Cunard, we have decided to place a framed picture of a smiling Sir Jimmy up in Churchills Cigar Lounge on each of our ships. He spent many hours with us in Churchills and we shall never forget him.

Hope you are keeping well.

Best Regards


Savile (like many others) had a thing for Churchill

This framed image belonged to him and was sold as part of his estate.

Crowley, Fleming, Churchill, Royalty, MI5, MI6, MI7b, A.A. Milne, Pooh Bear and Ashdown ForestIf you go down to the woods today:…the famous people gathering in Ashdown Forest to conduct a black magic ritual using an effigy of Rudolph Hess. They would later be joined by prominent members of the royal family as well as hundreds of British and Canadian soldiers all wearing black hooded robes over their uniforms. That is according to Amado Crowley, son of the Great Beast 666.

The revelations that A.A. Milne worked for MI7b during the First World War adds intrigue to the suggestions on the controversial series of blogs created on Blogger several years ago purported to be by former MI6 whistleblowers that many famous children’s authors and television programmes have been used by the spooks to shape the minds of children in a certain way, to enhance an agenda and to pass on coded messages to field agents through things like ISBN numbers and passages of published stories.

Whilst remaining highly sceptical of ‘ex’ intelligence and ‘former’ military viewpoints, particularly if the source is undisclosed we are able to investigate the negative space of such things that are unknown and also retrospectively evaluate information based on data as and when it becomes available.

The revelations that A.A. Milne, as well as the cream of English literature at the time, were covertly working for MI7b with the intention of quelling a popular uprising against the Great War in order to extend hostilities is a case in point. Children’s authors, journalists writers and even poets were doing the bidding of the war machine coordinated by military intelligence unit 7b according to dox not supposed to still exist but that recently turned up out of the blue having been found in the proverbial ‘skip’ or ‘great aunt’s attic’ (pre-internet anonymous drop-boxes or simply devices for the authorities to release files unofficially).

Arguably the Second World War, which was really a continuation of the First World War was different. The type of person working for SOE during the war were well aware if Hitler or indeed the Soviets conquered Britain their class would be wiped out. Their survival and Britain’s survival as a whole were co-dependent.

So what can we make of Milne and other writers employed by MI7b during the Great War to write propaganda with the aim of continuing one of the most futile and deadly wars in history against the wishes of the people? Were they made to think defeat in the war was a worse proposition than the continuation of the war itself?

According to a BBC News report

Mr Arter said MI7b was established to sustain support for the war at a crucial time when the numbers of soldiers killed were rising and social unrest threatened to undermine the military effort.

The unit’s stories were published by friendly newspaper proprietors and editors.

Notice too, obviously, how sections of the ‘free press’ were also compromised by ‘the war effort’.

In more recent times Ashdown Forest has also been linked to black magic sects who are alleged to have used the forest to conduct their own black mass rituals.

Nearby East Grinstead is the cult capital of Britain. The psycho-geography of this area of Southern England appears to have a mysterious attraction.


A.A. Milne wrote the Pooh series of stories in Cotchford Farm in Ashdown Forest. This is also where The Rolling Stones Brian Jones was found dead in a swimming pool.

According to his son, Christopher Robin Milne, in his book ‘The Enchanted Places’ the reason his father left their home in Chelsea and moved to Hartfield was Ashdown Forest.

“Anyone who has read the stories knows the Forest and doesn’t need me to describe it. Pooh’s Forest and Ashdown Forest are identical.”

The Enchanted Places by Christopher Robin Milne

Operation Mistletoe

So what can we deduce from the apparent utilization of Aleister Crowley and Jimmy Savile during the Second World War by British Intelligence?

Does this give a hint as to why Savile was awarded the freedom of the UK after the war as well as an honorary green beret and explain Prince Charles cryptic note to Savile that read ‘Nobody will ever know what you have done for this country Jimmy’?

Much like Obi Wan Kenobe used black magic to control the mind of a storm-trooper at Mos Eisley spaceport, Djerba, Tunisia, in order to secure passage to the Alderaan system – was black magick used by the British … it would appear this included Crowley style magick and other forms of sorcery.

It is suggested the Nazi’s were scouring the earth for ancient artefacts including the Ark of the Covenant during the war so both the Allies and the Axis powers were trying to militarise magic to be used against each other.

If the account of the Magickal Battle of Britain at Ashdown Forest is based on fact was it a case of fighting fire with fire, with two negatives making a positive or was it simply darkness within darkness all contributing to the chaos of the times?

The imprisonment of Hess and his subsequent death is subject to further intrigue that will be the subject of a future post as it is beyond the scope of this document.

“So they went off together. But wherever they go, and whatever happens to them on the way, in that enchanted place on the top of the Forest a little boy and his Bear will always be playing.”

The House at Pooh Corner – A.A.Milne

Robert Boothby and Winston Churchill

Churchill – PPS Lord Bob Boothby


Interesting article on Robert Boothby MP (PPS to Sir Winston Churchill and one of Churchill’s closest friends):

Key paragraphs exposing Robert Boothby MP (later Lord Boothby of Buchan and Rattray Head) as a paedo:

“But once the Old Bailey trial of the Krays was over, people around them talked more freely, and I found out more about the curious relationship between Ronnie Kray and Robert Boothby. There was considerably more to it than I suspected.

Lord Boothby, Ronnie Kray and Leslie Holt

Not only did they share a love for teenage boys, which Ronnie Kray provided, but Boothby clearly had a fascination for dangerous company, coupled with a reckless disregard for its consequences. ”

“As well as boys there were East End orgies and sex shows involving criminals. One account described Boothby lying under a glass-topped table while boys were made to defecate above him. Another described him sitting naked in a room with a number of criminals and boys around him, and “love beads” protruding from his anus.”

“Only a few weeks earlier, two Conservative back-benchers had reported to the chief whip that they had seen Lord Boothby at a dog track importuning boys with none other than his friend Tom Driberg.”

If these allegations are true, it’s pretty clear that Robert Boothby was a paedo.

The article discusses Boothby’s friendship with paedo Tom Driberg MP, and also mentions how Boothby was saved from being exposed in the newspapers by the creepy Lord Arnold Goodman and Lord Gerald Gardiner QC.

Interestingly, Boothby was a Tory, whereas Arnold Goodman and Gerald Gardiner were Labour.

All in it together, eh?


Cliff Richard with Winston Churchill’s close friend Lord Boothby, who reportedly was involved with child sex rings for the elite.

Sir Anthony Arthur Duncan Montague Browne KCMG CBE DFC  (top) was a British diplomat who was private secretary to Sir Winston Churchill for the last ten years of the latter’s life

Sir Anthony Brown’s son is Archbishop Welby, who has been accused of cover ups

An open letter to the Most Rev Justin Welby, endorsed by eight alleged victims of John Smyth QC, calls on the Archbishop, a former colleague of the barrister, to come clean about the extent of his knowledge of the abuse claims.

John Pearson on Boothby, Driberg & The Krays Cover-Up 1964 – The Peer and the Gangster.

Savile and Victor Matthews


I met Jimmy Savile many times. When I retired from journalism I was invited by Cunard to lecture aboard its liners. Savile was a regular feature on those ships too.
He always travelled first class and for free. He boasted that he was so famous the QE2 couldn’t sail without him.Unlike other first-class passengers he refused to dress for dinner. Instead he wore his multi-coloured polyester shellsuits.Each evening after dinner he dragged a big red armchair, like a throne, into the carpeted corridor outside the casino where he sat smoking one of his eight-inch Havana cigars.After he was knighted he always wore his beautifully enamelled Order of Knighthood on a ribbon around his neck.

Robert John Alston, retired British diplomat. Alston was educated at Ardingly College and New College, Oxford. He is Chairman of Governors at Ardingly College. He served as British Ambassador to Oman between (1986–1990)

He is an experienced cruise ship lecturer, regularly speaking on the islands of the Pacific.

Robert Alston (right) is brother of convicted paedophile PIE member Richard Alston -Richard Alston was the partner of establishment paedophile Peter Righton and was a friend of John Whittingdale’s half brother Charles Napier

Charles Napier & half-brother John Whittingdale

John Whittingdale signed off the decision to keep the files closed. 

Two days after news about Oman deals during Robert Alston’s Oman ambassadorship

Robert Alston 3rd from the right with Prince Andrew – Oman deals

Mark Thatcher files stay secret ‘to spare blushes on arms deal’

A Downing Street decision to refuse to release files relating to the controversial business affairs of Sir Mark Thatcher was condemned last night as ludicrous.

The papers concern his dealings with Oman, which caused a scandal for his mother when she was prime minister and led to him leaving Britain.

Under public records legislation, official files are released to the National Archives in Kew, west London, after 20 years unless there are specific reasons for them not to be disclosed.

The Pilgrims Society, founded on 16 July 1902, is a British-American society

Over the years it has boasted an elite membership of politicians, diplomats, businessmen, and writers who have included Henry Kissinger, Margaret Thatcher, Caspar Weinberger, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Henry Luce, Lord Carrington, Alexander Haig, Paul Volcker, Thomas Kean and Walter Cronkite to mention a very few. Members of the immediate Royal Family, United States secretaries of state and United States ambassadors to the Court of St. James are customarily admitted to membership in the Society.

Shultz was a Pilgrim, Weinberger a Pilgrims executive, and Helms was a Pilgrim through his brother and father. Arguably all three, not just Helms, were CIA.

The patron of the society is Queen Elizabeth II.

Executive Committee members, as of 2016, include :

Robert Alston CMG
Sir Peter Bottomley MP

Noteworthy members


Margaret Thatcher held talks with Sultan Qaboos of Oman to assist a company that employed her son to win a contract to build a universityTimes Newspapers Ltd

The latest release includes two files entitled “Cementation contract: Mark Thatcher and the Omanis” covering the period from 1981-88. They are listed as being retained for 65 years, meaning that they will not be released until 2053.

Two other files, one of them entitled “Mark…

Jonathan Denby’s $133k bribe was small fry compared with the $5m Iran could potentially recover. So what was the damaged cargo, pray?

That said, though, they were ‘only’ expecting to recover $3m!

Now why would Barbara Hewson’s cousin Denby pay the Callaghans £500 (several £k by today’s standards) to leave country. What is he hiding?

Why would Denby ask a Mr Palmer to transfer the ownership of Euro Shipping Ltd. to him?

And why did Palmer receive payment for this favour?

Mmmh, our Jonathan obviously lied about the existence of a numbered bank account in the Denby v. Iran case.

The bank itself wrote: On confirmation we are prepared to credit P.J. Denby account number XXXXY.
Why did Denby say that Euro Shipping Ltd owned 50% of his house called Seascape which he owned with his brother. Would Ginny know?

Looking through newspaper articles between 1976-82, found that Brown &R oot built the oil pipelines for BP. Shipping by Intermarine?

Lloyd Denby Neal dissolved June 1989 by shipping brokers Corinthian Chartering

Sir Peter Hayman ran Seatrade Publishing

Arab Shipping 1981: A Seatrade Study Christopher Hayman Seatrade Publications, 1981


Denby, hired by Proctor re: libel action against the BBC, “was one of London’s leading shipping lawyers.”?


Worc1 In the runup to 2010 election, Intermarine, a Folkstone company made a very dubious donation to – son of Peter Walker

Worc2 This donation came from Intermarine’s two Texan directors, one of them being Mr Cloyd:

Worc3 Prior to setting up Intermarine, Cloyd was VP of B&R. B&R UK’s VP until 1982 was Vassall friend Raymond Govier

Worc4 Shortly after the ominous donation, both Raymond Govier and brother Jonathan joined Intermarine as directors. Cosy!

Worc5 Raymond Govier was Vassall friend and father of coke addict, criminal and Atkinson flatmate

Worc6 KBR, which merged with B&R, has a long history of corruption and would have expected a ROI for their donation.

Worc7 Intermarine, like Denby, has a long association with Iran, even during trade embargo years

Intermarine supply ships contracted to Iran in Iran-Iraq War 1987 “Big Orange 14” sunk


Worc8 Jonathan Denby, lawyer of Harvey Proctor, had business interests just a few streets away from Intermarine.

Worc9 Denby, on the run after holding cops at gunpoint, was also in touble with both Law Society and Iranians as Bee Carthew tells E Powell

Worc10 In fact, Jonathan Peter Denby was involved in a court case with Iranian Republic’s shipping lines. Mmmh!

Worc11 Funnily enough, Denby was also involved in litigation against B & R (Brown & Root) UK, whose VP was Raymond Govier


So Stephen Govier’s SNI involvement was at the same time as daddy Raymond was running R&B and in contact with Denby!

Worc12 Oh, and the other donor to back in 2010 was still at it in the 2015 elections:

Worc13 Another club involved in ‘donation laudering’ is the Carlton Club, of which Robin’s daddy Peter was Chairman

Can anyone explain why Texan with links to Iran would become director of Intermarine during embargo and then donate to Tories in Worcester?

 In the runup to 2010 election, Intermarine, a Folkstone company made a very dubious donation to – son of Peter Walker

Bush Pardons 6 in Iran Affair, Aborting a Weinberger Trial

In the light of B&R and Intermarine and Denby-Govier links, read this passage in letter from Proctor friend Carthew:

There’s nobody here to be interested in now, absolutely nobody. I shall have to give all my allegiance to Caspar Weinberger & Ollie North!

Carthew says fugitive Denby has problems with Iranians and she will give her allegiance to ContraGate Weinberger!

and Ollie North, a vile warmonger engaged in selling weapons to Iran. Why mention them in this context?

Was Proctor, who according to Bea Carthew, was in contact with on-the-run Denby in the US on Denby’s dirty Iran business?

Bee Carthew: letters to Powell re fugitive solicitor in trouble with Iran contain ref to Weinberger. Work that out!
In those letters she ment’d North and Weinberger and told of Denby’s problems with the Iranians.
This was just months before the deposition of Caspar Weinberger as Defence Seretary., cf. Carthew’s letters to Enoch Powell.

Now why does (Enoch) Powell mate Carthew mention Oliver North and Weinberger?

Bee Carthew writes to Denby and Proctor’s buddy Enoch Powell about Weinberger and North. Odd bedmates, eh?

Denby’s right-wing friends may have been involved in his arms deals: here’s Carthew on Denby’s problems with Iran.

Did Proctor and Denby do business with them?

This ref to Weinberger comes only two years after ContraGate and after Carthew tells of Denby’s problems with Iran.


Weinberger was indicted on several felony charges of lying to the FBI stemming from the investigations into the Iran/Contra Affair, though in 1992 he was given an official pardon by President George H W Bush.

After leaving the Pentagon, Weinberger became publisher and chairman of Forbes magazine, where over the next decade he wrote frequently on defence and national security issues.

Weinberger was a trustee of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, and was co-chairman of the Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowships Foundation.

Harvey Proctor was lifelong friends with an ardent Republican supporter, Wylma Wayne

They went to several fundraising events together.

Wylma Wayne was a valued friend of Lady Sarah Churchill.

Her art gallery specialised in Rembrandt etchings and Churchill paintings. She visited Belvoir and Proctor buried her ashes there.

Harvey Proctor spent a wonderful evening at the American embassy in Grosvenor Square on the night of Reagan’s first presidential victory. (1980)

From Proctor’s memoir:

Another friend who visited Belvoir was Wylma Wayne, Terry’s art dealer friend. She had continually featured in my life as a friend.

She lived at times in Arlington House near to one of the Rutland’s historic houses, and the Ritz Hotel.

At other times, Wylma lived in Catherine Place, Victoria, by the other side of Buckingham Palace. When she died, all her belongings were taken swiftly to the United States by her famliy, but not her remains.(?!)

A small group of us buried her on Thanksgiving Day in 2013 on the Belvoir estate

Democrat and Chronicle Rochester, New York Monday, August 23, 1982

Lady Sarah was thrilled to tell Curtis that the very exclusive, Wilma Wayne Gallery, on Old Bond Street, had just sold one of his prints (War Child) for £10,000, which was an enormous amount, over 30 years ago, for a single print from a living artist, which also meant that the complete editions were selling for millions.
Later, Curtis went to the Wilma Wayne Gallery, and Wilma was delighted to tell Curtis that it was Elizabeth Taylor who purchased it for her art collection.

Lady Sarah, from time to time, would come back to the United States to Curtis’s studio where they would both hand sign their pencil signatures. They always did the signing and numbering together to make sure each edition was complete and authentic.  Later, due to her increasing health problems, Curtis took some of the final editions he had just created, to England, so she could co-sign them. However, on his last visit,  it took her a long time to sign, and so he left her a few final prints. Sadly, she passed away not long after. Sometime after her death, her sister, Lady Mary Soames, invited Curtis to tea at her home in London, where she gave Curtis the final few prints that Lady Sarah had managed to co-sign before she died. (Curtis still has those in his collection).

Some time later, Curtis was commissioned to create a painting of Queen Elizabeth II and was asked to take a portfolio of works to Buckingham Palace for the Queen to see. Knowing the Queen was a great admirer of Sir Winston Churchill, he included a selection from the Churchill series, a study of the “Democracy” painting, as well as some other works. Her Majesty took them to Windsor Castle for the weekend, to look them over.  She was pleased with the work and Curtis was informed, a few days later, that the Queen would pose for him at Buckingham Palace for the new government commission.

From left to right, Baroness Soames, Jimmy Savile  and Prime Minister James Callaghan  at the launch of the Year of the Child at the Old Vic theatre in London, January 1979. The Old Vic is staging a performance of ‘The Gingerbread Man’.

Image result for PHILIP BOECKMAN mary soames

In Plain Sight: the Life and Lies of Jimmy Savile

A little further along was another signed photograph. It was of Savile’s hero, Winston Churchill. One of Savile’s friends later told me that the way he held his cigar was directly copied from Churchill.

In 1965, Savile had queued up for hours to see the body of the great wartime leader lying in state at Westminster. ‘This one here is one of the only pictures of Winston Churchill that’s signed by him,’ he said proudly.

‘Now, his daughter Mary wanted me to do her a favour and I said, “OK, get me a signed photo of your Dad.” She said he didn’t sign anything so I said, “Tough. No favour.” She said, “Leave it with me”.’

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He opened the glass door of the cabinet and removed the small, signed photograph. ‘Look what it says on the back.

“Jimmy Savile. From Mary Soames. My thanks and in memory of someone we both admired.”’


Quite the favour, that Jimmy Savile was doing for Mary Soames

The International Churchill Society


Honorary Members of The International Churchill Society

  • The Rt Hon David Cameron MP
  • Robert Hardy CBE
  • The Lord Hestltine CH PC
  • The Duke of Marlborough
  • General Colin L Powell KCB
  • Ambassador Paul H. Robinson, Jr.

Current trustees

2017 Trustees – Philip Boeckman –




Same  Philip Boeckman (far left) – father ofAndrew Picard Boeckman

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Pedophile Andrew Boeckman ex Eton Public School with a millionaire lawyer dad MADE CSA images of small children but escaped jail or the proceeds of crime

Pedophile Andrew Boeckman who was tried under the false name of Andrew Picard


Eton College student, Andrew Boeckman was ‘caught with more than 2,000 indecent images of children which he MADE. He encouraged youngsters to strip for him on a webcam’ … Children as young as 2 were filmed raped by dogs.  But he was spared jail, not put on the sexual offences register, not investigated under the proceeds of crime act and :-

Pedophile Andrew Boeckman  was tried under the false name of Andrew Picard by an agreement with the Police and the Crown Prosecution service and the Court in order  to protect him and his family from exposure.  Why  you may ask?  Isn’t it a criminal offence to be tried under a false name? because Andrew Boeckman had a rich dad who was part of the so exclusive legal fraternity.

The only shock here is that they charged him at all. Perhaps they were  unable to avoid it!

Andrew’s  Father Philip Boeckman is a partner in the firm CRAVATH, SWAINE & MOORE LLP earning a staggering figure of more than one million pounds a year. Philip Boeckman is a  bankers lawyer  getting then out of jams and arranging million pound deals.

The ‘Firm’ has other pedophile connections. Another of their top rich lawyers is also a convicted pedophile.
His pedophile son is a former  Eton student who made and distributed more than 2,000 ‘appalling’ indecent images of children from his computer in his college bedroom has been spared jail.

News reports say:- “Andrew Picard, from Westminster, London, was found with thousands of pornographic images of children on his computer at the prestigious college near Windsor.

The 18-year-old was caught when he shared material with an undercover police officer through a chat room. Picard was arrested at Eton after his IP address was traced to the school.

He admitted ten counts of child pornography and was given a ten-month prison term, suspended for 18 months, at Oxford Crown Court on Thursday.
He was let off jail after his work with doctors in the past year to address his offending was taken into consideration.”  We say:-   What a complete load of bullshit. His dad paid for  expensive doctors so  the pervert escapes justice.

Boeckman had made indecent images of youngsters and shared them via chat messages on Skype in January and February last year.   He made CSA images of children.  The clips were SO APPALLING that Judge Peter Ross could not bring himself to describe them.



Before moving to Eton College, Andrew Boeckman and his siblings attended the £17,000 per annum Upper Latymer School in Hammersmith. (Their parents Philip and Erin Boeckman are named in the following report.)


seems to be  the same Philip Boeckman, father of paedophile Andrew Picard Boeckman


below from the Churchill Museum Magazine, The Churchillian



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…our reception with Lady Mary Soames. Held at the home of Westminster alum, Philip Boeckman and his lovely wife Erin. within yards of Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament…




Philip Boeckman

Chairman: Chelsea and Westminster Swimming Club

 photo 8122c560-0243-44cf-896f-4efca37640f1_zpsju7ri8e0.jpg

Joanna Lumley Patron ofChelsea and Westminster Swimming Club

 Dame Alun Roberts@ciabaudo

Joanna Lumley patron of Chelsea and Westminster Swimming Club

 photo lumley patron swim_zpscp54ga8c.jpg

along with the father of Andrew Picard Boeckman

 photo boeckman20patron_zpsrcz0zs9q.jpg—chelsea-and-westminster-swimming-…


The Club is a youth swimming club for children aged four years upwards


Related image

Joanna Lumley – friend & charity colleague of Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Philp Boeckman

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His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh – Prince Philip has been Patron of Book Aid International since it became a charity in 1966.

Also present at the event was Joanna Lumley, a long term supporter of the charity.

Joanna Lumley & HRH Duke of Edinburgh

Joanna Lumley is a close friend of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh

Image result for prince philip and joanna lumley


Lumley in movie role:

At a party attended by London’s fashion glitterati, bystanders discuss the various anti-aging merits of toddler blood and fetus stem cells.


Joanna Lumley OBE is patron of the Helena Kennedy Foundation

along with

The Rt Hon Lord Kinnock

Lord Ouseley

The Foundation’s beneficiaries are primarily disadvantaged students


 photo ptf_zpsbyepacfu.jpg

Joanna Lumley and Helena Kennedy are both patrons of the Peter Tatchell Foundation (PTF)

16th January 2015,

Actress and campaigner Joanna Lumley has been announced as a new patron of the Peter Tatchell Foundation.

A number of peers have also become patrons – Labour peers Lord Waheed Alli, Lord Michael Cashman, Baroness Joan Bakewell and Baroness Helena Kennedy, and Liberal Democrat peer Baroness Liz Barker.

On June 26, 1997, Mr Tatchell wrotea start­ling letter to the Guardian newspaper.

In it, he said:

‘While it may be impossible to condone paedophilia, it is time society acknowledged the truth that not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive and harmful.




Is this the current CHE membership leaflet with photo of Nettie Pollard & Peter Tatchell from 2011?

“Pollard gave a constant stream of support to paedophiles and promoted their views.”

Photo below: Nettie Pollard (EC Member) with Peter Tatchell at the 2011 Annual Conference:

Nettie Pollard was member number 70 of the Paedophile Information Exchange.


Pensioner backed Paedophile Information Exchange and may hold key to links with left wing groups

Nettie Pollard was a key figure in the London left – a Sunday People investigation reveals her to be a chief apologist for some of PIE’s most chilling demands



William Pate Clarendon Rd Hornsey – anti-chemical castration campaign led by PIE member Nettie Pollard NCCL

On 12 September 1978 the NCCL Gay Rights Committee got together at the NCCL offices for their regular monthly meeting.

Letters to NUPE re free speech. Alan [Deighton] had discussed this with Patricia Hewitt. This was further discussed under item below.

Article for Rights! on chemical castration. This was temporarily suspended, due to discussions about rumoured new home Office policy. Nettie meeting with MIND on this on Bill Pate case. It was doubted that exact Home Office policy would be stated (prison secrets etc…)

Protection of Children Bill. Bill [Forrester] was in touch with Hattie [Harman] about how this was to be monitored. David Offenbach agreed to monitor prosecutions under the Act, and relay information to Hattie. Attempts to have PIE proscribed, and to prosecute its publications were discussed.

July 27, 2014

1978: MPs Successfully Campaign For The Release Of Sadistic Paedophile William Pate.

I wonder what the names are of the ‘all-party group of MPs’ who campaigned for the release of paedophile William Pate ? Convicted of horrific crimes against children, and despite doctors at Broadmoor believing him to be ‘a danger and not fit for release’, the campaign was successful. In 1984 he was convicted yet again for paedophilia and ‘sadistic homosexual practices’ after imprisoning a young boy for 12 hours and abusing him.

I think it is a reasonable question to ask which MPs campaigned for his release, don’t you?



Pate lived in Hornsey (London Borough of Islington) and worked at a library. Possible that his employer was Islington Council

Geoffrey Pattie & Chris Price were two of the MPs

Mr. Christopher Price

Chris Price MP
“I am disappointed that the Government do not intend to change the law in regard to section 65. There are times when one’s civil rights could be more greatly eroded by being called a patient than a prisoner. Along with the hon. Member for Chertsey and Walton (Mr. Pattie), I recently took the case of William Pate to the Ministry. That case has had a lot of publicity and there is no harm in mentioning the name. Had this man been convicted of the offence with which he was charged, he could not have been in custody for more than two and a half years. He has been in custody for nine years and it is difficult to transfer him even now to a less secure unit. He is being kept in custody because he had the misfortune to be sent to a hospital instead of a prison.”Two and a half years for kidnapping and raping children!dpack
July 27, 2014this rather mistaken call did not stop pattie getting a gong a in 1987that same judge was to deal with the Elms Guest House police raid convictions of Carol – Haroon and 2 others suspects in 1982He went on to offend again after

Mr. Christopher Price

He was the son of Stanley Price, a pioneering educational administrator who helped introduce the first large-scale day-release schemes in Britain. His mother, Katherine Thornton, was the daughter of a remarkable Wesleyan missionary Alfred Saville, who became loved by the people of Huahine Island near Tahiti. In 1982 Price visited to receive an independence medal awarded to him by the islanders in recognition of his grandfather’s missionary service and his grandmother’s kindnesses to the Polynesian women. Price’s sister Helen Jackson, MP for Sheffield Hillsborough (1992-2005)

Praise came from an unexpected quarter: Sir Keith Joseph, Leeds MP and former education minister, said to me, “your friend is doing really good work, bringing into higher education many of those whose parents left school at 14. I had doubts about his appointment; now I admire what he is achieving.”

One of his greatest achievements, working initially with the National Council for Civil Liberties, was to secure the re-opening of a 1972 case on the murder of Maxwell Confait

Price made his name as a civil liberties campaigner over the imprisonment of a constituent, Colin Lattimore, for the 1972 murder of Maxwell Confait, a homosexual transvestite found strangled in his blazing bedsitter. Two other youths were convicted; Lattimore had confessed, but Price reckoned he had a cast-iron alibi and persuaded the home secretary, Roy Jenkins, to review the case.

In 1975 the Lord Chief Justice ordered Lattimore’s release. A judicial inquiry concluded that his confession to arson was probably true, but that the other youths had persuaded him falsely to admit the killing.

In 1980 the Attorney-General, Sir Michael Havers, declared all three men innocent of the murder.

Price’s ties to the New Statesman involved him in a second cause célèbre: the “ABC” trial of 1978, which greatly embarrassed the Callaghan government. Crispin Aubrey of Time Out, Duncan Campbell of the New Statesman and former Cpl John Berry of the Royal Signals were tried for breaching the Official Secrets Act. “Colonel B”, an intelligence officer not identified in court, was the main witness; three periodicals named him, prompting contempt proceedings from the Attorney-General, Sam Silkin.

Sensing an attack on free speech, Price and three other Labour MPs earned a rebuke from the Chair by naming “Colonel B” in the Commons. All three accused were convicted, and given minimal sentences. Price launched a campaign to reform the Act, which Clement Freud took up after winning the ballot for Private Members’ time; his Bill fell with the defeat of the Labour government.

Price sought an emergency debate when Harriet Harman, legal officer to the National Council for Civil Liberties, lost her appeal to the Lords against her contempt of court conviction for allowing a journalist to see confidential Home Office documents disclosed to her in a legal action.

Price chaired the New Statesman in 1994-95. He was also chairman of the National Youth Bureau and Yorkshire Arts; co-chairman of the Freedom of Information Campaign and a member of the Arts Council.

He was one of the MPs who, in November 1979, enabled Margaret Thatcher, by then prime minister, to reveal that Sir Anthony Blunt, the art historian who was Surveyor of the Queen’s Pictures, had been, with Philby, Burgess and Maclean, a member of the Cambridge spy ring in the Thirties and Forties. Blunt was named after Price tabled questions in the Commons about the case.


Sir Geoffrey Edwin Pattie (born 17 January 1936) is a former British Conservative politician and Member of Parliament. He was educated at Durham School,[1] and St Catharine’s College, Cambridge where he obtained an MA Honours Degree in Law.[2] He then joined the army, becoming a captain in the Royal Green Jackets.[3]

He was appointed to the Privy Council in the 1987 New Year Honours.[8]

Immediately after he left ministerial office he was created Knight Bachelor in the 1987 Birthday Honours List.[9]

He was also vice-chairman of the Conservative Party in 1990[10]

From 1959 through 1966, he served with the Queen’s Royal Rifles (now 4th Royal Green Jackets TA) and achieved the rank of Captain. He is currently serving as Honorary Colonel of the 4th Royal Green Jackets since January 1996.[11]


Sir Geoffrey was a director at advertising agency Collett Dickenson Pearce from 1966 until 1979, as managing director from 1969 to 1973. During the 1990s he held several senior marketing positions in companies belonging to GEC plc, including Marconi Defence Systems and was Marketing Director of the group itself from 1997-99.[5] He is currently the senior partner of government relations consultancy Terrington Management. He is also President of Strategic Communication Laboratories, a strategic communications company.




Service Men’s Wives March on the House of Commons: More then a thousand Wives of British Service Men with their children Marched from Hyde park to the House of Commons to Lebby M.P Over the Shabby treatment over their husbands service pay. Photo Shows Mr Geoffrey Pattie M.P. for Chertsey, and Secretary of the Conservative Committee on Forces pay, pictured with service wives after they arrived at the House of Commons with their petition.

The Pattie Bill sought to halve the time for which the mentally disordered could be received into guardianship.


Pattie holds up AIDS research

The great British Brexit robbery: how our democracy was hijacked

A shadowy global operation involving big data, billionaire friends of Trump and the disparate forces of the Leave campaign influenced the result of the EU referendum. As Britain heads to the polls again, is our electoral process still fit for purpose?

May 7 2017

What’s been lost in the US coverage of this “data analytics” firm is the understanding of where the firm came from: deep within the military-industrial complex. A weird British corner of it populated, as the military establishment in Britain is, by old-school Tories. Geoffrey Pattie, a former parliamentary under-secretary of state for defence procurement and director of Marconi Defence Systems, used to be on the board, and Lord Marland, David Cameron’s pro-Brexit former trade envoy, a shareholder.

Steve Tatham was the head of psychological operations for British forces in Afghanistan. The Observer has seen letters endorsing him from the UK Ministry of Defence, the Foreign Office and Nato.

SCL/Cambridge Analytica was not some startup created by a couple of guys with a Mac PowerBook. It’s effectively part of the British defence establishment. And, now, too, the American defence establishment. An ex-commanding officer of the US Marine Corps operations centre, Chris Naler, has recently joined Iota Global, a partner of the SCL group.

This is not just a story about social psychology and data analytics. It has to be understood in terms of a military contractor using military strategies on a civilian population. Us. David Miller, a professor of sociology at Bath University and an authority in psyops and propaganda, says it is “an extraordinary scandal that this should be anywhere near a democracy. It should be clear to voters where information is coming from, and if it’s not transparent or open where it’s coming from, it raises the question of whether we are actually living in a democracy or not.”

Spencer Lee Batiste (born 5 June 1945) was the British Conservative MP for Elmet from 1983 until his 1997 defeat by Labour’s Colin Burgon. He served as Parliamentary Private Secretary to Lord Trefgarne, Sir Geoffrey Pattie and, latterly, for European Commissioner and former Home Secretary Sir Leon Brittan. After this, he was employed as an immigration adjudicator for the Immigration Appellate Authority and later a chairman of the Immigration Appeal Tribunal which later became the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal.


Pate of Clarendon Rd Hornsey – 2.5 miles from PIE member Keith Harding’s shop which was visited by Brittan, Smith etc

link,338125&hl=enWilliam Pate has some champions in Parliament (Hansard 22 Feb 1979)

HANSARD 1803–2005 → 1980s → 1983 → May 1983 → 13 May 1983 → Written Answers (Commons) → HOME DEPARTMENT

Holloway Prison
HC Deb 13 May 1983 vol 42 c511W 511W

§ Mr. Christopher Price

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he will make a statement about the exclusion of the head of the education department by the governor of Holloway prison from that institution on the grounds that he was in contact with a former inmate; and what is his policy about such contacts.

§ Mr. Mellor

As part of their general responsibilities for assisting prisoners in preparing for release prison education officers sometimes maintain contact with former prisoners after release. But under rule 81 of the Prison Rules they are required to make the governor aware of such contacts, and it is open to the governor to prohibit them if in the particular case he considers it advisable to do so in the interests of good order and discipline. I understand that in the case to which the hon. Member refers the governor considered it necessary to prohibit contact by the education officer with a particular prisoner and instructed him to give a formal written assurance that he would comply with that instruction. When the education officer failed to give that asssurance the governor requested his employer, the Inner London Education Authority, to withdraw him from the prison pending a formal hearing of the case as provided under his conditions of service. That hearing is due to take place on 26 May and it would be inappropriate for me to comment further at this stage.

The head of the education department, at that time was the recently outed, by msm

Sir Keith Joseph, seated next to Margaret Thatcher. Thatcher later referred to Joseph as her closest political friend

In July 2014, Joseph was named by former activist, Anthony Gilberthorpe, as one of a number of senior Conservative Party politicians who he had seen having sex with boys at cocaine-fuelled romps, in private rooms at seaside conferences. Gilberthorpe claimed he handed a 40-page dossier to Margaret Thatcher, in 1989, detailing Cabinet ministers who took part in the sex parties but says he was warned off by William Hague and a senior civil servant.

Social Services

In opposition, Joseph was spokesman on Social Services, and then on Labour under Edward Heath. He was one of twelve founder members of the NCSWD, the National Council for Single Woman and Her Dependants on 15 December 1965. According to Tim Cook in his book The History of the Carers’ Movement, he and Sally Oppenheim were critical in raising funds from the Carnegie Trust and other organisations, which enabled the carers movement to succeed and thrive through their formative years.

Trade spokesman

Despite Joseph’s reputation as a right-winger, Heath promoted him to Trade spokesman in 1967

Child Care

HC Deb 09 May 1983 vol 42 cc217-8W 217W

Price & Peter Morrison re: arrangements for looking after children

§ Mr. Christopher Price

asked the Secretary of State for Employment what general guidance he has given to the Manpower Services Commission over the training of women with children and the provision of child care facilities in training centres.

§ Mr. Peter Morrison

I have approved the commission’s plans for the training for women wishing to return to work. I have also made clear my view that before218W a person of either sex responsible for looking after children embarks upon a course of trifling at public expense, it needs to be established what arrangements can be made for looking after the children, not only during the training but also in subsequent employment.



Image result for Mary Soames and boeckman

Nicholas Soames, good friend of Prince Charles is Lady Mary Soames’ son

Image result for PHILIP BOECKMAN mary soames

Image result for Trustees of The International Churchill Society boeckman
The six 2012 Westminster Alumni Achievement Award winners pose with Westminster President Dr. George B. Forsythe. Left to right is President Forsythe, Philip J. Boeckman, Steven E. Erdel, William D. Felder, President Forsythe, Christopher M. Ursitti, Tim Harlan and John O’Brien.
Philip J. Boeckman of London, England, class of ’88, Managing Partner for the London office of the law firm of Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP;
Image result for Caspar Weinberger uk
Margaret Thatcher confers an honorary degree on the Hon Casper Weinberger at the Church of St Peter and St Paul,at the University of Buckingham, 25/2/1995

Caspar Weinberger, was US Secretary of Defence under President Ronald Reagan from 1981 to 1987, and a loyal friend to Britain during the Falklands War.


In 1988 Weinberger was appointed to an honorary knighthood in recognition of the role he had played. Mrs Thatcher wrote of him in her memoirs: “America never had a wiser patriot, nor Britain a truer friend.”



1988 Feb 22

[Prince Charles ] Your Royal Highness, Secretary Weinberger, Mrs. Weinberger, Judge Clark, [ Charles Price] Your Excellency, My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I can think of no occasion during my years at No. 10 which has given me greater personal pleasure than to do honour tonight to Secretary Weinberger.[fo 1]

[ Caspar Weinberger] Cap, we are delighted that you and your wife are with us: and deeply happy for the reason that brings you here: the award of Knight Grand Cross of the Most Honourable Order of the British Empire, which Her Majesty The Queen will present to you tomorrow.

And it is a signal honour that His Royal Highness [Prince Charles ] The Prince of Wales is with us to[fo 2] lead our congratulations this evening.


Image result for Caspar Weinberger uk

Margaret Thatcher is escorted to the graveside of Caspar Weinberge. rEx-British PM Margaret Thatcher made a rare public appearance to say farewell to her one-time close ally.

 Bush Pardons 6 in Iran Affair, Aborting a Weinberger Trial; Prosecutor Assails ‘Cover-Up’

Image result for Caspar Weinberger and george bush iran

December 25, 1992

Image result for Caspar Weinberger and george bush iran

 Bush Pardons 6 in Iran Affair, Aborting a Weinberger Trial; Prosecutor Assails ‘Cover-Up’

Lawrence E. Walsh’s Statement on the Pardons

  • Six years after the arms-for-hostages scandal began to cast a shadow that would darken two Administrations, President Bush today granted full pardons to six former officials in Ronald Reagan’s Administration, including former Defense Secretary Caspar W. Weinberger.Mr. Weinberger was scheduled to stand trial on Jan. 5 on charges that he lied to Congress about his knowledge of the arms sales to Iran and efforts by other countries to help underwrite the Nicaraguan rebels, a case that was expected to focus on Mr. Weinberger’s private notes that contain references to Mr. Bush’s endorsement of the secret shipments to Iran.In one remaining facet of the inquiry, the independent prosecutor, Lawrence E. Walsh, plans to review a 1986 campaign diary kept by Mr. Bush. Mr. Walsh has characterized the President’s failure to turn over the diary until now as misconduct.Decapitated Walsh EffortsBut in a single stroke, Mr. Bush swept away one conviction, three guilty pleas and two pending cases, virtually decapitating what was left of Mr. Walsh’s effort, which began in 1986.Mr. Walsh bitterly condemned the President’s action, charging that “the Iran-contra cover-up, which has continued for more than six years, has now been completed.”Mr. Walsh directed his heaviest fire at Mr. Bush over the pardon of Mr. Weinberger, whose trial would have given the prosecutor a last chance to explore the role in the affair of senior Reagan officials, including Mr. Bush’s actions as Vice President.‘Evidence of Conspiracy’Mr. Walsh hinted that Mr. Bush’s pardon of Mr. Weinberger and the President’s own role in the affair could be related. For the first time, hecharged that Mr. Weinberger’s notes about the secret decision to sell arms to Iran, a central piece of evidence in the case against the former Pentagon chief, included “evidence of a conspiracy among the highest ranking Reagan Administration officials to lie to Congress and the American public.”The prosecutor charged that Mr. Weinberger’s efforts to hide his notes may have “forestalled impeachment proceedings against President Reagan” and formed part of a pattern of “deception and obstruction.” On Dec. 11, Mr. Walsh said he discovered “misconduct” in Mr. Bush’s failure to turn over what the prosecutor said were the President’s own “highly relevant contemporaneous notes, despite repeated requests for such documents.”The notes, in the form of a campaign diary that Mr. Bush compiled after the elections in November 1986, are in the process of being turned over to Mr. Walsh, who said, “In light of President Bush’s own misconduct, we are gravely concerned about his decision to pardon others who lied to Congress and obstructed official investigations.”

“The Pilgrims Society is a cluster of intermarried old-line rich, royals and robber barons who created the world’s financial structure.”

The Pilgrims Society, founded on 16 July 1902, is a British-American society

Over the years it has boasted an elite membership of politicians, diplomats, businessmen, and writers who have included Henry Kissinger, Margaret Thatcher, Caspar Weinberger, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Henry Luce, Lord Carrington, Alexander Haig, Paul Volcker, Thomas Kean and Walter Cronkite to mention a very few. Members of the immediate Royal Family, United States secretaries of state and United States ambassadors to the Court of St. James are customarily admitted to membership in the Society.

The patron of the society is Queen Elizabeth II.


Executive Committee members, as of 2016, include :

Robert Alston CMG
Sir Peter Bottomley MP

Reagan’s secretary of defense from 1981 to 1987, Caspar Weinberger, was a Pilgrims Society executive. Then again, despite not having a traditional Eastern Establishment background, Weinberger was very much devoted to the Anglo-American cause. He also came from Bechtel, where he served under Reagan’s secretary of state and fellow-Pilgrim, George Shultz.

 Another strinking similarity between convicted criminals Denby and Govier is the amazing lenience of their sentences

 I believe should be revisiting their cases. Wait a minute: Didn’t they interview a Cumbrian man living in Oxford?

SNI Strategy Network International – Derek Laud organising trips for lobbyists Strategy Network International (SNI) in 1990

From left to right, Derek Laud, Sir Michael Grylls, former Tory Trade Minister Edward Leigh and an associate on a business trip to South Africa

Top Tory EDWARD LEIGH invites paedophile business consultant to House of Commons for lunch meetings

  • Sir Edward Leigh, 64, held meetings in Westminster with businessman
  • Duncan Breeze was jailed after thousands of indecent images were found
  • He is now a consultant to a company of which Sir Edward is the chairman 


I see Edward Leigh is mentioned. He was, of course, a Richmond GLC member in 70s/80s:


 Dame Alun Roberts@ciabaudo


 So Stephen Govier’s SNI involvement was at the same time as daddy Raymond was running R&B and in contact with Denby!


SNI also had an office in Wash DC 82-87. Hi Casper! Hi Ollie!

Troy@snowfaked Dec 1986: Stephen Govier goes to church on time.



Nov 1985: Stephen Govier, former DISMISSED employee of Lloyd-Hughes

Lloyd-Hughes formed a lobbying company, Lloyd-Hughes Associates, which specialised in government-industry relations.

Dame Alun Roberts@ciabaudo 

Trevor Lloyd-Hughes’ middle name was Denby. Wonder if any connection to Proctor’s solicitor?



Lloyd-Hughes, Trevor Denby was born on March 31, 1922

Son of Elwyn and Lucy (Denby) Lloyd-H.

Mother Lucy’s father was Harry Denby and her grandfather was Alexander Denby.


Barbara Hewson’s mother, Kathleen Joan Denby (born 1921), was born in  Wharfedale Yorkshire as was Trevor Denby Lloyd-Hughes (born 1922)

Short mention in Solicitors Journal 1987

Richard Kenneth  Denby, known as Richard.

250th anniversary of the birth of John Hunter- Reception attended by Prince Charles. The toast to the College was proposed at this occasion by the President of the Law Society, Mr Richard K Denby…

Brother of Herbert (Jonathan) and Kathleen (Hewson).


Sir Richard Denby was brother of Jonathan’s dad (Herbert) and Hewson’s mum (Kathleen).

Uncle to both.

Sir Richard Denby’s Radio Pennine was a paedo-incubator. Surprising that his niece Hewson slags off CSA victims and nephew was Proctor mate?

Chairman Pennine Radio

And who were Enoch Powell’s aides? Jonathan Denby and Harvey Proctor

Rabid anti-Semite Jane Birdwood, friend of Proctor and Denby, used her Philbeach Gardens home as contact address for Radio Enoch.


Lady Jane Birdwood, 100 Philbeach Gardens in 1979. RadioEnoch.

Close friend of George Kennedy Young and Bea Carthew.


Were Proctor/ Denby behind Radio Enoch? 1979 mail address Philbeach Gardens, near Martin Allen disapp.

There are a disproportionate number of cases of paedophilia at private and offshore radio stations

Martin Allen : how case of London teenager missing for 35 years could be linked to the Elm House paedophile ring

14 May 2015

The brothers grew up in a council flat in Hornsey, where their mother was a secretary at Tufnell Park Primary School. They spent weekends ice skating at Alexandra Palace.

When Allen was 14 and Martin 12, their father started working as chauffeur to the Australian High Commissioner and they moved to Kensington, where neighbours included Monday Club member Winston Churchill and the De Beers (Esther Rantzen-linked)  jewellery family.

Margaret Thatcher and Ted Heath were regular visitors to the street.

“It was quite a change from our council flat,” says Allen. “There were garden parties over the fence from us; Thatcher knew my Dad to say hello to.”


Was case of missing boy thought murdered by VIP paedophile ring covered up?

15-year-old Martin Allen vanished in London in 1979 and was last seen boarding a Tube train at Kings Cross station


Image result for enoch powell and savile

Enoch Powell Satanist

Gordon Dawson

Gordon Dawson child sex abuse case reopened by police

Jan 4 2017

Police are re-investigating child sex abuse allegations against a farmer who shot himself shortly after he was told he would be questioned.

Gordon Dawson, from Dalby, Lincolnshire, was found dead with a gun at his side in 2007.

His accuser, known only as David, criticised police over the original investigation and for telling the farmer he was about to be arrested.

Lincolnshire Police said it was now acting on new information.

Supt Rick Hatton said: “The force has reviewed the original file and spoken further with the victim.

“As a result of this, investigations are ongoing into the original allegation and further details that have come to light.”

David claimed Mr Dawson had repeatedly abused him from the age of 15 after the farmer befriended his family and started taking him for shooting lessons.

He told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme that Mr Dawson had also taken him to London where he was abused by other men at an apartment in Dolphin Square.

David reported the farmer in 2007, but said his alleged abuser then killed himself the next day as police failed to remove his guns, despite warnings.

“It was tough when I heard he had taken his own life – I just couldn’t believe they [the police] would warn people,” he added.

According to Lincolnshire Police, the first allegation against Mr Dawson was made in 1999 but no action was taken due to “insufficient evidence”.

In 2006 police arrested Mr Dawson after four other men came forward claiming they were also abused as children between 1964 and 1986.

An investigating officer phoned Mr Dawson on 23 March 2007 to tell him he would be questioned further and a few hours later he was found dead at his home.

After Mr Dawson’s death the investigation was dropped but David later complained to the police about the way it was handled.


Richardson described police interventions at time as “odd”, “irregular”, & “unusual” for “allegation of this seriousness”


It’s time the meddling by politicians and the state is exposed. So obviously a coverup.

I would be very interested to see inquest documents.

Coroners are in the Establishment’s pockets.

Well it would be interesting to know who coroner was.

Paul Knapman DL was Her Majesty’s Coroner for the central London Borough of Westminster, from 1980 to 2011.

Paul Knapman done the inquiry into the death of Mark Speight friend of Rolf Harris.

Also coroner for the Marchioness victims, Di, Coroner for Kensington/Westminster districts so would have looked at my bro if found!
He was also at Uni with the cop in charge of my brothers first missing case in 79! In the 90’s refused us a death certificate for Martin!

‘Kidnapped boy may have been abused and murdered by VIP paedophile ring,’ say police

Martin Allen went missing aged 15 while on his way home in 1979

The family of a missing boy have been told by police that he may have been abducted, abused and murdered by a paedophile ring of leading establishment figures.

Martin Allen, the son of the chauffeur of a Australian high commissioner, went missing aged 15 from King’s Cross on his way to home in Kensington in November 1979.

His brother Kevin, 51, has said he was called by Detective Chief Inspector Diane Tudway of the Metropolitan Police on Friday, who told him she was investigating whether Martin’s disappearance is linked to an alleged ring made up of MPs and senior figures of authority.

Jeffrey Allen said the detective who led the case in 1979 had told his family that there were “high-up people involved” and that they should stop talking and “not take it further because someone will get hurt”.

The brothers grew up in a council flat in Hornsey, where their mother was a secretary at Tufnell Park Primary School. They spent weekends ice skating at Alexandra Palace. When Allen was 14 and Martin 12, their father started working as chauffeur to the Australian High Commissioner and they moved to Kensington, where neighbours included Winston Churchill and the De Beers jewellery family. Margaret Thatcher and Ted Heath were regular visitors to the street.
“There were garden parties over the fence from us; Thatcher knew my Dad to say hello to.”
The Australian High Commission used a chauffeur firm that had employed the notorious Sidney Cooke, who has been convicted for molesting children. Jimmy Savile’s chauffeur, David Smith, who last year committed suicide before standing trial on sex charges is also believed to have connections to the company. Police say “no update will be made available relating to this case at this time”.

Churchill’s daughter repaid a favour to Sir Jimmy Savile


Savile (like many others) had a thing for Churchill

This framed image belonged to him and was sold as part of his estate.

In Plain Sight: the Life and Lies of Jimmy Savile

A little further along was another signed photograph. It was of Savile’s hero, Winston Churchill. One of Savile’s friends later told me that the way he held his cigar was directly copied from Churchill.

In 1965, Savile had queued up for hours to see the body of the great wartime leader lying in state at Westminster. ‘This one here is one of the only pictures of Winston Churchill that’s signed by him,’ he said proudly.

‘Now, his daughter Mary wanted me to do her a favour and I said, “OK, get me a signed photo of your Dad.” She said he didn’t sign anything so I said, “Tough. No favour.” She said, “Leave it with me”.’

Image result for PHILIP BOECKMAN mary soames

He opened the glass door of the cabinet and removed the small, signed photograph. ‘Look what it says on the back.

“Jimmy Savile. From Mary Soames. My thanks and in memory of someone we both admired.”’

Quite the favour, that Jimmy Savile was doing for Mary Soames

Coroner for Marchioness disaster – Paul Knapman

£1bn mystery of the Marchioness: Magda Allani survived the disaster 22 years ago. Now she asks whether her tormented friend Antonio held the key to the tragedy

It is 22 years this weekend since the Marchioness disaster on the Thames claimed 51 lives. Among them was the charismatic young financier Antonio de Vasconcellos, a Portuguese aristocrat, who was hosting a glamorous birthday party on board. Magda Allani, one of his closest friends and a survivor of the tragedy, says that even today she is haunted by the catastrophe – and the many disturbing questions it still raise.

He had been working at investment bank Warburgs until, two years earlier, he had been headhunted by Spanish financier Javier de la Rosa to run the London offices of Torras Hostench, a brash new Spanish conglomerate, and he was working hard. I remembered a strange call from Italy, the previous week, when he rang to say hello.

His voice was troubled in a way I had never heard before. Antonio had been a close friend since Cambridge; he confided almost everything to me, but he hung up before I could ask what the matter was.

I remembered something else I had been told – about the gunman seen by Luis, Antonio’s lodger, a few days before the party. ‘We saw Luis just afterwards,’ said a mutual friend. ‘He was in such a state. He said the gunman had made all sorts of threats and he had told the police.’

Why, in that phone call from Italy, and then later on board the Marchioness, had Antonio been so troubled? In the days immediately after the sinking of the Marchioness, there was no sign of my friend Antonio. He had been slightly embarrassed by his choice of career.

By 1989, Antonio was wearing a haunted look, camouflaged, but indisputably there. ‘Have you heard of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?’ he asked me one afternoon. ‘Berlusconi, Agnelli, Gardini, Benedetti?’ I replied.

I meant Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian Prime Minister; Gianni Agnelli, the all powerful owner of Fiat; Raul Gardini, the late industrialist; and Carlo de Benedetti, head of Olivetti, manufacturers of computers and business technology.

They were the four most powerful men in Italy, with reputations for mounting hostile takeovers, particularly of foreign-owned companies.

Antonio hinted that he had been meeting one of the horsemen about a merger and acquisition deal. ‘The only way to reach people like them is to let it be known via their intermediaries you have something they might want,’ he said, adding: ‘Javier de la Rosa. He’s quite a character.’

I wondered at what point Antonio had realised that he had been playing the unwitting Oliver to the Fagins of corrupt finance.

He had been privy to sensitive information and maybe he had discovered the truth.

The 1995 inquest ruled that all deaths were ‘unlawful killings’ caused by drowning.

Allegations even emerged that the KIO had channelled money to the Conservative Party via an offshore property firm, Blackford Holdings.

It was a tangled web. Javier de la Rosa was sentenced to more than 15 years in a Spanish prison for embezzlement and falsification of documents after a series of trials linked to the KIO case and the collapse of Grupo Torras. He is now a free man.

Although Margaret Thatcher promised one in front of cameras filming body bags being hauled from the Marchioness, it transpired that she had later met Michael Portillo, then Minister of State for Transport, and determined no public inquiry would be held.

Radio 270 had close ties with the Tory Monday Club and Harvey Proctor.
It seems the Tory Monday Club instrumentalised Radio 270 for their own vile purposes:

Ha! We japes knew about this. Proctor had been in S.A. shortly before, blowing his mouth off.

Richard Denby‘s (uncle of Barbara Hewson) Pennine Radio seems to have been a mecca for paedos and shady characters.

If my memory serves me correctly, JS (Jimmy Savile) used to be taken out to Radio 270 – between Scarborough and Bridlington – via the original Golden Coronia
The Coronia I was often seen making ‘night journeys’. (Strange for a day-time pleasure cruiser)…l#anchor139855


Karmic Kick ‏@karmic

Sir Keith Joseph was a regular at Pennine Radio:

Sir Keith Joseph

Savile’s friend (Paul) Burnett worked at both Denby‘s Pennine Radio and 270 Offshore from where Harvey broadcast. Richard Denby was Babsy’s uncle

Found another Radio Pennine DJ/paedo. Savile friend Steve Merike AKA Lib Dem MP candidate Michael Willis:

Jimmy Savile’s Radio 1 DJ pal caught with hundreds of child abuse films and photographs

Michael Willis, 69, worked at the BBC under the name of Stevie Merike in the 1970s and later even stood for Parliament for the Liberal Democrats

Michael Willis, aged 69, of Barnsdale Close, Loughborough, pleaded guilty at Leicester Crown Court on nine counts of downloading indecent images and movies between 2006 and 2013.

He was in possession of the images while standing as a Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Loughborough at the 2010 General Election.

The election saw him secure nearly 10,000 votes from local residents.

Willis, who went under the stage name Steve Merike when he was a disc jockey, was a BBC Radio One DJ in the 1970s. He was also a DJ on the famous pirate station Radio Caroline.

In the 1975 he was a presenter on the television show called Pop Quest and interviewed stars such as T-Rex’s Marc Bolan.

The court heard that he also lectured for 15 years at New College Nottingham and Nottingham Trent as well as being the governor at a number of schools.

…worked hard to recover funding for John Storer House

A number of projects are supported and based at John Storer House, such as Charnwood Community Transport and the Leicestershire Community Safer Sex Project (CSSP).

Utterly amazing how so many paedophiles could be working for Richard Denby‘s Pennine Radio, just one small station!

Why are all these right-wing Tories into private and offshore radio and CB radio?


via troy

Pennine Radio employee Tim Wyatt was once a Yorkshire Ripper suspect,+suspect+and+Pennine+Radio+employee%3B%22&filter=0 …

Yorkshire Ripper hoax tape Recording of a tape sent to George Oldfield of West Yorkshire Police in 06/79 by a man purporting to be the Yorkshire Ripper. (The tape was later discovered to be a hoax and the man identified as John Humble). Originally broadcast by Pennine Radio.

This MP, Wilf  Proudfoot, was part of Radio 270 and, as it happens, PPS to paedophile Thatcher minister Keith Joseph and  Wilf’s secretary was Christine Hamilton, wife of RW loon Neil.

Another presenter at Pennine Radio was Austin Mitchell who was MP for Grimsby.

A ‘raving alcoholic sex paedophile’ standing for Labour could beat Ukip, claims veteran MP Austin Mitchell

Concert pianist Biggs was paedophile who worked for Pennine Radio, the chairman of which was Barbara Hewson’s uncle!

 Dame Alun:

Maggie’s Keith Joseph frequently appeared on Richard Denby’s Pennine Radio.

Thatcher’s bodyguard says he warned her about underage sex rumours about close aide amid claims senior ministers were named in dossier

  • Barry Strevens says he told Iron Lady about rumours about Peter Morrison 
  • Thatcher listened during No.10 meeting, but went on to promote her aide
  • New claims emerged about dossier handed to Home Secretary Leon Brittan
  • Reports ministers Keith Joseph and Rhodes Boyson were named 
Dame Alun:

Sir Richard Denby, a former president of the Law Society like Fiona Woolf, lived in Leon Brittan’s old Yorkshire constituency?

Plus Savile & Jaconelli in Scarborough & all those Tories at Swinton College. Think @nyenquirer might be right about Dickens files

 Fiona Woolf – Keele University (Peter Righton hired to work there)


So Hewson’s revered uncle, a former president of the Law Society, wittingly went into practice with a corrupt relative. What a family!

Trevor Denby Lloyd-Hughes’ Career

  • Assistant inspector taxes Her Majesty’s Inland Revenue, Manchester, England, 1948. Sub editor Liverpool Daily Post, England, 1949. Political correspondent Liverpool Echo, 1950, Liverpool Post, 1951—1964.Press secretary Prime Minister, London, 1964—1969. Chief information adviser and deputy secretary, Cabinet office Government England, 1969—1970. Chairman Lloyd-Hughes Associates, 1970—1989.International consultant in public affairs. Member Circuit of Wine Writers, 1961-1975, chairman, 1972-1973, director Trinity International Holdings plc, 1978-1991. Lieutenant Royal Artillery United Kingdom, 1945, Sicily and Trieste, Italy.
  • Trevor Denby Lloyd-Hughes was British journalist, public affairs consultant. Founder Oxford University Opera Club, 1946. Fellow: Institute Directors, Institute Management.
  • Married Ethel Marguerite Ritchie, May 9, 1950 (divorced May 5, 1971). Children: Katharine, Richard. Married Marie-Jeanne Moreillon, May 18, 1971.Children: David (deceased), Annabelle, Marie-Nammon (adopted).

Journalist who was Harold Wilson’s No 10 press secretary

Gerald Kaufman writes: I first got to know Trevor Lloyd-Hughes when I went to work at 10 Downing Street in 1965, as Harold Wilson’s political press adviser. Those were innocent days, when at No 10 politics was stringently divided from the civil service. I was brought in to help after the Labour government lost the Leyton byelection and Wilson (on the advice of his Hungarian guru, Tommy Balogh) decided he needed someone who could talk politics to the press, which Trevor would never have thought of doing.

Lloyd-Hughes’ influence at the highest level of government was considerable. He travelled with Harold Wilson on all his important missions and on his overseas trips – especially the crucial meetings regarding the future of Rhodesia on HMS Tiger – and he was present at vital meetings on European membership, the economy and industrial relations. Trevor Denby Lloyd-Hughes was educated at Woodhouse Grove School and Jesus College, Oxford, where he read modern history. That was interrupted in 1941 when he was commissioned into the Royal Artillery in 1941. He saw service in North Africa, Sicily and Italy with the 75th Shropshire Yeomanry and was among the first Allied troops to enter Rome in 1944. On being demobilised he returned to Oxford, completed his degree and captained the Jesus rugby XV. In 1949 he joined The Liverpool Daily Post, remaining there until he went to Number 10 in 1964.

He formed a lobbying company, Lloyd-Hughes Associates, which specialised in government-industry relations.

Royal Artillery:


PIE leader Lieutenant Peter Righton:  Royal Artillery 1944-48

(Keele University) Harold McCarter Taylor  1941

Harold McCarter Taylor was  at Keele University when

Peter Righton was hired to tutor social workers when

Princess Maragaret was a “hands – on”  chancellor of Keele

Who recommended and who hired him?

Paedophile Peter Righton Member of the Establishment/PIE

Major William van Straubenzee: Royal Artillery 1943-1947

Edward Heath: Royal Artillery 1941 -1947

Trevor Denby Lloyd-Hughes: Royal Artillery 1941-1945
Arthur Francis Scott Napier

Arthur Francis Scott Napier –  Paedophile/convicted PIE Member Charles Napier’s – grandfather

He gained the rank of Brigadier in the service of the Royal Artillery

Paedophile friends/Establishment PIE members/ Charles Napier and Peter Righton


Bishop John Neale served in the Royal Artillery during World War II.

Bishop John Neale  was chaplain at Ardingly  1958-1962 and was

 a long-standing friend of PIE member Peter Righton

The Secret Life of a Paedophile exposed a Chaplain at Ardingly, later Bishop John Neale, to have colluded with Righton.


Martin Walkerdine 24 December 2015

Operation Circus request

Dear Metropolitan Police Service (MPS),

Between 1985 to 1988 approx the Met ran a police operation called Circus which certains suspects were convicted of abusing children at King’s Cross and Piccadilly Circus, London.

Can you confirm which Security Services provided information for your police operation to get convictions was it MI5 or MI6 or was it Special Branch within The Met.

Can you confirm that former MET Commander Sir Trevor Lloyd-Hughes was suspect who lived at 14 Westminster Gardens, Victoria, London during his time at The MET and was this the reason the security services were involved in Operation Circus.

Can you confirm if that any members of the House of Commons staff were suspects and if so how many were arrested, charged and convicted and what were the charges relating to each person and also the ages of each person and what were the prison sentences for each.

How many other suspects were charged and convicted including ages and what were the prison sentences for each.

Who made the decision to close down Operation Circus and what was the reason for it to end was it cost of manpower or was it other factors etc.

Yours faithfully,
Mr Martin Walkerdine

 via walkerdine:
Overlord Hughes




 10 Storey’s Gate was same address for Jack Abramoff’s International Freedom Foundation.


Jack Abramoff’s IFF financed SA aparteid. His Citizens for America {CIA] funded Ollie North

Every link is a new brushstroke in this sordid picture.

If Govier wasn’t a spook, I’ll eat my keyboard.

 Dame Alun Roberts@ciabaudo

Might even have worked for BOSS.

Why would Op Midland travel the length of Britain to obtain a statement from a convicted criminal on his convicted paedophile buddy?

Photo published for Westminster paedophile ring allegations: Scotland Yard detectives trace 'victim'

2.35 – Tom Watson / PMQs / D-Notice / Leon Brittan / Harvey Proctor
[CHRIS] the one interesting thing above all else, when Tom Watson asked a question in the House of Commons recently, as you know

[BILL] Member of Parliament

[CHRIS] Member of Parliament, he also asked about the use of D-Notices. D-Notices are notices that they’re supposed to be advisory, but basically the government doesn’t like a story in the newspapers about to print, it’ll slap a D-Notice

[BILL] A D-Notice is a gagging order

[CHRIS] is a gagging order. Now when Mary Moss and I left the coroner’s court the entire world’s press was outside, obviously it was a very, very big story

[BILL] Absolutely

[CHRIS] Because we’d stood in the witness box, we’d named Leon Brittan we’d named Harvey Proctor, we’d told the inquest all the evidence we had about who’d been involved at the Elm Guest House, so by any stretch of the imagination it was big news story. When we got outside the coroner’s court there was, they were all there, BBC, ITV, Channel Four, Sky, you name it.

[BILL] Yeah

18.15 – Eric Kasir / Neil Kier / Carol Kasir
[CHRIS] I knew who to complain to, how the system worked. Now, when the police, because they thought, they knew that Carol Kasir’s son, Eric, was 10, was living there. They also suspected and their own words ‘that other children might be present’ they approached Richmond Services, told them about the raid. Now procedure dictates that normally you would have got, say, the local field social worker in the local office who would have come in with the police on the raid. Any children present, they would have taken, they would have taken them into care. However, on the day of the raid, the man from Kingston, err from Richmond Council, who, who was on the raid with the police was Neil Kier, the officer in charge of Grafton, who took Eric into care.

[BILL] That’s her son Eric?

[CHRIS] That’s her son Eric. So you can understand why Carol was so angry.

[BILL] So, so, she knew, she knew that all the kids were coming from this children’s home. Then what they done on the night of the raid was took her own child and put her own child in that children’s home.

[CHRIS] Not only that, but with the very guy who had been one of the people supplying the boys, so Carol knew full well what that meant.


Was this woman murdered to cover up Cyril Smith’s sex ring?:

via 2014

  • Carole Kasir ran the Elm Guest House in London during the 1970s and 1980s
  • VIP clients of the facility included Cyril Smith as well as MI5 officers and spy Anthony Blunt
  • Child welfare campaigners believed that children were abused in the guesthouse
  • Kasir kept logbooks and photographs of her VIP clients
  • Her body was found by several vials of insulin and an inquest determined suicide

The local property owner ‘Patsy’ Puddles was identified at the inquest as one of those who had allegedly threatened her. His name had also appeared with Cyril Smith on the ‘VIP’ list of alleged customers at  Elm House.

The coroner decided that the ‘conspiracy allegations threw doubt on the accuracy of the suicide notes’, and adjourned the inquest for  further investigations.

Could Carole Kasir have been murdered?

In terms of the mechanics of her death, while an insulin overdose has been used as a means of suicide by diabetics (it causes a fatal drop in blood sugar), the administration of a lethal overdose by another person would be relatively easy in the case of an alcoholic diabetic in poor health such as Carole Kasir.

Certainly the coroner was concerned about the circumstances surrounding her death.

David Issett, who says he had split with Kasir some time before she died, admitted to us that he had been forced to attend as a witness when the inquest reconvened for a second hearing, ‘on pain of arrest’.

David Issett, who denied any wrongdoing, was interviewed twice last year by Operation Fernbridge officers and, he said, gave them a statement.

He told us: ‘They kept firing names of Carole’s friends at me to see if I knew them.’ He said his old boss ‘Patsy’ Puddles ‘might have known’ Carole, but vehemently denied Puddles would ever have been involved in child abuse. Puddles has been dead for a number of years.

And yet when we visited the address where Kasir died, a former neighbour said that the police had, in fact, set up a secret surveillance post in one of the nearby flats, albeit some time before the death.

Christine Keeler, Anthony Blunt and Roger Hollis Director General of MI5

Dolphin Square, Christine Keeler, Hannah Tailford, Anthony Blunt

21 September 2016

Chapter 2 – Dolphin Square

In February, 1961, Ward and Christine Keeler moved to 17 Wimpole Mews in Marylebone. According to Christine Keeler’s autobiography, The Truth at Last, Anthony Blunt and Roger Hollis, the Director General of MI5, were regular visitors to the flat. She should know and she was right.

It was Blunt who carried out the ‘clean-up’ operation after Ward’s arrest, wandering in to the Museum Street Gallery in Holborn one afternoon in July 1963 and purchasing, via a banker’s draft, all of Stephen Ward’s sketches then on display in the gallery. These works revealed nothing in themselves; however, they betrayed the extent of the circles in which Ward moved.

Princess Margaret by Stephen Ward
The sketches were of extremely prominent people and were a virtual ‘who’s who’ of the infamous Thursday Club; of whom both Blunt and Ward were members as were Prince Philip and his uncle, Louis, Lord Mountbatten. Indeed, Ward supplied the girls for the Thursday Club.

The Duke of Edinburgh by Stephen Ward
These sketches, as well as documents and photographs, would find their way into the hands of the Russian KGB and, it is said, contained ‘material which was devastating for the British Royal Family’.

Knowledge of this cache, coupled with his 1945 trips to Germany to retrieve sensitive information sent to Kaiser Wilhelm and to Adolf Hitler by prominent royals, enabled Anthony Blunt to avoid the same public skewering that befell Ward or, indeed, Blunt’s fellow Cambridge spies.

Besides which, who knows how much material was still available by the time the exhibition opened? In the book I Couldn’t Paint Golden Angels by Albert Metzler the author recalls that the Ward exhibition had been organised by a pornographer named Freddie Reid and that:

‘Before opening there would be a private sale and the public could come in on the Monday after. There was a stream of limousines to Museum Street that week as the great and good bought compromising pictures of themselves at high prices. It is a joy to think that they may have included some responsible for blacklisting the man now blackmailing them’.

Not all of Ward’s material though was obtained by Anthony Blunt for Ward shrewdly, or so he believed, deposited some of his archive with his solicitor David Jacobs.

I suspect some of you may be thinking that all of this is bordering on the unbelievable, well, let us examine some of the circles within circles and how they all interconnect.

The aforementioned David Jacobs, who represented Ward at his trial, was somewhat of a solicitor to the stars given that he also worked on behalf of celebrities including Brian Epstein, Diana Dors, Judy Garland and John Vassall. The importance of these names shall be revealed as we go, but first, let us start with Vassall.

William John Christopher Vassall was, according to Wikipedia, ‘a British civil servant who spied for the Soviet Union under pressure of homosexual blackmail’. Prior to embarking upon his civil service career, however, Vassall, the son of an Anglican vicar, had been a photographer for the RAF. Vassall had been lured to a KGB arranged party in 1954 where he indulged in some sort of ‘compromising activity’ with another male.

This activity was secretly photographed and the classic ‘honeytrap’ was sprung. Vassall was now entirely in the hands of his KGB tormentors and would go on to provide a steady supply of high-class, confidential material for his Soviet paymasters. This work would prove lucrative; indeed lucrative enough for him to be able to purchase a luxurious flat at Dolphin Square, near the River Thames in Pimlico in London, from where he would throw lavish parties.

Dolphin Square was at one time home to some 70 MPs and 10 Lords and its other notable residents have included Princess Anne, Harold Wilson and David Steel as well as the odious fascist Oswald Mosley. MI5 would take full advantage of Dolphin Square’s facilities and use it as a deluxe pied-à-terre for its undercover agents. Generally undercover agents could expect to find themselves having to blend in to just about any environment, so it is telling in the extreme then that MI5 felt the best place to locate them was at the very heart of the great and the good of the British Establishment! The MI5 operative, MP and journalist Tom Driberg reported back all his secrets to MI5 top-cheese Maxwell Knight – codenamed M – via a flat in Dolphin Square.

Another Dolphin Square resident, and fellow Thursday Club member, was the photographer Anthony Beauchamp and he, like Vassall, was also fond of throwing the odd soiree, or two, from within its gilded environs. Beauchamp was the husband of Sarah Churchill who was the daughter of Britain’s wartime leader Sir Winston Churchill who, in turn, had been a client of Dr Stephen Ward and his healing osteopathic hands. Moreover Beauchamp had been the appointed keeper of the Thursday Club records, which included numerous drawings, notes and pictures capturing the sordid shenanigans of the clubs illustrious members.

Beauchamp and Churchill
Beauchamp also photographed Vicki Martin who was one of Ward’s early protégées and who had been engaged to the Maharajah of Cooch Behar before she died in a dreadful car crash. Martin was also the best friend of Ruth Ellis, who had embraced infamy herself when she became the last female to be hung in Britain. Ellis was yet another member of Ward’s extraordinary stable of girls and we shall return to both Vicki Martin and Ruth Ellis in due course. Anthony Beauchamp, however, would commit ‘suicide’ in 1957 after overdosing on sleeping tablets.

A recurring theme throughout this narrative will be the alarming insouciance the dramatis personae displayed toward their own mortality. Far more than can be coincidental will die, supposedly, at their own hands.

But back to Dolphin Square; that we have established was synonymous for its resident’s wild parties, its A-list clientele and its convenient proximity to the Palace of Westminster; however, one might even conclude that it was also a hub for all that was sick and perverted about the more powerful movers and shakers of the twentieth century.

Indeed, this conclusion may gain further validity when we factor in that two of its more famous ex-residents include my old friends Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies. Now whatever else Chrissie and Mandy may have been, powerful movers and shakers they were most certainly not. So, why were they there? …

The site of the former Elm Guest House in Barnes

Westminster paedophile ring allegations: Scotland Yard detectives trace ‘victim’

Alleged victim of paedophile sex abuse interviewed in United States at request of Scotland Yard


^ If the 2 persons referred to here are Eric Kasir and Leon Brittan, why is The Telegraph allowing Brittan’s name to be whitewashed?

My question was whether Leon Brittan was implicated by the US victim mentioned in your Telegrah article.


Who leant on Eric Kasir? Why are hacks letting Leon Brittan get off with blue murder?

Did the questioning of Eric Kasir lead Paul Settle to believe that Leon Brittan, patron of Haroon Kasir’s EGH, was a paedophile?

Are you listening Mr Settle? What did you have to say about Leon Brittan after your team had interviewed Eric Kasir?

And just who was that perpetrator Mr Settle? What other files were being stored at Barnes nick where Clive Driscoll was summoned?



There are incredible similarities between no-name Hoskins and Wright buddy Settle. Is this a coincidence? Brave whistleblowers or stooges?

Did Settle and Hoskins have the ‘courage’ to be ‘whistleblowers’ because they were doing the bidding of those who commissioned them?

So what happened with 27 ROCKS LANE after the Kasirs left? Did it lay empty? Richmond Council KNOW the answer & so do I…

A council employee moved in. A council employee whom, I understand, knew all about.

 was it council owned or private when the Kasirs were there? how many bedrooms do you know?
Geoffrey Dickens, Conservative MP for Huddersfield West

In 1983, he asked Home Secretary Leon Brittan to investigate paedophilia in the royal Court, at Buckingham Palace, and in the diplomatic and civil services. He claimed to have extensive private information on this: “I am going to give him a glimpse indise my private files, where people have written to me with information.” In one case, involving a civil servant, “there appears on face value to have been a cover up”(Times, November 24, 1983).

In 1986, he used parliamentary privilege to name a doctor and a vicar, both of whom were said to be involved in sexual offenses against the young (Times, March 15-21, 1986).

Alleged Sexual Offences (Private Prosecutions)

HC Deb 17 March 1986 vol 94 cc48-9W 48W
Mr. Dickens asked the Attorney-General if he will now prosecute Dr. Raymond Colin Birt in respect of sexual offences involving an eight-year-old girl in Chelmsford.

The Attorney-General : No. The file prepared by the Essex police was first considered by the county prosecuting solicitor who, having had the benefit of counsel, advised the chief constable that the evidence was insufficient to justify the institution of criminal proceedings. Following an expression of intent by the mother of the child concerned to institute a private prosecution, the county prosecuting solicitor sought a second opinion from the Director of Public Prosecutions. He was also of the view that the evidence was insufficient and I agree with him.


Dr Colin Birt, was an anaesthetic SHO in the department from 1961-62. He subsequently became a consultant in Southend, and helped Bob Young in establishing the obstetric epidural service in Portsmouth (Bob Young served an attachment in Southend in 1974). Colin remembers how helpful Jim Hamer-Hodges was when he had problem cases out of hours.


I wonder if Proctor knows Dr Birt when he was MP for Billericay, Essex – tried to find out but Proctor refused to reply to me.

Sir Michael Havers informed Geoffrey Dickens that DPP was not going to charge Raymond Colin Birt in Roch

The MP for Rochford was Dr Michael Clark

Lord Norman St John-Stevas
John Bercow MP, began his Parliamentary career working as a researcher for Michael Clark.
Dr Michael Clark MP said in regards to Geoffrey Dickens ‘had earlier raised a point of order about the use, and possible abuse, of parliamentary privilege.’

John Bercow MP & Dr Michael Clark MP

Dr Michael Clark & Lord Norman St John-Stevas attack Dickens. Norman met mum of girl raped by Dr Colin Birt. And Clark friends w Bercow.

Chris Stacey @chrisstacey1

John Bercow blocked @AndrewBridgenMP from naming a paedophile too

Truthseeker1 @thewakeupcall09

Lord Norman St John-Stevas has certainly betrayed the mum and the daughter who was raped by Dr Colin Birt.


Elm Guest House

Dr Raymond Colin Birt and Leland Wyler




sharonann smith 

Bravest child I have met. Disclosed rape due to injuries – cross examined by a QC – twice – in front of her rapist. Wasn’t enough though.

Old Style Committal Proceedings heard by Judge proved otherwise. After intense long trial Birt was remanded to Crown Court

Dr Raymond Colin Birt – also Known as Colin Birt. No longer practising but still alive.

Any other victims will I hope come forward before HE dies. A Consultant Anesthetist, belongs High Freemason’s Lodge.Protected


 – regarded as being the victim & those he abused the criminals


Crafty Muvva@craftymuvva@calamiTcat

I believe it was in relation to the rape of the girl. However, here’s more on Wyler from local press, 1985:

Zoompad 4 Jesus@Zoompad



Truthseeker1 @thewakeupcall09


Dr Raymond Colin Birt Rape case ordeal of girl, 9 Daily Express 09-12-86, p1

Truthseeker1 @thewakeupcall09

Dr Raymond Colin Birt Rape case ordeal of girl, 9 Daily Express 09-12-86, p2

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Lord Bernard Weatherill, speaker of the HoC blocked Geoffrey Dickens from naming a paedophile

From October 1971 to April 1973, Weatherill was Vice-Chamberlain of Her Majesty’s Household, an office usually held by a Government whip, as Weatherill then was.

He wrote a letter (hand-carried by messenger, or sent by telegram) to the Queen at the end of each day the House of Commons met, describing the debates, reactions, and political gossip.

Privy Council on 8 January 1980.[5]

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In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (the Act) this
response represents a Refusal Notice for this particular request under
Section 17(1).


You have asked for information relating to what happened to the 49 boxes that were seized by The Met Police at Mary Moss address and neighbouring garden shed suggesting names she obtained by Carole Kasir saying that VIP’s were involved in child abuse at Elms Guest House in Barnes from 1978 to 1982. The MPS can neither confirm nor deny that it holds any information relating to this request by virtue of the following exemptions:

Section 23(5) Information Supplied by or concerning certain Security
Section 30(3) Criminal Investigations
Section 31(3) Law enforcement
Section 40(5) Personal Information

Should it be held, constituents of this information would attract Section 23, others Section 30, others Section 31 and other constituents would attract Section 40 of the Act.

It should not be surmised that should the information be held by the MPS that we would be applying Sections 23, 30, 31 and 40 to the same pieces of information.

Please see the legal annex for the sections of the Act that are referred to in this response.

Section 23 is a class based absolute exemption and there is no requirement to consider the public interest in this area.

Section 30 Investigations and proceedings conducted by public authorities Section 30 is a class based qualified exemption and consideration of the public interest must be given as to whether neither confirming nor denying the information exists is the appropriate response.

Section 30 Factors against maintaining a neither confirm nor deny stance To confirm whether or not the MPS holds information relevant to your request would satisfy the public need to know about Police operations.
This would allow them to exercise their rights to access such material and would allow the public to be better informed.
The release of such information would provide an insight into the police service and enable the public to have better understanding of
effectiveness of the police. The release of information could allow the public to make informed decisions about how police gather intelligence.
This would greatly assist in the quality and accuracy of public debate, which would otherwise likely be steeped in rumour and speculation.

Section 30 Factors favouring maintaining a neither confirm nor deny stance By confirming or denying your nine questions relating to what happened to the 49 boxes that were seized by The Met Police at Mary Moss address could hinder the prevention or detection of crime. The MPS would not wish to reveal any details that may or may not have happened at the Mary Moss address as this would clearly undermine the law enforcement and
investigative process.

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I can’t think of any better proof that Met is hiding stuff to protect Establishment paedos

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An important question remains unanswered by Richmond council. What happened to #ElmGuestHouse after the police raid? #Chauffeur

Paedophile Niven Sinclair started his business in 1977 by personally driving his single car for Panorama.


Perhaps the @LibDems could tell us all as they were running Richmond & rewarded loyalty well.#freehousing#payoffs#Freemasons

Also is it true one of your Richmond councillors was allowed to quietly slink off after viewing images of boys?
Crafty Muvva@craftymuvva
Is it true you paid hush money to a survivor of #ElmGuestHouse & rewarded a loyal EGH-knowing employee by housing his son for free?

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was this in relation Lib Dem Cyril Smith?


In 1984 Panorama knew of paedophile evidence against politicians. This was EGH/Grafton Close.

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Indeed. They ignored it & then some 30 years later they broadcast some shite.


Colin Wallace critical of Kincora report findings

25 February, 2017
Former British army official Colin Wallace has criticised a Kincora Boys Home report findings

The journo that wrote this is still around I think ( he was a couple of years ago)

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Interesting. So is this person, I believe…


Blenkharn I, 27 Rocks La Sw13 1981

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Surely nobody could ignore all those ‘parties’ going on whilst staying in Room 2? Did Roger, Tubby, Kitty or Jensen pop in?

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Was Jocelyn Cadbury MP one of the three at the Elm Guest House on the night of this police raid?@BBCRadio4

“What does Norman Lamont know about the suicide of Jocelyn Cadbury MP, his former Parliamentary Private Secretary, less than a month after Elm Guest House was raided?”


Jocelyn Cadbury was born in 1946, the son of Laurence Cadbury and Joyce née Mathews,[1]

Jocelyn Cadbury –  Bow Group

Sir Adrian Cadbury.

Jocwlyn Cabury was the younger brother of Sir Adrian Cadbury. He was educated at Eton College and Trinity College, Cambridge, where he graduated with a degree in Economics and Anthropology. Alongside his academic studies, he was a keen rower.[2]

In 1970, he began working at Lucas Industries in Birmingham, as an industrial relations officer. From 1974, he worked for Cadbury.[2]

In November 1981, Jocelyn Cadbury was appointed as Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Minister of State for Industry, Norman Lamont.[2]

In July 1982, Cadbury committed suicide. He shot himself in the garden of his parents’ home in Birmingham. He was 36.

Adrian Cadbury became a leading expert on “corporate governance”, and chaired a committee of inquiry whose findings, published in 1993, were universally known as the Cadbury Code.

The inquiry was commissioned by the Bank of England (of which Cadbury was a director) in response to a series of scandals, including the Polly Peck and Maxwell affairs

More on Elm Guest House

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Colin Peters, at the heart of a paedophile ring.

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Will @IICSA_media have the balls to tackle the Colin Peters case or will it lay off out of deference to royal links. That is the big Q!

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David Liddington – MoS at Foreign Office, promised that the FO would release the files immediately to Police and @IICSA_media Did they?

Peters went on to become a FO barrister and was arrested under Operation Hedgerow as key player in a huge organised child abuse ring.



Dec 2 2016 – Leader of the House of Commons David Lidington is made a CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) by Queen Elizabeth II during an investiture ceremony at Windsor Castle.


Douglas Hurd and David Liddington, (PPS to Douglas Hurd, PPS to Michael Howard, PPS to William Hague

In May 2009, the Daily Telegraph revealed Lidington had claimed nearly £1,300 for his dry cleaning and had also claimed for toothpaste, shower gel, body spray and vitamin supplements on his second home allowance.[2]

Image result for David Lidington and hague

In July 2016, Lidington was appointed as Leader of the House of Commons by new PM Theresa May)

June 11th 2017

The hitherto overlooked MP David Lidington was handed one of the top jobs in Government by Theresa May on Sunday afternoon when the Prime Minister appointed him Justice Secretary during her Cabinet reshuffle.


The former Elm Guest House

‘I was warned off’ says detective involved in historic paedophile probe

A FORMER police chief told how his superiors tried to stop a major paedophile investigation, warning: “Don’t open the box, you will never get the lid back on.”

Mr Gaspar also wrote an internal report called People Not Property, which recommended a specialist paedophile unit be set up at the end of the 1980s, but it was shelved.

He recalled: “I put up a proposal asking that if we had an obscene publication unit, why can’t we afford a team to focus more on a proper intelligence led approach.

“My proposal went to the Yard but was rejected.” 


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Peters could have been kicked out of FO after Naples. Instead he was protected and allowed to continue abusing for 25 years

Peters got 8 years for Op Hedgerow. By current sentencing patterns (Napier) this would be 20 years.

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 Perhaps @DLidington can explain why a vile paedophile like Colin Peters was allowed to continue after his first conviction?

Colin Peters, caught in Bay of Naples ferrying lads to British elite paedophiles on the islands.

Colin Peters was found guilty in a 1989 trial with others. In other words the state allowed him to go on abusing for 22 years.

How did Colin Peters go on to get government work after being apprehended as part of Op Hedgerow?

Martin Walkerdine @mwalkerdine:

Major John Maurice Finlay Peters – father of Colin Peters

Colin John Meredith Peters’ father Major John Maurice Finley Peters (like his son) went to Bradfield College, Berkshire in 1929

Colin John Meredith Peters father is called Major John Maurice Finlay Peters born 1911 & died 1998 in St Mary , Warsash, Hampshire, England

John Maurice Finlay Peters later became a lawyer in Fareham, Hampshire for Warner & Goodman & Co

The photograph


SBYRW : 13535

The Rifles (Berkshire and Wiltshire) Museum – A colour photo of Major John Peters at his desk prior to his retirement, on the 18th September 1998, as Curator of The Wardrobe, the Museum of the Royal Berkshires, the Wiltshires and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Royal Regiment in The Close, Salisbury, Wiltshire

Person(s): Peters, J,

The Rifles (Berkshire and Wiltshire) Museum

The Rifles Berkshire and Wiltshire Museum

The Wardrobe

Official Opening:  The Duke of Edinburgh’s Royal Regiment Museum was officially opened by HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, Colonel-in-Chief of the Regiment, on 29 July 1982.

Laing and Colin Peters were arrested as junior members of HM Diplomatic Service in Naples in 1967, aged 23 and 24.

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