Pitcairn Island – Child Sex Abuse Continues

Former Pitcairn mayor found guilty over child abuse images

6 March 2016

Michael Warren, who downloaded more than 1000 images of child abuse while working in child protection, will serve his sentence on the tiny Pacific island

The former mayor of Pitcairn Island has been sentenced to 20-months in prison after he was convicted of possessing more than 1000 images and videos depicting child pornography.The tiny British territory in the South Pacific, which has a population of around 50 people, gained international notoriety in 2004 when seven of the island’s 12 men were accused of a total of 55 sex crimes, some dating back 40 years.


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…cruise ships anchor offshore, disgorging wealthy tourists in search ofThe ship was at Pitcairn for four hours during which time trading by the Pitcairners with passengers and crew was brisk, and profitable. During the trading period, the ship cruised slowly around the island twice. “with the crew being helpful to the Pitcairners in carrying boxes and baskets of trade goods up from the Pitcairn longboats to where trading was permitted on the ship.”


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Former mayor Michael Warren – who served as the island’s mayor from 2008 to 2013 – began downloading images of child abuse in 2004.

During the years Warren downloaded the images he was working in child protection on the island – and travelling to New Zealand and the United Kingdom in an official capacity for further training in child protection.

Warren has also been found guilty of engaging in an internet “sex chat” with a person purporting to be a 15-year-schoolgirl, and of possessing a video that showed a bound and gagged naked woman.

Warren will begin serving prison time when New Zealand police officers arrive on the island, which could take up to six months.

It is not known whether he will be detained on the island’s specially-built prison, which was constructed by islanders found guilty of sex crimes with material shipped out from Britain in kit form.

Lawyer calls for trial to be held on Pitcairn Island, not in Auckland, as ex-mayor Michael Warren denies all 25 charges

As mayor in 2010, it was alleged in court, Warren accidentally sent an email to a diplomatic staff member from an address in someone else’s name.

It was further alleged in court that the staff member searched for the address online and found it was linked to an online chat site containing explicit material.

Sergeant Geoff Medland, an officer seconded to Pitcairn Island in 2009 as part of the assistance provided by New Zealand police to the territory, was made aware of the allegations in late April 2010.

The crown alleges Medland found more than 1,000 child abuse images and videos in a search of Warren’s home on 26 May 2010.

Warren was arrested by Medland on behalf of the British high commission and charged with 20 counts of possessing child sexual abuse content under section 160 of the UK’s Criminal Justice Act 1988. He also received five charges under the Pitcairn summary offences ordinance for possession of indecent articles involving adults.

read more http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/feb/03/pitcairn-mayor-charged-with-possessing-child-abuse-material-wants-to-face-local-law

Legacy of Sexual Mayhem, the Dark Secrets of  Pitcairn Island Revealed

In 2000, police investigating the rape allegations of a 15-year-old girl uncovered a trail of child abuse dating back at least three generations. Scarcely any of Pitcairn’s 47 inhabitants were untainted by the allegations, and barely a girl growing up on the island had escaped abuse.

Marks, who was one of six international journalists who traveled to the island for the trials in 2004 said “Everyone who lived on Pitcairn over the years, over the generations, knew exactly what was going on,” …


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Pitcairn Public Hall

For Britain, the case raised embarrassing questions about its supervision of the colony, now known as an overseas territory.

Earl Mountbatten  and HRH Prince Phillip visited Pitcairn via the Royal Yacht Britannia during February 1971.

When Prince Philip visited in 1971 he received a briefing paper about the place and personalities.


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Lord Louis Mountbatten former chauffeur Norman Nield exposed him

Meanwhile, in New Zealand, there have been such newspaper headlines as, “‘Uncle Dickie’ the Sex Pervert” (N.Z. Truth, Sept.  8, 1987), since Mountbatten’s former chauffeur, Norman Nield, started revealing details of the late Lord Mountbatten’s alleged sexual exploitation of boys.

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Edward Prince of Wales and his cousin Lord Louis Mountbatten “relax” in a canvas swimming pool on board H. M. S. Renown during their 1920 Empire Tour.

Lord Louis was a great grandson of Queen Victoria and the uncle of Prince Philip (consort of Queen Elizabeth II). Mountbatten was also a promiscuous bisexual who was famously rumored to have had an affair with Edward VIII (who was Prince of Wales at the time) when he accompanied him on his Empire tours (see photo above).


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The Queen. Like any human being, she is subject to the influence of those around her. While he lived, Lord Mountbatten was a persuasive counsellor, and he formulated the plan for Prince Charles’s unusually rigorous education.



Richard Alston and Robert Alston

Robert Alston was governor of Pitcairn

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Soon after the police left, governor Robert Alston wrote a letter to the Chief Constable of Kent police, David Phillips.. and sent a gift, grateful that “the matter”, which had the potential to turn into a long drawn-out and complicated legal case had been satisfactorily resolved.

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Robert Alston:

British Ambassador to Oman between (1986–1990)

High Commissioner to New Zealand

Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George (CMG) – 1987

Governor of the Pitcairn Islands between (1994–1998)

Since retiring from the Diplomatic Service Alston has been involved with:

Education (as Chairman of the Council of Ardingly College from 2005-10 and Chairman of the Governing Body of the Marsh Academy New Romney fro 2007-13);

The Church (on the staff of Archbishop George Carey from 1999-2002;

Peter Ball was not charged and this was done with the knowledge of the then archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey.

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Robert Alston’s brother is Richard Alston who was recently convicted of child sex abuse and is connected to a VIP paedophile ring. 

Richard Alston, was supported during the trial by his brother Robert Alston from the public gallery.

Richard Alston’s partner Peter Righton was the founder of the Paedophile Information Exchange, the court heard.

The court heard Richard Alston and his partner Peter Righton forced an 11-year-old boy at the school to watch pornography and then perform sex acts on him at their home in Greenford, west London.

It was the investigation into Righton – convicted of importing images of child abuse in 1992 – that led to MP Tom Watson using Parliamentary privilege in 2012 to allege there was “clear intelligence” of a VIP child sex abuse ring.

Former PIE treasurer Charles Napier is the half-brother of John Whittingdale MP

PIE – Charles Napier and Peter Righton. Image taken from Secret Life of a Paedophile

The court heard PIE’s Peter Righton and Alston’s friend PIE’s Charles Napier – now a convicted paedophile – would also be present on some occasions.

Napier, a former teacher from Sherborne in Dorset, was at one time treasurer of the Paedophile Information Exchange.

read more http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-london-34385091

Charles Napier and Richard Alston

An earlier police investigation recovered a letter by Charles Napier bragging of being able to send obscene images back to Britain in diplomatic bags, and of easy access to young boys while working for the British Council in Cairo.

read more http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014/nov/18/senior-mps-half-brother-admits-historial-sex-offences-young-boys

Charles Napier joined the British Council after his 1972 conviction.

Many questions remain unanswered including who were Napier’s referees for his employment with the British Council

Prince Philip is godfather to Henniker’s son

Henniker ran the Islington /Suffolk Project – a scheme for disadvantaged children from Islington to have country holidays in rural Suffolk.

Henniker was Director of the British Council (1968-72).

Paedophile Peter Righton was allowed to live at the Thornham Magna estate of Lord Henniker in Suffolk, where children from Islington continued to be taken, apparently until his death;  Tom Watson wrote that the Chief Constable of Suffolk warned against Righton being allowed to live at the estate but was ignored.

“Lord Henniker, 77, told the Standard he did not know Righton and was not responsible for him living on the estate”

Righton was convicted by a magistrates court in September 1992 of importing child pornography magazines and photographs after Customs and Excise intercepted material being sent to him from the Netherlands that April.

A police raid on his home, where he lived with Richard Alston, uncovered other paedophile magazines, and letters to and from other paedophiles containing details of abuse. He was fined £900 with £75 costs for importing child abuse images, had the magazines destroyed, and was cautioned for an historical assault.

Sir Peter Hayman  and Lord Henniker were at Stowe School together

Foreign Office, 1966. Sir Peter Hayman Under Secretary of State. Lord Henniker Assistant Under Secretary of State


Sir Peter Hayman and wife Rosemary Eardley Blomefield

Charles Napier is cousin to paedophile diplomat Sir Peter Hayman’s wife.



Current governor of Pitcairn

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Honoured to be Governor of #Pitcairn.

Sworn in today by Chief Justice Charles Blackie – Judges are appointed by the Governor of the Pitcairn Islands under instruction from Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II.


The Governor General of Pitcairn – Jonathan Sinclair – last seen advising Jack Straw on the invasion of Iraq

Even Jonathan Sinclair however despite seemingly having no other job than running the island these days isn’t silly enough to actually live in the place he’s supposed to control.

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Jack Straw also chairman of governors for Pimlico Comp School with gov Ashley Bramall

Jack Straw  tried to pass legislation to make it illegal in Part 2 of the Children, Schools and Families Act 2010 or Children in Childrens Homes to speak out.

Jack Straw and Leon Brittan’s cousin – Sir Malcolm Rifkind – in latest ‘cash for access’ scandal