Guleid Abdulkarim: Baroness Nicholson/ AMAR/Paedophile ring

AMAR International Charitable Foundation


Patron – Prince Charles

Baroness Nicholson is our Founder and Chairman of the Board. She started AMAR in 1991 in response to Saddam Hussein’s systematic attacks against his own people.

AMAR is a British charity which was founded in 1991 by Baroness Nicholson to deliver services to refugees, internally displaced persons and other under served populations affected by human-caused and natural disasters in Iraq, Lebanon and elsewhere in the Middle East and South Asia.


6th February 2013

The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, Patron of the AMAR International Charitable Foundation, enters the room with Baroness Nicholson, during a reception to mark the charity’s 21st anniversary, in the Royal Gallery at the House of Lords, central London.

Guleid Abdulkarim

Guleid Abdulkarim

London, United Kingdom – ‎Independent Researcher – ‎Independent Research Consultant

Guleid Abdulkarim‘s professional profile on LinkedIn. … diary secretary to Baroness Nicholson in the AMAR International Charitable Foundation, a charity


Some of the images downloaded by 30-year-old Guleid Abdulkarim even featured toddlers

17 Oct 2016

A House of Lords researcher who used a parliamentary laptop to download more than 1,000 indecent images and movies of children has been jailed.

Guleid Abdulkarim had more than 500 images which fall within the most vile category.

His sick images even included footage featuring toddlers, which was found on his laptop in his locker at a gay sauna.

The 30-year-old even recorded footage of him and other men performing a sex act on themselves and discussing child abuse in a chatroom.

He viewed some of the images while in the member’s offices and admitted downloading and sharing the material at Southwark crown court.

Abdulkarim showed no trace of emotion as he was led to the cells.

Prosecutor John Evison said: “This all came to light because parliament carried out a review.

“The defendant was employed by a member of the House of Lords – he was employed as a researcher/assistant.

Getty The Houses of Parliament
The Houses of Parliament

Parliamentary authorities uncovered Guleid Abdulkarim’s stash while performing a routine review of computer systems

Parliament itself carried out a review and found some evidence of indecent images on a parliamentary server and they passed the information to the paedophile unit.”

Officers later contacted Abdulkarim and he met with them outside a cafe in Kennington where he was asked if he had accessed indecent images and replied “no, just porn”.

He then informed the officers that the laptop was actually in a locked room in a sauna called ‘The Locker Room on Cleaver Street.

Abdulkarim’s locker was searched and the laptop containing most of the images was found and he was taken into custody.

In total 1,082 indecent images and movies were found, including 503 category A images which can include children being raped.

Abdulkarim even shared some of the images with others on sharing site Zoomroom, which Mr Evison said would not usually have been able to trace.

The researcher was ‘actively involved in the network’ of paedophiles, a court heard

“Mr Abdulkarim for whatever reason used recording software to record hours and hours of footage of what he has been doing on Zoom.

Abdulkarim was said to be “actively involved in the network” of paedophiles.

A further laptop and three hard drives have also now been seized from Abdulkarim but the content of them has yet to be accessed by police.

Abdulkarim, of no fixed address, admitted four counts of making indecent images of children and one of distributing indecent images of children.

He was jailed for for a mere two years and eight months.


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Oct 19

Re: Conviction of ‘House of Lords researcher’ Guleid Abdulkarim for child porn offences () – when charged he was actually employed as aresearcher () for this ex-MEP (now an EU thinktanker) .

..whose name may be familiar from this curious 1999 episode (smuggling drugs & “illegal porn” from Amsterdam?)

Image result for How I Fell for the Euro MP, by Gay Movie Star; HIS FRIEND AND HIS WIFE TALK ABOUT TOM SPENCER, TORY IN DISGRACE

Tom Spencer – he admitted that Customs officers had found magazines of hard pornography, two cannabis joints and 1.5 grams of cocaine in his luggage.

Independent Researcher for Tom Spencer MEP

Tom Spencer was a Conservative MEP for fifteen years and was Assistant to the Director of the Britain in Europe campaign and took the minutes of the Referendum Steering Group.

MEP resigns over drugs and pornography

The former Chancellor, Mr Kenneth Clarke, said Mr Spencer had been one of the best British MEPs for a number of years. He said: “I like Tom, he is a friend of mine


HIV shock for wife of drug bust Tory.


Tom Spencer

He served as Conservative MEP for Derbyshire from 1979–1984, Conservative MEP for Surrey West from 1989–1994, and as Conservative MEP for Surrey from 1994-1999.[1] He was leader of the UK Conservative MEPs from 1995 to 1998 and was Chairman of the Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee from 1997 to 1999.

He decided not to stand for re-election to the European Parliament in 1999 after being found with gay pornography and two cannabis cigarettes in his luggage at Heathrow Airport.[2] Spencer acknowledged being gay and said that his wife was aware of that before they married.[2] Spencer was in a relationship with porn actor Cole Tucker, who was depicted in the porn found in Spencer’s luggage.[3]

Guleid Abdulkarim  – AMAR & IBBC




Christmas at the Reform

More than 100 members and guests were invited
to one of London’s most exclusive venues for the
IBBC’s Christmas party.
The spectacular Reform Club in St James’
The evening’s sponsor was the Civil and Environmental Engineering Practice, HWH and
Associates, and the company’s founder and CEO, Peter Hunt, and Managing Director, Sarah Cain,were present to welcome guests.
The IBBC’s Executive Chairman, Baroness
Nicholson, thanked HWH for their generous help

Cheers! Guleid Abdulkarim from AMAR (below)



“The defendant, Guleid Abdulkarim, was employed by a member of the House of Lords – he was employed as a researcher/assistant.

House of Lords researcher Guleid Abdulkarim had 1,000 indecent images of children on Parliament laptop


Baroness Emma Nicholson and Guleid Abdulkarim



IBBC  Editor-In-Chief Baroness Nicholson

IBBC – Editorial Staff:  Guleid Abdulkarim

(pg 4)


Baroness Nicholson and Tony Blair at an IBBC meeting in London in 2012

In total 1,082 indecent images and movies were found, including 503 category A images which can include children being raped.

Guleid Abdulkarim: Head of Office to Baroness Nicholson



 Guleid Abdulkarim worked for Tory peer Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne, who sacked him.




^ Sept 17 2016 – Wonder when she sacked him.

Baroness Nicholson is our Founder and Chairman of the Board of AMAR

Baroness Emma Nicholson –Director of the Save the Children Foundation from 1974 to 1985.

She is a member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Human Trafficking

Image result

Emma Nicholson, within a decade, had persuaded Margaret Thatcher to make her the party’s vice-chairman (for women), and in 1987 she was elected as MP for Torridge and West Devon.

Her background:

EMMA NICHOLSON was born in Farnham in 1941, the third daughter in a family of wealthy Hampshire landowners and gin distillers. Her father was Sir Godfrey Nicholson, a Tory baronet, her mother the daughter of a Scottish earl.

Her ancestors – including three uncles, 10 cousins, a grandfather and three great-grandfathers – had sat in Parliament since the 17th century. Emma was soon following her father on constituency visits….

Nicholson’s mother already worked for charity, and her family were intensely religious. In addition, Nicholson gradually began to realise she was disabled herself: her eyesight condemned her to milk-bottle glasses and, more seriously, she could hardly hear. Aged 16, after hard years at a convent boarding school in Wantage, she was officially diagnosed as deaf: “Home life became a source of despair to me.”

Her family expected her to marry and have children. Nicholson did not want to be passive: she obtained a hearing aid and considered law – but was dissuaded by the convent’s senior nun; she tried being a cook – and gave 200 balloonists salmonella; she tried Central Office. Then, in 1963, she passed the entrance exam for ICL, a computer company.

For the next 13 years she gave herself to primitive keyboards and trips to fix circuits in sweaty African countries. She was a software designer, a systems analyst, a management consultant – but not a prospective wife. “Lots of men wanted to marry me,” she said once (She was 5’10”, slim and – thanks to her deafness – now possessed of a booming, commanding voice). “But I’ve always been too busy.”

In 1974 she turned her energies to charity, joining Save The Children.

Baroness Nicholson, a British peer, has escaped a hail of gunfire and explosions during an hour-long attack on a polling station in Yemen.

Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne told The Daily Telegraph that the experience was as “frightening” as the IRA attack on the Grand Hotel on the Conservative conference, when she was on the same floor as Baroness Thatcher.

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AMAR – Iraq figures prominently. All networked and inter-linked sadly. Disturbing how vast their network extends – and how entangled with most political atrocities.

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Baroness Nicholson being greeted by the Iraqi Minister for Human Rights/ the AMAR International Charitable Foundation


Baroness Emma Nicholson adopted an Iraqi child in 1987, with whom she currently has no contact.

30 Dec 1995

Nicholson expanded her charitable activities. She joined parliamentary groups on Romanian orphans and Iraqi Shias; she became chairman of the charity Blind in Business; she became a director of Shelter. Most importantly, she visited the marshy border between Iran and Iraq after the Gulf War. She began a parliamentary campaign, then decided to give a temporary home to a young refugee called Amar.

At first he disrupted her new married life in her Devon cottage. She took him to hospital to have his burnt face rebuilt, even slept in the ward with him, but planned to find him Arab foster parents. Gradually she changed her mind and adopted him


Lady Nicholson is also Executive Chairman of the Associatia Children’s High Level Group – ACHLG. Nicholson also co-founded its English counterpart, the Children’s High Level Group (now Lumos) with British novelist JK Rowling. Lady Nicholson is the co-chairman with the Prime Minister of Romania of the High Level Group for Romania’s Children and the co-chairman with the Prime Minister of Moldova of the High Level Group for Moldovan Children.



The Curious Case of the Baroness of Winterbourne and Iraq

PM David Cameron has recently appointed Baroness Emma Nicholson of Winterbourne as his Trade Envoy to Iraq. The Baroness described Iraqi economy as “vibrant and booming “, urging the UK to make “the best of the enormous opportunities Iraq offers us”. The pre invasion high profile of Nicholson on Iraq was related to human rights, so what does this switch to being the Prime Minister’s trade envoy mean?  And is there a link between the old and new roles?

As to be expected, Nicholson made no mention of the massive human rights abuses in Iraq, documented by international bodies, or in its sectarian policy and bombardment of cities. No mention also, even in terms of regret or remediation, of the human cost , long passed hundreds of thousands,  caused by the US –UK invasion and occupation.  And on trade, no mention, even as hope for improvement, of the institutionalised corruption of the regime which made Iraq ranks 171st among 177 nations on the list of corruption index.

One might argue, why should she?  The Baroness, after all, is a politician cashing on behalf of her political party and government.  Well, this could have been acceptable have the politician we’re talking about is not Emma Nicholson who for many decades presented herself to the world as the mother Teresa of human rights, defending in particular, Iraqis’ human rights under Saddam’s rule.   Until 2003, Nicholson was known as one of the most outspoken British politicians against Saddam Hussain (even Tony Blair was not a competition) defending  relentlessly the Human Rights of the Sukan Al-ahwar (Marsh Arabs of Iraq)  and the Kurds in  Halabja.

Nicholson spared no action to defend Iraqis’ “human rights”, from calling in 1988 for the establishment of an International Criminal Tribunal to try Saddam and his key officials for genocide to establishing a charity named after an Iraqi boy who she adopted, from writing books and articles to speaking tours in UK and US. Nicholson was a fierce advocate of the war and occupation not for oil and business contracts but, we were told, to; “free the Iraqi people from terrible tyranny” and British people “should be proud of the important part that we played in freeing the Iraqi people from their decades-long misery.”

Executive Chairman of the Iraq Britain Business Council outspoken  on how to“ fight for lucrative contracts “ and  how to compete  for  mega defence contracts with a brutal sectarian corrupt regime while tongue-tied on the human rights of the same people she claimed to defend before the invasion. Is The Baroness’s deafening silence on the well documented crimes and human rights violations in the last ten years,  eight years of them under Nouri Al Malik’s regime related to her appointment as an Honorary Adviser to Nouri Al Maliki, in the field of Health?

Iraqi Journalist Ali Abdul Amir Ajam, a long opponent of Saddam and an admirer of Nicholson’s work, questioned in an article titled “what a low price for a baroness” her silence at a time when Iraqi doctors are  targeted or forced to leave the country. “Today, nothing worries the Baroness about Iraq, but the promotion of its leaders and their achievements in reconstruction, and the security and stability for the major oil companies. Today, the Baroness who used to be obsessed by Freedom for Iraq has nothing to do with the suffering of Iraqis and the violations of their basic human rights”, he wrote.




AMAR linked to Mormon group LDS Church of the Latter Day Saints



Baroness Nicholson and Princess Anne. Princess Anne has been President of Save the Children since 1970.


Note who hosts the end of year cocktail party, closing what had been The International Year of the Child, 1979.

The cocktail party was held nine days after the Save the Children Fund Diamond Jubilee.

Briefing files for domestic official visits and engagements as Prime Minister, November-December 1979. Includes: State banquet for President of Indonesia and Madame Soeharto, Buckingham Palace, London, 13 November 1979;. State dinner given by President Soeharto of Indonesia, Claridge’s, London, 15 November 1979 (includes correspondence with Saleh Basarah, Indonesian Ambassador to the UK); . evening reception, Buckingham Palace, London, 22 November 1979;. dedication of a memorial to commemorate great soldiers of World War Two, St Paul’s Cathedral, London, 23 November 1979 (includes letter to Caroline Stephens from David Omand, Ministry of Defence);. performance of “Norma”, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London, 23 November 1979 (includes correspondence with Sir Claus Moser, Chairman of the Opera House);. dinner to honour John Junor editor of the “Sunday Express” for 25 years, The Ritz, London, 26 November 1979 (includes correspondence with Junor, Victor Matthews, Chief Executive Express Newspapers, and Jocelyn Stevens, Deputy Chairman);. address by MT to Burke Club dinner, House of Commons, 27 November 1979 (includes correspondence with Edward du Cann MP and John Wilkinson MP);. Save the Children Fund Diamond Jubilee carol concert , Royal Albert Hall, London, 11 December 1979 (includes correspondence with Emma Nicholson MP, Director of fund raising for Save the Children, and “Rosamund” [Wynn-Pope]);. cocktail party given by Edwin McAlpine, Hotel Inter-Continental, London, 20 December 1979 (MT did not attend in the end);. Buckingham Lieutenancy dinner party, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, 27 December 197. Tesco, papers relating to a suggested working lunch or dinner, ca. 1979 (includes correspondence with Leslie Porter, Chairman).


Emma Nicholson – Director of Fundraising (1977-1985) for Save the Children UK

Robert Edwin McAlpine, Baron McAlpine of Moffat, by Godfrey Argent, 20 May 1969 - NPG x166023 - © National Portrait Gallery, London

Lord McAlpineLord Robert Edwin McAlpine – Robert Edwin McAlpine, Baron McAlpine of Moffat – father of Alistair McAlpine

Image result for alistair mcalpine and thatcher

Alistair McAlpine, son of Lord Robert Edwin McAlpine

Lord Robert Edwin McAlpine was Vice-President of the National Childrens Home for four years up to his death in 1990
Robert Edwin McAlpine, Baron McAlpine of Moffat was born on 23 April 1907.1He died on 7 January 1990 at age 82.

He succeeded to the title of 5th Baronet McAlpine. He was educated at Oundle.1 Robert Edwin McAlpine, Baron McAlpine of Moffat usually went by his middle name of Edwin.

He was ptnr Sir Robert McAlpine and Sons Ltd, knighted , chairman Dorchester Hotel 1967–77 and Br Nuclear Associates 1973– in 1963.1 He was created Baron McAlpine of Moffat, of Medmenham in the County of Buckinghamshire [U.K. Life Peer] on 21 February 1980
Children of Robert Edwin McAlpine, Baron McAlpine of Moffat and Ella Mary Gardner Garnett
Hon. Robert Alistair McAlpine, Baron McAlpine of West Green+4
Hon. Sir William Hepburn McAlpine, 6th Bt.+4
Patricia Garnett McAlpine+1 b. 5 Feb 1932, d. 21 Aug 2009
David Malcolm McAlpine+2 b. 8 Oct 1946


Baroness Emma Nicholson:

Curriculum Vitae

  • Royal Academy of Music (LRAM, ARCM, 1961). Hon. Doctorate, North London University (1998); Hon. Doctorate (University of Timisoara); Hon. Doctorate (Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest); Visiting Fellow, St Antony’s College, Oxford (1995-96), now Associate Member.
  • Computer Software Developer, Systems Engineer and Computer Consultant (1962-1974).
  • Director of International Development (1974-1977), then Director of Fundraising (1977-1985) for Save the Children. Consultant inter alia Dr Barnardo’s, Westminster Children’s Hospital, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, Foster Parents Plan.
  • Life Peer and Member of the House of Lords (since 1997).
  • Member of Parliament (Conservative 1987-1995, Liberal Democrat 1995-1997).
  • Vice-Chairman, Conservative Party (1983-1987).
  • Parliamentary Private Secretary to Ministers at the Treasury, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Home Office (1992-1995).
  • Member of the European Parliament (since 1999).
  • First Vice-Chairman, Committee on Foreign Affairs, Human Rights, Common Security and Defence Policy (1999-2004).
  • Rapporteur for Iraq (1999-2004).
  • Rapporteur for Romania (1999-2004).
  • WHO Envoy for Health, Peace and Development (2002-).
  • Chairman, AMAR International Charitable Foundation; President, Caine Prize for African Writing; Trustee, Booker Prize for English fiction; Trustee, Booker Prize for Russian fiction. Patron of or holds honorary positions in over 50 charities.
  • Co-editor/Author: The Iraqi Marshlands (2002); Secret society (1996); Why does the West forget? (1993); various articles and pamphlets.

Helena Kennedy and Baroness Emma Nicholson – the Booker Prize Foundation registered charity (no 1090049)



Deputy Chairman, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award 30th Anniversary Tribute Project 1986-88;

Chairman Duke of Edinburgh’s International Project 1987 – 88

Chairman, Friends of Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Ross McWhirter Foundation.


  • Vice-President, Devon Young Farmers Club. Patron, Devon HIV/AIDS Trust. Honorary Member, Business and Professional Women’s Association. Royal Association, in Aid of Deaf People. Prince of Wales Advisory Trust on Disability. Royal Academy of Music Appeal Committee. Fellow, Royal Society of Arts. Patron. CRUSAID; Chairwoman, Friends of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme: Deputy Chairwoman, Duke of Edinburgh’s 30th Anniversary Tribute Project and International Proct ’87. Patron, Suzy Lamplugh Trust. Gov. Mary Hare Grammar School. Director, Cities in Schools. Patron, British Deaf Accord and Women into Information Technology Foundation. Friend, Société des Amies d’Enfance, Poland. Patron, National Association, of Deafened People and Sense South West, the National Deaf, Blind and Rubella Association. President, British Tinnitus Foundation. Trustee, Covent Garden Cancer Research Trust, The Little Foundation and Motor Neurone Disease Association. Vice-Patron, The Child Psychotherapy Trust. Vice-Moderator, Movement for the Ordination of Women. Friend, Parkhurst Society. Trustee, Shelter; Chairwoman, ADAPT (Access for Disabled People to Arts Premises Today). Member, Forum United Kingdom. Centre for Policy Studies. Royal Institut, for International Affairs. Royal Horticultural Society. Clubs: The Reform Club. St. Stephen’s Constitutional Club


Interview: Emma Nicholson

By Riddell, Mary | New Statesman (1996), September 20, 1996

What is it, you wonder, in Emma Nicholson that inspires not only the lexicon of abuse which accompanies every frequent foray into the limelight but the extraordinarily personal nature of the criticism? There is nothing in her off-duty appearance (sweatshirt, leggings and red towelling socks) even to hint at the skimpily-clad siren of dinner-party legend. Why did she not get married until the age of 45?” asked a political commentator, nastily. She must have scared off more men than Medusa.”

A childhood victim of abuse by a family friend, she was lightly educated at St Mary’s, Wantage, and the Royal Academy of Music


Curious that these important links are not mentioned in the Mirror news article.


An incredible journey ends in bitterness

16 May 1998

A witness, he claims, to terrible crimes, Katiza signalled his intention to testify against Mrs Mandela when she was charged with the murder of Stompie Moeketsi Seipei in May 1991. Badly beaten by “Winnie’s boys”, Katiza was spirited out of South Africa by ANC sympathisers days before the trial. He fetched up in a Zambian jail, under orders from President Kenneth Kaunda, the ANC’s friend.

Emma Nicholson, then a Conservative MP, taken an interest. She secured his freedom and passage to Britain, where she persuaded the authorities to provide legal sanctuary. In London she put him up at her home and paid for him to learn to read and write. Also, at his request, she arranged for a book to be published – Katiza’s Journey, written by the journalist Fred Bridgland.

The book is the reason the two have fallen out. In interviews last week with the Independent on Sunday they gave their versions. He says she reneged on a promise to give him the copyright of the book, which she owns under powers of attorney he granted in the summer of 1995. He also says she told him she would only grant his request for the book’s copyright if he paid her pounds 50,000 – according to him, the amount she says she spent on him since securing his release.

She denies having sought money from him or made any profit from the book. She also says she means to give Katiza the copyright, but not yet. she is taking advantage of me. Now I see there was something behind it. But she did not say that at the time. She says now that if I pay the expenses, the pounds 50,000, then I get the copyright. She is playing a game, that never was the agreement. The agreement I had with you, I told her, is that you help me out for nothing, as you told the United Nations.”

Katiza accusing her of bad faith and seeking to control him “like a child”. Mr Bridgland describes her as “cruel” for “letting down” Katiza.

Nicholson’s African affair
Nicholson took the Sonos and Mrs Tshabalala under her wing and – beneath the TV lights and before the international press in the foyer of the TRC hall – publicly promised that, if the South African justice system did not prosecute Winnie Mandela for her role in the suspected murders of Lolo Sono and Siboniso Tshabalala, she would bring a private prosecution. For good measure, Nicholson had also had herself photographed with the hapless and widely misused Joyce Seipei, mother of Stompie. “It was pouring with rain,” Baroness Nicholson wrote in the Sunday Times of 6 December 1997. “Outside the hall I saw, on a patch of grass, a woman whose face bore deep sorrow: Stompie Seipei’s mother. I offered her sympathy and friendship should she wish to mount a private prosecution against Winnie. We moved on to find the parents of Lolo Sono, another victim. His father, Nicodemus, spoke English well. It was agreed that we would go for it.”
Over lunch last week in Johannesburg, I asked Nicodemus Sono how Baroness Nicholson had followed up on her promise to prosecute Winnie Mandela. “I never heard from her again,” said Nicodemus. “She gave us her telephone numbers, her country house [a rambling former rectory on the edge of Dartmoor] and her London number. I tried to phone her many times, but I could not get through to her.”
“The whole thing begins with hope, and when the hope disappears you get disappointed. You try to keep the hope alive, but the hope about Emma Nicholson is not alive now.” I found it easy to sympathise with Nicodemus, for at the time of the TRC hearings my own relationship with Emma Nicholson, which had been positive and constructive, was unravelling fast and would lead to tears all round.
The Archer connection WHAT is the thread that unites Jeffrey Archer, Baroness Emma Nicholson, Katiza Cebekhulu and a former ANC bodyguard turned Portsmouth care assistant? Animosity between Archer and Nicholson can be traced to the time when both were senior members of the Tory party. After John Major gave Archer a peerage, Nicholson joined the Lib- Dems. When Archer was sentenced to four years for perjury, Nicholson prompted a police investigation into the alleged disappearance of millions of pounds from Archer’s charity, Simple Truth. Consequently, Archer was detained for an extra three months in a medium security prison. Only after the allegations were proved unfounded was he moved to an open prison. Archer is thought to be seeking revenge on Nicholson. Using data protection laws he has demanded that she hand over all papers and computer files related to her allegation, perhaps as a prelude to legal action. In an intriguing sideshow, Archer’s friends say a separate action is planned against Nicholson in relation to Katiza’s Journey, a sensational account of Winnie Mandela’s life by former Scotsman diplomatic editor Fred Bridgland. Eric Vawser, a former Conservative constituency chairman, who has described Archer as an old friend and Nicholson as “ a sh* t” has befriended Katiza Cebekhulu, who believes Nicholson could still owe him royalties from the book. Nicholson had rescued Cebekhulu from prison in Zambia and brought him to Britain. Cebekhulu was a bodyguard of Winnie Mandela who said he had witnessed her stab Stompie Moeketsi. Cebekhulu and Nicholson have since fallen out. She insists there is no outstanding sum owed to Cebekhulu.

Nelson Mandela thanking Emma Nicholson and Trevor Huddleston

James Purnell

 Between May 1994 and October 1995 he was a Labour Councillor in Islington,

Child rape images on the chairman of Labour Freemason James Purnell’s computer.

Convicted paedophile Labour Labour Councillor Paul DiggettCouncillor Paul Diggett, political researcher to Labour’s James Purnell

DISGRACED parliamentary candidate Paul Diggett is facing expulsion from the Labour Party and a possible jail sentence after he used an MP’s computer to trawl the internet for under-age girls.

Diggett, who stood for Labour as a Parliamentary candidate for Cheadle in 1997, was a researcher to Labour MP James Purnell, 34, a close ally of Tony Blair.

Diggett pleaded guilty to four charges of making and distributing indecent pictures and pseudo photographs of children between February and October 2002.

Paul Diggett downloaded images of children being raped. Paul Diggett was not only a Labour man but worked as a School governor, the favourite job for PIE affiliates.

James Purnell – the BBC’s director of Strategy.
HYDE - FEBRUARY 19: Labour MP James Purnell leaves the Hyde Town Hall on February 19, 2010 in Hyde, England. Purnell has announced that he is standing down as MP for Stalybridge and Hyde. (Photo by Getty Images)

News from Sept 30 2016

Former Labour cabinet minister James Purnell will be unveiled as the BBC’s new £300,000 a year radio chief today.

With overall responsibility for BBC radio’s editorial output, Purnell’s elevation has triggered concerns among some Tory MPs about impartiality.

As well as having been a member of a Labour government, Purnell has twice been an advisor to Tony Blair and is a former Labour councillor in Islington (where else?).


Media Darling: James Purnell (pictured) was undoubtedly bright but many Labour MPs loathed him

Ex-Labour whip Helen Jones:

…shortly after I became a whip, I was told that I was going to the Department for Work and Pensions, where James Purnell was Secretary of State. He was a media darling, thought of by the London press as one of the ‘intellectuals’ of the Government, an image which he assiduously cultivated.

He had come into Parliament on what MPs scathingly referred to as ‘the assisted places scheme’. Having worked for Tony Blair, he was sent on secondment to work for Tom Pendry, who was due to retire as the MP for Stalybridge and Hyde.

James was undoubtedly bright and had the irritating habit of always looking over your shoulder when he spoke to you, in case someone more important came along.

Many Labour MPs loathed him and instinctively distrusted any legislation he might bring forward.

My job was to keep an eye on him and to try to head off trouble.