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Armando Iannucci spills the beans

The BBC allowed all manner of creative swearing and graphic insults to air during The Thick Of It.

But there was just one line in all of the scripts that made executives so nervous they insisted it be censored, creator Armando Iannucci has revealed.

The excised line, spoken by Peter Capaldi’s fiercely foul-mouthed spin doctor Malcolm Tucker was: ‘That’s inevitable. It’s as inevitable as what they’ll find in Jimmy Savile’s basement after he’s dead.’

‘The BBC lawyers said you can’t say that,’ Iannucci told an audience in Melbourne

Although Savile died in 2011, between seres three and four, the extent of his sexual abuse of children only began to emerge in September the following year, a month before the final episode aired.

Update Jan 20 2017

BBC worker told ‘get with the programme’ after ‘complaining about Rolf Harris groping her’


Jimmy Savile and Sir Bill Cotton

Jimmy Savile and the BBC: Dame Janet Smith report’s key sections

Dame Janet’s investigation into dozens of sexual assaults by Savile heard evidence from over 700 people.

They included two BBC managers who confronted Savile over claims he took teenagers home from Top of the Pops.

The BBC received a number of “wake-up calls” relating to allegations of sexual misconduct

The first wake-up call concerned the activities of Harry Goodwin, the programme’s stills photographer from 1964, who allegedly took pornographic photos of girls in his dressing room after the show

The second wake-up call was in 1971 when Vera McAlpine telephoned the BBC to complain that her daughter Claire, then 15, had been seduced by a celebrity after she had attended TOTP as a member of the audience

The BBC carried out an investigation, but it was not conducted in a satisfactory way. The celebrity denied the allegation, and his denial was accepted

During the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, and possibly after that, young people attending TOTP were at risk of moral danger

Jimmy Savile dressed as a Womble to rape a 10-year-old boy and sexually assault girl, 12, in his dressing room after filming 1973 Top of the Pops Christmas special

The BBC made no real attempt to grapple with the problem of how to protect young people



2001: Former floor manager & Chichester Cathedral steward jailed for of 12 boys over 30yr period – Terence Banks.

BBC embroiled in further scandal as executive ‘filmed Dutch child abuse movies’

DETECTIVES are investigating claims that a retired BBC ­executive abused young boys at his home in Amsterdam.

Jan 26, 2014

He is said to have owned a three-storey property near the city centre in the Eighties. Boys from British care homes were allegedly ferried there to take part in sex films.

Police have been told that the BBC employee was involved in the abuse and played a key role in ­distributing the films.

The news comes as Dutch police prepare to re-open an investigation into child sex, which may ­be broadened to include British paedophiles operating in the Netherlands.

Although the Sunday Express knows both the identity of the alleged abuser and his former address in Amsterdam, we have decided not to print the details to avoid jeopardising any police investigation. Scotland Yard refused to comment but the BBC last night confirmed it had alerted the Met.

“The man apparently owned the building. He let the bottom flat to a known British paedophile, kept the middle residence for himself and used the attic for filming pornographic films involving both adults and children.

“He is said to have travelled back and forth between London and Amsterdam, playing a key role in the distribution of the videos throughout Britain and Europe.” Last week, Dutch prosecutors ­confirmed they are to investigate the Netherlands former justice ministry secretary-general Joris Demmink for allegedly raping two Turkish boys.

Demmink will be questioned over allegations that he raped the boys, aged between 12 and 15, while visiting Istanbul in the ­mid-Nineties. He denies the claims and says he was not in Turkey at that time.

In 1998, his name came up during a Dutch inquiry, called the Rolodex Affair, into an Amsterdam paedophile network. The probe was shut down shortly afterwards, prompting accusations of a cover-up.

A spokeswoman for the Office of Public Prosecutions in The Hague said the Demmink case might trigger a wider investigation into British paedophiles in Amsterdam. She said: “The investigation will initially focus solely on the allegations made by the two Turkish boys.

“Whether the investigation starts to look at other things at a later stage, we don’t know, it’s too early to say.”

However, sources revealed Dutch and British police met last summer on the Isle of Wight.


David Russell was Head of Strategic Network Development in BBC Technology Direction.

David was Head of Strategic Network Development in BBC Technology Direction and his retirement party was hosted by Rhys Lewis, Chief Enterprise Architect, BBC Technology Direction (job titles have come on a bit since the ‘old days’! ME). David’s many achievements include planning and implementing the “Managed Broadcast Network” which was a massive undertaking that brought BBC communications into a new era. He was also responsible for the inception and planning for the current “Raman Ring” upgrade which, when concluded in 2007, will provide the huge bandwidth increase needed to bring the BBC’s infrastructure fully into the digital media age.

I wonder if his wife Caroline knows ?

Ex-BBC Radio Norfolk DJ Souter jailed for 22 years (friend of Max Clifford)

Souter, who worked for BBC Radio Norfolk in the 1980s, was a Venture Scouts leader, a mentor to young people and had been allowed to adopt a child.

Ex-BBC Radio Norfolk DJ Souter jailed for 22 years

Former BBC Radio Norfolk presenter Michael Souter has been jailed for 22 years for historic sex attacks on boys.

The 60-year-old, who worked at the station in the 1980s, used his status to meet, groom and abuse young boys over a 20-year-period, Norwich Crown Court heard.

Judge Mark Lucraft told Souter, from Loddon, Norfolk, that he had used “pathetic attempts to blame the victims and others” during his trial earlier this month.

Souter also worked for Radio Clyde, and had used his local celebrity status to abuse his victims.

The jury also found him guilty of seven counts of making and possessing indecent images of under-18s.

After the six-week trial, detectives revealed they were investigating further allegations of abuse against the defendant.

The court had heard he was also been investigated in 1993 and 2002, but no charges were brought.

The defendant, who has two properties in Spain and one in Norfolk, was banned indefinitely from working with children.

His catalogue of abuse began in 1979 when he worked at BBC Radio Norfolk.

Originally from Scotland, Souter worked as a producer and presenter in both commercial and BBC radio since the mid-1970s. He had previously presented for Radio Clyde.

Since 1989 he has worked as a freelance broadcaster and had run a media relations consultancy.

During the 1980s and 1990s, Souter’s abuse escalated as he took up senior positions within the community, including as a Scout leader and social services youth mentor.

Two of the boys were ‘repeatedly abused’ over five years.

The broadcaster was first arrested by police in 1993 but, because of a lack of evidence against him, he continued abusing boys for another six years.

One victim said in a statement read to the court: ‘Souter’s insistence that he is innocent and that this is all lies and conspiracy has not allowed full release and closure.’

Former BBC executive Mark Deitch downloaded indecent images of children

Former BBC executive downloaded a haul of online porn – including 150 indecent images of children – so massive it crashed his work’s entire internet connection

  • Mark Deitch, 57, of Willden, Bedfordshire, worked for BBC for 12 years 
  • He admitted downloading images but said they were part of wider haul
  • Says he was unaware of folder called ‘pizza’ with indecent child images

A former BBC executive has admitted downloading more than 150 indecent images of children in folders named ‘teens’ and ‘candids’ onto a hard drive.

Mark Deitch, 57, of Willden, Bedfordshire, would spend hours of time at work at a talent agency scouring anonymous online forum 4chan for things to download as he procrastinated – and it was enough to crash the internet connection.

He admitted downloading the child images but said they were part of a wider haul from 4chan, London’s Southwark Crown Court heard today.

The ‘prolific downloader’ claims to have been unaware of a folder named ‘pizza’ which contained only indecent images of children.

He was set to face trial but has now pleaded guilty to two charges of making indecent images of children. Deitch has been undergoing a Newton hearing with a judge to determine if he was aware of the indecent images and whether or not he had intentionally downloaded them.

At the time of the offences Deitch, who worked for the BBC for 12 years and was responsible for purchasing programmes on behalf of other broadcasters, was working for talent agency Benjamin Management. He used a work computer to download the images before transferring them to an external hard drive.

His computer only came under scrutiny after technicians tried to fix it. Prosecutor Adrian Fleming said the original computer had been wiped so that it could be used by someone else.

This meant investigators could only examine the hard drive and that certain factors – such as a browser search history – were unavailable. They did find a folder called ‘MDX’ which Deitch admitted he may have created because it was his initials and an ‘X’ which could stand for X-rated content.

Mr Fleming said: ‘Within that we [found] a number of sub files including one entitled “pizza”. 

‘Technicians did not appear to have very much difficulty in finding that folder – when they went in they were simply trying to fix a problem.

‘This file “pizza”, in which approximately half of the images were found, was – in the Crown’s submission – a fairly obvious place within the MDX folder.’

The file contained 80 indecent images of children and no other content. These images were part of about 33,000 files stored on the external device, almost all of which are thought to be pornographic.

Mr Fleming noted that the ‘creation date’ on the files ranged for vast periods of 2013 and 2014 and suggested that this may mean that Deitch added files to the device on a number of occasions.

‘All the downloads of the files were from a computer called Mark PC,’ the prosecutor confirmed.

He went through folder names such as ‘candids’ and ‘teen’ as he explained how some images were in folders only containing unlawful images while other were mixed with legal, adult pornography.

In total six images of the most serious category were found on the device plus 43 of the second grouping and 115 of the third. There was also a video file that was in the third band of seriousness.

During an interview when presented with the file name ‘stills’ Deitch said that it ‘rings a bell a bit’, though this folder also contained hundreds of other legal images.

Deitch has admitted downloading, and therefore making, the images but has denied knowing that they were present in part of a bulk download.

Career: Deitch worked for the corporation (whose Broadcasting House in Central London is pictured) for 12 years and was responsible for purchasing programmes on behalf of other broadcasters

Career: Deitch worked for the corporation (whose Broadcasting House in Central London is pictured) for 12 years and was responsible for purchasing programmes on behalf of other broadcasters

Deitch told the court that for him the downloading was not a thrill because of the pornography but that the process was what interested him.

He said: ‘I found that the searching soothes me – it is the downloading that interests me.’

The former BBC executive said that he would spend hours of time at work scouring 4chan for things to download as he procrastinated.

He admitted that he had stumbled across child pornography on the site ‘once or twice’ but claimed to have immediately alerted moderators.

‘Whilst I was at work I would go into 4chan and then there would be a post. – a new post would come up every couple of seconds, it could be anything.

‘It meant doing something other than the thing you are doing as a displacement exercise – it was distraction. I was not functioning with a full deck at that point to be honest.

‘More often than not I would unzip it to the PC and then copy it over in bulk in the evening.

‘It was a ridiculous amount – so much so in fact that I got an email from the building maintenance people saying “somebody in your office is really slowing down the building, will you stop it please”. It was enough to crash the internet connection.’

Deitch admitted he had a particular fondness for ‘amateur’ couples and ‘casting auditions’ when it came to looking for what he described as ‘legal porn’.

He maintained that he had not actively sought out indecent images of children but this his knowledge of the online forum should have alerted him that there could be a risk.

‘I suppose certainly looking back on it now there were people there who were into all sorts of weird stuff. It would not be beyond the realm of possibilities that something untoward would be placed there.’


He was also questioned about the file named ‘pizza’ but claimed it was unlikely he chose the name. ‘It is a strange word for me because I do not like pizza and I am allergic to cheese.’

Marc Brown, defending, said: ‘What the defendant would be saying is that he accepts responsibility for making the images on the exhibit. He was a prolific downloader of legal adult pornography.’

Mr Brown explained that of the roughly 33,000 images only around 0.5 per cent were illegal.

‘He would download material from the online forum 4chan in a zip format. He would download zip files containing various folders which contained pornographic material in bulk.

‘He did not deliberately seek out the material referred to in the indictment. The test is whether the defendant knew that the material he was downloading contained indecent material or was likely to contain indecent material.’

Judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith adjourned sentencing for Deitch as he was not completely convinced by his defence.

The judge said: ‘I am going to order a pre-sentence report. There is no evidence of the search terms that the defendant used.

‘Child pornography forms a minute proportion of the materials saved by him and I am not satisfied that he deliberately sought it out. However I did not find his evidence very satisfactory.’

Judge Loraine-Smith mentioned that there was an element of denial in what Deitch had told him.

He warned Deitch that if he did not co-operate with the probation service and that if a report was not ready by his sentencing date that he would be committing a further offence.

‘I suggest that you are as full and frank as you can be with the probation service,’ the judge concluded.

Deitch has admitted two counts of making indecent photos of a child. He will return to Southwark Crown Court on May 19.


Deitch spent 12 years at the BBC, rising to become head of acquired output.

He has also run the channel Bravo, and a number of other networks, and is now a senior figure at the International School of Screen Acting.

His profile on the school’s website describes him as an ‘Agent and Casting Director’.

The profile adds that he has ‘consulted for every major UK TV station and many international broadcasters and producers’.

He has also worked with a several drama schools as a tutor and casting agent.

BBC face paedo claims over Steptoe And Son actor Wilfrid Brambell

Two men say they were molested by the Steptoe And Son actor in the 1970s

Two men say they were molested by the Steptoe And Son actor in the 1970s

His alleged victims claim he abused them backstage at the Opera House in Jersey.

One boy lived at the Haut de la Garenne children’s home, where Jimmy Savile is suspected of abuse.

By honouring a sex predator like John Peel the BBC shows it’s learnt nothing from Jimmy Savile
Actor Peter Dean met Jean, when he was 29 and she was 15; she was babysitting for a mutual acquaintance.
Dean was an acquaintance of the Kray twins while he was growing up.[1]
Out of the Stewpot By Ed ‘Stewpot’ Stewart “I met my wife when she was 13, in 1970…” p146 (He was 34 at this point)

Sir Jimmy Savile attends a memorial service for Sir Bill Cotton, the BBC light entertainment executive, at St Martins-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square

2009:  Savile  at memorial for Sir Bill Cotton, BBC light entertainment executive

Bill Cotton

Sir William Frederick “Bill” Cotton CBE (23 April 1928 – 11 August 2008) was a British television producer and executive, and the son of big-band leader Billy Cotton

Sir Bill Cotton:

  • Established Top of the Pops
  • Jim’ll Fix It (1975-95)
  • Brought Michael Grade into the BBC

Sir Bill Cotton’s most significant personnel contribution as head of the television service was to recruit Michael Grade to be a high-profile Controller of BBC1 and later Director of Programmes. Grade, a long-time friend of Cotton…

BAFTA Vice-President and ITV executive chairman, Michael Grade, led tributes to his former boss in 2008, calling him: “the greatest television impresario of his or any generation.”

(Former BBC chief Lord Michael Grade admitted he had heard “rumours” about Savile.  But he denied any cover-up had taken place at the Corporation. Dismissing “ludicrous” rumours of a cover-up, Lord Grade — Controller from 1984 to 1986 — added: I never heard anything that gave me cause to think we should investigate or do anything about it.”)

via Strider

 photo card1_zps4de27250.jpg

Prince Charles: ” Jimmy …with highest regards”

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Childline’s Esther Rantzen and Jimmy Savile at this Bill Cotton Lunch event

Childline’s Esther Rantzen was a guest on Jim’ll Fix It

[linked image]

March 1986, when Esther Rantzen made an appearance as a guest on ‘Jim’ll Fix It’.

Daily Mirror, March 22nd 1986″3156/What’s+Wrong+With+Esther+Rantzen%3F

Esther Rantzen speaks out against investigations into historical child abuse. The 75-year-old Dame said she would rather the police focused on catching today’s child abusers.

  • Rolf Harris was backed by Cotton with BBC shows Hi There and Hey Presto it’s Rolf in 1964, and The Rolf Harris Show in 1967


“BBC Light Entertainment”

rolf harris and jimmy savile

Rolf Harris with Jimmy Savile on Jim’ll Fix It

Image result for Bill Cotton was made an OBE in 1976, CBE in 1989, knighted in 2001

Bill Cotton was made an OBE in 1976, CBE in 1989, knighted in 2001

Jim’ll Fix It and PIE

Savile and P.I.E. Member Keith Harding on Jim’ll Fix It. 

P.I.E. (Paedophile Information Exchange) member and Freemason Keith Harding was invited to Jim’ll Fix It show

Paedophile Mason ran lodge set up for GCHQ

ONE OF Britain’s most influential paedophiles Keith Harding, was the head of a Masonic lodge founded and frequented by GCHQ spies.

Keith Harding, former membership secretary of the Paedophile Information Exchange (Pie) was made Worshipful Master of the Mercurius Lodge in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, in 2011.

The child molester, who died last summer, presided over ceremonies and rituals from an ornate throne.

Harding was convicted of an indecent assault against four children aged eight and nine


In 1980 Keith Harding was asked on to Jim’ll Fix it Christmas special with Savile;

Keith Harding, a British antiques expert who restored items for royalty and a prominent member of the Paedophile Information Exchange, had a shop in Islington, visited by many other members of the Paedophile Information Exchange, along with prominent MPs such Jeremy Thorpe, Cyril Smith and Leon Brittan.\

Image result for "leon brittan" + "whittingdale"

Image result for "david napley" + "harvey proctor"


Jimmy Savile would have been vetted by MI5 as far back as the 1960s – and Bond, Moneypenny, M etc would have continued vetting him until at least the 1980s.

Well, obviously the Telegraph doesn’t now say as much – because that might prove to be a tad too uncomfortable for its pro-establishment readership – but it did reveal in an article it printed back in 2006 that staff at the BBC, including reporters, newsreaders and presenters, were all vetted by MI5.

That clearly would have included the BBC’s star presenter Jimmy Savile.

Which rather begs this question:

Were the nation’s finest spies so incompetent they didn’t discover what apparently everyone else knew about Savile’s fondness for abusing children, or did they consider abusing children not a good enough reason to bar someone from employment?

I think we should be told. Don’t you?

Note from Savile to BBC Security friends to admit “ladies” to his room

Jimmy Savile: Secret of BBC’s first sex scandal

Top disc jockeys and executives at the BBC were caught up in a sex scandal more than 40 years ago.

Orgies were arranged involving BBC staff, call girls and others at the house of a brothel-keeper in Kensington in west London. From behind a two-way mirror, other executives and celebrities looked on.

Prostitutes were also provided at hotels and other locations in the West End.

The claims, dating back to 1971, shocked the public, and the police launched an investigation into what became known as the “payola” scandal.

The origin of Jim’ll Fix It – an interview with Jimmy Savile

Tell me a bit about how you came up with the original concept for Jim’ll Fix It.

Jim (Savile): Right, yes, all those years ago I was doing Top of the Pops’ quite happily. I was walking down a corridor, in television centre, and the great Bill Cotton who was the head of light entertainment was walking the other way, when he said, ‘here, listen, you’ve been fixing things for people all your life why don’t we put some pictures to it?’. I said, ‘alright then’, and that’s how it came up.

“The Final Fix”

Final Fix: Prince Andrew helps Sir James (Savile) fulfill a dream in the last series of the programme.

Daily Express April 2nd 1994 FINAL FIX: Prince Andrew helps Sir James Final Fix: Prince Andrew helps Sir Jimmy (Savile) fulfill a dream in the last series of the programme Prince Andrew, Duke of York commanded HMS Cottesmore from April 1993 until November 1994.

Prince Andrew, Duke of York commanded HMS Cottesmore from April 1993 until November 1994.

Savile did not confine himself to one royal. Prince Andrew was called on to help in an episode of Jim’ll Fix It when an eight-year-old girl asked to visit a warship. 

The Naval officer Prince was her host on his minehunter, HMS Cottesmore.



Claire McAlpine’s distraught mother is believed to have contacted BBC bosses at the time but a new report claims she was “fobbed off”.

Barely a month later the girl who dreamed of being a dancer died

Mark Ufland, her brother-in-law, said: “Jimmy was named in the diary for having some sort of sexual relationship with her.

At the time of Claire’s death, a Sunday newspaper claimed that her diary contained a record of associations with several top BBC disc jockeys and show business personalities, all of whom she alleged had “used her” for their own sexual gratifications.

In light of the much publicised sex scandal involving Savile, Claire’s diary sparked interest, as it suggested she may have been a victim of the former Top of the Pops presenter’s alleged predatory sexual advances.

The Mirror last night published memos in which the BBC’s Assistant Head of Variety Tony Preston, reportedly told Assistant Solicitor George Derrick and Head of Light Entertainment Bill Cotton about the allegations made by Miss McAlpine.

…a memo written by Mr Preston in 1971 records that Blackburn was interviewed by Mr Cotton about ten days after Mrs McAlpine’s complaint, when he ‘flatly denied’ sleeping with the 15-year-old.

BBC warned 40 years ago that young girls in Top of the Pops audience were being put at risk

Sexual misconduct at BBC was investigated in 1972 following concerns

Sir Brian Neill QC’s report handed to the director general and chairman

Sir Brian Neill QC investigated how young girls were treated on Top of the Pops

Sir Brian interviewed Sir Bill about Miss McAlpine’s death. The report states: “I questioned… Billy Cotton about this matter. The girl had come to see him [Bill Cotton] on several occasions and had invented stories for the purpose of getting access to him. He said she seemed to him in a sort of fantasy world but that she had not made any sexual advances of any kind.” 

He was persuaded by senior figures including Sir Bill Cotton, the BBC’s legendary head of light entertainment, that any problems with the programme were rare.

smith rev programs

 Sir Bill Cotton interviewed by Sir Brian Neill QC about Claire’s death.

The report said: “I questioned Billy Cotton about this matter. The girl had come to see him [Billy Cotton] on several occasions and had invented stories for the purpose of getting access to him.


Funny how when you play three degrees of separation with these people, they’re never far from a nonce.

…Another fun fact about Bill Cotton: he is (related to) Fearne Cotton, the television presenter. There are lots of fun facts about Fearne, according to Wikipedia. Here are just a few

Fearne Cotton began her career with CITV in 1998, when she presented The Disney Club at 17 years of age. (Shades of Britney Spears etc. MK-Ultra anyone?)

She’s presented such shows as Top of the Pops, Red Nose Day and the BBC’s Royal Wedding and Jubilee Coverage, and conducted a fawning interview with Princes William and Harry. She also hosted The Xtra Factor, a spin-off of Simon Cowell’s X-Factor.

And – a fact curiously absent from her Wikipedia her former boyfriend is Ian Watkins, lead singer of the band Lostprophets, who in December 2012 was charged with conspiracy to rape a one-year old baby girl.

The offences included the attempted rape of an 11-month old child as well as encouraging a fan to abuse her baby via webcam.

Police also found a stash of child porn videos – some of which he had made himself.

More on Bill Cotton:

In 1980, Bill Cotton inaugurated a telethon with the charity Children In NeedThis has become an annual fixture of the BBC’s calendar and led to Live Aid (1985) and the annual Comic Relief appeal from 1988

BBC Children in Need 2015: The greatest fundraisers, including Joanna Lumley’s strip-tease

From Terry Wogan’s floral dance to vicars in knickers-  35 years of fundraising for Pudsey Bear

The sight of BBC newsreaders “sexing up” Children in Need has become an occasionally inglorious part of the telethon.

In 2002, the ritual humiliation of the news-reading corp involved the likes of Andrew Marr and Michael Buerk gyrating with Sophie Raworth to the Time Warp. Newsnight’s Jeremy Vine, playing the part of Dr Frank-N-Furter in suspenders and stilletos, took it as a dry run for his turn on Strictly.



Jim Fixes It For Children in Need…Esther Rantzen…




Bill Cotton was a magistrate. It was while sitting on the Richmond Bench that he met a fellow magistrate 25 years his junior, Kate Burgess – both were sitting as magistrates at Richmond upon Thames, Surrey. Both resigned from the bench amid a BBC-bashing campaign by some tabloid newspapers.

 Bill Cotton suffered a breakdown in 1960 and underwent ECT (electroconvulsive therapy)

Bill Cotton was vice-president of Marie Curie Cancer Cure.

Yes Minister (1980-82) and Yes, Prime Minister (1986-88), a programme that counted the Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, among its fans

Cotton had several disagreements with Mrs.Thatcher, notably over a 1979 Panorama programme about the IRA. In his autobiography, Cotton recalled that ‘the Prime Minister was beside herself with fury’. He pointed out that ‘the film had never been developed, let alone transmitted and but for a press leak nothing more would have been heard about the incident’.

The young Bill Cotton and his brother Ted were boarders at Ardingly College in Sussex which, Bill reflected, “made Bleak House look like a holiday camp”.


Sir Bill Cotton (BBC Payola Inquiry) attended Ardingly College  c.1941-46.

Paedophiles Richard Alston and Peter Righton

Bill_Cotton … Was at Ardingly College at the same time as (PIE member) Peter Righton 1940-44

Convicted paedophile Richard Alston and brother Robert Alston also attended Ardingly College

Richard Alstonwas sentenced to 21 months in prison for molesting an 11-year-old boy.

Brother Diplomat Robert Alston – Chairman of Governors at Ardingly College.

Ardingly College has a Freemason Lodge and is a member of the elite Freemason “Public School Lodges” Council. 

Diplomatic Connections and PIE /  Richard Alston  &   brother Robert Alston – diplomat and freemason

Bill Cotton and associates

 photo cotton20and20sav_zpssn2gngjz.jpg

LORD MATTHEWS and Lady Matthews celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary with 80 close friends at the Ritz Hotel, London

Eric Parker, Reg Varney, Bill Cotton Jr, Jimmy Savile, Nlgel Broackes, Sir Douglas Bader*, Lord George Brown, and Denis Compton.)

Bader knew Janner and Savile

*Sir Douglas Bader –

Greville Janner and beside him, Sir Douglas Bader

He’s photo-shopped out when that picture is used in the media, such as this Daily Mail article

From Hansard:

20 March 1972

Janner: I pay tribute to Douglas Bader, a very great man, who kindly lent his support to this campaign.


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