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Pitcairn Island – Child Sex Abuse Continues

Former Pitcairn mayor found guilty over child abuse images

6 March 2016

Michael Warren, who downloaded more than 1000 images of child abuse while working in child protection, will serve his sentence on the tiny Pacific island

The former mayor of Pitcairn Island has been sentenced to 20-months in prison after he was convicted of possessing more than 1000 images and videos depicting child pornography.The tiny British territory in the South Pacific, which has a population of around 50 people, gained international notoriety in 2004 when seven of the island’s 12 men were accused of a total of 55 sex crimes, some dating back 40 years.


 photo ec53a622-1540-48c2-a850-7033c3ccdec9_zpsa0tayw3a.jpg

…cruise ships anchor offshore, disgorging wealthy tourists in search ofThe ship was at Pitcairn for four hours during which time trading by the Pitcairners with passengers and crew was brisk, and profitable. During the trading period, the ship cruised slowly around the island twice. “with the crew being helpful to the Pitcairners in carrying boxes and baskets of trade goods up from the Pitcairn longboats to where trading was permitted on the ship.”


Photo published for Former Pitcairn mayor found guilty over child pornography

Former mayor Michael Warren – who served as the island’s mayor from 2008 to 2013 – began downloading images of child abuse in 2004.

During the years Warren downloaded the images he was working in child protection on the island – and travelling to New Zealand and the United Kingdom in an official capacity for further training in child protection.

Warren has also been found guilty of engaging in an internet “sex chat” with a person purporting to be a 15-year-schoolgirl, and of possessing a video that showed a bound and gagged naked woman.

Warren will begin serving prison time when New Zealand police officers arrive on the island, which could take up to six months.

It is not known whether he will be detained on the island’s specially-built prison, which was constructed by islanders found guilty of sex crimes with material shipped out from Britain in kit form.

Lawyer calls for trial to be held on Pitcairn Island, not in Auckland, as ex-mayor Michael Warren denies all 25 charges

As mayor in 2010, it was alleged in court, Warren accidentally sent an email to a diplomatic staff member from an address in someone else’s name.

It was further alleged in court that the staff member searched for the address online and found it was linked to an online chat site containing explicit material.

Sergeant Geoff Medland, an officer seconded to Pitcairn Island in 2009 as part of the assistance provided by New Zealand police to the territory, was made aware of the allegations in late April 2010.

The crown alleges Medland found more than 1,000 child abuse images and videos in a search of Warren’s home on 26 May 2010.

Warren was arrested by Medland on behalf of the British high commission and charged with 20 counts of possessing child sexual abuse content under section 160 of the UK’s Criminal Justice Act 1988. He also received five charges under the Pitcairn summary offences ordinance for possession of indecent articles involving adults.

read more http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/feb/03/pitcairn-mayor-charged-with-possessing-child-abuse-material-wants-to-face-local-law


Image result for toby fisher barrister
The new governor of Pitcairn islandGovernor Laura Clarke, is married to Toby Fisher, a human rights barrister
JAN 2018

Child sex abuse inquiry lawyer resigns over concerns

1 November 2016

A key lawyer for the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse has resigned, BBC Newsnight has learned.

Toby Fisher, one of the first three barristers appointed to the inquiry, said he wanted to stand down in August.

It is understood he was concerned by the inquiry’s “progress and direction” and was not otherwise planning on leaving.

A spokesman for the inquiry would not comment on specifics and Mr Fisher declined to comment.

Mr Fisher had served as first junior counsel – the joint-second most senior barrister on the inquiry – and previously worked on two of the inquiry’s most high profile investigations – into Lord Janner and alleged abuse in Westminster.

Mr Fisher’s decision to leave came about a fortnight after the departure of the inquiry’s third chair, Dame Lowell Goddard and days after Newsnight disclosed the inquiry had been told of an alleged sexual assault by the inquiry’s lead counsel, Ben Emmerson QC.

Asked about Mr Fisher’s departure, a spokesman for the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse said the inquiry had “a large legal team comprising a number of junior counsel, senior counsel and solicitors”.

“They come and go subject to their professional obligations and we are not commenting on specifics,” he added.

The spokesman for the inquiry added that Toby Fisher remains instructed by the inquiry. However, the BBC understands that this is to allow Mr Fisher to answer any queries that arise related to his previous work.



Hugh Davies QC – December 2015

Toby Fisher – August 2015

Elizabeth Prochaska – September 2016

Ben Emmerson QC – September 2016

Aileen McColgan – November 2016


Clarke and her three young children are now settled in at Homewood, the grand official residence in Karori, and will soon be joined by Fisher, who’s been winding up his barrister’s chambers in London. He will join the Crown Law Office in Wellington.

Wellington, once regarded as a pre-retirement posting, is now attracting younger high flyers. Clarke’s predecessor, Jonathan Sinclair, who returned to London to become the principal private secretary to British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, was also a parent of young children at Homewood.


From October 2012 – October 2013, Fisher was junior counsel to the Leveson Inquiry, led by Robert Jay QC.


Toby Fisher, the counsel responsible for its contentious investigation into the late Labour peer Lord Janner

Legacy of Sexual Mayhem, the Dark Secrets of  Pitcairn Island Revealed

In 2000, police investigating the rape allegations of a 15-year-old girl uncovered a trail of child abuse dating back at least three generations. Scarcely any of Pitcairn’s 47 inhabitants were untainted by the allegations, and barely a girl growing up on the island had escaped abuse.

Marks, who was one of six international journalists who traveled to the island for the trials in 2004 said “Everyone who lived on Pitcairn over the years, over the generations, knew exactly what was going on,” …


 photo picairn20mountbat_zpsiwaxv6rz.jpg

Pitcairn Public Hall

For Britain, the case raised embarrassing questions about its supervision of the colony, now known as an overseas territory.

Earl Mountbatten  and HRH Prince Phillip visited Pitcairn via the Royal Yacht Britannia during February 1971.

When Prince Philip visited in 1971 he received a briefing paper about the place and personalities.


 photo prince phil pitcairn_zpsrygscv74.jpg

 photo pitcairn elwyn2_zpscap5ylvf.jpg


Truthseeker1‏ @thewakeupcall09

Lord Louis Mountbatten former chauffeur Norman Nield exposed him

Meanwhile, in New Zealand, there have been such newspaper headlines as, “‘Uncle Dickie’ the Sex Pervert” (N.Z. Truth, Sept.  8, 1987), since Mountbatten’s former chauffeur, Norman Nield, started revealing details of the late Lord Mountbatten’s alleged sexual exploitation of boys.

Image result for mountbatten on boat

Edward Prince of Wales and his cousin Lord Louis Mountbatten “relax” in a canvas swimming pool on board H. M. S. Renown during their 1920 Empire Tour.

Lord Louis was a great grandson of Queen Victoria and the uncle of Prince Philip (consort of Queen Elizabeth II). Mountbatten was also a promiscuous bisexual who was famously rumored to have had an affair with Edward VIII (who was Prince of Wales at the time) when he accompanied him on his Empire tours (see photo above).


Related image

Image result for mountbatten and queen elizabeth

The Queen. Like any human being, she is subject to the influence of those around her. While he lived, Lord Mountbatten was a persuasive counsellor, and he formulated the plan for Prince Charles’s unusually rigorous education.



Richard Alston and Robert Alston

Robert Alston was governor of Pitcairn

 photo pitcairn_zpsmzpthlcf.jpg

Soon after the police left, governor Robert Alston wrote a letter to the Chief Constable of Kent police, David Phillips.. and sent a gift, grateful that “the matter”, which had the potential to turn into a long drawn-out and complicated legal case had been satisfactorily resolved.

 photo pitcairn foreign_zpsaw8u23ra.jpg

 photo 6469909d-1adf-49d1-91db-b9d0c8708d89_zps1874d8c6.jpg

Robert Alston:

British Ambassador to Oman between (1986–1990)

High Commissioner to New Zealand

Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George (CMG) – 1987

Governor of the Pitcairn Islands between (1994–1998)

Since retiring from the Diplomatic Service Alston has been involved with:

Education (as Chairman of the Council of Ardingly College from 2005-10 and Chairman of the Governing Body of the Marsh Academy New Romney fro 2007-13);

The Church (on the staff of Archbishop George Carey from 1999-2002;

Peter Ball was not charged and this was done with the knowledge of the then archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey.

 photo alston and anne_zpsj9snrvpq.jpg


Robert Alston’s brother is Richard Alston who was recently convicted of child sex abuse and is connected to a VIP paedophile ring. 

Richard Alston, was supported during the trial by his brother Robert Alston from the public gallery.

Richard Alston’s partner Peter Righton was the founder of the Paedophile Information Exchange, the court heard.

The court heard Richard Alston and his partner Peter Righton forced an 11-year-old boy at the school to watch pornography and then perform sex acts on him at their home in Greenford, west London.

It was the investigation into Righton – convicted of importing images of child abuse in 1992 – that led to MP Tom Watson using Parliamentary privilege in 2012 to allege there was “clear intelligence” of a VIP child sex abuse ring.

Former PIE treasurer Charles Napier is the half-brother of John Whittingdale MP

PIE – Charles Napier and Peter Righton. Image taken from Secret Life of a Paedophile

The court heard PIE’s Peter Righton and Alston’s friend PIE’s Charles Napier – now a convicted paedophile – would also be present on some occasions.

Napier, a former teacher from Sherborne in Dorset, was at one time treasurer of the Paedophile Information Exchange.

read more http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-london-34385091

Charles Napier and Richard Alston

An earlier police investigation recovered a letter by Charles Napier bragging of being able to send obscene images back to Britain in diplomatic bags, and of easy access to young boys while working for the British Council in Cairo.

read more http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014/nov/18/senior-mps-half-brother-admits-historial-sex-offences-young-boys

Charles Napier joined the British Council after his 1972 conviction.

Many questions remain unanswered including who were Napier’s referees for his employment with the British Council

Prince Philip is godfather to Henniker’s son

Henniker ran the Islington /Suffolk Project – a scheme for disadvantaged children from Islington to have country holidays in rural Suffolk.

Henniker was Director of the British Council (1968-72).

Paedophile Peter Righton was allowed to live at the Thornham Magna estate of Lord Henniker in Suffolk, where children from Islington continued to be taken, apparently until his death;  Tom Watson wrote that the Chief Constable of Suffolk warned against Righton being allowed to live at the estate but was ignored.

“Lord Henniker, 77, told the Standard he did not know Righton and was not responsible for him living on the estate”

Righton was convicted by a magistrates court in September 1992 of importing child pornography magazines and photographs after Customs and Excise intercepted material being sent to him from the Netherlands that April.

A police raid on his home, where he lived with Richard Alston, uncovered other paedophile magazines, and letters to and from other paedophiles containing details of abuse. He was fined £900 with £75 costs for importing child abuse images, had the magazines destroyed, and was cautioned for an historical assault.

Sir Peter Hayman  and Lord Henniker were at Stowe School together

Foreign Office, 1966. Sir Peter Hayman Under Secretary of State. Lord Henniker Assistant Under Secretary of State


Sir Peter Hayman and wife Rosemary Eardley Blomefield

Charles Napier is cousin to paedophile diplomat Sir Peter Hayman’s wife.



Current governor of Pitcairn

 photo pit sinclair_zpsnpcyvwv0.jpg

Honoured to be Governor of #Pitcairn.

Sworn in today by Chief Justice Charles Blackie – Judges are appointed by the Governor of the Pitcairn Islands under instruction from Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II.


The Governor General of Pitcairn – Jonathan Sinclair – last seen advising Jack Straw on the invasion of Iraq

Even Jonathan Sinclair however despite seemingly having no other job than running the island these days isn’t silly enough to actually live in the place he’s supposed to control.

 photo sinclair straw_zpsk3fstpcr.jpg


Jack Straw also chairman of governors for Pimlico Comp School with gov Ashley Bramall

Jack Straw  tried to pass legislation to make it illegal in Part 2 of the Children, Schools and Families Act 2010 or Children in Childrens Homes to speak out.

Jack Straw and Leon Brittan’s cousin – Sir Malcolm Rifkind – in latest ‘cash for access’ scandal

Another island … St Helena

Vicount Ian Kerr CGC‏ @IanKerr

How far back does the child abuse go on the British territory of St Helena Ascension and Tristan da Cunha? The 50’s, the 60’s ?

St Helena child abuse: Foreign Office ‘was warned British island couldn’t cope 12 years ago’

Exclusive investigation: child abuse “ignored throughout” St Helena, where men who abused children were fined as little as £50

18 Jan 2015

The Foreign Office knew the British territory of St Helena “couldn’t cope” with child abuse as long ago as 2002 but failed to order an independent inquiry for 12 years, a retired senior civil servant has claimed.

Ivy Ellick, a former head of public health and social services on the island, said she delivered the warning in a meeting with the British government. At least 20 children were sexually abused on the South Atlantic island, which has a population of only 4,500, during the years between the warning and the inquiry.

Establishment paedophiles, including a social work manager who advised on child protection and a deputy manager of a sheltered accommodation complex, were not brought to justice. Both men were finally sentenced in the past two years.

During this period, the Foreign Office repeatedly assured the United Nations that there was “no evidence” of sexual exploitation of children on the island, where seven out of 11 prisoners are child sex offenders. A new prison is being built that could accommodate up to one in 50 of the island’s men.

The British government launched the inquiry, headed by Sasha Wass, the QC who prosecuted Rolf Harris, last year after whistleblowers detailed abuse and an alleged cover-up by the island’s government and the Foreign Office.

The island has been administered by the Crown since 1834. The Foreign Office appoints its governor and the Department for International Development funds dozens of government posts.

Mrs Ellick’s claims are published as a Telegraph investigation discloses:

Child abuse was “ignored throughout society” until recently, according to an official report, and men who sexually abused children were handed fines of as little as £50;

The sheltered accommodation worker, Leslie Clingham, was not brought to court until seven years after he admitted to police that he had sexually abused a child. He continued to work for the government and was allowed to have a relationship with a sheltered accommodation resident who had suffered a stroke;

Jeromy Cairns-Wicks, former police officer and social worker, has been jailed (SAMS)

In June 2013, a Dorset Police report failed to substantiate any criminal allegations against Jeromy Cairns-Wicks, the former social work manager, or to suspend him from his job as a police officer. Five months later, after Cairns-Wicks was imprisoned for separate firearms offences, he was finally sentenced to 11 years in prison for sexually assaulting a nine-year-old. Pam Trevillion, who produced the Dorset report, has since been employed as the island’s head of crime, running child abuse investigations;

The police were not told that a 15-year-old girl was pregnant on Ascension island, a dependency of St Helena, until four days after she was flown to Britain for medical care. Police suspected the father was five years older and launched a criminal investigation. No prosecution was ever brought;

Mrs Ellick, who was awarded an OBE in 2004 for her 46-year career in the St Helenian government, said she delivered her warning in a meeting with the Foreign Office in 2002, saying that the island did not have the resources to meet its convention obligations to the United Nations to protect its children.

A UK-qualified social worker was subsequently appointed for a three-year term to train local staff, but they often left the island, where government employees earn as little as £5,000 a year, once they were qualified. “This happened every time,” she said. “It was very difficult, and still is, to retain staff because of the low wages.

“They [the Foreign Office] were aware that we didn’t have the resources to cope with it because we’ve been pointing it out ever since. I said they were unfair to expect us to do it without the resources.

“I said to them, ‘you’ve signed up to this convention, but it’s going to require big money and we don’t have the social workers nor the resources to do it’.

“We did have some convictions of child abuse but some of them didn’t reach conviction because we didn’t have the resources to do proper investigations. The police weren’t equipped enough, they didn’t have all the tools that were necessary.

“People were actually brought to court but once they were before the judge the case got thrown out on technical points. It happened on a couple of occasions when I was in the health and social services department.”

The British social workers, Claire Gannon and Martin Warsama, who worked on the island in 2013 and triggered the Wass inquiry, are now suing the Foreign Office claiming they lost their jobs because of their whistleblowing.

At the same time, they are being investigated over alleged perjury in an adoption case on Ascension island and could eventually be extradited back to St Helena to be tried by the very criminal justice system they complained about.

“Which whistleblower would stand up if it meant removal from their place of work or even the UK?” said Lawrence Davies, director of Equal Justice Solicitors, who is representing them. “The spectre of extradition is a horrible thing for these British whistleblowers to have to live with.”

Twenty-seven men are on the island’s recently introduced sex offenders’ register out of a total male population of around 2,000, more than six times the figure per head in England and Wales.

The Telegraph investigation also found a children’s disco had to be cancelled because of “voyeurs” hoping to watch “young children gyrating on the floor”.

Islanders with learning difficulties and disabilities were said to be kept in “Victorian” conditions in its “challenging behaviour unit”. They will only move to purpose-built accommodation next month. The island’s government denied a reporter access to the unit.

Dr Karen Harrison, an expert in sex offender sentencing from the University of Hull, said the fines amounted to “a slap on the wrist” and “suggests the offence isn’t taken seriously”.

Comparing the fines for child sex offenders to heftier penalties sometimes awarded in other cases, Dave Gardiner, who has worked in the British probation service for 30 years, said “you were better off worrying children than sheep” on the island. “The fines don’t mark society’s disapproval,” he said. “Fining people for sexual abuse is just not tackling the abuse.”

Dorset Police confirmed that Ms Trevillion conducted an investigation on behalf of the Foreign Office into an allegation against a St Helena police officer but declined to comment further.

A Foreign Office (FCO) spokesman said: “We take all measures of child abuse very seriously. Where we could act, we believe we have. In recent years, we have sent police to provide training, investigate cases and look at the effectiveness of policing on St Helena.

“In 2013, the FCO sent a chid safeguarding non-governmental organisation to St Helena to investigate child protection and there have also been visits from other child safeguarding experts. The FCO has also dedicated extra resource to child safeguarding.

“However, we know from the current allegations that there is more to do to make sure that children on St Helena are given the right level of protection. That is why the Foreign Secretary launched the Wass inquiry which will look at these allegations.”

A St Helena government spokesman said it “welcomed” the Wass inquiry and “looks forward to giving it the fullest cooperation”. He said the investigation into Cairns-Wicks “was in fact undertaken by St Helena police with independent oversight from Pam Trevillion, and resulted in a guilty plea and a significant sentence”.


Tiny remote island visited by royal family – a “paedophile paradise”

1925: HRH Edward, Prince of Wales

1936: Lord and Lady Baden-Powell

Postage Stamp Lord Baden-Powell Saint Helena Island Info Famous Visitors

Lord and Lady Baden-Powell arrived at St, Helena on 11th May 1936, on the ship ‘Llandovery Castle’.

Their visit was marked with celebrations by the island’s scouts and guides.

Scouting was started on St Helena in 1915 by Canon L C Walcott. Guiding was started in 1921 by his wife Winifred.

1947: HRH King George VI

1957: HRH The Duke of Edinburgh

1984: HRH Prince Andrew

HRH the Prince Andrew, 19th February 1960-, is the second son and third child of Queen Elizabeth II.

A song was composed to welcome Prince Andrew to the island:

Dance at the Paramount {6} Saint Helena Island Info

Dance at the Paramount

He visited St Helena as a member of the armed forces, arriving on 5th April 1984, travelling aboard the HMS Herald. In addition to massive celebrations with marching and singing, a dance was held at the Paramount Cinema and Prince Andrew was treated to a performance of ‘Fibre’, a musical produced by children from the island’s schools. After ‘novelty sports’ on Francis Plain he departed at 9pm the following day.

It was announced in advance that there would be no alcohol on sale during the event on Francis Plain, resulting in a veritable flood of letters of protest in the St Helena News Review!

The island’s new secondary school is named after him, in honour of the visit.

The image (below) shows him stepping ashore, alighting from his launch by swinging on the rope, just as everyone still does: islanders, visitors, Governors and even royal personages!{i} Note also Governor Massingham in full traditional uniform, including the Governor’s Hat. While alighting from the boat before Prince Andrew Governor Massingham very nearly fell into the water.

2002: Anne, The Princess Royal Saint Helena Island Info

2002: Anne, The Princess Royal Saint Helena Island Info

2002: HRH Anne, The Princess Royal

HRH Anne, The Princess Royal, 15th August 1950-, is the second child and only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II.

She arrived here on 15th November 2002. After a welcoming speech from Governor Hollamby (right) and parade in Jamestown she visited the Museum of St Helena and hospital, then unveiled the dedication plaque for the island’s ‘Princess Royal Community Care Complex’ (photo, left), a residential home for the elderly in Half Tree Hollow. The following day she visited the various Napoleonic sites; opened the Quincy Vale sheltered accommodation{24}; and attended an agricultural show on Francis Plain and a concert at Prince Andrew’s School.

We have a small gallery of photos from the visit and other images (below). You can also read a report (506.0Kb) from the St Helena Herald 29th November 2002.

St Helena child abuse claims dismissed as ‘gross distortion of reality’

Inquiry says social workers’ allegations and reports labelling territory ‘paedophile’s paradise’ were ‘totally misleading’

Barrister Sasha Wass QC, who led the investigation, said allegations of widespread abuse and press reports, which labelled St Helena as a “paedophiles’ paradise”, gave a “totally misleading” picture.

The senior barrister berated “whistleblower” social workers for making claims “in order to deflect from their own incompetence and wrongdoing”. Ms Wass found “no truth” in any of the allegations and that no cover-up by either the UK or St Helena governments had taken place.

Concerns about police corruption and child sexual exploitation had been raised by then Lib Dem MP John Hemming and by former St Helena Government employees.

The report also strongly criticised the findings of a previous investigation by the Lucy Faithfull Foundation charity in 2013. The Government commissioned report found that “the grooming of girls in their early teenage years by older men was seen as being a significant issue which needs comprehensive attention”.

Ms Wass dismissed the Foundation’s findings as “biased and distorted”.


Barrister Sasha Wass QCserved as the defence lawyer for Rosemary West, a serial killer convicted of murdering 10 victims including two daughters along with her husband Fred, in a place known as Gloucester’s House of Horrors.


The Opening of ‘The World’s Most Useless Airport’ in Remote Saint Helena

Oct 17, 2017

Last weekend, after five years of construction and controversy, the tiny and isolated British island of Saint Helena welcomed its first scheduled commercial flight. Saint Helena, a British Overseas Territory in the South Atlantic Ocean, is one of the most remote islands in the world—a volcanic outcrop with an area of only 47 square miles.

The new airport, servicing the 4,500 island inhabitants with flights from South Africa, was built at a cost of $374 million.


In 2010, the British (then coalition) government justified the cost of the airport arguing that the “additional short-term costs of constructing an airport are outweighed by the long-term benefits.” The island receives more than £53m in aid every year and the average annual salary of the 4,534 inhabitants is only £7,280.



Kenneth Clarke and VIP CSA Cover ups

08 Mar 2016

Kenneth Clarke ‘failed to act’ over Lord Janner and Cyril Smith child abuse tip

Government’s sex abuse inquiry – which has first preliminary hearing on Wednesday – will hear claims that former home secretary was warned of abuse in the early 90s


More on Kenneth Clarke


Child porn network operating out of Broadmoor 1986




and again in 1997:

The hospital was the subject of an inquiry following allegations that a child paedophile ring was operating within its walls and that patients held child pornography videos


^ Savile and Rolf Harris

Documented: Harris's visit to the Berkshire hospital in 1973 was mentioned in last week's report on Savile's abuse

Rolf Harris’ visit to Broadmoor in 1973 was mentioned in a 2014 report on Savile’s abuse


It emerged that BBC pervert Savile was “given the keys” to Broadmoor secure hospital around 1988 — when Mr Clarke was Health Secretary.

Mr Clarke was last night forced to defend himself, saying: “I have no recollection of ever having met Jimmy Savile and no recollection of these events.

Paedophile Savile abused dozens of women at Broadmoor, where he also had his own set of keys and living quarters

He even had a mobile home on site and ordered teenagers inside supposedly to clean it.


 photo clarke20educ_zpsoute9nr7.jpg

Kenneth Clarke 1991 Secretary of State for Education

Government officials tried to remove 155 sex assault claims by pupils to Childline from official dossier

Esther Rantzen Crookham Court School

Dame Esther said:I will forward the report and memo to Justice Goddard.

2 May 2015

…… Department of Education officials wanted 155 allegations of attacks, mainly by teachers, to be censored

The 1991 report reviewed the findings of an experimental phone line for boarding school children set up by Dame Esther Rantzen and funded by the Government.

The report was never published, but the Sunday Mirror last week obtained a copy through Freedom of Information.

And it came with a damning memo by a DES official that mysteriously advised a “low-key” approach to publicity and moaned it was a waste of public money.

The NSPCC, which now runs ChildLine, has been unable to find a copy of the report in its archives. 

The Department for Education said it would “submit any ­information relating to historic child sexual exploitation” to the Goddard inquiry. Dame Esther said:I will forward the report and memo to Justice Goddard.


“Leon Brittan was the outstanding man of our generation”

Kenneth Clarke, William Hague and Nick Clegg among politicians who attend memorial service for Leon Brittan

Kenneth Clarke and Norman Lamont described Lord Brittan as one of the cleverest politicians of his generation, as well as being a warm, witty and reliable friend.


Kenneth Clarke has been forced to shelve his plans to halve jail terms for rapists and violent offenders who plead guilty, following a storm of protest.

The panel at Wormwood Scrubs: (L to R) Daily Mail columnist Melanie Philips, Blackburn MP Jack Straw, David Dimbleby, Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke and Liberty director Shami Chakrabarti

The panel included Melanie Philips, Blackburn MP Jack Straw, David Dimbleby, Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke and Liberty director Shami Chakrabarti

Controversy: Government sources revealed that the sentencing shake-up had been postponed on the orders of Number 10

In a radio phone-in, the Justice Secretary repeatedly suggested that some rapes were not as ‘serious’ as others.

Ken Clarke roared with laughter at suggestions he should resign.



Link: Sir Edward Heath is pictured with paedophile Cyril Smith, a former MP for Rochdale, in Leeds in 1975, who is known to have been a linchpin in the Westminster paedophile ring

Sir Edward Heath is pictured with paedophile Cyril Smith, a former MP for Rochdale, in Leeds in 1975, who is known to have been a linchpin in the Westminster paedophile ring

Brothel madam  Myra Ling-Ling Forde allegedly had a prosecution against her dropped to avoid a probe into the former PM Ted Heath

 photo ling_zpsasbjmrsy.png

Ken Clarke was Home sec when Myra Ling Ling trial was abandoned – in 1992

A court heard how she trained children as call girls, often picking up youngsters mostly from a care home

JERSEY:Children were loaned to rich paedophile yachtsmen

One of those who stood most to lose was Sir Edward Heath, the former prime minister from 1970-74, who was known to visit the Jersey care home the Haute Garrene among others to take young boys on boating weekends on his yacht called  ‘Morning Cloud’

We know from court cases and statements made [during the 2008 inquiry] that children in Jersey care homes were ‘loaned out’ to members of the yachting fraternity and other prominent citizens on the pretence of recreational trips but during which they were savagely abused and often raped.

When these children complained they were beaten and locked in cellars at Haut de la Garenne

A source spoke to one of his victims and he said about others who were present, and more important, who was supplying the children to him.

Jimmy Savile at Haut de la Garenne

The person bringing children for him to abuse is Sir Jimmy Savile. He was seen by the witness, victim, taking young boys onboard Heath’s yacht the morning cloud when they were at party conference. Allegedly Savile is known for supplying a number of high profile MP’s with children for them to sexually abuse.


Savile used to keep his infamous caravan parked at Haut de la Garenne during his visits to Jersey


Mother claims she had told police a child vanished after going on Sir Edward Heath’s yacht but officers were warned not to investigate by ‘someone above’ 


Search for remains at Haut de la Garenne 2008

Home to something evil

The story had first trickled out in November 2007, gaining almost no press attention.

Following a covert police inquiry into allegations of mistreatment in the island’s care homes, police and the NSPCC in London had appealed to former residents to come forward.

By January 2008, hundreds were said to have made contact, reporting physical and sexual abuse, mostly at Haut de la Garenne, a grim, Victorian industrial school that had, until the mid-80s, served as Jersey’s main children’s home.


 photo jersey diagram_zps6phur0yi.jpg

Jack Straw – and then Ken Clarke – supported and endorsed the illegal sabotage of that Jersey investigation from back in 2008.

Detailed, evidenced submissions were made to Ken Clarke, too – when he had become Secretary of State for Justice – concerning the Jersey child-abuse cover-ups – and the concealment of other profoundly serious crimes in Jersey.

Since then Ken Clarke has been accused of indecently assaulting a young male actor who was playing beneath the age of consent when the alleged indecent assault is said to have occurred. For reasons that might – in usual circumstances – have appeared mystifying, rather than Clarke suing Ben Fellows for defamation, the state embarked upon the breathtakingly ill-advised and doomed attempt to prosecute Fellows


Jack Straw chairman of governors for Pimlico Comp School with gov Ashley Bramall (brother of Edwin Bramall who was “old friends” with Greville Janner)

Jack Straw  tried to pass legislation to make it illegal in Part 2 of the Children, Schools and Families Act 2010 for Children in Childrens’ Homes to speak out.

Jack Straw and Leon Brittan’s cousin – Sir Malcolm Rifkind – in latest ‘cash for access’ scandal

 photo 54737955-bd4e-4483-b938-f30e40aed339_zpsde2gthqf.png

A picture of Kenneth Clarke’s wedding. John Gummer is best man and the ushers include Michael Howard and Leon Brittan. Norman Lamont and Norman Fowler were also friends.

Clarke’s time as a Cabinet Minister is the fifth-longest in the modern era, having spent over 20 years serving under Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher, John Major and David Cameron.

David Cameron hired Lord Brittan as a day trade adviser

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In 2011 and 2012, Clarke faced criticism for his Justice and Security Bill, in particular those aspects of it that allow secret trials when “national security” is at stake

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Ken Clarke is made Companion of Honour

22 July 2014

David Cameron rewarded Ken Clarke with the more exclusive Companion of Honour.

He will enter a small clique of people who can use the letters CH after their name. The order was founded by George V in 1917 to recognise services of national importance, made up of the sovereign, plus no more than 65 members.



Participant at the annual meeting of the Bilderberg Group in 1993, 1998, 2006–08 and 2012.


In June 2013 Clarke ‘forgot‘ he was one of three trustees of the Bilderberg Association and “may have failed fully to declare his role organising the secretive meetings of the Bilderberg Group of world leaders.”



Ted Heath: Bilderberg participant

Supporting the Sir Edward Heath Charitable Foundation:

Sir Peter Bottomley MP

Lord Tristan Garel-JonesMr Proctor turned from politics to hosiery and opened his shop in Brewers Lane, off Richmond Green, in 1988 with a pounds 2,000 grant from the Government’s Enterprise Allowance Scheme, and a little help from his friends: a start-up fund of pounds 75,000 was organised by Tristan Garel-Jones MP, the former Tory deputy chief whip and one of the party’s best-known fixers.


John Gummer
Keith Vaz MP
Lord Geoffrey Howe
Lord Douglas Hurd
Lord Peter Mandelson

Chair of the Heath trustees – Lord Armstrong

Lord Armstrong

PPS to Heath

Allegations of Child abuse cover-up

Armstrong was aware of Sir Peter Hayman’s paedophilia, and since leaving office, has commented “Clearly, I was aware of it at the time but I was not concerned with the personal aspect of it.”[5]

He knew about allegations of Savile’s sexual abuse of children

Armstrong gave Margaret Thatcher what he calls a “veiled” warning not to sanction Jimmy Savile’s knighthood for charitable work, due to allegations around his sexual abuse of children.

Armstrong was warned by the security services in 1986 that an MP had ‘a penchant for small boys’. But no action was taken and Armstrong, who refused to name the MP involved, insisted the allegations were just ‘shadows of a rumour’. He said he believed the decision not to investigate the paedophile claims was ‘correct at the time’.[7]