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George Osborne (pictured) was at the school in the 1980s. Other so-called Old Paulines who attended the school during the period under review include historian Dan Snow

Thousands of St Paul’s are alumni quizzed on sex abuse from up to 60 years ago at private school attended by George Osborne

  • Major inquiry is looking into allegations of child abuse at famous private school 
  • Investigators have written to thousands of old boys at London-based St Paul’s
  • The school’s alumni include ex-Chancellor George Osborne and John Simpson  

A Major inquiry is looking at allegations of child abuse dating back 60 years at one of Britain’s most famous private schools.

Investigators have written to thousands of old boys of St Paul’s – where alumni include ex-Chancellor George Osborne and TV veteran John Simpson – in the search for victims and witnesses.

The letters were sent out by officials at the Richmond Safeguarding Children Board in South-West London after it began a Serious Case Review into ‘what abuse children suffered’ at the school in Barnes.

It asked former pupils to come forward in person or by telephone. The ‘period under review’ is 1960 to the present day.

The £36,000-a-year school has been plagued by revelations of misconduct by staff in the past few years following a police investigation into abuse in the area called Operation Winthorpe.

Earlier this year former rowing coach Patrick Marshall became the fifth member of staff to be convicted for abuse since 2013 when he was jailed for 18 years for sexually abusing pupils.

Up until now, the only confirmed cases of child abuse at the school date from 1974 to 1992 and later incidents in 2003 to 2005. But the review aims to cover time outside these periods as The Mail on Sunday understands some allegations of abuse date back over 50 years.

Conducted by independent experts, Serious Case Reviews are often reserved for situations where children have died or been subjected to serious abuse and neglect and are intended to prevent future incidents occurring. It is uncommon for such a wide ranging review to take place.

Mr Osborne was at the school in the 1980s. Other so-called Old Paulines who attended the school during the period under review include historian Dan Snow.

A spokesman for St Paul’s said: ‘The matters which came to light during Operation Winthorpe were deeply shocking and saddening.

‘They represented serious violations of trust and the values which the school holds dear.

‘The school is fully supportive of the Serious Case Review into inter-agency working, following the formal closure of the police investigation. Our first and foremost priority is to keep children safe, and to establish and disseminate the wider lessons to be learned, and welcome the opportunity to contribute to the review.’

Deborah Lightfoot, independent chairman of Richmond’s Local Safeguarding Children Board, said: ‘Over the past few years, there have been a number of police investigations and subsequent prosecutions regarding historic abuse allegations at St Paul’s.

‘The Local Safeguarding Children Board has therefore decided to conduct a full Serious Case Review. This will involve reviewing procedures, documentation and carrying out interviews with the school and other local partner organisations to consider whether there are any lessons to be learned and to ensure that all children and young people are safe from harm in the future.

‘It is expected that the review will take approximately 12 months. A report with findings and recommendations will be published at the end. The school is co-operating fully with the review.’

Police: If Ted Heath was alive today we’d quiz him under caution on child abuse claims

  • Operation Conifer inquiry into Edward Heath will be made public on October 5
  • Findings will reveal about 40 people made paedophile claims against Sir Edward
  • Chief Constable Mike Veale’s report will say seven of which are ‘credible’ claims
  • Sir Edward died in 2005 aged 89 – if alive today he’d be interviewed under caution, says the MoS

Child sexual abuse claims made against Sir Edward Heath by seven of his alleged victims are serious enough that police would have questioned him under caution if he were still alive.

That is the astonishing verdict of a controversial two-year investigation into the former Tory Prime Minister, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

The explosive findings of the Operation Conifer inquiry into Sir Edward, led by Wiltshire Chief Constable Mike Veale, will be made public on October 5. It is believed the findings will reveal that about 40 people made paedophile claims against Sir Edward, who died in 2005 aged 89, covering five decades.

According to Whitehall sources, Mr Veale’s report will say seven of the alleged victims are ‘credible’ and describe the same pattern of behaviour by their ‘abuser’.

A Government source said an ‘interview under caution’ is, in effect, the strongest action that Mr Veale could recommend with regard to Sir Edward.

After an ‘interview with caution’ police would send a file to the Crown Prosecution Service, which would decide whether to prosecute. ‘It was never the task of Operation Conifer to decide whether Sir Edward was guilty, and clearly there was never any question of recommending prosecution in this case,’ a Government source said.

According to Whitehall sources, Mr Veale’s report will say seven of the alleged victims are ‘credible’ and describe the same pattern of behaviour by their ‘abuser’.

A Government source said an ‘interview under caution’ is, in effect, the strongest action that Mr Veale could recommend with regard to Sir Edward.

After an ‘interview with caution’ police would send a file to the Crown Prosecution Service, which would decide whether to prosecute. ‘It was never the task of Operation Conifer to decide whether Sir Edward was guilty, and clearly there was never any question of recommending prosecution in this case,’ a Government source said.

An ‘interview under caution’ usually takes place at a police station with the consent of the accused. If they refuse to attend, they can be arrested.

Mr Veale’s report will say testimonies by around a dozen more ‘victims’ cannot be relied on because they may have been ‘damaged’ by their experiences; a further dozen involve so called ‘third party’ allegations, where people have come forward to describe the alleged abuse of others.

A number of claims have been dismissed as bogus or fantasy.

Mr Veale has faced fierce criticism from senior Tories and mandarins who worked for Heath when he was in power in the 1970s.

They have accused police of wasting £2 million of public money on the inquiry, claiming the allegations are ‘fantasy’. Others said it would have been impossible for Sir Edward to commit such crimes when for much of his career he was accompanied by police protection. Only last week, former Director of Public Prosecutions Lord Macdonald said Mr Veale’s investigation was a ‘tragi-comedy of incompetence’.

But Mr Veale received a major boost yesterday as two fellow senior police chiefs, who are thought to have been briefed on progress by Operation Conifer, fired a warning shot at his powerful detractors.

Norfolk Chief Constable Simon Bailey, who supervises all UK historic child sex investigations, and Durham Chief Constable Mike Barton, who supervises national police operations, cautioned against attempts to ‘undermine’ Mr Veale.

In a statement to the MoS they stressed police must be able to investigate ‘without fear or favour’, adding: ‘They should be able to carry out investigations with complete independence without commentary which threatens to undermine the process.

‘While we await the findings of the Sir Edward Heath inquiry, it would be wrong to speculate on its content or the actions of individuals who have conducted the investigation.’

It was vital that police were given the funds ‘to conduct what can be complex and time-consuming inquiries’, they added.

The Mail on Sunday can also disclose that earlier this year a review of Mr Veale’s inquiry was undertaken by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary, which ruled it was ‘reasonable and proportionate’.

In another apparent vote of confidence in Mr Veale, Home Secretary Amber Rudd last week signed off a £1.1 million payment to help fund the investigation into Sir Edward – a blow to Tory MPs who wanted her to refuse to pay. Significantly, she signed off the payment shortly after receiving a summary of Mr Veale’s findings.

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse also said it would study Mr Veale’s findings after being briefed on his report.

Mr Veale’s view that allegations against Sir Edward would be serious enough to justify interrogation under caution were he alive is likely to spark a major row and calls for him to resign by some Tories convinced Sir Edward is innocent. A similar investigation into claims of a Westminster child sex ring involving 1980s Home Secretary Leon Brittan and others, by the Metropolitan Police – Operation Midland – collapsed last year after it was revealed the key claims were made by a fantasist. But there have also been allegations of an Establishment cover-up.

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen, who has staunchly defended ‘courageous and honest’ Mr Veale, said: ‘Having set up the inquiry it would have been appalling if the Government had refused to pay for it.

‘Mr Veale must be allowed to present his findings free of abuse or intimidation, and that includes my fellow Conservative MPs. Just because Operation Midland was a failure does not mean Operation Conifer should be ignored.

‘There are powerful forces in the Establishment that always want to cover things up.’

This newspaper revealed in February that Mr Veale believed some of the claims concerning Sir Edward were ‘120 per cent’ genuine.


Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

Time to move on to next question: Were any of those who defended Heath in press recently complicit in his crimes?

Pope  admits Church ‘arrived late’ in confronting abuse

susan kemp‏ @kemps70

Arrived late? What fresh euphemism hell is this? They actively conspired to protect rapists and brand victims as liars – hardly late arrival

brett larris‏ @larris16

The Church was always aware of child abuse. It knowingly concealed the perpetrators.


Islington Council orders new inquiry into ex-mayor’s alleged pro-paedophile past

21 September 2017

The proposed inquiry will explore evidence that the councillor who oversaw social services as Islington’s horrific abuse scandal came to light in the early 1990s had been a member of a pro-paedophile organisation.

The Gazette reported earlier this year on ex-councillor Sandy Marks’ alleged links to a clandestine group called Fallen Angels, which was supportive of paedophilia and lobbied for paedophile rights.

She denies these allegations.

Now a top barrister has said the Gazette’s investigation calls into question the validity of an earlier independent report into child abuse at Islington’s care homes, the White Report



Abuse probe into former Lambeth children’s home manager

20 September 2017

A former children’s home manager has been arrested on allegations of child sex abuse.

Michael John Carroll managed the Angell Road children’s home in Lambeth, south London, between 1981 and 1990.

The 69-year-old is accused of sexually assaulting two children in the early 1980s.

Mr Carroll, who is originally from Liverpool but was arrested in Shropshire, has been released on bail until October.


COMMANDER CHARLES ARTHUR HOWESON – colleague of Prince Philip and Prince Charles – charged with buggery

18 Sept 2017

Charles Howeson, 67, of Craigie Drive, Stonehouse, Plymouth, appeared in court and denied sexually abuse charges while he was a Royal Navy officer. He has pleaded not guilty to 15 charges – 12 counts of indecent assault, two of buggery and one of attempted buggery, against 10 boys and men between December 1985 and September 1994.

According to a BBC report Howeson will face trial at Bristol Crown Court on November 13. It is estimated the trial will take around five weeks.

The alleged offences are understood to have taken place at a number of locations in Plymouth, including Royal William Yard, Drakes Island and HMS Cleopatra.


Rochdale Council’s child abuse failings ‘unforgiveable’

19 Sept 2017

Children in local authority care in Rochdale who reported sexual and physical abuse were failed by the council, its chief executive has said.

Steve Rumbelow said events at Knowl View School and Cambridge House Hostel had “cast a long shadow over the town”.

He apologised, saying the council’s response to reports of abuse dating back to the 1960s was “unforgiveable”.

But a solicitor for the victims said it was “shocking” that it had taken so long for an apology from the council.

Mr Rumbelow said the council was working to safeguard young people and assisting the national Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA).


Richard Scorer, a solicitor for some of the the victims, claimed the independent inquiry which opens on 9 October and will examine abuse allegations about Cambridge House and Knowl View, is the real reason for the apology.


Analysis: Jonathan Ali, BBC Radio Manchester

This apology relates to two places, Cambridge House Boys hostel and Knowl View residential school, which were both based in Rochdale.

Boys were placed at Cambridge House in the mid 1960s and it is alleged they were abused by the former MP Cyril Smith in the hostel. In 2016 the Crown Prosecution Service dropped the case.

Knowl View opened in 1969 but almost from day one it is alleged abuse took place on a regular basis in the late 80s and early 90s. It is claimed concerns were raised by health professionals about allegations of sexual abuse within the school and also outside.

Despite a major police inquiry, only two men have ever been convicted of crimes at the school.

The apology by Steve Rumbelow comes before the IICSA hears evidence about Rochdale for three weeks beginning 9 October.

Mr Scorer said: “The council has recognised that when the evidence comes out in the hearing , they are likely to be heavily criticised and I think that is what’s driving this apology.”

He added: “I think it is absolutely shocking that it has taken so long for this apology to come.”

More than 40 men recently alleged they were victims of abuse at Knowl View, and Cambridge House with 24 alleging they were abused between 1960 and 1994 by Rochdale’s former Liberal MP Cyril Smith who was a governor at Knowl View. He died in 2010.

In October prosecutors said no action will be taken into fresh allegations of abuse there; a decision dubbed “shameful” by Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd.



The third former priest from the Diocese of Chichester to be convicted following an investigation into concerns about several priests…

Priest Jonathan Graves jailed for child sex abuse

18 September 2017

JONATHAN GRAVES 1990 –  convicted sadistic paedophile – C o E priest where Ian Gow MP was church warden

St Luke’s in Stone Cross was Ian Gow’s family church

In 1988, St. Luke’s was reopened with Father Jonathan (Graves?) as Priest and the then Eastbourne MP, Ian Gow, as Church Warden


Ian Gow MP, friend of and PPS to Margaret Thatcher – he was friendly with 2 convicted establishment paedophiles.  Rev Bishop Peter Ball and Rev Jonathan Graves

Gow was murdered in 1990,  His good friend, paedophile Bishop Ball had spoken to him just the afternoon before, about arranging to have an evening with a family…




^ That reference has been removed


St Lukes is a small church built in the 1920s. It sadly became derelict in 1974 and stood unused and unloved until 1988 when, because of intensive local housing development, it was re-opened.


Jonathan Graves

Jonathan Graves was a priest at St Luke’s Church in Stone Cross, East Sussex

The sadistic priest – Jonathan graves abused at st Luke’s Stone Cross in the 1980s

Church of England priest has been jailed for 12 years for torturing and sexually abusing two schoolboys in the 1980s and 90s.


At the time, he was the vicar at St Luke’s Church in Stone Cross.

He was convicted on Thursday at Hove Crown Court of 12 offences dating between 1987 and 1992.



Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss looked into the case in 2010 as part of a review for the Diocese of Chichester over concerns about several priests. The report was sent to Sussex Police in 2011. Police launched Operation Perry to investigate three priests, Graves of which is the last.



Image result for ian gow and rideout

Ian Gow (friend of convicted paedophile Bishop Peter Ball)

Rt Rev Peter Ball with Jane Gow




The Guardian

London, Greater London, England

Tuesday, July 31, 1990 – Page 1

Jonathan Graves


Thatcher friends with Gows – spent Christmas with them

The Guardian

London, Greater London, England

Tuesday, July 31, 1990 – Page 3


Image result for gordon rideout guilford


Ian Gow was church warden at Rev Jonathan Graves’ church – St Luke’s Church.  Graves paid tribute to Gow at church service attended by Margaret Thatcher

In 1988, St. Luke’s was reopened with Father Jonathan (Graves) as Priest and the then Eastbourne MP, Ian Gow, as Church Warden


30 Jul 1990

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has attended a private church service in memory of murdered Conservative MP, Ian Gow, who died this morning following a car bomb explosion at his home. Gow was a church warden at St Luke’s Church near his village in Hankham, East Sussex. The Reverend Jonathan Graves pays tribute to Gow.

Former Church of England priest has been jailed for 12 years for torturing and sexually abusing two schoolboys in the 1980s and 90s.

Jonathan Graves, 60, of Eastbourne, East Sussex, restrained the children, who were aged between 12 and 14, using belts and chains, and then beat them.

At the time, he was the vicar at St Luke’s Church in Stone Cross.

He was convicted on Thursday at Hove Crown Court of 12 offences dating between 1987 and 1992.

‘Manipulative and twisted’

During his summing up Judge David Rennie called Graves “secretive, cynical, manipulative and twisted”.

Det Insp Jon Gross, of Sussex Police Public Protection Command, said: “I’m pleased as far as you can be with this, it’s a significant sentence for this type of offence.

“This man has had two personas, the public persona that his congregation knew and let parents put their children in his care, and behind closed doors the planning to groom these children and get them to do despicable things.”

He added he had “nothing but admiration” for the victims who came forward and “stuck with” the prosecution process for about four years.

Graves, of Jervis Avenue, was cleared of five similar charges, including one offence of indecent assault on a 50-year-old woman in 2002, following a nine-day trial.

St Luke's Church

Graves was the vicar at St Luke’s Church in Stone Cross at the time of the attacks




Paedophile who abused boys at boarding school has his sentence DOUBLED

Steven Joyce preyed on four vulnerable boys when he should have been looking after them

15 SEP 2017

Steven Joyce, 66, groomed and assaulted children at the Marland School near Torrington during a decade of abuse during the 1980s

A twisted pensioner who serially abused boys at a north Devon boarding school in the 1980s had his too soft sentence doubled by senior judges today.

Steven John Joyce, 66, preyed on four vulnerable schoolboys when he should have been guarding their welfare, London’s Appeal Court heard.

He cynically groomed the youngsters by giving them sweets and chocolate eggs, and encouraged them to think of him as a father figure.

Joyce’s job at the school was to act as “house-parent” with special responsibility for the pupils’ pastoral care.


One victim claimed Joyce had “ruined his life”, Lord Justice Davis told the court.

Another told how Joyce regularly took him out of his dormitory at night to abuse him.

Joyce, of Erme Drive in Ivybridge, faced investigations in 1991 and 2011, but it was only in May last year that he was finally brought to book.

He was handed a sentence of seven years and two months after admitting a string of sex crimes – including 11 indecent assaults and two attempts at buggery.

But his case reached the Appeal Courtas lawyers for the Solicitor General, Robert Buckland QC, called for a much tougher sentence.

Lord Justice Davis ruled that the sentence was “far, far too low” – and doubled it to 14 years and four months.

Joyce’s own lawyers conceded that his sentence was “low”, but insisted it was “not unduly lenient”.

Lord Justice Davis, sitting with Mr Justice Stuart-Smith and Mr Justice Soole, took account of Joyce’s age and poor health.

But he ruled: “With all due respect to the judge, we have no doubt at all that this sentence was unduly lenient.”



Marland is one of 10 special schools in the Devon wide SENtient Co-operative Foundation Trust and is maintained by Devon Local Authority.

The school caters for the needs of Year 4 – Year 11 students who experience Social, Emotional and Behavioural and/or Mental Health Difficulties (SEBD / SEMH) and is based on two separate sites in North Devon.


 The diplomat would be the second from the Vatican’s diplomatic corps to face possible criminal charges for such crimes during Francis’ papacy. And any trial in the Vatican would come as Francis’ own financial czar, Cardinal George Pell, is on trial in his native Australia for alleged historic sex abuse cases


The Vatican has recalled a high-ranking priest working as a diplomat in the Holy See’s embassy in Washington after American authorities sought to strip his immunity and potentially charge him with possession of child pornography, the Vatican said Friday.

In a statement, the Vatican said that it had been notified by the State Department on Aug. 21 of “a possible violation of laws relating to child pornography images” by a member of its diplomatic corps.

The Vatican said the priest would face an investigation and potential trial in Vatican City. But some critics saw in the Vatican’s move a reflexive step to protect its own by whisking a priest away from a justice system in a foreign land.

The statement did not identify the cleric, but Italian news media reports and an American official familiar with the investigation said it was Msgr. Carlo Alberto Capella, who was ordained in Milan in 1993 and entered the diplomatic corps in 2004. He has also worked as a diplomat in Hong Kong and as the Holy See’s liaison to Italy.

Efforts to reach Monsignor Capella through the Vatican on Friday night were unsuccessful.

Details of the case were not disclosed on Friday. The Vatican said the Holy See’s chief prosecutor, the promoter of justice of the Vatican Tribunal, had begun investigating and was engaged in an “international collaboration” to obtain evidence.

If warranted, the Vatican said, the priest could be charged under a 2013 law signed by Pope Francis regarding crimes related to child pornography. The law applies to such crimes “even if committed abroad” by “internationally protected” Vatican citizens, and carries a prison sentence of up to 12 years and a fine of up to 250,000 euros for those who are convicted.

The Vatican said it was exercising standard diplomatic practice as a sovereign state. The United States made a similar decision in 2013 when it quickly brought home a diplomat who killed a Kenyan in a car accident. Reached by phone, Christophe Pierre, the apostolic nuncio, or Vatican ambassador, deferred to the statement.

Still, for many Vatican watchers, Friday’s announcement is disappointing evidence of what they see as the pope’s blind spot regarding child sex abuse in the church.

“Not only are we seeing no action, we are seeing actions that are taking us backwards,” said Barbara Dorris, the managing director of the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests. She noted that Francis had promised to cooperate with civil authorities.

A leader of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States also seemed frustrated by the Vatican’s announcement.

“This is a serious issue,” Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo, president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, said in a statement that called for an immediate and transparent investigation in cooperation with law enforcement. “We hope the Holy See will be forthcoming with more details.”

Francis has talked of having “zero tolerance” for offending priests and establishing powerful committees to safeguard children, but he has moved uncharacteristically slowly when it comes to removing the stain of child sex abuse from the church, even some of his supporters have said.

Nine months into his pontificate, he created a commission of outside experts to counsel the church on the protection of children. But the two survivors of sexual abuse on the commission have left amid complaints of slow bureaucracy and broken promises. A new tribunal to discipline bishops who cover up abuse was disbanded because, the pope said, the Vatican already had the necessary offices.

And despite warning signs, Francis brought Cardinal George Pell to the Vatican as one of its top officials despite long-swirling accusations that the cleric had abused or covered up the abuse of minors. In June, the Vatican announced that Francis had granted Cardinal Pell a leave of absence to face charges of sexual assault against minors in his native Australia, making him the highest-ranking Roman Catholic prelate to be formally charged with such an offense.

Still, the announcement on Friday of the transfer is seen by some analysts as progress, as is a conference to be hosted by the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome to fight “digital sexual child abuse.” Defenders of recalling the priest argue that this is a chance for the Vatican to show that it is willing to get tough on its own citizens.

The Vatican drew criticism in an earlier case involving Jozef Wesolowski, a Polish archbishop who was accused of sexually abusing children in the Dominican Republic, where he served from 2008 to 2013 as the Vatican’s ambassador.

Upon discovering the allegations, the Vatican removed him from the country and invoked his diplomatic immunity to avoid trial in the Dominican Republic, despite that country’s appeals. The Vatican defrocked Mr. Wesolowski in 2014, then sought to try him in Vatican City. Mr. Wesolowski faced eight years in prison if found guilty, but in 2015 he died in his Vatican City residence where he had been placed under house arrest.

Outside St. Peter’s Basilica on Friday, some American Catholics were dismayed that the Vatican had brought back another high-ranking cleric.

Larry Kenny, 70, a retired Catholic grade-school teacher from Milwaukee waiting to visit St. Peter’s, said he wished the Vatican had waived the priest’s immunity so that he could be tried in the United States, where he is accused of committing the offenses.

Mr. Kenny said he admired the progress the pope had made on social justice issues. But when it came to addressing charges of sexual abuse of children, he said, “I would hope Pope Francis would make the church more transparent.”

His wife, Jeannine, 63, agreed. “There should be accountability,” she said.


 Vatican diplomat in US recalled over ‘breach of child sex abuse images law’

Church officials are said to have refused request by US prosecutors for priest’s diplomatic immunity to be lifted

15 September 2017

A Vatican diplomat in Washington has been recalled to Rome after the US state department said the priest may have violated laws related to child sex abuse images.

The US state department notified the Holy See last month of a possible violation of laws. American prosecutors said they wanted the Vatican to voluntarily lift the official’s diplomatic immunity so that he could face charges, according to several reports, but the Vatican refused. The request was made on 21 August.

The Vatican said an investigation had been opened and the church was seeking “international collaboration to obtain elements relative to the case”, and it would be handled confidentially on a preliminary basis. It said the priest had already returned to Vatican City.

The Vatican said its decision to recall the priest was in line with normal diplomatic practices.

The information was transmitted by the state department to the Vatican’s secretariat of state, Pietro Parolin, the Vatican said, who in turn has turned the matter over to the Vatican’s top justice official.

The Associated Press, quoting an official familiar with the case, said the priest was a senior member of the Vatican embassy staff.

As a member of the Vatican’s diplomatic corps, the priest could not be prosecuted in the US, though he could have been expelled.

It is not the first time the Vatican has been forced to recall a diplomatic official. In 2013, it recalled the Vatican’s then ambassador to the Dominican Republic following allegations that he sexually abused minors. Józef Wesołowski was defrocked but died before a Vatican trial against him commenced. He never faced a court in the Dominican Republic.

Pope Francis has consistently said he has zero tolerance of child sexual abuse. But the Argentinian pope has also been criticised for not doing enough to pursue officials who commit such crimes.

The Vatican has announced other allegations involving child abuse images in the past, including two cases in 2014.

The possession of child abuse images is considered a “canonical crime” in the church, and in 2010 Pope Benedict XVI added it to the list of “most grave delicts”, according to the Catholic News Agency, a Catholic news outlet. That means it is a crime that can lead to a priest being dismissed.



-The prime minister is involved.

-There were multiple internal gag orders.

-Near the entire conservative government knew.

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

 If I didn’t know, I would have thought you were talking about Great Britain….

How a convicted pedophile brought down Iceland’s government

16 Sept 2017

In 2004, Hjalti Sigurjon Hauksson was imprisoned for raping his stepdaughter nearly every day for 12 years, starting when she was just 5. Thirteen years later, his crime has helped bring down Iceland’s government.

The story involves Prime Minister Bjarni Benediktsson and his father, Benedikt Sveinsson.

Here’s what happened: Several months ago, Sveinsson drafted a letter of recommendation for Hauksson, arguing that he should have his “honor restored.” In Iceland, convicts can have certain civil rights restored by submitting letters of recommendation extolling good character. Hauksson and another convicted pedophile, Robert Downey (formerly named Robert Arni Hreidarsson), received full pardons over the summer.

Those decisions “rattled Icelandic society,” according to Iceland Magazine. As a reporter explains: “Public and media have spent much of summer discussing the two cases and the horrifying world of violence and abuse they revealed.”

Soon after, one of Downey’s victims launched a campaign urging the government to release the letters of support for Downey and Hauksson. But the Justice Ministry refused to respond to questions on the matter.

This week, a parliamentary committee ruled that the administration was violating freedom-of-information laws by keeping the names a secret. So the letters were released to the news media. Even more damning: On Thursday, Iceland’s justice minister, Sigridur Andersen, told television news reporters that she had informed the prime minister of his father’s involvement in July. She said she told no one else.

That disclosure, which smacked of a coverup, sent shock waves through Iceland’s political class and threatened the fragile three-party coalition that put Benediktsson in power last year.

To secure a majority, his Independence Party joined forces with the centrists and the Bright Future coalition, squeaking in with a razor-thin majority of 32 out of 63 seats. On Friday, Bright Future voted unanimously to leave the government. The letter “was the straw that broke the camel’s back,” a Bright Future insider told the news agency Reuters. “This is not in our spirit, and everybody agreed this was the end of it. It came as a complete surprise. It was something we couldn’t have continued with, this is something completely opposed to our principles. The corruption and dishonesty are just incredible.”

This isn’t Benediktsson’s first controversy. His name and his father’s appeared in the Panama Papers, connected to offshore tax havens and a controversial sale of state assets.

Hauksson’s victim called the situation surreal. In interviews with Icelandic media, she said Hauksson has continued to harass her, even approaching her 6-year-old daughter while she was on a field trip. Hauksson was working as a bus driver at the time.


Icelandic PM calls snap election due to child sex abuse scandal

15 Sept 2017


Mis∀ndri‏ @AndriErlingsson
Yesterday, Iceland’s government convened for the first time after the summer break. At midnight the next day, the government has fallen.
This one… is going to require some context.
Throughout the summer, it’s been coming to light that the government has been as-good-as-secretly pardoning child molesters. Seriously.

This has provoked a lot of discussion and questions about the archaic nature of pardons and the cruelty towards the victims…

Bjarni Benediktsson of The Independence Party, right, speaks to his father after the first results in Reykjavik, Iceland, Saturday, Oct. 29, 2016.
“Helped”, in part, by getting his son – the Prime Minister of Iceland – to sign off on the whole plan. Boom goes the government.
Iceland has uncovered an actual criminal conspiracy to pardon child molesters that went to the actual top administrative official we have.
The full extent of the coverup is unknown. What we do know:
-The prime minister is involved.
-There were multiple internal gag orders. -Near the entire conservative government knew.
Yeah okay the details are coming out of the PMs father even visiting his GOOD FRIEND the convicted molester in prison
The Icelandic hashtag emerging is – Be Loud, to counter the silencing and coverup tactics the government used.

PM’s Father Endorsed “Restored Honour” For Convicted Paedophile

Iceland’s Government Collapses, Uncertainty Lies Ahead

Bjarni Benediktsson (born 26 January 1970 in Reykjavík), known colloquially as Bjarni Ben, is an Icelandic politician, who has served as Prime Minister since January 2017. He has been the leader of the Icelandic Independence Party since 2009, and previously served as Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs from 2013 to 2017.

Education, early career and family

After obtaining a law degree at the University of Iceland, Bjarni completed his studies in Germany and the United States before returning to Iceland to work as a lawyer.

The former Icelandic Prime Minister Bjarni Benediktsson was his great-uncle.

Political career

Bjarni entered the national parliament in 2003 and has been active in several committees in the areas of economy and taxation, industry and foreign affairs.

Bjarni was elected leader of the conservative Independence Party at its national convention on 29 March 2009 with 58.1 percent of the vote, about a month before the April 2009 Icelandic legislative elections.[1] The party came in second in the elections with 16 seats, nine fewer than in the previous elections. After conceding defeat on 26 April 2009, Bjarni said his party had lost the trust of voters. “We lost this time but we will win again later,” he said.[2]

In the 2013 Althing elections on 28 April the Independence Party and their ally the Progressive Party each won 19 seats.[3] On 17 May 2013 Icelandic media reported that Bjarni would take up the position of Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs in a cabinet led by Progressive Party leader Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson.[4] In the 2016 Althing elections, the Independence Party won 21 seats, while the Progressive party only won 8. Shortly after the results, Prime Minister Sigurður Ingi Jóhannsson resigned from his post. A new coalition between the Independence Party, the Reform Party and Bright Future was formed in January 2017 with Bjarni designated to become Prime Minister.[5]


In 2015, it was revealed that Bjarni had registered on Ashley Madison, a website for extramarital affairs. In response, Bjarni and his wife said that they had both registered on the site because they were curious. His username was “IceHot1”.[6]

As reported in 2016, Bjarni “shared what is known as ‘power of attorney’ over a shell company” involved in the Panama Papers.[7]

Bjarni came under criticism in January 2017 for not revealing a government report on the offshore bank activities of Icelanders before the 2016 parliamentary elections. Bjarni falsely told reporters that he had not seen the report prior to the elections. He later apologized for his “inaccurate timeline”.[8]

Prime Minister (2017–present)

Bjarni became Prime Minister of Iceland on 11 January 2017.[9] [10]


Late England boss Graham Taylor covered up claims of sexual abuse by a paedophile, inquiry told

Abuse victim Tony Brien says he told Taylor – who was Aston Villa manager at the time – about offense committed by a club scout

13 Sep 2017

Former England manager Graham Taylor covered-up the sexual abuse of young boys by a paedophile, it has been claimed.

The inquiry into child abuse in football has been told he discouraged at least two teenage players from making complaints.

Taylor, who died in January aged 72, was Aston Villa boss when he was told club scout Ted Langford was a paedophile.

Tony Brien, who was abused by Langford, said Taylor ignored warnings that youngsters were at risk.

Instead he claims the former Three Lions manager told him to “move on” in a phone call in 1987.

Brien, then aged 18, also said Taylor warned he would be taunted by fans if the sexual abuse became public knowledge.

The independent inquiry was told Langford abused boys at Villa after Taylor was warned about the dangers.

In 2002 Taylor was awarded the OBE, which was presented to him by the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, at Buckingham Palace.

A second player said Graham aylor visited him at home and discouraged him from taking a complaint against the scout further.

Langford worked for Villa until 1989, when he was sacked in the wake of other abuse allegations.

He was finally convicted of abusing boys in 2007, aged 66, and jailed for three years. He died in 2012.

Brien, now 48, played for Leicester, Chesterfield, Rotherham United, West Bromwich Albion and Hull City.

A statement he gave to police last December was passed onto the Football Association.

In it he claimed Langford abused him from the age of 12 in his Ford Granada at a Midlands golf course.

He said when he reported the abuse, Taylor and assistant manager Dave Richardson told him to keep quiet.

“They discouraged me from going forward and never offered me a chance to go to the police or anything like that,” he said.

The inquiry is investigating whether Villa failed to alert authorities about the child sexual abuse.

Watford was allegedly told that young boys were at risk

So far 741 alleged victims had come forward and 276 suspects had been identified as part of Operation Hydrant.

Aston Villa said they have “co-operated fully” with the ongoing FA investigation into historical abuse.

Richardson said he could not recall any conversation with Brien about alleged abuse.

He claims to have launched an investigation which resulted in Langford’s sacking after being told of “alarming allegations” in 1987.

Taylor went on to manage Watford under owner Elton John

Sir Elton John led the tributes to Taylor after his death from a suspected heart attack in January.

He led England to the 1992 European Championships and also managed Watford, Villa, Wolves and Lincoln.


Taylor was a supporter of Sense-National Deafblind and Rubella Association and a Patron of DebRa. He was a Celebrity Ambassador for the Sense Enterprise Board in Birmingham, and worked to raise both funds and awareness, including running the London Marathon in 2004.[74] He regularly hosted moderated “online coaching seminars” on the DALnet channel. He also supported the Royal British Legion and cycled from London to Paris in 2010 to raise funds for the RBL’s Poppy appeal.[75]


Debra charity


Graham Taylor charity work – Sense

1989 HRH The Princess Royal becomes Sense’s patron.

Celebrity Ambassadors include

Amitabh Bachchan (charity colleague of Keith Vaz)

Jay Rayner – son of Claire Rayner

Celebrity Supporters

Maureen Lipman (Champneys)



Other charities that Graham Taylor supported:

Watford Football Club’s Community Sports and Education Trust’s patron, Graham Taylor OBE,

Football Foundation, Kit Aid and Peace Hospice, to name just a few.



Jimmy Savile at the 2007 GNR with Alastair Campbell (Tony Blair’s former spin doctor)……and former sports minister Richard Caborn.

Football Foundation


Graham Taylor OBE


Board of Trustees – inc

Richard Caborn


Kit Aid

Finding a home for your unwanted football kit in Africa and beyond KitAid is a charity set up by, Derrick Williams MBE, who visited Tanzania on a WaterAid supporters’ trip in 1998. Derrick, being a mad footie fan, was amazed at the reception he received from children and adults in remote villages just because he wearing his favourite football shirt (Watford, Chesham Utd, Liverpool FC to name a few).

After two weeks in Tanzania, a flame was lit in Derrick’s heart and he was on a mission to provide kit and equipment to the bare-footed children playing with footballs made of tied string and plastic bags. Fifteen years on, KitAid has Graham Taylor OBE as its Patron, lots of volunteers and to date we’ve sent out 200,000 kits to children and adults in 40 different countries across the world.

Pictured: Derrick Williams MBE presenting Graham Taylor OBE with a commemorative shirt at KitAid’s 15th year anniversary event.


Peace Hospice

Her Royal Highness, Princess Michael of Kent is our Royal President


Former Oxted rector Guy Bennett ‘used his position to touch young girls inappropriately’, court hears

The 84-year-old is standing trial accused of indecently assaulting 11 girls and women

12 SEP 2017

A former rector of St Mary’s Church in Oxted used his position to touch young girls inappropriately, a court has heard.

Guy Bennett is accused of indecently assaulting 11 girls and women aged 11-19 between 1975 and 1992.

The 84-year-old, who now lives in Lewes Road, East Grinstead, faces 24 charges of indecent assault against 11 alleged victims and one charge of outraging public decency.

Opening the case at Guildford Crown Court on Tuesday (September 12), prosecutor Eloise Marshall told the court Mr Bennett is accused of touching the young girls indecently in a number of different ways.

These include squeezing their breasts, putting his hand in their underwear and trying to remove their trousers.

Ms Marshall told the court Bennett used his position as rector of St Mary’s Church to gain access to the girls.

She said: “The crown’s case is that Mr Bennett used his position as vicar to touch young girls inappropriately.

“By inappropriately, what I mean is that the touching was sexual and he did this in all manner of ways.

“He used his position to arrange contact with these girls and then touched them in ways which may seem inadvertent but we say are sexual.”

…Bennett is accused of masturbating in front of a young girl in a London theatre.

‘Chaplain to the stars’

In his police interview after being arrested for the offences last year, Ms Marshall said that Bennett admitted “some touching may have taken place” but, if it had, it was inadvertent and there was no sexual intent.

In the interview Bennett said he was a “tactile person” and he treated all parishioners the same, the court heard.

The jury was also told of Bennett’s previous convictions in 1999 when he pleaded guilty to the indecent assault of four victims in actions that are described by Ms Marshall as “almost identical” to the offences currently alleged.

The defendant was chaplain to the London Palladium from 1972 to 1998 which earned him the title “chaplain to the stars”.

He has written a book about the celebrities he has known. He was also a friend of Harrods boss Mohamed Al Fayed who lived in the Oxted area while Bennett was rector there.

The trial continues.


Surrey vicar ‘touched girls at Sunday school’

A former vicar indecently touched girls during Sunday school outings, church concerts or while teaching, a court has heard.

Guy Bennett, 84, of Lewes Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex, is facing 24 historical charges of indecent assault against 11 victims.

It is alleged he assaulted the young girls while rector of St Mary’s church in Oxted between 1975 and 1991.

He has denied the charges as well as one charge of outraging public decency.

All but one of the girls he allegedly touched were between the ages of 11 and 15, Guildford Crown Court heard.

It is claimed he inappropriately touched the 10 schoolgirls and one 19-year-old as they put on choir robes, climbed down ladders and as he taught them at a nearby primary school.

‘Tactile person’

Opening the case, prosecutor Eloise Marshall told the jury: “The touching was sexual and he did it in all manner of ways.

“He used his position in the church as a school teacher and school governor to touch them.”

Jurors were told that Mr Bennett had four previous convictions for sexually assaulting four 11-year-old girls, dating back to 1999.

Bennett initially denied those charges but pleaded guilty on the first day of his trial, it was said.

Ms Marshall said: “What they describe is almost identical activity to what our witnesses describe.”

She added: “The defendant admits there may have been touching, but says any touching was inadvertent and had no sexual intent.

“He said he was a tactile person and that touching was part of his manner with all of his parishioners both young and old.

“Other people have said that he didn’t seem to be like that with young boys.”


National child sex abuse inquiry to consider Edward Heath probe reports

9 Sept 2017

The national child sex abuse inquiry will consider police reports of the investigation into Sir Edward Heath.

The Wiltshire Police probe, called Operation Conifer, was launched in 2015 after Sir Edward was named as a suspect in an investigation into historical child sex abuse.

There are currently 13 arms to the inquiry, scrutinising areas of public life ranging from local authorities to Westminster for child protection failings.

On August 30 it opened core participant applications for the Westminster investigation.

A spokesman for the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) said: “In the context of the Westminster investigation, the Inquiry will be interested to see and consider the outcome of Wiltshire Police’s investigation into allegations against Sir Edward Heath.

“The Inquiry’s remit is institutional failure to protect children and the Inquiry is unlikely to need to examine whether allegations of abuse made against any particular parliamentarian are true during the course of its work.

Cedar House was one of a number at the children’s home now under investigation

Arrests have been made as part of the investigation into sexual abuse at Surrey children’s home

6 Sept 2017

Arrests have been made in the ongoing investigation into alleged child sex abuse at a Surrey children’s home.

Former residents of Beechholme “children’s village”, in Banstead, have come forward to make allegations of historical abuse at the now-demolished site.

Surrey Police confirmed they were investigating the home, which housed poor and vulnerable children, for abuse alleged to have taken place between 1957 and 1974.

The force has now confirmed that arrests have been made in relation to the alleged historical abuse.

A spokesman for the force said: “Surrey Police have made a number of arrests in connection with an ongoing investigation following reports of non-recent allegations of sexual offences alleged to have taken place at Beecholme children’s care home.

“The alleged offences are reported to have taken place between 1957 and 1974. This is a large and complex investigation with ongoing active enquiries.”

Arrests were made in April and May of this year. Those arrested were released under investigation.

The exact number of arrests made in relation to the children’s home or what they were arrested on suspicion on has not been confirmed by police.

Beechholme was run by London County Council from 1930 to 1964, when Wandworth Council took over the running of the home.

The “village”, so-called for its size, on Fir Tree Road, housed hundreds of children every year before it was demolished in 1975.

Former residents of the home have come forward to speak about what is alleged to have taken place at Beechholme, including allegations of rape, sexual abuse and violence.

First Meeting with Wandsworth Council

September 6, 2017

Graeme Sergeant

Well, it seems we have moved forward.We are meeting with officials from Wandsworth Council.This is only an initial meeting to discuss ongoing counselling for all ex residents of Beecholme.

At present due to the investigation by Surrey Police,we cannot discuss a redress scheme along the lines of the Lambeth Council Scheme. We are pushing forward but we do need other ex residents to start contacting us as we need to get the list of ex residents together.

This will be a long exercise but together we can win.

Do the names

Edward Pearce, Thomas Hart and Clifford Heap mean anything to you.


Former Christ’s Hospital teacher pleads guilty to historic sex offences

Peter Webb pleaded guilty to eleven counts of indecent assault against five boys. (Picture: Eddie Mitchell)

06 September 2017

A former teacher of Christ’s Hospital School, near Horsham, has this morning (September 6) been convicted of historic cases of indecent assault against five boys.
Peter Webb, 74, of Authon-Edeon, France, pleaded guilty to eleven charges of indecent assault when he appeared at Lewes Crown Court, sitting in Brighton, this morning. He was granted bail and is now expected to be sentenced on October 12 at Lewes Crown Court.
Gary Dobbie, a former teacher at Christ’s Hospital School, is charged with non-recent sex offences. Picture: Eddie Mitchell
Three more former teachers of the school also appeared at Lewes Crown Court charged with historic sex offences. Gary Dobbie, 66, of Albi, France, is charged with seven counts of indecent assault and one count of attempted indecent assault against two males, as well as three counts of indecent assault against two females. He spoke only to plead not guilty to all charges.
James Andrew Husband, a former teacher at Christ’s Hospital School, is charged with non-recent sex offences. Picture: Eddie Mitchell
Appearing alongside Dobbie inside the dock on Wednesday morning was former colleague James Andrew Husband, 67, of Wigginton Road, York.
Husband is charged with four counts of rape and five counts of indecent assault against a female. He spoke only to plead not guilty to all charges. Both Dobbie and Husband have been bailed until May 29 for trial at Lewes Crown Court.
Ajaz Karim, 62, of Baron’s Court, London, is charged with nine counts of indecent assault and one count of attempted indecent assault against six females. Ajaz Karim, a former teacher from Christ’s Hospital School, charged with sex offences. Pic: Eddie Mitchell
Ajaz Karim  spoke only to plead not guilty to all charges. He has been bailed to appear before Lewes Crown Court for trial on April 3.

Other News:


05 Sep 2017

Former Lib Dem MP, John Hemming, accused of child sex abuse goes public after police drop 15-month investigation

Update on the conclusion of a non-recent sexual abuse investigation

by Staffordshire Police

Three people were interviewed under caution during this investigation, one of which was arrested, he has now been released from bail.


OP: Staffordshire Police:  – Investigation in to allegations of a paedophile ring centred around Cannock Chase.


Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

Since when does the CPS’s refusal to bring charges imply false allegations?

I remind that the CPS not bringing charges implies neither false criminal allegations nor that allegations had no substance.


Did your police force say anything at all which would substantiate this claim by ex-MP John Hemming?



Could please confirm they have stated there was ‘a concerted effort to promote criminal allegations’ against Mr Hemming? TY.

He’s actually making false allegations.

Esther Baker @Esther9982

I will not be called a liar. The case has collapsed due to Turnbull guidelines. Even for a person who admitted it.

The police still refer to me as a victim as they know full well I am a victim. It just can’t be proven beyond reasonable doubt who did it.

Turnbull: That’s a ‘get out of jail’ card – makes it impossible for any victim/survivor to ID the abuser. All defence has to claim is ‘mistaken identity’.

Can the explain why one of their funded lawyers was used in a campaign on harassment against me by Hemming’s “acquaintance”


6 Sept 2017


Esther Baker @Esther9982

I know a certain millionaire politician is very grateful for the support and help afforded to him by Ian and Andy over the last two years.

Funnily enough these two campaigned to get survivors removed from the IICSA panel.Survivors who were willing to fight for the absolute truth

These survivors were replaced by the VSCP during the Emmerson/Goddard reign of the inquiry. The majority of the VSCP were from a group called

The survivors alliance. Now the lovely survivors alliance was registered as a company by care leavers voice. Who’s that??

Ahh. There we go. The care leavers voice is headed by a certain politician. (Hemming) Are we all following? And who is that under the politician?

Ivor Frank

Oh yes. It happens to be a current member of the #iicsa panel. Funny that. Now that leads to the question why would Emmerson facilitate this

una.org.uk/news/uk-fails-engage-human-rights-council-drones …


Ivor Frank is a barrister with four decades of experience in child protection, human rights and family law. He was brought up in care himself and has represented and campaigned for children in care as a member of the parliamentary groups Looked After Children and Care Leavers and Care Leavers’ Voice. Ivor has advised the Home Office on the issues of forced marriages and international child abduction. He has served as a Trustee of Buttle (now Buttle UK) which makes grants to vulnerable children and young people in need. He now serves as a Trustee of the Rees Foundation which has similar objectives.


Now if. Just if a certain politician had been charged and this all came out in trial wouldn’t that have been a blow for May’s the prime minister’s pet project. Wouldn’t it have made her look a fool given that she knew all of these links and didn’t do anything?

So. The question is did I ever stand a fair chance?

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

I think it is about time to take a look at who may have been an Establishment plant on and where members allegiances lie.


Just for context, iiCSA stands for INDEPENDENT Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. How ‘independent’ is this associate group?

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

This beggars belief from a man whose wife runs toddlers’ swimming courses and who is core participant!


Mathew‏ @Mightymj1

Laverty; with statements like that, no wonder Barbara Hewson has been in his corner. Birds of a feather always flock together.


Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

If Darren Laverty was never sexually abused as a minor, could explain on what grounds he was given core participant status?

Sunnyclaribel @Sunnyclaribel


He admires a barrister who tells child sex abuse survivors to ‘S.T.F.U.’, calls them ‘lunatic fringe’ and says they are ‘mucho whinging’.

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

Barbara, I love you!

This is what he was accused of:

While Hemming/Baker case was with CPS, Esther Baker was subjected to a barrage of harassment and abuse by Barbara Hewson.

I sincerely believe that should also look into relentless and obsessive bashing of CSA survivors by barrister Barbara Hewson.

Interesting how many who traduced Esther while CPS was working on her case were linked to Hemming, e.g. Penny Mellor

LazerLight‏ @Lazer_Light23

According to Mellor, she was also involved with this case with Hewson in 1998/99. What a small world, eh?


Penny Mellor/CCHR/Scientology/General Medical Council
 CCHR, a Scientology anti-psychiatry organisation


Other news:

The Rev John Roberts, formerly of St Peter’s in Woolton convicted in 1989 remained in the Church until 2013, becoming a canon and working at Liverpool Cathedral.

St Peter’s Church in Woolton, Liverpool

A man abused as a schoolboy by a vicar at the church where John Lennon and Paul McCartney met is taking legal action against the Church of England.

“I was at the St Peters’ Church Youth Club, where John Lennon played, when he took me into a separate building and abused me. I was so confused and shocked. I was wondering what I had done wrong to deserve this.

The Rev John Roberts, formerly of St Peter’s in Woolton, Liverpool, who was convicted in 1989.

Roberts remained in the Church until 2013, becoming a canon and working at Liverpool Cathedral.

The victim is taking legal action after being granted core participant status in the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA), which is investigating the extent to which institutions failed victims, his lawyers Slater and Gordon said.

‘Psychological scars’

Now aged in his 40s, he was abused after joining the church choir as a boy.

Roberts, who was convicted of two counts of sexual assault against him, remained with the Church for another 24 years until his retirement.

During the latter part of his career, he helped out at Liverpool Cathedral by doing chaplaincy work, the diocese confirmed.

The victim said he was “disgusted” Roberts was never defrocked.

“While his life improved after his crimes I lost everything,” he said.

“I found it difficult for years to get a job and hold it down because of the psychological scars he inflicted on me.

“This man was a paedophile yet the church just let him carry on.”

‘Cannot officiate’

In a statement, the Diocese of Liverpool said it “acknowledges and deeply regrets the hurt that John Roberts caused his victim and we take this matter very seriously indeed”.

It added Roberts “has not got permission from the Bishop of Liverpool to officiate at any church service” and cannot conduct the duties of a priest.

John Lennon playing a Gallotone acoustic guitar with the Quarrymen at St Peter’s Church Fete, Woolton, Liverpool on the July 6, 1957

McCartney and Lennon met at St Peter’s Church in 1957 and Eleanor Rigby – whose name was the inspiration for the eponymous song – is buried in the church’s graveyard.



...at the Grand Dance in St. Peters Church Hall, the pivotal event at which 16-year-old John Lennon of Woolton was first introduced to 15 -year-old Paul McCartney of Allerton and the planet well and truly shuddered on its axis…A reprise in 1997…At noon the following day Rev. Roberts conducted a special Sunday Service at St. Peters to commemorate the meeting of John and Paul precisely 40 years earlier.


THE FINAL STAGE; `Beatles’ vicar is retiring.

June 13, 2002


A RECTOR who helped preserve the church hall where John Lennon met Paul McCartney retires this month.

Canon John Roberts, 67, will leave his parish of St Peter’s in Woolton with his wife Jean, to move closer to his family in Gateacre.

The canon’s achievements during his 22 years at the parish included helping build an extension to the church building to celebrate its centenary in 1987, and working on a complete restoration of the old church school.

But it is Lennon and McCartney’s names, and Canon Robert’s recent efforts to preserve the church hall where their fateful meeting took place, which has given St Peter’s a prominent place in Liverpool’s history.

He also buried Liverpool FC’s legendary manager, Bob Paisley in 1996. Eleanor Rigby, immortalised in the Beatle’s famous hit, is also buried in the graveyard.

The church first became a tourist attraction about 15 years ago.

Canon Roberts said “People feel that they are somehow associated with the church.”

His long years of service were rewarded when he was made an Honorary Canon of Liverpool Cathedral in 1995, and more recently with his appointment as Canon Emeritus, from September of this year.

Canon Roberts said: “I have enjoyed meeting people from all over the world. If I had my time again I’d do it again.

“This particular job in Woolton has been varied and fascinating. It has been a privilege to work with the local community.”

Parishioners at St Peter’s have arranged a congregational supper to celebrate Canon Roberts’ tenure on Saturday June 29.

The occasion will mark the first event in the newlyrefurbished famous meeting place of Lennon and McCartney.


“Piecing together the story of what Charlie (Lennon) did between 1946, when he was discharged from the Royal Artillery, and in 1982, when he ended his working career and returned to Liverpool, is a challenge for any researcher. I’m not going to do my head in trying to dig for facts that may be well and truly lost to the world



Royal Artillery: PIE leader Lieutenant Peter Righton 1944-48 Major William van Straubenzee 1943-47 Edward Heath 1941 -47 Trevor Denby Lloyd-Hughes 1945

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

This is how the Establishment looks after itself!


Met Police payouts to Lords over child abuse claims

02 September 2017

The Met has not revealed the amount paid but it is reported to be £100,000.


Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

The Met should NOT have paid out to Bramall and Britain until @InquiryCSA have completed their investigations!


Harvey Proctor’s legal threat to child sex abuse probe: Former MP threatens High Court challenge if his ‘fantasist’ accuser is given special legal status


30 Aug 2017

  • Former Member of Parliament Harvey Proctor said he would bring a costly judicial review if anonymous man known only as ‘Nick’ is given privileged access
  • He said it would be wrong to make the suspected fantasist a ‘core participant’
  • Northumbria Police brought into prove claims ‘Nick’ invented lurid allegations


Laffin@Mirror again‏ @veniviedivici

Harvey-Proctor Pleaded Guilty to Gross Indecency in 1987 . . . Harvey Proctor (the spanker) tries to silence IICSA witness !

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

This Spanker Proctor hasn’t furnished one iota of evidence that Nick is a fantasist, yet insists on dictating terms to @InquiryCSA

HRH Crafty Muvva‏ @craftymuvva

Proctor is in no position whatsoever to start making demands. He has a conviction for assaulting boys under AoC.

Do you think he will hire his long-term friend and former solicitor, the convict Jonathan Denby

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

Have I missed something? Is Harvey Proctor now running @InquiryCSA ?

I thought he was impoverished? Who is giving him serious financial backing? And why?

Chris Stacey‏ @chrisstacey1

Why not let @InquiryCSA hear the submissions & stop interfering Mr Proctor. You’re not the one who decides what an Independent Inquiry does

LazerLight‏ @Lazer_Light


Why did the CPS abandon investigation into Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor?

19 Mar 2015

Why did the CPS abandon investigation into Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor?

As the full scale of the British Establishment’s cover-up of child sex abuse becomes apparent, Alistair McBay argues it is time for the Crown Prosecution Service to make public its reasons for dropping the investigation into Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor 12 years ago.

It’s hard to know where to begin in writing about the issue of child sex abuse in Britain. As Home Secretary Teresa May said earlier this month, the abuse is “woven, covertly, into the fabric of British society”. She warned that “what the country doesn’t yet appreciate is the true scale of that abuse” but might have added “or the scale of the cover-up.”


Anthony John Wixted‏ @TrojanManifesto

Cardinal Murphy O’Connor’s Cover-Up of Child Abusers Must Be a Lesson to the Catholic Church

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor dies at 85

1 Sept 2017

Retired leader of Roman Catholic church in England and Wales was appointed cardinal by pope in 2001

Tony Blair, who turned to Catholicism in 2007, paid tribute to Murphy-O’Connor. A statement on behalf of Blair and his wife Cherie said: “Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor was a wonderful advertisement for Christianity and the Catholic church.

Justin Welby, the archbishop of Canterbury and head of the Anglican church, paid tribute to the cardinal

In the Vatican, he was a close ally of fellow cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who was elected as Pope Francis in 2013

Soon after succeeding Basil Hume as the Catholic leader in England and Wales, Murphy-O’Connor became embroiled in controversy over his handling in the 1980s of a paedophile priest, Fr Michael Hill, in his previous diocese of Arundel and Brighton.

After receiving a complaint about Hill concerning a minor, Murphy-O’Connor ordered him to undergo counselling, and later appointed him chaplain at Gatwick airport, where he abused again. Hill was jailed for five years in 1997.



Gerald Ridsdale Sentenced To 11 More Years For Child Sex Abuse

31  Aug  2017

Australia’s worst pedophile priest is likely to die in jail.

Ridsdale, 83, has been serving time since 1994 and has admitted to abusing 65 children, however it’s believed his victim count is in the hundreds.


Gerald Ridsdale, a former Catholic priest , outside Warrnambool County Court in 2004


Alleged victims ‘will get stories heard’ at Notts child sex abuse inquiry

MP John Mann will act on their behalf

30 AUG 2017

The inquiry will look into claims of sexual abuse over 60 years in the county after it was announced in 2015 that Nottinghamshire’s councils would be among the first to be investigated by the independent inquiry.

Mr Mann first applied to be a core participant in March but was declined by the chairman Professor Alexis Jay on the grounds he had not played a significant role in relation to the matters.

However, Prof Jay announced in May that she had reconsidered her view and the MP would now play an important role in the inquiry.



Another General Synod protected paedophile


A FORMER high ranking cleric caught downloading indecent images of children for the third time was jailed for 20 months.

Twice-married Paul Battersby had also been found with a shoebox full of children’s clothing and had even written a fantasy about child abuse.

Paul C Battersby National Youth Officer General Synod Board of Education Church House, Great Smith Street 1992


A court heard that he had carefully documented the internet search terms he had used to find the images and had unusually taken the trouble to categorised his collection of photos and videos.

Battersby worked in various church roles in the North including the priest at St Peter’s Church in Darwen and later part-time vicar at St Marks in Blackburn.

The 68-year-old who was later elevated to the Church of England’s National Youth Officer and representing the church internationally, was told by a judge that he had no option but to send him straight to prison.

The court heard that he received a 34 week suspended sentence in 2008 for making child porn images and the next year got a conditional discharge after breaching an order by using the online name Tank Battersby instead of his proper name.

He received eight months imprisonment in 2010 for more child porn offences.

Peter Turner, defending, said that Battersby had been attending the NHS Merseycare on a regular voluntary basis for help.

The university educated curate was an active member of Amnesty International. After working as a youth officer in the Carlisle diocese he was elevated to Church House in London as the national youth officer working with the General Synod Board on education.


Vicar turned in by wife after stepson discovers horrific child porn on vicarage computer

Paedophile ex-vicar was housed in luxury apartment paid for by the Church of England

Former reverend Paul Battersby downloaded sick photos while living in Liverpool’s Beetham Tower

27 AUG 2017

A paedophile ex-vicar was housed in a luxury city centre apartment paid for by the Church of England, the ECHO can reveal.Former reverend Paul Battersby repeatedly downloaded sick photographs of young children being molested by fellow perverts.

But for the last three years he has lived in Beetham Tower – one of Liverpool’s most desirable developments in Old Hall Street.

Yet the ex-Church of England national youth officer had the audacity to MOAN about his home and compare his circumstances to prison.

Battersby, 68, was jailed for 20 months after a court heard he spent his time in the flat amassing a disturbing collection of illegal files.

He downloaded 1,730 indecent images of children and extreme animal porn, then wrote a twisted child sex abuse fantasy starring himself.

The pervert, who led a congregation in Leyland, was spared prison in 2008 and told to attend a sex offenders’ programme.

Battersby, who taught chemistry in Liverpool before training for the church, then moved into his sister’s home in Bebington, Wirral.

He soon bought a laptop and within months was using it to access 160 obscene images using the pseudonym ‘Tanker’.

Officers raided his sister’s home in 2009. He confessed and was jailed for eight months in 2010, then released and moved into the plush pad.

Beetham Tower is a 133-apartment, 29-storey luxury tower block, lying next to Beetham’s West Tower – Liverpool’s tallest building – and the Radisson Blu Hotel.

One bedroom studio apartments sell for around £110,000, with rental rates of £650 a month, while a two-bedroom alternative can cost £165,000, or £1,050 per month.

Features include Mersey River views, a 24-hour concierge plus full leisure facilities – gym, sauna, steam jacuzzi and swimming pool – on the ground floor.

“The Church of England Pensions Board houses retired members of the clergy who have a minimum number of years of stipendiary service, and who have insufficient financial means to provide retirement housing for themselves.

“It typically houses people in two-bedroomed properties in more affordable areas – and charges rent on a similar basis to social housing rents.

“In any case where disclosure is made about a criminal history, or the person comes to the Pensions Board on leaving a custodial sentence, the Board works very closely with the managing agencies (for example, the probation service or the police) to ensure that the housing it provides meets the restrictions set for that individual.

“That happened in this particular case.”


Lambeth Council without Chief Exec after Leader Lib Peck reverses decision for independent panel for Shirley Oaks sex abuse victims

BREAKING: President Trump pardons former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio
Mic Wright  @brokenbottleboyThe monster that Donald Trump just pardoned

He ran a jail that he described as a “concentration camp.”

Catherine Rampell‏@crampell

If you’re not disgusted enough: read this on how Arpaio’s office botched 400 sex-crime cases, many involving kids


He had a “Sheriff’s Posse.” One member got arrested on child porn charges

Roger Byg, Former Member of Joe Arpaio’s Posse, Arrested on Child-Porn Charges


Under him, the MCSO failed to investigate hundreds of sex abuse cases, many of which involved children.
He arrested New Times reporters for covering him. We won a $3.75 million settlement for that one.

Lostprophets paedophile Ian Watkins sent sick texts about ‘wishlist’ to rape young children – but cops ignored tip-off

South Wales officers failed to take proper action over eight reports and three intelligence logs from six people between 2008 and 2012, an Independent Police Complaints Commission probe found

25 AUG 2017

Police mishandled 11 tip-offs that could have trapped paedophile rock star Ian Watkins.

South Wales officers failed to take proper action over eight reports and three intelligence logs from six people between 2008 and 2012, an Independent Police Complaints Commission probe found.

One whistleblower was the former Lostprophets frontman’s ex, Joanne Mjadzelics, who first told officers in 2008 she had a message on her mobile phone from Watkins about his desire to sexually abuse children.

The report says the phone was not examined “on the basis that her report was malicious”.

It goes on: “It would have been found to hold a message Ian Watkins sent to Ms Mjadzelics on August 12 2007, which read: ‘WISHLIST RAPE A 12 YR OLD F*** TWO UNDERAGE TWINS’.

“The message corroborated Ms Mjadzelics’s allegations that Watkins had expressed ‘desires to abuse children’.”

She was also ignored despite having a photo of a little girl with a line of cocaine in Watkins’ bedroom

The singer, 40, was caught only after a drugs raid at his Pontypridd home in 2012.

Watkins admitted 13 sex offences, including the rape of a baby, and was jailed in 2013 for 29 years.

Dr Adam Lynes, a criminologist at Birmingham City University, believes there may have been more victims.

He added: “He had access to a large number of young and impressionable individuals”.

Following the investigation it was decided one officer had a case to answer for gross misconduct, and two officers had a case to answer for misconduct.

At a hearing in May, Detective Sergeant Andrew Whelan was cleared of wrongdoing and a decision has been made not to take any further action concerning two detective constables.

In a report issued last Friday, the IPCC found that three officers from South Yorkshire Police would have a case to answer for gross misconduct, but as each has retired following 30 years’ service, no further action can be taken.


James Reeves, 71, says he has been scarred for life

Grandfather claims he used to get dragged from his bed to be raped at Surrey children’s home

24 Aug 2017

Now 71 years old he is still reduced to tears by the memories of Beechholme which have haunted him for more than six decades and cast a shadow over both of his broken marriages.

“I’m still not over it, it’s still there,” a tearful James told the Surrey Mirror.

“I’m 71 years old and it’s still there.

“I still have them today – nightmares. Flashbacks hit me without warning.”

An anguished pensioner who says he was repeatedly raped, beaten and humiliated at a children’s home now being investigated by the police is still tortured by the horrific memories six decades later.

James Reeves has been scarred by the abuse he says he endured during his time at Beechholme, the former Banstead “children’s village”, when he was just six years old.

He claims that he and other children were randomly dragged from their beds at night to be raped and forced into sex acts by groups of adults.

The grandfather says he would lie awake in terror waiting for his turn to come, and cry with guilty relief when another child was chosen to suffer instead of him.

The pained pensioner is taking comfort from the current investigation by Surrey Police into alleged historic child abuse at Beechholme, where he claims there was “humiliation and violence all the time”.

Beechholme was known as a “children’s village” and the idyllic series of “cottages” at the site housed hundreds of vulnerable youngsters from tough and impoverished backgrounds.

It was run by London County Council from 1930 to 1964, when the council dissolved. It was then overseen by Wandsworth Council from then until its closure in 1974. The home was demolished the following year.


Cedar House at Beechholme, one of 23 named houses at the vast Banstead site

James was brought to the vast Surrey site from London in 1952. He was abandoned by his parents and had been fostered and re-homed several times before arriving at the Banstead site now under investigation.

The six-year-old James was, he says, immediately subjected to violence and sexual depravity.

He was assigned one of 23 named houses which would become his home and, he claims, the site where his horrific memories were made.

“I still find myself sitting in a room alone and crying, to this day still crying,” said an emotional James.

This alleged abuse at the home is now being investigated by Surrey Police who are looking into claims of historic sexual abuse between 1957 and 1974. A spokeswoman for the force confirmed that “enquiries are ongoing” into “non-recent allegations” at Beechholme.

The “children’s village”, so-called for its vast size, once had for a swimming instructor the paedophile William Hook, who was convicted of 26 charges of sexual abuse in 2001. Hook also worked at Shirley Oaks Children’s Home, which is alleged to have been the site of systematic abuse.

The superintendent of Shirley Oaks between 1952 and 1964, when abuse was alleged to have taken place, was Clifford Heap. He had previously founded a boy Scouts group at Becchholme in 1952.

Beechholme was also included in a 2014 Department for Education list of institutions believed to have been visited by Jimmy Savile.

Former residents of the vast children’s home are now coming forward and speaking out about abuse they allege took place at Beecholme. Speaking out, according to 71-year-old James, was not possible when he was a boy.

He attempted to tell a member of staff about what happened, but was promptly told that those who “tell tales” would be sent to “bad places”. Within weeks James was shipped out of Beechholme, but the memories would remain.

As a result further exploitation and abuse would, he claims, follow him as he grew older.

He said: “All your life you are vulnerable, they can read that you are an easy target.”

Desperate to escape the care system which he feared so much, James began life on the streets at the age of 14.

To survive the teenager was forced to engage in sex work across London, preyed upon, he says, by exploitative older men.

His life eking out an existence with a band of fellow “rent boys” eventually came to an end.

“We weren’t sex workers as I see it, we were survivors,” said James

James believes the alleged abuse he suffered at Beechholme sent him down the path to a life of exploitation and desperation on the streets.

He eventually managed to work jobs driving mini-cabs and taxis, and took steps toward a normal life with his first marriage in 1973.

But the demons of Beechholme still haunted him

Although James is still haunted by his past, he is encouraged by other former residents of Beechholme coming forward to tell their stories. He hopes that speaking of his own harrowing experiences will persuade others to step forward.

He said: “It happened I can’t change that. But I can help others come forward.”

A group has been set up to support former residents at Beechholme who may have suffered abuse, and can be contacted by emailing beecholmesurvivorsandjustices@gmail.com


Cassandra Cogno

So so sad to hear Liz Mckean has died – such a talented forensic investigative journalist and compassionate reporter, leaves a huge hole

Stuart Syvret‏ @StuartSyvret
Something I just never “got” about why did she end her life as spin-doctor for concealing @JerseyInquiry ???

There are now 3 sudden, unexpected, deaths, associated with : original Chair & Dannie Jarman & now Liz….

..but – hell – I receive routine death-threats – & those close to me wouldn’t be surprised from one week to the next – if I “sadly died”.


MacKean was born in RomseyHampshire, the second of four daughters of Tom MacKean, a circuit judge, and his wife, Muriel (nee Hodder)[4].  She was educated at Gordonstoun School, a boarding independent school near the village of Duffus, north west of the former cathedral city of Elgin in Moray in the north east of Scotland, where she played opposite Prince Edward in a production of Black Comedy,[5] followed by the University of Manchester.[6]


Former staff questioned over school abuse claims

22 Aug 2017

Badgeworth Court stopped operating as a boarding school in the 1980s

Five people have been questioned in connection with alleged historical abuse at three boarding schools.

The former teachers and members of staff have been interviewed under caution by Gloucestershire Police.

The men worked at Badgeworth Court and Dowdeswell Court near Cheltenham, and Clouds House near Salisbury.

Five other former school workers, including teachers, have already been arrested and bailed during the inquiry.

The allegations of physical and sexual abuse carried out on boys as young as seven date to the 1960s and 1980s. The schools are now closed.

The police inquiry began in 2015 after a BBC Points West investigation revealed the allegations at the three privately-run special schools.

Officers from the Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Avon and Somerset Police forces have been involved in the investigation.

More than 130 potential victims have been interviewed and 76 have made formal statements of complaints alleging abuse.

Det Ch Insp Jeremy Carter said: “I’m very optimistic there will be cases from at least 15 victims that we will put before the Crown Prosecution Service for them to make a decision in terms of whether the necessary evidential thresholds are met to take these matters to court.”

Claims of historical abuse at three boys’ boarding schools are being investigated by two police forces.

The allegations centre on Dowdeswell Court and Badgeworth Court schools in Gloucestershire and Clouds House in Wiltshire – all privately run.

Pupils allege they were subjected to “horrific” abuse during the 1970s and 1980s, a BBC investigation found.

Anthony Hurley, who died in 2003, owned the schools at the centre of the allegations
At Badgeworth Court, also owned by Mr Hurley, further allegations have come to light, with then head teacher John Derek Williams and his deputy head Ashley Pritchard, who is from Wales, are accused of carrying out violent assaults.
Anthony Hurley appeared in court in 2000 on allegations of cruelty and sexual abuse of children, but was deemed unfit to stand trial
Mr Williams and Mr Pritchard also worked at Clouds House in Wiltshire where further allegations have been made.

Teacher ‘ran brutal regime’

THE former deputy headmaster of a special school allegedly subjected pupils in his care to a “brutal regime”.

Ashley Pritchard: denied nine counts of cruelty to children

Ashley Pritchard banged boys’ heads against the wall, pulled their hair, slapped them in the face, hit them with a gym shoe and forced those who fell out to box each other, a court was told yesterday. The prosecution alleged that a former pupil at Badgeworth Court School, near Cheltenham, Glos, was taken to hospital with a broken thumb after being forced into a boxing match in gloves that were too small.

Pritchard, 55, of Rhiw Yr Adar, near Llandeilo, Dyfed, denied nine counts of cruelty to children at the school for boys with behavioural problems and learning difficulties between Dec 31, 1976, and Jan 1, 1984. Roderick Denyer, QC, prosecuting, told Bristol Crown Court: “This was a physically brutal regime which these lads were subjected to and that regime was well over the top even in 1980.”

One pupil had needed six stitches in his face after Pritchard had elbowed him while playing football. The school has closed.


Badgeworth Court School


BBC Wednesday, 31 May, 2000, 14:40 GMT 15:40 UK

Sex offender walks free

A former PE teacher who abused pupils at a boarding school for boys with behavioural problems in the 1970s has walked free from Bristol Crown Court after admitting 12 charges of indecent assault.

The court heard that 50-year-old Keith Figes abused seven boys aged between 10 and 14 at Badgeworth Court School, near Cheltenham, between September 1973 and December 1974.

Figes, of Zeal’s Rise, Warminster, Wiltshire, was given an 18-month sentence suspended for two years after the court heard he was a reformed character since serving time in prison.

Several of Figes’ victims who were in the court cried out as the sentence was passed – and many were visibly shaken as he walked free from court.

Roderick Denyer QC, prosecuting, told the court how Figes would lure boys from their dormitories and into his room at night, where he would indecently assault them.

Figes, who is now married and works as a driving instructor, was sentenced to three years in prison in the 1980s for similar offences.

‘It’s a joke’

Representing him, Wendy Joseph QC said more time had passed since the allegations than Figes had been alive when they occurred, and added that he was now a good husband to his wife, Helen.

She said: “The passage of time since 1973-1974 is not far short of 30 years. His behaviour in that time bears him some credit, perhaps more than anything else in his life.”

Telling the court that Figes’ time in prison had caused his character change, she added: “This man feels hugely the burden of what he did and the burden that he has brought to those he cares for.”

Victims of Figes, who had watched proceedings from the public gallery, cried in disbelief when they heard the sentence.

Trust betrayed

One said: “I wish I hadn’t bothered speaking out about it.”

“It’s a joke,” said another.

Sentencing Figes, Judge Peter Thomas said: “You indecently assaulted seven boys who were residents at that school.

“You betrayed their trust, and that trust which society placed on you. They were in your care.

“You have lived almost 20 years of a blameless life. As long as you behave yourself you will hear no more about it.”

The detective who led the investigation said he was disappointed with the sentence and said he felt sorry for the now middle-aged men who had suffered “abhorrent offences” at the paedophile’s hands.

BBC News

Badgeworth Court Group of Schools – instructed by 14 claimants who were placed by local authorities in three privately run schools for maladjusted children, and who alleged that they were sexually, physically and emotionally abused.  Proceedings were brought to a successful conclusion against the owner of the group of schools who was sued in a private capacity.



Child abuse inquiry to hear evidence regarding a Rutherglen care home later this year

Bellebue House was based in Clincarthill

The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry (SCAI) is set to hear evidence of abuse at a care home in Rutherglen later this year.

Bellevue House, which was based in Clincarthill, is one of five homes run by the Catholic order Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul involved in the inquiry.

It was announced last week that phase two of the hearings, which will include Bellevue as well as a home in Lanark, will begin on November 28.

Applications for leave to appear have to be made via email or post by September 4. Applicants must show that they have a direct or substantial interest in the scope and purpose of the hearings for which leave to appear is sought.

Bellevue closed its doors in the 1960s.

In 1997, a family of four took legal action against the Catholic Church order which ran the home.

They said that in the late 40s and early 50s they suffered “pain and anguish” for about seven years at Bellevue and “deep psychological trauma” in the years after they left.

A spokesman for the SCAI said: “The evidence given at the hearings will supplement written statements
taken from witnesses in advance and documents which have been recovered by the inquiry team during the course of investigations.

“The inquiry will continue to take statements from survivors in private sessions and from a range of other witnesses during this time.”

Members of the public can also attend the hearings, which will take place at Rosebury House in Edinburgh and are expected to last until December 22.

Phase one of the inquiry has already heard from dozens of individuals and organisations and is set to recommence on October 31.

Amongst them is former Rutherglen man Chris Daly, who persuaded the Scottish Government to apologise to victims of abuse.

Chris was abused by nuns while a resident of Nazareth House in Aberdeen.

The overall aim and purpose of the inquiry is to raise public awareness of the abuse of children in care, particularly during the period covered by the inquiry.

It will provide an opportunity for public acknowledgement of the suffering of those children and a forum for validation of their experience and testimony.



Findings from Heath investigation to be sent to IICSA

Sir Edward Heath child abuse investigation ‘to end in autumn’

18 Aug 2017


Two-year investigation into allegations that Sir Edward Heath was a paedophile is branded an ‘idiotic waste of public money’

  • MP for North Wiltshire James Grey said probe was ‘pretty pointless investigation’


Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

How can Wiltshire Police do their job when Headweak (Lord Armstrong) , a scrounger Tory MP and a right-wing rag are threatening them?

HRH Crafty Muvva‏ @craftymuvva

It’s also very intriguing to see the Tories closing ranks again & threatening others. Just WHO are they protecting?


Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

Who would have thunk it? Look who’s pressurising Wiltshire police over their Ted Heath investigation!

I’m not sure I would expect James Gray MP to have any sympathy for victims of Edward Heath:

James Gray MP – former SPAD to Leon Brittan’s friends – Michael Howard and John Gummer

James Gray MP and Camilla

Alleged paedophiles Ted Heath PM, Leon Brittan and alleged satanist Willie Whitelaw

Honourable Artillery Company Soldiers: Edward Heath, Robert Erskine Childers, Robert Henry Cain, James Gray, John Laurie, Andrew Selous


James Gray:

Born in Glasgow, Scotland,[1] Gray is the son of Very Rev John Rodger Gray, Minister at Dunblane Cathedral and the 1977 Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, and Dr Sheila Mary Gray who was a GP.

At the 1992 general election, Gray was the Conservative candidate for Charles Kennedy’s seat of Ross, Cromarty and Skye. Before winning North Wiltshire constituency in 1997, he was a special advisor to the Secretary of State for the Environment, Michael Howard, and to his successor John Gummer.

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

James Gray – Another man from the shipping trade…

Education & Business Career
James was educated at Hillhead Primary School and Glasgow High School and later read history at Glasgow University and Christ Church, Oxford. Before entering Parliament, James’s career was in business. After Oxford, he worked as a graduate management trainee with P&O for a year. In 1978, he was appointed as a Shipbroker and Department Manager at Anderson Hughes Ltd and was made a Freeman of the City of London. In 1984, he moved to GNI Freight Futures Ltd as Managing Director until 1992. Simultaneously, he held posts as a Senior Manager at futures broker GNI Ltd (1989-92) and as a Director of The Baltic Futures Exchange (1989-91).

Other posts and interests
He was a visiting Parliamentary Fellow of St Antony’s College, Oxford in 2005-6, is currently President of the Association of British Riding Schools, an Honorary Associate of the British Veterinary Association, a Pro Bono member of the Baltic Exchange, Patron of Mutual Support (the Armed Services MS Support Group), and Patron of the Westminster Food and Nutrition Forum.

Locally, James is President of Chippenham Constitutional Club, a Member of the Royal Wootton Bassett Conservative Club, an Honorary Member of the Rotary Club of the Wiltshire Vale, President of the MS Society’s Chippenham Branch, Patron of the Devizes Branch, Patron of the Woodshaw Residents Association in Royal Wootton Bassett and Patron of Chippenham Sailing Club.


James Gray/ Westminster Strategy Lobbyists/John Bercow/Virginia Bottomley/Jonathan Aitken

Westminster Strategy gains Bercow expertise

April 19, 1996

Lobbying firm Westminster Strategy has recruited ex-ministerial special adviser John Bercow as a senior consultant.

Bercow was previously adviser to heritage secretary Virginia Bottomley, before which he supported former Chief Secretary to the Treasury Jonathan Aitken.

Bercow became a special adviser in 1995 after six years as a consultant with Rowland Sallingbury Casey. He left Virginia Bottomley’s office in February after being selected as Tory parliamentary candidate for Buckingham.

Westminster Strategy director James Gray, himself a Tory parliamentary hopeful for North Wiltshire, said that Bercow would add an ‘enormous amount’ to the agency. He said his three main contributions would be his long experience as a public affairs consultant, his experience in government departments and his inside knowledge of the Conservative Party.


Eminence Grise Lord Black of Westminster Strategy

1989: Spad to energy secretary John Wakeham (Paedophile Bishop Peter Ball’s good friend)

1992-96: lobbyist for Westminster Strategy and Lowe Bell

1996: Press Complaints Commission director

2003: Conservative leader Michael Howard’s press secretary

2005-present: executive director, Telegraph Media Group



Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

Compared to MPs’ expenses, £2m is a small price to pay to find out if a British MP abused children.


Gray is the son of Very Rev John Rodger Gray, Minister at Dunblane Cathedral and the 1977 Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland


Moderators of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland


1972 Ronald Selby Wright CVO TD JP MA DD FRSE FSAScot

1974 David Steel MA BD DD (Linlithgow: St Michael’s) (Father of Lord Steel of Aikwood)

1977 John Rodger Gray VRD MA BD ThM (Dunblane Cathedral)


David Steel – paedophile links

Abuser: Cyril Smith with ex-Liberal leaders Jeremy Thorpe (left) and David Steel. A man has alleged he was introduced to Mr Steel by Smith after he was taken to London by the paedophile MP

Cyril Smith molested boy, 11, at National Liberal Club – and introduced him to David Steel

South Yorkshire Police ‘failed to act’ on Ian Watkins abuse claim

18 Aug 2017

A failure to act by police examining allegations of child abuse against Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins may have put a child at risk of further abuse for months, a report has found.

The IPCC said South Yorkshire Police did not take seriously claims Watkins had been sharing indecent images.

It said three officers would have faced misconduct hearings over their inaction but that all three had since retired.

Watkins, from Pontypridd, pleaded guilty at Cardiff Crown Court to 13 child sex offences, including the attempted rape of a baby.


Former youth coach Frank Roper accused of abusing 31 young players

  • A Freedom of Information request revealed 31 people have filed 35 accusations
  • Several alleged victims have begun legal proceedings against Blackpool
  • Ex-England player Paul Stewart says he was abused on daily basis for four years

Thirty-one former footballers including England international Paul Stewart have accused former youth coach Frank Roper of historical sexual abuse.

Several alleged victims have also begun legal proceedings against Blackpool, with whom Roper was closely associated in the 1980s.

Stewart, 52, has claimed that Roper, who died in Stockport in 1995, abused him on a daily basis for four years from the age of 11.


Frank Roper (right) has been accused of abusing 31 former footballers

A Freedom of Information request revealed that 31 individuals have filed 35 accusations against Roper, a former football coach in the North West.

Sportsmail exposed Roper as a serial sexual predator last November. He exploited his power at renowned Manchester youth club Nova and enjoyed strong links with Blackpool.

Stewart, the former Tottenham, Liverpool and Manchester City striker, said: ‘It’s sad that so many came forward because it meant so many suffered.

‘People will see now how prolific he was, and hopefully the people who suffered will not feel as I have, that the police are only interested in the victims of others.

The former youth coach was closely associated with Blackpool in the 1980s

‘I’m not bothered that he won’t face justice, I never came forward for that. But I’m gutted for those who have reported him and will not see him face justice.’

Roper warned Stewart, who started his career at Blackpool, never to tell anyone of the horrific ordeal or risk his family being killed.

Witnesses revealed how Roper abused children on expensive trips to the Far East, New Zealand and America.

Dino Nocivelli of Bolt Burdon Kemp Solicitors, representing several survivors, said: ‘The number of children who allegedly suffered sexual abuse at the hands of Frank Roper indicates he was a substantial threat to children.

‘What is even more worrying is that this is very likely to only be the tip of the iceberg — Frank Roper was associated with Blackpool for over a decade, he was granted frequent access to children as a result of this and the abuse is alleged to have taken place not just in England but also in Thailand and New Zealand.

‘I have been instructed by a number of survivors to pursue claims against Blackpool Football Club. A letter before claim has been sent on behalf of one of my clients to Blackpool setting out the abuse that my client suffered at the hands of Roper.

‘Blackpool have confirmed receipt of these papers and I am awaiting their response as to whether or not they admit responsibility for the acts of Roper.’

A Greater Manchester Police spokesperson said: ‘We will continue to support any victims of non-recent sexual abuse and we are working with charities and partner organisations to help provide them with specialist support.

‘GMP will continue to inform victims of any updates regarding their complaints.

‘We understand that reporting such traumatic events is extremely difficult and we will continue to assist any victims in any way that we can.’

Blackpool were approached but declined to comment.


Roman Polanski’s bid to get his sex assault case dismissed so he can return to the U.S. has been denied at Los Angeles Superior Court

August 18, 2017,

Polanski had been shooting photos of the girl at Jack Nicholson’s house when he gave her champagne and part of a sedative pill before raping her in March 1977, according to grand jury transcripts. Nicholson was not home at the time.

Polanski pleaded guilty to unlawful sex with a minor in exchange for dropping drug, rape and sodomy charges.


Could there be a connection: So, Jack, why were there secret tunnels to the Playboy Mansion?


Documents show plans to connect the Playboy Mansion to a series of movie star homes, including Jack Nicholson’s, via secret tunnels

A blueprint was then found in the basement of the Mansion, detailing plans to dig tunnels to the homes of “Mr J Nicholson”, “Mr W Beatty”, “Mr K Douglas” and “Mr J Caan”.

The article says: “We’ll go ahead and assume they’re talking about Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty, Kirk Douglas and James Caan – all of whom lived near the Playboy Mansion during the late 1970s and early 1980s. There are no dates on the architectural schematics, but the dates on the Polaroids were from 1977.”

A former celebrity photographer has been jailed for sexually abusing children in Kent
August 16, 2017

A former celebrity photographer and kid’s TV worker has been jailed for a series of historic sex abuse crimes against children, some of which were in Kent.

David Trainer, 63, who worked on high profile theatre and films including the Little Shop of Horrors (produced by David Geffen) and Never Ending Story, admitted 14 offences against five girls and boys under 14.

The paedophile had already been convicted in 2011 of assaulting several young girls during the 80s and 90s – one aged just six – was jailed for eight years.

On the last day of that trial, a further victim came forward and told police she has also been sexually abused, which led to further police enquiries and the uncovering of four more victims.

One victim reported being abused in her Kent home, other victims reported abuse in Cornwall or at Trainer’s former home in Brixton.

In one instance, a victim reported being abused at a folk music festival where the victim’s parents had entrusted Trainer to take her.

On August 2, Trainer, of Chiswick High Road, in Brixton, was pulled from his prison cell to appear at Inner London Crown Court on August 2 where he pleaded guilty to eight counts of indecent assault and six counts of indecency with a child.

At the same court on Tuesday (August 15), he was sentenced to a total of eight years and one month behind bars.

‘It’s possible there are more victims’

Two charges relating to allegations made by one of the five victims – inciting a boy under 14 years of age to commit an act of gross indecency, and indecent assault on a boy under the age of 14 years – were ordered to lie on file.

DI Angela Craggs of the Met’s Child Abuse and Sexual Offences Command said: “David Trainer preyed on and abused young children, and exploited the trust placed in him by the parents of the victims in the worst way possible.

“The victims in this case have been waiting for justice for decades, and it was Trainer’s previous conviction for similar offences which gave them the courage to come forward and report their ordeals at the hands of Trainer.

“This case sends out a strong message that the Metropolitan Police will listen to victims and investigate historical abuse allegations, and the passage of time is not a barrier to bringing the people responsible to justice.

“I would like to pay tribute to the victims in this case who have shown remarkable strength in recounting the abuse they suffered to ensure that Trainer was punished for what he did.

“It is possible that there are yet more victims, and we would urge them to contact us – we will support you and treat any information you give us with the strictest confidence.”

If you would like to report any offences committed by Trainer, call the Child Abuse Investigation Team at Lambeth on 020 7232 6344 To be put in touch with a specialist investigator.


Little Shop of Horrors puppeteer, 63, who later photographed Bob Hoskins and Jerry Hall faces jail after admitting string of historic child sexual offences

  • David Trainer, 63, admitted assaulting four children aged between 7 and 13
  • In 2011 he was jailed for 8 years for a string of sex attacks on girls as young as 6
  • He worked on musical Little Shop of Horrors and film The NeverEnding Story
  • Also photographed Jerry Hall, John Hurt, Richard Attenborough, Jim Broadbent

A former children’s television worker and celebrity photographer has admitted a string of historic child sexual offences.

Convicted paedophile David Trainer today admitted assaulting two boys and two girls, aged between seven and 13.

The 63-year-old’s victims came forward after he was convicted in 2011 of assaulting several young girls during the 1980s and 1990s – one aged just six – and jailed for eight years.

At the Inner London Crown Court today Trainer admitted eight counts of indecent assault and six counts of indecency with a child, between May 1980 and August 1991.

Some of the assaults were carried out at Trainer’s home on the Loughborough estate in Brixton, south London, when the children were allowed to stay with him, some at the homes of the victim’s parents, and others at a folk music festival. 

Trainer worked as a puppeteer and special effects artist on 1986 musical Little Shop of Horrors and the 1984 film The NeverEnding Story.

As a photographer, his documentary portrayal of London life featured in a Tate Britain exhibition in 2007 alongside William Henry Fox Talbot, Lewis Carroll, Bill Brandt and David Bailey.

His famous subjects include Bob Hoskins, Jerry Hall, John Hurt, Richard Attenborough and Jim Broadbent.

Many of his exhibited photographs, which sell at up to £500 a print, are portraits of children.

‘When the last batch of the prince’s memos was released, the black spiders proved relatively tame: just him sounding off on a few of his pet projects, from the culling of badgers to the survival of the Patagonian toothfish.’

Clarence House should release Prince Charles’s Scottish spider memos

16 August 2017

Prince Charles’s black spider memos are now crawling into the realm of Scottish politics. After penning these in his scratchy hand on everything from foxhunting in the English shires to the National Gallery extension in London, the Duke of Rothesay (as he is known north of the border) has turned his quill to matters close to Caledonian hearts: keeping educational standards high.

The Guardian revealed on Monday that Scottish ministers have refused to release documents allegedly showing that the prince and his office had lobbied them in 2012 to reform the teacher training system. He was acting on behalf of the charity Teach First, of which he is patron and which now hopes to win a contract for a £1m scheme to fast-track university graduates through a six-week course with on-the-job training, in preference to the full one-year diploma. The charity has already done similar work in England and Wales, where it earns £2,600 for each recruit.

Not surprisingly this has provoked a swift rebuke in the Scottish parliament. Calling for a debate on the disclosures, Iain Gray, Scottish Labour’s education spokesman, argued that the pattern of communication with Teach First and the prince “can only raise questions of policy being made as a result of pressure, and these concerns must be dispelled or otherwise by disclosure of the correspondence”, while Patrick Harvie, the Scottish Green party co-leader, demanded a “pretty robust” scrutiny of ministers as to why they decided to invoke a special exemption for the royal family under the Scottish freedom of information laws.

South of the border, Maurice Frankel, director of the Campaign for Freedom of Information, saw a potential conflict of interest in the fact that Teach First earns a fee for every trainee recruited: “Those who seek to influence government policy must understand that the public have a right to know what they are doing.”

Until the letters (as well as the Scottish government’s briefing papers) are made public there is no way of knowing whether there is a real conflict of interest in the prince’s role in the affair. It should be remembered that when the last batch of his memos was released in May 2015 – after a long and expensive campaign by the Guardian – the black spiders proved relatively tame: just the prince sounding off on a few of his pet projects, from the culling of badgers to the survival of the Patagonian toothfish.

The more interesting issue is why Holyrood as much as Clarence House has been so secretive over the correspondence. In the past, the Scottish parliament has seemed proud of having a slightly more liberal approach to freedom of information when it comes to the royals. In Scotland the law allows the royal exemption to be overturned in the public interest, but in this case the test has not been invoked.

One might be forgiven for thinking – in this matter at least – that Holyrood has been overcome by a form of Scottish Shintoism and the government is just repeating the fawning of ministers south of the border.

In his recent memoirs, Kenneth Clarke, the former chancellor, detected this tendency among his cabinet colleagues when he tried to decommission the Royal Yacht Britannia: “Most politicians are so in awe of the royal family that expressions of displeasure from the palace about issues bearing directly on the family can usually produce quite significant policy shifts.”


The crucial question about the prince’s political activism – be it the reform of Scottish teacher training or GM crops – is whether the lobbying actually changes policy decisions. Here, sunlight is the best disinfectant. Since it is unlikely that the prince will ever change his spots after many decades of politicking, the most sensible approach would be to have the debate totally in the open and have his ideas rigorously tested – even in media interviews.

In the case of Scotland, the public interest defence should be invoked to allow all the documentation on the teacher training lobbying to be published as an alternative to the long wait for the opposition parties to shame the information out of the executive.

In the meantime – if the prince’s letters on Scottish education policy are as innocuous as those on the Patagonian toothfish – then why can’t Clarence House just release the black spiders?

David McClure is the author of Royal Legacy


Anthony John Wixted‏ @TrojanManifesto

Third woman accuses Roman Polanski of sexually assaulting her when she was just 16 over 40 years ago

  • A third woman has come forward to accuse film director Roman Polanski of sexually victimizing her when she was a minor over 40 years ago
  • The woman, who identified herself as Robin, says that the alleged incident took place in 1973
  • Robin, 59, says she felt compelled to come forward after Polanski’s rape victim from another case pleaded on the director’s behalf
  • Samantha Geimer appeared in Los Angeles Superior Court in June to help make the case that Polanski has served his time for the 1977 crime 
  • She asked the judge to close the case so she could move on with her life 
  • It was her first court appearance on behalf of Polanski for the 40-year-old case
  • Geimer was raped by Polanksi when she was 13 years old after he plied her with drugs and booze before forcing himself on her at Jack Nicholson’s house
  • Polanski, now 83, fled L.A. the night before he was sentenced for raping Geimer

Polanski (seen above in a Santa Monica courthouse in 1977) attacked Geimer, whose surname at the time was Gailey, back in 1977 when she was just 13 years old. The rape occurred at Jack Nicholson's Mulholland Drive home during a photo shoot

Polanski (seen above in a Santa Monica courthouse in 1977) attacked Geimer, whose surname at the time was Gailey, back in 1977 when she was just 13 years old. The rape occurred at Jack Nicholson’s Mulholland Drive home during a photo shoot

He makes no denial of it, accepting it was ‘morally and legally wrong’, according to his lawyer.

A third woman, Charlotte Lewis, who is also represented by Allred, accused Polanski earlier this year of sexually assaulting her when she was 16 years old before working with him on the 1986 film Pirates.

The actress, Lewis, is seen above with Polanski prior to the presentation of the film Pirates during the Cannes Film Festival in 1986

The actress, Lewis, is seen above with Polanski prior to the presentation of the film Pirates during the Cannes Film Festival in 1986


Aug 15 2017

Newport woman who survived sex abuse to join inquiry

The inquiry first opened in Wales in November 2016, and since then has met with victims and survivors, and experts in the field of child sexual abuse in locations including Swansea, Newport, Cardiff and Caernarfon.

May Baxter-Thornton



Pictured right: Hartmut Hopp with his wife. He has been jailed for five years and one day after being the right-hand man of notorious Nazi paedophile Paul Schaefer 

Paedophile who helped run notorious Nazi child sex sect in Chile is jailed for five years after years on the run in his native Germany

  • Hartmut Hopp was right-hand man of Nazi paedophile sect leader Paul Schaefer
  • One-eyed ex-Wehrmacht soldier Schaefer founded notorious colony in Chile
  • Child slaves abused and tortured for over three decades at Colonia Dignidad
  • But Hopp fled Chile for native Germany after being convicted by Chilean court

The right-hand man of a one-eyed German Nazi who oversaw daily torture and abuse of child slaves over three decades in Chile has been given a five-year prison sentence in Germany.

A court in Krefeld upheld a Chilean prison sentence of five years and one day for Hartmut Hopp – a German in his 70s – over abuses committed at the notorious Colonia Dignidad commune.

Hopp, a doctor, was a close associate of convicted paedophile Paul Schaefer, a former Wehrmacht soldier who in 1961 founded the commune where residents were indoctrinated and kept as virtual slaves over three decades.

A court in Chile convicted Hopp in 2011 of crimes including complicity in the sexual abuse of 16 minors but he fled to Germany before the final court ruling was imposed.

in 2005: Paul Schaefer, a one-eyed former Nazi soldier who founded the commune in 1961.

Former Nazi corporal Paul Schaefer

But the latest German ruling is not yet final as his lawyer has announced plans to appeal.

As head of the Nazi paedophile sect, Schaefer collaborated with the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.

His secret police used the colony, about 215 miles south of the capital Santiago, as a place to torture and ‘disappear’ his opponents.

Germany last year said it was declassifying its files on the sect, and the foreign minister at the time, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, admitted that the diplomatic service had failed to stop the abuses.

The Colonia Dignidad commune in Chile, which was the scene of child sex abuse for over thirty years

The scale of the atrocities came to light only after the end of Pinochet’s regime.

For decades, the residents of Villa Baviera, initially called Colonia Dignidad, submitted to the authoritarian whims of Schaefer, who banned almost all contact with the outside world at the commune 210 miles south of Santiago.

Under his rules, men and women lived separately, intimate contact was controlled and children were split from their parents.

In 2006, former members of the cult issued a public apology and asked for forgiveness for 40 years of sex and human rights abuses in their community, saying they were brainwashed by Schaefer, who many viewed as God.

Schaefer was born in Troisdorf, Weimar Germany, and joined the Hitler Youth movement at a young age.

He served as a medic in the German Army during World War II, where he reached the rank of corporal.

Last year prosecutors in Krefeld requested that his right-hand man Hopp serve out the prison term in his country of origin, in line with a Chilean request, and the court has now agreed.

The European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights greeted the ruling, calling it a long-overdue first step ‘in the resolution of the crimes of Colonia Dignidad, in particular rape and sexual abuse of minors’.

It warned that Hopp had already fled Chilean justice once and said that authorities ‘must prevent a possible escape of Hartmut Hopp’.

Schaefer disappeared on May 20, 1997, fleeing child sex abuse charges, filed by Chilean authorities after 26 children who went to the commune’s free clinic and school reported abuse.

He was tried in Chile in his absence, and found guilty in late 2004.

He was discovered on March 10, 2005, nearly eight years after his disappearance, hiding in a suburb known as Las Acacias, 30 miles from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Following two days of negotiations between Chilean and Argentine authorities, Schaefer was sent back to Chile to face a court hearing. There, he was charged with being involved in the 1976 disappearance of the political activist Juan Maino, and he remained in custody until his death.

On May 24, 2006, he was sentenced to 20 years in jail for sexually abusing 25 children and was ordered to pay £1million to 11 minors whose representatives established suits.

He died aged 89 in a Chilean jail in 2010 while serving his sentence.


Child abuse inquiry recommends an end to Seal of the Confessional

August 14, 2017

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse – the official independent inquiry in Australia, has recommended that the failure to report child sexual abuse in institutions should be made a criminal offence. And it said that there should be “no exemption, excuse, protection or privilege from the offence granted to clergy for failing to report information disclosed in connection with a religious confession.”

The recommendations are amongst a sweep of 85 legislative and policy changes proposed in a report Criminal Justice, released by the Commission today (Monday), “aimed at reforming the Australian criminal justice system in order to provide a fairer response to victims of institutional child sexual abuse.”

In their report, the commissioners say: “Before discussing a criminal offence, we consider it important to make clear that persons who know or suspect that a child is being or has been sexually abused in an institutional context should report this to police – not necessarily as a legal obligation enforced by a criminal offence but because it is moral and ethical to do so.

“Child sexual abuse is a crime and it should be reported to police. There should be no doubt that police are the correct agency to which child sexual abuse should be reported.”


Colette L Annesley‏ @ColetteAnnesley

In the secular world, colluding with or protecting paedophiles is frequently described as a constituent element of a paedophile ‘ring’.

 Melbourne archbishop says he’d rather go to jail than report child abuse heard in confession

Hart said he stood by comments he made in 2011 that priests would rather be jailed than violate the sacramental seal.

Father Frank Brennan, a Jesuit priest and professor of law at the Australian Catholic University, joined Hart in saying he would not adhere to any legislative changes.

“And if there is a law that says that I have to disclose it, then yes, I will conscientiously refuse to comply with the law,’’ Brennan told the Australian.

Should Australia change the law, priests would be expected to obey the law, like everybody else, or suffer the consequences.

“If they do not this will be a personal, conscience decision on the part of the priest that will have to be dealt with by the authorities in accordance with the new law as best they can,” he said.


Peter Fox @Peter_Fox59

In confession Fr McArdle was forgiven 1500 times by 30 fellow priests for raping children. Not one reported to police, no child was saved.

Lenna Leprena‏ @LennaLeprena

and the archbishop of Melbourne has just said he’s fine with that.


Mario Recuero‏ @recuerom

Something seriously wrong when crimes kept in the secret of confession! Particularly fellow priests.

jaspinder‏ @jadpindersingh1

Why does Catholic Church allowed to have a different law than Australian law?

Depraved father helped Ridsdale assault his daughter: court

15 Aug 2017

Peter Fox  @Peter_Fox

So if Ridsdale confessed these crimes to Archbishop Hart, Hart would prefer to go to gaol then report them to police. Wonderful morals.

Anne Frandi-Coory‏ @afcoory

You just might have to go to prison then, Denis…

Wombie McWombieface‏ @TheNakedWombat

Wonder how many he’s hiding?

pauline hollywood‏ @paulinehollywoo

Deliberately defying the Commission to protect children, by aiding and abetting the cover-up of child abuse, should be enough to incarcerate

From the very top! It’ll remain forever in their DNA to protect poedophile priests-and to HELL with their victims:


Anne Frandi-Coory‏ @afcoory

Absolutely…and highlights that nothing at all has changed within the CatholicChurch

Kerry Jaggers‏ @kezincanberra

Catholic Church is NOT above the law. Nor is it above morality, human rights, protection of our children. Melb Archbishop should be ashamed.

ABC The Drum‏ @ABCthedrum

“The church is saying they’re above the law. I reject that

 “Perpetrators who confessed to sexually abusing children went on to reoffend and seek forgiveness again”



Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart

Why is the Catholic Church protecting paedophiles?

This is the only way to interpret the church’s desire to allow allegations of abuse made in the confessional to be exempt from mandatory reporting to police.

In an extraordinary admission, Catholic bishops have opposed any move to force priests to report details of child sexual abuse received during confession.

This is despite calls from the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse to make it illegal for them not to do so.

Recommendations released by the commission this week suggest clergy who fail to report such information would face criminal charges.

The report states confession has been a forum where both victims and perpetrators have disclosed sexual abuse in the past.

So it seems absolutely unbelievable that president of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart, said protections for confession should continue to be respected.

This absurd notion needs to be immediately challenged. Religious freedom should not give priests the freedom to sexually abuse children, or protect others who do so.

Why does the church want to absolve paedophiles?

You would think the Catholic Church wouldn’t want to absolve paedophiles, but to hand them over to authorities.

And yet it would seem this is not the case — the church appears to be more concerned that priests are healed than the people they abuse.


Last year

Catholic bishops not obliged to report clerical child abuse, Vatican says

10 February 2016

Vatican guide says ‘not necessarily’ bishop’s duty to report suspects to police despite Pope Francis’s vows to redress Catholic church’s legacy of child abuse

The Catholic church is telling newly appointed bishops that it is “not necessarily” their duty to report accusations of clerical child abuse and that only victims or their families should make the decision to report abuse to police.

A document that spells out how senior clergy members ought to deal with allegations of abuse, which was recently released by the Vatican, emphasised that, though they must be aware of local laws, bishops’ only duty was to address such allegations internally.

“According to the state of civil laws of each country where reporting is obligatory, it is not necessarily the duty of the bishop to report suspects to authorities, the police or state prosecutors in the moment when they are made aware of crimes or sinful deeds,” the training document states.

The training guidelines were written by a controversial French monsignor and psychotherapist, Tony Anatrella, who serves as a consultant to the Pontifical Council for the Family.

Allen noted that a special commission created by Pope Francis, the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors, had appeared to play no role in the training programme, even though it is supposed to be developing “best practices” to prevent and deal with clerical abuse.

Indeed, a church official familiar with the commission on abuse said it was the committee’s position that reporting abuse to civil authorities was a “moral obligation, whether the civil law requires it or not”.

Pope Francis has called for the church to exhibit “zero tolerance” of sexual abuse of minors or vulnerable adults by clergy and that “everything possible must be done to rid the church of the scourge of the sexual abuse”.

He said in a 2012 interview – when he was still a cardinal – that he was once called by a bishop asking him for advice on how to deal with an allegation of sex abuse. Cardinal Bergoglio – as he was then known – allegedly told the bishop to take away the priests’ licences and begin a canonical trial that would deal with the matter internally.

SNAP, a US-based advocacy group for abuse victims that has been very critical of Pope Francis on the issue, said the news outlined in John Allen’s Crux article proved that the church had not substantially changed.

“It’s infuriating, and dangerous, that so many believe the myth that bishops are changing how they deal with abuse and that so little attention is paid when evidence to the contrary – like this disclosure by Allen – emerges,” the group said in a statement.

US alleged paedophile Roger Giese set for extradition

  • 14 August 2017
  • From the section Hampshire & Isle of Wight

An alleged paedophile who was on the FBI’s most wanted list can be extradited to the USA, a judge has ruled.

US national Roger Giese, 42, is wanted for trial in California, charged with sexually abusing a boy under the age of 14 between 1998 and 2002.

His counsel had argued conditions in US prisons and an extended custody threat meant he should not be sent back.

The Secretary of State will now make a final decision on the case.

District judge Margot Coleman said she had thought a “great deal” about the case before ruling against Mr Giese at Westminster Magistrates’ Court.

Mr Giese emptied his bank account and fled to the UK on the eve of his trial in 2007, leaving his family behind.

He is wanted in Orange County after allegedly befriending the child when working as a voice coach for the All-American Boys Chorus in 1998.

As well as child sex offences, US Federal authorities also issued a warrant for Mr Giese’s arrest on a charge of “unlawful flight to avoid prosecution”.

The married former choirmaster was eventually traced to a Hampshire village where he was living under a different name, working for a PR company, and cohabiting with a woman who knew nothing of his true identity.

Since 2014, a series of extradition battles have been fought after the Home Office certified a request from the US.

Mr Giese’s removal was previously blocked by High Court judges on human rights grounds.

He now has 14 days to appeal against the decision.


Child abuse inquiry to reconvene in the autumn

14 Aug 2017

<B><i>Inquiry chair: Lady Smith</B></i>

Inquiry chair: Lady Smith

The second phase of the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry will continue with its investigation into children’s homes run by the Catholic order Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul.

The Lady Smith-led hearings are to reconvene on November 28 in Edinburgh to examine historical allegations of the abuse of children in care.

The public inquiry, which began in May, has already heard a series of religious organisations apologise for historical abuse in damning testimonies.

Legislation lifting the time-limit on damages for child abuse cases was passed by the Scottish Parliament earlier this year, removing the current three-year period for personal injury actions in cases of child abuse where the person was under 18 at the time.

It will apply to all cases of child abuse after September 1964 – but campaigners are still lobbying for justice for those who were abused before then.

Religious orders are also facing demands for redress for victims. During the inquiry, the Catholic Church said it was considering cash compensation for survivors. The cost may be at least £200 million.

In early 2018, the inquiry will examine homes run by Sisters of Nazareth, investigating Nazareth House sites in Aberdeen, Cardonald, Kilmarnock and Lasswade.



Accused paedophile,  Bryan Davies, extradited from Malta was former Ystrad Hallchildren’s home manager

13 August 2017

A Welshman arrested in Gozo on 2 August and extradited to the UK was charged in a Welsh magistrate’s court on Friday with abusing 11 children in a Welsh magistrate’s court on Friday.

Seventy-year-old Bryan Davies had been living in Munxar, Gozo, before the police swooped and arrested him on the strength of a European Arrest Warrant. He was subsequently extradited to the UK.

According to press reports, Davies was a former deputy principal of a children’s home, Ystrad Hall in Llangollen, North Wales.

During a five-minute hearing on Friday, Davieswas remanded in custody by a district judge and is due to appear Mold Crown Court on 8 September. He was unable to offer an address in Britain.

The former deputy principal had 38 offences listed against him. They alleged indecent assault and serious sexual assaults on boys in the 1970s, six offences of making indecent images of children in Sussex between 2007 and 2013, and three of inciting sexual activity in 2011 and 2012.

Prosecutor Karen Mullin sought a remand in custody and defence barrister Hannah Horton made no application for bail.  No pleas were indicated.


Princess Diana, in intimate confessions recorded on video by her voice coach,   described her sex life with Prince Charles as “odd, very odd”. 


Prince Charles ‘trusted Jimmy Savile on everything from marriage guidance to checking speeches’






Historic child abuse panel member: “I was silenced by Theresa May’s advisors to ensure she became PM”

Sharon Evans, a former journalist and the founder of Dot Com Children’s Foundation, said that the panel were “promised the child abuse inquiry would be open”, but after a short while she saw that it was ‘so obvious that everything was about the control and suppression of information” and that the supposedly independent inquiry had absolutely “no independence’.

Ms Evans claimed that the contracts panel members were made to sign by the Home Office were used to stop them from speaking openly about “very serious allegations about very public figures” – allegations which she says were taken back to the inquiry leaders, but ‘nothing was being done about” them.


Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

Replying to @MichaelBarnes54

@MichaelBarnes54 @AJohnColes @ExaroNews

Did Sharon Evans ever explain her curious relationship with Jimmy Savile admirer James Saville?

  mike barnes @MichaelBarnes54 20 Dec 2014

Replying to @ciabaudo

@ciabaudo @AJohnColes @ExaroNews

I noticed she didn’t have much to say about abused boys.

James Saville Doing PR For CSA Inquiry ?


Twitter photo of James Saville (CSA Inquiry PR man)

Odd ? Coincidence ?

The Mail reported that a James Saville is representing one of the CSA Inquiry panel members, Sharon Evans and claiming to be working with the Home Office and that this person tried to dissuade The Mail from uncovering the truth about Fiona Woolf’s appointment as chair of the inquiry.

A Mail on Sunday journalist trying to uncover the truth about Fiona Woolf’s appointment to the child abuse inquiry received unwarranted threats from a PR man claiming to be working with the Home Office.

This newspaper was warned it would be reported to the new press complaints watchdog for simply arranging an interview with another panel member who could shed light on the controversy.

The threat was made by James Saville, a spokesman for Sharon Evans, a third person on the abuse inquiry. She runs a charity which includes Strictly Come Dancing star Kristina Rihanoff and Tony Blair’s daughter Kathryn among its trustees.

After a reporter had agreed last week to meet abuse survivor Graham Wilmer, who is on the inquiry panel, Mr Saville rang the journalist five minutes before the agreed interview time to say it had been called off.

The Mail

But what is in a name ? There can’t really be any connection between this James Saville and the serial paedophile Sir Jimmy Savile…

Could there ?

Journalist James Saville with Paedophile Sir Jimmy Savile.

Journalist James Saville with Paedophile Sir Jimmy Savile.

I just wonder if this James Saville currently undertaking PR work for a CSA Inquiry member and working with the Home Office is the same James Saville, a journalist, who wrote this glowing tribute to the beknighted child abuser on his death.

Warning: Get your sick bag ready.

Jimmy Savile dead: Sir Jim fixed it for me – a tribute by James Saville (No Relation)

He was one of the most colourful, eccentric and brilliant celebrities in history – and someone I’m proud to say turned out to be a friend.

I first met him when working as a local reporter for the Bucks Herald while he was doing charity work at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

And when he found out there was a journalist with the same name as him, his eyes lit up like Christmas.

He grabbed me round the arm, hoiked me towards him, stuck a big fat cigar in my face… and the image was plastered embarrassingly on the front page of that week’s edition.

The Mirror

I think we should be told.

Yes it is him. It is the same James Saville.

CaptureIt is the same James Saville (friend of Jimmy Savile) who it a spokesperson for a panel member on the CSA Inquiry and supposedly working with the Home Office.


Here is Sharon Evans Charity page,

The video at the bottom reveals that the charity was originally set up by  Tony Blair!

Already no independence..

The Vimeo site:

Appears the charity had a “Strictly Come Dancing Gala evening” on the 16th Sept – supported by the bizarre “Red Square Project” –


If you follow links on FB page to Daily Mail site you can see it was attended by the Blairs.

Further down the Facebook page you see an invite, it’s hosted at “Mansion House” by kind permission of, wait
for it…
“the Rt. Hon. The Lord Mayor”

white horse:

 This article in the Mail mentions James Saville;

Savile used threats of links with IRA to silence enemies and victims
By Daily Mail Reporter
PUBLISHED: 23:13, 20 October 2012 | UPDATED: 10:17, 22 October 2012Reporter James Saville recalled the time he met the star in 2000, who he said was ‘raging’ over the death of a friend and demanding details of anyone involved so he could on his friends in the IRA to ‘get them done’.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti…se-school.html

In reference to James Saville’s own Mirror tribute to Vile (posted in full a few posts earlier)…

By Mirror.co.uk
29 Oct 2011 17:01Jimmy Savile dead: Sir Jim fixed it for me a tribute by James Saville (No Relation)I first met him when working as a local reporter for the Bucks Herald while he was doing charity work at Stoke Mandeville Hospital….He also once told me that if I ever got in any trouble, then he knew “some very bad people who should be able to put whoever it is in hospital”.

Okay, so we have established that it was yourself, James Saville, who first met Vile in 2000 while working at the Bucks Herald.

Then a year after his tribute to Vile…

By James Saville
20 Oct 2012He made IRA threats during a meeting 12 years ago when our journalist was a local reporter on the Bucks Herald.

12 years ago = 2000.
‘Our journalist’ = James Saville
Written by James Saville

Clearly one and the same person.

contd…Savile was a volunteer helper at nearby Stoke Mandeville Hospital and was upset about the death of a local figure who he had known for several years.

There was a rumour the man had died after being mugged in the street.

The TV bigshot demanded the names of the thugs responsible.

We have omitted the name of the deceased out of respect for his family.

Arrogant Savile summoned our journalist to his office and raged: “I want you to tell me what happened with **** *****. If you hear that someone has done this then I want you to tell me who straight away.

“I want to know names and I can have them waking up in hospital with every bone in their body broken.

“If someone has done this to **** ***** that makes them my enemy. And you don’t want to be my enemy.”

When asked to explain he then made his boasts of his IRA connections. Savile added: “You don’t get blessed by the Pope for nothing.”

Our journalist = James Saville.

In this 2012 article [also posted in full a few posts ago, as well as originally on the thread a year ago] James refers to himself as our journalist. This is a trick. Remember James is NEWS EDITOR, so if he says ‘our reporter’ he gives the impression that he is protecting the name and integrity of one of his reporters, which is an editor’s job; he is in fact covering for himself.


Well, James tells us himself.

On the plus side, he became the best contact I could wish for, almost using me as a way to get his wacky latest projects or views on the local health services [relating to Stoke Mandeville? – WH] into the press.He even put a good word in for me with a national newspaper reporter, to start me on the way to Fleet Street.

So you voluntarily allowed yourself to be used as a patsy.

And SaVile buttered you up at the Bucks Herald, and then he got you into the Mirror/Sunday People?

And you allowed yourself to be his mouthpiece despite

I was often unsure whether some of the weird and wonderful things he would come out with were fact or fiction.

James Saville was at the Bucks Herald in 2000 when Vile promised him his big break, getting him into Fleet Street, in return for easy access to free column inches in the red top press (Sunday Mirror/Sunday People). On the suspicious death of Vile’s friend in/around Aylesbury James Saville was summoned to Vile’s office, presumably Vile would be aware that often the press would know the identity of suspects with their dealings with the Police but be unable to publish for legal reasons.

So despite having enough points to form an investigative vector, already knowing Savile’s threats about IRA links (made to the journalist himself) and being aware of the Theroux docu where Vile off-guardedly spoke about beating people up in the basement of his nightclub, James Saville never thought anything of it, but happily plodded along, thankful to Vile for the leg up and mindful that he owes Savile, being voluntarily HOODWINKED.

He fondly remembers him.

Long live Sir Jim.

Did he not also think about how easily Vile got him a post in Fleet Street, where did that connection come from?

Originally Posted by wakingthedead View Post
Do we know where this “James Saville” is now???

According to some he is Head of News at the Sunday Mirror:

James Saville
Job role
James Saville is an Head of News at Sunday Mirror.

James Saville is the news editor of the Sunday Mirror.

Although his Twitter says he is
Head of News at The Sunday People.

Senior editorial shake-up at Mirror and People
Andrew Pugh 27 June 2012
Sunday Mirror news editor James Saville becomes head of content at the People.

So I suppose the Sunday People and the Sunday Mirror are basically the same thing.

HRH Crafty Muvva‏ @craftymuvva

Former abbot to stand trial for abusing 10 schoolboys


A former Roman Catholic priest accused of sexually abusing 10 schoolboys in the 1970s and 1980s will stand trial in October. Father Laurence Soper, 73, a former abbot of Ealing Abbey in west London, is charged with 18 sex offences including buggery and indecent assault on boys under 16. They are said to have occurred at St Benedict’s School in Ealing, where he taught first as a priest before being promoted to abbot.


Former Christ’s Hospital teachers appear at court charged with sex offences

Four former teachers from Christ’s Hospital School appeared before Crawley Magistrates’ Court.

9 Aug 2017

Three men pleaded not guilty to all charges while a fourth man entered no plea.  Gary Dobbie, a former teacher at Christ’s Hospital School, is charged with non-recent sex offences.
 Gary Dobbie
James Andrew Husband
James Andrew Husband and Ajaz Karim appeared on Wednesday morning and spoke only to plead not guilty on all charges. The fourth man Peter Webb entered no plea.
Dobbie, 66, of Park Street, Hereford, is charged with seven counts of indecent assault and one count of attempted indecent assault against three boys, as well as three counts of indecent assault against two women.
At Crawley Magistrates’ Court, he was granted bail on the condition he notifies Sussex Police of the change to his address and has no contact – directly or indirectly – with any former or present members of staff or pupils from Christ’s Hospital School.
James Andrew Husband, a former teacher at Christ’s Hospital School, is charged with non-recent sex offences.  He must also have no contact with any children under the age of 18, must not live in a household with a child under the age of 18, or enter and remain in a household where a child under the age of 18 is present. He must not enter any of the school’s premises. Husband, 67, of Wigginton Road, York, is charged with five counts of indecent assault and four counts of rape against a girl. He was granted bail at Crawley Magistrates’ Court on the condition he has no contact – directly or indirectly – with any former or present members of staff or pupils from Christ’s Hospital School.
Ajaz Karim, a former teacher from Christ’s Hospital School, charged with sex offences.  Ajaz Karim, a former teacher from Christ’s Hospital School, charged with sex offences.  He must not live in the same household as a child under the age of 18, have contact with any children under the age of 16, enter or remain in a household where a child under the age of 14 is present or enter any of the school’s premises. Karim, 62, of Baron’s Court Road, London, is charged with nine counts of indecent assault and one of attempted indecent assault against six girls. He was granted bail on the condition he has no contact – directly or indirectly – with any former or present members of staff or pupils from Christ’s Hospital School and has no supervision of a child under the age of 16.
Peter Webb, 74, of Authon-Edoen, France, is charged with six counts of indecent assault against three boys.

Peter Webb, a former teacher at Christ’s Hospital School, is charged with non-recent sex offences. He was granted bail on the condition he has no contact – directly or indirectly – with any former or present members of staff or pupils from Christ’s Hospital School and has no contact with any children under the age of 18. All four defendants are due to appear before Lewes Crown Court on September 6.


Record number of official files are kept secret: Whitehall is accused of a cover-up after civil servants refuse to release sensitive documents

  • Government departments applied to withhold 986 documents last year
  • Double the number of requests from 2013 as they come up for publication under 30-year rule


  • Papers relate to 1986 and 1987 when Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister 

The papers relate to 1986 and 1987, when Margaret Thatcher was prime minister, and include official documents about arms sales to India and Saudi Arabia, as well as a visit to the Middle East by Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales.

The documents were due for release for public inspection under the so-called 30-year rule.


The Advisory Council on National Records and Archives, the independent body which rules on the applications has now demanded a meeting with Whitehall officials to discuss the rise on censorship.

In its annual report, it said the rules were being ‘applied more tightly by departments’.

It also warned that civil servants ‘had not given enough thought’ to many requests. In 2014 three documents that departments wanted withheld were eventually published but last year the figure rose to more than 20.

However the advisory council’s own independence also risks being drawn into question after it released figures showing it had sided with the Government in 99.5 per cent of appeals for publication. The body also revealed that it had only asked to see one of the classified documents the government had asked to be withheld.

Robert Barrington, executive director of campaign group Transparency International UK, said that openness over public records was an ‘important part of rooting out corruption’.

‘This report suggests there is still a culture of opacity within many government departments,’ he said. ‘A lack of disclosure can often lead to concerns that the government has something to hide and therefore transparency is the best measure to ensure public trust.’


Operation Pallial: 70 year old man arrested in Malta over alleged child sexual abuse in North Wales


2 AUG 2017

A British pensioner wanted by police over a string of alleged sexual offences against children in North Wales orphanages has been arrested in Malta.

Bryan Davies, 70, is accused of 38 sexual offences, which are said to have occurred between 1975 and 1978 and from 2007 to 2013, police said.

He was arrested on the Maltese island of Gozo, where he had retired and had been living in the village of Munxar, according to authorities.

A Maltese court ruled Davies will be extradited to the UK to face charges including serious sexual assault, indecent assault, taking indecent photos of children and inciting children to take part in sexual activities.

Davies agreed to the extradition, which should happen within 10 days.

He waived his right to appeal which his defence lawyer said was not an admission of guilt.



Orphanage not named ^


BORN: April 16, 1943


Warden at Ystrad Hall, Llangollen. Convicted in 1978 of three indecent assaults on two pupils at the school. He got probation for 12 month on condition of hospital treatment. Also given a sentence of 160 hours of community service. He had been a corporal in the Army followed by 23 years as a fitter for an aircraft company. He had no experience of dealing with children in care.

Appointed Deputy Principal of Ystrad Hall School in 1975. The Llangollen school was registered as an institution catering wholly or mainly for handicapped pupils aged 11 to 14 years. Some previous experience with residential care work. 

TRIBUNAL: Davies was described by two witnesses as a “nutter”. There were 12 complaints against him and six referred to Davies hitting out with a torch. Concluded he did use physical force inappropriately from time to time but most of it was due to inexperience.


November 1999 – Home-owner child abuse conviction – A former supervisor at two children’s homes in north Wales has been jailed for five years for indecently assaulting boys in his care in the 1970s. Richard Leake, 58, (pictured below)  sexually assaulted boys in his care while working as a supervisor at Bersham Children’s Home in Wrexham and later as principal at Ystrad Hall in Llangollen. 


Between 1974 and 1996, there were 12 internal inquires by Clwyd Council involving children in its care homes and no fewer than seven different management structures for children’s services within its social services department.

The following allegations formed the basis of the police investigation that began in 1991. More than one allegation of abuse were made at a series of homes:

  • Bersham Hall (41),
  • Berwyn Hall (seven),
  • Bryn Alyn (96),
  • Bryn Estyn (138),
  • Bryn Tirion (15),
  • Cartref Bontnewydd (four),
  • Cartref Melys (two),
  • Cartrefle (30),
  • Cherry Hill (two),
  • Cheviot Hey (34)
  • Clwyd Hall (four),
  • Dol Rhyd (two),
  • Gatewen (36),
  • Gwynfa (24),
  • Hengwrt (nine),
  • Park House (18),
  • Pentre Saeson (20),
  • Queens Park (13),
  • Rhiwlas (three),
  • South Meadows (13),
  • Tanllwyfan (13),
  • Ty Newydd (12),
  • Ty’r Felin (85),
  • Ucheldre (two),
  • Upper Downing (12),
  • Y Gwyngyll (18),
  • Ynys Fechan (four),
  • Ysgol Talfryn (19),
  • Ystrad Hall (39).











LazerLight‏ @Lazer_Light23

Evidence of ‘organised abuse’ and ‘trade’ of young boys in Gozo resurfaces

Malta Independent Sunday, 17 August 2014, 11:21 Last update: about 4 years ago

Evidence of what was branded by a British social services department as “the organised abuse of young boys” and the “trade” of young victims in Malta and Gozo has resurfaced after more than two decades following a whistleblower’s recent allegations into an ‘elite paedophile ring’ that is alleged to have included over 20 prominent members of the British parliament, the judiciary and even religious figures.

The evidence of the organised abuse of and the trade in young boys in Gozo and possibly Malta as well, deeds that were most likely perpetrated between the 1970s and the early 1990s, resurfaced recently in the form of a leaked 1993 ‘strictly confidential’ report drawn up by the Hereford and Worcester Social Services Department – a report that had been mysteriously buried at the time presumably by unknown people in positions of authority in the UK.

Back in 1992, a certain Peter Righton had been charged with and was later found guilty of the possession of what was described as “obscene literature” pertaining to children and young boys under the age of 16. The ‘literature’, in fact, consisted of photographs of nude young boys.

During the investigation, the police and Customs department carried out a raid on Righton’s home, where they confiscated a “very substantial amount of material” including letters, diaries, photographs, magazines and videos”.

According to the report, “Righton was a great hoarder of letters and documents and there are several boxes of letters which spell out in chronological detail how Righton and a number of associates have kept in contact for many years and how they clearly show an interest in the abuse of boys.”

Among the correspondence uncovered during the investigation is damning evidence of organised paedophilia in Gozo and possibly in Malta as well.


Written evidence of abuse and trade of young boys in Malta

According to the leaked 1993 ‘strictly confidential’ report: “There is also written evidence amongst Righton’s belongings of links with P.I.E.s in Sweden and Norway, as well as the organised abuse of young boys in Gozo, Malta, and both Righton and … (name redacted) feature as being involved in the ‘trade’ of young victims in the latter country.”

‘P.I.E.s’ refer to members of the Paedophile Information Exchange, which had campaigned to legalise sex with children as young as four years of age.  Righton was known as P.I.E. member 51.

The redacted name is believed to be that of Righton’s former partner, who can only be named as Richard for legal reasons.

A BBC Inside Story documentary, The Secret Life of a Paedophile, features the sordid story of Righton’s multiple crimes against childhood. In the documentary, the link to which is provided below, it is documented how: “Together they spent regular holidays in the Mediterranean, where they sought the company of local boys.”

At the time the social services report was penned, the written evidence of abuse in Gozo and Malta must have struck a chord with the Hereford and Worcester Social Services Department, which gave the Malta abuse pride of place as the first mention of tangible abuse to have emerged from the vast collection of correspondence.

That evidence of the abuse carried out in Gozo and Malta are reported as being stored at the West Mercia Police to this day and as such, the Maltese police should have good reason to request access to them. There are seven boxes of potential evidence of a powerful paedophile network, including letters between Righton and other paedophiles that were confiscated from Righton’s home at the time.


The cover-up and the new impetus

Whistleblower Peter McKelvie, a former child protection manager with the Hereford and Worcester Social Services Department and was the one who had written the 1993 ‘strictly confidential’ report, triggered a police investigation in 2012 when he revealed there were seven boxes of potential evidence of a powerful paedophile network, including letters between Righton and other paedophiles, being stored by the West Mercia Police.

And Righton was no run of the mill child sex offender. He had been a very senior and respected figure in the field of residential child care, and a former consultant to the charity the National Children’s Bureau, whose patrons included the then Health Minister Virginia Bottomley.

After Righton’s home was raided in 1992, then British Health Secretary Virginia Bottomley was reported to have been “shocked” and demanded a full report. That, however, was last time Bottomley spoke about the matter and no report was ever published.

Mr McKelvie made his concerns known to Labour MP Tom Watson, who then raised the matter in Parliament in 2012.

According to Mr McKelvie, who has spent many years trying to see the truth uncovered: “We still don’t know who gave the order to shut down the original police investigation. In my opinion that person is just as guilty as Peter Righton and his network of child abusers. The decision to shut it down is likely to have been taken by Michael Howard and/or Virginia Bottomley. Howard was Home Secretary at the time, with overall responsibility for policing, and Bottomley was Health Secretary, with overall responsibility for children’s homes and social work.”

Mr McKelvie was in fact the source for Mr Watson’s parliamentary question and he was also involved in a BBC Inside Story documentary which exposed Righton 20 years ago.

Mr McKelvie said recently, “At the time of his arrest in 1992 for possession of indecent images of children, Peter Righton was about to undertake work for the Department of Health as an expert in child care.

“He had long been at the very top of the social work profession and his positions included consultant to the National Children’s Bureau, Director of Education at the National Institute of Social Work and a lecturer on social work practice at the Open University.

“A BBC (Inside Story) documentary The Secret Life of a Paedophile aired in 1994 laid bare the truth about Righton, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a dangerous and well connected predatory paedophile who in his lifetime sexually abused boys in the UK, Sweden, Malta, Denmark and Holland.”


20 establishment well known people ‘in elite paedophile ring’

Renewed calls for investigations came once again last month after Mr McKelvie alleged that there are up to 20 prominent British public figures in an alleged paedophile ring.

Judges, peers and MPs are among 20 prominent public figures who abused children for decades, a former child protection manager has said.

He told the British press last month that there is evidence linking the former politicians to an alleged paedophile network, and Lord Warner, the former health minister, said the allegations were credible.

The former child protection manager in Hereford and Worcestershire said: “I believe there is a lot of strong evidence, and information that can be converted into evidence if it is investigated properly, that there has been an extremely powerful elite, among the highest levels of the political classes, for as long as I have been alive.

“There has been sufficient reason to investigate it over and over again certainly for the past 30 years, and there has always been a block, and the cover-up and collusion, to prevent that happening.

“We are looking at the Lords, the Commons, the judiciary – all institutions where there will be a small percentage of paedophiles, and a slightly larger percentage of people who have known about it but have felt in terms of their own self-interest and self-preservation and for political party reasons, it has been safer to cover it up rather than deal with it,” he told the BBC.

“I would say we are looking at upwards of 20 and a much larger number of people who have known about it and done nothing about it, who were in a position to do something about it,” he said.

“Righton died without facing a criminal trial for the abuse of dozens of boys, whose abuse he recorded in sickening detail in his diaries, entitled ‘Some Boys’.

”Today, many questions remain over how Righton managed to escape justice during his lifetime. The same questions are being asked about Savile, Sir Cyril Smith and Sir Peter Morrison, which is why survivors and campaigners are seeking an urgent independent inquiry into organised networks of abuse by powerful individuals of the most vulnerable children in our society. “

The extent of Righton’s child abuse allegedly involved rapes, beatings and young boys being moved between paedophiles “like a lump of meat”, according to Mr McKelvie.

Children’s homes provided “supply lines” for child abuse and were targeted by “people in power” during the 1980s, he said. “Sexual abuse of children is a power drive, that’s what a lot of it is about.

“What I am suggesting is that it’s possible that people who were authoritative, powerful, in particular communities did sometimes have access to children’s homes. I had to fire two managers of children’s homes… for abusing children in their care.”

British Home Affairs Secretary Theresa May has announced two new inquiries. Political parties and MI5 will have their files examined in a probe into allegations of child sex abuse by politicians, while the BBC and religious organisations would fall under the remit of a major new inquiry into whether those in power turned a blind eye to abuse claims.

Lord Warner said the Home Secretary must “clean the Aegean stables” in order to maintain public trust in the establishment.

Righton died in 2007 at the age of 81 but many of his victims, in Malta, Gozo, possibly elsewhere in the Mediterranean and in the UK live on with their traumatic memories.


The BBC Inside Story documentary on Peter Righton can be viewed at:



NZ Herald editorial: Pressure grows for inquiry into abuse in state care

31 Jul, 2017

There have now been a series of reports detailing the abuse of New Zealanders while in the care of the state.

All make for unsettling reading, and together reveal that, at least in the past, individuals in state care were often exposed, unsafe, vulnerable and suffered harm. Places that were meant to be havens of safety were settings for oppression.

The numbers covered are considerable. Between 1950 and 1980, more than 100,000 children and vulnerable adults were placed in state institutions, including special schools, foster homes and psychiatric hospitals.

The latest report, Institutions are places of abuse, is distressing because its subjects are intellectually disabled, a group largely invisible from the other narratives. It covers the experiences of 17 New Zealanders and details unacceptable – and possibly unlawful – physical, psychological, sexual and financial mistreatment.

There are memories of constant fear, of a woman tied to a bed, another explaining how she felt like a slave and one recounting that, while in seclusion, she drank her own urine.

The men and women recall being cold and neglected, of having no one to lean on, of being forgotten by their families, and being ignored after hurting themselves.

If a society is judged by how it treats its most vulnerable, then the experiences of John, Robert, Avis and the other courageous New Zealanders whose stories are told in the new report show the state fell short of its duty of care.

The report makes the claim that the abuse was systemic, and that those in charge knew it was going on but did nothing to stop it.

It is difficult to test this assertion – those in charge of the institutions have long moved on. But the Government has paid $24.4 million to settle 1400 claims since 2004. Private apologies have been tended, and hundreds more claims are unresolved.

Those who compiled the reports make two requests: they want an apology to those mistreated in care, and they urge that nothing short of a sweeping inquiry can draw a line under the misdeeds of the past to ensure they are not repeated.

There is political support for these demands but not from the Government, which has so far resisted the growing pressure.

The Government’s unstated but understandable objection would seem to be cost. Even though widespread abuse has been detailed in the reports, its very nature means that what has so far been revealed could be the surface wounds of far deeper injuries.

That would appear to explain the reluctance in Wellington to resist the Human Rights Commission campaign for a formal inquiry, and possibly open the door to yet more claims.

Last week there was a hint that Prime Minister Bill English may be shifting in his stance, saying he was interested in additional steps to help victims of abuse.

Other Western countries, including Australia, Canada, Ireland and Britain, have gone down the formal inquiry path. All had similar institutional arrangements in the decades where abuse in state care seemed rife.

Paul Gibson, whose term as Disability Rights Commissioner ended with the release of the latest report, says he wanted to reassure disabled New Zealanders and their families that the years of abuse were over. But without a thorough inquiry, he was unable to provide that comfort.

It is now up to the Prime Minister whether to take the additional steps.


31 July 2017

Former Kids Company bosses facing company bans

Kids Company
Camila Batmanghelidjh and Alan Yentob were among former bosses of Kids Company Credit: PA Wire

The former directors of folded charitable organisation Kids Company could be disqualified from running companies in future after it emerged the government plans to bring legal proceedings against them.

Among those expected to be named in insolvency proceedings when they are launched are ex-boss Camila Batmanghelidjh and former charity chairman Alan Yentob as well as eight others.

Ms Batmanghelidjh was not formally a director when the charity collapsed amid a storm of controversy in August 2015 but the proceedings will allege she had acted as a de facto director at the time and should face the same consequences as the other formal directors.

Insolvency action is being sought as a result of an investigation carried out in the wake of the youth organisation folding two years ago – it collapsed just days after receiving a £3 million Government grant to keep it afloat.

MPs condemned the “extraordinary catalogue of failures” which led to the collapse of the Kids Company charity in a damning report released in 2016 and the Commons Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee (PACAC) called for “radical change” in charity regulation to prevent a repeat.

As part of insolvency action set to be brought by Business Secretary Greg Clark all those named in the action could be disqualified from running or controlling other companies for between two-and-a-half and six years.

Those set to be named in the action are; Sunetra Devi Atkinson, Erica Jane Bolton, Richard Gordon Handover, Vincent Gerald O’Brien, Francesca Mary Robinson, Jane Tyler, Andrew Webster and Mr Yentob and Ms Batmanghelidjh.


Martin Walkerdine‏ @mwalkerdine

Music mogul Jonathan King to face trial over ‘sex crimes’

  • 31 July 2017

Former music producer Jonathan King has appeared in court accused of a string of sex attacks on teenage boys.

The ex-singer is accused of assaulting boys aged 14 to 16 between 1970 and 1986 in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey.

Mr King, 72, of Bayswater, west London, appeared at Southwark Crown Court for the hearing under his real name of Kenneth George King.

The Genesis producer was released on conditional bail until 22 January.

The allegations are linked to the Walton Hop Disco in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, and Mr King, who also produced songs for 10cc and the Bay City Rollers, must not contact any prosecution witnesses.

Mr King’s trial date was set for 11 June 2018.



Myra Hindley exposed as a ‘practicing WITCH’ whose occult links lead to Jimmy Savile

30th July 2017

MOORS murderer Myra Hindley has been accused of being a practicing witch who worshipped the occult alongside Ian Brady while the duo carried out their evil crimes.

At Ian Brady’s side, monstrous Hindley was responsible for the murder and torture of at least five children in the 1960s.But now it has emerged that the evil pair were versed in the occult, and took their child victims to Saddleworth Moor to carry out sadistic rituals.Hindley has been accused of taking on the look of the witch while Brady behaved as the alchemist, according to Moors murder expert Erica Gregory.Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, she said: “Myra was given a high status by Brady from the start.“This was his way of manipulating her into doing exactly what he wanted.“Myra took the role of the persecuted women in history while Brady was taking on the role of alchemist – they even found books on witchcraft in their house when police arrested them.“We have found evidence they were doing rituals on the Moors – we’ve seen knotted ropes, hare and sheep bones with evidence of large fires lit up around oak trees.”

Gregory even believes that the the murders were meticulously planned for ritualistic purposes – with the evil duo choosing to kill their victims on dates important within the occult calendar.“The murders were separated by four months – I believe Brady chose dates and times for his rituals,” she said.“Tommy Rhattigan, for example, was taken in November 1963 – the same day Margaret Murray died – who was a famous witch.“I believe her death, and the fact it was the anniversary of the Battle of Sheriffmuir was a trigger for Tommy to be picked up.”

It is no secret that witchcraft and satanic worshipping were big in the 1960s – with several high-profile Hollywood films airing in the era.And the Moors murderers even had links to infamous Alex Sanders – who rose to notoriety for attempting to raise a dead body in Alderley Edge and was a known friend of Jimmy Savile.“Brady and Hindley sought out Sanders when he worked at the John Rylands Library in Manchester which held books on occultism.“Sanders went on to work on films with Sharon Tate and he was friends with Savile, too – so there’s a clear link.”

This comes after Daily Star Online exclusively revealed that Brady was accused of selling child pornography to the shamed former DJ.Hindley and Brady were given life sentences in 1966.Together, they killed Pauline Reade, John Kilbride, Keith Bennett, Lesley Ann Downey and Edward Evans between July 1963 and October 1965.At least four of them, including Bennett, were sexually assaulted.It comes after Daily Star Online exclusively revealed Ian Brady’s evil map that could cryptically lead to the location of Keith Bennett’s body – which has never been found.



Erica Gregory – who has devoted years of her life investigating the Moors murders – believes they even formed a twisted “paedophile ring”.

she said: “I believe they went to the BBC studio regularly to make a fuss and try to get in with Savile.

“Alongside David Smith, Brady was selling photographs of children to make money at this time – I believe Savile could have been one of his customers.

“It is well known that Savile visited them both inside. I believe they were in a ring of some sort.”

It doesn’t stop there, though.

In 2014, Dan Davies noted that Savile chillingly replied “I am the Myra Hindley story” when asked on his opinion of it.And Gregory believes that Savile continued to communicate with the killers after their incarceration – visiting them and using songs played on the radio to transmit coded messages.“Savile could have been using his radio for secret messages,” she said.“Brady used music in tapes and songs that he stated reminded him of the Moors.“And Savile knew that if he played a song at a certain time then those listening would get the message.”http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/624549/Moors-murders-Jimmy-Savile-Ian-Brady-Myra-Hindley-paedophile-child-killers-Saddleworth-BBC

Revealed: Documents destroyed at Scottish sex abuse care home where teen girls were abused

RECORDS from a children’s residential home in Edinburgh where children were sexually abused were destroyed by the city council despite strict regulations which stipulate that files must be retained for 100 years.

St Katharine’s was supposed to be a refuge for traumatised young girls but council carer Gordon Collins took advantage of his position of trust to groom, molest and rape teenagers between 1995 and 2006.

Another member of staff who worked there was jailed in 2008 for possessing 239 pictures and 70 video clips of children being abused. Around 30 of the images owned by Kevin Glancy showed the most extreme level of abuse, level five.

One former resident who was at St Katharine’s secure unit for a year in the late 1990s – when Glancy worked there – has revealed that on her first night “aggressive” male members of staff tried to strip-search her and she heard screams for help from other residents in nearby rooms. Last month she submitted a Freedom of Information request to obtain copies of records relating to her time in care but was told the files were “destroyed” due to an “administrative error”. The woman who is now in her 30s fears a “cover up” and called on the City of Edinburgh Council to reveal how many records were shredded. Her call for transparency has been backed by organisations that support survivors of child abuse.

St Katharine’s is one of eight local authority establishments under investigation by the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry. The inquiry is also looking into eight institutions run by religious orders, six boarding schools and four charities including Barnardo’s and Quarriers.

In response to the former St Katharine’s resident’s Freedom of Information (FOI) request an Information Rights Officer said: “I am afraid that upon searching for your information it became apparent that historic information relating to your time at St Katharine’s Unit has been destroyed”.

The Information Rights Officer noted in the letter that it is “normal practice to keep information relating to children in care for a period of 100 years” and blamed an “administrative error” for the failure to retain files. The council worker “profusely apologised” and pledged that the local authority’s Records Management team would carry out a review.

St Katharine’s became notorious after it came to light that former employee Gordon Collins abused children between 1995 and 2006. He carried out the attacks at two council-run residential units – St Katharine’s Secure Unit and Northfield Young Persons Unit. Four girls were assaulted, aged between 13 and 15.

Another former St Katharine’s employee, Kevin Glancy, was jailed for 15 months and placed on the sex offenders register for 10 years in 2008 for possessing child pornography.

Alan Draper of the organisation In Care Abuse Survivors (INCAS) said the destruction of children’s records is “potentially criminal”. He said: “To claim that it was an administrative error is an unacceptable excuse. I suspect it is probably widespread. It seems rather convenient to destroy records from a time period when abuse was taking place. The abuse inquiry must hold people to account for these organisational failures. The destruction of records also raises questions about whether it was deliberate and whether police should be investigating.”

David Whelan of FBGA (Former Boys and Girls Abused of Quarriers Homes) said destruction of records will be a “major issue” for the abuse inquiry. Whelan was abused in care and spent two years battling for his records before Glasgow Social Care Services admitted there were none. He said: “There are huge concerns about organisations getting rid of records which could be used in the inquiry as evidence. In some cases these records could have helped with the investigations. This new evidence that records were destroyed by this local authority raises further concerns about how widespread the problem is. The fact that it’s relatively recent makes it all the more serious. You would not expect records to disappear after the 1980s. The destruction of records also raises questions about why they were destroyed, particularly in relation to this case.”



Church of England vicar, 60, dies ‘after setting fire to himself at Hampshire rectory’ while being investigated by police

  • Rev Martyn Neale was found dead in Hawley, Hampshire, on Tuesday night
  • Diocese said he had been suspended ‘as a consequence of ongoing police investigation’

A senior Church of England vicar who was being investigated by police has died after unconfirmed reports that he set fire to himself.

The Rev Martyn Neale, 60, a member of the General Synod, was found dead at his rectory in the village of Hawley, Hampshire, on Tuesday. Friends described Father Neale, who was not married and lived alone, as a ‘quietly-spoken but caring’ priest who had worked as the vicar for Hawley, in the Diocese of Guildford, for 20 years.

The diocese said he had been suspended ‘as a consequence of an ongoing police investigation’.

Father Neale became a member of the Church’s ‘parliament’, the General Synod, earlier this year and recently attended his first meeting in York. A prominent traditionalist, he was a council member of the pressure group Forward in Faith, which opposes women priests.

Two weeks ago his congregation at Holy Trinity was told that he had been suspended pending the outcome of the police inquiry, but no details were given.

He was made a canon of Guildford Cathedral in 2015. The diocese said yesterday: ‘We were very sorry to be informed by police of the death of a man at the rectory in Hawley, believed to be Father Martyn Neale.’

Hampshire police said the death ‘was not being treated as suspicious’ and a file was being prepared for the coroner

Martyn Neale

Vicar of Hawley, Hampshire, UK at The Church of England

Guildford, United Kingdom
Religious Institutions
  1. The Church of England
  1. Church of England
  1. Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge

    Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge

    MA, Music
    1975 – 1978 

Emanuel School, Battersea Rise

1968 – 1975


Vicar of Hawley, Hampshire, UK

  • The Church of England
    October 1997 – Present (19 years 10 months)


  • Vicar of Abbey Wood

    Church of England
    September 1985 – October 1997 (12 years 2 months)

    Previously served Curacies in Catford and Purley


  • Liturgy
  • Public Speaking
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Event Management
  • Pastoral Care
  • Non-profits
  • Church Growth
  • Theology
  • Biblical Studies
  • Preaching
  • Church Events
  • Youth Ministry
  • Pastoral
  • Singing
  • Pastoral Counseling
  • Religion
  • Music
  • Leadership Development
  • Religious Studies
  • Teaching
  • Coaching
  • Volunteer Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Development
  • Church Music
  • Church History
  • Pastors


1981 Martyn Neale graduate of CDSP

Church Divinity School of the Pacific
2451 Ridge Road • Berkeley,
California 94709-1217


Vicar baffled after church targeted by thieves

27 JAN 2012

A VICAR has spoken of his disbelief at the actions of thieves who attempted to break-in to his church’s safe.

The most important items secured in churches, parish records and registers, would probably be considered worthless to the average burglar.

Holy Trinity Church in Hawley

Holy Trinity was however targeted in an arson attack six years ago, with lead being stolen from the church roof last year.


Martyn Neale is parish priest for Holy Trinity Church, and All Saints Church, Hawley and vicar at St Andrew’s, Minley.

03 September 2015


St Andrews Church, in the grounds of Minley Manor

St Andrew’s serves the parish of Minley in North East Hampshire.  There is very little housing, most of the land being dedicated to MOD use.  St Andrew’s is situated behind the security cordon of Minley Manor, former home to the Officers’ Mess of the Royal Engineers.


Access to the church and manor grounds has been restricted by the royal engineers in recent years for security reasons.

23 SEP 2015

They have used the manor as their officers’ mess and the church as a station chapel.


Forward in Faith

The Reverend Canon Martyn Neale SSC (Richborough – to 2020) 


Very telling – minimal background information provided in the MSM news article below on Brian Dailey – no specific names of care homes mentioned, he was free to abuse since 1973 – investigated yet no actions taken against him, and he was a former councillor.

Were there other abusers at the homes where he worked?  Was he part of a larger ring?


Care worker jailed for children’s homes abuse in Edinburgh and Lanark

27 July 2017

A man who went from job to job in care homes abusing children in Edinburgh and Lanark has been jailed for 10 years.

Brian Dailey, 70, assaulted and sexually molested children he was supposed to be looking after during abuse spanning a decade from 1973.

At the High Court in Edinburgh he was earlier found guilty of three indecency offences against boys and a girl and a further two charges of assault.

Dailey was placed on the sex offenders’ register indefinitely.

A judge told the pensioner: “You have been convicted of five charges which involve the persistent, calculated, manipulative and predatory sexual abuse of two young boys and one teenage girl in relation to all of whom you were in a clear position of trust.”

Stolen childhood

Lord Armstrong said the abuse inflicted on the boys included acts that would now be classified as rape and told the former councillor that he had callously robbed victims of their childhood.

The judge said that he took into account Dailey’s current age and that the offences were historical, but added: “Nevertheless these crimes of which you have been convicted are disturbing.”

Lord Armstrong said: “In the case of the boys you threatened them to ensure their silence.”

Police were first alerted to Dailey as a predator 25 years ago when the girl victim revealed he targeted her for sexual abuse.

He was also investigated over abuse allegations at a different home six years later and reported to prosecutors but no action was taken at the time.

Dailey, from Edinburgh, had originally denied a total of seven charges of indecent behaviour and assault involving five children during his earlier trial.

He was acquitted of two of the indecency charges against two boys on not proven verdicts but was found guilty of the other five offences.

He subjected his first victim to sexual abuse at a home in Lanark in 1973 and 1974 when the boy was aged 10 and 11. He carried out serious sex acts on the child and also attacked him and forced his head under water.

Dailey’s second victim was assaulted and sexually abused by him at a residential school run by an order of Catholic nuns in Edinburgh when he was aged seven and eight in 1974.

The third female victim was housed in a local authority children’s home in Edinburgh when she was subjected to repeated abuse from the age of 14 in 1982.

Defence counsel Derick Nelson said Dailey had been assessed now as posing a moderate risk of further offending and had health concerns.

He said: “Whatever the sentence imposed today it will, of course, be very difficult for him, particularly at his age.”

A spokesman for NSPCC Scotland said: “Justice has finally caught up with Dailey whose abhorrent crimes against a string of young and vulnerable children were not only reprehensible but an appalling abuse of trust.

“We hope his victims will feel some sort of solace following today’s sentence.

“Child abuse can have a devastating impact on victims, the ripple effects of which can last long into adulthood.


13 July 2017

Edinburgh’s Ladymary Residential School run by the Good Shepherd

Judge slates nuns for denying abuse…that was proven by court

Brian Dailey was found guilty – among the charges – horrific invasive abuse of children at Edinburgh’s Ladymary Residential School run by the Good Shepherd.

Sister Anne-Josephine Carr (province archivist) and Rosemary Kean of the Catholic order gave evidence at the inquiry.


The nuns’ lawyer, David Anderson, admitted they were unaware of the conviction at Ladymary School despite the sisters who gave evidence having worked alongside Dailey when the abuse took place in 1974.

Dailey was convicted of abusing children at the Ridgepark Home in Lanark, and the Millpark Children’s Home and Ladymary School, both in Edinburgh,


Sister Rosemary Kean had a history of working in child care before joining the congregation.

At the closure of the Ladymary School in Colinton the children’s files were sent to the Sick Children’s Hospital in Edinburgh.


Ladymary Residential School, Woodhall Rd, Edinburgh

Millpark Children’s Home

MILLPARK CHILDREN’S HOME I Drive, Craiglockhart Drive South, Edinburgh

1979 MILLPARK Children’s Home 15 Redhall Drive, Craiglockhart Drive South. Edinburgh

Edinburgh Council Redhall House Children’s Home, Craiglockhart Drive, Slateford, Edinburgh

Ridgepark House. Mousebank Road. Lanark

Ridge Park Children’s Home now seems to be a care Home for Autism. Seemed to once belong to a “Mr. Charles Lindsay of Ridge Park, Lanark”.


  25 May 2017

It has  come to light that Islington Council has boxes of files in its archives relating to 13 inquiries into the abuse scandal carried out in the 1990s – which could contain key information….


2 months later…

  • 28 July 2017

Hundreds of sensitive council documents found in London estate

Hundreds of sensitive documents have been found in an unlocked London estate storage unit.

Child protection and rent arrears documents – showing names, addresses, and confidential information – were found on the Gauden Estate, Clapham.

Campaigners say the find could include files missing from a historical sexual abuse investigation, which they believe was “covered up”.

Lambeth Council has moved the files to a “secure location” for review.

The Shirley Oaks Survivors Association say the discovery could include 140 boxes of council documents that have gone missing, related to abuse suffered at the Shirley Oaks Childrens’ Home.

“It’s imperative that the history of these documents is actually found out,” said former Metropolitan Police officer Clive Driscoll.

Three people were convicted of child abuse which took place at Shirley Oaks’ in the 1970s and 80s.

Ex-residents claim Lambeth Council has “covered up” the “industrial scale” abuse which took place at the children’s home.

Lambeth Council is set to pay tens of millions of pounds to former Shirley Oaks residents.

Correctly identifying the documents could be “could be the difference between a successful and failed prosecution”, Mr Driscoll added.

A spokesperson for Lambeth Council said the store room had been “re-secured, and the documents it contained removed”.

The documents will now be reviewed to determine whether a data breach has taken place.

“From an initial assessment no identifiable personal data relating to any Lambeth children’s homes, prior to their closure in the 80s and 90s, have been found,” the spokesman added.

#SOSA‏ @ShirleyOaksSA

PART 1: 10 days ago at Lambeth Full Council meeting, Stevenson accuses Lambeth of destroying 140 boxes of child care documents….

PART 2: … TODAY SHOCK HORROR – Lambeth files on child protection issues are discovered on an estate in south London…


Isle of Man abuse victims urged to come forward

  • 25 July 2017

Survivors and people with knowledge ofabuse at a former children’s home on the Isle of Man have been urged to come forward by the Manx government.

A committee will examine claims of abuse at Knottfield Home in Douglas, which closed in 1983.

Tim Baker MHK told Tynwald, “government has not properly investigated or acknowledged what went on” at the home.

Police from the UK examined allegations in the 1990s, which ended in a former employee being imprisoned.

Last year, additional complainants came forward and a Manx police investigation took place.

One of the complainants was a constituent of Mr Baker.

The MHK told Tynwald: “Whilst I understand that the evidence was strong the matter did not, however, proceed to trial.

“I understand that this was primarily because of the age and medical condition of the accused.”

The Manx parliamentary committee, which has been asked to reveal its findings by December, has also been instructed to “investigate the adequacy of current procedures to protect from abuse children in care” and to issue its report next March.

A government spokesman said all information submitted to the committee would be treated in confidence.

Written evidence “relating to policy matters” may be published, however.

Mr Baker added: “The experience has had, and still has, damaging consequences for the victims – it is not something that has gone away.

“Many have had no opportunity for counselling, support or assistance to work through or to move on from the experiences that they suffered whilst in the care of the government – they need to achieve closure and for this they need our help.”

The deadline for written submissions is 12:00 BST on 30 August.


Children’s home abuse raised in Tynwald

14 July 2017

Allegations of historical sexual abuse at a Douglas children’s home will be raised in Tynwald next week.

Ayre and Michael MHK Tim Baker will table a motion concerning the former Knottfield children’s home, on Woodbourne Road, Douglas, which closed in 1983.

Allegations of abuse at the home were first investigated in 1992-3 and led to a man being convicted and jailed the following year for sexually abusing boys in his care.

Knottfield came under the spotlight again in 1999 when investigations into a suspected paedophile ring in the 1970s and 1980s were launched after links to the island were discovered by Greater Manchester Police as part of Operation Cleopatra.

The family protection unit appealed for information from former residents and staff at Knottfield.

Further alleged victims came forward in the last couple of years but the Attorney General’s chambers took the decision not to prosecute given the age and health of the suspect, who is now in his 80s.


Child Sexual Abuse in the Isle of Man

Isle of Man – Paedophile Paradise for downloading child abuse pictures

Isle of Man – Worlds Highest Proportion of Child Sexual Abuse Downloaders per population

The Isle of Man has the highest proportion per population, in the world, of downloaders of child abuse material from the internet, according to one investigation by Norwegian journalists.

Number of Child Abuse Downloaders in IOM per 100,000 Population

iom paedodata (2)

The Norwegian investigation was in fact nearly two years ago and most of this post was written many months ago, but never finished. It is however perhaps even more relevant now when the issue of child sexual abuse on the island, has finally been raised in Tynwald, thanks to Tim Baker MHK.

This information has been public for nearly 2 years now.

The big question is…

Have Police identified the downloaders and taken action? If not why not?

If not, there are potentially 149 paedophile downloaders, downloading child abuse material who have been downloading for possibly more than 2 years uninhibited. Perhaps also they have been abusing children on the island.

This post should be read in conjunction with my post Map of 95,000 Downloaders Worldwide of Child Abuse Material [3] which has more details and a UK angle, or indeed read the original posts (in English) by the Norwegian Reporters.

  • To go to the interactive map from VG Helg click this link [10]
  • To go to the original introductory article with map, 2015 Oct 3 VG Helg This map shows 95,000 downloaders of child abuse pictures worldwide click this link [1] This article gives an overview of the downloading map and how they found the information.
  • To go to the original in depth follow up article The Downloaders by VG Helg click this link [2]. The article describes how they traced some of the Norwegian men, agreed to meet them and ask why they downloaded child abuse material.


What are the possible reasons for a high rate of paedophilia?

    • Is the Isle of Man a paedophile paradise?
    • What is the truth about child sexual abuse on the Island?

    It has long been rumoured that child sexual abuse has been rife on the island. It has long been whispered that it involved people of power and influence. It is said that it has been been covered up by the people of power and influence including politicians, the police, attorney generals office, secret societies and the Church.

    An initial step towards the truth, one that has that has overcome the inertia of silence, denial and cover up, is the investigation into child sexual abuse at Knottfield, see Isle of Man Knottfield Child Sexual Abuse Investigation Aug 2017 [39] Hopefully it is the first crack in the cover up.


Cassandra Cogno‏ @CassandraCogno

Islington Council selects the QC already appointed by Lambeth Council -currently backtracking on redress scheme promises to @ShirleyOaksSA



27 July 2017

Town hall takes step toward reopening investigation…but survivors’ groups urge caution

Islington Council has appointed a pair of top lawyers to examine evidence linking former mayor Sandy Marks to a pro-paedophile campaign group in the early 1980s, and whether a government inquiry into the rape and assault of children over at least three decades could have been skewed.

James Goudie QC and Holly Stout have been asked to advise the council whether or not this newspaper’s investigation “could reasonably be said to call in question the integrity of the White Report” – the Department of Health’s 1995 probe that found no evidence of organised child abuse, but heavily criticised the council’s response to the allegations.

Dr Davies greeted the lawyers’ appointment with caution, pointing out Mr Goudie QC – a deputy high court judge – is acting for Lambeth Council over its own kids’ abuse scandal. Lambeth admitted liability last year for the abuse that took place at the Shirley Oaks home, but survivors were dismayed this week to discover the council – under Mr Goudie QC’s direction – would administer the payout scheme itself instead of appointing an independent panel as is usual.

In addition, eligibility criteria for receiving payouts mean many survivors will miss out, according to a spokesperson for Lambeth survivors’ group Shirley Oaks Survivors’ Association.

As survivors, SOSA is appalled that this man is being selected.”

Dr Davies said: “We were hoping for a QC with a criminal law background, or children’s law – [Mr Goudie’s] background is public administration, which made us think he’s been brought in to defend the council.”

She also questioned the terms of reference, saying: “We wouldn’t have phrased it like that.

“‘Call into question the integrity of the White Report’? We didn’t think it had much integrity. We’ve been criticising it [for years].

“I was the social worker who said 61 children were victims of a network of abuse and [yet] the White Report said there was no evidence of a network. That completely undermined all the work I was doing.”

Dr Davies said she would have preferred the lawyers to examine not just the White Report, and the 13 internal Islington Council probes that led up to it, but the period afterwards at the town hall.

And she said it was vital that the lawyers interviewed social workers and councillors from the time rather than simply carrying out a “paper exercise” – an area in which she believes the White Report failed.

Both Mr Goudie QC and Ms Stout are from the 11 King’s Bench Walk chambers in the City.


To help people in their investigation of Islington abuse, Daedalus of Operation Greenlight [12] has just now kindly  made the White Report searchable. It is quite large pdf download at 7Mb Report of the Inquiry into the Management of Childcare in the Borough of Islington orginally dated May 1995 [10]

Also now searchable is 1995 Jul 24 Care Review Sub committee discussion of White Report searchable  [11]



Cardinal Pell (C) walks with a heavy police guard from his barristers Robert Richter office to the Melbourne Magistrates' Court on July 26.

Vatican treasurer George Pell faces Australian court

July 26, 2017

One of the most senior figures in the Vatican will plead not guilty to multiple charges of historical sexual assault offenses, his lawyer told an Australian court on Wednesday.

Cardinal George Pell faced the Melbourne Magistrates Court Wednesday for his first hearing since the charges were made by Victoria Police last month.

Wednesday’s brief court hearing marked a significant moment in Australia, where Pell is the country’s most senior Catholic.

Pell is the most senior cardinal in the history of the Catholic Church ever to face criminal charges.
The cardinal, who is being represented by one of Australia’s leading criminal barristers, Robert Richter QC, has risen through the ranks from working as a young priest in Victoria to the third most powerful figure within the inner sanctum of the Vatican alongside Pope Francis.
His next court date will be on October 6.
The trial begins as Australia is still coming to terms with the shocking statistics published by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.
The figures released February showed 7% of Australian priests, as well as other non-ordained religious brothers and sisters and other Church personnel, were accused of abusing children between 1950 and 2010.
The Commission found that approximately 40% of the priests from the religious order Brothers of St. John of God have allegations of abuse against them during this period.
The Commission also stated that the Church had been reluctant to investigate the reported abuse and also assisted in covering up the incidents after they were reported.

Secrecy and security envelop George Pell’s magistrates court show

26 July 2017

My apologies. I can’t tell you what’s going on. A great billowing, lace-edged cloak of secrecy still surrounds the case of the Director of Public Prosecutions v. G Pell.

Months down the track, we don’t know what the charges are. Even if they fell into my lap, I would not say a word. Why not? Sorry, that’s a secret too.

Old timers round the Melbourne courts can’t remember the last time the public was left so much in the dark before a great criminal trial. It was certainly baffling for the press of the world who gathered outside the Melbourne magistrates court before dawn for what is usually one of the dreariest rituals of the criminal law: a filing hearing.

In the face of the biggest crowd the courts had seen for years, some diligent official decided to use a courtroom so small that only 50 spectators could watch the proceedings in the flesh.

His barrister, Robert Richter QC – The word is that Richter will ask for at least three separate trials. They would almost certainly involve continued restrictions on reporting both of the charges and of evidence. It may be 2020 before the full story – either of acquittal or conviction – can be told.


 No news reports – just a court listing:

Kenneth George King and Southwark Crown Court

24 July 2017

Kenneth George King aka Jonathan King

Kenneth George King (71)
Hearing Date : Monday 24 July 2017
Court Location : Southwark Crown Court
Crime Type : Sexual Offences

3 Counts: Buggery
15 Counts: Indecent Assault



Other news…

Senior Probation Officer, Greater Manchester Probation Service , Michael Nathan Cohen, who was appointed MBE for his services to the probation service was caught with indecent images of children.

“He was one of the most senior probation officers where he had been employed for 38 years.”

Appearing at Llanelli Magistrates’ Court , Michael Nathan Cohen pleaded guilty to possessing 16 category A images – the most serious – along with four category B images and six category C images.

The court heard Dyfed-Powys Police received information that led to them carrying out a search warrant at his home in Monksford Street


Michael Nathan Cohen -employed as a probation service officer up until 10 years ago in Manchester. He was appointed a MBE for his 38 year of work with the probation service.


Michael Nathan Cohe MBE:

Dec 1998

Michael Nathan Cohen. Senior Probation Officer, Greater Manchester Probation Service. For services to the Chorlton Probation Hostel. (Manchester, Greater Manchester)


BBC journalist caught with indecent images of kids claimed he’d ‘done nothing wrong’

Watson, of Bishops Park Road, Gateshead, described some of the material as “beautiful” and said some of the abuse victims were “putting on a show” for viewers.

He was given nine-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, was made to sign the Sex Offenders’ Register for 10 years and was made subject of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order for 15 years.


Lloyd Watson, a BBC journalist and graduate of Sunderland University, had a stash of 26 videos and 10 pictures of youngsters suffering shocking abuse

BBC journalist Lloyd Watson

BBC journalist given suspended sentence for making and possessing child sex abuse images

A BBC journalist who was caught with 26 videos and nine images of child abuse on his home computer has been given a suspended sentence.

Lloyd Watson, 33, from Gateshead, admitted three charges of making indecent images.

Watson worked for the BBC News website in Newcastle, but has now been dismissed.

Newcastle Crown Court heard Watson had trawled the dark web to obtain his material until his home computer was seized by police in March 2016.

Photographs and videos were found from all three categories used by the courts to classify the gravity the child sex abuse images, including the most severe classification


  1. 16 December 2014

Lloyd Watson


At the scene

After celebrating Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee from afar, the North East was having a party and this time the Queen was invited.

At Gateshead Stadium the stands were filled with excited children.


Stephen French says Jimmy Savile sexually assaulted him as a child

 23 July 2017

Claims Stephen French was sexually assaulted by Jimmy Savile as a child are being investigated by Operation Yewtree.

French, who waived his right to anonymity to speak out against the former Top of the Pops presenter, claims the assault took place while he was at a Liverpool care home in the 1960s.

Following Savile’s death in 2011, hundreds of historical sexual abuse allegations came to light – with police believing he could be one of Britain’s most prolific sex offenders.

claims he was assaulted by Savile during a Christmas party at a Woolton Vale assessment centre for foster children when he was just six years old.

Former martial arts champion French told the ECHO he had decided to waive his legal right to anonymity after being charged – and subsequently cleared – of rape in 2016.

He said: “Christmas 1965, I was in a children’s home in Woolton at a Christmas party. Jimmy Savile turned up and he was giving out Christmas presents.

Despite telling staff he’d been assaulted, the former gangster said he was punished for speaking out against Savile, who was a well respected figure at the time.

He added: “I told them what he did, I was told I was a ‘naughty little boy’ and I shouldn’t be telling lies like that and I was ushered off to new foster parents.”

Mr French said he’s now sent a 33-page document containing details of the incident to a number of local authorities including the police, social services and the CPS – as well as the Prime Minister.

Correspondence seen by the ECHO show that a Merseyside Police detective is currently investigating the claims – and has referred them to London’s Met Police force under Operation Yewtree.

The operation, led by Metropolitan Police Service, started in October 2012 after several historical sex abuse allegations came to light against Jimmy Savile and other media personalities.

In the e-mails, the detective claims an operation known as Winterkey which is making a timeline of Savile’s has found 12 occasions when Savile and French could have possibly come into contact.

It reads: “Winterkey has Savile in Liverpool 1960 – 1965 at Woolton Vale. They cannot be specific about times / dates and given his death they are unable to add much detail to this time frame. “There is no mention of Savile in any Social service documentation and no mention of you meeting him. That said, would there have been?

“Was he a huge star in the early sixties or just a bit of a radio disc jockey?

“For me there is a 12 day period where you both could have come into contact with one another. I cannot prove that, but the fact remains a more than a possibility.”

Mr French claims that the assault is one of the events in his life that contributed to him becoming known as ‘The Devil’ for his violent attacks on members of Liverpool’s gangs.

He said: “I am a social scientist trained at Liverpool University, and I have deconstructed my personality.

“There are key flash points for me.

“I was set on the road to becoming The Devil by something that happened to me with Jimmy Savile and an incident with police – a path that has taken me 50 years to get off.

“The child assessment centre was an awful place for white children, and an absolute hell hole for black children. I emerged from there with the makings of becoming a fully fledged demon. I was full of hatred, anger and resentment because of my treatment at the hands of the so-called professionals.

“I was criminalised and became a self-fulfilling prophecy and gave them a criminal like they’ve never saw before. I gave them a devil.”


HC Deb 08 November 1977 vol 938 cc627-36

Motion made and Question proposed, That this House do now adjourn.—[Mr. Snape

I have a letter from a former placement at Woolton Vale which indicates quite clearly that this is not a matter which has been in existence only for the last weeks or months. The letter was written in April 1976 by a former employee who had a brief placement at Woolton Vale at that time. He said in his letter to me: It would be an understatement for me to say that I find my brief experience working at Wootton Vale is disturbing.

…young and disturbed children continued to be victims of the conditions and the regime within this establishment, and this would be for the next two years. Perhaps I could draw your attention to the regime which still operates within the terms of the Home Office rules applicable to remand centres, and of course Wootton Vale was a remand centre in the past.

What is of more concern is that 12 or 18 months later a number of complaints arose from parents, and others, about other practices at Woolton Vale.

As my hon. Friend will know, a submission has been made by four Liverpool city councillors, and members of the social services committee, to the Ombudsman about examining allegations of cruelty and maladministration by members of the staff. In spite of the pressures that have been placed upon those responsible for the running of this centre there has been a constant resistance to any form of inquiry. Indeed, it is my view that had this Adjournment debate not taken place this evening, the last meeting of the social services committee would have continued to adopt that attitude towards the question of an inquiry.

I am somewhat disturbed by the fact that notice about this Adjournment debate was transmitted to the city of Liverpool, and its officers, before I myself knew that the debate was taking place.

I do not accept that all of the allegations which have been made—some probably exaggerated—are to be accepted on face value. That is one of the reasons why an inquiry was seen as the only answer to the problems that face those who occupied and those who ran the Woolton Vale Centre.

I could go into detail on a number of cases, but time does not permit me to do so, nor would I want in any way to cut across the decision that has been taken about an inquiry. I want to come back to that in a moment. I understand that at this point in time the social services committee has decided to refer the matter to the Ombudsman. It is, however, my view that the terms of reference of this inquiry ought to be spelled out. I hope that my hon. Friend will be able to tell us more about the form which this inquiry will take.

Allegations of violence by the head against children have been made.

…the use of a cell in Woolton Vale.

Woolton Vale is an observation and assessment centre, with 53 places, and concentrates on boys of the more difficult type in the age group 12 to 18. Other boys are held in less, onerous conditions because they are more amenable to treatment.

The building is inadequate and is one of Mr. Gladstone’s old, converted residences. It makes it difficult to carry out adequate supervision, and therefore a replacement is being built at Fazakerley to take 88 boys. There will be a secure unit, for which the Department has approved a grant of £97,500, and it will open in November 1978.

The inadequacy of the centre, however, is no excuse for ill treatment or inadequate care of boys. The allegations that have given rise to the present demands for an inquiry concern chiefly one youngster of 15, who was in the centre following appearances in court for offences, who was caned in the separation room of the unit and about whom it is alleged that he was seized by the throat by staff and on another occasion frightened by tales of haunting. There is another allegation that two other boys were set upon and assaulted by boys in the presence of and with the active concurrence of staff, and there are also allegations of ill treatment and assault by staff on other boys.

In addition there has been one incident concerning members of staff. Police were called in after a complaint made by one of the women on the staff. According to the Press, she had been assaulted by one of the male members of staff.



I spent a couple of weeks at Woolton remand centre, many moons ago, and one of the favoured spots for “rehabilitation” was the showers,were there was no protection from a “good hiding”,and I saw a couple of hardcases bite the proverbial dust there,as well as some much less deserving! One of the main protaganists,told us of his invitation to a garden party at Buck’ palace, so it was obviously considered o.k.! I was lucky just to get the odd belt, but guess what, I didn’t go back,so a lesson well learnt!


Menlove Avenue / Woolton Vale Assessment Centre was investigated as part of a large police investigation named ‘Operation Care‘. Many former residents have made allegations of physical and sexual abuse against staff members. Operation Care resulted in 36 convictions for offences of abuse against children.


Just before Christmas 1975 I was taken to a place called Woolton Vale assessment centre, otherwise known as Menlove. It was a large, Victorian prison with bars on every window, locks on every door and an isolation cell inside. It had previously operated as a remand home for prisoners. In 1974 it had been converted to an assessment centre for kids, but still operated illegally under the old rules. Confinement might not have been permitted, but it didn’t stop them. Meanwhile, the local remand centre, Risley, was full, so Menlove became an overspill for prisoners. This meant they were mixing children from broken homes with hardened criminals – and locking them up.



Anthony John Wixted‏ @TrojanManifesto

Shirley Oaks children’s home scandal South London press 21/07/17: Victims of abuse slam plan for payout

Council Officials Delayed Investigating Labour Paedophile Simon Carter to Improve Party’s Election Prospects


Officials working for Bury Council delayed investigating paedophilia allegations against a Labour politician in order to improve the party’s election prospects, according to inquiry reports seen by local media.

Tottington councillor Simon Carter had previously been employed by Oldham Council but was sacked after he was seen looking at sexual images of “pre-teens” on his computer.

Bury Council did not know this at the time of his election, but now-former chief executive Mike Owen was tipped off by an Oldham Council officer who thought the local authority should be aware of Carter’s situation.

The Manchester Evening News, which claims to have seen the findings of two internal investigations into the matter, reports that Owen sat on the information, failing to inform Children’s Services or the governors of the school boards Carter was involved with – which included a Tory councillor.

The only person Owen informed of the allegations was Labour council leader Mike Connolly, described as a “close personal friend” of Carter’s. The politician is said to have described this as a “heads up”.

Children’s Services director Mark Carriline was not made aware of the allegations until eight days later – when the same Oldham Council officer who had contacted Owen rang him.

Carriline and Owen then held a private meeting, deciding that a safeguarding investigation would have to be held but delaying it for another week and breaking a number of strict procedural rules.

For example, they did not provide the liaison officer legally charged with advising those connected with Carter, including schools, with relevant information about the investigation’s progress  – despite repeated requests – for weeks, by which time the councillor had been arrested on suspicion of downloading indecent images of children following a police raid.

“I am left with the conclusion that appropriate procedures put in place to handle allegations were sidestepped because of the overwhelming ambition to keep this information under wraps,” concluded childcare expert Malcolm Newsam, who authored one of the two investigation reports.

“It has been put to me that given the impending elections, that the driving motive was to ensure that the concerns in respect of Councillor [Carter] were not known to political opponents.

“Given that there was an opposition elected member on the governing body it is difficult not to come to the same conclusion.”

Carter was ultimately convicted of downloading dozens of indecent images, including the most extreme Category A type, but only received a three-year community order from Judge Timothy Stead, who noted that “The letters of testimony written on your behalf are impressive” in sentencing.

These included a glowing reference from aforementioned Labour council leader Mike Connolly, who wrote that he had “known Simon Carter both as a friend and colleague for over 12 years,” and that, in his estimation, the crimes were “totally out of character”.

Both Owen and Carriline have resigned from their posts, and Councillor Connolly has submitted himself to a Standards investigation.


Former Bury Council leader suspended by Labour Party ahead of investigation into his conduct

21 JUL 2017

Bury council leader Mike Connolly has been suspended by the Labour party

Two separate independent inquiries have since found the town hall delayed its child protection procedures when the allegations had surfaced a few months earlier.

Mike Owen, left, and Mark Carriline, right

Those inquiries led to the resignations of two senior officers, chief executive Mike Owen and director of children’s services Mark Carriline, last month.


Op Bullfinch – money talks – as always

 Millionaire magistrate landlord loses five-year battle to keep secret his arrest over child sex abuse allegation

  • Tariq Khuja has lost his legal battle to keep his identity a secret following arrest 
  • Suspected of involvement in child sex ring and was arrested but faced no charge
  • Millionaire landlord and former magistrate spent five years trying to prevent his name being linked to the police probe into paedophiles operating in Oxford
  • Trial ended with seven men being jailed for min of 95 years in 2013, for grooming, drugging, raping, selling young girls for sex between 2004 and 2011

A millionaire landlord suspected of child sex abuse who was arrested but never charged can finally be named after losing a five-year legal battle to keep his identity a secret.

The High Court and Court of Appeal both rejected former magistrate Tariq Khuja’s bid to use privacy laws to stop the press and media naming him after his identity was revealed in open court proceedings.

Described as a prominent figure in the Oxford area’, his identity remained secret while he took his fight to the Supreme Court, the highest court in Britain.

The High Court and Court of Appeal both rejected former magistrate Tariq Khuja's bid to use privacy laws to stop the press and media naming him after his identity was revealed in open court proceedings. He is pictured outside his property letting agency in 2013

The High Court and Court of Appeal both rejected former magistrate Tariq Khuja‘s bid to use privacy laws to stop the press and media naming him after his identity was revealed in open court proceedings. He is pictured outside his property letting agency in 2013

By a 5-2 majority, the Supreme Court justices ruled today that he had no ‘reasonable expectation of privacy’ under human rights laws and revoked an anonymity order.

The case of Mr Khuja arose from the trial of nine men ‘on exceptionally serious charges’ involving organised child sex grooming and child prostitution in the Oxford area over a period of eight years.

The men were arrested in March 2012 by Thames Valley Police after a long-running investigation known as Operation Bullfinch and tried before Judge Rook QC at the Old Bailey between January 7 and May 14 2013.

Seven were convicted of rape and conspiracy to rape children, trafficking and child prostitution.

Supreme Court president Lord Neuberger agreed with Lady Hale, Lord Clarke, Lord Sumption and Lord Reed that Mr Khuja had no right to prevent publication of matters, including his identity, being discussed at a public trial.

 Dissenting judgment:  Lord Kerr and Lord Wilson

The hope that the University would be able to provide more student housing in future was echoed by OUSU Vice-President for Graduates, Christopher Gray. However, he said he recognised the “inevitable role” that private providers play in student accommodation and hoped if the scheme was built it would provide affordable rooms of a standard in which students were happy to live.

The permission has been applied for by Tariq Khuja, the director of Lettings and Property Management, an Oxford letting agency that rents properties to students and the general public. Mr Khuja was contacted for comment, but did not respond.


Government ‘denying sexually abused children compensation’

Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority refused payments to almost 700 children on grounds they gave consent, say charities

18 July 2017

 Sexually abused children as young as 12 are being denied compensation by a government agency on the grounds that they gave consent, according to a coalition of charities.
David Lidington, the justice secretary, on the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday
A coalition of charities has written to David Lidington, the justice secretary, demanding he review guidelines on compensation for sexually abused children.

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) has refused payments to almost 700 child victims even if their attackers have been jailed, freedom of information requests have revealed.

Five charities – Barnardo’s, Victim Support, Liberty, Rape Crisis and the National Working Group (NWG) – have written to the justice secretary, David Lidington, demanding he reviews CICA guidelines.

It is illegal to have sexual activity with anyone under 16 but CICA does not automatically make payments to all victims.


Hundreds of German choir boys abused over six decades – report


Decades of sexual abuse reported in choir once led by retired pope Benedict’s brother

Georg Ratzinger, brother of pope emeritus Benedict XVI, led the choir from 1964-1994

Ratzinger, who is now 93, has acknowledged slapping pupils after he took over the choir, though such punishments were commonplace in Germany at that time. He also said he was aware of allegations of physical abuse at the elementary school and did nothing about it, but he was not aware of sexual abuse.

The report faulted Ratzinger “in particular for ‘looking away’ or for failing to intervene.”

It also cited criticism by victims of the Regensburg diocese’s initial efforts to investigate past abuse. It said that the bishop at the time the allegations surfaced, Gerhard Ludwig Mueller, bears “clear responsibility for the strategic, organizational and communicative weaknesses” of those efforts.

Cardinal Mueller became the head of the Vatican’s doctrine office in 2012. Pope Francis recently removed him from that job.

18 July 2017

A report suggests abuse at the boarding school took place under a “culture of silence”

At least 547 young members of the Regensburger Domspatzen boys choir in Germany were subjected to physical and in some instances sexual abuse over a period of 60 years, a new report says.

Some 49 members of the Catholic Church are accused of carrying out the abuse between 1945 and the early 1990s, according to the report’s findings.

Victims said the experience was like “a prison, hell and a concentration camp”.

A 2016 report into the allegations said that 231 children had been abused.

The alleged physical abuse relates to children attending both the Regensburger Domspatzen’s pre-school and high school, according to the lawyer tasked with investigating the abuse, Ulrich Weber.

Representatives from the Regensburger Domspatzen boys choir have yet to officially respond to the report.

Presenting his findings on Tuesday, Mr Weber said the investigation had found 500 cases of physical abuse and 67 instances of sexual abuse over six decades.

Of the 49 church members who carried out the abuse under what was described as a “culture of silence”, nine were found to have been involved in sexual abuse, Mr Weber added.

He said the victims described their experiences at the boarding schools in southern Germany as “the worst time of their lives, characterised by fear, violence and hopelessness”.

Image result for Georg Ratzinger

Image result for Georg Ratzinger

Father Georg Ratzinger & Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

As head of the choir from 1964 to 1994, Georg Ratzinger could be “blamed for looking the other way and failing to intervene,” Mr Weber said.

Mr Ratzinger, the 93-year-old elder brother of former Pope Benedict XVI, has denied any knowledge of the alleged abuse and said that it was “never discussed” while he ran the choir.

The church has previously offered to pay the Regensburger victims compensation of between €5,000 (£4,436; $5,776) and €20,000.

The 1000-year-old choir was initially rocked by allegations of widespread sexual abuse in 2010.

The Catholic Church has been hit with a number of scandals in recent years. In the 1990s, revelations emerged of widespread abuse in Ireland and at the turn of the century, more cases of abuse were revealed in more than a dozen countries.

The UN has accused the Vatican of “systematically” adopting policies allowing priests to sexually abuse thousands of children.




Delivered into the predators’ hands: ‘I couldn’t defend myself’

15 Jul, 2017


Historic abuse in state care has left behind a trail of broken lives that stretches from one end of New Zealand to the other.

Gene Browne was supposed to get a better life.

The 9-year-old Milton boy was taken from his family and sent to the Dunedin Boys’ Home at Lookout Point in 1984.

He should have been safe in the state’s care. Instead, like thousands of other vulnerable children across New Zealand, he was delivered into the hands of predators.

And when he ran away, or tried to raise the alarm, nobody listened. Instead, like thousands of others, he was handed back to the predators.

…a story that echoes across New Zealand, where more than 100,000 children were placed in state care between the 1950s and 1990s.The Government’s Confidential Listening and Assistance Service (CLAS), set up to hear victims’ voices, in 2015 described it as a “careless, neglectful system which allowed cruelty, sexual abuse, bullying and violence”.

The response to abuse began in the early 2000s, when nearly 500 court claims – and a potential bill of hundreds of millions of dollars – loomed.Historic claims teams were created within the Ministries of Social Development, Education and Health, followed by the CLAS panel in 2008, which travelled the country to hear victims’ stories.

The CLAS heard from 1100 people over seven years, 57% of whom reported being sexually abused.

The government has also paid out $24.4million since 2004 and resolved more than 1400 claims, but nearly 800 more remain unsettled, figures released to ODT Insight show.

Many unresolved claims are still yet to be assessed and some have languished for years, despite a fast-track approach introduced in 2015.

The impact of abuse across all sectors of state care was detailed in the CLAS final report, “Some Memories Never Fade”, released in 2015.

In Otago, allegations about Campbell Park School began to emerge when Wellington lawyer Sonja Cooper, of Cooper Legal, launched a wider group action in 2004.

The group of 45 former state children initially included only two with claims about Campbell Park, but the list soon grew.

Even now, after reaching settlements for some clients, Cooper Legal had more than 60 clients with unresolved claims against Campbell Park, Ms Cooper said.

Ms Cooper, who wrote a report on her clients’ experiences, said Campbell Park stood out as “the absolute worst” case in Otago.

There was evidence of “endemic and systemic sexual abuse” of younger boys by older boys and staff, including “initiation” beatings and sexual assaults by packs of older boys on new arrivals.

Six Dunedin hospital facilities – including Cherry Farm and the Seacliff facility – were also implicated after a report detailing abuse and neglect in mental health institutions was released in 2007.

A national settlement followed, but more clients were still coming forward, including up to 25 making fresh claims about the Cherry Farm and Seacliff institutions, Ms Cooper said.

Another 10 clients alleged historic mistreatment – including violence and sexual abuse – at the Roxburgh Health Camp and School between the 1960s and 1990s.

Together, the experiences helped paint a graphic picture of life in state care and one that went beyond a few rogue staff, she said.

“It’s not just a bad-apple thing. It’s a systemic thing,” she said.


13 July 2017

Four former teachers at Sussex school charged with sexual offences

Men who taught at Christ’s Hospital boarding school face total of 36 counts over alleged offences between 1980 and 1996

Four former teachers at a West Sussex boarding school have been charged with a range of sexual offences including rape against 15 alleged male and female victims across a 16-year period.

The accused, all men in their 60s who taught at Christ’s Hospital school near Horsham, face a combined total of 36 counts relating to alleged offences between 1980 and 1996. They were arrested last November.


Gary Dobbie, 66, of Albi, France, is charged with seven counts of indecent assault and one count of attempted indecent assault against three boys and three counts of indecent assault against two girls.
James Andrew Husband, 67, of Wigginton Road, York, is charged with five counts of indecent assault against a girl and four counts of rape.
Ajaz Karim, 62, of Baron’s Court Road, London, is charged with nine counts of indecent assault and one of attempted indecent assault against six girls.

Peter Webb, 74, of Authon-Edeon, France, is charged with six counts of indecent assault of three boys. Police said the charges relate to a total of 15 complainants. They have been released on bail to appear at Crawley Magistrates’ Court on August 9.



Image result for prince's trust and prince charles

Prince’s Trust – Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles

THE CURRENT Duke of Gloucester is a first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II

The UK Fairbridge Society – its president was the Duke of Gloucester, uncle to the Queen.


Prince’s Trust ‘covering its backside’ over child migrant abuse, David Hill says

Former Australian ABC managing director tells UK inquiry the youth charity set up by Prince Charles had child abuse files years before expressing abhorrence

10 July 2017

The former Australian ABC managing director David Hill has accused a youth charity set up by Prince Charles of “covering its backside” by denying it had known of serious abuse suffered by child migrants sent to Australia.

Hill told a UK national inquiry in London on Monday that the Prince’s Trust had recently criticised the Fairbridge Society over the physical and sexual abuse suffered by children who were sent to its farm schools in Australia.

Fairbridge had high-level connections in the UK, including royalty, when it was running the Australian schools in the 1950s and 60s.

Fairbridge was absorbed in 2011 by the Prince’s Trust, a youth charity set up by Prince Charles in 1976

Hill told the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse on Monday that he was sent to a Fairbridge farm school at Molong in NSW in 1959.

In May the society heard from many former child migrants about the appalling treatment they received at institutions run by Fairbridge, the Christian Brothers in Western Australia and other church and charity groups.

It heard that children were forced to work barefoot on farms or in quarries, their schooling was inadequate, their food substandard and they were regularly beaten and in many cases sexually abused by their so-called carers.

Hill said Fairbridge had in the past routinely lied and denied any wrongdoing when confronted about the abuse. He said the Fairbridge files had been with the Prince’s Trust for the past six years and contained many references to abuse.

Hill noted that the inquiry had received a letter from the Prince’s Trust in recent days expressing its abhorrence of the abuse suffered at Fairbridge farm schools. But he said he suspected the trust of cynicism as it had not previously acknowledged such abuse despite it being in the records they held.

“I can’t help thinking that the Prince’s Trust is simply covering its backside,” he said.

Hill was one of nearly 7,000 British children in state or charity care who were sent to Australia up until the 1970s, supposedly to improve their prospects. He said a 1956 inspection of Australian institutions had resulted in a blacklist of places that were deemed “unfit for children”.

But because the Fairbridge Society had royal and aristocratic backing the blacklist was torn up and its farm schools continued to operate.

That meant “hundreds more children, including me and many as young as four”, continued to be sent into conditions “harsher than at adult prisons in Australia”, Hill said.



Image result for prime minister john major and prince charles

Sir John Major and Gordon Brown will give evidence to child sexual abuse inquiry

Two former prime ministers will be called to give evidence to the public inquiry into child abuse next week as it examines the ill-treatment of children sent abroad under state-approved migration programmes.

Sir John Major and Gordon Brown are the first prominent public figures to be asked to account for the conduct of state institutions before the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.

Sir John is to give evidence about his government’s response as the scandal of how British children were abused in farm schools and church institutions in Australia emerged during the 1990s.

In 1983 he wrote to one MP stating that Britain was not responsible for the way child migrants had been treated in other countries.




Tony as a cadet

Tony was 14 when he joined Cheshunt Sea Cadets, in Hertfordshire, in 1979. Tony’s attacker was not suspended, he was promoted and moved to another division



Lt Cdr John Wesley RD RNR and Alan Waters present decanters to Vice-Admiral Paul Boissier  and Ewan Steele



He said he woke to find his commanding officer Alan Waters at his bedside while he was on a weekend trip away.

Terrified of returning, he told his parents – whose complaints were met with a home visit from two Sea Cadet officers, in full uniform.

Tony’s parents were dissuaded from approaching the police by the officers and in return for not taking matters further, they were promised that Waters would be moved from looking after children.

 Alan Waters held a title in a naval veterans’ organisation until March this year

But Panorama has discovered that he was not dismissed or even suspended – he was, in fact, promoted and moved to a division in North London where he was in charge of 10 Sea Cadet units.

What’s more, concerns by other members of the corps after this appointment were dismissed by the very top – the Captain of the Sea Cadets – who said the allegations were “thoroughly investigated” and “not proved”.

Waters was later convicted for separate child abuse offences in India in 2006 and placed on the Sex Offenders Register.

Panorama has found out that despite this, until March 2017 he held a title in a naval veterans’ organisation – as honorary secretary of HMS President Retired Officers Association.


Sexual abuse of cadets ‘was covered up by officials who urged victims not to tell police’

The Ministry of Defence has reportedly paid out more than £2m to victims of abuse in the cadets

Almost 100 cadet force instructors have been dismissed in the past five years after allegations of sex abuse and leaders repeatedly tried to cover up past allegations, an investigation has found.

Parents of cadets who had been abused were encouraged not to go to the police as cadet organisations tried to hush up the accusations, it is alleged.

A total of 363 sexual abuse allegations, both current and historic, have been made across the Army, Air and Sea cadet forces since 2012, according to a seven-month BBC Panorama investigation.

Lawyers representing victims of the abuse claimed the scale was likely to rival scandals in the Catholic Church and the Jimmy Savile case.

The Army, Air and Sea Cadets are between them one of Britain’s largest youth groups and are responsible for nearly 130,000 children in more than 3,000 clubs across the country.

Former cadets who said they had been abused in the 1980s told the programme that when their parents or loved ones raised concerns, they were urged not to tell the police.

To date the Ministry of Defence has paid out over £2 million to victims of the abuse.

David McClenaghan, head of law firm Bolt Burdon Kemp’s abuse department representing victims said: “I have absolutely no doubts that the abuse in the cadets will mirror the other scandals like the Jimmy Savile case, like the abuse in the Scouts, like abuse in the Catholic Church.”

One victim identified only as Martin said he was 12 when he was “systematically abused and raped repeatedly over many years” by his commanding officer Brian Leonard, at Tennal Grange cadet base in Birmingham.

He told the programme: “You are trained to follow orders and you are trained to respect the officers and do as they tell you.

“That includes having to lie on the floor on a dirty blanket and just lie there and… take it like a man.”

The programme spoke to 10 men who were abused by Leonard in the 1980s.

Martin said: “The thing was it was so blatantly obvious, it was almost as if it was hidden in full sight.”

A girlfriend of one of the victims threatened to report Leonard to the police in 1987, but cadet officers pressured her to keep quiet.

The sergeant said he would take a statement from her, but warned her not to approach the police. No investigation into Leonard was ever carried out. He died in 1996, having never faced justice.

Another victim, identified only as Tony’ was 14 when he joined Cheshunt Sea Cadets, in Hertfordshire, in 1979. He alleged he was abused by his commanding officer Alan Waters on a weekend trip away.

Terrified of returning, he told his parents, whose complaints led to a home visit from two Sea Cadet officers, in full uniform.

Tony’s parents were dissuaded from approaching the police by the officers, as this could lead to the closure of the groups. In return for not taking matters further, they were promised that Waters would be moved from looking after children.

But Waters was just moved to another division of sea cadets in North London, where another instructor raised concern. The Royal Navy captain in charge of all the sea cadet corps responded that the allegations against Waters were “thoroughly investigated – and not proved.”

In 2006 Waters was found guilty in Mumbai of raping and abusing boys at an orphanage run by his naval friend, Duncan Grant. Two years later they won an appeal, which was later quashed.

Waters returned to the UK in 2012 and made to sign the sex offenders register. Despite this until March 2017 he still held a position in a naval veteran’s organisation – Honorary Secretary of HMS President Retired Officers Association.

Figures released under the Freedom of Information Act revealed police have investigated 282 allegations of abuse in the past five years and 99 instructors have been dismissed.

An MOD spokesman said: “Child sexual abuse is an abhorrent crime, and we have robust procedures in place to protect cadets. This includes all adults who work with children undergoing mandatory security and background checks, rigorous disclosure procedures and regular safeguarding training. We encourage anyone who has been a victim, or knows someone who has, to report it to the police.”


Prince Andrew, Duke of York commanded HMS Cottesmore from April 1993 until November 1994. photo andre_zps77c866a8.jpg

Final Fix:  Prince Andrew and Jimmy Savile 1994

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles are the patrons of the Sea Cadet Corps, while Prince Andrew is the Admiral of the Sea Cadet Corps.

Image result for sea cadet corps and prince charles

HC Deb 22 June 1984 vol 62 cc659-66

Motion made, and Question proposed, That this House do now adjourn.—[Mr. Archie Hamilton.]

While I am extolling the virtues of the ATC, I should say that it is just one of the many cadet forces which exist; in all, the ATC, the Army Cadet Force, the Sea Cadet Corps and the Combined Cadet Force offer places for over 140,000 young people. I believe both my hon. Friend and I were members of CCF at school. My comments about the ATC apply to all these bodies.

The ATC has a long list of people who have passed through its squadrons and go on to make a distinguished career for themselves in adult life. Many are senior RAF officers, including the present Chief of Air Staff. Others have come to prominence in all walks of civilian life, among them John Conteh, Richard Burton, Jimmy Savile and my hon. Friend the Member for Bury St. Edmunds (Mr. Griffiths).None of this work or achievement would be possible without the many thousands of hours which the volunteer instructors devote to the corps. Although there is a small staff at HQ air cadets and the Ministry of Defence directs policy, the success of the whole scheme rests on the largely unpaid work of people such as Warrant Officer Moss. The instruction and week-by-week work with the cadets is borne by 6,500 commissioned and warrant officers and civilian instructors who are, for the most part, unpaid.


Sir Jimmy Savile was a member of the Air Training Corps before being conscripted as a Bevin Boy.



The cadets of 208 (North Leeds) Squadron

The squadron, based at Towerhurst, on Oakwood Lane, were one of hundreds of Air Training Corps set up on February 5, 1941, with King George VI as Air Commodore-in-Chief. Among the early recruits was Leeds’s own Sir Jimmy Savile.


BBC Panorama has uncovered evidence of repeated cover-ups of historical sex abuse in Britain’s cadet forces.

Victims have spoken for the first time of senior cadet leaders covering up complaints, and pressurising families against going to the police.

Overseen by the Ministry of Defence, the cadets is one of the UK’s largest youth bodies with 130,000 members.

The MoD has paid more than £2m to cadet abuse victims, and says it has “robust procedures in place to protect cadets”.

According to Freedom of Information requests, in the last five years 363 sexual abuse allegations – both historical and current – have been made across the UK for the Army, Air and Sea Cadets.

Some 282 cases have been referred to the police and 99 volunteers have been dismissed.

Panorama’s seven-month investigation focused chiefly on uncovering a pattern of historical abuse – conducted by a number of different cadet leaders – in Glasgow, Birmingham and Hertfordshire.

‘Take it like a man’

Martin: “I’ll never know who I should have been”

Martin was 12 when he was “systematically abused and raped repeatedly over many years” by his commanding officer Brian Leonard, at Tennal Grange cadet base in Birmingham.

He told Panorama: “You are trained to follow orders and you are trained to respect the officers and do as they tell you.

“That includes having to lie on the floor on a dirty blanket and just lie there and… take it like a man.”

Panorama has spoken to 10 men who were abused by Leonard in the 1980s.

Brian Leonard

 Martin’s Commanding Officer Brian Leonard (right) died in 1996, having never faced justice.

Martin says: “The thing was it was so blatantly obvious, it was almost as if it was hidden in full sight.”

A girlfriend of one of the victims (who has chosen to remain anonymous) threatened to report Leonard to the police in 1987, but cadet officers pressured her to keep quiet.

The sergeant said he would take a statement from her, but warned her not to approach the police. No investigation into Leonard was ever carried out.

Leonard died in 1996, having never faced justice.

Parents pressured

 Tony’s attacker was not suspended, he was promoted and moved to another division

Tony was 14 when he joined Cheshunt Sea Cadets, in Hertfordshire, in 1979.

He said he woke to find his commanding officer Alan Waters at his bedside while he was on a weekend trip away.

Tony told Panorama: “I looked down and I was exposed… There was no doubt in my mind that he was touching me, no doubt in my mind whatsoever.”

Terrified of returning, he told his parents – whose complaints were met with a home visit from two Sea Cadet officers, in full uniform.

Tony’s parents were dissuaded from approaching the police by the officers and in return for not taking matters further, they were promised that Waters would be moved from looking after children.

Alan Waters
Alan Waters held a title in a naval veterans’ organisation until March this year

But Panorama has discovered that he was not dismissed or even suspended – he was, in fact, promoted and moved to a division in North London where he was in charge of 10 Sea Cadet units.

What’s more, concerns by other members of the corps after this appointment were dismissed by the very top – the Captain of the Sea Cadets – who said the allegations were “thoroughly investigated” and “not proved”.

Waters was later convicted for separate child abuse offences in India in 2006 and placed on the Sex Offenders Register.

Panorama has found out that despite this, until March 2017 he held a title in a naval veterans’ organisation – as honorary secretary of HMS President Retired Officers Association.

‘Stuck in my mind’

Joe was plied with alcohol and assaulted at his commanding officer’s flat

Joe joined the Glasgow Highlanders Army Cadets in 1988 when he was 11. His Commanding Officer, John Fitzpatrick, would invite cadets to his flat, ply them with alcohol and sit them in front of pornographic films before bedtime.

Joe told Panorama: “I mean real hardcore stuff that I’ve never seen since I was in that guy’s company…

“Images that have stuck in my mind to this day… if anybody had put images like that near my kids, I’d want to kill them.”

On four occasions, Joe woke up to find Fitzpatrick sexually assaulting him.

Fitzpatrick then and now

 Fitzpatrick (left in the 1980s, right in 2016) was sentenced to two years in prison last year

Panorama has discovered that before Joe was abused, another cadet instructor – Gordon – had received complaints that Fitzpatrick had sexually assaulted another boy.

There were two young witnesses. Gordon went straight to the police, but instead of being congratulated his boss was furious.

Gordon told Panorama the boy’s parents defied pressure from senior cadet figures and told the police.

The case went to trial – but Fitzpatrick was found “not proven”. He was welcomed back into the cadets – taking up the position of CO again.

However, last year, Fitzpatrick was charged with lewd and libidinous behaviour against Joe and three other boys. This time the case was proven and he was sentenced to two years in prison.

The Birmingham case was one of the first cadet cases taken on by David McClenaghan, a child abuse solicitor from law firm BBK.

He told Panorama: “I have absolutely no doubt that the abuse in the cadets will mirror the other scandals like the Jimmy Savile case, like the abuse in the scouts, like abuse in the Catholic church.”

The National Association for People Abused in Childhood (Napac) says no sphere of society is immune.

Allegations of sexual abuse in the cadets

But Napac’s chief executive Gabrielle Shaw said the figures obtained by Panorama indicated that people were now more confident about coming forward to report abuse.

She added: “The onus is now on institutions such as the armed forces to deal fully and promptly with reported allegations.”

The MoD told Panorama that today all adults who work with children undergo mandatory security and background checks, rigorous disclosure procedures and regular safeguard training.

A spokesman said: “We encourage anyone who has been a victim or knows someone who has to report it to the police.”

The Marine Society and Sea Cadets (MSSC) apologised unreservedly for any hurt in regard to the case of Alan Waters and said what had happened was “not reflective of our organisation today”.

The Marine Society and Sea Cadets (MSSC)  Patron: HM The Queen
In 2004 the Marine Society merged with the Sea Cadet Association to form the Marine Society & Sea Cadets. In 2010 the Marine Cadet Detachments, of which there are about 100 in Sea Cadet Units across the UK, were officially renamed Royal Marines Cadets, while remaining part of the Sea Cadet family.
A charity registered in England and Wales 313013 and in Scotland SC037808.

Vatican rocked: Police raid drug-fuelled gay orgy at cardinal’s apartment

5 Jul, 2017

Vatican police have raided a cardinal’s apartment where a drug-fuelled homosexual orgy was taking place.

Police entered an apartment at the former palace of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (or Holy Office) last month, not far from the Vatican City.

Image result for Francesco Coccopalmerio and pope francis

The occupant of the apartment is alleged to be a priest who serves as a secretary to cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, the head of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts and a personal adviser to the Pope.

Image result for Francesco Coccopalmerio and pope francis

The occupant of the apartment is alleged to be a priest who serves as a secretary to cardinal Francesco Coccopalmeri – a key aide to Pope Francis

The allegations of the orgy were first published by newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano.

According to the paper, neighbours became suspicious before complaining about irregular behaviour of those coming and going at the apartment.

When police showed up at the apartment, they reportedly found drugs and a group of men engaged in sexual activity.

The priest was then arrested and taken for questioning.

Image result for Francesco Coccopalmerio and pope francis

Coccopalmeri and Pope Benedict

The alleged orgy is symptomatic of a difficult period for the Pope. Four years into his papacy the Catholic Church appears racked by conflict and scandal.

In March the Vatican was hit with a wave of lurid accusations of misbehaving priests across Italy with scandals involving orgies, prostitution and porn videos.

Critics blame the Pope’s choice of personnel: cardinal George Pell, appointed to clean up the Vatican’s murky finances, has taken a leave of absence to defend himself against sex abuse charges in Australia.





Feb 2017

Image result for Mustard heir, Mr Colman, and his wife Susan

Mustard heir, Mr Colman, and his wife Susan, a former spiritual director of the defunct charity Kids Company  funded pervert John Smyth QC for nearly 30 years


Mr Colman was an Eton contemporary of the Most Rev Justin Welby, while his father, Sir Michael, oversaw the Church’s investment portfolio between 1993 and 1999, holding the post of First Church Estates Commissioner. He was subsequently awarded the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Cross of St Augustine.


A catastrophic charity collapse. Two inquires that hit the buffers. As a musical lampoons the fiasco… Will Kids Company Camila and her BBC stooge EVER face the music?

  • Stage production depicts the hugely publisised fall of Kids Company charity
  • Comes two years after the controversial charity met its demise amid allegations
  • Inquiries are ongoing but there is not indication of when they might conclude
  • Camila Batmanghelidjh’s autobiography, due out this year, is similarly delayed

Alan Yentob, BBC creative director, throws up his arms in despair. His rich baritone trembles with bathos as he sings: ‘Michael Gove even said it was an inspirational charity!’

The audience titters. The line does not have the lyricism of a Rodgers and Hammerstein, but it is genuinely funny.

And true. The real Mr Yentob — rather than the actor playing him in this stage production — really did say, rather than sing, it.

Just like the BBC bigwig himself, who became embroiled in the scandal surrounding the collapse of the Kids Company charity of which he was chairman, there is something more than a little unconventional about this new musical being previewed in London last week.

First, there is the title: ‘The Public Administration And Constitutional Affairs Select Committee Takes Oral Evidence On Whitehall’s Relationship With Kids Company.’

Then there are the lyrics, taken verbatim from the Hansard transcript of the testimony given by two witnesses who appeared before that committee of MPs on October 15, 2015.

One was Mr Yentob. The other was enigmatic charity supremo Camila Batmanghelidjh, once known as ‘the angel of Camberwell’.

The pair had been summoned to the Commons to explain how Kids Company, the charity of which Ms Batmanghelidjh was founder and CEO, had gone bust amid allegations of financial irregularity and sexual abuse, having received almost £50 million of public money.

That was almost two years ago. And while the musical is opening this week, the public still awaits a definitive official explanation of the charity’s controversial modus operandi and dramatic demise.

The select committee had no powers to act on its own damning findings of an ‘extraordinary catalogue of failures’. Two statutory bodies that do have such powers — the Charity Commission and the Insolvency Service — were supposed to deliver their own reports on Kids Company last autumn. They did not.

Both bodies say inquiries are ‘ongoing’ but there is no indication as to when they might end. Ms Batmanghelidjh’s autobiography, due out late last year, is similarly delayed.

And so the extraordinary saga rumbles on.

The woman at the centre of it all, 54-year-old Camila, keeps, in contrast to her life before the scandal, a low profile these days.

On a rare outing last summer, she was photographed as she went to lunch with representatives of a foreign government ‘which is having to deal with a lot of young refugees’ at the Michelin-starred Pied a Terre restaurant.

Ms Batmanghelidjh says she is continuing to help many Kids Company children, with the financial backing of donors who stayed loyal.

Kids Company rented a £4,000-a-month Grade II-listed art-deco mansion in North London, in which a member of the finance department and one of Ms Batmanghelidjh’s PAs lived

While the Metropolitan Police found insufficient evidence to press any criminal charge, anecdotal evidence of institutional anarchy and excesses at Kids Company still has the power to shock.

Brown envelopes stuffed with cash were handed to troubled children as a matter of course. Twelve-year-old clients were given £150 trainers; others were flown first class to America. Some £50,000 alone was allegedly spent on taxis at the charity’s Christmas party.

Kids Company received £46 million from the UK taxpayer over 13 years, including £3 million days before it shut. Former Mayor of London Boris Johnson is pictured with Camila Batmanghelidjh London Evening Standard's '1000: London's Most Influential People' in 2014

Kids Company received £46 million from the UK taxpayer over 13 years, including £3 million days before it shut. Former Mayor of London Boris Johnson is pictured with Camila Batmanghelidjh London Evening Standard’s ‘1000: London’s Most Influential People’ in 2014

Flamboyant, Iranian-born Camila could charm the birds from the trees. Then prime minister David Cameron was said to be ‘mesmerised’ by her, while his wife Samantha was a backer, along with Prince Charles and a host of other A-list celebrities and City financiers.

Kids Company received £46 million from the UK taxpayer over 13 years, including £3 million days before it shut. Rock band Coldplay ploughed in a further £8 million from royalties.

Ms Batmanghelidjh claimed her charity had 36,000 young ‘clients’.

No doubt there was and remains a very real need for children from splintered families to be supported in Britain’s troubled inner cities.

But something within the organisation was not right. It needed only a small push for the already teetering edifice to collapse. That pressure came from an unlikely quarter.

Pensioner Joan Woolard was the catalyst to Kids Company’s spectacular downfall and remains one of Ms Batmanghelidjh’s fiercest critics.

Having heard the charity boss speak on Radio 4, Mrs Woolard was inspired to sell her home and donate the proceeds — more than £200,000 — to the Kids Company.

Doubts began when she asked how the money had been spent.

The answers were unsatisfactory. Her experience of spending some time at Kids Company offices alarmed her further — and she asked for her money back.

Hers was the first public voice of dissent against this fashionable and feted good cause. Ms Batmanghelidjh denied any wrongdoing.

But the money remained in Ms Batmanghelidjh’s hands. Kids Company needed it desperately.

Encouraged by Mrs Woolard’s public stand, whistle-blowers from inside the organisation began to come forward.

The unsubstantiated allegations of sexual abuse were the final straw.

In August 2015, the charity shut down, laying off scores of staff and abandoning thousands of children.

Some of the evidence subsequently given to the Commons select committee presented a shocking litany of financial chaos, rampant nepotism and very dubious methodology.

The committee concluded: ‘There appears to have been a catastrophic confluence of factors that have conspired to allow this charity to operate as it did, for as long as it did.’

Their report said the ‘approach of successive governments and ministers towards Kids Company has proved to be an improper way to conduct government business or handle public money’.

Alan Yentob had failed to restrain his ‘unaccountable and dominant’ CEO. His employer, the BBC, was also ‘accused of poor leadership for failing to take action against him when he tried to make suggestions about the BBC’s reporting of Kids Company’.

One of the committee’s witnesses, a high-ranking worker who was granted anonymity, gave a particularly damning insight into what Kids Company had become.

She said: ‘The charity was run by the CEO as her personal fiefdom, with no regard whatsoever for the financial implications. It was simply unsustainable to continue to take in anyone who asked for assistance and, in certain specific areas, ridiculous amounts of money were spent wantonly and inappropriately.’

Ms Batmanghelidjh had favourites among the youngsters she helped. ‘One group of young adults — many of them in their late 20s — were known throughout the organisation as “Camila’s kids” and inordinate amounts of money and resources were lavished on them; creating envy and resentment among others.’

But staff were also treated lavishly, the witness stated, and nepotism was rife. ‘Sasha and Jamie Handover (the children of former WH Smith boss Richard Handover, a trustee) were both employed at KC,’ the witness said.

‘The so-called “Operations Manager” — a sweet but totally inefficient woman who kept odd hours — turned out to be the mother of one of the IT chaps.

‘Magbule Mulla — who worked in the finance department — is the sister-in-law of Jeton (Tony) Cavolli, who was Camila’s driver.’

(While her Linked In page still describes her as ‘Assistant Accountant Kids Company’, Mrs Mulla was described by Ms Batmanghelidjh in one interview as ‘the woman who sews for me’.)

Ms Batmanghelidjh would eventually admit that her charity had paid for both of Mr Cavolli’s children to be put through private schools; one of them a boarding establishment where the chairman of governors was one Richard Handover (a trustee).

Mr Cavolli had been described by Ms Batmanghelidjh as a ‘therapist tasked with dealing with difficult young men and only had a car in order to go to their aid late at night’. But in the time she worked there, the witness only ‘heard him referred to as “Tony the Driver”.’

Some of the evidence subsequently given to the Commons select committee presented a shocking litany of financial chaos. Squatters are pictured at the former offices of Kids Company in Kenbury Street, Camberwell

Some of the evidence subsequently given to the Commons select committee presented a shocking litany of financial chaos. Squatters are pictured at the former offices of Kids Company in Kenbury Street, Camberwell

 But staff were also treated lavishly, the witness stated, and nepotism was rife. A toy is pictured tied to a gate at he former offices of Kids Company

It was ‘Tony the Driver’ who was pictured holding the car door open for Ms Batmanghelidjh prior to that lunch at Pied a Terre restaurant last summer.

He was not her chauffeur, she later explained. He was working as an Uber driver and had given her a lift as a ‘favour’.

A university academic whose role as an Ofsted inspector in South London alerted her to Kids Company more than 15 years ago had watched its progress with alarm.

‘The whole history of Kids Company is one of a failure of due diligence by local government, donor charities, the Tory Party, Prince Charles. They all failed. It is astounding,’ she told me.

Hers is only one of many critical voices. But there is an approaching counterblast. Approaching, but repeatedly delayed. Ms Batmanghelidjh’s autobiography was due to be published last autumn. Her ghost-writer is Tim Rayment.

In early 2015 he was sent by his newspaper to investigate Ms Batmanghelidjh. Now he is firmly in her camp.

One view is that Rayment fell under her spell; like so many financiers, pop stars, politicians and royals before him, he was ‘hypnotised’, one colleague said.

‘I want to give voice to someone who has been silenced,’ Mr Rayment told me last year, rather generously of someone who had the ear of royalty and prime ministers.

‘Have I been naïve? Have I been mesmerised?’ he asks. ‘The time to make that judgment is on publication.’

The fall-out has indeed been complex and messy for those involved. Last December, Mr Yentob stepped down as Creative Director of the BBC as a direct result of his involvement in the Kids Company collapse

Last night, a spokesman for Ms Batmanghelidjh’s publisher, Biteback, said she expected the book to appear in August. She explained: ‘We had initially hoped to do a very fast turnaround on this title, and therefore gave it a very ambitious publication date.

‘But it has turned out to be far more complex, both legally and in terms of the science involved, than we had first anticipated.’

The fall-out has indeed been complex and messy for those involved. Last December, Mr Yentob stepped down as Creative Director of the BBC as a direct result of his involvement in the Kids Company collapse.

Earlier this year, it was reported that the Insolvency Service had written to lawyers acting for Kids Company’s former board members to warn them it was minded to ban them from holding directorships.They included Ms Batmanghelidjh, Mr Yentob and Mr Handover. Which brings us back to the musical.

Flamboyant, Iranian-born Camila could charm the birds from the trees. Then prime minister David Cameron was said to be ‘mesmerised’ by her

Flamboyant, Iranian-born Camila could charm the birds from the trees. Then prime minister David Cameron was said to be ‘mesmerised’ by her

‘Mr Yentob’ bewails the sudden denial of the public purse gold seam. He had mined it for years thanks to his contacts with David Cameron and the latter’s desire to give his Big Society slogan some substance and street cred.

Last night, a Charities Commission spokeswoman said: ‘When an inquiry is under way, we do not provide updates on when it is likely to conclude.

‘This is a high-profile case and when a report is available it will be posted online with full findings.’

An Insolvency Service spokesman said: ‘Our investigation into Kids Company remains ongoing. Each case has its own complexities and differences depending on the number of directors involved. There is no timescale for us to reach any conclusions. As such, it would not be appropriate for us to comment further at present.’

Miles Goslett, the journalist who first raised questions about Kids Company, in February 2015, is sceptical about the delay.

‘Both inquiries were set up the best part of two years ago and I was told privately last year they’d be published by Christmas 2016 at the latest,’ he said this week.

‘Even if these bodies are short on manpower, I’d have no difficulty believing that someone in Whitehall has taken the decision it would be politically sensible to keep them from public view for a while yet.’





C O V E R  U P  …

Sir Richard Henriques will lead a review

Sir Richard Henriques asked to “review”  (read redact) controversial Sir Edward Heath investigation

The retired High Court Judge who produced a damning report into Scotland Yard’s child sex abuse inquiry, is to review the investigation into Sir Edward Heath, the Daily Telegraph understands.

Sir Richard Henriques is being lined up to report on Wiltshire Police’s controversial two year probe into the late former Prime Minister, who has been the subject of a number of paedophile allegations.

Mike Veale, the Chief Constable of Wiltshire Police, who has been under intense pressure to justify the investigation, has pledged to produce a report on his findings later this year.

But the Telegraph understands that Sir Richard will be brought in to review the investigation in the coming weeks in order to provide some independent scrutiny.

Mr Veale had wanted Alexis Jay, who is chairing the Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse, to review the case, but she refused.

A meeting between Angus Macpherson, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Wiltshire, Mr Veale and supporters of Sir Edward is due to take place in two weeks, after which Sir Richard is expected to be appointed.

One alleged victim, who can only be identified as Nick, was described by one officer as “credible and true”.

His complaints against Sir Edward are understood to form part of the Operation Conifer evidence.


Man who tried to blackmail Royal Family member over gay sex claims ‘killed himself with lethal drugs cocktail’

Ian Strachan, who was jailed for five years in 2008 after a £50,000 gay sex blackmail plot, was found dead on Christmas Eve just hours after seeing his mum

30 JUN 2017

A playboy who tried to blackmail the Royal Family over gay sex claims killed himself by taking a lethal cocktail of drugs, an inquest heard.

Ian Strachan, 40, was found dead on Christmas Eve just hours after seeing his mum at his plush flat in Marylebone, central London, the hearing was told.

Strachan, originally from Aberdeen, claimed to be friends with Princes Harry and William, had registered to three separate practices, two GPs and a private clinic to feed his prescription drug habit.

Strachan, who was born Paul Adalsteinsson, used different names – including Paul Stein – to obtain a vast variety of prescription drugs which he popped “like sweets,” the inquest heard.

Ian Strachan was found dead on Christmas Eve (Photo: Rex Features)

He had to have his left leg amputated following a 30 feet fall from a balcony in 2013, when he also shattered his pelvis, and was visiting numerous hospitals – including Chelsea and Westminster and St Thomas’ – for surgery.

Strachan was jailed for five years in 2008 after a £50,000 gay sex blackmail plot against a member of the Royal Family, but only served half his five year sentence following a trial at the Old Bailey.

While in Dubai in 2015 he allegedly crashed an Audi R8 supercar and he spent 10 months in the Gulf country before making a daring escape via Iran, he told his GP.


Cardinal George Pell ‘to be CHARGED over child sex abuse allegations’ sending shockwaves through the Catholic Church

The Pope had granted him a leave of absence to fight the charges.

The charges relate to alleged “historical” incidents, police in the state of Victoria said.

The allegations were made by a number of people, said Police Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton.

Cardinal Pell is not just Australia’s most senior cleric, he is one of the highest-ranking officials in the Catholic world.

For two decades, he has been a frontline figure in the Church’s debate over controversial issues such as homosexuality, Aids and stem cell research.

He has also handled the Church’s official response to allegations of sexual abuse within its Australian ranks during a series of inquiries.

He gave evidence via video link to a Royal Commission into abuse last year.

It is hard to overstate, therefore, the significance of the decision to press charges against him.

When he returns to face those charges in an Australian court, every second will be scrutinised not just by the Australian press, but by members of Catholic congregations across the globe.


Cardinal George Pell: Top adviser to Pope charged with multiple sex offences given ‘leave of absence’ by Vatican

29 June 2017

The Holy Father, who has appreciated Cardinal Pell’s honesty during his three years of work in the Roman Curia, is grateful for his collaboration,” Burke added

The charges are a new and serious blow to Pope Francis, who has already suffered several credibility setbacks in his promised “zero tolerance” policy about sex abuse.


In 1973, Pell (above right) shared St Alipius presbytery with Gerald Ridsdale (above left).

Risdale was  later revealed as Australia’s worst child abusing priest.

28 June 2017



The Vatican’s finance minister, Cardinal George Pell – Fr Laurence Soper – Chris Patten – St Benedict’s School and Ealing Abbey – Lord Carlisle – reports on St Benedict’s and Bishop Bell

Chris Patten/ St Benedict’s child abuse paedophile ring/ Patrick Rock/ Balkans/Vatican

Former Hong Kong governor Chris Patten to lead Vatican media reform

CNA file photo/Matthew Rarey






Image result for cardinal pell and chris patton

VATICAN CITY — The first significant developments in Pope Francis’ efforts to reform the Roman Curia were revealed at the Vatican Wednesday, including the appointing of a new president of the Vatican Bank and the hiring of a British peer to advise on reforming the Vatican’s media operations.

The initial reforms, announced by Cardinal George Pell of Australia, will focus on: the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See (APSA), which handles assets belonging to the Holy See, the Holy See’s media operations, the Institute for Works of Religion (IOR), commonly known as the Vatican Bank, and the Vatican pension fund.



Andrew Charles Kingston Soper

Laurence Soper – former Chaplain at Harrow School
Soper taught at St Benedict’s from 1972 to 1984 and was abbot at Ealing for nine years until 2000.
He was one of the most powerful figures in the Benedictine order, the oldest Catholic monastic order, and also served as  chaplain at Harrow School  from 1981 to 1991 and as a visiting chaplain at Feltham young offender institution.


Image result for Father Laurence Soper

Fr Laurence Soper, known as ‘St Benedict’s banker’ because of his financial acumen, had gone on to be treasurer at St Anselmo in Rome

Fr Laurence Soper who worked at Barclays Bank between 1960 and 1964 before becoming a monk, is said to have several thousand pounds in investment portfolios and also a ‘large inheritance’ from his parents.

Image result for Father Laurence Soper

His friends say that Laurence Soper also worked at the Vatican Bank.

From Laundering To Profiteering, A Multitude Of Sins At The Vatican Bank

For decades, the Catholic Church has been dogged by scandals involving money. Vatican City — a sovereign state — controls its own finances through the Vatican Bank. It developed as a cross between the Federal Reserve and an offshore bank.

The Vatican Bank –  one of the top banks in the world for money laundering



St Anselmo in Rome

Fr Laurence, who taught at the school between 1972 and 1984 and was Abbot at the abbey until 2000 before moving to St Anselmo, was questioned in London in September 2010.

He was arrested on suspicion of historic sexual assault and bailed, but was allowed to keep his passport to return to Rome. He should have returned to a West London police station in March but failed to do so.

A Catholic Church source in Rome  said: ‘He emptied his account at the Vatican Bank some time over the summer.

Did the Vatican know nothing about his return to withdraw funds?

Ealing Abbey has been the subject of an inquiry by Lord Carlile QC and an internal Vatican investigation following disclosures of abuse at St Benedict’s.

Lord Carlile named Fr Laurence as one of five clergy who have been tried or are wanted for questioning in  relation to abuse at the Abbey involving pupils.


Justice Lowell Goddard has said that the English Benedictine Congregation would be one of the first institutions to be investigated by the national child abuse inquiry

4 June 2016

Child abuse inquiry set to drop investigation into Ealing Abbey monks


Where is the former Abbot of Ealing hiding?


There are one or two facts about the Soper case that make you wonder. He was interviewed by police in England, but the police did not photograph him, and they did not confiscate his passport There are no recent photographs of him  and there is also confusion about his age: it seems that he is 68, but other sources mention him being in his eighties. If he is living quietly in Italy, this raises important questions. Has he a bank account in his own name? Is he living under an alias, and if so, how did he acquire it? Who is helping him? Or has he been able to disappear relying purely on his own cunning? This seems doubtful: you cannot do anything in Italy without an identity card or passport. You cannot have someone to stay in your house for more than three nights without advising the police of it. There are numerous rules and regulations


The Times understands that Soper has travelled around the region on his British passport and made 22 trips to Macedonia since 2011. It raises questions over why he was not arrested there, because Macedonia is a member of Europol.

Laurence Soper, a senior Roman Catholic cleric, had travelled to Macedonia and Albania despite jumping police bail and evading a European arrest warrant,

  • Cardinal George Pell will reportedly be summoned to Australia by police
  • The summons is believed to be related to a child sex abuse investigation  
  • Authorities are expected to announce the possible charges this morning

Cardinal George Pell is expected to be charged over child sex abuse allegations.

It is understood Cardinal George Pell will be summonsed to Australia from Rome in relation to a child sex investigation by Victoria police.

The summons will be issued today to the 76-year-old head of finances for the Vatican, according to The Australian.

Authorities are expected to provide additional details on the investigation and possible charges this morning.

It is not clear whether the cardinal will return home from Europe or if he will be extradited to face the charges.

Cardinal George Pell is expected to be charged over child sex abuse allegations (pictured eating in Italy)

Cardinal George Pell is expected to be charged over child sex abuse allegations (pictured eating in Italy)

Cardinal Pell will be summoned to Australia from Rome in relation to a child sex investigation by Victoria police
Cardinal Pell will be summoned to Australia from Rome in relation to a child sex investigation by Victoria police

Cardinal Pell will be summoned to Australia from Rome in relation to a child sex investigation by Victoria police

Cardinal Pell appeared via video-link for a public hearing of Australia’s national child-abuse Royal Commission in early 2015.

When he was asked to fly to Australia to appear in person, he declined, citing health problems.

The Cardinal was interviewed by three detectives from the taskforce in Rome in October 2016, who updated the evidence.

He has strongly denied the allegations of abuse.

The Office of Public Prosecutions submitted a second brief of evidence on Cardinal Pell to the police last month, according to The Herald Sun.

The summary said charges could be laid against Pell based on the evidence but that it was up to the to decide if they wanted to or not.

The Sano taskforce, which investigates allegations of sexual abuse, has been investigating Cardinal Pell since 2016

The Sano taskforce, which investigates allegations of sexual abuse, has been investigating Cardinal Pell since 2016

Police could be powerless to make Cardinal Pell return to Australia because he is so high up in the Vatican that he has diplomatic immunity.

Cardinal Pell was appointed to the Vatican’s Secretariat of Economy in 2014, the third highest ranked position within the church.

His high ranking grants him diplomatic immunity in Australia, meaning he cannot be forced to attend court or provide information, according to legal experts.

New South Wales state parliament member David Shoebridge told the Newcastle Herald in May that Australia had an extradition treaty with Italy, but it did not include the Vatican.

‘[Australia] hasn’t managed in 44 years to get one in place with the tiny pretend nation-state of the Vatican that exists wholly within Rome,’ he said.

‘This is why George Pell can’t be forced back to face questioning.’

Victoria Police will not comment on reports Cardinal George Pell is to be charged by summons over historic child sex abuse allegations.


Ian David Stafford Beer; Headmaster at Harrow School 1981 – 1991
Laurence Soper, Peter Ball and Ian Beer at Harrow in the same time frame. 1981-1991
and where boys were being exchanged between Harrow School and Bishop  Peter Ball’s “scheme in Sussex”

Chichester church abuser ‘allowed back into choir’

27 June 2017

Alesha Racine

Alesha Racine has waived her right of anonymity to speak to BBC South East

A woman who was sexually abused by a lay vicar in Sussex says she was “completely failed” by the former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey.

Alesha Racine wrote to Lord Carey in 1992 after discovering her abuser had returned to the church where she had been sexually assaulted.

On Monday Lord Carey announced his resignation as an honorary bishop.

A review by Dame Moira Gibb found he had failed to pass on information about abuse carried out by Bishop Peter Ball.

Ms Racine’s abuser, Michael Walsh, was convicted of five indecent assault charges and confessed to sexual relationships with a further eight children.

He was sent to prison in 1990.

He had been a teacher, a lay vicar at Chichester Cathedral and also ran a choir at a church in Chichester.

Child abuse ‘inevitable’

After his release in 1992, Walsh returned to the same church to be part of the choir.

Concerned for the safety of other girls, in July of that year Ms Racine wrote to the then Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey, requesting his help.


Speaking after Lord Carey’s resignation, Ms Racine, 54, said: “I was very concerned that my abuser had just come out of prison and it appeared that he’d just gone straight back into the parish church where he’d originally worked, and was again in a position of authority in the choir there where young children – specifically girls – sang.

“I was really worried that these girls were at a huge risk. I felt it was inevitable that children would be abused.”

Three months after writing her letter she was told Lord Carey had been unable to consider her concerns because he was “committed to a series of visits overseas, together with his summer break”.

‘Duty of forgiveness’

She was informed one month later that the “Archbishop had been assured that there was no question of Michael Walsh being reinstated in the choir,” but nine months after raising her concerns she received a letter from the Archbishop’s chief of staff confirming her abuser was back in the choir.

Lambeth Palace wrote to Ms Racine saying the parish authorities had taken “great care” in coming to their decision to allow Walsh’s return to his position “weighing carefully the risk of re-offending against… the Christian duty of forgiveness”.

Michael Walsh

Michael Walsh, seen here in the 1990s, was allowed to return to the same church choir after his release from prison

The letters revealed Lord Carey regretted the decision which allowed Alesha’s abuser back into churches and offered her his sympathies.

Ms Racine said: “I thought his response was deeply hurtful, in that it had taken me a lot of courage to write to him at all.

“Most of what he said was in defence of the Church and the people in it, rather than try to reach out to me as a victim.

“I do feel it was a complete failure on his part.”

A spokesman for the former Archbishop of Canterbury said the correspondence with Ms Racine had been conducted on Lord Carey’s behalf by his chief of staff.

He said: “Lord Carey has absolutely no memory of this chain of correspondence or these events. He cannot therefore comment.”


26 June 2017

Jonathan King, the former pop mogul,  has appeared in court accused of a string of historic sex attacks on boys.

The ex-singer, Genesis producer and DJ is accused of assaults on nine teenagers aged between 14 and 16 between 1970 and 1986.

Dressed in a dark suit, white shirt, blue tie and trainers, King smiled in the dock at Westminster Magistrates’ Court as he spoke only to confirm his personal details.

The 72-year-old posed for cameras outside court after the hearing, giving two thumbs up. Asked how the hearing had gone, he said: “Fantastic”.

Jonathan King
Jonathan King was charged as part of Surrey Police’s Operation Ravine 

King appeared in court for the short hearing under his real name of Kenneth George King.

He faces a total of 18 sex charges. His lawyer, Steven Bird, said King “will be contesting the allegations”.

King, of Bayswater, central London, was released on conditional bail to appear at Southwark Crown Court on July 24.

His bail conditions were not to contact any of the complainants or to name them in the media or on social media.

The charges are part of Surrey Police’s Operation Ravine, which was launched in 2015 following a review by Merseyside Police into an earlier investigation, Operation Arundel, which dated back to 2000.


Moors murders BOMBSHELL: Jimmy Savile part of ‘paedo ring with Ian Brady and Myra Hindley’

25th June 2017

DISGRACED radio DJ Jimmy Savile has been accused of buying indecent photographs of children from evil killers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, Daily Star Online can exclusively reveal.

Savile – who died in 2011 at the age of 84 – never faced trial for his crimes as one of Britain’s worst ever sex offenders.His twisted friendship with Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe is well known but now Daily Star Online can exclusively lift the lid on his links to the Moors murderers.Before their arrest in 1965, Savile ran the BBC studios from Manchester’s Dickenson Road – where Top of the Pops was filmed – and has been accused of meeting with Brady and Hindley to buy indecent images of children.

Erica Gregory – who has devoted years of her life investigating the Moors murders – believes they even formed a twisted “paedophile ring”.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, she said: “I believe they went to the BBC studio regularly to make a fuss and try to get in with Savile.

“Alongside David Smith, Brady was selling photographs of children to make money at this time – I believe Savile could have been one of his customers.

“It is well known that Savile visited them both inside. I believe they were in a ring of some sort.”

It doesn’t stop there, though.

In 2014, Dan Davies noted that Savile chillingly replied “I am the Myra Hindley story” when asked on his opinion of it.And Gregory believes that Savile continued to communicate with the killers after their incarceration – visiting them and using songs played on the radio to transmit coded messages.“Savile could have been using his radio for secret messages,” she said.“Brady used music in tapes and songs that he stated reminded him of the Moors.“And Savile knew that if he played a song at a certain time then those listening would get the message.”
Brady – who passed away last month – was responsible for the brutal murder of five children in and around Greater Manchester alongside serial killer lover Myra Hindley in the 1960s.The twisted 79-year-old never revealed the location of Keith Bennett’s body – despite desperate appeals from the 12-year-old’s mum Winnie Johnson, who died in 2012.Before his death, Brady had been incarcerated at Ashworth Hospital since 1985 while Hindley died in 2002 after 35 years behind bars.Together they killed five child victims – Pauline Reade, John Kilbride, Keith Bennett, Lesley Ann Downey and Edward Evans – between July 1963 and October 1965.At least four of them, including Bennett, were sexually assaulted before the killers were finally convicted and jailed for life in 1966.Earlier this month, Daily Star Online exclusively revealed how the evil duo could have been responsible for the death of seven more children.


Image result for Danielle Perrett and queen

Royal harpist faces sexual offences trial with partner

Image result for bishop ball and prince charles

22 June 2017

Church of England colluded with bishop who abused boys, says Welby

Report about bishop Peter Ball, finding collusion over 20 years, is ‘harrowing reading’

Collusion: Secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy

Senior figures in the Church of England colluded for a period of 20 years with a disgraced former bishop who sexually abused boys and men, a damning independent report has found.

The archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, said the report on the church’s handling of former bishop Peter Ball made “harrowing reading”.

“The church colluded and concealed rather than seeking to help those who were brave enough to come forward. This is inexcusable and shocking behaviour,” he said.

“To the survivors who were brave enough to share their story and bring Peter Ball to justice, I once again offer an unreserved apology. There are no excuses whatsoever for what took place and the systemic abuse of trust perpetrated by Peter Ball over decades.”

Two former archbishops of Canterbury, George Carey and Rowan Williams, apologised to the victims of Peter Ball after being criticised for their failures in relation to him.

Ball, the former bishop of both Gloucester and Lewes, was jailed in October 2015 for the grooming, sexual exploitation and abuse of 18 vulnerable young men aged 17-25 who had sought spiritual guidance from him between 1977 and 1992. He was released from prison in February after serving 16 months.

His trial heard that after Ball was first accused in 1993, a string of senior establishment figures – including Carey, an unidentified member of the royal family, cabinet ministers and a high court judge – came forward in his support, writing letters to the police and Crown Prosecution Service.

Ball was cautioned by police. He resigned his post as bishop and retired to a rented cottage on the Prince of Wales’s Duchy of Cornwall estate but continued to officiate in 17 public schools until 2007. A fresh investigation was opened in 2012 which led to his conviction.

One of Ball’s victims, Neil Todd – the first to come forward with allegations of abuse – attempted suicide three times before killing himself in 2012.

Welby ordered an independent review of the church’s handling of the case, chaired by Dame Moira Gibb, former chief executive of Camden council.

The report said Ball’s case was dealt with at the highest levels within the church. He “was seen by the church as the man in trouble who the church needed to help”.

Ball was portrayed as a victim, and the review found “little evidence of compassion for Neil Todd even though from the outset it was clear that he was a vulnerable young man who had come to harm”.

It added: “The church appears to have been most interested in protecting itself.”

In the foreword to her report, An Abuse of Faith, published on Thursday, Gibb said the serious sexual wrongdoing of Ball “is shocking in itself but is compounded by the failure of the church to respond appropriately to his misconduct, again over a period of many years”.

“Ball’s priority was to protect and promote himself and he maligned the abused. The church colluded. The church colluded with that rather than seeking to help those he had harmed, or assuring itself of the safety of others.”

The report added, “progress has been slow and continuing, faster improvement is still required”.

Gibb made 11 recommendations in her report, including improving support to survivors of clerical abuse and taking steps to “demonstrate the individual and collective accountability of bishops”.

Peter Hancock, the C of E’s lead safeguarding bishop, who received the report on behalf of the church, said it had failed Ball’s survivors. “Having read the report I am appalled and disturbed by its contents … As a church we colluded, we failed to act and protect those who came forward for help. There are no excuses. We accept all the recommendations and are working to action them.”

Rowan Williams: ‘It is clear I did not give adequate priority to sorting out the concerns and allegations surrounding Peter Ball.’

He added: “For the survivors, it may feel this is all too late.”

According to the report, Ball intimated “on many occasions, to Lord Carey and others, that he enjoys the status of confidant of the Prince of Wales” and “sought to exploit his contact with members of the royal family in order to bolster his position”.


The Royal family with the Archbishop Rowan Williams at Windsor Castle for wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Stock Photo

The Royal family with the Archbishop Rowan Williams, beside protected padophile Bishop Ball, at Windsor Castle for wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles

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Prince Charles gave him a grace & favour cottage. Like the church, did he also overlook Ball’s abuse of young boys?

Goddard inquiry: Outrage as bishop Peter Ball jailed for sex offences given public funding for legal team

Bishop Ball with Prince Charles and Camilla. Ball gave the homily at the funeral of Camilla Parker Bowles’s father, Major Bruce Shand, in 2006

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Moira Gibb is made a Dame CBE by the Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace back in 2012

However, Dame Moira Gibb’s report went on, it “found no evidence that the Prince of Wales or any other member of the royal family sought to intervene at any point in order to protect or promote Ball”.

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Carey was criticised in the report, which said he “set the tone for the church’s response to Ball’s crimes and gave the steer which allowed Ball’s assertions that he was innocent to gain credence”.

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In a statement responding to the report, Carey said it made “uncomfortable reading” and he accepted its criticisms of him. “I apologise to the victims of Peter Ball. I believed Peter Ball’s protestations and gave too little credence to the vulnerable young men and boys behind those allegations.”

Carey said he regretted not putting Ball’s name on the Lambeth List – names of people whose suitability for ministry is under question – after he was cautioned.

Under the leadership of Williams, the church began reviewing past cases, a move which ultimately led to the criminal case against Ball being reopened, the report said. However, he was criticised as being “lamentably slow” in making change.

In a statement, Williams said: “Having read the report and reflected on its details, it is clear I did not give adequate priority to sorting out the concerns and allegations surrounding Peter Ball at the earliest opportunity. I recognise such a delay is likely to have increased the pressure and distress experienced by the survivors of his abuse and I am sincerely sorry for this.”


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It’s quite simple: Lord Carey is a paedophile enabler and sympathiser.

Justin Welby has asked a former Archbishop of Canterbury to step down from his current role after a report found that he and other senior figures in the Church of England “colluded” with a disgraced paedophile bishop to prevent him facing criminal charges.

George Carey, currently an honorary Assistant Bishop in the diocese of Oxford, has been urged to “carefully consider his position” by Justin Welby, the current Archbishop of Canterbury.

A damning report by former social worker Dame Moira Gibb, the result of an 18-month long enquiry, found that the Church of England had failed to protect the victims of Peter Ball, who abused 18 vulnerable men and boys over a 20-year period.

Ball, a former bishop of Lewes and of Gloucester, was jailed in October 2015 for indecent assault and misconduct in public office. He was released from prison earlier this year.

He had initially been investigated by police in 1993 after Neil Todd, a young man who had stayed with him, told Church figures there had been “sexual activity” between the two. Mr Todd killed himself in 2012.

That investigation ended when Ball accepted a caution for gross indecency and resigned as Bishop of Gloucester.

Former Bishop of Lewes Peter Ball arriving at the Old Bailey
Former Bishop of Lewes Peter Ball arriving at the Old Bailey Credit: John Stillwell/PA

The report, published on Thursday, found that Lord Carey, then the Archbishop of Canterbury, wrote to Ball’s twin brother, Bishop Michael Ball, in 1993, after the caution, saying he believed Ball was “basically innocent”.

At that stage Lord Carey was already aware of six letters which had been sent to Lambeth Palace by members of the public, making further allegations about Ball’s behaviour.

These included parents who said their children had been sexually propositioned by Ball and a man who said he had been asked to masturbate in front of him at the age of 15.

The letters were never passed on to police.

Following the caution Ball retired to a rented cottage on the Prince of Wales’ Duchy of Cornwall estate and started to draw a pension. The report also criticises the “unusual degree of financial support from the Church” that he received in retirement, authorised by Lord Carey.

He was also allowed him to carry out services including baptisms and confirmations, as well as speaking at 17 public schools, some until as late as 2007, the report said, a decision in which Lord Carey “played the lead role”.

The former Archbishop also decided not to add him to the “Lambeth List”, which identifies clergyman about whom there are questions as to their suitability for ministry.

Ball was convicted of the offences after a renewed investigation into his actions was opened in 2012 following a review of past cases by Dr Rowan Williams, who became Archbishop of Canterbury in 2002.

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby processes to Canterbury Cathedral to deliver his Easter sermon
Justin Welby: report makes for “harrowing reading” Credit: Christopher Pledger

The report said Lord Carey “set the tone for the Church’s response to Ball’s crimes and gave the steer which allowed Ball’s assertions that the was innocent to gain credence”.

In a statement, Lord Carey said the report “makes deeply uncomfortable reading” and apologised to Ball’s victims.

He added: “I believed Peter Ball’s protestations and gave too little credence to the vulnerable young men and boys behind these allegations”.

In a statement the Rt Revd Dr Steven Croft, the Bishop of Oxford, said: “The Archbishop of Canterbury has written to Lord Carey and asked him to carefully consider his position as honorary Assistant Bishop.

“As I hold responsibility for granting him a licence to enable him to carry out his duties, Archbishop Justin has asked Lord Carey to talk to me and we have agreed to meet in the coming days for that conversation.

“In the meantime he has voluntarily agreed to step back from public ministry.”

Victims called for the former Archbishop to face criminal proceedings.

Richard Scorer, a specialist abuse lawyer at Slater and Gordon, who represents a number of Ball’s victims, said: “Given what’s in the report, there is now a clear case for the police and CPS to consider criminal charges against senior figures, including Lord Carey, for offences of misconduct in public office and perverting the course of justice.

“This report bears out our clients’ complaint that the Church of England deliberately concealed evidence of Ball’s criminality, and they are appalled by the true extent of collusion in abuse.”

In a foreword to the report, Dame Moira Gibb said: “Ball’s priority was to protect and promote himself and he maligned the abused. The Church colluded with that rather than seeking to help those he had harmed, or assuring itself of the safety of others.”

Archbishop Justin Welby said the report, titled Abuses of Faith, made “harrowing reading”.

“The Church colluded and concealed rather than seeking to help those who were brave enough to come forward,” he said.


Du Pont Heir Who Raped 3 Year Old Child Let Off By Judge: ‘No Need For Prison’

June 20, 2017


Du Pont heir Robert H. Richards IV was found guilty of child rape but let off with probation.

The wealthy heir to the du Pont family fortune, Robert H. Richards IV, was found guilty in court of raping his 3-year-old daughter but was let off by the judge who said “he wouldn’t fare well in prison”, according to released court records.

Judge Jan Jurden decided that the Elite pedophile needed treatment rather than prison time saying that he had “unique circumstances” despite further accusations that he’d also sexually abused his toddler son.

Her puzzling rationale was based on her own observation that prison life would adversely affect Richards.

Several criminal justice authorities in Delaware said that her view that treatment was a better idea than prison is a justification typically used when sentencing drug addicts, not child rapists.

Delaware Online reports: Richards’ 2009 rape case became public this month after attorneys for his ex-wife Tracy filed a lawsuit seeking compensatory and punitive damages for the abuse of his daughter.

The fact that Jurden expressed concern that prison wasn’t right for Richards came as a surprise to defense lawyers and prosecutors who consider her a tough sentencing judge. Several noted that prison officials can put inmates in protective custody if they are worried about their safety, noting that child abusers are sometimes targeted by other inmates.

“It’s an extremely rare circumstance that prison serves the inmate well,” said Delaware Public Defender Brendan J. O’Neill, whose office represents defendants who cannot afford a lawyer. “Prison is to punish, to segregate the offender from society, and the notion that prison serves people well hasn’t proven to be true in most circumstances.”

O’Neill said he and his deputies have often argued that a defendant was too ill or frail for prison, but he has never seen a judge cite it as a “reason not to send someone to jail.

“Richards was no frail defendant, court records show, listing him at 6 feet, 4 inches tall and between 250 and 276 pounds. Nor do court records cite any physical illnesses.

O’Neill said the way the Richards case was handled might cause the public to be skeptical about “how a person with great wealth may be treated by the system.

“Richards, who is unemployed and supported by a trust fund, owns a 5,800-square-foot mansion in Greenville he bought for $1.8 million in 2005. He also lists a home in the exclusive North Shores neighborhood near Rehoboth Beach, according to the state’s sex abuse registry. His great-grandfather is du Pont family patriarch Irenee du Pont, and his father is Robert H. Richards III, a retired partner in the Richards Layton & Finger law firm.

Jurden, who has been a judge since 2001, and Superior Court President James T. Vaughn Jr. did not respond to questions last week about the case.

Deputy State Court Administrator Amy Quinlan said in an email that judges must consider the charges, state sentencing guidelines and “any mitigating or aggravating factors and recommendations” from prosecutors, defense lawyers, corrections officials and others. “That procedure was followed in this case as well.

“The lawsuit filed by Richards’ ex-wife accuses him of admitting to sexually abusing his infant son between 2005 and 2007, the same period when he abused his daughter starting when she was 3.

Police said they investigated allegations involving the boy in 2010 after his mother filed a complaint, but said they did not have sufficient evidence to justify charges. Investigators will take another look at the allegations included in the lawsuit, which are based on reports by probation officers.

The plea offer

Attorney General Beau Biden’s office had initially indicted Richards on two counts of second-degree rape of a child – Class B violent felonies that carry a mandatory 10-year prison term for each count.

According to the arrest warrant filed by a New Castle County Police Detective JoAnna Burton in December 2007, the girl, then 5, told her grandmother, Donna Burg, that Richards sexually abused her.

Burg said the child reported that her father told her it was “our little secret” but said she didn’t want “my daddy touching me anymore.” The girl said her father molested her in the bedrooms of her mother and brother in the mansion at 10 Summit Lane near Winterthur Museum, the arrest warrant said.

Tracy Richards, who confronted her then-husband, told police he admitted abusing his daughter but said “it was an accident and he would never do it again,” the warrant said.

Richards was free on $60,000 secured bail while awaiting trial on the charges that could have put him behind bars for years.
But in June 2008, just days before a scheduled trial, prosecutor Renee Hrivnak offered Richards a plea to a single count of fourth-degree rape, which carries no mandatory time, and he accepted, admitting in court that he abused his child.

“It was more than reasonable, an enlightened plea offer,” Richards attorney Eugene J. Maurer Jr. said.Probation offeredFourth-degree rape is a Class C violent felony that by law can bring up to 15 years in prison, though guidelines suggest zero to 2½ years in prison.

At his February 2009 sentencing, Hrivnak recommended probation, Biden’s chief deputy Ian R. McConnel said, adding that in retrospect he wished she would have sought prison time. Hrivnak would not comment.

Biden spokesman Jason Miller said the attorney general – who routinely hails the prosecution of child predators as a top priority for his office – did not know about the case.

Miller said only Hrivnak and her supervisor, Allison Texter, were part of the decision on how to resolve the case. Texter, who is now in private practice in Wilmington, did not return calls for comment.

State Prosecutor Kathleen M. Jennings could not discuss the case, McConnel said, because she had represented Richards while he was on probation. Jennings, a former chief deputy attorney general, rejoined the office in November 2011 after about 15 years in private practice. She would not say when she represented Richards.

McConnel would not discuss the rationale behind the Richards’ plea deal and Hrivnak’s recommendation of probation for the fourth-degree rape conviction.


20 June 2017

Former football coach Barry Bennell faces a further 14 child sex offence charges

Barry Bennell
Barry Bennell is facing 55 charges in total 

Former football coach Barry Bennell is facing a further 14 counts of non-recent sexual assault on boys aged between 11 and 14.

According to the Crown Prosecution Service the new charges relate to 10 counts of indecent assault and four counts of buggery which were alleged to have taken place between 1983 and 1990.

It follows a string of previous allegations made against the 63-year-old.

A CPS spokesperson said: “Today, 20 June, former professional football coach Barry Bennell, 63, was informed that he has been charged with 14 counts of non-recent child sexual abuse against boys aged 11 to 14 years.”

The former Crewe Alexandra coach will appear via video link at South Cheshire Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday June 28 in relation to these charges.

In total he is facing charges of 55 offences between 1979 and 1991 against young boys.

He has previously denied accusations made against him during a succession of court appearances.


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bragged that he dealt in illegal weapons,aboard boats in international waters.

How the murder of Peter Solheim exposed a world of paganism, porn and black magic in Cornwall

June 18, 2017



Murder victim and well known Paganist Peter Solheim

He was the very worst of men: obsessed by porn and black magic and later revealed to be involved in the “ritualistic, sickening” sex abuse of young girls.

Peter Solheim, who lived in a remote village near Helston, met a grisly end in which he was drugged, tortured, mutilated and then cast into the sea to drown.

His lover, grandmother Margaret James, was convicted of conspiracy to murder – but the search goes on for the accomplices the police believe she must have had.

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Thirteen years ago today, Mr Solheim’s body was pulled from the sea. A day earlier his small dinghy Izzwizz was found adrift in Mylor harbour, near Falmouth, with its key in the ignition.


Peter Solheim (shown wielding a sword) was well known in Pagan circlesThe 56-year-old had been tortured before being thrown into the sea and left to drown.

During her 11-week trial, James presented a calm, composed, confident face to the jury.

Sometimes barefoot, wearing long summer skirts, she often smiled or laughed as happier memories of her life with Mr Solheim were revealed to the courtroom.

But prosecutor Sarah Munro QC told the jury: “She has a heart of stone.”

In sharp contrast, her defence team said Mr Solheim was a paedophile, for which he had received hate mail, and wove black magic spells against those who had crossed him.

The jury heard how Mr Solheim dealt in hard-core pornography by copying videos he received by mail order and selling them on.

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image: http://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/images/localworld/ugc-images/276351/binaries/solheim122.jpg

Mr Solheim was accused of being a paedophile

Witnesses gave evidence that Mr Solheim had boasted of being a wealthy man dealing in antique guns.

Some told how Mr Solheim had bragged that he dealt in illegal weapons, carrying out secret deals with unnamed people aboard boats in international waters.

The defence barrister told the court: “We say Peter Solheim was a man with the propensity to commit sexual offences against children, to trade in illegal firearms and to engage in black magic and satanic rituals.

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“This provides anyone with a motive for harming him which ends up with him being dead.”

Throughout the case his interest in sex was described as “obsessive” and the jury heard how he secretly photographed James as she sunbathed naked in the back garden.

One expert referred to the black magic collection Mr Solheim had in his attic as an “occult laboratory”. There were recipes for potions designed to seduce women and dozens of books of witchcraft.


Peter Solheim’s small boat was found adrift

In his library were found two copies of Paul Huston’s The Mastery of Witchcraft. The tome was described by an expert prosecution witness as “a notorious and amoral text”.

“I have talked to hundreds of modern pagans, witches and magicians but have never known such an extensive collection,” he told the jury. “This is an unusually, big comprehensive collection – an occult laboratory of materials.”

Read more: Man finds grenade from 17th century shipwreck on a Cornish beach

The jury was told how Mr Solheim, a father-of-two from Carnkie, near Helston, in West Cornwall, had been heavily sedated with the drug lorazepam before being hacked around the head and body with either a blunt machete or axe.

They were convinced that James had plotted the brutal murder of her pagan lover when she learned he was about to leave her for his mistress.

James stood stony-faced as Judge Graham Cottle sentenced her, according to a report in our sister paper the Plymouth Herald.

He said: “You have been convicted by the jury of conspiracy to murder Peter Solheim.

image: http://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/images/localworld/ugc-images/276351/binaries/solheim8.jpg

Peter Solheim had an extensive library on the occult

“The precise circumstances surrounding the abduction, torture and murder of Peter Solheim to an extent remain a mystery.

“However, what has been laid bare by the evidence in this case is that you were at the centre of this conspiracy to murder him.

“It was you who wanted him dead and you who masterminded and orchestrated the events which culminated in his death.

“What you orchestrated was a horrific and slow death.

“He was abducted and subjected to torture and administered a stupefying drug. The serious injuries inflicted upon him were described as bizarre and targeted.

“In common parlance, he was kneecapped – it would have been extremely painful. His right toe was almost severed from the rest of his foot.

James (right) was said to have a heart of stone“These injuries themselves did not kill him – they were not intended to. Many of the injuries inflicted upon him I am satisfied were inflicted to make him suffer and there can be absolutely no doubt he would have done so.

“His injured body was cast into the sea miles off The Lizard obviously in the hope he would not be found.”

Judge Cottle said that the discovery of Mr Solheim’s body had been James’s first “slip-up”.

He said: “You have been described by witnesses in this court as having a bubbly personality – always with a smile on your face and a kind word.

“The Crown has proved that your bubbly personality masks your true character, your obsession with money, not spending it – you in fact hoard it.”

Judge Cottle said that after learning Mr Solheim was about to leave her for his mistress, she set about conspiring to have him murdered.


James’ accomplices have never been caught

He said: “In a cold and calculating way, you arranged for his slow and painful death.”

Outside Truro Crown Court, the police investigation team welcomed the verdict and sentence.

Senior Investigating Officer Nigel Boulton said at the time: “It was a damn good plan – but the body being found let James down badly. It did not sink as she had planned.

“Had the body never been recovered, Mr Solheim would have been treated as another missing person and she may have got away with it. James tried to commit the perfect murder but failed.”

Mr Boulton added: “Mr Solheim was a man with few friends and may not have been a particularly nice person. But it’s important to remember that he was the victim of a murder and like any other murder victim, he deserves justice.”

Detectives always believed that James had help. They said the knee-capping was “was carried out with such force, it could not have been done by James”.

James’ appeal was dismissed in 2012At just 5ft 3in, she also could not have physically moved Mr Solheim in and out of a boat without help.

Five years after Mr Solheim’s killing, police seized a boat and arrested two men as the investigation continued.

But it would turn out to be a dead end and two months later, the men were released from police bail with no further action.

In 2012, Solheim was named as a paedophile in the trial of two men who ran a witches’ coven carrying out “ritualistic, sickening” sex abuse of young girls.

The same year, James lost a Court of Appeal bid to clear her name. The hunt to find those who carried out the brutal murder goes on.


UK database – Cornwall


Thousands of child sex abuse victims miss out on compensation because of cruel time limit on claims

Children who were molested have just two years after their 18th birthday to make an injury claim – even though they may still be coming to terms with the abuse they suffered

17 JUN 2017



British Intelligence bought information about US Child Abusers

Quality independent media site “Disobedient Media” has received information in response to their Freedom of Information request.

102 pages from the New York State Select Committee On Crime from 1982 have been released [2]

The evidence was given to the New York State Select Committee on Crime, its causes, control and effect on society, in the matter of  “A Public Hearing to consider the Boy Prostitution and Pornography”

Senators Ralph Marino, Abraham Bernstein, Howard Babbush, Owen Johnson, as well as Jeremiah McKenna and Lilli Scott were on the Committee.

Witnesses describe children, probably way in excess of 400, being trafficked round a circuit which encompassed Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Orleans, New York, D.C., and Florida, spending a few weeks in each location.

The circuit included bars, burlesque houses, pornographic movie joints where abusers rang up between cities to arrange a child and paid by credit card. This was linked to organised crime or Mafia. One prominent figure mentioned  in connection with pornography was Michael Zaffarano.

Detectives from Washington DC, Carl Shoffler and Anne Fisher gave evidence and described the network. However the part I will concentrate on for this post is evidence given by Dale Smith. He was an investigator for the Select Committee on Crime and research analyst in 1978 and 1979 investigating juvenile prostitution and pornography in New York [p44]

Smith states that there were two 2 male “call service operations” in Washington, called Friendly Models and Stables. Call Service Operations is the euphemistic term they use to describe prostitution arranged over the phone. The prostitution of children was mixed in with this.

Stables was a male homosexual call service linked to another locally and two in New York. Arlington Police raided Friendly Models and obtained a warrant for the search and arrest of Stables operation [p56].

Robert Koehler was an accountant of several call service operations in Washington. Koehler said that details of sexual proclivities of abusers were sold to agents of foreign Intelligence [p58]

Johnathan Christopher Reynolds III, call service operator of Brians Boys and Fantasies Unlimited in Alexandria, Virginia. He admitted that information was sold to British and Israeli Intelligence [p59]

“A Public Hearing to consider the Boy Prostitution and Pornography” Report page 59

So British intelligence, presumably MI6, knew of the sexual abuse of children, of the prostitution of children and did nothing to help. In fact, the opposite. They took advantage of children’s suffering and bought information about the sexual habits of the abusers.

Of course that is exactly what their colleagues in the Security services do in the UK. They are steeped in this aberrant behaviour which they see as normal or convince themselves it is somehow in the national interest or or national security, both terms used to obfuscate. Sickos.

They obtain the abusers information, not to bring them to justice, but to control, by blackmail, the child abusers who are often in powerful positions. Blackmail is just another crime to add to the intelligence services long list.

The children and the people that the intelligence services are supposed to protect are the very people they abuse. We get abused and left with child abusers as politicians in power. The intelligence services, stuffed full of people with abnormal, psychopathic behaviours however are realistically immune from prosecution and the law due to inadequate safeguards over the behaviour of intelligence services.

If the security services are not actually running the child abuse networks, then they are neck deep in them.

Parliament standards watchdog resumes Keith Vaz investigation

June 16 2017



The investigation into Mr Vaz has resumed

The Parliamentary Standards Commissioner has resumed her investigation into Keith Vaz.

Commissioner Kathryn Hudson had suspended her investigation into the Labour Leicester East MP when parliament was dissolved on May 3 prior to the election

She has updated her website saying she had restarted her inquiries.


Victims ‘silenced’ by child abuse inquiry

Victims are furious at being asked to sign confidentiality agreements before they can participate fully in the work of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse
Victims are furious at being asked to sign confidentiality agreements before they can participate fully in the work of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

The public inquiry into child abuse, set up by Theresa May, faces (yet) a new crisis of confidence as victims claim they are being silenced and sidelined.

They are furious at being asked to sign confidentiality agreements before they can participate fully in the work of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA).

They say the undertakings fly in the face of the inquiry’s commitment to maximum transparency and echo the gagging orders imposed on victims by churches and other bodies when settling compensation claims.


Inquiry into child sexual abuse ‘not fit for purpose’, claims victims’ group

June 13 2017

Survivors of Organised and Institutional Abuse becomes second group to withdraw, claiming victims have been ‘totally marginalised’ from process



BBC paedophile couple hid their abuse secrets to organise children’s awards

Tony and Julie Wadsworth have both been jailed for five years for indecently assaulting boys as young as 12

10 JUN 2017

BC paedophiles Tony and Julie Wadsworth hid their shameful secrets to run children’s awards.

They organised Tony and Julie’s Children of Merit honours in 2001 for kids who had “shown great courage or exceptional kindness”.

Also helping conceal their earlier abuse of young boys has been Tony, 69, playing charity gigs nationwide in a Beatles tribute band since 2011.

Our exclusive photo shows the disgraced DJ in a wig and ’60s garb strumming guitar in Leicester tribute act The UpBeatles.

Wife Julie, 60, dances below him, the audience little realising the couple’s sordid past as abusers of boys as young as 12.

Tony and Julie Wadsworth ran children’s awards

This week they were each jailed for five years for indecently assaulting young boys in Warwickshire between 1992 and 1996.

A source said: “To the outside world they were do-gooders. You would never guess that they were paedophiles.”

Another added: “You’d be hard pressed to find two people less suitable to hand out awards to kids.”

The couple ran “Tony and Julie’s Children of Merit” from the BBC’s Pebble Mill studio in Birmingham.

Launching their search, DJ Julie said: “These awards will celebrate the achievements of Midland children who have triumphed in the face of adversity or demonstrated courage and bravery in their reaction to events.”

They ran a hunt for the West Midlands’ 10 bravest children, handing each a silver medal donated by the Birmingham Mint.

A further 1,000 “Tony and Julie medals” were sold to raise charity cash.

The awards were among scores of kids charity projects the Wadsworths took part in during their years at the BBC. In 2007 they put charity wristbands on kids at Birstall cricket club, Leicester.

In 2014 they mingled with terminally ill youngsters at the 20th birthday of Rainbows Children’s Hospice, in Loughborough.

Image result for Rainbows Children’s Hospice, in Loughborough. prince of wales

Rainbows was officially opened by HRH The Prince of Wales in April 1995.

Our picture of Julie in pink boots and minidress was taken in 2012 at a gig in Rothley, near Leicester, to aid the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

In a 2013 interview before their 20th wedding anniversary, Julie revealed she once dressed Tony in children’s clothes because he is 5ft 6in.


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Labour tried to do deals with the DUP last time there was a hung parliament

Under Gordon Brown, Labour had tried to strike a similar deal when there was a hung parliament in 2010.

Yvette Cooper, Shaun Woodward, Ed Miliband and Alistair Campbell were just a few of the Labour supporters or MPs to have recently criticised Theresa May for dealing with the extremely conservative, anti-abortion, anti-LGBT rights party from Northern Ireland.

However, when Brown failed to get a majority he wrote letters to the DUP asking to do a deal.

Amid criticism, former DUP leader Ian Paisley has been relishing telling everyone about Brown’s eagerness to pair up with the party.


Gordon Brown, Keith Vaz and the DUP: deal or no deal?

Special Branch monitored Diane Abbot, Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Grant during the 1990s


Shatter Boys UK #CSA

Warburtons family – Tory Party supporters hiding the sexual abuse of Thomas Warburton’s –  grandson  Daniel Wolstencroft


Image result for thomas warburton bakery

Queen Elizabeth speaks to Warburton Bakery chairman Jonathan Warburton