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Heroes for Exposing Child Sexual Abuse – Part 1 – Peter McKelvie / by Cathy Fox blog

Excellent work, Cathy! The way Britain’s paedo Establishment has treated McKelvie is utterly disgusting.

Pl read & RT!

Excellent article on Peter McKelvie & the shambolic article of falsehoods in Daily Fail & their lame (non)apology.

Heroes for Exposing Child Sexual Abuse – Part 1 – Peter McKelvie

Peter McKelvie worked as a Senior Child Protection manager for Hereford and Worcester.

As part of that work he was given access by West Mercia Police to Peter Righton’s Diary.

In his diary Peter Righton had listed the names and ages of each boy he had abused from 1957 onwards in categories of which institution the victims had been resident at the time, and most sickeningly of all, had scored each child’s level of abuse from 1 (touching) to 10 (buggery).

Peter McKelvie explains more here [6]

“One of the many reasons I contacted Tom Watson MP in October 2012 was my anger and frustration that Peter Righton had been allowed to die with just one minor conviction for possession of indecent images of children when I knew how evil a web he had spun in full sight of leading social work agencies such as the National Children’s Bureau and the National Institute of Social Work not to mention the high regard he was obviously held in at the Department of Health.

Much has been made of Savile being given the keys to Broadmoor.

Righton didn’t need the keys, he could walk in to any children’s home or local authority boarding school in the UK on ” official business ”

I was given full access by West Mercia police to Righton’s diaries and letters which gave the clues to a large network of Paedophiles with “official ” access to children.

Unfortunately my team weren’t allowed to pursue these leads ourselves as the alleged offences occurred outside our statutory geographical boundaries

We had to pass all our relevant information on to other local authorities.

With the full support of my then Director of Social  Services, David Tombs, I wrote a report for the Department of Health pleading for them to agree to fund and set up a “National Joint Social Worker/Police investigation team” so that we could pursue all the leads we had and go anywhere the evidence took us.

Righton in his diaries had made the task of investigation relatively straightforward.

He had listed the names and ages of each boy he had abused from 1957 onwards in categories of which institution the victims had been resident at the time,and most sickeningly of all, had scored each child’s level of abuse from 1 (touching) to 10 (buggery)

My Director was prepared to release me and 2 of my social workers to be part of such a team if we were seen as suitable applicants. Nothing came of this request and this huge body of evidence against Righton fell in to a black hole. A small group of us, a very senior Police  Officer, two very experienced investigative journalists and myself met with a senior Opposition Party MP in 1994 to lodge a complaint and demand action.

We named MP’s that we believed might be involved in this organised network. Nothing came of that either.

My Director David Tombs retired in 1994 and my team was closed down and disbanded virtually immediately afterwards.” [6]

Peter McKelvies team was closed down.

This was a Hereford and Worcestershire document from 1993 which Peter McKelvie authored. It mentions

  • Righton’s PIE links
  • Links to the Swedish and Norwegian “PIE’s”
  • Organised abuse in Gozo, Malta with Righton and another man involved in “trade” in victims
  • Likely paedophiles as a bishop, social services and education staff and civil servants
  • Individuals in possible major institutional abuse
  • Ability to prove that Righton abused many boys in a school 30 years ago (probably Redhill School)
  • Righton’s connections to “rentboy” scene in London
  • Righton abuse of boys, either in care or known to social services, all over the country
  • Several boxfuls of letters and his diaries


In another document entitled “A Personal Viewpoint” Peter McKelvie suggests

  • Coordinated network of professionals involved in abuse of children
  • Access to children was easy via various official schemes
  • Children were being trafficked around the country
  • Small joint task force of 4 experienced social workers and 4 police be set up
  • Task force should investigate PIE and abuse in social work


Peter Righton, a serial child abuser, got away with it all the way until his death in 2007, even though there was evidence written in his own hand in diaries and letters.

He was Director of the National Institute of Social Work Directors and despite his host of contacts all over Britain, and uninhibited access to children through the Social Services, Righton was never tried for serious sexual assaults or rape.

All he ever got was a fine of £900 when he was caught importing child abuse images in 1992, and separately a caution for indecent assault, probably in 1994/5 [15]

arrest1992 Sept 17 Guardian Pg5  [HT @CraftyMuvva]

How did Righton get away with it?

“..Peter Righton was questioned about indecent assaults on children by the Obscene Publications Squad in November 1994 – several months after the Hereford & Worcester investigation had been shut down, and after the BBC documentary Secret Life of a Paedophile had been broadcast [June 1]”[9]

BBC Secret Life of a Paedophile[9]

Righton’s contacts were numerous, some are outlined here Goodness and Harmony Diplomatic Connections and PIE / Diplomat Robert Alston – brother of Richard Alston[26]

Also many are here, (click on link below the picture on the number)

Greenlight Brain Peter Righton [28]

Nearly all of those connected to him got away with it as well. Most appear never to have even been charged.  Those that did get charged got lightly dealt with.

Richard Alston got away with it – at present I cannot find any conviction from 1992-95 for Richard Alston who was Peter Rightons long term partner, and Headmaster of New Barns School for special needs pupils in Toddington, Gloucestershire.

Charles Napier got away lightly. Although he had a conviction from back in April 1972 for indecency with schoolboys in his charge [15] it appears that no effort was made to look for further abuse since. Napier was charged with just two counts of indecent assault and received a 9 month sentence. This was possibly for the abuse mentioned in the letter found at Bloomfield’s House. Charles Scott Napier 1995 Dec 8 Court of Appeal [18]. Charles Napier is the half brother to Conservative MP and recent minister John Whittingdale.

Morris Fraser was connected to Righton, but in his own right was connected to many others,and a prolific child abuser wherever he went.  Bits of Books Blog has a good timeline Dr Morris Fraser, Belfast, Long Island New York, Islington[27]

A proper investigation of Fraser by the Obscene Publications Squad would have investigated the Azimuth Trust. It had featured in the television programme about Righton – Secret Life of a Paedophile[9]. Fraser had been accused of child sexual abuse in the Report of the Azimuth Trust Cornwall Council Publish 1994 Azimuth Trust Report [19]

The Paedophile Information Exchange, PIE was probably the most notorious child abuse organisation ever. Peter Righton was one of the founder members. There was documentary evidence of his host of connections to many members. Nothing was done.

(click on link below the picture on the number)

Greenlight Brain PIE[29]

Abroad Righton also had connections in Norway, Sweden, Malta and the Netherlands

Whoever is responsible for shutting down the investigation into Righton, and his connections is culpable for all the abuse carried out by Righton, Napier, Alston and others since 1994. Many serial child abusers were allowed to spend most of their lives abusing children.

The fact that the investigation did not far was not due to lack of evidence, it did not get far for other reasons. What were they?

Who was responsible?

Michael Hames was Head of the Obscene Publications Squad from 1990 until his retirement in Sept 1993, [p297] Wikipedia states 1994 [8]

Let us look at what Hames says of the investigation in his book. 2001 Michael Hames The Dirty Squad  is available here [15]

Hames on the Peter Righton Investigation

[All information and pages numbers in this section is from Hames book unless stated [15]]

Hames’s section on Peter Righton starts on page 208. He says he heard of the Righton case in September 1992 with a phone call from a detective in Evesham, West Mercia. They had been on a raid with customs, and found disturbing things at the house of Peter Righton.

Hames rang Valerie Howarth from Childline to find out who Peter Righton was, found he was a “big fish”. That day he sent 2 officers to help search Righton’s house in Evesham under a search warrant and seized a large amount of material.

They wanted to continue the inquiry continued at Righton’s partner, Richard Alston’s school in Gloucestershire, where he was Headmaster and Righton a governor, but Hames says that was not met with enthusiasm.

Hames spoke to Herbert Laming, Chief Inspector of Social Services Inspectorate, who told him that government ministers and himself were keen to get to the truth and that a comprehensive inquiry be established. This was begun by joint Police and Social services team in Hereford and Worcester.

It was found that Righton was a member of PIE and contributed a chapter of Perspectives on Paedophilia in 1981. He was charged with possession of indecent photographs, pleaded guilty and fined. Hames says that was the extent of action that could be taken against him under the law. This is correct for the images at the time, but not for his other offences.

They found Righton had written to Dept of Education to remove Charles Napier from List 99, of banned teachers. Napier had been convicted on indecency in 1972 with schoolboys in his charge.

Investigation was made into Alston’s school in West Country.  According to Hames [15] Operation Clarence was set up by him with the officers responsible Graham Passingham and Dave Flanagan, targeting schoolmasters and people involved in Education in particular, which soon traced links between Righton and other offenders.

According to Bob Long and Bob McLachlans book  [p178 [31]] Operation Clarence started to investigate a paedophile network consisting mainly of public school teachers, doctors, clergy men, and others involved in social work [31]. No mention is made of Peter Righton.

David Bloomfield (I think wrongly spelled Blomfield in Hames’s book) Chief Executive of charity Standing Conference on Schools Science and Technology was a target, where they found child abuse images in his flat and a letter from Napier [15]

Napier was employed as teacher in Cairo and the letter boasted of abuse against boys there.

Hames says the inquiry finished in 1994, and the results were disappointing despite building up a huge database.

  • Napier having previously been suspended by the British Council was suspended, and when he returned to UK was arrested, charged with indecent assault and given 18 months. [The court appeal [18] clearly states that the two 9 months sentences, one for each count of indecent assault were concurrent not consecutive ie a total of 9 months, not added together, so Hames appears to have got this wrong]
  • Blomfield [correct probably Bloomfield] was fined for possession of what was called then “child pornography” and sacked from his job. He went to Portugal.
  • Righton was cautioned for an offence of indecent assault that had taken place 30 years previously.
  • The Home Office left the recommendation from the joint investigation that a National inquiry be set up on file. [NB further research check Home Office and who might have been there in 1994]

[Would be useful if someone with the book could upload relevant pages]

Christopher Harry Ashby, UK, a primary school teacher from Kent was arrested and found guilty as well Philip Taylor [32]

This leaves many questions about the Police investigation both with Hames in charge and after he had left.

Was the investigation carried out properly when Hames was Head of the unit? Even he says he was disappointed with the outcome.

  • Was a caution really the best that could be achieved with the wealth of evidence that we now know he had in Righton’s diary? Strangely Hames did not mention such a goldmine find in his book.
  • When did the unit under Hames interview Righton, if at all?
  • Why did they not follow up Righton’s serious offences?
  • Why was no action taken against Richard Alston? Was that Hames’s decision?
  • Was this really the best the investigation into all the other contacts of Righton?
  • Why were no PIE contacts arrested and charged?
  • Was there any interference from Government departments?

Hames had a heart attack and DCI Jim Reynolds came into the squad from Stolen Motor Vehicle Squad and then took over when Hames retired [p45 [31]]. It is uncertain when Hames was off with a heart attack, or when Reynolds actually took over, and who was acting head in the meantime.

  • Why did the Unit interview Righton in Nov 1994? It was over 6 months after the TV programme.
  • Was it this Nov 1994 interview that ended in a caution?
  • Why did they not follow up Righton’s serious offences?
  • Why did they not follow up PIE connections?
  • Why did they not follow up abuse abroad?
  • Was there any outside interference from any Government departments?
  • Why was the investigation shut down?
  • Who shut it down?

It appears that Hames and Reynolds have questions to be asked about their time in charge and the lack of results on the child sexual abuse of Righton, Alston, PIE and more.

Righton moved to Suffolk, with Richard Alston to the Thornham Magna Estate near Eye, owned by Lord Henniker.

[As an aside, another child abuser Norman Walker [35] owned the Diana Quenton School, Park House, Palgrave, Suffolk, and had connections in Eye. If anyone knows  of any connections of Walker in the area I would be grateful and particularly grateful if anyone has any documents or paper from the School. Could you check them for a watermark and contact me if there is one.]

Child Sexual Abuse in 2012

Let me jump forward in time 18 years to October 2012. All this time during which children were being abused by Righton, Alston and Napier and others in PIE.

Most people in 2012 did not know that child sexual abuse was widespread and affected millions of people. That milestone had not been reached, that Rubicon had yet to be crossed.

Details about Jimmy Savile’s child abuse and the cover up of it by the BBC was just starting to come out. On 19 October 2012 the Metropolitan Police Service launched a formal criminal investigation, Operation Yewtree, into historic allegations of child sexual abuse by Savile and other people

In Oct 2012 Peter McKelvie had approached Tom Watson and briefed him on the Peter Righton case that had got virtually nowhere in 1992

On 24th October 2012 Tom asked a question, recorded in Hansard [13]

paedoringhansardHowever it is best to watch it, if only for David Cameron’s face which appeared as though he was having a severe bout of constipation.


2012 Oct 24 Tom Watson question re Righton network in House of Commons [12]

Tom Watson expanded a little in his blog later that day


The establishment, the deep state and the child abusers themselves were no doubt very worried indeed at the spotlight being put on them as never before.

Another couple of boundaries had been crossed.

  • Mentioning child sexual abuse in the House of Commons, something rarely done and probably not done since Geoffrey Dickens
  • Bringing up the subject of child sexual abuse by VSIP (Very Self Important Persons) in Westminster and Number 10 Downing Street

(Incidentally another significant factor is that Tom Watson had a powerful enemy in Rupert Murdoch, having written a book exposing his Murdoch’s dodgy workings which helped lead Murdoch to what he famously said was the most humble day of his life, before a Parliamentary panel. So Watson was always going to get a hard ride from the Sun, the Times, Sky etc)

Peter McKelvie took the responsible course, when it was easier to do nothing. He had told an MP who he thought would take him seriously, and did. He should be warmly praised for his actions.

This was way before a National inquiry or IICSA was being considered.

In 2013 Peter McKelvie sent letters to the David Cameron and Nick Clegg only to get the brush off from a communications unit [10] Spotlight on Abuse Category Peter McKelvie.

He even got replies from non existent people. You can see many of his letters here Spotlight on Abuse Category Peter McKelvie[10]

They all show a responsible man dedicated to exposing the truth about child rape that he had evidence was happening and that had in the past been either virtually ignored by the Police or they were directed to drop the Inquiry by departments in government, despite much evidence of organised abuse within social services and child trafficking and PIE.

On Jul 8 2014 the Home Secretary to her credit, finally bowing to building pressure, announced an inquiry into child abuse, it seems probably against the wishes of other ministers including Prime Minister David Cameron.

Police opened several Operations from Peter McKelvie’s initial information.

Peter McKelvie was a major if not the major influence on the setting up of the initial umbrella inquiry Operation Fairbank by the Metropolitan Police in late 2012. This  was a scoping exercise and as a result of allegations arising from Operation Fairbank, a full criminal investigation, Operation Fernbridge, was launched in February 2013. Various spin offs came from this eg Operation Cayacos which investigated allegations of a paedophile ring linked to Peter Righton [30]

It resulted in the arrest and charging of Charles Napier, this time for crimes more on a scale of the crime she had perpetrated. Richard Alston was also jailed for 21 months.

On 23 Dec 2014 the Daily Mail’s Mark Duell trumpeted Napier’s hundreds of assaults on at least 23 victims dating back to the before his previous obviosuly insufficient charges. Tory MP’s half-brother who was known as ‘Rapier Napier’ by his pupils and helped run Paedophile Information Exchange is jailed for 13 years for HUNDREDS of sex assaults on young boys in the 60s and 70s [17]

One victim even estimated he abused a quarter of the pupils he taught [17]

Peter McKelvie gives his take in the East Anglian Daily times after Richard Alston was found guilty. [34]

Peter must have been feeling mixed emotions, satisfaction that his information and persistence had led to the starting of these Operations but frustration that the 1992-4 Obscene Publications Squad  inquiry had missed a golden opportunity to stop Napier, Alston, Righton and many others hurting more children for life.

Peter was appointed to the Victims’ and Survivors Consultative Panel (VSCP) of National Child Abuse Inquiry on Jul 9 2015 [14]. This was a surprise to many people, who although they knew of his excellent work against child sexual abuse, never had an inkling that he might have been subjected to this abuse himself.

Publicly outing himself selflessly in a bid to help others, another brave decision. A downside was that the Inquiry, now being heavily lawyer driven prevented him making any public statements.

Then out of the blue, on Oct 15 2015 came this bizarre article from the Mail, with Stephen Wright and Sam Greenhill on the byline.

It was nothing short of a vicious hatchet job on Peter McKelvie.

Mail Hatchet Job on Peter McKelvie


mailmckelviesmearmailmckelvvsmear2mailsmearmckelv3The Mail stated Peter McKelvie

  • “plotted” to smear top Tory MP
  • gave Tom Watson false information
  • tried to wreck a top Torys career with paedophile smears
  • wrongly claimed the MP was linked to child molestors
  • made “baseless smears”
  • and his credibility has been thrown in doubt

Pretty damning stuff at first sight on a superficial basis, or if you were unaware of the true position and facts, which of course most Daily Mail / Mail Online readers are.

My opinion

I made clear my opinion at the time, as did others.

cathywrighttweetsmailslur3Stephen Wright @mailwright closed his twitter account about a week after publishing the defamatory article as is referred to above.


However sadly Peter McKelvie resigned next day from the panel [14]



I am unsure of the facts and circumstances surrounding this.

  • Was Peter McKelvie’s resignation a coincidence nothing to do with the Mail hatchet job?
  • Did the Inquiry bow to newspaper pressure and invent a reason that Peter McKelvie should leave, and then advised him to resign, fearful of more bad publicity?
  • Did Peter McKelvie leave entirely of his own accord, to fight the false allegations, to prevent further publicity or even some other reason?

One thing I do know is that Peter, having done more than almost anyone else to bring the child rape and child abuse to the correct police and political avenues, time and again and face setback and cover up over 20 years, will have felt the humiliation of these false allegations deeply.

Where does this leave the Mail story by Stephen Wright and Sam Greenhill? 

Well quite frankly in tatters.

None of their opinion is correct in fact.

Not one piece of evidence is provided by the Mail, and as is routine for the corporate media, no links or references to where those opinions were derived from.

The only part of article Report that is not the Mail’s or writer’s opinion is the opinion attributed to Mike Hames.

I do not trust the Mail or the two people purporting to be journalists on the byline to accurately reflect the opinion of anyone. Further proof is needed of the quotes and it would also be good to know if Hames is paid by the Mail.

That being said, the Mail says

“A former senior Scotland Yard officer, who concluded more than 20 years ago that there was no substance to Mr McKelvie’s claims about a paedophile ring linked to Downing Street, said he was ‘surprised’ by his appointment.
Mike Hames, respected ex head of the Met’s paedophile squad, added: ‘Mr Watson’s claims about the Downing Street-linked paedophile ring set the hare running on the VIP sex ring scandal. But there has never been any substance to these claims, which originated from Mr McKelvie.”

This appears to say that Hames concluded there was no substance to a link to Downing Street.

Even accepting Hames is reported accurately and his premise is true for the purposes of this point, (and of course there is much to said against), it is no reflection on Peter McKelvie in bringing the matter to the attention of the correct authorities, and Peter had good reason and information to believe what he told Watson. Note also that Hames does not deny a link to Parliament.

Hames quite clearly has a vested interest that his inquiry is not reinvestigated, as he would to a large extent be to blame if it was shown to be inadequate.

The recent Napier and Alston convictions alone show that the 1992-1994 Obscene Publications Squad investigation was inadequate. There are also many more people other than Napier and Alston who should be investigated.

The final comment that the Mail made was that “Mr McKelvie has close links to a man known as ‘Nick’. This is false. Peter McKelvie did not have “close links” to Nick but he did advise him to go to the Police, just as any other responsible person might, despite the police failings time after time in connection to child sexual abuse.

Nick was responsible for allegations which the now disbanded Operation Midland was investigating. The press have widely discredited Nick as a fantastist. I do not have the evidence to know whether this is true or not, or what is the truth about Nicks allegations.

However I believe that this was a transparent attempt by the writers to link Peter McKelvie to Nick to discredit Peter McKelvie by association. Further I believe that it was an attempt to link other VIP (VSIP) Operations to the Operation Midland one in the public mind, so as to discredit all VSIP child sexual abuse allegations.

I have no hesitation in saying that Mail article was false, and in my view defamatory and libellous, and that the Mail tried to smear Peter McKelvie.

But that is just my analysis. Read the opinion of Dr. Sarah Nelson about Peter McKelvie and his team.

She wrote a book Tackling Child Sexual Abuse : Radical Approaches to Prevention, Protection and Support [23].  Sarah is an expert in this field,  from 2006-11 an advisor to the Scottish  advisor to the Scottish Parliament’s  Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation  in Scotland in 2014.

She states Peter McKelvie’s team convicted about 38 paedophiles, and closed 7 boarding schools as well as unearthed evidence of a ring stretching to the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

She states, amongst many other things that the work of McKelvie’s team was one of the “striking successes in child protection”

HT @ciabaudo

Peter McKelvies integrity is solid.

I believe these cases are also due to Peter McKelvies information.

Sun MONSTER CAGED Who is Mark Frost? Paedophile teacher known as Andrew Tracey jailed for abusing boys in Thailand [22] 

Get Surrey Mercy for teacher with ‘secret room[24]

Mirror Sex offender who taught murder suspect Rurik Jutting also taught at school attended by David Cameron [25] 

The Integrity of Stephen Wright, Sam Greenhill and the Daily Mail

All this evidence leaves questions about the Mail article and Stephen Wright and Sam Greenhill.

                                                         Stephen Wright lied and no apology

                                                   Sam Greenhill @s_greenhill lied and no apology

  • Why was it written?
  • Did Stephen Wright and Sam Greenhill write this or were their names just put on the byline?
  • Was it written under instruction of someone higher up the Mail hierarchy, the owner of the newspaper, or were they told to write it by MI5 and secret services? If so who?
  • Why was it so inaccurate? The research was either abysmal or it was deliberate.
  • Is there any other reason that it was written apart from a hatchet job on Peter McKelvie?
  • Corporate media Mail wrote fake news. What are they trying to hide, and who are they trying to protect?

Then the other day, all the Mail can manage is a snivelling little non apology


It is quite bizarre.

Is this a non-apology apology? They are unlikely to do this through choice. Why should they do this so long after the event?

In an ideal world, the Mail should be made accountable for their sanctions and false statements. That could be said to be in court in public and made to justify their statements.

However we do not live in an ideal world, especially where rich corporations libel normal individuals. The corporations have many tricks to prevent this such as employing expensive lawyers, dragging out litigation, increasing stress on the victim and families, gag clauses to settle, payment into court of large sums  of money to prevent the case reaching court. If it does reach court and the judge awards less money than the money put into court then they have to pay the court costs of the other party, a gamble few will take, as it would drive them into bankruptcy.

No word from Stephen Wright and Sam Greenhill. They should hang their heads in shame after writing that libellous drivel and hiding behind the Daily Mail and all the unfair advantages that gives them.

How dare Stephen Wright and Sam Greenhill impugn the integrity of Peter McKelvie, who has worked steadfastly for years for the truth, when you accept the Mail’s 20 pieces of silver to wrongly slur this fine man.

Peter McKelvie is a hero.

Stephen Wright and Sam Greenhill. Shame on you. You are not fit to wipe Peter’s arse.

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[22] 2017 Feb 9 Sun MONSTER CAGED Who is Mark Frost? Paedophile teacher known as Andrew Tracey jailed for abusing boys in Thailandhttps://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2765110/mark-frost-paedophile-teacher/ archive http://archive.is/i7e7T

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[26] 2016 Jul 30 Goodness and Harmony Diplomatic Connections and PIE / Diplomat Robert Alston – brother of Richard Alstonhttps://goodnessandharmony.wordpress.com/2016/07/30/diplomatic-connections-and-pie-diplomat-robert-alston-brother-of-richard-alston-part-1/

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Constable Simon Bailey – wants a reduction in penalties for child abuse offenders / Simon Bailey’s Background

Simon Bailey, the National Police Chiefs’ Council lead for child protection

A leading child protection officer has suggested paedophiles who view indecent images should not be given criminal sanctions unless they pose a physical threat to children, according to The Times.

Lower level offenders should be given counselling and rehabilitation and police should focus on the most dangerous paedophiles with access to children and those looking at the most serious images, Simon Bailey, the National Police Chiefs’ Council lead for child protection, is reported to have said.

…alternatives needed to be looked at as increasing reports of sexual abuse have pushed the situation to “saturation point”.

The Times quoted Mr Bailey as acknowledging many people may be horrified at the stance…


MPs call for ‘immediate reassurance’ over child abuse image cases

07 Mar 2017

A group of influential MPs is “very alarmed” that Britain’s most senior child protection police officer should want to keep low-level offenders viewing abuse images out of the courts.

Home Affairs Select Committee (HASC) chair Yvette Cooper is calling for “immediate reassurance” after the National Police Chiefs’ Council child protection lead suggested only paedophiles who pose a “really significant” physical risk to children should face a criminal sentence.

While thousands of suspects are being arrested every year in conjunction with the National Crime Agency (NCA), Chief Constable Simon Bailey said alternatives needed to be looked at as increasing reports of sexual abuse have pushed the situation to “saturation point”.

Worried by the “changes in approach” if implemented straight away, Ms Cooper said comments that forces cannot cope with the “huge proportions” of child sex abuse offences – up 80 per cent in three years – are “clearly of great concern to us”.

She wrote to Mr Bailey: “As you will know, for many decades institutions have put children at risk because it was seen as too difficult, not a priority or resources were insufficient to keep them safe.

“I would not want to see the same happen over online child abuse.”

The children’s charity  National Association for People Abused in Childhood’s chief executive officer, Gabrielle Shaw,  expressed concerns that Mr Bailey’s views could mean that “paedophiles who want to view indecent images of children now have the green light to do so?”.

Ms Shaw added:” If they think they won’t be thrown in jail, what’s to stop them from searching out these images to satisfy their sick appetites?”

Arguing there is no-such thing as a “low-risk paedophile”, she went on: “I don’t want anyone to think for a second that looking at an indecent image of a child is a victimless crime.

“Just because someone downloaded it, maybe paid for it, they might think it’s OK as they didn’t go and hurt a child physically? Except they have.

“They have fed the demand for these images, which means more children will be robbed of their innocence in the worst way possible.

“Those children have to grow up knowing these images will circulate for years – every time someone new views them they are being abused all over again. It never stops.”

“Police priorities reflect society’s priorities. And if you want child protection to be a priority, then let’s all say so.”


Why are you not challenging the government re a lack of funds/resources rather than taking this stance?
Those who view child sex abuse images are only steps away… 4 stages an offender moves through in order to abuse a child (Finkelhor)
Plz read this letter by
She asks Simon Bailey some key questions
My letter to CC Simon Bailey from earlier w serious qs frm on police approach to online child abuse


Singing from the same hymn sheet:

Elizabeth Butler Sloss “there is no evidence to show that paedophiles who seek out indecent images online also carry out physical assaults.”


Every paedophile needs to face full force of the law

THE suggestion from leading police officer Simon Bailey that paedophiles who look at indecent images online should not be charged with criminal offences unless they pose a direct threat to children is appalling.


 His implication is that looking at “low-level images” is not a serious offence. This is completely wrong.

The paedophiles who view these images online may not have physically abused a child themselves but they are funding those who produce such content. They must bear at least some of the responsibility for the suffering of the children featured.

Moreover in some cases viewing images online is just the start. Often it is a precursor to paedophiles committing far worse crimes.

Treating the viewing of images as a minor crime does not provide a sufficient deterrent to further activity and fails to address their behaviour early enough.

Paedophilia is one of the very worst crimes that can be committed. It is shocking that anybody – let alone a senior police officer – could advocate relaxing the laws surrounding it. 


April Jones’s mother hits out at senior police officer’s paedophile comments

March 1 2017

The mother of murdered April Jones has warned “anything can trigger” dangerous sexual predators amid suggestions viewing child abuse images should not always lead to prosecution.

A senior police officer provoked a storm of criticism this week by claiming lower-level offenders should instead be given counselling and rehabilitation for looking at child pornography.

Coral Jones, whose five-year-old daughter April was abducted and murdered by paedophile Mark Bridger in 2012, recalled how the killer had viewed grotesque pictures before his crime.

The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) also suggested the comments by the National Police Chiefs’ Council lead for child protection, Simon Bailey, amounted to telling offenders: “This is a great day to be a paedophile.”

In comments released by the IWF, Mrs Jones hit back at the claim abuse images could be “low-level”, saying: “You don’t know what pictures Bridger was looking at before attacking my daughter.

“He was looking at images hours before he went after April. It doesn’t matter what images paedophiles look at. Anything can trigger them off.

“A child could have a photo taken of their abuse and they will have to live with that for the rest of their life. People can be cruel.”

Chief executive Susie Hargreaves told the Press Association: “I think absolutely we need to make sure we don’t give out the wrong message, we don’t want to be saying ‘this is a great day to be a paedophile because when you look at the images there might not be the ramifications you expected a week ago’.

“What we have to say is we have a zero-tolerance approach to anybody looking at child sexual abuse – it is wrong.

“These are children, these are real children who are abused and whether it’s a category C or a category A that is a real child suffering that abuse.”

“Resources is not a reason to let people get away with child sexual abuse.”


No doubt child porn producers work in organized networks; surely GCHQ can target?

Any progress on P.I.E. Keith Harding’s role in GCHQ Masonic Lodge?

Bit odd story didn’t get more coverage:


What is worrying, is that he is the same man who coordinates Operation Hydrant.

World gone mad. You couldn’t make it up.

Totally agree with increasing penalties for drivers using mobiles but why not for child abuse offenders?

agree re phones child abuse raises questions re who is actually bring protected children or well connected

Why suggestions that viewing images might be decriminalised are misguided and need rejecting

 “Viewing indecent images of children is a criminal offence & must be dealt with by police as such”

 Seems plenty of room in jail for beggars & ppl not paying TV licence ppl with drug & mental health issues

It seems Simon Bailey is only parroting what pie-monger Harriet the Harwoman (NCCL Harriet Harman) said many moons ago:

I see it as condoning the people who make the stuff in the first place!

My father, the ‘respectable’ paedophile

6 May 2017

My father viewed thousands of child abuse images over many years, but rather than accept his guilt, he blames my wife and me for ‘refusing to move on’ because we no longer let him see our young daughters


I know from first-hand experience the emotional manoeuvres, the psychological contortions, and the linguistic sleights of hand a user of child abuse imagery will employ to play down the severity of his crimes. This is why the recent recommendation of chief constable Simon Bailey, the lead on child protection for the National Police Chiefs’ Council, makes me so angry.

Bailey has proposed not prosecuting viewers of child abuse images categorised as the least serious, referring to a lack of resources to deal with the large number of people committing these crimes. My understanding is that even if Bailey’s recommendations were put into practice, my father’s crimes would still have been serious enough to warrant prosecution. Nevertheless, the message Bailey is sending out plays into the hands of the perpetrators, and all those who seek to minimise the seriousness of viewing these images.

Perpetrators only get to hear the frank, unflinching words of a judge when a case is prosecuted, and in my opinion it was crucial that my father heard these words. For people like my father, the last thing we should be doing is strengthening the arsenal of arguments they can use to say that what they were doing was not that bad after all. Shining a light on these dark crimes is, in my opinion, the best way to counter them, and prosecution plays an important part in doing this. Sunlight, as they say, is the best disinfectant.


Background on Constable Simon Bailey

Not all paedophiles should be jailed, suggests Norfolk Chief Constable Simon Bailey


Award ceremony hosted by Constable Simon Bailey and Prince Charles

(Prince Charles was mentored by and close friends with paedophiles Sir Jimmy Savile an Bishop Peter Ball)

The event, hosted by HRH The Prince of Wales Prince Charles and Norfolk Constabulary Chief Constable Simon Bailey, was held at the Sandringham Royal Estate


Simon Bailey – Supporter of Freemasons


FOI request

How many senior staff (Inspectors and above) are members of local free masons lodges?
Does this include Simon Bailey, Chief
Would this hinder his task as ACPO lead
on child pornography?
Response to your Request
The Constabulary does not hold information relevant to your request.
There is no requirement for officers to declare whether they are members of the Free
Yours sincerely,
Amanda Gibson
Freedom of Information

Brian Pead provided Simon Bailey with a copy of his book from Hillsborough to Lambeth which exposed child abuse in Lambeth Council and the Chief Constable failed to act, despite being the national police lead for child abuse.

Simon Robert Bailey QPM is a senior British police officer. Since 2013, he has been the Chief Constable of the Norfolk Constabulary. He previously worked as a detective, and was involved in the investigation of the murder of Rosemary Nelson.[1]

As of 2015 he is leading Operation Hydrant, an umbrella investigation into multiple allegations of historic sexual abuse throughout the United Kingdom.[2]

Bailey was awarded the Queen’s Police Medal (QPM) in the 2016 New Year Honours.[3]


Queen’s Police Medal

Central Chancery of the Orders of Knighthood

St. James’s Palace, London SW1

31 December 2015

THE QUEEN has been graciously pleased to approve the award of The Queen’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service to the undermentioned:


Simon Robert BAILEY

Chief Constable, Norfolk Constabulary, ENGLAND AND WALES



Simon Bailey Honours


13 June 2014

Mr Bailey started his policing career as a PC in King’s Lynn in 1986 and rose through the ranks to deputy chief constable in 2010.

He said: “I’m continuing to see reductions in what we would call traditional crime types whereas I’m seeing significant growth is emerging in the vulnerability case areas.

“We’re seeing increases of reporting of abuse, child and adult abuse, rape and serious sexual offences.

“I don’t believe, and have nothing that would indicate, there are more offences taking place but there’s been the Savile effect which has raised levels of awareness.

“There’s an increased confidence that their story will be believed and increased confidence on my organisation’s ability to respond to that and deal with it.”

He added: “The face of crime is changing and we’ve got to rebalance resources in the organisation.”


He had been seconded to the Rosemary Nelson Inquiry.

On his way up he would have had the usual spook liaison experience SB etc, a safe pair of hands from HMG’s point of view.


Simon Bailey has been a police officer for 29 years, serving predominantly as a detective in King’s Lynn and Norwich.
In 1998, he was seconded to the National Crime Squad and as Detective Inspector he was responsible for managing covert operations at a national and international level targeting serious and organised crime gangs.
In 2000 he was further seconded to the Rosemary Nelson murder investigation based in Northern Ireland. He worked for three years on the investigation before he returned to Norfolk as a Detective Superintendent with responsibility for intelligence.
In December 2005 Simon Bailey was promoted to the rank of Detective Chief Superintendent and as Head of Crime he managed the force specialist crime and operations resources.
In 2007 he was appointed to lead the force modernisation programme and whilst successfully leading this programme he passed the Police National Assessment Centre and between October 2008 and February 2009 attended the Police National Strategic Command Course.
DCC Bailey was promoted to Deputy Chief Constable with responsibility for Legal Services, Human Resources, and Force Performance in September 2010, he was also lead for the Norfolk Policing model Review.
On 10th June 2013, Mr Bailey was temporarily promoted to the rank of Temporary Chief Constable and on the 19th September 2013 was appointed Chief Constable by the Police and Crime Panel.
In January 2014 Mr Bailey became the NPCC lead for Child Protection and Investigation.
He is married with two children and two grandchildren. Educated at Wymondham College and Norwich City College and has a Cambridge University Masters Degree in Criminology and Police Management.
In January 2016, he was awarded the Queen’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service.
Norfolk Constabulary

15 March 1999: Human rights lawyer Rosemary Nelson is assassinated by the British state in collusion with a loyalist death squad.


Charges of collusion in the murder of Rosemary Nelson have led the Royal Ulster Constabulary to hand over the investigation to the British police, and to also request the help of the FBI.


She was murdered a week before the publication of a report into allegations that police officers had told her clients she’d soon be dead.

What no one had known, however, was that while the RUC itself was under scrutiny, special branch, MI5 and the security service had been spying on her. Between 1994-1998 security reports on Nelson’s private and public life accelerated until, in the summer of 1998, an application for a warrant to put a bugging device in her property went to Mo Mowlam, then Northern Ireland secretary. It troubled Mowlam, but she sanctioned it.

The evidence has stunned the three previous inquiries – costing millions of pounds – into alleged collusion in Nelson’s killing. They had all been told lies, that no intelligence file or files exist on Nelson.

“That was an untruth,” says a furious officer close to the murder investigation headed by Colin Port, now chief constable of Avon and Somerset police.

There has always been an eerie code of silence about Nelson’s death. Despite Port’s “outstanding” stings, said Phillips, the suspects had not spoken. But they had consistently uttered one mantra: “It was the government that did it.”


Rosemary Nelson (née Magee; 4 September 1958 – 15 March 1999) was a prominent Irish human rights solicitor who was assassinated by an Ulster loyalist paramilitary group in 1999. A bomb exploded under her car at her home in Lurgan, Northern Ireland; the Red Hand Defenders claimed responsibility. Allegations that the British state security forces were involved in her killing led to a public inquiry. It found no evidence that state forces directly facilitated her murder, but could not exclude the possibility that individual members had helped the perpetrators. It said that the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) failed to protect her and that she had been publicly threatened and assaulted by officers, which helped legitimize her as a target.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12]

In September 2006 the British Security Service MI5 announced it would be represented at the inquiry. This move provoked criticism from Nelson’s family, who reportedly expressed concerns that MI5 would remove sensitive or classified information.[17]


Loyalist McKeown: Police asked me to shoot Rosemary Nelson dead

Loyalist lifer Trevor McKeown could be called to the public inquiry into the murder of Catholic lawyer Rosemary Nelson.

 Four years ago he claimed rogue RUC officers directed him to the spot where Rosemary Nelson parked her car and urged him to shoot her there — less than two years before she was eventually killed by a loyalist car bomb.

McKeown says two officers asked him to kill the human rights lawyer while he was being quizzed over the murder of 18-year-old Bernadette Martin — an allegation they strenusously denied.

Since her death there have been persistent allegations of security force collusion in the murder, which is now the subject of an inquiry headed by retired judge Sir Michael Morland.
Ironically, McKeown’s trial for murdering Bernadette Martin started the day mother-of-three Mrs Nelson was murdered on March 15, 1999.


Man arrested on Teesside over historic abuse claims linked to football

Cleveland Police reveal details of man arrested over claims of ‘non-recent sexual offences against children’

1 MAR 2017

Police have made the first arrest on Teesside in the ongoing probe into historic child abuse in football.

Cleveland Police confirmed a man in his 40s was arrested for “non-recent sexual offences against children”.

In total, eight people have made abuse allegations to the force at “all levels” of the game.

No further details of the suspect or the allegations, such as what club they may centre around, have been disclosed.

But a force spokesperson said: “Cleveland Police has received allegations from eight people of non-recent abuse associated with football at all levels and these allegations are being investigated.

“One man in his 40s was arrested at the end of January in connection with an allegation and he has been bailed pending further inquiries.

All information relating to non-recent child sexual abuse allegations received by Cleveland Police is being forwarded to Operation Hydrant for the purpose of national operational coordination.

“This involves collating and cross referencing all information received to avoid duplication, and ensure efficient and effective sharing of information.”


what does op hydrant do? I wonder whether they’ve cross checked against Tim Tates info to iicsa

Chief Constable joins charity

Chief Constable Simon Bailey

The OPEN Youth Trust (OPEN) on Bank Plain

a charity whose mission is to provide opportunities that make a difference to the lives of young people in Norfolk.

has appointed Chief Constable Simon Bailey as its third patron to join

Richard Jewson, Lord-Lieutenant of Norfolk.

The Rt. Rev Graham James, Bishop of Norwich and


Rev James Bishop was consecrated a bishop by George Carey , Archbishop of Canterbury, during a service at Westminster Abbey.[2]


(Carey is involved in CSA coverup allegations and his son arrested for csa)

Marie Collins Foundation

Who we are

Marie Collins Founder of The Foundation

Marie Collins, born in Dublin, Ireland, was a victim of sexual abuse as a child in the 1960’s which included photographic images being taken. She has campaigned for the protection of children and justice for survivorsfor many years. Marie has also campaigned for a better understanding ofthe effects of sexual abuse on children, particularly the taking of abusive images, speaking in many forums internationally to further this understanding.

She was a founding member of the Irish depression support group ‘Aware’ in 1985 setting up their voluntary Helpline which she ran for many years.  Marie assisted the Archdiocese of Dublin in setting up their Child Protection Service in 2003 and also that year became a founding Trustee of the Advocacy and Counselling support group for abuse survivors, One in Four (Ireland). In 2010 Marie was the recipient of the Humber Summer School award for Courage. She is married with one son.

Our Vision

All children who suffer sexual abuse via the internet and mobile technologies are enabled to recover and live safe and fulfilling lives

Our Aim

To ensure that the response to children and their families who have suffered harm via the internet and mobile technologies is based on sound, evidence based practice.



Simon Bailey


Abuse survivor quits Vatican’s child protection panel

Mar 1 2017

Irish abuse victim Marie Collins has quit the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors

A survivor of clerical sex abuse has resigned from a panel established by Pope Francis to address the issue, saying Vatican officials mounted “shameful” resistance to its work.

Marie Collins was the only remaining panel member abused by a cleric.

She said the commission had suffered constant setbacks, “despite the Holy Father approving all its recommendations”.

Pope Francis set up the panel in March 2014.

It was seen as an attempt to address the bitter and long-standing scourge of child abuse which has dogged the Catholic Church.

In her resignation letter, Ms Collins said she believed the pontiff had acted sincerely when he appointed the commission to advise on keeping children safe.

However, she condemned the lack of co-operation by those dealing with cases of abuse.

The Pope himself has been criticised for reducing the punishments given to priests guilty of child abuse.

Briton Peter Saunders departed in 2016 after quarrelling with other members about how to handle serial abuse allegations against an Italian priest.

Mr Saunders said he felt betrayed by the Pope and felt he had been tricked into backing up a “smoke and mirrors” exercise.



Simon Bailey and his predecessor Phil Gormley – singing from the same hymn sheet

Not enough money to deal with paedophiles.


Simon Bailey’s predecessor – Phil Gormley

July 16 July 2014

Phil Gormley was in the top 10 highest earning chief officers in the country.

According to the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk and Norfolk Constabulary, Mr Gormley’s successor, Simon Bailey, is in receipt of a total package of £165,318, including a salary of £136,092.


Phil Gormley and Simon Bailey – both directors of:
The Norfolk Shrievalty Trust, 17 June 2011 to 1 July 2013.[55]

Row as Police Scotland blocks release of chief constable Phil Gormley‘s financial interests

6 Aug 2016

Police Scotland Chief Constable Phil Gormley

POLICE Scotland is embroiled in a secrecy row after it blacked out the details of the chief constable’s financial interests.

The force’s decision means it is impossible to know if Phil Gormley has any business ties outside of policing.

John Finnie, a Scottish Greens MSP and a former policeman, called on the decision to be reconsidered.

Submitting a register of interests that is available for inspection is a basic element of public sector transparency.

MSPs, MPs, MEPs and councillors are required to produce a detailed list, as are board members of quangos and public agencies.

A key part of this ethics check is financial openness, such as declaring directorships and shareholdings.

The Police Scotland Executive – whose members include police chiefs – also have to submit an internal declaration on public appointments, political activity, gifts and hospitality and potential conflicts of interest.

However, although the force has released a copy of Gormley’s register, the “financial” section has been redacted.

“The public have a right to know of any potential conflicts of interests that senior public figures or elected politicians may have and it is for that reasons we all complete a register of interests.


Myles Bradbury: CEOP ‘failed to alert abuse doctor to police’

Phil Gormley involved in this case.

CEOP received information from Toronto Police, via Interpol, of up to 2,345 UK individuals, including Bradbury, in July 2012.

This was part of the Canadian force’s Project Spade investigating child pornography across the world.

The NCA said the material provided to CEOP included “details” of online purchasers of potentially harmful DVDs and videos.

In November 2013, a few weeks after the agency took over CEOP, the NCA said its deputy director general Phil Gormley became aware the material had not been disseminated to UK police forces and did then share it…

the data on Myles Bradbury was shared with Suffolk Police a few days later on 27 November, which, by coincidence, was the same day a grandparent of a victim at the hospital made a complaint about the doctor.



Queen Elizabeth and Phil Gormley – sharing a special handshake

Norfolk chief constable – on meeting the Queen – hobnobbing with royalty.

11 July 2011

He was once the real Morse, and meets the royals as part of his job, but the Chief Constable of Norfolk was surprised to find himself something of a local celebrity too.

Phil Gormley has been in the job for just over a year, but is still getting used to invitations as diverse as church with the Queen, cricket with a general, or late night knock on his front door to ask him to look into rumours of a village crime.

“The post of the chief constable is one that has a much higher profile in Norfolk than it has in other places I have worked,” he said.

A life-long football fan, he has attended several Norwich City matches since moving to the county – and not all of them as a spectator.

“I’ve been out and policed a couple of matches, and I go out on patrol…”


Profile: New Scottish police chief Phil Gormley linked to #spycops scandal

24 January 2016

In 2005-2006, he had a position that included the oversight of both the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS) and the National Public Order Intelligence Unit, (NPOIU).


Philip Michael Christopher “Phil” Gormley (born 1963, Surrey)[1] is a high ranking police officer who became Chief Constable of Police Scotland in January 2016. Prior to this he was Deputy Director of the National Crime Agency.

He had previously served as Commander for Specialist Operations in the Metropolitan Police and as Secretary for the Association of Chief Police Officer‘s Terrorism and Allied Matters Committee 2005-2006, where he was involved in overseeing two undercover policing units, Special Demonstration Squad and the National Public Order Intelligence Unit respectively.

Gormley has been married twice and has one daughter.[50][10] His second wife, who he married in 1998, is Claire Louise Stevens, a police officer with Thames Valley Police where she rose to rank of Det. Superintendent in 2009; since 2011 she has been Det. Superintendent with HM Inspectorate of Constabulary.[1][51].

Of note is that the Deputy Chief Constable of Norfolk was Ian Learmonth, who was one of the senior police officers responsible for policing around the 2005 G8 Summit, then Assistant Chief Constable for Operations at Strathclyde Police.[12]

As with the SDS under his heading of Special Branch, Gormley’s time here is at a crucial period in the history of the spycop unit National Public Order Intelligence Unit, as will be detailed below. While Gormley was overseeing it, this Unit ran notorious undercovers such as Mark Kennedy, Lynn Watson and Marco Jacobs at this time. All three were in attendance in the counter-mobilisation and protests against the 2005 G8 Summit in Scotland. The G8 is a significant period as it was one of great activity by NPOIU, and Mark Kennedy claimed that he’d been told his reports were going direct to the desk of Prime Minister Tony Blair



More on Phil Gormley

New chief constable Phil Gormley linked to Met undercover police ‘sex spy’ unit


POLICE Scotland’s new chief constable led the Metropolitan police branch that controlled a notorious undercover unit whose officers had sex with their female targets.

Phil Gormley was in charge of the Met’s Special Branch, which had responsibility for the disgraced Special Demonstration Squad (SDS).

The SDS’s activities are now central to a judge-led inquiry into undercover policing in England and Wales.

MSP Graeme Pearson, former Director General of the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency, called on the police chief to provide answers on any links he had to the SDS.

Gormley, the former deputy director of the National Crime Agency, came out of retirement to secure the top job in Scottish policing and starts this week.

He succeeds Sir Stephen House, whose term was marked by controversies on stop and search, armed policing, call-handling and unlawful spying.

However, as Gormley prepares to take over, the spotlight is on his career at the Met, where he was a commander for four years from 2003.

The SDS was formed in 1968 – as the Special Operations Squad – in response to mass protests against the Vietnam War.

Over the next 40 years, SDS officers would be embedded undercover into protest and environmental groups with a view to keeping tabs on their activities.

The Unit was based inside the Met’s Special Branch – which focuses on national security.

However, the SDS has become discredited over the tactics used by its undercover officers over the decades.

A number of the plants formed sexual relationships with female activists and one ex-officer, Bob Lambert, even fathered a child with a protestor in the 1980s.

In November, it was announced that seven woman received compensation for what the Met described as “totally unacceptable” behaviour of some of its officers.

The compensation was linked to behaviour by former officers for the SDS and the separate National Public Order Intelligence Unit.

Officers also assumed fake identities by taking the names of dead babies and gave evidence in court using the false names.

The SDS also stands accused of spying in the 1990s on the family of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence – an allegation that led to Home Secretary Theresa May to announce the Pitchford Inquiry. The SDS was eventually wound up in 2008.

According to his online Police Scotland biography, Gormley became a Met commander in 2003: “Initially responsible for firearms and aviation security, then for special branch and counter terrorism.”

His NCA biography provides more details of this stint: “From 2005 Phil led the modernisation of Specialist Operations and took command of MPS Special Branch, driving forward the merger of Special Branch and the Anti Terrorist Branch to form the new Counter Terrorism Command.”

In 2005, when Gormley took command of Special Branch, the SDS – now called the Special Duties Squad – was still in existence.

In an official inquiry into SDS, carried out by Derbyshire chief constable Mick Creedon, the two most senior officers in the SDS pecking order were “Commander Special Branch” and a Detective Chief Superintendent.

MSP John Finnie, a former police officer, said: “I would be keen to understand what the Scottish Police Authority (SPA) knew about Mr Gormley’s policing background and what enquiries, if any, they made about his role with Special Branch and the SDS.

“If the SPA were unaware of this hugely significant matter, then, once again, it would bring into question their competence.

“The public will rightly question how someone who was in charge of Special Branch, which controlled the notorious SDS, is now our chief constable.”


Phil Gormley was speaking at a Westminster home affairs committee

Police Scotland’s overseas training work is ‘hypocrisy’

25 May 2016

A Labour MP has strongly criticised Scotland’s chief constable for letting his force train officers in countries with “appalling” human rights records.

Labour’s David Winnick told Phil Gormley that Police Scotland’s work in places like Sri Lanka was “hypocrisy”.

But Mr Gormley said the force was under “significant budgetary pressure” and needed to seek additional income.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Scottish government had “full knowledge” of the contracts, he added.

Mr Gormley was speaking at a Westminster home affairs committee on Tuesday.

He confirmed Police Scotland’s international development unit provided training in Sri Lanka, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and South Sudan, among others.

Deaths in custody

The force has been training officers in Sri Lanka for several years, despite concerns being raised by Amnesty International about the country’s record on torture, arbitrary arrests and deaths in custody.

Mr Winnick asked him: “Sudan has a notorious record of outright brutality… Isn’t there a contradiction of this country [the UK] upholding certain principles, human rights and the rest and an organisation like yours having contracts with governments that are totally in the opposite direction?”

Police Scotland has provided training on child protection and crash investigation to officers in the UAE’s police force.


Phil Gormley – Common Purpose? John Walker made this Freedom of Information request to West Midlands Police

Dear West Midlands Police,

Has the former deputy chief constable of West Midlands Police, Phil Gormley, ever attended a Common Purpose training course?

If so please list the courses he has attended, their dates, their cost and details of who paid for them.

By Common Purpose, I mean the training organisation of that name: http://www.commonpurpose.org/home.aspx

Yours faithfully,

John Walker

West Midlands Police did not have the information requested.


There are widespread concerns the NCA is being run more like a Whitehall department than a law enforcement agency, with too many managers making it difficult for swift action to be taken. Its annual report, published last week, reveals huge turnover in its 17-strong management board. Director-general Mr Bristow is leaving before his contract ends in late 2016, although the Home Office claimed this did not mean he was leaving early.

Deputy director-general Phil Gormley announced in March that he would retire in the coming year.

He became deputy director general of the National Crime Agency in 2013.

NCA… had suddenly been given a lead role in tackling child abuse.

The Home Secretary said last night: ‘Keith Bristow has been an inspirational first director-general.

‘Under his leadership, and alongside Phil Gormley and Trevor Pearce, the NCA re-shaped the UK’s response to serious and organised crime and is a highly effective organisation.’

 Stephen Bett and Simon Bailey

Stephen Bett – Police Commissioner’s son is jailed after killing a mother-of-two in a head-on crash when he drove his tractor hours after taking cocaine

The judge said he was concerned that although professing to feel remorse, Bett had forced Mrs Brown’s family to go through the ordeal of a crown court trial.

The court heard Bett has a pending prosecution for an allegation of speeding and careless driving in his Land Rover on June 20 – about six weeks before the trial began.

Bett also has four earlier speeding endorsements from 2011.


Norfolk police launch Christmas card competition

October 2015

A competition to design this year’s Norfolk Constabulary Christmas card has been launched.

Chief constable Simon Bailey opened up the competition for under 16s and will be choosing the winning entry.

They will receive a tour of Norfolk police headquarters in Wymondham and also have the opportunity to see their card being printed.


Norfolk deputy chief constable Simon Bailey, at the “give an hour, help a hero” launch with Help for Heros teddy bears wearing the prototype police uniform designed in Norfolk which will be available countrywide.

Norfolk Police launches Help for Heroes fundraiser – News – Eastern Daily Press


Ten Lynn cadets, and four from Thetford, paraded in front of Chief Constable Simon Bailey, West Norfolk mayor Barry Ayres and Supt Dennis Lacey, as well as their friends and family.




So they can find prison for this minor offence but Chief Police Officers announce no room for paedophiles who will escape custodial sentence…

A Woman Who Begged For 50p Was Sentenced To Six Months In Prison In A Hearing Where She Had No Lawyer

The case was described by legal experts as “a damning indictment of our criminal justice system”, while the judge who sentenced her said he was “disturbed and concerned” by the situation.

Shock as hundreds of sex offenders avoid court

May 14 2017

Detective Superintendent Jason Tingley

Detective Superintendent Jason Tingley

A MAN reported for raping a child was given a caution instead of being taken to court.

The attack on the boy, who was younger than 13, was reported in February last year but the offender was not prosecuted.

Sussex Police took the same approach with 25 other sex crimes reported between April and November, including assaults on men, women and children, figures obtained under the Freedom of Information laws showed.

In the last five years the force issued 221 cautions which included 77 for sexual offences against women and girls over the age of 13. The majority were given to adults and 33 were handed out as youth cautions to children aged 17 and under. These included three for rapes of girls younger than 13 between 2014 and 2016.

It is understood the rape victim, who endured the attack more than a decade ago, did not support prosecution and while statistically it was correctly recorded as a rape, the caution the force issued was for indecent assault.

Katie Russell, of charity Rape Crisis, said it was “hard to imagine” circumstances where issuing an adult with a caution for rape would not be “wholly unacceptable” and called for a review.

Fabia Bates, director of Brighton-based Survivor’s Network which supports rape and abuse victims, said: “It seems impossible to me that an adult could be found guilty of raping a child and be given a caution.”

She queried how anyone could be given a caution for sexual violence but said more information was needed to understand how police decide if a caution is the most appropriate form of action. She was keen to know how the victim is involved in the discussions and if they support the decision.

Detective Superintendent Jason Tingley said cautions for the most serious offences were only used in “exceptional circumstances”.

He said: “We take all offending behaviour very seriously. Cautions aim to deal with offenders outside the court system in appropriate circumstances.

“The response to each case is dependent on a range of factors including the nature and circumstances of the offence, the welfare and views of the victim, whether there had been a clear admission of guilt and the ages of those involved.

“It is also important to recognise a caution is a legitimate criminal justice outcome, with real sanctions attached.

“In cases such as this it includes being placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register and the resulting risk management that follows.

“It can also have long-term implications, such as notification on pre-employment checks.

“We also have a scrutiny panel who assess the use of out-of-court disposals.

“This panel includes magistrates, defence solicitors, the Crown Prosecution Service and youth offending teams.”



Church of England appoints Lord Alex Carlile to review Bishop of Chichester George Bell Paedophile Claim

Image result for lord carlile

A Church of England bishop was a paedophile, it was revealed.

The shocking revelations about the late Bishop of Chichester George Bell came when the Church of England disclosed it had apologised and paid damages following a civil sex abuse claim against him.

The allegations against Bell date from the late 1940s and early 1950s and concern sexual offences against an individual who was at the time a young child.

The survivor first reported the abuse to the then Bishop of Chichester, Eric Kemp, in August 1995.

Image result for kemp and bishop ball
Bishop of Chichester: Eric Kemp and Queen Elizabeth

Eric Kemp moved in elevated London circles and was a good friend of Canon Anthony Caesar, sub dean of the Chapel Royal and the Queen’s domestic chaplain.
Chichester diocese – many paedophile cover-ups

In 2011 Judge Butler-Sloss was commissioned to investigate the handling of child sex abuse reports about these Anglican vicars in the Diocese of Chichester but her report was subsequently found to contain inaccuracies and flaws in statements given to her by the Anglican administration.

Image result for phil johnson butler-sloss cover-up
Image result for bishop eric kemp
And convicted paedophile Bishop Peter Ball (good friends with the royal family, especially, Prince Charles) often accompanied Eric Kemp on his London trips.

Kemp appointed the flamboyant Ball as his assistant in the post of bishop of Lewes, he fitted in immediately.

Bishop Kemp responded to the correspondence offering pastoral support but did not refer the matter to the police or, so far as is known, investigate the matter further. It was not until contact with Lambeth Palace in 2013 that the survivor was put in touch with the safeguarding team at the Diocese of Chichester who referred the matter to the police and offered personal support and counselling to the survivor.


Lord Alex Carlile quits Liberal Democrats over civil liberties



Image result for lord carlile

Interesting that Lord Carlile, defender of Greville Janner, was a frequent visitor to 104 Kennington Road, offices of the Manorial Society


Elizabeth Butler-Sloss attending a Manorial Society event with Prince Andrew and Father Seed




Elizabeth Butler-Sloss


Guest of honour , Baroness Butler Sloss

MSGB Spring Dinner14th April 2010

Members of the Manorial Society of Great Britain

Guest of honour , Baroness Butler Sloss


Baroness Butler-Sloss, a former senior judge, was appointed in July 2014 to lead an inquiry into allegations of historical child abuse but stood down before the inquiry started.

Her late brother, Lord Havers, had been attorney general in Margaret Thatcher’s government in the 1980s – leading some MPs to question whether she was the right person to investigate allegations of paedophilia from that time.


Not to mention her defense of paedophiles in court





The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, President of WOW – the Women of the World Festival, speaks with former Lord Justice of Appeal Baroness Butler-Sloss at a reception at Clarence House, London.   


Camilla in attendance at her son’s book launch (An Alphabet of Greed…C is for cannibalism) with Lord McAlpine and 3rd wife Althena Malpas





 Lord Carlile to get to the bottom of Bishop Bell’s abuse!



Lord Carlile has been called in by the Church of England to assess whether it unfairly labelled a revered former bishop Bell as a paedophile.


Alexander Charles Carlile, Baron Carlile of Berriew, CBE, QC, FRSA  born Alexander Charles Falik,[1]

Lord Alex Carlile Background – he previously investigated

St Benedict’s school…

Sixty years of wickedness that no one tried to stop


chris patten patron small

In October 2009,  David Pearce, a monk of Ealing Abbey and former headmaster of the Junior School, was jailed for eight years, subsequently reduced to five years, for sexual abuse offences at the school in the period from 1972 – 1992 and for one further offence in 2007 after he had ceased to work in the school.

In March 2011  Laurence Soper, the Abbot of Ealing Abbey during the 1990s, was arrested on child abuse charges relating to the period when he was a teacher at, and the bursar of, St Benedict’s School; it was reported in October 2011 that he had failed to answer bail and was being sought by the police.

In the light of these matters, and other alleged offences, the Abbot commissioned a report to be prepared by Lord Carlile with a view to making recommendations on the School’s governance.

As a result of the changes made the Independent Schools Inspectorate said in its 2013 inspection report that the pastoral care at St Benedict’s was excellent.

In October 2011 the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith ordered its own enquiry into the same matters, to be conducted by Bishop John Arnold.


4 years after Carlile’s report: The deputy head teacher at St Benedict’s was found to be part of a paedophile ring and was convicted:


Peter Allott was working at St Benedict’s when Lord Carlile made his report for the school

Peter Allott, the former Tory councillor has been a teacher at St Benedict’s since 2004.


Amassed nearly 400 horrific images of children as young as two on iPhone and on a hard drive found in his office at the £15,000-a-year St Benedict’s School.

The judge in the case said””I use the phrase of a paedophile ring, that’s precisely what that was.”

Allott also admitted possessing the Class A drug MDMA which was found in a raid of his home, a property tied to the school.


Why would the Church of England choose Carlile??


Lord Carlile & Janner

As a young reporter, I was given letters that might have helped make a case against the MP for child abuse

The establishment, in the shape of his fellow MPs, men such as Labour’s Keith Vaz, Tory David Ashby and the then Lib Dem MP now Lord Carlile, closed ranks.

Carlile played a prominent part, describing Janner as a man of “integrity” and “determination”. Carlile should have known Janner fairly well.

They were both MPs, both QCs, both members of Friends of Israel, both patrons of UK lawyers for Israel.
They were  both patrons of the Friends of Israel Educational Foundation. They were regulars on the same parliamentary committees dealing with legal affairs. They were both to leave the Commons at the same time and both to join the Lords only slightly apart.

Image result for Alison Levitt and alex carlile

Alex Carlile married his second wife, Alison Levitt, QC, in December 2007

DPP Saunders is closely advised by Alison Levitt QC, who happens to be the wife of Janner supporter, Lord Carlile


Most newspapers call on Alison Saunders to resign as DPP

The Sun and the Times agree that the head of the Crown Prosecution Service should go over the Lord Janner affair

Carlile’s wife was a Principal adviser to DPP. Oh, and I’ll just park this here…


Ban media from naming sex abuse suspects before charge, says top lawyer

Alison Levitt, former principal legal adviser to Britain’s leading prosecutor, says move would protect people such as the late Lord Brittan



Interesting that Lord Carlile, defender of Greville Janner, was a frequent visitor to 104 Kennington Road, offices of the Manorial Society






Manorial Society Event:  Book Launch

A Reception to launch the book was held on 10 April 2014 in the State Apartments of St James’s Palace in the presence of The Duke of York

The Reign of King George II, 1727-1760 Foundation of the World’s first Superpower

by Jeremy Black

Foreward by Prince Andrew


Nirj Deva and Prince Andrew

Nirj Deva – Member, Carlton Club

Knight Commander, Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St George

Political Advisor to the Home Secretary (1984-85) Leon Brittan

Chairman of Bow Group think tank – as was Leon Brittan

Bow Group – others involved- Norman Tebbit, Geoffrey HoweNorman Lamont, Michael Howard, Peter Lilley and Sir Christopher Bland


 Keith Vaz, also a frequent visitor to 104 Kennington, was also one of those in HoC who welcomed Janner back with open arms.
Look who was in attendance at this function…


Prince Andrew and Father Seed

One of Vaz’s contacts at the Manorial Society was Nirj Deva. Was he the link to Vaz/Savile’s ties to Sri Lanka?




Prince Andrew and Nirj Deva at Manorial Society event

Image result for Nirj DevaImage result for Nirj Deva

Image result for Nirj Deva

 And Elizabeth Butler-Sloss was there too




Another close buddy of Vaz at the Manorial Society was Michael Petry


Image result for Michael Petry AND VAZ

The list of attendees to Manorial Society events makes for interesting reading. Enoch Powell, Montagu, Michael Petry...

The Manorial Society holds functions at the Carlton Club


Lord Montagu – Lord Montagu’s name appears alongside child sexual abuse as he was prosecuted in 1953 for having underage sex with a 14-year-old Boy Scout at his beach hut on the Solent


British Royalty. England. pic: 1950's. H.R.H.Princess Margaret (second right) pictured at the Dorchester Hotel, London with her sister Princess Elizabeth, (Queen Elizabeth II) the Duke of Edinburgh and Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, right. : News PhotoElizabeth

1950’s, H,R,H,Princess Margaret (second right) pictured at the Dorchester Hotel, London with her sister Princess Elizabeth, (Queen Elizabeth II) the Duke of Edinburgh. Prince Philip and Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, right


Image result for Michael Petry

Michael Petry – Saatchi Art


Is it in the least surprising that Smith was a close friend of Keith Vaz, who featured at many Manorial Soc events


Nirj Deva beside Elizabeth Butler-Sloss and opposite Fr Seed 2014

2008 – Niranjan de Silva Deva-Aditya, Member of European Parliament (MEP) from U.K. and Honorary Ambassador-at-Large for Sri Lanka

Image result for SAVILE TAMIL


Dame Alun Roberts ‏@ciabaudo

The Manorial Society seems to me to have been a big rip-off, preying on the infatuation of would-bes with titles.


The faux world of the Manorial Society..

The Manorial Society was based in Kennington Road. Rumours abound that there was a very naught male conclave at the Society…



Chairman Robert Smith with the Queen and Quintin Hogg


Hatton Garden Heist leader ‘found sick pics of Tory child abuser’. Brian Reader says that one box belonged to Quintin Hogg, the Lord Chancellor, then head of the judiciary and photos of Princess Margaret’s male friends frolicking naked.


Image result for robert smith and manorial society

Chairman Robert Smith With the Queen Mum and is that Nirj Deva

The Manorial Society run by Robert Smith and closely linked to Keith Vaz was all about social snobbery.



2008 Queen Elizabeth II sharing a special handshake with Keith Vaz during a reception at Buckingham Palace, London.


Janet Rosamund Blishen was secretary to many of the companies of both Robert Smith and Michael Petry of the Manorial Society.

People and places re: Manorial Society – from their website



Now wasn’t there a Red Room at 104 Kennington, home of Manorial Society, with blackened windows and fuzzy red upholstery/furnishings?


Prince Charles at Manorial Society Event


The Manorial Society holds functions at the Carlton Club:

MSGB Spring Dinner15 April 2008

Carlton Club, London

Guest of honour , The Earl of Gainsborough, Knight of Malta, and former Bailiff Grand Cross of Malta




Lord Tebbit, Michael Portillo, Tony Benn, Chancellor Helmut Schmidt





Manorial Society Robert Smith and Lord Sudeley



Lord Sudeley, skint aristocrat, Western Goals and Monday Club member, frequent visitor to Manorial Society:

He is Patron of the Bankruptcy Association (Lloyds Bank foreclosed upon Charles Hanbury-Tracy, 4th Baron Sudeley in 1893, when his debt was covered twice over by large assets) and Convenor of the Forum for Stable Currencies.

Sudeley is also Lay Patron of the Prayer Book Society and a past President of the Montgomeryshire Society.


The Prayer Book Society Logo

The Prayer Book Society

Honorary Officers

Patron – Prince Charles

His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, K.G., K.T., G.C.B., P.C.

Lay Patrons

The Rt. Hon. Lord Hurd of Westwell, C.H., C.B.E., P.C.
Lord Sudeley, F.S.A.


Image result for lord sudeley

Lord Sudeley, Lauder-Frost, Monday Club, Saatchi and Saatchi racism



Related image

Gregory Lauder-Frost exposed: The Tory fringe group leader with Nazi sympathies

Right-wing views and criminal past revealed of vice-president of the Traditional Britain Group


Jacob Rees-Mogg, centre with Gregory Lauder-Frost, right, at the Traditional Britain Group’s dinner


The right-winger whose association with Jacob Rees-Mogg caused the senior Conserative MP great embarrassment this week has added to concerns about his group’s relationship with the Tory party – by launching a personal attack on the mother of Stephen Lawrence as “anti-English” and a “nobody”, as more damaging revelations emerged about his past.

Gregory Lauder-Frost, the vice-president of the Traditional Britain Group, claimed the decision to award a peerage to the mother of the murdered teenager was an example of a modern fashion for “filling the House of Lords up with spivs”.

Mr Lauder-Frost and his organisation were a little-noticed Tory fringe group until the website Liberal Conspiracy revealed that Mr Rees-Mogg had been guest speaker at one of its dinners – and highlighted some of its questionable views.

Mr Lauder-Frost said of Mrs Lawrence: “We do not feel there is any merit in raising such a person to the peerage. She’s a complete nobody. She has been raised there for politically correct purposes. She’s just a campaigner about her son’s murder.

Image result for Gregory Lauder-Frost

However, 62-year-old Mr Lauder-Frost is a veteran of the right-wing fringe of the Tory party with a political record that dates back to Margaret Thatcher’s time. This was interrupted in 1992 when he was imprisoned for two years after stealing £110,000 from a London health authority where he was employed as payroll operations manager. At the court hearing, where he pleaded guilty to eight specimen charges, his lawyer said he had taken the money to pay for a custody battle with the Polish ex-wife.

At the time he was chairman of the foreign affairs policy committee of the Monday Club.

A keen admirer of pre-war German culture, particularly its opera and films, he has frequently expressed the view that the UK should not have declared war on Germany in 1939, because the Nazis had no quarrel with this country.

“The Poles asked for it from 1919 onwards. It was Britain and France who made it a world war, not Hitler.”


Image result for Gregory Lauder-Frost

Gregory Lauder-Frost

Tory who kept right on stealing cheques

27 Nov 1992

A FORMER member of the right-wing Tory Monday Club Gregory Lauder-Frost, a relative of Sir Harry Lauder, was yesterday jailed for two years for stealing more than #111,000.

Image result for Sir Harry Lauder and queen

Sir Harry Lauder with Sir Winston Churchill at Lauder’s estate, Lauder Ha’, in Strathaven, South Lanarkshire (About 1946)


Sir Harry Lauder was described by Sir Winston Churchill as “Scotland’s greatest ever ambassador!”[2][3][4]

He was a favourite of King Edward VII

On 28 July 1987, the Lord Provost of Edinburgh, The Rt. Hon. John McKay, CBE, hosted a luncheon at the Edinburgh City Chambers, to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the granting of the Freedom of the City to Sir Harry Lauder, attended by family representative Gregory Lauder-Frost, who, on 4 August 2001, formally opened the new Sir Harry Lauder Memorial Garden at Portobello Town Hall, and was the principal commentator throughout the Saltire/BBC2 TV (Scotland) documentary entitled ‘Something About Harry’ screened on 30 November 2005.


Sir Harry Lauder died at Lauder Ha’ on the 26th February 1950. At his funeral service the Lesson was read by the Duke of Hamilton, and all shops and businesses in Hamilton closed for the day. Sir Harry was unexpectedly interred not with his wife at Glenbranter, but with his mother, and brother George, in Bent Cemetery, Hamilton, after that town’s most memorable funeral ever. It was covered by Pathe News and wreaths were received from all over the world, including one from Queen Elizabeth (today’s Queen Mother) and another from Mr & Mrs Winston Churchill.


Fraud seems to be a recurring theme …

Far-right toff, Gregory Lauder-Frost, in race row stole from NHS

A toff condemned for claiming Stephen Lawrence’s mum Doreen should leave Britain was once jailed for stealing from the NHS.

Gregory Lauder-Frost criticised Doreen, who has been made a peer for campaigning to get justice for the racist murder of her son in 1993.

Lauder-Frost, 61, who lives near Duns, Berwickshire, and in London, was once jailed for two years for stealing more than PS111,000 from the NHS.

He was an accountant when he stole 136 cheques over a two-year period and paid them into his own accounts.

Ater his comments on the Traditional Britain Group website, it emerged Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg had been a speaker at a dinner for the far-right group.

Anti-fascist campaigner Gerry Gable, who warned Rees-Mogg not to attend, said: “He’s a racist and a thief who stole from the NHS.

“When the BNP membership list was leaked a few years ago his name was on it.

“He claimed to me that he was not a BNP member and that the list also contained the details who had written in with enquiries.

“They’ve got lots of money and you get the feeling they’ve been around for years. They’ve now got all these young groupies who are very nasty, have too much money and not enough education.”

Lauder-Frost, vice president of Traditional Britain Group, stood by his view that ethnic minority Britons should be encouraged to return to their “natural homelands”.

He said: “The pledge is pretty loose and I would suspect anyone who was not indigenous to Great Britain, who was of immigrant stock, would qualify.”

Asked to define “indigenous stock”, he said: “Well, people like you and I, I suppose.”

“I don’t think I’m a racist. I’ve never made a derogatory statement about somebody’s race.”

At a London court in 1992, Lauder-Frost admitted eight charges of theft. He said: “I am entitled to have this not mentioned in public. I don’t think it’s relevant any more.”



Image result for Lord Sudeley,

The International Monarchist League

Left to right; Christoper Arkell & Lord Nicholas Hervey (standing) Gregory Lauder-Frost (speaking to Arkell), Countess Georgina Tolstoy, Count Nikolai Tolstoy (seated under picture), unknown man, Lord Sudeley and John P Bullen Stean (with glasses) at a dinner on 12 March 1990, at London’s United Oxford & Cambridge Club


Image result for Lauder-Frost and powell

Gregory Lauder-Frost & Clive Derby-Lewis in Brussels as WGI delegates to the World Anti-Communist League Conference, 21 July 1990.

Clive Derby-Lewis – The former right-wing politician, who tried to trigger a race war in the dying days of apartheid with the assassination of South African Communist Party (SACP) leader Chris Hani and who supplied the gun Janusz Walus used to kill SACP leader Chris Hani, was released on medical parole in June last year after obtaining a High Court order for his release.

Derby–Lewis was serving a life prison sentence.



Gregory Lauder-Frost, Vice-President of Traditional Britain Group, is an established expert on history, international relations, genealogy, and is a certified public accountant – well known in traditional Tory circles. He is the former Chairman of the Conservative Monday Club’s influential Foreign Affairs Committee and was also the Club’s Political Secretary. He was Publications Editor and Secretary-General of the international Monarchist League; Vice-President of the old Western Goals Institute and founder of the Traditional Britain Group in 2001



Image result for Lord Sudeley monday club

Young Members’ Group at a Club Conference at Chilham Castle, 1980: John R. Pinniger (YMG Chairman), Richard Turnbull, & Gregory LauderFrost.


1982 William Ross (centre), MP for Londonderry and chairman of the Conservative Monday Club’s Northern Ireland Policy Committee, with the committee’s vice-chairman Harvey Proctor (left), MP for Basildon, and political advisor John R Pinniger. They held a press conference at the House of Commons to launch a new policy paper.


John R Pinniger  –  former Conservative councillor for  Lambeth 1990

He was also a leading activist and political adviser in the right-wing Conservative Monday Club

Pinniger worked closely with the Conservative Member of Parliament Harvey Proctor, who was then Chairman of the Monday Club’s Immigration & Repatriation Committee.

He co-authored papers with Proctor including:

”Immigration, Repatriation, & the Commission for Racial Equality”, by Keith_Harvey_Proctor, M.P., John R. Pinniger, M.A., with a foreword by Sir Ronald Bell, Q.C., M.P., published by the Monday Club, 1981, (P/B).

Pinniger was a director, along with Derek Laud of



John Pinniger was a “research assistant” to Harvey Proctor MP and to Sir Charles Irving MP and Pinniger worked at Harrod’s menswear shop in between his parliamentary duties.

via Troy@snowfaked

Rev. Martin Smyth MP & Neil Hamilton MP Western Goals Institute

Gregory Lauder-Frost – VP of Western Goals (UK) from October 1989. Chair of Monday Club Foreign Affairs Committee since 1989.

Gideon Sherman – Board of Directors of Western Goals (UK) February 1989. Worked on the anti-Charities report.


 Lord Sudeley – Vice President, Monday Club Executive, he has chaired most of the Western Goals (UK) meetings at Westminster.

Appears to be involved (with Lauder-Frost) in Manorial Society, War and Peace Ball and Monarchist Society.



Sir Charles Irving

 Pinniger also worked for Charles Irving who offered steady ‘stream of advice’ to CHE

Manorial Society guest of honour, the rascist and alleged paedophile Enoch Powell:



^^ The East India Club in London’s exclusive St James’s Square has attracted the great and the good for more than 160 years, including Prince Albert, Lord Mountbatten and Lord Randolph Churchill.

Members include 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma, the uncle of the Duke of Edinburgh murdered by the IRA, Denis Thacther, the husband of Lady Thacther, and Lord Coe. (Coe served as chief of staff to William Hague)

William James Booth of PHAB was Chaplain at the East India Club, London
Booth was an Anglican priest and Prebendary of Westminster Abbey who served as a Chaplain to HM The Queen.



With Lord Snowdon as Patron, Ed Stewart as President and Rolf Harris and Sir Cliff Richard as Vice Presidents, Phab has provided support and services for its members since 1957


 Image result for gregory lauder-frost John Bercow

Speaker John Bercow called for ‘assisted repatriation’ of immigrants

John Bercow, the new Speaker of the House of Commons, called for a programme of “assisted repatriation” of immigrants during his time as a member of a far-right political group, it has emerged.

Gregory Lauder-Frost, a leading light in the Monday Club’s Young Members’ Group at the time, said: “When he stood, unsuccessfully, for election to the Club’s national executive he did so on a platform of supporting the repatriation of non-white immigrants, and made a speech to that effect which was well received.

“But he wasn’t very popular in the Monday Club. He just rubbed people up the wrong way because he was extremely pushy and rather pleased with himself.”

Image result for Nirj Deva manorial

Another former member said: “He was a great admirer of Enoch Powell. He used to read Powell’s speeches and regurgitate them word for word, because he has this amazing memory. I always thought at the time that he sounded a bit like Enoch Powell, as if he modelled his voice on him when he made speeches.”


Keith Best

Another self-serving regular at the Manorial Society: Conservative MP Keith Best

KEITH BEST, the former Tory MP who resigned after being convicted of dishonestly trying to buy shares in British Telecom, has been given a pounds 35,000-a-year job funded by the Home Office.

Mr Best will start work as director of the new Immigrants Appeals Advisory Service

Mr Best’s appointment comes amid increasing concern about the politicisation of government jobs. Michael Howard, the Home Secretary, recently rejected a shortlist for the new post of Prison Service Ombudsman because he considered the three widely respected candidates to be ‘too left-wing’.

Since then, Keith Best has become director of the charity Prisoners Abroad


Patron of Prisoners Abroad – Sir Mark Lennox-Boyd – Harvey Prictor’s friendwho helped fund his tie shop.

Keith Best part of Survivors UK Male rape and sexual abuse


Keith Best


After his election to Parliament Best was driving when his car was involved in an accident resulting in the death of his personal assistant; the incident affected his reputation, even though he was cleared of responsibility.[1]


Lord Alex Carlile shared a small office with paedophile Cyril Smith

Detained: The late Liberal MP Cyril Smith (pictured) was apparently arrested at a sex party involving boys but was released without charge

Carlile shared a small Commons office with paedophile Cyril Smith for many years.

Carlile’s mistress and eventual wife was a senior legal adviser to the Director of Public Prosecutions. Cosy world, Westminster, it it not?



Carlile went on to be a stunningly illiberal “Independent” Reviewer of anti-terror legislation, where he demonstrated his independence by agreeing to absolutely everything the security services told him. 42 day detention with no charge? No problem. In fact there was no period of detention without charge posited so extreme that Carlile did not support it. Secret courts hearing intelligence evidence the defence were not allowed to see? Fine by Carlile. Control orders? Great. He is a fantastic bastion, protecting the public, is Carlile.

Even better, of course, at protecting his associates.


David Steel, (who promoted both Clement Freud and Cyril Smith for knighthood) former leader of the Liberal Party. How much did he know about Big Cyril and CSA at his home at Dolphin Square?



Sir David Steel sought the advice of Alex Carlile QC

THE FORGERY of a letter, purporting to come from Sir David Steel and shown to a defence lawyer during a bail hearing last year, was ‘a thoroughly misguided April Fool joke’, the Attorney General told the former Liberal Party leader in October.

In October 1991, Sir David Steel passed on to the authorities a complaint that had been made to him by  Nazmu Virani, an acquaintance who was chairman and chief executive of Control Securities, after the SFO had carried out a raid on his company ‘with damaging attendant publicity’.

Protracted SFO inquiries into the case resulted in the closure of a hotel in Sir David Steel’s Scottish Borders constituency and difficulties for a company that employed 5,000 people.

Sir David Steel said: ‘At the end of March 1992, leisure and property group Control Securities plc was about to be relisted by the Stock Exchange when on the very same day, Mr Virani was arrested early in the morning and charged that evening with one offence of conspiracy to defraud.’

Bail was opposed by the SFO and was refused.  However, when he was released a week later, after the SFO had withdrawn its objection to bail, Mr Virani complained to Sir David Steel about the ‘bogus’ grounds for the initial opposition to bail – and the fact that David Freeman, his solicitor, had been shown a letter by a senior SFO official shortly before the first bail hearing.

That letter, on House of Commons notepaper, was purportedly signed by Sir David and said that he would be attending the hearing.


Related image

Keith Vaz and Nazmu Virani


 Others also found reason for complaints against Mr Vaz. Paul Gosling, a former Leicester city councillor, accused him of attempting to obscure payments received from Nazmu Virani, the only person convicted of wrongdoing after the collapse of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI).

The accusations that have followed Mr Vaz for years have finally come to a head. The MP has always denied any allegation of wrongdoing and insists that he will be cleared but, if witnesses verify a single allegation, the pressure on him to resign could become too much to resist.


Image result for alex carlile cbe 2012

Carlile was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in the 2012 New Year Honours for services to national security.[6]


Lib Dem peer Lord Carlile attacks investigation into claims of sexual harassment by party’s former chief executive

Image result for rennard carlile

At least 10 women…Lib Dem female members who accused Rennard of sexual harassment have criticised their party for not taking disciplinary action against the former chief executive and allowing him to return to his job of helping to write Clegg’s 2015 election manifesto.

Lord Rennard’s friend and legal adviser, Lord Carlile claimed Rennard would not be apologising since he had done nothing wrong, adding he would be resuming his position on the Lib Dem federal policy committee.


Image result for carlile and janner

Alex Carlile QC, in the 1998 Barry Bennell case


Lord Carlisle

Lord Carlisle rejected any suggestion his public support for the intelligence agencies may have been influenced by his business relationship with one of the UK’s ex-spy chiefs. 

…a successful campaign (Tory sleaze) to discredit the Major administration & replace it with a US poodle ‘New Labour’ gov’t. Aided in parliament by Lord Carlile who set up SC Strategy Ltd in late 2012 with John Scarlett, former head of MI6.

At the time Carlile was also an Exaro contributor.


Former reviewer of anti-terror laws co-owns firm with ex-MI6 chief

Lord Carlile, who often defends work of intelligence services, has earned £400,000 from consultancy formed with Sir John Scarlett in 2012

SC Strategy Ltd, the company that Carlile established with Sir John Scarlett, who ran MI6 from 2004 to 2009…

Relatively little is known about SC Strategy, which Carlile and Scarlett formed in late 2012. The company – owned jointly by the two men – has no website or phone number and Companies House only lists a correspondence address for the company at a high-end City accountancy firm.

Clout in Whitehall- Cabinet Office records show that on 10 April 2013 and 6 June 2014, the company had a private meeting with the cabinet secretary “Sir Cover-Up” – Sir Jeremy Heywood – widely viewed as the most influential player in David Cameron’s No 10 – and treated him to breakfast.

Scarlett is also a director and senior adviser at News Corp’s holding company for the Times and Sunday Times newspapers, and has written for the Times as an occasional columnist.




Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales), November 3, 2014

Lord Carlile Won’t Take Chair of Child Sex Inquiry

Carlile said that whoever leads the inquiry should not be a parliamentarian.

He also insisted that he or she should have expertise in issues involving child protection or child abuse.


‘Devastated and Saddened, Shaking from Limb to Limb’ Ex-MP’s Wife Speaks Out

The wife of Liberal Democrat peer Lord Carlile of Berriew has spoken of her devastation at discovering her husband’s relationship with a barrister 15 years his junior. Lady Carlile, who lives in Welshpool, said the former MP for Montgomeryshire had admitted a five-month affair with 43-year-old barrister Alison Levitt while they were still together.

Headlines: Liberal Democrat Peer Alex Carlisle, right, had a five-month affair with married Alison Levitt before confessing his adultery to loyal wife Frances, left

Alison Levitt and Alex Carlile

Lord Carlile, who is in charge of reviewing anti-terror laws, has now moved Ms Levitt into the flat near his London chambers that he once shared with Frances, his wife of 37 years.

Lady Carlile said her 58-year-old husband, an eminent QC, had told her he was ‘bored’ with her and revealed that he had had another affair years earlier when their children were very young.

‘He said he’s done it because he was bored with me. And he admitted he’s had another affair when the children were very young. He said it lasted for several years but that it had meant nothing.

‘He couldn’t understand why I was so upset and why I felt it made a mockery of the trust between us.’

As a QC he successfully defended butler Paul Burrell when he was accused of stealing millions of pounds of goods from the estate of the late Princess of Wales. He lists his recreations as politics, theatre, food and Association Football and is a member of the Athenaeum Club – Jimmy Savile was also a member


Carlile’s two daughters – troubled teenagers



Lord Alex Carlile – other interests and associates

He is the Independent reviewer of National Security policy in Northern Ireland.

Lord Carlile is the Chairman of the Lloyd’s of London Enforcement Board and is a non-executive director of Wynnstay Group plc. He is also the President of The Security Institute, a Fellow of King’s College London, and a Fellow of the Industry and Parliament Trust.

Lord Carlile is a member of the boards of numerous charities including the Royal Medical Foundation of Epsom College and The White Ensign Association. He was a co-founder of the Welsh charity Rekindle. He is chairman of the not-for-profit company Design for Homes and is a founding director of SC Strategy Ltd, a strategy and public policy consultancy.

Outside Parliament, Alex Carlile was a Lay Member of the General Medical Council from 1989 to 1999.

He is a Non-Executive Director of Wynnstay Group plc, and a Fellow of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies.

Lord Carlile used to write for Exaro




He writes articles, if asked, broadcasts, and is involved in several charities from NACRO to the White Ensign Association. He has a special interest in mental health.


Nacro charity –

Our people and governance

Patron Her Majesty The Queen

Jacob Tas was previously interim chief executive at Action for Children

Jacob Tas

Chief Executive

The current Chief Executive is Jacob Tas, formerly of *Action for Children* and The Prince’s Trust


Jonathan Aitken is an ex-prisoner, ex-Cabinet Minister and ex-MP. In his political career he was an MP for 23 years. During his ministerial appointments he served as Minister for State for Defence and in the Cabinet as Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

In 1999 Jonathan pleaded guilty to charges of perjury and served seven months of an 18 month prison sentence.


Image result for alex carlile and aitken

In 2001 the Purdews of Champneys (friends of Sir Jimmy Savile and Keith Vaz) briefly acquired Inglewood health hydro from agents of Saudi prince Mohammed bin Fahd. Inglewood had been the scene of allegations, published in the Guardian six years earlier, that then defence minister Jonathan Aitken, a director of the spa, had tried to arrange girls for a Saudi prince and his entourage.

The report led to the notorious libel action brought by Aitken ultimately culminating in his being sentenced to jail for perjury.


Former Tory MP Jonathan Aitken, once a director of Champneys Inglewood. He was accused by former employees of acting as a ‘pimp’ by requesting call girls, once for a sheikh and once for a group of Arabs.

Then he was embroiled in a legal dispute with former brothel keeper Lindi ‘Miss Whiplash’ St Clair, who claimed that she was thrown out of Inglewood partway through a course.

And though Aitken met his future wife Lolicia at Inglewood, he also cheated on her with bondage prostitute Paula Strudwick, telling her to collect the right sort of birch branches from the woods outside the estate for sadomasochistic sex games. You’d have thought someone would have twigged what was going on.


Michael Howard is a member of the highly secretive organization ‘Le Cercle'[15], which has deep ties to many intelligence agencies and has a long history of links to many of those involved with organized child abuse, along with shadowy covert acts such as media propaganda, arms dealing and on the ground military action, generally funded by offshore shell companies.

Michael Howard is a long time friend of Jonathan Aitken, global arms dealer and one time head of Le Cercle.


For more on Aitken and his ties to the current speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, see here

From Jonathan Aitken’s book on Thatcher:

 photo aitken renton_zpsmhhb45e1.jpg

Members of the same club – Alf Bates Club 1974

Jonathan Aitken, Tim Renton (wrote a letter of support for paedophile Bishop Peter Ball), Leon Brittan, Sir Peter Morrison, Sir George Young, Alan Clark…

Jonathan Aitken, a close friend of Sir Peter Morrison’s


Vice Presidents

Lord Boyce

Sir Jimmy Savile was known to have had dinner with Admiral Sir Michael Boyce, Chief of the UK Defence Staff at the time of 9 11, and was known to have had close relationships with the leaders of Israel.

When official lists of those entertained to dinner were released under the Freedom of Information Act, it emerged that Savile had dinner with Dame Judi Dench and Admiral Sir Michael Boyce (Chief of the Defence Staff), which is quite a combination.

Jacob Tas was previously interim chief executive at Action for Children

Similarities between Action for Children and the crime reduction charity Nacro might not be obvious, but Jacob Tas, who last month moved from the former to become chief executive of the latter, says they have more in common than one might think.


CV: Jacob Tas
2014: Chief executive, Nacro
2011: Interim chief executive, executive director of operations and
deputy chief executive, Action for Children
2007: Director for England, the Prince’s Trust
1990: Director of operations, Royal P&O Nedlloyd

*Action for Children*

Government IT expert is caught with child porn stash… but why did Downing Street keep it secret for six months?

Not Patrick Rock – Sebastian Crump

Worked for the Cabinet Office – he received promotion at Cabinet Office while he was being investigated

He has spent a decade working in technology and communications for Government offices, including the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Central Office of Information

He was arrested in January – Patrick Rock was arrested in February

Crump landed a government job after working as a children’s charity website manager, *Action for Children*, which helps support vulnerable and neglected children, between 1998 and 1999.


Alex Carlile is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

Royal Society of Arts


The RSA’s Patron is currently HM Elizabeth II, the RSA’s President is HRH The Princess Royal (who replaced her father, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh in 2011), its Chairman is Vikki Heywood,[4] and its Chief Executive is Matthew Taylor.

List of presidents of the RSA

Alex Carlile Companies:



Mayor appoints Chair of new Ethics Panel for policing in London

10 October 2013

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson has today announced that he has appointed Lord Carlile of Berriew, QC, the former Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation, as chair of a new Ethics Panel.




A little summary

Government anti-terror adviser = Lord Carlile of Berriew  defended Leon Brittan’s reputation

He married his second wife, Alison Levitt, QC, in December 2007. She is the Principal Legal Advisor to the Director of Public Prosecutions for England and Wales.

Lord Carlile to head Boris’s Met Police Ethics Panel

Lord Carlile is a member of the Athenaeum Club, along with Virginia Bottomley. Sir Jimmy Savile was a member too.

Lord Carlile was a contributor to EXARO

Nick Brown MP  is a contributor to EXARO

Nick Brown, the government Chief Whip is not known as Gordon’s enforcer for his delicate approach to politics.  Nick Brown has survived a rent-boy scandal – because he claimed he did not pay for sex – he just gave the rent boy financial gifts.
Wonder how Exaro get the inside track on child abuse and information? * puzzled face*

Lord Carlisle was called to report on historic cases of abuse at Downside

Downside school sought advice, then chose not to report paedophile

  • 3 November 2013

Downside, one of Britain’s oldest Catholic boarding schools, is run by lay staff and Benedictine monks from Downside Abbey in Somerset. Between the late 1960s and the early 2000s, six monks either sexually assaulted children or viewed images of child abuse.

One victim was Rob Hastings, who was groomed and abused for 18 months by his geography teacher, Richard White, known as Father Nicholas. Last year, White was jailed for five years. Rob was removed from the school by his parents but the police were never called. Officers only found out that Mr Hastings was abused while they were trawling through Downside’s old records, investigating another complaint.

At White’s trial, Mr Hastings discovered that another boy had been abused before him. White confessed that the school had kept this secret and allowed him to continue teaching. The school had written to its lawyers asking if it had a legal obligation to report the teacher to police, and was told it did not.

Mr Hastings believes the abuse he suffered could have been prevented. “This letter came out which shocked me absolutely to my core… I was in floods of tears. I was so upset, so angry. That the school had gone and got legal advice on whether they needed to report a paedophile… I personally could have been saved.”

The current head of Downside, Dom Leo Maidlow Davis, said: “Neither I nor the school would today follow the steps taken more than 20 years ago. Such a matter would be reported … to the police and other relevant authorities as appropriate.”


Report here: link



Christ’s Hospital School – three former members of staff arrested for sex abuse against 9 pupils at the school. Some students from CH sent to convicted paedophile Bishop Peter Ball



Bail extended again for former Christ’s Hospital employees


Christ’s Hospital School.

May 3 2017

Four men arrested during 2016 over allegations of non-recent sexual offences against pupils from Christ’s Hospital School, have had their police bail extended from May 3 to July 12 while police reports continue to be considered by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), Sussex Police said today (May 3).
The four and their legal representatives have been informed and did not need to attend police stations on May 3, police said. Sussex police said that a 65-year old from Shropshire was arrested on January 29, 2016, on suspicion of indecent assault on a girl, indecent assault on a boy and another indecent assault on a boy.
On December 12, 2016, he was re-arrested in Shropshire by Sussex officers and was interviewed on suspicion of further offences against six people – five men, and a woman – before being rebailed. A 66-year old man from North Yorkshire was arrested on January 29, 2016, on suspicion of the rape of a girl and indecent assault on a girl.
A 62-year old West London man was arrested on June 12, 2016, on suspicion of indecent assaults on four girls.
A 74-year old man living in the Charente-Maritime District of France, who is a UK citizen, was arrested in the UK on December 20, 2016, on suspicion of indecent assaults on three boys.

All the men were teachers at the school, police said. The investigation is being carried out by detectives from the Sussex Police Complex Abuse Unit.


Feb 10 2017

Bail extended for former Christ’s Hospital employees Christ’s Hospital school.

Four men, arrested during 2016 over non-recent allegations of sexual offences while teachers at Christ’s Hospital School near Horsham, have had their police bail extended from February 10 to March 15 while police reports are being considered by the CPS, Sussex Police said today (February 10).
The four and their legal representatives were informed and did not need to attend police stations on February 10, police said.
Sussex police said that a 65-year old from Shropshire was arrested on January 29 2016 on suspicion of indecent assault on a girl, indecent assault on a boy and another indecent assault on a boy. On December 12 2016 he was re-arrested in Shropshire by Sussex officers and was interviewed on suspicion of further offences against six people – five men, and a woman – before being rebailed. A 66-year old man from North Yorkshire was arrested on January 29 2016 on suspicion of the rape of a girl and indecent assault on a girl. A 62-year old West London man was arrested on June 12 2016, on suspicion of indecent assaults on four girls. A 74-year old man living in the Charente-Maritime District of France, who is a UK citizen, was arrested in the UK on December 20 2016, on suspicion of indecent assaults on three boys.

All the men were teachers at the school, police said. The investigation is being carried out by detectives from the Sussex Police Complex Abuse Unit.


Update Jan 11 2017

More sordid news from Christ’s Hospital School:

Pupil at £30,000-per-year public school admits revenge porn blackmail bid against two teenage girls after ‘sexting’ them

  • Alistair Wilson blackmailed the two girls with images obtained through ‘sexting’ 
  • He attended the £30,000-a-year Christ’s Hospital School in Horsham, Sussex

Lincoln Crown Court heard Wilson, who was 18 at the time of the offences, had previously exchanged nude photos with the girl while ‘sexting’.

He made the threat of distributing the nude photos online –

The school has maintained close links with royalty and the City of London and the Queen has been school patron since 1953.



Update Jan 6 2017

Anthony Brailsford due back in court today for sentencing – no news so far


Anthony Brailsford has avoided a jail sentence despite admitting indecent assaults on a boy in the 1990s

Anthony Brailsford – Headmaster of Queen’s Windsor Castle school admits he is a paedophile as court hears he sexually abused boys in his Latin classes and watched them shower naked

Brailsford, who appeared in the dock dressed in a dark suit and blue tie, was released on conditional bail to return to the court to be sentenced on January 6.


Update: Dec 15 2016 – Bail extended and still no names ….

Three men arrested on suspicion of non-recent sexual offences while teachers at Christ’s Hospital School near Horsham have had their police bail extended to February 10, 2017 while police enquiries continue and police reports are considered by the CPS, Sussex Police said.

The three men had previously been bailed until today (December 15).

A Sussex Police spokesman said that a 65-year old man from Shropshire was arrested on January 29 on suspicion of indecent assault on a girl, indecent assault on a boy, and another indecent assault on a boy.

The spokesman added: “On December 12 the 65-year old from Shropshire was re-arrested in Shropshire by Sussex officers and was interviewed on suspicion of further offences against six people – five men and a woman – before being rebailed to February 10.

A 66-year old man from North Yorkshire was arrested on January 29, 2016 on suspicion of the rape of a girl in West Sussex, and indecent assault on a girl, the spokesman added.

A 62-year old West London man was arrested on June 12, 2016, on suspicion of indecent assaults on four girls in West Sussex, the spokesman said.

The investigation is being carried out by detectives from the Sussex Police Complex Abuse Unit.


Dec 6 2016

Headmaster of Princess Eugenie’s former  prep school, St George’s, admits sexually assaulting boys in his Latin classes and watching others showering naked

Yet another paedophile working for a school affiliated with the royal family ….how many does that make now?

Eugenie ended up going to St George’s school because her parents’ first choice was a school, Aiglon, with a paedophile scandal…involving the head, Richard McDonald,who’s a friend of Prince Andrew.

That friend and head, Richard McDonald,

also taught as Christ Hospital School…and attended Gordonstoun at the same time as Prince Andrew

Update: Jan 13 2017

Paedophile headmaster, Anthony Brailsford, who touched boys during Latin classes and watched them shower naked at the prestigious Queen’s school at Windsor Castle is SPARED JAIL

  • Former headteacher was Latin tutor when the abuse took place, court told
  • He would get boys to come to front of class and touch their buttocks
  • Indecent images found on his computer when police raided his home
  • Judge spares him jail, saying it is ‘not in the public interest’ to lock him up

‘Not in the public interest to lock him up’ How many times are we hearing this now?


Not in the Establishment’s interest!

Anthony Brailsford, the former acting head of the St George’s school – He admitted three counts of indecent assault on a boy in the 1990s and police found a catalogue of indecent images on his computer.

But the 70-year-old avoided a jail term and was instead given a six-month suspended sentence at court today.

St George’s School is known to be popular with royals, and former pupils include Princess Eugenie. Boarding fees are currently £6,953 a term.

The court heard the victim, who cannot be identified, was abused when he was aged just 12 and 13 years.

In an impact statement read to court, the victim said he would never forgive his former teacher for what he suffered.

Brailsford was previously acting head of St George's school in the shadow of Windsor Castle

In his sentencing remarks, Recorder Quinlan revealed that ‘identical’ further matters were also ‘brought to the attention of the school’ for which he received a final written warning.

But the judge said: ‘I do not consider it in the public interest for you to loss your liberty immediately.’

Reading Crown Court heard the then headmaster of St George’s School, the Reverend Roger Marsh, did not respond to the first letter from the victim’s parents which raised concerns over Brailsford’s behaviour.

Mr Recorder Christopher Quinlan QC was told it was only after they threatened reporting the matter to the police in a second letter that Rev Marsh responded to the victim’s mother.

Ex-schoolmaster Brailsford was not sacked after he admitted to touching boys to the headmaster as he denied the assaults were sexual in 1998.

Brailsford, who worked at the school from 1973 to 2012, was spared jail today and was made subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order banning him from being in unsupervised contact with boys aged 16 or less for seven years.

He did not have to pay any of the £1,800 contribution to prosecution costs asked due to his finances.

At the time the offences were claimed to have been committed, Brailsford was a schoolmaster at St George’s School, having been appointed as acting headmaster in 1993.

Pupils who attend the school, which is a unisex day and boarding school for students aged three years to 13 years, include the choristers of St George’s chapel – a place of royal worship situated behind the school in the grounds of the Queen’s Windsor Castle.


Aiglon 2000

Scandal, though, was already in the air. Two months earlier, a chemistry teacher left after his homosexual fantasies were published on the internet.

Then came disclosures that three girls had been drugged and sexually assaulted in a dormitory

. .. it emerged that the headmaster, Richard McDonald, was not on a sabbatical but in prison on charges of sex offences against children.

Media stories of debauchery and drinking among the pupils followed swiftly.



After a final inspection last week, they chose the latter – while trying to spare some of Aiglon’s blushes by saying that the Swiss option had been “postponed”.



Prince William birthday party Stock Photo

The school was established to provide six choristers for the Choir of St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, which sings in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, which is the official country residence of the British Royal Family. St George’s is one of the oldest schools in the country, and has provided an unbroken line of boy choristers to sing daily services in St George’s Chapel since 1352.

The school’s choristers have sung at events such as the wedding of Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones, now the Countess of Wessex; the funeral of John Hunt, Baron Hunt; and also the wedding of Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

In the shadow of Windsor Castle: The teacher, who had admitted the indecent images charges last April, was ordered not to enter St George¿s School (pictured) or its grounds

In the shadow of Windsor Castle: Hidden among the pine trees and suburban hedges of Ascot, St George’s occupies a 30-acre estate near the Queen’s favourite racecourse

At the time the offences were claimed to have been committed, Brailsford was a schoolmaster at St George’s, having been appointed as acting headmaster in 1993.

Pupils who attend the school, which is a unisex day and boarding school for those aged three years to 13 years, include the choristers of St George’s chapel – a place of royal worship situated behind the school in the grounds of Windsor Castle. 

Headmaster of Princess Eugenie’s former £7,000 a term prep school admits sexually assaulting boys in his Latin classes and watching others showering naked

Latin teacher: Brailsford was acting headmaster of the £7,000-a-term St George's School, Windsor Castle (pictured) in Berkshire and was later a schoolmaster there

Anthony Brailsford was acting headmaster of the £7,000-a-term school

Was also a Latin teacher at St George’s School, Windsor Castle in Berkshire

He had denied three counts of indecent assault on the same boy at the school 

Changed plea after judge said jury should be told about his indecent images 

He had admitted two counts of making indecent images of children – which were mostly of naked, pre-pubescent boysat a court hearing in 2014.

The offences are said to have happened at the school between 1997 and 1998.

Brailsford was warned by the schoolmaster Reverend Roger Marsh over him touching boys sexually at the school.

“Another set of parents told Reverend Marsh of rumours about the defendant’s behaviour,” said the judge.

Jurors would be told about the headmaster’s note of a meeting he held with white-haired Brailsford following a verbal warning over his behaviour.

The note, which was kept in the school’s records and supported by a later statement from Rev Marsh, read: “I saw the senior master in connection with allegations made about him, touching boys on the back and bottom.

“Mr Brailsford said that he did sometimes run his hand down backs of boys in that way.”

The court heard that Rev. Marsh warned Brailsford verbally about the assaults after the boy, who had been preparing for entrance exams to join prestigious Eton College, had left the school.

Brailsford had “assured” the Reverend that the attacks would stop at the meeting in April 1998.

The survivor, who was aged 12 or 13 years old and was boarding at the school at the time, told police in 2014 that he was attacked between five and seven times.

The headmaster’s note continued: “He said it still happened but less often, despite the verbal warning I gave him on April 7 1998.”

The court heard that the Rev. Marsh, who had also spoken to Brailsford over the rumours two months before the formal warning, later sent a further written warning to the teacher.

The judge said social services then launched an investigation and police were informed.

…Brailsford’s admissions of having indecent images after his defending lawyer, Jon Mitchell, told the court they were “naturist” and not of a sexual nature…there were also hundreds of images of which the majority were of “pre-pubescent boys’ naked backsides”.


Rev Roger Marsh – The Revd Roger Marsh was, until recently, a valued Chaplain of Lancing College, a role which he carried out for ten years. He will be acting Head Master for the remainder of the current academic year. He and his wife Eileen will continue to provide the warm atmosphere of a highly professional, yet family run institution. Both have extensive experience of prep school life, as Roger Marsh’s previous headships include very successful periods at Ardingly College Prep and St George’s Windsor Castle. Roger and Eileen Marsh are both greatly looking forward to the two terms they will spend at Lancing Prep at Worthing.

Ardingly College/Chichester Diocese/ School Paedophile Rings/PIE

Peter Ball was Chaplain at Ardingly 1990-94

1990-94 Peter Ball Chaplain at Ardingly (3:51)

Peter Ball educated at Lancing College and was governor there



Ian Beer, former head of Lancing College was one of those who wrote a letter of support for paedophile Bishop Peter Ball


It is known Epstein and Andrew regularly holidayed together – from weekends at Balmoral and Sandringham, to trips to New York.

Epstein was, the source told The Times, ‘a big part of [Andrew’s] life’

Prince Andrew sits on a yacht in Thailand back in 2001, during a holiday at a £2,300-a-week resort which is thought to have come courtesy of Jeffrey Epstein

Image result for St George's School, Windsor Castle in Berkshire eugenie

 6th September 2001 – Princess Eugenie starts her new school at St George s Windsor Pictured with her parents Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew

St George’s School is known to be popular with royals, and former pupils include Princess Eugenie.

There is a big emphasis on “activities”, including the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, pony trekking and lace making. The boarders, most of whose families live near by, are encouraged to keep pets which, according to the school prospectus, “include hamsters, gerbils, mice, guinea pigs and rabbits”. Dances are shared with nearby Eton and Wellington while Eton often “borrows” girls for its plays. Old girls include the daughters of the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.

Joanna Grant Peterkin, 50, who became headmistress a year ago, was previously head of modern languages at St Paul’s Girls School, west London. Her father, Sir Brian Young, was once head of Charterhouse, and her husband, Peter, is a major general


Image result for mystery personImage result for mystery personImage result for mystery person

Arrested CH Staff Members

The men were all members of the school staff at the times of the alleged offences, police said – A paedophile Ring operating at the school?

  • No names are being revealed.
  • The Christian school is in the diocese formerly overseen by paedophile bishop of Lewes Peter Ball who is serving a 32-month sentence for abusing 18 young men between 1977 and 1992.
  • Sussex Police said officers arrested a 66-year-old man in North Yorkshire on January 29 on suspicion of raping a girl aged 16-18 in 1992-94.
  • He has also been accused of indecently assaulting another girl, 17, in 1994.
  • A 65-year-old man was arrested in Shropshire, also on January 29, on suspicion of indecently assaulting a girl, 18, in 1994, and a boy, 18, in 1990.
  • He has also been accused of indecently assaulting a boy, aged 15-16, in 1988 or 1989.
  • Officers also arrested a 62-year-old man in west London on June 12 on suspicion of indecently assaulting four girls aged 14-17 between 1985-1993.
  • All men have been bailed until December 15, a force spokesman added.


Re: Punishments at CH


Extract from The Blue for July 1978 page 74Confirmation was conducted by the new Bishop of Lewes, Bishop Peter, who also gave the Lenten Address: his visit was a most moving spiritual moment in the life of the Hospital”

and earlier:

The confirmation service was taken by the Bishop of Lewes during the sedes vacans between bishops Bell and Wilson. This will have been the confirmation of 1959.


Paedophile Bishop Bell is also linked to Christ’s Hospital School

In the late 40s/early 50s CH Horsham came direct under the Bishop of Chichester, a Bishop Bell, I believe.

Incidentally, when he retired he was presented with a CH Leaving Bible — an almost unique honour

His CH Leaving Bible was presented to him in the spring of 1958, on the day after he carried out Confirmations at CH for the last time.



CH Forum. ..quite a few “scandal” threads have been deleted


Peter Ball was close friends with the royal family.

  • Peter Ball was propelled into the royal circle by two people. One was prebendary Willie Booth, a former chaplain at Westminster School, who’d taken over from Caesar. The other was Jimmy Savile.
  • Charles offered Ball sanctuary in a Duchy of Cornwall property when, in 1993, the bishop was forced to resign after being let off with a caution by police over allegations that he indecently assaulted a 17-year-old novice monk.




Image result for Christ's Hospital school peter ball

Some CH students were sent to paedophile bishop Peter Ball



From Christ’s Hospital School Forum:

Fri Nov 08, 2013

Punishments at CH:

I stayed with Peter Ball for a few nights due to sickness in my family.

I have since been involved, albeit slightly, with this case against him due to something he said to me. I haven’t had to go to court luckily, but several boys who were in his care have been left wounded for life sadly. The metropolitan police were contemplating paying for my ticket back to the UK to go to court, but nothing has come of that. Google him…you’ll see – he’s nothing but a downright pervert with a thing for boys.

“Using a skeleton key and taking wine from the staffroom resulted in a few nights at the now infamous Peter Ball’s house down near the coast.

Just glad I wasn’t among the boys who are now all over the news having spent time with him and his ‘special friends’….”



Much of the abuse by Peter Ball in the 70s and 80s took place at the Rectory Litlington, East Sussex

“When it came to the abuse, the abuse was sexual, mental and physical. He was just not a very nice human being.[19]”

Image result for rectory litlington east sussex

The Rectory Litlington, East Sussex



Allegations against Ball were first made in 1992 by novice monk Neil Todd, one of many boys abused at the bishop’s house at Litlington, East Sussex.

Bobbie Cheema QC, prosecuting, said the teenager had been introduced by Ball to what he called ‘penitential psalms’.

This involved saying prayers naked at night in a chapel before Ball watched the teenager taking a cold shower and pulled down his underpants.

Ball, who called the youngster ‘love’ and ‘gorgeous’, went on to suggest he be beaten with a stick or whipped so his body could ‘bear the marks’.

The abuse emerged after he tried to commit suicide in 1992. Gloucestershire Police launched an investigation, prompting more victims to come forward.

Image result for kemp and bishop ball

Bishop of Chichester: Eric Kemp and Queen Elizabeth

Chichester diocese – many paedophile cover-ups

Image result for Canon Anthony Caesar,

Canon Anthony Caesar

Eric Kemp moved in elevated London circles and was a good friend of Canon Anthony Caesar, sub dean of the Chapel Royal and the Queen’s domestic chaplain.

Bishop Peter Ball often accompanied Bishop Eric Kemp on his London trips.

Kemp appointed the flamboyant Ball as his assistant in the post of bishop of Lewes, he fitted in immediately.

  • During his time in Lewes, Ball got to know Jimmy Savile well and he was the bishop’s principal entree into the Waleses’ household. After his appointment to Gloucester was announced, Ball became a regular visitor to Highgrove and was held in such high regard that Charles attended his enthronement.
  • ‘We knew that Bishop Peter and the Prince were good friends. He didn’t refer to him as Prince Charles. He would always say just Charles.’


A member of the royal family was among a host of establishment figures who supported a bishop as he tried to avoid charges for sexually abusing young aspiring priests, a court was told.

The former bishop of Lewes, 83, preyed on his victims for sexual pleasure when they came to his home in Litlington, East Sussex.

However despite the raft of allegations he faced his defence team said he had 2,000 letters of support including from cabinet ministers and a member of the royal family


Image result for ian beer harrow

  • Ian Beer – Harrow – long time friend of paedophile Bishop Peter Ball.  Beer sent students from three different schools to Ball.
  • Other establishment schools that sent boys to paedophile Bishop Peter Ball via Ian Beer of Harrow:


Ball links to top paedophiles who operated in East Sussex and London.

Archbishop Carey & Bishop Ball

  • Former Archbishop Carey Admits he “Deserves Criticism” over Bishop Sexual Abuse Cover-Up

The role of Lord Carey of Clifton in the case of Peter Ball will be scrutinised by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. The former Archbishop of Canterbury
could face “explicit criticism” over how he dealt with a paedophile bishop, the head of the child abuse inquiry has warned.

Image result for chaplain Michael Porteous sussex


  • Christ’s Hospital School, West Sussex, where Queen Elizabeth is patron, is an episcopal school started in 1552 by King Edward VI for orphan children of poor Londoners.
  • Ex-staff arrested over historic sex abuse claims at top boarding school

06 November 2016

Police have arrested three former members of staff at a top boarding school, Christ’s Hospital School

on suspicion of historic sex abuse against pupils, including the alleged rape of a girl.

Sussex Police said the men were all members of school staff at the times the offences were allegedly committed.

The men, all aged in their 60s, were arrested in an investigation into historic alleged assaults at Christ’s Hospital in Horsham, West Sussex.

The alleged attacks on as many as nine pupils are all said to have taken place at the prestigious school in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Christ’s Hospital charges boarders up to £31,500 a year and counts Sir Barnes Wallis, inventor of the bouncing bomb, and poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge among its former pupils.

Sussex Police said officers arrested a 66-year-old man in North Yorkshire on January 29 on suspicion of raping a girl aged 16-18 in 1992-94.

He has also been accused of indecently assaulting another girl, 17, in 1994.

A 65-year-old man was arrested in Shropshire, also on January 29, on suspicion of indecently assaulting a girl, 18, in 1994, and a boy, 18, in 1990.

He has also been accused of indecently assaulting a boy, aged 15-16, in 1988 or 1989.

Officers also arrested a 62-year-old man in west London on June 12 on suspicion of indecently assaulting four girls aged 14-17 between 1985-1993.

All men have been bailed until December 15, a force spokesman added.


  • In brief:

  • Christ’s Hospital SchoolThree former members of staff arrested for sex abuse (1985-1994) against 9 pupils at the school – no names provided.
  • Bailed until Dec 15 2016

Royal family-linked Christ Hospital School where Queen Elizabeth is patron – another former CH teacher who had been arrested for csa was a good friend of Prince Andrew – teacher Richard McDonald


Prince Andrew’s friend – Richard McDonald was a teacher at Christ’s Hospital School at the same as those 3 who have recently been charged.


The Christian school is in the diocese formerly overseen by paedophile bishop of Lewes Peter Ball who is serving a 32-month sentence for abusing 18 young men between 1977 and 1992.

  • Some students were sent from Christ Hospital School to paedophile Bishop Peter Ball for punishment.

Other establishment schools also sent students to Ball. Ian Beer of Harrow, who wrote a letter of support for Bishop Peter Ball also sent students (from 3 different schools) to Ball.


St Benedict’s Laurence Soper, was chaplain at Harrow School from 1981 to 1991

  • Soper  appeared at Isleworth Crown Court on 19 Sept 2016 on charges of indecent assault and buggery.


Ian Beer Headmaster at Harrow School 1981–1991

Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey also wrote to police in 1993 with letters of support for the then Bishop of Gloucester Peter Ball who was being investigated for sex offences.

Several CH teachers and headmasters are linked with Gordonstoun school where csa files have gone missing


Former teacher at Christ’s Hospital School, Richard McDonald, an old friend of Prince Andrew and head of Aigon College….

arrested after being accused of molesting two children.

Aigon school has been plagued by a string of scandals in recent weeks.

Daily Mail (London) May 11, 2000

Duke Backs Sex Scandal School for His Daughters

THE Duke of York last night insisted he would still be sending his daughters to an exclusive Swiss school embroiled in three sordid sex scandals.

‘The Duke of York is aware of reports which have come from Switzerland,’ said his spokesman last night.

it was ‘a complete coincidence’ that the abuse allegations involving Mr McDonald had arisen at the time of the alleged sex attacks involving the anaesthetic trichlorethylene at the school.

The headmaster, Richard McDonald, an old friend of Andrew, has been arrested after being accused of molesting two children.

Three pupils at the college were also injured in March after being attacked with a man brandishing an anaesthetic spray.

And last December, teacher,Robert Kenneth, a first-year chemistry master from Ayrshire30, was fired over claims he had spanking sessions with gay lovers.


Sir Toby Coghill, who appointed Mr McDonald five years ago and who stood down as chairman of governors at the school last July, said the allegations were a ‘human disaster’ for the teacher.

‘My concern throughout has been for the good name of the school and for the welfare of this guy


Image result for richard mcdonald algion scandal

The Birmingham Post (England)



THE SCOTS head of Princess Beatrice’s new school, 

Richard McDonald,

has been accused of child sex abuse.

Gordonstoun-educated Richard McDonald, a friend of Prince Andrew is being held in a Swiss remand prison.

McDonald’s energetic leadership and educational outlook were key factors in the royal couple’s decision to choose Aiglon.

The school has been plagued by a string of scandals in recent weeks.

The headmaster, Richard McDonald, an old friend of Andrew, has been arrested after being accused of molesting two children.

Three pupils at the pounds 17,000-a-year college were also injured in March after being attacked with a man brandishing an anaesthetic spray.

And last December, teacher Robert Kenneth, 30, was fired over claims he had spanking sessions with gay lovers.


Image result for richard mcdonald algion scandal

Gordonstoun-educated Richard McDonald, a friend of Prince Andrew, is being held in a Swiss remand prison.

Aiglon School

VICE squad police questioning the former head of the exclusive Swiss school where Fergie is sending her children are flying to Britain to quiz his ex-colleagues.


2000 – Prince Andrew with Sir Tony Bamford

Image result for anthony bamford and prince andrew

HRH Prince Andrew (second from right) receives a cheque for £2 million from Sir Anthony and Lady Bamford for the NSPCC raised by JCB and its employees

Sir Tony Bamfordfriend of Prince Charles and listed in convicted billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s black book


  • and there were several phone numbers for friends Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson


Image result for prince andrew 2001

Dec 2001 Andrew and daughter NSPCC

Royalty - Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Edward - Gordonstoun School Stock Photo

  • Gordonstoun 1982
  • Richard McDonald and Prince Andrew were contemporaries at Gordonstoun, a sister school of Aiglon
  • Richard McDonald – he taught French and was housemaster of Mid B until 1993 .




He served on the Round Square Board of Directors between 1996-2000. After a number of years as a Director at Collège Alpin Beau Soleil in Switzerland, recently admitted to Round Square membership, he returned as Head Master of Aiglon College in 2009. He currently serves as Vice-Chair of the Swiss Group of International Schools (SGIS), of which he was Chair 2006-10. He regularly serves as an accreditation team chair for the Council of International Schools (CIS).



  • Prince Andrew’s friend, Richard McDonald, who was charged with csa, was teaching at Christ’s Hospital School at the same time as those staff members who have recently been arrested.

  • The alleged attacks on as many as nine pupils are all said to have taken place at the prestigious school in the late 1980s and early 1990s.


Richard McDonald, 40, taught at two top English public schools before moving to Aiglon College in Switzerland.

Police are investigating allegations that McDonald – a friend of Prince Andrew – had sexually abused two boys.

May 14, 2000

They say they want to build a history of his life. Before 1994 when he took the post at Aiglon in the Alpine village of Villar

Image result for Richard McDonald gordonstoun

Richard McDonald was modern languages teacher at Christ’s Hospital in Horsham, West Sussex and at Charterhouse in Godalming, Surrey.

A police source said: “We will be trying to build up a picture of the accused man. The charges he faces are very serious so we should speak to people who worked with him and knew the man.”

McDonald’s computer has been seized and is now being examined for any evidence of involvement with paedophiles.

He has been in prison in Lausanne since mid-March but kept it from school governors, who had granted him a term’s compassionate leave to sort out his divorce. He has since resigned.

McDonald’s American wife Michele, 37, who lives close to the school, made the child-sex allegations during the divorce case.

Yesterday she said: “What I think of my husband is unprintable.”

But she insisted it was safe for Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie to become pupils, despite a dormitory sex attack on three girl pupils in January and a teacher boasting of gay bondage sessions.

Michele added: “The Duke and Duchess of York have nothing to worry about. My son goes to the school, it is 100 per cent safe.” McDonald last night denied the charges against him.

He said: “This is all nonsense. I find myself in prison for the first time in my life for something I didn’t do.”


Scandal, though, was already in the air. Two months earlier, a chemistry teacher left after his homosexual fantasies were published on the internet.

Then came disclosures that three girls had been drugged and sexually assaulted in a dormitory

. .. it emerged that the headmaster, Richard McDonald, was not on a sabbatical but in prison on charges of sex offences against children.

Media stories of debauchery and drinking among the pupils followed swiftly.


Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)March 23, 2000

PUPILS ‘RAPED’ AT BEA’S SWISS SCHOOL; Girls drugged and assaulted in their dorm.

It was the Duke of York who was most keen to send his daughters to the British-run Alpine establishment. He was particularly attracted by the school’s ethos which was based on the philosophy of Kurt Hahn, the founder of the Duke’s own alma mater, Gordonstoun.

Family troubles: Former Tory minister Jonathan Aitken with his daughter Victoria during his trial for perjury

One of its former pupils is Victoria Aitken, daughter of disgraced former Cabinet minister Jonathan Aitken.

Mr Aitken fell spectacularly from grace when his libel trial against the Guardian and Granada collapsed. He had asked his daughter, Victoria, to lie in court on his behalf.


In 2001 the Purdews of Champneys (friends of Sir Jimmy Savile and Keith Vaz) briefly acquired Inglewood health hydro from agents of Saudi prince Mohammed bin Fahd. Inglewood had been the scene of allegations, published in the Guardian six years earlier, that then defence minister Jonathan Aitken, a director of the spa, had tried to arrange girls for a Saudi prince and his entourage.

The report led to the notorious libel action brought by Aitken ultimately culminating in his being sentenced to jail for perjury.


Former Tory MP Jonathan Aitken, once a director of Champneys Inglewood. He was accused by former employees of acting as a ‘pimp’ by requesting call girls, once for a sheikh and once for a group of Arabs.

Then he was embroiled in a legal dispute with former brothel keeper Lindi ‘Miss Whiplash’ St Clair, who claimed that she was thrown out of Inglewood partway through a course.

And though Aitken met his future wife Lolicia at Inglewood, he also cheated on her with bondage prostitute Paula Strudwick, telling her to collect the right sort of birch branches from the woods outside the estate for sadomasochistic sex games. You’d have thought someone would have twigged what was going on.


Image result for Peter Brooke's family home is close to Peter Morrison's family home on Islay

Jonathan Aitken, a close friend of Sir Peter Morrison’s



The former boss of one of Britain’s biggest Royal charities has been charged with indecently assaulting a boy of 14.

Colin Gregg, 55, ex-administrator of the Yellow Brick Road charity, was arrested after the teenager told his parents he’d been interfered with following a golf club trip.

He has been bailed to appear before magistrates at Newcastle upon Tyne next month.

The married father-of-three, who was arrested on April 25, had his home in Newcastle searched and a computer disc removed by members of Northumbria Police’s Child Protection Department.

The boy is believed to have told police he was also interfered with in a sauna by Mr Gregg after a cross-country run.

Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein pictured strolling through Central Park together during a four-day break in New York at the start of December 2010 within days of the billionaire giving Fergie the £15,000 payment

Fergie:’I personally, on behalf of myself, deeply regret that Jeffrey Epstein became involved in any way with me,’ she said.

‘I abhor paedophilia and any sexual abuse of children and know that this was a gigantic error of judgment on my behalf.

‘I am just so contrite I cannot say. Whenever I can I will repay the money and will have nothing ever to do with Jeffrey Epstein ever again…

Prince Andrew was expected to hold crisis talks with the Queen today as he returned to Britain from a holiday in the upmarket Swiss ski resort of Verbier with his ex-wife Fergie, Sarah Ferguson


The Duke and Duchess of York are presidents of the Yellow Brick Road, which is trying to raise cash to build three hospices in the north.

Gregg quit the charity in September to set up a business management consultancy.



Klum’s ‘Hookers and Pimps’ party with the New York socialite accused of procuring underage girls for his billionaire pedophile friend

Ghislaine Maxwell is pictured with Prince Andrew at Heidi Klum’s Halloween party in 2000

The New York socialite stands accused of ‘procuring’ girls for Jeffrey Epstein around same time as party pictures

Maxwell, the daughter of disgraced newspaper tycoon Robert Maxwell, is described in court papers as his ‘co-conspirator’ in ‘sexual abuse’

Accused of ‘facilitating Prince Andrew’s abuse by acting as a ‘madame’

‘Sex slave’ Virginia Roberts claims she met the royal at Maxwell’s home 

Draped: With one arm over Prince Andrew, Ghislaine Maxwell's self-confident pose shows just how close she was to the Queen's second-born son 

Ghislaine Maxwell is pictured with Prince Andrew at Heidi Klum’s Halloween party in 2000


Prince Andrew 2000 – The same year that Prince Andrew was keen to send his daughters to a school involved with a paedophile scandal connected to his old friend from Gordonstoun Richard McDonald, Prince Andrew was spending time with billionaire convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein

One of the famous friends who entered Epstein’s fast-moving orbit was Prince Andrew, who appeared at a Florida function in 2000 with Epstein under the name “Andrew York,” the Telegraph reported. Soon, he was spending time at Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion, though Buckingham Palace denied he ever spent more than a few days there.



Epstein visited Windsor Castle in 2000 for Queen Elizabeth’s official birthday celebrations and went to the Royal Family’s country retreat at Sandringham the following winter. Andrew also entertained Epstein at the Scottish estate of Balmoral.



Prince Andrew first met Jeffrey Epstein through his friendship with Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of the newspaper tycoon Robert Maxwell, in the 1990s.

Image result for prince andrew and epstein 2000

In 2001, Virginia Roberts, a 17-year-old who now claims to have been held as Epstein’s “sex slave”, was introduced to Prince Andrew while staying at Miss Maxwell’s London home.


After his arrest, friends of McDonald set up a defence costs website asking for nearly pounds 200,000.

McDonald separated from his American wife after two girl students, 14 and 15, were raped in the early hours of the morning in the college.

At that time, in an attempt to cover up the scandal, the governors of the school claimed McDonald had taken a sabbatical.


Caroline suspect link to attack at Swiss school

A sex attack at a Swiss school where Prince Andrew intended to send his daughters has been linked with the man suspected of murdering Caroline Dickinson.

Two girls, aged 14 and 16, were anaesthetised, stripped and sexually assaulted at Aiglon College, in Villars.

The Duke and Duchess of York decided not to send Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie to the school after the attack, on March 17 last year.

Yesterday, Swiss police said they wanted to interview Francisco Arce Montes and gain access to his DNA profile.

Montes, 50, is being held in Miami on suspicion of sex offences.

DNA taken by police in Florida closely matches samples found at the hostel in the French town of Pleine Fougeres where 13-year-old Caroline was raped and murdered in 1996.

The Daily Mail has also learned that police have evidence that Montes may have struck in Britain.

A 25-year-old office worker believes Montes targeted her when she was staying in a hostel in York in 1984.

The woman was woken three times by an intruder at the Holgate Centre where she was staying during a school trip. She was eight at the time.

Her mother – a teacher at her school – was sleeping in the next room and was alerted by the daughter’s gasp of terror when she saw a man standing over her at 3.00 am.

‘I’ll never forget that face as long as I live,’ the woman told the Mail yesterday.

When her mother confronted the stranger, a Spanish waiter, he claimed to be lost. He was arrested but released without charge.

The girl’s mother, who lives in Staffordshire, said: ‘It’s only now that we realise it was Montes. We’d recognise him anywhere.’

Police have interviewed the family as they piece together Montes’s move-ments throughout Europe and the Americas over the last 20 years.

They also think Montes may have attacked women in London where he lived between 1993 and 1997.

Former neighbours in Earl’s Court have said he drove to France in his white Mazda at around the time Caroline was killed.

During his time in London, Montes lured young girls back to his bedsit.

He loitered outside Earl’s Court Underground station, waiting for backpackers.

Montes has convictions for sex offences across Europe. Police in Tuebingen, Germany, have confirmed he served two years in jail in 1989 for raping a 22-year-old and attempting to rape a 19-year-old.


Richard McDonald

Head Master

BA(Hons) French & German, Lincoln College, Oxford University

PGCE Lincoln College, Oxford University

After 10 years teaching in the UK – seven years at Charterhouse and three years at Christ’s Hospital as a housemaster –  Mr McDonald became Headmaster of Aiglon from ’94 to 2000. After seven years at neighbouring school Collège Alpin Beau Soleil he returned as Headmaster in ’09. His passions have evolved over the years from excessive amounts of cricket to theatre direction, karate instruction, skiing, creative writing, mycology and playing the saxophone. He was the founder of the Villars & Chablais Cricket Club, as well as the Villars Vanguard Jazz Orchestra, a 20-piece big band that has featured in palaces and festivals across Switzerland, including the Montreux Jazz festival in ’14. He was European Regional Director for Round Square ’96 to 2000 and Chair of the Swiss Group of International Schools ’06 to ’10.


Christ's Hospital pupils

The Lord Mayor of London, Michael Bear, and CH school’s headmaster, John Franklin, on speech day in 2010. Students also play at the Lord Mayor’s Show (attended by the school band annually since 1981).

The current headmaster:

John Franklin, BA, since 2007; previously head of Ardingly College 1998 – 2007 


via ww

Ardingly College – near the Bluebell Railway = Russel Tricker? – Amsterdam/videos? Dover customs?


Christ’s Hospital School

The Board of School Governors is delighted to announce that Mr Simon Reid, currently Principal of Gordonstoun School, will succeed John Franklin as Head Master of Christ’s Hospital with effect from September 2017.

Simon’s career has seen him teach in a number of prestigious schools including Brentwood, Stowe and Christ’s Hospital (1993-2004), where he held various posts including Second in the English Department and boarding house master.

After CH, Simon spent seven years as Deputy Head at Worksop College before taking up his present position at Gordonstoun in 2011.

Simon has a BA in English and Politics and a Higher Diploma in Education, both from the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa. His wife Michèle teaches French (her native language) and they have two adult children. Simon’s interests include architectural and landscape photography, writing poetry, reading and skiing.



Principal Simon Reid and his wife Mrs Michèle Reid & HRH The Princess Royal


The appointment will be something of a homecoming for Mr Reid, who taught at Christ’s Hospital from 1993-2004

and held various posts including Second in the English Department and boarding house master


Note dates: It appears that the new head of CH, Simon Reid, was a teacher at CH at the same time as those charged.

Sussex Police said officers arrested a 66-year-old man in North Yorkshire on January 29 on suspicion of raping a girl aged 16-18 in 1992-94.

He has also been accused of indecently assaulting another girl, 17, in 1994.

Officers also arrested a 62-year-old man in west London on June 12 on suspicion of indecently assaulting four girls aged 14-17 between 1985-1993.

Re: The New Headmaster.


May 24, 2016

Simon Reid the CEO/Head-Designate is effectively an Honorary Old Blue like Richard Poulton who indeed as HM 1986-1996 appointed Simon to the teaching staff 1993-2004.



Prince Andrew is pictured with the Queen and Prince Philip on his arrival at Gordonstoun School in Elgin

Prince Andrew is pictured with the Queen and Prince Philip on his arrival at Gordonstoun School in Elgin

Image result for alex carlile and cyril smith

Teacher at prince’s public school accused of sex abuse


Police files on sex abuse at Gordonstoun where Prince Philip and Prince Charles were educated have vanished

Official police files on allegations of sex abuse at Scottish school missing

Files on teacher accused of sexually assaulting pupils cannot be found

Derek Jones accused of fondling boy, 12, and taking naked photos of him

Scotland’s Crown Office confirmed files on the 1990 case had disappeared

Derek Jones, a former English teacher at Aberlour House, Gordonstoun’s junior school, was accused of fondling and taking naked photographs of a pupil in 1990

Jones is one of a number of teachers involved in historic sexual abuse allegations at Aberlour House and Gordonstoun in Moray. Aberlour House was the preparatory school to Gordonstoun, and had its own headmaster and governors, until the school’s merged into one site in 2004.

Other allegations of abuse include the alleged rape of a 12-year-old girl.

Last year, Gordonstoun maths teacher…


Image result for alex carlile and cyril smith


Prince Charles described it as “Colditz in kilts” and earlier this year Gordonstoun faced allegations of historical sexual abuse at its former prep school, Abelour House.

Christ’s Hospital School:

Visit to the school by its Patron, Her Majesty the Queen, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh




2003 Britain’s Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh visit Christ’s Hospital School in West Sussex, southern England. The Queen toured the facilities before attending a commemoration service to mark 450 years of Royal Patronage.  



2003 Queen and John Shippen Christ’s Hospital
1966 to 2004 · West Horsham, West Sussex, United Kingdom

Group Scout Leader of Christ’s Hospital and Warden of the South Lakeland Scout Base.
House master Head of Geography Scout Leader Editor ‘The Blue’ Choir Director

Now retired




School Pays [Pounds Sterling]2,500 to Boy Who Came Home with 40 Bruises

Daily Mail (London), June 9, 1999

Paul Sterrett arrived home covered in bruises just three weeks after enrolling at Christ’s Hospital School.

He told his parents he had been the victim of ‘dormitory punishments’ and that one boy had repeatedly kicked him while whistling the theme tune of Match of the Day.

Paul’s father Ian and mother Sue complained to teachers at the 447-year-old school in Horsham, West Sussex. But, they say, despite assurances that the bullying would be

stamped out, Paul was attacked twice more when he returned.

The parents, who live in Crawley, West Sussex, then withdrew him from the school completely.

Solicitors for the family threatened to sue Christ’s Hospital for negligence and breach of a duty of care towards Paul.

The school denied liability but agreed to pay [pounds sterling]2,500 in an out-of-court settlement which was approved at Horsham county court last week.

Yesterday, Mr Sterrett, 41, a British Airways customer services representative, recalled

his son arriving home after his first weeks at the school.

‘My wife screamed when she saw what he looked like,’ he said.

‘Paul had about 40 bruises all over his body and it was obvious there had been some pretty systematic bullying in his dormitory.

‘He told us there were various punishments, one of which was called “milking”, where younger boys had their nipples squeezed extremely hard until it caused bruising.

Mrs Sterrett, 43, said that Paul, who is now 12, was the youngest in the school when he enrolled at Christ’s Hospital in September 1997 a year early because he was considered very bright, particularly in mathematics.

When we complained, the headmaster said we should take a couple of steps backward and let them get on with it they had been looking after boys for hundreds of years and had a lot of experience.



5th December 2000 Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, meets members of the Christ’s Hospital School choir during a visit to the Tinsey House detention centre for illegal immigrants at Gatwick Airport .

The Prince looked at art and craftwork done by the residents who are either waiting to be returned home after their asylum attempts have failed or are awaiting the result of applications. The centre is a blue print for three other purpose-built facilities being planned elsewhere in the country which are designed to speed up the process of returning immigrants home once their attempts to seek asylum have failed.


2015 Students have been building water tanks in Thailand and working with Romanian orphans.



Christ’s Hospital School

Chaplain 1962 -1980 John Robson

The Guardian

London, Greater London, England

Tuesday, September 2, 1997 – 51

Chaplain John Robson – He became  Chaplain to the Queen and was friends with The Rev Eric Abbott. 

Robson and Princess Margaret: The two of them had little in common but their religious faith and a devotion to a man both regarded as a father figure, one-time Dean of Westminster The Rev Eric Abbott.

It was to Mr Abbott that Princess Margaret turned after the death of George VI. For 30 years he was “guide, philosopher and friend” to her according to Mr Robson.

Princess Margaret would take communion at The Queen’s Chapel of the Savoy, just by the Savoy Hotel. The chapel was a favourite of her father’s and she had her own stall complete with coat of arms.

It was noted how she would always attend before flying off to Mustique, the joke among staff being that she was making sure she was “shriven” before misbehaving in the Caribbean.

…he said. “Like all of us, she had a dark side – that was part of her attraction.


Cloak of mystery as headmaster Dr David Newsome resigns

The Guardian

London, Greater London, England

Saturday, January 13, 1979 – 1

Dr David Newsome – friend of Malcolm Muggeridge

Adrian Fulcher, Senior Grecian in our year and latterly member of a very secretive Government department, and who knew him a lot better than I did, once told me that Private Eye had run a story on the shenanigans surrounding Newsome’s contractually premature departure from CH in 1979


Mr Slater – worked at both CH and Ampleforth – Ampleforth filled with paedophiles.

The name had come up in conversation at IHT’s cottage when JDS (Headmaster John Shippen) and IHT were discussing Mr. Slater, who had been a CH Housemaster and formerly a monk at Ampleforth.



Top public school suspends child sex charges teacher

3 Mar 2017

THE head of music at a prestigious private school has been suspended following allegations he sexually assaulted a pupil three decades ago.

Sean Ambrose Farrell, 49, denied two charges of indecent assault and two charges of gross indecency when he appeared before York magistrates last week.

All four offences are alleged to have been committed against a child aged under 14 at the time at Ampleforth College’s junior school.

Farrell, of Riddings Road, Ilkley, was released on bail on condition that he has no unsupervised contact with children aged under 16.

He has been removed from his post at Wellington College, in Berkshire – which counts the late actor Sir Christopher Lee and Will Young among its alumni – several months ago after North Yorkshire Police launched an investigation.

A Wellington College spokesman said: “In line with our safeguarding procedures, Wellington suspended the member of staff concerned and excluded him from the school site as soon as it was made aware that the police were investigating these accusations.”


Press release
New charity investigation: Ampleforth Abbey and St Laurence Education Trust
Dec 13 2016

The Charity Commission has opened a statutory inquiry into Ampleforth Abbey, registered charity number 1026493 and St Laurence Education Trust, registered charity number 1063808.


St Benet’s Hall is governed by the St Benet’s Trust, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Ampleforth Abbey Trust.


Former headmaster resigns over Fort Augustus abuse claims

5 August 2013

A former headmaster of a scandal-hit Catholic boarding school has resigned from a senior role at a Benedictine college of Oxford University.

Father Francis Davidson is accused of covering up child sex abuse during his time at Fort Augustus Abbey School in the Highlands.

He is quitting as monastic superior of St Benet’s Hall.

He was responsible at the Oxford college for the welfare of student monks.

Fr Davidson’s resignation follows a BBC Scotland investigation into physical and sexual abuse at Fort Augustus and its preparatory school in East Lothian, Carlekemp.

In total, 10 monks are now accused of physical abuse; four monks and one lay teacher of sexual abuse including rape; and three headmasters of cover-ups.


Top school hid sex abuse claims

●Ampleforth pupils ‘denied justice’ at trial of ex-teacher ● Judge and police criticised as former student’s suicide revealed

Ampleforth, where James Glynn was a pupil. He killed himself after claiming he had been abused. Paul Sheppard, a Canadian who taught there, was found not guilty last year of indecently assaulting a boy there 27 years ago

A bungled inquiry linked to a cover-up of alleged sex abuse at Britain’s leading Catholic school denied justice to a teacher’s child victims, former pupils have claimed.

Paul Sheppard, a Canadian who taught at Ampleforth College, was found not guilty last year of indecently assaulting a boy there 27 years ago. The jurors at his trial were under the impression that the former pupil, aged 11 when the crime was said to have been committed in 1989, was the sole complainant.

The handling of Paul Sheppard’s departure from Ampleforth College was not the school’s first attempt to cover up a potential scandal involving the alleged sexual abuse of children

Two years earlier Father Dominic Milroy, the headmaster, had proved equally reluctant to contact police when a monk confessed to sexually abusing a Junior House pupil.

The head removed Father Gregory Carroll but hushed it up by sending him to work at a “mission parish” in Workington, Cumbria. There, he sexually abused a nine-year-old altar boy. In 2005, aged 66, Carroll was jailed for four years for indecent assault and gross indecency…


Gregory Peter Carroll, Ampleforth



Monk ‘who ran sex club involving young boys’ at country’s top Catholic School ‘remained in his job for eight years after allegations were first made’

Apr 5 2017

  • Father Jeremy Sierla allegedly ran ‘sex club’ for boys at Ampleforth College
  • He remained at Catholic school for eight years after allegations first made
  • Police told he would make pupils perform sex acts in their pyjamas 
  • Investigation began in 2004 but no charges were ever brought against him 

Detectives spoke to more than a dozen young men who attended the school’s Junior House between 1990 and 1993 when Father Jeremy was housemaster.

Some recalled the monk whipping boys’ bottoms with his habit, encouraging the pupils to tie him up, showering naked with them and putting his hands under their duvets, the Times reported.

Photos and video clips – none indecent – of Ampleforth pupils were found on Father Jeremy’s computer, including one of a 12-year-old boy holding a rose in his mouth.

Father Sierla, 59, lived and worked at £30,000-a-year college, pictured, until 2012, despite accusations first being made against him eight years previously

The investigation was triggered when the same boy, in his early 20s by 2004, made allegations to police about abuse he claimed Father Jeremy had subjected him to.

The monk was not charged after prosecutors ruled there was insufficient evidence against him, and the CPS said the case file was destroyed years ago, the Times reported.

Father Jeremy continued to work in the abbey shop from 2004 to 2012 and posed for photographs to promote Ampleforth’s own brand Abbey Beer.

A music teacher, Dara de Cogan, who joined Ampleforth in 2004 was jailed last week for sexually abusing a female student during violin lessons.

An police investigation was launched into his conduct at the Yorkshire Catholic school, pictured, in 2004 but no charges were ever brought against him

A school spokesman said that Father Jeremy’s continued presence at Ampleforth was approved at a meeting of safeguarding professionals in 2004 and that his case was reviewed again in 2007 by an independent safeguarding commission.

It took a further five years before the Department for Education (DfE)told Ampleforth he should not be allowed on school grounds. 

TheDfE said that it was unable to discuss individual cases but stressed it was ‘paramount that children are protected at school and that there are robust safeguards in place’.

It added: ‘Where schools fail to meet standards, we will not hesitate to take action.’


Click To Enlarge

GENE SIMMONS‘ Rock School” has Master Simmons setting up court at one of the UK’s top independent boarding schools, Christ’s Hospital in West Sussex, south of London. The children who attend the 450-year-old school wear Tudor uniforms, march into the lunch hall accompanied by full brass band and know nothing about rock music. So, in just six weeks Gene must transform a class of classically trained 13-year-old musicians into little rock gods.


  • ch-shami

Shami Chakrabarti Visits CH

The final speaker of the Lent term’s Visiting Speaker Programme for senior pupils was Shami Chakrabarti. Ms Chakrabarti is the Director of the human rights campaign group Liberty. The title of the talk was ‘On Liberty’.



2015 During October the staff and pupils of Christ’s Hospital were honoured to welcome HRH The Duke of Gloucester to the School for the official opening of CH’s truly magnificent new Language and Resource Centre (LARC).


Duke of Gloucester with Jimmy Savile – The Child Farm Safety Competition 1977



Edward John Barrington Douglas-Scott-Montagu, 3rd Baron Montagu of Beuleigh

Lord Montague of Beuleigh

A company that Laud was a director at –  Posmark Ltd.The company registration number was 02872928.



Yet again, Laud had a very wealthy and influential partner in the company: Baron Montagu is a British Conservative politician well known in Britain for founding the National Motor Museum, as well as for a pivotal cause célèbre in British gay history, his 1954 conviction and imprisonment for homosexual sex, a charge he denied.”

On two occasions Lord Montagu was charged and committed for trial at Winchester Assizes, firstly in 1953 for allegedly taking sexual advantage of a 14-year-old Boy Scout at his beach hut on the Solent, a charge he has always denied.[1] When prosecutors failed to achieve a conviction, in what Lord Montagu has characterised as a “witch hunt” to secure a high-profile conviction, he was arrested again in 1954 and charged with performing “gross offences”.

Quite what Laud and Montagu got up to in their business venture is a complete and utter mystery


Lord Montagu of Beaulieu

Lord Montagu’s name appears alongside child sexual abuse as he was prosecuted in 1953 for having underage sex with a 14-year-old Boy Scout at his beach hut on the Solent, a charge he has always denied and of which he was acquitted [48]. He maintains he was innocent but he states Kenneth Hume was behaving mildly indecently towards another scout. (Kenneth Hume was Shirley Basseys husband. Basseys father incidentally was also a child abuser). Montagu also claims that many years later, a scout who was there told him that accusations arose from the scouts out boasting each other about their experience and the scoutmaster overhearing [p135].

So, Montagu’s story is that he was not a child abuser, but he does mention that he turned a blind eye to his friend, Hume who was.

Montagu was arrested again in 1954 and charged with performing “gross offences” with an RAF serviceman during a weekend party at the same beach hut. He was imprisoned for 12 months and he blamed a deep vein of antihomosexual prejudice, from Home Secretary Sir David Maxwell Fyfe, the Lord Chief Justice Rayner Goddard, and Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Sir John Nott-Bower who was convinced of a homosexual conspiracy. Sir John swore he would tear the cover of all filth spots [p98]. In Oct 1953 the Sydney Daily Telegraph reported there was a Scotland Yard plan to smash homosexuality.

Within weeks of his incarceration there was a debate in House of Commons led by Bob Boothby and Leo Abse (both now believed to be child abusers) which led to a committee of Inquiry led by John Wolfendon, called “The Departmental Committee on Homosexual Offences and Prostitution” [p124].

As well as the infamous beach hut and land on the Solent, Lord Montagu owns Beaulieu River – banks, bed and all [46 p6]. He also owns a maritime museum at Buckler’s Hard, with a nearby marina, and the river harbours over 200 moored yachts [46 p9] [47]. Lord Montagu is the Commodore of the Beaulieu River Sailing Club [46 p20]. He was also vice commodore of the House of Lords Sailing Club [p203].

Montagu mentions a trip on his motor yacht once with Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones to the Isle of Wight, [p275] when Jones was trying to lay low after drugs charges. He also mentions taking Roy Orbison out on the Solent on his yacht. Montagu’s daughter [p103] used his motor launch Cygnet in June 1997 for her wedding. Montagu no doubt had access to many boats and his aunt and uncle, Lord and Lady Forster also owned a motor yacht Mirama [p20]. Diana Dors mentions going on his boat in her memoirs []

Montagu was an extremely well connected man, having been to Eton, and being in the House of Lords. He had links to paedophile Lord Mountbatten [p132] who asked him to go to Broadlands to meet members of his committee set up to investigate the security of prisons. Montagu was famous for his fancy dress balls, and Mountbatten was a guest at his first in 1963 to mark the opening of the Maritime Museum [p278] and again at his Great Gatsby Ball in 1974 to cebrate Montagus second marriage. Montagu also remembers other parties including one at Royal Yacht Squadron at Cowes. He was also known to Margaret Thatcher [p229], and friends with Long Longford [p 134] [p207]

Ralph Bonner Pink MP also a child abuser, owned an ex lifeboat called Ambler kept in Emsworth Harbour and was a member of Emsworth Sailing club [31] [32]. (An odd incident happened, which I mention in passing, at Emsworth Sailing Club in 2014 in which a retired naval captain drove his car at the club and set it alight and was charged with arson [33] )


In England Bonner Pink MP took his boat on the Beaulieu River and to the Montagu Estate, as well as to Portsmouth Harbour. When his daughter Jannella was young they went for two weeks each summer to Bembridge Harbour on the Isle of Wight except when they went to France. In France they went to Honfleur and Barfleur, in Normandy and visited Bayeaux [32].

Bonner Pink knew Edward Heath and Peter Prosser, child abuser who also went to Haut de la Garenne as well as of course as Heath and Savile [32]


Christ’s Hospital School Founders Day Dinner 2016 – held at Mountbatten Room, RAC Club Pall Mall St. James’s


Teenagers expelled for sex on a desk at Prince Charles’ old school


Death of Jeremiah Duggan

10 November 1980 – 27 March 2003) was a British student in Paris who died during a visit to Wiesbaden, Germany, after being struck by several cars on a dual carriageway. The circumstances of his death became a matter of dispute because at the time he died Duggan was attending a youth “cadre” school organized by the LaRouche movement, an international network led by the American political activist Lyndon LaRouche.

Duggan attended Fitzjohns Primary School in Hampstead, Quainton School for Boys, and won a scholarship to Christ’s Hospital school in Sussex as a boarder

A British coroner rejected a suicide verdict in 2003 after hearing the London Metropolitan Police describe the LaRouche movement as a political cult. Duggan telephoned his mother, Erica Duggan, 50 minutes before he died, apparently distressed about his involvement in it.[2][3][4][5]

LaRouche was particularly critical of Britain and of the Tavistock Institute in London, a psychotherapy and social-sciences charity that the movement associated with British intelligence.

In 1999 a LaRouche publication said Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) was threatening to assassinate LaRouche, probably with backing from the royal household.

Duggan’s family came to believe that this worldview affected the movement’s perception of Duggan, when the conference participants learned that he was a British Jew who, as a child, had attended the Tavistock Clinic for counselling when his parents divorced.

Christ’s Hospital School Scandal




  • A peep into the Blue Coat School!!!!!!!!!’, 1815. Showing a pig in military uniform (General Sir Eyre Coote) standing on its hind legs and being birched by three Christ’s Hospital boys. A woman is standing at the doorway with Sir William Curtis and Alderman Matthew Wood. Coote was dismissed from the army in scandalous circumstances after he was caught by the school nurse at the Christ’s Hospital School flogging pupils and then being flogged by them for money.
  • Scandal and death

    Sir Eyre was removed from the service on the 21 May 1816 because of the scandal he caused in the Christ’s Hospital school for boys.[2] On 25 November 1815 he entered the school and offered some boys money for an opportunity to flog them. After that he asked them to flog him and gave them money. He was caught by the school nurse, and charged with indecent conduct before the Lord Mayor of London. He was acquitted after giving £1000 to the school: after that there was a military inquiry in April 1816 which stripped him of his rank and honours.[3][4] He was appointed GCB 1815 and stripped of it 1816.

  • In his autobiography the American General and Secretary of State Colin Powell claims direct descent from Coote’s identically named nephew Eyre Coote while the latter was serving as Governor of Jamaica



Ampleforth alumni – Lord Fellowes, creator of Downton Abbey, and Andrew Parker Bowles, the former husband of the Duchess of Cornwall.

Image result for lord fellowes and queen

Lord Fellowes and Queen Elizabeth


Image result for hume ampleforth

  • George Haliburton HUME (pictured above) attended Ampleforth College from 1936 to 1941. Thereafter, at the age of eighteen, he entered the novitiate of the Benedictine monastery at Ampleforth Abbeybefore being ordained a Roman Catholic priest in 1945, when he adopted the monastic name Basil.

Hume Death/Ampleforth/Picture Stock Photo

A monk at Ampleforth Abbey in North Yorkshire walks past a portrait of the late Cardinal Basil Hume who used to be the Abbot there.

Basil HUME returned to Ampleforth College to teach religious education, history, French and German. He served as Head of the school’s Department of Modern Languages before becoming the Abbot of Ampleforth Abbey in 1963, in which position he remained until, in 1976, he was appointed Archbishop of Westminster by Pope Paul VI.

1963-1976 was the peak period of the SAVILE/JACONELLI partnership.


Hume was accused of ‘hushing up’ a suspected sexual abuse scandal at Ampleforth College by not calling in the police when he received a complaint from parents in 1975 about Father Piers Grant-Ferris, the son of a Tory peer at Gilling Castle, formerly a prep school for Ampleforth.

In 2005, Grant-Ferris admitted 20 incidents of child abuse. This was not an isolated incident and involved other monks and lay members. The Yorkshire Post reported in 2005; “Pupils at a leading Roman Catholic school suffered decades of abuse from at least six paedophiles following a decision by former Abbot Basil Hume not to call in police at the beginning of the scandal.”[16]

In 1984, Cardinal Hume nominated Jimmy Savile as a member of the Athenaeum, a gentlemen’s club in London’s Pall Mall. Following the posthumous revelation of Savile’s repeated sexual abuse of minors, members of the club have criticised Hume’s nomination of him for causing embarrassment to the club.[17]

HUME’s nomination of SAVILE to membership of the Athenaeum was seconded by another close confrère of SAVILE, paedophile, Cardinal Keith O’BRIEN, who, in March 2015, was stripped of his privileges by the Pope following his exposure as a sexual offender.

 SAVILE, HUME and the Athenaeum:

“It has also emerged that the members of the Athenaeum were horrified when Jimmy Savile was elected, on the grounds that the tracksuit wearing DJ ‘would not be a natural habitué of a club that has counted Sir Winston Churchill, Lord Palmerston and Lord Curzon as members’. The only reason they didn’t veto him was because he was nominated by Cardinal Basil Hume, the Archbishop of Westminster, and Hume would have had to step down if his nominee was blackballed.”

To suggest that Basil HUME went ‘out on a limb’ for Jimmy SAVILE would be a monumental understatement.

We know that they had at least one ‘interest’ in common – and they had it in common with SAVILE’s closest co-offender, Peter JACONELLI.

Like SAVILE and JACONELLI, HUME was a Freemason, of high degree, and with infinite loyalty to fellow brothers.

Basil HUME died on 17th June 1999, two weeks after receiving the Order of Merit.

In the light of the on-going Ampleforth revelations, Basil HUME’s relationship with Jimmy SAVILE merits the closest scrutiny.

And what about any relationship between Basil HUME and Peter JACONELLI?

Are we to believe that that Abbott Basil HUME, Athenaeum patron of one of the two most prolific predatory paedophiles of our times – both of them Catholic, both of them Freemasons, both of them perverts who offended together as well as separately – knew nothing of SAVILE’s co-offender and alleged sexual partner, Peter JACONELLI, the Roman Catholic Freemason?


David Lowe, 61, took advantage of boys aged eight to 13 who were studying at the Benedictine-run prestigious Catholic boarding school and at Westminster Cathedral Choir School where he was a housemaster.



Jimmy Savile photographed in the library at Fort Augustus Catholic school

Sexual predator Jimmy Savile was regular visitor to Catholic school at centre of abuse scandal

FORMER BBC presenter was frequently invited to Fort Augustus Abbey by Benedictine Order monks.

Image result for savile and o'brien

Disgraced Cardinal Keith O’Brien, a good friend of Savile’s, was also a regular visitor at the school.

The revelations of Savile’s visits to the school came as it emerged that many more pupils have stepped forward to claim they, too, were victims of monk teachers.

Savile spent much of his time in the Highlands even before buying a cottage in Glencoe in 1998, which was just over an hour’s drive from Fort Augustus.

Fort Augustus was used as a “dumping ground” for problem clergy who had confessed to abusing children.

O’Brien, who was forced to leave Scotland earlier this year after being forced to admit to inappropriate sexual behaviour, was guest of honour at the school’s old boys’ dinner last year.

The pair met when O’Brien was priest at St Patrick’s Church in Kilsyth, Stirlingshire, in 1971.

Savile was a regular visitor because his mother Agnes was friends with O’Brien’s colleague, Fr Denis O’Connell.

Five men claimed on the Sins Of Our Fathers documentary that they were raped or sexually abused by Father Aidan Duggan, an Australian monk who taught at Carlekemp and Fort Augustus between 1953 and 1974.


Fury at sex abuse inquiry snub: Ex pupils ‘devastated’ by bombshell U-turn

May 15 2017

Fort augustus abbey school.jpg

VICTIMS who claim they suffered horrific sexual abuse at a Scots school have been snubbed by an official inquiry – despite being backed by the PM who said they helped set it up.

When she was Home Secretary, Theresa May wrote to a former pupil of Fort Augustus Abbey school to thank him for his “invaluable” help setting up the English Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse in 2015.

But the evidence of former Scottish pupils like him who attended that infamous boarding school is now unlikely to be heard at the powerful inquiry in London.

Last week, Fort Augustus Abbey was left off the list of schools to be examined by the IICSA later this year.

The snub has prompted fury among those who claim their lives were ruined by what they experienced at the boarding school.

Last night one victim told The Sunday Post: “This has come out of the blue. We’ve been waiting a long time for the inquiry.

“The effect is devastating on our mental health. There have been a number of suicides by ex-pupils because of the abuse.”

He said former pupils are very upset at the bombshell development, especially given Prime Minister May’s earlier support.

In 2015, Theresa May wrote to one of Fort Augustus’s ex-pupils following a number of meetings between the pair where they discussed the alleged abuse he suffered.

Having set up the inquiry less than two weeks previously, she wrote: “With your help we have now established an inquiry to get to the truth about what child sexual abuse occurred in institutions across the UK and why nothing was done.”

But those words now seem empty, after lawyers for Fort Augustus Abbey pupils were contacted last week to reveal the shock evidence reversal.

Fort Augustus Abbey – which was run by an order of English monks – is at the centre of allegations of physical and sexual abuse spanning 30 years.

The exclusive Highlands school shut for good in 1993 but horrific allegations about the way pupils were treated emerged in 2013.

Last year, the English Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse announced those claims would be examined – despite the school being in Scotland.

There is a Scottish inquiry set up to probe similar issues north of the border called the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry.

But campaigners say the English inquiry has been given more clout to take action, which is why ex-pupils from Fort Augustus lobbied to be included in it.

A spokeswoman for the IICSA said the institutions to be examined were still not set in stone – despite the new proposals.

She said: “No decisions of any sort have been made about the matters to be considered at the hearing.”



Ex-headmaster of Aberdeen school,

Father Francis Davidson,

at centre of sexual abuse allegations resigns from university post

Father Francis Davidson has been accused of failing to act on reports during time at Fort Augustus Abbey School in Highlands.

15 AUG 2013

A FORMER headmaster of a boarding school at the centre of sexual abuse allegations has resigned from a role at Oxford University.

Father Francis Davidson has been accused of failing to act on reports during his time at the Catholic Fort Augustus Abbey School in the Highlands in the 1970s.

He has quit as monastic superior of the Benedictine college St Benet’s Hall, where he was responsible for the welfare of student monks at the university.

Alleged victims who attended the Abbey school told a BBC Scotland investigation that they were molested and beaten by monks over a period of three decades from the 1950s.

It has also been claimed that abuse was carried out at Carlekemp, its feeder school in East Lothian. Both schools are now closed.

Fort Augustus Abbey
FORT AUGUSTUS ABBEY (Photo: Peter Jolly)

Police are investigating the allegations.

One former pupil told the BBC that he told Fr Davidson personally of the abuse but the monks remained in the Abbey. Fr Davidson is the only surviving headmaster of the school.

In a statement issued to the BBC, Fr Davidson offered his sympathies to former pupils for any historic abuse and said he was “shocked and saddened” to hear of the allegations.

He added: “I do not recall them being reported to me during my time as headmaster of Fort Augustus Abbey School.

“As investigations into matters at Fort Augustus Abbey School and Carlekemp Priory School are ongoing, I have stepped aside from my role as religious superior at St. Benet’s Hall.”

Earlier this month, one of Scotland’s most senior Catholics apologised to former pupils amid the claims.

Hugh Gilbert, the Bishop of Aberdeen, said: “It is a most bitter, shaming and distressing thing that in this former Abbey School a small number of baptised, consecrated and ordained Christian men physically or sexually abused those in their care.”

Anne Houston, chief executive of charity CHILDREN 1ST, said: “The focus here must always remain on what’s best for those who were abused in the past and what will make a positive difference to them; that and helping protect children now and in future by taking steps to minimise the risk of this ever happening again.

“It is crucial that the church fully and openly co-operates with the ongoing police investigation and passes on any and all relevant information it may have relating to any allegations of abuse at these schools.”


Fr Denis Chrysostom Alexander

Fort Augustus School

Monk accused of Fort Augustus Abbey abuse arrested in Sydney

23 January 2017

A former Catholic monk accused of child abuse at a Scottish school has been arrested in Australia.

Father Denis “Chrysostom” Alexander was one of several monks accused of abusing boys at the former Fort Augustus Abbey boarding school in the Highlands.

The BBC has learned he has been remanded in custody in Sydney pending his extradition back to Scotland to face trial.

The Crown Office here said it would not comment on legal matters elsewhere.

Father Alexander has always denied the allegations.

In 2013, he was confronted by BBC Scotland in Sydney as part of a documentary which prompted a major police investigation.

Now, three and a half years after that programme, that investigation has taken a significant turn with the former Benedictine monk’s arrest.

He will face a further hearing on Wednesday at the local court in New South Wales, where it will emerge if he will oppose the extradition or not. He will also be entitled to apply for bail.

One of Father Alexander’s accusers, Hugh Kennedy, has previously spoken of his frustration at the length of time it has taken the Scottish authorities to request the extradition of the former monk who is now 80.

One other former Fort Augustus monk is due to face trial in Scotland soon for a series assaults, whilst a further seven cases remain under consideration by the Crown Office in Scotland.

Fr Alexander was returned by the Catholic Church to Australia in 1979, after allegations of abuse were made by another Fort Augustus Abbey pupil, who the BBC has also spoken to.

No report to the police was made, and no warnings were provided about his alleged offending behaviour, to the Church in Australia where Fr Alexander continued as a priest for a further 20 years or more.

He was stripped of his priestly faculties in 2013 after the BBC programme.


Fort Augustus Abbey monk appears at extradition hearing in Sydney

  • 13 February 2017

A former Catholic monk accused of child abuse at a Scottish school has appeared in court in Australia facing extradition.

Father Denis “Chrysostom” Alexander was one of several monks accused of abusing boys at the former Fort Augustus Abbey boarding school in the Highlands.

He has always denied the allegations.

He appeared via a video link at the hearing in Sydney and was refused bail. The full extradition case is set to be heard in May.

In 2013, Father Alexander was confronted by BBC Scotland in Australia as part of a documentary into alleged abuse by monks at the school, which prompted a major police investigation.

The BBC’s correspondent in Sydney, Phil Mercer, attended the latest court hearing.

He said: “His lawyer argued that he should be released given his age, a lack of mobility and various medical conditions.

“It was discussed in court that Father Alexander has diabetes and hypertension and a history of falls, and the lawyer said that the former priest was not a flight risk and that his incarceration was punitive.

“A lawyer for the British government said that being held in custody would not harm Father Alexander’s health, and he also suggested that the former monk might be a flight risk, that he could be driven to a Benedictine monastery somewhere in Australia to evades the authority.”

After hearing from both sides, the magistrate decided Father Alexander should remain in custody until the full extradition hearing in three months time.

The former monk’s lawyer said he would fight extradition to Scotland.

Father Alexander was returned by the Catholic Church to Australia in 1979 after allegations of abuse were made by a Fort Augustus Abbey pupil, and continued working as a priest for a further 20 years or more.

He was stripped of his priestly faculties in 2013 after the BBC programme.



Father Abbot Mark Dilworth in his beloved cloisters at Fort Augustus Abbey with Cardinal  Keith O’Brien



Open Letter to Aiglon Board of Governors_2


Gordonstoun sexual abuse files missing

FILES on a police investigation into child abuse at Gordonstoun school have gone missing or been destroyed, it emerged.

Jun 28, 2015


Gordonstoun alumni

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Charles, Prince of Wales

Prince Andrew, Duke of York

Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex

Peter Phillips

Zara Phillips

Bishop Bell

Bid to extradite priest from Canada over Fort Augustus abuse claims

21 March 2017

Fr Robert MacKenzie moved to Canada after teaching at the Fort Augustus Abbey School in Inverness-shire

Moves are under way to extradite a retired priest from Canada to Scotland in connection with child abuse claims.

The Crown Office has been granted a petition warrant for the arrest of Father Robert MacKenzie, who lives in Cupar, Saskatchewan.

Fr MacKenzie, 84, taught at the former Fort Augustus Abbey School before moving to Canada in 1988.

Papers are now being prepared in the Crown Office to submit an extradition request to the Canadian authorities.

A Crown Office statement said: “The procurator fiscal received a report concerning a now 84-year-old male in connection with alleged historical offences.

“No court dates have been scheduled at this time.”

Court process

The petition warrant is the first stage in the process in which prosecutors are now preparing an extradition request.

This can take several weeks, and once received by the Canadian authorities the court process there could last more than a year.

 Fort Augustus Abbey school closed down in the 1990s

The move at the Crown Office came after the launch of a police inquiry in 2013, following a BBC Scotland investigation of alleged systematic physical and sexual abuse at Fort Augustus.

A number of former pupils made detailed allegations to the BBC.

Father MacKenzie was the priest at St Patrick’s, Cupar, in the Canadian diocese of Regina, Saskatchewan.

On remand

Although he retired in 2014, he still lives in the town.

Extradition proceedings are under way in the case of another former Fort Augustus priest, Fr Denis Alexander, who lives in Australia.

He is currently on remand while the extradition process continues, although his lawyers are attempting to have him freed because of what they say is his failing health.

Another former priest, Fr Benedict Seed is due to stand trial at Inverness Sheriff Court in May, charged with eight counts of physical abuse at Fort Augustus.

The Crown Office has still to decide what action to take in a further six cases.

The Fort Augustus School, which was run by the Benedictine Order of monks, closed in 1993.

Allegations of sexual abuse there will be examined by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse in England and Wales (IICSA).



Teacher faces obscenity case

23 Mar 2000

A music teacher has been accused of sending obscene mail.

The teacher at Christ’s Hospital School, Horsham, faces two charges under the Protection of Harassment Act 1997 and ten charges of sending abusive or indecent articles through the post. He will also be in court on a drink driving charge.

The school confirmed Peter Brownlie had stopped teaching while he awaited the outcome of court proceedings but refused to say whether or not he had been suspended. Brownlie is due to appear at Horsham Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday to answer the charges.

The harassment charges against Brownlie say that between March 7 and 15 he made 15 nuisance telephone calls to a number in Southwater, near Horsham, and between March 1998 and March of this year he sent obscene or grossly offensive letters at intervals to an undisclosed address.

Brownlie, 38, has been at the school for seven years. A father of two, he is the school’s head of brass, and lives on site at King Edward Close.

In a statement the school said: “Christ’s Hospital is aware that a male teacher is assisting police with an investigation into allegations of harassment made by a woman. The allegations do not involve any pupil or other member of staff and do not arise from the teacher’s work.

“The headmaster will decide if any action by the school is necessary when further information on the investigation is available.”



The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse will take evidence at The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre on July 14, 2015 in London, England. The inquiry will ‘investigate whether public bodies and other non-state institutions have taken seriously their duty of care to protect children from sexual abuse in England and Wales’.


Claims of VIP paedophile ring at Scots boarding school –  QVS Queen Victoria School – aired at abuse inquiry

Apr 30 2017

SENSATIONAL claims about a VIP paedophile ring at a prestigious Scots boarding school are to be aired at Holyrood’s child abuse inquiry.

QVS is at the centre of extraordinary allegations

The evidence will include claims that Dunblane killer Thomas Hamilton was connected to the network, which is also said to have included leading members of the Scottish establishment.Queen Victoria School (QVS), which is funded by the Ministry of Defence and has Prince Philip as its patron, is at the centre of the extraordinary allegations.It was not included in the first round of boarding schools and other establishments identified by the inquiry team, sparking fears of a cover-up.However, a former teacher at the Dunblane school who has spent decades attempting to unmask the abusers has now been invited to tell his story.
Glenn Harrison was a housemaster at QVS when he began to suspect that a shadowy cabal of powerful individuals was preying on the pupils.However, when he tried to raise the alarm in 1991 the police responded by breaking down the door to his flat, seizing his personal papers and hauling him in to be interviewed.Yesterday, Mr Harrison said: “After almost 27 years of being ignored, someone is listening and wants to know what really happened to me at QVS. I am pleased and eager to share the experience and emphasise the need for authorities to listen to children when they complain as well as teachers and carers especially in institutions. I hope my experience will help to create a more caring and safer environment for young people in the future.”After leaving QVS, Mr Harrison and his family relocated to Orkney and he made numerous attempts to have his allegations investigated over the years.

The case was finally referred to the Scottish Government’s historical child abuse inquiry in 2015Earlier this month, it also emerged that Police Scotland detectives are investigating at least two cases of historical abuse linked to QVS. One of them involves former teacher Ben Philip, who died after falling from a ladder at the school in 1993.Children of Scottish service personnel are eligible to attend QVS, which is now mixed but was an all-boys school at the time of the allegations. It is governed by a Board of Her Majesty’s Commissioners appointed by the Queen, the Scottish Secretary and the Defence Secretary.Fife campaigner Tom Minogue, a long-time supporter of Mr Harrison, has also been invited to give evidence by the inquiry’s witness support team. He said: “I never thought we’d get to this point because of the cast of characters involved with QVS, starting with the Duke of Edinburgh as patron and running down through some of the most powerful people in the land as Her Majesty’s Commissioners.“The great and the good don’t want us to speak about any of this, starting with the fact that Thomas Hamilton was running about the place.”
Mr Harrison’s allegations centre on a group of men who would allegedly take pupils away for weekends and return them “distressed but flush with cash”.Five years after the claims were first reported to the police, 16 children and one teacher were shot at Dunblane Primary School by evil Hamilton. To his horror, Mr Harrison recognised the fiend as a frequent visitor to QVS.In evidence submitted to the inquiry, Mr Harrison states: “When I enquired about him (as well as other unknown visitors), I was told they were ‘friends of Queen Victoria School’; I have never to this day been able to find out who these ’friends’ were.”The Cullen Inquiry later heard that Hamilton took youth clubs camping in the QVS grounds, that he arranged for an acquaintance to get a summer job at the school and that he took another man shooting at the school’s firing range.Mr Minogue said the implications of this evidence had never been properly explored and added: “These references quite clearly corroborate Glenn’s story and show that Her Majesty’s Commissioners either didn’t know what was going on at the school they were charged with governing, or they have been less than truthful.”An MoD spokeswoman said: “We take any allegations of this nature very seriously and any claims of historical abuse involving Queen Victoria School have been passed to the police. We will fully co-operate with their inquiries.”



Dunblane, Queen Victoria School, Spec Society (Elite Scottish Freemasons)

wp-1491116480135.jpgApril 2 2017,

There were fresh calls last night to widen the Scottish government’s child abuse inquiry after a former pupil of a military boarding school in Dunblane claimed he was abused by a teacher.

It has emerged police launched an investigation after a victim broke decades of silence to reveal his abuse at the hands of a housemaster at Queen Victoria School (QVS) in the 1970s.

The man, now in his fifties, was told by detectives last month that his abuser, who died 24 years ago, would have faced being charged if he had still been alive. The former pupil is believed to be the first victim of alleged sexual abuse at the school known to have come forward. It reignites concerns first raised in 1991 by a QVS teacher who feared boys were at risk. A police probe failed to find evidence of wrongdoing at the time.

Separately, detectives have looked into claims that a woman was abused as a child in the 1990s by her father who had links to QVS.

The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry (SCAI), launched in 2015, has named dozens of establishments under investigation, but QVS is not one of them.

The school is funded by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and counts Prince Philip as its patron.

Janine Rennie, from the charity Wellbeing Scotland, said: “If the inquiry is going to be effective, it cannot exclude an establishment where there is evidence of abuse.”

The former QVS pupil told police last year that he was abused by a teacher, Ben Phillips, while in primary school. Speaking to The Sunday Times, he recalled Phillips “fondling” his genitals while he was in bed in the dormitory and putting his hand down his pants while he was standing at Phillips’ desk during class. The man only told his father of the abuse in 2013.

“I think it’s my duty to mention these facts,” the man said. “[The police] took my case very seriously. It was only [last month] that an officer gave me a final update. If certain teachers had still been alive then there would be enough evidence with what they had accumulated from myself and other ex-pupils to make a case.

“I thought going to the police was the right thing to do, as there may be old boys out there who have suffered over the years.”

The Sunday Times understands that the MoD and QVS co-operated fully with the investigation into Phillips, who lived and worked at the school. He died in 1993, aged 46, when he fell from a ladder while hanging Christmas decorations.

We can also reveal that police investigated claims by a woman that she was abused as a girl in Dunblane in the 1990s. A local resident first raised concerns over the girl’s welfare in 1991, and in 2015 was asked by detectives to provide a fresh statement. The resident, who spoke to this paper last week, said the woman’s father had close connections with QVS and that the case was quietly dropped.

An MoD spokeswoman said: “We take any allegations of this nature very seriously and any claims of historical abuse involving Queen Victoria School have been passed to the police. We will fully co-operate with their inquiries.”

A spokesman for the SCAI said it will announce further investigations in due course that “may include other boarding schools”.

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said: “There is no ongoing investigation in connection with Queen Victoria School. Police Scotland will not discuss further details of any reports made.”

Meanwhile, police in Kent have launched a review after a parent of an ex-pupil at The Duke of York’s Royal Military School complained that the force failed to robustly investigate a historical allegation.

http://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/scotland/fresh-sex-abuse-claims-hit-scots-military-school-b8bz3wvfv  https://archive.is/RqS6c



Jul 5, 2015

Top Scots school in abuse claims

CLAIMS of a powerful paedophile ring operating at a top Scottish military school with links to the Royal Family have been passed to the Holyrood inquiry into historical child abuse.

The allegations centre on Queen Victoria School in Dunblane, which has Prince Philip as its patron and is funded by the Ministry of Defence for the children of Scots service personnel.Last night, the Ministry of Defence said the claims were being “investigated via the appropriate agencies”.Glenn Harrison, a former housemaster at the boarding school, first raised the alarm in 1991 when he wrote to parents to warn them that their children were at risk.He also reported his concerns to the former Central Scotland Police but says he was told the school was covered by the Official Secrets Act and therefore out of their jurisdiction.His claims centred on a supposed cabal of individuals known as the ‘Friends of QVS’, which was said to include high profile members of Scotland’s political and legal circles.They apparently enjoyed unfettered access to the school and would often take boys away for the weekend, with the pupils returning “distressed but flush with cash”.

Mr Harrison later said: “They had to take their kilts and clean underwear and I was not given a contact address. What may have gone on at these parties was secret but some boys were very disturbed.“I became disturbed, too, by screams in the dorm at night, empty beds, rituals in dark places and used, warm, filled condoms hurriedly abandoned. There was fear throughout every age group and the teachers knew about it.”In one instance, Mr Harrison and his wife refused to sit alongside Prince Andrew at a school dinner “in protest at the many unheard voices and suffering of young boys”.The police responded to his complaint by breaking down the door to his flat and removing many of his personal papers, while he was escorted from the school premises and interviewed by detectives.Mr Harrison also reported his concerns to social services, the NSPCC and the Scotland Office, whose inspectors found evidence of bullying but said other allegations had been “exaggerated”.He moved to Shetland, where he enjoyed a distinguished teaching career, and his new MP Jim Wallace, now Baron Wallace of Tankerness, agreed to raise the matter at Westminster.
In 1993,Hansard recorded a written response from QVS headmaster Julian Hankinson to say that police had “concluded there was no cause for further action on their part”.The story took a twist with the Dunblane massacre carried out by Thomas Hamilton, whose links to Queen Victoria School were established at the Cullen Inquiry.In November 1996, Mr Harrison wrote to The Shetland Times to say: “I believe that, had my allegations in 1991 been properly investigated, there is a strong possibility that Hamilton would have been discovered.”His claims still went largely ignored until being picked up by Brian ‘Robbie the Pict’ Robertson, who led the campaign against Skye Bridge tolls, and justice campaigner Tom Minogue.
Mr Minogue, a retired businessman from Dunfermline, made a formal complaint to Central Scotland Police in November 2003.He said: “Glenn Harrison reported all this before anybody had any suspicions about Thomas Hamilton, never mind Nicholas Fairbairn or Robert Henderson.“With each passing revelation, it adds more credence to what he alleged in 1991.“The stories he told me were absolutely harrowing. I don’t know whether boys were abused from that school but I do know Glenn Harrison was absolutely convinced they were, and he is a sincere, genuine and serious man.”He added the so-called ‘Friends of QVS’ put forward by Mr Harrison represented a “who’s who of the Scottish TV news” in the late 1980s and early 1990s.The former housemaster has now retired and left Scotland, telling friends he had “had enough” of being thwarted in his attempts to secure justice.However, a number of individuals who may have been abused at Queen Victoria School have come forward in recent years and the matter has been referred to Susan O’Brien QC, who will chair the Scottish Government inquiry.The school, which began admitting girls in 1996, is open to children of those who have served or are serving in the Army, Navy or RAF.It has been rocked by a number of underage sex and drinking scandals over the years, while two teachers were investigated by the police in 2005 over allegations involving two female pupils.A fiscal later ruled no action could be taken as a new Holyrood law designed to protect children in such circumstances had not been in force at the time.It is the latest boarding school to be hit by historic abuse allegations, after Merchiston Castle School, Fort Augustus Abbey School and Gordonstoun.Alan Draper, of the In Care Abuse Survivors group, urged Ms O’Brien QC to have the “courage” to investigate claims involving high-profile Scottish establishment figures, “even members of her own profession”.He added: “It is a question of how far she is going to be able to deal with it without any interference.”An MoD spokeswoman said: “These cases of historic abuse are being dealt with and investigated via the appropriate agencies. In advance of the completion of any investigations or the finalisation of any inquiry, it would be inappropriate to comment on any aspect of the allegations until a conclusion is reached. The MoD is co-operating fully with the investigations.”Detective Chief Inspector Elaine Galbraith, of the Police Scotland Public Protection Unit, said there were no current investigations into any persons connected with Queen Victoria School but any previous reports would be assessed and reviewed if necessary.She added they were committed to the investigation of all reports of sexual crime to bring justice for victims of sexual abuse, regardless of the passage of time and said: “I would encourage anyone who may have been a victim, regardless of when that was, to come forward, safe in the knowledge they will be taken seriously and will always be dealt with professionally.”A Scottish Government spokeswoman said it will be for the inquiry to consider all submitted evidence.http://www.express.co.uk/scotland/588918/Top-Scotland-school-abuse-claims

QVS, Dunblane, VIPaedo, Cover-Up


Abuse inquiry judge urged to investigate Dunblane boarding school

March 5 2017

The judge at the helm of an historic child abuse review in Scotland is being urged to investigate a top private school with links to the royal family.

Glenn Harrison, a former housemaster at Dunblane’s Queen Victoria School (QVS), has raised fresh concern that pupils were sexually abused by a paedophile ring during the 1980s and 1990s. He first blew the whistle 26 years ago but has written to Lady Anne Smith, chairwoman of the Scottish child abuse inquiry, making a new case for its


COURT: Music professor at Ampleforth College has appeared in court

Music professor at Ampleforth School in court on sex offence charges

Jan 20 2017

A LEADING Roman Catholic school has been rocked by abuse allegations after a music professor appeared in court accused of sex offences against a girl more than 30 years his junior.

Irish-born classical musician and composer Dara De Cogan, 57, was appointed performing arts professor at Ampleforth College, North Yorkshire, in 2004.

The gifted violinist is charged with 12 counts of sexual activity with a child while in a position of trust.

The court heard the victim was a girl aged 16 and 17 at the time of the alleged offences between December 2007 and December 2009.

Dublin-born De Cogan, became leader of the Irish Youth Orchestra in 1978 and represented his country in the European Community Youth Orchestra.

In 1982, he joined the Hallé Orchestra and has played in folk music ensembles and has worked widely in the recording industry.

Image result for ecyo dara de cogan

Dara de Cogan outside court

His court appearance came just weeks after it was confirmed Ampleforth is to be included in one of three public hearings carried out in the national child sexual abuse inquiry.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Handel’s Messiah..

The Messiah saw Ampleforth Abbey packed to the rafters. Locals,non locals and parents of preforming children all packed in on a cold winter’s night.
The Orchestra was led by Dara de Cogan and the conductor was Ian Little.
Dara De Cogan performs Benjamin Britten

Image result for Dara De Cogan,

Music professor at Ampleforth School in court on sex offence charges

The Ampleforth Chamber Ensemble Dara de Cogan (violin) who is Head of Strings



Dara de Cogan, a founder-member of European Community Youth Orchestra


Dublin-born De Cogan, became leader of the Irish Youth Orchestra in 1978 and represented his country in the European Community Youth Orchestra.




European Community Youth Orchestra – that was Edward Heath’s province too


Heath made a special point of conducting orchestras involving young musicians. While still prime minister, he conducted the Academy of the BBC at the 50th anniversary concert in the series for children founded by Sir Robert Mayer. Later, it was through Heath’s help that the European Community Youth Orchestra was set up. He became its president, and conducted it on summer tours in 1978, 1979 and 1980.


Heath the musician: Rehearsing the 107 strong European Community Youth Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall

A vanished file and troubling claims about Heath and young musicians

The ensemble in question was the European Community Youth Orchestra, and it was about to embark on its inaugural tour of EEC capitals. It was to be a flagship for pan-European cultural co-operation.

The 135 musicians, some of whom were as young as 14, were drawn from the then nine member nations. Heath, an enthusiastic amateur musician who had led the United Kingdom into the European Community five years before, was the orchestra’s founding president. He would also be its guest conductor for that tour and several tours to come.

In an intriguing development, the Mail learned this week that a file relating to Sir Edward and the infamous Paedophile Information Exchange group is one of those missing from official Government records.

It is among 114 missing files concerning child abuse identified by an independent review of how allegations were handled by the Home Office.

The title of the missing document, ‘Edward Heath MP [redacted] RE: PIE’, refers to the activities of the Paedophile Information Exchange.

Investigators discovered that the file disappeared more than 25 years ago after being moved to a Westminster record centre. They concluded that there was no evidence of any orchestrated attempts by officials over three decades to cover up child abuse.

But the unexpected absence of the file raises questions about the exact nature of the connection between Heath and the PIE group.

Further new allegations of sexual abuse and possible official cover-up concerning Sir Edward have come to light. They centre on his relationship with the European Community Youth Orchestra.

A retired senior police officer, who served with several southern forces including Wiltshire, told the Mail that there were ‘always rumours’ about Heath, the former MP for Bexley.

The policeman — a widely respected officer with a distinguished career — asked that due to the sensitivities of the Heath investigations, he remain anonymous. He told us that the rumours did not come with any specific evidence against the former PM.

But he went on: ‘The exception were several allegations made against him in his role with the European Youth Orchestra. I understand there were credible claims that Heath indecently assaulted young people on tours to the Continent which he was leading.

‘These tours took place in the late 1970s or early 1980s.

‘It was never clear how old the victims were, or exactly what happened, and what was alleged was not at the top end of the scale of criminality.

‘Why these were never investigated I cannot say. I suspect it is because they took place overseas and the victims were from other countries.’

Seven police forces are investigating after it was claimed that the early 1990s trial of brothel madam Ling-Ling was dropped when she threatened to claim in court that rent boys had been supplied to the ex-prime minister

Ted Heath would have known Dara De Cogan through the European Community Youth Orchestra.

And Heath links to another Ampleforth paedophile – Piers Grant-Ferris – his father Lord Harvington was good friends with Heath and Thatcher.

Related image

Music professor at Ampleforth School in court on sex offence charges

A LEADING Roman Catholic school has been rocked by abuse allegations after a music professor appeared in court accused of sex offences against a girl more than 30 years his junior.

Irish-born classical musician and composer Dara De Cogan, 57, was appointed performing arts professor at Ampleforth College, North Yorkshire, in 2004.

The gifted violinist is charged with 12 counts of sexual activity with a child while in a position of trust.

The court heard the victim was a girl aged 16 and 17 at the time of the alleged offences between December 2007 and December 2009.

Dublin-born De Cogan, became leader of the Irish Youth Orchestra in 1978 and represented his country in the European Community Youth Orchestra.

In 1982, he joined the Hallé Orchestra and has played in folk music ensembles and has worked widely in the recording industry.

His court appearance came just weeks after it was confirmed Ampleforth is to be included in one of three public hearings carried out in the national child sexual abuse inquiry.


President:- Dara de Cogan



Dara de Cogan

became leader of the Irish Youth Orchestra in 1978 and represented his country in the European Community Youth Orchestra. He continued his studies at the Royal College of Music with Jaraslav Vanecek. In 1982 he joined the Hallé Orchestra and became Principal Second Violin in 1986. Alongside his orchestral work, Dara runs his own Irish band, Delginis, and he was the String Coach and Artistic Director for the Hebridean Youth Project Summer Music School.

Dara was appointed Head of Strings at Ampleforth College in 2004 and continues coaching various youth orchestras, as well as private individual tuition.

We are an enthusiastic amateur orchestra based in Hazel Grove, Stockport.

Our President is Dara de Cogan, a distinguished violinist and teacher, and our Musical Director and Conductor is Mehrdad Bakhshayesh.

We give three concerts a year in the Methodist Church in Wesley Street (Hazel Grove), and these are always very well attended.

We rehearse each Thursday evening from 7:30 till 10:00 pm in the Sunday School attached to the Methodist Church in Wesley Street, Hazel Grove.



Piers Grant-Ferris/Robert Grant Grant-Ferris/Heath /Ampleforth/Jersey

Image result for Robert Grant Grant-Ferris,


Piers Grant-FerrisHis secret past as a serial abuser of young boys at Ampleforth.

He was an officer in the Irish Guards before becoming a novice monk in the Benedictine Order in 1955.


Image result for Robert Grant Grant-Ferris,
His late father, Lord harvington, Robert Grant Grant-Ferris, the former Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons during Ted Heath’s Government and member of a prominent English Roman Catholic family – retired to Jersey


Image result for Robert Grant Grant-Ferris,

Edward Heath, Margaret Thatcher and her husband were among the guests on Robert Grant Grant-Ferris, Baron Harvington‘s  yacht.

Born Robert Grant Ferris, he was educated at Douai School (csa scandal there too)

He was Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, and chairman of the Ways and Means Committee during the years of Edward Heath’s government, having never before held any office but that of a Parliamentary Private Secretary in wartime.

He served in most of the major theatres of war, including France, Egypt, India and Malta. Of his Maltese service he had particularly fond memories, and he was above all proud when – amid a string of foreign decorations – he was made a Knight Grand Cross of the Sovereign and Military Order of Malta in 1949.

…deeply involved in hospital work…

president of the National Sheepbreeders’ Association in 1956; he also served no less than three terms as president of the Southdown Sheep Society.

Robert Grant Ferris (Robert Grant Grant-Ferris), politician: born 30 December 1907; called to the Bar, Inner Temple 1937; MP (Conservative) for North St Pancras 1937-45, for Nantwich 1955-74; Air Efficiency Award 1942; Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Minister of Town and Country Planning (W.S. Morrison) 1944-45; President, Southdown Sheep Society of England 1950-52, 1959-60, 1973; President, National Sheep Breeders’ Association 1956-58; a Member of the Speaker’s Panel of Chairmen, House of Commons 1962-70; chairman, Board of Management, Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth 1963-70; Kt 1969; President, Smithfield Club 1970; Chairman of Ways and Means and Deputy Speaker, House of Commons 1970-74; PC 1971; created 1974 Baron Harvington; married 1930 Florence Brennan de Vine (deceased; one son, one daughter); died Jersey 30 December 1996.



Robert Grant Ferris- Inland Waterways Association

Robert Grant Ferris was a noted pilot in the Royal Air Force, and one time Deputy Speaker in the House of Commons.  He was one of IWA’s most influential and hard-working friends in Parliament.

Robert Grant Ferris MP was knighted in 1969, and in 1974 was created a life peer as Lord Harvington of Nantwich in Cheshire. He was elected an IWA Vice-President in 1966 and was chairman of the original All-party Waterways Committee.


Early this week, Heath, who died in 2005, was formally attached to the wide-ranging allegations of historic paedophile abuse and cover-up by members of the British political establishment

Life in Jersey revolved around hunting, golf, motor yachting, and farming. Lord Harvington was also a noted breeder of pedigree sheep and former president of the National Sheep Breeders Association. Edward Heath, Margaret Thatcher and her husband were among the guests on his yacht.

Son Piers Grant-Ferris –

He served at Our Lady and St Michael’s Church in Workington, Cumbria, between 1978 and 1989, when he was chaplain to St Joseph’s RC School, before returning to Ampleforth Abbey where he was much sought-after to lead retreats.

Dec 1976: Lord Winstanley exhorts Antony Grey “pursue Mrs Whitehouse to the end of the road, if not further!”

For greater context to documents below please see John Cockburn’s blog post on Mary Whitehouse versus PIE and the Home Office discussing Chapter 13 of Mary Whitehouse’s 1982 autobiography, “A Most Dangerous Woman” and her fight to bring in new legislation to protect children from sexual exploitation and abuse. Note in particular Cardinal Basil Hulme’s nomination of Savile to The Athenaeum [Sir Jimmy Savile causes anguish at The Athenaeum, Telegraph 10 October 2012] and his involvement in the 1975 cover-up of abuse by the only son of former Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons during Ted Heath’s government Lord Harvington. Father Piers Grant-Ferris of Ampleforth College, Scarborough:

“HE was a highly respected monk and teacher and a celebrated mountaineer, the only son of leading Tory peer and public figure Lord Harvington, a personal friend of Margaret Thatcher.

A former officer in the Irish Guards, Piers Grant-Ferris seemed to represent all the values of his late father, the former Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons during Ted Heath’s Government and member of a prominent English Roman Catholic family.



But the younger Grant-Ferris, who once boasted that only his faith had saved him when he became lost in the Andes without food, had desires which were anything but godly.”[Shame of an officer and a gentleman Yorkshire Evening Post, 18 November 2005]

In November 1976 Mary Whitehouse accused Albany Trust of supporting pedophiles in their campaign to normalise sexual attraction and activity between men and children, indirectly funded by the government via the Trust.


A Bedales settlement over an alleged assault by a teacher included a confidentiality provision

Bedales gave references to ‘sexual abuse’ teacher

Feb 19 2017

A top boarding school attended by royals and children of the famous has issued a public apology for allowing a teacher suspected of sex abuse and investigated by the police to continue working.

Bedales, which charges fees of more than £33,000 a year, told The Sunday Times this weekend that it apologised “unreservedly” for the way it had handled complaints of abuse and misconduct against a teacher at its prep school, Dunhurst, in the 1980s, including providing a reference allowing him to go on and work elsewhere.


An school. How many others have recycled a member of staff who has an unhealthy interest in the young?

Celeb boarding school Bedales gave sex abuse suspect a teaching reference

Allegations against the unidentified teacher at the £33,000 a year school surfaced in the 1980s.

A famous boarding school whose alumni include Sophie Dahl and Lily Allen has apologised for providing a former teacher with an employment reference despite them being suspected of sexual abuse.

Bedales also apologised for allowing the teacher in question to continue working at the Hampshire school in the immediate aftermath of the allegations and not contacting the police straight away.

Allegations against the unidentified teacher at the £33,000 ($41,000) a year school surfaced in the 1980s. But the person was allowed to continue working at Dunhurst, the prep school managed by Bedales.

Police were not contacted and the school later provided a reference for the teacher so they could work in other schools, despite the accusation.

In a statement handed to The Sunday Times, the school said: “Specifically, the school was remiss on three counts: failure to dismiss the teacher immediately; failure to notify the authorities at the time; and providing references for the teacher based on what was known in 1987.

“We confirm that in 1987 as a result of complaints of serious misconduct made by parents against a teacher at Bedales Prep School, Dunhurst, the teacher was forced to resign.

“Almost eight years later at the end of 1994, specific sexual abuse allegations going back to 1985 were made against the same teacher. The school co-operated fully with the subsequent police investigation but the teacher was not charged.

“Separately, a civil action relating to the same case was subsequently brought in 1998 and a settlement was reached in 2002.”

The headmaster at the time of the alleged abuse was Euan MacAlpine, who told The Sunday Times: “I am out of it now. I have no idea how the whole thing ended. You know perfectly well that these allegations — and they were allegations — are always complex.”


Bedales supports Royal launch of charity sale

April 30th 2013

Members of the Bedales community were involved in Save the Children’s 50th anniversary Big Sale last week, which was attended by the Princess Royal. In addition to donating items for sale, students used their keen eye for fashion to select ensembles and model outfits as a preview of the sale, and Block 3 art students helped by designing the invitation. The School’s catering manager, Dave Greenman, was present in recognition of the support he has given in loaning school crockery and cutlery to the branch


Why I loathed doing time at Britain’s most liberal school

I’m not surprised by revelations yesterday about Bedales pupils having under-age sex, shoplifting and being expelled. Institutions do not change.

In the modern age, it has attracted the offspring of wealthy, but free-spirited society types. My peers included the actor Daniel Day-Lewis — son of a poet laureate — theatre director Peter Hall’s children Chris and Jenny, a number of young aristocrats and the children of Princess Margaret.

Royal connection: Anthony Armstrong-Jones and Princess Margaret take Lord Linley and Lady Sarah to school at Bedales. On the right is the Headmaster, Mr. C. P. Nobes

My parents were persuaded, back in 1972, by an equerry to the Queen that Bedales would be just the ticket for me. The informal ethos, mixing of the sexes and emphasis on the arts sounded ideal to two idealistic liberals working for the United Nations abroad.

But it was like Harry Potter’s boarding school Hogwarts — on Viagra. Sex went on all the time. Of course, if they were discovered in flagrante, pupils were instantly expelled — but that didn’t stop anyone. Nor was sex necessarily consensual.


When matron seduced me

10 Feb 2002

It was the mid 1960s. I was 14-going-on-15 and a pupil at Bedales, the co-educational boarding school in Hampshire, where Princess Margaret sent her children. My seductress was 10 years my senior and, wait for it, the school nurse.

The following year, still at Bedales, I helped a 16-year-old girl in my class further her affair with one of the junior French masters. He had a bed-sitting-room in a house in the school grounds and, on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons, the girl and I would go together to the teacher’s room for extra study.



19 March 2017

Britain’s most prestigious military school ‘bribed teacher’s daughter to provide information that led to the arrest of whistleblower’

Duke of York’s Royal Military School near Dover

Britain’s most prestigious military boarding school is facing damaging new claims that it covered up allegations of abuse against students.

The boarding school near Dover, which has enjoyed visits from Prince Harry and the British Army’s Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Nicholas Carter, is listed on police records as the location for 38 crime reports over the last two decades.

Of these, 12 were sexual offences and 11 were “child protection incidents”, according to police records obtained through freedom of information requests. At least five resulted in cautions, charges or warnings.  

But when the school’s then deputy child protection officer Tracy Austin and concerned parent Georgina Halford-Hall raised concerns about child safety, the primary concern of former headmaster Chris Russell appeared to be finding the source of the disclosures.  

Chris Russell with his ex-wife, the television presenter Jan Leeming

Chris Russell with his ex-wife, the television presenter Jan Leeming pictured in 2001

Rather than looking into her claims, police arrived at her cottage in the Somerset village of Gurney Slade in June 2014 and arrested her for handling stolen goods and a breach of the Data Protection Act.

“I was horrified,” she said. “I was trying to protect children from abuse, but the only people police were investigating were the people raising concerns.”

The mother-of-three, whose husband is a former chairman of the Wells Conservative Constituency Association, was cleared a year later when crown prosecutors offered no evidence, causing the case to collapse.

Ms Austin, who had resigned from her position as deputy child protection officer in protest at the way the school dealt with concerns about sexual abuse of a teenage girl, was also arrested and faced similar charges. She was later told no further action would be taken against her.

In correspondence from marked “confidential”, Mr Russell wrote to Col Clive Knightley, the MOD official responsible for safeguarding of military children, to tell him that “the mole has been identified and removed from the school”, referring to Ms Austin.  

Col Knightley, who is assistant director at the MOD’s Directorate for Children and Young People, thanked Mr Russell for his “very helpful” memo, adding that he is drafting a “short and concise” response from the Adjutant General – who was the then chairman of the school’s trustees.

The school was run by the MOD until 2010 when it became an academy, but it is still promoted by the Government as one of the “highly recommended” schools for children from military families, who are eligible for grants from the MOD to subsidise fees.

On Saturday The Telegraph exposed how the Ministry of Defence appeared to collude The Duke of York’s Royal Military School to stifle claims of bullying and abuse.

Kent Police launched a review into their alleged failure to investigate dozens of criminal allegations at the school, and at least one detective inspector has been disciplined.

Duke of York’s Royal Military School on September 28, 2015

The force has set up a dedicated team to review claims about the school, which is seen as a breeding ground for future army leaders and boasts His Royal Highness, The Duke of Kent, as a patron.
Prince Harry inspects the student guards during his visit to The

Now it has emerged that the police are probing allegations that the school – which has enjoyed visits from Prince Harry and the British Army’s Chief of the General Staff – even bribed a teacher’s daughter to provide information that led to the arrest of whistleblowers who sought to expose the alleged goings-on at the school.

A letter from Kent Professional Standards Department, seen by The Telegraph, details how the force is reviewing a complaint that officers “failed to investigate the report of bribery by the school in paying Ceri Austin to provide a statement”.

Ceri Austin’s mother Tracy had resigned from her positions as the school’s deputy child protection officer in protest at the way the school dealt with concerns about sexual abuse of a teenage girl.
“They wanted to turn a blind eye to it. At the time there was a spate of sleeper holds – where boys strangle each other until they faint”Former teacher

After allegedly being offered a sum of money, Ceri Austin gave a witness statement which led to the arrest of her mother and Georgina Halford-Hall, a concerned parent who had also tried to complain about alleged bullying and abuse at the school. Both were cleared a year later when crown prosecutors offered no evidence, causing the cases to collapse.

Kent Police are probing why the allegation of bribery was not properly investigated when it was first reported. They are reviewing a complaint about why it was downgraded to a “suspicious incident” when it was in fact a “matter of extreme importance and one which raised serious questions about the credibility of the evidence provided by school’s management and others in the investigation”.

Detective Chief Inspector Swan, who is overseeing the complaint said that allegations are “suitable for a proportionate investigation” which means that “the conduct alleged may if proven justify criminal/disciplinary proceedings”.

A spokesman for Duke of York’s Royal Military School said that the suggestion that anyone was bribed is a “complete fabrication”.

Former teachers, parents and students at the school, which is seen as a breeding ground for future army leaders, have told The Telegraph that when they tried to raise the alarm about the alleged abuse, the school moved to silence them.

Rachel Ward, who sent her two sons to the school, voiced concerns about the allegations practise of “chair-gating”, where boys were made to sit on a hard backed chair facing a wall for whole weekends at a time, only allowed to get up to use the toilet or go to a meal, as a punishment for misbehaviour.

Mrs Ward, a retail and marketing executive from Hampshire whose husband was a Warrant Officers with the Royal Engineers, claims that that she was warned by an intermediary that her husband’s military career would be over if she did not stop complaining.

“They are in charge of all those children, you would think they would have a nurturing instinct,” she said. “But they didn’t want anyone questioning their methods.

Former teachers have also told this newspaper about the “barbaric” punishment systems at the school, and claimed that they were told to stop recording incidents in the medical log book because the school wanted to “turn a blind eye” to the goings-on in the boys’ dormitories.

One former teacher told The Telegraph that he was shocked at the punishments doled out by teachers to younger boys, which he said he found “wholly inappropriate”.

He said: “There was a culture of really quite unpleasant behaviour from some members of staff.”

The former teacher recalled a particularly “murky” incident when a young boy being rushed to hospital after being consensually strangled by one of his peers during a game, and falling unconscious.

At hospital nurses found that his body was covered in bruising including being whipped with a belt.

The school carried out an internal review of the incident and found that the principal “made a number of errors of judgement in the execution of the school’s responsibilities toward [the boy].”

An Ofsted report noted that there had been a “serious bullying incident” in May 2011 which “uncovered wider concerns regarding the safeguarding practises at the school”.

Another former teacher alleges she and her colleagues were told by senior management to stop recording medical incidents.

“They wanted to turn a blind eye to it,” she said. “At the time there was a spate of sleeper holds – where boys strangle each other until they faint.”

Ofsted carried out an emergency inspection in February 2013 “following concerns about the care of boarders at the school”.

A subsequent Ofsted report published in July 2013, rating its provision of care as “good”.

The school received a favourable report following another emergency inspection last month.

A spokesman for DOYRMS said the school would co-operate with any police investigation.

The spokesman said the punishments described “simply did not happen”, adding that such claims have been “fully investigated” by Ofsted whose inspectors exonerated the school.

It said Ofsted had also investigated claims about the handling of a sex abuse complaint and the school had been exonerated.

An MOD spokesman said the suggesting it had tried to stifle claims of abuse at the school is “completely untrue.”

“The MOD continues to take its responsibility for the Duke of York’s Royal Military School and the well-being of its pupils very seriously,” the spokesman said.

“The school has undergone a number of Ofsted inspections, as well as scrutiny by other the Education Funding Agency and Kent County Council, all of whom are satisfied the school is meeting or exceeding the standards required.”


Former headmaster Chris Russell with his then wife Jan Leeming

Headmaster Chris Russell’s stepson:

“Mother dug him out of negative equity and bought him a Jaguar,” says Jonathan. “She spent a fortune renovating the house they bought, which she called Enchantress Cottage because the door was made out of wood from an old Royal Navy yacht with the same name.

“My mother is an incurable romantic, but Chris neglected her. He was all about image and status

It had all started so well. When one of Chris’s pupils at Astor School near Dover began a project on Zandra Rhodes, he remembered a newspaper article in which Jan had been singing the fashion designer’s praises. So he wrote to her.

Six months later, Jan replied. A correspondence ensued and they met in July, 1997.

Chris was a bachelor for 17 years. He’d forgotten what it was to have a wife.”


Chris Russell to retire as executive principal and Commandant of Duke of Yorks Royal Military School, Dover

10 December 2016 |

In recent years the school’s ceremonial parade has been inspected by Prince Harry, the Duke of Kent, and the British Army’s Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Nicholas Carter.

Mr Russell was a governor at the school before becoming its head. His early career included a commission in the Royal Army Education Corps.

Outside the classroom, Mr Russell played professional cricket for Kent and Surrey. He represented the Army and Combined Services, captaining two championship winning Army sides. The arts have also been important – he has produced 55 international musicals and initiated and run the National Students’ Art Exhibitions at London’s Mall Galleries, now in its 15th year.

This year, Mr Russell became President of the British Torch of Remembrance and led the visit to Belgium, involving major wreath laying ceremonies including at the Cenotaph, Dover, the Menin Gate, Flanders Fields and the Kings Day Parade in Brussels. 

He will still have contact with the school having been appointed as a Trustee of The Dukies’ Foundation.

The school’s new Principal is Mr Alex Foreman who will start in January 2017.


Schools inspector Ofsted apologies over controversial visit to Astor College for the Arts

27 May 2015

It was revealed last week that the 988-pupil school was set to be rated inadequate following a visit from Ofsted inspectors.

But in a highly unusual step, Ofsted has now sent a letter to the school apologising for the “inconvenience” caused by its initial visit and revealed Astor will now be re-inspected.

after the story broke in the media, the school’s chief executive officer, Chris Russell, wrote a letter to parents and guardians.

He said: “I should like to inform you that the college is not in special measures.

“Ofsted have apologised for their shortcomings and the fact that their inspection was incomplete.

The school’s chief executive officer, Chris Russell, said a new team from Ofsted will re-inspect the school in the “near future.”

Dover’s Astor College for the Arts and Walmer Science College with Michael Gove MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Children.
Astor College
the arrival of Christopher J Russell as head teacher in 1988


Rev Mark Carey son of former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord George Carey arrested over 1980s child sex abuse claims

The Archbishop of Canterbury with his son Rev Mark Carey

The Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey  with his son Rev Mark Carey (right)

The son of the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, has been suspended by the Diocese of Leeds after a complaint was filed with the Durham Constabulary alleging that over 30 years ago he abused a young girl.


Update: Apr 6 2017

Very Curious...only two sites reporting this news – Christian Today.com -&  Anglican Ink and not one of the major newspaper sites that published the original arrest news??

Were they instructed not to??….

Son of former Archbishop of Canterbury cleared of sex abuse charges

The son of former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey has been cleared of sex abuse charges against a young woman.

Rev Mark Carey was suspended from ministering by the Diocese of Leeds after he was arrested in October 2016 for allegedly sexually attacking a young woman in the 1980s.

He was later released on bail but has since reported the case has been dropped and no further action will be taken, according to Anglican Ink.

A source close to Mr Carey told Christian Today that both he and the diocese of Leeds had been informed by the police that the allegations were ‘unfounded’. 

The incident was said to have taken place while his father, now Lord Carey, was vicar at St Nicholas’, Durham, between 1975 and 1982.

Mark Carey, now 51, would have been in his teens at the time. Carey Senior then became Archbishop of Canterbury between 1991 and 2002. He has maintained a high profile since as a media commentator and campaigner.

‘Woke up with a sense of freedom for first time in 5 months. Accusation & condemnation wiped out,’ Mark Carey wrote on Facebook last month. ‘Now in recovery mode.’

He later posted on Facebook his relief and celebration at being cleared.

Carey describes himself as a ‘pioneer minster’ in the Church of England. He is involved in the Kairos Christian fellowship which is a Christian community movement that meets in pubs, cafes and homes.

Christian Today has requested a comment from the Leeds diocese.


Here’s the Anglican link article:


Carey cleared

06 Apr 2017


George Conger

The son of the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, has been cleared of charges that he abused a young girl. The accusations against the Rev. Mark Carey led to his suspension by the Diocese of Leeds and questioning by police. However, on 8 March 2017 he reported: “Just heard that police have dropped case & no further action.”

On 19 Oct 2016, Mr Carey was arrested at his home in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, by officers of the Durham Constabulary accused of having sexually abused a young women in the 1980s. He was released after posting bail, pending further inquiries. The incident is alleged to have occurred during Lord Carey’s tenure as vicar of St Nicholas’ Church in Durham between 1975 and 1982. Mark Carey, now 51, would have been no more than 17 years old at the time.

Supported by family, friends and his parishioners, Mr. Carey maintained his innocence throughout his five month ordeal and was grateful for his vindication. Friends of the Harrogate vicar told AI they were shocked by the accusations and considered them “absurd”. Following his vindication from the false charges of abuse, Mr. Carey wrote on his On his Facebook: “Woke up with a sense of freedom for first time in 5 months. Accusation & condemnation wiped out. Now in recovery mode.”

For six years Mr Carey has served as the “pioneer minister” of the Kairos Christian fellowship that meets in homes, pubs, and cafes. At its launch in 2010, Mr. Carey told the BBC “Kairos focuses on releasing communities of followers to live out the mission of Jesus.”

“While it is one church it is also six smaller network churches, small to mid-size groups of up to thirty people known, officially, as ‘mission-shaped communities’ (MSCs).”

“With a variety of imaginative titles, each MSC is treated as a church in its own right, meeting not in a church building but in homes, cafes, pubs, or even outdoors”.

Disclaimer: While the author of this report has never met the Rev. Mark Carey, he was a colleague of the brother of the accused, Andrew, for several years at the Church of England Newspaper.


Let’s be honest, dropping the case is a far cry from having been cleared.


“Unfounded” Does Not Mean “Found Innocent”

In reading coverage of various rape and/or sexual assault accusations, I’ve been struck repeatedly by the bizarre conflation of the term “unfounded” with the words “false”, “false accusation”, and “proven innocent” to describe accusations that never made it to court.


Rev Mark Carey son of former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord George Carey arrested over historic child sex abuse claims

21 Oct 2016Mark Carey (left) with his father, who was The Archbishop of Canterbury, at Wakefield Cathedral after ordained as a priest in the Church of England in 1995

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr George Carey, at Wakefield Cathedral at his son Mark  Carey’s ordination – July 2 1995

Rev Mark Carey, 51, is accused of assaulting a young girl in the 1980s when he was in his late teens

His alleged victim, now in her 30s, claimed she was assaulted when he was in his late teens and Lord Carey was a priest in the North-East.

The incident is alleged to have occurred during Lord Carey’s tenure as vicar of St Nicholas’ Church in Durham between 1975 and 1982.

Mark Carey, now 51, would have been no more than 17 years old at the time.

(Mark Carey was born in 1965.  He was 17 in 1982. If the woman is in her 30s, now, she would have been born between 1977-1986; so in 1982, the oldest she would have been was 5 years old.)

Rev Carey was released on police bail and has since been suspended by the Church of England pending inquiries.

Father of three Rev Carey, who followed his father into the church in 1995

Rev Carey’s father was Archbishop between 1991 and 2002.  George Carey became a member of the Privy Council in the same year that he was made Archbishop – 1991.

He was joined at his home in Harrogate, North Yorks, yesterday by his father and mother Eileen. His wife Penny, 53, whom he married in 1988, refused to comment.

The alleged victim approached Durham Police to make the complaint. Officers from North Yorkshire police arrested him.

The former social worker – was ordained in 1995 at Wakefield Cathedral, witnessed by his father.

He had previously been curate of Christ Church in South Ossett, West Yorks and went on to be a parish priest in Sheffield and then Harrogate in 2007.

Last night, a Church of England spokesman said: “A 51-year-old priest in the Diocese of Leeds has been suspended by the Bishop following his arrest by Durham Constabulary concerning allegations of historical abuse.


In 2010 he launched the Kairos church in the town to replace the redundant St Mary’s and now worships in homes, pubs, cafes and even outdoors.

His brother Andrew, who works at the Christian charity Barnabas Fund, told the Sunday Telegraph that his family did not wish to comment on the allegations against Rev Carey.


Mark Carey

I used to work with children and young people as a Residential Social Worker in Bristol before becoming a C of E Vicar. I now lead Kairos Church, formerly St Mary’s Harrogate with All Saint’s, Harlow Hill.



Page 58

Nursing Times, Nursing Mirror, Volume 83 – 1987

Mark Carey was a residential social worker. 1987

Mark Carey is passionate about adoption.

Mark CareyProtected Tweets

Follower & friend of Christ, husband, father of 3. Pioneer Minister Kairos Network Church.

Passionate about discipleship, adoption & Arsenal FC.


(Notable Crusader Peter Broadbent  was at St Nicholas’ Church til 1980.

Ordained in 1977, His first parish job was as Curate to George Carey, when he was Vicar of St Nicholas, Durham and he was an Islington Labor councillor 1982-1990.)

Image result for islington councillor pete broadbent 1982


Broadbent was educated at Merchant Taylors’ School, Northwood, Middlesex. He was 15 when he became a committed Christian through the Crusaders youth organisation. He studied English at Jesus College, Cambridge and then studied theology at St John’s College, Nottingham before being ordained.

more on Broadbent below-back to Mark Carey…

‘Homeless’ church welcomes new vicar
A NEW vicar at St Mary’s and All Saints Church has been welcomed with open arms to a congregation displaced after their church building was made redundant. Rev Mark Carey, who is the son of former Archbishop of Canterbury Dr George Carey, was delighted at his reception.

Since 2006 when their building was declared unsafe, the congregation have been worshipping at Harrogate Grammar School where Mr Carey was licensed as Priest in Charge during a ceremony at the beginning of this month. The Bishop of Leeds and Ripon was there to lead the ceremony.

Mr Carey was previously vicar at St Mark’s Church Grenoside, Sheffield, where he had been for eight years. His wife Penny, and three children joined him at the vicarage in September as they embarked on their new life in Harrogate.


New Wine is a national network of clergy and churches supporting and encouraging one another


 Image result for Former Archbishop of Canterbury admits he deserves criticism over ex-bishop sex abuse 'cover up'Image result for Former Archbishop of Canterbury admits he deserves criticism over ex-bishop sex abuse 'cover up'
Lord Carey ‘may face explicit criticism’ from abuse inquiry

21 Oct 2016

THE former Archbishop of Canter­bury Lord Carey has been granted core-participant status at the In­­dependent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) after Professor Alexis Jay, who chairs it, ruled that he “may be subject to explicit crit­­­­ic­­ism by the Inquiry in due course”.

Core participants are entitled to legal representation at the Inquiry and to receive advance disclosure of evidence. They may also cross-examine witnesses when the public hearings begin, something that is expected to happen next year.

In his application for core parti­cipant status, lawyers for Lord Carey explained that, as a retired office-holder, he was led to be believe that he would be represented at the In­­quiry by lawyers for the Arch­bishops’ Council, which also has core-participant status. “Once the Archbishops’ Council indicated to Lord Carey that there might be some conflict between their interests and those of Lord Carey, he made contact with alternative legal repres­entatives,” Professor Jay said.


In granting core-participant status, Professor Jay said that “Lord Carey was Archbishop of Canter­bury at the time when [the former Bishop of Lewes, then of Gloucester] Peter Ball’s sexual abuse came to light in 1992, and when he received a police caution in 1993, and it is stated in Lord Carey’s application that he had a pastoral and discip­linary role in relation to Peter Ball at that time.

I also understand that Lord Carey was involved in deciding on Peter Ball’s further officiation within the Church of Eng­land after he received that caution.

”The Inquiry will consider the extent to which any failings identi­fied in relation to the diocese of Chichester and Peter Ball are repres­entative of wider failings within the Church of England and/or the An­­glican Church in general, and the nature and extent of any failings of institutions to protect children from abuse.


A lawyer representing victims of an abusive Church of England bishop has called for an investigation into the ‘misconduct’ of former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey of Clifton.

According to this report, David Greenwood, representing several of Peter Ball’s victims, said he was sure the Church had covered up evidence and urged Scotland Yard to:

Consider opening an investigation into perverting the course of justice by church officials.

Church Witheld Evidence

Greenwood spoke out after the release of documents that suggest the head of the Church of England knew about the abuse allegations but failed to act.

Sussex police documents, released under the Freedom of Information (FoI) Act last week, reveal that Lambeth Palace, the residence of the head of the Church, received six letters and a number of verbal reports detailing allegations of abuse shortly after the initial investigation into Ball in 1992.

In the letters, Ball is accused of encouraged victims to pray naked, perform sex acts in front of him and share his bed.


Friends: Prince Charles is pictured here with the former Bishop of Lewes and Gloucester Peter Ball in 1992

Lord Carey, who was Archbishop of Canterbury from 1991 to 2002, became Chancellor of the University of Gloucestershire in Cheltenham after he retired.

Lord Carey – correspondence with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) -a cover-up

The files indicate the Church failed to pass this evidence on to police. In February 1993, Lord Carey wrote to the Director of Public Prosecutions and a chief constable in support of Ball.

Last October, current Archbishop Justin Welby launched an independent review into the Church of England’s response to the allegations.

A spokesperson for Lord Carey declined to comment but said Carey was cooperating fully with Welby’s inquiry.

The newly released documents also suggest Ball associated with other known sex offenders in the clergy and was investigated in 2008 for being part of suspected pedophile ring.

The documents show Ball covered for and helped priests accused of sex abuse.


Image result for george carey and queen mum elizabeth

Lord George Carey

In England his time saw notable national events: he took part in the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales in 1997,

led worship for the nation in the Dome for the new Millennium;

quoted at the Service commemorating the victims of the 9/11 attacks; 

led the tributes at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother in 2001 and

preached memorably at Golden Jubilee of the Queen in 2002

He retired in 2002 at the age of 66 and was made a life peer, taking the title Lord Carey of Clifton, reflecting appreciation of his time as Bishop of Bath and Wells.


Lord Carey said he was ‘appalled’ at the way it (the church) handled the accusations against Bishop George Bell


Image result for St Nicholas church , Durham lord carey



[The Rt. Rev. George Leona...]

Carey left school at age 15 and served as a radio operator in the Royal Air Force from 1954 to 1956. By 20 he had undergone a religious conversion—not Paul’s experience on the road to Damascus, he admitted, but the simple conviction that he had found something special. He was then admitted to King’s College, London University, from which he received a bachelor of divinity degree in 1962. Beginning his clerical career as a curate in Islington (1962–66), Carey was also a lecturer at Oakhill College in Southgate (1966–70) and at St. John’s College in Nottingham (1970–75). He was vicar of St. Nicholas Church in Durham (1975–82) and principal of Trinity College, Bristol (1982–87). In 1987 Carey was made bishop of Bath and Wells, and in 1990 he was named to succeed as archbishop of Canterbury.


Archbishop of Canterbury Robert Runcie announced that Queen Elizabeth II had just officially appointed Dr. George Carey to succeed him when he retires next January 31.

The appointment came as a surprise to many who were following the nomination process. In his prepared statement, Runcie said the appointment was “imaginative…

Some observers were surprised because Carey was not mentioned on the lists of possible choices circulating in the press. At 54 years of age, Carey is also considered comparatively young for such an appointment — and he has been bishop of Bath and Wells only since 1987.



2001 Her Majesty the Queen greets members of the Carey family at the Lambeth Palace Garden Party – sharing a special handshake with Carey family member.https://web.archive.org/web/20070807190908/http://glcarey.co.uk/Images/Pictures/HRH-meets-Carey-family.jpg 2001


Image result for lord chris patten and wife

Lord Chris Patten with wife, Lavender

Lord George Leonard Carey director at same company as Chris Patten’s wife LADY MARY LAVENDER ST LEGER PATTEN OF BARNES

United Learning Trust – To advance, for the public benefit, education in the United Kingdom by establishing, maintaining, operating and developing schools. A charity, limited by guarantee


Lord Carey is a director of

Christian Weekly Newspapers along with RT REVD PETER ALAN BROADBENT


Image result for crusaders PETER BROADBENT founder


He became a Christian at 14 through ‘Crusaders’, a Christian youth organisation. He trained for the ministry at St John’s College, Nottingham.




Peter Alan “Pete” Broadbent is a British Anglican bishop. He is the current Church of England Bishop of Willesden, an area bishopric in the Diocese of London. He was also the acting area Bishop of Stepney

He was 15 when he became a committed Christian through the Crusaders youth organisation. He studied English at Jesus College, Cambridge and then studied theology at St John’s College, Nottingham before being ordained.

Broadbent’s  first parish job was as Curate to George Carey, the previous Archbishop of Canterbury, when he was Vicar of St Nicholas, Durham

Broadbent moved to the Diocese of London in 1980 to be curate of Emmanuel Church, Holloway and the Bishop of Stepney‘s Chaplain for Mission.

Pete Broadbent has served as a member of General Synod on and off since 1985 and was a member of its Standing Committee. He chaired the Business Committee of Synod from 1996 – 2000 and was also a founder member of the Archbishops’ Council.

In 1983 he became Anglican Chaplain to the Polytechnic of North London (now London Metropolitan University) as well as honorary curate of St Mary’s, Islington. He moved to the Willesden Area in 1989 to become Vicar of Trinity St Michael, Harrow and was made Area Dean of Harrow in 1994. The following year he was appointed as Archdeacon of Northolt, working with the former Bishop of Willesden.





Broadbent is a member of the Labour Party and was a councillor for the London Borough of Islington from 1982 and 1990, being the chair of their Development and Planning Committee.

Jeremy Corbyn was elected as the Member of Parliament for Islington North in 1983.

Image result for margaret hodge and pete broadbent islington

Horrific crimes against children in the care of Islington Council were committed while Margaret Hodge was council leader (1982-1992).

When a shocking catalogue of abuse was exposed by the Evening Standard in 1992, Hodge accused the paper of “sensationalist gutter journalism”. Tony Blair later appointed her as the first Minister for Children.


Derek Sawyer – Leader of Islington Council 1992-1994

Pete Broadbent councillor for the London Borough of Islington from 1982 and 1990

Jeremy Corbyn – Member of Parliament (MP) for Islington North since 1983


Councillors row over ‘breach of conduct’ (18.11.82)

Clr David yams attacked some Labour councillors re: the appointment of a new superintendent at Sheringham Road Children’s Home

Pete Broadbent

Bishop of Willesden

London, United Kingdom
Religious Institutions
  1. Memralife Group,
  2. West London YMCA,
  3. Church of England
  1. Church Urban Fund,
  2. St John’s Nottingham
  1. St John’s College Nottingham


  • Chair of Board

    Memralife Group
    2009 – Present (7 years)
  • President

    West London YMCA
    2004 – Present (12 years)
  • Bishop of Willesden

    Church of England
    2001 – Present (15 years)
  • Trustee

    London Diocesan Fund
    1988 – Present (28 years)
  • Member

    Spring Harvest
    1988 – Present (28 years)
  • Trustee

    Church Urban Fund
    2002 – 2011 (9 years)
  • Chair of Council

    St John’s Nottingham
    2002 – 2010 (8 years)

Volunteer Experience & Causes

Causes Pete cares about:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Education
  • Politics

Organizations Pete supports:

  • Tottenham Hotspur FC


Image result for bishop George Carey's wife, Eileen

George Carey with wife Eileen.

George Carey’s wife, Eileen, was won over by Billy Graham Crusade

When Eileen was sixteen the young American preacher, Billy Graham, was conducting his London Crusade and once a week Eileen took a chartered bus to London.

Later she welcomed Billy Graham to Canterbury Cathedral for the enthronement of her husband.


Jun. 20, 1967 – Evangelist Billy Graham visits the set of the new Cliff Richard film ”Two a Penny”: Evangelist Billy Graham today paid a visit to the set at Goldhawk studies, London W. C. where he met pop star Cliff Richard, actress Dora Bryan and Ann Holloway, stars of his film ”two a penny”, which has a religious theme. The film is financed by the Graham organisation and the profits will go to help their work. Cliff Richard, who is quitting show business at the end of the year, is working in the film without pay.
Image result for billy graham and cliff richard
Billy Graham and Cliff Richard

Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey made a personal and pastoral visit to the Revd Dr Billy Graham today.
Archbishop George and Eileen Carey are close friends of Dr and Mrs. Graham.
Image result for billy graham and lord carey
Billy Graham and George Carey
Dr Graham was present at the Archbishop’s enthronement 10 years ago and met together several years ago during a meeting at Kanuga Episcopal Conference Centre in North Carolina.
March 8, 2001
…the panel secured for the debate was equal in caliber to any TV current affairs programme. Chaired by Sky News presenter Gillian Joseph, the panel of six was drawn from the world of Westminster politics, journalism, medicine and the Church: Keith Vaz (MP for Leicester East), Danny Finkelstein (political columnist at The Times), Dr. Ellie Cannon (GP The Mail, journalist & author), Oliver Dowden (MP for Hertsmere), Matthew Parris (political columnist at The Times & former MP), and Pete Broadbent (Bishop of Willesden). 
Image result
Peter Bottomley and George Carey

I’ll sue if anyone links me to untrue paedophile claims, says Tory grandee Sir Peter Bottomley

Denied there had been a major Establishment conspiracy to cover up abuse

George Carey blasts Trump protesters in London over ‘hysterical’ attacks on President

Feb 5 2017

FORMER Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey has called for the world to give Donald Trump a chance.

In an extraordinary intervention, he accused the new US President’s critics of a “hysterical overreaction that poses a danger to the kind of constructive relationship we should have with the President”.

it is one of the key characteristics of those who consider themselves progressive to reserve condemnation for America, ‘the West’, or Israel and ignore much greater evil-doers.”


George Carey and Greville Janner


Vicar Guy Bennett/CoE/Theatre Chaplain/School Governor/BHMS/Lionel Blair/Friend of Mohamed al Fayed

^ Convicted paedophile Vicar Guy Bennett (seated left) at the British Music Hall Society celebrity event with Roy Hudd and Lionel Blair.

Reverend to the stars Guy Bennett denies sexually assaulting 12 girls over a period spanning 21 years

Rev Guy Bennett appeared before a judge yesterday afternoon to plead not guilty to the charges dating back to when he was the Rector of Oxted

18th March 2017

A CLERGYMAN who wrote a book about his celebrity contacts when he was at the London Palladium has denied 24 charges of indecent assault of 12 girls.

The Rev Guy Bennett appeared before a judge yesterday afternoon to plead not guilty to the charges dating back to when he was the Rector of Oxted, Surrey.

Rev Guy Bennett appeared before a judge yesterday afternoon to plead not guilty to the charges

Rev Guy Bennett appeared before a judge yesterday afternoon to plead not guilty to the charges

He also denied a separate charge of outraging public decency. The alleged crimes span a period of 21 years.

When each of the 25 allegations was read out to him, the defendant replied “not guilty.”

Bennett, 83, was remanded on bail until September 11 to face trial. The alleged offences were said to have been committed between 1977 and 1998.

At an earlier hearing before Christmas, his defence counsel Paul Walker said there might be a mixture of “misunderstandings, confusions and fabrication” involved in the complaints

The court was told that the forthcoming trial would last for about three weeks.

Bennett was chaplain to the London Palladium from 1972 to 1998 which earned him the title “chaplain to the stars.”
He has written a book about his celebrity contacts.http://www.getsurrey.co.uk/news/surrey-news/former-oxted-vicar-dubbed-chaplain-12760540


Retired vicar pal of Diana lover Dodi Fayed appears in court accused of molesting children over two decades

He’s facing more than 20 charges involving a number of victims

17th December 2016,

A FORMER vicar and friend of Princess Diana’s ex-boyfriend has appeared before a judge accused of sexually abusing children over the course of two decades.

Former churchman Guy Bennett faced new charges after two further women told police he had indecently assaulted them.

Bennett is understood to be a friend of Harrods boss Mohammed Al Fayed

Bennett is understood to be a friend of Harrods boss Mohammed Al Fayed

He was already facing more than 20 similar charges involving other victims.

The white-haired 83-year-old, who sparked outcry when the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby said he could not be barred from wearing a dog collar, entered no plea to a new total of 24 charges of indecent assault and one count of outraging public decency.

A close friend of Princess Diana’s former partner’s father, Harrod’s boss Mohamed Al Fayed, Bennett was formerly chaplain at a Butlins holiday camp and for the stars of Theatreland in London when he gave spiritual guidance to performers at the Palladium Theatre in London.

Al Fayed is the father of Princess Dianas former partner Dodi Al fayed

Al Fayed is the father of Princess Diana’s former partner Dodi Fayed

Eloise Marshall, prosecuting at Guildford Crown Court on Friday, said Bennett now faced two further charges of indecent assault – with a total of 12 alleged victims – since he last appeared before a court on remand, accused of abusing children in London and in the affluent village of Oxted, Surrey, where he had worked as a vicar since 1972.

Oxford-educated Bennett, now from Lewes Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex, had taught religious education part-time at a village school and had worked at three churches there, living in a vicarage.


Lionel Blair was questioned about being at Elm Guest House. 

It came amid reports he had enjoyed a drink at Elm Guest House, in Barnes, south London, which is believed to have hosted child sex parties for VIPs in the 1970s and 1980s

The 84-year-old entertainer reportedly spoke to Metropolitan Police officers at his home in Surrey.

Patron of the BMHS is Sir Cliff Richard who has been linked to Elm Guest House
Sir Cliff Richard has been questioned more than once about the murder of Jill Dando who was investigating a BBC paedophile ring where Sir Jimmy Savile abused hundreds of children.

Image result for cliff richard and savile

Nine men made allegations against Cliff Richard

….one of nine to come forward and accuse the veteran pop star of abusing him at the Elm Guest House in Barnes, West London, where VIPs were said to have abused boys.


One of Sir Cliff’s accusers is one of Britain’s worst sex offenders who is serving several life sentences for a series of rapes and sex attacks.

The man, who suffers with ‘severe’ mental illness and is a paranoid schizophrenic, claimed that Sir Cliff sexually abused him in 1982 – and blamed the singer for turning him into a rapist.

The man told The Sun he was interviewed around 30 times by a number of police forces,

He claimed he took drugs to the guest house but when he arrived he was sexually asaulted by Sir Cliff in a room in front of other people.

Wonder who  “one of Britain’s most notorious sex offenders who is serving several life sentences for a series of rapes and sex attacks,” and “paranoid schizophrenic” is referring to.

Update: 17th December 2016
Priest Guy Bennett is accused of sexually abusing children over two decades

Retired vicar pal of Diana lover Dodi Fayed appears in court accused of molesting children over two decades

He’s facing more than 20 charges involving a number of victims



1997 Rev Guy Bennett, chaplain to the London Palladium

The GuardianLondon, Greater London, England

Tuesday, May 20, 1997 – 7

For many years, Guy Bennett had been a voluntary chaplain who visited theatres on behalf of the Actors’ Church Union


Guy Bennett author:


Unsung heroes : a record of some of the people, backstage and front of house, who made the London Palladium “the world’s ace variety theatre”, a tradition which continued when musicals took over from variety

by Guy Bennett

Actors’ Church Union Chaplain to the London Palladium 1972-1998



Update: Dec 16 2016

More historic sex abuse allegations made against former Oxted vicar

A medical report is being prepared in order to assess the 83-year-old defendant’s fitness to pleas

Further sex abuse allegations have been made against a retired clergyman who was already facing a string of indecent assault charges.

Guy Bennett, 83, of Lewes Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex, faced a new list of charges when he appeared at Guildford Crown Court on Friday.

The court was told the former Rector of Oxted now faces 24 counts of indecent assault and one of outraging public decency.

The alleged offences span a period from 1977 to 1998.

[Age 83 – Kicking the can down the road…a dementia diagnosis likely?? ]

Mr Bennett entered no pleas and was remand ed on bail until the next hearing on March 17 next year.

His bail conditions are to have no contact with prosecution witnesses or be in the company of anyone under the age of 18.

Paul Walker, defending, said it was vital for tests to be carried out on his client’s memory and a medical report will be prepared in order to assess his fitness to plead.(Janner tactic)

“He is physically fit,” he said.

“It’s important to have this medical report.”

A provisional trial date has been set for September 11 2017.



25 NOV 2016

Former Oxted vicar, Guy Bennett appears in court charged with 22 historic sex offences

Guy Bennett appeared before magistrates in Redhill where he entered no plea

A former Oxted vicar has appeared in court charged with 22 counts of indecent assault against young children.

Guy Bennett, 83, of Lewes Road, East Grinstead, faced magistrates in Redhill where he entered no plea.

The offences, allegedly committed against nine victims under the age of 16 at the time, reportedly took place over a 15-year period between 1977 and 1992.

The alleged incidents took place in the Oxted and London areas.

Guy Bennett – chaplain to the London Palladium theatre

Bennett remains on conditional bail.

The case has been adjourned to Guildford Crown Court on December 16




Former vicar Guy Bennett from East Grinstead charged over historic sexual offences

against nine victims who were under the age of 16 at the time, reportedly took place over a 15-year period between 1977 and 1992 in Oxted and London.
October 20, 2016

Bennett, 83, is on conditional bail and is due to appear at Redhill Magistrates Court on November 21.

He had been rector in well-to-do Oxted since 1972 and also taught religious education part-time at a local school.”
  • The Rev Guy Bennett from the diocese of Guilford which borders the Diocese of Chichester is another convicted child sex offender who came out of prison in 2000 and immediately held himself out as a vicar at, at least, one church service in the Diocese of Chichester where he now lives. One of Bennett’s victims has been told by Church authorities that (i) Bennett only admitted the sexual offences in 1999 to spare the victims the court hearing, but wasn’t really guilty: and (ii) that he is no longer a risk to children because the offences for which he was convicted dated back to the 1970s and 1980s. In fact he admitted only a limited number of offences and plea bargained his way to a nine month sentence of which he served only 4 ½ months.
  • In 2009 another victim reported to the police that she was sexually abused by Bennett and a Catholic priest in the diocese of Arundel & Brighton which overlaps the CofE Diocese of Chichester for five years from the late 1980s to 1993.

Whilst the CPS refused to prosecute Bennett again when the new victim reported the case in 2009, the Diocesan authorities should have carried out a full risk assessment based on this new allegation and realised that Bennett is a compulsive liar manipulating the authorities to remain in contact with and have authority over children.


Image result for The Rev Guy Bennett from the diocese of Guildford

Guy Bennett, who was a vicar in Oxted, Surrey, was sentenced in 1999 for indecently assaulting three girls

Guy Bennett jailed for sexual abuse of girls, yet still invited and welcome at British Hall Music Society Events …2008, 2014…

Image result for guy bennett vicar

BBC: Why the need to censor?


^Guy Bennett (seated left) wearing a clerical collar, photographed at a celebrity event in 2008

Guy Bennett denied abusing Ms Duckworth and said he does not refer to himself as “Reverend”. He also said he has not worn a clerical collar for about ten years, though he is pictured doing so in 2008.


Seated left, Guy Bennett, Vincent Hayes, Jan Hunt, President Roy Hudd, Joan Regan, Lionel Blair and Chairman Doreen Hermitage

^ The above photograph from the website of the BMHS- The British Music Hall Society,


 British Music Hall Society

Image result for lionel blair Stage-struck: An Autobiography

Lionel Blair with BMHS Patron Sir Cliff Richard


Some familiar names…Sir Cliff Richard, Des O’Connor, Paul O’Grady, Sir John Major…Roy Hudd president


Lionel Blair – 2nd from right

“my ­favourite theatre, the London ­Palladium… The Palladium was like a second home to me in the Seventies


Image result for lionel blair and janner

Savile with Lionel Blair QE2 cruise 1988

‘I kicked sleazy Jimmy Savile off cruise ship’: Captain acted over claims he assaulted girl, 14

Image result for Lionel Blair with Jimmy Savile and other friends

Image result for lionel blair Stage-struck: An Autobiography

Lionel Blair with Jimmy Savile cruising on the QE2  and friends

Jimmy Savile Sexual Abuse Scandal Sir Jimmy Savile, OBE pictured aboard the Queen Elizabeth 2 during the liner’s Stock Photo

Jimmy Savile Sexual Abuse Scandal Sir Jimmy Savile, OBE pictured aboard the Queen Elizabeth 2 during the liner’s Stock Photo

Sir Jimmy Savile, OBE pictured aboard the Queen Elizabeth 2 during the liner’s 1992 world cruise. The disc jockey and radio and TV personality was “Running around the world”, raising money for Stoke Mandeville and other charities


Back in the 70s, Lionel had his own dance troupe. They were known for always being blonde. Jimmy Savile, for one, delivered a mean high-kick.The programme thus arranged for Lionel to choreograph a bunch of young lovelies at the London Palladium.
 Lionel Blair starred in The Beatles’ ­movie A Hard Day’s Night and formed a lifelong friendship with singer Sammy Davis Jr.

The Queen Mother (1900 – 2002) shakes hands with Sammy Davis Jnr (1925 – 1990), Jerry Lewis and Tommy Steele backstage at the Royal Variety Show, 14th November 1966. Also visible in the background is comedian Frankie Howerd.


 Image result for elm guest house

Lionel Blair blasts claims linking him to VIP paedophile ring after he is questioned by detectives 

  • Metropolitan Police officers reportedly questioned entertainer at his home
  • Came amid reports he had once enjoyed a drink at the Elm Guest House
  • House is believed to have hosted child sex parties for VIPs in 70s and 80s
  • But Mr Blair says he has never heard of the guest house

Scotland Yard denied the allegations made by the Daily Express that the guest house’s visitor list included three MPs and a member of Buckingham Palace staff. A spokesman for Elm Guest House told Capital Gay “these were professional business people. We are talking about barristers, doctors, a couple of priests and a vicar”.

We now know that these “professional people” were almost certainly all child abusers. One of the barristers who visited Elm Guest House was Colin Peters QC, who was later jailed for his part in “Britain’s biggest child sex ring” which had over 150 victims. One of the priests who visited the guest house was Father Tony McSweeney, who was arrested by Operation Fernbridge in January.

Image result for lionel blair jewish
Lionel Blair and best friend Sammy Davis
via strikeback

Remember that Jimmy Savile was linked to a paedophile brothel on Battersea Bridge Road in 1964

I also found this rather creepy description of a 1960 TV show filmed on location at Battersea Park Fun Fair, starring alleged satanist and MK-Ultra handler Sammy Davis Jr

Harvey Proctor’s secretary Dawn Zapanski, 6 Prince of Wales Mansions, POW Drive, Battersea – Elm House Documents
Derinton Road

Derinton Road – Barry Haddon home address

Battersea, Vishal Mehrotra
Sighting Vishal on Northern Line Balham, traveling towards Tooting
 Left there, then put on 219/319 bus for Clapham Junction two days later
And Terry Dwyer was in Battersea was he not.
Just opposite Dolphin and a spitting distance from Westminster… Some of the poorest people in London live in Battersea...
They were using the council estates in the area as meet markets… Many children murdered/disapeared…60’s,70’s,80’s…
Wandsworth never had any childrens homes in the burough, most of the kids from Battersea were moved to Croydon..funded by Wandsworth
Wandsworth council owned many childrens homes in Croydon..and Springfield mental hospital
Image result for johnny savile and jimmy savile

Johnny Savile is alleged to have carried out the assaults while working at Springfield Hospital in Tooting.

The seven allegations, relating to a period between 1978 and 1980, culminated in Savile – who died in 1998 – being sacked.

In his job as the hospital’s recreation officer he held activities for patients such as discos – which he also organised for a local girls’ school.


Satanists: Sammy Davis Jr between top-ranking military officer Michael Aquino and Anton LaVey, government investigator and founder of the Satanic Church



 Aquino was/is chief mk ultra programmer

Sammy Davis Jr.: Sammy Davis Jr.: Satan Swings Baby and That's the Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But...
This long-lost recording of odes to the devil:  Choices like an eerie and ominous version of the Coleman/Leigh classic “Witchcraft make sense, but a bizarre swinging take on The Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy For Devil is regrettable. If that was not strange enough, the album closes with an Elvis cover, “Devil in Disguise, featuring Church of Satan founder Anton LeVey on vocals and Wurlitzer organ.
Image result for lionel blair and sammy davis
Lionel Blair and good friend. satanist Sammy Davis Jr
Front Cover

Sammy Davis Jr Meets the British (Saturday June 11th 1960, 8-9pm, ABC) ‘GT’ wrote, “Brian Tesler, whose first production this was for his new bosses, came through with a modest, correctly balanced show which supplied to the right degree the personality of the star. In the first and third parts Davis appeared alone doing snatches of his cabaret act and a joy it was to watch too. The middle part however was the best of all. Tesler took his cameras away from the studio to Battersea Fun Fair… it was a shade overlong and could have been trimmed by a couple of minutes… still, the sight of Davis leading the children around like a Pied Piper was a sheer joy to watch, especially the final shot of them skipping one by one across a bridge which seemed to dissolve into the distant trees. (EDIT: Battersea Bridge Road??) This sequence was followed by Davis going into a hat shop in search of a typically British outfit.

Aided by Lionel Blair, who was at his best, we had a sequence rich in comedy and movement” (Note- thankfully this show survives in the ABC archive)

SOURCE: http://www.78rpm.co.uk/tvu.htm

Light entertainment in the best traditions has been Lionel’s forte, whether on The Royal Variety Show or at the London Palladium (where Guy Bennett was chaplain)
Lionel’s big break came at the Royal Variety Command Performance at the Prince of Wales Theatre in front of the Queen Mother in 1961.

During the comedy sketch Lionel is cast as a posh Saville Row-style shop assistant while Davis is an American looking to become posh. The subsequent eight-minute routine sees Lionel match the legendary US entertainer step for step to rapturous applause.

“Working with Sammy was amazing,” he recalled.

“Sammy knew where I was at and was unbelievable to work with, just wonderful and in the number gave the ending to me.

“We became good friends. Meeting and performing with him was the highlight of my career.”

Sammy gave Lionel a silver dollar, which he treasures. On the back reads the inscription: “To Lionel Blair. Because I dig you. Love Sammy Davis Jr.”

Meeting Sammy was great for me but I also went to school with Mike and Bernie (Winters).

“When the boys got their own show I was doing choreography and they said we want Lionel

There’s also the Una Stubbs/Cliff Richard connection to Blair.
Image result for lionel blair Stage-struck: An AutobiographyLionel Blair celebrates 60 years in showbusiness Stock Photo
Lionel Blair (centre) with Rolf Harris and his wife at the Dorchester in London for a celebratory lunch to honour Lionel Blair’s 60 years in showbusiness.
 The guest list included fellow celebrities Rolf Harris CBE, Roy Hudd OBE, Jess Conrad
Image result for lionel blair Stage-struck: An Autobiography
Image result for lionel blair Stage-struck: An Autobiography
From Clement Freud obituary: When George Best, at the height of his footballing fame, held a house-warming party, Freud was there, rubbing shoulders with Sir Matt Busby, Bob Monkhouse, Lionel Blair, Tommy Trinder and Imogen Hassall.
Lionel Blair, Clement Freud, Sammy Davis Jr

Lionel Blair is waving at me from a street corner. ‘Yoo hoo! Yoo hoo!’ He is brightly tanned, dressed a bit like a sailor boy in a tight-fitting blue and white outfit, waving a Rothman’s cigarette in a long plastic holder and beaming happily as passing drivers toot and yell ‘Lionel! Lionel!’.

He couldn’t look more camp if he tried.

He counts Joan Collins among his glamorous exes (‘A dear friend, just lovely — I think Percy is her nicest husband yet’) and his friends include Paul McCartney (‘I used to dye my hair, too, but I think it’s better natural’), Bond actor Roger Moore (‘How many wives have I known? I’ve only known him since Dorothy’), Simon Cowell (‘he always tells me I look wonderful’), Lulu (‘wasn’t she brilliant at the Commonwealth Games’) and Bruce Forsyth

He choreographed and appeared on endless shows at the London Palladium, formed his dance troupe, became best friends with Sammy Davis Jr, appeared in The Beatles’ film A Hard Day’s Night.

He also became the king of panto. But that suddenly stopped about ten years ago. During one performance in Stockport, as part of the act, he asked a boy in the audience his name. The youngster retorted: ‘Touch my nuts and you’re dead!’

For years, people joked that Lionel was gay. It’s been a running gag on Radio 4’s I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue.

One day at a cricket match organised by Michael Parkinson, a man called him a ‘fairy’

Lionel punched him. ‘He had to go to hospital!’

Lionel Blair was in the Beatles’ Hard Day’s Night along with Wilfred Brambell

Lionel Blair Jim’ll Fix It 1990

Image result for Roy Hudd and cliff richard

Roy Hudd in 1958 he took a summer job as a Redcoat at Butlins, Clacton working alongside Cliff Richard and Dave Allen

Related image

Roy Hudd OBE –

Queen joins in the fun as Roy Hudd gets his OBE

19 Feb 2004

“She’s terrific,” said Hudd. “I’m sure she must hate having to sit through some of the shows. I was chairman of the Entertainment Artistes’ Benevolent Fund for 11 years and had a lot to do with inflicting them on her.” Queen Elizabeth is the Patron.

Image result for roy hudd and queen

Queen Elizabeth, Her Majesty The Queen’s role as Patron of the Entertainment Artistes’ Benevolent Fund (EABF).

When King George VI became King, he and Queen Elizabeth took over the Patronage, a role which The Queen Mother held until her death in 2002. Her Majesty The Queen has been Patron since her accession in 1952.

Queen Elizabeth II has attended 37 Royal Variety Performances, the first being in 1949 before she became Queen.


Jimmy Savile police: Ageing comedy legend in new sex abuse quiz

The Sunday Mirror knows the identity of the man, now in his 70s, but we have decided not to name him


2014 – Convicted paedophile Guy Bennett still welcome at the British Music Hall Society

Roy Hudd’s Celebrity Luncheon


Here is convicted paedophile vicar Guy Bennett  still socialising with the same chums (British Music Hall Society) as recently as 2014 – not  ‘collared’

Is Guy Bennett a member of The British Music Hall Society – with Patrons Cliff Richard & Des O’ Conner?


British Hall Music Society link

British Hall Music Society Patrons

Life Patrons
Sir Cliff Richard OBE
Des O’Connor CBE
Alan Titchmarsh MBE and Alison Titchmarsh
Paul O’Grady MBE
Jools Holland OBE, DL
Sir John Major, KG, CH
Ken Dodd OBE


Entertainment - Variety Club of Britain Luncheon - London Stock Photo

(Left to Right) Ken Dodd, Ted Heath and Jimmy Savile attending a Variety Club of Great Britain lunch held to thank the record industry for its support of the Club’s charity work for children held at The Palladium in London.

Sir Ken Dodd to receive Knighthood from the Queen

2 March 2017

Comedian Sir Ken Dodd arrives at Buckingham Palace to receive his knighthood


Comic ‘cheated Inland Revenue for years’ Ken Dodd trial told of letters from Prime Ministers

Ken Dodd cheated the Inland Revenue ”for years and years”

as he deposited #700,000 in banks in Jersey and the Isle of Man, a court was told yesterday.

Dodd, 61, of Thomas Lane, Knotty Ash, Liverpool, faces 11 charges, seven of being a common law cheat and four of false accounting.”When Mr Dodd was given a chance to come clean and tell the truth he became devious and deceitful.

Accountants Arthur Young then stepped in to complete a supplementary report on Dodd’s affairs. The report ran to five chapters with eight appendices, said Mr Leveson.

It included a series of letters, one each from then Prime Ministers Edward Heath and Harold Wilson and two from Mrs Thatcher, praising the comedian.


British Hall Music Society Newsletter – The Call Boy and cherub??



Alan Randall dictated the following article to Rev. Guy Bennett.  The article was published in Call boy, the magazine for Music Hall in 2011





Image result for savile CLIFF RICHARD

British Hall Music Society life patron Cliff Richard with Jimmy Savile

Giving evidence at the trial today, Des O'Connor said he never saw Clifford act unprofessionally

British Hall Music Society life patron – Des O’Connor

British Music Hall Society patron,  Des O’Connor defends friend and colleague Max Clifford over sex crime charges

Image result for max clifford des o'connor

  • He says Clifford was often present at filming of Des O’Connor Tonight show
  • The pair became friends after meeting through TV and charity events
  • Clifford denies 11 counts of indecent assault against seven alleged victims

Leonard sentenced Clifford to four and a half years in prison for his abuse of one victim alone – a 15-year-old girl who was left traumatised by a long campaign of sexual abuse. She told the trial she wanted to kill herself after being repeatedly sexually abused by Clifford in 1977.

Image result for tarbuck london palladium des o'connor
Des O’Connor and Jimmy Tarbuck at the London Palladium theatre
 Image result for Paul Sadler and jimmy tarbuck
Jimmy Tarbuck pictured outside the London Palladium in 1969
Guy Bennett – was chaplain to the London Palladium theatre
Roy Hudd, Jess Conrad and Wyn Calvin
50th Anniversary British Music Hall Society Jess Conrad

Anita Harris, President Roy Hudd and Jess Conrad holding their Lifetime Achievement Awards with BMHS Chairman Doreen Hermitage in 2013


Eric’s Last Performance

2011 Article
Eric Morecambe

Shortly before his death in 2005, when he was too ill to write, Alan Randall dictated the following article to the Rev. Guy Bennett. The article was published in Call boy, the magazine for Music Hall in 2011.

Alan Randall also appeared with Perry Como and Liza Minelli in Las Vegas, and played in concerts with Sir Cliff Richard and The Rolling Stones.


Guy Bennett Background
Norbury St Phil 1958-61
Minehead B & W 1961-63
Butlin’s Clacton-on-Sea 1963
Raynes Park St Sav Southwark 1963-66
Motspur Park H Cross CD 1966-72
Oxted 1972-97
Oxted  1972-97
Oxted and Tandridge from 1997
Guy Bennett attended Wells Theological College at the same time as paedophile Bishop Peter Ball
Ball entered Wells Theological College in 1954 and received two years of training in preparation for ordination.

2011: Guy Bennett is now visited regularly by safeguarding officers. Of serious concern is that he is now living in a Diocese where a number of ministers have been accused of child sexual offences and remain in ministry, others were convicted after decades of allegations.




Among religious orders and institutions to be investigated are English Benedictine congregations, and the Anglican Diocese of Chichester in West Sussex.

The reputation of Sussex as a paedophile hotspot now has further credence thanks to child sex abuse convictions in the overlapping Anglican diocese of Chichester and of the culture of cover-up that also existed in the Church of England.

From the 1970s to the 1990s there were sporadic and low-profile investigations into allegations of sexual abuse by vicars there but none got as far as the courts.

In 2011 Judge Butler-Sloss was commissioned to investigate the handling of child sex abuse reports about these Anglican vicars in the Diocese of Chichester but her report was subsequently found to contain inaccuracies and flaws in statements given to her by the Anglican administration.  Judge Butler-Sloss has already been forced to stand down from leading the current child abuse inquiry because of her attempt to prevent a senior Anglican bishop from being investigated, and the fact that her brother Sir Michael (later Lord) Havers was the Attorney-General in the Thatcher Government that is now heavily implicated in a high-level cover-up of child sex abuse.
Why did the CPS abandon investigation into Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor?

Why did the CPS abandon investigation into Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor?

Why did it instruct Sussex police to drop a 2003 investigation into the head of the Catholic Church in the UK? And second, why did the CPS decide that its reasons remain confidential?

The Times newspaper had accused the Cardinal of moral failure and, most intriguingly, reported allegations of paedophile hotspots’ in the Catholic Church in five Catholic dioceses including Arundel and Brighton.

By any measure this cannot now be a tenable position, given all the subsequent revelations of child rape on an industrial scale in religious institutions both Anglican and Catholic Church, and what is now being exposed by way of Establishment cover-up. There is also the related matter of a number of Sussex police officers being investigated for gross misconduct over investigations into a complaint about an assault by Savile in the early 1970s

It is time for the Crown Prosecution Service to make public its reasons for dropping the investigation into Cardinal Cormac Murphy-


Official inquiries into prolonged failure to prevent child abuse in the Diocese of Chichester which includes Lewes brought up allegations against Bishop Peter Ball, of which he was later convicted.

The Rev Guy Bennett from the diocese of Guilford which borders the Diocese of Chichester is another convicted child sex offender who came out of prison in 2000 and immediately held himself out as a vicar at, at least, one church service in the Diocese of Chichester where he now lives.

Ardingly College (Peter Righton, Richard Alston, Robert Alston, Peter Ball chaplain there, The Secret Life of a Paedophile exposed a Chaplain at Ardingly, later Bishop John Neale, to have colluded with Righton.) is in Chichester Diocese.

Image result for map of diocese of chichesterImage result for butler-sloss chichester


Another week and another Sussex clergyman has been found to have used his position to commit sexual offences.

The numerous abuse scandals backing up at the Church of England’s door have raised questions of cover-ups, concerns over undue pressure from an Archbishops and even a royal and the threat of further payouts to victims.

A handful of internal inquiries have failed to stem the flow of court cases, with one campaigner asking: “What is wrong with the Diocese of Chichester?”

In the 1970s and 80s, we now know, Vickery House took advantage of young men, including a boy of 14, who came to him for spiritual guidance.

He shared victims with his former boss, Bishop of Lewes Peter Ball, who was jailed  for sexual crimes relating to 18 victims which took place as recently as 1992.

It was revealed that George Bell, the internationally-acclaimed wartime Bishop of Chichester, had assaulted a child in the 1940s, for which the Church has now paid compensation to the victim.

In all, seven Sussex churchmen in two years have been found to have committed sexual offences.

The former Bishop of Chichester, Eric Kemp, unambiguously portrayed Ball as the victim of mischief makers in his (2006) memoirs: “Although it was not realized at the time, the circumstances which led to [Ball’s] early resignation were the work of mischief-makers. It was a very sad end to his ministry and his departure was a real loss to the Church which was, no doubt, what those who brought it about intended.” Kemp has been described as “one of the leading Anglo-Catholics of his generation and one of the most influential figures in the Church of England in the last quarter of the twentieth century.”

Chichester under Kemp was one of the last bastions for clergy opposed to female ordinations, and it attracted a lot of openly gay clergy.

Kemp and Queen Elizabeth 1986

When Kemp appointed the flamboyant Ball as his assistant in the post of bishop of Lewes, he fitted in immediately. Kemp moved in elevated London circles and was a good friend of Canon Anthony Caesar, sub dean of the Chapel Royal and the Queen’s domestic chaplain. And Ball often accompanied Kemp on his London trips.


Baroness Butler-Sloss was appointed by the Diocese of Chichester


Butler-Sloss, Church of England hand picked.
Image result for butler-sloss chichester

She wanted to exclude some of the survivor’s allegations against Bishop Peter Ball, in a bid to protect the Church of England.

He says she told him she “cared very much about the Church”.

Mr Johnson, who suffered assaults by a number of clergymen when he was a choirboy in the Church of England Diocese in Chichester, said he felt during her review of Church abuse, Baroness Butler-Sloss had been “showing bias and wasn’t being impartial”.
The Rt Rev Peter Ball, who was bishop of Gloucester and bishop of Lewes in East Sussex, was charged with two counts of indecent assault and one of misconduct in a public office, following her investigation into abuse in the diocese of Chichester during the 1970s and 1980s.
Church of England Chichester Abuse


Vicar Guy Bennett was part of a paedophile ring.
Guy Bennett and Peter Ball would have attended Wells Theological College at the same time.
Image result for rev peter ball wells theological college
Child abuser, friend and mentor to Prince Charles and other members of the royal family, bishop Peter Ball  and Guy Bennett attended Wells Theological College at the same time.
Wells Theological College

Ardingley College is in the Chichester Diocese

Dame Alun Roberts ‏@ciabaudo

Peter Righton recorded in his diaries his abuse of boys at Ardingly School in Diocese of Chichester while he was a teacher there.

Robert Alston (brother of convicted PIE member Richard Alston and Pitcairn Island governor) was educated at Ardingly College. He is Chairman of Governors at Ardingly College.

Paul Righton attended Ardingly College from 1940 to 1944

Righton’s Ardingly College obituary – with mention of Richard D Alston (G1953-63)

Ardingly College – the school has its own Masonic Lodge – Ardingly College Lodge

Guy Bennett’s family

Guy Bennett’s grandfather Frank Livesey Macaulay Bennett:
Dean Bennett of Chester

 photo bennett20guy20father_zpsgyxlmcnc.jpg

Frank Bennett (scholar)

Frank Selwyn Macaulay Bennett was a reforming Dean of Chester in the first half of the 20th century and an Anglican scholar.

He was born on 28 October 1866 and educated at Sherborne and Keble College, Oxford.He was Private Chaplain to Bishop Jayne of Chester and then held incumbencies at Portwood and Hawarden before his elevation to the Deanery. A man who made Chester Cathedral “the home of the Diocese, he died on 14 November 1947.

Vicar Guy Bennett was friends with Mohamed al Fayed and conducted a memorial service for Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed.


The Rev Guy Bennett, a friend of Mohamed al Fayed…

Police in Oxted, Surrey, refused to give out more details. The vicar, who has been suspended from the Church of England, will appear before magistrates in Reigate on October 9.

Guy Bennett, the father of two, led a service at his village church near al Fayed’s home and afterwards they planted a tree together in the grounds.


Guy Bennett abused at:

St Mary’s Church, Oxted, Surrey
All Saint’s Church, Oxted, Surrey
St Mary's parish church, in Oxted, Surrey
St Mary’s Church Oxted
A complete list of all Peals and Quarters rung at St Mary’s (unless you know of others!).
1976 4th anniversary of the collation of the Rev Guy Bennett at St Mary’s
1977 For the Rev Bennett on his appt as chairman of the Oxted and Limpfield Council of churches
Other CoE Bell Ringers – linked to Chichester

Norman Jordan Smith

1930 – 2012

After he was demobbed he worked for the West Sussex County Council in County Hall, Chichester. From 1952-57 he was Captain of the Cathedral Ringers.

Chaplain of Geelong C of E Grammar School

Church of England accused of cover-up over abuse claims against chaplain at school attended by Prince Charles

Reverend Norman Smith, accused of raping a pupil at Geelong Grammar School, Australia, now faces further accusations

The Church of England has been accused of a cover-up over allegations that a chaplain at the Australian school attended by the Prince of Wales was a paedophile.

At the Australian royal commission into child abuse in September, the Reverend Norman Smith was accused of raping a pupil at Geelong Grammar School in the late 1960s.

Now a 68-year-old former churchwarden has come forward to say that the Church dismissed his earlier claims that he was abused by Mr Smith in Sussex in the early 1960s.

Alan Baker, from Gloucestershire, has also written to Prince Charles to ask if he can provide any information that would help his case for damages.

“I would like to know what the links were between Geelong and the Church of England and the Anglican Communion,” said Mr Baker.

Was it a coincidence that Smith abused me and then moved to Australia and then abused a child in Australia and moved back to the UK to take up a position as a vicar? The Church of England has treated me disgracefully and dismissed my complaints even though they must have known about the Australian allegations.”

Mr Smith died in 2012 and an obituary stated “Norman would certainly have known him [Charles] and administered Communion to him”.

Geelong Grammar: Child Sexual Abuse Royal Commission report set to be tabled in parliament

February 13, 2017

SURVIVOR of abuse at Geelong Grammar School has slammed its trademark positive education program as “crap”, as the royal commission’s findings on the elite Corio school are set to be tabled in Parliament.

Libby O’Brien attended Geelong Grammar in the 1980s and said she hoped the commission’s report did not “get swept under the carpet”.

“There are so many more perpetrators out there,” she said, despite the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse having been in progress since 2013.

“The cover-ups were really frightening,” she said. “I just want to make sure (the royal commission finding) doesn’t go under the radar.”

Ms O’Brien said the decades-long fight for justice had been “an extremely painful process”. She and a group of survivors and friends covered Geelong Grammar’s gates with coloured ribbons in February of last year, transforming it into a “Loud Fence” symbolising those who were sexually abused and couldn’t be heard.

“I’m so sick of telling this story,” Ms O’Brien said. “I keep getting slapped in the face — it’s really, really hard.”

In a November, 2016, submission to the royal commission, counsel assisting David Lloyd said former Geelong Grammar principal John Lewis had failed to protect students under his care.

“Mr Lewis did not treat the issue of child sexual abuse seriously and preferred the reputation of the school to the interests and welfare of the students,” Mr Lloyd said.

A spokesman for Geelong Grammar said the school would be responding to the royal commission’s findings when they become available.

The school was at the heart of a debate in South Australian politics last weekend, when it emerged SA schools had forked out more than $620,000 for Geelong Grammar to teach educators from Adelaide’s northern suburbs how to “nurture and sustain positive relationships”. SA Opposition treasury spokesman Rob Lucas described the program as a “massive waste of taxpayers’ money”.

A spokesman for the SA Department for Communities and Social Inclusion said Geelong Grammar was “one of the world leaders in the adoption of positive education”.

Ms O’Brien said she was “pretty disgusted” that the school was profiting from a program espousing student wellbeing.

“It’s such crap,” she said.

She urged anyone with information on historical abuses to go to the authorities.

“Anyone who knew anything, just report it to police,” she said. “Every report counts.”

Commissioners are holding a public hearing on Catholic Church authorities until February 27. From March 6 they will hold hearings on Commonwealth and State governments, the Uniting Church, Anglican Church, Yeshivah Melbourne and Bondi, and Australian Christian churches and Pentecostal authorities.

Former Geelong Grammar principal John Lewis after giving evidence at the Royal Commission hearing in Melbourne in 2015.


Memorial to Dodi Fayed

Memorial to Dodi Fayed  in the churchyard of St Mary’s Church, Oxted


 This plaque is discreetly sited beneath a tree in the churchyard of St Mary’s church, Oxted. The lover of the late Princess Diana, who died with her in 1997, is not buried here, but the Fayed family have been generous benefactors of their local church.

Image result for Elizabeth Butler Sloss chaired the inquests into Dodi Fayed
 Elizabeth Butler Sloss chaired the inquests into Dodi Fayed

British Victim of Clergy Abuse Speaks out 352 Lux Mag November 19, 2010

Lucy Duckworth, who protested against paedophile priests in Rome on Friday, was just five years old when she was first abused at her Sunday school in the quiet village of Oxted in Surrey.

Duckworth was abused at All Saints Church until she was 11 by a “paedophile ring” involving a Catholic priest, his helper and a Church of England vicar, who was later jailed for abuse of minors.

“They’d take me into a room and abuse me in front of a poor man with Down’s Syndrome who was told to watch the door and make sure no-one came in,” said Duckworth, a member of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP).

“I can’t tell you the psychological damage, I’m haunted by what happened every day,” she told AFP.


The vicar, Guy Bennett, was sentenced to nine months in prison by the Old Bailey court in London in 1999 for indecently assaulting three 11-year-old girls between 1976 and 1988.

He denied four further offences and, when the prosecution said it would not be in the public interest to pursue them, they were simply left on file.

Duckworth said that Bennett had simply moved away from the area and was still working for the Church of England — a common trend in cases of predator priests whose crimes have often been covered up by senior clergy.

The police launched an investigation into the other priest who abused me and got detailed statements from a lot of victims at the Sunday school, but the case was dropped the minute he denied everything,” she said.


Lucy Duckworth –  is part of the -The Victims and Survivors’ Consultative Panel

As a survivor of childhood sex abuse perpetrated by the Church of England and Catholic Priests, Lucy chaired the Minister and Clergy Sexual Abuse Survivors (MACSAS) for a number of years.


Vicar Jailed for Fondling Schoolgirls

Birmingham Evening Mail (England), May 29, 1999

The Rev Guy Bennett, who was Rector of Oxted and Tandridge in Surrey for 26 years, admitted to three offences indecent assaulting three 11-year-old girls between 1976 and 1988.

Judge Giles Forrester jailed Bennett – who was also chaplain to the London Palladium theatre – for nine months for each offence, and ordered that the sentences should run concurrently.

The court had heard that Bennett was a governor of St Mary’s School, Oxted, and taught the 11-year-olds religious education.

He had fondled the girls on a school trip to the Isle of Wight, following a school play and behind a desk during a lesson.

Bennett, the father of two daughters, separated from his wife some years ago.

He was a churchman, a teacher and a school governor.

He was living in the Oxted vicarage when he was charged, and a Church of England spokesman confirmed Bennett was suspended from St Mary’s in September when the police inquiry was launched.

He had been rector there since 1972 and also taught religious education part-time at a local school.



After studying at Oxford University and Wells Theological College, one of his Bennett’s first jobs was as chaplain in Butlin’s holiday camp at Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, in 1963.


The way to stardom for so many of today’s top entertainers has been regularly documented over the years and it is a well known fact that the likes of Dave Allen, Des O’Connor, Charlie Drake, Ted Rogers, Roy Hudd, Jimmy Tarbuck, Johnny Ball, Mike Newman, Freddie Davis, Michael Barrymore, Jimmy Cricket, Clinton Ford, William G. Stewart, Russ Hamilton and many more, all began their careers as Butlin Redcoats


Billy Butlin  gave away hundreds of holidays to clergy and church workers. The chaplains department was always regarded as an important part of the Butlin’s organisation. The chaplin would always attend the weekly meetings of the heads of departments, and his word carried weight.


For many years, Guy Bennett had been a voluntary chaplain who visited theatres interacting with celebrities.



Reminiscences of an Actors’ Church Union Theatre Chaplain

Guy Bennett was stage-struck. For many years , he had been a voluntary chaplain who visited theatres on behalf of the Actors’ Church Union.


 Image result for royal family tarbuck the London Palladium.

He was chaplain to the London Palladium.

Guy Bennett, ACU Chaplain to the London Palladium 1972-1998.

He was always welcomed backstage, except by Bing Crosby.

Another “swingin”  Rt Rev. of the era…entertaining the cast from the London Palladium Panto

The ecclesiastical peace of Willow Grange, home of the Bishop of Guildford, the Rt. Rev. George Reindrop, was the venue for a swinging show-biz party

March 1967

His guests were the cast from the London Palladium Panto, including Cliff Richard, comedians Terry Scott and Hugh Lloyd, Una Stubbs, Lynda Barron, Des O’Connor, Bill Pertwee, Jack Douglas and Russ Conway.

London Palladium is in the ‘City of Westminster’

The theatre has also hosted the Royal Variety Performance a record 40 times, most recently in 2014.


The Actors’ Church Union was a charity established at the end of the 19th century  to bring together and to help Christian actors and actresses, mainly by appointing Chaplains to every theatre in Britain.

He did a lot of comedian’s funerals  –

Michael Bentine‘s, (Michael Bentine was a close personal friend of Prince Charles)

Roy Hudd’s wedding – a Past King Rat of the show business charity the Grand Order of Water Rats.

Roy Hudd – After demob he and his performing partner Eddie Cunningham got jobs as Redcoats at Butlins in Clacton. Halfway through the season they shared the bill with a young man called Harry Webb – soon to be better known as Cliff Richard.


1980, London Palladium – Queen and Roy Hudd

Charity concerts with Ronnie Corbett

chaplain to the Phoenix Theatre in the West End when Jill Bennett was starring in a play called West of Suez.

Michael Bentine was a close personal friend of Prince Charles and a British Intelligence agent.



A very young Roy Hudd at Clacton in 1958

Roy Hudd at Clacton in 1958.


Roy Hudd:

In 1958 he took a summer job as a Redcoat at Butlins, Clacton working alongside Cliff Richard and Dave Allen.



Image result for billy butlins at clacton

Image result for butlins at clacton cliff richard

Cliff Richard, Ian and Terry outside their Butlin chalet.

Cliff Richard made his professional debut at Clacton. His group Cliff Richard and the Drifters were booked for a 4-week residency in 1958.


Cliff Richard at Butlins

Known as Cliff Richard and the Drifters – Prior to their arrival at Clacton, the group had cut their first demo-disc in a recording booth in Oxford Street, London

  Image result for getty actor john osborne
Actor John Osborne
Friendly with celebrities...while Guy Bennett was rector at St Mary’s–  Nolan daughter of actor John Osborne, lived at his house as a teenager.
Rev Guy Bennett, “The ungodly abductor”,  accused by actor John Osborne, of abducting his daughter at age 16;
Osborne and Gilliatt were married for five years and became the parents of his only natural daughter, Nolan.[26] For his 50th birthday in 1979, John Osborne had a party for 50 at the Garrick Club
Osborne had an abusive relationship with his daughter: he cast her out of his house when she was seventeen; they never spoke again.[27]
Guy Bennett had far more in common with Osborne than Nolan did. He Was stagestruck. For many years, he had been a voluntary chaplain who visited theatres on behalf of the Actors’ Church Union. He was chaplain to the London Palladium …
The rector (Bennett) and his then wife were entertained by the Osbornes at Christmas Place during Nolan’s time there and they went to the summer garden parties.
^ When John Osborne’s daughter Nolan Osborne was married, she was given away by Rev Guy Bennett.
The man she called ‘Dad’ was the rector…”
East Grinstead, Sussex area…
Image result for rev guy bennett and Fayed
Survivor Duckworth is shocked Guy Bennett is still able to attend church in East Grinstead and use the title “Reverend”.
She became aware of his attendances at an East Grinstead Church following a campaign to the Diocese of Chichester.
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby said in a letter he is powerless to prevent him from referring to himself as “Reverend” or wearing a clerical collar.

She made a complaint of sexual abuse against Bennett to Surrey Police in 2008, but following the arrest and investigation of three men in their 70s, the Crown Prosecution Service failed to authorise any charges. After raising the issue with the Archbishop and receiving his reply, Ms Duckworth said: “It leaves me feeling bemused, baffled, angry, frustrated and absolutely shocked that this is happening. If he’s powerless to remove convicted child abusers from the institution then they’ve got some real questions to be asking themselves.”

Similar happenings in Guy Bennett’s area:
Fonthill Preparatory School, East Grinstead
6th December 2012
Paedophile teacher Bernard Haunch sentenced to life for historic sex attacks

A paedophile teacher who raped an 11-year-old girl on a church floor in the 70s has been jailed for a string of historic sex offences.

He was also convicted of an indecent assault on a boy aged between seven and 11 years old having previously pleaded guilty to two other indecent assaults on the same boy, all between 1980 and 1983.

All the assaults took place while Haunch was a French teacher at the now-closed Fonthill Preparatory School in Coombe Hill Road, East Grinstead, Sussex.

Among his offences, Haunch arranged and took part in a gang rape on the girl on the floor of the school’s consecrated chapel. He was also a member of a group called the Paedophile Information Exchange.


15 Mar 2016

...no doubt that Joe had been abused by Moore, and there were likely to be other survivors who have not yet come forward.

But there has been no apology from Justin Welby, the archbishop of Canterbury, to whom Joe reports writing 18 letters after the church began examining his case. He had one reply, from a correspondence secretary, assuring him that “the archbishop would hold him in his prayers”.

Image result for Drugs expert Professor John Strang

Drugs expert Professor John Strang, who was often involved in charity work with the Diana, Princess of Wales, spoke on Guy Bennett’s behalf.

1998 Scottish Daily Record & Sunday 21 Oct. 2016 https://www.thefreelibrary.com/Di+vicar+faces+perv+charges.-a060559851

Birmingham Evening Mail (England), May 29, 1999



Image result for michael jackson and f Mohamed al Fayed,
In addition to being friends with convicted paedophile, rev Guy Bennett, Mohammed Al Fayed was also a personal friend of paedophile Michael Jackson

Al Fayed was also a personal friend of Jackson’s and had the statue installed as a tribute to the “King of Pop.” It has stood in place despite the ridicule it has drawn over the last two years.


New Michael Jackson Lawsuit Alleges Child-Abuse Procurement Ring

A new lawsuit alleges Michael Jackson’s businesses were a front for grooming children to be abused


The latest complaint, filed by a Jane Doe who alleges that she was abused by Jackson from 1986 to 1989, when she was aged 12 to 15, claims that Jackson secretly operated, “the most sophisticated public child sexual-abuse procurement and facilitation organizations the world has known.”


Michael Jackson child sex syndicate trial date set

March 13, 2017
Wade Robson received a trial date Monday for his blockbuster claims Michael Jackson and his inner circle operated the most elaborate child sex syndicate “the world has known.”The choreographer, who says he was just 5 years old when he first met the King of Pop, is set to begin his negligence trial against the late singer’s companies MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures on March 5, 2018, a Los Angeles judge said.A Robson lawyer said the next 12 months will be spent “gaining access to the materials needed for a much-anticipated trial.”“We look forward to completing that discovery and disclosing to the public, through trial, the full extent of Michael Jackson’s serial sexual abuse of children, which was facilitated through his companies MJJ Productions and Ventures,” lawyer Vince Finaldi said in a statement.An attorney for the companies, meanwhile, said he doesn’t believe the case will make it that far.“My opinion is that summary judgment will be granted in this case and there won’t be any trial, but the court did set a trial date for a year away just in case,” lawyer Howard Weitzman told the Daily News.Robson, who has worked for Britney Spears and N’Sync and appeared as a judge on “So You Think You Can Dance,” is one of three plaintiffs making similar claims in related lawsuits against Jackson’s companies.

The choreographer, 34, filed an amended complaint in September claiming Jackson and key staffers at MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures ran a “sophisticated child sexual abuse procurement and facilitation operation.”

Robson claims Jackson and his employees worked in concert to arrange his private meetings with underage fans, cover travel expenses and shower the youngsters with gifts.

“Make no mistake, Neverland Ranch was nothing but a well-orchestrated trap,” Finaldi previously told The News. “It was custom-built to attract kids so he could groom them and decide which to sexually abuse.”

The amended complaint, obtained by The News, added new negligence claims to his suit against the two companies.

Robson claims he was brought into Jackson’s orbit as a small child in the late 1980s after winning a dance competition in Australia organized by MJJ Ventures.

Two years later, a Jackson assistant contacted his family about meeting with The Gloved One and staying at Neverland during a trip to Los Angeles, he says.

The assistant served as Jacko’s “madam” or “procurer,” his filing states.

During that visit, Jackson allegedly sexually abused Robson. The abuse continued for eight years until Robson hit puberty and Jackson lost interest, according to the complaint.

During the pop icon’s 2005 molestation trial in Santa Barbara County, Robson denied he had been sexually abused. He later recanted, saying it took intensive therapy for him to come to terms with the abuse.

In 2013, Robson’s initial claims against Jackson’s estate were thrown out when a judge ruled he’d waited too long to sue. He is now pursuing the separate civil claims against Jackson’s companies.

A source in Jackson’s camp called the new complaint “too silly” to warrant a response.


Prof Strang spoke in defense of Guy Bennett:

Conflicts of Interest – Psychiatrist Professor John Strang

Drugs policy advisor under fire over links to pharmaceutical company

A senior health advisor is facing criticism for his links to a company involved in a million pound drug trial.

Professor John Strang, an architect of drugs policy for more than a decade, is chief clinical investigator in a publicly funded heroin-antidote trial on thousands of prisoners.

Questions over Professor Strang’s links comes just months after he was criticised for failing to disclose ties to drug companies when applying for a government project.

The latest case has caused outrage among campaigners who say drug addiction policies have for too long been open to abuse from vested interests. The issue will be discussed by the Inter Ministerial Group on Drugs this week, The Independent has learnt.

Professor Strang has confirmed receipt of research grants, consultancy payments and travel expenses from several pharmaceutical companies who make medicines to treat addictions including Martindale Pharma and Cardinal Health.

Martindale, owned by Cardinal Health until May 2010, was the manufacturer chosen by the researchers in 2009 to supply pre-filled syringes of the drug Naloxone being used in the pilot study which could eventually involve 56,000 prisoners in England. The study, called N-ALIVE, hopes to reduce overdose deaths in the first month after release from prison.

The relationship between Professor Strang, director of the National Addiction Centre at King’s College London, with Martindale Pharma has publicly emerged – three years after the £1m grant trial was approved by the Indian Council of Medical Research.

Martindale, owned by Cardinal Health until May 2010, was the manufacturer chosen by the researchers in 2009 to supply pre-filled syringes of the drug Naloxone being used in the pilot study which could eventually involve 56,000 prisoners in England. The study, called N-ALIVE, hopes to reduce overdose deaths in the first month after release from prison.

He did not formally declare any conflicts of interest to the ICMR during the application process – which the ICMR says complies with current rules.

dependent – November 13, 2011



Long-standing SSA Trustee, Professor Sir John Strang, who was named in HM Queen Elizabeth’s birthday honours list, 2016.



John Osborne and wife Jill Bennett

Image result for john osborne

John Osborne’s battered wife – Jill Bennett.  She later committed suicide.

This portrait was taken circa 1982 in the house of The R Hon Lady Aitken (mother of disgraced Jonathan Aitken)


In 2001 the Purdews of Champneys (friends of Sir Jimmy Savile and Keith Vaz) briefly acquired Inglewood health hydro from agents of Saudi prince Mohammed bin Fahd. Inglewood had been the scene of allegations, published in the Guardian six years earlier, that then defence minister Jonathan Aitken, a director of the spa, had tried to arrange girls for a Saudi prince and his entourage.

The report led to the notorious libel action brought by Aitken ultimately culminating in his being sentenced to jail for perjury.


Former Tory MP Jonathan Aitken, once a director of Champneys Inglewood. He was accused by former employees of acting as a ‘pimp’ by requesting call girls, once for a sheikh and once for a group of Arabs.

Then he was embroiled in a legal dispute with former brothel keeper Lindi ‘Miss Whiplash’ St Clair, who claimed that she was thrown out of Inglewood partway through a course.

And though Aitken met his future wife Lolicia at Inglewood, he also cheated on her with bondage prostitute Paula Strudwick, telling her to collect the right sort of birch branches from the woods outside the estate for sadomasochistic sex games. You’d have thought someone would have twigged what was going on.


A Talent To Abuse

Looking back at John Osborne.


He has some Aubrey Beardsley drawings, very rude drawings, very rude


ball carey cover up.GIF




Rev Michael Butler of Albany Trust moved to become Chichester diocese Press Officer mid 70s before R Harbinson complained re Fr. Colin Gill

Dominic Edward William Murray Walker OGS DL (born 28 June 1948) is a retired Anglican bishop.  He was a  canon and prebendary of Chichester Cathedral.

Walker had reported Leo Abse, George Thomas and Enoch Powell to the police as suspected paedophiles. He said that “A number of survivors independently gave the name of a particular MP being involved … I don’t believe there was any collusion in their stories.” Walker went on to tell senior clerics that Abse was named by three abuse survivors whom he had counselled when a vicar in Brighton in the 1980s.


The parish priest in the village of Newick, the Rev. John Baker, organized a donors’ group to back Mr. Knight.
Their efforts won the support of the Anglican Bishop of Lewes, Peter Ball, a member of a small monastic order who shuns ecclesiastical vestments and worships in a converted pigsty. Group Contributed $313,000

In little more than a year, before Mr. Derry Mainwaring Knight’s activities aroused the suspicions of Bishop Eric Kemp of Chichester, who called in the police fraud squad,

In a circle which already included God, the Devil, a brace of viscounts, an earl, the
wife of an MP and a former High Sheriff of East Sussex
, it somehow did
not seem too fanciful to be told that the head of the counter-church
they were setting out to smash was Lord Whitelaw, the deputy Prime

Ex-teacher at Prince Charles’ old school Cheam School jailed for sexually abusing pupil in photography darkroom

Dec 6 2016

Nicholas Eggington, 58, taught at the renowned Cheam School where he befriended the young boy so he could create opportunities to be alone with him, a court heard

An ex-teacher at Prince Charles ‘ old school has been jailed for three years for sexually abusing a pupil in his classroom cupboard and a photography darkroom.

Nicholas Eggington, 58, taught at the renowned Cheam School where he befriended the young boy so he could create opportunities to be alone with him, a court heard.

He then abused him sexually on a number of occasions at the school – including his store cupboard, the photography club’s darkroom and other secluded areas of the school’s 100-acre grounds.

The preparatory school is steeped in history, having been founded nearly 400 years ago in 1645 and boasting former prime ministers and chancellors among its ex pupils.

The Duke of Edinburgh also went there.

Eggington, of Arnold, Notts, was convicted of two counts of indecent assault on a male child and two counts of gross indecency with a male child.

The offences relate to his time at Cheam School in Headley near Newbury, Berks, where he taught science between the late 80s and early 90s.

Eggington abused the boy, who was under 14, in the early 90s.

York Minster bell-ringers sacked over stance on ‘ongoing’ abuse risk to children

York Minster’s team of bell-ringers were disbanded because they refused to accept that a leading member of their group had been assessed as presenting an “ongoing risk” of child abuse, the minster’s governing body has said.

The Dean, the Very Rev Vivienne Faull, and Chapter also disclosed that they are still struggling to line up replacements to ring in Christmas later this month because others who had volunteered to help had been subjected to internet “intimidation” and in one case even a legal threat.

Although their statement does not specifically name the “member of the bell ringing band” at the centre of the allegations, he has been widely named as the society’s then president David Potter.

He has been the subject of two police investigations following allegations, which were subsequently dismissed without charge, made in 1999 and 2014.

The Minster commissioned a risk assessment on Mr Potter in line with Church of England guidelines.

“Following a detailed review of the matter and with guidance from national agencies, Chapter felt that the person presented an ongoing risk and that the potential severity of the risk meant they could not be reinstated,” they added.

“This decision was not accepted by the bell-ringing team.

“There was a reluctance to recognise the Minster’s concerns despite briefings with staff including our safeguarding officer. This culminated in Chapter’s decision to disband the team in October.”


Lionel Blair visits children’s charity

Children at a Tadworth-based charity got a special surprise when entertainer Lionel Blair visited and even put on a performance for them

17 SEP 2013

He visited The Children’s Trust as part of This Morning’s Take a Moment campaign.


Lionel Blair is Patron of Elizabeth Finn Care

How did you become involved with Elizabeth Finn Care, of which you are a patron?

Well, they came to me and told me about it and I thought there are lots of charities for children, which is great but this is for people penniless out of no fault of their own, and I think they need help.

Elizabeth Finn Trustees

Charles Anson and Lady Elizabeth Toulson to its Board of Trustees. The Board plays a vital advisory role in the strategic direction the Trust is taking, and is financially and legally responsible for all the Trust’s affairs.

Corporate communications consultant Charles Anson was communications advisor to the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Weekend Trust and is currently a director of Cubitt Consulting on financial and corporate public relations. Before that he was interim head of public relations for the British Red Cross. Until last year, he was director of corporate communications at the Hilton Group and has been involved, at a senior level, in strategic communications with major UK companies such as Kleinwort Benson and Grand Metropolitan (now Diageo).

At an earlier stage of his career, he was Press Secretary to Her Majesty The Queen from 1990-1997. He also worked in No 10 Downing Street from 1979-1981 and commenced his career in the Foreign and Commonwealth


Image result for lionel blair and rantzen
Esther Rantzen and Lionel Blair –
Dame Esther Rantzen (Childline/Silverline), Lionel Blair, Lord Victor Adebowale (NHS England) and Helen Bevan (NHS New Horizons)
Esther Rantzen takes part in the ‘national conversation’ on social action in health, ageing and care
Michael Jackson’s ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley married another alleged paedophile:

I was shocked and horrified and sick to my stomach’: Lisa Marie Presley’s twin daughters, 8, in child protective services after she found ‘hundreds of indecent photos’ of children on their dad’s computer, according to shocking court papers

  • Lisa Marie’s daughters Finley and Harper Lockwood are in the care of California’s Department of Children and Family Services, court documents state
  • Presley, 49, claims to have found inappropriate pictures and disturbing video footage on her fourth husband Michael Lockwood’s computer
  • The court papers  also state there are pending allegations of sexual abuse and neglect
  • Details are included in court papers filed as part of her divorce from Lockwood
  • Presley claims police found 80 of Lockwood’s devices during a raid on her home
  • She says cops still have the devices and claims they haven’t been fully analyzed
  • Presley and Lockwood married in Japan in 2006 but separated last June
  • Presley – the only daughter of Elvis Presley – claims she has to pay for two nannies to go along as monitors when her husband visits the children 
  • Her $300 million fortune, which she claims is nearly all gone, is the subject of divorce proceedings as Lockwood fights for spousal support

Elvis Presley’s twin granddaughters have been taken from their parents by worried social workers after mom Lisa Marie found a stash of disturbing photos and videos of children on their father’s computer, shocking court papers seen exclusively by DailyMail.com claim.

Eight-year-old girls Finley and Harper Lockwood are now in the care of California‘s Department of Children and Family Services and a trial has been set for March to determine their future, Lisa Marie Presley alleges in the papers.

Presley, 49, who checked herself into rehab last August shortly after she and Lockwood split, alleges she found the pictures and disturbing videos on fourth husband Michael Lockwood’s computer.

‘I was shocked and horrified and sick to my stomach,’ she said in court papers filed as part of her ongoing divorce from Lockwood.

Presley – the only child of Elvis Presley – said in the papers that Beverly Hills Police Department found 80 of Lockwood’s devices during a raid on her home. She added the cops still have them and they have not been fully analyzed.

‘My understanding is that Tennessee law enforcement is also conducting an investigation related to the photos and videos that I discovered,’ she said, according to the documents.

‘I have no idea what else may be on those devices and fear that there are more and worse images and evidence in these un-analyzed devices.

The documents also reveal pending allegations of sexual abuse and neglect on the part of Lockwood.

The papers state, ‘While the Respondent [Lockwood] has not yet been convicted of crimes related to his possession of these photos, that he possessed them is documented evidence of conduct that has destoyed the mental or emotional calm of Petitioner, and, as in Schu, is domestic violence “by an reasonable definition of the term.”‘

Presley and Lockwood, 55, a musician who has worked with Fiona Apple and Aimee Mann among others, were married in a lavish $340,000 ceremony in Kyoto, Japan in 2006. Her first husband, Danny Keough was best man. They separated last June.

Presley, who claims nearly all of her $300 million fortune is gone, said in the papers that she has to pay for two nannies to go along as monitors when her husband visits the children.



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The Sun Vault – Murdoch CSA Cover-ups

 Why have a transparent functioning CSA Inquiry with accountability & prosecutions when you can keep everything in a vault & profit long term?

Whenever anyone calls for inquiry to be closed down, I automatically ask what are they hiding or who are they protecting.

The Sun, (owned by Rupert Murdoch)  are somewhat suspiciously, calling for an end to the inquiry into historic child sex abuse…

…soon after Theresa May met privately with Rupert Murdoch…

It’s absolutely astonishing that no major news organisation, including the BBC, has asked the PM about her recent meeting with Murdoch.