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Criminologist Dr Rachel Hoskins formerly Dr Richard Hoskins




The “Establishment” need to smear csa cases related to former prime minister Ted Heath and Harvey Proctor MP

Richard Hoskins had sex swap surgery and then changed his mind at the last minute – and is now accusing the ‘transition’ industry of pushing vulnerable people like him into irreversible operations they’ll regret

12 Jan 2020

I took myself on a private consultation to gender psychotherapist Michelle Bridgman and Professor Gordon Turnbull, of the Nightingale Clinic, London



Richard/Rachel Hoskins…

mrs green‏@mrsgreen99

used by elites to discredit victims of by labeling their experiences as “false memories


Richard Hoskins – the man of many faces

Image result for "RICHARD HOSKINS"

The source of the fundamentally misleading article in the Mail on Sunday was Richard Hoskins, a criminologist who was hired by police as an ‘expert’ on Operation Conifer.

Hoskins claims that he was acting as a whistle-blower, but his disclosures related to a tiny part of the operation that police did not rank as the most crediblee.

Wiltshire Police strongly condemned him, and a spokesman said that Hoskins had been removed from the National Crime Agency’s list of recognised experts.


Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

Funny that Guy Adams doesn’t mention the man advising OpConifer who turned into a woman and back again whose kids found suspicious deaths.

Photo published for Criminologist Dr Rachel Hoskins formerly Dr Richard Hoskins

Hoskins couldn’t grab enough coverage when he changed from Richard to Rachel but avoided publicity when he reverted to being Richard. Why?

Who needs enemies when you have a friend like Rachel?


One tool of choice to smear survivors and evidence is  The Daily Mail

Cornish Skipper @CornishSkipper

Here is the 4th Rothermere & still peddling hate.

Who is Lord Rothermere?

The 4th Viscount Rothermere – or Jonathan Harmsworth – inherited Associated Newspapers (now DMG Media) when his father Vere died in 1998

He became the fourth Rothermere to take the title and become chairman of the media group

He was previously managing editor of the Evening Standard, which the Rothermeres bought in 1980

Lord Rothermere is ranked 120th on the Times Rich List, with an estimated fortune of £720m

The Harmsworth brothers Alfred and Harold founded the Daily Mail in 1896 – the “Viscount Rothermere” title was created for Harold Harmsworth in 1919

Before WWII, Harold Harmsworth praised Adolf Hitler and in 1934 penned a Daily Mail article headlined “Hurrah for the Blackshirts” celebrating Oswald Mosley’s British fascists

harmsworth kissing Cameron and the royals arses
Harmsworth with the Queen, Cameron and Prince Phillip
What Harmsworth’s Daily Mail said about BBC paedo Savile on his death….http://www.intmensorg.info/harmsworth.htm
Rotheremere and Hitler
Rothermere’s hero Hitler

rothermere black shirts

They also supported the Fascist Black shirts
and Oswald Mosely’s British Union of Fascists


Daily Mail article smearing police investigation into Ted Heath and child sex abuse
Richard/Rachel Hoskins – part of police investigation of Ted Heath child abuse claimshoskins-smear

for anyone who doesn’t know who Rachel (Richard) Hoskins is

What were the Wiltshire police doing calling on a fiction writer who lost (more than one child -) under suspicious circumstances in the first place?

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

One minute Richard Hoskins is posing as Rachel reading the gutter press and now Rachel’s back to being (Richard) again with no mention of Rachel

LazerLight‏ @Lazer_Light23

Why did Richard Hoskins change his name to Rachel, just for the period of time that he completed his small part of Heath investigation?

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo:

 Wiltshire Police expert Robert Rachel Hoskins had surgery in Thailand in 2016. (allegedly)
She was approved onto the NHS Gender Identity Clinic system and had surgeries in Thailand in July and December 2016.

I’m intrigued: Why has Dr. Hoskins gone from being Richard to Rachel and back to Richard?


14 April 2017, R R Hoskins  …Hoskins on the BBC continuing  to discredit  the Heath investigation Conifer


Criminologist says there is no credible evidence in Ted Heath investigation

Police: If Ted Heath was alive today we’d quiz him under caution on child abuse claims

  • Operation Conifer inquiry into Edward Heath will be made public on October 5
  • Findings will reveal about 40 people made paedophile claims against Sir Edward
  • Chief Constable Mike Veale’s report will say seven of which are ‘credible’ claims
  • Sir Edward died in 2005 aged 89 – if alive today he’d be interviewed under caution, says the MoS

Child sexual abuse claims made against Sir Edward Heath by seven of his alleged victims are serious enough that police would have questioned him under caution if he were still alive.

That is the astonishing verdict of a controversial two-year investigation into the former Tory Prime Minister, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

The explosive findings of the Operation Conifer inquiry into Sir Edward, led by Wiltshire Chief Constable Mike Veale, will be made public on October 5. It is believed the findings will reveal that about 40 people made paedophile claims against Sir Edward, who died in 2005 aged 89, covering five decades.

According to Whitehall sources, Mr Veale’s report will say seven of the alleged victims are ‘credible’ and describe the same pattern of behaviour by their ‘abuser’.

A Government source said an ‘interview under caution’ is, in effect, the strongest action that Mr Veale could recommend with regard to Sir Edward.

After an ‘interview with caution’ police would send a file to the Crown Prosecution Service, which would decide whether to prosecute. ‘It was never the task of Operation Conifer to decide whether Sir Edward was guilty, and clearly there was never any question of recommending prosecution in this case,’ a Government source said.

According to Whitehall sources, Mr Veale’s report will say seven of the alleged victims are ‘credible’ and describe the same pattern of behaviour by their ‘abuser’.

A Government source said an ‘interview under caution’ is, in effect, the strongest action that Mr Veale could recommend with regard to Sir Edward.

After an ‘interview with caution’ police would send a file to the Crown Prosecution Service, which would decide whether to prosecute. ‘It was never the task of Operation Conifer to decide whether Sir Edward was guilty, and clearly there was never any question of recommending prosecution in this case,’ a Government source said.

An ‘interview under caution’ usually takes place at a police station with the consent of the accused. If they refuse to attend, they can be arrested.

Mr Veale’s report will say testimonies by around a dozen more ‘victims’ cannot be relied on because they may have been ‘damaged’ by their experiences; a further dozen involve so called ‘third party’ allegations, where people have come forward to describe the alleged abuse of others.

A number of claims have been dismissed as bogus or fantasy.

Mr Veale has faced fierce criticism from senior Tories and mandarins who worked for Heath when he was in power in the 1970s.

They have accused police of wasting £2 million of public money on the inquiry, claiming the allegations are ‘fantasy’. Others said it would have been impossible for Sir Edward to commit such crimes when for much of his career he was accompanied by police protection. Only last week, former Director of Public Prosecutions Lord Macdonald said Mr Veale’s investigation was a ‘tragi-comedy of incompetence’.

But Mr Veale received a major boost yesterday as two fellow senior police chiefs, who are thought to have been briefed on progress by Operation Conifer, fired a warning shot at his powerful detractors.

Norfolk Chief Constable Simon Bailey, who supervises all UK historic child sex investigations, and Durham Chief Constable Mike Barton, who supervises national police operations, cautioned against attempts to ‘undermine’ Mr Veale.

In a statement to the MoS they stressed police must be able to investigate ‘without fear or favour’, adding: ‘They should be able to carry out investigations with complete independence without commentary which threatens to undermine the process.

‘While we await the findings of the Sir Edward Heath inquiry, it would be wrong to speculate on its content or the actions of individuals who have conducted the investigation.’

It was vital that police were given the funds ‘to conduct what can be complex and time-consuming inquiries’, they added.

The Mail on Sunday can also disclose that earlier this year a review of Mr Veale’s inquiry was undertaken by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary, which ruled it was ‘reasonable and proportionate’.

In another apparent vote of confidence in Mr Veale, Home Secretary Amber Rudd last week signed off a £1.1 million payment to help fund the investigation into Sir Edward – a blow to Tory MPs who wanted her to refuse to pay. Significantly, she signed off the payment shortly after receiving a summary of Mr Veale’s findings.

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse also said it would study Mr Veale’s findings after being briefed on his report.

Mr Veale’s view that allegations against Sir Edward would be serious enough to justify interrogation under caution were he alive is likely to spark a major row and calls for him to resign by some Tories convinced Sir Edward is innocent. A similar investigation into claims of a Westminster child sex ring involving 1980s Home Secretary Leon Brittan and others, by the Metropolitan Police – Operation Midland – collapsed last year after it was revealed the key claims were made by a fantasist. But there have also been allegations of an Establishment cover-up.

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen, who has staunchly defended ‘courageous and honest’ Mr Veale, said: ‘Having set up the inquiry it would have been appalling if the Government had refused to pay for it.

‘Mr Veale must be allowed to present his findings free of abuse or intimidation, and that includes my fellow Conservative MPs. Just because Operation Midland was a failure does not mean Operation Conifer should be ignored.

‘There are powerful forces in the Establishment that always want to cover things up.’

This newspaper revealed in February that Mr Veale believed some of the claims concerning Sir Edward were ‘120 per cent’ genuine.


Is it the job of ‘hired expert’ Rachel Hoskins to slag off those who hire him? Isn’t it his duty to report to the Police and then shut up?

No, Rachel Hoskins, Leon Brittan wasn’t cleared of allegations against children before he went to his shallow grave.

His crimes were swept under the carpet just like you’re being instrumentalised to sweep Heath’s crimes away.

Have you seen the contents of the secret csa file marked for destruction released the day after Leon Brittan died ?

The file that names Leon Brittan, Peter Morrison & William Van Straubenzee (a Heath Minister btw) ?


Leon Brittan among senior Westminster figures named in new child abuse files

Peter Morrison, Peter Hayman and William van Straubenzee also named in previously unreleased documents, which police will pass to ongoing inquiry



A SECRET document relating to Westminster child abuse allegations and marked for destruction surfaced the day after Sir Leon Brittan died, …


Some confusion about the word credible & shreddable evidence! me thinks

Hoskins discrediting  the Heath investigation Conifer, despite Mike Veale saying previously:

Dec 2016

Mike Veale:

Fact: The recent media coverage regarding a confidential report that had been commissioned by Wiltshire Police as part of the investigation, through a recognised National Crime Agency registered expert, referred to satanic ritual sex abuse.

This part of the investigation is only one small element of the overall inquiry and DOES NOT RELATE TO SIR EDWARD HEATH

So. What punishment will be meted out to Richard-Rachel Hoskins?


richard hoskins.GIF

R R Hoskins /Daily Mail

Telegraph and Mail tried to rubbish Ted Heath inquiry by citing criminologist Rachel Hoskins.

Crime fiction writer Rachel Hoskins:

Sir Edward Heath accuser is a ‘satanic sex fantasist’:

Police warned by OWN expert that ritual abuse claims are false – including how the former PM ‘went to candlelit forest for paedophile parties’ 

Dr Hoskins has been analysing witness statements submitted to Operation Conifer related to Ted Heath, since September.

Dr Hoskins said: ‘The Heath inquiry rests, like the Westminster VIP inquiry, on over-active imagination.’

Wiltshire Police insisted evidence examined by Dr Hoskins was just a small part of their inquiry, known as Operation Conifer, but she says it is a central plank of the investigation.

Although I often work with the police as an expert – I am registered with the National Crime Agency – my specialist subject is religious ritual. You might know of my work identifying Adam, the African boy whose torso was found in the river Thames in 2001.

So is Daily Mail’s “120%” an attempt to create an Exaroesque “credible & true” stick with which to beat investigation with later?

And so it begins…..

Heath paedophile investigation plunged into further chaos as detective in charge goes off with stress

Superintendent Sean Memory went on long term sick leave last month, just weeks after being put in overall charge of Operation Conifer – the £800,000 probe into allegations that the late former Prime Minister was a paedophile.

Sources said Mr Memory’s decision to take time off with stress was the result of “combination of factors” but said it had followed a period of intense pressure.

The Telegraph has also discovered that Mr Memory is facing a disciplinary investigation, although it is understood it is connected with his work on Operation Conifer.

The spokesman said: “It is very important that we stress there is no risk to Operation Conifer due to this set of circumstances. To ensure continuity in this complex investigation, it continues to be overseen by Assistant Chief Constable Paul Mills and has been, and will continue to be, subject to regular scrutiny through a Gold Group meeting structure which reviews actions and activity.

“The Force has every confidence in how the investigation has been conducted to date. Supt Steve Kirby (an experienced investigator who has worked on this case from the outset) has been appointed as SIO for Operation Conifer.


Please find at a statement from me following stories in the media today re the investigation into Sir Edward Heath

Top Tory (Rifkind) slaps down police chief claims that Edward Heath was a Paedophile

Has Rifkind (Leon Brittan’s relation) read Wilts police statement?


Sir Edward Heath WAS a paedophile, says police chief: Astonishing claim is made that the former PM is guilty of vile crimes ‘covered up by the Establishment’

  • More than 30 people have come forward with claims about the former PM 
  • And they are said to have given ‘strikingly similar’ accounts to Wiltshire Police 
  • The county’s chief constable has said that the allegations are ‘totally convincing’
  • Pictures have emerged of Heath driving – despite it being claimed he didn’t have a car 

The police chief investigating claims that Sir Edward Heath was a paedophile is convinced the allegations are ‘120 per cent’ genuine, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

More than 30 people have come forward with claims of sexual abuse by the former Conservative Prime Minister, according to well-placed sources.

And they are said to have given ‘strikingly similar’ accounts of incidents to Wiltshire Police – even though the individuals are not known to each other.

The Mail on Sunday has been told that Wiltshire Chief Constable Mike Veale regards the allegations as ‘totally convincing’, and plans to publish a report in June.

Detectives have established that, contrary to claims that Sir Edward could not have committed the crimes as he ‘never drove a car’ and ‘always’ had a police driver with him, he did drive – and did have a car.

They have photographic evidence that shows he is a driver, and have established that he had a driving licence. He also bought a Rover 2000 after being deposed as Tory leader by Margaret Thatcher in 1975, when he was 58.

Astonishingly, Mr Veale is also understood to support claims that Sir Edward’s alleged crimes were reported to police years ago but covered up by the Establishment.

Some of those who said Sir Edward abused them are believed to have told police they went on to commit sexual abuse crimes themselves as a result.

The investigation into Sir Edward, called Operation Conifer, was set up in 2015 in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal.

Mr Veale came under pressure to abandon the inquiry last year after separate claims of a paedophile ring at Westminster involving former Home Secretary, the late Lord Brittan, and former Defence chief, Lord Bramall, were found to be groundless.

Allegations that Sir Edward was involved in satanic orgies have been dismissed as fantasy by an expert asked to review the case.

However, The Mail on Sunday has been told that Mr Veale believes the paedophile allegations are genuine. A source said: ‘Mr Veale believes in them 120 per cent and thinks they are totally convincing.

‘There are very close similarities in the accounts given by those who have come forward. The same names used for him, the same places and same type of incidents keep coming up.

‘What stands out is that the people giving these accounts are not connected but the stories and the details dovetail.

‘It contains disturbing stuff. Investigators have been shocked by what they have learned.’

Another source said: ‘The police were initially skeptical about the allegations, but now believe them. And they have come round to the view that they were covered up in the past because of who Heath was.

‘They will not be deflected by the rich and powerful trying to do the same now. Mike Veale is doing a great job and should be congratulated for his courage.’

The disclosures come after several senior politicians dismissed the allegations against Heath as absurd and unfounded. Former Tory Foreign Secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind complained Heath’s reputation was being ‘besmirched’. Heath’s sexuality has been the source of much speculation over the years. Some believed he was gay, others said he was ‘asexual.’ At one point, he was being investigated by no fewer than five police forces – the Met, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Kent and Jersey.

The claims, some of which have been proved false, include alleged links to a convicted brothel keeper known as Madame Ling-Ling. A paedophile dossier compiled by Labour peer Baroness Castle said he offered young boys trips on his yacht, and in a separate incident one man claimed Sir Edward picked him up hitchhiking in Kent as a 12-year-old in the 1960s and lured him to his Mayfair flat.

Labour MP Tom Watson also said he had received allegations about Sir Edward. However the claims Mr Veale is investigating, which date from the 1960s to 1990s, are not linked to the discredited evidence of the man known as ‘Nick’, who alleged a high-level paedophile ring.

One of the key counter-claims made when the allegations first surfaced came from former Cabinet Secretary Lord Armstrong, who worked with Heath when he was Prime Minister. He said Heath ‘never drove a car’ and always had at least one policeman with him from 1970 until his death in 2005.


The fact that Sir Edward could drive was confirmed last night by a friend, who said the former Prime Minister bought a car in 1975, although Sir Edward was later given a chauffeur-driven car and police guard after IRA death threats.

Asked if Mr Veale believed the allegations against Sir Edward were ‘totally convincing’, a police spokesman said the Chief Constable was determined to ‘ensure the investigation is proportionate, measured and legal’ and that the job of the police was to ‘impartially investigate allegations without fear or favour and go where the evidence takes us. It is not the role of the police to judge the guilt or innocence of people in our criminal justice system.’

Further asked if Mr Veale had ‘120 per cent’ faith in the allegations, the spokesman declined to comment.


Sir Edward Heath seen with his car in Weymouth, despite claims he never drove

Sir Edward Heath seen with his car in Weymouth, despite claims he never drove

These are the photographs that appear to disprove the notion that the allegations against Sir Edward cannot be true because he ‘never drove a car’ and was always accompanied by police.

Both were taken in October 1975. In the main picture on the right, Heath is standing by the driver’s door of the Rover 2000 he bought after Margaret Thatcher ousted him as Tory leader in February that year. In the picture on the left, he is seen arriving at the Tory Party conference in Blackpool – in the driver’s seat.

The Mail on Sunday has learned that Wiltshire Police has also obtained photographic evidence of him driving.

‘When he was at home he had two policemen on the gate, he had the personal protection officer from Scotland Yard in the house, he never drove a car himself, he always had an official driver,’ said Lord Armstrong. ‘It seems highly unlikely he could have escaped all that to do the kind of thing that is described.’

Sir Edward Heath again pictured driving, this time leaving leaves the conference for the sea breezes of Weymouth

Sir Edward Heath again pictured driving, this time leaving leaves the conference for the sea breezes of Weymouth

Sir Edward bought the Rover after losing the chauffeur-driven car he was entitled to as Prime Minister, then Opposition leader.

A confidant of the former PM said: ‘He definitely could and did drive, though was a notoriously bad one. When he went to music concerts in Salzburg and hired a car, he was meant to drive it because his British police guards weren’t officially allowed to.

‘But they insisted as they were frightened he was going to crash.’

You couldn’t make it up: his closest aides were adamant that the bloke with an MG, a Rover and a Vauxhall neither owned a car nor drove!


Mandarin who can’t help being economical with truth: Lord Armstrong at centre of accusations of child abuse cover-up

  • Senior civil servant in Thatcher government accused of ‘shocking’ attitude
  • Ex-Cabinet Secretary Lord Armstrong defended apparent abuse cover-up
  • Was warned by security services in 1986 that MP had ‘a penchant for boys’
  • Said he believed decision not to investigate claims was ‘correct at the tim

It has been revealed that he was urged by MI5 to help hush-up abuse allegations against a senior MP so as to avoid political embarrassment for the Thatcher government.

A document from November 1986 shows that Sir Antony Duff, then director-general of MI5, wrote to Armstrong about inquiries into one MP said to have ‘a penchant for small boys’.

Even today, despite years of official investigations into the claims and a top-level review into the loss of hundreds of Home Office files relating to the original allegations, Armstrong defiantly refuses to identify the suspect politician or even say if he is alive or dead. Can he really still believe that it is acceptable to be ‘economical with the truth’?

His attitude reflects an arrogant mindset that has for too long prevailed in Westminster and Whitehall.

The newly-unearthed files expose how protection of the Establishment took priority over the need to prosecute anyone suspected of paedophilia and over the safety of vulnerable young children.

In a letter to Armstrong about the suspected MP, Sir Antony warned that secrecy must prevail. ‘At the present stage…the risks of political embarrassment to the Government is rather greater than the security danger,’ he wrote.

In other words, if the rumours of a sex-ring were true and children had been abused, the welfare of the child must be subjugated to the national interest.

At the time, in 1986, there was little public discussion about the rumours. Whistleblowers were silenced, files mysteriously vanished and evidence which might have nailed the culprits was ignored.

Rebecca Camber desperately continues to push the anonymous quote saying Veale said Heath was a paedophile tho drops 120% reference now

Farce over Ted Heath child abuse probe grows via

The ‘farce’ aspect lies in the coverage of Op Conifer by the RW press and the incongruous nature of the ‘experts’ wheeled out!

With no exaro harder to derail live police investigations do you know when Islington council commissioned Hoskins for trip abroad?

Hoskin’s visit to Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, was in 2005


Ted Heath’s paedophile chauffeur:

New BBC paedophile scandal as ‘hero’ ex-chauffeur is unmasked as convicted child rapist

17 JUL 2016

Niven James Sinclair was so influential he sat in on BBC meetings – but Dame Janet Smith’s abuse probe in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal failed to identify him

A pervert with three child sex convictions worked as a BBC chauffeur for almost 30 years.

Niven James Sinclair drove VIPs ­including former Prime Minister Ted Heath and was employed to run BBC transport as a third party contractor. His firm supplied up to 150 cars.

He was so influential he sat in on BBC meetings and was involved with shows including Newsnight and Panorama.

And astonishingly, Dame Janet Smith’s probe into paedophiles at the BBC in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal failed to identify him.

Sinclair only stopped working for the broadcaster in 2005, aged 82, when his firm was still supplying 92 vehicles.

A glowing 2005 profile on the BBC website, still online tonight, was headlined: “A driving

Ted Heath’s alleged paedophile aide:

Heath aide suicide over paedo arrest

 Secretary shot himself

15th August 2015

SIR Edward Heath’s ex-aide killed himself after being arrested by cops investigating child abuse claims.

Nick Edgar, 40, put a shotgun to his head two days after questioning over images on his computer.

The father of three worked as ex-PM Sir Edward’s secretary in the Nineties. He was held by child abuse investigation police in April, 2010.

Edgar was quizzed again four months later but then shot himself near his parents’ Cambridgeshire estate.

The former Oxford University Union president got the job with Sir Edward in 1992 and worked for him until late in the decade, spending months at the politician’s Wiltshire home.


From Heath’s 1998 autobiography –

Ted Heath was especially grateful to alleged paedophile Nicholas Edgar…and some other familiar names…Sara Morrison, Soames, Fellowes…




In June 1995 Heath’s private office, headed at that time by Nicholas Edgar, was set the task of organising three days of lavish celebrations for our visitors at the most prestigious London venues.


Heath’s Chief Whip: My Job Was to Cover-up Scandals Involving Small Boys


Cassandra Cogno Retweeted gojam

Jan 1984 R v O’Dowd: Boy George’s uncle alleges photos of Heath with children exist & Cecil Parkinson attends the court case

From Sept 2014 Two ‘interesting’ allegations – Edward Heath: The Paedophile Prime Minister.

“the producer told me that years before when he was an assistant editor in a cutting room in Wardour Street he used to get his holiday photos developed at a shop in Wardour Street and one day the shop was raided by the police because the owner was dealing in pornography or at least that was the presumed reason. During the raid, a distribution list was discovered which had Ted Heath’s name on it also Patrick Moore’s and it was for “kiddie porn” as it was termed in those days. I do not know how he got this information about the list but apparently “everyone in Wardour Street” knew about it.”
It reminded me of a very strange court case involving Boy George’s uncle (you really couldn’t make some of this stuff up) Kenneth O’Dowd in 1984 who alleged that he had compromising photographs of Edward Heath . The news reports do not describe what the photographs that included Ted Heath depicted however he says that his former mistress “appeared in pornographic photographs together with his two children”
According to The Glasgow Herald, O’Dowd produced a photocopied photograph of Edward Heath but it was “dismissed in court as a forgery”.
If you thought that was all very curious then I’m sure you’ll be intrigued about why Cecil Parkinson should take enough interest in this case to attend and observe part of the trial himself, as was John Stapleton and Nick Owen were…Intrigued
Below are two stories about the trial from The Times.
January 19th 1984
A woman denied at the Central Criminal Court yesterday that she had appeared in pornographic photographs with Mr Edward Heath, the former Prime Minister. The woman, a mother of three children, whose former boy friend has pleaded not guilty to raping and assaulting her, said she had never met Mr Heath, or been photographed in indecent positions with men or children. The man has asserted that the charges against him have been fabricated by the woman and the police. “He says they wish to muzzle his evidence to bring to book certain persons, including the woman, who he says appeared in pornographic photographs together with his two children”, the court has been told by Mr Stephen Mitchell, for the prosecution. The defendant had claimed he found photographs showing a man he recognized as Edward Heath and another man he has named as a Det Sgt Wallace. Mr Heath has denied being in the alleged photographs. The woman said in evidence yesterday that, although the defendant had taken some pictures of her undressed, they were of her alone. She said she had never been photographed with det Sgt Wallace or had sexual intercourse with him. Cross-examined by the defendant, she denied ever seeing a briefcase in her home with the initials “E.A.H.” on it. She also denied his allegation that she had been part of a prostitution ring. The trial was adjourned until today.

January 18th 1984

An accused man’s claim that he was framed by the authorities because he had discovered pornographic photographs of his lover, naked, In poses with Mr Edward Heath, the former Prime Minister, and a detective sergeant, were “wild and totally unfounded” the prosecution maintained at the Central Criminal Court yesterday. Mr Stephen Mlitchell, for the Crown, told a jury of seven women and five men that the allegations of the existence of such photographs had been made last October at the man’s first trial which was halted after three weeks and a new trial ordered. The defendant, aged 37, has pleaded not guilty to charges of raping and assaulting his former mistress, aged 32, a mother of three daughters. The defendant claimed he had discovered five colour photographs in the jewel box of the woman with whom he lived at their flat in 1976, while they were living at Woolwich, south east London. Their young daughters were looking on allegedly as the woman posed on her bed. Mr Heath was said to have been in two of the photographs, and the detective Sergeant, Brian Wallace, in three of them. But, Mr Mitchell said, no such photographs existed,although the jury would probably spent a great deal of time listening to comments about them. The defendant also claimed that he had found a black briefcase, bearing an MP’s initials, in a cupboard at his former lover’s flat. Some photographs did exist, Mr Mitchell said. The woman remembered that she had once posed nude and semi-nude. But the existence of “the odd dirty photo” whould not have any great influence on the case, he said. The man was accused of threatening his former lover with a knife and a hammer after breaking into her home in September 1982, and raping and assaulting her. He was als

Edward Heath and Kenneth O’Dowd – Glasgow Herald 1985

Cousin Kenneth O’Dowd

The Guardian

London, Greater London, England

Friday, October 25, 1985 – 5

The Guardian

London, Greater London, England
Thursday, March 15, 1984 – 2

Sir Edward Heath accusers also claim parents ran a satanic sex cult

Edward Heath Charitable Foundation supported by Keith Vaz

Do you think a man transitioning into Rachel Hoskins, likely under a psychiatrist’s supervision, should be Wiltshire police’s best choice?


Wiltshire Police should have known that there would be issues with RR Hoskins

Quote from 2012 regarding Richard Hoskins:

“It is totally unacceptable that an expert instructed in the course of care proceedings should disregard his professional duty of confidentiality in what would appear to be a cynical attempt to promote his book. We have written to him asking him to stop discussing this case publicly.


Dec 2016

Mike Veale:

So. What punishment will be meted out to Richard-Rachel Hoskins?

Dec 2 2016

Mike Veale, of Wiltshire Police

  • Said he was ‘disappointed’ about speculations
  • The Mail on Sunday revealed a criminologist (RR Hoskins) dismissed the abuse claims
  • Fifteen people are said to have come forward with claims about Sir Heath
  • Nick’ had not been spoken to as part of Operation Conifer

David Tombs hand-delivered this report by Peter McKelvie to Dept. of Health but was ignored!

Paedophile warning by social services chief ‘ignored’

  • 12 July 2014

 You probably missed this correction as you were indeed supposed to. Massive climbdown over Stephen Wright article!


The Daily Mail must have been under huge pressure from the paedo brigade not to let this get to court. Imagine what might have come out!

All eyes on Stephen Wright of The Mail, waiting for his next article of disinformation. Who pays the piper?

 Mar 3 2017

Daily Mail forced to admit Peter McKelvie’s claims weren’t baseless after all.  It would seem the lying Daily Mail has had to back down over false reporting on Peter McKelvie claims! What a colossal backdown!

 Hypocrisy of DM: McKelvie can successfully go after paedos at Cam’s school but not after ministers in his party!

An open letter to David Cameron by Peter McKelvie

Dear Mr. Cameron

On the very day, 24th October 2012, that Tom Watson asked you a PMQ re. the possibility of a link between a very large and highly organised paedophile ring and No 10, you made a number of quotes to the mainstream media.

You were in fact referring to the Savile/BBC/NHS scandal.

I made a note of some of those quotes :-

”The Government will do all it can do, other institutions must do what they can do, to make sure that we learn the lesson of this and it can NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN”

“Collusion should NEVER happen again ”

”The measure of how our society is, is how we treat its most vulnerable members”

There are no more vulnerable members of our society than children who have been taken in to care and then re-abused by the very people charged with the responsibility of caring for them and protecting them,and even worse then passing them on to be further abused by the very people who make the laws in this country and are expected to lead the way on the moral compass of that society.

I have no doubt that you have watched or been made aware of Channel 4′s Dispatches on 12th September and the allegations that arose from it regarding the role of senior politicians, the security services and the Crown Prosecution Service in covering up the horrendous abuse carried out by Cyril Smith over 5 decades.The overlap with Savile in terms of who knew about this abuse were laid bare.

I also have no doubt that you are aware that your colleagues in your party, Edwina Currie, Gyles Brandreth and Rod Richards have made very damning statements of how well known in Westminster circles it was that Peter Morrison was a dangerous paedophile, and yet his career was unaffected as he rose to be Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party, Mrs. Thatcher’s PPS in 1990 and her campaign manager that same year despite this knowledge having been around for many years.

I also have no doubt that you are aware of the statement of Tim Fortescue,Edward Heath’s Chief Whip from 1970-73, made public on Michael Cockerell’s BBC Documentary in 1995 called “Westminster’s Secret Service “.
Talking about the role of the chief whip, Fortescue said ” For anyone with any sense who was in trouble would come to the whips and tell them the truth ………….. it might be erm erm a scandal involving small boys ……….. we would do everything we can because we would store up brownie points ……. and if I mean, that sounds a pretty,pretty nasty reason, but it’s one of the reasons because if we could get a chap out of trouble then,he will do as we ask forever more.”

I don’t need to tell you of the revulsion I feel towards our political masters having worked with sexually abused children for over 30 years when I heard of how the Whips ran the Dirt Book system.

Your colleague, John Whittingdale, in his role as Chair of the Culture Committee, put himself forward as the moral voice of Parliament in the days following the exposure of Savile on national TV.
He lost no opportunity to appear on every news channel for many days to demand in effect the head of the Director General of the BBC. To date I have not heard you or Mr. Whittingdale demand such investigations in to your own institution despite the mountain of concern a small proportion of which I have referred to above.
Just on Savile alone without looking any further why was there no investigation along the lines of the many BBC inquiries in to why a British Prime Minister was so close to Savile that he allegedly attended 13 consecutive New Year’s Eve parties at Chequers and why the same Prime Minister allegedly persevered for many years in insisting that such an evil man long identified as having a deviant sexual history should get a knighthood,ignoring the advice of her closest advisers.
Why was the same man so welcome in Prince Charles’s properties despite the security services and similar vetting institutions having enough opportunity to tap in to the ” gossip” about Savile that was around for decades.

I would dearly like to go in to more detail but until the Metropolitan Police’s Operations Fernbridge and Fairbank are completed then for obvious reasons I can not.

In the aftermath of the Lord McAlpine affair I was extremely disappointed by the confusion you attempted to create by making accusations of gay witch-hunts. There is no connection whatsoever between being gay and being a paedophile.
This is about and only about people who abuse young children regardless of whether the abuser is heterosexual or gay.
There is no witch-hunt against gay people and it was most irresponsible for a Prime Minister to make such a statement when the abuse of our most vulnerable was the issue.

Now is the time for you to show the genuine commitment expected of a Prime Minister and do what you preached in those statements last October especially ” COLLUSION SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN ” and the demand that ALL institutions look inwards and examine their role in past collusion/cover up.

A starting point, and to give Parliament and Government any credibility in this heinous historical scandal, is for you to put all party political considerations aside and arrange an urgent meeting with Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband to draw up a blueprint as to how your own institution will be investigated along the lines of the way you and colleagues demanded that people be brought to account in the BBC or NHS for their failure to blow the whistle on Savile.

It would be better if you led such an exercise before it is forced upon you by public demand.
The latter will happen in time.

A starting point would be an immediate statement that there will be urgent cross-party talks to set up an independant body to examine who ordered these cover ups of people like Smith and Morrison, after ordering an immediate Police investigation by the National Crime Agency and ensuring that the latter body has sufficient resources to go wherever the evidence takes them and however long it takes. This must include the investigation of living politicians, police officers,civil servants,security services personnel etc.

Yours sincerely,
The source of Tom Watson’s PMQ

Paedophile warning by social services chief ‘ignored’

  • 12 July 2014

Mr Tombs says he was told he was wasting his time when he alerted civil servants to the claims

David Tombs, who ran Hereford and Worcester social services, said he warned the government after the arrest of paedophile Peter Righton in 1992

Mr Tombs, who in charge of social services in his area for 20 years, claims that when Righton was arrested in 1992, he became aware of information through the police investigation that suggested a paedophilic network was operating.

He said what he learned would have been of “national concern” and told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “It was coming across to me at the time that there were names there that were linked into the establishment, if you like.

Two inquiries have been launched into historical claims of child abuse.

Tim Yeo MP, a junior health minister in the early 1990s, said he was “staggered” by the claims.

He added that he was “not aware” of a culture of child sex abuse during his time as a health minister, and said he was puzzled as to why Mr Tombs did not take his concerns further at the time and speak to his local MP.

‘No abuse culture’Asked what he thought was meant by the word “them”, Mr Tombs said “those within Parliament and government in Whitehall”.

But Mr Yeo said he found Mr Tombs’ claims “incredible”.

He told the Today programme: “I think it’s incredible, the idea that any remotely credible evidence had been shown to a civil servant at the Department of Health would have been ignored and received the comment that it apparently was.

“There was no culture of child sex abuse that I was aware of either in Whitehall or in Parliament,” he added. “The whole thing is extraordinary.”

Let’s not forget that Tim Yeo chipped in to help his friend and paedophile Proctor with at least £5000

Tim Yeo
Tim Yeo –

“There was no culture of child sex abuse that I was aware of either in Whitehall or in Parliament,” he added. “The whole thing is extraordinary.

Tim Yeo was shadow environment secretary under William Hague and Michael Howard’s leadership.

Hague faces cover-up row over Thatcher ally’s link to care home abuse scandal: Former foreign secretary said to have been made aware of Sir Peter Morrison’s connections while working as Welsh secretary

  • Hague expected to be criticised in new report on Wales care home scandal
  • As many as 650 children were raped or assaulted in the 70s and 80s
  • Then-Welsh Secretary Hague ordered an inquiry into the abuse in 1996
  • New Whitehall inquiry expected to accuse Welsh office of mishandling it

^ And convicted paedophile Patrick Rock was PPS to Michael Howard

Michael Howard leads tributes to Leon Brittan following his death

25 NOV 2015

The judge said in the witness box, Mr Yeo had made deliberate use of a “hot-tempered counter-attack as a diversionary tactic”.

And he said he found some of Mr Yeo’s evidence “utterly implausible” and, overall, he did not present it “convincingly”.


Tim Yeo 1998 director at  (Harvey Proctor’s Cottonrose Ltd


Jimmy Savile and the Spastics Society

Tim Yeo became director of the Spastics Society.


The Guardian

London, Greater London, England

Thursday, January 6, 1994 – 2

Peter McKelvie was right about Righton, Alston, Napier, Tracey, Sadler, Waters, Fraser and dozens more. I’ll let you work out the rest!

Peter McKelvie even contacted Virginia Bottomley but she did nowt! Now where was her hubby listed again?


More evidence that the Department of Health were told of Peter Righton paedophile network…and did nothing

In 1993, Hereford & Worcester social services department produced a report about paedophile ‘child care expert’ Peter Righton and his connections with other child sex abusers who were working in schools and children’s homes across the UK.

The report (dated 13.05.93) was sent to Virginia Bottomley’s Department of Health via Sir William Utting. It clearly stated that the abuse networks were still active and that children in care were at risk, yet the Department of Health – who have overall responsibility for children in care – did nothing to stop the abuse from continuing.

Peter Bottomley – member of the Conservative Monday Club

This ‘man called Peter McKelvie’ was hugely successful in bringing paedos to book. No wonder DM never liked him!:

21 Jan 2016

Why does hate McKelvie? Is it because he was so successful in getting Charles Napier convicted?

Have you ever wondered why these people did their utmost to mute Peter McKelvie?

Oh FFS so Daily Mail went all out to get Peter McKelvie off the inquiry panel & ensure Peter Righton & PIE’s political network ignored?

Excellent work, Cathy! The way Britain’s paedo Establishment has treated McKelvie is utterly disgusting.

Pl read & RT! Excellent article on Peter McKelvie & the shambolic article of falsehoods in Daily Fail & their lame (non)apology.

Heroes for Exposing Child Sexual Abuse – Part 1 – Peter McKelvie


Peter McKelvie worked as a Senior Child Protection manager for Hereford and Worcester.

As part of that work he was given access by West Mercia Police to Peter Righton’s Diary.

In his diary Peter Righton had listed the names and ages of each boy he had abused from 1957 onwards in categories of which institution the victims had been resident at the time, and most sickeningly of all, had scored each child’s level of abuse from 1 (touching) to 10 (buggery).

Peter McKelvie explains more here [6]

“One of the many reasons I contacted Tom Watson MP in October 2012 was my anger and frustration that Peter Righton had been allowed to die with just one minor conviction for possession of indecent images of children when I knew how evil a web he had spun in full sight of leading social work agencies such as the National Children’s Bureau and the National Institute of Social Work not to mention the high regard he was obviously held in at the Department of Health.

Much has been made of Savile being given the keys to Broadmoor.

Righton didn’t need the keys, he could walk in to any children’s home or local authority boarding school in the UK on ” official business ”

I was given full access by West Mercia police to Righton’s diaries and letters which gave the clues to a large network of Paedophiles with “official ” access to children.

Unfortunately my team weren’t allowed to pursue these leads ourselves as the alleged offences occurred outside our statutory geographical boundaries

We had to pass all our relevant information on to other local authorities.

With the full support of my then Director of Social  Services, David Tombs, I wrote a report for the Department of Health pleading for them to agree to fund and set up a “National Joint Social Worker/Police investigation team” so that we could pursue all the leads we had and go anywhere the evidence took us.

Righton in his diaries had made the task of investigation relatively straightforward.

He had listed the names and ages of each boy he had abused from 1957 onwards in categories of which institution the victims had been resident at the time,and most sickeningly of all, had scored each child’s level of abuse from 1 (touching) to 10 (buggery)

My Director was prepared to release me and 2 of my social workers to be part of such a team if we were seen as suitable applicants. Nothing came of this request and this huge body of evidence against Righton fell in to a black hole. A small group of us, a very senior Police  Officer, two very experienced investigative journalists and myself met with a senior Opposition Party MP in 1994 to lodge a complaint and demand action.

We named MP’s that we believed might be involved in this organised network. Nothing came of that either.

My Director David Tombs retired in 1994 and my team was closed down and disbanded virtually immediately afterwards.” [6]

Peter McKelvies team was closed down.

This was a Hereford and Worcestershire document from 1993 which Peter McKelvie authored. It mentions

  • Righton’s PIE links
  • Links to the Swedish and Norwegian “PIE’s”
  • Organised abuse in Gozo, Malta with Righton and another man involved in “trade” in victims
  • Likely paedophiles as a bishop, social services and education staff and civil servants
  • Individuals in possible major institutional abuse
  • Ability to prove that Righton abused many boys in a school 30 years ago (probably Redhill School)
  • Righton’s connections to “rentboy” scene in London
  • Righton abuse of boys, either in care or known to social services, all over the country
  • Several boxfuls of letters and his diaries

In another document entitled “A Personal Viewpoint” Peter McKelvie suggests

  • Coordinated network of professionals involved in abuse of children
  • Access to children was easy via various official schemes
  • Children were being trafficked around the country
  • Small joint task force of 4 experienced social workers and 4 police be set up
  • Task force should investigate PIE and abuse in social work

Peter Righton, a serial child abuser, got away with it all the way until his death in 2007, even though there was evidence written in his own hand in diaries and letters.

He was Director of the National Institute of Social Work Directors and despite his host of contacts all over Britain, and uninhibited access to children through the Social Services, Righton was never tried for serious sexual assaults or rape.

All he ever got was a fine of £900 when he was caught importing child abuse images in 1992, and separately a caution for indecent assault, probably in 1994/5 [15]

How did Righton get away with it?

“..Peter Righton was questioned about indecent assaults on children by the Obscene Publications Squad in November 1994 – several months after the Hereford & Worcester investigation had been shut down, and after the BBC documentary Secret Life of a Paedophile had been broadcast [June 1]”[9]

Righton’s contacts were numerous, some are outlined here Goodness and Harmony Diplomatic Connections and PIE / Diplomat Robert Alston – brother of Richard Alston [26]

Also many are here[28] 

Nearly all of those connected to him got away with it as well. Most appear never to have even been charged.  Those that did get charged got lightly dealt with.

Richard Alston got away with it – at present I cannot find any conviction from 1992-95 for Richard Alston who was Peter Rightons long term partner, and Headmaster of New Barns School for special needs pupils in Toddington, Gloucestershire.

Charles Napier got away lightly. Although he had a conviction from back in April 1972 for indecency with schoolboys in his charge [15] it appears that no effort was made to look for further abuse since. Napier was charged with just two counts of indecent assault and received a 9 month sentence. This was possibly for the abuse mentioned in the letter found at Bloomfield’s House. Charles Scott Napier 1995 Dec 8 Court of Appeal [18]. Charles Napier is the half brother to Conservative MP and recent minister John Whittingdale.

Morris Fraser was connected to Righton, but in his own right was connected to many others,and a prolific child abuser wherever he went.  Bits of Books Blog has a good timeline Dr Morris Fraser, Belfast, Long Island New York, Islington [27]

A proper investigation of Fraser by the Obscene Publications Squad would have investigated the Azimuth Trust. It had featured in the television programme about Righton – Secret Life of a Paedophile [9]. Fraser had been accused of child sexual abuse in the Report of the Azimuth Trust Cornwall Council Publish 1994 Azimuth Trust Report [19]

The Paedophile Information Exchange, PIE was probably the most notorious child abuse organisation ever. Peter Righton was one of the founder members. There was documentary evidence of his host of connections to many members. Nothing was done.

Abroad Righton also had connections in Norway, Sweden, Malta and the Netherlands

Whoever is responsible for shutting down the investigation into Righton, and his connections is culpable for all the abuse carried out by Righton, Napier, Alston and others since 1994. Many serial child abusers were allowed to spend most of their lives abusing children.

The fact that the investigation did not far was not due to lack of evidence, it did not get far for other reasons. What were they?

Who was responsible?

Michael Hames was Head of the Obscene Publications Squad from 1990 until his retirement in Sept 1993, [p297] Wikipedia states 1994 [8]

Let us look at what Hames says of the investigation in his book. 2001 Michael Hames The Dirty Squad  is available here [15]

Hames on the Peter Righton Investigation

[All information and pages numbers in this section is from Hames book unless stated [15]]

Hames’s section on Peter Righton starts on page 208. He says he heard of the Righton case in September 1992 with a phone call from a detective in Evesham, West Mercia. They had been on a raid with customs, and found disturbing things at the house of Peter Righton.

Hames rang Valerie Howarth from Childline to find out who Peter Righton was, found he was a “big fish”. That day he sent 2 officers to help search Righton’s house in Evesham under a search warrant and seized a large amount of material.

They wanted to continue the inquiry continued at Righton’s partner, Richard Alston’s school in Gloucestershire, where he was Headmaster and Righton a governor, but Hames says that was not met with enthusiasm.

Hames spoke to Herbert Laming, Chief Inspector of Social Services Inspectorate, who told him that government ministers and himself were keen to get to the truth and that a comprehensive inquiry be established. This was begun by joint Police and Social services team in Hereford and Worcester.

It was found that Righton was a member of PIE and contributed a chapter of Perspectives on Paedophilia in 1981. He was charged with possession of indecent photographs, pleaded guilty and fined. Hames says that was the extent of action that could be taken against him under the law. This is correct for the images at the time, but not for his other offences.

They found Righton had written to Dept of Education to remove Charles Napier from List 99, of banned teachers. Napier had been convicted on indecency in 1972 with schoolboys in his charge.

Investigation was made into Alston’s school in West Country.  According to Hames [15] Operation Clarence was set up by him with the officers responsible Graham Passingham and Dave Flanagan, targeting schoolmasters and people involved in Education in particular, which soon traced links between Righton and other offenders.

According to Bob Long and Bob McLachlans book  [p178 [31]] Operation Clarence started to investigate a paedophile network consisting mainly of public school teachers, doctors, clergy men, and others involved in social work [31]. No mention is made of Peter Righton.

David Bloomfield (I think wrongly spelled Blomfield in Hames’s book) Chief Executive of charity Standing Conference on Schools Science and Technology was a target, where they found child abuse images in his flat and a letter from Napier [15]

Napier was employed as teacher in Cairo and the letter boasted of abuse against boys there.

Hames says the inquiry finished in 1994, and the results were disappointing despite building up a huge database.

  • Napier having previously been suspended by the British Council was suspended, and when he returned to UK was arrested, charged with indecent assault and given 18 months. [The court appeal [18] clearly states that the two 9 months sentences, one for each count of indecent assault were concurrent not consecutive ie a total of 9 months, not added together, so Hames appears to have got this wrong]
  • Blomfield [correct probably Bloomfield] was fined for possession of what was called then “child pornography” and sacked from his job. He went to Portugal.
  • Righton was cautioned for an offence of indecent assault that had taken place 30 years previously.
  • The Home Office left the recommendation from the joint investigation that a National inquiry be set up on file. [NB further research check Home Office and who might have been there in 1994]

[Would be useful if someone with the book could upload relevant pages]

Christopher Harry Ashby, UK, a primary school teacher from Kent was arrested and found guilty as well Philip Taylor [32]

This leaves many questions about the Police investigation both with Hames in charge and after he had left.

Was the investigation carried out properly when Hames was Head of the unit? Even he says he was disappointed with the outcome.

  • Was a caution really the best that could be achieved with the wealth of evidence that we now know he had in Righton’s diary? Strangely Hames did not mention such a goldmine find in his book.
  • When did the unit under Hames interview Righton, if at all?
  • Why did they not follow up Righton’s serious offences?
  • Why was no action taken against Richard Alston? Was that Hames’s decision?
  • Was this really the best the investigation into all the other contacts of Righton?
  • Why were no PIE contacts arrested and charged?
  • Was there any interference from Government departments?

Hames had a heart attack and DCI Jim Reynolds came into the squad from Stolen Motor Vehicle Squad and then took over when Hames retired [p45 [31]]. It is uncertain when Hames was off with a heart attack, or when Reynolds actually took over, and who was acting head in the meantime.

  • Why did the Unit interview Righton in Nov 1994? It was over 6 months after the TV programme.
  • Was it this Nov 1994 interview that ended in a caution?
  • Why did they not follow up Righton’s serious offences?
  • Why did they not follow up PIE connections?
  • Why did they not follow up abuse abroad?
  • Was there any outside interference from any Government departments?
  • Why was the investigation shut down?
  • Who shut it down?

It appears that Hames and Reynolds have questions to be asked about their time in charge and the lack of results on the child sexual abuse of Righton, Alston, PIE and more.

Righton moved to Suffolk, with Richard Alston to the Thornham Magna Estate near Eye, owned by Lord Henniker.

[As an aside, another child abuser Norman Walker [35] owned the Diana Quenton School, Park House, Palgrave, Suffolk, and had connections in Eye. If anyone knows  of any connections of Walker in the area I would be grateful and particularly grateful if anyone has any documents or paper from the School. Could you check them for a watermark and contact me if there is one.]

Child Sexual Abuse in 2012

Let me jump forward in time 18 years to October 2012. All this time during which children were being abused by Righton, Alston and Napier and others in PIE.

Most people in 2012 did not know that child sexual abuse was widespread and affected millions of people. That milestone had not been reached, that Rubicon had yet to be crossed.

Details about Jimmy Savile’s child abuse and the cover up of it by the BBC was just starting to come out. On 19 October 2012 the Metropolitan Police Service launched a formal criminal investigation, Operation Yewtree, into historic allegations of child sexual abuse by Savile and other people

In Oct 2012 Peter McKelvie had approached Tom Watson and briefed him on the Peter Righton case that had got virtually nowhere in 1992

On 24th October 2012 Tom asked a question, recorded in Hansard [13]

paedoringhansardHowever it is best to watch it, if only for David Cameron’s face which

Much  more here: https://cathyfox.wordpress.com/2017/03/08/heroes-for-exposing-child-sexual-abuse-part-1-peter-mckelvie/

11 Feb 2016

What @mailwright did wasn’t journalism. He has been like a sniper trying to take out Jane, Watson, McKelvie and Nick…

That paltry apology does not undo the damage has done to either McKelvie or his cause.

Interesting how much Stephen Wright and Barbara Hewson have in common: Lantern Project, False Memories, Nick

The article in question (for which apology has now been made by Mail):


Mar 4

by Stephen Wright of Daily Fail who id’d ‘Nick’, is friends with DCI(?) Settle & only writes STORIES to protect the elite. 💰

 No wonder the Mail and the Sun are fighting tooth and nail to stop promised Part 2 of inquiry

Daily Mail Faces Fresh Blagging Scandal


More on Tim Yeo:

Tim Yeo steps aside as energy chair – but stink remains

Jun 11, 2013

The Mole

New calls for select committee chairmen to be banned from holding jobs and shares where there’s a conflict of interest

TORY MP Tim Yeo stepped down this morning from the chairmanship of the cross-party Energy and Climate Change Commons Select Committee pending inquiries over sleaze allegations against him. It could spell the end for fat cat consultancy fees for the chairmen of such committees in the future.


He is a director of ITI Energy Limited, AFC Energy, Group Eurotunnel, Eco City Vehicles, chairman of TMO Renewables, a management consultant with Regenesis, serving on the Environment And Safety Committee

Tim Yeo’s wife – Diane Yeo


6 Jan 1994

Diane Yeo – a former BBC producer, she is well -connected among the higher echelons of the Tory party and counts Douglas Hurd, the foreign secretary, among friends.

Diane Yeo was an appeals director for the YWCA, the Girl Guides and the Africa Educational Trust, and in 1985 became director of Charity Fund-Raising Managers

12 Dec 2001

Diane Yeo has just stepped down after six years as chief executive of Sargent Cancer Care for Children to join a little known refugee charity; RefAid

RefAid is the only British charity affiliated to the United nations refugee Agency, UNHCR

She was a volunteer roving ambassador for Save the Children


The Guardian

London, Greater London, England

Wednesday, December 12, 2001 – 62

Tim Yeo is paid £40,000 by a Dubai educational group. As the MP for South Suffolk, he earns another £65,750.

It’s no wonder Yeo can afford a large house in his constituency and a London flat with panoramic views of the Thames.

Yeo, 68, went to Charterhouse and Cambridge, marrying Diane Pickard, who worked in children’s music at the BBC, in 1970. They had two children. Their son Jonathan is a painter whose subjects have included Nicole Kidman, Tony Blair and David Cameron.

In 1983 he was elected as the MP for South Suffolk, but it wasn’t until 1990 that Yeo, on the dripping-wet side of the Tory Party, became a minister. An undistinguished environment minister, he made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

As a new MP, Yeo campaigned to end discrimination against illegitimate children. He should have declared an interest. At Christmas 1993, it emerged he had fathered two children  out of wedlock.

He had a six-month-old child, Claudia Marie, with his mistress Julia Stent, a Tory councillor in East London. He had also fathered a child, who was put up for adoption, during a student relationship at Cambridge.

Yeo was forced to resign. His wife stayed with him.

Controversial child sex probe into former PM Sir Edward Heath is to be closed after costing the taxpayer £1m

  • Investigation into claims about Sir Edward Heath will be concluded shortly
  • Sources say private detectives hired to help have not had contracts renewed
  • Friends of former Conservative PM say inquiry has found no evidence
  • Operation Conifer has been subject to criticism since it launched in August 2015

Mar 19 2017

Fake news by mail

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

What! Paul Dacre’s newspaper lying? Never!


Dear Mr Dacre, (Editor of the Daily Mail),
With regards to previous correspondence, I was disturbed to read today of yet another attack on Chief Constable Mike Veal by your crime correspondent, Rebecca Carter.
It was of great concern on two accounts.
First, the article quotes the opinion of Lord Armstrong, who clearly seeks to undermine the competence of the Chief Constable.
It was a curious choice by Ms Camber to quote Lord Armstrong as less than two years ago, the Scottish Daily Mail published a withering attack on this individual for his apparent attempts to cover up child abuse by another senior Conservative MP,  Sir Peter Morrison.
I am sure that your readers may have formed a different view of Lord Armstrong’s attack on the Chief Constable had details of the Mail’s earlier article been revealed.

Secondly and possibly even more seriously, Wiltshire Police has confirmed that the Daily Mail has indulged in fake news.

The investigation into Edward Heath has not been called off!

I note that despite communication from your Editor Emeritus, Peter Wright, your newspapers have still not reminded the readers that the heath government’s Chief Whip had admitted to that government’s protection of Conservative MP child sex offenders and even confessed to using that information in order to blackmail those implicated into supporting the government’s policies, including legislation enacted at thatn time.

Thus, the United Kingdom was effectively governed at that time by means of blackmail. I trust your newspapers wil be honest enough to disclose that, as your attacks on Chief Constable Veale have continued,

Finally, I have provided expert witness evidence regarding Edward Heath and others that has been accepted by Wiltshire Police. Included in those named are two of your most senior journalists.



Robert Green

MI5 had known about the allegations but failed to investigate after the MP denied them. Sir Antony Duff, then MI5 director-general, wrote to Lord (then Sir Robert) Armstrong, saying the man ‘has a penchant for small boys’.

Ex-Cabinet Secretary Lord Armstrong was warned by the security services in 1986 that an MP had ‘a penchant for small boys’ but no action was taken. While the MP has not been named, other papers in the files relate to key figures from the 1980s, including Mrs Thatcher’s secretary Sir Peter Morrison (together above)


Lord Armstrong is at the centre of accusations of a major Establishment cover-up

I won’t name child abuse MP: Fury as Mrs Thatcher’s Cabinet chief defends failure to act over senior Tory

  • Senior civil servant in Thatcher government accused of ‘shocking’ attitude
  • Ex-Cabinet Secretary Lord Armstrong defended apparent abuse cover-up
  • Was warned by security services in 1986 that MP had ‘a penchant for boys’
  • Said he believed decision not to investigate claims was ‘correct at the time’
The newly-unearthed files expose how protection of the Establishment took priority over the need to prosecute anyone suspected of paedophilia and over the safety of vulnerable young children.

wo of the files unearthed by the Cabinet Office were said to have come from the Prime Minister’s office.

One related to the diplomat Sir Peter Hayman and the security risks posed by his ‘unnatural sexual proclivities’.

The other named former Tory minister Sir William van Straubenzee

In a letter to Armstrong about the suspected MP, Sir Antony warned that secrecy must prevail. ‘At the present stage…the risks of political embarrassment to the Government is rather greater than the security danger,’ he wrote.

In other words, if the rumours of a sex-ring were true and children had been abused, the welfare of the child must be subjugated to the national interest.




Jan 2017

Edward child abuse investigation ‘not a witch-hunt


don’t know if anyone else is but I’m getting a 404.

Here’s cached copy




 yep 404 for me too – can’t think why TPTB might want this removed….

Why would Wiltshire Police choose  Richard Hoskins??

Image result for chief constable Patrick Geenty) force's handling of sex abuse allegations

Some background on the Wiltshire Police

Wiltshire Police 2014

Wiltshire Police were criticised for letting sex offenders go free

Image result for chief constable Patrick Geenty) force's handling of sex abuse allegations

Wiltshire Chief Constable Patrick Geenty with county Police and Crime Commissioner Angus Macpherson

Police force that let rapists go free if they apologised to victims is investigated by watchdog over Chief constable Patrick Geenty force’s handling of sex abuse allegations

That complaint was in relation to the way a case of historic sexual abuse had been managed.

Investigation relates to complaints about sex abuse investigation in 2008/10


May 06, 2015

Mike Veale cannot take over from present chief constable Pat Geenty until Mr Geenty has retired – and he’s not allowed to retire until a controversial report into his conduct is issued by the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

The IPCC is currently looking into a complaint from more than one set of parents of victims of a paedophile in a high profile case in Wiltshire. The parents complained to the IPCC about the way Mr Geenty handled a previous complaint they had made to him about the way the officers investigated the case.

That cloud cast a shadow over the announcement yesterday that Mr Veale would take over from Mr Geenty.

Choosing our new Chief

Image result for Mike Veale and Patrick Geenty

7 May 2015

Chief Constable, Pat Geenty at Haywards Care Centre meeting Prince Philip

Over the years the Wiltshire Regiment has been incorporated into what is now The Rifles Regiment of which Prince Philip is Colonel in Chief. Good to see His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh. He is spritely and bright as ever. The Chief and I also enjoyed a tour of the centre.

15th May 2015
Angus Macpherson and Mike Veale
This was a big day for the future of Wiltshire Police. First thing in the morning myself,  Wiltshire Council Leader, Jane Scott, Chief Executive of Swindon Borough Council, Gavin Jones, Chief Executive of the Community Foundation, Rosemary Macdonald and an independent human resources specialist, Geoff Pears, interviewed Deputy Chief Constable. Mike Veale for the role of Chief Constable.



Last year:

Wiltshire Police lacks leadership, claim officers and staff

  • 13 February 2015


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Wiltshire Police chief Pat Geenty, investigated for misleading CSA victims, was also ACPO lead for missing persons cases.

Geenty national lead for missing persons when the force he headed failed to investigate Ted Heath who abused/killed disappeared children?

He started his policing career in 1982 as a Constable with Gloucestershire Constabulary serving in both uniform and CID officer and later Sergeant and Inspector. He moved to Humberside Police in 1998 as a Chief inspector, then Superintendent and finally as Chief Superintendent.

He is the ACPO lead for Missing Persons.

He was divisional commander for East Yorkshire during large scale floods of 2007.

Before his policing career, Geenty was a schoolteacher in Blackpool and Cheltenham.

He has an MA in Criminology and Policing Studies from University of Exeter, and a Bachelor of Education from Saint Pauls College


Geenty  moved to Humberside Police in 1998 as a Chief inspector, then Superintendent and finally as Chief Superintendent.

Humberside had a paedophile as Police Chief m.hulldailymail.co.uk/Did-paedophile-ex-police-chief-Alec-Alexander/story-20818518-detail/story.html

DISGRACED former former Humberside Police Chief Superintendent police chief Alec Alexander formed a “rapport” with Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliff

The former Humberside Police Chief Superintendent chose serial killer Sutcliffe as a “case study” while studying for a degree.

The death of Sarah Wright, who was raped and abused by her police chief father Alec Alexander, but bravely gave evidence against him at his trial…To the outside world Alexander was the personification of respectability but, as Simon Bristow reports, in reality he was a controlling paedophile.

… relationship was a world away from the public image created by the policeman who seemed the personification of respectability.He was the family man who achieved high rank in public office, lived in a large house in an upmarket suburb, drove a Jaguar and wore a Rolex.He also, apparently, gave generously of his time, and “would do anything for anybody”.

And he was the man given the honour of welcoming Prince Phillip to the Police Boys Club, in Elm Avenue, Garden Village, east Hull, in May 1993 – barely a year, as it later emerged, after he had raped his own daughter Sarah.

Did paedophile ex-police chief Alec Alexander abuse others? Hull Childwatch charity founder appeals for victims to come forward


‘Scared to death’: Woman who was raped and abused by her police chief father died from asthma attack as he was about to be freed from prison

  • Sarah Wright, 39, assaulted over ten-year period by father, Alec Alexander
  • Abuse started on her seventh birthday – and she was raped aged 17 in 1992
  • Ex-Humberside Police chief superintendent was jailed for ten years in 2008
  • But Mrs Wright told he could be released this summer for ‘good behaviour’
  • Mother-of-three died from asthma and pneumothorax in November 2013
  • Relatives claim her death was linked to panic at father’s potential release

Sarah Wright is pictured aged nine - two years after the abuse first began

Alexander, who worked for Humberside Police, was jailed for ten years, aged 61, in 2008 after being found guilty of raping and indecently assaulting his daughter.

Abuse: Alexander, bottom, who worked for Humberside Police, was jailed for ten years, aged 61, in 2008 after being found guilty of raping and indecently assaulting his daughter. But last year, Mrs Wright was told that her father could be released from jail this summer. Top, Mrs Wright aged nine – two years after the abuse started

Alexander was also convicted of downloading almost 66,000 indecent pictures of children – many of which contained images of incest.

He was later stripped of his long-service and good conduct awards by Humberside Police.


Geenty attended Saint Pauls College

Child abuse at George Osborne’s old school and a scandal that grows ever darker

Allegations of historic sex abuse made against St Paul’s School, London
Former pupils include Chancellor George Osborne and Dominic Grieve
Teacher Anthony Fuggle arrested in September after indecent images found
Arrest emerged last week, bringing abuse allegations into present day
Fellow teacher Tim Harbord was also arrested but later cleared by police


The Sir Edward Heath Charitable Foundation said: ‘We welcome the investigation by Wiltshire Police

Image result for Wiltshire police freemasons
Freemasons in the Wiltshire Police
Francis Wakem, who is retiring from the office of Provincial Grand Master for Wiltshire. Francis is a retired Wiltshire police chief superintendent


Why would they refer to Richard Hoskins’ expertise in African religions when evaluating accusations against Ted Heath in Operation Conifer??

Why refer to an expert in African religions for expert report on Heath. Is Salisbury in Zimbabwe?

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Related image

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Sir Ted Heath with establishment paedophiles Sir Jimmy Savile and Mayor Peter Jaconelli

Police have LOST woman’s Ted Heath statement about a missing boy


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Police have LOST woman’s Ted Heath statement about a missing boy

14 NOV 2015

Detectives have been in contact with author Linda Corby – more than four decades after her first complaint – to take the details down again

Lost: Woman made a statement about a child disappearing from Ted Heath’s yacht The woman had made a report to police, which she has been told has been lost

A woman who warned Jersey Police about a child vanishing from Ted Heath’s yacht has been told by officers they cannot find her original statement.

Detectives have been in contact with author Linda Corby – more than four decades after her first complaint – to take the details down again.

They also revealed her “enquiry” had now been handed over to Wiltshire Police , who are taking the lead in the investigation into the former Prime Minister.

She was told the police inquiry into Ted Heath had been given the code name; ‘Operation Conifer’, by the English force.

Earlier this year author, Linda Corby, told the Daily Mirror how she and another local politician, who has since died, made two statements to police in the 1970s.

Linda and the Jersey senator were just outside the yacht club in the 1970s as they watched 11 boys aged six to 11 from Jersey’s notorious Haut de la Garenne children’s home board the former PM’s yacht in the island’s capital St Helier.

When the yacht returned, they counted them back and one boy was missing.

The local politician asked Linda to back him up about what they had both witnessed and so they visited Jersey police HQ together to make their statements.

But nothing happened and she claims they were later told how police officers had been ordered not to investigate their concerns.

After her story appeared in the Daily Mirror she contacted Jersey police asking to see her statement but said she was told it could not be found.

Linda explained: “They phoned to tell me they couldn’t find my statement.I was not surprised at all – so much has gone missing over the years.

Linda later received an email saying her enquiry had been handed over.

“I couldn’t believe it when they told me the Wiltshire inquiry was called ‘Operation Conifer’ – how appropriate!” she said.

“ It’s named after the fastest growing tree ever and there are branches going missing all the time. It also shows the paperwork is going to be astronomical.”

The email Linda received last month from Jersey Police stated: “As I said on the phone to you Wiltshire Police are taking the lead on the Ted Heath enquiries and last month we delivered them the paperwork relating to your enquiry.

Previously describing what she saw in the early 1970s, Linda, 62, said: “I was with Jersey senator Ralph Vibert who has since died.

“He said he had been warned about children going on Heath’s yacht, Morning Cloud, and some not coming back.

“We watched as a group of boys from the home got on. They were in shorts and T-shirts and looked as if they were on a day trip.”

Author Linda claimed she later went with the senator to Bouley Bay to watch the yacht return.

She said: “We counted them back but one boy was missing.

This week Linda added: “I don’t know if there was anything in it or not but the fact is it should have been investigated. It is disgusting.”

The mum, from Jersey, insists a few days after they made their statements, officers told them “someone above” had told the officers not to investigate.

She said back then the police were controlled by the defence committee so they assumed it was them who told officers to leave it alone.

In 2008 a massive probe at Haut de la Garenne revealed many cases of child abuse against past residents.

Reports that human remains and evidence of torture had been found were later denied.

The ‘Independent Jersey Care Inquiry’ is investigating the abuse of children in it’s care system over many years.

Jersey Police confirmed they had contacted Linda and the information had now

been handed over to Wiltshire Police.

They could not confirm whether or not the statements had been found, as the officer was on annual leave but they pointed out their system had been computerised since the 70s.

Image result for tim fortescue whip heath boys

Tim Fortesque – worked as a whip in Edward Heath’s government between 1970 and 1973

In short, the chief whip would cover up any scandal, even if it involved “small boys”, child sexual abuse, child rape, whatever you want to call it.

They wouldn’t report the crime to the police, although they may use their contacts with the police to make sure to make sure the matter went no further.

This means that a paedophile would be the ideal candidate for promotion within the party, easily blackmailed and bought, loyalty and discretion guaranteed.


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Dr R R Hoskins said: ‘The Heath inquiry rests, like the Westminster VIP inquiry, on over-active imagination.

…2 weeks ago…

Sir Edward Heath in 1989

Two people arrested as part of police probe into child abuse allegations against Sir Edward Heath

Dec 2 2016

Dr Rachel Hoskins, an expert on ritual sacrifice who has been asked by detectives to examine claims made against Heath and others as part of Operation Conifer, was highly critical of the investigation.

Wiltshire Police chief Veale confirmed that, as part of the investigation, a confidential report dealing with satanic ritual sexual abuse had been commissioned by Wiltshire police from a recognised expert registered with the National Crime Agency.

But, he added: “Let me be clear, this part of the investigation is only one small element of the overall inquiry and does not relate to Sir Edward Heath.”


So Richard/Rachel Hoskins’ statements re: Heath? = zero credibility?

Police warned by OWN expert that ritual abuse claims are false – including how the former PM ‘went to candlelit forest for paedophile parties’ 

Dr Hoskins has been analysing witness statements submitted to Operation Conifer related to Ted Heath, since September.

Dr Hoskins said: ‘The Heath inquiry rests, like the Westminster VIP inquiry, on over-active imagination.’

previously…from RR Hoskins:


I don’t get this. When I made my 2006 BBC2 documentary, staff told me Jimmy was a paedophile

R R Hoskins ‏@richardhoskins Oct 2

BBC staff openly told me #Savile was a paedophile in 2005/6 😳


Who IS Rachel Hoskins, denier of Satanic Ritual Abuse?

Dr Rachel Hoskins used to be Dr Richard Hoskins:

Taking on the gender and name of a ritual abuse complainant? – creepy.


He was still Dr Richard Hoskins as recently as 7 months ago (April 30 2016).

Dr Hoskins has been analysing witness statements submitted to Operation Conifer related to Ted Heath, since September.

Dr Richard Hoskins (right) has been assisting Mardoche Yembi (left) after his experiences involving exorcism. Kristy Bamu, 15, was found dead in an East London high-rise in 2010

Islington Council and Richard Hoskins

Richard Hoskins:

Mardoche’s representative, Sarah Beskine, persuaded the judge I should be instructed. 

I asked Islington Council if they would co-fund my trip to Africa to investigate. 

To my astonishment, they funded half my costs to the tune of £2,200, although a council source informed me there was disquiet about a white person being instructed on a ‘black case’.


Lost child: Author and criminologist Richard Hoskins with his daughter Abigail

Richard Hoskins was a ‘missionary’ for 6 years in Africa

Establishment background…Sandhurst, Oxford, King’s College etc

Rachel, formerly Richard, was born in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire where she went to Uppingham School and Bedford School, before RMA Sandhurst and a Special Short Service Commission in 3rd Battalion the Royal Anglian Regiment. (In 1985)

At the age of 21 he travelled to Africa intending a gap year, but stayed six years.

Upon returning to the UK she enrolled at Oxford University to read Theology and took a double First, then completed a PhD at King’s College London. Rachel then went on to be a Senior Lecturer at Bath Spa University, then Senior Research Fellow at King’s College London.


via ww
How the hell did he get to be a “criminologist”?

Serious face again: training child protection workers @ Greenwich


Richard Hoskins was on TV in 2011 as a criminologist – even before he’d published his book


also in the video is Valerie Sinason…


Valerie Sinason…….. 5:26 mins in


Valerie was Consultant Child Psychotherapist at the Tavistock Clinic from 1987 to 1999; Consultant Psychotherapist at both the Anna Freud and Portman Clinics from 1994 to 1997 and Consultant Research Psychotherapist/Psychoanalyst at St George’s Hospital Medical School, University of London, from 1994 to 2006.


Pilot Study on Alleged Organised Abuse – Hale and Sinason c.1994

The Department of Education have released a redacted copy of the Final Report of a “Pilot Study on Alleged Organised Abuse” authored, in approximately 1994, by Dr Robert Hale and Ms Valerie Sinason of the Portman and Tavistock Clinic.

There is a link to a pdf download here [11] of a searchable copy [HT daedalus – Operation Greenlight [13] ] original non searchable here [2] It is also reproduced below in a series of jpgs.

The study was not actually commissioned by the the Department of Health but was partly funded by them for one year. There was no active decision not to publish [10] [App1]

  • Of interest is that the paper mentions that Scotland Yard had a Research Unit on Ritual Abuse, which was disbanded in 1994 and its Report on Ritual Abuse remains unpublished.

February 12, 2009

Dr Richard Hoskins wants to “give something good back to children” and will be tackling the 26-mile run in aid of the Joint Educational Trust (JET).

JET places children, who have suffered trauma or are at risk, in boarding, specialist or independent day schools as necessary, where they can “recover, grow and be educated in a secure, stable and caring environment”.

Dr Hoskins said: “I spent six years working in child protection and decided to make a difference by becoming a teacher.

“My aim and ethos is to try to give something good back to children. When I heard that the Joint Educational Trust wanted someone to run the 2009 Flora London Marathon for them I leapt at the chance.”

Dr Hoskins, who has never run a marathon, is aiming to raise £2,000 for the trust

From 2012 – Richard Hoskins described as ‘criminologist

Dr. Richard Hoskins

Tutor In Psychology

Exeter University  2008

Another example of a police “expert” providing support services to the police:

Graham Powell is one of the country’s most distinguished psychologists, a past president of the British Psychological Society and a current provider of psychology support services to the Serious Organised Crime Agency, the National Crime Squad, the Metropolitan Police, Kent Police, Essex Police and the Internet Watch Foundation.

In Perspectives on Paedophilia, however, he co-authored a chapter which stated: “In the public mind, paedophile attention is generally assumed to be traumatic and to have lasting and wholly deleterious consequences for the victim. The evidence that we have considered here does not support this view … we need to ask not why are the effects of paedophile action so large, but why so small.”



From the above presentation….. Is he/she attempting to deflect from satanists – make out it’s tribal/ethnic?



Pain: Dr Richard Hoskins, specialist in African magic, was forced to confront the tragedy of his own daughter's mysterious death

Richard Hoskins on the Nigerian boy found in the Thames

Photo published for How a criminologist probing the ritual 'boy in the Thames' murder had to confront the personal...

How a criminologist probing the ritual ‘boy in the Thames’ murder had to confront the personal tragedy of his own daughter’s mysterious death in Africa

It’s a story that could be taken from a novel – but every word is true. When Dr Richard Hoskins, an expert on African religion, was asked  to investigate the murder of  a young boy in London, he was driven to revisit his own terrible experience of death and witchcraft in the Congo…

London, September 21, 2001

… the mutilated torso of a little boy from the water. The child had no name, so the police called him Adam.

I was at my desk when, the following January, they called. My room was in a temporary building at Bath Spa University campus with a window looking out over fields. Dry stone walls and clumps of ash and oak trees stood in the winter light.

‘Dr Hoskins, I’m Detective Inspector Will O’Reilly from Scotland Yard’s Serious Crime Group,’ said the voice.

I was a senior lecturer in African religions and had spoken on the radio about the Adam case. Now DI O’Reilly wanted to pay me a visit.

Lost child: Author and criminologist Richard Hoskins with his daughter Abigail

Lost child: Author and criminologist Richard Hoskins with his daughter Abigail

My first marriage had ended, but it had given me two wonderful children, David, now 12, and Elspeth, ten, and my relationship with Sue, their mother, remained warm.While at Bath, I’d met Faith. Now in my mid-30s, I was close to being a contented man…

Bolobo, Congo, 1987 to 1989

We had been working at the Baptist Mission medical centre in the village of Bolobo, 300 miles from Kinshasa, for more than a year when Sue told me she was pregnant.

Twins, and a breech birth, well  over two months premature. In this place. I had the most acute sense of  approaching catastrophe, as if the door of an enormous iron vault was closing on us all.

It was a nightmare scene, hot and sulphurous, full of pain and blood. I had never imagined that an event  so masked in rosy myths could be as barbarous.

She was born dead, our first daughter. I never saw her face. I don’t know what happened to her. Somehow the child, no bigger than a paperback book, was spirited away.

… a second child was dragged into the world, mewling, gasping for breath. But somehow alive –  Abigail

Despite the odds, Abigail grew into a delightful impish toddler. Life  settled into its slow rhythm. Sue became pregnant again. Then, one day, I had a visitor.

‘The living dead control this world and everything in it, Mr Richard. They bring life, and they take it away. They tell us what to do.‘And twins have a special power, Mr Richard. Mbo is calling your Mpia to come and join her in the shadowlands. I am sure of it.’

‘Her twin sister? Calling her? But she’s . . .’ I stopped myself.

‘No, Mr Richard,’ Tata Mpia said gently. ‘Mbo is not dead. That is the thing I am trying to say to you.

‘She is one of the living dead.  And she is calling out to her twin sister, calling her to the world of the living dead.’

I stared back at him. I didn’t want this vile superstition in my home. Yet I could see it had taken great courage for Tata Mpia to tell me this. And I realised he too was scared, scared for me, scared for my family.

‘You need to see the nganga,’ Tata Mpia went on urgently. Though sometimes called witch doctors, ngangas were really traditional  healers or shamans. ‘The nganga will call upon the living dead to give your first daughter rest.

‘You must spill some blood, Mr Richard. If you spill blood it will satisfy the living dead. If you do not wish to lose your daughter, you must perform a sacrifice.’

I couldn’t possibly get into this. The very idea was absurd. Yet I had not instantly dismissed it. Perhaps I had spent too long out in the villages. And besides, I loved Abigail so. Could it really do any harm to cover all the bases? For the cost of a single goat, it would be over and done with. Back in England, in time, I would laugh about it at dinner parties.

But I knew it would not be as  simple as that. There is a bridge to  be crossed when stepping into a strange culture, and once crossed there is no way back. If I made  that sacrifice, I would cease to be Western. I would open a door in my mind – and perhaps in my soul – to alien demons. I wrestled with my conscience as the vast brown river slid past. Here the river was ten miles wide.

But I knew I was not prepared to cross that bridge. There would be  no sacrifice.

Bolobo, June 1989

I knew something was wrong as soon as I walked through the door. It was about a month after Tata Mpia’s visit.

Abigail always filled the house with laughter. But today everything was quiet. The front room was empty.

In Abigail’s bedroom her toys were strewn around in cheerful disorder. It was unthinkable that our chattering 18-month-old daughter, our little noise machine, could possibly be here. And suddenly there she was.

My heart swooped with relief. She was standing at the window in our bedroom, her finger in her mouth. ‘Abigail? What are you up to?’

She turned her head, and the expression on her small face, normally as bright as a new flower, lifted the hairs on the back of my neck.

There was something in  her eyes I had never seen before. Something that made her look old beyond her years. She turned away to stare out of the window again.This was the only point in the house from which it was possible to see the graveyard.

Side by side: Flowers lay on the graves of Mbo Hoskins and Abigail Jane Hoskins

Abigail died a few weeks later on July 24. She had been suffering a light fever, no more. When I saw her there – eyes and mouth open – my rational brain knew that all hope was gone

© Richard Hoskins 2012.

  • The Boy In The River, by Richard Hoskins, is published by Pan


A breakthrough that helped lead to the boy’s identification came in 2002 – in extraordinary circumstances.

A woman called Joyce Osagiede told Glasgow social workers that she belonged to a cult and her daughters must attend a ritual ceremony.

Osagiede had already told immigration officials that she had married a member of a cult called The Black Coat Eyes Of The Devil Guru Maharaj.

She claimed he had sacrificed her youngest child.

In December 2002, she was deported, and when later interviewed by British police in Lagos, she said she had been a cult organiser and had bought a pair of orange-red shorts similar to those found on Adam.

She added: ‘I know he was killed in Lewisham.’

She also claimed in 2008  to an ITV journalist that she had brought Adam to London and even had a photograph.

His real name, she said, was Ikpomwosa. She remains free in Nigeria.

No one has ever been charged with Adam’s murder.

Islington paid £4,372 to fund the trip, including Dr Hoskins’s fee of £3,080, half of the cost of the £710 flight, taxi fares, accommodation and refreshments bills.

Speaking yesterday at the education conference at Wellington College, in Berkshire, Dr Hoskins, a research fellow in criminology at Roehampton University, said: “These deliverances can be very violent.


I went to the Congo in 2005 and spent a fortnight with Mardoche’s extended family.

2016 Richard Hoskins: I am the only “multicultural expert on the national police database

Mardoche’s representative, Sarah Beskine, persuaded the judge I should be instructed. 

I asked Islington Council if they would co-fund my trip to Africa to investigate. 

To my astonishment, they funded half my costs to the tune of £2,200, although a council source informed me there was disquiet about a white person being instructed on a ‘black case’.

The boy, whose family were from Africa, had been taken into care by Islington council in north London.



The expert in African religion involved, Dr Richard Hoskins, claimed during a speech at a college on Saturday that he was flown out to DRC to investigate in 2004 (elsewhere he says in 2005)

The High Court therefore gave permission for Dr Hoskins to be jointly instructed by all the parties to give advice on his area of expertise. In order to prepare his report, he met members of the boy’s extended family while on a prearranged research trip to the DRC.

“It is totally unacceptable that an expert instructed in the course of care proceedings should disregard his professional duty of confidentiality in what would appear to be a cynical attempt to promote his book. We have written to him asking him to stop discussing this case publicly.

The story has come to light after a talk by Dr Hoskins at the Festival of Education at Wellington College on Saturday (June 23).

Dr Hoskins said: “All I said in my text at Wellington was that a council part funded me on a trip to Africa to see if a child in their care should be sent back to Africa for an exorcism as the family requested.”


Social workers considered sending boy to the Congo for exorcism

Council chiefs have been criticised for considering sending a boy in their care for exorcism.

24 Jun 2012

The boy, whose family were from Africa, had been taken into care by Islington council in north London.

His mother, who no longer had responsibility for her child, asked for him to be sent to the Democratic Republic of Congo for “deliverance”.

The boy’s family claimed this was necessary because they believed he was possessed by “kindoki” or evil spirits.

Islington social services officials then paid more than £4,000 for an expert to travel to Africa to investigate.

The expert, Richard Hoskins, an academic specialising in African religions, was alarmed by what he saw on the visit, and advised the council that the boy should not be exorcised.

During his visit to Kinshasa, the capital of the DRC, in 2005, Dr Hoskins met the grandparents of the boy at the centre of the case. They told him that the child had been “infected by sorcery” while in the UK and that he “would destroy them all”.

The deliverance that the boy was to undergo would have involved starving him of food and fluids for three days.

The Islington investigation followed high-profile cases in which children born in Africa, or of African heritage, living in the UK had been abused or killed by relatives who believed they were possessed.

In 2000, Victoria Climbié, eight, from the Ivory Coast, was tortured and murdered by her great aunt and her boyfriend in Haringey.

Three years later, the mother, aunt and uncle of an eight year old girl in Hackney were sent to prison for between four and ten years for a “campaign of torture” against her

The academic, who gave evidence earlier this year at the Kristy Bamu murder trial, is also the author of The Boy in the River, which explores the unsolved case of “Adam”, a young black boy whose mutilated torso was found floating in the Thames in 2001.

Dr Hoskins said he was currently working on a case where a teenage girl, born in the UK of African descent, had been removed from her family following a violent “deliverance” in which she was hit with sticks, cut on her arms with a knife and had chilli pepper rubbed into her eyes and genitalia.

She was placed by social services in the temporary care of her pastor, who had promoted the use of the exorcism and then put pressure on the child to withdraw all evidence.

Islington council acknowledged it had paid Dr Hoskins to travel to Africa, but claimed it was on the instruction of a judge.

Dr Hoskins was instructed to meet with extended family members to assess their belief that a child of the family was possessed by spirits. This was on the instruction of the Family Court during care proceedings.”

The council said it could not disclose the court order. Dr Hoskins said he had never been aware of a court order asking for the visit to be arranged.

A spokesman for the Department for Education said: “It is not acceptable for councils to be considering this. These services can be extremely traumatic. We are tackling all forms of child abuse linked to belief, including belief in witchcraft or spirit possession.

“Such abuse is rightly condemned by people of all cultures, communities and faiths.


Press Release: Dr Richard Hoskins re. Islington Council and a research trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2004

I wish to clarify and correct certain erroneous comments regarding Islington Council in the media.

I was already going to the DRC on a research trip and following a meeting of all parties under the auspices of Hopkin Murray Beskine it was decided to request that my trip be extended to include a visit to the wider family of the child in question, interviews with them and examination of what a deliverance service would entail. For this 50% of my research costs, including flight, would be paid for by the parties in question. The proposed visit to the extended family was agreed by all parties involved in the proceedings.

It was not correct that Islington Council alone funded my trip to the DRC. I can confirm that it was a joint instruction during Court proceedings to enable the Court and the parties to have as much information as possible about issues which, at that time, were relatively new and on which no guidance had been issued to local authorities.

The Council wish me to clarify that the reason they initiated proceedings was to protect the child concerned and that they took such action to prevent him being returned to the DRC for any type of deliverance service. I am happy to accept that this was the position.

I am also happy to accept that Islington Council were trying to ensure thorough investigation into the matter, around which I have no problem. Indeed I thoroughly support the Council’s desire to ensure the welfare of the child is paramount. There is a difference between investigating a matter thoroughly and actually sending a child back for exorcism.

My over-riding concern is the welfare of the child and other children. Sometimes we have to raise difficult questions in order to make best practice happen. My driving motive therefore in issuing this press release is that we move on from this particular case to the more general discussion of how child welfare is addressed in cases where multi-cultural matters are pertinent. Let’s never forget the child is at the centre.

Richard Hoskins

04th July 2012


£4,000 visit ‘outrageous’

DESPITE the seriousness of British witchcraft abuse, Dr Hoskins says a £4,000
taxpayer-funded research trip he took to the Congo was an “outrageous” waste
of public cash.

The trip was arranged by Islington Council social services after a mother
claimed her 14-year-old son needed to be sent home because he was possessed.
Dr Hoskins, a research fellow in criminology at Roehampton University, said:
“If I didn’t come back with an assessment, he would have been sent out
anyway. It’s outrageous. As a taxpayer justifying that, it’s not right.”

Islington Council said the trip was on the instructions of a judge.


Dr Hoskins: This is my feature in today’s Mail on Sunday. To warn you: it is quite gritty. It has been a busy few days with that, the unexpected appearance of Sky News for an interview at my Mum’s in Norfolk and then picking up my lad for a few days. A week from now I’m off to Malaysia to start my next novel. Still, I’ve always enjoyed living life to the max so why change the habit of a lifetime?


How London became the child abuse capital of the world: Trafficked here by gangs, prey to pimps, paedophiles and murderers… the booming trade in ‘lost’ children that shames us all

  • RICHARD HOSKINS investigates how London became trafficking capital
  • Children are used to trick the benefits system and for sex abuse rings
  • A new United Nations report paints a dark picture of the British capital

R R Hoskins (born 1964) is a best-selling author and notable criminologist, with expertise in African ritual crime.[1]

R R Hoskins was born in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, in February 1964, and educated at Uppingham School, at Bedford School, and at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, before a Special Short Service Commission in 3rd Battalion the Royal Anglian Regiment.

At the age of twenty-one he travelled to Africa intending a gap year, but stayed from 1986 until 1992.[2]

Upon returning to Britain, Hoskins enrolled at Oxford University to read Theology and took a double First, before completing a PhD at King’s College London. Hoskins went on to be a Senior Lecturer at Bath Spa University,[3] and a Senior Research Fellow at King’s College London. He has taught Religious Studies at Shebbear College in Devon. He has also held a deputy headship.

Whilst working at Bath Spa University, Richard Hoskins was called upon by the Metropolitan Police Service to work as an expert witness in the Torso in the Thames case.[2] He has since been called as an expert witness in over a hundred criminal cases, including numerous high-profile murders, such as those of Victoria Climbié,[4] Jodi Jones and the Eric Bikubi and Magalie Bamu case.[5][6][7][8] Hoskins has been called upon to provide commentary on these cases and the related field by numerous press organisations.[9][10][11][12][13] He is an expert on African religions.[14][15][16][17][18][19][20] He is the only registered multi-cultural expert on the UK national police SOCA database.[2][21][22][23]

Richard Hoskins has made television and radio appearances concerning numerous cases, most notably a documentary for the BBC entitled “Witch Child”,[3][24][25] a documentary concerned with the Torso in the Thames case[26] and a BBC Radio 4 programme.[27][28]

Richard Hoskins is a Patron of the Build Africa charity.[29]

Personal life

Consultant director Religion in Crime Ltd, England, since 2001


Member of British Association for Study of Religion (associate), African Association for the Study of Religion (associate), American Academy of Religion (associate).



Richard Hoskins has been married twice. (Susan Leaper 1996-2000 and to Faith Warner 2003-2011).

He currently lives in London where he writes crime fiction. He is a keen runner and completed the 2014 London Marathon .[30]

Humanities teacher at Burntwood School


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Richard Hoskins’ first book, The Boy in the River, was published by Pan Macmillan and became a Sunday Times bestseller,[1] receiving critical praise in several press publications.[31][32][33] His first crime thriller is due to be published in 2015.

The Boy in the River was named Gold Winner in the Crime Writers’ Association Dagger Awards 2013.[34] The panel of judges ‘highly commended’ his ‘gripping story’.[35]


Expert Witness

Whilst working at Bath Spa University, Richard Hoskins was called upon by the Metropolitan Police Service to work as an expert witness in the Torso in the Thames case. He has since been called as an expert witness in over a hundred criminal cases, including numerous high-profile murders, such as those of Victoria Climbie, Jodi Jones and the Eric Bikubi and Magalie Bamu case. Hoskins has been called upon to provide commentary on these cases and the related field by numerous press organisations. He is an expert on African religions. He is the only registered multi-cultural expert on the UK national police SOCA database.

Richard Hoskins has made television and radio appearances concerning numerous cases, most notably a documentary for the BBC entitled “Witch Child“, a documentary concerned with the Torso in the Thames case and a BBC Radio 4 programme.

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He has also taught Religious Studies at Shebbear College in Devon. He has also held a deputy headship.

How he came to be head of religious studies at Shebbear College is detailed in his book Sacrifice.

“My world began to fall apart internally and externally in terms of what I was dealing with. The material of these ritual crimes was blowing my world apart. I really wanted to do something positive for children. That was key for me after seeing what was going on.”

Interestingly, Richard’s wife, Faith Warner, was one of the first girls to attend Shebbear College.

“I never in a million years thought that I would come here. Faith’s parents live four miles away. I don’t know if I believe in fate but sometimes I think: ‘yeah I do actually’. It’s been really strange. It still feels very right and I love it.”



A FORMER TV broadcaster is to be the new head of religious studies at a West Devon school.

Headmaster of Shebbear College, Bob Barnes, said he was delighted to announce the appointment Dr Richard Hoskins. Mr Barnes said: ’Richard Hoskins has a wide experience of teaching and life and will bring a fresh perspective to the department.’ Dr Hoskins has been a University lecturer for the past ten years and joins Shebbear College from King’s College London to teach Religious Studies and French. Whilst at King’s, Dr Hoskins often appeared on radio and television to give expert comment on religious affairs, and presented a BBC2 Documentary on new churches. After advising on child protection policies he decided he wanted to ’make a difference’ by teaching children instead of adults. He said he was ’absolutely delighted’ to take on the challenge of stretching children academically in a subject that required them to think seriously about the contemporary world, while at the same time encouraging them to enjoy the subject. Dr Hoskins is married to Faith, a former student at Shebbear College who is a tutor at Exeter University. They have a five month old son



UNFORGETTABLE WORKSHOP: Actor Joseph Fiennes is pictured above (centre) with Shebbear Head of Religious Studies Richard Hoskins (right) and head boy Mitch Barltrop (left).
6 February 2009
STUDENTS at Shebbear College took part in a workshop with a difference recently — when they were joined by Hollywood actor Joseph Fiennes

Mr Fiennes accepted an invitation to the college by Dr Richard Hoskins, Head of Religious Studies, who has written a book entitled ’Sacrifice,’ which will be published later this year.

Mr Hoskins’ agent passed the book to Mr Fiennes’ agent, as it is hoped he will star in the film version of the tale.

The book has two parallel stories. One is about how Mr Hoskins came to be involved in the investigation into the murder of a young African boy in London, and the other is about his own journey to Africa when he left school, and what happened to him there. As the book progresses the two stories come together.
Fiennes is an eighth cousin of Charles, Prince of Wales, and a third cousin of adventurer Ranulph Fiennes and author William Fiennes.
His sibling is actor Ralph Fiennes


Ralph Fiennes is in Jeffrey Epstein’s black book

At the age of twenty-one Richard Hoskins travelled to Africa intending a gap year, but stayed from 1986 until 1992.[2]
Fellow Shebbear College teacher, convicted paedophile Simon Harris – as bad as Savile – 1000s of abused children.
Two Brits in Africa same time, both teaching at Shebbear College at some time in their lives – their paths must have crossed at some point??
Simon Harris is linked with the “great and the good” via his charities
Simon Harris’ The Gilgil Trust – Are some of “the great and the good”  trustees and patrons?

Shebbear Child Sex Abuse

Simon Harris

Victims of paedophile teacher Simon Harris get payout from former school Shebbear College

Jul 15th 2016
Four pupils abused by a paedophile Latin teacher who went on to prey on desperately poor Kenyan street children have received a payout from their former boarding school Shebbear College.
Simon Harris molested them at Shebbear College in Devon where he was a teacher and deputy housemaster in the 1980s.
Harris, of Pudleston near Leominster in Herefordshire, was jailed for 17 years and four months in February 2015 for a string of sex offences including abuse of three of the pupils from the school in the late 1980s, and five Kenyan boys between 2002 and 2013.
He set up a charity in Kenya in the 1990s, which prosecutors said he used to project an acceptable face to the community.
Harris became familiar with Kenya in the 1980s after taking British children there on trekking expeditions. He came up with the idea of running a charity in Kenya – called VAE – giving young British people the chance to teach local children during gap years.
But he was secretly taking advantage of children living in poverty by luring them into his luxury home with food, money and the promise of education.
(Wonder how well Richard Hoskins and convicted paedo Simon Harris knew one another…both taught at Shebbear, have partcipated in African charities etc ….At the age of twenty-one Richard Hoskins travelled to Africa intending a gap year, but stayed from 1986 until 1992.[2])

The Methodist Independent Schools Trust, which is responsible for Shebbear College, has now settled claims by the four former pupils.

Lawyers for the men would not reveal the scale of the settlement.
Solicitor Rebekah Read, of Leigh Day, said: “We are pleased to have obtained compensation for these individuals.”

Sexual abuse settlement against Methodist Independent Schools Trust

6 April 2016

Four men who suffered sexual abuse as children at a public school in Devon have settled their claims against the Methodist Independent Schools Trust which is responsible for the school.

The men allege that they were abused by Simon Harris whilst they were boarding at Shebbear College.  Simon Harris was a teacher and a deputy house master, employed at the school during the 1980’s.

One of the Kenyan victims who gave evidence during the trial committed suicide during proceedings.
Investigators from the National Crime Agency (NCA) who travelled to Kenya in a bid to trace victims described him as “one of the most prolific child sex offenders” they had ever encountered. The legal action claimed that the Trust was vicariously liable for the actions of Harris, and that it had a duty to protect pupils.
Harris left the school in 1989 as a result of abuse allegations, and set up his charity in the Kenyan town of Gilgil in the 1990s.
He spent 15 months in a British jail for possession of indecent images of children following a 2009 conviction.

Paedophile private school teacher ‘as bad as Savile’: He abused thousands of Kenyan boys over four decades, say police as he is convicted of eight indecent and sexual assault charges


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SHEBBEAR COLLEGE EXPEDITION TO NEPAL 1987. Simon C.D. Harris. Departs July 1, A 240-km trek for 16-18 year olds around the Annapurna Massif and across the Thorung La Pass {5379m}. Medical aid and school exchange projects in Kathmandu. 

VAE charity

Why did Simon Harris hold this post in the first place? It is noticeable that the charity for which he worked has not been much mentioned in the news coverage. I have no doubt that this is a deliberate so as to protect their name and reputation.

When reading the story, I kept wondering why, given Simon Harris was appointed by a British charity, did they not require him to fill in a DBS/ CRB form? This would have straight away flagged his previous history of sexual abuse of children under his care.


The Green House
Harris committed offences at his property near Gilgil, known as “The Green House” Gilgil, Kenya

Between the early 1990s and the spring of 2013, Simon Harris spent six months a year in the Kenyan town of Gilgil.

Gilgil has military bases. Gilgil has links to ‘false flag terrorism’. The US military has had plans to operate in Gilgil.

Some soldiers from Gilgil were involved in the Westgate shopping mall operation.

Kenya charity boss Simon Harris has jail time cut

  • 22 October 2015

A British charity boss jailed for sexually abusing Kenyan street children has had his sentence reduced by two years.

Simon Harris carried out sex attacks on 1000s of boys in the town of Gilgil, between 1996 and 2013.

His prison sentence of 17 years and four months was reduced to 15 years by the Court of Appeal.
Mr Justice Cooke, sitting with Lord Justice Simon and Sir John Royce, agreed to a reduction.
Shebbear College logo.png
Shebbear College

Paedophile Shebbear College teacher Simon Harris abused more children after police dropped investigation

Harris left the school in 1989 as a result of abuse allegations, and set up his charity in the Kenyan town of Gilgil in the 1990s.

December 18, 2014

POLICE dropped a 1980s investigation into a North Devon teacher who went on to abuse more children, it has emerged.

Simon Harris, 55, was this week found guilty of seven charges of indecent and sexual assault on youngsters as well as possessing indecent images of children.

The crimes happened during his time as a charity worker in Kenya, a role he was able to take up despite being suspended from working at Shebbear College, near Holsworthy, after allegations were made by pupils there that he indecently assaulted them in the 1980s.

The complaints were investigated by Devon and Cornwall Police but dropped because the force says the boys’ families did not want the cases pursued. It was only when West Mercia Police, which was investigating the Kenya abuse, re-opened the Shebbear College case that Harris was charged with committing the earlier assaults.

In the intervening years he had taken up work for a children’s charity and was able to abuse again.

Simon Harris has links to some of the top people, such as Sir George Young (above) who has links to Sir Jimmy Savile.


Harambee Schools Kenya
Newsletter July 2003
Duke of Richmond [Charles Gordon-Lennox]

Lord Luce
Lord Howell of Guildford
Baroness Cumberlege
Sir George Young
Sir Anthony Evans
Sir John James

David Ashwanden
Rob Breare
Clifford Dann
Simon Harris
Will Snell

The area around Naivasha was one of the first to be settled in Kenya by white people and was one of the main hunting grounds of the ‘set’. [3] The colonial town of Nyeri, Kenya, to the east of the Aberdare Range, was the centre of Happy Valley settlers. [4]

Richard Hoskins attended … Uppingham School 
Rev Peter Hullah played a role at Richard Hoskins’ (Uppingham) school and later head of Chetham.
Oh, and Hullah has very strong connections to Salisbury:
He is now attached to the parish of St Martin in the Fields, Director of Hopeful Leadership Ltd and a consultant to various charities including Together for Sudan.

The Rt Rev Peter Fearnley Hullah, Bishop from Salisbury

The Rt Rev Peter Fearnley Hullah had worked as a director from the 16th of May 2002 up til the termination date on the 7th of July 2005. This manager had worked in Royal School Of Church Music(The) situated at 19 The Close, Salisbury, SP4 6HJ, in Wiltshire. Royal School Of Church Music(The) was started on the 8th of August 1930. The Rt Rev Peter Fearnley Hullah worked with many professionals for example: Sir David Harrison (from the 16th of May 2002 to the 7th of July 2005), Spencer William Freeman (from the 16th of May 2002 to the 7th of July 2005), Christopher William Field (from the 16th of May 2002 to the 7th of July 2005), Malcolm John Batt (from the 16th of May 2002 to the 7th of July 2005), Julia Mary Harrison Place (from the 16th of May 2002 to the 15th of July 2011). The Rt Rev Peter Fearnley Hullah was appointed to 3 companies. Other director jobs: Salisbury Diocesan Board Of Education(The) (The Diocesan Education Centre in Wilton, incorporated on the 4th of February 1949), The Headmasters’ And Headmistresses’ Conference (12 The Point Rockingham Road in Leicestershire, incorporated on the 26th of February 1909). We found 26 filings that mention Peter Fearnley, such as the documents submitted on: 28th of May 2002, 26th of June 2002, 26th of June 2002, 27th of May 2003, 27th of September 2003. Peter Fearnley is 67 years old.

Among the ripples of the police investigations into 1980s student rape at Chethams, the RNCM, Guildhall and other music schools, a private school reached a quiet settlement this week with a former student who had been sexually abused by a teacher between 1976 and 1983. –  link

During the time of these abuses, there was a chaplain and housemaster at Sevenoaks School called Peter Hullah.

Stuart Neilson tells us that, as a pupil, he discussed sexual bullying and abuse with Hullah.  ‘I am absolutely certain that he was aware of the nature and extent of the sexual abuse, and that he was both chaplain and a housemaster,’ he attests. At Mike Brewer’s trial, Hullah admitted being party to ‘a cover-up’ to arrange Brewer’s removal from the school. Except for his evidence at the trial, Hullah has maintained total media silence and refused requests for interview.


Music school pupil abused by violin teacher at 15

Oct 1 2019

A former pupil at Chetham’s School of Music has described being sexually assaulted by her violin tutor, Chris Ling, at the age of 15.

The abuse started during a half-term course while all the other pupils were out, the witness told the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.

Former Chetham’s head teacher John Vallins said he was unaware of concerns about Ling’s conduct at the time.

Ling’s abuse emerged in 1990 after he left the school, the inquiry heard.

The former pupil, known as A2, said Chris Ling told her to keep the abuse a secret.

He told her she would have no chance of succeeding as a soloist if she disclosed to anyone what had happened, said the witness who gave evidence anonymously.

Chetham’s School in Manchester is one of the UK’s leading music schools.

The witness said the first sexual assault took place during the autumn half-term in 1989 when Ling organised a special course for pupils in a house in Manchester.

She said he assaulted her again at Easter in 1990 before he left his job at the end of the summer term, taking some pupils with him.

She said she felt “devastated” at not being among them.

“He had brainwashed us into thinking he was our only means of success,” she told the inquiry.

Police interview

Later that year, evidence began to emerge of sexual assaults by Ling on up to 12 other female pupils which led to a police investigation.

A2 told the inquiry the school gave her very little support when she was interviewed by police and failed to tell her parents what was going on.

Her new violin teacher was a man who had a reputation for having affairs with pupils and when he made inappropriate comments and stood too close to her during lessons, she complained but the school failed to support her, A2 told the inquiry.

Ling’s abuse “affected me emotionally and physically”, she told the inquiry.

“I’ve not played classical music since leaving there.

“I find it hard to listen to and I’ve burned most of my music.

“It has had an effect on my relationships.

“I seem to attract father-figure type men who end up having control issues over me and I end up becoming withdrawn and detached… my marriage has broken down.”

‘Very violent’

Another former pupil, referred to as A1, described a violent sexual assault by Ling when she was staying overnight at his home after a concert.

“It was very violent… I couldn’t breathe,” she told the inquiry.

She said Ling had spent months grooming her ahead of the initial assault.

The abuse occurred again on several occasions and she was one of the pupils Ling took with him to the US where she had a “horrible” time, she told the inquiry.

When she returned to the school a few months later, she was interviewed by police but, otherwise, pupils were told not to mention Ling.

“The silence just made it so much worse,” A1 told the inquiry.

She said the abuse left her “generally hostile and wary towards males” and believes the competitive culture within schools like Chetham’s can allow sexual predators to thrive.

Mr Vallins, head teacher of Chetham’s from 1974 to 1992, said he personally had no part in appointing Ling who was hired directly by the music department.

He said he was unaware of extra-curricular courses run by Ling.

He told the inquiry that at the time the school had no written child protection policies: “It was a different world then to the world we live in now. It would be wrong to think that Chetham’s, in not having those practices, was unusual.”

He added: “It would be idle of me to deny that it is evident from the subject of this inquiry that there were bad things happening which I did not know about, and I should have done, and I can’t say how bitterly I regret that.”

The inquiry heard that seven individuals have been either convicted, were likely to have been convicted if alive, or have admitted to sexual relationships with pupils while Mr Vallins was head teacher.

A former pupil, Ian Pace, told the inquiry the music department run by Michael Brewer, and the academic part of the school were completely separate.

“It was almost like two schools and the teachers didn’t really talk to each other either,” Mr Pace told the inquiry.

He said there should be an official regulatory body specifically for music education.

The evidence is part of the residential schools phase of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, one of 14 separate investigations it is holding.

Ling moved to the US in the 1990s where he ran a talent agency. He shot himself dead in 2015 after police arrived at his home to arrest him for extradition to the UK. Greater Manchester Police had been planning to charge him with 77 offences.


This is Peter Hullah Director of Together for Sudan
The Rev. (later Bishop) Hullah went on to become head of Chetham’s. He once walked in on the convicted rapist Mike Brewer while he was fondling a naked girl.
At Chetham’s, as at Sevenoaks, the Rev. Hullah turned a blind eye. –

The chief abuser, says Stuart Neilson, was a technology teacher called Gerd Sommerhoff, a minor celebrity who once presented science programmes on the BBC. Sommerhoff, described in his Wiki entry as a ‘pioneer of theoretical neuroscience’, went on to teach at Trinity College, Cambridge, and was awarded the OBE. He was the grandson of Elise Schumann, third child of Robert and Clara Schumann, and had been brought to England as a child in 1931. Sommerhoff died in April 2002. Stuart Neilson is concerned that his offences should not be forgotten.

He wonders if there are wider ramifications to the case.




Appointment of a new Director for Together for Sudan

Peter  Hullah’s first teaching post over 30 years ago was at a pioneering girl’s school in Uganda and since then he has been Chaplain of the King’s School, Canterbury and Head of Chetham’s School of Music in Manchester.
He has also visited schools in Africa to learn at first hand what it is which makes a truly Hopeful School for its students and for the community it serves. Before moving to Northampton Academy, The Rt Rev Peter Hullah was Bishop of Ramsbury in the Diocese of Salisbury. He chaired the Salisbury Diocesan Link with the Episcopal Church of Sudan.
Heath lived at Arundells…not far from cathedral where Hullah Bishop ?
10 June 2017

Why has Richard Hoskins had his ‘Build Africa’ patron link removed from Wiki? Heath

Image result for Build Africa charity.
 Image result for dr richard Hoskins
RR HoskinsPatron of the Build Africa charity
Build Africa was founded in 1978 as part of International Christian Relief ICR

Trustees and patrons

Build Africa has a number of patrons who support the charity’s work, including: Penelope Wilton, Clive Myrie, Danny Wallace, Tamzin Merchant, James Wilby, Henry Olonga, Shiulie Ghosh, Richard Dowden, Richard Hoskins, Mark Florman and MP Greg Clark.

Its UK trustees are Andrew White (Chair of the Board), Tom Lindsay, Rupal Mistry, Susanne Niedrum, Simon Wong, Mike Noyes, Richard Germond, Katie Spencer-Smith Siobhan Sheridan, Dominic Tutt and Andrew White.

MR Chandra Apoorva
MR Jeff Van Der Eems

Build Africa trustee DR Andrew White is also a trustee of GREEN TEMPLETON COLLEGE:


fellow Templeton trustee:

Sir Tom Shebbeare

is the current Chairman of Virgin Money Giving and Virgin StartUp. He is the former CEO of The Prince’s Trust (1988- 2003) and Director of Charities to His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales.

In 1975, he became General Secretary of the British Youth Council before moving, in 1980, to the permanent staff of the Council of Europe. In 1985, he became Executive Director of the European Youth Foundation (a Council of Europe institution).

In 1988, Shebbeare was recruited to head The Prince’s Trust as its first full-time Director. He became its Chief Executive in 1999 on its incorporation by Royal Charter.In 2003, he left to join the Office of HRH The Prince of Wales as Director of The Prince’s Charities.[4][5] leaving in 2011 to become Chairman of Virgin Money Giving, a not-for-profit company enabling charities to raise funds cheaply and effectively on-line. In 2013 he took on the additional role of Chairman of Virgin StartUp which provides advice, mentoring and finance for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Shebbeare has been Chairman of Spring Films Ltd since 2011 and of The Royal Parks Foundation since 2014. He is a Director of Delphis Eco Ltd (UK), CIM Investment Management, and a Trustee of the Turquoise Mountain Foundation (Afghanistan) and The Prince’s Charities Foundation (China). He is a Fellow of Green Templeton College, Oxford.


Build Africa started out as International Care & Relief ICR


^ 1999/2000 ICR Patrons  

Photo published for Sir Simon Hornby obituary

Sir Simon Hornby obituary

Celebrated chairman of WH Smith, the RHS and the Design Council

Friend of the royal family, Sir Simon Hornby – Brother of Prince Charles’  paedophile friend Charles Hornby

‘wealthy socialite’ Hornby, 35, a Lloyds’ Underwriter and younger brother of the Managing Director of W.H.Smith Sir Simon Hornby had been leading a double life

Sir Simon Hornby, his older brother had seven years previously married the Queen Mother’s racehorse trainer’s daughter, Sharon Cazalet, in a star studded wedding. The Queen Mother, Princess Margaret, Noel Coward, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton are all on film walking into a tiny village church in Shipbourne in Kent for the occasion.[ii] At the Cazalet family home Fairlawnes in Kent, the Queen Mother had often been a guest, as well as the historian Elizabeth Longford (nee Harman) and her husband, Labour Peer, Lord Frank Longford[iii], Harriet Harman’s uncle who had self-funded and produced the 1972 PORN report



Raywood’s rooms were a half-way house, used for housing ‘fresh bunnies’ or ‘fresh young chickens’ (young runaway boys new to London) before being selected and passed on to more affluent and influential clients such as Charles Hornby.

What possibly mattered most to the Albany Trustees was that Hornby’s sister had married and divorced the Duke of Marlborough, and that Hornby as an old Etonian, ex-9th Lancers officer and amateur steeplechase jockey was very well connected, reported by the newspapers as hosting Prince Charles amongst his circle of dinner friends at Shipton Moyne, Tetbury, his Gloucestershire estate.

Sir Simon, his older brother had seven years previously married the Queen Mother’s racehorse trainer’s daughter, Sharon Cazalet, in a star studded wedding.





Greg Clark MP

Greg visits Tunbridge Wells based charity Build Africa

Greg met Linda Edwards, the new Chief Executive of a national charityBuild Africa – which is located in Tunbridge Wells.

Build Africa is a development charity working in rural Africa which helps communities find long-term solutions to poverty through innovative education and livelihoods projects.

Greg is a Patron of Build Africa.

Registered Charity Number 298316


Image result for Build Africa charity.
Guests at the Build Africa charity ball: Jackie Sindall of Build Africa, Simon Crack of Heathertons Solicitors, Peter Docwra of Ashtons, Rachel Goddard of Intandem Communications, Matthew Gath of Jorvik Homes and Karen Harrison of Ashton Lettings

BUSINESSES have helped to raise £15,000 towards building a new school in Africa.

Ashtons Estate Agents, Hethertons Solicitors, Yorvik Homes and Intandem Communications joined forces to raise money for Build Africa’s “build a school” programme in rural Kenya.

A black-tie charity dinner and sponsored walk of the Three Peaks of Yorkshire have already raised more than half the amount needed to fund the building of four new classrooms at a school at Kamunthiniin, which is attended by more than 300 children.

Rachel Goddard, managing director of Intandem Communications, said: “We’re thrilled with the support that we have had from the local business community and our friends and colleagues.”




Build Africa – promoted by the BBC

Recent Updates




Key milestones

  • 1978: International Christian Relief founded to help refugees in Thailand fleeing the Vietnam conflict. The organization is part of a worldwide network of charities working together to implement a variety of education, sanitation and environment projects
  • 1996: After a name change to International Care and Relief the organization becomes independent, establishing new partner organizations in Kenya and Uganda
Richard Hoskins:
When I worked in an all-girls school a colleague suggested the 6th formers approach me for their psychometric gender test. ‘I think you may find the results surprising,’ she said. Sure enough, I came out more feminine than any of the female teachers in the school. It didn’t surprise me because I’ve lived inside myself all my life. I’ve also never believed in the absolute nature of any categories, including those of gender. Whilst many people born male may not identify with my degree of femininity, no-one is 100% male or female. I want to explain why that’s true for all of you too, and to ask you why it’s so threatening?
Image result for faith warner and richard hoskins shebbear
Dr Richard Hoskins (right) has been assisting Mardoche Yembi (left) after his experiences involving exorcism. Kristy Bamu, 15, was found dead in an East London high-rise in 2010

It gets weirder. Seems his teen son committed suicide in 2009 after escaping a secure mental unit:

An inquest has opened into the death of a teenager who was electrocuted after climbing a 33,000-volt electricity pylon in Weston-super-Mare.

David Hoskins, 19, from Yatton, escaped from a psychiatric unit close to Weston General Hospital two years ago.

He was very popular at school but he started to change aged 17, when his behaviour became “increasingly bizarre and unexplained”.

In 2007 he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Mrs Hoskins said that due to deterioration in her son’s behaviour she had, in September 2008, asked him to leave home.

He moved into supported accommodation in Clevedon but, she added, that by March 2009 he had dropped out from college, insisted he was not bipolar and had also stopped taking his medication.

The inquest in North Somerset heard that cannabis was a factor in Mr Hoskins’ condition and that the teenager also confessed to mental health workers that he took cocaine, ecstasy and ketamine.

The Long Fox Unit from which Mr Hoskins escaped from is run by Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust.

Richard Hoskins’s fundraising page

PAPYRUS works to prevent young suicide and promote emotional wellbeing in young people
Richard Hoskins has worked for Islington Council...

Hoskins’ daughter works with children in Lambeth at company with links to Africa and Brexit:

Hoskins daughter Elspeth is part of this brexit group



19 April 2016– Two years ago Elspeth Hoskins (now 24)

An Oxford graduate working with young people every day at Brixton-based youth marketing agency, Livity – clients – Childline…



Co-founders, Sam Conniff and Michelle Clothier, wanted to change lives.
They were two youth marketers, disillusioned with selling consumer goods to kids. When talking about the future of innovative business they inspired a shared vision in each other to harness the influence of big brands to tackle social challenges facing young people. From day one Livity opened the doors of its offices to young people to come and be involved in creating the work we deliver for clients.
For over a decade Livity has pioneered co-creation with young people in the formation of youth facing concepts, campaigns and communities and more recently has adapted, upgraded and deepened its methodology into what we now call Youth-Centred Design. We maintain competitive advantage through the deep youth insight and understanding this methodology gives us, and in return young people are provided with inspiration, skills, experience and access to employment and opportunity.




Sam Conniff and Michelle Clothier set up their youth marketing agency in 2001 with a social purpose. They didn’t just want Livity to help companies connect with young people. They also wanted to mentor some of the young people their clients were trying to reach.

2 December 2013

We exist to benefit the lives of young people but through a self-sustaining profit model.”

Or as Conniff puts it: “We give working-class kids middle-class opportunities.”

He cites a new campaign for the children’s charity NSPCC to combat teenage bullying through sexting — sending sexual messages and images by mobile phone. After discussing it in the office, it became clear the problem was “prolific”. Livity’s response was to create a free phone app, called Zipit, with the slogan “Get flirty chat back on track”.

Conniff, 37, and Clothier, 42, met when he was running a promotions business and she was a client. They raised £10,000 and borrowed £20,000, with a view that if Livity couldn’t find a client in a few months, they should give up. They won two: Genie Mobile (later part of O2) and Lambeth Council. “They’re still clients today,” says Clothier.

Livity has links to many local institutions.

The only setback came in 2004 when they were over-ambitious and had to make redundancies. They like having a mix of private- and public-sector clients, so when David Cameron’s coalition slashed marketing spend, Livity coped. Having a social purpose means sometimes turning down work such as an alcopop client.


Founded: 2001
Staff: 50
Turnover: £4 million
Business idol: Muhammad Yunis, the Bangladeshi social entrepreneur who founded Grameen Bank: “He’s the pure version of social business.”


Livity is a multi-award winning youth-engagement agency. Sharing its open-plan offices with creative and energetic 12 to 21 year olds from a broad range of backgrounds, Livity, and its clients, benefit from an understanding of what motivates, worries, interests and inspires young people in the UK today. In return, the young people have access to professional mentors, accredited training and equipment to produce their own print and digital media. Also on offer is pastoral care, training and financial support into employment, apprenticeships or back into education. There is a real ‘family’ feel about Livity, with an abundance of success stories proudly displayed on the walls of the office.


Livity is a youth engagement agency. We work with young people every day to co-create campaigns, content and communities. Our clients, including C4, Legacy Trust, Google, NHS, Penguin, Roundhouse and Big Lottery Fund

Country of OperationsUK and South Africa

Countries where goods and services are soldUK and South Africa

Number of employees48 in the UK

Financial YearJanuary to December (as of 2013)

Turnover last financial year2013 turnover: £4.179 million

Profit last financial year2013 gross profit: £2.3 million

10/09/2002 07/07/2005

Rachel runs child protection training for professionals: teachers, NHS, social workers, police, lawyers, NGO’s etc.

The training covers latest Gov’t legislation and guidelines. It is practical & scenario-driven, giving professionals in-post training on child abuse linked to faith or belief. It draws on  over 120 real cases on which Rachel has worked. Staff will come away with relevant experience on how to spot signs and what to do about them.
Rachel is accredited through the National Crime Agency and is a fully qualified and enhanced DBS  teacher.

Training can be 1/2 day, 2 hr, 1 hr or twilight slots.

Cost: £300 for half a day, shorter slots pro rata.

(Full day training is also possible.)

Rachel can also give age-appropriate presentations about his work to pupils. Ideal for all and esp. those considering criminology, psychology, social work, anthropology, RS etc.




Photo published for Westminster paedophile ring allegations: Scotland Yard detectives trace 'victim'

2.35 – Tom Watson / PMQs / D-Notice / Leon Brittan / Harvey Proctor
[CHRIS] the one interesting thing above all else, when Tom Watson asked a question in the House of Commons recently, as you know

[BILL] Member of Parliament

[CHRIS] Member of Parliament, he also asked about the use of D-Notices. D-Notices are notices that they’re supposed to be advisory, but basically the government doesn’t like a story in the newspapers about to print, it’ll slap a D-Notice

[BILL] A D-Notice is a gagging order

[CHRIS] is a gagging order. Now when Mary Moss and I left the coroner’s court the entire world’s press was outside, obviously it was a very, very big story

[BILL] Absolutely

[CHRIS] Because we’d stood in the witness box, we’d named Leon Brittan we’d named Harvey Proctor, we’d told the inquest all the evidence we had about who’d been involved at the Elm Guest House, so by any stretch of the imagination it was big news story. When we got outside the coroner’s court there was, they were all there, BBC, ITV, Channel Four, Sky, you name it.

[BILL] Yeah

18.15 – Eric Kasir / Neil Kier / Carol Kasir
[CHRIS] I knew who to complain to, how the system worked. Now, when the police, because they thought, they knew that Carol Kasir’s son, Eric, was 10, was living there. They also suspected and their own words ‘that other children might be present’ they approached Richmond Services, told them about the raid. Now procedure dictates that normally you would have got, say, the local field social worker in the local office who would have come in with the police on the raid. Any children present, they would have taken, they would have taken them into care. However, on the day of the raid, the man from Kingston, err from Richmond Council, who, who was on the raid with the police was Neil Kier, the officer in charge of Grafton, who took Eric into care.

[BILL] That’s her son Eric?

[CHRIS] That’s her son Eric. So you can understand why Carol was so angry.

[BILL] So, so, she knew, she knew that all the kids were coming from this children’s home. Then what they done on the night of the raid was took her own child and put her own child in that children’s home.

[CHRIS] Not only that, but with the very guy who had been one of the people supplying the boys, so Carol knew full well what that meant.


^ If the 2 persons referred to here are Eric Kasir and Leon Brittan, why is The Telegraph allowing Brittan’s name to be whitewashed?

 And just who was that perpetrator Mr Settle? What other files were being stored at Barnes nick where Clive Driscoll was summoned?

Who leant on Eric Kasir? Why are hacks letting Leon Brittan get off with blue murder?

Did the questioning of Eric Kasir lead Paul Settle to believe that Leon Brittan, patron of Haroon Kasir’s EGH, was a paedophile?

Are you listening Mr Settle? What did you have to say about Leon Brittan after your team had interviewed Eric Kasir?

Could Stephen Wright, close friend of the Met’s Settle, perhaps enquire WHY the payment was made ‘grudgingly’?

There are incredible similarities between no-name Hoskins and Wright buddy Settle. Is this a coincidence? Brave whistleblowers or stooges?


Did Settle and Hoskins have the ‘courage’ to be ‘whistleblowers’ because they were doing the bidding of those who commissioned them?

Interesting how much Stephen Wright and Barbara Hewson have in common: Lantern Project, False Memories, Nick

 An interview with Proctor mate Iain Dale. Very interesting!

about 4 years ago

My Hatton Garden heist theory now in the Mail @MailOnline

Wiltshire Police’s Chief Constable Mike Veale, who is in charge of the Conifer inquiry

He makes ref to RRH and ‘ritual – and says it’s a small strand (c 8:14) & does NOT relate to Sir Edward Heath – plus ‘Nick’ (c 7:54) is not one of the claimants of abuse



Leadership = Common Purpose?

Mike Veale, Chief Constable of Wiltshire Police, has today (Friday 2 December 2016) published an open letter video message in relation to the ongoing national investigation into allegations of non-recent child abuse made against Sir Edward Heath (Operation Conifer).
Published on Dec 2, 2016

Open letter from Chief Constable Mike Veale – Operation Conifer

Edward Heath child abuse investigation ‘not a witch-hunt’

Dr Rachel Hoskins, an expert on ritual sacrifice who has been asked by detectives to examine claims made against Heath and others as part of Operation Conifer, was highly critical of the investigation.

Veale confirmed that, as part of the investigation, a confidential report dealing with satanic ritual sexual abuse had been commissioned by Wiltshire police from a recognised expert registered with the National Crime Agency. But, he added: “Let me be clear, this part of the investigation is only one small element of the overall inquiry and does not relate to Sir Edward Heath.”

Wiltshire chief constable says significant number of people have disclosed claims of historical abuse against ex-prime minister

In an extraordinarily detailed public statement defending his officers’ involvement in Operation Conifer, Mike Veale said a significant number of individuals had disclosed allegations of abuse, but he declined to confirm numbers.

“This investigation is still live and, as such, the numbers will be subject to change,” Veale said.


‘At least 15’ sex abuse allegations have been made against Sir Edward Heath

The Cover-up continues…


2 December 2016

The findings of the Sir Edward Heath sex abuse investigation may never be made public after the man leading the controversial inquiry said they would be contained in a confidential report.

At the conclusion of the investigation a confidential closing report will be written...and at that time I will take advice as to what I can legally put in the public domain.”


Will Operation Conifer Bury Edward Heath’s Child Abuse?

December 3, 2016

If the findings are not made public what justification is there for spending the enormous amount of money on the investigation? Is the investigation justified? Of course, it is! Potential victims have made complaints of horrendous sexual abuse by ex-prime minister Edward Heath.

It is worth noting that so many of these investigations seem to proceed once the perpetrators are dead. Furthermore, as the police dig, they will have exposed other crimes by perverts at all levels of society. It seems that the Elite often get away completely while low-level abusers get nailed.

All police investigations should transparent and the findings released to the public.


Image result for heath and saville

Edward Heath, the Tory Prime Minister whose private life was always off-limits to inquiring journalists.

Sir Edward Heath child abuse allegations: This time we MUST know the truth

The list of politicians who are alleged to have gotten away with child abuse and this time there can be no more whitewash


If everyone at Westminster knew, why shouldn’t we?

Wiltshire Police 2014

Wiltshire Police were criticised for letting sex offenders go free

Police force that let rapists go free if they apologised to victims is investigated by watchdog over his (chief constable Patrick Geenty) force’s handling of sex abuse allegations

That complaint was in relation to the way a case of historic sexual abuse had been managed.

Investigation relates to complaints about sex abuse investigation in 2008/10


Patrick Geenty is the Chief Constable of Wiltshire Police. He has served in Wiltshire Police since July 2009, and has been temporary chief constable since March 2012

Geenty is under IPCC investigation for alleged mishandling of sexual abuse complaints. On 4 February 2015, Geenty announced his intention to retire in May. Five days later, on 9 February 2015, Geenty reversed this position and announced that he would remain in post until the IPCC investigation was completed. An IPCC spokesman expressed the view that Mr Geenty should not be allowed to retire until the investigation and any subsequent proceedings were completed. The Police Federation criticised the uncertainty and lack of leadership in the force, and called upon Mr Geenty to stand by his original announcement. [3]


Mike Veale

Chief Constable

Chief Constable Mike Veale webready

Mike Veale grew up in Chilcompton and Midsomer Norton, Somerset

He began his policing career as a police cadet aged 16 before joining Avon and Somerset Constabulary as a constable in 1984.

Mike spent his early service in various roles within uniform and CID before becoming Chief Inspector Operations within inner city Bristol and later serving as Detective Chief Inspector in Somerset.

In January 2005 Mike was promoted to Detective Superintendent and transferred to Wiltshire Police. In the same year he was promoted to Detective Chief Superintendent as Head of CID.

He then led a programme to amalgamate HQ CID with the Force operations department to create a Protective Services Command.

In 2009 Mike was appointed Temporary Assistant Chief Constable for ten months. He then took up the post of divisional commander for the county of Wiltshire before going on to complete the strategic command course in 2011.

In March 2013, Mike became Deputy Chief Constable. Since then he has been responsible for the Force’s transformation programme and integrating vital services with those of our council partners.

Mike took up post of Chief Constable on 1 June 2015.



Causes Mike cares about:

  • Animal Welfare
  • Children
  • Health

I loved charities until I moved to Africa. Professional goodness is a front. A beard for c***s from Jimmy Savile to Kenneth Banya, a paeophile child kidnapper formerly Joseph Kony’s chief strategist, paid by the World Bank to look after the kids he’d kidnapped after they escaped from him. The charities knew; I’ve got a report from December 2005, Banya kept going until a local journalist nailed him. You cannot make it up.  Another charity, this time for Kenyan street kids, the Gilgil trust has seen it’s founder using the charity as a cover for his alleged child sex crimes [3].  I see these people all the time where I live in Africa.  Sleazy middle-aged white “saviours” who came for one thing – to bum kids.  The local bar had to put a sign up explaining what constituted paedophilia, there’s that much about.

It’s a front.

Simon Harris’ The Gilgil Trust – most info has been wiped – archived pages just show up as blank
Has GilGil Trust morphed into one of the very many other charity orgs that are in GilGil?- there seem to be a whole lot of ‘do-gooders’ focussing there.
Let’s not forget Simon Wood – he also homed into Kenya
Gilgil & Arsenal Football

Arsenal have committed to sending two gap year coaches to a project in Gilgil.

The Gilgil Trust is a UK-based charity that supports a community based organisation (CBO) in Kenya. We have twenty years of experience
Harris had abused before. He admitted indecently assaulting three boys while working as a Latin teacher at the private Shebbear College in Devon in the late 1980s. But despite an investigation by the school and police, the boys’ families did not want to pursue criminal charges at the time.

Police believe Harris first travelled to Gilgil soon after, with the sole intention of continuing his interest in young boys.

His abuse might have stopped in 2009, when he was jailed in the UK for possessing indecent images of children. But a travel ban imposed on him was overturned by a court after Harris produced documents from agencies in Kenya saying they could manage his risk. Police believe those documents were forgeries.

He was stopped only by an unprecedented cross-border investigation, and a little-used law allowing British suspects to be tried in the UK for offences committed abroad.

Image result for rift valley kenya map
Gilgil, Kenya, is a town in Nakuru County, Kenya. The town is located between Naivasha and Nakuru and along the Nairobi – Nakuru highway. It is to the west of the Gilgil River, which flows south to feed Lake Naivasha.
Another rabbit hole…

The so-called Happy Valley set was a group of hedonistic, largely British and Anglo-Irish aristocrats and adventurers who settled in the “Happy Valley” region of the Wanjohi Valley,[1] near the Aberdare mountain range, in colonial Kenya and Uganda between the 1920s and the 1940s. In the 1930s, the group became infamous for its decadent lifestyles and exploits, following reports of drug use and sexual promiscuity.[2]

The area around Naivasha was one of the first to be settled in Kenya by white people and was one of the main hunting grounds of the ‘set’. [3] The colonial town of Nyeri, Kenya, to the east of the Aberdare Range, was the centre of Happy Valley settlers. [4]

A small cottage on the hotel grounds was the final home of Lord Baden-Powell and his wife, founder of the scouting movement, and he is buried outside Nyeri. The cottage has a small museum dedicated to Baden-Powell’s life and memory.[4]

Some of the notable members of the Happy Valley set were:

Others included Gilbert Colvile, Hugh Dickenson, Jack and Nina Soames, Lady June Carberry (stepmother of Juanita Carberry), Dickie Pembroke, and Julian Lezzard. Author Karen Blixen (Isak Dinesen) was a friend of members of the group, and writer and pilot Beryl Markham frequently associated with the Happy Valley set.

The colonial lifestyle finally became untenable as the Mau Mau Uprising progressed during the 1950s.

In recent years, descendants of the Happy Valley set have been appearing in the news, particularly the legal troubles of Tom Cholmondeley, the great-grandson of Lord Delamere.




Bored, so called aristo’s – too much ££ and too much time on their hands – always in search of the next ‘diversion’ to engage their rotting souls.


They turn to the occult for some meaning for their lives – and the ensuing perverted behaviour blights the lives of 1000’s, if not millions of unconnected individuals.

History repeats itself over the millennia – until the rotten core eradicates itself. (which I feel is what is happening as we watch the domino’s fall [and that’s not a reference to Domino’s pizza – tho it could be….])

MI5 chiefs feared Hitler Youth members who met youngsters at a Colwyn Bay private school were secretly Nazi spies.

In 1937, two years before the second global war broke out, youngsters from the youth arm of Adolf Hitler’s poisonous regime swapped their black caps with pupils at the Rydal School in Colwyn Bay.

But declassified documents by MI5, the UK’s security service, released by the National Archives showed they were suspected of being infiltrators as they cycled their way across the country, receiving warm welcomes wherever they went.

At the time the Colwyn Bay and North Wales Weekly News reported one Rydal boy describing the visitors as “a jolly good crowd of chaps”.

It was also reported: “It is hoped a visit will be paid to Germany by Rydal boys next year.”

However documents showed intelligence chiefs had serious concerns about the Hitler Youth movement and whether it had sinister motives.

The Security Service became so concerned about the danger posed by “spyclists” it ordered police to report whenever a group of touring German cyclists arrived in the UK.

Sheffield police, noted several cameras were carried by a group of Berlin schoolboys and teachers who visited a power station and steelworks in the key industrial city.

In October 1944 a British intelligence assessment also warned the Hitler Youth could not be compared to Scouts or Girl Guides and instead embodied a deathly doctrine.

Later the Rydal school underwent a series of amalgamations to become Rydal Penrhos.

The papers also revealed Scout movement founder Lord Baden-Powell was invited to meet Adolf Hitler.

The scout leader Baden-Powell even held a friendly meeting with a leader of the Hitler Youth, at a time British security chiefs were investigating fears the groups were using their UK cycling holidays as a cover for espionage.

They showed Joachim von Ribbentrop, who was German ambassador to London at the time and became Hitler’s foreign minister the next year, invited Baden-Powell to tea on November 19, 1937.

Baden-Powell described von Ribbentrop as an earnest and charming man, noting he knew his uncle from his time in India.

Following World War II, famous ex-Rydal Penrhos pupils have included former Plaid Cymru leader Dafydd Wigley, actor William Roache – Coronation Street’s Ken Barlow – and film producer Duncan Kenworthy, who produced Four Weddings and a Funeral.


Baden Powell went on to become increasingly sympathetic to Hitler, writing in his diary of 1939: “Lay up all day. Read Mein Kampf.

“A wonderful book, with good ideas on education, health, propaganda, organisation etc.”

Details of the meeting held two years before the outbreak of the Second World War, come from a memo written by Baden Powell and included in the MI5 file.

In the document, released to the National Archives, Lord Baden Powell told the Scouts’ International Commissioner, Hubert Martin, that the Germans were “most anxious that the Scouts should come into closer touch with the youth movement in Germany.”

MI5 reports of the visit of Hartman Lauterbacher, Chief of Staff Hitler Youth, to Britain, showed that as well as meeting Baden Powell, he had also visited Eton College and the Army Gymnastic School at Aldershot, adding; “He seemed properly impressed by both

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/7393323/Lord-Baden-Powell-invited-to-meet-Hitler-MI5-files-show.html these institutions.”

He visited Italy in 1933 and wrote admiringly about the “boy-man” Benito Mussolini who had absorbed his country’s Boy Scouts into a thriving new nationalist youth movement.


Statement in relation to the Sir Edward Heath investigation following the Henriques Review

Posted in News

“The Henriques review was commissioned to look in to the Metropolitan Police’s handling of Operation Midland and other investigations concerning persons of public prominence within the Metropolitan Police area. Accordingly the review was not focused on Operation Conifer.

“Wiltshire Police is the national lead in relation to Operation Conifer. The purpose of Operation Conifer is to investigate allegations of child abuse made against the former Prime Minister Sir Edward (Ted) Heath. In addition, the investigation aims to safeguard children and vulnerable adults who may be at risk of abuse today and, where relevant, bring living offenders to justice.

“The operation commenced in August 2015, following an IPCC press release naming Sir Edward Heath as a suspect in an investigation into non-recent child sex abuse.

“Operation Conifer is investigating a number of separate allegations made by persons who have come forward. Two arrests have taken place in relation to Operation Conifer and, at this time, both remain on police bail. Due to the fact that this remains a live investigation it would not be appropriate for us to comment any further at this stage.

“A panel of independent experts outside of policing are providing ongoing scrutiny of the investigation to ensure its proportionality and justification. Furthermore, in line with recognised best practice, Wiltshire Police recently commissioned Operation Hydrant to undertake an independent review of the investigation to ensure its ongoing proportionality and justification.

“Further to the release of the Henriques review Wiltshire Police, in conjunction with the College of Policing and the National Police Chiefs Council, will consider where relevant any national guidance and policy recommendations that may impact upon the ongoing Operation Conifer investigation.”

There’s no evidence against Ted Heath, SAYS ANN WIDDECOMBE

…will attract the usual crop of fantasists, revenge-seekers and money-chasers.

“I have been snapped with everyone from the innocent Basil Brush to Cynthia Payne (the madam) whom I met at a charity event and cold-blooded murderers whom I encountered on prison visits, where press and media were rightly present.”

Dominatrix Cynthia Payne came up to her and asked if she was “a friend of Dot”.

Thinking this was a reference to an obscure acquaintance, Ann replied “Of course,” to which Payne said enigmatically, “I thought you were.”

Ann had not realised that “a friend of Dorothy” was code for a lesbian. Later she makes clear that, despite some rumours from gay rights campaigners, she has never had lesbian instincts.

Her only serious romance, as she recounts, was with a male student at Oxford. As she argues convincingly there has been nothing remotely sad or lonely about her single existence.


Anne Widdecomb’s priest Father Seed – who lived at Dolphin Square and was a resident at Knowle View School where Sir Cyril Smith abused children
Image result for father seed scandal

Tony Blair’s priest fixed papal knighthoods for cash: Senior Catholic took up to £50k donations for honours

What a loving look charlie

Who made it easy to traffic kids across Europe? Who took us into Europe? Who else but Edward heath. Enough said

Image result for Dara De Cogan,

Music professor at Ampleforth School in court on sex offence charges

The Ampleforth Chamber EnsembleDara de Cogan (violin) who is Head of Strings



Dara de Cogan, a founder-member of European Community Youth Orchestra


Dublin-born De Cogan, became leader of the Irish Youth Orchestra in 1978 and represented his country in the European Community Youth Orchestra.




European Community Youth Orchestra – that was Edward Heath’s province too


Heath made a special point of conducting orchestras involving young musicians. While still prime minister, he conducted the Academy of the BBC at the 50th anniversary concert in the series for children founded by Sir Robert Mayer. Later, it was through Heath’s help that the European Community Youth Orchestra was set up. He became its president, and conducted it on summer tours in 1978, 1979 and 1980.


Heath the musician: Rehearsing the 107 strong European Community Youth Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall

A vanished file and troubling claims about Heath and young musicians

The ensemble in question was the European Community Youth Orchestra, and it was about to embark on its inaugural tour of EEC capitals. It was to be a flagship for pan-European cultural co-operation.

The 135 musicians, some of whom were as young as 14, were drawn from the then nine member nations. Heath, an enthusiastic amateur musician who had led the United Kingdom into the European Community five years before, was the orchestra’s founding president. He would also be its guest conductor for that tour and several tours to come.

In an intriguing development, the Mail learned this week that a file relating to Sir Edward and the infamous Paedophile Information Exchange group is one of those missing from official Government records.

It is among 114 missing files concerning child abuse identified by an independent review of how allegations were handled by the Home Office.

The title of the missing document, ‘Edward Heath MP [redacted] RE: PIE’, refers to the activities of the Paedophile Information Exchange.

Investigators discovered that the file disappeared more than 25 years ago after being moved to a Westminster record centre. They concluded that there was no evidence of any orchestrated attempts by officials over three decades to cover up child abuse.

But the unexpected absence of the file raises questions about the exact nature of the connection between Heath and the PIE group.

Further new allegations of sexual abuse and possible official cover-up concerning Sir Edward have come to light. They centre on his relationship with the European Community Youth Orchestra.

A retired senior police officer, who served with several southern forces including Wiltshire, told the Mail that there were ‘always rumours’ about Heath, the former MP for Bexley.

The policeman — a widely respected officer with a distinguished career — asked that due to the sensitivities of the Heath investigations, he remain anonymous. He told us that the rumours did not come with any specific evidence against the former PM.

But he went on: ‘The exception were several allegations made against him in his role with the European Youth Orchestra. I understand there were credible claims that Heath indecently assaulted young people on tours to the Continent which he was leading.

‘These tours took place in the late 1970s or early 1980s.

‘It was never clear how old the victims were, or exactly what happened, and what was alleged was not at the top end of the scale of criminality.

‘Why these were never investigated I cannot say. I suspect it is because they took place overseas and the victims were from other countries.’

Ted Heath would have known Dara De Cogan through the European Community Youth Orchestra.

And Heath links to another Ampleforth paedophile – Piers Grant-Ferris – his father Lord Harvington was good friends with Heath and Thatcher.

Related image

Music professor at Ampleforth School in court on sex offence charges

A LEADING Roman Catholic school has been rocked by abuse allegations after a music professor appeared in court accused of sex offences against a girl more than 30 years his junior.

Irish-born classical musician and composer Dara De Cogan, 57, was appointed performing arts professor at Ampleforth College, North Yorkshire, in 2004.

The gifted violinist is charged with 12 counts of sexual activity with a child while in a position of trust.

The court heard the victim was a girl aged 16 and 17 at the time of the alleged offences between December 2007 and December 2009.

Dublin-born De Cogan, became leader of the Irish Youth Orchestra in 1978 and represented his country in the European Community Youth Orchestra.

In 1982, he joined the Hallé Orchestra and has played in folk music ensembles and has worked widely in the recording industry.

His court appearance came just weeks after it was confirmed Ampleforth is to be included in one of three public hearings carried out in the national child sexual abuse inquiry.


Monk ‘who ran sex club involving young boys’ at country’s top Catholic School ‘remained in his job for eight years after allegations were first made’

Apr 5 2017

  • Father Jeremy Sierla allegedly ran ‘sex club’ for boys at Ampleforth College
  • He remained at Catholic school for eight years after allegations first made
  • Police told he would make pupils perform sex acts in their pyjamas 
  • Investigation began in 2004 but no charges were ever brought against him 

Detectives spoke to more than a dozen young men who attended the school’s Junior House between 1990 and 1993 when Father Jeremy was housemaster.

Some recalled the monk whipping boys’ bottoms with his habit, encouraging the pupils to tie him up, showering naked with them and putting his hands under their duvets, the Times reported.

Photos and video clips – none indecent – of Ampleforth pupils were found on Father Jeremy’s computer, including one of a 12-year-old boy holding a rose in his mouth.

Father Sierla, 59, lived and worked at £30,000-a-year college, pictured, until 2012, despite accusations first being made against him eight years previously

The investigation was triggered when the same boy, in his early 20s by 2004, made allegations to police about abuse he claimed Father Jeremy had subjected him to.

The monk was not charged after prosecutors ruled there was insufficient evidence against him, and the CPS said the case file was destroyed years ago, the Times reported.

Father Jeremy continued to work in the abbey shop from 2004 to 2012 and posed for photographs to promote Ampleforth’s own brand Abbey Beer.

A music teacher, Dara de Cogan, who joined Ampleforth in 2004 was jailed last week for sexually abusing a female student during violin lessons.

An police investigation was launched into his conduct at the Yorkshire Catholic school, pictured, in 2004 but no charges were ever brought against him

A school spokesman said that Father Jeremy’s continued presence at Ampleforth was approved at a meeting of safeguarding professionals in 2004 and that his case was reviewed again in 2007 by an independent safeguarding commission.

It took a further five years before the Department for Education (DfE) told Ampleforth he should not be allowed on school grounds. 

TheDfE said that it was unable to discuss individual cases but stressed it was ‘paramount that children are protected at school and that there are robust safeguards in place’.

It added: ‘Where schools fail to meet standards, we will not hesitate to take action.’


‘Forty’ abusers at Catholic school

November 28 2017

Ampleforth Abbey in North Yorkshire is accused of being a “honeypot” for offenders

Ampleforth Abbey in North Yorkshire is accused of being a “honeypot” for offenders

Forty monks and teachers have been accused of sexually abusing boys at a leading Roman Catholic school that allegedly became a “honeypot” for offenders, it was revealed yesterday.

Reports of child sex offences at Ampleforth College in North Yorkshire were disclosed yesterday at a public hearing of an inquiry into the handling of abuse allegations by the Catholic church.

As a case study, the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse (IICSA) is examining safeguarding policies at two fee-paying boarding schools run by the English Benedictine Congregation — Ampleforth, and Downside in Somerset. Riel Karmy-Jones, QC, counsel to the inquiry, said that it would consider the prevalence of child abuse within the Catholic church and the extent to which Catholic culture “has or does inhibit the proper investigation and prevention” of such crimes.

Since 1996 three monks and two lay teachers at Ampleforth have been convicted of sex offences against pupils, but Ms Karmy-Jones said that the inquiry had been notified of multiple allegations against about 40 monks and teachers.

In an opening statement on behalf of 29 abuse survivors Richard Scorer, a specialist abuse lawyer at Slater and Gordon, the law firm, said that the “temptation to cover up” such crimes was “particularly acute in institutions associated with the Roman Catholic Church”. He said: “Where reputation is key to an organisation’s existence, there is likely to be an almost overwhelming desire to find some way of avoiding the bad publicity associated with child sex abuse.” Shared awareness among child abusers that their misconduct would be covered up, or dealt with in-house, explained why “some institutions become honeypots where multiple offenders operate”.

Mr Scorer urged the inquiry to consider recommending a change in the law to make failure to report abuse a criminal offence.

On behalf of 14 victims and survivors, David Enright said that it was “very difficult to explain” to a non-Catholic “the power and depth of influence the Catholic church exerts over its members. The abusers were not only men in positions of trust; they were seen by the abused, and their families, as spokesmen for the God they worship. It is hard to imagine a greater hold that a child abuser could have over his victim.”

Matthias Kelly, QC, counsel for Ampleforth, said that the school and the abbey wanted “to apologise for the hurt, injury, distress and damage done to those who were abused as a result of our failings”. He said that the school’s policy today was one of “full, transparent and immediate co-operation with the statutory agencies”.

For Downside and the English Benedictine Congregation, Kate Gallafent, QC, said that the Catholic church was committed to giving the inquiry “its full co-operation. The congregation expresses profound shame that any child has been the victim of sexual abuse whilst in the care of the schools connected with its abbeys.”


Ampleforth College

Piers Grant-Ferris/Heath /Ampleforth/Jersey

Piers Grant-FerrisHis secret past as a serial abuser of young boys at Ampleforth. He was an officer in the Irish Guards before becoming a novice monk in the Benedictine Order in 1955.
His late father, Lord harvington, the former Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons during Ted Heath’s Government and member of a prominent English Roman Catholic family – retired to Jersey

Life in Jersey revolved around hunting, golf, motor yachting, and farming. Lord Harvington was also a noted breeder of pedigree sheep and former president of the National Sheep Breeders Association. Edward Heath, Margaret Thatcher and her husband were among the guests on his yacht.

He served at Our Lady and St Michael’s Church in Workington, Cumbria, between 1978 and 1989, when he was chaplain to St Joseph’s RC School, before returning to Ampleforth Abbey where he was much sought-after to lead retreats.

Sir Robert Grant-Ferris, Baron Harvington (1907-1997)
Although he appeared to be fairly typical of the Conservative knights of the shire, a landowner and sheep breeder, who was noted for his passion for hunting and whose other principal recreation was yachting, Robert Grant-Ferris was a product of Douai rather than Eton, and he had the unusual distinction of owing his knighthood and later his Barony to the Labour Prime Minister, Harold Wilson. Although he remained a Conservative, he had come to be more a servant of the House of Commons than his party, and he spent his last four years in the House fittingly enough as Chairman of Ways and Means and Deputy Speaker. A man of considerable charm and great energy, he was well-liked in the House and thought of as a possible successor when Dr Horace King retired. However, Selwyn Lloyd was the preferred candidate of the Conservative Party.

Robert Grant Ferris was born on 30 December 1907, the son of a General Practitioner, Dr Robert Francis Ferris, but he seems to have been brought up by his widowed mother, Ellen (d.1955) at Falcon Hill, Cotteridge. Her sister had bought the property in 1892 and Mrs Ferris moved in with her. Robert could often be seen as a child riding his pony in the grounds. The family were strong Roman Catholics and Mrs Ferris seems to have bought Harvington Hall for the Birmingham diocese in 1923. Robert was educated at Douai, the independent school run by the Benedictine monks of Douai Abbey at Woolhampton. Early in life he hyphenated his name, adding an additional Grant to it. He made his early career in a firm of estate agents with whom his family had connections, but his eyes seem to have been firmly fixed elsewhere, on politics – he was elected to the Birmingham City Council in 1933 – and on flying. He joined 605 (County of Warwick) Auxiliary Air Force Squadron in 1933, and by the time the war came was a Flight Lieutenant. He began taking his bar examinations in 1932 and was called to the Bar at the Inner Temple in 1937.

He continued to live with his mother until 1930 when he married Florence Brennan de Vine, daughter of Major Brennan de Vine MC, who died in 1996. They had two children, a son, Piers, who became a monk and taught at Ampleforth, and a daughter, Sheila, with whom he later lived in Jersey. It was fortunate that neither parent lived to see their son identified and tried for the abuse of pupils in his care.

In the 1935 General Election he fought Wigan as a Conservative but lost heavily. Less than two years later, in February 1937, he fought St Pancras North in a by-election and won narrowly. Apart from his staunch support for General Franco in the Spanish Civil War. Grant-Ferris had little impact on the Commons in the late 30s, arguably because he was concentrating on becoming a front-line airman. By 1939 he commanded one of the flights in his squadron and in 1941 was promoted to Wing Commander. During the war he saw active service in France, Malta, Egypt and India.

Towards the end of the war he gave up active service for a return to more active participation in the House of Commons and became PPS to W.S.Morrison, the Minister of Town and Country Planning 1944-45. However, he was swept out of the Commons in the Labour landslide of 1945 by 7,630 votes and did not continue as the Conservative candidate for St Pancras North. Instead he concentrated on his farm and on his directorship of the publishing company, Burns, Oates and Washburne. He became deputy chairman on the Board of the Roman Catholic weekly, The Tablet, a role that he relinquished only in November 1997.

Although a by-election was called in St Pancras North in 1949, Grant-Ferris was not called upon to fight it, and his next attempt at Parliament was in Central Wandsworth, a seat that he failed to take in both the 1950 and 1951 General Elections.

Nantwich, which he won in the 1955 General Election gave him a safe berth until he chose to stand down just before the February 1974 election. In 1962 he became one of the panel of Chairman, who chair standing committees in the Commons. He was well known for his fairness and amiability, and there were many who thought that he would make an excellent Speaker. In 1970 he was appointed deputy Speaker and Chairman of Ways and Means. He had been knighted in 1969 and he was sworn of the Privy Council in 1971. Although not included in Heath’s dissolution honours, he was one of fifteen life peers nominated by Harold Wilson in the summer of 1974 and the only one with no Labour affiliation. He took his title from the house that his mother had given to the Archdiocese of Birmingham.

He always took a considerable interest in Britain’s inland waterways and was one of the Inland Waterways Association’s most influential allies in the House of Commons. He was elected a Vice-President in 1966 and was chairman of the original All-party Waterways Committee.

As privy chamberlain of the sword and cape to Pope Pius XII, Pope John XXIII and Paul VI, Grant-Ferris spent a week each year in attendance on the Pontiff. His strong opposition to abortion was thought to emanate from the Vatican rather than the Catholic hierarchy in this country. He became a Knight Grand Cross of Magistral Grace 1949 and of the Sovereign and Military Order of Malta in 1953.

He was the chairman of the Board of Management of the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth in St John’s Wood 1963-70.

Grant-Ferris was a notable breeder of sheep, serving as President of the Southdown Sheep Society of England on three occasions (1950-52, 1959-60, 1973) and presiding over the National Sheep Breeders of Britain 1956-58. He became a Vice President of the Smithfield Club in 1963 and President in 1970.

He was a man with many interests, keen on both hunting and golf, but his main passion was his motor yacht, the 43 ton Melita. He entertained both Edward Heath and the Thatchers aboard her but his plans for a summer cruise with the Thatchers around northern France a year before the couple entered Downing Street had to be cancelled when the French police said they could not guarantee the party’s security. He was a member of the Royal Yacht Squadron and of the Royal Thames Yacht Club, and for a time Honorary Admiral of the House of Commons Yacht Club. He was also a member of the Royal and Ancient at St Andrews, the MCC and, of course, the Carlton Club.

After his retirement from the House he lived abroad for tax reasons, initially in Malta and then in Jersey, although he would contribute to debates in the Lords when the taxman let him return. In 1980, he was one of those who rebelled over the school transport clauses of Mark Carlisle’s Education Bill, which would have imposed charges on the ‘free’ transport enjoyed by students at faith schools.


Sean Farrell

Top public school suspends child sex charges teacher

3 Mar 2017

THE head of music at a prestigious private school has been suspended following allegations he sexually assaulted a pupil three decades ago.

Sean Ambrose Farrell, 49, denied two charges of indecent assault and two charges of gross indecency when he appeared before York magistrates last week.

All four offences are alleged to have been committed against a child aged under 14 at the time at Ampleforth College’s junior school.

Farrell, of Riddings Road, Ilkley, was released on bail on condition that he has no unsupervised contact with children aged under 16.

He has been removed from his post at Wellington College, in Berkshire – which counts the late actor Sir Christopher Lee and Will Young among its alumni – several months ago after North Yorkshire Police launched an investigation.

A Wellington College spokesman said: “In line with our safeguarding procedures, Wellington suspended the member of staff concerned and excluded him from the school site as soon as it was made aware that the police were investigating these accusations.”

Its famous former pupils include Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes

His ex-wife applied for a gagging order to prevent his workplace and job being named when Farrell appeared at York Magistrates Court last week.

However, after it was challenged, the order was lifted, according to The Times


Ampleforth Abbey trustees


The charge comes after other teachers at Ampleforth College were accused of sexually assaulting pupils.

Music teacher Dara De Cogan, 58, was recently charged with 12 counts of sexual activity with a child while in a position of trust. The offences were said to have taken place between December 2007 and December 2009.

He pleaded guilty to 10 of the charges and not guilty to two of them. 

Cuthbert Madden, 61, the Abbot of Ampleforth College, stepped down from his duties in September last year after it was announced police were investigating claims of historical sexual abuse allegations against him, which were said to have taken place in the 1990s at the school.

He denied any wrongdoing and no further action was taken.

In December, the Charity Commission launched an inquiry into how the school has handled allegations of child sexual abuse.


Edward Operation Marble. Wiltshire Police, Myra Ling Ling Forde.

Former brothel owner hits back over allegations she was at the centre of Ted Heath scandal

Funny how Judge Seed can remember the Heath allegations and press interest but her defence council Matthew Scott can’t.

Matthew Scott, of Pump Court Chambers

Matthew Scott Pump Chambers.

Judge Seed has a better memory.

Ahhh, may explain his interest.

Camille Davis Russo‏ @CDavisRusso

moral panic…such a disgusting put down that term…labeling concern for the lives of children as “panic”…

post by ww & goody


Tom Watson MP Deletes Tweet – Fr Tony McSweeney/Grafton Close/Richmond Council/Vaz

4 Nov 2016


 Image result for tom watson and prince


DT tom_watson: RT ExaroNews: Tony McSweeney, who worked as priest at Grafton Close children’s home…

RT @ExaroNews: Tony McSweeney, who worked as priest at Grafton Close children’s home, has just been jailed for three years. #Fernbridge



Tom Watson insists Max Mosley is a ‘friend of mine’ despite the damning revelations about his racist past and the deputy Labour leader says he won’t return donations from the ex-Formula One boss

  • Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson has said he still counts Max Mosley as a friend
  • He also maintained he won’t be handing back £540,000 Mosley donated to him 
  • Last month, the Daily Mail revealed Mr Mosley published a racist leaflet in 1961 

Tom Watson yesterday insisted Max Mosley is still a friend despite the damning revelations about his racist past.

The deputy Labour leader launched an extraordinary defence of the ex-Formula One boss and his ‘very unusual life’ as he maintained he will not hand back more than £540,000 he has received from him.

Last month, the Daily Mail revealed that Mr Mosley published a racist leaflet linking non-white immigrants to diseases such as tuberculosis in a 1961 by-election campaign.


Update: Apr 20 2017

Church admits ‘more robust action’ should have been taken against Norwich priest Anthony McSweeney jailed for sexual abuse

The Catholic Church has admitted it should have taken “more robust action” against a former Norwich priest jailed for sexually abusing a vulnerable teenage boy at a children’s home.

St George's Catholic Church, in Sprowston Road, Norwich. Photo: Google Maps

Anthony McSweeney was jailed for three years in 2015, after he was found guilty of indecently assaulting the youngster while working at Grafton Close Children’s Home in Hounslow, West London, between 1979 and 1981.

Concerns were raised in 1998, when his cleaner discovered his stash of sex toys, truncheons and pornographic videos at St Peter’s Catholic Church in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.

Initially it was threatened that he would be “banished” from the priesthood.

But instead of being reported to the police, he was quietly moved to a new parish, St George’s, in Norwich, where he led the Sprowston Road church’s congregation.

Now, the safeguarding commissions of the dioceses of East Anglia and Brentwood have accepted the recommendations made in an independent review following McSweeney’s conviction, and that “there were failings in the way in which the Church managed the situation at the time”.

In a statement issued by the two dioceses, it said: “The Church should have taken more robust action following the discovery of video tapes in 1998, later referred to in Anthony McSweeney’s trial, and should have ensured that the matter was reported to the police so that a full investigation could have taken place.”

It also accepted “local priests and parishioners were not adequately supported, their concerns were not taken sufficiently seriously, nor acted upon diligently” and “Anthony McSweeney’s subsequent transfer to East Anglia […] was poorly managed, lacked insight and was not adequately documented.”

The dioceses said national safeguarding procedures put in place in 2001 would mean a similar matter would now be passed straight to the police.

Now, if a priest asks to be transferred from one diocese to another, formal undertakings have to be given that the priest is of good standing before such a move can take place.

However, the statement added: “At the time of these events awareness of the need for child protection was in its infancy.”

The dioceses have also raised the following recommendations with both the Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service, and the National Catholic Safeguarding Commission:

• To review and clarify the existing policy about priests transferring from one diocese to another to ensure consistency and transparency in the process in all the dioceses in England and Wales, and in particular, to ensure that any issues to do with safeguarding are resolved before any such move can take place;

• To issue clear guidelines for managing cases potentially involving indecent images;

• To review the existing ‘whistleblowing’ policy.

The chairmen of the two safeguarding commissions, Denis White of East Anglia, and Linda Ransom of Brentwood, expressed their thanks to those who assisted the review.

They added they were committed to ensuring “very high standards of safeguarding practice within the dioceses, in particular for children and vulnerable adults, but also for the benefit of the whole Church”.

Representatives from St George’s Church did not wish to comment.

The Church is refusing to publish the report or even name the author who prepared it on the grounds it was an ” internal report”.


McSweeney was arrested in 2013 after police began investigating abuse following revelations about Jimmy Savile.

When he appeared at Southwark Crown Court in early 2015, the court heard how McSweeney – who was also found guilty of making indecent images of children – abused the teenager with his close friend John Stingemore, 72, who managed the care home and was found dead in January 2015 – weeks before his trial.

Prosecutor Sarah Plaschkes QC said: “This was a joint enterprise by both men, to use the victim for their own sexual gratification.

“There was grooming behaviour used against the victim – both men used the washing routine at the home as an excuse to confuse the child.

“There was specific targeting of a particularly vulnerable child.

“Not all children at the home were abused. He [the victim] was targeted because he was a vulnerable boy, isolated from his family.”

During his trial, jurors heard McSweeney was sexually motivated to watch children shower, and had a collection of child pornography.

He watched as his teenage victim was abused by Stingemore in the care home shower.

Sentencing him, Judge Alistair McCreath recognised there was no evidence to suggest the priest himself molested the child, but he had encouraged it.

He said: “He has a voyeuristic interest in children, either in seeing them unclothed, or in seeing them sexually abused by others.”

The judge added the priest had abused the position of trust that he was in, preying on the youngster at the care home where he should have been safe.

He acknowledged that McSweeney had been a “good and conscientious priest in almost all aspects of his calling”.

McSweeney was cleared of three indecent assaults on two other boys at the care home and taking a pornographic photo of one of these boys.

In 2012, McSweeney had been appointed as a director at Norwich’s Notre Dame High School, but resigned following his arrest in 2013.

Following McSweeney’s conviction, headteacher Brian Conway sent a letter to parents, students, staff and governors, saying the school was “saddened and shocked by the crimes”.


Anthony McSweeney was jailed for three years in 2015, after he was found guilty of indecently assaulting the youngster while working at Grafton Close Children’s Home in Hounslow, West London, between 1979 and 1981.

Anthony McSweeney case: Abuse priest failings found

Apr 23 2017

Concerns raised about a Catholic priest later jailed for sexual assault were not acted upon or taken seriously by the Church, a review has found.

Anthony McSweeney, 70, was jailed for three years in 2015 for abusing a boy at a west London care home.

In the wake of the case an independent review was commissioned by the Dioceses of Brentwood and East Anglia.

The review said McSweeney was found with videos of adolescent boys in 1998 but this was not reported to police.

The review revealed how McSweeney was moved in 1999 from the Diocese of Brentwood, where he served at Saint Luke’s in Harlow and at Saint Peter’s in Eastwood, to St George’s Parish, Norwich, which is part of the Diocese of East Anglia, after the tapes were discovered.

McSweeney’s abuse conviction related to indecent assault and making indecent images of children between 1979 and 1981.

He was investigated as part of a police probe into allegations of a paedophile ring at the Grafton Close Children’s Home in Hounslow.

In 1984, McSweeney was ordained at Ilford.

Key review findings

  • The Church should have taken more robust action following the discovery of video tapes in 1998 and should have ensured that the matter was reported to the police so that a full investigation could have taken place
  • Local priests and parishioners were not adequately supported, their concerns were not taken sufficiently seriously nor acted upon diligently
  • McSweeney’s transfer to East Anglia was poorly managed, lacked insight and was not adequately documented



more here

Mar 8 2017

 So let me just get this straight: Tom Watson who brought up paedophilia in HoC has just given paedo Vaz a leg-up??

Image result for tony mcsweeney and bruno


Image result for tony mcsweeney and bruno

His offending, as far as we know, goes back to the Seventies when, while training for the priesthood, he worked as a part-time carer at a local authority-run home for vulnerable boys in Grafton Close, Richmond-upon-Thames

He was given the job by the manager, his ‘good friend’ — and fellow predator — John Stingemore.

John Stingemore at the trial of Peter Sutcliffe..linked to Savile..linked to McSweeney…

Grafton Close which at the time was run by a friend of the priest, John Stingemore, who would have been tried alongside him at Southwark Crown Court if he had not died just before the trial.

The inquiry into Elm Guest House led the police to focus on a Richmond  Council children’s home – called Grafton Close

The allegation that boys were taken by Stingemore to Elm Guest House were never tested in court – though the CPS agreed a charge should be made – because of Stingemore’s death.

But the court heard that McSweeney and Stingemore did take boys away to a flat in Bexhill on sea where they were sexually assaulted. And when McSweeney was arrested   pornographic pictures of children were found on his computer.


McSweeney was finally caught when, more than 30 years later, police launched an investigation into historic allegations that Grafton Close boys had been sent to Elm Guest House in nearby Barnes, to be sexually abused. 

The list of alleged abusers included Cabinet ministers and MPs, diplomats, spies, policemen, judges, pop stars and staff of the Royal Households




Delia Smith, a devout Roman Catholic, met Father Tony McSweeney last year and convinced him to be the club’s part-time chaplain.

“I asked him if it could be possible we could hold mass, because I sometimes see a lot of our supporters in the Roman Catholic cathedral after the game,” said Smith.

“I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be lovely to have one in-house’. I am very much hoping that it is very well attended. I am hoping very much that any supporters and staff feel able to attend.

“The more people that come the better. If it is well attended we might be able to have it two or three times a season.”

Fr McSweeney added: “Several of the players who are Catholics had said there is no Catholic chaplain at the club. I said I wasn’t actually looking for work but I’d go ahead and do it anyway.

“The Church reaches out to lots of groups of people and I hope as many people as possible come along to this.”

It will be first time in Norwich’s 102-year history that the club has hosted a religious service, which is to be held in Smith’s Top Of The Terrace restaurant at the ground an hour after the game ends on Saturday.

The service is being conducted by Father Tony McSweeney, a Roman Catholic parish priest at St George’s, Sprowston Road, who is the third chaplain at the football club.

He knows both Malky Mackay and Paul McVeigh, who are regular worshippers in his parish. In fact the players helped to get him involved in the club together with Delia, who asked him to be a chaplain after she gave a lecture earlier this year at his church.

Fr McSweeney told the EDP: “I am reaching out to a different group of people, which is what the church likes to do. But we won’t be praying for failure or the downfall of the Canaries’ opponents – we like to leave it up to God.

“I myself always keep an eye on the results but I don’t have time to go to matches. However, my curate is a season ticket holder.”

McSweeney was booted out in disgrace. A few months later, the same Essex parishioner attended a conference for Catholic professionals, held in Norwich. The guest speaker was none other than Tony McSweeney. His subject? The joys of Scouting.

‘I could not believe what I was seeing,’ says the source.

McSweeney prospered in Norfolk. He became chaplain and governor of a school.

He rubbed shoulders with local celebrities — hence, presumably, his invitation from Delia Smith, the Catholic cookery writer, to say Mass at Norwich football club, where she and her husband are majority shareholders.


The phone-hacking saga

300 alleged phone hacking victims: From Prince Charles to Milly Dowler, Delia Smith, Frank Bruno, Tom Watson MP, Mark Stephens (Keith Vaz’s solicitor),


“Dee” (as she was then known) worked for Carlton Studios.

Smith became a recognisable figure amongst young people in the 1970s and early 1980s when she was an occasional guest on the BBC’s Saturday morning children’s programme Multicoloured Swap Shop and did basic cooking demonstrations; she and host Noel Edmonds had a flirtatious way of interacting with each other back then.

Father McSweeney, of St George’s Church in Norwich, held a service at the Premier League club in 2004 after they were promoted to the top flight.

A Norwich City spokesman today said: “In 2004, Father McSweeney wrote to joint majority shareholder Delia Smith suggesting he would like to become a Norwich City Chaplain.

“Subsequently the Club did agree he could help to hold a one-off multi-denominational service to celebrate their return to the Barclays Premier League. That service was duly held after our opening Premier League fixture against Crystal Palace in August, 2004.

Stephen Fry joins Norwich City board –

Fry, who will act as an ambassador for the club

Fry, who has a home in Norfolk, is a lifelong fan of the Championship club and has often been seen with majority shareholder Delia Smith at Carrow Road.

Image result for stephen fry savile tweet

Stephen Fry’s ‘paedophilia’ limerick

Stephen Fry

Image result for stephen fry savile tweet


Fry’s comedy comes under fire.  Plans to stage a comedy penned by actor Stephen Fry about paedophilia in a public school were condemned today.

Image result for clement freud and stephen fry

Stephen Fry at paedophile Clement Freud‘s funeral.

Comedian Stephen Fry told the BBC Thursday that he was charmed by Freud’s “air of disreputability.”

“He, during the 1950s and 1960s, was a real Soho figure,” Fry said, referring the bohemian quarter of London.

“He knew all the girls of easy virtue, he knew the pimps

Keith Vaz acted on behalf of Lalit Modi, pictured with Kate Moss and Stephen Fry in Cuba, as he sought British travel papers

Questions over Vaz’s aid for cricket kingpin

The Labour MP intervened directly with the Home Office to help the controversial Lalit Modi with UK travel papers

Image result for Father Tony McSweeney

Fr Tony McSweeney marrying the boxer Frank Bruno –  McSweeney was caught with child sex abuse images he made on his computer. He was a member of the scouting movement and worked with the Norwich City youth football team.

Image result for Oak Hall in Sussex.

At the age of eleven Frank Bruno was sent to reform school, Oak Hall in Sussex.

Some of the local guys we talk to in the village, they remember it as a school but they don’t really know what went on inside.

Sir Harry Oakes and the Duke of Windsor – after Sir Harry’s murder, the property become a children’s home and a school; 

“We would also like to know about the secret garden,” said Mrs Jawad. “It’s rumoured that the future Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson were entertained there during the time of Harry Oakes because he knew them.

Millionaire Sir Harry previously owned Oak Hall, then called Tottingworth. He made front page news when he was murdered in his bed in the Bahamas in July 1943 where the Duke of Windsor had recently been exiled as Governor

“This house has a colourful past.”

Frank Bruno was good friends with Jimmy Savile and is good friends with Keith Vaz’s friend, Stephen Purdew of Champneys.

Image result for savile purdews champneys

^ From Dorothy Purdew’s autobiography – photos from her son Stephen Purdew’s wedding – which Keith Vaz also attended


Image result for vaz and dorothy purdew

Purdews of Champneys named a wing after their good friend Jimmy Savile

Image result for savile and bruno ripper

Peter Sutcliffe with Jimmy Savile and Frank Bruno


Frank Bruno, Jimmy Savile and Prince Charles – Friends



Keith Vaz, John Bercow and Stephen Purdew

Sir Jimmy Savile’s funeral

The Right Reverend Arthur Roche, the bishop of Leeds gave an eulogy for Savile and sang his praises

Addressing the congregation, the Right Rev Arthur Roche, Bishop of Leeds, said: “Today Jimmy lies at the front of the cathedral where in former years he has remained discreetly hidden at the back in order not to disturb people’s prayers or distract their attention from what was taking place at the altar.”

The service at the cathedral was also attended by former Conservative minister Lord Tebbit and boxer Frank Bruno.


Rusbridger’s Ghost‏ @JamesRusbridger 



SAVILE | PURDEWS (Bryn Estyn; HDLG; Westmnstr/VIPnetwork)

VAZ | RANTZEN | FASHANU (Westmnstr/VIPnetwork: Dolphin Sq)

MCSWEENEY (Westmnstr/VIPnetwork: Grafton, Elm GH)

JANNER | JANNER’S CHILDREN (Leics; Westmnstr/VIPnetwork)

Know what I mean, ‘Arry?


Fr Neil Gallanagh, Bishop Roche & Savile

Catholic Church decided not to unfrock priest who abused deaf boys

A priest, Neil Gallanagh,  who admitted indecently assaulting deaf boys at a school in Yorkshire has been allowed to remain as a cleric, it can be revealed, as the scandal over abuse cover-ups in the Catholic Church moves to Britain.

The Rt Rev Arthur Roche, the Bishop of Leeds, sent letters to the Vatican asking for advice on what action should be taken against Fr Neil Gallanagh, after details of his offences emerged, but decided not to unfrock him.

Victims’ support groups said that the Catholic Church’s failure to pursue the toughest possible course of action against Gallanagh seriously undermined its attempts to send a clear statement that priests guilty of abuse have been properly punished.

The disclosure comes as Pope Benedict XVI finds himself embroiled in new revelations over child sex abuse, following the emergence of a letter signed by him in 1985, before he became Pope, resisting the unfrocking of Stephen Kiesle, a US priest who had been convicted of offences against young boys.

The letter, signed by then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, was typed in Latin and is part of years of correspondence between the diocese of Oakland, in the US, and the Vatican about the proposed unfrocking of Kiesle, sentenced to three years of probation in 1978 for lewd conduct with two young boys in San Francisco.

In the letter, Cardinal Ratzinger – who was at the time the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which has responsibility for tackling abuse by clerics – said the “good of the universal Church” needed to be considered in any unfrocking. He also urged “as much paternal care as possible” for Kiesle.

Kiesle was ultimately unfrocked in 1987. In 2004, he was sentenced to six years in prison after admitting molesting a young girl in 1995.

Now aged 63, he is on the registered sex offenders list in California. The Vatican says he was exercising due caution before sacking the priest.

Last month it was claimed that while he was a Cardinal in the 1990s, the current Pope also took a lenient approach towards another American priest who was suspected of having molested as many as 200 boys at a school for the deaf.

The Vatican has insisted that the Pope was never involved in blocking the removal of paedophile priests during his two decades as head of the Catholic Church’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

He held the position prior to becoming Pope in 2005.

The decision not to unfrock Gallanagh, who also abused children at deaf school, is likely to prove embarrassing for the Catholic Church in England and Wales, which has up until now escaped from being dragged into the crisis that has engulfed the Catholic church in several countries over the past year.

Gallanagh abused boys while working as the chaplain of St John’s School for the Deaf in Boston Spa, West Yorkshire, in the 1970s. The abuse first came to light in 2002, by which time he was working as a parish priest in Horsforth, Leeds.

In 2005, by then 75 and retired, Gallanagh pleaded guilty to indecently assaulting two teenage pupils at the school. He was given a six-month suspended sentence and a further 11 charges involving boys as young as 11 were left on file.

However, he escaped being unfrocked – or laicised – following Bishop Roche’s decision that it would be sufficient to stop him from exercising his ministry.

“He is not in good standing with the Church as a priest,” said John Grady, the bishop’s spokesman.

“He is not allowed to exercise ministry of any kind. He has observed these restrictions to the letter.”

The diocese did not refer the case to the Vatican until 2007, according to Mr Grady, by which time Benedict XVI was Pope.

“When the Neil Gallanagh case was sent to Rome, the diocese did not ask for laicisation,” Mr Grady said.

“Bishop Roche took the view that Neil had had his faculties removed at the time of the disclosure – he had not acted as a priest or worn priest’s dress – and still does not.”

Gallanagh, who currently lives in a flat “under the observance of the church” and has been financially supported by the Church with a retirement grant, was moved to the school in 1973 despite having been fined for assaulting a nine-year-old boy 13 years earlier on the Isle of Man, while he was a priest in Northern Ireland.

At the time of the 1973 offence he told police “it was a horrible thing to do”, adding: “I have been worried with this sexual trouble for some time and recently it has become an obsession with me.”

Margaret Kennedy, founder of Minister and Clergy Sexual Abuse Survivors (MACSAS), a support group, said that the Church had not gone far enough in punishing Gallanagh.

“Defrocking him would send out a statement that he’s not fit to be a priest,” she said.

“He should not be left with this honour. By not defrocking him it says that he is still a man of God and that is clearly not the case.

“It’s insulting to the victims who have suffered that he has been allowed to remain as a priest.”

The disclosure that Gallanagh has been allowed to remain as a priest comes after Archbishop Nichols recently cited the ability to defrock priests as one of the key changes Pope Benedict had introduced to protect children.

“He pushed forward, for example, a fast-track to defrock priests who have committed abuse,” the Archbishop said. “He changed the statute of limitations in Church law.”

Kevin Walton, who was abused as a boy at the school, said he was shocked to hear that Fr Gallanagh has been allowed to remain a priest.

“He was known to have abused before in Ireland, then to Boston Spa with vulnerable Deaf boys,” he said.

“The church has not acted strongly enough at all, too many silences, brushing under carpet, not saying any more about it, as if they hope things will quieten down.”



Frank Bruno The funeral of Sir Jimmy Savile held at Leeds Cathedral Leeds, England - 09.11.11 Stock Photo


Stephen Purdew and Frank Bruno at the funeral of Sir Jimmy Savile held at Leeds Cathedral Leeds, England – 09.11.11

The former world heavyweight champion was rocked by the loss of pals Sir Jimmy Savile

and fellow former boxers Sir Henry Cooper and Gary Mason.

Jimmy, Henry and Gary were ­almost like family.

Stephen Purdew, ­owner of Champneys spa resort in Tring, Herts, where Frank trains every day, hosted a ­birthday party for his close friend Frank Bruno.

Stephen said: “It was a really emotional day for Frank.

“When Frank left hospital after his breakdown he spent 14 months living with me…”

“Frank and I went to Jimmy’s ­funeral service in Leeds…


Europe Vaz Stock Photo

Stephen Purdew (rear), Frank Bruno and Keith Vaz

9th May 2000

Boxer Frank Bruno (left) and Labour Minister of State for Europe Keith Vaz MP toast Europe Day with two glasses of ‘Euro Punch’ which they made themselves during an Open Day at the Foreign Office in London, as part of the London Millennium String of Pearls Festival.


Saturday 26 Nov, 2005

Bruno turns on Christmas lights

24 Nov: Leicester Mercury.

Former boxer Frank Bruno
will switch on the lights on a school Christmas tree
tomorrow. Mr Bruno will join Leicester East MP Keith
Vaz at Green Lane Primary, in Spinney Hill Road, Leic
ester at 3.30pm.

The tree will commemorate Mr Vaz’s mother, Merlyn, who died in 2003. Mr Bruno and Mr Vaz will also give 20 Christmas hampers to pensioners.

Mr Vaz said: “Frank is an excellent choice. Mum really loved his sense of humour.”


Onwards to half a century! Keith Vaz selectively marks his 25 years in Parliament

Publicity-loving Labour MP Keith Vaz, 56, distributes a booklet of pictures marking his 25 years in Parliament, containing generous tributes from David Cameron and Ed Miliband. He displays photographs of himself with the Queen, the Pope, the Prince of Wales, Nelson Mandela, the Princess Royal, Bill Clinton and other notables. There is no mention of his role in  the Hinduja passport affair, which resulted in the parliamentary standards commissioner Elizabeth Filkin recommending his suspension from the Commons. Nor of his erstwhile friend, the crooked lawyer Shahrokh Mireskandari, booted out of the legal profession despite Vaz’s interventions on his behalf.


a very special book. It’s by Keith Vaz, and is all about his career as an MP. Its title, naturally, is 25 Incredible Years.

Across 150 full-colour pages, the former Minister for Europe (May 1999-June 2001) chronicles his countless achievements. He includes photographs of all the celebrities who’ve been lucky enough to meet him (Lewis Hamilton, Gary Lineker, Frank Bruno).


Alan Campbell and Frank Bruno Frank Bruno has been a close friend of Sir Jimmy Savile and of Alan Campbell, both of whom have been linked to child abuse. LORD McALPINE, ALAN CAMPBELL / SEX ORGIES IN SOUTHPORT

Mike Wall appears to be trying to set up a dubious-sounding organisation called ChildLine offering telephone counselling to run-away young people.
And Roger Cook did a sensible public service…to the series – in warning listeners.

The Guardian

London, Greater London, England

Saturday, February 9, 1980 – 13

News - Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher at a reception thanking supporters of Childline - Downing Street - London Stock Photo

2nd July 1987

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, centre, at 10 Downing Street, London, with celebrities, from left, Esther Rantzen, Anthony Andrews, Frank Bruno, Susan Hampshire and David Frost. The PM hosted a reception for Childline to thank the charity’s supporters. Esther Rantzen is the chairwoman of the national helpline for children in trouble or danger.


Esther Rantzen at David Frost’s Annual Garden Party at His Home in Carlyle Square – 04 Jul 2001

David Frost listed in convicted billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s black book





Frank Bruno And Jim’ll Fix It

Tony McSweeney –

Image result for Grafton Close children’s home which was run by Richmond Council

‘Fat Vicar’ who conducted Frank Bruno’s wedding is jailed for abusing boy at children’s home after court rejects claim his size meant he couldn’t have molested boys as they sat on his lap

Image result for Grafton Close children’s home which was run by Richmond Council

He watched as care home manager John Stingemore, his paedophile friend, fondled a teenager in the shower of Grafton Close Children’s Home in Hounslow, west London, between 1979 and 1981.

The Catholic clergyman, once part-time chaplain at Norwich City FC, also collected vile child porn over ‘decades’

McSweeney was leading the congregation at St George’s Church in north Norwich

Image result for Grafton Close children’s home which was run by Richmond Council

Grafton Close children’s home which was run by Richmond Council in South West London

1982 Keith Vaz  worked as solicitor for Richmond upon Thames Council (Operation Fernbridge)

Operation Fernbridge, an investigation that was set up by the Metropolitan Police to look into claims that a paedophile ring involving a number of high profile individuals was operating in the Richmond area in the early 1980s.

Image result for tom watson mp images

The investigation was launched following information passed to the police by the Labour MP Tom Watson.

The allegations are understood to involve claims that children at the Grafton Close children’s home were abused both there and at a guesthouse in Barnes, South West London.

Image result for elm guest house


Keith Joseph committing a boy with “bizarre sexual conduct” 1973

Here’s article about Belfast Brian McDermott unsolved murder though.

The Scouts HQ is there and links to Cliff Richard…

Anthony McSweeney was in charge of Gilwell park at that time and Kitty would go camping there every year with a youth club from Chingford

The site of the former Elm Guest House in Barnes

Westminster paedophile ring allegations: Scotland Yard detectives trace ‘victim’

Alleged victim of paedophile sex abuse interviewed in United States at request of Scotland Yard


^ If the 2 persons referred to here are Eric Kasir and Leon Brittan, why is The Telegraph allowing Brittan’s name to be whitewashed?

2.35 – Tom Watson / PMQs / D-Notice / Leon Brittan / Harvey Proctor
[CHRIS] the one interesting thing above all else, when Tom Watson asked a question in the House of Commons recently, as you know

[BILL] Member of Parliament

[CHRIS] Member of Parliament, he also asked about the use of D-Notices. D-Notices are notices that they’re supposed to be advisory, but basically the government doesn’t like a story in the newspapers about to print, it’ll slap a D-Notice

[BILL] A D-Notice is a gagging order

[CHRIS] is a gagging order. Now when Mary Moss and I left the coroner’s court the entire world’s press was outside, obviously it was a very, very big story

[BILL] Absolutely

[CHRIS] Because we’d stood in the witness box, we’d named Leon Brittan we’d named Harvey Proctor, we’d told the inquest all the evidence we had about who’d been involved at the Elm Guest House, so by any stretch of the imagination it was big news story. When we got outside the coroner’s court there was, they were all there, BBC, ITV, Channel Four, Sky, you name it.

[BILL] Yeah

18.15 – Eric Kasir / Neil Kier / Carol Kasir
[CHRIS] I knew who to complain to, how the system worked. Now, when the police, because they thought, they knew that Carol Kasir’s son, Eric, was 10, was living there. They also suspected and their own words ‘that other children might be present’ they approached Richmond Services, told them about the raid. Now procedure dictates that normally you would have got, say, the local field social worker in the local office who would have come in with the police on the raid. Any children present, they would have taken, they would have taken them into care. However, on the day of the raid, the man from Kingston, err from Richmond Council, who, who was on the raid with the police was Neil Kier, the officer in charge of Grafton, who took Eric into care.

[BILL] That’s her son Eric?

[CHRIS] That’s her son Eric. So you can understand why Carol was so angry.

[BILL] So, so, she knew, she knew that all the kids were coming from this children’s home. Then what they done on the night of the raid was took her own child and put her own child in that children’s home.

[CHRIS] Not only that, but with the very guy who had been one of the people supplying the boys, so Carol knew full well what that meant.


 And just who was that perpetrator Mr Settle? What other files were being stored at Barnes nick where Clive Driscoll was summoned?

Who leant on Eric Kasir? Why are hacks letting Leon Brittan get off with blue murder?

Did the questioning of Eric Kasir lead Paul Settle to believe that Leon Brittan, patron of Haroon Kasir’s EGH, was a paedophile?

Are you listening Mr Settle? What did you have to say about Leon Brittan after your team had interviewed Eric Kasir?


Old Bailey trial in May 1983 in which most charges against the guest house owners, Haroon and Carole Kasir, were dropped, and the Kasirs walked away with just a fine. None of the prominent paedophiles were charged.




I have seen a photograph of a 10yo boy in a Jacuzzi with uncle Leon…

I dont know if its Eric as I never knew him but I was told that the boy was at Grafton close…confirmed

Stingmores barrister was holding the photograph when he pleaded “not guilty”…

A year later Stingemore and Leon had passed away… Never to go to court

Related image

Stingemore and McSweeney


There are incredible similarities between no-name Hoskins and Wright buddy Settle. Is this a coincidence? Brave whistleblowers or stooges?

Did Settle and Hoskins have the ‘courage’ to be ‘whistleblowers’ because they were doing the bidding of those who commissioned them?



‘Westminster paedophile ring’ police officer DCI Paul Settle investigated by watchdog over claims of leaking material to media

DCI Settle was charged with looking into claims of VIP sexual abuse at Dolphin Square, the Elm Guest House in Barnes and elsewhere

  •  9 January 2016
  • link

Top Tory Leon Brittan ‘photographed entering underage sex den during police investigation’

The former MP for Cleveland and Whitby is said to have been snapped by officers on a 1986 surveillance operation focusing on rent boy orgies

24 JAN 2015

Leon Brittan was photographed entering an underage sex den during a police investigation, it has been claimed.

The Tory Lord, who died on Wednesday, is said to have been snapped by officers on a 1986 surveillance operation focusing on rent boy orgies run in North London buildings.

Detectives were watching premises where the boys picked up at King’s Cross were dropped off to be repeatedly raped, say friends of an officer involved.

Big names believed to have been photographed entering the dens included former Home Secretary Brittan, MP Cyril Smith and some top judges.

Sources claim up to 16 high profile figures were due to be arrested.

But the day before the swoops were to be carried out, officers on the investigation, called Operation Orchid, were allegedly told it had been disbanded.

Our sources say it is unclear what happened to the photographs or why the raid was called off.

A friend of the officer on the investigation said: “The rent boys would be driven to flats or garages where large groups of men were waiting.

“These included Brittan and Smith. Pictures were taken as men entered or left buildings where the abuse was taking place.”

The revelations emerge as ­Brittan’s name is dragged ever deeper into the growing scandal over an alleged cover-up into sex abusers at the highest level of the Establishment in the 1970s
and 80s.

His old friends and colleagues have defended his legacy and called on his accusers to put up evidence or “shut up”.

But a major police investigation into VIP paedophile rings, which includes testimony against Brittan, continues.

And a number of witnesses and victims have provided statements to police.

One key witness known as Nick, who has been described by police as “credible”, has told officers he was abused by Brittan at the luxury Dolphin Square apartment complex, near Westminster.

He gave a lengthy statement alleging three boys were murdered by the VIP paedophiles.

Speaking before Brittan’s death, Nick said: “He would treat me like I was not even human.”

He claimed the top Tory was “nasty, cruel, sadistic and hateful”.

Nick is now said to be ­“devastated” by the former cabinet minister’s death and fears it may be too late to get justice.

Brittan, who died of cancer at 75, was already under investigation for allegedly raping a woman in 1967. An allegation he denied.

Scotland Yard says this will continue despite his death.

Brittan’s name also appears on a web list of purported visitors to Elm Guest House, near Barnes Common in South West London.

The B&B is said to have operated as a gay and underage brothel in the early 1980s and is at the centre of a huge historic abuse police ­investigation called Operation ­Fernbridge.

The Metropolitan Police has refused to discuss any potential suspects in this investigation.

Last year Brittan became mired in the historical sexual abuse scandal after claims that he was handed a dossier containing details of the abuse allegations in the 1980s.

He was accused of failing to act on the evidence passed to him by Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens in 1983.

While he admitted he had met Mr Dickens and had been handed a file, he said he had passed it on to officials and was not contacted about the issue again.

Brittan was elected as MP for Cleveland and Whitby in 1974 and then for ­Richmond, Yorks, in 1983.

PM David Cameron led the ­tributes to him last week, describing the former cabinet minister and European competition ­commissioner as a “dedicated and fiercely intelligent public servant”.

A spokesman for Scotland Yard said yesterday: “We do not comment on ongoing enquiries.”


Keith Vaz (formerly solicitor for Richmon Council) joins Commons Justice Committee

MPs have approved Keith Vaz appointment to Justice Committee ayes 203 noes 7

Just 7 MPs voted to block Keith Vaz’s appointment to the justice committee

One of those, Mr Bridgen told MPs he had spoken to the Metropolitan police, who had still not decided what, if any, action to take in regards to Keith Vaz.

Speaker John Bercow told Andrew Brigden to desist.

Bridgen said: “A potential Police investigation still hangs over the honourable member.


Andrew Brigden:

Four people had come forward alleging child sexual abuse crimes.

Image result for tom watson mp and vaz

Image result for keith vaz scandal


Nigel Philpot-Jones


Police reportedly investigating claims Keith Vaz threatened council worker who tried to evict a rent boy pimp

12 Sept 2016

Shamed Labour MP Keith Vaz allegedly told housing chief he would make his life ‘impossible’ unless pimp was allowed to keep his home – despite not paying £1,400 rent

The disgraced Labour MP intervened when gay brothel owner Nigel Philpot-Jones was booted out of his Leicester council flat 25 years ago for rent arrears.

Ex-councillor Paul Gosling told The Sun he was quizzed by police in March about the MP’s behaviour in the early 1990s.

He said: “On many occasions Keith Vaz interfered with the running of the council in ways that breached his responsibilities as an MP.

“In particular I was unhappy about his involvement in reversing the decision to evict Nigel Philpot Jones, who had not paid his rent and was also operating a gay brothel in breach of the council’s clear rules on tenancy.

Vaz had been brought into the eviction row by his friend Philip Taylor, son of a former mayor of Leicester and himself homosexual. Mr Taylor was also a friend of Philpot-Jones.


Bridgen referred – under Parliamentary privilege- to a current historical child sex investigation said to be being conducted by Leicestershire Police where four people had come forward alleging child sexual abuse crimes.

Devastating questions Labour’s Tom Watson must answer… not least, why does he only brand TORIES as child sex abusers?

Accusing the Tories: Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson at the party's conference last month

On April 21, Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson was asked to join 11 other prominent MPs signing an open letter that called for a high-profile member of the Establishment accused of appalling child sex abuse to face justice.

Due to be published in the next day’s newspapers, it claimed that a recent decision not to prosecute the man — on the grounds that he was suffering from dementia — bore all the hallmarks of a ‘whitewash’.

‘The public are horrified,’ the letter declared. ‘Powerful people, including MPs, have previously avoided facing justice for serious crimes committed against children. As long as justice is not seen to be done . . . the greater public interest is not served.’

On the face of things, Watson — then a mere backbencher — should have heartily agreed with this sentiment.

For 18 months, the MP had been making near-identical pronouncements while trying to expose what he had famously described as ‘a powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and No 10’.

Strangely, given this tub-thumping track record, Watson refused to put his name to the open letter of April 21.

One of their number says: ‘He was called, texted and emailed but we got no reply, so reluctantly concluded that this was one particular child sex case Tom didn’t want to make waves about.’

Tom Watson given £500k in donations by Max Mosley in past year

Register of MPs’ interests shows that former Formula One boss gave money to support Watson’s office as deputy leader and shadow culture secretary

“I’m proud to call Max Mosley a friend and I’m delighted he has made a financial contribution to Labour,” Watson said. “


Prostitute in Max Mosley ‘Nazi’ dungeon orgy was wife of MI5 officer


An MI5 agent has been forced to resign after it was revealed his wife took part in a Nazi-style sex orgy with Formula One boss Max Mosley

The wife of an MI5 agent was one of the five prostitutes who took part in a ‘Nazi- style’ orgy with motor racing chief Max Mosley.

It left MI5 facing questions last night over whether one of its officers had helped set up the sting which saw a lurid five-hour video of the sado-masochistic sex session sold to a newspaper.

The agent was forced to resign when the activities of his 38-year-old wife – who used the name Mistress Abi – were revealed.

Security sources dismissed any suggestion that the surveillance officer was involved in the secret filming in a ‘torture dungeon’ at a £2million flat in Chelsea and insisted he was unaware of it until after the story appeared in the newspapers.


List of MPs who voted for Vaz

Watson, Mr Tom


Image result for tory whips keith vaz

Image result for tory whips keith vaz

Mike Thomas · @MikeandMungo

The call for an Inquiry contains 8 points that needed to be investigated.

Anyone who knows where to look for the VIP ring will recognise an attempt to avoid rather than expose it.

No PIE, Henniker, Hayman, Righton etc. A controllable cash cow Inquiry with a panel of long term trusted friends…



RT @ExaroNews: Tony McSweeney, who worked as priest at Grafton Close children’s home, has just been jailed for three years. #Fernbridge


Tim Pendry founded Exaro in 2012, he’s a director of the British Syrian Society, as are David Steel, Lord Henniker’s son-in-law, Wafic Said & assorted diplomats, arms dealers & spooks. He’s the nephew of alleged offender Lord Tom Pendry (friend of convicted paedophile Stuart Hall) & worked for a pressure group financed by the Goldsmith family. In the early 90’s he was a leading figure in DEMOS which he himself said was used for ‘much more sinister political ends’ by what he terms the ‘centralist national security state.’

Wafic Said is in convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s black book (along with Harvey Proctor’s friends – the Duke & Duchess of Rutland


Saïd came to public prominence after helping facilitate the Al-Yamamah arms deal between the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia in the 1980s.



They did their job then – just as the Establishment wanted.

VIP abuse accuser Nick  ‘manipulated by news website Exaro’

Detectives investigating the man who made false allegations about a Westminster paedophile ring have been told that he was manipulated by a news website.

Northumbria police have been asked to investigate whether the complainant, identified only as Nick, fabricated allegations against figures including Lord Brittan of Spennithorne, the late home secretary, and Lord Bramall, the former chief of the defence staff.

It is understood that officers will investigate the relationship between Nick and the Exaro website, which was first to publish his allegations before it closed in July.




Richard Kerr And Mark Watts – And Why One Journalist Left Exaro News

…Another reason for writing this is that I believe it demonstrates that often media outlets, not just Exaro News, may publish material that may not be in the interests of the survivor they have talked to. There is also the danger, especially in this post-Panorama period, that any survivor who may have had dealings with Exaro may become contaminated by association and more generally this may happen to any survivor making allegations regardless of whether they’ve talked to Exaro, or indeed any media outlet and that, I feel, would be a crying shame.


Following the publication 0f the story Richard Kerr was naturally very upset. He’d been taken by surprise when the five photographs of individuals had been produced during the interview, he’s an obliging gentleman and attempted to help the interviewer but directly after the interview, recognising that he couldn’t be 100% certain that he had correctly identified all of the men in the photographs, or if he had recognised them, from other sources. Of the 5 men that Richard identified he was certain that he’d met of two of them but of the other three he was uncertain. He  he had immediately requested that this part would not be made public.  Richard Kerr knows too just how much such a mis-identification, once public, can harm the credibility of a survivor (even one like himself who can demonstrate his abuse very clearly).

However, despite requesting that the VIPs he had named under these pressurised circumstances be removed, it was never done and they remained on the Exaro News website until the day the site recently disappeared.


Mar 31 2017

 Tory MP Harvey Proctor sues Nick for six-figure sum over claims his child sex smears cost the ex-politician his home, job and fortune

Mar 31 2017

Mr Proctor,  has got an unnamed financial backer to support his court costs

think he is playing to the crowd. The ‘pay to keep him quiet crowd’

BBC abandoned Karin Ward when Freddie Starr sued


abandon Nick?

maybe sidestep by saying exaro no longer exists as legal entity?

There’s not any doubt so not sure why it’s being queried. Depends what ‘Nick’ wants to do, though I’m not in touch with him

has there been a statement of support made removing any doubt?

More on Exaro & Watts

Jonathan S‏ @majorleak2017

At the point when Exaro started publishing the VIP allegations it was a financial news based outlet. It has always been a question

WHY did … Tom Watson conveniently ‘choose’ Exaro as the outlet of choice?

The underlying motivation as to ‘Why choose Exaro at that time?’ is going to be an issue which needs to be resolved going forwards.

Some have speculated the link between the Labour Party and Exaro’s directors was the underlying motivation

“Exaro Holdings is 100% owner of ExaroNews which is the first commercial website dedicated to investigative journalism”
So why did it’s director Watts sue for wrongful dismissal when he knew the money wasn’t there to compensate?

So why did it’s director Watts not resign his directorship of Exaro Holdings when he was sacked as ’employee’?

As a sacked ’employee’ and STILL a director he had a clear conflict of interest. A conflict of interest that is part of the legal framework around directors’ responsibilities. It does not make sense that a sacked employee can remain a director.
ACTIVE director Mark Watts. Company in liquidation. Sacked as employee. Still a director.
Exaro Holdings 100% (from Pendry’s own words) owner of Exaro News. Watts sacked from subsidiary company. Watts STILL a director of parent.
So the questions remain: why is Mark Watts STILL a director of a parent company from which he was sacked as an employee?
Why did Mark Watts sue for wrongful dismissal and allegedly be awarded compensation when he KNEW as director there was no money?
Did Watts waste public time and money by that wrongful dismissal claim? Did Watts have a massive conflict of interest with directorship?

Tim Pendry, a Left-leaning PR man and friend of Jeremy Corbyn.

Last month, Pendry announced that he would rejoin the Labour Party, saying his decision ‘was helped by the estimable old Labour Right-winger Tom Watson being elected as ballast, as deputy leader’.

Exaro’s editor-in-chief, Mark Watts, is also an admirer and friend of Watson.

He once hosted a daily news show on a Left-wing channel called Press TV. Controlled by the government of Iran, Press TV, which has employed Left-wing firebrand George Galloway, was where Corbyn described the killing of Osama Bin Laden as ‘a tragedy’.

Watson and Watts (who is today expected to appear with Galloway on Kremlin-controlled Russia Today) have certainly been useful to one another.

The MP first began publicly campaigning about an ‘Establishment’ paedophile ring in 2012. At about the same time, Exaro began focusing heavily on stories about the same purported ring.

Ever since, Watson has made regular appearances in Exaro’s news reports. As a senior MP, his comments lend credibility to their reports. In turn, they help to promote Watson’s campaign.

Little wonder, perhaps, that in the past 18 months Watson has almost continually flagged Exaro stories on Twitter. His support is doubtless very helpful. In November, for example, Watson tweeted: ‘I’ve spent all week telling reporters to phone Exaro if they want to know what’s going on.’

This relationship does not please everyone, however. Peter McKelvie, a former child protection officer who once worked closely with the Labour MP, has severed ties because he regards Exaro as ‘a disgrace to journalism’.

McKelvie is also said to believe that Watson fails to adopt a sufficiently collegiate attitude to his campaign, an opinion shared by one MP who has previously collaborated with him on child protection issues.

‘There have also been other times Tom has not pulled his weight, and I’m not just talking about the Janner letter,’ says the MP.

‘There was, for example, a debate in Parliament on historical child sex abuse last November. Everyone interested in the issue attended, apart from Tom. Perhaps he didn’t want to share the limelight.’


via disco

Savile Timeline

2013, 17th January – MET Police launch Operation Fernbridge, a full investigation into allegations that politicians were members of a paedophile ring which abused children in care in the 1980s.

Centres on the alleged historic sexual abuse of children at Elm Guest House, in Rocks Lane, a suburban street in Barnes, south-west London, and Grafton Close Children’s Home, Richmond.

Follows on from Operation Fairbank, a scoping exercise launched in October as a result of Tom Watson‘s claims in Parliament. It is being run by the Specialist Crimes and Operations Directorate, and led by the Child Abuse Investigation Command.


In 2003, Tom Watson voted for the Iraq War,[11] and subsequently voted consistently against an investigation into the Iraq war.[12]

The Inside Story of Spa-Gate; London’s Top Policeman Was Forced to Resign over a Free Stay at Champneys. Here Its Owner Stephen Purdew Tells Viv Groskop the Truth about His Friendship with Sir Paul Stephenson

The Evening Standard (London, England), July 19, 2011 |

We talk on the phone, as I decline to visit Champneys, unlike millions of journalists before me. (“Have you been? I’d better not invite you because the last person we invited got the sack. I’m joking.”) But it’s not just hacks and police commissioners in the Champneys guest book. Another regular visitor is Keith Vaz, the prominent Labour politician and chairman of the Home Affairs select committee, who is expected to lead the questioning of Stephenson over his stay at Champneys at a hearing in Parliament today.

Image result for The Champneys set: friends of its owner include, from left below, Charlie and Rebekah Brooks, Sir Paul Stephenson and Keith Vaz MP ALAMY

A close friend of 20 years, Vaz — along with Rebekah Brooks, Piers Morgan and Liam Gallagher — invited to Purdew’s London wedding in 2009.

Vaz’s daughter was bridesmaid and Purdew is godfather to another of Vaz’s children.

The Champneys set: friends of its owner include Charlie and Rebekah Brooks, Sir Paul Stephenson and Keith Vaz MP




Valerie Vaz MP

Valerie Vaz – I was a guest of the Khalsa Football Federation at the Awards

Many sports stars were present including Frank Bruno, Denise Lewis and Kris Akanusi. It was good to see sporting excellence from Olympians and para-olympians.


via https://spidercatweb.blog/2017/01/27/holyhead/

Jim’ll Fix It badge given to Holyhead is to be destroyed

Largest ever show emblem was awarded to town in 1991, when Savile arranged Christmas in August after winter flu bug ruined festive season the year before


A Jim’ll Fix It badge presented to Holyhead by paedophile TV star Jimmy Savile is to be destroyed.


The badge was the biggest ever one created, given to the entire town after local man Jeff Evans – now a councillor – contacted the show to ask if Jimmy Savile could cheer the place up after a Christmas flu bug ruined the festive season of 1990.

Savile sent Hi Di Hi! star Ruth Madoc and boxing legend Frank Bruno to the town an recreated Christmas for the day, with thousands of people turning out to take part in what culminated in the laptop-sized badge being awarded.

The Daily Post has learned that the badge has been in storage for some time, and since it emerged that Savile was a notorious child molester, discussions have been underway about what to do with the now tainted emblem.

Mayor Ann Kennedy, who at the time of filming was the general manager of the Holyhead Opportinities Trust

After the parade, there was a dinner for 500 people on Newry Beach.


Cilla Black with Holyhead mayor Bernard McCormack and Jeff Evans in 1988

Cilla Black with Holyhead mayor Bernard McCormack and Jeff Evans in 1988

Jeff Evans, who invited Cilla to Holyhead for an edition of Surprise Surprise in 1988,

When Cilla Black visited Holyhead

Now a county councillor, he invited the Liverpudlian presenter to the Anglesey town after it was named “the most depressed area in Britain”.


from Regina V McSweeney that worked at Grafton under Stingemore..

And more on father Anthony McSweeney

more here:


Has anyone got a photograph of Keith Vaz 80′-84′?

(not a very clear one)

Image result for labour keith vaz 1984

Keith Vaz 1984 – West London Council for Civil Liberties

PIE was affiliated with it, the National Council for Civil Liberties

The Paedophile Information Exchange was affiliated to the National Council for Civil Liberties in the late 1970s and early 1980s

The ‘right’ to sleep with children was one ‘civil liberty’ that NCCL …

Louis Minster 1984


Louis Minster 1984

Image result for labour keith vaz 1984






 photo frankuri_zps21b0788e.jpg





PIE list had been all but ignored until recent paedophile allegations surfaced.

Detectives knew of 300 names in a secret club that advocated sex with children

Police kept the secret membership list of a controversial group which advocated sex with children  and let it “sit in a drawer”, leaving several of those named on it free to commit serious child abuse.


Sir Peter Hayman


“has a consuming passion for the activities supposedly carried out by the German SS towards Jewish children. These incredibly sadistic accounts of atrocities directed towards children he has sent to Hayman who, just as incredibly, enjoyed them.”

H.3: Sir Peter Hayman


28. Peter Hayman was born in 1914. He married in 1942 and had two children. He held a number of important roles in the Diplomatic Service. Between 1964 and 1966 he was with the British Military Government in Berlin, between 1966 and 1969 he was Assistant Under Secretary at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, between 1969 and 1970 he was Deputy Under Secretary of State at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, and between 1970 and 1974 he was the British High Commissioner in Canada. He was knighted in 1971.[1] He retired in 1974 and died in 1992.

29. There were allegations Hayman had been a member of PIE using an assumed name and that he had been sending and receiving through the post obscene material, for which he was not prosecuted. There has been long-standing public concern whether the decision not to prosecute Hayman either for his involvement with PIE or for sending obscene material through the post might have been politically motivated. Those concerns were first expressed in the House of Commons by Geoffrey Dickens MP in 1981 but they have continued to be aired ever since.

30. One of the investigating police officers in the Hayman and PIE cases, Bryan Collins (now retired), made a series of allegations to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) to the effect that the prosecution of Hayman was dropped inappropriately, that Hayman’s name was intentionally kept out of the trial of other PIE members which did go ahead, and that Hayman unsuccessfully attempted to bribe Bryan Collins and his fellow police officer. These allegations formed the basis of IOPC investigations.

The police investigation

31. In about 1974, Bryan Collins joined the Obscene Publications Squad at Scotland Yard as a police sergeant (PS). His role was to investigate the production and sale of pornography.

32. As a result of a News of the World article, an investigation was commenced into PIE which focussed on Tom O’Carroll, one of the group’s organisers. PS Collins and his partner, Police Constable (PC) Dave Atkins, were in possession of a list of members of PIE, from which they selected for interview a dozen or so of “probably the worst” individuals, based on their correspondence with PIE through Magpie (PIE’s publication) indicating their “desire in connection with sexual activity with children”. It was by those means PS Collins and PC Atkins put together a case against O’Carroll for conspiracy to corrupt public morals.[2] One individual selected for interview on the list was a member of PIE called ‘Peter Henderson’.

33. In a police report titled ‘Hayman & Others’, date-stamped as received by the Director of Public Prosecutions’ office on 7 December 1978, PS Collins set out the facts.[3]

34. A quantity of obscene photographs and correspondence, sent through the post to an individual named Peter Henderson at 95 Linden Gardens, London, W2, was found on a bus on 21 March 1978 by a member of the public and handed in to the police. The officers discovered Henderson was a member of PIE “which consists of people who advocate sexual acts between adult and child”.[4] They went to the address on 2 October 1978 where they were let in by the managing agents and a locked wardrobe was forced open. In it, on shelves, were 45 volumes of photographs and writings, each of about 200 pages, which contained a record of sexual activities over the previous six years. The report states:

These records contain nothing but obscenities on every conceivable sexual act, deviation and perversion … are a complete, specific record of Henderson’s sexual acts with other men and women, both pictorially and of written matter.[5]

Trophy items were pressed between the leaves of the volumes and other items were found fixed to the wardrobe.

35. When Henderson arrived at the flat that day, the officers spoke to him. He accepted all the items were his and that he had been engaged for many years in exchanging obscenities through the post with others. He made a short statement under caution. It was obvious to the officers that he was not who he claimed to be but at no time did he reveal his true identity.[6]

36. A few weeks later, a briefcase containing various obscene writings and photographs was found and handed in to police. The IOPC Operation Hesper closing report refers to this. It was found in St James’s Park by an officer of the Royal Parks Police with Metropolitan Police dog handlers. Documents inside the briefcase named Peter Hayman. Also found were envelopes containing black and white photographs of boys aged between eight and 11 dressed only in their underpants.[7] Mr Collins said he did not recall this.[8]

37. Henderson was seen again by police on 24 October 1978, when he identified himself as Peter Hayman. He identified the briefcase and its contents as his, saying it had been stolen from his car some weeks earlier.[9] In the police report, PS Collins wrote:

Many of the obscenities written in Hayman’s books referred to children and although it was reasonable to assume that much of it was fantasy, further enquiries were made in this direction.[10]

38. Other parts of the police report mention children. Some of the images circulated among Peter Hayman’s correspondents were “normal snaps” of children but pages from Hayman’s records for 1975 included a photograph of an 11-year-old girl with obscene comments written about her.[11] ‘The Circle’ was Hayman’s description of those with whom he corresponded.[12] In relation to a family Hayman had become involved with, the report states:

Although the sex volumes contain references to the … children there is no evidence to suggest they have been involved in any way in this matter apart from being fantasised about by Hayman and other members of ‘The Circle’ … [13]

The report states Hayman had made contact and corresponded with a man (ciphered as WM-F24) through PIE. WM-F24 was in possession of a quantity of obscene material relating to young children. He also had two photographs of naked young girls which Hayman had sent to him.[14]

39. Robert Wardell was a bus inspector and a PIE member. He and Hayman had established contact, and exchanged obscene letters through the post. In the report, PS Collins wrote that Wardell had sexual fantasies which were:

the most horrific and sickening accounts of sexual desires that one could possibly imagine. He has a consuming passion for the activities supposedly carried out by the German SS towards Jewish children. These incredibly sadistic accounts of atrocities directed towards children he has sent to Hayman who, just as incredibly, enjoyed them.”

Wardell also sent Hayman photographs of children fully clothed.[15]

40. A retired headmaster, John Sewell, was a member of Hayman’s ‘Circle’. He had convictions for indecent assault of young boys. He was spoken to by police in relation to the PIE enquiry, when he denied association with an advert in the PIE contact sheet advertising an interest in “little girls in white pants and little boys without them”. Sewell had sent Hayman two photographs of young girls showing their underwear with obscene comments on them. Sewell had further similar material in his possession.[16]

41. Another correspondent (ciphered as WM-F25) sent letters to Hayman through the post which related to sexual activity with young boys. The report states “although they will be claimed to be fantasy, [WM-F25] admitted when seen originally that he had indecently assaulted a young boy some five years ago”.[17]

42. In light of this, Mr Collins was asked in the course of his evidence why he had felt that Hayman’s writings in relation to children were fantasy. He said it was because they were so extreme. In some instances, he said, Hayman was referring to well-known people as well as friends of his family. He added:

It was obvious that some of the stuff, or most of the stuff … no, not most; some of it was fantasy”.[18]

He said there was no evidence to charge Hayman with any offence of child sexual abuse. He was asked what “further enquiries” had been made in relation to Hayman’s writings about children.[19] He recalled visiting some addresses where there were families with children.[20]

43. In a subsequent and very lengthy police report which focussed on the activities of PIE, PS Collins noted that Hayman, using the assumed name Henderson, had corresponded with PIE “in the person of David Grove[21] seeking advice about progressing a sexual relationship with a little girl. In light of this material, and Hayman’s association with PIE, Mr Collins was asked whether, at the time, the police could have had confidence that Hayman was not in fact a paedophile. His response was:

I can’t see how anyone would say that. I think he would have grasped at any opportunity to take advantage of man, woman or child sexually.[22]

44. PS Collins concluded his first report by remarking that Hayman had a great deal to lose by reason of his position in society but:

the sheer filth spread far and wide by him, particularly its content with regard to the sexual and physical abuse of children, must place him in the category of being one of the worst offenders in relation to sending obscene material through the post”.[23]

The Director of Public Prosecutions’ decision not to prosecute Sir Peter Hayman

45. PS Collins expressed the view in his report that offences had been committed under section 11(1)(b) of the Post Office Act 1953,[24] which provided:

A person shall not send or attempt to send or procure to be sent a postal packet which  (b) encloses any indecent or obscene print, painting, photograph, lithograph, engraving, cinematograph film, book, card or written communication, or any indecent or obscene article whether similar to the above or not.

The sentence for conviction on indictment was imprisonment for not more than 12 months.

46. He told us in evidence that he recalled receiving a phone call from Sir David Napley, who was Peter Hayman’s solicitor. He asked him if he was dealing with the Hayman case and then asked him who was dealing with it at the Director of Public Prosecutions’ office. Mr Collins knew it was Jeremy Naunton, as he had been talking to him about the dates of charges. He did not wish to land Mr Naunton with a call from Sir David Napley and so he told Sir David he would find out and get back to him, to which Sir David replied “Don’t bother. I’ll talk to Hetherington”.[25] Sir Thomas Hetherington was the Director of Public Prosecutions at the time.

47. It was, said Mr Collins, the next day that he and his partner were called into Chief Inspector Shepherd’s office to be told that Hayman was not to be prosecuted but cautioned instead. Mr Collins said he was never told why. (It was not until he read material in advance of giving his evidence to the Inquiry that he learned that Hayman had been claiming to be suicidal. Mr Collins remarked that being suicidal had not prevented Hayman from appearing on Mastermind or subsequently importuning a lorry driver in a public toilet.[26]) Hayman subsequently accepted the caution, so he admitted the offending.[27]

48. Jeremy Naunton was a solicitor who began working in the Director of Public Prosecutions’ office in around 1971. Following the submission by PS Collins of his police report on the investigation into Hayman and its receipt by the Director of Public Prosecutions’ office on 7 December 1978, an interim advice note was written within the office.[28] Mr Naunton told us he thought the advice note was “probably my note”; he recognised the handwriting at the end of the note as his. The note was addressed “A/D Met” which was an abbreviated reference to the Assistant Director of the Met Division, who was Mr Naunton’s line manager.[29] The note stated that, like most of Scotland Yard’s investigations under section 11 of the Post Office Act 1953, this case left “a lot to be desired and it is difficult to make a decision without seeing the original photos or the latest letters”.[30] Mr Naunton said he had not seen any of the original exhibits and therefore no decision could be made until they were available, though the idea had been to progress the case towards a prosecution.[31]

49. He wrote that despite the theme of PIE running through the papers, there was “no evidence to suggest that any of them have committed offences with children”. He added:

Whilst we are shortly to receive a full report on the activities of PIE I am told by the police that this is an independent offshoot that can be dealt with separately. I hope that any decision we make here will not be a rod for our own backs when the PIE case arrives.[32]

50. This cautionary note was rather prescient in light of PS Collins’ later report on PIE which noted Hayman’s correspondence with a ‘David Grove’ about his sexual desires involving a little girl.[33] Mr McGill remarked this was:

a salutary reminder to all prosecutors that, before making a decision, you need to have all the facts at your disposal … Because if you do it too quickly, there could be material that may materially affect the decision you’ve made.[34]

51. In his advice note, Mr Naunton recorded that:

  • The police were anxious that proceedings were taken against those named and possibly for conspiracy to contravene section 11 of the Post Office Act 1953.
  • The articles found in Hayman’s flat were obscene and indecent and must have been sent through the post.
  • There was no organised general postal distribution of obscene articles.
  • While Hayman’s articles were obscene, they did not appear to fall within the usual categories under the Obscene Publications Act, because although money did pass there was no real arrangement for a financial gain to be made.

He added the activities described were for the personal and private sexual benefit of the individuals, some of whom had been known to each other for years, and not for indiscriminate circulation. Thus, he noted, the case fell into a lower category than others they saw and could possibly be dealt with by individual substantive charges under section 11 of the Post Office Act 1953.[35]

52. Mr Naunton told us there had been no policy in the Director of Public Prosecutions’ office when considering Post Office Act offences or Obscene Publications Act offences. Obscene Publications Act offences required the person to publish or have an obscene article for publication for gain, whereas the Post Office Act was, he said, aimed at the protection of Post Office employees and was “slightly obsolete”.[36]

53. In the view of Mr McGill, the decision not to prosecute Hayman under the Post Office Act 1953 was reasonable given the offence was considered to be outdated. It was aimed at protecting Post Office employees and so the circulation of the material had not harmed those it was designed to protect; the material was circulated among like-minded adults and there was no intention to make any financial gain from it.[37]

54. Mr Naunton’s advice note went on to consider each of the suspects, beginning with Hayman. Mr Naunton noted that Hayman had admitted being a member of PIE “for a while about a year ago” and in his statement under caution he had said he “disagreed totally with PIE’s views”. When later questioned about his relationship with PIE, Hayman had said:

I wish you to believe that I have never interfered with children, all I have written about is pure fantasy, I suppose I know I should never have sent those things through the post but I never really thought about it”.[38]

The advice note concludes with Mr Naunton observing:

“No one can really support what the ‘defendants’ have been doing but I consider that the police are making a storm in a tea cup – as far as I can see (subject to [WM-F25] … ) no child has been affected by their group activities and no one has been offended by seeing any obscene writing through the post.”[39]

55. As for the suggestion that Hayman’s writings about children were pure fantasy, Mr McGill told the Inquiry that, today, in such circumstances, he would expect prosecutors to consider the offence under section 1 of the Obscene Publications Act 1959 of publishing obscene material. In particular, where there did not appear to be any evidence of contact abuse offences against children, fantasy discussion of abusing children can fall within the definition of obscenity and can also be captured by the offence.[40]

56. Mr Naunton denied knowledge of PS Collins’ later report on PIE, and said the decision to caution had not been his but, had it been, he said he would have taken into account the information in the PIE report in deciding on charge.[41] He added even though Hayman had been cautioned, there was no reason why he should not have been prosecuted for any other offences disclosed in the later report.[42] Mr McGill agreed.[43]

57. Mr Naunton had questioned in the advice note whether there was any useful purpose in prosecuting any of the possible defendants, as no harm had been done to anyone, but if proceedings were to be instituted he advised substantive charges under section 11 of the Post Office Act 1953. He made clear that his opinion was based on the papers and what he had been told by the police.[44]

58. In evidence he said that he had not been considering the public interest but the evidential test only, ie whether there was a reasonable prospect of conviction (which was the test before the Code for Crown Prosecutors). He said that consideration of public interest factors would probably have “gone up higher” because of Hayman’s background.[45]

59. Mr Collins gave evidence that, before the decision was made to caution him, Hayman had turned up at Scotland Yard to speak to him and PC Atkins, and had tried bribing them with £25,000 each. Mr Collins recalled telling him not to be so stupid as he was in enough trouble already. However, neither officer reported the bribe because, said Mr Collins in evidence, Hayman did not actually try giving them any money. Mr Collins recalled but rejected the criticism in the Operation Magnolia report that they did not follow Metropolitan Police policy.

60. Mr Collins told us that he had not considered that Hayman’s approach had amounted to perverting the course of justice, which might have strengthened the case against Hayman on the other offences.[46] Mr Collins said Hayman was in a terrible state, by which he said he meant “his whole family, his future … it was diabolical for the man and his family that it should come to light”. He said he was sympathetic towards him in that sense.[47]

61. In Mr Naunton’s view, if the bribe had been a genuine offer it ought to have been reported. He agreed it would have been taken seriously but said he had no idea if it would have led to a further investigation or charge. He was not prepared to be drawn on whether a substantial sentence of imprisonment would have followed a conviction for perverting the course of justice in such circumstances.[48]

62. Mr Naunton told us he had later become aware that a meeting had in fact taken place between Sir David Napley and the Director of Public Prosecutions, but had known nothing about it at the time and was not invited to attend. Mr Naunton would not say whether a meeting between a suspect’s solicitor and the Director of Public Prosecutions was normal but asserted that the Director of Public Prosecutions had control over his office and could decide whether to meet Sir David Napley. Mr Naunton said he had no idea if anyone else had been in attendance or if minutes of the meeting had been taken. He did however accept that, in all his time as a solicitor in the Director of Public Prosecutions’ office and then the Crown Prosecution Service, he had no experience of the Director of Public Prosecutions entertaining a suspect’s solicitor and coming to a resolution of a case.[49] The impression we are left with is this was an exceptional if not unique occurrence.

63. Mr Naunton said he had never discovered the reason why Hayman was cautioned. He was asked why at the end of his advice note he had written “I am told by Sir David Napley that Hayman has suicidal tendencies because of the case”.[50] He claimed Sir David Napley might have rung him and it was merely his “assumption” that his suicidal tendencies was the point that was raised with the Director of Public Prosecutions. He thought he annotated the advice note before Sir David Napley had seen the Director of Public Prosecutions. He could not recall PS Collins ever tipping him off that Sir David Napley might call. He accepted the possibility that Sir David Napley had discovered his name and had spoken to him about Hayman. He did not accept participating in the decision to caution. He said he might not have taken an enormous amount of notice of what he had been told about Hayman’s suicidal tendencies, unless he had received some psychiatric evidence because, as he put it, those who claim to be suicidal tend not to act on it.[51] He did not know if the Director of Public Prosecutions had been provided with any psychiatric evidence to support the claim that Hayman was suicidal. He was not prepared to agree that the decision that was taken was highly charitable.[52]

64. For his part, Mr McGill thought that any suggestion that a person arrested for crime is suicidal had to be treated with some scepticism. Faced with such a claim today, the Crown Prosecution Service would expect to see some medical evidence in support and, for a serious offence, would ask that the suspect be examined independently by a psychiatrist instructed for the prosecution. It would not be accepted at face value.[53]

Wardell and Norris

65. On 2 October 1980, Robert Wardell and a co-accused John Norris pleaded guilty at St Albans Crown Court to an offence of conspiracy to infringe the provisions of section 11(1)(b) of the Post Office Act 1953. The particulars of the offence in the indictment were that, between 1 January 1975 and 18 April 1979:

they conspired together unlawfully to send packets to each other containing obscene written communications namely sadistic accounts of the sexual torture and killing of children”.

They were conditionally discharged for three years and ordered to pay costs.[54]

66. John Sewell was not charged with Wardell and Norris but he became a witness in Tom O’Carroll’s trial.[55] Following a retrial at the Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey), on 13 March 1981, O’Carroll was convicted of conspiracy to corrupt public morals in the PIE case and was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment.[56]

67. Mr Collins distinguished the way Peter Hayman and Robert Wardell were treated. Hayman, he said, had the services of Sir David Napley and was not prosecuted, yet Robert Wardell, a bus inspector, was prosecuted on exactly the same material. The IOPC Operation Magnolia report noted that Wardell had been charged due to the serious and extreme nature of the content.[57] Mr Collins said he thought there was “one law for Wardell and another for Hayman”.[58] It was obvious that Mr Collins remained greatly affected by the decision in the Hayman case.

68. Mr Naunton did not know whether Hayman and Wardell had received differential treatment or whether the outcome in Hayman’s case could be explained by him being shown undue deference. He said “I wasn’t responsible, as far as I know, for the prosecutions of those two people”. Mr Naunton then remarked:

The taller they are, the harder they fall, and Hayman was fairly tall in respect of the diplomatic side of it. Therefore … he had a lot to lose. I’m not saying the others didn’t but he had a lot to lose if he was prosecuted.[59]

Mr Naunton told us he did not think that the decision in Hayman’s case had anything to do with showing him undue deference; he thought that the decision was made due to the serious risk that Hayman might commit suicide “because of his position in society”.[60]

The political fallout

69. On 24 October 1980, Private Eye exposed the Hayman case in an article entitled ‘The Beast of Berlin’. It reported that his role had emerged:

after two men were conditionally discharged for three years after pleading guilty to sending obscene material through the post. The decision not to prosecute Hayman, who was certainly as guilty as these two unfortunates, came from high up, much to the disgust of DPP Tony Hetherington’s aides and also the policemen involved in the case”.[61]

The “two unfortunates” were Wardell and Norris.

70. Lord Armstong told us that neither the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, the Cabinet Office nor the Security Service knew anything about the matters in the article until it was published.[62] In a minute of 27 October 1980 from Lord Armstrong (then Cabinet Secretary, Sir Robert Armstrong) to the Prime Minister, he drew attention to the Private Eye article and made reference to the Collins 1978 police report, including the fact Hayman was a member of PIE. He observed that the only sexual activity that could be shown to have occurred was with consenting adults and there was “no evidence for actual activities with children”.[63]

71. Private Eye published a second article on 7 January 1981 claiming there had been a “flaming row” between the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Attorney General.[64] On the same day, the Director of Public Prosecutions produced a memo saying that he was not aware of any disagreement between the Attorney General and himself.[65] Lord Armstrong told us that assertion related to the Hayman case.[66] He said that he had been wrong to say in his witness statement that the Director of Public Prosecutions had been minded to authorise a prosecution but had been overruled by a higher authority and that the Attorney General had in fact accepted the Director of Public Prosecutions’ advice not to prosecute.[67]

72. In another memo to the Prime Minister, dated 9 January 1981, Lord Armstrong discussed Security Service enquiries thus far and the need once they were over for the Security Service to speak to Hayman himself. Those enquiries involving colleagues had revealed two instances of concern when Hayman had been in Baghdad and Ottawa but “Hayman gave his colleagues no cause to suspect that he might be engaged in irregular sexual activities”.[68] Lord Armstrong said he could not recall if, by the use of that term, Hayman’s colleagues were aware he was engaged in “irregular sexual activities”. Lord Armstrong said he thought he had been referring to Hayman’s general activities as described in his diaries and the term did not mean sexual activity with children but “irregular sexual activities” outside marriage.[69]

73. The Security Service (MI5) had indeed been involved in making enquiries. They had first become involved within days as a result of the first Private Eye article.[70] The MI5 witness told us about MI5’s interviews with Hayman, in which he denied reports that local boys had visited his house in Baghdad, saying “I am not interested in boys”. Hayman said he had been given “immunity from prosecution” by the Director of Public Prosecutions on the ground that his offence did not warrant such punishment, adding “I have been punished by the press.” The MI5 witness was unable to interpret Hayman’s use of the word “immunity” other than to say that it normally meant an assurance not to prosecute a person if they do something.[71] (Mr McGill agreed, saying that there was nothing in the material he had seen to suggest Hayman was given any immunity and that the word is sometimes used by suspects to mean that because a decision has been taken that they will not be prosecuted on particular facts, that is usually an end to that matter and they are unlikely to be prosecuted on the same facts in the future.[72]) The MI5 witness told us that the outcome of the investigation was, while Hayman had rendered himself vulnerable to pressure by a foreign intelligence service, there had been no actual prejudice to security.[73]

74. Peter Hayman’s name had been inadvertently mentioned during the O’Carroll retrial. The Director of Public Prosecutions’ memo of 7 January 1981 noted that the first O’Carroll trial was to commence on 14 January 1981, adding that:

Hayman was never considered to be an organiser, and is not involved in the prosecution, although the possibility that his name will be mentioned cannot be excluded.[74]

75. A background note of 17 March 1981 from the Law Officers’ Department (now the Attorney General’s Office) stated there had been no policy that Hayman’s name should not be mentioned in the PIE case, or, if mentioned, only under his assumed pseudonym. The note added that Hayman’s name had cropped up at the committal proceedings and he was then referred to by the name under which the witness being examined knew him, which was “normal practice”; Hayman was not called as a witness and it was understood that he was not referred to by the prosecution at the Crown Court; and the defence had only made reference to a “senior civil servant”.[75]

76. Mr McGill understood from the material he had read that during the O’Carroll trial Hayman had been referred to as Peter Henderson. He had seen nothing to suggest there had been any positive decision not to name Hayman. The parties only knew Hayman by his alias and it was likely they referred to him that way for the sake of consistency.[76]

77. Newspaper articles in The Guardian and The Times on 7 April 1981 show that Sir Michael Havers, the Attorney General, denied Hayman had received special treatment and explained that Hayman’s name had not been mentioned in the O’Carroll trial because witnesses only knew him as Henderson, and because he was not directly involved in the case.[77]

78. There is no evidence of the existence of any arrangement not to name Hayman during the O’Carroll trial, and it is implicit from the sentence quoted from the Director of Public Prosecutions’ memo of 7 January 1981 that there was none.

79. Fearing an establishment cover-up and using parliamentary privilege, on 18 March 1981, Geoffrey Dickens MP publicly named Sir Peter Hayman in written Commons questions as being the diplomat referred to in O’Carroll’s Old Bailey trial. He asked about the security implications Hayman’s activities might have posed, and if the Attorney General would prosecute Hayman for sending and receiving pornographic material through the Royal Mail.[78]

80. The Attorney General’s written answer provided on 19 March 1981 was that the Director of Public Prosecutions had advised against prosecuting any of the persons under the Post Office Act 1953 or for any other offence and that among the considerations he took into account were the factors that the correspondence had been in sealed envelopes passing between adults in a non-commercial context and that none of it was unsolicited. A further report had shown that two others had shared an obsession about the systemic killing and torture of young people and children, and the Director of Public Prosecutions had decided to prosecute them for conspiracy to contravene section 11 of the Post Office Act 1953 (a clear reference to Wardell and Norris). The Attorney General added Hayman had never sent or received that kind of material through the post (yet PS Collins’ police report said Hayman had in fact received “sadistic accounts of atrocities directed towards children” and that he “enjoyed them[79]). Insofar as PIE was concerned, the Attorney General said Hayman had never been involved in PIE’s management. The Attorney General said he was in agreement with the Director of Public Prosecutions not to prosecute Hayman and the other persons with whom he had carried on an obscene correspondence.[80]

Undue deference

81. In his oral closing submissions on behalf of the complainant core participants, Mr Richard Scorer submitted that the Director of Public Prosecutions had “dismissive attitudes towards child sex offending” as illustrated by the Montagu and the Hayman cases.[81] It was, Ms Johnson QC argued, an age of deference and an age when victims were not placed at the forefront of the criminal justice system. She suggests we cannot safely conclude that the decisions were taken because the accused were members of the establishment rather than because as defendants their interests were placed above those of their victims.[82] Indeed, at the end of his evidence, the Chair asked Mr Collins if there was a general sense at the time that possessing indecent images was a victimless crime. Mr Collins said there were different attitudes then and children did not take precedence.[83]

82. A newspaper article written by Ronald Butt appeared in The Times of 26 March 1981 in which Sir David Napley was quoted as justifying the decision in Hayman’s case not to prosecute:

on the quite different grounds that a customary factor taken into account when deciding whether to prosecute was ‘whether the indirect punishment and hardship which a defendant may suffer is likely to be so disproportionate to the severity of the alleged offence and to any penalty imposed by a court that it would be unjust to prosecute. This’, Sir David asserted, ‘was overwhelmingly the situation in Sir Peter’s case and manifestly justifies the director’s decision’. On the contrary, far from justifying the DPP’s decision, the excuse condemns it. If a man is to be excused the due process of law, other things being equal, because he is well known, then we are indeed in a two nations society.[84]

83. The 17 March 1981 background note from the Law Officers’ Department, which was written in anticipation of Mr Dickens publicly naming Hayman, also states:

The first decision not to prosecute Sir Peter Hayman was based on policy and his eight potential co-accused were also not prosecuted under the same policy. He was never seriously under consideration as a potential defendant in the second case. His former position was not a factor taken into consideration in reaching these decisions and no attempt was made to cover up the facts to save either him or the Government embarrassment.[85]

84. There is no mention in the background note of Hayman’s claimed suicidal tendencies or that “the first decision” resulted in a caution. This is a surprising omission if Hayman’s suicidal tendencies played a part in the Director of Public Prosecutions’ decision not to prosecute but only to caution him. If the risk of suicide played no part in the decision, the question arises why Hayman was not prosecuted and only cautioned following a private meeting between Hayman’s solicitor and the Director of Public Prosecutions. Was the disposal in his case due to some prosecution policy as suggested in the Law Officers’ note? Mr Naunton told us there was no prosecutorial policy under the Post Office Act 1953.[86] It suggests that no faith can be had in the accuracy of the Law Officers’ note of 17 March 1981 when it claimed that Hayman’s former position was not a factor taken into consideration and that no attempt was made to cover up the facts to save him or the government embarrassment.

85. Moreover, the quotation in The Times from Sir David Napley did not seek to justify the decision in Hayman’s case as based on the risk of suicide. In fact, Sir David was not quoted as making any mention of Hayman’s alleged mental state at all. The implication of his justification of the Director of Public Prosecutions’ decision is that Hayman was a special case because he had suffered a very public fall from grace.

86. The evidence leads to the firm impression that Hayman was indeed the beneficiary of preferential, differential and unduly deferential treatment as a person of public prominence. We sympathise with Mr Collins’ view that Wardell, who was a bus inspector, was prosecuted for sending the most seriously obscene material to Hayman, while Hayman, who was the recipient of it from Wardell, was only cautioned. If PS Collins’ 1978 report about Hayman having received that material from Wardell is accurate (and there is no reason to think otherwise) then the Attorney General’s answer to Mr Dickens on 19 March 1981 that Hayman had never received that kind of material through the post was incorrect and misleading.

87. Ms Johnson was right to decry the access Sir David Napley had to the Director of Public Prosecutions. It is difficult to imagine less-well-known solicitors for less-well-known clients being given the same level of access. She argued that it did not mean there had been a cover-up but that it was more indicative of the “old boys’ network”.[87] It is now clear that Wardell was prosecuted for sending through the post the very kind of seriously obscene material Hayman had received from him.

88. Based on all the evidence it is clear that, because of his prominent position, Hayman was able to engage in special pleading for which he received special treatment, to which he referred in his later interview with MI5 as “immunity from prosecution”.[88]


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So many cases where police have obtained membership lists and done nothing.

Why police not questioning the PIE members that are currently in prison?



Anyone who is connected to PIE & any other organisation should be held to account.They wouldn’t be accepted as a volunteer 4 an organisation

Easy as PIE – the rebranding of paedophilia

12 Sepy 2019

Trauma expert Dr JACQUI DILLON reports how she was intimidated and had her Twitter account suspended for raising questions about ‘minor-attracted persons’ amid a worrying trend of dangerous child abusers becoming organised online

CURRENTLY, there is a growing movement to rebrand paedophilia — a word which in itself is problematic — although it is currently synonymous with people who sexually abuse children.

As a survivor of organised childhood sexual exploitation (CSE), I can attest that the sexual abuse of children is the antithesis of love, unlike the denotion of the etymology of the word.

Over the years, there have been numerous attempts to legitimise paedophilia. The Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), was a British-based pro-paedophile activist group, founded in 1974.

The group campaigned for the age of consent to be lowered to the age of four, while receiving significant funding from the Home Office and was affiliated with the National Council for Civil Liberties.

Such groups still exist internationally. In a letter to the Guardian in 1997, Peter Tatchell stated that friends as young as nine had sexual experiences which gave them “great joy.”

Tatchell inferred that while he was unable to condone paedophilia, he claimed that not all sex involving children was “unwanted, abusive or harmful.”

The current attempts to legitimise paedophilia have become apparent on Twitter, with a growing number of people describing themselves as “Maps,” an acronym for “minor-attracted person,” a term used by individuals who are sexually attracted to those below the age of consent, including: nepiophilia or infantophilia (attraction to babies and toddlers); paedophilia (attraction to pre-pubescent children); hebephilia (attraction to pubescent children/early adolescents); and ephebophilia (attraction to late adolescents).

Twitter currently has a policy which explicitly states that “discussions related to child exploitation as a phenomenon or attraction to minors are permitted, provided they don’t glorify CSE in any way.”

This change in policy was achieved by a renowned expert in the treatment of paedophilia and “Map” advocate lobbying Twitter’s director of trust and safety, stating that it would “help reduce the stigma associated with pedophilia [sic].”

Anyone who is 13 or older can access Twitter where they are now exposed to content where adults openly discuss their attractions to children with impunity.

I began disseminating this information on Twitter and questioning the motivations of “Maps” and their advocates.

I have been trolled on numerous occasions, including a time when Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aslo known as Tommy Robinson) and his followers Twitter mobbed me and told me that I deserved to be gang raped because I objected to their cynical hijacking of CSE for their fascist agenda.

They dismissed the fact that the perpetrators who abused me were all white and British, displayed zero interest in CSE perpetrated by white offenders, who are by far the vast majority of all sexual offenders, or expressed outrage at such offences being committed within their own ranks.

However, my experiences with the lengths that “Maps” are willing to go to is on another level.

I have been viciously and relentlessly trolled for weeks, an obsessive and libellous blog, clearly written by a highly disturbed individual, has been circulated about me, attempting to discredit me.

I have been bombarded with Photoshopped images of my face grafted onto graphic, pornographic images. And other things I will not share due to safety issues.

I have been advised by those speaking from personal experience that “Maps” have a history of doxxing people and their children. And worse.

Consequently, a group of “Maps” mass reported me to Twitter for objecting to their attempts to normalise their predilections and their attempts to legitimise sexual attraction to children as being innate and immutable, which based on current research is highly contestable.

For example, many advocate adding a P to LGBT. Naturally, many of us within the LGBT community find this idea abhorrent.

“Maps” and their professional allies advocate child sex dolls, arguing that there is no evidence that they increase the likelihood of offending.

Equally, there is no evidence that they reduce the risk of offending — a child sex doll is just another form of objectifying a child for sexual gratification.

I was then notified by Twitter that my account had been permanently suspended for “abuse and harassment.” Despite appealing my permanent suspension it was upheld.

It was only when I and others directly lobbied the vice-president of Twitter Europe, stating that my suspension was a travesty that suddenly, without explanation, my suspension was lifted.

Clearly Twitter, with its vast profits, needs to employ people to monitor activity on its platform rather than relying on algorithms to maintain safety and integrity.

Crucially, it urgently needs to review its CSE policy which is currently not fit for purpose.

As soon as my permanent suspension was lifted, I was flooded with new reports from Twitter.

Those who had conspired to get my account suspended, openly gloating about it when they thought they had succeeded, were the same people scrutinising my timeline on @jacquidillon @beckrdalliance, an alliance I founded for survivors of CSE, looking for tweets to report.

Again, they openly discussed their intention to silence me. For the first time ever, I locked both accounts over the summer break.

Professor Jennifer Freyd coined the acronym “Darvo” to describe a set of tactics perpetrators often employ to avoid being held accountable for their actions.

Perpetrators frequently Deny their behaviour, Attack the individual who is holding them to account and Reverse the roles of Victim and Offender, so that the perpetrator assumes the victim role and turns the victim into the alleged perpetrator.

The behaviour of these “Maps” is entirely consistent with perpetrator behaviour.

There is a small but significant number of people who want to sexually abuse children. Bearing in mind that one perpetrator can wreak havoc on numerous children’s lives, as a society, we have to address this unpalatable truth in order to stop the epidemic of child abuse and its devastating consequences.

However, constructing one’s identity around a predilection to sexually abusing children, creating a community with a dubious agenda, rather than seeking help in more appropriate settings, is highly suspect.

The notion of “non-offending” offers little reassurance. Child abusers are notoriously deceitful. Perhaps the opportunity to access a child has not yet arisen or they have simply not been detected.

Therefore anyone with an unhealthy interest in children must be deemed a risk to children. Additionally, this distinction between contact and non-contact is meaningless in a space where identities and claims cannot be verified.

I have been sent evidence that some of the most vociferous “Maps” have committed extremely serious crimes against children and are currently grooming children.

Authorities have been notified. These people are organised, using multiple identities, groups, platforms and are linked internationally. Their methods are insidious yet blatant — hidden in plain sight.

As a survivor of CSE who is directly challenging “Maps,” I am seen as a real and present threat.

One of the things that I have learned through surviving the horrors of my childhood is that is essential to defy such intimidation tactics.

I have always been outspoken. It is an entirely strategic position I take as a working-class woman, survivor and activist.

As the great Audre Lorde said: “Your silence will not protect you.” I refuse to be silenced by a group of paedophiles ever again. I look forward to making my Twitter account public again today.


Where’s the inquiry strand looking into Peter Righton?

He was advising the inquiry’s founding dept Home Office during 70s 80s until 1992

Cop Saw Documents In 1990s Suggesting Existence Of Establishment Paedophile Network


Cop Saw Documents In 1990s Suggesting Existence Of Establishment Paedophile Network


Steering Committee – Peter Righton, G. Godfrey Issacs, Miss Mary Joynson (Director of Child Care of Dr Barnado’s), Miss Janet Matlinson (Tavistock Centre), John Rea Price (Director of Social Services for the London borough of Islington. Nicolas Stacey (Director of Social Services Kent)

The Guardian

London, Greater London, England

Wednesday, March 28, 1979 – 13
Thornham Estate – Righton’s Sanctuary

The Guardian

London, Greater London, England

Wednesday, May 8, 1985 – 27

The Ancestral Home Of The 8th Baron Henniker In Thornham Magna Suffolk.

Peter Righton Who Is At The Centre Of An Inquiry Into The Abuse Of Boys Is Living In A Stable Block On The Estate.

6 May 1993
Freemasons /Senior Police Officers in Islington 1988 by David Rose
Despite being billed as a philanthropic venture by Lord Henniker, Islington Council was picking up the tab to send selected Islington children from schools, day centres and play schemes to spend 4 day weekends camping at the Project’s Thornham Magna campsite.
Islington Gazette, March 1988

 Image result for john whittingdale and napier

John Whittingdale, half-brother of convicted PIE secretary Charles Napier, was SPAD to Leon Brittan who was close friend of (PIE member) Keith Harding. Coincidence?

Dame Alun Roberts ‏@ciabaudo

Image result for "david napley" + "harvey proctor"

Image result for "leon brittan" + "whittingdale"

I also worked for Leon Brittan, the man who went to visit PIE member Keith Harding with Cyril Smith and Jeremy Thorpe

Image result for leon brittan and keith harding

Keith Harding appears to be the link between that paedophile Home Secretary Leon Brittan and PIE.

Image result for leon brittan and keith hardingImage result for leon brittan and keith harding

Is it just a coincidence that the Freedom Association, GCHQ and Brittan mate Keith Harding of PIE were all based in Cheltenham?

Northleach = Peter Ball = Keith Harding = Rev David Jennings (lifelong Peter Ball friend) = BigEars Coincidence?

Keith Harding, Bugger Brittan’s chum, was once a Dominican monk

This obit links Keith Harding to just about everything: Railways, CoE, RAF pilot,…

Related image

Top Freemason at GCHQ’s Cheltenham Masonic Lodge

Image result for harding Northleach Museum

A top Freemason, well protected, his Northleach Museum was in old urban Council offices



Did BHH ask Ms Brittan why her paedophile husband regularly visited Keith Harding, PIE membership secretary, while being asked to ban PIE?


IslingtonSurvivorsNetwork ‏ @theIslingtonSN

28 May 1977: PIE held its third AGM at 274 Upper Street N1 at London Friend islington – Peter Righton resigns as “Community Liaison Officer” – Tom O’Carroll takes over as Chair – Social Worker Jonathan Simon new organiser local groups PIE Central

‘Stop Press – Stop Press’, p. 12
AGM took place at Islington HQ of London Friend on May 28th.
Resignations from EC: Hose (as Chairperson) and Peter Righton (as Community Liaison Officer).
Full national EC election results: ex teacher/journalist Mr Tom O’Carroll, new Chairperson
Former lecturer/assistant JP Mr David C Grove new Secretary
Ex-teacher Mr Charles S. Napier, Treasurer (returned)
Social Worker Mr Jonathan Simon, new Organiser Local Groups
Private Businessman Mr Warren Middleton (p), Magazine Editor (returned)
Teacher Mr David Brownough (p), new Newsletter Editor
University lecturer/sociologist Dr. Humphrey Barton* (p), new Research Director (*subject to confirmation)


Image result for leon brittan and keith harding

Remember the Jim’ll Fixit episode featuring Keith Harding? Guess who did the sinister film work outside the shop and shop window!


It was David Secrett, a trusted employee at Keith Harding’s shop.

Have a guess where Secrett lived and worked in the 90s!

Thornham Magna.


David Secrett – Clocks and Automata – Eye Suffolk

Peter Righton PIE Member #51, Keith Harding PIE Member #329

Image result for peter righton and charles napier

Righton and Napier

After Righton’s 1992 conviction on child pornography, he moved to live in a cottage on the estate of the eighth Lord Henniker, in Thornham Magna, North Suffolk, and was allowed to use the estate for special holidays for vulnerable children from Islington (at the very time when there was an epidemic of child abuse in Islington care homes – see here and here for vital material

The Chief Constable of Suffolk visited Henniker personally to warn him that Righton was a career paedophile, but he ignored this advice, and Righton was able to continue hosting children on the estate until his death in 2008.



napier-righton-2 napier-righton-1

Through PIE (Righton) made contact with the campaign’s treasurer, Charles Napier, a teacher who had banned from working in all English schools after he was convicted of indecent assault on five infants.

(Charles Napier, half-brother to MP John Whittingdale)



The Guardian

London, Greater London, England

Wednesday, August 28, 1996 – 27

Lord Henniker offered Peter Righton and Richard Alston refuge there when they fled Evesham in 1992. He employed Napier..

in senior positions teaching abroad with British Council and ran Islington‘s Suffolk children’s scheme.

Peter Righton was questioned about child sex offences in November 1994

A recently discovered press cutting shows that Peter Righton was questioned about indecent assaults on children by the Obscene Publications Squad in November 1994 – several months after the Hereford & Worcester investigation had been shut down, and after the BBC documentary Secret Life of a Paedophile had been broadcast. It can be assumed by the absence of any further news reports that he was never charged with an offence, despite clear evidence from his diaries including names and ages of victims, along with the name of the institution where he abused them. The November 1994 arrest took place in Eye, Suffolk – presumably at Lord Henniker’s estate, where he had been living since his 1992 arrest.

Henniker was needing cash for his stately pile upkeep – quite a business he had going – somehow the cash kept flowing in…………….

No wonder he considered Righton a good tenant?

From what I have been hearing, it is virtually proven that Harding liked to take boys to Amsterdam.

Image result for prince philip and henniker

Lord Henniker of Thornham Magna – was a close friend of the royal family

Image result for prince philip suffolk

 Prince Philip is godfather to his son.


Image result for lord henniker and prince philip

Lord Henniker – close friend of the royal family



BBC News – How did the pro-paedophile group PIE exist openly for 10 years?


The government gave them £500,000 maybe that’s reason enough plus a lot of them were PIE members.


Is that with or w/o the free Home Office funded office at Elgin avenue?





Image result for savile and prince philip

as was paedophile Sir Jimmy Savile

I think I am probably one of the last surviving members of the old Thursday Club, the gang of cronies that the Duke of Edinburgh used to gather round him in the 1950s to have a bit of fun away from his serious life at Buckingham Palace.

On an average night of the Thursday Club there would be 10 or 15 members present. There would be Lord Louis Mountbatten, Arthur Koestler, Prince Philip, Cecil Beaton, and little Larry Adler playing his mouth organ in the corner, and maybe one or other of the Kray brothers.


According to the Mirror:

SECRET files about Prince Philip’s private life are to remain locked behind closed doors for 100 years.

Most confidential Cabinet documents relating to relating to the royals and government are covered by the “30-year rule”.

But at least 27 royal files in the vaults of the Public Records Office at Kew, West London and many of , are considered so delicate they are labelled: “Closed for 100 years“.

More than 10 concern astonishing MI5 and Scotland Yard reports on the Duke Of Edinburgh’s private life.

As an explosive new biography of the Queen hints that the Greek-born Prince was unfaithful to the Queen, we can reveal that Buckingham Palace courtiers and security chiefs were once so concerned about Philip’s non- royal activities that they ordered round-the-clock surveillance.

They feared the Royal Family would be compromised and that there would be a constitutional crisis if news leaked out of how the Prince was behaving.

He was known to be “letting his hair down” with celebrities of the day at weekly meetings of the Thursday Club above exclusive Wheeler’s Restaurant in Soho.

One senior detective, now retired, who was attached to the Prince’s protection team, said: “It’s true we had to report back on where we had been and who had been present.”

But he refused to discuss the Prince’s private visits.It is not known what details of Prince Philip’s private life were made known to the Queen or the Privy Council. But it will not be until the years 2052 to 2060 that they will be released – if then.”



Henniker ran the Islington /Suffolk Project – a scheme for disadvantaged children from Islington to have country holidays in rural Suffolk.

Charles Napier joined the British Council after his 1972 conviction.

Henniker was also Director of the British Council (1968-72).

The Observer
(London, Greater London, England)
05 Mar 1972, Sun  • Page 40

Henniker has links to MI6 and the Royal family.

Lord Henniker, who gave refuge to Peter Righton was at Stowe School, Rifle Corps and Foreign Office with paedophile Peter

Image result for peter hayman and rosemary blo

via walkerdine:


The Guardian
(London, Greater London, England)
17 May 1984, Thu  • Page 4


‘Official’ papers may not tell whole story of historical paedophilia scandal

The discovery and release of government papers detailing the investigation into the alleged ‘unnatural’ sexual conduct of diplomat Sir Peter Hayman generated substantial press coverage. Unreported, however, were alternative contemporary accounts offering a different story of the legal proceedings brought against members of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) in the early 1980s.

The official National Archives documents confirmed what we already knew about Hayman. A retired diplomat and former High Commissioner in Canada, he was exposed in Private Eye in 1980, named by the MP Geoffrey Dickens under parliamentary privilege in 1981, and scrutinised in the press, where he was linked to PIE.

It is not surprising to learn that reports on Hayman crossed Margaret Thatcher’s desk and that a press ‘line’ was agreed. The authorities’ main concern seems to have been the possible national security implications of Hayman’s indiscretions, demonstrative of long-standing Cold War anxieties about the subversive potential of sexual blackmail.

While the National Archives files – known as PREM 19/588 – suggest there was no official protection of Hayman, that he was not immune from prosecution, and that there was no evidence linking him to specific crimes, a different story exists in alternative archival sources. In particular, the National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL) Gay Rights Sub-Committee documented events differently.

As with many organisations from the ‘gay left’, this sub-committee was concerned about the potential implications of the PIE prosecutions on the future policing of ‘non-normative’ sexual behaviour, including homosexuality. Civil libertarians more generally were anxious about the vagueness of conspiracy charges in general. The sub-committee was also close to the defence team, and its Gay Rights Officer, Barry Prothero, attended committal proceedings outlining the evidence gathered in relation to PIE.

In November 1980, Prothero corresponded with campaigners in Canada about the case. He wrote: ‘The DPP [Director of Public Prosecutions] seems to be negotiating to drop the conspiracy charges [because] there is another man who may have been charged and who was not because of his connections and blowing the cover-up is likely to be worse for the DPP than proceeding with the prosecutions.’

Prothero noted that ‘although assisting in a “cover-up” may be distasteful, not only the defendants but the entire gay movement in this country would be delighted if this one succeeded in order to keep the case out of court.’

A second letter was more specific. Prothero wrote that the DPP used only a ‘tiny fraction of the evidence presented at the committal proceedings’ and called just four of the 13 witnesses present at the earlier hearing: ‘Of the hundred-odd boxes of material that were used at the committal, only five magazines and a handful of letters were used at the trials.’

Accordingly, Prothero observed that it was ‘clear that most of the evidence that was not used was dropped because Hayman, the erstwhile HC [High Commissioner] to Canada, was the central figure in its production. The defence barristers tell me that he began the “round Robin”, as the letter writing circle is called, which generated most of the material upon which the committal was based.’

While the Gay Rights Sub-Committee’s interest in PIE was problematic, it did mean that it was well-informed about the case. Its documents suggest that questions must still be asked about these competing accounts, as well as the evidence disregarded by the DPP and how decisions were made at that level.

The contents of these documents also show some difficulties in searching for accounts of historical sex offences. Official archives are often limited and partial; there are constraints on the past that they capture. The processes permitting the assembly and compilation of material influence what has been included, excluded and catalogued.

More will be revealed if additional files can be found and those which are under closure orders are opened. Now that the official inquiry into historic child sex offences is mobilising, it is important that official reports and documents are properly investigated. It is equally vital, however, that evidence produced outside of the state and, perhaps most importantly, the testimonies of survivors, are properly and sensitively gathered and evaluated. Consideration of the abused is absent from PREM 19/588.

If the files fail to show the ‘establishment’ cover-up that NCCL members felt occurred, they are still demonstrative of an official attitude favouring protection over investigation; shutting down inquiries rather than opening them up. It remains unclear if that attitude has entirely changed.

A version of this article first appeared on the University of Birmingham’s Modern British Studies: Birmingham blog.

Dr Christopher Moores


Roy Jenkins & Co

…there was a major effort, near the Labour to push a multi-channel (academic / political / media) pedo agenda slipstreamed in as part of the nascent gay rights movement.

Nice summation. And it appears to be sourced in Fabian (Havelock Ellis, Edward Carpenter, Wilfred Trotter/Bion, Norman Glaister) ideas about socio-spiritual engineering via sexual interference/”liberation” – currently being promoted as “the evolutionary power of trauma” by LSE-grad Whitley Strieber and Esalenite Jeffrey Kripal, among others.


Alderman Robin Goodman

The Mayor of Islington hanging out at Harding Antiques 1971


Arsenal manager Bertie Mee (1918 – 2001) with the borough mayor Robin Goodman and a mace bearer at a celebration of Arsenal’s FA Cup victory.


Intriguing FOI request regarding Dolphin Square, hospitals, Islington, Henniker estate, Nick, suspicious deaths etc.

Richard Card 6 January 2017

Dear Metropolitan Police Service (MPS),

I am referring to the Dolphin Square Inquiry made re child abuse complaints by “Nick”. And whether historical inquiry explored the implications of Sir John’s death 1991 concerning his casework that was cut short.

Without knowing what further correspondence took place between attorney general and police minister and Sir John I can only say that it was inevitable his casework would have led to questions about the six years of disabled child deaths 1966 to 1972 in Islington and Hackney care at The Beeches Ixworth. A village close to the Henniker Estate later home to Peter Righton and allegedly abusive Islington Suffolk project.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Card

Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) 18 January 2017

Dear Mr Card

Freedom of Information Request Reference No:2017010000144

I respond in connection with your request for information which was
received by Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) on 01/01/2017.


I have decided that, in accordance with Section 8 of the Freedom of
Information Act 2000 (the Act), your enquiry is not considered a valid

Dear British Broadcasting Corporation,

Would you disclose how far advanced the BBC is in providing the Panorama broadcast, the research and the follow up deliberations to the CSA Inquiry please ?

The programme featured Edwin BAARS a mental patient discharged homeless to Margate. In time he ended up in one of the resort’s many “Section 37” Homes. Former boarding houses registered as care homes (not nursing homes and hence no requirement to employ qualified nurses)

At the time Barbara Castle MP was DHSS minister with special advisor barrister jack STRAW. And a question arises about two dogs that neither barked nor bit. BBC and MIND where Peter RIGHTON was an executive I think.

The most recent Commons question then re Section 37 homes avoiding qualified staff expense was 1972 by Barbara Castle MP about Sue Ryder HQ Cavendish. Sir Keith Joseph refused care inquiry. He also refused inquiry into six years of child deaths of disabled children in social services London care at the Beeches Ixworth Suffolk a village adjoining the now notorious Henniker estate (abusive Islington Suffolk Project)

For public record I should also point out that Sue Ryder’s husbands charity had been subject of Dept of Health commissioned group psychiatric research by Tavistock Institute. Possibly as a consequence the Leonard Cheshire inmates of Le Court Cheshire home had revolted in 1972 after Sir Keith Joseph’s refusals I think of care inquiries at the Sue Ryder HQ of the charity. This led to the creation of disabled persons human rights movement. In fact Dr Laurence Clarke years later wrote a study of Leonard Cheshire versus the Disabled Persons Rights Movement.

By 1975 I would have thought the inmate revolt was sufficiently well known that Barbara Castle would have raised the care inquiries Labour MPs had called for only 3 years earlier. The European Convention of Human Rights provisions re inmates of Leonard Cheshire Homes being subjected to Tavistock Institute research commissioned by govt. The attorney general says the legal advice situation is still secret.

Dame Janet Smith conducting your Savile review at BBC ruled both the Sue Ryder deaths cases 1972 (and a related Regional Crime Squad inquiry into GP death registration malpractice) and the 6 years of questions about death certifuications at Beeches Ixworth as beyond her terms of reference SHIPMAN Inquiry. To examine and make recommendations to improve death registration practices.

Clearly now we can see that at the time, of the two dogs BBC and MIND that neither barked nor bit thus rather letting Mrs Castle off the hook, 1975/76 SAVILE was getting away with abuse at Sue Ryder Child Hospice Leeds.

It was always open to Mrs Castle to order care inquiry re Sue Ryder and the Beeches. But she did not. Even when one of the MPs calling for inquiry was Islington’s Michael O’Halloran. Islington where STRAW was a Labour Cllr with Mrs Hodge and PIE set up its HQ.

I think you should fwd this FOI to Dame Janet Smith as she may care to make a submission to the CSA Inquiry explaining how she was not in fact compromised to conduct Savile Inquiry at BBC.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Card


The Queen meeting Grp Capt Leonard Cheshire during a visit to the Sue Ryder Foundation in Cavendish. Picture: ANDY ABBOTT

The Queen meeting Grp Capt Leonard Cheshire during a visit to the Sue Ryder Foundation in Cavendish.

Peter Campbell was a director of Jim’ll Fix It and directed the episode in which Keith Harding appeared in 1980.

He had the freedom of the City of London (as did Harding). Campbell died in 1985 at 42 after drinking heavily and a heart attack.

Image result for peter campbell jim'll fix it

Dame Janet Smith BBC report:  It was much more likely that the episode was set up by Peter Campbell as a means of giving some publicity to Mr Harding.


Jimmy’s Special Award at the RAF Piccadilly

Image result for peter campbell and savile

Peter Campbell and Jimmy Savile OBE  with Mary Whitehouse and Roger Ordish


The Dream Machine

Jan 29th 1982 – Jim`ll fix it and a photo of the crew with Jimmy Savile at TV theatre.

Director Peter Campbell was on Jim`s right and producer Roger Ordish on his left.



Paedophile register of controversial group ignored by police – allowing several members to commit abuse


Detectives knew of 300 names in a secret club that advocated sex with children

Police kept the secret membership list of a controversial group which advocated sex with children  “sit in a drawer”, leaving several of those named on it free to commit serious child abuse.

Detectives were given the membership list containing more than 300 names and addresses of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) group in the 1980s, but effectively did nothing with it.One member of the group, which publicly campaigned for adults to be allowed to have sex with children from the age of 10, was convicted 27 years after police were first given the names.

The list has now been passed to the independent Goddard inquiry

Claims of police inaction over child sex abuse allegations comes as Scotland Yard was reportedly planning to announce this week that it will end Operation Midland, its controversial investigations into allegations of VIP child sex abuse and murder.

Labour MP Tom Watson said: “The PIE list shows that there were clear intelligence lines that could have been investigated at the time.

One of those on the list and later convicted was Leo Adamson

Another PIE member later convicted was Charles Napier.

He bragged of easy access to young boys and how he could send obscene images back to Britain in diplomatic bags.


via walkerdine:


The Guardian
(London, Greater London, England)
19 May 1977, Thu  • Page 11

A group of Mps, including Sir John Eden MP for Bournemouth East, are waiting to receive a full report on PIE from the Minister of State at the Home Office.


The Paedophile Information Exchange PIE was allegedly given £70,000 by the Home Office between 1977 and 1980 – the equivalent today of about £400,000.

A former Home Office worker revealed that Jim Callaghan’s Labour government and Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative administration, which took over in 1979, may have provided funding for PIE.

The whistleblower said senior civil servant Clifford Hindley, who was head of the Home Office’s voluntary services unit, signed off a three year grant for £35,000 in 1980.



Children’s homes were ‘supply line’ for paedophiles, says ex-minister

Lord Warner says an inquiry he conducted in 1992 showed how children’s homes were targeted by powerful people
West Mercia police has seven boxes of evidence including letters between Righton and other alleged paedophiles.

Cassandra Cogno‏ @CassandraCogno:

Gisburne House was in Watford @Observer_Owl used by Islington council to send children out of borough – several abusers amongst staff

Importantly @guyadams reported Gisburne House cater Michael Taylor revealed as PIE member in his 2000 trial & conviction

Ex Anglican Franciscan Michael Taylor, PIE member, abuser of boys at  GisburneHouse,

#Islington & #Bersham Hall, #Clwyd

So this is where it comes full circle back to Peter Righton – also an Anglican Franciscan for a while – & the @c_of_e monastic movement(s)

so favoured by Bishop Peter Ball he simply had to set up his own entire movement, just like Father Trevor Huddlestone’s alma mater the college & community of the Resurrection, Mirfield

Peter Righton’s time in retreat as an Anglican Franciscan is also central to the involvement of the Southbank Trio & Albany Trust

Hubert Brasier, Theresa May’s father joined the priests at the Community of the Resurrection Seminary School in Mirfield, West Yorkshire. In years to come the Community of the Resurrection would become known for the systematic sexual abuse of children at the seminary by the Italian Verona brothers, who were rampant sex offenders in the 1960’s and 1970’s. 

The horrors of Gisburne House


July 2000

A social worker who abused two boys at an Islington Council children’s home in the 1970s was sentenced to four years’ imprisonment earlier this week.

Michael Taylor pleaded guilty at London’s Snaresbrook crown court to seven counts of indecent assault at Gisburne House.

When he left Gisburne House he became deputy superintendent of Bersham Hall children’s home in North Wales where he repeatedly assaulted two 11-year-old boys in his care.

Taylor was arrested after the people he abused, now adults, went to the police. He was previously convicted of two indecent assaults in 1980. His name will be added to the sex offenders’ register.



Pedophiles arrested
‘more powerful than the Mafia
by Mark Burdman
On Feb. 2 , in London’ s Old Bailey court, four men were convicted for running a ring of pedophiles-adults who sex­ usually use children-which had recruited at least 150 young boys , some as young as nine, for repeated sodomic abuse.
It is the biggest ring of pedophiles yet uncovered in Britain.
British newspapers Feb. 3 said it had been run as a “Mafia­
like conspiracy. ” One man arrested was too frightened to
testify, declaring that the ring was “more powerful than the
Mafia. “
According to experts on child abuse in Britain, this case is only the beginning. Interviewed on British television Feb. 3 , Dianne Core, head of the Childwatch organization, stated that “people in high places” were involved in pedophiliac activities , and that the whole matter would “explode” during the coming months.
The London Daily Telegraph’s crime  correspondent reported Feb. 3 : “Despite the convictions , po­lice believe there is still a flourishing pedophile network in Britain, with a sophistication said to resemble the Mafia. “

The most prominent figure in the ring, Colin Peters , was trained at Oxford, and was formerly a senior adviser in the British Foreign Office. Following his Foreign Office work, he prosecuted cases for the British Customs and Excise.

Investigators working on the case had interrogated at least one senior member of the House of Lords , one vicar in West London, and officials in Whitehall , “but the police did not have sufficient evidence or manpower to pursue their suspi­cions ,” the Telegraph reported.
Alan Delaney, the official head of the ring, is a cleaning company director. Delaney would procure young boys for pedophiles , by putting job advertisements in the press .
The ring would also procure boys who were members of a junior soccer team.
Many of the youngsters had been at special boarding schools for educationally below-normal children.
Others were runaways , who were caught up by members of the Delaney-Peters ring, who would roam” the streets of Lon­don scouting for boys .
According to the Feb. 3 Telegraph account, the young boys were “passed around its members for sexual degradation and, when the attraction faded, abandoned to a life of pros­titution, drugs , and petty crime . . . . The boys were tempted off the unfamiliar London streets with promises of food, accommodation, money, and a sympathetic ear. Some were plied with drugs, including cocaine, and sexually assaulted while under their influence.”
When he was brought before presiding Judge Pownall for sentencing Feb. 3, Colin Peters was told: “On your own admission, you found boys to satisfy your lust. You were prepared to encourage them to drugs or to lace their drinks­ and you have made matters worse by trying to get witnesses not to attend court. You did that to save your own skin. That was disgraceful. You of all people should have known that. “
‘A permanent conspiracy’ British deputy police superintendent John Lewis , who oversaw the investigations , is calling on Scotland Yard to create a special squad to deal with pedophile rings. Lewis declared Feb. 2 that “these people are as organized and so­phisticated as any other  criminals, and are involved in a permanent conspiracy which is renewed daily as they hunt for new boys. They need to be targeted like bank robbers. It
is important that we should not feel complacent. Positive policing should be continued.”
British police investigators were reportedly angered by the light sentence meted out to Peters , Delaney, and their two  collaborators. The four received, in total, only 34 years of sentences. Peters received only 8 years, for combined charges of conspiracy to commit buggery (sodomy), buggery and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Delaney was jailed for 1 1 years , on conspiracy to commit buggery, indecent assault, taking indecent photographs , indecency with a child, and attempted buggery. One of the four was given only 6 years.
A senior British police officer told the Daily Express Feb.
4: “It should have been more. The damage these people have
done to young lives is very severe.”
In an editorial entitled, “Is This Justice?” the Express Feb. 4 called the sentences “woefully inadequate . . . weighed against the enormity of
their crimes and the emotional and physical damage they did
to their victims , some of whom were only nine years old. “
Moncini and the Satanist track
The London case has refocused attention on another recent case, in Trieste, Italy, involving one Alessandro Mon­cini, a businessman nabbed by law enforcement in the United States and convicted in 1988 for importing child pornography (although he received a paltry one-year sentence and was released “on good behavior” after serving less than three
months in jail).
Investigators in Trieste working on the Mon­cini case have recently been to the United States, attempting to accumulate more information on what they believe to be a “most exclusive ring of international pedophiles.”

Informed sources in Britain believe that the Delaney­ Peters ring and the Moncini-linked networks are connected,

and that both are part of an international pedophile conspir­acy.

U. S. law enforcement officials have in their possession tapes of Moncini attempting to procure a young girl, for Satanic-ritual abuse purposes.

Experts on ritual abuse stress that pedophile rings , as horrifying as they are in and of them­ selves , are actually fronts for, or extensions of, hard-core Satanist cults , for whom the pedophiles provide young boys.

In Britain, however, the Home Office has repeatedly
indicated its opposition to allowing the matter of satanism to
be pursued by police and in the courts.

Should this attitude continue, it will be impossible to crack the command-struc­ture controlling powerful pedophile rings.

Investigative leads

Experts in pedophilia and Satanism report to EIR, that
that the dossiers on previously publicized cases of European­
based pedophile rings have never been fully closed, and may
now be reopened. These involve pedophile rings that were
either cracked or exposed in the 1 986-87 period. Three of
them are worth noting:
On June 1 8, 1987, the head of the Belgian national
office of UNICEF was arrested for involvement in a large­
scale child pornography and pedophilia ring. Ring leader
Jozef Verbeeck had used his influential position in UNICEF
to procure children, often from broken homes, some as young
as eight months old, for some 400 wealthy clients across
Europe. The basement of UNICEF in Brussels was used to
store pornographic pictures of children.
• In spring-summer 1987, Dutch authorities uncovered
one of the worst cases of collective child sex abuse in record­
ed history. In a small town called Oode Pekala, during the
Easter holidays , a gang of pedophiles , dressed as clowns,
lured more than 70 children into taking part in pornographic
On Aug. 3, 1986, the Sunday Times of London “In­sight Team” exposed the activities of a secretive organization called the Spartacus Club, based near Amsterdam in Holland, which sent pedophile literature to 25 ,000 subscribers in Great Britain, and which specialized in procuring boys from the Philippines for pedophile activity. Headed by one John Stam­ford, the club was part of Spartacus International, which published homosexual literature and the Paedo Alert News, “a magazine about boy love. “

James Fraser Darling member of the Spartacus Club 33 years FOR THE SCOT WHO PREYED ON THAI KIDS – serves only 2

Sentenced to 33 years for paedophile offences in Thailand. Released on appeal and deported. Served a grand total of 2 years inside.

James Fraser Darling – who preyed on boys as young as eight – gives one-to-one lessons to the children of wealthy families.

Darling, 56, who lived in Morningside, Edinburgh, before going to the Far East, is working in a private language school in Zhuhai in south China.

We discovered the pervert – the son of an Oxford don – posing as a respectable teacher in the same week as pop paedophile Gary Glitter jetted back into Britain.

But while Glitter, 64, was placed on the UK sex offenders’ register, Darling is subject to no monitoring or restrictions.

At his school in Zhuhai, Darling, who is paid pounds 450 a month, refused to speak to the Sunday Mail.

School principal Li Lulin said she knew nothing about Darling’s crimes – but would not sack him.

She said: “Give him a break. His performance here has been good. I won’t tell parents.

“It’s not up to the Chinese government to punish him for his past. His contract finishes in September. I’ll let him go peacefully.”

A Foreign Office spokswoman said: “It is a matter for the Chinese authorities if they admit him to the country. We wouldn’t necessarily know if Mr Darling was there.”

At the Chinese Embassy in London, a spokeswoman refused to say whether any action would be taken to remove Darling.

 CHILD SEX SHAME OF SCOTS TOFF: He molested Thai lads, court told

Fraser-Darling and other Westerners allegedly molested the boys at the picnics and in Fraser- Darling’s cottage near the poor village of Rawai.

The boys showed investigators photos of themselves naked with the man they knew as “Uncle James”.

Image result for James Fraser Darling

More nude pictures were found at Fraser-Darling’s home, along with a Spartacus magazine article on “boy love” written by a J.Darling. Fraser-Darling denies being the author.

Fraser-Darling, who went to posh Repton school, was arrested in November 1995 after a colleague at the university reported him.

He was about to leave Thai-land for Cambodia when police swooped.

The pervert was taken from prison to court in his brown jail uniform early yesterday. His ankles were chained.

Fraser-Darling admitted he was a paedophile.

But he denied the charges, claiming he was a scapegoat in Thailand’s “witch- hunt” against child sex perverts.

Fraser-Darling’s father is Scots academic Sir Frank Fraser-Darling, an expert on Scottish birds and Hebridean wildlife.

He also has a brother in the Diplomatic Corps.

Someone was pulling strings to get him out of Thailand.

A PAEDOPHILE has arrived in Scotland to claim a family inheritance – still lying about his sleazy past.

Toff James Fraser Darling, 51, is in the Highlands to get what is left of his family’s cash after being freed from a Bangkok jail.

But while the former teacher claims he won an appeal against all convictions, the truth is that the Thais kicked him out after only reducing his jail sentence.

Fraser Darling was left a small fortune while languishing behind bars and used some of the money to win his freedom.

Now the pervert, who preyed on young boys in the seedy resort of Phuket, is staying at an pounds 18-a-night guest house in Forres near his former family home while he plans his future.

Local residents are unaware that he is a convicted paedophile.


Fraser Darling’s father, Sir Frank, died in 1979 at the age of 73 after his retirement as chief officer of the Imperial Bureau of Animal Genetics in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh-born Christina was his third wife and met him when she was taking care of his children after his second wife’s death.

Since Fraser Darling’s arrest he has been too ashamed to contact his brother Richard, 52, a senior Foreign Office intelligence officer, and his sister Francesca, 46, who lives in the USA.

He says he has spent his time in Scotland trying to register for work after a lifetime working abroad in Thailand, Iran, Sri Lanka and El Salvador.

Frank Fraser Darling lived on the island of Tanera Mor.

Tanera Mor is  notable as the location for Frank Fraser Darling’s book Island Years.

Accused Scot was ‘like an uncle’ to Thai boys

THE paedophile son of a Scottish knight was jailed for 33 years in Thailand yesterday for preying on young boys.

Teacher James Fraser Darling, 47, whose father, a leading academic – was an authority on Scottish wildlife, was chained by the ankles as he was led away to the cells wearing regulation brown prison shirt and shorts.

The appalling sex acts he was convicted of were carried out on boys from a sea gypsy community at a Thai beach resort.

He was sentenced to five years each on nine counts of separating children from their parents.

Darling is the son of Sir Frank Fraser Darling, an Oxford don and expert on Scottish bird-life and Hebridean wildlife, who became chief officer of the Imperial Bureau of Animal Genetics in Edinburgh. He died in 1979.

Darling’s mother, Lady Christina Darling of Forres, Moray, died while he was on trial.

His brother Richard, a senior intelligence officer specialising in the war against drugs, works for the Foreign Office in Britain and did not attend the court.

Richard Ogilby Leslie Fraser Darling Counsellor, Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Pervert Darling, a London University arts graduate, travelled the world teaching in Brazil and Sri Lanka before arriving in Thailand four years ago.

A book published by the Spartacus organisation – a European group linked to paedophilia – was found in his house, and a chapter inside, written by J Darling, described Roman orgies with young boys.

However, Darling denied that he was the author of the work.

The court’s decision was welcomed by FACE, the coalition against Child Exploitation, which has been monitoring suspected paedophiles in Thailand.

Almost everybody on Phuket knew James Fraser Darling.
 How disgusting can you get 2 years then deported back too our country!! Bloody loose around innocent children! Thank you for sharing this


Prince Charles has been given access to secret files on the sex lives of the world’s most powerful men and wome – to make sure he is fully informed when he finally becomes king.

The Sun 10-14-12, p9

Prince Charles has been given access to secret files on the sex lives of the world’s most powerful men and women, to make sure he is fully informed when he finally becomes king.

The Crown Jewels of classified intelligence, normally seen only by the queen and senior ministers, are understood to contain details of Princess Diana’s death and the IRA assassination of Lord Mountbatten. he will also see files on UK security threats.

a senior whitehall source said “ he can see everything but not the files on him and Camilla as he is not allowed to see the dossier where he is the subject”


The inference must be that maj has this information – or how could she be the reigning mollusc?

Which means she would have had all the info from Dickens Dossiers- the dossiers to Maggie Thatcher – Blunt – Prime – Hayman- – all the MP’s so far named – and those as yet unnamed-

and – of course

Jimmy Savile

Image result

“I’ve got eight names of big people, really important names, public figures. And I am going to expose them in Parliament.” (read more)

Although he had previously named senior diplomat Sir Peter Hayman as a paedophile, he never made good on his promise to expose the eight public figures. Just over two months after making the threat, Geoffrey Dickens’s name and address was found in a ‘hit list’ in a notebook belonging to Arthur Hutchinson, who was wanted for three brutal murders and was already on ‘a serious sex charge’.

During his trial, on 11 September 1984, Hutchinson accused Mike Barron, then a reporter with the Sunday Mirror, of committing the murders.

He even pointed to him in court, saying “That’s your killer there”. He explained his prints had been on the champagne bottle because he had picked it up to use as a weapon to defend himself against Mr Barron. Hutchinson claimed that the media had had a vendetta against him, and that:

“Every week for the last 10 months, that man there has been going to my mother’s house threatening her. I was frightened for her and wanted to get the truth out. There’s your killer.”- Arthur Hutchinson



The Guardian, 3rd November 1983



Triple Hartlepool killer Arthur Hutchinson will die in jail after arguing his treatment was inhuman and degrading

 Now that all chance of release is gone, perhaps he will reveal why he had Geoffrey Dickens details in his notebook?


Charles Napier and half -brother John Whittingdale MP
Charles Napier’s arrest took place at the £500,000 home of the MP’s mother.

John Whittingdale MP is a fan of “torture porn”

 At the time of his arrest, Napier, a retired languages teacher, playwright and theatre director, was living in Sherborne with their mother in her home just  1/2 mile from royalty/freemason/establishment-linked Sherborne Schools
In 2012 he gave a lecture on William Shakespeare at the town’s literary festival and was to have a play in winter

Amateur Players of Sherborne: Mr Napier has acted in, directed, or designed the set for the last six productions for the players prior to his arrest

Sherborne School for Girls, the leading public school gives free places to children helped by Kids Company and was attended by founder Camila Batmanghelidjh in the 1970s.
Kids Company boss Camila Batmanghelidjh admits she cheated to get into a the top school Sherborne School for Girls when her mother took an exam for her

Sherborne was a major financial donor to Kids Company – investigated by Parliament, the Charity Commission and the police, before the charity collapsed insolvent in August amid allegations of sex abuse on its premises.
Kids Company’s number one cheerleader in the Cabinet, Oliver Letwin, is a governor and former trustee of Sherborne School for Girls.
Oliver Letwin, the MP for West Dorset, visited the Little Gryphons Nursery School
Margaret Thatcher Arrives to support Oliver Letwin with “noted pederast” Peter Morrison

William Hague appointed Letwin as a member of his Shadow Cabinet as Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury in September 2000.

Image result for Mustard heir, Mr Colman, and his wife Susan

Mustard heir, Mr Colman, and his wife Susan, a former spiritual director of the defunct charity Kids Company  funded pervert John Smyth QC for nearly 30 years


Mr Colman was an Eton contemporary of the Most Rev Justin Welby, while his father, Sir Michael, oversaw the Church’s investment portfolio between 1993 and 1999, holding the post of First Church Estates Commissioner. He was subsequently awarded the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Cross of St Augustine.


A catastrophic charity collapse. Two inquires that hit the buffers. As a musical lampoons the fiasco… Will Kids Company Camila and her BBC stooge EVER face the music?

  • Stage production depicts the hugely publisised fall of Kids Company charity
  • Comes two years after the controversial charity met its demise amid allegations
  • Inquiries are ongoing but there is not indication of when they might conclude
  • Camila Batmanghelidjh’s autobiography, due out this year, is similarly delayed

Alan Yentob, BBC creative director, throws up his arms in despair. His rich baritone trembles with bathos as he sings: ‘Michael Gove even said it was an inspirational charity!’

The audience titters. The line does not have the lyricism of a Rodgers and Hammerstein, but it is genuinely funny.

And true. The real Mr Yentob — rather than the actor playing him in this stage production — really did say, rather than sing, it.

Just like the BBC bigwig himself, who became embroiled in the scandal surrounding the collapse of the Kids Company charity of which he was chairman, there is something more than a little unconventional about this new musical being previewed in London last week.

First, there is the title: ‘The Public Administration And Constitutional Affairs Select Committee Takes Oral Evidence On Whitehall’s Relationship With Kids Company.’

Then there are the lyrics, taken verbatim from the Hansard transcript of the testimony given by two witnesses who appeared before that committee of MPs on October 15, 2015.

One was Mr Yentob. The other was enigmatic charity supremo Camila Batmanghelidjh, once known as ‘the angel of Camberwell’.

The pair had been summoned to the Commons to explain how Kids Company, the charity of which Ms Batmanghelidjh was founder and CEO, had gone bust amid allegations of financial irregularity and sexual abuse, having received almost £50 million of public money.

That was almost two years ago. And while the musical is opening this week, the public still awaits a definitive official explanation of the charity’s controversial modus operandi and dramatic demise.

The select committee had no powers to act on its own damning findings of an ‘extraordinary catalogue of failures’. Two statutory bodies that do have such powers — the Charity Commission and the Insolvency Service — were supposed to deliver their own reports on Kids Company last autumn. They did not.

Both bodies say inquiries are ‘ongoing’ but there is no indication as to when they might end. Ms Batmanghelidjh’s autobiography, due out late last year, is similarly delayed.

And so the extraordinary saga rumbles on.

The woman at the centre of it all, 54-year-old Camila, keeps, in contrast to her life before the scandal, a low profile these days.

On a rare outing last summer, she was photographed as she went to lunch with representatives of a foreign government ‘which is having to deal with a lot of young refugees’ at the Michelin-starred Pied a Terre restaurant.

Ms Batmanghelidjh says she is continuing to help many Kids Company children, with the financial backing of donors who stayed loyal.

Kids Company rented a £4,000-a-month Grade II-listed art-deco mansion in North London, in which a member of the finance department and one of Ms Batmanghelidjh’s PAs lived

While the Metropolitan Police found insufficient evidence to press any criminal charge, anecdotal evidence of institutional anarchy and excesses at Kids Company still has the power to shock.

Brown envelopes stuffed with cash were handed to troubled children as a matter of course. Twelve-year-old clients were given £150 trainers; others were flown first class to America. Some £50,000 alone was allegedly spent on taxis at the charity’s Christmas party.

Kids Company received £46 million from the UK taxpayer over 13 years, including £3 million days before it shut. Former Mayor of London Boris Johnson is pictured with Camila Batmanghelidjh London Evening Standard's '1000: London's Most Influential People' in 2014

Kids Company received £46 million from the UK taxpayer over 13 years, including £3 million days before it shut. Former Mayor of London Boris Johnson is pictured with Camila Batmanghelidjh London Evening Standard’s ‘1000: London’s Most Influential People’ in 2014

Flamboyant, Iranian-born Camila could charm the birds from the trees. Then prime minister David Cameron was said to be ‘mesmerised’ by her, while his wife Samantha was a backer, along with Prince Charles and a host of other A-list celebrities and City financiers.

Kids Company received £46 million from the UK taxpayer over 13 years, including £3 million days before it shut. Rock band Coldplay ploughed in a further £8 million from royalties.

Ms Batmanghelidjh claimed her charity had 36,000 young ‘clients’.

No doubt there was and remains a very real need for children from splintered families to be supported in Britain’s troubled inner cities.

But something within the organisation was not right. It needed only a small push for the already teetering edifice to collapse. That pressure came from an unlikely quarter.

Pensioner Joan Woolard was the catalyst to Kids Company’s spectacular downfall and remains one of Ms Batmanghelidjh’s fiercest critics.

Having heard the charity boss speak on Radio 4, Mrs Woolard was inspired to sell her home and donate the proceeds — more than £200,000 — to the Kids Company.

Doubts began when she asked how the money had been spent.

The answers were unsatisfactory. Her experience of spending some time at Kids Company offices alarmed her further — and she asked for her money back.

Hers was the first public voice of dissent against this fashionable and feted good cause. Ms Batmanghelidjh denied any wrongdoing.

But the money remained in Ms Batmanghelidjh’s hands. Kids Company needed it desperately.

Encouraged by Mrs Woolard’s public stand, whistle-blowers from inside the organisation began to come forward.

The unsubstantiated allegations of sexual abuse were the final straw.

In August 2015, the charity shut down, laying off scores of staff and abandoning thousands of children.

Some of the evidence subsequently given to the Commons select committee presented a shocking litany of financial chaos, rampant nepotism and very dubious methodology.

The committee concluded: ‘There appears to have been a catastrophic confluence of factors that have conspired to allow this charity to operate as it did, for as long as it did.’

Their report said the ‘approach of successive governments and ministers towards Kids Company has proved to be an improper way to conduct government business or handle public money’.

Alan Yentob had failed to restrain his ‘unaccountable and dominant’ CEO. His employer, the BBC, was also ‘accused of poor leadership for failing to take action against him when he tried to make suggestions about the BBC’s reporting of Kids Company’.

One of the committee’s witnesses, a high-ranking worker who was granted anonymity, gave a particularly damning insight into what Kids Company had become.

She said: ‘The charity was run by the CEO as her personal fiefdom, with no regard whatsoever for the financial implications. It was simply unsustainable to continue to take in anyone who asked for assistance and, in certain specific areas, ridiculous amounts of money were spent wantonly and inappropriately.’

Ms Batmanghelidjh had favourites among the youngsters she helped. ‘One group of young adults — many of them in their late 20s — were known throughout the organisation as “Camila’s kids” and inordinate amounts of money and resources were lavished on them; creating envy and resentment among others.’

But staff were also treated lavishly, the witness stated, and nepotism was rife. ‘Sasha and Jamie Handover (the children of former WH Smith boss Richard Handover, a trustee) were both employed at KC,’ the witness said.

‘The so-called “Operations Manager” — a sweet but totally inefficient woman who kept odd hours — turned out to be the mother of one of the IT chaps.

‘Magbule Mulla — who worked in the finance department — is the sister-in-law of Jeton (Tony) Cavolli, who was Camila’s driver.’

(While her Linked In page still describes her as ‘Assistant Accountant Kids Company’, Mrs Mulla was described by Ms Batmanghelidjh in one interview as ‘the woman who sews for me’.)

Ms Batmanghelidjh would eventually admit that her charity had paid for both of Mr Cavolli’s children to be put through private schools; one of them a boarding establishment where the chairman of governors was one Richard Handover (a trustee).

Mr Cavolli had been described by Ms Batmanghelidjh as a ‘therapist tasked with dealing with difficult young men and only had a car in order to go to their aid late at night’. But in the time she worked there, the witness only ‘heard him referred to as “Tony the Driver”.’

Some of the evidence subsequently given to the Commons select committee presented a shocking litany of financial chaos. Squatters are pictured at the former offices of Kids Company in Kenbury Street, Camberwell

Some of the evidence subsequently given to the Commons select committee presented a shocking litany of financial chaos. Squatters are pictured at the former offices of Kids Company in Kenbury Street, Camberwell

 But staff were also treated lavishly, the witness stated, and nepotism was rife. A toy is pictured tied to a gate at he former offices of Kids Company

It was ‘Tony the Driver’ who was pictured holding the car door open for Ms Batmanghelidjh prior to that lunch at Pied a Terre restaurant last summer.

He was not her chauffeur, she later explained. He was working as an Uber driver and had given her a lift as a ‘favour’.

A university academic whose role as an Ofsted inspector in South London alerted her to Kids Company more than 15 years ago had watched its progress with alarm.

‘The whole history of Kids Company is one of a failure of due diligence by local government, donor charities, the Tory Party, Prince Charles. They all failed. It is astounding,’ she told me.

Hers is only one of many critical voices. But there is an approaching counterblast. Approaching, but repeatedly delayed. Ms Batmanghelidjh’s autobiography was due to be published last autumn. Her ghost-writer is Tim Rayment.

In early 2015 he was sent by his newspaper to investigate Ms Batmanghelidjh. Now he is firmly in her camp.

One view is that Rayment fell under her spell; like so many financiers, pop stars, politicians and royals before him, he was ‘hypnotised’, one colleague said.

‘I want to give voice to someone who has been silenced,’ Mr Rayment told me last year, rather generously of someone who had the ear of royalty and prime ministers.

‘Have I been naïve? Have I been mesmerised?’ he asks. ‘The time to make that judgment is on publication.’

The fall-out has indeed been complex and messy for those involved. Last December, Mr Yentob stepped down as Creative Director of the BBC as a direct result of his involvement in the Kids Company collapse

Last night, a spokesman for Ms Batmanghelidjh’s publisher, Biteback, said she expected the book to appear in August. She explained: ‘We had initially hoped to do a very fast turnaround on this title, and therefore gave it a very ambitious publication date.

‘But it has turned out to be far more complex, both legally and in terms of the science involved, than we had first anticipated.’

The fall-out has indeed been complex and messy for those involved. Last December, Mr Yentob stepped down as Creative Director of the BBC as a direct result of his involvement in the Kids Company collapse.

Earlier this year, it was reported that the Insolvency Service had written to lawyers acting for Kids Company’s former board members to warn them it was minded to ban them from holding directorships.They included Ms Batmanghelidjh, Mr Yentob and Mr Handover. Which brings us back to the musical.

Flamboyant, Iranian-born Camila could charm the birds from the trees. Then prime minister David Cameron was said to be ‘mesmerised’ by her

Flamboyant, Iranian-born Camila could charm the birds from the trees. Then prime minister David Cameron was said to be ‘mesmerised’ by her

‘Mr Yentob’ bewails the sudden denial of the public purse gold seam. He had mined it for years thanks to his contacts with David Cameron and the latter’s desire to give his Big Society slogan some substance and street cred.

Last night, a Charities Commission spokeswoman said: ‘When an inquiry is under way, we do not provide updates on when it is likely to conclude.

‘This is a high-profile case and when a report is available it will be posted online with full findings.’

An Insolvency Service spokesman said: ‘Our investigation into Kids Company remains ongoing. Each case has its own complexities and differences depending on the number of directors involved. There is no timescale for us to reach any conclusions. As such, it would not be appropriate for us to comment further at present.’

Miles Goslett, the journalist who first raised questions about Kids Company, in February 2015, is sceptical about the delay.

‘Both inquiries were set up the best part of two years ago and I was told privately last year they’d be published by Christmas 2016 at the latest,’ he said this week.

‘Even if these bodies are short on manpower, I’d have no difficulty believing that someone in Whitehall has taken the decision it would be politically sensible to keep them from public view for a while yet.’


Image result for peter hayman and rosemary blo
Another name that appears is that of a known paedophile, the late senior diplomat Sir Peter Hayman

The Napier and Hayman families had a long record of imperial service at the highest levelMany members of the family were senior Freemasons:

Sir Peter’s grandfather Canon Henry Hayman was Provincial Grand Master of Nottinghamshire and a Past Grand Chaplain of England; while Charles Napier’s ancestors included a Grand Master Mason of Scotland.

Charles Napier’s parents were cousins: his maternal grandfather Brigadier Arthur Napier had top level intelligence connections as military adviser to the Ministry of Supply.

Embedded image permalink

At the time of his paedophile offences, Napier’s  cousin Rosemary Blomefield was married to Sir Peter Hayman, a senior MI6 officer who was later himself exposed as a paedophile though never prosecuted.

Napier was jailed for 13 years in 2014 for hundreds of sex attacks on schoolboys.

Peter Righton was a founder of PIE, Napier its one-time treasurer. Righton, incredibly, was also one of Britain’s leading child protection specialists when Virginia Bottomley was Health Secretary

The file also contains a John Napier, who had been convicted for running a “child brothel” in London in the early 1970s.

“The police had the lists from the late 1980s…The files sat in a drawer, metaphorically speaking, until 2012, when Operation Fairbank decided to go back and have a look.

Jimmy Savile and Keith Harding on BBC’s Jim’ll Fix It

Keith Harding invited to show to mend a 13-year-old girl’s music box, which her brother says was a “set-up” by the production team.

MUSIC box collector and clock maker Keith Harding, whose staff restored antiques for royalty, played a vital role in Britain’s biggest child sex ring. He is also on the list.

He was a “schedule 1” offender – meaning his convictions remained on his police file for life.

But he was later given the Freedom of the City of London and became a member of the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers, meeting business and political figures at the height of his career.

The clockmaker and music box expert ran a museum regularly visited by children, despite social services being aware 20 years ago of his convictions for child abuse.

He had been convicted of indecent assault against four children aged eight and nine in 1958 when he was a teacher. 

Harding was influential among high-profile paedophiles



Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

I stumbled across this tweet referring to John Whittingdale having used the alias John Napier ‘in those days’.

His name appeared ‘namely’ right next to that of his half-brother Charles Napier who affectionately referred to Whippo in correspondence as ‘Little Johnny’, a man who he would entrust stuff to for safekeeping. Charles, a prolific abuser, was a very close friend of Peter Righton.

HRH Crafty Muvva @craftymuvva

Another John Napier to add to the mix… this one’s a doctor, living at Dolphin Square in 1976…


Paedophile Mason Keith Harding ran lodge set up for GCHQ

ONE OF Britain’s most influential paedophiles was the head of a Masonic lodge founded and frequented by GCHQ spies.

A PIE list seized in 1984 records Harding, as member 329


The pervert met regularly with MPs Leon Brittan and Cyril Smith at his world-renowned workshop. 
John Whittingdale was pps to Leon Brittan

One of Harding‘s staff, who worked for him between 1980 and 1987, said: “Leon Brittan and Cyril Smith were both regular visitors to the shop.Usually they would come in via the side door, other times they would ring the bell at the front entrance and come in.
“They’d straight away ask for Keith who would be coming down the stairs. “Then they would then either go up to his office for a private meeting or they’d go out for several hours.”
Keith Harding  was very upper class and mixed in those sorts of circles.
Jeremy Thorpe, Cyril Smith, David Steel
Jeremy Thorpe and Cyril Smith would also drop by
along with key members of the vile Paedophile Information Exchange
including  Tom O’ Carroll and Steven Adrian Smith:

 Steven Adrian Smith (who worked at the Home Office and kept PIE files stored there) boasted that he ran the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) from behind his desk at the Home Office

Keith Harding’s shop: The former worker added: The shop had many high profile customers, including the Royals.”

Keith Harding he was asked to build a special clock in honour of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977.

 photo clock philip_zpsajp1rlx6.jpg
The Worshipful Company of Clockmakers : memorial slab in the floor of Westminster Abbey, London, was unveiled by HRH The Prince Philip
The stone memorial slab in the floor of Westminster Abbey, London, was unveiled by HRH The Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh in 2006 at a special celebration of the life and achievements of John Harrison, arranged by The Clockmakers’ Company.


There are 307 names on the list seen by The IoS, including four women.

There are several members living abroad, and one of them currently appears to be a children’s entertainer.

Some of the PIE members also feature on a list amassed by the US Customs child pornography and protection unit which collected a list of British customers of American suppliers of child abuse images.

The US list was also supplied to UK law enforcement agencies but little if anything was done about it.

One of those on both lists is former school teacher Terence Waters. In 1994, he was jailed for 10 years for possessing indecent images of children and sexually abusing a 10-year-old boy.

Leading anti-child sex abuse campaigners said that they were astonished at the police inaction over the PIE membership list.

“We know that those who look at sexual images of children often go on to become ‘contact’ offenders, so had more action been taken as a result of the police having the lists, many children would not have been abused, as is clear from the case of Adamson. There still seems to be a mindset that says we should all just move on and leave the past in the past, yet people have a lifetime of trauma to deal with and the police should have recognised that in their handling of these cases.”

Read more http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/paedophile-register-of-controversial-group-ignored-by-police-


 ^ How did he get that? (Full police PIE list)



Jo Richardson MP, the National Council for Civil Liberties and the Labour Campaign for Gay Rights are among the several individuals and organisations that have protested to the Lord Chancellor, on PIE’s behalf, over a judge’s comments at a recent Old Bailey trial.

They are demanding that the judge be disciplined, and are supporting the Exchange in its claim that the remarks may well have been a “serious breach of legal ethics.

When sentencing Andre Stephen Thorne (21) to 3 years for theft and the attempted blackmail of a PIE applicant, the judge, Mr Justice King-Hamilton, said that PIE had “access to potential dynamite,” and added: “On the face of it, some sort of an offence is being committed by the person or persons running this organisation (THE SUN, Feb. 4th).. I wonder if the membership forms are collected from members of the public for the purposes of blackmail (SOUTH LONDON PRESS)?

PIE’s reaction was fast and furious. Secretary, Tom O’Carroll drafted an immediate letter to THE GUARDIAN; and on March the 17th, Deputy Leader, Warren Middleton despatched a press release announcing that the group would lodge the “strongest possible protest” with the Lord Chancellor and the Home Secretary.

Soon after, PIE’s Chairperson, Keith Hose, contacted the NCCL, finally requesting Jo Richardson (Labour, Barking) to table a question in the Commons. She declined, but has since filed an official complaint with Elwyn Jones.

The first of the protests, from the NCCL (29/3/’77), described the comments as “extremely unfortunate” and accused the judge of “misusing his position to make comments which were unwarranted and without any apparent foundation.”

Prompted by the reply which, said a Council official, was “totally unsatisfactory,” the NCCL then approached Lord Beaumont of Whitley asking him to raise the matter in the Lords. But he, too, declined.

Now, the Council is seeking the advice of Lord Hailsham, himself a former Lord Chancellor, and will act in accordance with his reply.”



Members of the NCCL Executive Committee, Known Professions and Associated Organizations, 1974-1981.



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