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Was owner of Elm Guest House who kept list of secret VIP visitors murdered? Newly discovered files…

Was owner of paedophile palace who kept list of secret VIP visitors murdered?

11 NOV 2017

The Elm Guest House owner was found dead in 1990 but newly released files have led people to question if she committed suicide, and a call for a fresh inquest

The discovery of files that police said were destroyed has cast fresh doubts on the suicide ­verdict at the heart of the Westminster VIP paedo scandal.

Campaigners are demanding a review of the coroner’s verdict into the death of Carole Kasir and a new inquest.

Mrs Kasir ran the notorious paedophile brothel Elm Guest House in South West London. She may have kept a dossier of the perverted visitors’ names and photos from the early 80s.

The newly found files reveal her GP’s surprise at her apparent suicide. They also say syringes and vials found next to her body had not been analysed.

One source believes a fresh probe may expose a cover-up and reveal that Mrs Kasir, 47, who was found dead in her bed in 1990, had been murdered.

The Kasir files were released to ­campaigners under freedom of ­information rules after London’s Met Police said they had been destroyed.

Andrew Bridgen, Tory MP for North West Leicestershire, is among those ­calling for ­another inquest.

He said: “There is a case for a fresh investigation into the anomalies raised by these documents. One is that her GP questioned whether she had committed suicide but there are also other anomalies.”

Among the prominent people said to have visited the guest house and engaged in sex – some with consenting adults and some with children – were a government minister, a high-ranking policeman, a member of the Royal Household, an MI5 officer, traitor Anthony Blunt and Sir Peter Morrison, the Parliamentary Private Secretary to Margaret Thatcher.

A police investigation in 2015 failed to prove claims Mrs Kasir had kept a list and picture of the visitors.

A source close to the original ­investigation said: “If there’s a fresh look at Carole’s death and a full investigation into what exactly was going on at the time then there’s a good chance these things could turn up. If that happens it will blow the lid off any cover-up and it could reveal that she was murdered.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt this place is at the centre of things. The fact these files were found after the Met said they didn’t exist shows there is ­information out there that we could get.”

The papers show diabetic Mrs Kasir, convicted in 1983 for possessing obscene videos and keeping a disorderly house, tried to kill herself previously and she was found with an overdose of insulin.

Pathologist Richard Shepherd said her death was “not due to natural causes” noting her profound low blood sugar consistent with excessive injected insulin. One abnormality raised in the files is a decision by the poison unit at New Cross Hospital in London not to analyse the syringes and vials found next to her body to see if they were ­connected to her death or to check her stomach contents. Experts say this should have been normal practice in a toxicology report.

Colin Peters, a Foreign Office barrister, was also named as an alleged Elm House regular. Notorious paedophile Sidney Cooke was linked to providing boys for VIP sex parties in London.

Elm House itself was said to be home to a sauna and a video suite where sick films could be made. A man who said he was taken there as a child claimed he was plied with drink and made to wear a fairy costume while abusers chased him.

The files even raise a question mark about Mrs Kasir’s home country. The official report says she was born in Germany as Carole Weitzman, based on evidence given to the inquest by her estranged husband Haroon Kasir.

But a close family member says she was born in London and may have had the surname Jones. A campaigner said: “The fact that there are question marks over the basics makes you wonder what else went wrong. The whole thing needs re-examining.”

Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson was told by the Metropolitan Police that all the documents relating to the ­inquest had been destroyed.

Now it has emerged that information is untrue. Hammersmith ­coroner’s court, which held the inquest has ­released ­redacted accounts of the coroner’s notes, seen by the Sunday People. Evidence given by David Walker, who was a GP from the practice where Mrs Kasir had been a patient for 14 years, cast doubt on ­whether she had killed herself.

The evidence said she had ­attempted suicide in 1982, when the guest house was raided, been hospitalised after an overdose in 1984 and had a drinking problem in 1989 and was a heavy smoker.

But he said: “When there are marital difficulties you see the patient in a ­depressed light. Sometimes she was cheerful and ­friendly. I would not expect her to ­commit suicide.”

The postmortem report and the ­poisons unit report both show she had no alcohol in her body at the time of


Elm Guest House first came to public attention after MP Tom Watson raised questions in the House of Commons about a historic Westminster paedophile ring.

The house in Barnes, South West London, was said to have been used for child sexual abuse by VIP paedos in the 1980s. A 1982 leaflet published by the Conservative Group for Homosexual Equality said: “The facilities include a sauna, solarium and video studio.”

Just weeks later the guest house was raided by police. Carole and Haroon Kasir were convicted at the Old Bailey of running a brothel.

Visitors were said to have included the late Lib Dem MP and paedophile Cyril Smith.

Elm and the nearby former Grafton Close children’s home, run by Richmond Council, were subject to a police investigation, Operation Fernbridge, which led to the arrest and jailing of a Roman Catholic priest, Tony McSweeney, for three years in 2015.

John Stingmore, the former manager of the children’s home, was also arrested and charged and as the coroner’s papers show, was convicted as a paedophile after he left Richmond Council. Stingmore died just before he was due to face trial so one of the charges related to bringing a boy to Elm Guest House was never tested in court.

McSweeney’s offences did not involve the guest house.

In early 1983 Mrs Kasir was convicted with her husband Haroon Kasir of running a disorderly house.

Although the identities of many of the VIP visitors has been a source of speculation, police confirmed to a Channel 4 Dispatches programme that Smith – whose paedophile activities at Rochdale are currently being examined by the independent child sex abuse inquiry – did visit the guest house. The inquiry was also told that MI5 lied about knowledge they had he was a paedophile.


1998 Police last week confirmed that the late MP Peter Morrison had been picked up twice and never brought to trial. There appeared to be no trace of either incident in official records.

The Guardian (London, Greater London, England)

02 Jun 1998

Martin Walkerdine‏ @mwalkerdine

Colin Peters in email replying to my questions said that Operation Fernbridge interviewed him in his flat in London due to that newspaper report and deny that he never visited that guest house

Theresa May and Amber Rudd suppress Westminster child abuse documents for national security reasons

November 20, 2017

Labour MP Lisa Nandy just revealed in parliament the embarrassing inconsistencies between Prime Minister Theresa May and Home Secretary Amber Rudd over documents being hidden from the inquiry into allegations of child abuse by MP Cyril Smith.

“The Home Secretary told me that some papers would be withheld from the Cyril Smith inquiry for national security reasons,” Nandy told the House of Commons, yet she added: “this week the Prime Minister has written to me to say we are clear that the work of the security services will not prevent information being shared with other such inquiries.”

– And she challenged Amber Rudd to confirm “for the survivors of Cyril Smith who have waited for decades” for justice – whether papers on historic allegations of child abuse against Smith will be withheld from inquiries for reasons of national security.

Cyril Smith was a Liberal MP for Rochdale in the 1970’s after Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe – who later resigned amid sexual scandal – insisted the local party have Smith as a candidate even though police had investigated serious allegations of sexual abuse of young boys in care homes in Rochdale where he had been Mayor.

The police investigation was dropped in 1970. Smith died in 2010 and two years later the Crown Prosecution Service admitted that he would have faced prosecution for allegations of child abuse where he still alive with allegations that had surfaced since.

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse last month heard how Smith was a governor at several schools in Rochdale, including Knowl View, where one abuse survivor attended as a boy when Smith was governor. He gave horrific testimony of a rape by Smith.


The inquiry is investigating historic abuse in Rochdale schools and care homes and heard how police had warned that Smith had “used his unique position to indulge in a sordid series of indecent episodes with young boys towards whom he had a special responsibility.”

The inquiry was provided evidence by MI5 that the security service had been aware at the time that the Director of Public Prosecutions had lied to journalists about not charging the MP, saying a case hadn’t been referred to them.  MI5 appear to have not pursued this serious allegation as their role was “to defend the realm”, the inquiry heard.

A police report into Smith when he stood for election in 1970 read: “he has used his unique position to indulge in a sordid series of indecent episodes with young boys towards whom he had a special responsibility.”

The inquiry also heard that Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher would have been likely to be aware of the allegations against Cyril Smith when she awarded him a knighthood in 1988.

Lead counsel Brian Altman QC told the inquiry: “It is important to bear in mind the extent to which Cyril Smith continued to involve himself in serious issues related to the welfare of children. A knighthood would only have reinforced Smith’s veneer of respectability and power.”


Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Government papers relating to Cyril Smith will not be withheld, PM pledges

Prime Minister Theresa May has given assurances to an MP that Government papers relating to the late Cyril Smith will not be withheld.

Former shadow minister Lisa Nandy told the Commons that she had received a letter from the Prime Minister which stated the “work of the security services will not prevent information being shared”.

The letter prompted Ms Nandy to ask Home Secretary Amber Rudd whether she had been wrong to assert last month that some papers would be held back “under national security”.

The Wigan MP said: “Last month in this House the Home Secretary told me that some papers would be withheld from the Cyril Smith inquiry for national security reasons.

“This week the Prime Minister has written to me to say we are clear that the work of the security services will not prevent information being shared with other such inquires.

“So can she can confirm to the survivors of Cyril Smith (pictured) who have waited for justice for decades that she was wrong and that the Prime Minister is right?”

Ms Rudd replied: “Well I am happy to confirm the Prime Minister is always right and I will certainly look carefully at the letter that she has received to ensure that we comply with it.”

Smith, who was an MP for Rochdale between 1972 and 1992, is accused of sexually abusing a number of boys.

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse has heard evidence of the abuse and will publish its findings next year.

In her letter to Ms Nandy, the Prime Minister said: “As with the Government’s co-operation with the investigation into allegations of abuse at Kincora Boys’ Home in the 1970s, we are clear that the work of the security services will not prevent information being shared with other such inquires.

“Material relating to the allegations of abuse at Kincora Boys’ Home was disclosed to the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry team in full.

“To assist with disclosure, a memorandum of understanding was established between the inquiry team, government departments and security services with regards to viewing and securing potentially relevant material.

“If material was identified as relevant to the inquiry, government department and security services would consider it for public disclosure, in line with UK Government disclosure obligations.”



Back(Left to Right): Bill Morgans, Bob James, Ernie Watkins (DCC), Middle: William Edward John, George Terry (Chief Constable), Tom Townsend, John Savage, Einion Richards, Viv Richards, Alan Olson (Force Solicitor),  Merville Richards, Bill Rostron, Arthur Thomas, Bill Davies and Ernie Bright.


Sir George Terry was Deputy Chief Constable for Sussex from 1968 to 1969 and then spent three years as Chief Constable of Lincolnshire Police, before returning to Sussex as Chief Constable in 1970, serving until 1983.[1] 

HRH Crafty Muvvski @craftymuvva

The penny just dropped that the guy ushered in to do the original Kincora investigation was the same guy in charge of the force that ‘investigated’ Vishal Mehrotra’s disappearance. SafePairOfHands?


Sir George Terry

^ 23 Oct 1989 The Guardian – Sir George’s conclusions that there was no substane to allegations were roundly dismissed.

justme‏ @zante03

and Michael Mates the MP whose house was 200 METRES away from where Vishal Mehrotra ‘s body was found became an MP in 1974. 1 year anniversary of being an MP in 1975 (Playland )

I am always ASTOUNDED that the body of a young EIGHT year old boy found 200 METRES from the house of an MP has never been really looked at.  cantThinkWhy

the school Vishal Mehrotra went to is under investigation for child abuse in 70’s 80’s RICHMOND SOCIAL SERVICES + Met police investigating…time of KEITH VAZ there innit?

Vishal Mehrotra

Paedophile ring allegations: police are failing us, murdered boy’s father says

Vishambar Mehrotra fears police covered up links between his son’s killing and activities at south-west London Elm guest house

The father of a murdered child who believes he may have died at the hands of a paedophile ring involving high-profile individuals said the Metropolitan police was still failing his family 33 years on from the killing of his eight-year-old son.

Vishambar Mehrotra told the Guardian that if the police had covered up the links between his son’s abduction and killing in 1981, and the activities of paedophiles at a guest house in south-west London that is now at the centre of a new police inquiry into murders of children, they should be working even harder to bring the killers to justice today. Mehrotra’s son, Vishal, went missing in July 1981 in Putney, less than a mile from the Elm House guest house in Rock Lane, Barnes, while on his way home with his family from watching the wedding of the Prince of Wales and Diana Spencer.


Andreas Baader‏ @stop1984

” Officers found whips, chains and ropes. “They catered for every kind of perversion,” Elm Guest house



Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

Was Carole Kasir murdered? Well, it’s pretty obvious that a woman who recorded visitors to a child abuse brothel with names like Cliff Richard, Cyril Smith, Harvey Proctor and Leon Brittan wouldn’t have been short of enemies!

The coroner of the Queen’s household presided over the alleged suicide of the manageress of a child abuse brothel frequented by members of the Queen’s household?

Dr John Burton, coroner for West London, coroner of the Queen’s Household. One of 150 holders of the ancient office of coroner, which has its 800th anniversary this month.


The late Dr. John Burton, a ‘safe pair of hands’ who also presided over the Blair Peach and Lady Diana inquests.


Here are some of the highlights of the alleged VIP guest list released by Mary Moss:

Anthony Blunt, Royal Connections, MI5, traitor, Russian spy deceased.
Harvey Proctor, Monday Club, well known convicted paedophile.
Sir Peter Bottomley. Worthing MP and Monday Club
Charles Irving
Leon Brittan, Lord, ex Thatcher Minister
Peter Brooke, Life Peer
John Rowe, MI5, former MP
Cyril Smith, deceased, ex Rochdale MP
Ron Brown
Colin Jordan, Politician and author
George Tremlett, Former GLC Leader
Peter Campbell, Monday Club
Gary Walker, Sinn Fein
Cliff Richard,aged  Pop Star, known at Elm Guest House as ‘Kitty’
Jess Conrad, aged ex Pop Star.
Ron Wells, aged Musician, aka ‘Gladys’ at Elm Guest House.
Richard Miles, Monday Club
Chris Denning, ex BBC DJ, convicted paedophile.
R Langley, Buckingham Palace Equerry
Terry Dwyer
Patrick Puddles
Louis Minster, Head of Richmond Social Services
Colin Peters, QC – a convicted paedophile sentenced to 8 years in 1989
Steve Everett, Senior Westminster Social worker
Ray Wire, so called expert on Paedophile therapy
Peter Glencross, editor of Monday Club newsletter
Guy Hamilton Blackwell, son of Westland Helicopters Chairman
The following Police Officers and an alleged informant also appear on Mary Moss’s list for some reason:
Colin Peters QC, Police informant and convicted paedophile.
D. Naismith, Chief Constable Wandsworth
DC Chris Carter, CID Richmond
DC David Lines, CID Barnes
DC Ron Thornton, CID Richmond
PC Roderick Smeaton
WPC Sheila McInnes
PC Chris Wicks
WPC Elizabeth Meredith
PC Alan Jones

Mary Moss Files ( Boxes )

Martin Walkerdine made this Freedom of Information request to Metropolitan Police Service (MPS)

Dear Metropolitan Police Service (MPS),

Hello I am seeking what did happen to the 49 boxes that were seized by The Met Police at Mary Moss address and neighbouring garden shed suggesting names she obtained by Carole Kasir saying that VIP’s were involved in child abuse at Elms Guest House in Barnes from 1978 to 1982 the raid took place sometime in 2013 near St Pancras area of London.

How many people were questioned as suspects.

How many people were questioned as witnesses.

How many files went to the CPS for them to decide on charges.

Has The Met returned the boxes to Mary Moss.

What was the name of police operation or operations linked to the Mary Moss files.

Is the operation or operations still ongoing or is this line of enquiry finished.

How many officers have dealt with the Mary Moss case and how much money was spent on it.

Can you name the lead officer in charge and the police station that dealt with this.

Yours faithfully,

Martin Walkerdine

The request was refused by Metropolitan Police Service (MPS).


Cliff or Kitty? Either way we'll keep it quiet!
Allegedly Sir Cliff Richard presently has a super injunction from the High Court preventing anyone naming him in connection with Elm Guest House – don’t worry Kitty your secret is safe on the internet!
It was first reported in 2010 that Sir Cliff Richard had surrended his British citizenship and become a National of Barbados known as a “Bajan”.
On 14th August British Police raided Cliff Richard’s mansion in Berkshire looking for evidence of Child sex abuse. Later on 14th August 2014 Sir Cliff Richard released this statement from Portugal:

Here is Sir Cliff Richard’s statement of 14th August 2014 in full after police started searching his Berkshire home:

“For many months I have been aware of allegations against me of historic impropriety which have been circulating online.

“The allegations are completely false. Up until now I have chosen not to dignify the false allegations with a response, as it would just give them more oxygen.

“However, the police attended my apartment in Berkshire today without notice, except it would appear to the press.

“I am not presently in the UK but it goes without saying that I will cooperate fully should the police wish to speak to me.

“Beyond stating that today’s allegation is completely false it would not be appropriate to say anything further until the police investigation has concluded.”


Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

Ex-detective felt forced by BBC reporter to reveal Cliff Richard raid, court hears

Matthew Fenwick tells high court he felt he had ‘no option’ but to tell reporter about the search

Apr 16 2018

Matthew Fenwick, who was a detective superintendent with South Yorkshire police, said he believed reporter Dan Johnson would run a story about the investigation into the singer, leaving it “compromised”, unless he was told about the search.

Fenwick said it had been clear Johnson knew the force was investigating an allegation of child sexual abuse against Richard, because he described the singer as a “celebrity paedo” during a meeting.


Cliff Richard wins £210,000 in damages in BBC privacy case

Singer sued BBC for invasion of privacy over its coverage of child sex abuse claims

18 July 2018

Richard appeared in court to hear the verdict, accompanied by his friends Gloria Hunniford and Paul Gambaccini.

… the BBC director of news, Fran Unsworth…said the corporation could appeal against the judgment, and she warned about the wider consequences of the ruling for for press freedom.

Warning that the judgment created new case law and represented a “dramatic shift” against the ability of journalists to report on police investigations, Unsworth continued: “We don’t believe this is compatible with liberty and press freedoms, something that has been at the heart of this country for generations. For all of these reasons there is a significant principle at stake.”


In his ruling, Mr Justice Mann said that Sir Cliff’s right to privacy outweighed the BBC’s right to free expression in this case.

The judgment could have serious implications for the freedom of all media organisations to name the suspects of police investigations before they are charged.

Mr Justice Mann indicated that he would have found against the BBC even if it had published a “lower key report of the search and investigation”.


Justice Mann was involved with the contempt of court case against The Sun re: Dr Roger Birt of Elm Guest House

The Guardian 17 Nov 1987

18 Nov 1987

Truthseeker1‏ @thewakeupcall09

Dr Raymond Colin Birt was part of a large paedophile ring.


Image result for gloria HUNNIFORD AND SAVILE


Cyril Smith with Lord David Steel MP.

Steel put paedophile MP Cyril Smith forward for knighthood ‘even after he was told of abuse allegations’ 

Anthony John Wixted‏ @TrojanManifesto

IICSA Cyril Smith finding:

118. The fact that Cyril Smith’s public standing and professional career were never negatively impacted in any significant way by the suggestion that he was involved in child sexual abuse has given rise to considerable speculation that he was in some way protected by other politicians. We may consider the possibility that Smith was actively supported at the level of national politics, or at the very least, had a blind eye turned towards allegations against him, as part of the Westminster investigation.


Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

Don’t forget that many on this (Elm Guest House)  list are now convicted paedophiles or have been proven beyond reasonable doubt, e.g. Cyril Smith, to be paedophiles.

When I was a rentboy I often serviced Cyril Smith at the Strand Palace Hotel in the Charringcross Road. Cyril was unbelievably brutal and made me dress up as a Boy Scout. He used to give me thirty bob and my bus fare home.

I fail to understand why the British press has not questioned what happened to the files handed over by Mary Moss on a brothel which Cliff Richard is know to have frequented!


On the cusp of a breakthrough with Paul Settle openly saying he believed Leon Brittan was a paedophile. And then the trail went cold.



Never forget when Jim Hood stood up in the Commons and named Leon Brittan. Just what DID the striking miners of 1984 know about Brittan’s “improper conduct with children”?


@ RandolphTrent

Miners teenager young boys were lock in a mining towns detention centre at Where Leon paid a visit!

james reeves @reeves3915 Nov 1

Vaz name keeps cropping up in these reports, surely he should be suspended while investigation underway. Does he have explosive info keeping him in place?

HRH Crafty Muvva🎆 @craftymuvva

From 1981, Vaz would regularly appear in local newspapers criticising police, council decisions etc…

By 1983, he becomes director of the Labour Party Richmond Advice Scheme. How many locals approached him regarding Elm Guest House, issues in Barnes or CSA?

In 1984 he becomes Chairman for West London NCCL. Another role where people would approach him about local issues – and they did!

 Keith Vaz and the Mystery of Barnes Common

In 1982, early in his political career and before he was an MP, Keith Vaz was Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Richmond & Barnes, as well as being Solicitor for Richmond Council.

Elm Guest House on Rocks Lane, Barnes, was at the centre of a paedophile ring in 1982. Boys from Richmond Council-run care homes such as Grafton Close were supplied to Elm Guest House to be abused by VIPs.

As Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate, you would expect Keith Vaz to have spent a lot of time talking to local residents and asking them about their concerns. Local people had a good idea of what went on at Elm Guest House, as we can see from this extract from a book by Jilly Cooper, a Barnes resident at the time, about conversations she had whilst walking on Barnes Common:


I asked Keith Vaz on twitter if he remembered hearing anything about Elm Guest House at the time:


This is odd, because I would have thought Labour voters and other residents would have complained to him about the badly kept secret of what Elm Guest House was really used for. I’m also surprised there weren’t rumours amongst Richmond Council staff. Keith Vaz did seem to be very well informed about crime on Barnes Common, as this article from  a July 1982 edition of Richmond & Barnes Times shows.


Rocks Lane, where Elm Guest House paedophile ring was based, runs through the middle of Barnes Common, where the indecent assaults were happening. It’s very strange indeed that Keith Vaz was aware of one but not the other.


Author JILLY COOPER lived in Barnes, southwest London around the corner from the Elm Guest House child brothel.

Jilly Cooper was so interested in the real-life VIP paedophile ring operating at Elm Guest House in Rocks Lane that she featured it in her 1984 book, The Common Years. (see Elm Guest House and ‘The Common Years’ by Jilly Cooper)


Coincidentally, Jilly Cooper has felt the need to write another ‘story’ about a paedophile ring more recently.

Take her 2006 novel, Wicked.

One reviewer sums up Jilly Cooper’s 2006 ‘fiction’ with this damning verdict:

Quote:“Beyond Wicked – Depraved … 

The paedophiliac ring at the end was incredible

It absolutely ruined the entire book for me and left me feeling quite sick

It was entirely creepy at times and more than a touch sinister

A second reviewer found Jilly Cooper’s use of a paedophile ring for story-telling purposes “dismissive” and “tasteless”:

Quote:“I found the whole paedophile ring quite disturbing and also the rape/murder of a young girl

not because they happened but because they happened in such a dismissive way

Since these things do happen and traumatise people’s lives, it seemed very tasteless.” 

A third reviewer wonders at the “creepiness” of Jilly Cooper’s book:

Quote:“Seems even more creepy on a second reading

graphic sex scenes between 13 and 14 year olds and adults.” 

After reading such horrifying book reviews, the question must surely be this…

Wherever did former Barnes resident Jilly Cooper  whose social circle includes Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, and senior Tories such as Michael Portillo – come across such “depraved”, “sinister” and “creepy” ideas for her “sickening” books?

Well. No doubt the author is simply dying to tell the IICSA everything that she knows about the Westminster/Buckingham Palace/VIP paedophile network that surrounded Elm Guest House…

Jilly Cooper and the Anglo-Irish Vice Ring at Elm Guest House


Author Jilly Cooper and husband Leo Cooper attend the
wedding Of The Prince Of Wales & Camilla Parker Bowles
Jilly Cooper is a co-director with BRIGADIER ANDREW PARKER BOWLES (Camilla’s ex-husband) at
One of her co-directors is Harry Alan Kennard
Harry Alan Kennard is also a co-director with Sir John Chance Palmer and Roger Gale at
and Jilly Cooper was a co-director with Irving Teitelbaum at  ABBY PRODUCTIONS LIMITED

Irving Teitlebaum is a co -director with Ken Loach – at KESTREL TWO LIMITED

Visitors to Starehe:

Ken Loach, Princess Anne, King Constantine of Greece and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Indira Ghandi, Senator Robert Kennedy, Desmond Tutu, Muhammad Ali, Pele, Vera Lynn, Cliff Richard and Valerie Singleton

The film moves to Kenya, which became independent in 1963, and the charity’s Starehe School for street boys in Nairobi.
Roger Martin of Christ’s Hospital School and Starehe was just found guilty of abuse
July 4, 2019

Image result for Anthem of Bugles, in 1978.


Jilly is also pals with Cliff Richard friend Paul O’Grady, a man who worked at a West Kirby children’s home and appeared at Tucker’s infamous Laughing Duck in Edinburgh.


Cruelty Free International

Paul O'Grady: Profile






Haroon & Carole Kasir and William Everett List of Charges

HRH Crafty Muvva🎆 @craftymuvva

William Everett came from Bayswater. Did he know Colin Peters?

Who was William Everett, 38, the long term guest who was bailed and living in Bayswater and sent for trial at Knightsbridge Crown Court?

William Everett was charged with having obscene publications and bailed to appear separately. Did he? What type of pornography was it?

It would be worth asking Richmond council who took 27 Rocks Lane off the Kasir’s hands some time after the raid in 1982, because that’s when the rot really sets in…


Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

Colin Peters, at the heart of a paedophile ring.

Laing and Colin Peters were arrested as junior members of HM Diplomatic Service in Naples in 1967, aged 23 and 24.

LazerLight ‏ @Lazer_Light23

Interestingly, the third author of the book, Christopher Tadgell, is married to Lady Juliet, mother of Helena Beatrix Wentworth Fitzwilliam de Chair, wife of Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Truthseeker‏ @thewakeupcall

Convicted paedophile Colin Peters, Holbein Place, London, England, was on the EGH list

Colin Peters connected to Alessandro Moncini aka Sandro Moncini and member of the P2 Masonic Lodge.

Records Closed For 87 years Arrest of Alastair Laing and Colin Peters, members of HM Diplomatic Service, in Naples

Colin Peters & Alastair Laing NA file will be available to the Goddard Inquiry if requested

Laing retired in 2013 as Curator of Pictures at National Trust for 27 years. He studied History at Oxford under ANTHONY BLUNT!

Colin Peters, caught in Bay of Naples ferrying lads to British elite paedophiles on the islands.

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

Despite being caught ferrying kids to abusers in the Bay of Naples, Colin Peters went on to become a barrister at the Foreign Office.

Peters went on to become a FO barrister and was arrested under Operation Hedgerow as key player in a huge organised child abuse ring.

Peters could have been kicked out of FO after Naples. Instead he was protected and allowed to continue abusing for 25 years.

John Whittingdale MP (half-brother of PIE treasurer Charles Napier) with David Lidington MP

David Lidington, MoS at Foreign Office, promised that the FO would release the files immediately to Police and Did they?

Jennie Lee, wife of Aneurin Bevan, negotiated bail for him and Alistair Laing. The case was closed for decades.

Was his high-level work for the Foreign Office to ensure he kept schtum about who he was supplying boys to on Ischia?

So why was Colin Peters protected for so long, allowing him to continue abusing kids? Who were they really protecting?

What is new is the location concerning these two people as this was not revealed to me when I made FOI request to Northampton Crown Court PREVIOUSLY but was mentioned during a telephone call today by a source who I will not name yet


Paedophile ring leader, Colin Peters, linked to Barnes scandal

Convicted barrister in child-sex chain alleged to have abused boys at London guesthouse

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo
The Harwoman, the Furedis and Colin Peters all linked to Grunwick!

Harman married Jack Dromey in 1982 in Brent, London, after meeting him on the picket line of the Grunwick dispute in 1977;

Among the cases Colin Peters has conducted in the VAT tribunal have been:

  • Grunwick Processing Laboratories Ltd – a decision on the burden of proof and on the time limits for assessments


Ann Furedi

In the early 1980s, Ann Furedi worked for the PIE-linked
National Council for Civil Liberties as its Gay Rights Officer, using the name of Ann Marie Bradley.[2]
The two organisations (PIE and NCCL)were affiliated for eight years from 1975 to 1983
Patricia Hewitt was the NCCL general secretary at the time Ann Furedi worked for the NCCL.
Patricia Hewitt served as general secretary of the National Council for Civil Liberties from 1974 to 1983
Hewitt said that, as general secretary of the National Council for Civil Liberties in the 1970s, she took responsibility for the mistakes that were made and apologised for having “got it wrong” on the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE). The two organisations were affiliated for eight years from 1975 to 1983.

Explosive new evidence links Patricia Hewitt to paedophile group’s calls for age of consent to be lowered to just 10 and that incest should not be a crime


2. Mark Lilly, The National Council for Civil Liberties, the First Fifty Years, Macmillan, 1984, p. 140.
17 Jan 1983
NCCL Gay Rights officers
Nettie Pollard (voluntary)
Barry Prothero
Ann Furedi (nee Ann Marie Bradley)
Barry Prothero’s successful February 1980 application for the paid role of NCCL Gay Rights Officer (replacing Nettie Pollard, PIE Member No. 70 who’d been voluntary since the lapse of the Penthouse grant) he was attending the IGA Conference as a representative of NCCL and the London Gay Activists Alliance. He and Tim ‘Paedophile Love & Kisses’ Brown shared a house together at Davenant Road, where Fallen Angels listed its HQ as on the delegates address list.
Conspiracy Against Public Morals committee (PIE’s legal defence publicists)
CAPM attendees included NCCL’s former and future Gay Rights Officers, Nettie (PIE Member No 70) Pollard and Barry Prothero, PIE Chairman and defendant Tom O’Carroll, Fallen Angels Tim Brown and Sandy Marks (future Islington councillor and Chair of Social Services Committee) and Adrian Fulford (now Lord Justice Adrian Fulford — Senior Presiding Judge for England and Wales).
Ann Furediis the chief executive of BPAS, the UK‘s largest independent abortion provider.

BPAS trustee, Barbara Hewson

The moral lynching of Barbara Hewson by Frank Furedi

Moral Crusades in an Age of Mistrust: the Jimmy Savile Scandal by Frank Furedi – review

A book about the Savile scandal shows no interest in the victims


By George Monbiot. Published in the Guardian 9th December 2003

One of strangest aspects of modern politics is the dominance of former left-wingers who have swung to the right. The “neo-cons” pretty well run the White House and the Pentagon, the Labour party and key departments of the British government. But there is a group which has travelled even further, from the most distant fringes of the left to the extremities of the pro-corporate libertarian right. While its politics have swung around 180 degrees, its tactics – entering organisations and taking them over – appear unchanged. Research published for the first time today suggests that the members of this group have colonised a crucial section of the British establishment.

The organisation began in the late 1970s as a Trotskyist splinter called the Revolutionary Communist party. It immediately set out to destroy competing oppositionist movements. When nurses and cleaners marched for better pay, it picketed their demonstrations.(1) It moved into the gay rights group Outrage and sought to shut it down.(2) It tried to disrupt the miners’ strike,(3) undermined the Anti-Nazi League (4) and nearly destroyed the radical Polytechnic of North London.(5) On at least two occasions RCP activists physically attacked members of opposing factions.(6)

In 1988, it set up a magazine called Living Marxism, later LM. By this time, the organisation, led by the academic Frank Furedi, the journalist Mick Hume and the teacher Claire Fox, had moved overtly to the far right. LM described its mission as promoting a “confident individualism” without social constraint.(7) It campaigned against gun control,(8) against banning tobacco advertising (9) and child pornography,(10)and in favour of global warming,(11) human cloning and freedom for corporations. It defended the Tory MP Neil Hamilton (12) and the Bosnian Serb ethnic cleansers.(13) It provided a platform for writers from the corporate thinktanks the Institute for Economic Affairs (14) and the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise.(15) Frank Furedi started writing for the Centre for Policy Studies (founded by Keith Joseph and Margaret Thatcher)(16) and contacting the supermarket chains, offering, for £7,500, to educate their customers “about complex scientific issues”. (17)

In the late 1990s, the group began infiltrating the media, with remarkable success. For a while, it seemed to dominate scientific and environmental broadcasting on Channel 4 and the BBC. It used these platforms (Equinox, Against Nature, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Counterblast, Zeitgeist) to argue that environmentalists were Nazi sympathisers who were preventing human beings from fulfilling their potential. In 2000, LM magazine was sued by ITN, after falsely claiming that the news organisation’s journalists had fabricated evidence of Serb atrocities against Bosnian Muslims. LM closed, and was resurrected as the web magazine Spiked and the thinktank the Institute of Ideas.

All this is already in the public domain. But now, thanks to the work of the researcher and activist Jonathan Matthews (published today on his database http://www.gmwatch.org), what seems to be a new front in this group’s campaign for atomisation has come to light. Its participants have taken on key roles in the formal infrastructure of public communication used by the science and medical establishment.

Let us begin with the Association for Sense About Science (SAS), the lobby group chaired by the Liberal Democrat peer Lord Taverne, and whose board contains such prominent scientists as Professor Sir Brian Heap, Professor Dame Bridget Ogilvie and Sir John Maddox.(18) In October it organised a letter to the Prime Minister by 114 scientists, complaining that the government had failed to make the case for genetic engineering.(19) In response, Tony Blair told the Commons that he had not ruled out the commercialisation of GM crops in Britain.(20)

The phone number for Sense About Science is shared by the “publishing house” Global Futures.(21) One of its two trustees is Phil Mullan,(22) a former RCP activist and LM contributor who is listed as the registrant of Spiked magazine’s website.(23) The only publication on the Global Futures site is a paper by Frank Furedi, the godfather of the cult. The assistant director of Sense About Science, Ellen Raphael, is the contact person for Global Futures.(24) The director of SAS, Tracey Brown, has written for both LM and Spiked and has published a book with the Institute of Ideas (25): all of them RCP spin-offs. Both Brown and Raphael studied under Frank Furedi at the University of Kent, before working for the PR firm Regester Larkin,(26) which defends companies such as the biotech giants Aventis CropScience, Bayer and Pfizer against consumer and environmental campaigners.(27) Brown’s address is shared by Adam Burgess, also a contributor to LM. LM’s health writer, Dr Michael Fitzpatrick, is a trustee of both Global Futures and Sense About Science.(28)

SAS has set up a working party on peer review, which is chaired and hosted by the Royal Society. One of its members is Tony Gilland,(29) who is science and society director at the Institute of Ideas, a contributor to both LM and Spiked and the joint author of the proposal Frank Furedi made to the supermarkets.(30) Another is Fiona Fox, the sister of Claire Fox, who runs the Institute of Ideas. Fiona Fox was a frequent contributor to LM. One of her articles generated outrage among human rights campaigners by denying that there had been a genocide in Rwanda.(31)

Fiona Fox is also the director of the Science Media Centre, the public relations body set up by Baroness Susan Greenfield of the Royal Institution. It is funded, among others, by the pharmaceutical companies Astra Zeneca, Dupont and Pfizer.(32) Fox has used the Science Media Centre to promote the views of industry and to launch fierce attacks against those who question them. She ran the campaign, for example, to rubbish last year’s BBC drama Fields of Gold.(33)

The list goes on and on. The policy officer of the Genetic Interest Group, which represents the interests of people with genetic disorders, is now John Gillott,(34) formerly science editor of LM and a regular contributor to Spiked. The director of the Progress Educational Trust, which campaigns for research on human embryos, is Juliet Tizzard, a contributor to LM, Spiked and the Institute of Ideas. Gillott and Tizzard also help to run Genepool, the online clinical genetics library.(35) The chief executive of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service is Ann Furedi, the wife of Frank Furedi and a regular contributor to LM and Spiked. Until last year she was communications director for the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority. The coordinator of the Pro-Choice Forum, which publicises abortion issues, is Ellie Lee, a regular writer for LM and Spiked and now series editor for the Institute of Ideas.

Is all this a coincidence? I don’t think so. But it’s not easy to understand why it is happening. Are we looking at a group which wants power for its own sake, or one following a political design, of which this is an intermediate step? What I can say is that the scientific establishment, always politically naive, appears unwittingly to have permitted its interests to be represented to the public by the members of a bizarre and cultish political network. Far from rebuilding public trust in science and medicine, this group’s repugnant philosophy could finally destroy it.


Haroon Kasir EGH

Channel 4 Doorstepping Haroon Kasir of Elm Guest House

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

Would ‘Lady’ Brittan consider asking the Met what Eric Kasir, son of brothel owner Haroon, had to say about her oh so holy husband?

Did the questioning of Eric Kasir lead Paul Settle to believe that Leon Brittan, patron of Haroon Kasir’s EGH, was a paedophile?

It is possible this victim of Leon Brittan was the son of EGH owner Haroon Kasir. Any comments?

Was this US American citizen the son of Haroon Kasir and why did he change his mind?


If it is, it’s hardly surprising he is afraid to give evidence if he knows his mum was bumped off!


Did Op Midland ask Haroon Kasir who these three MPs were?


Surely Haroon Kasir knows the names of the three MPs present at EGH when it was raided in the 80s.


 The only connection yet made between Savile and Elm has been in an Exaro report which claims Haroon (Harry Kasir- husband of Carol Kasir) was friendly with Savile who often dropped in for tea. The article also reported comments that Harry became strange and withdrawn after Savile’s death and that Harry is now seeking to raise money to fund a new life, in the US, where his son lives.



ZED  @ZedTrafficker

The last I heard he wanted to go usa… Before that he was a driver for disabled children….. Talk about no safegaurding eh

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

Yes, owner of child sex brothel ferrying kids around!

P J‏ @Pamper48

2014 ‘Speaking from his top-floor flat in a smart town house in Richmond, Surrey,’



October 18, 2017

Carole Kasir Inquest – 1990


Here are a few articles reporting on the inquest in to the death of Carole Kasir – the former owner of Elm Guest House.  Allegations against MPs and other VIPs were mentioned during the inquest.

There were rumours that her death wasn’t accidental and Carole herself had claimed to have been followed by (what she suspected to be) MI5 in the lead up to her death.  However, Dr John Burton concluded that the cause of her death was suicide.  I will cover that in more detail here in due course, but in the meantime I have collated/published them for ease of reference.


(Many are from Spotlightonabuse blog)

Surrey Comet: 10 August 1990:



10 August 1990: The Slough Observer


10 August 1990: The Sport




12 August 1990: Sunday Mirror


17 August 1990: Richmond & Twickenham Times


23 August 1990: The Sport


31 August 1990: Richmond & Twickenham Times



Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo


The Guardian 23 Sept 1982


In 1972, an alleged victim disclosed to her GP that she had been abused by Jocelyn Cadbury. She called him a ‘sadistic paedophile’. A very well known journalist was told about this allegation.

Another credible journalist claimed that Cadbury killed himself (on 31 July 1982), just two days after being questioned by police in relation to Elm Guest House.

The Police and journalists at the time will know whether this is true or not. Op Fernbridge has the Police files on Cadbury. Hopefully they have shared with

Why was there no mention of Cadbury being interviewed at his suicide inquest just a few days later?

Cadbury was very close to Parris. Parris was a close buddy of Proctor. Why aren’t today’s media investigating these lines of inquiry? I’m sure their colleagues from the 80’s could help them!

Tellingly, Cadbury was PPS to Norman Lamont, who criticised the Police for wasting money on historical abuse cases.

Like Lamont, Matthew Parris, close friend of Jocelyn Cadbury, is 1 of those talking down any VIP involvement in CSA



Was Jocelyn Cadbury was one of those MPs. He committed suicide less than 1 month after the EGH raid.

Jocelyn Cadbury, PPS to Lamont who recently chastised police for spending time on CSA and was close Brittan friend.


What does Norman Lamont know about the suicide of Jocelyn Cadbury MP, his former PPS, less than a month after Elm Guest House was raided?

Is there any link between the suicide of Jocelyn Cadbury and the raid on Elm Guest House which were less than 1 month apart?

Matthew Parris – friend and defender of Harvey Proctor – Proctor’s name also appears on the Elm House Guest list



‘A consortium led by a member of the Cadbury dynasty has made a bid for DolphinSquare.

Beneficiaries will be Hague &  AlanBeith

In 72 a woman said she’d been abused by Jocelyn Cadbury

Jocelyn “killed himself 2 days after police quizzed him RE Elm GH”


Bow Group – Jocelyn cadbury

The Guardian 15 Sept 1982

19-yr old said he had information on the “murder” of a Tory MP, the late Mr Jocelyn Cadbury, Italian banker Roberto Calvi, who was found hanged in London, the imminent murder of Tory MP Mr Peter Bottomley by the IRA and corruption in the Metropolitan Police.

The Guardian 05 Aug 1982

Hearson said Cadbury, rather than having shot himself, had been murdered along with another man


We shouldn’t allow the outrage over hands laid on knees distract from MPs who abused kids and a Home Sec who was a patron of Elm Guest house


Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

Lincoln Seligman

Jonathan Denby

Colin Peters

Peter Hayman

All involved with shipping trade. Wonder whether they knew each other. Just asking

Kesgrave Hall School

Kesgrave Hall school

Kesgrave School of Kent and Elm Guest House and paedophile ring
Kesgrave School of Kent is near Ipswich
Kesgrave School of Kent is mentioned in the Mary Moss docs

Kesgrave Hall school: police files on alleged sexual abuse were ‘destroyed’

Police and Suffolk county council have said they no long have files on a joint investigation into allegations of child abuse at a boarding school for troubled boys. This is from the Guardian…

Alexander Hanff, a former pupil of Kesgrave Hall near Ipswich who has alleged he was sexually assaulted by staff at the school, said he was “deeply disappointed” that records of the 1992 investigation appear to have been destroyed. Hanff is one of 10 ex-pupils who told the Guardian they were victims or witnesses of a range of abuse at the school between 1980 and 1993.

At least 30 pupils were interviewed by police in 1992 as part of the Kesgrave Hall investigation. Four members of staff were suspended and received psychiatric help before being reinstated. The school was closed down in 1993, a year after the police inquiry, and no members of staff were prosecuted.

Suffolk police have been urged by Daniel Poulter, the Tory MP for Central Suffolk and North Ipswich, to reopen the investigation after he said he was “extremely concerned” about the abuse claims.

A spokesman for Suffolk police said on Thursday he could not say whether the investigation would be reopened. The force said in a statement: “Suffolk Constabulary no longer holds the files in relation to crimes occurring of this nature at Kesgrave Hall School due to the age of the offence and that review, retention and disposal guidelines at the time scheduled for its disposal.”

The Guardian has been told that Vivian Davies, a former director of the private company that ran the school, destroyed the vast majority of records relating to Kesgrave Hall when he moved house before his death.

Suffolk Police’s Operation Garford, which was set-up specifically to investigate allegations of abuse at the former Kesgrave Hall boarding school


Part 2, Letter from Vivian T. C. Davies, Association Chairman, Central Suffolk Conservative Association, to Enoch Powell, 5 August 1992.


Vivian T.C. Davies

Vivian T.C. Davies (who anonymously contributed ‘Maladjusted Children: From a Headmaster’)


Kesgrave/Stowmarket: Inquiries into historic child abuse allegations at three former schools

04 February 2013

The accusations, which relate to alleged physical and sexual assaults, are said to have occurred between the late 1970s and run through to the 1990s.

A solicitor representing ex-pupils of one of the schools – Oakwood School in Stowmarket – has said the number of claimants has reached three figures.

Andrew Grove, who is based in Cambridge, said: “We now have 100 complainants on the civil claim relating to Oakwood School.”

Last week detectives said they were re-opening the 1992 inquiry into alleged abuse at Kesgrave Hall independent school.

The investigation, codenamed Operation Garford, comes after former students’ calls for it to be re-opened were backed by Central Suffolk and North Ipswich MP Dr Dan Poulter.

Responding to the new inquiry, Dr Poulter said: “I am pleased that Suffolk Police are conducting a full and thorough investigation into the alleged child abuse at Kesgrave Hall school, following my intervention.

“A number of people have written to me raising concerns about abuse when they or their family members were pupils at the school, and I would again urge anyone who has been the victim of abuse to come forward and immediately contact Suffolk police.”

Four people were suspended in 1992 during the Kesgrave Hall inquiry. No charges were ever brought. The school closed in 1993.

However, a woodwork teacher Alan Stancliffe, was convicted and jailed in 1999 and again in 2007 for indecent assaults on three ex-pupils.

Two other police inquiries involving the former St George’s School in Great Finborough, near Stowmarket, and Oakwood School are also continuing.

Operation Racecourse (St George’s) has been running since the late 2000s. It has led to the independent school’s ex-headmaster Derek Slade being jailed for 21 years in 2010 for sexual and physical abuse against pupils between the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Alan Brigden (aka Morton), 67, who taught maths at St George’s, was jailed for five years last year for sexual abuse after being extradited back from Holland despite two suicide attempts.

A third man, music teacher Alan Williams, 59, who lived in Stowmarket, took his own life after being arrested on suspicion of abuse.

A 59-year-old man who taught at St George’s is currently on police bail after being arrested on suspicion of sexual abuse.

Operation Oxenton (Oakwood School) is a criminal inquiry involving 95 complainants from the civil case.

There have already been convictions linked to Oakwood School dating back to the late 1980s.

Teacher Keith Hatton was jailed for four years in 1987 for nine sex assaults, while a part-time assistant John Wills, 45, of Stowmarket – who was a teacher in other schools and a foster carer – was jailed for eight months in 1995 for sexually abusing a child.

A Stowmarket clergyman with connections to the school, took his own life in 2003 after being arrested on suspicion of sexual assault

Oakwood School shut in 2000.


Kesgrave Hall school sex abuse: Victim slept with ‘one eye open’

13 May 2016

John McKno, 70, of Alby in Norfolk, admitted nine acts of sexual indecency committed against five pupils at three different schools in the 1970s and 1980s and he has been jailed for 14 years.

One of the schools was Kesgrave Hall near Ipswich, described at the time as a school for children with behaviour problems, but who had above-average intelligence.

Children were sent there from across the country by their local education authorities and it had about 40 pupils and 12 staff at any one time.

Lee Woolcott-Ellis, now 51 and living in Kent, was a pupil at the school from 1975 to 1980 and helped police with their investigation, which eventually traced two Kesgrave victims of McKno.

“I’ve said in court it was a paedophile ring – they all knew each other, took part in indecent assaults and followed the same modus operandi,” he said.

McKno worked at Kesgrave between 1986 and 1987 but his history of offending took in two of his previous schools – Beam College in Devon (where he taught from 1978 to 1979) and St Michael’s College in Worcestershire (where he taught between 1979 and 1985).

In 1999, another former Kesgrave teacher was convicted of child sex offences.

Alan Stancliffe was jailed for two years for indecent assaults on three boys between 1977 and 1981, one of whom was Mr Woolcott-Ellis.

Suffolk Police closed its original investigation into further suspected sexual abuse at Kesgrave in 1992, but the inquiry was reopened in 2012.

Three other former Kesgrave staff, who were part of the new inquiry, died in 2014:

  • Kenneth Wheatley, 62 and also known as Kenneth Scott, was arrested on suspicion of sex offences and found dead on a railway line near his home in Barnsley
  • David Brockman, 59, who lived in Huntingdon, was questioned by police on suspicion of sex offences and died of natural causes
  • Michael Lafford, 67, who was questioned about physical abuse rather than sexual offences, took an overdose and died at his home in Bicester, Oxfordshire


A RETIRED teacher committed suicide after a police paedophile investigation unit turned up at his Bicester house with a search warrant, an inquest found.

Michael Lafford, 67, took an overdose of medication when Thames Valley Police’s Paedophile Online Investigation Team  (POLIT) attempted to search his house in November last year.

DS Paula Morgan, in charge of the unit, said they were working with intelligence that the former Ofsted inspector possessed indecent images of children.

An inquest heard that as officers knocked on his front door and identified themselves, other officers at the rear of the property saw Mr Lafford swallowing pills.


Kesgrave Hall School (1976 – 1993)

Kesgrave Hall School was a private boys’ boarding school in Kesgrave, England,[2] catering for pupils with high academic potential who were unable to flourish in mainstream schools.[1]


Alan Stancliffe was convicted, in 1982, in 1999, and again in 2007, of indecently assaulting five boys at Kesgrave Hall School where he had been a teacher from 1978 to 1980.[1][2][3]

In December 2012, former pupils of the school came forward to describe the abuse they had suffered there during the 1980s, and their call for a new investigation was taken up and successful.[4][5][6] In May 2014, after being questioned over allegations of sexual abuse, Kenneth Wheatley (Scott), a former care worker at the school and a convicted child sex offender, was found dead.[7][8] In September 2014, Alan Stancliffe died while on bail facing a fourth set of child sex allegations.[9]

In November 2014, former language teacher, house-parent and Ofsted inspector Michael Lafford killed himself by swallowing pills when police investigating online child pornography visited his house.[10][11]

In March 2016, former care staff member John McKno admitted the sexual abuse of five boys, all under 16 and one under 14, at Kesgrave Hall, Beam College in Great Torrington, Devon, and St Michael’s College in Tenbury Wells, Worcs.[12] He worked at Kesgrave Hall in the mid-1980s. On 13 May 2016, he was jailed for 14 years at Ipswich Crown Court.[13]


Sex shame of ex-teacher

26 November 2007

A former teacher convicted of sexually assaulting schoolboys hid his criminal past to find work at a Leeds college. Alan Stancliffe, 58, worked at Trinity and All Saints in Horsforth for five years, helping to arrange work experience for students. He had committed a string of sex offences against boys he taught at a private boarding school almost 30 years ago. His past came to light when he faced trial this month for sexually abusing another pupil at the same school. “Leeds Trinity were not aware of any convictions when he was appointed or during the time he was in employment here,” said director of marketing and communications, Kim Somerville. “His work did not require or involve unsupervised contact with children or vulnerable adults, therefore a Criminal Records Bureau check was not required.” Stancliffe, of Pontefract, worked at the college from December 2002 to May this year. He suddenly resigned, citing personal reasons. His work involved managing a programme to provide work links for undergraduates at the higher education college, which has about 2,500 students. During his four-day trial at Ipswich Crown Court this month it emerged that he had been convicted, in 1982 and again in 1999, of indecently assaulting four boys at Kesgrave Hall School, a boarding school for disruptive boys near Ipswich, where he had been a woodwork and technical drawing teacher from 1978 to 1980.


This systemic abuse was prevalent in the institutions I was forced to attend from the age of 6 to 16 years of age. Heanton School, North Devon and Kesgrave Hall School, Suffolk were residential, private organisations I attended as a boarder. These schools were owned and run by the same group of directors. Spending 5 years at each school during the 1970’s was to have a far reaching impact on my adult life and affect every facet of my social and professional interactions.


The police investigation was prompted by a former Kesgrave Hall care worker who reported his concerns to social services. Kesgrave Hall school closed in 1993, less than a year after the police inquiry.

Eric Richardson, the school’s head at the time of the investigation, told the East Anglian Daily Times in 1992 that the four members of staff had received psychiatric help after they were suspended. Richardson told the paper that the suspended staff were not sadists, but conceded that their conduct was “probably heavy-handed to a point that it should not have been”.

Michael Smith, the headteacher from 1984 to 1992, declined to comment explicitly when asked about the abuse claims.

Nigel Kennard, who was a director of Kesgrave Hall School Ltd, the now-defunct private company that ran the school, refused to comment.


Michael Geoffrey Smith

…it had directors (Davies and Kennard were the only names I remember hearing).


The Guardian has been told that Vivian Davies, a former director of the private company that ran the school, destroyed the vast majority of records relating to Kesgrave Hall when he moved house before his death.








…teachers found that boys from that school were ill-served by their secondary schools. The school’s prospectus, which was still in use in the late 1980s, decried the use of children as “educational guinea-pigs” and assured that the school preferred to rely on “tried-and-tested old-fashioned methods”.


The school had four headmasters: Derek Sheppard from its foundation until July 1984, Michael Smith from then until Easter 1992, Eric Richardson, a long-standing teacher and hitherto deputy headmaster, from then until Easter 1993, and John Williams, another long-standing teacher, from then until the school closed in 1993.

Houses Churchill, Mountbatten, Montgomery


Company number 04898780

Registered office address
The Ryes School Ryes Lane, Little Henny, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 7EA


15 SEP 2003 – 16 MAY 2007




Miles Everitt CARTER


Thomas Torsten FRIEDAG



Suffolk: ‘I was abused by paedophiles around the country while I was a child in care’, man alleges

06 May 2014

Murmurings of a paedophile network operating in Suffolk from the 1970s to the 1990s have grown louder over the last five years.

Earlier this month two men – a 62-year-old care worker and 65-year-old teacher at the former Kesgrave Hall school – were arrested on suspicion of child sex offences between the 1970s and 1990s.

As a result the 62-year-old man from Barnsley, was also arrested as part of the National Crime Agency’s inquiry into abuse at care homes in north Wales.

…one man has now alleged he was abused around the country as a child while in the Suffolk care system. He also said he was assaulted in the county by Peter Righton, one of the founders of the now notorious Paedophile Information Exchange.

Towards the end of his life Righton lived in a property near Eye. Henniker’s Thornham Magna

Lord Henniker at Thornham 1985


Michael – not his real name – also said he was trafficked around the country by his male foster carer to be molested by strangers.

These ‘trips’ included being taken to north Wales where the large-scale inquiry is currently going on into mass child abuse in care homes, as well as being driven down to London.

Michael has been in contact with officers from the National Crime Agency’s Operation Pallial, who are investigating the abuse allegations in Wales. He has also contacted the Metropolitan Police’s Operation Fernbridge which is investigating various allegations relating to London.

The man who Michael was placed with was in a position of trust professionally and had links to other abuse inquiries and voluntary organisations.

The foster carer was jailed by Ipswich Crown Court for sexually molesting a boy in his care and was subsequently ordered to pay compensation to Michael for abusing him.

Michael is adamant there was a paedophile ring operating in Suffolk with national links to people in positions of power.

Michael said between his foster carer and an intermediary it was arranged he would be taken to see Peter Righton.

The disgraced child care guru has since been unmasked as a paedophile who had access to all echelons of society.

A founding member of the Paedophile Information Exchange he was staying in Suffolk.

Righton’s name has been connected to some of the national abuse scandals currently being investigated.

Michael said he and others were taken to where he was staying near Eye and was abused on around a dozen occasions by Righton.




“whoever investigating THORNHAM MAGNA should check for links to home in Stonham.”

I was known and respected by Suffolk Council as a foster carer and advocate for teens and all was good until this ADMIRALTY Father had a freak out and also I started making enquiries and complaints about FOUR ELMS

all of a sudden persona non grata and they were relieved I left the country?


“In November 2012, the BBC reported that Lawrence McLean, who stayed at Four Elms as a child, was seeking compensation from Suffolk Council for the years of abuse he suffered.

He said at weekends children at the home were lined up and taken into a van where they were sexually assaulted.

He said if any children refused, they were given whisky to get them drunk.

Mr McLean said he was also forced to perform acts in the bed of Victor Copperman, who was once an officer in charge at the home.

An internal Suffolk County Council report in 2010 found that Mr McLean had been “controlled by staff at Four Elms, scary games had been played… and he had been taken into the officer in charge’s bed”. The report concluded: “There is a substantial body of recording of the view by professionals that Lawrence McLean had been psychologically and sexually abused during the period of his residence at Four Elms.” The report recommended that Mr Mclean deserved an apology from the council and be paid £6,500 compensation.

Suffolk County Council refused to apologise and offered him £200 and six counselling sessions.”

Stonham Parva is just a few miles from the village of Eye in Suffolk, where Lord Henniker’s estate is located. This is where childcare expert and network paedophile Peter Righton and his partner were invited to stay after Righton’s conviction for importing child pornography. Islington Council sent children to Henniker’s estate for years under a scheme called the Islington Suffolk Project. Source: Country house hideaway of disgraced care chief”


Police said they were also investigating allegations of a child sex ring link with the Four Elms home

In 1987 two people were shot and killed at the Four Elms children’s home in Stonham Parva, Suffolk. They were Vic Copperman, the owner of Four Elms, and his girlfriend, Thea Trevelyan.

Deidre Washington was convicted for their murders, although the judge gave her just 18 months in jail after hearing that she killed the couple because her teenage daughter, who had special needs, had been sexually abused at the home.


Joanna Washington’s nightmare began when she was 12. She had developed behavioural problems and learning difficulties at the age of eight, becoming involved in fights, and spent four years moving from home to home until she arrived at Four Elms, where Copperman was principal. There she was plied with whiskey and subjected to vile orgies of drunken debauchery.

At weekends Joanna became the victim of other paedophiles who visited the converted Georgian farmhouse in the Suffolk countryside.

Pornographic videos were taken of the children, and black magic rituals and vicious beatings occurred regularly. Eventually Jo blurted out her story while on holiday with her grandmother. She took Jo to be examined by a doctor, who confirmed that sexual abuse had taken place.

Later Jo gave Suffolk police a 60-page statement of her experiences at Four Elms, and when Dee’s solicitor visited her in Holloway she was told that police had a file eight inches thick of statements taken from former pupils at the home, supporting Jo’s allegations.



May 21 1989

ex-merchant seaman Victor Copperman

Walker Foundation School Suffolk


Home owners face action over death

Legal proceedings have been taken against the owners of a
private children’s home in Suffolk, after a teenage resident died
in an accident in the home’s grounds.

Damien Thompson, 13, died after a motorbike he was riding in the
grounds of Four Elms home in Stonham Parva crashed into a tree.

Andy White, director of environmental health for Mid Suffolk
district Council, which carried out a four-month inquiry into the
accident, said: ‘We believe there was a fault and have decided
there is justifiable legal action to be taken.’

Action will be taken against Parkside Care, the home’s owners,
under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Parkside Care
director Steve Hughes could not comment because of legal



Image result for elm guest house leon brittan

Elm Guest House List

Name at the top of the list – Leon Brittan MP

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

Thatcher knew that Brittan could have spilled the beans re. Westland and caused her resignation. So why didn’t he? Did they have dirt on him

Trade and Industry Secretary Leon Brittan and John Whittingdale arrives at Kings Cross Station, the day after his resignation from the governement following the Westland affair. 25th January 1986.

John Whittingdale, Brittan’s special adviser from 1985-1986

John Whittingdale was adviser to the secretary of state for trade and industry, Leon Brittan, during the Westland affair

In 1988 Thatcher made him her political secretary; after she resigned, he was awarded the OBE and carried on working for her, until he won the Colchester South and Maldon constituency in Essex in 1992.


...documents implicating powerful people had been discovered and not acted upon. One was a letter sent by Charles Napier, another convicted paedophile, and half-brother to John Whittingdale….


HRH Crafty Muvva  @craftymuvva

1994: Napier, according to his brother, Whittingdale, is “…someone I do not wish to talk about.”



Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

I stumbled across this tweet referring to John Whittingdale having used the alias John Napier ‘in those days’.

Now that is interesting because I was told some time ago that there was a consensus of opinion among police investigators that a John Napier who appeared as #114 on a PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange) membership list was in fact John Whittingdale.

His name appeared ‘namely’ right next to that of his half-brother Charles Napier who affectionately referred to Whippo in correspondence as ‘Little Johnny’, a man who he would entrust stuff to for safekeeping. Charles, a prolific abuser, was a very close friend of Peter Righton.

Shortly after first tweeting about #114 John Napier, this newspaper article suddenly appeared, suggesting John Napier was someone else, a brothel owner who would have been around 70 when PIE was set up. But, as they say, decide for yourselves!


Paedophile Keith Harding at his GCHQ Freemason lodge

Freemason Keith Harding played vital role in Britain’s biggest child sex ring

He met regularly with MPs Leon Brittan and Cyril Smith at his world-renowned workshop.

One of his staff, who worked for him between 1980 and 1987, said: “Leon Brittan and Cyril Smith were both regular visitors to the shop. Usually they would come in via the side door, other times they would ring the bell at the front entrance and come in.“They’d straight away ask for Keith who would be coming down the stairs.“Then they would then either go up to his office for a private meeting or they’d go out for several hours.”The former worker added: “The shop had many high profile customers, including the Royals, because we were one of the few antique dealers in the world that specialised in restoring clocks, music boxes and automatons.“It’s only now, with what I know about Brittan and Smith, and of course Keith, that has made me wonder what they were doing. Jeremy Thorpe too was an occasional visitor.”https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/576187/Keith-Harding-MPs-Leon-Brittan-Cyril-Smith-Jeremy-Thorpehttps://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/579523/Paedophile-Mason-lodge-GCHQ
Image result for Harding wearing a Masonic apron, collar and medals
Spies displaced from London and Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire, where the German wartime Enigma code was cracked, set up the Mercurius Lodge in 1957.It meets at the Grade IIlisted Cheltenham Masonic Hall, purpose-built in 1823.Harding ran the Mechanical Music Museum 10 miles away in Northleach after moving from London in 1987.In 2013, he organised a trip to the museum for Freemasons and their families.A photograph shows Harding wearing a Masonic apron, collar and medals during a ceremony a couple of years ago.The Mercurius Lodge  declined to comment.https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/579523/Paedophile-Mason-lodge-GCHQ
Henniker link?Does Keith Harding link to Henniker through Framlingham College? There is also even a lodge called Henniker Chapter in Framlingham Town. Is Harding connected to Lodge of Fidelity and their offshoot, Henniker Chapter?Old Framlinghamians 6646, Framlingham, Suffolk.The daughter lodge to Fidelity Lodge No:555 the Framlingham Town Lodge
www.ofl6646.org.uk/Henniker Chapter Chapter Number 555www.suffolkpgc.co.uk/chapters-in-suffolk-royal-arch/item/henniker-chapterwww.oldframlinghamian.com/staticpages/index.php?page=theschool

Keith Harding was a member of PIE and Whittingdale’s half-brother Charles Napier was treasure of PIE.After been found guilty of abuse as early as 1972, Napier was placed on List 99 with the Department of Education and so should not have been allowed to teach again However Peter Righton, an equally devious and prolific abuser, intervened As Director of Education at the National Institute for Social Work, Righton had become a prestigious and respected social work professional.
( The National Institute for Social Work – NISW – was a provider of services aimed at achieving excellence in practice and management in social work and social care in the UK and past employees include Sir Peter Barclay – Author with Righton of the Barclay Report – Sir Williiam Utting – Author of the Utting Report – Daphne Statham – Director – Dame Denise Platt – Chair of the Commission for Social Care Inspection – Barbara Hearn OBE Panel member on Independent Inquiry 2014 )Righton on headed NISW paper wrote to the Department of Education claiming he was a counsellor of convicted paedophiles ( in reality they were his close knit PIE friends ) and that he had counselled Napier to the point he was no longer a risk to children and could return to teaching.
He added in his letter to the D of Ed that to be doubly certain he ( Righton ) had sought a second opinion from a well known child psychiatrist who concurred with his expert opinion
The psychiatrist in question was Dr.Morris Fraser, another convicted paedophile and PIE member who wrote a supporting report on Great Ormond St headed note paperThis allowed Napier to embark on a new teaching career abroad employed by the British Council, founded by the UK Government in 1934
He was able ( by his own admission in a number of letters to Righton over many years ) to abuse countless number of boys in Sweden and Egypt over many years in the late 70’s through the 80’s until 1992 when the arrest of Righton and the discovery of these letters led to his ( Napier’s) immediate dismissalNapier and Righton ” shared ” a large number of victims, and offences,including rape, during the 80’s but never faced charges on any of the most serious cases of abuseMany questions remain unanswered including who were Napier’s referees for his employment with the British CouncilWhy was Righton allowed to reach the very top of the social work profession ( with posts at NISW and the National Children’s Bureau as stepping stones to positions as a Home Office/ Government “expert” on major reports ) despite being caught red handed abusing boys on a large scale in the 1950’s and writing quite openly in NISW and NCB journals, articles etc from 1971 onwards about his views that adult and child sexual relationships were not necessarily harmfulhttps://spotlightonabuse.wordpress.com/page/10/


Dr Richard Barker‏@swrb1

Peter Righton has since died. His partner, Richard Alston, who lived with him at Thornham Magna, has since been convicted and imprisoned for sexual offences against children.

This Year 35 years ago in 1983 Islington BC gave a grant of £3,233 to the Islington Suffolk Project which a decade later in 1993 gave haven to Peter Righton after his conviction

Why did Peter Righton hide out in Thornham Magna @ Islington Suffolk Project?

Cassandra Cogno‏ @CassandraCogno

If Lord Henniker was such a philanthropist why was he taking money off  islingtonBC for Islington Suffolk Project? Also as @ian_pace noted Richard Alston thanks Islington resident & PIE lobbyist Micky Burbidge in the foreword of Sir Colin Davis bio

Colin Davis - For The Record

Intriguing deal, Rifkind’s cousin Leon Brittan + Westland heir also on Elm Guest House list~

The Rifkind and Brittan cousins were both involved with both Westland and Unilever.

Lady Diana Brittan was Chair of the Runnymede Trust 1998-99. Diana is the widow of Leon Brittan, former Home Secretary and the man who was investigated by Operation Midland for sex offences. It was reported earlier this year that Lady Diana had received approx £100k in compensation – which was accompanied by a confidentiality clause – from the Metropolitan Police for them daring to investigate Leon. Thatcher appointed Leon as Minister of State at the Home Office in 1979 under Willie Whitelaw and then in 1983 Leon became Home Secretary himself. Whilst Leon was Home Secretary organised child abuse was concealed, the dossier naming Westminster figures who were allegedly molesting children that was given to Leon by Geoffrey Dickens MP was ‘lost’, the police abused their powers repeatedly but action was never taken against them – there was a feeling that the police had become a private army of Thatcher’s Gov’t (see post ‘A Few Of The Relevant Politicians Re Mary Wynch’s Case’). Just about everything that was the responsibility of the Home Office was riddled with corruption under dear old Leon. Whilst Leon was Home Secretary the Home Office gave funding to PIE. Leon left the Cabinet as a result of the scrap over Westland and it has been alleged that he was the fall guy to prevent it being exposed that Thatcher had lied – Leon was given a job as a European Commissioner as compensation. Leon has been named repeatedly as a child abuser himself which is partly what caused him to come to the attention of Operation Midland – that and the allegation from a woman that he had raped her many years ago.

In 2002 ‘The Independent’ ran a toadying article about Diana, identifying her as a ‘new-style Tory wife’, explaining that she was actually very similar to Tony Blair: ‘She’s just where Tony is, she doesn’t act as a result of a traditional, party political, ideological perspective, but from a moral perspective. She does something because its the right thing to do.’ We all know how moral Tony is and how he had a penchant for doing the right thing. He was after all a pretty straight kind of guy – which will be why he lied to Parliament, was mates with Berlusconi and now acts as an advisor to various dictators and kleptocrats.

The Indie was writing about Diana because she had had an upsetting experience. In her capacity as Chair of the National Lottery Community Fund Diana had OK’d grants to what ‘The Daily Mail’ had described as ‘bizarre and politically correct’ causes and ‘The Daily Mail’ had unleashed a ‘hate campaign’ against her. Paul Dacre had become vexed that Diana had given her blessing to grants to a gay choir and an organisation breeding Andean guinea pigs, but the last straw for Dacre was the funding of an organisation helping unsuccessful asylum seekers fighting deportation. The hate campaign was unleashed – the Mail urged readers to WRITE TO DIANA’S OFFICE. That is what poor old Diana was having to deal with, which is what prompted the Indie to describe her as a ‘brave woman with a moral sense of what is right’.

Diana the Brave and Moral has had her fingers in many pies. She sat as a magistrate on the City of London bench from 1984 – whilst she was married to the Home Secretary whilst the police did what they like including amending statements in order to fit people up – and was appointed a member of the EOC in 1989 and then its Deputy Chair, 1994-96. Diana became Deputy Chair of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority in 1990 – whilst IVF clinics lied to their patients and generally fleeced them (see post ‘Every Sperm Is Sacred – Particularly In Scotland’). She was Chair of the Race in Europe Network, Chair of the European Union of Women, Chair of the OU Foundation and a member of the Lord Chancellor’s advisory committee on legal education and conduct. The Indie mentions that Diana is a ‘committee person’ because those are the people who get things done and that the world of committees like people with good networks. Perhaps such as people who are married to other people who concealed serious crime for years and then popped over to Brussels to help out. I expect that Diana has had Dominique Strauss-Kahn to dinner – a delightful man…and Christine Lagarde as well, Christine who Woman’s Hour really loved and put on their Power List. The Christine who was found guilty of ‘negligence’ by the French courts regarding that business of the 403 million euros ‘arbitration’ in favour of Bernard Tapie and would have gone to prison except that she was MD of the IMF and you’re not allowed to put them in prison.

Between 1977-89 Diana was the managing editor of a ‘technical press agency’ – I wonder what sort of sins were involved there. Being the brave moral woman that she is, she ‘advised’ Jonathan Aitken after he was found guilty of perjury and was facing prison.

Diana is involved with the Carnegie UK Trust.

Diana and Leon kept a home in London where they troughed with the rich n famous, but they also had a home in Wensleydale, North Yorkshire, what with Leon being the MP for Richmond. The North Yorkshire which was the centre of a paedophile ring. William Hague succeeded Leon’s seat in Richmond, became Secretary of State for Wales despite all that boasting about being a Yorkshireman through and through and having shown bugger all interest in Wales. Upon his appointment he organised the cover-up into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal which was the Waterhouse Inquiry. When William was running for the Tory Party leadership he found himself in urgent need of a wife – the Tories were expressing great concern that he was ‘single’, which seemed a little inconsistent in so far as they had no problem with Sir Peter Morrison attending sex parties with under-aged boys from children’s homes in north Wales. Fortunately for William a suitable woman arrived as if to order – Ffion, who had been a senior civil servant in the Welsh Office whilst it concealed criminal conduct in the children’s services and mental health services in north Wales. Love blossomed, although Thatcher was disgusted that Ffion and William shared an hotel room before they were married. I have just purchased a copy of Thatch’s autobiography ‘The Downing Street Years’ – I’ve only read the foreword and introduction so far but I’ve noticed that Peter Morrison is one of those thanked by Thatch in the book. I’m looking forward to reading Thatch’s fond reminiscences re her old mate Jimmy Savile.

Following Diana’s brief stint at the Runnymede, Samir Shah was Chair of the Runnymede Trust until 2009. Samir is a media executive who certainly ticks all the boxes. He was a student at St Catherine’s College, Oxford in the 1970s as were Mandelson and others known to this blog (see post ‘A Study In Tyranny). In 1977 Samir worked for the Intelligence Unit at the Home Office whilst Merlyn Rees was Home Secretary busy concealing criminal activity in north Wales, so he’ll have found out a few interesting things and made a few contacts there (see post ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – Part III’). Then in 1979 he joined Mandy and the gang at LWT where he was a researcher and a producer on Eastern Eye, Credo, Weekend World and The London Programme. In 1987 Samir was appointed head of BBC’s TV current affairs and in 1994 he was appointed head of BBC’s Political Programmes, TV and Radio. In 1998 became Chief Exec of Juniper, an independent production company.

Shah was a Trustee for the Medical Foundation of the Victims of Torture, 2004-06 – who I seem to remember a few years ago were found to be harbouring a Top Doctor who had played a key role in the Rwandan Genocide. He was the former Chair of Screen West Midlands and was a non-executive Director of the BBC Board, 2007-10. Shah is on the Board of BAFTA, is or was Deputy Chair at the V&A Museum and in 2014 was appointed Chair of the Geffrye Museum. He is a visiting Prof at Nottingham University and sits on the advisory panel on Oxford University’s Humanities Division. Samir was also on the Advisory Group of the dear old Royal Television Society’s Cambridge Convention in 2015.

Samir Shah was followed as Chair of the Runnymede by Chris Jones who is at present still in post. Chris Jones is another broadcaster and media executive…

So those are the Chairs of the Runnymede Trust. What about the Directors? Well obviously Dipak Nandy was in place until 1973, but then he handed over the reigns to others. The Runnymede has had a few Directors with CV’s and networks as interesting as Dipak.

Usha Prashar was Director, 1977-84. Usha was born in Kenya but came to the UK – Yorkshire – with her family in the 1960s. She went to the independent Wakefield Girls School and then Leeds University, graduating in 1970. A post-graduate course in Social Administration at Glasgow University followed. Directing the Runnymede Trust certainly launched Usha into the action. She was a Fellow of the Policy Studies Institute – a think tank which later merged with Westminster University – between 1984-86 and was then appointed as Director of NCVO – the umbrella organisation for so many charitable organisations concealing serious wrongdoing. Usha was non-executive Chair of the Parole Board, 1997-2000. That was when the Parole Board appointed Colin Berry, David Mawson and Chris Hunter – three Top Doctors who concealed the abuses of psychiatry and the associated paedophile gang in north Wales – as members, as well as a number of other very questionable people.

Usha was appointed a Civil Service Commissioner in 1990 and was First Civil Service Commissioner, 2000-2005. She was a non-executive director of Channel 4, 1992-99 and a non-executive director of UNITE Group plc, 2001-04. UNITE Group plc is ‘the UK’s leading manager and developer of student accommodation’. So they’ll be the ones who built those extravagantly luxurious apartments which were ruthlessly marketed to students including those who couldn’t afford them and ended up in financial trouble. Never mind the quality of your courses, just look at the accommodation that you’ll live in if you come to study here… Usha became a Governor of De Montfort University in 1996 and was Chancellor, 2001-2006. In recent years after the arrival of a new Vice-Chancellor, DMU has became a much happier less dysfunctional place. Whilst Usha was on board however a lot of very odd things went on at DMU and a number of recent graduates ended up in scandals, including a social worker who was caught illegally smuggling a baby into the UK which she had purchased in Africa. The staff at the time kept flagging up that things were unravelling on the ground, but they were ignored.

Usha was also appointed a Trustee of the BBC World Service Trust in 2002 and a non-executive Director of ITV plc in 2005. She is or was President of the Royal Commonwealth Society and Deputy Chair of the British Council. She was Chair of the National Literacy Trust, 2001-05.

Usha served on the Hutton Inquiry into Iraq. The inquiry into the conduct of Usha’s friend Tony Blair who had given Baroness Usha her peerage in 1999.

Usha is a Trustee of Cumberland Lodge, ‘an educational charity initiating fresh debate on the burning questions facing society’. The website of Cumberland Lodge has no sign of anything educational or anything remotely fresh, although the slogan ‘creative thinking and inclusive dialogue’ is emblazoned across the site – but they do hold their meetings in a lovely castle and there’s plenty of photos of that. The castle in question is Windsor Castle. That’s so inclusive that I might drop into a meeting of Cumberland Lodge myself.

The intellectual powerhouse that is Usha is also a Governor of the Ditchley Foundation, which was established to ‘promote international understanding and relations, especially Anglo-American’. The Ditchley Foundation was founded in 1958 by Sir David Wills, a descendant of W.D. and H.O. Wills, the tobacco barons. It is based in Ditchley Park, another splendid building for Usha to do her thinking in, near Chipping Norton. So Rebekah Brooks and Cameron are just down the road then.

The Chair of the Ditchley Foundation is Lord George Robertson, Secretary of State for Defence under Blair, 1997-99 and then NATO General Secretary, 1999-2003. That went well then. The Chairman of the Ditchley Foundation between 2000-09 was Sir John Major, former PM, one time bedfellow of Edwina Currie and the protector of the paedophiles of north Wales via the vehicle of William Hague.

The Director of the Ditchley Foundation from 2010-16 was Sir John Holmes, a former diplomat who also held a senior role with the UN. Sir John was Principal Private Secretary to Blair whilst Blair was PM and he was also involved in the N Ireland peace talks – in which whatever happened at the Kincora Boys Home was used as a negotiating tool. Sir John Holmes has just been appointed Chair of the Electoral Commission.

The Director of the Ditchley Foundation, 1999-04 was Sir Nigel Broomfield, a former diplomat who was Chairman of Leonard Cheshire Disability, 2004-09.

Virtually all the Directors are of this ilk – former diplomats who have done a stint with the UN and who often have links to defence officials.

What about Usha’s fellow Governors at the Ditchley Foundation? Here are the names of some of them:

Lord Adonis, David Cameron, Margaret Beckett, Virginia Bottomley, Lord Carrington, Robin Butler, Shami Chakrabarty, Menzies Campbell, David Hunt, Geoffrey Howe, Neil Kinnock, David Miliband, Pauline Neville-Jones, Malcolm Rifkind, Jack Straw, Shirley Williams, Peter Jay, Paul Boateng.


Image result for "queen" + "leonard cheshire"

The Queen talking with Leonard Cheshire in 1983

Image result for "queen" + "leonard cheshire"

The Queen meeting  Leonard Cheshire during a visit to the Sue Ryder Foundation in Cavendish

The Queen has been patron of Leonard Cheshire Disability since 1980. She offered Park House on the Sandringham Estate to our charity, which is now used as an award-winning hotel for disabled people.

Image result for "queen" + "leonard cheshire"

Park House was offered to the Leonard Cheshire Disability charity by the Queen in 1987



Image result for "queen" + "leonard cheshire"

Working Timeline for Child Abuse and Savile related

This is designed as mainly a thread for dates and basic info to add to the timeline below. This first post by me will be updated continually whenever possible with relevant dates to the Savile thread and child abuse scandals and can be used as a point of reference aside the Savile thread. Contributions, suggestions, corrections and extra detail all very welcome.


1950’s onwards – organised and sophisticated worldwide network of paedophiles in operation began.
Distribution of pro – paedophile propaganda began.

1951 – Savile’s Tour of Britain cycle race.

1955 – earliest recorded instant by police of abuse by Savile, in Manchesterwhen running dance hall.

1958 – 1967 – Savile’s radio career begins at Radio Luxembourg

mid 1950’s – Savile manages the Plaza Ballroom on Oxford Road, Manchester.

1955 – 56 – Savile manages Mecca-owned Palais dance hall in Ilford, Essex.

mid 50’s – mid 60’s – Savile living in Salford; later period with Ray Teret, who became his
support DJ, assistant and chauffeur

Late 1950’s/early 1960 – Savile manages the Mecca Locarno ballroom in Leeds.

1958 – 1967 – Savile Radio Luxembourg

1959 – Maggie Thatcher MP Finchley.

1961, 1st January – Conservative Monday Club founded by Ian Greig, Paul Bristol, Cedric Gunner and Anthony Maclaren.

1963 – Profumo scandal

The Guardian 03 May 1988

Stephen Ward at the centre of the Profumo affair was killed on orders from MI5, according to an unnamed MI6 operative. The MI6 contact told them Ward was a threat. He is quoted as saying there were sex photographs, which could damage the Macmillan government and the royal family. …on the night he died, Ward wrote to the Home Secretary, Henry Brooke, but the letter was suppressed.

1963 – 1968 – abuse at Kincora boys home, Belfast, home to 168 boys age 15 – 18. (3 staff jailed 1981).

1963 – Lord Boothby begins an illicit affair with East End cat burglar Leslie Holt. Introduced to the Krays.

Underworld connections and factTom Driberg MP involved not reported until 1964 inSunday Mirror, despite
conservative Sunday Express knowing earlier.

Krays criminal activities continue for c.3 years, til 8 May 1968
when arrested.

1964, New Year’s Day – Savile presented the first edition of Top of the Pops at BBC.

1965 – 1988 – Savile volunteer porter and fundraiser at Stoke Mandeville hospital. Also had his own quarters there.

1966 – Savile introduced to Mountbatten by Prince Philip.

1967 – and for next 18 months, 13 yr old Guy Marsden, Jimmy Savile’s nephew, taken to wealthy celebrities houses in London
with his friends, where men sexually abused girls and boys as young as 10, with Savile present. Showbiz names and Priest,
victims from orphanage or childrens home.Originally taken frm Euston station by men who coincidentally knew Savile as abusers.

1967, July 27th – Decriminalisation of Sexual Offences Act 1967 is passed in an Act of Parliament that decriminalises homosexual acts in private between two men, both of whom had to have attained the age of 21.

1968 -Savile’s Travels, BBCradio 1.

1968 – 1970’s – Savile volunteers as volunteer porter at Leeds General Infirmary. One of victims only 5.

1970, December – one of the earliest photographs we know of, of Jimmy Savile with Prince Charles, Yorkshire Post Press Room.

early 1970’s – snuff films came into existence – name alledgedly derived from Charles Manson.

early 1970’s – John Peters, Englishman who takes part in ‘Bjorn tape’ video of horrific sex assault on 8 yr old boy, and former soldier,
goes AWOL after being charged with having sex with a 14 yr old boy in public toilets near his base in Sutton Coulfield.
Later goes on to be convicted in Denmark of a separate offence of child abuse.
70’s – 80’s – abuse in Islington’s children’s homes under watch of Margaret Hodge.
Abuse in childrens homes nationally during this period an epidemic.

1970 – Edward Heath wins election and becomes Prime Minister.

1970 – Maggie Thatcher appointed her Secretary of State for Education and Science by Edward Heath.

1970 – to present day – The Spartacus International Gay Guide published, annually. originally by John D. Stamford, currently by Bruno Gmünder Verlag in Berlin, Germany.

Peter Glencross the commercial Manager. Allegedly an international paedophile ring with an estimated 30,000 members. A good resource for paedophiles looking for children to molest. Listed countries, areas addresses and prices to spend the night with a child.

1970’s – Jimmy Savile awarded honorary green beret by the Royal Marines

1970 – first recorded instance of abuse by Savile at Duncroft school in Surrey.

1971 – Jimmy Savile OBE

1971 – 1973 – Payola scandal. Radio 1/BBC sex for airtime. Savile questioned.

1972 – John Stamford convicted of sending obscene literature through the post. Shortly after leaves for Holland.

1973 – Margaret Hodge elected as a councillor for the London Borough of Islington.

mid 1970’s – Paedophile Action Group for Liberation breakaway group from Gay Liberation Front.

Later merged with P.I.E. P.I.E. campaign to legalise sex with children over 4. Peter Righton founding member.

1974, February – Edward Heath no longer Prime Minister.

1974, February – Leon Brittan MP for Cleveland and Whitby.

1974 – Chris Denning’s first conviction for gross indecency and indecent assault at Old Bailey.

1974 – 1990 – a series of incidents of child abuse occurred within the North Wales children’s homes.

Some initial reports did not appear in public.

Keith Gregory claims at Bryn Estyn Savile and brother Johnny were visitors in Howarths flat and boys were brought to them.

Deputy Head Peter Howarth, former ex-Tory MP Sir Peter Morrison, and also named by others.

Steve Messham claims in 2012 Alastair McAlpine abused him there.

1975 – Jimmy Savile 10 day ‘state visit’ to Israel. He meets President Ephraim Katzir and Jerusalem mayor Teddy Kollek, and
was organised by John Levy of the Friends of Israel Educational Trust.

1975, 30 October – 1980, 17 Nov- The Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe begins murder spree.

Savile viewed as a suspect and questioned by West Yorkshire Police. Moulds taken of teeth.

1975 – Thatcher beats Edward Heath in Tory leadership election to become leader of the opposition.

1975 – Thatcher meets Alastair McAlpine at a dinner party and subsequently appoints him Treasurer of the Conservative Party until 1990.

1975 – Savile beat and raped girl at Stoke Mandeville hospital as part of a satanic ritual with other adults in the hospital
basement. He chanted ‘Hail Satan’ in Latin. Girl first spoke out in 1992.

1975 – 1976 – North Fox Island abuse, USA. Francis D Shelden missing since his “youth camp” on Fox Island
turned out to be a pedophile and child porn haven. Frank Shelden owned North Fox Island in Lake Michigan–
a private island near Traverse City. Shelden also wrote for Better Life Monthly “seeking liberation for boys
and boy-lovers.” He was also Frank Torey editor of PAN and of Spartacus notoriety with Stamford.

1976+ – photo of Savile at Haute de la Garenne (dated from Superspike t shirt)

mid 70’s – allegations of abuse by Jimmy Savile at Haut de La Garenne. Victim comes forward 2008.

1976 – ‘Understanding Paedophilia’ by P.I.E. took over original P.I.E. newsletter, mainly by Warren Middleton.
Designed as a serious journal with articles from psychologists designed to give paedophilia ‘respectability’.
Later replaced by ‘Magpie’.

1976 and 1977 – Oakland county child killer, unidentified serial killer responsible for the murders of
four or more children, two girls and two boys, in Oakland County, Michigan, USA. Frank Shelden/Torey?

1977 – Maggie Thatcher appears on ‘Jim’ll Fix it’. She says to Jimmy ‘When I was small I didn’t think there ever could be
a woman prime minister, but we hope you’re going to fix it, Jimmy,’ she cooes. He states fortuitously (?!), ‘I already have
done, privately, but I didn’t want everyone to know,’. 2 years later she becomes Prime Minister.

1977 – ‘Childhood Rights’ published by P.I.E.  A regular publiation assimilated into Magpie when editor (‘David’) died.

The Paedophile Information Exchange PIE was allegedly given £70,000 by the Home Office between 1977 and 1980 – the equivalent today of about £400,000.

A former Home Office worker revealed that Jim Callaghan’s Labour government and Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative administration, which took over in 1979, may have provided funding for PIE.

The whistleblower said senior civil servant Clifford Hindley, who was head of the Home Office’s voluntary services unit, signed off a three year grant for £35,000 in 1980.


Patricia Thornton of Haut de la Garenne on the Raines list


Patricia Thornton oversaw Haut de la Garenne during the 1950s and early 1960s.

The octogenarian — who in 1996 was awarded an MBE, a prestigious British award by Queen Elizabeth for her services to the community — insists that no abuse took place under her watch.

“I am quite sure I would have known if there were such incidents,” Thornton said in an interview with ABC News.


Clockwise from top left: Phil Mourant, John Rodhouse, John Le Marquand, Charles Smith, Reg Jeune, Jim Thompson – Senior Officials who have never seen any thing wrong in Haut de la Haut de la Garenne

Senior officials were Jersey home staff

Feb 29, 2008

A number of staff at the Jersey children’s home where claims of child abuse are being investigated include former senior education officials and a former minister for finance on the island.

A child’s skull has been found in the cellar of the home, and it was confirmed today that “significant” finds announced yesterday included a shallow bath and shackles. Former residents had claimed such devices were kept in the cellar where children were allegedly drugged and abused.

The names released today include the island’s former senator and finance minister Reg Jeune, who was president of the education committee from 1971 to 1984 and lives on the island.

One of the home’s former staff is Jersey’s director of education, Mario Lundy, and previous education directors were John Rodhouse, who held the position in 1974 and Herbert Wimberley in 1962.

John le Marquand was president of the island’s education committee from 1960; it is understood he lives in a care home in St Helier.

Terry Streetle was a children’s officer in 1986 and is now thought to live in west London.

Patricia Thornton was the island’s children’s officer in the early 1960s and Charles Smith, also a children’s officer, retired in 1984.

Frank Walker, the island’s chief minister, said that no government employees were the “subject of any police recommendation”.


Patricia Thornton, who was responsible for the wellbeing of youngsters in the home from the early Fifties to 1973, insists she took no part in any abuse or cover-up.

The 85-year-old, who lives in the village of Cheriton, Hampshire, said: “It’s awful if it’s true but I saw no evidence of it when I was there. “I just find it difficult to believe that all these horrible things were going on and I knew nothing about it.”

Miss Thornton, who received an MBE in 1996 for her services to the community, said she was proud of her work at the home.

She added: “When I first arrived in Jersey, there was a home for boys at Haut de la Garenne and a separate home for girls which was not being run very well.

“I was very concerned about the welfare of the girls so I closed it down, pensioned off the lady who had been running it and moved the girls into the boys’ home. I was very surprised when I read about the scandal. I feel quite shattered.”

But police are continuing to treat Morag Jordan, a former matron at the home, as a suspect.


Half of all top IRA men ‘worked for security services’

December 21 2011

Half of all senior IRA members in the Troubles were working for intelligence services, a secret dossier of evidence into the murder of two RUC men has claimed.

The remarkable document has laid bare a startling series of claims about the infiltration of both the police and terror groups during the ‘Dirty War’.

It claims the IRA ran agents in the RUC and also that Dundalk Garda station was regarded by British intelligence as “a nest of vipers”, with at least two officers actively assisting the Provos.

The information is contained in a secret 24-page document in the name of Ian Hurst — a British intelligence whistleblower — which has been seen by the Belfast Telegraph.

The sensational claims are due to be made to Justice Peter Smithwick’s Dublin tribunal of inquiry into the murder of two senior RUC officers in 1989.

The victims, Chief Superintendent Harry Breen and Superintendent Robert Buchanan, died in a hail of IRA gunfire as they crossed the border following an intelligence exchange with the Garda in Dundalk.

The dossier also claims:

  • The shadowy Force Research Unit (FRU) had a file on suspected rogue gardai prepared to pass information to the IRA and act as its agents. MI5 also had a network of agents with the Garda.
  • The IRA had a network of informants in public agencies such as social security offices and vehicle licensing departments.
  • One in four IRA members was an agent, rising to one in two among senior members.
  • Martin McGuinness was involved in all strategic military decisions taken by the IRA.

At the centre of the web of intrigue sat the IRA’s head of internal security, the agent known as Stakeknife, who took information from rogue gardai while himself working for British intelligence.

Perhaps the most shocking claim is that a rogue Garda Sergeant leaked intelligence to Stakeknife. Stakeknife has been identified as Freddie Scappaticci, a veteran Belfast republican.

Scappaticci has strongly denied working for British intelligence and said he had cut his links with the IRA in 1990. He is legally represented at the Smitwick Tribunal and is now considering giving evidence in person.

Last night Mr Hurst refused to comment on the document.

He said: “I believe that this was made public to mess me about. I cannot comment on it because of an injunction preventing me from giving details of my career in special forces.”

Mr Hurst worked in military intelligence between 1981 and 1990, spending most of that time in the FRU, responsible for handling agents and informants in Irish paramilitary groups. The injunction has been varied to allow him to give evidence to Smithwick in Dublin.

However tribunal lawyers are insisting that he give his testimony in closed session, something he suspects is part of a deal with the British authorities to limit potentially embarrassing disclosures.

One of the alleged rogue officers in Dundalk has already been indentified. Owen Corrigan, a detective sergeant, was named by Jeffrey Donaldson under Parliamentary privilege. Mr Corrigan, now retired, has always denied the allegation and appeared at the tribunal to reject them. He is one of three gardai, two based in Dundalk and one in Donegal, named in the document.

In the document Mr Hurst says “the fact that a Garda was passing information to the IRA did not bother me anymore or any less than in the same way members of the RUC/UDR/BA (British Army) occasionally passed information to the IRA and regularly to members of various loyalist paramilitaries.”

Mr Hurst assisted John Stevens’ inquiry into security force collusion with terrorists in Northern Ireland.

The document states Lord Stevens told him that of 210 terrorist suspects he arrested, only three were not security force agents, and some worked for several agencies.


The Smithwick Tribunal is examining claims that members of the Irish police or other employees of the Irish State colluded in the murders of the two most senior RUC officers to die in the Troubles. Chief Superintendent Harry Breen and Supt Robert Buchanan were shot dead while returning from a meeting at Dundalk Garda station in the Republic. The tribunal has so far heard evidence from a number of witnesses, some of whom have alleged that members of the Garda passed information to the IRA.


Doubts about Ian Hurst’s reliability were dispelled after I published stories based on his information back in 1999.

The first, an unlikely sounding tale claiming military intelligence had doctored bullets used to shoot Gerry Adams, was immediately confirmed by the Defence Advisory Committee. After that he was arrested, and I was questioned under caution.

For a time I gave him the pseudonym Martin Ingram to obscure his identity, but now that alias has been dropped.

He was the first member of the Force Research Unit (FRU) — the dark corner of military intelligence which ran agents in terrorist groups — to speak publicly.

He had two tours of duty in Northern Ireland. Between 1982 and 1990 he was in Londonderry handling agents like Frank Hegarty, an IRA quartermaster later murdered for betraying a cache of Libyan weapons, and Willie Carlin, who got out just ahead of the execution squad.

A second tour was in Enniskillen between 1990 and 1991. There he met his wife, from a Donegal republican family. That affected his vetting and he bought himself out of the Army in 2003.


Penetration of the Provisionals

Mr Hurst was responsible for handling agents in the IRA and for a time had enhanced access to other agents’ reports, though not their names, on military intelligence computers. He has painted a picture of an organisation penetrated at almost every level and with its head of security, Stakeknife, working for the other side. The document says: “As a rough guide you should expect one in four PIRA volunteers to be agents of one agency or another.” Lord Stevens (above), the former Met chief, is quoted as

saying that only three out of 210 terrorist suspects he arrested in a collusion probe in Northern Ireland were not working for either the RUC, MI5 or the Army. The document claims that Hurst secretly taped a conversation with RAF Air Vice Marshal Andrew Vallance, who was quoted as telling him that the most sensitive matter was the identity of Stakeknife and his role as a British agent.

IRA agents within the Garda

The document claims that the FRU had a file on suspected rogue gardai prepared to pass information to the IRA and act as its agents. It names three people who were allegedly on the list, two in Dundalk and one in Donegal. It quotes Basil Walsh, a senior Garda officer who Mr Hurst met in 1999, as saying he was aware of one named Garda who worked for the IRA. Mr Walsh allegedly told him “that every time something was done to try and eradicate the mess something happened to intervene”. The document also claims MI5 had a network of agents with the Garda. MP Jeffrey Donaldson has named retired detective sergeant Owen Corrigan under Parliamentary privilege in the House of Commons in April 2000, as being a “rogue garda”. Mr Corrigan denies all allegations of collusion. Last week former agent Kevin Fulton claimed Corrigan was passing information to the IRA and was regarded as a “friend” of the group

Role of McGuinness in the IRA

MR Hurst once backed claims that Martin McGuinness reported to MI6, the British foreign intelligence agency. This was based on a document passed to him, and accepted by him in good faith, after he left the Army but which appears to have been a forgery. The document does not repeat that claim but it does put Mr McGuinness in a central role in the IRA. It states the IRA’s “security unit came under the operational command of Northern Command” and adds “the person in charge of that unit throughout the entire Troubles was PIRA member Mr James Martin McGuinness”. It accuses McGuinness of being “directly involved in matters of life and death for persons rightly or indeed wrongly suspected of informing on PIRA members. Mr McGuinness was also a key player in the long-term strategic strategies used by PIRA”. McGuinness has always denied such a leading role and stated that he left the IRA in the early 1970s.

Republican intelligence gathering

It is claimed that the IRA had a network of informants in public agencies such as social security offices and vehicle licensing, North and South. This echoes claims by Martin McGartland , a former RUC agent in the IRA. One section of the document reads: “PIRA was extensively penetrated at all levels, most sources of the information to PIRA were readily identified (by military intelligence) but seldom compromised.” To back up its claims that the intelligence services turned a blind eye to IRA intelligence sources, it claims that in the early 1990s a FRU agent was targeted by the IRA with the help of a social security employee who is still working in the same office. It claims that the IRA could informally “obtain information from driver licensing, social security, councils, utilities far quicker than the FRU”, especially in cross-border areas where red tape was involved in working through the RUC and Garda.


Stakeknife, the Army’s key agent

Stakeknife was a key military intelligence agent within the IRA, a man with a hotline of his own which gave him direct contact with dedicated handlers in an office known as the ‘rat hole’. When he called, he identified himself with a code number, but Mr Hurst learned his true identify by chance while manning the phone. Stakeknife had been caught drink-driving and gave uniformed police the hotline number in an effort to extricate himself. Hurst vouched for him, and it has been claimed that Stakeknife was Freddie Scappaticci, though Mr Scappaticci strongly denies this. The document expands on Stakeknife’s role as head of the IRA internal security. It claims he controlled IRA agents in the Garda. The most corrosive suggestion which Justice Peter Smithwick will have to consider is that officers Breen and Buchanan were allowed to die rather than risk compromising the Army’s most important agent in Ireland.


The web of collusion and spies

MR Hurst has frequently claimed some members of the RUC, UDR and Army colluded with terror groups. The statement portrays a wilderness of mirrors in which every organisation has the other penetrated to some degree and “all sources have a shelf life”. It talks of British agents in the Garda, Garda agents in Northern Ireland, IRA agents in the RUC and Garda and RUC agents in the IRA. It states “the fact that a Garda was passing information to the IRA did not bother me any more or any less than in the same way members of the RUC/UDR/BA (British Army) passed information to the IRA and members of various loyalist paramilitaries. It was a matter for HQNI and the RUC and way above my pay grade … in other words it was a strategic and not a tactical problem”. It concludes that none of this “registered massively on the Richter scale, it was just a fact of life, indeed it was well within the rules of our game!”



A BELFAST woman is suing British agent Freddie Scappaticci for allegedly sexually assaulting her when she was a child.

Court papers seen by The Irish News reveal that the IRA member is accused of assaulting the woman between 1976 and 1978. She is claiming for personal injury, loss and damages.

The woman is believed to have been a teenager at the time. It is understood the allegations were reported to police.

A PSNI spokesman said: “We do not comment on named individuals and no inference should be drawn from this.”

Details of the court action come just weeks after Scappaticci, who is believed to be the agent Stakeknife, was convicted of possessing extreme pornographic material in a London court.

The woman is also claiming damages from the PSNI chief constable and the secretary of state for the Home Department, which has responsibility for the Home Office.

Although Stakeknife is believed to have been handled by the British army, police and MI5 may also have had knowledge of his role.

The claim against the chief constable is for personal injury, loss and damages by negligence and misfeasance in public office in causing or permitting the abuse. The woman is also claiming on the grounds that police failed to investigate the abuse.

It is claimed that Scappaticci was a key member of the IRA’s internal security unit and was involved in interrogating dozens of suspected informers, some of whom were later killed.

Before Christmas Scappaticci pleaded guilty to possessing disturbing images. Westminster Magistrates Court heard that the charges related to at least 329 images, many involving animals.

Officers from Operation Kenova – set up to investigate Stakeknife – discovered images after seizing a laptop which was on a living room coffee table when they searched Scappaticci’s home last January.

Prosecution papers obtained by The Irish News revealed that Scappaticci had a history of depression and had tried to take his own life.

He later claimed he viewed extreme pornography because he was feeling depressed and suicidal.

The woman’s solicitor, Kevin Winters of KRW Law, said: “As this case touches upon matters of huge sensitivity it wouldn’t be appropriate to go into any detail or comment other than to confirm the High Court action forms part of a wider series of themed litigation against the state and other parties.”


Charles Manson / child pornography / Son of Sam / David Berkowitz / Roy Cohn / Andrew Crispo / Abraham Beame


The Ultimate Evil by Maury Terry

Secret service infiltrated paedophile group to ‘blackmail establishment’

BRITISH security services infiltrated and funded the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange in a covert operation to identify and possibly blackmail establishment figures, a Home Office whistleblower alleges.

The former civil servant has told detectives investigating the activities of paedophiles in national politics that the Metropolitan Police’s Special Branch was orchestrating the child-sex lobbying group in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The whistleblower, who has spoken exclusively to the Sunday Express, says he was also warned off asking why such a notorious group was being handed government money.

It emerged late last year that PIE was twice gave amounts of £35,000 in Home Office funding between 1977 and 1980, the £70,000 total equivalent to over £400,000 in today’s money.

Those details surfaced only after the whistleblower highlighted his concerns to campaigning Labour MP Tom Watson and his revelations have triggered an ongoing Home Office inquiry into why the cash was given to PIE which was abolished in 1985 after a number of prosecutions.

Until now, speculation about the grant has centred on Clifford Hindley, the late Home Office manager who approved the payments. However, the whistleblower told the Sunday Express he thought higher and more sinister powers were at play.

He has given a formal statement to that effect to detectives from Operation Fernbridge, which is looking into allegations of historic sex abuse at the Elm Guest House in south-west London

PIE, now considered one of the most notorious groups of the era, had gained respectability in political circles. Its members are said to have included establishment figures, and disgraced Liberal MP Cyril Smith was a friend of founder member Peter Righton.

In 1981, Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens used Parliamentary privilege to name Sir Peter Hayman, as a member of PIE and an active paedophile. In 1983 Mr Dickens gave the Home Office a dossier of what he claimed was evidence of a paedophile network of “big, big names, people in positions of power, influence and responsibility”. The Home Office says the dossier no longer exists.

Whistleblower Mr X, whose identity we have agreed to protect, became a very senior figure in local government before retiring a few years ago. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, he was a full-time consultant in the Home Office’s Voluntary Services Unit run by Clifford Hindley.

In 1979 Mr X was asked to examine a funding renewal application for PIE, but he became concerned because the organisation’s goal of seeking to abolish the age of consent “conflicted” with the child protection policies of the Department of Health and Social Security and asked for a meeting with Mr Hindley, his immediate boss.

PIE was being funded at the request of Special Branch which found it politically useful to identify people who were paedophiles. This led me not to pursue my objections. At that time, questioning anything to do with Special Branch, especially within the Home Office, was a ‘no-no’.

“I was under the clear belief that I was being instructed to back off and that his reference to Special Branch was expected to make me to do so.

He asked for a file the Home Office kept on PIE, but his request was refused. However, he was certain then Tory Home Office Minister Tim Raison, who died in 2011, must have signed the 1980 funding application.

Mr X has given a formal written statement to the inquiry set up last year into former Home Office links with PIE but has refused to meet the inquiry in person because he fears “repercussions” under the Official Secrets Act.

Special Branch was an integral part of the intelligence service gathering intelligence on spies and political threats to the state.


1977, 19 September – members of P.I.E. first open meeting in London at the Conway hall in Red Lion square.

Members attacked by outraged mothers.

1977 – victim, aged 11, abused by Peter Righton and other members of P.I.E. in London until 16. Cyril Smith
+ other vips allegedly involved.


1978 – Leon Brittan made Queen’s Counsel.

1979, 4th May – Margaret Thatcher Prime Minister.

1979, 27th August – Lord Mountbatten killed by IRA bomb on boat in Ireland.

1979 – 1981 – Leon Brittan Minister of State at the Home Office, and then made Chief Secretary
to the Treasury, a Cabinet position.

1979 – 1983 – Harvey Proctor MP Basildon.

1979 – 1983 Alastair McAlpine deputy chairman of Tory party.

1979, 5th November – Martin Allen, 15, disappears. Last seen by a friend at King’s Cross Tube station
as he made his way home from school. Man and boy seen acting suspiciously at Earl’s Court, just a few miles
from Elm Guest House. Photofit bears remarkable resemblance to Harvey Proctor.

1979 – 81 – Vincent, abused in Elm Guest house age 11 and house next to church in Sea Rd, Bexhill abuse.
‘two men’ mentioned twice – same ones? Filmed – took big boxes away.

same time Grafton Close raided after cleaner came in to tidy and found photos and videos of young people behind the cushions,
staff disappear and one got 3 months probation and then went back to working with children.

1979 June – 1985 ”PAN: A Magazine About Boy Love” published. Changed to ‘Paedo Alert News’
in 13th issue. Published by John Stamford and Frank Torey, Spartacus Association.
Edward Brongersma and Frits Bernard frequent contributors.

1979, 15th & 21st November – Anthony Blunt’s wartime role as spy exposed by Thatcher in House of Commons after
‘Climate Of Treason’ book by Andrew Boyle and Private Eye’s expose.

late 1970’s – Savile forms relationship with Prince Charles after coming together through their work with
wheelchair sports charities.

1980 – Stringfellows, Covent Garden opens.

early 1980’s – Derek Laud becomes first black member of the Conservative Monday club.

1981 – 1987 – Ray Wyre starts at Albany Prison, Isle of White, working with category A prisoners.
Pioneered group therapy for sex offenders here. Also HMP Parkhurst IOW. Kray was among
his charges at Parkhurst.

1981 – Maggie Thatcher describes Savile’s work as ”marvellous”. 11 consecutive new years spent with
Savile at Chequers.

1981-4th August (Royal Wedding) – Vishal Mehrotra goes missing on way home to Putney, less
than a mile from Elm Guest House, whilst ‘Kings and Queen’s’ at Rocks Lane in full swing.
Body found in 1982 in woodland in Sussex.

1981 – ‘Perspectives on Paedophilia’ published with chapters by Peter Righton and DrMorris Fraser (Azimuth trust).
Derides ‘moral panic’ over paedophilia & says that with ‘the child’s willing compliance . . . the sex is unlikely
to do much harm’.

1981 – 3 senior care staff at Kincora boys home jailed for abusing 11 boys.

1982-1992 – Margaret Hodge emerges as council leader of Islington.

1982 – Falklands War.

1982 – two men, John Rowe & Terry Dwyer, persuade Carole Kasir to change Elm Guest House into a place for homosexual men.

1982, June – CGHE strongly recommends Elm Guest House in their newsletter.

1982, 8th August – MET’S Special Patrol Group raid Elm Guest House, (this when 17-year-old rent boy who acted
as ‘in-house masseur’ was detained & who also appeared on dr who & Royal Command performance), resulting
in charges being brought for running a disorderly house. 2 undercover officers were embedded as guests
making secret radio recordings in a plastercast. Less than 10 people present during raid.

1983, 9th June – General Election. Thatcher wins, Leon Brittan changes his seat to Richmond.

1983 – 1987 – Harvey proctor MP Billericay.

1983 – Kasirs convicted at the Old Bailey of running a disorderly house, fined & given suspended

1983 – Brighton boy, 6, attacked and sexually assaulted in car by 3 men whilst walking home. Police
question PIE members in connection with the attack, but the crime remains unsolved to this day.Over 1
million people sign petition demanding legislation to make paedophile groups such as PIE illegal, but
Leon Brittan refuses to do anything.

1983 – Alastair McAlpine no longer deputy chairman of tory party.

1984, 30 Jan – ‘Maggies Militant Tendency’ documentary by BBc exposes Tories far right wing leanings.
Examines Neil Hamilton, Harvey Proctor and Gerald Howarth.

1984 – Geoffrey Dickens MP hands over 50 page dossier on VIP child abuse with links to Em Guest House to the Home Office.
Later’Encouraging’ half hour meeting with Home Secretary Leon Brittan.

1984, June 1st – Mark Tildlsley, 7, lured from fair & murdered by Sydney Cooke and gang. No prosecutions
made, and Cookes role in murder not investigated unril 1999.

1984, 21st May – The Conservative Monday Club under Thatcher revises its constitution. Prolific publications occur;of booklets,
pamphlets, policy papers, an occasional newspaper, Right Ahead, and a magazine Monday World.

1984, Savile accepted as a member of the Athenaeum, a gentlemen’s club in London’s Pall Mall,
after being proposed by Cardinal Basil Hume.

1984 – Alastair McAlpine created a life peer in the New Years Honours List taking the title Baron McAlpine of West Green of
West Green in the County of Hampshire.

1984 – IRA bomb Brighton Hotel. Alastair McAlpine on a target list of the IRA.

mid 80’s – Derek Laud becomes a researcher and special adviser, working for Conservative Members of Parliament and government

1985 – first public allegation of abuse in Islington’s Council care by Demetrious Panton to Margaret Hodge.
(very existence of which would be ignored until 1989).

1985 – Chris Denning imprisoned for 18 months for gross indecency with a child.

1985, November – Jason Swift, 14, brutally raped & murdered by Sydney Cooke & three accomplices
– Leslie Bailey, Robert Oliver & Steven Barrell.

1986, January – Leon Brittan resigns over Westland affair.

1986 – Sunday Times expose Spartacus. Undercover reporters offered 2 boys in manila, 8 & 14. He said
“If you are discreet, I can guarantee you will get as many boys as you want in the Philippines.

1986, October – Neil Hamilton and fellow MP Gerald Howarth (one of his closest friends), sue the BBC for libel
owing to documentary ”Maggies’ militant Tendency”.Prosecution financed by Sir James Goldsmith, Taki, David
Davis and Lord Harris of High Cross. Hamilton and Howarth were awarded £20,000 each and in the next edition
of Panorama on 27 October, the BBC made an unreserved apology.

1986 – Childline launched by Esther Rantzen.
1987 – Harvey Proctor resigns as MP for Billericay after after being fined pounds 1,450 for acts of
gross indecency; he was involved in homosexual spanking sessions with young male prostitutes.

1987, 10th March – Daniel Morgan, private investigator for Southern Investigations murdered in pub car park,
Sydenham, following important police corruption probe, phone hacking and seeking witnesses against Proctor
and Hamilton for Maggies Militant Tendency legal threats.

1988 – Harvey Proctor opens his tie shop in Brewers Lane, off Richmond Green, with generous investment from
many MPs and acquaintances. A second shop follows in Knightsbridge.

1988 – Gracewell Clinic, Moseley, Birmingham, established by Ray Wyre. The first residential
treatment centre for sex offenders anywhere in the world.

1988, August – Savile appointed by junior health minister Edwina Currie chair
of an interim task force overseeing the management of Broadmoor Hospital, after its board members had been suspended.

1988 – for 3 yrs – Azimuth Trust, sailing charity for disadvantaged boys based in Cornwall set up by Dr Morris Fraser
and Michael Johnson. Photographed naked boys. Dr Fraser, like Peter Righton, contributed sympathetic chapters to ‘Perspectives
on Paedophilia’ pub 1981. Fraser intro’d at least 1 boy to Charles Napier.

1988 – Alan Williams (21) and Warwick Spinks (25) set up Boys Club 21 and Gay Palace in Amsterdam.

1988 – Chris Denning jailed for three years for indecent assault on a 13-year-old boy and possession of indecent photographs.

1989, May – Sydney Cooke sentenced to 19 years in Wandsworth Prison for manslaughter of Jason Swift.

1989, Feb 3rd – Colin Peters, Alan Delaney, Ernest Whittington, Victor Burnett, sentenced at the Old Bailey for involvement
in a ”sex ring” which ”lured boys as young as 10 into prostitution” over a 5 yr period (around 1983 – 1987). Convictions arose
from yr long investigation, ‘Operation Hedgerow’. Police believe part of a much wider ring involving ”influential, professional people
and its tentacles reach into Westminster and Whitehall”. Said to ”resemble the Mafia in its organisation and strength.” Colin Peters,
alleged ringleader who received 8 yrs, a former barrister and Foreign Office official from Bayswater.
He is also listed as a guest in the documents relating to Elm Guest House. Alan Delaney also possibly on a photograph
contained in the Elm documents.
Group now linked heavily to the Elm Guest House scandal and Operation Hedgerow bears striking ”similarities” to Operation Fernbridge,
and similarly involves child trafficking to Amsterdam.
Judge said it resembles the Mafia possibly because it is indeed connected to it!.. ”Informed sources in Britain believe that the Delaney Peters ring and the Moncini-linked networks are connected, and that both are part of an international pedophile conspiracy.”

1989 – Leon Brittan knighted. Also resigns as MP to become European Commissioner for Competition at the European Commission.

late 1980’s/by 1990 – Amsterdam bars/scene – Boys Club 21 (Alan Williams), Gay Palace (Spinks), Boys for Men,
De Boys,The Blue Boy busiest watering holes in intrntnl paedophile jungle. 250 paedophiles involved in production
child pornography in Amsterdam. Amsterdam bars (Nick Davies)

late 1980’s – Savile allegedly acted as an informal marriage counsellor between Prince Charles and Princess Diana,
at St James’ Palace. Former Royal Family press secretary Dickie Arbiter later said Savile’s behaviour had raised
“concern and suspicion”.

1989, June- 1991, November – Michael Johnson of Azimuth Trust assaults 2 boys, 9 and 11, 50 times.

1990’s – Scallywag magazine names Alastair McAlpine.

1990 Naypic helping Carol Kasir.

1990 Carol Kasir found dead age 47 in her flat. Coroners inquest concludes suicide by insulin overdose.
NAYPIC employees believe murdered.

1990 – ‘A’ contacted NAYPIC- a teenage victim/witness of a British paedo ring who said he was forced to film snuff movies
in a warehouse in or around Amsterdam. Before could give testimony was drugged & pulled into van
in front of Moss’ home where hed been staying. Already been threatened & followed; never heard of again.
‘The Elite Twelve’ paedophile group would pay up to £ 5 000 to children to take part in the videos.

1990’s Jimmy Savile banned from Children in Need, says Sir Roger Jones, former BBC governor for Wales and chairman
of the charity.

1990 – Alastair McAlpine no longer Tory party treasurer.

1990 – Jimmy Savile awarded Knighthood

1990 – Jimmy Savile awarded Papal Knighhood by Pope John Paul II.

1990 – IRA bomb the West Green House mansion in Hartley Wintney, where Alastair McAlpine had lived just weeks before,
and where in the past Thatcher had been a guest.

1990, 28th November – Maggie Thatcher no longer Prime Minister.

1990 – Rochdale, up to 20 children were taken from their homes and parents after social services believed them to be
involved in satanic or occult ritual abuse. The late 80’s and early 90’s prominently featured citations of satanic ritual abuse.

1990 – 1993 – ‘Frank’, informant from Nick Davies article caught up in paedo underworld & witnessed snuff film with
Spinks in Canaries. Kid no older than 12. Detectives discovered Alan Williams and friends had been discussing doing
this in the barn of a German from one of the Spuistraat clubs.

1991,24th Feb – The Observer runs a lengthy article entitled “Far Right takes over the Monday Club”, stating that a number
of senior members had tendered their resignations in protest at the Club’s “takeover” by “extreme right-wingers”, some
of whom were also members of the Western Goals Institute.

1992, April – mysterious fire breaks out in the third-floor flat in Palmeira Avenue, Hove, Brighton which kills
5 people, Several former Clwyd children’s home residents are thought to have been among the guests: two at least Bryn Alyn residents
and knew John Allen very well – Adrian Johns and his brother Lee (also known as Lee Homberg). Adrian Johns dies and
Lee Johns is injured, found dead in 1995 after testifying in John Allen’s trial.

1992, September – Peter Righton founder of P.I.E. at 66 pleads guilty to three charges of importing or possessing obscene material —
paedophile gay porn — after customs officers at Dover intercepted two packages addressed to him. Tom Watson claims in 2012 this file of
evidence used to convict him contained ‘clear intelligence’ of a sex abuse gang.
Quits job at National Children’s Bureau.

1992 – Neil Hamilton (currently a gov minister) and Harvey Proctor attacked in Proctor’s shop in Richmond – on – Thames. Hamilton’s
nose broken in the ”gay bashing expedition”.

1992 – Spinks was first investigated in 1992 after police identified him as a dangerous child abuser with links to paedophile rings
in the UK and Europe.
He divided his time between England and Amsterdam, where he acted as a fixer introducing sex tourists to young boys in the Dutch city.

1993 – Gracewell Clinic (Ray Wyre) closes after pressure from local public.

1993, July – Manuel Schadwald, 12 year old Berliner, (allegedly murdered in snuff film) goes missing. Police belatedly
try to find him in late 1990’s after initially being labelled a runaway, owing to increasing North European press reports
of trafficking of boys from Berlin to the Netherlands.

1993 – Dr Morris Fraser (Azimuth Trust) convicted for possession of child pornography.

1994 – Homosexual age of consent lowered to 18 in the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.

1994 – Peter Howarth, former deputy head of Bryn Estyn, jailed for 10 years of abusing boys.
Dies in prison.

1994 – Peter Hatton – Bornshin, abused whilst under care of Grafton childrens home when 11 in the 80’s, commits suicide at 28.

1995 – Wolvercote Clinic (Ray Wyre) opens in Epsom, Surrey, secret location, part – funded by the Home Office.

1995 – Leon Brittan becomes European Commissioner for Trade and European Commissioner for External Affairs, also serving as
Vice-President of the European Commission.

1995 Geoffrey Dickens dies.

1995 – John Stamford dies in prison from heart attack age 56, just before standing trial on child sex charges.

1995 – 1996 – Marc Dutroux kidnapped, tortured and sexually abused 6 girls from 8 – 19, murdering 4. Alleged member of mass sex ring involving VIP police and government in Belgium and Le Chateau des Amerois which included torture and murder.

1995 – Lee Johns, former Bryn Alyn resident, found dead after testifying in John Allen’s trial.

1995 – John Allen founder fo Bryn Alyn community jailed 11 years for indecent assaults on boys in his care.
November 2012 seen working at a Premier Inn.

1995 – Charles Napier, treasurer of P.I.E. convicted sexual assault against minors in London.

1995 – Warwick Spinks sentenced 7 yrs reduced on appeal to 5 at Lewes Crown Court, East Sussex, jailed for sexual
offences against boys.Convicted for serious sexual assault at knifepoint, taking a child without lawful authority
and taking indecent images of children. Lewes Crown Court heard that he had he drugged a 14-year-old boy and “sold him”
to a gay brothel in Amsterdam. Flees the country before end of 5 yr sentence whilst on license (after 30 months) in a
London probation hostel, rips off several credit card companies on a spending spree in the boy bars in Fuggerstrasse
in Berlin and finally settles in Prague. Forges links with Chris Denning.
Before his arrest running notorious Why Not brothel in Amsterdam.

1996, March – Chris Denning imprisoned for 10 weeks for publishing indecent photographs.

1996 – Charles Napier investigated as being an alleged member of a paedophile network operating in British schools.

1997 – Spinks tracked down in Prague by The Sunday People. Posing as Dutch property consultant with name Wilhelm Pavel,
shaved moustache, has ‘minders’, lives in flat in smaller suburbs of Prague, conducts ‘tours’ through hidden websites
and e mails, taunts Scotland Yard (sent postcard), has gay lover Jakob, 22. ”Between us we have 8 apartments with access to another 68”.
Uses clubs like Pinocchio’s or escape for lads like on run frm conscription. Website run frm friend in Budapest.
Minibus, apartment, tours routine for punters.

1997 – Dutch journalists dig out a history of sightings of Manuel Schadwald which suggests he had been put to work in a brothel in
Rotterdam, run by a German, Lothar Glandorf, now 36. After ignoring complaints for 18 months, Rotterdam police targeted him and found he had
been selling hundreds of boys. Of those they could trace, nearly half were under 16.

1997 – Chris Denning jailed Prague for 3 and a half years after paedo ring investigation.

1997 – Cash for Questions parliamentary enquiry. On 3 July 1997, the enquiry found Neil Hamilton guilty of taking
“cash for questions”, as well as Smith.

1997, 31 August – death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

1997 – James Chalkley moves from his Stepney Flat in London to Amsterdam. Ex Eastenders actor connected to the Harry Jeffries,
Peter Howells (‘Actor and agent’), John Peters (Abuser in the Bjorn video), and Warwick Spinks international paedophile ring. Mentioned in documentary ‘The Boy Business’

1998 – David Icke names McAlpine in book ‘The Biggest Secret’. No legal action follows.

1998, April, Edward Brongersma, Dutch Senator and Doctor of Law, dies. Defender of rights of paedophiles
and contributor to PAN.

1998, April – Sydney Cooke paroled.

1998 – John Peters (‘Bjorn tape’ attacker) believed to be in Asia.

1999 -Gary Glitter convicted for possession of child pornography in the United Kingdom. (4 000 hardcore photographs of children being abused).

1999 – Savile invites Prince Charles to glencoe cottage for private meal. Local ladies dressed in pinafores.
Christmas card received ”Give my love to your lovely ladies in Scotland”.

1999/2000 Spinks’ whereabouts revealed and file sent to UK cops (‘People’).

1999, December 17 – Sydney Cooke sentenced 2 life sentences in Wakefield Prison for 18 sex offences
between 72 and 81 which came to light after Dispatches programme.

1999 – Leon Brittan resigns with rest of the Santer Commission amid accusations of fraud.

late 1990’s – increasing press reports in North Europe on trafficking of boys from Berlin to the Netherlands.

2000 – Homosexual age of consent in England and Scotland lowered to 16, (Northern Ireland 17) – same as for heterosexuals –
in the Sexual Offences (Amendment) Act of 2000. Jack Straw wanted the law passed ”as soon as possible”. The rarely used
Parliament Act had been invoked to get the measure onto the statute book, only the fourth time since World War One that it
has been used. Accusations of ”by – passing parliament” and a ”constitutional outrage”.

2000, April – documentary by Louis Theroux about Jimmy Savile.

2000 – Harvey Proctor’s stores forced into liquidation after legal action by Customs and Excise over an unpaid VAT bill.

2002, July – Wolvercote Clinic (Ray Wyre) closes owing to public pressure and DOH selling of land.

2003, May – Grant Russell, sex tourist, murdered in Vinohrady apartment, Prague, belonging to Warwick Spinks and Vladimir and called ‘Toucan Apartments’.

2004 – Comments on a Dutch blog suggest Warwick Spinks was seen working at Pinnochio bar in Prague around this time.

2005 – 2007 – investigation into News International Phone Hacking Scandal.

2005, 19th December – Rolf Harris unveils his portrait of the Queen, commissioned to mark the monarch’s 80th birthday the following year.

2006 – Savile appears on final edition of Top of the Pops.

2006 – Court in Vietnam finds Gary Glitter guilty of committing obscene acts with minors. Career irreparably damaged.

2006/2007 – Savile sent 80th birthday card by Prince Charles saying “Nobody will ever know what you have done for this country Jimmy. This is to go some way in thanking you for that.” With a box of cigars and some cufflinks.

2007 – Jimmy Savile interviewed under caution by police investigating an allegation of indecent assault in the 1970s at Duncroft
Approved School for Girls, which Savile treated as a ”paedophile sweetshop”. Mr Williams-Thomas said: “The 2007 investigation
offered the best opportunity to catch Savile. It raises questions about why the one person who could have provided information
was not spoken to.

2007 – Peter Righton dies whilst living on a baronial estate in Suffolk which was regularly used as a holiday
centre for disadvantaged children in Islington, despite earlier convictions for possession of abusive images
of children.

2008, March – Savile started legal proceedings against The Sun newspaper, which
had linked him in several articles to child abuse at the Jersey children’s home
Haut de la Garenne. Later admitted visiting after publication of photo.

2008, June 20 – Ray Wyre dies, aged 56.

2008 – Chris Denning extradited back out of Britain after serving 2 years of a further 4 year sentence
and jailed in October for 5 years in Slovakia for producing child pornography. (where he had been living
prior to his extradition to Britain).

2009 – Jimmy Savile interviewed under caution by Surrey police investigating an alleged indecent assault
at Duncroft school. The CPS advised there was insufficient evidence to take any further action. This was
the year of the last offence recorded by the current investigation. Police failed to interview headmistress.

2010, August – Leon Brittan returns to government acting as trade advisor to the Coalition.

2011, October 29 – Jimmy Savile dies.

2011 Prince Charles leads tributes to Savile. The Prince and the Duchess describe themselves as ”saddened to hear of
Jimmy Savile’s death and their thoughts are with his family at this time.”

2011, 9th November – Jimmy Savile’s funeral. His funeral took place at Leeds Cathedral and he was buried at Woodlands Cemetery in Scarborough, in an upright golden coffin buried at a 45 degree angle, facing the ocean and a school.

2012 Spinks finally arrested and put back in prison to serve remaining 18 months

2012 , 3rd October – Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile aired on ITV. Statements by Savile’s victims.
Esther Rantzen, founder of Childline, admits hearing rumours of Savile’s abuse of children but says ”rumours are not evidence”.
Hundreds more victims come forward following programme.

2012, 24th October- Tom Watson uses his Parliamentary privilege to request police to look afresh at at claims of
an historic “powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and No 10”. He refers to Peter Righton, a former consultant
to the National Children’s Bureau, who was convicted of importing and possessing illegal homosexual pornographic
material in 1992. He states that files on this man contained “clear intelligence of a widespread paedophile ring”.
David cameron appears perplexed

2012, 28th October – Gary Glitter aka Paul Gadd first person to be arrested in London under strand of Yewtree ‘Savile and Others’ for alleged sex offences. Bailed until mid – December.

2012, October – MET Police launch Operation Fairbank, secret scoping exercise into allegations of historic sexual abuse
in the 80’s by politicians and VIP’S. Launched as a result of Tom Watson’s claims in parliament, of the existence of a
“powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and No 10”. Only to be publicly revealed on 12th December.

2012, 1st November – Freddie Starr becomes 2nd person arrested by Operation Yewtree. Claim that he tried to molest a
14-year-old girl in Savile’s BBC dressing room in the 1970s. He strenuously denies the allegation. Released on bail until mid –

2012, November 11th – Wilfred De’ath arrested in Cambridgeshire under Operation Yewtree as an actress alleges he sexually assaulted her in 1965. He denies any wrongdoing.

2012, Nov 2nd – BBC airs Newsnight programme during which Steve Messham DOESNT name Alastair McAlpine as an abuser at Bryn Estyn. He nonetheless apologises, on the 9th, saying he got the name wrong, as does the BBC, which is now in turmoil. George Entwistle resigns on the 10th, BBC pays £185 000 plus costs to the BBC and £125 000 from ITV for their This Morning programme. McAlpine goes on to sue Sally Bercow and threatens to sue Twitter users. The importance of free speech never clearer, nor more attemptedly suppressed.

2012, 21 November – Exposure Update: The Jimmy Savile Investigation, was shown on ITV.

2012, November 29th – Leveson report published along with a 48-page executive summary. Leveson found that the existing Press Complaints Commission is not sufficient, and controversially recommends a new independent body, which would have a range of
sanctions available to it, including fines and direction of the prominence of apologies and corrections. Many see the move as statutory
regulation of the press. Lord Hunt, the current chair of the PCC, says the new regulator should be set up by summer 2013.

2012, November 29th – Rolf Harris interviewed under caution for Operation Yewtree on suspicion of sex offences.
Police raided Berkshire home on November 24th but not at home. Offences ‘not linked to Savile’.

2012, 6 December – Max Clifford arrested under Operation Yewtree on suspicion sexual offences that date back 40 years.
The fifth person to be arrested and the sixth person to be quizzed under Yewtree. ”Not linked to presenter Savile”. Rebailed
on 17th December to a date in February pending further enquiries.

2012, 11 December – MET police state investigation into abuse by Savile complete.

2013, January 2nd – Jim Davidson one of 2 men arrested by Operation Yewtree under suspicion of sex offences
against women, not linked to Savile. The second is a 53yr old arrested in Hampshire. Davidson denies the allegations.

2013, 9th January – Documents from NAYPIC worker Mary Moss which were photographed and put online taken
under warrant by police working on Operation Fernbridge. Transcripts attached to linked site.

2013, January – Yewtree report ”Giving Victims a Voice” published. ‘Most frequent offending between
1966 and 1976’, ‘total of 450 victims, 328 children’.

2013, 17th January – MET Police launch Operation Fernbridge, a full investigation into allegations that
politicians were members of a paedophile ring which abused children in care in the 1980s. Centres on the alleged
historic sexual abuse of children at Elm Guest House, in Rocks Lane, a suburban street in Barnes, south-west London,
and Grafton Close Children’s Home, Richmond. Follows on from Operation Fairbank, a scoping exercise launched in October
as a result of Tom Watson’s claims in Parliament. It is being run by the Specialist Crimes and Operations Directorate,
and led by the Child Abuse Investigation Command. We later discover 7 officers are working on the case.
Tom Watson’s response to launch and appeal for witnesses;

2013, January 27th – Cyril Smith named in Barnes abuse case. It is claimed that the late MP attended parties at a London guest house
where boys from a local care home were regularly assaulted.

2013 – Feb 2nd – ”Timebomb at Elm Guest House”. Could this be the biggest Establishment cover – up yet?.
”Pop stars, a bishop and a top politician appear on a list seized by police investigating child abuse at the London hotel in the 1980s.”

2013 – 6th Feb – John Stingemore, 70, St leonards on Sea East Sussex, and Tony McSweeney, 66 a Roman CatholicPriest
from Norfolk arrested by MET police under OP Fernbridge and questioned at Belgravia station in relation to Elm Guest
House abuse allegations.

2013, March 20th – Jim Davidson arrested for second time (first in January) under Operation Yewtree ‘others’ strand
about new allegations of sexual offences claims by several women dating back 20 years, and one 35 years. All were
adults and he denies the allegations.

2013 – March 25th – Wilfred De’ath, former BBC producer, released without charge after being arrested as part of the
investigation under Operation Yewtree. Blames a ”different culture” back then for reason for not ”grassing him up” and
failing to report Savile for spending the night with a girl as young as 10.
2013 March 28th – Rolf Harris arrested under Yewtree, 2 days before 83rd birthday. Falls under strand termed ‘others’.
Rolf vehemently denies claims. Bailed until May.

2013, April (reported 6th and 7th) – Scotland Yard Commander Peter Spindler dramatically quits in the middle of the high-profile
investigation into Jimmy Savile and other celebrities. Decision surprises insiders who expected Spindler to see Operation Yewtree
through to finish. He instead begins two-year secondment to the police watchdog Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary.
Det Chief Supt Hamish Campbell who led the Jill Dando murder inquiry, is temporarily put in charge of Yewtree.
(Comes 6 weeks after alleged imminent arrest of prominent former Tory cabinet minister suspected of being part of a VIP ­paedophile
ring that was regularly handed boys by child rapist and killer Sidney Cooke for vile sex orgies.)

2013, 25th April – Freddie Starr arrested for second time under Operation Yewtree over further allegations of sexual
offences. Bailed until June.

2013, 26th April – Max Clifford charged with 11 indecent assaults against girls and young women between
1965 and 1985.

2013, May 14th – Jim Davidson interviewed under caution (not re – arrested) by Operation Yewtree officers over
claim he sexually assaulted a woman in the Falkland Islands in the 1980’s.

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2013, 23rd May – Rolf Harris bailed again until August (previously until May).

2013, May 24th – recent reports of James Chalkley and his twin brother George being found dead in their flat in Fuengirola, Spain with
plastic bags on their heads and their mouths taped over. Ruling of ‘suicide’ despite the strange circumstances. James Chalkley
was an Eastenders actor connected to the Harry Jeffries, Peter Howells, John Peters and Warwick Spinks international paedophile ring talked about in this documentary, and much of which is covered in the Nick Davies article. He moved to Amsterdam when he ‘retired’ in 1997 from his Stepney flat and was residing in Spain 13 years before his death.

2013, June 3rd- Chris Denning arrested under Operation Yewtree.

present day

Savile was an opportunistic ‘lone wolf’ apparently who escaped Royal Protection vetiing, despite everyone else knowing
what and who he was. Everyone seemingly ‘lone wolves’.

Nobody seems to know where the Dickens the Dickens dossier went, or why leon Brittan didnt act then and cant remember now.

Police reveal scale of Elm Guest House investigation into alleged paedophile ring

Chronological List of Elm Guest House and Richmond Press Cuttings compiled by Murun from http://spotlightonabuse.wordpress.com/ and Needleblog.

Richmond Council fail to respond positively with FOI requests.

Former Tory Cabinet Minister about to be arrested…..in February (16th). (Oh wait, but that was when Spindler was
still in the job – he ‘resigned’ and got moved on).

Sydney Cooke allegedly handed boys to a former minister suspected of being part of a VIP ­ paedophile ring for
vile sex orgies.

Sydney Cooke in Wakefield prison.

Warwick Spinks dangerous sadistic paedophile allegedly out of prison after paltry sentence. Back in Prague apparently.

To come:-

2013, Summer – Lord Hunt, the current chair of the PCC, says new press regulator should be set up by this time.

2014, January – Bill Roache will face trial over alleged sex attacks on five girls as young as 11. Charged with two counts of raping a 15-year-old girl in 1967 and also faces fresh charges of five indecent assaults against four girls aged 11-16 in 1965 and 1968.

2014, March 4th – Max Clifford to go on trial for alleged sex offences.




Ron and Reggie Kray with Terry Spinks and Sonny Liston

Mr Spinks, a nephew of the Olympic boxer Terry Spinks

The Krays: The original black and white photograph of Ron Kray and Lord Boothby also photographed are Charlie Clark, Goodfellow (Boothby’s butler), Terry Spinks and Mr and Mrs Billie Exley. This photograph was held by Ron as blackmail over Boothby; later given to JP by Ron’s mother, Violet. Accompanying this is letter from Ron in Durham Prison stating that he has asked his mother to give John the photograph, NOW WITH a banning order from the Governor of Tangier excluding Ron from Morocco in 1966 as an ‘undesirable’
This photograph is of a dinner at The Old Society restaurant in Jermyn Street, (now the night club ‘Tramp’), in early 1964. Ron organised it as a thank-you to Boothby fr taking him to dinner at The House of Lords a few weeks earlier.
For Reggie, the good times looked set to continue. On 20 April, he married the woman he had courted for three years. 21 year-old Frances Shea. The wedding was celebrated in typical Kray style, with Rolls-Royces. David Bailey as the official photographer, celebrities such as boxer Terry Spinks in attendance and congratulatory telegrams from Judy Garland, Barbara Windsor and many others.
Terry Spinks was at Ronnie Kray’s funeral

PIE secretary Keith Harding

One of his former employees said the clockmaker had described his role for the group as “membership secretary”.

In December 1980, the BBC’s Jim’ll Fix It filmed Harding at his workshop in Islington, north London, where he fixed a music box belonging to a 13-year-old girl whose letter was shown on screen requesting the repair.

She then appeared with her younger brother in the studio alongside Harding and Savile.

The girl’s brother Dean, now in his 40s, has told BBC News the feature was “set up” by the production team who instigated the item by approaching the family.

He said: “She was asked to write that letter. The way it came about was that my uncle was asked by his then girlfriend, who was a researcher at the BBC, if anybody in the family had a musical box.

“Obviously the letter must have been done after the facts.”


Image result for treasurer keith harding

Freemason and PIE member:

William Keith Harding had been convicted of indecent assault against four children aged eight and nine in 1958 when he was a teacher. 



^ Keith Harding’s  shop

93 Hornsey Road, London N7, just across the road from the Sobell Sports Centre

Shop is near Holloway Road Underground station on the Piccadilly Line


Keith’s wife Eva “is also in on the act,…”


1987 Hardings move to Gloucester

1992-1993 Eva Harding is a director at Gloucestershire Chamber Of Commerce And Industry

Keith Harding in the 1990s speaking about his PIE membership:


2002 – Hardings divorce

GLOUCESTERSHIRE County Council was aware of historic sex offences against children by Keith Harding but had “no power” to stop him running a museum in Northleach.

Vicki Butler, deputy director for safeguarding and care at Gloucestershire County Council, said: “Mr Harding’s past offences happened outside the county more than 50 years ago and we have no power to regulate or prevent a private business being set up.

“When he became known to us in the 90s, together with the police and other partners, we carried out an investigation and took appropriate action at the time.”

According to the BBC, Mr Harding was part of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) and knew Jimmy Saville.



2011 made Worshipful Master of the Mercurius Lodge in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Charles Irving

Charles Irving MP of Cheltenham is listed on the Elm Guest House list.  Charles Irving  was MP when PIE man / Keith Harding was running his shop in Cheltenham .  Harding moved to Cheltenham in 1987.

John Pinniger was a “research assistant” to Harvey Proctor MP and to Sir Charles Irving MP and Pinniger worked at Harrod’s menswear shop in between his parliamentary duties.

John Pinniger was a “research assistant” to Harvey Proctor MP and to Sir Charles Irving MP (both on Elm Guest House list) and Pinniger worked at Harrod’s menswear shop in between his parliamentary duties. 

John Pinniger, Lambeth Councillor at the same time as John Bercow and a fellow member of The Monday Club

Pinniger was a director, along with Derek Laud of




From ‘Incredible and Untrue’:



Bercow joined Monday Club around then — Chope was in it. Bercow nominated him for a peerage. Chope then cast the deciding vote to drop an inquiry into Bercow bullying. Pickles tight with Chope too. Chope knowingly sent girls to Kendall House where they were drugged, some raped.



Martin Walkerdine‏ @mwalkerdine

Charles Graham Irving MP in 1984 at 23 Westminster Gardens Marsham Street on EGH LIST

Charles Irving MP for Cheltenham 1974-1992 

According to Michael McManus’s book on the history of Conservative attitudes to homosexuality, Irving was gay[2] and he is reported to have offered a steady stream of advice to the Conservative Campaign for Homosexual Equality.[2]

Sir Charles Irving, former Tory MP for Cheltenham, an adviser to CGHE who famously prevented Mrs. Thatcher from de-unionising GCHQ. which was in his constituency,

HRH Crafty Muvvski @craftymuvva



Charles Irving

Sidney Cooke

Fred West

Keith Harding


Image result for "keith harding" + "freemason" "Worshipful Master"

Andreas Baader‏ @stop1984

a young man he was plied with booze by MP Charles Irving before the Tory later forced him to have sex in exchange for £30.

‘I was abused by top Tories then blackmailed to keep quiet’

The victim says sinister pimps warned his family would have an “accident” if he refused sex with their powerful clients



Worshipful Master Keith Harding

The lodge boasts of its Government Communications Headquarters heritage on its website.

“The Mercurius Lodge is known as the Spies Lodge because it was set up by GCHQ and over the years many intelligence officers have become members.

“These are people trained to find out sensitive information and yet none of them had any idea of Keith’s background and past convictions.

“They even voted him the highest honour by making him Worshipful Master.

“Keith felt the Freemasons were somewhere he finally belonged, he called them his “brotherhood”.

“When he died last year, they arranged his funeral and made sure the ceremony started at midday because the time apparently has significance within Masonic ritual.”

Harding ran the Mechanical Music Museum 10 miles away in Northleach after moving from London in 1987.

In 2013, he organised a trip to the museum for Freemasons and their families.


Keith Harding’s David Secrett was a part-time spy.

Image result for "Keith Harding" + "David Secrett"

Ex-spy and ex-instrument and automata repairman David Secrett, now automata creator.



 Image result for "david secrett" + "harding"

Crispin Mount‏ @CrispinMount




Harding and friends

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo:

Remember the Jim’ll Fixit episode featuring Keith Harding? Guess who did the sinister film work outside the shop and shop window!

It was David Secrett, a trusted employee at Keith Harding’s shop. Have a guess where Secrett lived and worked in the 90s!

It was Thornham Magna.

Image result for "david secrett" + "harding"


Lord Henniker offered Righton and Alston refuge there when they fled Evesham in 1992. He employed Napier…

in senior positions teaching abroad with British Council and rans Islington’s Suffolk children’s scheme.

From what I have been hearing, it is virtually proven that Harding liked to take boys to Amsterdam.

3 separate witnesses claim Leon Brittan was a regular visitor to Harding’s shop. Brittan was said to take the back entrance .

Image result for "david secrett" + "harding"

 Secrett to Thornham Magna Thornham Magna/ Henniker to Napier, Righton and Alston Napier to Whittingdale
Is it just a coincidence that the Freedom Association, GCHQ and Brittan mate Keith Harding of PIE were all based in Cheltenham?
Image result for "david secrett" + "harding"

So Harding, close buddy of paedophile Brittan to whom Whittingdale was SPAD, acted as PIE membership secretary. Mmmh


Image result for "david secrett" + "harding"

The Paedophile Information Exchange PIE was allegedly given £70,000 by the Home Office between 1977 and 1980 – the equivalent today of about £400,000.

A former Home Office worker revealed that Jim Callaghan’s Labour government and Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative administration, which took over in 1979, may have provided funding for PIE.

The whistleblower said senior civil servant Clifford Hindley, who was head of the Home Office’s voluntary services unit, signed off a three year grant for £35,000 in 1980.



Cheltenham MP Sir Charles Irving

Sir Charles Irving was ‘blamed’ by GP Clive Froggatt, a top Tory health advisor and think tank guru for NHS reforms, as receiving supplies of diamorphine (pharmaceutical heroin), when in fact it was the GP himself who was obtaining the drug by deception for his own use.

Froggatt had claimed that he was secretly obtaining diamorphine through forged prescriptions from chemists to conceal the fact that he was treating the late MP for Cheltenham, Sir Charles Irving.

At his headline-hitting trial in 1994, he told how he had turned to drug abuse when his NHS reforms were savaged by critics.

He began writing out prescriptions for heroin – medical name diamorphine – using false names of patients who had recently died.

Froggatt was caught when a routine check of chemists’ records revealed he had obtained more than 43 grammes of the drug in just two years. When arrested, he claimed he was using the drug as a painkiller for his close friend and Tory MP for Cheltenham Sir Charles Irving, who he said was dying of AIDS and has subsquently passed away from cancer.

Sir Charles denied this. Froggatt received a suspended sentence and the case was referred to the General Medical Council.

www.thefreelibrary.com › … › December 15, 1996

Interestingly enough, one of these articles notes that Froggatt was an advisor on the Cruise/Kidman film, ‘Eyes Wide Shut’.

Dr Clive Froggatt argues that the Government must prescribe heroin if it is to stand any chance of beating the drugs problem that costs this country billions of pounds every year.

Dr Clive Froggatt was a consultant to a succession of Conservative Health Secretaries and Margaret Thatcher’s advisor on NHS reform. Dr Froggatt, who was a secret heroin addict, was forced to resign from his advisory role when he was discovered faking prescriptions to feed his habit. He argues, from a very personal perspective, that the Government must prescribe heroin if it is to stand any chance of beating the drugs problem that costs this country billions of pounds every year.

3 August 2007 – still a doctor then

Clive Froggatt

When arrested, he claimed he was using the drug as a painkiller for his close friend and Tory MP for Cheltenham Sir Charles Irving, who he said was dying of AIDS

Clive Froggatt Clive Froggatt, a leading physician in England, and a favorite of prime minister Margaret Thatcher and a very senior government health adviser to both Margaret Thatcher and John Major, was addicted to heroin, allegedly taking up to eight fixes a day.


this is the doctor who has been a guru to a succession of former Health Secretaries including Ken Clarke,now Chancellor;

Virginia Bottomley, now Heritage chief;

and William Waldegrave  – special advisor Patrick Rock.

William Waldegrave, the health secretary, giving details of the two enquiries launched in the aftermath of the case, described Beck as evil. He said that the Commons had shown its support for Mr Janner.

Keith Vaz, Labour MP for Leicester East, condemned the ”cowardly attacks” on Mr Janner. Michael Latham, Tory MP for Rutland and Melton, said that Mr Janner had been the target of ”vile allegations and lies”.


As Beck was sentenced, William Waldegrave, the former health secretary announced two inquiries. One would investigate the selection of staff in Britain’s children’s homes. The other, chaired by Andrew Kirkwood QC which is reporting today, would find out why staff at one of Britain’s biggest social services departments failed to act on warnings which would have lead them to the discovery of a catalogue of abuse. Allegations of physical and sexual abuse were first made in 1980 – seven years after Beck started working as an officer in charge of a children’s home. They continued over the next six years, from children and social workers, and on four different occasions were passed on to police. After one investigation, police charged Beck with assault. However, he was subsequently acquitted after a crown court trial in 1982. Despite these allegations, Beck continued working at The Beeches, Leicester Forest East, where he had been officer in charge since 1978. He had spent the previous five years working at The Poplars – a home in Market Harborough – before moving to Ratcliffe Road children’s home. He eventually resigned in 1986 after he was suspended following an allegation of sexual harassment by a fellow member of staff. However he was given references which enabled him to take jobs with Brent and Hertfordshire social services. He also worked with charities.


Froggatt also worked on a Tory health service think-tank with MP David Willetts, who was forced to resign for trying to nobble a Commons committee probing sleaze.

Froggatt, an advisor”on heroin movie Eyes Wide Shut starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, publicly claims he is now “clean”.

Sir Charles Irving

When arrested, he claimed he was using the drug as a painkiller for his close friend and Tory MP for Cheltenham Sir Charles Irving, who he said was dying of AIDS

(Cheltenham – GCHQ & GCHQ Freemason Lodge and PIE member Keith Harding area)

Froggatt was brought into the Conservative fold in 1983 by Sir Norman Fowler and quickly became an adviser to the powerful Downing Street policy unit.

Froggatt developed a close friendship with Virginia Bottomley and frequently dined at her house.

Froggatt even told friends that he advised her on everything from how she enters a room to how she does her hair.

Ken Clarke once asked him to stand in for him at an Oxford Union health deb

When he had an idea, he rang Tory ministers and they listened.

COCAINE SHAME OF TOP TORY DOCTOR; EXCLUSIVE: NHS reform adviser exposed as junkie living a lie; Hypocrite Froggatt makes a living lecturing doctors about drugs.

Sunday Mirror (London, England) Dec 15 1996



In December 1980, the BBC’s Jim’ll Fix It filmed Harding at his workshop in Islington, north London, where he fixed a music box belonging to a 13-year-old girl whose letter was shown on screen requesting the repair.


May 6 1981

Keith Harding and Eva announce their engagement at the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers banquet


Child protection campaigners have called for the official inquiry into historical abuse to examine the extent of Harding’s business and political links.

He was convicted of indecent assault against four children aged eight and nine in the late 1950s and was a “schedule 1” offender – meaning his convictions remained on his police file for life.

But he was later given the Freedom of the City of London and became a member of the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers, meeting business and political figures at the height of his career.

The Corporation of London said Harding’s vetting for the Freedom of the City was carried out by his livery company.


Keith Harding


Haileybury and Imperial Services College Royal Air Force College Cranwell University College London Fellow of the British Horological Institute Worshipful Company of Clockmakers


Eva Harding wife of PIE secretary Keith Harding was Director at:

Gloucestershire Chamber Of Commerce And Industry

Appointed 16 Feb 1992 – Resigned 09 June 1993
Eva Harding born 1948  Eva Harding, Secretary from Cheltenham Former Director at:

Gloucestershire Chamber Of Commerce And Industry
Correspondence address: Oak House High Street, Northleach, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire


World of Mechanical Music Museum in Oak House, High Street, Northleach, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL54 3ET


William Keith Harding born  Dec 1931 (17 years older than his wife)

Born in Nottinghamshire, Keith was educated at Oakley Hall in Cirencester before moving on to Haileybury College in Hertfordshire. He had originally hoped to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a doctor, but instead took an engineering degree and became a pilot officer at RAF Cranwell.

It was in London he met his now former wife and her three children. After marrying, they went on to have two children of their own together.

In 1987, Keith and his wife and children moved to Northleach and Keith Harding’s World of Mechanical Music was born. Cliff Burnettmoved with them and was his business partner for 50 years. After Cliff’s death three years ago, John said Keith was “never the same again”.

Following his move to Northleach, Keith threw himself into everything he could in the community. He was an active member (and archivist) of Cotswold Canal Trust, a member of Cirencester Church Choir and Cirencester Male Voice Choir.

Keith and his wife divorced 15 years after moving to the Cotswolds and soon after, a chance meeting led him to meet John.

Trying his hand at many other professions, Keith also spent time as a Dominican monk, a librarian and a typist.

He moved to London in his mid-twenties and, through a friend at the British Museum, was introduced to time pieces and clocks.

He began his journey by trading antiques on Portobello Road.

The pair became civil partners in 2007 and had a ceremony at the Swindon and Cricklade railway.


Prince Charles & the Cotswold Canals Trust CCT

2002 visit at a time when PIE member Keith Harding was part of the trust.  In this issue about Prince Charles visit, there is an article by Keith Harding



RICHARD NEEDHAM (1) Sir Richard Needham was PPS to NI SecState James Prior between 1983 and 1984. He served under Thatcher and Major as a Under-Secretary of State for NI between 1985 and 1992. He was the longest serving British government Northern Ireland minister.

RICHARD NEEDHAM (2) Although a coveted speaker, Needham, a Privy Council member and Hon. Doctor of Laws at Ulster University, was a man of few words when it came to answering questions about the Kincora boys’ home in Belfast.

RICHARD NEEDHAM (3) Keith Harding was a close friend of high-profile Thatcher-era paedophiles such as Jimmy Savile, Leon Brittan, Cyril Smith and Jeremy Thorpe. They are all said to have paid frequent visits to Harding’s shop near Cheltenham.

RICHARD NEEDHAM (4) PIE member Keith Harding was a director and archivist of the Cotswold Canals Trust for many years. He became a member in 1990 and stood on its council from 1994 until 2011, even to be honoured with his own memorial bench.

RICHARD NEEDHAM (7) Needham and the Silly Cow who stole kids’ milk: Paramilitaries listening in to Needham chatting with his German-born wife Sigrid Thiessen-Gairdner recorded him referring to MT as a ‘silly cow’. I wonder whether words like Kincora and PIE were ever recorded?

RICHARD NEEDHAM (8) Charles Irving MP for Cheltenham is listed as a patron of Elm Guest House child brothel He was MP when PIE man Harding was running his shop in Cheltenham. Irving’s charity donated to Harding’s and Needham’s Cotswolds Canals Trust.

RICHARD NEEDHAM (9) Prince Charles visited the Cotswold Canals Trust in 2002 while Keith Harding was active there. In fact, an article by Harding featured in the Trust’s magazine covering the event.



Harding, was said to have been convicted of indecent assault against four children aged eight and nine in the late 1950s and was a “schedule 1” offender – meaning his convictions remained on his police file for life.


Charles Irving Charitable Trust – funding Cotswold Canals Trust



2011 made Worshipful Master of the Mercurius Lodge in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Charles Irving

Charles Irving MP of Cheltenham is listed on the Elm Guest House list.  Charles Irving  was MP when PIE man / Keith Harding was running his shop in Cheltenham .  Harding moved to Cheltenham in 1987.

John Pinniger was a “research assistant” to Harvey Proctor MP and to Sir Charles Irving MP and Pinniger worked at Harrod’s menswear shop in between his parliamentary duties.

John Pinniger was a “research assistant” to Harvey Proctor MP and to Sir Charles Irving MP (both on Elm Guest House list) and Pinniger worked at Harrod’s menswear shop in between his parliamentary duties. 

John Pinniger, Lambeth Councillor at the same time as John Bercow and a fellow member of The Monday Club

Pinniger was a director, along with Derek Laud of






Eva Harding, now known as Eva Harding-Bell

2012 – Eva commenting on the Mechanical Museum Facebook page:

Eva Harding-Bell Remember all my buying trips for our magical musical shop! A place where dreams come true ! The power of sound is truly alive!!!! Omm..


Eva Harding-Bell co-founded music museum in Cotswold

Eva Harding-Bell is a trustee of the BOSTON METHODIST CIRCUIT


Charity registration number: 1135515


I am musically trained and co-founded a musical museum in the Cotswold’ s many years ago…. My singing comes straight from my heart, I am a sound angel….. Eva


Keith Harding’s business partner, Cliff Burnett, suffered a nervous breakdown 1974


Image result for "keith harding" + "mechanical museum"






Keith Harding had a musical box repair shop and workshop at 93 Hornsey Road from the early 70s.  He was a member of the Paedophile Information Exchange.  He died in 2014. He moved to Gloucester in 1987, setting up Keith Harding’s World of Mechanical Music, a museum in Northleach, near Cheltenham. He had been convicted of indecent assault against four children aged eight and nine in 1958 when he was a teacher. He appeared alongside Jimmy Savile in a Christmas edition of the BBC’s Jim’ll Fix It.

Articles about Harding by James Fielding of the Express in 2015 can be found HERE and HERE

Daily Mail 2014 article HERE




Image result for "david secrett" + "harding"

Summer 1981 issue

In 1980 Blue Peter viewers were shocked to discover that host Peter Duncan had a secret past as the star of a porn film. As a 21-year-old he had appeared in a movie called The Lifetaker, in which he was seduced by a beautiful older woman.

Musical Box Society of Great Britain



Keith Harding archivist and committee member MBGSB

Keith Harding 1974

and treasurer – retired 1975


1977 Keith Harding featured on BBC Radio 4’s World at One



MBSGB with Peter Dacre



MUSIC box collector and clock maker Keith Harding, whose staff restored antiques for royalty, played a vital role in Britain’s biggest child sex ring.

The pervert met regularly with MPs Leon Brittan and Cyril Smith at his world-renowned workshop. The former Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe would also drop by along with key members of the vile Paedophile Information Exchange Steven Adrian Smith and Tom O’Carroll. A PIE list seized in 1984 records Harding, who died from cancer last year aged 82, as member 329 and his address as Hornsey Road, Holloway, north London. He is understood to have kept hidden a list of more than 1,000 PIE members with prominent names including top politicians from the Thatcher era. One of his staff, who worked for him between 1980 and 1987, said: “Leon Brittan and Cyril Smith were both regular visitors to the shop.Usually they would come in via the side door, other times they would ring the bell at the front entrance and come in.“They’d straight away ask for Keith who would be coming down the stairs.“Then they would then either go up to his office for a private meeting or they’d go out for several hours.”The former worker added: “The shop had many high profile customers, including the royals…


IslingtonSurvivorsNetwork‏ @theIslingtonSN 

The Paedophile Information Exchange’s last Chairman Steven Adrian Smith pictured in @islingtongztte in May 1973 meeting @Islingtonmayor Mrs Patsy Bradbury – 18 months before PIE forms #Islington #PIEHQ


justme‏ @zante03:

Truthseeker‏ @thewakeupcall09

DARK KNIGHTS Evil Smith and Savile pals for four decades The Sun 29-11-12

Sir CYRIL SMITH and SIR JIMMY SAVILE were friends for 4 decades – both friends with MI6 Freemason worhsipful master Keith Harding

Image result for "keith harding" + "magic circle"

Image result for CYRIL SMITH AND QUEEN

1982 Queen Mum and Queen meet editor of the Music Box – Robert Clarson-Leach

The Queen’s interest in Mechanical Music goes back many years. Here the young Queen with MBSGB member the late Mr S F Sunley, at the British Industires Fair at Olympia, London 1955 and pictured with Lady Antonia Fraser. (her father is Lord Longford)



1982 Prince Philip with MBSGB editor


Harding and Fortnum and Mason


Mrs Margaret Weston and Keith Harding

Garfield Weston, former MP for Macclesfield paid tribute to Treasurer Keith Harding



Keith Harding, former membership secretary of the Paedophile Information Exchange (Pie) was made Worshipful Master of the Mercurius Lodge in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, in 2011.

The child molester, who died last summer, presided over ceremonies and rituals from an ornate throne.

Harding was convicted of an indecent assault against four children aged eight and nine in 1958 and classified a Schedule-1 offender, which meant the offence remained on his criminal record all his life.

His name was also on a list of about 400 Pie members seized by police in 1984, the year the organisation disbanded.

Cirencester Male Voice Choir

CIRENCESTER Male Voice Choir could be excused for getting pre-performance nerves as they prepare to perform to a 5,000-strong audience at the Royal Albert Hall.

The choir, which was formed just three years ago, will perform with 14 other choirs from England, Scotland and Wales at the London Welsh Festival of Male Choirs on Saturday, October 13.

Founder Phil Kerton said it would be a proud moment for Cirencester.

When the group was first formed in 2009 it had just 12 members, but since then it has gone from strength to strength and now has 40 singers, aged between 16 and 85, who take part in concerts and competitions all over the country.

Choir member Keith Harding said he would not be nervous about performing next week. “I took part in the first Night of1,000 Voices concert at the Royal Albert Hall about 25 years ago. It was great fun setting a new record,” he said


The Night of 1000 Voices is a large-scale charity concert that has been running annually since 1999. UK choirs and stage schools join musical theatre professionals on stage at an epic venue


In May 1999, Gloria Hunniford hosted the first ever performance of THE NIGHT OF 1000 VOICES at the Royal Albert Hall.


More Harding articles here

“Keith is helped by his wife Eva who does the books.”

Gloucester paedophiles, connections

Colette L Annesley‏ @ColetteAnnesley

Gloucester nonces? Count in prolific perpetrator Diocesan Bishop of Gloucester in the Church of England:


Truthseeker‏ @thewakeupcall09:

Labour Councillor Alex Lawrie was a former GCHQ employee

Peter Righton – New Barns school for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties in Gloucestershire.

Solicitor Andrew Dutton, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England, was on the EGH list ?

Solicitor who netted pounds 200,000 of clients’ money struck off.

A dishonest solicitor who creamed off pounds 200,000 of clients’ money to prevent his home being repossessed was struck off by the Solicitor’s Disciplinary Tribunal yesterday.

Andrew Dutton, aged 55, from Worcester, also put a major murder trial in jeopardy after he was granted legal aid for representing a client despite it being illegal for him to do so.

The Solicitors’ Disciplinary Tribunal in central London was told yesterday that Dutton had been a partner at John Martlew and Company in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

The Law Society carried out an investigation of the firm’s accounts in May 1998 and discovered a number of irregularities.

David Shaw, an investigating and compliance officer for the society, told the hearing Dutton misused funds while investing money on behalf of an American company, CHA, and a Russian firm, DMC, which were looking to buy a Russian mine.

He failed to tell either that this created a conflict of interest and simply continued to invest for them both.

‘Mr Dutton was then granted power of attorney over the Russian company and they released seven bills of exchange, valued at $1 million each. These were put into the account of a close friend of Mr Dutton’s in New Jersey, known as Mr C,’ said Mr Shaw.

The hearing was told that pounds 80,000 of this sum was placed in Dutton’s own bank account, a further pounds 30,000 went into another account and Dutton took pounds 10,000 in cash.

Mr Shaw said considerable sums of money were transferred through Mr C’s Abbey National account in Cheltenham and eventually they ended up in Dutton’s account.

Mr Shaw said Mr C had pounds 100,000 in his account at one point which was used to pay off Dutton’s mortgage after his home was threatened with repossession. Cash was also used to pay off a substantial overdraft.

Dutton’s partners at John Martlew and Company in Cheltenham were completely unaware of his actions and had no part in any of the transactions.

The tribunal also heard how Dutton was banned from practising as a fully-fledged solicitor in February, 1999, but despite it being illegal for him to practice on his own, he set up Dutton and Company and made illegal claims for legal aid payments in his work as a duty solicitor.

After applying for permission from the Law Society, he was employed as a consultant under supervision at the local law firm R A Eggleton and Company.

During this time, Dutton applied for legal aid for a client on a murder charge despite being barred from doing so.

Solicitor Roger Eggleton said: ‘He was representing the client and came into my office one day and said ‘I’ve hit the jackpot’.’

Striking him off, tribunal chairman Barrie Marsh said: ‘Mr Dutton is a very dishonest man who has misled clients and practised illegally.’

He was also ordered to pay the ‘substantial’ costs of the case although no amount was given.

The most infamous paedophile from Gloucester is Fred West

Fred West

Serial killer Rose West’s nephew abducted and raped 12-year-old girl

6th November 2017

Sick Steven Letts, 38, plied the young girl with cocaine, cannabis and vodka.He abducted and had sex with the child after they met in the street and she asked him for a cigarette.The girl was with her support worker but went off with Letts after he offered her a joint in Gloucester city centre on March 6 this year.It’s the same city his aunt Rose and husband Fred tortured and murdered at least 12 people – with nine of the bodies discovered buried more than 20 years later.The support worker said she warned Letts the girl, who lives in care, was underage.

Rose West was born Rosemary Letts in Northam in Devon to William Letts and Daisy Fuller.

She is now an inmate at HMP Low Newton, Brasside, Durham, after being convicted of ten murders in 1995.

Are Fred West’s first victims buried in a Glasgow allotment? Hollywood producer urges police to reopen case amid claims the killer’s murder spree began in Scotland in the early 1960s

  • Paul Pender, a Hollywood producer, wants to reopen the Fred West murder file
  • He is urging police to search a Glasgow allotment for bodies from the 1960s 
  • Police Scotland said they will look at all evidence regardless of the time passed

Fred West may have murdered many more innocent people and buried them in an allotment in Glasgow, it has been claimed.

The serial killer and his deranged wife Rose murdered, raped and dismembered young women, including two of their own daughters.

But Fred, who killed himself before being brought to trial on twelve murder charges, is now believed to have killed many more.

Hollywood producer Paul Pender was tipped off about more victims at a family funeral by a man who worked with West’s first wife Rena who Fred later killed.

The former abattoir employee told Mr Pender to investigate further.


Serial killer Fred West killed himself before he could be brought to justice. It is now believed he may have had many more victims in Glasgow 

 Fred West is known to have killed at least 12 women and ran over a young boy in Glasgow before moving to Gloucester

 Serial killer couple Rose West (left) and Fred West (right) killed girls in their home. a Hollywood producer named Paul Pender believes more victims are buried in Glasgow 

 Serial killer couple Rose West (left) and Fred West (right) killed girls in their home. A Hollywood producer named Paul Pender believes more victims are buried in Glasgow

As a result the screenwriter believes there are more bodies buried in an allotment which West used in the early 1960s.

He said there is an ‘inarguable’ case to crack open the West file once more because we ‘owe it to the victims’.

 Paul Pender is calling on police to re-open the Fred West file and investigate an old allotment site in Glasgow

Mr Pender believes high tech scanning equipment could be used on the ground.

Fred and Rose were finally arrested in 1994 and nine bodies were found at the house of horrors in Gloucester.

The rapes and horrifying killings took place between 1967 and 1987. Rose West was jailed for life for ten murders while Fred killed himself before court where he was charged 12 counts of murder.

Pender is also calling for officers to look into the death of Henry Feeney, a three-year-old in Glasgow’s Castlemilk district.

West ran him over in an ice-cream truck and at the time it was said to be an accident.

Murderer Fred West with his wife Rose and daughter Ann Marie pictured at Ann Marie's wedding, in 1986. Anne Marie survived her murderous parents but attempted suicide later

Murderer Fred West with his wife Rose and daughter Ann Marie pictured at Ann Marie’s wedding, in 1986. Anne Marie survived her murderous parents but attempted suicide later

But it is now believed West lured him to a quiet spot and ran him over on purpose by telling him to retrieve a ball from bushes, before reversing into him and killing him.

Fred West and Rena Costello, later Rena West, moved to Gloucester but after difficulties in the marriage Rena fled back to Scotland.

When she returned to Gloucester to find her daughter – who was not Fred’s child – she was killed by West who had already killed the girl named Charmaine.

Police Scotland said: ‘We will investigate all reports regardless of what time has passed and would encourage anyone who has information to come forward.’


Although Fred West was convicted of killing 12 women and Rose 10, the pair are thought to have killed up to 20 more.

One victim who was almost certainly killed by West was his former girlfriend Anne McFall who like the others, was found in a shallow grave with body parts missing. West denied it.

The waped pair used whips to torture their victims as well as their own children. 

Fred West committed suicide by hanging himself in a prison cell in January 1995 — before he could stand trial for the murders.

Rose West is still a prisoner at HMP Low Newton in Durham, having been handed a rare ‘whole life tariff’ for her part in the killings. 

Confirmed victims include:

Charmaine West, eight: Fred West’s stepdaughter from his first marriage, Charmaine was murdered by Rose in 1971 while Fred was in prison.

Rena Costello, 27: Charmaine’s mother Rena, Fred’s first wife, was murdered when she arrived to pick up her daughter Charmaine in August 1971. With Charmaine already dead, it is thought Fred killed her to avoid an investigation.

Lynda Gough, 20: Miss Gough was a lodger in the West’s home and was killed in April 1973. Rose told her mother she had moved to Weston-super-Mare.

Carol Ann Cooper, 15: The teenager disappeared while walking home from the cinema to her Worcester children’s home in November 1973. Her remains were found buried in the Wests’ garden.

Lucy Partington, 21: After spending Christmas with her family in Cheltenham, Miss Partington disappeared after leaving to catch a bus. The student was the cousin of novelist Martin Amis and the sister of author Marian Partington.

Lucy went missing in 1973 after visiting friends in Cheltenham. She was killed by the Wests 

Lucy went missing in 1973 after visiting friends in Cheltenham. She was killed by the Wests

Therese Siegenthaler, 22: The South London student was killed in April 1974 after disappearing while attempting to hitch-hike to Ireland.

Shirley Hubbard, 15: One of the Wests’ youngest victims, she disappeared on her way home from college in Droitwich. When her body was discovered, her head was completely covered in tape with a rubber tube placed in her mouth to allow her to breathe.

Juanita Mott, 18: Miss Mott, a former lodger at 25 Cromwell Street, was living in Newent when she vanished.

Shirley Robinson, 19: Another lodger, Miss Robinson was killed in 1978 after becoming pregnant with West’s child.

Alison Chambers, 17: The teenager disappeared in August 1979 and her remains were later found beneath the patio at 25, Cromwell Street.

Heather West, 17: Repeatedly raped by her father, Heather complained to friends about the abuse and was murdered by her parents in a bid to keep her quiet.


Fred West’s abortion racket

Home Office pathologist Sir Bernard Spilsbury carried out a post-mortem on the torso and other remains and decided they belonged to a missing man, Captain William Butt of Cheltenham.

Sawn-Up Body Riddle POLICE HUNT FOR WOMAN (1938)

Mary Moss List

Truthseeker ‏ @thewakeupcall09
Anthony Martin Milsom, 62, had newspaper cuttings relating to high-profile child murder inquiries
Anthony Milsom, a paedophile from Hull, who is alleged to have stayed at the property, later moved to Newtown, Powys, where he was convicted of a string of sex offences dating back to the 1990s, including 21 counts of making indecent photographs of children and five counts of indecent assault on a girl when she was aged between 4 and eight. He was jailed indefinitely at Mold Crown Court in March 2011, but six months later appeal court judges reduced his sentence to three-and-a-half years.
Anthony Martin Milsom of Newtown
Anthony Martin Milsom was born in 1949 in Hull, Yorkshire. He had one child. He died in 11/16/2014  at the age of 65.
Torture-obsessed paedophile Anthony Milsom was on the EGH list
Anthony Martin Milsom of Newtown, Powys, north Wales
 Milsom, unemployed and originally from Hull in East Yorkshire
Milsom admitted a series of offences dating back to the early 1990s including 16 counts of possessing indecent images of children, 21 charges of making indecent images, five charges of indecent assault on a little girl when she was aged between four and eight.

Newtown sex offender Anthony Milsom has sentence cut

29 July 2011

Anthony Martin Milsom, 62, from Newtown, Powys, was jailed in March after admitting indecent assault, and possessing and making indecent images.

The original sentencing judge said his case would “chill the blood of the parent of any young child.”

But Appeal Court judges said his crimes did not justify an open-ended sentence.

When he was first sentenced, Mold crown court was told that Milsom’s large collection of indecent images revealed his fascination with the murder, abduction and rape of young female children.

Police found in his home more than 5,100 indecent drawings, more than 200 photographs, 127,700 still images, together with 500 films and 188 home-made videos.


Truthseeker‏ @thewakeupcall09 5 Aug 2017

Cecil George Barbaro, Walton On Thames, Surrey, was on the EGH list http://www.checkcompany.co.uk/director/3110073/CECIL-GEORGE-BARBARO …

Victor James Luck lived at the same address as Cecil George Barbaro

Cecil Barbaro – Walton on Thames (very near Weybridge – Kitty and co)

Community worker wins MBE honour

A COMMUNITY worker who has set up numerous charities and projects for Elmbridge has been recognised in the New Years’ honours list.

2 JUL 2013

Cecil Barbaro, from Walton was awarded the MBE for services to the community.

Throughout his work as a volunteer, Cecil has worked closely with Surrey Police.

The force’s chief superintendent Carl Crathern, borough Inspector David Hollingsworth, as well as Elmbridge youth affairs officer Brian Kingston nominated him for the honour.

He told the News & Mail: “It was a complete surprise and I have a great appreciation for what Surrey Police has done for me.

When I first got the letter I just looked at it for ten minutes and wondered if they had got the right person.

“I hope I can receive this award for all of the volunteers who all work so hard.”

Indisputedly a pillar of the community, Cecil was instrumental in setting up the neighbourhood watch support group, national neighbourhood watch.

He had a hand in the police and community partnership group for Walton and Hersham, Fieldcommon tenants and residents group,

the youth strategy group,

the Brooklands Auto Project,

community one-stop shops,

Elmbridge Mediation Service,

Victim Support Scheme,

Carers of Elmbridge and Young Carers.

Such an impressive CV is the result of a lot of hard work.

“It does require a lot of energy,” Cecil said. “What drives one really is to think: What it is you’re trying to achieve, is it necessary, is it achievable and the most important thing — is it affordable?”

Illness prevented Cecil from achieving the introduction of  one-stop shops in the borough, which would have enabled residents to resolve problems with the council in one fell swoop.

Now fighting fit again, he is considering work with MacMillan Cancer Relief.

Cecil explained that his one project invariably led to another. “I became involved with Elmbridge mediation because I thought the police were being involved in a lot of unnecessary work — border disputes and that kind of thing,” he explained.

“I realised when I was at the CAB there was a need for carers of Elmbridge – that’s what got it going.”

Chief Supt Carl Crathern said: “On behalf of all the staff on North Surrey Division, I am delighted that Cecil has been rewarded and recognised for the tremendous personal investment of time and effort he has spent in improving life for the people of Elmbridge.

“His contribution to police, community and voluntary services has been immense, despite the times he has faced a lack of support and resistance from others, his drive and determination won through.”


Privy to what?

Cast of Characters:

Margaret Thatcher

Savile Thatcher NSPCC

Sir Edward Leigh


Sir Jimmy Savile


Sir Roger Gale

MP Roger Gale & Dempsey the dog.

HM Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Jill Dando

Trigger Warning!!

This story spans decades and contains some highly disturbing material…

On February 13th 2019, Her Majesty the Queen held a meeting of the Privy council at Buckingham Palace.

Privy Council
(The more observant may note that this picture is from a previous meeting of the Her Majesty’s Privy Council; given much of this blog is about political manipulations surrounding Leaders of Her Majesty’s Opposition, how fitting that Dame Margaret Hodge appears to be taking centre stage!! Also notice the lack of seating arrangements…)

Aside from the Queen herself, present at that meeting were:

Andrea Leadsom (Lord President HM Privy Council and Leader of House of Commons)

Andrea Leadsom

Greg Clark (Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy)

Greg Clark

Damian Hinds (Secretary of State for Education)


Jeremy Wright (Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport)

Jeremy Wright.jpg

All are top level elected members of the cabinet of Her Majesty’s Government (in addition to the Secretaries of State, who are elected parliamentarians, each department has a ‘Permanent’ Secretary, employed by Her Majesty’s Civil Service) and all present remained standing throughout the meeting, as is the custom.

There were many matters to be covered, from specifications of 50p coins celebrating the life of Stephen Hawking, amendments of the charters of a number of universities and societies including the Royal Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, orders preventing further burials in a number of Churchyards across the country, sanctions on Eritrea and even an amendment to the Outer Space act for the Isle of Man!!

But just how is it that this particular meeting of Her Majesty’s Privy Council takes us back over 40 years, to 1976?

If you recall, back in 1976, Julian Lewis was doing dirty work on behalf of Norris McWhirter and the Freedom Association…

furthermore, the Freedom Association hosted an event to introduce Julian Lewis’ mentor, spy and strategist Brian Crozier, to Margaret Thatcher

Now what are the chances that another of Julian Lewis and Brian Crozier’s close allies was in a pivotal position in Margaret Thatcher’s office back in 1976 when all this skullduggery was afoot?

Lewis Leigh Crozier

Edward Leigh Knighthood

We’ll come back to Edward Leigh’s time as Margaret Thatcher’s Private Secretary, but for now, let’s take a wider look at his career, which must’ve come along in leaps and bounds, as he’s now ‘Sir’ Edward Leigh, after being knighted in the 2013 Queen’s Birthday Honors, then,  on 28th December 2018 sworn into Her Majesty’s Privy Council, acknowledged by an order approved by the Queen at Buckingham Palace on February 13th 2019 during the Privy Council meeting…

Edward Leigh

Immediately we can see he comes from an elite background, as younger son of Sir Neville Leigh, former Clerk to the Privy Council (Head of the Privy Council Office);

Privy Council 1969

After WW2, Neville Leigh had joined RAF intelligence, before later becoming head of the Privy Council Office between 1974 and 1984

Around the same time his father became head of the Privy Council, Edward Leigh joined Richmond Borough Council;

now of course it could be a coincidence, but as you’ll see, this begins to raise questions about the wider investigation of organized Child abuse; after all Elm Guest House was in Richmond…

Elm Guest House 2

The above excerpt is from the Surrey Comet, though for one reason or another, the editor of the Surrey Comet had been gagged on reporting the Elm Guest House story in full

Surely nothing to do with allegations that various members of the Royal Household attended Elm Guest House in some capacity; also of interest is mention of Westland Helicopters, given Neville Leigh’s background in RAF intelligence

Elm Guest House List

Let’s not forget the last post on this blog and mention of Keith Vaz’s role interviewing Mark Sedwill (now UK National Security Adviser, Cabinet Secretary and head of her Majesty’s Civil Service) regarding the 114 missing files on VIP child abuse

Especially since Keith Vaz was on Richmond Council’s legal team at the time of the Elm Guest House Scandal

Furthermore, Westland was deeply involved in the Al Yamamah deal in which Margaret Thatcher and Bandar Bin Sultan played such key roles…

(coincidentally Bandar Bin Sultan’s Son and Daughter have just been sworn in as Saudi Ambassadors to the the UK and US respectively)

But back to Edward Leigh; beyond the questions that surround his time at Richmond Council, similar questions arise about his role at the Greater London Council;

an example of this comes from one time deputy leader of the GLC George Tremlett’s recollection of taking a certain Harvey Proctor to the Elm Guest House for a Monday Club meeting some time in 1981:

Tremlett Proctor EGH

Of course, to immediately assume Sir Edward was in any way linked to child abuse would be jumping the gun somewhat, if it weren’t for a number of other factors;

firstly, we have the case of Duncan Breeze, who was jailed for making over 4,200 indecent images of children, including those of the worst level of depravity, which were found on 3 computers at both his own home in Sandy, Bedfordshire and his parent’s home in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset.

Mr Breeze has protested his innocence, however, the evidence presented to the court was sufficient to secure a conviction:

Edward Leigh Duncan Breeze 1

Edward Leigh Duncan Breeze 2

Oddly, Sir Edward’s story seems to change slightly when interviewed by his local paper as a result of the Mirror story above:

Edward Leigh Duncan Breeze 3
Regardless, surely there’s still not sufficient justification for associating Sir Edward Leigh with Child abuse…

However, there’s more:

Edward Leigh Dolphin Square
Now aside from the small matter of Edward Leigh being president of the Catholic Union to this day, the mention of John Allen and North Wales brings us back to where it all began with Edward Leigh’s long time partner in crime Julian Lewis

There seems little doubt there was indeed a monumental cover up of organized abuse in North Wales and beyond, in which Julian Lewis is clearly implicated

North Wales

The exact date Edward Leigh and Julian Lewis became acquainted remains unclear, however, they clearly knew one another before they founded the the Coalition for Peace through Security (CPS) together in September 1981.

Behind the scenes, the CPS was clearly influential, with ties to Conservative leadership and several key figures in the Ministry of Defence:

Coalition for Peace Through Security

Aside from doing a double take when you realize the current president of the Catholic Union was heavily involved in campaigning for nuclear weapons, note mention of funding via ‘The 61′ Brian Crozier’s global private intelligence network, which thanks to being separate from government, avoided scrutiny and accountability…

Also note that this was all happening whilst Edward Leigh’s father, Neville Leigh, was still head of the Privy Council office, with close links to the Cabinet Office and the Queen

Aside from Julian Lewis’ dodgy activities with Edward Leigh, let’s not forget his role as John Bercow’s best man, (though the pic below is of course not Sally Bercow)

Or indeed that John Bercow’s introduction to politics came from none other than Harvey Proctor, who then goes on to mention a certain Keith Vaz:

Proctor Bercow

Proctor Bercow Vaz

All very odd…

disgrace-in-the-house vaz bercow

But back to Julian Lewis covering up child abuse;

Beyond Julian Lewis bragging of getting Scallywag magazine shut down on his website,

as always,

there is another side to the story:

Simon Regan Julian Lewis

Simon Regan Julian Lewis 2

Simon Regan Julian Lewis 3
Hold on though, weren’t the Dolphin Square allegations found to have come from the minds of fantasists with no basis in truth?

Some well connected folks certainly want you to believe that, but it doesn’t sit very well with police investigations such as Operation Mileshogue:

Operation MilesHogue Dolphin Square 2

So we have a police investigation, and the startling revelation that pretty much everyone in the Met Police Paedophile Unit was aware of allegations surrounding Dolphin Square, yet for whatever reason, management didn’t feel it warranted further resources…

Could the links to Government Arms Sales provide us with a clue as to why that might be?

Operation MILESHOGUE Dolphin Square
It may even provide us with clues as to why to this day these matters aren’t investigated in a great deal of detail; although this document comes from evidence adduced during the Westminster Strand of the Independent Child Abuse Inquiry, the matters covered by the interviews with ex police officers were never discussed or investigated as part of the inquiry.

But back to Sir Edward Leigh; Operation Mileshogue began around 1996, however, it was investigating allegations dating back some time; for example, a child of 13 or 14 was being interviewed about abuse beginning when he was 8 years old:

Operation Mileshogue Dolphin Square 3

So there is certainly reason to investigate the allegations from 1992 further…

Dolpin Square

But anyway, what does this have to do with 1976 and Edward Leigh’s role as Margaret Thatcher’s Private Secretary?

Well let’s start where much of the child abuse scandal began; Jimmy Savile;

Savile Thatcher NSPCC

Long before she got into Chequers, whilst still leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition, Margaret Thatcher appeared with Jimmy Savile on Jim’ll fix it:

The programme was a primetime broadcast as the Christmas period was coming to an end on New Years Day 1977; however, it would’ve been filmed beforehand sometime in 1976.

For this to happen, there would of course have been correspondence between the programme’s producers at the BBC and Margaret Thatcher’s office.

So who was in charge of Margaret Thatcher’s correspondence at the time?

Her Private Secretary, Edward Leigh, son of the Head of the Privy Council Office at the time, member of Richmond Borough Council and the GLC, close associate of both Brian Crozier and Julian Lewis, and an alleged child abuser with links to a paedophile convicted for making child abuse images.

Back to Buckingham Palace and Feb 13th 2019:Edward Leigh Roger Gale Privy Council

Now casting aside for a moment the political chicanery of Brian Crozier, Norris McWhirter and Jimmy Savile, who pray tell was appointed as Director of BBC Children’s Television in 1976?

Sir Roger Gale, who even back then had been a member of the Conservative Party for 12 years…

Roger Gale Theresa May


Cliff Richard’s call for anonymity in sex offence arrests would cause significant harm to victims, say campaigners

Victims’ groups have warned a campaign led by Sir Cliff Richard and Paul Gambaccini to ban naming suspected sex offenders unless they are prosecuted could cause “significant harm”.

The celebrities have launched a petition calling for the government to change the law to “protect the reputations of all innocent suspects, whether well-known or not, from the lasting stigma of a false sexual allegation”.

It passed 10,000 signatures on Monday afternoon and will receive a government response, while 100,000 would trigger a parliamentary debate.

In an open letter to Sir Cliff and Mr Gambaccini, the End Violence Against Women Coalition said false allegations were no higher for sexual offences than other crimes and “our big problem is the enormous reluctance victims have to report” attacks.

Only 10-15 per cent of rapes are estimated to be reported to police, and only 1.7 per cent of those result in a charge in England and Wales.



The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and Leicestershire police have been severely criticised by Richard Henriques, a retired judge, for mishandling investigations into the peer in 1991, 2002 and 2007.

Lord Janner escaped prosecution due to CPS and police failings, report finds

Crown Prosecution Service and police severely criticised by retired judge for mishandling investigations into late peer

Allegations that Janner had sexually abused children first emerged publicly in 1991.

Allegations that Janner had sexually abused children first emerged publicly in 199


Thatcher stopped Peter Hayman being named as paedophile-link civil servant – Papers released to National Archives about senior diplomat will be of interest to campaigners for victims of historical sex abuse.

Thatcher stopped Peter Hayman being named as paedophile-link civil servant

Papers released to National Archives about senior diplomat will be of interest to campaigners for victims of historical sex abuse
Margaret Thatcher addresses the Tory conference in 1980

Margaret Thatcher in 1980, the year she received a memo that Peter Hayman was engaging in sexual perversion in 1966 when he returned from Berlin to the Foreign Office.

# reveals how Anglesea was protected by the North Wales Police and escaped censure in both the 1996-1997 North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal and the more recent Macur Review


16 December 2016


CONVICTED PAEDOPHILE Gordon Anglesea died yesterday morning of natural causes.


Analysis: How did Savile get away with it? – more concerned about protecting the reputation of the BBC than getting at the truth

Cyril Smith: the predatory paedophile protected by establishment For four decades Cyril Smith, the former Liberal MP, was free to abuse boys with impunity. How did he get away with it?
Birmingham Archdiocese let children be abused and harboured paedophile priests ‘to protect its own reputation’
63 YEARS: Paedophile in pope’s inner circle who lived in Spain protected by ‘mafia’ Vatican for seven decades Huge cover-up by Catholic Church saw 240 documents of paedophile abuse kept secret

Whitehall child sex inquiry: the 114 files ‘lost’ Home Office admits that it destroyed, lost or could not find ‘potentially relevant files’ between 1979 and 1999


Sir Edward Heath would have been interviewed under caution to hear his account of seven allegations against him, the Operation Conifer report states.


Thatcher protected Tory MP suspected of abusing children, MI5 files reveal.

Thatcher protected Tory MP suspected of abusing children, MI5 files reveal

Peter Morrison’s alleged ‘penchant for small boys’ was considered only in national security, not criminal terms, witness tells Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

Lists of VIP visitors to the Elm Guest House – which hosted parties in the 1980s where it is alleged vulnerable boys were sexually assaulted – are now being used by police as evidence in their inquiry, Operation Fernbridge. One document states politicians including ‘N Fairburn’ and C Smith’ visited the property in June 1982.

They also state ‘Fairburn’ had ‘used boys in sauna’ and photos had been taken of him – as well as former Liberal MP Smith – at the guest house. Police have  confirmed that Smith was a  regular visitor to the address.

Miss Henderson, speaking  publicly after Sir Nicholas was linked to the guest house, said: ‘I knew this would come out.

‘I’m only surprised it has taken so long. I told the police about him in 2000, I told them what Fairbairn was. But they just wanted me to go away.

She is calling for the police investigation into Henderson and Fairbairn, which was halted in 2000 after details were leaked to the Press and evidence was mislaid, to be re-opened.

She has also given the Scottish Daily Mail the names of six other senior members of the Scottish legal profession who she alleges either abused her or were aware of the abuse, which took place in the 1970s. Two of these individuals are still alive.

QC’s daughter ‘raped by senior Tory MP at age 4’

THE daughter of a prominent Edinburgh lawyer at the centre of the Fettesgate scandal of the 1990s has claimed she was raped by her father and a senior Tory MP.

Susie Henderson, the daughter of QC and temporary sheriff Robert Henderson, waived her right to anonymity to talk about the abuse she allegedly suffered at the hands of her father and the late Sir Nicholas Fairbairn, a former MP for Kinross and Western Perthshire, when she was four.

Miss Henderson, 48, said she was the victim of an organised paedophile ring consisting of high-powered legal figures who subjected her to years of abuse at locations including the five-storey Georgian townhouse in the New Town where her family lived.

Her father, Robert Henderson, was a pivotal figure in a major legal scandal of the late 1980s and early 1990s when he claimed a “magic circle” of judges, sheriffs and advocates were conspiring to ensure homosexual criminals were given light sentences by the courts. The claims were dismissed in an official inquiry, but much of the evidence in the report was stolen from Fettes by conman Derek Donaldson in 1992 and sold to the press.

Miss Henderson today called for a police investigation into her father and Fairbairn, halted in 2000 after evidence was mislaid and crucial details leaked to the press, to be re-opened.

“I want it acknowledged that my father and Fairbairn did something very evil. Not just to me. There are other children out there. And these were people in power. We put them there and they are supposed to be trusted.”

Miss Henderson first made allegations against Fairbairn and her father under the alias of Julie X in 2000, but no charges were brought.

She has chosen to come forward and be named after Fairbairn was implicated in the scandal over the Elm Guest House in London which saw youngsters abused by high-profile figures in the 1980s. Fairbairn died in 1995 at the age of 61, while Henderson died in 2012 aged 75.

Fairbairn’s daughter, Charlotte, 50, reportedly said she “did not know” whether the allegations against her father were true, but said she doubted it. “I would be very surprised by that, but he is dead,” she said. “He is not here to defend himself.”

Documents targeted by thief

THE Fettesgate scandal of 1992 involved the theft of sensitive materials from Lothian and Borders Police HQ at Fettes in July, 1992 – including a report by Detective Inspector Roger Orr into claims of an established “magic circle” of homosexuals in the legal fraternity who were subverting the course of justice. The theft was disguised as an attack by the Animal Liberation Front, but it later emerged the documents had been targeted by thief and conman Derek Conway, who sold the information from the files to national newspapers. Donaldson was later given an assured immunity from prosecution in return for handing back the files – but not before the Orr report made it into the public domain.



Given the accusations of rape of a 4 year old girl, it hardly comes as a surprise that Fairbairn demanded in correspondence to the Commons standards watchdog that reporters be banned from investigating his private life and that of other politicians.

Queens Park Rangers dragged into sex abuse storm with former chief scout Chris Geiler to be named in allegations

Image result for chris geiler

John Murray with Chris Geiler – Chimney Corner Hotel Belfast Ireland 1986


Chris Geiler on Elm Guest House list

Chris Gieler – Queens Park Rangers FC FOOTBALL’S SHAME

The interesting part of this most recent Daily Mail scoop is that they spend their time attempting to discredit anyone who discloses abuse against the elite, famous or powerful. I believe that Chris Gieler being independently named as part of this probe, when he was also named within the Elm Guest House paperwork leaves the Fail in an uncomfortable position.

I believe the paperwork isn’t an absolute oracle on abuse, but this revelation does vindicate those who originally produced them (Fay & Moss) proving that some of those mentioned are done so correctly.

It’s good news for those coming forward to disclose abuse, but it’s time the paperwork was given the credit it’s due and some of those named (especially the big names) are properly investigated.

There’s another name alongside Gieler’s within the documents – William Field, St Albans. I know nothing about him or his position.


Chris Geiler – football coach – on Elm Guest House list




It’s all a matter of public record…You cannot be silenced for  discussing something already in the public domain. … research and

Christ’s Hospital School – three former members of staff arrested for sex abuse against 9 pupils at the school. Some students from CH sent to convicted paedophile Bishop Peter Ball

Former Christ’s Hospital master Peter Webb abused schoolboy

Sept 9, 2020


A PAEDOPHILE teacher who abused boys at an exclusive boarding school has been jailed for a third time, days before he was due to be released from prison.

Former Christ’s Hospital master Peter Webb would have been freed on Friday after finishing a five-and-a-half year sentence for abusing boys at the school.

He was jailed for another 12 months after a judge told him he still sounded like a true paedophile.

Her Honour Judge Christine Laing QC told Webb he would be going back to prison rather than being released after a two day trial at Hove.

His victims started to come forward after Operation Yew Tree exposed celebrity sex crimes.

He was asked to leave Christ’s Hospital after a boy complained of abuse in 1984.

Hove Trial Centre heard he was jailed for 18 months in 2015 after admitting three offences against the same 11-year-old boy.

He was jailed again for four years in 2017 after the same court heard he abused four more boys.

This sentence was increased to five years and six months after it was referred to the High Court as an unduly lenient sentence.

Webb was one of five former male members of staff charged with abusing children at the school.

Chaplain Gary Dobbie was jailed for 12 years for abusing nine pupils across three decades.

Sports coach Ajaz Karim, was jailed for 10 years after assaulting six girls between 1985 and 1993.

James Andrew Husband was jailed for 17 years for raping and indecently assaulting a girl as young as 14 between 1990 and 1994.

Peter Burr admitted indecently assaulting pupils at the school between the 1960s and 1980s and was also jailed.


Christ’s Hospital School teacher guilty of indecently assaulting pupil

4 July 2019

A former teacher at a boarding school has been found guilty of indecently assaulting a pupil 43 years ago.

Roger Martin denied sexually abusing the boy, 10, at Christ’s Hospital School, in Horsham, West Sussex, between September and December 1976.

Martin, 83, from Great Dunham, near King’s Lynn, Norfolk, was jailed for four years following a trial at Hove Crown Court.

He was told he would be on the sex offenders register indefinitely.


Christ’s Hospital School chaplain jailed over vile abuse of nine pupils across three decades

Gary Dobbie was found guilty last month of four counts of indecent assault against a boy between 1986 and 1991

12 JUN 2019

The chaplain of a top private school has been jailed for 12 years for abusing nine pupils across three decades.

Gary Dobbie was found guilty last month of four counts of indecent assault against a boy between 1986 and 1991, having already been convicted last year of abusing eight other pupils.

The 67-year-old was a teacher and chaplain at Christ’s Hospital School in Horsham, West Sussex when the assaults took place.

He was sentenced at Hove Crown Court on Wednesday to 12 years in jail for all 19 offences, a court official said.

He is one of five ex-teachers convicted after police investigated complaints spanning 30 years by 22 of the school’s former students.

For the latest on trials and court cases from across Birmingham and the West Midlands, join BirminghamLive’s Court Facebook group .

Following the sentencing current headmaster Simon Reid said: “It is hard to find the right words to express the depth of our sadness and dismay, as a school community, at the dreadfulness of this situation.

“We are deeply sorry that the school failed to protect the victims of these offences and those others who were entrusted to our care during what should have been happy and settled years.

“Our apology to them is heartfelt and we hope that this conviction, the culmination of what must have been a very difficult experience in the criminal justice process, will bring some measure of comfort.

“The school today is a very different place, one in which the safety, happiness and wellbeing of our pupils is at the centre of all we do.

“Close links with local statutory agencies help ensure that our practices and decision-making are compliant, effective and open.”

In the latest trial, Dobbie’s victim told jurors it was “habitual” for him to be groped during night visits to his on-site lodgings while he was given wine and once fed smoked oysters.

Dobbie preferred to smoke cigars but would buy Turkish cigarettes for his pupil and also assaulted the boy during two school trips, at one point drunkenly lunging at him in a violent and sexual manner.

Describing him as “a very civilised man” who loved indulging in the grandeur of high church traditions, the man said the whole school would attend Dobbie’s services in the chapel four or five times a week.

He told how visiting Dobbie was an “escape” from being bullied.

But he was shown little sympathy and instead groped under his school shirt while they sat alone on a sofa.

The married father, who still battles with urges to suppress the traumatic memories, said when he confided in a fellow teacher at the school he was told to “get over it and move on”.

Dobbie was arrested while teaching at independent Shrewsbury School, Shropshire, where he worked after leaving Christ’s Hospital. He then moved to France after living in Hereford.

He was found guilty last year of 15 charges detailing multiple offences against six boys and two girls as young as 12 between 1998 and 2001.

He had denied 12 counts of indecently assaulting four boys and two girls, attempting to indecently assault a boy and two counts of indecency with a child.

Sports coach Ajaz Karim, was jailed in August for 10 years after assaulting six girls between 1985 and 1993.

In July, James Husband, also known by his middle name of Andrew, was jailed for 17 years for raping and indecently assaulting a girl as young as 14 between 1990 and 1994.

Peter Webb and Peter Burr admitted indecently assaulting pupils at the school between the 1960s and 1980s and were also jailed.

Christ’s Hospital is one of the oldest boarding schools in the country, dating back to the 16th century, and the Queen is a patron.

Pupils still wear a Tudor-style uniform of a long blue coat and high yellow socks with boarders charged fees of up to £31,500 a year.

Poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Sir Barnes Wallis, inventor of the bouncing bomb, are counted among its famous alumni.


Christ’s Hospital ex-teacher Gary Dobbie guilty of abuse

3 MAY 2019

Dobbie will be sentenced on all counts on 12 June.

‘Extravagant’ chaplain, 67, at £35,000-a-year private boarding school ‘plied pupil with oysters, Turkish cigarettes and fine wines then molested him as pair watched Morse on TV

  • Gary Dobbie is accused of molesting one of his pupils between 1986 and 1991 
  • The pupil was being bullied and had turned to the chaplain for support 
  • But at parties and on one-on-one visits he would touch him, court was told  

23 Apr 2019

The chaplain at a £35,000-a-year private boarding school is accused of plying a pupil with smoked oysters, Turkish cigarettes and fine wines and molesting him.

Gary Dobbie, 67, assaulted the young boy over a five-year period between 1986 and 1991 when he worked as a chaplain and teacher at the prestigious Christ’s Hospital School in Horsham, West Sussex, his trial heard.

He would invite the alleged victim to lavish dinner parties at his on-site lodgings but also had him over when it was just the two of them, when they would sit in the dark and watch Inspector Morse, Hove Crown Court was told.

It was during these visits the chaplain allegedly molested the boy.

His trial was told Dobbie was an ‘extravagant’ chaplain who liked to dress up in full ecclesiastical robes in church and burn incense in the school chapel.

Opening the case Abigail Husbands, prosecuting, said: ‘He was treated to food and alcohol while at Mr Dobbie’s and offered smoked oysters, Turkish cigarettes and good wine.’

During these visits the court heard Dobbie would molest the pupil, pushing his hands down the front of his shirt and rubbing his chest and back. He would also swing him onto his lap and grope him, she told the court.

Christ’s Hospital is one of the oldest boarding schools in the country, dating back to the 16th century when it was founded in London by King Edward VI, who signed a Royal Charter for it just 11 days before his death in 1553.

Famous alumni include poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Sir Barnes Wallis – the inventor of the bouncing bomb.

Miss Husbands said the pupil in question had suffered a difficult time at the school and had been repeatedly bullied by his peers.

She said he turned to Dobbie for refuge and had become close to him.

But the jury was told the visits were ‘not all innocent’ and on ‘many, many times’ Dobbie had molested the boy at his home.

On one occasion the pupil went on a reading trip with him where Dobbie allegedly got drunk before violently manhandling him and pushing his hand down his shirt.

He was also assaulted on another school trip, the court was told.

The victim left Christ’s Hospital School after completing his A levels and went on to university.

The court heard he put the matter behind him and continued with his life but was contacted by police last year and was later interviewed by them in relation to the chaplain’s behaviour.

Dobbie was later arrested and charged with three counts of indecent assault relating to multiple offences between 1986 and 1991.

The case, which is expected to last more than a week, continues.


Former school chaplain to face trial over sex allegations

A top private school’s former chaplain will stand trial facing allegations he sexually abused one of his teenage pupils.

Gary Dobbie

Gary Dobbie is accused of assaulting the young boy on several occasions while he was a teacher at Christ’s Hospital School in West Sussex.

The 67-year-old, who was a head of house at one point and lived in the school grounds, denies three charges of indecent assault between 1986 and 1991.

Now living in Albi, France, after having previously lived in Hereford, he is set to stand trial in April, Sussex Police said.

Prosecutors decided not to proceed with allegations made against him by another of the school’s former pupils, a police spokesman said.

Before his arrest, Dobbie was teaching at Shrewsbury School.

The Queen is a patron of the site, now based in Horsham.


Rapist teacher fails in bid to reduce sentence

A FORMER teacher at a prestigious boarding school who was jailed for the abuse of a vulnerable pupil deserved every day of his term, top judges ruled yesterday.

Manipulative James Andrew Husband, 68, used his position at Christ’s Hospital School, Horsham, to groom the teenager for sex.

She was already vulnerable when he came to know her, a court heard, but acted in “gross breach of trust” to abuse her.

The crimes came to light many years later and in July this year, Husband was jailed for 17 years for rape and five indecent assaults. The married father, most recently of Wigginton Road, York, had denied the offences, claiming sex with the girl was consensual.

Yesterday he appealed against his sentence, but was told by three senior judges that 17 years was fully deserved.

Lord Justice Lindblom told the court the girl had taken Husband’s attention as “kindness”, but ultimately came to hate what he was doing. The abuse left her with lifelong “severe psychological harm”, as she has struggled to cope with her ordeal. She did not get the university place she wanted and has been unable to form meaningful relationships with men.

In her statement to Hove Crown Court in July, the victim, now an adult, described Husband’s conduct as “devious and manipulative”.

Dismissing his appeal against the sentence, Lord Justice Lindblom said the offending had involved a “significant degree of planning”.

“This was offending against a vulnerable child, involving a serious breach of trust,” he told London’s Court of Appeal.

“He had apparently shown no insight into his offending and expressed no remorse.We accept that it was a severe sentence to pass on a man of his age and of previous good character. But we are not persuaded that it was arguably manifestly excessive.”

The appeal was dismissed.

During his trial at Hove the court heard Husband told the girl: “It’s OK, I’ve had a vasectomy,” before raping her.

Husband was the fifth Christ’s Hospital School teacher to be convicted of sexually abusing students.

Over the five cases, the sexual abuse at the school spanned more than 30 years and involved 22 victims.

Judge Christine Henson, who placed Husband on the sex offenders register for life, said the victim had given “harrowing” evidence during the trial.

The judge told him: “You put yourself in the position of her mentor in order to make her feel special and dependent on you so you could do what you wanted sexually with her. She viewed you as a father figure, thus rendering the abuse of trust particularly acute.”

In her victim impact statement read to the court, the woman said: “The grooming process was devious and malignant. By making me feel special for the first time in my life I became dependent on him for my own feeling of self worth.”

She said Husband moulded her into his “plaything” and “puppet” so “he could do what he wanted to me”.


Christ’s Hospital School has now had to deal with some 24 pupils (two pending sentencing), 32 years, over 70 counts (charges) by six masters. This is a total disgrace.

a clear case of ‘gross negligence’ by the school authorities, as well as gross abuse against ‘children entrusted to the care of Christ’s Hospital School who came from vulnerable backgrounds’.


Roger Martin, a former teacher at the School, appeared today at Lewes Crown Court. Mr Martin entered a not guilty plea and was released on unconditional bail until his trial date on 11th March 2019 when he will appear at Lewes Crown Court.



15 Aug 2018

Roger Martin T20180412

Hove Trial Centre Crown Court :


Gary Dobbie T20170536 back in court 4 Sept 2018

. ..know that the recent 5 convictions are not the only CH (or ex-CH) teachers to have been convicted of serious offences:

Peter Brownlie, Ian Rowley, Hudson.

What I would like to see is an independent investigation or enquiry, run or chaired by someone with little or no connection to CH to fully look …

Ian Rowley (Staff 85-89)

his appointment as academic director of St Edward’s School, Oxford


Former teacher, Ian Rowley, at prestigious private school ‘inappropriately touched’ pupil

A FORMER teacher is now on the Sex Offenders Register after he admitted ‘inappropriately touching’ one of his private school pupils.

Ian Rowley was sentenced at Oxford Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday after pleading guilty to one count of engaging in sexual activity with a boy.

Thames Valley Police said that in 2014, Oxford resident Rowley, 55, had ‘inappropriately touched’ a schoolboy, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

His victim was one of his pupils at St Edward’s School in North Oxford; a prestigious boarding school also known as Teddies, where he taught for more than 20 years.

Rowley started working at the school in 1994 but left in July last year, vacating his most recent role as a French teacher.

Rowley, of Cherwell Street in St Clement’s, was handed a 16 week prison sentence, suspended for 24 months, and ordered to pay costs of £85 and a £115 victim surcharge.

Investigating officer detective constable Holly Wood, of Thames Valley Police’s child abuse unit, said: “I am pleased that the defendant pleaded guilty to this offence, thereby sparing the victim from giving evidence.

“I would also like to praise the bravery of the victim in coming forward and throughout this process, which I know has been extremely distressing for him and his family.”

Magistrates also agreed Rowley, who was charged on February 28, must participate in a sex offenders’ treatment programme for 63 days.

He will be listed on the Sex Offenders Register for seven years.

Detective constable Wood added: “I would encourage anyone who has been a victim of this type of offence to report it to police by calling 101.

“You will be listened to, we will fully support you, and we will look to secure convictions wherever possible.”

St Edward’s School is based in Woodstock Road, Summertown and offers boarding and day school for boys and girls aged 13-18 years-old.

The school’s warden Stephen Jones said: “The wellbeing of the pupils in our care is our highest priority.

“We notified the appropriate external authorities as soon as we became aware of the allegation against Ian Rowley, and we have co-operated fully throughout the investigation that led to this sentence.

“We take our safeguarding responsibilities extremely seriously. This matter was brought to light via the school’s well-established speak-up culture, which is well understood by all pupils and staff.

“The Independent Schools Inspectorate recently reviewed our safeguarding procedures and judged them to be robust, and these policies are subject to regular review to ensure the highest standards are upheld.”


Keith Hudson

Keith Hudson

A man convicted of possessing indecent images of young boys masturbating was cleared in 2001 by then Education Secretary Estelle Morris to work in all-girl schools.

In proceedings summarised on the internet, the tribunal heard medical evidence that science teacher Keith Hudson’s interest in young boys was “homosexual, paedophilic and inappropriate”, but that Ms Morris’s decision was justified because he had “no interest in girls”.

The tribunal, which was told that Ms Morris had imposed “the least onerous restrictions available to her”, backed her decision.


The Paedophile Who Touts Himself as a Private Tutor

January 16, 2006

A CONVICTED paedophile banned from teaching male pupils is tutoring boys as young as nine in his home.

Keith Hudson’s decision to set up his own business as a private tutor prompted a headmistress to warn parents their children could be in danger.

But four years later he is still tutoring several youngsters, often unsupervised, every week.

Hudson, 52, from Crowborough, East Sussex, was arrested in 1996 over the importation of indecent and obscene magazines showing boys aged seven to 18.

He was convicted of five charges of possessing such material in 1998.

In 2001, Estelle Morris, then Education Secretary, placed him on List 99 of those barred or restricted from teaching.

He was allowed to continue teaching girls after medical evidence indicated that while his feelings towards boys were ‘homosexual, paedophilic and inappropriate’, he had ‘no interest in girls’.

But instead the self-confessed naturist, who lives alone, set up as a private teacher, renting a room in a business centre in wr, for lessons or inviting pupils to his detached [pounds sterling]300,000 home in a quiet cul-de-sac.

Last night, neighbours said most of Hudson’s pupils were boys, and ‘that only very few had been girls over the last few years’.

A neighbour said: ‘A few years ago I heard he was hanging around local schools trying to get business and a letter went out warning parents about him.’ Yesterday, Hudson, who was on the Sex Offenders Register until February 2003, claimed he was not a danger to children.

But in 2002, teachers in East Sussex used him as an example when warning parents about the risks of using private tutors.

Jenni Miller, headmistress of Roselands Infant School in Eastbourne, wrote to parents saying: ‘Our attention has been drawn to the fact parents have been approached by private tutors offering specialist tuition who are not of an acceptable professional standard and whose motivation for wanting to be a tutor might be dangerous to young people.

‘One such organisation about which we have concerns is The Sussex Learning Centre, which has Keith Hudson as principal tutor.

‘I have taken the exceptional step of writing to you because I believe the situation is sufficiently serious.’ At the time, Sussex police said they were ‘trying to close’ the legal loophole which allowed Hudson to set up as a tutor.

Neighbours said the children visiting his home were ‘nine or ten’, although some were old enough to drive.

One said: He has lived here for around 20 years on his own and hardly has any visitors other than the children.

‘But when he was still teaching in schools he used to have boys there for the weekend.

He has also had boys round to help with gardening. I’m not happy about it at all as most parents just come and drop their children off and are none the wiser about his past.

Hopefully it will now be out in the open and they will think twice.’

Hudson qualified as a teacher in 1973 and taught science and information technology in various schools until his arrest in 1996.

Yesterday he confirmed he was teaching as a private tutor. ‘Over the years I have enjoyed the support of many parents and I am grateful for that support,’ he said.

‘When I was assessed by a specialist medical advisor for the Secretary Of State For Education, her firm recommendation was that I should be allowed to continue with my tutoring business. I know that I am not any kind of danger to children.’


Mr Hudson, who runs learning centres in the Eastbourne and Haywards Heath areas.


Keith Hudson – Haywards Heath Learning Centre · Syresham



7 Mar 2006 : Column 1441W—continued

Keith Hudson

Mr. Gibb: To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills if she will list the individuals and organisations consulted in helping her reach a decision in the case of the Keith Hudson List 99 determination. [43406]


7 Mar 2006 : Column 1442W
Ruth Kelly: Representatives from the following organisations were consulted in reaching a decision:

More House school

Surrey Social Services Department

National Identification Service, New Scotland Yard

Croydon Law Courts

HM Customs and Excise

Lewes Crown court

East Sussex county council

The Care Standards Tribunal

Sussex police

A consultant Forensic Psychiatrist

The Department does not release the names of individuals who supply information or evidence.



Hudson, who you asked about, the “naturist” paed who killed himself in Holland to avoid extradition, was my 2nd form physics teacher and assistant housemaster. It was pretty clear even to the youngest naïf that there was something off about him


…most years it was JDS, Torkington, Goodall (at least for a couple of years), 3 or 4 Old Blues who had been in Scouts and would have been Undergraduate Age, and I think Dobbie went on at least one (he also went on the Lake District Trip with the Scouts in December 85, my UF,

Everyone heard the rumours about the Norfolk Broads trips

I went on a number of Broads trips, including one with a boat run by Dobbie – nothing ever happened…

Webb and Burr did turn up on summer camp staying on Burr’s boat next to the campsite, but I was never on the Broads with them.

Were there any mentions in the Blue in Summer 1996 of Dobbie leaving? Or did he quietly disappear?

I don’t think he left in 1996, I thought he became housemaster in 1993, was demoted in 1996 and went to Shrewsbury in 2003. He was still in close contact with several teachers after his departure

Gary Dobbie, pictured when he was Shrewsbury School’s chaplain, sexually abused students at Christ’s Hospital School

I’ve dug out my old stack of The Blue. Dobbie writes about stepping down as senior chaplain to focus on duties as a housemaster a few terms before it happens.

Going back further to 1994 this sentence in the Mid A house notes made me feel sick in light of the revelations during his trial:
“GWD cooked for the house monitors and invited guests, much fun had by all”.

…my ire for Poulton, Cairncross and Sillett who in the face of awful actions were awfully inactive.

Why was he demoted in 1993 to Assistant Chaplain, being replaced by A. Mitra?

…a copy of the letter sent to the Parents of those in Webb’s house when he left, including mine, which talks of his exemplary 18 years of service, and his need to leave the school on medical advice from stress brought on by the school reorganisation in preparation for the merger, including the moving of his boarding house. No mention of anything untoward.

The letter Craig refers to is a remarkable document. The school told parents a complete pack of lies. There is no other way to put it.

This isn’t going to get better for the school.

This thread confirms that there has been a long-standing policy of management cover-up of well-documented child abuse and this provides data including many strange practices for the “Four Eyes” proposal for a Truth & Reconciliation Inquiry “Way Ahead”
I simply cannot comprehend how the school could decide to bury Webb’s previous conviction rather than realise there would inevitably be other victims. There was a clear choice: protect the school, or be part of the solution. This was 2015 for goodness sake, three years ago, not the Middle Ages. I was a Donation Governor at the time; and I was never told a single word. Furious doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Had the school circulated details of Webb’s conviction and the police investigation more widely, I believe that more people would have come forward.

The first I knew about any of it was when the first four of the filthy five were charged.

One of the real disgraces is that the school was not honest with parents and so many pupils, both at CH and other schools, were left at risk.

I was a pupil at the school when Burr was moved on. Not a word was said to parents about him interfering with the pupils. The same happened with Webb. Not only was he moved on, but parents were told anything but the truth.

It is very suspicious that he was at CH for a short time, left under mysterious circumstances and then this happened in Wales later on.There are at least three (and possibly a lot more) separate newspaper reports that suggest a pattern in which offenders were quietly moved on with positive references, which is very disturbing. The pattern seems to suggest that CH administration consistently went out of their way to ensure that these people remained employed as teachers. It almost seems as if this was the official (but unwritten) policy. Why?

Dobbie was found guilty of 15 counts involving offences against six boys and two girls

It looks like CH was reckless about the plight of future victims and it is likely the subsequent employers of Karim and Dobbie would have relied on references from CH. It was said in court that Karim was given references by CH. Unless those two face charges for activities after they left CH we may never know any further detail.

It seems to be a criminal offence not to inform the police of a possible terrorist act yet it is not an offence to endanger minors by concealing knowledge of actual crimes such as these, let alone suspicions. I cannot understand why.

On one occasion, probably in 1978 or 1979, the entire dining hall united in a chant of ‘Pedo!, Pedo!, Pedo!, Pedo!, …’ while Peter Webb attempted to officiate at tea. This was extremely loud with a lot of shouting, banging of cutlery on tables, etc. with many hundreds of boys carrying out the chant. Peter Webb fled from the dining hall after a few minutes, and Mr. Fry arrived a few minutes later to restore order (which took Fry just a few gavel bangs). Too many boys were involved for punishments to be handed out. Peter Webb did not officiate in the dining hall any further following that event – although Webb continued at the school. So, as his duties were changed post-event, someone in authority must have known why this change in responsibility occurred and there might well be written documentation of this. For example, the Blue Book lists responsibilities for each master and Webb’s responsibilities were changed following this event.

Yet he remained at the school for another 4 or 5 years. Then he enjoyed a further 30 years at liberty before a feeble judge gave him a lenient sentence partly because he might otherwise die in prison.

And yet within 2 years (according to the transcript of the Sentencing Appeal hearing) in 1980 Webb was promoted to Housemaster.



What with all this talk of ‘the school knew, but did nothing’, my thoughts have turned to a bearded house-tutor who in the second half of the 1970s doubled as the c/o of the then-new Navy limb of the CCF. Whatever awful thing it was he did, he was expelled from the school staff post-haste, leaving a bad smell behind him. His name escapes me, but I believe he was only at CH for a couple of years. Surely I can’t be the only person who remembers him?

…of course the inconsistency which saw him removed in such short order while Webb and Burr were allowed to carry on, and on, and on

According to the 1976-1977 Blue Book, the CCF Naval Section was the responsibility of Lt. R.C. Durrant.

If you google R.C. Durrant you find that a teacher by that name, who taught at Christ’s Hospital, was found not-guilty in Wales in 2008, see:

https://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north- … ex-2810551

https://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north- … ex-2811014


Poulton, Cairncross and Sillet




However, I distinctly remember you called a house meeting I am guesssing like in 1993, and you explained to us that our Maths teacher Mr *****, was being marched off the because he had tried to lure a boy up into his flat. I was in the unnamed teachers set for maths (set 6 or 5 I believe) so I remember it well.

McCall got booted for luring boys up to his flat in 93? He’d been doing that for at least a decade prior and nobody seemed to bat an eyelid. I wonder what changed….


Peter Phillip De Wharton Burr

Paedophile teacher has his sentence increased by top judges

Peter Burr abused boys at a prestigious school – and will spend an extra two years in jail

29 MAR 2018

A paedophile teacher who abused four young boys over four decades ago has had his “unduly lenient” jail term increased by top judges.

Peter Phillip De Wharton Burr, 73, of The Square, Kingswear, was a house tutor and physics teacher at a top boarding school.

He was jailed for four years in January after four former pupils came forward to say he had groped them in the 1960s and 1970s.

Burr pleaded guilty to nine counts of indecent assault and said he was “deeply, deeply sorry” for what he had done at Christ’s Hospital in Horsham, Sussex.

His punishment, however, was viewed as far too soft by the Solicitor General, Robert Buckland QC, who referred the case for top judges to look at again.

At London’s Appeal Court, Lord Justice Davis agreed he had got off too lightly – and upped his jail term to six years seven months.

The court heard Burr was well known at the school for his creepy sexualised behaviour towards the boys in his charge.

He would stalk the changing rooms and showers leering at boys in the nude or getting changed.

One of the victims was groped as he changed for PE and others were subjected to more serious sex attacks in his private study.

Three of the victims described having long-term psychological damage due to what happened to them.

One said he had been left with “a hole in his heart” and another said his childhood had been “ruined.”

All the victims had been chosen because they were “particularly vulnerable” boys.

Lawyers for Burr admitted the sentence of four years was “merciful” but pleaded with the judges not to increase it.

He had committed his crimes when aged in his 20s and had l left the school in the mid 1970s.

Burr had “acknowledged that what he did was appalling” and felt deep “shame” the court was told.

However, Lord Justice Davis, sitting with two other judges, ruled that the four-year term had to be increased, despite his “powerful personal mitigation.”

“It is always open to a judge to show mercy, but still our conclusion has to be that this sentence was unduly lenient,” he concluded.

Burr was caught after a victim revealed his ordeal to Vanessa Feltz’s radio show after claiming he was initially ignored by police.

One of the victims tried to report the crimes to officers at Horsham Police Station in 2000 but felt he was being “batted back” and no further action was taken, prosecutor Ahmed Hossain said.

It was not until December 3, 2016 that the victim was prompted to email the producer of Feltz’s BBC Radio London programme when she discussed the football abuse scandal.

The producer put him in touch with detectives and an investigation was launched after he made contact with police in February last year.

Burr was the West Sussex school’s second former teacher to be jailed in as many months in separate prosecutions.

Judge Christine Henson said he had demonstrated a “gross abuse of trust” and preyed on vulnerable boys who were reluctant to speak out after they had been given a place at the school because a parent had died or their family had a low income.

Burr invited pupils to visit his study for tea and cake and to watch television before fondling them.

One victim described how Burr enticed them with chocolate biscuits

The house tutor and physics teacher, who was responsible for patrolling bathrooms and dormitories, also became sexually aroused when he played with boys in the swimming pool, Mr Hossain said.

Christ’s Hospital head teacher Simon Reid said: “The victim testimony could have left no-one in any doubt as to the devastating and lasting impact of (Burr’s) actions.

“While these offences date back to the period 1969-73, and the school now provides the safest possible environment for its students, we will not shy away from continuing to challenge ourselves on every aspect of child protection.

“The thoughts of everyone at Christ’s Hospital school are very much with the victims in this case.”

Founded in the 16th century, the school charges boarders up to £31,500 a year and counts Sir Barnes Wallis, inventor of the bouncing bomb, and poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge as alumni.

Pupils still wear a Tudor-style uniform consisting of a long blue coat and high yellow socks.

One of the victims described the school at the time of Burr’s offences as having a “culture of corporal punishment” where pupils were told they were privileged to be attending, Mr Hossain said.

In a victim impact statement, one of the men, who was sent to Christ’s Hospital for free after his father died, said: “No matter how miserable the school made me, I believed it was my duty to go there and support my mother.

“Six times a day the pupils were told they ought to be thankful.

“There was no-one to turn to and no privacy.

“I learned that I had no rights and no status.

“There was no Harry Potter magic at Christ’s Hospital.”

He said he has struggled to maintain relationships and appears withdrawn, distant and arrogant as he tries to hide his past.

He added: “(Burr) could have been a good man and a decent teacher but instead he sat there like a stain and stole my childhood.”

Another victim said he felt confined to a life of celibacy as a result of Burr’s actions.

A third victim said he was not traumatised by the moment he had to forcefully push away Burr’s advances.

He said they had remained friends as he grew older and he was surprised to be considered a victim.

Burr, who arrived late to the hearing, was initially sentenced to three and a half years, but Judge Henson increased the term, saying she had said 42 months by mistake instead of 48 months.

He was also made the subject of a sexual harm prevention order.

Four other charges of indecent assault which he denied were left to lie on file.

Detective Inspector Wendy Burton said: “The victim did mention this to us when we met him last February and we made detailed enquiries, but we found no record of his making contact or reporting any allegations in 2000. However we fully investigated his report in 2017, and Burr has now been given a prison sentence. I can reassure victims that allegations and reports such as this are taken seriously and will be dealt with appropriately.”

She said the case was investigated fully in 2017 and she moved to reassured victims that such allegations are taken seriously.

Burr’s prosecution is part of a wider investigation into allegations of abuse by former teachers at the school.

Former house master Peter Webb, 74, was jailed for four years in December.

Three more men are due in court later this year. Police have said the prosecutions are not linked.

Ajaz Karim, 63, who lives in London, denies nine charges of indecent assault and one attempted indecent assault against six female pupils. He is due to stand trial in April.

James Husband, 67, of York, is accused of four counts of rape and five counts of indecently assaulting a woman.

Gary Dobbie, 66, of Albi, France, is charged with seven counts of indecent assault and one attempted indecent assault against two men, as well as three counts of indecently assaulting two women.


Attempt to ban press coverage

Sussex Police began investigating teachers at the school in 2016 after allegations were made about Husband.

The cases, involving different victims and time periods, were treated as separate inquiries – apart from Dobbie and Husband, who were tried as co-defendants.

Publicity around the prosecutions prompted several more former pupils to come forward with complaints.

In October, barristers representing Burr, Karim, Dobbie and Husband tried to ban press coverage of court proceedings until all the cases had concluded – effectively attempting to delay publicity for the best part of a year – by claiming that it would be prejudicial to the defendants.

But Judge Christine Henson rejected the plea after it was challenged by Press Association in the public interest.


Peter Burr who was convicted of abuse at Christ’s Hospital School – his full name is

Peter Phillip De Wharton Burr, 73, of The Square, Kingswear, was a house tutor and physics teacher at a top boarding school.

He was jailed for four years in January after four former pupils came forward to say he had groped them in the 1960s and 1970s.

Burr pleaded guilty to nine counts of indecent assault and said he was “deeply, deeply sorry” for what he had done at Christ’s Hospital in Horsham, Sussex.

His punishment, however, was viewed as far too soft by the Solicitor General, Robert Buckland QC, who referred the case for top judges to look at again.

At London’s Appeal Court, Lord Justice Davis agreed he had got off too lightly – and upped his jail term to six years seven months.


Max and Petronella de Wharton Burr with son

Peter  de Wharton Burr (from 1949 group)

Max de Wharton Burr  was his father

His mother Petronilla James

Belmont headmaster Max Burr with his wife Nilla visitng Cambridge

Burr was as mad as any head-master. Complementing his pathological hatred of rabbits and a carefully nurtured  charm to counterbalance his undoubted sadism was his belief that he was handy with a shotgun.


I was able to identify the spot where Taft was shot by Max Burr trying out his new air pistol, and Dunsbier mi found where he had put an arrow through some unfortunate’s leg – although he couldn’t remember the victim’s name. The bloodstains had been grown over. There was a lot of shooting at Belmont in the 1950s.


Peter Burr  writes:

If any OBs are in the Hassocks area, both my parents are buried in Clayton churchyard (my Mother’s ashes in my Father’s grave), and J’s ashes are in the same grave.

After my Mother’s death in 1998 I planted a yew tree in her memory, with a plaque, which is in the churchyard of St Mary’s Streatley on Thames (in front of the church, not behind). Perhaps there are those who might like to pay their respects. [item posted 1 Nov 2010]

Mr Max de Wharton Burr (Brighton College and Jesus College, Cambridge) became Headmaster of Belmont School in 1934

In 1933 Gilbert Evans took on as Assistant Headmaster Max de Wharton Burr

When Max Burr died in 1954, Max Burr’s wife appointed headmaster Christopher Barlow.

Violet Attlee, paedophile Christopher Barlow and Nilla Burr (mother of paedophile Peter Burr), with Clement Attllee, c.1956

However, there was a darker side to Christopher Barlow. He was a paedophile, whose excessive use of the cane made life a misery for many boys at the school. His behaviour would not have been tolerated in a more enlightened age.

Christopher Barlow died in 1990 and Nilla Burr in 1998.

…the last headmaster of the school, who would clearly be imprisoned today as a dangerous paedophile.


By 1971 numbers had dropped again to 67 and, with massive maintenance bills appearing, the school was running at a serious loss. No buyers could be found with a realistic prospect of continuing to run the school and in 1972 Mrs Burr closed the school and sold the site.


Christopher Barlow and Nilla Burr retired to adjacent apartments in Winchester.



Belmont School, Hassocks 1904-1972

Mr Christopher Barlow (Stowe and King’s College, Cambridge ), a former Organ Scholar, took over as Headmaster, Mrs Burr remaining as business partner. There were 58 boys in the school in summer term 1958; 75 in 1965; 67 in 1971. There was a change in the most favoured destination schools with Stowe and Sherborne becoming the most prominent.






Down Belmont Lane – Belmont School, Hassocks


Science teacher Hudson was allowed to teach despite being a convicted sex offender in the UK when it emerged his details were on a banned list. 

Hudson was found guilty at Croydon Crown Court on five counts of moving and concealing indecent material after an operation by Dover customs officers in 1998.

He was placed on List 99, which gives details of people barred or restricted from the teaching profession due to misconduct or on medical grounds.

And he was also put on the Sex Offenders’ Register for four years with his details being added to East Sussex County Council’s internal restricted list.

But three years later he was allowed to teach girls by Estelle Morris, the Government’s then Education Secretary.

The Care Standards Tribunal backed Ms Morris’s decision and it heard medical evidence that while his feelings towards young boys were “inappropriate”, he had “no interest in girls”.


January 2008

Paedophile teacher commits suicide

A paedophile teacher due to be extradited to the Netherlands for importing child abuse images has committed suicide.

Keith Hudson, 54, was due to fly to serve five months in a Dutch prison but did not turn up to Heathrow Airport.

Hudson, who ran private tuition company Sussex Learning Centre, had been granted bail on stringent conditions including the payment of a £10,000 security to City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court in central London.

A hearing to order the forfeiture of the money was arranged for today.

But Amelia Nice, for the Dutch authorities, told the court: “He failed to report to Heathrow. It has since been brought to our attention that apparently he has died.

“Apparently he committed suicide.”

Hudson, of Willowmead, Crowborough, has previous convictions in the UK for similar offences, had signed on as a sex offender for four years and been banned from working with boys.

He was found guilty of five counts of moving and concealing indecent material at Croydon Crown Court, following an operation by Dover customs officers in 1998.

A Care Standards Tribunal had heard he was not a risk to girls and limited the court’s earlier ban on teaching all children.

Education bosses at East Sussex County Council issued a warning to all schools in the area after the discovery that he was touting for business.

Then in 2002 he was found guilty of importing and stocking indecent images of boys in the Netherlands between April and December 1999.

However he was not in court for his sentence and a bid for his extradition from this country was later launched.

The disgraced tutor was arrested by Sussex and Met detectives at his home last month.

He lost his fight against his return and a Westminster judge ordered his extradition on December 27 last year.

Hudson was trusted to turn up to Heathrow on January 11 on stringent bail conditions including residence at his home address, daily reporting to police, and to have no contact with any person under 18.

On hearing the report of his death District Judge Quentin Purdy said he required confirmation from a police officer and adjourned the hearing to February 6.

The judge said if he has died the £10,000 would be returned.

September 2002

Porn teacher’s lessons alarm

A convicted sex offender is offering private tuition to young children.

Keith Hudson, found guilty of child abuse images offences in 1998, is advertising classes through his Crowborough-based company Sussex Learning Centre.

Teachers in East Sussex have warned parents to contact them before signing up with external schools and tutors.

Police said Hudson, 49, of Willowmead, Crowborough, is not breaking any law in setting up a private school despite being on the council’s internal restricted list.

They are attempting to close the loophole which allows men like Hudson, who was put on the Sex Offenders’Register for four years following his conviction, to offer their services to children.

Jenni Miller, headteacher of Roselands Infant School in Woodgate Road, Eastbourne, has sent a letter home to parents warning them of the possible threat.

She wrote: “Our attention has been drawn to the fact parents in the Uckfield area have been approached by private tutors offering specialist tuition who are not of an acceptable professional standard and whose motivation for wanting to be a tutor might be dangerous to young people.

“One such organisation about which we have concerns is the Sussex Learning Centre, which has Keith Hudson as principal tutor.

“I have taken the exceptional step of writing to you because I believe the situation is sufficiently serious.”

Hudson was found guilty at Croydon Crown Court on five counts of moving and concealing indecent material following an operation by Dover Customs officers.

Magazines containing indecent photographs of children were discovered in packages sent via the port.

Hudson was also placed on List 99, which gives details of people barred or restricted from the teaching profession due to misconduct or on medical grounds.

Education bosses at East Sussex County Council issued a warning to all schools in the area following the discovery he was touting for business.

A Sussex Police spokesman said: “There is a legal loophole which we are trying to close.

“There is nothing stopping Mr Hudson setting up a private teaching school.

“We’ll refer this to the Association of Chief Police Officers.”

Hudson last night said he saw nothing inappropriate in offering private tuition to young children.

Hudson, 49, who runs the Sussex Learning Centre, said he ran a ‘totally professional’ service which was approved by the police and the Government.

And he denied touting for business by circulating leaflets.

He added: “People’s fears are completely groundless. I don’t know what these fears are about.

“My service, in all respects, is extremely professional. It is checked by the police and they have no objection to it continuing.

“It is also checked by specialist agencies, including an advisor to the Secretary of State for Education and Skills.

“I’m sure if people were aware of the facts they would not be worried.”

However, education bosses at East Sussex County Council issued a warning to all schools in the area after discovering he was touting for business.

Hudson insisted he had not circulated leaflets offering one-to-one tuition to children as young as four.

He said: “This information is several years out of date. Most of my clients come through personal recommendations from one parent to another.”

Hudson said the teaching staff at the learning centre consisted of “mostly myself”.

He said he some tutor sessions were held at the learning centre, some at his home.

“They are held wherever parents want them to be held. “

Asked if he informed parents about being on the Sex Offenders Register, he said: “I have been told there is no need to tell parents.”


Mr Hudson was convicted and fined in 1998 after being found in possession of magazines featuring indecent images of young boys.

But since then he has been distributing leaflets around a number of Eastbourne primary schools advertising his tutorial service.

Mr Hudson, who said at the time of his conviction that his interest in the magazines was limited to naturism, was removed from the county supply teacher list. He then set up a private tutoring centre called The Sussex Learning Centre.

This side-stepped the need for a criminal records check – a loophole the county council is still urging is closed by the government – four years after it sent letters of warning about Mr Hudson to parents in Eastbourne via local schools.

Hudson confirmed to national media this week that his business was still running. A council spokesman said, ‘This case involves a particular loophole we have previously highlighted, which allows a private tutor to teach children without any Criminal Records Bureau declaration or regulation.

‘We want to see private tuition services regulated, and urge the Minister to review the situation as a matter of utmost importance.’

The spokesman said Hudson had never been employed directly as a teacher by East Sussex County Council, but had police clearance for supply work prior to his conviction.

The spokesman said, ‘He was removed from the ESCC supply teacher list in 1998, as soon as we were aware of his conviction for possession of indecent images.

‘We immediately wrote to our schools telling them of our concerns about his unsuitability to work with children and provided a standard letter schools could use to inform parents.

‘Since his conviction, it has been our view that Mr Hudson was not suitable to work with any children.

‘Parents will find it bizarre that someone convicted of possessing indecent photographs of boys can teach children again.

‘We should all be especially concerned that a loophole like this means that someone with a conviction can set up as a private tutor and parents will often know nothing about their background.’


Hudson has set up a “learning centre” based at his home


Sussex Learning Centre

15 Willowmead
Crowborough, ENG TN6 1LW, United Kingdom

Year Established 1995



Estelle Morris, Baroness Morris of Yardley

In September 2005, it was announced that Estelle Morris, would succeed Lady Kennedy of The Shaws as President of the National Children’s Bureau.


Her father, Charles, was a former MP and an aide to Harold Wilson. Her uncle, Lord (Alf) Morris of Manchester, was a Labour minister, for the disabled.


23 OCT 2012

There are now up to nine cases across the country in which male teachers named as paedophiles have been allowed to carry on teaching.


Keith Hudson

His conviction dates from 1996 for possessing indecent images of boys. A science teacher from Sussex, Hudson, 52, was added to List 99. But in 2001 Estelle Morris, the education secretary at the time, cleared him to teach in an all-girls school after hearing medical evidence that said that while Hudson’s feelings towards boys were “homosexual, paedophilic and inappropriate”, he had “no interest in girls”.

In an interview with ITV News this weekend, Hudson said he posed no threat to youngsters: “I do not consider I have committed any sex offence – indeed no offence. I think, therefore, I should not be on the list.”



Christ’s Hospital School ex-sports coach jailed for sex abuse

9 Aug 2018

Ajaz Karim

A sports teacher at a private school has been sentenced to 10 years in jail for sexually abusing female students.

Ajaz Karim, 63, from Hammersmith, west London, was convicted of nine charges of indecent assault at Christ’s Hospital School in Horsham.

Hove Crown Court was told he abused six girls aged 14 to 18 between 1985 and 1993.

He was also found guilty at an earlier hearing of one count of attempted indecent assault.

He is one of a number of teaching staff at the West Sussex school who have been convicted of sexually abusing students.

Karim had claimed during the trial his relationship “with the girls and boys was one of friendship”.

Judge Christine Henson said Karim displayed a “complete disregard” and “continued arrogance” towards his victims, adding: “I’m in no doubt that you used your popularity as a teacher to groom your victims.

“They should have been safe and secure, sadly they were not.

“You have betrayed everything a teacher should stand for.”

He left the school after complaints from four pupils surfaced between 1990 and 1993.

Senior staff came under fire from victims over the way they handled the allegations.

Teachers never reported him to the police and he was initially allowed to carry on working, even with the girls in question.

‘Hugely traumatic’

Reading a victim’s statement, Oliver Dunkin, prosecuting, said the victim was “deeply disappointed” with the school’s handling of the incidents, which made it “hugely traumatic”.

“For 32 years I have lived with the deeply buried memory of events that took place with Mr Karim,” the statement read.

“Until recently I believed the impact had been minimal and I got on and lived my life.”

An NSPCC spokeswoman said Karim displayed a “shocking breach of trust”.

She added: “We hope today’s sentencing provides some sort of closure for those cruelly targeted by Karim.”

Karim was also made the subject of a sexual harm prevention order.



Retired teacher Roger Martin leaves Crawley Magistrates’ Court after denying sexually abusing a 10-year boy

Roger Martin today pleaded not guilty at Crawley Magistrates’ Court to  assaulting a boy at Christ’s Hospital School, Horsham, West Sussex

18 July 2018

A retired teacher has denied sexually abusing a 10-year-old pupil at a leading private school.

Roger Martin will stand trial after pleading not guilty at Crawley Magistrates’ Court earlier.

The 82-year-old is charged with indecently assaulting a boy at Christ’s Hospital School, Horsham, West Sussex, between September and December 1976.

The court heard the allegations involved a “vulnerable and homesick young boy”.

Mr Martin, of Palgrave Road, Great Dunham, near King’s Lynn, Norfolk, was investigated by the Sussex Police complex abuse unit after it was contacted with information for the first time in November 2017.

He was granted unconditional bail and is next due to appear at Lewes Crown Court on 15 August.


The 82-year-old (pictured) will stand trial at Lewes Crown Court after denying indecently assaulting a 10-year-old 

Retired teacher, 82, denies sexually abusing ‘vulnerable and homesick’ boy, 10, at leading private school Christ’s Hospital

  • Roger Martin faces trial after pleading not guilty at Crawley Magistrates’ Court 
  • Charged with indecently assaulting boy at Christ’s Hospital School in Horsham 
  • The alleged attack at West Sussex school are said to have taken place in 1970s

18 July 2018

A retired teacher today denied sexually abusing a 10-year-old pupil at a leading private school.

Roger Martin, 82, will stand trial after pleading not guilty at Crawley Magistrates’ Court.

He is charged with indecently assaulting a boy at Christ’s Hospital School, Horsham, West Sussex, in the 1970s. The court heard the allegation involved a ‘vulnerable and homesick young boy’.

Dressed in a grey suit and brown shoes, Martin spoke loudly and clearly when he gave his credentials and entered the plea, answering ‘yes indeed’ to confirm he understood the next stage of proceedings.

Mr Martin, of Great Dunham, near King’s Lynn, Norfolk, was investigated by the Sussex Police complex abuse unit after it was contacted with information for the first time in November 2017.

He was granted unconditional bail and is due to appear at Lewes Crown Court on August 15 at 10am for a plea and trial preparation hearing.


There are various references to Roger Martin throughout this forum. He was a pupil at CH  (1947-55) when I was there and subsequently served on the staff for two discrete spells.

Roger has come to my mind again recently on three counts:

1. I have written about him while reviewing Francis Warner’s Book By the Cam and the Isis in the Old Blue and in the forthcoming edition of the Blue
2. I just happened to be watching the old ITV Remembrance Day service from the 1970s in which he declaimed FWW poetry with great gusto and

Roger must be unique in coming to live at the school on three separate occasions; he will have a sharp insight into the changes that he observed over that period. Coming afresh on each occasion undoubtedly must have reinforced his impressions of CH which will have been different on each and every occasion.

Roger Martin at Christ’s Hospital School: Ba B 47-55, Staff 63-68 and 72-96


I was taught by Roger Martin certainly as a third former and possibly second form or LE too (Latin and Divinity if memory serves me right)

When I was there Roger was a junior housemaster in Barnes A with Bob Sillett under “Pongo” Littlefield. He left round about the time I was in the LE or GE to teach at a school in Kenya, Starahe (?spelling).



Christ’s Hospital School where 5 teachers have been jailed for CSA:


Image result for "tom lawson" + "nigel lawson"

Nigella, Lord Nigel Lawson, Tom Lawson

5 May 2015

Tom Lawson, son of Lord Lawson and half-brother of Nigella, was educated at Eton before going to Oxford, and is now deputy head of Christ’s Hospital school in Horsham, West Sussex.


Image result for "nigel lawson" + "leon brittan"

Leon Brittan, Lord Lawson, Keith Joseph

Lord Lawson say Police should stop funding investigations into historical abuse.


Image result for "tom lawson" + "rosa monckton"

Lord Lawson’s daughter-in-law, Rosa Monckton, was good friends with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. She has numerous numbers in Jeffrey Epstein’s back book. Tom Lawson’s half-brother, Dominic Lawson, married Rosa Monckton

Rosa Monckton married to Nigel Lawson’s son, speaking about close friend and paedophile, Jeffrey Epstein:

“He’s very enigmatic,” Rosa Monckton told Vanity Fair in 2003. Monckton was the former British CEO of Tiffany & Co. and confidante to the late Princess Diana. She was also a close friend of Epstein’s since the 1980s. “He never reveals his hand . . . He’s a classic iceberg. What you see is not what you get.”

Both profiles intimated that Epstein had a predilection for young women but never went further.

Rosa Monckton recalls Epstein telling her that her daughter, Domenica, who suffers from Down syndrome, needed the sun, and that Rosa should feel free to bring her to his house in Palm Beach anytime.



Rosa Monckton’s aunt was good friends with Jimmy Savile

[Jimmy Savile with Central Remedial Clinic founder Lady Valerie Goulding (Monckton)]

From left:..An Taoiseach Charles Haughey TD..Lady Valerie Goulding (Monckton) of the Central Remedial Clinic..Jimmy Savile.

  • Some students were sent from Christ Hospital School to paedophile Bishop Peter Ball for punishment.

Image result for Some students were sent from Christ Hospital School to paedophile Bishop Peter Ball for punishment.

Image result for Some students were sent from Christ Hospital School to paedophile Bishop Peter Ball for punishment.



The current headmaster (since 2016) at Eastbourne College is Tom Lawson, half-brother of Nigela and son of the Tory grandee Nigel who argued that no funds should be ploughed into historical child sex allegations.

Tom Lawson came to Eastbourne College from Christ’s Hospital where no fewer than 5 teachers have been convicted for CSA and where a common punishment used to be to send pupils down to Peter Ball’s house!

  • Some students were sent from Christ Hospital School to paedophile Bishop Peter Ball for punishment.

Image result for Some students were sent from Christ Hospital School to paedophile Bishop Peter Ball for punishment.

Image result for Some students were sent from Christ Hospital School to paedophile Bishop Peter Ball for punishment.


Another director of Eastbourne College was Alison ‘Butterfingers’ Saunders (2008 – 2014). Despite the collapse of an unprecedented number of abuse cases during her watch as DPP, she still insists she has done a good job:



10 Dec 1991 – Letter from Peter Ball to Enoch Powell


The address on that note from Bishop Ball to Enoch Powell is significant: It is the postal address for Eastbourne College, where Peter Ball was on the BOD between 1991 and 1992, a school ravaged by cases of child sexual abuse.





Two retired teachers who sexually assaulted a boy while they taught at his college are jailed for a total of 17 years

  • Ex-history teacher Andrew Boxer, 67, was sentenced to 15 years in jail
  • Ex-music teacher Graham Jones, 63, was jailed for two years 
  • Both taught at Eastbourne College, East Sussex, at the time of the abuse, while the victim was a pupil there

Andrew Boxer and Graham Jones were both convicted of several counts of indecently assaulting the same boy between 1988 and 1993, following a week-long trial.

Former history teacher Boxer, 67, was sentenced to 15 years behind bars for seven counts of indecent assault – six at the same address in Eastbourne, East Sussex and another in Cambridge.



The current headmaster (since 2016) at Eastbourne College is Tom Lawson, half-brother of Nigela and son of the Tory grandee Nigel who argued that no funds should be ploughed into historical child sex allegations.

Yet another director of Eastbourne College (1991 – 2004) was the Duke Of Devonshire Andrew Robert Buxton Cavendish, another close friend of Savile, BigEars and Bishop Ball, seen here giving Savile a silly handshake:

Dame Alun Roberts ‏ @ciabaudo

A punishment at Christ’s Hospital School was to be sent down for a few nights at Peter Ball’s house. I wonder whether those sending them down knew what their fate might be? And who were his ‘special friends’?

It would appear Tom Lawson was what is referred to as a ‘safe pair of hands’, stumbling from one paedo school to the next. He also worked at Winchester College for 15 years, where John Smyth QC abused boys:

EXCLUSIVE: Bullingdon Club 1996- Tom Lawson, the arms dealer's son and the 'mayhem' that took 30 cops to shut down
The former Chancellor’s son was part of a Bullingdon set that caused ‘mayhem’ at a party in Kingston Blount that required 30 police officers to clear up.

EXCLUSIVE: Bullingdon Club 1996- Tom Lawson, the arms dealer’s son and the ‘mayhem’ that took 30 cops to shut down


Mr Hughes has now indicated that new complainants came forward following the media coverage of Peter Ball’s sentencing. It was considered that it was not in the public interest to pursue these cases, as Peter Ball has recently been incarcerated.


Peter Ball would pray naked with them at the altar and encourage them to submit to beatings. At least five more victims were schoolchildren.
Christ’s Hospital School supports Prince Charles’ Prince’s Trust
…the Prince’s Trust said: “We would like to thank the Christ’s Hospital community for all that you have done over the past year for fundraising so much for The Prince’s Trust as part of your Chapel Charities commitment.

 Former Christ’s Hospital teacher charged with historic sex offence

16 July 2018
A former teacher at Christ’s Hospital School has been charged with an historic sexual offence against a pupil. Police said Roger Martin, retired, of Palgrave Rd, Great Dunham, Kings Lynn, has been charged with sexually assaulting a 10-year-old boy at the school. The 82-year-old has been served with a summons to appear at Crawley Magistrates Court on July 18.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “This is a separate case to those of five other former teachers from the same School, who have already been subject of separate criminal proceedings – three have been convicted and sentenced and two have been convicted and await sentencing. “The prosecution follows an investigation by officers from the Sussex Police Complex Abuse Unit after information was received for the first time in November 2017.


He is accused of assaulting a 10-year-old boy at the school between September and December 1976


He is an Old Blue who left in 1955.
He returned to teach and be assistant house master of Prep A in 1963.

After a couple of years he went to Strahe (Starehe) School in Kenya and then returned to CH a couple of years later.


STAREHE UK ASSOCIATION – Fundraising and support for Starehe Boys’ Centre and Starehe Girls’ Centre in Nairobi, Kenya.

Roger Martin Director appointed   16 Nov 1991



Griffin gave me his biography by Roger Martin, one time his deputy.

Roger Martin, a former Starehe head and author of the book Anthem of Bugles

The first and most significant history of the school was written by a former volunteer teacher: Roger Martin, Anthem of Bugles: The Story of Starehe Boys’ Centre and School (Nairobi, 1978)

Image result for Anthem of Bugles, in 1978.

A particularly productive connection was made with Christ’s Hospital in Britain, a school similarly run on public school lines but with an intake of children based on a range of — arguably dubious — charitable criteria. Volunteers such as Peter Attenborough introduced many of Christ’s customs while others such as Roger Martin developed long-lasting connections which would see him publish Starehe’s first history, Anthem of Bugles, in 1978.



Christ’s Hospital School teacher jailed for pupil rape

13  July 2018

A former teacher at a top independent school in West Sussex has been sentenced to 17 years in jail for a string of sex offences including rape.

James Husband, 68, from York, was convicted of raping a 15-year-old pupil at Christ’s Hospital School in Horsham.

He was also found guilty at an earlier hearing at Hove Crown Court of five indecent assault charges on the girl.

During the trial, the court heard Husband told the girl: “It’s OK, I’ve had a vasectomy,” before raping her.

Husband, of Wigginton, is the fifth Christ’s Hospital School teacher to be convicted of sexually abusing students.

His crimes spanned a period of more than 30 years and involved 22 victims.

His co-defendant and a former head of house at the school Gary Dobbie, 66, of Albi, France, was convicted of 15 counts involving multiple offences against six boys and two girls as young as 12.

Dobbie, formerly of Hereford, was teaching at independent Shrewsbury School, in Shropshire, at the time of his arrest in 2016.

He has yet to be sentenced.

Jurors heard the abuse took place between 1990 and 2001 and that both men were friends and used to laugh together about their abuse.


Christ’s Hospital teacher faces further sexual abuse allegations

5 July 2018

Prosecutor Eloise Marshall then told the court there were “outstanding matters” against Dobbie as “two other complainants had come forward during the course of the trial”. 

Gary Dobbie was found guilty was found guilty of 15 counts involving multiple offences against six boys and two girls as young as 12 between 1998 and 2001

Investigations are ongoing and no charges have so far been brought. Police have confirmed they are both former school pupils

Husband will be sentenced on July 13. A date is yet to be set for Dobbie


Two former teachers at Christ’s Hospital ​​school guilty of abusing pupils

Gary Dobbie and James Husband face jail as number of ex-staff convicted reaches five

5 July 2018

Two more teachers who worked at a top private school are facing jail after being found guilty of sexually abusing pupils.

Five teachers from Christ’s Hospital school have now been convicted after police investigated complaints made by 22 former students.

A jury of seven women and five men at Hove crown court deliberated for 25 hours and 43 minutes before returning their verdicts on the 21 counts against James Husband and Gary Dobbie on Thursday.

The two men, who were friends, would laugh together about their crimes, which took place over the course of 13 years while they lived and worked at the school in Horsham, West Sussex, the court was told.

Dobbie and Husband looked straight ahead from the dock and did not react as the verdicts were read out. The NSPCC described them as “predatory and calculated”

Peter Webb and Peter Burr were both jailed in the last year after admitting committing offences at the school between the 1960s and 1980s. Ajaz Karim was found guilty in April of assaulting six girls between 1985 and 1993 and is due to be sentenced in August.

Husband, 68, of Wigginton in York, was convicted of one count of rape and five of indecently assaulting a girl as young as 14 between 1990 and 1994. He had claimed they had “consensual sex” once when she was 16.

He told a 15-year-old pupil: “It’s OK, I’ve had a vasectomy,” before raping her, the court heard.

Afterwards, he confided in Dobbie about the encounter, who later joked with the girl that she had “beard rash”, indicating that he knew what had happened, the court heard. He also indecently assaulted the same pupil later on.

Husband’s victim described being “disgusted with herself” and said she felt suicidal. She reported him to the school’s chaplain but no action was taken. She said her mother did not believe her story.

Husband left the school after it emerged he was having a consensual affair with a 17-year-old pupil who was not underage and not a complainant in the case.

The married father, whose children were attending the school at the time, “deceived” senior staff by embarking on the affair, jurors heard. The former tutor and head of department talked about the “spur-of-the-moment” encounter which involved several instances leading from holding hands and kissing to sex.

Giving evidence in his defence, he spoke of his desire to kiss her during a period when he felt disgruntled with how the school was being run.

In a diary entry read to the court, the girl said: “Told too many people at school then decided to go for it. The fling. So got off with him on Saturday night. The most amazing thing. Happy.”

Dobbie, 66, of Albi in France and formerly of Hereford, was found guilty of 15 counts involving multiple offences against six boys and two girls as young as 12 between 1998 and 2001.

He was teaching at independent Shrewsbury school in Shropshire at the time of his arrest in 2016.

Dobbie groomed pupils by hosting dinner parties with favourite students at his house in the school grounds, the court heard. He would ply them with whisky and wine while encouraging them to talk about their sexual encounters.

At one of the gatherings, a victim recalls a man who also attended as a guest rating the boys in order of their attractiveness, to Dobbie’s “delight”.

On another occasion, after giving a girl alcohol, she came out of the bathroom to find Dobbie had undone his trousers and was “grinning at her”. Fearing that he wanted to have sex, she left the property.

After she left the school, she told her mother, who phoned housemaster Neil Flemming but no action was taken.

He took a boy as young as 12 to a bedroom, telling him to take off his breeches and underwear while Dobbie performed a sex act on himself, the court heard. Another boy recalls falling asleep on his sofa and waking up to find him kneeling beside him with his hand in his shirt.

Dobbie also helped to raise money for another pupil, who was abused over a period of six years, to take a gap year after leaving school and assaulted him when he returned for a visit.

Sussex police began investigating teachers at the school in 2016 after allegations were made about Husband.

Publicity around the prosecutions prompted several more former pupils to come forward with complaints.


In October, barristers representing Burr, Karim, Dobbie and Husband tried to ban press coverage of court proceedings until all the cases had concluded – effectively attempting to delay publicity for the best part of a year – by claiming that it would be prejudicial to the defendants.

But Judge Christine Henson rejected the plea after it was challenged by Press Association in the public interest.

Husband and Dobbie will be sentenced at a later date.

James Husband and Gary Dobbie trial is ongoing, but no further reporting by MSM since 15 June 2018



Hove Trial Centre 27 June 2019



Christ’s Hospital School: Rape accused tells of affair with 17-year-old

!5 June 2018

A former private school teacher accused of raping a 15-year-old girl has told of an affair with another student.

James Husband, 68, recalled the consensual liaison with a 17-year-old girl at Christ’s Hospital School while giving evidence in his trial.

Hove Crown Court heard he was married and his children attended the school during the “spur of the moment” affair.

He and co-defendant Gary Dobbie, ex-head of house at the Horsham school, both deny sexually abusing pupils.

Mr Husband, of Wigginton in York, denies four counts of rape and five of indecently assaulting a different pupil when she was as young as 14 between 1990 and 1994 while he taught at the prestigious school.

Mr Dobbie, 68, of Albi in France and formerly of Hereford, faces a string of allegations against six boys and two girls as young as 12 between 1998 and 2001.

He denies 12 counts of indecently assaulting four boys and two girls, attempting to indecently assault a boy and two counts of indecency with a child.

He was teaching at independent Shrewsbury School, Shropshire, at the time of his arrest in 2016.

Mr Husband left his job as a history teacher when it emerged he was having a consensual affair with the 17-year-old pupil who was not underage and is not a complainant in the case, jurors were told.

Giving evidence, he told the court there were several instances with the girl – from holding hands and kissing to sex – but said he did not consider it a relationship.

During cross-examination, the court heard him describe the moment he kissed the student on the lips after a disco at night in the school grounds.

He said: “I can see her in my mind’s eye looking up at me. I can remember the kiss.

“The look on her face suggested that she wanted me to.

“I wanted to kiss her.”

In a diary entry read to the court, the girl said: “Told too many people at school then decided to go for it. The fling.

“So got off with him on Saturday night. The most amazing thing. Happy.”

Mr Husband later conceded to the court that he had had sex with two 17-year-olds.

Addressing the charges involving the other girl which he denies, claiming they had consensual sex once when she was 16, he said: “I don’t know why [the alleged victim] has brought these allegations against me.”

Jurors previously heard he had told the girl when she was 15: “It’s OK, I’ve had a vasectomy,” before raping her.

The trial continues.

Hove Court  listings 14 June 2018


MSM seems to have stopped reporting on the Christ’s Hopsital School’s paedophile trial re: Gary Dobbie.  Last news report was on  1 June 2018, but case is ongoing (Dobbie being tried with James Husband)


Court hears of ex-Shrewsbury School teacher’s 13 years of alleged child sex abuse

A former Shrewsbury School teacher accused of child sexual offences joked with a girl who had been raped by one of his colleagues, a court heard.


Gary Dobbie was working at Shrewsbury School when he was arrested on child sex abuse charges in 2016

Gary Dobbie told the 15-year-old girl that she had “beard rash”, indicating he knew what had happened, jurors were told on Thursday.

Dobbie, head of house at Christ’s Hospital School in the 1990s, was allegedly told about the encounter by history teacher James Husband,

Husband told the pupil “It’s OK, I’ve had a vasectomy” before raping her, the court heard.

The victim reported Husband to the Horsham school’s chaplain but no action was taken. Even her mother did not believe her story, Hove Crown Court heard.

Years of alleged abuse

The pair, who both worked at the prestigious West Sussex school and lived in the grounds, are standing trial after denying sexually abusing eight pupils over the course of 13 years.

Dobbie, aged 66, was teaching at Shrewsbury School at the time of his arrest in 2016.

Eloise Marshall, prosecuting, told the court victims believed the teachers would “laugh” together about their exploits.

Husband, 68, of Wigginton in York, denies four counts of rape and five of indecently assaulting a girl as young as 14 between 1990 and 1994. He claims they had “consensual sex” once when she was 16.

He left the school after it emerged he was having a consensual affair with a different pupil who was not underage and not a complainant in the case, Ms Marshall said.

The girl’s diary entries suggested they had sex in Husband’s study – which is where he is accused of abusing his alleged victim, the court heard.

Eight victims

Dobbie, of Albi in France and formerly of Hereford, faces a string of allegations against six boys and two girls as young as 12 between 1998 and 2001.

He denies 12 counts of indecently assaulting four boys and two girls, attempting to indecently assault a boy and two counts of indecency with a child.

Ms Marshall said: “Both the men knew each other and there is some evidence to suggest that they discussed what they were doing.”

Husband’s alleged victim “lay there like a rag doll” while he raped her and waited for it to be over, the court heard.

It became so frequent she began to “hate” what was happening, was “disgusted with herself” and was suicidal, Ms Marshall said.


Dobbie “groomed” pupils, by hosting dinner parties at his house in the school grounds with “favourite” students, jurors were told. He would allegedly ply them with whisky and wine while talk about their sexual encounters was “encouraged”.

At one of the gatherings an alleged victim recalls a man who also attended as a guest rating the boys in order of their attractiveness, to Dobbie’s “delight”, Ms Marshall said.

On another occasion after giving a girl alcohol, she came out of the bathroom to find Dobbie had undone his trousers and was “grinning at her”, the court heard. Fearing he wanted to have sex, she left the property.

She told her mother after she moved on from the school who phoned housemaster Neil Flemming but no action was taken, Ms Marshall said.

When questioned by police, Dobbie branded the claims “totally untrue”.

The trial heard how he took a boy as young as 12 to a bedroom and told him to take off his breeches and underwear while Dobbie performed a sex act on himself.

Another recalls falling asleep on Dobbie’s sofa and waking up to find him kneeling beside him with his hand in his shirt, Ms Marshall said.

The teacher even helped raise money for another pupil – allegedly abused over a period of six years – to take a gap year after leaving school but assaulted him when he returned for a visit, the court heard.

Founded in the 16th century, Christ’s Hospital charges boarders up to £31,500 a year and counts Sir Barnes Wallis, inventor of the bouncing bomb, and poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge as alumni.

Pupils still wear a Tudor-style uniform consisting of a long blue coat and high yellow socks.

The trial, expected to last six weeks, continues.


Ajaz Karim

‘Smarmy’ sports coach is convicted of sexually abusing six girls from 14 to 18 at top private school

  • Ajaz Karim, 63, is convicted of seven counts of indecent and attempted assault
  • The former sports coach labelled his victims at Christ’s Hospital School ‘liars’ 
  • Former Eton College coach is the third Christ’s teacher convicted of sex assault

A sports coach who was employed at some of the UK’s top private schools and clubs has been convicted of indecently assaulting students.

Ajaz Karim, 63, has been found guilty of assaulting young girls at the prestigious Christ’s Hospital School in Horsham, West Sussex.

The once Ugandan refugee, a former pupil at the school whose education was funded by Sir Barnes Wallis, also coached at Eton College and The Queen’s Club.

A jury convicted the ex-coach of seven charges of indecent assault and one attempted indecent assault, at Brighton Crown Court on Thursday. The jury is deliberating on a further two indecent assault charges.

Karim’s victims were all aged between 14 and 18 when he taught them between 1985 and 1993.

The jury heard how Karim, of Hammersmith, west London, massaged a student’s ‘virtually naked body’ while she lay face down on the floor of his locked study.

Another girl was pushed up against a wall and kissed by her predatory teacher.

He claimed he was using alternative therapy the Bowen Technique and was teaching them breathing exercises to help when playing sports.

During cross-examination, he admitted he had no qualifications for the practice.

Senior staff at the school came under fire from the victims over the way they handled the allegations at the time.

Karim was not reported to the police and was initially allowed to carry on working – and teaching the girls in question.

Karim left the school after complaints from four pupils surfaced between 1990 and 1993.

He is the school’s third former teacher to be convicted of sexual abuse.

Divorced Karim, was seen as a school ‘success story’ because he was a refugee, gained a scholarship and returned to teach there, while also working at Champneys health club in London, and later at Eton College, Queen’s Club, and The Hurlingham Club.

His fees were even paid for by alumnus Sir Barnes Wallis, inventor of the bouncing bomb.

But the coach, described as ‘smarmy’ by his victims, went on to have ‘wholly unnecessary’ physical contact with students.

One of his victims told how he was laughing as she ran away after he tried to ‘snog her’ and she was shocked by his audacity.

Another said Karim spread rumours about her after she complained, which turned other pupils against her.

She said the experience had forced her to write off a large ‘chunk’ of her life.

Karim dismissed the allegations, saying he was friendly with students and there was nothing sexual in their relationships.

Former Christ's Hospital School headmaster Richard Poulton leaving Brighton Crown Court with his wife, after Ajaz Karim, 63, denies nine charges of indecent assault

Former Christ’s Hospital School headmaster Richard Poulton leaving Brighton Crown Court with his wife, after Ajaz Karim, 63, denies nine charges of indecent assault

Instead of admitting his crimes, Karim branded his victims liars, even accusing one of being a ‘manipulative’ attention seeker.

He said he was a ‘really good looking man at the time’ and was ‘offended’ anyone suggested he was attracted to her.

His 26-year-old son and ex-wife sat in the back of the court when Judge Christine Henson QC said he will face a lengthy prison sentence and remanded him in custody. He did not react.

Simon Reid, the school’s current headteacher, said: ‘We are deeply sorry that the offences committed by Ajaz Karim almost 30 years ago occurred here at Christ’s Hospital.

‘Child sexual abuse is an appalling violation of trust which can continue to have an impact on its victims long after it takes place.

‘We would like to thank those former pupils whose courage and strength meant that this individual will now finally face justice.’

He said the school’s safeguarding policy has been improved since the time of the offences and that ‘any allegations arising now would be dealt with in a very different way’.

Karim is the third Christ’s Hospital teacher to be convicted after ex-housemaster Peter Webb, 74, was jailed for four years after pleading guilty to 11 counts of indecently assaulting four boys, the youngest of whom was 11, over a decade during the 1970s and 1980s.

Retired teacher Peter Burr, 73, was also jailed for four years in January after admitting nine counts of indecently assaulting four boys aged 11 to 14 at the school between 1969 and 1973.



Karim denied the 10 charges, and branded his victims liars.

Judge Henson said Karim would not be sentenced before 23 July.


Karim did not react as the guilty verdicts were announced. His son and ex-wife sat in the back of the court.

Divorced Karim, who has a 26-year-old son, described himself as an “arrogant young coach” whose job was to “bring out the potential in students”.

He was seen as a school “success story” because he was a refugee, gained a scholarship and returned to teach there while also working at Champneys health club in London, and later at Eton College, Queen’s Club, and The Hurlingham Club.

His fees were even paid for by alumnus Sir Barnes Wallis, inventor of the bouncing bomb.


 Christ’s Hospital abuse accused ‘used alternative therapy’

13 Apr 2018

A sports coach accused of indecently assaulting pupils at a private school told a court there was nothing sexual in his actions as he was using a specialist sports injury technique.

Brighton Crown Court heard Ajaz Karim, 63, of Hammersmith, denies the 10 charges against him.

He said he practised an alternative therapy on pupils at Christ’s Hospital School called the Bowen technique.

“There was absolutely not anything sexual,” he said.

Mr Karim, of Baron’s Court Road, denies nine indecent assaults and one attempted indecent assault against six girls aged 14 to 18 between 1985 and 1993.

He told the jury: “My relationship with the girls and boys was one of friendship. I wanted to treat them like young adults. I was approachable.

“Teachers at Christ’s Hospital were like gods. You really could not approach them.

“There was a saying, if Mr Karim teases you that means he likes you.”

Former headmaster Richard Poulton has told the court Mr Karim was a Christ’s Hospital “success story” because he arrived as a refugee, went on to be educated at the Horsham school on a scholarship and later returned as staff.

Mr Karim described how President Idi Amin expelled Asians from Uganda in 1972 and his family arrived in the UK, adding: “We had lost everything.”

The court has heard claims he had unnecessary contact with students including giving one a massage while she was virtually naked and pushing another against a wall and kissing her.

Giving evidence, Mr Karim said he carried out some one-to-one sessions to teach students breathing exercises and on occasion would touch their shoulders with his thumbs or pressed on their lower backs.

He said he never touched them while they were naked or gave them massages.

Mr Karim also denied locking students in his study and claimed never to have known one of the complainants.

He said he did not recall some of the alleged incidents as it was a long time ago.

The court heard he was warned by the headmaster in 1990 not to talk to the girls when they were on their own and he “unfortunately” disobeyed this when he spoke to an alleged victim because he felt she needed help.

He said the situation then became difficult because he felt he was “treated like a criminal”, adding: “It broke my relationship with a wonderful headmaster. I really don’t know why I did that.”

The trial continues.


Allegations against Christ’s Hospital School teacher ‘dealt with in-house as he was success story’

12 Apr 2019

A top public school headmaster took a “soft” approach to allegations a sports coach was inappropriate with female pupils because he was a “success story”, a court heard.

Richard Poulton, headmaster of Christ’s Hospital School in Horsham between 1987 and 1996, told Brighton Crown Court on Thursday complaints against Ajaz Karim were dealt with “in-house” because he was a popular teacher who had been a Ugandan refugee and former pupil.

The 63-year-old, of Hammersmith, West London, denies nine charges of indecent assault and one attempted indecent assault against six girls aged 14 to 18 at the school between 1985 and 1993.

Allegations include him massaging a student’s “virtually naked body” while she lay face down on the floor of his locked study and pushing another up against a wall and kissing her on the lips.

Mr Poulton told jurors he knew of complaints from four pupils over three years before asking for Karim’s resignation. He said he made it “absolutely clear” to Karim his behaviour was unacceptable after the first two were made in 1990.

Then the father of another student wrote to Mr Poulton in 1992, claiming Karim was making unwanted visits to his daughter’s room.

Karim left the school in 1993 after what Mr Poulton branded the “last straw” – when another student said she complained of inappropriate massages and kissing.

Dressed in a blue pin-stripe suit, white shirt, blue tie, and using a walking stick, Mr Poulton apologised on several occasions for the “vagueness” of his memory.

When asked why he did not sack Karim, the 75-year-old said: “[Asking for his resignation] was perhaps a soft way of bringing our contract to an end.In many ways he was very popular. He was a success story in Christ’s Hospital terms having come to us as a refugee and being given an education [before returning to teach].”

The school continued to pay his salary for another month after he left.

Mr Poulton said he had no knowledge of any of the allegations being “sexual”, describing the complaints as those of “over familiarity”, “undue physicality” and a “threat of massage”.

He said police and social services were not involved and claimed deputy head Elizabeth Cairncross – now the principal of Wells Cathedral School in Somerset – mainly handled the complaints and would deal with anything of a “female” or “intimate” nature from students.

He added: “It was totally dealt with by school masters and school mistresses and denied by Mr Karim.”

When asked if he knew one of the claims involved Karim giving a student a “full frontal body massage”, he said: “Outrageous, I never heard that alleged. I would have reported that to the police even though that was not protocol at that time.”

But in a letter to solicitors acting on behalf of Karim in October 1993 – a month after he left – Mr Poulton, referring to complaints by students, said: “Despite possible interpretations of its very explicit contents, I did not charge Mr Karim with sexual harassment.”

When asked in defence cross-examination if he was “covering his back” with the letter, Mr Poulton said: “I didn’t see and don’t see it was covering my back. I hope I did what was right in the circumstances.

Mr Poulton said the school had no written rule against teachers touching female pupils because it was “so obvious” and “common sense”, adding: “It was absolutely clear that it was forbidden.”

The trial continues on Friday.


10 Apr 2018

Christ’s Hospital School ‘warned girl of her name going in press over coach kissing allegations’

A top private school warned a “vulnerable” teenage pupil her name could appear in the press if they dealt publicly with allegations a sports coach kissed her, a court heard.

An alleged victim claims she was given two options by Christ’s Hospital School when her complaint about Ajaz Karim was brought to their attention – for the matter to be handled “very publicly” with her running the risk of being identified, or for him to be asked to leave the school.

Footage of the woman’s police interview was played to Brighton Crown Court on Tuesday as she discussed a series of alleged incidents in around 1992 or 1993 at the Horsham public school.

Karim, 63, of Hammersmith, West London, denies nine charges of indecent assault and one attempted indecent assault against six girls aged 14 to 18 at the school between 1985 and 1993.

He has since worked at Eton College, Queen’s Club, The Hurlingham Club, as well as the London branches of Champneys and Credit Suisse.

During the interview in May 2016, the woman told officers she started having “special (coaching) sessions” with Karim and he kept “name-dropping celebrities” when talking about his work at Champneys health club.

She said he started giving her massages while she was partially naked, telling police: “When you trust somebody, you go with it. He was a teacher, he was helping me.”

On another occasion he pushed her up against a wall in a boarding house, the court heard.

She said: “He kissed me on my face and then on my mouth. And I couldn’t move my arms because he was holding them.”

The following academic year she said she agreed to let a friend tell the senior management team – headmaster Richard Poulton, deputy head Elizabeth Cairncross and housemaster Bob Sillett – on the condition her name was not given and no action was taken.

She said she felt “ashamed and uncomfortable” and only wanted the matter on record should anyone else come forward in the future. But her friend said the teachers knew it was her and that other complaints had already been made.

Jurors heard how she was asked to speak to Mr Sillett in the evening and write a statement.

She said: “(He told me) I have a choice. We can either go very public. His (Karim’s) name would be dragged through the press. I was told he was married and has a young family.”

But she said there was an implication her name could be published, adding: “It was just completely not what a 17 or 18-year-old who was trying to do the right thing wanted to hear.

“Or (I was told) we can make it known to him that you have come forward and make him resign.”

She said she chose the latter, adding: “I completely put my trust in them (the school) that they had my best interests at heart.”

Afterwards she said she felt “very isolated” when Karim continued to teach her, claiming others were “frustrated” with her when he then left because they had “listened to a load of waffle he had told them”.

She added: “The whole thing was really poorly handled.

“It has taken me a really long time to get my head around it. I have written off a chunk of my life because of my experience.”

Mrs Cairncross – who worked at the school between 1986 and 2000 – described the alleged victim as “vulnerable” and said she was the third girl she was aware of who had complained about Karim.

Giving evidence, the current principal of Wells Cathedral School in Somerset told the court she was Christ Hospital’s designated child protection officer at the time of the allegations but headmaster Mr Poulton was in charge of safeguarding.

She said she “could not recall” when the first two girls – who spoke to her together – made the complaints but during a meeting staff held with Karim he “strongly denied” the allegations and was “defensive”.

She said after the third complaint was made, Karim was on what would now be described as a “final warning”, adding: “He was told to leave the school. He was dismissed.”

The trial continues.


JPCT 311213 S14020019x Roger Sillett MBE, Billingshurst -photo by Steve Cobb

Freemason Bob Sillett

Image result for "Dr Robert David Taylor Sillett"

Dr Robert David Taylor Sillett, MBE

‘It has been a great honour for me to have been awarded an MBE in the New Year’s Honours. The citation is for services to the community and helping others.

All my many friends in Freemasonry both Provincially, Nationally and Internationally have been very supportive of one aspect of my work since retirement in 2001. It was very clear to me at the time that there was a void in my life that needed filling. Raising money for Down Syndrome Education International has been one area and I thank all those Freemasons who have helped me raise a lot of money through my presentations in several degrees.

‘Serving the needs of others was constantly in my mind during my professional career at Christ’s Hospital.


Image result for "mbe" + "robert sillett"

Dr. Robert Sillett from Billingshurst is made an MBE by Princess Anne at Buckingham Palace. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo.  Thursday May 1, 2014


Robert David Sillett

Board Member at Downs Education International


Position, Academic Staff – CH Publications

President – Band

Position, Academic Staff – Switzerland

Position, Staff – Christ’s Hospital

Deputy Head – Christ’s Hospital


Member of the Building Committee – Sports Centre

Recent News

Bob Sillett Bob has been nominated to carry the Olympic Flame with Lloyds TSB in the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay. Bob Sillett retired from teaching in 2001 …

Bob Sillett Bob has been nominated to carry the Olympic Flame with Lloyds TSB in the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay. Bob Sillett retired from teaching in 2001 after 38 years of service ending his career as deputy head at Christ’s Hospital School, a school for disadvantaged children. Since then he has lectured all over the world and raised over £50,000 for the Downs Educational Research Trust which works to support children with Downs Syndrome with their learning. He is now a Director of Downs Education International.He is also a governor at Christ’s Hospital School, a Chairman of the Trustees at Dauxwood Pre-school in Billingshurst West Sussex and a mentor to hundreds of former pupils of his school.


Former Deputy Head of Christ’s Hospital, Dr Robert Sillett (pictured) has become an MBE for services to the local community and to charity.Dr Sillett was appoin…

CHA and Christ’s Hospital-related Events

The Chairman was Bob Sillett, the Responder was Harriet Griffiths (nee Richmond) and the Chief Steward was Ian Rodgers. Bob Sillett in front of the CH Dining Ha…

Bob Sillett, from Billingshurst, was awarded an MBE earlier this week for his charity work.

On my compulsory retirement in 2001, at the relatively young age of 61 I found adjustment to life outside the school difficult. A conscious decision was taken to become involved again in as many areas as possible. Part time teaching, academic coaching, serving on many committees and being a trustee of many organisations. The range was considerable from being a director and trustee of Downs Education

International, the Benevolent Society of Blues, involvement in the church initially at Billingshurst and now at Wisborough Green and being a holding trustee at the remarkably efficient Dauxwood Pre-school in Billingshurst,

I was appointed to the academic staff of Christ’s Hospital in September 1963. I was on the staff for 38 years and covered a whole range of roles within the school – rugby coach, cricket coach, science teacher, careers master, housemaster and finally deputy head. It was in my capacity as a housemaster for 14 years I was made very aware of my responsibility of caring for the boys in my boarding housemany of whom were from single parent backgrounds.


Top private school allowed teacher to continue working after sex assault allegations

File photo dated 03/05/18 of Ajaz Karim, who will stand trial at Brighton Crown Court, where he is accused of sexually abusing students at a top private school between 1985 and 1993. Photo: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

Ajaz Karim

Apr 9 2018

Christ’s Hospital School ‘failed to report sexual abuse claim’

A private school did not report to police allegations that a sports teacher sexually assaulted a pupil, a court has heard.

Ajaz Karim, from west London, denies a string of indecent assaults on teenage pupils at Christ’s Hospital School, West Sussex, from 1985 to 1993.

Senior staff at the school were aware of the claims against Mr Karim, a former pupil told Brighton Crown Court.

The 63-year-old is accused of carrying out “wholly unnecessary” massages.

Prosecutor Eloise Marshall said that, between 1985 and 1987, Mr Karim massaged a 14-year-old girl’s “virtually naked body” and touched her inappropriately after telling her to lie face down on the floor of his locked study.

His alleged victim said she first confided in a school friend a year or two later and then spoke to teachers about four years after she said the encounter happened.

Image result for Elizabeth Cairncross

Elizabeth Cairncross

The court heard the school’s headmaster from 1987 to 1996, Richard Poulton, had been given a “detailed statement” of the girl’s complaint, and Elizabeth Cairncross – the deputy head between 1985 and 2000, who is now the principal of Wells Cathedral School in Somerset – was also aware.

Speaking from behind a screen, the alleged victim said: “Mr Karim touched my body in ways that made me feel deeply uncomfortable. Of that I am certain.

“As far as I am aware no report was made to the police by the school.”

Mr Karim is accused of nine indecent assaults and one attempted indecent assault against six girls aged 14 to 18.

Another alleged victim told the jury there was “no misunderstanding” that he tried to kiss her when they were alone.

She said Mr Karim had told her he wanted to “give her a treat” for doing well in a sports session.

“There is no doubt in my mind he tried to kiss me. As I ran away I could hear him laughing,” she added.

The trial continues.


Image result for "Elizabeth Cairncross" + "hrh"

Elizabeth Cairncross  with HRH the Duke of Gloucester


Image result for ELIZABETH CAROLINE CAIRNCROSS + charity

2016 Dr Andy Kemp & Elizabeth Cairncross & Camilla

Wells Cathedral Sshool

The current principal is Elizabeth Cairncross with Dr Andy Kemp as head of the school and vice-principal, Julie Barrow as head of the junior school. Cairncross has been headmistress since 2000 and was previously Senior Mistress at Christs Hospital where she was for 15 years, the Royal Family holds links with the school, many of the buildings being opened by Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother on 6 July 1979. Queen Elizabeth II visited the school during her Silver Jubilee tour in 1977, the Countess of Wessex visited Wells on 18 October 2007 and has done so several times subsequently.


Trustees of Wells Cathedral School:


LORD ARMSTRONG OF ILMINSTER GCB CVO (Former Prime minister Ted Heath’s defender and friend)


Image result for paedophiles + LORD ARMSTRONG

Lord Armstrong:

From 1970 to 1974, Robert Armstrong was Prime Minister Edward Heath‘s Private Secretary.

When allegations of child sexual abuse against Sir Edward Heath emerged in 2015,[2] ten years after his death, Lord Armstrong said he had “never felt a whiff of sexuality about Ted Heath, whether it was in relation to women, men or children”.

Armstrong was aware of Sir Peter Hayman’s paedophilia, and since leaving office, has commented “Clearly, I was aware of it at the time but I was not concerned with the personal aspect of it.”[5]


Elizabeth Cairncross, Principal

Elizabeth Cairncross  – Deputy Head  Christ’s Hospital School 1986-2000


Ajaz Karim denies nine charges of indecent assault and one attempted indecent assault against six girls aged 14 to 18 at Christ’s Hospital School in Horsham, West Sussex, between 1985 and 1993.

Complaints made against him in the early 1990s led him to leave the school, Brighton Crown Court heard on Friday.

The 63-year-old, of Hammersmith in West London, has since worked at Eton College, Queen’s Club, The Hurlingham Club, and has links to London branches of Champneys and Credit Suisse.

Karim is accused of carrying out “wholly unnecessary” massages, kissing a pupil on the lips and trying to “snog” another when he worked at the prestigious Horsham school.

Eloise Marshall, prosecuting, told the court between 1985 and 1987 he massaged a 14-year-old girl’s “virtually naked body” after telling her to lie face down on the floor of his locked study.

Jurors heard how he told her to keep her eyes closed while he put music on and touched her inappropriately.

The alleged victim said she told the school while she was still a pupil but only reported the incident to police decades later – prompted by other complainants who had the “courage” to come forward.

In a recorded police interview played to the jury, she described Karim as “smarmy”.

She added: “I remember feeling very uncomfortable and knowing something was wrong and not quite knowing how to deal with the situation or how to get out of it and feeling very powerless.”

She said initially she did not tell anyone because she was “freaked out” but later confided in schoolfriends and teachers.

She said after telling the school she was “slightly horrified to discover that he continued to teach”, adding: “I hoped the school would act on our information but I don’t believe anything like that happened.”

She said she and a schoolfriend were questioned about the incident in separate rooms and she provided a “detailed four-page statement” to Richard Poulton, the headmaster at the time.

She told the police officer she did not report the allegations earlier because she had told the school and previously felt that was “as far as she could take it”.

Dressed in a dark suit, Karim watched the footage from the dock taking notes and shook his head when the woman burst into tears while recalling the details of the alleged encounter.

Ms Marshall told the court: “Mr Karim used his position as a member of staff and his role in the sports department at the school to use massage of these girls as a subterfuge for touching them sexually.

“They didn’t all appreciate at the time that the touching was sexual but all say they felt uncomfortable.

“The crown say (his behaviour) was inappropriate and unnecessary.”

Another woman claimed that aged 14 he found her alone and was “pretty certain he was going to snog” her.

“He found it funny and she was shocked by his audacity,” Ms Marshall said.

Karim denied the allegations when he was arrested and interviewed in 2016, claiming he was teaching the girls breathing and relaxation techniques and when he did massage them it was to help them bend their legs.

Another girl who complained to the school claiming he kissed her on the lips but he said it was a peck on the cheek.

Founded in the 16th century, Christ’s Hospital charges boarders up to £31,500 a year.

Over the course of two weeks evidence will be heard from the alleged victims, witnesses and senior staff at the school at the time.

The trial continues on Monday.


Richard Poulton, Headmaster of Christ’s Hospital (1987–1996)


Richard Poulton

Student at King’s College, Taunton; Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut; Pembroke College, Cambridge.


The Regents Schoolis a coeducational boarding school. It has campuses in Pattaya and Bangkok in Thailand.


The Regents School was founded in Pattaya in 1995 by Dr. Virachai Techavijit and started as a small Primary School serving the families of expatriates who worked at the nearby industrial port. The schools first headmaster was Richard Poulton who had previously been Head at Christs Hospital School in the United Kingdom. He was succeeded by Simon Leslie, former Head of Geelong Grammar School,inVictoria, Australia. The current Principal of the Pattaya Campus is Mike Walton.

The School has a second campus in Bangkok (Principal: Martin Kneath) and an Outdoor Education Centre on Thailands second largest island, Ko Chang, near the Thai border with Cambodia.






(Left to Right) ISR Headmaster Simon Leslie, Sally Poulton (wife of Richard) and special guest for the day Mr Richard Poulton, founding Headmaster of ISR.


The International School of the Regents

The Regent’s School in Pattaya where Richard Poulton (Headmaster 86-96) was the founding head.


Richard Poulton

Headmaster of Wycliffe College
Headmaster of Christ’s Hospital
Governor of seven schools at both
primary and secondary level

Christ’s Hospital School

Ex-public school teacher, Ajaz Karim,  on trial over sex abuse

THE trial of a former sports teacher accused of sexually abusing students at a top public school has been delayed after his barrister was taken to hospital.

Ajaz Karim, 63, denies nine charges of indecent assault and one attempted indecent assault against six girls at Christ’s Hospital School in Horsham, between 1985 and 1993.

As well as working as head coach at the school for ten years from 1985, the sports consultant held the same position at Eton College for eight years from 2008, and also at The Hurlingham Club for 12 years, from 2003, as well as being head of squash at Queen’s Club for 32 years until last year, according to his Linkedin profile.

He was due to stand trial on Tuesday at Brighton Crown Court but the proceedings were delayed after his defence barrister Jonathan Davies sustained a head injury.

Calling Karim, of Hammersmith in West London, into court to explain the delay, Judge Christine Henson said: “Your barrister Mr Davies had an accident this morning and is currently in hospital. He is seeing a doctor at the moment but realistically, given the time and given he has hit his head and isn’t feeling very well, it seems we are not going to be able to make any progress today.”

She released Karim on bail to return to court today when the trial is now expected to begin.

The prosecution is part of a wider police investigation into separate allegations of abuse by other former teachers at the school.

In a separate trial former Christ’s Hospital School teacher Garry Dobbie was originally accused of ten counts of indecent assault, one attempted indecent assault and two counts of indecency against men and women.

The 66-year-old pleaded not guilty to an additional charge of indecent assault of a man between November and December 2001 at a hearing also at Brighton Crown Court yesterday. Dobbie, of Albi in France and formerly of Hereford, is due to stand trial next month alongside another ex-teacher, James Husband.

The 68-year-old, of Wigginton in York, denies four counts of rape and five counts of indecently assaulting a woman.



Sex abuse teacher Peter Burr’s jail term extended

 28 March 2018
Peter Burr
Peter Burr, now aged 73, was jailed in January

A former boarding school teacher who abused four pupils in the 1960s and 1970s has had his sentence increased.

Peter Burr, of south Devon, admitted indecently assaulting boys at Christ’s Hospital, Horsham, and was jailed in January at Hove Crown Court.

Appeal judges increased his four-year term to six years and seven months.

After the hearing, Solicitor General Robert Buckland said Burr, now 73, had betrayed his position of trust “in the most despicable way possible”.

Mr Buckland appealed against the original sentence handed to Burr, from Kingswear, who assaulted boys aged 11 to 14 between 1969 and 1973.

He said: “I trust this sends a clear message that justice will be served no matter how long ago the offences took place.

“I hope this helps the victims to get some closure.”

The Attorney General’s Office said the pupils at the private school were largely vulnerable young boys from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Some had gained a place at the school following the death of a family member and had been separated from their families.

One of Burr’s four victims came forward after hearing a feature on BBC London about sexual abuse.

Arthur, who waived his anonymity, but decided not to reveal his surname, said three years of abuse had affected the rest of his life.

Headmaster of the school Simon Reid said: “My thoughts are very much with the victims whose lives have no doubt been deeply affected.


A former Christ’s Hospital School teacher who was jailed for sexually abusing four boys has had his sentence increased following an appeal by the Solicitor General. Peter Burr, 73, of The Square, Kingsware, Devon, was originally sentenced to four years’ imprisonment at Hove Crown Court, in January 2018. However, Solicitor General Robert Buckland QC MP appealed the sentence on the grounds it was too low. The appeal was successful and today (March 28) Burr’s sentence was increased to six years and seven months, according to the Attorney General’s Office. Speaking after the hearing, the Solicitor General said: “I am pleased the Court of Appeal has increased the sentence. I trust this sends a clear message that justice will be served no matter how long ago the offences took place. I hope this helps the victims to get some closure.” Burr ­– a former house tutor and physics teacher at the independent school – previously pleaded guilty to nine counts of indecent assault against four young boys. He became the second former teacher of Christ’s Hospital School to be jailed for historic indecent assault after Peter Webb – a former woodwork teacher and housemaster at the school – was sentenced after pleading guilty to eleven counts of indecent assault. Webb was originally sentenced to four years in prison, in December 2017, but – following an appeal by the Attorney General – had his sentence increased to five years and six months in February 2018.


Peter Webb. Picture: Eddie Mitchell

Peter Webb.
Former Christ Hospital teacher’s sentence increased after appeal
Feb 28 2018

A former Christ’s Hospital School teacher who was jailed for indecently assaulting four boys has had his sentence increased, according to the Attorney General’s Office. Peter Webb, 75, of Kennedy Road, Dane End, Ware, Hertfordshire, was originally sentenced to four years in prison, at Lewes Crown Court, in December 2017. However, Attorney General Jeremy Wright QC MP appealed the sentence on the grounds it was too low and, following a Court of Appeal decision, Webb’s sentence was increased to five years and six months, the Attorney General said. Webb – a former woodwork teacher and housemaster at Christ’s Hospital School – pleaded guilty to eleven offences of indecent assault against four boys when he appeared at Lewes Crown Court in October 2017. He pleaded not guilty to another alleged incident against a fifth boy which the court ordered to remain on court file. Speaking after the appeal hearing, the Attorney General said: “His victims lost their innocence and for that his crimes deserved a tougher sentence. I hope the increased sentence can bring some comfort to all those affected.”


Former Christ’s Hospital teacher jailed for sexually abusing pupils

Peter Burr given four years after admitting nine counts of indecent assault on boys aged 11 to 14 between 1969 and 1973

Ex-private school teacher caught after victim confessed to Feltz radio show

08 January 2018

A retired teacher from a leading private school was caught for sexually abusing pupils after a victim revealed his ordeal to Vanessa Feltz’s radio show after claiming he was initially ignored by police.
One of the victims tried to report the crimes to officers at Horsham Police Station in 2000 but felt he was being “batted back” and no further action was taken, prosecutor Ahmed Hossain said.

It was not until December 3 2016 that the victim was prompted to email the producer of Feltz’s BBC Radio London programme when she discussed the football abuse scandal. The producer put him in touch with detectives and an investigation was launched after he made contact with police in February last year. Burr, 73, is the West Sussex school’s second former teacher to be jailed in as many months in separate prosecutions. Judge Christine Henson said he had demonstrated a “gross abuse of trust” and preyed on vulnerable boys who were reluctant to speak out after they had been given a place at the school because a parent had died or their family had a low income.

Three more men are due in court later this year. Police have said the prosecutions are not linked. Ajaz Karim, 63, who lives in London, denies nine charges of indecent assault and one attempted indecent assault against six female pupils. He is due to stand trial in April. James Husband, 67, of York, is accused of four counts of rape and five counts of indecently assaulting a woman. Gary Dobbie, 66, of Albi, France, is charged with seven counts of indecent assault and one attempted indecent assault against two men, as well as three counts of indecently assaulting two women. Husband and Dobbie deny the charges and are due to stand trial in May.


Peter Burr, 73, of The Square, Kingswear, admitted nine counts of indecent assault between 1969 and 1973 on young boys at Christ’s Hospital School, a boarding school in Horsham, West Sussex.

Burr was well-known in the area. He could often be found at the Ship Inn in Kingswear or the Windjammer in Dartmouth.

Jan Henshall, chairman of Kingswear Parish Council, said: “I believe he was a member of Royal Dart Yacht Club. In the past, he attended the senior citizens lunch at Christmas in the village. He had a social life here and was well-known.

Burr attended St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church in Dartmouth.

Richard Rendle said: “I am disappointed because I thought he was a gentleman. I know he helped at the Regatta with classic craft and was a member of the Probus Club in Dartmouth.”


Jason Byrne, of Kingswear Post Office:

He always kept himself to himself. If he was going away, he would not give any details. He would just say I’m going to see some friends, whereas as other people might say where they are going or have been.”




Parish Church of St. Thomas of Canterbury, Church Hill. Parochial Church Council. Secretary Lorna Usher Tel: 01803 752636.

Roman Catholic Church, St. John The Baptist, 20, Newcomen Road, Dartmouth. Peter Burr Tel:


 Peter Burr of Kingswear Combined Charities


Peter Burr of Kingswear Combined Charities was presented with £400 towards the annual village firework display,



This year the regatta sponsored a children’s entertainer for the diamond jubilee street party and on Friday presented Peter Burr of Kingswear Combined Charities with £600 towards the firework display.


If you would like any further information on how you might support the charity or if you would like the trustees to consider a grant application please contact in the first instance the Secretary, Peter Burr

Kingswear Combined Charities

Kingswear Combined Charities is a local charity committed to supporting the welfare of children in Kingswear through the funding of recreational/extra curricular activities or community events.

Its roots purportedly go back to pre-1940 when a local spinster ran a youth club in the village – Kingswear Children’s Social Club.   In the intervening years the charity has morphed according to legal necessities and changes in the village and its inhabitants but it is still committed to the support of activities for local children.

One of its main concerns is the organisation and funding of Kingswear’s Annual Firework Display at Waterhead Creek –

The Charity is managed by 5 local trustees who meet twice a year and grants are given in the region from £50 – £500. Support in the past has been given to the local Tae Kwondo club, Kingswear Village School, and a number of individuals who have needed financial assistance in their sporting/life-enriching endeavours.


Peter Burr
Peter Burr is the second former teacher from the private school near Horsham to be jailed in as many months. Photograph: Gareth Fuller/PA

A former top private school teacher has been jailed for sexually abusing four of his pupils.

Peter Burr, the house tutor and physics teacher, was jailed at Hove crown court on Friday after admitting nine counts of indecently assaulting the boys aged between 11 and 14 at Christ’s Hospital between 1969 and 1973.

The judge, Christine Henson QC, initially sentenced him to 42 months in prison and concluded the hearing.

Moments later, the parties were called back to court.

Henson returned to say she had read out the wrong figure and sentenced him to 48 months instead. She added that her views on sentencing had not changed.

Burr is the second former teacher from the boarding school near Horsham, West Sussex, to be jailed in as many months.

Henson said he displayed a pattern of preying on his victims in a “gross abuse of trust”.

She continued: “You had unlimited access to vulnerable young boys separated from their families. They obtained a place at the school because of the death of a parent or a low income. This strengthened their reluctance to speak out about you.”

Burr, 73, of Kingswear, near Dartmouth in Devon, was handed concurrent sentences for each victim and made the subject of a sexual harm prevention order.

Burr would invite pupils to visit his study for tea and cake before fondling them, the court heard.

One survivor described how Burr would entice them with chocolate biscuits, which were seen as a treat.

Ahmed Hossain, for the prosecution, said who was a house tutor as well as a physics teacher, would also become sexually aroused when he played with them in the swimming pool.

One of the survivors tried to report the crimes to officers at Horsham police station in 2000 but felt he was being “batted back” and no further action was taken, Hossain said.

It was not until 3 December 2016 that the former pupil was prompted to email the producer of Vanessa Feltz’s BBC Radio London programme when she discussed the football abuse scandal.

The producer put him in touch with detectives and an investigation was launched after he made contact with police in February last year.

Burr’s prosecution is part of a wider investigation into allegations of abuse by former teachers at the school.

A former house master, Peter Webb, 74, was jailed for four years in December.

Three more men are due in court later this year. Police have said the prosecutions are not linked.

Ajaz Karim, 63, who lives in London, denies nine charges of indecent assault and one attempted indecent assault against six female pupils. He is to stand trial in April.

James Husband, 67, of York, is accused of four counts of rape and five counts of indecently assault against a woman.

Gary Dobbie, 66, of Albi in France, is charged with seven counts of indecent assault and one attempted indecent assault against two boys, as well as three counts of indecently assaulting two women.

Husband and Dobbie deny the charges and are to stand trial in May.


Four other charges of indecent assault which he denied were left to lie on file.

Detective Inspector Wendy Burton said the victim who was on Feltz’s show did not tell officers about his previous contact with police and they could find ‘no record of his making contact or reporting any allegations in 2000’.

She said the case was investigated fully in 2017 and she moved to reassured victims that such allegations are taken seriously.

The school has not commented.

Peter Burr has been sentenced to a total of 48 months for a series of sex offences against pupils atChrist’s Hospital School.

Image result for Peter Burr, christ's hospital school

Peter Burr, 72, retired, of The Square, Kingswear, Dartmouth, was sentenced at Hove Crown Court on Friday after admitting nine offences of indecent assault on four boy pupils aged between 11 and 14, between 1969 and 1973, while he was a physics teacher and assistant housemaster at Christ’s Hospital School in Horsham.

Burr will also be a registered sex offender for life and was given a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO) to last indefinitely, severely restricting his access to young people.

Burr lived in one of the rooms off the house dormitory in his charge, and supervised boys living there during prep and lights out, and in other daily activities around the school.

Detective Constable Rebecca Wilde of the Sussex Police Complex Abuse Unit said: “He clearly focused his sexual attentions on boys between and 11 and 13 in his house, leaving older boys alone.

“Some of the offences took place in his study during informal Wednesday and Sunday afternoon gatherings to watch TV, with tea, biscuits and cake on offer. To be invited was regarded as a great privilege and he took advantage of this, and his status, to systematically touch and molest three of the victims.

“The fourth victim was assaulted in the dormitory area and at the school swimming pool.

“The four boys kept these traumatic experiences largely to themselves for up to 48 years and moved on with their lives.

“We were first told about Burr in February 2017, when one of the victims came forward, triggered by hearing a local radio debate in London on the recently publicised football sex abuse scandal, and believing that insufficient attention was given to cases in which offenders were not public celebrities.

One of the others later came forward after the School advised ex-pupils of the ongoing investigation.


christs hospital school

Ex-Teacher Sentenced for Sex Offences at Christ’s Hospital School

January 9, 2018

An ex-teacher has been sentenced to a total of four years imprisonment for a series of sex offences against pupils at a West Sussex public school.

Peter Burr, 72, retired, of The Square, Kingswear, Dartmouth, was sentenced at Hove Crown Court on Friday (5 January) after admitting nine offences of indecent assault on four boy pupils aged between 11 and 14, between 1969 and 1973, while he was a physics teacher and assistant housemaster at Christ’s Hospital School, Horsham.

He had pleaded not guilty to four other indecent assaults and these were directed to lay on the court file, not proceeded with.

Burr will also be a registered sex offender for life and was given a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO) to last indefinitely, severely restricting his access to young people.

Burr lived in one of the rooms off the house dormitory in his charge, and supervised boys living there during prep and lights out, and in other daily activities around the school.

Detective Constable Rebecca Wilde of the Sussex Police Complex Abuse Unit said; “He clearly focused his sexual attentions on boys between and 11 and 13 in his house, leaving older boys alone.

“Some of the offences took place in his study during informal Wednesday and Sunday afternoon gatherings to watch TV, with tea, biscuits and cake on offer. To be invited was regarded as a great privilege and he took advantage of this, and his status, to systematically touch and molest three of the victims.

“The fourth victim was assaulted in the dormitory area and at the school swimming pool.

“The four boys kept these traumatic experiences largely to themselves for up to 48 years and moved on with their lives.

“We were first told about Burr in February last year, when one of the victims came forward, triggered by hearing a local radio debate in London on the recently publicised football sex abuse scandal, and believing that insufficient attention was given to cases in which offenders were not public celebrities.

“One of the others later came forward after the School advised ex-pupils of the ongoing investigation.

“This is an important reminder that such reports will always be taken seriously, however long ago they are said to have happened.”


CH Forum
In 1979 at university I met a fellow undergrad who had been at the school Burr taught at after he left CH. His unprompted concerns at Burr’s behaviour there echoed the rumours that circulated CH during Burr’s time at Horsham. This has worried me greatly for nearly 40 years now – was Burr warned off from CH but allowed to find another school to employ him without full disclosure of why he left? The school he moved to is alas lost to my memory, but perhaps someone here will know.
CH does need to provide answers about what was known about these men at the time. Burr for example was allowed to come back to join the Scouts on holidays until well into the 1990s. What on earth was going on there?

I started at the school in September 1971 and so I knew both of these men as teachers at the school.

I knew nothing of the reasons for Burr leaving but did hear that Webb left suddenly.

Looking back, it is unbelievable that these men were allowed to take pupils on unchaperoned boating holidays on the Norfolk Broads.

I think that Webb’s preferences were both obvious and well known.

At some stage in the late 1970s Burr turned up at the Oratory School near Reading.

As I remember, Peter Burr (PPdeWB) was master i/c at first

I have heard my husband say this set of initials so many times, when remembering pranks at the Ffestiniog Railway in the 60s. The name was Peter Burr it must be the same person.

PPdeWB was definately Peter “Potty” Burr who taught me Physics in 1970

He affected a sort of wild eccentricity and however funny he was you were not supposed to laugh

One punishment he gave me was a 200 lone essay on “Puncyuality and Punctiliousness” for being late

He had a narrowboat called The Empress of blandings and would murder anyone who referred to it as a barge!

I recall on my first camp in Welford in 1993, Burr was there with his barge


1970s…The Duke of Edinburgh’s scheme was started at the Oratory school

!979, Peter Burr and Paul Keddie had arrived on staff to assist with the RN section and the arduous training.  The flow of boys into the services continued.

Oratorian 2013 pg 17

Jonathan O’Brien appeal: Former The Oratory School teacher loses bid to cut sentence

Jonathan Philip O’Brien, 57, sexually abused boys aged 10 to 16 while working at The Oratory School in Woodcote and schools in Worcestershire in the 1980s.

16 JAN 2015

The Oratory School in Woodcote

A teacher who sexually abused private school pupils more than 30 years ago must accept his “very substantial” jail term, top judges have ruled.

Jonathan O'Brien outside Chichester Crown Court in November 2013. Picture by Eddie Mitchell

Jonathan Philip O’Brien, 57, subjected boys aged 10 to 16 to his vile advances while working at The Oratory School in Woodcote and schools in Worcestershire in the 1980s.

O’Brien, of Fairfield Road, Bosham, near Chichester, was jailed for 13 years at Chichester Crown Court last May, after being convicted of 15 counts of indecent assault.

On Thursday, January 15 three senior judges at London’s Appeal Court rejected a sentence challenge by the disgraced sir, saying his jail term was not manifestly excessive.

Mrs Justice Swift said O’Brien would “exploit” the loneliness of some pupils, plying others with alcohol and cigarettes and showing them pornographic films.

He would also make those who were religious “swear on the Bible” not to tell.

She added he would lure pupils to a photographic darkroom and sexually abuse them at Winterfold House School, near Kidderminster and he later continued his “shameful” exploitation for several years at The Oratory. In all, he abused nine boys.

O’Brien was forced to leave The Oratory in the late 1980s after one of his victims complained to the school.

However, his crimes never fully came to light until February 2013, when one of the victims told police.

The paedophile, who set up his own business and married in the intervening years, denied any wrongdoing but was convicted.

Jurors also convicted him of five counts of gross indecency with a child, however, those convictions were later quashed by the Court of Appeal.

O’Brien continues to deny any wrongdoing, shows no remorse and claims he is the “innocent victim of a conspiracy”.

On appeal, O’Brien’s barrister, David Whittaker, argued the 13-year jail term was “manifestly excessive”.

He said the judge failed to give proper weight to O’Brien’s mitigation, including his lack of offending since the abuse.

But Mrs Justice Swift, sitting with Lord Justice Pitchford and Judge Paul Batty QC, said: “We consider the judge was right to say that ‘a graver abuse of trust is difficult to imagine’.

“The total sentence is indeed very substantial, but rightly so, we consider, given the particular circumstances of this case.

“We are satisfied the total sentence of 13 years reflects the seriousness of these offences and cannot be regarded as manifestly excessive.”

The appeal judge also rejected a bid by O’Brien to challenge to the terms of a sexual offences prevention order (SOPO) which bar him from having contact with children after his release.

O’Brien claimed the SOPO was “disproportionate”. But Mrs Justice Swift said the order was necessary to protect children from O’Brien in the future.


David Hutchings, former deputy headteacher,  admitted five offences against two boys carried out when he was at Winterfold House School, in Chaddesley Corbett, Kidderminster, in the 1980s when it took boarders.



Former housemaster at top private school jailed for abusing pupils

Peter Webb, 74, sentenced to four years in prison for abusing boys at Christ’s Hospital school in Horsham in 1970s and 80s

Peter Webb arrives at Hove crown court for sentencing.
Peter Webb arrives at Hove crown court for sentencing.
A former teacher at Christ’s Hospital School near Horsham has been sentenced for historic sex offences against young boys. Peter Webb, 75, of Kennedy Road, Dane End, Ware, Hertfordshire, was sentenced to a total of four years imprisonment when he appeared at Hove Crown Court on Friday (December 15) for a series of sexual offences against four boys. Webb – a former woodwork teacher and housemaster at Christ’s Hospital School – previously pleaded guilty to eleven offences of indecent assault when he appeared at Lewes Crown Court, sitting in Brighton, on September 6, 2017.
The court heard how one boy was assaulted three times, another on two occasions, the third on five occasions and the fourth on one occasion. Webb pleaded not guilty to another alleged incident against a fifth boy which the court ordered to remain on court file. Webb had previously been sentenced to 18 months imprisonment, in April 2015, after pleading guilty to three offences of historic indecent assault against another boy. On Friday, the court heard statements from three of the four victims who outlined the affect Webb’s abuse has had on their lives.
One of the victims said he had kept quiet until another victim contacted Sussex Police, in November 2016, inspiring him to come forward ‘to ensure nobody else experiences the same level of abuse’.
Defending, Simon Ray argued Webb’s decision to remove himself from being in contact with children or young boys as soon as he left Christ’s Hospital School should have accounted for a lesser sentence. He said: “Webb resigned from the school in 1984 and decided to abandon his career in teaching and, instead, chose to withdraw all contact completely to pursue a career in joinery. “He took all the practical steps he could after leaving the school to prevent being a risk to children and young boys in particular. “There have been no previous convictions recorded against him since leaving the school in 1984.”
Judge Christine Henson QC refused to accept this and argued that Webb missed an opportunity to plead guilty to all offences when he was convicted for separate incidents in 2015. In passing her sentence, she said: “You had the opportunity to wipe the slate clean in 2015 but you didn’t and now you are the author of your present situation. “I have read the impact your abusing has had on the lives of these four people. Their lives will be affected forever because of your offending.”
Webb was sentenced to two years and sixth months’ imprisonment for the first five offences to run consecutively with the 18 month sentence for the remaining six offences. In all, Webb was sentenced to four years’ imprisonment and is now a registered sex offender for life. He will serve half his sentence in custody and half on licence. He was also given a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO) to last until further court order, severely restricting his access to young people. Sussex Police had full co-operation from management at the school during both investigations, according to a police spokesman.
A former teacher at Christ’s Hospital School, near Horsham, who admitted charges of historic indecent assault against five boys has had his sentencing adjourned. Peter Webb, 74, of Authon-Edeon, France, pleaded guilty to eleven counts of indecent assault when he appeared at Lewes Crown Court on September 6. He was due to be sentenced this morning but it has been postponed until November 2, Sussex Police said.
Former Christ’s Hospital teacher pleads guilty to historic sex offences
Peter Webb pleaded guilty to eleven counts of indecent assault against five boys. (Picture: Eddie Mitchell)

06 September 2017

A former teacher of Christ’s Hospital School, near Horsham, has this morning (September 6) been convicted of historic cases of indecent assault against five boys.
Peter Webb, 74, of Authon-Edeon, France, pleaded guilty to eleven charges of indecent assault when he appeared at Lewes Crown Court, sitting in Brighton, this morning. He was granted bail and is now expected to be sentenced on October 12 at Lewes Crown Court.
Gary Dobbie, a former teacher at Christ’s Hospital School, is charged with non-recent sex offences. Picture: Eddie Mitchell
Three more former teachers of the school also appeared at Lewes Crown Court charged with historic sex offences. Gary Dobbie, 66, of Albi, France, is charged with seven counts of indecent assault and one count of attempted indecent assault against two males, as well as three counts of indecent assault against two females. He spoke only to plead not guilty to all charges.
James Andrew Husband, a former teacher at Christ’s Hospital School, is charged with non-recent sex offences. Picture: Eddie Mitchell
Appearing alongside Dobbie inside the dock on Wednesday morning was former colleague James Andrew Husband, 67, of Wigginton Road, York.
Husband is charged with four counts of rape and five counts of indecent assault against a female. He spoke only to plead not guilty to all charges. Both Dobbie and Husband have been bailed until May 29 for trial at Lewes Crown Court.
Ajaz Karim, 62, of Baron’s Court, London, is charged with nine counts of indecent assault and one count of attempted indecent assault against six females. Ajaz Karim, a former teacher from Christ’s Hospital School, charged with sex offences. Pic: Eddie Mitchell
Ajaz Karim  spoke only to plead not guilty to all charges. He has been bailed to appear before Lewes Crown Court for trial on April 3.


New headmaster at Christ’s Hospital – Simon Reid has been appointed headmaster
(safe pair of hands – Gordonstoun, Stowe etc.  Simon Reid worked at Christ’s Hospital School (Mr Reid, who held various posts there between 1993 and 2004, teaching English and serving as boarding house master.) when the alleged abuse occurred.

“Men who taught at Christ’s Hospital boarding school face total of 36 counts over alleged offences between 1980 and 1996

Simon Reid appointed headteacher at Christ’s Hospital in Horsham


Simon Reid, currently principal at Gordonstoun School, will take over from John Franklin, who retires in September. Christ’s Hospital should be familiar territory for Mr Reid, who held various posts there between 1993 and 2004, teaching English and serving as boarding house master. He said: “The bond with Christ’s Hospital and its values, which I formed during my first period at the school has drawn me back once again, this time with the honour to serve as headmaster.
“In my immediate predecessor, John Franklin, I have a tough act to follow. John’s tenure saw the school make considerable advances, with major improvements on the campus, an enhanced strategic and financial footing and greater connectedness to the wider community, nationally and worldwide. “Most of all, he kept the school true to its original mission to create opportunity for those in need. “I am looking forward to meeting the challenges ahead with commitment and dedication.”
Mr Reid has a BA in English and Politics and a Higher Diploma in Education. His wife Michèle teaches French -her native language – and they have two adult children. His interests include architectural and landscape photography, writing poetry, reading and skiing. Andrew Gordon, chairman of the board of school governors, said: “In Simon, we believe that we have found the perfect blend of experience, empathy with our unique ethos and charitable mission and the focused leadership qualities necessary to lead the school successfully in the next phase of its development.” As well as Gordonstoun, Mr Reid has taught at Brentwood, Stowe and Worksop College.
He spent seven years as deputy head at Worksop College before taking up his present position at Gordonstoun in 2011.
Gordonstoun – where several members of the Royal family have studied – is one of several independent schools in Scotland named by judge Lady Smith, who is conducting a national inquiry into historical abuse.

Police files on child sex abuse at Gordonstoun school have vanished

A teacher named Derek Jones seriously sexually assaulted a number of children attending the junior school around 1990. He was twice questioned by police in the following years after the children told their parents what had happened. Files were forwarded to the Procurator Fiscal, Scotland’s prosecution service, but it was decided not to prosecute. The files would normally be retained, but Scotland’s Crown Office says they now cannot be found.

Teacher at prince’s public school Gordonstoun accused of sex abuse

Andrew Keir, 65, a retired physics teacher now living in Cheshire, appeared in court last week charged with acting in a lewd and indecent manner to two 13-year-old pupils over five months in 1988 and 1989.


Disgraced housemaster found guilty of grooming pupils at top Scots school used by royals and rich

Disgraced Andrew Keir

Andrew Keir was convicted of offences involving 13-year-olds.

9 MAR 2018

A former assistant housemaster at a Scots boarding school used by royals and the rich and famous has been found guilty of grooming pupils.

Disgraced Andrew Keir, 67, was convicted of a string of lewd and indecent offences involving 13-year-old boys in his care almost three decades ago.

A sheriff took just 20 minutes to find the retired physics teacher at Gordonstoun, Morayshire, guilty of the charges after a three-day trial at Elgin Sheriff Court.

Immediately after the verdict the school – where Prince Philip and his sons princes Charles, Andrew and Edward were taught, and David Bowie’s son Zowie – apologised.

A spokeswoman said: “During the trial it became clear that the school’s response at the time of the offences was not as robust and rigorous as it would be now, and we are very sorry for this.

“Today, Gordonstoun has a rigorous approach to child protection.

“Our policies and procedures are robust and have been developed and approved by leading child protection experts.”

Keir, now living in Cheshire, had denied swimming and showering in the nude while in a state of arousal with three pupils, and encouraging them to do the same.

He refuted allegations of “skinny dipping” with pupils claiming he could have taken boys into the pool alone – but only if he had an “evil mind”.

Prince Charles in his final year at Gordonstoun School

His three victims, now all in their 40s, told how he took them for secret swimming sessions in the dark and chased them naked in the water.

Keir, a black belt in judo, was also convicted of putting his hand on one victim’s crotch and bottom while they “grappled” in a classroom.

He then put his hands down the same pupil’s trousers while he played computer games and performed a sex act on him.

The witnesses said they told the school’s chaplain what had happened but nothing was done.

Giving evidence Keir claimed his diagnosis with Asperger’s syndrome made it impossible for him to come up with a reason why the trio would accuse him.

Gordonstoun School
Gordonstoun School (Image: PA)

Keir insisted he was often too busy as a housemaster, teacher, judo and sailing coach and driver of the school fire engine to be alone with pupils. He said: “It would have been exceptionally unusual for me to have a half hour spare. I would certainly never be alone with a pupil.”

Keir added: “If I had had an evil mind I might have managed it, but I didn’t. It would have been possible, but I didn’t.”

Prosecutor Alison Young described Keir’s pattern of alleged behaviour of getting victims alone outside of class as “basically grooming”.

Keir was convicted of lewd, indecent or libidinous practices between November 1988 and March 1989 by removing his swimming trunks in the presence of children.

Prince Philip during his schooldays at Gordonstoun (Image: HRH The Duke of Edinburgh)

He was also found guilty of indecent assault by placing his hands down the trousers of a child and disorderly conduct by removing his swimming trunks in the presence of a child.

In their statement Gordonstoun also praised the whistleblowers and said they now had rigorous measures in place to protect children.

The school said: “We are profoundly saddened by this case.

“The offences, from 1988 and 1991, for which Andrew Keir has been convicted, are distressing for all involved and we admire the courage of those who came forward to seek justice.

https://get.convrse.media?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.dailyrecord.co.uk%2Fnews%2Fscottish-news%2Fdisgraced-housemaster-found-guilty-grooming-12157815%23ICID%3Dsharebar_twitter&cre=bottom&cip=31“When we were contacted by the police in 2015 about the allegations we gave them our full co-operation and wrote to our alumni offering our support and urging anyone affected to contact the police.”

Sheriff Olga Pasportnikov (CORR) will sentence Keir next month (April).


Former teacher jailed for lewd acts at Gordonstoun School

1 May 2018Andrew Keir

Andrew Keir

A former teacher at a leading Scottish boarding school has been jailed for a year for lewd acts involving pupils at swimming sessions.

Andrew Keir was convicted of charges involving three boys at Gordonstoun, near Elgin, between 1988 and 1991.

He was found guilty at Elgin Sheriff Court of removing his trunks and exposing himself.

Keir, 67, now of Tarporley, Cheshire, was also convicted of indecent assault and breach of the peace.

In a statement, the school said it was “profoundly saddened” by the case.

“The offences, from 1988 and 1991, for which Andrew Keir has been convicted, are distressing for all involved and we admire the courage of those who came forward to seek justice,” it said.

“During the trial it became clear that the school’s response at the time of the offences was not as robust and rigorous as it would be now, and we are very sorry for this.

“Today, Gordonstoun has a rigorous approach to child protection.”

The school has been attended by members of the Royal Family, including Prince Charles and his father, the Duke of Edinburgh.


During evidence, two of the boys said they had taken concerns about Keir’s behaviour to the school chaplain shortly after the swimming pool incident. However, no further action was ever taken.


Michael B Mavor CVO MA Gordonstoun Headmaster 1979-1990 – Assuming responsibility for educating Princes Andrew and Edward

He was appointed a Commander of the Royal Victorian Order by Her Majesty the Queen in 1983.


In 1997 he was awarded the ultimate accolade when he was elected as chairman of the Headmasters’ Conference (HMC).


He became a member of the Royal Company of Archers, the Queen’s Bodyguard in Scotland, in 1996.


Author reveals shocking new claims of serious sexual assault at Prince Charles’s former boarding school

Miranda Doyle made public the allegations in her memoir about abuse in the 1980s.

3 JUN 2018

Shocking new claims of serious sexual assaults at Prince Charles’s former boarding school have been made to the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry.

The allegations about staff at Gordonstoun in the 1980s were made public by author Miranda Doyle in a ­memoir published last year.

In it, she reveals she was attacked by a staff member at the school, in Elgin, when she was just 14.

She also tells how she witnessed other female pupils being ordered to strip naked before being thrown into cold baths by a male teacher.

Miranda, 49, decided to speak out after learning she wasn’t the only pupil targeted by her abuser.

She has waived her right to anonymity and given a statement about the abuse she suffered and other incidents she witnessed.

She said: “Gordonstoun wasn’t a safe place to be. It is time to speak out about what happened.”

Miranda still breaks down in tears almost 40 years on at the painful memories.

She included the harrowing experiences in The Book of Untruths, in which she set out to debunk lies she had been told throughout her life.

It details how she was just 11 when a male teacher told girls in her class not to bring bathing suits for their swimming lesson.

Three years later, after Miranda complained of ­stomach pains, a member of medical staff working at the school carried out an intimate examination he said was needed to check her appendix.

She finally found the strength to speak out after other former pupils shared memories of similar ordeals.

Now she hopes to encourage others who went to the school – once attended by Prince Philip and his sons Prince Charles, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward – to come forward.

Miranda said: “Gordonstoun was supposed to be such a wonderful school – even the Royal Family sent their children there. So many of the pupils feel a lot of shame that they didn’t have a better time. But I never felt safe there, and it didn’t feel safe for the other children.

“I’ve always been seen as a bit of a drama queen, so for a long time I didn’t trust my own memories.

“Speaking out makes me feel terrified but I know now I wasn’t the only pupil this happened to.”

Miranda started at the affiliated Aberlour House junior school in 1979 – when her family moved to Saudi Arabia for her father’s work – and spent two years there before moving to Gordonstoun senior school for the next five years.

Both were founded by Dr Kurt Hahn and shared the same school song, flag and motto. When Miranda was a pupil, they had separate staff, boards of governors and were 20 miles apart.

They merged in 2002 and now share the same campus.

She said: “In my first year at Aberlour House, before the Christmas holidays, one of the teachers announced the girls would have a swimming lesson but because we had already packed there would be no necessity for us to wear our costumes. They might get wet.

“Even at 11, the threat of a wet swimming costume seemed too bogus to be true.

“If wet costumes were an inconvenience, wasn’t it obvious that we do something else? The same teacher would also make appearances at what the girls called ‘birthday baths’.

“When it was someone’s birthday we tortured one another by throwing the birthday girl in a bath of cold water.

“On occasional mornings, he came into the girls’ dormitories before the bell. With his help we would strip the birthday girl down and drag her screaming to a waiting bath.

“Two of us took one arm apiece, his huge hands clamped hard to her spread ankles.”

Edinburgh-born Miranda breaks down in tears at memories of being sexually abused after complaining of a sore stomach.

She said: “I was 14 and I hadn’t thought anything was suspicious then. But some time afterwards I had gone to see one of the house tutors.

“She asked about the examination and how many times it had happened.

“When I said twice she wrote it down and said she had been doing an audit of this type of examination.She told me, ‘When I’ve reached enough of a number maybe I’ll report him.’”

Miranda doesn’t know if the abuse was ever reported.

When the author, who now lives in Cambridge, joined a private Facebook group for former Gordonstoun pupils, she discovered a younger girl had had the same ordeal at the hands of the same man six years later.

She said: “It’s sad to know others have gone through the same thing but to finally have corroboration felt like a relief. There was a forest of girls probably that this happened to.”

Miranda, who has not reported her claims to police and believes her abuser is still alive, said members of the Facebook group spoke of numerous incidents of inappropriate behaviour at the school.

She said: “My sense that those school years had been all wrong was confirmed.”

Ex-pupils gave her guidance and support and that helped her to have the confidence to report her experiences at Aberlour House and Gordonstoun to the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, which is probing the treatment of kids in care – including at residential schools.

She was terrified at first when interviewed. Miranda said: “I howled for the first 10 minutes without even taking my coat off.

“I saw two people from the inquiry team and I felt worried that I was wasting their time and ashamed that I might be disbelieved.

“It was the most amazing experience to be believed. I know I am not the only former pupil from the school to have given a statement to the inquiry.”


Former Christ’s Hospital teachers appear at court charged with sex offences

9 Aug 2017

Four former teachers from Christ’s Hospital School appeared before Crawley Magistrates’ Court.

The men all worked at Christ’s Hospital School near Horsham in West Sussex.

It’s alleged the offences were committed against 15 young people both males and females between 1980 and 1996.

Three men pleaded not guilty to all charges while a fourth man entered no plea.  Gary Dobbie, a former teacher at Christ’s Hospital School, is charged with non-recent sex offences.
 Gary Dobbie
James Andrew Husband
James Andrew Husband and Ajaz Karim appeared on Wednesday morning and spoke only to plead not guilty on all charges. The fourth man Peter Webb entered no plea.
Dobbie, 66, of Park Street, Hereford, is charged with seven counts of indecent assault and one count of attempted indecent assault against three boys, as well as three counts of indecent assault against two women.
At Crawley Magistrates’ Court, he was granted bail on the condition he notifies Sussex Police of the change to his address and has no contact – directly or indirectly – with any former or present members of staff or pupils from Christ’s Hospital School.
James Andrew Husband, a former teacher at Christ’s Hospital School, is charged with non-recent sex offences.  He must also have no contact with any children under the age of 18, must not live in a household with a child under the age of 18, or enter and remain in a household where a child under the age of 18 is present. He must not enter any of the school’s premises. Husband, 67, of Wigginton Road, York, is charged with five counts of indecent assault and four counts of rape against a girl. He was granted bail at Crawley Magistrates’ Court on the condition he has no contact – directly or indirectly – with any former or present members of staff or pupils from Christ’s Hospital School.
Ajaz Karim, a former teacher from Christ’s Hospital School, charged with sex offences.    He must not live in the same household as a child under the age of 18, have contact with any children under the age of 16, enter or remain in a household where a child under the age of 14 is present or enter any of the school’s premises. Karim, 62, of Baron’s Court Road, London, is charged with nine counts of indecent assault and one of attempted indecent assault against six girls. He was granted bail on the condition he has no contact – directly or indirectly – with any former or present members of staff or pupils from Christ’s Hospital School and has no supervision of a child under the age of 16.
Peter Webb, 74, of Authon-Edoen, France, is charged with six counts of indecent assault against three boys.

Peter Webb, a former teacher at Christ’s Hospital School, is charged with non-recent sex offences. He was granted bail on the condition he has no contact – directly or indirectly – with any former or present members of staff or pupils from Christ’s Hospital School and has no contact with any children under the age of 18. All four defendants are due to appear before Lewes Crown Court on September 6.



^ Only 2 news outlets reporting the news.


Four teachers charged with 36 offences over ‘sex ring’ at £31,500 a year boarding school 


Christ's Hospital School

The attacks are alleged to have taken place between 1980 and 1996 are accused of assaults on 15 people, both male and female, across a 16-year period. 

Four former teachers at Sussex school charged with sexual offences

Men who taught at Christ’s Hospital boarding school face total of 36 counts over alleged offences between 1980 and 1996

Four former teachers at a West Sussex boarding school have been charged with a range of sexual offences including rape against 15 alleged male and female victims across a 16-year period.

The accused, all men in their 60s who taught at Christ’s Hospital school near Horsham, face a combined total of 36 counts relating to alleged offences between 1980 and 1996. They were arrested last November.


Gary Dobbie, 66, of Albi, France, is charged with seven counts of indecent assault and one count of attempted indecent assault against three boys and three counts of indecent assault against two girls.
James Andrew Husband, 67, of Wigginton Road, York, is charged with five counts of indecent assault against a girl and four counts of rape.
Ajaz Karim, 62, of Baron’s Court Road, London, is charged with nine counts of indecent assault and one of attempted indecent assault against six girls.

Peter Webb, 74, of Authon-Edeon, France, is charged with six counts of indecent assault of three boys. Police said the charges relate to a total of 15 complainants. They have been released on bail to appear at Crawley Magistrates’ Court on August 9.


Queen’s Club and Eton head squash coach, Ajaz Karim, is suspended pending outcome of police probe

23 July 2017

Jaz Karim – has been suspended

Queen’s Club

The Duke of Gloucester presents the Stella Artois Championship trophy to USA’s Andy Roddick at Queen’s Club, London, 15 June 2003

Britain’s most exclusive tennis club, Queen’s, whose members include Prince Edward, the Duchess of Gloucester and Pippa Middleton, hosts its annual championships next week in the traditional precursor to Wimbledon.


Assistant Chaplain 1996 2003  DOBBIE G W

Housemaster            1993 2003  DOBBIE G W

Sen Chapl                    1986 1996  DOBBIE G W

Dec 17, 2006

Gary Dobbie … As far as I am aware he is still the Chaplain at Shrewsbury School.


Dec 2016

The Revd Gary William Dobbie, has resigned as Chaplain to Shrewsbury School

I was a housemaster at Christ’s Hospital in Sussex

since January 2003 have been Chaplain of Shrewsbury School.


Member of staff from Shrewsbury School being investigated for historical sex offences
Jan 29 2016

The boarding school says the staff member has been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation into alleged assaults on a teenage girl.

The allegations involve a school in Sussex and date back up to 26 years ago.

The £11,000-a-term Shrewsbury School, based in Kingsland, has released a statement confirming one of its staff was being questioned by police about the allegations.

It follows the arrest of a man in Shrewsbury by West Mercia Police officers yesterday. Police spokesman Paul Roberts said the arrest was on suspicion of sexual assaults at an address in West Sussex.

He said: “He remains in police custody at this time. West Mercia Police are assisting Sussex Police with their investigation.”

Sussex Police spokesman Tim Mahony said: “Two men were arrested at addresses in Shropshire and North Yorkshire on suspicion of rape and other sexual assaults on a teenage girl in West Sussex during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

“They are currently in custody at police stations near where they live, for interview and further inquiries.

“The investigation is being carried out by specialist child safeguarding detectives from Sussex Police.”

A statement from the school said: “Shrewsbury School understands that a police investigation into events at a school in Sussex over 10 years ago involves a member of the current staff at the school.



St. Matthew’s Day Review

Oct 2006

Former City School Returns to the Capital

400 boys and girls from Christ’s Hospital in their Tudor style uniform marched through the City on Friday, 22 September to celebrate St Matthew’s Day, one of the high days in the School’s calendar.

The Parade began from Carmelite Street (EC1) and moved to the Church of St Andrew, Holborn. The thanksgiving service was attended by David Brewer, the Lord Mayor of the City of London and Vice President of Christ’s Hospital. The School was delighted to also welcome The Revd Gary Dobbie, former Chaplain of Christ’s Hospital and now Chaplain of Shrewsbury School, who took the Sermon.

Following the Service, the pupils, led by the Band, marched from the Church to Mansion House, despite the inclement weather, where they received largesse, a small sum of money, from the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress before being given lunch in the Egyptian Hall.


Sidney Society: Speaker, Rev. Gary Dobbie (Moser Library)

Date:  2011-11-17 18:15

History teacher, Andrew Husband

He had 2 sons and a daughter at the school…

He ‘left’ sometime  (1993/4)


Gordonstoun and Jaz Karim

Queen’s Club
 Queen’s Club is the home of real tennis and rackets and there are forty tennis courts of all different surfaces. Jaz Karim, the professional, and two assistants were ready to coach us.


Jaz Karim presented us with a champagne glass from Queen’s Club and was given a tour cap


Queen’s Club and Eton head coach suspended in police probe


Britain’s most exclusive tennis club, Queen’s whose members include Prince Edward, the Duchess of Gloucester and Pippa Middleton – Ajaz Karim has been suspended pending the outcome of a police probe.

Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex and the fourth child of Queen Elizabeth II. He plays tennis regularly, at Queen’s Club in London, off a handicap of 40 (a low B player, in other words) and is the active patron of the Tennis & Rackets Association, which governs the game of tennis in Great Britain



Queen’s Club

Grant Meyrick, the club’s chairman, has established that members, who include Tim Henman, the British No 1, and the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, are willing to stump up about £10,000 each to buy it.

The club has long been a favourite with investment bankers. Scott Mead, the former Goldman Sachs partner, was three times club veteran tennis champion.



When not coaching he works for charity he founded helping children in Uganda  – The Uganda Children’s trust Fund




The Uganda Children’s Trust Fund was founded in 2001 by Jaz Karim. As a child, Jaz grew up in Mbale, in eastern Uganda. His family were forced to leave for England under the Asian expulsion ordered by Idi Amin  Jaz first re-visited Uganda in the late 2000s


Eton Action

Eton Action is an independent charity conceived and founded by Etonians to promote charitable activity and social responsibility among boys. Its activities consist primarily in raising money for charities other than Eton College itself. It is still run primarily by boys: an executive committee of boys governs the charity under the guidance of the chairman, secretary and treasurer, who are Masters. Trustees are drawn from current senior staff.

The income from all these events is pooled and divided between charitable foundations and projects chosen by the committee and voted on by every boy in the school. In addition, external charities set up stalls which enable them to raise money for their own good causes.

In 2016, a variety of activities ranging from a fives marathon to the sponsored shaving of a House Master’s beard raised a total of £40,300 which was divided between the Uganda Children’s Trust Fund, The Passage, Marie Curie Cancer Care, Space for Giants and Great Ormond Street.



14 July 2017

Eton’s head of squash charged with boarding school sex abuse


Is there a paedophile ring at Eton:


Andreas Baader‏ @stop1984


Eton schoolboy who shared ‘appalling’ child abuse images from dorm computer is spared prison

Judge says prison would ‘undo’ counselling ‘privileged’ Andrew Picard has undergone after he was caught distributing hundreds of images on Skype

Picard’s chatroom account was traced to the prestigious school, near Windsor, Berkshire, where he was arrested for sharing explicit material between January and February 2015.

Andrew Picard



May 09th, 2016

Andrew Picard, a former USA Swimmer, has been added to the list of Individuals Suspended or Ineligible – Permanently, the organization announced on Monday.Picard, who registered with USA Swimming with both the names Andrew Laurence and Andrew Boeckman (as recently as December on the latter name) and whose prior legal name was Andrew Laurence Boeckman, last swam at a meet in December of 2015.Picard made global headlines earlier this year when he received only a suspended prison sentence despite being caught by an undercover police officer sharing pictures of young children in an online chat room. Picard, 17 at the time but now 18, was found with 1,185 indecent images and videos on his computer and external hard drives. The material was described as “disturbing” and by the case’s judge as “so appalling, frankly I can’t bring myself to talk about it.” According to police, the videos included abuse of babies and toddlers.Picard pled guilty to one count of possessing indecent pictures of children, one count of making indecent pictures of children, and 8 counts of distributing indecent photos of recordings of a child. He was sentenced to 10-months in prison, suspended for 18 months. What that means is that if Picard doesn’t break the law and fulfills the conditions of his probation over the next 18 months, the sentence will be dismissed.https://swimswam.com/swimmer-andrew-picard-banned-life-usa-swimming/

Andreas Baader‏ @stop1984

Eton student owned toddler-rape videos allowed to use false name to protect wealthy family

Lashings All Stars XI v UCTF Invitation XI Wormsley Estate, Stokenchurch, Buckinghamshire, HP14 3YE

 All funds raised will support the UCTF. The Uganda Children’s Trust Fund


Rickmansworth Cricket Club is one of the oldest cricket clubs in England.

the club relocated to Rickmansworth Park, opposite the Met Station, which is now the grounds of the Royal Masonic School for Girls.



Karim’s arrangement at Queen’s allows him to fulfil the same head squash coach role at Eton College, where he has been in the post since 2008, and at the Hurlingham Club in South-West London, and even — according to his personal website — at investment bank Credit Suisse, which has its own squash courts.

His website adds that he ‘represented England at junior level in hockey’, ‘has played and coached cricket at a high level’ and has been ‘coaching, training, studying at the pinnacle of squash for over 30 years’.

A lot of the support and fundraising for the Uganda Children’s Fund has come through Jaz’s Queen’s Club connections, one way and another — and probably some of his Etonian connections as well.’


The Canary Wharf Health Club

The club, located next to the Credit Suisse offices in Cabot Square was previously only available for use by employees of the financial services company.


The health club boasts the only squash courts in Canary Wharf.

Use of the three glass-backed courts is included in membership and two can be pre-booked while one is kept free for on-the-day players.

Eton squash coach Jaz Karim runs an inter-office league and also offers one-to-one coaching.


10 May 2005

Queen’s Club  has around 4,500 members. They include the Earl and Countess of Wessex, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, actors Joseph Fiennes and Damian Lewis, Hollywood star Charlton Heston and singer Elaine Paige.

The club also has a large number of City professionals and international business people, including Richard Branson and George Soros.


Image result for HRH Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester and savile


HRH Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester -the mother of the present Duke of Gloucester

Dr. Margery Blackie

Princess Alice, the late Duchess of Gloucester, was the patron of the Blackie Foundation Trust established in honor of Dr. Margery Blackie, the former royal homeopathic physician who served from 1969 until 1980.

At present, Princess Alexandra, Lady Ogilvy, is patron to the Blackie Foundation Trust, and Mary, Duchess of Roxburghe, serves as one of the vice-presidents of this organization.


Dr. Margery Blackie, the first woman to be named President of the Faculty of the British Homoeopathic Society and Physician to Her Majesty the Queen.


James Compton Burnett who was the homeopathic physician of Lewis Carroll was also a great uncle of Marjorie Grace Blackie,


 Image result for anna raccoon blogger

Margerie Blackie (left) is blogger anna raccoon’s aunt (raccoon blogged about Savile and  Duncroft school)

Anna Raccoon Retweeted Anna Raccoon:

Another aunt was Dr Margery Blackie. A long line of indomitable women who would have run a mile from a ‘safe space’!

Current Blackie Foundation Trust Patron – HRH Princess Alexandra, The Hon Lady Ogilvy – Jimmy Savile’s friend

It was founded by Blackie in 1971, when she was homeopathic physician to the Queen.[13]


Image result for duke of gloucester and Dr Margery Blackie

Dr. Margery Blackie and Sir John Weir

Image result for duke of gloucester british homeopath society

British Homeopathic Association patron – Duke of Gloucester



Activities of sport clubs

Mr Ajaz Karim

Ms Ulla Eevi Tuuliki Karim


P J‏ @Pamper48

Hurlingham Club famously hosts ‘ball’ after Wimbledon. Cliff has played pro-celebrity tennis there. Hurlingham Park known for polo (Princes)

Elm Guest house 27 Rocks Lane

Vicount Ian Kerr CGC‏@IanKerr

Wimbledon to Rocks Lane………just a 15 minute drive.


Hurlingham Park

a hop, skip and jump away from Harvey Proctor’s Fulham home.

5 March 1987

MP Harvey Proctor, pictured while going for a run through Bishop’s Park, near Fulham

13th March 1987

MP Harvey Proctor enters his Fulham High Street home.

Image result for jill dando paedo ring

1999 Jill Dando murdered on the doorstep of her home in Gowan Avenue, Fulham.


DETECTIVES investigating the shooting of Jill Dando 11 weeks ago will not even interview the Ealing Vicarage rapist, Martin McCall.

McCall took a job as a security guard with a company in Fulham, Southwest London, where the murdered Crimewatch presenter lived and died.

Last January he switched to a company which employs security guards at the BBC.

He worked at Television Centre with access to the Crimewatch office and, in theory, Jill Dando’s home address. Within days of the killing he left his job.

McCall was jailed in 1986 for a vicious assault on vicar’s daughter Jill Saward.

He later bludgeoned another member of his gang to death to stop him talking. …


Convicted paedophile, Patrick Rock lived in Fulham

David Cameron’s ex-aide Patrick Rock faces child pornography trial

Rock was part of David Cameron’s “inner circle”


Fulham’s Michael Jackson Statue to Be Removed After Former Owner Mohamed Al Fayed Decided He Wants It

Image result for michael jackson and f Mohamed al Fayed,
In addition to being friends with convicted paedophile, rev Guy Bennett, Mohammed Al Fayed was also a personal friend of paedophile Michael Jackson


The Oratory School is located there.

HIV priest accused of abusing schoolboy

Search begins for anonymous Oratory letter writer as Catholic church admits it knew late chaplain had virus before he was ordained
Father Michael Napier, the provost of the order at the time Father Martin joined in 1988 and at the time of his ordination in 1994, is now also dead


Father Michael Napier is related (cousin) to convicted paedophile Charles Napier

Paedophile Charles Napier’s uncle: Charles Scott Napier

Michael Napier’s father, Major-General Charles Napier, served in the Royal Engineers, and was a backroom boy in charge of movement control, especially for the D-Day operations.

The son of Major-General Charles Scott Napier, a relation of the Lords Napier and Ettrick, Michael Scott Napier was born in India in February 1929.


Father Michael NapierRev Michael Napier’s relation -(The 14th Lord Napier and Ettrick worked for Princess Margaret – served Princess Margaret as her Private Secretary for 25 years, and then as her Treasurer for four years until her death in 2002.

Princess Margaret, was patron of Lighthouse charity which took care of paedophile priest Fr Martin appointed by Father Michael Napier.


Paedophile Kit Cunningham wrote a obituary of Michael Napier

Two football clubs, Fulham F.C. and Chelsea, play in Fulham.[8][9] There are two exclusive sporting clubs, The Hurlingham Club known for Polo and the Queen’s tennis club known for its annual pre-Wimbledon Tennis tournament.[10][11]

Porn Baron Lord Feversham – 

Jasper, 41, who has made a fortune from pornography, is to be found in a somewhat more modest accommodation in Fulham, South-West London, where he runs Tongue In Cheek and Relish XXX, companies specialising in porn films.

Jasper, who was at gordonstoun with Prince Edward, had been estranged from his father ever since he was jailed for attempted robbery while high on cocaine In recent times, he liked to boast that he was one of the largest producers of hardcore porn in the country, making films with titles like To The manor Porn, and with a contract to supply NHS hospital fertility clinics with blue movies.

Jasper Duncombe, eldest son of Etonian Lord Feversham,


Ms (Natalie) Rowe, Mr Sinclair and Lord Feversham are just three members of a large and colourful cast of bohemian characters, interlinked by loose association and dubious habits, who caroused in the smarter reaches of West London almost two decades ago.


Hurlingham Club

HRH Crafty Muvva‏ @craftymuvva

Also hosts Conservatives balls AND was within view of the last place Vishal Mehrotra was sighted.

Image result for Hurlingham Club in South-West London

The Hurlingham Club

Is an exclusive sports and social club located in Fulham, London, England. It has a Georgian clubhouse set in 42 acres (17 ha) of grounds. It is a member of The Association of London Clubs.

Recognised throughout the world as one of Britain’s greatest private members’ clubs. The waiting list is 12 years.

Lord Fowler is a member of Hurlingham Club

Image result for fowler and savile

Lord Fowler and paedophile Jimmy Savile

At the time, the Conservatives had made significant cuts to benefits for disabled people. Norman Fowler, the Health Secretary, wrote to the Prime Minister to say that a £500,000 donation to the Stoke Mandeville spinal injuries unit would help show that the government’s support for disabled people “had not ended”.


British politician who was a member of Margaret Thatcher’s ministry, Tory Cabinet minister Lord Fowler, Lord Temple-Morris, Adam Raphael, the Carry On actress Liz Fraser, novelist and peer Jeffrey Archer, the actor Trevor Eve and his wife Sharon Maughan are all members of the Hurlingham Club. Past members include Walter Buckmaster and Air Vice-Marshal Sir William Cushion, Lord Hunt, BBC broadcaster Ed Stourton and even Kate Middleton’s hairdresser Richard Ward –

Past members include Walter Buckmaster and Air Vice-Marshal Sir William Cushion. In 2011, Charles Nall-Cain, 3rd Baron Brocket was refused membership owing to his stint in prison.[16]


The Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII), an early patron, was a keen shot and his presence ensured the club’s status and notability from the beginning. The current patron is HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh


Oh I say, what a peach of a fund-raising auction the Tories held in Fulham the other night.

The old boy’s spirit certainly hovered over the Hurlingham Club when the Conservative’s pre-election begging bowl did the rounds at a £12,000-per-table donors’ dinner. 

Traditionally strong on the fund-raising side, the party had invited the usual rabble of the mega-rich – folk who are either in or on the edge of kitchen supper society – to mingle and break bread with its top seeds. One of those who joined David Cameron, George Osborne, Michael Gove and Jeremy Hunt paid £40,000 for a bottle of champagne signed by Lady Thatcher, while another lashed out double that for a day’s shooting on the Oxfordshire estate of the Syrian-born billionaire Wafic Said.

This touching we’re-all-in-it-together austerity-fest reached its climax with the sale of what was billed as “the ultimate tennis match”.


 Hurlingham Club clientele

Tom Eulenberg,  club Cirque le Soir, ‘ringmaster’, pictured at the Hurlingham Club, for the polo, surrounded by young women


  • Owner of Cirque le Soir, Ryan Bishti, 35, arrested on suspicion of bribery
  • Questioned over claims police had inappropriate relationship with clubs



Soho policemen arrested by colleagues probing a ‘West End bribery ring centred on a club where A-List stars are entertained by dwarves’

Celebrity haunt: Cara Delevingne and Rihanna are among the stars that frequent nightclub Cirque le Soir. Pictured, the pair with the ringmaster of the circus themed club, Tom Eulenberg
Tom Eulenberg at his decadent Cirque le Soir venue known for boasting dwarves as entertainment

Pictured, star Miley Cyrus kisses a member of staff dressed as a baby at Cirque le Soir

A-list: Miley Cyrus, pictured kissing a member of staff dressed as a baby at the Cirque le Soir club
More here on Eulenberg and co

Why is latest Met Police Corruption Scandal dragging on?

As of Feb 2016 there had been a total of 18 arrests [1] including

  • Ryan Bishti founder of “celeb” nightclub Cirque Le Soir on suspicion of bribery
  • Tom Eulenberg described as Cirque Le Soir clubs ringmaster
  • 2 Police constables
  • Members of TSS Security and Profile Protection

No one had been charged as of Feb 2016, no announcements are known to have been made that anyone has been charged to date.

The Department of Professional Standards had said it planned  to send a file to the Crown Prosecution Service in six months’ time from Feb 2016 [1] It is not known whether they have.

Suspicion is that the guilty are high up in the Westminster Police Licensing Unit, the process will be delayed, evidence lost, witnesses unavailable


Birgitte, Duchess of Gloucester, arrival at The Hurlingham Club.

Jeffrey Archer, jailbird who invested in Harvey Proctor’s shirt shop, a Hurlingham member.


Hurlingham Club  getting a £22 million makeover

14 July 2017

Plans to redevelop the club’s Grade II-listed West Wing, adding a second swimming pool, cafe, sports bar and fitness studios over three floors.

Hurlingham’s chairman, Julian Holloway, held a referendum this week to vote on whether to submit the architects’ plans to Hammersmith & Fulham Council for planning approval and listed building consent.

Mervyn Conn was a member of the Hurlingham Club

Music promoter Mervyn Conn used his fame to rape and abuse young girls

Friends celebrated Cliff Richards‘ 30 years in business at the Hurlingham Club



Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh arriving at the Club House, Hurlingham Club, for the Commonwealth and Empire Coronation Ball given by the Royal Empire Society, Victoria League and Overseas League. 1953

JAMES Matthews and Pippa Middleton enjoy an evening together at the ParaSnowBall at the Hurlingham Club.

The ParaSnowBall is held annually by Disabled Snowsports UK, of which Pippa is a patron.

During the evening, the pair enjoyed a night of winter sports presentations and rubbed shoulders with a series of British Paralympic champions.


Kate has been attending Pilates classes at the Hurlingham Sports and Social Club

Image result for Princess charles at the Hurlingham Club

Prince Charles with meets Brigadier John Wright, Chairman of the Hurlingham Polo Association

The Prince’s Trust Spring Ball Tickets at the Hurlingham Club


Nov 15, 2016 – Prince Harry today visited a sexual health charity as he continues his efforts … During the visit to Fulham’s Hurlingham Club


Image result for Princess Margaret arriving at the Hurlingham Club

Princess Margaret arriving at the Hurlingham Club

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

Quelle surprise: Jaz Karim was squash coach at Champneys, run by Savile’s mate!  Champneys run by Stephen Purdew – friend to Savile and Keith Vaz

Jaz Karim, professional squash coach at Champneys of London and Canary Wharf Health Club;




Jaz Karim founded JazSports in 1990 and focussed initially on coaching but later developed the business from coaching and supplying sports equipment to athletes to today when JazSports has become the ultimate ‘hub’ for athletes to go to in order to holistically develop their physical and mental skills in their game.

Jaz’s sporting credentials are broad. He has represented England at junior level in hockey and has played and coached cricket at a high level. He is a uniquely inspirational coach in his chosen sport, squash. In the words of former World No. 1 Squash Player Amr Shabana  “Jaz is a living legend”.

At JazSports Jaz brings together a team of highly qualified coaches and top-notch supporting professionals from specialist personal trainers to nutritionists and sports psychologists. He works closely with managers, agents, sponsors and sports clubs providing him with a varied and broad network helping his athletes to reach their highest potential in their sporting career.

Jaz and his team works with National organisations to promote squash at a strategic national level. Working closely with Gibraltar and with experience in Uganda, Finland and USA means he has a wealth of experience to draw upon.

At the club level the impact of the fitness industry has been meteoric and as clubs strive to add value to their membership so Jaz helps clubs both strategically and detailed project planning to promote the sport ensuring success for the largest to the smallest of organisations.

Consultancy Engagements
Jaz has worked in a multitude of capacities when consulting on

JazSports has provided on site assistance in the following programs;

  1. National Squash Strategy – Gibraltar

  2. Club Turnaround – London based clubs

  3. Tournament Hosting – Tournament of Champions

  4. Coaching and Clinics – Jaz Camps

  5. Squash Development – New court construction in US

  6. Role of squash within a Health/Rackets Club


Ajaz Karim

Head Coach at Queens Club London

United Kingdom
Professional Training & Coaching
  1. Queens Club London,
  2. Eton College,
  3. The Hurlingham Club
  1. The Christ Hospital
  1. St Pauls and StMary’s College


  • Head Coach

    Queens Club London
    January 2013 – Present (4 years 7 months)
  • Head Coach

    Eton College
    September 2008 – Present (8 years 11 months)

    Head Coach

    The Hurlingham Club

    September 2003 – Present (13 years 11 months)

    Head Coach

    Credit Suisse

    September 1995 – Present (21 years 11 months)
  • Sports Consultant

    jaz Sports
    January 1985 – Present (32 years 7 months)
  • Director

    Jaz Sports
    January 1985 – Present (32 years 7 months)
  • Head Professional Squash

    Queens Club
    January 1985 – Present (32 years 7 months)
  • Head Coach

    The Christ Hospital
    September 1985 – August 1995 (10 years)


  • Coaching
  • Event Management
  • Sports
  • Fitness
  • Personal Training
  • Sports Marketing
  • Public Speaking


  • St Pauls and St Mary’s College

    B.ED, Sports /Psychology

    1975 – 1978

  • Mbale senior Secondary School Uganda

     1966 – 1972


A preview of what LinkedIn members have to say about ajaz:

  • Jaz is passsionate about squash. He understands the game well and his coaching style reflects that. Besides squash, Jaz is a tireless campaigner of promoting sports via charitable causes. He has the natural ability to make one feel at ease via his wit and the steely determination which he inconsciously imparts in others.



Christ's Hospital School in Horsham

Christ’s Hospital School in Horsham

Bail extended again for former Christ’s Hospital employees


Christ’s Hospital School.

May 3 2017

Four men arrested during 2016 over allegations of non-recent sexual offences against pupils from Christ’s Hospital School, have had their police bail extended from May 3 to July 12 while police reports continue to be considered by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), Sussex Police said today (May 3).
The four and their legal representatives have been informed and did not need to attend police stations on May 3, police said. Sussex police said that a 65-year old from Shropshire was arrested on January 29, 2016, on suspicion of indecent assault on a girl, indecent assault on a boy and another indecent assault on a boy.
On December 12, 2016, he was re-arrested in Shropshire by Sussex officers and was interviewed on suspicion of further offences against six people – five men, and a woman – before being rebailed. A 66-year old man from North Yorkshire was arrested on January 29, 2016, on suspicion of the rape of a girl and indecent assault on a girl.
A 62-year old West London man was arrested on June 12, 2016, on suspicion of indecent assaults on four girls.
A 74-year old man living in the Charente-Maritime District of France, who is a UK citizen, was arrested in the UK on December 20, 2016, on suspicion of indecent assaults on three boys.

All the men were teachers at the school, police said. The investigation is being carried out by detectives from the Sussex Police Complex Abuse Unit.


Feb 10 2017

Bail extended for former Christ’s Hospital employees Christ’s Hospital school.

Four men, arrested during 2016 over non-recent allegations of sexual offences while teachers at Christ’s Hospital School near Horsham, have had their police bail extended from February 10 to March 15 while police reports are being considered by the CPS, Sussex Police said today (February 10).
The four and their legal representatives were informed and did not need to attend police stations on February 10, police said.
Sussex police said that a 65-year old from Shropshire was arrested on January 29 2016 on suspicion of indecent assault on a girl, indecent assault on a boy and another indecent assault on a boy. On December 12 2016 he was re-arrested in Shropshire by Sussex officers and was interviewed on suspicion of further offences against six people – five men, and a woman – before being rebailed. A 66-year old man from North Yorkshire was arrested on January 29 2016 on suspicion of the rape of a girl and indecent assault on a girl. A 62-year old West London man was arrested on June 12 2016, on suspicion of indecent assaults on four girls. A 74-year old man living in the Charente-Maritime District of France, who is a UK citizen, was arrested in the UK on December 20 2016, on suspicion of indecent assaults on three boys.

All the men were teachers at the school, police said. The investigation is being carried out by detectives from the Sussex Police Complex Abuse Unit.


Update Jan 11 2017

More sordid news from Christ’s Hospital School:

Pupil at £30,000-per-year public school admits revenge porn blackmail bid against two teenage girls after ‘sexting’ them

  • Alistair Wilson blackmailed the two girls with images obtained through ‘sexting’ 
  • He attended the £30,000-a-year Christ’s Hospital School in Horsham, Sussex

Lincoln Crown Court heard Wilson, who was 18 at the time of the offences, had previously exchanged nude photos with the girl while ‘sexting’.

He made the threat of distributing the nude photos online –

The school has maintained close links with royalty and the City of London and the Queen has been school patron since 1953.



Update Jan 6 2017

Anthony Brailsford due back in court today for sentencing – no news so far


Anthony Brailsford has avoided a jail sentence despite admitting indecent assaults on a boy in the 1990s

Anthony Brailsford – Headmaster of Queen’s Windsor Castle school admits he is a paedophile as court hears he sexually abused boys in his Latin classes and watched them shower naked

Brailsford, who appeared in the dock dressed in a dark suit and blue tie, was released on conditional bail to return to the court to be sentenced on January 6.


Update: Dec 15 2016 – Bail extended and still no names ….

Three men arrested on suspicion of non-recent sexual offences while teachers at Christ’s Hospital School near Horsham have had their police bail extended to February 10, 2017 while police enquiries continue and police reports are considered by the CPS, Sussex Police said.

The three men had previously been bailed until today (December 15).

A Sussex Police spokesman said that a 65-year old man from Shropshire was arrested on January 29 on suspicion of indecent assault on a girl, indecent assault on a boy, and another indecent assault on a boy.

The spokesman added: “On December 12 the 65-year old from Shropshire was re-arrested in Shropshire by Sussex officers and was interviewed on suspicion of further offences against six people – five men and a woman – before being rebailed to February 10.

A 66-year old man from North Yorkshire was arrested on January 29, 2016 on suspicion of the rape of a girl in West Sussex, and indecent assault on a girl, the spokesman added.

A 62-year old West London man was arrested on June 12, 2016, on suspicion of indecent assaults on four girls in West Sussex, the spokesman said.

The investigation is being carried out by detectives from the Sussex Police Complex Abuse Unit.


Dec 6 2016

Headmaster of Princess Eugenie’s former  prep school, St George’s, admits sexually assaulting boys in his Latin classes and watching others showering naked

Yet another paedophile working for a school affiliated with the royal family ….how many does that make now?

Eugenie ended up going to St George’s school because her parents’ first choice was a school, Aiglon, with a paedophile scandal…involving the head, Richard McDonald,who’s a friend of Prince Andrew.

That friend and head, Richard McDonald,

also taught as Christ Hospital School…and attended Gordonstoun at the same time as Prince Andrew

Update: Jan 13 2017

Paedophile headmaster, Anthony Brailsford, who touched boys during Latin classes and watched them shower naked at the prestigious Queen’s school at Windsor Castle is SPARED JAIL

  • Former headteacher was Latin tutor when the abuse took place, court told
  • He would get boys to come to front of class and touch their buttocks
  • Indecent images found on his computer when police raided his home
  • Judge spares him jail, saying it is ‘not in the public interest’ to lock him up

‘Not in the public interest to lock him up’ How many times are we hearing this now?


Not in the Establishment’s interest!

Anthony Brailsford, the former acting head of the St George’s school – He admitted three counts of indecent assault on a boy in the 1990s and police found a catalogue of indecent images on his computer.

But the 70-year-old avoided a jail term and was instead given a six-month suspended sentence at court today.

St George’s School is known to be popular with royals, and former pupils include Princess Eugenie. Boarding fees are currently £6,953 a term.

The court heard the victim, who cannot be identified, was abused when he was aged just 12 and 13 years.

In an impact statement read to court, the victim said he would never forgive his former teacher for what he suffered.

Brailsford was previously acting head of St George's school in the shadow of Windsor Castle

In his sentencing remarks, Recorder Quinlan revealed that ‘identical’ further matters were also ‘brought to the attention of the school’ for which he received a final written warning.

But the judge said: ‘I do not consider it in the public interest for you to loss your liberty immediately.’

Reading Crown Court heard the then headmaster of St George’s School, the Reverend Roger Marsh, did not respond to the first letter from the victim’s parents which raised concerns over Brailsford’s behaviour.

Mr Recorder Christopher Quinlan QC was told it was only after they threatened reporting the matter to the police in a second letter that Rev Marsh responded to the victim’s mother.

Ex-schoolmaster Brailsford was not sacked after he admitted to touching boys to the headmaster as he denied the assaults were sexual in 1998.

Brailsford, who worked at the school from 1973 to 2012, was spared jail today and was made subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order banning him from being in unsupervised contact with boys aged 16 or less for seven years.

He did not have to pay any of the £1,800 contribution to prosecution costs asked due to his finances.

At the time the offences were claimed to have been committed, Brailsford was a schoolmaster at St George’s School, having been appointed as acting headmaster in 1993.

Pupils who attend the school, which is a unisex day and boarding school for students aged three years to 13 years, include the choristers of St George’s chapel – a place of royal worship situated behind the school in the grounds of the Queen’s Windsor Castle.


Aiglon 2000

Scandal, though, was already in the air. Two months earlier, a chemistry teacher left after his homosexual fantasies were published on the internet.

Then came disclosures that three girls had been drugged and sexually assaulted in a dormitory

. .. it emerged that the headmaster, Richard McDonald, was not on a sabbatical but in prison on charges of sex offences against children.

Media stories of debauchery and drinking among the pupils followed swiftly.



After a final inspection last week, they chose the latter – while trying to spare some of Aiglon’s blushes by saying that the Swiss option had been “postponed”.


Andreas Baader‏ @stop1984

Career maker: Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend, aspiring actress Cressida Bonas, poses with Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein  at a screening of the latter’s new film Big Eyes in London

Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend Cressida Bonas slopes off to hobnob with ANOTHER Epstein pal

When Prince Harry’s former girlfriend Cressida Bonas agreed to go skiing with her chum Princess Eugenie, she had no idea she would be caught up in the storm engulfing the Duke of York.

After Prince Andrew joined his daughter and her model friend at their £22,000-per-week chalet in the Alps, it was besieged by the world’s media amid a growing furore over claims Andrew had sex with an under-age girl ‘procured’ for him by his close friend, convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

So it was an unfortunate coincidence that Cressie’s first public engagement on returning to London on Sunday was a bash thrown by another of Epstein’s friends, film producer Harvey Weinstein.

Sloping off: Cressida has recently returned to London from spending time in Verbier in the Swiss Alps with her old friend Princess Eugenie and her family

Dressed in a midriff-baring outfit with her glossy mane worn loose, the 25-year-old posed next to Weinstein, 62, at a screening of his latest offering, Big Eyes.

(Lurking behind was Charles Dance, who in 2004 famously seduced vicar’s daughter Sophia Myles, 33 years his junior, and then cruelly dumped her.)

Despite the movie mogul’s long-standing association with Epstein — the two even made a failed bid for New York magazine in 2003 — the screening was an occasion not to be missed for aspiring thespian Cressida.

Weinstein, who is married to 38-year-old fashion designer Georgina Chapman, a friend of the Duchess of York, is known for mentoring young actresses.

(L to R) Harvey Weinstein, Princess Eugenie of York and Georgina Chapman at attends a VIP screening of ‘Lion’ hosted by Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman at Soho House on December 19, 2016 in London, England

He is credited with propelling Gwyneth Paltrow (pictured below) to A-list status, having collaborated with her on eight films, including Shakespeare In Love, for which she won an Oscar in 1999.

So it is understandable that Cressida, who scored a small part in Harvey’s forthcoming movie Tulip Fever, is keen to nurture her relationship with the Hollywood tycoon.

Aptly she plays a ‘society lady’ in the film, which is based on Deborah Moggach’s novel.

Since splitting with Harry, ambitious Cressida has been taking her acting career seriously.

Last month, she attended a private vocal training school on Orkney to improve her articulation and projection skills.

Meanwhile, her first play, There’s A Monster In The Lake, is being revived later this month at Waterloo Vaults.

Perhaps Cressie, who has given few signs she wants to rekindle her romance with Harry, has set her sights on an even more desirable prize than a prince: an Oscar. 


Prince William birthday party Stock Photo

The school was established to provide six choristers for the Choir of St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, which sings in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, which is the official country residence of the British Royal Family. St George’s is one of the oldest schools in the country, and has provided an unbroken line of boy choristers to sing daily services in St George’s Chapel since 1352.

The school’s choristers have sung at events such as the wedding of Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones, now the Countess of Wessex; the funeral of John Hunt, Baron Hunt; and also the wedding of Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

In the shadow of Windsor Castle: The teacher, who had admitted the indecent images charges last April, was ordered not to enter St George¿s School (pictured) or its grounds

In the shadow of Windsor Castle: Hidden among the pine trees and suburban hedges of Ascot, St George’s occupies a 30-acre estate near the Queen’s favourite racecourse

At the time the offences were claimed to have been committed, Brailsford was a schoolmaster at St George’s, having been appointed as acting headmaster in 1993.

Pupils who attend the school, which is a unisex day and boarding school for those aged three years to 13 years, include the choristers of St George’s chapel – a place of royal worship situated behind the school in the grounds of Windsor Castle. 

Headmaster of Princess Eugenie’s former £7,000 a term prep school admits sexually assaulting boys in his Latin classes and watching others showering naked

Latin teacher: Brailsford was acting headmaster of the £7,000-a-term St George's School, Windsor Castle (pictured) in Berkshire and was later a schoolmaster there

Anthony Brailsford was acting headmaster of the £7,000-a-term school

Was also a Latin teacher at St George’s School, Windsor Castle in Berkshire

He had denied three counts of indecent assault on the same boy at the school 

Changed plea after judge said jury should be told about his indecent images 

He had admitted two counts of making indecent images of children – which were mostly of naked, pre-pubescent boysat a court hearing in 2014.

The offences are said to have happened at the school between 1997 and 1998.

Brailsford was warned by the schoolmaster Reverend Roger Marsh over him touching boys sexually at the school.

“Another set of parents told Reverend Marsh of rumours about the defendant’s behaviour,” said the judge.

Jurors would be told about the headmaster’s note of a meeting he held with white-haired Brailsford following a verbal warning over his behaviour.

The note, which was kept in the school’s records and supported by a later statement from Rev Marsh, read: “I saw the senior master in connection with allegations made about him, touching boys on the back and bottom.

“Mr Brailsford said that he did sometimes run his hand down backs of boys in that way.”

The court heard that Rev. Marsh warned Brailsford verbally about the assaults after the boy, who had been preparing for entrance exams to join prestigious Eton College, had left the school.

Brailsford had “assured” the Reverend that the attacks would stop at the meeting in April 1998.

The survivor, who was aged 12 or 13 years old and was boarding at the school at the time, told police in 2014 that he was attacked between five and seven times.

The headmaster’s note continued: “He said it still happened but less often, despite the verbal warning I gave him on April 7 1998.”

The court heard that the Rev. Marsh, who had also spoken to Brailsford over the rumours two months before the formal warning, later sent a further written warning to the teacher.

The judge said social services then launched an investigation and police were informed.

…Brailsford’s admissions of having indecent images after his defending lawyer, Jon Mitchell, told the court they were “naturist” and not of a sexual nature…there were also hundreds of images of which the majority were of “pre-pubescent boys’ naked backsides”.


Rev Roger Marsh – The Revd Roger Marsh was, until recently, a valued Chaplain of Lancing College, a role which he carried out for ten years. He will be acting Head Master for the remainder of the current academic year. He and his wife Eileen will continue to provide the warm atmosphere of a highly professional, yet family run institution. Both have extensive experience of prep school life, as Roger Marsh’s previous headships include very successful periods at Ardingly College Prep and St George’s Windsor Castle. Roger and Eileen Marsh are both greatly looking forward to the two terms they will spend at Lancing Prep at Worthing.

Ardingly College/Chichester Diocese/ School Paedophile Rings/PIE

Peter Ball was Chaplain at Ardingly 1990-94

1990-94 Peter Ball Chaplain at Ardingly (3:51)

Peter Ball educated at Lancing College and was governor there



Ian Beer, former head of Lancing College was one of those who wrote a letter of support for paedophile Bishop Peter Ball


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22 June 2017

Church of England colluded with bishop who abused boys, says Welby

Report about bishop Peter Ball, finding collusion over 20 years, is ‘harrowing reading’

Collusion: Secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy

Senior figures in the Church of England colluded for a period of 20 years with a disgraced former bishop who sexually abused boys and men, a damning independent report has found.

The archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, said the report on the church’s handling of former bishop Peter Ball made “harrowing reading”.

“The church colluded and concealed rather than seeking to help those who were brave enough to come forward. This is inexcusable and shocking behaviour,” he said.

“To the survivors who were brave enough to share their story and bring Peter Ball to justice, I once again offer an unreserved apology. There are no excuses whatsoever for what took place and the systemic abuse of trust perpetrated by Peter Ball over decades.”

Two former archbishops of Canterbury, George Carey and Rowan Williams, apologised to the victims of Peter Ball after being criticised for their failures in relation to him.

Ball, the former bishop of both Gloucester and Lewes, was jailed in October 2015 for the grooming, sexual exploitation and abuse of 18 vulnerable young men aged 17-25 who had sought spiritual guidance from him between 1977 and 1992. He was released from prison in February after serving 16 months.

His trial heard that after Ball was first accused in 1993, a string of senior establishment figures – including Carey, an unidentified member of the royal family, cabinet ministers and a high court judge – came forward in his support, writing letters to the police and Crown Prosecution Service.

Ball was cautioned by police. He resigned his post as bishop and retired to a rented cottage on the Prince of Wales’s Duchy of Cornwall estate but continued to officiate in 17 public schools until 2007. A fresh investigation was opened in 2012 which led to his conviction.

One of Ball’s victims, Neil Todd – the first to come forward with allegations of abuse – attempted suicide three times before killing himself in 2012.

Welby ordered an independent review of the church’s handling of the case, chaired by Dame Moira Gibb, former chief executive of Camden council.

The report said Ball’s case was dealt with at the highest levels within the church. He “was seen by the church as the man in trouble who the church needed to help”.

Ball was portrayed as a victim, and the review found “little evidence of compassion for Neil Todd even though from the outset it was clear that he was a vulnerable young man who had come to harm”.

It added: “The church appears to have been most interested in protecting itself.”

In the foreword to her report, An Abuse of Faith, published on Thursday, Gibb said the serious sexual wrongdoing of Ball “is shocking in itself but is compounded by the failure of the church to respond appropriately to his misconduct, again over a period of many years”.

“Ball’s priority was to protect and promote himself and he maligned the abused. The church colluded. The church colluded with that rather than seeking to help those he had harmed, or assuring itself of the safety of others.”

The report added, “progress has been slow and continuing, faster improvement is still required”.

Gibb made 11 recommendations in her report, including improving support to survivors of clerical abuse and taking steps to “demonstrate the individual and collective accountability of bishops”.

Peter Hancock, the C of E’s lead safeguarding bishop, who received the report on behalf of the church, said it had failed Ball’s survivors. “Having read the report I am appalled and disturbed by its contents … As a church we colluded, we failed to act and protect those who came forward for help. There are no excuses. We accept all the recommendations and are working to action them.”

Rowan Williams

Rowan Williams: ‘It is clear I did not give adequate priority to sorting out the concerns and allegations surrounding Peter Ball.’

He added: “For the survivors, it may feel this is all too late.”

According to the report, Ball intimated “on many occasions, to Lord Carey and others, that he enjoys the status of confidant of the Prince of Wales” and “sought to exploit his contact with members of the royal family in order to bolster his position”.

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Goddard inquiry: Outrage as bishop Peter Ball jailed for sex offences given public funding for legal team

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Image result for moira gibb and prince charles

Moira Gibb is made a Dame CBE by the Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace back in 2012

However, Dame Moira Gibb’s report went on, it “found no evidence that the Prince of Wales or any other member of the royal family sought to intervene at any point in order to protect or promote Ball”.

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Carey was criticised in the report, which said he “set the tone for the church’s response to Ball’s crimes and gave the steer which allowed Ball’s assertions that he was innocent to gain credence”.

In a statement responding to the report, Carey said it made “uncomfortable reading” and he accepted its criticisms of him. “I apologise to the victims of Peter Ball. I believed Peter Ball’s protestations and gave too little credence to the vulnerable young men and boys behind those allegations.”

Carey said he regretted not putting Ball’s name on the Lambeth List – names of people whose suitability for ministry is under question – after he was cautioned.

Under the leadership of Williams, the church began reviewing past cases, a move which ultimately led to the criminal case against Ball being reopened, the report said. However, he was criticised as being “lamentably slow” in making change.

In a statement, Williams said: “Having read the report and reflected on its details, it is clear I did not give adequate priority to sorting out the concerns and allegations surrounding Peter Ball at the earliest opportunity. I recognise such a delay is likely to have increased the pressure and distress experienced by the survivors of his abuse and I am sincerely sorry for this.”


George Carey allowed church role despite part in abuse cover-up

Former archbishop of Canterbury was criticised in report into abuse by Peter Ball

13 July 2018

George Carey, the former archbishop of Canterbury who was heavily criticised in an independent report for his part in the cover-up of sexual abuse carried out by a bishop, has been allowed to resume an official role in the Church of England.

Lord Carey stepped down last year as an honorary assistant bishop at the unprecedented request of Justin Welby, the archbishop of Canterbury, after a damning report which found the church had colluded over the abuse.

But it emerged this week that Carey has been granted “permission to officiate” (PTO) by Steven Croft, the bishop of Oxford, allowing him to preach and preside at churches in the diocese. Croft is reportedly under police investigation for allegedly failing to respond properly to a separate report of clerical sexual abuse.

The decision to grant the PTO was made in February despite expectations of further revelations this month about Carey’s role in the case of Peter Ball, a former bishop of Gloucester, at the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse (IICSA).

The inquiry will spend a week scrutinising the C of E’s handling of the Ball case, starting on 23 July. Ball was jailed in 2015 for the grooming, sexual exploitation and abuse of 18 vulnerable young men between 1977 and 1992. Prince Charles has been asked to give a witness statement to the inquiry about his correspondence with Ball.

Carey, who was archbishop of Canterbury from 1991 to 2002, resigned his honorary post after the publication of an independent report on the Ball case by Dame Moira Gibb.

She concluded that senior figures in the church had “colluded [with the abuser] rather than seeking to help those he had harmed”. She said: “The church appears to have been most interested in protecting itself.”

Carey had “set the tone for the church’s response to Ball’s crimes, and gave the steer which allowed Ball’s assertions that he was innocent to gain credence”, said Gibb.

The former archbishop responded to the report, saying it made “uncomfortable reading” and that he accepted its criticisms of him.

In February this year, Carey contacted the diocese of Oxford to request a PTO, which was granted by Croft. It followed letters from members of the congregation where Carey worships that requested he be allowed to resume ministry at their church.

A spokesperson for the diocese of Oxford said: “The granting of PTO enabled Lord Carey to preach and preside in the church where he worships, a church where his ministry is much valued. The granting of a PTO does not indicate a planned return to the role of assistant bishop.”

It is understood that Carey underwent fresh checks on his criminal record and C of E safeguarding training.

The church’s national safeguarding team was not consulted on whether the PTO should be granted.

A survivor of abuse by Ball said he was extremely concerned to learn that Carey had been granted a PTO. “It’s a real stab in the back for Ball survivors,” he said, adding that it would have been prudent to wait until further evidence had been heard by IICSA.

Croft is one of several senior church figures, including John Sentamu, the archbishop of York, who are reportedly being investigated by South Yorkshire police over alleged failures to act on disclosures of an alleged rape of a teenage boy by a clergyman in the 1980s. The force declined to confirm or deny an investigation was under way.

Matthew Ineson claims he was raped by the Rev Trevor Devamanikkam, and in 2012 and 2013 reported the crime to senior figures in the church, including Croft. He alleges they failed to follow proper procedures and did not advise him to tell police.

Devamanikkam was later charged with indecent assault and buggery without consent, but killed himself in 2017 before coming to trial.

A spokesperson for the diocese of Oxford said: “Written records and notes taken at the time give a different picture to the one Mr Ineson is presenting about how his case has been handled.”

An independent review had been commissioned by the C of E’s national safeguarding team, the spokesperson said.

Ineson told the Guardian: “Steven Croft may disagree about the wording of my disclosures, but nonetheless accepts I did tell him of my abuse. No word of apology has ever been forthcoming for what I have been put through.

“Given the circumstances it is incredible that Croft is still in a position to decide whether PTO should be given to George Carey or anybody else who has been so involved in the dreadful case of Peter Ball or any other safeguarding case.”

PTOs are mostly granted to retired priests who wish to continue their ministry by preaching, taking communion and providing holiday or sickness cover to serving clergy. PTOs are granted at the discretion of the local bishop.


Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

Doesn’t Welby have the clout to withdraw this permission to officiate?

Chichester church abuser ‘allowed back into choir’

27 June 2017

Alesha Racine

Alesha Racine has waived her right of anonymity to speak to BBC South East

A woman who was sexually abused by a lay vicar in Sussex says she was “completely failed” by the former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey.

Alesha Racine wrote to Lord Carey in 1992 after discovering her abuser had returned to the church where she had been sexually assaulted.

On Monday Lord Carey announced his resignation as an honorary bishop.

A review by Dame Moira Gibb found he had failed to pass on information about abuse carried out by Bishop Peter Ball.

Ms Racine’s abuser, Michael Walsh, was convicted of five indecent assault charges and confessed to sexual relationships with a further eight children.

He was sent to prison in 1990.

He had been a teacher, a lay vicar at Chichester Cathedral and also ran a choir at a church in Chichester.

Child abuse ‘inevitable’

After his release in 1992, Walsh returned to the same church to be part of the choir.

Concerned for the safety of other girls, in July of that year Ms Racine wrote to the then Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey, requesting his help.


Speaking after Lord Carey’s resignation, Ms Racine, 54, said: “I was very concerned that my abuser had just come out of prison and it appeared that he’d just gone straight back into the parish church where he’d originally worked, and was again in a position of authority in the choir there where young children – specifically girls – sang.

“I was really worried that these girls were at a huge risk. I felt it was inevitable that children would be abused.”

Three months after writing her letter she was told Lord Carey had been unable to consider her concerns because he was “committed to a series of visits overseas, together with his summer break”.

‘Duty of forgiveness’

She was informed one month later that the “Archbishop had been assured that there was no question of Michael Walsh being reinstated in the choir,” but nine months after raising her concerns she received a letter from the Archbishop’s chief of staff confirming her abuser was back in the choir.

Lambeth Palace wrote to Ms Racine saying the parish authorities had taken “great care” in coming to their decision to allow Walsh’s return to his position “weighing carefully the risk of re-offending against… the Christian duty of forgiveness”.

Michael Walsh

Michael Walsh, seen here in the 1990s, was allowed to return to the same church choir after his release from prison

The letters revealed Lord Carey regretted the decision which allowed Alesha’s abuser back into churches and offered her his sympathies.

Ms Racine said: “I thought his response was deeply hurtful, in that it had taken me a lot of courage to write to him at all.

“Most of what he said was in defence of the Church and the people in it, rather than try to reach out to me as a victim.

“I do feel it was a complete failure on his part.”

A spokesman for the former Archbishop of Canterbury said the correspondence with Ms Racine had been conducted on Lord Carey’s behalf by his chief of staff.

He said: “Lord Carey has absolutely no memory of this chain of correspondence or these events. He cannot therefore comment.”




It is known Epstein and Andrew regularly holidayed together – from weekends at Balmoral and Sandringham, to trips to New York.

Epstein was, the source told The Times, ‘a big part of [Andrew’s] life’

Prince Andrew sits on a yacht in Thailand back in 2001, during a holiday at a £2,300-a-week resort which is thought to have come courtesy of Jeffrey Epstein

Image result for St George's School, Windsor Castle in Berkshire eugenie

 6th September 2001 – Princess Eugenie starts her new school at St George s Windsor Pictured with her parents Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew

St George’s School is known to be popular with royals, and former pupils include Princess Eugenie.

There is a big emphasis on “activities”, including the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, pony trekking and lace making. The boarders, most of whose families live near by, are encouraged to keep pets which, according to the school prospectus, “include hamsters, gerbils, mice, guinea pigs and rabbits”. Dances are shared with nearby Eton and Wellington while Eton often “borrows” girls for its plays. Old girls include the daughters of the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.

Joanna Grant Peterkin, 50, who became headmistress a year ago, was previously head of modern languages at St Paul’s Girls School, west London. Her father, Sir Brian Young, was once head of Charterhouse, and her husband, Peter, is a major general


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Arrested CH Staff Members

The men were all members of the school staff at the times of the alleged offences, police said – A paedophile Ring operating at the school?

  • No names are being revealed.
  • The Christian school is in the diocese formerly overseen by paedophile bishop of Lewes Peter Ball who is serving a 32-month sentence for abusing 18 young men between 1977 and 1992.
  • Sussex Police said officers arrested a 66-year-old man in North Yorkshire on January 29 on suspicion of raping a girl aged 16-18 in 1992-94.
  • He has also been accused of indecently assaulting another girl, 17, in 1994.
  • A 65-year-old man was arrested in Shropshire, also on January 29, on suspicion of indecently assaulting a girl, 18, in 1994, and a boy, 18, in 1990.
  • He has also been accused of indecently assaulting a boy, aged 15-16, in 1988 or 1989.
  • Officers also arrested a 62-year-old man in west London on June 12 on suspicion of indecently assaulting four girls aged 14-17 between 1985-1993.
  • All men have been bailed until December 15, a force spokesman added.


Re: Punishments at CH


Extract from The Blue for July 1978 page 74Confirmation was conducted by the new Bishop of Lewes, Bishop Peter, who also gave the Lenten Address: his visit was a most moving spiritual moment in the life of the Hospital”

and earlier:

The confirmation service was taken by the Bishop of Lewes during the sedes vacans between bishops Bell and Wilson. This will have been the confirmation of 1959.


Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

If he didn’t know, he’s hardly fit to be King …

Richard Scorer: My clients accept the PoW has many interactions with Church of England clergy. However our clients do not accept that he claims he was not