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Catholic officials threaten to sue ex-altar boys over sexual misconduct allegations

24 Nov, 2017

Catholic Church officials in Italy have threatened to file criminal defamation charges against former altar boys of the Pope, after they accused an older seminarian of sexual misconduct. The alleged crimes reportedly occurred within the Vatican’s walls.

The claims originated from an ex-student identified as “Marco,” who says a seminarian one year older than him would come into his dorm room at night and demand oral sex. This began when Marco was 13 and continued until he was 18, the alleged victim told Italian reporter Gaetano Pecoraro.

Marco’s roommate, Kamil Jarzembowski, says he witnessed dozens of such incidents, and brought them to the attention of seminary officials. He then wrote to cardinals, and ultimately to Pope Francis in 2014.

Church officials say internal investigations were conducted and the claims determined to be false. However, officials did not interview the boys in question, according to AP. Marco, Jarzembowski, and a third boy who reported a groping incident when the seminarian was 20 and he was 15, went public with their allegations in a book and series of investigative reports on Italia 1 TV’s program “Le Iene” (“The Hyenas”).

The public allegations haven’t gone over well with the Catholic Church, whose officials are reportedly now threatening the three alleged victims with criminal defamation charges, AP reported on Friday.

Riccardo Rolando Riccardi, a lawyer representing the Catholic association Opera Don Folci which runs the Vatican’s St. Pius X pre-seminary, wrote in a November 17 letter to at least one former student that he was preparing a criminal defamation case in Rome’s tribunal. The letter states the case “for the alleged crime committed by the divulgation of news to the press about alleged acts of sexual assault that allegedly occurred” in the seminary. The letter, seen by AP, instructed the ex-student to come in for questioning or face interrogation by prosecutors in Rome.

Opera Don Folci had previously addressed the boys’ claims on its website, calling them “mud,” a “violent attack on the church,” and “nothing more than calumny and falsifications.”

Meanwhile, Le Iene revealed during a broadcast last week that it had received a letter from the diocese of Como warning it against proceeding with the story. The program showed the letter on air, which once again stressed that a church investigation had shown “everything that was alleged turned out to be unfounded.” Lawyers in the diocese of Como have also warned Mediaset television network, which oversees the Le Iene program, against broadcasting the boys’ claims.

However, Le Iene’s Pecoraro also interviewed Rev. Andrea Stabellini, the Como vicar who conducted the investigation. Thinking the camera wasn’t rolling, Stabellini admitted he had recommended the probe continue because he believed there was sufficient evidence to support the boys’ claims. Pecoraro told AP he has since learned that church officials were pressuring Stabellini to recant that view.

Stabellini was overruled in the original investigation by other church officials, with top Vatican cardinal Angelo Comastri – who oversees the seminary as the Pope’s vicar for Vatican City – intervening in the case. Comastri has denied any cover-up, saying he ordered three separate investigations about alleged wrongdoing in 2013.

The accused became a priest this year, with the diocese of Como stating earlier this month that church superiors had investigated claims against the former seminarian and had deemed him worthy of becoming ordained. It said that church authorities in Rome had also given him a “positive” evaluation.

Meanwhile, the Vatican says it has launched another investigation into the reports. It claims the new probe is aimed at trying to shed “full light on what really happened.”

Six charged in connection with non-recent abuse and neglect at Cumbria school



Six men have been charged today (November 23rd) as part of Operation Tweed – an investigation into non-recent abuse and neglect allegations at residential schools in South Cumbria.

The following men have been charged:

  • Roger Whitehouse, 77, of Butterflowers Caravan Park, Haverigg, has been charged with two offences of assault ABH and two offences of child cruelty;
  • Mike Lynch, 71, of Kirkhead Road, Grange-over-Sands, has been charged with one offence of assault ABH;
  • Alec Greening, 68, of Dalton, Carnforth, has been charged with one offence of child cruelty;
  • Glyn Waterhouse, 61, of Stainton, near Kendal, has been charged with one offence of assault ABH;
  • Andrew Elliot, 67, of Main Street, Stamford, has been charged with one offence of assault ABH;
  • Anthony Maxwell, 70, of Liquorstane, Falkland, Scotland, has been charged with one offence of assault ABH.

The above have all been charged in relation to offences reported to have taken place at Witherslack School.

They have all been bailed to appear at Furness and District Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday 3rd January 2018.

Underley Hall School, a residential boarding school in Kirkby Lonsdale, closed in 2012.

Cumbria Police confirmed it is looking at the establishment as part of an investigation into abuse claims in residential schools across the county.

Teacher at London girls’ school resigns after claims of sexual abuse

Staff member leaves St Paul’s private school with immediate effect after being implicated in allegations by former students

22 Nov 2017

A teacher at St Paul’s girls’ school, a prestigious independent school in west London that has been at the centre of historical sexual abuse allegations, has resigned after being implicated in some of the claims.

Former pupils received a letter on Wednesday from the headteacher, Sarah Fletcher, saying that several women who had been students had recently reported “troubling events” which they said had happened during their time at the school.

Some of those allegations, dating back several decades, concerned a current member of staff “who has decided to resign his position with immediate effect in the best interests of all”, she said.

Staff at the school in Brook Green, Hammersmith, had contacted the police and been told there were no immediate plans to investigate the allegations, the letter said.

“We have, nevertheless, referred the individual to the relevant statutory authorities so that his suitability to teach and work with children may be assessed. For this reason, it would not be appropriate to name the member of staff,” the letter continued.

The allegations first emerged after the school contacted former pupils asking them to contribute to a drama project about sexual harassment inspired by the #MeToo campaign.

The school had hoped to interview people about experiences of sexual harassment in the workplace, but the letter prompted fury among some recipients, a number of whom raised allegations of sexual abuse while they were at the school.

Initially, the school confirmed two women had made claims relating to personal experiences, while others had notified the school about alleged abuse described to them by friends.

The school confirmed the resignation in a statement to the Guardian on Wednesday.

The latest letter from Fletcher, who is described as the school’s high mistress, gave no detail about the number of allegations that have now been made.

“We are treating every allegation brought to us very seriously, and are working closely with the relevant authorities to ensure that appropriate action is taken,” it said.

Fletcher repeated her appeal to any other former students, known as Old Paulinas, to come forward with complaints and said there would be a full independent inspection of current pastoral care and safeguarding measures at the school.

“I want to ensure that we have a culture here, not only of the highest standards in everything we do, but also an open culture where girls, parents, staff and Old Paulinas feel able to share any concern where they believe those high standards are not being lived up to.”

The letter was sent by email, and in a mistake likely to anger alumnae further the email addresses of all recipients were visible. A second apology email was sent out saying: “We are resending this message as we immediately became aware that, due to an error, email addresses were visible to all. The original email has been recalled where possible.”

Many former pupils at the £24,000-a-year school told the Guardian they were outraged to be asked to volunteer their experiences of abuse and harassment for a school drama project.

One said she had been groomed by a member of staff who then had sex with her when she was 15. She never reported it.

“The atmosphere at the school was not one of ready empathy and not one where deviations from the norm were embraced,” she said.

Another described the drama request email as “tone deaf” and accused St Paul’s of trying to capitalise on former pupils’ experiences of abuse and harassment when it had failed to support them adequately when they were students.

Laura Tully, who is now a clinical psychologist, said she welcomed recent changes at the school but said: “As students, many of us were harassed and/or assaulted at SPGS and beyond.

“Many of us were dismissed or denigrated for these experiences, our sexual orientations and other identities we tried to express.”

Caldey Island: police investigate second man over sexual abuse claims

Separate investigation comes after it was revealed that Cistercian monk allegedly abused at least 11 girls in 1970s and 80s

Detectives are investigating a second man over accusations of sexual abuse on Caldey Island after it was revealed that a Cistercian monk allegedly abused at least 11 girls in the 1970s and 80s.

Police said the alleged assault took place at about the same time, and the accused was visiting the island off Tenby in Pembrokeshire, south-west Wales.

Officers refused to give further details because they said it would jeopardise the investigation, but said he was not a member of the abbey or abbey staff.

The Guardian reported on Friday that six women claimed they were abused as children by Father Thaddeus Kotik.

Since then, it has emerged that five others allegedly suffered abuse, and earlier this week, the head of Caldey Abbey issued an apology acknowledging that allegations of serious child sexual abuse made against Kotik should have been passed on to police.

Dyfed-Powys police are aware of allegations by eight women – the six original complainants and two more who have since come forward. A spokesperson said: “Following the recent media reporting of sexual abuse at Caldey Island, police received two further reports of non-recent sexual abuse.

“They relate to offences committed during the same time period (between 1977 and 1987) and with the same named perpetrator, Thaddeus Kotik. These crimes have been recorded and officers are in contact with the victims during the investigation and to offer specialist support.

“Police have also received one further report of a sexual assault by another male at Caldey Island around the same timeframe. The report has been made by one of the original six victims.

“This is being investigated separately to the Caldey Island abuse and concerns a man who was visiting Caldey Island at the time and no longer lives there. No further information can be released at present as it would jeopardise the investigation.”

Simon Thomas, a Plaid Cymru AM, said: “What is most troubling about this case is that the victims of sexual assault felt that they were not able to make a complaint at the time, and that complaints made were not dealt with properly. As a result the perpetrator was never brought to justice and children grew up bearing the weight of being a victim of these terrible crimes.

“Caldey Island is a landmark on the Welsh coast, and children and tourists visit there every day to learn about the abbey’s history. It’s important that people can visit there with confidence. ”

Inquiry calls into abuse complaints on Caldey Island

21 Nov 2017

There are calls for an independent inquiry into allegations of historical sexual abuse at an abbey on Caldey Island off Pembrokeshire.

It’s understood six women were paid compensation following claims against a monk – Thaddeus Kotik in the 70s and 80s. But it’s feared there could be more potential victims.

Police say they did receive reports of historic sexual abuse but could not proceed with a prosecution because the monk died in 1992.

Now a support group, Minister and Clergy Sexual Abuse Survivors, says an independent investigation should take place and the abbey should apologise.

Six women have received an out of court settlement, after claims they were abused by the monk Father Thaddeus Kotik when they visited the island as children in the 1970s and 80s.

Three of them shared their experiences with Australian journalist Amanda Gearing:

The effect of the abuse on these women has been particularly severe – partly because of the threats made against them which separated them from their parents.

The offender told them that if the children reported what was happening their parents would not want them anymore and would leave them on the island with him

– Journalist Amanda Gearing

It is claimed Brother Thaddeus Kotik groomed, and sexually assaulted the children of families staying on the island and although they spoke out at the time, no formal action was taken.

It wasn’t until almost thirty years later the crimes were brought to the attention of the police. By that time, Kotik had been dead for two decades.

Dyfed-Powys Police told ITV News that “Appropriate professional support was offered and the matter was drawn to a close.”

Dyfed-Powys Police can confirm that in 2014 and 2016 it received reports of non-recent sexual abuse that occurred at Caldey Island with the named offender being the deceased Thaddeus Kotik.

These reports were recorded as crimes and victims contacted by police. During the investigation, information was obtained to confirm that the perpetrator was deceased and therefore a prosecution was not possible.

Dyfed-Powys Police always encourages anyone who has suffered abuse to come forward and report it by calling 101.

– Dyfed Powys Police

The Children’s Commissioner for Wales, Sally Holland, says although action should be taken, it’s too early to call for an enquiry.

“I’ve been in contact with the National Catholic Safeguarding Advice Service and also have written directly to the abbey on Caldey Island to seek reassurance that they are following the Catholic churches national safeguarding policies and procedures on child protection.”

The victims believe they’re not alone. and that Kotik – who lived on the island for 45 years – abused others.

ITV News has contacted Caldey Abbey for comment but has not yet had a response.

Priest fled UK out of ‘cowardice’ after sexual assault charges

Nov 21 2017

A Roman Catholic priest fled the country out of “cowardice and stupidity” after being accused of abusing young boys, a court has heard.

Laurence Soper, 74, is charged with 19 counts of sexual assault against boys at St Benedict’s School in Ealing, where he taught.

Mr Soper was returned to the UK in May 2016 from after a five-year police hunt in Kosovo, the Old Bailey heard.

Ten former pupils have made allegations dating back to the 1970s and 80s.

The boys allege they were subjected to rape, sexual touching and beaten with a cane.

Mr Soper was arrested in 2010 and bailed, but failed to return to a London police station in March 2011.

A European Arrest Warrant was issued for him in 2012.

Mr Soper – who is no longer a monk but remains a priest – said his whole life had been “ruined” by the allegations.

He insisted he did not flee to Kosovo because he was guilty.

He said: “My stupidity and cowardice and wishing to bury my head in the sand played a big part.

“If you want to destroy a priest, vicar, anybody, all you have to do is make an accusation up against them.

“Their future is ruined, their character is ruined.”

Mr Soper said he had been beaten with a cane several times when he too was a pupil at St Benedict’s in the 1950s.

It was “not totally uncommon” to hear of boys being caned with “clothes off”, he added.

Mr Soper told jurors, he had caned boys as a teacher but felt “totally different” about the practice now.

He denies all the charges against him, including indecent assault and indecency with a child.

The trial continues.


Theresa May and Amber Rudd suppress Westminster child abuse documents for national security reasons

November 20, 2017

Labour MP Lisa Nandy just revealed in parliament the embarrassing inconsistencies between Prime Minister Theresa May and Home Secretary Amber Rudd over documents being hidden from the inquiry into allegations of child abuse by MP Cyril Smith.

“The Home Secretary told me that some papers would be withheld from the Cyril Smith inquiry for national security reasons,” Nandy told the House of Commons, yet she added: “this week the Prime Minister has written to me to say we are clear that the work of the security services will not prevent information being shared with other such inquiries.”

– And she challenged Amber Rudd to confirm “for the survivors of Cyril Smith who have waited for decades” for justice – whether papers on historic allegations of child abuse against Smith will be withheld from inquiries for reasons of national security.

Cyril Smith was a Liberal MP for Rochdale in the 1970’s after Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe – who later resigned amid sexual scandal – insisted the local party have Smith as a candidate even though police had investigated serious allegations of sexual abuse of young boys in care homes in Rochdale where he had been Mayor.

The police investigation was dropped in 1970. Smith died in 2010 and two years later the Crown Prosecution Service admitted that he would have faced prosecution for allegations of child abuse where he still alive with allegations that had surfaced since.

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse last month heard how Smith was a governor at several schools in Rochdale, including Knowl View, where one abuse survivor attended as a boy when Smith was governor. He gave horrific testimony of a rape by Smith.


The inquiry is investigating historic abuse in Rochdale schools and care homes and heard how police had warned that Smith had “used his unique position to indulge in a sordid series of indecent episodes with young boys towards whom he had a special responsibility.”

The inquiry was provided evidence by MI5 that the security service had been aware at the time that the Director of Public Prosecutions had lied to journalists about not charging the MP, saying a case hadn’t been referred to them.  MI5 appear to have not pursued this serious allegation as their role was “to defend the realm”, the inquiry heard.

A police report into Smith when he stood for election in 1970 read: “he has used his unique position to indulge in a sordid series of indecent episodes with young boys towards whom he had a special responsibility.”

The inquiry also heard that Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher would have been likely to be aware of the allegations against Cyril Smith when she awarded him a knighthood in 1988.

Lead counsel Brian Altman QC told the inquiry: “It is important to bear in mind the extent to which Cyril Smith continued to involve himself in serious issues related to the welfare of children. A knighthood would only have reinforced Smith’s veneer of respectability and power.”

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Government papers relating to Cyril Smith will not be withheld, PM pledges

Prime Minister Theresa May has given assurances to an MP that Government papers relating to the late Cyril Smith will not be withheld.

Former shadow minister Lisa Nandy told the Commons that she had received a letter from the Prime Minister which stated the “work of the security services will not prevent information being shared”.

The letter prompted Ms Nandy to ask Home Secretary Amber Rudd whether she had been wrong to assert last month that some papers would be held back “under national security”.

The Wigan MP said: “Last month in this House the Home Secretary told me that some papers would be withheld from the Cyril Smith inquiry for national security reasons.

“This week the Prime Minister has written to me to say we are clear that the work of the security services will not prevent information being shared with other such inquires.

“So can she can confirm to the survivors of Cyril Smith (pictured) who have waited for justice for decades that she was wrong and that the Prime Minister is right?”

Ms Rudd replied: “Well I am happy to confirm the Prime Minister is always right and I will certainly look carefully at the letter that she has received to ensure that we comply with it.”

Smith, who was an MP for Rochdale between 1972 and 1992, is accused of sexually abusing a number of boys.

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse has heard evidence of the abuse and will publish its findings next year.

In her letter to Ms Nandy, the Prime Minister said: “As with the Government’s co-operation with the investigation into allegations of abuse at Kincora Boys’ Home in the 1970s, we are clear that the work of the security services will not prevent information being shared with other such inquires.

“Material relating to the allegations of abuse at Kincora Boys’ Home was disclosed to the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry team in full.

“To assist with disclosure, a memorandum of understanding was established between the inquiry team, government departments and security services with regards to viewing and securing potentially relevant material.

“If material was identified as relevant to the inquiry, government department and security services would consider it for public disclosure, in line with UK Government disclosure obligations.”


Former staff members at Medomsley Detention Centre to appear in court over abuse allegations

21 Nov 2017

Seven former workers at Medomsley Detention Centre, in County Durham, are set to face charges in relation to allegations of abuse.

The men have all been summonsed to appear at Newton Aycliffe Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, December 19 to answer charges of misconduct in a public office and physical abuse offences. Some will also answer sexual abuse charges.

The men are Christopher Onslow, 71, Brian Johnson Greenwell, 70, Alan Bramley, 69, John McGee, 73, Kevin Blakely, 65, David McClure, 62, and Neil Sowerby, 61.

Christopher Onslow, John McGee, Brian Johnson Greenwell, and Neil Sowerby, will answer charges of misconduct in a public office, physical abuse and sexual offences.

David McClure, Alan Bramley and Kevin Blakely, will answer charges of misconduct in a public office and physical abuse offences only.

Durham Police launched Operation Seabrook, in August 2013 and is one of the largest of its kind in the UK.

So far, more than 1,480 men have contacted the Operation Seabrook team to report allegations of either sexual or physical assaults while detained at Medomsley from the 1960s to when the centre closed in 1988.

The officer leading the investigation, Detective Chief Superintendent Adrian Green, vowed the operation will not stop here.

He said: “The Operation Seabrook team and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) remain committed in continuing to move the investigation forward.

“In February this year, we submitted 32 files to the CPS for charging decisions. A number of people are still under investigation.”

MPs vote ‘that animals cannot feel pain or emotions’ into the Brexit bill

‘It’s shocking that MPs have given animal sentience the thumbs down’

20 Nov 2017

MPs have voted to reject the inclusion of animal sentience – the admission that animals feel emotion and pain – into the EU Withdrawal Bill.

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That’s odd. Newspaper scared of the truth?

Leicester Mercury probably thinking of their Leicester MP Keith Vaz


Here’s the article:


‘Where’s the little ginger kid without a dad? Mr Janner wants him…’

January 21, 2016

John Gater walked by the working men’s club in Humberstone Gate one morning a few weeks ago, writes Lee Marlow.

He didn’t go in. “I wouldn’t ever go in,” he says. He hasn’t set foot in a working men’s club for nearly 40 years.

But the doors were open and he could smell it. That signature bouquet of beer and polish.

The smell stopped him in his stride. It took him back, to a place in his memory he doesn’t like to see – the lounge at Gypsy Lane Working Men’s Club

It was a splendid hideaway for an eight-year-old, the lounge at Gypsy Lane Working Men’s Club. There was velour everywhere, he remembers. Hoyes pop and Golden Wonder crisps.

And The Good Man who was kind to him, The Important Man who asked about his schooling and plied him with more pop, more crisps.

The Caring Man who would drape his arm around John’s young shoulder and stroke his hair and make him feel – this kid, this eight-year-old kid from Northfields who didn’t have a father – that he mattered.

That’s how it began, says John. Him and The Kind, Caring, Important Man who looked after him.

It ended, he says, in the worst kind of violation; a sordid sexual assault that would play out in the velour lounge of Gypsy Lane WMC every month over three years.

The Man who was the respected Labour MP for Labour West. The Man who died last month, escaping the justice that John and a small band of other unsuspecting boys, now middle-aged men, their lives all scarred by what happened to them, had hoped he would receive.

The Man who was Greville Janner.

Finally, John, 50, of Leicester, can tell his story.



IT’S not as if he hasn’t tried to tell his story before. He approached Leicestershire Police nearly 10 years ago, but they didn’t exactly roll out the red carpet for him.

“They didn’t want to know,” he says. They told him, instead, to “go to see his doctor”.

And then, last year, he saw an advert in the Leicester Mercury. A big ad, over two pages, a new message from the Police and Crime Commissioner, Sir Clive Loader.

“If you are a victim of historic sexual abuse, come forward,” he said. “We’re better at dealing with this now. We will listen to you.”

John felt as though the police commissioner was speaking directly to him. It was March 2015. He went back to the police. This time, they took John’s story seriously.

It turned out John wasn’t alone. There were more boys, just like him.

JOHN Gater was the youngest of three children. His parents moved to Leicester in 1966 when John’s mum was pregnant with him. They settled in Northfields.

When John was three, his father left home. His mum worked all day and most evenings to keep a roof over their heads and food on their table. John was a latch-key kid. “I had to grow up quickly,” he says.

He was a contradictory mix of things as a kid; independent, confident and yet emotionally fragile. “My mum was always busy and I didn’t have a dad,” he says. He didn’t realise it back then, but he missed that father figure in his life.

He didn’t realise, either, he was easy prey for The Important Man who used the lounge at Gypsy Lane Working Men’s Club.

MRS Gater skipped from one day job to another – cleaning, factory work, anything, really – to pay the bills. The one constant was her part-time evening job as a pot-washer at Gypsy Lane Working Men’s Club.

She was there most nights, remembers John. He was either shunted off to a friend or a neighbour for the night or he would go along with Mum. “I didn’t mind that, I loved going to the club.”

He remembers the place vividly; the upstairs concert hall, the adjacent dressing rooms, bingo sessions, the pop and the bags of crisps.

Gypsy Lane WMC was his playground; free to roam where he chose. “I had the run of the place,” he says

Except the lounge. The lounge, with its plush velour and wallpaper, was out of bounds. No-one seemed to use the lounge, which was a bit odd, he always thought. It always seemed too grand a room to remain empty.

And then, one day, there was a man in there. A man and a table full of papers. A very important man, everyone said, in hushed tones as if they were almost afraid of him.

John Gater wondered why.

His constituency did not cover Gypsy Lane WMC – that was Leicester East – but he would turn up, a couple of times a month, with his papers and his folders, pressing the flesh of the stewards and the union men. He based himself in the club lounge.

John doesn’t remember the first time they met. He just remembers The Nice Man buying him pop and crisps and asking how he was getting on at school.

“Nobody asked me how I was doing at school,” he remembers. John liked that.

He liked it when The Important Man put his arm around his shoulder and stroked his hair as they sat in the velour lounge. It seemed like he cared, John says. He started looking forward to seeing The Velour Lounge Man, which, presumably is just what The Velour Lounge Man wanted.

THE abuse, when it started, was insidious. “It just… I don’t know…. it’s hard to explain… I thought maybe this was the way things happened.

“He bought me pop. He was kind to me. It seemed like this was what was expected of me, almost.”

What John didn’t realise – he was eight-years-old, after all – was that he was being groomed.

And this was the story he has wanted the police to hear: Every month, sometimes twice a month, for the next three years, he was sexually assaulted by the Labour MP for Leicester West in the velour lounge at Gypsy Lane Working Men’s Club.

“All I remember, really,” he says, “is that it hurt.”

AT the age of 11, John switched schools. He went to Soar Valley. He had new a timetable, a new routine, new friends. His regular trips to Gypsy Lane became less frequent.

He didn’t know who Janner was until a decade later. “I started to take more of an interest in politics,” he says.

“I read the Mercury, I watched political debates – and he was there. It was him.” He became a Conservative, he says.

There may have been other children he groomed at that club, he thinks. And there may have been people who knew that, or at least suspected, that this is what the MP for Leicester West was doing.

“If he was there, and I was in the club and I hadn’t seen him, he would send for me.

‘Where’s the little ginger kid without a dad – Mr Janner wants him…’”

He doesn’t blame people for not knowing. It was a different time, a different era. We didn’t think, back then, like we do today, he says.

For John, though, even at the age of 11, the damage was done. The die was cast.

He was a quiet, reclusive teenager, wary of authority. He struggled forming relationships. He didn’t realise why that was for a long, long time, he says.

JOHN struggles to explain why he kept the abuse quiet for so long. There were all sorts of reasons, each of them, in isolation, not good enough to justify nearly 40 years of silence.

He had tried to block it out. He felt ashamed. He felt guilty. He felt no-one would believe him.

In January 2007, as his marriage crumbled, he decided to do something. “I would see him [Janner] in the Mercury and on TV and I would think: ‘You know, that’s not right. He shouldn’t be doing that…’”

He contacted Leicestershire Police. They told him to go and see his doctor.

The real tragedy here is not just John’s story – it’s that there were others, boys just like John, who had suffered a similar fate.

Greville Janner was investigated three times – in 1991, 2002 and 2006. He was never charged.

When he was finally charged in 2015, the Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, decided he would not stand trial as he was too ill. Janner died on December 19 last year, aged 87.

A trial of the facts, which was due to take place this April, will now not take place. The politician’s family insist he is entirely innocent.

“I understand that,” says John. “I feel sorry for them, really.”

But he also remembers the dying words of his own mother: “Nail the bastard, John.” The message stays with him.

Allegations of his child abuse will now be heard by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, led by the Honourable Lowell Goddard QC.

John is not hopeful. Not now. “You know how these inquiries work, they take years,” he says. “I don’t expect we will get to the bottom of this in my lifetime.”

What annoys him, looking back, is how Janner was protected each time the police came close to arresting him.

“You look back at the case and you can see the Establishment – the rich, the powerful, the privileged – close in around him.”

Leicester East MP Keith Vaz spoke publicly in the House of Commons in 1991 in defence of his colleague and how “delighted” he was to give him his “full support”.

Allegations that Janner was involved in any kind of child abuse were cowardly, said Mr Vaz, who called his political colleague the “victim of a wicked attack by people who simply did not care what damage they did to him”.

Twenty-five years on, Mr Vaz’s words still rankle with John.

“I accept he was defending a fellow Labour MP and colleague. But he knows different now, surely. He should apologise for what he said. He never has.”

John has written to Mr Vaz. The Mercury e-mailed Mr Vaz so he could respond to John’s comments. He didn’t respond.

There is a full meeting of Leicester City Council tomorrow night. John will be there. He wants to ask some questions.

Does the council agree a full inquiry should be held to determine the scope of Janner’s alleged abuse?

Should Barnett Janner House – a council-owned sheltered accommodation unit in Beaumont Leys – be renamed?

And can the council ensure no other innocent child – in light of the recent crisis and damning Ofsted report on the council’s children’s and young persons services – will ever be placed in a vulnerable situation?

Because that’s what it’s all about, says John.

All this is meaningless if it happens again.

Another innocent child, another life ruined.

 Former policeman’s sex assault trial delayed until 2019


Police said the charges relate to offences allegedly carried out against males and females in the 1970s and 1980s in Stratford-upon-Avon.

A FORMER Warwickshire police officer accused of sexually assaulting a number of children almost 40 years ago will not stand trial until the early part of 2019.

Timothy Lively appeared at Warwick Crown Court today, Thursday, for what was intended to be a plea and trial preparation hearing on 20 allegations in relation to ten boys and three girls.

The offences are all alleged to have taken place in Stratford in the 1970s and 1980s when Lively, aged 58, of Old School Mead, Bidford-on-Avon, was a serving Warwickshire Police officer.

But Judge Stephen Eyre QC was told by prosecutor Rosina Cottage QC that both the prosecution and defence were asking that the indictment should not be put to him.

Miss Cottage explained that Lively, ‘who was a police officer and, before then, a cadet,’ denies all of the allegations.

Stephen Vullo QC, defending, said: “We are going to conduct an investigation and were going to ask for time. An extra four months will not make any difference.”

The charges Lively faces include raping and indecently assaulting a girl when she was under the age of 16, and indecently assaulting another girl when she was over 16.

In relation to a third girl, he is accused of two charges of indecently assaulting her, one relating to when she was under 14 and one when she was under 16, as well as committing an act of gross indecency with her.

Lively is also charged with committing sexual offences with a boy when he was 15 in the early 1980s, and again when he was over 16, without his consent.

He further faces charges of indecently assaulting each of seven boys who were under 16 at the time, and four of indecently assaulting two of those boys and two others when they were 16 or over.


Shakespeare House,36 Bidavon Industrial Estate, Bidford On Avon,Warwickshire,B50 4JW

Stephen Vullo QC, defended Rolf Harris, Dave Lee Travis and  Prince Saud Abdulaziz Bin Nasser Al Saud of Saudi Arabia

Another member of Warwickshire police…

Ex-Warwickshire Pc Robert Tedds sentenced for child indecent images offences

Robert Tedds

Man who made indecent images was former police officer

03 July 2013

Warwickshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Ron Ball confirmed this morning that Robert William Tedds, 58, of Grange Road, Leamington, served as an officer for the force (for 30 years) before working as a police driver later in his career.

His wife – Warwickshire Police Superintendent Debbie Tedds joined Warwickshire Police in 1989,

Tedds, who is the husband of serving Warwickshire Police Superintendent Debbie Tedds, appeared at Redditch Magistrates Court yesterday (Wednesday) where he pleaded guilty to three counts of making indecent images of a child and five counts of outraging public decency.

Mr Ball said that the investigation was handled by Mercia Police due to Tedds’ background as a former Warwickshire officer who is married to a ranking officer in the force and this is the reason why the courts in Redditch and Worcester are being used as opposed to courts closer to Tedds’ home. Warwickshire Police has reported that Tedds was ‘previously a member of staff’ and have said they will be making no further comment while proceedings are active and the court process is underway.

A former police constable with more than 32 years spotless service “pressed the self-destruct button” when he decided to film a naked teenage girl, a judge has said.

Robert Tedds, who retired as an officer in 2011, had also taken pictures up strangers’ skirts in a petrol station, an office, in the back of a car and on a train

Tedds was sentenced to a three-year community order with supervision and ordered to sign the sex offenders register after admitting three charges of making an indecent image of a child and five counts of outraging public decency.

The 58-year-old, previously an officer with Warwickshire Police, had been working in a civilian role with the force’s firearms licensing unit when he carried out the offences over a three-week period between May and June, this year.

He had also carried out “some driving duties on a part-time basis for senior officers”, according to Warwickshire Police.

Debbie Tedds has performed are Patrol, Criminal Investigation, Child Protection and Protecting Vulnerable Persons, Intelligence and Special Investigations. She has also performed roles at both operational and command level within Search, Firearms, VIP Protection, Public Order and Hostage and Crisis Negotiations as well as working at a National level with Her Majesty Inspectorate of Constabulary.

Moving into the Alliance with West Mercia Debbie was the Policing Area Commander for South Warwickshire and more latterly headed up the Alliance Strategic Service Improvement function being based at Hindlip Park. Latterly she has undertaken temporary roles as ACC covering both Protective Services and Local Policing prior to taking up her new post as Head of Crime in May 2017.—Detective-Chief-Superintendent-Debbie-Tedds

Child Rape Cover up by Warwickshire Police


Prince Charles HRH The Prince of Wales meets monks Father Robert, Brother Gabriel, and Acting Abbot Father Daniel during his visit to Caldey Island in 1997

Revealed: monk who abused children on ‘crime free’ Caldey Island for decades

17 November 2017

Abuse by a monk who preyed on girls on a tiny island off the coast of Wales was covered up in the 70s and 80s

Kotik offended against the six girls between 1972 and1987, though the women believe there may be many more victims, over many more years.

A former soldier who fought in the Free Polish army during the second world war, Kotik moved to the island in 1947, joined the strict Cistercian order and was ordained a priest in 1956. He lived on the island until his death in 1992. It appears he was never questioned by police and that they were not informed until 2014.

In the late 80s, when she and her family were residents of the island, Emily, then five years old, told the then Abbot Robert O’Brien – who died in 2009 – about Kotik assaulting her. The abbot ordered Kotik to stay inside the monastery enclosure, but Kotik regularly escaped from the monastery grounds and continued to abuse children.


Abbot Robert O’Brien

The girls reported the offences to the principal of their school, St Phillip’s Christian College in Newcastle, New South Wales in the late 1980s. According to Charlotte the deputy principal Richard Rule, who now runs a child care centre, prayed for the students and told them they “didn’t need to talk of this again because God has forgiven everyone”.

Also in 2014, Charlotte emailed the current abbot of Caldey Abbey, Brother Daniel van Santvoort, seeking an acknowledgment of the crimes committed against her and her sister. “The effect that this abuse has had on me has been quietly catastrophic,” she wrote.

No secret

But it wasn’t the first time van Santvoort had heard allegations against Kotik. In a response to Charlotte he wrote: “I have heard occasionally about this serious matter as regards Fr Thaddeus”.

Van Santvoort told her the monastery knew about the monk’s offences and that he had been reprimanded and banned from contact with islanders and visitors in the 1980s, but had not been reported to police. “I am fully aware now of this terrible criminal offence and Fr Thaddeus should have there and then been handed over to the police – something that never happened.”

The island was bought by Anglican benedictine monks in 1906 and it was this group that built the monastery and abbey which sits in the centre of the island.

Now it is home to about 40 residents and a group of about 18 Cistercian monks.

Caldey Island is three miles off Tenby and popular with day trippers in the summer.


Top Plymouth businessman carried out sex attacks in Drake’s Island tunnels, trial told

Charles Howeson is on trial after denying a string of sexual assaults which the prosecution claim were ‘swept under the table’ by a leading charity

14 Nov 2017

A leading city businessman abused his position of power to grope 11 boys and young men – with a jury told some of their complaints were “swept under the carpet”.

Former Royal Navy officer Charles Howeson, aged 67, indecently touched men in the lower ranks, civilians in and around his home and some men working for a charity where he was the boss, a jury heard.

Barrister Paul Dunkels, QC, prosecuting, told his trial: “This was a man who was prepared to risk his success by abusing his dominant position over his victims seemingly confident he was unassailable because of his status.”

The former lieutenant-commander allegedly touched two men inappropriately on board a Royal Navy ship in 1985.

He went on to grope a young man who lived close to him at a former home in Plymouth and a young workman there, the jury heard.

Howeson, then executive director of the Groundwork Trust, allegedly touched seven men who worked for the charity. Its premises were visited by the Queen in 1992.

Charles Howeson stands between The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh during a visit to the Groundwork Trust exhibition in 1992
Charles Howeson stands between The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh during a visit to the Groundwork Trust exhibition in 1992 (Image: Tony Carney)

Mr Dunkels, opening the case for the Crown Prosecution Service, said some of the alleged victims complained at the time – but because of the culture in the 1980s and 1990s there was a tendency to sweep their claims “under the carpet”.

He added that others never spoke out because they felt they would not be believed.

The barrister said Howeson was moved from the ship where the alleged offences took place on health grounds after the complaints were investigated.

Mr Dunkels said: “Howeson conveniently retired on health grounds (from the Groundwork Trust) after six young men who worked for the trust complained of similar sexual offences.

“One of the young men was told by the trustees that it was pointless taking the matter to the court and that the negative publicity would destroy the Groundwork Trust.

“The defendant should resign on health grounds and would not work with young people again. In other words it was swept under the carpet.”

The barrister said the complainants working on Drake’s Island through the charity were vulnerable and two had mental health or learning difficulties.

Leading Plymouth businessman and captain of industry Charles Howeson has denied a series of historic sexual abuse charges.
Leading Plymouth businessman and captain of industry Charles Howeson has denied a series of historic sexual abuse charges

Howeson, of Craigie Drive, Stonehouse, has gone on trial at Bristol Crown Court to answer 12 charges dating from 1985 and 1994.

He denies 11 counts of indecently assaulting nine boys and young men and one count of attempted buggery.

One of the men he allegedly touched on board HMS Cleopatra and another in the Groundwork Trust are not subject to any charge.

Mr Dunkels said Howeson was second-in-command of HMS Cleopatra in 1985.

He added the lieutenant commander would initiate physical contact with a particular sailor, touching his hand and leaning into him.

Mr Dunkels said that Howeson touched the legs and lower back of the man as he walked up stairs on the ship. He then touched his crotch over his uniform, the barrister added.

Mr Dunkels said the man was “shaken and upset” and complained to a petty officer and the Master at Arms.

The barrister said another man on board the ship also complained that Howeson had touched his bottom. He also complained to a senior officer.

Mr Dunkels said Howeson denied the allegation and claimed it was a misunderstanding. He was moved on to another ship on health grounds.

The barrister said Howeson befriended a teenager near his former Plymouth home.

He added that he lent him a motorcycle to ride and taught him to shoot an air rifle. Mr Dunkels said that while he was lying in a field Howeson attemped to bugger him.

Mr Dunkels said a second man in his 20s did odd jobs at the defendant’s home and cleaned his car.

Queen Elizabeth visits The Groundwork Trust in Plymouth, May 1, 1992
Queen Elizabeth visits The Groundwork Trust in Plymouth, May 1, 1992

He added that Howeson asked him to go up a ladder to do some work and touched him indecently three times.

Mr Dunkels said in the early 90s Howeson was executive director of the Groundwork Trust, based in the Royal William Yard. He added that the charity would help “vulnerable” young people or those who were finding it hard to find jobs.

He added that the trust was doing environmental work on Drake’s Island.

Mr Dunkels said: “His method was to take them individually to an isolated place, often a tunnel on Drake’s Island and make up some reason for him to lift the man up to check a cable or to put on some lights.”

The barrister said Howeson would stand close behind the man and touch him indecently, often over but sometimes under his clothing.

He described how seven men were touched in this way – six of them are subject of the charges.

The court heard how a Groundwork Trust official spoke to six of the men in February 1993. The matter was not reported to the police.

Mr Dunkels said the victim of the attempted buggery came forward only in in 2015, later picking an image of the defendant from a video identification parade.

The barrister said that following a report in The Herald the second man, allegedly assaulted doing work at the defendant’s house, came forward.

Police were also told of the investigations in the Royal Navy and the Groundwork Trust and tracked down the notes of the official who carried out the investigation.

Howeson denied all allegations put to him in police interview.

Howeson, wearing a smart dark suit and tie, spoke only to confirm his identity at the start of proceedings.

Charles Howeson stands next to the Duke of Edinburgh who addresses the crowd at the Mount Batten Centre in 1999
Charles Howeson stands next to the Duke of Edinburgh who addresses the crowd at the Mount Batten Centre in 1999 (Image: Brian Jones)

Howeson was formerly chairman of First Great Western trains and also chairman of the now defunct South West Strategic Health Authority, which used to oversee health spending.

He also held a role as a senior staff member at the Queen’s bank, Coutts and Co.

The trial, before Judge Mark Horton, continues and is expected to take four to six weeks.

The case has been moved from Plymouth because of Howeson’s high profile.

He was raised in Mevagissey in Cornwall and joined the Royal Navy in 1967, before making his fortune as a property developer and launching a long career in the public, private and voluntary sector.

November 13 2017

The IICSA  –  Last week it published the public hearings timetable up until March 2019. A summary of the current status of all hearings in investigations is detailed below (the IICSA continues to update its hearings timetable page here as it schedules more dates).

IICSA schedule

Investigation Latest Position
The Internet Following the preliminary hearing on 19 September 2017, the first public hearings are scheduled to take place the week commencing 22 January 2018. Evidence in relation to paragraph 2.4 of the published scope of investigation will be heard: “the response of law enforcement agencies to child sexual abuse facilitated by the internet“.
Cambridge House, Knowl View and Rochdale Public hearings in relation to this case study were held from 9 – 27 October 2017. Evidence from survivors and institutions was heard. The IICSA endeavours to publish its report in relation to this investigation in the new year and before the interim inquiry report is to be published which is sometime in April 2018.
Anglican Public hearings are scheduled to start on 5th March 2018 for 3 weeks. This will focus on abuse within the Diocese of Chichester. There will be a further week of public hearings from 23rd July 2018 which will focus on matters relating to the Peter Ball case study. There is a preliminary hearing on 30th January 2018
Westminster A preliminary hearing in relation to this case study will take place on 31st January 2018. Public hearings will be held from the week commencing 4 March – 25 March 2019.
Roman Catholic Church The hearing in connection with the Benedictine Orders (save for Ealing Abbey) commences on 27th November 2017 and is due to last for 2 weeksPublic hearings will be held the week commencing 12 November 2018 into the Archdiocese of Birmingham case study.

Public hearings will be held the week commencing 4 February 2019 into the Ealing Abbey case study.

Nottinghamshire 3 weeks of hearings are scheduled from 1st October 2018. A preliminary hearing will take place on 31st January 2018.
Children Overseas IICSA’s report into the Child Migration Programmes Case Study is expected sometime before or early in the new year.Public hearings regarding Children Outside the UK will be held the week commencing 11 February 2019.
Accountability & Reparation Public hearings are scheduled from 26 November – 10 December 2018.
Children in Custody A preliminary hearing will proceed on 1st February 2018 with 2 weeks of public hearings from 9 July 2018.
Lord Janner There have been no formal developments.
Lambeth There have been no formal developments.
Residential Schools There have been no formal developments.
Child Sexual Exploitation by Organised Networks There have been no formal developments.

Stanhope Castle abuse claims: Ex-pupil calls for justice


A man who says he was sexually abused at a residential institution for troubled youngsters is calling for justice almost 60 years on.

Colin Watson says he was raped on more than 35 occasions and repeatedly beaten during four years at Stanhope Castle Approved School in County Durham.

His case is part of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.

The Home Office, which ran the facility during Mr Watson’s time there, said it is co-operating with the investigation.

It added it would be “inappropriate” to comment further while the inquiry is ongoing.

Mr Watson was aged 11 in 1960 when he was ordered by a court to attend the school having stolen biscuits.

‘Continual abuse’

“It was continual physical, sexual and psychological abuse,” said Mr Watson of his time at the school.

“I have flashbacks. It’s like being raped all over again.

“I can feel them doing it, I can smell them, I can taste them.”

The 68-year-old, of Middlesbrough, who has waived his right to anonymity, described having his nose broken by the headmaster on one of his first days at the school when his face was “smashed” into a wall.

Mr Watson is one of a number of members of the Stanhope Castle Survivor Group and has called on the Home Office to “admit guilt”.

‘No justice’

“They should carry the can,” he told BBC Tees.

“They employed the people who raped me. I want their say-so they were wrong.

“[The people who did this to me] have got away with it. They’ve walked. I’m getting no justice.”

Control of the school passed to Cleveland County Council in 1974, which in turn handed liabilities to Middlesbrough Council when it was formed.

Stanhope Castle closed in 1981.

Middlesbrough Council said it would be inappropriate to comment as it is participating in the government inquiry.

Durham Police previously investigated abuse claims, but no criminal action was taken.

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse was set up by the government in July 2014 after the Jimmy Savile scandal to investigate claims against local authorities, religious organisations, the armed forces and public and private institutions.

Evidence is scheduled to be given at a public hearing in November 2018.

Exclusive: St Paul’s Girls’ School Reveals Former Pupils Have Alleged ‘Sexual Abuse’

1970s-1990s pupils come forward after #MeToo campaign



PA Archive/PA Images

Britain’s leading girls’ school has revealed that some of its former pupils have alleged they suffered “sexual abuse” while in its care.

St Paul’s Girls’ School in West London has written to its alumni to alert them to the claims, which were prompted by the #metoo campaign to report current and historic cases of assault and harassment in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Two former St Paul’s pupils, known as ‘Paulinas’, have passed on information about their personal experience over a period stretching from the 1970s to 1990s, while others have related allegations set out by friends.

The school says that ‘relevant authorities’ have been informed of the allegations and High Mistress Sarah Fletcher has urged the former pupils to identify to the police the individuals responsible for the abuse.


In her letter, seen by HuffPost UK, Fletcher adds that she has now asked St Paul’s own Local Authority Designated Officer to carry out “an independent safeguarding inspection” to ensure that current pupils are as safe as possible.

The £24,000-a-year fee-paying school, in Hammersmith, West London, regularly tops the national league tables for exam results.

HuffPost UK
An extract from the letter sent to former pupils.

Its alumni include high achieving women in business, science, the arts and politics.

‘Old Paulinas’ include Tory MP Vicky Ford, journalists Sophie Raworth and Susanna Reid, TV presenter Victoria Coren Mitchell and actresses Rachel Weisz, Emily Mortimer and Joely Richardson.  Novelist and broadcaster Rachel Johnson also attended the school. There is no suggestion any of them have alleged abuse.

According to its website, the school’s “first full-time appointments of men to the academic staff” were made in 1967.

The revelations of abuse follow a project set up by the school’s drama department which invited former pupils to send in their own experiences of harassment.

Director of Drama Isabel Foley had emailed alumni earlier this month to offer 30-minute, anonymous interviews that would help inform a play to be staged at the Edinburgh Festival in 2018.

“Following the spate of recent allegations, resignations and poorly-judged comments emblematic of a problematic culture across all sectors, we are hoping to create a piece of theatre which addresses this issue, to illuminate and educate our society of what must not be tolerated,” Foley had written.

St Pauls Girls School
High Mistress Sarah Fletcher.

Fletcher said that the St Pauls’ email, “in conjunction with #metoo and the stories about abuse currently in the press, prompted a small number of OPs [Old Paulinas] to get in touch with the school”.

“They have told us of past sexual abuse at St Paul’s. Two wrote from personal experience, others about what they had heard from friends. The allegations relate to a period spanning from the 1970s to 1990s.

“We immediately passed the information onto the relevant authorities, and we remain in close contact with them. I have written to everyone concerned thanking them for coming forward and expressing our absolute condemnation of all such behaviour.

“I have let staff and parents know, and will be talking to our students. The police can only do their job, however, if they have a name. I have, therefore, asked these OPs to consider whether they would feel able to identify the individual(s), so that they can be held to account. I realise this is a big and difficult step to take, and we shall do all we can to support anyone who decides to go to the police”.

HuffPost UK
Another extract from the letter.

Fletcher added:” We can never say “it could never happen here”. We can, however, try our hardest to make sure that we are robust in setting the highest standards in safeguarding that we can.”

St Paul’s Girls is the sister school to St Paul’s School, which is already under investigation after allegations of child abuse stretching back nearly 60 years.

St Paul’s, which lists George Osborne and John Simpson among its own alumni, is the subject of a “serious case review” by Richmond Safeguarding Children Board.

Earlier this year former rowing coach Patrick Marshall became the fifth member of staff to be convicted for abuse since 2013 when he was jailed for 18 years for sexually abusing pupils.

Woman Says George H.W. Bush Groped Her When She Was 16: ‘I Was a Child’

November 13, 2017

Roslyn Corrigan was sixteen years old when she got a chance to meet George H.W. Bush, excited to be introduced to a former president having grown up dreaming of going into politics.

But Corrigan was crushed by her encounter: Bush, then 79 years old, groped her buttocks at a November 2003 event in The Woodlands, Texas, office of the Central Intelligence Agency where Corrigan’s father gathered with fellow intelligence officers and family members to meet Bush, Corrigan said. Corrigan is the sixth woman since Oct. 24 to accuse Bush publicly of grabbing her buttocks without consent.

“My initial reaction was absolute horror. I was really, really confused,” Corrigan told TIME, speaking publicly for the first time about the encounter. “The first thing I did was look at my mom and, while he was still standing there, I didn’t say anything. What does a teenager say to the ex-president of the United States? Like, ‘Hey dude, you shouldn’t have touched me like that?’”

Roslyn Corrigan (L), former president George H.W. Bush (C) and Sari Young (R) at the November 2003 event where Corrigan says Bush groped her.
Roslyn Corrigan (L), former president George H.W. Bush (C) and Sari Young (R) at the November 2003 event where Corrigan says Bush groped her.

Corrigan said the incident happened while she was being photographed standing next to Bush. Five other women have made similar claims against Bush in recent weeks. Seven people, including family members and friends, confirmed to TIME that they had been told about alleged groping by Bush of Corrigan prior to the other recent allegations.

“George Bush simply does not have it in his heart to knowingly cause anyone harm or distress, and he again apologizes to anyone he may have offended during a photo op,” Bush spokesperson Jim McGrath said in a statement to TIME. Previously, McGrath said Bush “has patted women’s rears in what he intended to be a good-natured manner,” additionally attributing the act to his diminished height after being confined to a wheelchair since 2012. Bush was standing upright in 2003 when he met Corrigan.

Corrigan said that to this day, some of the responses she gets to her story are dismissive but she said she feels emboldened to speak out after seeing other women come forward, and hopes more will do so after hearing her account.

“I don’t know, maybe it never really hit people that I was a child at the time and that goes beyond a guy being inappropriate in the workplace to a peer or somebody in his age range,” she said. “I was a child.”

Corrigan, who had heard Bush give a speech at a conference held at the George Bush Presidential Library at Texas A&M University earlier in November 2003, asked her father, Steve A. Young, if she could leave early from her classes at The Woodlands High School and join him at the planned visit by Bush. After Bush addressed the CIA gathering, which included agency personnel and their family members, Corrigan had the opportunity to take a photograph with Bush, alongside her mother, Sari Young.

Ryan Trapani, a spokesperson for the CIA, declined multiple requests for comment regarding Young’s employment and Corrigan’s allegation against Bush.

“As soon as the picture was being snapped on the one-two-three he dropped his hands from my waist down to my buttocks and gave it a nice, ripe squeeze, which would account for the fact that in the photograph my mouth is hanging wide open,” Corrigan said. “I was like, ‘Oh my goodness, what just happened?’”

Her mother, Sari, said Corrigan told her about the encounter as soon as Bush stepped away.

“When he left, my daughter Rozi said, ‘He grabbed me on the rear end.’ And I said, ‘What, what?’” Sari said. “And she said, ‘Yes, he grabbed me when they were taking the picture. He grabbed me on my butt.’ And I was like, ‘Oh my god, are you kidding me?’

“I was really, really upset — she was very upset, she was really, really mad,” she added. Sari said she would have tried to take action “had it been just some Joe Blow or something. I’d probably chase him down and yell at him.”

“But, you know, it’s the president. What are you supposed to do?” she said in a Oct. 28 interview. “And you’ve got your husband’s job that could be in jeopardy. I mean, you just didn’t then. You should—you should have always spoken up, always—but we didn’t.”

Within the next few days, Corrigan told her childhood friend Chelsea Wellman about the alleged groping as well, Wellman told TIME on Oct. 27.

Christopher Yarbrough, who was married to Corrigan from 2010 until their divorce the following year, said on Oct. 27 he learned about the incident about a month after they started dating in 2005. One day, the two were going through scrapbooks at Sari’s house, he said, when they flipped to a page revealing the photo with Bush. He said that Corrigan then told him about the encounter with the former president.

Tristan Voskuhl, who went to Sam Houston State University with Corrigan, said Corrigan first told her about the incident in 2006 when they were 19 years old. Bob Unseld, a family friend, said Sari first told him of the incident in 2013. “She didn’t say it just once. She told me this several times that he had done this to Rozi. It made her very mad.” Paul Weins, Unseld’s husband, also said he heard Sari’s account of the incident in 2013.

Bush, who from January 1976 to January 1977 served as the CIA’s director of Central Intelligence—the former title of the agency’s highest-ranking position—is one of a number of prominent figures to be accused of sexual assault since news of alleged past assaults committed by Harvey Weinstein broke early last month.

Actress Heather Lind was the first to openly accuse Bush of groping her while they posed for a photo during a promotional tour for her AMC series Turn: Washington’s Spies in 2013.

“He didn’t shake my hand. He touched me from behind from his wheelchair with his wife Barbara Bush by his side,” Lind wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post on Oct. 24.

On Oct. 25, New York-based actress Jordana Grolnick told Deadspin Bush groped her in August 2016 at a Maine theater where she was performing. She said that Bush came backstage with Barbara during the intermission of the play, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and gathered with the cast for a photo.

On Oct. 26, best-selling author Christina Baker Kline wrote in Slate that Bush groped her during an April 2014 photo op at a Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy fundraiser in Houston.

Amanda Staples, a former Maine Senate candidate said in a private Instagram post on Oct. 26 that Bush groped her in 2006, the Portland Press Herald reported.

Liz Allen, a retired Erie Times-News journalist, said in an Oct. 26 Facebook post that Bush touched her from behind at a local business association event while taking a photograph with the former president in Erie, Pa. in 2004.

Bush’s spokesperson, McGrath, declined a separate request from TIME to comment on Staples and Allen’s allegations, which they said occurred when the former president was standing up.

Corrigan said that Bush’s response to Lind and Grolnick’s allegations, which cited his use of a wheelchair, bothers her because the “excuse for his senile, old man antics… is not true.”

She said that recently, she was listening to an episode of a podcast hosted by Ben Shapiro called “Is Everything Sexual Assault Now?” Allegations against Bush were discussed on the show.

“When I heard that was the reason, like, ‘Oh, he’s just an old man and he doesn’t know any better and he’s just being harmless and playful and it’s just where his arm falls… I just burst into uncontrollable sobbing,” Corrigan said. “I just couldn’t sit with that. I can’t. I cannot sit with that. I can’t sleep anymore, because that’s not true, and it’s not an excuse.”

On Nov. 1, former first lady Laura Bush, wife of George W. Bush, told CNN that the alleged incidents against her father-in-law were “very innocent.”

“I’m just sad that we’ve come to this,” Laura Bush told the network. “That was something that was very, very innocent that he’s been accused of. But I know he would feel terrible.”

Corrigan said she doesn’t see it that way.

“It completely floored me. I was actually there to be taken seriously, and I wasn’t,” she said. “I thought, he’s a career politician, almost 80 years old or something like that, if anybody’s going to take me a little bit seriously or at least try to pretend he’s interested in what I have to say, it would be this guy. And he didn’t. All he did was grab my butt.”

A leading Devon businessman and former Royal Navy commander will stand trial from today accused of 12 counts of indecent assault, two of buggery and one of attempted buggery.

Charles Howeson, 67, served in the Royal Navy from 1968 to 1990 and went on to take up two dozen senior private and public sector roles with organisations including First Great Western, the South West Strategic Health Authority and the Queen’s bank Coutts.

The charges relate to offences alleged to have happened between December 1985 and September 1994.

The alleged offences relate to 10 different men and prosecutors claim the incidents took place at a number of locations in Devon, including the Royal William Yard, Drakes Island and HMS Cleopatra.

Kevin Spacey was given a private tour of Buckingham Palace by Prince Andrew – and he even sat on the THRONE

The Duke of York personally escorted the actor into the heart of the Palace, including areas that are strictly off-limits to most visitors

12th November 2017

Senior royal sources claimed pictures of Spacey were taken inside the Queen’s hallowed throne room.

It is Buck House’s centrepiece, decked out with glittering chandeliers and silk wallpaper.

Last night sources close to the Duke said he had “no recollection” of Spacey being let inside.

Royal experts described the July party — whose guests included Andrew’s daughter Eugenie, 27 — as “tawdry”.

And it revived questions about the Duke’s choice of friendships with the rich and famous.

Both Spacey, 58, and Andrew were pals of paedophile US billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who was jailed for trying to hire a 14-year-old girl as a prostitute.

Andrew, 57, quit as a UK trade envoy in 2011 after the friendship was revealed.

A royal source said: “Buckingham Palace is not a theme park to be used for private tours, it’s the heart of the  monarchy.

“The Duke’s decision to invite Spacey for a personal guided visit was not ideal then.

“Against the backdrop of the current allegations against Spacey, it looks even worse.”

Spacey was artistic director of London’s Old Vic theatre from 2004 to 2015 and became a darling of the British arts scene.

But last month Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp accused him of trying to seduce him at 14.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman said last night: “The Palace is home to a number of members of the Royal Family who, from time to time, host guests in a private capacity.”

Spacey’s lawyer did not respond to a request for comment.


 Was owner of paedophile palace who kept list of secret VIP vistors murdered?

11 NOV 2017

The Elm Guest House owner was found dead in 1990 but newly released files have led people to question if she committed suicide, and a call for a fresh inquest

The discovery of files that police said were destroyed has cast fresh doubts on the suicide ­verdict at the heart of the Westminster VIP paedo scandal.

Campaigners are demanding a review of the coroner’s verdict into the death of Carole Kasir and a new inquest.

Mrs Kasir ran the notorious paedophile brothel Elm Guest House in South West London. She may have kept a dossier of the perverted visitors’ names and photos from the early 80s.

The newly found files reveal her GP’s surprise at her apparent suicide. They also say syringes and vials found next to her body had not been analysed.

One source believes a fresh probe may expose a cover-up and reveal that Mrs Kasir, 47, who was found dead in her bed in 1990, had been murdered.

The Kasir files were released to ­campaigners under freedom of ­information rules after London’s Met Police said they had been destroyed.

Andrew Bridgen, Tory MP for North West Leicestershire, is among those ­calling for ­another inquest.

He said: “There is a case for a fresh investigation into the anomalies raised by these documents. One is that her GP questioned whether she had committed suicide but there are also other anomalies.”

Among the prominent people said to have visited the guest house and engaged in sex – some with consenting adults and some with children – were a government minister, a high-ranking policeman, a member of the Royal Household, an MI5 officer, traitor Anthony Blunt and Sir Peter Morrison, the Parliamentary Private Secretary to Margaret Thatcher.

A police investigation in 2015 failed to prove claims Mrs Kasir had kept a list and picture of the visitors.

A source close to the original ­investigation said: “If there’s a fresh look at Carole’s death and a full investigation into what exactly was going on at the time then there’s a good chance these things could turn up. If that happens it will blow the lid off any cover-up and it could reveal that she was murdered.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt this place is at the centre of things. The fact these files were found after the Met said they didn’t exist shows there is ­information out there that we could get.”

The papers show diabetic Mrs Kasir, convicted in 1983 for possessing obscene videos and keeping a disorderly house, tried to kill herself previously and she was found with an overdose of insulin.

Pathologist Richard Shepherd said her death was “not due to natural causes” noting her profound low blood sugar consistent with excessive injected insulin. One abnormality raised in the files is a decision by the poison unit at New Cross Hospital in London not to analyse the syringes and vials found next to her body to see if they were ­connected to her death or to check her stomach contents. Experts say this should have been normal practice in a toxicology report.

Colin Peters, a Foreign Office barrister, was also named as an alleged Elm House regular. Notorious paedophile Sidney Cooke was linked to providing boys for VIP sex parties in London.

Elm House itself was said to be home to a sauna and a video suite where sick films could be made. A man who said he was taken there as a child claimed he was plied with drink and made to wear a fairy costume while abusers chased him.

The files even raise a question mark about Mrs Kasir’s home country. The official report says she was born in Germany as Carole Weitzman, based on evidence given to the inquest by her estranged husband Haroon Kasir.

But a close family member says she was born in London and may have had the surname Jones. A campaigner said: “The fact that there are question marks over the basics makes you wonder what else went wrong. The whole thing needs re-examining.”

Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson was told by the Metropolitan Police that all the documents relating to the ­inquest had been destroyed.

Now it has emerged that information is untrue. Hammersmith ­coroner’s court, which held the inquest has ­released ­redacted accounts of the coroner’s notes, seen by the Sunday People. Evidence given by David Walker, who was a GP from the practice where Mrs Kasir had been a patient for 14 years, cast doubt on ­whether she had killed herself.

The evidence said she had ­attempted suicide in 1982, when the guest house was raided, been hospitalised after an overdose in 1984 and had a drinking problem in 1989 and was a heavy smoker.

But he said: “When there are marital difficulties you see the patient in a ­depressed light. Sometimes she was cheerful and ­friendly. I would not expect her to ­commit suicide.”

The postmortem report and the ­poisons unit report both show she had no alcohol in her body at the time of

But a close family member says she was born in London and may have had the surname Jones. A campaigner said: “The fact that there are question marks over the basics makes you wonder what else went wrong. The whole thing needs re-examining.”

Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson was told by the Metropolitan Police that all the documents relating to the ­inquest had been destroyed.

Now it has emerged that information is untrue. Hammersmith ­coroner’s court, which held the inquest has ­released ­redacted accounts of the coroner’s notes, seen by the Sunday People. Evidence given by David Walker, who was a GP from the practice where Mrs Kasir had been a patient for 14 years, cast doubt on ­whether she had killed herself.

The evidence said she had ­attempted suicide in 1982, when the guest house was raided, been hospitalised after an overdose in 1984 and had a drinking problem in 1989 and was a heavy smoker.

But he said: “When there are marital difficulties you see the patient in a ­depressed light. Sometimes she was cheerful and ­friendly. I would not expect her to ­commit suicide.”

The postmortem report and the ­poisons unit report both show she had no alcohol in her body at the time of death.

Elm Guest House first came to public attention after MP Tom Watson raised questions in the House of Commons about a historic Westminster paedophile ring.

The house in Barnes, South West London, was said to have been used for child sexual abuse by VIP paedos in the 1980s. A 1982 leaflet published by the Conservative Group for Homosexual Equality said: “The facilities include a sauna, solarium and video studio.”

Just weeks later the guest house was raided by police. Carole and Haroon Kasir were convicted at the Old Bailey of running a brothel.

Visitors were said to have included the late Lib Dem MP and paedophile Cyril Smith.

Elm and the nearby former Grafton Close children’s home, run by Richmond Council, were subject to a police investigation, Operation Fernbridge, which led to the arrest and jailing of a Roman Catholic priest,Tony McSweeney, for three years in 2015.

John Stingmore, the former manager of the children’s home, was also arrested and charged and as the coroner’s papers show, was convicted as a paedophile after he left Richmond Council. Stingmore died just before he was due to face trial so one of the charges related to bringing a boy to Elm Guest House was never tested in court.

McSweeney’s offences did not involve the guest house.

In early 1983 Mrs Kasir was convicted with her husband Haroon Kasir of running a disorderly house.

Although the identities of many of the VIP visitors has been a source of speculation, police confirmed to a Channel 4 Dispatches programme that Smith – whose paedophile activities at Rochdale are currently being examined by the independent child sex abuse inquiry – did visit the guest house. The inquiry was also told that MI5 lied about knowledge they had he was a paedophile.



Tony Blair was ‘aware’ of accounts of abuse in Westminster but he was not ‘involved’

Nov 11, 2017

TONY Blair said he was “aware” of the behaviour of other MPs and descriptions of abuse at Westminster but claims he was not “involved” in it.



Court 7 at 10am Trial Continues in the case of Andrew Soper, a Catholic priest, who has denied sexually abusing 10 boys at a west London school in the 1970s and 80s.

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

I wonder who is on the payroll of UK Establishment paedophiles to disparage survivors and thwart investigation?

Former Mossad agents worked on Weinstein’s behalf, report claims

US film producer Harvey Weinstein contracted former Mossad agents to track down and ultimately silence women preparing to accuse him of sexual assault, says a report published in The New Yorker.

Weinstein, the magazine reported on Monday, retained the services of Black Cube – a firm that describes itself on its website as “a select group of veterans from the Israeli elite intelligence units specializing in tailored solutions to complex business and litigation challenges” – in fall 2016. The firm has a branch in Tel Aviv, but operates across Europe and the United States.

Ex-Israeli PM introduced Harvey Weinstein to former Mossad spies

Ehud Barak admits referring movie mogul to private investigators who reportedly helped to suppress sexual abuse allegations

Hill End Hospital Adolescent Unit abuse probe begins

  • 9 November 2017

Police have received reports of physical and sexual abuse of child patients at a mental health unit.

The abuse allegedly took place at the Hill End Hospital Adolescent Unit in St Albans between 1969 and 1995, Hertfordshire Police said.

At this stage the number of victims involved in Operation Meadow is unclear, the force added.

Hill End Hospital no longer exists and a housing estate was built on the site in Hertfordshire.

Hertfordshire Police said it was continually reviewing crimes and had become aware that there may be other people who were patients at the adolescent unit who may want to come forward.

Assistant Chief Constable Bill Jephson said the force “takes all reports of child abuse seriously, no matter how long ago the offence may have occurred”.

“We have officers who are specially trained to deal with these type of crimes while supporting victims in a sensitive, empathetic and caring manner,” he added.

“Those who believe they have been a victim of this type of abuse are encouraged to make contact with police.”

Hill End Hospital, on the outskirts of St Albans, operated from 1899 to 1995, caring for people with mental health problems.


Hill End Adolescent Unit

Hill End Adolescent Unit, St Albans, Hertfordshire

There were particular establishments about which we received many complaints, the worst in this respect being Hill End Adolescent Psychiatric Unit near St Albans.  A total of 17 young people complained about the regime and their treatment there.

At Hill End, we received complaints from two young people who seem to have been sent there purely because they suffered from anorexia nervosa.  Both had been committed under Mental Health Act legislation and had been kept locked up on secure wards.  Their ‘treatment’ appears to have been solely behavioural modification ‘therapy’ and use of sedative drugs.  The use of drugs, particularly largactil and haraparadol, both as treatment and during restraints is a common and widespread practise.  At Hill End, we also had many complaints from young people (supported by staff) that sedation was used as punishment.  As an example, one young person, out of sheer boredom, set off the fire alarms.  As she did not own up, all eight young people in her dormitory were sedated for 24 hours.  Those that did not take it voluntarily were forcibly sedated.

Another common practise at Hill End and other units was that during forcible restraints, their trousers and undergarments were pulled down and injections administered in their buttocks or thighs, often violently.  All young people felt humiliated and sexually assaulted by this treatment, particularly female young people, subjected to this treatment by male staff.  They often complained of being ‘groped’ or ‘touched up’ by males in these situations.  All the female young people who complained had been subjected to strip searches on occasion by male staff and about 60% of those had also been body searched.  The most common excuse being searching for glass or other sharp objects with which young people could damage themselves.  Yet most young people felt that the circumstances at the time of the search gave no rise to any real concern that young people had any such items.  Generally, strip searching appears to be part of general routine procedures within units.  For instance, young people being strip searched after visits by social workers because ‘that is the rule.’

The Therapy of Fear, NAYPIC 1990

“Below is a list of the cases we were investigating just before our closure under John Major’s administration:”

Hill End Adolescent Unit 1990.  We made the report, ‘Therapy of Fear’.

Hill End link with photograph

Reactions to Hill End Adolescent Unit: interviews with 20 ex-patients


Recently discharged adolescents were interviewed, to explore their experience of the Unit; parents were interviewed briefly. Over half the sample described some benefit, most notably from drama therapy, family therapy and peer group support. Several areas of difficulty emerged, including, objections to video recording and one-way mirrors, dislike of being in the grounds of a psychiatric hospital, inadequate night-staffing levels and fear of an autistic adolescent. Preference was expressed for use of a Time Out Room, rather than sedation. Recall of pre-admission explanations of unit practice was poor. Certain changes have been made at the Unit since the study.

Prince Charles’s estate made big profit on stake in friend’s offshore firm

MPs urge transparency after Paradise Papers show prince’s estate held stake in forestry firm as he campaigned on climate

Paradise Papers Reveal Tax Evasion & Shady Dealings by Nike, Apple, Queen of England & Trump Cabinet

November 06, 2017

A slew of 13.4 million leaked documents revealed how the world’s richest men stash away billions of dollars in wealth in offshore tax havens. The revelations, known as the Paradise Papers, implicate more than a dozen of President Trump’s Cabinet members, advisers and major donors. We continue our conversation with Frederik Obermaier, co-author of the Paradise Papers. He is an investigative reporter at Germany’s leading newspaper, Süddeutsche Zeitung. Obermaier also worked on a separate investigation, the Panama Papers, and is co-author of the book “Panama Papers: The Story of a Worldwide Revelation.”

A slew of 13.4 million leaked documents revealed how the world’s richest men stash away billions of dollars in wealth in offshore tax havens. The revelations, known as the Paradise Papers, implicate more than a dozen of President Trump’s Cabinet members, advisers and major donors. We continue our conversation with Frederik Obermaier, co-author of the Paradise Papers. He is an investigative reporter at Germany’s leading newspaper, Süddeutsche Zeitung. Obermaier also worked on a separate investigation, the Panama Papers, and is co-author of the book “Panama Papers: The Story of a Worldwide Revelation.”

The Prince of Wales’s private estate has invested millions of pounds in offshore funds and companies, including a Bermuda-registered business run by one of his best friends, according to documents in the Paradise Papers leak.

The Duchy of Cornwall’s decision to buy shares was regarded as highly sensitive and board members of the company, which invested in land to protect it from deforestation, were sworn to secrecy.

Documents show the duchy was introduced to the company by its director, Hugh van Cutsem, a millionaire horse breeder who owned a 1,600-hectare (3,400 acre) estate in Norfolk. He met Prince Charles when they were at Cambridge University in the 1960s.

While there was no tax advantage to the estate, the decision to give financial backing to a company run by such a close friend of the prince, and the insistence that the estimated $100,000 stake be kept secret, may raise awkward questions for the duchy.

Its financial advisers may also be asked if the duchy should have publicly declared the investment in a company that might have indirectly benefited from the impact of the prince’s longstanding support for conservation projects.

He has been making speeches and writing books on the environment since the 1980s. In January 2008, months after the duchy bought the shares, the prince released a video in which he called for new ways of supporting rainforests.

The duchy pointed to the prince’s track record on green issues and insisted he had “never chosen to speak out on a topic simply because of a company that the duchy may have invested in”.

It said the prince did not have any “direct involvement in investment decisions”.

But the Labour MP and tax campaigner Margaret Hodge said the disclosures confirmed the need for more transparency.

“It seems clear to me that Prince Charles could not have known or understood the nature of the investment in his friend’s company,” she said.

“What is clear is that there should be proper transparency of all investments made by the Duchy of Cornwall, that the Prince of Wales should not be involved in investment decisions and that the Treasury should monitor the investments to ensure that the reputation and integrity of our royal family is protected.”

Highgrove, Prince Charles’s home in Gloucestershire.
Highgrove, the prince’s home in Gloucestershire. Photograph: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Before the Paradise Papers leak, there had been no public disclosure that the prince’s estate had offshore interests. While the royal household publishes annual accounts, it does not go into details about investments and where they are made – omissions that have been repeatedly challenged by parliamentary committees and campaign groups.

The Duchy of Cornwall is a private estate that was established in 1337 by Edward III to provide independence to his son and heir, Prince Edward. A charter ruled that each future Duke of Cornwall would be the eldest surviving son of the monarch and the heir to the throne. The duchy’s main purpose is funding the “public, charitable and private activities of the Prince of Wales and his family”.

The duchy owns 53,000 hectares of land in 23 counties, including Prince Charles’s Gloucestershire home of Highgrove. It is a major business with interests in commercial and residential property and farmland. The latest accounts show it had assets of £913m in April.

The duchy’s portfolio included shares in a company called Sustainable Forestry Management, which it bought in early 2007, according to the Paradise Papers.

The company, which was registered in Bermuda’s capital, Hamilton, was set up in 1999 to trade in carbon credits. Van Cutsem, who died in 2013, was a director of SFM, a company that aimed to generate “attractive returns … by investment in the world’s tropical and subtropical forests”.

The papers show Van Cutsem wanted to brief his friend on the issue and he “asked that a set of documents be prepared for the Prince of Wales’s office”.

The prince launched the Rainforests Project in October 2007, and in January 2008 it released a video in which he returned to the theme, saying: “We have to find a way of putting a price on them, on the forests, which makes them more valuable alive than dead. So how to do we do it?

“The immediate priority, I believe, is the need to develop a new credit market which will give a true value to carbon and the ecosystem services the rainforests provide the rest of the world … In other words, pay for the perpetual retention of forests.”

The papers show the duchy also committed to invest £1m in a private equity fund based in the Cayman Islands. It became a partner in Coller International Partners IV-D, which acts as a feeder fund for a $2.6bn fund run from London.

The duchy has never had to pay any UK tax on its income or gains from investments, although since 1993, the prince has voluntarily paid tax on the income he gets from the fund each year, after some expenses.

The prince greets William van Cutsem, godfather to Prince George, at the funeral of his father, Hugh, in 2013.

A Clarence House spokesman said: “The prince has never chosen to speak out on a topic simply because of a company that the duchy may have invested in. In the case of climate change, his views are well known. Indeed, he has been warning of the threat of global warming to our environment for more than 30 years.

“Throughout this period, he has highlighted many different ways in which it might be possible to slow or halt the damage that is being done. Carbon markets are just one example that the prince has championed since the 1990s and which he continues to promote today, including in his most recent book published earlier this year.”

Asked about its investments, a duchy spokesman said: “The Duchy of Cornwall’s accounts are independently audited and presented to parliament every year. The Prince of Wales does not have any direct involvement in the investment decisions taken by the duchy. These are the responsibility of the duchy’s finance and audit committee.”

The duchy said it would not comment on any of its investments.

“Because it is a private estate we do not comment on the details of the investments beyond stating that they must adhere to its responsible investment policy, which governs the sectors that the duchy may invest in. In all cases, these investments do not derive any tax advantage whatsoever based on their location or any other aspect of their structure, and there is no loss of revenue to HMRC as a result,” it added.

In 2013, the public accounts select committee questioned the fairness of the estate’s tax-exempt position. There have also been calls to extend scrutiny of the duchy’s business dealings; currently, the Treasury must approve all the duchy’s land deals, but only those with a value of more than £500,000.

Queen’s estate invested $13 million in offshore tax havens

Paradise Papers leak reveals secrets of the world elite’s hidden wealth

Files from offshore law firm show financial dealings of the Queen, big multinationals and members of Donald Trump’s cabinet

The UK minister formerly in charge of anti-money laundering has been named in the Paradise Papers leak

The London Economic‏ @LondonEconomic Nov 10


Esther Baker‏ @Esther9982

Funny in this current climate of exposing sleaze at the MSM is silent about the CPS reviewing a file of MPs committing CSA


HRH Crafty Muvva @craftymuvva

It would be so good to see the same amount of media interest & outrage towards MPs accused of abusing kids – especially those STILL IN POST.



Scott Nelson‏ @SocialistVoice

Tory sex scandals: Police found extreme pornography on Deputy Prime Minister Damian Green’s computers

‘Extreme pornography’ found on Deputy Prime Minister Damian Green’s House of Commons Computer ‘would have been illegal if it had been discovered just weeks later’

  • Police seized Damian Green’s House of Commons computer in November 2008
  • Some images were ‘so vile’ police sought advice about whether to prosecute
  • It has been claimed the pornography would have been illegal if found now

Extreme porn became illegal under sections 63 to 67 of the 2008 Crime and Immigration Act which came into force on January 26, 2009.

The computer was seized in a raid on the deputy PM’s office in November 2008 during an inquiry into government leaks.

Some images found on the system were said to be so vile that police took advice from the CPS on whether to prosecute.

But they were told there was no relevant law was in place when Mr Green’s office was raided.

The law was changed eight weeks later, in January 2009.

A source close to the investigation told the Sun: ‘Porn was being accessed on an almost virtual daily basis. Police were told nothing could be done.

‘Quite simply, it was not illegal to be in possession of extreme images before January 2009.

The 2009 law made it illegal to possess images featuring acts which threaten life, cause serious injury to a person’s private parts or depict sex with animals or a corpse.

My Sweet Landlord‏ @MySweetLandlord

Originally Damian Green said porn story was cooked-up. Now he’s not denying porn was found. So much for ‘as I have said throughout’……..

Tim Shipman‏ @ShippersUnbound

Bob Quick of the Met wrote memo for Leveson inquiry detailing how his officers found porn on Damian Green’s computer

Alan Travis‏@alantravis40

Damian Green affair: Bob Quick witness statement to Leveson Inquiry closed for 84 years yet on S.Times front page yesterday.



Neil Wilby‏ @Neil_Wilby

So, Damian Green was Policing Minister whilst, all the time, Met had this evidence on him? Explains a lot.

5 November 2017

Damian Green – Game Over

The bad news just got worse for Theresa May: her deputy Damian Green, already the subject of complaints that her press supporters have tried valiantly to bat away, has now been caught in what is surely a career-ending corner. We already knew that his was the first name on That Spreadsheet. Now we know he’s under fire for having porn on a workplace computer and trying to spin his way out of it.
The kind of offence that would be punishable by summary dismissal in many workplaces around the country is, in the looking glass world of Parliament, merely a starting point for arguing the toss about the legitimacy of the messenger bringing Green and his party this less than totally welcome news. And the deputy PM’s response has been amateurish.
The Murdoch Sunday Times claims an exclusive (the Sun also leads on the story), telling “Police: we found porn on deputy PM’s computers”, and adding, as if anything needed to be added, “May’s closest ally shaken by new revelations”. The source that the ST quotes is former Metropolitan Police assistant commissioner Bob Quick, who was part of a raid on Green’s Parliamentary office in 2008. So what say the Minister?
Sadly, Green’s response, and that of his clueless SpAd Dylan Sharpe (employing the former PR for the Sun, whose idiocy and accident-prone nature was well known is one of those more serious errors of judgment), has verged on the farcical. Sharpe emailed Green with a prepared statement. But he also made another of those errors of judgment.
So we know he told Green “Remember not to screenshot this email, but save the jpeg file like we talked about. They’re supposed to believe theses [sic] are your actual words. Jesus. To think I left my job doing PR for an enormously popular tabloid”. Christ on a bike, that is bad. I mean, he could have been a lumberjack or something. But Green soon made it worse, by failing to separate that jpeg file.
We can therefore see Sharpe’s paw prints all over the statement, which has already been discredited – by the ST’s political editor Tim Shipman, no less. In a case of “Three Tweets and you’re out”, he told “It was an office computer … The Sunday Times is not relying on the testimony of Bob Quick. Our reporters have also spoken to another police source who saw the porn … We have multiple sources and would not have run it unless we had”.
Shipman’s name does not appear on the by-line, but given the nature of the story, it would have been inconceivable that he had not been aware of what was going into that article. It also shows that Dylan Sharpe, rather than ringing round a few people and finding out how well-sourced the allegations were, just shot from the hip and thereby dropped his minister in the mire. Tory MPs are already calling for Green to step down.
As to whether he will resign, it inevitably takes time for the realisation to sink in with the target of the attack, and the Prime Minister. Only after that will Green Do The Decent Thing and volunteer to be left alone in the proverbial study with the loaded revolver and bottle of reassuringly expensive malt whisky. But Do The Decent Thing he will.
Dylan Sharpe can start looking for another job. Because his boss is now a dead man walking – helped on his way by a terminally useless SpAd. No surprise there, then.
Did Damian Green have his own private computer in 2008? Well, according to Damian Green he did!

In 2008 Damian Green was a shadow immigration minister. Police seized at least one parliamentary computer from his office.

Damian Green’s parliamentary laptop was clearly looked at very carefully. Hard drive removed.

Damian Green has implied in his press release that his parliamentary computer was the culprit, probably laptop.

But why state he did not have a ‘private ‘ computer? His home was searched and his home computer was also seized by police.

Perhaps what Damian Green is hinting at is that he was not the sole user of any of his computers. Which drops others in the shit.

Levenson Inquiry- Bob Quick statement

Theresa May’s chief of staff and new defence secretary ‘sat on’ claims over Westminster sleaze scandal


Theresa May is under pressure to disclose what two of her closest allies knew about allegations made against senior Conservatives, amid claims they “sat on” accusations about MPs’ conduct.

The Telegraph understands that concerns about the behaviour of Sir Michael Fallon, the former defence secretary, were raised repeatedly in the whips’ office when Gavin Barwell, who is now the Prime Minister’s chief of staff, was “number three” there.

Separately, a serious allegation about the Tory MP Charlie Elphicke, then a whip himself, was made to the office in the same period, before Gavin Williamson – whom the Prime Minister appointed on Thursday as Sir Michael’s successor – became chief whip.

In taking charge of the whips’ office in July last year, Mr Williamson would have been briefed on any major concerns about Tory MPs, insiders said.

The woman who complained about Mr Elphicke last year is understood to have asked the party not to call in the police. However, Julian Smith, the new Chief Whip, referred Mr Elphicke to police on Wednesday night and suspended him following a fresh allegation.

Last night, one senior Conservative said the former whips would face “real difficulties if it emerged that there were a string of people raising concerns and they were not taking it forward”. Another source said it appeared the whips might have “sat on” allegations.

Anna Soubry, the former defence minister, said: “It’s difficult to believe that the whips’ office didn’t know much of the detail of these various allegations and they probably know more. I am 
astonished that Gavin Williamson was appointed as Defence Secretary.”

In other developments on Saturday:

  •  Stephen Crabb, the former minister who sent a young woman sexually explicit messages after rejecting her job application, became the first Tory MP to be referred for investigation under the party’s new code of conduct;
  • A Cabinet source hit out at criticism of Andrea Leadsom, the Leader of the Commons, after she faced vitriol for raising complaints with the Prime Minister about Sir Michael’s behaviour;
  •  Ministers accused John Bercow, the Commons Speaker, of “shirking responsibility” by claiming that it was for political parties to adopt effective “grievance schemes” to handle complaints;
  • European diplomats said the events of the past week would be perceived as a further sign of “weakness” as Brexit talks continue.

Sir Michael resigned on Wednesday after Mrs Leadsom raised complaints about his behaviour with No 10.

Last night it also emerged that hours before Sir Michael’s resignation, No 10 had been approached with an allegation that he lunged at a female journalist after a lunch in 2003 and attempted to kiss her

It is understood that inappropriate behaviour by Sir Michael was raised several times to whips, including during Mr Barwell’s time as “number three” in the office between 2015 and 2016.

Mr Elphicke was reported to the whips before last year’s leadership election by a woman who asked for the matter not to be passed to the police. Mr Elphicke did not remain a whip 
after Mrs May was elected leader.

On Friday night, the MP’s suspension was announced following a further allegation by a separate individual.

In a statement released shortly after 9pm on Friday, Mr Smith, who became Chief Whip on Thursday, said: “I have suspended the party whip from Charlie Elphicke following serious allegations that have been referred to the police.”

On Saturday, a Metropolitan Police spokesman said the party had passed on an allegation on Wednesday about a “serious matter”, which was being assessed. “No arrests have been made.”

This weekend backbenchers warned against assuming those facing allegations were guilty. But several raised questions about whether claims were properly investigated and if the whips considered their “duty of care” to others in the party and Parliament.

On Friday night, Mr Elphicke said: “The party tipped off the press before telling me of my suspension. I am not aware of what the alleged claims are and deny any wrongdoing.”

Tory party suspends MP Charlie Elphicke after ‘serious allegations’

03 Nov 2017

Conservative chief whip Julian Smith says matter has been referred to the police

in a brief statement released by the party on Friday evening, Smith said: “I have suspended the Conservative party whip from Charlie Elphicke MP following serious allegations that have been referred to the police.”

Elphicke tweeted to deny any wrongdoing, and to say the press had been told before him.

He said: “The party tipped off the press before telling me of my suspension. I am not aware of what the alleged claims are and deny any wrongdoing.”

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

You couldn’t make it up: New whip whips up storm by withdrawing whip from former whip just one day after old whip is promoted.

Elphicke – director at

UK Flag Curzon House, Church Road, Windlesham, Surrey, GU20 6BH

Other directors include… Lord Risby, Virginia Bottomey, Jeremy Hunt, SIR WILLIAM JOH MICHAEL GRYLLS, Nigel Evans, ADRIAN SEBASTIAN ZIANI DE FERRANTI, NADHIM ALZAHAWI…

Incorporated On

21 October 1988
Nature of business (SIC)

82990 Other business support service activities n.e.c. – Service activities.

Back in 1994, I was standing for a council seat in the London Borough of Lambeth. In those days it was known as ‘Loony Lambeth’.

Pressure mounts on Tony Blair to answer questions over minister child sex abuse cover-up claims

29 April 2014

The former Prime Minister is under increasing pressure to say what exactly he knew about allegations of abuse at a London children’s home

‘Pressure mounted on Tony Blair tonight to answer questions over the Mirror’s revelations that a child sex abuse probe was axed after a minister in his government was named as a suspect.

MPs joined forces with a victim of abuse to call on the former Prime Minister to reveal if he knew about the alleged cover up or of any allegations against the politician.

The demands followed our story that an ex-social services boss told police in 1998 the Blair minister made evening visits to a children’s home in Lambeth, south London, run by paedophile Michael John Carroll in the 1980s.’

A spokesman for Mr Blair said yesterday that he would not comment.

The Metropolitan Police continued to remain silent about their review into the cover up claims which they launched over a year ago.

A former care home boy who was sexually assaulted by Carroll in the flat allegedly visited by the politician, said yesterday: “Mr Blair
owes it to the children who have suffered to come out and say something about this.”

The 45-year-old delivery driver added: “He must tell us what he knew and the longer he doesn’t, the worse it will get for him.”

Conservative MP Charlie Elphicke, a former Lambeth
councillor, said: “Scotland Yard should come clean about why they ended the investigation and Tony Blair should explain what actions, if any, he took.

“People need to know there hasn’t been a cover up and Tony Blair cannot stay silent on this any longer. Lambeth has a sorry history when it comes to child protection and too often it has failed.”

Elphicke was elected to London Borough Council of Lambeth in 1994, representing Gipsy Hill. His election saw the defeat of the Labour leader of Lambeth Council, Stephen Whaley.[13]

He stood down in 1998 and became chairman of Dulwich & West Norwood Conservative Association. He served in that position until he was selected as the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for St Albans, in Hertfordshire in 1999

Elphicke, 46, a lawyer before entering parliament, is probably best-known as a staunch advocate of Brexit. He is a member of the pro-Brexit European Research Group of Tory MPs, and has talked up the idea of a no-deal departure being an option.

PPS to David Lidington and  Iain Duncan Smith,

The MP, 46, was a Government whip under former prime minister David Cameron between 2015-16

European Research Group – Who’s In It

Elphicke wants to legalise prostitution

27 April 1993 Guardian

Born in Huntington, Cambridgeshire, Mr Elphicke worked as a tax lawyer as well as in pharmaceutical research, running a small business.

His entry into politics came in 1994 when he was elected as a councillor in Lambeth.

The 46-year-old also sits on the Commons Treasury Select Committee and is a member of the European Research Group of pro-Brexit Tory MPs.

He has called for stronger border controls and recently demanded that the Treasury includes a billion pounds in the next Budget to prepare for leaving the EU before an agreement is reached.

BREAKING: Sir Michael Fallon quits as Defence Secretary admitting past behaviour may have ‘fallen short’

Fallon – a former employee in the Conservative research department, adviser to Lord Carrington

The Guardian 01 Aug 1983

‘If Michael Fallon quit over my ‘kneegate’ it’s insane and absurd’: Julia Hartley-Brewer’s astonished reaction to Defence Secretary’s resignation

She said she doubted her experience was the only factor behind the defence secretary’s decision

Tom London‏ @TomLondon6

Will we ever be told the real reasons Fallon resigned? Or will that knowledge be restricted to cosy dinner parties of politico-media elite?

Michael Fallon – libel damages against Private Eye for suggesting he had homosexual relationships

17 Nov 1988 Guardian

Re: Crookham Court School:


Fallon asked if he will introduce legislation to require head teachers always to inform the police and his Department when a member of staff is required to leave a school because of child abuse; and if he will make a statement.

In about January 1990 Mr. Standish obtained a teaching post at Cannock School in Kent. It was not, however, until 16 July 1990 that Mr. Woolfe was informed by Mr. Michael Gold, a former headmaster of Crookham Court School, that Mr. Standish was teaching at Cannock. At that time Miss Rantzen was in Australia.

On 30 July 1990 Mr. Woolfe spoke to Detective Superintendent Hames, the head of the Obscene Publications Department at Scotland Yard. On 31 July Mr. Woolfe sent copies of the pornographic material to Mr. Hames who then instructed two of his officers to discuss the matter with the Thames Valley Police. Also in July 1990 (on 21 July) Mr. Woolfe had a long talk with JS a former pupil at Crookham Court, who told Mr. Woolfe that Standish had not sexually abused him in any way.

In September 1990 Mr. Woolfe told Miss Rantzen about what had happened in the previous July.

 On 26 November 1990 Miss Rantzen and Mr. Woolfe met Mr. Michael Fallon MP at the Department of Education.

Mr. Fallon was told about the pornographic material and on 4 December 1990 copies of this material were sent to the Department.

Michael Fallon member of the Bow Group and admirer of paedophile Rhodes Boyson

03 Mar 1983 Guardian

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon is accused of calling author Bryony Gordon a ‘SLUT’ in drunken bar clash


The job of a PPS includes acting as a minister’s ‘minder’ and keeping them out of trouble.

One of the duties of a PPS is to report any notable incident involving their Minister to the whips.

The late Tory home secretary (and alleged satanist) Willie Whitelaw told the same programme how information was recorded in the black or “dirt” book: “The dirt book is just a little book where you write down various things you know or hear about people that may or may not be true. I think you could make a very good guess what sorts of things it contains.”

Fortescue added that “scandalous stories” were whips’ stock-in-trade. “When you are trying to persuade a member to vote the way he didn’t want to vote on a controversial issue – which is part of your job – it is possible to suggest that perhaps it would not be in his interest if people knew something or other – very mildly.”

LazerLight‏ @Lazer_Light23

1996 / Hamilton / Cash for Questions

“But sleep easy, boys: from now on the notes will be shredded on a regular basis”

The shredding policy, introduced after a memo to the whips was made public on a judge’s orders during Neil Hamilton’s unsuccessful libel case against the Guardian over “cash for questions”

Sir Michael Fallon humiliated on live TV as Emily Thornberry confronts him over party with Syrian dictator Assad when he attacks Jeremy Corbyn for meeting the IRA

  • Defence Secretary was humbled by a classic political ambush on the BBC today
  • Fallon launched into criticism of Jeremy Corbyn for meeting IRA leaders 
  • But sharing a sofa with Thornberry he was challenged to say where he was on a particular day in 2007 – before she revealed he was at a party with Bashar Assad

Sir Michael Fallon and his security detail

London terror attacker ‘shot by Met Police officer’

A TERRORIST who stabbed a policeman to death after mowing down innocent tourists on Westminster Bridge was shot dead by an armed officer with the Metropolitan Police

A Scotland Yard spokesman confirmed the terrorist was killed by a Met Police officer – despite confusion earlier today regarding his exact role.

Laura Kuenssberg, BBC political editor, told the Daily Politics show earlier today the officer was actually a bodyguard for Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon.

This was rejected by the Met, who told there is “no such thing as armed private security” in this country.

The spokesman confirmed the man was a member of the Metropolitan Police, although could not expand due to the ongoing investigation.


In 2013, our Defence Secretary Michael Fallon – who witnesses say was visibly drunk – had to be forcibly separated from an attractive woman by a government minder at a posh party … The woman turned out to be a Russian spy – who had been paid to work as a honey-trap by a Russian energy company with close ties to Putin”. Oh dear!

It got worse: Fallon has a dishonourable history of ‘tackling’ women at parties while drunk … As an example – at another posh party in 2010 – the man now in charge of the defence of our realm drunkenly went up to author Bryony Gordon and openly called her a slut … Fallon was also of course famously banned from driving for 18 months in 1983 after admitting a drink driving offence during the general election campaign”.

Fallon has shown himself to be not only thirsty, but also a security risk – then he has the brass neck to claim “Labour cannot be trusted with our country’s security and they cannot be trusted with London’s either”. And it gets yet worse: the Minister who tries to smear Sadiq Khan over Islamic extremism has form on that front himself.

Yes, there he is, associating with representatives of the Saudi Arabian Government, upholders of a Wahabist régime which routinely practices beheadings, floggings, forbids freedom of speech and viciously oppresses women, who are banned from even getting behind the wheel of a car. Michael Fallon knows all about sharing platforms with extreme radicals – because it’s exactly what he does.

He is married to Wendy and they have two sons; their home is in Sundridge, in the heart of the constituency. Locally, Michael is a patron of the Rockdale House Appeal, honorary member of the Darenth Valley Rotary Club, patron of Darenth Valley Youth Music, president of the Friends of Sundridge Church, and a member of The Sevenoaks Society.

Michael is a regular writer and broadcaster on politics, economics and education. His publications include The Caravan Moves On, The Quango Explosion, Sovereign Members and Brighter Schools. He is also chairman of the All-Party Classics Group.

Business career

Michael is a former director of two companies: Quality Care Homes Plc (nursing homes), and Just Learning Ltd (nurseries) and currently non-executive director of Tullett Prebon Plc (inter-dealing broking) and Attendo AB (Scandinavian social and health care).

Political career

He was first elected to the House of Commons in 1983 for the marginal seat of Darlington. He was Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Rt Hon Cecil Parkinson, Secretary of State for Energy, from 1987 to 1988. He then joined the government, first as a government whip and was promoted to Lord Commissioner of the Treasury. In 1990 he became Schools Minister, a position he held until 1992.

Between 1992-97, Fallon set up a chain of children’s nurseries.

Fallon’s Just Learning nurseries

The inquest found that her death was accidental and made no criticism of the nursery.

However, a subsequent investigation by Ofsted found that children’s health and safety were being compromised at the nursery.

Nevertheless, it was allowed to reopen less than a month after her death.

It was unbelievable that just 19 months after a baby choked to death at this nursery, such chances were still being taken with child safety.

Within days of the result of my investigation being put to them, Just Learning closed the Cambourne nursery and issued a statement saying: “The company has found that its rigorous policies and procedures have been seriously breached in this case and this was one factor considered when it decided to close this nursery.

“The issues at Cambourne are isolated to this one nursery.”

But this still left the question of why such a failing nursery had previously survived a very critical Ofsted report following the death of a young child in its care.

The BBC has been given an internal Ofsted document that refers to the Tory MP Michael Fallon, who was managing director of Just Learning at the time of Georgia Hollick’s death.

A passage says: “If we cancel this particular setting [nursery] then there are implications for Michael Fallon as he would be automatically disqualified [from running it].”

Mr Fallon has since responded, saying: “This is news for me and a matter for Ofsted. I have had no discussions with Ofsted about the fatal accident at Cambourne.

“I resigned as MD immediately afterwards.

“I strongly endorse the decision of the Board to close the nursery. The breach of the company’s procedures was completely unacceptable.”

It’s not the first time the Just Learning nursery in Cambourne has been involved in a major inquiry into its standards of childcare. An investigation was launched after a 15-month-old girl suffered a broken arm in September 2004, but charges of cruelty against three members of staff were dropped after the Crown Prosecution Service decided there was insufficient evidence.–mother-complained-staff.html#ixzz4xTTykoXM

South Cambridgeshire District Council prosecuted Just Learning Ltd – co-founded by Tory MP Michael Fallon – after a lengthy investigation.

Managing Director Jonathan Bell has previously pleaded guilty to breaching Section 33 1a of the Health and Safety Act between September 29 2003 and April 20 2006.

Pascal Bates, prosecuting, said Just Learning had inadequate training records, carried out poor risk assessments, and failed to practise emergency procedures.

While Georgia’s death was not a direct consequence of Just Learning’s offending, the firm was held responsible for a state of affairs where “there was a risk of death”.

The company was order pay a £67,000 fine and £78,187 in costs at Cambridge Crown Court.

Just Learning Ltd, which runs 49 nurseries in England and Wales, has since sold the Cambourne nursery to Cambridge Housing Society.

The Guardian 02 Nov 1986
Fallon supported Neil Hamilton re:  nazi salute

The spooky Michael Fallon is Britain’s Minister of Defence.

Fallon was previously Minister of State for Portsmouth.

Portsmouth has been a centre of pedophile ring, child abuse and MI6 activity for many years.


Fallon is currently the Member of Parliament for  Sevenoaks.
Reportedly, Sevenoaks has been a centre of pedophile ring, child abuse and MI6 activity for many years.



 Fallon …responsible for bombing Iraq.

On 26 November 1990 Esther Rantzen met Michael Fallon MP at the Department of Education.

Esther Rantzen – Was she ignorant to child abuse …

 “Jimmy Savile – Sevenoaks School was advised by the Department for Education in 2014 that an allegation had been made about a visit by Jimmy Savile to Sevenoaks School in April 1978. A team was set up under the authority of the Chairman of Governors to investigate the allegation. An Executive Summary of their findings is available here.”

 Michael Ellis MP – Takes (redacted) to the Cinema and to private rooms at Carlton



Michael Ellis

unredacted: Michael Ellis takes his personal trainer to the cinema and to private rooms at Carlton

Prime Minister Appoints Michael Deputy Leader of the House of Commons

 May’s former parliamentary private secretary (PPS) Michael Ellis MP

The Commonwealth Jewish Council and Trust

Charity no.: 287564

Officers: President: Michael Ellis MP; Founder President: Lord Janner of Braunstone;

 Michael Ellis takes (redacted) to the cinema and to private rooms at Carlton

 Following his work with The Prince’s Trust in a number of fields since his election to Parliament Michael was made The Prince’s Trust’s “MP of the Month” in July 2012.

The Prince’s Trust: Supporting Disadvantaged Young People in Northampton | Michael Ellis MP

Local MP Visits Youth Helping Hands

Local MP Visits Youth Helping Hands
MP Michael Ellis came along to support the young men, aged 14–18 years, with their project.

Queen Elizabeth and Assistant Government Whip Michael Ellis MP sharing a special handshake

During this time in the show room, Jonathan Jones and Michael Ellis, MP for Northampton North presented Prince Charles with some Black Calf TETBURY boots as a gift for HRH Prince William and his brother HRH Prince Harry. These are the boots that recently featured in the latest James Bond Film, SKYFALL starring Daniel Craig.


Advisor to Lord Feldman – David Cameron’s good friend

Michael Ellis- not married

My Sweet Landlord‏ @MySweetLandlord

Northampton North’s finest has been pounding the rowing machines of Image Gym under the tutelage of his young personal trainer.”

But did he also take ‘his young personal trainer’ up the multiplex? Only time will tell

  • Ambassador Taub is guest of honour at a Hebrew performance by Northampton Academy

This week, Ambassador Taub was invited by Michael Ellis, MP for Northampton North, to hear 18 students from Northampton Academy perform in the State Rooms of the Speaker’s House.
The students began with the Hebrew ‘Hashivenu’ song from the book of Lamentations. Ambassador Taub congratulated the choir on their excellent performance and noted the significance of their singing in Hebrew in relation to the relatively recent revival of Hebrew as a spoken language. The students had the opportunity to ask the Ambassador about his role, life in Israel and the relationship between Israel and the UK, before touring the Houses of Parliament.

Met Police Investigation of Former Israeli ambassador Daniel Taub

The Metropolitan Police are said to be investigating the involvement of at least one minor, after a complaint by a police officer who says he witnessed a trail of male adults and possible minors entering the embassy late at night.

Taub claims that the accusation is vindictive and denies the presence of any children; the visits, he maintains, were “therapeutic”.

Michael Ellis & Carol Vorderman Host The Prince’s Trust 40th Anniversary Event

Carol Vorderman speaking about paedophile Jimmy Savile, friend of the royal family, – “We have lost a ray of sunshine”, said Carol Vorderman.

Carol Vorderman: ‘RIP Jimmy Saville …. Leeds has lost a much loved son … and we have lost a ray of sunshine …. #happymemories x


Ellis and Peter Bone

Bone was elected as a councillor to Southend-on-Sea Borough Council

In 1977 Bone was elected as a councillor to Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, where he served for eight years until 1986.[citation needed] He was elected as the Deputy Chairman of the Southend West Conservative Association in 1977 and continued in the position until 1984.[13


Yellow Advertiser helps Essex Police reopen Shoeburyness ‘child sex ring’ investigation for a second time

It resulted in four whistleblowers – all child protection workers in the Southend area during the 1980s and 1990s – raising concerns with the YA over a ’sex ring’ they felt had not been properly investigated.

Two men were convicted of child sex charges, relating to six victims, after the original Essex Police investigation in 1990.


more here


 Ellis on select comm with Vaz

the hazy recall re: Bone

Ellis  and Bone both part of British Monarchist Foundation – along w/some other familiar names

another member of  bmsf :

Dr. Liam Fox, MP was on the mp list too –

Liam Fox MP with Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and The Rt Hon. The Baroness Thatcher

Liam Fox with Thatcher and Baird wife

Liam Fox

Liam Fox denies cover-up over reports of burglary at his home
Defence secretary ‘appalled at being portrayed as having something to hide’ over claims media were misled about break-in

Fox admits friend Adam Werritty was present during 18 trips overseas and visited him at MoD 22 times

  • Defence Secretary vows not to meet with former flatmate on official business
  • Report on his conduct will not be concluded until October 21
  • Interim report seen by PM ‘clearly raises concerns about impropriety and potential conflicts of interest’
  • It reveals Dr Fox asked MOD officials to provide Adam Werritty with details of his diary during foreign visits
  • Dr Fox’s office ‘made National Insurance payment to cover Adam Werritty’s employment five years ago’
  • Cameron says he is ‘determined’ Defence Secretary should keep his job
  • Minister concedes professional judgment had been clouded
  • Labour hit out at ‘strange’ change of language used by Fox in his defence
  • Werritty sat in on Saudi security meeting and joined Fox and his wife on holiday this year

Support: Prime Minister David Cameron has given his backing to Liam Fox (file picture)

Support: Prime Minister David Cameron has given his backing to Liam Fox

Adam Werritty’s use of Liam Fox’s diary put security at risk

Oct 2011

Dr Liam Fox put the security of himself and those around him at risk by allowing Adam Werritty, his close friend, access to his Ministry of Defence diary, an official report has found.

The report, written by Sir Gus O’Donnell, the Cabinet Secretary, also reveals that Dr Fox chose to ignore repeated warnings from his private office and permanent secretary over his relationship with Mr Werritty.

The Daily Telegraph can disclose that Mr Werritty and Dr Fox had a private meeting with the head of Mossad, Israel’s secret service. The meeting may undermine the former defence secretary’s assurances that national security was not jeopardised.


UK Health Limited

UK Health Group Limited

Security Futures

Danscotia Consulting Limited

Todiha Limited

UK Health Supply Services Limted

Vicount Ian Kerr CGC‏ @IanKerr

Quite clearly Liam Fox had all the right credentials to be Defence Secretary.

Liam Fox & Werrity

Adam Werritty.

…..but also that night, when the wife was in some distant country.

Lieutenant Colonel Graham Livesey, did he pop in that night ?

….and the 17 year old Bermondsey boy burglar ?

The Atlantic Bridge charity

It was set up by Liam Fox, former Secretary of State for Defence of the United Kingdom.[1] Cabinet ministers Michael Gove, George Osborne and William Hague,[2] and Chris Grayling have previously sat on its advisory panel, as have American senators Jon Kyl, Lindsey Graham and Joe Lieberman. The organisation’s principal staff included Catherine Bray (US Executive Director), Adam Werritty (UK Executive Director) and Kara Watt (Operations Director).[2]

It was dissolved in September 2011, following a critical report from the Charity Commission the …

Werritty was investigated by senior civil servants led by Cabinet Secretary Sir Gus O’Donnell.[19][20] The published report implicated a company named IRG Ltd, “But the report, which named the six companies and individuals that funded Werritty’s Pargav “slush fund”, has raised more unanswered questions. Among the Pargav donors, including the mining tycoon Mick Davis, private investigations firm G3 and billionaire property mogul Poju Zabludowicz, is a company referred to as simply “IRG Ltd”. More than 30 companies and organisations use the same initials, including an Iraq-focused charity, an executive recruitment agency linked to the former Tory minister Virginia Bottomley and a pizza restaurant in Basildon.”[21]

Former soldier with Liam Fox the night he was burgled

A former soldier given a key Ministry of Defence job by former defence secretary Liam Fox – against the advice of senior military officials – was in his flat the night it was burgled last year.

16 July 2002

Liam Fox’s wife is ^ Jesme “Baird”,

Six people (?) were arrested over the break-in and a 17-year-old was later found guilty of burglary.

17 yr age difference

The Odd Couple’s friendship began in the late 1990s, when Fox was an opposition spokesman for Scotland and Werritty was studying public policy at Edinburgh University.

Werritty left Scotland, and the family home in St Andrews, almost immediately after graduating – with a 2:2 – and started work with the healthcare company PPP. He lived at a series of addresses in London and stayed with Fox in his flat near Tower Bridge – rent-free, it has now emerged – until the senior Tory married Jesme Baird, a Scottish GP, in 2005.

Scott Nelson‏ @SocialistVoice

THE YELLOW Advertiser has been instrumental in reopening a historic child sex abuse inquiry for a second time, by delivering a dossier of fresh evidence to Essex Police.

Detectives called the YA to police headquarters in Chelmsford last week, to announced the end of Operation SANDS.

But when it arrived for the briefing, the YA handed over a document containing detailed allegations about more than 10 men and women based in and around Southend in the 1980s.

The detailed allegations were made by a man who said he was abused over a years-long period as a teenager. It was compiled and handed to police with his consent. In it, he named multiple childhood friends he believed were also victims.

Expert child protection officer Detective Superintendent Tracey Harman confirmed the man was known to police as a suspected victim and said his information would be followed up.

The force has since confirmed that it is pursuing ’multiple new main lines of inquiry’ based on the document.

Essex Police announced in spring 2016 that it was reviewing an almost 30-year-old investigation into child abuse in and around Shoeburyness.

Dubbed Operation SANDS, the review was launched in direct response to an 18-month YA investigation.

The investigation began in late 2014, with the YA raising questions over 10 secret compensation payments authorised by Essex Council for ’alleged abuse’ in the 1970s and 1990s.

It resulted in four whistleblowers – all child protection workers in the Southend area during the 1980s and 1990s – raising concerns with the YA over a ’sex ring’ they felt had not been properly investigated.

Two men were convicted of child sex charges, relating to six victims, after the original Essex Police investigation in 1990.

But the whistleblowers said they knew other men had abused the same children, and possibly dozens more, yet appeared not to have been pursued.

Nick Alston, then the county’s police commissioner, described the whistleblowers as ’eminently credible’. He and Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh ordered the creation of Operation SANDS.

Det Supt Harman said the review found a number of files connected to the original investigation had been destroyed, in line with the force’s retention policy.

In the records which did remain, some victims did make reference to other men, said Det Supt Harman, but they did not identify them in enough detail for police to trace them.

But the complainant who spoke with the YA said he had named several other abusers, by either their full names or their first names and places of work, to police at the time. He named them again in the document handed to Det Supt Harman by the YA last week.

Det Supt Harman said three fresh complainants had come forward after Operation SANDS was announced, each making allegations about one man, now in his 80s, who was arrested and interviewed.

She said: “However, based on all the information gathered and witnesses spoken to, there was insufficient evidence to charge in this instance. If anyone has further evidence in connection with this or any other investigation, I need them to come forward to us.”

Det Supt Harman said that in addition to prompting complainants to come forward to Operation SANDS, the YA’s reporting on historic allegations had emboldened victims to come forward in other, unrelated cases.

Anyone with information about abuse in and around Shoeburyness in the 1980s and 1990s was asked to call Essex Police on 101. The officer leading Operation SANDS is DC Laura Williams.


I worked as a senior social worker in the child protection team in Chelmsford Essex in the late 1990s. This does not surprise me in the slightest. I was suspended and disciplined when I started to uncover a group of paedophiles in Southminster near Southend. I cannot prove this but I am convinced that powerful people were involved including senior people at Essex County council and social services.

Shoebury ‘paedophile ring’ failures must be independently investigated, says outgoing Essex Police commissioner

May 2016

Essex Police is currently reviewing officers’ conduct in a child abuse investigation in Shoeburyness in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Mr Alston and Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh announced in March that the force was reviewing an investigation which resulted in the conviction and imprisonment of two paedophiles in 1990, for abusing adolescent boys in Shoeburyness.

The review was launched after three whistleblowers claimed victims had reported abuse by far more than just two men, but nobody else appeared to have been pursued.

They also claimed some victims were never interviewed by police and most who were still never received appropriate after-care such as counselling. Some have since reportedly committed suicide, died of drug overdoses, been sent to prison and, in one case, gone on to abuse children.

A fourth whistleblower, tracked down by the YA and now cooperating with the review, echoed the original claims.

Two of the whistleblowers, who worked at a Southend young offenders charity and received abuse disclosures from boys on their books, said they feared cops had failed to take the allegations seriously because they took a dim view of the complainants.

Mr Alston described the allegations as ‘chilling’, telling the YA: “It’s an overwhelmingly credible scenario. The circumstantial evidence is apparently strong.”,%20says%20outgoing%20Essex%20Police%20commissioner&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2016

In 1990 two local charities – the Rainer Foundation and the Children’s Society – published a report based on assessments of 25 young boys known to have visited the flat of convicted paedophile Dennis King in Shoebury, Essex. Of those 25 boys referred to in the charity report, only a handful were interviewed by Essex Police.

The report suggested, however, that there could be up to 80 victims aged as young as 11 years old.

Of those boys interviewed by the police only two went to court, were formally case conferenced, and received appropriate after-care.

Only two men were convicted, Brian Tanner, then 57, was sentenced to 3 years and Denis King who received 4 years unimprisonment.

Dennis King, 55 years old at the time of his 1990 conviction, had been convicted for sexual offences against boys at least twice before 1990 and has been convicted at least twice subsequent to the 1990 Shoebury conviction – More details HERE

Many of those that have disclosed are clear that more men were involved in the child abuse than just Dennis King and Brian Tanner.

Since then, multiple boys who disclosed abuse to the local charities have died of drug overdoses, committed suicide, or gone to prison.


Thursday, 14 April 2016 By Charles Thomson in Crime
Brian Tanner, left, and Dennis King, right, outside Chelmsford Crown Court in April 1990. Picture: Anglia Press Agency. A MAN convicted of abusing boys as part of a Shoebury ’sex ring’ in the late 1980s had several prior convictions, the Yellow Advertiser can reveal.
Dennis King, then aged 55 and living in Cunningham Close, Shoebury, received a four-year jail term in 1990 after admitting four counts of gross indecency and three counts of attempted buggery.
He was convicted with Brian Tanner, then 57 and living in Beedell Avenue, Westcliff, who got three years for three counts of gross indecency and three counts of attempted buggery.
Tanner has since died and King no longer lives in Essex.
Both men were jailed for their part in what Essex Council described in official papers as a ’sex ring’ targeting ’adolescent boys’.
Essex Police last month announced a review of its investigation into the King and Tanner case, after three whistleblowers alleged a catalogue of failings.
A fourth whistleblower, tracked down by the YA, has now agreed to cooperate with the review.
The YA has now obtained court records showing King was jailed for seven years in 1966 for sexually abusing two boys he met in a public toilet on Southend seafront.
An appeal document states: “According to their evidence, they were hanging around a public lavatory on the front and they got into a conversation with the appellant, who asked them if they wanted to play about with him and offered them 10 shillings each.
“According to them, he took each one of them in turn into a cubicle inside the lavatory where certain of these offences were committed.
“According to them, an arrangement was then made for the appellant to meet them at the same place at about 10.30 that evening and go back to his flat.
“They did meet that evening. The appellant took them back to his flat. One of them slept on the floor and one of them in the bed with him, and it was there that the other offences were committed.”
King denied the allegations but was convicted of two counts of attempting to procure acts of gross indecency, three counts of indecent assault and one count of attempted buggery.
The appeal record shows that before his 1966 trial, King already had several prior convictions for child sex offences.
The record states: “This appellant of 31 has already been sent to prison for six months for attempting to procure gross indecency with a youth of 15, and two offences were then taken into consideration, one of which was with a boy of nine.
“He has been fined for importuning immoral purposes and finally, in September 1964, he was given 12 months imprisonment for attempting to procure gross indecency.”…earchyear=2016

This former charity boss whistleblower explains how one of the young boys turned to recruiting for the gang so that he wouldn’t keep getting abused himself.

EXCLUSIVE: Former charity boss recalls ‘shock’ of uncovering Shoebury ‘paedophile ring’

Wednesday, 20 April 2016 By Charles Thomson in Crime
Chris Hickey A FORMER charity boss has spoken about how he learned a ‘paedophile ring’ was operating in Shoebury in the late 1980s.
Chris Hickey – former manager of the Rainer Foundation, a young offenders’ charity in Weston Road, Southend – is the fourth whistleblower to voice concerns over Essex Police’s investigation into the abuse of dozens of boys.
Mr Hickey, now a HR consultant, is believed to have received the first abuse disclosure from one of the victims.
He said: “The first time I had any real sense that something really strange was going on, I was working with this young lad. He slowly started to burn himself with a cigarette, rather than tell me what was going on.”
Mr Hickey was tracked down by the Yellow Advertiser and is now cooperating with an Essex Police review, announced last month, into whether the case was properly investigated.
Two men were jailed in 1990 but whistleblowers say the victims reported abuse by more paedophiles who were not prosecuted. They also claim police failed to interview multiple victims and that most of those who were interviewed never received appropriate after-care.
Mr Hickey co-authored a 1990 report criticising the ‘patchy’ response by local agencies, which said victims had already suffered problems including self-harming, displaying ‘abusive behaviour’ towards younger children and ‘graduating into the local rent boy scene’.
Recounting the moment the first boy – a ‘cheeky chappy’ and ‘prolific car thief’ – disclosed his abuse, Mr Hickey said: “It was late afternoon. He was getting less and less responsive. The silences were getting longer and longer. I knew I just had to sit there.
“The room was going dark and I wouldn’t even get up to turn the light on because I knew if I moved the spell would be broken – and if he was going to say something, he was going to say it now.
“I’d been working with him for well over a year and I knew there was something going on. I waited and waited and I watched him burn himself with a cigarette – and then he told me.”
Mr Hickey said the disclosure left him ‘shellshocked’. In the coming weeks the boy revealed he had become a ‘recruiter’ for the paedophiles to stop his own abuse. Soon afterwards, more boys began coming forward to local charities, including 12 to 15 who disclosed to Rainer.
Mr Hickey said: “It was terrible when you realised what had happened. We had no idea this was going on and then it all unfolded before our eyes. It is an experience seared into my memory.”

Federal government quietly compensates daughter of brainwashing experiments victim

Lawsuit filed after The Fifth Estate re-aired documentary about Dr. Ewen Cameron’s CIA-funded experiments

Oct 26, 2017

Jean Steel was a victim of Dr. Ewen Cameron’s CIA-funded brainwashing experiments at Montreal’s Allan Memorial Institute. (Photo courtesy of Alison Steel)

Alison Steel was only 4½ years old when her mother’s life changed forever.

In 1957, Jean Steel was admitted to Montreal’s Allan Memorial Institute. The once happy and energetic 33-year-old was diagnosed with manic depression and delusional thinking.

In the months that followed, Steel became the victim of CIA-funded brainwashing experiments conducted by Dr. Ewen Cameron. She was kept in a chemically induced sleep for weeks and subjected to rounds of electroshocks, experimental drugs and tape-recorded messages played non-stop.

Steel said her mother was never quite the same.

“She was never able to really function as a healthy human being because of what they did to her.”

Now, 60 years after Cameron’s experiments left her mother damaged for life, Alison Steel has finally won a measure of justice for her family.

CBC News has learned that the federal government quietly reached an out-of-court settlement with Steel earlier this year, paying her $100,000 in exchange for dropping the legal action she launched in September 2015.

While a non-disclosure agreement prohibits Steel from talking about the settlement itself, the existence of the settlement and the amount was included in the most recent public accounts tabled by the government earlier this month.

Montreal lawyer Alan Stein, who negotiated the deal, said the government’s decision to compensate Steel could provide hope for the families of other patients who were subjects of Cameron’s “de-patterning” experiments but were initially denied compensation.

“They still have a possibility if their medical reports clearly establishes that they were substantially de-patterned.”

Although the official compensation program closed more than 20 years ago, Stein said the federal government has quietly settled claims from a handful of patients in recent years. He said Steel’s settlement is the second case of the government compensating the estate of a former patient.

LSD and the CIA

The settlement with Steel is the latest development in the decades-old saga that began with Cameron’s experiments at the Allan Memorial Institute in the ’50s and ’60s.

Cameron believed a combination of chemically induced sleep for weeks at a time, massive electroshock treatments, experimental hallucinogenic drugs like LSD and techniques such as “psychic driving” through the repeated playing of taped messages could “de-pattern” the mind, breaking up the brain pathways and wiping out symptoms of mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. Doctors could then “re-pattern” patients.

However, the de-patterning also wiped out much the patient’s memory and left them in a childlike state. In some cases, grown adults forgot basic skills such as how to use the bathroom, how to dress themselves or how to tie their shoes.

The experiments were funded in part by grants from the federal government’s Health and Welfare Department, although a 1986 report by lawyer George Cooper found that government officials were not aware of the full extent of Cameron’s experiments.

What patients and their families didn’t know was that Cameron’s experiments were also being funded by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency’s MK Ultra program. The CIA, concerned about the brainwashing of U.S. soldiers who had been Korean prisoners of war, funded mind-control experiments across North America.

In 1992, Conservative Justice Minister Kim Campbell decided to compensate dozens of Cameron’s former patients. Without admitting legal liability, Campbell said the government would make the $100,000 payments for “compassionate and humanitarian reasons.”

An estimated 70 patients were compensated, but hundreds more who applied were rejected because the government said they hadn’t been “de-patterned” enough to warrant compensation.

Steel’s father applied for compensation on his wife’s behalf but was rejected.

Story featured in CBC documentary

It was only in 2014, when CBC Television re-aired a Fifth Estate documentary about Cameron’s experiments, that Alison Steel was inspired to give it another try.

She consulted Stein, who had successfully won compensation for former patient Gail Kastner in 2004 and an out-of-court settlement for former patient Janine Huard in 2007, and filed an Access to Information request to get her mother’s entire medical file.

“I just wanted to prove that this was done and justice was served for my mother,” said Steel.

Steel’s photos of her mother before she was admitted to the Allan Memorial show a happy, active person, skiing, horseback riding, laughing with her friends. Her letters are those of a normal, healthy person.

But Steel said her parents had lost a first child who was born with spina bifida. Her mother appeared to have suffered from postpartum depression after Steel’s own birth a couple years later.

Allan Memorial Institute

The Allan Memorial Institute, where CIA-funded brainwashing experiments took place in the 1950s and 1960s. (Elizabeth Thompson/CBC)

“She was showing signs of depression and not able to cope,” Steel said. “And having a young infant — me, at the time, one or two years old — it was getting difficult, so they were worried.”

Steel said her grandparents, who lived in the Montreal suburb of Westmount, heard about Cameron’s reputation and thought he offered the solution.

Pages upon pages of medical records document what happened next.

‘Confused … but much more co-operative’

According to a report written by Cameron, Steel was kept in a chemically induced sleep for weeks. One series lasted 29 days. A second lasted 18 days. The sleep therapy was accompanied by a series of electroshocks.

“She was extremely confused and disoriented but much more co-operative,” Cameron wrote in his report.

Nurses’ notes on her charts detail repeated doses of sodium amytal, and how Steel would pace the hall and rail about  feeling like a prisoner: “‘It’s just like being buried alive. Somebody please do something.’ This was all said screaming at the nurse and doctor,” one note said.

Jean Steel

Alison Steel says her mother was happy when she was young, but lost a child and later suffered depression after Alison’s birth. (Photo courtesy of Alison Steel)

Steel said at one point her mother was so upset at the prospect of going back for followup treatments that she tried to jump out of her husband’s car in downtown Montreal.

Steel began to realize when she was a teenager that her mother wasn’t quite the same as other mothers.

“When you wanted to talk with her about something emotional … she just could not do it,” Steel said. “Her emotions were stripped. It took away her soul.”

Her mother would sit alone in the dark, writing codes and numbers on the walls.

“One time I came home and the ceiling was spray-painted with red swirls all over it,” Steel said. “She would take wallpaper and cut out little sections of it and she would pin it to the whole room.”

With the out-of-court settlement Steel has some measure of justice, but she thinks of the families of other patients who have never received compensation.

“I feel that it’s important to bring out the story, to tell others that this is what happened.”



Kevin Spacey is in convicted paedophile, Jeffrey Epstein’s black book

Charities & foundations supported 20

Kevin Spacey has supported the following charities listed on this site:

Prince’s Trust

Kevin Spacey apologizes for alleged sex assault with a minor

Jeffrey Epstein: the billionaire paedophile with links to Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, Robert Maxwell – and Prince Andrew

Many A-list celebrities broke off links with the businessman after he was conviction of having sex with an underage girl

Epstein reportedly flew Tucker and Spacey to Africa on his private jet as part of a charitable endeavour.

Sir Elton John, the chairman of the Old Vic Theatre Trust

Kevin Spacey: Old Vic accused of ignoring sexual misconduct allegations

Numerous stories emerge saying London theatre paid no heed to allegations of groping and inappropriate sexual behaviour by the actor

Kevin Spacey’s father was ‘Nazi child rapist’ who hated the Jews and sexually abused his own son for years – and their mother knew, claims actor’s brother

  • Kevin Spacey’s older brother Randall Fowler has spoken out about their abusive father, exclusively to
  • Spacey, 58, is facing allegations of trying to seduce actor Anthony Rapp when he was 14 years old and sexually assaulting a relative of Heather Unruh
  • Fowler, 62, claims that their father Thomas Geoffrey Fowler was a Nazi and would rape Fowler throughout his adolescence and that his mother knew of the abuse 


Third Tory MP is pulled into Cabinet sleaze row as it’s revealed PM gets weekly update on Commons sex scandals

Studious avoidance of any csa in all of this = distraction:


Vicount Ian Kerr CGC‏ @IanKerr

She will keep quiet, she will keep a lid on things. Like father like daughter. Westminster is a giant cupboard crammed with skeletons.

Tom London‏ @TomLondon6

So party whips do not report serious criminal allegations to police but use them to control their MPs… And they think this is OK? And MSM?

JE‏ @truthandsound

I wonder if there’s another (historical or current) list containing those who engage/d in sexual relations with minors.

Dame Alun Roberts @ciabaudo

I’m not playing this down, but isn’t this a decoy after Heath revelations to distract from more serious CSA?

 I see huge similarities between Thatcher, May, their fathers and their way of dealing with perverted ministers

Tories’ dirty dossier REVEALED: Spreadsheet with allegations against THIRTY-SIX sitting Conservative MPs surfaces in Westminster

  • Tory aides put together dossier which includes specific details of accusations
  • One MP is said to be ‘handsy’ and another allegedly had sex with a researcher
  • Accusations come after Mark Garnier admitted getting secretary to buy sex toy

29 Oct 2017

A spreadsheet has revealed explosive sexual allegations against thirty six sitting Conservative MPs.

Tory aides have put together the dirty dossier which includes the specific details of the accusations.

One MP is said to be ‘handsy with women at parties’, another ‘perpetually intoxicated and very inappropriate with women’, one minister was said to have had ‘sexual relations with a researcher’ and another ‘paid a woman to be quiet’.

The list includes two serving Cabinet ministers who are accused of inappropriate behaviour towards women and 18 ministers facing allegations of inappropriate sexual behaviour, reports Guido Fawkes.

Another 12 MPs are accused of behaving inappropriately towards female researchers, while four are alleged to have behaved inappropriately towards male researchers.

The dossier comes after one of Theresa May’s Brexit Ministers admitted he got his secretary to buy sex toys for him.

Commons secretary Caroline Edmondson also told The Mail on Sunday that International Trade Minister Mark Garnier called her ‘sugar t*ts’ in front of witnesses.

This grab comes from the Conservative party dirty dossier, with names of MPs blacked out

This grab comes from the Conservative party dirty dossier, with names of MPs blacked out

And she said he gave her cash to buy two vibrators at a sex shop in Soho – and stood outside the store while she bought them.

The disclosures about Mr Garnier came as:

  • Former Cabinet Minister Stephen Crabb admitted sending ‘explicit’ messages to a 19-year-old woman after a job interview at Westminster.
  • Cabinet Minister Michael Gove sparked outrage by making a tasteless joke about Harvey Weinstein on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.
  • Campaigning anti-sleaze Labour MP John Mann called for a Commons Sex Pest Tsar to protect women at Westminster from male predators.
  • Claims emerged that women have had their drinks spiked with date rape drugs in Commons bars.

Theresa May’s spokesman said on Friday that unwanted sexual behaviour was ‘completely unacceptable’ and any Ministers found to have acted inappropriately would face ‘serious action’.

And Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn yesterday condemned ‘warped and degrading’ behaviour at Westminster. He talked of a ‘culture that has tolerated abuse for far too long and thrives in the corridors of power’.

Ms Edmondson said wealthy ex-banker Mr Garnier told her that one of the sex toys was for his wife, also called Caroline, while the other was for a female assistant in his Wyre Forest constituency office in the West Midlands.

Father-of-three Mr Garnier, 53, one of International Trade Secretary Liam Fox’s deputies, last night confirmed the claims.

‘I’m not going to deny it, because I’m not going to be dishonest,’ he said. ‘I’m going to have to take it on the chin.’

In a second sex controversy, Mr Crabb confirmed he sent ‘explicit’ messages to a 19-year-old woman he interviewed for a job in 2013, when he was Welsh Minister.

It happened before a separate incident involving messages of a sexual nature sent to a different young woman during the EU referendum campaign.

This led to his Cabinet resignation last year.

Mr Crabb is understood to have sent ‘flirtatious’ messages to the teenager and met her for a drink at the Commons. They also met by chance at the Tory conference in Manchester four weeks ago.

Mr Crabb said last night he had been ‘foolish’ but insisted there was no sexual contact and he had not kissed her.

‘We exchanged messages which talked about sex but none of it was meant seriously.

‘We met for coffee a few times and had a glass of wine once at the Commons, but nothing more. I accept any kind of sexual chatter like this is totally wrong and I am sorry for my actions.’


Parliament Lied to the Daily Mail to Cover Up Barclays’ Role in Pedogate while Judiciary Chief Paul Kernaghan investigated for his role in Ted Heath’s paedophile ring.

  • Jes Staley appointed CEO of Barclays in 2015
  • Staley was lobbied into his position by elite paedophile pimp Jeffrey Epstein.
  • UK’s Treasury Select Committee told the Daily Mail it would quiz Staley.
  • Parliament’s response to FOIA confirms Staley’s appointment was never challenged.
  • Staley threatened to have gold rigging lawsuit quashed against his bank.
  • Police files show Judicial Internal Affairs boss Paul Kernaghan, tasked with investigating corrupt judges involved in Barclays gold rigging cover up, was a named suspect in RAINS list, that identified Ted Heath’s and Cyril Smith’s paedophilia five years before it became mainstream news.
  • Former Lord Chief Justice, Baron Thomas, and former Lord Chancellor Elizabeth Truss MP, covered up a judicial paedophilia normalization programme, and allowed Kernaghan to keep his post while he was under investigation for his role in child abuse rings.
  • The current Lord Chief Justice, Sir Ian Burnett, appears to have nullified the gold rigging lawsuit within 24 hours of Baron Thomas being notified of Deutsche Bank’s involvement in its £65 billion money laundering operation.
Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 7.59.20 PM.png

Above left, Staley and wife. Above right, Epstein and Prince Andrew.

Readers of the SGT Report or The International Reporter may be aware of an article they kindly published for me in the Summer in which I reviewed some of Epstein’s links into the British banking system.

Of particular and personal interest to me is one Jes Staley, current CEO of Barclays, who threatened to have my lawsuit against his bank struck out of court. His bank appears to be incriminated by Deutsche Bank in a parallel lawsuit in New York.

The Daily Mail had published an article concerning Staley’s appointment, for it appears that the top position was gifted to him by his friend, the infamous paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein was reported to have threatened the nation of Great Britain should the establishment have hired someone else.

Now while the Treasury Select Committee in that article told the Daily Mail and its readers it would grille Staley on these very serious allegations, a response to a Freedom of Information Act request told another story:

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 8.02.32 PM.png

Mark Garnier MP and John Mann MP were both explicitly named in the Daily Mail article. I had written a letter to them shortly after the FOIA response came back (on the 26th July 2017) to ask why there was an apparent contradiction. Neither MP responded. Jeremy Lefroy, my constituency MP, said he would ask the head of the Treasury Select Committee for an explanation. Mr Lefroy is almost singular – a politician who provided the UK courts a letter of recommendation, advocating summary judgement against Deutsche Bank for gold manipulation. Precious metal rigging is up there with #pizzagate when it comes to discussion in mainstream politician venues. In the event that some ‘honest’ explanation is found, it will be published in a follow-up article.

As a side note, Staley is an executive of the Robin Hood Foundation, from which disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein resigned on the 10th of October 2017. Weinstein seems to be a sadistic sexual predator and is involved with the Clintons, the Democrats and Jeffrey Epstein – just like Jes Staley.

Diana Jenkins, the ex-wife of former Barclays executive Roger Jenkins (not to be confused with Barclays’ Anthony Jenkins) was recently alleged to have been running an elite paedophile ring in Hollywood circles. Diana Jenkins is involved with the Clintons, the Qataris and Haiti, having funded Sean Penn’s ventures into that country. Roger Jenkins is currently in custody and facing a trial for corrupt deals with Qatar. Qatar fund ISIS, who are known to swap arms for gold – the price of which Barclays’ cabal friend – Deutsche Bank – is known to have suppressed.

The FOIA implies Parliament’s Treasury Select Committee told an outright lie to the Daily

Mail and its readership suggesting the Westminster paedophile ring has agents therein. One may think that the Financial Markets and Services Group – another Parliamentary Quango – would be interested in a banker appointed at the decree of a convicted paedophile pimp Jeffrey Epstein. None of its members would reply to an email to them on these matters written in August of this year. Interestingly the father of a prominent member of that group is on the RAINS list, along with Ted Heath, Cyril Smith, Michael Winner, Paul Kernaghan and many others.

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 8.04.15 PM.png

The RAINS List (Ritual Abuse Information Network and Support)

As a result of naming and shaming particularly insidious characters in the executive of the UK Judiciary, I have been contacted by people involved with their own battles against corruption against the very same people. Some of these are in the police and intelligence services, and they were kind enough to supply me with an internal memo, otherwise known as the RAINS list. Up to now it has been top secret and even Chief Constable Mike Veale was not disclosed a copy when he was investigating allegations of child rape against former Prime Minister Ted Heath. Mike Veale concluded that a number of independent allegations against Heath from the 1960s were entirely valid. Veale had been pressurized by many MPs to whitewash the investigation, some of whom have friends and colleagues named in the RAINS list. One famous Daily Mail columnist who railed against Veale earlier this month is also on the list.

The document was compiled between 2005 and 2007 – way before the allegations against Ted Heath and Cyril Smith caught the mainstream attention. It also named Michael Winner, the deceased executive from the same mould as Harvey Weinstein. It alleges a child abuse cult. Ted Heath was accused in it of wearing a set of fake claws when he molested his victims, which is the appendage of a sadists’ sexual fantasy. The fact that individuals named on that list have been determined to be guilty for the type of allegations made elsewhere gives very great credibility to its source. Not all of the names are suspects, some are informants, so it would be irresponsible to release the entire document.

The important message is that the RAINS list alleges a paedophile ring, not just names of

people under investigation, and that Cyril Smith and Ted Heath were part of the same ring. There are a number of MPs still living on that list, and some still serve in the House of Lords so its release is greatly feared by those culprits that know of its existence. In the case that I am suicided, arrested, dispossessed or my reputation ruined, the full list will go public. But I will expose one name here – perhaps the most serious entry on the list, for he is Paul Kernaghan, Judicial Appointment and Conduct Ombudsman – the man who judges the judges in the UK.

He was a former police chief, who retired early and given new life in the judiciary. He has been alleged to have covered-up paedophile rings while he served as police chief from several independent sources, and these have led to an ongoing investigation. His entry in the RAINS list claims he was involved in a Satanic Freemason ritual. The allegation would have come from detectives in the paedophile ring so we can figure those rituals would involve the abuse of children.

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 8.05.10 PM.png

Kernaghan is known to me, because he let the former Lord Chief Justice, Baron Thomas, avoid recusal from office for violating the Data Protection Act. Thomas had refused to admit that his successor, Sir Ian Burnett, never had a transcript of hearing when Burnett dismissed over twenty allegations of misconduct against former Judge Simon Brown QC in my lawsuit against Deutsche Bank for gold rigging. In that lawsuit I alleged Deutsche Bank were involved in a Russian money laundering operation. Subsequently Deutsche Bank, RBS, Barclays and HSBC (all defendants in my lawsuit) are shown to be involved exactly as alleged to the tune of £65 billion. Email records show that Burnett closed the appeals 24 hours after my letter to Thomas arrived in his email folder.

Now it is unthinkable that Kernaghan could be under investigation not just for blocking a police investigation into paedophile rings, but under investigation for indulging in those vices himself as part of some perverted sub-cult of Freemasons, while the former Lord Chancellor Elizabeth Truss and the current Lord Chancellor David Lidington MP and the former Lord Chief Justice Baron Thomas and current Lord Chief Justice Sir Ian Burnett were never informed. They would have to know that Kernaghan was under investigation, and that he was named in the RAINS list. He was entirely unfit for office. At the very least he should have been suspended until the investigation was concluded.

Of course, if they did know, they would be in perfect position to blackmail Kernaghan, and Burnett would be sure to have kept his office and Thomas avoided disgrace for the cover up of the most serious financial frauds. Baron Thomas has personally put men in prison (Tom Hayes et al) for Libor rigging. For that matter, Julian Assange has spent more than half a decade holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy as a result of Thomas’ decrees. Wikileaks has released documents that showed gold rigging fraud was established at the national level. Liabilities for gold rigging are estimated to

be more than an order of magnitude higher than those of Libor manipulation.

Judge Simon Brown QC, before his early ‘retirement’ appears to have done judicial favours for businessman Alan Jackson who is involved with Acorns – a charity for dying children. Such a charity is a perfect vehicle for some special kinds of activity is it not? One wonders whether Brown’s payment involved visits to those dying children, and whether Kernaghan ever met Brown or Jackson at a Freemason ceremony, and if so, what were kind of rituals went on? Brown was administrating a charity for a boys’ school from 2002-2005.

In my latest hearing Deutsche Bank still claim to be undertaking their gold trading audits, they claimed in Reuters – even after they released 75 audiotapes incriminating themselves in the New York lawsuit. They refused to hand over receipts and would neither confirm nor deny destroying them. Anshu Jain’s lawyers claimed he was entitled to received enhanced damages due to the attack I made on the reputation of judges. Judge David James Worster awarded them £15,000 on that basis. Presumably Jain intends to distribute the winnings to Kernaghan and Burnett. Worster invited me to appeal his ruling that deemed my allegations of Deutsche Bank’s gold rigging as ‘totally without merit.’ The appeal would involve Kernaghan and Burnett, executives of the judiciary. The Birmingham Courts have refused my request for a copy of the court recording. Not a single lawyer from the New York lawsuit would help me, not one answered an email. It is ironic then that they have complained that the US Department of Justice had refused to disclose materials that would help them with their lawsuit. What comes around goes around.

I remind the reader that Truss and Thomas ran a paedophile normalization programme that failed miserably and led to the abuse, rape and murder of children. Kernaghan never reproached either for that. Well he wouldn’t would he?

Mark Garnier investigated by Cabinet Office over sex toy errand

  • 29 October 2017

Briefcase Michael‏ @BriefcaseMike

Don’t get your Garniers mixed up. Mark ‘sex toys’ Garnier is a cousin of fellow MP Sir Edward Garnier who’s father of BBC’s Eleanor Garnier.

His cousin, Sir Edward Garnier QC, MP was Solicitor General from 2010 until 2012 and was the Member of Parliament for Harborough from 1992 until 2017.

He is a governor of Kidderminster College.

Mark Garnier – Committee Appointments — Justice Committee — Kate Green and Keith Vaz — 31 Oct 2016

Mark Garnier MP, Wyre Forest voted to remove MPs Chris Elmore and Dr Rupa Huq from the Justice Committee and replace them with Kate Green and Keith Vaz

Sir Edward Garnier ‘tried to stop Labour MP challenging Lord Brittan over child abuse claims’

27 Nov 2014

Simon Danczuk says former Conservative Solicitor General tackled him on the evening before he was due to give evidence to Home Affairs select committee

Sir Edward, who has known Lord Brittan for 40 years, declined to comment when Mr Danczuk’s remarks were put to him by the Telegraph on Thursday afternoon.

It is understood that Sir Edward was intervening after a personal request by Lady Brittan

Mark Garnier was born in 1963 in London and is married to Caroline. Together, they have three young children; Edward, Jemima and George. Mark went to school at Charterhouse, in Surrey, before embarking on a career in the City of London in 1982.

Mark was elected to serve the constituency of Wyre Forest in 2010, but has been an active campaigner in the area since January 2004, standing for election at the 2005 general election.

Mark has served on the influential Treasury Select Committee and brings a wealth of knowledge from his experience in banking and investment management, taking a specific interest in financial regulation and the banking sector. Mark also serves as an officer on a number of All Party Parliamentary Groups, including The Economy of the West Midlands, Combating Metal Theft, Heritage Railways, Financial Education for Young People, European Reform, Telehealth, Space, Economics Money and Banking, and Infrastructure, as well as participating in a number of others. Mark is also a keen member of the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme and a vice chair of Conservative Friends of America.

Mark is a governor of Kidderminster College and takes an active interest in the local community in Wyre Forest, supporting local charities and other organisations. Outside Wyre Forest and his political interests, Mark is a Freeman of the City of London, sitting on the Court of the Worshipful Company of Coachmakers. In his free time, Mark is a keen photographer as well as a keen target rifle shot, and is an enthusiast in both historic motoring and historic aviation.

Political History

Mark served as a councillor of the Forest of Dean District Council between 2003 and 2007, where he gained valuable experience of local government, especially with regard budget setting and use of resources.

In January 2004, Mark was selected to fight the seat of Wyre Forest and secured the largest gain in the country, with a 14% swing to Conservatives and an increase in the Conservative vote of 45%. Mark went on to fight the 2010 election, winning the seat from incumbent independent hospital campaigning MP.

In the 2015 General Election Mark held Wyre Forest increasing his majority from around 2,500 votes to nearly 13,000.

Campaigning in Wyre Forest

With extensive experience in business and finance, Mark is championing the cause of the local economy and business in Wyre Forest. Mark has been involved in a number of campaigns, including fighting the Labour government’s plans to shut Kidderminster’s driving test centre. But it is the plight of business and commerce that drives Mark’s local agenda and Mark is actively involved with the local business community, seeking ways to improve the local economy.

Eleanor Garnier is a political reporter at the BBC, mainly working on the Daily and Sunday Politics Show.

Garnier thought she’d end up doing a job in sport but work experience at Channel 4 News during a university summer holiday changed all that.

After studying Politics and Philosophy at the University of Leeds she went to the School of Journalism at City University in London.

Her first job in journalism was at the commercial radio station Leicester Sound. During her year there she reported for IRN from Praia da Luz in Portugal one year on from the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Eleanor’s first job at the BBC was at Radio Leicester where she became the political reporter before moving to become a video journalist at BBC East Midlands Today. She’s also reported for Radio 4’s Today in Parliament and BBC Breakfast.

During campaigning, May’s press team regularly refuse to allow questions from reporters who are “not on their list”.

Interestingly, at a closed event in York, the first reporter Theresa May called by name to offer her a question was BBC political correspondent Eleanor Garnier.

A BBC reporter who also happens to be closely related to two Tory MPs – her cousin Mark Garnier and father Edward Garnier.


Janner,  Boateng, Blaine and Jackson

David Blaine (friend of paedophile Michael Jackson) could face another police investigation after a SECOND British ex-model claims he sexually assaulted her in New York

  • Woman claims she was attacked by the magician in New York when she was 19
  • Comes just days after Natasha Prince alleged the magician raped her in 2004

Former football coach Barry Bennell has appeared in court ahead of his trial next year over a string of child sex allegations.

The 63-year-old appeared at Liverpool Crown Court via video link in a preliminary hearing ahead of his eight-week trial on January 8 next year.

He is charged with 55 offences, including 42 counts of indecent assault, 11 counts of buggery and two counts of attempted buggery said to have been committed on various dates between 1979 and 1991.

The allegations against the ex-Crewe Alexandra coach relate to 12 complainants.

During Friday’s hearing the court heard the defendant had previously changed his name to Richard Jones.

Honorary Recorder of Liverpool, Judge Clement Goldstone QC, said the defendant would now be referred to in the proceedings as Mr Jones.

A further pre-trial hearing will take place on November 24.

Eight men accused of abusing youngsters at a Coventry children’s home in the 1980s and 90s will appear in court today.

26 Oct 2017

The charges against them include rape, indecent assault and child cruelty, and relate to allegations of historical abuse at Wisteria Lodge, in Earlsdon, between 1981 and 1997.

All of the eight men worked at the former home, which was demolished in 2009, and are due to appear at Coventry Magistrates’ Court this morning.

Seven men have denied charges of child cruelty and indecent assault at a Coventry children’s home.

The men, who all worked at Wisteria Lodge, faced 29 charges at Coventry Magistrates Court, relating to 15 children between 1981 and and 1997.

The home, which was in Earlsdon Avenue South, was demolished in 2009.

All seven defendants were granted unconditional bail and will appear at Warwick Crown Court on 23 November.

They are:

Alan Todd, 72, from Coventry, is charged with seven offences of child cruelty, one rape of a child and three indecent assaults between 1983-1995;

Phillip Barnett, 64, of Hartington Crescent, Coventry, charged with three counts of child cruelty between 1981-1986;

Russell Garner, 58, of Orchard Street, Bedworth, charged with two counts of child cruelty between 1989-1995;

Ivan McChleery, 76, of Greens Road, Coventry, charged with two counts of child cruelty between 1993-1995 and two counts of indecent assault between 1996-1997;

Pat Duignan, 59, of The Riddings, Canley, charged with four counts of child cruelty between 1988-1990;

Peter Moore, 72, of Winston Avenue, Wood End, is charged with three counts of aiding and abetting an indecent assault on a child between 1995-1997;

David Saunders, 64, of Sibton Close, Bell Green, is charged with one count of child cruelty between 1993-1994;

David Fox, of 74, of Abbey Road, Boston, Lincolnshire, is charged with one count of child cruelty in 1989.

Eight men to face jury over alleged Coventry children’s home abuse

23 Nov 2017

The men all used to work at Wisteria Lodge in Earlsdon and between them face offences including child cruelty, indecent assault and rape

Eight men accused of abusing youngsters at a former Coventry children’s home will stand trial next year.

The men all used to work at Wisteria Lodge in Earlsdon and between them face offences including child cruelty, indecent assault and rape dating back as far as 1981.

Five of the accused have pleaded not guilty to child cruelty charges.

They are: Phillip Barnett, 64, of Hartington Crescent, Coventry; Russell Garner, 58, of Orchard Street, Bedworth; Pat Duignan, 59, of The Riddings, Canley; David Saunders, 64, of Sibton Close, Bell Green; and David Fox, of 74, of Abbey Road, Boston, Lincolnshire.

Ivan McChleery, 76, of Greens Road, Coventry, has denied two counts of indecent assault and child cruelty charges, while Peter Moore, 72, of Winston Avenue, Wood End, has pleaded not guilty to three counts of aiding and abetting an indecent assault on a child.

An eighth man – Alan Todd, 72, from Coventry – faces seven offences of child cruelty, one rape of a child and three indecent assaults.

The charges all relate to allegations relating to 15 children between 1981 and 1997.

The eight men appeared at Warwick Crown Court today when a trial date was set for September 3, 2018.

It is estimated that the trial will last for around eight weeks.

Before then, a further hearing is also due to take place on February 5 next year.

Wisteria Lodge, which stood in Earlsdon Avenue South, was demolished in 2009.

California artist claims convicted child rapist Roman Polanski photographed her at age 10 ‘naked draped in a fur coat’ then MOLESTED her on a beach

21 Oct 2017

She is the fifth woman to come forward with sexual molestation claims, which include the first incident from the 1970’s – when Polanski pled guilty to statutory rape of 13-year-old Samantha Geimer.

‘Polanski was charged with five crimes – including rape by use of drugs – but took a plea deal in which he pleaded guilty to ‘unlawful sexual intercourse’ in return for prosecutors dropping the five charges,’ according to the newspaper.

Three other woman have since come forward – one in 2010 and two as of recently in 2017, alleging sexual abuse incidents at the time they were minors.


Andreas Baader‏ @stop1984

Career maker: Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend, aspiring actress Cressida Bonas, poses with Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein  at a screening of the latter’s new film Big Eyes in London

Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend Cressida Bonas slopes off to hobnob with ANOTHER Epstein pal

When Prince Harry’s former girlfriend Cressida Bonas agreed to go skiing with her chum Princess Eugenie, she had no idea she would be caught up in the storm engulfing the Duke of York.

After Prince Andrew joined his daughter and her model friend at their £22,000-per-week chalet in the Alps, it was besieged by the world’s media amid a growing furore over claims Andrew had sex with an under-age girl ‘procured’ for him by his close friend, convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

So it was an unfortunate coincidence that Cressie’s first public engagement on returning to London on Sunday was a bash thrown by another of Epstein’s friends, film producer Harvey Weinstein.

Sloping off: Cressida has recently returned to London from spending time in Verbier in the Swiss Alps with her old friend Princess Eugenie and her family

Dressed in a midriff-baring outfit with her glossy mane worn loose, the 25-year-old posed next to Weinstein, 62, at a screening of his latest offering, Big Eyes.

(Lurking behind was Charles Dance, who in 2004 famously seduced vicar’s daughter Sophia Myles, 33 years his junior, and then cruelly dumped her.)

Despite the movie mogul’s long-standing association with Epstein — the two even made a failed bid for New York magazine in 2003 — the screening was an occasion not to be missed for aspiring thespian Cressida.

Weinstein, who is married to 38-year-old fashion designer Georgina Chapman, a friend of the Duchess of York, is known for mentoring young actresses.

(L to R) Harvey Weinstein, Princess Eugenie of York and Georgina Chapman at attends a VIP screening of ‘Lion’ hosted by Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman at Soho House on December 19, 2016 in London, England

He is credited with propelling Gwyneth Paltrow (pictured below) to A-list status, having collaborated with her on eight films, including Shakespeare In Love, for which she won an Oscar in 1999.

So it is understandable that Cressida, who scored a small part in Harvey’s forthcoming movie Tulip Fever, is keen to nurture her relationship with the Hollywood tycoon.

Aptly she plays a ‘society lady’ in the film, which is based on Deborah Moggach’s novel.

Since splitting with Harry, ambitious Cressida has been taking her acting career seriously.

Last month, she attended a private vocal training school on Orkney to improve her articulation and projection skills.

Meanwhile, her first play, There’s A Monster In The Lake, is being revived later this month at Waterloo Vaults.

Perhaps Cressie, who has given few signs she wants to rekindle her romance with Harry, has set her sights on an even more desirable prize than a prince: an Oscar. 

Priests were ‘part of a paedophile network’

19 Oct 2017

A child abuse victim claims a paedophile ring was operating at a Roman Catholic school where a former monk allegedly sexually assaulted schoolboys, a court heard. St Benedict’s School in Ealing, west London, has covered up ‘serial abuse’ by teachers and priests over the past six decades, according to one of Father Andrew Soper’s former pupils. Soper, 74, a former abbot of Ealing Abbey in west London, is on trial at the Old Bailey accused of a string of sex…



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Cyril Smith cover up goes to the top of the establishment wants all papers held from all government departments release

Cyril Smith did ‘deal with Labour’ to hush up Knowl View sex abuse, inquiry is told

Whistleblower Martin Digan claims that Smith threatened to expose council boss if the allegations were brought to light

17 Oct 2017

  John Murray‏ @rowanshole

All their paedophile mates might get in trouble. There is no bigger security risk for them than that.

Another dead one…

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

Chester sources tell me that this godly man was a close friend of Peter Morrison, the Puddington paedophile…


Former bishop of Chester investigated over abuse allegations

Victor Whitsey, who died in 1987, would have been interviewed over allegations if he were alive, police say

Law firm says the late Victor Whitsey was ‘almost certainly a prolific abuser of children’

17 October 2017

It was Heath’s prompting that led to the appointment of Whitsey to the see of Chester; who was the first choice of neither of the two archbishops though they both put him on their list; a spare time …

The former bishop of Chester, Victor Whitsey, is being investigated 30 years after his death over allegations of sexual abuse in the latest scandal involving high-profile figures in the Church of England.

A lawyer representing four of the alleged victims has claimed the abuse was covered up by the C of E and has called for a independent review.


The allegations date from the late 1970s when Whitsey was bishop of Chester, and in the 1980s after he had retired and was living in the diocese of Blackburn.

The C of E said it had supported a police investigation into allegations of sexual offences against children and adults. The police told the church that, had Whitsey still been alive, he would have been interviewed in relation to 10 allegations. Whitsey died in 1987.

In a statement, the archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, and the bishop of Chester, Dr Peter Forster, said: “We are deeply sorry and apologise to those individuals who have come forward to share their account of abuse by a bishop in the Church of England who was in a position of power and authority. We appreciate that it is very difficult for individuals to come forward and to give their account.

“Sexual abuse is a heinous crime – and is an absolute and shameful breach of trust. We acknowledge that for survivors the effects of sexual abuse are lifelong. We are offering pastoral support to all those who have come forward and continue to hold them all in our prayers.”

It added: “The church will consider what lessons can be learned from this case and whether any action needs to be taken as a result of what these inquiries have shown.”

Cheshire police said the allegations related to 13 people, five males and eight females. “The abuse is alleged to have taken place whilst the bishop was living and working in Chester and one incident is reported to have taken place outside the county,” a statement said. The police investigation had spanned 13 months, it added.

Richard Scorer, a specialist abuse lawyer from Slater and Gordon, which represents four of Whitsey’s victims, said: “The abhorrent and disgusting abuse perpetrated by Bishop Whitsey destroyed many lives, driving some to attempt suicide. What is equally abhorrent is that the Church of England knew of his abuse, did nothing to stop it and covered it up. It is crucial that there is now an independent review into Whitsey abuse and who failed to act when they learnt of his heinous behaviour.”

The law firm understands that a complaint was made to the C of E while Whitsey was still serving as bishop of Chester, but it was not passed to police. The church was believed to have been made aware of further allegations following Whitsey’s retirement, but no action was taken.

Slater and Gordon released a statement from one of Whitsey’s alleged victims. It said: “When I met Victor Whitsey I was young, innocent, and naive. I longed for his blessing to achieve my wish of a future as a vicar, serving God and the community. He told me he agreed I had a calling from God. He also told me he had the power to give me everything I wanted in life and the power to take it all away. He then proceeded to abuse me sexually and psychologically. I was powerless to stop him.

“I blamed myself, though I was the only victim and rationalised that it was my fault … I told no one; who would believe a teenage boy’s word against a bishop of the Church of England? I became reclusive and came to the ultimate conclusion. The prospect of ever seeing Victor Whitsey again was so abhorrent to me that I turned my back on my beloved church and my calling to serve God. I self-harmed and have spent a lifetime focusing on resentment and bitterness.

“Twenty years after my abuse, I suffered a complete mental nervous breakdown which included attempted suicide. Because of the sexual abuse I suffered at the hands of Victor Whitsey I lost my faith, my chosen life as a vicar, my self-belief, my freedom from worry and my dignity. Child sex abuse is a crime which stays with you for a lifetime. As a child you don’t understand why or what is happening, but as you grow older you realise the enormity of the abuse and it hurts you all over again – you blame yourself for allowing it – you hate yourself for being weak.

“Since my abuse, not a day has gone by that I have not thought about what happened to me.”

The author of the statement said he hoped there would be a public inquiry “to understand not only what Whitsey did to his victims but to also learn who knew what he was doing, to what extent his actions were intentionally covered up, and who else was complicit in the crimes that he committed, and for which, I continue to suffer every day of my life”.

The church has faced a number of high-profile cases of sexual abuse.

Peter Ball, a former bishop of both Gloucester and Lewes, was jailed in October 2015 for the grooming, sexual exploitation and abuse of 18 vulnerable young men aged 17-25 who had sought spiritual guidance from him between 1977 and 1992. He was released from prison in February after serving 16 months.

A damning independent report, published in June, found that senior figures in the C of E had colluded over a 20-year period with the disgraced former bishop.

The report made harrowing reading, the archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, said. “The church colluded and concealed rather than seeking to help those who were brave enough to come forward. This is inexcusable and shocking behaviour,” he said.

George Carey, a former archbishop of Canterbury who was criticised in the report, resigned as honorary assistant bishop in the diocese of Oxford.

Two years ago, the church issued a formal apology for alleged sexual abuse committed by one of its most senior figures, George Bell, the late bishop of Chichester, who died 57 years ago. It also settled a civil claim brought against Ball by a survivor.

However, critics accused the church of acting improperly and without sufficient evidence, saying Bell’s “condemnation as a paedophile” had irreparably damaged his reputation.

An independent report into the church’s handling of the case is expected to be published next month.


Royal Artillery:

PIE leader Lieutenant Peter Righton 1944-48

Major William van Straubenzee 1943-47

Edward Heath 1941 -47

Trevor Denby Lloyd-Hughes 1945

Reginald Prentice 1943

Victor Whitsey 1939-1942

Whitsey – a Royal Army chaplain

The force identified 13 adult and child alleged victims – five male and eight female – of the late Bishop of Chester Victor Whitsey between 1974 and 1981.

Its report said two victims were aged 13 to 17 and the alleged abuse was carried out in Chester and Lancashire.

A relative, Rachel Whitsey, told the BBC she had no comment to make. The Church of England has apologised.

Bishop Whitsey, who was married with children, retired in 1981 and died in 1987.

Runcie – As a lower-middle-class boy from Liverpool he at first had a hard time of it, but quickly learned form. His platoon and his fellow-officers – among them names like William Whitelaw – soon discovered that he was good company and an amusing and talented mimic.

After returning to Oxford, where he gained a first class degree in Greats and learned a classical liberalism which shaped his thought for the rest of his life, he went to Westcott House, the theological college in Cambridge. There the other ordinands – trained by Kenneth Carey – included Hugh Montefiore, Simon Phipps, Patrick Rodger, Graham Leonard, Stephen Verney and Victor Whitsey

Lord Runcie in same platoon as WIllie Whitelaw and was trained by Kenneth Carey who also trained  Victor Whitsey

1975- the 210th Anniversary

After lacking much ceremony for the 200th birthday of the Church, Mr Denton organised a long programme of special events, with special services and musical presentations in the church.

The Parish Festival series of events was launched on 27th April 1975, with a special service at which the Bishop of Manchester (Rt Rev Patrick C Rodgers) was present. The Poynton Band (now the Vernon Building Society Brass Band) accompanied the organ for a communion service. Other services later were attended by the band and songsters of the Salvation Army, the Choir of St Winifreds (RC) School, and choirs from other local junior schools and the Hazel Grove Male Voice choir.

To remind us that our church was initially consecrated by the Bishop of Chester (when Manchester was a mere parish), the 210th Anniversary Service held on 13th July was conducted by the Bishop of Chester, Rt Rev Victor Whitsey. The Bishop first spoke to the children on temptation, and thanked the congregation for their work and witness.

Mr Denton + Chester

THE death of society photographerLord Lichfield has evoked happier memories dating back to when he married Lady Leonora Grosvenor at Chester Cathedral 30 years ago.

Up to 20,000 on-lookers turned out to witness the arrival of the bride and groom at the west door in March 1975 along with guests including Lord Lichfield’s cousin, the Queen, the Queen Mother, and Princess Margaret.

Lord Lichfield’s photographic subjects such as actress Joanna Lumley and model Britt Ekland also attended.

Lady Leonora’s father, Sir Robert George Grosvenor, was the fifth Duke of Westminster while her brother Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, was then Lord Grosvenor.

Lord Grosvenor, who inherited the title aged 27 on the death of his father in 1979, was given the task of escorting his sister to the cathedral. His younger sister Lady Jane was also present.

Lichfield, famed for his trendy dress sense, wore a traditional grey morning suit and tails while Lady Leonora, looked beautiful in a Christian Dior gown.

Later the happy couple left by helicopter to spend the night at a London hotel before jetting off to the Caribbean for a 19-day honeymoon. On their return they lived together at Shugborough Hall in Staffordshire.

Lord Lichfield, then aged 35, and Lady Leonora, who was just 26, had three children together, but the romantic dreams of that day did not last and they divorced 11 years later in 1986.

Canon Lawrence Skipper, of Handbridge, who was then the Rector of Eccleston, has a long association with the Grosvenor family and played a supporting role during the service which was taken by the Archbishop of Dublin and also assisted by the Bishop of Chester, Rt Rev Victor Whitsey.

The wedding assisted by Whitsey – Lichfield – Wheelyboat director

Wheelyboat directors

Leonora Anson, Countess of Lichfield

born as Leonora Mary Grosvenor, a daughter of the 5th Duke of Westminster

attended sherBorne school

Since 1979, the Countess has been an extra lady-in-waiting to The Princess Royal.

Leonora, once touted as a contender in the Prince Charles sweepstakes

Lord Lichfield Focuses on Two Loves—wife Leonora and His Photography

As one of London’s resident rakes in the swinging ’60s, Patrick, the fifth Earl of Lichfield—and a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II—loved beautiful women, glittery nightlife and himself almost as much as he loved photography. He was linked to jet-set beauties such as Britt Ekland, Jane Seymour, Gayle Hunnicutt and Dewi Sukarno; his premarital manifesto concluded that “fidelity is not essential. I’m sure I shall never be completely faithful to one woman.”

Lichfield has always led a somewhat charmed existence. Born in London, he was evacuated during World War II to Scotland’s Glamis Castle just north of Dundee. (His maternal grandfather was the elder brother of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the 83-year-old Queen Mother.)

A few months back he made headlines when several models complained that he had asked them to strip for video auditions so that he could choose subjects for a nude calendar he was planning.

Holiday home on mustique,_Countess_of_Lichfield

20 Oct 2017

Leeds charity accepts £1m from fund set up in name of Jimmy Savile

The Leeds Community Foundation charity has agreed to accept a £1m donation froma fundraising trust originally set up in the name of Jimmy Savile. The Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust ceased operating in 2012 but has been looking for good causes to benefit from the money remaining in its accounts. Now Leeds Community Foundation has confirmed it has been chosen as a recipient of that cash. The foundation says it thought long and hard before accepting but has decided that a positive use should be found for the money. Foundation chair Rachel Hannan said: “We want to help as many people as we can but despite the hundreds of grants we make every year there are still many more we have to turn down due to lack of funds. “When approached about receiving this donation, trustees took into consideration the good work we can do with it and how many of the charities and good causes we have been unable to support previously where we can now offer help.” The Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust was set up in 1985 with the stated aim of supporting victims of poverty and sickness. Financial records show it had funds totalling £3.7m in 2011-12, around the time that Leeds-born Savile was exposed as a serial sex attacker. The money held by the trust was raised through the efforts of the public and was separate to Savile’s personal fortune. Ms Hannan said: “Our final decision was influenced by the fact that the money is made up of donations from members of the public and we believe their contributions should reach their intended targets. “We wanted to be completely honest and transparent about accepting this donation and we will support a wide range of people and communities.” A High Court judge’s approval last year of a compensation scheme for Savile’s victims meant 166 individuals were in line to receive combined damages of £2.3m. The victim payouts could not come from the Savile trust cash as it was ring-fenced for strictly-defined charitable purposes. Savile left an estate of £4.3m when he died in 2011 but it was frozen following the revelations about his crimes. Just over £1.15m was eventually directed into the payouts for his victims, with a significant chunk of the remainder reportedly being eaten up by legal costs.

NHS patients abused by Jimmy Savile received an average payout of just £9,500

The health service has now settled all but three of the cases against it but has paid out less than £450,000.Savile’s sickening behaviour included molesting a paralysed teenager in a wheelchair and preying on girls as young as five years old.The payments are all the more galling for victims considering there are more than 600 NHS chiefs earning more than £100,000 a year.Last night Peter Saunders, the founder of the National Association for People Abused in Childhood, blasted the compensation as “miserly”.


How Harvey Weinstein came to the rescue of child abusers in Hollywood

In 2009, Weinstein circulated a petition calling for the release of Roman Polanski. The Academy Award-winning director at the time had been arrested in Switzerland and was facing extradition, two decades after he pled guilty in 1978 to unlawful sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old girl, and then fled to Europe to avoid more jail time in the U.S.

In an op-ed that year in the Independent, Weinstein wrote that he was “emailing everybody I know” to keep Polanski out of jail, and argued the filmmaker was a “humanist” who had been made into a “scapegoat.”

“This is a miscarriage of justice,” he wrote.

Weinstein added that he’d lobby then-California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for help, a Hollywood actor who himself had been accused of groping multiple women on movie sets and studio offices without consent. (Schwarzenegger initially denied the allegations but later said he had a tendency to get “rowdy” and apologized to anyone he “offended.”)

In an interview not long after his Independent op-ed, Weinstein reiterated to the Los Angeles Times that he thought Polanski was misunderstood, as was the industry. “Hollywood has the best moral compass,” he said.

The petition was also signed by Woody Allen, a director who had been plagued by allegations of sexual misconduct. In 2003, Allen’s ex-wife Mia Farrow alleged that the filmmaker sexually abused his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow. Dylan also later asserted that Allen abused her.

It turns out that Weinstein helped out Allen at the time, too. In 1994, fresh off of Farrow’s allegation, Allen “was shunned by Hollywood’s movie community,” the LA Times wrote, but his career was rehabbed with the help of Weinstein.

(Ronan Farrow, Farrow and Allen’s 29-year-old son, was the reporter who broke some of the more serious allegations against Weinstein in the New Yorker this week. Farrow is estranged from Allen.)

The LA Times reported that Allen’s deal with the studio TriStar Pictures had been cut off prematurely, and his future looked uncertain. Then Weinstein’s company Miramax signed him. “Shunned by Hollywood means nothing to Miramax,” Weinstein told the paper. “We’re talking about a comic genius.”

The Allen film Miramax took on in ‘94, “Bullets over Broadway,” went on to receive seven Academy Award nominations and win one. The Weinstein Company, the production company that succeeded Miramax, distributed many more of Allen’s movies.

Human rights lawyers chambers co-founded by Cherie Blair ‘is in crisis’ over new secret review into sex assault claims

  • QC who was lead counsel in abuse inquiry was cleared over sex assault claims
  • But a new review is critical of how the inquiry into the claims was handled
  • The chambers at the centre of the allegations has told members not to comment 

A top law-firm co-founded by Cherie Blair is said to have silenced its own members over a report into alleged sexual harassment.

Matrix Chambers, which was founded by the former Prime Minister’s wife in 2000, was at the centre of a storm last year over claims barrister Ben Emmerson QC sexually assaulted a woman in a lift.

He was cleared of any wrongdoing by a subsequent review by a retired judge, but a secret new report into that review is said to be critical of the way it was handled

The allegations centred on Mr Emmerson, who had been the lead counsel in the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA).

His quit his role on the inquiry after claims were made on BBC Newsnight about the alleged sexual assault.

Matrix Chambers then brought in Sir David Calvert-Smith, a respected senior judge, to look into the claims, over which no formal complaint was ever made.

The £1,700-a-day lawyer quit last September shortly after being suspended over concerns about his ‘leadership’, only to be cleared three months later of any wrongdoing.

Last year a Commons committee said the inquiry’s handling of the sexual assault and bullying allegations on its premises had been ‘wholly inadequate’.

It was accused of a cover up after lawyers who resigned from the probe said they were blocked from speaking out.

The Times reported today that a separate review commissioned by the chambers was critical of legal approach of the previous investigation and some of the findings.

However, the report is not being made public and members of the chambers are being told not to comment on it to the press, the newspaper reported.

The secret report will add to concerns over a perceived lack of transparency surrounding the investigations and any impact it may have had on the public inquiry.

Labour MP Lisa Nandy said: ‘It’s high time we saw some transparency and clarity from Matrix and the IICSA about these serious allegations.

‘It raises critical questions about how an inquiry set up to shine a spotlight on abuse failed fully to investigate allegations of misconduct within its own organisation.’

Matrix has been contacted for comment.

Mrs Blair left the chambers in 2014.

The Dark Web Devil: Cambridge University graduate blackmailed people – including children – into performing degrading acts he uploaded online

Dr Matthew Falder, 28, described by police as “truly evil”, targeted more than 50 victims while studying at prestigious Clare College

16 OCT 2017

A Cambridge University graduate forced men, women and children to carry out degrading acts on the dark web after blackmailing them.

Dr Matthew Falder, 28, described by police as “truly evil”, targeted more than 50 victims while studying at prestigious Clare College.

The party-loving former public schoolboy used selling website Gumtree to approach members of the public posing as a female artist.

Falder pretended he wanted to sketch nude paintings of his victims and convinced them to send him naked snaps.

The geophysicist secretly “harvested” their social media accounts and researched their family details and home addresses.

Falder has been described as “truly evil”

Falder, who had a long-term girlfriend, then threatened to make the photos public unless they agreed to his increasingly sick demands.

Using the ‘Dark Web’ to cover his tracks, Falder forced the victims – the youngest of whom was just 13 – to carry out degrading acts.

One woman was ordered to film herself licking the floor of a dirty toilet and send him the video.

Another victim was forced to scrawl offensive words on her body before sending the snaps to Falder.

Some of his targets were so traumatised they self-harmed or attempted suicide and are still receiving counselling.

He also secretly filmed unsuspecting victims as they showered at several locations in the UK.

The seismic researcher posted the videos and photos on forums on the Dark Web.

He also posted images of babies and children being tortured on the sites, which are invisible to regular internet users.

Falder encouraged one man to rape a four-year-old boy and post footage of the shocking attack online.

Detectives said the rape took place and is currently being prosecuted by an overseas police force.

Falder posed as an artist named ‘Liz’ on Gumtree and offered a 15-year-old girl £250 to send topless photographs of herself.

After she sent the snaps he demanded more and threatened to post them on Facebook and send them to her family and teachers if she refused.

He told another schoolgirl that he would post naked photos of her to every house on her parents’ street unless she agreed to his demands.

Falder boasted on Dark Web forums about blackmailing schoolgirls and asked them for advice on what degrading actions to demand.

Falder, who called himself ‘evilmind’ and ‘666devil’ online, was snared after a landmark two-year National Crime Agency investigation.

They were aided by experts at GCHQ – the Government’s communications spy centre in Cheltenham, Gloucs.

He was arrested while working as a postdoctoral researcher at Birmingham University in June.

The academic pleaded guilty to 137 separate charges dating back to 2010 when he appeared at Birmingham Crown Court.

He had studied at the University of Birmingham (Image:

He had studied at the University of Birmingham (Image:

The offences included blackmail, causing the sexual exploitation of a child, voyeurism and encouraging the rape of a child.

He also admitted possessing a “paedophile manual” and possessing and distributing indecent images of children.

The pervert denied 51 similar offences and these were ordered to lie on file by prosecutors.

Falder, who faces a maximum term of life behind bars, will be sentenced at the same court in December.

It is the first prosecution in the UK targeting sites dedicated to the discussion and sharing of “dark” material.

Matt Sutton, the senior investigating officer, branded Falder a “truly evil” offender and “prolific online predator”.

He said: “In 30 years of law enforcement I have never come across such horrifying offending. His sole aim was to cause pain and distress.

There are more than 50 victims in this case and I commend them for their bravery in helping us convict a truly evil offender.

“Over several years believed he could evade law enforcement to sexually and sadistically exploit vulnerable victims.”

Falder, originally from Knutsford, Cheshire, graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in Natural Sciences in 2010.

In a blog that has since been deleted, he wrote: “Do what you enjoy – not what you think you ‘should’ do.”

Ruona Iguyovwe, from the Crown Prosecution Service, said Falder “enjoyed humiliating his victims”.

She added: “The impact of his offending, which carried on over several years, has been significant.”

Falder’s dad Stephen said: “This has turned our lives upside down. It came as a complete shock and the family is totally devastated.”

Cambridge University said it was “deeply shocked and saddened” by the “awful crimes”.

A spokesman added: “ Our thoughts are with the victims and with their families, who have no doubt been deeply affected.”

Birmingham University described the crimes as “abhorrent” and said they were in “no way” connected with the university.


John Mann‏@JohnMannMP

This week Westminster must talk about its own Weinstein culture and the horrific treatment of those brave enough to complain .

 The response of Westminster to complaints about sexual predators is one of the great unspoken scandals. Time for an expose.

The Anglican Church has been embroiled for most of this year in a scandal involving decades-old abuses that occurred in elite Christian holiday camps for boys where Justin Welby worked in his 20s, before eventually assuming his current post as the Most Rev. Archbishop of Canterbury.

The archbishop has said that he knew nothing of the abuse until 2013, when the police were informed about it, and he apologized in February for not having done more to investigate the claims further.

But now the grown men who were victims of the abuse as boys are coming forward to challenge the archbishop’s version of events, casting doubt on his claims of ignorance.

The archbishop, 61, was working abroad in 1982, when an internal investigation by an influential Christian charity supported allegations of sadistic practices by John Smyth, a prominent lawyer and evangelical leader who ran the camps.

The results of that investigation were never made public, and the allegations were dismissed when they were first reported to the British police in 2013 because Mr. Smyth had moved to Africa and was no longer in the country’s jurisdiction. It was not until Channel 4 news disclosed the accusations in a report earlier this year that a criminal investigation was started.

The 1982 inquiry, by Mark Ruston, a close friend of the future archbishop who has since died, was conducted on behalf of the Iwerne Trust, the Christian charity that oversaw the camps. The trust, which was chaired by Mr. Smyth, was a part of a network of camps inspired by the Anglican clergyman E. J. H. Nash, who recruited boys from Britain’s elite schools in the hope of evangelizing them.

The report accused Mr. Smyth of subjecting at least 22 teenage boys to savage beatings in his garden shed, with the intent of purging them of perceived sins such as masturbation and pride.

Mr. Smyth, 75, who is keeping a low profile in South Africa, told Channel 4 news that the claims were “nonsense” and declined to comment further.

Although Mr. Ruston concluded that a criminal act had been committed, the trust decided not to refer Mr. Smyth to the authorities. Instead, he was banished first to Zimbabwe in 1982 and ultimately made his way to South Africa, where he faced new accusations in both countries about mistreated boys.

The report was filed away, and members of the trust, including Mr. Ruston, went on to assume influential positions within the Church of England and vowed, one trust insider said, never to speak about the matter publicly.

For decades, the victims suffered in silence, too ashamed to go public with their stories. All the while, they say, the main concern of officials was to protect the reputation of the trust rather than helping them.

“If this came out earlier, Iwerne would have been finished and its members wouldn’t have been able to rise up the ranks of the church in the way that they have,” said one of the victims, Andy Morse, who added that he attempted suicide twice because of the trauma he said was inflicted by Mr. Smyth.

Archbishop Welby, the principal religious leader in the Church of England, says it was not until one of the victims reached out to the church in 2013 that he learned of the accusations against Mr. Smyth. He said he was working in Paris between 1978 and 1982, when the alleged abuse was taking place, and had not kept in touch with his colleagues at Iwerne.

Although no one has produced proof that Archbishop Welby knew about the beatings at the time they were occurring, his account has been contested by several victims and former Iwerne members.

As an officer of the trust, they say, Mr. Welby was close to other senior members of the group and almost certainly would have been briefed on Mr. Smyth’s absence and the reason behind it when he came back to visit Iwerne after he graduated from Cambridge University.

While Archbishop Welby claims to have fallen out of touch with Iwerne members during his years abroad, an Iwerne event program shows that he came back to give a talk at the trust’s library in 1979.

Moreover, the archbishop and the investigator, Mr. Ruston, were extremely close, as friends and colleagues, the victims and some church figures say, adding that it strains credulity to think that they would not have discussed the matter.

Mr. Ruston was the vicar of the Round Church in Cambridge, England, from the 1960s to the early 1980s, and the archbishop lodged there during his final year at the university in 1978.

Reflecting on their relationship in a magazine article in 2013, Archbishop Welby wrote that, “Mark was someone whose personal holiness shone out in every aspect of his life. We prayed together regularly, talked together a great deal, and I was continually inspired by him to seek to follow Christ more closely.”

A Church of England spokeswoman confirmed that Mr. Welby had paid for lodgings at Mr. Ruston’s rectory during his time as a student at Cambridge University, but denied that they had been close friends or that they had remained in contact after he left for Paris in 1978.

“He was certainly not aware of any report or the allegation

Yet a senior Church of England figure who has questioned the archbishop’s account said that many people had heard about the accusations against Mr. Smyth at the time, but they knew to keep it “hushed up.” He withheld his identity because he was not permitted to comment on the issue while the police investigation was ongoing.

“It was a different time then,” he said. “Only recently has the church realized how crippling that silence was for the victims involved.”

The Iwerne insider, who was friends with Mr. Ruston during those years, said that all the senior members of the trust, including officers like Archbishop Welby, had been made aware of the allegations against Mr. Smyth, even those who had been abroad.

Another church figure, Alan Wilson, a Church of England bishop who is friends with former Iwerne members, said that he found it hard to believe the archbishop’s denials.

“I have no evidence, but I haven’t met a single Iwerne person who thinks it’s credible that Justin Welby didn’t know that Smyth had left the country under a cloud connected to his behavior toward boys who had been on Iwerne camps,” he said.

“Smyth was the chair of the trust, and just the fact that he suddenly dropped his law career and went to Africa would have raised questions,” he added.

The matter lay dormant until 2012, when Graham, one of the victims who withheld his last name to protect his privacy, came forward, demanding that the church provide him counseling.

“This whole affair has, I believe, cast a deep shadow over many aspects of my life, affecting my ability to do many things,” he wrote in an email to a member of the Church of England. “I have not worked now for 20 years. I want you, within the church, your circle, your elders, to find someone.”

In addition to counseling, he said, he was looking for justice, acknowledgment and assurance that Mr. Smyth was not committing the same abuses in South Africa that he is accused of in Britain.

It took six months before he received a response, which said there “might be someone who could help.” It was another 10 months before he received another email saying that the person they had in mind was “too busy.”

Graham said it was only after he accused Archbishop Welby of knowing about the abuse and threatened to go to the news media with his claims that he was assigned a therapist.

In response to his concerns over Mr. Smyth’s activities in Cape Town, Graham was told that the Bishop of Ely in Britain had written to the relevant bishop in South Africa but had not received a reply.

“I know this will be of no comfort to you and I’m sorry I have nothing more positive to say,” he was told. “I am hopeful that you may at last find a way to move on from that dreadful experience, in time.”

Many of the victims have asked why the archbishop did not reach out to them immediately after he says he learned of the abuse.

“The silence has been deafening,” Mr. Morse said.

The archbishop earlier broke his silence on a different abuse case by issuing a personal apology to a survivor for failing to respond to 17 letters that had sought his help, The Guardian reported on Sunday. The archbishop had written a letter to an abuse victim, saying that he had been aware that they had been “in communication” over a period of time and he apologized for the way in which the victim’s correspondence had been handled.

While the victims acknowledge that the church has made progress in its understanding of abuse in recent years, they have labeled Archbishop Welby an “observer,” a term that denotes a person who knew about the abuse but did not report it appropriately.

After more than seven months of silence, Mr. Morse received a phone call from Mr. Welby’s office last month asking what could be done for him and other Smyth victims.

Mr. Morse requested that the archbishop give a public interview on the matter and allow the victims to present him with evidence that shows the Titus Trust, which took over from the Iwerne Trust in 1997, lied to the police when the allegations were reported in 2013.

“Leave it with me,” the officer said. “I will make sure it happens.”

He is still waiting.

‘I’d never let him near children’: Leading child sex abuse expert who investigated said she would not trust former Prime Minister Ted Heath were he alive today

  • Dr Elly Hanson says Ted Heath would not meet ‘modern safeguarding criteria’
  • She hit out at the ‘hostile’ response to police enquiry into the late Prime Minister
  • Compared it to the Harvey Weinstein scandal in being late to surface in media

One of four ‘independent scrutineers’ given full access to secret details of child sex allegations against Sir Edward, Dr Hanson praised the ‘professional, thorough and sensitive’ inquiry.

Dr Hanson said: ‘The hostile response by some to the inquiry into Sir Edward Heath is disappointing. To label everyone who comes forward as fantasist is unfair and unhelpful. It sends completely the wrong message to all victims of sexual abuse.

‘As we have seen in the Weinstein case, if they feel they won’t be listened to they will remain silent.’

Suspected paedophile politician Cyril Smith ‘visited children’s home where kids were taken from to be molested’

David Pickton, 45, claims he regularly saw children being taken away to be molested at two homes where he was placed in the 1980s

14 OCT 2017

A man who claims he was a victim of physical abuse at a children’s home has told how suspected paedo MP Cyril Smith visited the site.

David Pickton, 45, claims he regularly saw children being taken away to be molested at two homes where he was placed in the 1980s.

The first was the Lady Tong Clinic, where he said he saw Smith.

David said: “He was humongous, you rarely see someone that big, so it stuck in my mind. I can’t think of any reason he’d have been there. You see stories about him being involved in child abuse. You have to ask if they were connected.”

David felt uneasy as soon as he arrived at the home in Bolton, Greater Manchester. He said: “There was a blow-up pool outside.

Two or three kids were in it, naked. There were some men watching, one was spraying them with a hosepipe. I was told to get in but I just thought it was wrong.”

He was not sexually abused but said: “We knew it was going on. Other kids would disappear for hours.”

Telling of the alleged violence he suffered at the home, he said: “At dinner I said I didn’t like the vegetables. One of the staff grabbed my nose, pulled my head back and stuffed the veg in my mouth.Another time I was locked in a coal bunker all day.”

At the second home, Highfield in nearby Tyldesley, he claimed: “At night a night porter would come in and wake up a few lads or a girl to abuse. One girl hid under my bed so they wouldn’t get her.

He also recalled a trip to a big house on Merseyside “where an old man lived”. He said: “Several kids again would go missing.”

The wide-ranging Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse is examining how Smith was allegedly able to target boys in care institutions around Rochdale, just 13 miles from the Lady Tong home.

David now fears a cover-up there after he was told his care records have been “lost”. He said: “These people who should have looked after us abused us, I can’t get my childhood back.”

Met police DID NOT probe claim by 11-year-old boy that he had been abused by Ted Heath because of policy not to investigate allegations against dead people

The now 68-year-old alleged victim reported made a complaint in April 2015
It was assumed the Met had investigated before deciding not to pursue the case
But it has been revealed it wasn’t looked into because of lack of ‘current risk’

Scotland Yard did not investigate the matter because of its new policy on ‘response to allegations of sexual abuse against deceased suspects’ – which can be revealed for the first time.


Teresa Cooper @Teresacooper 


Kendall House campaigner finds more links between Kent social services and notorious C of E children’s

Mark Grainger, also known as Gary Cooke, National Crime Agency’s Pallial

Man denies sexually abusing boy

Mark Grainger, also known as Gary Cooke is accused of multiple counts of abusing a child in the 1970s and 80s

A man has denied historical sex offences dating to the 1970s and 1980s.

Mark Grainger, also known as Gary Cooke, faces multiple charges of sexually abusing a boy, one indecent assault and four charges alleging an illegal sex act.

It follows an investigation by the National Crime Agency’s Pallial team which is probing historic sexual abuse in the North Wales care system.

Gary Cook, (also known as Mark Grainger) was jailed for 14 years
Mark Grainger also known as Gary Cook

Grainger, 66, formerly of Wrexham but who more latterly had been living in Galway Road, Leicester, did not appear at yesterday’s plea hearing at Mold Crown Court, he was said to be unwell.

His barrister, Esther Schutzer-Weissmann, said she had clear instructions that there would be not guilty pleas, and a trial was fixed to begin on July 2 next year.

The judge said that a pre-trial review would be held in March when the defendant would be asked to formally enter his pleas.

Richard Chartres – close friend of Prince Charles

Colette L Annesley‏ @ColetteAnnesley

Justin: *Compulsory age of retirement* from =HouseOfLords = 70 Chartres = 70 Why has @C_of_E elected Chartres at 70?

Richard Chartres – close friend of Prince Charles


Chartres – pillar of the Establishment

Richard Chartres  consecrated the Sanctuary at t Highgrove – where paedophiles Sir Jimmy Savile and Bishop Peter Ball spent a lot of time with Prince Charles



Jimmy Savile and Prince Charles’ very close friendship with sex abuse bishop Peter Ball

Throughout the years, Prince Charles and Peter Ball would pray together in the Sanctuary – a Harry Potteresque temple built by Prince Charles deep in a glade in Highgrove’s grounds.

At Highgrove, the Prince of Wales’s country home, had grown accustomed to these intimate exchanges when the Rt Rev Peter Ball, the now disgraced Bishop of Gloucester

Savile was for years a visitor to Highgrove

Health chiefs were said to have been ‘gobsmacked’ to arrive for a meeting at Highgrove to find Savile at the table. He apparently threatened the officials after the Prince left, saying making them unhappy could cost the officials a knighthood.

Top bishop’s diocese is under fire over a child sex abuse ‘cover-up’ after a trainee vicar raped two Christian girls

  • Timothy Storey was jailed for 15 years for for grooming girls on Facebook
  • ‘Arrogant’ Reverend Hugh Valentine refused to give evidence in court 
  • Reverend Jeremy Crossley is also now facing disciplinary action
  • Richard Chartres, head of the London Diocese was urged to punished them but did not


One of Britain’s best-known bishops faced controversy last night after it emerged his diocese refused to punish two leading priests in a new church child sex abuse row.

The London diocese, headed by the Bishop of London Richard Chartres – the third most senior Church of England cleric – faced a call by the bishop’s own independent inquiry to consider punishing two priests criticised after a trainee vicar raped two Christian girls.

But the diocese did not take any action, saying it could cause further upset to the victims.

The London diocese, headed by the Bishop of London Richard Chartres – the third most senior Church of England cleric – faced a call by the bishop’s own independent inquiry to consider punishing two priests criticised after a trainee vicar raped two girls

Oxford-educated Timothy Storey was jailed for 15 years last April after a court heard how he groomed hundreds of children on Facebook, using his position as children’s pastor to prey on ‘weak, insecure girls’.

Judge Philip Katz lambasted the ‘utterly incompetent failure’ of ‘arrogant’ church leaders to protect young girls – and accused them of a cover-up. Bishop Chartres apologised and set up an independent inquiry into the scandal.

The Mail on Sunday has established that it was concluded five months ago.

Its full contents were kept secret, but this newspaper can reveal the inquiry said both clerics should face disciplinary action – even though both had already been removed from their children’s supervisory roles. 

We can also disclose that the two clerics – identified in the report only as ‘clergy person A and B’ – are the Reverend Hugh Valentine and the Reverend Jeremy Crossley.

Valentine was Bishop Chartres’s adviser on child protection during Storey’s reign of terror. The Storey trial judge criticised his ‘arrogance’ in refusing to give evidence.

Valentine has carried on as curate at St James’s Church, Westminster. In his sermon last Sunday, entitled Sexuality And Bishops, he accused the Church of treating gays and lesbians like ‘embarrassing relations’ and said religion had helped breed ‘hatred’, including ‘homophobia, misogyny and racism’.

Valentine also works for a young person’s charity, the Walcot Foundation. Crossley was Bishop Chartres’s director of ordinands, and is Rector at St Margaret Lothbury Church in the City of London.

During Storey’s trial, Judge Katz said the diocese was ‘stone deaf’ to complaints from the victims of self-confessed sex addict Storey, and ‘shamefully’ tried to shift the blame to police. Some of its leaders ‘seemed to be worried about the reputational damage to the diocese’.

Police praised the media for finally bringing Storey to justice.

We can also disclose that the two clerics – identified in the report only as ‘clergy person A and B’ – are the Reverend Hugh Valentine (top) and the Reverend Jeremy Crossley (bottom)

The review ordered by Bishop Chartres said the Church should ‘consider an investigation under the Clergy Disciplinary Measure’ (CDM) into Valentine and Crossley.

It said the Church must face ‘the consequences’ of its blunders.

A spokesman for the diocese said: ‘Legal analysis concluded there were not sufficient grounds to pursue complaints under the CDM and any failed process would cause further pain to survivors.’

The decision followed an assessment by the diocesian safeguarding team, not the bishop.

IICSA transcripts from Oct 12 2017

Eileen Kershaw – one of Cyril Smith’s closest friends –  fellow councillor

He turned to her when he discovered that someone had reported him to the police


Liz Kershaw on the Radio 1 Evening Show 1988

Liz, 57, previously claimed Savile groped her breasts while she was on air at Radio 1 and insisted his behaviour was an “open secret”.

Liz started her career with the BBC at Radio Leeds and since then has mixed with some of the biggest names in the business including Tom Jones, George Michael, The Bee Gees

Liz had previously spoken out about rumours circulating about Savile and is looking forward to reading the Dame Janet Smith Review

Smith was a close friend of Liz’s mum Eileen Kershaw who became a Labour councillor in 1964 serving on Lancashire County Council, Rossendale Council and Whitworth Town Council.

Liz says as a child she never questioned Cyril’s character, but she has since made links between his behaviour and the allegations published after his death.

She said: “I was a child. I never felt uncomfortable.

“I didn’t really know what was going on or think to question it.

“But as I’ve watched from a distance it actually all seems to fit in place.”

Devoted siblings, she and (brother) Andy shared a house after uni and Liz tells hilarious tales of wild parties with pals like Carol Vorderman and singer Billy Bragg.

Carol Vorderman: ‘RIP Jimmy Saville …. Leeds has lost a much loved son … and we have lost a ray of sunshine …. #happymemories x

Cunard’s new £365million Queen Elizabeth liner was officially named by Her Majesty yesterday in a star-studded ceremony.

Hundreds of specially invited guests gathered at the ship’s home port of Southampton, Hants, to see the monarch give her blessing to the vessel.

Among those watching were Carol Vorderman, Alan Titchmarsh, Esther Rantzen and Sir Jimmy Savile, who said: “I feel a sense of great pride.”

Eileen Kershaw and husband Ron Pickup,—man-who-8591376

A FORMER teacher is celebrating becoming Rossendale’s longest-serving politician after 50 years in local government.

Rossendale and Lancashire Honorary Alderman Eileen Kershaw, 79, became a councillor in 1964 as she fought for the educational rights of Catholic children.

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

The boss of a police force which caved in to political pressure a life made a peer

What would you expect as remuneration for a botched investigation into Westmonster paedophiles.

Well you’ve got to give it to the Establishment: They do “settle” their bills fast!

Wisteria Lodge inquiry: Eight men charged over historical child abuse

They have been charged with a total of 29 offences relating to 15 children, including allegations of sexual and physical abuse.

Eight men accused of child abuse at former Coventry kids’ home in court today

Police charged the eight former Wisteria Lodge workers earlier this month

Eight men accused of abusing youngsters at a Coventry children’s home in the 1980s and 90s will appear in court today.

The charges against them include rape, indecent assault and child cruelty, and relate to allegations of historical abuse at Wisteria Lodge, in Earlsdon, between 1981 and 1997.

All of the eight men worked at the former home, which was demolished in 2009, and are due to appear at Coventry Magistrates’ Court this morning.

Wisteria Lodge, Earlsdon

10 October 2017

Wisteria Lodge was located on Earlsdon Avenue South

Police investigating allegations of historical abuse at a former Coventry children’s home have charged eight men with offences, including child rape.

The charges relate to allegations of child abuse at Wisteria Lodge between 1981 and 1997.

The men, some in their 70s, all once worked at the home, which was demolished in 2009.

They have been charged with a total of 29 offences relating to 15 children, including allegations of sexual and physical abuse.

Alan Todd, 72, from Coventry, is charged with one rape of a child, three indecent assaults and seven counts of child cruelty, between 1983 and 1995.

Ivan McChleery, 76, also from Coventry, is charged with two counts of indecent assault between 1996 and 1997 and two counts of child cruelty between between 1993 and 1995.

Peter Moore, 72, of Winston Avenue, Coventry, is charged with three counts of aiding and abetting an indecent assault on a child between 1995 and 1997.

Phillip Barnett, 64, Pat Duignan, 59, David Saunders, 64, David Fox, also 64 and Russell Garner, 58, are all charged with between one and four counts of child cruelty between 1981 and 1995.

The men are all due to appear at Coventry Magistrates’ Court later this month.


Oct 11 2017

Cyril SMITH reviewed on charges 1998 and 1999 when 2 more allegations were submitted – went to same reviewing lawyer who again decided not to proceed – even tho in 1998 he had also said that a conviction would prob have been obtained against Smith.

Skelthorn was a member of the Athenaeum Club – per the live iicsa


According to RAP (Rochdale Alt paper), Daily Mirror knew all about Smith but were waiting for him to die before publishing anything !


RAP published  about the time of Thorpe trial – no other msm other than private eye would touch the story

Lyndon Price director of social services

PRINCESS Margaret visited Rochdale 7 October 1981

Her first port of call was the Jacob Bright Children’s Centre in Whitworth Road where she officially opened the NSPCC special unit by unveiling a commemorative plaque.

As president of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, Princess Margaret was said to have been “delighted” to open the unit, one of 11 in Britain providing specialist treatment for abused children and their families.

Eight small children from Whittaker Moss nursery unit, Norden, saw the princess arrive.

A party of physically handicapped children from Fieldhouse School had waited half an hour in Whitworth Road and waved at the princess when the royal limousine pulled up.

The princess was shown around by Rochdale’s Director of Social Services, Mr Lyndon Price, and had a look in the nursery wing before moving in to the babies’ room and later unveiling a commemorative plaque.

Mr Price said later: “Princess Margaret said she had never been in a building that combined so much for the children and which was used to its fullest. She recognised the challenge at the nursery to keep the children occupied for most of their waking hours and she was impressed with the quality of service and the warm friendly atmosphere.”


                                 Lyndon Price, Children’s Officer and whistleblower

In 1965 a Rochdale social worker did report Smith’s abuse to the new Chief Children’s Officer Lyndon Price. Price, an intelligent, idealistic young professional, recognised the sadistic implications of naked spanking. He in turn reported it as sexual abuse to the chief constable, Patrick Ross, expecting him to prosecute Smith. The first police investigation of Smith took place at this point, and enough evidence was collected to prosecute. Sworn statements were taken from boys, but Ross refused to prosecute, telling Price ‘it had been decided’ that no action would be taken. Price suspected that Ross had been leaned on. By whom? Afterwards Ross moved to West Sussex constabulary as assistant chief constable, in anticipation of the amalgamation of all the town police forces into the Lancashire county constabulary under a new chief constable William Palfrey.

Price did not take it further, as he believed, probably correctly, that he would have lost his job, but Smith lost his position as chair of social services, the children’s committee refused to contribute a requested extra grant that year, and that year, 1965, Cambridge House was closed.

Jack McCann prev MP had intervened on behalf of Smith by contacting HO – which was Roy Jenkins

New Statesman published an article in 1980

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

The Athenaeum Club in Pall Mall was where Cardinal Hume introduced Savile … and where Terry Woods, Proctor’s lover, was a member.

Cardinal Basil Hume, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster, proposed Jimmy Savile for membership at the prestigious Athenaeum Club.

In Plain Sight: the Life and Lies of Jimmy Savile Dan Davies
Lord Alex Carlile of Berriew
As a QC he successfully defended butler Paul Burrell when he was accused of stealing millions of pounds of goods from the estate of the late Princess of Wales. He lists his recreations as politics, theatre, food and Association Football and is a member of the Athenaeum Club
Church of England appoints Lord Alex Carlile to review Bishop of Chichester George Bell Paedophile Claim
Virginia Bottomley is a member of the Athenaeum Club

Notable members on the Athenaeum club

George Hamilton-Gordon The 4th Earl of Aberdeen – Prime minister, KG KT PC. one of 7 children. Father was the grand master of the grand lodge of scotland.

Augustus Agar, naval hero

Matthew Arnold

H.H. Asquith – Prime minister, KG PC KC. lead Britain into ww1. Made many speeches at the masonic hall in Ladybank, there is a plaque commemorating his entry into parliament there.

Andrew Geddes Bain geologist, road engineer, palaeontologist and explorer – freemason

Owen Barfield
(1898–1997) philosopher, poet, etymologist, and solicitor – member of the inklings with Charles Williams. Williams was interested in the occult, and was a Rosicrucian, freemason and member of the golden dawn.

J. M. Barrie OM, Author of Peter Pan, alleged to have been a pederast, two boys who he became guardian of committed suicide.

Louis Lucien Bonaparte, linguist

Virginia Bottomley, Baroness Bottomley of Nettlestone, politician and headhunter

L.J.F. Brimble, botanist and editor of Nature magazine

James Bryce, 1st Viscount Bryce (1838–1922), jurist, historian and politician

Sir Francis Burdett, 5th Baronet
– freemason

William Burges (1827–1881), architect and designer
– freemason

Lord (Alec) Broers

Oscar Browning politician, historian (1837–1923)

Thomas Campbell (poet)

Gilbert Keith Chesterton (author)

Winston Churchill – prime minister, KG OM CH TD PC DL FRS RA, freemason

John Duke Coleridge, 1st Baron Coleridge (1820–1894)

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – freemason, spiritualist with interests in occultism. originally interred in upright position.

Joseph Conrad

Lord Curzon, MP, Viceroy of India, and British Foreign Secretary

Charles Darwin – many of his relatives and peers were freemasons, a lodge was consecrated in his name

Charles Dickens
– ridiculed masonry in satirical work, but has a lodge consecrated in his name and is referred to as a brother in some masonic publications.

Isaac D’Israeli– freemason

T. S. Eliot poet
– Interest in occultism, rumoured connection to the golden dawn

Michael Faraday

John Fisher, 1st Baron Fisher

Sir William Galloway (1840–1927) mining engineer, Professor of Mining at University College of Wales
Victoria Glendinning

Alec Guinness– interest in the occult, read the tarot, is said to of predicted james dean’s death

Henry Hallam historian, Commissioner of Stamps (1826)

Thomas Hardy had an interest in occultism

Cardinal Basil Hume – alleged to have protected peadophiles, introduced Savile to Pope John Paul II, suggested Savile for membership to the Atheneum. “He is a great admirer of what Jimmy has done for young people – and Stoke Mandeville – and is delighted to help in this matter.”

Roy Jenkins Chancellor of the Exchequer and Home SecretaryOM PC. oversaw legalisation of abortion and decriminalization of homosexuality as home secretary. Adviser to Tony Blair in the 90’s

Sir Reginald Fleming Johnston (1874–1938), Tutor of the Last Emperor of China

Charles Kemble

Rudyard Kipling, poet laureate
– freemason

(^ grandfather of Ted Heath defender, Lincoln Seligman)

H. F. B. Lynch, traveller and businessman

Walter de la Mare (1873–1956) author best known for his children’s literature. Had an interest in the supernatural and wrote many ghost stories.

Lord Robert Montagu (1825–1902)
– freemason

Thomas Moore (poet) – freemason

Sir Roderick Impey Murchison (1792–1871), President of the Geological
Society and the Royal Geographical Society.

George Nugent-Grenville, 2nd Baron Nugent (1789–1850)

Lord Palmerston
KG, GCB, PC – prime minister during the opium wars, freemason. grand master of Grand Orient Freemasonry, alleged member of the committee of 300 also known as the Olympians or the Hidden Hand

Harry St John Philby archaeologist and Arabist intelligence officer, alleged connection to the round table group, muslim convert, chief head of the Secret Service for the British Mandate of Palestine had extensive meetings with all involved in the Palestine question. They were Winston Churchill, King George, the Prince of Wales, Baron Rothschild, Wickham Steed, and Chaim Weizmann, the head of the Zionist movement.

Michael Polanyi

Vilayanur S. Ramachandran, Neurologist & neuroscientist

Cecil Rhodes PC, DCL – Freemason, formed secret society called the Society of the Elect which was connected with the round table movement and aimed to move humanity towards one world governance.

Emile Victor Rieu

Jimmy Savile[3] Prolific peadophile, self described ‘fixer’, Knight of Malta and Friend of Israel, interred at 45 degree angle.

Sir Walter Scott writer – freemason

Idries Shah, author on Sufism (1924–1996) wrote books on the occult also posited connections between sufism and freemasonry. Companion and secretary to Gerald Gardner who was a Wiccan, Rosicrucian, Ordo Templi Orientis initiate and freemason.

Tahir Shah, author son of Idries Shah

Richard ‘Conversation’ Sharp, critic, merchant and politician

Herbert Spencer (1820–1903)
known as the father of social darwinism, coined the phrase ‘survival of the fittest’, applied evolutionary theory to human society. a great influence on the eugenics movement.

Walter Starkie

James Joseph Sylvester, Mathematician

Sir Jethro Teall, geologist and petrologist

William Makepeace Thackeray author

Arnold J. Toynbee historian – argued the case for one world government.

Professor Rick Trainor, Principal of King’s College London

Anthony Trollope, author – Freemason

J.M.W. Turner, painter

Anthony Blunt – mi5 agent, soviet spy, alleged pederast, rumoured to have organised depraved blackmail parties. close to the rothschilds. possible mason.

Sir Barnes Wallis, engineer (1887–1979)
– inventor of the bouncing bomb, early proponent of drone aircraft.

Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington (1769–1852), KG, GCB, GCH, PC, FRS – Freemason

W. B. Yeats poet member of the golden dawn, interested in occultism

Eric Millar, historian of illuminated manuscripts[4]

Alexander Burnes, explorer in the Great Game – Grand Master of Scottish Freemasons in India and Grand Preceptor (Knights Templar) of Southern Asia

Harvey Weinstein Helped Woody Allen Save His Career After Abuse Allegations

“Shunned by Hollywood means nothing to Miramax,” Weinstein said in 1994. “We’re talking about a comic genius.”

In the early 1990s, Allen faced down his own scandal, revolving around allegations of abuse and scandal over his relationship with his ex-partner’s child. It was then that Miramax offered the filmmaker a deal for the 1994 comedy “Bullets Over Broadway.” In fact, Allen worked with Miramax on several more films throughout the ’90s, including “Mighty Aphrodite.”

In 1994, Allen’s reputation was in shambles and his career at an impasse. The filmmaker split with longtime partner Mia Farrow in 1992 following the revelation that he’d been having an affair with her daughter Soon-Yi, then in her early 20s. In the midst of the messy separation, allegations emerged that Allen had molested the couple’s young daughter Dylan.

At that point a well-established icon in the film world thanks to films like “Annie Hall” and “Manhattan,” Allen’s brand was suddenly toxic. The director “was shunned by Hollywood’s movie community,” wrote the Los Angeles Times at the time. Weinstein, though, was unperturbed by Allen’s reputation. “Shunned by Hollywood means nothing to Miramax,” Weinstein told the L.A. Times. “We’re talking about a comic genius.”



10 Oct 2017

Roman Catholic priest, 74, ‘withdrew £182,000 from his Vatican bank account and went on the run in Albania after being accused of sexually abusing schoolchildren’

  • Father Laurence Soper, 74, was a former abbot of Ealing Abbey in west London
  • Soper then skipped bail and flew to Kosovo when he was accused of sex offences
  • It is claimed the Catholic priest caned pupils to give himself a thrill at the school

A Roman Catholic priest withdrew £182,000 from his Vatican bank account and went on the run in Albania after he was accused of sexually abusing schoolchildren in the 1970s and 1980s, a court heard.

Father Laurence Soper, 74, a former abbot of Ealing Abbey in west London, skipped bail and flew to Kosovo when he was accused of sex offences including buggery and indecent assault on boys under 16, it is said.

Prosecutors say the abuse took place between September 1972 and July 1983 while Soper was headmaster at St Benedict’s School in Ealing.

Soper caned pupils to give himself a thrill at the school, where sexual abuse and violence was allegedly widespread, it is claimed.

One of his alleged victims said children ‘had been targeted by predators and assaulted’ at St Benedict’s and accused the school of a ‘serial cover up’.

A series of accusations were made against Soper after he resigned as abbot and went to live at the Benedictine headquarters at Collegio Sant’Anselmo in Rome, Italy, in 2000.

He flew to the UK to be interviewed by police about the claims in July 2004, June 2009 and September 2010, and was allowed to return to Rome on police bail until 11 March 2011.

But seven days before he was due to attend a police station in the UK, he flew to Kosovo, Albania, with 204,000 euros withdrawn from his Vatican bank account, jurors were told.

Soper, who was then working as general treasurer of the International Benedictine Confederation, claimed he had been paid to study a mystical strand of Islam in the Balkans, the Old Bailey heard.

Gillian Etherton QC, prosecuting, said: ‘As a result of the defendant failing to attend his re-bailed date attempts were made by the police and authorities to locate him.

‘After five-and-a-half years of being wanted by police the defendant was located in Kosovo.

‘A European Arrest warrant was issued for Andrew Soper’s extradition. Eventually the authorities deported the defendant.

‘The defendant was arrested for these offences at Luton Airport coming off a flight from Kosovo on 21 August 2016.

‘He was cautioned and replied: “I vigorously deny these allegations.”‘

She added: ‘You will hear that the defendant is a meticulous man who analyses and plans most things.

‘The prosecution say he carefully organised his leaving of Rome. It was his clear intention to fall below police radar.’

Soper has since been expelled from the monatsery of St Benedict of Ealing for ‘scandalous behvaiour’ but is still a priest, the court heard.

He has been charged with 19 alleged sex offences relating to 10 complainants, including buggery and indecency with a child.

According to charges, he indecently assaulted one boy on a school cycling holiday and anally raped him twice on other occasions.

Soper, who was in charge of discipline at St Benedict’s School while he taught there, is also accused of using caning as ‘a method to rouse and to gain sexual gratification’.

The defendant, described as ‘manipulative’, ‘perverted’ and ‘sadistic’ by various complainants, allegedly kept canes, a cat-o-nine tails whip and a leather strap in his desk.

One former pupil said he was ‘the scariest of the monks there’.

‘He was a disciplinarian and never smiled,’ added the complainant.

Jurors heard the former pupils were told to pull their trousers down while Soper punished them in his headmaster’s room for ‘false reasons’ such as kicking a football in the wrong direction.

The boys were left feeling ‘dirty and ashamed’ after the incidents – but just one of the 10 alleged victims told his parents what had happened.

He claimed his parents, who have since died, didn’t tell the police because ‘priests were much respected’.

Ms Etherton said: ‘A priest or a monk is a person to look up to and hold in deep respect, not someone to challenge or confront.

‘A young boy’s word against that of a priest – you may think it’s little wonder that most of the complainants at the time said nothing.’

One former pupil was paid £135,000 to settle a sex abuse claim against Soper out of court in 2010, while another one was paid £5,900 after launching a civil claim, the Old Bailey was told.

Former headmaster father David Pearce and former maths teacher John Maestri have previously been prosecuted for child abuse at the school, jurors heard.

The court heard that several of the complainants came forward after reading about allegations of sexual abuse at the school on the internet.

Soper, formerly of Peja, Kosovo, denies two counts of buggery, one count of indecency with a child, 10 counts of indecent assault on boys under 16 and six counts of indecent assault on boys under 18.

The trial continues.


MI5 knew of cover-up over Cyril Smith child abuse, inquiry hears

9 Oct 2017

MI5 knew the country’s chief prosecutor had covered up a sex abuse inquiry into Cyril Smith but did nothing because it was not its job to expose paedophiles, an inquiry has heard.

Files released by the intelligence agency show it was aware that the Director of Public prosecutions (DPP) had lied to a newspaper over its decision not to prosecute Smith. But it decided not to make the information public because its duty was to ‘defend the realm’ rather than to expose a  prominent politicians accused of being a paedophile.

The disclosure came during the first day of hearings into how Smith, the former Liberal MP, was able to abuse boys at Cambridge House hostel and Knowl View residential school in Rochdale. Smith died in 2010, having never faced prosecution.

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) last night released an MI5 briefing note which showed how Sir Thomas Hetherington, the then DPP, had lied to a local newspaper about the existence of a 1970 police inquiry into allegations of gross indecency made against Smith.

Had the DPP admitted Smith had been under investigation, it would have led to a new inquiry and Smith being put on trial in his lifetime.

Hetherington had called a legal adviser in the intelligence agency to inform him of the press interest from David Bartlett, a journalist with  the Rochdale Alternative Press. The briefing note states: “After consultations, the DPP’s press representative had untruthfully told Bartlett that they had no record of this case. In fact their file closely accorded with the details given by Bartlett.”

The MI5 file from 1979

The memo, from the MI5 legal adviser and written in April 1979, goes on to suggest that the South African intelligence agency had been “trying to obtain compromising information about political figures” and that Smith was one of them.

The police investigation into Smith had been closed nine years earlier in 1970 by Hetherington’s predecessor Sir Norman Skelhorn who decided it was unlikely to lead to a prosecution.

Skelhorn’s decision was made despite a senior detective warning that the “sordid” accusations against Smith “stood up”.

Brian Altman QC, IICSA’s lead counsel, told the inquiry: “The documents show that the Security Service’s legal adviser was informed of the false representations to the press from the DPP’s office.

“Based upon their review of the information they hold, the Security Service considers they took active steps to ensure that those involved in investigating allegations of child sexual abuse against Smith were made aware of all information of relevance to their inquiries.


wording here starts off exactly like the torygraph article – so ‘official brief via No 10?’

Don Hale report vindicated?



Andreas Baader‏ @stop1984

Cumbria ?

Millionaire couple in Limerick sex ring raid break silence over ‘nightmare’

6 Oct 2017

A MILLIONAIRE English couple have spoken of their “nightmare” at being at the centre of a sex ring investigation, which saw their lavish Limerick home raided by UK police and gardai.

Grahame and Florence Brown, aged 73, repudiate all allegations made against them and a number of other people. They include rape, beastiality, neglect, assault and the indecent assault of two females – a mother and daughter.

They say the gate lodge of Dromkeen House, where they live, has been attacked by two men yelling “paedophile” since the story broke.

“We’ve never been in any paedophile ring, sex ring, ever, ever. I’ve never been to a sex party or anything like that. It’s a nightmare,” said Florence.

Her husband of 53 years, Grahame said: “We just try to help people, we don’t try to rape people.”

Two weeks ago, Cumbria police officers, assisted by gardai, carried out an extensive search of their 22 room Queen Anne house in Dromkeen. Computers, phones and family photos were taken.

“The investigation relates to allegations of non-recent abuse,” said a Cumbria Police spokesperson.

“Alleged offences under investigation include neglect, assault and indecent assault, where the injured parties were below the age of 16. The investigation is on-going but the alleged offences date back as far as the 1970s and are alleged to have been committed in Cumbria,” he continued.

Grahame and Florence say they have already been investigated in relation to the mother’s allegations.

The allegations had been before Judge Bell in 1995 and condemned by him as having no substance in law and were upheld by Justice Butler Sloss in the High Court in London that same year – the accuser having her children taken from her and sectioned under the Mental Health Act,” wrote Grahame in an email to the Limerick Leader.

He said the psychologist’s report read that they were the “rantings of a psychopath”.

“We were interviewed by the police in 1995 and nothing became of it,” said Grahame, who bought Dromkeen House in 1988 after seeing an advert in Country Life magazine.

“I heard a voice which told me, ‘Buy the house to shelter God’s people’. We flew to Shannon the very next day and we bought it. There was a tree growing out of the roof. We let people who hadn’t a home live here.

“About 10 years ago I realised it was going to be me that was going to be sheltered here instead of the homeless people. The businesses were prospering enough to spend big money on it – over a million. I’ve never got any grants from the Government. It’s a Queen Anne house built in 1702, the history of it goes back to 1320. There are 12 houses here now,” said Grahame.

He denies ever being on a sex offenders list when it is put to him by the Leader. Florence says they would have given police the keys to their houses instead of them having to smash glass in the doors to gain entry.

“They searched our house in England as well. They dug up a concrete floor in the house in England looking for a cellar that she said I had taken her to, tied her up and raped her. I was absolutely… It was so shocking to me. Of course they couldn’t find a cellar because there isn’t a cellar there,” said Florence.

Grahame said: “There is nothing that they would hoped to have found here”. The couple say they are “just Christians”.

“We are not in a cult or anything. We just have a simple faith. We are just Christians. We are just people who have come to Ireland because we felt the Lord telling us to. All we want is peace and quiet. We don’t want it to happen again,” they say.

The Brown family made their fortune from the smoked salmon business.

Cumbria Police had not replied to a media query asking about the current status of the investigation at the time of going to press.

21 Sept 2017

AROUND a dozen UK police officers travelled to County Limerick this week to investigate a sex ring, the Limerick Leader has learned.

They were assisted in Monday’s raid on a house in Dromkeen by over 10 Limerick gardai. The back door was kicked in, several items removed and taken back to England for further analysis.

According to sources, the lengthy searches of the house are connected with sex abuse – including abuse of underage persons – which is alleged to have happened in the mid-1990s.

Gardai remained tight-lipped on the focus of the raid as it was led by police from Cumbria, located in North West England. Residents of Dromkeen were at a loss as to why over 20 police and 10 vehicles descended on their quiet rural area at 9.30am on Monday.

“It is the talk of the place. Nobody knew what was happening. I never saw so many guards and cop cars in my life. It was like something you’d see on TV,” said one local.

The Leader has learned the allegations centre around the activities of wealthy business people some 20 years ago.

A spokesperson from the Cumbrian police press office told the Leader: “Officers from the gardai assisted Cumbria constabulary officers in executing a warrant at a property in County Limerick on Monday and Tuesday, September 18 and 19.”

“The warrant related to an on-going investigation into non-recent abuse alleged to have been committed outside of the Republic of Ireland.

“Three people have been arrested this week in connection with the investigation. A man and a woman in their 70s from Cumbria and a man in his 80s from Bedfordshire. The man and woman from Cumbria have been bailed and the Bedfordshire

Dozens of witnesses are expected to give evidence when Vatican treasurer Cardinal George Pell faces an Australian court again in March on charges of historic sexual assault.
Pell appeared at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court Friday after he was charged by detectives from Victoria Police in June.
The witnesses will give evidence and will be cross-examined during a month-long committal hearing scheduled to take place from March 5 next year.
The committal hearing will determine whether there is enough evidence to commit him to stand trial at a higher court.

2 Oct 2017

Mandate Now‏ @mandatenow

Despite not featuring in Court Listings, the Trial of Soper commences in Court 7 of the Old Bailey at 10.30 today.



Ted Heath ‘abused boys young as 11’: Bombshell police report details 42 assault claims and one ‘rape of underage male’ with two cases linked to ex-premier’s interest in sailing

  • The controversial report into paedophile allegations against Sir Edward Heath includes claims he sexually assaulted boys as young as 11 
  • Some of the more serious allegations are linked to the sailing world 
  • The report will say that seven of the allegations are sufficiently credible to justify questioning Sir Edward under caution were he alive today

Some of the most serious allegations, which include at least one rape and span his five decades as an MP, are linked to the sailing world. The former Prime Minister was a skilled yachtsman.

The report will say that seven of the allegations are sufficiently credible to justify questioning Sir Edward under caution were he alive today. One of the seven is said to involve the rape of an underage boy. Two were linked to his interest in sailing and allegedly occurred in Guernsey and Jersey.

It is thought that at least two of the other seven most serious allegations occurred in Wiltshire, where Sir Edward lived at Arundells, a mansion in Salisbury. It is not known if the alleged crimes happened there.

Two separate allegations are said to have been made by individuals in ‘prominent’ positions today. It is thought they were reporting the alleged abuse of others.

The Mail on Sunday has been told that at least one allegation relates to a boy younger than 11 but we have been unable to confirm this.

And according to one unconfirmed report, some claims refer to the music world – Heath was known as an orchestra conductor.

It is understood that the report rejects three of the main arguments used by Sir Edward’s friends to combat the allegations: that he would have few opportunities to commit such crimes because he couldn’t drive and never owned a car; that for most of his long career he had round-the-clock police protection; and that he was asexual.

The report says Sir Edward’s former police bodyguards said they did not watch him 24 hours a day and that for much of his political life he had no protection at all.

It says he could drive – though bizarrely there is no record of him having had a driving licence – and at various times owned a Rover 2000 and Vauxhall Viva.

And it says former aides said they were certain he did have consenting sexual relationships with adults.

Furthermore, the report says:

  • 42 claims of child sex abuse include at least one rape of an underage boy. Most alleged victims were boys aged 11 to 15;
  • Some were “rent boys” or from ‘low-life’ backgrounds. Others were boys he encountered elsewhere. Nine of the 42 claims were already on police files, in some cases for decades, but had been dismissed;
  • Allegations date from the mid- 1950s when he was Chief Whip to the 1990s when he was in his 70s;
  • Places where alleged crimes occurred are generally referred to as ‘public places’. At least one is said to have happened in a hotel. Two allegations were made by ‘senior professionals’. Mr Veale is expected to say that he went to great lengths to avoid errors made by other police investigations into historic sex abuse allegations

The inquiry was told by a retired Wiltshire policeman that plans to prosecute an individual in the 1990s were dropped when the person threatened to claim in court that they had procured rent boys for Sir Edward.

Mr Veale recruited eight of Britain’s most senior retired detectives to boost the 24-strong Wiltshire Police inquiry.

Mr Veale is expected to give a robust response to those who say it is pointless to investigate a dead man on the grounds that he can never be put in the dock, arguing that police have a special duty to probe alleged corruption in high places. Conifer was set up in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal.

No victims are referred to by name in the 100-page inquiry summary to honour a pledge of lifetime anonymity – although they are included in the full 350-page report given to the Home Office and the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA).

This newspaper has been told the report lists the allegations against Sir Edward, who died aged 89 in 2005, in five categories:

1. Seven ‘victims’ whose accounts would warrant interviewing him under caution, including the alleged rape of a boy.

2. Sixteen ‘vulnerable’ cases whose accounts fall just short of similar action due to an ‘element of undermining evidence’, including fading memory.

3. Ten cases including ‘third parties’ – complainants who said others had been abused by Sir Edward but not themselves. When police tracked down the alleged victims in these cases they gave the same account, but named other individuals as being the person who had been abused. It is thought that they wanted to expose Sir Edward without admitting he had assaulted them. It includes people who are married with children and want to put the matter behind them but felt compelled to act as well.

4. Six cases including one individual who is to be prosecuted over three bogus claims. Three others withdrew complaints.

5. Three complaints were made anonymously.

Q Why haven’t the 42 allegations come to police attention before?

A Several did but were dismissed as bogus. Mr Veale reopened complaints buried in police files. The report says some did not complain at the time because they feared they would be ignored in an age when such complaints against VIPs were rarely investigated.

Q If only seven ‘victims’ would warrant police action, are the others bogus?

A Not necessarily. Police erred on the side of caution, and at least two were left out of the top category at the last minute.

Q What happens now?

A The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse said last month it is to study whether the report has any relevance to claims of an historic Westminster child sex ring and allegations of a cover-up involving Government Whips.


Jersey! Isn’t that the place Heath’s mate Savile never visited?


justme @zante03

imagine the shock of finding out a PRIME MINISTER was raping kids of aged 11. was he blackmailed into the Common Market?

Archbishop of Canterbury criticises BBC’s handling of Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal’

30 Sept 2017


Archbishop of Canterbury accused of hypocrisy by sexual abuse survivors

Comments follow Justin Welby’s criticism of the BBC over its handling of the Jimmy Savile abuse cases

Survivors of sexual abuse by Church of England figures have accused Justin Welby of “breathtaking hypocrisy” after the Archbishop of Canterbury criticised the BBC for the way it handled abuse by Jimmy Savile.

Welby said the BBC had not shown the same integrity over accusations of child abuse that the Catholic and Anglican churches had.

In a statement, six survivors of abuse by powerful church figures rejected Welby’s comments and said the record of the church and Welby himself was one of “silence, denial and evasion”.

Their statement said: “Speaking from our own bitter experience, we do not recognise Archbishop Welby’s description of the integrity with which the Church of England handles cases of abuse in a church context.

“Far from the ‘rigorous response and self-examination’ he claims, our experience of the church, and specifically the archbishop, is of long years of silence, denial and evasion. The Church of England needs to confront its own darkness in relation to abuse before confronting the darkness of others.”

“I know from my own experience, and the experience of others, that safeguarding within the C of E is appalling,” Ineson said. “The church has colluded with the cover-up of abuse and has obstructed justice for those whose lives have been ruined by the actions of its clergy. I have been fighting for five years for the church to recognise its responsibilities and I’m still being met with attempts to bully me into dropping my case.”

Welby was invited to contribute to a series on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme marking the programme’s 60th anniversary and changes in British society over the period.

Jimmy Savile, CofE churchwarden

Enough Abuse‏ @EnoughAbuseUK

what a remarkable comment given the ourtrageous abuse over decades by C of E church men on innocent children.Put your own house in order !

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

Justin Welby, why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy Beeb’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

Truthseeker1‏ @thewakeupcall09

St John the Baptist Newsletter Dec 2011 /Jan 2012 3/3

St John the Baptist Newsletter Dec 2011 /Jan 2012 2/3

Colette L Annesley‏ @ColetteAnnesley

Justin/Ailsa/ Will Adam (Canon Law) Please advise

1. Who was Diocesan Bishop when was given non-legal position in Church ?

2. Who suggested – illegally – that occupy a non-compliant position in the ?

3. Who authorised to be licensed in a non-legal-breach-of-Canon-Law *fraudulent position?

Justin/Ailsa/Will Please respond on Open Twitter and ahead of your Meeting. Thank you.

Justin/John Please advise 4. Did the investigate how/why Bennett had elected as ‘HonAss’ Church Warden 20+ times?

David Bennett friend of trained at Wells Theological College as did

JJ Nortyperson‏ @JJNortyperson

and what safeguarding was in place, what investigation has been carried out in Jimmy Savile’s churchwarden position?

Savile, St John the Baptist’s In the Wilderness, Cragg Vale & Hebden Bridge

St John the Baptist in the Wilderness

Cragg Vale, St John's In the Wilderness

Cragg Vale, St John’s in the Wilderness

Savile had ties with Calderdale. He often used to visit St John’s Church, Cragg Vale, for which he raised thousands of pounds, and was an honorary church warden. He was a popular figure in the Calder Valley right up until his death. In the 1970s he had a caravan parked outside the Hinchliffe Arms Cragg Vale. [‘Savile acted ‘unacceptably’ with dead bodies in hospital mortuary, report claims, Halifax Courier, 26 June 2014]


In 1967 Savile became Honorary Churchwarden of St John in the Wilderness at Cragg Vale, despite the fact he had only come to the church to help fix a job for a vicar as reported in the Halifax Courier:

“I first came down here to help the church find a vicar and soon after was appointed church warden for my efforts.”

Who had asked Savile down to find a vicar in the first place? And who appointed him Honorary Churchwarden?

In 1960 Rev. David Bennett was ordained and the following year he joined the Victory Lodge in Halifax as a freemason, going on to become one of the most decorated Freemasons in the county of Nottingham in his later career

Having been appointed as ‘Priest in Charge’ of St John the Baptist in the Wilderness in 1967 Rev. Bennett was to eventually have a 25 year long working relationship with Jimmy Savile in youth support and development.


Sir Jimmy began fund-raising there in 1967 when his friend, the Rev David Bennett, enlisted his help to raise £8,000 for a new vicarage. The veteran presenter returned regularly to lead 10-mile sponsored walks in aid of the church and other good causes in Calderdale until the late 1970s” (St John’s mourns for honorary church warden Sir Jimmy Savile Halifax Courier – 01 November 2011)

Sir Jimmy Savile during a visit to St John's church, Cragg Vale

Sir Jimmy Savile used to stay in a caravan at nearby Cragg Vale but was never interviewed by police.

Calls for investigation into murder of girl, 13, who was dumped in a canal in 1994 just miles from where shamed Jimmy Savile used to take holidays

  • Lindsay Jo Rimer was murdered in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire
  • But the case remains unsolved after 19 years
  • It has emerged that Savile would often holiday just miles from her home

Police have said they do not know Savile’s movements in November 1994

He made no public appearances that month and was not making programmes for the BBC.

Lindsay’s family lived at Lower Rough Head Farm, near Savile’s holiday spot before moving into Cambridge Street, Hebden Bridge, before her disappearance.


Savile was never interviewed by police, despite being a regular visitor to the area, and despite having ‘a police record’.


Officers had been deployed during Hebden Bridge’s traditional bonfire night celebration, on the basis that Lindsey might have met her killer at last years event, held two days before she vanished.

The Guardian London, Greater London, England Monday, November 6, 1995 – 4

Truthseeker1‏ @thewakeupcall09
Honorary church warden Jimmy Savile

Savile and the high ranking Freemason W Bro David Bennett

St John’s mourns for honorary church warden Sir Jimmy Savile

The Rev James Allison said he had attended a service there as recently as six months ago and would talk proudly of his honourary role.

“He never announced he was coming, I would just look up and there he’d be in all his glory, usually wearing a shellsuit and everything,” he said.

He was lovely – a really nice man. We are very sad to have lost him. He was a good friend of the church.”

Sir Jimmy began fund-raising there in 1967 when his friend, the Rev David Bennett, enlisted his help to raise £8,000 for a new vicarage. The veteran presenter returned regularly to lead 10-mile sponsored walks in aid of the church and other good causes in Calderdale until the late 1970s.

His lengthy TV career had its roots in Calderdale, with one of his first stints on screen in the 1947 film A Boy, A Girl And A Bike, about a fictional cycling club based in Hebden Bridge.

The late Sir Jimmy Savile was an honourary warden at St John’s church, Cragg Vale, which he raised thousands of pounds for over the years. He is pictured outside the church on September 28, 1991.

Read more at:

Sir Jimmy, then a racing cyclist with Leeds Olympic Club, appeared as an extra alongside members of Halifax Road Racing Club.

Derek Browne, honorary president of the Halifax club, said: “This was possibly his first taste of being involved in show business.”

pgs 14-15

Freemason Rev David Edward Bennett

Rev David Bennett procurer of children for Savile ?

The MP for that area is Ken Clarke.
1970  Jimmy Savile co-founds The Kingfisher Project in N.Notts (Retford)


A coach travels from Retford gathering organisers and children from agreed points. The coach stays with the party for the week in the Gower. Most of the volunteers travel the day before the children by mini bus and a Transit van full of equipment. The “advanced” party prepare the premises prior to the arrival of the children.


A multi-disciplinary team of teachers, social workers, youth workers and students. No member of the team is paid for his/her services.

Cost to children and their families

Talk by
W. Brother Reverend David E. Bennett, Provincial Grand Chaplain
The Kinghts of Columbus & the Knights of St. Columba. The Influence of Freemasonry.

Meeting followed by an informal finger-buffet lunch.

Any brother wishing to attend should contact the Lodge Secretary no later than 7 days prior to the meeting.

W. Brother David was born in London, and in due course received an MA from Cambridge. He completed his National Service as a sergeant in the RASC-Parachute Regiment. He attended the Wells Theological College, and was ordained in Wakefield Cathedral .

His first Ecclesiastical appointment was as curate of Halifax Parish Church

David spent much of his early working life involved in education in the West Riding of Yorkshire, moving to North Derbyshire, to County Durham, and Northumberland.

He became an Educational Inspector for Nottingham County Council, and appointed Chaplain to the Lord Mayor of Nottingham in 1988.

David was initiated into the Craft in 1961 into Victory Lodge and in due time became an active Provincial Officer has also been WM of Notts. Installed Masters and gained Provincial and Grand Ranks in Mark, Red Cross, Knights Templar, Allied Degrees. 30o Rose Croix, and past Z in Royal Arch

Last year was the 50th anniversary of David’s Ordination, and this year marks his 50th year in Freemasonry

As can be seen David has had a very active and distinguished career in Freemasonry and his dissertation on the Knights of Columba and Columbus should prove to be very interesting and enlightening.


CABINET minister Ken Clarke was dramatically dragged into the Jimmy Savile scandal yesterday.

It emerged that BBC pervert Savile was “given the keys” to Broadmoor secure hospital around 1988 — when Mr Clarke was Health Secretary.

Mr Clarke was last night forced to defend himself, saying: “I have no
recollection of ever having met Jimmy Savile and no recollection of these events.

“The Department of Health are now investigating to establish the facts.”

Rev David bennett of Nottingham Gunthorpe high street met Savile after his mining accident in LEEDS where they apparently bonded. before he/they went on the prowl

Bennett & pierce procured little children for their little DEVIL Savile!!! in 1970s fund raising runs at Holme pierpont

THE SNUFF MERCHANT Blunt, with, Wilson, Heath, The Famous 5, Christine Keeler, & Co. & all The Other Perverts. Savile has Opened The Gates. Of Buck House, in More Ways Than One, & Blunt’s Legacy is the Blazing Trail, Leading Right To The Heart of The BRITISH ESTABLISHMENT.
It is No Good Them Burying Their Heads in The Sand This Time, as Too Many People are Equipped With Spades, to Dig Them Out, & Expose Them & Their Evil Practices.
My interest in this at the Time was Blunt,who was The Third Man in The Spy Ring, & why he was never prosecuted. This lead me on to him having recruited Savile, as a Procurer, & User. This gives a Tie in to Buck House
maybe a small jigsaw piece but TRUE. This was an Anon. Comment sent to tapThere is also his buddy “Rev David Bennett” of Main street Gunthorp Nottinghamshire (partner in deviant crime) friendship with Jimmy, from 1968 currently underground.
partnered Savile in running a highly publicised Nottinghamshire charity run with children.
Bennett procured under age children as jimmy’s (50+years) personal chaperones where they were abused.
ex priest in charge of St. Edmund’s Church, Holme Pierrepont, a parish church in the Church of England .
Holme pierrepont parish church 70s, 80s to 90s
Was is a Mason & School inspector!! so well placed to fantasize or even abuse?
Such an unsavoury person even his 2 children have diss-owned him & so deluded with his version of Christianity have turned their backs & become christadelphians? or other, even moved travelled away.
His retirement created a full twin page local hero spread in the Nottingham post a few years ago, pals in high places!!!
I know he personally groomed a small girl he had his eye on in the church of a local family over a few years where he eventually made out she had fallen for him. he propergated a rumour they were a item and even his family thought he was going to leave his wife for her. “A total dreamer” leaving the girl with no where to turn to for help. as he held so much weight in the community and what was she but a small girl, horrified in the mess she found her self in. he was waiting for her to come of age to pounce the ponce.
his buddy in crime was Cannon pierce of the R-O-T Saint Marys church main street Radcliffe-o-trent whilst married carried affairs with impunity.
I personally remember a salivating pervy pedo jimmy savile visiting the Rushcliffe School W/B Notts. in approx 1974 where he had the command of a massive hall rammed with little children to talk too? he must have been so drunk on his good fortune that day.

Aquila Methodist Church, St Helier, Jersey, Channel Isles



Now closed, Savile’s connections with the former Aquila Road Methodist Church and its Youth Club must be reviewed in light of one of Savile’s great supporters Sir Harold Haywood, who as Director of National Association of Youth Clubs gave Savile his vice-presidency next to Sir Angus Ogilvy’s Presidency, and also gave Savile dominion over former NAYC charity for disabled PHAB once it became independent in 1974 just prior to Haywood’s departure for the Albany Trust.

Savile certainly wanted to draw in more than just Roman Catholics under a banner of Christian abusers unite, aiming also to include Ulster Protestant loyalists, Methodists and Anglicans amongst his followers in his role of most ancient and loyal shepherd of the Great Britisher Empire.

Jimmy Savile abuse report: Who were the BBC staff who kept their mouths shut about star?

The near-800 page report says 72 people were abused by Savile in relation to his work at the BBC, including 19 at Top Of The Pops and 17 in connection with Jim’ll Fix It. Savile raped eight victims – two of whom were male – and indecent assaulted 47 on victims.

Who kept their mouths shut?

Image result for hugh semper uk

Canon Colin Semper – who was at the time known as Reverend Colin Semper – was producer of Speakeasy and helped Savile write God’ll fix It, which was published in 1979. Smith’s report said while Semper never saw Savile have illegal sex, he thought he might have had sex with underage girls but failed to report up.

Colin Semper is a retired Anglican priest who was the Head of BBC Religious Department for 13 years from

“I worked with him on one of his radio programmes for four years and I wish I could have had one of our devlaued pounds for every time someone said – ‘What’s he really like, that Jimmy Savile?” I never knew how to reply, still don’t. Sometimes I listed his qualities – shrewd, Yorkshire canny, highly intelligent, tremendously generous with his time, marvellous at seeing people’s difficulties with a straight eye, warm but difficult to know well, funny and so on.”

He once talked to Mr Edward Heath and messed up his question a bit. The talk went like this:

Heath: What you’ve just asked me is a contradiction in terms.

Savile: We can talk like that on this programme, boss

Heath: It seems to me a curious and strange way to go on

Savile: That’s what makes you Prime Minister and me a millionaire.”

The Very Reverend Colin Semper worked with the presenter on Speakeasy, a BBC radio discussion programme for teenagers which ran in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

“I didn’t actually see it. It probably did happen. So what was said (by Dame Janet) is probably the absolute truth.”

Canon Semper admitted that even though he had suspicions “he didn’t tell anybody of authority” and “perhaps he should have done”.

The report states: “I accept that Canon Semper did not ‘know’ that Savile had sex with under-age girls in the sense of ever seeing it happen, but he clearly did ‘think’ that Savile had casual sex with a lot of girls, some of whom might have been under age.


Canon Semper was one of three people who were named by Dame Janet Smith in a new report where she said they should have spoken up.

The report into sexual abuse by Savile says there was “no evidence” any senior member of the BBC was aware of his behaviour.

Colin Semper 12:22

Colin Semper, the renowned and silver tongued former broadcaster and raconteur

Colin Douglas Semper (born 5 February 1938[1]) is a retired Anglican priest.

Semper was educated at Lincoln Grammar School and Keble College, Oxford and ordained in 1963.[2]

Semper was Recruitment and Selection Secretary for the Advisory Council for the Church’s Ministry until 1969 when he became Head of Religious Programmes for BBC Radio and Deputy Head of Religious Broadcasting for the BBC, positions he held for 13 years. He then became Provost of the Cathedral Church of St Michael, Coventry.[4] and after that Treasurer of Westminster Abbey.

In retirement he continued to serve as a non-stipendiary priest at St Mary’s Frensham.[5]

Provost of Coventry Cathedral

Livery Lunch 2016 – Feltmakers thank retiring Chaplain, Colin Semper

Colin Douglas Semper was born on 5th February 1938 and educated at Lincoln Grammar School, Keble College Oxford and Westcott House Cambridge.  He was ordained in 1962 and became the Curate at Holy Trinity with St Mary Guildford.

His career covered numerous appointments including Head of Religious Programmes for BBC Radio and Deputy Head for Religious Broadcasting, Provost of Coventry Cathedral and finally Canon and Treasurer of the Westminster Abbey, which allowed him to wear the distinctive red cassock.

On his retirement from the Abbey he moved to Surrey and took up an Honorary Post at Charterhouse School and became a non-stipendiary priest at St Mary’s Frensham.

He took up golf and played in a number of the Feltmakers’ golf days.

Colin met his wife Janet on a blind date at Nutford House, a Hall of Residence of the University of London, and they married in 1961.  They have two sons, Giles and Hugh.

Colin preaching at the 2008 Feltmakers’ Carol Service

The first Livery function that Colin attended was the Mansion House Banquet in 1977 when George Rice was Master.  His next connection was as Honorary Chaplain during David Watling’s year as Master in 1985/6.  During that time he became known to members of the Livery and when Canon Richard Tydeman retired, Colin was the natural choice to take over.

Colin initiated the annual Feltmakers’ Carol Service, the first being at Westminster Abbey, and which is still celebrated. He has a natural wit and is a fine after dinner speaker.

He now lives quietly in a beautiful cottage opposite the church in Frensham village, near Farnham.

Colin Semper, David Astor (friend of child murderer Myra Hindley) and Richmond Fellowship charity (1992)

Greenshields digs deep to help hospice

Above (Left to R Rt Reverend Colin Semper, Hugh Semper, Jane Hawkins (Manager of Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Furniture Showroom), George Greenshields.

FARNHAM-based company Greenshields JCB has stepped in to support the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice and provided the charity with a sparkling new van.

The vehicle will allow the hospice to collect and deliver furniture to those in need across Surrey and Hampshire, from Cranleigh to Camberley.

The donation was in memory of Janet Semper, a friend of company founder George Greenshields who received support from the hospice while suffering with a terminal illness.

A ceremony held at the hospice in Farnham offered the opportunity for Janet’s husband, the Rt Reverend Colin Semper, along with son Hugh, to bless the vehicle and future fundraisers.


The Neary affair. Whatever the other rights and wrongs of the business, one fact that can no longer be disputed is that the Nearys’ financial involvement with the Choir occurred with the knowledge and acquiescence of the man responsible at the time, the former Canon Treasurer Colin Semper,+canon+of+westminster.&source=bl&ots=SpIk2qhb5X&sig=R6NOQWO_yswNZoDr88IMI9mXUgM&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjSqODAhc7WAhXCrVQKHeW6CCAQ6AEIRDAF#v=onepage&q&f=false

The Very Rev Colin Semper, who was Canon of Westminster for ten years until 1997, when he retired after a heart attack, says he has just retired again from being a parish priest in Frensham, near Farnham, Surrey. “It was probably the most satisfying job I ever had. I loved it,” he says. He is an incisive interviewer and broadcaster, once a regular guest on the Terry Wogan show and Thought for the Day.

Sidney Sayer Ashfold – former vicar of St. Mary the Virgin Church in Henlow 1968 – 1978

Official opening in 1977- Alan Burnage, Chair of Governors, Rt. Rev. Robert Runcie, Bishop of St Albans, David Hines, Head Teacher, and Rev. Sidney Ashfold, Vicar of Henlow.
The school, formerly Henlow Voluntary Controlled Middle School, opened in September 1976 with the official opening and dedication ceremony taking place in May 1977, conducted by the Right Reverend Robert Runcie, the Bishop of St Albans.

 Reverend S. S. Ashfold with Jimmy Savile & Pete Murray at Henlow Grange village fete in 1973



Reverend S.S. Ashfold THE TORCH-BEARER 13-12-45

PIE Members

Stephen King aka Stephen Gosling – so called child expert was a member of P.I.E. His unbelievable role was to advise UK judges on sentencing for paedophiles

Current article fails to mention his PIE membership:

Child rapist Stephen King who used to advise judges on sex offenders jailed for sick photos, videos and ‘paedophile manual’

25 Sept 2017

A convicted child rapist who used to advise judges on how to deal with paedophiles has been jailed again after he was found with thousands of sick videos and photos, including a ‘Paedophile manual’.

Stephen King, 68, pleaded guilty to six charges, including possessing indecent images of children, nearly 3,000 of which were the most extreme kind.

Included were 85 videos in the worst category, which included a baby being sexually abused.

He was also caught in possession of a ‘paedophile manual’ at a house in Richmond on May 1 which “contained guidance about abusing children sexually”.

King was sentenced today (September 25) to 20 months in prison, the most lenient possible, due to his ill health – he recently suffered a heart attack and a stroke.

The 68-year-old was also charged with meeting up with another sex offender in Richmond, which he was prevented from doing under a sexual harm order, but pleaded not guilty to this charge, which will lie on file.

King, of Herne Hill, who appeared at Kingston Crown Court via video from Wandsworth Prison, was convicted in 2004 of more than 20 of sexual offences, including having sex with a girl under 13 years old.

Previous to his first conviction, he had given government agencies and judges advice on protecting youngsters from child molesters, and even suggested jail terms for child sex offenders.

After being released from prison, King was staying at a house in Richmond.

In May, King tried to contact a six-year-old girl, something he was prevented from doing under a sexual harm order.

He was arrested and charged on May 1. After admitting the charge, he was sentenced to eight months in Wandsworth Prison.

On May 3, two days after he was arrested, a cleaner in the house he had been staying at found a black suitcase. After asking the other tenants if it belonged to them, she concluded it must have been King’s.

She brought it to Richmond police station, where he was brought after the arrest, and police found thousands of indecent images on memory sticks, along with letters purporting to be from children who had sex with him and “enjoyed it”.

No child has been connected to the letters, and his defence lawyer Peter Cordwell said the letters were “self-penned”.

There was also “extreme” bestiality images on the memory sticks.

Judge Judith Coello described the images found in King’s possession as “disgusting and debauched”.

Sentencing, she said: “By engaging in this type of activity you and others like you are providing a market for a heinous crime.

“You encourage those who make these images to continue making them.

“People like you are an absolute menace to decent society.”

“The News” is a Social Construct. It is Used to Program You.

– The Corbett Report

It’s true has known about the YT crackdown for many years


George Osborne (pictured) was at the school in the 1980s. Other so-called Old Paulines who attended the school during the period under review include historian Dan Snow

Thousands of St Paul’s are alumni quizzed on sex abuse from up to 60 years ago at private school attended by George Osborne

  • Major inquiry is looking into allegations of child abuse at famous private school 
  • Investigators have written to thousands of old boys at London-based St Paul’s
  • The school’s alumni include ex-Chancellor George Osborne and John Simpson  

A Major inquiry is looking at allegations of child abuse dating back 60 years at one of Britain’s most famous private schools.

Investigators have written to thousands of old boys of St Paul’s – where alumni include ex-Chancellor George Osborne and TV veteran John Simpson – in the search for victims and witnesses.

The letters were sent out by officials at the Richmond Safeguarding Children Board in South-West London after it began a Serious Case Review into ‘what abuse children suffered’ at the school in Barnes.

It asked former pupils to come forward in person or by telephone. The ‘period under review’ is 1960 to the present day.

The £36,000-a-year school has been plagued by revelations of misconduct by staff in the past few years following a police investigation into abuse in the area called Operation Winthorpe.

Earlier this year former rowing coach Patrick Marshall became the fifth member of staff to be convicted for abuse since 2013 when he was jailed for 18 years for sexually abusing pupils.

Up until now, the only confirmed cases of child abuse at the school date from 1974 to 1992 and later incidents in 2003 to 2005. But the review aims to cover time outside these periods as The Mail on Sunday understands some allegations of abuse date back over 50 years.

Conducted by independent experts, Serious Case Reviews are often reserved for situations where children have died or been subjected to serious abuse and neglect and are intended to prevent future incidents occurring. It is uncommon for such a wide ranging review to take place.

Mr Osborne was at the school in the 1980s. Other so-called Old Paulines who attended the school during the period under review include historian Dan Snow.

A spokesman for St Paul’s said: ‘The matters which came to light during Operation Winthorpe were deeply shocking and saddening.

‘They represented serious violations of trust and the values which the school holds dear.

‘The school is fully supportive of the Serious Case Review into inter-agency working, following the formal closure of the police investigation. Our first and foremost priority is to keep children safe, and to establish and disseminate the wider lessons to be learned, and welcome the opportunity to contribute to the review.’

Deborah Lightfoot, independent chairman of Richmond’s Local Safeguarding Children Board, said: ‘Over the past few years, there have been a number of police investigations and subsequent prosecutions regarding historic abuse allegations at St Paul’s.

‘The Local Safeguarding Children Board has therefore decided to conduct a full Serious Case Review. This will involve reviewing procedures, documentation and carrying out interviews with the school and other local partner organisations to consider whether there are any lessons to be learned and to ensure that all children and young people are safe from harm in the future.

‘It is expected that the review will take approximately 12 months. A report with findings and recommendations will be published at the end. The school is co-operating fully with the review.’

Police: If Ted Heath was alive today we’d quiz him under caution on child abuse claims

  • Operation Conifer inquiry into Edward Heath will be made public on October 5
  • Findings will reveal about 40 people made paedophile claims against Sir Edward
  • Chief Constable Mike Veale’s report will say seven of which are ‘credible’ claims
  • Sir Edward died in 2005 aged 89 – if alive today he’d be interviewed under caution, says the MoS

Child sexual abuse claims made against Sir Edward Heath by seven of his alleged victims are serious enough that police would have questioned him under caution if he were still alive.

That is the astonishing verdict of a controversial two-year investigation into the former Tory Prime Minister, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

The explosive findings of the Operation Conifer inquiry into Sir Edward, led by Wiltshire Chief Constable Mike Veale, will be made public on October 5. It is believed the findings will reveal that about 40 people made paedophile claims against Sir Edward, who died in 2005 aged 89, covering five decades.

According to Whitehall sources, Mr Veale’s report will say seven of the alleged victims are ‘credible’ and describe the same pattern of behaviour by their ‘abuser’.

A Government source said an ‘interview under caution’ is, in effect, the strongest action that Mr Veale could recommend with regard to Sir Edward.

After an ‘interview with caution’ police would send a file to the Crown Prosecution Service, which would decide whether to prosecute. ‘It was never the task of Operation Conifer to decide whether Sir Edward was guilty, and clearly there was never any question of recommending prosecution in this case,’ a Government source said.

According to Whitehall sources, Mr Veale’s report will say seven of the alleged victims are ‘credible’ and describe the same pattern of behaviour by their ‘abuser’.

A Government source said an ‘interview under caution’ is, in effect, the strongest action that Mr Veale could recommend with regard to Sir Edward.

After an ‘interview with caution’ police would send a file to the Crown Prosecution Service, which would decide whether to prosecute. ‘It was never the task of Operation Conifer to decide whether Sir Edward was guilty, and clearly there was never any question of recommending prosecution in this case,’ a Government source said.

An ‘interview under caution’ usually takes place at a police station with the consent of the accused. If they refuse to attend, they can be arrested.

Mr Veale’s report will say testimonies by around a dozen more ‘victims’ cannot be relied on because they may have been ‘damaged’ by their experiences; a further dozen involve so called ‘third party’ allegations, where people have come forward to describe the alleged abuse of others.

A number of claims have been dismissed as bogus or fantasy.

Mr Veale has faced fierce criticism from senior Tories and mandarins who worked for Heath when he was in power in the 1970s.

They have accused police of wasting £2 million of public money on the inquiry, claiming the allegations are ‘fantasy’. Others said it would have been impossible for Sir Edward to commit such crimes when for much of his career he was accompanied by police protection. Only last week, former Director of Public Prosecutions Lord Macdonald said Mr Veale’s investigation was a ‘tragi-comedy of incompetence’.

But Mr Veale received a major boost yesterday as two fellow senior police chiefs, who are thought to have been briefed on progress by Operation Conifer, fired a warning shot at his powerful detractors.

Norfolk Chief Constable Simon Bailey, who supervises all UK historic child sex investigations, and Durham Chief Constable Mike Barton, who supervises national police operations, cautioned against attempts to ‘undermine’ Mr Veale.

In a statement to the MoS they stressed police must be able to investigate ‘without fear or favour’, adding: ‘They should be able to carry out investigations with complete independence without commentary which threatens to undermine the process.

‘While we await the findings of the Sir Edward Heath inquiry, it would be wrong to speculate on its content or the actions of individuals who have conducted the investigation.’

It was vital that police were given the funds ‘to conduct what can be complex and time-consuming inquiries’, they added.

The Mail on Sunday can also disclose that earlier this year a review of Mr Veale’s inquiry was undertaken by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary, which ruled it was ‘reasonable and proportionate’.

In another apparent vote of confidence in Mr Veale, Home Secretary Amber Rudd last week signed off a £1.1 million payment to help fund the investigation into Sir Edward – a blow to Tory MPs who wanted her to refuse to pay. Significantly, she signed off the payment shortly after receiving a summary of Mr Veale’s findings.

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse also said it would study Mr Veale’s findings after being briefed on his report.

Mr Veale’s view that allegations against Sir Edward would be serious enough to justify interrogation under caution were he alive is likely to spark a major row and calls for him to resign by some Tories convinced Sir Edward is innocent. A similar investigation into claims of a Westminster child sex ring involving 1980s Home Secretary Leon Brittan and others, by the Metropolitan Police – Operation Midland – collapsed last year after it was revealed the key claims were made by a fantasist. But there have also been allegations of an Establishment cover-up.

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen, who has staunchly defended ‘courageous and honest’ Mr Veale, said: ‘Having set up the inquiry it would have been appalling if the Government had refused to pay for it.

‘Mr Veale must be allowed to present his findings free of abuse or intimidation, and that includes my fellow Conservative MPs. Just because Operation Midland was a failure does not mean Operation Conifer should be ignored.

‘There are powerful forces in the Establishment that always want to cover things up.’

This newspaper revealed in February that Mr Veale believed some of the claims concerning Sir Edward were ‘120 per cent’ genuine.

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

Time to move on to next question: Were any of those who defended Heath in press recently complicit in his crimes?

Pope  admits Church ‘arrived late’ in confronting abuse

susan kemp‏ @kemps70

Arrived late? What fresh euphemism hell is this? They actively conspired to protect rapists and brand victims as liars – hardly late arrival

brett larris‏ @larris16

The Church was always aware of child abuse. It knowingly concealed the perpetrators.

Another Benedictine paedophile and cover-up




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