Victims of paedophile bishop Peter Ball, left, have previously demanded that correspondence between himself and Prince Charles, right, is made public (pictured together in 1992)

Prince Charles to tell child abuse inquiry he sent ‘small gifts of money’ to bishop friend but was ‘certainly not aware’ he was a paedophile despite clergyman accepting caution for gross indecency

  • A written statement from Prince Charles will be read out at the inquiry next week
  • Ball, who has boasted of being a confidant of Charles, was jailed in October 2015
  • Heir to the throne says he sent  him ‘small gifts and money’ after being deceived
  • Former Bishop of Lewes had sexually abused 18 young men over three decades
  • He was released in February last year after serving half his sentence behind bars

20 July 2018

The Prince of Wales sent a disgraced former bishop ‘small gifts and money’ – but didn’t know he was a paedophile, the heir to the throne has told an inquiry.

The heir to the throne remained friends with Peter Ball, now 86, because he did not understand that the clergyman’s caution relating to gross indecency was an admission of guilt, it was reported today.

Charles was in contact with Bishop Peter Ball for more than 20 years until he was convicted in 2015 for sexual abuse offences.

Ball resigned in 1993 after a police investigation into abuse of boys and young men and accepted a caution over it – but told the Prince it was because someone with a grudge was ‘persecuting’ him.

Charles’ written statement submitted to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, seen by the Times, is due to be made public next week.

He is quoted as saying: ‘I was certainly not aware at the time of of the significance or impact of the caution. Whilst I note that Peter Ball mentioned the word in a letter to me in October 2009, I was not aware until recently that a caution in fact carries an admission of guilt’.

The letter, which is reportedly a draft, was submitted voluntarily and said the prince had ‘decades of correspondence’ with the bishop and that he sent ‘small gifts of money, as I do for many people in need’.

Charles is also said to have said he has ‘deep personal regret’ that Ball, who was  finally jailed for 32 months in October 2015, had deceived him and hidden his sexual abuse of 18 young men over a period of 30 years.

He was released in February last year after serving half his sentence behind bars.

Ball often spoke of his links with the Royal family and was invited to give communion at the Prince’s home in Highgrove.

He also spoke at the Duchess of Cornwall’s father Bruce Shand’s funeral in 2006 and lived on Duchy of Cornwall land from 1997 to 2011.

The inquiry is examining how the Church of England handled sex abuse allegations and has previously focused on the Diocese of Chichester – where Ball was the former Bishop of Gloucester and several other convicted paedophile priests once officiated.

The week-long case study beginning on Monday will investigate ‘whether there were inappropriate attempts by people of prominence to interfere in the criminal justice process after he was first accused of child sexual offences’.

Ball was allowed to continue giving church services after he accepted a police caution for a single offence in March 1993.

The secretive deal meant he was not exposed until a fresh police investigation uncovered the extent of his abuse 22 years later.

Ball’s court case heard that a member of the royal family – who has never been named – was among a host of public figures who supported him when he avoided charges in 1993.

He boasted of his links to royalty and was said to be a confidant of the Prince of Wales, with an independent review finding he used his connections to boost his position.

Prince Charles’s evidence, which will be read out on the final day of next week’s inquiry, is being met with skepticism by some close to the case.

One source told The Times they were concerned there would be no chance for the Prince to be cross-examined on his evidence.

They told the newspaper: ‘It’s very convenient that Charles’s statement is to be read at the last session of the Ball inquiry.

‘He was either staggeringly naive about him or he was part of the influential that supported him.’

Previously Clarence House reportedly said it did not believe the correspondence between Ball and the future king had any bearing on the issues before the inquiry but did not object to them being shared for consideration.

Ball’s sentence came 22 years after the abuse allegation first surfaced. He eventually admitted misconduct in a public office and two counts of indecent assault.

The court heard that Ball convinced some of his victims to strip naked to pray and even suggested they submit to beatings between 1977 and 1992.

The first of his victims to come forward took his own life in 2012 after hearing that Sussex Police had reopened the case.

Former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey – who will also give evidence next week – resigned as honorary assistant bishop in the Diocese of Oxford after an inquiry found he delayed a ‘proper investigation’ into Ball’s crimes for two decades by failing to pass information to police.

Reverend Graham Sawyer, who was abused by Ball as a teenager and waived his right to anonymity, is also among those due to give evidence next week.

Cleric rented house on the Duchy estate owned by ‘friend’ Charles

Disgraced bishop Peter Ball reneged on a deal to move abroad to escape prosecution in 1993, and instead rented a house from the estate of his ‘friend’ Prince Charles.

The cleric told police he would live with nuns in France in return for receiving the caution as part of an alleged agreement with a ‘sympathetic’ detective who wanted to help the church avoid the scandal of a criminal trial. It meant Ball was not prosecuted until October 2015.

After resigning as bishop in 1993, Ball moved to Manor Lodge, in the Somerset village of Aller, a property owned by the Duchy of Cornwall, the private estate headed by Charles. He later publicly praised the ‘wonderfully kind’ Charles who he said ‘allowed me to have a duchy house’.

The detail has come to light from a report written by Brian Tyler, a former police officer-turned-priest who Ball hired to work as a private detective.

In it, he wrote: ‘It is needless to point out that having secured the caution on one offence and knowing the file has been closed, he has ‘welshed’ in his promise to me, and the police, to leave the country.’

Royal sources at the time made clear that Charles has no involvement in the commercial decisions on who is renting Duchy properties.

The Prince of Wales will give a written statement to a public inquiry about a paedophile bishop next week.

It will be read during the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) investigation into the Anglican Church as it focuses on Peter Ball.

The 86-year-old was jailed for 32 months in October 2015 for offences against 18 teenagers and men.

Prince Charles exchanged a series of letters with Ball, whose Gloucester diocese covers his Highgrove home.

The former Bishop of Lewes and of Gloucester carried out the abuse between the 1970s and 1990s.

He was released from jail in February 2017 after serving 16 months.

The written statement from Prince Charles will be read on 27 July, at the end of a week-long case study on Ball.

The inquiry is examining how the Church of England handled allegations of sexual abuse and has previously focused on the Diocese of Chichester – where Ball and several other convicted paedophile priests once officiated.

From next Monday it will investigate “whether there were inappropriate attempts by people of prominence to interfere in the criminal justice process after Ball was first accused of child sexual offences”.

Ball’s court case heard that a member of the royal family – who has never been named – was among a host of public figures who supported him when he avoided charges in 1993.

He boasted of his links to royalty and was said to be a confidant of Prince Charles, with an independent review finding he used his connections to boost his position.

Last year, the independent review by Dame Moira Gibb found senior figures in the Church of England “colluded” with Ball.

A Clarence House spokesman said: “IICSA has asked the Prince of Wales if he could help the part of their inquiry that deals with Mr Peter Ball.

“Whilst the Prince made it clear that he was unaware of Mr Ball’s behaviour, he indicated that he was happy to volunteer context on his contact with Mr Ball if that would help.”

Referring to the findings in the Gibb report, the Clarence House spokesman said it had “reviewed all the relevant material including the correspondence passing between the Prince of Wales and Ball held by the Church”.

This review “found no evidence that the Prince of Wales or any other member of the Royal Family sought to intervene at any point in order to protect or promote Ball”, the spokesman said.

“The Crown Prosecution Service has publicly stated that it had neither received nor seen any correspondence from a member of the Royal Family when Ball was under investigation in 1992-93,” he added.

Former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey will also give evidence next week, along with The Reverend Graham Sawyer, who was abused by Ball as a teenager and waived his right to anonymity.

IICSA announces timetable for hearings on Peter Ball

IICSA has published this timetable for next week’s public hearings, 23 to 27 July (from 10 am daily).

Former archbishop, Lord Carey, is due to appear on Tuesday.

As during the previous hearings, TA will try to provide daily links to the transcripts and to some of the key documents.

The Guardian has this news story: Prince Charles to give evidence on bishop to child abuse inquiry.

The BBC has this: Prince Charles to give evidence at Peter Ball abuse inquiry.

MPs who fiddle their expenses will be given anonymity under new plans

18 July 2018

MPs alleged to have cheated on their Parliamentary expenses will be given anonymity under new rules, it has emerged as a record ban was handed to an MP for failing to declare an expenses-paid holiday to Sri Lanka.

The Government has been accused of protecting “the sensitivities of politicians” after attempting to quietly push through a change which would hide the names of all MPs under investigation.

Since 2010, the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards has listed all MPs under inquiry on its website and rulings are also automatically published.

Child sex abuse inquiry fined £200,000 for bulk email identifying possible victims of child sexual abuse

18 July 2018

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse has been fined £200,000 after sending a bulk email that identified possible victims of child sexual abuse, the  Information Commissioner’s Office has said.

The inquiry sent a blind carbon copy email to 90 participants on February 27, 2017, telling them about a public hearing, but then a member of staff sent a correction where the email addresses were entered into the “to” field instead, the ICO said.

This allowed the recipients to see each other’s email addresses, identifying them as possible victims of child sexual abuse.

Steve Eckersley, the ICO’s director of investigations, said the incident “placed vulnerable people at risk” and was concerning, adding that the inquiry “should and could have done more to ensure this did not happen”.

“People’s email addresses can be searched via social networks and search engines, so the risk that they could be identified was significant.”

One of the respondents said he was “very distressed” by the data breach, and in total the ICO received 22 complaints.

Of the 90 email addresses, 52 contained the recipient’s full name or a label with their full name.

IICSA became aware of the breach when a recipient added two further email addresses to the “to” field and clicked “reply all”.

The Inquiry then sent three emails asking the recipients to delete the original email and not to send it on. One of these emails led to another 39 “Reply All” emails.

The ICO said the Inquiry had failed to give staff proper training about the importance of using the “bcc” field, and relied on the assurance of the IT company hired to manage the mailing list that people would not be able to reply to the entire list.

Several months later, in July 2017, a further incident arose when a recipient clicked on “Reply All” in response to an email from the Inquiry, sent via the mailing list, and revealed their email to the entire list.

IICSA had also breached its own privacy notice by sharing participants’ emails addresses with the IT company without their consent.

Retired teacher Roger Martin leaves Crawley Magistrates’ Court after denying sexually abusing a 10-year boy

Roger Martin today pleaded not guilty at Crawley Magistrates’ Court to  assaulting a boy at Christ’s Hospital School, Horsham, West Sussex

18 July 2018…/16361896.retired-private-school-teacher-denies-sex-assault-on…


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Ronnie Kray’s letter of praise for Cliff Richard

A Collection of personal items that belonged to gangster twins Ronnie and Reggie Kray has sold for more than £20,000 at auction.

They include a misspelt letter from Ronnie, who reveals delight at being contacted by Cliff Richard.

He writes from Brixton prison to biographer John Pearson: “I had a verry nice letter from Cliff Ritchards. It was marvoulas of him.” The sale was held in Lewes, East Sussex, yesterday

Dame Alun Roberts‏@ciabaudo

Does this answer all questions relating to Cliff’s visits to EGH child brothel or his relationship with Boothby and the Krays?…

Harriet Harman’s uncle Lord (Longford ) Porn took Cliff Richard and Jimmy Savile on a fact-finding mision to study porn industry.

Martin Noakes‏@Marndin12

Sir Cliff was accused of abuse by 9 men – Why have the MSM only focussed on one of them?

Charlie O’Malley♬‏@charliebadger99

That’s how they do it. Like the Dolphin Square victims. They get all the evidence, pick which is the weakest, exploit the weaknesses then hope the public paint the other testimonies with the same brush. Clever yet despicable tactic.

Cliff Richard wins £210,000 in damages in BBC privacy case

Singer sued BBC for invasion of privacy over its coverage of child sex abuse claims

18 July 2018

Richard appeared in court to hear the verdict, accompanied by his friends Gloria Hunniford and Paul Gambaccini.

… the BBC director of news, Fran Unsworth…said the corporation could appeal against the judgment, and she warned about the wider consequences of the ruling for for press freedom.

Warning that the judgment created new case law and represented a “dramatic shift” against the ability of journalists to report on police investigations, Unsworth continued: “We don’t believe this is compatible with liberty and press freedoms, something that has been at the heart of this country for generations. For all of these reasons there is a significant principle at stake.”

Big Momma‏ @BigKw20171973

Nothing but a set up to force the anonymity of predators. Many in high places do not want to be named

Sue Crocombe‏ @shinybluedress:

Extending anonymity to those accused of sexual offences is not the answer, and could do great harm to survivors in an area where it is already very hard to achieve justice.

The number of people whose lives are impacted by false allegations of CSA is dwarfed by the number who might be prevented from accessing justice if anonymity were granted to the accused (or denied to the accuser) in such cases.

It would also set a strange precedent to extend anonymity to those accused of sexual offences, while no such anonymity exists for those accused of other crimes. Such as murder

Dame Alun Roberts‏@ciabaudo:

In 1986, Geoffrey Dickens used parliamentary privilege to name a doctor and a vicar, both of whom were said to be involved in sexual offenses against the young (Times, March 15-21, 1986).

The doctor concerned was Raymond Colin Birth, also a patron of the Elm Guest House.

On March 17, 1986, Mr. Dickens asked the Attorney-General in Parliament if he would prosecute Dr. Raymond Colin Birt for sexual offences involving an eight-year-old girl in Chelmsford. The Attorney-General said there was insufficient evidence.

The Attorney-General turned to our dear friend Sir Michael Havers for support. It was Havers who informed Geoffrey Dickens that the DPP was not going to charge Raymond Colin Birt. The mother of the child was visited by Lord Norman St John-Stevas.

Here is the full verdict:

Mother Teresa’s Sainthood is a Fraud, Just Like She Was.

To this day, money continues to be an issue with the ‘Missionaries of Charity’ that Mother Teresa established in 1950. They refused to publish their accounts in India, where it is required by law. When asked to do the same in Germany, they responded that it was “none of their business”. A former sister put the annual figures of the

organisation’s income at around $50 million in New York alone, but there is little evidence of any expenditures. Locally, services largely rely on donations and the appalling state of care in Mother Teresa’s time makes it clear that very little money makes it back to those they are helping, and new missions set up across the world are expected to become self-sufficient. Her charity received money from known-fraudsters, and when they were convicted in a criminal court, she tried to use her large personal influence to change the outcome of the trial. Sources suggest that the majority of money she received was sent straight to the Vatican bank; an institution few will believe in more dire need of assistance than India’s most vulnerable citizens.

However, it may explain why she was able to make so many friends in high places. Often shown photographed with Princess Diana, the Clintons and Pope John Paul II, very few touch on her close relationship with the Duvalier regime in Haiti. The Duvalier family lived in luxury whilst many in the country suffered in poverty, they tortured and murdered political rivals, and were involved in the underground trading of drugs and body parts. Their brutal regime was no secret at the time, but all Mother Teresa had to say was that they were full of love. In her home country of Albania, she laid flowers on the grave of former Communist dictator, Enva Hoxha.

Related image

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Mother Teresa shelters investigated after ‘children sold’

Police are investigating after a nun working at one of the homes was taken into custody, with one child allegedly sold for £1,333.

17 July 2018

Several homes run by a religious group founded by Mother Teresa are to be investigated after a nun was arrested over allegations that youngsters in their care had been sold.

The Indian government has ordered an immediate inspection of every shelter run by the Missionaries of Charity, which is based in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand state in the east of the country.

It comes following the arrest of nun Anima Indwar and a care home worker, who were taken into custody amid claims that several infants had been sold, with one couple having allegedly paid 120,000 rupees (£1,333).

The case came to light after local child welfare authorities informed police about a newborn missing from one of the homes, which were set up to care for people Mother Teresa described as “the poorest of the poor”.

Police have confirmed that they are investigating at least three complaints, but the charity – which was set up by the famous missionary in Kolkata in 1950 – has denied that any children had been sold.

Spokeswoman Sunita Kumar said that “there was no question of selling any child as the Missionaries of Charity had stopped giving children for adoption three years ago”.

Police stand outside a home run by the Missionaries of Charity in Ranchi, India

The charity was previously involved in providing legal adoption services, but in 2015 said it would close down its adoption centres due to new regulations that made it easier for single and divorced people to adopt children.

Since then, it is said to have focused on helping unwed pregnant women and mothers in distress.

According to the government, illegal adoption is big business in India, with more than 100,000 children reported missing every year.

Many are given up by their parents who cannot afford to look after them, and others are snatched from hospitals and train stations

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Peter Dalglish worked with Mother Teresa

Former Christ’s Hospital teacher charged with historic sex offence

16 July 2018
A former teacher at Christ’s Hospital School has been charged with an historic sexual offence against a pupil. Police said Roger Martin, retired, of Palgrave Rd, Great Dunham, Kings Lynn, has been charged with sexually assaulting a 10-year-old boy at the school. The 82-year-old has been served with a summons to appear at Crawley Magistrates Court on July 18.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “This is a separate case to those of five other former teachers from the same School, who have already been subject of separate criminal proceedings – three have been convicted and sentenced and two have been convicted and await sentencing. “The prosecution follows an investigation by officers from the Sussex Police Complex Abuse Unit after information was received for the first time in November 2017.

Andrew Griffiths MP with Princess Anne

MP Andrew Griffiths quits ministerial post after “sex texts” to female constituents are revealed

14 July 2018

Theresa May’s former chief of staff has resigned after a Sunday newspaper revealed he sent “depraved” social media messages to female constituents.

Andrew Griffiths, a minister in the Department for Business, is alleged to have sent up to 2,000 sex texts by the Sunday Mirror.

The newspaper  has reported the content of the messages, which it described as “depraved“, will be disclosed tomorrow.

Griffiths moved to Westminster to work for the Shadow Cabinet, as Chief of Staff to Theresa May, where he worked on environment, transport and later family policy. During this time, Griffiths also helped set up Women 2 Win, a campaign to get more Conservative women elected to Parliament. In 2006, Griffiths moved to work for the Culture, Media and Sport team, working as Chief of Staff to Hugo Swire MP. The next year, he focused on community cohesion and local government matters as Chief of Staff to Eric Pickles MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, and remained Pickles’ Chief of Staff when he became the Party chairman.

The shamed MP also boasted about being powerful in politics.

He claimed he was thinking about the girls as he drank champagne with Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace.

He boasted abut having a friendship with opera star Katherine Jenkins

Many of his texts were sent to Imogen and her friend before and after conducting important Parliamentary business.

He did not feature on the spreadsheet of 40 sex pest MPs WhatsApped by Tory staffers last year

Andrew Griffiths was made minister despite ‘touching’ allegations

17 July 2018

Exclusive: MP who quit over explicit texts was subject of bullying probe when appointed

Tory Minister Andrea Leadsom says Theresa May knew disgraced Tory MP Andrew Griffiths had been accused of groping women when she appointed him

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George Carey allowed church role despite part in abuse cover-up

Former archbishop of Canterbury was criticised in report into abuse by Peter Ball

13 July 2018

George Carey, the former archbishop of Canterbury who was heavily criticised in an independent report for his part in the cover-up of sexual abuse carried out by a bishop, has been allowed to resume an official role in the Church of England.

Lord Carey stepped down last year as an honorary assistant bishop at the unprecedented request of Justin Welby, the archbishop of Canterbury, after a damning report which found the church had colluded over the abuse.

But it emerged this week that Carey has been granted “permission to officiate” (PTO) by Steven Croft, the bishop of Oxford, allowing him to preach and preside at churches in the diocese. Croft is reportedly under police investigation for allegedly failing to respond properly to a separate report of clerical sexual abuse.

Image result for "Steven Croft, the bishop of Oxford" + "prince charles"

The decision to grant the PTO was made in February despite expectations of further revelations this month about Carey’s role in the case of Peter Ball, a former bishop of Gloucester, at the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse (IICSA).

The inquiry will spend a week scrutinising the C of E’s handling of the Ball case, starting on 23 July. Ball was jailed in 2015 for the grooming, sexual exploitation and abuse of 18 vulnerable young men between 1977 and 1992. Prince Charles has been asked to give a witness statement to the inquiry about his correspondence with Ball.

Carey, who was archbishop of Canterbury from 1991 to 2002, resigned his honorary post after the publication of an independent report on the Ball case by Dame Moira Gibb.

She concluded that senior figures in the church had “colluded [with the abuser] rather than seeking to help those he had harmed”. She said: “The church appears to have been most interested in protecting itself.”

Carey had “set the tone for the church’s response to Ball’s crimes, and gave the steer which allowed Ball’s assertions that he was innocent to gain credence”, said Gibb.

The former archbishop responded to the report, saying it made “uncomfortable reading” and that he accepted its criticisms of him.

In February this year, Carey contacted the diocese of Oxford to request a PTO, which was granted by Croft. It followed letters from members of the congregation where Carey worships that requested he be allowed to resume ministry at their church.

A spokesperson for the diocese of Oxford said: “The granting of PTO enabled Lord Carey to preach and preside in the church where he worships, a church where his ministry is much valued. The granting of a PTO does not indicate a planned return to the role of assistant bishop.”

It is understood that Carey underwent fresh checks on his criminal record and C of E safeguarding training.

The church’s national safeguarding team was not consulted on whether the PTO should be granted.

A survivor of abuse by Ball said he was extremely concerned to learn that Carey had been granted a PTO. “It’s a real stab in the back for Ball survivors,” he said, adding that it would have been prudent to wait until further evidence had been heard by IICSA.

Image result for "rev steven croft"

Croft is one of several senior church figures, including John Sentamu, the archbishop of York, who are reportedly being investigated by South Yorkshire police over alleged failures to act on disclosures of an alleged rape of a teenage boy by a clergyman in the 1980s. The force declined to confirm or deny an investigation was under way.

Matthew Ineson claims he was raped by the Rev Trevor Devamanikkam, and in 2012 and 2013 reported the crime to senior figures in the church, including Croft. He alleges they failed to follow proper procedures and did not advise him to tell police.

Devamanikkam was later charged with indecent assault and buggery without consent, but killed himself in 2017 before coming to trial.

A spokesperson for the diocese of Oxford said: “Written records and notes taken at the time give a different picture to the one Mr Ineson is presenting about how his case has been handled.”

An independent review had been commissioned by the C of E’s national safeguarding team, the spokesperson said.

Ineson told the Guardian: “Steven Croft may disagree about the wording of my disclosures, but nonetheless accepts I did tell him of my abuse. No word of apology has ever been forthcoming for what I have been put through.

“Given the circumstances it is incredible that Croft is still in a position to decide whether PTO should be given to George Carey or anybody else who has been so involved in the dreadful case of Peter Ball or any other safeguarding case.”

PTOs are mostly granted to retired priests who wish to continue their ministry by preaching, taking communion and providing holiday or sickness cover to serving clergy. PTOs are granted at the discretion of the local bishop.

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo

Doesn’t Welby have the clout to withdraw this permission to officiate?

Boys from Christ’s Hospital School were sent to protected pervert Bishop Ball




“Using a skeleton key and taking wine from the staffroom resulted in a few nights at the now infamous Peter Ball’s house down near the coast.

Just glad I wasn’t among the boys who are now all over the news having spent time with him and his ‘special friends’….”

5 teachers from Christ’s Hospital School have been jailed for sexual abuse

Christ’s Hospital School teacher jailed for pupil rape

13  July 2018

A former teacher at a top independent school in West Sussex has been sentenced to 17 years in jail for a string of sex offences including rape.

James Husband, 68, from York, was convicted of raping a 15-year-old pupil at Christ’s Hospital School in Horsham.

He was also found guilty at an earlier hearing at Hove Crown Court of five indecent assault charges on the girl.

During the trial, the court heard Husband told the girl: “It’s OK, I’ve had a vasectomy,” before raping her.

Husband, of Wigginton, is the fifth Christ’s Hospital School teacher to be convicted of sexually abusing students.

His crimes spanned a period of more than 30 years and involved 22 victims.

His co-defendant and a former head of house at the school Gary Dobbie, 66, of Albi, France, was convicted of 15 counts involving multiple offences against six boys and two girls as young as 12.

Dobbie, formerly of Hereford, was teaching at independent Shrewsbury School, in Shropshire, at the time of his arrest in 2016.

He has yet to be sentenced.

Jurors heard the abuse took place between 1990 and 2001 and that both men were friends and used to laugh together about their abuse.

Victim of paedophile doctor urges more women to come forward

Woman, known as Jasmine, awarded damages after being abused by Myles Bradbury

11 July 2018

Myles Bradbury at Cambridge crown court

A female victim of a paedophile doctor, who it had been assumed only preyed on boys, has urged other women to come forward after being awarded a five-figure sum in damages.

Myles Bradbury was jailed for 22 years in 2014 for abusing boys at Addenbrooke’s hospital in Cambridgeshire between 2009 and 2013.

It is feared that his abuse began earlier and was more extensive. A 26-year-old woman, referred to only as Jasmine to protect her identity, alleged that Bradbury abused her during his time at Birmingham children’s hospital between 2007 and 2008, when she was 14.

She said Bradbury arranged an appointment that was not needed when she was being checked for blood clots. He then asked her to undress, carried out an unnecessary examination and sexually assaulted her, Jasmine said.

Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS foundation trust paid more than £10,000 to settle the case.

In a statement issued her by lawyers, Hudgell Solicitors, Jasmine said: “You try and convince yourself that something like this has not affected you, but it does. I have lost my trust in health professionals.

“My 18-month-old daughter had to go to A&E recently and it was a male doctor, and I wasn’t comfortable with that.

“I haven’t heard of any other girls coming forward, and have seen that all his convictions were against boys, but I don’t believe that I was the only girl to have been hurt in this way.”

Her lawyer, Renu Daly, said: “When she first approached me, she said ‘nobody is going to believe me because I’m a girl and it was in a different hospital’.

“She always felt her examination was totally inappropriate, which it was. Bradbury chose to see her and carry out an examination when she was being investigated for a blood disorder, nothing to do with a physical examination.”

Daly added: “She wanted to raise the profile for other women, on the basis that if there are other women struggling they should come forward. It is less scary to do it when someone else has taken the plunge.”

“I think there are lot of other victims. And it is about getting your life back on track. She has really moved her life on since she first came forward. She was broken to start with. She wants to move on with her life and she is not going to let Bradbury destroy the rest of it.”

In a statement, the trust said: “The safety of the children and young people we see is a priority. When these allegations came to light we contacted all of the families under Bradbury’s care to offer support and advice, referring any concerns to the police.

“At the time, we also conducted a thorough review of our approach to chaperoning to offer families further reassurance around the safety of their children, while in our care. This is something we continuously audit.”

Bob Higgins trial: Coach denies using gifts to groom boys

10 July 2018

Bob Higgins

A former football coach has denied using gifts and threats to “manipulate and groom” trainees in order to sexually abuse them.

Bob Higgins, 65, told a jury he was never alone with any youth player at Southampton or Peterborough United over the course of nearly two decades.

Under cross-examination, he denied putting trainees “under his spell”.

At Winchester Crown Court, Mr Higgins denies 50 counts of indecent assault against boys between 1971 and 1996.

Most of the 24 alleged victims are former youth players at the two clubs.

Prosecutor Adam Feest QC told the court the defendant was a “manipulative person as far as… trainees are concerned”.

‘Second dad’

He threatened one alleged victim with the police and gave another a piece of football kit to gain his affection, Mr Feest said.

The defendant denied the suggestions.

He accepted though his relationship with boys could be “intense, in a football way”.

“You would know which boy’s father was away, which boy came from a troubled background,” Mr Feest said.

Mr Higgins said some called him “second dad” because “that was how they felt”, but he denied selecting boys to abuse.

Mr Feest suggested the ex-coach had “supreme influence” over “teenagers desperate to be professionals” through his power to recommend them for contracts.

Asked about soap-water massages given to trainees, Mr Higgins said he learned the technique from a TV programme about former England and Leeds United manager Don Revie.

‘Lot of soap’

“Did you ever stop to think, ‘Is it appropriate for me to be massaging a young naked boy in this way?’,” Mr Feest asked.

“No,” Mr Higgins replied.

“You accept there was a risk of touching a boy in an intimate place?” the prosecutor continued.

“I might have brushed them. There was a lot of soap on the player,” Mr Higgins said.

The trial continues.

Disturbing account of sexual abuse at Sherborne Prep School revealed in 1990s archive released by Department for Education

10 JUL 2018

Sherborne Preparatory School was rocked by scandal in 1998 when it was alleged that the then-headmaster, Robin Lindsay, had committed a catalogue of abuse dating back to 1972.

The headmaster ‘retired’ from the school after the allegations cam to light, but research into the case carried out by Somerset Live has revealed a number of complaints made against the the head teacher to the Department for Education and police in 1974, 1982, 1985 and 1986.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, Somerset Live has gained the witness statements that helped to make the case against Lindsay, and finally saw him banned from teaching and branded a ‘fixated paedophile’.

The 81 pages include testimonies from staff and teachers at the school, former staff and even include a statement given to the police by a pupil alleging a serious sexual assault.

While the pages have been redacted to protect the identities of those who gave statements, the words themselves make for powerful – and terrible – reading.

They contain concern after concern after concern about inappropriate behaviour towards pupils at the school, with one anonymous person writing:

Evidence from one witness

“My feeling is that Mr Lindsay has an inappropriate interest in boys, particularly those aged about 12 or 13.

Mr Lindsay was in the habit of supervising the boys’ showers and I would often observe him doing this. When walking down the corridors, past the showers, Mr Lindsay’s voice could frequently be heard saying ‘in between – buttocks’. ”

“Mr Lindsay had also told me that he was in the habit of going into the boy’s dormitory to see if there was anyone who could not sleep, and if he found anyone then he would either take them to his bedroom or his study and give them sleeping pills. I was horrified.”

The writer added: “Mr Lindsay certainly had favourites among the boys and I remember one of them saying ‘well, I can get anything I want because Mr Robin is in love with me.”

Included in the bundle are resignation letters from staff at the school, which also mention their concerns about his conduct with the pupils in his care.

There are also complaints about his treatment of the staff and pupils at his school, and suggestions he tried to pressure staff into not co-operating with Inspectors from Ofsted and Social Services. with one writing that they were told: “Feel free to say what you wish to Ofsted, but be careful what you say to the Social Services Department, you cannot trust them.”

Witness statement:

“He believes Social Services’ activities are an intrusion into the running of the school and he sees no reason why he should take their advice or be told what to do by them.

“He takes steps to try and make sure staff present a united front to inspectors and indicates the responses they should make on certain issues. I believe he also coaches children in this regard.”

That same witnesses also writes that they found packages of condoms in a suitcase owned by Lindsay, and later found him with photographs of young boys in swimming costumes in his possession.

The chest of drawers

“Shortly after Mr Lindsay departed on the skiing trip, I took the opportunity to search his room more thoroughly. I opened the top drawer of the chest of drawers and found the packages of condoms. Most of them were not opened, but one had been and I noticed these were strawberry flavour. In addition, I found in the drawer photographs of young boys, ranging in age from about seven to 14 or 15.

They appeared to be of middle eastern race, some were in jeans and t-shirts…the ones of the younger boys were wearing trunks. There was also a photograph of a Caucasian boy of 11 or 12, and it is not clear from the photo whether he is wearing any clothes, but he is on a beach and leaning on a post with writing in English upon it indicating there is a nudist beach in the vicinity.”

Another states: “I heard about a recent event when a boy had reported he had gone to Mr Lindsay’s room at night to tell him he could not sleep. In response, Mr Lindsay had invited the boy into bed with him. I have heard boys say that they hated Mr Lindsay and did not like the way he stared at them in the showers.”

The Showers

“Mr Lindsay insisted that the towels be placed at some distance from the showers themselves, that children were not allowed to rush to recover their towels and were not allowed to cover themselves in any way.”

There were further concerns about Mr Lindsay’s behaviour in the dormitories from staff at the school, as well.

One statement reads:

The dorms

“One boy told me that at lights out Mr Lindsay had the habit of coming into the dormitory to chat with the boys. He would sit on their beds and stroke their hair and insisted on pulling the duvet back so as to sit right next to the boy in question…

“There was one boy who could not bear to be hugged by Mr Lindsay and would duck under his arm and run away. At one point Mr Lindsay said to me ‘He doesn’t like physical contact, does he?’.

The boy said that he did not like physical contact with Mr Lindsay, but did with respect to his parents.

“Mr Lindsay replied that this was ‘absolutely ridiculous – I am in loco parentis here.”

Another speaks of seeing Lindsay going from room to room in a state of undress, while another claimed he had been seen unblocking toilets with his bare hands.


“Mr Lindsay favoured slapping boys on their bare bottoms and indeed he would insist that boys changed into their pyjamas for the punishment to be delivered.”

Perhaps most concerning of all is a statement collected by Dorset Police, alleging a serious sexual assault at the school.

The statement is undated, but appears to have been from a former student at the school, who says he has come forward to try and prevent what happened to him happening to anyone else. The person making the allegation says they are happy to appear as a witness at Crown Court.

The abuse allegation

“Mr Lindsay would always stand by the shower and watch us in there and make an issue out of the fact that we were not allowed to take a towel from the locker to the showers. He would take great pains to weigh us naked.

“One early evening I was the victim of a serious sexual assault. I was aware of a disturbance in an annexe and I went to see what all the noise was. When I entered the room I was set upon by four or five boys. Two boys pushed me down facing the rear on the bed. I was being held down by these boys who were holding my limbs.

“I heard the boys say ‘who’s going to do it?’ then I heard a boy say ‘I will’. I thought I was going to be penetrated and was very frightened. At this point the headmaster entered the room and all the boys stood up and let me go. Mr Lindsay told me to go into his study and I followed him into the room.

“He told me to pull my pyjama bottoms down, which I did. He told me to show him what the boys were doing to me. I said they had not done anything, he repeated the question, but more forcefully.”

After being forced to show what had happened to him, the statement continues:

“He looked at me and said come here. He took hold of me and laid me across his lap and struck me with a cupped hand. He struck me about five times, each time his hand moved nearer to my anus and I was able to feel him becoming erect against me. On the third blow I felt his finger near to my anus.

“I was very angry that I was being punished for the previous incident with the boys, but I was aware this was not an ordinary punishment and he was getting enjoyment out of it.”

Another witness speaks of seeing Lindsay ‘staring up the dress of a 10-year-old girl’, who was later taken to one side and told how to sit in future to preserve her modesty.

‘Prostitutes, orgies, group sex – all of it’: Ex-wife of former Maori leader says he led a paedophile ring who ‘passed victims around like a box of beer’ – and it goes to the ‘highest heights’ of New Zealand’s power structure

Image result for "Te Awanuiārangi Black"

  • Te Awanuiārangi Black was a Māori Party councillor until his 2016 death aged 48 
  • His wife Anihera claimed he and several other men sexually abused young girls
  • He would have affairs, orgies and abuse young girls with paedophiles, she said
  • Mrs Black said he abused because he was assaulted by his father when young

An esteemed politician had orgies, groomed young girls and led a paedophile ring, his wife has claimed in a bombshell video.

Te Awanuiārangi Black, a Māori Party councillor and parliamentary candidate from Tauranga, New Zealand, died aged 48 of organ failure after ‘drinking himself to death’ in 2016.

In an emotional Facebook Live video two years later, his wife Anihera has claimed he and several other men sexually abused young girls and passed victims around ‘like a box of beer.’

Weeping hysterically in the self-filmed video, she said on Saturday: ‘I have an announcement to make on behalf of my kids and I and perhaps it will shock a lot of you and perhaps it will help some of you find some comfort… something that needs to be done.’

Mrs Black explained that her husband, who she met aged 15 and married aged 18, was not the man many in her community thought.

‘Those good deeds Awa did for individuals will live on in the memory of their lifetimes, she said.

‘However the pain and suffering he caused others may live on for generations to come if things are left unsaid.’

She went on to explain how he would have affairs, orgies and abuse young girls with other paedophiles.

‘He became a predator, a recruiter, a teacher, a pimp, a ringleader of one of the many child-adult sex rings here in his beloved Tauranga Moana and he took that s*** nationwide with all his contacts in every stream of life.

‘They would recruit the innocent… share them around like a box of beer, consume every last drop and discarding the empty vessels into the gutter, soulless, cold and broken.’

Mrs Black said her husband behaved the way he did because he was abused by his father as a child.

‘In turn it created the same behaviour in Awa,’ she said.

Awa became a paedophile and over the years, honing his skills, waiting for that perfect moment he had preordained to steal the innocence of others.

‘I wondered why Awa invited so many young people through our home over the years and I thought it was to be a good aunty and uncle. I know differently now.

She then urged his victims to come forward and speak out, adding: ‘I am so extremely sorry and devastated. You are all my babies now and I will do what I can to navigate through your healing process.’

‘Take back the power of the secret. It has no power in the light. Give yourself permission to be heard, be it a whisper or a bloodcurdling scream.’

After her bombshell Facebook Live video, Mrs Black spoke to the New Zealand Herald to explain her husbands’ behaviour in more detail.

She said: ‘He thought he was entitled to have women wherever he slept for the night. That might have rolled a few hundred years ago but it’s not what I signed up for.

‘He was never ever faithful. Prostitutes, orgies, group sex – all of it.’

She added: ‘This goes deep and wide, in terms of the paedophile ring, to the highest heights you can imagine. These people aren’t just labourers and workers at fast food restaurants. These people are suits and people in power.’

Police are investigating the allegations.

Mr Black was a regional councillor and Māori Party candidate.

He also held roles with the Māori Language Commission, Te Wānanga o Raukawa and the Tauranga Moana Iwi Leaders’ Group.

Mr Black’s former colleague at the Bay of Plenty Regional Council, Arapeta Tahana, said he watched the video with his partner.

Former co-leader Te Ururoa Flavell says he had known Mr Black a long time, and felt a range of emotions seeing the video.

Teacher at leading boys’ school arrested on suspicion of sexual misconduct with pupils

8 July 2018

A teacher at one of Britain’s leading boys’ schools has been arrested on suspicion of sexual misconduct with pupils.

Surrey Police are investigating after Hampton School, which charges £20,000-a-year, reported him to the authorities.

The member of staff was sacked from the 450-year-old south-west London school following an internal disciplinary probe earlier this year.

Hampton School, which educates boys aged 11 to 18, is among the highest performing for GCSEs and A-levels in the country.

Its alumni – known as Old Hamptonians – include Lord Kenneth Baker, who was education secretary in Margaret Thatcher’s government, and Brian May, the guitarist in the rock band Queen.

It boasts one of the top rowing clubs in the country and counts two Olympic Gold-winning oarsmen – Greg Searle and Jonny Searle – among its former pupils.

Founded in 1557, when the businessman and local brewer Robert Hammond bequeathed land and property for a school, it became a grammar school in 1910 but changed to independent status in 1975.

A spokesman for the school said: “The welfare of all pupils at Hampton School is always our highest priority.

“As soon as we became aware of concerns, we immediately informed all the relevant authorities. We have been working very closely with them ever since.

“The member of staff was dismissed with immediate effect following an internal disciplinary investigation. Given the continuing police investigation, it would not be appropriate to say more at this point.”

The school says on its website that The Hampton School Trust takes the safety and wellbeing of its pupils “very seriously”.

“The School fully recognises the contribution it makes to the safeguarding of children and the responsibility it has to have arrangements in place to safeguard and promote the welfare of children,” it adds.

Earlier this week, a teacher at Christ’s Hospital School was convicted of assaulting eight of his pupils.

Five teachers from the school, which charges £35,000-a-year for boarders, have now been prosecuted after police investigated complaints made by 22 former students.

On Thursday the school apologised to victims and praised their courage in reporting the abuse. In a statement it said: “The actions of these men were not only criminal but also an utter betrayal of the trust placed in them and of the values of Christ’s Hospital.”

While the school is “worlds apart” from that described in court, with a range of safeguarding measures now in place, the cases served as a “brutal reminder” there is no room for “complacency”, it said.

Staff member at top private school arrested for ‘hoarding child abuse photographs’

The worker at £19,000-a-year Hampton School is also said to have posed as a teenage girl in a fake social media profile

8th July 2018

A STAFF member at a top private school has been arrested for allegedly hoarding child abuse images.

The worker at £19,000-a-year Hampton School is also said to have posed as a teenage girl in a fake social media profile.

Cops were called in after a complaint from a pupil. They interviewed staff and students then raided the worker’s home.

Laptops were seized and the person was held for alleged possession of indecent images.

The arrested member of staff was immediately sacked after an internal investigation at the all-boys school in Richmond Upon Thames, South West London.

A source said: “There were complaints about the fake profile and the behaviour.

“The school acted very quickly in speaking to people and calling in police. It is an extremely shocking situation and, not surprisingly, everyone at the school is talking about it.”

Ex-students at the 1,200-pupil school include Queen guitarist Brian May and Olympic gold medal rowers Greg and Jonny Searle.

“As soon as we became aware of concerns, we immediately informed all relevant authorities. We have been working closely with them ever since.

“The member of staff was dismissed with immediate effect following an internal disciplinary investigation.

Through the Form Charity programme the whole school community helps raise money and awareness for good causes locally (e.g.Princess Alice Hospice, Barnardos, Home-Start and the Shooting Star Trust), nationally (e.g. Jeans for Genes Day and Breakthrough Breast Cancer), and internationally (e.g. Opportunity International, the African Medical and Research Foundation, Pahamune House).

Freemason links to school:

The School

Hampton School, (formerly Hampton Grammar School) is an independent boys school with a history dating back to the sixteenth century, when it was founded at St. Mary’s Church in Hampton, Middlesex on the bank of the River Thames. It is now located on Hanworth Road in Hampton, between Hampton Community College (formerly Rectory School) and Lady Eleanor Holles School, within playing fields bounded by the Longford River.

Though there are no formal ties between the lodge and the school, many of the lodge members have connections with the school and the lodge sponsors the school’s Old Hamptonians’ Masonic Lodge Prize for Social Service.

Karma Police‏@capeannsky

This is a good thread on Epstein: history, charges and where things are now. Very interesting.

Two former teachers at Christ’s Hospital ​​school guilty of abusing pupils

Gary Dobbie and James Husband face jail as number of ex-staff convicted reaches five

5 July 2018

Two more teachers who worked at a top private school are facing jail after being found guilty of sexually abusing pupils.

Five teachers from Christ’s Hospital school have now been convicted after police investigated complaints made by 22 former students.

A jury of seven women and five men at Hove crown court deliberated for 25 hours and 43 minutes before returning their verdicts on the 21 counts against James Husband and Gary Dobbie on Thursday.

The two men, who were friends, would laugh together about their crimes, which took place over the course of 13 years while they lived and worked at the school in Horsham, West Sussex, the court was told.

Dobbie and Husband looked straight ahead from the dock and did not react as the verdicts were read out. The NSPCC described them as “predatory and calculated”

Peter Webb and Peter Burr were both jailed in the last year after admitting committing offences at the school between the 1960s and 1980s. Ajaz Karim was found guilty in April of assaulting six girls between 1985 and 1993 and is due to be sentenced in August.

Husband, 68, of Wigginton in York, was convicted of one count of rape and five of indecently assaulting a girl as young as 14 between 1990 and 1994. He had claimed they had “consensual sex” once when she was 16.

He told a 15-year-old pupil: “It’s OK, I’ve had a vasectomy,” before raping her, the court heard.

Afterwards, he confided in Dobbie about the encounter, who later joked with the girl that she had “beard rash”, indicating that he knew what had happened, the court heard. He also indecently assaulted the same pupil later on.

Husband’s victim described being “disgusted with herself” and said she felt suicidal. She reported him to the school’s chaplain but no action was taken. She said her mother did not believe her story.

Husband left the school after it emerged he was having a consensual affair with a 17-year-old pupil who was not underage and not a complainant in the case.

The married father, whose children were attending the school at the time, “deceived” senior staff by embarking on the affair, jurors heard. The former tutor and head of department talked about the “spur-of-the-moment” encounter which involved several instances leading from holding hands and kissing to sex.

Giving evidence in his defence, he spoke of his desire to kiss her during a period when he felt disgruntled with how the school was being run.

In a diary entry read to the court, the girl said: “Told too many people at school then decided to go for it. The fling. So got off with him on Saturday night. The most amazing thing. Happy.”

Dobbie, 66, of Albi in France and formerly of Hereford, was found guilty of 15 counts involving multiple offences against six boys and two girls as young as 12 between 1998 and 2001.

He was teaching at independent Shrewsbury school in Shropshire at the time of his arrest in 2016.

Dobbie groomed pupils by hosting dinner parties with favourite students at his house in the school grounds, the court heard. He would ply them with whisky and wine while encouraging them to talk about their sexual encounters.

He took a boy as young as 12 to a bedroom, telling him to take off his breeches and underwear while Dobbie performed a sex act on himself, the court heard. Another boy recalls falling asleep on his sofa and waking up to find him kneeling beside him with his hand in his shirt.

Dobbie also helped to raise money for another pupil, who was abused over a period of six years, to take a gap year after leaving school and assaulted him when he returned for a visit.

Sussex police began investigating teachers at the school in 2016 after allegations were made about Husband.

Publicity around the prosecutions prompted several more former pupils to come forward with complaints.

Christ’s Hospital teacher faces further sexual abuse allegations

5 July 2018

Prosecutor Eloise Marshall then told the court there were “outstanding matters” against Dobbie as “two other complainants had come forward during the course of the trial”. 

Gary Dobbie was found guilty was found guilty of 15 counts involving multiple offences against six boys and two girls as young as 12 between 1998 and 2001

Investigations are ongoing and no charges have so far been brought. Police have confirmed they are both former school pupils

Husband will be sentenced on July 13. A date is yet to be set for Dobbie

 Kevin Spacey Is Being Investigated for 3 New Sexual Assault Allegations in London

3 July 2018

Three more accusers have reportedly come forward accusing former House of Cards star Kevin Spacey of sexual assault.

London’s Metropolitan Police are investigating the actor after men separately reported him for separate attacks that respectively occurred Westminster in 1996, in Lambeth in 2008 and in Gloucester in 2013, according to TMZ.

The Met does not identify people who are subject to investigations until charges have been filed and would not confirm Spacey is being investigated. However, a spokesperson confirmed that officers from the Child Abuse and Sexual Offenses Command are investigating six separate, male-on-male alleged sexual assaults that match the three dates published by TMZ, as well as three dates previously connected to Spacey.

Spacey’s attorney did not immediately return PEOPLE’s request for comment.

In October 2017, actor Anthony Rapp claimed Spacey had previously made inappropriate sexual advances toward him when he was just 14 years old.

In response, Spacey, now 58, issued a statement on Twitter addressing the allegations and coming out as gay.

“I have a lot of respect and admiration for Anthony Rapp as an actor. I’m beyond horrified to hear his story,” he said. “I honestly do not remember the encounter, it would have been over 30 years ago. But if I did behave as he describes, I owe him the sincerest apology for what would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behavior, and I am sorry for the feelings he describes having carried with him all these years.”

Several more people accused the actor of sexual harassment or assault since, and in April, one sexual assault case against the star reported to have taken place in October of 1992 in West Hollywood involving a male adult was turned over to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office for further review.

In November, the actor entered a treatment facility. He has not been out in public since and has been written off the finale season of House of Cards.

On Tuesday, actor Guy Pearce hinted at an unpleasant experience while working with Spacey.

“Yeah… Tough one to talk about at the moment,” he said on Australian talk show host Andrew Denton’s Interview, according to Independent. “Amazing actor; incredible actor. Slightly difficult time with Kevin, yeah. He’s a handsy guy.”

Image result for kevin spacey and prince charles

Prince Charles presents honorary knighthood to Kevin Spacey

Kevin, who is also an ambassador for the Prince of Wales’ charity The Prince’s Trust, looked delighted as he showed off his medal to photographers. Unlike formal knights like Paul McCartney and Elton John, Kevin does not carry the title “Sir” because he was born outside of the Commonwealth. Still, the honour carries a heavy weight of significance as it is only awarded to people who have made an incredible impact in their given fields. Other honorary knights include U2’s Bono and Bob Geldof while Angelina Jolie has been made an honorary dame.

Kevin Spacey in paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s black book

Westminster ‘paedophile ring’ accuser charged

July 2018

A man who alleged there was a paedophile ring at the heart of Westminster has been charged with perverting the course of justice.

The man, known as Nick, whose real name is being withheld for legal reasons, is also accused of fraud.

Nick’s claims sparked an 18-month Scotland Yard inquiry into allegations public figures sexually assaulted children and three boys were murdered.

The inquiry was dropped and Northumbria Police was asked to investigate Nick.

Nick had claimed he was systematically abused and tortured by senior politicians and members of the armed forces during the 1970s and 1980s.

Those he accused included former Conservative politicians Lord Brittan and Harvey Proctor, and Field Marshal Lord Bramall.

Mr Proctor has welcomed the decision to prosecute Nick.

High-profile raids

After the Met launched Operation Midland in 2014 to investigate Nick’s claims, they held a press conference where a senior detective described the allegations as “credible and true”.

In 2015, the Met carried out a series of high-profile dawn raids on the homes of those Nick had accused.

All of them denied his allegations and the investigation was closed without anyone facing charges, having cost £2.5m.

Last September, Northumbria Police passed a file of evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to consider possible charges against Nick.

Thirteen charges

On Tuesday, the CPS head of special crime said there was “sufficient evidence” to bring 12 charges of perverting the court of justice and one of fraud.

Nick is due to appear before Westminster Magistrates’ Court “in due course”.

In a statement, Mr Proctor “congratulated” Northumbria Police for a “thorough and robust” investigation and said there must be no delays in arranging the trial.

“The torture that was and is Operation Midland should end as soon as is possible,” he said, adding: “Justice must now be allowed to take its course.”

Daniel Janner, the son of the late peer Lord Janner, said in the light of the CPS charging decision he would no longer be attempting to bring a private prosecution against Nick over allegations he made against his father.

Police apology

The Met apologised for the way they had conducted Operation Midland and paid compensation to Lord Bramall and the family of Lord Brittan, who died in 2015.

Mr Proctor is suing the Met for compensation.

A report into Operation Midland, carried out by a retired High Court judge, said the force had made a series of errors in the investigation and made 25 recommendations on how police should handle similar allegations in the future.

Man charged with perverting the course of justice


Frank Ferguson, CPS Head of Special Crime, said: “The CPS has considered a file of evidence from Northumbria Police relating to allegations of perverting the course of justice and fraud by a 50-year-old man.

“The police investigation provided evidence that the man had made a number of false allegations alleging multiple homicides and sexual abuse said to have been carried out in the 1970s and 1980s.

“Following careful consideration we have concluded there is sufficient evidence to bring a number of criminal charges.

“He has today been charged with 12 counts of perverting the course of justice and one count of fraud and will appear before Westminster Magistrates’ Court in due course.

“Criminal proceedings in relation to this matter are now active and it is extremely important there should be no reporting, commentary or sharing of information online which could in any way prejudice these proceedings.”

Notes to editors

  • The CPS is unable to publish the name of the man who has been charged due to a risk of prejudicing unrelated, ongoing proceedings involving the defendant
  • Details of the charges:
    • Doing acts tending and intended to pervert the course of public justice, in that he made a false allegation of witnessing the child homicide of an unnamed boy committed by Mr Harvey Proctor
    • Doing acts tending and intended to pervert the course of public justice, in that he made a false allegation of witnessing the child homicide of a boy called Scott
    • Doing acts tending and intended to pervert the course of public justice, in that he made a false allegation of witnessing the child homicide of an unnamed boy, other than the unnamed boy in charge 1
    • Doing acts tending and intended to pervert the course of public justice, in that he falsely alleged that he had been sexually and physically abused by a paedophile ring, with senior ranking officers within the military, military intelligence, a TV presenter and other unidentified men accused as members
    • Doing acts tending and intended to pervert the course of public justice, in that he falsely alleged that he had been sexually and physically abused by a paedophile ring, with politicians, a TV presenter, and other unidentified men accused as members
    • Doing acts tending and intended to pervert the course of public justice, in that he provided a list of sexual abusers and locations falsely alleging that he had been subjected to physical and sexual abuse by the said sexual abusers at the said locations
    • Doing acts tending and intended to pervert the course of public justice, in that he provided sketches of locations at which he had been physically and sexually abused, falsely claiming that he had produced them from memory
    • Doing acts tending and intended to pervert the course of public justice, in that he provided and repeated the name of Aubrey, falsely alleging that Aubrey had been present and subjected to physical and sexual abuse when with him
    • Doing acts tending and intended to pervert the course of public justice, in that he provided a pen knife and two military epaulettes falsely alleging that he had retained them from when he was abused as a child
    • Doing acts tending and intended to pervert the course of public justice, in that he falsely claimed that he had suffered serious injuries as a result of having been sexually and physically abused as a child
    • Doing acts tending and intended to pervert the course of public justice, in that he falsified a ‘Proton’ email account, and provided false information purportedly sent from ‘Fred’, an individual who he had named as present when he was abused by a paedophile ring
    • Doing acts tending and intended to pervert the course of public justice, in that he went together with investigators on site visits and falsely alleged that it was at locations identified by him during those visits that he had been subjected to physical and sexual abuse by a paedophile ring
    • Fraud, contrary to the Fraud Act 2006, section 1, in that on or about the day of day of 26 September 2013, dishonestly made representations to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, namely that he was subjected to abuse by a paedophile ring, knowing this to be untrue and intending thereby to make a gain for himself.


Anthony Daly @Anthony Daly01

I note that the charges against “Nick” do not appear to include possession of indecent images of children; something which was widely reported in the media.

Related image

The Archbishop of Adelaide, Philip Wilson,  has been sentenced to 12 months – but not jail.

He has been given six months home detention followed by six months on parole

Magistrate Robert Stone adjourned the matter to August 14 while Wilson is assessed for home detention.

In May, the 67-year-old was found guilty of concealing the sexual abuse of children between 2004 and 2006 at the hands of paedophile priest Jim Fletcher in the 1970s.

In sentencing, Mr Stone said “there is no remorse or contrition showed by the offender”.
Peter Fox 🦊🇦🇺 @Peter_Fox59
A lot of disappoinment outside Archbishop Wilson’s sentencing today. One witness said Wilson will sit in his sister’s backyard, near the beach, in the sun, sip his tea & read his newspaper. ‘What sort of punishment is that?’
Maggie Bird‏@Magpie1954nBird
Sad day4victims of sexual abuse -who to are frail sick damaged & have not had the luxury his life allowed-ARCHBISHOP IS GUILTY Of CAUSING rape & sexual abuse for children entrusted into his care he walks free 2the comfort of his home – this is not a proper sentence
Carolyn Gilholme‏ @CarolynGilholme
Not only that, but the fact that he hasn’t resigned indicates that to him this is not serious, just a blip in his continuity. If the Catholic Church had an ounce of contrition he would be sacked and disowned by them.

What am I missing? If an employer has duty of care as part of its job description, and a staff member has been convicted of a breach, why are we waiting for a resignation? Why is that person not dismissed by its employer???

“Wilson handed 12 months’ imprisonment but may be allowed to serve time in home detention.” Would someone with a low public profile, with the same health problems and of the same age have been handed the same sentence?

dot goulding‏@dottigee

Ms Anne Bayley‏@AEBayley
Another example of how how legal system fails victims. Appalled he was not sent to prison. My heart goes out to the victims who could have been spared had he reported. More fuel also for Catholic Church to continue to be above the law
Shaun Warnock‏@shaunwarnock
It is clear that sentencing considerations have not been adequately balanced. The state must appeal.

Former DPP Stephen Pallaras says Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson’s lenient sentence is a ‘disgrace’

5 July 2018

SENTENCING remorseless Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson to a year on home detention is a disgrace and prosecutors must appeal its leniency, former South Australian Director of Public Prosecutions Stephen Pallaras, QC, says.

Mr Pallaras has lashed out at the home detention sentence handed down to Wilson in the Newcastle Local Court this week after he was found guilty of covering up a paedophile colleague’s abuse of altar boys.

Mr Pallaras’s criticism comes as the Catholic Church in Australia has emphasised it has no power to sack the state’s highest ranking Catholic Church leader, because only the Pope can compel Wilson to resign.

He said the sentence — which is likely to result in Wilson serving a six-month non-parole period on home detention at his sister’s NSW Central Coast home — demonstrated “just how wrong the Newcastle Local Court got this sentence”.

“While many might find spending six months living with their sister an unbearable proposition, as a sentence for this man — who totally betrayed his position of trust and authority, one who shows absolutely no remorse or any understanding of the harm his behaviour has done to so many once young and defenceless people, at a time when it has become painfully obvious that a strong deterrent sentence is desperately needed — a six moth sleepover at his sister’s home is for this arch hypocrite, a disgrace,” he says.

Mr Pallaras says certain features of a case can have a mitigatory effect on the punishment of a court, including a guilty plea and demonstration of remorse while other factors such as refusing to admit criminality, the need for deterrence and need to protect the young and vulnerable may result in a harsher sentence.

Wilson, 67, has confirmed he will appeal his conviction for concealing Father James “Jim” Patrick Fletcher’s crimes and has refused to resign unless he is unsuccessful in that appeal.

Mr Pallaras says the Catholic Church must immediately sack Wilson and the NSW DPP should immediately appeal the leniency of Wilson’s sentence.

“Wilson’s congregation or what is left of it, should tell him very loudly and clearly that a protector and apologist of paedophiles is no longer wanted or welcome in their midst.

“As for Wilson, the fact that he still clings to his uniform and office tells you all that you need to know about his character.”

In a statement, the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference president Archbishop Mark Coleridge said the bishops had closely followed Wilson’s court case and respected his right to lodge an appeal against his conviction.

“We also recognise the ongoing pain this has caused survivors, especially those who were abused by Jim Fletcher,” Archbishop Coleridge said.

“A number of survivors, prominent Australians and other members of the community have publicly called on Archbishop Wilson to resign.

“Although we have no authority to compel him to do so, a number of Australian bishops have also offered their advice privately. Only the Pope can compel a bishop to resign.”

The Vatican has refused to respond to requests for comment.

Image result for toby fisher barrister
The new governor of Pitcairn islandGovernor Laura Clarke, is married to Toby Fisher, a human rights barrister
JAN 2018

Child sex abuse inquiry lawyer resigns over concerns

1 November 2016

A key lawyer for the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse has resigned, BBC Newsnight has learned.

Toby Fisher, one of the first three barristers appointed to the inquiry, said he wanted to stand down in August.

It is understood he was concerned by the inquiry’s “progress and direction” and was not otherwise planning on leaving.

A spokesman for the inquiry would not comment on specifics and Mr Fisher declined to comment.

Mr Fisher had served as first junior counsel – the joint-second most senior barrister on the inquiry – and previously worked on two of the inquiry’s most high profile investigations – into Lord Janner and alleged abuse in Westminster.

Mr Fisher’s decision to leave came about a fortnight after the departure of the inquiry’s third chair, Dame Lowell Goddard and days after Newsnight disclosed the inquiry had been told of an alleged sexual assault by the inquiry’s lead counsel, Ben Emmerson QC.

Asked about Mr Fisher’s departure, a spokesman for the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse said the inquiry had “a large legal team comprising a number of junior counsel, senior counsel and solicitors”.

“They come and go subject to their professional obligations and we are not commenting on specifics,” he added.

The spokesman for the inquiry added that Toby Fisher remains instructed by the inquiry. However, the BBC understands that this is to allow Mr Fisher to answer any queries that arise related to his previous work.


Hugh Davies QC – December 2015

Toby Fisher – August 2015

Elizabeth Prochaska – September 2016

Ben Emmerson QC – September 2016

Aileen McColgan – November 2016

Clarke and her three young children are now settled in at Homewood, the grand official residence in Karori, and will soon be joined by Fisher, who’s been winding up his barrister’s chambers in London. He will join the Crown Law Office in Wellington.

Wellington, once regarded as a pre-retirement posting, is now attracting younger high flyers. Clarke’s predecessor, Jonathan Sinclair, who returned to London to become the principal private secretary to British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, was also a parent of young children at Homewood.

From October 2012 – October 2013, Fisher was junior counsel to the Leveson Inquiry, led by Robert Jay QC.

Toby Fisher, the counsel responsible for its contentious investigation into the late Labour peer Lord Janner

Archbishop of Melbourne quits – he said he would rather got to jail than tell the authorities about any sex abuse of children heard in the confessional.  His replacement – Peter Comensoli – his cousin was jailed for abusing children.

Image result for "Peter Comensoli "

Cardinal Pell and Peter Comensoli. He was consecrated as a bishop by Cardinal George Pell at St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney on 8 June 2011.

Cardinal George Pell to face trial on historical abuse charges

May 1 2018

Archbishops and Bishops statement supporting George Pell – Peter Comensoli signed:


…stating he is a man of integrity who is committed to the truth and to helping others, particularly those who have been hurt or who are struggling.

Bishop Peter Comensoli to be the next Archbishop of Melbourne

29 June 2018

Archbishop-elect Comensoli, currently the Bishop of the Broken Bay Diocese in NSW, was appointed as Melbourne’s ninth Archbishop on Friday evening by Pope Francis to replace Archbishop Hart who has held the position since 2001.

“Sometimes people erroneously think references to my cousin are references to me,” Archbishop-elect Comensoli said in a 2014 witness statement tendered to the Child Abuse Royal Commission.

“This is why I have always refered to myself as Peter A Comensoli, to distinguish myself from Peter L Comensoli.

Fr Peter Lewis Comensoli was jailed for child-sex crimes.


His cousin, Father Peter L. Comensoli, was jailed but was allowed to remain “Reverend”

In 1989, the Wollongong Catholic diocese (south of Sydney) was warned that Father Peter Lewis Comensoli was sexually abusing boys in his parish, but the church authorities allowed him to continue in parish work. In 1993, a newspaper exposed this church scandal. Police then charged Comsensoli and he was jailed in 1994. But the church failed to laicize him and he was listed as “Reverend” for the next 16 years, until his name finally vanished from church directories in 2010 — 16 years after his conviction. As explained at the end of this article, this Father Peter Lewis Comensoli should not be mistaken for another Catholic clergyman — his cousin, Bishop Peter Andrew Comensoli who has been appointed (in June 2018) to become the next Archbishop of Melbourne.

In the Sydney District Court on 18 October 1994, Father Peter Lewis Comensoli (then aged 55, of the Wollongong diocese, south of Sydney) was sentenced to 24 months jail (18 months minimum) after pleading guilty to the indecent assault of altar boys. His conviction was reported in Sydney and Wollongong newspapers.

Despite this conviction, the annual edition of the Directory of Australian Catholic Clergy (published by the National Council of Priests) continued to include the “Reverend” Peter Lewis Comensoli, describing him as a “supplementary priest” of the Wollongong diocese. His name was not dropped from the annual Australian Catholic directories until 2010 — sixteen years after his conviction.

In 1989, a number of high school students told another Wollongong priest, Fr Maurie Crocker, that they had been sexually abused by Father Peter Lewis Comensoli and by Christian Brother Michael Evans. Father Crocker alerted the church authorities but (he said later) the church authorities did not seem surprised or alarmed. The church allowed Comensoli to continue in parish work — that is, still dealing with young people.

In 1993, Wollongong’s Illawarra Mercury daily newspaper decided to expose Father Comensoli and Brother Evans. These articles led to a police investigation of Peter Lewis Comensoli and Michael Evans.

Two of Peter Lewis Comensoli’s victims agreed to make a signed, sworn police statement. These two victims were aged 10 and 17, when they were altar boys at one of Comensoli’s earlier parishes — St Mary’s parish in Berkeley, in urban Wollongong.

Peter Lewis Comsensoli then resigned from his current parish (St Brigid’s at Gwynneville, in urban Wollongong). The Wollongong diocese leadership accepted the resignation. A diocesan spokesman was quoted in the Mercury (9 November 1993, page 1) as saying: “He [Fr Comensoli] will always be a priest of the diocese but he is not working in the diocese at the moment.”

Paedophile priest pleads guilty again

23 May 2016

The court heard the charges stem from sexual assaults that occurred on teenage boys between 1966 and 1968 at Shellharbour in the Illawarra, and Ingleburn in Sydney.

The crimes involved three separate boys, who can’t be named.

It’s not the first time the paedophile priest has pleaded guilty to such crimes.

He was jailed for two years in 1994 after pleading guilty to the indecent assault of teenage altar boys.

Medomsley detention centre: Former officers deny abuse

29 June 2018

Clockwise from top left: Kevin Blakey, Alan Bramley, Johnson Brian Greenwell, David McClure, John McGee, Christopher Onslow, Neil Sowerby

Clockwise from top left: Kevin Blakey, Alan Bramley, Johnson Brian Greenwell, David McClure, John McGee, Christopher Onslow, Neil Sowerby

Seven former officers have denied abusing teenagers at a youth detention centre during the 1970s and 1980s.

The men, who are in their 60s and 70s, worked at the former centre in Medomsley, County Durham.

All are charged with physical abuse and misconduct in a public office, and four are also accused of sex offences.

Appearing at Teesside Crown Court, they pleaded not guilty and were bailed to return for three trials, with the first due to start on 3 September.

They are:

  • Kevin Blakey, 65, two counts of misconduct, two counts of wounding, and two of assault
  • Alan Bramley, 69, misconduct, wounding, and two counts of assault
  • Johnson Brian Greenwell, 70, misconduct, serious sexual assault, false imprisonment, and two counts of assault
  • David McClure, 62, misconduct, wounding, and four counts of assault
  • John McGee, 73, misconduct, four counts of assault, two counts of indecent assault, serious sexual assault, and wounding
  • Christopher Onslow, 71, two counts of misconduct, two of serious sexual assault, two counts of wounding, two counts of wounding with intent, three counts of assault, and one of indecent assault
  • Neil Sowerby, 60, misconduct, three counts of serious sexual assault, two counts of assault and four counts of indecent assault

Nearly 1,400 men have claimed they were abused at Medomsley, which prior to its closure in 1988 held teenage offenders who had committed relatively minor crimes.

The seven defendants deny all the charges against them.

What happens if the cover-up is itself covered up? This is the question that the Church of England must face with the publication of an extraordinary report into the occasion, eight years ago, when it gave itself a pass mark on the issue of sexual abuse. A report then published, prompted by scandals earlier in the decade, was meant to measure the extent of historic sexual abuse known to the church. Instead it produced the frankly incredible claim that there were only 13 cases in 30 years that had not been dealt with properly.

Now that Peter Ball, a former bishop of Lewes and of Gloucester, has been convicted of indecent assault and been sentenced to 32 months in jail, while Lord Carey, who as archbishop of Canterbury attempted to rehabilitate him and suppressed some of the evidence against him, has been barred from working as a priest in retirement, it is time to review the church’s earlier self-examination. The Ball case is only the most visible of what is now obviously a considerable load of past cases. The archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, along with two of his bishops, has been formally reported to the police for alleged inaction over the case of one of their priests who was as a young man raped by an older priest.

So it is disappointing to see that the church has managed to produce another report that appears to argue that the original clean bill of health was the product of perfectly innocent misunderstandings. Sir Roger Singleton is a distinguished social worker and at the same time a charter member of the great and good. So his report is full of damning evidence of incompetence and obstruction within the original review, but it is written in a tone that suggests unflagging zeal hindered only by quite unforeseeable circumstances. It must be read with attention to the rotten steak and not the sizzle.

When the house of bishops first discussed the matter, in 2007, one bishop objected that “the real victims could include those clergy and church officials about whom unfounded allegations had been made”. On the other hand, something would have to be seen to be done: “It was noted … that a failure to proceed might be taken as evidence of a church culture which colluded with child abuse.” Perish the thought. In the event, those parts of the church that wanted to collude continued to do so. Seven bishops sent in no reports whatsoever: none are named in the report, although the church has since named their dioceses. All have now retired.

In keeping with this general aversion to reality, a decision was made early on to examine only files of cases, and not to talk to any survivors, on the grounds that to do so might be traumatic for them. None were asked if they would feel better for being ignored. The files were much easier to deal with, in part because they were haphazardly stored, in some cases in garages, and of varying age and completeness. Some records, says the report, referred merely to “an unfortunate saga” or “past difficulties”. “The state of many files does generate a risk that safeguarding concerns were not recognised as such,” writes Sir Roger in a magnificent understatement.

In the end, despite these hazards, nearly 50 lost cases were sent in for consideration from the diocese of Chichester alone (and there are 43 more dioceses). The compilers of the original report whittled these down to 13 for the whole country. It is difficult to understand how Sir Roger could be confident that there was no massaging of the figures.


Jack Straw – whats wrong with him? Extraordinary rendition and trying to stop abused chidlren speaking out

UK tolerated ‘inexcusable’ treatment of detainees by US after 9/11, damning official report finds

28 June 2018

British intelligence officers witnessed prisoners being tortured and played active parts in the rendition of terrorist suspects into the hands of the secret police of brutal regimes knowing that they faced inhuman treatment, a scathing report has said.

The British authorities, the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) concluded, turned a blind eye to routine mistreatment by US authorities although the UK intelligence agencies became aware from an early stage that this was going on.

The ISC noted that the official US policy remains that prisoners should not be mistreated, in spite of President Donald Trump’s previous assertion that “torture works’.

But the committee called on the government to conduct a review of “consolidated guidance”, the rules under which intelligence officers do not become complicit in torture by the British state or allied countries.

Tony Blair’s government, in power during the period of the investigation, could have done more to influence the policies of George W Bush’s administration, the committee said.

Jack Straw, the then-foreign secretary, said after the report’s publication that although he was in charge of MI6 and GCHQ, he was unaware of some of the collusion in abuse. “I have today learnt much about the activities and the approach of these agencies of which I was not aware before,” he said.

Although the report, “Detainee Mistreatment and Rendition”, gives goes into detail about UK collusion in abuse by the US and other foreign governments, the ISC said it was stopped from talking to several key witnesses by Downing Street. As a result the intelligence and security services are held to account in the document, but the politicians escape relatively unscathed.

The committee was prevented from questioning Mr Straw and David Blunkett, the then-home secretary in charge of MI5, even though cabinet secretary Jeremy Heywood assured the ISC when the report was commissioned in December 2013 that it could summon “relevant former ministers and officials”.

The report says: “Had the further witness statement we sought been made available to us and had we therefore continued the inquiry beyond this point, we may have differently categorised some of the cases of concern, and taken a different viewpoint.”

One of the questions Mr Straw would have faced is in a passage in the report which noted that MI6 “sought and obtained authorisation from the foreign secretary” for paying for a plane in which rendition was carried out.

Mr Straw insisted in response that he would have been happy to give evidence. He said: “These are extremely important reports which need to be taken very seriously and their conclusions followed through. As the report makes clear, I was not invited to give evidence to the committee, though I would have been pleased to do so, had I been asked.

“Although I was formally responsible for both SIS and GCHQ during my period as foreign secretary (June 2001 to May 2006), I have today learnt much about the activities and the approach of these agencies of which I was not aware before.”

The investigation by the committee found that British spies witnessed detainees being mistreated at least 13 times, were told by prisoners on 25 other occasions that they were being mistreated, and were told of mistreatment by foreign agencies on 128 other occasions.

But despite knowing of the abuse, the UK agencies continued to supply questions for interrogations, the committee said. It found there were 232 cases this took place despite the knowledge or strong suspicion that the information was being obtained by torture or other abuse. The damning statistics charted show that there were 198 cases where there was definite knowledge of mistreatment.

There is no evidence, said the report, that British officers themselves took part in torture, and there was “no smoking gun” suggesting otherwise.

The UK agencies played a major role in the rendition of suspects, the committee said. MI6 and MI5 financially subsidised, or offered to subsidise, the rendition of suspects on three cases and provided information enabling arrests and transportation in 28 cases as well proposing or agreeing to rendition on 22 others. They failed to stop rendition in 23 cases, including those of British nationals or residents. Two renditions took place through Diego Garcia, the British owned island on the Indian Ocean whose population had been deported to make way for an American base.

British intelligence and security services responded that the inquiry found its officers did not take part in any mistreatment. But a senior Whitehall security official said: “We are used to being held to account by the ISC and oversight bodies, and it is right that we as a service are subject to a robust system of independent oversight and accountability.

“We have engaged transparently and fully with many parliamentary processes, civil cases and police investigations that have taken place since post-9/11. The ISC’s reports are frank and clear. We were simply not prepared for the work we became involved in following 9/11. There were deficiencies in capability and understanding; and therefore in the guidance and training that we gave to staff.

The ISC report says: “We have considered the actions of those in the agencies’ head offices. Immediately after 9/11, the agency heads and deputies were briefed by the CIA: these briefings clearly showed US intent but were not taken seriously.

“It is difficult to comprehend how those at the top of the office did not recognise the pattern of mistreatment by the US. That the US, and others, were mistreating detainees is beyond doubt, as is the fact that the agencies and defence intelligence were aware of this at an early point. The same is true of rendition: there was no attempt to identify the risks involved and formulate the UK’s response. There was no understanding [within the UK government] of rendition and no clear policy – or even recognition of the need for one.

Theresa May issued a statement saying the lessons of what happened in the aftermath of 9/11 “are to be found in improved operational policy and practice, better guidance and training, and an enhanced oversight and legal framework”.

She added: “We should be proud of the work done by our intelligence and service personnel, often in the most difficult circumstances, but it is only right that they should be held to the highest possible standards in protecting our national security.”

Sonya Sceats, Freedom from Torture chief executive, said: “At this time when President Trump openly endorses torture and has placed a suspected perpetrator in charge of the CIA, it is more important than ever that Theresa May delivers on her predecessor’s promise of a judge-led inquiry to show in deeds, not just words, that Britain stands firm in its support for the absolute torture ban.”

What did Jack Straw know about the UK’s role in torture and rendition?

Key questions the former foreign secretary should answer in light of damning parliamentary reports

28 June 2019

After the release of damning reports on British involvement in the torture and kidnap of terrorism suspects after 9/11, the former foreign secretary Jack Straw said he had learned for the first time about much of the security services’ activity from the reports – and painted some aspects of them as a vindication.

He said the reports showed “that where I was involved in decisions I consistently sought to ensure that the United Kingdom did act in accordance with its long-stated policies and international norms”.

Nonetheless, the details in the parliamentary reports pose a number of difficult questions for Straw, who did not face the intelligence and security committee:

Why did you authorise the financing of a rendition operation in October 2004?

The reports explain that the British government and its intelligence agencies helped to finance three rendition operations. On one occasion, at least, Straw authorised the payment of “a large share” of the costs. He is certain to be asked to answer this if he gives any media interviews.

Who were the two victims of that operation, where were they sent and what happened to them on arrival?

The identities of the victims are hidden behind codenames in the reports, as are the place where they were kidnapped and the country to which they were taken. The committee says they were taken to a place where there was a “real risk of torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment”. He is highly unlikely to answer this question.

Why did you tell the foreign affairs committee the following year that anyone who believed the UK had been involved in rendition was a conspiracy theorist?

In December 2005 Straw told the Commons foreign affairs committee: “Unless we all start to believe in conspiracy theories and that the officials are lying, that I am lying, that behind this there is some kind of secret state which is in league with some dark forces in the United States … there simply is no truth in the claims that the United Kingdom has been involved in rendition.”

Straw has never explained why he made this statement.

When Scotland Yard was questioning you about the rendition operations in which two families were flown to Libya in early 2004, did you tell the detectives about this later matter?

Straw was questioned – as a witness, not a suspect – by detectives investigating the Libyan renditions. It seems unlikely that he would have volunteered that he had authorised the financing of a subsequent rendition operation.

Did you tell the then prime minister, Tony Blair, what you were doing?

For some, this is the key question. It has never been answered.


Straw was Deputy to Hodge at Islington Council. A major driving force behind Child brides in the UK. Straw is the Politician behind the phrase “cultural sexual diversity”. In 2009 Straw made it illegal for any Child to complain about abuse while in the care system ( The Times and Independent Feb.15th 2009 ). Placed all the Thomas Hamilton ( Dunblane massacre ) papers under a 100 year secrecy law by claiming it was to protect the families‘ feelings. Jack Straw’s brother William has a conviction for a sex attack on a schoolgirl.


“I’d like to see Jack Straw face a criminal court” says who saysreveals he was the only civil servant who wrote an objection against obtaining intelligence through torture.

“I’d like to see Jack Straw face a criminal court” says who saysreveals he was the only civil servant who wrote an objection against obtaining intelligence through torture.

Northern Irish civil group infiltrated by UK police

Another British police spy infiltrated a Northern Irish civil society group during the Troubles, it has been confirmed.

An officer with the code name Alan Nixon was working undercover in the Irish Solidarity Campaign between 1969 and 1972. It is the third time that Scotland Yard has admitted that officers were targeting grassroots groups campaigning for British troops to leave Northern Ireland at the height of the Troubles.

The disclosures of officers’ code names and the groups that they infiltrated have been made as part of their Pitchford inquiry, which is investigating undercover operations by police forces in England and Wales since 1968.

Former DJ Jonathan King’s sex assault trial COLLAPSES meaning he may have to wait until next year for case to be heard amid claims he ‘assaulted nine teenage boys in the 1970s and 80s’

  • Former DJ and TV presenter, 73, has been on trial for a series of sex charges
  • But the court case collapsed today and may be re-tried at the later date 
  • King is accused of molesting boys he picked up in his Rolls Royce

The trial of former DJ Jonathan King for historical sex offences collapsed today and he may have to wait until next year to find out if he faces a retrial.

The 73-year-old is accused of sexually assaulting 11 boys after allegedly picking them up in his Rolls Royce and plying them with drink.

But two weeks into the trial, Judge Deborah Taylor discharged the jury at Southwark Crown Court for legal reasons that cannot be reported.

Judge Taylor said: ‘Members of the jury, I am going to discharge you from this case because of reasons I am not going to go into at this stage.

‘Thank you for your careful consideration in this case which I have noticed over the past few weeks.’

King now faces a possible retrial in June next year.

The charges date back to the the 1970s and 80s, when King was well-known for his performances on TV and radio.

He insists he had only ever had consensual sex and did not have sexual contact with some of the alleged victims.

King, pictured in 1975, became famous for his pop music before appearing on TV and radio

King, pictured in 1975, became famous for his pop music before appearing on TV and radio

James Torbett: Glasgow pensioner on trial accused of sexually abusing boys at football ground

26 June 2018

A pensioner has gone on trial accused of sexually abusing boys at a football ground and training facility.

James Torbett, known as Jim, faces 12 charges of abusing six boys, aged from four to 17 on the dates in question, one of whom has since died.

The alleged abuse spans from 1970 to 1994 and is said to have taken place at various locations including Barrowfield Football Ground in London Road and Scotstoun Football Training Facility, both Glasgow.

Abuse is also alleged to have occured at a a further football training facility in Bristol, school premises in Scotland, at a dormitories in France and Belgium, at factory premises in Shawbridge Street in Glasgow, at locations in Blackpool and London and in motor vehicles.

The 71-year-old from Glasgow denies all the charges against him, which include inducing boys to perform sexual acts and placing money in the mouth of one alleged victim.

Torbett is also accused of grabbing hold of the private parts of a boy aged between four and six and threatening him, and on another occasion making him perform oral sex.

He is further accused of removing the clothes and underwear of a boy aged 11 or 12 at Barrowfield Football Ground and watching him and two other boys enter the showers.

He has lodged a defence of abili for one charge, of sexually abusing the same boy in a vehicle on the M8 motorway in Glasgow between dates in 1985 and 1986, claiming to have been in New York on that occasion.

The trial at the High Court in Glasgow heard agreed evidence that the police seized mobile phones from Torbett and one alleged victim in May last year, which have now been forensically examined.

The court also heard the alleged victim who has since died provided six statements to the police.

The trial, before Judge Tom Hughes, continues today.

Image result for Pauline Murray-Knight

Depraved child rapist, Ian Knight aka Ian Murray, was allowed into Buckingham Palace to watch wife receive honour from Prince William

His wife,  Pauline Murray-Knight, works for Childline


Child rapist visited Buckingham Palace to see wife receive MBE before starting 12-year sentence

A child rapist visited Buckingham Palace with his wife to watch her receive an MBE – before he was later jailed for his crimes.

Jailed Ian Knight, 55, of Nuneaton, Warwickshire watched on as Major Pauline Murray-Knight was honoured by Prince William in December.

She received the honour for her work in mental health. She also counselled male and female rape victims.

Child rapist visited Buckingham Palace before starting 12-year sentence

Ian Knight was found guilty of 10 sex offences in March (Picture: SWNS)

The abuser appeared at the palace on the same day Ed Sheeran and JK Rowling were honoured – and a victim has hit out at authorities for allowing him the day out.

The victim told the Sunday People that Knight had ‘ruined my life.’

And added: ‘I can’t believe he was at the palace while police were aware he was accused of such serious offences. My blood ran cold.’

‘To find out the man ­responsible for my trauma has been to such a worthy occasion fills me with fury.

‘His victims deserve recognition and not him. I hope we can all find peace and he rots in prison where he belongs.’

Major Pauline Murray-Knight, Adjutant General's Corps (Staff and Personnel Support Branch), is made an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) by the Duke of Cambridge at Buckingham Palace. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Tuesday December 12, 2017. See PA story ROYAL Investiture. Photo credit should read: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Major Pauline Murray-Knight is made an MBE by Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge

Knight, a former soldier, was jailed for 12 years in March after being found guilty of 10 sex offences at Warwickshire Crown Court.

Two offences included repeatedly raping one of four victims, three girls and a boy, from when she was only eight.

The court heard Knight continually raped a girl, 8, when he was in his early teens and took every opportunity he could to abuse her.

He also assaulted a young boy during a game of hide and seek and was only brought to justice when his victims came forward.

Buckingham Palace told they had no comment.

Pauline Murray – Knight MBE is a Mental Health and Well – Being Consultant working with STILLHR . Pauline has been a Mental Health facilitator and coach for many years and has developed her knowledge during 33 years of military service and 20 ye ars as a therapist. In June 2017, she was honoured with an MBE in recognition of her selfless work as an advocate for mental health support, her charity work and her dedication to promoting Mental Health First Aid

Pauline Murray-Knight

United Kingdom
HR Manager and Auditor at Nottingham

St Ambrose Coatbridge   1977 — 1984

Nottingham   March 2015 – Present
BRITISH GURKHAS NEPAL   June 2013 – February 2015
UK Ministry of Defence   September 2012 – April 2013
UK Ministry of Defence   July 2007 – September 2012
Motivation Training   2008 – 2010

Security Clearance, Army, Financial Accounting, Team Building, Financial Audits, Leadership, Financial Reporting, Counterterrorism, Security, Intelligence, Invoicing, IT Security Best…, Military Experience, Office Management, Command, NATO, Quality Assurance, Bookkeeping, Fitness, Close Protection, Change Management, IT Security Policies, Defence, NLP, Aerobics, Customer Service, IT Security Assessments, Postal Regulations, CBT, Operational Planning, Hypnotherapy, Mediation, Financial Risk, Physical Security, Embassies, Ministry Of Defence, Coordination, Equality & Diversity, Quality Auditing, Problem Solving, Contingency Planning, General Ledger, Military Liaison, Military, Strategic HR, Resettlement, Intelligence Analysis, Bahasa Indonesia, Military Operations, Conflict Management


Armed Forces Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) instructor Major Pauline Murray-Knight, of the Adjutant General’s Corps (AGC), has been recognised in the Queen’s birthday honours list.

Nottingham-based Major Pauline Murray-Knight received an MBE in recognition of her selfless work as an advocate for mental health support in the military community, and her work as a Mental Health First Aid instructor.

Reflecting on the prestigious recognition, Major Murray-Knight said: “It’s really nice that someone has recognised me in this way. It will give me more opportunity to promote mental health and awareness. I get immense job satisfaction. Helping others is the best part of my job.”

(AGE 50 IN 2017)

Her citation states: “She has selflessly supported mental health initiatives and shown endless capacity to provide welfare support to those in need. (…) Her work has benefitted many Forces’ families, including those of soldiers killed, injured or traumatised on operations.”

Long periods of time away from family during service, exposure to high stress situations and trauma, and the difficulty of adjusting between military and civilian life – all can impact on the mental health of military personnel, veterans and their families. The most common ways these stressors impact on members of the Armed Forces are depression, anxiety, adjustment disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, and alcohol misuse.

MHFA training courses teach people to spot the signs and symptoms of mental health issues, offer initial help and guide a person towards support. Developed in collaboration with the UK’s leading military support charities, Armed Forces MHFA is tailored to the unique culture and mental health needs of the military community.

I have been promoting Mental Health for many years. I enlisted in 1984 and have a wide range of experience including operational tours and extreme trauma. I was the liaison officer for the families of soldiers injured and killed whilst is service. I have been involved in CNO duties and have a desire to support the service community.

I am also a MOD and civilian mediator, clinical hypnotherapist, male and female rape and abuse support worker, child line counsellor, Master of NLP, CBT and EFT and a TRIM Coordinator. I am trained in Trauma Incident Reduction (TIR).

I hope that the stigma of mental health ends soon. With education and understanding we can create a better understading of Mental Health and wellbeing as a whole.

I promote equality, diversity and inclusion and I believe we all have the right to live life in our own way as long as it does not have a detrimental impact on others.

I am an Armed Forces MHFA and adult instructor (2 day, 1 day and hald day). In 2017 I was awarded an MBE due to my selfless commitment and work towards improving Mental Health in the military and civilian community..

Kavre Court postpones Peter Dalglish’s hearing for witness examination

22 June 2018

DHULIKHEL — Judge Arjun Adhikari has postponed Canadian Peter Dalglish’s hearing for witness examination on Thursday at Kavre Court.

Talking to Kathmandu Tribune, Adhikari said, “We want to know further about the witnesses and the hearing is now postponed possibly for two weeks or more.” Dalglish was arrested for pedophilia charges and although he was supposed to appear at the Kave Court on Thursday he didn’t.

Judge Adhikari too seem perplexed as of why he wasn’t brought to the court. “He is supposed to be here but I don’t know why he hasn’t be brought forth.”

Peter Dalglish’s lawyer had gone to meet him at the Kavre jail after the hearing on Thursday was postponed.

A government lawyer told Kathmandu Tribune that the hearing has been postponed since the court wants to properly examine the witnesses’ statements. According to Nepal’s law, there would be a minimum of five witnesses for the next hearing.

Dalglish faces a possible 11 years jail term or more if convicted for the rape charges. Nepal’s law will be updated on August where ‘pedophilia’ will be included as a severe crime.


Vatican ex-diplomat sentenced to five years on child pornography charges

23 June 2018

A former Vatican diplomat has been sentenced to five years in prison for child pornography offences.

Monsignor Carlo Alberto Capella pleaded guilty at a Vatican court, which heard that dozens of pornographic photos and videos were found on his mobile phone.

He said he had suffered a personal crisis while working at the Vatican embassy in Washington DC.

The priest was recalled from the US last year after authorities notified the Vatican of their suspicions.

The US had asked that Capella’s diplomatic immunity be lifted so he could face charges there. Canadian police later issued an arrest warrant for Capella, an Italian.

The former diplomat will serve his sentence in the Vatican’s small prison, and pay a fine of €5,000 (£4,400; $5,800).

The case is the latest allegation involving child sexual abuse to hit the Catholic Church.

All of Chile’s 34 bishops offered to resign in May following a child sex scandal and a cover up. Pope Francis has since accepted three of their resignations.

Also in May, Australia convicted the archbishop of Adelaide, Philip Wilson, of concealing historic child sexual abuse in the 1970s. He has stepped aside from his duties but not resigned as archbishop.

In 2013, the Holy See recalled and defrocked its envoy to the Dominican Republic, Jozef Wesolowski, and ordered he be tried for child sex offences.

Wesolowski was found dead in 2015 before he could stand trial.

A man considered the Church’s third-ranked official, Vatican treasurer Cardinal George Pell, is due to go on trial in Australia on charges of historical sexual offences, which he denies.

Related image

Vatican diplomat admits he possessed child abuse images

Monsignor Carlo Alberto Capella tells court he developed ‘morbid’ desire

22 June 2018

A Catholic priest who worked as a diplomat at the Vatican’s embassy in Washington has admitted at the start of his trial that he had possessed images of child sexual abuse while based in the US.

Monsignor Carlo Alberto Capella, who was arrested in the Vatican in April after he had been recalled, told the court in the Vatican that he had developed a “morbid” desire after he arrived in the US to take up the diplomatic post in 2016. “It was never part of my priestly life before,” he told the court, adding that he was unhappy at the embassy in Washington.

In August 2017, the US state department notified the Holy See of a possible violation of laws relating to images of sexual abuse of children by a member of the diplomatic corps of the Holy See accredited to Washington.

A few weeks later, the US requested that Capella’s diplomatic immunity be waived to open the way for possible prosecution there, but the Vatican refused.

After Capella was recalled to Rome, police in Windsor, Canada, said they had issued an arrest warrant for him on suspicion of possessing and distributing child abuse images on the internet while visiting a church in Canada.

The trial was adjourned until Saturday.


Church of England downplayed extent of child abuse allegations to protect its reputation, report finds

22 June 2018

The Church of England disregarded dozens of allegations in its inquiry into child sexual abuse and then downplayed the issue to protect its reputation, a critical report has found. 

A report by former Barnardo’s chief executive Sir Roger Singleton found that close to 100 cases were whittled down to just a handful for a review released in 2010.

Inconsistent and overly specific criteria reduced the number of cases they reported for the Past Cases Review, leading it to conclude after examining 40,000 files that just 13 cases of alleged child sexual abuse merited formal action. 

Sir Roger, who was commissioned to complete an inquiry into the review, said he believed the Church “downplayed” the issue in public statements to avoid reputational damage.

However, he also said he found “no evidence whatsoever of a deliberate attempt to mislead” or that anyone broke the law.

“In the public statement that it issued reporting on the review, [the Church] rather failed to give a comprehensive picture of the concerns that existed,” he said.

“It narrowed down the definitions of who had actually been responsible for abuse by limiting it to just new cases and cases where the Church took formal action. This had the impact of reducing the numbers from probably nearer 100 to just two which appeared in the public statements.”

Asked whether he found that Church officials were avoiding reputational damage, Sir Roger told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “I think that is one of the factors that led those who prepared the press statement to emphasise the positive points for the Church and rather to downplay the negative aspects.”

The report criticises the church for failing to involve victims and survivors in the process, and recommends that seven dioceses needed to repeat it.

It also said cathedrals which were not involved in the original report should undertake their own reviews and old files which were not reviewed during the original process should be examined.

In written evidence given to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse in March, Sir Roger detailed the reasons that dioceses ruled out individual cases, which included that clergy had died, retired or that allegations related to a bellringer or choir member, who were deemed to be outside the scope of the report.

In a case in Exeter Diocese, there was “concern about obsessional interest in satanic ritual abuse and conduct generally” by a retired priest, which it was decided would be dealt with by the Archdeacon. 

Another excluded individual had been accused of abusing an adoptive daughter and accessing child pornography, in allegations that were investigated in 2001 with no further action being taken. 

Bishop Peter Hancock, the Church of England’s lead safeguarding bishop said: “These criticisms have been taken very seriously and acted upon and the House of Bishops have offered full support to implementing the recommendations in the report and any subsequent actions.

“We are committed to making sure that any known individuals who have not been dealt with appropriately in the past are assessed and any current potential risks to children and others are rigorously managed, including by reporting these individuals to the statutory authorities for investigation.”

Abuse survivors said the new report was not critical enough. In a joint statement a survivor known as Gilo and his lawyer David Greenwood of Switalskis said the past cases review had been a “whitewash”.

“It left vast numbers of clergy un-investigated, unreported to the police, free to continue abusing and effectively protected by the church,” they said.

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Charles Howeson is jailed for sex attacks

The prominent city businessman was found guilty of indecently assaulting eight young men

22 June 2018

Plymouth businessman Charles Howeson has been sentenced to seven and a half years in prison for sexually abusing young men.

Last year the 69-year-old was convicted of 10 indecent assaults against eight young men in the 1980s and 1990s.

He was acquitted of attempted buggery and indecent assault against a ninth complainant last week, following a retrial at Bristol Crown Court.

Today in the same court, the judge ordered him to pay £50,000 in costs.

He will also be on the Sex Offender’s Register for life.

Ex-DJ Jonathan King, 73, ‘twice raped 14-year-old he picked up outside luxury London hotel Claridge’s, after plying him with brandy and boasting of threesomes with teenagers’

A former DJ raped a teenager waiter after plying him with brandy, a court heard.

Jonathan King, 73, picked up the 14-year-old boy from outside luxury London hotel Claridge’s where the young teen worked, a jury was told.

The victim was introduced to the pop personality through a friend in the 1970s but did not come forward until he heard of King’s arrest for a separate charge in 2001.

The disgraced pop personality is accused of using his fame to lure youngsters for rides in his Rolls Royce where he would take them for dinner, drinks and tours of his luxury London flat.

The victim told jurors: ‘I started working at Claridge’s hotel at 14, part-time as a commis waiter. This was 1977 or 78.

He said the other waiter asked if he wanted to go out after work and said a friend was picking them up.

‘We met Jonathan and we were taken to Chinese restaurant in Piccadilly above the McDonald’s,’ he said.

‘They all new Jonathan because when we walked in they said hello and invited him in as if he was a friend.’

He asked his friend who he was and he explained he was a famous DJ.


Christ’s Hospital School: Rape accused tells of affair with 17-year-old

!5 June 2018

A former private school teacher accused of raping a 15-year-old girl has told of an affair with another student.

James Husband, 68, recalled the consensual liaison with a 17-year-old girl at Christ’s Hospital School while giving evidence in his trial.

Hove Crown Court heard he was married and his children attended the school during the “spur of the moment” affair.

He and co-defendant Gary Dobbie, ex-head of house at the Horsham school, both deny sexually abusing pupils.

Mr Husband, of Wigginton in York, denies four counts of rape and five of indecently assaulting a different pupil when she was as young as 14 between 1990 and 1994 while he taught at the prestigious school.

Mr Dobbie, 68, of Albi in France and formerly of Hereford, faces a string of allegations against six boys and two girls as young as 12 between 1998 and 2001.

He denies 12 counts of indecently assaulting four boys and two girls, attempting to indecently assault a boy and two counts of indecency with a child.

He was teaching at independent Shrewsbury School, Shropshire, at the time of his arrest in 2016.

Mr Husband left his job as a history teacher when it emerged he was having a consensual affair with the 17-year-old pupil who was not underage and is not a complainant in the case, jurors were told.

Giving evidence, he told the court there were several instances with the girl – from holding hands and kissing to sex – but said he did not consider it a relationship.

During cross-examination, the court heard him describe the moment he kissed the student on the lips after a disco at night in the school grounds.

He said: “I can see her in my mind’s eye looking up at me. I can remember the kiss.

“The look on her face suggested that she wanted me to.

“I wanted to kiss her.”

In a diary entry read to the court, the girl said: “Told too many people at school then decided to go for it. The fling.

“So got off with him on Saturday night. The most amazing thing. Happy.”

Mr Husband later conceded to the court that he had had sex with two 17-year-olds.

Addressing the charges involving the other girl which he denies, claiming they had consensual sex once when she was 16, he said: “I don’t know why [the alleged victim] has brought these allegations against me.”

Jurors previously heard he had told the girl when she was 15: “It’s OK, I’ve had a vasectomy,” before raping her.

The trial continues.


Former DJ Jonathan King, 73, ‘raped a 15-year-old boy then slapped an imaginary sticker on his shoulder while praising him for ‘”being brave”‘

  • Ex-DJ abused youngsters in 1970s and 1980s after giving them alcohol, jury told
  • Man spoke out when King bragged he was ‘guilty of being good at seduction’
  • He told his trial today alleged attack at King’s flat ‘wasn’t seduction – I was raped’
  • Claims he was told: ‘You’ve won the Jonathan King order of merit for being brave’
He asked if the boy was hungry and he took him to a Chinese restaurant he claimed he went to with his ‘best friend’ Kenny Everett and got him drunk on beer, it is alleged.
Cranky Pants Noely  @YaThinkN

How dare they! The Catholic Church should not be above the law. Hell, with 4,444 CATHOLIC VICTIMS revealed by they should already be de-registered as a Criminal Organisation with all those who aided & abetted abusers jailed.

‘It doesn’t affect us’: Priests to defy child sex abuse confession law

CATHOLIC priests in South Australia won’t obey a law requiring them to report child sex abuse to police because the confessional is ‘sacred’.

Nathan Lee‏ @NathanLee Jun 12

So how has the George Pell trial been going? Oh – that’s right – the Catholic Church lawyers got a gag order on the media disclosing anything: secrecy & special protection. Exactly why the mountain of child abuse happens in the first place.

 Former DJ Jonathan King ‘infiltrated one of Britain’s top public schools to prey on boys as young as 14 before luring them to his flat for sex in the 1970s and 80s’

  • Former DJ is said to have plied youngsters with alcohol in the 1970s and 80s
  • He often showed them pornography before sexually assaulting them, jury told
  • The 73-year-old denies 24 serious sexual assaults on boys aged 14 to 16
  • Child claims he went to collect Springsteen tickets and star grabbed his penis  
  • Public schoolboys say they gave tours and he lured them home with free gifts

Pop personality Jonathan King infiltrated a top public school to prey on young boys before plying one with alcohol and showing him porn while touching his penis, a court heard today.

The former broadcaster, now 73, was shown around by a 15-year-old boy before luring him and his friends to London with the promise of free records and gig tickets, Southwark Crown Court heard today.

When King’s first school guide came to his home he was asked to compile a ‘weird’ list of things including family, friends and sex and put them in order of importance.

‘He thought it was odd, but he completed the list putting family first,’ said prosecutor Rosina Cottage, QC.

On another visit to the same school, King then offered one of the boy’s friends tickets to Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born in the USA’ tour date at Wembley.

The boy found his insistence ‘a bit weird’ but travelled to London to collect the tickets.

King picked him up from Waterloo in his Rolls Royce and took him to his west London flat.

King gave the boy a beer – then showed him a porn film and touched his penis. The victim said he was ‘petrified’ by this, the jury heard.

Miss Cottage told how King tried to reassure him ‘saying that he could telephone a girlfriend to arrange for her to come over and relieve him of his virginity.’

The boy said he wanted to leave, King gave him the tickets and let him go.

Later he dedicated the song ‘Illegal Alien’ by Genesis to both schoolboys on his Christmas Day radio show.

Asked in police interview if he had touched the boy, King quipped: ‘I don’t think I would have done unless he’d asked me very politely.’

King, who had a series of top ten hits and hosted TV shows like ‘Entertainment USA’ is accused of sexual offences against 11 victims at Southwark Crown Court.

On another occasion King took one of his victims to visit a ‘friend’ at school – a sixth form border.

When police raided his home they found a picture pinned up of a blonde boy, signed on the back: ‘To Jonathan, Love X, Nov ‘78.’

Police also found a diary detailing sexual exploits with young boys on a trip to Mexico.

He speaks of ‘trolling’ and ‘cruising’ to pick up 15 and 16-year-old boys in his car for sex.

One night King took a family out for dinner and visited their home to spend time with their 16-year-old son.

He writes: ‘After the oldsters went up to bed, telling John not to be too long I bought him a drink and then we strolled up to my room to exchange addresses.

‘Well. Of course the books came out and were utilised. From small beginnings to great progress!

‘I played it very much on the – goodness me huge for 16 lines. Soon I was measuring with tonsils. Some pangs of guilt dispelled by goodness how did that happen?’

He speaks of landing in Acapulco and after dropping his bags immediately goes out cruising.

‘A fabulous boy, 15, ran across the road in a tiny pair of shorts and nothing else.’

Ms Cottage said: ‘He gets in the car and he pays him five dollars. I don’t think really the rest needs much explaining – “Jets everywhere.”

‘We say this is exactly what he’s doing in London and by this time he’s very expert at picking those who are just the right age for him.

‘He wants them young – older boys gets “bristly” and that’s not what he wants.’

These were the ‘trophies’ in his sick ‘game of power and manipulation over boys.’

Most of the charges against King, 73, involve pickups in the car outside venues where he knew he could find young boys – cinemas and record shops.

Many of the victims describe the lasting impact of mental health issues, drink dependency and suicide attempts as a result of the abuse.

While some were one-off encounters, others were preyed on repeatedly.

The charges relate to exposure, to touching both over and under clothes, sex acts and the most extreme sexual abuse.

The defendant said that he had only ever had consensual sex and did not have sexual contact with some of the alleged victims.

Cambridge graduate King had hits with ‘Everyone’s Gone to the Moon’ and ‘Una Paloma Blanca.’

He discovered Genesis and wrote and produced hits for teen idols the Bay City Rollers.

In court he wore a black suit with bright blue and red Nike high-tops.

King, of Bayswater, denies 17 charges of indecent assault and seven counts of buggery on males aged between 16 and 21.

The trial continues.

Hove Court  listings 14 June 2018


MSM seems to have stopped reporting on the Christ’s Hopsital School’s abuse trial re: Gary Dobbie.  Last news report was on  1 June 2018, but case is ongoing (Dobbie being tried with James Husband)

Four former teachers at Sussex school charged with sexual offences

Men who taught at Christ’s Hospital boarding school face total of 36 counts over alleged offences between 1980 and 1996

Christ’s Hospital school in West Sussex
Christ’s Hospital school counts Sir Barnes Wallis, the inventor of the bouncing bomb, among its former pupils. Photograph: Alamy

Four former teachers at a West Sussex boarding school have been charged with a range of sexual offences including rape against 15 male and female alleged victims across a 16-year period.

The accused, all men in their 60s and 70s who taught at Christ’s Hospital school near Horsham, face a combined total of 36 counts relating to alleged offences between 1980 and 1996. They were arrested last November.

Gary Dobbie, 66, is charged with seven counts of indecent assault on a male, one count of attempted indecent assault on a male and three counts of indecent assault on a female.

James Husband, 67, is charged with five counts of indecent assault on a female and four of rape,

and Ajaz Karim, 62, is charged with nine counts of indecent assault on a female and one of attempted indecent assault on a female.  (found guilty)

Peter Webb, 74 -charged with six counts of indecent assault on a male  found  (guilty)

more here


Plymouth businessman Charles Howeson will return to court next week to be sentenced for indecently assaulting eight men.

June 14 2108

The former Royal Navy Commander was convicted by a jury back in December of ten counts of indecent assault against young men in the 1980s and 1990s.

During the original trial, the jury failed to reach a verdict on two alternative charges, attempted buggery of a boy and indecent assault.

Today, a jury found Howeson not guilty of both those counts.

The court was told Howeson, of Craigie Drive in Stonehouse, intends to appeal his convictions.

He is due to be sentenced on Friday at Bristol Crown Court for his convictions last year.

Howeson is due to be sentenced at Brstol Crown Court next Friday – June 22.

Following the initial trial, Judge Horton told Howeson that he would be sent to prison.

He offered the defendant the chance to speak to a probation officer and face up to his guilt.

Daniel Janner, QC for Howeson, replied: “The defendant’s position remains the same. He didn’t commit these offences and he has been wrongly convicted.”

Jury told dark past had ‘caught up with’ businessman accused of attempt rape of boy

Prosecution and defence barristers give closing speeches in Charles Howeson case as jury prepare to be sent out by judge to consider verdict

13 June 2018

A jury heard how the dark past had “caught up with” a leading city businessman who stood accused of attempting to rape a boy 30 years ago.

Prosecutor Paul Dunkels QC summed up the Crown’s case against 68-year-old Charles Howeson, noting how the former Royal Navy commander had been convicted of ten counts of indecent assault against eight young men last December following a lengthy trial.

In his closing speech to the jury of nine men and three women at Bristol Crown Court, Mr Dunkels noted how victims of sexual abuse were frequently unable to talk openly about their suffering for many years.

He noted how the partner of Howeson’s accuser had told the court how the man was left sobbing as he finally recounted the sexual assault in a field near the businessman’s home in Crownhill in the late 1980s.

Mr Dunkels, recalling the words of defence barrister Daniel Janner QC, asked the jury if they thought these were “crocodile tears”, adding there was “no reason to put on an act for her, surely?”

Judge Horton said he would conclude his summation on Thursday morning before sending the jury out to consider their verdict.

Former DJ Jonathan King, 73, ‘claimed Page 3 glamour model Samantha Fox was his girlfriend to lure boys as young as 14 into his Rolls-Royce to take them to his flat for sex in the 1970s and 80s’

  • Former DJ is said to have plied youngsters with alcohol in the 1970s and 80s
  • He then showed them pornography before sexually assaulting them, jury told
  • Court told he still had letters and photos of ‘victims’ at his home 30 years later
  • The 73-year-old denies 24 serious sexual assaults on boys aged 14 to 16

Former DJ Jonathan King claimed glamour model Samantha Fox was his girlfriend as he lured young boys into his Rolls-Royce and sexually assaulted them, a court has heard.

The convicted sex offender, 73, allegedly exploited his position in the record industry to carry out attacks on 11 teenagers as young as 14 in the 1970s and 1980s.

King, an ex-pop star and producer for acts including Genesis, is said to have lured youngsters into his Daimler or Rolls-Royce cars before driving them home, where they were plied with alcohol.

He told some of his ‘star-struck’ targets that Samantha Fox was his girlfriend and he could introduce them to famous comedian Kenny Everett, the jury were told.

He also gave them presents, including records and concert tickets, showed them pornography and made false promises of sex with teenage girls, said prosecutor Rosina Cottage QC.

‘When they were in his power and in no position to repel his advances he would assault them. It appears that it was a game of manipulation and power over boys aged about 13 to 16,’ she said. ‘He would play the same routine again and again, honed for success.’

King, of Bayswater, central London, is standing trial at Southwark Crown Court where he denies 24 serious sexual assault charges against boys aged between 14 and 16, alleged to have taken place between 1970 and 1988.

Dressed in a dark suit, white shirt, blue tie and colourful trainers, he appeared in court under his real name, Kenneth George King.

Wearing round glasses and a bum bag, he sat expressionless in the dock as the case against him was opened.

A jury was told King denies he would ever have sex with anyone under age or force himself on someone without consent.

But the prosecutor said his denials are ‘hollow’ and revealed he was convicted in 2001 of sexual offences against five teenage boys in the 1980s.

Referring to the current allegations, she added: ‘He claims not to know or remember most of the boys, despite their photographs or letters or addresses and details still being in his home up to 30 years later, like trophies kept for his own private perusal.’

The court heard King would target straight, immature boys, securing sex by showering them with gifts of records, concert tickets, meals and alcohol, as well as paying insincere compliments and making false promises.

Almost all the encounters involved pickups in the car outside venues where he knew he could find young boys – cinemas and record shops.

Ms Cottage said: ‘This case concerns sexual assaults by this defendant upon 11 teenage boys in the 1970s and 1980s.

‘The defendant used his position in the music industry and his fame to lure boys into his Daimler or Rolls-Royce, where he would flatter them and pretend that they could help him with research or promotion.

‘He would then drive them to his home where he would give them alcohol and promise them sex with teenage girls and show them pornography.’

One alleged victim did not report the incident out of embarrassment, but decided to come forward after an article about King in The Independent newspaper angered him.

In the 2012 interview, King bragged: ‘The only apology I have is to say that I was good at seduction.’

One of the alleged victims said King told him on his 21st birthday that he ‘was too old and ugly for him now.’

The trial, which could last until August, continues.

DJ ‘name-dropped famous people to impress “star-struck” victims’

The court heard King name-dropped stars like comedian Kenny Everett and model Samantha Fox in a bid to impress alleged victims.

In April 1970, he pulled up alongside a 15-year-old on Tottenham Court Road in his white Daimler Sovereign Saloon and asked whether he wanted to help him promote some records.

The car was fitted with tinted windows, a TV, a stereo and cocktail cabinet.

King name-dropped stars from the time like comedian Kenny Everett (left) and model Samantha Fox (right), the court was told

He took the boy to a Chinese restaurant and got him drunk while name dropping Kenny Everett before and then took him back to his home.

The prosecutor described how the victim was shown King’s music room and ‘his next memory was of waking, naked, in the defendant’s bed which had black shiny sheets.

After carrying out a sex attack on him, King gave him £5 for a taxi home and he never saw him again.

The prosecutor showed jurors a video of King’s home, pointing out a topless picture of 1980s page three model and singer Samantha Fox.

‘Samantha Fox is someone who the defendant occasionally described as his girlfriend to one or two of these young men,’ she added.

One said he was ‘star struck’ when King pulled up in his car and started speaking to him.

Who is Jonathan King and why is he famous?

Cambridge graduate Jonathan King rose to fame as a singer, songwriter and music producer in the 60s and 70s.

He had hits with ‘Everyone’s Gone to the Moon’ in 1965 and ‘Una Paloma Blanca’ in 1975.

He discovered Genesis and wrote and produced hits for teen idols the Bay City Rollers.

During time in New York in the 1980s, he hosted the BBC TV show ‘Entertainment USA’.

KING RAN CHILD SEX FOR STARS News of the World 25-11-01



Image result for bishop ball and prince charles bbc

Prince Charles to give evidence about former Bishop of Gloucester to child sex abuse inquiry

The inquiry will examine how Bishop Peter Ball evaded justice

12 JUN 2018

Prince Charles has been called to give evidence to a sex abuse inquiry when it looks into the case of a former Bishop of Gloucester who was jailed for abusing young men.

A confirmed witness statement has been requested from Prince Charles and his private secretary by the inquiry which will be examining how Peter Ball escaped justice for so long.

The pair prayed together at Highgrove and Charles supported Ball when the allegations of sex abuse first surfaced in 1992, soon after he was made Bishop of Gloucester.

It was over 20 years until Ball was brought to justice. In 2015 he was jailed for 32 months for indecently assaulting two men in their late teens in the 1980s and 1990s and a charge of misconduct in a public office.

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse is now expected to examine accusations that Ball abused his powerful friendships to evade being caught for decades.

Image result for "bishop ball and prince charles" + "camilla" + "wedding"

Aides say the Prince is willing to answer any questions the enquiry has about his dealings with the former Bishop who was a guest at his wedding to Camilla Parker Bowles in 2005.

Ball established a monastery in Gloucestershire with twin brother Michael, also a bishop.

It is said he actively courted the powerful and dined at the Savoy with Margaret Thatcher on a regular basis.

His friendship with Prince Charles began in 1992 when he was made Bishop of Gloucester, a short time before Ball was arrested for gross indecency after one of his trainees claimed he was made to rehearse “penitential psalms” naked in the middle of the night.

The October 2015 trial heard that he abused boys as young as 15 between the late Seventies and early nineties.

At the 2015 trial it was alleged that back in 1992 when the allegations originally surfaced he had the backing of “Cabinet ministers, the Royal Family, MPs, JPs and a lord”.

He was jailed but freed after serving half of his 32-month sentence and now lives in Somerset.

At a hearing last week, counsel to the inquiry Fiona Scolding QC revealed that witness statements had been requested from the prince and his principal private secretary.

She said the Prince had expressed his willingness to assist and this had led to “lengthy and complex discussions” .

Lawyer Richard Scorer, who is representing complainants at the inquiry, told Sky News: “It is imperative that the inquiry leaves no stone unturned in its efforts to establish how Peter Ball was able to evade justice for two decades.

“If this means calling Prince Charles and other prominent establishment figures as witnesses then the inquiry should do so without fear or favour.”

Jimmy Savile was bishop Ball’s principal entree into the Waleses’ household.


Peter Ball was propelled into the royal circle by two people… One was prebendary Willie Booth, a former chaplain at Westminster School, the other was Jimmy Savile.

After his appointment to Gloucester was announced, Ball became a regular visitor to Highgrove and was held in such high regard that Charles attended his enthronement.

Jimmy Savile committed a number of sex offences in Sussex at the time when Ball was bishop

Charles sent Savile a box of cigars and a pair of gold cufflinks on his 80th birthday with a note that read: “Nobody will ever know what you have done for this country Jimmy. This is to go some way in thanking you for that.”

Image result for "bishop ball" + "prince charles"" + "shand funeral"

Bishop Ball with Prince Charles and Camilla. Ball gave the homily at the funeral of Camilla Parker Bowles’s father, Major Bruce Shand, in 2006

 He attended the couples wedding and was invited to address mourners at the funeral of Major Bruce Shand, the Duchess of Cornwall’s father, in 2006.

Prince Charles Provided Free House To Bishop Ball Arrested in UK Child Abuse Probe

Charles’ dozens of letters to ‘calculating’ paedophile bishop as victims demand they are made public

  • Prince Charles is believed to have written to paedophile bishop Peter Ball 
  • Ball was jailed two years ago for using his position to groom 18 young men 
  • The former Bishop of Gloucester exchanged letters with Prince Charles

Image result for Savile and prince charles bbc

Jimmy Savile victim says compensation is a ‘joke’ after years of abuse

A woman who was repeatedly abused by Jimmy Savile has revealed she has been offered just £3,250 in compensation.

Leisha Brookes was one of up to 1,000 victims abused on BBC premises by the disgraced DJ.

The 50-year-old has bravely spoken out about the abuse, which happened every other weekend for more than two years.

But after waiting almost five years for a payout from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA), she was devastated by the final settlement fee.

Leisha said: ‘It’s disgusting to be honest, a joke.

‘No amount can take the pain away or change what they did.

‘You go for decades not being listened to, and then this.’

Leisha was given £18,750 from the BBC years ago but expected her compensation to be boosted through the CICA, a government agency that administers payouts to victims of serious and violent crime.

But they told her she had been awarded £22,000, including the original sum she was given by the BBC.

Leisha said she was abused by up to 30 men at the BBC Television Centre when she was aged between eight and 11.

She was initially invited to the building by a family friend, but would return as a guest every other weekend.

The abuse has led to her attempting suicide more than 20 times and causing all her relationships to break down, while all five of her children have been taken away.

She used the BBC award to pay off debts and now lives as a recluse on £155 a week in disability benefits in a tiny council house in Colchester, Essex.

Leisha added: ‘I can’t be touched by men, I can’t go in crowded places near men.

‘If a man phones me up I’ll put the phone down. If there are men either side of me in a supermarket queue I have to put my shopping down and leave.

‘My life has been destroyed by everything that happened to me as a child.

‘I am severely psychologically damaged, even now. My story has been proven, and yet here I am, still fighting.’

A spokeswoman for CICA said they did not comment on individual cases.

A spokesman for the BBC added: ‘The terms of the Savile compensation scheme were agreed with lawyers for the victims, as well as the NHS and the Savile estate.

‘It is not for the BBC to comment on the criminal injuries compensation scheme run by the Government.’

Gilo‏ @seaofcomplicity

IICSA comes under fire from group of survivors. Not enough consultation. Too much ££ spent on ill-conceived PR. Victims & Survivors Forum has not met in past 14 months. @InquiryCSA

Peter Dalglish’s hearing postponed for next week

June 10 2018

Canadian Peter Dalglish’s hearing scheduled for this Thursday has been postponed for next week. Dalglish is currently put behind Dhulikhel jail.

Although the hearing was dated for Thursday the government lawyer is on leave so the hearing for Thursday has been canceled.

Dalglish has been spending time behind the jail while waiting for his final hearing for the rape case.

Charles Howeson to appeal sex abuse convictions, court told

11 JUN 2018

Former DJ Jonathan King arrives at court to stand trial accused of a string of historical sex assaults on nine teenage boys in the 1970s and 80s

  • DJ is famous for his appearances on radio and TV in 1960s, 70s and 80s
  • He is due to court today to face charges of sex attacks on teenage boys
  • The alleged offences are said to have taken place between 1970 and 1988

Former DJ Jonathan King arrives at Southwark Crown Court this morning ahead of his trial

Former DJ Jonathan King has arrived at court ahead of his trial for multiple historical sex offences.

The ex-singer and Genesis producer is accused of assaults on nine teenagers aged between 14 and 16, between 1970 and 1988.

The 73-year-old, of Bayswater, West London, is appearing at Southwark Crown Court under the name Kenneth King.

His trial, which is due to begin today, is expected to last up six weeks.

King was famed for songs including Everyone’s Gone to the Moon and Hooked on a Feeling and discovered the band Genesis as a music producer.

He appeared many times on television on both sides of the Atlantic including on shows like Top of the Pops and Entertainment USA.


Australian celebrity paedophile ring revealed

A PAEDOPHILE ring in Australia’s arts community included literary figures and famous artists for whom prepubescent sisters were “jailbait”.

 June 10, 2018

STUNNING revelations of an Australian paedophile ring involving celebrity arts figures have been laid bare by the daughters of a prominent playwright.

Rozanna and Kate Lilley, the daughters of playwright and poet Dorothy Hewett, say they were forced into sex aged 15 by men including the late Bob Ellis and Martin Sharp, The Australian reports.

Sharp, Australia’s foremost pop artist, designed record covers and posters for Bob Dylan, Donovan and Eric Clapton and wrote songs for Clapton’s band, Cream.

Ellis was a political commentator, write and film maker who penned 22 television and screenplays.

The Lilley sisters, who each have written new books, say their mother encouraged underage sex between her daughters and famous men she entertained at her Sydney house.

The sisters say the men enjoyed having young girls around and their mother, considered a left wing radical and admired feminist, encouraged their joining in the libertine sex scene of the times.

“We were these nubile girls … jailbait,” Kate Lilley said, describing her mother’s house as “a brothel without payment”.

Rozanna and Kate Lilley (left, as teenagers) claim they were molested by author Bob Ellis (top right), and (bottom right) painter Martin Sharp and photographer David Hamilton.

Rozanna and Kate Lilley (left, as teenagers) claim they were molested by author Bob Ellis (top right), and (bottom right) painter Martin Sharp and photographer David Hamilton.Source:Supplied

Poet Dorothy Hewett, above with daughters Kate and Rozanna Lilley in about 1976, encouraged her underage daughters having sex with older men.

Poet Dorothy Hewett, above with daughters Kate and Rozanna Lilley in about 1976, encouraged her underage daughters having sex with older men.Source:Supplied

Dorothy Hewett’s Sydney house was like an ‘unpaid brothel’ for the underage sisters who were ‘jailbait’ for prominent arts figures.

Dorothy Hewett’s Sydney house was like an ‘unpaid brothel’ for the underage sisters who were ‘jailbait’ for prominent arts figures.Source:Supplied

Other men included a local film producer who is still alive and a poet who raped Kate Lilley when she was underage, plus renowned British erotic photographer, David Hamilton.

Known for his soft-lit images of prepubescent young girls, 83-year-old Hamilton took his own life in 2016 after a former model accused him of raping her in 1987 when she was 13 years old.

In the Woollahra terrace Hewett shared with her husband, writer Merv Lilley, a queue of famous men attended parties in the salon-like atmosphere where the sisters spent their early teens.

Sex was facilitated by Hewett who also slept with some of the men, while her husband had sex with other women.

When she turned 16 years old, Kate Lilley had already slept with six men and her younger sister Rozanna had slept with a dozen men by the time she reached the age of consent.

The men were older artists and writers, including Bob Ellis and Martin Sharp, and Hamilton who photographed pornographic images of Rozanna.

Rozanna said she had sex once, when she was 15, with Martin Sharp, who decades later apologised to her.

Decades later, artist Martin Sharp called Rozanna Lilley to apologise for taking advantage of her sexually.

Decades later, artist Martin Sharp called Rozanna Lilley to apologise for taking advantage of her sexually.Source:News Corp Australia

Writer Bob Ellis would have sex with Kate ‘whenever he turned up’ and with her younger sister.

Writer Bob Ellis would have sex with Kate ‘whenever he turned up’ and with her younger sister.Source:News Corp Australia

Kate (left) and Rozanna Lilley who say their famous mother failed to protect them from sexual predators on the arts scene. Picture: John Feder.

Kate (left) and Rozanna Lilley who say their famous mother failed to protect them from sexual predators on the arts scene. Picture: John Feder.Source:News Corp Australia

Kate Lilley's new book, Tilt. <a class="capi-image" capiid="97e2f4fdef0e5b1a8af43672357460f3"></a>

Kate Lilley’s new book, Tilt. Source:Supplied

David Hamilton took close photographs of her genitals after showing her pornographic images of girls to prove others had consented.

“It was unbearable at home,” Kate Lilley said, “I used to have sex with men to prevent them having sex with Rosie.

“But then I would find out they did have sex with Rosie.”
Kate Lilley’s teenage years are referred to in poems in her new book, Tilt, which the 57-year-old poet and university English professor has published.

Rozanna, 55, an anthropologist and autism researcher also writes poems about sexual abuse by (unnamed) older men in her book, Do Oysters Get Bored? A Curious Life.

Kate Lilley told The Australian she had sex four times with Bob Ellis when she was aged 15 and 16, “whenever he turned up”.

Rozanna has written a poem about her sexual encounter with Ellis as a child.

At the age of 13, Rozanna Lilley was cast in the lesbian-themed film Journey Among Women about female convicts living in the bush.

Her mother, Dorothy Hewett, wrote the script.

The film is still available on DVD.

Rozanna Lilley on the set of Journey Among Women. <a class="capi-image" capiid="c92e0d2580f681a9d2fe00990f10d308"></a>

Rozanna Lilley on the set of Journey Among Women. Source:Supplied

The Lilley sisters’ parents Merv Lilley and Dorothy Hewett at their Blue Mountains home shortly before Hewett’s death.

The Lilley sisters’ parents Merv Lilley and Dorothy Hewett at their Blue Mountains home shortly before Hewett’s death.Source:News Limited

Andreas Baader‏@stop1984

“plus renowned British erotic photographer, David Hamilton”

Photographer, David Hamilton

Ellis, a supporter of the Australian Labor Party, wrote speeches for a number of Labor leaders (such as Bob Carr, Paul Keating and Kim Beazley) and wrote extensively on Labor history.

Writer Bob Ellis – His university life put him in contact with Clive James, Bob Hughes, Germaine Greer and Les Murray, who were also studying there at that time.

Bob Ellis funeral

Mourners included feminist Germaine Greer

Image result for germaine greer rape

Germaine Greer calls for punishment for rape to be reduced

May 31 2018

Germaine Greer has called for the lowering of punishment for rape and said society should not see it as a “spectacularly violent crime” but instead view it more as “lazy, careless and insensitive”.

Image result for germaine greer boy book

Germaine Greer

Cindy Wooden‏@Cindy_Wooden

Vatican announces Msgr Carlo Capella, former official at Vatican nunciature in Washington, will go on trial June 22 on charges of possession and exchange of child pornography, aggravated by the enormous quantity of material he is accused of having.

Former Vatican diplomat indicted on child pornography charges

June 9, 2018

Rome (CNN)A former diplomat at the Vatican Embassy in Washington has been indicted by a Vatican court on allegations he possessed child pornography, the Vatican said Saturday.

Monsignor Carlo Alberto Capella allegedly “possessed and exchanged a large quantity of child pornography,” according to a Vatican statement.
Capella is set to face a trial at the Vatican starting June 22.
Under Vatican law, updated by Pope Francis in 2013, possession of child pornography carries a maximum sentence of 12 years in prison.
Capella was recalled from his position at the Vatican Embassy in Washington in August after the US State Department notified the Vatican of “possible violation of laws relating to child pornography images.”
Capella has been in custody at the Vatican since April.
The child pornography case comes as the Catholic Church continues to grapple with child sex abuse allegations against priests and accusations that higher-ups have tried to conceal such crimes.
Pope Francis has said the church should be ashamed of its treatment of victims and must move past the historical culture of abuse and secrecy.
Last month he sent Vatican investigators to Chile to look into historical child abuse and accusations a bishop covered up crimes against minors.

Alison Wright @alisonmawright 2

“Mountbatten’s connection to the Anglo-Irish Vice Ring also merits a thorough investigation by IICSA.” It is essential that the whole truth is disclosed. It only makes sense that these abuses have gone unpunished for so long if you consider the Royal connections.


Savile and Mountbatten were in the same cult. Savile boasted about brokering the Irish peace talks (presumably through the same network), the report into his activities at Broadmoor revealed. won’t touch it with a barge-pole.

“…we were told, that he (Savile) had been the driving force behind the Major–Clinton Northern Ireland peace negotiations.”

82 Bob Barber, former head of security, Broadmoor Hospital
In March 1998, Savile was invited to attend one of the evenings (West Yorkshire Police dinner event) and he gave a speech on his business interests in Northern Ireland and his upbringing in Leeds. He also spoke about how he felt policing had changed since his youth.


Lord Louis Mountbatten former chauffeur Norman Nield exposed him

Meanwhile, in New Zealand, there have been such newspaper headlines as, “‘Uncle Dickie’ the Sex Pervert” (N.Z. Truth, Sept.  8, 1987), since Mountbatten’s former chauffeur, Norman Nield, started revealing details of the late Lord Mountbatten’s alleged sexual exploitation of boys.

Paedophile Lord Louis Mountbatten

Image result for it was through mountbatten that savile royal

Who Is Uncle Dickie on ‘The Crown’? Prince Charles’ Protector and Confidant

As depicted in The Crown, Mounbatten is uncommonly close with Charles, taking him shopping for the Eton uniforms he never gets to wear, and urging him to open up emotionally. It’s historically accurate that the two maintained a close relationship, but Mountbatten was also friends with British DJ Jimmy Savile, a man suspected of enabling pedophilia in Britain.

Image result for "savile" + "haughey"
Jimmy Savile in Dublin with Charles Haughey, 1980
Central Remedial Clinic founder Lady Valerie Goulding with then President Erskine Childers and Jimmy Savile. Savile also befriended Charles Haughey.

Are gardaí investigating Savile’s activities in Ireland? They’re staying tight-lipped

A solicitor who represented a number of Savile’s victims said that Ireland needs to “dig deeper” with its investigations.

13 July 2014

GARDAÍ HAVE REMAINED tight-lipped on whether any any lines of inquiry relating to Jimmy Savile’s visits to Ireland between the 1960s and 1980s are being followed.

Savile led charity walks for the Central Remedial Clinic (CRC) on a number of occasions throughout these decades, and reportedly visited the organisation’s centre in the 1970s.

Image result for "savile" + "northern ireland"
Jimmy Savile during a sponsored charity walk in Belfast on the Ravenhill Road in November 1976

Savile, Dublin & Belfast: Time to re-evaluate his role in The Troubles?

How Jim fixed it in Ireland

Jimmy Savile abuse claims are disgusting, says Northern Ireland friend Rosemary Craig (Lecturer in Law at Ulster University Belfast, United Kingdom)

But Mrs Craig, who befriended Savile through her work with the Disabled Police Officers’ Association of Northern Ireland (DPOA), said: “I find it quite unbelievable — this is definitely not the man that I knew.”

Her husband, an ex-RUC officer, was severely injured after being shot by the IRA. She has done a lot of work with the DPOA.

She added: “Jimmy was a great friend and helped with the disabled police officers’ charity.

“I wrote a letter to Jimmy Savile and he immediately responded. He sent me the money to fly over with a disabled officer and got him a new lightweight wheelchair. He put me on to Richard Branson who brought a Virgin aeroplane into Northern Ireland and took 375 disabled officers, their helpers and families to Florida for a holiday. All down to Jimmy Savile.”

Mountbatten death – Savile BBQ at Balmoral cancelled

Image result for "peter ball" + "prince charles"

Peter Ball abuse inquiry requests statement from Prince Charles

Wed 06 Jun 2018

By Press Association

The Prince of Wales has been asked to give a witness statement to a public inquiry about a paedophile bishop who was jailed after abusing young men.

Peter Ball was sentenced to 32 months in 2015 for a string of offences between the 1970s and 1990s, and the handling of allegations against him is now being examined by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA).

At a hearing on Wednesday, counsel to the inquiry Fiona Scolding QC said that statements had been requested from the prince and his principal private secretary.

According to a transcript posted on the inquiry website, she said: “We have also requested a witness statement from both His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales and his principal private secretary.

“The Prince’s solicitors have indicated their client’s willingness to assist us and have raised a number of important issues for us to consider.

“This has led to lengthy and complex discussions and we are currently considering the latest points they have raised. We hope to be able to provide an update to core participants on this in the next couple of weeks.”

Charles had exchanged a series of letters with Ball, the former Bishop of Gloucester, whose diocese covers Highgrove, the prince’s country home.

A spokesman for the prince told the Daily Mail last year that the correspondence contained nothing of relevance to the clergyman’s offending.

Lawyer Richard Scorer from Slater and Gordon, who is representing complainants at the IICSA, said: “It is imperative that the inquiry leaves no stone unturned in its efforts to establish how Peter Ball was able to evade justice for two decades.

“If this means calling Prince Charles and other prominent establishment figures as witnesses then the inquiry should do so without fear or favour.”


Suffer little children

Eric Witchell, Williamson House and Enoch Powell’s wretched old volcanic shafts

7 June, 2018

Eric Witchell is a serial paedophile. In the 1970s he ran Williamson House where he preyed on pre-pubescent boys and young teenagers. He and his accomplices drove at least three of them to commit suicide; and another two to attempt it. One of his charges was supplied to Enoch Powell MP, for abuse. A select few were transferred to the notorious Kincora Boys Home when they reached 14 years of age. At Kincora they became fodder for MI5 ‘honey trap’ blackmail operations.


Part One: Williamson House


Eric Witchell, a serial paedophile, was a key figure in the Anglo-Irish Vice Ring about which Village has been writing for the last two years. He is currently living in London aged 70, safe in the knowledge that a succession of senior MI5 figures have gone to extraordinary lengths to cover-up what he and his associates did in Belfast, London, Manchester, Liverpool and elsewhere as they – MI5 – benefited from the existence of an Anglo-Irish paedophile network of which he was a key member. In Northern Ireland (NI) MI5 exploited the network to gain leverage over influential Loyalists, including members of the DUP.

Witchell, who hailed from England, was born in 1948. He became a Franciscan at the age of 19. Before his appointment to Williamson House, he had been a housefather in an English boys school attached to the Franciscans. He became the Officer-in-Charge (OiC) of Williamson House in May of 1975 at the age of 27.

The small boys Witchell abused were abandoned, vulnerable and powerless waifs. A select few were later sent to the notorious Kincora Boys Home where they were used as bait in MI5 ‘honey trap’ blackmail operations. Sir Michael Hanley was Director-General of MI5 at the time. Ian Cameron ran MI5 operations on the ground in NI for Hanley from his office in Lisburn.

Some of the children of Williamson House

Witchell betrayed the trust bestowed upon him by Belfast’s child welfare authorities but also by the Anglican Franciscan Order of which he was a member. He was, however, a godsend to Hanley and Cameron.

The Williamson House scandal is worse than the outrage at Kincora insofar as younger children were abused at it.

Witchell’s sordid branch of the Anglo-Irish Vice Ring supplied very young children to VIPs including Enoch Powell MP. The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) was set up to investigate allegations of child abuse by VIPs including Westminster MPs. There is no indication yet that Witchell will be questioned by IICSA which is based in London despite the fact that Witchell is one of the most important living witness to the existence of a VIP vice ring and lives in London.

Witchell did not appear before the Hart Inquiry. Had he done so – and told, or been made to tell, the truth – Judge Hart would have reached a wholly different conclusion to the one he published in 2017. Hart denied the existence of any sort of vice ring beyond the walls of Kincora Boys Home.


Witchell secured the post at Williamson House despite the fact his tutor at the National Children’s Home Training College in England had advised the appointment panel of Belfast‘s Welfare Department that at “this stage I would have some doubt in commending him to be the Officer- in-Charge… I would commend him to you for employment, but I would not commend him to you for employment as Officer-in-Charge”. It was fortuitous for MI5 that Witchell became OiC despite this because he was the vilest sort of paedophile, someone who was prepared to farm out the children in his care to a wider network of child molesters.

This suited MI5 because it enabled them to manufacture blackmail opportunities and ensnare Loyalist politicians, paramilitaries and Orangemen and force them to do their bidding.

Witchell in the mid 1970s

After Witchell became OiC at the home, he moved into an apartment in the attic. It had a TV, sofa, sleeping quarters and a drinks cabinet. This was where he abused the young boys. He would usher his chosen victim upstairs and lock the door behind them. Physically, he was tall, thin and imposing. He wore glasses and had black longish hair. He was an exceptionally cruel and violent man with an insatiable sexual appetite. His preference was for prepubescent boys but he assaulted teenage boys too. His taste ranged from masturbation to anal rape. At least three of his victims would never recover from the assaults he and his associates perpetrated, and committed suicide; another two attempted to kill themselves.

Officially, he held the post of OiC at Williamson House until 1 March 1980 but he actually left before then as the RUC and MI5 were losing control of the secrecy surrounding the scandal.


By the early 1970s MI5 had probably gained control over all of the key figures in the Anglo-Irish Vice Ring including Councillor Joshua (Joss) Cardwell, a Unionist politician and paedophile, who was also Chairman of Belfast Corporation Welfare Committee. The Committee was responsible for both WH, Kincora and other homes in Belfast where sexual violence was commonplace.

Cardwell was also a friend of Joe Mains, the Warden of Kincora. Together Cardwell and Mains supplied boys from Kincora to England and Scotland. As Village reported last February, it was Cardwell who instructed Joe Mains to send Richard Kerr, who had been at Williamson House but was now residing at Kincora, to London in the mid-1970s. He was abused by a high-profile TV star there: a man still well known to the public, so much so that his photograph recently appeared in an Irish national daily newspaper.

On another occasion, while still at Kincora, Kerr was sent to be abused by a Tory MP in London. Another Kincora boy, Stephen Waring, was also sent to the UK from Kincora. He committed suicide in 1977 by jumping into the sea at night from the Belfast-Liverpool ferry rather than face any more torment.

Another key figure who aided Cardwell and Mains in running the Ulster branch of the Anglo-Irish Vice Ring was the Town Solicitor, John A Young. He was involved in deliberately losing some of the complaints about abuse that were sent to his office in August of 1971.


The author and journalist Robin Bryans, who died in 2005, amassed a wealth of information about the child rapists who were involved in the Ulster branch of the Anglo-Irish Vice Ring of which Eric Witchell was a key member. (See Village October 2017) Bryans provided a patchy and fragmented outline of the network in a series of books which have always been difficult to acquire. Strangely, some of Bryan’s books are not now available in Britain’s copyright libraries. He also made similar allegations in a series of ‘open’ letters that were suppressed with gagging writs.

In February 1990, Bryans told this author that: “The Kincora thing will be covered up. I would love to go on talking if I thought it was going to come out, but it’s not, because I know how the Establishment works. Be careful of the word Kincora, because you are going to limit it. There were other homes involved. There were three homes. There was one for boys from 12 to 16, and then there was one for younger ones”.

Williamson House looks suspiciously like it was the ‘one for younger ones’.

Williamson House is now long gone. It was closed in October 1983 and knocked to the ground in the mid-1980s. It had consisted of two buildings, numbers 446 and 448 on the Antrim Road. It was originally opened by the Belfast Welfare Authority in 1957. Until 10 March 1976, it was run as two separate units. Thereafter the two houses were managed as a single home, catering for up to 18 boys and girls usually aged between 4 and 18. It was not unusual, however, for the older teenagers to leave before they reached 18.

Some of the boys went to Bawnmore where abuse also took place; some of the girls to boarding schools, one of which was located in Derry. Other unfortunates were consigned to the hell of Kincora where Witchell’s close friends and fellow paedophiles, Joe Mains and William McGrath, were in charge and abuse and bullying was incessant, violent and terrifying.


According to Bryans, children at a home in Portadown were also abused. The list of care homes in NI where it is known abuse took place includes:

  • Nazareth Lodge Children’s Home in South Belfast;
  •  Bawnmore Boys Home, Newtownabbey, which was opened by Belfast Welfare Authority;
  • Palmerstown Reception and Assessment Centre, Belfast;
  • De La Salle Boys’ Home, Rubane House Kircubbin, Co Down (where one of Jean McConville’s sons was abused after the IRA had murdered her);
  • Barnardo’s Sharonmore Project;
  • Manor House Home, Co Antrim.
Joss Cardwell, a paedophile, served as Chairman of the Welfare Committee of Belfast Corporation. It was responsible for Williamson House and Kincora. He committed suicide after being interviewed by the RUC about Kincora

Robin Bryans also revealed that boys from Portora Royal, NI’s elite public school, located in Enniskillen, were abused by members of the Anglo-Irish Vice Ring. The Portora boys were in demand by abusers such as Lord Louis Mountbatten whose appetite extended to working class children too. Mountbatten’s connection to the Anglo-Irish Vice Ring also merits a thorough investigation by IICSA. Meanwhile, Mountbatten’s reputation remains intact, enhanced by the most recent arrival in the British Royal Family, Prince Louis, being named in his honour.


Richard Kerr about whom Village has been writing for the past year, was a resident at Williamson House where he was abused by Witchell and many others. Kerr entered the care of the Belfast Welfare Department when he was enrolled at Brefne Residential Nursery for a short while. He was transferred to Williamson House in 1969 and remained there until 1975 when he was 14 and was transferred to Kincora. His brother Alan and a sister also resided at Williamson House and other homes. Alan Kerr’s story will be told in a forthcoming edition of Village.

Kerr reveals that the abuse at Williamson House had begun before Witchell’s appointment as OiC. This implies that the Anglo-Irish Vice Ring already had some sort of access to it, and Witchell’s appointment was designed to open the doors further.

Joe Mains

Kerr recalls that as a very young child, perhaps when he was only 8 or 9, he was abused late one night in the dark by a man whose face he never saw. He slept in a room on the first floor with other small boys. His bed was closest to the door and next to a wall. The abuser appeared as if from nowhere and violated him before disappearing. The figure materialised out of the darkness again on a number of occasions, never once revealing his face. Kerr had a small teddy bear which he gripped and bit while he was being raped. During these assaults, his face was pressed up against the wall. The experience was not only excruciatingly painful but psychologically devastating.

The intruder may or may not have been Witchell who was a visitor at Williamson House before he became its OiC. Kerr’s belief, however, is that the faceless night-time intruder was not Witchell. He has been haunted by the experience ever since.


Witchell is the first individual Kerr can positively identify as one of his abusers. He has informed Village that before Witchell took up his post at Williamson House “he was visiting it and from my memory he was working part-time. He was living in Liverpool at a church but had his own place in Belfast that he would go to when he would visit Williamson House”.

When Witchell visited Belfast in the days before he became OiC, he stayed at a premises owned by the Anglican Franciscans. He may also have had access to a flat in the city.

There were plenty of opportunities to save Kerr and his fellow victims but none were availed of. In Kerr’s case, a gym master at his school once noticed that there was blood on his shorts and a bruise on his groin; yet even that didn’t bring his nightmare to an end.

“My school records from Mt. Vernon”, Kerr has told Village, “were destroyed because they contained information indicating that I was being abused at Williamson House. The staff at the school suspected I was being abused but when asked, I would not answer their questions because I was afraid of my abusers”.

On another occasion, a member of staff at Williamson House also noted bruising to his groin which had been inflicted by one of his rapists.

One of Kerr’s relative’s – still alive – can confirm that he sustained bruises at this time.

Kerr’s childhood was extinguished by the abuse that engulfed him and would drive him to attempt suicide on a number of occasions.

A very short and incomplete list of those Witchell abused includes Richard Kerr, his brother Alan Kerr, ‘Charles’ and three boys who went on to commit suicide. Village is not naming the boys who killed themselves lest it upset their families. ‘Charles’ has spoken to Village and his revelations about Witchell and his life at Williamson House will be reported in a forthcoming edition.


Another abuser was Dr Morris Fraser, a child psychiatrist. He abused boys in Ireland, the UK and the US. He now lives in Holland. Thus far, IICSA has displayed no interest in questioning him either. He did not assist the Hart Inquiry, yet another reason for its failure to establish the truth.

Kerr was taken out of Williamson House and supplied to paedophiles at various venues in NI and later, when a resident at Kincora, to some locations in the Republic. A few gave him cheap presents including ‘large pennies’ and chocolates. It was common for him to receive boxes of Black Magic. Another boy at the home ‘E’ was also taken out of it and delivered to child rapists. He later committed suicide. On one occasion both of these boys were taken away together on an appalling abuse marathon which lasted two or three days. A story was later concocted to cover their absence that they had run away from the home.

The courageous and determined Kincora whistleblower, Robin Bryans

Kerr recalls that two men, one of whom used the name “David” took him out of Williamson House and ferried him to his abusers. They were in their late 20s or early 30s. Both had NI accents. They would usually arrive at about 2 o’clock and return him by 10 o’clock when the other children were asleep. They were very cautious about the manner in which they approached the home. As indicated earlier, Williamson House consisted of two buildings. There were two separate driveways that led up to them with an area of green grass in the middle. When the kidnappers came to remove their victims, they would proceed up the driveway on the right-hand side and park at the side of the house. This would conceal them from the rest of the complex. In this way they could spirit their victims away and return them without unduly alerting the rest of the staff who might otherwise have begun to ask awkward questions. It was they who ferried Kerr to Enoch Powell.




Part Two: Enoch Powell


In 2015, Powell was named in a Church of England review into historical child sex abuse concerning the 1980s. One of its spokespersons told the press that: “The name Enoch Powell was passed to Operation Fernbridge on the instruction of Bishop Paul Butler”. The information originally came from a cleric who has counselled child abuse victims in the 1980s. Last April Village gave Powell the benefit of the doubt insofar as these claims were concerned. In light of Kerr’s account of his encounters with Powell – revealed here for the first time – that benefit must now be replaced with outright condemnation.

Richard Kerr at the approximate age he was abused by Enoch Powell

Powell’s sexual interest in younger men was a long-standing trait. In 1937, having graduated with a double first from Cambridge, Powell had become a classics professor at the University of Sydney. He was only 25 and held the post for two years during which he wrote to his parents describing his infatuation with his male students. He told them how he was repelled by his female students, while feeling “an instant and instinctive affection” for Australian males between the ages of 17 and 23. This, he added, might be

“deplored, but it cannot be altered”, and therefore had to be “endured – and (alas!) camouflaged”. Somewhere along the line Powell developed an interest in much younger boys.

After serving as an intelligence officer during WW2, Powell went into politics and in 1950 became a Tory MP and later served in Cabinet. In 1966 he ran unsuccessfully for the leadership of the Conservative Party against Ted Heath, another paedophile with a taste for young boys. His career went into decline after his infamous 1968 ‘rivers of blood’ anti-immigration speech. Eventually, Powell relocated to NI where he became a UUP MP in 1974.

After he died in 1998, his friend Canon Eric James, a former chaplain at Trinity College, Cambridge, and Extra Preacher to the Queen, revealed that Powell had confided in him ten years earlier that he had engaged in a homosexual relationship as a young man. Powell gave him a copy of a collection of his poems called ‘First Poems’ (1937). He highlighted some verses where he had “tried to put into words what a homosexual relationship had meant to him”. It had been assumed by many that they had described Powell’s feelings for Barbara Kennedy whom he had taken on his first date with a woman to a music hall in 1948 when he was 35 or 36 years old. Canon James explained that Powell did not identify his male lover but said the relationship was “the most painful thing in my early life’. The individual in question was probably Edward Curtis, a fellow male undergraduate at Cambridge. The Canon revealed he had promised Powell he “would not disclose what he had said to me about the homosexual basis of certain of his poems until after his death. Then it would be a matter of literary history”.

Rubane House

One of the lines read as follows, “I love the fire/ In youthful limbs that wakes desire…”.

Another of his poems leaves little to the imagination: It described how he, as an “unknowing boy” was “led to sin”.

‘I did not speak, but when I saw you turn

And cross your right leg on your left, and fold

Your hands around your knee, I felt a flow

Of white-hot lava seething up the old

Volcano shaft. That self-same attitude,

Though not of yours, it was which long ago

Fired me, an innocent, unknowing boy,

And led me on to sin and on to learn

and onwards to the very font of woe’

Prof Alexis Jay of the IICSA which has been asked to look at VIP sex abuse by Westminster MPs


By 1968 Powell was making visits to NI where he was active in the support of the Unionist cause. His interest was intense, so much so that by 1972 – if not long before – he was giving speeches at meetings of the British Army in England. Fred Holroyd, the military intelligence officer and whistleblower who worked for MI6 in NI, recalls being at one in England where Powell advocated taking a “robust” approach to defeating the “enemies” of the British Empire. Holroyd came across Powell again at the Seagoa Hotel in Portadown where he found him personally amiable but his wife to be openly racist. He claims she referred to black people as “n***ers”. Powell was elected as the Westminster MP for South Down in October 1974.

A few weeks after Powell returned from his honeymoon he had difficulty distinguishing his wife from other women

Kerr recalls that ‘David’ and his accomplice came to take him away to be abused by Powell on a summer’s day in either 1973 or 1974 when Powell was 61 or 62. By this stage of his life, sexual abuse by adult males had become “normal” for him.

Kerr was taken to Barry’s Amusements in the seaside resort of Portrush, Co Antrim. It was opened in 1926 and became – and remains – the largest theme park in NI. Located in the centre of Portrush, it is a 50-mile drive from Belfast. Kerr was either 12 or 13 at the time of the trip. The group went unnoticed as they mingled with the crowds of children who were laughing and shouting all around them. He vividly recalls being taken on bumper cars. “Maybe I am just having a fun day today”, he allowed himself to think for a spell. However, the visit to the arcade was a cynical ploy. The children at Barry’s provided the perfect cover for what was about to happen: the handover to Powell. If the kidnappers had waited at a cross-roads or outside a hotel for such a high-profile politician, it might have attracted unwanted attention.

When Powell made his rendez-vous with the group, he was in the company of another two men. Powell spirited Kerr away on his own to a guest house near Portrush where he had booked a bedroom. Inside it, he sat him on a chair and then lifted him onto the bed and placed his head on the pillow. Next, he undid his shorts. After this he threw him on top of his chest and started to abuse him. Kerr wasn’t shocked at what was happening since he had been violated by countless men by this stage; nor was he unduly surprised when Powell began to beat him with a leather belt and buckle. The abuse involved a variety of other acts of degradation including oral sex and masturbation but no penetration. Powell smiled a lot during the encounter, he recalls.

Grinning paedophiles: Enoch Powell enjoying the company of fellow paedophiles Jimmy Saville and Ted Heath


Long before the Kincora scandal erupted, the Whip and Saddle Bar at the Europa Hotel had become notorious as a meeting place for older men who were sexually interested in younger men. The bar was the object of ribald jokes among the international array of journalists who stayed there, including some from the Republic. Joseph Mains, the Warden of Kincora, supplied Kerr to abusers at the hotel and, in 1977, asked his friend Harper Brown, the then manager of it, to arrange a job for Kerr as a bellhop. As it transpired, Kerr’s real function would be to provide sexual services to men who drank at the Whip and Saddle. Enoch Powell was one of them.

One night at around 10:45 pm, a man approached Kerr while he was behind the concierge’s desk. Powell was with a group of men inside the bar. The man who approached him was a friend of Powell. He “definitely did not have a Northern Ireland accident”, Kerr recalls. He told him that he had a ‘gentleman’ he wanted him to meet upstairs. “Can you go up to see him”, the man asked, but it was more an order than a request. He gave him the room number and told him to go up half an hour after the bar had closed. Meanwhile, Powell remained in the bar with his associates.

At the designated time, Kerr went upstairs to the room and found Powell waiting for him in it. He recognised him as the individual who had abused him in Portrush. He says he had the same distinctive accent and smiled a lot. On this occasion he wanted masturbation and oral sex.

Kerr recalls that after Powell had finished with him, he went into the bathroom to wash the towels that had been soiled “to hide evidence”. Powell stayed behind while Kerr returned to the bellhops’ station downstairs. Powell’s friend came up to him not long afterwards saying, “Here’s a tip for you”, and gave him a half crown.

Barry’s Amusements

Powell was playing a dangerous game. Homosexuality was outlawed in NI and many of his constituents would have condemned him for any hint of it. Only heterosexual sex between consenting adults was legal. Powell was acutely aware of these facts. In May 1965 he had co-sponsored an unsuccessful bill on homosexual law reform at Westminster. In 1967 he had voted for the Sexual Offences Act which had succeeded in decriminalising homosexuality but only in England and Wales. On 13 March 1982 he would give a speech in Ilford calling for the law to be reformed in NI (and allowing parents the right to forbid school-teachers to administer corporal punishment to their children, a mercy he had not afforded Kerr in Portrush when he had beaten him).

Kerr went to live in London in the early 1980s. One night while he was watching television he recognised on the screen Powell who was at a political rally with Ian Paisley.


The Anglo-Irish Agreement at Hillsborough was signed on 15 November, 1985.

In early November 1985, Lobby Correspondents in London received an unattributable briefing from Margaret Thatcher’s press office claiming she had ordered the Ministry of Defence to open a fresh inquiry into Kincora. This can only have had a chilling effect on the then Unionist leadership in NI.

First, James Molyneaux, the Leader of the then dominant Ulster Unionist Party (UUP), had an interest in concealing his friendship with William McGrath, the ‘Beast’ of Kincora.

Second, Ian Paisley of the DUP faced a drubbing if he was ever to be hauled before any sort of a tribunal. He would have had to explain under oath why he had done nothing about Kincora after his secretary, Valerie Shaw, had informed him about it. Moreover, Paisley had once been very close to McGrath and had officiated at the marriage of one of McGrath’s children. See Village December 2017 for further details of Paisley’s involvement in the cover-up of the abuse at Kincora. Now, Powell must be added to this list of senior Unionists vulnerable to severe embarrassment over Kincora. Suffice it to say, the threatened Ministry of Defence inquiry never took place.


Village has described how Colin Wallace, a psychological operations (PSYOPS) officer, working for the British Army at Lisburn tried to expose the Kincora scandal in the 1970s. In return for his efforts, Ian Cameron of MI5 sabotaged his career – something for which Wallace was later compensated. Later still, Wallace was framed for manslaughter, and spent years in prison only to be acquitted on appeal. By the early 1980s, Wallace was beginning to reveal some of what he knew about Kincora. As the decade proceeded, more information began to emerge including the fact MI5 had compiled information on the sex lives of MPs such as Cyril Smith, Ted Heathand William van Straubenzee.

Dr Morris Fraser who abused
boys from Williamstown House

On 29 October 1986 Powell wrote to Wallace’s solicitor, James Morgan-Harris, on headed House of Commons notepaper, with a request to see him. Wallace was still in prison at this time. Powell could have spoken to the solicitor on the phone if he had wanted to. Instead, he journeyed all the way to West Sussex a while later for a face-to-face meeting. At it, Powell sought general information about Wallace and his case. He appeared most interested in learning about Operation Clockwork Orange which had been run in various phases during the early and mid-1970s by both MI5 and MI6. Part of Clockwork Orange had concerned the gathering of information about the private sexual activities of MPs. Wallace was not released until 5 December 1986 after the meeting between Powell and Morgan-Harris.

Was Powell trying to find out what Wallace might have learnt about him and might yet pass to the press? As it transpired, Wallace new nothing about his private life.

Powell was defeated in the June 1987 British general election. He died in 1998.


Powell had bizarre views about women. Whenasked by broadcaster Michael Cockerell about his time as an undergraduate at Cambridge for a documentary about his life entitled Odd Man Out, he stated, “I had no social life as an undergraduate”. When asked about women, he responded, “They didn’t exist”. While he was aware of their presence, “I wondered what they were doing there because I didn’t think they would approach advanced learning in the same mood or manner as a man would”.

And the reason for this? “Because the analytical faculty is underdeveloped in women”.

Unionists with a lot to hide: William McGrath, Molyneaux, Powell and Paisley

Powell’s wife Pamela told Cockerell how hopeless he was at remembering women’s faces, even her own. He married her at the age of 39 and the couple went on to have two daughters. “We married. We had a three-week honeymoon and then within four weeks’ she found herself going to meet him in the Central Lobby of the House of Commons where a number of women had gathered and ‘watched him go all the way around wondering which one he had married and been on a honeymoon with”.

Powell had a number of female admirers including Margaret Thatcher who said of him, “Enoch was the best parliamentarian I ever knew”.


Presumably, the London branch of the Anglo-Irish Vice Ring kept Powell supplied with boys while he was in England too. It is unclear how many victims he beat, abused and raped during his lifetime. It would be in the public interest to establish what is in the Church of England counselling notes referred to by Bishop Paul Butler.

These are questions that IICSA must investigate if it is to unearth the truth about VIP abuses by Westminster MPs. At the very least, it must demand of MI5 (which is attached to the Home Office) that it hand over every memo, telex, page, file and dossier it possesses about Powell and anyone associated with him.

MI6 (which is attached to the Foreign Office) admitted at the Hart Inquiry into Kincora that it monitored the sex lives of important individuals. At paragraph 237 of Chapter 28 of the Hart Report, an anonymous representative of MI6, ‘Officer A’ was quoted as having acknowledged that since “homosexuality would make others vulnerable to blackmail it would be of interest” to it.

This appears to be the only sliver of truth that MI6 presented to Hart. Hence, IICSA should also demand the production of all its records on Powell to see what they knew about him.

A photo which Enoch Powell allowed Michael Cockerell to broadcast during his documentary about his career, Odd Man Out, to illustrate his dislike of getting his hair wet


• The experiences suffered by ‘Charles’ and Alan Kerr at Williamson House and other homes;

• How another paedophile was infiltrated into Williamson House;

• Richard Kerr’s account of the abuse he sufferedat the hands of a refined Englishman who he is certain was Sir Anthony Blunt, the infamous MI5 traitor and Keeper of the Queen’s Pictures.


Related image

Portora Royal pupil Paul Maxwell was killed when the IRA bombed a boat owned by Lord Mountbatten

Portora Royal pupil Paul Maxwell was killed when the IRA bombed a boat owned by Lord Mountbatten

The Portora Royal pupil had taken a summer job as a crew member on Mountbatten’s boat Shadow V and was saving his pay to buy a bicycle.

Robin Bryans also revealed that boys from Portora Royal, NI’s elite public school, located in Enniskillen, were abused by members of the Anglo-Irish Vice Ring.

The Portora boys were in demand by abusers such as Lord Louis Mountbatten whose appetite extended to working class children too.

Mountbatten’s connection to the Anglo-Irish Vice Ring also merits a thorough investigation by IICSA. Meanwhile, Mountbatten’s reputation remains intact, enhanced by the most recent arrival in the British Royal Family, Prince Louis, being named in his honour.‏@newsincardiff

Did you know Sir Anthony Hart was on the Board of Governors? Staff Handbook 2007 (June).doc – was he carefully selected like Sloss


Like the Sloshed Butler,  (Butler Slosss) judge Anthony Hart was far too close to the action at his own school to sit in judgement over Kincora. He should have swept his own doorstep first. He was a safe pair of hands …

Past President Sir Anthony Hart of the eponymous inquiry. A safe pair of hands who must have known a fair bit about the goings-on at his school.

Why all this secrecy around the paedophile Morris Fraser? Why did he not appear before the Hart inquiry? Who would he have brought down with him? Will be questioning him?
Small kids supplied to Enoch Powell? Would his SPADs and associates have known what was going on? If anyone knew but didn’t speak up, they were/are complicit imo.
Harvey Proctor idolised Enoch Powell, so much so he fashioned his speaking style on Powell too. Powell also liked to beat boys, apparently – the very thing Proctor pleaded guilty to in 1987. So much in common. No wonder they were such good acquaintances.
Who was ‘David’ the pimp, who was the MP who abused Richard in London, and was the Europa Hotel the most bombed building in NI because it was known young kids were trafficked there to be brutalised by VIP nonces? Witchell should appear in front of

Charles Howeson Trial Update:

7 June 2018

A man who claimed a leading city businessman tried to rape him when he was a boy told a jury that making the complaint to police destroyed his life.

The man – who cannot be named for legal reasons – responded angrily to suggestions by Daniel Janner QC, that he only accused Charles Howeson of attempted buggery for a “compensation claim”.

The man turned to the jury at Bristol Crown Court and said: “Do me a favour – find him [Howeson] not guilty”. Turning back to Mr Janner he suggested the barrister stick his suggestion “up your a***.

“I didn’t do this for compensation. I never did this for me.”

Howeson, a former Royal Navy commander, faces one count of attempted buggery of a boy aged between 14 and 15 during a summer in the mid 1980s.

Howeson, aged 68, also faces an alternative count of indecent assault of the boy in the area of Crownhill.

On the first day of the trial the jury was told that Howeson had been convicted last December of 10 counts of indecent assault on eight young men following a six-week trial.

The offences took place when Howeson was a senior officer in the Royal Navy in the mid 1980s, while running the Groundworks charity in early 1990s and at his home address also in the early 1990s.

When Mr Janner suggested the man had made the entire sexual assault allegation up merely “for compo” because he knew Howeson was wealthy, the man replied the assertion was “utter b*******.”

He said: “I had no idea who he was. No idea whether he was alive.”

He told the court that when investigating officers told him about the application deadline for the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board he told them: “I don’t want to apply – because I don’t want any scumbag lawyer saying I was doing this for money.”

In response to questions from prosecutor Paul Dunkels QC, the man said he only came forward after his partner revealed she had been victim to sexual abuse when younger. The man told the jury he only related the alleged incident to his partner “to let her know I understood… I wish I hadn’t.”

He told the jury he did not want to go to the police and took months of arguments between the couple before he finally did after his partner “insisted” he do so in an effort to save their relationship.

The alleged victim told the jury he had no idea who his attacker was, merely a number of details he could still recall from 30 years ago.

When he was later shown 10 photographs as part of an identification parade, he immediately picked out Howeson, but said he still did not know who he was.

The jury later heard from an identification officer who noted how the man appeared distressed after seeing the picture of Howeson which he had picked out immediately. Following the identification process, a video of which was played to the jury, the officer noted how the man had wiped his face and nose because “he’s wiping his tears away”.

The man had told the jury that after seeing the picture of Howeson: “I went into shock. I couldn’t control myself.” He said that even then he did not know the name of the man, nor that he had committed indecent assaults on other men in 1985, 1992, 1993 and 1994.

During an exchange between the man and Howeson’s defence barrister Daniel Janner QC, the man repeatedly denied he had “waited” 30 years before coming forward in 2015, saying: “I was never going to tell anyone. It was my business. I didn’t want to tell anyone. I’ve never been tempted to tell anyone other than my partner.

“It’s not ‘waiting’ to tell anyone. I wish I hadn’t told anyone. It’s affected lots of my life. The last three years it has destroyed my life”.

He admitted he had been jailed previously for a number of offences and was currently imprisoned for smashing up and setting fire to a large truck.

He said: “I’ve paid and am paying my debt to society and fully accept my behaviour was not right and I’m paying for it right now.”

He accepted that in his victim impact statement he had said that “certain aspects” of his behaviour “directly resulted to what he [Howeson] did to me”.

He accepted he had got “into trouble” in the years following the alleged incident and said he was “ashamed” and “embarrassed” that he had been violent towards his partner and a previous partner.

At one stage he angrily insisted “I’m not on trial”, saying he was paying for his past crimes.

His hands, clenched being him, began to shake as he replied to Mr Janner’s questions as to why he had assaulted his partner, why he had tried to take his own life in the past, why he had admitted specifically taking jobs that were “dangerous”.

He said: “When you… you wouldn’t understand. You do not know what it’s like to be a victim of this. What it does to your head.

“Do you know how hard it was to tell the woman I loved, the mother of my son?”

Noting the man had previous convictions for violence, he asked the man had not sought out Howeson to physically punish him, the man replied: “I want him to face justice”.

The man told the court he buried the incident, saying he told no one, not even his best friends, his brother or mother, adding: “I was deeply ashamed about it and didn’t want to tell anyone. I felt naïve.”

He admitted he was currently in prison for wielding an axe and covering a truck in petrol before setting it alight, saying “I lost my mind… I had a psychotic episode”, insisting it was his own truck.

When Mr Janner suggested the man knew Howeson, that Howeson had been the chair of the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce, the man snorted: “Do I look like I know anything about the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce?”

The man revealed that the day the Plymouth Herald and Western Morning News published reports of Howeson’s arrest on suspicion of indecently assaulting a number of young men, alongside photographs him, he had been in Woking with his brother.

He said that he rarely read newspapers and TV news and for a number of years worked “off shore on oil rigs”.

Suggesting the man had seen pictures of his alleged attacker in the Plymouth Herald, Mr Janner claimed Howeson was “probably the highest-profile person in Plymouth. He was Mr Plymouth.”

The man replied “I don’t move in those circles”.

He was repeatedly questioned about the date he gave of the alleged attack, and repeatedly admitted he had got the date wrong by two years, saying “I’m sorry about that – I’ve tried to blank it out”.

The man claimed that every time the man who lived at Smallack House “approached us as teenagers [in the field] he made up some reason to talk to us.

“We thought he was weird and I should’ve known better than to go with him [shooting] and he ended up doing what he did.”

He man said he had resented his partner “making me come forward” adding that everyone who had tried to help him “I’ve pushed them away… people have tried to help me but they can’t.”

However, he added that while his behaviour since coming forward had “been horrific” and resenting his partner at “other times I’m thankful to her… for everyone else, not for me.”

The man’s partner took the witness stand saying she had known him for around 15 years. She said that he had mentioned something had happened to him in the early stages of their relationship but nothing more. She told the jury she spotted small signals in his behaviour as their relationship continued, noting that as they walked along, if she put her hand by his bottom as he had his arm around her shoulder “he would flinch – I knew something had happened but I never asked.”

She said he would leave the room during conversations, TV programmes or news items which discussed paedophiles, rape, and sexual assaults.

She said: “All I can say is his behaviour after he told me in detail, he changed and he felt emasculated and he was just different. He drank more, he was going missing more and I couldn’t take it any more so I told him to go to the police.

“He was different, angry, defensive. I felt closer to him and I think he sensed that I wanted to protect him and he didn’t like that because he had always protected me.”

She said that when he had revealed the alleged abuse to her: “He was shaking and sobbing and this was like a child. I had never seen him like that. Not ever.”

She said he had refused to go to police, but after she gave him an ultimatum of going to police or ending their relationship, he did make a statement.

She told the jury: “I’m the reason he is here. He didn’t want any of this. If I had known it would’ve been this big I wouldn’t have made him go to police. I wouldn’t have.”

She was asked why had she insisted he go to police, she replied she hoped: “he would get specialist help, he would get counselling – instead of self-destructing around people who love him. He couldn’t cope with it, with any of it.”

The jury were told the alleged victim had a number of convictions against him including theft, assault, burglary, disorderly behaviour, shoplifting, threatening behaviour, battery, arson and breach of a restraining order and criminal damage.

They were told that he had pleaded guilty to every single matter except that of criminal damage.

Howeson’s police interview with the lead investigating officer Det Con Paul Enticknap was read out in court and the jury heard him admit he had lent a motorbike to youngsters who visited the field nearby his then home in Smallack House.

Howeson revealed he had run the local Neighbourhood Watch and was himself allowed to ride his motorbike around the Ministry of Defence-owned field, but he denied it was the one described by the alleged victim. He also denied having an air rifle, saying that at the time of the alleged incident he owned a single-barrel shotgun.

He described the allegations made against him as “a complete work of fiction” adding “it’s disgusting, it isn’t me”. He also denied he had any interest in young men, nor any homosexual tendencies.

Howeson denies both charges.

The trial continues.

InquiryCSA (IICSA)‏Verified account@InquiryCSA

6 June 2018

Peter Ball Case Study has now finished. Transcript will be available online later today.

Buckingham Palace tour guide JAILED for child abuse pic stash including BABIES

A BUCKINGHAM Palace former tour guide has been jailed for downloading 15,000 child abuse images including babies as young as 18 months old.

5th June 2018

Tony Aslett, 52, was locked up for nine months yesterday after cops unearthed his appalling stash of indecent images.

Vile Aslett worked as a visitor services warden at the Palace, showing hundreds of thousands of tourists around the State Room, Picture Gallery and Gardens on the grounds.

He was arrested at the Queen‘s central London residence on April 27, 2015, after cops found the sickening snaps on two laptops, three USB sticks, a computer tower and a tablet.
Aslett was suspended before being fired by bosses at the Royal Collection Trust, who cooperated fully with the National Crime Agency.
Investigators stressed there was no evidence linking his twisted crimes with his place of work and he had no contact with members of the Royal family.The pervert, from Pagham, West Sussex, downloaded a total of 15,116 indecent images between 2009 and 2015 – when his ex partner revealed how he spent many evenings alone in his bedroom.Aslett was charged in December 2015 but the court hearing was delayed after he insisted he was too unwell to face trial.He refused to answer questions when grilled by cops.But he pleaded guilty to seven counts of making indecent images of children and was sentenced at Kingston Crown Court yesterday.

Established in 1987, Royal Collection Trust incorporates a registered charity* and its trading company, Royal Collection Enterprises Ltd*.

The Trustee Board

HRH The Prince of Wales

Deputy Chairman
The Earl Peel, Lord Chamberlain

The Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry
Mr Marc Bolland
Vice Admiral Tony Johnstone-Burt
Dr Anna Keay
The Hon. James Leigh-Pemberton
Sir Michael Stevens, Keeper of the Privy Purse
Mr Edward Young, Private Secretary

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Plymouth businessman ‘tried to rape me’, man tells sex assault trial

Jury was told the former Naval officer and leading Plymouth businessman was convicted last year of a string of indecent assaults on young men

June 4 2018

A prominent Plymouth businessman – found guilty last year of indecently assaulting eight young men – also attempted to sexually abuse a boy in a field, a jury has been told.

Former Royal Navy commander Charles Howeson appeared at Bristol Crown Court today where he faced one count of attempted buggery of a boy aged between 14 and 15 during a summer in the mid 1980s.

Howeson, aged 68, also faces an alternative count of indecent assault of the boy in Plymouth.

Howeson, of Craigie Drive, Stonehouse, denies all charges.

Paul Dunkels QC, for the Crown Prosecution Service, told the jury of seven men and five women that Howeson stood accused of pushing himself up against the naked buttocks of the boy in a field in Crownhill in the late 1980s.

Mr Dunkels said the man only disclosed this information to his own partner in 2015, who urged him to go to police.

While not able to give the name of his alleged abuser, the information he provided enabled police to identify and arrest Howeson.

Mr Dunkels told the jury the arrest “attracted local publicity” and because of this police learned that a number of other men had made previous claims of being indecently assaulted by Howeson.

The jury were told the men alleged the offences took place when Howeson was a senior officer in the Royal Navy in the mid 1980s, while running the Groundwork Trust charity in early 1990s and at his home address also in the early 1990s.

Mr Dunkels told the jury Howeson was convicted last December of 10 counts of indecent assault on eight men following a six week trial.

He added this witness “couldn’t have known that the person he was describing to police in 2015 was the man who had indecently assaulted others in the 1980s and 1990s.

“[The witness] did not know that this man [Howeson] had a propensity to abuse men in this fashion,” he told the court.

He said the witness gave a video interview to police in which he had a “clear memory” of what was done to him although his recollections “was inaccurate” as to his age at the time and year it is alleged to have taken place.

Mr Dunkels said Howeson did not buy the property the alleged victim believed belonged to the Royal Navy officer until 1987, which suggested the alleged incident could only have happened after this year and not in 1985 as the man recalled.

The prosecutor also noted that while the alleged victim did not know the name of the man, he was able to identify him “without hesitation” during a photo identification parade which took place in April 2016, nearly 30 years later.

Mr Dunkels explained the incident was alleged to have happened while Howeson was teaching the boy how to shoot.

According to the alleged victim – who cannot be named for legal reasons – Howeson offered to teach him how to shoot an air rifle, although Howeson later told police he only ever previously owned a .22 air rifle but at the time of the alleged incident he owned a single-barrel 12 bore shotgun.

Mr Dunkels emphasised that the young man “could not have known that the man he described and identified was in fact a man with a history of sexually assaulting young men”.

The jury were then shown the video interview, where the complainant explained how the man in question “started being friendly” with young lads from the nearby naval estate, allowing them to ride motorbikes in the field near his home.

He alleged Howeson offered to teach him how to shoot and took him into the field after retrieving his rifle from his home. He said the gun was “old” and was “wooden… everything apart from the barrel was wood, dark brown wood.”

The pair laid down on the grass and began to shoot the rifle with no indication of anything to follow. However, after several minutes of shooting he claimed Howeson rolled onto his side up against him before rolling on top of the boy’s back.

Speaking to the detective about Howeson laying closer to him on his side he admitted: “I thought it was a bit odd but I didn’t think anything of it. Then he laid on top of me and put all his weight on me and I couldn’t move.

“He pulled down my trousers and tried to rape me and I couldn’t even move, he was so heavy.

“The second he took his weight off me I squirmed out and took off. I was so naive. I didn’t shout or cry out. I didn’t move. He tried to put his […] in me.

“I didn’t say anything, I didn’t even make a noise when he climbed onto me. It was just a shock. I didn’t expect it in any way. I thought this was not right but I still didn’t think this was going to happen.”

The man said he did not tell anyone until he told his partner two weeks before going to the police in 2015.

He told the officer: “If it was three weeks ago I would never have said anything. I hate talking about it. It’s hard enough talking to my partner who I’ve known since I was 14. It’s only because I’ve spoken to my partner a lot that I can even speak about it [now].

“In the years [immediately] afterwards I thought about it a lot and I was really really angry and dealt with it by drink and drugs and violence.

“I don’t remember thinking about it for years and years and years until this last year. In the last year, everything that’s happened in the news, all about paedophiles has made me think about it. About a month ago my partner told me something that happened to her when she was 13. Not similar but close enough to make me really think about it.”

He said the revelation made him think more about this incident which left him “feeling really angry about it”.

He told the detective that for a while afterwards he believed he knew the name of the man, but as time passed by he could not recall. However, he was adamant about the naval property and that it happened during the summer of 1985. He also recalled the man had dark hair and was “overweight”.

He said he also recalled the man had let him and a friend ride his the man’s motorbike which he claimed had been a 250cc Honda Superdream in blue and silver.

He said they were amazed they were allowed to ride this powerful bike around the field by comparison to their own small 50cc scooters, noting “we were all little kids… it was odd that someone was being friendly to us”.

Howeson denies the charges and the trial, which is expected to take around two weeks, continues.

Bristol 9 T20177199 charles arthur howeson
Details: For Trial – Case Started – 10:13
For Trial – Case adjourned until 11:00 – 10:50
For Trial – Case adjourned until 12:00 – 11:52
For Trial – Resume – 12:29


The trial is expected to last one to two weeks.

2 FEB 2018

Plymouth businessman Charles Howeson is set to face a trial in June on charges of sexually abusing a teenager.


The cover-up continues…Gwent Police unable or unwilling to locate Hann Redhill, even though his information (including his address) is easily found on the internet.

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No mention in the recent Thorpe docudrama and related news regarding Jeremy Thorpe’s links to establishment paedophiles.

Thorpe and Savile were both friends of paedophile, PIE member, GCHQ freemason Keith Harding.

Thorpe case closed again as jive-loving witness falls flat

June 5, 2018

The police have closed their investigation into the conspiracy to murder Norman Scott despite the embarrassing and unexpected discovery that a key witness is alive.

Gwent police said in a statement yesterday evening that officers had spoken to Andrew Newton, who shot dead Mr Scott’s dog, Rinka, as part of an alleged murder plot to prevent Scott from revealing his affair with the Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe. Officers said that no further action would be taken against others said to be involved in the conspiracy.

Newton, 71, who has changed his name to Hann Redwin, was convicted of shooting the dog in 1976. Yesterday, those who knew him through his hobbies of jive dancing and flying described him as eccentric.

Anthony John Wixted‏@TrojanManifesto

Briefly, Jeremy Thorpe was a man of great ability who revitalised the Liberal Party. He was also bi-sexual, ruthless, a fraudster and a paedophile .

Hindley studied classics and philosophy at Oxford, then theology at Cambridge. Following this, he worked for a period as a minister in England, and also as a New Testament scholar, taking a position as Professor New Testament Studies at Serampore College, West Bengal, from 1959 (also serving as Deputy Librarian there, as well as literary editor for the Indian Journal of Theology) as well as being active in the church union movement in North India and publishing several articles (listed in the bibliography at the end). In 1964 he was a joint leader of the Protestant wing of joint Catholic-Protestant meeting on Christian social action problems at St Mary’s College, Kureseong, organised by Jesuit fathers (‘Joint Action’,The Anchor, Vol.8, No. 29, July 16th, 1964, p. 16). He finished his term at Serampore in 1968 (Katherine Smith Diehl, Carey Library Pamphlets: Secular Series; A Catalogue (Serampore, India: The Council of Serampore College, 1968), p. xi).

Some time after this (it is not clear whether he left India straight away), Hindley joined the civil service (and appears to have abandoned his theological activities from this point onwards), whilst maintaining a strong interest in music as an amateur pianist and choral singer (see biographies of Hindley in The Musical Quarterly, Vol. 89, No. 1 (Spring 1994), p. 175 and Mervyn Cooke (ed), The Cambridge Companion to Benjamin Britten (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1999), p. vii, and here, here, and here).

He was friendly with former Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe(born 1929), who famously was tried (and acquitted) in 1979 on charges of attempted murder of and conspiracy to murder his lover Norman Scott; Thorpe and Hindley dined together at the Reform Club in London (Mudie and Dorman, ‘Huge sums of TAXPAYER’S cash ‘handed to vile child pervert group’’).

Clifford Hindley HO/PIE HO/ Jeremy Thorpe/ Amnesty International/Marie Staunton/CSA Inquiry Heads/Fiona Woolf/Charities

Woolf’s connections to Lord and Lady Brittan, the CityUK organisation, Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman, former Legal Officer NCCL, and Harman’s successor Marie Staunton (who openly defended the organisation’s affiliation to the Paedophile Information Exchange

(‘The Left’s web of shame: It’s not just Harman, Dromey and Hewitt.)

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Marie Staunton/NCCL/PIE

 photo staunton_zpswb4uplgu.jpg

Marie Staunton CBE

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Harman and Staunton

Harriet Harman’s successor as legal officer, Marie Staunton, openly defended the affiliation in an astonishingly frank statement of September 1983, which reflected the continued hold of the sexual rights agenda.

‘The NCCL is campaigning to lower the age of consent to 14. An affiliate group like the Paedophile Information Exchange would agree with our policy.’

Like so many others in NCCL/PIE  saga, Ms Staunton — now a CBE — has gone on to have an elevated public career…

enjoying spells as the British director of Amnesty International and deputy director of Unicef in the UK, and head of the international charity Plan International.

She is now chair of the overseas  charity Raleigh International.

Dame Fiona Woolf DBE is a trustee of Raleigh International

Another of her Raleigh trustees is Former Unilever Vice President Patty O’Hayer

Leon Brittan had been a non-executive director of Unilever 2004 – 2010

 Raleigh International and Save the Children (Patron Princess Anne) work together

a UK-originated youth and sustainable development not-for-profit organisation

Revealed: who is getting the most money at Britain’s biggest aid charities

2012   £90,001 to 100,000 Marie Staunton, chief executive

Marie Staunton, a trained human rights lawyer, was chief executive of Plan UK for a decade until late 2012. She had previously worked for as a deputy director at Unicef, a director at Amnesty International as as acting general secretary at Liberty.

Ms Staunton writes a blog on the Huffington Post and is also the British independent member on the management board of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency, which monitors racism and xenophobia across Europe.

Our history

Prince Charles 1978

1978 – Operation Drake

Colonel John Blashford-Snell and HRH Prince Charles launched Operation Drake, running youth projects from ships circumnavigating the globe

August 2014

The Freemasons’ Grand Charity donate £50,000 to Raleigh International, in support of disadvantaged young people

Raleigh International chosen as beneficiary of Lord Mayor’s Appeal

November 9th 2013

Raleigh International today announced that it is one of four charities which will benefit from funds raised during the 2013-2014 Lord Mayor’s Appeal. Alderman Fiona Woolf, CBE, elected today as Lord Mayor of London, is a Trustee of Raleigh International and has chosen Raleigh as one of the beneficiaries in the official role’s annual charity appeal. International chosen as beneficiary of Lord Mayors Appeal.pdf

In February 1982 it was announced that Thorpe was to become director of the British section of Amnesty International,[198] but the appointment was opposed by many of the organisation’s membership,[199] and after a month of controversy Thorpe withdrew from the post.[200][n 12] He kept his position as chairman of the political committee of the United Nations Association

A FORMER high ranking cleric caught downloading indecent images of children for the third time was jailed for 20 months.

Paul C Battersby National Youth Officer General Synod Board of Education Church House, Great Smith Street 1992

The university educated curate was an active member of Amnesty International. After working as a youth officer in the Carlisle diocese he was elevated to Church House in London as the national youth officer working with the General Synod Board on education.

Vicar turned in by wife after stepson discovers horrific child porn on vicarage computer

Paedophile ex-vicar was housed in luxury apartment paid for by the Church of England

Former reverend Paul Battersby downloaded sick photos while living in Liverpool’s Beetham Tower

27 AUG 2017

A paedophile ex-vicar was housed in a luxury city centre apartment paid for by the Church of England, the ECHO can reveal.Former reverend Paul Battersby repeatedly downloaded sick photographs of young children being molested by fellow perverts.

But for the last three years he has lived in Beetham Tower – one of Liverpool’s most desirable developments in Old Hall Street.

Yet the ex-Church of England national youth officer had the audacity to MOAN about his home and compare his circumstances to prison.

Battersby, 68, was jailed for 20 months after a court heard he spent his time in the flat amassing a disturbing collection of illegal files.

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Hindley retired from the Home Office in June 1982 (‘People’, Community Care, May 20th, 1982), though three years later published a paper on the ‘The Age of Consent for Male Homosexuals’, (Criminal Law Review 595-603 (1986)), arguing against the recommendations of the Policy Advisory Committee on Sexual Offences (P.A.C.) who in a 1981 report had recommended reducing the male homosexual age of consent to 18; Hindley drew upon various other evidence to argue for equalisation of heterosexual and homosexual ages of consent.

Otherwise, following his retirement until his death in 2006, Hindley lived at least some of the time in Brent Way in Finchley (which address is given at the bottom of the first of his articles on Xenophon) and turned to writing academic articles on musical subjects, predominantly the operas of Benjamin Britten, and also on aspects of sexuality in Ancient Greece, before his death in 2006 (it is not clear if he knew Britten personally, as has been claimed; Hindley’s name does not appear in any of the Britten biographies). One biography cited him as in retirement as having specifically made a study ‘of aspects of ancient Greek pederasty’ (‘Notes on Contributors’, History Workshop Journal, No. 40 (Autumn, 1995), p. 295).

The uncomfortable nature of some of these writings may provide a clue to understanding Hindley’s attitudes and inclinations.

Westminster whistleblower told to ‘back off’ over paedophiles

Former Home Office employee Tim Hulbert reveals that he was told to back off after raising concerns over Government grants to paedophiles

10 Jul 2014

Fresh claims have been made that taxpayers’ money was used to fund a notorious group that campaigned to legalise sex with children, with a whistleblower claiming the payments were made at the request of the Metropolitan Police’s Special Branch.

Former civil servant Tim Hulbert said he raised concerns about the grant to the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) with his manager because it seemed “crazy” to be giving the group money.

A Whitehall investigation into the claims grants were given to PIE, which was published earlier this week, found that there was no evidence that the group was funded “directly or indirectly” by the taxpayer.

But Mr Hulbert, who worked at the Home Office unit charged with allocating money to voluntary groups, told ITV News he become aware of the grant to PIE during the first year of the Thatcher administration.

Speaking publicly for the first time he said he raised the issue with his superior at the Voluntary Services Unit (VSU): “I have a very clear recollection, not of who tipped me off, but of being sufficiently aware of it to go to my then boss, the head of the unit Clifford Hindley and to say ‘look Clifford what the hell are we doing funding an organisation like PIE?’ and the reason for that was firstly I had young children at that time and PIE were openly campaigning for the reduction of the age of consent to four.

“Secondly we were also responsible for funding across government departments including the Department of Health and it seemed crazy that we should be funding an organisation that was advocating, certainly a lessening of the constraints around child abuse, when one of our constituent organisations was the Department of Health, which was spending a lot of money trying to prevent child abuse.”

But he claimed his boss told him that the money was going to a “legitimate” organisation and that the funding was “at the request of Special Branch”.

He told ITV News: “The meeting was in his office. I remember having a frank exchange with him about this and his arguments (for continuing payments) were one, it was an organisation which was recognised as a legitimate if not necessarily appropriate campaigning organisation and secondly, I have a very clear recollection that he told me it was being funded at the request of Special Branch and thirdly, he told me it was a renewal of a grant, which I already knew, and therefore it didn’t require a consultant’s input and the significance of that is that all new grants were normally accompanied in the submission to the minister by a consultant’s report.

“On renewal that didn’t necessarily happen.”

A Whitehall investigation into VSU’s activities between 1973 and 1985 found “no evidence” of direct funding being provided to PIE.

More than £475,000 was provided to two groups with connections to PIE, but the review concluded: “It is impossible to determine whether VSU funding provided to either of these organisations was indirectly used to support the work of PIE, but no evidence was found to conclude that it did.”

The Government has appointed National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children chief executive Peter Wanless to lead a review into the Home Office’s handling of abuse claims and how 114 files deemed potentially relevant went missing.


This 1977 newspaper cutting corroborates the claim that the Home Office may have funded the Paedophile Information Exchange. The funding came from a branch of the Home Office called the Voluntary Services Unit, and was channeled through the Princedale Trust and the Albany Trust. The concerns were raised by a backbench Conservative MP called Bernard Braine.

This means that two successive Labour governments funded an organisation that wanted the age of consent lowered to 4 years old. It’s still unknown whether this funding carried on into the Thatcher years.

A former employee accused the Home Office of giving tens of thousands of pounds to PIE through its Voluntary Services Unit, which provided annual grants for charities.

Civil servants launched a trawl through 35,000 documents to investigate the claims, focusing on the VSU’s activities between 1973 and 1985.

Their findings were finally published yesterday, prompting concerns that it had been timed so it would be overshadowed by Mrs May’s announcement of an over-arching inquiry.

It found that two groups associated with the child sex-supporting lobbyists did receive hundreds of thousands of pounds from the VSU.

The Albany Trust, which was founded to support ‘sexual minorities’, received £65,750 between 1974 and 1980.

The trust invited representatives from PIE and a group called Paedophile Action for Liberation to a series of meetings in 1975 to discuss setting up a paedophile support group and publishing an information pamphlet about paedophilia …

A second charity, Release, which offered advice on issues including drugs, medical and housing problems, was given £410,500 by the VSU between 1974 and 1984 via the Princedale Trust. In 1975 Release moved to 1 Elgin Avenue in London.

The same year Release allowed PIE to begin using the same address for correspondence.

Hulbert says his boss Clifford Hindley — a suspected paedophile — claimed ‘PIE was being funded at the request of Special Branch, who found it politically useful to keep an eye on paedophiles.’

The whistleblower said civil servant Clifford Hindley was the man who rubber-stamped the PIE grants around 1980.

Hindley, who unusually for the time was openly gay, was well known in Whitehall as a pal of Jeremy Thorpe, the ex-Liberal leader who was acquitted in a sensational murder trial.

The two often dined together at London’s Reform Club and Hindley took Thorpe out for lunch on the day the politician learnt he was going to be tried

Steven Adrian Smith used to visit Keith Harding, like Jeremy Thorpe

PIE and the Home Office: Three+ members/supporters on inside, funded, magazine printed and phone line

The extent to which the Paedophile Information Exchange established a thorough presence at the Home Office in the late 1970s and early 1980s is now becoming clear as more information becomes available. What transpires is alarming:


a) Senior civil servant (Assistant Secretary) Clifford Hindley dismissed the objections of another member of staff to government money going to PIE, who received a total of £70 000 between 1977 and 1980. After early retirement in 1983, Hindley published a series of pro-pederastic articles on music and classical Greece in scholarly journals. whose arguments were scarcely-disguised PIE propaganda.


b) PIE chair Steven Adrian Smith (who replaced Tom O’Carroll), also known as Steven Freeman, used a telephone number at the Home Office as the contact point for PIE, whilst he was working there as an electrical contractor, on behalf of firm Complete Maintenance Ltd. According to his own account, Smith stored file material in cabinets at the Home Office and received full security clearance from Scotland Yard, (Keith Dovkants, ‘Child sex ring’s ‘Home Office Link’, Standard, November 7th, 1984; Alex Marunchak, ‘Child-Sex Boss in Whitehall Shock’, The Sun, August 15th, 1982; Steven A. Smith, ‘PIE, from 1980 Until its Demise in 1985′, in The Betrayal of Youth: Radical Perspectives on Childhood Sexuality, Intergenerational Sex, and the Social Oppression of Children and Young People, edited Warren Middleton (London: CL Publications, 1986), pp. 215-245). Smith claims he was provided with a furnished office as part of his contract, from which he could use the phone line, but another source connected to the Home Office informs me that it was unthinkable that such a contractor would be given access to a Home Office phone line. Smith was later said in court probably to have actually published the PIE magazine (which would then have been Minor Problems) in the Home Office itself

PIE Secretary and Treasurer Barry Cutler was also employed in the Home Office in the early 1980s

A civil servant at the Home Office received a series of slides with images of abuse of young boys and obscene letters delivered to his departmental address.

(e) Adrian Fulford (now Lord Justice Fulford), who was named last week in the Mail on Sunday as a key organiser of the so-called Conspiracy Against Public Morals to support key PIE figures, and wrote an article defending PIE (Martin Beckford, ‘High Court judge and the child sex ring: Adviser to Queen was founder of paedophile support group to keep offenders out of jail’, Mail on Sunday, March 9th, 2014), also acted as Smith’s defence barrister in a court case concerning publishing obscene material featuring children in 1991.

Michael H. Murrin‏@michaelmurrin


Dame Alun Roberts‏@ciabaudo

Jeremy Thorpe’s boyfriend also a paedophile …

Henry Upton:  Thorpe’s first murder plot?


Henry Upton was a paedophile and also Thorpe’s lover. He had convictions for indecency with boys and was jailed in Australia. It has been alleged that Upton was blackmailing Thorpe and that Thorpe arranged for him to be killed. He disappeared mysteriously from a boat off the Sussex Coast in 1957. Full story from Daily Mail here.

Andreas Baader‏@stop1984

Did Jeremy Thorpe have a gay lover thrown to his death from a yacht? Biographer casts new light ... via


Dame Alun Roberts‏@ciabaudo

North Yorkshire Enquirer requests (then under Goddard) to investigate allegations Jeremy Thorpe’s was a paedophile .

Wonder if Clement Freud used to visit Pie membership secretary, Keith Harding

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Jeremy Thorpe was a good friend of paedophile MP Clement Freud He was there at Thorpe’s trial to support him.

“…his close friend, Liberal member of Parliament Clement Freud, who were sitting together nearby.”

When he was eventually forced to stand down, it was Freud who helped him compose his letter of resignation at his St John’s Wood home.

No mention of Jeremy Thorpe’s visits with paedophile / PIE member and Freemason (Grandmaster of GCHQ) Keith Harding, who was also visited by members of royalty, MPs Cyril Smith and Leon Brittan.

Albany Trust links to PIE, Peter Righton, Henniker-Major/Sir Harold Haywood etc

1968 In Aid of the Albany Trust – Clement Freud will speak during the evening on the Trust’s work…

Albany Trust links to PIE, Peter Righton, Henniker-Major/Sir Harold Haywood etc

During the Second World War Freud joined the Royal Ulster Rifles and acted as an aide to Field Marshal Montgomery.

Freud acted as an aide to Field Marshal Montgomery.

Image result for Montgomery and mountbatten

The “revelations” that Montgomery preferred the company of young staff officers to that of women have been around for a long time, and Hamilton himself referred to Monty’s “romantic friendships with young boys” in the original book, specifically the 12-year-old Swiss lad Lucien Trueb “who engaged Monty’s affectionate attention”.

The question Hamilton is really posing now is not whether Field Marshal Lord Montgomery of Alamein was gay, but whether he was a repressed paedophile.

After the war Freud trained as a chef at London’s Dorchester (Bramall & McAlpine), before being made manager of the glamorous Martinez Hotel in Cannes.

The security services worked out of Alistair McAlpine family’s Dorchester hotel during the war

Lord Bramall  2004  consultant to Dorchester Hotel / Director of its pension fund )

Paedophile TV star Sir Clement Freud was nominated for his knighthood by David Steel – who also put Cyril Smith up for the same gong

  • Ex-Lib Dem leader Lord Steel nominated Clement Freud for a knighthood
  • Freud, a disgraced MP and former TV and radio star, became a Sir in 1987
  • Also revealed Lord Steel backed child abuser Cyril Smith for knighthood
  • Cabinet Office confirmed who proposed Freud to be a Sir after an appeal

The politician, now Lord Steel, was made aware of the reports that Smith had sexually abused young boys in his hometown of Rochdale, Lancashire, in 1979.       

But dismissed the allegations – claiming: ‘All he seems to have done is spanked a few bare bottoms’.

David Steel correspondence on Kincora, Wallace and sexual abuse – closed:

justme‏@zante03 17

Clement Freud the paedophile

Jeremy Thorpe the paedophile

Cyril Smith the paedophile

all #riffraff and protected

Paedophile Roddam Twiss knew Jeremy Thorpe… says he met scandal-hit Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe ‘in passing’ and was ‘always suspicious’ about him, and adds that ‘everyone knew’ Cyril Smith was picking up young rent boys in Soho.

George Carman successfully defended people whom he knew were guilty, including people charged with sex offences against children. He was retained by Jimmy Savile, defended Jeremy Thorpe and was retained by Sir David Napley, solicitor for Greville Janner, because Napley expected Janner to be charged with child sex offences.

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The Thorpe cover-up must continue…

Image result for "George Thomas mp" + "prince"

Viscount Tonypandy aka George Thomas MP (centre) covered up for Jeremy Thorpe.

Dame Alun Roberts ‏@ciabaudo

Atkinson was linked to Tonypandy who adored Enoch who received correspondence from him, Carthew (Proctor’s mate), Morrison & BishBollocks (Bishop Peter Ball)!

In 2015 the British tabloid press published articles saying thatWalker had reported Leo Abse, George Thomas and Enoch Powell to the police as suspected paedophiles.[14] He said that “A number of survivors independently gave the name of a particular MP being involved … I don’t believe there was any collusion in their stories.”[15] Walker went on to tell senior clerics that Abse was named by three abuse survivors whom he had counselled when a vicar in Brighton in the 1980s.

Jeremy Thorpe’s links to PIE member, paedophile, Freemason Keith Harding…

Jeremy Thorpe MP / Keith Harding/ PIE /Freemasons/ GCHQ/Jimmy Savile / Royal Family / Cyril Smith MP / Leon Brittan MP /Clement Freud MP / George Thomas MP Viscount Tonypandy

Image result for "savile" + "keith harding"

Paedophiles Jimmy Savile and Keith Harding

Paedophiles Jeremy Thorpe, Jimmy Savile, Leon Brittan and Adrian Smith from the Home Office would visit Freemason and paedophile Keith Harding (PIE membership secretaty)

Telegram from Savile to Thorpe 1:35

An extraordinary election broadcast from 1974 – Jimmy Savile telegram to Thorpe, followed by Cyril Smith in support of Jeremy Thorpe’s Liberal party

Image result for "George Thomas mp" + "hrh"

(Like Jimmy Savile) George Thomas was a personal friend of senior members of the Royal Family, including Prince Charles, Princess Diana, Princess Margaret and the Queen Mother. He read the lesson at the wedding of Charles and Diana in St Paul’s Cathedral in 1981.

George Thomas/Tonypandy  MP with David Atkinson

In 2015 the British tabloid press published articles saying that Walker had reported Leo Abse, George Thomas and Enoch Powell to the police as suspected paedophiles.[14] He said that “A number of survivors independently gave the name of a particular MP being involved … I don’t believe there was any collusion in their stories.”[15] Walker went on to tell senior clerics that Abse was named by three abuse survivors whom he had counselled when a vicar in Brighton in the 1980s.

Upon retirement, Walker became a “humble monk”.[16] He has since settled in Monmouth and continues to deliver conference papers and lectures. He lectured in July 2015 at the University of Warwick.[17]

George Thomas’s other close friends included Greville Janner, Cyril Smith and Jeremy Thorpe. His pal Leo Abse has also been the subject of an investigation into historical child abuse. George Thomas was a friend of Enoch Powell as well – Powell too was the subject of a complaint of child abuse.

When Enoch Powell was Health Minister in 1960 he visited the North Wales Hospital and was so shocked at what he saw that he told them that he would not allow them to do this to people and returned to London promising to shut the institution down. For some reason he dropped that plan very quickly and it was never mentioned again – neither are there any references to it in the archive of his papers. George Thomas was on good enough terms with Jonathan Aitken to dispense advice to him and act as a character witness when Aitken launched his libel action against the Guardian, which eventually led to Aitken’s imprisonment for perjury.

George Thomas became President of the NCH (National Children’s Home) in approx 1984 – he stood down at the end of 1994, by which time it was known as NCH/Action for Children. Many people associated with the NCH are now known to have concealed or colluded with child abuse (see post ‘Always On The Side Of The Children’). Glanville Owen, the senior manager in Gwynedd Social Services with responsibility for children’s homes whilst the paedophile gang operated within them, had previously worked for the NCH

George Carman successfully defended people whom he knew were guilty, including people charged with sex offences against children. He was retained by Jimmy Savile, defended Jeremy Thorpe and was retained by Sir David Napley, solicitor for Greville Janner, because Napley expected Janner to be charged with child sex offences.

Dame Alun Roberts‏@ciabaudo 2

‘Scurrilous hearsay’! Is this man hard of hearing, in complete denial or spearheading a LibDem coverup?


Lost opportunities to bring the paedophile Cyril Smith to book … Lost opportunities to prosecute the paedophile Greville Janner … Can you see the pattern yet?

“Be careful what you say about Cyril Smith because nothing has been proved against him at all, it’s all been scurrilous hearsay and so far we are waiting for the final outcome of the inquiry” – former Liberal leader David Steel on the allegations against Cyril Smith


David Steel was disingenuous in the interview he gave on last night’s#Newsnight. He certainly knew about Norman Scott in 1971 because he met Scott in the “Commons” and saw the letters Scott had kept. He also knew about misappropriation of Liberal Party funds by #jeremythorpe

Image result for "david steel" + "cyril smith"

David Steel MP put paedophile MP Cyril Smith forward for knighthood ‘even after he was told of abuse allegations’

  • Lord Steel put Rochdale MP Cyril Smith forward for his knighthood in 1988
  • Former Lib Dem leader had already been made aware of abuse allegations
  • Smith, who died aged 82 in 2010, allegedly assaulted young boys in 1960s
  • Follows reports that the MI5 and Special Branch helped to cover up abuse

David Steel put Sir Cyril Smith forward for a knighthood – despite being told of the abuse allegations against him, it has been revealed.

The politician, now Lord Steel, was made aware of the reports that Smith had sexually abused young boys in his hometown of Rochdale, Lancashire, in 1979.

But his office dismissed the allegations – claiming: ‘All he seems to have done is spanked a few bare bottoms’.

Vicount Ian Kerr CGC‏@IanKerr

Go back to your constituencies, and prepare to deny everything about paedophilia in UK politics.

“Be careful what you say about Cyril Smith because nothing has been proved against him at all, it’s all been scurrilous hearsay and so far we are waiting for the final outcome of the inquiry” – former Liberal leader David Steel on the allegations against Cyril Smith

A man is known by the company he keeps.

It was just ‘tittle-tattle’ and the #mccann are very nice people.

P J‏@Pamper48

Both Sir Clement Freud and Cyril Smith were nominated for knighthoods by David Steel.

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Prince Charles, The Barclay Brothers and Madeleine McCann


The first ever mainstream news story about Madeleine being abducted was the article in the Daily Telegraph on May 4, 2007 and timed at one minute past midnight. In other words, less than 2 hours after Kate and Gerry had raised the alarm, a top British newspaper was already sowing the seeds of the abduction story.

It is inconceivable that such a story could have been published so soon after the first call to Portuguese police yet it is there for all to see, set in the proverbial stone of the Internet archives.

In fact, the Telegraph have never removed the story (link).

Here is the original 4-paragraph story:

Three Year-old Feared Abducted in Portugal

By staff and agencies, Last Updated: 12:01am BST 04/05/2007

Martin Walkerdine‏@mwalkerdine

David Steel hairdresser Stephen August is director of company that Colin Peters is also director off Mr August other clients are Michael Heseltine and Julian Fellowes

Image result for "clement freud" + "gordon brown"

Gordon Brown joins mourners at funeral of Clement Freud

Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister, joined U2 frontman Bono and comedian Stephen Fry and David Steel for the funeral of Sir Clement Freud, the writer, broadcaster and former Liberal MP .

Court hears of ex-Shrewsbury School teacher’s 13 years of alleged child sex abuse

A former Shrewsbury School teacher accused of child sexual offences joked with a girl who had been raped by one of his colleagues, a court heard.


Gary Dobbie was working at Shrewsbury School when he was arrested on child sex abuse charges in 2016

Gary Dobbie told the 15-year-old girl that she had “beard rash”, indicating he knew what had happened, jurors were told on Thursday.

Dobbie, head of house at Christ’s Hospital School in the 1990s, was allegedly told about the encounter by history teacher James Husband,

Husband told the pupil “It’s OK, I’ve had a vasectomy” before raping her, the court heard.

The victim reported Husband to the Horsham school’s chaplain but no action was taken. Even her mother did not believe her story, Hove Crown Court heard.

Years of alleged abuse

The pair, who both worked at the prestigious West Sussex school and lived in the grounds, are standing trial after denying sexually abusing eight pupils over the course of 13 years.

Dobbie, aged 66, was teaching at Shrewsbury School at the time of his arrest in 2016.

Eloise Marshall, prosecuting, told the court victims believed the teachers would “laugh” together about their exploits.

Husband, 68, of Wigginton in York, denies four counts of rape and five of indecently assaulting a girl as young as 14 between 1990 and 1994. He claims they had “consensual sex” once when she was 16.

He left the school after it emerged he was having a consensual affair with a different pupil who was not underage and not a complainant in the case, Ms Marshall said.

The girl’s diary entries suggested they had sex in Husband’s study – which is where he is accused of abusing his alleged victim, the court heard.

Eight victims

Dobbie, of Albi in France and formerly of Hereford, faces a string of allegations against six boys and two girls as young as 12 between 1998 and 2001.

He denies 12 counts of indecently assaulting four boys and two girls, attempting to indecently assault a boy and two counts of indecency with a child.

Ms Marshall said: “Both the men knew each other and there is some evidence to suggest that they discussed what they were doing.”

Husband’s alleged victim “lay there like a rag doll” while he raped her and waited for it to be over, the court heard.

It became so frequent she began to “hate” what was happening, was “disgusted with herself” and was suicidal, Ms Marshall said.


Dobbie “groomed” pupils, by hosting dinner parties at his house in the school grounds with “favourite” students, jurors were told. He would allegedly ply them with whisky and wine while talk about their sexual encounters was “encouraged”.

At one of the gatherings an alleged victim recalls a man who also attended as a guest rating the boys in order of their attractiveness, to Dobbie’s “delight”, Ms Marshall said.

On another occasion after giving a girl alcohol, she came out of the bathroom to find Dobbie had undone his trousers and was “grinning at her”, the court heard. Fearing he wanted to have sex, she left the property.

She told her mother after she moved on from the school who phoned housemaster Neil Flemming but no action was taken, Ms Marshall said.

When questioned by police, Dobbie branded the claims “totally untrue”.

The trial heard how he took a boy as young as 12 to a bedroom and told him to take off his breeches and underwear while Dobbie performed a sex act on himself.

Another recalls falling asleep on Dobbie’s sofa and waking up to find him kneeling beside him with his hand in his shirt, Ms Marshall said.

The teacher even helped raise money for another pupil – allegedly abused over a period of six years – to take a gap year after leaving school but assaulted him when he returned for a visit, the court heard.

Founded in the 16th century, Christ’s Hospital charges boarders up to £31,500 a year and counts Sir Barnes Wallis, inventor of the bouncing bomb, and poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge as alumni.

Pupils still wear a Tudor-style uniform consisting of a long blue coat and high yellow socks.

The trial, expected to last six weeks, continues.

Author reveals shocking new claims of serious sexual assault at Prince Charles’s former boarding school

Miranda Doyle made public the allegations in her memoir about abuse in the 1980s.

3 JUN 2018

Shocking new claims of serious sexual assaults at Prince Charles’s former boarding school have been made to the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry.

The allegations about staff at Gordonstoun in the 1980s were made public by author Miranda Doyle in a ­memoir published last year.

In it, she reveals she was attacked by a staff member at the school, in Elgin, when she was just 14.

She also tells how she witnessed other female pupils being ordered to strip naked before being thrown into cold baths by a male teacher.

Miranda, 49, decided to speak out after learning she wasn’t the only pupil targeted by her abuser.

She has waived her right to anonymity and given a statement about the abuse she suffered and other incidents she witnessed.

She said: “Gordonstoun wasn’t a safe place to be. It is time to speak out about what happened.”

Miranda still breaks down in tears almost 40 years on at the painful memories.

She included the harrowing experiences in The Book of Untruths, in which she set out to debunk lies she had been told throughout her life.

It details how she was just 11 when a male teacher told girls in her class not to bring bathing suits for their swimming lesson.

Three years later, after Miranda complained of ­stomach pains, a member of medical staff working at the school carried out an intimate examination he said was needed to check her appendix.

She finally found the strength to speak out after other former pupils shared memories of similar ordeals.

Now she hopes to encourage others who went to the school – once attended by Prince Philip and his sons Prince Charles, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward – to come forward.

Miranda said: “Gordonstoun was supposed to be such a wonderful school – even the Royal Family sent their children there. So many of the pupils feel a lot of shame that they didn’t have a better time. But I never felt safe there, and it didn’t feel safe for the other children.

“I’ve always been seen as a bit of a drama queen, so for a long time I didn’t trust my own memories.

“Speaking out makes me feel terrified but I know now I wasn’t the only pupil this happened to.”

Miranda started at the affiliated Aberlour House junior school in 1979 – when her family moved to Saudi Arabia for her father’s work – and spent two years there before moving to Gordonstoun senior school for the next five years.

Both were founded by Dr Kurt Hahn and shared the same school song, flag and motto. When Miranda was a pupil, they had separate staff, boards of governors and were 20 miles apart.

They merged in 2002 and now share the same campus.

She said: “In my first year at Aberlour House, before the Christmas holidays, one of the teachers announced the girls would have a swimming lesson but because we had already packed there would be no necessity for us to wear our costumes. They might get wet.

“Even at 11, the threat of a wet swimming costume seemed too bogus to be true.

“If wet costumes were an inconvenience, wasn’t it obvious that we do something else? The same teacher would also make appearances at what the girls called ‘birthday baths’.

“When it was someone’s birthday we tortured one another by throwing the birthday girl in a bath of cold water.

“On occasional mornings, he came into the girls’ dormitories before the bell. With his help we would strip the birthday girl down and drag her screaming to a waiting bath.

“Two of us took one arm apiece, his huge hands clamped hard to her spread ankles.”

Edinburgh-born Miranda breaks down in tears at memories of being sexually abused after complaining of a sore stomach.

She said: “I was 14 and I hadn’t thought anything was suspicious then. But some time afterwards I had gone to see one of the house tutors.

“She asked about the examination and how many times it had happened.

“When I said twice she wrote it down and said she had been doing an audit of this type of examination.She told me, ‘When I’ve reached enough of a number maybe I’ll report him.’”

Miranda doesn’t know if the abuse was ever reported.

When the author, who now lives in Cambridge, joined a private Facebook group for former Gordonstoun pupils, she discovered a younger girl had had the same ordeal at the hands of the same man six years later.

She said: “It’s sad to know others have gone through the same thing but to finally have corroboration felt like a relief. There was a forest of girls probably that this happened to.”

Miranda, who has not reported her claims to police and believes her abuser is still alive, said members of the Facebook group spoke of numerous incidents of inappropriate behaviour at the school.

She said: “My sense that those school years had been all wrong was confirmed.”

Ex-pupils gave her guidance and support and that helped her to have the confidence to report her experiences at Aberlour House and Gordonstoun to the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, which is probing the treatment of kids in care – including at residential schools.

She was terrified at first when interviewed. Miranda said: “I howled for the first 10 minutes without even taking my coat off.

“I saw two people from the inquiry team and I felt worried that I was wasting their time and ashamed that I might be disbelieved.

“It was the most amazing experience to be believed. I know I am not the only former pupil from the school to have given a statement to the inquiry.”




Jeremy Thorpe scandal: attempted murder case to reopen

Police say man allegedly hired to kill former Liberal leader’s ex-lover may still be alive

2 June 2018

An investigation into the Jeremy Thorpe scandal is to be reopened after police admitted they may have wrongly assumed one of the suspects was dead.

An inquiry launched in 2015 into the alleged attempted murder of the former Liberal leader’s ex-lover Norman Scott was closed last year.

Gwent police had thought Andrew Newton, the man allegedly hired to kill Scott, was dead. However the force has told a BBC Four documentary that new information has come to light, suggesting he may be alive.

Andrew Newton in 1978
Andrew Newton in 1978


Gwent police told the makers of The Jeremy Thorpe Scandal: “Inquiries were completed which indicated Mr Newton was deceased. We have now revisited these inquiries and have identified information, which indicates that Mr Newton may still be alive. As a result, further inquiries will be conducted to trace Mr Newton to assess if he is able to assist the investigation.”

Scott, 78, told the programme he didn’t believe anyone had tried hard enough to find Newton.

There must be people who knew him and there would surely be a record of him dying,” he said. “I thought [Gwent police] were doing something at last and soon found out that absolutely they weren’t, they were continuing the cover-up as far as I can see.”

The documentary, to be broadcast at 10pm on Sunday, investigates the alleged plot to murder Scott, who was involved in a relationship with Thorpe in the early 1960s, when homosexuality was illegal.

Thorpe, who died in 2014, was acquitted of conspiracy to murder after an Old Bailey trial in 1979.

A fresh investigation was launched by Gwent police in 2015 after new claims emerged.

But Scott was told the investigation had closed after the force concluded Newton, who was jailed for firearms offences over the shooting of Scott’s dog on Exmoor in 1975, was no longer alive.

Edward Pinnegar‏@Pindog Jun 2

This stuff takes 10mins to discover on Google. It isn’t firm proof but it suggests that Newton may still be alive. Where did & the CPS go wrong? What investigation led them to ‘conclude’ that he was dead despite publicly available evidence which suggested he was not?

By the 1990s, Andrew “Gino” Newton has changed his name, bizarrely, to Hann Redwin

June 2015

While I’m waiting I get into conversation with Hann Redwin whose Pipistrel motorised glider I spotted in a small hangar near the Tower. He’s here with his companion Patsy Frankham to conduct some tests on the Pipistrel. Hann used to fly for the airlines and is a serial homebuilder with what sounds like a superbly-equipped workshop (a lathe is mentioned) in Newgate. After completing two homebuilds and almost finishing a third, a Zenair, if I understood him correctly, he’s abandoning aircraft building to concentrate on sailing, which I gather is more Patsy’s thing.

 September 18, 2013

FAA recognizes Hann Redwin Jr

London-based pilot sets positive example

Detectives in Gwent had not sought to interview Andrew Newton after new evidence relating to the alleged attempted murder of Norman Scott emerged in 2014. Although he had changed his name to Hann Redwin, his true identity as Andrew Newton was an open secret locally. Ironically, he was often seen walking his dog in local parks. He freely admitted to his involvement in the case often unprompted. Mr Redwin had lived on Abinger Road until around two years ago when he sold his house and is now believed to be residing in Dorking although he has been seen in the area more recently.

Chief Constable Julian Williams

Julian Williams joined Gwent Police on a secondment from South Wales Police in 2014 as Temporary Assistant Chief Constable and was permanently appointed to the role in 2015. He has sHe is the Welsh policing lead for Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking and is part of the National Counter Terrorism Cadre, having been a Firearms Commander for 15 years. erved as Deputy Chief Constable and after being selected as the preferred candidate by the PCC, started as the Acting Chief Constable on 1st July 2017. On 1st August 2017 Mr Williams was made substantive Chief Constable at Gwent.

He has 28 years policing service, having spent 25 years with South Wales Police. Whilst with South Wales Police he served in Barry, Penarth, Cardiff, Neath, Port Talbot, Swansea and Bridgend Headquarters. His background is operational policing and as a Chief Superintendent he was the Divisional Commander for the Western Division, covering Swansea, Neath and Port Talbot.

Prior to leaving South Wales Police he was the Temporary Assistant Chief Constable for specialist operations.

He is fortunate to have had the experience of being the Commander for the Olympic football matches in the Millennium stadium in 2012. He has also commanded a number of high profile events in the force, including 2 Swansea vs Cardiff City football matches.

He is the Welsh policing lead for Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking and is part of the National Counter Terrorism Cadre, having been a Firearms Commander for 15 years.


Back from the dead: Police are set to quiz Jeremy Thorpe’s ‘hitman’ despite officials thinking him dead for years, as photos capture the former pilot very much alive

  • The man accused of trying to kill Jeremy Thorpe’s ex-gay lover is in Surrey
  • Andrew Newton, a former airline pilot, has been living under an assumed name
  • Police are planning to interview Mr Newton about his role in the attempted plot
  • The Mail on Sunday has tracked the man who is now called Hann Redwin  

The Jeremy Thorpe affair, one of the last century’s greatest political scandals, was dramatically reignited last night after a key witness who police assumed was dead was found by The Mail on Sunday.

This newspaper discovered Andrew Newton – the man who allegedly tried to kill Liberal leader Thorpe’s gay ex-lover – living under an alias in Surrey.

Detectives are now planning to interview the former airline pilot over claims he hired a former school friend to murder Norman Scott, but stepped in himself when his friend changed his mind.

Here is how Andrew Newton, posing as Hann Redwin, was photographed in 2004 at the Skin Two Rubber Ball in 2004 at the Hammersmith Palais in London 

Here is how Andrew Newton, posing as Hann Redwin, was photographed in 2004 at the Skin Two Rubber Ball in 2004 at the Hammersmith Palais in London

LONDON – OCTOBER 4: Guest Hann Redwin poses in a studio at the annual ‘Skin Two Rubber Ball 2004’ at the Hammersmithh Palais on October 4, 2004 in London. The event is the biggest fetish event of its kind in the world for lovers of rubber, PVC, and glamour gear, and features a Medical Fantasy theme this year for the 2,500 fetishists who attend.

Four years ago, Dennis Meighan, now 71, admitted to The Mail on Sunday that in 1975 he was offered £13,500 – the equivalent of £140,000 today – by Newton and a ‘representative’ of Thorpe to silence Scott. They feared he was threatening to publicly reveal details of their affair, which took place at a time when homosexuality was still illegal.

Meighan agreed to the plan but later changed his mind and went on to confess to police, making clear Thorpe’s involvement. But he says his role was covered up by detectives to protect the politician, possibly at the behest of elements within the British Establishment.

Incredibly, even though he says he ‘tried to do the right thing’ more than four decades ago, Meighan now faces possible prosecution himself for conspiring to murder Scott.

Our interview with Meighan prompted, in 2016, the launch of an investigation into his claims. Operation Velum, as it was called, was conducted by Gwent Police, a force not involved in the initial inquiries.

But the case was dropped a year later after the Crown Prosecution Service announced that Newton, the only person who could corroborate Meighan’s story, was dead.

However Gwent Police yesterday conceded that Newton might still be alive, and reopened Velum.

And in what will cause further embarrassment, The Mail on Sunday yesterday tracked Newton down to a large detached house in Dorking, where he is living with his partner. Dressed casually in a blue shirt and jeans, Newton, who now calls himself Hann Redwin, was photographed returning home from a shopping trip.

After he bolted inside the house, his partner answered the door saying that ‘he’s not interested’ in talking about the latest development.

Newton is said to have taken on the role of would-be assassin after Meighan turned the job down. Newton was convicted of shooting Scott’s dog Rinka in 1976.

Scott said Newton turned the gun on him, but it jammed.

Three years later Thorpe and three alleged co-conspirators – David Holmes, one-time deputy treasurer of the Liberal party, and South Wales businessmen George Deakin and John Le Mesurier (not to be confused with the Dad’s Army actor) – went on trial at the Old Bailey for conspiracy to murder.

All were acquitted. Yet if Meighan’s involvement in the affair had not been expunged, the outcome may well have been different.

Newton struck a deal to give evidence against Thorpe, and that arrangement may mean he still has immunity from prosecution today.

Millions of TV viewers have been enthralled by the BBC1 dramatisation of the affair, A Very English Scandal, starring Hugh Grant as Thorpe, which concludes tonight.

Police now want to prosecute Meighan even though he says his confession was ripped up by West London detectives more than 30 years ago. He said yesterday: ‘It’s crazy. I told the truth at the time and they wouldn’t listen – why is this all coming out again?

‘They [the police] have got all the details, it’s all been said.’

Deakin could now face a new investigation, too, as the only one of Thorpe’s co-defendants who is still alive. At their home in Port Talbot, Deakin’s wife said: ‘He doesn’t want to talk about it – and he’s never met Andrew Newton in his life.’

Senior CPS prosecutor Nicola Rees told Norman Scott in a letter in February 2017 and seen by The Mail on Sunday: ‘Various key witnesses are now deceased, including Andrew Newton, who according to Mr Meighan was in the meeting during which the contract was agreed.’

Gwent Police said yesterday: ‘We have now revisited these enquiries and have identified information which indicates that Mr Newton may still be alive. As a result, further enquiries will be conducted to trace Mr Newton to assess if he is able to assist the investigation.’ Asked about the decision to re-open the inquiry, Meighan said: ‘This is all I need. They covered it all up at the time – what’s the point of doing this all again now? All I can say is sod ’em. I’m not saying any more.’

But the decision was welcomed by Scott, who said last night he hoped the truth would come out. ‘The whole affair was covered up by the Establishment at the time and, until now, it seemed that Gwent Police was covering it up again,’ he said.

Meighan told this newspaper in 2014 that, after he confessed his role to police in 1975, he was shocked when they gave him a prepared statement to sign in which ‘all references to Thorpe had been removed’. He said: ‘It also cleared me completely. It was a cover-up, no question, but it suited me fine.’ It meant Meighan never had to give evidence at Thorpe’s 1979 trial.

Thorpe, who died in 2014, always denied Scott’s claims of an affair. But the scandal ended his career.

Some time after Meighan signed his statement, he was contacted by a reporter who arranged to meet him. ‘I put the phone down, then it rang again,’ recalled Meighan

‘A Welsh voice said, “You can still be nicked, boyo.” It was clear my phone was bugged.’

They were two school friends from West London: one a former airline pilot, the other a petty crook with a ‘hard man’ reputation.

Andrew Newton and Dennis Meighan hold the key to the cover- up of the most sensational political scandal in a generation – and yet it is they, rather than the British Establishment, now facing investigation.

Both men were allegedly hired to kill Norman Scott – Jeremy Thorpe’s former lover – more than 30 years ago. Out of the blue, Newton contacted his old pal in 1975. Meighan recalls that Newton asked if he could supply him with a gun. ‘He knew I had a collection of antique firearms and knew I could get hold of a working gun.’

They arranged to meet at an Italian restaurant in Shepherd’s Bush, West London, and Newton brought along a man who ‘introduced himself as a representative of Jeremy Thorpe’.

Meighan said: ‘They spoke about Scott, said he was a horrible piece of work, and how he was squealing and being a nuisance and had to be silenced.

‘I didn’t believe it at first, but eventually they convinced me. They wanted me to get rid of him and offered me £13,500.

‘That was a lot of money then and I agreed. I don’t know why I said yes and I really don’t know if I’d have gone through with it.’

At the time Meighan was in his late 20s. He said: ‘I got in fights and did a bit of thieving, but nothing heavy. I’d never killed anyone before.’

A few days later he went to the pub where Scott was living near Barnstaple, Devon. ‘I went to have a look more than anything, but the gun was in the car. As soon as I opened my mouth and everyone heard my London accent they turned and looked at me. Scott had been saying London gangsters were after him. I knew then I wouldn’t be able to get away with it so I drove back to London.

‘I told Newton I was pulling out and he panicked because he was going to have to do it himself.’

On October 23, 1975, Newton lured Scott out to Exmoor by pretending to be a minder hired to protect him from a hitman. After shooting Scott’s dog Rinka, Newton then allegedly tried to shoot Scott, only for the gun to jam. ‘Newton was arrested and I was visited by three policemen – at least that’s what they said they were,’ said Meighan.

‘They knew about me from Newton so I admitted it all in a statement, mentioning Jeremy Thorpe and how I was hired by his representative. I thought they’d nick me, but they just said they’d be in touch.

‘Then I got a call saying I needed to go to Brentford police station where I would be given an envelope containing a statement. He said if I liked it I should sign it and go. I couldn’t believe it.’

The false statement, half as long as his original confession, exonerated Meighan – and this time made no mention of Thorpe.

Yesterday Meighan said of the BBC dramatisation of the scandal: ‘It is a load of cobblers. They make Andrew out to be an idiot. He wasn’t an idiot, he was just greedy. He is a clever boy, actually.

‘The last time I saw him was a few years ago when I popped down to Chiswick where he was living. He was building a plane in his house. He was a bit odd and had been brought up on his own by an Italian mum – he wasn’t like the rest of the boys.’

After the Thorpe trial, Newton melted away – but resurfaced in 1994 when he was caught up in another court hearing. This time an inquest into the death of his then girlfriend in a mysterious Swiss climbing accident. Newton was alone on the Eiger with Caroline Mayorcas when she fell to her death. Police ruled out foul play, however.

With the announcement that Gwent Police are now reopening their investigation into the conspiracy to murder Norman Scott, Newton and Meighan must revisit a chapter of their lives they thought had long been buried.

‘It has caused me so much grief,’ said Meighan. ‘And it won’t stop haunting me.’

West London hard man Dennis Meighan claims he was contacted by Andrew Newton who was looking for a gun

OCTOBER 23, 1975: Newton lures Scott to Exmoor, and shoots dead his Great Dane, Rinka. He allegedly tries to shoot Scott, but the gun jams. Newton arrested.

OCTOBER, 1975: Meighan visited by three policemen and he tells them about the involvement of Thorpe’s representative. Meighan is later summoned to Brentford police station and asked to sign a statement, which has no mention of Thorpe.

NOVEMBER 1975: Newton charged with possessing firearm with intent to endanger life.

MARCH 1976: Newton goes on trial in Exeter. Scott alleges Thorpe was behind the plot, but is steered off the subject by prosecution counsel. Newton found guilty, jailed for two years.

AUGUST 1978: Thorpe and three other men charged with conspiracy to murder.

1979: Old Bailey ‘Trial of the Century’. All four men acquitted.

1994: Newton, under his alias Hann Redwin, features in the inquest of his girlfriend Caroline Mayorcas, who died in a climbing accident with him in the Alps. Foul play ruled out.

2014: Thorpe dies. The Mail on Sunday publishes Meighan’s account of the conspiracy and cover-up for the first time.

2016: We reveal Gwent Police have launched Operation Velum to investigate Meighan’s claims.

2017: Police and CPS say they believe Newton had died and the investigation into Meighan’s claims is closed.

An investigation into the Jeremy Thorpe scandal will be reopened after Gwent Police admitted they may have wrongly assumed one of the suspects was dead, according to a new documentary.

Stallwart: Lord Tonypandy, MP on his 80th birthday in 1989 with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

George Thomas, Lord Tonypandy, MP on his 80th birthday in 1989 with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

Friends: Lord Greville Janner (left) ,when he was an MP, and George Thomas, Speaker of the House, middle, with a party of schoolboys at the House of Commons in 1976

Friends: Lord Greville Janner (left) ,when he was an MP, and George Thomas, Speaker of the House, middle, with a party of schoolboys at the House of Commons in 1976

George Thomas/Gwent Police

Last night, a British Transport Police spokesman said: ‘BTP was made aware of an allegation of inappropriate touching involving the late George Thomas on board a train from London Paddington to Aberystwyth in 1959.

‘I can confirm that a second report has been received, from Gwent Police, involving allegations of a sexual assault during a train journey from Newport to London Paddington between 1964 and 1966.

‘The complainant, who was aged 16 or 17 at the time, did not wish to make a formal statement to police. The information has since been passed to the Operation Hydrant investigating team.

…Abse claimed he had also seen Speaker Thomas ‘grey-faced and trembling’ after being asked by investigative journalists about his role in saving Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe from being prosecuted for a homosexual offence with a minor.

It’s alleged that George Thomas may have been involved in the sex scandal now surrounding veteran politician Lord Janner

Leo Abse MP on how George Thomas MP helped Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe escape prosecution for ‘a homosexual offence against a minor’:

“Yet the slightest tremor of scandal, however faintly reverberating into his private domain, reduced him to jelly. One such ocasion was in 1976 when, summoned to his sitting-room in the Speaker’s house, I found him grey-faced and trembling. Investigative journalists, some from the BBC, were pursuing inquiries into the then Liberal leader, Jeremy Thorpe.

They had evidently reached the conclusion that, some 16 years earlier, under a Conservative government, political intervention had saved Thorpe from being prosecuted for a homosexual offence against a minor. They also believed that, when Thorpe became embroiled in another scandal in 1964, he feared that the records in the Home Office of his earlier misbehaviour would wreck his efforts to free himself of his new dilemma.

The journalists had discovered that Thorpe – using his friend, the fraudulent Liberal MP Peter Bessell, as an intermediary – had turned to George, who was then a parliamentary under-secretary at the Home Office, for help. Yielding to Bessell’s importuning, George had set up a private meeting between Bessell and the home secretary.”

Police are currently investigating allegations that George Thomas MP raped a nine-year-old boy. BBC News

Sunday Times, 18th March 2001

In 1973, Jeremy Thopre married Marion Stein, a noted concert pianist and divorced wife of the Queen’s first cousin, the Earl of Harewood.


Tonypandy was a close friend of the paedophile David Atkinson MP. Atkinson in turn was a Janner associate and was also in possession of Jeremy Thorpe’s possessions after his death.

George Thomas MP and David Atkinson


Atkinson shared a flat with Stephen Govier after his return from the US, where he shot his lover through the head at point-blank range. Govier was credited as a source in Bloch’s biography on Jeremy Thorpe.

‘My father was a sexual predator like Jimmy Savile’ says son of former Tory MP

The son of a former Conservative MP has told The Telegraph he believes his father was a “prolific sexual predator” who he fears might have been linked to an alleged Westminster paedophile ring.

Anthony Atkinson suspects his father David Atkinson’s name may also have been included in a notorious dossier compiled by his fellow Conservative MP Geoffrey Dickens. The dossier, handed to the then Home Secretary Leon Brittan in the 1980s, has subsequently been lost or destroyed.

David Atkinson, according to his son, had a string of young lovers, among them a number of parliamentary assistants, with whom he conducted affairs behind the back of his wife and two children.

Justin Fashanu, the former professional footballer, who had grown up in a children’s home and subsequently committed suicide, had claimed to have had an affair with a married Conservative MP.

The MP is now thought to be Mr Atkinson. Letters from Mr Fashanu to Mr Atkinson, now in possession of his son, suggest the two men, although close, did not consummate their relationship.

There is evidence that the MP had been blackmailed by a member of staff within the Palace of Westminster who had threatened to sell details of his private life to a newspaper. In the letter, sent in 2003, the former friend of Mr Atkinson’s threatened to sell his story to the News of the World and added: “I want NO FURTHER CONTACT WITH YOU. SO DO NOT APPROACH ME PHYSICALLY or VERBALLY, now or in the future.”

On one occasion Anthony Atkinson was told by the relative of a teacher his father was a “paedophile” who had had an affair with a school pupil.

Mr Atkinson told The Telegraph: “What we have found shows my father to be a sad, lonely man but there is something more sinister there as well. I just want to try and work out what happened to my father.

“At the very least he is guilty of prolific predatory sexual behaviour. My father was predatory and prolific and we [my mother, my sister and I] all thought that the behaviour attributed to Jimmy Savile of being predatory and prolific also applied to him.”

When Tom Watson, the Labour MP, claimed in the House of Commons in October 2012 that ‘a paedophile network’ may have existed in the past at a high level, protected by connections to Parliament, Anthony Atkinson and his mother Susan got in touch with the MP, suggesting their father might have been at the very least on the fringes of the group.

On one occasion Anthony Atkinson was told by a school friend that a teacher had claimed that the MP was a “paedophile”.

Mr Atkinson also discovered on the internet a claim made by a former American intern of improper conduct by the MP.

In the internet posting, the intern, a university student, wrote of being taken to dinner by Mr Atkinson on his last day working in the Commons as a thank you. “After dinner at a restaurant he insisted showing me his apartment,” wrote the intern, “As soon as I entered I got a suspicious feeling from all the little Greek statues around. Either he was a scholar in the classics (he wasn’t) or he had a real fascination with statues of Greek boys. Or he had a fascination with Greek. And boys.”

Once in the flat, the intern wrote: “It became apparent he was trying to get me drunk… I went to use the bathroom and when I came out he was standing is a short, girly, silk bathrobe. I looked past him and saw he had the lights low and the sheets of his double bed pulled back.”

The intern concluded: “It goes to show that politicians are politicians no matter what their nationality. In his case I’d keep children away from him though – I am not anti-gay at all, just anti pervert. And that, based on my experience and in my opinion, describes David Atkinson, MP.”

Other suspicions, which fuel Mr Atkinson’s concerns about his father, cannot be repeated in The Telegraph for legal reasons. There is nothing in the evidence so far gathered by Mr Atkinson that offers any clear proof that his father had had sex with under-age children.

Mr Atkinson did however take his concerns to the police on Mr Watson’s recommendations. Police interviewed his ex-wife as well but decided there was nothing further to investigate.

Mr Atkinson said: “Detectives spoke to us but they made it clear they were short-staffed and really because of the lack of resources they were only really interested in people still alive who they could prevent committing more crimes and that my dad was just somebody who was gay and was not comfortable with that and got himself into some scrapes.

“But I think my father got mixed up with the wrong people. I think he didn’t want anybody to find out he was gay and used that to influence him. He liked young men.”

He said his father kept ‘meticulous’ notes of his every day activities in House of commons pocket diaries. Mr Atkinson does not have access to his father’s diaries.

“It is almost like my father became two people,” said Mr Atkinson, “There are times when I am upset when I think about my father but there are times when we just want to find out what happened. It’s a dual thing. On the one hand he is my father and on the other I want to know what he did. If I don’t ever find out, I will always be asking.

“I can’t help but think everything going on is linked. I suspect my father is named in the Dickens’ dossier. Only the other day I found a photograph of my father with Geoffrey Dickens. Dickens once came to stay and he famously said that one of his friends is named in the dossier and that could be my dad. It is hard to reconcile all this with the father I grew up with.”

Mr Atkinson only discovered his father was gay when his parents got divorced. He was staying at his father’s flat and discovered gay pornography and sex toys hidden in a cupboard. “I remember asking him; ‘are you gay?’ and he said: ‘yes.’

“I said: ‘how long have you known?’ and he said: ‘I have always known, stupid.’ The he went back to reading his newspaper and that was the end of the discussion. I didn’t expect tears and hugs because that was not his way.”


Another doting and fawning follower of Enoch Powell was Fergus Montgomery, PPS to Thatcher and closet gay.

Laud, Govier, Atkinson and Fergus Montgomery, PPS to Maggie, are all implicated in Strategic Network International.

A must-read on the links between Atkinson, Laud, Govier, Cameron and Thatcher PPS Fergus Montgomery!

Councillor Stephen Govier was sentenced to six years for the crime in Los Angeles in 1997 during an argument over drugs.

Mr Govier, 52, who hid the offence from the party when he joined in 2006, worked closely with Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman during last year’s general election.

He also teamed up with the Met police as a co-ordinator for an anti-crime organisation and campaigned to have replica guns banned.

According to US court records, he had been charged with cocaine possession and attempted murder. But after a plea agreement he admitted assault with a deadly weapon.

In 1987 Jimmy Saville, Chris Denning, Greville Janner and David Atkinson all had homes in Bournemouth. …

One of several parliamentary trips to South Africa organised by Atkinson and Laud – all expenses paid, of course – took place in 1989 and included David Cameron, then an employee of Conservative Central Office, now Prime Minster. When Cameron’s participation in this apartheid freebie was first publicised in 2009, Alistair Cooke (now Lord Lexden), Cameron’s boss at Central Office at the time, defended it as “simply a jolly. It was all terribly relaxed, just a little treat, a perk of the job. The Botha regime was attempting to make itself look less horrible, but I don’t regard it as having been of the faintest political consequence.”Lord Lexden might regard apartheid South Africa’s intelligence operations as “jolly”, but in the light of revelations about the sordid private life of Atkinson, who ran much of this propaganda network, those investigating the Westminster paedophile scandal might take a different view.

The relationships between the British far right, London’s security and intelligence services, and the apartheid state (not forgetting their long-time Rhodesian allies) have never been exposed by a “Truth Commission” style inquiry. One such mystery was a conspiracy in 1987 to kidnap several exiled members of the ANC – a conspiracy that was only foiled when a South African agent using the name Frank Larsen was arrested for importuning in the lavatory of the Regent Palace Hotel near Piccadilly Circus. (Due to their notoriety as a gay pick-up spot, the lavatories were being monitored by police.) On his arrest Larsen produced a Ministry of Defence police ID.

David Atkinson, former MP, apartheid apologist and keen employer of young male PAs

The late Conservative MP David Atkinson was a key player in South African intelligence operations seeking to enlist British politicians and media figures in a last ditch defence of the apartheid regime during the late 1980s. Some of these operations had the blessing of the British and American intelligence establishments.

As part of the ongoing media focus on paedophilia, national newspapers recently published interviews with Atkinson’s ex-wife and son. They described the Thatcherite MP as a predatory homosexual interested in very young men, and suggested that he might have featured in secret dossiers on Westminster paedophiles.

Two other trustees were prominent right-wing Conservative MPs and longstanding defenders of the apartheid regime. They also happened to be secret homosexuals.

One was Sir Fergus Montgomery, chairman of the “charity”, who had been Parliamentary Private Secretary to Thatcher and was the organiser of her campaign for the Conservative leadership in its early months. He never received promotion during the Thatcher governments, partly because during the early 1960s he had been named in security investigations of gay Tories associated with the convicted Admiralty spy John Vassall.

The other was Atkinson, the MP for Bournemouth East. Shortly before his death in 2012, Atkinson (long since divorced) came out as gay and entered a civil partnership, but during his political career, beginning as national chairman of the Young Conservatives in 1970, he presented himself as a happily married family man. Atkinson’s son told The Sunday Telegraph in July 2014: “I think my father got mixed up with the wrong people. I think he didn’t want anybody to find out he was gay and [they] used that to influence him. He liked young men.”

The Atkinson family has supplied information to the Labour MP Tom Watson, who alleges that a paedophile ring operated at the highest level of Thatcher’s Conservative Party. Atkinson’s ex-wife Sue told the Daily Mail that after discovering her husband’s secret life: “I remember thinking about all the young, male PAs he’d had – he employed lots of Americans – and his biggest offence was to bring them home. I’d welcome them and look after them and I now know he’d been having sex with some of them.”

One of the young Americans employed in Atkinson’s Westminster office from 1984 to 1986 was Byron Russell, who joined him as a trustee of the Namibia Charitable Trust. Russell’s service to apartheid’s propaganda machine had begun via the “USA Foundation” set up by the notorious lobbyist Jack Abramoff and staffed by his fellow Reagan-era College Republicans.

Atkinson’s right-hand man, Russell, was especially useful for South African propagandists because he is African-American. Another important asset quickly recruited to the staff of Strategy Network International was Derek Laud, London’s best-known black, gay Conservative. Laud recommended that SNI bring several of his Westminster friends onto the payroll as parliamentary consultants, including Neil Hamilton and Michael Colvin

One of several parliamentary trips to South Africa organised by Atkinson and Laud – all expenses paid, of course – took place in 1989 and included David Cameron, then an employee of Conservative Central Office, now Prime Minster. When Cameron’s participation in this apartheid freebie was first publicised in 2009, Alistair Cooke (now Lord Lexden), Cameron’s boss at Central Office at the time, defended it as “simply a jolly. It was all terribly relaxed, just a little treat, a perk of the job. The Botha regime was attempting to make itself look less horrible, but I don’t regard it as having been of the faintest political consequence.”

In 1990, Brown’s protege, Derek Laud became active on behalf of the apartheid regime’s puppet administration of Namibia (South West Africa) in a lobbying company called Strategy Network International, founded by Stephen Govier.[5] Strategy Network International “lobbied for the apartheid regime’s causes, including their puppets in Namibia and the UNITA rebels in Angola. Their representative was a bizarre figure in the circumstances, a good looking protege of Michael Brown, who referred to him as ‘little Derek.'” Brown recommended Hamilton to Laud who became a lobbyist for the company.


The son of a Conservative MP has built up his own dossier on his father and a wider circle of friends

Family of former Bournemouth East MP David Atkinson express shock over ‘secret life’

THE family of former Bournemouth East MP David Atkinson have claimed he led a secret life which included a string of affairs with men.

David Atkinson represented the town for almost three decades until 2005, and was widely regarded as dedicated and hard-working MP.

But more than two years after his death, his wife has spoken about discovering his string of affairs, while his son has claimed he was “predatory and prolific” in his sexual life.

Sue Pilsworth, who was married to the MP for 25 years and lives in Bournemouth, claimed Mr Atkinson had an affair with footballer Justin Fashanu and was HIV positive when he died from cancer aged 71.

The couple divorced in 1992 – something Sue attributes to her discovery that he was leading a secret double life pursuing relationships with men.

Anthony, 37, an illustrator, told the Echo that while they knew of his father’s sexuality, he and his mother had only begun to uncover details of his private life after his death.

He said his father had been “predatory and prolific”, adding: “It was clear from the paperwork we found and the lifestyle he led that yes, those words applied to him.”

Mrs Pilsworth told the Daily Mail at the weekend that she had no inkling of her husband’s homosexuality until 1990, when the footballer Justin Fashanu came out as gay.

She read a newspaper story about the footballer in a dentist’s waiting room and came across the reference to an unnamed, married Conservative MP whom Fashanu had met in a gay bar.

She said she rang her husband in Westminster, who returned home to talk to her and confirmed he was gay.

She said: “I felt utter grief, really. I sat and listened to this man in a suit who had just come from Westminster. I thought about his hypocrisy. I felt disbelief. My mind was in turmoil.”

She claimed Mr Atkinson persuaded her not to divorce him until after the 1992 general election.

Mr Atkinson stood down from Parliament in 2005 and entered into a civil partnership with a man in 2011. He died of bowel cancer in 2012.

At her Bournemouth home yesterday, Mrs Pilsworth said of her ex-husband: “He was probably one of the best constituency MPs Bournemouth East has ever had or will ever have. It’s not about attacking him and we’re very proud of what he did in the constituency.”

Anthony Atkinson spoke to the Daily Telegraph about his father’s sexual behaviour. He said the family had taken their findings about his personal life to the police and were interviewed but that the police did not pursue it.

But he added: “I want to be very clear my dad’s work as an MP was second to none. I would never want anyone to tarnish his reputation as an MP.”

Atkinson – a devoted and diligent politician

DAVID Atkinson represented the town for more than a quarter of a century during which time he built his reputation as a devoted and diligent MP who worked hard for the people of the borough.

Born in Southend, he began his working life working at his father’s car dealership and for a marketing company. He was national chairman of the Young Conservatives and an Essex Councillor before being selected to fight for Bournemouth in a 1977 by-election.

Within his political career he became special rapporteur for Russia as part of his work with the Council of Europe. He also established Christian Solidarity Worldwide, to campaign for the rights of those persecuted for their religious beliefs and was the first backbench British MP to address the United Nations General Assembly.

Among his most notable contributions to the Bournemouth community was securing a £4.5million grant for Hengistbury Head, helping AFC Bournemouth during its financial problems, and his 12-year campaign to restore the town’s railway station. He was also the first MP to raise the Millennium Bug in the House of Commons.

After he stood down from politics he organised a successful campaign for a memorial to those who died when an RAF Halifax bomber crashed in Bournemouth in 1944.

He married Sue Pilsworth in 1968 and they had two children Katie in 1972, and Anthony four years later. The couple divorced in 1992.

He was diagnosed with bowel cancer just before Christmas 2010 and spoke through the pages of the Echo urging others not to ignore the symptoms of the disease which went on to claim his life.

His sexuality was under wraps throughout his political career, though many of those close to him were aware of it, particularly after he entered into a civil partnership in 2011, the year before his death.

His partner Robert Reid spoke at his funeral in January 2012.

‘Joy to work with’

SUPPORTERS of David Atkinson have urged people not to rush to a judgement about the long-serving Bournemouth MP.

They were reacting to the suggestions by Anthony Atkinson that his father’s sexual behaviour had been “predatory and prolific”.

The former MP’s son also said he had contacted Labour MP Tom Watson, who has raised concerns about a paedophile ring around Westminster.

Tobias Ellwood, who succeeded Mr Atkinson as MP for Bournemouth East, said: “Having been made aware of the accusations I would firstly ask why it has taken so long for them to come forward. It should have been raised a long time ago.

“Until something is proved I will continue, as will many in Bournemouth, to view David Atkinson as an excellent, loyal and dedicated MP, who served Bournemouth extremely well.”

Conservative agent Judy Jamieson worked with David Atkinson from 1977. She said: “I have no negativity about David Atkinson at all.

“He was an excellent MP and someone of the highest calibre, It was always a joy and a pleasure to work with him.”

Former Bournemouth councillor and long-time party activist Yvonne Johnstone said: “I really didn’t have any idea and I knew him very well. I knew the family. He kept it hidden very cleverly. I would never have expected such a thing.

“I don’t understand why it’s coming out now two years after he died – I think that’s wrong. I’m suffering from shock, I really am.”

Cllr Sue Anderson said: “I knew David very well and he was a lovely man.

“I did know that he was gay, but he wasn’t breaking the law.

“He was a good MP and in so far as I knew him he was a good man. What he did in his private life really didn’t concern me.”

Cllr Bob Lawton, who didn’t know David Atkinson well, said: “He was a well-respected MP.

“Within the party people feel a little bit sad that this is being said about a man who has been dead a couple of years and has no right of reply.”

Father Denis Blackledge, priest at Corpus Christi Church, Boscombe, conducted Mr Atkinson’s funeral, although he did not know the MP.

He said: “Each of us has almost certainly got secrets in the cupboard and things in our past that we wouldn’t like anybody else to know.

“All persons first of all have a right to his or her good name and it’s our obligation as human beings that if we can’t say anything good, not to say anything at all.”


Paedophilia: Beck’s appalling crimes just the tip of child abuse scandal – Further scandals may be revealed as inquiries show widespread cases (8.1.01)

The Independent, January 8th 2001

Many of the inquiries are huge and involve substantial resources. In Greater Manchester, Operation Cleopatra is investigating more than 66 care homes. Operation Flight in Gwent is investigating 19 homes, including the former children’s home at Ty Mawr near Abergavenny in west Wales

A national database of historic abuse inquiries, most concerning children’s homes and schools in the Seventies and Eighties, held by Gwent police, has a list of 34 forces involved in 98 separate inquiries. The numbers are increasing on a monthly basis.
Ty Mawr - .4 OBSERVER SUNDAY 2 JUNE 1991 IReirimaumdl...

The Observer (London, Greater London, England)

02 Jun 1991, Sun


Dyfed-Powys Police and Gwent Police have no requirement for staff to declare membership of the freemasons.
Gwent Police 1996

Police officer resigns in rent-boy scandal

29 July 1996

A police offi

cer has resigned after being named in a rent-boy scandal. Detectives were called in after a male prostitute, aged 15, gave social workers a list of clients and car registration numbers. The officers were stunned to discover one of their colleagues on the list. The 41-year-old bachelor denied any contact with the youth, who worked from Cardiff’s central bus station, a notorious haunt for male prostitutes.

Police officers searched the unnamed officer’s home in Newport, Gwent, and removed a quantity of material. The officer was suspended and offered his resignation. Detective Superintendent Iain Johnston, head of Gwent CID, said yesterday: “I am conducting an inquiry concerning a former Gwent police officer.The officer concerned has resigned but the investigation is continuing.”

Here’s another Jeremy Thorpe scandal – its chilling legacy in law

A veil of secrecy was drawn over the British jury system

2 June 2018

He was acquitted because of the dirtiest deal in media history, made by a rightwing newspaper. The significance of this deal was revealed by a jury member in the New Statesman, which was then itself prosecuted by the Thatcher government for contempt of court. The magazine’s victory for free speech was reversed when that government passed a law that today remains the only legacy of the Thorpe trial: creating the very British crime of refusing to cover up wrongdoing, at least when it takes place in the jury room. That, along with the verve and panache of the TV show, should now be central to our debate.

…At the time, the decision appeared a great victory for freedom of speech. But the government rushed through a new criminal law – section 8 of the 1981 Contempt of Court Act, still on the statute book – which threatens jurors and journalists with up to two years’ imprisonment should they disclose “any particulars of statements made, opinions expressed, arguments advanced or votes cast” in the course of jury deliberations. It was feared that the jury system would not survive if subject to rational investigation. Section 8 has in the years since prevented exposure of miscarriages of justice, and stopped research into (for example) whether complex fraud cases are suitable for jury trial.


Jeremy Thorpe’s was surrounded by paedophiles and perverts just like Julius Caesar wanted men about him who are fat. His close friend, Liberal member of Parliament Clement Freud, was sitting together nearby at the trial.

Clement Freud – Among his charity work he was president of the Down’s Children Association and also former secretary of the Refugee Children’s Fund.

“A former secretary of the Refugee Children’s Fund, he set up, with Jonathan Aitken, a Parliamentary Den of the Good Bears of the World, providing teddies to children in hospital, and was later president of the Down’s Children Association

With Thorpe forced to stand down, Freud backed David Steel to succeed him; Steel improbably made him spokesman on Northern Ireland

Yes, Jeremy Thorpe was surrounded by paedophiles! Did you know he paid visits to Keith Harding, a paedophile often visited by others of his ilk (Cyril Smith, Leon Brittan)?

Another paedophile in Thorpe’s entourage was Clifford Hindley, the Home Office civil servant who approved the transfer of £70,000 in the late 70s to the Paedophile Information Exchange.

Hulbert, the man who outed Thorpe friend Clifford Hindley, said Special Branch were behind these payments to grouping campaigning for the AoC to be lowered to 4!

Oh the irony: When journalist Don Hale contacted Thorpe for a statement about the names of Liberal politicians being on the PIE list, who should turn up on Hale’s doorstep but Thorpe’s paedophile mate Cyril Smith!

PIE chair Steven Adrian Smith used a tel. no. at the Home Office as the contact point for PIE whilst he was working there as an electrical contractor for Complete Maintenance Ltd. Smith stored files in cabinets at the HO and received full security clearance from Scotland Yard!
Interestingly enough, Jeremy Thorpe seems to be very familiar with the San Francisco area, where Stephen Govier almost murdered his own lover with a point-blank shot through the head:

Govier moved in with Atkinson when he returned from jail in the US. Atkinson had quite a lot of stuff on Thorpe, papers, etc. When Atkinson died, Govier got hold of both Thorpe and Atkinson’s papers. He was even credited in Bloch’s biography.

Atkinson shared a flat with Stephen Govier after his return from the US, where he shot his lover through the head at point-blank range. Govier was credited as a source in Bloch’s biography on Jeremy Thorpe


During my research into Establishment CSA, it has often struck me how many paedophiles and close friends of paedophiles have had political links to Northern Ireland, either as ministers, spokespersons or SPADs.
JONATHAN DENBY (1) Barbara Hewson cousin Jonathan Denby, convicted fraud and criminal, was and is a close friend of the paedophile Harvey Proctor ever since their student days in York. Both were aides to South Down MP and paedophile Enoch Powell.

JONATHAN DENBY (2) On the night of Denby becoming a fugitive for his part in a police hold-up, he was due to dine with his bosom friend and paedophile Proctor. Instead, Harvey Proctor set off the same day on a visit to, err, Northern Ireland.

JONATHAN DENBY (3) During his year on the run, the police entered Denby’s home and also blew open the boot of his car. A CrimeWatch programme labelled him ‘dangerous’. Police found files on NI politicians and thought he was into ‘political terrorism’ and gun-running!

JONATHAN DENBY (4) The Kincora children’s home has been a running sore in the history of CSA in N Ireland. Despite knowing that the Hart inquiry failed by dint of omissions and reduced scope, Denby’s Irish cousin Barbara Hewson rushed to Hart’s defence.

HARVEY PROCTOR (2) Internet research shows extremely close ties between Proctor and James Molyneaux, leader of one of the two main Protestant parties in Northern Ireland. It appears Molyneaux was well ‘au fait’ with the buggery at Kincora:

HARVEY PROCTOR (3) Harvey Proctor’s close friend James Molyneaux was certainly well connected to the Orange Order and key players in the Kincora scandal:

PETER BROOKE (1) Peter Brooke, Baron Brooke of Sutton Mandeville, was Northern Ireland Secretary in the late 80s. He hails from Tisbury, just a stone’s throw from the parental home of the Puddington Paedophile Peter Morrison, Thatcher’s PPS.

PETER BROOKE (2) One of Brooke’s most infamous achievements was making it on to the list of visitors to the Elm Guest House, a vile child brothel frequented by MPs, captains of industry and entertainers. The list is commonly referred to as the Mary Moss list.

PETER BROOKE (3) It is rather intriguing that two of Peter Brooke’s Parliamentary Private Secretaries have both had allegations of child abuse levelled against them: 1) Peter Bottomley (also on EGH list). 2) Ken Hind, friend of Nigel Evans

Oh my darling Clementine!
When a man who featured on the Elm Guest House child brothel patron list says there will be no further investigation into Kincora, where boys were buggered by his peers!…
PETER MOND (1) Peter Mond aka Lord Melchett was Minister of State at the Northern Ireland Office under Callaghan. Mond/Melchett was a spokesperson for the Princedale Trust and a Patron of Prisoners Abroad, together with Mark Lennox-Boyd, a Proctor shirt shop supporter.

PETER MOND (2) Both the Albany Trust and the Princedale Trust gave encouragement and publicity to PIE. VSU, for which the Thorpe friend and paedophile Clifford Hindley worked, the man who made payments to PIE from the Home Office, funded the Albany and Princedale Trusts.

DAVID STEEL (1) In the recent debate sparked by documentaries about Jeremy Thorpe, David Steel has come out in defence of Cyril Smith, despite evidence tabled by IICSA and the police. He nominated two paedophiles, Smith and Freud, for knighthoods.

DAVID STEEL (2) When Jeremy Thorpe was forced to stand down, Freud backed David Steel as Thorpe’s successor. In return, Steel improbably made Freud spokesman on Northern Ireland. Freud even visited the H-Blocks.

DAVID STEEL (3) Of much greater value is David Steel’s own keen interest in abuse at Kincora boy’s home and its coverup. I wonder if this correspondence was made available to the Hart whitewash?

DAVID STEEL (4) One of the most vociferous supporters of the Hart Inquiry whitewash is Barbara Hewson, close relative of U2 front man Bono. It is interesting therefore to see Bono as one of the illustrious guests at the funeral of paedophile Freud.

PATRICK MAYHEW (1) Patrick Mayhew was Secretary of State for Northern Ireland and was one of many who concealed the abuse scandal at the Kincora Boys Home in Belfast, which was said to involve members of the British Army as well as Whitehall figures.
PATRICK MAYHEW (2) Morris Fraser was involved with Kincora and Mayhew was his legal assessor. According to Richard Kerr, Fraser had access to all the paperwork on boys in Belfast homes. In 1971, Fraser and Peter Righton both wrote chapters in ‘Perspectives on Paedophilia’.

It would appear Mayhew’s role at the Morris Fraser hearing was to keep the lid on the Fraser/Kincora affair. Was the gift of an easy-to-win and newly created constituency recompense for his efforts on behalf of the Establishment?

PATRICK MAYHEW (4) In 1991, the paedophile Peter Righton obtained a reference from Fraser (on Great Ormond Street stationery) aimed at lifting the teaching ban on paedophile, PIE member and John Whittingdale MP half-brother Charles Napier.
PATRICK MAYHEW (5) The team at the Fraser hearing was star-studded. Another member was Brynmor Jones, Hull Uni chancellor who was the driving force behind the eponymous library where he worked closely with the university librarian Philip Larkin, alleged to have been a paedophile.

PATRICK MAYHEW (6) It was the same Patrick Mayhew who, later, thwarted attempts to ban paedophile groupings.

PATRICK MAYHEW (7) From 1992 to 1993, Michael Brown was a Parliamentary Private Secretary to Patrick Mayhew, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. The paedophile Derek Laud served as Brown’s research assistant for a considerable time when Brown was an MP.
PATRICK MAYHEW (8) Brown was involved in the right-wing Conservative circles including the Monday Club. Brown was a founding member of No Turning Back which included Michael Portillo, Peter Lilley and Neil Hamilton. He accompanied Portillo on holidays with others including Laud
PATRICK MAYHEW (9) In 1990, Brown’s protege, Derek Laud became active on behalf of the apartheid regime’s puppet administration of Namibia in a lobbying company called Strategy Network International, founded by Stephen Govier. Brown recommended Hamilton to Laud as a lobbyist.
PATRICK MAYHEW (10) Yet another PPS to NI Secretary Mayhew was Richard 3-in-a-bed Spring MP, who quit the post after revelations of an embarrassing steamy session with a Sunday school teacher and a male friend.
Richard Spring was married to Jane Henniker-Major, daughter of John Henniker-Major, 8th Baron Henniker. The paedophile Peter Righton fled to the Henniker’s Thornham Magna estate after his arrest for the possession of pornography.

Michael Mates was leadership campaign manager for Michael Heseltine (shirt shop investor)

Michael Mates was campaign manager to paedophile Patrick Rock

Mates and Colin Wallace – Michael Mates is a former Army officer who served in Ulster at the time Mr Wallace worked as an information officer at Army headquarters there.

Michael Mates lives just a stone’s throw from where the body of murdered Mehrotra was found.

MICHAEL MATES (1) Michael Mates was a minister at the Northern Ireland Office from 1992 to 1993, resigning after his support Asil Nadir damaged his reputation. He lost the election for police commissioner in August 2012 after Nadir was convicted of stealing nearly $46 million.

MICHAEL MATES (2) Michael Mates was leadership campaign manager for Michael Heseltine, one of the biggest investors in Proctor’s shirt shop. Michael Mates was also campaign manager to paedophile Patrick Rock, Cameron’s mate and collector of lewd images.

MICHAEL MATES (3) The body of the abducted Vishal Mehrotra was found only 200 m from the home of Michael Mates of Dolphin Square fame. Read up on Vishal’s case in this blog:

MICHAEL MATES (4) Mate’s downfall was brought on by his support for Asil Nadir, who was close to the McAlpines, suspected of involvement in arms deals to Iraq and close to Scallywag. But why did he support Nadir?

MICHAEL MATES (5) Mate’s served with the Royal Ulster Rifles during the time Colin Wallace worked as an intelligence officer there. Wallace was framed for exposing Kincora, and later demanded that Mates recuse himself. Was Mates involved in traducing Wallace?

MICHAEL MATES (5) Mate’s served with the Royal Ulster Rifles during the time Colin Wallace worked as an intelligence officer there. Wallace was framed for exposing Kincora, and later demanded that Mates recuse himself. Was Mates involved in traducing Wallace?
ALLAN GREEN (1) Sir Allan Green was DPP until he was caught
kerb-crawling in King’s Cross in 1991, an event that probablycaused the suicide of his wife two years later. Like Skelhorn and Hetherington, too, Green covered up for paedophiles as DPP.

ALLAN GREEN (2) Like Skelhorn and Hetherington, Green was known to cover up for paedophiles. As a safe pair of hands, he represented 10 British soldiers at the Bloody Sunday inquiry, earning £1.5m in the process. Scallywag even maintained Green had links to the IRA:

NORMAN SKELHORN (1) Norman Skelhorn was DPP between 1964 and 1977. He was embroiled in a row around the use of torture in Northern Ireland. Hardliner Skelhorn, an active Freemason: ‘When dealing with Irish terrorists, any methods were justified’.
NORMAN SKELHORN (2) Like Allan Green, Skelhorn as DPP was instrumental in allowing paedophiles to continue abusing instead of putting them behind bars. Here is the case of Tory MP Victor Montagu, a man who abused his own son:


MICHAEL MATES (1) Michael Mates was a minister at the Northern Ireland Office from 1992 to 1993, resigning after his support Asil Nadir damaged his reputation. He lost the election for police commissioner in August 2012 after Nadir was convicted of stealing nearly $46 million.

MICHAEL MATES (2) Michael Mates was leadership campaign manager for Michael Heseltine, one of the biggest investors in Proctor’s shirt shop. Michael Mates was also campaign manager to paedophile Patrick Rock, Cameron’s mate and collector of lewd images.

MICHAEL MATES (3) The body of the abducted Vishal Mehrotra was found only 200 m from the home of Michael Mates of Dolphin Square fame. Read up on Vishal’s case in this blog:

MICHAEL MATES (4) Mate’s downfall was brought on by his support for Asil Nadir, who was close to the McAlpines, suspected of involvement in arms deals to Iraq and close to Scallywag. But why did he support Nadir?

MICHAEL MATES (5) Mate’s served with the Royal Ulster Rifles during the time Colin Wallace worked as an intelligence officer there. Wallace was framed for exposing Kincora, and later demanded that Mates recuse himself. Was Mates involved in traducing Wallace?

Watch out for those watches and who needs mates like Mates?
Oh, and ‘don’t let the buggers get you down’!……
In 2004, ‘Roddam son of Roddam’ was convicted as a fraud and confidence trickster.
Roddam was known for his Proctoresque beating and spanking rituals.…
A decade earlier, Roddam Twiss gave the sum of £6000 to a David McWatt intended for Michael Mates in return for assistance with a disused MoD airfield for a leisure centre development.
Note the Northern Ireland and IRA references …
Roddam Twiss, involved in underhand business with Michael Mates, obviously knew the convicted paedophile and killer Lennie Smith. Did they live together?
Oh, and don’t forget, Vishal Mehothra’s body was found near Michael’s Mate’s home.…


MICHAEL MATES (11) One of the Sussex police detectives at the time of the murder of Vishal Mehrotra, found close to Mate’s home, was Lord Bramall’s business partner, Nigel Godden.

Image result for michael havers and butler sloss
Image result for michael havers and butler sloss
MICHAEL HAVERS (1) Michael Havers was a Tory MP and Attorney General. He is also brother to Butler-Sloss, one of the ill-fated IICSA chairs, who left because of her own links to paedophiles. Havers was also involved in the Bloody Sunday inquiry:
MICHAEL HAVERS (2) As David Steel pointed out at the time, Haver’s home was bombed by the IRA on the same weekend as the
Cut down in his prime: South Belfast MP Robert Bradford
IRA murder of Rev Robert Bradford, although police had 100% intelligence that the attack was about to happen.

MICHAEL HAVERS (3) In fact, the murder of Rev Bradford, at a teen dance, occurred only hours after the bomb attack on Haver’s house. But why did RUC almost deliberately not protect Bradford, seeing the had precise intelligence days in advance? Well …

MICHAEL HAVERS (4) Weeks earlier, Bradford told a Tory member of his concerns about East Belfast. MP Lundy of the Kincora Old Boys told a journalist that Molyneaux had suspicions about the murder of Robert Bradford and dirty tricks. Kincora?
MICHAEL HAVERS (5) Like many in this thread, Havers was instrumental in covering up abuse. In 1981, Havers stated in parliament that while Peter Hayman was a member of PIE, he was never on the executive cttee, so was not prosecuted as others were for publishing contact ads.
Image result for "john patten mp"

JOHN PATTEN (1) John Patten entered the Commons together with Heath and Powell in 1950. He was Under Secretary of State for Northern Ireland (1981-1983) during the Troubles and was even offered the job of NI Secretary by Thatcher but declined.

JOHN PATTEN (2) In late 1981, three men were jailed for the abuse of boys at a Belfast care home. One was the notorious William McGrath who had also worked at Kincora. More recently, accounts of the involvement of Enoch Powell there have also emerged.

JOHN PATTEN (3) In early 1982, a damage limitation meeting was held under the auspices of John Patten, then Under Secretary at the NI Office. Their main concern was quite obviously a fear of McGrath spilling the beans. This begs the question: ‘Which MPs would be named?’

JOHN PATTEN (4) Then, lo and behold, shortly afterwards, the inquiry into the goings-on at Kincora collapsed. Inter alia, this was to look into the murder of Belfast boy Brian McDermott in 1973 and the involvement of a former DUP secretary in early 70s.

JOHN PATTEN (5) Also in 1982, Richard Denby became Chairman of the Bradford and Bingley. Denby was uncle and associate of the convicted fraud and criminal Jonathan Denby. He was also the uncle of Barbara Hewson who lauded praise on Hart’s Kincora inquiry.

JOHN PATTEN (6) Later on, Patten’s wife Louise was granted a cushy sinecure-like non-executive directorship at Denby’s Bradford & Bingley. She was still there when the company sank like her grandfather’s Belfast-built Titanic.

JOHN PATTEN (7) For good measure, John Patten was appointed PPS to the paedophile Leon Brittan with the consent of Big Willie Whitelaw.

JOHN PATTEN (8) Another PPS to John Patten was Edward Leigh MP, elected to Richmond Council, later GLC, and serving as Councillor between 1974 and 1981. During that time abuse was perpetrated at Grafton Close children’s home.

JOHN PATTEN (9) This is what Scallywag wrote about Patten’s PPS Edward Leigh, the man who invited a paedophile to lunch at Westminster:

WILLIAM ROSS (1) William Ross was UUP MP for Londonderry from 1974 until 2001. He opposed: Good Friday Agreement, multi-party talks, David Trimble. Chairman of right-wing Monday Club’s NI policy committee. Spanker Proctor was Vice-Chairman.

WILLIAM ROSS (2) Are you being served, dear? If you just raise your shirt, I’ll measure your inner leg: John Pinniger was a research assistant to Harvey Proctor and Charles Irving, both listed as patrons to Elm Guest House, and worked part-time in Harrod’s menswear shop.
WILLIAM ROSS (3) Like fellow Laud friend Stephen Govier, John Pinniger was a Lambeth councillor. He was also a director of Proctor friend Derek Laud’s Ludgate Laud company together with Michael Colvin MP.
Image result for "Timothy Raison "

TIM RAISON (1) Timothy Raison served as a Home Office minister from 1979 to 1983, under William Whitelaw. He was also PPS to Whitelaw in the Northern Ireland Office in 1972. He was also a Richmond councillor and worked closely with the paedophile Leon Brittan.

Image result for "tim smith mp"
TIM SMITH (1) Tim Smith, once dubbed the Honourable Member for Price Waterhouse, became Northern Ireland minister in 1994 as a result of a reshuffle caused by the resignation of sex-scandal Tim Yeo, catapulting him from the obscurity to which he would soon return.

TIM SMITH (2) Smith was Parliamentary Private Secretary to Leon Brittan and, as was to be expected, had no memory of the Dickens Dossier. His downfall was ultimately his acceptance of Cash for Questions, along with Proctor friend Neil Hamilton.

TIM SMITH (3) Tim Smith was also well in with the Laud/Portillo Set which was often the subject of child abuse accusations. He was frequently in attendance at Portillo’s parties.

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ALEX CARLILE (1) Alexander Carlile, or Baron Carlile of Berriew, was the Independent Reviewer of National Security policy in Northern Ireland, gaining a CBE for services to national security.

ALEX CARLILE (2) Carlile shared a small Commons office with paedophile Cyril Smith for many years. He also played a prominent part in defending Janner’s reputation, describing him as a man of integrity and determination. Carlile would have known Janner fairly well.
ALEX CARLILE (3) Carlile left his wife to marry his mistress Alison Levitt QC, a principal advisor to Britain’s leading prosecutor, and proponent of banning media from naming suspects pre-trial to protect the likes of Leon Brittan.
ALEX CARLILE (4) One of Carlile’s most prominent cases was that of Paul Burrell. Burrell was butler to royalty, accused of stealing millions of pounds of goods from the estate of the late Princess of Wales.
ALEX CARLILE (5) Paul Burrell, footman to the Queen, bought the Laughing Duck, a gay club in Edinburgh, in 1982 and sold it in 1988 to one Colin Tucker, later footman to the Lord Mayor of London, Fiona Woolfe, another IICSA chair too close to paedophiles.

ALEX CARLILE (6) Whilst footman to the Queen, Burrell was suspended from his job on the royal yacht for his part in a gay pornography ring.

ALEX CARLILE (7) The Laughing Duck was listed in the 1982 Spartacus Gay Guide. Spartacus was run by the paedophile priest John Stamford. This magazine gave discounts for stays at Elm Guest House and championed PIE.

ALEX CARLILE (8) Burrell’s mate Colin Tucker was heavily involved in Scotland’s Magic Circle scandal. Another central figure was child abuser Robert Henderson QC, a close friend of Esther Rantzen lover and EGH paedophile Fairbairn.

ALEX CARLILE (9) Like Vaz, Enoch Powell and Butler-Sloss, Carlile was a frequent visitor to the Manorial Society in Kennington Road. Alongside holding shindigs for the upper crust and right wing, the Manorial Society had a more sleazy, male side to it.

ALEX CARLILE (10) More recently, serious criticism has been levelled by against Carlile, prosecution in the Bennell case, who accuses Carlile of conniving to get Bennell a lenient sentence.

Lord Carlile Must be so proud of the prosecuting job he did on Bennell in 98 Paid thousands yet let him off half the Charges & did NOT use all Survivors who came forward ! BBC Sport – Barry Bennell: Crewe ‘brushed scandal under carpet’ says Lord Carlile

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SHAUN WOODWARD (1) Shaun Woodward served in the cabinet from 2007 to 2010 as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. Woodward teamed up with Esther Rantzen, a woman whose links to paedophiles were legion (Savile, Fairbairn …), on ‘That’s Life’.

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SHAUN WOODWARD (2) Like Rantzen, Woodward was heavily involved with Childline. The two of them co-authored a book together entitled ‘The Story of Ben Hardwick’. On Page 13, Woodward refers to ‘Niven, our driver’. Surely not Niven Sinclair, the paedophile?
SHAUN WOODWARD (3) Woodward married Camilla Davan Sainsbury, daughter of former Conservative MP Tim Sainsbury of the wealthy supermarket dynasty. After leaving his wife, Woodward was reported to be in a relationship with Luke Redgrave, grandson of the actor Sir Michael Redgrave.
SHAUN WOODWARD (4) Meanwhile, back at the supermarket, Robert Butler-Sloss, son of the Sloshed Butler put forward by the Establishment as a safe pair of hands to run IICSA, married Sarah Sainsbury, daughter of John Davan Sainsbury.

SHAUN WOODWARD (5) The name Sainsbury plays a prominent role in the Derry Mainwaring-Knight scandal. Susan Sainsbury, wife of MP Tim Sainsbury was a victim and a witness at the court case with a focus on satanic worship.

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SHAUN WOODWARD (6) In 2001, Woodward’s main residence was a country house in Oxfordshire complete with butler, where Peter Mandelson, the Prince of Darkness, was currently a guest while the former cabinet minister carried out refurbishments to his new London home.

SHAUN WOODWARD (7) Shaun Woodward, alongside Prince Andrew featured in Jeffrey Epstein black book.


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Lord Mandelson yesterday maintained his silence over the extent of his contact with disgraced financier paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The former Business Secretary did not respond to questions about why the convicted paedophile’s ‘little black book’ featured ten entries for him and his partner Reinaldo da Silva.

The online contacts book had 16 numbers for Prince Andrew and home numbers for politicians including Lord Heseltine and former Northern Ireland Secretary Shaun Woodward

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SHAUN WOODWARD (8) While the hoi polloi were suffering from the credit crunch, the Woodward’s were living the Epstein-like life of Riley:

Shaun Woodward defies credit crunch: £5 million island villa for Brown’s richest Minister


His constituents may be struggling to pay the mortgages on their homes but it seems Britain’s richest MP, Shaun Woodward, has no such concerns about the credit crunch.

The Northern Ireland Secretary and his wife, Sainsbury’s heiress Camilla, have built a fabulous £5million retreat on Mustique, the private island in the Caribbean famed asa hedonistic playground for the super-rich.

The Woodwards really get into the spirit of things on Mustique.’–5-million-island-villa-Browns-richest-Minister.html

CHRIS PATTEN (1) Chris ‘Hong King’s Patten became Under Secretary of State for Northern Ireland in 1973. In 1988, in the wake of the Good Friday Agreement, Patten was called on to steward the Commission for Policing for Northern Ireland. Patten: ‘The best thing I ever did’.
CHRIS PATTEN (2) Chris Patten is patron at St Benedict’s School where a paedophile ring has operated for decades (Allott, Soper et al). Soper is one of seven either convicted or accused of preying on pupils at the £15,000 p.a. school during the last 25 years.
CHRIS PATTEN (3) Chris Patten was very familiar with Andrew Soper of St. Benedict School who fled to Pec/Kosovo with stolen church money. Pec was the site of a K-FOR base. Patten himself made multiple visits to the Kosovo.
CHRIS PATTEN (4) There is a high probability that Chris Patten was also aware of a further deviant operating for years at his old school. Peter Allott was Deputy Head of Patten’s At. Benedict School:

CHRIS PATTEN (4) There is a high probability that Chris Patten was also aware of a further deviant operating for years at his old school. Peter Allott was Deputy Head of Patten’s At. Benedict School:

CHRIS PATTEN (5) The paedophile and Jesuit-schooled Patrick Rock, friend of David Cameron and touted for a peerage, worked for Chris Patten in Brussels, responsible for the western Balkans no less, the very place where Soper was in hiding for 6 year.

CHRIS PATTEN (6) Within a year of entering Parliament in 1984, Virginia Bottomley became PPS to Chris Patten. By 1989 she was a health minister under William Waldegrave. Her husband Peter appeared on the Elm Guest House list as a patron.
Ian How, MP for Eastbourne, was PPS to Thatcher and shared post of opposition spokesman on NI with Airey Neave.
Both were murdered independently in IRA car bomb attacks.
While the hoi polloi were suffering from the credit crunch, the Woodward’s were living the Epstein-like life of Riley:…
Robert John ALSTON was a British diplomat who was High Commissioner of New Zealand and Governer of the Pitcairn Islands. He was also posted for a while to Northern Ireland.
Robert Alston’s brother was Richard Alston, the ‘live-in chum’ of the paedophile Peter Righton. Indeed the two ‘married’ in 1974.
Righton and Alston were both close friends of the convicted paedophile Charles Napier of PIE, half-brother of John Whittingdale.
Peter Righton was ‘a notorious paedophile who attempted to legitimise his obsession in a series of academic studies’. He was a founding member of PIE. In a raid on his home, stacks of correspondence with other paedophiles was found.
Letters from Charles Napier included references to his younger brother Johnny (Whittingdale) to whom material had been given for safekeeping. Although Whippo adopts a ‘Am I my brother’s keeper’ approach, I have good reason to believe he was PIE member No. 114.
During Alston’s governorship, Pitcairn was beset by massive child sexual abuse. During this time, Alston invited the Chief Constable of Kent, David Phillips, to train on social policing. On a personal note Phillips was a fellow Leather and went to my old school.
David Phillips appears to have been involved in a number of contentious cases. And seems to have very strong ties to Northern Ireland.
Was he another safe pair of hands?
Robert Alston served as British Ambassador to Oman between 1986 and 1990. In 2016, 2 files entitled ‘Cementation contract: Mark Thatcher and the Omanis’ covering the period from 1981-88 were sealed for 65 years until 2053.…
Cement also seems to have played a central role in right-wing circles: On the night of his run-in with police, Hewson cousin Jonathan Denby was shadowing David Whitworth, a cement merchant. MP and Powell supporter Victor Goodhew was linked to the same company.
It will come as no surprise whatsoever that the decision to close the Mark Thatcher/Omani files was ultimately taken by John Whittingdale MP, half-brother of the convicted paedophile Charles Napier.

Robert Alston, educated at Ardingly College and New College, Oxford, is Chairman of Governors at Ardingly. Peter Righton attended Ardingly from 1940 to 1944. C4’s Jon Snow was also a pupil at Ardingly where his father was headmaster:

Alistair Basil Cooke, now Baron Lexden, has been official historian of the Tories since 2009 and historian/archivist of the Carlton Club since 2007. He was a lecturer at Belfast Uni in the 70s and served as political advisor to Airey Neave, NI Sec of State.
During the investigation into Edward Heath, Cooke wrote a letter to the Times, complaining about Police spending time on a ‘ludicrous enterprise’, sifting through papers at the Bod.
In the end, the report was devastating for Heath.

Allowing siblings to enter into civil partnerships for tax benefits, as proposed by Lord Lexden, is about as bonkers as reducing the age of consent to 13 to protect elderly paedophiles.
In 1994, Scallywag published an article which included the claim below.
As political advisor to Airey Neave until the latter’s death in 1979, Cooke, a very close friend of Ian Gow MP, was no doubt in the know about this ‘deal’ between Paedophile Powell and Airey Neave, mentioned in a memo from Whitelaw to Thatcher.
Cooke epitomises Tory duplicity re. CSA: He minimises allegations about Bishop Bell, citing a book he was involved with to confirm Bell’s innocence, whilst at the same time criticising the lack of due process in abuse investigations.

Like Establishment stooge and failed IICSA chair Butler Sloss, Cooke, member of George Bell Support Group, rushed to protect the Church, saying media should not be allowed to report on cases alluding to allegations involving the Church.

When, in 1989, Cameron’s freebies, all-expenses-paid trips to South Africa arranged by the shady Derek Laud and his mate Atkinson, were revealed, Cooke was quick to play down Apartheid’s PR exercise as a jolly, a treat and a perk!…
Again, without any regard for due process, Lord Lexden and his cronies pronounce Bramall, Brittan and Heath innocent whilst vilifying ‘Nick’.…
PETER MANDELSON (3) By pure coincidence, Esther Rantzen is also a trustee of the NSPCC. Rantzen allegedly knew nothing about paedophiles operating right under her nose and jumped into bed with Fairbairn.

PETER MANDELSON (4) If the number of entries in Jeffrey Epstein’s phone book is a indicator to the status of a politician, Mandelson, with no fewer than 10 numbers, Mandelson must have climbed to the very top of the greasy pole. Was he on speed dial?

PETER MANDELSON (5) Mandelson lobbied Blair to make the paedophile Greville Janner a peer AFTER serious allegations of abuse surfaced. Judge Henriques in his report on prosecution failures cited numerous cases which went unheeded.

PETER MANDELSON (6) Were Peter Mandelson and the Labour front bench aware of allegations against Peter Morrison, the Puddington Paedophile? Did Mandelson help cover up Morrison’s case? Decide for yourself:

PETER MANDELSON (7) Bishop Trevor Huddleston appears to have been something of a father figure to Mandy. Huddleston was accused of sexually abusing boys at his own home. He talked of ‘pinching bottoms’ but files allude to acts of gross indecency.

PETER MANDELSON (8) Meanwhile, back on Little St. Jeff, Mandelson stays schtum, refusing to comment on the extent of his and Labour’s relationship with the paedophile Jeffrey Epstein:

PETER MANDELSON (9) Is there any credence to be attached to Mandy covering up abuse by Morrison? Well, his work with the Gulbenkian Centre which links to Bottomley’s Hull University must have brought him into very close contact with Sara Morrison, the paedophile’s sister-in-law.

PETER MANDELSON (10) Sara Morrison was of course one of the most vociferous defenders of the paedophile Edward Heath. Her closeness to paedophiles such as Keith Joseph and the Albany Trust goes back a long way:

PETER MANDELSON (11) Chelsea’s Matthew Harding, killed in a helicopter crash, was a donor to both New Labour and the NSPCC. Shortly after launching an investigation into Harding, Jill Dando was herself cruelly murdered.

PETER MANDELSON (12) In 2003, the News of the World reported on Operation Ore and images of sex abuse involving children as young as six. Porn sites had been accessed in the name of Peter Mandelson. Of course there was no evidence the Prince of Darkness was involved …

PETER MANDELSON (13) Mandy was a Lambeth councillor in the early 80s where visits were made by Paul Boateng, a colleague of the Prince of Darkness, to a children’s home at the centre of abuse allegations. Was he interviewed?
PETER MANDELSON (14) Peter Wanless, once aide to Portillo, is at the helm of Mandy’s NSPCC. While at the National Lottery he must have been familiar with Leon Brittan’s wife Diane Brittan. Charged with finding lost files relating to abuse by politicians, he duly found nothing!

PETER MANDELSON (15) Peter Wanless was forced to distance the organisation from a regional branch member who gave Stuart Hall of Barbara Hewson fame a character reference during a court case at which he was convicted.

PETER MANDELSON (16) No children’s charity would be complete without Keith Vaz, and Mandy’s NSPCC is no exception! Here is Keith Vaz at the opening of a new outdoor play area for an NSPCC project. Vaz, washing machine salesman by trade, is at the centre of abuse allegations.

PETER MANDELSON (17) The links between Mandy and Vaz go back a long way. During the Hindujas scandal the two brothers were interviewed by Elizabeth Filkin who was investigating Keith Vaz, the King of Sleaze.

PETER MANDELSON (18) James Purnell was a close friend of Mandelson. Purnell’s PPS Jonathan Reynolds associated with the convicted abuser Stuart Hall and his dodgy mate Pendry. Purnell was an Islington councillor. Abuse images were found on his PC.

PETER MANDELSON (19) Like a child’s tumbler, Mandelson, indispensable as he is, never stayed down for long:

PETER MANDELSON (20) Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book listed both Mandy and his boyfriend Reinaldo Avila da Silva who was previously the lover of Howell James, close advisor to John Major and Chief of Communications to Tony Blair.

PETER MANDELSON (21) Howell James owns the Riad El Fenn hotel in Marrakech, the place where Madeleine McCann was spotted. it was also Howell James who arranged for Clarence Mitchell to represent the McCanns. 

PETER MANDELSON (23) In 1941, Peter Hayman became assistant private secretary to then Home Sec. Herbert Morrison. Morrison was the grandfather of Peter Mandelson. Peter Hayman went on to be a high-flying diplomat, a PIE member and a vile paedophile.
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Peter Mandelson was very close to Matthew Freud, cousin of Clement and husband of Elizabeth Murdoch of Sky TV. Matthew of course featured in Epstein’s black book:

PETER MANDELSON (25) Decadent: Elizabeth Murdoch threw opulent party attended by the Prince of Darkness just hours before the news broke that NotW had hacked murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler’s mobile.

PETER MANDELSON (26) And, of course, the Mandelson/Freud link wouldn’t be complete if a Hewson didn’t creep out of the woodwork somewhere:

PETER MANDELSON (27) Seemingly, anyone who thought they deserved a peerage had to bend the Prince of Darkness’s ear like some forbidding secretary in the Blairite antechamber:

WILLIAM WHITELAW (1) When the Tories returned to power in 1970, William Whitelaw stepped into the post of Chief Whip. Years later he unashamedly admitted to the use of ‘Dirt Books’ to the BBC:

WILLIAM WHITELAW (2) Black Books were to become a proven and effective method of blackmail to force intransigent MPs to toe the party line, as Tory whip Tim Fortescue also brazenly admits:
WILLIAM WHITELAW (3) By the time William Whitelaw became Northern Ireland Secretary in 1972 he was already an experienced sexual blackmailer. At Kincora, the intelligence community engaged in the same sexual blackmail and the Kincora scandal festered under his watch.
WILLIAM WHITELAW (4) Whitelaw’s deputy at the NIO was William van Straubenzee. He was named in child abuse files unearthed by the Cabinet Office in July of 2015. The detail of the allegations levelled against him are still unclear save that they concerned child abuse.
WILLIAM WHITELAW (5) In December 2014, the Mail reported that in 1980, when he was Home Secretary, Whilelaw “allegedly told a senior Metropolitan Police boss to quash a year-long investigation into a gang accused of abusing 40 children, the youngest of whom was six”.
WILLIAM WHITELAW (6) The alleged intervention by Whitelaw came in 1980 after a newspaper revealed the country’s chief prosecutor was considering 350 offences against the gang, including allegations it ‘obtained young boys for politicians, prominent lawyers and film stars’.
WILLIAM WHITELAW (7) The report, published on July 7 that year in the Evening News revealed police had passed evidence to the Director of Public Prosecutions and that up to 12 men could face trial for procuring boys and sexual assault.
WILLIAM WHITELAW (8) Just days after Jeff Edwards published, he was summoned by police to an interview and threatened with prosecution under the Official Secrets Act. He also said his source, a police officer, was disciplined and fined six months’ wages for leaking the story.

WILLIAM WHITELAW (9) It was Whitelaw who recommended Leon Britain to Thatcher as a minister. Of course, word of Brittan’s paedophilia had reached Thatcher, hence the ‘arranged’ marriage to a ‘beard’ to give him a semblance of conservative respectability.

WILLIAM WHITELAW (10)Iron-fisted Whitelaw was also the originator of the ‘short sharp shock’ principle, largely adopted by his protégé Leon Brittan. One of the most shocking examples of this policy was Medomsley Detentio Centre, where torture came home to roost years later.

KEN HIND (1) Ken Hind was PPS to Elm Guest House patron and Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Peter Brooke. Two other PPSs to Brooke were Christopher Chope, upskirting ambassador, and Peter Bottomley.

KEN HIND (2) Ken Hind is a very close friend of deputy speaker Nigel Evans and was the subject of serious allegations by Anthony Holland.

KEN HIND (3) Like Stuart Hall friend Roache, Ken Hind was quick to make Hewsonesque calls for anonymity for those accused of sex allegations in defence of his friend Nigel Evans.

KEN HIND (4) Archpaedophile Jimmy Savile talks to Ken Hind …


Black books, threats and rumour: secrets of the whips may be laid bare

Harvey Proctor’s  shop was launched with a £75,000 fund organised by Tristan Garel-Jones MP who was a senior whip under Margaret Thatcher


Further investigations by MPs have revealed that the Conservative whips’ office began a systematic policy of shredding all written information it held from late 1996 onwards.

The shredding policy, introduced after a memo to the whips was made public on a judge’s orders during Neil Hamilton’s unsuccessful libel case against the Guardian over “cash for questions”, is revealed in the diaries of former Tory MP Gyles Brandreth.

On 11 December 1996, Brandreth wrote: “The question is what to do in future? The chief’s [chief whip’s] conclusion is: keep writing notes – he needs the information, so does the PM. But sleep easy, boys: from now on the notes will be shredded on a regular basis.”

more on Mandelson:
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Lord Rothschild and Peter Mandelson
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Lord Mandelson greets billionaire David Geffen on the Rising Sun super yacht in Corfu

Greek idyll: The Rothschild estate on Corfu
Greek idyll: The Rothschild estate on Corfu

Floating palace: The 452ft Rising Sun
Floating palace: The 452ft Rising Sun
Whether mixing with the super-yacht set, or strolling poolside in Corfu, this was Lord Mandelson running Britain yesterday. The Business Secretary took over the reins of power from Harriet Harman – but refused to cut short his holiday with the rich and famous on the Greek island. He chose to oversee Whitehall business from 1,300 miles away, armed with little more than an official BlackBerry, his own mobile phone and a pair of swimming goggles.Welcome: Lord Mandelson greets billionaire David Geffen
Welcome: Lord Mandelson greets billionaire David Geffenmandelson in corfu
Shades of ambition: Mandy in Corfu yesterday
Lord Mandelson is a guest of financier Nat Rothschild at his 30-acre estate on the north-east tip of Corfu. It is a repeat of his notorious
visit 12 months ago, before his controversial return to the Cabinet.
Also there was Shadow Chancellor George Osborne, and the two men met controversial Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska. Mr Osborne later claimed that Lord Mandelson, then plain Mr and an EU Commissioner, had ‘poured pure poison’ into his ear about Gordon Brown.
But, within days, Labour’s original spinner had turned the tables with the help of Mr Rothschild, who revealed that Mr Osborne had tried to solicit a donation to the Tory Party from foreign-born Mr Deripaska, which would be banned under British election law. Lord Mandelson spent much of yesterday soaking up the sun. But at 8.30pm he was down on the waterfront to meet Hollywood magnate David
Geffen and other guests arriving by launch from Mr Geffen’s 452-foot super-yacht Rising Sun.Lord Mandelson greeted the flamboyant music billionaire with a hug before the group walked through an olive grove for dinner at the Rothschild estate.
Mr Geffen shares the Rising Sun with software magnate Larry Ellison, the head of Oracle, who was entertaining Tony Blair on the same vessel off Sardinia just two weeks ago.
Downing Street went into a tailspin yesterday after it became clear that not one leading minister was in London to take charge in the event of a terrorist attack or other emergency such as a surge of swine flu. The Mail has established that the Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell -ranked a lowly 16th out of 23 in Mr Brown’s Cabinet – was the most senior member actually at her desk.Greek idyll: The Rothschild estate on Corfu
Greek idyll: The Rothschild estate on CorfuLord Mandelson’s aides confirmed that he had been ‘on call’ as day-to-day coordinator of government business from midnight, when Miss Harman’s turbulent fortnight at the helm came to an end and she headed for a family holiday in Italy. They made clear that the Business Secretary will not be home until Monday afternoon.No 10 spokesmen claimed that Gordon Brown, who is holidaying in Scotland, remains in charge and would step in if there was an emergency. But Downing Street sources admitted that Lord Mandelson is the designated ‘heavy lifter’, expected to coordinate day-to-day business.Officials admitted they had been aware of the impending black hole in Government holiday cover but chose to take the ‘media hit’ rather than ask ministers to rearrange their vacations. ‘What do you want us to do, make Harriet delay her holiday for three days when there’s nothing going on?’ one said.The ‘nothing’ yesterday included the deaths of three more British soldiers in Afghanistan. No 10 faced further embarrassment because it appeared that Lord Mandelson had violated an express order from Downing Street in a memo reading:
‘The Prime Minister expects duty ministers to be on duty in London or on departmental visits at all times.’Floating palace: The 452ft Rising Sun
Floating palace: The 452ft Rising Sun
Downing Street aides claimed that edict applied only to the minister on call in each government department rather than for the Prime Minister’s own holiday stand-ins.Asked whether the Business Secretary was running the country by BlackBerry, a colleague said: ‘You know Peter, he’s always on the phone.’When Lord Mandelson flew to Corfu on Monday with the budget airline easyJet, one passenger revealed, he was twice asked to switch off his BlackBerry but sneakily continued using it behind a copy of the Financial Times. Communication may not be so easy now, given the unpredictable mobile phone signal on Corfu.In some inlets and tucked-away tavernas, mobile reception can be lost completely or the telecoms provider can unexpectedly switch to an Albanian network, raising issues about the security of Lord Mandelson’s calls home.Tory Party chairman Eric Pickles said: ‘Lord Mandelson’s vicelike grip on power means he’s untouchable and can do whatever he wants. ‘You really know the country is in a shambolic state when we have an unelected official calling the shots from his holiday hideout.’Liberal Democrat frontbencher Norman Baker added: ‘It doesn’t say much for their forward planning that Labour can’t even manage to leave one person in charge of the country who’s actually in the country.’
Last night it was reported that David Cameron will try to stop Lord Mandelson moving from the House of Lords to the House of Commons.
Amid speculation that the business secretary is hoping to make a come-back, the Conservatives will oppose a government measure allowing life peers to retire from the upper house and parachute back into the Commons into a safe Labour seat.
Mr Cameron’s ally Lord Strathclyde, Tory leader in the Lords, said he would ensure Mandelson remains ‘trapped’ on the red benches, according to’We will definitely oppose it’, he told the Financial Times.Source: Mail, 08th August 2009By: Tim Shipman and Sam Greenhill

Rather than the eclectic group of rich at play, the Shadow Chancellor was unwittingly made privy to a closely guarded relationship between Mandelson and the Rothschild family that spanned nearly two decades. During this time, their business and personal lives had become entwined many times including, on this occasion, with their mutual friend the Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska, and had forged a far stronger bond than Osborne could claim with his university chum and host, Nathaniel Rothschild.

Mandelson was first introduced to Lord (Jacob) Rothschild over 15 years ago when he was just gaining influence as an architect of the emerging New Labour. As an important patron of the arts, Rothschild already had plenty of contacts across the political parties. As well as being chairman of the National Gallery and the National Heritage Memorial Fund, Rothschild was put in charge of distributing the proceeds of the National Lottery to the heritage sector, an influential post which oversaw the distribution of £1.2 billion.

At the time, Rothchild’s only son Nat, was struggling. After Eton and Oxford, where he’d been a member of the Bullingdon Club with Osborne, Nat decided to travel. He met model and socialite Annabelle Neilson on a beach in India and eloped to Las Vegas to marry. In the mid-1990s, Rothschild appeared in New York, apparently recovering from drug addition.


Friends ensured he was invited to all the parties but the ‘set’ remember him as a loner who sat in the corner who was “not at all Rothschild.”

But within a few years this had changed. Nat had not only developed his own financial career but had also struck up many contacts with the new breed of Russian oligarchs with his father.

Nat also met David Slager, a financial genius, with whom he helped set up the hedge fund Atticus Capital: Nat used his charm to secure money from investors which Slager then managed. It proved a winning formula, catapulting Atticus into one of the most powerful funds in the world and Nat into new riches.

Throughout this time a firm bond was formed between Nat and Mandelson, to whom had been introduced by Lady Rothschild in the early 1990s.

The politician, the arts patron and hedge fund manager have remained firm friend for years, united by ambition, a gift for networking and a passion for rich and famous people.

It was into this circle that Osborne was invited in Corfu in the summer – and to which his mind turned back when seeking political gain weeks later. Mandelson’s triumphant return to the Government as Business Secretary grated with Osborne who was under attack for his low-profile during the financial crisis: tipping off a newspaper about Mandelson’s friendship with Deripaska seemed the perfect way to steal his thunder.

The ferocity with which Nat came out with a counter-attack on Osborne shocked his former Oxford friend as much as it baffled everyone else.

Speculation raged that Nat’s finances were under pressure. With the Russian stock market collapse, some of the oligarchs whom Nat advised were struggling financially while Atticus was also performing badly. Rumours had been swirling in the markets that the fund, which is down 45% this year, was close to collapse because Nat’s Russian contacts were brutally withdrawing their money. But Atticus has said that it does not rely on Russian investors and is not threatened by redemptions but rather has distanced itself from its co-chairman.

Instead, the attention has reverted to Mandelson’s relationship with Deripaska. A focus has been Mandelson’s decision to remove a punitive 14.9 per cent import tariff on aluminium foil damaging Deripaska’s aluminium company Rusal. As EU Trade Commissioner he signed off a deal in December 2005 to remove it. He has always maintained that he made no intervention on behalf of Deripaska

Earlier this month, Mandelson’s spokesman said Deripaska had met Mandelson in 2006 and 2007, well after these decisions. But yesterday Mr Mandelson said he had in fact met him before.

Now there is speculation among Mandelson’s opponents that the aluminium tariffs is a smoke screen hiding other bigger controversies. Chief of these is a complex court case over the disputed sale of Russia’s second biggest insurance firm, Ingosstrakh. Mandelson’s office became involved via MEPs who were supporting EU shareholders who blamed Deripaska when the value of their stake in Ingosstrakh was reduced.

Mandelson’s spokesperson has strongly denied anything irregular in the case but it remains the case that the Tories were about to put down Parliamentary questions on the matter when Osborne’s involvement in the Corfu drama broke.

With his third political life under threat almost as soon as it had begun, insiders say Mandelson turned to Nat, the man responsible for Osborne’s presence in Corfu in the first place.

Reinaldo training to be a children’s nurse.

26 May 2007 Daily Mail Mandy Moves On


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